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Trainer Kat
February 19th, 2008, 6:34 PM
ages 15 and up. The fic you are about to read contains violence, as well as minor swearing


Disclaimer: Pokémon does not belong to me, not at all. Kat and Milo are 100% mine. Roisin and Aya both belong to my buddy Jim, and are used with permission.

Milo is pronounced Me-low, not My-low.
Roisin is pronounced Ro-sheen.

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Special thanks to Jim for being my beta-reader.
Thanks to Ryan/BeachBoy for betaing my second chapter on such short notice.
Thanks to Mish for the lovely banner.

This Fanfiction has permission to be on PC only. If you see it elsewhere, please notify me immediately

Rated PG-15, just to be on the safe side in future chapters. I intend to have Kat and Milo behave like actual teenagers, and hopefully we all know that most teens don’t live in a G-rated world. Plus, HOMG there’s violence.

Oh, and I’m fully aware I switched tenses between the second and third paragraphs of the first chapter. I was describing the school, which would be present tense. No need to point that out to me, it’s intentional.

Finally, this fic appears to be an ordinary trainer/school fic, but I assure you, it does have a plot, as shown by the prologue.

Now that the author's note is over, it's time to begin.

Radio City Battles
by Trainer Kat


Motionless, he lay in his cell. His eyes stayed closed, eyelashes pressed firmly against his cheekbones. Naked, save a flimsy pair of boxers, the boy could feel the cold, damp air pressing against him, willing his already weakened body to implode. He wouldn’t let it. Earlier this day, he had fought to keep his insides down. He wasn’t simply about to give up now. He froze as he heard heavy footsteps, though not before rolling over onto his stomach. Best not to have his soft underbelly exposed when an unwelcome visitor arrived.

“Up, maggot,” a voice came from just outside his confines. The steel door swung open, crashing violently as it flew back on its hinges, hitting the bars of the cage. The boy stay still, hoping the intruder would turn and exit the way he had come, despite how futile the wish seemed. His prayers stayed unanswered as a swift kick was delivered to his ribs.

“A-Ah!” His cry broke through the air as he felt his lower rib fracture. The man reached down and grasped his limp wrist in one burly hand, pulling the cowering boy into a standing position.

“We’ve got work to do,” he snickered as he dragged the boy down the dark hallway.

Chapter 1. A Rose in the Rough.

Rosewood Private School. It’s a prestigious academy built in the very heart of the metropolis known as Goldenrod City. At this school, up-and-coming youths are trained to be experts in the world of Pokémon. New trainers are forced to undergo certain, specialized training to further hone their skills. From there, they can choose to branch off and become coordinators, breeders, trainers, and maybe one day, they can rise up and fill the shoes of a world renown gym leader. Only those who have shown exceptional skill in battle are selected to attend Rosewood, save the select few who have been able to buy their way into the school. In Goldenrod, there are two types of teenagers; those who attend Rosewood Private, and those who wished they attended Rosewood Private.

Rosewood Private is near impossible to miss. Two courtyards, filled with plants of the school’s namesake, flank the elegant pathway leading up to the equally impressive doors. Pink, white, and red roses line the gardens. Often, young female trainers can be seen frolicking amongst the lovely foliage. The dorms are on either side of the school itself. The back of the school is home to a huge arena. This is the site that will be utilized today. On this momentous day, senior trainers will be taking their final tests.

“Oh, gosh…” A young blonde looked up from her cell phone. “Oh no!” According to her mobile, she had exactly one minute to make her way to the arena before the first match started. Prior to the field battle of the exam, senior trainers were required to take both a written and an oral examination. However, today, this girl wasn’t taking her exams. No, she had a little over a week before she would be eligible to graduate.

Damn me, punching Roisin in the face… the blonde thought between huffs. The two had gotten into a spat, a few months back, which had ended with Kat slamming her fist into Roisin’s teeth. As a result, the two had been given detention for two weeks and had their graduations delayed by one. Only a handful of other students had had their graduations postponed. While the seven days wasn’t a substantial time, it served as a small punishment, forcing those who were held back to watch as the others received their starting Pokémon and began their individual journeys. At last, Kat reached the stadium, making her way up the stands to find her place next to a brunette with paper-thin hair.

