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April 28th, 2008, 6:05 PM
Ok I'm going to make an attempt at a role-play even though it probably won't be all that great I'll try my best ahahah. Ok After getting Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2, I had the idea to create a role-play about it but I'm going to rearrange the storyline a little bit because if I didn't..That would be copyright >_<.. Alright enough stalling with my own personal thoughts!

~~~~Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Escaping the Dark~~~

Years have past since the turmoil that was caused by a meteor that plagued the pokemon world, even though pokemon are still in need of rescues things have begun to get quiet all around the pokemon world, or so they thought. As pokemon began to fall into a reguler schedule of rescue and work they didn't notice the darkness that had been creeping over their land. It wasn't noticed for several months or even years because its progression was so slow but one day... Several pokemon of this seemingly calm world began to fall ill. Any pokemon who was struck with this illness fell asleep in a terrible nightmare... a basically never-ending nightmare.. No one knew what or who caused these events.. Soon pokemon of Treasure town began questioning whether this was a disease that was spreadable or something much more sinister in work.

Uxie , Mespirit and Azelf began looking for any answers that could possibly lead to the end of this terrible disease. Their efforts didn't reveal anything that could find any cures... So again the disease began to spread throughout the land. Wild Pokemon began to find their homes being damaged by the never-ending nightmare, the seemingly calm forests began to turn into living nightmares, mountains were covered in darkness never seeing the dawn, and rivers beginning to stop and disappear.

Calaminty had once again befallen the Pokemon world. not even rescue teams could handle all the rescue missions being sent in, soon all the rescue teams began to became overworked and eventually stopped doing the missions all together. Then a new type of team was formed, they were dubbed exploration teams!

Exploration teams were similiar to rescue teams they helped pokemon in trouble and took on various missions but they would also capture various outlaws that were causing problems because of the calamities. Exploration teams also searched for answers for the "incurable disease." The exploration teams soon became a vital need of everyday life for Treasure town and various other towns in the Pokemon world.

This is where the story turns strange... Time began to stop in various areas that weren't affected by the horrific disease. Time was supposedly run by time gears, it is said that if a time gear is stolen from its rightful place that time would stop in that area, even the worst of outlaws wouldn't dare touch a time gear for fear of what could happen. And everyones worst nightmare was confirmed a mysterious theme had been stealing the time gears....Ands its your job to find out why...

Your character one day finds himself/herself under a never-ending dizzy spell and collapses and is engulfed by a bright light. Your character soon heres a voice a very faint voice... it's saying... "Welcome to the Pokemon world...Chosen one... You have been chosen to save the world along with several other people... Time is stopping and a nightmare is spreading throughout the world of pokemon... Hurry time is of the esscence"

Your character soon finds himself/herself on a beach and as a..Pokemon! Unable to comprehend what happened because you have no memory you begin to remeber what the voice said "There are others like you find them..." So himself/herself begins to look for the others that have ended up with the same fate...

Okay sign-up sheets (Yay)- SIGN-UPS ARE CLOSED

Human Age:
What Pokemon you are:*
Special Power: (This can be anything from seeing into the future to a special attack only you know Yay! but your not required to have one! oh and if you do have one explain what it does please :D)
Rp example:~Optional~~~

Note: Once a pokemon from the following list has been taken you may not be that pokemon!

*- You may choose from the following

Eevee- Umbreongirl
Mudkip- GhostPrincess


#1: No profanity please ^-^ its just plain rude and I only rated the PG-13 because I'm afraid some of the content may not be age appropriate D:

#2: No character control unless the owner of that character has authorized it..and lets try not to do that please :)

#3: No spamming! (One of the most basic rules of role-playing so..Don't do it! Please?)

#4: Have fun with it! Role-playing is ment to be fun! SO have fun yaaaaay!

#5: At least have 1 paragraph of writing..its in the rules! So obey the rules >:|

and thats it for rules and regulations you should know if you actually read the role-playing rules but moving on!

---My character--

Name: Tiffany Jones
Human Age: 16
Gender: Female
Special Power: Dimensional Scream... Can see into the future or past if it relates to the time gears. It activates when she touches something. But recently when it activates..its been seeing different things..
Pokemon I am: Mudkip! Yay!
History: Tiffany was a spoiled rich kid all her life and got everything she wanted.Her parents gave her love so she wasn't feeling abandoned even though she was rich, she was actually rather Lonely because she was home-schooled which didn't give her proper social skills to be able to make friends, but instead of making human friends she made pokemon friends and often when she wasn't learning etiquette lessons she would go out into the forest and play with pokemon and feed berries to them. One day sje foudn a peculier berry and touched it.Her body became engulfed in a white light and she found herself answering questions that she had never heard before.She then began having a vision of a time gear that was being taken and before she could figure out what was going she found herself waking up on a beach..As a mudkip and only able to remember her name!

------Have fun role-playing~~ :)-----

April 29th, 2008, 2:12 PM
Sounds like fun.

Name:Toby Ironheart

Human Age: 13

Gender: Male

What Pokemon you are: Treecko

Special Power: He can time-travel and teleport, but ,at the start, these skill is very underdeveloped, only allowing him to travel back and forward a few seconds. He can also mind burrow/Astro projection. This is where his soul leaves his mind, and enter another person's mind. He uses this to speak with people far away, or to dispel nightmares

History: Toby (human) was created when the world was paralyzed. Since time was amock, Celebi used her time powers, along with a fragment of the Adamant Orb she chipped of Dialga's, to age him to 13. She told him that he was destined to save thousands of pokemon, and that she would give him a gift to help him, so he could help others.But to do this, he had to become a pokemon. The next morning, he awoke on Sharpedo Bluff. He couldn't remember much, except that he had been a human, his name, and he would dream about Celebi.He lived in Treasure Town a few months before realizing his powers. One day, while he sitting at the Bluff, Azurill was playing with the Water Float. A wind picked up, and blew it over the edge. Toby concerntrated on the moment and place in time, and he teleported to the exact moment. Ever since then, he been training his powers.

April 29th, 2008, 4:09 PM
Yay it got accept ya :> but enough of my thoughts..(again)

@Eletji- you are ~accepted~ but one thing I must know..Are you a pokemn or pokemon turnning human..Seriously you said you grew up in treasure town which is only a town which is accesible when your a pokemon..But anyway you can put a role-play examply if you want I don't mind. I didn't put one because I frankly am very lazy...ahahah! *ashamed moment* Anyway your accepted because you went and put your history which was not neccesary and it may seem fun to have you in the role-play :o but you didn't have to put history.. I should edit that on the sign up sheet but to answer your question no rp example and history is not neccesary.

April 29th, 2008, 5:18 PM
Name: Rika
Human Age: 13
Gender: Male
What Pokemon you are: Pikachu
Special Power: The Deminsional Scream. However, it is the past version, enabling him to have it even when it's not about time gears. He also has the ability to, if concentrated enough, make a small fire with his electric sparks
Rp example: (Don't worry, I'm a good RPer! I've been doing it for a few years!)

Rika was a human, not liking the sport of Pokemon battling or training. He owned his special Pikachu with him. One day in an unknown forest, they were exploring it. That's when they found the rock. This rock was no ordinary rock, as when he touched it, him and his Pikachu dissapeared. When they reappeared, they were in a bright room, one door, and an odd creature. It asked Rika some questions, then he and Pika entered. Rika woke up without Pika, as a Pikachu, with only the memory of being a human and his name.

April 29th, 2008, 5:18 PM
This sounds like a good idea for an RP.

Name: Alex Fendetta

Human Age: 17, 3/4

Gender: Male

What Pokemon you are: Cyndaquill

Special Power: He has super sonic speed, but it is un-mastered so he only runs twice as fast as a 300 Mph Lambo.

History: ALex grew up as a kid that had a passion for Pokemon. His parents ignored him his child hood though becuase they wanted a daugther to name Alexandra but they were heavily disapointed with a boy and named it Alex and only brought him food and never interacted in anyway. He's a very smart and talented child. When he awoke on the beach he was charcol black with fire coming from his back. He naturally ran into the water but was instantly weakened and was scared but then an old Garchomp of the beach told him what had happened.

April 29th, 2008, 5:44 PM
@ShadowMaster345- oo I like your special power! Have you play Mystery Dungeon 2? hmm anyway your ~accepted~
@SlashVorlex- Aww your past is so sad D: and super sonic speed..awsome :O Anyway ~accepted~

April 29th, 2008, 6:25 PM
@ShadowMaster345- oo I like your special power! Have you play Mystery Dungeon 2? hmm anyway your ~accepted~
@SlashVorlex- Aww your past is so sad D: and super sonic speed..awsome :O Anyway ~accepted~

Yes. I haven't played Time, but I've almost beaten Darkness! I should have it beat soon though.

April 29th, 2008, 6:32 PM
Name: Tori
Human Age:12
What Pokemon you are:Piplup
Special Power: Aura Vision( Can feel tempeyure changes and power level, see faintly through solid items, tell if someone lies, and can tell the feelings of others, but makes him permanently blind)
Rp example:(I'm good, don't worry)
History:Tori was born as an orphan, not knowing of his family's location whatsoever, during his days on the orphnage, he developed the ability to see aura.Using this he found out the way the other kids felt about him, sadly, they felt pity and hatred for him.Knowing this, Tori became very withdrawn and independent, eventually leaving the orphanage.Now, as a Pokemon, he wakes up on a unknown beach, only remebering the sound of a truck's horn.

That is all.

April 29th, 2008, 9:05 PM
Alright Wizard-Wings what would a role-play be without a withdrawn character? ahahaha ~accepted~

and shadow if you wish to talk to me abotu mystery dungeon 2 pm me about it please xD I fear its considered spam.. ahahaha sorry its my first role-play that I've made and i don't wanna get it closed..Anyway if you wanna talk about Mystery Dungeon 2 please pm instead if its not to much trouble anywaaaaay back to buisness

Wizard-Wings ~accepted~

April 30th, 2008, 12:20 AM
I changed my history, so its clearer about the human thing. Yes, i have played PMDtime

April 30th, 2008, 11:00 AM
Name: Leon
Human Age: 14
What Pokemon you are: Chimchar
Special Power: Shadow Possesion( Can use his shadow to take control of other Pokemon's body and powers)
Rp example:

Kamot had reached Violet City and immediately went to the gym. The gym leader and the others were battling a group of Pokemon. Kamot was highly concerned this was another rebellion attack so he summoned all his Pokemon. Aipom, Hoops, and Punch wer all ready to fight. The attacking group seemed to be led by a group of Dugtrio. With that in mind Kamot sent Punch and Aipom to use Focus Punch on them. The Dugtrio retreated to the holes and the attacking Diglett changed their targets to Kamot. He was in deep trouble but he had to pull through. "Hoops, steel wing and then hypnosis on the targets you miss." the Diglett were hit hard then the ones that dodged were put to sleep. Then Punch and Aipom delivered some sneaky Focus Punches. The Diglett refused to retreat like the Dugtrio had and were willing to risk their lives. Kamot was conflicted but he had to do the right thing.

Then below his feet the Dugtrio appeared and captured him with Sand Tomb. The sand was squeezing the life out of him and the trainers couldn't do anything. As he started to feel the oxygen slip a thunderbolt struck the hole gym field. Even though it was invunerable to Electric attacks the Dugtrio flinched. The sand disappeared and Kamot took the opening. Dugtrio was hit hard by Punch's brick break and was knocked back into their hole. The Diglett were very hurt from the attack so they retreated too. Kamot knew who had used thunderbolt and thanked them.

With that settled Kamot talked to Falkner about joining him in a rebellion take down. However, Falkner refused. "My Pokemon were almost killed by an army of Diglett there is no way I can help. But, I can give you my badge, that way you can use its power." but he declined. Kamot wanted to do it with Falkner not with Falkner's badge. So with that plan shot Kamot left Violet City and headed to the next gym.

History: Leon was born in Sinnoh with only his dad. His mom had died giving birth to him. His dad was a dangerous scientist that messed around with bad experiments. Leon thought this was dangerous because his dad stayed in the basement all day playing aorund. So Leon went down into the basement and talked to his dad. He happened to walkin on his dad making himself a robotic son. Leon was highly upset and tried to destroy the machine. He accidentally knocked over a vile that gave him a burning sensation. Before he knew it he had taken control of his dad's body through his shadow possesion and had him destroy the robot. After the stress of his shadow possesion Leon's father died. Leon left his house and started to dive into book sof strategy to use his powers with more control. He now has an IQ of 200 after reading through the books thoroughly and has found himself as a Chimchar.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
April 30th, 2008, 11:36 AM
Name: Savanna

Human Age: 13

Gender: Female

What Pokemon you are: Chikorita

Special Power: Special Evolution - A Special Attack That Lets Savanna Evolve Into Any Of Her Evolutions And/Or Make The Opponent See Its Worst Nightmare As A Illusion.

Rp example:
(Note That This Is From The RPG The Dark Age 2: World Destruction (PG-13) And I Worked For Mewtwo On It.)

Damion Sat On A Rock In A Field With His Flygon Watching Some Raichu Fight Over Some Berries. Smiling, He Sayed "Come On Flygon,Do You Think You Could Fly Me To Victory Road?". "Fly!" Said Flygon In A Very Excited Voice. "Ok,Lets Go." Said Damion, Hopping On Flygons Back Quickly As It Took Off.As They Crossed The Water,Damion Watched Some Pokemon Trainers Race On Their Water Type Pokemon. "Flygon,Faster Before They See Us!" Said Damion,Yelling Over The Waves. Flygon Nodded And Sped Up A Little. Damion Looked Around Making Sure Nobody Heard Him. "Go,Scizor!" Said Damion Trying To Be Quiet Enough So That Nobody Could Hear Him. "Scizor,Go And Drop This Letter Off In My Moms Mailbox In Floroma. Ok,And Please Be Quiet." Said Damion, Hoping Mewtwo Wouldn't Find Out. "Scizor!" Said Scizor Worryingly. "I Know We Havn't Been Apart Scince I First Caught You Scizor, But You Have To Do This For Me." Said Damion Trying To Encourage Scizor. "Sciz." Said Scizor Flying To Floroma. "Ok, Come On Flygon.Land Here For The Night." Said Damion Looking Around To Make Sure Nobody Was In The Forest Below Them.

History: Savanna's History Is Unkown. (Even To Her)

April 30th, 2008, 11:59 AM
Name: Taro
Human Age: 15
Gender: Male
What Pokemon you are: Munchlax
Special Power: While Taro sleeps, he is able to travel into other peoples dreams. Additionally (though it isn't really a 'power,' but its worth mentioning) Taro never has any problems with food. He loves to eat, to him its actually a passtime, but when out on adventures he can go extremely long periods of time without eating (due to all of the nutrients from the food he eats before being stored in his body) on top of that, he can eat almost anything (like grimy food) with no side effects.
However, it should be noted that while people may think he eats a lot normally, in reality his is actually quite full (eating is a passtime to him, as mentioned above) if you ever see him when hes actually hungry... well... you may suddenly find yourself with a food shortage.
History: Taro's parents were high-ups in a very successful company (which will remain unnamed due to lack of creativity on my part) which demanded the family to move where the company needed them. As such, Taro has been all over the world. This sparked his love for food. He has tried different types of food from all over the world, and one day hopes to be able to brag about having eaten every type of food there was in existence. Despite his love for food, Taro remained relatively lean.
However, Taro woke up on a beach one day, forgetting all of this. The only things he could recall were his name, the fact he had been human, and his passion for food.

Name: Taro
Human Age: 15
Gender: Male
What Pokemon you are: Munchlax
Special Power: Taro never has any problems with food. He loves to eat, to him its actually a passtime, but when out on adventures he can go extremely long periods of time without eating (due to all of the nutrients from the food he eats before being stored in his body) on top of that, he can eat almost anything (like grimy food) with no side effects.
History: Taro's parents were high-ups in a very successful company (which will remain unnamed due to lack of creativity on my part) which demanded the family to move where the company needed them. As such, Taro has been all over the world. This sparked his love for food. He has tried different types of food from all over the world, and one day hopes to be able to brag about having eaten every type of food there was in existence. Despite his love for food, Taro remained relatively lean.
However, Taro woke up on a beach one day, forgetting all of this. The only things he could recall were his name, the fact he had been human, and his passion for food.

April 30th, 2008, 12:47 PM
Wow while I was at school alot of people signed up..Awsome :D Anyway...!

@K9S8- Wow I really like your history and special power...Awsome :D ~accepted~

@SandSlash10-Special Evolution...? That rocks! ~accepted~

@Gamekrazy woa I didn't think we'd get a munchlax role-player! ~accepted~

Note: 1-2 mroe people and we can start! Yay~

April 30th, 2008, 1:30 PM
Yay! Only two people needed! Oh yeah GP, you could make an OOC topic in the lounge(So this isn't cluttered with OOC posts)

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
April 30th, 2008, 1:34 PM
I Already Have Something Planned For When This Starts. O.o o.O

April 30th, 2008, 1:53 PM
OOC:Alright guys I'm making a OOC post tyhread so the role-play won't be so cluttered o.o; I reaaallly don't want that..So yea! Hmm i think I will start the role-play now but keep registartion open for anyone else who wants to in..

So now any OOC posts belong in the OOC post thread Ok yay! That way we won't get warning from Loki about spamming :o

~Note This is meaning that the role-play has started~~~~
IC: "Urrghh...Huh where am I...Ah..Water..WATER!" Tiffany began gasping for water as she began drinknig the sea water furiously.Still feeling a little dizzy she pondered what the voice had said to her"Hurry Find the other like you..Time is of the essence.." Tiffany was still exhausted and groggy so she began looking at the Krabby who were blowing bubbles into the sea. "Wow..That so pretty..but I still wonder what that voice ment when...Time is of the essence..what does that mean...? Maybe I should get back to the house..." Tiffany mumbled nervously looking around "But..I don't know where I am..." mumbled Tiffany embarrassed at herself a little bit when she looked into the water and saw her reflection.."I-I'm a mudkip?!" Tiffany screeshed in a yell falling face first into the cold icy water.

"Ah how did this happen! How am I a mudkip?! How is this possible!? Ahhhh! Tiffany kept screaming over and over which startled the Krabby and they scuttled off. "Maybe..this has something to do with the voice I heard..Ah! Thats got to be it but..There are others and..Time is of the esscense what does that mean..?" Tiffany sat down pondering this to herself for quite sometime. "Hmm Well no use standing here all day.. I should find a town..before I die of thirst again.." The young girl who was now a mudkip said frustrated about this whole incident.But before she could get up and find a town she foudn herself under a dizzy spell. "W-whats going on..? Why am I so dizzy..." Tiffany mumbled as she began having a dizzy spell.

"Darn they got away! This isn't good master dialga will be mad about this..We have to find them!" A mysterious figure yelled at 6 other mysterios figures. "W-whats going on...? Where am I...? Is this a vision..?" Tiffany mumbled but before she could finish seeing what had snapped out of it breathing heavily, she found herself stepping on an odd rock with odd markings on it. "Hmm maybe I should keep this..it looks..pretty" The young Mudkip girl said to herself picknig up the rock and running off to fidn a town and possibly the others that had ended with the same fate as her.

April 30th, 2008, 2:13 PM
Mumbling, Rika suddenly woke up. "Ah! Where is Pika! Where am I!" Rika went into the waters reflection of the crispy ocean. There was a Pikachu. "Oh, this must be Pika's reflection... but where is that Pika?" Looking around, he looked into the water again. He couldn't see his reflection. "A- ah! I'm a Pikachu!" He freaked out and ran around, accidently slamming into a Mudkip(You GP).

"Oh, sorry about that Mudkip." Rika said. That's when he had a Deminsional Scream. "Uh, whats going on! I feel dizzy." He said to himself. Then and there, he saw an image of all the ones with the same fate of them, but he could only make out the species of one, the Mudkip. As it ended he fell on his back, confused.

OOC: Oh, and on an unrelated note, got a new sig(MD2).

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
April 30th, 2008, 2:25 PM
Savanna Woke Up,Finding Herself Hidden Behind A Rock On A Beach. She Looked Around,Confused. " WHERE IN THE WORLD AM I!!!!! " Savanna Yelled Getting Up Quickly. She Jumped On The Rock,Looking Around. She Got Off The Rock And Saw The Krabby Blowing Bubbles. She Went Towards The River To Take A Dring But Stopped Immediately When She Saw Her Reflection. " I'm A Chikorita! " She Said,Stunned. She Paced Around In A Circle,Confused. She Heard Voices Coming From Behind A Opening In The Cliff Surrounding The Beach. She Walkied In The Opening And Saw A Town. A Map Blew In The Wind. She Caught It. " Hey,This Must Be A Map Of This Town. " Said Savanna,Calming Down. " Ok,So There's A Kecleon Market,An Electivire Link Shop,A Duskull Bank,A Guild... Wait A Second... A GUILD!?!? " Savanna Said Shocked. She Looked Around Confused.


I Didn't See You Two On The RPG... :P

April 30th, 2008, 5:10 PM
Toby teleported to the Market. "Right on time" said the Kecleon brothers. "The usual?" asked the Green brother.
"Yeah, sure. 3 Reviver Seeds, 3 Oran berries and 2 Apples"
"We have some new Tms and Orbs if you like?" This was the Purple Kecleon.
"Any Escape Orbs, or Grass Tms?"
"1 Escape orb. Here, On the House"
"Thanks". Toby next stop was the rescue boards. "Hmmm, Not much here." He was interrupted by a shout by Diglett.
"Whose footprint? Whose footprint?"
"The footprint belong to a ....Wait is that a? Yes it is! The footprint belongs to a Chikorita!"
Toby raised his eyebrow with intrest. He teleported to the front door. "Chikorita? We don't get a lot of them round here. Whats Your name?" Toby put his hand on the Chikorita's shoulder. A wave of dizziness leapt apon him. a voice entered his mind. "This is one of them......Find the others" the voice said to him. He opened his eyes. "Ahh,umm sorry, what did you say your name was?"

April 30th, 2008, 5:24 PM
Leon looked at the water and saw he was a Chimchar. "Look at that, I'm a Chimchar." Leon was unphased by his transformation. He looked around on the beach and saw a Mudkip and a Pikachu talking together. He looked at their size and then their lips. He had focused on how their lips moved and realized they were introducing each other. "I don't need to get tangled up with them. I might find myself held back and so I'll explore this place." Leon went into a town that had more Pokemon. He had no more time to play so he went to a Wigglytuff hut. He heard a voice below him and still went inside.

April 30th, 2008, 5:36 PM
OOC: Yay! This Roleplay excites me! What a wonderful idea! ^^' It's not too often I actually get to Roleplay a Pokemon. <3 So one question, I know Eevee isn't up there, but since it is in the Rescue Games, can I be an Eevee? If not, I would like to please reserve Charmander.

April 30th, 2008, 5:51 PM
OOC: I knew there was a pokemon I forgot to put up there umbreongirl D: Anyway.. Sure you can be Eevee I don't mind. But next tiem either message me about it or go to the OOC thread please ;o Thanks if it wouldn't be to much trouble! Just submit your sign-up sheet and everything and you can be an eevee ^-^

IC:   "Gah! Who bumped into me?" Tiffany yelped in surprise. "Oh it was you!" She spoke to what appeared to be a Pikachu. Tiffany heard the little electric mouse pokemon mumble a "Sorry."

"Hey, hey no need to apologize I wasn;t looknig where I was going...Anyway see you around!" Tiffany said in a happy tone while running into Treasure town. "Oh wow this place is huge! I wonder whats around here..." Tiffany giggled like a hapyp child in a playground. She soon began looking around and asking people about the various places in Treasure town. "Lets see if I remeber correctly... This is electivire link shop for linknig moves..Thats the kecleon brothers shop...Marowak Dojo..Uh duskull bank for mnoey.. Xatu appraisel..and chansey incubater place..oh and there should be a guild up ahead to!" Tiffany mumbled exploring the world around her. She soon found a rather large looknig wigglytuff house. "Uh.. this is a weird looking building..it msut be the guild" Tiffany said in an uncertain tone about what she was getting herself into. She stepped in frotn of the guild and heard a vocie scream "The footprint is a mudkips! The fotoprint is a mudkips!"

"GAH! Ah where did that come from?! Ah I'm scared...! This is ratehr frustrating not knowing where I am..Only knowing that I was human at one point and that my name is Tiffany..Ah this is so vexing!" Tiffany yelped in frustration

April 30th, 2008, 6:15 PM
"Hm...ugh...AHHHHH!"A small penguin yelled."Where am I?I can't remember anything, only my name...and the sound of a car.And I feel smaller, and lighter, and my aura isn't the same, as a matter of fact, the aura of everything around here is different...like that of a Pokemon.Wait a second...so is mine!!!And it smell like seawater!WHAT HAPPENED!!!!"

"You wacky Piplup, of course your small and light, and very cute, by the way."A female voice remarked.

"Who said that?!"Piplup yelled, unable to identify the voice.

"Me! I'm behind you, genius! Are you blind or something!And, I'm Kira, a Krabby, by the way!"The same female voice said.

"And yes, I'm blind, by the way!!"Piplup responded angrily as he turned around towards the Krabby."Well, your aura does match that of a Krabby.Then wait a minute, YOU CAN TALK!!A TALKING KRABBY!!!"

"Well, duh!Are you deaf or something!!"Kira replied angrily at the Piplup's ignorance.

OOC:That is all!

April 30th, 2008, 6:36 PM
Alex awoke on the beech and jumped back. Where am I? HE thought curiously. He ran off and he flew from one side of the beach to the middle of it in a minute. "Amazing." He said looking around. He concentrated and he felt his back warm up. What the? He said walking over to the water and looked at the water and jumped back and yelped. He saw fire coming form his back. He calmed down and walked off and saw some lights and soon found out it was a town. He walked into it and saw a Mudkip, Pikachu, Chimchar. He ran over and was next to them all in a few seconds. "That was random. Hello." He said calmly to the pokemon.

April 30th, 2008, 6:44 PM
OOC: Aw... I would've took Eevee if I knew it was up there. Oh well!

"It's okay." Rika replied, following, wondering where he was. That's when he saw the Chimchar. Out of nowhere he yelled, "That's one of the pokemon from that dizzy thing I got!"

April 30th, 2008, 6:55 PM
OOC: ahh >.< sorry ! oh and shadowmaster345 make your post a little bit lnoger please D: in da rulez it says it has to be one paragraph long :S I don't wanna get in trouble with Loki....

IC: "Gah!!" Tiffani yelped as she heard the door open and a frenzy of people came otu and surrounded her and a few other people. She heard the peopel who surroudned her asking 'Why are you here? Where do you live?"

"GAH! I DON'T KNOW!" Tiffany yelped as she got oen of her legs pulled by a sunflora who was "Oh my goshing" in ever breathe she took. Tiffany could here her heart beating faster with every breathe she took. She felt her body being mangled and pulled in all directions.

"ENOUGH!" This is nonsense they are vistors treat them with respect! I'm ashamed of you! " A bird yeleld angerly as it emerged from the guild. "Stop pulling that mudkip around! She's not a ragdoll!" The parrot who was obviously a chatot yelled.

"Sorry..Sorry Chatot..." All the guild members said quietly and went back into the guild and got ready to do some more missions. As the other poekmon entered the guidl a wigglytuff came out. "Friends~~Friends~~!" The little pink pokemon screamed as Tiffany was uncertain about how sane this wigglytuff was. "Do new friends wish to have dinner with us?" the wuigglytuff asked obviously ignornig tiffany's uncertain face.

April 30th, 2008, 8:36 PM
((Um, I hope you don't mind me taking control of Wigglytuff and Chatot for a bit.))

"Hey, I can see why these things are called Perfect Apples! They really are perfect!" A particularly cheery Munchlax said, emerging from the entrance of the Wigglytuff guild with a very large juicy apple in his hands, a large bite already taken out of it.

"Yah!" Wigglytuff said, turning to face him "Thats why I like em so much! And things you like you should share! With friends!~ Friendly friends!~"

"Um... Guildmaster?" Chatot spoke up "Are you sure that it is ok to be letting this stranger eat those? I mean, he just wandered in from the beach... and hes not a guild member or anything of the sort..."

"Silly Chatot!" Wigglytuff replied with his usual cheerful tone "Hes a friend!~ Friendly friend friends!~"

"...as you say Guildmaster..." Chatot replied with a sigh. The truth is... we are already running low on those... and its such a hassle to get a team to prospect for more. I suppose they all fear failure, which leaves the job to me... and I fear failing as well. You can't get between the Guildmaster and his apples... Chatot shuddered at the thought.

Taro's apple was about half way finished now, and he was looking over the pokemon before the Guild entrance

"So... you guys are like me, aren't you?" He said plainly. He had no direct evidence of it, but something in his gut told him so. These pokemon had been human once, just like him.

May 1st, 2008, 3:57 AM
Le application! >>;

Name: Radian Violet Slasher
Human Age: Fifteen
Gender: Female

What Pokemon you are: Eevee! ^^' <3 Pwned!

Special Power: Trace, the power to detect the abilities of another person or pokemon, but only after she has physically touched them first. Radian is also a healer, and by using mental energy and touching the victim on the ailing part of his/her body, she can heal most minor injuries. This includes pokemon who have been posessed.

RP sample:

History: Radian was born into the typical family, the first child and only daughter of a young couple ecstatic to welcome their first child into the world. They both were so young, and free-spirited, never limiting themselves to only one way of thinking, fearing that if they did, they would miss the majority of what the world had to offer. Naturally nomadic, the pair traveled the world with their young daughter, wishing for her what they never had for themselves: The chance to see and experience everything there was out there. Though this wasn't the most stable of lifestyles for a child, Radian did have the opportunity to take in countless rare sights, and more or less was content with the way they lived. She had never minded much that her mother and father were less than poor, and had had to scrounge endlessly all her life just to make enough money to support the three of them, as they were all very happy. Radian's parents were modern hippies, so when her mother became pregnant a second time, there wasn't any question as to whether she would bear the child or not. Though her mom and dad hadn't planned for an extra child, as one to support was plenty for them, they had him, and Radian had a little brother, Alfonse. The baby was actually a blessing in disguise, as Radian now had a little brother to play with, and this was quite convenient, as their parents were squandering more and more money away from them. Soon, they went into debt, and were kicked from the tiny apartment they had rented. But not being people to complain, her dad simply packed the family up and moved them to the Viridian Forest. This way, they could not only be closer to nature, but their children would have a clean, natural environment to grow up in. Her parents put the remnants of their cash supply and all their energy into building a home, and finally succeeded in putting up a beautiful little cottage. And the family was happy, particularly Radian and Alfonse, who had together adopted a Pikachu who had been kicked from his clan, much like they had been kicked from their home. Until the day diasaster struck. Notorious Gym Leader and Crime Boss Giovanni had recently been wrecking havoc throughout the Kanto region, recruiting stronger and more powerful minions with pokemon brutally strong. These poor pokemon were rumored to have been experimented on to enhance strength and stamina, and not only that, but had been forced to close their hearts against all love and compassion. This wasn't the first time this had been attempted, and as expected, Giovanni attacked the legendaries. Not only one, but many. Mew, Mewtwo, Celebi, and Ho-Oh, by tricking them into coming to a place where they would be surrounded and ambushed by pokemon who could effectively attack their weaknesses, and faint them so that their hearts could be quickly shut. As expected, Radian's parents were outraged, and were among those few who didn't fear the evil man and his organizations. Boldly, they organized many speeches, rallies, and protests, verbally expressing their disgust and making sure that every good-hearted trainer in Kanto knew of the diabolical plan. Desperate for his mission to succeed, Giovanni sent assassins out into the night where, to put it simply, they set the cottage ablaze, trapping every member of the family inside, and burning Radian's parents alive. Fortunately, Radian was awakened by her Pikachu's Thundershock, which jolted her awake just before the flames had reached the room. She managed to drag Alfonse out alive, but he was burned so severely, her dear little brother passed away only a couple of hours later. Left with only Surge, her Pikachu, Radian dedicated her life to rescuing others, people and pokemon alike, and has secretly always wanted to be apart of a team that helped others in need. She realized that she was too late too save her family, but not too late to save other victims in need. She discovered her unique gift just before she was whisked away into a world of all pokemon. A strange voice told her that here, she would fulfill her dream, and join forces with others to save the world from its awful predicament. She was left with a mental image of several silhouettes of others, and she has no clue who they are, but understands that she must locate them, no matter what.

May 1st, 2008, 10:13 AM
Name: Marc Black

Human Age: Sixteen

Gender: Male

What Pokemon you are: Totodile! My actual Pokemon in Explorers of Time :D

Special Power: Telepathy. He had the ability to talk to people through his mind and allow them to communicate back, even if they don't have the ability to do so. He can also read minds to an extent.

Rp example:

"There's the treasure!!" Marc exclaimed extremely happily. ~Now I just have to cross this narrow path of land.. It's a piece of cake. I've been through tougher before~ Marc thought as he stared at a red glowing gemstone stuck on a wall, then down at the path. HE took a deep breath and held it there, without exhaling, and put one of his feet on the path, tapping it a few times. "Looks Consistent.." he said letting his breath out, then breathing in again.

He took a step on the path, stretching his arms to his sides for balance, and started walking slowly towards the end of it. His steps were short and cautious, because he sure didn't want to fall down. The hole beneath him look like it lead to the abbys. Marc threw a rock to see it's depth, but the rock never made a sound like hitting the floor. Marc gulped, closing his eyes for some seconds and then continuing to go through the path. He was only a few feet away from then now, and was slightly relieved. ~Yes.. I made it.." he though as his steps grabbed more speed so he could approach faster.

All of a sudden, small chirps of stone started to fell from the cave's ceiling, as well a from the walls. ~What the.. Oh no... Oh no!!~ Marc thought as he stared around. What was going to happen was obvious. He started running recklessly to safe ground, but it was too late. The ground started quaking violently, and you could hear the cave echoing destruction. Then the worst came.

The path of land Marc was walking on started collapsing from both ends, Marc being trapped in the center. "It's over for me.." Marc said. There was nothing he could do now. I was his end. The path collapsed completely just then, making Marc fall to the abbys. His head was hit with a rock falling from the cave's wall, knocking him out completely and making his head bleed heavily.

..."Ugh... Ah....Urrgh.. Where am I?" Marc thought as he sat up on the sand. He was at a beach, a very nice one in fact. Krabby where using Bubble, adding nice thigns to the sight. "Ugh.. How did I get here?" Marc said as he rubbed his head. It felt wet and gooey. "Huh? OH MY!" Marc said when he notice dhis hand wasn't a hand anymore, but a Totodile's paw. He ran to the water to see his reflection, and noticed he was a Pokemon. "I must be dreaming! Am I dead?!" he exclaimed nervously as he ran around in circles, but then fell to the ground, then sand around him turning blood red. "Ow, this hurts" he said as he touched his wound from the cave, which was bleeding heavily. "What am I to do? Where am I? Why am I here? I can't remember anything! Why can't I?!" He yelled desperately. "I gotta get answers here!!! Ahh!!" he yelled as he ran away from the beach..

History: Marc was a nice guy who had many friends, both human and Pokemon, and didn't have problems making more of them. He loved music and sports, as well as going out exploring, especially things like caves and dungeons. One day, while exploring a cave, he reached the center of it, he got to a really thin path that crossed an enormous hole. While he was trying to cross it, a earthquake slowly grew inside the cave, though Marc didn't know why. Marc started running, trying to get to safe ground, but it was just too much. The path collapsed and made Marc fall into the hole, which seemed endless. He was knocked out with the impact on a rock, leaving a large wound on his head. That's all he remember. He woke up in a beach as a Totodile, tired, hungry, his head bleeding, and in need for answers.

May 1st, 2008, 10:48 AM
Leon was now surrounded by a Chatot and a strange Wigglytuff. "I wish someone could explain our situation. However, you all look a few apples short of a tree." Leon said with a sacrastic tone. Then he noticed a Munchlax eating a apple. He knew a Munchlax was a big eater, but he had taken a huge bite out of a apple so quickly. He believed that this Munchlax would be a problem and it was best to avoid him. He had then heard the Munchlax say he, along with the Pikachu and Mudkip were human too. This got him thinking about some ideas on what was going on with them. As he pondered some ideas the Wigglytuff came over. "Why are you alone, friend? Don't you want to enjoy our company? Don't you want to play?" Leon looked at the puff ball and could sense something wrong about him. So he backed away and went to a corner and continued to think. "What is our purpose for being in this place? That voice may hold the answer. If I could only remember what it said to me."

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 1st, 2008, 10:59 AM
Savanna,Startled,Turned Around And Saw A Treecko. " My Name Is Savanna. " She Replied. " Whats Yours? " Asked Savanna,Thinking The Treeko Looked Firmiliar. She Looked Around For A Minute Wondering Where The Guild Was. (" I Dont Have A Place To Stay,And Theres Nowhere To Go But The Guild... ") Thought Savanna. She Just Stood There,Waiting For A Response As She Looked Around At The Town. For Awhile She Thought It Looked Beautiful,But She Had To Concentrate Now.

May 1st, 2008, 1:52 PM
OOC: diegoyayi you really put alot into your rp example I'm impressed ~accepted~

IC: "Huh the are human to...? There must be some connection to this..?" Tiffany thought to herself but snapepd out of her thoughts when she saw a munchlax take a rather large bite from an apple. "Ahh!" Tiffany yelped rather surprised at the munchlax. She began looknig at the Chikorita and saw her introducing herself to the treecko.

"Wow theres alot of people here...I highly doubt they are the same as me..Gah! ANother dizzy spell!" Tiffany though again but then collapsed giving into her vision.

"Congratulations..you have met most of them..there are still a few to be met...your companions to save the world.." The voice mumbled to her even though Tiffany could udner stand it perfectly. "Save the world? What does that mean? I don't get it!" Tiffany yelled at the voice.

"All will be explained in due time...For now..stay in the guild..they will surely help you.. All will be explained..in due time though..So don't worry.." The voice repeated as Tiffany looked uncertain.

"Well I guess I have no choice.... I guess for now..my home is the wigglytuff guild.." Tiffany mumbled snapping to her senses to her relief no one had noticed that she had collapsed and she breathed out a sigh of relief.

"Excuse me Wigglytuff...Can I ask you something...?" Tiffany stopped before finishing her sentence and Wigglytuff looekd at her curiously. "I-I would like to form an exploration team If thats ok!" Tiffany shouted with all her might hearing somewhere that you could form an exploration team if Wigglytuff accepted you.

May 1st, 2008, 2:17 PM
((Awesome! Thank you:) Hm... Where should I come In?))

May 1st, 2008, 3:38 PM
"Toby, My names Toby. This is the guild by the way. Here, I'll take you to the Guildmaster". Toby held the Chikorita's leaf, and teleported inside the Guildmaster's chamber. "Wigglytuff, I have someone I'd like you to meet. This is Savanna, and she wants to join the guild. You have company? Sorry Tiffany, I didn't see you there. Guildmaster, I have something for you." he took off his backpack, and emptied it on the ground. The bag was fulled to the brim with Perfect Apples. "Normal Price should be fine, Chatot". The Chatot handed him a small bag off money. "Tiffany, can you show Savana around, and introduce her to everyone. I have an errand to run. Oh, and Tiffany" he whispered the next part. "Theres a bunch of them down at the beach. Savana is one of them as well. Well, I'm off. See yo at the mess hall for tea" He teleported to Sharpedo Bluff, and entered his secret training arena.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 1st, 2008, 3:53 PM
Savanna Looked Around At The Guildmaster's Room. Then She Finally Realized She Was Telaported There. ("Ok,I Was A Human,Now I'm A Pokemon,And I Just Got Telaported By A Treecko,This Place Is Getting Weird...") Savanna Thought,Sitting There Startled. She Shook Her Head. ("I've Gotta Stay Here And Figure Out Why I'm A Chikorita. I'll Just Call The Guildmaster Guildmaster.") Thought Savanna Looking At The Guildmaster. " Hello Guildmaster. " Said Savanna Politely.

May 1st, 2008, 4:23 PM
Rika looked around. He was terribly confused. Wigglytuff looked at him, and said in his cheerful tone, "Why so glum friend!" Rika looked up. "I don't know, I'm just confused about everything is all." Wigglytuff swung his arm's up. "Yoom-tah! If your confused friend, Chatot will help you! Right Chatot?" Wigglytuff looked at Chatot, who looked suprised. "Uh, sure! Why not!" Wigglytuff smiled more and yelled, "Well! Chatot, help our ~friendly friend~ Pikachu! YOOM-TAH!"

OOC: Three things... 1)Would the hero and partner from the game be there too? 2)I beat Mystery Dungeon 2 Yesterday! 3)It's kinda annoying to make good RP posts when I'm ignored, lol.

May 1st, 2008, 5:07 PM
"Eh...?"Tiffany looekd at the Treeko who had just teleported her and there, she looked at him as he handed the perfect apples to Chatot who handed over the money. "Uh-um.." Tiffany began to mumble but couldn't finish her sentence because the Treeko teleported away. "Thats odd...How did he know what I was thinking...?and themm what could that mean..Them..Them... Does he mean one of my kind a human turned pokemon...? Thats weird..at the beach.."       "Friendly friend Tiffany whats wroooong~~" Wigglytuff began singing over and over and playing with the perfect apple. Tiffany looked at Wigglytuff questionably as he soaw him playing with the apple."Um...I don't know...Who was that treecko? And um am I gonna be in an explroation team... Guildmaster...?" She mumbled nervously as her heart began to race.

"Well of courssssseeee~~Friendly Friend Tiffany is going to be a exploration team maybe other friendly friends could join~~ They would make awsome exploration teammmms!!!~~" Wigglytff sang as he gave her violet box. "All the stuff you need is in there. Go ahead open it!" Chatot happily squawked.

"U-uh ok!" Tiffany mumbled as grabbed the box and opened it nervously. To her surprise it contained a violet ribbon,a few berries, a tresure bag and a badge. "A-a ribbon..?" Tiffany mumbled to Chatot.

"Ah yes..The ribbon thing..I'm not sure why GuildMaster does hat but apprently it has some meaning to it... Welcome aboard Tiffany!" Chatot squawked happily as wigglytuff began dancing. "But what did Treecko mean by them..?" Tiffany thought to herself. "its gotta be more humans who turned into pokemon..I just get this feeling that..its more of my "companions"...Ah this is so frustrating..I wanna go home.. Tiffany was snapepd out by her thoughts by a chimeco's ring. "Diiinnner tiem everyone.!!!" The chimeco came and cheered happily.

As chimeco said this Tiffany heard her stomach growl and she felt a bit embarrased.. "I-I am a bit hungry..I guess.." Tiffany mumbled a bit embarrassedly. "Well then every friendly friend can stay for dinner~~~" Wigglytuff happily sang in a cheerful tune. Tiffany looekd around and saw several other pokemon.. Oen thing that caught her attention was the Pikachu so she decided to introduce herself. "Uh..aren't you the Pikachu you ran into me earlier?..." Tiffany asked questionably, but she also looekd at the Chikorita who she had to show around. Tiffany was quite nervous supectign the possibility that the 2 could be like her. "Well I'm suppsoed to show you around..Um Savana was your name right...and I'm suppsoed to introduce you to everyone..problem is..i don't even know who everyone is.." Tiffany mumbled to Savana a bit embarrasedly. "So yuor really a human right..? Your the same as me Savana..but I have to show you around now so Chatot or Guildmaster doesn't get mad..So after dinner i can show you around..Ok? She whispered to Savana. "But why do I have to do this..? and how did that treecko know my name..?" Tiffany thought to herself again.

OOC: Uh partners are ok I guess..but it would be kidna hard to have one..But if you want a partner you can have one I guess o_o
Also Umbreongirl has joined our role-play so expect posts from her and at DiegoYayi just coem in whenever you want it doesn't matter.

May 1st, 2008, 5:44 PM

"Aaaaaahhh!!!!!!" Marc yelled as he continued to Thrash around the beach wildly. He was running in circles so fast he started to make a small circular ditch on his path. Also, he was so rushed up he didn't notice his his was still bleeding... Badly... "What's going on!! Someone! Help!" Marc yelled desperately as he stopped. He couldn't breath anymore.

He fell to the ground and saw some Krabby in a distance.

~Sheesh. He is really crazy isn't it?~ Marc heard a Krabby say so. However, the Krabby didn't move his mouth. ~Should I go help him?~ Marc heard again, however, no one was talking. "Yes! Please help me!" Marc yelled.

The Krabby looked shocked. ~O my. He knew what I was thinking!~ The Krabby thought. "Yes!" Marc said. "Please.. Come closer" he begged in pain. ~Hey, Hey. Really. Can you read what I'm thinking?!~ The Krabby thought amazed. "Yes, I can understand!" Marc exclaimed with his last breaths. ~Wow, quite an interesting fella~ the Krabby thought as he approached Marc cautiously. "Please, Please. Tell me, Where am I?" Marc asked as he struggled for breath. "You.. You are in Treasure Town's guild." The Krabby answered. "Treasure Town, Where is that?" Marc asked confused.

"Treasure Town is to the north, below the Wigglituff guild" The Krabby answered. "I don't know about that! I'm a human!" Marc said. "A Human? You look like an ordinary Totodile to me" KRabby said. ~Creepy..~

"I can read your mind, remember?" Marc said. ~Oh snap!~ The Krabby thought. " I heard that too.."

"Ok, OK, Mr. PokeHuman. I've never heard of a Human turning to a Pokemon, although there are a few people that should know at the Wigglytuff Guild. You should head there." Krabby said.

"Ok Krabby.. Thanks, I'll be on my way" Marc said taking one deep breath and pushing himself up, then walked away from the beach. ~Have luck, strange Totodile~ The Krabby thought.

Marc smiled as he read the thought inconsciously and continued walking.. "Why am I a Pokemon.. adn Why Can I read minds.. and Why am I here.. I can't remember anything." Marc said to himself. "For now.. I ned to get this wound treated." He said finally as he continued to walk. It was a very, very, slow pace, since he was tired. "It's going to be a looong walk" he thought as he tried to speed up.

May 1st, 2008, 5:54 PM
Rika said, "My names Rika." When he heard she said she was a human, Rika jumped. When he jumped, a large electric blast was released from his cheeks, appearing to be thunderbolt. From the thunder caused small amounts of fire. "Wha! How did this electricity come out! And how did this fire come out! I just wanna find Pika and go back!"

May 1st, 2008, 6:08 PM

Piplup muttered through his teeth(or beak in this case) arrogantly."Stupid Krabby, I outta..."Piplup was interrupted by a furious Krabby who had heard what he previously muttered.

"Cutie, I CAN HEAR YOU!!!!!" Krabby furiously shouted."I do not like what you said about me!"

"Well, don't shout at me!!!"Piplup continued to rant until something hit his mind."Wait...didn't she say I was a Piplup? But I know I am just a kid, ugh...Tori...Tori...why is that name all over my mind?Is that my name?"Piplup thought to himself.

"HELLO!!!!I'M TALKING TO YOU!!!!!"Krabby furiously screamed.

"Sorry..I'm just caught in my thoughts..."Piplup remarked with a sweatdrop."Can you take me somewhere safe, I need to rest.By the way, am I really a Piplup?"

"Yes!And a very cute one, FYI!"Krabby remarked happily with a giggle."Oh, I'll take you somewhere safe...if you apologize!!"

"I'm sorry!I'm just a bit puzzled, I know I am a human, but I have the body of a Pokemon!!"Piplup calmly said with sadness in his face.

"Awww!Don't be sad!I'm sure Chatot must know something about this!"Krabby said trying to cheer up her new found friend.

"Chatot?"Piplup asked with a puzzled face.

"Yes!Chatot, the Wigglytuff Guild's head of intelligence!"Krabby answered.

"Wigglytuff Guild?"Once again, Piplup asked puzzled.

"I'll give you the 411 on the way to the happiest place on earth..."Krabby said as she was interrupted by Piplup.

"Disney!!!!???"Piplup said as his eyes shined with happiness.

"Thisnee?!"Krabby confusedly asked."Heck no!! We're going to...Treasure Town!!!"

And thus they went to Treasure Town while Krabby explained.

OOC:In my Krabby's words: TBC!Cutie!

May 1st, 2008, 6:12 PM
Never give up, not until the very end. You must fight, Radian, and fight hard. You're not just protecting yourself and Surge anymore, child. It's a lot of pressure, but you can do it, Radian. That's why we've chosen you.. and the others. You must wake up, dear. You've undergone a great trasformation, and must find the others before they leave you behind. You're late, Radian. Late, Radian. Late, Radian. Late, Radian.

Radian awoke with a start, her heart practically throbbing up in her throat as dazed, she rubbed two furry brown paws at her golden eyes, clearing her vision, brow furrowing in disbelief as immediately, she sat up, eyes quickly scanning the area in confusion.

"WHAH?!?!" She erupted in a loud cry, eyeballs nearly popping out of her head as she could hardly believe where she was. Instead of the cool, soothing earth of the Viridian Forest she had tiredly collapsed upon before falling into her slumber, she now appeared to be resting upon a warm, sandy beach, the Ocean lapping against the sand only a couple of feet away from her.

Did someone teleport me here? She thought absently, her mind still not completely clear from the apparent long nap she had just taken. She hadn't completely realized where she was yet, and had no clue whatsoever that she had taken on a completely different appearance. She was in for a shocking surprise.

"Hey there, stranger!" A friendly voice called from behind her. Radian raised an eyebrow as her ears perked up, attuning to the sound, and instantly identifying the voice as coming from a male.

"You're not from around here, are you? You probably thought that no one would be able to tell. But we folks around here are no simpletons. We haven't seen an Eevee around these parts in years. I guess it's because your kind is so rare--"

"What?! Hold up!" Radian interrupted, her expression changing from one of bewilderment to one of extreme confusion. She turned around so that her back was no longer to the voice's owner, and nearly collapsed back into the sand at the sight she saw.

"AGH!" She cried out, surprise shooting across her furry round face as she jumped backward, nearly out of her skin as she fell backward into the ground. She had just barely managed to keep herself from fainting at the horrendous sight before her.

"You.. You're a monster!" She accused loudly, pointing a quivering paw at the face of the crreature, who in turn just stared blankly back at her. Slowly, Radian took a single step backward, turning her body slightly to the left, preparing herself to turn around in a flash and flee.

"No. I'm a Krabby." The creature laughed, clacking his pinscers together as if to provide evidence.

"I'm assuming you've never seen a sea-going pokemon like me? Being an Eevee, and all, that does make sense. You probably haven't even seen any water-types at all, have you? Like I said, Eevee are rare in these parts. Where do you guys all hide out, anyways?"

Radian shook her head, letting out an exasperated sigh as she slapped the sole of her paw against her forehead.

"I've seen plenty of pokemon in my lifetime, more than you can even imagine, and probably hundreds more than you've even heard of. But one thing i've never come across is a pokemon WHO CAN SPEAK PLAIN ENGLISH!" Radian paused momentarily, briefly breaking in her rant as she stopped to collect herself. Once she had again become relatively calm, she meekly sat down on her haunches, staring warily over at the Krabby.

"And what does all this Eevee crap have anything to do with me?"

May 1st, 2008, 6:12 PM
Tiffany looekd at the Pkachu and yelped when the electric blasts were released from his cheeks. "Gah Rika you could hurt soemone doing that!" Tiffany still startled said to Rika who obviously didn't know what he was doing. Tiffany the remebered the fires the thunder attack had cause. "Oh no the fires!..Wait I'm a water type! I can use water gun!" Tiffany thought to herself as she bgan spitting out a large amount of water putting the fires out quickly. "Phew that was close..Rika..your a human too..?Wow... Pika is your pokemon I believe..Well theres no use ponddering it..for now..we'll just have to stick it out and see what happens.." Tiffany whispered to Rika.

"..Savana and Rika are humans as well.. but mroe at the beach..thats mean the beach...The beach..!" Tiffany thought to herself and dashed off from Treasure town onto the beach to find a totdile next to a Krabby bleeding profusly. "W-What happened is he ok..?!" Tiffany mumbled and began shiviring at the site of blood. She didn't remeber but she had a great fear if blood when she was a human and still that haunted her.. "H-Hey are you ok..?" She asked the Totodile looknig at his wounds. Then she looekd around to find another pokemon on the sandy beach as well.. an eevee. "Gah Pokemon are Just appearing all over today aren't they???" Tiffany unkowingly said aloud. She looked quickly at the Eevee. "Um.. Hi I'm Tiffany..Whats your name..?" She nervously asked the pokemon still worried about the totodile but for now she had to fidn out who she was just like her.

May 1st, 2008, 6:20 PM
"This is ridiculous.." Marc said. He had only take no more than 10 steps before he fell on his face. It was the fact that he was tired, now, but it was his wound that stopped him from being able to do anything. "I can't remember last time I felt this pain.." Marc said as he struggled to breath.

He rolled on his back and stared up at the sky. "I'm a Totodile, who was before a human and has a cut the size of mi paw in the head.. This has got to be a nightmare or something.." Marc thought tiredly. "Maybe If I can get to the water, I will get rest... Because I'm a water Pokemon.. But.. I can't move.." Marc whispered.

~This is it~ He thought. He heard many people talking in a distance, and all many thoughts of the people around filtered in his head.

The sand around him got bright red. "Maybe.. Maybe I will feel better if I rest. However, If I fell asleep there's the chance I'll bleed to death.. But I can't move.."

"It's no use..." Marc said with his last breath. ~Water Gun~ Marc thought as he shot a torrent of water up into the sky. Perhaps that would call attention towards him.

"Help..." Was his last word before his head fell to a side and he fainted. He could hear someone was talking to him directly, but just didn't respond. He didn't have the energy to do so.

May 1st, 2008, 6:41 PM
Tiffany then remeber the bleeding Totodile and gasped "oOh no!" Tiffany ran to his side and began putting oran berries from her box but since the totodiel was unconsious it was no use. "Someone heeelp!" Tiffani touched the totdiles wound and then began having yet another dizzy spell. "A-again?.." Tiffany muttered in agony and saw something. "Gah what is it this time..?" tiffany muttered and saw herself pullnig the totdile torwards the guild and getting help. Then after her vision had disappeared she heard the strange voice mutter soemthing it seemed to be saying "Hurry take him to the guild..Hurry he is one of your kind..hurry..." he vocie soon faded off and Tiffany soon foudn herself holding on her back a badly injured totdile on her way to treasure town. "I've got to save him..No one deserves to die..No one!" Tiffany yelled struggling to move but kept doing so.

May 1st, 2008, 6:50 PM
"Ah... Ba...Ugh..." Marc murmured as he tried to regain consciousness. He slightly opened one eye, but everything seemed blurry. He tried to focus, though, to notice he was being carried by a fellow Pokemon. A Mudkip, apparently. Someone was helping him, which was very good for him. He would've probably died if he was left there. He knew his plan about resting on the sand wasn't going to help, but instead finish with his pain.. Forever.

"Th..w..Gh..." Marc was trying to say something, but he just couldn't help doing it. His lips were stiff, he couldn't say anything. His blood was drying on his head, and he was fatigued. ~Maybe.. ~ Marc thought. ~Maybe I can use my abilities. To speak through the mind ...~ He thought. Yeah, it worked with a Krabby, but nothing was sure. Anyway, he was going to try.

~Hey... Mudkip...~ Marc told Tiffany through his mind, supposing his ability would allow her to speak back.

Cosmic Tyrant
May 1st, 2008, 6:51 PM
(Alright, I think I'll try my hand at this, if my character gets accepted, of course :P)

Name: Ralf Freeman
Human Age: 16
Gender: Male
What Pokemon you are: Charmander
Special Power: Vulcado - A souped up version of Fire Spin. Special requrements to use the Vulcado include using the move Fire Spin while having the Blaze ability functioning, and having a belly that is at least half full. Vulcado resembles a tornado made entirely of fire & can hit enemies at about three yards in diamiter. vulcado does about as much damage as Flame Wheel, but since Blaze is effective, the power increases to somewhere around that of Fire Blast. When Vulcado is used, Ralf's belly is decreased by 4%. If any of the critera is not met while Ralf uses Fire Spin, then the Vulcado does not happen. Vulcado has a 30% Chance of inflicting the Burn Status. Ralf has no knowledge of Vulcado in the beginning of the RP
Rp example: Available upon request
History: Ralf was once a bold human. A natural born leader, Ralf Freeman had no problem taking charge when it was time for him to step up to the plate. Ralf was harsh at times, but overall he always meant well. Every action he comitted was for the greater good in all moral standards, so most people knew that he was normally a noble person. It was always easy for people to earn Ralf's trust. Overall he was a pretty nice guy, and people respected him. One day, however. He was traveling a waterway with a few colleagues of his on a raft. Ralf had just finished a spicy jalepino sandwich, and went to go drink some soda to try and lower the spicy sensations in his mouth. right at that moment, the boat started to rattle, causing Ralf to go overboard. The stream forked, as Ralf went down the left stream, while the boat went down the right. The current was much too powerful for Ralf to swim through. Then, he saw a grave sight: A waterfall. Ralf cringed as he fell down the roaring waterfall...

And that's all Ralf Freeman remembers.

He awoke several days later near a cave as a Charmander, and has no idea why. Cold, wet, and hungry, Ralf knew that his first objective was to find a place to stay or else risk death.

May 1st, 2008, 6:57 PM
OOC: How could I not let a friend join? That would be cruel >:| and I'm not in a considerably cruel mood right now so King Cosmic ~accepted~IC: "Eh you can speak to me through my mind..Telpethy eh..? Thats cool So whatcha ya doing laying on the beach like that..? Gave me a heart attack.. If our gonna turn into a pokemon next tiem don't do it while your injured..Ahahah!" Tiffany thought to Totodile as his blood began runnig down her face al lthough she didn't notice "I am guess your a human too..I mean no ordinary pokemon wakes up on the beach all bloody and half-dead! We are heading to treasure town where hopefully someone can help you! And maybe I won't have a dizzy spell on the way there..So anyway names Tiffani! Girl carrying a guy how ironic!" ahaha" Tiffany thought begin to burst out laughing in her own mind and outloud.
             "Gosh you heavy.. If You break my back I'm suing..Jeeze..Imma be so sore after this..!" Tiffany yelled in her mind trying to get the totodile to stay awake and not pass out again. "Listen don't go passign out.. I'm going to blame myself if you die.. Tiffany thoguth to himk again thinknig it was pretty fun to talk through her mind

May 1st, 2008, 7:10 PM
~Hah..~ Marc communicated through his mind. ~Yes, How Ironic. My name is Marc.. And yes, I was a human before hand. I'm Sorry to be a weight to you.. You can just leave me here. I'll just...~ Marc was then interrupted because he coughed.. ~Ugh..~ he thought. ~I'm very weak.. I don't remember anything but my name.. And.. Nice to meet you, Tiffany, and.. Thank you.. Thank you very much.. I... I owe you my life..~ Marc continued. He wished he could shake her hand, or paw, or whatever, but he could even barely use the telepathy ability. At least he was now with someone like him, or so he thought. He felt slightly relaxed for a second, but the pain quickly kicked in again. He tried to make himself less of a weight, but he couldn't do anything than just lie there. Tiffany laughing and trying to be funny kept him awake, though, and he laughed in his mind a little. "A little" was all his body allowed him to.

May 1st, 2008, 7:22 PM
