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May 2nd, 2008, 10:14 AM
All Roads Lead to the Grand Festival

BTW, I forgot to mention this before, but Rave The Rich made this fan fic. I'm just posting it for those who don't go on Fanfiction.net or Serebii Forums. Sorry!

For my readers out there, this is somewhat of a continuation of the Valentine’s Day MinamoShipping fic that I did entitled ‘Giving of Yourself’. This chaptered story is more MultiShipping than anything else, and it centers around the Hoenn Grand Festival in Slateport City. Most of the ships that were mentioned in ‘Giving of Yourself’ will be featured in this story. Chapter one has Kelly and May going to Slateport City to sign up for the Grand Festival and having an impromptu meeting with another couple.

(Chapter 1- Signing Up in Slateport)


The signs on the highway make it easy as two plus two to navigate towards the ultimate coordinator’s destination of Slateport City and the three day event that makes the city the focal point of the Hoenn region. With only one half of a kilometer to go before longtime girlfriends Kelly Cruz-Marin and May Maple make it to the main arena, they can already hear the loud, cheerful and festive sounds of the biggest gathering of coordinators this year.

From Valentine’s Day in mid-February to right now on March 14th, Kelly has made it her mission to get her seventeen-year old girlfriend ready for the Grand Festival through intense training. Along with Norman and Max who both pitched in to help May in her battling skills, Harley and Caroline to assist in first round appeals and Kelly who made nutrition and athletic prowess a must, May has never been more confident than she is right now to hoist the Grand Festival Trophy above her head come Sunday afternoon.

As the two make their way to the entrance gate of the Grand Festival hand in hand, May turns to Kelly and smiles, saying, “I know I’ve said this before to you and everyone else several times, but…thank you for all of your help these past four weeks. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this good about my chances in the Grand Festival in…ever!”

“Well, clearly,” Kelly says, in an almost bragging fashion, “I am biased this time, because I have my prized horse in the race.” May laughs at the analogy before she gives the smiling dame a light shove on the shoulder. “But seriously,” Kelly continues, “we all want you to do well here, baby. We’ve…covered just about everything. You have top-notch pokemon, a great strategy, a prime appeal for tomorrow, and everything is running in near-perfect harmony, but quite frankly, I still have a little issue. It has to do with your…competition.”

“Competition?” questions the lady in red. “Girl, what are you talking about?"

The urban seventeen-year old wearing a black shirt and long blue overalls sighs as she stops in front of a few stands outside of the arena selling pokemon bobble heads, keychains and several other odds and ends and explains to May, “You know that both Drew and Dawn are gonna be competing at this Grand Festival, right?”

Looking at her girlfriend with a confused gaze, the bandana-wearing beauty asks her, “Who gives a crap, Kelly? I’m done with Drew, and have been done with him for a long, long time. Let the bastard and his little short skirt-wearing slut do whatever the hell they please.”

“Okay, that’s just it! Right there!” Kelly points out to the competing coordinator. She then prompts her bandana wearing girlfriend to come with her away from the throng of people.

Once the two are away from the glazes of the faces, Kelly explains to her sporty belle, “They make you mad, so they are getting under your skin!” Gently holding May’s head in place, the gloved one explains to her, “All of us have been by your side these past several weeks because we feel that you are the one who deserves to win this year’s Grand Festival. Harley, Max, your parents, heck even Ash and Paul pitched in some, and they did it all to help you. All we ask of you in return is to just be calm, cool and collected this weekend, May. If you have those two-timers on your mind at all, then you can’t compete at 100 percent.”

“Your mind will be wandering, and if you wanna win, you can’t have that. You need to focus on the task at hand, and that’s winning this Grand Festival. Like I told you, you need to be like the horse in the race wearing blinders. That’s why I will be in the suite during the battle portion, because you have to drop all distractions. You have to drop the garbage with Drew, Dawn and everyone else, and just remember what everyone has taught you these last few weeks, and I know you’ll be fine. Okay?”

May answers, “Okay,” and Kelly gives her a kiss on the forehead telling her girlfriend that she loves her.

“I love you too, Kelly. Now let’s get signed up.”

The pair does not enter the arena lobby right away, as both Kelly and May are admittedly famished after such a long walk to Slateport City from the last pokemon center. The Petalburg City native especially wanted to get something to eat upon seeing all of the delectable goods in one place, and her belle had no problem treating her to something, reminding her that it is important for the brunette to not overindulge prior to such a grand event.

May agrees, playfully sulking for a second at the fact that she just can’t have a little bit of everything. She finally decides on having a single ice cream cone with Kelly from a stand run by a long red-haired voluptuous woman, and a somewhat timid male of the same age. Both of them are clad in blue and yellow aprons, and off to the side promoting the stand is a little, talking mascot wearing a chocolate ice cream cone as his costume. While the pokeblock guru orders mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone, the girl next door takes some more time and finally makes banana sherbet her flavor of choice. She opts to have her treat in a sugar cone.

At the behest of the competing coordinator, both girls opt to enjoy their cones outside in the beautiful twenty-one degree Celsius weather with nary a cloud in the sky. They take less than 10 minutes to finish their respective cones before they make the much anticipated walk inside the lobby of the Slateport City arena.

As they already expected, both Kelly and May came face to face with very fervent activity taking place within the lobby as several coordinators and pokemon were practicing maneuvers, coming up with strategies and getting a look at their potential competition as they go through what amounts to final practice for Saturday’s appeals.

Making their way to the registration lines, the pair only has to wait about twenty minutes or so before they come face to face with the attendant.

After they both greet the lady with a good afternoon, she does the same and she also accepts May’s pokedex. Running it through the computer, she gets all the information she needs. “So, you are May Maple of Petalburg City. You won the necessary five ribbons for automatic entry. And is this your roommate for the weekend?” she asks, referring to Kelly.

“Yes, ma’am,” answers May.

“Very well,” the attendant responds. “May I see her ID, please?” Kelly has no problem with the security request, and shows the official her identification without another word.

After a few final instructions, designation of room keys and a temporary Grand Festival identification number of ‘253’ for May, her attendant gives her pokedex back and wishes her good luck for the Grand Festival. The girlfriends thank their attendant and make their way back outside to check out a few more of the stands and vendors.

For about the next two hours, Kelly and May walk through just about every vendor situated around the arena and find numerous odds and ends being sold, including a silver-plated Grumpig key chain, which May bought for her short-haired counterpart. Not much buying of items was done; rather the two were much more apt to take in the atmosphere of this truly grand event. As the pair walked to yet another stand selling pokemon snacks, May comes across a younger boy and girl who have their arms draped across each other’s shoulders as they look at the many options available.

Immediately recognizing the two, the coordinator calls out to them, saying, “Hey you guys! I thought you couldn’t make it! What’s up?”

Cynic Kaka
May 3rd, 2008, 6:09 AM
(Chapter 2- Friends With Questions)


Immediately recognizing the two, the coordinator calls out to them, saying, “Hey you guys! I thought you couldn’t make it! What’s up?”

Recognizing the voice, the younger teen boy and girl turn around. The boy is clearly dressed for the spring weather in his khaki shorts, black collared shirt patterned with a superhero manga design, dark brown sandals and sunglasses over his eyes. The girl has bright red hair of medium length, jean shorts and a short sleeved burgundy shirt. Like her counterpart, she is also wearing sunglasses over her eyes.

They are elated to see their good friend out and about prior to the Grand Festival and show this emotion by exclaiming, “May!” before they both run up to her and give her a group hug.

While deeply in the embrace, May says, “Oh, Kenny. Zoey, it’s so good to see you two again. Thanks for coming.” Releasing the hug, the excited coordinator gets a good look at the pair and says, “But I thought that you two were too busy in the Orange Islands to come and see me! What happened?”

As Kenny explains to his platonic friend, “Well, if Zoey hadn’t have pulled off one of the greatest upsets in coordinating history at Shamouti Island, we might not have been here to see you in action.”

“Kenny, oh! Forgive my rudeness. I’m sorry,” interrupts the mild-mannered maiden. May takes a couple of steps backward and literally pulls Kelly into her conversation. “Guys, you remember Kelly, right?”

“The pokeblock girl from Lilycove?” Zoey quips. May nods and as the redhead gets a good look at her from her purple sneakers all the way up to her very developed chest, it’s clear to the tomboy who she is. ‘Nope. Can’t really forget that,’ she ponders. Now speaking, she says, “Yeah, I remember you. She’s the girl whose organization and products helped Kenny and I out with making pokeblocks.”

