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December 12th, 2007, 2:35 PM
I've noticed for a while that there are large gulfs between the types of behavior seen here. First off, I want to say that this will be an exposition not only on what I see, but what I wish I did see more often.Anyway, here are thr types of behavior that are most often seen here.

You've all seen this kind of poster before. Though not as common as they used to be, there are people who seem to have registerred here for the sole purpose of insulting and offending as many people as possible. Now, many people become very frustrated with these users, who usually quit or get banned within the first couple of days. These people seem to sayh whatever they want, and never take what other people say into consideration. One of the most recent examples of this that I remember is in Vavavoom's game thread. These people, if they don't get banned, usually stop posting due to the negative attention they recieve.

We've all been this kind of poster at one point or another. These people are most often noticed by asking for things that are too much work, or that they don't know how to do. Most of the time, they are recieved badly, and people have a tendency to call them n00bs. These users are people who generally registerred intending to stay for a while, and their recieval in threads really determines if they become a permanent fixture or disappear like the Insta-Burnouts. Now, they may ask for something that most people cannot make, but is that any reason to call names or insult them? Really, if you want to do that, you don't belong here. These people deserve the honest answer that what they are asking for is hard to do, and that they might want to practice on easier games befroe making something like Pokemon systems.

Novice Game Builder
Now we're getting into the more permanent members of the community. These members have decided to sellte down, and maybe build a game. That does not mean that they will still be able to take harsh criticism, but let's face it, no one is able to easily do that. We've go to rembmer to give constructive criticism. In other words, don't just say what's wrong, tell how to improve it. These users spend a lot of time working on their game, and often they will look at other projects, to see what's new. Really, not every game makes it, but some are truly golden. Let's encourage those.

Game Building "Expert"
I won't name any names regarding this group, nor will I with any others. I just wanted to point out that many people here, once they get some knowledge under their belt, let it get their heads. In other words, they aren't nice to the Techno-Newbies any more, which is why there are so few people who decide to stay. Really, you know who you are. (Many of these people have quotes in their sigs regarding a dislike for n00bs) Now, I'm not saying that they're never right, but really, if you know something about game building, why not share the knowledge instead of just making it seem like you know oh so much more than someone who just started game building. I mean, that part is obvious. Just be nice.

Game Builder
These people are the heart and soul of this part of the community. They work hard on their games (Or starter kits!) and try to please the people who show up. Their games usually last a while, and , if not finished, stand a good chance of being revived later. Really, these are some of the people here who really deserve respect, because they're the reason we have these boards at all.

Now, these people are some of the wors in the board. They are the ones who point out every mistake, every flaw, as well as acting as though they own the world. These people piss most people off, but they are also the ones most likely to be flamed and rejected. I personally have been mistaken for a Mini-Moderator, although I make a sincere effort not to be one.

Community Pillars
Thses are the people that everyone respects. The community pillars have been here for years, and they often bring valid reasoning and good points to argumants. These people, though not necessarily working on a project themselves, will encourage others in their efforts, and will help with many suggestions and great support. Often, their reasoning is logical and thought out. They are not perfect though, and can be offended and become angry just like everyone else.

Moderators and Admins
Thse are the people that run the joint. Many of you may dilike them, but they work for what is best in the community. They will close bad thread, relocate misplaced ones, and often will bring the most logical and detached perspecive to any argument on the boards. Some of you may not repect them, but you should. They work very hard to keep these boards running properly for all to enjoy, and without them, you wouldn't even be here.

What I wish I saw in everyone here
I wish I saw quite a bit here that is a bit scarce. I wish people could be more kind, and that they could respect each other's opinions. I wish people could help the newbies instead of just insulting them and telling them they'll never make anything worthwhile. I wish people could think their points through, instead of just posting willy-nilly. If people rethought their words before posting, then many of the locked threads and closed arguments would never have happened. In fact, this forum would be a better place. Still, I thinkt that that is a little idealistic of me, and will probably never happen. I also wish that people would read the stickied threads before posting, so we don't get so many pointless threads.

Anyway, I hope that at least some of you read this, and I hope that some of you learned a little, maybe improved your ways. I know it's a long shot, but I think it is worth the try.

December 12th, 2007, 3:17 PM
*Silent salute* We all share your dreams and hopes, and many of us will find ourselves in some of these categories. I would place myself into the mini-mod group.

But, speaking from experience, things won't change around here. They are more or less the same as they were 3 years ago, and they will remain the same for a long time.

December 13th, 2007, 11:41 AM
That was well said Glitchfinder. I hope that people will try to follow what you have said.