"Oi oi Just relax.. We don't want you go killing yourself.. Everyone deserves to live! Thats how I was taught anyway! So Don't go saying drop me off here and look in my bag and see if theres any pain medication. I don't think there is but theres some oran berries.. I tried shoving them in your mouth earlier but you were unconscious. So Marc what got you so beat up..? Oh thats right..Stupid me..Heh none of us rember what happened doi.. Silly me! ahaha I do tend to have my moments..Just hang in there we are almost to treasure town. So telepthy eh..? I think each of us was given a special power.. You see i get dizzy spells..and they're like visions..adn then I hear a vocie guiding me so yea..i think I may sound a bit childish now but I had oen right before I panicced about your wound... You see it told me to carry you to treasure town.. Anyway.. I think my ability has something to do with something important..i just need to figure otu what that important thing is.. I had one right when I was on the beach..One when I met the others like us and another when I touched your wound.. I think soem of it has to do with.. The people like us..or pokemon I should say.. And then when I touched a stone on the beach..I had a vision about 7 people and the obviosu leader caleld someone to be named Dialga.." Tiffany thougth to him trying to keep him awake a little while longer.

May 1st, 2008, 7:24 PM
Rika was confused. "What? Huh? Who?" Looking around, he ran out, to catch up with Tiffany. When he did, he had remembered a move of Pikas. "Tiffany! Get on my back and hang onto the injured pokemon! If I use Agility, we can get there much faster!"

May 1st, 2008, 7:27 PM
~I see...~ Marc communicated through his mind. ~Wait, Wait.. Each of us? There's more of us? PokePeople?~ Marc thought impressed. Talking with Tiffany allowed him to distract himself from the pain and actually start thinking. ~And, no, it doesn't sound childish.. Or at least not more than saying you're able to talk through minds~ Marc said with a slight laugh, and then he managed to pull out a very small smile, even though Tiffany probably couldn't see because he was on her back. ~What's Treasure Town, anyway?~ Marc asked intrigued as he heard some mumbling on the distance. Perhaps someone was talking but he was too weak to hear.

May 1st, 2008, 7:34 PM
OOC: shadowmaster345 what did I say..?! Its against the rules if you don't have at least 1 paragraph of writing! I want to keep the role-play open so please make in a paragraph pretty please with cherries ontop..?

IC: "Yes theres more of us..I don't know how many but apprently we are suppsoed to save the world. Ahaha. Yeah and thanks for lsitening to my rambling..you see I never really have anyone to talk to..I just get thsi feeling that when I was human..I..I was very lonely.. but.. alas.. I only think that.. I'm not sure..You see I just felt liek sharing my story with someone..Ahaha Treasure town is up ahead and ya know its this awsome town..and a guild is there that can probablly help you..Ah jeeze my back hurts..ah gotta keep going though!" Tiffany thought to Marc steel knowing he was to week to talk Just as she finished"think talking" to marc she ran into the pikachu that she had met earlier. "What did you say..Huh..Agility..? Well if it gets us there faster Rika..its worth a shot... " Tiffany mumbled puttign Marc on his back and hopped on his bag tightle grabbing hold of Marc. "I have a feeling this is going to be a very weird ride.." Tiffany thoguth to Marc once more.

Cosmic Tyrant
May 1st, 2008, 7:36 PM
Ralf awoke with a slow start. He rubbed his head with his hand while looking around. "Where..." Ralf started. "Where am I?" Ralf got up and looked around more. "The last thing I remember is traveling down that waterfall, and then..." He said as he stopped to pause for a minute. "And then...I can't remember..." He said with a wince. *Ralf looked upwards. "Is it me, or did I get shorter?" he said as he looked at himself. Instantly he was shocked. He had an orange body, with small claws, and a tail which beared a flame. "What in the..." Ralf said as he looked at his reflection in the water. "AAAH!" He shrieked as he jumped nearly 5 feet in the air. "I...I'm a Charmander!" He said as he felt his face just to make sure. "I can't believe it..." He said as he sat down. "How did I become a Charmander?" Just then, his stomach growled loudly. "I guess I'd better find some food first." Ralf said as he unknowingly walked towards Treasure Town.

May 1st, 2008, 7:38 PM
Leon saw the Mudkip start to hold its head then jump out of the guild. He decided to follow the Mudkip and found himself back at the beach. There he saw a Totodile and an Eevee. He saw the Mudkip going with the Totodile so he decided to run over to the Eevee. "Are you a human too? I have found that most of us on this beach have had that happen. I am Leon, the smartest Chimchar you may ever meet. However, it seems that my smarts haven't gotten me to figure out that question from earlier. I have no idea why I am a Pokemon or why I'm here." Leon saw that he had started to rant and then let the Eevee give its input on the topic. While he waited he noticed that the Totodile was wounded. The Mudkip was pulling him back to the guild along with the Pikachu. "Lets get some answers at the guild." said Leon telling the Eevee to follow him. He didn't really want to go back becasue he knew that Munchlax would be stuffing his face. "For some reason Munchlaxes are so droll to me these days. It may be because of their bottomless pits."

May 1st, 2008, 7:39 PM
~Well, now I owe you my life... And you've got yourself a friend to talk to~ Marc thought with a very small smile as noticed how they were now going to take a ride on a Pikachu. He realized both Mudkip and Totodile where water Pokemon, so he hoped this Pikachu was able to hold his electricity. 'Indeed. This is going to be such a thrill~ Marc thought as he tried to imagine Treasure Town, and prayed he could get medical help there. ~Thanks again..~ Marc communicated to Tiffany again as he took a deep breath and prepared for the ride. His bleeding had stopped and he had a slight control of himself already, yet not enough like to talk. He still needed medical attention, though.

May 1st, 2008, 7:44 PM
"Heh its no trouble at all! I mean.. Having a friend would be nice..to tell you the trith I was a bit fraid of becomnig a pokemon..you see I have this fear..that..Ya know peopel will think I'm a bit odd.. I think I;ve always had that fear..of being rejected for who i am..It's nice to have soemone who understands!" Tiffany thought to him and smiled. "Ya know i think..maybe..that this whole thing has to do with my visions..and that dialga character..I'm sure I've heard that name before but I don't quite remember it...I think I used to know a lot about pokemon..but my memory is so foggy..It kinda makes my brain hurt when I think about ahahah!" She thougth to him laughing a bit. "Well just hang on a bit longer then we should be in Treasure town soon!" She mumbled to him this tiem speaking to him.

May 1st, 2008, 7:51 PM
Marc laughed quietly as he heard what Tiffany was saying about that Dialga. The name seemed to ring a bell, but nothing. His mind was blank. All he knew now was that he was a Totodile, His name, and that Tiffany was in the same situation as he was ~I can't remember anything, either. I Hope we find answers to all of our questions soon...~ Marc communicated back to her, then heard her say something in actual words. He tried really hard to speak. "Ok" Marc said, managing to use the breath he had for those to letters. He then took a deep breath and relaxed, hoping he would get medical attention soon so he could actually move.

May 1st, 2008, 8:03 PM
OOC: we can't move on with the story unless ShadowMaster345 is here so I may improvise.

Tiffany thought that it was best if Rika went to get Chatot and Wigglytuff to be ready for when they arrived at the guild. She picked up Marc once mroe and began carrying him again. "Gah I think i'm gonig to get another dizzy spell again.. I have to hurry and get you there before my dizzy spell takes over.." Tiffani thought to him once more and managed to make it to the gui.d where Chatot and Wigglytuff were waiting. "Here it is the guild its out of my hands now.. Good Luck.." Tiffany smiled at him and headed to sit down in the room she had been assigned. She heard Chatot and Wigglytuff taking care of Marc and felt a sigh of relief but then felt her dizzy spell take over. "Again..What this time..?"

"Your Time has come...You must learn of Dialga...Dilaga is the reason why you were sent here.. Dialaga is the controller of ti-.." The voice said before getting cut off by something much mroe sinister that had entered her dreams. "Ahaha finally in the dreams of one of the "Chosen ones" Now.. Who do we have here..? Ah the Lonely one..And whats your power..Ah so seeign into the future..Interesting.." The mysterious voice said appearing before her and using shadow-like powers and before Tiffany knew it she was in a nightmare.

"W-whats going on?!" Tiffany yelped as she felt her heart sink into sadness as if she was depressed as if the happiness had been sucked out of her. "You are now in a never-ending night mare Ahahaha!"

May 1st, 2008, 8:10 PM
~Thank you~ Marc communicated as he was taken away by Wigglytuff and Chatot. He introduce himself to both of them telepathically, and they seemed to understand in perfectly. Marc was told to rest, and he couldn't been more happier about what he had been told. He fell asleep quickly as he saw he was taken away somewhere else, somewhere he could get medical attention inside the guild. While he was sleeping, he was thinking. ~So I'm probably being healed here right now.. But what'll happen when I wake up? Where will I go? What will I do? Where to search for answers? This is so confusing.. I don't understand why is this happening to me.. Or if I'm even one of the chosen ones Tiffany mentioned.~ Marc was thinking so many things right now, but for the moment he hoped he would be able to heal soon.

May 1st, 2008, 8:39 PM
"Gah whats happening..Why do  I feel that theres bo hope...?" Tiffany mumbled to herself in the night mare that she was in.     "Because there is no hope..Hope is useless in this world.. Hope is an empty word in the world..get used to it..Tiffany.." the mysterious voice shouted at her as Tiffany sat there unbelievale at what she had heard.   "No..Hope..? No hope.. Hope is meaningless...Hope..is nothing.." Tiffany mumbled being brain washed by the mysterious voice as hot tears came down her face seemingly pleading to rescue her. To get her out of thi place. "Someone help me please! Please!" Tiffany cried out within the nightmare.. No one answered. "Hope is meaningless do not hope for anything.." Tiffany mumbled again.

   "Hahaha They said that it was impossible to manipulate soemone through there dreams..Ahaha! nothing impossible for me!" The sinister voice shouted in the darkness of the nightmare controllnig all of it

Outside of the dream.. Chatot came to tell Tiffany that Marc was in the medical wing and was being taken care of now when he saw her thrashing about in the nightmare. "Oh no..Its struck again..The nightmare!" Chatot yelped picknig Tiffany up and carrying her to the medical wing.

May 1st, 2008, 8:54 PM
"Wow! Seriously, Guildmaster Wigglytuff! I don't know what you guys did, but this is making me feel so much better! This just makes me want to get up and dance! This is so awesome! Yeah! Thank you!" Marc exclaimed. Now not only did he feel revitalized, but he started to act as a true Totodile. ~Wow, Marc, get a hold of yourself~ he thought as he noticed there was a large bandage around his head. . "I feel better now. Thank you" Marc said as he sat up. Yes, he felt better, but not completely healed. "It's no problem! All for friendly friends!" Wigglytuff said.

"Um.. Guildmaster, sir. May I ask you something? Wha.." Marc was then interrupted when Chatot entered the medical wing with Tiffany. Marc's eyes wide opened as he walked down from the bed he was in and approached. "Hey, Chatot! What's going on?" Marc asked as he twisted his head to a side slightly. He didn't see anything wrong.

May 1st, 2008, 9:36 PM
"Wow..." Taro said as everyone left "They all sure are quick to take off, arn't they?"

"Yup yup!" Wigglytuff replied cheerfully "I wonder what thats all about! But they will be back! Cuz they are our friends!~ Friendly friends!~"

"Whatever you guys are having for dinner..." Taro said, lifting his nose in the air and sniffing it "Sure smells good..."

"I suppose your taking the Guildmaster's offer and staying for the meal then?" Chatot asked, before Wigglytuff answered.

"Silly Chatot!" Wigglytuff replied "Taro wants to join the guild! Isn't that right friend?~"

Taro nodded, not bothering to ask how the Guildmaster knew, and taking some more bites out of his apple. He saw the pokemon that had left the area now coming back, but with one more, who seemed to be injured.

"What the..." Taro said, and began to run up to the pokemon arriving, Wigglytuff and Chatot following close behind.

"Aw..." Wigglytuff went, seeing that Marc was hurt, and helping him to the Medical wing of the guild "Don't worry friend!~ We'll get ya fixed up in no time!~"

Taro smiled at Wigglytuff's upbeat happiness. Many people would think him to be a complete goof, but then thats how many people thought of Taro, so they had that in common.

"Oh no... Its struck again..." Taro heard Chatot say, and turned to see the Mudkip from earlier, asleep, but shivering, with tears rolling down her eyes. "The nightmare!"

"Nightmare?" Taro questioned Chatot as he followed him down to the Medical wing as the Mudkip was carried there.

"Yes." Chatot replied "Its a type of... 'disease' if you will, that sends pokemon effected into an endless nightmare... None have awakened from it yet."

"None?" Taro asked, wide-eyed.

"Yes." Chatot replied, helping the Mudkip onto a bed, and stroking her with one of his wings. "I can only imagine what she is going through at the moment..."

Taro looked over her as she slept, obviously in much trouble from the dream she was going through. He wanted to do something. He couldn't just sit there. There had to be something he could do.

Sleep. A musical female voice rang out in his head.

What? He responded.

Sleep. Use Rest. In the physical world there is nothing you can do for her, but in the world of dreams...

Taro felt drowsy as he attempted to use Rest. His first time using a move, and It was working.

"Chatot..." He said, drifting off "Tell the Guildmaster that I appreciated the apple... But ill skip dinner tonight... I feel like taking a nap..."

Before Chatot could respond, Taro's eyes had closed, and he fell backwards onto the empty bed behind him, fast asleep.


He was dreaming. It was a pure white room, nothing else in it. The floor was indistinguishable from the walls and celing. Everything seemed to stretch on forever.

"So you listened to me..." A voice said from behind him. Turing, Taro found himself facing a floating pink pokemon, Cressalia. "Im glad to see that."

"Whats going on here?" He asked, looking around at the empty space.

"You are dreaming." She said "The area is white, because you have yet to create your dream world. But that is beside the point now. You wish to help that Mudkip girl, right? You have a special power. You may enter the dreams of others. Through this, you may help her."

"Really?" Taro asked "How?"

"Go the door." She said "It is the bridge between your dreamworld and hers."

"What door?" He asked, confused. The pokemon was not being very specific on how he was to do this.

"The one behind you, of corse."

"Behind..?" He had said, and turned to see a doorway, like that you would see inside of a house, standing in the middle of the room, with no wall or anything behind it. "Oh... So I go through this thing, right...?" He asked, but looked behind him to see Crissalia was not there anymore. She seemed to have vanished into thin air while he wasn't looking, but seeing as this was a dream, that wasn't so surprising. He shrugged to himself. It wasn't worth thinking over where she had gone now, as he had somebody who needed helping. He grabbed the doorknob and opened the doorway, stepping into a room of total darkness, high in contrast to the one he had just been in, with the Mudkip he was looking for at the center, looking even worse then she did in the physical world.

"Hey!" He called to her, running through the doorway, which creaked shut and dissapeared as he left it. "Mudkip! (he didn't know her actual name) are you all right?"

May 1st, 2008, 10:54 PM
OOC: Sorry, it makes the posts look bigger then they actually are. And I hope my post is okay.

Rika had looked around. They basically ditched him. Running back to the guild, he had saw Tiffany and Marc. He saw Tiffany, apparently in some sort of trance. Running up, he said, "What happened?" Before responding, he remembered that dizzy thing and how he saw the future. He touched Tiffany's paw. "Come on.... have the dizzy thing..." His head suddenly felt wobbly. "Here it is!" He thought. Instead of seeing, he heard something. It was, "Rika! Use the Deminsional Scream! You can help her!"

"Wha- What was that!?" He yelled out of nowhere. "What the heck is the Deminsional Scream?! Could it be the dizzy thing?" Nonetheless, he tried again. "Here it comes!" He said, but instead of a voice or image, he simply fell downward. What happened, you ask? Into a deep sleep. He also got the nightmare, but his nightmare seemed to be linked with Tiffanys. He got it from the Deminsional Scream.

((By the way, I hope me also getting the nightmaters ok.))

May 2nd, 2008, 1:49 AM
"Toby, will you take the oath of the Time Knights" Celebi asked him.
Toby placed his hand on his chest. "I, Toby Ironheart, Swear to uphold the honour of the Time Knights, to protect the innocent, and to destory the strong. I swear my oath to Celebi, the current Time Lord. This I Swear" A bright light flashed around Treecko. The light encirceled him, Then was dispelled. He looked at himself. There was now a time symbol on the top of his hand. "Celebi, what is your first command?"
"Return to Treasure Town, your present day. If I need you, I will call"

Toby teleported to the Medical Wing.
"How is she?"
"She stable, but shes stuck in her nightmare" Chatot replied sadly,
(This next bit will be edited if I'm not allowed (see OCC convo))
"I'm going to mind burrow. Make sure I'm not attacked, or hurt in anyway, It could disrupt the link. Gather up all the pokemon that were on the beach. I will speak to them soon. Do you understand me? DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!!!" He didn't wait around for an answer. His eyes went blank, and he became lifeless. Chatot moved his body onto the other bed in the wing.

Toby looked around the area. Tiffany's mind was distorted. The nightmare had taken over, and it was showing.
"Tiffany! Tiffany, Don't Listen to that voice! Don't Listen to the nightmare. It can't feel happiness, but that doesn't mean no-one can. Don't you dare fall to Darkness. I WONT LET YOU!"He screamed.
"BECAUSE IF YOU WONT THEN ILL HAVE TO DO THIS!" His time symbol erupted with light. It whizzed around, then settled on a form. A Treecko made from light charged forward, and rushed into the darkness. It Charged, and it's light shone on the Spirit of Darkness. It took a Physical Form, and leapt at the Light. As The Spirits fought with each other, Toby crawled over to a Mudkip, who had been revealed by the light.
"Tiffany, Wake up....Wake up...Its time to wake up....."
He warped back to his own body.
"Is she ....Is she.." He didn't finish, as he fainted from exhustion.

May 2nd, 2008, 4:46 AM
"What the...?" Taro went, seeing the Treeko from before inside of the dream as well. "How did you get... nevermind."

Taro ran over to the Mudkip, and began comforting her along with the Treeko.

"He's right! You cant listen to this fathead!" Taro said as well "You gotta realize something about dreams: They are yours! Both good ones and nightmares! Its just up to you to decide which one is which! You can turn this nightmare into a wonderful dream! Its all up to you! Not anybody else!"

It was then that the Treeko seemed to let loose some type of spirit-thing inside of the dream, which promptly attacked the darkness. The dream seemed to get brighter, but Taro knew that this was the light from Treeko's spirit, not the Mudkips own. It was helping, but in the end, Taro knew it had to be her that overcame the nightmare once and for all.

"Come on Tiffany!" He said to the Mudkip, assuming the name the Treeko called her was the correct one. "Fight it off! Wake up again! You can do it! I know you can!"

May 2nd, 2008, 6:15 AM
:Hope..Hope..What does that word mean..? Who are you..? Why have you come here...?" Tiffany mumbled at the 3 people who were standing in the room before her. :W-who are you..why are you here..?" Mumbled Tiffany all looking at them.

As she finished so those word the sinister voice made another appearance. "Ahahaha there your enemies..they've come to hurt you..go ahead. destroy them." The myusterious voice screamed in the room. "C-come to h-hurt me..?" Tiffany shovered still not knowing who they were and still in her trance. "Thats right Tiffany..go ahead attack them!" The voice shouted in a sinister way. "This isn't her nightmare..its mine..I control it she does not!" the voice yelled at them beforeing before them. It was none other then..Darkrai! Darkrai began to make the dream dark again, he obviously didn't want light in this dream. "Hah pathetic fool the flash does nothing..Shadow Ball!" Darkrai yelled at the two of them. "Ahahahaha! Her heart is in despair do you think you can only clear it!? This nightmare is composed of all the things she fears..Even if that has to make her afraid of you.! She's afraid of everything right now.If you say anything she won't respond..And that remonds me.." Darkrai waved his hand and blood began running down the walls. "I remeber she has a fear of blood.." Darkrai laughed eviliy

Tiffany got up out of the corner and started looking at them. "Come to hurt me...? Why..? I did nothing to you... Water gun..." Tiffany mumbled as started using water gun on the 3 pokemon still in her trance.

OOC: no offense to Darkrai fans but if you've beaten post ending part of PMD2 he actually is reaaallly evil D:, also at Shadowmaster345 its ok to get in a nightmare like me because you have the same power as me.Hope this clarifies things.

May 2nd, 2008, 8:17 AM
"This is weird.." Marc said as he took a few steps back and rubbed his head confused, noticing how many Pokemon were appearing at the healing wing randomly, all apparently stuck in the nightmare. Since Marc got no answer from Chatot about what was happening, he simply used his telepathy to read his mind. ~They are stuck in the never ending nightmare...~ Chatot thought scared. ~Never Endind Nightmare? What is that?~ Marc thought. Anyway, it seemed dangerous because many Pokemon seemed to be suffering.

~I would like to see what is in their nightmare. I mean.. They seem scared. Maybe..~ Diego thought as he approached the Pokemon. Not to one specifically, but to the group of Pokemon. He then closed his eyes and started reading their minds. He could hear an evil voice saying things, as well as the voices of many Pokemon. All piled up on top of another, so he couldn't hear clearly.

~Uhh.. Hello!?~ Marc communicated through his mind. He then could hear his voice loudly echoing in the nightmare. He wasn't sure if they could respond back, so he sighed as he took a few steps back then sat down to rest his wound.

Cosmic Tyrant
May 2nd, 2008, 10:58 AM
Ralf made his way past a dirt road when he reached a four-way intersection. "Let's see here..." He said as he pointed to one road. "Enney, meeny, miney, moe." He said as he pointed to one each of the dirt roads. When he was finished, his finger pointed to the road on the lefthand side. "Okay then!" Ralf said as he waked down the path. "I guess I'll go down this way then!" Ralf only walked for a short while before he saw something amazing. There were lots of Pokemon gathered here, all types, shapes, and sizes. What was even more facinating was that some of them seemed to be running shops. "Whoa!" Ralf exclaimed as he walked towards the middle of Treasure Town. "This place is amazing!" Suddenly, his stomach growled again, this time louder than the last. "Uh-Oh" He said as he grabbed his stomach. "I'd better find some food" He said as he walked past Kecleon Marked. One of the Kecleon brothers saw Ralf holding his stomach and decided to strike.

"Hello there!" The Kecleon said to Ralf as he signaled him to approach the counter. Ralf made his way over before the Kecleon spoke. "I'm one of the two Kecleon brothers!" He continued. "We run a general store around here. Would you be interested in buying anything?" The Kecleon asked raising an eyebrow. Ralf's stomach growled again before he spoke. "Yes, please. You wouldn't happen to have any food, would you?" He asked while looking around. The Kecleon smiled and said "Why sure, we carry nice, juicy Apples right here in our inventory." He said as he pulled one out. "That'll be 25 Poke." "Thanks!" Ralf said as he reached his side to get some money. "I..." Ralf stopped, then realized he had no money to pay for the apple with" The Kecleon looked confused. "Is something the matter?" He asked. Ralf looked up and said "Well, I just realized...That I kinda don't have any money right now..." The Kecleon looked downward and said "I see..." The Kecleon then looked at Ralf again. "However" The Kecleon said "I do like you, so I'll be willing to cut you a deal. If you're willing to do a little work for us, I'll give you an Apple as payment." Ralf's eyes lit up. "Really!?" He said. "That's great news! So what do I have to do?" He asked Kecleon. Kecleon Smiled and gave Ralf a package. "This came to us from a store far away from here." He said "It belongs to a guild North-East from here. Deliver it to them, and then you may recieve your payment. Ralf happily accepted the package. "Okay!" He said as he walked towards thr Guild. "Thanks again!" He said with a wave. The Kecleon Brothers waved back. "No problem!" The regular one said.

May 2nd, 2008, 11:09 AM
Leon led Eevee to the guild and found everyone was watching over the Mudkip. Leon saw that the Mudkip and some other Pokemon around it had fallen into a trance. "This is none of my concern." Leon said cold-heartedly. He walked out again with the Eevee still following him. As he went out he ran into something that had a package. "What in name of 3.14, happened?" Leon said while rubbing his head. He looked up and saw that he had been hit by a Charmander. "What was that for? You should watch your step sometimes." with that said Leon waited for his apology. After some thought Leon apologized for what he had done and said. "This going from Pokemon to human thing has really stressed me out. Please forgive me." So he held out his hand as a sign of being sorry.

May 2nd, 2008, 11:32 AM
Now almost positive that he wasn't going to receive any answer from the Pokemon stuck in a nightmare, Marc got to the conclusion there was nothing he could do. He didn't know if they had to be waken up or anything, but he wasn't going to risk them. ~I'm sure they'll take care from them. I mean, these Pokemon relieved my pain in like 5 minutes.. They'll know how to handle this~ Marc thought as he approached the medical wing exit.

~I need to know... Why am I here.. What am I.. Why can I read minds.. And why didn't I become a legendary Pokemon or something~ Marc thought, joking slightly at the last comment. He looked back at the Pokemon, closed his eyes and tried to focus on their minds again, but it was just impossible to get an answer. ~I'll stay alert. But first I have to get to know this place.. and if its safe~

So then Marc walked out of the Medical wing and looked around, amazed at all the view. There were many Pokemon inside the so called Wigglytuff Guild. ~ I wonder if these are all human. 'Cause that Chatot and Wigglytuff seemed like normal Pokemon to me. Anyway, there's not much I can do.. I don't know if these Pokemon are going to be too friendly.. I gotta watch out~ he thought as he stayed near the entrance of the Medical Wing, with one hand over his bandage in his head. It stopped hurting, but it was still slightly bleeding and if he touched it it would ache.

He just thens tarted to have second thoughts about leaving the Medical wing.. So he stayed at the entrance and just watched everyone around, ready to go in if something happened. His mind, anyway, was focused on receiving a message from the Pokemon in the nightmare.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 2nd, 2008, 11:46 AM
Savanna Stood There,Confused. ("Where Is Everybody?") She Thought Standing There. She Wandered Around The Guild,Bored. She Saw A Hole In The Floor Leading Somewhere,So She Decided To Go In. " Its Dark In Here... " Mumbled Savanna. " I Wonder What Kind Of Attacks I Have... " She Said. Her Voice Echoed In The Darkness. She Tried Using A Razor Leaf Attack,But Instead Started Glowing. ("What In The World Is Happening?!?!") Thought Savanna,Suprised. ("I Can't Be Evolving... Or Can I?") Savanna Continued Thinking. She Headed Up The Stairs As She Was Still Glowing. ("If I Am Evolving,I forgot What Came After Chikorita,Meganium Or... Huh,Whats Happening!?!?") Thought Savanna,As Her Body Started To Change. A Flower Started To Grow Around Her Neck And She Grew Bigger. After That The Transformation Was Complete. She Hid Behind A Plant When Chatot Came Out Of The Guildmasters Room,But He Saw Her Anyways. "I Know Your Back There Savanna..." Said Chatot,Not Noticing The Transformation Yet. Savanna Stepped Out From Behind The Plant. Chatot Looked At Savanna Stunned.


Note That I Didn't Really Evolve. It's My Speical Evolution Ability. Oh,And It Lasts For A day In The RP. :P

Cosmic Tyrant
May 2nd, 2008, 12:18 PM
Ralf rushed to the Guild in a hurry so he could go back to the Store and recieve the promised Apple. His stomach was growling more frequently now, so Ralf knew that he had to eat something soon. "This is all too much for me" He started as he reached some steps. "First I get transformed into a Pokemon, then I find a town filled with Pokemon, and now I'm a delivery Charmander..." He said as he reached the top of the steps. He then saw a huge building in the likeness of a Wigglytuff. There were huge lit torches on both sides, and overall the place looked freaky to Ralf. "Well, this must be it." he said as he ran to the door.

"STOP!" a voice said as he reached for the handle. "Wha?!" Ralf looked around. "Who's there?" He asked as he backed away. "That's none of your business!" Another voice said as Ralf backed onto a grate made of wood. "Now who's footprint is it?" The second strange voice said. "Uhh..." the first voice said. "The footprint is....." Then there was a loud pause. "I don't know whose footprint this is..." The first Voice said meekly. "WHAT!?" The second voice bellowed. "WHADDAYA MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW!" It continued. Ralf decided to speak up. "If it means anything to you, I have a package that's for this guild." He said as he patted the package. "Oh..." The second voice said. "In that case, you may enter." the voice said again as the door opened. Ralf quickly rushed inside before knocking into something.

Ralf looked past the package and realized he bumped into a Chimchar. The Chimchar got up right away
and said "What was that for? You should watch your step sometimes!" Ralf started to sweat a bit. then said "I-I'm sorry, sir. I'm just in a real hurry right now, you see. My" Then his stomach let out a loud growl. "Yeah, I'm doing a store owner a favor in exchange for some food. That's why I'm in such a rush. I diddn't mean to run into you like that. I'm sorry." Ralf said again. The Chimchar then said. "It's okay. This going from Pokemon to human thing has really stressed me out. Please forgive me." Then held out his hand. Ralf shook it and said "It's no problem, I understand", then froze solid. "Did..." Ralf started..."Did you say you were a Human before?" he asked in a shocked tone. "I can't believe it. I was a human once before, too!" Ralf said as he let go of the Chimchar's hand. "Boy, am I glad I ran into you then. Perhaps we can help each other out." He said with a smile.

May 2nd, 2008, 1:46 PM
Toby sat up, startling everyone. "Guys...Guys" he was out of breathe and shaking. "I need...Food....Water.....and.....and.....some....some....Seeds...I'm...going back....into her mind....."
"You're in no shape to go anyway," yelled the Totodile.
"You don't understand" Toby replied. His Breathing had returned, and he had stopped shaking. "I need to do this. Darkrai is strong, but I cant let him turn her into a slave. Its happened to too many good people...And I am not about to let it happen to her....Chatot, Make sure I don't break the link....Keep my movement to a bare minium...and keep me close to Tiffany...I'll see what I can do from the inside." Then he lay back on the bed, and he went lifeless again.

Inside Tiffany's mind, things were much worse. The darkness had enveloped every thing, and it was almost pitch-black. A small light shone it the distance. Toby ran towards it. He saw how the darkness with ripping into the light. "DARKNESS! I CHALLENGE YOU! FIGHT ME, AND LEAVE TIFFANY ALONE"
Toby re-entered his body. "Get me a knife or something sharp...NOW!!!" Chatot flew off and returned with a small knife. Darkrai was in his mind. His mind was now filled with Nightmares. "Thank you" he said as he grabbed it, and plunged it into his hand, right on the symbol, which up until now, no-one had noticed. "TIME SEAL-MIND!" He screamed. A giant seal opened up in his mind, and drained the darkness.
The seal drained the nightmare and the darkness was dispelled by a blinding light. But a voice was still there.
"I never intended too. You shouldn't resist. If you kill me, you'll also die"
"Oh, do shut up, you overgrown nightmare."

Toby opened his eyes. The pokemon looked at him expectantly. "Its done". He looked at Tiffany. "She should be fine." The pokemon sighed. "Just one question Chatot? Why am I on the Floor?"

May 2nd, 2008, 1:48 PM
I'll do my application in a little while... can I reserve Squirtle please?

May 2nd, 2008, 1:57 PM
((I'd appreciate you didn't control my character by saying what he does or says, Eletj. My character isn't in the room, anyway, so yeah..))

Marc sighed as he sat down outside. He felt 'safe' being in the Guild, because no Pokemon had attacked him. However, that nightmare deal creeped him out slightly. Anyway, he stared away with his sight loss, and started thinking again. Same questions as before, however, the one that most kept him confused was: "Why am I a Pokemon?" Marc focused really hard to try to remember what had happened before he was a Pokemon. He had tried already, but it just gave no result. His mind was blank.

Marc stood up and shook his head slightly, very slightly, so the wound in his head wouldn't open up again. He gave a very profound sigh and was about to walk away. "I better go get a room to spend the night here and rest and then go away and try to get back to my known world and know why did I become a Pokemon". As he was about to give the first step away, he heard a yell coming from the medical wing, which shocked him. He turned to the wing and entered.

"What's going on?!" Marc asked Chatot as he approached, then noticed how the suffering of the Pokemon was growing. "Is there anything I can do, Chatot?" Marc asked as he waited for an answer. Apparently trying to read their minds didn't work.

May 2nd, 2008, 2:14 PM
Tiffany saw the nightmare draining away.She felt a little bit of happiness in her heart. "But..hope..?" Tiffany mumbled as a more compassionate voice entered. "You have friends..who care about you..who never thought you were meaningless..So don't ever think that again.. Darkrai's tricks were manipulating your mind. Remeber you are not meaningless every person whether pokemon or human has aplace in this world.." The voice mumbled in a compassionate tone. "And dialga..is the controller of time.." The voice mumbled again as Tiffany began waking up still slightly weak.

"W-what ha-happened..?..How did I get in the medicial wing How...?" Tiffany mumbled still in a little bit of pain from darkrai's nightmare. "Oh thank heavens she's awake! Tiffany! " Chatot sqawked along with a sigh ofr relief

May 2nd, 2008, 2:20 PM
Before Marc could get an answer from Chatot, the Pokemon that were lying on beds fainted started to come back to their senses. Marc stared at all of them with a puzzled expression in his face. Of course, he had no idea of what was going on, but he could make suppositions. ~Uh.. This is confusing..~ Marc thought to himself as he took just one step back to give the Pokemon some space. ~Apparently the 'neverending' nightmare ended~ Thought Marc with a slight smile. He took a deep breath as he approached Tiffany.

"Um.. Are you Ok? Thought I heard you scream a while ago" Marc asked with a slight tone of nervousness, but a slight relief in his voice. The area felt weird, and his wound started to ache a little.

May 2nd, 2008, 2:35 PM
OOC: Diego, I edited so that I asked Chatot instead:D

IC: Toby pulled himself off the ground. "Good to see you up and about" he said to Tiffany.
"I could say the same to you, Toby" Chatot replied.
"Anyway, you should be fine. Darkrai is.....well ... hes not in your mind anymore..." Toby collapased.
"Toby! Are you okay?" Chatot yelled.
"Yeah. I'm just really hungry," he said, flat on his back, smiling. "Why don't you get someone to fix us some food?"
"Yes.Okay I'll go do that." Chatot said, leaving the room.

May 2nd, 2008, 2:40 PM
Tiffany looked up at marked and smiled.."I'm fine..just a little shaken..is all..No harm done.." Tiffany said smiling at him trying not to worry him. "I'll be fine..I'm just really hungry" Tiffany shouted trying to get the depression out of the room. Still scared herself but hiding it through laughter and trying to clear the gloominess of the room. "Friendl;y friends are huuuungry YOOM-TAH Chimecho friendly friends need fooooood~~ YOOM-TAH!" Wigglytuff cheered happily oblivious to what had just happened. "Hey Marc..Um..i foudn out who Dialga is..I have my suspicions about something..come meet me after dinner" Tiffany whispered to Marc. "Don't tell anyone ok..They'll think I'm crazy... Ok..?"

May 2nd, 2008, 2:45 PM
((Thank you:)))

"Aright then" Marc said with a slight smile too and a small nod. As he heard what Tiffany said, he realized he was hungry himself. ~Oh, yeah, right. I haven't eaten anything since... I don't really know, I can't remember anything.. Oh well~ said Marc as he turned over to Wigglytuff. ~That's an odd fellow right there.. But at least he's nice and friendly.~ Marc thought happily. ~I have to ask for permission to spend the night here, then I'll see what I can do.. Even though I have no idea of where I should go next to search for answers..~

Marc then turned back to Tiffany and the other Pokemon. "Do you need any help or anything?" He asked as he turned his head to a side slightly, looking at the Chimecho that left to prepare the food. Then he turned to Tiffany, who told him something. "Meet you after Dinner, don't tell anyone, Dialga. Gotcha" Marc said with a nod as he was about to turn back, but then turned to Tiffany "Wait.." Marc said as he told Tiffany through telepathy ~Meet You where?~

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 2nd, 2008, 2:59 PM
Savanna Saw A Door Open,But It Was Only Chatot. Savanna Walked In The Door When Nobody Was Looking,Thinking It Was Something Else Other Than A medical Wing. She Saw Everybody Was There. " Hi Everybody!" Said Savanna In A Happy Voice. She Had Just Remembered She Was A Meganium. ("Oh Shoot,They Won't Recognize Me...") Thought Savanna,Wondering What Had Happened To Everybody. "Why Is Everybody In here?" Savanna Asked,Starting To Get Worried. She Knew They Probably Wouldn't Recognize Her,But That Was Ok With Savanna.

May 2nd, 2008, 3:02 PM
"Well, I'm going on take a walk". Toby swayed on his feet. "Whoa, whoa...hang on" he bumped into Marc, and slipped a note into his hand. It said 'Meet me on the beach after Dinner, Bring Tiffany. I have answers.'
Toby walked to the door, then teleported to Celebi's Forest. "Celebi...CELEBI!"
"Yes Toby, What is it?"
"What is a Time Knight?"
"Toby, A Time Knight is a Soldier of the Time King, Dialga."
"But, I swore my Oath to you?"
"Thats because Dialga isn't here. The corruption of This World has reached Temporal Tower, and he is slowly being corrupted. No, Dialga doesn't exist in this time. Only Primal."
"I think I understand. I surpose you saw what happened."
"Yes, Yes I did. It was a gutsy plan, Toby. And EXTREMELY Risky. You could've been killed."
" I know...I know"
"Get back to your own time now. I except great things from you Toby..Great Things..."
Toby teleported back to the Mess hall.

May 2nd, 2008, 3:12 PM
"A-ah..A teleporting..Treecko...? This is weird...Very weird..." Tiffany mumbled with a little bit of a surprised tone. Smeeling food Tiffany immediatly ran past the Meganium standing in the doorway and dashed torwards the mess Hall. She was starving and nothing would get in the way of her getting food. Tiffany entered the mess hall and foudn a bowl of fruit waiting for her. "Fruit...? Oh thats right..Pokemon it fruit..dumb moment again!" she was still startled from what had happened in the nightmare. "Dialga..controller of time...?I just know this has something to do with everything..." Tiffany mumbled so quietly that know one could hear her. "I just hope that..whatever we are getting into..is.. possible.." Tiffany thought to herself nervously .

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May 2nd, 2008, 3:13 PM
This was very troubling. The light within the dream was vanishing. Blood was trickling down from the walls, and the little Mudkip looked as afraid as she ever had. Taro ducked as the pokemon shot out a water gun at him.

"What are you doing! Were not here to hurt you! Don't listen to him!" Taro pleaded with the Mudkip.

"It is too late! She is already gone!" Darkrai called out to him "He has been lost to me! It was foolish for you to come here! You had no hope of rescuing her in the first place, and soon after she is gone, Your dreams will become mine as well!"

"Thats not true!" Taro shouted back "There is always hope! Always!"

"HA!" Darkrai mocked him "You can still speak of hope? That has to be one of the most-"

Darkrai never got to finish his sentence, as Toby used the knife to dispel the darkness from her nightmare. Light filled the room, and Taro heard a creaking from behind him. Glancing back, he saw the door that would lead him back into his own dreamworld once again opening, and began to be pulled twords it. He got a few more glimpses of the vanishing nightmare, before the door closed once more, himself being back in his own dream.

"I see you made it back." A voice spoke. Taro turned and saw it was Crissalia once again. "Im glad to see that."

"Yah... It seems everything has settled back down in there. Its a good thing that that Treeko was there... otherwise I don't know what would have happened..."

"Yes... that was luckey indeed." Crissalia replied "But... there may be times when he is not around... you may find yourself alone in someones nightmares one day. You should see this as preparation for when that time comes."

"What would I do then though?" Taro asked "Trying to make her come to her senses didn't seem to work, and I have nothing else that I can do. What could I do if its just me?"

"You..." Crissalia responded "Need to answer that yourself. Now then, I believe you should be waking up now... sleep too long and you may worry the others..."


Crissalia's voice drifted off as she, and the rest of the dream began to fade away. Taro opened his eyes to find himself in the guild medical wing once again. He streached out his arms and got up slowly, letting out a big yawn.

"Well... that was an awkward sleep." he said, scratching the back of his head "How long have I been out for?"

May 2nd, 2008, 3:21 PM
Receiving no answer, Marc started doubting about his abilities. Perhaps they had only been temporary. ~ Oh well..~ Marc thought as he noticed someone placing a note on his hand. He read it, and then was about to put it in his pocket, but realized he had no pockets... He wrapped the note in a small ball and kept it in his hand. He then started walking away to the mess hall, being careful that he didn't hit his head. As soon as he was going to get out, a Meganium sprang and shocked Marc, making him fall on his back. Luckily, he didn't his his wound. "Uh.. Hi there.." he responded as he went around the big Pokemon. ~Every thing's weird here~ he thought as he arrived at the mess hall.

He grabbed a plate and moved to the edge of the table, separated from everyone. He was feeling shy, so that's why he was away from the rest. He started eating calmly , because everytime he rushed his wound ached.

May 2nd, 2008, 3:30 PM
Name: Jack Nehlybel
Human Age: 17
Gender: Male
Special Power: Complete Camoflauge(Jack can cloak himself with invisibility only when he is in the gravest of dangers)
Pokemon I am: Squirtle

May 2nd, 2008, 3:39 PM
Toby teleported to the front of the cue. He grabbed a bread roll, and a Perfect apple. He sat down.
"Ahem, Everybody! Wait, I have an annoucement!" Chatot Yelled.
Toby raised his Eyebrow. "I wonder what it could be?' he thought to himself.

OOC: Somebody take over Chatot from here.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 2nd, 2008, 3:47 PM
("I'm Gonna Go Follow,Maybe Theres Food...") Thought Savanna.Her Mouth Was Watering.She Walked Into The Mess Hall,Following The Pokemon That Bumped Into Her. When She Got In,She was Amazed By How Many Pokemon There Were.She Sat Down In An Empty Seat And Started Eating.When She Was Done,She Headed Into Wigglytuff's Room To Ask If She Could Stay There For A Few Nights. "Hiya!" Said Wigglytuff When Savanna Walked In. "Guildmaster,Can I Stay Here For A few Nights?" Asked Savanna. "Of Course,Anything For A Friendly Friend!" Replied Wigglytuff Smiling. "Thank You Guildmaster." Said Savanna As She Walked Out The Door. Just When Savanna Closed The Door She Started To Glow Again. ("Oh Great,Whats Happening Now!") Savanna Thought. Just Then A Large Minute-Lasting Flash Of Light Occured In The Room. Everybody Else in The Room Was In A Daze. Then Savanna Looked At Herself In The Mirror. ("Now I'm A Chikorita Again,Whats Up With That!?!?!?!?!?") She Stood There In The Middle Of The Room Thinking Of What Happened.

May 2nd, 2008, 4:08 PM
OOC: Aw...... I hate school. I missed all of it.

As everybody continued, they seemed to have forgotten about Rika, who was still in the nightmare. In his head was a wisper. "They don't care about you Rika. They abandoned you as you were in the nightmare state. They aren't your friends, they are your ENEMIES." It spoke in a soft, female voice. "Enemys... They are my.... enemys..." Rika mumbled to it.

"Yes, they are your..... enemies." It's voice changed into a dark, sinister voice. "They must be destroyed. Awaken, and with my gift, you can eliminate them. I will stay and guide you." Rika looked pale and almost dead. "Eliminate...enemies... eliminate... enemies..." The voice now sounded almost like evil itself. "Good. Now, I will awaken you." Rika's eyes suddenly shot open, just in time for dinner.

"Rest Rika. Join Wigglytuff's guild, and tomorrow you can eliminate your enemies." It thought to Rika. "Yes.... Rest... Join... Guild..." He sounded almost zombie like. All of a sudden, he changed to normal. Walking up to Wigglytuff before dinner, he said, "Wigglytuff, can-" He spun around before saying, "Of course you can ~friendly friend!~ Yoom-Tah!" The Dinner room had two bright flashes of light before going off.

In Rika's head, a black, ghostly figure with blue eyes, what appears to be white hair, and red chuckled. Beside him appeared to be the legendary water god, Lugia, but it seemed different... darker. "Lord XD001, I have successfully tooken over the Pikachu Rika. I hope my work is acceptable by you." XD001 looked at him. "You did well. We will reside in him, he is perfect. Good job."

((Note, that from now on, any talking between XD001 and Darkrai(Atleast, to Rika alone) are strictly mind talking.))

May 2nd, 2008, 4:52 PM
OOC: whoa?! Shadow Lugia from Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness?!  HOLY!  Thats a real twist! and Shadow I know just how you feel D: and pkmon_kid you are accpeted just kep your posts at least 1 paragraph please Thankies :3    

Tiffany ate and drank to her hearts content but then sensed something was wrong. "Theres something wrong..Something..evil...!" Tiffany ran to Marc and "mind said" to him. "Theres something wrong.. I feel something bad is gonig to happen.. I'm gonig to go see what it is you may join me if you wish." Tiffany looked around the guild. "Something definetly wrong.." Tiffany ran up to Rika sensing something bad eminating from Rika. "Hey Rika have you sensed anything bad..cause I get this feeling that..!" Tiffany mumbled to Rika but uncertain abotu something. "A-are you o-ok..?" Tiffany mumbled at Rika. Just then she began having a dizzy spell. "Gah..not again.." She winced her eyes in pain as her vision came and took over her.  

  "What is it this ti-..Wha..? Rika..?! What's he doing?!"" Tiffany yelled as she saw Rika attacking various people in the guild and then she heard the sinister voice again. It was saying "They are your enemies..destroy them." Tiffany noticed that this was the very same that had trapped her within the nightmare, but she looked at Rika. Something was off...Rika wasn't IN the nightmare.She was possesed! Tiffany then saw a dark rather shadow like Lugia and Darkrai next to each other. "R-Rika.." Tiffany mumbled as she snapping back to her senses.

May 2nd, 2008, 5:39 PM
Radian let out a tiny sigh, standing awkwardly in the middle of the main room of what appeared to be a Guild building, though she couldn't be too sure, as she had never in her life once been inside a guild. The past few hours she had spent since coming to her senses on the beach had been nothing but a blur, and she remembered virtually nothing save for a constant stream of random pokemon faces and words. So much had happened, and she hadn't even been here a full day yet! Radian shook her head, curling her body up into a tiny ball as she cowered behind the only pokemon who had been bothered to introduce himself to her. He had not only done that, but had also kindly led her to a place chock full of a rather strange assortment of pokemon. At least, she assumed his actions were out of kindness.

This place is so bizarre. Radian thought silently, a rather large sweatdrop forming along side her face as she observed a Pikachu moving almost mechanically, it seemed from a room.

Did he bring me to a Guild, or an insane asylum? Right now I can't really tell a difference.

She burrowed her head tightly up against her chest then, obscuring her face from all the others, as desperately, she tried to devise a plan as to what to do.

~Aww! What's wrongggg friendly friend?!~ Radian's ears perked up, immediately picking up the chipper, almost scary over-enthusiastic voice of another pokemon. It belonged to a male, obviously, but had a tone to it that just didn't seem right.

He's probably not talking to me anyways.Not with about a thousand other pokemon in the room. Radian thought, expelling another sigh, this one of relief. She had barely had the time to form this thought, when she felt herself being lifted, swinging high up into the air as she was mashed against the pale pastel pink fur of some other pokemon. Radian's eyes popped open, and her head popped out from against her chest, eyes adjusting from the dark to stare at the peculiar creature who had just spontaneously picked her up.

~Friendly friend wants a nice biiiiiig hug?!~ A rather large Wigglytuff asked, continuing yo crush the tiny Eevee against his body. Radian's jaw dropped, mouth agape, as desperately, she glanced around the room. If she had been intimidated before, she was scared mindless now, and had no clue as to how to respond. Her gaze settled on Leon, and though she barely knew him, she found herself silently pleading with him to rescue her. All hope was abondoned as the Wigglytuff turned in the other direction, swaggering toward a large door on the opposite side of the building . She squirmed a little bit, letting out the occaisional "Meep!" sound as the Wigglytuff refused to let her escape his crushing embrace.

My God, he's trying to kill me! She though, horrified, and managed to turn her head a little to the right to glance briefly back behind her, where the Chimchar was watching her departure with what seemed to be a puzzled expression. Radian frowned, and turned back around, shuddering as she forced herself to look back up at the giant pink beast who had basically kidnapped her.

~Are you hungry, little friendly friend?! We set up a delicious feast for all our other nice little friendly friends! You must go join them now!~

"But-" Radian started, lower lip trembling as she tried to twist back around, but to no avail, as the Wigglytuff had only tightened his grip on her fragile body, restricting all her movement so that about all she could do was blink and stare straight ahead.

Upon entering the room the Wigglytuff seemed so dead-set on getting her into, Radian immediately relaxed upon seeing that it wasn't a maniacal pyschopath's torture room, and that it was actually a Mess Hall. Countless pokemon feasted upon an assortment of delicous-looking fruits, and if Radian had been allowed to move, her tail most definitely would've been wagging gratefully upon taking in the sight. As the Wigglytuff set her down gently before an empty seat, motioning her to the table expectantly, Radian only stood silently, a grin appearing across her furry face. The Wigglytuff only smiled insanely back in response, raising a chubby paw to wave at her. Continuing to grin, Radian readied herself in a stance that suggested an attack, but as she launched herself up at the giant pink furball, Radian only clung to him affectionately, her eyes closing as she rubbed her cheek up against his chest.

"Thank you, friendly friend." She laughed, again looking up at the Wigglytuff who now beamed ecstatically down at her.

~You're welcome, friendly friend! Now hurry and eat, before all the other friendly friends eat all of the food! We have so many new hungry friendly friends tonight!~

As the Wigglytuff waddled away, Radian again caught sight of the Chimchar who had led her here earlier, and shyly waved him over, motioning with a smile to an empty chair next to the one she had been set next to. She hadn't really had the chance to introduce herself earlier, as right when she had been about to respond, all the drama concerning the injured Totodile had occured.

Oh no! Radian thought wildly, her eyes darting around wildly in search for the Totodile. She was instantly overcome with guilt for not thinking to ask about him earlier, and hung her head, shifting nervously as she recalled the huge gash, and all the blood staining the pure white sand of the beach, and the Mudkip dragging him off, barely alive.

I hope he made it through all right. Radian fretted, hesitantly taking her seat.

May 2nd, 2008, 5:40 PM
((Well you ruined the dramatic plot twist I had Tiffany. Eh, it's fine. If it's okay, would it be reasonable if XD001, so nobody found out, wiped Tiffany's memory of the Deminsional Scream of that while she was sleeping? And I think you accidently called Rika a she lol. And short teeny post, bearly a paragraph.))

"Anything bad... Not that I know of." He heard her ask if he was okay. "Um... Yep, even though I lost my best friend, I'm fine." He saw her go into a blank state, and she suddenly mumbled, "R-Rika..." He looked up at her. "Uh, yes?" He said.

Inside his head...

Shadow Lugia spoke. "Rika...she had a Deminsional Scream. She knows, and she may warn the others." Rika thought back. "A-are you sure?" "Yes." With that, while he waited for Tiffany to respond, he munched on some Oran Berries and a few health drinks.

May 2nd, 2008, 5:49 PM
Marc sighed as he looked up from his food. He didn't really eat all that was served to him. He has hungry, yes he was, but the nervousness and the intrigue he had about all the current mysteries didn't allow him to eat. His mind was to busy thinking. Anyway, when he looked up, he stared around and notcied all the Pokemon eating quickly. "I gotta practice the mind reading.." he whispered to himself quietly as he stared around, focusing on the Pokemon. He closed his eyes and managed to hear in his mind ~Yum Yum! This food is delicious!~ and many thoughts like that, all piled up.

"Ok... Apparently the power still works" he said as he stared and examined each Pokemon in the table, trying to read their minds. It might be rude or unpolite to do that, but meh, not like they could notice. While he stared at everyone and read their minds, he noticed there was an Eevee, probably the one he saw in the beach while he was half-dead. He scratched his head, then trying to think, but that resulted in him accidentally using the move Scratch on the bandages, and therefore slightly opening his wound.

Since he was sitting at a considerable distance at all the others, not many noticed. "Oh cr... Aww, this hurts" Marc repeated to himself sadly as he applied pressure to the bandages, which here being slowly wet in blood. It didn't hurt anymore, but the presence of his own blood made him uncomfortable.

May 2nd, 2008, 6:19 PM
Toby finished his Tea, and walked to the beach. He thought about the Days events, and his seal. Was it strong enough to hold the fragment of darkrai that had possessed Tiffany's mind. Why had it come here, Now? Maybe it was following him. He needed to talk to Celebi. The waves rolled onto teh shore. What had he sealed. Was it Darkrai? Or Something Else Entirely? He needed answers.

May 2nd, 2008, 6:26 PM

"Come on!!We have to get to the guild!!"Yelled an energetic Krabby looking in the distance.

"Why did we have to take the long way!!!!???"A distanced Piplup asked in aw and anger.

"Well, for once you have to stretch those penguin legs, sweetie!"The Krabby mockingly replied while giggling.

"WHAT DID YOU........"Suddenly bubbles started to form on the penguin's mouth stopping him from finishing his sentence."ARGHHH,ARGGHH!WHAT IS THIS!"

"For a Water-Type Pokemon, you don't know much about your attacks!"Once again the Krabby mockingly said."That's so Bubble!"

As the bubbles started to pop, the small penguin, began to feel dizzy and eventually fell.

"Ugh!!!"Cried the penguin before as his head touched the cold lumpy ground.

"OMG!!!!Piplup!!"The krab cried in fear.

Deep inside the Piplup's mind...

"Ugh...Krabby...is that you?"The Piplup questioned in pain.

"Do not fear, Tori!Head for the Guild!There you will meet then, use your abiliies wisely!"A mysterious voice from afar said.

"So...Tori, it is...I'm Tori!"Shouted Piplup within his mind, still in pain.

"Wakey, wakey!!!"A female voice exclaimed from afar.Tori began to slowly awaken as he was greeted by the face of a familiar Krabby."You gave me quite a scare, Tori!"

"My name?How do you...?"Tori asked before he was interrupted.

"You said it aloud while you were unconsious."Answered the Krabby."We're at the guild!"

"The guild, eh?"Mumbled Tori with soreness.


May 2nd, 2008, 6:27 PM
((EletJ, YOU HAVE MADE A MISTAKE. FIRST, RIKAS A BOY. A MALE! Second, Rika's not in the Medical Wing, he's in the Dinner table. Third, Darkrai is the person who's possessing Rika, why would he just go and openly tell your character that something is wrong with Rika? I demand you edit your post. ESPICALLY on the female part. It makes him being a mastermind evil dude kinda stupid. Stupid indeed))

May 2nd, 2008, 6:36 PM
After a while of doing.. Absolutely nothing, Marc remembered what Tiffany told him, about meeting after dinner to talk about that Dialga character. Marc really hoped that Dialga had the long awaited answers for the questions that had tormented him since earlier today. Marc stoop up and started walking away from his seat.
He gave a sigh, then walked towards the Exit. "Excuse me" he said to Wigglytuff and Chatot with a small bow as he went out the Mess Hall and waited outside, just sitting down and thinking.

May 2nd, 2008, 6:37 PM
OOC: hmm whiping my memory..? That would be a nice plot twist Shadow I love awsomee plot twists liek that so sure! :3 oh and Eletj Darkrai is supposed to be an evil character o_o; and shadow don't go round yelling at people its mean D: D: everyone makes mistakes..:o thats what da "edit" button is for)

"Well Rika..I hope your feeling ok.."Tiffany mumbled still unsure about what to think about this situation. "I know something wrong..I know it..I'd best keep my eye out" Tiffany thought to herself taking hold of an apple that had been left on her plate. She ahd an uneasy feeling about Rika and what she should do about him but she was thinknig more deeply about Dialga and what the voice had said to her about the controller of time things.

Just as Chatot had finished his mean he squawked and asked them to quiet down for a moment. "Alright gild members The ;atest on the nightmare situation is that it has spread a few have our members managed to snap out of it but theres also another thing. Time has stopped in certain places." Chatot sqawked seriously. Chatter began around the table but then Chatot silenced them again. "As you know Time Gears keep the time in reguler flow if the Time gears are stolen then the area around it begins freezing in time. Basically everything stops. No wind blows and nothing mvoes. We have several exploration teams looknig into this but they have no clues to be found yet." Chatot sqaked and allowing them to eat again

"Oh my gosh someones stealing the time gears?! How low can you get he must be a top of the lnie criminal!" A sunflora squeaked out of her mouth.

"Time..Gears..? Time...disrupted...? Could this have something to do with..?" Tiffany thought to herself suddenly loosing her happy friendly face. "Well good night everyone! That food made me sleep!"" Tiffany yelled aloud in a fake happy tone. "Ya Wigglytuff is tired just like friendly friend Tiffany! Everyone as soon as your finished eating you may go to bed..? friendly friend~~~ YOOM-TAH!" Wigglytuf yelled as Chatot agreed.

Tiffany fled to her room and laid on her bed unsure of what to make of all this. "If time is out of order..then the time gears were stolen..but what does this have to do with the nightmares..in any case they'll have to wait till tommorow.." Tiffany mimbled to herself fallnig asleep forgetting abotu the meeting with Marc

May 2nd, 2008, 6:47 PM
Since Marc was outside, he didn't hear anything of what was going on, but as the Pokemon walked out, he started reading their minds.

~Huh? Time stopping? A criminal? Sounds like a childish story if you ask me.. But again, people turning into Pokemon, not being able to remember anything but you name and simply getting special powers doesn't sound too much mature..~ Marc said with a sigh. ~Meh, I guess I'm alone~ he thought to himself as the Pokemon started to walk out, all looking nervous. He continued reading their minds as the all walked by. Too many thoughts at the same time weren't understandable, but he just tried not to be bored.

~Well.. I don't have a room, so I guess there's nowhere I can go or anything.. I'll just spend the night watching the sk.... the ground~ Marc said remembering the Guild was underground. He took another deep sigh as he laid down on a stone near the exit of the Mess Hall and just stared up blankly, thinking. ~What's up with all those papers in the mission boards.. I wonder what things take place around here. Not like I have enough time to do so, anyway. Tomorrow I'm parting to search for answers....~

His head was slightly bleeding, but he didn't mind. He just laid there, thinking. He looked quite funny, actually; he was in the middle of the guild just staring up, looking like an abandoned plush doll. Marc gave another sigh and continued to lie there.

May 2nd, 2008, 6:48 PM
((GhostPrincess, I have some plot twists planned, one I will need your permission on, I'll tell you through a PM or something, k?))

"Time gears lost... Do you know who did it?" He thought to XD001 and Darkrai. "It was your enemies." He said. "I will send him, the one who warned you about your enemys, to wipe the pokemon Tiffany's mind of the Deminsional Scream." Rika thought, "Okay. But... don't hurt her. By the way, what can I call you?"

"If you want, I will order him not to hurt her. And you may call me.... 001." Rika nodded and went to his room, falling asleep with a, "Good night ~friendly friends!~" From Wigglytuff.

Meanwhile in Tiffany's room...

A dark shadow loomed over her. Thunder roared, and Tiffany seemed to be tossing and turning in her sleep. "I'd better stop. The boss said not to hurt her." Going into her mind, Darkrai went to the part of her brain which caused nightmares. Leaving that part, he went to the memory part.

Soon he was out of it, and Tiffany had started sleeping soundly. "My mission... is complete..." With that, he dissapeared, without a trace.

Back in Rika's mind...

"Lord Shadow Lugia, I have successfully wiped her mind of the Deminsional Scream." By calling him Shadow Lugia, Darkrai recived a blast from a psychic. "How dare you call me Shadow Lugia. You shall refer to me as XD001." Darkrai got on his as much of the knees he had. "Please forgive me my Lord, I did not mean it."

"I forgive you.. this time. Let's not let it happen again." Darkrai nodded. "May I excuse myself, Lord XD001?" XD001 nodded, and Darkrai dissapeared. XD001 laughed menacingly as thunder roared.

May 2nd, 2008, 6:53 PM
(I edited it. I was going to make it so a part of Darkrai was sealed in him (because that was what he sealed in himself) but I changed it now. And Sorry for calling Rika a Girl. GM I thought you had a meeting with Diego and me?)

"Celebi, I'm Here" Toby Called out to the Pink Celebi.
"Yes Toby" She giggled. "What are You doing Here?" She floated up to him. "I didnt call you, did I?"
"No, I wanted to asked a favour" He bowed to Her.
"What Is it?"
"I want you to help me improve my powers"
"Sure, Silly" She placed her hand on his shoulder. "Of Course I help my special knighty boy."

EDIT REASON: To explain the fact I havent been on this RP in a while.

May 2nd, 2008, 6:58 PM
Tiffany began thrashing around in her sleep a bit, she felt soemthing unnatural happening. She mumbled soemthing along the lnies of "R-rika..?"

OOC: I made my girl forget about it because she was thinknig to much abotu time gears and whatnot so yea.. Critcize me on it late :3

