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January 3rd, 2008, 9:46 PM
Heartbeat PG-13 (Thanks Double 7)
Written by Horo


In the beginning there was a void, it was everything and nothing. In this dimensional rift, two entities appeared. No one knew where they came from or what they were, but they were considered omnipotent to the deities of space and time. Even stronger than the creature that shaped our universe with its thousand hands, they came to be called, Azurion the Creator, and Malrith the Destroyer. These entities, somewhere along the timeline decided to create life, thus Arceus the creature of one thousand hands was born.

Quick to work, Arceus crafted a universe and in the universe was a galaxy, pin pointing closer, in the galaxy there was a planet called; Earth. Azurion became bored with the idea of only one living being, so he populated Earth with creatures we now call Pokemon, and superior in mind; the humans. But these beings did not move nor age, some important law was missing, Azurion could not figure it out. Azurion's peer in power soon realized the missing piece, mortal beings needed space to move, and time to age.

This is when Palkia God of Space, and Dialga God of Time were created. With these two power plants, Earth soon started to evolve. But because of Malrith's ability to destroy, time aged people, and space became territorial hatred. Time soon put the Azurion and Malrith into deep slumbers that may last for milleniums, so without the overseers, Palkia and Dialga waged war against each other. These two deities had powerful orbs that gave out imense energy, maybe infinite too, they used it to cleansing their wounds after each fight. The war lasted for centuries until it came to a stop when Arceus paid a visit to Earth's galaxy. Arceus put the two gods in seperate dimensions hoping it would end the pointless war, but only time can tell. Before they were seperated, Arceus destroyed the orbs to make sure war like this would never happen again.

Thousands of years had passed and technology improved. A terrible machine was created called the Armada, it worked like a radar, and seeked out objects that gave out energy. Soon after the Armada lead the humans to the exact site where the two gods were seperated. Strangely the Armada overloaded and was destroyed, this gave the scientist the idea that something powerful was underneath these rocks...

A fragments of the orb was found, this ord was soon called; The Heartbeat. The scientist pondered about the energy it was giving off, one small sample can power up the strongest machine for days. With this new information out, the orb was quickly stolen. No one had any idea who stole it, only one hint, the creation of the Pristine Eclipse, the quickest growing company, it grew in a month's notice. This company created super machines, weapons of mass destruction, and even super Pokemons.

The full potential of the fragment has not been tapped yet, but if it was to be discovered, the world will fall into a dictatorship. With a company out like the Pristine Eclipse, the world will not be safe, someone has to stand up and create a rebellion to the only suspect; Pristine Eclipse.

Chapter One

Ramsey had just arrived in the City of Evil, also known as Grim City. The city was coated with a thick fog, and not even the brightest lights could illuminate a path. The buildings surrounding the city were old in age, the walls were tearing and cob webs bordered the windows. It was as almost as if the city was deserted, even the pokemon center itself was eerie enough to scare off wary trainers.

A little jingle alerted Nurse Joy that a trainer had arrived. Inside the center, it was very bright and had a joyous atmosphere. Ramsey looked around and squinted since his eyes were still not used to the sudden change in brightness. Nurse Joy was prompt and ready to help Ramsey.

"Nurse Joy, I've come from a distant town, pardon my rudeness, but may I ask why this town seems... well deserted?" The young lad found himself a seat and waited for a reply from the nurse. There was a long pause, Ramsey himself thought he wouldn't get an answer back.

"This town has been plagued with the bad luck, not too long ago, this place was filled with people, but ever since Pristine Eclipse so called 'liberated' this place, it's been nothing but another Stop N' Shop for them." Nurse Joy didn't seem to happy to explain the current events. "The goons of Pristine Eclipse here seem to like Dark and ghastly pokemons, that's why this city's been plagued with this fog."

Ramsey slowly handed his pokemons over to the nurse. He had just come from a long and harsh mission freeing Ovalstone from the grasp of Pristine Eclipse. "Yeah, I know how they are... Ruthless, and power hungry." He said underneath his breathe.

Suddenly the door smacked open, a dark figure appeared. Ramsey couldn't picture out who it was, it was too dark to know even your best friend was next to you. The figure took one step, and Ramsey readied himself for a battle. The figure closed in, still not saying a single word. The blond haired trainer grasp his fingers, and signaled Nurse Joy to hand over his pokemons. It came to a stop, under the ceiling light.

"RAMSEY don't look so daunt, it's just me." The figure removed her hood. It revealed to be Denise, Ramsey's partner in crime. "Hahaha sorry to alarm you guys, but it sure was cold out there that's why I had this hoody on," Denise chuckled some more.

"Don't do that again please." Ramsey wasn't too fond of being surprise, or at least detered.

The nurse offered to also heal Denise's pokemons, but she refused. Denise usually treats her own pokemons with the potions she carried. She took out one of her pokeballs, and released the creature caught inside. A Metagross appeared. His metal body didn't seem scratched at all, but Denise didn't take any chances, and wasted a few potions to return back his health.

"Return Machina." The Metagross returned back to it's pokeball. She pocketed Metagross's pokeball, and chose out another one. "Come out Rambo!" A jacked up pokemon was summoned to the floor, he started to flex with his four arms to show he was proud of his power. "Enough showing off and come here you little twit." The Machamp went over to Denise and allowed her to treat his wound. "There all happy now?"


