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November 24th, 2007, 6:16 PM
**This will be a very literate and probably detailed RP, please keep that in mind before signing up**

The year is 2435 AD or what is commonly known now as 42 MA (42 years After Mars colonization). Humanity has moved beyond the normal colonization of space through orbiting colonies and traveled onto Mars, where roughly half of the humans have already moved. Mars also has its own orbiting colonies for residents. A large gate was constructed in a joint effort between the Earth government and the Colony government. This gate allows passage between the Earth and Mars in a matter of hours but only a ship with proper shielding and plating can travel the stream. As a result, small private ships and mobile suits do not have free passage. The Earth to Mars gate is simply known as "Heaven's Gate", named as a ray of hope for humanity on their journey to Mars.

The Earth, unfortunately, is a mere shadow of its former beauty as it is now a dieing planet. Its fossil fuels and minerals have been mined to their limits and its effects have taken a visible effect on the planet. The deserts have spread across the majority of the equatorial countries and the north and south ice caps have began to spread from their poles reaching into what is currently souther South America and Africa and most of the northern parts of the continents such as Russia, Asia, and Canada. The only livable conditions for normal people seem to be just above and below the equator but even there, the people fear for their futures on the planet. The only ones left were ones who could not afford to move into outer space to the orbiting colonies around Earth or Mars. A large fraction of humans remaining on Earth are poor but a number of them still lead reasonable lives and use alternative power sources such as hydrogen fuels or solar energy. The countries of Earth united together to form the EUG (Earth United Government). This government remains ever strong, making sure their voice is heard with a very powerful military to back it up.

Mars has become a prosperous and technologically advanced planet. No longer known as "The Red Planet" it is full of plant life and vegetation and two large artificially created Oceans which cover roughly 1/2 of the planet with exception of the ice caps which remained in tact during the colonization of Mars. Mars contains 4 giant reactors from the early colonization which were used to create a breathable atmosphere these reactors are spaced equally across the planet's Equator, which constantly force recycling air in and out of the atmosphere and purifying it as to prevent another global warming. These reactors are crucial to Mars' ability to sustain life, if even one is destroyed or malfunctions, it could spell disaster if not immediately repaired. Mars is very civilized and is much like Earth was in its prime. The streets are clean and every one seems to get along with one another. Although the planet is so prosperous in its creation, the inhabitants of Mars tend to not want to share resources or money with Earth nor its Colonies. This creates constant friction between the Earth and Mars. Mars has a very powerful and technologically sound military which is capable of leaping into battle at a moment's notice.

The colonies orbiting either planet are in the neutral territory. The people of the colonies live in completely artificial environments where everything is regulated by the Head Master of the colony. Most colonists have never felt a drop of rain, seen a snowflake, or even felt a natural breeze blow across their face. Constantly overlooked, the colonies never get any respect during negotiations between Earth and Mars and are frequently bullied into completely ridiculous treaties through military threat from either Mars or Earth. The colonies are finally sick of getting bullied by the larger governments and got together in secret to form a plan. After 3 months of travel, the colonies met at the halfway point between Mars and Earth where no one travels anymore thanks to the construction of Heaven's Gate. In secret, the Earth Colonies and Mars Colonies created the secret organization called EXCEL to stand for the colonies finally moving up and being noticed.

Excel gathered materials for years and constructed mobile suits capable making sure they were the best of the best. Young pilots began training at the same time, so the mobile suits could be launched as soon as they were battle ready. Excel must execute its actions swiftly, and anonymously to prevent the colonies from being found out. As far as the planets are to know, is that the mobile suits are simply a rogue group with no affiliation. If captured, you know nothing of your mission or affiliation. With Mars and Earth constantly advancing their mobile suit technology, this could be the only chance for Excel to strike and gain the colony's independence. Knowing this, the pilots chose their mobile suits known as Gundams, and for future of the colonies, will begin their mission at 12:00 hours. And this is where you come in!

NPC's - More to be added as the story progresses.
Valera Campbell - Former female general of the Earth military and chosen commander of Excel. A beautiful young woman with long flowing blond hair and dark insightful brown eyes. She stays on Excel base most of the time, giving orders and floating in the solitude of space with the other scientists and operatives. Since Excel has no uniform,when on the command bridge Valera normally remains as clean looking as possible, wearing an average length brown skirt, A tight white tank top and brown suit coat over top with brown high heels. She is by no means soft spoken and makes sure her orders are heard and are final. She believes in the freedom of the colonies and will do anything to ensure this using the Gundams as her tools.

Genreral Raphael Stark- General of the Earth military deep space unit, and harsh man to say the least. Raphael is a heavily built older man in his mid 40's. He has closely buzzed flat top brown hair with signs of thinning and gray in it. His face is wrinkled and squinty from age and the obvious angry look frequently on his face. He wears his green Earth Military uniform which is highly decorated up and down with various war medals and ribbons. He is a fast paced and irrational man who will send out troops to any location at the blink of an eye. He never doubts himself and never goes back on his orders. He hates to retreat and longs to be on the field himself.

Commander Leonard Hale - The young commander of the Mars military, some say he is too inexperienced to control the fate of Mars' military. Commander Hale is in his mid 30's and has short brown hair which is always neatly combed and serious but soft spoken brown eyes which are complimented by thin glasses. He is a slim man he always looks official whether wearing casual dress up clothes or his dark maroon Mars military uniform with high black boots. Leonard cares deeply for his planet Mars and feels that since he was among the oldest generation born on the planet, then it is his job to defend it. He doesn't quite agree with General Stark's irrational behaviour but when it comes to his home planet, he will do whatever it takes.

- Follow the basic RP rules
- You may use minor control on NPC's but the Excel missions will be decided by me. You are free to PM mission suggestions or talk about it on the OoC thread when it is made.
- Do not character control unless you have been given permission
- Relationships are of course allowed and encouraged...if we get female pilots... just don't let it get in the way of the story too much please :)
- HAVE FUN! its Gundam!

Pilot Name:
Preferred Nickname:

Home Colony/Home planet/Country:

Pilot Appearance:

Brief History:


Additional Information:

Gundam Name:
Gundam Nickname: (If you want)

Gundam Appearance: (basic appearance and color. Most likely will reflect your choice of weaponry)

Gundam Equipment: (Make it within reason!)

Special Capabilities: (Special equipment of your Gundam no others would have... like airplane mode transformations. Solo Atmosphere re-entry, Radar Cloak, Operational Underwater. those are just examples, be creative!)

RP Sample:(provide a small sample of your best writing. you can write a new one about this RP or post one from a previous RP)

My Char
Pilot Name: Koji Tobayshi
Preferred Nickname or codename: Braver
Gender: male
age: 21

Home Colony/Home planet/Country: Colony MX1-002 orbiting Mars.

