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**EDIT** I'm now having someone read through my story before i post it, so as soon as they're done chapters 4 and 5 should be up! anyone else who wants to help me proof read please PM me.

Chapter 1

Tomorrow was the day! Ella was excited and nervous about getting her first Pokémon and woke up very early at 6am. She tried to fix breakfast but couldn’t eat anything.
“It’s almost time!” she whispered and jumped up and down.

Ever since she moved to pallet Elle hated being there. The local kids were really mean and she didn’t really have any friends although there were a couple of kids that weren’t that awful. The reason her parents moved here was for her and her brother to go to the local secondary school which has an exceptional Pokémon programme and she was starting TOMORROW.

The very best thing about pallet town is that Professor Oak lives right around the corner, and Elle volunteers at his lab pretty much every day. Elle loves working with the Pokémon so much she almost liked Pallet Town.

Even though it was only 6.30am Elle decided to go to Professor Oak’s Lab and see if anyone was around, leaving a note for her family on the fridge.

“Couldn’t sleep?” said one of the aids. Elle smiled. “He’s out in the field, you’re in for a real treat today!” “Thank you!” Elle yelled as she ran outside.

Elle stopped dead at the sight that greeted her. There were HUNDREDS of Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander! Elle gathered herself and yelled “PROFESSOR OAK!”

Professor Oak came strolling out and waving
“You’re up early!”
“I know, I couldn’t sleep.
“Are these the starter Pokémon for tomorrow?”
“Absolutely! In fact I shouldn’t really let you be here…”
“Oh I promise I’ll be good, I won’t disturb them or bug them or…”
“It’s alright Elle, I know you’re responsible and I trust you.”
“Thank you sir. Why are there so many?”
“Well there are 298 students starting at your new school tomorrow, and we always get in an even number of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle for the new students. We have 100 of each Pokémon.”
“… Wow”
“OK! It’s time for the Pokémon to eat, come with me and I’ll get my aide and we’ll feed all the Pokémon”

Elle and Professor Oak and his aide (called John) spent the next few hours making sure every Pokémon had eaten as much as possible, and had a chance to run around outside of their pokeballs. This was quite possibly the very best day of Elle’s life! She essentially spent the day taking care of the Pokémon that would eventually be hers. She lost all her anxiety about what Pokémon she would get because she saw how wonderful they all were, and she just felt so lucky that tomorrow she would get her first Pokémon!

When it got to dinner time (she ate her lunch with the Pokémon), she and professor oak started to return all the Pokémon to their pokeballs. This all happened pretty quickly except that they ended up with 100 Bulbasaur, 100 Charmander and 99 Squirtle!
“Well that’s odd” said professor oak. You take a look around and I’ll call and make sure we really got 300 Pokémon.

“Aren’t you worried that the Squirtle has escaped?”

“Oh no, nothing like that this whole place is surrounded by fences and there’s no way the Pokémon could’ve gotten out. More that likely it’s fallen asleep somewhere or is hiding, or that we only got sent 99 Squirtle. You can just take a look around, and I’ll call the breeder and check how many Pokémon we were sent.”

So Elle walked around the fence to check it was ok, and as she was walking she noticed a large pond where some of the Pokémon had been playing and there in the weeds was a Squirtle hiding in its shell.

“Hello Squirtle, you can come out now it’s just you and me and it’s time to go back into your pokeball” Elle said soothingly crouching down.

The Squirtle poked its head out of its shell a tiny bit.

“Are you hungry? I’ve got some yummy Pokémon food here” Elle approached the Squirtle slowly holding out some Pokémon food.

The Squirtle came all the way out of its shell and came slowly towards Elle, while she was holding out the food and then quickly ate all of it.

“Wow you sure were hungry! You want some more?”

Elle emptied all the food she had onto the ground by the Pokémon, and it ate the lot!

“You a bit better now? OK you need to come with me back to your pokeball now!

Elle held out her arms and the Pokémon jumped into them and they walked back to the Lab. While she was walking Elle noticed that this Squirtle was a little smaller than the others and decided it must have been too shy to come out, or maybe bullied by the bigger Squirtle. She also thought about some of the kids she knew and how they might be mean to this little shy Squirtle. When Elle and Squirtle got back to the Lab she decided to speak to Professor Oak.

“Professor Oak, I found the Squirtle”

“Well done Elle! Well you’d better get back for dinner!

“Wait, professor oak can I talk to you about this Squirtle before I go?

“Certainly, what is the problem?”

“well, this Squirtle is pretty small and shy and I’m worried that if someone else gets it as their first Pokémon they will be disappointed or mean to it, so I was wondering if you could tell the people at the school that this could be my Pokémon, so that it could be with someone that really likes it” (said very fast)
“Well Elle, that’s very sweet, but I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Because there are so many students at Pokémon tech, in order to decide who gets to chose their Pokémon first they have an exam, and then students get to choose which starter Pokémon they want. So I can’t just give you this Pokémon because other children may get to chose before you.”

“Oh I see I didn’t know that…………. Well then, would you be able to give out the other 99 Squirtle first and keep this one for last unless I ask for it? That way I'm not really getting an advantage and this Squirtle still gets a good partner”

“Well Elle, that does sound reasonable, but I’ll have to speak to the school and make sure it’s ok. I know you’re a good girl so I’m sure you’ll do well at the test tomorrow. Anyway you had a good day today right?”

“Oh absolutely! Before today I thought I wanted a Charmander, but then when I was being with the Pokémon today I realised that I’d be happy with any Pokémon and then meeting this Squirtle I wanted it. It’s been a crazy day!”

“Well Elle you’d better get home for dinner your mother”

“Yes sir, see you tomorrow!” She starts to leave.


She turns around

“I’ll need the Squirtle back for now”

“OH! Sorry” She hands back the Squirtle and leaves smiling.

Elle went home and told her Mum, Dad and little brother all about her day but didn’t tell them about her conversation with professor Oak, in case it didn’t work out.

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Wow, nice story so far, I'm really excited what happens in Chapter 2.

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Chapter 2
The next day

Elle actually slept well that night, probably because she’d worked hard with professor oak, dreaming about what her life might be like with her new Squirtle. Her Mum woke her up at 8am, and she eventually got the bus to her new school at 8.40. She got on the bus with a few of the nicer people she knew from school and they were talking about how excited they were about getting their Pokémon.

“I hope I get my Charmander!” said Robert
“I don’t know which Pokémon I want, I just hope they have enough so I get one” said Sammy
“Do you think we’ll definitely get them today? We might have to wait or something” said Elizabeth

“Well I went to professor Oak’s yesterday so I know that there are enough Pokémon for everyone and that we’re definitely getting them today!” said Elle excitedly!

“How do you know that?” demanded Robert

“Well I saw the Pokémon of course, they were really amazing”

“Are there enough so everyone gets their first choice?”

“Well not exactly…” and Ella explained all about the test and how everyone gets the Pokémon.

“A TEST?” They all said at once “how can they give us a test? What’s it about? This is outrageous!”

“Well I don’t know why and what the test is about but at least everyone definitely gets a Pokémon isn’t that the most important thing?”

“I suppose…” said Robert reluctantly and they all continued the bus journey lost in thought about the test and their future Pokémon.

The Bus pulled up at a huge silver building with a banner that said “WELCOME NEW TRAINERS!” and everyone practically ran into the entrance. A man (presumably a teacher) said very loudly “WELCOME EVERYONE! Please proceed to the main hall by following the arrows and when you get there you must sit IN SILENCE at an available computer.

“Wow I guess this test starts right away! Well good luck everyone” said Elle. Everyone else was too scared to talk.

So Elle went into the hall and notices Professor Oak amongst others standing at the front of the hall so she walked right to the front and took the front middle desk. The professor smiled at her and she smiled back. Trying not to get too nervous she just took deep breaths and looked around the hall. Eventually all the other students arrived looking very intimidated and then the head teacher began to speak.

“Good morning new trainers, my name are Mr Jones and I am the head teacher here at Poketech. What you see before you is our preliminary exam which will determine the order in which you will receive your Pokémon and your classes for the next term. While you are at Poketech you will be a member of two classes, first is your Ability class. This is a group of approximately 30 students with around 10 students with Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. It is based on your ability as a trainer and therefore changes every term. This term it will be based on how well you complete this test, so if you are in group 1 you are among the best of your year, and if you are in group 10 you are among the worst. Your second class is your Species class, which is of mixed ability and contains students with all the same starter Pokémon.

This will be a multiple choice exam and you will indicate your answer by pressing the appropriate icon on the screen. You have 1 and a half hours to answer as many answers correctly as you can. After the test is over there will be a short break as the computer compiles the scores. You will then be called back in and the names of students will be read out in order from the highest to the lowest scoring and when your name is called will enter through this door to your right and chose your starting Pokémon. We have 100 Charmander 100 Squirtle and 100 Bulbasaur and Pokémon will be allocated on a first come first served basis so if you want your first choice you will have to do well on the test. However there are 298 students in this room so absolutely everyone will get a Pokémon. Are there any questions?
Then you may begin”

All the computer screens immediately lit up. Elle entered her full name and then the first question came up.

“Which of these is a water Pokémon?” with four icons with pictures of Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Pidgey. Elle relaxed and pressed the Squirtle Key.

There were many questions about Pokémon, evolution, Gym badges and Pokémon specific items. Elle found many of the questions easy to answer because of her time with professor oak and although some were a lot harder she always felt she had an idea of the answer. She was answering questions right up to the 1 and a half hour mark when the screen instantly went blank.

“Thank you for participating, I hope you tried your best. Please exit sensibly through the back door and exit out back into the playground where there will be drinks and a snack. You will be called when we have the results.

Elle waited for most people to leave and then went out to the playground and got a can of drink and a chocolate muffin. She went over to the kids she knew and they were talking about the test. She felt secretly good that they were worried about some questions that she knew the answers to but decided not to gloat and just ate her muffin and nodded where appropriate. Before long they were called back into the room and just sat anywhere waiting for names to be called.

The head teacher stood at the front of the room and everyone stopped talking. He called out the first name. “Gary Oak” Elle Groaned! Gary! She thought “Now I kind of hope I didn’t do well so we won’t be in the same class…” Mr Jones read out 4 more names and then “Elle Hendon”. Both happy and terrified Elle got up on wobbly legs and headed out of the hall.