“Kelly is going to be staying with me this weekend,” the coordinator explains. “She’s been helping me train for the Grand Festival ever since Valentine’s Day, and I don’t think I’ve been more ready for a Grand Festival than I am right now.”

“Good!” Kenny exclaims as he drapes his arm across Zoey’s shoulder. “Maybe if we’re lucky, you can also take down, uh…” The boy who by all accounts is dressed for summer looks at Kelly, who is slashing her throat several times and shaking her head fervidly. To Kenny, it appears that May’s good friend doesn’t want him to say those two names.

“Who?” asks May.

“Well…you know,” the lone male says flustered. Then like a light bulb turning on inside his head “Everyone! That’s who! Beat…everyone! Yes!” A few seconds of silence pass before Kenny admits, “I’m lost. What the heck was I talking about?”

Getting the conversation back on topic, the bandana-wearing girl says, “You were telling me, before I rudely interrupted you, how you and Zoey were able to get to Slateport City when I thought you’d be too busy trying to earn the minimum number of ribbons.”

“Oh, yeah!” Kenny exclaims, with his memory jogged. “You should’ve seen it, May. As you know, yours truly already got his required five ribbons for the Orange Islands Grand Festival coming up this May.” To this arrogant bragging shown by her boyfriend, Zoey rolls her eyes. Even though she is wearing sunglasses and no one can see this, Kelly and May notice her light scoff. “So, we went to Shamouti for a contest in the hopes that she could earn number five. She did an appeal with her Gastrodon that got a perfect score of thirty. And…Zoey can tell you the rest.”

Kenny’s boyish girlfriend takes the floor and further elaborates, saying, “From there, I went into the second round. I used Glameow for my battles against my first two opponents, beating them easily.”

“Okay,” Kelly responds. “Forgive me if that doesn’t sound like much of a come from behind victory at this point.”

“We’re not at the finals yet. That’s when things began to change,” informs the shining star of pokemon coordinating. Taking her sunglasses off, Zoey continues, “I went up against the bard, Nando. He now has an Exeggutor in his arsenal, by the way. I’ve always found him to be tough, so by no means did I take this final lightly. Heck, I didn’t take my first two opponents lightly, either.”

“You can’t do that in this line of work,” May points out to her friend.

“Darn right,” Zoey agrees. “So, it’s Nando’s Exeggutor versus my Glaceon. Everyone in the contest house thinks that I’ve got this one in the bag, with my type advantage and whatnot.” The story-telling coordinator pauses for a moment before looking the secret lovers into the eyes, and holding up three fingers. “Three moves by Nando, a hyper beam, a solar beam and a psywave in that order, put me down to about one-third of my hit points. Kenny couldn’t look at me, and…”

“Whoa! Wait a minute!” interrupts the native of Twinleaf Town. Looking to his girlfriend, he asks her, “You saw me with my head down that day?”

“I see everything, Kenny,” Zoey answers, “now may I finish my story, pretty please?” Kenny nods to his independent sweetheart while Kelly and May hold back snickers of their own, and she continues telling her tale. “So I’m down over sixty-five hit points, because I wasn’t even able to get in an attack. I don’t like to think I came in arrogantly expecting that I wouldn’t have to do much against a grass type, but I neglected the advantage of the psychic attacks that Exeggutor possesses.”

“I countered Nando’s attacks by using several quick attacks. Even though Glaceon clearly wasn’t at 100 percent, he was still quite fast. Getting away form Exeggutor was our main goal, and once we were able to avoid him, we then turned those quick attacks into quick tackles, getting Nando’s Exeggutor at every angle possible and slowly but surely lowering his point total.”

“The clincher to this amazing victory was when the two of us began to combine ice with a lot of the normal attacks. We did ice tackles, ice tail whips, and even an ice bite. Our coup de grace was a blizzard that froze Exeggutor, leaving him unable to move, but perhaps most important, he couldn’t attack. All the judges elected to stop the match with less than ten seconds to go before the five minute time limit,” Zoey stops speaking for a second to take a case out of her pocket. She shows this case to Kelly and May, saying, “and thanks to that come from behind win of Glaceon, I now have all five of my ribbons.”

A voice adds, “Along with me,” showing the pair his set of five ribbons, as well. The tomboy looks over at her braggadocio boyfriend and sees that he has a toothy smile that is bright enough to light the city for months on end. She sighs heavily before she hears him talk again. “The only difference between the two is that some of these ribbons came at Zoey’s expense. While I’ve beaten her twice for ribbons in the region, she hasn’t beaten me for any.”

“You forgot to tell our friends, Kenny,” Zoey clarifies for the male, “that I let you win those contest ribbons. If we are going to go to the Grand Festival and if we are going to be a good couple, then there has to be some give and take at times. Quite honestly, if I really wanted to embarrass your arrogant behind, then I would beat you…very badly. So badly, you’ll be crying for your mommy.”

Kenny slyly responds, “Oh, just like last—,” but he can’t finish his retort, as his mouth is being covered by the hand of his item.

“Well, I’m sorry that we can’t stay much longer, you two!” Zoey interrupts her beau, while explaining the situation to the now shocked girlfriends. Leaning into Kenny’s ear, Zoey asks him, “What the hell is your problem? That’s our private business!” Turning back to Kelly and May, Zoey saves face by saying, “The time just flies here, doesn’t it? I mean, how long have we been talking together?”

“Not that long, really,” answers Kelly, plainly.

“Well, I apologize, but we really have to go,” Zoey tells the two girls from the Hoenn region before she drags her tease of a boyfriend off to some other vendor’s spot.

The entire scene that just took place before the eyes of the undercover duo was interesting to say the least. So interesting, in fact, that both Kelly and May still have their mouths wide open in stunned surprise of what they have borne witness to.

“They…are kinda weird,” Kelly admits, as the words take some time to form in her mouth. The statement gets her girlfriend chuckling before it grows to laughter, causing both girls to laugh out loud in the crowd.

After settling down a tad, May tells Kelly, “Oh, damn! I needed that. And you’re right about those two. Kenny and Zoey are not what you would consider your regular run of the mill couple. Zoey is clearly the ‘boy’ in that relationship and even though Kenny at times tries to assert his manhood when it’s not necessary, they really are madly in love with each other. And I’m somewhat responsible for it! They always make me feel good, even though they’ll never compare to a certain someone.”

“Oh, really?” Kelly asks, playing along with her girlfriend’s flirtatious guessing game. “And just who would this ‘certain someone’ be?”

“Well…she’s in her late teens, very affectionate, stunningly beautiful from the inside out, and my girlfriend. What do you think?” May questions.

“I think that…I hope you’re not with my evil twin behind my back,” responds the buxom one.

May laughs once again before telling Kelly to “Shut up! Come here,” and the two coordinators share a very implicit embrace in the midst of the extensive crowd.


“What’s the big idea telling those two, our friends, about our sex life?” Zoey lectures to Kenny, who is sitting on a park bench away from the two Hoenn girls.

“I didn’t say anything about our sex life,” Kenny replies rascally. “I almost said something about our sex life, and ‘almost’ only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”

“We’re not playing horseshoes, and the only hand grenade I’m throwing is gonna be the one that lands in your hair if you don’t slow your role,” Zoey threateningly informs the extrovert. “I can’t believe you almost squealed that…”

Kenny is only half listening to the rest of Zoey’s lecture as he takes a look at his good friend, May and her good friend Kelly in a unique position. Both are in each other’s arms…like they were a couple. ‘Wait. That can’t be right,’ Kenny ponders. ‘May hasn’t shown any interest in girls before…I think.’ This speculation is all but squashed once Kenny looks at his best female friend grab Kelly’s rear end from behind her back. She keeps this vice-like hold on her girlfriend for more than just a passing second.

“…and our business should remain our business, okay?” Zoey asks, ending her rant. Frustrated that she didn’t get an immediate answer from her boyfriend, she asks him, “Did you hear anything I just said, boy?”

Kenny responds back, “Hot damn, Zoey! Look!” he exclaims, pointing in Kelly and May’s direction. Curious like a cat, the top coordinator turns around to find the two girls from earlier walking to one of the hotel complexes.

Unimpressed, Zoey turns to the sitting young male and asks, “What? It’s just Kelly and May walking to their rooms, probably.”

“Hand in hand, Zoey?” The teen girl turns back around to see if she missed it, and indeed, the pair is walking to the dorms while holding each other’s hands and with their fingers interlocked.

Zoey is still not impressed, and asks Kenny, “So? I used to do that all the time with Dawn when we traveled through Johto. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are girlfriends, even though I did have feelings for her at one time. And besides, don’t you think this is something that May would trust us with after all we’ve been through?”

