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January 3rd, 2008, 6:56 PM

In the beginning there was a void, it was everything and nothing. In this dimensional rift, two entities appeared. No one knew where they came from or what they were, but they were considered omnipotent to the deities of space and time. Even stronger than the creature that shaped our universe with its thousand hands, they came to be called, Azurion the Creator, and Malrith the Destroyer. These entities, somewhere along the timeline decided to create life, thus Arceus the creature of one thousand hands was born.

Quick to work, Arceus crafted a universe and in the universe was a galaxy, pin pointing closer, in the galaxy there was a planet called; Earth. Azurion became bored with the idea of only one living being, so he populated Earth with creatures we now call Pokemon, and superior in mind; the humans. But these beings did not move nor age, some important law was missing, Azurion could not figure it out. Azurion's peer in power soon realized the missing piece, mortal beings needed space to move, and time to age.

This is when Palkia God of Space, and Dialga God of Time were created. With these two power plants, Earth soon started to evolve. But because of Malrith's ability to destroy, time aged people, and space became territorial hatred. Time soon put the Azurion and Malrith into deep slumbers that may last for milleniums, so without the overseers, Palkia and Dialga waged war against each other. These two deities had powerful orbs that gave out imense energy, maybe infinite too, they used it to cleansing their wounds after each fight. The war lasted for centuries until it came to a stop when Arceus paid a visit to Earth's galaxy. Arceus put the two gods in seperate dimensions hoping it would end the pointless war, but only time can tell. Before they were seperated, Arceus destroyed the orbs to make sure war like this would never happen again.

Thousands of years had passed and technology improved. A terrible machine was created called the Armada, it worked like a radar, and seeked out objects that gave out energy. Soon after the Armada lead the humans to the exact site where the two gods were seperated. Strangely the Armada overloaded and was destroyed, this gave the scientist the idea that something powerful was underneath these rocks...

A fragments of the orb was found, this ord was soon called; The Heartbeat. The scientist pondered about the energy it was giving off, one small sample can power up the strongest machine for days. With this new information out, the orb was quickly stolen. No one had any idea who stole it, only one hint, the creation of the Pristine Eclipse, the quickest growing company, it grew in a month's notice. This company created super machines, weapons of mass destruction, and even super Pokemons.

The full potential of the fragment has not been tapped yet, but if it was to be discovered, the world will fall into a dictatorship. With a company out like the Pristine Eclipse, the world will not be safe, someone has to stand up and create a rebellion to the only suspect; Pristine Eclipse.

You are a trainer, and you can choose either to be WITH Pristine Eclipse, or part of the Rebellion.

Sign Up Sheet

Pokemons you have
RP Sample

You can only have up to 6 Pokemons, none of them can be any legendaries. Details on your description can help a lot too.
Founding a Guild

If you would like to found a guild, please PM me before doing so. Right now you can choose between;

-Pristine Eclipse
Goal Become the world's most powerful company and some unknown causes.

-Rebel's Finest
Goal Reobtain the Heartbeat and destroy it.

Goal End pokemon cruelty.

-The Forces
Goal Selected few that protects the Legendaries.



Name : Horo Soulfate
Age : 17
Nationality : American
Description :

Height : 5'8
Weight : 138
Eyes : Blue


Born without a father, he has always been independant and easy going. He can easily be defined as a laidback person that lets the wind forge his destiny. When he was 13 he discovered Terraking's egg laying next to Terrapin's lifeless mother. The cause of this is still unknown and Horo has still yet to tell Terrapin the truth. He just recently set out on his long journey to explore the world and pin point his father's location. He has yet to find a women of his liking, maybe in this journey he will meet sucha person.


Blastioise Terraking♂
-Recieved as an egg, he has always been Horo's motivation and strength. Though he can be very headstrong and hotblooded, Terrapin never backs down in a fight, no matter what the odds.

Crobat Dreadwing ♂
-With such a short fuse, Dreadwing catches and causes a lot of attentions. He drags Horo into and out of troubles, but usually it's Dreadwing's doing that gets Horo into s. Even if he causes Horo headaches, he's been with him since he was a Zubat.

Growlithe Kanyal ♀
-Likes to prove herself to Horo. She is the baby of the family, and if she is messed with, be sure to watch out for Dreadwing and Terrapin. Both of these badass will be on you like flies on dung.

GUILD : Rebel's Finest


Summary till now

-The rebels infiltrated the building
-They defeated Zangoose
-Mad scientist force evolution to 4 magikarps
-The 4 Gyarados were defeated
-Celia caught a red Gyarados
-Team fought the Bouncer
-Bouncer is defeated
-Darkrai appears and induces a Dark Void
-Celia's Gengar saves them
-Rebel's Finest retreat
-Rebel's Finest regroups and renters P.E
-Rebel's Finest finds secret passage and advances
-Rebel's Finest confronts 5 P.E trainers


January 3rd, 2008, 8:33 PM
Name : Celia Soulink
Age : 17
Nationality : American
Description :

Height : 5'5
Weight : Hey isn't rude to ask a girl's weight?
Eyes : Black


Celia was born without a mother or father. She spend 10 years of her life in an orphanage until she chose to run away, but on her escape she didn't notice a log and tripped over it. When she woke up, her first sight was a Gengar looking down on her, soon after, the Gengar stayed and protected Celia from danger, in return Celia opened up Gengar's heart. They became tight friends and have never been seperated.


Gengar Cheryl ♀
-Cheryl protects Celia like it's her own life. She too was an abandoned pokemon thus her hatred for many humans. Cheryl is insecure and only feels open around Celia. One of her hobbies is "Dreamwalking" in other peoples dreams, which actually is the move Dream Eater.

Mismagius Torrie ♀
-Torrie can easily become jelous of Cheryl. She always tries to compete with Cheryl in everything, from contest to battles. But Torrie remains loyal to Celia, and does as her bidding.

Rotom Plassia ♀
-One of the most electrifing member of Celia's team. Plassia was always hidden in the T.V in the Orphanage. She followed Celia, but only revealed herself after she felt that Celia had a kind heart. Plassia is the baby of the team.

GUILD : Rebel's Finest

RP Sample The corridors of the room seemed to close, but it was only an illusion. One can easily be lost in this maze, the maze itself is filled with an eerie and ghastly fog. The air thickened and it became harder to breath, everything darkened, and Celia seemed likeshe was about to pass out, but she was motivated to move forward. Cheryl was with her, and that's all she needed, through thick and thin, nothing will break the bond between Celia and Cheryl.

January 3rd, 2008, 9:00 PM
Name: Sydren Riddens
Age: 16
Nationality: Canadian

Height: 6'3
Weight: 179
Eyes: Gray
Body: Muscular

Born in a small village, and spending his early life surrounded by Pokemon, yet not able to get one, because his father wanted him to stay home and help with his research. Though when his Mother died when he was 12, his Father stopped paying attention to him, and became distant. So he ran away, eventually getting lost in a large forest. He spent many days wandering the forest, until he was cornered by a large group of ghost pokemon, though he was saved by a lone Ralts. He and the Ralts left together afterward to have adventures.


Ralts (Male)
Sydren's first pokemon, found in the forest where he was lost. It is a very caring pokemon that constantly shows affection by hugging his head, while riding his shoulders.

Piplup (Female)
The newest addition to Sydrens team, so it is always trying to get into fights, to probe itself, even when it isn't necessary.

Shinx (Male)
A powerful Pokemon who has a strong sense of justice, and always tries to protect other, weaker Pokemon at all times.

Magby (Male)
Acts like a child a lot of the time, though when convinced to fight will defend its friends to the best of its abilities. Thinks that Piplup is his rival, which usually ends with him being sprayed with Water Gun.

Guild: Wanderers (Leader)

RP Sample:

"The light seemed to be stolen from the world when night fell, though Sydren knew it would soon return, even with this knowledge, he was still uneasy, old childhood fears had never completely fled from him, as a result of his mother dying while he was young. Though he would make it through this night, for he was surrounded by the embodiment of his love... his Pokemon....

January 4th, 2008, 4:54 AM
Here we go..

Description :

Name : Indigo Yoshida

Age : 22
Nationality : Japanese
Height : 5'9
Weight : 120
Eyes : Brown with glasses

History :
Hard working young man born into a respected family in Japan. Attended a prestigious university, where studied pokemon evolution before recently being recruited as a scientist for Pristine Eclipse. On the outside many people see him as a typical lab geek, but behind that is a passionate pokemon trainer, willing try anything for something he believes in. He supports PE's work, but that could change after when their true motives are unveiled.

Pokemon :
Eevee ♀
-Given to as an egg by when he was 10, and was Indigo's first pokemon. It's a cheerful companion, but dislikes battles and would rather run around playing. Even though Indigo has a strong interest in evolution, he is reluctant to evolve his Eevee.

Snorlax ♂
-Caught as a young Munchlax who'd found itself wandering into Indigo's home. It's quite mischievous and joyous even after it evolved into Snorlax.

Noctowl ♂
-Recently caught whilst Indigo was walking home from work. Noctowl still hasn't developed a full bond like Indigo's other pokemon, but still gets along with him and seems to like competitive battling.

Guild : Pristine Eclipse

RP example :
Indigo had just finished university and could now look forward to a full time job. He wasn't expecting to go into a high paying job for a large corporation doing exactly what he was studying straight away, but that's how it seemed things were going after that phone call from a Pristine Eclipse executive. He hadn't even heard of the company until then, but that was 3 months ago, and now it's well known worldwide.

January 4th, 2008, 10:15 AM
Name: Sasuga

Age: 15

Height: 1.70m

Gender: Male

Nationality: Japanese

Personality: He seldom gets aggressive, but can get very excited, impulsive and involved in rising situations. Quiet hasty and overruns people; forgets to think sometimes. Sasuga is tough and confident. He is hopeful and optimistic. Has a sense of details. Sometimes he doesn't take things as seriously as he should, but he cares for other people and listens to them (if they manage to draw his attention). He likes to collect things and to be with friends. He is very fond of candy and sometimes people have lost a few goodies by some unknown reason . . . Sasuga likes the feeling of being carefree.

Appearance: His hair is dark brown, almost black and reach down to his shoulders and hangs in front of his face. His narrow eyes are very dark. His face looks pointy and his body looks somewhat thin. Sasuga wears long, wide clothes, maybe a little too large for him.

Background: Sasuga was born outside the city he lives in and has stolen a lot of sweets in his life. He was in an accident once and lost one of his Pokemon, while saving someone else's life. He himself was in coma for some time and had a strange dream. He thinks that he had been in someone else's dream, but has never told anyone. Still remembers the person in his strange dream. Ever since then, something has been haunting his other dreams, but he does not know who or what.


Pokemon 1: Lizardon (female)http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gby006.gif
Description: Quiet small for being a Lizardon, but can breathe powerful flames. Does not act very tough, but is a very loyal Pokemon. Is active and hasty. Very playful and likes company. Can seem to complain sometimes and maybe a little anxious and feels bored. Protects her Trainer at all costs, but lose confidence sometimes. Without friends she will feel very lonely; a very social Pokemon. Sasuga's first Pokemon.

Pokemon 2: Gorounya (male)http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/gby076.gif
Description: A large, but slow golem Pokemon. His attack are very forceful and he has a high endurance. Takes things slowly, not as excited as his Trainer. Does look serious and doesn't look not so friendly. He is not lazy, so he can be very helpful. He's patient, but is also curious. Sasuga's second Pokemon, caught in a cave.

Pokemon 3: Koratta (male)http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/emespr/emespr019.png
Description: Playful and likes to steal candy from people. He is quick and avoids almost any attacks, but is not a strong fighter, so he stays out of battles. Sasuga's third Pokemon, befriended in a forest.

Guild: Wanderer

RP Sample:

Sasuga and his Pokemon left the village to resume their adventure. It was good to be out again. It was a fine day, but there was some tension in the air. Were people always worrying about that what-was-its-name company? Maybe he could join some group and stop the bad people from finding what they were looking for. Not that he and his friends could do much, though. His Pokemon were quiet strong from all the adventures they had had together, but he was just an ordinary Trainer after all. People would not need him.