Pilot Appearance: Koji stands about 5'9 and weighs around 150 pounds. He is of average build and size. He has sleek dark brown hair with bangs that swoop over his right eye. Koji's eyes tend to be narrow mysterious with a strange yellowish brown tint to them. His voice is pleasing to the ears and easy to listen to giving a feeling of comfort when speaking with him. His civilian clothes consist of a tightly fitted black long sleeve turtle neck shirt and light blue tight fitted blue jeans topped with white tennis shoes. His pilot outfit isa tight fitting body suit typical of mobile suit pilots. It has dark blue on the legs and arms with a thick black streak going down the middle. It has various gadgets on the wrists for monitoring foreign conditions when outside of his mobile suit.

Personality: Koji enjoys space and his colony. He frequently stares off into space lost in thought as he gazes at far off stars or at Mars' partially formed atmosphere while sipping a cup of coffee or a well mixed drink from the bar. He is a quiet person but not a shut off from the world. He enjoys conversation just is not very excitable and very soft spoken. He is rather intimidating when one first comes in contact with him but the sound of his voice seems to sooth them and make them feel comfortable. Speaking to Koji often gives people the warm feeling that 'everything will be alright as long as he's around'. Koji doesn't change this while in the heat of battle, he always keeps his composure and knows the full extent of his gundam. His cool collected attitude never impedes his ability to kill which can surprise many people. Koji knows when the time calls for pulling the trigger. He isn't one to stray off of mission specifications but he will however find loop holes in orders if he does not find them in good taste.

History: Koji was born and raised on his orbiting colony by his two loving parents. He became very knowledgeable and interested about the political system around the age of 10 and didn't like what he saw. His home, which was the most important thing in his life, was tossed around like a toy with no respect from any planet. The other colonies were too busy with their own problems to worry about the other colony's well being. "This isn't how it should be" He thought to himself. Through his teen years he began working with his father as a freight ship pilot. They pulled heavy cargo and supplies from colony to colony and back and forth between colonies and the Mars surface and sometimes to mining asteroids off in the distance. Koji became very knowledgeable about the perils of space and began piloting at an early age, all the while harnessing his deep anger for the mistreatment of colonies. Koji finally was presented the opportunity to make a difference when he received underground news of the colonies working together to create the weapons that will earn them the respect they deserved as human beings.

Additional Information: Koji always carries a small black pocket knife inside his sleeve that was given to him by his father. It has MX1-002 engraved on the front so he never forgets his family and what he is fighting for.

Gundam Name: Havoc Gundam
Gundam Nickname: ---

Gundam Appearance: Havoc gundam is a relatively small gundam built for speed. It is painted black on its main body and knee caps with silver feet, thrusters, fists and limbs with a combination of the two colors on the head. Over its chest plate it has two large jagged panels that fold over it from the its shoulders. The panels are a bright reflective alloy that are almost like mirrors. These panels conceal Havoc's main weapon, two large jagged swords made from Gundanium. The Panels flip open at amazing speed and after the swords are pulled from inside of them, the flip backwards almost like wings.

Gundam Equipment: Havoc's main weapon are its two concealed Gundanium swords under its front panels. These swords can be super heated to slice through any of the hardest materials. For backup and mid ranged fighting, it has a standard mobile suit rifle it keeps in 2 pieces along its right leg. Havoc's speed is its best feature, it boasts the fastest speed of any mobile suit when traveling in a straight line with its 3 powerful rear thrusters. The rotating panels help for maneuverability during close combat when turned backwards.

Special Capabilities: Havoc Gundam's reflective panels aren't just for looks. The reflective panels prevent Havoc from being detected by long and close range radar. Unfortunately this is the opposite for visibility with the naked eye. It sticks out like a sore thumb in plain sight. Havoc Gundam performs about the same in Space or Atmospheric conditions.

RP Sample: i wrote the RP!

Accepted Pilots(8 Max)

November 25th, 2007, 3:01 PM
Pilot Name:Greg Aumann
Preferred Nickname: Umanouski
Gender: Male
age: 21

Home Colony/Home planet/Country: A small town in the Appalachian Mountains called Panther Village

Pilot Appearance: 5 foot 10 inches tall, athletic build. Brown hair and brown eyes. Wears Torn loose jeans with a chain on his right side. A blue ring on his finger to symbolize his earth upbringing, black T-shirt with a black hoodie. Wears brown worn out workboots. His pilot outfint is a old one from his father, with the colonies symbol removed in favor of the Angel of Death picture he has on his shoulder. The suit is black with his father's name over the heart in red. The helmet is Navy blue with a opague black visor.

Brief History: Orphaned at a young age. Grew up with his aunt and uncle and with his two younger brothers and older sister.
His parents lived on the colonies however, when he was orphaned he was brought to earth because his aunt and uncle were his only family. He and his sister are the only siblings with any memories of their parents. Greg's are short and hazy, but they are their, and he even recollects his parents brutal murder. Ever since he became a Gundam Pilot, he has searched for his parents killer or killers. He suspects they were from Mars.

Personality: Trustworthy and good on his word but does not trust easly. He is very cold toward new people and even people he has known for a while. The only way he would thaw out to people is if they had fought beside them, which currently includes only dead people. He dislikes killing people preferring to disable there suit so they will learn a lesson. However if he knowingly battles the same pilot again he will have no problem killing the pilot. He is one to defend his honor if insulted and does not insult others, preferring to take his problems out into the battlefield.

Additional Information: All three brothers fight for a different group. The youngest fights for Mars. The second youngest fights for Earth and Greg fights for the Colonies.

Gundam Name: X1874-999AXCR
Gundam Nickname: North S.T.A.R.Gundam

Gundam Appearance: Manueverable but not the fastest around. Has somewhat thicker armor but does not impede with mobility. Blue and White paint job with black trim. And the classic Gundam crown.

Gundam Equipment: Large Capacity high power machine gun a beam saber, a large chain gun on the back of the Gundam and hidden missile launchers in the torso under the cockpit.

Special Capabilities: Has two laser cannons that separate from the main body and function independently from the main body giving the Gundam the capability to fight off more than one Mobile Suit with the same capabilities it has.
Overboost. Ability to use a super powerful booster that can have it go Mach 8 in the blink of an eye. However if used for too long the Gundam overheats and loses the ability to use its Orbital Cannons. When it overheats it's combat effectiveness drops below 50% making it a sitting duck is space and on any planet.
Heat Shield. Making it exceptionally deadly in the atmosphere and in high heat situations. When used the orbital cannons and the Overboost are unable to be used.

