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April 22nd, 2008, 02:59 AM
Maybe yeah, maybe not.
I've been lurking here around for a while now, for obvious reasons. But I'm not sure if some of you have noticed, with all the awesome people here helping at everything they can, the place isn't even close to being clean and peaceful.
Now watch out I'm not insulting you or making fun of you or anything, just pointing out what I think needs to be pointed out.

You guys need something, or someone, to organize it. It's a mess. There are 4-5 threads that are supposed to gather all new finds and scans together, much more for people who are acting by themselves, etc. And with all of that, there's no way the scans are going to be unified.
One example I can give off the top of my head is v16 and v17. The end of 16 is sailing off with Wailord while 17 has Mudkip already evolved and Ruby suddenly trapped somewhere. I'm not sure if it was taken care of or not since I just came back from about 2 weeks of not coming here, but my point still stands.

So my suggestion is this. Someone mans up and starts to organize the forum, with the help of administration [sp?] I hope. One thread, everything in it, and ONLY posts of people pointing out irregularities/mistakes. Adding new scans or information will be by sending a PM to that said person and edited into the first post. Mainly, all of the threads made up by people requesting/scanning the manga will be done behind the scenes by PMs.
Before doing that, of course, that person or a partner will have to skim through all of the chapters available and look for big mistakes, such as the one with v16-v17. And the rest of the forum will be purely for discussion of the manga and other Pokemon manga.

Hope my English is good enough to deliver the point in.

April 22nd, 2008, 01:24 PM
Dude, omni89 made a really big and cool thread with all the links to the volumes that have been scanned until now. http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=132913