He went on with Lizardon, the red dragon, Gouronya, the stone-golem, and Koratta, the little mouse. Better enjoy the world as long as it lasts. Who said that company would take over/destroy it anyway? Maybe people just worried a little too much.

January 4th, 2008, 3:49 PM
Name: Bryan Vega

Age: 21

Nationality: British

Hair: Blond
Height: 6'1
Weight: 160 lbs
Eyes: Blue


As a young boy, Bryan harboured an insatiable passion for boxing, taking part in several matches set up by his father against peers of his caliber. The fiery teen crushed every single opponent thrown at him. The routine soon turned stale, the easy wins failed to maintain the excitement of tough-fought battles. Seeking stronger opponents, Bryan urged his father to let him compete against adversaries above his weight-class, and even several years older than him. His father, as supportive as he was of his son's needs, constantly denied his requests, fearing for his safety. But Bryan's passion had turned into an addiction. Lacking the willpower, or desire, to fight it, Bryan signed himself up for a match against the local amateur boxing champion. At 15, he was much too inexperienced to defeat such a formidable foe. He suffered a great loss that day, bloodied and hospitalized, doctors told him he narrowly escaped brain damage from his sever injuries. When his father found out he was furious to say the least. Bryan was banned from boxing ever again, regardless of the situation.

Months later, Bryan made a full recovery, physically he was back to norm, but spiritually he remained unfulfilled. It wasn't long until the itch to box crept back into veins. This time however, the youth would have to discover another method of dealing with his urge, and he did, in Pokémon battling. While the drive and adrenaline of pitting one's Pokémon against another's didn't quite compare to that of being the ring, Bryan found it a sufficient way to pour out his frustrations and unleash his passion for competition. 5 years down the line and not a single boxing incident had occurred. Impressed by this, Bryan's father decided to reward him with a position at Pristine Eclipse, where he had worked for several years. Apparently, the business was on the verge of uncovering something epic and they could use with all the manpower they could get in expectation of the consequences. Upon hearing that the job allowed individuals to use any force necessary to accomplish missions, Bryan accepted his father's offer immediately.


-Makuhita was Bryan's very first pokemon. Strong-willed and powerful, he proved to be a reliable source in battle when called upon. At times, Bryan would have mini boxing, sparring sessions with him.

-Despite his intimidating stature, this machamp is kind-hearted and tries to avoid physical confrontation when possible.

-Bryan remembered her when she was a pidgey, constantly stalking him for reasons beyond his knowledge. He wasn't interested in training flying types so he ignored her, but it seemed the more he did that, the more she grew intrigued by him. Eventually, she would prove herself to him by aiding him in defeating a wide gyarados. After witnessing her great resolve, Bryan finally allowed her to be part of his team.

GUILD : Pristine Eclipse.

-RP Sample-

A knock at the door interrupted Shane's thoughts abruptly. The owner of Mipopo Company looked around the room, slowly returning to Earth, and realising he was in his office. He cleared his throat gruffly before ordering the person on the other end of the door to come in. The door creaked open and a busty brunette in a skirt and stockings walked into his office. She was holding heavily packed file in her arms.

“Mr. Mercantile. I have with me the financial reports for Mipopo Company, including the financial statements for the Mipopo Financial Empire, Mipopo Heavy Industries and the Mipopo Armed Forces.”

If Shane appeared more interested in her body than in what she had to say, it was probably because he was. His eyes explored her figure from head to toe and back again shamelessly. She felt uncomfortable under his scrutiny, and communicated this with a cough.

Shane grinned. Business first then. “I don’t need to read the financial statements to know that we need to cut down on costs.” His diagnosis was based entirely on intuition. “We’ve got too many people here contributing nothing to the business. We need to get rid of the slackers.”

O.G. Duke
January 4th, 2008, 6:53 PM
Name : Axel
Age : 16
Nationality : British
Description :
Hair Colour : Black
Height : 5'7
Weight : 150 Ibs
Eyes: Blue

SALAMENCE was well-trained by Axel when it is only a BAGON.
It always obey Axel's order. He has a strong attack power.

It was strong but it always disobey the order from Axel.
When Axel scold it, it will give Axel a shock and make Axel paralyze.
But he will help Axel when Axel meet something dangerous.

It like Axel very much.
It always protect Axel from enemy.
It has a strong defense.

Axel trained it from a STARLY to STARAPTOR.
It will obey any order from Axel.

Axel get this PICHU from an old lady.
Axel get an egg and he take care of it untill it hatched.
PICHU are naughty but Axel like it very much because of its cute little face.

Axel's parents are rich couple.
His father buy him a shiny BAGON in a high price.
He trained the BAGON well untill it evolved into a SALAMENCE.
Once, he was attacked by a huge SEVIPER when he is training in a forest.
His left arm got bitten by the SEVIPER. His BAGON evolved into SHELLGON to protect Axel.
As a result of the blasting energy that make his BAGON evolved into SHELLGON, he was recruited into REBEL's FINEST.

RP Sample
It was late night. Axel lie on his lonely bed and viewing the beautiful Night Scene through his transparent roof. There is a big moon in the dark sky.

Someone knock the door.

"Are you there?" it was a woman's sound.
"Yes, I am. Mom."Axel replied.

The door opened and a pretty woman came in.
"Axel, I just wanna tell you before you forgot it."the woman said.
"What is it ?"Axel replied again.
"Tomorrow you have to go to Rebel's Finest headquarter you remember?"The woman tell Axel.
"Oh, yeah! I've totally forgot about it! I haven't pack up my things! I'll pack up now."Axel shocked and replied.
"Okay, you should pack them up now, I'll go to bed now. Good night, son!"
The woman said.
"Good night, mom."
The woman get out from the room and closed the door.
Axel start packing those items up...
He picked up a Pokeball and said.
"We are going to start our journey, SALAMENCE..."

January 4th, 2008, 10:11 PM
Name - Conner Briant
Age - 19
Nationality - American
Description - Tall and slender, with rather toned
muscles. He stands about 6 feet tall, and the first thing noticeable about his face is his blue eyes, which match his short shaggy blond hair. He always wears comfortable blue jeans and a black tee shirt that fits him perfectly. His shoes are black with strips of blue that run across the sides. He has a slight ambiance of uncaring and even hostility.

Pokemon -
Conner's Gengar has fought along side him since the beginning, when Conner was just starting his journey and Gengar was still a Gasly. The bond these two share is mystical, almost as if the two's thoughts are connected.
Dragonite has saved Conner more than once from a sticky situation. When it comes to getting things done Dragonite is as obedient and serious as they come. But when off duty, alone with Conner, it turns into a playful lovable giant, unlike the monster it is when serious.
Like most of its species, Alakazam is incredibly wise. It uses its ability to create an illusion of reality when Conner is in trouble, but it takes great focus to maintain the illusion.

History -
Conner was born into The Forces, his father begin the leader. Ever since he was old enough to walk and talk, he was trained and taught the ways of The Forces. Learning mixed martial arts and the secrets of mythical Pokemon. But most importantly, he learned having a personal life was never an option, a lesson his father instilled in him after his mother died when he was seven. He grew up taking orders from his leader, rather than his father. This turned Conner's heart to stone, although he held no resentment to anyone, it was just the out come of his circumstance. Over the years he grew greatly attached to his three Pokemon, and has put all his trust into them.

RP Sample
Conner's eyes were closed, and body was laid out on his hotel rooms bed. But he was not asleep. He thought of his up coming day, an investigation on a Mew sighting. He knew that Mew wouldn't show up in this area, at this time, but protocol was protocol. His eyes opened as his head turned toward the open window. The sky was pitch black except for the glow of red that came from the roof of his hotel and the sight of stars, and at that moment was urged to get up, take his Pokemon, and just run free. He stayed still. It was only an urge, and Conner certainly did not act on urges. He rolled to his other side, so that he wasnt facing the window anymore and closed his eyes once again.

Guild - The Forces

January 4th, 2008, 10:22 PM
I really don't like stories to start out slow, so I'm gonna use Edgar Allan Poe's technique and get right to the action.


Horo Soulfate had already entered a pristine white room, the theme color for Pristine Eclipse. He looked around expecting the usual invitation; an ambush, but this time nothing was waiting for him. The young trainer squinted his eyes trying to make out what one of the signs read, he had to take a few steps closer before the sign made any sense. It read; DO NOT FEED THE MAGIKARPS! Soulfate realized what it meant since a huge tank was just sitting in front of him looking pretty, there was approximately three orange carps and a single black sheep, a golden Magikarp.

"Okay, so I'm in the... Aquarium?" Horo was baffled, he pondered why this out-of-place tank was here for. Once again he looked around to see if there was anything suspicious. The control panel to release the carps were just ahead, so he forwarded. His finger was a button away before he was halted.

Standing near the entrance, there was a Pristine Eclipse scientist, his lab coat ran down up to his knees. He tossed a pokeball and caught it in his hand. "Don't even think about touching that button." He gave Horo a solemn look.

Horo inched his fingers closer to the button waiting for a response from the goon. "And what'll happen if I do?" The trainer questioned.

"Then I'll have to use brute force!" The first move was made, the scientist sent out his first pokemon; a Zangoose. The Zangoose clawed back and forth sharpening his nails, then let out an intimidating pose.

"Let's kick some ass! GO KANYAL!" Horo released his Growlithe.

"GROW!" Kanyal growled trying to scare the Zangoose, but the Zangoose held his ground, and charged head on for the first attack.

The scientist ordered the Zangoose to circle Kanyal and try to back it to a corner. Then he commanded a slash attack. The Zangoose closed in on Kanyal and once again sharpen his claws.

"Kanyal stay on your feet and dodge it!" Horo grit his teeth waiting patiently for his canine to avoid the slash.

Swiftly the Zangoose finally let out a fierce slash attack, hardly missing Kanyal. Kanyal counter attacked with a quick bite attack, landing the hit. The Zangoose let out a shrieking cry.

"Kanyal FLAMETHROWER!" Again Kanyal charged up a scorching blast and shot it straight at the Zangoose. Earlier the Zangoose flinched from the bite attack and couldn't dodge the attack. A direct hit and Zangoose was out. Kanyal gave a victory roar over the lifeless body of the now fainted Zangoose. "Way to go Kanny"

The lab worker took his chance and scurried towards an emergency button, it was labled "Force Evolution." He quickly pushed the button and made his escape. "Have fun swimming HAHAHAHAHAHA!" The scientist dissapeared into the corridors. "Remember, we're known for our super pokemons HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

A large revolving generator above the tank started up. Energy pulsed into. the machine allowing it to charge up for one blast. Horo was stunned and didn't have enough time to halt the generator. The machine shot towards the Magikarps and shattered the glass allowing the water that was contained in the tank to spill. Soulfate had to think fast before the water reached Kanyal. He quickly called back his Growlithe and send out his Blastoise.

"Come out, TERRAKING!" Horo had to quickly grab hold onto Terraking, when he had full grasp, he climbed onto the shell of Terraking. The waves calmed down, and Horo shook off the excess water on himself. He pampered down his face and cleared up his vision. There was a bellowing roar.

"GYAAAAAA-RADOS!" Horo was face to face with 4 Gyradoses.

P.S I am still accepting more RPers.

January 4th, 2008, 10:31 PM
Name - Johannes Li'breciou
Age - 40
Nationality - French
Height - 5'3''
Weight - 142 lbs
A rather small man that always wears a black cloak that covers his face and body. However, he is very muscled, as he has been training for many years since his first defeat as a rebel. Appears cold and unfeeling to outsiders, but he is just like that from a life of isolation and self-determination.
Pokemon you have:

1. Hitmonchan (Male, Serious Nature)
Johannes found his Hitmonchan as a Tyrouge bruised and nearly dead in the middle of a cave, and nursed it back to health himself. It has never left his side, and is willing to protect him to the death. Joined Johannes's party when Johannes was 28, evolved when Johannes was 29.

2. Onix (Male, Adamant Nature)
Johannes discovered this Pokemon one day while, when sparring with his Hitmonchan. He was knocked into this Onix, which then started to attack him. Johannes jumped on its head, where it was unable to hit him, and calmed him down after a while. When the Onix was calm, he told the Onix his story and asked if he would be willing to take part in his party. Onix sometimes like to give itself commands in the moves it uses, and Johannes find him hard to control. Joined Johannes's party when Johannes was 32.

