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May 6th, 2008, 8:42 AM
This is my first rp so there will be some mistakes.

The digital and human worlds are in peace and harmony with neither one disturbing the other. One day a digimon named UlforceVeedramon found a way to travel between the two worlds. At the same time a human professer named Kai was reasreaching on his computer and he was transported into the digital world while UlforceVeedramon went into the real world. Durning the time Kai was in the digital world he study digimon and tried to figure out a way back in. UlforceVeedramon found a way back in through Kai's computer. UlforceVeedramon found Kai and they decide that it would be good if humans and digimon worked togheter. Kai and UlforceVeedramon maybe a big city called Data Central. Kai made a portal so humans can come to the digital world and work and fight with digimon.

Where you some in:
You are going to the digital world along with a select group of people and when you get there you are greeted by UlforceVeedramon leader and Tamer trainer of Data central. You start out with 3 digimon that you want and you get mission to do depending on rank. The ranks are the same as digimon evolution, in-training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Mega, and the best of the best is called the Supreme Tamer

Sign-Up sheet:

Digimon Team: (you can nickname your digimon)
History: (in your history you can go as a tamer or reascher and is paired up with an tamer to help with your studies by going on diferent misions by ulforceVeedramon)

My Sign-Up sheet:
Name: Takashi
Age: 14
Apperence: Takashi has black eyes wears googles on top of his head, red shirt, open black jacket, black and hot rod red shoes, Black jeans, and black spikey hair
Digimon Team: Terra the Agumon, Xeth the Dorumon, and Fang the Gabumon
History: Takashi was one of the select people to go to the digital world due to his braveness and kindness. When Takashi was littlehe always dream of going to another world but nothing like this. Takashi is very excited and is determend to be the best Tamer ever.

That's all you need hope you have fun!

May 6th, 2008, 2:54 PM
Awful lot of digimon rps opening up all of the sudden

I have a question. Will we be able to merge with our digimon come mega form (Like in the tamers anime?) and will we be able to DNA digivolve within our party? (Since most of us have different digimon can we create digimon we DNA digivolve into?)

Name: Jack Claude "J.C." Carter
Age: 16
Apperence: J.C. has a straight forward face. It is gaunt and gets five oclock shadow if he doesn't shave within 3 days. J.C.'s hair color is jet black and it makes him look like a ghost on his pale Caucasian skin complexion. His eye color is cerulean and is practically the only color in his face. J.C. has a slim body shape. His clothing consists of a dark blue button down shirt. His pants are dark blue jeans with small pockets. Overtop of his blue shirt he wears a black polyester jacket with inside pockets.

Digimon Team: Raziel the Commandramon, Sparky the Wormmon

History: J.C. was selected to go to the digital world due to his nerve, his determination and his ability to not let anyone stand in his way. J.C. just wants to preform his duties and be a good role model.

May 6th, 2008, 3:01 PM
Approved :D and yes you can DNA digivolve within your party and only ultimate Tamers can merge to mega that is your reward but only one digimon

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 8th, 2008, 9:49 PM
i'll sign up in a few secs.

May 22nd, 2008, 10:31 PM
Is it alright if I don't name my Digimon?

Name: Itsuki
Age: 15
Apperence: He has red eyes, and wears a black fingerless glove on his left and a normal black glove on his right. he wears a white collared shirt, with dark grey pants. he wears black and purple runners. his hair is a bit spiky, and black with a white patch on the left side.
Digimon Team: Guilmon, Renamon, Terriermon
History: He was selected to go into the digital world, due to his bravery, his friendship and the way he can keep calm in a threatning situation. Itsuki wants to make some friends, and protect his team.

May 23rd, 2008, 1:32 PM
approved and it's ok :D......

May 24th, 2008, 12:59 PM
Can I join?
Name: Zoey
Age: 16
Apperence: Zoey has long sugar pink hair that she keeps in pigtails her eyes match the color of her hair, Zoey also has light silky smooth skin. Zoey wears a pink tank top and a black mini skirt and black leather knee high boots she also wears a bell around her neck as collar.
Digimon Team:Gotomon(Stella),Lilymon(Bloom), and Lopmon(Flora)

History: Zoey was choosen to enter the world of Digimon because she is always loyal to her friends and treats her Digimon with kindness

May 26th, 2008, 3:23 PM

May 28th, 2008, 8:00 PM
Please do not bypass the 25 character minimum, Legendary Lucario.

June 26th, 2008, 6:11 AM
Are we gonna start soon???

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
June 28th, 2008, 8:55 AM
Name: Savanna
Age: 16
Apperence: Savanna Wears A Red TankTop And Camo Jeans. She Weard Sneakers And A Necklace With A Fang Attached To It.
Digimon Team:

History: Savanna Was Chosen As A tamer Due To Her Braveness. She Doesn't Let Anything get In Her Way,But She Makes A Good Friend When You Get Used To Her.


June 29th, 2008, 11:55 AM
approved i just want atleast 3 more ppl then we will start

July 23rd, 2008, 1:00 PM
Apperence:Kind of extreme guy, He wears a a white shirt and black jacket plus blue jeans.
Digimon Team: Veemon, dorumon
History:He is a excellent tamer and when the Digital world is in peril he is always there to help.

((Can i have two charrys?))

July 23rd, 2008, 1:22 PM
Appearance: Easy going,white top under green hoodie-but never wears te hood:has scruffy hair
Digimon Team:Pawnchessmon(white)(tank) Veemon(V-dude) Impmon(Devil)

July 27th, 2008, 2:21 PM
Name: Trevor "Trev" Edwards

Age: 15

Appearance: The rich kid...Trev sports a white suit with blue collar-shirt, always open 3-buttons down. He has blonde hair, combed back to his liking, and never goes anywhere without his 400 dollar sunglasses.

History: Although he's quite a snob, Trev is alright when someone gets to know him. That is, if they can put up with a snooty rich-kid from the United States. Although not the most likely choice for a tamer, Trev was chosen to be a tamer because of his loyalty and honor. He was rasied as a fencer by his father and uncle, which taught him two essentials:

1. Never back down from a challenge or leave a job unfinished. It will come back to haunt you eventually.
2. Don't trust anyone or let your guard down. Humans are very two-faced and will stab you in the back whe nthey get the chance.

Partners: Salamon, Renamon, and Solarmon

July 29th, 2008, 6:59 PM
All 3 of u are approved now we can start

July 31st, 2008, 7:42 AM
Is it okay if I start things off?

Zoey and her Digimon were walking around town hands(and paws)filled with over hundred shopping bags when Zoey saw a bright flash of light right on the water and went to go check it out.

August 1st, 2008, 9:34 AM
Name: Izumi "Daisuke" Souma
Age: 14
Apperance: Daisuke has Short Boyish Styled Blonde hair, and Emerald Green Eyes and is short for her age. She normally wears a White Jacket with Light blue Accents, a Bright blue miniskirt, Loose-socks, A Black Tank-top, White sneakers with Blue Accent, and Two hairclips on the left side.
Digimon Team: Gatomon (Kuri), Palmon(Haru),Patamon (Kenta),
History: Chosen to Go To the Digital World Because of her Cheeriness, inability to let things bring her down(Emotionally), and Courage.

August 4th, 2008, 5:08 PM
Dai apporved :D and its ok

August 6th, 2008, 7:09 AM
(I'm assuming, due to the three Digimon party, this is based off of the Third PlayStation Digimon game...so...I'll start out that way.....Unless this is based off of the Second Digimon Game......Then I'll edit my post.)

Daisuke wandered aimlessly around Shibuya's shopping district, loosely paying attention to her suroundings, and paying closer attention to her cellphone. The aqua coloured cell abruptly turned off and a symbol appeared, "Woah...What's that?"

'Daisuke go to "THE DIGIMON WORLD" Communication center, decide your destiny...This is not a game...' The woman's voice faded away and the Text messaging screen re-appeared. "Cool."

'Suri cant meet 2day going to comm center' She texted quickly and stuffed the phone in her jacket pocket. She darted to the closest market and hastily bought a pass to "THE DIGIMON WORLD" and headed east to the Communication Center.

"Hello, Welcome to the reception desk for "THE DIGIMON WORLD" may I Help you?" Daisuke nodded and handed her a pass. "Okay please, fill this out please." The lady smiled and a touchscreen appeared.

Username: Daisuke
Digimon Pack: Balance Pack (Gatomon, Palmon, Patamon)
Usercode: xx-xx-x-xxxxx-x-x-xxxx-xx-xxx-x


Daisuke clicked the login button and was sent to the Pod room. "Just enter and you will be sent to "THE DIGIMON WORLD" Okay?" The lady said and opened the Pod door. Daisuke climbed in and was sent flying into cyberspace.

August 6th, 2008, 9:04 AM
It is based off of the third game so here is my begining

Takashi had already entered the digital world and got his group of digimon. Takashi and his Digimon group were walking around looking for a place to eat

"Hey Terra so where's a good place to get something to eat?" Takashi asked

"Well I'm pretty sure there's a burger place down the road." Terra answered

"Great I'm so hungry!" Fang yelled as he ran down the street.

"Hey wait up!" Takashi yelled.

August 6th, 2008, 9:27 AM
"Hello, This is the administration room, please go to the lobby to access your data pack." Daisuke nodded and ran off with the strange data halo following close behind.
"Um...Hi, is this the lobby?" Daisuke asked the reception lady, "Yes, would you like to access your data pack?" "Yes." "Hold on one moment please."


"Here you are, Would you like to give your partners any nicknames?" Daisuke pondered for a moment then smiled, "Yes please!" Another touchscreen appeared and Daisuke quickly entered the information.

Nickname (Gatomon): Kuri
Nickname (Palmon): Haru
Nickname (Patamon): Kenta

"Okay then have fun." Daisuke smiled again and walked to the center of the Coporation Logo, A beam of light appeared and slowly her partners appeared. "Hi Daisuke!" "Hey, you're my partner right?" "Hiya! I'm Kenta!" Daisuke bent down and scooped Patamon up, "Aww! You're just too cute! From now on you guys are known as Team KHK!" She started off and exited the building. An old man stopped her and challenged her to a battle. The fight ended easily, with a win on Daisuke's side. "Good job guys!" The old man gave her a boring lecture on the game's rules and eventually she was released to explore. "Let's go to a game shop!" Patamon called and Daisuke looked for a local map, "Ahh! Where am I?! How do I Get there?"

August 10th, 2008, 5:54 PM
"And, guard! Left slice, right thrust, left jab! Down, and finish!" shouted Trevor's father as he jolted a fencing sword into his son's stomach. Trevor recoiled, and fell on his back. "You still can't see that coming, boy. What's the matter? You usually do fine..." he said to Trevor.

"Yeah, i guess something just hasn't felt right lately. I wonder what it could be? Oh yeah, that's right. Mother is in the hospital because of that car crash you two got were in and we're here friggin' fencing?! Gee, dad, ya' think that could be it?" shouted Trevor, removing his protective helmet to reveal a very handsome blonde face shrouded by expensive sunglasses.

