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February 21st, 2008, 7:32 AM
Will NOT Start Without A Team!

Big Project: Pokemon Kanto Quest's
Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

Well some of you know me as Drevilg from Phocomany well im here now.
This hack will be Great Depending on how much People Help me.
So here goes....

Story of my hack:
Its About Ash Kechum when he 1st Gets His Pikachu And he Goes on his Journy to Becoming a Pokemon Master,(It has a Extra Evil Team, Extra Events and more) you Find Out Team Rocket has Captured, Entai, Suicune, Raiku, And used Dark Balls on them.
(For those of you who dont know what a Dark ball is it's a Ball made by Team Rocket to Increase The Pokemon's Lvl and Make it Evil)
And there After the Rest But there is another Evil Team who have Captured
Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno. And there After the rest of them too.
This game will be As much like the Episodes as Possible.
Will Team Rocket Capture all the Legendarys?
Or Will Team ??? Capture them all?
Play and find out.

* New Evil Team
* Will have Parts of Movies in it, Like when Mewto clones pokemon
*All the Events From the T.V Show.
* Richie will be in it with his Pikachu.
*Brandon & May as After Pokemon Legue Treat
* The Sevii islands will be Tornament Places of battle Places.
*New Text
*New Events/Scripts
* Go to Johto/Half of Johto.

Owner: Me (Evrything)
Helper With all: <You>
Scripter: <You>
Mapper: <You>
Texter <You>
Music Inserter <You>
Tile Inserter: <You>

I will not start this Project without a TEAM!

Overall Progress:
Extra Events <0%>
Scripts <0%>

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