~~~in her dream~

Tiffany was in a blank world of clouds and happiness but then she sensed something. Darkrai was back. "So your back eh..? Well this time its not your time to control me!" Tiffany yelled as she water gunned Darkrai as hard as she could but failing as he seemed to disappear into the darkness rather quickly. "What where did that jerk go!" Tiffany yelled looking around the world but she soon began to feel pain. "W-whats g-going on..My head it hurts..Is this Darkrai's doing..? I can't remeber anything..i can't..drifting off.. Rika.." Tiffany mumbled as she lost her memory from what she had heard abotu XD001. She soon again heard the soft healing voice. It revealed herself as a Celebi!

"So your the voice that I've been hearing in my visions..?" Tiffany mumbled looknig at Celebi uncertainly for a moment. "Yes I am the voice that you have heard.. I am a time traveler... Look for a pokemon named Grovyle..he will have the answers..." Celebi giggled and disappeared. "Wha-WAIT!" Tiffany yelled but Celebi was gone and there was nothing left to actually prove she was here.

May 2nd, 2008, 7:09 PM
Come to me, little Mango. Radian thought hungrily, her stomach letting out a low growl, as licking her lips, Radian extended a paw to reach for the glistening fruit. Her face fell as just as her paw grazed the skin of the plump fruit, an Absol reached over and snatched it out from right under her face.

Nuts. Radian thought, realizing that the Absol had just grabbed the last Mango on the table. In fact, the majority of the feast had already been devoured, so that only a couple of apples and some pears were left. It was then that Radian felt a pair of eyes burning into her, and she turning quickly managed to catch the Totodile staring over at her. Every muscle in her body tensing, her tail erecting to stand straight up, Radian warily observed the pokemon from the corner of her eye, tiny sweatdrops sprouting all over her body. She took in every movement of the other pokemon, so when a thoughtful scratch to the wound on his head turned into an accidental gorey slash, Radian was the only other pokemon to notice, and jumped in alarm at how deeply he had cut it. Her alarm turned to confusion as nonchalantly, the tiny crocodile-looking pokemon stood up, and exited the mess hall without another word.

I wonder if he even knows.. She thought, standing from her spot at the table and silently beginning to follow him, the now gushing wound on his head drawing her in like a magnet. Stealing up behind him, Radian lay a hand upon his shoulder, tail wagging in a friendly manner as she cast what she thought was a warm smile up at him. Golden eyes sparkling, she cocked her head to the side, pointing up to the wound on the top of his head.

"You're hurt.." Was all she could think to say, as she sat down on her haunches and motioned him to sit down beside her.

"I know you don't really know me, and it's none of my business but-- it's just that your cut looks really deep, and.. and.." Radian paused, her mouth falling open as she lowered her eyes to the ground, realizing that she sounded like a babbling moron.

"I don't want you bleeding all over the carpet.. Or nearly dying again, so if you'd like, I can heal it for you. " After she had gotten all of this out, Radian held up one of her forelegs, to which the paw was glowing a strange golden color, the same hue of her eyes.

"All I need for you to do is let me touch it."

May 2nd, 2008, 7:10 PM
"AHHH!!!!!!"Tori suddenly began to shout as his mind beagn to drift away."They....they're here.AHHHHH!!!!!"

"Who??"A terrorized Kira asked."Who are they??"

"I can feel them, such potential and power...like...me!"Tori cried as a headache began to run through his head.

"Find them, in the colors of the rainbow, both high and low, look for them, they hold the key, to the world's destiny..."A mysterious voice bounced on his mind.

"Please help, Kira, but first find them!"Tori said as he struggled with the pain that ran through his body.

"Find who!?"Kira shouted trying to regain her composture.

"Those of my kind, their aura, it is strong."Tori struggled to say as he began to drift asleep."Shout to the heavens, that I'm a human, that will help..."

"I will!Please stay safe!"Kira said as she left the room.

"Perhaps it will help, or perhaps it will be our doom..."Tori silently said before finally drifting away to sleep

IC:Our character have to meet sometime.TBC!

May 2nd, 2008, 7:16 PM
~And I wonder if... Maybe.. Huh?~ Marc was thinking about something, but got slightly startled at the approaching Eevee. "Huh, I'm bleeding?" Marc asked to himself as he put his paw on his head, and when he placed it in front of his face he noticed it was slightly red. "Oh my.. I didn't notice or felt that I was bleeding" he murmured as he sat up and stared at the Eevee, then smiled.

He gave a slight nod and stood up then sat next to her.

"You can heal this wound with just touching it? That's a nice power to have.." Marc said, not really paying attention to what he was saying. "Oh wait! You have a power! That means.. Are you.. Are you a Human that turned into a Pokemon?" Marc asked anxiously as he placed his head near the ground so Radian could reach the wound and slowly moved his head towards the paw's glow, not sure if the results were going to be the wanted ones.

Marc was possitive the answer was a yes, but still he asked, a Totodile-ish grin in his face. "My name is Marc!" he said happily as he stared at Eevee. ~Hm.. Nearly dying again?~ Thought Marc as he heard what Radian was saying. ~So she saw I was half dead.. That means this is the Eevee I saw at the beach, and probably the one at the mess hall..~

May 2nd, 2008, 7:27 PM
Tiffany woke up with a fright and pannivy, she was also breathing heavily and noticed soemone had tried to atatck her during herseep because she noticed a bit of blood on her face. Tiffany shivered at the blood and closed her eyes having a sudden flashback from when she was human but wouldn't be able to remeber it because she had no idea what she had looked like.


"Mommy...? What are you doing...?" She asked her mother who had a knife in hand and was looking at her evily. "You msut die you've been nothing but a nuiscence to your father and me! prepare to die!" Her mother screamed as the razor blade of the knife struck her in the arm. Tiffany yelped in pain as bloody trickled down her arm. "I missed but next time you won't be so lucky!" The Mother yelled and stabbed her in the legs so she couldn't move. "M-mommy why..?" Shouted a now crying bloodied up Tiffany. "because you are a nuiscence!" Her mother screamed as she was about to strick the final blow when her father came and shot the mother with a gun. "Blood..Blood..make it go away!" A young Tiffany yelled at her father who now was carrying her and taking her to the ER comferting her on the way.

~end flashback~

   "H-huh...? WHo was that girl..Blood..Blood blood.." Tiffany mumbled the same word over and over and began gettign shakey. She ran outside her room and yelped at Rika who had surprised her as she saw her in the middle of the guild. Tiffany entered the mess hall shaken and looknig for an apple to calm herself down found Marc and an Eevee who was healing him. Tiffany looked down at the shiny red apple and found herself taking a big bite into it. "Blood.." she mumbled one last time before eating the rest of the apple.

May 2nd, 2008, 7:28 PM
Leon was in the mess hall eating up all the food he could. He was some what of a food freak. "How can someone as smart as me stuff my face. I think this is a good idea to introduce myself. I don't know any of these people and they don't know me." Leon thought as he continued to stuff his face like that Munchlax had earlier. So he got up on the table and averred to everyone, "My name is Leon, and I have an IQ of 200, I hope that I will get some answers to why we are all Pokemon after speaking with all of you." with that Leon sat down and continued to smash away at the food. "I think that IQ thing was a little too much. I hope no one thinks I'm some high and mighty super genius." he continued to eat until he found his plate was empty.

May 2nd, 2008, 7:33 PM
As Tiffany yelped at Rika, he ran over to her. "Uh, whats wrong?! Do I have something on my face? Something in my teeth?" He heard her mumble, "Blood..." Rika shivered, and looked around. No more apples. "Aw.. no more apples." Soon, Wigglytuffwalked over to Rika. "Why hello there ~friendly friend!~ Whats the matter?" Wigglytuff frowned.

Chatot quickly ran over to Rika. "Uh, Rika, nothings wrong, right? RIGHT!?" Rika said, "Well actually.." As he said that, Wigglytuff started to cry, and the whole guild shook. "Wah! You've upset the guildmaster! Say your okay now!" Rika quickly said, "I'm okay!" Wigglytuff stopped crying, turning into a happy expression. "Good! I want my ~friendly friends~ to be happy!" Rika then said, "I'm just hungry, and theres no more apples."

Wigglytuff looked at him, with a simple expression, then suddenly broke out a smile. "Don't worry ~friendly friend!~ You can have one of my perfect apples!" Wigglytuff said, handing Rika one of the two Perfect apples he had. Chatot spoke up. "You! Thank the guildmaster for his generousity!" Rika quickly said, "Thank you!" In fear of another crying, and munched on the Perfect Apple.

May 2nd, 2008, 7:38 PM
Relief flooded Radian's delicate little body as she sighed, smiling, pleased that the Totodile would allow her to help him.

"It's no problem at all!" The tiny Eevee chirped, as the Totodile stood and took his place beside her, seating himself so that his body rested gently against hers.

Perfect. Radian thought, and she closed her eyes.

"You'tr actually doing me a favor by letting me heal you, believe it or not." Radian laughed, as she placed the glowing paw against the top of his head, the tension in her muscles relaxing as a cool, rushing sensation transferred from her body to his own. Her ears perked happily upward, and once the transfer of energy was complete, she grinned, basking in the healthy, radiant glow she had obtained from healing him.

"I can sense creatures who are in pain." Radian explained, watching carefully as the skin that had been slashed wide open kneaded itself back together, leaving only a single tiny scar as it finished with its self-stitching. Radian was pleased with the results, and beamed, rubbing the top of his head to be sure he wasn't experiencing any pain.

"It doesn't matter if they're people, or pokemon, or even plants. My paw starts to glow when I sense something in pain, and no matter who or what it is, I must heal either heal it, or suffer the consequences." Radian paused, as the Totodile finall finished healing, to gaze up at the brilliant shimmering white light of the full moon above them.

"I guess it's a pretty cool power to have." She responded, sighing a bit, as the intense glowing in her paw finally died down.

"But i'm not really doing much. I don't really heal people or pokemon. I just help them heal themselves. Most cuts and scrapes and gashes will heal in time, I just speed up the process a bit using my powers. " Radian stopped again, looking away from Marc and up at the sky as her shoulders slumped slightly. She turned her face quietly to the side, so that he wouldn't have to see the tears threatening to spill over her sad, golden eyes. She bowed her head in sorrow, as a sudden recollection hit her, a burned face, charred body.. Pitiful, weak gasping.. Filling her pounding ears, until it finally gave way to silence. Eery, chilling silence.

Too bad it came a little too late for the ones I loved. Radian thought, shivering, as she realized the Totodile had again said something to her.

"Oh wait! You have a power!" He cried out enthusiastically. "That means.. Are you.. Are you a Human turned pokemon?" At this question, the tears instantly vanished, and Radian let out a startled laugh. A grin popped out across her face.

"How did you know?" She whispered in amazement, traces of her eyes still sparkling from the tears as her face lit up hopefully.

"Are you one too?"

May 2nd, 2008, 7:40 PM
She found a chimchar who had an IQ of 200 and was impressed still shaken up from her nightmare that wasn't cotnrolled by Darkrai she introduced herself to the Chimchar as Tiffany but didn't dare give away her suspicions as to why they were pokemon until she could actually prove her supicins were actually true. " My name is Tiffany , leon nice to meet you..blood.." She said to leon but murmured at the "blood" part. As she introduced herself she felt the guild began to shake and Tiffany thought it was some sort of earthquake but then Tiffany heard Chatot sqawking in the next room and thought it had something to do withWigglytuff but didn't dare go any further then that fearing if this was Wigglytuffs fault then she could be in some real trouble. "Um anyway! I'm Tiffany and um..Nice to meet you Leon!" Tiffany giggled she also introudced herself to the Eevee that was healing Marc, but her words were empty in meaning she was in her midn still thinknig about the words "blood" over and over again.

May 2nd, 2008, 7:48 PM
Suddenly, Rika got thrown into the mess hall, slamming into the wall beside Tiffany and Leon. "Uh, don't mind me, I'm fiIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNEEEEE!!!!!!" He had been picked up by a Skuntank. "We don't like pests around here, Koffing, lets do some exterminating." The two let out their gas attack, filling the entire mess hall with a horrible smell from a Koffing and Skuntank. They slammed Rika into the wall. "See ya, pest."

"Wait!" The looked over, to see Rika standing up in a fighting stance. "I don't like fighting, but you forced it! Thunderbolt!" Electricity shot out of Pikachus cheeks, hitting Koffing and Zubat. Fire was sparked from it, however, and, well, gas plus fire equals boom. Thats right, an explosion. It sent Zubat and Koffing flying out of the building, and they seemed to say, "Were blasting off again!" Skuntank seemed uneffected.

"You're weak. That explosion didn't even make a scratch on me. All of a sudden, Wigglytuff walked in. "Hello ~friendly friend!~ Is that a hole?" Wigglytuff got sad again. Chatot quickly stood in front of the hole. "Uh, no guildmaster, there's no hole here." Wigglytuff perked up. "Oh! Ok! Well hello ~friendly friend!~ Hello new ~Friendly Friend!~" Wigglytuff walked off, oblivious to the battle.

May 2nd, 2008, 7:50 PM
Marc payed close attention to every word Radian said. He loved to listen, and was aware he was a better listener than a talker. "Wow. Well, is this awesome! I can't feel the pain anymore! The wound isn't even visible! Or at least I think it isn't, since I can't see the back of my head" Marc said with a very small laugh. His humor turned very bright at that moment. "Now I'm not going to bleed out of nowhere" he mentioned to himself as he turned back to Radian to continue to listen to what she was saying.

"Oh... I.. I see... I guess I know how it feels." Marc said as he looked down after hearing what the Eevee was saying to him. It made him feel sorry for her, turning his newly gained humor down, but he didn't like sad moments, so he thought of something and tried to cheer everything up; now that he had the energy to do so. He wasn't able to do so, anyway, so he continued with the chat and with the theme that seemed to brighten her mood.

"Well" he started. "Yeah! I was a human before this. I have no idea why I turned into a Pokemon, nor why I can't remember anything of what I have lived before the event" he said happily and with a nod.

He stretched his hand, motioning for a handshake, even though the Pokemon hadn't introduced themselves. Marc then stared into the Eevee's eyes so he could get into her mind, and through telepathy said ~ My name is Marc~

May 2nd, 2008, 7:53 PM
Leon saw that the Mudkip had introduced herself. He respected that and then felt the guild begin to shake. He went into the next room and saw that Wigglytuff had flipped out and Chatot was sqawking mad. He looked at the Wigglytuff and realized that if he didn't do anything the guild would be destroyed. So he used his shadow possession to take control of Wigglytuff. The Wigglytuff began to shake more and more, but Leon continued to keep his grip. By controlling Wigglytuff's body he had the power to lower its anger. He focused his energy more and more. He started to use the shadow possession choke palm, but then Wigglytuff was back to normal. "we got lucky Chatot, we almost lost a guild master. I'm going to take a nap for now and recharge."

May 2nd, 2008, 7:56 PM
Leon saw that the Mudkip had introduced herself. He respected that and then felt the guild begin to shake. He went into the next room and saw that Wigglytuff had flipped out and Chatot was sqawking mad. He looked at the Wigglytuff and realized that if he didn't do anything the guild would be destroyed. So he used his shadow possession to take control of Wigglytuff. The Wigglytuff began to shake more and more, but Leon continued to keep his grip. By controlling Wigglytuff's body he had the power to lower its anger. He focused his energy more and more. He started to use the shadow possession choke palm, but then Wigglytuff was back to normal. "we got lucky Chatot, we almost lost a guild master. I'm going to take a nap for now and recharge."

((Uh, Wigglytuff had stopped))

May 2nd, 2008, 8:00 PM
Tiffany sniffed the air. "Whats that horrible smell? It smells liek rotton eggs , a pair of boots , tina. and varous other things!" Tiffany shouted in disgusted. "So it was those 3 uh..? a whole um..Guildmaster sees this uh.." Tiffany  didn't even want to think about the results as Tiffany glared at the skunktank. "Well Well well...What do we have here..? A skunk?" Tiffany giggled a little bit at the Skunktank but her eyes still waterign from the horrible stentch that lingered in the room. "Oh my gosh can't you control yourself" Tiffany said to the Skunktank to see if the Skunktank would get mad or not.Alas Tiffany was to tired to care what the Skunktank was saying while she was yelling at her. "oh but a sock in it stinky!" Tiffany snapped back with a yawn.

May 2nd, 2008, 8:20 PM
((Uh, GameCrazy, Wigglytuffs in the other room, and Rikas busy getting beat up by the Skuntank))

"Help- me- Some- one!" He said between swings as Skuntank threw him around. Slamming into the wall gain, he said,
"Okay, Thundershock!" The electric blast didn't even make it through the fire.
"Ah, Iron Tail!" Running forward, he slammed his tail into Skuntank, but to no avail as he was blocked with his own iron tail.

May 2nd, 2008, 8:21 PM
((I just realized that. I left the keyboard while writing for a while, and returned to find you guys posted a whole bunch of times.))

"Itadakimasu!~" Taro cried out, now at the dinner table, and beginning to stuff himself with food. If you didn't know better, you would never be able to tell that this pokemon had just walked through another's worst nightmare. He put entire pieces of fruit in his mouth whole, and chewed and swallowed them in seconds, cores, seeds, and all. Once he was finished, he let out a very audible belch, and rubbed his belly. "Man! This is a good meal! Compliments to the chef Chimeco!"

"Thanks, but it was nothing, really." The pokemon said, smiling back to him.

Then Chatot began speaking of Time Gears, which Taro knew nothing of. He wondered if they were as important as everyone here made them out to be, or if they were just some scary story that the Chatot was telling. Regardless, when the Chatot was finished with his talk, Taro continued to stuff himself.

He ate for a while more, before he finally let out another belch and rubbed his belly once again, content with his meal. Now he was sleepy. He walked out of the room (This was before the Skunktank and his gang had entered) and headed twords the crew rooms. Finding an empty bunk (more like a stack of hay) he lied down on it, feeling his eyes beginning to droop. Today had been a long one, filled with transformations, strange dreams, new people, and perfect apples, and now he needed his rest.

"Sweet dreams...." he mumbled to himself before drifting off, not knowing what was going on in the Mess Hall at the moment.

May 2nd, 2008, 8:26 PM
Tiffany was beggining to get annoyed with the both of them fighting. "Ya know what guys.." Tiffany mumbled then yelled "Hydro Pump!" As she yelled these words a storng amount of water blasted on the two of them clearly leaving them soaking wet. "Ya know Rika calm down and "stinky" who obviously needs to calm down and get soemthing to eat, if they don't I swere... that next tiem it won;t be a hydro pump I swere I will use wet you and then freeze you so SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN AND EAT!" Tiffany yelled not in the mood to watch the tw of them fight angerly at each other. "So I suggest before I get even angrier you mgith want to sit down and shut up..especially you stinky skunk! PUT A SOCK IN IT AND SHUT UP!" Tiffany yelled at the skunktank angerly.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 2nd, 2008, 8:41 PM
Savanna Stood There,For She Was There For The Whole Fight. (" I Better Get Some Rest... Today Was The Wierdest Day I've Ever Encountered... ") Savanna Thought Heading Towards An Empty Room. She Walked In The Room And Saw A Bed Made Of Hay And Grass. She Walked Towards The Window. " I Can't Believe This Is Happening... I Have Always Wanted To See What It Would Be Like As A Pokemon,But I Guess It's Harder Than I Expected... " Said Savanna,Talking Aloud To Herself. " I Cand Understand Why I Turned Into A Human... All I Remember Is A Few Words Before I Changed And My Name... " Savanna Said,Still Thinking Aloud.

Cosmic Tyrant
May 2nd, 2008, 8:42 PM
Ralf went down to the guildmaster's chamber and delivered the package. Wigglytuff seemed pleased. "Thanks for delivering the package!" Wigglytuff said. "Won't you stay for a while" Ralf smiled weakly and responded. "No thanks, I have to get something to eat, I'm starving!" He said as he walked out the door. "Thanks though..." He said as he began to ran to Kecleon's store. "Wait" Wigglytuff said as Ralf stopped immediately. "Yes?..." Ralf said hoping it wouldn't take too long. "Well I was just wondering if you wanted to join my guild..." Wigglytuff said sadly. "I run a good guild here, we go on rescue missions and everything." The Chatot added. And you get three square meals a day." He said with a whistle. Ralf was instantly sold. "Okay!" he said with lit eyes. "I'm in" The Chatot laughed. " I thought you might be he said with a smile. "Well come this way. Dinner will be served in a minute." he said as he, Wigglytuff, and Ralf left the chamber.

Dinner time at the Guild. The food smelled delicious. Ralf could hardly wait before it was time for everyone to eat. Ralf instantly dove into his food. It was only a matter of time before his plate was scraped clean. "Wow..." Ralf said as he held his stomach. "That was so good. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I'm stuffed." he said as he excused himself and turned in his plate. "Well I joined this guild..." Ralf said as he walked back out into the main room. "But I can't decide what to do next. I don't know anybody here. All I know is that that Chimchar said that he was a human before." Ralf said as he started looking around. "I should look for him before..."

Ralf was halted by an offending odor. "PEE-YU!" He said as he held his nose with a paw. "Something REEKS" He said as he turned to see a Skuntank. "Oh...Well that explains it, I guess." He said as he sighed, then spotted a Mudkip approaching it. "That Mudkip may provide me with some answers" Ralf said as he walked up to the Mudkip and Skuntank. "I'll go talk to it and see if it can help me." he said as he approached the two. "Hi there." Ralf said as he extended his hand to signify a warm greeting while blocking his nose. "I'm a little lost and confused, can you help me out here?"

May 2nd, 2008, 8:47 PM
Tiffany was done for the night a nightmare has got to be better then whatever was happening in the messhall. Tiffany managed to scrounge into her room which was made of hay and managed to try and fall asleep but couldn't. "Man this sucks..Maybe someone else is up.." Tiffany mumbled to herslef roaming through the rooms and then stumbling into Savana;s room. "Oh hi Savana..Sorry about stumbling in..I just couldn't sleep." Tiffany mumbled feeling an awkward moment coming on. "Anyway Savana..Are you confused about this whole hman thing to..cause i definetly know I am..I try to figure out soem mystery of the puzzle but everytime I try a whole nw type of puzzle appears..its liek I'm gonig around in cirlces trying to figure this out." Tiffany admitted to Savana as she came and sat next to her.. Still feeling a bit awkward.

May 2nd, 2008, 8:55 PM
"Wait STOP!" Rika got hit my the hydro pump, getting launched in the air.


Rika crashed into the mess hall, making a boom. Dizzily, he stumbled to his room, passing by Savana's room. "Uh, you wouldn't happen to know where my room would be, would you?" Rika dizzily said, almost falling on the ground. "And Tiffany, did you have to hit so hard."

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 2nd, 2008, 9:01 PM
" The Whole Human Thing Isn't The Only Thing I'm Confused About... " Replied Savanna. Then She Saw Rika After She Heard A Big Crash. " Your Room Is Right Down The Hall. " Replied Savanna. Savanna Kep't Talking To Tiffany. " I'm Sure You Want To Know What I'm Confused About,Right? " Said Savanna Looking Up At The Moon.

May 2nd, 2008, 9:18 PM
It was a white, sandy beach. The sun was shining, and Taro was lying in the shade of a large palm tree. Everything was peaceful.

"Now this..." He said to himself "Is what I call a dream."

He listened to the Wingull fly overhead and chirp. He felt calm here. It came into his mind that the hadn't once thought of exactly why he had became a pokemon all day. Now that he came to think about it, he didn't really care. He was a pokemon. That was a fact, and nothing it seemed would change that any time soon. He might as well just make the best of his current situation.

"Welcome back." A voice said. Taro found it to be Crissalia once again.

"Are you always going to be here?" He asked very plainly.

"Well..." She responded "Only when I feel like it. Why? Is it a problem?"

"No..." Taro replied "Not really... what was your name again? I never asked."

"Crissalia." She said "I watch over the dreams of pokemon, and because of that, you have been drawn to my attention."

"Because of the never-ending nightmares, and my power to transcend other peoples dreams?"

"Precisely. About that power, and your current predicament... I have came here to tell you a few things about that..."

May 2nd, 2008, 9:19 PM
"Yea I guess I do..I mean its good to have someone lsiten to you problems once in a while.." Tiffany said to Savana joining her at looking at the moon. "Ya know..The moons actually pretty from down here it actually feels a bit peaceful I guess..I mean besides the whole darkrai entering everyones dreams and scaring them half to death.." Tiffany mumbled. "Its actually good to have someone to talk to...and I also think that..I had a flashback from when I was human..It has something to do with my fear of blood... I know it.." Tiffany mumbled to Savana shamefully admitting her fear. "But alas..I'm rambling..What are you confused about..?"

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 3rd, 2008, 5:17 AM
" I Sort Of Evolved. I Really Don't Get How,But Did You See A Flash Of Light After The Meganium Walked Out Of The Mess Hall? " Savanna Asked. She Saw A Wierd Black Shape On The Moon,Which Was A Dragon Sort Of. ("What Is That?") Savanna Thought Leaning Forwards. Just Then Another Dragon Shape Appeared. They Both Looked The Same Only One Was Smaller.

May 3rd, 2008, 9:03 AM
"You evolved..Hm..Well each of us have special powers..maybe thats your special power..its only a guess but..who knows? In this world nothing makes sense.." Tiffany mumbled to Savana still looking at the moon. "You know..Maybe it won't be so bad being a pokemon..But.. that whoel saving the world thing.. I just don't know what all of us are getting into.." Tiffany said to Savana. "This whoel thing is supicious..Ya know.. Dialga..and the time gears..they have soem tie in to why we are Pokemon but I just don't get why..Could it be..Darkrai's doing..?" Tiffany said to Savana uncertainly. "Well I'm going to bed now Savana...Night." tiffany mumbled and walked back to her own bedroom.. Suspiciously looking at Rika before going to bed and fallnig asleep.

May 3rd, 2008, 9:09 AM
Instantly, Radian's eyes shot wide open, her mouth dropping as for a moment, she sat in complete stunned silence.

Hi, My name's Marc. The voice had whispered into her mind, though the voice wasn't her own, in fact, it sounded like the pokemon she had just been conversing with.

"Did you just..?" She started, but the stopped, grinning slyly at him. Instead, she closed her eyes, concentrating momentarily on the sound of her own mind humming, and began to form a couple of words.

You're a mind reader, aren't you? She asked incredulously, opening her eyes to note his response to her thought.

Maybe he didn't say anything at all. She fretted, her cheeks suddenly flushing a bit pink, as she turned her face away from his own, embarrassed for even thinking something so ridiculous.

Of course he can't read minds! She thought instantly, shaking her head, humiliated and feeling like a complete moron. She looked back up at the moon, a large smile lighting up her face as the brilliant white light shone down upon them.

That would be completely illogical.. She continued with her thought, though she really wasn't interested in the conversation she was carrying on with herself anymore, she was now fascinated with the sight of the moon, which seemed almost to be calling to her.

The moon is so beautiful.. She thought absently, her eyes closing against the radiant light.

Nothing else could ever match its flawless beauty. She continued, looking back over at Marc, assuming that that was the pokemon's name.

So if you can really read minds.. Radian thought, I suppose you saw everything I was thinking earlier. The vision Radian had had, of the charred, burned flesh, had made her so sad, so remorseful.. But she had no clue why.

I think it had something to do with my life as a human. Venomous thought glumly. But I don't remember a thing. She hung her head, golden eyes sparkling over again.

A tiny grin burst suddenly out across her face then, as she took his paw in her own.

I'm Radian.

May 3rd, 2008, 9:17 AM
"Yep, it is beautiful" Marc said as he nodded slightly and smile, referring to the comment about the moon, "And yes, I can read minds and speak through them. It's not illogical. I mean, you can heal people" he said jokingly with a sly laugh, then continued talking. "Telepathy. That's my power" Marc added happily as he stared at her.

"And no, I didn't read your mind until this moment" Marc then said as he stared at her, supposing that what Radian mentioned afterwards was something that was in her thought. "And yeah, you're not alone. As I said, all of the people that turned into a Pokemon can't remember a thing, except probably their name, except only a few things.." he said, then took a very deep breath and exhaled in a sigh.

Marc then noticed she connected her paw with his, then he stared at their paws and up at her again. "Nice to meet you, Radian" he said with a small grin, which flashed his sharp Totodile teeth.

May 3rd, 2008, 10:45 AM
All the people? Radian thought, not even bothering to say it aloud, as she knew that Marc would be able to hear her anyways. It was just an act of laziness on her part.

"You mean there's more?" She questioned, eyebrows shooting up in surprise.

Huh. I guess that's what the voice meant by, 'Find the others.'

Radian glanced sideways at Marc, and realized that their paws were still connected. Hastily removing his paw away from her own, cheeks once again flushing pink, she forced herself to focus again on the topic at hand.

Do you know how many more? She queried eagerly, now excited at the prospect that she had so many more comrades than just Marc and the Chimchar, Leon to assist her in saving the world.

I wonder if they can all hear that voice..Radian thought, referring to the voice that had first spoken to her right before she woke up on the Beach.

Or maybe they can all hear a voice, but not the same voice..

May 3rd, 2008, 10:52 AM
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May 3rd, 2008, 6:51 PM
"Yep, All the people. They..." Marc started saying, but then stopped and realized she said that in a doubtful or surprised tone. "Wait" he then said stopping abruptly. You didn't know there were more? I've seen already at least five of us Pokemon People, including you" Marc said. Although he hadn't spoken to many, it was somehow obvious to tell who were humans. Especially because almost everyone that fell into the so called endless nightmare were human.

Then he noticed how she removed her paw from his, and just smiled discretely, not giving it much importance.

He then stared at Radian and focused on trying to read her mind. ~Hm.. A voice?~ Marc thought. ~ I don't recall any voice speaking tin me since I became a Pokemon.~ He felt like asking about, but just decided to let Radian ask about it herself, thinking it would be rude just to ask something about what she was thinking, because probably she didn't want her thoughts being read by Marc.

"I'm really confused about this.. I don't know what to do.. I don't know if I should stay here with the other people with my same 'problem', or go in a search for answers..." Marc then said as he stared up at the sky. "It's getting darker.." he then mumbled to himself, but it was anyway able to be heard.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 4th, 2008, 8:07 AM
Savanna Paced Around In Her Room For A Second,Thinking. ("If Evolving For 24 Hours Is My Power,I Could Probably Do Something Else...") She Thought Sitting Down. She Looked At The Moon But The Two Dragons Were Gone. She Walked Out Of Her Room Quietly,Making Sure Nobody Saw Her. When She Got Passed The Room She Went Back Up To The Town And Headed For The Beach. When She Got There She Sat Down And Stared At The Moon. She Looked At The Water And Saw The Moons Reflection Gleaming Off The Water. " This Is Beautiful... " Said Savanna In A Low-Toned Voice. After That She Accidentily Fell Asleep.

May 4th, 2008, 9:29 AM
Radian remained silent for a couple of moments, turning her face away from Marc's, and again looking up into the moon. Almost immediately after she set sight on the brilliant white globe of glowing white light, her golden eyes awidened as her mouth fell open, and her movement became completely stilled.

Such immense energy.. She thought, almost forgetting about Marc's predicament, but then snapping back to reality as a thin cloud passed before its surface.

Huh? She thought, glancing over at Marc again, and realized that he was still waiting.

Oh. She laughed silently at herself for dazing off, a blush creeping across her cheeks as she reached to scratch thoughtfully behind her ear.

"I don't really know what to tell you, because i'm not quite sure what it is that you're trying to acheive. But just remember that there is always safety in numbers, and whatever it is you're looking for.. maybe if we all stick together, we can help each other discover the answers."

Like why I couldn't remember anything other than my name when I first got here.

And why I became an Eevee, while everyone else became something different.

Did our transformations have something to do with our personalities as Humans, or were we specifically chosen to fulfill each role for some other reason?

Like, why were you chosen to be a Totodile, and why Leon was chosen as a Chimchar, while I was picked to be an Eevee?

Radian directed all these thoughts toward Marc, so that he would know that he was welcome to read her thoughts, and respond if he wished.

And more than anything.. Radian thought again, looking again to the moon, which had settled behind the cloud, indeed making it grow darker.

What are we meant to do while we're here? And who sent us here?

"I don't want to pressure you into doing any one thing." Radian continued.

"But two heads are better than one, and I think if we just stick around this Guild for awhile and leave things be, we won't even have to go searching for answers. They'll just all eventually start coming to us."

May 4th, 2008, 9:41 AM
Marc turned his head to Radian and payed close attention to her words as soon as she started speaking, thens tarted reading her mind, supposing that she was thinking because she wasn't speaking anymore.

~She...~ Marc started thinking, then gave a very deep sigh. ~She is right..~

Yeah, it would be better to stay with a group of PokemonPeople, but what if others just tried to forget about the deal and go other stuff? Maybe answers would get to them eventually, but Marc didn't feel like the most patient people in the world in this precise moments where he doesn't even remember who he was.

But anyway, there was nothing he could do. If he went out, he would have no idea of where he would start searching, or what to search for. Maybe the other Pokemon knew. Apparently all of them had had some sort of dream, or voice talking to them, but he didn't recall any of that stuff happening to him. ~And now that I think of it.. I have no idea why did I become a Totodile. At least I'm not a Magikarp or a Sunflora~ He thought jokignly as he laughed silently.

"You are right." Marc said with a smile. "I should stay. I just wonder.. what's this guild all about.. Like, what do the Pokemon in the guild do.."

May 4th, 2008, 2:26 PM
Tiffany woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to go. SHe had pondered the mystery for quite some time the night before, but accidently fell asleep before she could figure it out. "Well.. I guess.. Another day of finding answers to why we are pokemon but..I just don't get it.." Tiffany mumbled suddenly under the influence of another "dizzy spell." She fell back on her bed of hay in winced in a little bit of pain. "Everytime I;ve had one of themse they've never been so painful before..Gah.." Tiffany mumbled before fallnig into a dizzy spell.

"Welcome back Tiffany..This is the first tiem we've met since I told you my identity." A voice happily giggled appearing before her. "C-celebi..? is that you..?" Tiffany mumbled looknig at the pink celebi questionably. "Yup its me.. I have something to tell you!" Celebi looked at her her voice suddenly turning serious. Celebi turned silent for a moment before talking again, the silence seemed to last an eternity in the vision. "You see..As you've figured.. Dialga is the controller of time.. and time gears help time flow in certain areas.." Tiffany looked at Celebi barely following what the pink pokemon was saying. "I am a time traveler.. I travel time.. and time is being disrupted.. is making it hard for me freely travel through time." Celebi told Tiffany seriously.

"But what does this have to do with all of us turning into Pokemon?" Tiffany questionably asked Celebi who fell silent again. Tiffany felt awkward in the sudden silence. "You see... I come from the future and..Time has stopped there.." Celebi looked down as if she was hiding tears from her eyes. "Time..Stopping..?" Tiffany asked Celebi in shock. Tiffany had no idea that all of these humans turning into human was related to this whole situation with time being disrupted. "its called the planets..paralysis..the rivers don't flow..the mountains never see the dawn and..and..day never comes..the future is swept in eternal darkness..." Celebi mumbled tears soon coming to her eyes.

