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January 24th, 2008, 2:28 PM
In this Game, you are a young trainer from Torpe Town, a town with lots of farms and such. This regions laws require any person who wants to, get a Pokemon at the age of 13. It is your birthday and you decided to go get your own Pokemon. You tell your mom which Pokemon you want to get and then you go and try finding the Professor. You go ask the farmer and out of nowhere, you find the Pokemon you wanted to get as your starter come and trample you. You see it was running away from a Bagon and the Bagon tries to attack it but you clock the attack. The Pokemon you wanted started to trust you and obey your orders. You then go into a Pokemon Battle with the Bagon...

The battle system will be like the Super Smash bros system where you battle each other and you will be able to control the Pokemon.

After a series of events, you are able to keep your Pokemon and you get a ticket to a boat. You go through the boat and you arrive in Hoen. Unaware of what to go, you go to a beach where a guy takes you through his own boat and you arrive south of Petalburg Forest. Thus your adventure beigns.

So what do you think of the idea? I will be willing to actually make this a game, the only thing i need is a spriter...
Message me if you are interested.

Note*: The starter you can choose from are:
Pokemon would evolve respectively.
Pokemon with evolutions needing trading will have a special person who will evolve it for you.
You would have a number of rivals, one in which he gets the Bagon you battled
Will try to get all 493 Pokemon and will make special events available to download.

BTW, I'm using Game Maker and the movement is perfect until you press multiple keys at once.