“What’d I miss, Roisin?” Kat huffed. Following her small spat with the brunette, Kat had become close friends with the girl. They were required to serve two weeks detention together, after all. The other girl reached up behind Kat and scratched her back soothingly with her perfectly manicured fingernails.

“Nothing much,” she responded. “That rich ass is about to fight.” At this, she rolled her eyes. “God, Kat, he’s so arrogant!” Kat smoothed out her blue plaid uniform skirt before meeting Roisin’s green eyes with her aqua ones.

“Who?” She asked, sweeping her cornflower colored hair up into a high ponytail. “Milo?” Roisin nodded.

“That’s the one. Bet you’re excited. You made it just in time for his field test!” The brunette giggled and gave Kat a wide grin. Kat rolled her eyes.


Field tests at Rosewood were executed very simply. Each trainer reached into a small bin and removed three Pokéballs. These would be the trainer's Pokémon for the upcoming fight. Battles were then carried out, pitting the new trainer against an experienced battler. Trainers were required to win this battle with their rental Pokémon before they could be presented with their diplomas. Half the battle was winning. The other half was learning how to work with different Pokémon in different environments.

From the entrance on the left side of where Kat and Roisin sat, a tall confident looking boy entered, taking his place in the small box drawn in chalk, designed for trainers to stand in. His Rosewood uniform was perfectly pressed, the blue blazer falling down to his waist, a sharp contrast to his khaki dress pants. Underneath the blazer was a simple white button down shirt. The wind blew in his face, throwing his red tie off to his right side. His dark brown hair fell approximately to his chin, and he had light olive skin. This was Milo DeRossi, one of the school idols, and also one of the most pompous kids in school. His opponent, too, entered the stadium. It was a girl with lavender colored hair. Pulling her arm back, she threw the sphere to the center of the arena.

“Go, Venusaur!” she shouted. As the ball burst open, an evanescent red light erupted, forming the shape of a large teal-colored quadruped. The dinosaur-like beast was an evolution of Bulbasaur, as any knowledgeable trainer would be able to tell. It's skin was as teal as Kat's eyes, which stretched tightly across its form, scattered with small misshapen wart-like lumps. Ivory claws poked out from its feet and a giant flower opened on its back. It let out a cry, revealing two rows of sharp teeth. Now, it was Milo’s turn.

“Go, Pokéball!” he cried, flinging the Pokéball towards the Venusaur. A very oval-shaped, blue Pokémon formed. Its paws hung down to its stomach, looking very much identical to its feet. A long tail finished this Pokémon off. It was obvious—this Pokémon was a Quagsire, the evolution of Wooper. A water and ground type, Quagsire had the unfortunate disadvantage of having a dual weakness to Venusaur’s main type—grass. Milo simply smirked at this.

“Quagsire, use Amnesia!” The boy yelled. The sky-blue water-fish stood in the dirt, a stupefied look plastered onto its face. This attack worked defensively, greatly raising Quagsire’s defense.

While Quagsire was busy upping its defenses, Venusaur began to draw in light from the sun. Small 'particles' of light began to collect on the leaves of the overgrown plant on Venusaur’s back. The flower began to shine with the light radiating from overhead and the energy it absorbed. Just as it appeared Quagsire was ready to move once more, Venusaur angled its body so the plant on its back was pointed straight at Quagsire. The dinosaur-like Pokémon shot an immensly powerful beam of light from its flower towards the water Pokemon, emitting a loud cry as it did so.

“Quick, Quagsire! Use Earthquake! Knock that Venusaur off-balance!” Milo commanded. The Pokémon obeyed, pounding its tail on the ground with such great force. Parts of the arena split, though not soon enough. Quagsire took the full force of the Solar Beam, sending it flying and smashing it's back on the ground, rendering it unconscious. Venusaur, however, did not escape unscathed. It had fallen into a fissure that had formed in the earth, and was unable to free itself. The girl was forced to recall the Pokémon.

“What is he doing?” Roisin whispered to Kat. “Idiot, is he suicidal? He let his own Pokémon get killed!” Kat failed to respond, keeping her eyes locked firmly on the arena. This was getting interesting.

