View Full Version : offering entei, raikou, latios, latias plus a masterball

January 20th, 2008, 12:21 PM
im only looking for a movie darkrai

i am offering legit legendarys but they are not event ones. whoever has a darkrai can have all these for him

Raikou Lv56
stats: A107, D82, SA136, SD119, S162
Attacks: Spark, Iron tail, Thunderfang, Thunder
Des: Hasty nature

Entei Lv50
stats: A123, D90, SA85, SD88, S105
Attacks: Ember, Roar, Fire spin, Stomp
Des: Careful nature

Latias Lv40
stats: A71, D77, SA93, SD109, S93
Attacks; Defog, Refresh, Waterfall, Psychic
Des: Quirky nature

Latios Lv56
stats: A124, D99, SA160, SD146, S162
Attacks: Psychic, Waterfall, Calm mind, Luster purge
Des: Bashful nature

like i said ill throw in a free masterball aswell and i can also give evolution stones aswell

FC: 2749 7599 4022
PM me evans56942
I hope anyone is interested