"C-celebi..D-don't cry!" Tiffany mumbled to her as Celebi was wiping the tears from her eyes. "Dialga is evil in the future..He's evil because of the collapse of Temperal Tower..Temperal tower is where Dialga has dwelled ever since Time began to flow..But temperal tower is sustaining heavy damage and is beggining to collapses..the planets paralysis.." Celebi mumbled fighting back obvious tears that were showing in her eyes. "But while I was sending you all back in time..something..happened.. All of you were attacked by an unkown force..Which caused you to turn into-" Celebi who was cut off by Tiffany. "So Your saying you sent us back in time...and then something attacked us..Which turned us into Pokemon..?" Tiffany asked her questionably. "Right...I did this myself.. I sent you back in time all by myself by infusing time traveling powers into certain things that people may coem across.. Which would send them back to the pass and they would help stop the planets paralysis." Celebi said to Tffany her voice turning serious as she regained her composure. "So..Turning into a pokemon was..your idea..?" Tiffany asked Celebi questionably trying to understand the whole thing about time traveling and so many others like Marc and Savana turning into Pokemon.

"No..Turning into a Pokemon was not planned.as I explained before while all of you were traveling through time..and something sinister attacked you all.. I have a feeling it was Darkrai." Celebi said to her while she looked down obviously feeling shame for what had happened. "Darkrai huh..?"Tiffany mumbled to herself questionably."So this is-Dar" Tiffany couldn't finish her setence before a Loudred had come into her room and snapped her out of her thoughts with his loud voice saying "If you don't coem to morning briefing Guildmaster and chatot will be mad! Hurry up get up!"

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 4th, 2008, 2:45 PM
Savanna Finally Woke Up. " Oh Shoot! I Need To Get Back To The Guild! " Yelled Savanna,Almost Making It Possible For The People In The Guild To Hear Her. She Dashed For The Guild And Went Down The Ladder Into Where Chatot Was. " Where Were You Savanna? I Didn't See You Walk Out There This Morning. " said Chatot. " Because I Didn't... I Couldn't Get Any Sleep Last Night So I Went To The Beach,I Must Have Accedentily Fell Asleep... " Replied Solana Gasping Because She Ran Too Fast. " Well Get Lined Up,Just Make Sure You Dont Fall Asleep On The Beach Again. " Said Chatot. Savanna Went In The Line Where Everybody Started To Get Lined Up.

May 4th, 2008, 3:15 PM
OOC:Mani, I'm wayyyy behind.

"Their presence, it is becoming stronger, such power, so venenous..."Tori mumble in his sleep, pain flowing through his body, as if he were trapped in a nightmare.

"Child, don't harm yourself, that is my job!"A demonic voice cried for inside the dream.

"Let me go!!!!"Tori shouted"Allow me to wake up!!!"

"Why should I?"The same voice said in a more menacing tone."I only serve one, and only one!"

"Well, then, I'll fight my way out of this!!!"Tori shouted inhaling deeply."Bubble Beam!!!!"

Tori exhaled quickly sending fort a barrage of bubble towards the menacing shadow.The shadow quickly countered , opening a rift that sucked the bubbles into oblivion.

"How desperate of you, penguin-boy!Can you not see that I control this dream?!"Shouted the menacing shadow, laughing evily."However, a deal can be arranged."

"What!?"Shouted Tori curiously.

"You awaken and follow my orders, host me, now, what do you say?"The shadow mysteriously said.

"No!I will live and suffer the nightmare as many times as I have to!!!"Shouted Tori furiously.

"Have it your way then!"Said the shadow as it sent for a sphere of dark enrguy that knocked out Tori.

"Hope...they're my only hope..."Tori mumbled as he fell to the attack.

Back at the guild...

"WAKE UP!!!"And infuriated Loudred screamed.

"He has been this way for days."A female Krabby quietly said."I fear for his welbeing."

OOC:TBC!And our characters have to meet.

May 4th, 2008, 8:24 PM
Over the course of his dream, Crissalia had told Taro about the several ups and downs to his powers, such as not being able to wake up while in other peoples dreams, being able to enter peoples dreams no matter how far away they were, and being ejected from peoples dreams upon them waking up. Most of these things were merely inconviniances, but there was one huge flaw Taro saw with his powers.

"So, If I die within another persons dream..." He asked "I die forever?"

"Unfortunately..." Crissalia responded "If you die within your own dream, your spirit avoids death by waking you up. However, while in other peoples dreams, you are absent from your physical body, and thus end up gone for good. Your body would still live on, but it would be in eternal sleep, with no dreams taking place. In essence, yes, you would be dead."

Taro shuddered at the thought. His body left in eternal sleep, but being unable to dream. Eternal Darkness. Thats what he thought of it as, though she never really explained what 'dreamless sleep' was like.

"WAKE UP!" A far-off distant voice screamed. Taro guessed that it was someone back in the physical world trying to wake him. Good luck with that. He knew nobody who was as heavy of a sleeper as he was.

"It seems you are needed back in reality." Crissalia said "You best be waking up now. I suppose we will meet again. Im positive of it."

Island began to vanish, along with Crissalia. The world was fading, until he once again stood in the white room. There were white stairs leading up in the middle of it, leading to a blinding white light which he expected was the waking world. He took a step twords them, before realizing there was another door here, and something peculiar was about it. Dark shadows seemed to wisp out from behind it. It reminded him of... of...

That mudkips door! He thought to himself. He glanced back at the stairs that would lead to him awakening, and then back at the menacing door. Behind that door, someone else is having a nightmare...

He began to walk twords the door, and away from the awakening staircase. He could be a little late. This was more important. He grasped the doorknob, and as he did, Crissalia's words floated into his mind.

Your body would still live on, but it would be in eternal sleep, with no dreams taking place.

His hand got sweaty at the handle, but he shook off his hesitation. He wouldn't be falling into a dreamless sleep tonight. He wouldn't let himself. He opened the door and stepped into another world of darkness, much resembling the one of the Mudkip from earlier. This time however, it was a different water pokemon in danger. It was a Piplup. The pokemon looked hurt, so on instinct, Taro ran to it, trying to help.

"Hey! Piplup!" He called, again not knowing the Pokemon's actual name. As he ran though, he heard a slam behind him. Looking over his shoulder, his door back to his own dreamworld had vanished.

"Well well... If it isn't that Munchlax boy from earlier..." A familiar menacing voice said. Taro turned, and was faced with the shadow that had been plaguing the Mudkips dreams as well.

May 5th, 2008, 11:00 AM
Leon was awake after hearing the Loudred scream. "Wake up and get ready for the meeting. Chatot gets mad if you're late so I wake people up. Thats what my use is for all the guild memebers here." said Loudred and as he spoke Leon had returned to sleep. Loudred got mad and tried to attack. As he got ready Leon's shadow took control of him and sent him out the door. "I don't like to be disturbed" said Leon with one eye open.

After he figured he couldn't go back to sleep he returned to that meeting. Chatot asked that everyone do some speech thing that united them as a guild. Leon wasn't really listening, but he did hear the part about 'smiles' and 'miles'. After that Chatot dismissed everyone. Leon looked over to the Mudkip and Treecko and decided to join them today. "I hope it's okay if I hang out with you guys or gilrs today. What were you going to do anyway?"

Leon looked around for more people from yesterday, but noticed that Munchlax wasn't there. "I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad that Munchlax isn't here. However, if he isn't here that means something could have happened." with that Leon dismissed himself from the group and went looking for Munchlax. He looked where Loudred was heading. He saw Loudred trying to wake the Munchlax, but failing.

Leon decided that he would go back to the group and report that Munchlax was asleep and they shouldn't really worry. He still couldn't help get the feeling he was doing something wrong.

May 5th, 2008, 11:59 AM
Jack woke up lieing on his stomach and spitting sand out of his mouth.

"What happened?" he asked himself.

He got to his feet and looked around. To his left he saw waves and some wingull flying into the darkness of the sky. To his right he could see a couple of trees- and a little black figure inching its way closer.

"Uhhh," he thought to himself, "that's an awfully big caterpie.



"Well of course I can, silly. We pokémon understand eachother perfectly."


"How could you not know what a pokémon is. You are one."

"I know what pokemon are."

"Why don't you go look at your reflection in the water?"

Jack walked up to the waves. His heart stopped.

"Is this the trick of the light?! How on earth can I be a squirtle?"

"Don't ask me," said the caterpie, "I just met you a few minutes ago.

May 5th, 2008, 1:56 PM
Marc didn't wait for an answer before giving a very deep yawn up into the sky. He felt very tired, even thought it didn't seem like it was too late into the night. He continued to stare up into the sky as a few tears drooled down his eyes. Not because he was sad or anything, but in fact those tears came from the yawn. "I feel very tired.." He mumbled.. "I.. I wa.. I ju.. I.. zzzZZzz.." Marc didn't manage to complete a phrase before he fell asleep. He wouldn't just fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with somebody, but he couldn't help it. The wound and all the trouble today drained all of his energy, and he couldn't help but to snooze away while lying down on the ground.

~The next morning

~Ugh.. Ah.. Bleh..Uh...~ Marc thought senselessly while in his sleep. He couldn't remember the last time he slept so good, but now that you think about it, he couldn't remember anything:P He snored quietly and comfortable in his sleep when he heard an insanely loud screaming. Apparently someone was yelling over a 5000W amp plugged to a gargantuan speaker.

"Agh!" Marc exclaimed as he jumped up from his sleep and landed on his feet. His head ached very bad. "Who's making that noise!" Marc exclaimed as he looked around. No one was near.. But still the sound was so loud.

Marc then started searching for the source of the noise, then the voice said something understandable."Morning briefing.." he heard, then stared around to see a group of Pokemon lining up. "Well, I've got nothing better to do" he said. "And since I'm staying here anyway.." he thought as he stood near the bunch of Pokemon and just looked around.

He then turned to the spot on which he slept, and remembered he was talking to Radian yesterday. He didn't see her around, though. "Oh man.. How rude of me.. Just drooling away in the middle of the chat." he thought with a sigh as he prepared for the briefing to start.

May 6th, 2008, 6:47 PM
Tiffany refused to open her eyes. She quickly mumbled to Loudred" Just five more minutes." but loudred got angry and yelled at her "Get up get up! I wake you up everry morning get up get up!" Tiffany growned managing to open her eyes and yawn a little bit. She quickly walked out of her room and heard all of her new guildmates say "And smiles go for miles!" Tiffany was frustrated at this knowing she had missed the morning cheer. Chatot looked at her questionably. "Ah Tiffany I have todays mission for you right here! You must retrieve Spoinks Pearl!" Chatot squawked and gave her a mission form, Tiffany
read over it carefully.

~Dear Reader/Exploration Team~

Hello! My name is Spoink! I have lost my most prized possesion. The pearl that must sit atop my head at all times! I am restless without it! A very mean outlaw stole it now I am afraid it lies in Drenched Bluff! I will reward you if you find it!! Please I can't live without my precious pearl!

- Spoink

You mean my first mission is a..retrievel mission???!!" Tiffany shouted angerly at Chatot somewhat aggravated at this. "Silence! You are a trainee you must follow orders!!" Chatot yelled back at her and Tiffany fell silent. "Open your map the GuildMaster gave you. I will mark drenched bluff on your map for you." Chatot squawked at her. Tiffany quickly took out her map nervous of where drenched bluff was. "Here is drenched bluff.. you may stalk up on supplies in town before you leave.Don't shirk your responsibillities!" Chatot squawked after marking her map.

"S-So I have to go to town huh..?" Tiffany mumbled walking out of the guild and looknig around. "Lets see I have 500 poke with me..not much to go on but it will be good.." Tiffany mumbled looking for the Kecleon shop, she soon found it and found 2 pokemon..a Marill and an azurill who were at the brothers shop frustrated that they had lost there water float. "I just don't know where to look! That water float is the msot precious thing we have.." A marill said to a one of the Kecleon brothers who had given the marill an apple.

"On the house! Tell your mother I said Hi!" The Kecleon brothers happily yelled together in perfect sync at marill. The Pokemon next to marill an azurill picked up the apple but while Tiffany approached the counter Azurill accidently dropped it and it rolled up in front of her . "Oh..um can you give tha back please..? The azurill asked shyly looking at her and the apple on the grown next to Tiffany.

"Oh sure right..!" Tiffany touched the apple but found herself zonking otu again. "I-is this Celebi..? No this tiem its a different feeling..Darkrai..No..This isn't Darkrai's..then what is it..?" Tiffany mumbled to herself finding herself under yet another dizzy spell.

"Hehehe your the only one who can fit in there kid get the in there and get the treasure or you'll regret it!" A mysterious voice said while a black shadow screamed for help.

"Th-That one was different..what was it..Oh right the apple..Here ya go kid! Don't drop it on your way back home!" Tiffany giggled at the azurill lightly and azurill laughed back. Through azurills giggles he managed to say a "Thank you" and the walked off back into the square. "Thise poor boys I feel bad for them.." The green kecleon brother said aloud and the pirple kecleon nodded in unison. "W-why do you feel sorry fir them..?" Tiffany asked them not expectign a response. "You see there mother azumarill is very frail in health and they come here every so often to buy things..we often give them things on the house to be generous." The green kecleon said to Tiffany before resuming his shop buisness asking "Hello welcome t Kecleon Bros How may I help you?"

"Oh um I need a few apples and soem oran berries if its not to much trouble.." Tiffany mumbled and the Green kecleon brother smiled and said "Thats 450 poke!" Tiffany payed the brothers and began gettign ready for her very first mission.She was very nervous about her first mission..still unsure about anything at all.. "Alright its my first mission gotta be brave!!!" Tiffany yelled at herself heading off to drenched bluff.

May 6th, 2008, 7:11 PM
"Hooray!" Marc yelled sarcastically, yet slightly contented at all the Pokemon at the guild's cheer. All the Pokemon then disappeared as they ran to do their job. ~Wow..~ Marc thought as he stared amazed at how diligent everyone was. From the Digglet and Loudred that ran to the Sentry duty to the Dugtrio that dug to the mission board.

Marc then felt a cold drop of sweat drool down his back as he stared around. He had been left alone in the center of the guild with Chatot, who stared in an eerie mood at him. Marc just stared back at the Parrot Pokemon with a nervous look. "Um.." Marc just murmured quietly as he waited for the Chatot to say something.

That was, until, he noticed Tiffany enter and the Pokemon turned to her, pulling out something from the mission board. Marc then 'discretely' stared at her and read her mind. ~Dear Reader/Exploration Team~ he heard her reading, then approached. He had been hearing this Rescue and Exploration teams all around, but knew nothing about them. He then continued to read her mind until she out of nowhere blasted away to Treasure Town.

He was then left all alone with the Chatot again. "Are you on an exploration team?" The Chatot then squawked out of nowhere. "A what?" Marc asked. "Yeah, you know, an Exploration or Rescue team. It's what this guild is all about" The Chatot continued, then started explaining what a Rescue team was.

"Oh, I see..." Marc said as he finally understood what the Teams where. "Well, thank you very much, Chatot. I'll see what I can do" Marc said with a sigh as he walked away with many thoughts on his head. He then lay down on the Rock he spent the night at and started thinking. He gave a large sigh and closed his eyes, receiving thoughts from many areas. This time, however, his range expanded and he could hear people from Treasure town. Or at least he thought that was ~Great.. more people talking in my head. At least I know my skills are developing..~. They were many thoughts all piled up together, so he ignored most of them. He closed his eyes and drifted away in thought.~An exploration team..~

May 6th, 2008, 7:30 PM
"Ok my first mission! I gotta make this count..Gotta just gotta..but for some reason my..legs..they won't move.." Tiffany mumbled as she sweat dropped. "i'm not used to being a hero..but I'm an explroation team now..gotta do what I gotta do!" Tiffany began walking again carrying her things and her mine began wandering off in her thoughts not noticing Marc as she passed him. "Alright..Drenched Bluff is somewhere around here! I have to find it!..Hoepfully..." Tiffany mumbled before stumbling upon the entrence to some sort of dungeon. "So this must be it..drenched bluff huh...Well I'd better get going before Chatot gets mad because I couldn't complete my first mission." Tiffany mumbled to herself entering the dungeon. She looked aroudn quietly and was getting an ominious feeling. "Its probably just me..yea its just me.." Tiffany mumbled to herself walking around the dungeon when she was attacked by a Shellos. "Gah! Hey whats up! Why did you attack me?!" Tiffany yelled at the Shellos but the shellos gave no reply it just stood there getting ready to attack.

"Ok then eat this! Mud-Slap!" Tiffany yelled kicking mud in the shellos face and the SHellos fell to the ground trying to wipe the mud from its eyes. "Hah I'm good at this!" Tiffany yelled over-confiudentally as she climbed down a pair of steps leading deeper and deeper into the dungeon. "Alright the letter said floor 6 I'm on floor 2..so all I have to do is fight my way through and climb down soem steps and 1,2,3 I got spoinks pearl!" Tiffany giggled beginning to explore drenched bluff even more and enjoying every minute of it.

May 6th, 2008, 7:49 PM
Marc sighed deeply as he opened his eyes and deleted all other people thoughts from his head. ~What am I even thinking!~ he realized as he stood up and stared at the Chatot who was staring at the notice board. ~I have not even the slightest idea on how to explore..~ Marc continued thinking. He of course couldn't recall he was a great explorer as a human; and how he got into this because of exploration.

"Maybe.." he said quietly to himself. "If I do a 'Warm up' exploration I'll have some idea of what this is".

"Hey Chatot!" Marc exclaimed as he approached Chatot. "What is it?" he told the Crocodile Pokemon. "I.. Want to know if there is an exploration I can go to right now".

~Prff!~ The Chatot thought. ~Such an amateur and already wants to go on an exploration?~. Of course, Marc read his mind and ignored the thought. "Well" Chatot said. "Go to Treasure town and see what you can find"

"Awesome.." Marc said as he climbed up to the exit of the Guild excitedly and then entered Treasure Town. He might have been there beforehand, but if that was the case then he was half dead at the moment and so didn't remembered anything.. ~This place is big..~ he thought, then all of a sudden Pokemon thoughts entered his mind. ~Yes, I cleared the dungeon!~ he heard on voice say. ~Mt. Bristle! Beach Cave! Drenched Bluff!~ he heard from many thoughts from Pokemon in different locations.. ~Wow.. My range sure has grown..~ he thought as he wandered around looking for a mission, although he didn't really mind whether he found one or not,' cause he was pretty 'bored' at the moment.

~Blegh..~ He thought to himself. ~Might as well head back to the guild~ Marc then was about to exit Treasure Town, and was stuck between the path that led back to the guild and the Town, not knowing what to do. ~Going back to the guild would probably be better.. Oh, I know!~ Marc exclaimed in his thoughts. ~I'll go stare at that mission boards. I'm sure I'll find something there~ he added as he started running wildly back to the guild, getting to it pretty soon and with Pokemon thoughts in his mind. ~ I might get tired of this ability pretty soon..~

May 7th, 2008, 7:37 AM
Name: Wave
Human Age: 16
Gender: Male
What Pokemon you are: Torchic
Special Power: Flame Anger, When Wave is angry he can cover himself with flame and blow it all over the place, It will be de-activated if Wave will relax, Or he will listen to his favorite music.
History: Wave grew up only with his father, His mother murdered by a heart attack,
His father Blaziken taught him fighting, Wave left home for an adventure, met friends and got strong, He came back home, but unluckly he saw his father laying on the ground and blood is all over his body, Wave learned that he could only trust himself.

May 7th, 2008, 3:10 PM
After he left Munch to sleep Leon was grabbed by Chatot. "Leon, you need to go on a mission to stay in this guild," said the Chatot, "upstairs there is a job bulletion." Leon walked away and went to the job bulletion board. He searched for a job that even he could clear. As he glanced he saw something say "I'm lost" Leon looked it over and saw it was a rescue mission.

"The location is Drenched Bluff on floor five." Leon took the paper and accepted the mission. He launched out of the guild and went to the dungeon. He knew he would probaly find his essentials in the dungeon. "I'm sure this is bad, but I'm in a rush to get this day over."

Leon entered the cave and found that his first set of stairs were in front of him. "Aren't I a lucky fellow" he thought climbing the stairs to the second floor. While on the second floor he encountered a Anorith and Lileep. One was on his left and the other on his right.
Leon thought really quick and used his Dig attack. Then without warning he jumped out of the hole and defeated the Anorith. Lileep used Tackle to knock him down. Leon got up and blew a Ember attack at the enemy.

May 7th, 2008, 6:03 PM
Marc arrived to the guild in no time. He thought Totodile weren't fast Pokemon, but he was wrong, apparently. ~I made it back.~ he thought to himself as he stepped on the fencing on the floor. "Whose Footprint? Whose Footprint?" The Digglet in Sentry duty called. "It's.. Totodile! Open the gate!" he exclaimed as the gate in front of Marc opened. He took a deep breath an walked into the guild.

~Ok.. Now. The mission board~ he thought. ~I need to go there. It'll be pretty much senseless to just wander around Treasure Town looking for a job when I can just pick one from all of the ones presented there. At least Chatot said any Pokemon could grab a mission from the board as long as they felt like they could do it. I'm confident, so..~ he continued thinking as he went to the ladder to go to the second floor.

As soon as he was there, all the thoughts from other Pokemon cleared away, and now only thoughts from Pokemon in the guild arrived to his mind. ~Meh, I'm getting used to this..~ he said with a sigh as he tried to ignore the thoughts, then stared around and located the mission board.

He took a few steps toward it and looked at all the papers and notes in there.. "Now just.. Which to pick.." he murmured to himself as he tried to decide what adventure to pick. He stared around and noticed not many Pokemon where on the floor. He sighed just again and stared back at the board, thinking.

May 7th, 2008, 7:47 PM
Wave: Sorry but you ate ~declined~ your rp entry isn't good enough to convince me your allowed to join..Besides..people die from a heart attack they aren't..mudered by one :/  

Tiffany fought her way through several more floors and grew tired. "Maybe I can rest..for just a bit.." She panted for a second. "Ok this puts me on the 5th floor..nice!" Tiffany happily yelled and  was heard throughout the dungeon. "Wait if I'm sure if I eat an oran berry then..! I can finish the dungeon! No sweat!" Tiffany yelled once more, and quickly took a bite of the oran berry she had packed. She began looking around the dungeon once more and found herself on the last flight of stairs. "Yay Last flight Spoinks pearl should be around here somewhere...Wait over there!" Tiffany yelled looknig at the glowing glittering orb that lay ontop of a flight of stairs. "This must be spoinks pearl..Wow its pretty! Ok it says I should use my rescue badge to escape...HUH??? How does a badge help you escape a dungeon!? the manuel says it though so I guess.." Tiffany mumbled grabbing the Pearl and holding it up high and the badge began to glow with an eery light and she was teleported out of the dungeon and into the guild.  

"Ah Tiffany! Did you retrieve the Pearl?! This is Spoink he's eagerly awaiting for its  return" Chatot squawked at her as Tiffany looked at the Spoink who looked like he hadn't slept in days wihout his pearl.   

"Oh right your pearl..! I have it right here!" Tiffany giggled as she gave Spoink his orb back.Spoink quickly grabbed the orb and palced it atop of his head (Tiffany had no idea how he did this..She figured Phsycic powers or something.)     

"Oh thank you..! Thank you..! Thank you..! Thank you! Thank you thank you!" The spoink thanked over and over. Tiffany looked at him and filling kind of happy that she had helped someone. "You know it feels good to help people..err..Pokemon... I think I will like being in a rescue team.." Tiffany thought to herself a smile spread across her face as the Spoink danced about glad to have his precious pearl back. "Oh right your reward here!" Spoink yelled happily and handed over 5000 poke, and several berrys.   

"5000 poke?!" Tiffany yelled dumbfounded at the sight of all the money. "Yes but we wil ltake 90% of the money which means you are left with..500Poke." Chatot squawked taking most of the money only leaving her a few gold coins of Poke left. 'WHAT?!" Tiffany yelled in protest as Chatot took the money away but before he did he quickyl yelled back at her..

"SILENCE YOU ARE UNDER THE OPERATION OF THE GUILD! 90% OF REWARDS ARE GIVEN TO US!" And with that final statement Chatot headed over to Wigglytuffs office. "Man..Thats not fair.." Tiffany mumbled pouting to herself and heading to her room and began to pout even more.

May 8th, 2008, 4:55 PM
Late again, Radian? From the depths of the dark abyss Radian's consciousness had fell into when she drifted off to sleep, came a sparkling, chipper voice strangely resembling the sound of a babbling brook. Radian's conscious mind arose from whatever dreamworld illusion her subconscious mind had been spinning, and halfway awoke, finding herself strangely caught between the two worlds. As the voice penetrated Radian's sleeping conscious mind, she found herself standing on all fours in a peculiar place she had never recalled seeing.

I thought you could only dream up what you've seen before.. Radian mused, as she soon found that she was ankle-deep in the purest, clearest water she had ever seen before in her life. The area surrounding her was shrouded in a heavy mist, and though Radian realized at this point that she was dreaming, she could've sworn that she felt the cold moisture clinging to her fur. Shaking her shaggy coat out, Radian looked around in a daze, searching for the owner to the voice that had playfully called out to her. After a few moments of simply just standing in the water, Radian noticed that the mist had begun to clear, and a few crumbling marble remains of what once appeared to be a glorious building were visable in the water. Radian then realized that she was standing in the middle of a sacred shrine, or at least what was once one. A small, flitting shadow appeared just behind the veil of mist, and Radian couldn't help but feel that the figure was disguising itself on purpose.

"Were you the one who spoke to me?!" Radian called out, jumping back, startled, water splashing up all around her tiny form as her voice echoed back to her. The shadow let loose a feminine giggle, but otherwise gave no other response.

"Who are you?" Radian tried again, determined to get the shadow to respond. She knew that if it did, she would soon find out if this was the person (or pokemon) who had been speaking to her.

Maybe.. Maybe not. The shadow giggled playfully, and Radian grinned, satisfied, as these three words had been all that she needed to prove her theory. The voices matched, this shadow was the one.

"So why are you hiding out in my dreams?" Radian asked suspiciously, attempting to move closer to the form. She was unsuccessful, however, as the shadow again just effortlessly flitted away. Radian sighed, and again stopped, realizing that her efforts were futile. She realized would only discover it's identity if it wanted her to.

"Or did I just dream you up?" Radian queried, determined to start a conversation and get some answers.

You didn't dream me up, i'll tell you that right now. The figure informed her, teasingly moving closer, just close enough so that Radian was sure it would finally reveal itself, and then darting away farther than it had been before in the blink of an eye. Radian huffed impatiently and furrowed her brow.

If you had, I would be a bit worried. That would make you a pretty lonely person. But anyways.. The shadow paused momentarily, and though it's eyes weren't visable, Radian could tell it was sizing her up.

Enough chit-chat. The reason why i'm here is to wake you up! I suppose you didn't realize how heavy of a sleep you are. You fell asleep in the middle of an important conversation, and though you've met two of your kind, you have so many more to encounter! And today's the day to start! You're late again, Radian. Late again, Radian. Late again, Radian.

Radian anxiously looked up at the shadow, as she felt herself detaching from the fantasy worldaround her, and beginning regain consciousness into the real world.

"Wait!" She called out, making a huge splash as she felt her entire body being tugged out of the water.

There are pokemon who need your help, so go! The shadow urged her, floating further and further away from the little Eevee who struggled in midair, desperately trying to get back to the shadow.

"Do you know why i'm here?!" She called out, her body relaxing as she gave up in her useless struggled. But before the shadow could muster up a response, Radian felt herself awaking with a start. Peeling her eyelids open, she groaned, stretching her forearms out as she forced herself up into a sitting position. Cracking her back, she looked around her, momentarily confused until she remembered the events that had taken place last night. Following Marc from the banquet, healing his head, having an extremely long conversation with him.. and.. and then what? Radian scratched at her head, being unable to recall just what had happened after that.

Maybe he was kidnapped by Wigglytuff! Radian thought anxiously, a cold sweat enveloping her body as she pictured the giant pink furball of a guild master in her head, only with narrowed red eyes and sharp Vampire teeth.

Eek! Radian shuddered, jumping up and quickly shaking the sand from her coat, retracing the path she had made last night from the Banquet hall in the guild. As her golden eyes followed along the blend of Totodile, Eevee, and another unfamiliar type of pokemon pawprints, she wasn't really paying attention to where she was going, and accidentally bumped into Chatot, who was just flying out the door. He squawked angrily in surprise, and as he saw that it was Radian he had run into, puffed up even more, his eyes narrowing as he fiercely shook a wing at her.

"What are you still doing out here?!" He screeched, looming over the tiny Eevee, forcing her to shrink back and retreat a couple of steps.

"Eh..I.." She stuttered, grappling around for an answer, having a feeling that he wouldn't be too fond of hearing the truth.

"Nevermind!" He huffed, placing his wing against his forehead as he stalked around the flustered little pokemon.

"The others are all starting their missions!And you will too to earn your keep, or you'll be kicked out of this guild faster than you can say 'Perfect apple'!"

"AGH! PERFECT APPLE!" The Chatot screamed, suddenly seeming to remember something important. Radian simply stood before him, mouth agape in a confused little smile as she stared cluelessly at him.

"WE RAN OUT OF PERFECT APPLES THIS MORNING AND THE GUILDMASTER WILL FLIP IF HE FINDS OUT!!!" The Chatot agaonized, zooming past Radian and taking flight in a frenzy. He didn't even bother to look behind him as he called back to her.

"I have to go find some before he wakes up! Go check the message boards and see what's available! If any of the others have returned, you might be able to team up with them if you're scared to go alone!"

And before she could say anything back, the Chatot was just a speck in the sky.

"Uh.. Okay..?" The little Eevee murmured to herself, turning back around to enter the guild and find the so-called message boards Chatot had been ranting on about.

May 8th, 2008, 5:56 PM
Marc was paying close attention to all of the notes posted in the mission board; or at least he did so for the first 3 minutes he was standing there. He read all of the notes quite fast, but none of all of the rescues offered there seemed 'interesting' enough. He didn't really know what he wanted to do, anyway; whether it be a rescue, or being an escort, or finding or delivering an item.

He just knew he needed to do some if he wanted to stay in the guild.

And of course, he planned on staying. He already found people like himself who are too looking for answers, so the choice was very obvious.

He then gazed off and started staring at a wall, lost in thought; which was something he did quite often. ~So many of which to pick... None that appears appealing to my Totodile eyes...~ Marc thought.

Some of the notes were written in a very accurate and somewhat relaxed manner, and its content seemed to be things that weren't an 'emergency'; compared to others that where written with a horrible grammar and penmanship in broken pieces of paper and with S.O.S. or exclamation marks doodled all over the notes. He also saw some that were ridiculously hard, or at least too hard for him to do alone.

Still, Marc knew he had to pick a mission. At least one, so he could make a day's pay to stay in the guild. Then, perhaps he could form or join an exploration team and do these more often until he was a pro. And maybe , to the maximum extent, even this missions could help him solve the questions to his past, or more exactly, present.

Marc gave a profound sigh, still out of his mind; then a thought entered his head. ~Perfect apple!~ he heard someone call, and recognized the voice as Chatot. With this yell in his mind, Marc got back to his senses and stared around, noticing he was daydreaming.

He scratched his head thoughtfully, being confident he wouldn't slash his wound open this time. In a short distance he noticed a Pokemon approaching; but his eyesight wasn't the best of all Pokemon around, so he waited for the Pokemon to come closer as he continued staring at the mission board.

May 8th, 2008, 6:22 PM
Can I join?

Name: Edward
Human Age: 26
Gender: Male
What Pokemon you are: Meowth
Special Power: Incredible ability to trick, decieve and thieve anyone, can copy any attack he has seen, but can only remember it for a short amount of time.

Rp example: Edward lookly lazily across the papers in front of him. There was nothing here that was of value in this library. It really made no difference, there were probably plenty of other things he could ake whenever he wanted. The whole town was just a fun game to him. However it was a dangerous game, one that he never took for granted. The Pokemon Guilds had sent many trackers after him, and they had followed him relentlessly. After his close encounter with that Scizor in Treasure Town, he wasn't sure who he could trust. Nobody. Nobody was the answer. It was Dog eat Dog, and he was barely surviving. Edward turned towards the larger window in the library and peered outside. The Scizor that had tracked him was outside, looking for leads! The guild was closing on him, and now was the time to run. But that was always the problem, he never stopped running.

History: He doesn't like to talk about it, but he has a mysterious scar across his eye.
Other: He wears a bandana over his head, wears sunglasses and a raggety cloak.

(Can someone fill me in on what's happened so far if I get accepted?)

May 9th, 2008, 11:51 AM
"Hey, you look kinda tired. You should rest in that guild up there," said caterpie as he pointed the way with his body.

"That sounds like a great idea," said Jack. "I'll see you around!"

Jack started pacing toward the guild. With every step he took he felt his eyelids get heavier and heavier.

"What's going on? Where am I? How am I a Squirtle?" he asked himself as he walked. As he got closer to the wigglytuff shaped guild, he could hear chatting and loud noises. They were sounding ON and OFF in his head. He suddenly felt weaker as he approched the door.

"Gotta make it through the door..." he kept telling himself though really didn't know why. As he walked through the doorway he collapsed onto the ground.

May 9th, 2008, 2:31 PM
OOC" then diegoyayi delete the post its pretty simple. and Bigfoot you are ~accepted~ Basically were stil lat the beginning I just got done with my first mission and everyones is just meeting up with everyone :D

IC: Tiffany began looking around treasure town quietly. She looked at the small town and headed for the beach. She was feeling unusually sad after her first mission. She watched the see that swayed back and forth like a simple clock ticked and tocked. (man I'm cheesy) The gentle sea breeze calmed her spirits but she was still in anxiety mode.

  "What if..I never become human again..Whhat if I can't remeber anything..What if Celebi caused all this..What if everything I know..is a lie..?" Tiffany said aloud to herself looking at the calm sea. "I wish I knew who i was..where I lived...how I lived..was I happy..was I sad..frustrated... an..orphan..? I have so many questions..." Tiffani said aloud once again to the sea.

"Then your not looking hard enough..." A voice sadi out of no where.It mimiced Celebi's but it was much more playful. "Your not looking hard enough!!!" The voice teased in a playful tone. :"if ya need to find something look harder!" The voice said to her appearing next to her as if of noone. "GAH OH MY GOSH!" Tiffany yelped and fell into the water.

May 9th, 2008, 3:17 PM
Edward lookly lazily across the papers in front of him. There was nothing here that was of value in this library. It really made no difference, there were probably plenty of other things he could ake whenever he wanted. The whole town was just a fun game to him. However it was a dangerous game, one that he never took for granted. The Pokemon Guilds had sent many trackers after him, and they had followed him relentlessly. After his close encounter with that Scizor in Treasure Town, he wasn't sure who he could trust. Nobody. Nobody was the answer. It was Dog eat Dog, and he was barely surviving. Edward turned towards the larger window in the library and peered outside. The Scizor that had tracked him was outside, looking for leads! The guild was closing on him, and now was the time to run. But that was always the problem, he never stopped running.

Edward pushed away the window and started climbing the roof of the library, he needed to be the predator in this situation, not the prey.

Unsuspectingly, a Noctowl swooped in and grabbed Edward by his cloak.

"Damn!" Edward shouted.

He used Fury Swipes to free himself from the bird's claws. The Noctowl swooped back down but was met by a furious headbutt attack fro Edward. As he was fallin, Edward managed to grab a ledge of the building next to the library and pulled himself onto the roof.

The Noctowl pulled out a walkie-talkie and spoke into it.

"Visual on suspect Scizor, send in the team."

May 10th, 2008, 6:59 AM
"Wha-What I'm not looking hardenough? What do you mean..?" Tiffany said to the pink pokemon who was now chasing its tail. "Oh yea I'm Mew nice to meet ya!" The pokemon now revealed as Mew playfully laughed to her randomly changing the subject. "Erm..Ok nice to meet ya..." Tiffany said uncertainly a little freaked out.  "Anyway you gotta look a little harder to find your memory. All of your memorys are locked within the..Hidden Land!" mew playfull laughed before disappearing disappearing and oviously teleported away.   "Erm ok the Hidden Land huh..I guess I should look at the library for that.." Tiffany mumbled walking up the path to find a Meowth and a Scizor. The Scizor was obviously part of an exploration team. "So that means..? An outlaw?" Tiffany said outloud still not knowing it. "If this is an outlaw I gotta take it down.." Tiffany thought to herself. Tiffany looked at the Meowth and yelled at him. "Hey! Why you running you know your gonna get caught!" Tiffany yelled at the outlaw Meowth waiting for something to happen. It was her first outlaw capture and she didn't know what to do about this.She didn't know if it was a peity theif or a criminal mastermind. "Grr...As an exploration team I promise to capture you! No matter how bad you are!" Tiffany yelled before spitting a hydro pump at the Meowth.

May 10th, 2008, 8:17 AM
The message boards! Radian though ecstatically, relief instantly flooding her tiny form as she located the bulletin board hung clearly on the wall, dotted with a variety of messages, in all colors of the rainbow and in all different forms, from neat, square post-it notes to full sheets of paper, to tiny shreds, ripped urgently from something to scrawl a quick note. Radian's eyes shone as immediately she darted over it, and began pouring over the entire surface, anxiously taking in each and every note.

It wasn't for a couple of seconds that she noticed Marc, who stood nearby her, staring bewildered at her.

"Marc!" Radian cried out happily, appearing at his side in just a blur.

"Am I the only one who woke up on the Beach this morning halfway buried in sand, or did you fall asleep too?!" She laughed, standing up on her two hindlegs so that she was at eye level with Marc.

"I'm sorry I fell asleep right in the middle of our coversation.. I guess I was more tired than I thought I was." Radian apologized, turning away from Marc in a flash and focusing once again on the message boards.

"So did Chatot give you the memo too?" She asked as she again looked over the message boards, her mouth forming into a small frown as she didn't immediately see anything that she would like doing.

"He so kindly came out and told me that I would get the boot if I didn't make some money.."

Radian trailed off as she sighed, running a a paw through her thick brown fur, perplexed, as she began biting on her lower lip anxiously.

"But to be completely honest, I don't know how to do anything besides healing. I suppose that since i'm an Eevee, I must know some Eevee attacks, but how do I figure them out and control how to use them? I guess i'm pretty much the only one here who can't even use just one attack.." Radian sighed as her face fell, and her lower lip pouted out a bit.

"I don't know how Chatot expects me to go out and save someone, when I can't even control myself yet."

Radian's eyes suddenly lit up as she pulled a scrap of paper from the bulletin board.

Dear Rescue team, it read. Please help me! My son left here three days ago. He said he was going out to Drenched Bluff to explore with some friends. He might've gotten lost, but i'm afraid that he's being held hostage! Either way, I need someone to look around there and find him. I called the other parents, and all of them have been missing their children for three days too! Please help us! My son is small, pink and his ears are tipped with black.

After she had finished reading the whole message, she sighed, and glanced out the window opposite her, the window that overlooked Treasure Town in the distance.

"I can't believe no one's responded to this yet!" She exclaimed. "That poor parent! They must be worried sick!" With a heavy sigh, she turned to Marc, still clutching the scrap of paper in her paw.

"I don't know if I have what it takes to help, but someone has to try, right?" She answered herself, not waiting for his response.

May 10th, 2008, 8:33 AM
~Oh, it's Radian!~ Marc thought to himself happily as he got to identify her when she was at a relatively close distance. He noticed how she also came to see the notice board. "Hey there!" He called out in a jolly tone. He listened to her following comment and just smiled playfully and laughed quietly as she stood on her hind legs.

"I'm so.." he was about to say, but apparently Radian had also fallen asleep in the middle of the conversation. "No, I should apologize. as I remember, I fell asleep first. So rude" he then said staring down sadly, but quickly looking back up and smiling again. "How'd you get to the beach?" He asked jokingly with a short laugh. "I woke up in the exact same place I recall falling asleep" he added.

"And yeah, our 'friendly friend' Chatot did tell me I needed to pay my lodging here with the money from missions, and I'm still not used to being a Pokemon" Marc said, even though he had already used 2 moves. WaterGun to call attention while he was half dead at the beach and Scratch on the Mess Hall.

Marc then noticed Radian took a paper from the board and took a step closer to her to read what the note said.

~Wow, I didn't notice that one..~ he thought. "That's some serious stuff" Marc said quietly as he finished reading the note. He then heard Radian say something and stared up at her and smiled. "Sounds like a mission, then"

May 10th, 2008, 12:19 PM
Name: Stefano Angeli

Human Age: 18

Gender: M

What Pokemon you are: Skitty

Special Power: [...] and I saw that, sometimes, time seemed to slowen...or to completely stop...around me. Strange, you think? I don't; or at least, I saw worse. As...awakening as a creature that isn't supposed to exist? Maybe. However, this is not the point. This power is not that powerful: don't think about cities in chrono stasis. It's maybe about a 2 meters range around me, and creature who aren't wholly in this area are not affected by it. But, if they are, I will seem, to them, much faster than I really am; and, consuming A LOT of energy, stop them for some seconds. Just enough time to attack...or flee. [...]

Rp example: Madness. Pure and simple madness. 4. Four, quatre, quattro. A damned 4 in a damned test on the worst subject of all times. Chemistry.
What do you want? I studied, I assure you. I past the last 5 days studying, spitting blood on Enthropy, Enthalpy, Molecular Orbitals, Protons and Electrons, and yet...4.
I walked down Buenos Aires Avenue, not even slightly interested in the shops around me, only thinking about that little stupid mark, which sank my still-good chemistry average. Damn it. My father would have skinned me, and in an atrocious way. The rucksack seemed so heavy...as if it was filled with rocks. But, what could I do, then? Nothing, if not standing my father's fury. So, I rushed to Porta Venezia subway stop, heading to my death.
I could already see the gravestone: "Stefano Angeli, tireless student, good-hearted boy. He brought a 4 in chemistry. Here he lays".

History: Stefano was born in Milan, Italy. There are heroes, that fight injustice and evil. But not every person is a great general, a skilled swordsman, a powerful mage or a mighty pokemon trainer; it's quite difficult, really, 'cause nothing of these things exist in Stefano's world. He is a student, quite overweight saying the truth, who struggle to pass the year and not to be flunked. No swords, no mages...no pokemon. Strange, isn't it?
And yet, so it is. Pokemon is just a game, which among other things is quite old too; Stefano played it, at its time, and now it restes on a shelf in his bedroom.
Oh, well. It seems like he will soon have to freshen up something about it.

By the way, lil' oddity. Ten minutes after choosing Skitty as character, I started Mistery Dungeon Darkness. Guess who came out? XD

May 10th, 2008, 1:46 PM
The Scizor jumped about about 3 stories and tried to strike Edward. He dodges the attack and struckback with a powerful slam attack. The Scizor used Scary Face and Edward tripped backwards, terrified. The Scizor struck again with a Comet Punch staright to Edward's chest. Edward was in pain now. How much longer could he fight this guy? And his partner was probably coming back. Damn! He had to think of something.

He drew his claws and then used Fury Swipes over the Scizor's face and kicked him backwards. The Scizor hit the ground hard and started skidding. Edward sprinted over and held him down.

"It's time to end this," Edward said.

But right before he had a chance to strike, he was hit with a powerful Hydro Pump.

"Damn, who was that?" Edward thought as he laid on the ground.

The Noctowl who was partner's with the Scizor noticed Tiffany. He knew that she was willing to help, probably a part of the local guild. It flew down next to her and scooped her up. It was time to bring the fight to the Meowth

"When I say, I'm going to let you go, and you are going to give that Meowth hell!" Noctowl said.

May 10th, 2008, 4:33 PM
"Huh?A Munchlax?What is that doing here?"Tori said to himself identifying the Pokemon by it's aura."It's a special aura...much like mine!He must be human.Thank God I put some distance between that shadow thing and I"

"Hey!There's that Piplup, he looks weary!"The Munchlax said to itself."Hey, kid, you okay there?"

"Are you here to help?"Tori cautiously asked.

"Yes!"The Munchlax replied.

"Then yes, yes I am okay, for now..."Tori replied.

"For now???"Munchlax curiously asked.

"Crazy shadow thing chasing me beacuse I'm a human.That's pretty much it...Oh no, no!"Tori explained.

"What?What's happening?!"Once again, the curious Munchlax asked.

"He's comming!RUN!!!!!!!!!!"A nervious Tori shouted.

"Well, this is better, get two for one dead!"The shadow menacingly said.

"That thing again!"Munchlax said, already being aquanted with the creature.

"Friends?"Piplup jokingly asked.

"Hello agin, fatty boy!Prepare to die!"The shadow shouted."Now you'll never escape this dream!Dark Void"The shadow menacingly shouted as dark energy was exuded from it's hand, sealing Tori and Munchlax within the dream.


May 10th, 2008, 6:13 PM
"Right!" Tiffany nodded to the Noctowl and got ready charging another hydro pump. "This is only my second mission as an exploration team but I'm willing to help!" Tiffany said to noctowl and getting ready to hit the Meowth with a hydro pump. She released it at the Meowth getting ready to charge another one. "Why do you bother running its pointless!" Tiffany yelled at the Meowth suddenly feeling a dizzy spell coming on. "W-whats going on..? Again.." Tiffany fell to the ground due to her dizzy spell.

  "Another one..Celebi are you here..Celebi..?" Tiffany yelled in the darkness of the dizzy spell. To her surprise Celebi did not answer instead she was greeted with a large frightning roar the deafened her ears. "W-whats going on?!" Tiffany yelled. She was once again greeted with another deafaning roar. "Th-This is..!" Tiffany yelled in shock as a figure appeared before her. Its eyes were glowing red, it looked as if it was pure evil. The pokemon gave another deafening roar as the crest on its chest pulsated with evil. The evil looked like it had spread throughout its whole body. "This is..Primal Dialga?!" Tiffany yelled in shock. The Dialga glowed at her and struck her even though it was merely a vision.  "Gah! This thing is strong..." but before Tiffany could finish her sentence she was struck with roar of time. A frightning move of Dialgas that only Dialga can use. "You are of my control now.." Tiffany heard a voice whisper that sounded like Dialga's.   

She snapped out of her senses feeling suddenly more powerful. "This..is..it.." Tiffany mumbled wincing before Dialga took control of her body and her eyes glowed a empty black. A scar appeared on her chest resembling the one of Dialga's and her power increased ten-fold. She laughed an evil laugh. "You think you can beat me..Foolish Meowth..You are pathetic!" Tiffanys controlled body yelled beginning to charge a hyper beam. "This is it you are finished!" Dialga yelled through Tiffany.

OOC:A skitty? Yay! I like your role-play entry ~accepted~ Just make sure to follow four line~~

May 10th, 2008, 8:30 PM
Edward saw the Noctowl again as he looked up. He was carrying the Mudkip that attacked him. The water pump came again as the Noctowl dropped the Mudkip. At the last possible second he put up a light screen and the attack vanished. Edward had a move for any situation.

All of sudden the Mudkip went into a daze. Edward knew this was a chance to strike. He lunged toward it but was suddenly thrown back but a mysterious energy. Edward was shocked and then looked up at the Mudkip, whose aura had become unnaturally evil. The Mudkip grabbed Edward by his collar and beat him senseless and threw him to the ground. It taunted him and charged up a hyper beam.

Damn, what's going on? This is it!

All of a sudden the released hyper beeam dissingerated. A black hole appeared next to them and Edward, the Mudkip, Scizor and Noctowl were all sucked in.

"What's going on?" Edward shouted.

A small green creature floated up to the Mudkip beside Edward and began pulling a spirit out of it. The green pokemon easily destroyed the aura.

"What just happened?" Edward yelled.

"I have just vanquished the evil spirit of Dialga which has possesed the young Mudkip," The pokemon said.

Edward glanced at the Mudkip, who was now very weakened. The Scizor laid beside her, knocked out. Noctowl stood over both of them, trying to protect them if something happened.

"You will save the world once too, you and many othr, when the time comes, but for now, I mt calm Dialga," the green pokemon saidas it floated away.

"Wait, what?!?" Edward shouted.

Suddenly all four pokemon were above the city, falling, the black hole had dissappered.


May 10th, 2008, 9:33 PM
Tiffany felt the evil aurua drain from her body. But before she heard the arua disappate she heard one last thing "I will leave remnents of my power in you..Next time I find the chance..you will be of my control..and..I will make sure that little Celebi will not interrupt my work again.." The voice disappeared and Tiffany felt her body go numb. Tiffany had become unconscious..she uttered the words "So tired..Must sleep.."

She woke up in a dark room with a bright jewel in it. "That looks like the one.. That..." Tiffany walked toward the jewel. "Take the jewel you will become stronger..The remnents of my power shall remain in you.." The voice uttered. Tiffany touched the jewel and it began to glow. "I feel I'm getting stronger..The jewel..its Dialga's.." Tiffany uttered feeling the sensation of something cool.But it was soon follwoed by the pulsating of an extreme pain. "Gah it hurts!" Tiffany yelped in agony and her outside did the same as a light blue arua engulfed her. "I will make sure Celebi does not interfere..I will disappear for now..but my power remains withing you..my evil..is within you." The voice vanished and Tiffany was left with a burning fever and extreme pain still unconscious.

OOC: Bigfoot you character controlled meh character.. Don't do it again D:

May 10th, 2008, 9:34 PM
"Sounds like a mission then" Marc grinned, smiling confidently down at Radian as her tail immediately began to wag. She didn't know what to say, as she was so overcome with relief that she wouldn't be going it alone.

I'm glad i'm not the only one here who really cares about the right thing. Radian thought absently, still clutching the tiny shred of paper in her tiny paw. The ink scribbled upon the shred of paper had smeared a little bit, so Radian folded it in half, placing it inbetween her teeth so it wouldn't have to drag along the ground.

"I hope they aren't hurt.." Radian muttered, envisioing the poor little group of school children, lost, hungry, scared, and weak from battle against much more savage pokemon living wildly in the dungeons.

"If they are, though, I guess it's a good thing that we're going to rescue them. We'll make a pretty good team, won't we? Your freaky mind powers will actually come in handy for this." Radian joked, as undecidedly, she stopped before two doors leading from the room containing the message board, unsure of which path to take.

"Maybe you can sense what the kids are thinking, and communicate to them to tell us where they are. And if they're hurt, I can heal them!" Radian grinned, jumping up excitedly on her hindlegs once again and clenching her tiny paw into a fist. A large sweatdrop formed against the side of her face as Marc just stared blankly at her. Her face instantly broke out into a sheepish sort of smile, and she scratched casually at the back.

"I know I won't be of that much help.." She murmured quietly to Marc, deciding finally to take the right door leading out.

"But i'll do everything I can to rescue these kids, and even though I can't do much, maybe.. maybe if they're seriously hurt.. I can make a difference. And learn some sweet new attacks along the way!" Radian smiled again in relief as the door leading outside the Wigglytuff Guild and to Treasure Town was revealed.

"So we're off to Drenched Bluff then!" Radian exclaimed happily, skipping merrily toward the door before she and Marc were stopped in their tracks by their friendly friend Wigglytuff.

"Where do you think you're going, friendly friends?!" Wigglytuff asked, a worried frown spreading across his large pink face as he stared down at them. Radian found herself shrinking back away from him, intimidated not only by his gargantuan size, but also by the massive amount of pink he sported.

"Friendly friends aren't thinking of doing a mission yet, are they?" Wigglytuff asked, to which Radian exclaimed a lookwith Marc, and bravely stepped forth, looking Wigglytuff square in the eye.

"Yes, actually we were." She replied, attempting to step around the giant pink beast, but to no avail. He was blocking the entire doorway.