“Zoey, I swear on my Empoleon,” Kenny rebuts, “I saw May grabbing Kelly’s butt and flirting with her earlier. Actually, I should have said that first. That’s…very friendly if you ask me.”

“Really?” asks the girl with her sunglasses now on the top of her head. Giving the scenario some thought Zoey, doesn’t notice her boyfriend get up from the bench. “Wow! You’re right. That is a more than friendly gesture.”

“Hey, Kelly! May, wait up!” Kenny requests while running in an attempt to get both girls’ attention. “I wanna ask you two something!”

“Kenny, no!” Zoey pleads, running herself to stop her boyfriend from sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

Cynic Kaka
May 5th, 2008, 5:18 PM
May spots her good friends and couple Kenny and Zoey, who were able to come to the Hoenn Grand Festival, because Zoey defeated Nando at Shamouti Island to win her fifth contest ribbon. Kelly and May see first hand the one of a kind interactions that Zoey and Kenny have with each other and are driven to laughter on multiple occasions. Because of the lone boy’s big mouth, Zoey has to cut her meeting with Kelly and May short and drag Kenny away from the conversation. After being scolded by Zoey for talking too much, Kenny sees May and Kelly sexually flirting with each other and gets up to ask them a question where we have left off.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pokemon, a creation of one Satoshi Tajiri, and is produced domestically (in the United States) by Pokemon USA/The Pokemon Company, and internationally by Shogakukan and OLM. I personally own nothing and make nothing by writing this. Please do not flame.

(Chapter 3- Good Girls Out and Eavesdropping 101)


“Hey, Kelly! May, wait up!” Kenny requests while running in an attempt to get both girls’ attention. “I wanna ask you two something!”

“Kenny, no!” Zoey pleads, running herself to stop her boyfriend from sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

Upon hearing the sixteen-year-old call out their names, Kelly and May stop in their tracks. The pair turns around and they find Kenny meandering through the forest of walking beings to get to his ultimate destination. Once the young man makes his way to the pair, he says, “I’m sorry, girls. Something…has been on my mind. If it’s not my place, please…just let me know.”

Meanwhile, as this scene between the coordinators from the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions takes place, a duo enters the gates that lead to the Grand Festival arena. With the boy’s arm draped across the shoulders of the younger girl, Drew Emerson and Dawn Berlitz make their way to their ultimate destination at long last. While the boyfriend and girlfriend are indeed excited at the opportunity before them, Drew admits to having more than just a few second thoughts.

For one, the shorter male who is wearing all black with a green, unzipped hooded sweatshirt and black highlights in his signature green hair knows full well that one of the participants in this Grand Festival will be his ex-girlfriend May Maple, who he hasn’t heard anything from in the past several months. While he does have feelings for his current girlfriend, they don’t go too far beyond physical attraction that was spearheaded by Dawn’s appearance and her accented attire. It’s a style of dress that hasn’t changed that much since she began her journey as a coordinator some years back, with the only real additions being makeup and some darker colors included with her otherwise feminine motif to match her boyfriend.

Drew would like nothing more than to try and make things work with May again, and he let these sentiments be known in several letters to the Petalburg City native, none of which she has responded back to. It truly is a case of the teen not knowing what he has until it’s gone. Over this time he’s gotten to know Dawn at an intimate level, both emotionally and physically, but his mind has often been caught wandering as his thoughts have been centered on an old flame, like they are right now.

As the pair checks their surroundings, Dawn speaks up first, exclaiming with her one of a kind confidence, “Ah, we finally made it, Drew! Now it’s time to show these fakes from the Hoenn region what pokemon coordinating is all about!” Dawn, in this statement, actually makes an off-handed remark about May, who she knows will also be competing for the title of Grand Festival champion this weekend, as well.

“What?” Drew asks, not really paying attention to what is current flame is talking about. For the heck of it, the boy clad in black garb replies with a bored tone, “Yeah, sure. We’ll show them, Dawn. Together.”

“Wait a minute! Look over there!” Dawn requests of Drew as the coordinator from Twinleaf points to a few familiar faces and then steps back away from the ardent commotion so that neither of the two can be seen from their distance.


“I wasn’t that sure when I saw what I thought I saw,” Kenny admits to the two older teens, “until you guys made your way to…wherever you two were about to go just now. I noticed the chemistry between you two while speaking to you and seeing you off in the distance.” This causes May to gasp softly, but luckily Kenny does not notice the now concerned expression on her face. Did May and Kelly let it slip once again about their lingering romantic displays of affection for each other? It certainly seems like that is the case.

“So, again, you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to, but…out of curiosity…are you two…lesbians? I mean, are you a couple?”

“Damn it, Kenny! Enough!” Zoey interjects, finally escaping the human processions and coming face to face with her boyfriend and his varied company.

“Look, you two,” Zoey says to May and Kelly, feeling for both of them after hearing what is a very embarrassing question to ask. “I’m really sorry about this. As you can tell, Kenny has a tendency to…run his big mouth when it’s not necessary. You don’t have to answer that.”

Turning her boyfriend around and facing Kenny, she begins, “Look. It’s their business what they do together and there’s alone.”

“And I realize that, Zoey!” Kenny interjects, “But don’t you think that this would be something that we’d know? I mean, just like you said, if we’re the good friends that we all claim to be, would this even be a problem?”

“We still don’t know if they’re gay or not, so in that respect, there wouldn’t be much of a problem either way!” argues the tomboy, with both parties seemingly ignoring the subjects at hand in the ladies in purple and red. “But look at it in Kelly and May’s shoes! How would you like it if you had someone speculating about your sexuality without much evidence?”

“Without much evidence that you haven’t seen is what you mean, Zoelie!” Zoey’s boyfriend retorts. The girl grunts in response to being called by her pet name and Kenny confidently continues, “I, on the other hand, have seen plenty of evidence, and one smoking gun which I feel is enough to draw my own educated conclusion, Zoey. When I see a girl grabbing another girl’s behind and she holds onto it for more than just a few seconds, I don’t think that she’s ‘just playing’ or it’s just a matter of girls being girls. I pretty sure that she might be a lesbian, and for damn good reason!”

“Oh my God, Kenny!” Zoey nearly screams out in frustration wanting to pull out the hairs on her head. “You really don’t get girls, do you? Do you? No, you know what? Don’t answer that, because I already know the answer!”

“Then why ask the question?” asks the male, cleverly.

Looking at yet another one of Zoey and Kenny’s lover’s spats at length, Kelly and May are treated to interactions equitable to people that have spent decades together without fail.

The only reaction that the lovers give off in response to this verbal back and forth from their friends is smiling. It’s silly, petty and ridiculous that they are getting into a fight about their friend’s sexual orientation, but at the same time, they realize that it’s a case of these two opposites seemingly attracting the way only they know how.

“You know what? You were right, Kelly,” May affirms to her girlfriend as Zoey and Kenny continue to joust, this time about what classifies as romantic flirting. “They are kind of weird, but at the same time, they’re real cool, too.”

Leaning into May’s near ear, Kelly whispers to her longtime flame, “Hey May. They’re our friends, and they said so themselves that it doesn’t matter if we’re together or not. Heck, I’m…surprised you went this long without telling them with all that you’ve went through with Kenny and Zoey. And besides, they won’t squeal. They’re too busy with each other to really be concerned about us. What do you say, girlfriend?”

May doesn’t say anything to Kelly. Instead, she takes her girlfriend’s hand and walks over to the debating duo, who is now arguing the core emotional differences between men and women as it relates to Kinsey’s generations-old reports on human sexual behavior.

“Okay, then,” Zoey continues in her debate with the loudmouth. “You’ll agree with me that there are levels of sexuality and that it’s very rare for people to be completely homosexual or completely heterosexual, like me. You know that I’m…I’m pretty much bi. And even you talk about...”

“Hold it! Time out!” Kenny interrupts his studious girlfriend. “You were actually gonna blurt out some of my physical attractions towards other guys?”

“Well, I didn’t think you’d mind, Kenneth,” Zoey responds slyly. Lowering her voice as she goes on, the girl continues, “After all, we’re talking about the same person who doesn’t mind at times alluding to the fact that he likes to be on the bottom and has a spanking fetish! So I guess when it comes to everyone else, they are fair game, but when it gets down to it, there are still some skeletons that you like to keep in your closet, even though you are quite an open book. You just have a couple of pages stuck together, that’s all.”

