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December 22nd, 2007, 6:19 PM

In the modern day life, many things go unnoticed through out the world. These things are all cleverly concealed, holding secrets of the planet. Secrets that are only revealed to the ones who have the power TO reveal them. The world remains oblivious to the underlying society concealed by magic and mystery. This society consists of the wonder that normal humans only dream about. A world filled with wonders that seem to only exist in fairy tales. This world is inhabited by humans who have found ways to harness their life energy to do spectacular things such as magic and skills. The ways to use this life energy were categorized by the technique and ritual they were utilized. These categories of usage were Knights, Wizards, Snipers, Ninjas, Samurai, and many more smaller unclassified groups. Humans who learned to harness their energy to to perform skills specific to their grouping are sent at a young age to the four schools of battle, placed all over the world. These schools are Lancaster - in the green fields of England, Darkhorn - In the frozen Tundra in Nothern Canada, Riomahri - in the dense humid jungles of South America, and Sahri - located in the dry deserts of Africa. These schools each pride themselves on how well they raise their students who grow up to carry covert missions to maintain peace in the world without the knowledge of average humans. At these schools, the students learn to hone their abilities, and how to properly cover their weaknesses and amplify their strengths in order to maintain the balance of the planet. To do so, they are sent on various missions to prove team work and strength and build themselves. But the schools do not teach just to maintain peace...they teach also in order to compete. In times of peace, the four schools of battle meet for the unique competition of pitting their best students against each other in friendly fighting tournaments where high powered people come to see which school is producing the best fighters. The students of these schools are always training and working to prove themselves to their peers and elders alike. Lately though... Darkhorn has been rather reclusive and quiet... it seems like something is astir over there... This is where you come in!

Your Role
You are a first year student at Lancaster: School for battle. It is a college like atmosphere, where you attend daily classes while learning new techniques and making your current ones stronger. Missions are issued to the students in teams of 4 and usually consist of simple tasks such as monster extermination. There will also be various battle exams which you will be given through the years that i will issue randomly and of course. Final Exams which consist of fighting tournaments in the Colosseum.

The knight is generally the least conservative about using life energy. Though they make up for it with the weapons they wield. Their weapons usually consist of, two hand swords, Lance/Spear, shield and sword as the most common. Despite their name, knights do not appear like normal knights of mythology. Most wear thin armor as to not hinder movements, as opposed to the clumsy clanky armor of the far past. Along with the many different kinds of weapons, knights have many different levels of life energy usage. The different classifications of a knight are Rune Knight, which are knights with specific magic branded into their weapons. Each weapon can only hold a specific amount of Runes and more powerful Runes take up more than one slot. There are also Dragon Knights who are bonded with a dragon at birth. The individual's battle strengths are never very strong. But once they achieve the final stage power where they combine with their dragon, their power increases exponentially. But this is a skill for advanced Dragon Knights only. Dragons grow to large sizes but the average size for a dragon our age is about shoulder high max.

Clearly the best at utilizing their life energy. The Wizards use their life energy to control and manipulate the forces of nature to their will. Wizards cast these spells with long chants and verses to summon their spells. Wizards can be split into the magics of healing magic, which obviously heals. Dark Magic, which is dangerously damaging magic which consume large amounts of time and chants to unleash. And Elemental Magic which is the harnessing the natures energy and having control over the elements (Water, Fire, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Ice) though not all elemental spells are offensively oriented. Beginning Wizards learn to use two of these at an early age, and can mix the two. The Wizard always carries an amplifier which increases the power of their spells and can be considered their weapon. These are a large array of items, usually containing sentimental value (Necklace, Ring, Wand, small dagger, etc)

The Snipers are the few battlers who are restricted to certain weapons. These fighters tend to be mediocre at mid level magics of their element and have impeccable aim. They use their element to amplify their choice of shooting style though their magic tends to become weaker as their shooting distance increases. There are 3 types of Sniper. Crossbow, mid-ranged, and long-ranged. Crossbow tend to have moderately powerful magic that they pack into small arrows that fire very quickly, but tend to be inaccurate. Mid-ranged have the middle of both worlds, carrying a moderately sized bow and arrow and having mediocre magic ability. Long range Snipers carry large over sized bows and rarely are seen in the heart of the battle field. They have small amounts of magical ability for they spent most of their childhood learning to carefully aim their massive bow and arrow to hit targets over 300 meters away.

The ninja are the mediocre battlers of the battling community. They are not very physically powerful, and also possess weak grasp of elemental attacks. The ninja rarely has an elemental affinity and uses a very weak, wide variety of elemental techniques, and are mostly for sneaking around and gathering information. This being said, they aren't to be taken lightly in a fight. Their nimble bodies and quick thinking often give them an edge over their opponents one on one and in groups. The ninja often carries an assortment of the given tools but usually not all. Shurikens, Kunai, ninja sword, Nunchaku, Flail, smoke bombs, floor spikes, small grade explosives.

The Samurai are people who harnessed their energy and put it towards their swords, style, and technique. They can channel their energy into the swords and deal fast, lethal blows. The Samurai are truly feared since they are so hard to read in battle. No two samurai are ever alike and their techniques can range from long range to short range depending on how they manipulate their weapons. Samurai equipment always consists of a katana. The only real variable is if they decide to use two katana or just one.

If you have a different subclass you would like to add, PM me and ask or place it in your application for debate

The Dean: A slim older man, appearing to be around age 70. His hair has a grayed whispy look to it and is completely combed back. His eyes are cold and black but still have a gentle appearance to them. He wears a simple black tuxedo with bow tie, and leans most of his weight on a thin black cane in front of him. He runs the school with no questions asked. He is the absolute last word on any disagreement. It is known that he was once a great fighter, but nothing is known about his style or exactly how strong he is.

Kiki Kiribayashi (Professor Kiki): The Elemental Control teacher of any level. She is a small woman, barely reaching 5 feet tall. She has deep purple hair that is drawn back into small pig tails with small strands of hair drooping over her forehead which could scarcely be called 'bangs'. She wears large thick round glasses and has fair skin with large eyes with purple irises. When teaching she wears a long drooping sorceress' gown which fits her slim figure. She has no upper body strength, but being the teacher who blocks the First Year attacks every year with her barrier magic, she definitely makes up for her lack of strength with her skill in the various magics. She is a master of elemental magics and very accomplished in the healing and dark arts. Her amplifier is a small book she carries with her at all times but she rarely taps into its power to use her spells. Professor Kiki teaches through a trial and error technique. Meaning most of her students leave class every day, bruised, beaten, or charred to a crisp. She has a firm belief that "if you want to learn to fire at a battle target. you should be battling." and "If you want to learn a defense spell, you should learn by defending against big spells" She is small but one of the roughest teachers on campus.

Bardok Stonehide (Professor Stonehide or Bardok Sensei): A large muscular man, reaching at least 6'5. He is the teacher of all Close Combat and defense courses. He has short cut spikey brown hair that leads into rugged side burns that cut down his face. To teach he always wears a green tank top with camouflage pants and black combat boots. Your typical drill sergeant look. Bardok is a master of hand to hand combat and his particular weapon of choice is a simple pair of brass knuckles that he wears on his fists. He can expel large amounts of life energy into these knuckles and punch with enough force to split the Earth. His raw strength isn't rivaled by any other faculty member. He has a tendency to pick favorites in his classes and likes to shut down cocky fighters by having them perform impossible tasks in front of the entire class, to knock them down a peg. It is sometimes said that he can't be cut in battle.

Heidi Star (Professor Star): The teacher of all the Bow and Arrow classes. She is a well known Sniper through out the land. She is a medium height woman, reaching 5'8 and very slinder. She has strawberry blond hair that reaches down to her mid back. A very beautiful woman, *usually the male student's favorite female teacher* she is well versed in the ways of every projectile weapon possible. Her aim is accurate within 1mm of any given target from up to 400meters away. It is sometimes said that no movement can escape her eyes. Compared to other faculty members she is also the nicest teacher. She doesn't beat her students to teach them, but rather enforces their abilities and recognizes strengths about their styles and exploits them to further their abilities. Although she does carry a bow around with her, she does not fire actual arrows. She has advanced her magic to the point where she can form arrows from magic and shoot them in any element she wishes.

1. Basic PC rules
2. Basic RP rules
3. No char control unless given permission
4. I will control the faculty NPC's. But pm me if you have ideas
5. Don't godmod your char
6. Don't godmod your char
7. Don't godmod your char
8. I know this is an RP where two may fight each other, but please be reasonable about the battles. You don't always have to win.
9. Try to stay active :)
10. Have fun! make it entertaining

~*Sign Up*~
Age: 14-18

Class:(Knight, Wizard/Witch, Ninja, Sniper, Samurai)
Primary Weapon:(What your char mainly fights with... of course)

Elemental Affinity:(Element your char excels in. Fire, Water, Lightning, Ice, Earth, Wind. Wizards may pick two.)

Description: (How your char looks. remember this is modern times... so there are cell phones, computers, ipods, the whole works. 4 line minimum)

Personality: (How your char acts. Don't be generic about it 4 line minimum)

Techniques: (The various skills your character specializes in. Please don't make too many *4 max for now* and if your skill is exceptionally powerful, please list its weakness or downfall. Keep it interesting.. remember its a school, we can learn more techniques later :D)

Additional Information: (Where your char is from, family background, why they're at Lancaster instead of the other schools, things like that. Completely optional but could help your application)

*My Signup*
Name: Fenra (Fen) Kurai
Gender: male
Age: 17

Class: Sniper - Long Range
Primary Weapon: Fen carries a long white bow with each side shaped like a pure white angel wing. The edges of the bow or sharpened for emergency close combat. The bow releases a loud booming sound with every arrow fired, due to the sheer size of the bow. His arrows are long and thick for powerful shots from long distances. Because of the loud sound it makes and the shape of the bow... Fen named his bow, Angel's Song.

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Description: Fenra stands about 5'8 and weighs roughly 140 pounds. He has shorter olive green hair with bangs that swoop sideways to the left over his face and has a soft look to it. He has lightly tanned skin and sea blue eyes and a normally happy expression on his face. He wears a tight fitting black t-shirt and brown slim fitted cargo pants. He keeps various supplies inside the pockets of the cargo pants. Under the pants he wears thick black boots with very thick soles so he can maintain grip anywhere he needs to, so he can get the best shot. Along his left arm he has a typical mark of an archer, a thick brown leather arm guard to prevent being bruised by the string of his bow. Fen carries his massive bow, Angel's Song, Vertical on his back and the long arrows it uses, near his waist, tilted slightly to the side for easy access. Fen is a very quick kid as well. His limber build allows him to escape and move fast to a better vantage point, away from one on one combat.

Personality: Fen has mood shifts depending on the scenario. Outside of mission or battles, Fen is a typical kid. He clowns around a lot and tends to be overly sarcastic at times. He enjoys Lancaster and everything about it, especially the girls who he would not hesitate to sit under a tree and watch walk by all day. The cautious nature of his chosen class, leads him to have a very passive and patient persona though. He never feels hurried, and rarely sees a reason to rush things, especially in mission time. However, during missions, he is quite different. Fen tends to be withdrawn and silent, even on radio transmition between team mates. He prefers to tune out all of the chatter and focus on his duty at hand since he only gets 2 maybe 3 shots tops before his location is discovered and has to relocate his sniping position.

Techniques: Right now Fen has 3 techniques, crucial to his Sniping.
Jet stream - Fen uses weak wind magic to slightly bend the air currents, allowing his arrow to more accurately hit its mark

Sonic Boom - The opposite of Jet Stream, the arrow itself is charged with weak wind. It is less accurate but has a wider area of damage.

Whirlwind - Fen spins, sweeping his bow in a wide motion and using weak wind magic which kicks up dust around him providing enough of a cover for him to escape to another sniping point

Additional Information: Fen came to Lancaster, following in his parent's foot steps. They are both accomplished wind masters. His mother, a Wind Sage (powerful witch specializing in Wind) and his father is a powerful Heavy Blade Knight. Both are notable graduates of Lancaster and expect a lot of Fen.

Enrolled Students (Enrollment Status - Sign Ups Still Open)
Evkay (Fenra Kurai - Sniper/Long Range)
Shadow_Yue (Takashi Hikaru - Sniper/ Crossbow)
Brad, Apocalypse Lord (Brad Matthews - Paladin)
DrazenHayato (Drazen Hayato - Ninja)
Midnight_Dragon249 (Alarune Sephalis - Witch)
ThatInsaneKid (Ruroen Perrin - Rune Knight)
ACC-M (Edgar Hoffenscheister - Ninja/Mechanic)
Electric Hero (Max Hunter - Knight)

December 22nd, 2007, 9:08 PM
Name: Brad Matthews
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Class: Paladin- Basically, a knight who can use magic. Uses one sword/lance etc. This weapon is branded with magic, but also amplifies the user’s magic attacks, usually of the same type. If they use dark magic, they do not have an elemental affinity. If they use dark magic, it is used saying a few words instead of a lot. In battle, they wear heavy armor. To be a Paladin, you must be strong, in mind and body. It is rigorous, especially if you follow the path of dark magic. This is for debate.
Primary Weapon: His longsword, Apocalypse. With the darkness sealed within it, Brad uses great power.

Elemental Affinity: He uses Dark magic, therefore making him unable to use elemental magic.

Description: Brad looks like a badass, in simple terms. Outside of battle, he wears a red leather jacket, with a black pentagram on the back. It is his only piece of clothing on his torso, but he often wears it and shows his abdomen. His pants are blue jeans, dark blue in shade. They show signs of wear, but aren’t ripped. In his pocket, he carries his iPhone, black and red in color. Occasionally, he listens to it. Around his neck is a pentagram, made of rubies and onyx. It was a gift to him for his birth. His alligator leather belt, black in color, also holds the ornate golden sheath for Apocalypse. The sheath has a black flame pattern on much of it. Apocalypse is long, black in color with some gold. It starts straight, curves in a tiny bit, then curves out again before ending at a sharp “V” point. At the other end, the handle juts out in two separate directions, each ending in a diamond. This handle is made of gold/rubies. Then, after the jutting ends, it goes down for a few inches, and ends with a sapphire pommel. Apocalypse is an ancient heirloom. In battle, he wears white titanium armor, with intricate flame patterns in black all over the armor. He wears no helmet, but otherwise he is defended from any projectile attack. With swords, people must go for the head, or use magic. However, this armor, also an heirloom, has special spells placed on it, making it better defended against magic attack. Although the armor slows him down a tiny bit, it protects him well against any type of attack. Brad himself is 6’5”. Being an albino, he has pale, deathly white skin, blood red eyes, and white hair. His covers his forehead, and goes down in back. It is smooth. His body tone is muscular, from long training. He is graceful and fast. He always trains his muscles to become faster with his heavy armor, known as Chaos. His eyes, in a more slit shape, look sinister and evil. His nose is small, and his earlobes are attached to his head. His legs take up half of his body, and are long, graceful and muscular. His torso, as I said, is also muscular, and his arms are like his legs- graceful and muscular. His limber and muscular build allows him to perform powerful barrages of sword attack, even with heavy armor. He is the fastest out of anyone in the school, even with the armor.

Personality: In and out of battle, Brad is a loner. Preferring to keep to himself, Brad often thinks in his mind, or goes to train. He also enjoys class, diligently learning and becoming better. He is often, but not always, the smartest kid in class. He also enjoys taking advanced courses. On the subjecto f missions, he likes monster killing, but doesn't like working in teams- he wants individual missions. However, he won't complain. He is diligent in training and intelligence, but neglects his social life. He never really talks to many people, and enjoys sitting alone, on his bed, listening to music. Like any kid going through puberty, he is starting to feel attracted to girls, but still stays in his protective lonely shell. He is cold, almost emotionless. Many people avoid him, due to this. The darkness of his chosen path engulfs his mind, keeping him lonely and cold. His favorite hobby is training. On missions, he is also quiet, listening to orders, following them quickly, and coming back. You’d think Brad would want friends after so much loneliness, but, quite frankly, he enjoys the silence in his mind and environment, the relaxing comfort of being alone. Another thing that alienates people is his lack of compassion and his merciless ruthlessness. He cares about no one but himself and his family. He is desensitized to death- he is always first finished on assasinations or killings because he can and will kill without hesitation. Some would say he is a loose cannon, but all he really is a cold, emotionless machine inside.


Spell: Dark Vortex- After saying the words (revealed later), Apocalypse glows black, and launches a beam of dark black energy towards the opponent. It is unavoidable, but not that powerful. It is often used to weaken opponents before Brad brings out the big guns.

Judgement- Apocalypse glows white, and Brad charges at his opponent, leaps, and falls on them with the sword. Afterwards, he continues to hack and slash furiously. This technique is his most often used sword technique. However, it can be dodged.

Doom- This time, Apocalypse glows black, and the gold in it glows white. Then, Brad lunges at his opponent, and stabs it into them. Slowly, the magic damages them. It is almost unavoidable, as Brad is incredibly fast, but takes a lot of energy, as much as the attack below.

Spell: Unholy Wrath- A huge ball of dark energy is formed, and engulfs the arena. It is highly destructive, and unavoidable, but takes up almost all of Brad’s energy.

Additional Information: Brad comes from a long line of various battlers at Lancaster. Brad, wanting to be unique, became a Paladin. His mother was a wizard who mastered Fire and Lightning, while his father was a Sniper who used the Ice element. He is the first to use the long-guarded heirlooms, and it is said that the first of his family was the original owner.

December 22nd, 2007, 9:40 PM
Brad, your application definitely has its ups and downs. the first major problem i saw is your char's height compared to age. 6'5 is really tall for a 14 year old. Also, heavy armor usually would amount to a slow fighter to me. I like the idea of Paladin. But i would still like a long spell chant for his skills, considering they are Dark Magic and Dark Magic is considered the most powerful of spell types. and for the same reason, you may want to substantially decrease the amount of attacks you have and leave some to learn during the course of the RP, due to their strength.

Because of those reasons, Brad, i'll say your application is Pending to balance your char a bit.

I'm opening up an OOC thread for this RP right now in the lounge for discussion about classes and such.

December 22nd, 2007, 9:45 PM
Name: Takashi Hikaru

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Class: Sniper – Crossbow

Primary Weapon: A thick but medium sized bow that is a shade of light brown, uses very sharp arrows made from sharp wire material. Most arrows she owns explode on contact.

Elemental Affinity: Ice

Description: Hikaru stands at 5’7, having a somewhat thin body from training herself daily. Has visible muscles around her abdomen and arms. Wears black fingerless gloves with steel plates on each hand for handling her bow. Hikaru has shoulder length golden brown hair that is sometimes put into a pony tail and her bangs are brushed off to the side of her face. Has small gold hoop earrings on each side of her ears. Hikaru wears a black choker with a small red Her eyes are dark green and she has thin, pink lips. She wears a black hoodie with 10 different pockets hidden on the inside and out and its 2 sized too big loosely hang off her arms and normally open or halfway zipped up. The sleeves go up o her wrists. Under her jacket is a red spaghetti strap shirt that goes right above her belly button. Hikaru also has on dark green capris with two black belts that have silver buckles on them. She also has on black and white tennis shoes that zip up instead of having shoe laces. They take too much time to tie is her excuse.

