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October 14th, 2003, 08:29 AM
We are the Workshop Warriors. Don't get fooled by our tacky name, we're a force to be reckoned with. We work with Santa, and are blessed by a little Christmas Magic. ;)

Our goal is to defend magic in the Pokemon world, and encourage its growth in the human race. Being Santa's helpers, each member must have either a Delibird or Jynx. It is encouraged to have a Psychic type too, but this is not a must-do.

Our Pokemon are blessed with a magic power. Not too powerful, but you are allowed to choose this power. For example, the ability to knock out a Pokemon on sight is overpowered. Teleporting a limited distance or with a fail chance is an example of an acceptable power. Each Pokemon has a different power. You get a power too, again you may choose. Same limits as Pokemon.

We will have an RP, plus competitions and hopefully a forum of our own if we get a lot of members.

To join, fill out this form.

Pokemon: (4, at least one must be a Delibird or Jynx)
Magic Powers of Pokemon:
Magic Power of Trainer:

Here's my form.

Name: Vex
Pokemon: Delibird, Magmar, Golduck, Venusaur
Magic Powers of Pokemon: Delibird-enhanced hearing, Magmar-ability to coat fists in metal, Golduck-teleporting as far as the nearest town, Venusaur-can temporarily strengthen or weaken a magic aura
Magic Power of Trainer: X-ray vision up to 30m

Just Vex....