3. Golbat (Female, Hasty Nature)
As a Zubat, she started to follow Johannes around because she knew he always had extra food after his meals. This Zubat would fly down and eat many meals while Johannes had his back turned. However, one day, Zubat decided to take a risk and go while he was looking. He immediately ordered his Hitmonchan to subdue the Zubat, but Zubat proved too fast even for his Hitmonchan. Johannes was impressed, and so ordered his Hitmonchan to cease the attacks. He offered Zubat food every day, and so gained its trust. Eventually it allowed Johannes to be its trainer. Joined Johannes's party when Johannes was 32, evolved when Johannes was 36.

History - Johannes was 16 when the Heartbeat was found, and he was also one of the first to try and incite a revolution against the Pristine Eclipse. When it was first discovered, Johannes realized the immense power that no mortal could wield without dominating over all others, and very unsuccessfully led a small ragtag army of about 100 trainers against the Pristine Eclipse. He was the only trainer to survive the counter-rebellion, and not one of the Pokemon used in the rebellion escaped: many were slaughtered, most were captured. Johannes has since then been living by himself in the mountains, which is where he found and trained with his Pokemon. Recently, he heard a rumor through a Hiker that there was a rebellion being formed against the Pristine Eclipse once again, and is determined to not let the Heartbeat take over the world.

Guild: Rebel's Finest

January 4th, 2008, 11:23 PM
"Did I miss the party?" Celia would have been drenched underwater, but she had hold of Cheryl, giving her temporary transparency. Horo acknowledged Celia's presence. "I'll take on these two!" The lass tried to crab hold of the red Gyrados and one of the blue one's attention. The two Gyrados finally gave in and swam towards Celia.

"Stay safe Celia!" Horo shouted.

The dark themed girl gave a small nod to alert Horo that she also wished him best of luck. The two Gyrados were thrashing about, and charged for her. The two trainers were in the Gyrados's domain; the open water.

"So it's two on two huh?" Celia called forth her Rotom and Mismagius, Cheryl had to stay back and keep Celia transparent. "Plassia let out a welcoming thunderbolt!"

"ROTOM!" Plassia charged up and electrical energy. It took time for it to be shot out.

"TORRIE GUARD PLASSIA!" Mismagius circled around the Rotom and casted a barrier. The Gyrados tackled hard onto the barrier, but just hurting itself from it's self recoil. The Mismagius then quickly retaliated with a deadly shadow ball attack.

The Gyrados were still raging and also let out a devastating Hyper Beam. The red Gyrados's beam clashed with Torrie's shadow ball, they were both equal in force. At that instance, Plassia shot her fully charged Thunderbolt towards the blue Gyrados's beam. The thunderbolt The sea serpent went crashing onto the building's wall cracking it and also allowing the excess water to escape. Torrie's shadow ball was still equally matched with the red Gyrados's beam. With the water gone, Cheryl let go of Celia's hand and also aided Torrie with her own shadow ball. The two balls obliterated the hyper beam knocking out the shiny Gyrados.

O.G. Duke
January 5th, 2008, 12:17 AM
"Is that Celia?" Axel was riding on his STARAPTOR, passed by.
He saw the whole incident.
"I shall help them! Hold on, Celia!" STARAPTOR fly downwards.
"Go! SALAMENCE!!"Axel threw a pokeball and his Salamence flew out from the pokeball.
"Salamence, use Fire Blast!!" Axel shouted!

January 5th, 2008, 8:27 AM
The fire blast landed the final blow to put the Gyradoses to a rest. But there were still 2 other Gyradoses that haven't been touched yet, and they seem to have charged for Horo. The Gyrados were in rage, it didn't seem like they would calm down, so Horo had to take action. The water level had already decreased, so he put Terraking, his Blastoise in battle. Horo took out his pokeball and readied himself to release his Crobat.

"Come out and get some air, GO Dreadwing!" The purple bat zoomed out and was ready for battle. Instantly the Gyradoses started to let out a wave of twisters, they were easily dodged by Dreadwing for his marvelous speed, but Terraking had trouble dodging them. "Stay on your feet and keep moving Terraking! Those are some twisters." The blue reptile tried his best to dodge the hits, but one of the twisters actually got to him.

"BLAH!" Terraking quickly withdrew to his shell to endure the hit, the twister knocked him around a bit, and also threw him around against the other twisters.

"Dreadwing, quick and use whirlwind to counter the twisters!" A roar of wind was created, Dreadwing launched it towards the twisters and they soon faded. The Gyrados wasted no time and quickly shot out a powerful hyper beam. Dreadwing once again dodged it, but it seemed if Terraking couldn't. "Terraking show em' what we got! Mirror Coat!" Terraking fortified himself with a magical aura, the hyper beam hit incredibly hard, but was quickly reflected back onto the Gyrados. The Gyrados fell onto the other one crashing both of them onto the hard concrete wall. They regained their stamina again, and charged for a physical melee hit. Oh no... They're using thrash, this is going to be ugly Soulfate ordered Blastoise to use skull bash, and his Crobat to use brave bird. The four Pokemons charged for each other.

O.G. Duke
January 5th, 2008, 5:09 PM
"Its the time!"Axel shouted.
"Go, ELECTIVIRE !!" Axel threw a pokeball and an ELECTIVIRE summoned.
ELECTIVIRE used a thunderbolt to attack one of the GYARADOS.
"This should help that guy!"
"Celia, Horo ! Leave the water, use any FLYING Pokemon! I'm going to use THUNDER!"
Axel shouted again.

January 6th, 2008, 2:31 AM
"NOT NOW!" Horo feared that the electrical bolts would rage wrecklessly and strike his Crobat. "Charge head on Dreadwing!" Dreadwing forced a brave bird and clashed with the Gyarados. "Terraking don't hold back!" Terraking was in motion and finally hit the Gyarados with a smashing headbutt. The four pokemons were equal in strength and none could push against the threshold.

[OOC @ OmegaGroudon sorry for this small character control ;)]

Axel saw a loop hole, they were equal in power, then why not use physics against them? When one force is stronger it will push against the weaker force, forcing them to thrust forward. "Horo!" Axel yelled. "Command your party to redirect, I'll strike once the Gyarados lose control from the sudden change in direction, just make sure you grab hold of your Crobat!"

Horo followed Axel's directions. "Redirect Dreadwing! And Terraking, counter the thunder attack forth to the Gyaradoses!" Dreadwing made a U-turn and Horo quickly caught on to his legs, Terraking withdrew into his shell and created a magical barrier. The two Gyarados, as expected thrusted forward smashing their heads onto the floor, while they were dazed, Axel's Electivire shot out a thunder attack towards the Blastoise. The mirror coat redirect the beam to the Gyaradoses and finally ended their rampage.

January 6th, 2008, 3:01 AM
Celia saw that the Gyaradoses were weakened and knocked out. It was the perfect chance to obtain one, she took out a pokeball and chucked it at the red Gyarados. The ball let out a red light and vacumed the red Gyarados into itself. The threw heros waited patiently watching to see if the Gyarados would stuggle itself out. One shake, two shake, three shake...

There was a flashback, and Celia remebered it like it was yesterday. She had gone to an aquarium and saw the elegent serpent dancing in the water. It was then, when she knew she wanted a Gyarados.

Time slowed down, and sweat presperated downt he cheeks of Celia. Four shakes. The ball lost the red light and confirmed the capture of the Gyarados.

"YES!" Celia jumped joyfully. "It's funny how we can turn this bad situation with the raging beast, into a good one by have one to aid our side." She smiled and gave Horo and Axel a smirk. "From now on, you will be called Twister." She spoke to the pokeball thinking her newly obtained pokemon would hear it.

January 6th, 2008, 7:47 AM
'Stupid @#!$ leg' Johannes muttered as he struggled to go through the hole blasted in the wall by the other rebels. 'I wish old age wouldn't catch up to me just yet.' He struggled into the hole and saw a door that had water seeping under it.
'This is where they said they were going.... should we go in?' Johannes asked his Hitmonchan. He seemed unsure. However, Golbat was ramming into the door, eager to jump into the fight that was heard raging beyond.
The wall suddenly cracked, and water was spewed right into Johannes, knocking him back out of the building. His Hitmonchan was lying next to him, but his Golbat came back and nuzzled up against him.
'No really, I'm alright. I didn't expect it to be easy to infiltrate this infernal place.' He brought out his Onix and leaped on top of it, as did his Hitmonchan. As they looked through the hole in the wall, they saw 3 fainted Gyarados with three members of the Rebel's Finest looking triumphant. 'I missed it all, didn't I?' Johannes asked with a frown on his face.

January 6th, 2008, 7:46 PM
(OOC: Hey are you guys accepting any more RPers? I read all the in-character posts so I know where you're up to)

January 6th, 2008, 7:58 PM
Horo leered into Johannes's eyes, he didn't bother to answer his question not from rudeness, but from the intensity of the battle. He needed to take a breathe. The young trainer looked at both Celia and Johannes, "Another 100 floors to go," Horo said sarcastically, "Let's get going guys." The trio left the room.

The flight of stairs were just an eyesight away, but just the very thought of 100 more floors, demoralized the trio. Each step was heavy for Horo, but they finally moved on to floor 2. "Johannes do me a favor, next encounter with a Pristine, lemme sit out on it." Horo laughed.

Down the corridor, there was one room visible, and the border frame of the entrance stood out because of it's difference in color. The four rebels slowly walked up to the door, and waited for anything to happen.

[OOC Character controling Celia]

"At three we kick down the door, awright guys?" Celia prepared for the count down. "One..." Celia saw a sweat leak down the cheeks of Horo, "Two..."

The door suddenly barged open, there stood a well fit bouncer, he had his arms crossed. He whispered, "Three."

Looking pass the guard, Horo sneaked a peek, there was a Nidoking, Nidoqueen, and a Rhydon ready to fight.

@ Geckoriot, of course, the more the better. :)

January 6th, 2008, 8:24 PM
Hey!! Can I still join?

If so...

Name: W. Brent Lee
Age: 18
Nationality: Asian
Description: Pokemon Scientist
Height: 5.5
Weight: 50 lbs.
Eyes: Brown


-Calm & quiet, Xander looks is mysterious.
-He's W.'s 1st pokemon.
-W's best friend.

-Extremely unusual(4x bigger than commom Flygons).
-Very energetic.
-Likes to fly around, inducing sandstorms.

-Quiet shy to humans but very protective with W.
-Likes to swim around in estuaries, showing of her beauty.

-Powerful in Defence
-Since he's now Duskmoir he had no noticable personality.

-Valiant and loyal to W. from the day W. befriended him.
-Can read the Aura of it's surroundings, Pokemon and Humans alike.
-Can talk to W. through telepathy.

-very naughty
-likes it coooooool.......

History: Born in a mountainous region, W. is highly unusual for a mountain-born child. He is very ambitious in the sense that he is reckless enough to study in a Pokemon university. He always know if he is in a right track, that's why he's able to graduate with high marks. He's now a well known scientist and he's currently studying astronomy.

RP Sample:

'Nothing unusual around here' W. sighed as he peered through his telescope. W. has been doing that for 2 hours nonstop every evening in the past 5 months. The purpose? To find comet and name it himself. 'So far this evening is just the same evening for 5 months!' he grumbled. Eric heard him, replying 'Why woundn't you just give up? Join the ranks of a Champion & exploring the world?'...

So the story begins...


January 6th, 2008, 8:37 PM
Johannes was ready the moment the door opened. He immediately got into a battle stance and threw a Pokeball between the bouncer's legs. [OOC Post at Hiro, arent there 4 of us? u, me,Celia, Axel?]
'You two take on the big Nidorans! I got this sonofab!@%$.' Johannes dove under the bouncer's legs with surprising agility and swung at him, to no avail. The bouncer grinned, menacingly and aimed a kick at Johannes. However, Hitmonchan grabbed the bouncer's foot and threw him against the wall.