Personality: Hikaru is one of the most distant people out there. Normally day dreaming, listening to her iPod or sleeping she can be described as a really lazy person. She’s always thinking of things she can’t have and powers she wishes she could use. However in battle she is completely different. She’s ruthless and fast with her attacks making sure she gets things over with as soon as possible. Hikaru is actually very smart when it comes to academics though she certainly doesn’t look the part or have the attitude for it. She’s normally quiet in class and acts shy around other people that she doesn’t know. Though she is known to say sarcastic comments under her breath from time to time.Hikaru is very irritated by the heat and on sunny days making her have to put her hoodie on to protect herself from the shade. Her hoodie covers a lot of her face making her look like a shady character and her personality adds to it. She’s not very known around her hometown or anywhere else she is seen so she could easily be a stealthy person for combat.

Hikaru is normally alone because she finds herself to be too lazy to go out and talk with other people and gets shy around them. Walking around a park or a beach is the closest she would get to going outside. She dislikes loud people,things, and recently loud attacks that she hears. It's way too much of a bother for her to have to hear that and try to stay relaxed. She is normally the person who would think things through and make sure plans work bu has no intention of letting others know of this ability. They would give her more work after all. Hikaru also has a big fear of lightning and lightning storms.

Ice Storm: Hikaru unleashes a fury of frozen arrows towards the enemy leaving zero chance of an escape though she may injure herself if not focusing properly.

Exploding Crystal: Hikaru will release 2 to 3 arrows at a time near but not hitting the enemy to lure them into a false sense of security. There will be bombs attached to the frozen arrows and they will explode within 5 seconds of hitting a solid object. After the first arrows have exploded Hikaru will send a last arrow to penetrate the enemy’s body.

Additional Information: Hikaru is from a carefree town off of the beach where most people don’t have a care in the world. This is where she got her lazy attitude from. Her older brother and her mother decided to end her lazy streak when they found out she could use her freezing powers and handle her bow that she had received from her father very well. Her father is a weapons maker who is indifferent of the decision to send her to Lancaster but gives in when he is cornered.

I know I'm going to add more but this is what I have for now.

December 22nd, 2007, 9:53 PM
Shadow_Yue, i like your app a lot. Its got a good feel to it and pretty unique (I didn't think anyone else would pick Sniper) haha with that... you are Accepted

feel free to add any details, and report them to me in the OOC thread

December 23rd, 2007, 8:23 AM
Name: Brad Matthews
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Class: Paladin- (Dark Paladin)
- Basically, a knight who can use magic. Uses one sword/lance etc. This weapon is branded with magic, but also amplifies the user’s magic attacks, usually of the same type. If they use dark magic, they do not have an elemental affinity. In battle, they wear heavy armor- usually enchanted to be lightweight to the user, depending on who crafted it, what metal was used, and how it was enchanted. To be a Paladin, you must be strong, in mind and body. It is rigorous, especially if you follow the path of dark magic. In addition, you're true class depends on what affinity you have- your element, or in rare cases, Dark Magic.
Primary Weapon: His longsword, Apocalypse. With the darkness sealed within it, Brad uses great power.

Elemental Affinity: He uses Dark magic, therefore making him unable to use elemental magic.

Description: Brad looks like a badass, in simple terms. Outside of battle, he wears a red leather jacket, with a black pentagram on the back. It is his only piece of clothing on his torso, but he often wears it and shows his abdomen. His pants are blue jeans, dark blue in shade. They show signs of wear, but aren’t ripped. In his pocket, he carries his iPhone, black and red in color. Occasionally, he listens to it. Around his neck is a pentagram, made of rubies and onyx. It was a gift to him for his birth. His alligator leather belt, black in color, also holds the ornate golden sheath for Apocalypse. The sheath has a black flame pattern on much of it. Apocalypse is long, black in color with some gold. It starts straight, curves in a tiny bit, then curves out again before ending at a sharp “V” point. At the other end, the handle juts out in two separate directions, each ending in a diamond. This handle is made of gold/rubies. Then, after the jutting ends, it goes down for a few inches, and ends with a sapphire pommel. Apocalypse is an ancient heirloom. In battle, he wears white titanium armor, with intricate flame patterns in black all over the armor. He wears no helmet, but otherwise he is defended from any projectile attack. With swords, people must go for the head, or use magic. However, this armor, also an heirloom, has special spells placed on it, making it better defended against magic attack. The armors best enchantment is its light weight. Although it is light, it still protects extremely well against any attack. However, magic is still the most potent offense against him. Brad himself is 6’5”. Being an albino, he has pale, deathly white skin, blood red eyes, and white hair. His covers his forehead, and goes down in back. It is smooth. His body tone is muscular, from long training. He is graceful and fast. He always trains his muscles to become faster with his armor, known as Chaos. His eyes, in a more slit shape, look sinister and evil. His nose is small, and his earlobes are attached to his head. His legs take up half of his body, and are long, graceful and muscular. His torso, as I said, is also muscular, and his arms are like his legs- graceful and muscular. His limber and muscular build allows him to perform powerful barrages of sword attack, even with heavy armor. He is the fastest out of anyone in the school, even with the armor. Because he is 16, he can drive. He drives his dad’s black Ferrari when he needs to.

Personality: In and out of battle, Brad is a loner. Preferring to keep to himself, Brad often thinks in his mind, or goes to train. He also enjoys class, diligently learning and becoming better. He is often, but not always, the smartest kid in class. He also enjoys taking advanced courses. On the subjecto f missions, he likes monster killing, but doesn't like working in teams- he wants individual missions. However, he won't complain. He is diligent in training and intelligence, but neglects his social life. He never really talks to many people, and enjoys sitting alone, on his bed, listening to music. Like any kid going through puberty, he is starting to feel attracted to girls, but still stays in his protective lonely shell. He is cold, almost emotionless. Many people avoid him, due to this. The darkness of his chosen path engulfs his mind, keeping him lonely and cold. His favorite hobby is training. On missions, he is also quiet, listening to orders, following them quickly, and coming back. You’d think Brad would want friends after so much loneliness, but, quite frankly, he enjoys the silence in his mind and environment, the relaxing comfort of being alone. Another thing that alienates people is his lack of compassion and his merciless ruthlessness. He cares about no one but himself and his family. He is desensitized to death- he is always first finished on assasinations or killings because he can and will kill without hesitation. Some would say he is a loose cannon, but all he really is a cold, emotionless machine inside.


Spell: Dark Vortex- After saying the words (revealed later), Apocalypse glows black, and launches a beam of dark black energy towards the opponent. It is unavoidable, but not that powerful. It is often used to weaken opponents before Brad brings out the big guns.

Judgement- Apocalypse glows white, and Brad charges at his opponent, leaps, and falls on them with the sword. Afterwards, he continues to hack and slash furiously. This technique is his most often used sword technique. However, it can be dodged.

Additional Information: Brad comes from a long line of various battlers at Lancaster. Brad, wanting to be unique, became a Paladin. His mother was a wizard who mastered Fire and Lightning, while his father was a Sniper who used the Ice element. He is the first to use the long-guarded heirlooms, and it is said that the first of his family was the original owner. He lives in Hawaii, on the island of Maui, and enjoys aquatic sports. His family has lived on Maui for four generations, coming from California. they went to CA from New York about 2 generations before, and moved to NY from England as atheists 10 generations before that. The clan originated with Saturnus Mattesicum, a prestigious soldier for the Roman Empire who settled in the territory now known as Britain. His family lived there for centuries, moved to America, and eventually moved to Maui.

Got rid of the short chant, two attacks(the powerful ones), and I made him 16.

December 23rd, 2007, 9:49 AM
Brad - Accepted just remember to keep the powers within reason as the RP progresses.

December 23rd, 2007, 10:31 AM
Name: Drazen Hayato
Gender: Male
Age: 14-

Class: Ninja
Primary Weapon: He use sebons and other ninja tools.
Elemental Affinity: Lightning, Fire
Description: Drazen has long blone hair. It pass his chin, but for most part it is under his black bandana. He wears a faded green jacket. It was his fathers so thats why it is faded. He wears a black shirt underneath the jacket, there is also a silver piece located at his neck.

His shirt is long sleeve, which goes well with the jacket. He wears white bandages that wrap around his wrist, that go to his elbow. He has faded green gloves that have silver pieces on them. He has black paint under his eyes

He wears black pants, that go to his ankle. He weres white bangages over them, that go up to his knees. Sean ususally has he black peice of cloth that covers his face, but sometimes leaves it down.

Personality: He never gives up and always defends his honor. His strong, unshakable confidence, analytical skill, and cautious nature. He is sadistic when some is trying to attack his friends. He is always looking out for his friends . He is always in a good mood unless you mess with him or his friends. Some people think he is a monster, because the way he gets in combat sometimes he takes things to far. Drazen is for most part a wild person. He cant stand to be in a silent room, nor can he stand to be serious most of the time. He is always tiring to crack jokes, even when on missions. He hates to attend classes, but even then he makes jokes. He can be serious though. If he knows that no one wants to here him talk, and they just want to be left alone, then he will respect that and live them alone.

Drazen alway feels that he must prove himself by showing off to other ninja. When fighting, he tends to do more talking then actual fighting. He is easily angered and very quick to act. He never thinks before acting which is one of his down falls.
Techniques: Draconic Fire : He make a dragon formed from fire and the dragon rushes or spins around his opponent burning them slowly plus slashing them
Flying Swallow: Lightning Strike: He charge lightning into what ever he touchs or he can put it in his feet to make him move faster.
Additional Information: He has no familiy and hardly any friends because people think he doesn't care. He is hier to a legendary dragon that is 5 years older than him, he was told it's waiting at lancaster.
Sorry so small

December 23rd, 2007, 10:40 AM
Drazen, your application still leaves a lot to be desired. You need a considerable amount more on your Description and a bit more on personality, try to stray away from generic character structure. with those touched up, i think it will be a fine character. so until those changes are made. DrazenHayato is Pending

December 23rd, 2007, 10:48 AM
I fixed my character profile

December 23rd, 2007, 11:07 AM
DrazenHayato - Accepted

just one word of advice. Watch yourself while your typing or don't forget to proof read, i see lots of spelling/grammatical errors in your application. Take any further discussion to the OOC thread :) a few more and we can begin the RP

December 23rd, 2007, 5:05 PM
Name: Alarune Wren Sephalis

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Class: Witch (she prefers being referred to as a 'mage', however.)

Primary Weapon: Rune carries a large scythe, with a black handle and blade rimmed with a pink metal. On the inner part of the blade, there's a small golden triangle, along with a golden thorned vine pattern around the handle.

Elemental Affinity: Earth and Fire

Description: Rune is about 5', rather thin, and very fair skinned. Her face is small and round, and her hair is long, straight, and is dyed a bright pink hue. Rune has also dyed silver streaks into her hair, and she usually wears it in two long pigtails. Her bangs nearly cover both ears and all of her forehead, nearly covering her eyes, and she wears two gold-colored clips on each side of her head, right above her ears. She has large, rounded eyes with light red irises. Despite her delicate and frail appearance, she is rather strong for her size, able to lift her scythe and swing it with ease. Her strength is nothing compared to those of the melee classes, however.

Rune wears a black silk choker necklace with a small, metal, double-headed battle axe attached to it. On her torso, she wears a black, wool vest, that has a V-shaped cut that starts at the middle of her shoulders and goes down to her waist. Underneath the vest, she wears a dark grey cotton t-shirt with flared sleeves that go to her elbows, and a further layer layer down, she wears a turtleneck shirt of a lighter grey with long, flared sleeves that cover her hands when they're at her side. On her lower body, she wears a skirt made of expensive black silk, and over it, attached to a black leather belt with a small silver buckle, is another skirt, but this one is dark grey and goes from the outer sides of her legs back around to the other. Below the belt that keeps the half-skirt up are two other black belts crossed like an 'X' that serve no other reason than to be 'fashionable.' On her feet, she wears long black socks and black dress shoes that have a buckle on top. Clipped to her belt is an iPod, full of all kinds of orchestral videogame music, courtesy of one of her (Aura's, really) 'nerdy' friends. The headphones are the larger type (the headband/earmuff type, not the earbuds) and have a black 'chibi' style wing on each of the speakers.

Personality: Alarune is very competitive and absolutely hates to lose, but she'll never show it, and will congradulate her opponent on a win. However, she's vengeful, so if someone bests her, they should expect to be attacked by tiny, evil plant monsters. When she wins, she'll boast about it, giving her the 'sore winner' impression. Growing up in luxury, she expects people to do what she asks of them, and becomes angry at those who refuse to do as she says. She doesn't, however, believe that money is power, and when someone calls her 'spoiled,' it's yet another thing that sets off her temper. Rune's battle style is influenced by her personallity, as she summons forth creatures to do her bidding instead of directly getting involved.

Rune also has a split personallity (cliche'd, but it's so cliche, no one ever has a split personallity. Oh, sure, it's not likely you'll ever meet a short albino with a split personallity, but hey. It's posssible) which is almost Rune's opposite. While she doesn't look or sound different from Rune, Aura's personallity is much different. She doesn't mind losing at things, and will honestly congradulate opponents. She speaks softer and has a more gentle, kind radiance than Rune. Aura also doesn't mind doing things herself, which is reflected in her battle style. Her attacks are more straight-forward, but she abhors hurting opponents, and instead tries to make them give up.

A trait that both share is the love of nature and music, especially orchestral. Rune tends to play flute, while Aura takes to the acoustic guitar.

Techniques: Rune:
Earth Spirit- Summons either a stone pangolin or a dryad.
Pangolin (http://www.lafargeecosystems.com/lib/tiny_mce/plugins/advimage/storage/Pangolin%20at%20fence.jpg)~very sturdy and durable, but slow. Its scales are hard and have sharp edges, making them a lethal projectile.
Dryad~very fast and strong, but falls apart when it takes the slightest damage, not to mention flames. It is created from surrounding flora, so its appearance changes depending on location, but its general form is that of an elegant, beautiful woman. Possesing human form, it takes Rune's scythe to fight.

Flame Spirit- Summons a living flame, capable of taking many forms, Rune's favorites being a fox, winged serpent, or weasel. Along with the summon, she can use bits of the flame to use as a projectile or vortex.

The downside to these summons (especially Dryad) is that they leave Rune open for attack.

Nature's Vigor- Calls vines, roots, and mud to immobilize opponents, while she calls leaves to cut them. Hating violence, though, she refrains from using the move's second part. Mostly, anyways. Aura can also use this to revive and grow plants.

Nature's Link- Can commune with nature, and calm any natural creature, or can invoke fury within a beast. Aura used this ability to tame Luna and Sol. This ability only gives higher intellect to those creatures who Aura has been with for a long time, as well as increasing their longevity.

Additional Information--

Origin: Coming Soon! Ish!

Background: "

Reason for being at Lancaster: "

Other: Alarune (mostly Aura) have two pet ferrets, who have, thanks to Aura, been given increased longevity, and higher intelligence, which allows them to use logic and reasoning, but they still maintain many of their feral instincts. Their names are Luna and Sol (http://www.freewebs.com/ferretwhisperer/White2020SaltPepper20Ferret.jpg), respectively. (Meaning the white one is Luna, and the other is Sol.) They often ride on Aura's shoulders, with one on each. They don't like Rune as much, as they con't communicate with her, so they stay in Rune's room when she's the one in charge.

December 23rd, 2007, 5:26 PM
Midnight_Dragon, i absolutely LOVED it. you'll be a great addition. Definitely Accepted

December 23rd, 2007, 8:40 PM
Name: Ruroen J. Perrin
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Class: Rune Knight

-Sword of Yurega: A long sword with a slightly-below-average width blade. Ruroen has been using this since he started training at age eight, and his technique is near perfect. The blade is yellow, and there is also a yellow gem in the pommel. It is engraved with several runes.

Elemental Affinity: Lightning

Description: Ruroen is a lightly built, hazel eyed young man with light brown hair. His facial features are soft, making him look slightly childish, despite his age and height, which is around 5' 11". His hair covers the tips of his ears and is slightly messy, despite his efforts to keep it nice and tidy. His eyes are slightly almond shaped. He has slight acne problems from time to time.

Ruroen wears a bronze colored, short sleeved polo, and a pair of black pants. Over his tunic he has a black jacket, which is also short sleeved. His lower arms are covered by black gloves, tightened to his arms by leather straps. He has numerous black belts with bronze buckles on his waist. He also wears a pair of brown boots that go up to his knees. His long sword is constantly stapped to his back, and he keeps a black iPod Classic in his jacket pocket, in addition to his cell phone.

Personality: Ruroen is very multi-sided when it comes to his personality. He is easily angered, despite the fact that he generally has a cheerful demeanor. He also talks a lot, and doesn't like it when people make fun of how childish he looks, or about his acne breakouts. He gets very enthusiatic when he's battling, or doing anything else, for that matter. Occasionally, his normal mood change to anger ends up being to depression, but that's not very often.


Multiple Strike Barrage: Ruroen charges up to his enemy, bombarding him or her with a series of punches, kicks, and sword slashes to the torso.

Thor's Hammer: A ring of lightning appears around Ruroen's opponent, with a giant hammer appearing overhead. The lightning then branches off and shoots towards the hammer, which absorbs the electricity and shoots it at the opponent.

Thor's Tiger: A summoning ring appears around Ruroen, and after fully preparing the technique, an enormous tiger composed of lightning shoots out from Ruroen's chest. This tiger has Ruroen's concious, and is completely controlled by him. This technique is not yet fully developed, and the major downfall of it is the fact that Ruroen's body is left slumped over, with zero protection -- it is therefore possible for an opponent to attack him while vulnerable.

Additional Information: Ruroen grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, with normal parents -- although admittedly, they were kind of... obsessed with animals of various sorts. His friends, however, as well as their parents, knew about Lancaster and were training to get into it. Ruroen isntantly took up training with a long sword, as well as Lightning magic.

Ruroen also has a crazy large addiction to Pizza Rolls and Chocolate, and while at home, constantly ate enormous portions of the aforementioned foods. He also has a liking of penguins, and has several of them at his house as pets.


Done. :]

December 23rd, 2007, 8:51 PM
ThatInsaneKid - I loves it! a Knight AND and Lightning user. This cast is getting quite interesting indeed. One thing... does your character have a last name if so tell it to me in the OOC thread or PM? That aside... you are Accepted

I know of one more person wanting to sign up. As soon as that application is in, unless there are any objections, we can start the RP. Hopefully that will be around tomorrow. :D

Scarlet Weather
December 23rd, 2007, 11:51 PM
"How many times do I have to explain this to you people? When you're fighting a monster, there are only two steps. Step one: Take out one of my weapons. Step two: Blast the thing to Kingdom Come!"


Name: Edgar Hoffenscheister ("The Mechanic/Ed")

Gender: It is the one that is not female.

Class: Ninja/Engineer

Age: 16

Weapon: Edgar doesn't specialize in just one weapon. He is a ninja, after all. Among his various weapons are the following:

-Low Grade Exploding Tags
-Poisoned Shuriken
-Plain ol' shuriken
-Poisoned Katana
-Firepower (BANG! BANG!)
-Smoke Bombs
-Pretty much anything he can poison

Edgar tends to mix and match what weapons he brings with him on a given mission to fit the situation. His pet weapon, however, is a curving golden claw that is strapped to his left arm. Said claw is usually poisoned or otherwise nastily booby-trapped in order to make up for Edgar's lack of pure brawn.