"Silly friendly friends! You know you can't go anywhere without these!" Wigglytuff's face broke out into a maniacal grin, and from out of nowhere seemed to pull out two resuce team badges, one on a scarf and one of a bandana. In a flash, before either Radian or Marc could even thank him or protest, he had slipped the scarf around Radian's neck, and the bandana over Marc's head. The two exchanged bewildered glances. Wigglytuff clapped his thick, chubby paws, and instantly dance away, singing loudly and off-key.

"YOOM-TAH! YOOM-TAH! Friendly friends looking great and off to save the world! YOOM-TAH! YOOM-TAH!"

Radian laughed uneasily, as an uncomfortable silence followed the awkward little tune.

"Right! Let's be off then!"

May 11th, 2008, 6:27 AM
OOC: I don't know what I did to control your character but I won't do it again.

Edward landed on his feet in a back alley of Treasure Town on a dumpster. Cats always landed on their feet. He was hurt, severly hurt after the beatings he had taken from those Guild scum. He had to find somewhere to heal himself. Edward went out into the street and blended in with the other pokemon. If he could find the Guild base, he could get a map and that's all he would need. He saw a Wigglytuff, a Totodile, and an Eevee at one building that was quite large.

Hm, this must be the famous Wigglytuff Guild, time to steal a map!

Edward snuck around the other side of he building and revealed one of his claws. He cut a hole in one of the glass windows and pushed himself through very quitely. It appeared he was in the kitchen, but the lights were out. Maybe no one was here?

Wait he heard voices! Edward dove into a pantry and hid. He could see through the cracks that it as a Chimecho and a Loudred. If he needed to he would strike.....

May 11th, 2008, 8:17 AM
OOC: you said I beat you up and everything I did not do that Dialga just spoke and started charging a hyper beam.

Tiffany woke up in a dumpster and a bunch of cans on her head. "Man..thats not right.." Tiffany fumed obviously back to her senses. Tiffany shook of the cans and got out of trash can. "Jeeze now I'm going to have to take a bath..but theres no bathes here...guess I have to use the ocean.." Tiffany mumbled stil a bit mad. She walked to the beach and dived ino the ocean..being a water type she could stay under there as long as she wanted. "Man that meowth makes me mad..I wonder where he went.." Tiffany thought to herself closing her eyes. The water felt like heaven to her, she figured most likely because she was a a water type. She heard the playful tone once more, it was saying. 'Hey, Hey, Hey let me play let me play!!" Tifany figured it was the mew and Tiffany returned to the surface and said aloud knowing full well Mew was invisible. "Sure mew you can play but..you have to let me see you before we can play together!

"Oh right right right!" Mew appeared before her and transformed into a mudkip like her. Tiffany stood shocked at Mew whi was now playing in the water. "H-How did youdo that?!" Tiffany yelled at Mew who was now looking at her and saying "Its my favorite moooooove... I can traaansforrrm~~~" Mew laughed now diving underwater. "Hey hey hey wait up!" Tiffany yelled diving after Mew. "Catch me if you caaaaaan!~~~" Mew yelled at her through the water.

May 11th, 2008, 8:57 AM
Urr...pain. A growing pain, which pulsed in my head, drummed in my ears, flashed behind my eyes; and everything around me was blurred, as if I was looking through frosted glass. I could see, very confusedly, a yellowish plain around me, which abrubtly ended in a blue one...a beach? Could it be?
The ground seemes sand, yes...but I could feel something else. It was...fuzzy? Strange.
I tried standing up, with great effort and dizziness...and failed. Strange, really strange, I thought; so, giving up walking on two legs, i moved on all fours towards a strange, blurred spot...an house? I didn't know, but I felt like...felt like...

Welcome to the Pokemon world...Chosen one... You have been chosen to save the world along with several other people... Time is stopping and a nightmare is spreading throughout the world of pokemon... Hurry, time is of the essence...There are others like you: find them...

And then again I fell, and I could only await, blind, deaf, mute, totally paralysed, that faint, gentle voice, which seemed to flow from every single direction; and yet it was total gibberish.

Pokemon? Time stopping? SAVE THE WORLD? Stop it, kid! I'm surely not that Ketchum guy, which runs here and there saving Earth from psycho pokemons! I am...!
I am...
Who am I?

Panic. Total and utter panic. Who was I? I should have had some memories, right? Right?
No...it didn't seem like that. Empty as a desert, my mind was a complete tabula rasa: just some scattered idea inhabited that space...nothing.
I only knew two things, while i set off for the strange biulding I saw before:
- Even if I could not stand up yet, I could now see and ear like always. I was, indeed, on a beach; and short from there, sat a pink construction...the thing I saw earlier.
- Pokemon DIDN'T EXIST. I knew they were just some videogame, even if I didn't exactly know what a "videogame" was; still, just an imagination work.
And this I repeated by myself, slightly muttering, while reaching the building:
Pokemon don't exist. Pokemon don't exist. Pokemon don't...
And, in that moment, I saw it. A little puddle: maybe someone spilt a bucket or so, no problem on that.
No, the REAL, enormous, huge, colossal issue was the image which greeted me, when I mirrored myself in it to see, at least, my face.
A kitty, with pink fur and a big tail, received me.
Oh, great. I don't exist. I gibbered, before collapsing again on the ground, shocked.

May 11th, 2008, 9:19 AM
ooc: Oh, I thought you did. I guess I just read wrong. My bad, it won't happen again.

"So then Chatot said, that's not my brother, it's a Spinarak!!!!!" Chimecho said.

Loudred laughed hysterically which was quite loud, and Edward had to cover his ears. The second the two were out of sight, Edward slipped out of the cupboard and snuck across to another pantry. He was seconds from etting to the next room when he heard an ominous voice.

Edward, why are you stealing from them when soon you will be saivng them?

"Aaaah!" Edward screamed, frightened by the voice.

Chimecho and Loudred turned and saw Edward.

"Intruder!!!!!!!!!!!!" Loudred bellowed to the rest of the Guild.

"Damn!" Edward murmered as he released a powerful Cotton Spore. Chimecho and Loudred's speed were reduced which gave him the opportunity to charge a Hydro Pump. Edward had the ability to copy other's technique's, and little did that Mudkip know that her technique's would be her comrade's downfall.

Edward released the Hydro Pump, knocking Chimecho out ad sending Loudred flying back into a wall. Edward then used Hypnosis to put the now out-of-control Loudred to sleep.

"Sorry guys, gotta run!" Edward said. He needed to find a map fast, back up was coming....

May 11th, 2008, 6:38 PM
~I'm glad I'm not the only one here who really cares about the right thing~ Marc 'heard' Radian think and smiled, then just gave an absent nod as he stared at her.

"Yep, we'll make a great team" Marc then said with a merry smile as he came back to his senses, then continued to listen to what she was saying, laughing quietly at her comment about his freaky mind powers, probably because he knew it was true. "Hey, don't say that! Of course you will be of a lot of help. We're a team, after all" he said to her, staring into her eyes and then just smiling assuringly.

"Yep! Off to Drenched Bluff!" Marc said as he walked along with a jolly pace, until they were stopped by the massive pink Pokemon. He heard the Questions Wigglyuff made, and heard Radian answer them, just nodding to the Pokemon while behind her.

"Silly friendly friends! You know you can't go anywhere without these!" He heard Wigglytuff say. "With wha.." Marc started saying, but had no time to continue when he saw a bright light flash twice in front of him, and when he could open his eyes again, he saw a Bandana with a badge was placed in his head; and also noticed a scarf around Radian's neck. Then Wigglytuff danced away.

As Marc and Radian stared at each other with the new clothing pieces on them, Marc spoke to her through telepathy and said ~That guy can be obnoxious at times, right?~. He said that through telepathy from fear Wigglytuff could hear him, but he seemed to be at a distance now, and his singing probably wouldn't allow him to hear.

"Yeah, let's go" Marc said blankly.

Marc was walking a few steps behind Radian, and as soon as they were to leave the Guild, Wigglytuff appeared out of nowhere in front of Marc again. "Wait! I almost forgot!" The Wigglytuff said in an anxious tone as he pulled out to explorer bags.

"This will help you store things! And it there are useful things inside!" he sang happily as he gave 2 to Marc. "One's for you, and one's for your friendly friend!" Wigglytuff added. "Take care! YOOM-TAH!" he exclaimed as a light flashed twice again, and Wigglytuff was gone.

Marc opened his bag and examined the items inside. There was a Map with some locations of nearby areas, an Explorer's Guide, an Oran Berry, and Apple and a Blue Gummi. Marc pulled out the map and located Drenched Bluff. As he did this, some thoughts started to enter his head, his map on hand. ~What if we don't make it. What if we fail and we're kicked out of the guild.. This is going to be tough..~

Marc thought all this as he stared down at the floor and sighed. He then looked up and saw Radian, who was now a few feet away, and smiled to himself as he started running to catch up with her. When they were some distance away from the guild he heard some loud sounds coming from inside, but didn't give much importance to them.

"Hey, Radian!" he exclaimed. "Wigglytuff gave me this for you" he added as he handed over the bag that was for Radian, then opened his map and pointed to the location of Drenched Bluff. "This is where we need to go. We have to get there, Rescue the kids and come back before it gets dark"

May 11th, 2008, 7:32 PM
((I would appreciate it if you did not control my character please. Thankyou.))

"What are you... GAH!" Taro shouted, pain shooting through his body as the dark energy from Darkrai flowed into him. He clutched his head, getting a massive headache, and in his mind heard a little click, as if someone was bolting a door shut. His doors wouldn't open anymore. He just knew it. When the pain stopped, he collapsed onto the ground, feebly trying to get back up. "What did you just...." He weakly said.

"Exactly what I said I would do." He responded, a devilish smile on his face "Ive sealed the two of you into this nightmare. Theres no escaping it now. Even if you were to somehow defeat me like before, this nightmare would remain."

"You little..." He said "You cant do this! Let us wake up!"

"I... think not." The shadow responded "Where would the fun in that be? No, you two are at my mercy, for in here, I can see right into your souls. I can tell your deepest fears, and I can mold this place to fit them. You, my overeating friend, have some very common fears, such as..."

A sudden chill went through Taro as he felt something beginning to crawl up his back. He had a very good idea of what it was. He told himself not to look back... don't look back!

Too bad he did.

A Spinarack was crawling up his back. He froze, and slowly turned his head away, his fear clearly displayed on his face, until he realized something: They were all around him. Thousands of them. Ariados too. They were all spider-like pokemon.

"Arachnophobia..." Darkrai said "Can't say I havn't seen this before. Trapped forever in a world of spiders. That dosn't sound too appealing to you now, does it?"

Taro let out a slight whimper, but said nothing.

"It could be worse, of course. I could have included snakes... but Ill save your Ophidiophobia to abuse later, if needed." Taro couldn't believe it. He wasn't lying when he said he could see his greatest fears. But there was a third. Did he know that one too? Of course, he could not use that one without killing him in the process... he hoped it wouldn't come to that. "Of course though, I could make all of this go away. I could bring you back to the world of the waking, under one condition." Taro brought his head up to look at Darkrai again, but still was speechless. "Obey my every order. Heed my every command. Help bring down those who meddle in the affairs of me and my associates. Do that for me, and ill let you awaken once again."

Taro was silent still. His fear seemed to restrict his use of his vocal chords. However, after several seconds of waiting, he shook his head 'no.' Instantly, all of the spider pokemon turned around and fired their silk from their lower abdomens, with Taro suddenly gaining the ability to use his voice again and screaming as the spiders attacked him.

"That, my friend, was the wrong choice." Darkrai said as the spiders spun up the Munchlax "Ill give you some time to reconcider our deal... but if you still refuse to cooperate, Ill have to take your body by force."

Darkrai's eyes fell upon the Piplup now, the cries of fear from Taro seeming to please him.

"Now then..." He said "Lets see exactly what you fear..."

May 11th, 2008, 9:19 PM
Tiffany folowed Mew who kept changing into a vartiety of pokemon and trying to trick her but Tiffany knew how to tell mew from different pokemon.She didn't know how but somehow she could just tell it was Mew. "Mew I gotcha!" Tiffany yelled grabbing Mews mudkip tail but they both froze in their tracks. "W-whats that?" Tiffany gaped as a huge whalelike pokemon arose from the depths with ancient markings. It was its silhioutte but somehow it seemed powerful.Some Pokemon you didn't want to approach. "Run..Swim whatever!" mew uttered at her as they began to swim faster and faster the whale silhuotte gaining on them. The silhoutte yelled a deafening roar it seemed to be gaining on them. "Hurry hurry follow me!" Mew yelled as the pokemon entered a crack in the whall of a cave. Tiffany did the same as Mew and they ended up in a cave. "Drip drip drip drip.." The cave dripped with water.Tiffany stood amazed that this cave hadn't filled with  water!

   "This is where I come to play at the beach! Lots of friends~~" mew yelled happily turning back to her true self and diving into the water. "Mew wait where are you gonig?" Tiffany followed her into the water and found a beautiful array of jewels, various corals and a wide array of pokemon. Including ancient fossil pokemon who were deamed extinct. "Wow mew..Whats this place called Mew..?" Tiffany said to mew who was making a sand castle at the bottom of the pond. "Oh yea this place..Its so cool cause theres a time gear here!" Mew yelled at tiffany showing her the beautiful gear that was glowing mysticly.

"Wow its beautiful..." Tiffany said to mew feeling odd sensation throughtout her body. "Time..Time.. Time is of the essence.." Tiffany mumbled looking at the swaying top of the waters. "Time gears..Time..I..I can't do that..." Tiffany mumbled to herself hoping Mew wouldn't hear her. "Well Tiffany i gotta go..I've spent to much time playing I may be discovered if I don't hurry!" Mew giggled disappearing.

"Take the gear.. Take the gear..hehe Take it.." Tiffany heard a voice within her say. It seemed to have control over her. "Yes..master.." Tiffany uttered those words and she grabbed the Time gear. The cave walls began to shake and before she knew it Tiffany had stopped time in that cave.
"I-I'm sorry mew.." Tiffany said tears falling down her eyes regrettign what she had done. She hid the time hear in her exploration bag. "But..This must be something that..Has to do with this..Temperal tower..has something to do with the tiem gears.." Tiffany uttered scrambling on to the beach. The time gear had stopped glowing and it remained in her possesion. She would hope that know one would find out about her unforgivable act. She rushed by the nearby skitty not noticing the pokemon on the beach.She ran into the guild rushing past her other guildmates and accidentally bumping into the meowth that she had hydro pumped earlier. "Hey its you!" Tiffany angerly yelled at him with a glare but before she could catch her exploration back all of its contents splattered out..Including the time gear , the markings on the gear had began to glow faintly. "Oh no!" Tiffany yelled in her mind knowing that Edward probably saw it.

May 12th, 2008, 8:02 AM
Wait, wait, WAIT! Stop the world, I wanna get off! Now, no problem HOW! Kill me? That's ok, if you want. Are you sure? Am I sure? No, I'm still alive, yes but you're not a person, you're a freak, look at me, you're a beast!


Am I?

I really was...that? I didn't now. Really, I couldn't say what happened me. Moreover...I didn't recognize myself. What does this mean? I didn't know, I just felt like I could identify an handful of pokemon and no more; and as I stood on my newly-acquired four legs...paws...whatever...I glanced again briefly at the puddle.
I was...cute. Little, fuzzy, pink and cute. I started laughing loud, staring at the tail, the cream-colored fur on the belly and the face...snout?...and the incredibly large ears, and the little paws...ridiculous. It was complete nonsense: I was, with no doubt, a pokemon. But why?
Seriously, I couldn't find a solution...until I remembered of the faint, gentle voice...save the world, and so on. Nah, that wasn't the issue. The thing that really hit me was in the end of the little speech...but...

There are others like you: find them...

STRIKE! Other people were in the same situation: I had to find them, and then...and then...
But seriously, who cared? At least I could talk to someone who was, or had been, an human being, couldn't I? So, happy as I could be, I rushed to the strange construction.
Now, I knew what shape that building was. A Wigglytuff. Strange, uh? Partial memories strike back. So, a smile on my kitty face, I entered the house.


Silence. It was like every single note, vibration, grain of sound had been taken away.
Like...you know...when a storm is going to reach you...and yet there is the sun, there's no wind. Yet, you can see the storm. Feel it.
THAT was the situation.

The room was totally full of pokemon. Every genre, every type: I could recognize as much as half, maybe a third of them, and the one right in front of me, one of the unidentified, a sorto of blue toad, was in the center of a large, empty space. In front of him...or better, her...some objects; between them, some strange gear which faintly glowed.

The crowd's stare moved from the toad to me, still with a frozen smile on the face, the front right pawn lifted; unable to speak, or even think, something bright, I just came out with faint, feeble voice.


May 12th, 2008, 1:40 PM
That guy can be obnoxious at times, right? As Radian turned for the door leading out of the Wigglytuff Guild and to Treasure town, she felt the familiar sensation of Marc's voice penetrating her mind. Instantly, a paw flew up to cover her mouth, which was now bulging with a giant grin, trying desperately to restrain the bout of giggles which threatened to spill out of her mouth.

At least we look fashionable. She shot back jokingly, turning back behind her to sneak a glance at Marc.

You're looking mighty fine in your new turban. Radian laughed silently at her own little joke, turning back around as firmly, she bit down on her lower lip for fear of losing control of herself.

Okay. Time to get serious. She reminded herself, her brow furrowing as she inhaled, drawing in a deep breath as her tiny chest puffed out.

You're on a mission now. She told herself, reaching for the knob on the door of their way out of the Guild.

And you'll never save those kids by fooling around.

Just as soon as she had gotten herself into "serious" mode, it seemed, a blur of pink rapidly leapt from behind her, knocking her back into Marc and blocking the door once more.

Not this again! Radian thought sourly, her patience running thin. She loved the Guildmaster as much as the next pokemon, but Marc was right about his obnoxiousness. She knew they had a limited amount of time to find the kids, for once darkness set in, they would have no hope of locating Drenched Bluff, and the children would have to spend another night alone in the Dungeons.

"Wait! I almost forgot!" He shouted anxiously, his voice booming out across the small room and ringing through Radian's ears as she looked around her in a daze.

It's a wonder if i'm not completely deaf after this.. She thought warily, looking incredulously up at Wigglytuff. As Radian brooded to herself, Wigglytuff exchanged a few words with Marc, and then handed him a couple of small satchels. Upon seeing the sacks, Radian snapped back to attention, but not in time as Wigglytuff again announced his departure, and with a thunderous "YOOM-TAH!" bounced away from the two.

"Hey Radian!" Marc called out to her. Radian turned her head slightly to see Marc waving one of the Satchels at her, so she bounded over and gratefully accepted it from him.

"Wigglytuff gave this to me for you." As Marc pulled out a map that had been included in his satchel, Radian rifled around in her own satchel, tail wagging excitedly as she came across a Perfect Apple and a Gummi.

"This is where we need to go." Marc was saying as he scanned over the map, marking a location on the piece of parchment.

But he failed to capture Radian's attention, who at the moment was dreaming about popping the little Gummi into her mouth and devouring it.

"This is where we need to go. We have to get there, rescue the kids and get back before it gets dark!"

Forgetting momentarily about the Gummi, she skipped lightly over to Marc, peering over his shoulder at the map, her eyes twinkling playfully as she smirked at him.

"Why before it gets dark?" She queried lightly. "Are you scared the Gengars will come out and get you? Or maybe.. you're secretly a Werepokemon and transform at night?!?!"

Radian cleared her throat, turning away as she felt Marc's eyes on her, and instead happily began dancing along the beach, her tiny paws kicking up small sprays of sand as she made sure not to stray too far from Marc, for he was the one with the map and knew where they were going.

"So how far is this Drenched Bluff place?" She asked absently, golden eyes drawing distractedly away from his form as she noticed a Wingull drop from a sharp cliff lining the edge of the Ocean, sailing past them with unconcentrated ease. Enviously, she watched it for a moment, her eyes taking in the sight of its powerful yet elegant wings, pumping powerfully to keep its delicate body airborne. She sighed, shaking her head and turning away from it, once again forcing herself to concentrate on the mission at hand.

May 12th, 2008, 2:45 PM
Tiffany stood there. Her heart beating very fast at one point she thought it would pop out of her chest. She stuffed everything into her bag including the time gear and noticed the Skitty behind her. "Hi!" Tiffany yelped in a startled tone. "I hope they don't notice it.." Tiffany thought to herself. Her heart beating faster and faster each second.She had not forgotten about the meowth behind her and she looked at Edward. "You know..Theivery is not good you know..I'm not in the mood to fight you so back off!" Tiffany yelled at Edward trying to make him mad. She marchedoff to her room and sat on her bed. Still nervous about the time gear she had stolen. her vreathing had become faint and she fell asleep the time gear hidden away in her bed. "I'm not breathing well.." Tiffany mumbled in her sleep.

Tiffanys breathing had indeed become very faint. She was running a very high temperature and needed medical help but not even she knew she knew she was running a temperature. "I'm hot..It hurts.." Tiffany mumbled in her sleep she was still managing to breathe even though it was aint and heavy.

In her dream Dialga appeared before her. "So Tiffany did you get the time gear?" Dialga uttered to her in a low tone.

"Yes I did Dialga..Master.." Tiffany said to Dialga the time gear appearing in dream form.

"Good..You must have all the other time gears before you may have your memory back... hehehehe" Dialga uttered once more will an evil chuckle. "Yes..Master.." Tiffany mumbled.

May 12th, 2008, 4:28 PM
~At least we look fashionable. You're looking mighty fine in your new turban~ Marc heard Radian think as he walked along with her, laughing quietly from inside his mouth at the comment. ~Ha, yeah. Now we are a stylish rescue team.~ he thought back as he continued to walk.

Marc then continued to skip along with Radian, his eyes focused on the map as he tried to locate their position on the map and find the shortest route to Drenched Bluff. He couldn't be less aware of everything else that was happening in Treasure Town or back at the guild. But now he was going on a rescue; how cool was that?

"Why before it gets dark?" Are you scared the Gengars will come out and get you? Or maybe.. you're secretly a Werepokemon and transform at night?!?!" Marc then heard Radian reply to his comment; then started laughing out loud.
"Hey, who knows?" Marc then started saying while still in between laughs. "We've been human and Pokemon. We go turned into Pokemon during the day, maybe something else happens during new moon or something.. Like turning into a plant.. Or waffles" He then added jokingly.

"But yeah, I guess it'd be better If we aren't done by night not only might we find a way back, or let the kids inside there.. But we'll also miss dinner" he then said in a slightly serious tone. He knew that it wouldn't be nice to spend the night in the dungeon.. ~I wonder what's it like inside..~

"And" Marc then said cuttingly. "We're almost there. Shouldn't take us more than a few minutes to get there" he then concluded as he saw a Wingull fly by. He gave a sigh, then stared at Radian and just smiled.

May 12th, 2008, 4:52 PM
Edward walked slowly down the hallway until a blazing fast Mudkip bumped into him. t appeared to be the same Mudkip as before but somehow the Mudkip seemed passive, like it wasn't even aware that he existed. Edward felt the same aura as before with Dialga. He decided to ignore it, as long as he didn't get caught. He saw an intresting looking item in the bag.

Hmm, I wonder...

Edward slyly and unnoticibly swiped some dust off of the gear looking device and put it in a bag of specimens he had found over his journeys. He quickly sprinted off and soon found the map room, and something else waiting for him,


May 12th, 2008, 5:24 PM
Tiffany was still sleeping not wanting to wake up. "It feels so good to sleep.." Tiffany mumbled in her sleep as she squirmed around. "Time..what is time..?" Tiffany mumbled again.

-Dream world-

"Again..? Celebi are you here?" Tiffany mumbled as she was greeted with a beautiful peaceful tone. Tiffany listened to the music a bit more before asking once more. "Celebi? Where are you?" The music became fainter and fainter before disappearing and Celebi appeared. "Yo Tiff!" Celebi giggled happily.

"Erm Celebi..are you mad at me..?" Tiffany mumbled as a playful Celebi looked about and played a grasswhistle.

"No..i'm not..You see taking the time gears..is a neccesary part of fixing this whole time mess.. You see there are 5 time gears..you've retrieved one..There are 5 carvings of time gears in temperal tower.. if you place all 5 time gears in temperal tower time will start moving freely again! and all will be wel..but.." Celebi muttered a but before finishing her sentence.

"But...?" Tiffany muttered knowing that this is where the bad knews comes in. Tiffany waited for Celebi to reply. If it took her this long to reply then the news must be extremely bad.

"It has to do with time disrupting but its a long story..Celebi muttered

"I can wait Tiffany said to Celebi uncertainly.

"Erm..well....er" Celebi didn't know what to stay then she made up a lie "You see erm..uh.. you can never become human again!" Celebi blurted out lieing

"Oh..well...Can I keep my memories of when I was human?" Tiffany asked Celebi in a sad tone, but before Celebi could speak she woke up..her fever was no longer there and she felt refreshed. Tiffany grabbed the time gear and ran out into the guild.

OOC: as soon as everyones ready I shall make dusknoir come in so we can enter further along with the story.

May 12th, 2008, 5:43 PM
"You'll never get ths map, and I'll make you pay for hurting Loudred and Chimecho!!!!!!!!!!!" Wigglytuff bellowed as she used a double-slap.

Edward was astounded. This Wigglytuff looked very weak, but it was extremely fast. He had to be careful, he was the guild leader. Edward used a furious Dizzy Punch to knock the Wigglytuff into confusion. Now to use another one of Mudkip's attacks, or rather Dialga's.

"Hyper Beam!!!!!!" Edward shouted.

The beam truck the confused Wigglytuff head on and she hit the back wall of the study creating huge explosion and making a gaping hole in the study wall.

Now to grab the map....


Wigglytuff sped straight into a bookshelf causing all of the book to fall on Edward and the book shelf to snap in half. Edward was shocked. The Wigglytuff had stamina too. He had severly underestimated him.

"Want some more? Flame Wheel!"

The Wigglytuff spun at him as his body started to flame. Edward used a quick Counter to send the Wigglytuff flying into the air. Edward used a Hi Jump Kick to send the Wigglytuff onto the ground, reeling from the attack. The Wigglytuff returned the favor with a strong Icicle Spear which pinned him against the wall where the book shelf once was.

Flame Wheel and now Icicle Spear? This Wigglytuff had a LOT up it's sleeve, but so did he.....

May 12th, 2008, 5:57 PM
OOC:Sorry for that.


"Great, I'm next!"The Piplup sarcasticly said with a face of awe.

"Well then, let's begin, your biggest fear, the orphanage!"Said Darkrai in amenacing tone, exposing Piplup's fear.

"Orphanage?I don't know what you're talking about!"Shouted Piplup, feeling safe, as he had no memory of an orphnage that tormented him.

"Yes, you may not know it, but as a human you lived in an orphanage, where you were hated by all, I'm sure you'll remember, once you relieve it!"Darkrai claimed, in a menacing manner.Suddenly sending a blast of dark energy towards Piplup, locking him in his fear...

"Tori!Tori, he can't see, so we'll pinch him like a bee!"Tori heard a loud chorus of children, chanting over and over, pinching him painfully.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"Tori screamed in fear and pain.

"Such delicious pain, I love feeding of your fears, boys, so filling!!"Darkrai mocked, even more menacing, draining Pokemon's fears.


May 12th, 2008, 6:03 PM
God, i hope i'm not to late to join *has shutter of embarassment*
If i am, please ignore this...
Name: Cobalt Winefelde
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Pokemon: A very masculine Torchic, thank you ladies out there :D
Special Power: Has the odd ability to involuntarily protect others with a bizzare light dome, made of lava. It will randomly happen when i am terrified for a friend, at which i leap and lava shoots from my beak.
History: Cobalt was always the outcast. The lack of friends, and the secret crush didn't "fuel his fire". When he finally "boiled" enough courage to ask her out, his forehead "flared up" and was sent home. He woke up two days later as a Torchic, ironically the girl's favorite pokemon.

Fit me in whenever...

May 12th, 2008, 6:56 PM
"We've been human and Pokemon. We go turned into Pokemon during the day, maybe something else happens during new moon or something.. Like turning into a plant.. Or waffles.." Marc joked with Radian, and surprised with the randomness of his statement, she began laughing ecstatically, nearly stopping in her tracks on the Beach and falling over on her side. Continuing in their little trek, she grinned, mouth wide open as she wiped a few tears from her eyes.

"Waffles certainly do sound a lot yummier than Werepokemon." Radian admitted, licking her lips as discreetly, her stomach began to growl.

"At least if you transformed into Waffles, I wouldn't be hungry anymore.." She reasoned lightly, winking over at him.

"Sure, i'd be out a partner, but at least I wouldn't be doing a rescue mission on an empty stomach!" As if to provide evidence, her stomach gave a loud growl, and she laughed, cheeks flushing a bit pink.

"I suppose I shouldn't have skipped out on Breakfast." she chuckled. "Or Lunch! It's really going to suck if we have to miss Dinner too.."

For a few moments, it was completely silent, but not the awkward, uncomfortable silence everyone dreads between two people (or pokemon in this case). Radian and Marc had lapsed into a comfortable, peaceful type of silence, each lost in their own thoughts about the upcoming rescue mission and simply enjoying the scenery of the Beach as they walked along side by side. Finally, Marc informed Radian that Drenched Bluff was only a few minutes away from where they were at.

Oh good! Thought Radian as she trained her eyes to the path straight in front of her. The sand was scorching hot beneath the sensitive pads of her paws, and she now found herself hopping around every five or so steps.

Hopefully the floor of the Dungeons will be cool. Like a cave.. Radian had never been inside a Dungeon before, but she had been inside plenty of caves, and though she hated more than anything the solid darkness of the places, she knew that as a general rule their interiors were always cool. Radian snuck a look back over at Marc, and saw that he was smiling at her. Radian felt a cold sweat break out across her forehead, and shakily she smiled back, feeling like a complete moron.

He must've heard every word I thought! She laughed. He's probably not used to reading such stupid, spontaneous thougts. Maybe that's why he's smiling..

But Radian had no further time to be self-conscious, as they had apparently reached their destination.

"Well, here it is!" Radian exclaimed in a jolly tone, trying to keep their spirits up as they stood before the dark mouth of the bluff. She had felt so confident when they were leaving the Wigglytuff Guild and on their way over here, but now felt anxiety begin to set in, as the cool air from inside seemed to be beckoning the pair in.

I think i'll take my chances with the hot sand.. She thought, gulping nervously, as unsure, she glanced up at Marc.

"Right.. Here we go then.." She muttered, muscles beginning to quiver a bit as they stepped inside the Bluff's dark interior. Immediately upon entering the dim room of the Bluff, Radian noticed a staircase leading downward. She sighed apprehensively, her stomach feeling like jell-o as they stepped further into the Dungeon.

"I guess we need to make our way--!!!" Radian didn't even have time to finish her thought before a black and yellow blur passed before the two, and something quickly knocked her down to the hard stone floor. Her heart beginning to race, Radian tried to scream, let out any sort of notification, but the fall had knocked the wind from her, and she couldn't seem to be able to mutter even a tiny squeak.

"Marc!" She cried out, squinting desperately, glancing blindly around, unable to see a thing because her eyes hadn't yet adjusted from the brightness of the day outside, to the near pitch-blackness of this Dungeon. She heard various scratching and scuffling sounds taking place around her, yet she couldn't see a thing, so she had no clue as to what was taking place. Suddenly, a strange pulse of yellow burst forth, and for a second or two, the whole area was lit up. From the ground, Radian noticed Marc standing directly in front of her, bravely facing the Pokemon which resembled a plug which might go into an outlet, solid yellow with black stripes.

He must be an electric type.. Radian thought instantly, as a sort of singed scent met her sensitive nostrils.

Quickly, she jumped up, wondering what she had been hit with to knock her to the ground. It was then that she remembered.

Marc's a Totodile! He's a water type! Water is weak to electric attacks! He could get seriously hurt! Though one might think that that wouldn't be too big of a deal, what with Radian's healing abilities and all, Radian could only heal physical injuries (scorches, burns, gashes, bruises etc) she was completely powerless when it came to HP.

"Watch out!" She cried desperately as the strange electric-type pokemon clenched his fists, squeezing his eyes shut as he charged for another electrical attack. Quickly, she leapt up, throwing herself in front of Marc as boldly, she glared at the electric-type, who looked down upon her with disdain, and smirked. He let loose a powerful Thundershock, roaring as he did so, and as the electric pulses surged toward them, Radian exerted all her energy, and felt an unusual sensation rushing from her body. She had no clue what she had done, but the electric spiraled away from the two, bouncing harmlessly over what appeared to be an invisible shield. Radian had no idea, but she had just used "Protect".

"What happened?" She asked meekly, looking warily behind her at Marc.

May 12th, 2008, 7:14 PM
Wigglytuff had Edward trapped and laid out a powerful Body Slam. Edward screamed in pain. The freakin Wigglytuff was winning! Edward hit the Wigglytuff with a Head Smash because he was at close range. Edward broke out from the icicles and then used Wigglytuff's Flame Wheel, striking the pink puff ball directly.

Edward used Iron Tail but the Wigglytuff exploded in a flash of energy. It had been charging a Bide! Edward was losing again. Damn. He had about one last attack.

"Revenge!" Edward screamed.

The powerful attack sent Wigglytuff reeling for it was more powerful now that Edward was so weak. He was lucky that he had finished him, otherwise....

And Edward blanked out right there. Both pokemon defeated.

May 12th, 2008, 7:33 PM
As Radian laughed about Marc's waffly comment, Marc just continued walking; until he couldn't hold the laughs either and laughed loudly. His comment didn't make him laugh when he said it, but the spontaneous laughs of Radian made him realize that his comment could in fact be something to laugh about. He then smiled to himself as he stared up at her.

"You can't tell. Have you ever tasted a WerePokemon before?" Marc then said in response to her comment with a sly smile on his face. "And yeah.. I didn't take Breakfast either. Chatot didn't give me time to do so.. He hurried me into the mission. But meh, I've never been such a big eater, I can stand it" Marc said, murmuring the last sentence, because he was mostly saying it to himself.

Marc just continued walking along until they got to the entrance.

"Yep, This is is. Drenched Bluff." Marc said as he stared at his map. He was positive that was the location, but even then he checked the map.
"Here we go" Marc said in unison with Radian as they looked at each other, and then Marc sighed; watching Radian take the first step.

As the reached the floor, Marc walked around cautiously, trying to focus with eyesight as much as he could to manage to see something. As soon as Radian started saying something, Marc payed total attention to her words. He then became appalled at the sight that out of nowhere Radian was knocked out on the floor.

Marc tried to say something, but no sound was able to be communicated through his mind, for he was in shock. It was so sudden. While Radian was on the ground, he saw the thing that struck her prepare another attack, presumably a TunderPunch. Marc, as soon as he saw this, positioned himself in between her and the Pokemon and launched a powerful Bite, clenching his teeth on the Pokemon's fist. The contact between the fist and jaw produced a bright flash. A bolt of electricity was let loose inside the Totodile's jaw, but he didn't let go and continued biting. He heard Radian call his name, and felt the urge to turn to her, but couldn't risk the opponent attacking again. He took considerable damage, causing a few scratches and bruises, and his grasp started to loosen up.

He soon had to let go, though, because the Pokemon seemed to be preparing an attack. Marc just stood there preparing to receive an attack, or that was until Radian stepped in front of him and reflected the upcoming ThunderShock

"What happened?" Marc heard Radian ask and turn back at him. Marc, however, seemed in a trance. His eyes were closed and he seemed focused on something. Out of nowhere, Marc's eyes opened. They were glowing in a bright red, and his body seemed all wrapped in yellow energy. Marc was using Rage. The sightings of Radian protecting him inspired him into growing stronger, and thus enraging.

As the Protect faded away and the Pokemon charged another attack, Marc leaped over Radian and landed in front of the Pokemon letting loose one very powerful Scratch. The Pokemon was sent back a few steps, but Marc didn't stop. He chased the Electric Pokemon with his claws moving so fast it was almost unnoticeable. In no time, the Pokemon was on the ground, fainted.
As the Pokemon fainted, Marc's eyes came back to normal, and his body wasn't wrapped in energy anymore. The room, too, seemed to be brightened up a bit. He took a deep breath, and then hurried towards Radian. "Are you Ok?" he asked concerned; apparently unaware of what he had done. His body, however, was well aware of what happened; for he had a few scratches on his face and body.

May 13th, 2008, 3:36 PM
Leon had finally made it to the fifth floor and found his Pokemon to rescue. His Pokemon was a Weedle that had gotten tired from running away. Leon glanced at the Weedle, who was safe and hidng in a corner. He saw that the Weedle had taken no hits from any attacks. As for Leon he had to use his Flame Wheel to go through a crowd of Anorith and Lileep. Leon pondered if he should reallly rescue such a weak Pokemon.

After thinking over and over about what to do he showed Weedle his badge. Weedle jumped with joy and returned to the guild promising a reward. Leon wanted to leave immediately, but he thought he had gone so far into the dungeon why not continue. He walked on and fiiled his bag with any goodies he would need later. The dungeon's last set of stairs were in front of him so he walked up them. He looked at the end of the journey and wanted to kick himself.

Then he saw a Drowzee threatening an Azurill to go in a hole. The Pokemon quickly turned around to see Leon ready to fight. Drowzee jumped at him, but soon found he was unable to move. "The one who makes the first move, is the one who should make the best move." said Leon holding Drowzee in a shadow lock. The Pokemon tried to use his powers. He had no controll and then he found himself flying into a wall. Leon had taken controll of Pyshic and made Drowzee smash himself over and over into the wall. As Drowzee fainted Leon took Azurill back to the guild and Drowzee as well.

May 13th, 2008, 5:36 PM
Taro struggled to free himself from the Spinarack and Ariados silk which bounded him, but had no luck. The spider pokemon were finished spinning up their prey, and began to back off of the pokemon as Darkrai neared him again. Taro's wild struggles continued.

"Let me go!" He begged "Let me wake up again! Please!"

"I already told you my conditions." Darkrai said "Pledge to serve me in the waking world, and I will allow you to return to it."

"No!" Taro shouted back "I don't know exactly what it is your planning, but I know that it isn't good!"

"Good?" Darkrai questioned "What is your definition of 'good'? You have not been in this world long enough to make any real friends. Who would I be harming that you need to protect? I am simply asking you to join the winning side of this battle."

"You won't win!" Taro shouted at him, still struggling against the silk of the spiders "You'll be stopped! Me, and the other humans, we've all been brought here to save the world! They will stop you! Them, and the guildmembers, and the legendaries like Cressalia! Im sure of it!"

"Yes... Of course they will." Darkrai said sarcastically "Just because you were human dosn't make you superpokemon. The humans will fall to us eventually. Several already have. You are about to."

"No I wont!" Taro protested, but Darkrai rolled his eyes and continued.

"The same thing goes for that Wigglytuff Guild. If anything, they are weaker then you humans, and are more interested in finding treasures then attempting to stop the likes of me. They pose little threat. As for the likes of Crissalia... She has already lost hope in you. Her plan was a longshot from the start. She should have known that it would fail."

"No!" Taro continued to protest, closing his eyes so he didn't have to look at Darkrai "Your wrong! She hasn't lost hope! Shes still trying! Shes-"

"Taro..." A more femine voice said. Taro recognized it immediately, and opened his eyes to see Crissalia floating above him. Something seemed different about her though... "Taro... as much as it pains me to say this... he is right. You belong with him. Thats how it was... before you lost your memory."

"Wha..." Taro said in disbelief "What are you talking about! How do you know what I did before I lost my memory?"

Crissalisa sighed, looking disappointed, before continuing.

"Taro... I took your memories from you. I needed to get you away from him. You were using your powers to open up other peoples dreams, which he infected and turned into nightmares. I thought that by taking you, one of his most loyal subject, and source of his ability to make his nightmares wide-spread, that I may stop him... but I should have figured that he would plan to take you back... The plan was a failure from the start..."

"N... no!" Taro stammered in disbelief "You cant be serious! Something feels wierd about all of this! You ca-"

"Taro..." Crissalia said sadly "It seems that its time for you to regain your memories..."

A pinkish colored mist floated around Taro as he began to feel dizzy and contract a headache once more. Memories flowed back into his head. Oddly, he was a pokemon in them. He had expected that he had turned into a pokemon and lost his memory at the same time, but it looked like that was not so. Taro closed his eyes, the memories vivid in his mind. He was in the nightmare with Darkrai in most of them. Opening doors and allowing him to send his dark energy through them. However, one memory stuck out in his mind. He was in the nightmare, and kneeling before Darkrai.

"Do you pledge to obey my every command?" He asked

"Yes, Master." He responded

"Aid me in my quest to fill everyones dreams with nightmares?"

"Certainly, Master"

"Use your powers for me when I tell you, no questions asked?"

"Of course, Master."

Darkrai smirked at the boy kneeling before him, before asking his final question.

"Will you work under me, untill the moment comes when you are either killed, or sent into dreamless sleep?"

"Yes..." Taro said, looking up at Darkrai with a tone of endearment "I will do anything for you, Master."

Taro's eyes shot open once more. He was sweating from all the thoughts that flew through his head. It took him a few seconds to realize what was going on. Crissalia had vanished once more, and Darkrai floated above him again. At his sides were an Arbok and an Ariados, both about twice the size they normally would be, and were eying him with a look of... No! That couldn't be! He wasn't actually thinking of doing that, was he?

"Now do you see?" Darkrai asked, with a very happy look on his face "You belong with me. Come, serve me again, unless one of these two must 'feed' your final fear. Once you have entered dreamless sleep, your body will be easily controllable for me."

Taro shivered, looking from the Arbok, to the Ariados, the silk that bound him, and then back at Darkrai once more. There was no getting out of this. He would end up with him weather he liked it or not. All of it seemed hopeless...

"So Taro..." Darkrai asked "Will you serve me once more?"

"I..." Taro stammered, pausing for a couple seconds, considering it some more. He gulped, before finally answering.

"I will do anything for you, Master."

Darkrai smirked, just like he had in Taro's memory. The Arbok and Ariados dissapeared, and the silk around him vanished. Taro got up, and stood before his master.

"Its good to have you back again Taro." Darkrai said to his servant "Now then, I will return you to the awake world once again. Tonight, when you sleep once more, your work will begin."

Taro nodded, and glanced back at the Piplup.

"Whats going to happen to him?" He asked, curious.

"He most likely will join you shortly." Darkrai responded, almost forgetting about the penguin pokemon. His voice had not been able to reach Taro during this time, as Darkrai didn' t want him mentioning anything 'strange' with Crissalias aura while he was dealing with the Munchlax. "For now, awaken. Your work begins later tonight..."

With that, Darkrai's voice began to trail off as Taro began to vanish from the Nightmare world, returning to his normal body once more, leaving Tori alone with Darkrai inside of the dream...

((Ok, in case nobody caught it, the Crissalia who spoke to Taro and the Memories he recieved were both fake illusions created by Darkrai to sway Taro's opinion. Just letting everyone know. And also, does anybody have any guesses as to what Taro's 'third fear' is? (should be a bit obvious by one of Darkrai's lines here.)))

May 14th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Tiffany awoke and yawned she didn't know what was going on.She merely knew that she was groggy and decided to go to the beach. To tired to care about any other going on's.. Tiffany watched the beach quietly as the sun glissened off the sea..She knew time had stopped where she had tooken the time gear but it was still peaceful.She felt her hair stand on end for a mere minute..She looked behind her and saw dusknoir standing behind her. "A d-dusknoir?" Tiffany yelped at him but the dusknoir smiled at her and chuckled "Why do you make such faces? You've looked like you've seen death itself!" Dusknoir replied at her and asking her name.

"my name is Tiffany.." Tiffany replied to Dusknoir..but she felt him smirk for a second but her then smiled again. "Well Tiffany I'm going to be watching the guild while your on your expedition!"

"Erm Expedition?" Tiffany replied blankly looking at dusknoir.

"You don't know about the guilds yearly expedition?" Dusknoir asked

"We..No..?" Tiffany replied tempting to ask what the guild's expedition was but dusknoir seemed to know already.

"Well..The guilds yearly expedition is lead by chatot and wigglytuff. You go somewhere unexplored..and..well this year..we heard something about the time gears." Dusknoir chuckled.

"T-time gears?!" Tiffany yelped and took dusknoir by surprise.

"Yes..Well lets get back to the guild...I'm sure dinner is ready there..and I bet me and you are quite famished.." Dusknoir chuckled and Tiffany was happy by his warm happy demenor.

May 14th, 2008, 2:51 PM
Radian stared, almost in disbelief as Marc charged the strange-looking electrical type, eyes burning hot with hatred and fury, the pure glowing crimson color they had become reminding her of two coals in a fire.

Marc.. She thought worriedly, ducking fearfully behind him, as he struck the opposing pokemon again and again with razor-like claws, using a much more advanced form of the attack "Scratch". By this point, Radian had forgotten all about her newfound attack, and was now loping tiredly after her companion who chased after the other pokemon as it tried to escape.

Marc.. She thought, between gasps, her heart pounding wildly now, so hard that she feared it might give out at any second. She paused momentarily to swipe at a line of sweat that had broken out across her brow, then continued to run, until finally she knew she couldn't continue any longer. Her legs gave out from beneath her body, yet she forced herself back up, stumbling as she skidded to a stop on the hard stone earth beneath her. Luckily, the pokemon opposing Marc and Radian was at its breaking point as well, and with a final desperate moan, and an expression of defeat, sank to the ground. As the other pokemon finally fell, the strange aura enveloping Marc's body dissipated, and his eyes returned to their normal color. Still gasping desperately for air, Radian managed to crack a small smile at her new friend, relief flooding her tiny body and making her quiver right down to her kneecaps.

Thank God.. She thought to herself, warily approaching Marc as her rigt paw began glowing the strange yet familiar golden color, seemingly right on cue.

"Are you okay?" He asked Radian, eyes filled with concern, though it was obvious she had sustained barely any damage. Radian's eyes began to water up, and heart filling with anguish, she turned quickly away as pressure began to build within her paw, causing it to ache painfully and swell to twice its normal size. Subconsciously, she had sensed his pain, and now her body was responding to it.

"I'll be fine as long as I can heal you." Radian responded immediately, her cheeks flushing just a tad bit pink as she realized her words implicated something she hadn't intended them too. Holding up her swollen paw up to his face, Radian grimaced a little, and shook her head. The tears had returned to her eyes, and quickly, she brushed at them, hoping it would make them vanish but instead just helping them to spill over her furry eyelids.

"You're hurt.. and it's all because of me." Radian whispered, though she realized it could have been a lot worse. Something could have happened to him that she couldn't fix, like him fainting.

"Hold still!" She commanded, little paws feeling quickly over his body as she fussed over him. Eyes shining, she looked into his own, staring straightforward, hardly even seeming to notice him. Her right paw had settled upon his chest, and as it pressed against his body, the golden light transferred to each scratch and bruise, highlighting it in the same heavenly hue, and then causing it to vanish completely. When she was finished, Radian bowed her head, again wiping her brow as another line of sweat had formed across it, and looked back up at Marc, grinning happily.

"That was some battle back there." She laughed lightly, attempting to lighten the mood that had been seemingly dampened by the battle.

"You didn't tell me you had the ability of super strength too! You really took that other pokemon out!" Radian exclaimed, incredulous, though she had been joking about the first part.

"I'm sorry i'm such a deadbeat Rescue Mission partner though." She laughed, as she swivelled around, leading the way down the staircase leading into the second Dungeon. She didn't speak again until they had reached the bottom, for it had become darker as they went down, and all Radian's concentration went to not falling.

"Next time something decides to attack us, i'll be the hero and you can be my damsel in distress, cowering behind me." Radian laughed, stepping forward somewhat confidently, her spirits soaring though she was literally "in the dark" and venturing forth into the unknown.

"Though i'm not exactly sure how I can fight it off, if I only know how to use Protect. I don't know much about attacks, but I know Protect doesn't last very long." Radian's ears comically twitched thoughtfully, as she turned her head to look behind her at Marc.

"Maybe I can learn more attacks while we're down here. So i'm not completely useless when we have to rescue those kids." Teasingly, she clasped her paws before her, batting her eyelashes and tossed her ears daintily back behind her head. She was about to pout her lips out when she caught Marc's eye, and noticed that he had a skeptical look on his face. Startled, she giggled out loud, turning back around and casually shrugging my shoulders.

"Okay.. So my Attract was completely pathetic." She admitted sheepishly. "But Attract is for sissies anyways. Maybe I can learn something more hardcore, like Dig."

May 14th, 2008, 5:55 PM
Edward woke up in a bed in a tent. He got up and saw that his clothes were on a rack, that he snatched and walked outside. There was a bustling camp, filled with many pokemon looking over treasure, roasting food over a fire and talking in other tents. There was basically a whole civilization here in the Treeshroud Forest.

He remembered where he was. That Sneasel had saved him from the Wigglytuff guild. He was recruiting powerful outlaws for a band of brothers to pillage and attack cities. Edward had no choice but to join. He was dying after the battles with Scizor and Mudkip, and then about half of the Wigglytuff Guild and the damned Wigglytuff its self. He wondered how the guild was holding uo without it leader....

"Edward, time to meet our leader finally!"

The Sneasel was taking Edward to see the grand leader of the band of outlaws. He wondered who this could be.....

Sneasel took Edward into the leader's tent, which was lined with gold and treasure. There was a throne at the end with a cloaked figure sitting in it. As he approached it, Sneasel bowed. Edward thought it was wise to do the same.

"Edward I would like you to meet our leader, Master Mewtwo......"

May 14th, 2008, 7:50 PM
"I'll be fine as long as I can heal you." Marc listened Radian say in response to his comment. He didn't feel hurt at all, but his scratches and bruises could get worse throughout the dungeon; and if she wanted to heal him then why oppose. Marc smiled to himself and stared down at the floor for a few seconds, and when he turned his head back up he noticed Radian's paw swell up in size and stared at it in awe; until he heard her whisper something.

"You're hurt.. and it's all because of me." she said, and Marc noticed a tear drool down her eye. The lone tear caused many strange sensations inside Marc, but he managed to say a few words.. "Hey.." he started. "Don't worry about that. I'm fine. I'd any day give my life to protect a friend" he then concluded as he stared directly into her eyes and smiled assuringly and warmly.

He then did as commanded and stood still as he stared at Radian's paw, which was now glowing in a familiar tinge. As she took her paw to his chest, Marc continued smiling for no apparent reason. "That tickles" he then said playfully as she finished the healing process.

"I think that was a move, actually" Marc said in response to her super strength comment. "I have no idea what it is, though.." he then murmured to himself.

"I'm sorry I'm such a deadbeat Rescue Mission partner though. Next time something decides to attack us, I'll be the hero and you can be my damsel in distress, cowering behind me." he then heard her say, then Marc laughed quietly. "Well, first you protected me from what would have been a dreadful Electric attack, and now you heal my wounds. That's incredibly useful if you ask me"

As Radian took the lead, he noticed she stared back at him.
"Maybe I can learn more attacks while we're down here. So I'm not comple..." he noticed she started saying, but suddenly strange sensations hit him hard. The words coming out from her mouth seemed to be echoing all over the room, this sounding melodic to Marc’s Totodile ears. The whole area around them seemed to darken, and Marc could only notice Radian’s figure standing out from the shadows; as if she was shining. Also, as he stared at Radian, Marc felt a pleasant sensation inside of him, something like a very delightful warmth. Unsure of what was going, Marc shook his head to the sides quickly so he could come back to his senses. He had a skeptical and confused gesture on his face. ~What was that...~ he thought confused as he continued walking.

"Okay.. So my Attract was completely pathetic." Marc heard Radian say, then started laughing to himself. He quickened his pace so he got to be beside her and said "Not really", then fastened his steps even more until he was in front by a short distance. He laughed inside as he continued walking. ~Now I've got to ask myself if that was really the move's effect.~ Marc thought confused and slightly startled. He didn't focus on leaving the thought to himself, though, so the thought probably spread to Radian's mind too. The pair soon reached another stairway.

