View Full Version : a poem i made up ((srry cant think of name for it))

Moon lucario
April 16th, 2008, 1:14 PM
Strike me down, take away my pain. Let me forget my soroow and sadness, and come to the light. Let me be freed of this shadow hold, so i can spread my wings and fly. Let me feel your love in my heart, while you hold me close to you, in your loving arms
Extinguish me, Take my sorrow away; Take it all away. I want my flames of passion to go into your soul and into your heart. I want it to melt away your hate and sadness so we can live happily together.
End it fight here, and all of our hate for eachother. We used to love, now we dont. we used to sleep and drream together. Now we dont. We avoid eachother all the time. I just wish it would end right here
Please... defeat me, defeat me in my depression. defeat the darkness that goes through my heart. defeat the darkness the holds my light away. let my light be freed of its shadow hold, so it can come out and show itself. defeat my darkness so we can love again. defeat it......
Soon.... eternal rest, the rest that will end our hate. this rest will help us through our shadow state. it will bring us light. the rest will bring us eternal light; a light that will never end, even if both the dark and light worlds are destroyed. And, this light will keep us together for ever.
Thus i atone for my sins. For once i do, we will all be happy and so will you. You will feel my light, my love, and my passion in your heart. You will feel my forevercontinuing love within you, within your soul. Feel my atonement.
Take my life of sadness away, and destroy it! kill it! get rid of it! If it were to stay. you would never love me.
Stop the suffering within your heart and soul.Destroy the sadness. Let happinness and love fill your heart and soul. Let it purify you of your shadow hold, for i cannot do that for you.
Dont cry over the darkness. Once it is gone, we will both be happy again.
Now we gotta say good bye to the darkness. let it leave your soul and body. Let it go out of your mind, and into someone else. for you see, you are the only man i love. And i would kill my self to make you love me. Now let the darkness leave and be happy forever with me by your side