Nurse Joy returned the pokeball that was handed to her by Ramsey. "Be careful out there and don't let those goons catch you." She waved good bye watching both Denise and Ramsey scurry out the door and back into the thick mist.

"So you finally caught up egh Denise?" Ramsey followed his arm around Denise's shoulders, they were best of friends since childhood. They refer each other as thier own sibilings.

Denise cuddled closer to her brother. The wind blew and a cold searing wind forced her to put on her hood. "Yea course I would catch up, I mean I don't think some Pristine Goons could stop me tee hee." She smiled and looked up to Ramsey. He looked back down and gave her a funny look. "Seems like the fog is thickening, why don't you send out Dreadwing?"

Ramsey grabbed his pokeball marked as Crobat. He tossed it around his hand and finally releasing the pokemon. The purple bat flew around a bit to get some air, but quickly hurried back to Ramsey since he himself saw the thickness of the fog. "Dreadwing defog this mist please," Ramsey commanded, the bat flapped it's wings rapidly to uncover a path, "Thanks I love you Dready."

"Cro-Bat!" Dreadwing accompanied the two of them, since he was the only one that can uncover the red brick road.

"This fog is really killin' me... We're not gonna leave this place until we liberate it from Pristine." Ramsey put on his serious face and got his pokemons ready. He looked around trying to seek out any attention seeking person. There was a shout.

"HOUNDOOM FLAMETHROWER!" A blast of fire hardly missed Dreadwing. Ramsey was stunned.

"CROBAT! CRO-BAT!" Dreadwing scouted out where the blast came from and spotted the Houndoom.

Ramsey was still stunned and finally snapped back to sense. "Denise heads up we got company." Denise nodded and send out Rambo. Dreadwing stood alongside Rambo back to back waiting for the next blast to hit. Another shout was heard.

"FLAMETHROWER!" This time Rambo foresaw the attack with Foresight and dodged on time. The flame missed once again.

"Dreadwing use defog!" The bat flapped his wings frantically and finally revealed the goon behind the flamethrowers. It was a member of the Pristine Eclipse. Ramsey wasted no time and shouted out an order. "Dreadwing circle the Houndoom and strike it with an Aerial Ace!" Dreadwing circled the Houndoom creating illusions of itself, the Houndoom watched carefully and recklessly shout out blast of flames. All three times he missed his flamethrower. The dog cowered itself to a corner. Dreadwing swiftly locked on his foe and charged at it with Aerial Ace.

Denise quickly gave orders to Rambo. "Rambo keep up the foresight and use Dynamic Punch."

The Machamp acknowledged her order and charged up his fist ready for a Dynamic Punch. His eyes went from corner to corner also ready for any other ambush that may occur.

The unknown trainer commanded his Houndoom to retreat, but with Machamp in hot pursuit Houndoom was already a well done steak. Rambo kept up with the speed of the Houndoom and at the right moment, he launched his Dynamic Punch.

"MAHHHHHHHH-CHAMP!" Rambo sent a devastating blow to the ribs of Houndoom, sending the black canine flying into a building.

"Rambo, I think that's enough punishment for now, you did a good job, RETURN!" Denise called back her Machamp. The Houndoom wasn't a threat anymore, just a sitting duck.

"You too Dreadwing, retreat." Ramsey also called back his pokemon.

The dark trainer, caught a good glimpse of both Denise and Ramsey, he glared with dissapointment to his fainted Houndoom, then abandoned him. That was the lowest of low any trainer can go. Leaving their weakened and defenseless pokemon open and vulnerable. The Houndoom whimpered, and crawled himself to a corner. The Pristine Goon scurried away, it was not long before more reinforcements came.

"Crap..." Ramsey and Denise were quickly surrounded in no time's waste.

Chapter Two

Double 7
January 6th, 2008, 8:01 AM
VERY good work. You really did a great job!

But you missed something, I think in the rules you should rate the story like PG or PG-13. You know that kinda stuff.
Besides that your story is Very well written.

January 6th, 2008, 7:26 PM
It was black. Ramsey had finally awoken, but the room was too dark and nothing was visible. He waited for his eyes to adapt to the dark conditions, once it did, he seeked out Denise.

Denise was on the floor motionless next to him, so Ramsey took the action to wake her up. He shook her once, but it didn't do the job, he counted up till three shakes before she made her first movement. Denise groaned and rubbed her eyes as if she was waking up from a deep sleep.

"Where are we?" Ramsey looked around, it clearly was a cell held for prisoners. Ramsey shook the bars to see if there were any weak ones, but it seemed as if this room was new and everything was fortified strongly. The shaking was useless.

"Why ask me, I woke up just like you." Denise had finally gotten to her feet, and walked around the spacey room. The enemy seem to have sympathy since the room was very big, too big for just two people. There was a pause. "Oh my god... Machina... Rambo... and the others, they're gone!" She looked patted herself down, but finally realized that they had been stripped of their pokemons.

"Calm down, just calm down." Ramsey took a few more seconds to look around for any loop holes, but there wasn't any.