She went into a small classroom where professor oak and 3 teachers were standing. Professor oak was grinning so much Elle couldn’t help buy smile despite her nervousness. One of the teachers gestured for her to come aside from the other people getting their Pokémon and spoke to her
“Are you Elle Hendon?”
“Yes sir” she replied.
“Professor Oak has told us a lot about you today. Is it true that you found this Squirtle hiding and brought it back?”
“Yes sir, it was hiding inside its shell by the pond in Professor Oak’s Laboratory.”
“It was inside its shell? How did you get it to come out? Professor Oak tells me it was quite happy by the time it got back to him”
“um well I crouched down and spoke to it saying that it was ok now and that it could come out, it poked out its head and I gave it some food and once it had eaten a lot I picked it up and took it back to professor oak.”
“Well you seem to be a compassionate person. Why did you decide you wanted this specific Pokémon?”
“Well sir because it was shy like me and I was worried that another trainer wouldn’t understand it”
“Anything else?”
“Well…. sir honestly I’d been thinking about the Pokémon and how they were so evenly matched and as I was walking back I realised that a smaller Squirtle might have an advantage in battle.”
“Really? Explain?”
“Well, as far as types each Pokémon has both an advantage and a disadvantage and a draw, but I thought a smaller Squirtle would be more agile compared to other Squirtle so have a bit of an advantage. Also because Bulbasaur has an advantage over Squirtle I thought if I maximised Squirtle’s agility advantage over Bulbasaur we would have a better chance against it. Sir.
“So in conclusion you want this Pokémon because you feel it has an inherent advantage that others wouldn’t use?”
“Yes sir, also because I like it, and can understand its shyness so can I have it please?”
“You are clearly a good student and trainer and I look forward to having you in my class. Here is your Squirtle” and he handed over the Squirtle.
Elle took the Pokeball with shaking hands.
“My name is Mr Michaels and I’m the teacher for the first class. You will in class 1 for Ability and class 4 for Species. Here is your timetable. I must also ask that you be discreet in talking about the unusual way you received your Pokémon, so I don’t have to answer a million questions about favouritism. Now is a break until everyone has their Pokémon and then for lunch, you will then have your first ability class.”
“Thank you sir! And thank you professor oak!”

Elle then went out towards where she had had lunch before but there was nobody there so she wandered back into school until she heard people talking. She followed the voices until she came to an enormous field, filled with her classmates and their Pokémon.
She found a quiet corner and let her new Squirtle out of its Pokeball. It emerged and immediately jumped into her arms, and she hugged it tightly. Then she put the Squirtle back onto the ground and spoke to it seriously.

“Now Squirtle I don’t know how much you understand me but I wanted to let you know what was going on. I am your trainer now which means you and I will be together from now on. Now I know you’re small (The Squirtle hung its head) but I want you to know that I don’t care, that actually I like that you’re small and want to use it to our advantage, because we are so much better than they think we are! So I want you to hold your head high and try your very best ok? (The Squirtle looks happy). Ok I know it’s not much of a change but I wanna name you “Squirt” so from now on your name is “squirt” got it?


Squirt jumped back in Elle’s arms and she went to find the other people she knew, and maybe some food!

She noticed Robert just as he was coming out into the field and ran over to him
“Hi Rob how did it go? What Pokémon did you get?”
“Oh hey Elle that was pretty scary! I got the Charmander I wanted although I was pretty lucky because it was the last one! That means I’m stuck in Ability group 10. That’s a nice looking Squirtle you’ve got but you’ll have stiff competition in group 1!”
“Thanks don’t I know it! So you should get out your new Charmander and take a look at it! Want me to leave you two alone?”
“Nah that’s ok you can stay. Well here goes!” Rob lets out his Charmander and it’s looking pretty happy
“Wow it’s great, do you know if the others are through yet?”
“Yeah I think Sammy did but Elizabeth is still waiting”
“Well should we wait or go look for Sammy or what?”
“I vote we go find some food”
“He he ok sure lets go ask someone I’m pretty hungry”

Elle and Rob were eventually directed to the cafeteria and got food for both them and their Pokémon and found somewhere to sit. They were eventually found by Sammy and Elizabeth. It turned out that Sammy had a Squirtle too and was in the same species class as Ella, and Elizabeth got a Bulbasaur.

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Wow, I hope that poke'mon battling is going to happen because I am really excited about this story you wrote.

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I'm really sorry I couldn't work out how to change the font size after that fact and having different sizes was an accident. I just re posted chapter 1 in size 3 which is the size i use in word. hope thats ok.

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Yeah it's okay now, just remember not to edit the font size.

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I'm really sorry I couldn't work out how to change the font size after that fact and having different sizes was an accident. I just re posted chapter 1 in size 3 which is the size i use in word. hope thats ok.
It's fine now. Just when posting your chapters, if you see any size tags, just delete them. But with Times New Roman, size three is fine. Or, if you just post using the forum's default, then there's no need for the size tags.

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NOTE: I do actually have the sketch Elle draws in this chapter but couldn't work out how to add it. Feel free to pm me if you want to see it (it makes things a little clearer) or if you know how to add it to the story.

Chapter 3
First Class

After lunch it was time for their Ella and Squirt’s first Ability Class with Mr. Michaels. Ella was really excited about her first class so left lunch early to be the first in line. Other kids quickly joined her in the line outside the classroom. Ella talked nervously to the kid behind her in the line.

“Hey! I’m Ella, and this here’s Squirt. It’s been a crazy day, huh?”

“Hi I’m Scott. Nice to meet you. I’ve got a Bulbasaur, but it’s in its Pokeball right now. I wasn’t sure if it’s allowed out.”
“Good point. I hadn’t thought of that, I’ll ask Mr. Michaels when he gets here.”
“Mr. Michaels? Is that our teacher?”
“Oh yeah, I talked to him when I got my Squirtle, he seems scary and harsh but I think he’s fair and he’s definitely smart.”
“I just hope nobody springs another test on us!”
“Well at least we did well at it”
“I guess…”

Just then Mr. Michaels arrived, rushing down the corridor, banged open the door, and went inside. Startled Ella knocked on the door and heard a harassed “COME IN!”

All the students filed into the classroom and Ella took a seat in the front row. She was the only one who did.

“Welcome to Ability class 1. Please let all your Pokémon out of their Pokeballs and have them sit on the desk.”

The class complied and the room was briefly chaotic with Pokémon appearing everywhere. All Ella had to do was lift Squirt on to her desk.

”I am your teacher, Mr. Michaels, and I am responsible for making decent Pokémon trainers out of you. I expect you to work very hard to live up to your potential. I do not tolerate laziness in my class…”

At that moment Gary slammed open the door and sauntered into the room closely followed by a Squirtle. He looked around and took the remaining front desk by the window.

“YOU,” exclaimed Mr. Michaels, pointing at Gary. “NAME?”
“Gary,” he said, taken aback…
“Stand up please.”
Gary did so.
“So, you were the boy who scored highest on the exam? I bet you think that makes you pretty clever huh?”
Gary grinned and looked around the class.
“Well it doesn’t! Knowing all about evolution and different types of Pokeballs does not make you a Pokémon master. If you are late for my class again or do not try your absolute hardest from now on I will happily kick you straight out of this class to ability 10, test or no test! AM I CLEAR?”
“Yes sir” said Gary, much meeker than before.
“Fine sits down.”

“As I was saying, being a Pokémon trainer is easy; all you need is a Pokémon which Professor Oak has given you. Being a good Pokémon trainer is very hard work. I myself was a Pokémon Champion in my day so I know what it takes. If you listen to me and work hard I will be an excellent teacher and friend to you. However, cross me and I will be neither. This is the only ability group which will set daily homework and will have weekly class battles on a Friday. This is because you are the very best the school has to offer. By next term many of you will fall behind at the pace I set and be relegated to a lower level. It is very rare a student is constantly in my class until they graduate, but it is possible because I handle all the ability 1 classes in this school. It also means you can’t escape me except by losing. Any questions?”

“Good.” Mr. Michaels lifted a large cardboard box onto the table.

”In this box is a new Pokedex for each of you. The Pokedex is the single most important piece of equipment you own. It is a Pokémon encyclopaedia, medical diagnostic device, and many more in one small package. Treat it well. I will come to each of your desks, hand you the Pokedex and ask for your name and about your Pokémon.”
He approached Elle’s desk.
“Elle isn’t it?”
“Yes sir and this is Squirt.”
“Are you happy with your Pokémon so far?”
“Yes sir, very happy”
“Good, you two seem to have an impressive bond already, here is your Pokedex. Boot it up and enter your name and information.”

As Mr. Michaels made his way around the room, Elle moved Squirt onto her lap and booted up the Pokedex. Immediately it came up with a screen with a space for a name and a keyboard below it. Figuring it was a touch screen she looked behind, unclicked the stylus and entered her full name, then her birthday, and then it flashed and took her picture (it was of course hideous). It then came up on the main screen, and as Mr. Michaels was still busy, she played around with the main medical diagnostic devise, scanning Squirtle. The screen came up with:

Level 5
Good Health

Mr. Michaels was finishing up so she looked up Squirtle in the encyclopaedia, and started to read.

Mr. Michaels finished giving out the Pokedexes.

”Now those of you who haven’t already entered your information and entered your Pokémon into the Pokedex, please do it now.”

Elle put up her hand.


“I’m sorry but I can’t work out how to enter Squirt. Is it in the medical checker?”

The class held its breath waiting for Elle to be shouted at for incompetence.

“Yes, after you scan the Pokémon, there is an icon in the top left which says “save”. It’s pretty small.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“You thought you were going to get in trouble?” asked Mr. Michaels with a smile.

“Well, maybe, but I hoped not.”

“You tried yourself and couldn’t do it. It’s my job to help you. I’d be more upset if you didn’t ask me for help and ended up not following through on my instructions. Class you have the rest of the lesson to familiarize yourselves with your Pokémon, Pokedex, and to ask me any questions you might have.”

Elle put up her hand again.
“Yes Elle?”

“Will the weekly class battles start this week?”

Mr. Michaels was a bit taken aback. “Yes, for this year battles will be on Fridays.”

“Will we be battling each other?”