When they reached the ground of the new floor, a voice immediatly struck Marc's head. Actually, many voices did. ~He... We... L... Ah.. T.. !!~. All the thoughts seemed to be gibberish words. A strong headache then struck Marc, making him fall to his knees, only receiving support from his right hand, because the other was placed over his bandana as he rubbed his aching head.

~If I could just spread my telepathy range a bit further.. I would be able to read the thoughts better..~ Marc thought while on the ground, then let out a slight yelp of pain. The thoughts were striking too hard at him, and he couldn't think or say anything. He then was somehow able to remember something. Something Chatot said about gummies while he explained the whole Rescue team deal while on the guild, and how they somewhat made you smarter.

~The gummy!~ Marc realized as he hurried to his backpack and saw the Blue Gummi, then quickly engulfed it. Marc immediatly felt he was much brighter, and his headache miraculously disappeared. ~Help! Were lost! Please! Someone!~ The thoughts then made sense, and it seemed like being the voice of some children. He hadn't had this feeling on any other floor, so probably this was it.

"The kids! They are on this floor!!"

May 15th, 2008, 10:27 AM
Leon returned to guild and found a Magnezone waiting for him and Drowzee. Leon prepared to use his special power again, but the Pokemon surrounded Drowzee. He explained to Leon that Drowzee was an outlaw that needed to be captured. The Magnezone gave Leon a reward for catching Drowzee and asked Leon who he was. "I'm not just your average Chimchar, but I am Leon, 'Bringer of justice and Victory'." by the time he had finished Magnezone had floated out of the guild with Drowzee. Leon was very upset at how he had been pushed to the side.

He then remembered the Eevee he was talking to sometime earlier and hunted it down. He went to Wigglytuff's room, but Chatot stopped him. "The guildmaster is too weak from an intense battle with some thief. Please, go away." Leon was angry and so he decided to find someone that would lead to Eevee's location. He talked to Croagunk, but he turned around and gave him a mission. "I just want to know where the Eevee is. I don't really have time for a mission." said Leon walking away a little slow. Croagunk explained that this mission would give Leon something to spark his interest. He bolted over and listened to the mission. Leon packed his things and ran out the door. As he was about to go to the dungeon, Chimecho stopped him. "Leon, do have any new team members that you want to take to that mission?" Leon drew a blank look on his face. Chimecho explained to him the part of the guild he ran. "Sorry, but no one has asked to join my team yet." said Leon ready to go again. Leon found the talk to be very informative, then he launched into the dungeon.

Once again he had been given the assigment to reach the end of Drenched Bluff, but he had to get some chest for Croagunk. Leon was informed that the chest were filled with treasures that were just for him. Of course, Leon believeed these treasures would make him human and that's why he ran out so fast. After running through everyone in sight with Flame Wheel, Leon stopped to rest. He had reached the third floor. He used the opportunity to use his shadow to look out for any upcoming enemies and the stairs. Leon found some stairs that looked a little weird and jumped down them.

After he had jumped down he realized something. "I'm lost and went the wrong way" Leon used his shadow to search the floor. As he searched agian he found that two figures were on the very same floor. Leon pulled out a Geopebble and threw it. After it landed he heard a thud and a voice. "Ow" the voice belonged to Eevee. Leon was very excited as a great smile went across his face. When he realized it he quickly gained his composure. "I can't give off the stalker outlook or that Eevee might fear me. However, who was that other shadow? I know I have seen it some where before, but my shadow wasn't at its full power and I got some blurry images."

After he had thought it over he went to Eevee and the partner and gave them both a great hello. However, he caught them a little to close together. Leon's heart started to pound uncontrollably and then he walked back over to them. His heart was still pounding and there was nothing he could do to stop that.

May 15th, 2008, 6:02 PM
Tiffany and dusknoir walked back to the guild.Dusknoir told her all about his knowledge and exploration accomplishments. "There are man duneongd throughout the pokemon world..the most infamous would have to be..Beach Cave the cave for beginners..like you!" Dusknoir smiled at her. Tiffany felt all fuzzy inside she felt that dusknoir was defentely someone Tiffany could trust. "So Mr.Dusknoir you've really explored a place called bottomless sea?"

"yes I have..at the very end kyogre waits for you.." Dusknoir said with a chuckle.

"Wow did you beat him?!" Tiffany yelled at him her eyes sparkling like a child who had jsut met her superhero.

"Why yes he did..and he gave me this.." Dusknoir took out a beautiful blue cymbal that echoed with the shoers of the water.

"w-wow!" Tiffany yelped looking at the symbol. It seemed to have a soothing effect on her.

Dusknoir looked at Tiffany for a moment and then handed it to Tiffany. "Here you take it!" Dusknoir said with a smiled and Tiffany looked at him in dismay.

"O-Oh no I couldn't possibly.." Tiffany yelped.

"I insist!" Dusknoir chucled handing the cymbals to her

:W-wow thanks.." Tiffany mumbled her respect for dusknoir growing even more."Look theres the guild now!" Tiffany giggled as she saw the guilds building comnig into sight.

May 15th, 2008, 8:36 PM
Now i've got to ask myself if that was really the move's effect. Radian contemplated the thought that had just basically been said aloud by Marc, in response to her playful "Attract".

What was that supposed to mean? She queried to herself, an eyebrow slightly raising as he soon passed her, and she found herself walking directly behind her partner.

Does that mean it actually worked?! She thought, lighting up in excitedly for a moment, before a sweatdrop formed along the side of her face, and her cheeks began to burn red again with humiliation.

It worked.. She thought sheepishly, feeling a bit awkward and embarrassed at the same time. Though it wasn't easily visable judging by her chipper exterior, Radian in actuality was quite shy, and always had been. She sidled up close to Marc, wishing to say something, anything, but she wasn't quite sure what. Just as she had again reached his side, she opened her mouth, and was soon interrupted by her companion falling to the hard ground beneath them. Flabbergasted, her paw flew to her mouth, and instantly, her heart began pounding rapidly with dread.

"Marc?!" She cried out anxiously, frozen to the spot in which she stood, her soft golden eyes darting worriedly to and fro across the surface of his body as he just writhed in pain. She could see no visable physical wounds across his body, and since he was clutching at his head and squinting his eyes closed, she assumed it had something to do with his telepathy. Her paw wasn't glowing or swelling up, but she was still overcme with an instinct to help him in any way. Desperately, she looked about, wary of any wild pokemon that might be lurking about to attack her friend in his time of weakness, and unsure of anything else she could do, just stood defensively before him.

The Gummy! The thought coursed through her mind, and puzzled, Radian looked behind her at him.

Why would he be thinking about food in a time like this? Radian thought, exasperated, completely oblivious to the strange powers of the candy. It was then that she noticed Marc begin to blindly grope around for something, and realizing it must be his backpack, Radian rushed over and pushed the bag forth so it was just in his reach. As Marc tore the bag open and quickly devoured his Gummy, his intense migraine seemed to stop immediately, and Radian's stiff body untensed, shoulders sagging in relief as she wiped away more sweat that had formed across her brow.

Are you okay now? She asked, still a bit concerned. She hadn't ever seen anyone in such intense pain, at least not since the fire. But seeing Marc like that had caused her to flash briefly back to that time, in which she was completely useless as well. He probably hadn't sensed it, but it had killed her to see him in so much pain, especially when she could do nothing to help it.

But then again, it was just a headache. She scoffed at her own silliness, shaking her head as she continued in her walking.

If you're planning on being in a Rescue Team, saving the world etc etc, you're going to have to toughen up. It could have been ten times worse.

But even still, Radian couldn't help it. As she was a Healer, the worst thing in the world to her was to have to experience other people/pokemon in pain, and with a dream traveler, it would be the worst thing in the world to watch another be consumed by a nightmare, and not be able to do a thing about it.

"The kids! They are on this floor!" Marc suddenly exclaimed, out of the blue, snapping Radian from her thoughts as anxiously she peered up at him.

"Tell them to stay right where they are!" She chirped, scanning the area surrounding them, and scowling in frustration when she couldn't see a thing.

"Do you have a flashlight in your bag?" She asked quickly, right before she was conked in the head by a pretty good-sized pebble.

"Ow!" She yelped as the pebble made contact with her head. Her eyes narrowed once more, and her whole body stiffened as angrily, she glared daggers in the direction the stone had come from. As Leon appeared seemingly out of nowhere, Radian's expression changed completely from one of fury to one of delight.

"Leon!" She exclaimed happily, to which he greeted them both. Not two seconds after he had approached though, Radian noticed his face pale in the slightest, and his movements become all jittery and awkward as he just stared at the two. The little Eevee's face twisted up in confusion, of course, as she didn't know what in the world had overcome him, so she just smiled cluelessly and motioned to her partner.

"Uhm.. This is Marc!" She said, just to clear the air of awkwardness that had settled over the trio.

"Marc, this is Leon. He's the one who took me to the Guild when I.. we.. first got here." Radian told him, remembering that she and Marc had arrived at about the same time. It seemed like it had been eternity, when in reality it had only been one day. As Radian looked from one pokemon to the other, she realized she was directly in the middle of the two. Since no one seemed to be saying much, she just continued.

"Marc and I were just finishing a mission." She explained to Leon, her tail beginning to wag discreetly as her golden eyes shone up at him.

"Some kids got lost, and Marc thinks that they're on this floor! There's about three or four of them, so it would be great to have your help.. if it's not too much trouble."Radian added, realizing that Leon must be on a mission as well to be out in Drenched Bluff so late.

It's not like pokemon come here in their spare time. Radian though with a shudder, as she caught sight of some strange slime dripping from the cave walls.

Not unless they're depressed freaks.

May 15th, 2008, 9:10 PM
"Tell them to stay right where they are!" Marc heard Radian say, but now he didn't turn to her. He just closed his eyes and took a paw to his forehead, and the astonished look on his face switched to one demonstrating a very profound focus. ~C'mon, C'mon...~ he begged to himself as he tried to stretch his range again so he could easily communicate with the lost wanderers inside the cave.

He then noticed Radian asked him a question, but the focus on his mind didn't allow him to pay a complete attention to it, so it sounded like nonchalant gibberish sounds. That was until Radian let out a slight yelp of pain. "Ow"

Marc, like when they entered the dungeon and listened to Radian call out his name desperately while on the ground, fell the irresponsible feeling to turn back to aid his partner, but now he wasn't able to do so. He was in a deep trance as he tried to establish a link with the lost kids.

~Please.. Can anyone hear me?!~ Marc exclaimed in his thoughts. ~Yes!.. H-help! Please! Sir! We're lost!~ he heard in his mind. The faint cries of tired children who had been lost inside the cave for days. Those cries for pain.. Seemed like the epitome of innocence to him.

~A'right, A'right~ Marc started. ~Don't worry. I'm from a classified top notch Pokemon Rescue team and we're going to save you. Just hold you location, we'll get to you as fast as we can~ Marc communicated to them, managing to pull the playful top notch rescue team thing out of nowhere.

As Marc came out of the trance and turned back to Radian he noticed she was standing next to a Chimchar, and since she let out the 'Ow' a while ago, Marc supposed that the ape Pokemon was the cause, so he charged a Water Gun attack in his mouth and was about to release it when he was interrupted by Radian's comment.

"Uhm.. This is Marc! Marc, this is Leon. He's the one who took me to the Guild when I.. we.. first got here." As she finished saying this, his attack was immediately discarded. ~Oh, she knows him~ he thought. "Um.. Yeah, I'm Marc. Nice to meet you Leon" he managed to say.

Then, after Radian explained Leon what they were doing, Marc immediately jumped into the conversation. "Yes! The kids! I already communicated with them. We've got to find them! Fast!" he exclaimed as he turned towards the closest path leading somewhere else than the room the trio was at currently.

He loosened his bandana up, again, to release a bit of pressure, then ran away in search for the kids. He didn't even look back to see if the Radian and Leon followed. He just felt the urge to find the kids. They sounded so desperate... He managed to get a hold of himself, though, and turned back to the pair and motioned for them to follow.

May 15th, 2008, 11:39 PM
A Grovyle walked into Wigglytuff's chamber. "Friendly friend?" He (?) asked. Chatot looked at the Grovyle intensely. "Toby...Toby is that you?" The Grovyle smiled. "Yes...Yes it's me. And I learnt some new tricks too". He teleported around the room.Wigglytuff beamed, " Friendly, friend friend! Friendly friend friend!" Chatot perked up. "Toby, I'll Have to de-breif you and inform you whats happened". Toby smirked and cracked his knuckles. "Now whats been going on while I've been away?" "Always straight to the point. Well...."

(some time later)

"Yeah thats pretty much all of it" Chatot finished. Toby thought about what had been said. "I know its alot to take in...but its all true."
Toby smiled. "Hmmmmm.......Yes okay.." Toby stomach growled. He laughed. "I supose I better go get some food" He left the chamber and entered the mess hall. He took an apple of the buffet and bit into it. "Mmm, I missed these..." He gobbled it up. "What to do now?"

May 16th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Tiffany and Dusknoir entered the guild and went dowin into the 2nd floor.As they entered dusknoir was swarmed by the whole guild and they were freaking out to finally meet the infamous dusknoir! Chatot emerged from the wigglytuffs chamber and secretly treated to his wounds. He then told everyone that dusknoir was going to be guarding the guild why the whole guild is away on exepidition.

"Expedition..? OH MY GOSH!" Sunflora sreamed in delight as the whole guild bagan dancing around and Tiffany thought this was a bit strange.

"Erm..." Tiffany looked at dusknoir.

"This years expedition we will be exploring uncharted territory..There has been another theft in the time gears..this one was in a hidden cave on the beach..." Chatot began explaining things once more and Tiffany went to her thoughts.

"I stole that time gear...I'm ashamed..but i had to..something was telling me to.." Tiffany thought to herself hoping Marc wouldn't here her. She held the time gear which was faintly glowing in her had. Tiffany held it secretly though..so no one could see it.

"But this years expedition will be in this area..Open your wonder maps!" Chatot yelled marking places on all the wonder maps about base camps and where they would be exploring."This year we are exploring a place which is rumoured to have a time gear in it..and then we wil be going to Crystal cave because that is another place where it is rumoured to have a time gear." Chatot squawked. "Now I want you in teams of three..Pick your partners and get ready!"

Tiffany trembled.She had forgotten that she didn't have a rescue team partner. She sat there for a moment wishing dusknoir could come but he couldn't. "I guess..I'll go alone..i'm sure chatot won't mind.." Tiffany mumbled to herself. Packing up the time gear and other things she needed

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May 16th, 2008, 2:56 PM
Toby left the mess hall. "Whats all this commotion?" he wondered.
"..the great Dusknoir will be guarding the guild while we are on our expidition. Oh, hi Toby, I didn't see you there. So anyway, I want you travelling in teams of three." Dusknoir floated up to him. "Ahh, you must be Toby! I've Heard so much about you!" He said, offering his hand. "Well, I'd like to say the same about you...Sorry who are you again?"
He chuckled. "I'm Dusknoir. I'm a famous explorer. Are you okay?" Toby swayed, and closed his eyes. He could hear a faint voice in his mind. "To....Toby.....He....Help me......Toby......Help me" Toby opened his eyes. "Are you okay?" Dusknoir repeated. "Yea...I think so..I just get this feeling that....Never Mind." He paced over to Wigglytuff. "Would you like me to scout around for you?"
"Sure, Friendly friend friend!"
"Alright everybody listen up!"

May 17th, 2008, 10:27 AM
WAIT! Wait, wait a moment. What did it mean "Celebi has been taken"?
I could remember...I knew...he was important. A lot. A WHOLE lot. And then...what happened?
I could only look at that leafy gecko, staring blankly, the little paw still lifted: what-the-heck-did-he-mean.
And yet...strange, really strange. It took quite a bit to understand what was that little off-tune note, as always is, when something is really, REALLY obvious.
Every...single...time...I looked at the gecko-thing, near me...he seemed to slowen. Slowen? Yes, sloen. Don't ask me how, or why, I don't know; only, if I just tried to see if the others slowed too, he came back to his normal speed...or so I think, 'cause if I turned to him again, he slowed. Argh, what an headache!

And however, his words went on bouncing up and down in my head: bounce (Celebi), bounce (kidnapped), bounce (Celebi), bounce (kidnapped), bounce...and so on. I somewhat awakened, with a guilty relief: so, it was not a Paradise Lost, there were thiefs, there were kidnappers...there were murderers? Wars? I did not know; and still, in that strange mixture of happyness for a world that became more similar to mine and sadness for this emotion, I could simply mutter.

Kidnapped? Isn't he...like...powerfull? Great? A god of time? And then...?

May 17th, 2008, 12:47 PM
" I'd like to take a team of explorers to investigate some dungeons. It will require skill, speed, and strength. This is not for the faint hearted. I will only take 3 more explorers with me. If you want to come, Meet me at Sharpedo Bluff, sometime today. We leave in two days, at dawn. Now, anyone who wants to come, probably won't be able to go on the expition."
"Who wants to help Friendly friend friend?"

May 17th, 2008, 10:01 PM
Taro's eyes slowly cracked open as he awoke, seemingly in a different area of the guild. He was quickly able to recognize it as the medical wing, as he had been in it earlier the day before when the Mudkip had fallen into her nightmare.

"Oh!" a female voice said "Your awake!"

Looking over, Taro saw that a Riolu had been the one speaking, and was looking over at him from the other side of the room.

"T-thats amazing! I had found you still sleeping in your bunkroom, and when I alerted Chatot he had told me about your experience yesterday. I mean, its one thing to wake up from the nightmare once! No other pokemon but you guys have done it! But, to wake up from it twice? How were you able to?"

"I..." Taro said, slowly sitting himself up in the bed "Im not sure... It just sort of... ended."

Yes, he was lying, but how would he be able to tell the truth without blowing his cover?

"You dont remember? Thats odd... then again, I barely ever remember my dreams as well. Anyway, Its a good thing that your awake, loads of people were worried about you. Ill go tell the guild master that your up as soon as the meeting about the new expedition is over."

"Hm?" Taro asked in a curious tone "Expedition?"

"Yah, the guild goes out on expeditions to far-off or secluded areas every once in a while... To be honest, this would be my first time on one. Im kind of excited, but my partner is getting a bit nervous..."

Both of the pokemon's ears perked up at the sound of commotion in another area of the guild. It seemed the meeting was starting.

"Ah! I gotta get going!" The Riolu exclaimed "Ill be back to check on you once the meeting is over, ok?"

With that, she hurried out of the room, not wanting to miss anything that the Guildmaster had to say. Taro smirked, and lied back down. He should have asked the girl her name before she had left... but he supposed that he could ask her later. Right now, he had bigger things to worry about then someones name...

May 18th, 2008, 8:00 AM
Seemingly out of nowhere, not a second after Radian had finished her explanation, Marc took off, arms flailing as his short legs carried him somewhere completely unknown to her.

Oh great. Radian thought sourly, taking a deep breath as she too launched herself into a full-out gallop, her fatigued body barely allowing her to stay ten feet behind him. Radian squinted her eyes, attempting to keep sight of her partner, but as she continuously lagged behind, she found herself slowing drastically, then eventually stopping, her thin chest heaving in exhaustion. For awhile, she was able to hear the rapidness of Marc's footfall, but soon that was lost to her as well. Helplessly, Radian looked around her, searching for the warm glow of Leon's tail, Marc's water gun attack, anything. But for a brief few moments, she could neither see or hear a thing. It was then that the day's events took a toll on the little Eevee,and rolling her eyes back in her head, she staggered around, struggling to stay to her feet. So much had happened today, and yesterday, and it didn't fail to amaze her that she was already helping save others when she herself hadn't made any plans for the future.

But it's like I told Marc. Radian reminded herself, thinking back to the night before, when he had expressed his concerns to her.

I'll do myself no good by sitting around and worrying about it. I might as well make good use of my time here.. until I figure out how to go back.

But as Radian thought about going back, her heart sank a little bit, and was struck by a twinge of sadness. She was confused until she thought about the friends she had made, and how if she returned to the world where Humans dominated, she would again be alone and friendless.

Radian was interrupted in her thoughts by a low murmuring of voices, coming through faintly to her from her far right. Immediately, Radian's ears perked up, and she stood erect, struggling to obtain another sound. Radian's face broke out in a relieved smile as the sound came to her again, this time more clearly, an anxious chorus of children's voices. Blindly, Radian ran forth in the dark, toward the direction she had heard the voices, and sure enough, there was Marc, surrounded by a trio of smaller pokemon who were giggling and screaming in delight, gratefully trying to climb up his body and touch his badge in an ambush. As Radian approached with a grin, two of the children surrounding him instantly left his side and scrambled over to her, playfully tugging at the scarf around her neck. Radian beamed proudly, casting Marc a sideward glance, as she knew that he must be feeling the same way that she was.

So, do you think it was worth it? She asked silently, directing a thought toward her partner as the kids began to rifle hungrily through her satchel, looking for any type of food.

Miss, do you have any food? A tiny little star-shaped pokemon pleaded to Radian, and she instantly realized that the little tyke must be the son that the parent writing the note had been talking about. Radian immediately recognized this pokemon as a little Cleffa. His friend, an Igglybuff, found the Gummy and immediately devoured it. A dazed look overcame him, and then he giggled, again combing through her bag to see if he could find anything more. Radian picked the satchel up in her teeth, digging through it until she found a Perfect Apple, and split the fruit up into three pieces, one for the Cleffa, one for the Igglybuff, and one for the Smoochum still attached to Marc's side.

As the Igglybuff munched happily on his third of the apple, Radian looked down at him, her eyes passing over the surface of his body, then widening in alarm.She nibbled anxiously on her lower lip, unable to take her eyes from the gaping wound slashed across the tiny pokemon's head, her paw beginning its swelling, lightening to its golden hue as it began to glow in a familiar way. Radian grabbed the Igglybuff with one paw, holding it still, as quickly, she pressed her glowing paw against the wound, a concentrated hum filling her mind as she closed her eyes. She wasn't aware of the Cleffa and the Smoochum staring at her, mouth agape with amazement as she first drew the infection out, then closed the wound up, focused only on the body of the Igglybuff. As she finished, and her paw returned to normal size and color, the Igglybuff and two others surrounded her, flabbergasted at her power, chattering noisily for a turn as they flashed various scratches and bruises they had obtained. A sweatdrop formed along the side of Radian's face, and her mouth fell open into an overwhelmed grin as helplessly she looked at Marc. It took an immense amount of energy to heal, especially a large wound like Radian had just done, and she had already begun to feel light-headed. But Radian just forced herself to suck it up, and now sweating vigorously all over her body, she healed every cut, bruise, and scrape on the children's body. As the children began to scatter in every possible direction, determined to find more ways of injuring themselves so that Radian could heal them, a light engulfed the group, and they were teleported immediately back to the Guild.

In a daze, Radian looked around, realizing they were no longer in Drenched Bluff. She had no idea to how they had gotten back here, or why they had spontaneously been teleported, but she was thankful that they were saved the long walk home, nevertheless. A Jynx, a Jigglypuff, and a Clefairy awaited them, and squealed with delight when their offspring appeared.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" They all cried ecstatically, showering Marc and Radian with praise and gratitude, and also a hefty amount of money. Sheepishly, humiliation burning across her face, Radian tiredly accepted the money, her head spinning with all the sudden light and noise, and her body quivering as her muscles finally gave way to gravity. Her body collapsed to the ground, tired from all the energy exerted, and hungry, growling from the lack of food she hadn't consumed today. The last thing she saw as her eyes slipped shut was Chatot removing most of the money from her paw and carrying it away, then Marc peering down at her.

I'm just.. She thought to him, before she was ripped away by unconsciousness.

May 18th, 2008, 9:02 AM
~Find the kids, Find the kids, Find the kids, Find the kids~ Marc thought to himself , almost in stupor as he ran through the coldness of the dungeon with his faint body taking him as fast as he could towards the alleged direction of the absent children.

~Find the kids, Find the kids, Find the...~ He continued to think, but suddenly got interrupted by the desire to stare back at his partner, noticing he hadn't heard a single sound from her. ~Radian?!~ He thought to himself as he stared around, looking for her. He could've sworn she was able to follow him, but that was not the case.

"Man, I'm so stupid!" Marc cried out loud. "Radian did seem fatigued. I shouldn't have left off just like that!.."

Marc was about to dart back to the location he was before, but was blocked from doing so when a voice entered his head. ~Please! Ow!... He.. Help!~ The voices of the lost kids struck his head hard. "I.." He wasn't sure of what to do. Whether to go back to Radian or find the kids. "Oh, I know" he said. "That Explorer's Manual.. The badge... Yes!"

As he finished saying this Marc darted back to the location of where the thoughts came from. ~I really hope Radian's there..~ he thought with a deep breath as he continued to run. He grew more and more tired, as well as hungry. ~I may not make it..~ he thought as he struggled each time more and more for breath. ~But.. I can sense them closer...

Just after some minutes of running, and after collapsing on the chilled floor of the cave-like maze; Marc managed to reach a gargantuan room. The thoughts of the kids felt just a few feet away.

Marc looked up and saw three silhouettes lying fainted on the cave's wall. "Hey!" he exclaimed as he ran towards them. Yes, there was the chance they were wild Pokemon that woulds strike at him, but he took the risk. Soon enough the shadows stood up and revealed themselves as baby Pokemon, all bruised up and tired. "Are... You.. Here to.. Rescue.. Us?" a small round Pokemon asked nervous as he approached the stranger Totodile. "Yes!" Marc called. The kids yelped around happily at this lone word. Marc then stared around, noticing Radian wasn't around. He didn't find her, and his happy gesture changed to a cold and sad one. ~What if something.. No.. That can't be. Anyway. If I teleport out she'll be outside with us too, or so the Manual said..~ Marc then took his banadana and started to rub the badge slowly, preparing for the teleport; but out of the blue came Radian.

"Radian!" Marc squaled happily as he tried to walk towards her, but he wasn't able to do so because the children took a place in front of him and ran towards her. All of them but a Smoochum. He then smiled to himself happily as he stared at her, feeling incredibly bad for leaving her behind.

~So, do you think it was worth it?~ He heard Radian communicate through thoughts. ~Absolutely..~ He responded to her with a smile still on is face.

Radiant then started to heal the kids. Marc then slowly continued to walk towards her, expecting her to fain in any moment, for she seemed incredibly tired. As the now healed kids scrambled away, Marc took the badge in his hand away. "We better leave before something else happens.. I doubt we will be able to do something at this conditions.." He rubbed his badge, then the five were swallowed in a bright light and taken to the guild.

The pair was then paid a good amount of money. "This is coo..." Marc managed to say tiredly under his breath as he stared at Radian, who was now on the ground lying unconscious. As Marc stared at their new loot, he saw Chatot diving from the sky and taking away the money, leaving only a small part of it and taking the rest as 'The Guild's share'. Marc didn't complain, because he knew that share would allow them to continued to be in this guild, which was why they did a rescue in first place.

~I'm just..~ he heard Radian think before she passed out. Marc then sat down nearby and stared up. He felt like he was about to pass out, but he started to think about the many things that happened today. ~The expression on the kid's face.. It felt so nice to have rescued them.. And we got ourselves some money.. I can't remember last time I felt so good.. But I can't remember anything. I wonder how my life was before this.. Maybe it sucked... Maybe it was completely awesome.. I don't know. I don't want to sleep... I feel so tired, though... None of us had time to eat today.... Oh, and the other Pokemon, Leon. I wonder if he got teleported out, too... And if he did.. Where. I shouldn't have just ran away..~ he thought happily, then tiredly, as he lied down on the ground, resting his head on the ground. It was quite uncomfortable. . ~I really need to ask for a place to sleep tomorrow..~ he thought each time more and more tiredly. He then had an idea; he grabbed his bag, stuffed his bandana in it to give it volume and then used it as a pillow. A comfortable one, in fact. He rested his head on the backpack for a second, then sighed as he turned to a side and stared at Radian for some seconds. He stared at her satchel, then up at her face again and stood up, doing the same he did with his bag but with her satchel. He gently lifted Radian's head and placed the satchel under it, then putting it back in place.

He then lied down again on his own spot, resting his head on the bag and passing out quickly...

May 19th, 2008, 9:44 AM

Wha-wha-what? Go? Whose voice was that? It seemed...again...to flow from every place, every single angle...every mouth. And it said, plainly, with no doubt nor explanations, go.
But...go where? The only chance...even if it was a little, like, crazy...was the expedition with that gecko-guy. To a forest. Uh-uh, I always hated "the nature", and now it seemed like the only chance to live.
No big cities, no condos, no baths and no...no what? Names, only names. They filled me with a sense of pureness, of comfort, and yet they were so far...another life. I shrugged, but only for a moment; because, half a second later...


The roar surprised me: I nearly fell (I didn't think I could fall on all four!) and I took a step...my head still rang when, the voice no more than a squeak, I said to the pokemon who was leaving:

I...I'd like to come with you. I have to come with you. Soooo...where are we going?

May 20th, 2008, 11:07 AM
Leon had been left alone after the Eevee and Totodile had left him in the dark. Leon couldn't believe they had left him, but after awhile he looked for more stairs. He found the same stairs that had led him to the bottom. He climbed the unknown stairs yet again and found himself where he had started from. Leon stomped his foot and threw out a Flamethrower to the Lileep sleeping. After the Lileep disappeared the stairs were revealed. Leon was a little mad and started to hunt down Pokemon on the next floor to express his rage.

He found himself once again on the last floor of Drenched Bluff. When he made it there he found the two treasure chest that Croagunk had talked about. Leon picked up the chest then started to leave. As he was about to go, a Pokemon tackled him. The chest Leon was holding fell to the ground. He looked up and saw that a Cradily had tackled him. The Cradily had sensed Leon's Flamethrower that attacked the sleeping Lileep and wanted some revenge. Leon grabbed his chest and warned the Pokemon, "Don't make me hurt you. I'm in a bad mood after what I've seen and been through these last couple of minutes. Do you really want to fight a burning with jealousy Chimchar? Because if you do then you've just come to a nightmare."

After a flash of red Leon found himself back at the guild. He was happy to see Eevee, but then he saw Totodile sleeping on the floor. The spark of jealous shook Leon's heart again as his flame grew brighter from the rage before Chimecho welcomed him. Leon gave it a warm hello and went downstairs to Croagunk. Croagunk opened the chest and gave Leon the contents. The "Chimchar Fang" and "Chimchar Fur" ,which Leon stood in shock from. "I told you these items were just for you." said Croagunk laughing, while Leon took the items and went to vent his anger. "This day has gone from bad to worst to horrible." said Leon as he started to attack rocks faraway from the guild.

May 20th, 2008, 3:45 PM
Tiffany looked around and smiled at Dusknoir who was signing autographs. She looked at the cymbals that were glowing faintly. Tiffany stared at them in awe. "These are so pretty..." Tiffany mumbled admiring the glowing beauty of the cymbals. Her mind then wandered to the guilds expedition. "So Chatot where are we going to be explorign first?" Tiffany asked him.

"Well your first goal is to get to base camp..then we will be exploring uncharted territory.We must protect the time gears!" Chatot squawked.

"Time gears eh?" Tiffany mumbled looking at chatot. She looked in her bag to see the time gear glowing again, she placed the cymbals in her bag as well. "There its all good now!" Tiffany smiled as she walked to her room and began packing for the expedition.

May 20th, 2008, 5:02 PM
As Marc was drifting away very happily while on his sleep, he felt a harsh flame next to him. The area around him started to rise in temperature at a noticeable speed. ~Huh..~ he thought with his eyes still closed as he struggled with the tiredness and trying to wake up. He managed to open one eye, but as soon as he did so the temperature went down to normal, and all he could see with his half-opened eye was a blurry image of Chimecho walking away.. ~What was that...~ he thought confuse as he fought against the weight of eye before yawning and falling asleep again.

The next morning, Marc woke up as soon as some sunlight his his face. He opened both of his eyes very slowly, causing him to only see in a fuzzy frame. His eyes opened in a shock and he sat up quickly, though, as soon as he noticed he wasn't in the area he remembered falling asleep; just like last time he fell asleep.

He stared around rapidly trying to identify the room he was in, but didn't recognize it. It seemed like a cool and calm place; having only 2 hay beds, a window through which light came in, some sort of large signpost near the entrance and of course, a door.

~Where am I.. And how did I get here..~ he thought confused. He stood up, grabbing his backpack and putting on his bandanna, which where too there. As he was about to walk out of the room, Loudred came in with a booming voice. "WAKE U.. OH!. I SEE YOU'RE ALREADY AWAKE. YOU MISSED THE WHOLE THING! DUSKNOIR IS TAKING US TO AN EXPEDITION!" Loudred yelled merrily as he jumped up and down in excitement, causing dubious amounts of pain to Marc's ears.

"Hold on! Who's Dusknoir? What Expedition?! How did I get here?" Marc interrupted abruptly. The silence following his words was relaxing for some seconds, until Loudred started speaking again. "OH YEAH. I SAW YOU SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR LAST NIGHT. AND I HEARD FROM CHATOT ABOUT THE MISSION YOU AND YOUR PARTNER DID. GOOD JOB! I DECIDED TO BRING YOU TO THIS CREW ROOM. IT IS MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE THAN THE GROUND, AIN'T IT?" Loudred started saying before running out and yelling. "HURRY UP AND GET READY!"

"But you didn't answer my last two questions!" Marc yelled out to the Loudred, but he was to jolly yelping out in happiness like to hear.

"I wonder.. What this is all about.." he then said to himself looking down at the ground. "Who's Dusknoir.. And where are we going.." he repeated to himself over and over. "And I wonder where's Radian" Marc then said as he stared around the room, noticing the other hay stacks that the beds where made of had a small bump in it, like if someone had used it.

"Well.. I am not going to get any answers by lying here.." he murmured as he headed outside to the main area of the Guild. As soon as he got out, he noticed how everyone was in a rush. He closed his eyes to read there minds..

~Oh my gosh! I can't beleive we're going to explore with Dusknoir! Oh my gosh...~ One thought said. ~Yup! Golly, this is going to be very cool! Yup!~ another one said. "Who's Dusknoir!" Marc repeated to himself almost angrily. He was about to head for answers, but was stopped when his belly roared... Loudly.

~Oh right.. I haven't eaten anything...~ he remembered as he turned towards the Mess hall.

As soon as he went in, he noticed that the food left meant most of the Pokemon in the guild had already eaten. "Oh well.." he said as he sat down int he table, alone. There still was food for some Pokemon to eat, meaning that either everyone had a small meal or some still had their bellies empty.

Without further thinking, Marc started to eat the present food as he payed attention to everyone that walked inside the room.

May 20th, 2008, 6:57 PM
Radian, Radian. A sweet, musical voice tsked scoldingly, and suddenly, Radian found herself standing in that same spot she had been last time she encountered the melodic voice, amid sunken holy ruins. Radian looked quickly around her, for some reason not surprised at her location, and strangely, with the need of picking up where she last left off. And the last time she had visited this faraway fantasy, she had been drug away before she could discover the voice's true identity.

Always late, dearest Radian. You know, they say punctuality is one of the common traits of a hero.

Or heroine. Radian thought defensively, absently lifting a paw from the crystal water she stood in and scratching at the back of her head.

And you are a heroine, The voice playfully emphasized, If not an unlikely one. And more times than one in the past two days, my dear, you've been later than all the rest. Have I not warned you that they would leave you behind?

Leave me behind for what? Radian thought, her brow furrowing as desperately she continued to comb the area, for a shadow, a silhouette, anything. But this time, not even an outline was revealed to her. It was apparent that the owner of the voice still didn't want himself or herself revealed. Shaking her head in defeat, Radian just straightened, staring down at her reflection in the water, which was so clear, it was as if she were gazing directly into a mirror.

Well, I guess you'll just have to wake up and find that out, won't you? The voice giggled delightfully, and as the words bounced playfully around Radian, she was showered by tiny spatters of water as a seemingly invisible force splashed water at her. For some reason, the images of Marc and Leon came into Radian's head, and her shoulders sagged just the tiniest bit in relief. She smiled, her tail wagging, as her heart, which had begun beating rapidly since the idea of her being left behind had been presented, slowed to a calmer pace.

They wouldn't leave me.. She thought instantly, a slow smile settling over her furry face, reassuring herself more than the voice.

I wouldn't be so sure.. The voice continued, Radian's face crinkled up as it was accompanied by a darker hint of anxiety.

You didn't stick by Leon in the cave, did you? Did you? Did you? Did you? Did you? The word of accusation rang endlessly, it seemed, and were much louder than its preceding words. The words were but a deafening roar, and as Radian's paws flew to cover both her sensitive ears from the noise, she noticed her surroundings shifting, and the purity of the solid white above her soiling into a pitch black. Radian hadn't yet lifted her eyes from her reflection in the water's surface, and instead of the plain image of the Eevee she had become, she now saw herself, that same Eevee, but she was being consumed entirely by a wrathful flame. Her fur was singing at the ends before quickly igniting and burning down to her skin before the flesh itself caught fire. Fear clutched at her weak little heart, and as a scream erupted from her lips, the shape in the water contorted, her mouth forming into an 'O' as it melted, becoming waxy in appearance as her golden eyes seemed to melt away down into it.

Help.. She thought, begging, pleading to the voice as the area around her heated up. Wildly, she looked up, to see herself surrounded completely by a raging inferno, the water replaced by a lake of fire. Though the water had indeed become fire, Radian still managed to catch her own reflection in it, burning..

Please! She cried out pitifully, though her cry was followed only by empty echoes.

I didn't leave him! I would never desert a friend! But my mission was complete! It teleported me out! I couldn't do a thing about it!

Lies! Foolish lies! A deep, heavy voice boomed out, drastically different from the light, happy little voice that had first spoken to Radian. She shrunk back in horror as a dark shadow stretched before her, wavering in the flame, before coming nearer and nearer to her helpless little form, before a creature arose from the shadow itself. As Radian stared into the empty, souless eyes of the creature, she recalled that it was like staring into the deep abyss of death itself. She shuddered once, trying to step back, but found that when she did, she was only scorched painfully by the flame behind her. She yelped in pain, and tears tugged at her eyes.

So we've hit a sensitive spot, haven't we've? The ominous figure chuckled menacingly, never taking his eyes from the Eevee's.

Your fear.. finally comes out. And i've hit it dead center, haven't I? Arsonphobia.. The creature mused, pausing a bit in his words. Not as common as Arachnophobia, but all the better. He giggled insanely. We can have so much more fun with this one. At these words, the flames leapt to heights of forty feet. Radian could only stare on in horror, as again and again she saw herself in the reflection burning alive. Firmly, she shut her eyes and bit her lip.

No! She thought wildly. This is no time to be dealing with this! I'm missing something important! I have to wake up now, and no one will keep me from it, not even you Darkrai!

May 20th, 2008, 7:47 PM
~Ugh..... I'm satisfied.. Perhaps a little bit too much...~ Marc thought after eating a large portion of the food in the middle of the table. He was leaning back on his right hand while he placed the other hand on his belly, which was now completely 'inflated'. ~I can't remember last time food tasted this good.. But I can't remember much anyway.. Hey.. Talking about remembering.. I have found no clue about my past.. I have forgotten about that..~ Marc thought to himself.

~Maybe my life before this wasn't any good.. Maybe I was a lonely, sad and cold person.. Maybe I was rich and had everything I wanted.. Or maybe.. Meh.. I don't know. ~

After some moments of deep thought, Marc gave a very deep and long sigh, then stared at all the food. ~Hm..~ he thought as he stretched his claw and grabbed a large part of the food, then stuffed it in his bag. ~Might be useful for later. But right now I need to know about this expedition thing..~

As he finished thinking this and after closing his backpack, Marc stood up and walked out of the mess hall; only to see the same guild Pokemon still rushing around the whole guild. "Hey... Hey.. Excuse me.. Hey.. Hey!" Marc called out as he tried to get someone's attention, but no one listened to him.. Everyone was too hurried like to hear.

As he walked around trying to ask someone what was going on, he stumbled upon a ghostly figure. "Oh, hello there, my friend!" The Ghost called as he looked down at Marc. "Um.. Hi.." he responded as he stared up at the ghost. "Who might you be, fellow?" The ghost asked. "Ur.. My name is Marc. You are?" Marc asked curiously. "Oh" the Ghost said laughing. "My name is Dusknoir! Nice to meet you Marc!"

As Dusknoir presented himself, Marc's eyes opened in shock. ~So he is Dusknoir?!~ he asked himself. ~Well, I'm sure he can explain this whole expedition thing to me~.

"Well, Marc, I suggest you go get ready for the upcoming expedition! There's not much time!" Dusknoir said in a friendly and polite tone as he floated away slowly. "Wait!" Marc called. "What expedition!". The Dusknoir seemed to have ignored Marc, and unconsciously he read Dusknoir's mind. ~Pathetic fools.. They don't know what's approaching~.

~What's he talking about.. What's wrong with him... He's strange~ Marc thought as he saw Dusknoir vanish into thin air. As he stared in awe, another Pokemon bumped into him and knocked him into the ground. He stood up and dusted himself up as thoughts entered his head.

~Dusknoir! Oh my gosh! Expedition! Time gears!... Help..~

~These Pokemon all need to Relax..~ Marc said as he sat down on the ground, in front of the mission boards. That was the floor everybody appeared to be on, anyway. ~Might as well mess with them for a while to get their attention...~ Marc thought mischievously.

He closed his eyes and focused. He could almost feel his range of telepathy expanding so much it covered almost all the guild. ~Here I go..~ he said as he took a deep breath.

~Hey! Hey! Over here! Can you hear me? Tsk! Hey!~ He said through his mind. Just then, every single Pokemon Marc's eyesight allowed him to see stopped in a sudden. They all started spinning around looking for the source of the voice. He hadn't spoken to many Pokemon, so no one he could see recognized his voice. ~I'm over here! Can you see me?~ he then said to all of the Pokemon. "Who's that!?" all of them called scared as they ran around now faster than before.

Marc just fell on his sides from laughter. They all looked so funny. He took a deep breath and just sat there, staring and waiting for the moment when everyone got tired of running.

May 21st, 2008, 8:29 AM
Silly girl! Darkrai cackled, his strange sleeve-like arms folding across one another. He drifted closer and closer, until his body, if it could even be considered a body, was pressed up against her own. Radian gagged, and nearly collapsed from his over-powering vile stench, the stench of decay that was always present with the dead.

What makes you of all people think that you're worthy to overcome me? You think you're so mighty and righteous simply because you have the so-called healing abilities?!

Radian remained silent, eyes still awidened in terror, her entire body beginning to shake as her tail tucked instinctively between her two hindlegs.

You couldn't even save your brother! Your brother! Your brother! Your brother! Your brother!

Again, the words of accusation echoed thunderously, ringing so loudly within Radian's head that she was sure it would burst any minute now.

My brother? Radian asked, pure confusion marring her delicate face until she recalled an image, a brief fleeting image that had caught her attention while here, on the night of her arrival when she had been talking to Marc.

The horribly burned, scarred face.. Charred flesh, eyes still intact.. Filled to the brim with sorrow.. Wild, panicked sobbing.. Cries of help gone unanswered.

No.. Radian thought, the image replaying again and again within her mind. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't stop it, couldn't cleanse herself of it. Her body began to shudder violently, and as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, she screamed viciously.

NO! The cry erupted her, and falling forward into the flames, she just writhed with anguish.

No! Her cry became weaker in volume, as she realized that she just didn't have that much energy to expend. Her body wildly began convulsing, and her heart beat rapidly now, the grotesque image playing within her mind becoming slower and slower until eventually, it became so slow that it appeared to stop for several seconds at each image, forcing Radian to take in every painful sight from that night.

I don't deserve.. to live.. Radian thought weakly, eyes losing their shininh luster and growing increasingly dull as she stared up at Darkrai. Darkrai smirked, for that was what he had been wishing for her to say all along.

It's doubtless that you're a pathetic excuse for a healer. He told her quietly, suddenly becoming more friendly as he eased his putrid arm over her limp little body.

And that your abilities won't help your friends in the grand scheme.

But I, my dear, do believe you to be quite valuable indeed. You weren't brought here to save the world, lovely Radian. I brought you here myself, to help me in my plan. You carry so much pain from your past, but I can help you with that. I can.. bring your dear little brother back.

Radian lifted one eye in surprise, her body ceasing in its convulsions as shock overcame her. She didn't utter a word, just stared incredulously up at the eery creature before her, who had extended the end of his ghostly appendage down just a few inches away from Radian's paw.

That's outrageous. She thought, dismissing the suggestion instantly, not even letting herself dare to even hope for that.

Is it? Darkrai inquired sweetly, to which he courteously helped Radian up from the ground with one arm.

I am the pokemon of nightmare, of death. You're certain that I couldn't manage to being a single Human back from the underworld?

That's not in your control. Radian replied, stepping guardedly away from the dark pokemon.

That lies with the great god Arceus. At these words, Darkrai's eyes narrowed in the slightest, escaping Radian's notice completely, as he simply turned away from her, as if offended. His back to her, Darkrai angrily crossed his arms.

Fine then. He huffed. I guess i'll just have to prove it to you first.

Radian's golden eyes nearly popped from her little head at the sight that Darkrai brought before her.

May 21st, 2008, 3:53 PM
Tiffany had just finish her thing time gear the cymbals food and other various things. "Ok now that thats over with! Wait..." Tiffany sensed ominous feeling. "Darkrai.." Tiffany mumbled following the ominous feeling till she reached Radians room. "R-Radian?!" Tiffany yelped and shook Radian. "Dang it Darkrai!" Tiffany hissed

"I can help you.." A voice mumbled as Tiffany entered a vision."You can- Dialga..." Tiffany mumbled."I'll help you..Just make sure to save your friend..her healing powers are great..." Dialga whispered.

"I'll do it..!" Tiffany yelled in the utmost confidence.

"Alright Tiffany...get ready..." Dialga whispered as the gem on its crest began to glow and before Tiffany knew it she was in Radians nightmare.

"Radian...! Darkrai!" Tiffany yelped looknig at the ghost pokemon who had Radian obviously in a trance."Leave Radian alone! Radian don't listen to him!" Tiffany yelped and began shaking her. Tiffany kept shaking her but she was attacked by a darkrai clone before she could do anything. "ED-Darkrai I won't let you get away with this.." Tiffany mumbled and winced in pain.

"Its hopeless! You foolish meddler! Radians heart is consumed by guilt!" Darkrai yelled and laughed evilly.

"No...! I remeber..hope is something that cannot go away..Something that cannot be defeated! Darkrai give up its pointless for you to go any further!" Tiffany yelled pushing the clone Darkrai off her."

Hah what are you going to do ?!" Darkrai yelled and was still summonig something from the depths of the nightmare."I plan...to defeat you!" Tiffany hissed and she felt her body being consumed by something.

"You've proven yourself..use the roar of time.." Dialga whispered.

"ROAR OF TIME!" Tiffany yelled as she charged as a sky blue beam distorting the time around it.

"What?!" Darkrai yelped as the beam began to charge.

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May 21st, 2008, 8:51 PM
((My computer broke, so im typing my replies out on my Wii at the moment (with a usb keyboard, thankfully) so excuse my future posts if they seem a bit sloppy.))

"Crystal Cave?" Taro questioned the Riolu after she had returned from the meeting, with her partner, who was a Smeargle.

"Yah." The Riolu, whos name was Rin, responded "Not that much is known about it, but its rumored to hold a time gear inside of it. Thats one of the reasons everyone is so egar to go."

"Time gear..." Taro recalled "Wern't those the things that kept time running smoothly? Like, if you removed one, time stopped in the area you took it from?"

"Yah." Rin said "One apparently was stolen earlier today, somewhere near here actually, so naturally everyone wants to try and protect this one, so thats another reason everyone wants to go. The whole guild is scrambling to get ready for the expedition by tomrrow, but luckly Picasso and I have been prepared since the day before yesterday.

To prove her point, she took out an expedition bag which was obviously filled with supplies. From the smell around it, Taro could tell that it had a few Apples and Gummies within it.

"Why are you guys so prepared so early?" Taro couldn't help but ask.

"Well..." Rin said "Were still new to the guild. This is going to be our first time on an expedition, and we want to look good infront of the Guildmaster and Chatot."
"Um..." The Smeargle, Picasso shyly said "Taro? Chatot said we were spliting up into teams of three... were only two though... I-I was wondering... Could you join us for the expedition?"

"Me?" Taro asked "Why me?"

"What else do you have to do?" RIn asked "It beats sitting in the medical wing all day!"

"Well..." Taro said "I suppose I don't see why not."

"Alright then!" Rin said happily "Ill go tell Chatot so he can put our names on the list of teams heading out. I suppose we'll meet up with you tomrrow!"

With that, Rin left the room, with Picasso following close behind. Taro lied his head down on his pillow, and began to drift off to sleep, knowing what awaited him once he entered it...


"Open these doors for me." Darkrai said. Taro found himself surrounded by several doors leading into other peoples dreams, one of them belonging to Ridian's dream. With a wave of his hand, the doors slowly swung open, and darkness began pouring into them. Darkrai smirked as he watched the Munchlax work. He could very well open all of the doors by himself, but was rather having Taro do it to make him feel like Darkrai needed him, and that he was actually doing something for him. Plus, it proved his loyalty, being willing to throw these pokemon into nightmares without any questions asked.

"Good work." Darkrai said, watching nightmares pour into the dreams of others. "I suppose... that will do for now."

"What shall I do next master?" Taro asked, still feeling wierd calling Darkrai master, dispite having memories of doing it several times.

"Don't worry." He said "I will have use for you very soon..."

With that, Darkrai entered one of the doors. The one that led to Ridians dream...


Darkrai's look of astonishment at Tiffany's ability to use Roar of Time quickly turned to a devilish smirk. He could easily turn this whole thing against her.

"Tiffany! Don't attack!" Taro's voice sounded out. In an instant, he was between her and Darkrai, suspended in air by some type of chains made out of a strange dark energy. If Tiff fired, she would blast the Munchlax as well.
"Ridian isn't the only one of your friends I have." Darkrai said, looking down at the Munchlax, who seemed very distressed, though Darkrai knew it was just acting. "If you kill me, you kill him as well. You wouldn't want that now would you Tiffany? It would just be another thing on the list of bad things you have done.

Right under stealing that Time Gear."

May 22nd, 2008, 11:14 AM
Leon had vented enough of his anger so he returned to the guild. On his return all of the guild Pokemon had gone into a panic over some voice in the sky. Leon was calm enough not to attack them, but he did hit them all on the heads. "It would be illogical for a voice to come from the sky, fools. It was probaly some ghost Pokemon that is playing some prank or someone even more foolish." Leon yelled at the Pokemon. Chatot went over to him and apologized for their actions. "And you call yourself a Pokemon." Leon coldly said to the Chatot as he walked out of the room.

While he was walking he heard an array of sounds. He heard a laughing voice from above him and someone using a powerful move. Leon had to make up his mind to follow the laughing or the powerful move noise. Leon put together a list of pros and cons about his choices, went into the kitchen for a snack, and made his decision. "I'm going to take a nap." Leon said moving to his room for a nap. However, before he could lay down Loudred came and grabbed him back to the others. Chatot told Leon that the guild would be going on an expedition and he needed to be in a group of three.

He quickly left the room and searched for the Eevee so that the Totodile wouldn't beat him. Leon looked up and down until he found Eevee with the Mudkip from before. The Eevee looked like she was in pain and Mudkip wasn't doing so well either. Leon looked at the shadow around Eevee and it started to click. He realized that the shadow was hurting the Mudkip and Eevee. Leon smirked as the shadow made a mistake in attacking his friends while he was still clearing off his bad mood. Leon released his shadow and tried to bind the shadow holding the Mudkip while splitting another shadow to take control of Eevee's body and force her to wake up.