Greg had been raised on Earth...but always sympathized with the colonies. His other brothers however...did not share his conviction. He had always wanted to go to space and live with the colonies...and he did. He stowed away on a shuttle bringing peace negotiators home. But halfway through the oxygen in the cargo room had ran out and he was forced to call for help.

When he was taken to the Military Police, they questioned him and thought he was a spy for Earth. He then was forced to be "Target Practice" for up and coming pilots. He was given only a small machine gun and a Heat Saber. He disabled all the pilots training suits. At that time the Colonies took note on his piloting skills for a newbie and trained him...just not trust him.

November 25th, 2007, 3:22 PM
Umanouski - Accepted
but touch up your gundam description a bit, nothing serious.

Romance Hero
December 5th, 2007, 7:42 AM
Alright Evan, I promised you a sign up, and since the delay, I want to make this interesting. The sign up I was making got deleted half-way, and I don't want to think of something totally crazy right now, but I won't disappoint you xD

December 10th, 2007, 10:08 PM
*Sigh* I haven't roleplayed in months(about a year maybe). Let's hope I didn't get rusty!

Pilot Name: Daisuke Tawanari
Preferred Nickname: Daiki-kun

Home Colony/Home planet/Country: A small city near Mt. Fuji called Hinaumi

Pilot Appearance: Daisuke wears blue baggy jeans with a chain connected to his belt and wallet. he is a 5'10'' and has navy blue hair and has a visible violet eye, his right eye being hidden by his hair, giving him a mysterious look. On his face he has blue tiger-like stripes, three on each cheek, getting larger from the down up. He wears a black vest with white outlining on the edges. Adding to his appearance are black fingerless gloves with a symbol of his family on it, which is a phoenix. He'll sometimes wear a black windbreaker when it gets cold or windy.

Brief History: Daisuke was an orphan up until he was adopted by a man named Suruma. Suruma was a general and also a pilot of a mobile suit. At the age of eleven he became interested in mobile suits, or Gundams, and everything revolving around them. He soon decided to become a pilot, and fulfilled this dream by the next year at the age of twelve. He has become a very experienced pilot and a unique one as well. Everything about him is unique, even his mobile suit. At the age of fifteen he soon left home to try to live on his own and try to get into the colony. He never understood much about the colonies, so he tried to get there anytime there was an opportunity. He traveled in his mobile suit everyday, trying to get in but is discouraged by lack of room or lack of strength, so he trained everyday and finally managed to get in, but he was confused about everything in the colony. Even at his current age of sixteen he still has trouble understanding everything about it.

Personality: He is the quiet, calm, and collected person of his foster family and out of his group of friends. He doesn't get ticked very often and doesn't really insult anyone unless it's for fun. If he does get ticked, though, he'll get very nasty. When there's anything including the colony he won't be able to understand. If there's anything that someone needs to know about piloting, though, he'll be there. He does get annoyed by the girls who sometimes stalk him and is always found hiding from them. He can get very rough in a fight of mobile suits but also very tactical and can handle the situation perfectly. He is a bit of an attractive guy to some people but he shrugs it off and says he's not a bit attractive at all.

Additional Information: His right eye is said to be a cursed eye of some kind, giving him the ability to synchronize with his Gundam

Gundam Name: Phoenix Gundam
Gundam Nickname: Envoy Gundam

Gundam Appearance: Like the Winged Gundam, the Phoenix Gundam has a set of wings protruding from its back. It has a crown with the middle edge being the longest and the sharpest of the three. On the top of its hands are long blades that are used for hand-to-hand combat and protection in its other form. These have a resemblance to talons and give off a bit of a glow, as the wings do. The eyes are a standard green color. Unlike some Gundams, the Phoenix has a Hayabusa style helmet, armor, and shoulder pads. The torso is a black color with a golden outline. The shoulders are red and white and also hide two mini sabers for a finishing off an enemy. Its feet also resemble talons as well. The tip of the fingers are sharp like claws and the eyes of Phoenix have a piercing gaze. Its color changes when it coalesces with Daisuke, where it is white and gold instead of the black and gold color. The shoulders also change color to an azure blue. Phoenix Gundam basically looks like a dark or light angel in its non-phoenix form, depending on the synchronization.

Gundam Equipment: It has a longshot beam rifle for long distance attacks and a beam katana on the sheath on the back part of the waist. Underneath the shoulders are two short sabers for finishing off enemies or any other non-important uses. Its wings can shoot out radar jamming feathers as well, but they take time to prepare and fire.

Special Capabilities: The Phoenix can transform into, well, a phoenix, but like a phoenix it can revive itself in a way. Using a electromagnetic force, or electromagnet, inside its torso, it can attract parts of its body that it lost within a 200 mile radius, but only when it's in its transformed phoenix mode. This makes the phoenix mode safe to travel in, sometimes... The Phoenix Gundam can also synchronize with Daisuke to allow him to make the Gundam move in sync with his body. This allows Daisuke to freely control Phoenix at will. However, this synchronization can only be used in a time of extreme danger (like if he's about to get killed). It also only works with his strong emotions and will to protect his friends and loved ones.

RP Sample:
(From The Star in the Sky)

I looked around as Ho-oh started to speak in my head again , chuckling before he begun.

~You've gotta be careful of how you say it. They might think you're lying. Even if it is true.~

I know that much , but how else can I say it. I found out that Deoxys and Mewtwo are the only ones who are still on this planet , and that we have to go all the way to Deoxys and meet with him. I can't find another way to say it!

I suddenly became the side of me I haven't been for five years. My old quiet , always stubborn and serious self , dubbed Eria...

~Eria's POV~

The flames on my back blew about 1 meter higher and I grunted with a slight "I don't care about you" look. I walked out the doors and blew a flame out of my mouth and onto the roof of the gym. I crossed my little arms and looked at the sunset that had just started. He didn't know he was in the dimension for that long , but didn't care and jumped off and launched another flamethrower , throwing himself on top of the roof of the burned tower.

"........It's almost time... Soon , Sin will start off his plan , and not everyone knows it. We have to do something..."

But what can we do? Sure we could fight him but then everyone would probably turn against us , and AJ would get harmed too. And what about Shi?

"I know , that's why we have to plan it out as we continue our journey. We can't let Sin succeed in this. We just can't!" I said quietly , making sure nobody heard me.

~He's right , Davis. We don't even have a plan yet. We must be careful. Though he is only your spirit self , supposedly supposed to be transformed into an Empoleon already , but hey , your brother decided to lie inside you , Davis...~

"Yeah , I care about everyone , little bro. We won't let the one who's causing all this to win. We just can't..." I assured Davis with a slight smile on my face. I turned around and looked over at the sight of Mt. Silver , and walked towards the edge of the roof , managing my balance too not fall off.

"I assure you , nobody will get harmed , badly , in the process. Well , I hope not."