Elemental Affinity: Ice/Wind

Description: Edgar's face is often obscured to the public from the nose down (honestly, he's a ninja, what did you expect?) by a half-face mask which he only drops in order to exhale a breath-type attack at the enemy Otherwise his mask will remain up, allowing only his pale blue eyes and blonde hair to be seen by anyone else. His hair is fairly long, extending to his shoulderblades and only tapering off in terms of length around his bangs. For a ninja, Edgar's clothing is fairly apropos: black skintight cloth that covers his entire body with the exception of his hair and the upper half of his face. Along the back of Edgar's suit is a design he stitched in himself: two wrenches lay criss-crossed in skull-and-crossbones fashion atop a picture of Ed's own face, a method of advertisement for his "weapons shop". His hands are left free of any fabric in order to maximise his throwing accuracy, often a crucial skill. Ed also wears his personal favorite choice in weaponry, a large "claw" along his left arm. The claw consists of three large, golden spikes that resemble elongated cat claws fastened to the top of a metal arm-bracer. Along Edgar's waist his sword-belt is held, complete with a pouch for shuriken, poison, and other tools of the trade as well as any weapons of his own creation that he needs to bring along. His katana, complete with a black lacquered sheath and gold filigree handle, also rests by his side on this same belt. This katana holds two deadly secrets: The handle is hollow and contains a tube filled with poisonous liquid, and also conceals two small throwing knives. Neither knife is large enough to ensure a kill if used on their own, but when coated in poison they become incredibly deadly indeed.

Personality: Edgar is conniving, deceitful, and completely selfish. Everything he does is for personal gain, from attending Lancaster to running the illicit heavy-weapons armory behind the school in his capacity as engineer. He tends to follow the rules only when it suits him to do so, and isn't above sassing the authorities or taunting classmates. In short, he's a total jerk. Of course, those who say this about him probably don't spend a lot of time getting acquainted with the man behind the face-mask. True, Edgar does tend to think of himself before others, but he does have an inkling of selflessness. He won't extend kindness to someone he doesn't know on a personal level, but when someone he knows and cares about deeply is on the line, he will offer help. In addition, he's fairly well-versed in the art of humility, so while he does thumb his nose at the school officials on occasion he makes sure to do so only when they aren't around to see it. What most people interpret as Edgar (Ed to those who know him's) deceitfulness is often an effort on his part to make sure that noboby catches on to the fact that he isn't as physically powerful as most others in the school. Ed has actually developed a bit of an inferiority complex in regards to other students, in fact, but instead of giving vent to it he- in true ninja fashion- conceals it and attempts to make a show of force by acting ten times more confrontational than he would on a normal basis. That isn't to say that Ed is completely unmotivated by a desire for personal gain, rather, he is motivated still more by a desire to appear strong. In Ed's mind, strength is equivalent with one's ability to be self-sufficient, whether in combat or in life. Unsurprisingly, this has led to the development of a "Look out for number one" philosophy.

When asked about Ed's intelligence, most simply shake their heads and look out the window in an attempt to change the subject or simply glare at the questioner until they realises their error and shut up. Any inquiry on this subject when posed to Ed himself will usually result in his referring you to the infirmary to see if you have brain damage. Ed is, by far and away, extremely bright in terms of academic knowledge and mechanical intuition. A true prodigy in the nearly-lost art of alchemic engineering, he is able to craft weapons that mimic modern firearms in terms of destructive power, and even create artificial creatures with their own unique abilities. These automatons usually tend to be more decorative than useful, but Ed does specialize in one breed with a combat-based purpose: tiny, robotic spider containing miniscule explosive charges. When launched, said spiders will swarm an enemy and explode on contact, effectively making them a valuable part of any ninja's arsenal. In order to further his interests of gaining self-sufficiency, Ed has used his talents to set up an illicit weapons shop carrying these and any other weapons he manages to create. This is technically prohibited, as according to school rules students cannot hold part-time jobs, but Ed intentionally broke this code in order to prove to what he perceives as a hostile public that he isn't above breaking the rules to get things done. This has served to alienate a good portion of the student body from him, though his weapons shop does pretty good business, especially with his fellow ninjas.

Ed is often surprised beyond reason when he finds himself caring about another person, and his sense of self-preservation often tells him to snuff such cares out. However, once Ed has established a friendship and has conceded that there is no way to break the ties that now bind him with his friend, he becomes a very nice person to have at your back. As much an analyst as he is an engineer, Ed is extremely calculating in battle, relying on his wits and underhanded tactics to give him an edge against opponents. He prides himself in never making a move that he hasn't reviewed at least three times already, and considers himself an expert in deciphering the weakness of his foes. When Ed discovers a flaw in an enemy's attack pattern or a weakness in their armor, he won't hesitate to exploit it. When Ed's stealth and poison fail to bring an opponent to the ground, however, he is forced to either comission for heavy firepower or rely on the abilities of a classmate to finish the foe off. Of course, he would never admit to needing others to help him- he can't accept any weakness in himself, after all. Unless the situation requires it of him, he won't ask for assitance. As far as assisting another goes, Ed is much more lenient, often switching opponents temporarily in team battles in order to analyze the type of foe his partner is up against before switching back and providing them with a better strategy then the one they were previously implementing.

In addition to the aforementioned traits, Ed is a tad eccentric. He tends to disguise himself regularly, even around those he knows, and when he feels relaxed he tends to come out of his shell, so to speak, and reveals a more comical and fun-loving side that he would never show to anyone he wouldn't trust with his life.


North Wind Blast: Ed inhales and releases a breath of air from his mouth powerful enough to unbalance a foe. Against extremely heavy opponents, this attack tends to do absolutely nothing. This attack can also be implemented in a much deadlier fashion if Ed utilizes a poisonous powder concealed in the form of small tablets tucked into his weapons pouch. By crushing a tablet and exhaling, Ed can fill the air with poisonous dust which, when inhaled, will slowly begin to dull the motor skills and reflexes of his opponent, rendering them immobile or sluggish in their responses. In an enclosed area, inhaling enough of the poison could cause death. Outside, however, this attack loses much of its effectiveness since the powder is likely to be carried away by a breeze. Ed himself is immune to the poison's effects due to a filter in his face mask which prevents him from breathing the attack in himself. Without the mask, this move becomes a two-edged sword. Ed can also utilize a liquid form of the poison and coat his weapons with it, which are then used to cut the opponent. This rarely results in death, but even a small cut can interfere with the ability to properly control Life Energy if left untreated long enough.

Invisible Wall: Ed freezes water vapor in the air to create a wall of ice. While not particularly strong, the wall is completely invisible to the naked eye and adds a new dimension to the terrain that only Ed can take full advantage of.

Ninja Art of Disguise: Ed uses his life energy to change the way that the air around his body reflects light energy, effectively creating an illusion that serves as a disguise. By using this technique, he can look like somebody completely different (though he has not physically changed). He can also change the way that air is forced through his vocal cords to alter his voice.

No Mercy: Ed's only finishing move. He traps the target somehow and weakens them with poison before delivering a lightning-fast blow with either his katana or his claws, effectively rendering the target deceased. Against bulkier monsters or human opponents with thick armor this tactic is usually useless, but the entrapment is usually enough to ensure their death: all Ed has to do is whistle for a temporary ally- that is, if he can let go of his pride and fear of others long enough to do so...

On Ed's Machines: Ed's engineering skills stem from his great-grandfather, one of the few who still used their life energy in a form known as Alchemy, which relied on creating machines and weapons from ore in order to protect themselves. His teachings were passed on to Ed in the form of a diary containing schematics for the production of said weapons, which Ed found in his attic inside his parents's cozy little Irish cottage. Ed immediately took interest in the book, finding its promises for the potential uses of his life energy, which he had only recently discovered, far more interesting than those of his parents (a pair of snipers). When enrolling at Lancaster, Ed discovered that he would be unable to use his powers effectively at the time due to a shortage of the proper materials needed to alchemically synthesize and construct a proper weapon. In order to fill in the gap, he instead enrolled as a ninja, learning the basics from an uncle and studying martial arts in order to increase his ability to fight. It was only after he entered Lancaster that he learned how powerful the other classes were in comparison to that of the ninja, and felt threatened. Staying true to the teachings of his mentor, he hid his feelings behind a mask of indifference and proceeded to set up his weapons shop in hopes that he would earn enough money from it to build his first heavy-firepower weapon and become a full-fledged engineer. As of right now, he is restricted to mostly rudimentary explosives and automatons. As Ed gains access to better materials, he will presumably be able to construct more powerful (and longer-lasting) weapons.

There, that good? *smirketh*

December 24th, 2007, 12:09 AM
ACC-M = The definition of an amazing sign up as expected haha. loved everything about it, definitely Accepted

Unless anyone has any objections, i'm going to be starting the RP

OOC: The school year will begin with all of the students gathering in the Battle Colosseum in the middle of campus. Please have your character pick up their course schedules outside the Colosseum before entering.


The air was brisk. The sunlight bathed the landscape in a beautiful warming glow while the wind blew gently across the hilly terrain. The Lancaster School of Battle stands alone among the rolling green hills of England. The Campus itself is surrounded entirely by large fields of open grass which are further enclosed by a lush, thick green forest to ensure the school's seclusion. Lancaster's many older large brick buildings seemed especially awe inspiring as they stood brilliantly in the sunlight. Sidewalks run intertwined through the middle of the buildings, trimmed with the occasional park bench for resting and socializing. The dormitories lay on the far sides of the campus. The girls being on the East side of campus and the boys on the West. All of the buildings and sidewalks point inward towards the center of campus where the center of attention is located. The Grand Colosseum. A large roman style Colosseum with seating reaching high to the Colosseum's edges. The large arena in the center is lowered below ground level, enabling onlookers to look down at exciting battles with no fear of collateral damage. As a test of endurance and strength, the students must brave the perils of the 3 day journey through Lancaster Forest. And Thus the story begins...

The sun peeked dimly through the trees, the few rays of sunlight that pierced the forest canopy beamed straight to the forest floor. Fen lay asleep against a tree, holding his massive bow across his chest. The sunlight shined obnoxiously into his face. He groaned and squinted into the canopy, aggravated at being woken up. It was the 3rd day of his journey... he would be at Lancaster very soon.

"Looks like its almost afternoon... i over slept." Fen said out loud to himself as he stood up, brushing off his clothes. He strapped his massive bow, Angel's Song, onto his back and secured his arrow quiver. He looked into the canopy again and using his great agility, leaped high into the tree branches, then immediately began leaping fast through the trees towards his destination, the Lancaster campus.

Hours passed of moving through the trees and he finally broke free of the forest's stuffy grip it seemed to have on him. Fen hated trees... and being surrounded by them. There was no clear shot to be had with so many trees blocking the path.

Having left the trees, Fen was sprinting full speed now. All that stood between him and campus was the large field that marked the line between the forest and the campus. At last, he had arrived... Lancaster. Fen looked over the beautiful campus with hope in his eyes. He looked around as he sprinted, other fighters were emerging from the forest in every direction, all having made their journey through Lancaster Forest. Fen's gaze returned forward, he was finally near campus. He slowed down as he approach and took a slow walking step onto the pavement. Fen inhaled deeply, he was finally here.

Fen walked around the campus, exploring and seeing what he could. He observed the students that walked around him. He seemed to be getting many stares and giggles in particular. Some students walked by pointing and whispering excitedly then he finally heard it.

"Wow... look at the size of that bow... its so big! taller than he is!" A girl exclaimed to her friend.

"Ya! and the shape! its like a pair of wings!" her friend replied.

So that was it... they weren't interested in him... it was the bow.

"Psh...think they'd never seen a Sniper before..." Fen scoffed under his breath... quite disappointed the girls weren't giddy over his looks. He almost wished he could hide the bow under his shirt... but that was quite impossible in every single way.

Fen finally arrived at the gates of the Grand Colosseum. The building towered over everything and had many small kiosks around the outside. Fen approached one of the Kiosks and looked into it. A red beam of light instantly shined out of it and ran across his face and retreated. Fen's face appeared on the screen along with his name and various stats about his fighting style. The machine then spoke to him in a mechanical female voice.

"Fenra Kurai. Age 17. Long Range Sniper. First Year Student."

"What the..." Fen said to himself but was cut off by the sound of printing paper. He reached down and tore it from the machine. "Hm... this must be my schedule" Fen said as he read slowing.

Advanced Marksmanship 121
Elemental Control 101
Basic Close Combat 95

Fen read down the list and sighed having expected to be in "Basic Close Combat". He absolutely despised being close to his enemies. But the schedule over all looked how he expected it to.

"Bleh... Beginner's Close Combat... this is gonna suck... but i guess I needed to learn to fight hand to hand soon anyway... I just kind of swing the blade on my bow around when something gets too close..." Fen said low to himself.

He sighed again audibly and looked back up at the huge Grand Colosseum. He shrugged and adjusted his bow on his back, then walked inside to grab his seat.

December 24th, 2007, 8:03 AM
((Went ahead and edited Ruroen's last name into the profile. And sorry about that -- I pretty much stole his profile from another RP I used him in, and last name's were pretty much moot there. :\))

Ruroen leapt into the air excitedly, having finally been out of the forest. Mind you, this wasn't his first time -- he had already completed his freshman year. But the forest gave him the creeps, so he was happy to get out. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his iPod, shoved the earbuds into his ears, and turned it on, singing along with the song that was currently playing.

"No one's gonna take me alive... Time has come to make things right," the young man sung quietly as he walked to the gates of the Grand Colosseum. "You and I will fight for our right... You and I will fight to survive..."

"Ruroen J. Perrin. Rune Knight. Second Year Student."

Ruroen momentarily stopped his air guitar-ing to the guitar solo going on within his ears and picked up his schedule. Shrugging, he folded it up and stuffed it into his pocket, and headed inside the Grand Colosseum, resuming his air-guitaring.

Let's see... I had Advanced Close Combat 130... That'll be good. Lightning Control 170. That should be good, too. And then... Basic Defense 101? Dangit. That's going to suck majorly. I HATE defense.

Ruroen sat down, frowning slightly. The whole "Basic Defense" thing kind of put a damper on his day. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his iPod, thinking of a song that would get him pumped up and excited again.

"Through the Fire and Flames"... I approve. Dragonforce for the win.

The young man switched the song and started air-guitaring again, although with an added headbang this time.

December 24th, 2007, 9:20 AM
It was the third day of Brad’s journey. He walked at a fast pace, earphones in his ears, Apocalypse in his hand, as he trekked through the forest. The tall tress and verdant leaves blocked much sunlight, but Brad still saw through the trees.
“Hmm… this three day trex isn’t all bad. The animals have left me alone, and I must have taken a trodden path- there are no thorns or anything of the like.” Brad though to himself. In his head, he heard “Stayin Alive” by the Bee Gees. An old classic, but still appealing to Brad. The air was brisk and blowing in Brad’s “neck” of the woods- he enjoyed it, as he liked cold temperatures. The forest started to thin- the vegetation grew sparser, and the sun started to shine brightly. Brad then saw the magnificent campus- the brick buildings, the students strolling along, the gigantic Colosseum.
“Looks nice. Well, this should be fun…” Brad again thought. He had reached the Colosseum, and he meandered to the kiosk. A machine flashed a red light over him, and it showed an image of him, and his fighting style. Then, a mechanical female voice announced in monotone:
“Brad Matthews, Paladin, First Year Student.”

A paper printed from the odd machine- It was his course schedule.

Advanced Paladin Arts 222- Like Swordmanship, but more specific and advanced.
Advanced Dark Magic 666 ( OOC:Its in a special room, not by college system, just for the whole "number of beast" reference)
Advanced Tactics 000 (same with this room...)

(OOC: If the special rooms are ad, I'll change them.)

“Hmm… 000? Strange. And 666 is a specail room, as I heard from Dad. Guess they picked it for the whole "number of the beast" reference. Good thing I’m in advanced classes…” Brad said to himself quietly. Seeing as nothing would be going on for a while, he walked around campus, taking in the sights and sounds of the school. As he walked, other passers-by commented upon his appearance.
“Whoa… that is a nice sword…” said one girl in awe.
“He ain’t too bad looking himself,” her companion giggled.
“Ah… I have admirers. Oh well. I really don’t care that much. I have no interest in love.” Brad thought quickly.
The buildings, in a Victorian fashion, looked regal and grand. Large, brick buildings, with marble colmuns. They were tall, majestic, and seemed to emanate an aura of respect to Brad. He decided to go back to the Colosseum. He walked in to the stadium. It was Roman style- a lot of rows, going up to the top edge, and separated from the fight so no one could be caught in the crossfire. He found his seat in the 1st year section, and he sat. dwon. The stadium was near empty- he was one of the frist out. A few seats over on the first row he saw someone with a huge bow- it looked like angelic wings.
“A sniper…” Brad thought. He sat down, and turned on his dormant iPhone. He turned on, and listened to “The Sound of Silence”. It would be a while before anything important happened…

December 24th, 2007, 9:37 AM
Thud. Thud. Thud.

Several students looked towards the forest, where the noise was coming from, and getting slowly louder.

Thud Thud THUD

Now almost shaking the ground, as well as speeding up, the source of the sound came bursting through the trees. Atop a giant stone beast was Alarune W. Sephalis, shouting various cries of victory against the forest. She jumped off the pangolin's neck, and dismissed it, having it meld into the ground.

Rune looked around, and saw many people staring right at her. "Hey!" she shouted. "Mind your own buisness!" Looking out from Rune's provision bag, Sol and Luna simply sighed. (Well, as much as ferrets can sigh, anyways.)

Continuing along, her pigtails catching the breeze, Rune saw other students walking away from a stand carrying papers. She walked over there, and heard a metallic voice say,

"Alarune W. Sephalis, Witch. 1st Year student."

She grabbed her schedule, silently seething over the fact that the computer didn't have enough respect to call her 'Mage.'

Advanced Elemental Control... That suits me just fine! She continued down the list, seeing Basic Defense and Basic Close Combat. Basic? Basic!? Rune, furious, turned around and took out her anger on the first person she saw by levitating a small stone forcefully into the back of their head. They didn't seem to notice too much, as they were caught up with their headbanging.

Suddenly, the rage from Rune's face disappeared and was replaced with worry, and at the same time, Sol and Luna climbed out of the backpack and onto Alarune's shoulders. "I'm so sorry..." she said very quietly.

December 24th, 2007, 10:04 AM
Ruroen stopped. Sure, his music was loud, and sure, his hair was currently flying around as a result of his headbanging, but he wasn't being horribly disruptive. He pressed pause on his iPod and looked in Alarune's direction with a very large frown. "You better watch it, little Freshman!" he shouted at her, brow furrowed. He suddenly stopped as her facial expression changed. "Err... Sorry!" he shouted again. "I didn't mean it!"

December 24th, 2007, 10:18 AM
"Oh, I'm so sorry Rune did that. She gets angry very easily... I always tell her she should have a better grip on her anger, but she just gets angrier..." Aura said, her hands clasped in front of her face, and looking off at the ground.

Luna nuzzled Aura's cheek, trying to cheer her up, while Sol chattered something that only Aura could recognize as speech. "Sol said I should tell you why Rune was angry. She was put in Basic Defense and Basic Close Combat, and she has a bit of an ego," Aura relayed, now looking up at the person who Rune had hit. Sol chattered something else. "Also, my name is Aura Sephalis... What is yours? If you don't mind my asking..." she asked, as an attempt at friendship.

December 24th, 2007, 12:35 PM
Brad continued to sit in the stadium, and took out Apocalypse. He was strong enough to wield his sword one hand, but its size was impressive. 3/4 his size, Apocalypse was extremely sharp, and made of enchanted metal. It was pitch black, but also engraved with gold in a flame pattern that took up various small parts of the sword. The handle was also bejewled. He put it next to him, and various others started to pour into the stadium. He saw a female Mage, a Rune Knight, and various others. Some of the faculty started pouring in as well, and it was announced that as soon as everyone had gotten through the Forest and to the Colosseum, that the ceremnoy would start. Brad continued to sit, listening to music, Apocalypse next to him. He hoped the ceremonies would start soon- he was getting bored. As his white hair blew in the breeze, he dwelled upon his status so far.
"I'm doing fine, I guess. As an albino, I should have some form of medical weakness, like most albinos, but I've stayed good so far. I have trained myself to be in the top caliber. But I can't shake the suspicion that I'm not as well prepared as I think.

