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February 3rd, 2008, 12:35 PM
Twilight Emblaze Academy
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As of now there are five bachelors you can choose from: sketcher, breeder, professor,trainer, advanced trainers like gym leaders and elite four. Sketcher and breeder can stay for the first four terms, but professors and trainers must stay the full five.You can be two bachelors but you have to go five terms. You can be undecided if you do not know who you want to be. The school has it's own gyms and elite four

For now I will play the president of the academy, Mr. Willowbrook plus all npc, and one of the trainers at the academy. Instead of one mascot we have two. The Sea King and Sea Queen. Gyarados and Milotic. The perfect pokemon for this Academy.

Depending on your rank is tells where you live, sleep, your limits and what your uniform is. To get a high rank you must do good on your entrance battle.
Now get busy, have fun, and stay active and once you pass the academy you must start getting badges. If your higher than freshman you only get six pokemon no legendaries though

Fill out this form to join:
Pokemon: you may choose only one base form pokemon to enroll with. No legends! You will be able to catch more at the academy
After you are done from the acadmey you start the pokemon league story!
(this all comes after the acadmey)
In the middle is the school to the left is the dorms one has a charizard on it, another has a blastoise, the last has an vensaur there all line. On far is the wild pokemon area advanced it has every terrian in it. The far right is the beginner area and to has every terrian in it. The north of the school is the staduim.
This time no spam, god mod, ranting, or one liners four line minimum, and put PokemonRulez at the bottom of your post

Star Girl
February 9th, 2008, 8:36 PM
-squeal- Glad to see your restarting this.

Name: Jasmine Taylor

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Bachelor: Trainer/Breeder

Description: Has brownish blondish hair usually pulled into a ponytail with blue eyes. Stands about 5'7 and is on the thin side. Usually wears a white t-shirt with a picture of a black dragon on it with blue jeans and black sneakers.

Personality: A shy quiet girl from Blackthorn City. Doesn't back down from a reasonable challenge with one exception. Won't back down at all if it involves the hurting of other people or other Pokemon. Isn't one to yell much but if she gets pushed too much she will start a rant/yell that can continue to a time that varies depending on how long she has been holding her feelings back. Other than those quirks she usually gets along with most people pretty well. When introducing herself she is usually short and too the point which drives others nuts sometimes

Likes: Dragon Pokemon, Fire Pokemon, winning, and friends

Dislikes: Bullies and those who use Pokemon only for power.

Pokemon: Dratini aka Drana lv. 7

Was given to her while still an egg from close friend of hers for her as an early 12th birthday present. Hatched approximately two months ago. Despite the short amount of time together the two have grown rather close. Hates misunderstandings which to leads conflicts between the two sometimes due to the Language barrier. But usually Drana can usually easily communicate with her trainer through physical expression.

February 9th, 2008, 9:10 PM
Name: Cyrus

Age: 15

Resides: Originally Blackthorn City now Snow-Point City (moved when he was 9 years old)

Bachelor: Advanced Trainer

Description: Short brown hair, spiky. 6'0 tall and is fairly athletic. He wears a grey hood jumper, usually keeping the hood up, his face never been seen. Has long black baggy pants that stop at his ankles. For shoes he has Vans Skate Shoes.

Personality: An aggressive trainer who usually is very tactical with his pokemon. Cyrus trains his pokemon to their full extent and shows no mercy when it comes to pokemon battles. His inspiration is his complete sets of badges from Kanto and Johto regions. Will betray any who befriend him.

Likes: Psychic and Ghost Pokemon

Dislikes: Friendly People, People who think Pokemon are their Friends.

Pokemon: Kadabra A.K.A Kazza lv. 15

Caught Kazza when it was still an Abra. He trained it hard and long before it evolving into a Kadabra. He hopes to train it harder and evolve it into an Alakazam and catch more powerful pokemon.

February 9th, 2008, 10:32 PM
(yay for this thread! I'm just going to be boring and C+P in my sign-up from last time 'round...)