'Rhyhorn, use your Rock Blast against these fools!' the bouncer shouted. Rhyhorn immediately starting smashing rocks with its head, sending them flying towards Hitmonchan. Hitmonchan dodged one and then another with surprising grace. However, another huge rock came flying towards Hitmonchan. 'Look out Hitmonchan!' Johannes shouted. 'Use a Mega Punch!' Hitmonchan powered up its fist and landed a heavy blow on the rock, shattering it to pieces.

'Is that the best you've got?' the bouncer laughed. 'Nidoking, Nidoqueen, use your Earth Power!' Nidoqueen and Nidoking sent a shockwave towards the Rebels that had climbed into the room, and they prepared their Pokemon. However, Johannes had eyes only for the Rhyhorn. 'Now, Hitmonchan! Use your Sky Uppercut!' Hitmonchan ran towards the Rhyhorn and launched it into the air with an earth-shattering blow.

'You don't even know what you're dealing with!' the bouncer shouted as he tossed a serum to the Rhyhorn, who, upon drinking it, instantly evolved into a Rhydon. 'Ready a Horn Drill, Rhydon!' Rhydon started spinning his horn faster and faster, and suddenly lept at Hitmonchan.

January 6th, 2008, 8:55 PM
Suddendly out of nowhere, someone had thrown a great ball.

"Go! Kate!". A Milotic appeared! Rhydon have been distracted because of it's beauty, stopping on it's tracks!

"What the?"cried the surprised bouncer.

The voice again said "Now flush him down with a Hydropump!" A powerful jet of water hit the Rhydon with full power, fainting it.

"Are you all right?" said the mysterious person to Johhanes. Then he faced the bouncer. "No one should claim that Heartbeat! It must be elimated or all of you will be annihilated! I will fight for the cause of all pokemon and humans alike! GO! Xander! use your Shadow Slash at Nidoqueen, Kate! Hyperbeam on Nidoking!" Quick as a flash, an Absol hit Nioqueen directly with it's dark blade, fainting her, the Hyperbeam that Milotic set send a massive effect on Nidoking which also fainted.

"W-Who are you?! Answer me!!" cried the surprised bouncer.

"Who am I? I'm Proff. W., pokemon scientist. Now you will pay for your crime once and for all!" W. exclaimed.

January 7th, 2008, 3:41 AM
In a large control room, several floors above all the needless commotion, a group of men clad in uniform sat at their stations, watching the battles ensuing on monitors streaming footage from hidden security cameras placed throughout the building. One man, tall, draped in a long flowing cape, with a thick broadsword strapped onto his back, circled the room casually, looking over the workers’ shoulders at what their monitors were showing. His presence was overwhelming, jittering the nerves of employees as he walked passed them. They prayed silently that the recent break-in had not outraged him; he was not beyond throwing anything at walls when he was fired up, even men.

For the moment, everything seemed fine, despite the thousands of dollars worth of damage being done to the building, Bryan Vega appeared to be calm, unbothered by any of it. He walked towards one of the monitors, watching closely with arms crossed above his chest. “Fools,” he smirked at the screen, as if believing the troublemakers could hear him. “You have no idea what you’re doing, do you?” He watched as the intruders defeated the pokémon and stationed guards on the first floor, making quick work of the gyarados, albeit some of the company’s weakest pokémon, it would still take some effort to crush them in battle like they had; whoever these menaces were, he had to admit they weren’t amateurs. However, they were still far away from being worth his time.

“You must be members of the Rebel’s Finest,” he continued to speak to the screen. “Who else would barge in on little to no evidence to what’s really going on? I know your type. You act on emotion and your false ideals of righteousness, paying the facts no attention. There’s no way you’re getting your hands on the Heartbeat.” The world may not trust Pristine Eclipse’s intentions with the powerful ornament, but would a group of impulsive vigilantes really be any better? Vega doubted it. He ground his teeth as he watched one of the company’s Nidoking get cut down. He had good mind to go down there and exterminate the whole lot of them right there and then. His hand gripped one the pokéballs strapped to his belt, his fingers stroking the metal smoothly while his mind contemplated the decision.

As satisfying as beating them down to the ground sounded, he knew it would be foolish to change the course of the plan now, besides, the infiltrators were still at least fifty floors beneath them. By the time they reached this floor, he and the rest of the employees would be out of there. He took his hand away from the pokéball and ran it through his blond hair.

“Becker!” He shouted to one of the men, whom responded by spilling his cup of coffee before letting out the words “yes sir” in a stuttering voice. “How much farther are we? I’m getting tired of this place. And these mediocre Pokémon Battles are hardly entertaining.”

Becker looked at his screen, filled with several numbers racing about, complex diagrams and what appeared to be a download bar. He assimilated all the information quickly, and then turned back to the intimidating figure. “Twenty minutes, sir! Give or take…”

Vega nodded, confidently. No problem. He knew that the pokémon and guards would become stronger and stronger as the group moved up floors, there was no way they could reach them in time, and even if by some miracle they did, they’d be worn out and still have him and thirty more employees with their own pokémon to deal with.

“Well, might as well enjoy the show while we’re here,” he said, throwing himself into a chair and looking back at the monitors. “Oh and Becker, clean up that mess you made…”

“Y-y-yes, sir!”

January 7th, 2008, 6:40 AM
NAME Caitlin AKA "Skatey" Cooper
AGE 16
NATIONALITY Australian (Caucasian; travelling)

Height: 4'9
Weight: 107
Eyes: Sparkly, hazel-to-green, masked by a pair of purple-framed square glasses
Hair: Freshly dyed, jet black with a dark blue sheen in the sunlight
Outfit: (subject to change) A black t-shirt emblazoned with some band-related graphic, a white hoodie speckled with tiny cartoon rainbows, a red tartan mini skirt, blue Cons and a plaid messenger bag

Personality: "Skatey" (as she is commonly referred to by friends and family) has been described as something of a cynic and on occasion, as "witty". She isn't overtly sociable though likes company and tends to jabber on about any old thing in an endearing but usually failing attempt to be funny. She loves her Pokemon dearly and has formed an almost familial bond with them.
History: She had a fairly average upbringing, happy family, etc. Oddly, they didn't have any Pokemon. But due to her idolizing of famous trainers from a young age, she received an Eevee on her 13th birthday and was sent to trainer school.
The most traumatic thing she has had to endure so far was the death of her beloved Eevee, who was savaged beyond recognition by a rogue Croconaw during a sparring match.
Following this, she dropped out of school but soon after fatefully met a listless Poochyena who she instantly bonded with. A year or so later, she begun her career as a trainer with this Poochyena she had regrettably nicknamed Poochy.

Her plight has been fairly successful so far, but due to a disappointing loss in a recent league tournament, she is taking a break from competitive battling to concentrate on her role in an organization called the Wanderers, who've become caught up in the "Heartbeat" controversy.


Poochy the Mightyena - the aforementioned Poochyena who has since evolved.
Poochy is a garrish, extravagant Mightyena who walks with an arrogant sort of a swagger.
She could be accused of being much too full-of-herself for a member of such a common yet unpopular species.
Despite the obvious drawbacks of being a Mightyena, she is surprisingly powerful and actively seeks to protect Skatey, one of the many reasons she likes to stay out of her Pokeball --
of course, this is also because she doesn't actually have one. Having never been formally captured, she basically just trails alongside Skatey, her only mark of ownership being a pink scraf tied around her neck.

Apollo the Houndoom - a bit of a dark horse, a definite self-declared outcast. He is often angry and seems dissatisfied with everything. He is a very passionate soul however, about Skatey and the other Pokemon, and is occasionally joyful and content with himself whenever he has just helped accomplish a big victory.
Skatey first encountered him in a Safari Zone, and has been told by a man working there that he and Poochy were members of the same "pack" within the Safari Zone prior to Skatey meeting either of them. It was for this reason she decided to catch him.
Consequently, he often travels outside of his Pokeball and is evidently romantically inclined towards Poochy

Wurlitzer the Dragonite - undoubtedly the most maternal member of the unit, her excessive babying (i.e., incessant displays motherly love, for example hugging...) of the unit is rarely openly appreciated. Due to her humanoid build, she often assists Skatey with various chores from helping to cook to bathing the other Pokemon.
'Course, she was once a relatively useless Dratini Skatey received as a gift from a friend living in Kanto, but she persevered and managed to evolve her into what has become both the powerhouse component of her team and what she affectionately calls her "pilot", often ferrying her and Poochy around and about the sky.

RP Sample/actual post relevant to this RP...
Skatey skidded down a corridor and raced out into the room, avoiding the pile of fainted Pokemon, and managing to slide gracefully to a halt behind a member of her team she knew at this stage only as Prof. W.
Poochy suddenly appeared at the doorway, glanced miserably down at the passed out Pokemon, and up at Skatey, waggling her tail uncertainly.
"It's okay girl, the coast's clear!" Skatey hissed in a strained whisper. Poochy then trotted eloquently towards her trainer and parked her backside neatly at Skatey's feet, eyeing off the other people in the room.
The girl looked up at Brent and quietly proceeded to ask in amidst all the chaos, "Soo you took care of things all by yourself, yeah?" in an almost humiliated tone, before glancing briefly around the room to greet the eyes of various other people. Most of them - due to their lack of aggression - she assumed could be considered allies.

January 7th, 2008, 8:49 AM
Sasuga found Koratta hidden behind a bush. He removed his dark hair from his face as he crouched down beside his scared, little friend. The little mouse looked happily up at the Trainer and felt much safer now. And he was, because the bad guys were gone.

"Have you seen our other friends?" Sasuga asked and felt worried about Lizardon and Gorounya. He watched as Koratta shook his little head in understanding. Sasuga bit his lip and thought for a moment. He and his friends had been attacked by three strangers and when Sasuga had been defeated they had tried to take his Pokemon. Koratta, who was small and quick, had been able to escape and hide. The other Pokemon had been taken while Sasuga was threatened by the enemies' Pocket Monsters. He wished they had had a chance to escape their captors, but he doubted it.

Koratta went a little closer and looked sorry up at him. The mouse was also anxious. None of the knew what was happening to the others now.

"We have to get them back," Sasuga said without doubt. "We have to rescue the others." He wanted to run the way the strangers had gone, but he had to slow himself down. He was not ready to fight again. He would have to be careful. "Don't worry, Koratta. We can do this." Of course they could. Why not?

Koratta hopped onto his shoulder as Sasuga followed the road where the Pokemon thieves had gone. They were no ordinary Pokemon thieves, though. Had they stolen his Pokemon just for fun or had they really need for them? Sooner or later he would find out.

Later, he thought that he had lost track of them. He felt a little lost until he saw a large building, probably seven stories tall or something like that. If his friends hadn't been in danger he would never have gone that way, but now he had to. He felt Koratta shivering on his left shoulder. They both had to be brave now.

January 7th, 2008, 7:58 PM
[OOC Character controlling Johannes]

"Hey! Thanks!" cried the exasperated Johannes.

"Nah, don't mention it" replied W.

"You have defeated my pets but, not all of them! Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Go! Rhyperior! Tyranitar! Aggron!" shouted the bouncer.

All at once, three highly armored Pokemon came out of their pokeballs growling with rage.

"Now my pets how 'bout we give a Hyperbeam all at once!" cried the bouncer.

The Rebels gasped. They know 3 hyperbeams is enough to blast them to kingdom come.
[OOC character controlling Celia]
"What the? All of you! Get out of here!" Celia cried out.

"Out! Dusky! Use Safeguard quickly! You too, Kate!" Both pokemons began emanating a green glow before the deadly beams hit their mark. Triumphant, the bouncer bounced for joy but as he saw the Rebels still safe, unscathed, he screamed with rage.

"Now it's my turn. Go! Gale! Eric!" W. called on. A Glaceon and a Lucario came out of the pokeballs, prepared for a fight.

"Hey you lot! Get going!" shouted W. to the Rebels as they ascended up to the staircases. "I'll handle this fool". As they went out, Johannes called out "Thanks!"

