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Sweet Candace
April 12th, 2008, 4:45 PM
Pokemon Jeopardy! One of the best game shows fused with a cartoon! (Whose bright idea was this?)

(Jeopardy theme music plays)

Announcer: This is Jeopardy! Pokemon Edition! Let’s meet out three contestants!

Announcer: A Pokemon Trainer from Pallet Town, Ash Ketchum

Announcer: A Gym Leader from Pewter City, Brock (insert last name here)

Announcer: And our returning champion, a sales clerk from Viridian City, Mr. Bob! Whose 2-day cash winnings total $ 2!

Announcer: And here’s the host of Jeopardy! Jordan Thomas!

Jordan: Thank you and welcome to another episode of Jeopardy. I’d like to welcome back Mr. Bob and welcome Ash and Brock. Can one of you knock off our champion?

(Inside head) Please say yes!

Jordan: And here are our 6 categories:
Poke Mart Items
Cities that hold a Gym
You should eat this
Wild Card

Jordan: Mr. Bob, you start us off

Mr. Bob: Uh, I’ll take Poke Mart Items for $ 1000, Jordan

Jordan: Okay, you can’t buy this Poke Ball at a Poke Mart

Ash: *buzzes in*

Jordan: Yes, Ash?

Ash: What is Poke Ball?

Jordan: Wrong

Brock: *Buzzes in*

Jordan: Yes, Brock

Brock: *stares and does nothing*

Jordan: I’m sorry, staring is incorrect

Mr. Bob: *buzzes in*

Jordan: Mr. Bob, do YOU have the answer?

Mr. Bob: What is Poke Ball!

Jordan: I don’t believe this. The answer is Master Ball

All three: Oh!

Jordan: Mr. Bob, you pick again

Mr. Bob: I’ll take Gum for 100, Jordan

Jordan: This gooey sap is taken from trees to manufacture into gum

Mr. Bob: *emphatically hits buzzer*

Jordan: Mr. Bob?

Mr. Bob: What is Juicy Fruit!

Jordan: I swear to…oh my God…this has to be some weird dream! It is NOT Juicy Fruit! Anybody else? No? Okay!


Jordan: Okay, Double Jeopardy time! The Scores are this:

Jordan: Ash with -$ 40,000

Ash: Look at me, mom!

Jordan: Brock with $ 0

Brock: Hah, I have zero!

Jordan: And, Mr. Bob with $ 1

Mr. Bob: How’d I get this one dollar?

Jordan: Our Double Jeopardy categories are as follows:
All About Pikachu
Poketch Applications
This Pokemon smells!
Purr-fect!--Purr-fect is all about cat Pokemon, okay?
Potent Potables—A very favorite category with our master computer…

Jordan: Mr. Bob, you go first

Mr. Bob: I’ll take I hate My Job for $ 2000, Jordan

Jordan: There is no category called “I hate My Job!” We’re going with Shapes for 200.

(Monitor shows a picture of a circle)

Jordan: Name that shape

Ash: *buzzes in*

Jordan: Yes

Ash: Ketchup!

Jordan: (slams head repeatedly on podium), NO!

Brock: *buzzes in*

Jordan: (exasperated sigh) Brock…

Brock: Pikachu

Jordan: [(under breath) God I wish I was dead]. You couldn’t have been more wrong

Mr. Bob: I’ll take Peaches for 1 point, Jordan

Jordan: Oh my….First off, you must wait to get to ask for a new question and Peaches isn’t even a topic! Final Jeopardy time!

Jordan: Topic is Star Wars. Name ANY character from Star Wars. I don’t care who!

(Final Jeopardy theme music plays. All three write something down)

Jordan: Ash, I’m starting with you

Ash’s Monitor: Darth Smader

Jordan: I think you meant to say Darth Vader

Ash: No, I didn’t

Jordan: What did you wager?

Ash’s Monitor: Chewbacca

Jordan: Oh for God’s sake! Brock, please say you said something good!

Brock’s Monitor: I love

Jordan: Eh?

Brock’s Monitor: myself

Jordan: No, I’m sorry. I love myself is incorrect. Mr. Bob?

Mr. Bob’s Monitor: I hate my life

Jordan: You know what. No one of you win! Goodnight everyone!

(Jordan exits and credits roll)

Announcer: Pokemon Jeopardy is brought to you by Fast Food Inc! Mmm…fast food!

(Next episode: Dawn, Prof. Oak and Prof. Birch)

Hope you liked it!

April 13th, 2008, 1:47 AM
That was terrible I just wasted 2 minutes of my life that I will never get back. Try something else please because this is a joke i want to read a fanfic that has action like pokemon battles and pokemon contests and stuff like that not a game show that none of them know the answers to the questions.

Post Office Buddy
April 13th, 2008, 8:51 AM
Lol, I don't understand why you would write a story about Pokemon Jeopardy. Not many readers can relate to it, unless of course you're writing to Ken Jennings.

Your structure is also terrible. If you decide to stick with Pokemon Jeopardy as your topic, I suggest you at least provide some description pertaining to the movements of people, and NOT using playwrite style dialog. You need to expand it into paragraphs, not lines where only one person talks and there is no description whatsoever of the character's body language. Plus, if you were to contract it into paragraphs, it would probably max out in length to one page. I suggest that you write three to four pages to grab a readers attention.

Light Yagami
April 13th, 2008, 11:40 AM
It was good for a cheap laugh anyway. But I like cheap comedies anyway, so my opinion shouldn't count for anything.

April 13th, 2008, 12:27 PM
Fortunately, you at least got some of the format right for a ripoff of the superior "Celebrity Jeopardy" from SNL.

Unfortunately, without descriptions, the "Connery-Trebek" feud element, and the category name skewings, it's just another hackneyed attempt to get a cheap laugh. Sorry.