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April 11th, 2008, 4:19 PM

This RP is based on the universe of the original Final Fantasy on the NES. However, towns from other pre-7 Final Fantasies will appear.

Some points of interest include:

Cornelia-The largest city in the land, and home to a well loved and well respected royal family and the finest warriors. However, it wasn't always that way--mention the nickname of the old King--Rinlon the Black--and any Cornelian will tell you their tale of how they lost someone or something they loved to his greed.

Pravoka-The largest seaport in the east country, this is also where budding Red Mages go to train.

Gaia-a idyllic town in the mountains, its claim to fame is a healing spring tended by fairies. Not surprisingly, the highest order of White Mages train here

Jodra-This town sits at the foot of Mt. Seraph, far to the west. Supposedly, Mt. Seraph rises into heaven; so the largest shrine to the High Angel Ladora is located here. Many people come each year to seek Her blessing or to pay their respects to a mage, warrior or ranger that died in Her service.

Melmond-Not far from the Cavern of Earth lies Melmond, home of the order of Black Mages. Mt. Duergar stands nearby, so much of this town's revenue comes from trade with the dwarves.

Not complete!


Warrior-These are strong fighters that live to protect the towns and cities of the land, and occasionally help run a village's day-to day affairs (i.e. casting the deciding vote when a council is divded) They usually wear plate armor, but chain is an acceptable substitute when metal is in short supply. Swords are their typical weapon, but axes and spears are not unheard of.

Monk-These warriors train in many forms of martial arts, and need not use a blade to show their fighting prowess. They prefer light armor, and when they feel the need for a weapon other than fists, they will typically use a knife or shuriken.

Thief-Sly and sneaky, these fighters also like making off with your valuables more than taking your life. Their stealth and charisma is unmatched, so they also know how to get a good bribe out of a monster. When they have to fight, they typically wield a knife, but shortswords are not uncommon.

Black Mage-These mages call on the power of the elements to harm their foes. Their order's lodge is based in Melmond, not far from the Cavern of Earth. Most are content with a staff or rod, but others prefer knives or catclaws

White Mage-These mages would rather heal and defend than harm, but when they do have to harm, their Holy spell is unrivaled. Their order is based in Gaia, where it is said the High White Mage received her power from the healing spring. Like Black Mages, they prefer staves and rods, but some opt to wield a knife.

Red Mage-Unlike their Black and White brethren, Red mages are a bit more like Warriors in that they train to use a sword as well as magic. In addition, some Red Mages can learn to summon, but this drains a lot more strength from them than a normal spell, unlike a summoner, which doesn't have the power drain side effect. They train at their lodge just outside of Pravoka

Will be updated as the RP goes on.

April 11th, 2008, 9:27 PM
Ok, this is good to know. I'd also like to make an Out Of Game reference to explain Ka-To's weapon.

Astaroth from Soul Caliber III wield a large axe, but one version of his weapon is infact, a large, spiked hammer/mallet. This being said, i'd like to classify his weapon as an Axe and just leave it at that. Big guy, Big weapons, Devistating results.

This alright with everyone?

April 12th, 2008, 5:10 AM
That will be fine, just so long as it makes sense in this universe. (so nothing like guns or lightsabers)