His father slapped him, sunglasses falling to the matted floor. Somehow, they cracked slightly. "How dare you say that! You know it was the oncoming truck that swirved out of control and hit us head on, it's not my fault! And don't you dare call me dad! It's father to you, boy!" And with that, millionare John Edwards stormed out of the personal gym, fully padded in fencing gear, and slammed the door.

"Right. Not your fault. Not your fault that you jumped out of the window to safety and let mother take the hit. Sure." said Trevor. "Gah, stay calm. No crying. Just check your cellph-" and as he went to finish his sentence, his phone started ringing and vibrating on his sweat-towel over on a bench. He had recieved a text message.

Reading aloud, Trevor repeated, "Go to the Digimon World Communication Center, decide your destiny...This is not a game..." he turned off his phone and chuckled. "ha, please. Another cheasy chain-message. Let's see, REPLY, TYPE, 'NO,' SEND. Let's see how they feel about that."

Trevor began to walk off when he heard his phone ring again. He stopped, considered texting back, and kept walking. As he entered the hall, he walked past two large ficuses. In between, a pair of glowing eyes and a mouth spoke with a female voice. The body was not seen, and Trevor jumped. "You aren't going to go, are you Trev?"

"No, i won't, Renamon. Don't pester me about it. Why don't you go spar with the training dummies or something?" He replied, now calm.

"Trev, it probably isn't a joke. Don't go wasting your time shopping for new glasses when you may be needed to save the world." Renamon snapped back. She was much like Trevor. Very stubborn and always got her way.

"My glasses are fine." and with that, Trevor walked into the dining room for dinner, and also slammed the door. Renamon sighed and turned to go into the gym.

October 2nd, 2008, 3:54 PM
Takashi and his digimon partners were sitting at the table in the restaurant

"Boy that was good right guys?" Takashi asked.

"Yeah u got that right!" Seth said burping.

"Your check sir" A waiter said handing Takashi the check

"WHAT!?" Takashi yelled.

"5,000 bits that's more than half my life savings."

"Hey Takashi can we get in a battle now." Terra asked

"Ok but where am I supposed. find someone or thing to fight Terra?" Takeshi answered

" I can help u with that hehehe." A mesterious voice said

"My name is Ryan i challenge you to a one on one battle chose ur digimon!" He commanded.

"All Right Terra u ready pal?" Takeshi Said eargerly

"Let's Go!" Terra Yelled

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
October 2nd, 2008, 4:56 PM
Savanna,Labramon,Salamon,And Ryuudamon were sitting in a tree. "Im bored..." said Ryuudamon. "Get over it,Ryuudamon. We've been training all day. Cant you at least relax for a minute?" said Labramon. "Guys,do you HAVE to fight over everything?" said Savanna. Labramon sniffed the air. "Savanna,I smell something." said Labramon. Salamon was asleep. "What is it Labramon?" said Savanna. "Well,if im smelling right,one of them is an Agumon." replied Labramon. Salamon woke up. "Whats going on?" Salamon asked as she stretched. "Ask sniffer over there." said Ryuudamon,making fun of Labramon. "Hey,I dont see you helping much." Labramon declared. "Its true Ryuudamon. You havn't been helping much." said Savanna,obviously on Labramon's side. "Lets go see what that Agumon I smell is doing!" Labramon said,jumping down from the tree. "Ok guys,lets go!" agreed Savanna,watching Salamon and Ryuudamon jump down from the tree. Labramon ran towards the smell. Finally,in the distance,Savanna saw two guys getting ready to battle. "I could enjoy this..." said Ryuudamon,sitting on the rock nearby. Savanna had to agree. Labramon sat on Savanna's lap,while Salamon curled up next to Ryuudamon.



October 2nd, 2008, 5:22 PM
"All right Realize Guilmon" Ray said pointing his digivice in the air.

"You ready Guilmon?"

"Yeah man this guy is wack" Guilmon said with a smirk.

"Ready Takashi we can beat this guy just be my back up ok?" Terra said

"Alright Terra let's go." Terra said.

"Let's do this Terra attack!" Takashi commanded.

Terra charged at Guilmon sending a barrage of punches. Guilmon was too fast for Agumon and uppercuted Agumon in the face.

"Oh no Agumon use your special attack!" Takashi commanded.

"Alright Pepper breath!" Agumon yelled as a ball of fire came out of his mouth.

It nailed Guilmon in the face sending him flying.

"Grrrrrrr Guilmon get ready" Ray said taking out his digivice

"Digi soul charge!" Ray yelled.

"Guilmon digivolve to Growlmon!" Guilmon yelled.

"I'm going to end this now Ray!" Growlmon yelled

"Pyro Blaster!" Growlmon yelled as a giant laser came out his mouth.

"It's all over for Agumon no this can't be Agumon you can do it!" Takashi yelled

"Spit fire Blast!" Agumon yelled as a giant laser of fire came out of his mouth

"Whaaaaaaa?" Ray said surprised.

"Growlmon lost but how?"

"Alright Terra u did it!' Takashi yelled

"Yes well played." Xeth said.

"Great job Agumon." Gabumon said

"Takeshi?" Agumon asked


"I'm hungry!"

"What am i going to do with u?" Takashi laughed.

October 2nd, 2008, 5:57 PM
"All right Realize Guilmon" Ray said pointing his digivice in the air.

"You ready Guilmon?"

"Yeah man this guy is wack" Guilmon said with a smirk.

"Ready Takeshi we can beat this guy just be my back up ok?" Terra said

"Alright Terra let's go." Terra said.

"Let's do this Terra attack!" Takeshi commanded.

Terra charged at Guilmon sending a barrage of punches. Guilmon was too fast for Agumon and uppercuted Agumon in the face.

"Oh no Agumon use your special attack!" Takeshi commanded.

"Alright Pepper breath!" Agumon yelled as a ball of fire came out of his mouth.

It nailed Guilmon in the face sending him flying.

"Grrrrrrr Guilmon get ready" Ray said taking out his digivice

"Digi soul charge!" Ray yelled.

"Guilmon digivolve to Growlmon!" Guilmon yelled.

"I'm going to end this now Ray!" Growlmon yelled

"Pyro Blaster!" Growlmon yelled as a giant laser came out his mouth.

"It's all over for Agumon no this can't be Agumon you can do it!" Takeshi yelled

"Spit fire Blast!" Agumon yelled as a giant laser of fire came out of his mouth

"Whaaaaaaa?" Ray said surprised.

"Growlmon lost but how?"

"Alright Terra u did it!' Takeshi yelled

"Yes well played." Xeth said.

"Great job Agumon." Gabumon said

"Takeshi?" Agumon asked


"I'm hungry!"

"What am i going to do with u?" Takeshi laughed.

Just a quick OOC response:

no offence, but your posts tend to use alot of dialoge. Not like that's a problem, but it gets really annoying to sit through "Let's go!" "Okay!" "Yeah! Let's do that!" Make sure that you incorporate more than one line of description other than dialoge in your posts.

October 4th, 2008, 12:00 AM
The Digimon I have two of has a branched Digivolution. Two different Ultimite and Mega forms. Is it ok two anyway? Also the two Megas can DNA Digivolve. It's not made up. It's a real Digimon.

Name: Zeph
Age: 14
Apperence: Kinda tall, and in good shape. Short red hair. Has a black vest with a Chinies Dragon stiched in. Blackish-Blue pants, red t-shirt. Sandles.
Digimon Team: Dracomon(Kon), Dracomon(Lee), Betamon
History: Zeph was chosen to go to the Digital World because he was able not one but two ancient Digimon(ignoring the fact that they are the same kind). They(whoever they are) thought that was an impresive feat in it's self.

October 4th, 2008, 7:57 AM
approved and that's ok i know what digimon ur talking about

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
October 5th, 2008, 1:43 PM
Savanna woke up Salamon. "Is the battle over? Who won?" Salamon asked. "The guy with the Agumon. I want to go meet him. What do you think,Labramon?" asked Savanna. "Lets go!" said Labramon. Savanna,Ryuudamon,Salamon,and Labramon all walked towards the guy. Labramon sat down and looked at the two,who hadn't noticed any one of them yet. "Hi!" said Salamon happily. Ryuudamon was glaring at the Agumon. He let out a deep growl. "Cut it out,Ryuudamon." said Labramon,getting agitated. "Yeah Ryuudamon. Atleast try to make friends." said Salamon. "Shut it Salamon!" Ryuudamon growled. "Hey,leave Salamon alone!" yelled Labramon. "Grrr... thats it Labramon!" Ryuudamon growled back. Labramon and Ryuudamon glared at each other. Savanna sighed. Salamon just continued to say hi to the guy and the Agumon. "Anyways,hi!" said Salamon.

October 5th, 2008, 1:53 PM
Takeshi and Terra notice a Girl with a Salamon, Ryuudamon and a Labramon walk toward them the Salamon said hi with a cheerful face

"Oh hi my name is Takashi u must have saw that battle, it was pretty intense right Agumon?" Takeshi Said.

"Yeah it was!" Terra said.

"By the way this is Fang and Xeth." Takashi said.

"Hello." Fang said.

"Nice to meet you." Xeth said.

"We're going to grab something to eat do u want to come my treat." Takeshi asked.

"Oh and i didn't catch your name what is it?"

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
October 5th, 2008, 2:29 PM
"My name is Savanna. Nice to meet you. If only those two would stop fighting for once. But,anyways,sure. I'll tag along for now." said Savanna. She looked at Labramon and Ryuudamon,who were completely ignoring each other. Labramon sniffed the air. "I smell cheese burgers." he said. "For a minute I thought the guy with the Guilmon was going to win when it digivolved into a Growlmon,but then I noticed the advantages of you winning." said Salamon,talking to Terra. Labramon was talking to Xeth and Ryuudamon was talking to Fang. "Not alot of excitement like that battle you had comes around much for us." said Savanna. Labramon ran up next to Salamon. "How about a battle after we eat?" Labramon asked Terra. "Poor Labramon has barely ever been in a battle." explaioned Savanna.

October 5th, 2008, 2:40 PM
"Oh Savanna that's a nice name." Takashi said.

"I barely won that battle." Terra said.

"Something exciting will happen sooner or later." Takashi said with a smile on his face.

"Sure we can battle after we eat but be careful." Terra answered.

"Well it can be a sparing match, let's get going I already know what my guys want." Takashi said walking to the restaurant.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
October 7th, 2008, 11:59 AM
Savanna followed. She had to hold back a smile after he complimented her name. Labramon looked excited for after the battle. Salamon curled up on Savannas lap in the restraunt. The guy that came over said pets werent allowed in the restraunt. "IM NOT A DOG!" yelled Labramon. The guy backed up a little when he heard Labramon talk. "Labramon,calm down." said Savanna. Labramon growled a little bit. "Sorry,Labramon isnt used to being in a restraunt." Savanna apolagized. The guy came back up. "What do you want?" he asked. "First of all,I want a steak." said Labramon. "I want a tuna sandwich." said Salamon. "I want some buffalo wings." said Ryuudamon. "I'll have some haddock." Savanna said after her digimon were finally done ordering. "Ok,and you?" the guy asked Takashi and his digimon.

October 7th, 2008, 12:07 PM
"I'll have a cheeseburger please." Takashi said.