Okay , because if this doesn't work out , we might not make it. Right?

"Yeah , I got that."

I looked on and on until I noticed something , a figure in the distance , coming towards me. It jumped from roof to roof , with a blue outline as it did. As it came closer , more details of it came into my sight. I noticed some weird , stubby , square tipped ears , kangaroo-like feet , and three fingers on each hand. And a huge tail was on its behind too. As soon as it was thirty feet from me I noticed it as the first cloned legendary , no , the first created DNA cloned legendary , Mewtwo.


'Hello , you must be Eria , due to the voice change. And Davis must've switched with you?'

"H-how do you know our names?"

'Ho-oh told me. Remember , me and Deoxys are the ONLY regular Pokemon on this planet that aren't morphing from humans... I rarely speak to them anyways...

I looked up at his face. He had a grin on his face , but it wasn't the happy grin , it was the calm , cool grin. He touched my forehead and spoke once more.

'Look , Deoxys was ambushed...'

December 10th, 2007, 10:22 PM
Uria Ema - PENDING just scanning over the application real quick, the char bio seems to have no major flaws. The gundam on the other hand seems to be a bit over powered, having the best aspects of extreme long range, long range, and close combat capabilities. The feathers and re-constructive capabilities are okay though. just downgrade the gundam a bit and maybe touch up the Gundam appearance too. You seem like a good writer though.

December 11th, 2007, 7:45 PM
Uria Ema - PENDING just scanning over the application real quick, the char bio seems to have no major flaws. The gundam on the other hand seems to be a bit over powered, having the best aspects of extreme long range, long range, and close combat capabilities. The feathers and re-constructive capabilities are okay though. just downgrade the gundam a bit and maybe touch up the Gundam appearance too. You seem like a good writer though.

Yeah, I'll get started on that now, since I was thinking about that during school and decided he was too powerful of a Gundam, and I did wanna touch up his appearance too.

*EDIT* I am now officially done! I just need your opinion, Evkay.

December 12th, 2007, 12:57 PM
Uria Ema - ACCEPTED one question though? with all that armor he seems like he'd be slow.. just for clarification is he slow? fast? or mediocre? PM me with the answer... we'll begin the RP when we get one or two more applicants! so uhhh invite your friends? haha

December 18th, 2007, 4:49 AM
Pilot Name: Jack Turel
Preferred Nickname/Codename: Jackal
Gender: Male
age: 22

Home Colony/Home planet/Country: Cairo, Egypt

Pilot Appearance: He is dark skinned, and has an athletic build. He wears tight white skinny jeans, with a white tank, and a black studded jacket over it. The jacket itself has all sort of punk band patches all over it. His right arm all the way up to his kneck has a tatto completely covering it all when it comes up to the kneck it forms a jackal head, the entire tatto is in Egyption writing that speaks of the myths of the old. One of his eyes, is oddly colored, the retina is a bright orange and the iris is a golden color.

Brief History: Born in Cairo, Egypt, as Odion Rashid, but moved up to Europe. He grew up in fear, fear that his dad, a Government offical would beat him for the "wrong," he was doing. Stealing government files, reading over them, and figuring out ways to hide them from his father. This eventually lead to a stop at the age of 16, when a man saw potential in him, potential to pilot a gundam, it was at this point he left his fathers home and changed his name to Jack Turel. It was an older model, that kept on being refurnished and refurnished.
Eventually after his years of training, the man told him of EXCEL, and Jack quickly lead his way up there. At the age of 20 he found himself starting his missions with them, and enjoying himself, fighting the very people he hated, the EUG. Which in fact, the only reason he joined was to take down the EUG, no one of course knows this except himself.

Personality: He has an eye for war, and hates governments. He is extremely anarchist. He is loud mouthed and sometimes dosen't follow all of the rules he has been giving, and does it his own way. He is very calm, and centered, and is very much a smart ass, with a sly way out of things or around things.

Additional Information: His weird eye is a family curse that was placed on him years ago, it is in his left eye, and it allows him to in a way communicate w/ the "Gods of the Old," they in turn are able to channel themselves into him to give him some sort of aid in battle.

Gundam Name: Velvet Jackal
Gundam Nickname: Anubis

Gundam Appearance: The gundam is black in the main areas, and blue in other areas, its armor is that very similar to that of an old style Gundam from back in the day but is much lighter and not as reinforced as others, this gives it the speed it has to do most of its fighting. Considering its name the Gundam's head is shapped like a jackal, and it has a fox like tail protruding from the back.

Gundam Equipment: The gundam itself holds only a few weapons. One of the weapons being claws that spring out in battle, and a long distance riffle onces it see's that being in close range is a bad idea. At its sides it holds two small rapid fire beam riffles that are used for quick work to throw off the opponite. Finally as being modeled after anubis he has a small feed in his arms that is a flame thrower. The flame thrower as specifically ordered by Jack shoots out a blue flame, which is modeled after the fires of the Necropolis/Underworld. Its main purpose is to overheat a Gundam so its functions are worse.

Special Capabilities: Being modeled after Anubis, Velvet Jackal has one very specific capability. This is aid, when a fellow allie is down, he instantly jumps into a hyper mode thats purpose is to get the downed Gundam out of the line of fire, wether it be gunning down the enemy or taking the Gundam back to base.

RP Sample: [From- "Last Chance" (An rp from an old rp site)]
"So, you think you can get away with cheating on me?" he says smiling deviously as he pulls his pocket knife out of his pocket and undoing the blade. His smile gets wider as he sees the fear in his ex-lovers face develope, "Now, now, now don't you know who I am?" he then says grabbing her hands that have been tied to a bed post. He gets ontop of her holding her legs down with his own, "Now, this isn't goin to hurt, much, well at least for me," he says pulling the gag out of her mouth. She screams and he gets a little excited, "Sad to say that scream is A LOT hotter then the scream i get while we're in bed."

His ex-lover screams again and he brings his blade to her throat, being careful not to cut her yet, "Hush little baby don't say a word, daddys gonna buy you a big black bird!" he sings slitting her at the last word. "Told you it wasn't goin to hurt me, that much" he says getting off of her. He walks out of the room and walks into his bathroom where he procceds to clean off his pocket knife and hands. Suddenly sirens go off, and he hears yelling from outside, "Damn, looks like its time i take my oil," he says reaching under his sink and pulling out a little revolver. He smiles, "You see, Jimmy boy, it has finally reached that point," he says to his reflection. Bangs on the door are starting to be heard, and he just starts to cry. "I am rather displaced now, either I kill myself or let them take me in," he says to his reflection again. "**** it, I'm not lettin those pigs get me!" he yells putting the gun into his mouth and pulling the trigger blowing apart his skull.