May 22nd, 2008, 3:14 PM
"Alfonse!" Radian cried out eagerly, her tail instantly erecting as ecstatically, it began to wave. She leapt to her feet, her angiuish vanishing abruptly as she caught sight of her little brother. Though deep down, the tiny Eevee must have known that such a feat was impossible, even for Darkrai, she showed no signs of believing it. She had grieved for so long, and now that there was a chance, even a slight one that all the pain and guilt would end, she was going to cling to it for dear life. Radian drew back a little, coiling her delicate body up into a compact little ball, then letting herself loose, springing forward to pounce on the form that was her little brother, Alfonse. A naive smile of sorts had lit up her face, and she now seemed to radiate nothing but happiness. Standing back away from her, Darkrai shuddered once, his face becoming hite in pallor as he looked away from Radian. He wasn't used to such delight filling one of his nightmares, and not surprisingly, it was making him feel a bit weak. He fed from others' darkest dears, not their happiness. But patiently, he waited, knowing that Radian's guilt was the key to her servitude.

Darkrai stared on, emotionless, as Radian simply fell through the form of her brother, and landed once again in the hellish flames that filled her nightmare. Jumping up, Radian shook her fur out, despair replacing her newfound joy and settling over her face as the form of the young boy only stared into mournfully into Radian's bright eyes. Radian's heart nearly broke at the sight of her brother, again in so much pain, his eyes still the same from the night he had last stared up at her and uttered her name.

"Alfonse.." Radian whispered, all traces of joy now forgotten. Alfonse's face hadn't changed in the slightest last time she had gazed upon it, the skin was the same blistering red, having been scorched from the fire. His hands and feet were burned and scarred horribly in a similar fashion, and his hair, once a thick luscious mane of beautiful brown curls had all fallen out, the few sparse patched left being singed with black. He still wore his bedclothes from that night, and as it had been some time since the tragedy, Radian's heart tore open at the sight, a sight to which she had prayed countless times never to have to witness again. Her lower lip quivering, Radian simply stared forward trance-like, her golden eyes pooling sorrowfully to the brim with tears. Darkrai smirked menacingly, charcoal eyes glowing happily as he knew that he had Radian in his clutches now.

Hook, line, and Sinker. He thought with a cackle, as he made the transparent form of the boy step forward toward the little Eevee.

Radian.. Alfonse smiled down at her, before hesitating, pausing as if to catch his breath.

Radian, please. He seemed to beg. Help me! I'm trapped down here, and it's a horrible place to be! I'm all alone.. At this, tears spilled from the boy's miserable eyes, and he pressed his hands, laced thickly with scars, against his charred face. Radian's heart wavered at the sight, and immediately, she ran forward, trying desperately to wrap her furry little arms around the boy, but failing as she only fell through his form.

Don't cry, Alfonse.. She begged tearfully, her entire body beginning to tremble as she was interrupted by a giant sob. She swiped quickly at her eyes, and just stood anxiously at her brother's side, eyes darting around panicked as her heart rate elevated, and her head began to swim. She felt as if she were about to pass out.

You let me die! Alfonse cried out accusingly, hands quickly flying away from his face as he glared daggers down at Radian, his eyes beginning to burn into her with silent rage.

No.. I didn't..I mean, I didn't mean to! Radian answered, caught off-guard at the accusation. Her heart beat so rapidly now that she thought it would ecplode, and as she sank to her knees, she felt like just giving up. Slowly, she let her golden eyes fall shut as defensively, she curled up into a ball.

Please.. She thought silently, eyes squeezing shut against the tears that flowed uncontrollably down her face, much to Darkrai's amusement. Suddenly, she opened them, and gazing pleadingly up at Darkrai, who floated just above her fatigued form, she sighed, resigning as the tears refused to stop, and just nodded her head.

I'm sorry.. She apologized, to Marc, to Leon, to Tiffany, to the others who were counting on her partnership. To Wigglytuff and Chatot, and the kids who now thought of her as a hero. But especially to herself, for what she was about to do.

I have no choice. She muttered as she hung her head. I'm a failure as a healer, that's what got me into this situation. If I wasn't so helpless, Alfonse would be alive now. I owe it to him now to bring him back.

Darkrai offered Radian his sleeve-like appendage, and reluctantly, Radian offered up her tiny paw. Darkrai smirked, and was about to shake on her servitude, when he sensed another presence forcing its way into the nightmare. His brow furrowed in worry, and as the other presence finally fought its way inside of the nightmare Darkrai had worked so hard to seal, the dark pokemon panicked, throwing himself between Radian and the intruder, acting as a barrier of sorts.

"Radian! Darkrai!" Radian responded instantly to the voice that called her name, the tone of it extremely familiar to her, a friend perhaps. Radian's ears perked instantly upward, and seeming to snap right out of her binding trance, she pushed through Darkrai and anxiously began scouring through the flames for the owner to the voice. Eventually, the shape of a Mudkip pushed her way through the raging inferno, and Radian found herself cheering up in the slightest as she caught sight of the other pokemon.

"TIFFANY!" Her scream was shrill, and loud, and Radian thought she saw even Darkrai wince at the immense volume of it. Locating her tiny comarde, Tiffany bravely rushed forth, fearlessly approaching Darkrai.

"Leave Radian alone!" Tiffany cried out bravely, standing her ground. It seemed the Eevee was literally caught in between the two.

"Radian! Don't listen to him!" The Mudkip had no sooner set her worried gaze upon Radian before Darkrai furiously sicced a shadow, a copied silhouette of himself upon the tiny Mudkip, and Radian's heart instantly began pulsating with fear.

"Leave her alone!" Radian shouted anxiously, though her cry was lost amid the roar and fierce crackle of fire.

"Don't hurt her! She's my friend!"

"It's hopeless! You foolish meddler, Radian's heart is consumed by guilt!" Darkrai seemed quite smug at his statement, and crossed his arms, an evil chuckle escaping his lips as he stared oppressively a Tiffany. At this, Radian remembered Alfonse, and her heart sank as she gazed back at the form, who simply stared somberly over at the little Eevee. He didn't utter a word, but he didn't need to. Radian caught all of his pain in that single stare.

"No! I remember.. hope is something that cannot go away! Something that cannot be defeated! Darkrai, give up! It's pointless for you to go any further!" The Mudkip cried out triumphantly, her eyes narrowed in a fierce determination as bravely she stared down Darkrai who was caught off-guard by the brave declaration. Radian's eyes watered in the slightest, and she wiped at them, touched by the bravery and determination her friend was showing, just to salvage her.

"Tiffany.." She trailed off, speechless, but her heart glowing with affection as she scrambled around for any sort of thanks she could muster up. By now, Darkrai had recovered, and to avoid losing his new client, once again stepped in front of Radian, blocking her from Tiffany's view.

"Ha! What are you going to do about it?" He sneered. At this, Tiffany's eyes narrowed, and defiantly, she drew back.

"Roar of time!" She cried out. Radian gasped, taken aback, silently querying to herself if Tiffany really knew such an attack of such tremendous power. She had read somewhere some time ago that it was rumored to be a special type of Dragon attack known only by the legendary god of time, Dialga, but if Tiffany really did somehow know it, she would completely blow Darkrai away. Just as the beam was charging itself, another strange presence leapt within the dream, this one bringing with it a dark and ominous sensation. Radian reeled back, and terror struck her heart as a Munchlax fell from the ceiling, seemingly suspended by eery strands of darkness. He jumped protectively in front of Darkrai, ignoring Radian completely as he stared Tiffany down.

"Tiffany! Don't attack!" He commanded, hanging suspended before Darkrai, and though he was clearly on the opposing side, Radian couldn't help but pity him. Though Radian was battling against her own private hell, against her worst two fears, the healer side of her couldn't help but sense a pained, tortured soul, acting out against something he didn't want to. He was willing to endanger his own life for the sake of a horrid creature like Darkrai, but why? Whatever the reason, Radian knew for sure the battle over her wasn't worth him perishing.

"Radian isn't the only one of your friends I have. If you kill me, you kill him as well. You wouldn't want that now, would you Tiffany? It would just be another thing on the list of bad things you've done." Darkrai paused, seemingly for dramatic effect. Questioninly, Radian stared at Tiffany, questions popping all over her mind as she stared at the little Mudkip.

What is he talking about? Radian thought irritably. I'm starting to think even he doesn't know. Tiffany is the picture of innocence. She doesn't look like she's done a bad thing in her life.

"Right under stealing the time gear." Darkrai finished with a smile of dread, and Radian shocked, gasped, right before she was hit with a jolting sensation, and suddenly, her eyes pried open. The nightmare filling her head continued on without her mind being entirely there, and she just stared puzzled straight ahead, not realizing she was looking straight out into the waking world. Leon was there, and his eyes were narrowed in concentration as he stood before her.

Wha..? Radian thought, deeply confused, as her view of the world outside her tormented mind was strangely blurry. She tried to say his name, but couldn't even form a single syllable as her lips moved silently.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 22nd, 2008, 3:44 PM
Savanna Ran Around In A Circle,Wonderng Where Everybody Was. ("Where In The World Are They All...") Thought Savanna Heading Towards The Door Of The Guild. ("I'll Just Go Wait At The Beach,They'll Turn Up Soon...") She Thought,Standing There. When She Got To The Beach She Sat Down And Watched The Sun. ("How Did I Transform Last Time?") She Asked Herself,Thinking. ("I Wish I Could Transform Again,Only This Time Into Bayleef...") Thought Savanna. As Soon As She Thought About Being Bayleef She Started To Glow. ("I'm Evolving Again. Into Bayleef Because Last Time I Thought Of Meganium And I Transformed Into It! That's It! that's Whats Happening! Tiffany Was Right! It Is My Power!") Thought Savanna Excitedly Looking Into The Water.

May 22nd, 2008, 4:23 PM
Leon waited for his shadow to wake Eevee up, but that plan wasn't really working. He looked up and saw she was opening up her eyes, but was still locked in her dream. Leon pushed his shadow further to awaken her. As he pushed he could feel the other shadow had been stopped by another body. He turned his head and saw that Munchlax was floating in between the other shadow and Mudkip. The Munchlax was acting as a shield from Mudkip's power. Leon had to do something so he used his shadow to try and pull Munchlax out of the way. He tried and soon his shadow was pushed back by the shadow's evil power. Leon felt the pain and started to feel his body go numb. He couldn't lose Eevee and Mudkip so he pulled out his strength to release Radian and in turn weaken the evil shadow.

"Alright let's turn this up a level and save my friends, Shadow." Leon spoke to his shadow like his partner. From the shadow formed another Leon that was in shadow form. The Shadow Leon grabbed onto Eevee and started to merge with her. Leon realized that he had to use his shadow from inside the nightmare. So now he had to fight through his shadow and save Eevee. Once Shadow Leon entered Eevee's dream it noticed a strange Pokemon and an inferno. He was quickly welcomed with a Shadow Ball and then knocked into the flames.

After he raised his head, he saw Eevee along with Mudkip and Munchlax with that shadow figure. "Alright, give me some answers Pokemon shadow and maybe I won't beat you into a coma." Leon exclaimed. The shadow laughed as it revealed its identity, "I am Darkrai and I am about to make you wish you were in a coma." Darkrai released another Shadow ball, but shadow Leon shot out Flamethrower and sent it back. Shadow leon smirked as he found this Darkrai character very powerful, but he had to save Eevee and that's what made him more powerful. The flame on his tail grew to a new height as he started to absorb the flames around him. "Eevee, this is only a dream and I am here to bring you back to reality." Shadow Leon released the fire through his strongest Flamethrower that hit Darkrai.

Even though he had hit him, Shadow Leon still felt Darkrai still had alot of fight left. He was right, because as soon as these thoughts passed through his head; Darkrai rose from the flames and started to laugh at Leon's weak power. Leon became enraged and prepared another attack, but Darkrai warned him about the Munchlax's fate. Leon continued to absorb the flames and laughed himself. "The only one I care about here is that Eevee, so if I take down anyone in my way they know why. I'm not a mean person, but sometimes my friends, even if they left me in a cave, come first. That's the path I follow in life." Leon shot out another Flamethrower then jumped into the air. When he came down he grabbed Eevee and attempted to set her free from her dream.

May 22nd, 2008, 5:02 PM
Edward trekked down the forest towards the base of the volcano. Behind him was the team he was traveling with. It consisted of an Espeon and Umbreon, healer and speed respectively, and the two were married, the scout Honchkrow, the heavy hitter, Tyranitar, the status creater Arbok, himself, the master theif, and the leader Sneasel.

The teams that went on every misson were especially picked so there was balance of power for any situation to come. There were many outlaws and they were all working with Mewtwo for one reason or another. And this was his team.

He found himself attracted to the Espeon but he didn;t even think about messing with Umbreon. If he killed the little rat there would be trouble. He wanted to do the same to Honchkrow. He was so cocky and ignorant. He was 'so high and mighty'. Honchkrow disgusted Edward.

Edward thought back to why he was going to the Giant Volcano in the first place. He had gone through the initiation and all of that, when Mewtwo had noticed his findings. The clone pokemon had a special intrest inthe ancient rare dust particles he had stolen from the strange gear that belonged to the Mudkip back in Treasure Town.

Mewtwo called it, 'exactly what he had been looking for'. After studying it for a while, he decided they had to retrieve something called a time gear from Giant Volcano. But they would have to send a powerful team, as a legendary fire pokemon's dwelling was the volcano. Edward wasn't sure abou how Mewtwo knew about the time gears, it probably had sme thing to do with his creation.

But one thing was for sure, Edward was nervous about the upcoming battle.....

May 22nd, 2008, 6:20 PM
~This isn't possible...~ Marc thought to himself. ~It is just plain ridiculous that after nearly an hour of running around at full speed this Pokemon still have energy to do something. They haven't even slowed down. Is this expedition with that eerie Dusknoir that big of a deal?~

Marc continued to stare at the rushing Pokemon. It wasn't even funny to see them running around in stupidity anymore. Unaware of what was going on with the Pokemon/People he knew, he decided he'd go get some fresh air for a while until he saw someone he knew, someone approached, or the guild left off. There wasn't much he could do as preparation for the trip, anyway.

He took a deep breath and stood up from the ground, slowly approaching the stairway. And heading outside of the guild.

It didn't take him to long to walk out of the Guild and sit down on a wall on the exit, staring away into the Horizon. From outside the Guild the expanse was seen, and it actually was a very nice view. He took a deep breath and again went into his thoughtful state of mind.

He could almost feel the Pokemon on the beach and on Treasure town being so happy.. Just another day in the life a Pokemon. Nothing to worry about.. Everything so calm and peaceful... Or so he thought.

He stared at the horizon dazzled while thinking. ~Maybe.. What I have done these last 2 days are more exciting than what I ever did in my whole life~. Marc removed his bandana and scratched his head. He rested his head on the wall and closed his eyes, deciding he would take a nap.

When he was about to go unconscious in his sleep, thoughts again started to enter his head. ~I'd like to buy one apple please... Yep, store my Reviver seed... Your egg hatched!... Welcome to the Marowak Dojo!... Your balance is 3 Poke... Remember Vine Whip?... Kwah!~. Marc was sure this messages came from Treasure Town, and was impressed by how much he could extend his telepathy range in only 2 days. He continued to read minds in a distance, until suddenly one particular thought got to him.

The thought fell different, though.. Not like a thought, in fact.. but a Nightmare. He had that feeling before, when he tried to enter someone's nightmare on his first day here.

The thought first felt like a black void of nothingness, and this confused Marc. ~Huh? What's going on?~ he thought to himself as the words echoed in the black surrounding. Out of nowhere, the biggest pain he had felt in his life surrounded his body.

"Aaahh!" Marc yelled very loudly, hearing his voice echoing around. He took both his claws to the sides of his head and fell to his side as he paddled his legs wildly, trying to control the immense pain. It was something internal, though, like if a whole aura of evil, coldness, death, loneliness and anger was emanated from the thought.

~Roar of Time! Don't Attack! Time Gears..~ A compilation of many phrases struck him. Some of the voices and phrases had already gone through is mind before, but this time he could actually understand what the voices were saying, and this voices sounded strangely familiar. He couldn't recognize them, though.. He was too busy struggling on the ground.

"G..H... Ghah!!!!" Marc exclaimed again. He almost felt his vocal chords ripping in halves because of how loud and painfully had he screamed. A blurry image of Darkrai then slowly flashed in his mind, but he had no idea of who he was, so it just confused him.

As he flopped around like a fish out of the water, Marc was feeling his energy being drained. He tried to cut the link between his mind and the nightmare, but he wasn't able to do so. He too tried to identify the voices and communicate with the individual, or individuals, having the nightmare; but it was futile.

Marc then crawled inside the guild, trying to get some help from someone. His sight became blurry and he felt more and more fatigued as every second passed by. He tried to go down the stairs on to the main floor of the guild, but he was too weak to do so, so he tripped on his arm and fell down the stairs, hitting himself quite hard as he did. When he was on the main floor, the Pokemon rampage was still going on, and he could only feel bunches of Pokemon stepping on him savagely.

The indescribable internal pain was now joined by external wounds. He was walked over by Pokemon by a few minutes, until one ran so hard that he kicked Marc up into the air and making him land on the floor quite abruptly. That was it. Marc immediatly passed out. He felt the link to the nightmare break as apparently the individual woke up, and he could hear Pokemon around hims saying "Oh my.. Is he dead?!"

A Machoke picked Marc up and ran over to the medical wing; then the main floor was completely emptied because all of the Pokemon followed the Machoke carrying the probably dead Pokemon. The main floor was now calm.. Too calm.

The only thing that was left in the floor was Marc's backpack. It was lying in the middle of the floor, half opened and with Blood and mashed apple stains.

When Marc got to the medical wing, he showed no signs of being alive. His breath and heartbeat were to faint like to even be considered as such. All the Pokemon around became silent as they watched the Totodile with a sad face..

May 23rd, 2008, 5:42 AM
Another devilish smirk came to Darkrai as Leon made his choice.

"Suit yourself then." He said, and as the flames redirected themselves from Darkrai, all of them focusing on Taro, who screamed in pain.

"Make it stop!" He yelled. Even with his thick fat ability, the power to absorb half of a fire attack, the flames were still extremely painful. "It burns! Please! Make it stop!"

Your still clueless, arnt you? Darkrai communicated to Leon through his mind, so nobody else could hear. She may have left you inside of that cave, but who did she leave with? Perhaps you need to wake up and face the facts. She may be your friend, but thats all she will ever be.

A staircase built itself next to Leon and Ridian, leading up twords some faint light

"Ridian, if you choose to, you can return with Leon to the world of the awake. He can take you away from here, however... it may be in your best intrest to stay." On the opposite side of the staircase, a door appeared, and swung slowly open. Behind it was revealed a dark room, illuminated by what seemed like a single spotlight from above, shining down onto a Totodile whom Ridian should be very familliar with, looking just as beat up as he did in the real world. "He is not doing very well. At this rate, he will be dead before too long. You can just try to heal him back up there, but even if you heal all of his wounds completely, there is nothing you can do mentally for him. You can only help him down here. If you go back now, he will surly die."

May 23rd, 2008, 3:28 PM
Toby wondered around Treasure Town. He had decieded to forget about the scout mission, It was too close to the big expedition. He'd been feeling weaker over the past few days, so he hadn't left his home. He felt like he was losing his grip on reality, and he been having the same dream over, and over. The world was ruined, and Darkness had won. The God of creation had been tainted, and remade the world in his image. Then, he'd see a grovyle, consumed by darkness. Was he that Grovyle? He thought back to his battle with Tiffany's possesser. The seal must be weakened. He need to speak to Tiffany, he knew that. He walked into the Guild, and went to the Medical Wing, sensing something was wrong. "Whats going on?"

May 23rd, 2008, 5:18 PM
Leon looked down at the Eevee and before he started to set out Darkrai sent him a message. The message started to hit a heart string and soon leon felt the stinging. With that Totodile being in such pain he knew what Eevee's choice would be. Leon had to take her from this dream, but Totodile was probaly more on her mind than escaping. He looked down and let Eevee go. He stood up and started to head up the stairs, but started to laugh. "Darkrai, have you noticed that the Flamethrower I shot at the Munchlax has become a seal? With that seal holding him you won't be able to block the next attack that Mudkip is going to use. That also means he won't be hurt or killed if she decides to do what I said earlier. She's going to beat you into a coma." now looking at Eevee, "You go protect that Totodile and I will protect you. That is an even trade." Leon walked up the stairs and entered the real world. Leon looked over at Mudkip and said, "Finish that Pokemon and make sure you take Eevee to that medical wing after she wakes." Leon walked off and headed to the medical wing. On his entry into the wing, he noticed that everyone was surrounding the Totodile. Leon was filled with anger and then walked out of the wing. He punched the wall and then left the guild. " I want to get some air." Leon said with a tear forming on the corner of his eye.

May 24th, 2008, 9:27 AM
Tiffany stood their..The attack disappated and she began shivering. "Shut up that was a long time ago" Tiffany argued back as her body shivered.

"Tiffany your mother died because of you..She went insane because of you! You were a little wretch!" Darkrai cackled"No! That was me! I didn't do anything to her!" Tiffany yelled back trying to keep her sense of sanity.

"Hah! Didn't do anything?! You caused her so much pain! You did so many bad things.She just gave up!" Darkrai cackled at her once more.

"No!" Tiffany yelped as tears began falling down her face and she looked at Taro and Darkrai. "I know what your doing..You pick on peopels worst guilt and fears! And you pick at it and pick it till they give in! Like with Radian! She was guilty and you tortured her with it! Grr.." Tiffany began to feel angry and a light blue aurua engulfed her.

"What..?!" Darkrai winced at the aurua.

"I've had enough of this...!" Tiffany yelled. The blue aurua grew stronger and the markings had emerged from her body. They looked similiar to Dialga's.

"Damn it! Its Dialga!" Darkrai hissed.

"Radian don't listen to them..their lying.. They are just trying to get you to join them..!!" Tiffany yelled.

"I wouldn't think about it!" Darkrai hissed as he had Taro next to him.

"Your a coward..Hiding behind others...And causing people torment liek what you did with Marc!!" Tiffany hissed as she charged torwards darkrai for not anything like a special attack but something as simple as a tackle.

"Tackle!" Tiffany screamed running past taro and slamming into darkrai.

May 24th, 2008, 9:45 AM
Edward's team dropped to their knees. Espeon walked about to each of them, trying to heal them. They had just fought a pack of Arcanine and then a Monferno that had a gang of Chimchar. Clearly reaching the top wasn't going to be easy.

"Come on, we have to keep going," Sneasel said although he was the weakest of them all right now. He had a type disadvantage being an ice type pokemon.

Tyranitar used a Hyper beam to blow down the next door. Several charmander leaped at them but Honchkrow felled them a few sky attacks. In the next floor, Umbreon laid down several poison attacks, so it was an easy way for Edward's team to take down the Camerupt.

They were only a few more floors from the top. Edward was beginning to wonder if they could take down the highly powerful legendary if they weren't at full power when they reached the top.....

May 24th, 2008, 1:10 PM
Toby looked around the medical wing. Everyone was gathered around the totodile "...Marc ..... Hes wounded....Its pretty Bad...We not sure he'll survive....." Silence surrounded the room.
"Well we can't just sit around here, waiting for something to happen! Lets do something about it! Somebody get me 3 Oran berries, 2 heal seed and A Perfect apple. You!" He yelled, pointing at a random pokemon. "Get me Crogunk pot, and light a fire underneath it. Now!"
"Its no use...He won't survive through the night" mumbled a pokemon. Toby Clenched his fist and decked them. "NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER! DO YOU UNDERSTAND! THEN GO!"I'm going to see if I can stablize his breathing. Hes only just alive, we'll need to be quick about this.Whatever happens, don't let him die" He bellowed in pain, clutching his left arm. Darkness was slowly creeping down from his shoulder. "The seals becoming loose... I might not be able to hold out for much longer...... Listen, If I.....Give the ingredients to Croagunk....Get him to make the potion.....to fix Marc..... I......Can't... let him die............ARGGHHHHH!" He fell on the floor, his body englufed in Darkness. "SEAL ME OFF!!! HAHAHA!!!! YOU CAN'T HOLD ME IN YOUR BODY!!!! HAHHAHAH!!!! I AM STRONGER!!! AND AS PUNISHMENT...I WILL DEVOUR YOUR SOUL!!!!!"
"You Don't seem to understand...You Are Nothing.....I will beat you..."
"HAHAHA!!! YOU THINK YOU CAN BEAT ME!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I AM....I AM!!!! I AM" Toby claw plunged into the seal.
"Gone." He smiled, then fainted from exhustion.

May 26th, 2008, 3:48 PM
With a thrust of his ghostly appendage, frantically desperate to keep the little Eevee from retreating into the waking world with her newfound savior, Darkrai seemingly raised a door out of nowhere, and paused for dramatic effect, a snide smirk playing out across his lips. The door was like no other Radian had ever seen before, and seemed to let off a particularly eery aura around itself. Radian's eyes awidened in shock, and her entire being filled with dread as her heart plummeted fearfully to the pit of her stomach. Though she knew not yet what lie behind the door of darkness, she already had a sickening suspicion of what it might be. Opposite the ominous door a set of stairs had formed ascending upward. Contrary to the sinister door, these stairs were a vision of loveliness, shining with a rainbow array of all sorts of bright colors from the spectrum, these colors shifting constantly so that the overall effect was a multi-colored surface. Circling the very top of this magnificent staircase was a halo of golden light, so holy and pure Radian thought that it must be heaven itself. With Leon holding her form gently within his arms, standing directly inbetween the the two passageways, Radian tensed up a bit, knowing that the appearance of these two structures completely opposite in character had to be leading up to something big. As she again looked over at the door, a shiver crept down her spine and she found herself quaking in the tiniest bit as the deathly aura continued wafting from the closed doorway, and now was making its way toward the couple. Radian burrowed up against Leon, or the shadow of him rather, knowing that if anything tried to claim her, he would surely fight it off. This thought soothed her, and gave her the tiniest nit of courage as bravely she glared over at Darkrai. He grinned at the Eevee, and slowly began approaching the two. As his shadowy figure loomed closer and closer to them, Radian quickly burrowed her face into Leon's chest.

"Radian, if you choose to, you can return with Leon to the world of the awake." Just hearing her name pass from the sinister pokemon's tongue made Radian's skin crawl, and she found herself quaking harder now as Darkrai's words became softer and softer, yet his form became larger and larger. She glanced upward at Leon, and though he showed now signs of fear, his face was contorting in a strange yet familiar way.

"Leon..?" Radian asked quietly, her soft golden eyes emanating concern as she continued shivering, staring up at him in worry.

"What's wrong?" Darkrai's snide little grin grew wider, and he crossed his arms smugly as he turned his head downward to direct his coal-like eyes on the frail little Eevee. Radian's heart leapt, and froze instantly with terror as his gaze locked upon hrt. She glanced up at Leon, sending him a silent and urgent plea for help, yet he remained in his painful trance, his face contorting ever and ever more with agony.

"He can take you away from here." Darkrai continued slowly, pausing every so often as nonchalantly, he turned his gaze away from Radian's body and onto the door.

"However.." He grinned, preparing himself for the grand finale. "I think it might be in your best interest to stay."

The diabolical door swung open, and as Radian caught the first glimpse of what, or rather who was contained inside it, she froze up completely, her heartbeat seeming to stop the second she caught sight of the pokemon inside, and the very breath she drew from her lungs halting as her mind forgot about even the simplest of functions, and focused completely on Marc, who by some strange stroke of ill fortune had fallen into Darkrai's grasp. Radian's eyes bulged, wide with terror, as instinctively they began to fill with tears. She was in complete and total shock, and her horrified reaction couldn't cause Darkrai anymore pleasure, as this is what he fed from, this is what made him powerful, more invincible. He had seen opportunity, and he had struck, dragging those people Radian cared about most into her nightmare, making it not just a fiery arena full of illusions that deep down even Radian knew were just imaginary, but a living breathing hell where everyone she loved was in pain. Radian shook her head violently, hoping to god it was just another one of Darkrai's tricks, but as she grew too weak to even shake her head one way or the other, as her Totodile friend contined to lie miserably inside the door, she knew it wasn't just a bad dream. It was reality. And this was the worst kind of torture there was.

I can't do this! She thought blindly, tears gushing sorrowfully from her golden eyes as her body seemed to kick back in gear, though her heartbeat and breathing seemed strangely irregular and out of sync. Her head swam with a variety of emotions, ranging from agony to heartbreak, despair to shock. Her face flooded with tears, she didn't utter a word, just shook weakly as heartbroken, she stared at her downed partner.

Marc.. She thought, never taking her eyes from his form once as the tears continued to come, and splatter down her body. She didn't even bother to wipe them away from her eyes.

Marc.. If you can hear me.. Please.. please hold on.. Please.. It's my fault you're here.. You shouldn't be here like this.. Oh God.. What have I done.

Radian sobbed violently, her head turning now so that her face was pressed against Leon's chest once more, and as she cried into him, her tears drenching his fur, she realized that it was hopeless, Marc was ailing, and the whole thing was her fault.

Please.. She thought, her face still buried into Leon's chest. Her sobs were muffled, but were still clearly audible. Her entire body shook with sorrow.

He shouldn't be here. None of this has anything to do with him.. This is my nightmare, I should be the one dying! I'm the one who deserves to be dying.

"He is not doing very well." Darkrai snarled, his tone hinting at his immense pleasure in this statement. "At this rate, he will be dead before too long. You can just try to heal him up back there, but even if you heal all of his wounds completely, there is nothing you can do mentally for him. You can only help him down here. If you go now, he will surely die."

Darkrai let out a deep, booming laugh that roared over the entirety of Radian's mind. She only stared forward at him, her golden eyes burning into him as they overflowed with tear after tear.

Why..? She thought, surprised that she was able to form even one comprehensible thought, as she was so consumed by pain.

Why..? She repeated herself, shaking her head again as she clung pathetically to Leon.

Why did you have to hurt him?! It was me you wanted, not Marc! And now..

She paused, as a loud sob again erupted from her lips, and she buried her face into her paws, forcing herself to try and concentrate.

And now I don't even know if he's going to live or die, and it's all because of you! Please, just let him live, and you can have me! I'll be your servant! And i'll do whatever you say.. Radian stared pleadingly at Darkrai, who was watching her actions with a bemused, cool little grin.

As Radian was trying to bargain with Darkrai, she felt her body weight shifting, and Leon, who had been supporting her, seemingly reluctantly set her down on the ground. Confused, Radian stared up at him, tears still pouring from her golden eyes as slowly, he turned his back to her and began walking up the stairs. She didn't understand. Her heart was torn. She knew that Leon was returning to the waking world, and oh how nice it would be to return with him. She could rest once she got back, or eat, whatever she wanted.

But on the other hand.. Radian thought, glancing back over to inside the door, where Marc lie weakly, just barely alive, and in desperate need of help. Her eyes watered again at her friend so weak and helpless, and she realized that for once, Darkrai wasn't lying. If she took the easy way out, and returned with Leon, he would die.

He's one of us. Radian thought, looking to Leon, then Tiffany, and finally Taro, who still hung suspended by the chains of darkness.

They all are.. Radian thought back to what she had said several nights ago, ironically to Marc, when he had thought about leaving the group.

"We have to stick together.." Radian repeated, a tiny smile forming across her lips as the tears continued to flow. She sniffled, and stared sadly after Leon.

"You go protect that Totodile, and I will protect you. That is an even trade." He told her, and his expression was heartwrenching. Radian fought against another bout of tears, her lower lip trembling as she wrapped her arms around the Chimchar. She stared up at him, and bravely pulled herself away.

"I have to do this.." She replied, to both herself and her friend. She turned away from him, and focused again on Marc. She drew in a breath, and forced herself forward, one step at a time, though everything in her was screaming against moving toward the door.

"Wait!" Darkrai called after Radian, to which she didn't even turn her head. She was focused on one thing and one thing only now, and that was getting to Marc.

"Don't forget what I told you Radian!" Darkrai bellowed, beginning to grow frantic as she only progressed closer and closer to the door.

"You're a pathetic healer! This is way different from healing a couple of scratches or bruises! You're too late! You'll never be able to save him, do you hear me?! I'm in control, only I can save him! You know that, right?! The only way he'll live is if you give yourself to me!"

Radian tensed up, hearing every word that Darkrai threw at her, but refusing to physically acknowledge it. It took everything she had to keep from breaking down again, but forcefully, she willed herself on.

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.. Radian told herself again and again, as she approached the door, and hesistantly halted in her tracks. She turned to Tiffany, and worriedly cast a glance up at Taro, the Munchlax, who still hung suspended helplessly.

"Please!" She called out, hoping that her friend would understand. She was too exhausted to utter anything else.

Okay.. Here it goes. Radian thought, honing everything and everyone out besides Marc, and cautiously entering the door, wary of a trap. The door slammed shut, locking instantly behind Radian the moment she stepped in. Marc lied before her, slumped helplessly against the ground, his entire body shaking with a cold sweat as his chest erupted in shallow, ragged gasps. Kneeling before her friend, Radian was sure he could hear her heartbeat, it was thumping so loudly against her chest. The nightmare had been endless, and now that Darkrai, Alfonse, Taro, and the roar of the flames were out of the picture, Radian found herself unsure of what to do. It was strange, eery actually, to be rid of all the extra distractions and just be alone with her friend, but in a way, it was more terrifying than the nightmare Dakrai had contruscted.

Well.. Here we are. Radian thought toward Marc, trying to remain calm as the tears continued pouring rapidly down her face. Her heart was practically pounding in her ears, and that was all she seemed to hear. Even the imagined voice inside her head was drowned out by the throbbing of her heart, and Radian feared it would keep Marc from hearing her.

Again, here I am with no clue what to do or how to help you. Radian thought with a bit of a laugh, knowing how Marc loved a bit of humor in any situation.

Maybe something will just pop up, like that Protect did when we were fighting in that cave. There was no response from Marc, just as Radian had expected.

Okay.. She thought sheepishly, slumping her head a bit in humiliation as she looked away from him, cheeks burning brightly red.

That wasn't funny.. That was pathetic.. A couple moments of silence pursued, before Radian just gently lay down, her body curling up protectively against his as she just lay her head atop him.

Usually, I just do what comes to me, and here it is. She thought to him, as her tears splattered onto his body, before drizzling down this sides in thin rivulets.

I know it's not much but.. i'm here for you, Marc. And if anything comes after you, i'll be right here to fight it off. Her tears continued to wash over his body, and as she spoke these words, glowed a faint golden, the same hue of her paw when it was healing another. She gulped once, and faltered in her little speech, as again, her heart racked with sorrow.

Please.. She thought in a whisper, her tone soothing as her golden eyes watched over him, silently begging him to wake up.

You can't die now.. We still have so much to do, and I know that none of us can do it without you, Marc. You're part of the team, and without you, or any others of our kind, we're doomed..

Radian trailed off, her fatigued body trembling weakly as silently she lay alongside Marc, hoping and praying against all odds that her efforts would awaken him.

May 26th, 2008, 4:38 PM
~Maaaaaarc. Maaaaaaarc....~A voice inside Marc's head was heard... It was a soothing female voice which muttered his name twice, harmonically rising and lowering in pitch. Marc could hear the voice, but his eyes were very heavy and he felt it was impossible to open them.

~Maaaaaaaaarc. Waaake Uuuup.~ The voice continued to call. Just then, the Totodile opened his eyes.

~Wha... Where am I... Did I die? Is this Heaven?~ Marc asked to himself as he stared around the area. He was floating freely in an infinite white space that had tinges of yellow and pink lights. Marc, in this 'dream' was completely healed, felt completely energized and was even glowing with a bright yellow light.

~Maaaaarc...~ The voice called again. "Wha? Who's that? Who's calling?!" Marc yelled, hoping someone would hear him. His voice, however, just echoed a billion times in the white space. ~Maaaaarc... What would you do if I told you.. You're dead?~ The female voice asked teasingly, now with a more serious tone. The voice, however, was still harmonic to Marc's ears.

"What!?!?" Marc then yelled incredibly loud, being in an astounding shock as he heard this. "I died?! How?! I don't remember anything!" He added to his yelling and added loads of arm and leg struggling, hoping this movements would take him somewhere in the blank, but he couldn't move from his current position.

~It isn't important, Marc...~ The voice continued to say. ~Why would you want to continue living, anyway?~ The voice then teased.

"Well..." Marc realized with a couple of thinking. "I still had things to do in life... Like.. Umm.."
He had run out of things to say.

~Seriously, Marc. Do you think you have a purpose in life?~

"Well..." Marc repeated. "I don't know what I'm good for in life... But there must be something I didn't finish!"

~Are you sure?~ The voice then asked boomingly. It wasn't melodic anymore, but instead, the voice hurt Marc's ears. He took his paws to his ears to protect them, but the harder he pressed on his ears, the louder the voice came. ~I wouldn't be sure...~

Marc tried to think of something from before he found himself in this blank area to convince himself he wasn't dead. His head ached as he tried to remember, though, so he very soon gave up on the thinking.

~Really, Marc. You're worthless and weak... Or are you contradicting me?~ The voice said as it grew more and more angrier.

Marc tried to say otherwise, but found no words to complement his sayings.

~Are you ready to die, Marc? Is your purpose on the world null? Does anyone care about you? Are you really done living?!?!~ The voice said as she yelled the last part. Marc's answer, under so much pressure, seemed obvious. "Y..." He was about to give himself in, but was interrupted by the loudest sound he could recalled ever hearing.

~NOOOO!!!~ The voice roared at Marc, knocking him back for what seemed to be miles and miles; but the blank area was infinite, so he didn't crash on anything.

~There ARE people that care about you! You still have things to do in life! YOU HAVE A PURPOSE!~

"...Really?" Marc then said shyly as he covered himself from future pains and screaming with his arm. "I don't remember anything!" ~Well then...~ The voice started. ~Let's take a look...~

Immediately, the whole area switched from a blank color to what seemed to be a monitor. An image was displayed shortly after. It was Marc in the real world, surrounded by Pokemon that were hoping for his help and some others that were running around fighting for a cure. Marc was shocked when he noticed how severely he was wounded, and how he felt so perfect now. "What happened to me?" Marc asked.

~It isn't important either..~ The voice said. ~You aren't ready to die... However, do you want to wake up? Do you want to live? Or.. Would you rather stay here with me..~ The voice asked, making the last statement sound like a torture. The answer from Marc couldn't be clearer. "Yes! Wake me up!" As he said this, two portals appeared. One was lighted up as brightly as the aura that was surrounding Marc, and the other one displayed no image.

Marc was then ready to be taken back to real world with his friends, but as soon as he stretched to the bright portal, the other one started to display an image. ~It isn't going to be so easy, though...~ The voice said as he cut Marc from his way to the portal. ~Your body might survive, but your mind is dead... Stuck in an eternal nightmare.~

The term eternal nightmare was nothing new to Marc, and he was sure that he felt the link to the nightmare breaking before he fainted in the real world, but apparently that wasn't the case. Maybe he was just too hurt to notice or feel anything. ~Radian's helping you out in the nightmare world... Take a look~

Marc then peeked at the second portal, which felt cold and... Well, dead. The image on the portal was just Marc lying on a black background, and Radian next to him. Her paw was lit up and she was curled next to him and crying. It was obvious she was suffering, and Marc saw this as his fault.

~Now hear this... Marc.. If you can hear me.. Please.. please hold on.. Please.. It's my fault you're here.. You shouldn't be here like this.. Oh God.. What have I done.~ The voice said, first sounding like it had throughout this whole dream, then sounding exactly like Radian.

~Well.. Here we are. Again, here I am with no clue what to do or how to help you. Maybe something will just pop up, like that Protect did when we were fighting in that cave. You can't die now.. We still have so much to do, and I know that none of us can do it without you, Marc. You're part of the team, and without you, or any others of our kind, we're doomed..~ After that and some other thoughts from Radian, a tear drooled down Marc's eye. He felt so guilty...

~Now you choose, Marc.. Go to the real world or go help Ra...~ The voice didn't even finish speaking before Marc jumped inside the portal linked to the nightmare. Even though he was remembered being free from the nightmare, he decided to jump back in. He then felt all of his memories from that dream being deleted.

In the real world, Marc started moving his arms and feet slowly, showing that he wasn't dead. "Oh my gosh! He's alive!" some Pokemon called. He was unconscious in the real world, though, for he picked the nightmare portal.

Soon, everything in Marc's sight was black again. However, he could hear some sobs nearby, as well as a warm body next to him and some tears on his chest. "Wha..." He whispered as he opened his eyes. He couldn't feel any better at this moment. No fatigue, no pain, no bad feelings.

He also noticed that he was shining, just like when he was back at his dream. The shining light emanated from Marc lit up th black area, giving some feeling of hope and happiness on the eerie nightmare.

Next to him was Radian, who was curled up and sobbing. "Radian!" Marc exclaimed brighter than ever as he stood up grinning warmly as he stared at the Eevee, unaware of what was going on or where were they.

May 26th, 2008, 8:30 PM
Tiffany looked around Darkrai had seemed to have fled and she ran over to Marc and Radian. "Marc Radian, are you ok?" Tiffany yelped as any remnents of Dialga had dissappeared. She quietly remembered what Darkrai had said to her "The long list of bad things you have done.." Tiffany thought to herself.

"We should be waking up soon! Darkrai's gone!" Tiffany smiled as she soon disappeared from the walls of the dream and woke up. She saw Radian still in the dream so she wouldn't disturb her. "I guess Marc collapsed somewhere else.." Tiffany mumbled heading back to her room.

"The long list of bad things I have done....?" Tiffany muttered trying to rember what she had done besides her mother as she was thinking flashbacks came to her.

~Flashback Mode~~

"Little wretch" An older mans voice screamed as whip noises were heard.

"l-Leave me alone...!" A little voice cried out as a clear picture of the vision came into sight. It was a little girl and what appeared to be an man. She remebered what had happened in a previous vision that it was her mother going crazy and the father was sane but..she looked older this time maybe about a year.. And the Man had also grown his eyes were full of hate.

"Its your fault! Everything your fault Tiffany!" The Man screamed

"Stop it dad it hurts!" the vision Tiffany yelped in pain. The real Tiffany shuddered at this vion and yelled "STOP!" and the vision disappeared. "It didn't look like I did anything wrong..." Tiffany mumbled but then another vision appeared before her.

It appaered to have been many years later. The vision Tiffany was now in her early teens maybe pre-teens, her eyes looked cold and emotionless maybe full of guilt. "Is that..Me..?" Tiffany muttered as she watch the young teen picking berries.

"Hmmph.." The teen replied picking berries furiously she had a different personality. The basket was covered in squashed berries.

"What have I done wrong?!"Tiffany yelped as the vision morphed into her in a house and a man yelling at her furiously but the teen didn't look like she cared anymore and yelled out "STOP IT! YOU NO GOOD..I HATE YOU!" Tiffany yelled at the man who stood there in utter shock. "WHY DON'T YOU GO JUMP OFF A CLIFF LIKE MY FATHER DID!" the vision Tiffany yelled out as her anger was growing.

"Tiffany don't you talk to me tha-" The voice was interuppted by more screaming.

"Why do you care?! You just took me in because you had too! I hate this house I hate being here I hate everything!" the vision Tiffany yelled at him and knocking glasses on the ground causing glass to spill everywhere and blood trickled down her hand.

The real Tiffany stood there in pure horror..She knew up..Guilt haat started welling up in her heart as she emerged out of the flashback.

~end Flashback!~

Tiffanys heart ached.."How could I say that someone?..." Tiffany muttered her eyes full of guilt, horror and shock. She sat there for a few moments absorbing this. "I am..a bad..person.." Tiffany muttered over and over in her head. She looked at her bag and put it on for the exploration but her eyes were showed she wasn't going to talk at all..For the yelling kept playing over and over in her head and the words that she had said to that women..She felt there was no need to talk at all if she had said those things. ~The others would be better without me~ Tiffany thought to herself and then bumping into dusknoir who was surprised to see her.

"Why Tiffany what wrong?" Dusknoir asked helping her up but Tiffany didn't respond.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 27th, 2008, 2:41 PM
Savanna Stood There,Bored. ("Im Gonna Go See If I Can Find Tiffany Or Anybody Else.") Thought Savanna. She Ran Out Into The Town To See Tiffany Being Helped Up By A Dusknoir. ("I Could Use Razor Leaf On That Dusknoir But...... Oh Well,here It Goes.") Thought Savanna As She Got Into Position To Use Razor Leaf. She Threw Sharp,Little Leaves Out Of The Big Leaf On Her Head And Hit The Dusknoir. It Ended Up Falling Over And Hitting The Purple Kecleon At The Counter. "Hi Tiffany!" She Said As She Skidded In Front Of Her Friend And Helped Her Up.

May 27th, 2008, 5:37 PM
As tear after tear continued to fall from Radian's eyes and splatter upon the cold body of Marc, a strange sensation would begin buzzing across the surface of his smooth skin, emanating a humming sound close to silence at first, but then gradually crescendoing until it was to the point that it couldn't be ignored. But Radian had felt it long before she had heard it. The strangely warm sensation coming from deep within Marc seemed to derive from his very core, and the second it reached his outer surface, Radian felt it, and jumped a bit in surprise as it caused friction between her fur and his skin. It was only then that she first noticed the whole desolate black area surrounding them beginning to glow with a comforting, hopeful golden light.

That light.. Radian thought, astounded, her large golden eyes growing wide with a peculiar fascination.

It seems so familiar.. She pondered, the tears that had been pouring rapidly for some time now finally stopping as they ceased to flow. She directed her gaze back down at Marc, and was even more incredulous to see that he was the one radiating the magnificent glow! Radian's mouth fell partially open as a final stray tear plopped down upon Marc's still body, glowing with that same brilliant golden his body was giving off, and as it made contact, she noticed a movement, tiny and subtle at first, but there nevertheless.

Can it be..?! Radian thought wildly, tensing, bracing herself automatically for disappointment. It almost seemed too much to hope for after what Darkrai had last said to her.

"You're a pathetic healer! He had shouted, before the door had slammed behind her and she had been sealed inside alone with her friend.

It's a miracle! Radian thought ecstatically, her cheeks flushing a rosy pink as excitedly she noted Marc's right eyelid twitching, and then his left, and finally both at the same time as his brow furrowed up a bit.

Or is it..? Radian continued, her eyebrow raising in the slightest as she anxiously stared down at her friend, eagerly awaiting his awakening, but at the same time stopping to think for a minute.

She stared thoughtfully at her two paws, both of which were normal in appearance with not even a hint of swelling.

Did I.. somehow manage to bring him back? Did I..heal him?

No. Radian jumped back instictively, startled to hear a reply to what had meant to be a question to herself gone unanswered. She looked up in alarm, leaping instantly in front of Marc as a portal of sorts formed within the now golden walls, starting off meager and small, but then contorting to reveal a circular pathway about fifty times the size of Radian in diameter. Her eyes bulged, nearly popping out of her sockets as an enormously great beast appeared in a white silhouette. The shaggy hairs lining Radian's delicate back stood up on ends instinctively, and her upper lip curled upwards in a silent snarl as she began mustering all her strength to form a "Protect" as a last resort, for Marc. Her friend was just beginning to stir, and stood at his side just as she had promised, ready to fight anything that opposed him off. The white light engulfing the best dissipated, and as the creature that appeared slowly made his way through the portal in the wall, he lumbered but a few steps before he came to a complete stop, looming over the two who were downright puny compared to him. Radian had never beheld anything so huge and monstrous in her life, and her heart pulsated with obvious fear, which became evident on her furry little face, as intimidated, she began to quake.

The creature raised an eyebrow, and grinned playfully, letting out a roaring laugh that boomed straight down into Radian's acute ears, nearly blowing her away in its immense volume, and bouncing from the walls of the tiny room.

You have no reason to fear me, little Radian. The creature finally replied, after his amused laughter had subsided, and all had become silent once again.

That voice.. Radian recalled, her jaw coming loose as her mouth fell open in stunned awe.

Was the voice.. Who woke me up when I first got here.!

"You were the one who told me to go find the others!" Radian cried out triumphantly, finally remembering completely the sound of his voice. Radian stared expectantly up at the great beast, her tail wagging hopefully, as silently she prayed that she was right. If she was, then this creature was good, he was here to help them. Maybe he could tell them how to defeat Darkrai.

Very good.. The creature was excruciatingly slow in his speech, and it seemed to take him an eternity just to get these two words out. He dipped his knees slightly so that he had a better view of the Eevee who just barely managed to come up to his ankles, and nodded in approval.

I knew when you were chosen that you were a bright one.

"Why did you bring me here?!" Radian called out loudly, her entire body tensing as bravely, she stared defiantly up at him.
Why did you bring us all here? Why did you rip us all away from our homes and loved ones and place us in a world we didn't even know existed?!" Radian cried out, somewhat perplexed, as finally, she was able to ask the questions everyone had been asking each other since their arrival. She stood silently, awaiting the creature's answer, yet at the same time keeping a watchful eye on her still sleeping companion.

First of all, I didn't bring you here. You were brought here to aid us in the fight against evil. Second of all, you know as well as I do that you have no loved ones, Radian. Yours are all dead. And unfortunately, I can't say any better for the rest of your team mates. It's undoubtful you've all led painful pasts. But that isn't the issue. You asked a question, no?

The creature paused, staring Radian down, his last question catching her completely off-guard.

I..did? She uttered quietly, her forehead wrinkling up as she struggled to remember. Though in reality it had only been a moment or two, the time since the beast had first appeared to Radian had elapsed, making it feel like much longer to her than it had actually been. He was, after all, the great deity of time Dialga, even if she wasn't quite aware of it yet.

You asked if you were the one who brough Marc back, and I replied with a no. Dialga gently reminded her, stepping slowly back so that Radian could have a better look at him. At the word 'No', Radian's face fell, and she sighed, looking shamefully away from Dialga, to back at Marc, who was exponentially closer to awaking.

At least.. Dialga contined, but only after an extremely long pause to give Radian the opportunity to check on her friend. Her gaze hadn't returned yet to Dialga, her gently gaze lingering on Marc, her eyes sweeping in concern over every flawless feature of his face. Dialga smiled, and in an instant, his long, graceful neck arched and was extended downward until his head was just inches from Radian's tiny face. She sensed him there, but didn't dare turn her gaze from Marc's face.

Not in the way you're thinking. You didn't heal him using your powers, dear Radian. Your love from your friendship brought him back. And so the saying goes, that love is the strongest force in the entire world..

"No no no." Radian interrupted him, scoffing as she shook her head in disbelief.

"That's sounds too corny to even begin to be true! What movie did you pull that one from?"

From behind her, Dialga grinned as slowly, he lifted his majestic head back up high into the air, where it belonged. He stepped away, and his thundering earth-shattering footfall made his departure clearly evident, but Radian still didn't look at him. She couldn't look at him, as a matter of fact. Her eyes were still latched upon Marc's, but now she found herself unable to even tear them away, they were locked spellbound upon him. In the distance, Radian's ears just barely picked up a nearly inaudible chuckle.

Little Radian, so bright but alas so naive in the ways of both worlds. No matter, it's still just the beginning. I have faith that eventually, you'll come to believe in my words.. Dialga's voice was very thin and faint now, and if Radian had been able to manage to rip herself away from Marc at that exact second and turned around, she would have found the space that Dialga had occupied only seconds ago now empty. But she hadn't turned away, it was virtually impossible now, as Marc's mouth fell open.

"Wha..?" He whispered, and as his eyelids fluttered open, Radian's heart immediately surged forth in excitement. Ecstatically, her busy little tail began to wag, and unable to control her happiness, she jumped atop him, wrapping her frail little arms around his neck.