"Who are you calling a fool?! Now get ready to be crushed! Rhyperior! Rock Wrecker!" Rhyperior began shooting huge rocks at them, but Eric and Gale's speed enabled them to dodge easily. "Tyranitar! Hyperbeam!" Tyranitar began charging it's power. "Let's finish this! Once and for all! Gale! Blizzard!" W. cried. The room began turning into a torrent of ice and snow, freezing the 3 pokemon with Tyranitar still charging it's Hyperbeam along with the bouncer. "Eric! Aura Sphere on each of them!" One by one, three illuminating balls of energy hit their targets fainting the monster pokemons.

"Piece of cake! Well done all of you! Now take a rest." W. aimed the pokeballs at their owners returning them. "And as for you my friend" talking to the frozen bouncer. "You will remain like that until a said so" Then quickly he left the room, catching up with the others.

January 7th, 2008, 10:47 PM
OOC: Right now so everyone doesn't get confused, the team consist of:

Horo - liberating building
Celia - liberating building
Sasuga - just entering building
Bryan - waiting for the rebels to climb to the top
Axel - liberating building
Johannes Li'breciou - liberating building
Prof W - liberating building
Skatey - liberating building

Horo waited for the team to regroup, a team of one had quickly grown to an ally of many. The room was a wreck from the intense battle, Horo glanced around the room looking for the next flight of stairs. It was strange, in this particular room there were no captured or tested pokemons in sight, this room was just filled with generators. Not a single pokemon in sight, what could such a room be created for?

"This is strange... We're like in the movies," Horo said trying to add a little humor since everyone was tensed up, "It's way too quiet." There was a long and peircing ring that irritated Soulfate's ears.

[OOC controling Celia]

"Is it just me or do any of you guys hear this... this..." Celia couldn't find the right word. "Screechy noise?"

[OOC controling Prof W]

The professor was well educated about pokemons, and their characteristics. "This is no screech.... It's a shockwave," he informed his party, "Something big is coming."

[OOC back to Horo]

There was a terrible gust of wind, and an eerie auroma filled the atmosphere. "This is bad, I just felt a chill down my spine..." Horo braced himself. "Everyone expect the unexpected, send out your strongest pokemons." When Horo summoned his Blastoise, the rest of his teamates followed and sent out their most trusted pokemons. Blastoise tensed up and seemed uneasy, he felt an evil energy, so did the rest of the pokemons.

"Blah..." Terraking erected his cannons and loaded up a Hydro Pump.

"Calm down Terra..." Horo ordered Terraking to cease.

Then it happened, the generators overloaded with power and seemed to have injected an enormous amount of energy to the floors above. There was a blackout, but it quickly followed with side lights lighting up.

[OOC Controling Sasuga (I made your char catch up cos there's gonna be a twist in direction)]

"There was a lot of fainted pokemons." Sasuga laughed, and waited for a welcome from his allies, but he recieved none. "Guys?"

[Back to Horo]

"Shhhh... Somethings gonna happen..." They waited.

"BLAH!" Terraking roared loudly, he suddenly starts searching the room frantically as if something was there. Without being given the order, he started to shoot Hydro Pump blindly.

"TERRAKING! STOP!" Terraking made sure he didn't hit any of his comrades. But it wasn't only Terraking going mad, all the rest of the pokemons started to shoot blindly too.

[OOC controling all comrads]

Celia was surprised, Cheryl usually was obediant, but not this time. "CHERYL STOP THIS AT ONCE!" The Gengar didn't.

Wurlitzer, Skatey's Dragonite raged with ly Hyper Beams, they were destroying the room in no times waste. "END THIS NOW!" Skatey demanded Wurlitzer, but still it was no use, none of the pokemons listened. Was this an act of insanity, or were they trying to protect their trainers from an unknown danger?

Suddendly all of the pokemons stop like nothing has happened, they waited quietly. "What was the meaning of all this Terra?" Horo questioned.

"Leave... Now..." An unknown voice was heard. "While you have the chance... Leave or regret you didn't..." A very dark and shady figure appeared from the floor, he had one eye visible and ghastly white shoulders that seem to deteriorate away into nothing.

Prof W. Quickly was astonished, he was left speechless, "That's... That's... DARKRAI! EVERYONE DO NOT GET HIT BY HIS MOVE CALLED DARK VOID!" The scientist embraced his Dusknoir, "Everyone gather!" The crew did as they were told. "Dusky... Trick Room NOW!" Time slowed down, only the ones that had hold of Dusky were of normal speed. "Everyone escape now, this only last a few seconds! That is Darkrai, he will easily obliterate us..."
Everyone started to run, the Darkrai was frozen in place, his movements were so minimal, it seemed as if he was a statue.

"Do as your told, everyone retreat!" Horo ordered.

Then the tables turned. Darkrai broke free of the spell, and everything went black...

January 9th, 2008, 10:08 PM
Johannes woke up, or did he? He couldn't tell if he was really awake, it was so dark. 'Am I dead? Did he come back for me?' Johannes thought. He tried to move his arms, but they were chained to the wall. He tried to move his legs, but they were chained as well. 'What can I do?' he thought. 'I have failed and now I will be punished.'

The air temperature drastically got colder and a cold light shone from far away. Johannes looked around, but could see that he was alone. No one was there but himself... Why he been alone? Where was everyone else? 'What do you want from me!' Johannes yelled at the light.

'I warned you last time to leave, you didn't listen, you didn't listen, but now it's over anyway... it's all over' a hurried voice muttered.
'Who are you, what are you talking about!' Johannes cried. 'Where are my allies? My Pokemon?'
'You never had... Pokemon....' the voice murmered. Suddenly, with a piercing cry, it shouted 'TIME TO SLEEP, GO TO SLEEP, WE ALL SLEEP, SLEEP FOREVER, AND EVER, UNTIL THERE IS NO MORE! HYPNOSIS!'
Johannes closed his eyes, realizing he might never open them again. He could only pray that the others were safe... his allies... his Pokemon... everyone he loved.
As his eyes closed, he caught a glimpse of a Gengar and a Hypno coming towards him, and barely heard the strange voice tell the Pokemon that they could feast for however long they wanted to feast on his dreams, for he was nothing... And with that thought, Johannes drifted into sleep.

January 10th, 2008, 2:35 AM
Sasuga remembered that he had been in a coma once. Maybe he was that now as well. There had been someone in his dreams. Or had he been in someone else's dream? Now, it felt as though he was nothing but a part of someone else's dreams. He tried to remind himself that he had an own life, but it was so far away now. But what was he doing here?

He realised that Koratta was not with him any more. None of his friends were with him. Not even the other Trainers he had met in the building. As he thought back of the last moment in the real world he saw a dark shadow. Had the world been destroyed? Was this the void where the world ended? If the world was gone, why was he still alive? Why this nothingness? What was he supposed to do? He stayed where he was, afraid to wander lost in the darkness.

Then he saw someone. He was not alone, but who was that? Who are you? he asked and waited for an answer to be given back to him. Instead he began to sense the presence of approaching danger.

January 10th, 2008, 1:28 PM
Why is everything dark? Last thing I remebered... Time slowed down and we almost escaped, but... but what happened? Horo's eyes eased open, and all he saw was light. He propped himself up and checked if he was all in one piece. Again, the light pierced Horo's eyes, and he squinted to shade his vision. He lost his balance and fell. The floor had magically diminished and Horo was falling into a never ending pit, but a hand grabbed him, but who's hand was it? It felt so warm, and caring. The bright light hid the shady hand and Horo couldn't make out the character. Mother?

[OOC Celia]

"Grab hold!" Celia's pulled Horo up from the infinite pit. As he was jerked up, he broke free from the enigmatic limbo he was in.

"MOTHER!" Horo awakened up in sweat. It wasn't his mother that saved him, it was Celia. "How..."

"Shhh... No time to talk, we gotta split. Remeber Cheryl can dreamwalk." Celia winked at Horo. She quickly ran to her other allies and did the same procedure, each of them waking up exactly like Horo did, confused and scared.

Horo wondered where the Darkrai went, he looked around the room, and there he saw Darkrai, but confused. It seemed that Cheryl had used confused ray on thier enemy. The dark pokemon was dark voids at the wall and seemed in a confused state. No wonder Celia ordered them to quickly retreat.

January 10th, 2008, 5:48 PM
'Uh......Ow, my head' W. groaned as he struggled to stand up. The last thing he remembered that Darkrai used his Dark Void to make everything black. He wondered why Darkrai was here in the first place.

[OOC character controlling Cellia]

As he was wondering, he saw the Darkrai, looking silly. "Proffessor, we gotta get out here fast!" Celia said hurriedly. "Wait, Go! Gale!". Still struggling to get up, "Freeze Darkrai at once! Blizzard!" In a few seconds Darkrai plus the room froze. "For extra precautions." When he was able to walk, he looked back, "Hmmmm....". He knew the ice won't last forever. "We better hurry".

January 10th, 2008, 7:17 PM
[OOC lol everyone controlin' my char tee hee]

The crew left in a hurry out the room into the previous rooms before. Still in the room lied the fainted pokemons, that the team had taken out. The stairs were a view away, and once down the stairs the entrance would be in view.

"Wow, and I thought we were doin' great until that Darkrai showed up." Celia said still running. "We'll need to find a new plan, that Darkrai was easily frozen, but got every single one of us, who knows what crazy super pokemons they have in store for us."

[OOC controling Skatey]

"Thats true." Skatey was still rubbing her head, she still had a headache from the Dark Void. "Then that just means that we need to strengthen up." The entrance was finally a footstep away. The rebels reached their goal, outside, but still they only got pass the first 2 floors, and who knows how many floors the building has, the shadow of the skyscrapper towered over all of them. "You know, I never took the time to see how big this corporation was..."

[OOC back to Celia]

"What to do now Horo?" She glanced at Horo for the next order.

January 10th, 2008, 9:25 PM
Skatey blinked her eyes open weakly and vaguely oriented herself with her surroundings. "Jesus. That was weird. I had this dream, where I was like, on a bodyboard... and then it turned into a tortoise with fangs, and ate me!" she said in a clearly distresed tone to an equally disturbed-looking Poochy. "And now my head hurts..." she added in a soft whimper.

She snapped back into the urgency of the situation she and her comrades were in when her fellow Wanderer commanded his Glaceon to launch a Blizzard at the offending Pokemon, a Darkrai, who despite his inanimate state instantly terrified her in the manner of a spider falling on your head as soon as she laid eyes on him. "Gah!" she yelped and quickly leapt to her feet, gliding across the iced-over tiles to Prof W. "S-say the word and we're out of here!" she said with a nervous half-smile. Poochy remained at the site where the pair had been pulled out of a potentially lethal sleep, snarling menacingly at the already subdued Darkrai. "Poochy!" Skatey hissed, "come here!"
But her Mightyena defiantly remained, her strong black claws digging in to the ice as she continued to growl.

January 11th, 2008, 12:52 AM
Sasuga had never time to see what it was, and he was glad for that. Suddenly he was taken out of the dream and found himself in the building again. It was time to escape, but was confused and did not know where to run. He tried to follow the others, but in his quiet drowsy and dizzy state he slipped on the ice from the Blizzard technique. Koratta looked anxiously at him as he tried to get up without falling again. Sasuga couldn't stop himself from smiling when he saw his little friend. The mouse ran after the others and the Trainer followed. I have to find my other Pokemon. They must be here somewhere in the building. But now they had to get away from the dark Pokemon, before it defrosted.

Sasuga could still remember the person in his dream, but not exactly what the person looked like. He wished he knew who it was, but there was not time to think about that now. Maybe one day he would find out.

January 11th, 2008, 6:35 PM
Walking back and forth across the room, W. pondered on how that Darkrai got in there.

As he was thinking, he heard muffling sounds. It was the bouncer, still frozen.

"Will you keep quiet!! I was thinking on how..." he paused. 'Maybe he could be of help, but can we take the risk?'. "Eric we need your assistance!" The Lucario said(through telepathy of course)'What can I do now?'

"Break that ice that keep that man frozen"

'But master, will you take the risk?'

"Nah... we might able to get some imformation out of him" W. said defiantly. After a few seconds the blue sphere Eric charged hit the ice. W. suddendly grab hold of the pale bouncer, sneering at them.
[OOC character contolling Horo]
"What's going on? " Horo shouted as the team heard a explosion inside. The bouncer still sneered at them. "You can't get near that thing near at you? Heh, heh, heh..."