December 24th, 2007, 1:10 PM
"Ruroen J. Perrin," the young Rune Knight replied, beaming at Aura. "I see why she wouldn't like having to take Basic Defense... I've heard it sucks. Majorly," he said. "I'm in that class too. Although it's fitting... I'm more of an offense person, and I wear absolutely no armor in battle." Ruroen took the earbuds out of his ears and wrapped them around his iPod, which he stuck in his jacket pocket.

"And now, I'm going to guess that you have a split personality," Ruroen said. "And you're Aura while the other one is Rune?"

December 24th, 2007, 4:07 PM
'Oh man....' Hikaru thought as she stopped running for a few moments to realize she had no clue where she was going. She cursed herself and then sat down on the soft grass trying to think where the right direction would be. It's not that she didn't have a good sense of direction, no, that wasn't it. Hikaru's laziness had made her take many breaks throughout her 3 day journey and she often started walking after 3 minutes of running. Plus that iPod. Oh that iPod. She had gotten so carried away in the music that she forgot where she was going and started walking in random directions. The way HIkaru figured, she was fast enough to travel a good distance before she had to stop. And that wasn't exactly false either, she was very fast, but going in the wrong direction probably took her majorly off course. Sitting back up Hikaru jumped to her feet, finally realizing where she was supposed to go and was extremely elated at the fact that it wasn't very far away.

"Finally!" She exclaimed giving up walking and started jumping through the trees. The bow and arrows on her back were getting heavy and she hated all this running she had to do. Hikaru knew the sun would be out that day so she chose to bring sunglasses so it wouldn't irritate her as much as it normally did. Past the treetops of the 'Head burning, itchy, insect infested death trap' as Hikaru called it, was a tall building that she couldn't quite make out but knew that if it was a building then she must've been at her destination. As she flew out of the forest at top speed she noticed how many other people had been flying out of the forest and nearly hit one of them! She winced as her foot hit the ground in an awkward position but shook it off once she felt the relief of actually getting to where she was going. It had taken longer than she had expected. Walking towards the giant colleseum, she decided to inspect closer but stopped when she heard a mechanical voice call out some very familier information.

" Hikaru Takashi, Crossbow Sniper, First Year Student."

HIkaru turned her head towards the machine and cocked an eye brow at it receiving only a piece of paper in response.

"Huh, I guess it's my schedule." she said shoving the paper in her pocket and continuing onwards.

'Advanced Close Combat
Elemental Control 101
Marksmanship 121.'

She made a mental note to remember that as she went on her way to the stadium plugging her iPod back in her ears.

December 24th, 2007, 4:48 PM
Fen entered the Colosseum casually, when he had entered, not many people had arrived yet. He picked a free seat at his leisure near the front, over-seeing the battle arena. He walked calmly to a seat and placed his large bow in the seat next to him.

"This freakin thing... why do you have to be so big, Angel's Song? What if a cute girl wanted this seat... i have to tell her no, my gigantic Bow needs space" Fen said to his weapon as if it would talk back. He sat back in his seat and propped his feet up on the railing in front of him. The clouds gently floated by over head, temporarily blocking the sun then letting it show itself again. Fen heard footsteps in the seats above him, he glanced over his shoulder to see a gigantic beast of a kid, with pale skin, and a fierce looking sword. He immediately returned his gaze to the sky, trying not to stare at the obviously noticeable massive kid behind him.

"What the heck did his parents feed him? Spinach soaked in steroids? Jesus Christ...." Fen thought to himself. He looked down at his bow which was shining in the sunlight and intruding into the space of the seat behind him.

"I guess i better just hold you myself..." Fen said to his bow. He lifted it and held it straight up, showing its true size, easily reaching about 6 feet tall. The angel wing design seemed to parade itself as Fen ran his hand gently across the thick frame. He pulled a rag from one of his pants pockets and began to shine the bow so it glistened in the sun. As usual, Fen was quite proud of his bow and all it stood for, he fished in his pocket once more and pulled out a case of resin and began rubbing the thick cord that fired his massive arrows. He wanted his bow to look its best and work its best, at all times. No amount of care would be too great for a bow his father risked his life to make for him. The body of the bow... made from the feathers of a Grand Dragon, fought long ago in the Himalayas, and the bow itself strung with the whiskers of the very same dragon. Absolute power and beauty. Fen placed the rag and resin back inside his pocket, now satisfied at the newly polished, clean bow which now almost reflected sunlight off its beauty. A loud speaker, audible throughout the whole campus, cut into Fen's thoughts of admiration on his bow.

"The opening ceremonies will begin in 15 minutes. Would all students please promptly report to the Colosseum and be seated. I repeat, Would all the students please report to the Colosseum within 15 minutes. Thank You"

The loudspeaker cut off and the sound still echoed a bit through the Colosseum. This seemed to be a cue, as students began flocking in by the masses. Fen continued to hold his bow straight up by his side. Maybe no one would want to sit next to him since his bow was so massive and attention grabbing. Then he would have a seat to set it in. He could only hope and pray this would be the case. More and more students piled into the Colosseum, the ceremonies were about to begin.

December 24th, 2007, 6:37 PM
Brad was oblivious to the gazes of others at him: he looked like a giant, and he looked fearsome. After 3 years of constant training his body and mind, he had incredible muscles for his size- they bulged at his abdomen, but the length of his limbs made them look more graceful than his exposed abdomen. His blood red eyes also helped- they looked demonic- a sinister slit shape, and a red color. His hair blew in the breeze. It was snow white, and blew peacefully in the wind. His attire was also a bit fearsome. He had a jacket made of red dragon leather from his native Hawaii, with the fangs lining the collar, the pentagram on the dragons forehead upon his back, and his sword- Apocalypse. Brad admired it. It was made of an unknown black metal, with a flame pattern of gold and diamonds. it had helped him kill the dragon for the jacket just a few months before. It was infinitely sharp- it could cut through diamonds effortlessly, and it had an ancient look. It was a mix of Western and Eastern design- Eastern designs, but the same wide shape of the Western style. Brad knew it was from before AD- it was that old. He loved his chosen weapon- it made him look intimidating, which made people ignore him, which kept him alone. He resheathed it, and closed his eyes. "I Am A Rock" was playing on his iPhone. He relaxed, and slowly bided by the time, the 15 minutes until the ceremony started.

Electric Hero
December 25th, 2007, 1:39 AM
I hope it is still okay to enter this RP, which I found very interesting (interesting enough for me to return to RPs after a short break o_O). I'd also like to say that I loved your plot (hmm, seems unnecessary to say it, for I'm already here, hooked by it). I also noticed that there's still a chance for one to be accepted to have two teams of four people... but me being accepted is not up to me, so I post my sign-up form:

Name: Max Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Class: Knight
Primary Weapon: His trustworthy sword of blue handle and silver blade. Still not named, it has proven to be a bit sharper than an average katana, but he currently put a protective layer of plastic over it, so not to damage anything when sparring (but the layer can be put away). It is a bit longer than a normal sword, for it cannot be a longsword since then it would be really hard to unsheath it if it is on his back. The blade is not flat; actually, if you see the sword with the "V" tip aiming at you, you can see that it looks a bit like a flat rhombus; therefore, if an enemy gets hit with the "flat" side, there are still chances the opponent will get cut. The handle has a pair of modern-looking wings at the sides of the blade, and it goes down until a silver pyramid aims downwards (if the sword is held so the tip points to the sky/ceiling). The sword is in a blue sheath with silver, decorating lines.

He also carries a shield, made of the finest steel. It looks like a triangle, with one of the vertexes pointing to the ground. With the top two vertexes, they go a bit upward, then fall, creating somewhat the picture of a round arrowhead. In the middle of the top line joining the top two vertexes, there is a small pointy shape aiming upwards. The edge of the shield is actually two pieces of a model made of steel that hold the "inner shield" tight. The inner shield is colored an electric blue, and shows some perfectly painted silver lines that harmonize with a zig-zag line in the middle, apparently going down (which represents a lightning) with a pair of wings. The shield has two semi-circle bars so one holds the arm in place, and the other is grabbed by the hand. It also has a small hole, and a strap with a little ball at the end that secures the shield in place when is on the back.
He is still thinking of the names he will give to both his sword and shield that he carries on his back.

Elemental Affinity: Lightning

Description: A weird black hair apparently coming from an anime covers his forehead and may get on his electric blue eyes from time to time; it's all kinda messy and a bit spiky, and he preferred length over volume. His face is quite handsome but has never been praised. He is around 5'8 tall and weighs about 137 pounds. He wears black running shoes with dark grey jeans above them, covering half of them. Wears a long-sleeved blue shirt under a thin, black vest. He also loves his black (also thin) long coat that he wears over the vest and shirt. A pair of blue, fingerless gloves with silver decorative lines cover his hands, and are used mainly for protection since he got bad injuries in his childhood and left a few scars. He holds his sword and shield on his back thanks to a large, black strap tied to the sword's shield. Since Max uses his sword and shield like being right-handed, the sword is positioned to be drawn by the right hand. Max also has a cellphone in an inner pocket of his long coat; the cellphone can also play music and Max listens to music from time to time. One of the not-so-seen objects Max has, is a pair of blue-hued goggles, which are not so big, but protect perfectly his eyes; dark grey plastic holds the lens of the goggles, which look a darker blue in the shade, and a brighter blue if lit; and a worn-out clothe, which once belonged to person dear to Max. The last items are in the inner pockets of his long coat.

Personality: Max is quite a weird guy. He is mainly a romantic, lonely, person, but is a living contradiction for he also is an ENTP (Extroverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving), meaning he takes almost everything form his environment, and makes adequate decisions for a desired objective in mind in a second; most decisions are not based on feeling, but in efficiency. He is shy with strangers at first, but is friendly once you get to know him. He tries to please his friends and will do whatever he can to protect them. He also is a bit of a philosopher, and sometimes can be found alone in many places staring at space, but he's actually thinking deeply about a topic. He also fears the strongest side of his abilities, having committed a terrible thing in his past using the most powerful of his techniques. He doesn't like to talk about it, and may have a mood swing if the topic comes out.

Techniques: His affinity to lightning and electricity makes a very interesting arrange of powers for now, important to him, and in combat (downfalls are below techniques) :

Body Enhancement - Is much of an automatic defense system that kicks in when he focuses and wishes to use it, or is in a critical situation. It mainly consists of taking advantage of the biologic effects the electricity in his body causes. It speeds up cell processes and stimulates almost all kinds of cells in his body (which allows him to heal wounds in a fast way and having a bit more of strength, agility, reflexes, etc). He can also focus to attract metal objects at him, or making them go away by acting like a somewhat humanoid magnet.

Electric Beam - This technique is a simple act of delivering a strong current of electricity at a target. It can be charged to deliver a more powerful attack and increase its range and accuracy, or if Max tries hard enough, concentrate energy in a ball of electricity to make a big powerful sphere of electric energy, or also fire many small spheres (though, last methods are rarely used). A lesser form of this technique is creating a small sphere of electricity in a hand, and only use it to light a dark path.

Lightning Sword - This is the second most powerful technique. It is basically creating a sword-like shape of electricity growing from the wrist, and its length varies depending on the amount of electricity Max desires to use (the longest Lightning Sword was about 3 feet, but remember it starts on the wrist). It works letting an electric current out of the body on a side of the wrist (the left if it used in the right hand, and the right side of the wrist if used in the left hand), create the sword shape, and letting the electricity into the body through the other side of the wrist; thus, creating "a sword of electricity". This makes electricity go wild around the arm, so touching the arm of the hand using the technique can be dangerous to anyone else. A lesser form is using his real sword; just letting electricity shock the sword so it is electrified. Is kinda rare to see Max use a Lightning Sword, and if he ever uses the technique, he will surely use a small amount of electricity, but enough to shock the target a bit, and make it think it was cut by a knife.

The problem with all the techniques is that they need the electricity that is in the body of Max. His body works like a battery, containing large amounts of electricity, releasing it each time he uses a technique. In some cases (like in the Lightning Sword or Body Enhancement) the electricity will go back into the body, but as all systems in this world, a part of the energy used for something is lost in the process (meaning that some energy in a Lightning Sword for example, will be lost in the form of sound, light, etc.).

Max does not control his abilities perfectly, so he will use less amount of the electricity he holds (like maybe at 40% left of the electricity he holds, he may think he needs a "refill"), and won't use correctly the electricity he needs to do a technique (as in releasing more electricity that only will create more light, or sound louder, etc). When Max feels he doesn't have much electricity left, he will have to recharge (yes, like a rechargeable battery) by "stealing" the electricity used in a house, or cables, etc. Or maybe getting shocked in a lightning storm.

Additional Information: Max was born in Mexico, and is half-Mexican and half-British (his father being mexican and his mother being british). He had to move to England due to his father's business. Since he had troubles with his abilities, he is now trying to enter Lancaster: School for Battle. His sword and shield are a family heirloom, representing the prowess of the lightning and the persons that bear the affinity to electricity. Since a child, Max has practiced swordsmanship, and does very well with a sword. He is also very athletic and started training his body after deciding to be as "cool" as the people in a circus. He is quite muscular and agile. He got his affinity to lightning due to his father, who was a Samurai. His mother was a sniper with affinity to ice, and she could use techniques to control water too. Max thinks he can discover techniques with water (increasing his chances of winning in a battle, since water conducts electricity), since he believes he also has some affinity to ice thanks to his mother, but finding it will be hard since he has focused in his lightning abilities. He is also ambidextrous, but has preferred using his right hand for his sword, but he can also wield it with his left hand.

December 25th, 2007, 9:55 AM
Max_Hunter - Flattery will get you everywhere haha. I liked your app, you might want to save one of your techniques to learn during the school year but thats up to you. All you need to do is write your introduction and make your way to the Colosseum and pick up your schedule as you'll see everyone else has done. Needless to say you're Accepted

Scarlet Weather
December 25th, 2007, 11:15 AM
OOC: Yeah, I feel the need to comment here on the fact that everyone seems to be writing extremely short posts. If you're barely striking the four-line minimum, it makes it really hard for those of us who go for longer posts to catch up and interact with your characters, especially when we can't always be engaged in the RP. So just as a favor, please make your posts a bit longer than four lines? Pretty please? With that said, I can now make my opening post. :3 Oh, and Ed has already received his class schedule and will reach the colloseum just as the ceremony begins, for information of other RPers.

"You are calm and assertive," the soothing female voice stated.

"I am calm and assertive," the ninja repeated as he gripped the branch he was hanging from with one hand while holding his earphones to his head with the other.

"You are a go-getter."

"I am a go-getter," he repeated, as the motivational tape continued to play.

"You are a skilled metalworker."

"I am a skilled-" The ninja stopped short before realizing that someone had switched his motivational tape with a re-recorded version. The ninja released his grip on the branch and somersaulted to the ground before immediately jabbing his finger into the button marked "stop" on the tiny portable tape player he held. He wasn't fool enough to make a complete display of his frustration, he would leave that to the others who hadn't completely mastered their emotions. He would be an island of calm, an assertive, powerful member of society! He would not allow this minor setback to unhinge his calm! No, Edgar knew he was better than that. He could overcome these momentary doubts and frustrations to rise above his classmate, despite the world set against him. He would triumph first as a ninja, then as an engineer, and bring back the prestige lost to the class of his grandfather. He gripped the tape player tightly as his knuckles slowly turned white. He was not about to let anyone else know of his dissapointment, no. He could not show any sign of weakness. Only one who ruled himself and proved himself independent of all others was strong! He would show his strength! He would not be offended! He would-

Edgar groaned. Who was he kidding? He was frustrated and his feeble attempts at bottling up his emotions were increasingly becoming less effective. He wanted to be as assertive and calm as his self-help tapes told him that he was, but this did not change the sad fact that he was still just a kid playacting as he tried to convince the outside world that he wasn't someone you could mess with. He was weak, and that was the sad truth. Already he felt the pangs of loneliness and homesickness, and he hadn't even been at Lancaster for long. He couldn't even take solace in his ability to outperform his classmates in combat due to his chosen class's inability to win a battle with direct confrontation. If he were a Rune Knight or a Wizard, perhaps, he could have made up for his dependence on human companionship with strength that easily overcame all opponents. As a ninja, however, he would have to fight from the shadows, completely incapable of unleashing the devastating techniques used by others. Angry, he kicked the dirt below his feet. Not only was his life going downhill rapidly, but this place didn't even have a decent Hurling team, which precluded his enjoying the one sport he was drawn to.

"The opening ceremonies will begin in 15 minutes. Would all students please promptly report to the Colosseum and be seated. I repeat, Would all the students please report to the Colosseum within 15 minutes. Thank You"

Ed straightened up abruptly, realizing the voice's implications. He had to race for the stadium, and fast! Dropping any trace of his former emotions, the ninja leaped into the trees above his head and raced to the colloseum, hoping he'd arrive in time...

December 25th, 2007, 12:55 PM
OOC: Thanks for pointing that out, ACC-M, i meant to say something about that earlier. on a side note, i'll be posting full Faculty profiles in the opening thread as they are introduced for reference.

Fen sat with one leg crossed over the other, tapping his foot up and down restlessly. The Colosseum was nearly full now and his earlier suspicions remained true. Due to the sheer awkward size of his bow, no one had wanted to sit next to him. This was the ideal situation. He placed the bow back in its original seat next to him, assured that no one needed the chair. Although he was happy no one appeared to want the seats next to him, this did not side the fact that he had been waiting roughly 25 minutes in the stadium now and was growing impatient. He pulled out his slider phone and slid it open quickly, checking the time.

"Hm... I guess this thing should get rolling pretty soon then..." Fen said out loud to himself then was suddenly cut off by a great deal of commotion in the center of the Colosseum. There were lightning strikes, fire balls, waves of water, icicles, and small whirlwinds all over the the center of the Colosseum's battle arena.

"An attack? who would dare...." Fen said to himself.

The whole first year section was tense, watching the chaos in the arena in front of them. Fen wasted no time in reaching for Angel's Song and stylishly pulling out an arrow and keeping it at ready. Fen was going to be ready for anything that came his way. His eyes narrowed, watching for any movement among the flurry of spells. It seemed the other first year students around him had followed suit and were all prepared to battle the threat so suddenly placed before them. Fen loaded his bow and pulled the string back. The bow made a small creaking noise as it pulled taut. Fen shut his left eye and shut off all senses except he sight and hearing. Pure concentration.

The dust and madness of the Colosseum battle arena cleared, showing massive creatures, easily standing 20 feet tall. Fen wasted no time. A monster intruding campus? what nerve.

"Sing. Angel's Song" Fen said calmly. He released the arrow which was accompanied by a massive *boom* from the bow. The thunderous echo from the bow seemed to be a cue for the other first years to unleash an onslaught of techniques. The attacks all stop in their tracks and disperse. Confusion among the first years was apparent, but instantly cleared when laughter could be heard among the rest of the colosseum. A booming voice echoed over the rest of the voices.

"HAHAHAHA that trick works with every new group of students!" The voice bellowed over everything. The monsters instantly vanished like a mirage to reveal no more than a group of people in the center of the arena.

"Illusionary magic...And all our attacks... were so easily negated..." Fen said to himself, embarrassed as he returned to his seat.