“You’re ruining my entire Friday’s Lesson you know.”

“Oh. Never mind.”

“As it happens I also run practice battles after school with my other students. It would probably be a good learning experience to come along and watch and Observe.

“OK I’ll try.

“RIGHT!” shouted Mr Michaels, making everybody jump.

“Today was an easy day for you, because the other year groups were not here. Starting tomorrow this place will be packed with trainers and Pokémon bigger, stronger and smarter than you. You will have a full school assembly first thing; one class in the morning and one in the afternoon and in between will be free time to use the facilities here. A school rule you need to be aware of is that No Pokémon are allowed in the corridors or during assembly, they must be in their pokeballs.

Now, homework!”

The class audibly groaned.

“Thought I’d forgotten? Relax it’s an easy one. I have given the staff at Viridian Pokecenter enough tokens for all of you. Your homework is to go check out the Pokecenter and pick up a token to show me tomorrow morning. Class dismissed.”

As the class filed out, Elle waited and spoke to Mr Michaels.

“More questions eh? He said quirking his eyebrow.

Elle giggled “I was just wondering if there was a phone I could use to call my mum.”

“Oh of course you don’t know your way round yet. There are student phones in the office, follow me I’ll show you.”

He led her into a large room with a currently empty desk to one side and five telephones in booths on the far side.

“I’ll wait while you quickly ask your mother and take you to the battle arenas. No point you getting permission and then getting lost.”

Elle quickly shuffled over to the end phone with squirt bounding excitedly behind her, dialled home and explained to her mother who confirmed it would be fine. She was about to hang up when “Wait!” her mother exclaimed “Which Pokémon did you get?” “Oh I got a really cool Squirtle but I gotta go my new teacher’s waiting” and she hung up the phone.

She picked up Squit and ran full pelt back to Mr Michaels, stopping just short of him.

“Remember what I said about Pokémon in the corridors? I forgot myself on the way over but it would be good to start now so you don’t forget in future.”

Elle reluctantly returned Squirt to his Pokeball and held it in her hand. Mr Michaels hurried through the school so fast Elle was sure she’s get lost next time she tried to go to the battle arenas. He walked right back to the fields she saw earlier and followed a path that went round the building and past some really cool looking equipment where a Bulbasaur was using vine whip to go across some monkey bars. Finally ahead of her there was a large green roofed building which Mr Michaels entered. Inside Elle was struck dumb by the sight that greeted her. Inside was a large room, with six specialised Pokémon battle sections of all inside a large steel mesh cage contraption. Elle made a quick sketch of it in her notepad.

There was even a door behind it suggesting even more battle rooms! By this time Mr Michaels was sat at what she assumed was a judging table with about a dozen very large and scary looking trainers lining the back wall. He beckoned her to come forward. She did so trying to look and not look at all the trainers at the same time.

“Everyone this is Elle, try not to terrify her too much! Will the first two battlers step forward please and present their pokedexes?” Mr Michaels took the pokedexes and placed them in a strange computer set into the judging desk. It made a strange beeping sound while the two battlers took their positions at opposite sides of the field in front of the desk. Realising they were about to start their battle Elle quickly whispered to Mr Michaels who nodded, and Elle let Squirt out of it’s Pokeball, sat down on the floor and held it tightly in her lap. “Watch carefully Squirt” she whispered “Soon this will be you and me”.

Abruptly the computer stopped beeping and the room fell into an expectant silence. “Time limit is at my discretion but will be at least 10 minutes. This will be a one-on-one match with each participant using one Pokémon each. The winner will receive 100 points, plus a total of 10% of their opponent’s current points. Begin.”

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minor spelling/grammar errors, but nothing major.

this is awesome. keep it up!

May 5th, 2008, 3:56 AM
Ok sorry for any mistakes these havent been proofread yet but I wanted to get a new chapter out.

Chapter 4

“I choose you Chameleon”
“I choose you Venusaur”

“This should be interesting” Elle whispered to Squirt “although Chameleon has a type advantage over Venusaur, Venusaur is clearly a much higher level because it is at a higher evolutionary stage”

“This Venusaur is also currently the only one in the whole school and is very well trained.” Whispered Mr Michaels”

“Venusaur use Vine Whip” Huge vines as thick as Elle’s arm shot out and whacked Chameleon right across the side”

“Chameleon, use Ember on the vines!” The tiny flames ignited the vine whips and travelled all the way up. “Now, jump up on top of the Venusaur and use ember on its flower”

“Now Venusaur!” With Charmeleon on its back, the Venusaur started to spin, faster and faster the fire all went out and the Charmeleon was flung off its back into the wire mesh and knocked out!

“Charmeleon is unable to battle, Venusaur is the winner!”

“Good match did you plan the whole thing?” said the Charmeleon trainer good naturedly “I’m afraid so, I knew the best way to win was to use Charmeleon’s smaller size against it.” The two trainers shook hands. “I think you burned my Venusaur though, let’s head to the lake to cool off!”

“Elle, head to the lake with Macy and Oli, they are two of my best students and being around them will teach you a lot. Plus they can show you the facilities.” Mr Michaels suggested conspiratorially. “GUYS! Take the kid with you ok?”

“Come on then.” Said the guy (who must be Oli)

Elle and Squirtle quickly caught up to them.

“So what’s your name new kid?” said Macy kindly
“You must be something for Mr Michaels to put so much effort into you this early. Usually he says all first years are completely useless and you can’t see any potential until at least the next year.”
“Wow, I don’t know what I did exactly. Actually I do have an idea but I’m not supposed to tell”
“Well you can definitely trust us. If only because we don’t really care about the affairs of little first years”
Elle told them the story of how she got Squirt
“You seem to have a great grasp of what Pokémon is all about” Oli spoke for the first time “you probably impressed Mr Michaels. He’s a serious battler but he loves Pokémon too. He works his students depending on the potential he sees. You’re going to have a tough time at this school, but it’ll definitely be worth it. He probably sent you with us to help you to understand the work that’s involved in being a truly great trainer.

“We’re here” Macy interrupted

Elle looked up and saw a massive lake! It was surrounded by trees and bushes and had an island in the middle

“Jump in Venusaur” shouted Macy. The Venusaur ran at a surprising speed straight into the water “make sure to let out your vine whips to help heal the burns”

“Squirt do you want to play in the water?” Squirtle legged it into the water “I hope it can swim”

Oli laughed “Don’t worry all Squirtle are born knowing how to swim”

Macy came back over and they all sat down on the grass to watch the Pokémon play. “I take it your Charmeleon doesn’t like water?” “It drinks a little water but it never swims.” Elle was feeling much more comfortable and decided to grill the Pokémon trainers a little. “How do battle points work? They mentioned them during the battle but I didn’t understand”

“Well!” Began Oli “Each new trainer is given 100 battle points or BP when they start the school, and each battle you win automatically gives you 100 points. To stop final years like me and Macy picking on younger students, trainers in official battles also put 10% of all their points on the line. So if a trainer has something like 10000 points, it would be pretty silly to fight a little first year with only 100 points, because the first trainer would be fighting for only 110 points, but the second would be fighting for 1100 points. Plus when you have 10000 points why battle for only 100 points when you can fight a trainer closer to your level. ALSO, written and battle components of exams give BP. This means after year one ability classes are based on BP.”

“Sounds to me like BP are very important”

“BP also determine whether or not you can get pokeballs from the pokemart here at school or elsewhere, only trainers with a certain number can buy them, this stops silly inexperienced trainers from capturing an army of Pidgy or something equally ridiculous”

“Do either of you have extra Pokémon?”

“Sure! I have an Oddish and a Pidgeotto I caught in viridian forest” replied Macy, butting in.

“And I have a Pidgey and Goldeen and Metapod that I got from Viridian Forest. Come to think of it, my Goldeen could use a swim, I’ll let it out into the pond” Oli got up and released his Goldeen into the pond.

“Viridian forest is the place to go for Pokémon then?” Elle asked

“It sure is” replied Macy “It’s a huge forest with quite a few interesting Pokémon, and a huge lake that’s great for fishing. It’s also pretty nice when it’s sunny and is a great place to go for a picnic day out. You should go; your Squirtle should keep you safe against any wild Pokémon, although they are pretty shy anyway so I doubt you’ll see many. Plus it can swim in the lake and get some exercise.”

“That’s a great idea thanks, maybe I’ll go this weekend! Are there any other places you take your Pokémon to train?”

“Definitely” replied Oli, getting back from the lake. “I like to use the facilities here of course, plus all the local swimming pools take Pokémon on certain days which would be good for Squirtle. You might also want to try the beach for krabby. My advice would be just to spend as much time with your Pokémon out of it’s pokeball as possible, and to be as active as possible.”

“I just have one more question, Can any student use the battle place or is it just for official battles?”

“Actually the battle rooms are open to any student for practice battles; you just can’t have an official battle without a teacher present to referee.”

“What about non students? See my little brother has a Rattata he got for his birthday and I thought it would be fun for us to have a match. He’s had it for a while and it’s well trained so it should be a good match.”

“That should be fine. All you have to do is go to the front office and book a room. It’s early in the term so it shouldn’t be too much of a wait. It’s pretty cool that you’d do that for your brother. He wouldn’t normally be allowed in the school without a student.”

“Well I just want him to have every advantage. He really loves his Rattata and he’s been trying really hard not to show how jealous he is that I’ve started my Pokémon training. Anyway, thanks for all the great advice, and for letting me see your Pokémon battle, I’ve really learned a lot!”

“Well we’d better get going” said Macy getting up “but I have one final piece of advice for you. Many enthusiastic young trainers train way to hard to begin with and end up burning out and hating Pokémon trainer life. By all means work hard at school and after school, but take a day off from training once a week, say on a Sunday and just chill out and relax and give you and your Pokémon a break. That way you can return to your training really ready on Monday. I guarantee in no time your classmates will tire out and you’ll still be fresh!”

“Bye Macy and Oli, I’ve gotta get to the Pokémon center before I go home. I don’t suppose you could give me directions?”

Macy, Oli and Elle went their separate ways after Macy showed her how to use the GPS on her pokedex to find the Pokecenter. Elle and squirt walked about 10 minutes to the Pokémon center, a square friendly looking building with a red roof. They walked inside.

