View Full Version : Pokemon Star Team: a PMD Story

January 5th, 2008, 10:51 PM
Hello every one I am making a Fanfic called Pokemon Star Team: a PMD Story. It is a PMD were instead of rescuing Pokemon they search for fallen stars to be able to grant a wish for the world to finally be at peace. Here it is!

Chapter 1 A New Hero

Dustin was an ordinary boy 12 years old and had a love for Pokemon. Dustin is very serious and intelligent , he is also a great leader.

One strange day.

After school there was bridge that was never there before.

Dustin: What! How is that Bridge there!
Dustin went over to it.
Dustin: Awooo I feel drowsy.
He fell over and toke a short nap.

Dustin then woke up.

???: Hey the Eevee is coming to it!
???: Waaa?

Sorry its so short, but it is late so I cant think.