"Ok guys u can get everything under 50 bits ok?"

"Aw man." Terra said

"Fine I want a Monster Burger!"

"I'll have the snow crabs please." Xeth said

"I'll have a barbecue steak." Fang said.

"Any drinks?" The waiter asked.

"Root Beer!" They all said.

"How much will that be?" Takashi asked.

"250 bits." The waiter said.

"Ok guys we need to hold back eating at this restaurant." Takashi said

"Ok." Terra said.

"So um Savanna why did u come to the Digital World?" Takakshi asked

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
October 7th, 2008, 12:21 PM
"Labramon was getting tired of my sister. She gets annoying. Although I have to admit,she is pretty amazing." Savanna said. Labramon nodded. Savanna took off her necklace with the fang on it. "She found this around the park with Labramon. Salamon was there,too." Savanna said. The fang was sharp like Terras teeth. "It's wierd that I knew Labramon and Salamon before I came here. I just found Ryuudamon trying to blow up a power plant back at home." Savanna said. Ryuudamon cast a quick glance at her. "I can pay for the food if you want." Savanna said.

October 7th, 2008, 12:34 PM
"I'll pay." Takashi said.

"I came here because my Dad and older brother went missing so i came here and i have yet to find him."

"When i meet Terra he was a Digi-egg i took it to my science teacher."

"My teacher just happened to be Kai." Takashi said looking at his digivice

"He gave me this and said I was chosen to be in the Digital world."

"Kai was the man who found the digital world and he told me that my father was here somewhere being held captive by a mega level digimon so i have to train."

"Takashi we have a problem." Fang said.

"What is it?" Takashi asked.

"The man in the black coat." Fang said looking worried.

"Oh no Savanna we have to go I'll tell you waht's going on on the way." Takashi said putting the money on the table and started running

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
October 7th, 2008, 1:26 PM
"Huh?" Savanna said looking around startled. Labramon was the same. Savanna and her team got up quickly and ran after Takashi. Savannas fang necklace started to glow. "Labramon,you know what to do!" said Savanna. Labramon nodded. "Labramon digivolve to Dobermon!" Labramon yelled. Savanna jumped on Dobermons back. "Ok,now you Salamon!" Savanna yelled. Salamon nodded. "Salamon digivolve to Garurumon!" Salamon yelled. "Now you Ryuudamon!" Savanna said. Ryuudamon nodded. "Ryuudamon digivolve to Ginryuumon!" yelled Ryuudamon. "If you need help later I might as well digivolve them now." Savanna said.The fang on her necklace was still glowing.

The fang controld her digimon's digivolution.

October 7th, 2008, 2:07 PM
"Takashi Savanna's digimon digivoled." Fang said.

"Woah." Takashi said looking back.

"Owww!" Takashi said bumping into someone

"Got you Takashi now give me back the X antibody you stole!." The man demanded as he grab Takashi by the neck.

"Get off him!" Terra yelled punching the man.

"That's it Tankmon Realize!" The man yelled as a big tank digimon came out

"Oh no." Terra said

"Take this Hyper Cannon!" Tankmon yelled as a giant laser hit Terra

"He's to strong for us Takashi!" Xeth yelled as he tried to catch up.

"No it's not." Takashi said as his digivice glew

"Take this!" Takashi said as he jumped up and punched Tankmon in the face.

"Takash......." Terra said as he started to glow.

"Agumon Digivolve To Greymon!" Terra yelled.

"Nova Blast!" Terra yelled as a giant fire ball came out of his mouth and blasted Tankmon.

"Tankmon Digivolve X-anti body!" The man said.

"Megidramon X." Megidramon X said.

"Here comes Savanna!." Greymon yelled.

"Help!" Takashi yelled

October 7th, 2008, 2:13 PM
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Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 12th, 2008, 6:26 PM
OOC- Sorry To Keep You Waiting!


Savanna spotted the Megidramon X.

"Call that power?" Savanna laughed,smiling.

Her fang necklace started to glow red. "Dobermon,now!" Savanna yelled.

"I hear you!" Dobermon said,glowing red like the fang.

"Dobermon digivolve to Anubismon!" said Dobermon,now standing up in his new form.

"Pyramid Power!" Anubismon said as he absorbed a small amount of Megidramon X's energy.

The Megidramon X seemed to draw its attention away from Takashi.

"Amulet of the Ancients!" Anubismon called, letting out It's energy blast.

The smoke from the blast was crouding the area.

"Come on..." Savanna said,crossing her fingers in hope that the attack did some decent damage.

Anubismon looked worried.

"Takashi,do you think you could get a good shot from where you are after the smoke clears up?" Anubismon asked,obviously having an idea.

Savanna looked around for GinRyuudamon,who was nowhere in sight.

Instead,garurumon attacked while there was still a little bit of smoke.

"Subzero Ice Fang!" Garurumon yelled.

It ran into the smoke and bit Megidramon X with a pair of ice cold fangs.

"The smoke is almost cleared up!" Anubismon said,waiting for the smoke to clear.


OOC2- The Fang Can Only Digivolve Him For Now.

November 12th, 2008, 6:59 PM
"Ok, get ready Terra." Takashi said.

"Nova blast!" Terra yelled as a gaint ball of fire came out of his mouth.

"Arrrrghhh." Takakshi yelled as he ran towards Megidramon X

After the nova blast hit megidramon X Takakshi jumped up and punched megidramon X in the face

"You can't win Takashi you and ur Family are failures." The man laughed

"You...... what you just said is unforgivable Xeth now!" Takashi yelled.

"Digi-soul full charge!"

"Xeth digivolve to Grademon!" Xeth yelled.

"Cross Blade, Nova Blast." Terra and Xeth yelled.

The man ran away and megidramon X turned into tankmon again and started to run away.

"We did it don't let him get away......" Takashi said as he passed out

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 13th, 2008, 4:00 AM
Savanna noticed Takashi had passed out.

"Takashi!" Anubismon and Garurumon yelled.

"Anubismon,grab Takashi! Garurumon,lets go! Whoever that guy is,Takashi certainly wants him gone!" Savanna yelled,giving orders to the two digimon.

Savanna jumped on Garurumon's back and he started to run.

Anubismon grabbed Takashi and followed.

"Ice Wall!" Garurumon yelled,making a wall of ice sprout from the ground around the man.

Suddenly Savanna's fang necklace started to glow again,except it was green.

"Finally,it is fully charged." Savanna said,relieved.

"Now you Garurumon!" Savanna said,jumping off of it's back.

"Garurumon Double Warp Digivolve to MetalGarurumon!" Garurumon yelled,now in a brand new form.

"Ok,guys,just stay away from the ice and wait. Anubismon,try to get Takashi awake." ordered Savanna.

November 13th, 2008, 12:20 PM
Terra had de-digivloved back to agumon

"Takashi is waking up." Terra said excited.

"What happen...we got him right?" Takasi asked

Terra shook his head.

"Good now get me to a hospital please and take him to the prison i'll explain everything at the hospital." Takashi said as he closed his eyes.

"Let's go." Xeth said

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 14th, 2008, 12:44 PM
"Savanna,Takashi is awake!" Anubismon yelled.

"Ok,come on MetalGarurumon. Lets bring him to the hospital,leave the guy there. Anubismon,carry Takashi." Said Savanna.

*In Front Of The Hospital*

"Ok,is he ok Anubismon?" asked Savanna.

"I dont know. He did say he would explain when we get in a room. Lets go." replied Anubismon.

"MetalGarurumon,Dedigivolve." said Savanna.

MetalGarurumon glowed and shrunk back into his normal form as a Labramon.

"Lets go." said Savanna,starting to walk inside.

November 22nd, 2008, 7:52 AM
"Takashi are u sure you want to go there?" Terra asked as Savanna walked in.

"Hey Savanna, it's about time i told what's going on," Takashi said.

"That man was following me for this," Takashi said as he took out the X antibody.

"I stole this X antibody because they were testing it on baby digimon,"

"That's where he meet me," Xeth said.

"Glad to see one of my tamers is ok." UlforceVeedramon said as he walked in.

"Here's the X antibody," Takashi said as he handed the X antibody to UlForce Veedramon.

"Good job Takashi and who is this?" Ulforeveedramon said as he turned at Savanna

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 22nd, 2008, 3:37 PM
Salamon Had A Suprised Expression On It's Face.

"Where was the place where they were testing-" Salamon was cut off by UlforceVeedramon walking in the door.

Salamon almost wanted to digivolve for UlforceVeedramon cutting her off.

"Good job Takashi and who is this?" UlforeVeedramon had asked after Takashi handed the item over to it.

Savanna cast a quick glance at Anubismon,who dedigivolved after realizing what it meant.

"My name is Savanna. You might know my sister,Crystal. She came to the Digital World a while back." Savanna said,staying calm.

Labramon and Salamon came up to Savanna.

"Umm,Savanna,we see Ryuudamon outside." said Salamon and Labramon.

"Good,go wait outside with him." Savanna said,still calm as ever.



Ok,Savanna's sister knows UlforceVeedramon and Savanna also lied about why she came. She will confess that later on.

November 22nd, 2008, 7:27 PM
"Crystal sister, nice to meet you," UlForceVeedramon said.

"Takashi once u get better meet me at the Tamer center," UlForceVeedramon said as he left.

"Thanks for helping me Savanna," Takashi said.

"You really didn't have to you know,"

Fang bumped Takashi on the head.

"Don't be rude!" Fang said angirly

"Oww anyway we have one more favor can u take this note to a guy in Rotto town just east of here he will know who u are," Takashi said.

"I'll keep in touch with the digivice."

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 22nd, 2008, 7:48 PM
Savanna took the note from Takashi and nodded.

"I will come back by later. Meet me by the tree outside of here around about noon if you can. I should be back by then." Savanna said,and walked out the door.

(Outside The Hospital)

"Ok,Labramon,Salamon,Ryuudamon,we have to go east to Rotto Town." Savanna said.

The three digimon nodded.

They all turned east and ran.

"Ok,if we hurry up we could be back by noon." Labramon said.

"Guys,im gonna stay here." Ryuudamon said.

Savanna kept going while Ryuudamon turned around and went back.

(On The Road To Rotto Town)

"Finally,we are almost there." said Salamon.

The small digimon's legs obviously hurt.

"Here Salamon,get in my backpack." said Savanna.

Salamon jumped in and Savanna continued to run.

"Hey,I see a town Savanna!" said Labramon,excited to finally be there.

(In Rotto Town)

"Huh,I wonder where that guy is..." Savanna said.

"And we cant just barge into a house looking for somebody who is looking for a letter..." Labramon and Salamon added.

November 22nd, 2008, 7:58 PM
"Takashi what are u doing?" Fang asked.

"Emailing Rai about Savanna," Takashi answered.

"Move!" fange yelled as he grabed Takashi and hid under a table.

A gaint missle hit the room causing an explosion.

"I't about time we found you," A man in a black coat said.

"What do u want us to do?" Terra asked.

"Distract them while i send a message to Savanna it's a trap," Takashi said.

"Now ChoasGallantmon attack!" The man yelled.

"I hope Savanna get's this in time," Takashi thought to himself

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 22nd, 2008, 8:28 PM
Savanna heard her digivice ring.