Inside was a desk with a friendly looking nurse with red hair. Elle walked up to her.

“Hello” she said “Welcome to the Pokémon center, how may I help you? Do you need me to heal your Pokémon? It looks pretty healthy to me.”

“No thank you, Squirt is fine. I’m a new trainer at Poke tech and I’m one of Mr Michaels’ students. My homework is to learn all about the Pokécenter and to collect a token from you.”

“Ah yes one of Mr Michaels’ kids. I’ve had a few here today, but you’re the only one actually interested in the Pokécenter. The others just wanted to pick up the token and go.”

“Well I’m sure I’ll need your services at some point, so it makes sense to be prepared.”

“well it’s pretty quiet at the moment so I’ll give you a quick tour by the way my name’s Joy nice to meet you.”

“I’m Ella.”

Nurse joy showed Elle all around the Pokecenter. She showed Elle the different specialised rooms for different Pokémon types, the human hostel rooms where travelling Pokémon trainers can stay for free, and even the pokeball maintenance machine, where Elle checked her pokeball is working great. Nurse Joy also gave Squirt a full Physical and pronounced it in great health!

“Thank you very much for the tour nurse Joy! Is there a phone here I could use to call my mum to pick me up?”

“Of course, right over there “she pointed. “and here’s your token for Mr Michaels you definitely earned it!”

Elle took the token (which was really a piece of card with a number on and Joy had written her name) and called her mum.

“Hi mum I’m finally done for the day! Any chance you could come pick me up?”

“Well you should really get the bus but your brother is desperate to see your new Squirtle so I suppose I can come and bring you home. Where are you?”

“I’m at the Pokecenter, I had to check it out for homework do you know where it is?”

“Of course I do, we had to bring Meowth here to have her checked out after we got her. I should be there in about 10 minutes. Bye.”

Elle’s mum hung up and she and Squirt played catch with her pokeball while they waited for her.

A kind looking lady walked into the Pokémon centre.

“Mum!” Elle hugged her mother “I’ve had such an amazing day!”

“Well I can’t wait to hear all about it. Is this your new Squirtle?”

“Sure is! I named him Squirt because he’s smaller than the other Squirtle but I don’t mind in fact I think it’s great”

“Well as lovely as he... uh she uh… is your Squirtle a boy or a girl?”

“I don’t know how to check”

“Sorry to interrupt” Nurse Joy interrupted “but to tell a Pokémon’s gender you just need to scan it with your pokedex health checker. The symbol next to its name will tell you if it’s a boy or a girl.

Elle scanned Squirtle.

Squirtle ♂
Level 5

“What’s that symbol Nurse Joy?”

“That’s the male symbol. It means your Pokémon is a boy!”

“Well anyway as I was saying” said Mum with a slight tone of exasperation “As lovely as Squirt is, he needs to stay in his pokeball while we’re in the car, for its own safety.”

“Ok mum no problem. Squirt, back in your pokeball for now”

One the way home Elle told her mum all about her day and everything she learned. When she returned home, Elle could see her little brother Mick looking for her out of the front window. He ran out with his Rattata on his shoulder.

“Elle you’re home! What Pokémon did you get? Mum wouldn’t tell me! Can we have a battle? What did you learn?”

“See for yourself!” Elle released Squirt.

“Cool a Squirtle!”

“As far as a battle goes, I thought I’d book us a practice match at my school, they have really cool battle arenas. Then we could also take a look around school and I could show you all the facilities. I’m sure your Rattata would love it”

“Wow good idea thanks. When can we do it?”

“I’ll go in tomorrow and see if I can book us a spot, I thought it could be Saturday morning? That way we can spend the rest of the day exploring all the facilities at school and hanging out with our Pokémon.”

“Awesome. Is that ok mum?”

“It’s absolutely fine dears. Now who wants dinner?”

“Squirtle!” “Rattata” “ME mum I’m REALLY hungry” “awesome”

“No Pokémon at the table kids, but I got some special Pokémon food and new bowls for both Pokémon.” She put two bowls full of food, one blue and one purple on the floor. Squirtle and Rattata quickly dug in.

“And some yummy people food too!” she put three cheeseburgers and chips on the table and her children were eating before she had a chance to sit down.

After dinner, Elle spent the evening telling Mick all about the morning’s test and everything she learned at school. “You can also come training with me. Only sometimes though.” “Don’t worry” replied Mick slightly hurt “I’ve got my own training schedule”.

That night Elle went to bed early, cuddled up with her new Squirtle.

Ninja Caterpie
May 5th, 2008, 11:06 PM
K!!! Ill review it in one chunk.
Bold=My corrections

“I choose you! Charmeleon!”
I think it's spelt with an "r"
“I choose you! Venusaur!”
Expression expression

“This should be interesting.” Elle whispered to Squirt “although Chameleon has a type advantage over Venusaur, Venusaur is clearly a much higher level because it is at a higher evolutionary stage”

“This Venusaur is also currently the only one in the whole school and is very well trained.” Whispered Mr Michaels.

“Venusaur use Vine Whip!” Huge vines as thick as Elle’s arm shot out and whacked Chameleon right across the side.
You don't need to put quotation marks after sentences...

“Chameleon, use Ember on the vines!” The tiny flames ignited the vine whips and travelled all the way up. “Now, jump up on top of the Venusaur and use ember on its flower”

“Now Venusaur!” With Charmeleon on its back, the Venusaur started to spin, faster and faster the fire all went out and the Charmeleon was flung off its back into the wire mesh and knocked out!
Overly long sentence.

“Charmeleon is unable to battle, Venusaur is the winner!”

“Good match! Did you plan the whole thing?” asked the Charmeleon trainer good naturedly.
“I’m afraid so, I knew the best way to win was to use Charmeleon’s smaller size against it.” The two trainers shook hands. “I think you burned my Venusaur though, let’s head to the lake to cool off!”

“Elle, head to the lake with Macy and Oli. They are two of my best students and being around them will teach you a lot. Plus they can show you the facilities.” Mr Michaels suggested conspiratorially. “GUYS! Take the kid with you ok?”

“Come on then.” Said the guy (who must be Oli)

Elle and Squirtle quickly caught up to them.

“So what’s your name new kid?” said Macy kindly
“You must be something for Mr Michaels to put so much effort into you this early. Usually he says all first years are completely useless and you can’t see any potential until at least the next year.”
“Wow, I don’t know what I did exactly. Actually I do have an idea but I’m not supposed to tell”
“Well you can definitely trust us. If only because we don’t really care about the affairs of little first years”
Elle told them the story of how she got Squirt
“You seem to have a great grasp of what Pokémon is all about,” Oli spoke for the first time. “you probably impressed Mr Michaels. He’s a serious battler but he loves Pokémon too. He works his students depending on the potential he sees. You’re going to have a tough time at this school, but it’ll definitely be worth it. He probably sent you with us to help you to understand the work that’s involved in being a truly great trainer.
Ah... Need's a comma after each speech sentence that has "said so-and-so" after it.

“We’re here” Macy interrupted.
Full stop!

Elle looked up and saw a massive lake. It was surrounded by trees and bushes and had an island in the middle
No need to exclamatise the massive lake.
A bit more description maybe? About what's on the island?

“Jump in Venusaur!” shouted Macy. The Venusaur ran at a surprising speed straight into the water.
“Make sure to let out your vine whips to help heal the burns.”

“Squirt do you want to play in the water?” Squirtle legged it into the water “I hope it can swim.”

Oli laughed “Don’t worry. All Squirtle are born knowing how to swim”

Macy came back over and they all sat down on the grass to watch the Pokémon play. “I take it your Charmeleon doesn’t like water?” “It drinks a little water but it never swims.” Elle was feeling much more comfortable and decided to grill the Pokémon trainers a little. “How do battle points work? They mentioned them during the battle but I didn’t understand”

“Well!” Began Oli “Each new trainer is given 100 battle points or BP when they start the school, and each battle you win automatically gives you 100 points. To stop final years like me and Macy picking on younger students, trainers in official battles also put 10% of all their points on the line. So if a trainer has something like 10000 points, it would be pretty silly to fight a little first year with only 100 points, because the first trainer would be fighting for only 110 points, but the second would be fighting for 1100 points. Plus when you have 10000 points why battle for only 100 points when you can fight a trainer closer to your level. ALSO, written and battle components of exams give BP. This means after year one ability classes are based on BP.”
Holy cow that was long...

“Sounds to me like BP are very important”

“BP also determine whether or not you can get pokeballs from the pokemart here at school or elsewhere, only trainers with a certain number can buy them, this stops silly inexperienced trainers from capturing an army of Pidgey or something equally ridiculous”


May 6th, 2008, 7:48 AM
Thanks for the detailed review, i double checked my capital letters and full stops so hopefully this chapter will be a little better :) I've tried to break up long paragraphs but some of them are as short as they can be. i hope its not impossible to read.

Chapter 5
New experiences and a fierce battle

During the next week at school, Elle worked hard in the morning learning all about her Squirtle and how to better take care of it. She learned that Squirtle love all water, even rain, what food is best to feed it, and at what level they learn their attacks. She also learned that Squirtle grow quickest when active and around water, and that they don’t grow at all in their pokeballs. It was also fun hanging out with other Squirtle trainers without the air of competitiveness.

Afternoons were a very different experience. Elle spent all that week practicing Squirtle’s Tackle attack. It was hard work, because Tackle involves strength, speed and agility. It isn’t enough to simply barge full force at your opponent, because that kind of attack is really easy to dodge, The Pokémon has to get in close and then attack with a burst of quick force.

Squirt and Elle worked very hard, first tackling into a padded brick that Elle held, and then towards the end of the week pairing up with other Squirtle. Although Squirtle generally came up on top in agility and speed, its attacks weren’t as strong so it had to work extra hard to make the other Pokémon faint. Elle even borrowed the padded brick so that she and Squirt could practice at home, she was the only trainer that did.

In no time at all Friday arrived, and it was time for the class battles. Elle spent the morning in her species class taking excellent care of her Squirtle, making sure he was in prime condition and practicing tackle attacks against air.

After lunch the class lined up outside the classroom as usual but when Mr Michaels arrived he immediately lead them to the battle building. Once they were inside they all lined up against the back wall in anticipation.