December 19th, 2007, 3:50 PM
Johny_Hungry, your spots reserved until you finish

January 7th, 2008, 4:36 AM
Well... I'm done check it out, and lets start this shiznit

January 7th, 2008, 6:17 PM
OOC: Kay, Johny, accepted. We'll see if we can hopefully let this start and gain more pilots as we go.

The EXCEL base floats gently through the black vacuum of space. The base is an exceptionally large base, resembling a mixture between a blimp and a jet. The outside is lined with windows looking out and its large landing bay is located on the back, for the obvious departure and landing of the GUNDAMs.

Koji sat in on the bridge, watching the many people control their separate responsibilities which kept the EXCEL base safely adrift in space. He turned his head to see the other pilots, also assembled around the bridge of the ship, standing and sitting around, doing their own things. For the other pilots to be called here as well, it must be something big.

"I wonder what Commander Campbell wants of us... maybe its the start of the first mission..." Koji thought to himself.

He fiddled with his pocket knife in his hand slowly but his attention was demanded by the elegant Commander Campbell making her presence known to them by audibly clearing her throat.

"It is time for your first sortie... you will all be making EXCEL's presence known to the entire solar system with this mission. I hope you are all prepared. The battle will be a direct assault on a Mars military base located near the ice caps at the north of the planet. You will be met with heavy fire, and some of the best mobile suit pilots Mars has to offer. I expect no slip ups from you all. You will infiltrate and completely destroy this entire base, then retreat to our underground base located at Olympus-Mon for re-stocking for the next sortie. Its finally beginning, everyone. Independence will soon be ours. Now go make us proud." Valera finished her briefing and looked over the the pilots, scanning for reactions.

"It finally started...i'm ready for this." Koji thought to himself as he flipped his knife into his pocket and stood up quietly. He headed towards the hangar to see his Gundam and prepare for departure.

He stood underneath Havoc Gundam and shared a moment with it. He reached a hand out and ran it across the smooth metal of the armor. He hit a button on his pocket knife and the cockpit slid open. Koji leaped inside, landing in the pilot's seat with a thud and letting the door close. The cockpit lit up with monitors and controls, Koji took a deep breath and exhaled loud.

"Lets go.... Havoc Gundam!"

January 9th, 2008, 4:41 PM
As Greg entered the North STAR Gundam he exhaled slowly. He could not help but think of his younger brother who was in the Mars Mobile Suit Force. He had no idea whether or not his brother would be defending Mars. As the Cockpit closed Greg checked for every last program. Weapons systems? Functioning. Life Support? Functioning. Mobility? Overdrive? Orbital Cannons? Heat Shield? All green. As Greg was checking the last of the systems Campbell's face appeared on the view screen.

"Listen you, as you know we don't trust you. However, because of your extraordinary piloting skills we allowed you to pilot this Gundam. But be warned, if you betray is we have a self-destruct button up here for your Gundam, and we are very trigger-happy. Do you understand Umanouski?"

"Yea yea, i heard you."

"Good, now fight well."

The View screen faded. As Greg looked around, He saw the other pilots enter their respective mobile suits, his thoughts again drifted toward his brothers. He felt sad. He so badly did not want to fight his brothers, but like the Ancient American Civil War, it may be inevitable. Then his thoughts drifted to his sister. He felt sad for her as well. She thought he was dead. How great would it be to steal...no. He could not. If he tried, he would die.

"Five, Four, Three, Two, One, pilots, live long and fight well."

At that moment, Greg was hurtled into the empty blackness that was space.

January 10th, 2008, 5:36 AM
Jack smiled as the launch began This'll be fun he thought to himself as he watched everyone else beside him being launched off. "Ya guys ready for this?" he speaks into the radio to the other pilots, "Cause good lord am I ready to blow this base sky high!" he says with much enthusiasm in his voice. His thoughts were set on completeing this mission and hopefully one day going straight to Earth and taking down his fathers base. Damn, why dosen't he leave my mind!

Then his mind went back to the mission at hand and suddenly he wasn't sure what to expect, Velvet Jackal was fairly old, but was still upgraded to keep up with the new grade Gundams. He trusted the big lug of metal, and his piloting skills, but at the same time he had to question if anyone was going to have his back, like he had theirs, after all he is pretty much the first aid of the group. Mars itself came into view pretty quick, he didn't expect that much, but then again, the Gundams are fast.

OOC:How exactly are the gundam battles goin to happen? I mean like opponites and what not

January 10th, 2008, 9:58 AM
OOC: The battles will be conducted like any other fight in an RP. Just be creative with it and have fun. Opponents.. if we happen to go against other RPers can just be discussed in PM maybe, but i doubt that will happen anytime soon.

As Koji drifted through the vastness of space, he could see the other pilots, flying beside him. Everyone had their own reasons for being, yet they were all united by one thing in common.

"We are Gundam." He said out loud into the open channel. "So heres the plan everyone. We'll be doing atmosphere entry in 15 minutes. From there, everyone move to their mission rendezvous points. Once everyone is in place, we will advance on the Mars Arctic base. It will be a surprise assault so expect the enemies to be random and disorganized. The mission is the simple complete annihilation of the base. Afterwards return to cloak mode and hide your Gundam... We'll be hiding out in the nearby quiet town of kochek under assumed aliases. Is that clear?" Koji spoke direct and softly as he watched Mars grow bigger in his monitors.

Koji reached forward flipping switches as he neared the planet. Outside his gundam, the flaps on his shoulders could be seen rotating and moving to the front.

"Operators this is Braver. Havoc Gundam preparing for atmospheric entry, everything still on course. Entry will occur in 3, 2, 1..." Koji is met with turbulence as the metal outside glowed bright red. Soon enough the heat of the atmosphere lifted and he floated down towards the planet. He soared gently as he approached the military base.

"Poor bastards... with my radar cloak they don't even know whats coming."

Havoc Gundam's flaps flipped open revealing his massive blades. He pulls them off the insides of the flaps and the flaps immediately turn 180 degrees and lay on his back. The thrusters ignite to break neck speed and Havoc gundam speeds towards the base.

"This is Braver. The mission has begun."

January 10th, 2008, 2:51 PM
As Greg entered the atmosphere, he turned his heat shield on. The Gundam glowed ominously as it was activated. About 5 seconds into the atmosphere he saw a tiny spec. As he got closer he realized it was a group of about 3 mobile suits, basic models he thought. However, he thought wrong.

They were not the sandy color of Mars military mobile suits. They had a red, white and yellow paint jobs. As he zoomed in on the view-screen, he saw they looked like assorted ancient civilizations. One looked like an Aztec Warrior, while another had similarities to a Greek Warrior and another a Knight of Ancient Britain. These three mobile suits had a strange symbol on their left shoulder. It was red and black with two swords entering a heart. He had no idea what that symbol meant, but he instinctively knew they were not friendly.