"Tell me now, is there another way to access to the next floor without encountering that, that thing?! Answer me!" Horo shouted. "Why should I?! Huh?????!!!!!!" the bouncer shouted back, still pale as ever.
[OOc character contolling Celia]

"Because you have to... Ceryl hypnotize him" Celia said slowly.

In the matter of seconds, the bouncer is in hypnosis.

"Now tell me, how to access the next floor without endangering ourselves" W. said.

"Uh... uh?? What? Oh, there is a secret entrance, right next with the door with the, the codes. Just unlock the right combinations and your done..." the bouncer droned. Then he fell asleep.

W. shook him, "What is the combinations?" The bouncer droned on the combinations then he fell into deep sleep again.

After Johannes tied him up, W. unlocked the combinations, and then a secret door appeared next to the door in which W. unlocked. "It leads to a Spiral staircase, a small one." W. observed.

"Right then! Let's go!" Horo said.

January 12th, 2008, 3:51 AM
The sudden appearance of Darkrai had come unexpected even to Vega, but more surprising, was that the defiant gang of young trainers had succeeded in disabling such a formidable force, quite a pointy thorn in the side they were turning out to be. Nonetheless, Darkrai was going to pay for the consequences of its failure, and the same judgement was to be passed on to all the bouncers that proved useless. He would see to that personally if need be. It still got passed him how an extremely wealthy company like Pristine Eclipse could recruit so much inadequate help. He sighed.

Vega had no time to worry about those things however. There should’ve been only one thing at the top of his priority list - obtaining all the data they needed from the company’s database, then making a swift exit. Remembering the main objective of the mission, the blond-haired man turned to one of the scientists still typing away at the keyboard furiously. “Becker, how much longer?”

“A little more than five minutes, sir.” As expected, his response came with a hefty dose of hesitance.

“Sir!” Another employee suddenly jumped from his seat, an urgent sense of desperation spilling into his voice. “I think you need to come and take a look at this.”

What now? Vega grumbled. He was directed to the events playing out on one of the monitors. His eyes widened at what he was seeing on the screen. “But how did they…” The question trailed off into silence. It appeared the delinquents had somehow found their way to the spiral staircase. This unexpected chain of events had the potential of jeopardizing the success of the mission. Vega balled a fist in one hand, grunting irritably.

“What do we do, sir?”

It was time to think quickly, something he was fortunate enough to be able to accomplish. According to Becker, all they needed was five more minutes, in essence, what they needed was something to delay the intruders for that long. Vega surveyed the room, pointing out five of the employees at random. “You, you, you, you, and you! Get out there and keep those brats busy.”

The men nodded in response simultaneously. Armed with their pokéballs, they made their way down the staircase to intercept the kids. “Hopefully, you can actually do something right for once!” Vega spat. There was one more thing he needed to set into place. He picked out one more employee. “Hey you, whatever your name is, I’ve got a really important mission for you…”

January 12th, 2008, 1:53 PM
(Sorry I haven't been involved yet...)

Sydren stood silently in the shadow of the skyscraper, unable to take his eyes off of the pristine white building. All that kept him from losing himself completely in its beauty was Ralts, who was now sitting on his shoulders.

Sydren was at battle with himself...

...I can't get involved....

......But I have to get involved...

..They don't need you......

........You heard the yelling.......

......I haven't heard anything since the radio died.....

...But they could have been captured.....

......They all have powerful Pokemon......


He was suddenly jolted from his inner arguing by the sound of the radio shocking back to life, "....Horo here.... Sydren... You there?", it sputtered out staticly.

Sydren immediately snatched up his small radio, almost throwing Ralts from his perch, "Where have you been! I haven't heard from you since you went in, what's happening?"

"... Nothing.... We'll explain when we're finished.... We need your help with something....."

"I'll do anything to help!"

".......We need you to.... destroy the generator in the basement, so we can go further undetected....."

"Okay, I'll do my best." Sydren said with a confidence he didn't have.

"..Thanks Sydren.... have to........ radio's... dead.... later....."

Sydren nodded and watched as the flashing red light of the radio faded, eventually shutting off. After putting the radio back he turned back to the skyscraper, trying to come up with a plan.

January 14th, 2008, 8:30 PM
The generators by now were demolished due to overheating. The Darkrai had finally defrosted, but he was in no sight. There was puddle leading to the next room foresighting that he had retreated back into the upper floors.

"If we get hit with another Dark Void, who knows what'll happen, we were just lucky Cheryl wasn't hit with it." Horo examined the floor and felt the puddle, it was warm meaning he didn't defrost due to time, but from another force's help. "Who knows what other surprises awaits us." The team followed up stairs, and the room was empty and big, it looked as if it were an arena set up for training or battling.

[OOC Sasuga]

"This room is definiatley out of place in this building, wonder what it's for..." Sasuga stayed close to his teamates and waited for something to happen. There was a big solid metal gate in front of them, it looked as if it led to the next destination. The doors opened, and five trainers rushed in.

[OOC back to Horo]

"We got company..." Horo wasted no time and already send out Terraking and Dreadwing.


Summary till now

-The rebels infiltrated the building
-They defeated Zangoose
-Mad scientist force evolution to 4 magikarps
-The 4 Gyarados were defeated
-Celia caught a red Gyarados
-Team fought the Bouncer
-Bouncer is defeated
-Darkrai appears and induces a Dark Void
-Celia's Gengar saves them
-Rebel's Finest retreat
-Rebel's Finest regroups and renters P.E
-Rebel's Finest finds secret passage and advances
-Rebel's Finest confronts 5 P.E trainers


January 15th, 2008, 5:40 PM
''Damn it! Another mosquito in our sight!'' W. said angrily.
[OOC Horo]

"Direct your attention to one of each trainer!" said Horo. This will be a one on one battle. So, W. battled with the particularly fat trainer.

"Ha, ha! You can never defeat me!"said the fatso. So he send out his Licklicky and Luxray.
"Fear me!" he cried, belly bouncing like a bowl of raspberry jam.

"He'll never know what will hit him" he muttered, "Go! Gerald! Dusky!". A Flygon came out along with the Dusknoir.

"Dusky! Soul collect(a made up move)! Gerald defend Dusky!"

January 15th, 2008, 6:51 PM
An Espeon and and Umbreon appeared in front of Johannes, slowly materializing from the Pokeballs from whence they came. "You should have never come in here, you know," a tall man with dark glasses muttered. "You are overstepping your boundaries..."

"You are the ones who overstepped the boundaries when you captured the Heartbeat for yourself! Do you plan on dooming us all! You must think before making such rash acts of power!" Johannes cried to the man in glasses. "You are all misguided! Please think about what this could do to the world!"

"Oh, I have," the man replied, "and that is why I joined the Pristine Eclipse. Such power..... such overwhelming power!" And with a cry, he ordered his Umbreon to Faint Attack the Golbat flying around Johannes's head. Umbreon dissapeared into the shadows and cried a horrible cry, causing the Golbat to angrily charge into the darkness. Suddenly, a screech was heard, and Golbat came skidding back towards Johannes, claw marks all over its face.

"Get back up, Golbat, and hit him with an Air Cutter!" Johannes told his Golbat. With a shriek she dove at Umbreon, suddenly stopping and slashing her wings at Umbreon, which caused a whiplike shot of air that connected with Umbreon solidly. Umbreon somersaulted backwards, but shook it off, and started to come forward again.

"Now, Hitmonchan! While it is off-balance! Hit it with a Mach Punch, into a Sky Uppercut!" As Hitmonchan leaped at the Umbreon, the man clicked his tongue impatiently.

"Oh, that won't do at all. Espeon! Stop it in its tracks with a Psybeam!" The jewel atop Espeon's head started to glow, and suddenly a beam of swirling colors shot quickly towards Hitmonchan, knocking it off its feet.

"You son of a b****!" Johannes yelled. "You do NOT know what you've just done!"
"Actually, it looks like I've hurt your Hitmonchan," the man replied. "Pretty badly, in fact."
"You will suffer for the suffering you've caused! Golbat! Shadow Ball the Espeon, now!" Golbat cried with glee and shot a dark blob out of its mouth.
"You dodge that, Espeon, and use your Future Sight!"

Espeon leaped above the dark ball, closed its eyes, and started to purr.
Johannes laughed. "What is that technique? Not much, apparently. You didn't even attack!" Johannes chuckled at his foe's stupidity. "Now, Hitmonchan, do what we were doing last time! Mach Punch to Sky Uppercut!"
"Umbreon, leap away and use Confuse Ray!" the glasses man shouted. But the quick punch connected with Umbreon, and before it could retaliate it was launched into the ceiling by an impressive upwards motion of Hitmonchan's powerful arms.
"While it's in the air, Golbat! Brave Bird!" Golbat quickly flew under the Umbreon, and as it was falling Golbat rushed towards it with lightning speed. They crashed together, and Umbreon flew back into the ceiling while Golbat crashed into the ground. The Umbreon fell hard onto the ground and moaned softly. "Um.....bre......onnnnnnnnn." It whispered as it fainted. Golbat flew up and started crying with excitement at its successful knock-out.

"I do not like you," the man said to Johannes as he returned his Umbreon. "Espeon, shut up that bat with your Future Sight, now!" Espeon was already on top of Golbat, as it had been taking aim as soon as Golbat got up. It fired a bright ray of psychic energy right in front of where Golbat was flying in its excitement.
"Watch out Golbat! Turn around!" But it was too late. As Golbat tried to turn around, it got caught in the energy and plummeted to the ground, unable to fly anymore. "Golbat! What! Get up and use Brave Bird!" Johannes shouted. "USE BRAVE BIRD!"
[OOC controllin the professor]
"It's not getting up, calm down and swat these mosquitos down!" Proffesor W. yelled to Johannes before returning to his own battle.

"You were brave anyway," Johannes muttered to his Golbat before returning it.

"And now its down to this... an Espeon verses a Hitmonchan," the tall glasses man said. "This will end quickly. Use Psychic, now!"
"Hitmonchan, do not let this hit take you down! Use Endure, now!" Johannes hollered to his Pokemon.
"Hitmon! CHAN!" the Hitmonchan cried as it braced for the hit. A wave of psychic energy burst out of Espeon and slammed into Hitmonchan, knocking it down to the ground. The tall man started laughing, thinking that he had won. "You fool, fighting with such brute force will never be able to fight against my Espeon!"
"Then I guess it is a good thing I don't only fight with brute force," Johannes stated calmly. "Now go get some Revenge!"
The Hitmonchan leaped on its feet and flew towards the Espeon, knocking it to the ground with a series of punches not visible to the human eye. "Quickly, while you're in the fray, use your Close Combat and destroy this Espeon!" Hitmonchan screamed with delight as it tackled Espeon to the ground, pummeling it over and over.

"Espeon, get him off with a blast of your Psychic!" the man shouted in terror at the sight of his beautiful Espeon being beaten to a pulp by this man's Hitmonchan. Espeon started to focus its energies, but a strong punch to the Espeon's jewel knocked it out. "AAAAAAAAAGH MY ESPEON! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" the man cried in despair!
"Well," Johannes explained, "it seems that I've beaten all your Pokemon. And now for you! Hitmonchan! Make sure he doesn't escape!" Hitmonchan punched the man twice, once in the stomach and once in the head, knocking him out quickly.

"You did really well, Hitmonchan!" Johannes told his favorite Pokemon. "You were stronger than I've ever seen you be. Well done!" Johannes sprayed his Pokemon with a Max Potion, and returned it to its Pokeball.
"Well, I've got my trainer, how about you guys?" Johannes shouted to everyone.

January 15th, 2008, 7:59 PM
Horo clenched his fist and prepared for a battle. He leered into the eyes of his opponent. The woman introduced herself as Prisilla, she was accompanied by a Swampert and a Staraptor. The two titans roared at Horo and his pokemons trying to intimidate them, but they stood their grounds.