“Ability class 1 this is your first battling examination. Each student will have 3 one on one battles, one against the each of the starter Pokémon. This means you will have one battle where you have a type advantage, one with a type disadvantage and one against a Pokémon of your own type.

I have asked some of my final year students to help me referee all the matches, so anything they say can be considered a direct order from me. First please separate into three groups based on Pokémon type. Let’s have all the Squirtle to my left, Bulbasaur to my right and Charmander in the middle.”

Mr Michaels then divided everybody into pairs and allocated them battle rooms. Elle’s first battle was to be against Gary’s Squirtle in room 7. He handed a piece of paper to each of the final year students which had come into the battle room when everybody had been distracted.

Elle, Gary and two other Squirtle trainers named Shelley and Lance headed to room 7 with Macy. Gary swaggered confidently, talking loudly to the other trainers that his match was going to be a piece of cake. Elle walked ahead with Macy.

“Is he really that good?” asked Macy

“Well, he’s not bad but he tends to get overconfident. Squirt and I have been practicing all week for this battle and I’m pretty confident we can do it.”

“Why not tell him that?”

“Well, for one thing I don’t think it will do any good, and for another I want him to be overconfident, it’ll probably help him to make a mistake.”

“You seem so calm, I remember before my first battle I was so afraid I could barely speak”

“Oh I’m pretty nervous, but I’m trying to contain it so I can keep a clear head. I really want to knock that stupid grin off Gary’s face!”

They arrived at room 7 and went inside. “Am I first or second?” asked Elle.

“I think you should go first, if not Gary will probably talk through the other battle which would be really unfair.”

“No problem, here’s my pokedex.” Elle walked over and took her place, letting Squirt out of his pokeball. Gary sauntered in and walked over to Macy.

Knowing it would take a while for the Pokedexes to get ready, Elle knelt down to talk to Squirt. “The most important thing is to not be afraid and to try your best. I’m sure we can win this if we just stay calm and tackle like we practiced. Ready Squirtle?”


“Hey stupid! Are you actually talking to your Pokémon? How weird is that? Well it won’t make any difference that weak shrimp little Pokémon is no match for me!” Gary yelled across the room.

The sound of the Pokedexes stopped and Macy began to speak.

“This will be a one on one battle for 110 BP. The time limit is at the referee’s discretion but the battle will last at least 5 minutes unless one Pokémon is unable to battle. Are both trainers ready?

“Ready when you are shrimp”

“We’re ready!”

“Then begin!”

“Go Squirtle! Tackle attack!” Gary shouted.

“OK Squirt get in there”

Gary’s Squirtle ran full force at Squirt exactly the way it’s not supposed to. Squirt simply jumped to the side and let it crash into the mesh.

“Get up Squirtle and use tackle again!” Gary was starting to get worried. This time when the Squirtle attacked Squirt jumped directly upwards, landed and tackled it from behind sending it flying!

“Good work Squirt, keep using it’s momentum against it” The Squirtle got up a little unsteadily and lunged for Squirt again. Squirt ran forward and hit it straight on! It fell backwards.

“Gary’s Squirtle is unable to battle; Elle and Squirtle are the winners.”

“What are you talking about, it’s fine, it’ll get up any second now…” mumbled Gary

Squirt ran into Elle’s arms “Good job Squirt, I knew you could do it!”
“Hey you two come and get your Pokedexes so we can have the next battle. Gary I have a revive for your Pokémon so it can participate in the rest of its battles.”

Elle and Squirt walked to the back of the room, picked up her pokedex and sat at the back of the room by the judging table. Gary on the other hand picked up his Squirtle, tucked it under one arm, snatched his pokedex and the revive from Macy and stomped right out of the room.

The next match was much more interesting, both trainers had clearly worked hard on their Pokémon’s tackle attacks. After 10 fierce minutes Macy called it a draw and gave 55 points to each trainer. After the battle Gary and his Squirtle came back looking refreshed. “Hey you! Where’s my next battle?”

“My name is Macy and you and Shelley are moving to room 2 while Elle and Lance are staying here for their next battle.” Macy then walked over to lance and gave him a potion for his Squirtle. Elle came over “Lance that was a really impressive battle, you’ve obviously been working hard! Do you want me to take the first battle again so that you and Squirtle can rest up?”

“Thanks” replied Lance “that would be great, I’m sure by the end of your match my Squirtle will be feeling better. Oh you and your Squirtle did good too.”

“Thank you, but I got lucky with my opponent being so bad” Elle laughed.

The two of them kept talking until two trainers with Charmander walked in. Elle immediately walked over to Macy and explained she volunteered to go first to give Lance a chance to rest his Squirtle.

“Very well; you two, which of you is going to participate in the next battle?” One of them stepped forward “I will. May as well get this over with” he sounded defeated already and walked with his shoulders slumped to present his pokedex to Macy before taking his place and bending down to talk to his Charmander.

Elle spoke to Squirtle. “Listen Squirtle this Pokémon has a pessimistic attitude so try to put on your most imposing attitude, and when you battle remember to avoid that tail! It may be a fire type but that doesn’t really mean much when you’re both using normal attacks so don’t get overconfident. You can do it Squirtle!”

The pokedexes stopped loading. “This will be a one on one battle Elle is battling for 115 BP and James is battling for 121 BP. The time limit is at the referee’s discretion but the battle will last at least 5 minutes unless one Pokémon is unable to battle. Are both trainers ready?

“I guess, go on Charmander do your best”

“Absolutely! Go Squirtle this match is in the bag!”

“Then begin.”

“Go on Squirtle, take the offensive with tackle attack”


The tackle slammed into the Charmander with blinding speed before James could issue an order.

“keep it up Squirtle”

The Squirtle dodged around and tackled again from behind (carefully avoiding the tail) sending the Charmander flying. The charmander flipped to its feet and quickly went into a tackle knocking Squirtle down this time!

“it’s ok Squirt, keep your eyes on it”

Squirtle looked up just in time to see the Charmander heading towards it, it rolled to the side, and as the Charmander skidded to a halt hit it with a final tackle attack knocking it down and ending the match.

“Charmander is unable to battle, Squirtle is the winner!”

“Well that was inevitable” said James, returning his Charmander.

“Not necessarily” said Macy “You went into that battle with a losing attitude and didn’t really try hard enough, if you’d tried your best you might have won that match.”

She handed back the pokedexes. “Another excellent battle Elle, you recognised your opponent’s weakness and capitalised on it. And you stayed cool under fire. You earned those points! Here’s a potion for Elle and a revive for James, please stand aside ready for the next battle.”

Ell and James walked to the back to care for their Pokémon. “I hope there’s no hard feelings James” said Elle nervously “Don’t worry I know Pokémon battles aren’t personal. That girl was right, I could’ve tried harder.” Elle gave Squirt his potion and sat and watched the next match.

This Charmander’s trainer had learned from James’s mistake, fought hard and ended up taking the win!

“Well done everyone! Elle and Lance you are now due in room 10, James and Eleanor you stay here. Good luck!”

“Thank you Macy, see you soon!”

“Do you know that girl?” asked Lance

“Sure, we met once. She has the only Venusaur in the whole school and is a really fierce battler”

“Wow that’s impressive, no wonder Mr Michaels trusts her to referee the matches!”

“They probably also get paid” replied Elle.

“That’d be a pretty great job!”

“I’ll bet!”

As they arrived they saw a match between a Bulbasaur and Charmander finishing. “Watch closely Squirtle, maybe we’ll get some tips!” Elle and Squirt squashed their noses to the mesh to watch the end of the battle.

Both competitors seemed really tough and were battling really hard, but the Charmander just had the edge with its superior speed and ended up hitting the final blow.

“Bulbasaur is unable to battle, Charmander is the winner!”

Elle and Lance entered the room.

“Ah the next battlers; come on in. Charmander trainers you’re in room 1 Bulbasaur trainers stay here for your final match. Which of you new people will be battling first?”

“Mind if I go first this time Elle?” asked Lance

“No problem, I’ll cheer you on!” replied Elle.

Lance handed his pokedex to the boy in charge and took his position, letting out his Squirtle. Elle sat down next to the Bulbasaur trainer from the previous match.

“Hi I’m Elle that was an amazing match, you battled really well”

“Thank you, I’m Helena. I hope our match will be just as good, with me winning this time of course”

“Well you do have a type advantage, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be trying my best, I’m going for three out of three”

“You won your last two matches? Wow now I’m a little scared.”

“This will be a one on one battle for 110 BP. The time limit is at the referee’s discretion but the battle will last at least 5 minutes unless one Pokémon is unable to battle. Are both trainers ready?”

“Ready!” They both said simultaneously.

“Then begin”

The Bulbasaur immediately took the advantage and landed a perfect tackle attack. Squirtle responded with an off-centre Tackle which sent the Bulbasaur spinning long enough for Squirtle to land a follow up Tackle (“Did you notice that Squirt? Let’s remember that move for our battle!”)

The two Pokémon squared off again and this time Squirtle charged and Bulbasaur dodged. However just as Bulbasaur dodged Squirtle changed direction and managed to just hit it making the Bulbasaur fall down, and allowing Squirtle to land a final tackle for the win!

“Bulbasaur is unable to battle! Squirtle is the winner!”

“Guess it’s our turn” said Helena “I don’t mind saying that battle got me really fired up!”

Elle took her pokedex over to the desk and handed it over, and then took her position. “I think this’ll be our toughest battle yet Squirt. This trainer isn’t over or under confident and her Pokémon has a type advantage over us. Don’t worry though, we’ve won our other two matches and we can win this one, we just need to use agility and speed to our advantage.”

“This will be a one on one battle for 119 points for Elle and 132 for Helena. The time limit is at the referee’s discretion but the battle will last at least 5 minutes unless one Pokémon is unable to battle. Are both trainers ready?”

“Bring it on”


“Then begin.”

“Get in the middle of the arena Squirtle and try our strategy”

“Bulbasaur Tackle it”

The Bulbasaur immediately made a fast tackle and Squirtle just managed to dodge to the left. Bulbasaur skidded to a halt and tackled again, and this time Squirtle jumped into the air.

Elle watched Helena lose concentration for a split second and shouted “NOW!” Squirtle immediately made a quick tackle attack and ran right back and allowed Bulbasaur to get up instead of pressing the advantage.