"Welcome! Welcome! First years! To Lancaster. We hope to make this a great year for you all. Please excuse our sense of humor but that is a wondrous gag that seems to be a hit every year. I am the Dean of this fine school. My name is not important, you will all just address me as 'Dean'. If you have a problem with that... well too bad." The Dean said loudly, finally exposing himself to be a slim older man, appearing to be around age 70. His hair had grayed and he wore a simple black tuxedo with bow tie, and leaned most of his weight on a thin black cane in front of him. He did not look very powerful, yet his presence seemed to demand respect.

"Behind me, is your faculty. Each of these teachers is highly skilled at their arts and will not take any lip from any of you. Their teaching methods are their own business and I will not interfere. If at any moment you feel they are too hard on you... too bad. This is a school for battle. Your opponents will not go easy on you, so neither will your teachers. If you are questioning their strength, the attacks that were just deflected were all stopped by one woman. The faculty will introduce themselves on a personal level tomorrow during your classes. That being said, have fun this year! Make our school proud and become as strong as you can be. You will all be dismissed in sections. Please go to your respective dormitories to receive your room assignments. You all have your schedules; Class begins promptly tomorrow! You are all dismissed." The Dean finished his speech, then he and the faculty instantly vanished from the center of the arena without a trace.

Fen sat at a loss for words for a few minutes after the speech was over. "Such power...so the joke isn't only for laughs... its to demonstrate their strength... they're good. The ability to camouflage themselves like that with no signs of imperfection. And have one woman negate attacks and spells from all 6 elements AND physical attacks all at once... thats just frightening..." He thought to himself as he watched the other students file out of the Colosseum

December 25th, 2007, 1:37 PM
Ruroen clutched his side, roaring with laughter. "Haha. Wee gullible kiddies, aren't they?" he said to himself, standing up. The young man subsequently joined a group of his friends as they headed to the dormitories, all laughing at the new students' reaction, despite the fact that they had done just about the same thing when they were in the first year section just last year.


Ruroen leapt onto his bed, yawning as he rolled on to his back. He didn't feel tired, but his body sure was. He started staring at the ceiling, randomly picking out his rather random thoughts. This bed is definitely softer than the one I had last year, he thought absentmindedly. Same goes for the pillows. I like soft pillows. He yawned again, closing his eyes. "Time for nap," he mumbled. A few minutes later, abnormally loud snoring filled the room.

December 25th, 2007, 2:38 PM
Brad woke up as the ceremony was starting. No one was even near him- he was glad about that. Apocalypse sat unsheathed next to him, its black metal gleaming in the sun. However, there was soon a commotion in the center of the Colosseum- fire, ice, wind, water, and lightning swirled and erupted about the center stage. Brad was for a minute alarmed, as the kid with the bow shot an arrow, and everyone else followed suit. Monsters appeared to be in the center- was the faculty really subdued? He then realized, from the calm action of the upperclassmen, that it was a trick, an illusion, and he waited for the commotion to subside. Then, a man bellowed, and there appeared a group of adults- the man being the center. Due to his gray hair, he was obviously an octogenarian. He looked about 70 years old, and wore a black tuxedo, a bowtie, and carried a cane that most of his weight leaned on. He explained that it was an illusion. He welcomed the 1st years. He also explained that the teachers were skilled, and were not to be talked back to. He aslo explained that if they thought a teacher was too hard, that it was just too bad. Brad laughed- he thought the frank expression of this quite humorous. The Dean also explained that the attacks were stopped by one woman. Brad though this to be even funnier- all of that attacks, and nothing happened. He was somewhat humored- he hadn't attacked, so he found it hilarious that the confusion and fear of his peers turned out for naught. The Dean talked a tiny bit more- stuff about making Lancaster proud, having fun, etc. Afterwards, they whole Colosseum filed out- Brad quickly and stealthily went to his dormitory- the one closest to the center, Front East Side. When he got there, he recieved his room assignment- the top suite- room 1993. He went up the spiraling stairs, went into the large room, and gazed at the large windows in the front, and the furniture around him. It was getting dark, and Brad undressed into his underwear, turned the fan up to "FREEZING YOUR ASS OFF", made the fan silent, got into bed, pulled the silken covers over him- and went to sleep. His sleep, however, was filled with odd dreams- some good, some bad. One really struck him, however- it was somewhere in between the two ends of the spectrum.

Brad was in a campus field- he did not know which one- his white hair blowing in a violent wind. There was an opponent, completely darkened by shadows. This opponent wielded a sword, and told Brad in an archaic language to prepare to battle. Brad somehow understood, and suddenly was wearing Chaos, and wielding Apocalypse in his left hand- although he is ambidextrous. His opponent ran at him, and although Brad hacked and slashed and stabbed, his opponent pinned him to the ground, and revealed his face. It was a golden-skinned man, 6'5", with bulging muscles, red hair, and white eyes. He wore a Roman uniform, and his sword was... was... Apocalypse. In his pack, he had Chaos. He cursed at Brad in English- saying Brad wasn't prepared for his skill yet. He did admit that Brad was much younger, less experienced, and hadn't used his blade as long. He then said that Brad wasn't ready, and as Brad wondered about what he wasn't ready for, in his dream, that is, the man decapitated him in cold blood. Brad woke up, sweating. He reached for Apocalypse, put the saword down, and drifted back to sleep. Brad did not know what the man in the dream meant, but he had done a great job of freaking out Brad.

Electric Hero
December 25th, 2007, 4:28 PM
Max was rushing through the forest that day, early in the morning. Running through the dense woods was not exhausting, but rather boring, and annoying. He knew that even it was early, the school would begin any welcoming ceremonies soon. He decided to hurry up, dodging the big trees but cutting any small obstacle in his way. And so it looked he kept doing this for 15 min, half an hour, an hour. But he was wrong, and even ran out of the forest exactly 27 min with 34 seconds since he woke up that day. He stopped when the morning sun's rays smote his face, and he smiled. He bent a little to catch his breath, but quickly stood erect again. He wasn't done catching his breath because a voice that boomed everywhere around him said

"The opening ceremonies will begin in 15 minutes. Would all students please promptly report to the Colosseum and be seated. I repeat, Would all the students please report to the Colosseum within 15 minutes. Thank You"

He sighed, and started to run again. He didn't sheath his sword, nor noticed that the colosseum in the middle of the school was not so far as it looked. Finally, after being near he kiosks that were around the colosseum, he slowed down. He started walking normally, swung his sword a few times, and sheathed it. He passed a few persons. Some girls looked at him and turned away, others kept looking at him, and a few ones smiled. He didn't see the girls very well, his attention was drawn to a boy to his left praising his sword. Max didn't know how to react. He nodded and kept walking forward.

As he was walking by a kiosk, a red light scanned his face and disappeared as quick as it came. Then a mechanical female voice said

"Max Hunter. Knight. Age 17. First Year Student"

Max sighed as the voice stopped and his schedule was brought to him. "I don't need you to say that information, I already know who I am..." he thought reading his schedule. It read

Advanced Close Combat
Elemental Control 101
Advanced Defense

"Interesting" he simply said. He folded the paper and put it in a pocket, then walked in the colosseum. He found a nearby seat and sat down. Two boys caught his attention when he took a look around. One had a gigantic boy with him, and the other was a very tall and muscular albino. He returned his sight to the center of the arena and waited for the ceremonies to begin. It was all quite interesting to him. All kind of spells appeared in the arena, then monsters, and all the first year students started attacking the monsters. "All the first year students... not the rest..." Max said looking at other places, seeing older students not doing anything, but smiling and laughing at the freshmen.

A while later, after all attacks were repelled, an old man talked to the first year students. His weight was supported by a cane, and he was wearing fancy clothes. He was the Dean of Lancaster. He talked to them, explaining things as classes, how hard the teachers would be. Max laughed when the old man said that it was too bad if they didn't like things about the teachers. Max found pretty honest comments very amusing. After everything finished, he was one of the last people to walk out. He passed many persons around the colosseum and in the grounds, talking and laughing. He was alone then. Max walked slowly until he reached his dorm, somewhere high among the dorms and went straight to the bed. He didn't care how his dorm looked, he just put his sword and shield on the floor next to his bed, untied his shoes and slept on his new, comfortable bed, falling asleep in less than a minute.

December 25th, 2007, 9:04 PM
Finally making her way to the colleseum, taking way longer than she needed to, Hikaru was met with a fury of attacks throughout the stadium. She only raised her eyebrow at the giant mess before trying to find an empty seat in the collesuem. She figured she would just duck out of the way if one was sent towards her. All the unecessary movement was too much for her. Especially after a 3 days walk just to get there. Ducking another fire ball attack and behind a row of chairs, Hikaru just nearly missed a large arrow to her head. There seemed to be some laughter going on too, from all the attacks or from her nearly getting hit in the head, she did not know.

'Jeez, must be some kind of big party for all this ruckus. What the heck is going on?'

Her question was answered by the voice of an old man who had just appeared in the center of the stadium along with a few other people. Hikaru furrowed her eyebrows and frowned as they seemed to be laughing too.

"HAHAHAHA that trick works with every new group of students!"

Hikaru's frowned deepened at the mention of hundreds of attacks sent through out the stadium being taken as a joke. It was so annoying. She was sure that half of them were tired and that doing that could've hurt someone. She sat down in an empty seat and laid back in the chair in a very unlady like manner. But it's not like she cared. Hikaru was pretty much half listening to everything the man was saying. The only part she heard was "dormitries" , "class" , and "tomorrow". She assumed that he wanted them to go to their dormitries and that class would be tomorrow, thank god. She was way too tired to actually have class that day. After the short speech evryone started to leave and Hikaru took that signal to leave as well.

Walking through the hallways, she had to admit, there were some pretty interesting students here. Some wizards, witches, a lot of knights she noted, there were ninjas and it was all too much. What had especially caught her eye,though, was a guy walking around with a giant bow. It was 'ginormous' as Hikaru called it and walked past without saying anything but knew she was staring. Arriving at her room, Hikaru flung open the door and then slammed it shut when she got in the room. Not even bothering to take of her clothes or anything she flopped on her bed and then turned on her back. She stared at the ceiling before smiling and turning on her side.

'This is gonna be great.'

December 25th, 2007, 10:14 PM
OOC: I've added a faculty section to the first page. The teachers most of you will have are written in there. For those chars who are taking.... stranger courses. I left you the liberty of creating your own teacher if you wish to involve them in the RP. If not, you just don't have to mention them.

Fen left the Colosseum, the last student after every one had departed. He stood over the arena for a moment, looking at the now vacant area where the strongest fighters he had ever seen since his parents, once stood. The image of the barrier played through his mind. It was so powerful. His mother had taught him about barriers... there were very specific barriers that could block each type of attack better than the others. But this one single spell, blocked over 200 attacks at once. unreal. Fen finally shrugged it off and took his leave of the colosseum.

upon exiting into the sidewalks once again, he could help but notice the multiple stares he was once again getting. This time, it was undeniable that his bow was catching the attention. It was newly polished and nearly reflected the sun. He noticed a few students turning and pointing secretly at him as he walked through the crowd of people.

"Ugh... they're staring at my bow again....*sigh* I don't think this is ever going to stop... especially after the scene I made at the opening ceremonies..." Fen said quietly to himself. "Looks like they all heard you sing, Angel's Song. Now we need to impress them with our real skill." He said to his bow, once again seeming to expect the weapon to talk back to him. One girl in particular seemed quite interested in the bow. A thin girl about his own height... brown hair in a ponytail, and a hoodie. Quite the strange girl...she appeared to be quite nimble, but Fen couldn't see her weapon.

"Hm... just another girl staring at my bow... *Sigh* whatever... I swear this inanimate object could get a girlfriend quicker than i could... " Fen said to himself, frustrated.

Fen walked slowly to the fork in the sidewalk that split into separate directions leading to the boy's dorm and the girl's dorm. Instead of branching off towards the dormitories, he walked straight off the path into the grass. The day was still rather young, although he could see the sun beginning to set. He laid his bow and arrow quiver in the grass next to a tree and sat down, leaning against it. He flipped his phone open, checking the time, then returned it to his pocket. The steady flow of students walked towards him and separated into opposite directions. People watching was ideal for Fen, lots of time to think and reflect on his day. He continued to watch the students walking happily and talking of the events that transpired during the opening ceremonies. Fen finally settled into a comfortable position against the tree and continued watching the students flock by. The steady flow of students combined with the low murmur of conversation seemed almost soothing. Fen watched them pass as he steadily grew more lost in thought. A calm swept his body this quickly pushed the embarrassing thoughts of firing the first shot during the ceremony out of his mind. He looked down to his bow and smiled, then looked to the cloudy sky dreamily.

"So classes start tomorrow...this should be a blast... I wonder if i have a dorm roomate..."

December 26th, 2007, 9:29 AM
OoC: Terribly sorry about the short posts. I've got (almost*) everything that was taking up time out of the way done. *I still have to work on DMing a game of D&D, but that shouldn't detract from my creative focus a bit. :D (Also, if the bottom part of the post won't work, please tell me and it shall be changed. Eth. )

"The opening ceremonies will begin in 15 minutes. Would all students please promptly report to the Colosseum and be seated. I repeat, Would all the students please report to the Colosseum within 15 minutes. Thank You"

Aura was a bit shocked by both the loud announcement and Ruroen's accurate guess. Before she could tell Ruroen that he was correct, he walked off towards the colosseum.

"Yes, yes, I know, Sol. I'll find him later and tell him then. But now we need to go to the colosseum," Aura softly said in response to more of Sol's chattering, scratching his snout as she spoke.

Finding the 1st year's section, she noticed all kinds of unique people, but two that certainly stood out were a green-haired sniper with an enourmous bow, and a hulking beast of a person with an equally intimidating sword. Noticing the pigmentation (or lack thereof) is his skin and hair, she came to the conclusion that he was afflicted by the same condition as she was. Aura, always the one to more outgoing, was trying to find a seat next to the other albino when all manner of chaos erupted from the center of the stadium, startling Aura to the point she nearly fell over. Too dazed to find a seat near the albino, she stayed where she was, and noticed many of the other students ready themselves for battle. Looking around, she saw the upperclassmen stay calm; some even seemed to be laughing. Aura just sat still as well, but when she saw massive beasts rise from the commotion in the center, she was ready to let Rune take over to summon up something fierce. Yet another shock for Aura came when the green-haired person fired his bow, resulting in a loud boom. As other student launched their attacks, the monsters vanished, and the all of the freshmen's attacks (and some from oddball upperclassmen) were negated with a single barrier spell.

At this point, Rune took over, and was awed by the sheer power of the mage who cast the spell. Not being able to see well from so far up, all she could tell was that the mage was female. "Haha! If she can be that powerful, so can I! And after I learn from her, I'll be even better! Ha!" Rune mused under her breath, her thin brows furrowed, her mouth in a grin, and fists clenched and held up near her face. She then resumed sitting normally, her elbows on her legs and her head held up by her hands.

"HAHAHAHA that trick works with every new group of students!" she heard a loud voice shout. The owner of the voice intoduced himself as the Dean, and blah blah blah. Rune was never one to listen to the dronings of old men (or anyone for that matter), however well they may be dressed. Picking out bits and pieces of his speech, she figured out the teachers were powerful and shouldn't be messed with, and that classes started tomorrow. Then he said something about dorms and blah blah blah.

"Mmmm, sleep. But I don't want to have to walk over to the dorms..." Rune whined as she got up and stretched. Luna and Sol climbed back into Rune's pack, waiting for Aura's personallity to surface again. Fortunately, as soon as they climbed into the pack, Aura took control of the body, knowing that Alarune wasn't going anywhere Rune's laziness.

After a while of looking around, Aura found the dorm she'd been assigned. She checked her pack for her key, found it, and after fidling around with the lock, she got the door to open. The first thing Aura noticed was that there was another person in the room lying on their side, who appeared to already be asleep. Terribly embarassed, she quickly checked the room number, key, and just about everything to make sure she was in the right room. Assured that she was in the right room, Aura quitely shut the door, put down her pack, put on her PJs, and climbed into her bed, where Sol and Luna curled up next to Aura, who fell asleep very quickly.

December 26th, 2007, 10:39 AM
The sun rose upon the sleeping earth... and the light woke Brad up. He yawned slightly, and got up and made himself a peppermint/eggnog mocha- one of his favorites. He slowly drank it, and read the news on the Internet on his iPhone. Nothing of importance that he saw.
"Oh well. Guess its just a normal day." Brad thought to himself. He then took off his clothes, and got into the shower. As he turned on the water, he wondered about how his classes would be. However, within a minute, the water was at a hot temperature, and Brad got in. About 10 minutes later, he got out of the shower, got dressed, and realized: it was 3 hours beofre his first class began. He decided to go out and train- it was allowed after all. He went to the forest, and began by training his muscles.

He picked up a huge rock, lay on his back, and proceeded to lift it up continuously. He made extra careful not to drop it- he had nothing protecting his torso, and a boulder of that size, approximately 300 lbs, might crack all of the bones in his upper body. He continued, for about 20 minutes, to lift the boulder, up and down, with one hand- his right. He then switched to his left, and 20 minutes after that, he switched to his legs. After an hour, he cooled off, and began sword training. He unsheathed Apocalypse, and proceeded to wield it with his left hand. he jumped, hacked, and slashed, proceeding to practice all techniques with his sword. Although he already knew the art of the sword to an advanced degree, the Paladin arts required much greater skill, precision, and deadliness. Therefore, he continued to train, and smiled as his brawny form swung the sword, decapitating many a tree. His white hair was soaked in sweat, but it still blew slightly in the occasional wind. By the end of the second hour, many trees had been cut into or decapitated, and he was panting with fatigue. yet he smiled- he was training, and he knew, no matter how long it took him, he would get better. He then started on dark magic, and after an half an hour of using dark magic, he went to his room, cooled off, ate a few donuts for breakfast- he burned way more than he consumed- and went to his classes.