"Terraking, Dreadwing, the opponents look tough, so don't underestimate them..." Terraking and Dreadwing nodded in aknowledgment. "Prepare yourselves." Prisilla stared Horo down, and finally threw down an order.

"Swampert, tackle attack now!" The Swampert charged at Terraking at high velocity. Terraking quickly braced himself. Prisilla watched in enjoyment.

"Terraking counter it with your own tackle!" Horo ordered Terraking.

"BLAH!" Terraking advanced forth and locked his hands with Swamperts. They both were equal in power but Swampert had a little more thrust thank Terraking and managed to flip him over. The Blastoise got back up on his feet instantly and was ordered to shoot a high pressure Hydro Pump. His cannons ejected out and targeted the Swampert, it loaded and blasted.

Prisilla was amazed at how fast the Blastoise had recovered from his fall. "Swampert dodge it." Swampert swayed to his left, but wasn't fast enough and had his right portion of his body blasted and was rocketed towards the solid door. "Staraptor assisst Swampert!" Prisilla's Staraptor flew next to Swampert and helped him up.

"Terra don't celebrate yet! Dreadwing use Hypnosis!" Dreadwing focused his eyes onto the Staraptor waiting for him to peer back into his eyes, but the Staraptor quickly showed his resistance to the Hypnosis and flew forth to Dreadwing. "Dreadwing watch out!" The Staraptor was now next to Dreadwing.

"Staraptor! BRAVE BIRD!" Prisilla's Staraptor charged with full impact and had a direct hit to Dreadwing sending him to the ground. "One more hit like that and your Crobat won't see daylight." She smirked.

"Dreadwing!" It was too late to regret his orders, he had to come up with another tactic. "Terraking blow them away with another Hydro Pump!" The two cannons locked onto both opponents and shot out another high pressure blast. The Staraptor easily dodged it, but the Swampert seemed like he was up for another beating.

The blast hit Swampert directly, but he was still standing. Horo saw the fluke he had just made, by targeting two different pokemons his Hydro Pump was weaker and was easily retaliated with a Water Gun attack made by the Swampert.

"Swampert use Earthquake with full force!" Dreadwing hadn't recovered from his fall, the Earthquake hit both Terraking and Dreadwing. Dreadwing had enough and couldn't get up. "What an amature, your Crobat was pathetic."

Horo was furious. "You take that back!" This was dangerous, Dreadwing was wiped out and Staraptor itself wasn't even injured yet. Horo had only one pokemon left, his Growlithe which was still the baby of his team. This is bad, Kanyal (Growlithe) doesn't have enough experience to fight yet, but what can I do? Horo had to send him out to at least aid Terraking. "Kanyal," Horo paused and hesitated, "Aid Terraking!" The little canine growled in anger of her fallen comrade. Horo wasted no time.

"HAHAHAH! A puny Growlithe?" Prisilla laughed hysterically and ordered her Swampert to do another Earthquake.

"Kanyal leap in the air and dodge it! Terraking counter it with Earthquake!" Terraking created his own Earthquake and matched the Swamperts. Kanyal jumped and avoided the attack. She was still int he air when Staraptor charged at her. "Kanyal, use Fire Blast!" Kanyal whipped up a flaring blast and targeted the Staraptor, the Staraptor barely dodged it and got his left wing burned.

January 17th, 2008, 11:16 AM
Sasuga stood ready for what was to come. He was face to face with an enemy who revealed a Monster Ball in his hand. It was time to battle, but Sasuga's only Pokemon was Koratta. He was not sure if the little mouse could do this alone, but all his other Pokemon were lost. Koratta was weaker than the others. The only thing Koratta could do would be to use his speed and evasion and maybe trick the opponent in some way. Wat would be the outcome of this battle? Don't worry . . . he told himself. He hasn't sent out his Pokemon yet . . . He doubted it would be a weak one though.

With a confident expression on his face, the other Trainer threw the ball and it opened as it landed on the floor. Out came a red, winged lizard, spitting flames angrily. Sasuga knew the Pokemon at once. It's my Lizardon! With a single command from the enemy, Lizardon breathed a flame emission at Sasuga and Koratta.

The boy threw himself aside and Koratta avoided it, too, landing on the floor ready to fight. The little Pokemon stood in front of Lizardon, knowing that it was an old friend, but would not let her hurt anyone.

"Lizardon!" Sasuga yelled and got up from the floor.

As Lizardon breathed a ray of fire once again toward Koratta, Sasuga threw himself into the battle. He wasn't going to let his two friends fight. Whatever the enemies had done to Lizardon it was not the Pokemon's fault. In his attemot to stop the battle, Sasuga was burned by the flames and landed on the floor again. Koratta was afraid, but leaped forward for a lightning speed attack.

"Koratta!" Sasuga tried to get up, but it hurt so much. He was too hurt, but he wanted to help his friends.

"Kill the rat!" The enemy Trainer ordered the flying lizard. Sasuga's Fire-Type Pokemon slashed at the smaller creature, trying to tear him apart with the sharp claws. The attack missed however, which seemed to anger the Trainer. Instead, the manipulated Lizardon turned around and gave the Koratta a smash with the tail. The mouse flew and landed on Sasuga.

"Koratta . . ." His little friend was weak. The strike had been too much for him.

"What're you gonna do now?" his opponent asked. "You don't have any more Pokemon?" He sounded sure of that. "Then I will just see that this Lizardon sends you away from this world!"

Lizardon stepped forward, ready to send away yet another Kaen Housha, flame emission, at Sasuga and Koratta.

"Lizardon, no! It's me, Sasuga."

"Koratta!" the smaller Pokemon said.

The dragon-like Pokemon seemed to hesitate in her attack. The Trainer behind urged her on, but nothing seemed to happen. She was fighting Sasuga after all and wasn't Sasuga her Trainer, her best friend? It made no sense. Yet, there was a strong force from somewhere, telling her to go on. Telling her to destroy these meaningless beings. A force too strong to resist. Lizardon resumed her attack and that was all it would take . . .

The flame Pokemon was suddenly struck by a large rock and fell to the side. The fire she was going to release from her mouth became nothing but smoke and a few useless sparks.

"What is that Pokemon doing here?" the Trainer, or Pokemon thief or whatever he was, said. "Who let the Gorounya out here?!"

"Gorounya!" Sasuga could see that it was another of his Pokemon. The golem Pokemon gave the lizard a tackle and the fire attack that returned was a miss. Lizardon had been struck by surprise. There was chances of Gorounya winning this battle.

Lizardon used the claws, but the rock Pokemon took little damage from such attacks. Another body blow brougth the tired lizard down. The Trainer saw this and escaped as fast as he could.

Sasuga managed to get up and reach the defeated Pokemon. He laid his hand genlty on her long neck and she opened her eyes and looked at him. Sasuga . . . she thought. Whatever spell that had been upon her it was gone now.

January 17th, 2008, 3:10 PM
Sydren ran up the stairs, not caring that Horo had told him to leave once the generators were destroyed, he knew things would only get worse the higher they went. He didn't know what floor they were on, so he just ran.

Eventually he had to stop and catch his breath, and sighed, "Man these rebels sure are extreme..." he said to no one in particular as he beheld the destruction in the room next to him. He then resumed his race upward.

As he reached yet another floor, probably the fifth or sixth he thought, Ralts, still riding his shoulders, cried out. Sydren suddenly stopped, not knowing what was wrong, "What is it Ralts?" Ralts then pointed toward the stairs, and Sydren saw that a large section had been knocked out, he had almost ran down a hole...

"How will I get past this?"

"You won't" a voice from a nearby room said.

"We're here to stop you...."

Sydren then turned to see two large men approaching, Pokeballs in hand.

January 17th, 2008, 11:56 PM
"I don't know what you're doing here, miss," a low masculine voice hissed. Skatey froze and spun around, staring into the face of a sleazy old grunt.
"But I think you and that pretty little mongrel would do better in the contest arena." he said, snorting arrogantly. An indignant Poochy roared forward, her mane bristling defencively, her pearly white fangs bared menacingly.
She didn't look quite so pleasant after this enraged transformation; and the intimidated grunt - yet to send out his Pokemon - was surprised by her might, stumbling backwards and just barely managing to avoid tripping over his own feet.

"Poochy! Bite him!" Skatey yelled with a mischievous grin. Poochy readied herself and leapt towards the man, but, bearing a smug smirk, he pegged an Ultraball straight at her that collided with the side of her head, sending her crashing into the tiled floor. "Poochy!" Skatey whimpered. But as soon as she hit the ground, she bounced back up onto her 4 feet and braced herself for the monster that was about to materialize in front of her and her trainer.

The ball opened, a broad white flash forming the outline of a Snorlax. The Snorlax's stubby legs were struggling under its immense belly weight, and it overbalanced, landing painfully on its backside and causing a light tremor. "LAAAAX--" it murmured through a wind pressure-altering yawn.
Both trainer and Pokemon were taken aback;

"Snowlax?" Skatey muttered, confused, and looked up bewildered at the grunt. "I'm sorry but... this just isn't very formidable at all." she added.
The man laughed arrogantly, folding his arms behind his head.

"Come on then girly, let's see you put a dent in my Snorlax." Skatey raised a brow. Despite herself, she had to admit, this would be a challenge. She couldn't expect her lightweight duo of dogs who knew mostly physical attacks to cause much impact, but she had to save face; if she switched to Dragonite, it would look pathetic.
"First, let's see if you can get that thing off it's arse." she countered aggressively.
Again, the man laughed.

"Come on then Snorlax, use Rollout!" The Snorlax rolled onto its stomach... and then came tumbling towards Poochy, each revolution causing the floorboards to rattle.

"God, this is useless." Skatey muttered, rolling her eyes. "Poochy! Just... attack it. Do something. Ahh! Get up close," she instructed vaguely, waving her hand dismissively. She trusted Poochy's instincts when it came to dealing with a much-too-slow opponent such as this.
Poochy waited until the Snorlax was again on it's back, face turned upwards, before leaping up onto its belly. Skatey's eyes lit up.

"Genius! Okay quickly now, CRUNCH!" she cheered, and watched as Poochy's fangs connecting with the sleeping beast's soft flesh. It roared in pain as her sharp canines pierced the skin, but it rolled over again, effectively performing a Body Slam on the poor old girl.

"AHH! Get off it before you suffocate her with your flab!" Skatey cried, rushing over.

"May I remind you princess, this is a POKEMON battle..." the grunt spat. "Snorlax, remove yourself from that mutt. And then... slam it again." he said, and with his hostile blue eyes staring directly at Skatey from beneath the bill of his black cap, winked.
Skatey coughed.

"This, is not an act of cowardice. But... I cannot see this going anywhere unless..." she trailed off, embarrassed. "Poochy! Return," she said and Poochy - her bones aching and mane tangled unattractively - slunk shamefully back behind her trainer's legs and sat down innocently. "Good girl, we make the best of what we got and that's all we can do, right?" she smiled, petting her on the head.

The grunt sighed begrudgingly; he briefly considered sicing his Snorlax at both the returned Pokemon and her obnoxious trainer, but as he was eyeing her off distastefully, she trifled around in her bag and eventually pulled out a Pokeball, and hurled it toward's the Snorlax's stomach.

"Wurlitzer! Let's fight fat with fat," she laughed daftly and an enormous Dragonite appeared in the makeshift arena. "Alright my curvy darling!" Skatey said - excitedly, for she always felt rather empowered when she got the chance to use the wickedly powerful dragon - "use OUTRAGE!" The Dragonite's crystalline green eyes squeezed tightly closed and she summoned up a powerful red aura of energy, before hurling her entire mass into once again, the Snorlax's belly (it was kinda hard to avoid). The Snorlax recoiled in agony and Skatey smiled triumphantly, though it was obviously not enough to bring it down. "Rinse and re-peat," she murmured.

The grunt was appalled by this sudden figurative exchanging of "the upperhand", and called out "SNORLAX! Headbutt!" A collision, came the result of this command. Two enormously weighty Pokemon stumbling as fast as their short little legs could carry them into eachother's heads. The Snorlax managed to avoid a head-on with Wurlitzer's horn, lodging his fat cranium into her neck, but the energy from Outrage she was putting out was enough to depelete his HP completely.