Sensing weakness Helena immediately ordered her Bulbasaur to attack and just as it was getting close Squirtle dodged again and hit the Bulbasaur with a tackle attack! As it was skidding across the arena floor Squirtle ran after it and hit it with another tackle! However the Bulbasaur stayed on its feet.

“You’ve not won yet!” cried Helena

The Bulbasaur tackled again, this time much more cautiously and it would have landed except “Withdraw Squirtle!” Squirtle retracted its whole body into its shell and all the Bulbasaur did was bonk its head and send Squirtle high into the air...

“Now Squirtle!” Squirtle popped out of its shell in mid air and dived down towards the dazed Bulbasaur hitting it with a powerful flying tackle attack and knocking it out!

“Phew!” said Elle “great work Squirt I knew we could do it! Three out of three battles yeah!” Plus now we have 444 BP!

“Will all students please head back to battle room 1 for the end of the class.”

All four students left the battle room “That withdraw was really inspired!” said Lance "Can all Squirtle do it?"

“I assume so, although I’ve only seen this one do it. I once saw it do this when it was afraid and hiding, so I decided to incorporate it into our battling technique. I knew I’d need something special to defect your Bulbasaur Helena”

“That battle was pretty amazing, I’ve gotta admit I was completely outmatched, you seemed to know every move I was going to make before I made it!”

“Well to be fair we’ve only been taught one move!”

Everyone laughed.

“Would you help me and my Squirtle to learn that withdraw attack?” asked Lance

“Absolutely! How about after school? I was planning to hang around by the lake and train anyway!”

“Cool that’d be great! It would be something impressive to show my species class.”

“There’s a lake around here? Where is it?” asked Helena

“Just around the back! If you want you can come with us after class I’ll show you. There’s a green area too that I bet your Bulbasaur would love.”

“I’d really like that but I’d have to let my mum know I’m staying at school”

“That’s ok; we’ll come with you to the phones and then head to the lake. That ok with you Lance?”

“Of course! Ok let’s go in!”

The foursome headed into Room 1 where it seemed the rest of the class was already assembled. The boy who had refereed Elle’s last match walked to the front and spoke to Mr Michaels who was already surrounded by the other final year kids who had assumedly refereed other matches. Elle could see Mr Michaels smiling and nodding. Then he gestured for silence and the noise in the room died down.

“Welcome back everyone! This is just an opportunity for my students to report back to me about what happened in all the battles I didn’t see. Also for me to make sure you all behaved yourselves.

Some of you I won’t shame in person this time were far too overconfident, and some were under confident particularly when at a type disadvantage. However these are all typical beginner mistakes so I’m letting you all off.

The worst thing was that some of you were clearly not listening in my tackling classes, so a few of you are going to have to take remedial classes after school next week. Anyone who still doesn’t know a proper tackle attack by next week’s battles will be moved down to another ability group. I only take the very best in my group and I also expect them to work hard!

Having said that there were some quite impressive battles today, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of your Pokémon have gained a level. Everyone please scan your Pokémon before you leave and let me know if they’ve gained a level. Class dismissed.”

Well we’d better scan our Pokémon, Elle took out her pokedex and scanned her Squirtle.

Squirtle ♂
Level 7

Elle stared dumbly at her pokedex.

“Well?” said Lance to Helena “My Squirtle managed to get to level 6! I’m so proud of it”

“My Bulbasaur didn’t level up” Said Helena, a bit upset.

“Don’t worry Helena, I’m sure its close. I bet Elle’s Squirtle gained a level too. Hey Elle.” Lance shook her

“I don’t believe it. It went up to a level 7. I knew my training would pay off but I didn’t know it would pay off that much!”

“Well I suppose I should be surprised but I’m not. You and Squirtle battled really well today it’s clear you’ve been training really hard. You and Lance should get over and tell Mr Michaels I’ll wait here.”

“Are you ok Helena?” asked Elle

“Don’t worry, I am a little disappointed but it’s made me want to train even harder. I’ll call my mum and meet you back here.”

Helena walked out of the room and Lance and Elle want over to talk to Mr Michaels. He was surrounded by about a dozen trainers and was checking them off on a list after checking them with his pokedex. One of them was Gary who spotted Elle and came over.

“Bet you didn’t expect my Squirtle to have gone up a level huh? Well I’ll have you know I won my two battles after we had ours! Your victory was probably just a fluke. I’m going to train extra hard so that next time we meet you won’t be so lucky!” Gary sauntered off.

Mr Michaels called out. “I’m not surprised you two gained a level, well done. I’ll add you to my list.”

“Well actually…” said Elle reluctantly

“What? Don’t tell me your Squirtle didn’t go up a level? That’s not possible!”

“No that’s not it, it’s just my Squirtle went up two levels to a level 7.”

The group of students started to whisper

“Well that’s very well done Elle! Soon your Squirtle will start to learn water attacks. Talk to your species teacher on Monday about what to do. Hey you lot clear off! Don’t you have homes to go to?”

All the students left muttering to each other.

“I expected nothing less of you Elle, you’ve obviously been training very hard. Just make sure you don’t over do it ok?”

“Don’t worry boss we’re taking Sunday off.”

“Great. I’ll be going now. See you tomorrow Elle”

“What does he mean tomorrow? Tomorrow’s Saturday there’s no school” said Lance sounding confused.

“Oh he must mean my practice battle tomorrow morning with my little brother and his Ratatta”

“Another battle?”

Just then Helena came back. “Hey guys my mum said yes, let’s get to that pond!”

Helena and Lance followed Elle round the buildings to the Squirtle Lake. There were already a few trainers there so they were feeling a bit shy, but in the end they still went forward to the Lake’s edge. Lance and Elle let their Squirtle into the lake and Helena’s Bulbasaur went up to the edge and had a good drink.

“Hey Helena want to practice Tackle attacks with your Bulbasaur? I bet it’s really close to gaining that extra level!”

“Hey thanks good idea!”

“What about teaching me about Withdraw?” complained Lance.

“Well let’s do the tackling for a bit and then work on withdraw. There’s no reason we can’t do both.”

Elle, Helena and Lance practiced their attacks and relaxed by the lake until dinner time.

“Hey Elle what time is your battle tomorrow?” asked Lance

“What battle? There’s no school tomorrow”

“I’m having a practice battle with my little brother and his Ratatta tomorrow, it’s not that big of a deal but it should make a good match. My brother has had his Ratatta for a few months now and it’s well trained. Plus it’s a chance for me to show him around the place. And it’s at 9am Lance, why?”

“I thought I’d come along if you don’t mind. I need to spend the day training so I’m coming in anyway”

“If you like I suppose”

“I’ll come too! I want Bulbasaur to gain that leval.”

“Wow guys this is shaping up to be a cool day. How about we meet in room 1 at 8.45?”

“Right! Well we’d better be getting home, see you tomorrow Elle!” Lance waved goodbye.

“Bye Elle” said Helena!

Elle walked home feeling happy that she made two new great friends, and had three amazing battles.

May 6th, 2008, 10:41 AM
This is a really good fanfic. The early chapters could do with a bit of extra punctuation, but its a neat concept and well-implemented. I look forward to the rest, especially since my trainer in Diamond is called Helena. Sounds like its gonna be a good fanfic!

Ninja Caterpie
May 6th, 2008, 11:05 PM
Good work on trying to fix your grammar.
I've only got one problem

All four students left the battle room “That withdraw was really inspired!” said Lance can all Squirtle do it?

Can all squirtle do it needs quotation marks.
Also, while Im at it, the withdraw sentence should have"inspiring" not insipred

May 7th, 2008, 2:08 AM
Good work on trying to fix your grammar.
I've only got one problem

Can all squirtle do it needs quotation marks.
Also, while Im at it, the withdraw sentence should have"inspiring" not insipred

Edited :)
I meant Inspired as in clever, from inspiration etc. so the sentence works.

Ninja Caterpie
May 7th, 2008, 3:15 AM
K I thought it fit as well but sounded better with inspiring.. Oh wells.
Patience is the key to all life

-Jumps and screams while waiting for next chapter-

May 7th, 2008, 8:49 AM
Your wish is my command...

Chapter 6
Battle Saturday.

Saturday morning came and it was Elle’s brother that woke her up by jumping on her and Squirt.

“Don’t forget today’s the day of our battle! You’re gonna get creamed! Breakfast is on the table!”

Elle groaned and managed to drag herself out of bed and downstairs for breakfast. She noticed her mum had also put down food for Squirt so she could concentrate on her own breakfast and on trying to wake up. In contrast her brother was far too awake and chattering to his Ratatta.

Coming her senses she realised she could use her pokedex to scan Ratatta and have an idea what she was dealing with. She finished breakfast and went to get dressed and pick up her pokedex and Squirtle’s pokeball. She came downstairs and quickly scanned Ratatta.

Level 13

“Hey Mick, did you know your Ratatta was a girl?”

“No, what else does it say?”

“Just that it’s a level 13! Which is really impressive because my Squirtle is only a level 7. I think I might really get creamed!”

“Too late to back out now it’s time to go!”

“OK kids Pokémon in their pokeballs please for the car ride”

Mitch chattered inanely on the way to school. They got out of the car, waved to their mum and walked towards the battle building. “Now remember Mick you have to stick with me today or both of us are in trouble”

“Yeah yeah I know.”

“Hey there’s my friends! Hi guys!”

“Do they have Pokémon too?”

“Just come and see!” Elle ran towards Lance and Helena, Mick following.

“Hey guys, this is Mick, Mick this is Lance and Helena. Can you show Mick your Pokémon?”

Lance and Helena let out their Squirtle and Bulbasaur and they all walked into the battle arena.

“Cool another Squirtle and a Bulbasaur!” chattered Mick excitedly. “Wait till you see my Ratatta fight! I learned today it’s a level 13! And that’s it’s a girl!”

“Level 13?” exclaimed Lance “that’s really impressive! I think you’re going to win this!”