NAME Caitlin "Skatey" Cooper
AGE 16
BACHELOR Trainer/Breeder
DESCRIPTION She defends her tininess - standing at only 152 cm - by referring to her petite build as "diminutive". She has soft features (disregarding a sharp, up-pointed nose [referred to by herself as “the ski ramp”]) and always seems to have a relaxed half-smile scrawled across her face.
Her crystalline hazel eyes are constantly obscured by a pair of square, pink-framed glasses and by the fringe of her freshly dyed midnight blue hair which is flawlessly clipped to the side with a polka dot bow.
She has a casual but oftentimes, slightly quirky dress sense. Currently, her outfit consists of a black t-shirt emblazoned with some band-related graphic, a grey hooded jacket with multicolour, horizontal pinstripes, a tartan miniskirt and a pair of green camouflage-pattern Converse. She always incorporates her Vulpix’s Pokeball (which has been painted up in neon pink flames) into her look, usually wearing it as a necklace.
PERSONALITY Skatey’s sarcastic manner gives off “loner” vibes but she is actually, generally quite sociable when approached; always responds cheerily and usually manages to crack a lame joke. Despite this, she doesn’t make friends easily; “first impressions” tend to portray her as an awkward try-hard. However, the people that like her, love her and seem to think she’s hilarious, if only for her unwaveringly cynical outlook on life and occasional wit.
She has a very laidback attitude to schoolwork and finds it incredibly difficult to organize anything – but has been trying to change this in order to attend the academy, and decided to combine her passion – battling – with her interest in promoting good grooming and health in her Pokemon, hence studying breeding.
LIKES She is closest to her friends and family, her hobbies include amateur battling, grooming/fashion (human and Pokemon), pin-badge collecting and drawing (she chronicles her days in comic format). She’s not adverse to enjoying the occasional videogame, and wouldn’t consider herself complete without a music player on her person. A pair of earphones are always hanging out the top of her shirt; her tastes are very eclectic but she largely favours bands of the indie pop/rock or slightly emo persuasion.
DISLIKES There’s not a lot she actively dislikes; she just avoids thinking about them. For the record, she hates wearing dresses and tying her hair back. She resents anyone who offers her fashion tips or tries to affect the way she rationalizes the world around her. She considers Pokemon cruelty absolutely blasphemous and has a “SAVE THE WAILMERS” banner sewn onto her plaid messenger bag. She has many seemingly random pet peeves such as cheap animation and big companies she perceives as having “no soul”.
Titan the Vulpix; hardly the toughest little cookie you’ve ever encountered. She loves to be pampered and is so used to it, she barely lets the soft pads of her paws touch the ground anymore. Skatey is enchanted by her cuteness, and is more than happy to carry her around as long as she gets to dress her up, brush her fur obsessively and style her luxurious hair. Titan genuinely loves her trainer and demands her affection, but has no respect for her – Titan has no respect, nor fear, for anyone or anything.
She is pathetically lazy in the arena, despite being able to repel most foes with a quick Flamethrower. It’s no secret Skatey has a sanctuary full of much more battle-adept Pokemon back home, but Titan is a sort of “practise doll” to evidence her knowledge in Pokemon upkeep.

February 10th, 2008, 3:07 AM
Name: Jack

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Bachelor: Professor

Description: At two metres in height, Jack is very tall for his age. He has long red hair and, by a rare genetic defect, red eyes. He feels this makes him look freakish and he always wears black glasses to hide it. He wears a non-descript t-shirt, jeans and sandals.

Personality: Jack is a loner and has trouble making friends. Human friends that is. Jack bonds quite easily with Pokemon but will deliberately isolate himself from other people. He doesn't like to talk.

Likes: Jacks is an avid reader and enjoys playing computer games. He also (obviously) likes training and battling pokemon.

Dislikes: People trying to be social.

Pokemon: Gasbag the Ghastly. Gasbag is Jack's best and only friend. Gasbag shares Jack's interests and is almost never in his Pokeball since Jack values his company and prefers him close by. Gasbag is normaly found floating over Jack's shoulder.

Raichu Master
February 10th, 2008, 7:21 AM
Name: Malachi

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Bachelor: Trainer

Description: Malachi has short spiked light brown hair, and jade green eyes. He stands at five and a half feet, and has a slender build. Though he wishes to be athletic, he never "finds time" to do any physical activity, so it leaves him more on the scrawny side than on the muscular. He has slightly darker skin, sort of like a tan yet it's a natural
pigment.Malachi wears simple jeans and a light green hoodie, though he can also be seen with a long sleeve white shirt and any number of t-shirt over it giving a layered look.

Personality: Malachi is a smart, sarcastic young man with more bark than bite. He is shy, so the only time anyone sees his witty side is when they talk to him, which he tries to make sure is not often at all. He secluded and somewhat of a mystery to his peers. He doesn't get out much and he is too busy in his books and academics to be concerned to with socializing. He can be seen walking around and he does hang out frequently where other people are, he just doesn't like to talk; he'd rather watch and listen than be out there talking and having what others call "a good time".