From his dorm, Room 222 was just one building over. It you look at the center of the campus from Brad's dorm, a bit away from the center, the building with rooms 222-240 were right in front of Brad's dorm, and on the east center side. He went into the building, and the first room of the Victorian building was none other than Room 222, or Advanced Paladin Arts- Basic Paladin Arts 3rd period. He had his read jacket on, revealing his abdomen. His sword was at his side, and he had a prepared look in his blood red eyes. His white hair stood stationary. He was first in, and he sat down in the front of the class. It was in the shape of a semicircle, with the fighting arena/stage with a blackboard at the center, and a curving bunch of at least 20 rows surrounding it. Brad observed that on the board, in white chalk, and in neat print handwriting, was his teachers name: Ms. Evangeline McDowell. She, according to the handbook every student got, was the teacher for just the Basic and Advanced Paladin Arts. She then proceeded to walk into the room. She was in her 20's, about 27, Brad assumed. She was about 7', and had flowing golden hair down to her medium sized breasts. She had graceful arms, like a dancer, and a slim, hourglass build. She, at her hips, carried a sheath. On it, the word "Zephyr" was written, and the sheath had a pattern of blue tornados in ornate geometry- she was obviously a Wind Paladin. Although Paladin swords conduct any and all magic, they had a preferred magic that they conducted better than the rest. She wore a black dress, with silver stripes, that covered her torso, her arms up to her elbows, and her legs halfway to the knee, so a quarter length. She sat in her chair, big and made of white leather, behind her ornate, cherry red wooden desk. As the 7 minutes allotted to get to class went by, more people filed in- but not a lot. Brad saw 2 Earth Paladins, 2 Lightning Paladins, 2 Fire Paladins, 2 Ice Paladins, and two water Paladins. Among the class, he was the only Dark Paladin, and there were no Wind Paladins. After the bell rang 3 times, she began to speak in a lyrical, calm voice that comforted the tense students. She spoke Australian English.
"Hello, dear class. I am Ms. Evangeline McDowell. You are to refer to me as "ma'am" or "Ms. McDowell". I am here to teach you the rare arts of our Paladin class. Our class is small- our paths are hard. I shall teach you the ways of your blades, and how to use magic force in your sword techniques. You all have some form of magic class, so spells will not be used here. This class is no cakewalk- you will be worked to the bone. Our powers are incredible, but our path is the hardest- we master magic and swordfighting. If you want to be a Paladin, you must not crack under the pressure! Train outside of class if you can- for all of your classes. I know that only one of you is a first year, so most of you should have already taken Basic Paladin Arts. Today, class, I shall examine your swords, and we shall share our chosen magic type. Then, each one of you shall exhibit your preexisting sword techniques- most of you should have only one or two. Welcome to Advanced Paladin Arts, class."
Ms. McDowell started with the second years by alphabetical order. Of the 5 elements represented by his peers, there was one boy and one girl for Earth, Fire, Ice, Lightning and Water. She examined their swords- she did not say anything. Then, she got to Brad.
"Brad, tell the class what type you are." said Ms. McDowell calmly.
"I am a 1st Year Dark Paladin, ma'am." said Brad in a monotone, obedient voice.
"Wow... a Dark Paladin? And at 1st year! Thats rare in my Advanced Class- last year I had two second year Dark Paladins. Let me see your weapon- is it a sword, or a spear???" asked Ms. McDowell in a curious tone. She really seemed interested. Brad unsheathed his black sword, and gave it to Ms. McDowell.
"This is Apocalypse, my blade. It comes from before AD, and has been in my family for many, many, many generations. It is a dark blade. I don't know what the main metal is, but the flames are made of gold and diamonds." said Brad in a calm tone. Ms. McDowell, after examining Apocalypse and giving it back., remained silent, and went to the front of the class.
"Time to show off your techniques, class. Come on down!!!" said Ms. McDowell in a charismatic voice. Brad barely paid any attention, and none of the etechniques caught his eye. He went down, and showed off Judgement on the steel dummy. The black metal of his blade glowed a blinding white, and after he slashed at the steel dummy in furious speed, it fell into pieces, and the pieces rusted and decayed. Then, the bell rang. After Brad walked out the door, Ms. McDowell wrote: "By jove, this first year is incredible! He will do well for our Paladin class. I am honored to help bring our class of fighters to higher levels through this exemplary young man.

After Brad left, he had Advanced Dark Magic. His teacher there was a cloaked man, who wielded a scythe. Due to his cloak, not much was revealed of him, but he appeared to be a hard-driving, merciless teacher. The class was even smaller thatn Paladin Arts- only 6 other people in his class, and none of them were paladins. His teacher was to be called Mr. Malentus. He learned better control of dark magic in his class, and Brad went to Tactics. there, he studoied the whole period. the class was led by the amiable and kind Ms. Kyugashi. She was a small woman, but was kind. Her clas had 16 students including Brad- it was obvious that he was far apart from most of the campus. Brad then went back to his dorm, ate the cafeteria pizza, which was actually quite good, and went back to study all of his subjects- he was in for quite a school year.

Scarlet Weather
December 26th, 2007, 2:38 PM
Ed was embarassed, but managed to retain his calm... to think that he had been fooled into actually wasting explosives on a practical joke, and one that in retrospect had been glaringly obvious! A twenty-foot-tall monster was not going to just barge onto campus without a few teachers taking care of it. Frustrated, the ninja glanced about quickly to ensure that nobody could see him and proceeded to hammer his fist into the wall, where the three golden claws that crowned his left arm left a deep imprint. He had to admit that the golden claw was probably the best use of the alchemic gold his grandfather had left him, seeing as it was useless for the formation of firearms. At least with the claw he could deal a hit with more power than expected from a ninja by a human opponent, and surprise was always an advantage in combat. It was then that Ed's thoughts were drawn to the barrier set up by the woman who had negated the attacks. No one person could have set up a barrier of that magnitude so quickly, it would require a power that transcended human boundaries to summon that much energy instantly.

Ed's mind was whizzing furiously as he attempted to unravel that attack's mystery while he walked towards his dorm room. Not only was the barrier more powerful than any Ed had ever even heard of a human being using in an instant, but the barrier negated elemental attacks of all varieties. That meant that it couldn't possibly be of one element, it somehow had to incorporate elements of all varieties at once, as well as setting up a physical barrier of some sort to reflect physical attacks. Or did it? Ed didn't know how dark magic was performed, but from the name it was definitely non-elemental in the traditional sense. If a magic were able to call on the abilities of something that was not formed from one of the other elements in the form of fire, water, wind, earth, ice, or lightning, it must then be calling upon the abilities of something that didn't have physical form. Everything was, Ed had learned, connected in some way to one of the six major elements. The human body was represented by all six, which explained the human ability to summon other elements through life force manipulation. If Dark Magic flowed through a human and did not call on the other elements in order to operate, then it must be calling on another element present in the human. Since all of a human being's physical characteristics were linked to elemental control in one way or another, dark magic could not draw on them for power. Therefore, its power had to be drawn from the one aspect of the human body left untouched by other elements: the empty space within atoms. If it could be assumed that Dark Magic channeled the power of empty space to manipulate matter and energy, then one with enough power could conceivably manipulate his or her life energy to create a barrier with it that forced attacks based on other elements to fold in upon themselves and even negated phsyical abilities. Satisfied with his explanation, Ed permitted himself a momentary self-congrulatory smirk beneath the fabric of his face mask.

Speaking of manipulation... Ed raised a finger into the air and pulled a current of wind around himself before projecting an image onto it. The wind rippled, before creating an illusionary image resembling a much taller red-headed man around Ed's body, shielding him from sight and, more importantly, concealing the weapon on his left arm. It wouldn't do to have the teachers make a connection between him and the newly-created dents in the marble wall of the stadium, after all. Picking up his pace, Ed raced towards his dormitory, only to stop short as an agressive hand was clapped on his shoulder. "Just where do you think you're going, young man?" a silver-bearded teacher clad in a loose-fitting robe asked, not unkindly.

Ed replied quickly, allowing his native Irish brogue to represent itself in his voice, which he quickly lowered in tone by switching the flow of the currents across his vocal cords, "Just lookin' for my dorm, sir." He showed the ID card with the dorm's name upon it to the teacher, careful to cover up his name and other information using the fingers of his hand.

The teacher studied it carefully before breaking into a hearty laugh and clapping his hands together. A large gust of wind swept by Ed and before the ninja had fully realized it, his disguise had been shattered, the illusion had vanished as if it were never there in the first place. He only just managed to keep himself from gawking at this teacher, who had immediately analyzed and removed his technique in a matter of moments. "Who are you, and how did you manage to analyze my move so quickly?" he asked, careful to allow his voice not to register any emotion.

The kindly 'old man' smiled before clapping his hands again and allowing his own technique to disperse, revealing a tall, red-haired man whose attire was now markedly similar to Edward's with the addition of a large, sweeping straw hat and a curious-looking weapon on his right arm that Ed recognized as a wrist-mounted crossbow. "The name is Albert Edwards," he stated jovially, "But you can call me Mr. Ed. I will be your teacher for all classes pertaining to your chosen Class of warrior. Do you understand?"

Ed nodded. "Yes, teacher."

'Mr. Ed' peered at him suspiciously. "What is your name, boy?" he asked, his thick welsh accent showing itself conspicuously.

"My name is Ed..." the mechanic replied, before leaping backward and tossing a smoke bomb at his surprised teacher. The cloud of smog quickly enveloped the foe as Ed quickly pulled down his facemask and exhaled violently, creating a blast of wind that caused the smoke to clear away. "And you're a horrible liar," he finished.

The older student, who had been revealed at last to be a red-headed boy about Ed's size, blinked in surprise. "You knew I wasn't the teacher, eh?"

Ed shook his head. "No Welshman would teach ninjutsu. That style of fighting originates in the far east, not here in the Isles, so a master would be most likely to be an immigrant to the country. In addition, giving yourself a diminuitive nickname also gave the game away, since no teacher of ninjutsu would give their student familiarity with them so easily. Your side-arm could conceivably be used by a ninja, but a wrist-mounted bow is more of a sniper's weapon. Taken separately those things wouldn't have been a problem and they were only circumstantial evidence when placed together, I'll admit, but the big problem with your disguise was that you used the same technique as mine. Usually when a ninja using that move releases his disguise it creates a slight puff of air, but there was no puff when you 'turned off' your disguise." He bowed his head quickly as he finished reciting his deductive process as if he had been repeating a lesson in nursery school. It was his turn now for some interrogation, "Now, who are you?"

The boy laughed as he adjusted the sleeves of his pressed white shirt and pointed to a badge on his brown vest. "Jack-the-Ranger, visiting from America as a foreign exchange student in order to study the arts of the ninja. I'm sorry about earlier, my Ranger's Gaze allowed me to penetrate your illusion and I had just learned how to disguise myself from the teacher, so I couldn't resist a little bit of fun with you. You don't mind, do you?" he asked, his eyes sparking merrily.

Ed shook his head. "Don't try it again. Is this my dorm? If so, I'm going to sleep." After launching that parting remark, he quickly leapt into the air and dashed towards class.

The ranger scratched his head thoughtfully. "Huh, and I'd always heard that Irish folks were friendly," he said.

December 26th, 2007, 4:03 PM
Fen's eyes squinted open slowly. The sun light was peering over the trees and struggling to shine through the early morning mist that had settled over the campus. The visibility around the school was almost nothing as Fen looked around. It didn't seem that anyone else was awake at this hour. He leaned forward and finally realized that he had fallen asleep outside after the opening ceremonies.

"I guess the trip to campus left more of an impact on my body than i thought..." Fen said while he slid open his cell phone to check the time. "Hm... 6:30... i guess i have time to check out campus again before my first class. Speaking of which... what time is my first class..."

Fen pulled his schedule from his pocket and scanned the list. He nodded slowly as he read then folded the list, returning it to his pocket.

"Ah... so Advanced Marksmanship 121 at 7am... i see..." He spaced out for a while before realizing what he just said. "7AM?! I CAN'T WAKE UP THIS EARLY EVERY OTHER DAY! THIS WAS A ONE TIME THING!" he exclaimed at the schedule while secretly cursing at himself for choosing to be a Sniper which inevitably resulted in his current early awakening schedule. He leaned over, picking up Angel's Song off the ground and spun it in a wide circle, flinging the dew off of it's frame and returning it to its position on his back.

"So i guess the class is in this direction..." He said quietly, then hurried across campus.


The marksmanship classes are located on the North end of campus. Though, not surprising to Fen, the class was outside. Fen found the group of students sitting in the grass on the outskirts, talking to themselves quietly, each with a large bow of their own. Fen was finally with his own kind...or so he thought.

"Oh there he is, thats our last student, please have a seat and I suppose we can get started then." A female voice said from the middle of the group. Fen grabbed his seat and sat a little ways away from the group. A beautiful woman stood up, and walked out a ways from the group and began speaking to them. "Let me officially welcome you all to Advanced Marksmanship 121. I am Professor Heidi Star, and you all know why you are here. All of you have proven your aiming capabilities in last year's Battle Exams or under special conditions ---" She was cut off by Fen's hand shooting into the air.

"Um... Professor Star...what are the Battle Exams?" Fen said curiously but was once again greeted with being laughed at by other classmates.

"Hey isn't that the freshy that fired the first shot in the ceremonies yesterday?" He heard a voice say through the laughter.

"Now now, everyone settle down... The battle exams are the one on one fights at the end of semester we use to judge the growth you've accomplished during the school year and help us decide your classes for next year. But you wouldn't know that would you? Class, Let me introduce you all to Fenra Kurai. He's the only freshman to make it into Advanced Marksmanship 121 in over 20 years. I wouldn't make fun of him... Fenra dear, why don't you tell us your Sniping distance right now?" Professor Star asked cheerfully.

"um...312 meters with a 2mm error ratio..." He replied quietly. Professor Star wasn't helping him make any friends with this area of discussion.

The laughter stopped.

"312 METERS?! NO WAY! i'm a junior and my distance is only 245!" another student piped up. "Proove it freshy!"

"The data collected on his skills matches the information he just gave us almost word for word. Why don't we have a demonstration of how to Snipe, Fenra?" Professor Star asked happily.

Fen sighed quietly to himself. He REALLY wasn't going to have friends after he did this. But he must respect the teacher's wishes...

"Yes ma'am..." He said as he stood up and unbuckled Angel's Song from his back and swung it around in front of him. A small breeze blew over the group as he swung the beautiful weapon.

"Now dear, go out about 300 meters...This here is my breakfast." She held a small a orange in front of her. "I'm going to hold my palm out, and i want you to hit this orange." She said cheerfully.

"Yes ma'am..." He said unhappily as he turned and sprinted out the proper distance. He turned and looked towards the group who were now barely distinguishable to a normal eye. He could see the professor waving to him, signaling that she was ready and she held out the fruit to her side. "Welp... there it is... I suppose at this distance a short arrow is out of the question...An armor piercer will definitely have the distance but my be a bit too much...considering the size of the target, I don't want a heavy arrow, so all that leaves me is the 1/2inch width and the 3/4inch width... the 3/4in. would ignore outside wind velocity better...ya thats what i'll use." He reached to his side and pulled out the proper arrow, a long silver arrow with stream lined feathers on its sides and a sharp diamond pointed tip. Fen set up and held his bow straight an dloaded the arrow. He pulled the string taut once more, hearing the creak of the powerful bow as it bent into firing shape. He narrowed his eyes and looked straight into the distance.

"The wind is blowing to the North... i better fix that...'jetstream...'" Fen closed his eyes and the breeze outside could be felt change slightly "Sing, Angel's Song" He said calmly, and finally let the go of the arrow.


The bow let off its monstrous sound causing some of the classmates to jump from being startled. The arrow flew straight and hit its mark. Fen could see Professor Star calling him back. Upon arrival to the class, he was greeted with dropped jaws and applause. The orange was a ways away, still attached to the arrow which was stuck in a far off tree.

"Well class, any more jokes for our little freshman?" Professor Star said, smiling happily. "Well, thats all the time we really have for this morning. The day after tomorrow we will begin our drills and I will show you the Sniper's secret technique which is essential to aiming and finding correct targets, the Falcon's Eye, which will increase all of your Sniping ranges by a minimum of 50meters. So i'll see you all then!"

Fen began walking away and was called aside again by Professor Star. "Fenra, you shouldn't be embarrassed by your skills, I didn't tell the other students cause i know what you're going through." She said looking off at the arrow still in the tree. "You're too modest. You were the talk of the faculty for a while. With the Falcon's Eye you may even out do MY range, though your set up time is a bit lengthy. But thats what class is for! See you next class!" She said lightly then she quietly whispered "Mr. 387 meters..." and walked off to go pull her orange off the tree.

Fen's eyes widened at the sound of his actual sniping distance. He didn't really know why he was surprised about his archery teacher knowing his real distance but he was still shocked. That being said he had his next class to go to. The rest of the class was downhill in terms of Fen's skill in the area... finally ending with Basic Combat 095.... but first Elemental Control 101.

"Elemental Control 101... this is going to be awful. At least i know i'll be with other Freshman this time..." He thought to himself as he re-strapped Angel's Song to his back and walked towards campus.

December 26th, 2007, 4:33 PM
Ruroen yawned as he sat up, rubbing his eyes. "Thirteen hours of sleep..." he mumbled, swinging his legs over to the side of the bed. His roommate was still asleep. "Too much for me." The young man went into the bathroom, closed the door, and turned on the sink, running his head under it. He then dried his hair off, combed it, put on deoderant, and exited the small room. After grabbing his longsword, iPod, and cell phone and checking the time, he left the dorm room and went to his first class.


"Hello again, Bardok-sensei!" Ruroen exclaimed as he entered the Advance Combat class room.

"Good morning, Ruroen," the teacher said, nodding at the rambunctous young man. "Early as always."

"Eh. I fell asleep immediately after the opening ceremonies," Ruroen replied, taking a seat. He was the only student in the class room. "That trick never fails, does it?"

Bardok shook his head. "Works every time."

Ruroen chuckled and pulled out his iPod in an attempt to kill time until the class started.


"Owww," Ruroen said quietly, alternating massaging his arms and side. "That was a bruiser... This year's going to be fun." The young man once again pulled out his iPod and headed back to his dorm, having plenty of time until his next class begun.

January 7th, 2008, 5:43 PM
Super special awesome revival!!!!- OOC

Brad returned to his room. He went over to his sleek bookshelf- it was in a shape of stiars, with various books in many places. He pulled out one at the top- a worn book with a black cover with red, somewhat evil writing on it- The Catalouge of The Rarer Dark Spells, a classic cult book for those truly attuned to dark magic. He opened its pages, and began to think about waht kind of spells he needed.

"Hmm... I have offensive, and I could use transport on missions, one that could fight while I'm riding. I need a transport summon." Brad thought.

he flipped through many pages, but eventually reached 42- Summoning section. He looked down the page, and saw the transport summons. There were various types- griffin, pegasus, ogre, but one really caught Brad's fickle attention- the DRAGON. Brad looked below the spell- it read:

"This spell summons a large black dragon as an offensive transport summon. The most powerful of all summons, it is hard to use. It is controlled using verbal commands. It is a serpentine dragon, with a long head, a fang filled mouth, and horns. Then, it extends to two muscular arms ending in hands with 6 golden claws. After the arms, the scales begin to deteriorate, and soon begin exposing skeleton. However, it is protected by magic. The tail ends in a ball of spikes. This summon, being relatively small, is easily ridable by humans. This spell has not been used since about 1347."

"Odd... 1347? That is the time of... THE BLACK DEATH! Could it be an innocent coincidence? Well, this was written in 1660, 347 years ago, and 319 years after the spell's usage stopped... so it has been 666 years since it's usage... strange coincidence there too... could it be dangerous? Oh well, it is a good spell. Might as well learn it." Brad thought gradually. He wrote down the words, and went to relax outside. It'd be... calming. He was still tense over the possible harm the spell could cause- 666 years ago, last used before the Black Death... eerily suspicious...

January 7th, 2008, 5:57 PM
OOC: wonderous! i was waiting for someone else to finally post. nownow lets get some char interaction, shall we? :)

Fen walked slowly through campus, the events of his archery class whirled through his head.

"A skill that can increase my range even more...I HAVE to have it..."

The thoughts kept hammering at his brain and before he knew it, he was standing in front of a small brick building, its insides weren't visible from outside, just darkness. Fen looked the building over, then looked back to his schedule, comparing the class to the building.

"Welp... this is the place... Elemental Control 101." He reached out and turned the knob, walking into the room slowly. As he stepped in, he peered through the darkness and flipped a stiff light switch, signaling light to engulf the room. No one had arrived yet, just a wide empty room with desks. The ceiling was tall, easily 3 stories high. Fen walked around a bit then grabbed a seat in the back corner of the room, allowing him to lean his bow against the wall. He slumped in his chair and sighed audibly into the quiet room. He reached in his pocket and flipped his cell phone open to check the time.

"Hm... i guess i'm real early... class wont start for another 20 minutes..." he said to himself.

Fen returned to his lazy seating posture and stared at the ceiling, awaiting the next student to enter the room.