As they walked into the building Mick stopped chattering and looked around with his mouth open. They entered room 1 and were surprised to see Mr Michaels at the Judging table. “Hi Elle I see you brought friends! Lance, Helena come over behind the judging table out of the way.”
“Hi Mr Michaels it’s nice to see you. This is my brother Mick. Mick, this is my teacher Mr Michaels and if you work hard when you come to school he’ll be your teacher too”
“Hello there Mick, mind if I take a look at your Ratatta? We have a few minutes before the battle.”
“Well ok.” Mick let his Ratatta out of its pokeball.
“Well now that’s a nice looking Ratatta. What level is it? 12?”
“13” said Mick proudly.
“Well it’s looking great! You may have bitten off more than you can chew here Elle”
“I’m beginning to agree! Especially as Squirt only knows two attacks”
“Shall we gat started?”
Brother and sister nodded and took their places.

“This is a one on one practice battle with a time limit of 15 minutes. Begin”

“Go Squirt!”

“Go on Ratatta.”

The two Pokémon squared up.

“I think brute force is the way to go here! Tackle attack!”

Squirt charged towards the Ratatta, but in a blink of an eye the Ratatta was on the other side of the field and Squirtle was looking hurt

“That was Quick Attack! Now Ratatta, tackle!”

The Ratatta ran towards Squirt but Squirt jumped up at the last second.


While Squirt was still in the air, Ratatta looked up and bit Squirt’s stump of a tail.

“Oh no! Quick Squirt spin around”

Squirt span round and round in a circle, faster and faster but the Ratatta held fast and Squirt was visibly tiring.

“Change direction!”

Squirt stopped and span in the other direction and the Ratatta almost fell of but managed to hold on.

“OK squirt you can stop now”

Squirt stopped spinning and fell forward on its face.

“Squirtle is unable to battle! Ratatta is the winner”

“I WON!”

“Um can you call Ratatta back now?”

“Oh sorry! Ratatta come back!”

Elle walked over and picked up Squirt. “Never mind Squirt we were just outmatched this time. We’ll do better next time. Ouch your tail looks pretty painful.”

“Well done both of you! Mick that was a great idea targeting Squirtle’s tail like that you definitely deserved that win! And Elle, changing direction of the spin was excellent strategy, and you were very graceful in losing. Good job! I have a potion to help with Squirtle’s tail. Are you going to stay and watch the next battles?”

“I think we’re going to go train. We might come back later though.”

“Well you kids have fun”

As they left the battle room everyone made a big fuss of Mick and Elle was still carrying Squirt while its tail healed.

When they got to the lake Squirt jumped out of Elle’s arms into the water!

“I guess Squirt’s feeling better! I should probably look into getting some potions if we’re going to be battling a lot.”

Lance let his Squirtle into the water too, and when Helena let out Bulbasaur it played with Ratatta in the grassy area.

“That’s nice, all the Pokémon have someone to play with!” laughed Helena.

“Well we’ll give them a little while but then we should start training. Mick you going to join us or just watch?”

“I’ll watch for a bit and maybe join you later. Ratatta and I want to play!”

“Hey Squirt! Come out and help Bulbasaur with its tackle!”

Squirt and Bulbasaur spent some time helping Bulbasaur with its tackle. Then Lance’s Squirtle switched with Squirt to take over to practice tackle with Bulbasaur. After a while Bulbasaur got tired so Squirtle and Squirt practiced their withdraw attacks. By Lunchtime everyone had improved a lot! Mick had stayed close throughout this time trying to teach Ratatta to swim.

Everyone stopped for lunch a little early because they had been working so hard! The sandwiches and Pokémon food went down pretty quickly! While they were lying down in the sun slightly full digesting their food, Elle had an idea.

“Hey Helena and Lance why don’t you two have a practice battle? I’d be happy to referee. After you’re done digesting of course.

“Good idea!” exclaimed Lance

“I’d like another try at battling” said Helena.

In no time at all Helena and Lance were starting their battle. In the end Helena had improved the most and ended up cinching the win!

“Oh Bulbasaur I’m so proud of you!”

“Great try Squirtle! It was good practice for our withdraw attack!”

“Hey Helena, why don’t you see if your Bulbasaur has achieved level 6?” suggested Elle.

Helena scanned her Bulbasaur and sure enough it got to level 6!

“Hey scan Ratatta” piped up Mitch “Maybe it grew too”

Everyone ended up scanning their Pokémon but nobody else had gained a level.

“That’s enough training for now! Let’s just play for a bit” complained Mick.

The Pokémon and trainers spent the rest of the day running around playing games like catch and hide and seek (Squirt always hid in the water). When they got hungry everyone parted ways and went home.

“Good day?” Asked Mum on the way home.

“It sure was!” chattered Mick “I won the battle and we played by a lake…”

Elle stared out of the window and started to drift off. It had sure been a crazy week! She’s made a new Pokémon friend and two new human friends, won and lost battles and learned a lot about Pokémon! And this was just her first week.

“Wake up Elle!” Mum shook her lightly and Elle opened her eyes. She had fallen asleep! It may have been an amazing week but it had also been a tiring one! She was glad she could take Sunday off! Elle managed to eat some dinner and then tumble into bed.

The Beast
May 8th, 2008, 12:10 PM
Well this is quite a good story with the error corrections, but keep on writing, I love it.

May 9th, 2008, 5:42 AM
Chapter 7
The lost Bulbasaur

The next week at school was even harder! Because Squirtle had got to level 7 it spent its morning species lessons practicing its bubble attack. It was hard at first to produce even a few bubbles, but by Wednesday Squirtle had Bubble attack down and started on water gun. During ability class Elle and Squirt practiced combining bubble with tackle and withdraw. Squirt also practiced focusing bubbles or dispersing them for different effects.

The lead Elle had won in the previous week was difficult to maintain; and by the end of the week other trainers had made it to level 7 and were learning species-specific attacks.

Elle still practiced after school with Lance and Helena and by the time Friday’s battle rolled around all three of them won all of their Pokémon matches (they didn’t have to battle each other this time) and Helena’s Bulbasaur had learned leech seed! This put the three of them at the top of the class, but not by much as everyone was working much harder. Lance and Helena had already arranged to have an official match on Saturday but Elle decided to take a day alone with just her and Squirt and check out Viridian Forest.

Elle woke up a little late on Saturday, bolted breakfast and took the bus to Viridian forest. She managed to get told off by the bus driver on the way there, it turns out Pokémon are not usually allowed on buses except in pokeballs! Whoops! After that little mishap Elle made it to Viridian Forest and went into the office to talk to a kindly looking park ranger.

“Hello sir, sorry to bother you but I just wanted to make sure it was ok to have my Pokémon out of its pokeball in Viridian Forest.”

“Of course dear, why wound you think to ask?”

Elle explained about the bus incident

“Oh I see. New trainer eh?”

“Yes sir, I started two weeks ago and thought I’d check out Viridian Forest”

“Well as you’re a new trainer you’d do best to stay on the path. Which Pokémon do you have?”

“Oh, I have a Squirtle! Check it out!” She let out Squirt “this is Squirt!”

“Well in that case you should head to the lake. Just take the path outside and follow it for about 20 minutes and you’ll get to the lake in the centre of the forest. It’s full of Magikarp and the odd Goldeen, but they are pretty friendly so long as you don’t fish them out of the water so it’s safe for your Squirtle to swim. It’s also right by the forest so you should be able to catch a glimpse of wild Pokémon without getting into trouble.”

Elle thanked and waved goodbye to the nice old man and headed down the path. By this time it was mid morning so she passed a few trainers along the way with their Pokémon. She saw one trainer walking a Growlithe, one flying a Pidgey and a couple of trainers like herself with beginner type Pokémon. Keeping her eyes open she even noticed a Metapod attached to a tree just away from the path evolve into a Butterfree! It was a pretty amazing walk and Squirt amused itself making bubbles.

When the lake was in sight they saw quite a few trainers and fishermen so they walked around a bit to find a nice secluded spot. Squirt immediately jumped into the lake and began having play battles with some of the Magikarp underwater. Satisfied Squirt was having a blast Elle took off her shoes and socks and dipped her feet in the water, relaxing and keeping at eye on Squirt at the same time. She occasionally saw the odd Beedrill and Pidgey flying overhead, but none of them bothered her so she enjoyed watching them.

Just when her stomach started to grumble Squirt jumped out of the water so she set out the picnic lunch she had brought with her and they ate leisurely while drying off (Elle’s toes were pretty wrinkled!).

About halfway through their lunch there was a rustle in some bushes nearby. Squirt tensed for battle but it was just a Bulbasaur.

“Hi little Bulbasaur have you lost your trainer?” Elle stood up and looked around but couldn’t see anyone.

“Oh well I’m sure your trainer will be back soon, why don’t you wait with us? Are you hungry?” Squirt and Elle split their lunch and offered it to the Bulbasaur, and it cautiously crawled over to the edge of the blanket and started eating. The rest of their lunch went by without incident, and as the Bulbasaur got used to them it even started chatting to Squirtle. The two of them were getting along so well Elle was reminded of Helena and her Bulbasaur.

After lunch was over Elle shooed the Pokémon off the rug and cleaned up. The two Pokémon had lots of fun having mock battles, although Elle noticed that Bulbasaur’s tackle was quite sloppy. Its trainer mustn’t be training very hard she thought.

Elle got so distracted watching the Pokémon play around she didn’t notice the time passing until she started to get cold. It was only then she noticed the Bulbasaur had been with them all for all afternoon and its trainer still hadn’t found it! This trainer is really incompetent! When I meet them I’m giving them a stern lecture! Well Bulbasaur’s getting pretty tired, I think I’ll take it back to the entrance and ask that nice Park Ranger what to do. “Squirtle, Bulbasaur” she called “Time to go home Squirt! And time to go find your trainer Bulbasaur!”

On the way back Bulbasaur started to get really tired so she picked it up and carried it the rest of the way. Luckily Squirtle had enough energy to get all the way back to the entrance. She went back inside the entrance she had been in earlier and walked over to the old park ranger, Bulbasaur still in her hands.

“Hello again sir, I’m sorry to bother you again but I’ve got a problem. See I found this Bulbasaur by the lake, I think it got separated from its trainer but the trainer still hasn’t come back for it. Has anyone come by here looking for a Bulbasaur?”

“No I’m afraid they haven’t. Oh dear… Wait a second, what level is it? Scan it with your pokedex.”

Bulbasaur ♂
Level 3

“That’s strange” exclaimed Elle “it’s only level 3!”