“Uh, guys,” May speaks softly to get the attention of her argumentative allies. Zoey and Kenny are finally liberated from their back and forth banter, and as far as May is concerned, it’s a good thing. After all, had the two even talked about the potential lesbian couple in the last couple of minutes? “Hey guys, remember me…” the Maple girl then turns to the bright-headed one and finishes her question, saying, “…and my girlfriend?” Turning to Kenny, May affirms his speculation by telling him, “The answer to your question is ‘yes’, Kenny. Kelly and I are together, and we have been for quite a while now.”

While Zoey looks at the scene before her in shock, including the revelation from her good friend, Kenny gives off an assured smile as what he thought was the truth turned out to become so.

“So, here’s my question to you two,” May looks at her friends, seriously. “Are you okay with this? You alluded to the fact that neither of you had a problem with this, but I want to make sure.”

“It’s your life,” Kenny answers right away. “And who am I to stand in the way of you two? If Kelly makes you happy, May, then more power to you both. I think it’s cute, honestly.”

Expecting Zoey’s response, May, Kelly and Kenny look to the girl and see that her face surprisingly gives off some apprehension to the entire idea. Zoey doesn’t even respond back to the Petalburg girl’s question.

“Uh, Zoey?” Kelly questions of the tomboy, “May asked you a question. What do you think about the two of us being together?”

It still takes some time, but Zoey answers the cheerful girl, “Honestly, I don’t know. I’m…okay with it, if that’s what you want to know, but…I thought that we were better friends than that! I mean, Kenny was right about something for once.” To this so-called compliment from his girlfriend, Kenny puts his hands on his hips and scoffs. “You’d think that with all we’ve been through and the crap with ‘you know who’, that things like this wouldn’t even matter, but you kept this secret for almost a year and a half! Why would this be such a big deal?”

From afar, two pairs of very interested and focused eyes lay their blue and green irises upon the sight before them. Remaining inconspicuous even in the midst of the crowd, both Drew and Dawn look and listen in a complete and total daze knowing this private information.

Dawn can’t help but open her mouth in disbelief, and whisper, “Wow! I never knew the wench had it in her. No wonder she played hard to get with you for so long, Drew!”

Drew is nowhere near as cruel in his thoughts or in his words as he tells Dawn, “Don’t be so shallow, Dawn! Can’t you see? She is starving for some attention. She gave up on guys because I was a real ass at one time, and she apparently thinks she can find it in some girl.”

“Why do you even give a damn about her, Drew?”

“Think about it, Dawn! I was the last person she was with before…this!” Drew exclaims to his present item as he walks away from her and the scene that just took place involving his one true love.

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OMG! This is wicked good! Totally continue this!

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This is an amazing story, keep it up.

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Kenny feels as if he has to ask Kelly and May if they are a couple and he does. Zoey stops her friends from the Hoenn region from answering the question and gets into an exaggerated tiff with her boyfriend. May finally informs the two that she and Kelly are indeed girlfriends, and while Kenny almost expected it after seeing the two flirt earlier, Zoey is not nearly as accepting.

Being bisexual herself, Zoey has no problem with her friend being in a relationship with another girl, but is jaded by the fact that May didn’t say something to her about this earlier. Drew and Dawn, who have just arrived in Slateport City, eavesdrop on this entire exchange between friends. While Dawn shows spiteful indifference towards the entire scenario, Drew shows some regret, believing he might have had a hand in her incorrectly thinking that she’s a lesbian because of his past shortcomings.

(Chapter 4- Labels Don’t Matter)


“You’d think that with all we’ve been through and the crap with ‘you know who’,” Zoey says, “that things like this wouldn’t even matter, but you kept this secret for almost a year and a half! Why would this be such a big deal?”

“Zoey,” May begins in her attempt to defend herself, “it…it’s me, Zoey. Even after all these years, I still get quite embarrassed about things that I should not be embarrassed about in the least bit. I had a cheating boyfriend and while there were those out there that thought that we’d be solid as a rock, it just didn’t work. He was an *******, plain and simple, but I’m not ashamed to tell people about that because through that one bad relationship, I’ve learned so much about life, struggle, and…true love.”

“I guess no matter what my situation, be it past, present or future,” the coordinator continues as she bears her soul, “love and affection will still be kind of embarrassing for me. I will say that being with Kelly has been good for me, though. She has never been one to shy away from feelings of the heart with a few exceptions, and in a way, it’s rubbed off on me. I’ve told a few people about us, and now you two are…I suppose you could say that you’re part of our secret circle.”

“Again, I can’t stress enough how good Kelly has been for me. She’s given me time to come out, because she knows that coming out is a process and that no two people coming out of the closet are exactly alike. Coming out takes progress over time, Zoey, and slowly but surely, I’m making strides. My brother and his boyfriend know, my parents know, and now, my best friends know. I realize that this might be a…weak defense, but it’s all I’ve got. Even though I’ll say in closing that I never meant to keep this from either of you forever. I just needed the right time…for me.”

The most stubborn girl out of the three has to admit that May makes some very good points with the things that she is saying. When Zoey knew deep down inside that she had feelings for the same sex, she didn’t go out of her way to make sure that all of her family and friends knew about the attractions right away. It took some time and a great deal of trial and error to figure out who would take it correctly and realize that this is something that Zoey and Zoey alone has to come to terms with, and who it would be best to just not tell and to leave well enough alone.

Opening her mouth for the first time in a few minutes, the butch girl reveals to May, “You know, I don’t often say this to…anyone, but, I’m sorry. You’re absolutely right, May. Even though we’re great friends and have been through a lot together…” Zoey has trouble finding the right words to say in this instance. She gives up by throwing her hands in the air and elects to blurt out, “…coming out can be a real *****! Even though I’m bisexual myself, it’s just as hard for me everyday. I had no problem telling my good friends about it, but I gotta realize that I’m not like everyone else and everyone else isn’t like me.”

“I agree with Zoey,” Kenny chimes in. “When it comes to something like coming out, what’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander. I know that it took me a while to tell my folks. I mean, when I realized I, like Zoey, am bisexual.” While this half-revelation doesn’t surprise May in the least bit as she knew about it beforehand, Kelly is rocked from the strands of her bright purple hair all the way down to the soles of her color-coordinated shoes, as she had not heard the two of them in one of their arguments from just a few minutes earlier.

“Wait a minute!” Kelly interjects. “Both of you are bisexual…and together?” she asks, pointing to the pair in sunglasses.

“I’m not a big fan of labels,” Kenny admits from the get go. “I believe that each and every one of us is a little bit of everything wrapped into one. We all just have a few parts of us that are more…accentuated than others, but yeah. Zoey and I are both bi. It’s never really an issue, though.” Wrapping his arm around both of the outdoorsy girl’s shoulders, Kenny continues, “We both know and accept these attractions and have an open relationship that we feel allows us to become even more connected with one another. We keep no secrets from each other whatsoever.”

“That’s the way it should be!” May exclaims, giving her good friends a thumbs up. “My mom even said something to that extent. She told me that I should have trusted my friends with this, because they are my real friends, and I don’t think I could ask for more understanding friends than you two.”

“And you guys do make a great point,” Kelly says, piggybacking on May’s words. “We are a little bit of everything. If you love each other, words like ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘bisexual’, and what have you wouldn’t even matter. What a way to live when labels don’t carry any weight and instead, people matter.”

“Wow!” May compliments her girlfriend. “How true, Kelly. How true.” Now turning to Zoey, the top coordinator asks her friend, “So is everything alright between us?”

“Yeah,” Zoey smiles back to her friend. “Once I got my head back on straight, I realized that this is something that all of us have to do when we’re ready and no sooner.”

After a few seconds of silence, Kenny realizes that the foursome has hit a point in the conversation, where there is very little left to be said by anyone else. “Hey guys,” he begins with his trademark sly smile, “wanna hug it out?”

Giving her boyfriend a somewhat questionable look, Zoey nevertheless turns to the two girls directly across from her, and with her right arm high in the air, declares, “Group hug!” before Kenny, Kelly and May all come together in a pact of their one of a kind friendship.

Letting go after a good twenty seconds or so, Kelly and May inform Zoey and Kenny that they really have to check into their room and get some rest for tomorrow’s appeals. The coordinators from Sinnoh give the girlfriends their respective farewells before they go on their way as well.

As the pair walks once more through the still heavy crowd of vendors and people, Kenny notices after about ten minutes of walking that Zoey doesn’t look like her cheerful self.

Asking the girl what’s wrong, she admits to her mate, “I think I was far too hard on May. I mean, really unnecessarily hard on her.”

“Chica, don’t worry about it. May’s a big girl. She’ll get over it,” Kenny playfully assures Zoey, using yet another one of his pet names to which the hoyden shakes her head in fervent disapproval of the handle.

“What’s wrong with my real name, Kenny? Why all of these pet names?”