But before they acknowledged his presence he redirected his mobile suit toward the base that lied ahead. He then saw the base prepare it's defense for battle. How silly he thought, they had no chance. Then over the radio he heard the magic words "This is Braver. The mission has begun."

January 11th, 2008, 10:48 AM
Jack smiled inside the cockpit as they entered the atmosphere , and then the words "This is Braver. The mission has begun." Then he felt the adrenaline kick in as he zoomed forward. His gundam was mobile and a small group was infront of him. Instantly his claws started to glow a blue color and he caught two of them by surprise with the claws in their face.

The other two caught on quickly and they started to fire some beam riffles shoots vering by his gundam. He instantly switched his weapons to his rapid fire beam riffles and started to fire aimming for their legs. One of the mobile suits avoids the shots and the other falls forward, Jack having the claws activate again and he quickly sweeps them into the fallen ones head again. "God damn, this is great!" he yells into the open communication links.

Shots from the remaining mobile suit start to get fired off, and Jack is heading right for the remaining mobile suit. "Come on, eat this!" he yells again switch to his flamethrower the second he is feet infront of him and fireing the fire surrounding the mobile suit. While this is happening he switches back to his claws and rams them right into the center jumping away and headig back for the base to meet back up with everyone.

OOC: How many characters are we able to have?

January 11th, 2008, 11:21 AM
OOC: since we only have 3 RPers... i'll allow you to control an extra character if you wish. I fixed my posts from before, i had a different Gundam name than in my application.. so they should be changed back. Just post the sign up for your second character if you want to use one. I'll just be using one char.

Havoc Gundam screamed towards the base, hovering low to the ground. His targets were in sight. He was instantly greeted with beam rifle fire from the squads of mobile suits.

"Hm... already alerted to our presence." Koji said, looking at the monitors around him. "It looks like Jackal already engaged the enemy. Might as well not get out done..." He thought to himself.

Koji pushed his controls forward and Havoc gundam's thrusters ignited larger. The light reflected off the huge jagged silver blades. Havoc weaved in and out of the lazer fire with great ease, straffing and avoiding the beam rifle shots. Finally within attacking range he made his move. He swung the blades fast, slicing the suits in half with a quick slash. He wasted no time jetting to the next small group and flew through them, spinning and slashing elegantly, cutting each suit down with 1 slash. The ice fields began to glow orange from the fire and smokey wreckage on the base. The main building became visible from ground level. Still hundreds of suits between them and their target. Havoc stood for a moment as the enemy suits watched him, awaiting his move.

"Lets turn up the heat..." Koji spoke into the open channel.

Havoc's massive blades began to glow bright red as he eyed down the suits in front of them. One of the suits shot the first shot which flew past Havoc's shoulder, narrowly missing. This was the signal for their end. Havoc's thrusters erupted as he launched forward at break neck speed, slashing both sides and cutting through multiple suits at once which all exploded at the same time. He continued his battle, fiercely. Havoc gundam almost seemed to be dancing as it spun and sliced through the mobile suits with little to no effort. The battle was ruthless, and each slice made sure no pilot made it out.

"This is Braver again. Phase 1 - The elimination of all resistance. My sector is nearly complete. Preparing to begin Phase 2: The elimination of all military facilities in the area with the permission of EXCEL Base Command." Koji said calmly in the midst of battle.

January 11th, 2008, 7:22 PM
As Greg approached the base, he saw the explosions of the other Gundams victims in the distance. Then, he saw his own enemies attack. 15 enemy mobile suits backing up the other defenders of the base. He had a simple strategy, cut them off and destroy them. He could hear Jackals love of the battle and Koji's combat cries. Greg had yet to engage, until now. He took aim with his missiles and fired. As soon as the smoke formed from the explosions he charged, the enemies had no idea what was happening.

He unleashed his Orbital Cannons in the plume and opened fire with the machine gun. Ripping and tearing the enemies apart. He could see the enemies fall to the ground. He As the final three mobile suits retreated Greg gave chase, and this time he was greeted by retaliation. But the Rifle fire just bounced off his suit as he charged in with his Beam Saber. He cut the final three suits down and headed toward the base where he would blow the reactor...

January 14th, 2008, 4:50 AM
Jack smiles widely, he just enjoyed himself, a lot. "This is Jackal, heading toward sector Three of Mars Base" he says into the open channel to everyone. Once his statement is finished another full on assult from the enemy starts up, beam riffle shots are fired off left and right.

Unsure of their origina direction, he pulls out his rapid fire baem riffles and fires, constanly in the distance. Then from behind him a beam cannon is fired, the sound alerts him, and he straffes as quick as he can to the left. The aftershock of the shot hitting the floor sends him flying, DAMN, he thinks trying to get up as quick as he can. Then suddenly two mobile suits disengaged from a cloacking mechanizim, and lunge at Jack.

"They got cloaking!"

Pilot Name: Desire
Preferred Nickname: Rageing Star
Gender: Female
age: 23

Home Colony/Home planet/Country: Mars
Pilot Appearance: She is very beautiful on the outside, she has shoulder length red hair, and an almost perfect body. She wears tight red skinny jeans, w/ a blank tubetop. She has a pair of converse for shoes, the color being the original color, blank and white, high top style. She has ear rings going up both her ears and a tongue piercing.
Brief History: She was born on mars, in a military base, where her father was a Captain. She is a millitray nut due to this and loves her family. She has been living on mars since her birth, and is currently apart of the Mars military. She is a Sergent in the military and has a small unit that she commands
Personality: Very loud mouthed and rude. She has a dont care what you say attitude, and dosen't disrepect herself or her family. She is very strong willed and hard headed, so once her mind is set on something, it's set.
Additional Information:

Gundam Name: Heavy Arms Mist
Gundam Nickname: Mist Gundam

Gundam Appearance: A very heavy and blue gundam, blue as the mist. Based off of the original Heavy arms custom, but very modified.

Gundam Equipment: Two long range beam cannons on her back, missle pods that are attached to her legs, a gatling gun on each arm, and within the chest are two mini gatling guns. No mele weapons.

Special Capabilities: A cloaking device, that last longer then her other units and dosen't quickly reveal her form as she fires. Also there is the Overheat State, after using her barrage attack she is switch into a cloaking form that intakes much of the air around her and converts it to a cooling agent so she can get right back into battle, once the cooling is complete the cloaking is disbanded until it is activate without overheat state.
Final Barrage- The last attempt at victory,an overheating attack that fires everything at once

January 14th, 2008, 10:00 AM
Koji raced towards the base, having finished his sector. Suddenly his cockpit sensors lit up like a Christmas tree. Koji's searched his monitors frantically for the cause of the disturbance. His eyes widen as he notices what his sensors were picking up. A stray beam cannon shot, a humongous one. Koji instantly throws his thrusters in reverse and hovers back the other direction, narrowly escaping the shot as it soared off into the distant skies.

