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February 29th, 2008, 6:37 PM
First off, I would like to say this is merely an un-revised edition of who Vexar is. This is how he came about. Along with his history and friends. Please let me know what you think!

Part 1: Death is just the beginning.

The ocean looked beautiful this time of year. The sun reflected its light off of every inch of crystalline blue. Puffs of cloud lofted through the serene sky. A light breeze wafted off of the ocean. The breeze rolled onto the beach, and into the trees. A young man lay on the beach, he gazed up at his surroundings.

“What a perfect way to go.”

He did not breath. His eyes slowly closed. A gentle wave caressed the last life out of his body. He began the greatest journey he could ever experience. He floated with the breeze. He looked at his body, slowly falling away from him. He rose, ever so slowly to the sky above. Soon, his body was an ant. It was among the anthill of an island. He did not care to remember what happened. He floated with the clouds. It took some time, but he rose above the clouds. He felt warmth in this cold lonely drift. He had no worries. Soon, he could see the planet was getting smaller below him. He could see the edge of the atmosphere. The very stars themselves began to vanish as he surpassed the atmosphere.

He did not think. He simply took in this amazing spectacle. He left the world. Floating through space. He could sense his surroundings moving by faster. He accelerated through space. Soon he passed the moon. Now by the asteroids. He sped past the planets, barely able to take in the view. He did not seem to care about seeing the planets. He was on his journey through space. He would see more than just planets. He was on the path to a greater wisdom.

Soon, the galaxy seemed to get smaller. He was able to watch over the galaxy. He slowed down for a short moment. It was unexpected and confusing to him. The center of the galaxy seemed to get closer now. He realized that he was moving faster than before to this bright light of the galaxy. Everything became a blurring light. He began to burn, even without a body. He felt as if he was being shrunk into a straw and blown out the other side. The light was growing brighter. He became engulfed in it. Suddenly, he felt as if he was floating there. He didn’t have a body, yet he felt light headed, as if his body had been strewn apart and tossed into water.

There was a light pop. He gazed around him. The blinding light faded. He was in the back of a very long line. He looked around in confusion. This line was filled with mangled bodies, alien creatures, demons, devils. Things beyond his wildest imagination filled these continuous lines. He looked over himself. He was more pale than normal. He had his black, shoulder long, hair. He was still wearing his circular, silver rimmed, shades. He was in a white t-shirt, and black swimming shorts. He knew this was the last memories of his appearance.

He was not dumb enough to ask where he was. His heart sunk, he knew he was bound to wait his judgment. He knew, everyone was here for that reason. It felt like ages. He wandered through the line, with no one talking. Everyone either stood in silence, or attempted to talk without any voice. He arrived at a series of desks. A stout old toad of a woman sat in front of him.

“You may speak when spoken to.” She does not glance up to him, instead she hands him a ridiculous stack of papers and a dusty old pen. “Move along down the desks. You will be required to read and sign those papers as you do so.”

With that, he felt something softly nudge him forward. He glanced down at the pages. There was absolutely nothing to read. It soon became obvious, why. He looked in front of him. Words only appeared on the page once the repulsive secretaries spoke to them. He arrived at his first desk.

“Do you, Vexar. Realize and agree with the fact that you have died?” She spoke as if reading from a script, never paying mind to him.

It finally hit him, this wasn’t a dream. It couldn’t be, this has taken way to long for one. He was somewhere he could never have imagined. About to talk to something he had never recognized. “I- I do.” It was like saying the wedding vows. It was a step forward in a commitment he wasn’t sure of.
“Good.” She quickly spoke. “Once you finish your job application, you will be presented with a guide to your job. You will begin once you have finished the tasks that your job requires.”

“Job!?” He thought. He had just gotten away from all such worries. Why would he have to work more? Isn’t this is time of judgment?

“Please, fill out your forms. Once you are finished, take them to the next desk.”

He gazed over the line leading to the next desk. He knew it would be an eternity before he finished the forms. That would be perfect timing to arrive at the next desk. He read through the boring form. It turned out to be very personal to him. It verified when he had broken bones, when he had done certain actions, and even certain thoughts he had. It seemed like he was being watched his whole life. He thought there would be no way of recording this information on every being in the galaxy, or universe for all he knew. This paper seemed to feed off of what he was able to remember well. Before he could realize it. He had reviewed, nearly, his entire life. This had caused the stack of papers to crumble a bit as the blank pages vanished away in the wind.

He looked around, realizing other stacks of forms were growing in size. This was slightly disheartening to him. He looked up and saw that he still had a ways to go before reaching the next desk. He reflected on his life during this time, how he was so willing to leave it behind.

“Vexar, you are next.” Another mole covered secretary called to him.

He walked up to her and felt compelled to hand her his small stack of forms.

“My, my. This will be difficult to work with.” For the first time, one of the secretaries looked up at him. Her beady blue eyes gazed through her spectacles. “It looks like you are one of action and not thought.” She sized him up. “It seems you will be required for testing before we decide on your job.”

He looked at her in question, he attempted to speak. He was quelled in that action. He remembered he could not speak until spoken to.

“You must fill out this next set of forms before we can choose your job.” She reached inside the void of her desk. She pulled out another stack of forms and handed them to him. “Please finish this quickly and head over to the red desk.” She gave a simple point off to his left. She aimed him to a large red desk with a very small line, compared to those he had gone through.

“What the hell is going on?” He thought to himself. He now filled out a second set of forms. This time, they question what he would do in certain tasks and actions. The words formed on each page after he finished the previous question. He moved through this task easily. Before he knew it, his stack of pages was growing in size. He would turn the book over and it would add more pages. He continued to answer these questions. He was amazed at what he was finding out about himself. These were questions no one had ever thought to ask him.

“Vexar, you are finished, please hand over your test.” A, long faced, old man said. He sat high upon the desk. Vexar even had trouble seeing over it. “Ah, you seemed to have surpassed our normal questioning.” He stated, once he took the papers from Vexar. “Allow me to review it.”

Vexar took the time to gaze over this, oddly, mountainous scenery. They seemed to be in a vast valley of dark greens and browns. A haze filled this eternally long valley. It looked like the mountains were years away, yet they tore holes in the clouds above. There was no single light source, it was like being in a large office with a dark color scheme. It reminded him of his trip to his eye doctor, when he originally had to wear shades. He took in this never ending landscape. While it may not be the purgatory he thought of, it looked just like it.
“Ah, alright, Vexar. I am done” He looked up, his eyes were just as beady and blue as the toads before him. “We do not get people like you very often. Life must have been rather dull to you.” He gazed over Vexar, who could not respond back. “Am I right?”

“Y-Yes.” He felt relieved to speak. It felt like years before he had made the commitment to death.

“Well then. You are seeking to get one of the rarest jobs in, not just our galaxy, but the universe in itself.”

-Still work in progress- -This is the story of a character for a roleplay I created a while back.-