“Go, Charizard!” On Milo’s opponent’s side, a large orange dragon emerged. Its scaly wings flapped once. Its blue eyes locked on Milo, who had yet to call out a Pokémon. It let out a horrifying roar, as expected, Milo seemed completely un-intimidated. He wound up and threw his next Pokémon into the arena. Red light engulfed it, finally taking the form of a Manectric.

Perfect, he thought. Charizard’s part flying. It doesn’t stand a chance.

“Charizard, Smokescreen attack!” The dragon-like Pokémon flapped its huge wings, kicking up an excessive amount of dust, which seemed to find its way around Manectric. The dog coughed and looked around with a squint, unable to see Charizard through the thick sand.

“Manectric, use Odor Sleuth!” The Pokémon sat on its haunches, lightly sniffing the air. Instantly, it stood and growled, looking up at Charizard, who had manged to get above it. “Quickly, jump and use Thunder!” he commanded. The Pokémon leapt up into the air, electricity radiating off of its body. It came into contact with the Charizard, who sent out a Flamethrower. It was yet another draw as the crackling thunder met the intense flames, causing a massive explosion. Both Pokémon crashed to the ground. At this point, Milo’s opposition seemed to be getting nervous. She threw her final Pokéball, which contained a a Blastoise. Huge dual cannons shot out of the tortoise’s otherwise impenetrable shell, aimed directly at Milo.

“Go, Pokéball!” he yelled, sending his last hope hurtling to the center of the arena. There was a burst of red light, decreasing all visibility for a moment. When the light finally dissipated, a Glaceon stood in all of its glory, head raised proudly as its erect tail swung back and forth like an upside down pendulum. Neither Pokémon had a clear-cut type advantage one way or the next.

“Blastoise, use Rapid Spin!” The Pokémon withdrew into its shell, violently rotating to create a tornado. The wind, along with Blastoise, were sent hurtling towards the smaller Glaceon. The speedy Pokémon dodged the attack with ease. Blastoise and the tornado weren’t through, however, and they once more charged Glaceon. The two continued this 'dance' for a while, Glaceon getting more tired and battered with each successive hit. It didn’t look promising for Milo. Blastoise ceased spinning, planting its feet on the ground. Its cannons emerged, targeting Glaceon.

“Hydro Cannon!” Blastoise’s trainer yelled, pointing a single finger at the fresh snow Pokémon. Strong bursts of water shot out of the dual guns mounted on Blastoise’s back. Rather than panic, Milo’s mouth turned up into a grin.

“Mirror Coat.” They were two simple words, but in a battle of this magnitude, they certainly carried a lot of weight. Glaceon braced itself as its soft fur coat hardened, transforming into a smooth and beautiful glossy texture, comparable to reflective glass. As the water reached Glaceon, it rebounded with such force, hitting Blastoise square in the chest in the blink of an eye. As soon as the blasts connected, it was over. Blastoise was through. Kat turned to Roisin, her jaw askew.

“Di-Did you see that?” The blonde stuttered. “It’s like he was biding his time. Like he knew Blastoise was going to use that attack.” Roisin shrugged.

“The jerk got lucky. I wouldn’t think about it too much,” Roisin told Kat as the teal eyed female shook her head.

“Nah, it was…wow…it was absolutely amazing…” Her eyes locked onto Milo, who was now surrounded by adoring female fans. As he glanced up into the stands, she could swear that for one instant, his eyes lingered on her.

February 19th, 2008, 6:55 PM
This is really good, Kat. I hope you're going to post more. I love it.

"which stretched tightly stretched across its form"

Dunno if you meant to say "stretched" twice. XD;

And, Pokémon don't die/get killed. Unless Roisin isn't quite sure of the difference. :x

But really, this is very good work. Can't wait for more.

February 19th, 2008, 7:53 PM
This is awesome. I love the description and the flow of the story. I visulaized the whole thing. I can't wait to read more.

The only mistake I saw was a capalization error in the second paragraph of the first chapter:

pink, white and red roses line the gardens - Pink

Other than that, I didn't see anything and good job!

Trainer Kat
February 19th, 2008, 9:38 PM
<3 Thanks for the reviews, guys. :] I've fixed the minor grammatical errors you pointed out.

As for the "killing vs. fainting," I suppose it's really just a matter of dialogue choice. :/ I know I personally just use "killed" loosely. Even when I'm watching a boxing match or something, I'll say something like "he totally killed that guy!" xD; But maybe it's just me. She didn't actually mean killed.