She read the message-

Its a trap,come back quickly.


"Guys,Takashi is in trouble! Lets Go!" Savanna yelled.

Salamon nodded.

The tiny digimon started to glow,and suddenly they were outside of the hospital.

Savanna saw the guy standing in the hole that the blast had made.

"Ok guys,he is distracted. Labramon,digivolve if you can,and to the highest level you can. That goes for you two,also." Savanna ordered.

"Labramon max digivolve to ... Anubismon!"

"Salamon max digivolve to ... MetalGarurumon!"

"Ryuudamon max digivolve to ... OuRyuudamon!"

The three digimon all digivolved at once.

Anubismon went first.

"Amulet of the Ancients!" Anubismon yelled.

The man obviously didnt hear Anubismon,because it hit the ground behind him straight on.

"Ok,hurry up! MetalGarurumon,get Takashi while the smoke it blocking theyre view!" Savanna ordered.

Nodding,MetalGarurumon grabbed Takashi and tossed him to Anubismon.

"Now,Terra,Keith,Fang,follow us!" Savanna yelled to the other digimon.

November 22nd, 2008, 8:40 PM
OOC- it's Xeth lol

"Don't u want to know what happen to yout brother?" The man asked as he took of his hood.

"No it can't be," Takashi said.

Sudenly UlForceVeedramon came out of no where and attacked the man.

"Ray!" Takashi yelled as he jumped out of Anubismon's hands and ran at Ray and punched him in the face.

A digimon named Beelzemon came and attacked.

"Let's get this party started!" Beelzemon yelled

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 22nd, 2008, 9:33 PM
OOC- Oops. O.o

Savanna was getting confused,due to so many digimon and people fighting.

Savanna ran to Skywing Town due to it.

(In The Blue Building)

Ok,im going to leave a message for Takashi on his digivice. I'll time it so he will only get it after those guys are gone. Savanna thought.

She began typing the message.

I will be at Skywing Town,just a mile north from where you are. Go into the blue building. You'll find me in there.


The message was sent.

"So,Crystal,im sure you will be excited when you meet Takashi..." said Savanna,smiling slightly.

"Shouldnt we go there?" Crystal asked.

"Nope. I told Anubismon and the others to stay and fight." Savanna replied.


"Amulet Of The Ancients!" Anubismon yelled.

The blast hit the ChaosGallantmon,who obviously was stronger then it looked.

"Ice Wall!" MetalGarurumon yelled,making a wall of ice sprout up around ChaosGallantmon and Ray.

November 23rd, 2008, 10:47 AM
"You think this can hold us!" Ray yelled as he punched the ice wall and it fell.

"Well well if it isn't Xeth," Beelzemon said with a evil grin.

"Takashi let me digivolve," Terra said.

"Alright Digi-soul charge!" Takashi yelled.

"Agumon digivolve to Greymon!" Terra yelled as he turned into greymon.

UlForceVeedramon attacked Choas Gallantmon.

"Long time no see Choas Gallantmon," UlForceVeedramon said grining.

"It's time, Ray hit the switch!" Choas Gallantmon ordered.

Ray took out a controler and press a big red botton, suddenly there was an explosion is the sky.

"Meet my master DeathXDorugoramon!" Beelzemon yelled.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 2:02 PM
"Pyramid Power!" Anubismon yelled.

Half of Beelzemon's power energy was drained.

"Now,to finish him off..." Anubismon said.

"Amulet Of The Ancients!" Anubismon yelled.

Beelzemon tried to dodge the powerful blast of energy,but it hit him.

MetalGarurumon saw that Terra was about to be attacked by ChaosGallantmon.

Right before the attack hit Terra,MetalGarurumon jumped in the way to block the attack.

"MetalGarurumon!" Anubismon yelled.

After the smoke cleared,all that was in the clearing was a white and pink digi-egg.

"Anubismon,ill get the egg somewhere safe! You stay and fight!" said OuRyuudamon.

The dragon digimon picked up the egg and left.

"Your gonna pay ChaosGallantmon!" Anubismon growled,walking closer to the large digimon.

November 23rd, 2008, 2:50 PM
ChoasGallantmon saw what happened to Beelzemon.

"My lord DeathXDorugoramon please punish them," ChoasGallantmon said bowing down.

"All shall bow down to me!" DeathXDorugoramon yelled.

"DORU Diin!"

A bright gigantic laser came form the sky covering the entire area.

ChoasGallantmon and Ray were protected by a shield created by DeathXDorugoramon.

"What happened?" Takashi asked himself as he opened up his eyes.

Xeth, Terra and Fang covered Takashi form the blast.

"Takashi...... I grant u with the power of a ultimate tamer for now," UlForceVeedramon said.

Takashi digivice glowed a very bright light.

"Digi soul fusion!" Takashi yelled.

"Xeth and Takashi DNA digivolve too!" Xeth yelled.

"Alphamon!" Alphamon yelled.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 3:02 PM
"Alphamon,if you can tell theyre weak point,tell me!" Anubismon yelled to Alphamon.

Anubismon remembered beelzemon's energy was still stored.

"Alphamon,wait!" Anubismon said.

Anubismon put his paw up against Alphamon's chest.

Anubismon's wings glowed a bright yellow.

"There. I gave you the power I took from Beelzemon. You'll need it." said Anubismon,taking his paw off of Alphamon's chest.

Anubismon turned around and faced DeathXDorugoramon,giving him a sharp glance.

"Pyramid Power!" Anubismon yelled,taking away most of DeathXDorugoramon's power energy.

November 23rd, 2008, 5:32 PM
"How dare you try to take my power!" DeathXDorugoramon yelled grabbing Anubismon and taking back his power.

"Let' him go!" Alphamon yelled punching DeathXDorugoramon in the face.

"Ray let's go," ChoasGallantmon said as he grab Ray and teleported.

"Darn he got away," UlForceVeedramon said.

"I got to go help Alphamon,"

UlForceVeedramon flew at DeathXDorugormon going to help Alphamon.

DeathXDorugormon grabbed UlForceVeedramon threw Anubismon and grabbed Alphamon.

"Oh Crsytal, Savanna i got ur friends here and if u want them alive give me the fang!" DeathXDorugoramon yelled

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 5:55 PM
Crystal and Savanna could sense something.

"Takashi and the others are in trouble!" Savanna yelled.

"Renamon,Terriermon,Calumon,lets go! Renamon,teleport us to the nearest danger!" Crystal said.

"Yes Crystal." Renamon said.

Suddenly,they were in the middle of a fight.

"Now Renamon! You too Terriermon!" Crystal yelled.

Renamon and Terriermon nodded.

"Renamon digivolve to ... Kyuubimon!" yelled Renamon,now in its new form.

"Terriermon warp digivolve to ... MegaGargomon!" Terriermon yelled,now also standing in its new form.

"Fox Tail Inferno!" Kyuubimon yelled,throwing huge blue flames from it's tail to DeathXDorugoramon.

"Gargo Missle!" MegaGargomon yelled,shooting a huge homing missle at DeathXDorugoramon.

November 23rd, 2008, 6:31 PM
DeathXDorugoramon blocked the attacks.

"Come on what's taking so long to get here!" DeathXDorugoramon yelled.

Suddenly Lucemon Shadow lord mode came.

"Yes master?" Lucemon asked.

"Get the fang from Savanna!"

Luce flew fast toward Savanna and Cyrstal

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 1st, 2008, 2:52 PM
Kyuubimon made a sharp glance towards Crystal and Savanna,sending them out of the way.

"Nice timing Kyuubimon!" Crystal and Savanna said.

"Thank you." Kyuubimon said.

"Fox Tail Inferno!" Kyuubimon yelled,pointing its attack at Lucemon.

"Amulet Of The Anceints!" Anubismon yelled,pointing its attack at Lucemon.

"Gargo Missle!" MegaGargomon yelled,pointing its attack at Lucemon.

All of the three attacks combined,forming a giant flaming dragon-shaped missle,which was accurately on target for Lucemon.

December 1st, 2008, 3:08 PM
DeathXDorugoramon flew in front of Lucemon and threw UlforceVeedramon at the missle.

Terra and Fang felt useless untill the the digivice in Alphamon's hand glew.

"Greymon warp digivolve to VictoryGreymon!" Terra yelled.

"Gabumon warp digivolve to Z'dGarurumon!" Fang yelled.

"Full Metal Blaze!" Fang yelled as the cannon on his back shot a gaint laser came out with a bunch of other missiles

"Trident Gaia!" VictoryGreymon yelled as his gaint sword opened up a shot 3 lasers

Lucemon had crushed Kyuubimon and MegaGargomon in his claws.

DeathXDorugoramon flew down and grabbed Crystal in his free hand.

"Die you two,Doru Din!" DeathXDorugoramon yelled as the gaint laser came out and covered VictoryGreymon and Z'd Garurumon.

"What are u going to do now Savanna?!"

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 1st, 2008, 4:05 PM
"Thats it..." Savanna growled.

"Im not losing another friend to some jerk!" Savanna yelled.

"Max Digivolution!" Savanna Yelled,still angered.

"Kyuubimon max digivolve to ... Santiramon!" Kyuubimon yelled,now in its new cobra-like form.

"MegaGargomon dedigivolve to ... Terriermon!"

Terriermon max digivolve to ... SaberLeomon!" Terriermon yelled,now is a yellow and red lion-like form.

"Venom Axe!" Santiramon yelled as a large,poisonous axe appeared.

Santiramon wrapped its tail around it and hit Lucemon with it.

"Twin Fang!" Saberleomon yelled.

Saberleomon's two fangs grew larger,and it quickly bit Lucemon.


if you dont know what Santiramon or SaberLeomon look like,go here-

Santiramon - http://cf.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/Santiramon.html

Saberleomon -

December 6th, 2008, 4:11 PM
"I"ve had enough of this!" DeathXDorugoramon said while he threw Alphamon.

Alphamon separated back into Takashi and Xeth.

ChoasGallantmon came back look very angry.

"You little pest!" Lucemon yelled!

DeathXDorugoramon grabbed Takashi crushing him in his hand

"Now Savanna Give me the fang or your sister and this one dies!" DeathXDorugormon yelled.

Lucemon and ChoasGallantmon had Saberleomon and Santiramon cornered

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 6th, 2008, 4:36 PM
Savanna looked at Takashi and the others for a minute.

"Fine,you want the fang? Take it!" Savanna said,reaching into her pocket.

"Just leave Takashi and the others alone!" She said,as she took out the fang.

She felt like she had to,like she was useless right now.

She held out the fang,waiting for a response.

Santiramon and SaberLeomon struggled to get past Lucemon and ChaosGallantmon.

Things were obviously getting hectic around there,and savanna wanted to end it so Takashi could explain who the stupidly strong idiots were.

December 6th, 2008, 4:45 PM
DeathXDorugoramon threw Takashi and Crystal on the ground and grabbed the fang.

"Good girl.....now Lucemon!" DeathXDorugoramon yelled.

Lucemon grabbed Takashi and his digimon and disappeared.

ChoasGallantmon and DeathXDorugoramon disappeared with the fang laughing.