"This is Braver! who shot that cannon?! None of us have that kind of capabilities!" Koji screamed into the mic. He began furiously working through his cockpit without waiting for an answer, tracing the beam's trajectory and origin. "Crap, thats Jackal's sector" He thought to himself.

Koji looked towards the base he was suppose to destroy, then his monitors showing Jackal who was now on the ground. He hesitated for a moment, then dashed the other way.

"This is Braver....making a temporary mission detour due to unexpected resistance." he said calmly into the mic. He turned Havoc towards Jackal and blasted his thrusters full blast, encroaching his location quickly. He heard Jackal yell over the radio "They've got cloaking!"

The two suits had made a large mistake, of disengaging their cloaking to attack Jackal. Koji swooped in and landed between them and Jackal and slashed at both of them, holding them at bay but the blades wouldn't cut through them.

"Whats going on... my blades aren't cutting them down, maybe if i heat them up... Commander Campbell, we're meeting with un-known resistance, taking necessary actions to destroy them." Koji yelled into the mic as Havoc gundam pushed the two suits off, causing them to stumble backwards off balance.

"So i just need Jackal to get up, then we can beat them one on one it shouldn't be a problem."Koji thought to himself as he clenched his controls tightly, waiting for Jackal to recover. Havoc stood idled as his blades began to glow a deep red once again.

January 14th, 2008, 2:18 PM
"They have cloaking!" Greg heard over the radio, he instantly thought of the unknown mobile suits he saw on the way in. He activated the overboosters and was in Jackal's sector in the blink of an eye. He took a swipe at the enemy suit with his beam saber, but nothing happened. The blade just stopped. He then jumped back and activated his Orbital Cannons, and over the mic he said to Jackal and Koji, "Koji! heat those up as fast as you can,, i'll cover you, Jackal, get your Gundam up! These are not ordinary mobile suits!" He then turned cut communication and said to his gundam "Alright North Star, show me what you can do!"

January 15th, 2008, 4:25 AM

Jack gets up quickly, and turns to Havoc, "Alright lets get these ****ers!" he says his claws engaging. He lunges at one of them, grabbing their arm and using his thrusters to get him and the one he grabbed away from he other one to let Braver take care of him. "Just take care of him Braver, and Umanouski give us a support, watch out for others." he says into the open channel, "I am not sure if there is any other cloacking Mobile suits or not"

Jack then focuses his attention back to the mobile suit he was face to face with, the mobile suit takes out a beam sword, as if it wanted one on one with Jack. It didn't worry Jack it just made him more attenative. Bring tha pain. He lunges at the suit, each claw in different directions, the mobile suit attacks sending the saber at his midsection at which Jack lets his right hand meet it in a clash and he instantly shoves his left hand into the elbow joint and goes clear through the other side. "That is right, don't you ever do that to me again!" he yells in victory as his right hand now free grabs the mobile suits head and his left hand drops the severed arm and grabs one of his beam riffles and fires a shot straight into the head.


One of her units cry for help rings in her ears as she watches Velvet Jackal take him out with ease, Idiot, she though. She fiddels with the controls and has Mist Gundam get onto one knee and she takes careful aim. The most idle of the three Gundams are in her sites, it was the one with wings, Pheonix Gundam. The cannons on her back then fire two shots one from each straight for it, then she takes aim again watching him closely waiting to take another shot once he idles down again to look for where the shots came from, "Alright men, advance forward. Give Mobile Suit 007 support with that one Gundam he has on his hands, do not disengage Cloaking, I repeat do not disengage cloaking, not matter how close you are to over heating. Also I want three of you on the Jackal looking one"

"Sir what about the winged gundam back there?" one of her units ask, "Don't worry, I have him covered" she says to them, "NOW MOVE OUT" she orders.

January 15th, 2008, 2:28 PM
Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a Gundam taking kneeling and taking aim with a huge cannon aiming for Daisuke and charged for it using his overboost and in the blink of an eye he was in the enemies face with his machine gun in it's face...

January 16th, 2008, 4:50 AM
Desire smiles as she sees the Gundam get close and its machine gun meet her, but she saw it pointless. She fiddels with the controls and makes it jump back and then she turns on the cloaking. She had a slight advantage at this point, unlike her units her cloaking was a lot better and wouldn't reveal herself if she was to fire, or move at an extreme rate.

Alright, lets see you find me now she thinks as she has Mist Gundam move further away. She reaches a good 30 kilometers, and takes aim yet again. Her cannons activate and she fires at Pheonix Gundam, "Are you going to take down those other two or what?" she says into her comlink to her units. "Yes, we are in route, a group of three of us are close to the dog headed one" they say in response.

Jack looks around hopeing for no more surprises and heads towards the base he was supposed to take down on his own. As he gets closer shots are fired off at him, he takes a quick peek around and sees nothing, "Where the hell are they!" he yells concerned. He wouldn't be able to help anyone if he couldn't see where anything was coming from. He blindly fires off into the direction of the shots. "Mother ****ers!" he yells looking for some sort of hint. Another shot is fired off and for a quick second a glimps of a mobile suit became aparent. "Braver, Umanouski, they become revealed when they fire!"

January 16th, 2008, 11:33 AM
"Braver, Umanouski, they become revealed when they fire!"

"Copy that" Koji said over the open radio waves. He spun around, scanning the horizon carefully as the waved lines of extreme heat could be seen spill off his blades. Suddenly beam rifle fire was detected and narrow flies passed him.

"Got them." Koji said eagerly. He ignited his thrusters and skidded towards the the mobile suits, easily avoiding their rifle fire. He slipped in between the two suits and stopped momentarily, then began spinning like a top. The blades spun fast, looking simply like traces of red paint as they sliced the mobile suits to pieces. Havoc Gundam slowed to a stop then blasted in reverse, revealing the mobile suits to now look like something similar to a slinky. The suits slumped over and exploded, lighting up the sky.

"Umanouski... you're taking a while on that big suit. Whats your status?" Koji said into the mic, scanning the area again for other mobile suits or beam rifle fire. His eyes narrowed and he placed his swords back under their flaps. He grabbed the small beam gun on his side and attached the longer barrel which was stored against the leg, making a rather long barreled gun. He kneeled down and put it to his eye, scanning the edges of the base for any sign of movement, ready to fire at the first sign of movement. A large cannon blast fires from the distance, engulfing anything in its path. Straight towards Jackal. Knowing he had full dodging capabilities, Koji left him alone and used this chance to snipe. He locked onto the area where the shot originated from, but there was no suit. Further scanning revealed a fatal flaw in the suit's positioning. The shrubbery and trees were flattened in one area.

