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January 1st, 2008, 10:02 AM
The Legend Begins

Long ago in a time far simpler then now there existed a warrior of great power this is his story. The warrior’s name was Twaius, and he was a normal kid until he reached the age of eighteen. On his eighteenth birthday Twaius realized his strength was above average. His strength was so advanced he could wrestle ten oxen down in rapid-fire succession. Knowing that he had realized his strength his mother decided to tell him the truth. Twaius’ mother then told him he was the son of the Greek god Zeus and his life will be forever changed after that day.

Our hero’s childhood was the same as any other child’s. Twaius received love from his mother. At the age of seven Twaius unknowingly realized his strength when he was carrying eight sacks of potatoes. The potato sacks were so high Twaius could not see a darn thing. Even though his mother laughed at the event, she could not help but fear he might remember this event, and want more and more power. Ashadra prayed for Zeus to watch over her son, so Zeus erased all of Twaius’ memories of the event and began to watch over his son.

Twaius always wanting to prove himself in combat decided to set sail to Olympia to meet his father for the first time. En route to Olympia Zeus appeared to him telling him to stay away from Olympia because he sensed suffering and pain in Twaius’ future. Twaius ignored the warning and showed up at Olympia anyway. Zeus seeing that his son has inherited his own stubbornness, decided to train Twaius so he could fight to change his destiny.

Zeus decided the best method of training. He would make him do an assortment of tasks. The first task he had been given was to arm-wrestle his father every day for three years. Every time Twaius would lose, in spite of his advanced strength. Zeus decided to hold off on the first task and instead made his son run around Mt. Olympus thirty times a day with a small boulder eventually upgrading to a huge boulder. The intense conditioning increased Twaius’ speed, and lifting the boulder vastly increased his strength. Twaius repeated this every day for three years. Once it came time for Twaius to arm-wrestle his father his strength was so great mountains crumbled all over Greece. Twaius put all of his strength in his arm and pinned his father’s arm down.

Zeus figured Twaius has now completed his training and led him up to Mt. Olympus for the first time. Twaius naturally being thrilled, to meet the other gods common man has worshiped since the beginning of time. On the other hand, the gods viewed Twaius as inferior because he was half god half mortal. Ares and Hera both despised Twaius for different reasons. Hera hated him because her husband fathered him with a mortal woman instead of her. Ares hated Twaius because he is the bloodlust god, and should naturally be the second strongest god in terms of brute force.

Many of the other gods didn’t hate Twaius. They just viewed him as mortal in spite of his lineage. Ares decided to meet Twaius face to face so he could make his own judgments upon his brother. “So you’re my brother?” Twaius questioned.
“Yes, I am Ares god of bloodlust.” Ares looked Twaius up and down. “Hmmph, Zeus obviously fathered a weakling.” Twaius sick of Ares bullshit trash talk decided to challenge the god to a fight.

Zeus sensing the pain and danger he had predicted three years ago decided to intervene. “I will not my two sons fight just to prove how obstinate you are with your powers Ares.” Zeus thundered. Twaius and Ares backed off each other for now. Knowing how stubborn the two combatants were he separated them with missions. Zeus’ mission for Twaius was to go to the Underworld and absorb the element of darkness to stop the souls from tainting. Ares’ mission was to retrieve a special sword Zeus had constructed. The sword had great powers that no god knew of, well except for Zeus.

Twaius immediately departed for the Underworld equipped with a special sword given to him by Zeus. The sword was made from a special metal that was unbreakable. Twaius was also equipped with the Aegis shield that Zeus had personally loaned to his son. As he made his way to hell he noticed a majestic dragon in mid-flight and he instantly knew his journey would be a success.

Twaius arrived at the passage way to the Underworld and he felt the dark energies pouring out. The dark energy is another test to get those unworthy or to weak to leave the area as the dark magic also acts as a potent poison to mortals or those not trained in the dark arts. Since Twaius was only half mortal the effects of the poison were not as bad as it would have been on a mortal. Twaius opened the door and a burst of darkness hit him right in the face. Twaius flew back upon impact.

Twaius got up and examined his body just to be safe there were no adverse effects of the dark burst. Well anyway, Twaius ventured down the dark staircase into the bowls of hell. Hell was not what he could have predicted in his wildest dreams. Erupting walls of fire illuminated the dark world. Hell was truly a place of eternal torture and suffering. Twaius made his way through the Underworld on just pure instinct and came to the room of Seven Lakes.

Our hero scanned the room for a boat and found one docked at the Lake of Suffering. Twaius hopped on board and seemingly out of nowhere an odd man offered him a ride, so he would not use up all of his strength rowing through the impure waters of Hell. Twaius thanked the old man and began pondering where the Dark Element was that his father told him to retrieve. The odd man soon asked Twaius if he had courage which he replied with a nod of his head. The odd man warned him that he would need more than courage if he were going to make it out of hell.