I'm gonna start working on more soon. :]
Thanks again! <3

February 21st, 2008, 2:08 PM
Rofl, you have a disabled signature. Any news on new chapters, you started the second?

February 21st, 2008, 7:15 PM
I liked it, especially the prologue, and you did a great job of making the battle exciting. I can't wait to read the next part!

I've started writing a fanfic, too. If you have time, could you take a look at it?

February 23rd, 2008, 10:26 AM
Wow I really enjoyed this.

I like how you described everything, it made it easy to imagine how everything went down.

About the "kill" part, I know what you mean. It's what we players say when we knock-out our pokemon, but it made Roisin seem like she didn't know any better.

Looks like Kat has a little crush on Milo, wonder where that's going..
Milo seems mysterious to me. Other than Roisin calling him a rich ass, I don't think we got to see much of his personality. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

Anyway, best of luck! Can't wait for chapter 2 :)

Trainer Kat
March 27th, 2008, 8:13 PM
Chapter 2. Breakaway

“Wow, Kat, those were some fantastic battles, huh?” The brunette walked alongside her friend, bringing both arms up, lacing her fingers behind her head. She shut one eye, the other locked on her friend, awaiting Kat’s response. The two had sat there for hours after Milo’s victory as their classmates battled to receive their starter Pokémon. Some were defeated. These unlucky few would be forced to repeat their final semester from the beginning. It would be at least four months before they would be eligible to make another attempt. If they failed again, it was highly unlikely that they would have the patience to go through yet another semester.

“Yeah, they were,” Kat said with a nod. “I still can’t get over Milo’s, though. Man, just when it looked like he was going to lose, he turned it around. That was the best reversal I’ve ever seen!” A wide grin painted its way across her face. Roisin rolled her eyes at her friend.

“Kat,” she sighed. “Don’t go saying that while he’s around. He doesn’t need an ego boost. He’s arrogant enough for the three of us.” No sooner had Roisin finished her sentence than her stomach growled, a low rumble emitting from her abdomen. Quickly, she brought her hands up, pressing her palms flat against her stomach, mere inches below her ribcage.

“I’m so hungry!” she whined. “Kat, let’s go for ice cream!” Removing her hands from their resting place on her stomach, she turned to the smaller girl, reaching down for her hands and grasping them in her own. Kat could do nothing but blink several times at Roisin’s excitement.

“Yeah, sure,” she managed. “Although…what happened to that diet you were on?” Kat reached down and pinched a small bit of Roisin’s skin. The brunette was thin, so it was near impossible to wrap her fingers around the flesh. Roisin brushed Kat’s hand away.

“I’ll take a day off. For now, let’s go eat.” Kat obediently followed her best friend to the ice cream shop that was less than a block away from the school. Both girls were fast walkers, so the time that elapsed was minimal, at best. The ice cream shop was cute, at least, in Kat’s eyes. Pink plaid curtains waved from the windows, the fabric matching that of the awning that hung over their heads. It was small, and only home to around thirty flavors or so, but it happened to be both girls’ shop of choice. Once inside, Kat’s blue eyes scanned the menu. It wasn’t like the wooden sign would do her any good--the blonde knew what she wanted. A year of purchasing from this shop, and her combination had yet to let her down.

“I’ll have a peach cone, please. With chocolate sprinkles.” As the cashier turned to prepare both girls’ cones, Kat neglected to see whom had entered behind her. In fact, she remained unaware that anyone was behind her at all. The blonde received her ice cream and turned to leave. What happened next would was something that no one had foreseen. Kat found herself pressed against the person behind her, the cone squashed between them. Neither of them spoke. Neither had to. Kat could feel the anger radiating off the other. Her eyes slowly moved upwards. She already knew the person went to her school, as they still wore the uniform blazer. The face, however, shocked her.

“M-Milo…” she stammered. The blonde wished she could melt like the ice cream. Milo DeRossi wasn’t someone to mess with. He was an arrogant male, and a rich one at that. Had he wanted to, he certainly could use his money to destroy her. Up close, Milo wasn’t a whole lot different than she had seen him in the arena. He was tall, though taller than she would have thought. Her head was a whole three inches beneath his shoulder. The brunette was toned, though she wouldn’t call him muscular. In fact, the only difference Kat saw between this Milo, and the Milo she had seen battle today, was that Milo was far more intimidating in person.

