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April 7th, 2008, 7:46 PM
Um...hi. I'm expecting to get responses saying "I hate you for letting your story die!"

Well, at first I was just lazy, but then it became more of a lack of time thing and it just sort of wasn't on my list anymore. I'm sure you all understand how life can interfere with getting online to write a fic.

Well, I guess I'll give it another shot if people want me to. For those who haven't read it, look at my previous posts area and start from the beginning to see why people enjoyed it so much.

If you want me to continue, shout it here.

Note: Chapters may be few and far between now that I've got more to do. I'll post a note sometimes if I'm busy (as long as I don't have to doublepost), but otherwise (If you guys would like me to) I'll be trying to make myself write more and secondly, remember where the heck I left off.