"Savanna just go back to doing whatever it was u were doing before we'll find Takashi and his digimon," UlForceVeedramon said.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 6th, 2008, 5:08 PM
"No,im coming." said Savanna.

She obviously wouldnt give up in finding Takashi if UlForceVeedramon let her help.

"Santiramon,Sabermon,Anubismon,GinRyuudamon,MetalGarurumon,you guys can help. Calumon,you can stay here with Crystal." Savanna said.

"I think I know where they went..." Santiramon said.

"Santiramon is a deva... he might have an idea here..." Savanna said.

"Yesssssss..." Santiramon replied.

"So,what about it UlForceVeedramon? Can we help?" Savanna asked.

December 6th, 2008, 5:17 PM
"Well fine if u really want to we'll leave tomorrow get everything ready by then," UlForceVeedramon said.

"Takashi how are we going to get out of here?" Terra asked.

"I don't think we're ever getting out of here," Takashi said.

"We'll get out of here somehow," Fang said.

The door suddenly creped open

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 6th, 2008, 5:31 PM
*That Night*

"Umm... First Aid Kit?"
"Uhhh... Check!"
"Water Bottles?"

"Ok...Thats about it Santiramon." Savanna said.

"Yup." Santiramon answered.

"Ok...Now that we are packed,we should probably get some rest..." Savanna said.

Santiramon nodded and coiled up the way a cobra does.

Savanna layed her head on Santiramon and fell asleep.


Satiramon was saying Check,Savanna was asking about the items. O.o...

December 6th, 2008, 5:39 PM
"I knew I would find a tamer in here," the digimon said.

"Who are you?" Xeth asked.

"I'm Dracomon and i was looking for a tamer," Dracomon said.

"Looks like i found one,"

"Well Takashi already as 3 digimon!" Fang yelled.

"He has a digibank right?" Asked Dracomon

"I also have the key,'

Dracomon unlocked the cell and let them out.

"Welcolme to our team," Terra said with a smile on his face

Takashi took out his digivice and a circle appeared around Dracomon and then closed in.

"Dracomon now registered," The digivice said.

"I'll call u Draco."

Takashi and the digimon ran out the door.


Here's what Dracomon looks like http://wikimon.net/Image:Dracomon.jpg

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 6th, 2008, 6:05 PM

"You ready Savanna???" Santiramon said.

"Yeah..." Savanna replied.

"Ok... Lets go find UlForceVeedramon." Santiramon said.

"Ok." Savanna said,getting on Santiramon's head.

"UlForceVeedramon! Its time to go!" Savanna yelled.

Santiramon copied Savanna after a while.

December 6th, 2008, 6:13 PM
"Get him!" A guard yelled chasing after Takashi.

"Digi-soul charge!" Takashi yelled.

"Gabumon digivolve to Garurumon!" Fang yelled.

Takashi and the rest of the digimon jumped on to Garurumon.

"Yeah it is time to go," UlForceVeedramon said.

"Jump into this portal and we'll be at the keep,"

When UlForceVeedramon got there he was surprised to see Takashi riding on Fang

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 6th, 2008, 6:21 PM
Savanna and all the digimon followed.

They all watched as Takashi rode by on Fang.

Metalgarurumon looked at Fang wierdly.

Savanna got on Santiramon's head and followed.

"Hey,where you going?" she said once Santiramon caught up.

"UlForceVeedramon is back their waiting. Whats up?" Savanna asked.

"And we actually packed to come and get you." Santiramon said,obviously saying it was a waste of time to pack.

December 6th, 2008, 6:43 PM
Fang stopped for a moment then started running.

"Why aren't we stopping?" Xeth said.

"No time to stop," Fang said.

"I'm going back with UlForceVeedramon," Terra said jumping off.

"Me too," Xeth and Draco said.

"Keep going," Takashi said.

Fang jumped over a big gap and keep on running to a never ending snow storm.

"They followed us," Fang said growling as a pack of Sangloupmon surrounded them.

"Looks like we got ourselves in another jam," Takashi said as he took out a sword.


What Sangloupmon looks like:


Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 6th, 2008, 7:37 PM
"Thats it... Santiramon Max Digivolve To ... Zhuqiaomon!" Santiramon yelled,and was now standing in a phoenix-like form.

One of the SangLoupmon spotted Savanna next to Zhuqiaomon.

Savanna looked at it closely.

"Buddy?" she asked as she got a little closer.

The SangLoupmon looked at Savanna and examined her.

"Savanna?" it said,tilting its head.

They both nodded,and looked at the other SangLoupmon.

"What do we do about them Buddy?" Savanna asked the newly recruited SangLoupmon.

"Watch and wait I guess. Wait and see if that guy needs any help." Buddy replied.


Just Cuz I LUVS SangLoupmon,I made a little change with one of them. =P

It was Savanna's brothers Digimon.

December 6th, 2008, 7:55 PM
Takashi and Fang we're winning the fight so far.

"Too easy right Fang?" Takashi said punching one.

"Yeah way to easy,"

"How Dare you attack my men and my castle die u insect!" DeathXDorugoramon yelled as he flew at Takashi and grabbed Takashi.

"DORU Diin!" DeathXDorugoramon yelled as the giant laser blasted Fang.

"Fang!" Takashi yelled.

DeathXDorugoramon was crushing Takashi in his hand. Terra tried helping but was defeated.

"Now watch as he dies," DeathXDorugoramon said as he threw Takashi at the ground and hit him with DORU Diin.

DeathXDorugoramon Disappeared.

"Terra i'm not going to make it what happened to Fang?" Takashi asked.

"He died complete erased from the digital world,"

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 6th, 2008, 8:01 PM
"Takashi!" Savanna yelled.

She ran over to Takashi.

"You ok?" Savanna asked.

Buddy came up behind Savanna and looked at Takashi,wondering who he was.

"You alright Takashi?" Zhuqiaomon asked as he flew over.

"Hey,Terra? Where is Fang?" Zhuqiaomon asked Terra after realizing Fang was gone.


Short and sweet. lol

December 6th, 2008, 8:15 PM
"Fang was erased from the Digital world he can't come back," Terra said crying

"Now Takashi might not make it,"

Xeth heard everything and got angrily and stormed off.

"Hey Savanna i don't think I'm going to make it this time really," Takashi said closing his eyes.

Draco caught up with the rest of them.

"What happened?" Draco said.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 6th, 2008, 8:26 PM
"Fang was erased from the digital world and I think takashi is ... you know." Savanna said sadly.

"Thats it..."Buddy growled.

Buddy howled,and three other SangLoupmon came.

One of them put Takashi,Draco,and Terra on its back.

Savanna got on Buddy,and the other SangLoupmon was on gaurd with Zhuqiaomon.

They all went over the pit and back to UlForceVeedramon.

Buddy took Takashi and the others and put them on his back,signalling the other SangLoupmon to leave.

"Takashi is hurt... bad... and Fang was erased from the Digital World." Savanna explained the problem to UlForceVeedramon,and SangLoupmon joined in.

December 6th, 2008, 8:34 PM
"Savanna i have one request can you find my brother and dad and give this letter to them," Takashi said as he gave a note to Savanna.

"Guys sorry i couldn't do what i came here for looks like my time is up,"

"NOOOOOO!" Terra yelled.

"You can't be dead," Xeth said.

"Good bye," Takashi said as he closed his eyes.

"Let's take him to the hosptial,' Xeth said.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 7th, 2008, 8:43 AM
"Takashi..." Zhuqiaomon said sadly.

Anubismon and all of Savanna's digimon crowded around Takashi.

Savanna held the note in her hand,and got on Buddy.

"You guys take Takashi. Me,Buddy,Zhuqiaomon,and SaberLeomon will go." Savanna said.

"Ok,whoever can digivolve to a higher level,do it now." Savanna said.

Saberleomon and Zhuqiaomon nodded.

"Zhuqiaomon Max Digivolve to ... Huanlongmon!" said a large dragon digimon.

"SaberLeomon Max Digivolve to ... Imperialdramon Fighter Mode!" said another large dragon digimon.

"If Takashi is alright,tell him i said to go to the blue house in SkyWing." Savanna said,looking at UlForceVeedramon.

"I want him to meet Crystal." said Savanna,waiting for an answer.

January 12th, 2009, 1:28 PM
"There is a way to save him," UlForceVeedramon said

"Xeth are you ready?" UlForceVeedramon asked Xeth.

"Yes I am," Xeth said as the mark on his forehead glow. Xeth and Takashi flew into the air and fused together.

"Xeth are you there?" Terra asked as a boy flew down.

"Yes and there is a way you can see me again," The boy said

"Separate," The boy said as Xeth flew out of his body.

"See I'm fine,"

"What about Takashi?" UlForceVeedramon asked.

"Hey guys I'm fine,"

"Takashi!" Draco said giving Takashi a hug.

"Hey Savanna," Takashi said smiling.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 12th, 2009, 2:12 PM
Takashi?" Savanna said, looking over to where the voice came from.

"Takashi!" Savanna yelled.

She ran straight for Takashi and hugged him.

She was obviously happy to see him alive.

A tear of happiness fell from Savanna's eye.

"Your alive..." she said silently, still hugging him.


Add up what Savanna has done to this. For one, she gave up the fang to save Takashi.

January 12th, 2009, 4:59 PM
"We'll get him," Takashi said.

"We'll get him for fang," Terra said crying a little.

"We need to get Savanna to blue house in Skywing," UlForceVeedramon said holding out his hands.

"Get on one of my men well open up a Digi gate,"

"OK," Takashi and his digimon said walking next to UlForceVeedramon.

"One of my men Gallantmon should come to get you Savanna," UlForceVeedramon said jumping into the Digi gate.

Another Digi gate appeared and Gallantmon walked out.

"Are you ready to go?" Gallantmon asked Savanna as he put his shield out.

"Hop on in my shield and you'll be safe,"

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 12th, 2009, 7:56 PM
Savanna looked at Gallantmon.

She nodded.

"Takashi, good luck." Savanna said, smiling to Takashi.

"Ok, you guys are coming with me." Savanna said to her and Crystal's digimon.

"Yep..." They all said, almost at once.

"Ok, Gallantmon, im ready." Savanna said, getting on Gallantmon's shield.

January 12th, 2009, 10:04 PM
If sign ups are still open here is my sign up

Name : Toshiro Kucihki
Age : 14
Appearance : He tends to wear a blue jacket with black sweatpants , beneath the jacket is a white t-shirt.
History : He was chosen to be a tamer due to his responsibily.
Digimon : Commandramon ( Forms : Bombmon, Missimon,Commandramon, Sealsdramon, Tankdramon, Darkdramon, ), Leormon (Forms: Popomon, Frimon, Leormon, Liamon, LoaderLeomon, BanchoLeomon, ), Arkadimon (Rookie) (Forms : Arkadimon (Fresh ), Arkadimon (Rookie), Arkadimon (Champion), Arkadimon (Ulitimate ) , Arkadimon, (Mega) , Arkadimon ( Super Ultimate ), )

Note : Incase you do not believe the level Super Ultimate exists here is proof http://digimon.wikia.com/wiki/Arkadimon

Yamagi Sosuke
January 13th, 2009, 7:57 AM
If u need any more players.