“Get this off me,” he commanded. Kat became aware that she was still against him somewhat, and she wasn’t certain whether he meant her or the ice cream. She took a step back, sugar cone clenched firmly in her fist. The peach ice cream was smeared across both their blazers. If that weren’t enough to make her cringe, the look on Milo’s face would be. His nose was wrinkled, his brow furrowed.

“I’m s-sorry…” she stammered. The look he gave her was not one of forgiveness. Instead, he turned towards the door, a girl with long, ebony hair following him. She had previously gone unnoticed, with the ice cream incident having just occurred, but Kat recognizer her as Aya Tajiri. Her name was far longer, but she went by an abbreviation of her first name. She was a year younger than him, but was almost always with him. Where he was the most popular boy in the school, she was the most popular girl. Kat simply wrote her off as an uppity witch.

And then the two were gone, leaving Kat to stand there, humiliated, as Roisin mopped up her friend’s front. The action seemed to go unnoticed. The blonde merely stood there, staring at the glass doors through which Milo and his little tagalong had passed. That one moment took longer than the whole next week. Kat and Roisin were unbound by rules. Though they could not take their exams until the next week, they were technically out of school, and it would stay that way, assuming they both passed. The week flew by in a blur of movies and shopping, Kat’s embarrassing moment all but forgotten. Before they knew it, the week was up.

The written exam had not been unbearably hard. The majority of questions were about Pokémon types (what type of Pokémon is Lombre?) and type match-ups (Normal is weak against?), though a few of the questions had been a bit more difficult, inquiring about traits of specific Pokémon. After all, Kat certainly hadn’t a clue how much a Cherrim weighed, after all. At last, it came time to battle.

The arena was considerably less packed now than it had been the week prior. In fact, there was one person in the stands--Roisin. Kat looked up towards the stands, causing the brunette to give her an enthusiastic wave. The blonde nervously returned the favor. It was then that her opponent entered the arena. A male, most likely around the age of seventeen, stood before her. Kat recognized him as being part of the newly graduated class. She figured a few students were probably asked to stay back and fight stragglers like her.

“You ready?” he asked. An encouraging tone permeated his voice, filling Kat with some much-needed confidence.

“Yeah, let’s do this.” As those words exited her lips, she reached to her belt. The three randomly drawn Pokémon were clipped on to the accessory. Truthfully, she had rushed out and bought it a few days prior. Of course, if she didn’t pass this time, she would pass eventually, so it was not a purchase in vain. Grasping one Pokéball, she threw it vigorously, releasing its contents. There before her, stood a yellow and black Pokémon--a giraffe, from what she could tell. Two white antennae topped its head, and its back was adorned with a row of orange spikes. The most notable trait about this Pokémon was its rear end. Around its hips or so, it lost its yellow coloring, immediately transitioning into black fur. In place of a tail, however, it appeared to have something like a head on a stick. At least, from where Kat was standing, this “tail” had a face. This was a Girafarig, a Psychic type Pokémon native to Johto. She saw them occasionally, though not many trainers seemed to use them.

Her opponent was quick to retaliate. He, too, selected a single sphere from his belt and flung it towards the center of the arena. What appeared to be a complex ball of blue vines now stood before Girafarig. Two long, blue vines extended from either side of the ball’s body. These, Kat knew, were its arms. She was about to fight a Tangrowth, the newly discovered evolution of Tangela.

“Girafarig, use Confusion!” the blonde commanded. The giraffe Pokémon planted its front feet and narrowed its eyes to slits. The air between the two Pokémon seemed to distort. Tangrowth was too slow to dodge the attack. It stumbled backwards, dangerously close to the boy commanding it. It quickly righted itself, however, and retaliated with a violent smack from one of its vines. The barrage continued, Tangrowth showing no signs of letting up. Girafarig was becoming increasingly battered as the Vine Whip hit him over and over.