The big teaser looks at Zoey, almost taken aback by this question. “Nothing’s wrong with it. I just think that nicknames are cute, and I want to see if one of them sticks. Eventually, we’ll find one that we both can agree with. I gave Dawn the nickname ‘Dee Dee’ if you remember.”

“Well,” begins the girl, “at least when it comes to me, you have slightly better taste in names when it comes to me.”

“Everything is better when it comes to you, Zoey,” compliments the slightly shorter of the two. Remembering something in the back of his head, Kenny asks, very much interested in the answer, “Say, Zoey. Are our ‘friends’ gonna be here like we talked about earlier?”

“Yeah. I texted them both, but they said they wouldn’t be here until very early Saturday morning, so unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until that night to have our fun,” Zoey explains.

“Bummer,” Kenny laments. “Hey. Before we head back to the hotel, you wanna grab something to eat?”

“Sure,” Zoey answers. “I’ll treat,” she adds and the two continue their walk to some of Slateport City’s finest dining areas to fill up their bellies begging for nourishment.


A/N: Now that that’s been settled, it’s almost time for bed! Next chapter will have Drew and Dawn going to bed and having a conversation, and the chapter after that will have Kelly and May going to bed.

BTW, from here on, it's rated R

May explains to Zoey that she still finds love embarrassing, and that coming out would be a process. She says that Kelly is helping her become less flustered with matters of the heart. Zoey admits that May is right, knowing that it took her time to tell her folks that she is bisexual. Kenny clarifies the conversation by admitting that he is also bi, which catches Kelly off guard, but he explains that his relationship with Zoey is open and honest. The four friends group hug, sealing their pact, and go their separate ways. Zoey is somewhat despondent, thinking that she was too hard on May, but Kenny assures her that May will recover.

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(Chapter 5- Television Romance)


Snuggled somewhat close together in the single bed of their room for the weekend, Drew and Dawn are in the covers with the lights off and are looking at the high-definition television just across their hotel room at the start of the eleven o’clock newscast for the local Slateport City affiliate. The couple expects that the station will more than likely show a lengthy piece on the Grand Festival, and would like to see their names and faces on television once again.

Traveling as often as they do with the exception of the television screens that would show telecasts of contests, gym battles and other sports in the area, the pair does not get the chance to see their work like everyone else does. Over the past one to two years, they have seen much less of their work as coordinators and a lot more shots of the pair in public. It seemed that their romance became the stuff of tabloids and entertainment news programs worldwide.

While it is quite annoying for the two of them to be such eye candy for the pokemon paparazzi, they are fortunate to avoid a lot of those muckraking press that seek to destroy the couple through the media. Nevertheless, the fact that they are the power couple of the sport does not affect what brought them so much fame and fortune. They remain top coordinators even with the added attention that they notice looking at the bright screen in front of them.

“And here’s what people are talking about tonight!” the male anchor begins with enthusiasm.

Turning to the female anchor to the left of him, the middle-aged blonde woman in a black pants suit continues, “Slateport City’s annual Grand Festival begins tomorrow with over 300 coordinators coming together in an effort to fill just twelve spots on Sunday’s single elimination tournament to crown the new Grand Festival champion.”

Switching between lines on the teleprompter, the male anchor in his conservative dress of a black suit, white shirt and blue tie continues, “Even though the main competition does not begin until tomorrow, as Adam Barnett explains, activities prior to the crowing of the new champion are what make this yearly event truly one of a kind.”

Drew and Dawn watch as the film switches, and they are immediately greeted with an earlier interview of the emerald-haired star speaking to the station with Dawn right next to him as he says, “This never gets old. The feeling of going here or any other major hub for coordinating all around the world doesn’t die, and once you get just a piece of the Grand Festival or the opportunity for greatness in the craft, that doesn’t die, either.”

As the film then cuts to several images of the vendors, food, drinks, other coordinators and people out and about in the city and the reporter continues with a voice-over explaining the history, pageantry and spectacle of the two day event, Dawn comments with almost a coo in her voice, “I tell you, television will never do this handsome face justice.” The younger girl even caresses Drew’s near cheek as a sign of her affection, but the brooding soul doesn’t even give his girlfriend a facial response, much less a verbal one.

Growing very vexed with Drew, the otherwise bright light asks, “Okay, what the hell is it now, Drew? I thought that once I ran up to you and we talked about this, we agreed that we wouldn’t give May or Kelly our attention, as if the two lesbos deserve it.”

“What makes you think that I’m thinking about May?” Drew defends, “And why do you have to resort to name calling?”

“Again, I ask,” Dawn retorts, increasing even more in frustration, “why do you care about them at all? May is in your past. She is your ex-girlfriend. I am your current girlfriend.”

“Because, you know…”

“And before you say it,” the angered girl interrupts, “you did not turn May Maple gay. I don’t think there is such a thing as turning someone gay. I think that the ***** had it in her from the very beginning and used you as a pawn so no one would have been the wiser. So quit beating yourself up about this, alright? It’s just pointless bullshit! Just because some girl might run up to me and give me a kiss doesn’t mean that I’m gonna want to return the favor.”

“It’s not that cut and dry, Dawn,” Drew attempts to clarify to his steaming hot belle. “The fact is I really don’t think that she’s gay.”

“Drew,” Dawn speaks placing her right hand over her forehead and squeezing her left thumb and index finger over the bridge of her nose. “Do the goddamn grammar school math. May Maple, a girl, plus Kelly Cruz-Marin, another girl, equals couple! And that means that both of them are in a gay relationship, and to be in a gay relationship, well,” Dawn play thinks about the problem in her head and finally answers, “you have to be gay!”

“I know! It’s just that…”

“You know what, screw her, Drew!” yells the girl, who has now scooted her way out of the bed and onto the floor. “She’s all you’ve been talking about these past four weeks, and I’m getting pretty damn sick of it! Why in the world would you spend all of your time thinking and talking about her when you have me? Unless…” Dawn considers the reasons why men would talk about women that were not their wives or girlfriends, and comes to the conclusion that, “You still have feelings for her, don’t you?”

“What?” Drew exclaims, as he’s been caught off guard by the question. “No way! I don’t know where you get that idea, Dawn, but it’s not true!”

“Then how in the world do you explain a fear of thinking that you might have turned your ex-girlfriend lesbian, you pouting whenever any conversation about May is begun, and you always wanting to see May on the television for contests and the like? Huh? Explain that, Drew!”

“She’s our competition!” Drew points out to his almost irate girlfriend.

“Not buying it, Drew! You know why, because I don’t hear you talking about anyone else here at the Grand Festival!” Dawn loudly informs the shaken coordinator. Turning away from Drew for the slightest of minutes, the Twinleaf town native begins to let her true emotions out as she sheds tears, refusing to let the older male see her in her present state. “I don’t believe this. I thought we talked about this, and I thought we settled this for good. I think, for once, that Dawn Berlitz can finally have something that’s all her own. Something that my mother, the media, or May Maple can’t take from me, but it seems like everything has a way of…making me fall on my face and looking like a damn fool in the process.” Bringing her head down and crying, Dawn feels something touch her shoulders and utter the word ‘baby’ into her ear.

Turning around and pushing off the hands on her shoulders, Dawn points the fingers at the now dejected coordinator and screams right into his face, “I am not your goddamn baby! I’m not a child either, and I don’t have to stand for this ****! I’m out of here! Good night, Drew!” As Dawn finishes her rant, she turns away from Drew once more before going to the door of her room and exiting to the hallway outside with a violent slam of the door. Dawn leaves Drew in the room with nothing more than his wandering thoughts centered on his supposed love lost.

The only sounds inside of the room are those coming from the television, and one voice in particular causes Drew to turn away from the door and back to the clear picture on the TV.

“It really is a great time for all pokemon coordinators here in the Hoenn region,” says the voice of Drew’s ex-girlfriend May, who is holding Kelly by the shoulder while talking to the reporter and giving off a very cheerful vibe in the process. “Personally, I really think that this is my weekend. My trainer and best friend Kelly and some others have prepared me well, and I’ve never felt this confident in my chances before now.”

The LaRousse City native is shaking as the reality of the situation becomes crystal clear to him. Right there on the television, Kelly and May are giving each other ‘the look’; the same look that Drew would give May when they were together and vice versa. He knows it’s true, even if it’s not stated outright.

He realizes that he may never be able to know or experience the type of love and affection that he had with the prominent gym leader’s daughter. He sheds two tears before he turns off the television and throws the remote control and the telephone across the room. Drew does this before slouching down at the foot of his hotel bed crying out his soul. The young man is left alone with nothing but his thoughts to ponder, though they don’t do much to heal his emotional wounds left behind after seeing something so earth-shattering.


