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October 14th, 2003, 9:13 AM
Jamie wants to be a trainer and always talks on CharizardCom Chat.
Here's how he became a trainer:

Day 1: The newbie

wannabejamie has joined the chat
wannabejamie: Hello, guys and girls!
geodudemaster has joined the chat
geodudemaster: Hello, wannabejamie
wannabejamie: What pokemon have u got?
geodudemaster: None. I just call myself geodudemaster.
wannabejamie: R u being sarcastic?
geodudemaster: *sigh* yes ;)
teenytinytibs has joined the chat
teenytinytibs: hi guys.
wannabejamie: oh, hi teenytinytibs.
(Teenytinytibs was a regular)
teenytinytibs: I wonder if stratorzard will be on 2day?
wannabejamie: What, the admin?
teenytinytibs: Well, yeah!
stratorzard has joined the chat
geodudemaster: The admin is here.
teenytinytibs: We know.
geodudemaster: I'll be going now...I'm tired...
teenytinytibs: bye.
wannabejamie: bye.
geodudemaster has left the chat
stratorzard: Just checking up...
stratorzard has left the chat
wannabejamie: I am well tired...see ya!
wannabejamie has left the chat
teenytinytibs: Just me...might as well go...
teenytinytibs has left the chat

October 14th, 2003, 9:32 AM
Day 2: Trade

wannabejamie has joined the chat
wannabejamie: Howdy, y'all!
pikapizza has joined the chat
(Pikapizza was a good friend of Jamie)
pikapizza: Howdy, wannabejamie!
wannabejamie: Y'know, I've always wanted 2 b a trainer...
pikapizza: I have a raichu and a spare lvl5 pikachu.
wannabejamie: cool. can i have the pikachu?
pikapizza: sure.
wannabejamie: just gotta connect the pokmon sender and reciever...
wannabejamie has left the chat
pikapizza: tum, de, tum...
wannabejamie has joined the chat
wannabejamie: put the pikachu on the pokmon sender side of the sender and reciever.
pikapizza: done.
wannabejamie: go to pokesend.exe on the desktop.
pikapizza: clicked on it.
wannabejamie: now click send pokemon.
pikapizza: done, but it says input pokesend code.
wannabejamie: I'll tell you it on whisper.
wannabejamie is whispering
pikapizza is whispering

wannabejamie: right, it is 547657942.
pikapizza: thanks. i'll keep that in mind...


wannabejamie is chatting
pikapizza is chatting
pikapizza: it sez scanning machine.
wannabejamie: my sender and reciever is blinking.
pikapizza: so is mine.
pikapizza: it says the target machine needs something 2 send.
wannabejamie: i'll put a ex-sandstorm booster in.
wannabejamie: it's the least I can do.
pikapizza: just clicked send.
wannabejamie: whoah, my booster pack has dissapeared.
pikapizza: just got ur booster pack. :)
wannabejamie: just got ur pokeball. :)
pikapizza: whoah, a wailord ex. :cool:
wannabejamie: DOH!

October 14th, 2003, 11:50 AM
Day 3: E-Battles

pikapizza has joined the chat
pikapizza: I hope wannabejamie comes on.
stratorzard has joined the chat
stratorzard: Hey, wanna battle?
pikapizza: Okay.
stratorzard: Okay, plug in the 6-pokmon fighter hardware...
pikapizza: Okay.
pikapizza has left the chat
pikapizza has joined the chat
pikapizza: connected.
stratorzard: insert your party pokeballs.
pikapizza: okay.
stratorzard: you see on this chat, there is an icon called battle?
pikapizza: yes, just clicked it.
Battle Mode On
stratorzard: Go, Charizard!
Charizard98853lv60 has joined the chat-battle
pikapizza: go, raichu!
[I]raichu45563lv60 has joined the chat-battle
stratorzard: so its the pkmn name, ur ID, then the lvl of the pkmn...
pikapizza: yeah...
Charizard98853lv60 used Fire Blast
raichu45563lv60 now has 185hp instead of 230hp
pikapizza: eat dirt...
raichu45563lv60 used surf
pikapizza: it was a surfing pikachu...that evolved! :laugh:
Charizard98853lv60 now has 3hp instead of 220hp
pikapizza: :laugh:
teenytinytibs has joined the chat
teenytinytibs: go pikapizza!
[I]Charizard98853lv60's trainer stratorzard used hyper potion
Charizard98853lv60's health is now 203hp instead of 3hp
pikapizza: and now for the knockout...
Charizard98853lv60 used Disable
raichu45563lv60's Surf was disabled
pikapizza: NOOOOO!
raichu45563lv60 used Fly
pikapizza: it was also a flying pikachu :laugh:
stratorzard skips his turn.
raichu45563lv60 used Fly
Charizard98853lv60 now has 160hp instead of 220hp
pikapizza: hmm...
stratorzard fled from the battle
Battle Mode Off
wannabejamie has joined the chat
wannabejamie: What did I miss?
pikapizza: One awesome e-battle!
wannabejamie: NO WAY!
pikapizza: how is pikachu doing?
wannabejamie: oh, he's on level 10!
pikapizza: :surprised You only got him yesterday!

October 15th, 2003, 7:52 AM
Days 4 and 5: Pokeload.net

wannabejamie has joined the chat
wannabejamie: Pikapizza?
pikapizza: yeah.
wannabejamie: pikachu is on level 20.
pikapizza: :shocked: oh my god!
wannabejamie: how do u change ur screenname?
pikapizza: speak to stratorzard.
wannabejamie: okay.
stratorzard has joined the chat
wannabejamie: oh, stratorzard, i want 2 change my screenname?
stratorzard: please type in your new name then.
wannabejamie: pikatrainer.
stratorzard: i'll c what I can do.
wannabejamie: so, pikapizza, any new websites you can tell me about.
pikapizza: well, this club or something called team magno, or something, have made this site called pokeload.net.
wannabejamie: what does the site do?
pikapizza: well, they clone pokemon and put the clones onto the internet for download.
wannabejamie has changed his name to pikatrainer
pikatrainer: cool, im going 2 connect my sender and reciever now.
pikapizza: they have a level 15 mew for download.
pikatrainer: cool.
pikatrainer has left the board

(Off chat)
"Cool, I'm going to download a Mew" said Jamie happily.
Jamie went on pokeload.net and clicked on 'Download Mew'.
His downloader started up. Jamie sat back. "What's 129MB?" Jamie muttered. "OH MY GOD!" Jamie suddenly shrieked. He was on dial-up and it would take all night. So Jamie stayed up all night, drinking coffee to keep him awake.

(Next morning)
There was a ding-dong noise coming from his computer speakers. The download had completed. Jamie ran over to the computer. There was a file on his desktop called 'mew_magma_upload.pkm'. He clicked on it. It took him to the pokmon sender and reciever. There was a box showing Mew's details. "Level 15, OT/MAGMA, attacks are transform, mega punch, psychic and thunder..."
Jamie muttered. He clicked 'Recieve'. Suddenly, a pokeball appeared in Jamie's recieved slot of his sender and reciever. He picked it up and clipped it to his belt. He then went on chat...

(On chat)
pikatrainer has joined the chat
pikatrainer: hello, pikapizza?
pikapizza has joined the chat
pikapizza: yeah, pikatrainer?
pikatrainer: I have MEW!
pikapizza: COOL!

October 22nd, 2003, 12:06 AM
hey u copied my chatroom idea!

its ok, its pretty good.

October 24th, 2003, 6:02 AM
ANYONE can do a chatroom fanfic.

October 27th, 2003, 6:13 PM
well yea, just carry on...