“Girafarig, push it away with a Zen Headbutt!” Girafarig shook its head and collided with Tangrowth, sending the Pokémon flying backwards. “Now, use a Psychic attack! Finish it off!” Much like the Confusion attack before it, the Psychic attack distorted the air between the two battling Pokémon. The only apparent difference was that the distortion seemed to have a greater intensity than before. Kat began to feel nauseous as the images before her swirled together. Blue hues disappeared behind eyeliner-laced lids in an attempt to dispel this feeling. When they finally reemerged from their hiding place, the Tangrowth was nowhere to be seen. Girafarig, however, stood firmly on tan dirt, breath escaping it with an increasing pace. It was all but done for. Before it could get itself together, it was faced with a new hurdle. A large pink Pokémon stood before the Girafarig. Its long tongue was surpassed only by its girth, tiny arms held tightly to its sides. Kat was certain that it would be unable to reach its head with the stubs even if it tried. This was a Lickilicky, yet another newly discovered evolution. Somewhere, in the back of her head, she wondered if her opponent’s other Pokémon was just as mammoth as its comrades.

“Lickilicky, it’s just about done! Finish it off with a Slam attack!” Briefly, the Pokémon concentrated, though Kat couldn’t be sure if it was gathering its energy or getting ready to go to the bathroom by the face it was making. She soon received her answer in the form of a defeated Girafarig as Lickilicky charged her Pokémon, sending its huge mass flying into the giraffe’s smaller body. Had Girafarig been much smaller, there was no doubt in Kat’s mind that it would have been sent careening across the arena. Now, he was able to rest in the Pokéball into which Kat recalled him. The next sphere was released. The Pokémon inside was something the blonde barely recognized. A small periwinkle circle seemed to make up both the head and the body, a single linear appendage extending from the top. Two red wings were attached just below this appendage, each decorated with an intricate white design. On the bottom of its body, four smaller wings flapped rapidly, allowing the Pokémon to perform complicated movements. Its face matched the color of its wings. Kat had to admit, though it didn’t look like much, Masquerain was cute. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a small shudder run down Lickilicky’s spine. It seemed queer, that is, until she remembered that Masquerain, surprisingly, had the ability to intimidate its opponents. Despite being small, Masquerain had an untamed confidence that seemed to affect its opponent.

“Alright, Masquerain, you’ve got a challenge! Start with a Gust attack!” The Pokémon responded by rapidly flapping its four small wings, whipping up a tiny tornado, which viciously attacked the Lickilicky. The wind seemed to do little damage to the giant. Yet again, Lickilicky concentrated, ready to attack its opponent. This Pokémon, however, was ready. Without the least bit of difficulty, Masquerain dodged the slow attack. Its wings flapped once more. This time, however, the wind that was produced by the dainty wings appeared silver in color. It was a powerful bug type move, one which now hit Lickilicky square in the chest. As it finished the attack, Lickilicky rolled up into a ball to protect from any oncoming onslaught. The now compact Pokémon executed a beautiful Rollout as it slammed firmly into the combination Bug/Flying Pokémon. That was all it took to ruin the frail eyeball Pokémon. It fluttered to the ground weakly before being hit by a beam of red light, sucking it back up into its Pokéball. Kat was severely at a disadvantage now. Though Lickilicky was almost defeated by Masquerain, it had taken a great amount of effort. If she didn’t pull out a spectacular Pokémon, it was all over.

“Please…” her voice quivered as she grasped the final Pokéball in her hands. “It’s all up to you now…” With that, she pressed the round button in the center of the device. It seemed to take forever for the light to disperse. When it finally did, the Pokémon before her made her heart soar. The brown monkey looked almost mythical. It was decorated with splashes of white fur. Atop its head was a single, blazing flame. This was an Infernape, and it could certainly win her this battle. She only hoped she would get lucky with the final fight.

“Infernape, one Mach Punch should destroy it! Go!” her voice cut through the tension like a blade. Her Pokémon wasted no time. It was quick, that was certain. The fist it had balled up connected perfectly with Lickilicky’s giant gut. Before any more damage could be done, the boy withdrew his Pokémon. Lickilicky would fail to make another reappearance in this battle. The final Pokémon made its appearance. It looked more like a UFO than any animal she’d ever seen. Of course, she knew it was a Magnezone. She much preferred Magneton, but Magnezone seemed to be a trainer favorite. The realization didn’t hit her right away, but once it did, her heart began to beat faster. Magnezone was part steel. Ultimately, Infernape had the advantage. Her next move would be a risky one, but if it worked like she hoped, it would mean a one hit knockout.