Name: Yamagi Sosuke
Apperance:Black spiky long hair, blue eyes,Blue T-shirt with the symbol for friendship,black pants,black long-sleeve jacket with white at the end of the arms with fur on the top.
History:He was chosen for the trait that he never gives up

January 13th, 2009, 12:05 PM
OK you guys are approved the more the merrier

Yamagi Sosuke
January 13th, 2009, 12:32 PM
So when do we start the Rp i cant wait

January 13th, 2009, 12:45 PM
ooc- You can start right now if u want

Yamagi Sosuke
January 13th, 2009, 12:51 PM
but see this is my first time so

January 13th, 2009, 1:08 PM
ooc- This is our last ooc anyway don't worry you will do good so now start rping and if u want to tell me something just pm me or go to my profile and leave a message

Yamagi Sosuke
January 13th, 2009, 1:15 PM
Yamagi: walks around confused sorta wondering where he is , he looks at Veemon

Veemon :says sorry Yamagi i dont know

Yamagi: puts his hand over his head in says ol well lets contiune guys we'll find a way some way

Wormmon: says ok Yamagi sorta of hestent where ever u go ill go

Yamagi: says Trust me i know where were goin

Terriermon: says yea trust him he knows where he's goin God Wormon

Yamagi:ok lets start off guys
(they Walk into a wide in Vast Jungle)

Occ-how was that

"wow this jungle sure is Hot" Terriermon said while jumpin on Yamagis head

"Terriermon Get off iam already having trouble Walking" Yamagi said

"Yamagi please just for a little while" Terriermon Said

"OK,OK but only for" Yamagi said before being interupted by Veemon

"There Trouble Coming " Veemon said as a group of Kabuterimon came flying at them with a intent to attack

"Ready Guys" Yamagi Said

"Yeah" all said

"Digi - Soul Charge" Yamagi said while he swipe his hand across his digivice

January 13th, 2009, 1:50 PM
"I wonder where Savanna is?" Takashi thought to himself.

"She will be arriving soon," UlForceVeedramon said walking to a tamer.

"Welcome Sir do you need something?" The tamer asked UlForceVeedramon.

"Yes where is Crystal we need to see her," UlForceVeedramon answered.

The tamer pointed to the room in front of them.

"We're almost there," Gallantmon said flying through the Digi-gate

"Here we are now follow me to where Crystal is," Gallantmon said walking in a room.

Yamagi Sosuke
January 13th, 2009, 2:07 PM
"We did it " Wormmon Said

"Wormmon you act as if it was hard" Veemon said while smiling

"You all did great" Yamagi said

"But i was the best wont I yamagi" Terriermon said

"no i was" Veemon said getting in terriermon face

"Decide Yamagi" They Both said as they look towards Yamagi's direction but sees no one

"A guys Come on" Wormmon said while on yamagi's shoulder

"We found a exit come on" Yagami saids while running towards the light

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 13th, 2009, 2:28 PM
Savanna nodded.

She followed Gallantmon to the door.

Crystal walked out the door.

"Uhh... hey guys?" said Crystal.

She obviously wasnt expecting the visit.

"Hey Crystal..." Savanna said.

Crystal knew what had happened just by looking at Savanna.

Yamagi Sosuke
January 13th, 2009, 2:53 PM
"so where do u think we r now guys" Yamagi said

"Am hoping were near some food am sooooo hungry" Terriermon Groan on top of Yamagi's head

"OK am officially tired, can we take a break Yamagi" Wormmon said while stoping

"OK everybody we'll set up here" Yamagi said

"Alright Veemon and Wormmon Find some sticks" Yamagi said

"Yes sir" veemon and wormmon said while laughing

"Wait for me"Wormmon yelled while crawling as fast as he could

"A... Yamagi what about me" Terriermon said

"Go get some water from the Creek north of here ok " Yamagi said

"After eating will set back on the road for the Center" Yamagi said

They spent a total of 1 hour and 45 mins talking in eating

"Ok finally your done Veemon you know you eat alot" Yamagi said

"Its was really good though " Veemon explained while hopping up on his legs

"OK lets find out where we are" Yamagi said while pulling out a map from out his back pack

"Its seems the Jungle that we were in was Kabuterimon territory so that's why we were attack, I think were close to the Communication Center now, we just got to get through here than were there" Yamagi said scratching his head

"Ok than lets continue i want to get to the community center quick" Wormmon Said

"Yes Yes lets go" Terreirmon Said while jumping on yamagis head

"ok ok everybody Lets go" Yamagi said as they all started walking deeper into the Forest

The Gang been going through the forest for 3 hours walking and arguing

"Mmeeeeeeennnnnnnn iam so bored" Veemon Said while stretching and the ground begin to shake

"Why u always Compl...ahhhh crap get ready guys" Yamagi Said as a herd of triceramon charge

"bout time let me handle em" Veemon said

"OK" Wormmon and Terriermon said

"Digi-Soul Charge" Yamagi yelled as he swipe his hand across the digivice

"Veemon Digivole to Ex-Veemon" Veemon said as he Digivole to Ex-Veemon

"Yeah" Ex-Veemon said

"Bring Em" Ex-Veemon as the Triceramon attacks

"Ex Laser!!" Ex-Veemon said as a laser shoots out the X of his chest

"Haaaaaaaa" Tricermon said as the laser hits him and 2 other tricermon and they turn to digi-eggs

"Got Th......." Ex-Veemon Said as he was about to be attack from behind

" Yamagi !!"Wormmon said

"Right Digi-Soul Charge !!" Yamagi yelled as he swipe his hand across the digivice

"Wormmon Digivole to Stingmon !!" Wormmon said as he Digivoled

"Sting Laser!!"Stingmon stabs Tricermon before he attacks Ex-Veemon

"Thanks alot Stingmon" Ex-Veemon said as shook his hand

"Brothers Let do it" Tricermon said as he and 4 other triceramon digivole into one Cannodramon

"Were Going to Destroy u" Cannondramon Said as he stomp down one foot makeing the entire ground shake

"My Turn" Terriermon Said

"Yea okay Digi-Soul Charge" Yamagi yelled as he swipe his hand across the digivce

"Terriermon Digivole To Gargomon !!" Terriermon Said as he digivole

"Take This" Stingmon said as he kick Cannondramon in the Face

"ARRRGGGGG" Cannondramon Said as he felt the pain of Stingmon kicking him in the Face

"Mine Turn Ex LASER!!" EX-Veemon said as He fired the laser in it hit him in the chest leaveing a x mark on him

"Iam not going down so easily Dynomo Cannon" Cannondramon said as he Shoots giant destructive beams and munitions from each gunport on his body.

"arhhhhh" They all said as they Dodge the beams and Munitions

"Lets Finish this Gargo Pellets" Gargomon Said as He Fired laser beams from the Gattling Guns on his arms at Cannondramon.

"yea X-Tornado" ExVeemon said as he uses his wings to make a tornado that hit Cannondramon .

Iam Tired of this ahhhhh!! Stinging Spiking Strike" Stingmon Said as he Kicks super fast at Cannondramon.

"ARRRRGGGGGGGG...I.....Can't..Believe....I was.....Beat ..By 3 champion...Level Digimon"Cannondramon said as he transformed into Digi-Data leave a digi-egg that flew south of that direction

"I knew we could do it" Ex-Vemmon Said as he De-Digivole back to Veemon

"That was harder than Usual" Stingmon said as he De-Digivole back to Wormmon

"Not uhhh" Gargomon Said as he De-Digivole To Terriermon

"You Guys Did great ,Iam proud of all of you" Yamagi Said while he smiled at his Digimon

"As a Gift you should let me ride on your head" Terriermon Said as he smiled back at Yamagi

"Fine" Yamagi said

"Yeaaa" Terriermon Said as he jump on his head

"Lets go" Wormmon said crawling on Yamagi's Shoulder

"Look There the Communication Center Teleporter come guys "Veemon Said as he waved his hand for yamagi

"Finally we did it"Yamagi said as he Ran towards Veemon

"yipppe we did it" Terriermo said

"I knew we could do it if we stuck together" Wormmon Said

"Communication Center here we come" yamagi said While all of them was teleporting to the Communication Center

January 14th, 2009, 2:30 PM
"So Savanna what do we do now," Takashi asked as he found a chair and sat down

"We should be thinking about how to get the fang back," UlForceVeedramon said.

"Yeah beat DeathXDorugoramon," Draco said making a fist.

"I'm hungry," Terra said out of the blue.

Takashi looked at Terra funny letting him know now is not the time.

"Well you guys should just go back to your regular activities," UlForceVeedramon said.

"Me and Crystal and handle things,"

"Not to be rude but do did you not see what DeathXDorugoramon can do?!" Takashi said.

"Your right then Crystal what do you think we should do?" UlForceVeedramon asked Crystal

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 14th, 2009, 3:56 PM
"I would just say go straight for him. You and Draco are right, the fang is important, but we have to at least have another reason to go." Crystal said.

Savanna looked at Takashi for a second, and back to Crystal.

"He took away Fang." Savanna said.

"Good enough... we have to plan ahead for this." said Crystal.

"Only our strongest digimon should go, so im going to stay here and watch TV." Calumon said.

"Right, so I guess I should stay too. I dont have any digivolutions. Ill stay and watch after Calumon." Buddy said.

"Renamon, you can come with us. Also, Kudamon, you can come too. Oh, and, Lunamon, you come too." Crystal said, getting her digimon.

"Guys, i'll be back." said Savanna as she headed out the door.

Yamagi Sosuke
January 14th, 2009, 5:14 PM
"Were finally here The communication center" Yamagi Said with excitement in his voice

"You know Yamagi I never though we would get here" Terreirmon Said

"Terriermon you never think" Veemon Said while Grinning

"Why you.Bunny Blast!!" Terriermon Said as he Fires one large concentrated blast at veemon

Veemon Dodges the Blast

"Are you crazy that could have really hur...." Veemon said before he was interrupted

Excuse me Gentlemen there is no playing in the communication center please go to your rooms and come out when you learn not to break advance technology thanks you and good-bye

"See what you guys did"Yamagi Yelled

"Yea look what you did"Wormmon said copying yamagi

January 14th, 2009, 5:46 PM
Toshiro waited nervousily outside of blue house sky wing . " Just go on and say hi! " said Arkdimon impaitently tapping his foot.

Commandramon scratched his head curiously he knew that Toshiro has been waiting for a friend so long ever since he had come too the Digital World.

Leormon jumped up and down as eager to make new friends as Toshiro himself was he had always been just like Toshiro.

Toshiro then opened the door and saw a boy with goggles , a Calumon, and a many different digimon. He said " Hello I am Toshiro my partners are Arkdimon, Commandramon, and Leormon and I was wondering if we could become friends ?".

January 14th, 2009, 6:27 PM
"Hello Toshiro I'm Takashi this is Terra, Xeth and Draco my Digimon," Takashi said.

"Hello," The Digimon all said.

"I'm Terra,"

"Draco here and nice to meet you,"

"Well it is my pleasure to meet new people and i am Xeth,"

Takashi looked at Xeth funny he never talks like that.