January 9th, 2008, 1:07 PM
Brad sat on the bench, and no one was outside. Most students were still in class- a testament to Brad's light schedule. Brad was currently daydreaming, drifting off as "I Am A Rock" played in the background. He thought about his home- surfing, scuba, relaxation on the lana'i, all things he wished he had here. However, he did enjoy the structure here- for an isolated person, relaxation gets... tedious after a while. He then, bored with just sitting, decided to go slake his boredom. It was noon- perfect for some training. Brad relished the thought in his mind, and decided to go shred up some boulders.

Brad ran to the nearest site of rocks, and prepped his body with some calisthenics and weightlifting. Brad cut and cut the rocks with Apocalypse, slashing them in a euphoric frenzy. He didn't think about anything- he continued to swing at the rocks, continuously slashing the various rocks. After most of the former boulders had been slashed to pebbles, he decided to move to another quarry. However, before he could walk up the mountain, a mild stomp of his set off a small landslide- Brad, in his furvor, must not have seen the obvious structural instability of the upper rocks, teetering on their pedestal. The rocks fell, and Brad, charged with adrenaline, returned to slashing. He was sweaty, and nothing guarded his chest- he had to make this training session count. As the rocks fell, Brad slashed them, and he eventually cut enough rocks to run away. He ran, and after the landslide stopped, he saw a glint atop the pedestal. He ran up the large hill, and saw two identical rings, the size of his middle fingers, made of gold, inlaid with rubies. On the band, he saw a simple hexagram, like the one on his jacket. When he put the rings on, however, he spasmed. They were obviously powerful. Unconscious, Brad began to glow black, and he phased down to his building. However, the aura broke, but as Brad woke up on a bench, he felt a certain feeling- one of energy, but not normal- an ominous feeling emanated from the rings. He took out a vial of his Mom's famous Anti-Aura Potion, poured it on the rings, and the ominous aura dissapeared. However, brad still felt power flowing through him. Even so, he was not assured of his safety- it was dark power that had engulfed him, and dark power objects always ended up bad in most cases. He went back to his dorm, and again started to read: A Historic Catalouge of Dark Objects.

"He opened the page, and looked under rings. He went to the section, and read of various evil rings- The Skargnoth Ring, which helped an olden prince of Denmark named Hamlet conquer Norway, The Jukinta Ring, with which magical forces under the samurai captured various lands, and the Delphi Ring, ring of Hercules. Then he saw his rings, the Silmarilion. It said that "these two rings, enchanted by magic, were originally owned by the ancient rulers of China, and were brought to England by the Romans. After Boudica used them to try to fight the Roman Empire and lost, the Romans buried them. They can amplify the most powerful dark magic to cataclysmic levels. If wielded by an elemental magic user, they change and adjust to the user. They adjust also based on finger size. Always used on middle finger- if put on other fingers, they teleport. Can't be taken off. Their magic powers are great, and powerful- which is why they are still hidden."

"Not any more, book..." Brad said with a coy smile and a wry tone. Then, Brad got some soda, drank it, and continued to read the book of dark magic. If he had dark rings, he might as well learn some more dark magic. Besides, he had some good sword maneuvers, and Judgement- but all he had for magic was his summon, for outside of battle, and Dark Vortex. Brad read the book, and after a long night of copying down good spells to train for, he went to bed, interested in his new treasure trove of powerful magic.

January 9th, 2008, 8:33 PM
OOC: I don't normally do a whole post dedicated to an OOC but Brad, your char is gettin a tad ridiculous with the forbidden spells and super death ray destroyer rings... tone it down a bit, kay? take conversation about it to the OOC thread

Scarlet Weather
January 11th, 2008, 7:34 AM
OOC: Seriously, who finds ancient magic rings in the middle of nowhere? And isn't there some kind of cost for wielding power on this level? Besides... Ed wants them for synthesis material. XD


"Sing! Tiger's Edge!"

The red-haired youth adjusted his crossbow, aiming it directly at Edward. The ninja seemed apathetic about his current position, twirling a kunai idly on one finger. "You just copied that 'sing' thing from one of the students in the auditorium," he stated as he slung the knife at the boy holding him hostage.

Peeved, the ranger leapt out of the way of the kunai quickly, though its keen edge still brushed along the edge of his old-fashioned vest and left a small rip in the side. "Hey! I know a good line when I hear it!" he riposted before releasing three successive bolts from his crossbow. The bolts shot towards Edgar before veering off in different directions, seemingly out of control. They looped through the air in corkscrew-like spirals before forming a triangle of point-downwards bolts centered around Edgar. At the ranger's nod, the bolts rushed in towards their prey. Ed skillfully flipped up and over the bolts, causing them to crash into each other with a grating sound that reminded him of the turning of a rusty gear. Two bolts fell, the life that the ranger's wind-based shot had seemingly breathed into them gone. The remaining bolt hurtled towards Edgar at breathtaking speed, aimed directly for his heart. The ninja was ready and he quickly swung with his tiger-claw, blocking the projectile. The bolt flipped end over end before burying itself in the ground. The ranger removed three new bolts from a pouch at his waist and prepared to fire again, but was forced to leap to the side to avoid a flurry of shuriken launched in a counterattack.

Ed smirked at his opponent. "I've got your schematics," he muttered.

The ranger, otherwise known as foreign exchange student Jack Rigarts, cocked his head curiously. "What's that about schematics?"

"This," Edgar muttered before clapping his hands together, palms inward. A slight breeze trembled around him, but nothing else happened. Ed looked at the opponent sheepishly. "Er... I mean, this!" He repeated the manuever twice, with no more results then the first time.

The ranger raised an eyebrow. "Huh, I didn't think you were a duffer the first time I met you. Ah, well, guess this game ends now." He pulled the crossbow's trigger, sending three more bolts hurtling towards Ed. For a moment the attack seemed to have been launched without a hitch, but all three arrows stopped abruptly not three inches from Edgar's face with a screeching noise. Suddenly, a network of cracks spread throughout the surface of the air. The American stepped back in shock. "Wh-what?"

Edgar walked forward nonchalantly, breaking the points from all three bolts as he spoke. "That technique that I 'failed'? I set up these invisible ice walls. That Ranger's Gaze of yours may allow you to track my movements and penetrate disguises, but it can't see physical barriers any more than a normal eye could. So you've just wasted your last three bolts. Now that you no longer have a ranged weapon, you're mine."

"Is that so?" The ranger level his crossbow. For the first time, Edgar noticed the iron spike built into the bow itself. The spike gleamed for a moment, and then its wielder charged. Ed leaped back in alarm as Jack lashed out, hammering his spike into the wall. The ice shattered, sending shards flying across the battlefield. The ranger prepared to follow up his attack with a bolt of pure wind energy fired from his bow when one of the shards sliced into his skin. "Ah!"

Ed smiled. "Game over."

"Wh-wha...." Jack attempted to maintain his stance, but a sudden, painful sensation was spreading from his spinal cord to the rest of his body. Groaning, he allowed his arm to drop as tears threatened to come to his eyes. He knew very well what was happening, he just didn't know why. "Poison... how..."

Ed smirked. "You need to pay closer attention. When I clapped my hands together I crushed a small pellet between them. The pellet was filled with powdered poison, which I froze into the walls. When you attacked, I simply directed my energy to cause the walls to break into sharp pieces. The poison I use is extremely toxic, but you've taken a low dose in a non-vital area so you should be okay. However, I think we can agree that I've won this round, eh, teacher?"

The old, bearded man nodded, clunking his cane on the ground while his robes swished. "Indeed. Truly, an entertaining bout. You both have good potential, and I do admit that I've never seen that variation on invisible wall tactics before." His face clouded and the sunlight reflected from his bald head as he continued his speech. "But do not become complacent! If you lower your eyes to an enemy for a moment, they will out think you. You must be swifter than your enemy, but more importantly, more observant. Remember class: the keys to analysis of any foe are sharp minds and eyes. On that note..." he smiled fleetingly. "Class dismissed. Remember, I want a two-page report from everyone here on the importance of concealing your tactics."

Ed nodded quickly, making sure that his eyes weren't averted very quickly, before darting away from the practice fields. Enemy anaylsis was definitely something he excelled at, as opposed to the elemental control class that was next on his list. The expressions and tactics he had used to lull Jack into thinking that his technique had failed were convincing because he had experienced first-hand the difficulty of a larger technique. Without engineering, he had no way to equal the firepower of students with more powerful killing moves. His poison and treachery suited him well, but Edward didn't like relying on the stupidity of his enemies to ensure victory. He wanted to end fights quickly and without incident. Privately, he cursed the school for not allowing conventional firearms. A small handgun would be a perfect weapon for Ed. He had some of his mother's aim, after all. He just didn't have the skill required to use a longbow or crossbow. A gun on the other hand was much easier to implement and had a longer range anyway. As these thoughts meandered through his brain, he felt himself bump into someone. "Oof!"

Ed stared at the boy in front of him, and more importantly, at his white bow. "Hey, you were the one at the assembly, right? You fired the arrow that started all of us off." He chuckled. "I wasted three explosives on those illusions."

January 11th, 2008, 8:21 AM
Not to spam, but as I said in the discussion thread- It WILL HURT HIM!!! And no, Ed can find teh other three rings for synthesis material.

January 11th, 2008, 9:42 AM
Fen stood up, bored as usual. No one had entered the class yet so he decided to stand and take a look around outside. He stood slowly and grabbed Angel's Song off the back wall and slung it onto his back. He walked through the dusty room and opened the main door, stepping outside. The fresh air instantly hit his face... along with something else. something solid.


Fen looked in front of him to see a blond boy... blue hair and a face mask. "Must be a ninja..." Fen thought to himself. "Hm? oh hello there" Fen responded to the boy in front of him. He caught the boy's eyes shift, someone once again, who seemed more interested in his bow than Fen himself.

"Heh, ya I fired the arrow... I guess everyone knows it was me. This big bow lets off such a massive sound when I shoot it... Its hard to not claim that first shot. heh..." Fen responded letting off a weak chuckle after he spoke.

"I wasted three explosives on those illusions." The boy responded

"Ya... I judged the size of the monsters too quickly and wasted one of my armor piercing arrows...They're made out of a somewhat rare metal and the tips are covered in a layer of powdered mineral similar to diamond... so you might be able to imagine how disappointed I am at having to use one...Oh my, i'm sorry I started rambling. When i get going about the structure of my arrows or my bow, its kind of hard to stop. I guess its natural since I'm always trying to construct arrows and make up for ones I couldn't retrieve." Fen continued to speak on and on, then stopped in realization.

"wow. where are my manors? I apologize, my names Fenra Kurai...But you can just call me Fen if you'd like. I'm a long range Sniper, I'm sure you already gathered that much though. And you are?" Fen questioned, motioning forward for a handshake to the boy.

January 12th, 2008, 3:01 PM
Brad, bored of his mind, decided to go test the new dragonic summoning. Little did he know what he was about to unleash...

Brad went to a large clearing deep in the forest, and spoke the spell-
"Extraho of obscurum , extraho tantus EGO voco thee prosecutus an inimicus EGO contemno Morsus quod slash him Smash quod vercundus him Planto lemma vox Causa lemma poena accerso mihi letifico Ex vestri atrum dormio EGO dico super thee Causa meus inimicus untold dolor!" As Brad said it, he felt untold pain, and he screamed in agony. He felt his blood drain out of him, and before him stood the mighty serpent, angry. Brad ran, but soon sank into a hole. He felt heat, unbearable heat, and saw jagged rocks- he was in Hell. Before his senses could come to, he was swirled around, and quickly felt spikes jab into him as pain enveloped his body. He tried to remain calm, but as soon as he got out of the whole, the dragon started firing dark energy. Every time it fired a blast, Brad felt more blood drain from his body. He decided to attack. As he stabbed the beast, he felt horrid pain, but continued to stab. The rings, he discovered, took blood for payment, and the dragon, using his spell, triggered more payment. As Brad fell through the air, a clawed hand swung him into the hill where he found his accursed rings. He tried to take them off, but to no avail. The dragon almost ate him, but it dissolved when a shot of wind magic hit it. Brad surmised his teachers watched him study, and before him stood Dr. Malentus and Ms. McDowell. Before he could tell them of his horrid experience, he collapsed. Although he was already pale, one could tell, by his limp form, he had lost blood. Brad collapsed, and he was taken to the infirmary. When he got there, he woke up, and was told that he was fine in classes- he could miss a few weeks to recuperate from the horrid damage. Brad smiled weakly, and drifted back into his slumber. In his week-long dream, he would relive the experience thousands of times, spasming in the same pain as before. He knew, in his subconscious, that he now had control over the dragon- the dragon probably submitted due to Brad's obvious bravery. Brad eventually found peace later that night, but the horrid experience would haunt him in his dreams throughout his week-long slumber.

Scarlet Weather
January 13th, 2008, 5:14 PM
OOC: To make this clear since I missed where exactly Fen's arrows are kept- Ed is either leaning down and staring into his waist pouch or looking into the quiver on his back or whatever.

Ed stared at the profferred hand. Apparently, his reputation hadn't preceded him. "I'm... Edgar. Most students call me 'The Mechanic'. My official class is ninja, but I specialize in alchemic synthesis and engineering." He tentatively accepted the hand and shook it. "My parents are snipers, so that's what I came close to signing up as. Funny thing though. I've never been that good with a bow. I can aim all right, but when I try to shoot..." Edgar imitated the sound of an arrow flying off course as best he could. "I'm great with anything else, but bows just won't do what I want them to. If only I was licensed to bring a gun into this academy I could have a weapon by now..." He clenched his fists, frustrated at his lack of ability to get an effective weapon once again. Then, he perked up. This student... if he was using arrows with that kind of build, perhaps he would be willing to use Ed as a supplier. Quickly, Ed switched tactics. Under his mask, he smiled broadly in order to ensure that he didn't appear angry as he made his sales pitch. "Do you mind if I see one of those arrows? Hold on just a moment."

Ed leaned down, scrutinizing each bolt in Fen's pouch with the utmost care, making sure that no detail escaped him. "Mm-hmm.... zirconium steel alloy mixed with adamantine, no doubt about that, it's the usual combination for armor piercers. And that mineral is definitely powdered diamond treated with life energy for maximum strength and piercing results. Yeesh, these are fine make. My parents never used arrows like these, and they were supposedly pretty accomplished snipers. Oh, and let's see here... fletching is probably swan's feathers, am I right? Or are those griffin feathers? Too similar to tell, and I'm a mineral analysist anyway. Alright, Mr. Fen, that should do it." Ed stepped back proudly, his eyes shining, completely unaware of the awkward-looking situation he had just forced Fen into moments before. "I think I can help you out. You want help getting new arrows, correct? As an alchemic engineer, I specialize in weapon synthesis. If you can provide the money needed to buy the raw materials or just slip supplies to me, I'll build you any arrows or bows your little heart desires. Just find me after class and I'll take care of it." Ed continued smiling, oblivious to any reaction from Fen as he warmed himself into his act. "Don't worry about thanking me, just get me supplies and I'll get you as many new arrows as you need. And what's more, I can make them better then those arrows you've got there. An alchemically synthesized, fully engineered arrow from my mechanic's shop is ten times more powerful than anything you could get from a school armory, take my word for it. So, do we have a deal?"

January 13th, 2008, 8:49 PM
OOC: he keeps his quiver vertical on his back alongside the bow.

Fen smirked slightly at the boy's instant business proposition. His straight forward nature gave Fen a good feeling as he talked to this "Ed". He assertiveness and ability to say his exact intentions made him an easy person to trust. He was definitely a no nonsense person which Fen could appreciate.

"You know, 'Mr. Ed'" Fen said to him, mocking Ed's usage of 'Mr. Fen' earlier. "You seem to definitely know your materials, as well as arrow structure. Now replacing this bow... Is never going to happen. But arrows on the other hand, are a constant pain. It takes days just to make a full quiver of these babies. So, I'll take your offer. You seem like a reliable engineer, and I can see beneficial opportunities in working with you." Fen said to the sly ninja. But Fen, being a master of stealth arts in a different fashion, tossed forth his own proposition.

"Now... I've accepted your offer to make my arrows. But heres my offer to you. Now i don't mean you any offense. But looking at you, I'd assume you aren't much of a monster fighter. On the other hand, this bow, Angel's Song, happens to be a monster killing machine. Now my proposition for you is this. If you can craft my advanced arrows like you say, I'll provide you with my strength on ANY dangerous monster hunts you may need to do for collecting materials. Any materials... for any weapon you wish to create in your shop. And these skills will come 'free' of charge... As long as I get my arrows of course. And on top of that, I'll even be your advertiser, showcasing your work to other students, via my Sniping." Fen finished, still grinning at the proposition. He knew he had to have struck a sensitive business chord with the crafty ninja, and if agreed, would help Fen a great deal.

"The first person i actually met here and he's a weapon smith... what luck. Though he's a bit shifty, I'm pretty sure he's trustworthy" Fen thought to himself as he awaited an answer.

"So in other words... You make me arrows, and i'll do your dirty work. Well, 'Mr. Ed', what do you say? partners?"

Scarlet Weather
January 14th, 2008, 5:16 PM
Ed smirked. This Fenra... he was definitely an interesting sort, and his proposal was most intriguing. Yes, it meant he would have to rely on another. On the other hand, this Fenra was also relying on Ed as his supplier and employer. It was one thing to beg someone for help. Paying someone for their services was another thing entirely. It was for this reason that the ninja clapped Fenra on the back and said, "We have a deal. Now get ready, because as my new advertiser and hit-man you're starting work right away. Also, keep in mind that I'm probably going to ask for help getting materials that don't always have to do with making your arrows. I have to make weapons for other customers and myself as well. However, since I'm a generous employer, we'll start by getting the zirconium and iron I'll need to replace your armor-piercers. I've got some alchemic iron already, quite a bit actually since it's a base material of most alchemic weapons. All we need is a bit of adamantine, some zirconium and some powdered diamond."

Ed removed his katana before thrusting it into the dirt and tracing a pattern. "This is the school," he said, indicating a box he had scratched in the ground. "These..." he continued, placing two X marks beneath the areas meant to represent the main grounds, "Are natural adamantine deposits. Most heavy weaponry manufactured by Lancaster relies on adamantine material in some way, so smiths," Ed's nose wrinkled at the mention, as if they were obviously inferior beings in some way to engineers, "Come here to trade for it all the time. I don't have nearly enough money to purchase adamantine, so we're going to have to be a little... illegal, shall we say. We're going to steal about fifteen kilograms of the stuff and take it away before we're noticed. That covers one element of your arrows. Powdered diamond can be found in the school armory free of charge because it helps coat bowstrings for advanced students. All we need is a teacher's permission and we can take all we want for free, as long as they don't suspect what it's for." Ed paused for a moment as if he had forgotten something. "Right.... forgot to mention that technically manufacturing weapons is an after-school job, so I'm technically not allowed to do it for personal profit even if my career class relies on me having money," he said finally. "But that shouldn't concern you too much. Now, let's move on.

"Zirconium is the hardest metal to obtain. There's no natural source of it on school grounds, so we'll have to either melt down weapons containing it and separate the metals out which could take weeks or make a substitute material. The best substitute, which often performs a better job for snipers in my opinion due to the longer range that that arrows can be launched at, is probably alchemic steel that's been extra-refined. For that, we'll need some tin and a little bit of silver. Now, this school is located near a silver mine but the mine is infested with a manticore. Tin can be obtained from ordinary pots in the school kitchen, I'll figure out how to nick those so don't worry about that. If we can't get enough of a particular metal, we'll have to raise funds and buy it to make up the difference. At present, our capitol, that is, the money we need to purchase supplies and run a business is..." Ed tallied his funds mentally, "Er.... 25 Euros. Not much. So we'll have to start right away. Now, knowing all of this... are you still ready?"