“Aha just as I suspected. You see miss, Pokémon are always given to new trainers at level 5, no exceptions. This must be a wild Bulbasaur”

“A wild Bulbasaur?” Elle was completely shocked!

“We don’t like people to know because they’re so rare, but there are wild Bulbasaur in this forest, and it looks like you’ve thoroughly won over this one. You should capture it, it’ll be happy with you.”

“I’d love to capture it but I don’t know how and I don’t have a pokeball. We haven’t learned that in school yet.”

“Don’t worry I’ll help you! Helping Pokémon find good owners is one of the best parts of my job, and I don’t get to do it much now I’m on desk duty. I have a blank pokeball around here somewhere…”

As the old man was rummaging around under the desk, Elle held Bulbasaur tightly. “Do you want to be my Pokémon Bulbasaur? If you do all you have to do is stay inside the pokeball”

Finally, the old man stood up with a pokeball in his hand and placed it on the desk.

“First you have to register it as yours. Open your pokedex and press the pokeball button. It should show only one Pokeball, with Squirtle written under it, right?”


“Now press the scan button pointing it at the pokeball on the desk”

Elle complied.

“Now it should show two pokeballs, one with nothing underneath it?”


“Ok, press the tiny white button while the pokeball is facing the Bulbasaur and it should capture it.”

“Ready Bulbasaur?”


Elle pressed the button and the Bulbasaur turned into a red light and entered the pokeball. The pokeball twitched once in Elle’s hand then lay perfectly still.

“That’s it! You caught the Bulbasaur!”

“I caught a Bulbasaur! Well I’d better get going home. Thank you for all your help sir! Squirtle you’d better get in your pokeball too if we’re getting the bus!”

Elle spent the entire bus ride with her head full of Bulbasaur! Once the excitement wore off she became slightly worried. Nobody else in her class is even close to capturing a second Pokémon; she wasn’t even allowed to buy pokeballs! Has she broken a school rule? She comforted herself by thinking that if she just went in early on Monday morning and explained everything she would be fine! It’s not like they can take her Bulbasaur away. Could they?

May 9th, 2008, 7:50 AM
Oooh cool update, especially at the end! *rated thread*

May 11th, 2008, 8:18 AM
Chapter 8
Repercussions and hard work!

Elle talked with her Mum as soon as she got home and her Mum agreed that the best thing to go would be to go into school early on Monday and speak to Mr Michaels. So Elle spent all of Sunday getting to know her new Bulbasaur, and letting Squirt get used to not being an only Pokémon anymore! Bulbasaur was very young and not well trained like Squirtle, so Elle had to spend a lot of time just getting it to obey her, but it usually did because it was truly attached to her.

Just before dinner, Elle realised her new Bulbasaur didn’t have a nickname, and it didn’t seem fair. “Hey little guy, do you want a name too? How about… Bubba? You’re small now but pretty soon you’ll be a massive Venusaur and it’ll suit you then.”


Elle, Bubba and Squirt were a team. Although Elle was nervous going into school an hour early, she was determined to explain what happened and keep her team together, no matter what!

With a determined stride she waved goodbye to Mum and walked into school. She walked up to the front reception desk where a severe lady was sitting.

“You’re early!”

“Yes Ma’am, I was wondering if Mr Michaels is in yet? I need to speak to him urgently.”

“Humph. He should be in his classroom.”

“Thank you” Elle walked to her most familiar classroom, knocked and quickly entered. “Mr Michaels I’m sorry to disturb you but I really need to talk to you.” Elle quickly poured out her whole story and Mr Michaels listened without a word looking increasingly worried. “Right Elle I see why you came to me but I’m afraid this is over my head, we have to go and speak to the headmaster. You’re right you have broken a serious school rule but I also agree you did the right thing. Come on let’s get this sorted out.”

Mr Michaels walked quickly out of the room and back to the severe lady with Elle hurrying behind him.

“You wait here, I’ll speak to the Head.”

He walked behind the scary lady’s desk into what must be the headmaster’s office. Elle sat down on a nearby chair getting more and more worried and trying not to cry. The severe lady sighed loudly and spoke.

“Don’t worry little girl. Mr Michaels and Mr Jepson are very fair men, if you’ve done the right thing then I’m sure that everything will turn out for the best.”

Elle took a deep breath and managed a watery smile. After what seemed like forever Mr Michaels and what must have been Mr Jepson came out. Mr Jepson beckoned her to come over.

“Mr Michaels has told me all about what has happened and I spoke to the man at Viridian Forest so I know you were telling the truth. The main trouble is not what you’ve done but that other students will try to copy you and I can’t have that.

I’ve decided to give you 10 after school detentions for breaking a very important school rule, which will be spent with Mr Michaels here learning what you need to know about your Bulbasaur. You will also spend the next 4 Saturdays with the man you met in Viridian Forest learning to tell the difference between a wild and tamed Pokémon. I’m also switching your Monday morning species class to a Bulbasaur class.

Finally and most importantly your Bulbasaur will not be allowed in any class battles or exams until your Fifth year. This is a standard rule for all students rather than a punishment for you. I’m afraid I’m going to have to announce all this in assembly to keep down any rumours. Let’s go.”

Elle numbly followed Mr Jepson and Mr Michaels into the assembly hall and saw everyone had arrived already. Mr Jepson pointed to a class sitting down and Elle noticed Helena sitting with them, she must be joining Helena’s species class! She went and sat down with them.

Mr Jepson addressed the school, explaining what she had done and her punishment. “I cannot stress enough how foolish it would be to try and emulate this silly young girl. It would cause you to come up against serious punishment, suspension at the very least! It would also unnecessarily double your workload. As for my older students, if I find any of you causing trouble to the Viridian Forest Pokémon or staff you will be severely punished! Ok everyone off to class.”

Everybody filed out and Elle went to talk to Helena as they walked

“Hi Elle, I thought I’d be able to catch you up but you’ve overtaken me again!”

“Actually Helena, I think this’ll make overtaking me easier. With all those after school detentions and wasted Saturdays I’ll get way behind on my training. Even after that I’ll have twice as much training to do in half the time. I’m really quite worried.”

“Not that you’d give up your new Bulbasaur.”

“No way! I think it’ll be worth it in the end. Plus I’m all Bubba’s got.”

“What is it with you and nicknames?” Helena said laughing.

They got to the classroom and went inside.

Almost all the Bulbasaur had progressed to practicing leech seed, Bubba wanted to join in and got a little sad when he realised he couldn’t do it yet.

“Don’t worry Bubba,” Elle knelt down and hugged Bubba “all these Bulbasaur were as small as you once and if you try your very best you be that big too! First we have to practice Tackle OK?”

“You two have an impressive bond already” Said a young woman walking in, “I can see you’re going to catch up in no time! I’m Miss Leyton and I teach this class.”

“Thank you Miss Leyton, I promise we’re going to work really hard! Especially as we only have one class a week.”

“I’ll be sure to set you plenty of homework so you don’t fall behind. Now the difference between Bulbasaur and the other starter Pokémon is that it walks on four legs instead of two, so our first lesson is the different ways Bulbasaur can move around. Helena!” she called Helena over “Would you mind demonstrating different gaits?”

Helena walked over with her Bulbasaur grinning.

“OK!” Miss Leyton began “First there’s a standard run: front left, back right, front right, back left. Demonstrate please Helena.”

Bulbasaur ran along.

“It looks complicated but it’s really the easiest, because that’s how Bulbasaur always runs. Want to give it a try?” Miss Leyton was being very patient.

Bubba ran alongside Bulbasaur to the end of the classroom, but on the way back Bulbasaur speeded ahead and Bubba just couldn’t keep up!

“As you can see as your Bulbasaur will get a lot faster with plenty of practice.” Miss Leyton laughed. “Next we have the hop. Bulbasaur bounces along on all four feet at once. It’s useful for stepping stones and places where the floor is uneven. Helena?”

Helena’s Bulbasaur looked really funny hopping around the classroom, it even hopped onto a desk!

Bubba tried hopping along too but tended to focus too much on one of its legs and kept veering to one side or falling over.

“That one needs some practice. Finally the two-step gait good for leaping. It goes back legs, front legs. It’s also great for sprinting.”

Bulbasaur sprinted around the room, leaping in places. Bubba tried too and it was better at this gait, although sometimes it mixed up its feet and fell over.

“Thanks Helena you can get back to practicing your leech seed now. Right Elle your homework for this week is to practice your gaits; I want to see a lot of improvement by this time next week! I’d better to help my other students now.” She walked around the room; making comments to her other students.

Elle and Bubba spent the rest of the class practicing different gaits. Elle drew circles on the floor in chalk and bubba practiced making hops between the ones that were close together and leaps when they were far apart. By the end of the class Bubba was getting fairly accurate, though it still missed pretty often.

By the end of the class Elle and Bulbasaur were pretty tired; they were definitely ready for lunch! Elle and Helena walked to the cafeteria and met with Lance, and they and their Pokémon chatted while they ate, with everyone admiring Elle’s new Bulbasaur. Elle was secretly very relieved that her friends didn’t get jealous or weird about her new Pokémon; they just accepted Bubba into their group. I’ m lucky to have such great friends she thought.

After lunch they returned their Pokémon to their pokeballs and headed off to their ability class. Mr Michaels was tough as usual and had everyone working up a real sweat. He took Elle aside and made it clear he didn’t expect her class performance or her training of Squirt to deteriorate just because she had another Pokémon to train. “I still expect the very best from you Elle” he said sternly.

After class Elle was a little nervous about her detention with Mr Michaels but it turned out she didn’t have to worry. He used the time to help her with training techniques so she could work with both Pokémon at once. That day was spent by the lake, with Squirtle swimming inside it and Elle and Bubba running around the edge, a kind of cross surface race!

As the week progressed, Elle trained Squirtle during the day and both Squirtle and Bulbasaur with Mr Michaels in the evening. Mr Michaels used Elle’s detentions to try out all the school’s facilities.

They used stepping stones in the lake to practice Bulbasaur’s hopping and leaping, rings for practicing Squirtle’s bubble and the school pool for swimming. By the end of the week Elle’s training was much more effective and Bulbasaur’s gaits had improved a whole lot! Even better, Squirtle had spent so much time on its bubble attack it learned to do water gun!