"How are you and what are you doing in the digital world?" Takashi asked Toshiro.

"Yes we can be friends," Terra said.

Yamagi Sosuke
January 14th, 2009, 6:56 PM
"Men I guess it's been long enough mayb i can go back out now" Yamagi wandered he peeked his head out side

'the coast is clear guys come on" Yamagi wispered to veemon,wormmon,terriermon

The 4 of them snuck out of the room and went to the closest teleporter and teleported to

"You guys ready for a another adventure" Yamagi said with a giant smile on his face

"you bet" Veemon said

"Yep lets go" Terriermon said jumping on yamagi,s head

"Okay lets go Yamagi " wormmon said crawling on Yamagi's Shoulder

They all waited to see where they were going

"well Yamagi" wormmon asked anxiously

"Hold on hold on iam about.. to tell you" Yamagi said

Wormmon looked at yamagi neverouly

"its a place called Blue House sky wi......" yamagi Yelled

Being transported before he could finish the locations name, it surprised Everybody when a tamer and his 3 digimon crashed in on them

"Ohhhh Yea guys wats going on" Yamagi said while scratching his head

after getting straight in off the floor they Yamagi decided to introduce himself

"A guys iam Yamagi and this are my best friends Wormonm,Veemon,and of Course Terriermon" Yamagi said with a welcoming smile on his face

"Nice to meet u guys" wormmon Said

"wat up guys " terriermon said

Yamagi looks up at terriermon like to say i wish you would be gentleman like

"................ " Veemon said

Yamagi bops Veemon on the head, Introduce yourself veemon

"Iam Veemon" Veemon mumbled

"Forgive Veemon" Yamagi says to the Guys

January 14th, 2009, 7:59 PM
Toshiro said " Well lately I've been pretty lonely despite my digimon's power. You see the day after I met my third partner, Arkadimon I've been attacked by a group of Digimon called the Shadow Raiders. One was a Raremon , another a DarkTyrannomon, and the last one is a SkullGreymon." He then patted his Digimon on the head and sighed . Suddenly a Raremon burst into the Blue Wing House saying " Hey kid your coming with me!" .

Toshiro grabbed his signature weapon a pair of tonfa and Commandramon said " Commandramon Digivolve to...... Sealsdramon!". Sealsdramon quickly dashed at the Raremon and said " Death Scrape!" . The Raremon was easily cut in half.

Yamagi Sosuke
January 15th, 2009, 9:00 AM
"Yamagi there strong" Terriermon Whispered

"Yea in whats with the Tonfa dose he help his digimon fight with those"Yamagi Whispered back to terriermon

"There not that strong we can take " Veemon said almost looking envious

"you have to at mit it, took all 3 of us just to take out Cannondramon" Wormmon whispered to terriermon and Veemon crawling beside yamagi

"Yea"Yamagi" said as took out his digivice staring at it, Like it could hold some new power

"Great Job Toshiro never seen a digimon taken out so quickly before" Yamagi said

January 16th, 2009, 12:42 PM
Takashi stood there and watched the two talked and the battle.

"Um not to be rude or anything but i got to go do something," Takashi said.

"You can come with me if you want," Takashi suggested.

"So where are you guys from?" Takashi asked walking off.

"Yeah yeah!" Terra yelled.

Yamagi Sosuke
January 16th, 2009, 1:31 PM
"Well iam from Kyoto in Japan, I met this guys when i came to the digital world for the first time" Yamagi said to takashi walking behind him

"Yep were his best Friends" Terriermon Said looking down on yamagi from his head

"Uh huh we have been together since the beginning" wormmon Said to Takashi

"Why are we telling this people all about us" Veemon yelled looking Fustrated

Yamagi looked at veemon like saying not again,Then turn to takashi again in begun walking again

"And Yea will come, I need a new adventure anyway" Yamagi said

"I agree its no Fun if its quite all the time" Terrermon Said

Terriermon grabing yamagi's hair like controlling a horse by its rein

"You sure we should trust this guy Yamagi"Veemon whispered to Yamagi

"He seems like a nice guy,You should trust people more Veemon" Yamagi Whispered back to Veemon

Yamagi begin to walk with Takashi his digimon followed

"So where we Going" Yamagi said to Takashi

January 31st, 2009, 6:55 PM
"Well actually i forgot where we are going," Takashi laughed.

Terra looked bummed out and Draco laughed.

"We might as well get something to eat," Xeth said as he listened to Terra's stomach growled.

"Ha ha well let's go get something to eat!" Takashi laughed as he walked off.

Yamagi Sosuke
January 31st, 2009, 7:17 PM
"Eat that's what iam talking about"Terriermon Said riding on yamagi head

"I guess i could go for something to eat"Yamagi said holding his hands over his head"what about you veemon wormmon

"i dont care i just cant wait for the up coming adventure" veemon said as he begin to walking beside yamagi

"Iam with all the way besides i iam kinda hungry"Wormmon said as he crawled on his other shoulder

"than its setteld lets go get somthing to eat "yamagi said as he followed takashi"So where are we going buddy" Yamagi said as he put his arm around him his head

February 18th, 2009, 5:31 PM
"A burger place!" Terra yelled.

"Alright Terra calm down don't kill yourself," Takashi laughed as he looked around.

"Over there!" Draco said flying towards the restaurant.

Takashi and the gang entered the restaurant and sat to a table. Fang was the first person to the menu.

"The Monster bacon burger!" Fang exclaimed.

"Hey yagami what do u want?" Takashi asked.

Yamagi Sosuke
February 19th, 2009, 3:53 PM
"I want a burger to " wormmon said crawling from yamagi's shoulder

"iam want a huge pizza "Yamagi said looking at terriermon

"i want what you having bud"Terriermon said grabing yamagi's hair

"just water" Veemon said leaning against the table

"Well there we go we all know what we want" Yamagi putting down his menu

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 20th, 2009, 5:53 AM
(Sorry im late guys. School, Emergency room, and my fathers house. those are pretty much the only places ive been lately...)

"Where'd he go this time?" Savanna said as she looked around for Takashi and the other guys.

"Buddy you think you could go look around? With you looking it would be quicker. Plus, I smell food. They are probably close by." Savanna giggled slightly at her last two sentences.

"Sure." Buddy said, taking off down the road in the direction of the smell.

Savanna walked slowly down the road, still looking with Labramon and Renamon.

"Why did I give up that fang to save Takashi from DeathXDorugoramon..." Savanna wondered.

(All of Savanna's digimon degenerated back into theyre rookie form.

February 20th, 2009, 12:06 PM
DeathXDorugamon sat in his chair in his new Headquarters putting the fang inside a crystal ball. "With this fang i can see anything!" He laughed. The ball showed Takashi and the other half Savanna. "What's this?" DeathXDorugamon said as the ball showed him being defeated by Alphamon. "Looks like the ball is telling me to kill Takashi and Xeth eh?" DeathXDorugamon said. "Rise DarkWargreymon, Darkmetalgarurumon go an take them out!" He ordered as they rose from the ground and flew out of the headquarters. "ChoasGallantmon!" DeathXDorugamon yelled. "Yes my lord?" ChoasGallantmon asked as he bowed. "It's time we woke up Yggdrasil!" DeathXDorugamon yelled. "I got a wierd felling," Xeth said. "Maybe it's the hamburger?" Takashi said as a small figure came flying towards them. "Hit the deck!" Xeth yelled as all of the went under the table as DarkWargreymon came crashing in.

Yamagi Sosuke
February 20th, 2009, 6:04 PM
As Xeth said hit the deck Yamagi grabbed Terriermon and pulled him to the ground as Veemon and Wormmon dodge by them selves"What the world A Black Wargreymon there rare i havnt seen one in awhile why is he here" Yamagi said as he stood back up

"Woah a where do you get off intterupting our dinner like that" Terriermon said walking up to Black Wargreymon

"Terriermon!!" Yamagi said as he grabed terrriermon"I dont think it very smart to yell at a mega like that" Yamagi whispered to terriermon

"Yamagi there's no reasoning with him were gonna have to fight ok" Veemon said with a deadly look on his face

"Watch out " Wormmon said as guidied missiles and lasers flew towards them

"awwwww"Yamagi yelled grabbing Veemon,Wormmon and Terriermon Than just as the missiles hit his digivice glowed with a intense glow out of the blindness Veedramon,Stingmon and Gargo mon stood in front of Yamagi

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 22nd, 2009, 5:54 PM
"Huh?" Buddy said as he heard a crash. He ran towards the crash and saw what was there. "BlackWarGreymon..." Buddy growled. Buddy looked to see what it was attacking. "Takashi!" Buddy yelled. Buddy howled and ran over to BlackWarGreymon. "Sticker Blade!" Buddy yelled as he hurled thousands of tiny blades at BlackWarGreymon's head. Buddy changed directions and headed towards Takashi.


Savanna heard Buddy's howl. "Lets go Labramon! You too, Renamon!" Savanna said as she ran towards the noise. "Stinks that I cant digivolve you guys anymore. I need the fang for that..." Savanna said, still running. "Why did you give up the fang for him, Savanna? That isnt like you." Renamon said. "I dont know, ok Renamon? I just... felt like I had to..." Savanna replied. "Guys, stop yapping! I see the place where Buddy is!" said Labramon as he bravely ran towards the opening. He stopped in his tracks once he got there. He backed up slightly. "Umm... Savanna? Your not going to like this right now..." Labramon said. Savanna walked up next to him. "Takashi!" Savanna yelled once she saw BlackWarGreymon. "Listen guys, we have to rely more on strategy for this instead of power, ok?" Savanna said nervously. Labramon and Renamon nodded. "Diamond Storm!" Renamon yelled as she ran out and launched a nimble attack at BlackWarGreymon's head, in the exact spot Buddy did. The cloud of razor-sharp shards hit his head. Labramon and Savanna rushed over to Takashi and Yamagi. "Everyone ok?" Savanna asked, ducking down next to Takashi. "Buddy, keep attacking with me if he strikes!" Renamon yelled to Buddy. "Ok!" Buddy barked back as he ran next to Renamon.

(LONG post...)

Yamagi Sosuke
February 23rd, 2009, 1:20 PM
Looking up at savanna"Iam okay but black wargreymon wont be get him guys

Stingmon rushed black wargreymon"Spiking Strike"a purple energy spikebursted from the spikes on his forearm Black Wargreymon floated to the side

"Stingmon your so weak let me show you how to destroy a mega stype"Veedramon said as he crushed the ground where his feet is so he wouldnt move"Ahhhhhh V-Breath Arrow MAX"energy shooting out of his chest an the shape of a big and powerful V-shaped heat beam and hitting Black Wargreymon Right in the chest smoke arise from the blast it was dark for a while

Gargomon looked at Blackwargreymon compelated that it wasnt done"Gargo Laser" Firing laser beams from the Gattling Guns on his arms in already dark area that Black Wargreymon was in only raising more smoke"There that should do it"Gargomon said looking at yamagi

Yamagi stands up smileing at them "Great job you guys iam prou...."Yamagi interupted as the smoke cleared he see the outline of Black MetalGarurumon Guarding Black wargreymon."Ohhh..ohhh what are they to think they took on Veedramon blast"Yamagi said backing up "Ive never seen such powerful Digimon Before"

February 27th, 2009, 11:56 PM
Name: Kam
Age: 15
Apperence:Carmel colored skin blue eyes 5'10 perfect smile 145 pounds and wheres and wears a Lot29 outfit with Black Jordans.
Digimon Team: Leomon, Candlemon, Renamon
History: Kam came on to the digiworld to get away from the this in the human world such as parents sperating and the recnt death of his bestfriend. He has spent alot of time avoiding lots of people but he gets a e-mail from the digi world from his best friend Mark he finally decides to investagate what he has learned the only digimon he has previously owned it Candlemon both Leomon and Renamon are fairly new to him.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 28th, 2009, 5:51 AM
Savanna nodded to Yamagi and walked over to Renamon, Labramon, and SangLoupmon.