A/N: Aww. I kind of feel bad for Drew in this instance. Kind of. Like I said in the last chapter, the next chapter is Kelly and May’s bedtime.

One of my readers said that the next chapter will have something big. Actually, that’s gonna be in chapter seven. What this thing is…you’ll have to read, but by the time chapter seven ends, Friday ends, and Saturday morning begins. More characters will appear and more stories come to the forefront as we get closer and closer to Grand Festival time.

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May 11th, 2008, 9:20 AM
Drew and Dawn watch Friday evening’s eleven o’clock newscast, and while Dawn is content with admiring her main squeeze on the screen, Drew seems very distant throughout the conversation. Dawn accurately says that it has to do with May, and she becomes very ticked off with Drew. Deducting that Drew still has feelings for his ex, Dawn decides to leave her hotel room. Drew becomes upset as he watches the TV once more and sees Kelly and May give each other ‘the look’. He spends the remainder of his night crying at the foot of his bed.

(Chapter 6- Those Many, Many Distractions)

Walking out of the bathroom of the room of her living quarters for the weekend wearing the hotel’s complimentary white terry cloth robe tied across her hourglass figure, Kelly Cruz-Marin spots her committed girlfriend sitting down at the end of the bed, which is directly positioned in front of a television.

May, who has the television on The Weather Channel to check Slateport City’s forecasts for the next two days, turns to see her partner near the doorway with her short hair now coming straight down her face and partially covering her lustrous blue eyes and other smooth features of her cream colored skin.

Kelly greets the sitting girl by informing her, “The shower’s ready.”

Nodding back to her girlfriend, May says, “Thanks Kelly, but I think I’m gonna just take one in the morning.” May turns her attention back to the television screen and less than two seconds later turns the station to a late-night talk show.

“Something on your mind?” questions the standing girl.

Taking in a deep breath before turning back to Kelly, the coordinator, who is currently dressed in her fuchsia pajamas, and explains to her, “I’m just a bit surprised. I would have thought for sure that by now we’d see…” she takes a second before spitting out the word, “them today. As screwed up as it sounds, I would have hoped to have seen them and then be done with it so I can focus on why I’m here, like you talked about earlier. I know they are in Slateport. I just saw them on TV while you were in the shower.”

Walking closer to May, the clean coordinator assures her flame, “Sweetheart, don’t even worry about them. We’ll see them sooner or later.” Hinting to May, the bandana wearer pats her lap three times, silently allowing Kelly to lay her entire body across May’s lap and the foot of the bed itself, which she does.

The relaxed girl with her straight, flowing hair falling short of the middle of May’s ankle continues while looking up to the beautiful face before her, saying, “And when we do see them, just…make an effort to extend the olive branch. I know you probably don’t want to hear that, but it’s an option. If they aren’t cordial, then…don’t try and fight them, either. We’ll leave that to your arsenal of world-class pokemon.”

Stroking the hair of the buxom beauty, May says to her, “Okay. You’ve got yourself a deal,” before she moves her hand up some to cup the robed girl’s cheek.

On a whim, Kelly asks her companion, “Is there something else on your mind, love?”

May laughs for a second. “You’re reading me again,” she lets Kelly know. Getting to the question at hand, the coordinator says, “I…I don’t know, honestly. I mean, this time we’re spending together would more or less be like the calm before the storm for coordinators. I have tonight with you, and there’s the appeal on Saturday morning or afternoon, and if I do well in that, I go through to Sunday and the final twelve. I’ve got my supporters Zoey and Kenny by my side until the end, my folks are gonna be here, your folks are gonna be here, Harley and my brother, Ash and Paul in Pallet, and Erica and Joshua should be here if they’re not busy.”

The speaking girl continues, wrapping up this theory that’s been on her mind, “I think that…they’d also be somewhat of a distraction, even more so than you know who.”

“How do you figure that?” Kelly asks after she stretches her legs for a second. “I’m not necessarily disagreeing with what you’re saying. It’s just that…I’ve got these theories of my own about those types of distractions.”

As the teen leans her head in closer to May’s chest, the coordinator, who has Kelly in a cradle position explains, “Well, there are those pokemon coordinators that go out there to impress these people that I talked about; your friends and loved ones. I know you alluded to that a few weeks back about how I should only be interested in impressing myself while on stage and especially doing appeals that I would be proud to say are mine, but…it’s hard not to have these people in your mind when you go through the competitive motions. Their words of encouragement and support ring in your head like a dinner bell, and when you’re out there…you see them in your thoughts and mind and go to them and their words for guidance.”

“Okay,” Kelly interrupts, pulling herself away from her girlfriend’s chest. “About what you said there on words of encouragement. You make a great point about them and how they can be a distraction. The fact is that there is no such thing as a good distraction, like your family and friends, or a bad distraction, like Drawn. There are only…”

“Hold it. ‘Drawn’?” May questions with some bewilderment.

“Yeah, that’s the nickname that the media made up for Drew and Dawn.” As the Lilycove resident elaborates to May, “It’s a portmanteau, like when you take two words and combine them to form one that retains the meaning of both.”

Because she still doesn’t quite understand what is being told to her, May gives her sweetheart an unsure look. Kelly further clarifies by saying, “Some examples are smog from ‘smoke’ and ‘fog’, brunch from ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’, and drawn comes from ‘Drew’ and ‘Dawn’. A lot of pokemon names are portmanteaus. One example that comes to mind immediately is Blaziken, which is just a combination of ‘blazing’ and ‘chicken’.”

“All right,” says the Petalburg City native. “I think I understand, but honestly, that’s not even…relatively creative when you really think about it. And it’s somewhat confusing to boot. I hope they come up with something better than that for us. Oh well, it’s no problem. Not like I’m gonna worry my pretty head about it at night.”

“Good for you!” Kelly commends. “And like I said earlier, there is no such thing as a good or bad distraction. There are only distractions, and the more you work to relieve yourself of them, the better you’ll be prepared for tomorrow.”

Sitting up and looking the other girl directly in the eyes, the robed one says, “I have faith in you to do this, May, because I believe in you. We all believe in you, and I believe in us. I love you more than I love my own family at times.”

“Are you trying to say something is on your mind now?”

Turning away for a bit, realizing the difficult subject that she’s about to bring to the table, Kelly explains, “Honestly, yes. May, we’ve been together for…quite a while now. I know that both of us are only seventeen years old, but…just think about what I’m about to ask you and be frank with me.” Holding both of May’s hands in her hands, Kelly asks the girl, “Have you ever felt the way you feel about me for anyone else before?”

With her head down for only a split second while kneeling down in the bed of the dimly lit room, May admits, “No, I haven’t,” and Kelly notices that her girlfriend's voice is breaking just a tad in her answer. Bringing her head back down, May begins to breathe heavily, wondering just what Kelly wants to know. “What are you—what are you trying to ask me, Kelly? I mean…I’m not ready for—I think I know where you’re going, but at the same time, I’m not quite sure.”

“I’m just wondering, May,” Kelly clarifies. “Like I said, we’re young, but has the thought of us…getting married ever entered your mind?”

May has to catch her breath, because it seems as if once more, her girlfriend has been reading her mind. With one tear falling down her face, the coordinator admits, “Every day. I think about us getting married, growing old together, and even having a family of our own. That has always lingered inside of me, Kelly, but…”

As the tears of either happiness or pure unexplainable emotion continue to flow from the eyes of the Maple girl, it is crystal clear that the two mates are on the same plane as far as what they both want for their future. With her eyes closed, May has stopped speaking, but she can feel something pressing against her face. Opening her eyes, she sees the breathtaking site of her lover wiping her tears away from her face and she smiles back in approval of Kelly’s concern for her own well being.

“Now, what were you saying?” Kelly asks, taking May’s hands back into the gentle grip of her own.

Getting herself and her emotions back under some level of control, May answers Kelly, “I’ve pondered marriage so much, but we’re so young, I often have to take a step back and consider myself and everything that goes into making a long lasting and effective marriage. After all, this isn’t something I can take lightly at all. Until death do us part is serious business. We’d have to live with each other for a while, get used to being around one another for longer than a few weeks like we’ve been doing for Slateport. And think about the planning, Kelly.”

“I do,” answers the cheerful and at times hyper one. “And we’re obviously not gonna get married tonight. I just feel that if…you know that there is a special person in your life who loves you and you love back just as much, the next logical step would be…true commitment. I just want to know that…when the time is right—for both of us, would you marry me, May?”

“Are you…proposing to me?”