With the odd man’s final warning, he vanished into thin air. Twaius suddenly realized that the Dark Element was right in front of his face. In order for Twaius to get this element he would have to face Hades: Lord of the Underworld. Hades had no clue about Twaius’ lineage and viewed him as an intruder trying to steal the powers of darkness. Hades readied his sword to combat Twaius. Twaius also pulled his sword out to combat his uncle. Hades dashed at Twaius and he instinctively blocked the blade and counter attacked. Twaius’ sword made contact with Hades’ armor and sent the dark god crashing through mountains in the Underworld. Hades got up and caught Twaius off guard with a dark lightning attack. He tried to block with his shield but the lightning flung his shield to the other side of the room. Twaius was in trouble now.

Hades quickly caught up to Twaius and delivered a swift kick to the hero’s face. Twaius now cut off from his sword and his shield began to lose hope in the face of death. Something inside him was about to surface and it would not end well for Hades. Before Hades could cast the deathblow, Twaius stood up radiating with a dark aura surrounding him. Twaius’ quiet and shy demeanor soon changed into that of a sadistic killer with immeasurable power.

Dark Twaius called his sword back to his hand and began fighting Hades on even ground for the first time in the battle. He could barely keep up with his nephew and his swift sword slashes. Eventually, Twaius used his strength to hit Hades with his sword. The hit was not as powerful but it was enough for Twaius to lower Hades’ defense. With Hades’ defense lowered Twaius used a more powerful strike on Hades’ neck. As Hades fell to the floor in pain and agony Twaius absorbed the rest of the Dark Element into his sword.

Knowing the battle was over; the Dark Element that hit Twaius in the face left his body and healed Hades. Now that our hero was back to his senses, he explained his story to Hades. Hades with full understanding of the situation called the Aegis back to Twaius and opened a portal to the world of light.

Twaius now having completed his mission got back on his ship and set sail for Mt. Olympus and the acceptance he desired and deserved. Zeus sensed his son’s arrival was immanent. Zeus prepared a feast for his son. He made a decree that each god treat Twaius as if he was one of them, while he was away on his mission. Each god obeyed the decree except for one. Ares however was still not going to accept Twaius unless he forced him to. Twaius scaled Mt. Olympus and was greeted by all of the gods except Ares. Twaius finally having been accepted by his father and the other gods decreed that they would party all night long.

After a night of heaving parting Twaius had a hangover that his father cured because he has the power to do that. Ares wanting to fight his brother challenged him to a fight. Zeus knowing his son was ready, let him accept. The two combatants agreed the fight would be in ten days and that time would be used to train. Twaius then ventured off Mt. Olympus and trained in the real world for ten days. Ares decided he was already more than a match for Twaius. On the night before the fight Zeus presented his son with the Sword of Light.

The next morning was a tense one for Twaius, he was nervous about his fight with Ares as he sensed that Ares is far more powerful than Hades. Ares was cocky that he would defeat Twaius and cast him from Mt. Olympus forever. Zeus, then teleported Twaius and Ares to a remote mountain region so the battle would not hurt civilians. Ares drew his sword and rushed Twaius. Twaius sensing Ares’ strength drew his sword and blocked his opponent.

The two gods had an immense sword fight destroying mountains with their incredible power. Ares punched Twaius in the face so his defense would be open and went for the kill. However Twaius blocked the opening with his sword and counter attacked the god of bloodlust. Ares then used his Dogs of War slash on Twaius. The slash produced four copies of the energy wave and Twaius being inexperienced blocked the wrong one and as a result he was flung back on impact.

Twaius was now separated from his sword and seemed all was lost until…Twaius got up surging with power. This aura was different from the one that overcame him in the Underworld. This aura was an aura of light. Holy Twaius soon leapt to his feet and called his sword back to his hand. His sword was also super charged with power from the light. Ares was almost blinded by the light and made one final mad dash towards at his brother.

Holy Twaius not only parried the sword slash but also managed to counter attack with his Holy Slash attack. The slash of light cut deep into Ares’ armor and for the first time in a long time Ares felt pain. Holy Twaius then used his most powerful attack on Ares to end the fight; Embalming Light. He flung the ball of energy off his blade and right at Ares. The god of war tried to block but could not hold off the power of light and the ball went right through him and destroyed several mountains along the way. Ares doubled over in pain because the ball of light had completely destroyed his abdomen. Twaius not wanting to cause any more pain healed Ares.

Ares could not believe that Twaius a mere half god had defeated him in battle. He finally decided to accept Twaius as more then a half god, but as a friend. Zeus declared his son the winner and suggested he stay, but Twaius would leave Mt. Olympus in favor of an adventurous life. Zeus complied with his son’s decision. However defeating Ares did not rid Zeus of his horrible visions of his son and his future.

Well, that's it. I actually wrote this two years ago for extra credit. I got extra credit plus extra