"Timberrr!" Skatey called jokingly, as it smashed into the ground one last time. Unfortunately, Wurlitzer was badly injured and flipped onto her back, skidding painfully along the tiles until she was just a few feet away from Skatey.

"My beautiful Wurlitzer!" she cried, horrified, and rushed towards her, petting the soft orange scales along her arm. "You monster!" she snarled before returning her to her Pokeball. She glared at the grunt, but he was pre-occupied with abusing his downed Snorlax...
"Argh get up you useless doughnut!" he screamed. Skatey stormed as intimidatingly as a tiny adolescent female can possibly manage towards him. Poochy marched ahead, snarling, ready to attack.

"You better get Lardlad out of here right now, or Poochy and my Houndoom are gonna have to take out outside." Skatey growled through gritted teeth. The grunt returned Snorlax, but shrugged the little girl's miserable threat off, laughing accusingly.

"Whatever, little miss," he chuckled. "You may've felled my Snorlax, but you better hope none of my associates bother to take you on," he said in a sarcastic sort of tone, swaggering away, back to whence he came from.

"GRR!" a frustrated Skatey stamped her feet on the ground. "What a di******!" Poochy - quietly amused by Skatey's little display of insecurity issues - nuzzled the girl's leg affectionately.

January 18th, 2008, 5:22 AM
“Ninety-eight … ninety-nine … a hundred percent! It’s complete!” A gleeful Becker announced. The download had finally run its course.

“About time,” said Vega. “At least one thing is going according to plan.”

The door swung open and in came a scientist panting heavily. He looked like he’d just ran a marathon. Vega recognized him immediately. He was the same man he’d dispatched on a specific mission, a very crucial one to their escape. A failure here would've carried dire consequences, not just for them, but the entire company as well. Vega regarded him with cold eyes.

“You better have good news. Did you do what I asked of you?”

The scientist caught his breath. A mischievous grin snaked its way to his lips. “Yes. Mission accomplished successfully. I’ve placed the explosives in every floor I could gain access to.”

“Brilliant.” Vega smiled, legitimately pleased for the first time that day. “Okay everyone, pack up everything of importance and prepare to evacuate. Becker, initiate the detonation sequence. We’ve got everything we need from this facility and now we shall make our elegant exit. Remember gentlemen, leave no trace behind. This place is going to be blown to kingdom come just to be certain. It is time we show those annoying kids who they’re dealing with. None of them are going to make it out of here alive.” A throaty laugh erupted from his vocal chords.

However, Becker lacked the mad man’s enthusiasm. Beads of sweat adorned his brow. “But sir, what about our men? Dozens of them are still in the building. Not to mention our pokémon, all our experiments! They’ll get blown to-”

“Does it look like I’m concerned about that?” He cut off the man’s plea bitterly. “The very men and pokémon you speak of failed to neutralize a bunch of inexperienced teenagers. This leads me to question their value to this company. Pristine Eclipse makes no room for failures and certainly doesn't accept any excuses. Now, start the self-destruct sequence! And that’s an order.”

The lowly man saw no other option. Reluctantly, he turned back to his desk and began typing away at the keyboard. Meanwhile, the rest of the employees scrambled to get all the vital equipment packed away. Bryan Vega stood with arms crossed staring at one of the monitors. Hopefully, this would be the last time he ever had to look at those pests.

“Engine’s fired up, sir! The chopper’s ready for takeoff,” informed a bearded man as the information was fed to him via his earpiece.

Vega continued to stare at the monitor for a while as if he hadn’t heard the message. “Damn, it feels good to be the big boss around here.” He then proceeded to a secluded elevator at the back of the room, destined for the rooftop.

“SELF-DESTRUCTION SEQUENCE ACTIVATED. FIVE MINUTES TO DETONATION. ALL PERSONAL ARE ADVISED TO EVACUATE THE PREMISES IMMEDIATELY.” A feminine computer voice aired the caution to every room in the building. Red lights began to flash in concurrence with the alarm that was set off.

Becker and the rest of the crew hurried into the elevator, carrying bags holding only the irreplaceable equipment. Within seconds, the control room had been left vacant. The elevator doors closed and the lift began its climb to the rooftop where emergency helicopters awaited.

Meanwhile, the countdown continued.


January 18th, 2008, 6:28 PM
The Staraptor fell to the cold hard ground, in the focal point of the two Earthquake attacks. With such magnitude, the Staraptor wasn't able to recover back to his feet, all he could do was flutter pointlessly on the ground, there wasn't enough thrust to get him back on air. Prisilla had two options, allow Terraking's Earthquake to overpower hers so Staraptor can get back up, or let Staraptor perish. It wasn't a hard decision, Staraptor was already wounded badly and she had no use of him.

"You pathetic so called Pokemon," The Staraptor was still pointlessly twitching on the floor, it was exhausted from the Earthquakes and the intense magnitudes, he was weak and had no energy left, all he can do was try and endure the hit, "Stay there, that is your punishment." Prisilla heartlessly left her Pokemon on the floor suffering while the two titans kept on with their quakes. "I guess I'll have to end this... I choose you, Hippowdon!" A massive pokemon came out, it's impact on the ground equalized the two Earthquakes.

How cold hearted is she? She left her own Staraptor defensless... Horo thought, Pristine Eclipse really don't care about the pokemons that fight for them. It was no time to feel sympathy for Prisilla's pokemons, he had to think fast, "Kanyal I want you to flare up another Fire Blast!" The little canine bursted out another searing fire towards the Hippowdon.

"Reject the Fire Blast, Swampert!" Swampert shot out a mudshot to take out the fire. "Once again, use a Take Down!" The Swampert charged forth towards Kanyal, Kanyal was exhausted and had no energy to dodge the move.

"Kanyal, dodge it!" The small dog tried to dodge it, but physics tell that Swampert was moving in a fast pace and Kanyal didn't have enough speed to avoid it. Without a command, Terraking tucked his head in and prepared for an uncalled Skullbash attack. He drew up speed and reached terminal velocity in just a few steps, what had given him the adrenaline to create such speed? It was Kanyal, Terraking's baby sister.

The Blastoise hit directly on the side of the Swampert, knocking both of them on the ground, Kanyal was safe. Terraking and Swampert were both knocked out from the impact. Swampert fainted.

"Another useless being!" Prisilla was now angered, how could Swampert have fainted? Terraking was severly injured, and Prisilla ordered a Giga Impact from her Hippowdon. 'Hippowdon finish off that Blastoise with a Giga Impact!" Suprisingly, the sluggish Pokemon was able to execute such a powerful move on Terraking knocking him out.

"Reture Terraking!" Horo called him back, "You did well..." But now Kanyal will have to solo this Hippowdon... Horo thought. Kanyal gave Horo a suspicious look, and then she barked. "Kanayal..." The Growlithe pointed towards his bag where he carried his Fire Stone. "Kanayal..." Horo said once again. "You... Your ready?"

"GROW!" Kanayal gave an acknowledging bark. Horo knew what to do, he took out his Fire Stone and shone it on Kanayal.

"What?" Prisilla finally had a worried look on her face, the Growlithe was about to evolve. "NO! Hippowdon prevent this, and use EARTHQUAKE!"

"POWDON!" The heavyset Pokemon bounded up in the air and was about to collide onto the floor, but a Hydro Pump was shot mysteriously. Hippowdon crashed onto the wall. Prisilla traced back where the Hydro Pump was shot. She was stunned. "SWAMPERT! YOU IMBICILE!" The already weakened Swampert gave his last energy to prevent Hippowdon from interfering with Kanyal evolution.

"Swa...mpert..." Swampert grinned, and laid himself to rest, it was the last thing he can do to an ungrateful master.

The evolution was complete, Kanayal stood majestically and let out an intimidating howl. "ARRRRRRRRR-CANINE!" She stared down here opponent with new and replenished moral, and once again gave out a challenging cry. Horo was happy to see this day, the day Kanyal chose to evolve.

"Hahahaha, Prisilla seems like your time is % Kanyal give it your strongest FLARE BLITZ!" Kanyal reached her maximum velocity with a quick Extreme Speed, she rendered threw the air and flared up with imense fires surrounding her body. "END IT NOW!" Kanyal tackled down the Hippowdon sending him, once again flying towards the otherside of the room, Hippowdon fainted.

The Ill-Fated One
January 18th, 2008, 6:31 PM
Name: Drake Gemini

Age: 17

Nationality: American

Description: Drake stands approximately 5'11, and weighs in at 150 lbs. The young man has hazel eyes and dirty blond hair that falls just above his eyes. Often times, Drake is seen wearing a grey or white hoodie and blue jeans. Though normally calm, collected, and serious, the trainer has been known to be rather friendly and outgoing given that he is shown atleast some degree of respect. Drake is obsessed with mythology, and as such, has taken to studying legends and protecting them.

Pokemons you have:

Embry- a Charmander that, despite its size and evolutionary status, is incredibly powerful. The tiny lizard has held off foes far greater in size and evolutionary status than himself. Despite his immense strength however, Embry is rather kind and compassionate.

Shimmer- an Umbreon that possesses an interesting personality and phenomenal intelect. Shimmer is Drake's tactician, able to induce various status conditions with abilities such as Confuse Ray and Toxic.

Reign- an arrogant Garchomp, and Drake's powerhouse. With moves like Swords Dance and Dragon Claw, Reign is a force to be reckoned with.

Cast- a rather silly Slowbro. Cast is Drake's wall, used to stall opponents with moves like Substitute and Slack Off.

Warrik- a mischievous Weavile, and Drake's pinch-hitter. Warrik's aim in battles is to get in and deal some damage and get out of the action as soon as possible.

Spite- a mean-spirited Spiritomb (no pun intended). Spite is a harsh and annoying opponent to his foes. Not only does Spite have access to the same status-inducing moves as Shimmer, but also the walling capabilities of Cast. However, the ghost-Poke'mon is lacking on the offensive end.

History- Drake was born in America, and became a skilled trainer at a young age. The young man has always had an interest in mythology, which led him to study lengendary Poke'mon. Drake's battle prowess allowed him entry into "The Force," a group that protects the legends he holds so dear. The species that most fascinate the young man are Dialga and Palkia, due to their relations to space and time. However, the trainer recently vanished from his studies. None know where he's gone, but Drake left a note upon his books. "Something's wrong... All the Poke'mon I've come into contact with recently have been acting strangely. I'm leaving to investigate. I fear the legendary Poke'mon may be in danger," was all it said.

RP Sample- (This also serves as a prelude to Drake's entrance, but took place near the end of the events I listed in the History section of his profile, and as such occured before the beginning of the story) "Paras, Paras!" a small group of Poke'mon cried out. Each and everyone was a Paras, a strange group of grub-like Poke'mon with mushrooms growing on their backs. Drake had been watching them for quite a while now, and only grew more and more concerned. All of the Paras grew more and more disoriented, and gradually even dillusional. Something was going horribly wrong... If it were just the Paras though, the legendary protector wouldn't have been so concerned. Many other species, ranging from Gible to Mareep were all acting strangely. Did that new company that had sprouted up have something to do with it? Unable to wait any longer, Drake decided to find out for himself.

February 3rd, 2008, 4:51 PM
Sydren smiled as he watched the two bouncers approach with their Pokeballs. "Go Hitmonchan!" yelled one, the other yelled, "Go Arbok!". Sydren reached above his head and picked up Ralts, "You ready Ralts?"


"Okay then, go!" Sydren flung Ralts toward the enemy, "PSYCHIC!" As the words left his mouth Ralts let forth a burst of psychic energy, the energy was so powerful that it seemingly made the walls disappear, and he was given a glimpse of a nearby room.

He saw that there was a strange device with a timer on it ticking away, 4:03, 4:02, 4:01, it was explosives! He watched as his opponents Pokemon fell forward exhausted, and were recalled to their Pokeballs. "You might want to leave, this building's gonna blow in about 4 minutes..." he stated matter-of-factly. The two looked at each other momentarily, then fled down the stairs. "Now to warn Horo and the others," Sydren said as he brought up his radio.



"Horo, oh please don't be out of power."

"Horo, I need you to pick up."