“Not quite,” Kelly clarifies. “It’s more of a commitment to commit to one another when we’re ready. A real proposal would be too much of a distraction right now, and besides, I don’t have a ring.”

May snorts in laughter at the thought of Kelly proposing to her without a ring, thinking that it would be a real Kelly thing to do before saying jokingly, “You cheapo lesbo! Come here, you!” she commands, bringing her girlfriend close to her in a gentle yet firm embrace. Unnecessarily whispering in the girl’s ear, May informs her, “You really had me there for a second, Kelly. But, let me tell you this as a promise from me to you. At the most, I’ll be ready to get married in a few years. I know that’s not an exact number, but that’s only because over that time, I want to make absolutely sure that you are the one. Okay?”

Kelly flashes the glossing young girl the ‘okay’ symbol and the two seal the pact with a kiss on each other’s lips. The pair holds onto the kiss for more than just a passing moment, until one of the partners sees a sign. Kelly looks over to the side table drawer of their room and notices that the clock reads that there are only five minutes until eleven o'clock.

Pulling away from the kiss, much to the chagrin of her girlfriend, Kelly explains, “May, as your trainer, friend and girlfriend, I think it’s about time for you to go to bed.”

“What?” May protests not believing what is coming out of her sweetheart’s mouth. “Like we said, I'm seventeen years old, Kelly! Bedtime is whenever!”

“Marissa Kendall Maple!” Kelly responds sternly. May turns back to her in attention upon hearing her full name which she hasn’t heard since about age eight. “Right now, you are in training, and I am responsible for making sure you don’t go astray in your training. Because of that, I expect you to be 100 percent, and you can’t be 100 percent without a good night’s rest, so listen to me. Go…to…bed.”

“But I’m not even tired, Kelly!” May complains.

Knowing the games that the coordinator plays, Kelly decides to fire back by essentially bribing her belle. “I’ll tuck you in and give you a good night kiss!”

Convinced to no end to following along with her girlfriend’s wishes, May almost immediately fake yawns, exclaiming, “Oh, damn! What time is it?” Looking at the clock, May says forcefully, “Wow! It’s late! I better get to bed,” and from this point, May points her right index finger at Kelly, informing her, “and you’d better get to tucking me into bed like you promised.”

As promised, Kelly takes the next few minutes to get into her bed clothes and fix up the bed for May, tucking the world-class coordinator into bed and rolling up the covers to the brunette’s neck. The room is essentially dark with the lone exception being the dimmed florescent lights on the top of the wall and the mini lamp situated on top of the side table drawer.

Going down to her knees like a mother tending to her own child, Kelly gives May her final words for the evening. “Good night, my princess.”

“Why,” May begins drowsily as the signs of sleep become clearer, “Why am I not sleeping with you, Kelly, like we always do?”

“May, I’m sorry, but…it’s a distraction,” Kelly admits. “Even though we have always been on our best behavior while sharing a bed together, I think it might cause some unwanted disarray, and you know my stance on that. Just think good thoughts for now, and I’ll see your lovely face first thing in the morning. Good night,” she says and then she leans in to give the girl her promised kiss.

The resting coordinator willfully accepts it, wishing Kelly a good night as she stays still in her spot on the bed. After the long kiss good night, Kelly quickly switches the light switch from on to off for the room, and finally she clicks off the light coming from the lamp, leaving the room in total darkness as she quickly hits the sack for the night herself.

Kelly and May spend Friday evening talking about everything that is on their mind. From May wanting to get the eventual meeting with Drew and Dawn over with to all of her family and friends being here for this special event and the distractions they cause without even knowing it, no topic is too off base for the couple. Kelly drops the bombshell that she would eventually like to marry May. She has said that while she would like to do it, her age (17) is a factor in her decision. The girlfriends agree to commit to getting married in the future. Kelly sees that it’s late and asks that May go to bed, which she eventually agrees to do after some coaxing from her belle.

NOTE: This chapter contains a small fight. This is the final chapter of the ‘Friday’ arc.

(Chapter 7- You’ve Been Wrong Before)

About a quarter of an hour has passed on the clock. May tucked in tightly by her girlfriend not that long ago is currently falling victim to one of her biggest pet peeves. While she used every trick in the book to make her girlfriend believe that she was getting progressively tired as the night wore on, it was in fact Kelly who seemingly went out like a light. No one needs to see the Lilycove native to know that she is tired; rather it’d be best that they just hear the loud sounds of snoring coming out of the nose of the princess of pokeblock.

The reverberations going in and coming out like ocean waves are very cringe worthy, and are keeping May up when even she will admit that she has to get in a good amount of sleep for tomorrow. ‘Isn’t it ironic that she’s the one who had to force me into this damn bed? Now when I need sleep, I can’t get it,’ she thinks as she struggles with the tightly tucked sheets and covers just to sit up against the two or three pillows leaning against the head of the bed.

Realizing that it will take some innovation and creativity on her part to get out and get away from the foghorn that is her sweetheart during bedtime, May uses a technique that she remembers seeing in her local science center when she only seven years old. In order to be freed from their cocoons, caterpillars often have to struggle to get out of a tiny hole and fly away as newly morphed butterflies.

The motions they used resembled a type of shimmy or shake, so the vexed coordinator imitated those exact motions and after about 30 seconds of inhaling and sucking in her chest to make room, she was finally freed from her constriction. The first thing that the gym leader’s daughter did once out of her own personal cocoon was stretch her limbs for a few seconds to get the feeling back in her body once more. She sneaks a look over to the snoring senorita stretched out in the other bed with her arms and legs in what appear to be random places on top of the bed and its covers.

“Cute, if not pathetic,” May smiles softly before she walks to the other end of the room, making sure not to make any sounds that would surely awaken the tired mess that is her girlfriend. Knowing that she can’t ruin this chance to escape, the woken girl carefully turns the knob of the door to the right and using hands with the gentile quality of a surgeon opens the door with the goal to allow as little light from the hallways as possible to hit the bedrooms and seep into the closed lids of Kelly’s eyes, thereby waking her up and fouling up the Maple girl’s breakout.

Seeing that she has found her happy medium by creating enough space for her to break out of her hotel room without much straining and not let enough light in to wake Kelly, May silently applauds herself as she walks out of the room in her pajamas and her bare feet, which she would soon learn was a careless mistake.

As she made the very first step out into the hotel’s eighth floor hallway, May steps on something with her right foot which causes her to squeal in a great deal of pain. She acted quickly by covering her mouth for fear that Kelly would hear her from inside the room. The shock that came with this sudden pang caused the girl to fall forward into the hallway, tumbling down to the mustard yellow carpet below and finally landing square on the small of her back.

While she did not hurt her back in this combination of chronological events, May is clenching her right ankle for fear that she might have twisted it. As she doesn’t feel any sort of discomfort from this part of her body, she lets go of her ankle only to bring her foot down, and feel that familiar pain once more. Looking down at the sole of her foot, she sees what appears to be a gold-plated thumbtack lodged right in the middle of her heel.

The mere sight of this foreign object deeply inserted in her body makes the adventurous girl cringe somewhat as she works carefully to get it out with as little pain as her nerves will physically allow. Sitting down on the soft carpet with the door to her room still open, May uses her left index finger and thumb to tightly grasp both sides of the tack’s head. Part one is complete, but now comes the matter of removing this metal abomination from her foot.

She grits her teeth in anticipation of a quick and sudden removal to ease as much pain as she can. Counting in her head the numbers ‘One, two, three,’ she snatches the red-tipped tack out of her skin and takes a few quick, short breaths to take her mind off the fact that she just removed a metal tack out of her foot. After a few seconds, a couple of drops of blood seep out of her heel, which May all but expected to happen.

Knowledgeable of the hotel’s layout after many years of attending Slateport’s Grand Festival, the slightly injured coordinator decides to forego risking waking up Kelly and she carefully shuts the door to their room. She then walks, or rather hops on one leg, to the nearby public restroom for guests and other attendants, and hears feet rustling inside one of the stalls. Paying no mind whatsoever to this, May searches for and finds the first aid kits that are placed in every bathroom in the hotel.

Finding what she needs to clean the cut in a container of iodide, some cotton balls and a band-aid, May gets right to work on her right heel. With about four or five stinging strokes of iodide using the brush, she then applies pressure to the ball point wound using one pressed cotton ball, and she holds the entire assertion point together using two band-aids stuck to each other to form one large covering.