January 15th, 2008, 10:22 AM
"I have to say...you're a shrewd business man, Ed." Fen said chuckling to him. "Trickery, Thievery, haha... Manticores...You definitely have my work laid out for me. But, I expected as much. With that said. I'm ready." He finished confidently, looking at the funny little ninja.

"Welp? When would you like to start our little side Mission? I'll be finished with class at 1pm. I'd prefer to head to the silver mine and get the Manticores out of the way while I'm still completely equipped on arrow supply. They aren't the easiest beasts to take down, especially being a Sniper in an enclosed space. It could take quite a few arrows just to take down one, and its a definite given that I'll be dealing with more than just one in that cave." Fen proposed to his new business partner.

Fen was beginning to appreciate his new partner and friend more and more. This kid clearly thinks before he makes his moves. It was quite apparent that he was the offspring of a Sniper. His ability to see through and plan were exceptional. It was almost like this meeting was set up for business profit. Fen awaited Ed's reply to his suggested plan of breaching the Silver Mine this afternoon after class.

"We need to decide quick... Elemental Control will be starting in just a few minutes." Fen said, following up his suggestion.

January 15th, 2008, 1:47 PM
The infirmary shook as Brad was stirred from his slumber. It had been one night, and Brad was... perfectly healed. He was scared as ****- those injuries were supposed to have at least given him 3 weeks leave. He saw on a paper he still had break- probably for psychological recuperation. Then, a nurse came in, and told him that they had found a potion in his room to heal him.
"Hmm... must have been Mom's potion..." Brad surmised quickly. Then, the nurse left, and Brad went back to his dorm. There, he found his sword, and his armor, as well as his red dragon scale jacket with the small patch of leather adorned with a black pentagram on the back. The rings were still on him. He knew he couldn't remove them- only the others could be removed. He had heard around campus about someone needing synthesis material and helpers to defeat monsters. Although Brad was completely apathetic, he knew he'd be bored most of the time of his "leave". Therefore, he sought the person after everyone was done with classes. Brad was going to ask this person, who had heard was called "Ed", about seeing if he could get a job finding said material. He knew Ed needed material- his reputation was for making superior weapons, which would be eventually made at a black-market, on campus armory he owned himself. Brad also assumed that Ed needed money as well. If Brad became a business partner of sorts, he'd bring the muscle, the time, and the money (10,000 Pounds- I assume we're in England. Wouldn't the currency be pounds, since the UK isn't part of the EU?). Brad was bored, and "Ed" was his ticket out of it.

Scarlet Weather
January 15th, 2008, 9:54 PM
OOC: In England the currency would indeed be pounds, but since Ed is Irish he uses Euros instead. He hasn't changed out his money yet, and he only orders from Irish suppliers anyway. More importantly, however, how the hell does Brad have 10,000 pounds? That ain't chicken feed. 0_o Anyway, I hope you don't mind but I'm going to assume that Brad is somewhere in the vicinity.

Ed raised an eyebrow as he gazed at his cocky employee. "You expected this, eh? You're definitely not naive, that's for sure," he chuckled. "Anyway, tackling the silver mine may have to wait. I have a plan on how to get rid of the manticores, but it involves one of us getting crushed under boulders unless I can fix up the explosives right. Right now we need to get to class and act like nothing has happened. Afterwards we'll work on getting the adamantine. Once that's taken care of I'll be able to finish a little invention I've been working on..." Ed removed a small, clockwork object from his pocket that bore an uncanny resemblance to a large garden spider. "This little baby is packed with powdered explosive charge, the best I can get," he explained. "Problem is that it's too volatile to use right now. I set these things and they'll blast everything to kingdom come, including the mine if we set them. Obviously, we want to kill the manticore, not the mine. If I could use a thin layer of adamantine bracing, I might be able to produce a more controlled explosion. Or I could use lower grade powder. Either way, it'll take time to change the design for what I have in mind."

The pricking smell alerted Ed of the presence before he registered what it was. That faint, tangy, rust-like odor that permeated the very ground beneath his feet with its scent. He knew what it was, well enough. To an alchemic engineer, every mineral had its scent. Ed had never smelled this one before. He could almost taste it. And he wanted it, oh yes, he wanted to know where it was coming from. He began to salivate unconsciously, and had it not been for his face-mask drool would certainly have covered his chin. This scent wasn't raw, it was most definitely refined. That didn't matter. Even seeing an object made out of material this rare would be a treat to a true engineer. A wide, leering grin split Ed's face as he returned his attentions to Fen. "Change of plans," he stated. "I just scented rare material. Yes, scented, it comes with the class allignment. This could be the rarest bleeding piece of material in the whole school. Something more valuable than anything I could build. And it's right here. I can't believe I didn't notice it before," He seemed to be barely restraining himself from leaping in excitement as he gestured agitatedly towards the infirmary area. "This... this scent is coming from in there. I've got to see what it is. This could be the find of a lifetime! With material like this, who knows what could be accomplished!" With that, he kicked off and sped towards the doors.

Moments later, the awakening of a certain albino knight was jarred as a flying kick knocked his door open, followed by a red-haired, short-tempered Irishman in a ninja costume. Ed's eyes met the other student's as he bowed slightly in recognition. "So... you've got something ancient, have you? Would you consider loaning it out for study?" he asked cautiously, noting the dangerously large biceps of his 'mark'. "I'm Ed, resident engineer. I'm here because I felt the call of a material." His eyes narrowed. "It's here, in this room. I can almost taste it. That thing... whatever it is, I have to..." the words died on his lips as he saw the rings on Brad's fingers. A Gaelic exclamation of surprise passed from his lips as, without waiting for permission, he leaned in for a closer examination. "This workmanship... and the perfect synthesis... amazing! Who made this? What is it? Where did it come from?" Ed finally took the time to look up and ask one final question to Brad. "And who are you?"

January 16th, 2008, 3:55 PM
OOC: Oh.... yeah. That is from the fact that his parents savedv up to send him here, sort of like how people save ofr college. Not to mention, he is sort of a rich kid... he just lives a non-spoiled lifestyle. Anyways, back to ye old RPG'ing.

Brad looked aboslutely dumbfounded as the boy who had just barged into his study began ogling his rings. the boy, by the look of his costume was a ninja, but as the boy began to talk about materials and synthesis, Brad also knew he was an alchemic engineer.

"Ah. He-lloooo... I am Brad Matthews, Dark Paladin. These are two rings I found recently while training. A book I have says they were made sometime around the rebellion of Boudica, queen of the Celts. Originally hers, they nearly defeated the Romans. Unfortunately, I can't take them off unless I pass away, and I have no intention of doing that. These two rings ar dark rings, powerful objects used for dark magic. These rings specialize in occult spells, stuff involving the Devil and such. Therefore, any occult spells I use with these rings take blood from my body. However, they are great for regular dark magic amplification. If you need to study ancient materials, I also have my sword and armor from the same period. The original owner of those was an ancient Roman soldier. I think these rings are made of alchemic gold, hell crystal, and alchemic rubies and onyx, but I'm not the alchemic engineer. If you are truly interested in the rings, there are less deadly rings that can be taken on and off- 3 to be exact. I can help you find them- I want to learn more about these mysterious rings in hopes that I can stop the deadly price of my two rings. You are actually the person I was looking for. I overheard talk of an engineer- an alchemic engineer. You would be the one person who would know how to stop the blood sacrifice. I can also help find any other materials- I mean, I am a preety good fighter- mostly close range. However, I can use magic long range if you require. What is your name?" Brad curiously asked. He was surprised by the sudden appearance of the ninja, but not too surprised- powerful objects draw people like flies to a light. Brad didn't really care- the appearance of the engineer would be extremely beneficial to Brad- something he couldn;t just let slip by.

Scarlet Weather
January 17th, 2008, 12:29 PM

This Brad guy was pretty forthcoming in Ed's opinion. Not many people would respond by telling a random engineer what they wanted to know the moment he barged into their infirmary room and started spouting nonsense about ancient rings and proceeding to fill them in on the rings in excruciating detail, dragging in something about Roman soldiers and armor. Ed knew all about the armor, it was forged by a weaponsmith and not an engineer. The rings, on the other hand, were definitely alchemic in origin. He was startled by the burly albino's sudden proposition to join the group. It was at this point that Ed fleetingly remembered a certain video game he had enjoyed back home. If the writers for that game had been scripting his life, now would be the time that a text box would pop up, saying "Ed's sudden arrival has prompted extremely up-front Paladian BRAD to join the party!". This was followed by a bizarre mental image of himself dressed as a stereotypic RPG hero, complete with massive sword and spiky hair. This day was getting surreal, even from the perspective of someone who dealt with griffins, trolls, and manticores on a daily basis. Shaking his head, he stepped forward. "Well, Mr. Matthews, you seem to know quite a bit for someone whose class doesn't involve forging weapons. However, you're mistaken in two instances. I'll tell you what they are in a moment, but right now..." a strange gleam appeared in Ed's eyes as he finished his sentence in a strange, hushed, excited tone, "I'm going to find some things out for myself. Hold those rings still a moment, and don't move, please."

Ed layed a finger on the ring's stones before closing his eyes. For a few moments, nothing happened. Then a group of blue, electrical bolts shot down his arms towards the gems. Once contact was made, the bolts began leaping back and forth between the gems and Ed's temples creating a circuit of power. After a few moments, Ed removed his fingers from the gems and the electricity surrounding his body faded away. Lifting his hand gingerly, he patted down his hair which had become extremely frizzy during his electrical performance and sat down in a nearby chair. "Well, mate, I don't fancy being you right now," he clucked in dissaproval. "Those rings are natural catalysts for Dark Magic, true, but they're also parasitic. Those things are draining life force. The reason you've been payin' for occult spells with blood is that those rings allow you to override your body's natural limits on what it can and can't do with its life force, so every time you use those things, it's going to get worse. See, I'm sure you know this but everyone is born with a certain level of life energy available for use. Once we use that up, we have to wait for our bodies to generate more, right? Well, these spells you're using require a level of life energy that it's almost impossible to generate naturally. You obviously can't, along with ninety-nine percent of the population. Those rings are designed to override that limit. When they do, however, your body pays for your spells in blood rather than life energy. To make matters worse, your body reacts to this by lowering the limit of life energy you can safely use in order to protect you because it thinks you overextended yourself. In other words, every time you use those rings, you run the risk of being unable to use magic at all someday. They're extremely dangerous, but..." Ed couldn't help smiling in admiration, "They're true works of art. Alchemic gold is the base, but he's inlaid it with powdered brimstone and dragon's blood as well as forging in liquified hell crystal. This thing is truly a masterpiece of ancient synthesis! To think that I've been allowed to see it!" Ed's face gleamed.

It dropped again moments later as he returned to business. "You want a way to get around blood payment, correct? Well, I don't know how much I can promise you, but if those other rings are as valuable as you say, I can promise you that I'll use everything I learn about ancient synthesis from them to... cure you of this unfortunate side effect if you'll really agree to work for me. Oh, and one more thing?" Ed's smile turned into a glare. "Boudica never used those rings. I would know this, I'm Irish. These were forged somewhere in Irleland. They're... from my homeland."

OOC: Ooh.... btw, one last thing. Ed's implication here comes from an idea of mine as to how the rings get their payment negated. And yeah, I might have taken a bit too much liberty within those post in terms of how life energy works, but since the original description was pretty vague and we have a limited amount we can use I thought it would be okay if I added a few specifics. :3

January 17th, 2008, 12:46 PM
Ed shot off like a rocket in the opposite direction of class. Fen stared in confusion for a second as Ed actually followed... the smell of a metal.

"He...smelled it? What the hell? We're gonna miss the first day of Elemental 101 at this rate. ugh.. I better make sure he doesn't get into any trouble i guess... looks like he's headed towards the infirmary" Fen said as he ran off, following Ed.

Fen rushed inside and looked around, seeing a receptionist at the counter.

"Did you see a small blond kid run by here... probably a slightly crazed look in his eyes..." Fen questioned cautiously.

The receptionist merely pointed a direction and Fen darted off down the hall, following the doors. After running down a few doors he spotted an open one and skidded to a stop, almost passing it. He caught the glimpse of Ed's blond hair and walked into the room. Inside the room was the big scary looking guy from the opening ceremonies. Ed seemed to have sparked a conversation with him but Fen quickly interrupted anyways.

"Hey...you're that huge steroid freaky guy from the opening ceremonies..." Fen said bluntly. He looked to Ed, "You can't just dart off like that...we don't even have contact information, and aside from that... we're going to miss class..." He said in a somewhat scolding tone. "Its not gonna be very easy to run this whole gig if every teacher is onto us for truancy problems."

Fen leaned against the wall and folded his arms in front of him and shifted his eyes back to the large kid in the bed.

"hmpf, so whats his story? You find that metal you were goin on about?"

January 17th, 2008, 3:15 PM
Brad's calm facade was in danger of being ruined when the boy said he may never be able to use magic if he used the Silmarilion too much. Brad needed magic to be a good Paladin, and he hated himself for ever even putting on the rings.
"Oh... hmm... details like the original user do usually get mixed up. Whatever. Good that they're Irish- better materials over there anyway. Well, I shall work for you, for this little favor, and even after we solve it. I'm actually quite bored- I'm on three week psychological leave. You see, the first time I used the rings, they sort of sent me to Hell. Yes, there is one. It was horrible. I still have nightmares of being ripped apart or stabbed or dipped in liquids metal. Most of the dreams didn't happen- I assume all that happened to me was a huge loss of blood, and maybe a few wounds. I got lucky.I assume that my body overcame the rings just in time. So, what do we need, business partner? Or is it boss? I don't know. But wait... they may not make me unable to use magic. Maybe its just my knowledge of biology, but a parasite makes sure not to kill its owner- so it can thrive as long as possible. And it only takes blood when I use demonic spells- I used a dark magic spell today, to see if the rings would take blood, and they didn't. I'd still ike to join, and stop the bloodstealing- that way, I can learn the lost art of the occult without injury or death. What is my first assignment- I'm available any time for the next three weeks, unless it is unbelievably early in the morning, or too late at night.

February 1st, 2008, 3:03 PM
OOC: I'm sorry this is so late. I hope this doesn't get closed or anything.

Opening her eyes Hikaru groggily sat up from her bed and scooted her way off the bed. It looked like someone was already in her room. She must’ve had a roommate now. She shrugged her shoulders not bothering to care about that and looked over at the clock. She would deal with it later.

‘Geez, it’s early..’ Hikaru thought sourly and decided to go take a shower in the bathrooms after figuring out they were there. Her mind was still mixed up from waking up early, in which she normally does the opposite and sleeps in. Deciding she would leave before her roommate got up and would meet her later, Hikaru left her room making sure to turn her iPod up and get her art book out. Walking around the campus for a few minutes she found a fairly large tree and climbed onto one of the larger branches, letting one of her legs hang off the edge and one of her arms dangling off to the side holding her bow. Reaching and then digging in her bag Hikaru pulled out a crumpled piece of paper with her schedule on it.

'Advanced Close Combat
Elemental Control 101
Marksmanship 121’

"Man…I have to work today. I hate close combat, my legs get so tired.." Hikaru whined pathetically, stuffing the paper back into her pocket. ‘Might as well get it over with.’ Hikaru said after 15 minutes of lounging in the tree.

(I’m not exactly sure if Ill do this right so I’ll just skip ahead ok?) Hikaru’s first class was needless to say, very troublesome and knocked the wind out of her. Her teacher was like some kind of drill sergeant making her run laps and fight people who looked twice her size. But then again it’s advanced close combat. That means more work for her and more work that she should be expecting . Hikaru rubbed her head in annoyance. Maybe she could switch to an easier class..?

Pulling out her schedule again she noted that she had Elemental Control next. She paused, bringing her finger to her chin to remember where that was. After a few minutes of this, and walking around a bit she figured out where it was and began heading towards it. Though she was walking quite slow for someone who was probably going to get there so late. Hikaru didn’t whether it was because her leg hurt from her first class or if she was just being lazy again but she shrugged it off and continued to walk just as slowly. She was early to wake up so she could afford to be late in this next class was her logic.

Scarlet Weather
February 3rd, 2008, 1:10 PM
Fen's sudden arrival jarred Ed, though he made sure that it didn't register on his features. He decided that it would be best just to summarize what had happened to Brad. "This... is Brad. He's a dark magic user, and a fairly skilled one. Apparently he's having a few problems with a set of parasitic rings that are draining his blood in exchange for power. He'll be working with us for a while." After dispensing this explanation, Ed removed a small pouch from one of his numerous hidden pockets. "This," he explained, "Is powdered phoenix blood. Very rare, very dangerous, and extremely expensive so unless you two feel like tracking down a new phoenix and collecting some more I suggest you don't lose it. It's a gift from me to you two." Removing a second pouch from his poecket, he tossed one pouch to both of his 'employees', making a mental note of which employee received which pouch. "It's for healing wounds. Even if you were at the point of death, mixing that bag of powder with your blood would revive you. You get one healing per use. Use only as much powder as you think is necessary. And when you get a chance, you can thank my mum for keeping her medical supplies in easy reach." Underneath his mask, Ed grinned cheekily in spite of himself.

"Students? What in blazes are ye doin' in here?"

The gruff voice startled Ed immensely, and he immediately about-faced to see a large, impossibly muscular man with a beard at least a foot in length adorning the lower half of his face. Like his hair, the bright red of the beard seemed to sizzle with flame. It was a tad obvious that the man was Scottish, what with the dark blue plaid cap and kilt he wore. Perhaps the traditional garb was a bit cliche, but Ed seriously doubted that anyone would dare call the man out-fashioned to his face when he saw the large broadsword strapped to his back. No doubt this man was a fighting instructor of some sort, and he had come in to check on an injured student. His jaws cracked open, revealing an extremely menacing set of white teeth as he growled, "Well, laddies, I'm waitin'."

Ed thought quickly. "Were just visiting our friend in the hospital, sir. No need to shout," he explained. "We'll be on our way now." Motioning for Fen to follow him, he slipped out the door.

The Scotsman scratched his head. "Aye, there's summat odd about them wee laddies. But fer the life o' me Ah cahn't figger oot what it is." After delivering this final remark, the broad Scotsman swaggered to room 23 in order to check on, as Ed had guessed, his injured students.

February 3rd, 2008, 1:24 PM
The boy, Ed, threw Brad a pouch, and explained it was powdered phoenix blood.
"Wow... his medical supplies must be easy to get to. This uis part of my mom's healing potions. Pretty dang good..." thought Brad curiously. Before Brad could thank Ed for hiring him and for the gift, a Scotsman barged in. He demanded to know why Ed and the other kid, Fen, were there at all. After their short explanation, both the man, Ed and Fen left the room. Brad thought about the whole situation.
"Hmm... this shall be fun. Finally, no more boredom. Hopefully these rings will be cured. And Sa-"
"I AM BACK!!!" screamed a red demon with black horns. Satan. Brad, in his previous experience, had been sucked into hell by the Silmarillion. Satan was pissed that Brad escaped.
"Oh. It's you. Hi..." Brad said apprehensively. This was a rare moment- Brad scared. At anything. Brad was frightened as hell (bad pun), and tried walking out, but to no avail.
"No. You ain't leaving. I'll continue to pester you- especially if you use Satanic spells. Now, I'll stop, if you do me a favor, boy. If you do't, you'll be dead within the week. Now, I want you to kill enough living things to sate my thirst for death- to repay losing such a fine specimen." Satan said.
"Well... guess I have no choice. This makes things... interesting..." said Brad. Satan then left, and Brad crawled into bed, scared as ****.