Likes: Malachi is rather fond of social outings. Yes, it does seem odd, but he has a particular habit of going and not talking to people. Rather, he studies people, always studying to size people up and to see if they are worth his time. He loves to study and succeed in the classroom and when he isn't with his pokemon, or too busy watching people, he's hitting the books and often becomes obsessed. He's only love and compassion is toward his Pichu, whom he treasures dearly, though he will never admit or tell why he cares for this little pokemon so much.

Dislikes: People talking to him, mostly. He doesn't like to talk, and when asked a question by anyone other than a teacher, the person can bet to have the answer thrown in his or her face in the form of sarcasm. He's not a very nice person to be around and he goes out of his way sometimes to be mean. Malachi keeps many secrets about himself, and why he dislikes people so much is definitely one of them.

Pokemon: Elijah the Pichu. Elijah is a soft, cute, and cuddly pokemon. Still only a baby (of course) it doesn't have many attacks, and is considerably not that strong in the arena. Malachi's favorite pokemon is Raichu, though it has nothing to do with why he chose this little pokemon to be his companion. He treats him kindly and is probably the only thing that Malachi honestly cares for. Elijah, as far as personality goes, is a pretty much the opposite of Malachi. He's warm, fun loving, and likes to be around people. He loves the attention, and tries his hardest to get his trainer involved. He is as concerned for Malachi as Malachi is to him. He is also a very observative pokemon. He knows that his trainer is a introverted and knows why Malachi is so against other people, so he tries his hardest to help his trainer get past the past (so to speak), yet all his attempts fail (leaving the situation often times humorous).

February 10th, 2008, 7:49 AM
Same sign-up as before.

Name: Ikazuichi "Ika" Soume
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Bachelor: Advanced Battling and Breeding

Description: Ikazuichi is of a light, agile build (weighing about 110 pounds) and stands at 5"10. He has black, ruffled hair that goes to his neck. It has a few strands that covers part of the front of his face and the sides, though it doesn't bother him much. He has blue-azure eyes and his light-toned face is often displayed in a "bored" pose. Ika wears a black T-shirt over a black hakama he bought from Johto which he often digs his hands into the pockets of unless there's notes to take or a battle going underway. His Pokeballs are stored on a side portion of the hakama he had edited specifically for trainers so they could store their equipment. He also wears some white sneakers. Due to how expensive Johto hakamas normally are (we could assume they're several hundred thousand PokeDollars according to how easily you can earn money from a beginning trainer and the fact they were edited to accomidate any trainer who rather would carry PokeBalls of on a belt rather than a pouch). Your choice, since most real kendo and ankido hakamas go for 200 USD to 400 USD), people assume him to be high class, which is right. While he may not be of royalty, his family were adventurious people who made a large amount of money off of expeditions or their skills such as battling.

Personality: Ikazuichi is calm and collected to the point of being cruel often. Due to this, he can easily allocate his thoughts properly and think well enough for battles to win unless his opponent has an advantage that cannot be helped. He will follow directions from higher-uppers without question unless it will interfer with his deepest preferences and beliefs which are locked away. He will gladly battle any opponent long as Henka, his Eevee; is up to the fight. This passion for battling is what taught him that to get stronger, he needed to keep most of his emotions from taking control unless neccessary.

+ Battling
+ Fire, Electric, or Dark Pokemon
+ Music
+ Manga
+ Anime

- Socializing
- Manipulation
- Wasting money for no specific reason
- Those who overexaggerate things or are easily angered.
- Those who act by stereotypes in order to insult others.

Pokemon: Ikazuichi brought an Eevee with him to the academy when he enrolled. It is nicknamed "Henka" (Japanese Romanji for "Transformation"), and is often one to go through a variety of moods. While it acts cute and innocent most of the time, it contains the personality related traits of a Flareon and a Jolteon; so it is quite hyperactive and easily angered. Nevertheless, it acts as a good pokemon around people that seem important long as it's wants are met. It is an unique pokemon Ikazuichi raised, being an entirely new type of shiney. Henka is colored black on the main portion of fur, with the patch around it's neck staying the same white. It's eyes are the same as any regular Eevee as well. Ikazuichi hatched it from an egg due to some reading in a textbook that Pokemon that are hatched become more friendly with their owner overall and performs better in battling if the parents have the right traits and moves applied to their overall self.

February 10th, 2008, 9:57 AM
everybody execpt hocus is accepted I will post mine when I'm finished with it

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