The ultimate test comes when May places her right foot down onto the ground. Initially, she feels no pain, but she has to go further, so she takes a step on her right foot. Again, she feels nothing but her foot coming down to the ground, but somewhat stubborn, she has to be absolutely sure that her foot won’t bother her anymore due to the tack, so May walks around the tile floor a few times. For the third time in this sequence, she feels no pain whatsoever, and is convinced that this minor issue has been squared away for good.

“Eureka!” May exclaims, happy to have gotten that problem solved without it becoming an issue. As she makes her way to the door of the ladies room en route to the vending machines on her floor to score a midnight snack, she reaches for the handle of the restroom door as the pitter patter of rushing feet become progressively louder with each step.

Before the Hoenn region coordinator can open the door to the room, her entire body is turned around by the arm 180 degrees to the point where she comes face to face with a very irate looking Dawn Berlitz.

“Goddamn you, May Maple,” she speaks before winding back her right arm and slapping the Petalburg native hard across her face.

“Oh!” explains the attacked, as she is turned around to face the bathroom mirror. May gets a good look at herself and finds that an imprint has been left on her face by Dawn. “What the hell was that for?” she yells directly to the younger coordinator.

“You’re ruining everything, you *****!” Dawn forces out of her mouth while tears come out of her eyes. “My boyfriend can’t stop talking or thinking about you. I know he still has feelings for you. God, why can’t you ever just go away and leave me the hell alone? Although it’s crystal clear you and Kelly are dykes, you’ve put Drew under your spell so deeply that he can’t even see reality right in front of his face. I’m his future, not you, and you need to let him know that.”

May, knowing that people who saw her with Kelly all of the time would make that weightless assumption, is not fazed at all by this name calling and responds, “You need to be more creative than that in your insults, Dawn Rickles, and furthermore, where in the world do you get the idea that just because I’m with Kelly all the time that we’re lesbians?”

“I saw you with Kelly, Kenny and Zoey today and heard your conversation,” Dawn answers with spite laced in her voice. To this, May’s face starts to waiver. Dawn is correct in her reasoning, but that would’ve mean that she and Drew were both spying on her during a private moment. “That’s where I get the fact that you and Kelly are nothing more than a bunch of rug munchers.”

Her face is no longer one of concern; rather one filled with anger brimming to the surface at the audacity of her personal rival becomes bitterer by the second in her words towards the great relationship that she shares with Kelly. “You know? I don’t get you, honestly. You have a…really screwed up way of looking at relationships. You think that just because you are in love with someone that you have to have sex with that person. That’s B.S., because I love Kelly. Yeah, you’re right. We are together, but we don’t need sex to validate our love. Besides, when we do make love for the first time…”

“Both of you will be old with gray hairs,” Dawn rudely interrupts, “While Drew and I will live our lives to the absolute fullest. It’s probably the same reason why he left you. In order to get in a relationship, you have to give and take, May, but most of all, you have to give. You need to give it up, or no one will want you, lesbo prude.”

May cannot take it any more. Her emotions are practically begging to be let out into the open for this sorry soul to see. So she decides to let Dawn have it…by laughing her tail off in the restroom. For about fifteen seconds, May absolutely laughs it up and this confuses the blue haired one to no end.

“Oh, gosh!” May exclaims. “You’re really full of jokes tonight, aren’t you, Dawn?” and then, without any prior warning, May charges in the direction of her adversary and slams the petite frame of the second generation coordinator against the tile wall of the bathroom, not caring if she got hurt or not.

Holding the girl securely to the wall by her arms and bringing her mouth to the near ear of the restrained young lady, May whispers disturbingly, “Now you listen to me you ignorant, immature, arrogant, snobby, slutty, sorry little *****. Kelly and I want love, and we have it with each other, without sex, so that would make you wrong, and, well…that wouldn’t be the first time you’ve been wrong, ‘eh Dawn?”

This causes something inside of Dawn to snap, crackle and pop all at the same time. She releases her right arm from May’s grip and gives her a punch right to the pajama-wearing coordinator’s chin, forcing the older girl all the way back to the area of the sinks and temporarily disorienting her at the same time. “You and Kelly can go straight to hell for all I care,” Dawn states before she flails several wild punches, haymakers and slaps to May while she is still not completely aware of her surroundings.

After about five more seconds of this, the beaten coordinator finally realizes the danger she is in, and on a lucky shot, throws a blind left handed punch that lands flush on Dawn’s right cheek, snapping her neck and the rest of her head back and lifting the stylish trainer up from off the ground. The hit is enough to knock Dawn out and adding insult on top of injury, her head takes the greatest impact on the tile floor, putting her completely out of commission for now.

May needs to take a deep breath and examine her entire situation, so she looks at herself in the mirror to check for any further damage to her facial features. Then, because she’s not completely heartless as it pertains to Dawn, she checks for her pulse and immediately finds it much to her relief.

“Holy ****! What the **** happened here?” asks a new voice that has entered the bathroom. May turns to the direction of the door and is not surprised to find that her friend Zoey is now in the ladies room.

“I had to…she was riding me hard, Zoey. I had to protect myself. She has a strong pulse if you’re wondering,” a winded May erratically attempts to explain to her friend. “Damn it, she knows! She knows about me and Kelly!”

“Well,” Zoey begins, “you can look at this either one of two ways. You can sulk over the fact that one of your worst enemies knows for a fact that you’re a lesbian or you can be happy over the fact that you don’t have to hide anything from them anymore. This can be the first in a bunch of large steps to truly being openly gay.”

Looking over to her former crush, the concerned coordinator notices that Dawn is starting to come to. “Hey, May. I don’t want any blowups while I’m here doing my business. Dawn’s about to come out of it, so I think you should just head out of here for now. I’ll speak to you and Kelly in the morning. Okay?”

May agrees without any argument and as she leaves the restroom, she says good night to Zoey. Once out of the ladies room, she sees Zoey’s other half in the hotel hallway.

“Kenny? What are you doing out here?”

“My gal pal wants us to go to our hotel room together, seeing as we did just about everything else together, and I agreed,” he explains. “Every restaurant in town had at least a two hour wait, and because we were both hungry, we were desperate to just eat somewhere. So we waited standing outside of our favorite spots for food. To pass the time with other people that waited, we sang songs, played games and…even danced. People walking through thought we were crazy, and I know we are…crazy in love, that is. Then we spent the rest of our time waiting while in one another’s arms. I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun waiting for anything in my entire life and the time just blew by. I couldn’t have had that kind of fun with my folks, or Dawn, or…”

“Nothing like love, huh?” May asks, already knowing the answer.

“Nothing at all,” Kenny agrees. “We then ordered, and even though it was after ten o’clock, we had a blast, eating our quesadillas, and then Zoey had sirloin steak, and I had my Tuscan chicken salad, and we just talked all night, even though we really said absolutely nothing.”

“I’ve done that before,” May glosses. “I’d be on the phone with Kelly for at least two hours a few times and we’d—I tell you; I would really piss off the people at the pokemon center staying on their phones for so long. Luckily, it didn’t cost me anything, but…I know the feeling of speaking to someone for hours, but not really saying a thing.”

“Okay,” Zoey says, coming out of the bathroom and entering May and Kenny’s conversation. Turning to May, she explains, “I was somehow able to convince Dawn that she fell asleep in the bathroom after getting a snack from the vending machines. Though she doesn’t remember the fight or the knock out, she’s gonna be coming out of that door any second now when she finishes her business, so we should head back to our rooms so we don’t jog her memory.”

“No problem,” says the pajama wearer, who over time has gotten even more tired, especially having to ward off an aggressive attack from the native of Twinleaf. “I really do have to get some sleep, so I’ll see you two tomorrow. Pleasant dreams.”

Zoey and Kenny walk arm in arm in the opposite direction of their friend who is dressed for bed and wish her a good night as they walk to their room to begin the end of quite an eventful day for all three.

A/N: The ‘Dawn Rickles’ insult from May is a reference to American comedian Don Rickles, considered by many to be the king of insult comedy.

May 11th, 2008, 5:39 PM
I love this story, the cat fight was so great! Good drama too. The only thing I can say is that you're moving at kind of a slow pace. I want to see the contests already! :D

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May 12th, 2008, 9:24 AM
Um...this isn't my fan fiction, It's Rave The Rich, and I should have mentioned that as soon as I posted it. (see first post)

Ugh..I'm sorry for causing this much confusion.

May 21st, 2008, 9:40 PM
Um...this isn't my fan fiction, It's Rave The Rich, and I should have mentioned that as soon as I posted it. (see first post)

Ugh..I'm sorry for causing this much confusion.

So in other words, you're plagiarizing.

Congratulations on stealing another person's story. That's against the law. Rave the Rich doesn't want this story posted without his permission. Which is what you did.

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