“Close Combat, Infernape!” she commanded. Close Combat was a powerful fighting move, but it wasn’t without its disadvantages. After use, the attacker became considerably weaker. Infernape dashed towards Magnezone. Its body took on a surreal glow as energy bombarded it. When it was almost on top of Magnezone, it released this energy in a barrage of punches. The UFO-esque Pokémon hovered in place for a moment before falling to the ground with a crash. Kat stood there, motionless. Had she…won? Excitement built within, released in a single leap into the air. After recalling their respective Pokémon, the two youths crossed the stadium to stand inches apart. Extending his hand, the boy gave Kat a grin.

“Congratulations,” he said, gripping her hand. “Welcome to the ranks of new trainers. I’ll probably be seeing you around as a rival.” At that, he turned, beginning to exit by way of the door he had come in through.

“Wait!” Kat protested. “What’s your name?”

“Takuya.” His answer came without any sort of motion. He failed to even turn to look at her. Throughout school, he had always struck Kat as being rather standoffish, though he seemed to be in a good mood today.

“I’ll beat you again one day, Takuya!” she called after him, receiving a response in the form of a single wave. Turning towards Roisin, she pointed at the interior arena. That was where she would be assigned her starter. The brunette waved her in. The process would take a few minutes, after all. Roisin planned on taking her sweet time, though her starter was probably ready. She had gone first.

Once inside, Kat was met by a tall redhead.

“Well, based on your battling style and the results of the interview…” she began, surveying her clipboard. “Rosewood has determined that the perfect starting Pokémon for you would be…” Reaching behind her, she produced a single Pokéball. “…this one.” Kat held her hands out, which were soon filled by the smooth sphere.

“Now, if you wouldn’t mind, please go down to the door on your right. They’ll assign you your Pokédex and give you supplies for your journey.” Before she followed the instructions, however, the blonde released her starting Pokémon. It was small – a single bluish black body, circular in shape, complimented by a handful of leaves atop the head. It had no arms, only two legs that were the same hue as its body.

“Oh, Oddish!” Kat exclaimed, scooping the Pokémon up into her arms. It was quite possibly the cutest thing she had ever seen. Oddish gave a muffled reply, its face squished against her body. “We’ll be a great team, I know it!” Without another moment’s hesitation, Kat entered the room, where she was given the standard Pokédex and five Pokéballs, the same as all new trainers got. Already, she was attached to Oddish, carrying him in her arms, rather than in a Pokéball. Now, she would meet up with Roisin. Kat could tell, this was going to be the start of something monumental.

March 28th, 2008, 3:28 AM
Kat merely stood there, staring at the glass doors through which Milo and his little tagalong had passed.

After all, Kat certainly hadn’t a clue how much a Cherrim weighed. At last, it came time to battle.

Two white antennae topped its head, and its back was adorned with a row of orange spikes.


Anyway, these are just a few things I saw and pointed out. You could've maybe extended the battles slightly, however I understand the first couple of chapters the hardest and the most boring to write. I'm always like "GET ON WIFF THA ADVENCHOOR!" Also, in some parts I felt there were too many short sentences; usually around the battles.

Oh, and if you're gonna give Takuya a name, you need to give him a description >:]

It's good for the continuity of the role play and Milo's character was a bit more established. I like your vocabulary and how you describe small things like Kat closing her eyes... no Roisin battle!? :O

Keep it up!

Trainer Kat
March 28th, 2008, 3:38 AM
AH! I SO saw that 'witch' typo, but I forgot about it. :< Thank you, darling~

Girafarig's spikes are orange on the poster I have in mah room >D

Takuya's lack of a description is due to the fact that at first, Kat only saw him from afar, and when he drew close, she was still overcoming the shock that she had passed her battle. ;D He'll get one later.

Thanks for the review~<3

April 19th, 2008, 3:20 PM
Excellent grammar and characters. I hope you will write another chapter

April 19th, 2008, 9:56 PM
Girafarig's spikes are orange on the poster I have in mah room >D

you have a GIRAFARIG Poster? O_O

rofl, that's AMAZING. Keep it up!