"Gotcha." Koji said, grinning. He fired off multiple shots straight into the area, giving Koji the satisfying sound of rifle fire against metal.

January 16th, 2008, 2:36 PM
Greg scanned the horizon for the mobile suit that vanished using it's cloaking. He activated his orbital cannons. If he could not react fast enough to an approaching enemy, his cannons would. An idea then hit him. If he were to fire in a complete circle, he might land a positive hit on his opponent, giving away it's position. He hoped it would work.

As he was about to open fire he could hear over the radio "Umanouski... you're taking a while on that big suit. Whats your status?"

"I'm fine, just get ready to duck and cover!"


"Just get out of my way!"

He did not care if he sounded arrogant, but it needed to be done. He then fired his machine gun and prayed for a positive hit, he landed three shots. And there was only one mobile suit with his opponents paint job. He found it, and deactivated his orbital cannons and used his Overboosters, and this time, fired at a distance...

January 17th, 2008, 4:26 AM
Jack ran to the two that were on them as they fired, their shots missing by miles. He had a feeling their fear that he was able to see them was crippling them. "They seem to be scared," he says into the comlink, then Umanouski shots pierce the mobile suit and it explodes. "Damn, took that kill outta my hands"

They were onto her, and she knew it as her units feel almost as if the cloaking didn't matter. She wasn't sure what to do for the most part, but it became aparent surrendering would be best, then suddenly an spawned in her mind. She deactivated her cloaking and had her gundam raise its hands, in surrender.
She speaks into all frequencies in hopeing to get one of theirs, "I surrender" she says. She has Mist Gundam kneel in hopes they wouldn't fire on her. She was out numbered and even with her Final Barrage she wouldn't be able to take all three of them on.

"All units fall back, report to the Mars Government I have been captured," she says to them. There was really non left to hear, but she felt it was right to do just in case.

"Yo, you guys see that!" he says pointing out the revealed mobile suit, "That isn't a mobile suit, thats a gundam! What the hell is it doin?!

January 19th, 2008, 7:42 PM
"I surrender" said a female voice on the radio.
"Drop all weapons, deactivate your Gundam and remove yourself from your Gundam"
The girl did just that. Drop her Gundam's weapons and exited her mobile suit. But he couldent help but ask this one question...
"Do you know of any other new model mobile suits deployed by either Mars or Earth military? And if you do lie, i will kill you."
Greg stared her down with his Gundam, pointed his weapon at the enemy and locked on.

January 21st, 2008, 10:08 AM
"New modle mobile suits, they are all basic units, unless they come from my command. Otherwise the EUG, and Mars Government have some new Gundam modles, underdevelopment. My Gundam wasn't completed until a year ago, Mist Gundam its called, and its only able to be piloted by me, it requires a retna scan and a finger print scan before its operating system is turned online." she says to him honestly and sincerly. She was unsure what to do at this point, she was out of her Gundam, and Mist Gundam was useable only if she was inside. Can't be cut any slack?, she thought.

"Umanouski, lets finish destroyin this sector, and then I will bring her back to base under arrest. Shortly after she is placed in a prision, I will return back to the mission. Braver you think that sounds good?" he says over the comlink making his way up to Pheonix Gundam. He wasn't sure what Greg was capable of, and he wasn't sure if he was going to kill her after she spoke, but in ways she would prove very useful to there next few missions on Mars, and maybe even earth.

January 21st, 2008, 10:36 AM
"Copy that, Jackal... I'm going to leave the prisoner transport under your jurisdiction. Don't let me down." He said calmly over the radio. "Returning to original mission parameters"

Havoc returned the rifle to its two pieces along his right leg and began to hover slightly above the ground. It turned to the direction of the main building and blasted towards it. At this point, the only mobile suits on base were the ones laying in pieces, scrapped and scattered around the area. He ignored the suits as he glided over them, a large dome rose over the horizon. Finally, the last target of their mission.

"This is Braver, I'm going to enter the complex and make sure that nothing remains intact inside. Upon my exit, please commence the bombardment until complete destruction. Afterwards we will return to base.

Havoc sped over the ground, pulling out the blaster half of his rifle and used it as a small gun to blast a hole in the side of the building. He stopped near the hole, returning the gun and pulling his two swords out. He hovered again and entered the dome slowly, then sliced through scaffolding and walkways. Advancing slowly he looked to the middle of the large dome and froze in his tracks.

"What.... the hell?"

January 22nd, 2008, 4:41 AM

Jack jumps out of his unit, he had his helmet on and ready to face the less breatheable air. He makes his way towards the girl, "So what made ya surrender?" he asks her as he places her hands behind her back and places the handcuffs on her wrists.

She slightly grimances while the handcuffs are placed on her, and he wasn't easy about it either, "I was outnumbered, and even with my cloaking it wasn't enough to take all three of you down," she answers his question.

"Well, whatever your reason is you are going back to base w/ me, and you will be placed in a prision cell until further notice. You really don't have to much to worry 'bout, maybe Greg if ya didn't tell us anything," Jack says quickly bringing up the age old question, "So what is your name?" As he waits for an answer he sets up the straps to get the Gundam transported w/ her, and his Gundam.

"My name is Desire Renals, the dotor of General Reginal of the Mars Millitia" she answers as she watches him strap the Gundam. "Be carefull w/ the arms, you will have to strap alot to it, but not too many, and not too tight or the arm will be gone." she says quickly after.

He nods, and then radios into Braver and Umanouski, "Our prisioner is the daughter of some General guy, she says the name is Renals, you guys know of him?" he asks them, and then while awaiting for some sort of responce he goes to his business at hand. "HQ, this is Jackal reporting in on a quick return to the base. I have a captured Mars Millitia, the name is Sergent Renals, I am asking for an access point to open, and I am asking for a cell to be avaliable for our prisioner."

January 23rd, 2008, 3:56 PM
"Koji, what are my orders?" Greg asked...now that the battle had ended he did not know what to do. "Koji? My orders?" He asked again. "What...the hell?" He heard Koji say.
"What is it? Hello? Koji!" Greg then rushed over to the Dome and entered it, and then he saw why Koji did not respond.

There were hundreds of mobile suits that looked like the ones he had saw in entry. They had the appearance of many warriors of old, and they had that same symbol.

"Koji, what are these?"
"I don't know."
"Get out of here, I'm gonna destroy them. Stand clear, they have to go. And beware, there were several of them being used. I saw them on atmospheric entry. They don't show up on the computer, but I know they are for no good."