"Radian!" Marc cried out, and his tone seemed to match the eagerness of Radian's actions. Her cheeks let off a warm glow as blissfully, she allowed her eyes to fall shut. The beat of her heat incresed dramatically, pulsing with so much happiness and joy that she thought she might burst. But she didn't care.. it didn't matter.. Marc was okay/

"Marc!" She cried out in response to her name, before gaining control of herself and releasing him from her crushing grip, leaping backward to give him some space, and then just grinning wildly at him.

"Nice to see that you're finally awake, sleeping beauty. What took you so long?" Radian's tone was playful and nonchalant, but it was quite obvious what she was actually feeling. Her eyes betrayed her true emotions, and were in fact swelled to near bursting with joyful tears. Her tail continued to wag eagerly, and the color of the small little room had shifted significantly from the golden color to a new bright, jubilant pink.

May 27th, 2008, 6:10 PM
Marc hugged Radian back as soon as he noticed her jumping up in joy and launching herself towards him at the same time she exclaimed his name. From above Radian's 'shoulder', he noticed how the once black area he woke up in turned to a golden tinge, and finally to a friendly pink.

As the contact between the two broke, Marc pondered in his head where he was. He didn't remember how he got there. He started to think and try to recall how had he gotten there, but his concentration was broken after he heard Radian's voice say something again.

"Nice to see that you're finally awake, sleeping beauty. What took you so long?"

Marc stared at her and smiled warmly. "Just taking a nap, ya know. I felt quite tired out of nowhere. I don't recall anything..." Marc started saying, "All I know is that I'm here with you in this pink space." The room was now completely colored in the same tint, all 6 surfaces; so it seemed like the pair was floating.

"Talking about this pink space..." Marc started saying as he stared around, noticing there was nothing there; only them two. "Why..." He started to ask, but didn't finish his question because he was interrupted by some images striking his head. One image showed him in the real world. He was very hurt and bruised, but was now apparently waking up at an incredibly slow space. The other image showed him on the white area he was before he woke up into the nightmare, and the last one showed Radian with a gargantuan blue Pokemon and Marc lying on the ground asleep.

~What was that...~ He thought. Since Marc didn't remember anything from this past events, he just thought all of this images were his imagination.

"Oh, sorry" Marc said as he came back to his senses and shook his head. "Why was I asleep here... Or better yet, where are we? I can't remember many things.." He asked Radian while looking down at the pink ground. His eyes showed a concerned look and his face a confused gesture, but all this turned to signs of joy and happiness as he stared at Radian. He noticed she was about to burst into tears, and even though he deduced that might be because she was glad to see him wake up, he wasn't totally sure. Perhaps something else caused her tears.

"Are you Ok?" He asked in the exact, same tone he did when they were in Drenched Bluff, but now he was smiling, rather than have a fatigued look on his face. He forgot about the other questions, too, and was now intrigued at Radian's emotions.

May 27th, 2008, 7:27 PM
"The waves sure are at ease today," said Leon sitting on a rock, "At least one of us is at peace." Leon got down from the rock and began to remember his days as a human. He was born to a father that ignored him and then tried to replace him with a robot son. Now he was living the life of a Chimchar with the power to use shadows. He couldn't put anything together on how he and the other humans were Pokemon. Leon was ashamed to call himself a genius anymore. However, he believed that his thoughts were being blocked out by his other thoughts running through his head.

He remembered the words that Darkrai had told him and the words he had told Eevee. the picture of the nightmare contniued to replay in his head and he was tired of it. Leon didn't want to return to the guild, but at the same time he knew his answers were there. He put his back on the sand of the beach and looked into the sky, "Not a cloud in sight. My mother used to say that no clouds meant no worries ahead. She was a fine woman until she died." Leon got up and dusted himself off. He walked back to the guild and headed straight into the medical wing.

May 28th, 2008, 5:46 PM
" Just taking a nap, ya know." Marc responded with a grin, and as Radian caught sight of the playful grin, her own little smile broadened in length, her tail still enthusiastically wagging as she noticed immediately that Marc seemed to be feeling a whole lot better. Every scrape and every bruise that the Totodile had sported only moments before had vanished, and seeing this amazing physical recovery herself got Radian to thinking about what the massive creature had told her.

And so the saying goes that love is the strongest force in the entire world.. The voice was the slow rumbling of Dialga's, and as it passed briefly through Radian's mind, she cringed a bit, a red flush creeping across her cheeks as she drug her gaze away from Marc's, only just now remembering his power.

You really need to start watching what you.. think. Radian scolded herself from within her mind, sighing as slowly she shook her head.

If I want to start saving myself future humiliation.. and stop making myself look like a moron. Radian froze up, a sweatdrop forming alongside her round little face as she turned back around to face her friend.

I might as well be standing up screaming this at the top of my lungs..

"I felt quite tired, I don't recall anything.. All I know is that i'm here with you in this pink space."

Radian smiled gently, taking a step closer to Marc as nonchalantly, she lay a paw upon his shoulder. Her eyes shone with a fresh coat of tears, though she masked this by directing her gaze toward the ground. For a few moments, nothing was said as Radian attempted to get a grip on herself, and when she finally did, she cleared her throat and began to speak.

"You died, Marc." She told him, her her efforts proving unsuccessful as the tears just sprang back to her soft golden eyes, threatening to spill over at any second.

"At least.. I think you did.. But the weird thing was.." Radian paused to think for a second.

"You weren't just dead in your mind, something happened to you in the real world, but I don't know what. I haven't been awake since we fell asleep after that mission.. And I really can't tell you how long it's been. But me and the others were all here, inside my mind, trying to fight Darkrai off when you appeared."

At this, she stopped, the tears finally overcoming her as they drizzled down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry.." She apologized, feeling a bit embarrassed as she again shifted her face toward the ground. She shook her head as the tears kept coming, refusing to stop. She had temporarily forgotten about Darkrai, and all the havoc he had caused inside her, practically starting a war against her with a sole purpose in mind: Completely dominating her with her own guilt-driven fears and then enslaving her when she was near insanity. It had been horrible, but one good thing had come out of it, if only one. People Radian hadn't even known cared for her had showed up to lend their power, and had given practically everything they had just so she wouldn't be snatched away by the darkness.

"You didn't even see the half of it, though." Radian explained absently, unable to completely concentrate as she thought back of the furious inferno.. and Alfonse's corpse. She shuddered, and as remembered the fierce accusation in Alfonse's tone, and the misery radiating from his beautiful eyes..

"There was fire, and my brother.." Radian realized at that moment that she must sound like a complete rambling idiot, so she decided to show him rather than tell him. She didn't know for sure if this process would work, but since they were inside her mind, she figured that anything went. Radian closed her eyes, concentrating more on this single image than she had on anything else in her entire life. Within seconds, the chipper pink background had again transformed, and now, the stood in the middle of a small clearing completely engulfed by fire. Uneasily, Radian moved closer to Marc, her head turned completely away from him, refusing to look for even an instant away from the flickering fire. Alfonse's image soon appeared, risen above the flames, and as Radian's mind was again refreshed with the sight of his charred flesh, his scorched, blistering wounds, her entire body was seized by a series of rapid convulsions, her eyes rolling backward inside her head as she endured the sight that anyone should never have to see throughout their entire lifetime, the sight she had now seen a total of three times. As her body twitched uncontrollably, a sinister shdow appeared behind Alfonse, laughing menacingly as his eyes glowed their all too-familiar charcoal red, and with a wave of his ghostly appendage, the ominous door appeared, and as it swung open, an image of Marc himself was revealed, lying helplessly upon the ground. The Totodile appeared to be extremely close to death, and though he was clearly alive by his ragged intake of breath, he didn't even appear to be conscious. As Radian was forced to relive the horrid memory, her eyes awidened, tension building up in her fragile body as she watched the Totodile onscreen struggle just to survive, and then a frightened little Eevee, herself, gushing torrent after torrent of tears begin to move toward the Totodile.

"STOP!" She ordered desperately, her mind becoming frantic as she spasmed uncontrollably, the sight too much for her to have to bear again. As the flames immediately dissipated, and the background again shifted back to the cheery pink it had been before, Radian sank tiredly to the ground, clutching tenderly at her head as she curled up into a ball, obviously fatigued from the loss of energy she had been forced to exert even in her sleep. She yawned once, and as she noticed Marc staring down at her, she smiled reassuringly, laughing a little to try to convince him that she was all right.

I didn't know it was possible to be tired while you were already sleeping.. She mumbled absently, her eyelids drooping halfway shut as she tucked her head against the soft brown fur of her forelegs.

"Are you okay?" Radian heard Marc finally speak out, and she awoke quickly with a start, smiling sheepishly.

"Huh? Oh.. yeah." She mumbled in slurred response, sitting up sleepily as she shook her head, attempting to clear it. As she shook her head, it triggered a response in the sleeping Radian in the world of the awake, and as her mind shook clear, the Eevee's brow furrowed, her mouth falling slightly open as slowly, she attempted to lift the heavy weight of her closed lids. This meager action was quite a tedious task actually, and as Radian struggled to pry them open, the world around the dream-state Radian and Marc began dissolving. The rosy walls of the room they had been shut in disintigrated, and as Radian's mind transformed completely, from an intricate torture chamber to a blank white slate, the dream Radian looked up at the dream Marc, startled, and unsure of exactly what was happening. Unnoticably at first, the two began to drift further and further apart, but finally when they were some feet away from one another, Radian picked up on it. She attempted moving her legs to follow after him, but soon found that that wasn't possible.

I'm.. paralyzed?! Radian cried out in thought, all four of her legs hanging uselessly, suspended in the air.

Oh good God! She lamented, forgetting momentarily about Marc and staring down at her motionless limbs.

I'll never walk again! Radian's thoughts were jarred instantly back to Marc, and unable to do anything else, she just waved at him, frowning as they were moved ever apart over what felt like an infinity of white space.

May 28th, 2008, 5:48 PM
The final floor.

Edward's team was so close to getting the time gear now. He could almost taste it. His team were sweating like pigs and dangerously close to defeat. They had fought so many pokemon.......

Heatran faced them, protective it seemed, over a nest nearby. Edward wondered how there were eggs there, as legendary pokemon couldnt lay eggs. Legendary Pokemon. Edward thought. He was about to face down a legendary pokemon. He had never dreamed of this in his life. Everything had happened so fast and now here he was.

The legendary fire pokemon released powerful flamethrower which spread everywhere. Espeon and Edward both put up a Light Screen and gave Tyranitar room to use a Rollout. Direct hit. Honchkrow then grabbed Umbreon and swooped up into the air, dropping him as he reached peak height. Umbreon used a Stun Spore which spread all over Heatran. Tyranitar tried to use a rock smash but the Heatran released a Metal Sound. Then it used an Earth Power which sent the team flat on its back.

"Espeon, Tyranitar's hurt!" Sneasel screamed from across the room.

Espeon immediately went to work. Then Sneasel turned around and sent out an Icy Wind. Edward knew, obviously this was not to injure the Heatran as it had no weakness to Ice attacks. But it was to cloud his vision.

"Edward, now!" Sneasel cried out.

Edward used the move he had taken from one of the Magmortar on one of the earlier floors. Lava Plume. Because Heatran was part Steel and he had no chance to react because of Umbreon's Stun Spore, the move was a perfect hit. It looked as if Heatran was down for the count.

May 28th, 2008, 6:22 PM
Leon walked into the medical wing and delivered a swift drop kick to the Totodile. Leon didn't care if he was okay or not, but he was just adding on to the damage. He looked down to Eevee and started to give her a hug. "I'm glad you're safe, because if you weren't I would have to go on a Wigglytuff rampage." after he said that Chatot looked at the confused Wigglytuff. Everyone in the guild knew what he was talking about, but Wigglytuff didn't. "Hey Chatot, what does a Wigglytuff rampage mean?" "I wouldn't know it must be a joke or another Wigglytuff." Chatot dropped a sweatdrop then stayed quiet. Leon had his foot on top of Totodile and deliberately moved him away from Eevee and as he did he laughed. "I hope you understand Toto, but all is fair in love and war. I was taught to fight my rival till the end and that's my plan." he laughed an evil laugh as he asked Eevee about the expedition. "So how about me and you work as a team for that expedition I came to you for. I was going to ask, but you were in that nighmare and that was the mood killer. So what do you say, Eevee?"

May 28th, 2008, 9:33 PM
The burning sensation began to leave Taro as Leon's flames dissipated. This was a relief, as he was not currently within his own dream, and therefore could actually die here. He watched Ridian as she began to break down at the sight of Marc. He remembered Darkrais words that he had spoke to him earlier.

Taro had not had time to make any friends in this world, and though Darkrai had seen that as a good thing, their being less remorse when he would have to stab them in the back, Taro realized something else. Darkrai would not be able to dangle them above his head, threatening to kill or torture them in the event of his uncooperation. He could only appeal to his basic fears, such as snakes and spiders, and in this, Taro felt he was lucky. He could not imagine what type of pain the little Eevee was going through at this moment. He cast one final glance at her, feeling sorry for her, before she crossed through the door, and vanished from sight.

[QUOTE]"Your a coward..Hiding behind others...And causing people torment liek what you did with Marc!!" Tiffany hissed as she charged torwards darkrai for not anything like a special attack but something as simple as a tackle.

"Tackle!" Tiffany screamed running past taro and slamming into darkrai./QUOTE]

Darkrai knew that it was not a good idea to be hit by any of Darkrai's attacks, even if it was something as simple as tackle. Just as Tiffany was about to collide with him, he vanished, the binds around Taro vanishing with him, and the nightmare seemed to disappear. Tiffany left the dream some time after, and Taro found himself alone once again.

"I suppose I should be waking up too..." He muttered to himself, a staircase forming before him "I wonder whats for breakfast..."

He began to climb up the stairs, before he froze, hearing something. It sounded like a hiss, like that of an Seviper, and it made his skin crawl. He feared to look back, knowing what would be there, so he calmly continued upward, not running, just walking at a normal pace, with the constant feeling that he was being watched around him...

May 28th, 2008, 10:59 PM
"Good" Marc said happily as he heard Radian reply to his question. He tried to brighten his mod a bit after all of the images he had read from Radian's mind. He seemed happy on the outside, but was quite scared on the inside, specially because after Radian explained how Marc had died, images of him being kicked by rampaging Pokemon, falling down the stairs and then lying on the medical wing showing no signs of life entered his head. He took a deep breath as he turned to Radian.

"So do you know how we should get o.." He started saying, but was cut off from his own words when he felt a strange sensation inside his little stomach. The Marc in the real world was starting to slowly open his eyes. This caused dream Marc's image to vanish for a second, then appear again. Soon he noticed the dream started to fall apart because of Radian and him were waking up. He tried to stretch for Radian, but a force started to separate them.

Marc tried to yell something, anything, but he felt muted. On his body some wounds and scratches were starting to appear, and this was because a link to the real world was forming. He flailed his short legs and arms as he paddled and tried to move towards Radian, but his strength wasn't enough like to move him towards the direction he wanted to go. He decided to give up and just let his body flow along with the force separating them. He managed to communicate one single thought before the woke up, though. ~I guess I'll meet you at the Medical Wing. I can't move from there anyway, you know?~

After the thought was passed to Radian's mind, Marc was engulfed by a bright light and then vanquished from the nightmare.

"Gah!" Marc exclaimed as he woke up and sat up from the bed he was lying on in a rush; just a little kid who just woke up from his first nightmare. ~I guess I made it out.~ he thought to himself before his weak body caused him to collapse back to his bed. He stared around the room and noticed there wasn't anyone there. It all was lonely and quiet. ~Probably everyone was informed I was Ok and they left or something..~ Marc thought. He examined the room again, in search of a significant something, then stared at his own body. He was appalled at the amount of wounds he had on him, but wasn't at all impressed because now he knew how had this been caused.

He soon felt the need of having to search for the others, so he used all of his strength to jump down from the bed and to the ground. Luckily for him, the bed wasn't too high. Before he could take his first step, Radian walked inside the Medical Wing, along with Wigglytuff and Chatot; and a smile formed on his face.

Before he could greet Radian, though, he was out of nowhere kicked to the ground by Leon the Chimchar. Marc hit himself on the ground ridiculously hard, and you could almost hear his damaged bones breaking. He wouldn't be surprised if some had broken, in fact. He was brought back to his half dead state, but at least he was now conscious. While on the edge of dying (again), Marc managed to roll on his back to see why the hell had Leon kicked him; or by the matter, why would anyone kicked a nearly dead Pokemon.

Leon hugged Radian and Marc heard hims say some things about Wigglytuff, but wasn't able to listen to what that was. Leon then places his foot on Marc's chest and said something. "I hope you understand Toto, but all is fair in love and war. I was taught to fight my rival till the end and that's my plan." After that he was pushed away and slammed on the posts of the bed he lied on a while ago. This time you could hear something crack. Leon then invited Radian to go with him on the expedition and laughed evily.

Marc then just stared at the Chimchar with the biggest amount of hate possible of being shown in his eyes. They were almost glowing red, like when he used his rage attack. Soon, however, his hate became sadness, and this was obvious in his eyes. He tried to stand up, but as soon as he was on his feet he was tugged down to the ground by his weak muscles and became immobile. His eyes were open and he could hear everything that was happening around, he just couldn't move...

May 29th, 2008, 4:20 PM
The smoke cleared and Heatran still stood. The team was shocked. How did he survive the Lava Plume?

"What?" Sneasel exclaimed.

"My ability, Flash Fire, allows me to become immune to all fire attacks," Heatran laughed, "You shall fall."

And with that, Heatran spewed a Fire Spin from it's mouth, surrounding Edward. Honchkrow flew in to help Edward but Heatran lunged at him and used a powerful Iron Head that sent Honchkrow flying back into a wall. His speed meant that Umbreon's stun spore was wearing off. Umbreon used a Scary Face to trap and Tyranitar, now healed used a hyper beam on Heatran. The attack did next to nothing. It appeared as if this was a battle that wasn't goin to be won.

"Stop now, if you want these eggs to survive!" Espeon shouted from across the room.

Somehow the healer had gained the uppr and in the battle.

"Those are Ninetales eggs! I'm supposed to be guarding them from poachers! Release them!" Heatran bellowed.

Espeon did not reply. While Heatran was distracted, Sneasel jumped in and saved Edward from the Fire Spin. But he was hurt, there were burns everywhere.

"Throw them!" Sneasel shouted.

Tyranitar used a hyper beam to blow a hole in the cavern. Espeon threw the egg out the hole and watched Heatran dive off of the top of the volcano. Edward then sent a Hydro Pump to meet him when he hit the ground. Edward laughed about how much that stupid Mudkip was gving him such a powerful move. But how was she to know? Who cared? Sneasel walked up and dug around in the nest and eventually found the time gear.

Perhaps Heatran was "guarding Ninetales eggs" as cover up for the time gear. Possibly Ninetales knew of the time gears. Edward cast those thoughts aside for another time and looked towards Sneasel.

"Sneasel, what's wrong?"

Sneasel's body shook violently and then a giant black hole opened and sucked in Sneasel, Tyranitar, Umbreon, Espeon, Honchkrow and Edward himself.....

May 30th, 2008, 9:18 AM
I guess i'll meet you at the medical wing. I can't move from there anyways, you know?

Radian's awe-struck expression was soon split open by a sad smile, and tears again sprung to her golden eyes as Marc was drug further and further away from her. Hideous, unforgiving wounds had begun to appear across the once unbroken skin across his body, and as Radian caught her first sight of them, she shuddered, her eyes squeezing tightly shut until they were little more than squints. The tears came rushing down her face, falling so fast that they didn't even appear to be there, crashing down past the paw that had begun to swell significantly, now twice the size as her other, and glowing a brilliant, powerful hue of golden. Finally, just as the white light gave way, Radian's head snapped up and her eyes shot open, casting a final forlorn farewell to her companion before she mustered up one final thought.

I'll be there.

And then.. nothing. Just pure and total darkness. But this lasted only for a second at the most, as the darkness gave way to a piercing yellow light, and as Radian's eyelids that were the darkness began to flutter open, her soft golden eyes caught the first gentle rays of morning sunlight. She stretched, feeling the peculiar sensation of fatigue shoot across her exhausted limbs, and wondering why since she had just woken up from more than a day's sleep.

Well, I was asleep, but is it really so surprising that i'm tired when I didn't get any rest?

Radian thought to herself, nevertheless stumbling shakily to her feet and forcing herself to stand. It was much too early, she assumed by the gentle nature of the sun's current rays, for that outspoken Loudred to be up prancing around bellowing everyone up in rude awakening, and she was grateful for this, as that meant that everyone else must be fast asleep, resting up for the mission.

Which is probably what I should be doing now. Thought Radian, letting out a giant yawn as she began to survey the room around her. It was nothing more than a plain, unfurnished room with a giant pile of hay that had been Radian's bed, and a fire place on the wall opposite her for cold nights. But the sunlight shone beautifully upon the hay, illuminating warmly each individual straw, and causing a smile of content to spread across Radian's face as blissfully she closed her eyes.

"Sun, as beautiful as you are right now, you shine only when everyone is awake. Just because your beauty is seen, and the Moon's is unseen doesn't means yours is superior. I remain loyal to the Moon."

Radian didn't feel ridiculous at all, though if someone had heard her talking to an inanimate object, even one as powerful as the sun, they probably would've ordered her locked up. But the forces of sun and moon burned strangely within the tiny Eevee, dormant for the moment, but inevitably bound to erupt one day, or night rather. Turning the little pokemon respectively into an Espeon or an Umbreon.

After several moments of basking in the sun's welcoming light, Radian opened her eyes, remembering the horrid nightmare, and how at the very end unimaginable wounds had begun to appear across Marc's body. The frail Eevee's heart sank, and at the very thought of how much energy she would have to expend just to close all those wounds up and take his pain away, Radian faltered in her stance, nearly collapsing back into her bed of hay as her body involuntarily threatened to shut down. Yet there was conflicting power in her paw, which had swelled painfully in the time it had first sensed Marc hurt. Radian gritted her teeth, taking a deep breath, gingerly holding up her swollen paw above the ground and hopping awkwardly upon the other three. She passed two figures of fellow pokemon in the long hallway leading to the Medical Wing, which she wasn't even entirely sure where it was located, and in her rush to get to Marc, chose to ignore them.

"Wait! Friendly friend Radian! WAIT!" Radian cringed as her ears attuned to the familiar voice, and instead of answering, just picked up her pace, quickening from a power walk to a fast jog.

She had to get there.. Just had to, without anymore distractions..

"Where are you going, friendly friend?! Loooooook Chatot! Friendly friend Radian is awake!"

"Hey, Radian! Radian get back here!" Chatot ordered, as he and Wigglytuff began to pursue chase after the little Eevee. It was no match for Wigglytuff, of course, as the giant pink fluffball of a pokemon seemed to be built for anything but speed. After several minutes of huffing and puffing miserably, he finally dropped out of the chase, slowing to a slow jog in defeat. Radian, however, seemed to be picking up speed, and even on three legs, was able to reach the door of the Medical Wing with Chatot still far behind her. Though her breath intake was excruciating, Radian still managed to let out a sigh of relief as she attempted to slow herself so she could turn into the Wing. It was to no avail, though, as Radian's legs, suddenly forced to stop after running such a rapid race, tangled within each other, rendering themselves useless to her as she crashed hard against the hardwood floor of the wing, and tumbled inside it, rolling herself into what was a very crude Rollout, and smashing heavily into the foot of the bed her Totodile friend just happened to by lying in. Immediately, she jumped up after recognizing her companion, and flashed him a huge grin. The grin was supposed to be happy and comforting, and probably would've been if Radian hadn't been such an unruly mess of mussed fur and sweat. Right now it was just scary.

"Marc!" She called out after her insane grin, between heavy gasps for air as she began to approach her friend. Wigglytuff and Chatot followed warily in after her. Radian brightened as she caught sight of Marc smiling over at her, and taking this as invitation to approach him, she was about to take a step forward when suddenly in a mixed blur of fire and orange fur, her friend was drop-kicked from the bed and onto the ground, his already immobile body breaking even further. The resulting sound was a loud, piercing crack, the obvious sound of breaking bones, and Radian's heart leapt as the sound then filled her sensitive ears, echoing for what seemed an eternity within them. Before she could even respond to the grisly situation, Leon appeared in a flash beside her, hugging her delicate body to his own, murmuring something to her about him being glad that she was alright. Radian could only stare on in horror up at the Chimchar, feeling sick to her stomach as she finally put two and two together and finally realized that the pokemon who had practically saved her from her hell of a nightmare was the one responsible for the merciless attack. Instantly, a mounting rage began to consume the being of the pint-sized pokemon, and while instinctively she felt the urge to lash out, she restrained herself, instead just smiling sweetly up at Leon.

"I hope you understand, Toto, but all is fair in love and war." Leon started, turning from Radian, though she was still locked within his grasp, and therefore forced to turn toward Marc and witness his obvious pain.

"I was taught to fight my rival until the end and that's my plan." A sinister laugh escaped the lips of the Chimchar, making Radian's skin crawl as she shivered slightly within his arms. Her body tensed momentarily as the intensity in her paw began to climax. This was it.. if she didn't do something soon, her healing abilities would soon backfire on her.

"So how about me and you work as a team for that expedition I came to you for. I was going to as, but you were in that nightmare, and that was the mood killer. So what do you say, Eevee?"

The smile of sweetness upon Radian's face grew wider in length, and finally burst open, unable to restrain a playful bout of giggles any longer as she batted her long lashes up at the Chimchar, her golden eyes staring lovingly up into his own. Her soft fur had settled back down, and now fluffed beautifully around her as she looked away, seemingly bashfully from her Chimchar friend. As she looked away from him and back toward Marc, her expression changed from one of bashfulness to one of complete worry as she was now able to completely survey the extent of Marc's new injuries. It was obvious by his lack of movement, in as much excruciating pain as he was, that he had seriously broken some of his bones.

Radian casually turned back to Leon, and rubbed her head up against his chest, glancing innocently back up at him as her smile just grew ever larger.

"I never realized how strong you were, Leon." She crooned sweetly, motioning the paw that wasn't about to burst from pressure over in the direction of Marc.

"It would be an honor to be your partner for the expedition."

Radian grinned connivingly, the grin escaping Leon's notice as her "Attract" attack seemed to be taking effect, and the Chimchar was now rendered useless to do anything but stare lovestruck down at her. Radian saw this as the opportune moment. With a quick change of expressions, Radian tossed her flirtacious mask away, revealing dramatically what was actuslly underneath. Her brow was furrowed down over her flaring eyes, which burned brightly with an obvious wrathful fury, lace with passionate rage. The fur lining her spine stood up on all ends, and she reared back, her ears pinning back flat against her head as she thrust the top of her skull into the narrow chest of the Chimchar. His grip on her was instantly released as he was thrown against the wall in a furious tackle attack, cracking the plaster as chunks of it shattered to the hardwood floor, right before he too slid down the wall and slammed against it. Fueled with intense rage, she ignored the aching of her paw, leaping nimbly to land just in front of Leon, standing overtop him.

"It's true that you may very well have saved me from my nightmare.." She growled, leering over him, her eyes burning.

"And that I may owe you my life. But that gives you no reason for you to betray me by trying to kill off my other friends! Especially when they're near-death as it is!"

Radian's gaze shifted slightly, to take focus back on Marc, who lay pitifully upon the ground, once again seeming just barely alive. This only enraging her even further, she whipped back around to face Leon, before slamming her paw fiercely upon the ground.

"I'm not some prize that can be won by going around and beating the hell out of everyone who opposes you!" Radian declared in a snarl, expanding her furious gaze to include Wigglytuff and Chatot, along with Leon.

"Since when has Marc been a rival to you?! You're both my friends, and I did care for you equally." Radian glared coldly down at Leon, her whole body tensing up as if in preparation for another attack, before turning away, her head hanging as tears again began to fall down her face.

"Everyone, Out. NOW!" She ordered, not bothering to look behind her and see if they had actually followed her command. She just stumbled weakly over to Marc, summoning the very last of her energy in one giant spurt, knowing that once this was gone, that was it. She kneeled to his level, neverthless, taking his head into her lap and cradling it gently.

"I'm sorry.." She whispered, tears drizzling down her face as they splattered, one by one atop his forehead. She said nothing else, knowing that energy used to heal him would be wasted on words, and she wouldn't have that.

Hopefully this will make up for it..She thought to him, weakly lifting her paw to press it against his chest, and as it sought out his heartbeat, she exerted the last of her energy into it, a tired smile settling over her face as she stayed awake just long enough to feel the energy transferring from her body to his own setting his bones all back into their rightful places, and healing the joints so that his skeleton was as one again. She even managed to close up the most gruesome of the wounds upon his body, though the smaller cuts and bruises were left, as healing his bones, the most diffucult ailment for her to heal, had taken almost everything she had left. The smile still upon her face, her head dropped, falling gently atop him, every ounce of her energy lost to him as she fell into an instant, dreamless sleep...

May 30th, 2008, 10:53 AM
Leon was so happy to hold Eevee in his arms, but soon found she started some sweet talk. Leon couldn't explain it, but his heart was pounding faster than usual from seeing her smile. He turned away and tried to analyze the situation only to turn around again. The smile was too much for him to handle and her sweet talk was making it worst for him. He soon found his grip on her was loosened. Before he knew it Eevee had smashed him into a wall with a Headbutt of rage. Leon was pretty much aching all over and wondered why this was happening. "I'm not some prize that can be won by going around and beating the hell out of everyone who opposes you!" said the Eevee highly upset.

Leon understood he had done wrong, but he weas only joking to cover up his fear and sadness. However, he knew he could never say that to Eevee and so he pretended to be knocked out. As he pretended Eevee went back over to the Totodile and started to heal the damage Leon had done. Leon pounted on the floor and soon his tail's flames grew brighter. He could feel the flames building in his mouth, but he drew them back. He knew that he would have to wait to let out his emotion. He got up and dusted off the dirt on him. He let out another laugh to himself then walked over to Totodile and Eevee.

May 30th, 2008, 5:08 PM
Marc was lying on the ground as he heard everything that was going on between Radian and Leon. He could do nothing but listen to the conversation, anyway, for he was helplessly immobile. He heard Leon asking Radian if she would join him on the expedition, causing Marc to focus on what Radian's answer would be. He desperately felt the need to turn his head to stare at them both, but he knew his neck would probably break if he forced it to one direction; so he layed there looking up at the ceiling.

"I never realized how strong you were, Leon.It would be an honor to be your partner for the expedition." Was Radian's answer. In between this 2 sentences, however, Marc could feel the familiar warmth of Radian's glowing paw forming up stronger and stronger. Motionless and as he realized how Chimchar hated him so much, Marc thought he was going to get killed by the monkey Pokemon right there in the Medical Wing if Wigglytuff and Chatot didn't cover him.

Thinking he was in his last minutes of life, Marc just then started to have flashbacks around the past. Not the past that meant a day or two ago, but the past in which he was a human. Blurry images of his house, his family, and even of himself were being filtered inside the blue Pokemon's mind. He tried to clear the images a bit by focusing his mind on then, but not even his brain was working properly at the moment. He tried to sigh, but, in no surprise for him, his action was futile. He knew, however, he could use his mind for one last thing; like communicating some sad last words or something.

As he was about to close his eyes and wait for excruciating death, he could hear and sense from the ground's vibration something had been slammed on to a nearby wall.

Marc's heart immediatly rushed, and it started pounding at a pace which would probably be his normal pace if he wasn't on the edge of dying. That's how weak he felt. He became very scared, for the thought crossed his mind that Chimchar had done the attack to Eevee, causing a lone tear to drool down Marc's temple. Last time he shed a tear was when he was a human, a very young one; or so he could deduce as one image of him as a boy probably around 8 years old crying went inside his mind.

He became very anxious, though, when he heard Radian saying some things to Leon. He payed attention to these words (not like he could do anything else anyway) and one of her statements drew his complete attention. "Since when has Marc been a rival to you?!"

Marc wondered just the same thing. He never saw Leon as a rival, or by the matter, never really cared about him; for he was just someone he was introduced to by name. He didn't have a really good impression of him now, though, and you could bet he wasn't going to treat him as a BFF if he came out alive from this situation...

"Everyone, Out. Now" Marc heard Radian yell. He started breathing harshly as he saw the image of Eevee appear next to him. If he was on at least .0001% of his energy he would've smiled, but instead just lied there. "I'm sorry..." He heard Radian say, then communicate something through her mind. ~Hopefully this will make up for it.~

Marc was sure that this was the moment to use the last bits of his energy, probably the one that was being used to keep his lungs expanding and his heart pounding, to communicate a very short message to her. ~There's nothing to be sorry of; none of this events are your fault... Not at all~

After communicating this message, his link to Radian's mind broke and the Totodile passed out. The last thing he felt was Radian's warm paw resting on his chest. He felt loads and loads of energy being passed on to him by her, and he started to regain mobility with each passing seconds. First he could control his breath and feel his own heartbeat, then he was able to move his arms, and finally he felt completely renewed, except for some bruises and cuts. Just seconds after he was back to at least 97% of his energy, Radian collapsed on top of him, a smile on her face. Marc, even though healed, still felt tired, and just felt like falling asleep there; but he remembered his apparent 'rival' was still on the room. Taking Radian gently into his arms, he lifted her up into the bed he once lied on. He stared at her and felt like crying, out of sadness and joy at the same time, and decided to communicate one message while she was asleep. ~I can't express how thankful I am~. His message was short and simple, but the emotion with which he transmitted the thought was overwhelming.

Just then, he could hear a laugh approaching. The laugh could mean the advent of anything; whether it be a laugh that meant that Leon wanted to, in a way, 'reconcile' with Marc, or a laugh that meant another one of Leon's attacks was approaching. Not taking and chances on guessing and without wasting anytime, Marc turned around and saw the Chimchar approaching.
He recalled how Radian said in the nightmare that she would be there next to him and fight anything that proved hostile to him, and of course, Marc thought he could only do the same now that his friend was lying asleep.

Marc didn't say anything, but instead just stared directly at the approaching Chimchar, standing in between the Fire Pokemon and Radian. Despite being quiet, the expression on his face showed only one emotion that could be represented in many ways; anger. Marc was decided that if Leon attacked, he would fight till the end. He had already 'seen the light' two times, anyway, so why not a third time? Right now he had a cause to die for and not dying from an accident.

His Rage attack soon activated, engulfing the Totodile in a bright flame as a spurt of water formed inside his mouth, ready for anything. Marc didn't really want to fight at the moment, and didn't plan on doing anything if Leon didn't do something first. His sole mission at the moment was to protect the Eevee from getting hurt.

Marc's red eyes stared coldly into Leon's eyes as he just waited there...

May 30th, 2008, 9:20 PM
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Tiffany snapped out of her thoughts and quickly remebered about the guild expedition.

"Hm Tiffany why won't you answer?" Dusknoir ask.

"......" Tiffany didn't respond

"Not very talkative are we?" Dusknoir chuckled but Tiffany just had a blank expresision on her face.


"Well if theres anything I can do just let me know!" Dusknoir chuckled. Tiffany nodded and headed out for the expedition, of course she was partnerless but to much was weighing on her mind. Tiffany sighed still refusing to talk.

"Hey you!" A voice called out to her.

".....?!" Tiffany looked over to see 2 geodude led by a graveler looknig at her back.

"Whats the the matter..? Meowth got your tounge?" The graveler called out mocking her.

"...." Tiffany didn't respond at all.

"Well..? You just gonna stand there?" One of the geodude called out.

"...." She didn't have the courage to speak fearing something horrible would come out.

"Well...Ok...then..Hand over the bag and you'll leave alive!" The graveler called approaching her.

"..........................." Tiffany bascked up against the wall.Without her voice she couldn't call out attacks.She was utterly..helpless. Hot tears fell down her face as she quickly found a tunnel to exit through. She ran as fast as she could, her legs were being cut to do the sharp rocks she was running through. Still no word came from her mouth only winces of pain. ~I'm done for....~ Tiffany thought to herself running faster knowing sure enough she couldn't complete the dungeon. Tears fell further down her facee as her body was covered by deep cuts. She had collapsed in a puddle and the water in the puddle had turned a deep red. ~I'm going to die here...~ Tiffany thought to herself. As she wet for the inevitable end she saw a dark figure before her. ~Who..?~ Tiffany passed out before she could make out the figure who was beside her.

"Unngh.." Tiffany mumbled as she arroused from a deep sleep to find herself on swamperts back.

"So you finally waking up?" The swampert chuckled carrying her. Tiffany yelped in surprise and nearly fell off.

"Whoa. Your still injured so be careful!" Swampert warned her

"....." Tiffany didn't respond.

"So your not very talkative huh?" The swampert asked curiously. Tiffany shook her head in protest. "Well then your shy?" The swampert asked her once more. Tiffany shook her head then he finally asked "Well then why won't you talk?"

"Because....I...Don't..wanna..hurt..people.." Tiffany managed to say.

"Well..? Thats it?" Swampert chuckled.Tiffany looked at the swampert in disbelief.

"You..don't care..?" Tiffany asked him.

"Well I just think before I say stuff which is kinda hard at times!" The swampert laughed and Tiffany couldn't believe her eyes.

"So...? You don't care?" Tiffany asked swampert.

"Nah..Oh and by the way names Hydro!" Hydro chuckled.

Tiffany just looked at him. "My name is Tiffany.." Tiffany said to hydro amazed that he was so happy and didn't have a care in the world.

"Well Tiffany your on the guild expedition right?" Hydro asked stopping for a sec.

"Y-yeah." Tiffany mumbled suddenly feeling an admiration for the Swampert.

"Well then let me see your map!" Hydro asked and Tiffany gave him her map "So you need to reach that base right?" Hydro asked pointing to the dot on the map.

"Y-yes." Tiffany said.

"Well then lets go!" Hydro yeleld giving the map back to her.

"You coming with me?!" Tiffany yelped in surprise.

"Yah I need an adventure!" Hydro yelled. Tiffany sat on his back here he is an utter stranger her who had saved her.

"Well er..okay..." Tuiffany mumbled a blush coming over her face.

"Well then lets go!" Hydro yelled and the both set off for the camp.

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May 31st, 2008, 7:01 AM
Leon walked over the Totodile and could see something in his eyes. The power of rage was building up inside his eyes. Leon looked at Eevee, who was placed on the medical table, and realized what had to be done. "Hey Toto, I'm sorry for my actions, but when I was human I use to dream of having a love triangle and a rival. It is mostly because of all the manga and anime that I had this dream. They were so funny and so I stole a page from them and delivered a drop kick, when you got too cozy with Eevee. I can see what I did was wrong, but I still have the duty to protect her. I can also see you want the same thing and so how about we become a slamming team. I apologize for my actions, but I think this would be the best for you and me. With your water and my fire attacks we could stop her from getting hurt and using up too much power. You know this would be for the better and so what do you say?" Leon put his hand to show that he wanted a shake to confirm their alliance.

May 31st, 2008, 7:58 PM
Tiffany walked along side Hydro as he told her about his various stories and adventures, in the end all of the stories made Tiffany laugh. "You know what makes you so carefree?" Tiffany asked Hydro questionably.

"Well I guess..Its because everyone is so tense that I just want them to lighten up!" Hydro laughed and Tiffany laughed along with him.

"Ya know Hydro..Thanks for saving me!" Tiffany giggled slightly blushing then asking "Why did you save me in the first place?" She asked the swampert who was throwing another rock into a randomly placed puddle.

"Well I guess it is cause no one deserves to die!" Hydro cyhuckled walking in front of her.

"Deserve to die?" Tiffany asked him.

"Yah your cuts were really deep..a little bit more time there you would have died for sure." Hydro mumbled.

"Oh..I see..~Is he worried about me?~ Tiffany asked herself.

"Anyway lets keep going!" Hydro automatically cheered up and pointed to some stairs that were placed in the room.

"Yeah!" Tiffany smiled happily runnig in front of him and hydro quickly followed.

"Really now? Your to funny!" Tiffany giggled as Hydro through a rock into a puddle.As she reached the next floor something seemed odd...Like out of wack. "Huh?" Tiffany asked. Hydro had obviously sensed it to.

"Get out of the way!" Hydro tackled her knocking her behind a rock as a hyper beam shot out of no where.

"What was that?!" Tiffany asked managing to crawl out under Hydros body.

"A hyper beam..Alright show yourselves" Hydro yelled out.

"Heh..Heh..Heh.. So you've found me...Interesting..." A deep evil voice called out..It wasn't Darkrai's either.

''Who are you?!" Tiffany yelped as Hydro stepped in front of her to protect her.

"Me...? I'm just a simple pokemon looking for some fun..Heh..Heh..." The voiced laughed slowly as it came out of the shadows.It was a spiritomb followed by 2 gastlys. Tiffany began to tremble again.

"Calm down Tiffany..They seem weak.." Hydro whispered to her underestimating the spiritombs power.

"Me..? I'm not here for you Swampert..I'm here for the girl.." The spiritomb mocked back.

"What?!" Hydro yelled back at the spiritomb growling.

"Thats right my..master has commanded me to get her..Her poweris of much use to us soon!" Spiritomb yelled back at Hydro.

"Powers?" Hydro asked and looked at her. Tiffany looked down ashamed of herself.

"Hah?! You don't know do you?!" SPiritomb mocked at them.

"It doesn't matter if she has powers or not! You can't have her!" Hydro growled at Spiritomb.

"Hydro.." Tiffany mumbled blushing slightly.

"We'll see about that! Shadow sneak!" The spiritomb called out as they got ready for an intense battle.

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May 31st, 2008, 8:53 PM
I can't express how thankful I am..

The second it seemed that Radian's eyelids had fallen closed in instant slumber, Marc's voice penetrated her entire internal being, and with it, came an overwhelming surge of emotion.

As the emotion transferred within Radian, her ears twitched forward slightly, the swelling in her paw ceasing as the smile twisted upon her lips only broadened, and a small hint of a rosy pink flush filled her cheeks. The joy and gratitude radiating from her Totodile friend and merging with Radian's own emotion was almost too much for the tiny Eevee to bear, and as she felt the full effect of it, her heart rate accelerated considerably, thumping loudly against her frail little chest. Though she was exhausted, and now soaked almost to the bone in sweat, she couldn't recall ever feeling so happy.

That's what.. friends are for. She managed to reply back in a bit of a happy mumble, even though forming just those five little words proved to be nearly impossible, as her mind was rapidly falling victim to inevitable sleep.

Mmm.. She thought again, from the deepest recesses of her conscious mind. This thought was more distant, and far fainter than the last, as the subconscious half of her was taking over.

It's so nice.. to finally take a rest.. The last thing Radian was sure she could recall was Marc lifting her gently from the ground she had collapsed upon, gathering her up into his strong arms. But then again, she was so hazed with fatigue and oncoming sleep, she really couldn't be that sure at all.

May 31st, 2008, 10:27 PM
~ Does he really mean this?~ Marc thought to himself after hearing everything Leon said. And, to be honest, it sounded stupid to him. Marc's expression seemed to change from one of anger to one of confusion. His rage attack, however, never was put down. He stared at the Pokemon coldly as he started saying.

"You dreamed of having a love triangle... And since I was getting 'cozy', as you say, you decided to attack me when I was nearly dead... Because you saw it on a show? Seriously man, that's messed up. You killed me..." Marc said with an emotionless tone on his voice. He used the expression 'You killed me' because in some way it was true. He could feel his heart stopping and lungs flattening just before Radian started to heal him. He left a very long pause and continued to talk.

"Your duty is to protect her? Protect her from what? Does a Pokemon on the verge of dying, who you also know is the target's friend, stand much of a threat? Does you believeing I'm you rival out of nowhere means I'm going to kill her? If you ask me, you're a bigger threat here; bursting out and letting attacks out of nowhere because you saw it in manga and TV. I don't protect Radian because I want to be in a freaking 'love triangle' or anything, but because she is my friend."

As Marc said all of this, his heart started to pound very wildly. His voice wasn't emotionless anymore, in fact, there were too many emotions like for it to be described as a single one. His breath harshened and his Rage flames started to change color and his eyes weren't red anymore. It seemed like his Rage was starting to fade away because of the sudden feeling change in Marc; however, the flame didn't completely go away. He then stared at Leon's stretched hand. He was nearly positive that if he shook it he would be electrified by this little machine they sell in prank shops.

He didn't even considering shaking his hand. Marc could say he didn't really hold grudges on anyone, but Chimchar had gone to far by ending with his life. He shook his head to the sides slowly and dramatically as he stared into the Chimchar's eyes.

May 31st, 2008, 11:41 PM
"Gah!" Hydro yelled out as a shadow came over him and controlled his every move.

"Hydro! Stop it your hurting him!" Tiffany called out to the spiritomb who was enjoying every moment of what he was doing to poor Hydro.

"Foolish girl? Do you think I care?" Spiritomb mockingly told her. As she was staring at Hydro in worry she began having a dizzy spell. "Again.." Tiffany mumbled collapsing to the ground.

"Tiffany! What did you do to her?!" Hydro yelled out automatically assuming it was Spiritomb.

"It was nothing I did! SHe's having a dimensional scream as its called! She's not normal Hydro! She's not your average every day mudkip she has powers!" SPiritomb yelled out as Swampert broke free of the Shadow sneak and ran to Tiffanys side.

~Inside the vision~

"Unngh..ANother one of these visions..?" Tiffany mumbled as she was in a barren wasteland and she stood in utter horror. "W-What is this?!" Tiffany yelped as she looked at the scorched tress and she saw..dusknoir.

"Dusknoir?! No this can't be!" Tiffany yelped as she cried out. "Its a lie dusknoir is nice!" Tiffany cried out in horror.

"We will dispose of them later..For now tell Master Dialga that the journey is done the humans have been..caught" The vision dusknoir said in a maniacl laughter.

~End vision mode~

Tiffany snapped out of her thoughts to see hydro over her and the spiritomb cackling in digust. "Hydro..?" Tiffany mumbled as Hydro breathed a sigh of relief and focused on the spiritomb once more, but before he could launch any sort of attack a hydro pump came out of no where and struck spiritomb.

"Gah!" Spiritomb yelled as it hit a neighboring tree.

'W-who did that..?"Tiffany said getting to her feet.

"How dare you hurt these people!" A voice called out.A figure ran out of the bushes and it was a wartortle.

"Who are you??" Tiffany asked.

"Names Wartortle!" Wartortle laughed back. He seemed..to overconfident. Hydro just began glaring at him uneasily.

"Er..?Hydro..?" Tiffany asked uncertain about this whole situation.

"Hey swampert guy? Letting a lady get hurt like this! Shame on you!" The Wartortle yelled back.

"You shut up your over confident ya know that?!" Hydro yelled back this had soon turned into a brawl of battle and of insults.

"Guys..Uh.." Tiffany mumbled a little sweatdropping for awhile as the two boys were still arguing. "This is gonna be..a long trip." Tiffany mumbled once again. She sighed. "I hope Radian isn't having this much trouble with guys as I am..Sigh.." Tiffany mumbled

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June 1st, 2008, 4:30 PM
"Stop eating so fast!" Rin scolded Taro at the breakfast table "Your gonna get sick from eating too much!"

Taro meerly continued wulfing down the several berries that were on his plate, paying no attention to Rin's warning, and eventually came to his apples. Taking large chomps out of the first apple, he was down to its core within minuets. Rin and Picasso watched on dumbfounded as Taro threw the apple core in his mouth, chewed, and swallowed, giving off a small burp afterwards, and patting his belly.

"You eat the cores?" Rin said in disbelief. "That cant be good for you. I swear, if you like, get a huge stomach cramp and blow this expedition for us, I will kill you."

"Don't worry." Taro assured her "If I collapse in the middle of a dungeon, feel free to leave me to rot away. I won't though. My digestive tract can handle almost anything. Apple cores go down easy."

"...Im going to hold you to that." Rin said, as Taro started his second apple. "Everything we've done has led up to this expedition, and im not about to let you ruin it. Picasso! Map!"

"Y-yes Rin!" The Smeargle stammered, and unfolded his own map which has several blue markings from his tail paint on it. "W-were heading to the place I have circled, right here. thats crystal cave, and just outside of that is the guilds base camp. It looks like our fastest way to get there would be crossing the serene river, and passing through the mystifying forest. Both are relatively unexplored areas, so we best be prepared for anything."

"Ive got enough supplies in our exploration bag to last us a week, and I doubt it will take that long to get there, so we should be good." Rin said. "Unless this fool eats it all in one sitting!"

"Hey!" Taro defended "Im going to be fasting the entire journey! Promise! Why do you think im eating so much right now?"

Rin simply glared at him, and said:

"Were leaving as soon as your finished with your meal. Ill be waiting at the crossroads."

And left the room. It was silent for a few moments, until Picasso leaned over to Taro.

"E-excuse Rin. She is just a bit worked up today is all." He said "This expedition means the world to her. She was the runt of her litter, not to mention the only girl, so all her brothers looked down on her. She really wants to achieve big things, and that can make her a bit edgy at times..."

"Don't worry about it." Taro said "I can deal with her. She just needs to loosen up a bit, and I think I might be just the person to teach her how..."

Picasso smiled "Well, enjoy the rest of your meal. Ill be waiting with Rin. Well see you down there!" And exited the room. Leaving Taro to finish his apples.

June 1st, 2008, 6:16 PM
"Listen Toto, I apologized, but if you want some come get some. I try to be the biggger man, apologize, and then try to start a good alliance. Then I get this as a thanks. You are being such a cry baby. So I roughed you up a bit, is it my fault that I didn't realize you were a weak and slow healer? If your in danger now, think about the more powerful Pokemon out there. Do you really believe that with your power alone that you will be able to protect her and yourself then carry out the mission. And before you bring up that last mission, how about you think about Darkrai. The pokemon that trapped her in that nightmare! Where were you in her time of need?! If you keep trying to fight with just you and her alone then I can only hope you have tons of good luck charms. I know I'm not in the right place to talk after I did that to her too. If I hadn't beaten you like that she would be able to rest after that nightmare world. I plan to protect her and I don't care if we're a team or not. I will just have to follow you around if called for. That is my promise to myself and her." Leon exclaimed to Totdile with a loud yell. Leon was out of breathe and in his eyes there was a desire to help Totodile protect their healing friend. "So Toto, rethink that alliance one more time would you?" Leon extended his hand again, but this time he was actually very mad and unstable. He was unsure what he would do if Totodile refused to shake his hand again.

June 1st, 2008, 6:38 PM
Edward woke up and had not known how much time had passed. He looked around and saw that they were near some kind of Lake, but there was a thick fog. Nearby, Tyranitar and Umbreon had a fire going. Espeon was trying to heal Sneasel by the camp.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Oh, you're up," Tyranitar said, "We're in the Foggy Lake right now. The time gear teleported us. I don't know why."

It's because of destiny.

Edward jumped. Celebi was taking to him again? Destiny? What possible reason could the team being here have to do with destiny?

"You okay?" Tyranitar asked.

"I'm fine. What happened to Sneasel, and where's Honchkrow?" Edward asked.

"Honchkrow's scaveging for food and Sneasel..." Tyanitar couldn't think of the words. "He's alive, but he won't wake up. We don't know what happened."

Edward put his head down. Great, now our leader's down, and we're in the middle of nowhere...

Meanwhile at the Giant Volcano

Ninetales approached Heatran as he lay upon the ground. The beautiful pokemon draped it's elegant tails over Heatran.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here Heattie boy? Failed to protect the time gear? Master won't be too happy about that one," Ninetales said.

"It wasn't my fault, I was trying to protect the eggs!" Heatran stuttered.

"There are no eggs you idiot!" Ninetales shouted.

She whipped her tail and broke all of the eggs, revealing nothing to be inside of them.

"They were decoys! Ughh!!!!" Ninetales screamed.

Heatran couldn't help but notice her change of mood in such a short time. But he decided not to act, as she was already mad enough....