"Ok you guys, remember to be cautous. These guys are tough. If you guys dont be careful out here, you know what could happen." Savanna warned the three digimon.

"Like Salamon." Renamon replied.

Savanna nodded.

Savanna walked back to Yamagi and Takashu and kneeled down next to them.

"So, what happened while I was gone?" Savanna asked.

Yamagi Sosuke
February 28th, 2009, 8:45 AM
Calming down and sitting down by savanna "Basically after the accident in the house we came here to eat and was interrupted by this guys" Yamagi said looking at her "Now on another hand i cant let mine digimon get hurt ive been with them since the beginning and there mine best friends i cant let them get hurt like that"yamagi said standing up"but what can we do" yamagi said to savanna

Veedramon and the others continues to fight both of mega digimon but nothing happening
there doing no damage

"this unbelievable there fighting mine digimon and your savanna but there not evening receiving hardly any damage out there" yamagi said cleaching his fist"if only i could get them to digivole to the next level men.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
February 28th, 2009, 12:10 PM
"Hey, I cant digivolve mine at all anymore but im not giving up. My digimon give me the courage to do all of this." Savanna said.

"I know it sucks but I never give up. If you truely believe in your digimon, youll let them fight." Savanna said, looking over to her two fighting digimon.

Savanna pet Labramon on the head.

"I always had Labramon by my side, and he never left me. It used to be the same with Ryuudamon and Salamon, but they are staying with Crystal, But no matter what, Labramon has always been by my side." Savanna said, and she looked at Labramon happily.

Labramon looked at her and smiled.

"Actually, Savanna gives me the same courage, and without her I wouldnt even be here! She is also always by my side, and I do the same as her and never give up!" Labramon said, looking at Yamagi and still smiling.

Yamagi Sosuke
February 28th, 2009, 6:05 PM
as his head went down shadows cover his eyes but at the bottom you could see him grin
"Your right savanna i should have more belief in them thanks you know savanna your really smart" yamagi said as he smiled at Savanna and labramon "OK, a you Black Wargreymon and you Black MetalGarurumon" Yamagi yelled as everyone stopped"Ok you guys i don't know why you attacked us but iam putting a end to this"Yamagi said as he Blue digi-soul begin to surround his body."Savanna this power was all thanks to your words now guys" Yamagi said looking at them you can do

stingmon stood up with yamagi's digi- soul around him healing up"Yamagi we can do this "Stingmon said as flash up to black wargreymon his did simple combat moves as they fought on equal power for a moment than a burst of dark energy came out of Black Wargreymon Pushing stingmon flying out of the sky to the floor

as veedramon watch him fall, his eyes glowed a dark blue color then The digi-Soul engulf Veedramon"Gargomon hold him still while i charge up

Smiling "no prob" then his digi-soul enveloped gargomon his eyes glowed all green"Here i come Gargo Laser," enlarge fire lasers the size of Basketballs went zooming towards both of them. then a giant explosion occurred

Veedramon begin to talk"Lets try this one more time full power V-Breath Arrow Overdrive. A Concentrated energy that was usually narrow . now was wide and 2x more powerful "This attack will Obligate you AWWWWW" Veedramon Said Firing the beam of energy. it Consumed them both. the blast was so powerful it wnet flying out of the area in to the mountain range behind them

all of them drained of energy collapsed and de-Digivoled back into Chibomon,Minomon, Gummymon
His digi-soul also drained. yamagi fell to his knees breathing heavily "did it work "

March 5th, 2009, 1:20 PM
Takashi watched as this all happened so fast infront of him and his digimon looking at him wandering what to do. "Let's end this now!" Black Wargreymon yelled. "DNA X-Anti body digivolve!" Black Wargreymon and Black Metal Garurumon yelled as the both flashed in dark light. "Black Omnimon X!" Black Omnimon yelled. "Alright guys let's see if we can pull of what we did las time!" Takashi yelled as he took out his digivice. "Digi Soul burst!" Takashi yelled as he swiped his digivice. "Agumon digivolve to!" Terra yelled. "Victory Greymon!" Victory Greymon yelled as he pulled out his sword. "Dracomon digivolve to!" Draco yelled as a bright light covered him. "SlayerDramon!" SlayerDramon yelled as he pulled out two swords. "Xeth get ready!" Takashi yelled. "Digi-Soul Fusion!" Takashi yelled as he turned into pure light and fused with Xeth. "Alphamon!" Alphamon yellled as he flew infront of the rest of them "Let's rock!" Alphamon yelled.

Black Omnimon

Yamagi Sosuke
March 5th, 2009, 2:00 PM
"There....amazing so strong"Minomon said barely awake

"I hate to admitted it but your right. There in a league of there own"Chibomon said putting his head down

"I cant believe this. we're helpless to do anything"Gummymon thought to himself

Looking at his digimon knowing that they were feeling bad about not being strong enough to help out.
Grinning his teeth"meeeeennnnn i know its not them my digi-soul isnt strong enough, i hate only being able to do nothing it's killing me inside"Yamagi said as he had his head down

Then out of nowhere he heard"Cheer up Yamagi its not your fault. were really strong just not stronger than them right now" minomon said looking at him

"Yeah and were not worried about that anyway will surpass them someday"Gummymon said jumping on his head

"There right but for now all we can do is watch them fight and learn from it" Chibomon said getting beside him.

Yamagi stood up"Your right guys i think i understand now thanks guys. A Takashi kick there butt" yamagi said looking at takashi

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
March 6th, 2009, 6:59 AM
Savanna nodded.

Even she believed in what the three digimon said.

She got up and faced her two battling digimon.

"Ok guys! Fight like you are Mega Levels!" Savanna smiled.

Renamon and SangLoupmon turned around and nodded.

"Diamond Storm!" Renamon yelled, and thousands of sharp diamonds hit BlackOmnimon's stomach.

"Sticker Blade!" SangLoupmon yelled, and launched thousands of blades at his stomach, also.

The attacks emerged from the two digimon and hit BlackOmnimon at the same time.

Sangloupmon ran over to Yamagi and his digimon.

"We could use some help, and some in-training digimon are perfect for the job." SangLoupmon smiled at Yamagi and his three digimon.

Renamon was keeping BlackOmnimon busy with a continuous Diamond Storm.

Yamagi Sosuke
March 6th, 2009, 11:06 AM
barely standing up "Your right lets ...Do this guys" Yamagi said standing up"Lets Help them out guys. attack"

Gummymon,Chibomon and Minomon all got in one line infront of yamagi on across.

chibomon looked at sangloupmon"Thanks We needed this,OK guys we can do this,even though were all in-training we can still fight" Chibomon said getting back in line."Ready,...Aim,.......Fire"Chibomon yelled

Minomon jumps up toward BlackOmnimon x"Pincone Attack " Minomon begin shooting pinecones at his enemy from his body.

Chibomon runs on the ground towards blackomnimon then jumps at Blackomnimon"Bubble Blow " chibomon said as he begins firing bubbles from his mouth hitting Blackomnimon with them.

Gummymon jump in yamagi hands .

Yamagi looked at gummymon"Gummymon what are you doing"Yamagi asked dissappointed in him. thinking he decided to abandon his friends

Gummymon looked up"Yamagi you know me better than that, now.. think you can give me boosts" Gummymon said facing blackomnimon

"ohhhh"Yamagi said getting gummymon's plan. Yamagi grabs hold of gummymon tightly.Than begin to spin, when he had got a good aim at blackomnimon. He throws gummymon as hard as he could at Blackominmon

Gummymon charge at BlackOmnimon "Bubble Blow" Gummymon said as he blew bubbles from his mouth at Blackomimon while charging at him

all this attack did not stop they continued it for the sake of everybody

Yamagi stood up "I want to help to he thought" Yamagi said as something caught his eyes " rocks i can throw rocks at him" Yamagi begin to throw rocks at the blackomnimon to.

March 6th, 2009, 3:17 PM
BlackOminmonX took all the hits and laughed. "Childs play," He said. "Garuru Cannon!" He yelled as a bright huge laser covered them all. Alphamon crashed next to Yagami, Terra landed next to Draco. "Yagami we're going to need your help so take some of my energy you'll be able to get your digimon to the Mega level," Alphamon said as a orb flew out of his hand and into Yagami's digivice. "Hurry!" Terra said as he got up and attacked BlackOmnimonX.

Yamagi Sosuke
March 6th, 2009, 3:50 PM
As the orb entered the Digivice.The digivice begin to crack.light begin to shine from the cracks.but soon after the light shine to bright and intensely and broke it.Only to form a new digivice. instead of it being just blue it was now a icy blue and white color. Yamagi and his digimon could feel a power they never felt before raging in there body's wanting to be free

Chibomon begin to glow a light blue ,Minomon a dark green and Gummymon begin to glow a light green

Yamagi stood up. his hair begin to flow upward. He Ignited his Digi-soul which was more powerful and intense then ever before. he then begin glow "Thanks takashi," Yamagi said looking at him. Then he turned to his digimon "You Guys Ready,"Yamagi said holding his digivice towards them"DIGI-SOUL CHARGE OVERDRIVE !!!!" yamagi said as his digi-soul begin to form into a concentrated energy. that formed into his palm. as he swipe his hand on the digivice the three digimon begin to glow more

Chibomon,Minomon and Gummymon begin to rise to the sky

"Chibomon double warth digivole to" chibomon said he body begin to grow.out of the light. a giant blue armored digimon appear "ULTRAFORCEVEEDRAMON!!!"

"Minomon double warht digivole to" Minomon said as he body begin to widen and sprout wings.when the light disparced. A black striped,orange hair insect digimon appear."GRANDKUWAGAMON!!"

"Gummymon double warth digivole to" Gummymon grew tremendouly in height.when the light broke.A giant green amored digimon appeared."MEGAGARGOMON!!"

Yamagi smiled at how awesome his digimon looked as he smiled he remember this was not the time admiring.His expression changed to a serious look as he stared at Blackomnimon"Guys were gona destroy this guy"

Ultarforceveedramon standing of Megagargomon Shoulder"Hmp this power is overwhelming" UFVeedramon said looking at blackomnimon

Megagargomon looking up at the enemy"this guys don't stand a chance now"

Grandkuwagamon flying beside megagaromon "This is for Yamagi" looking straight up at BlackOmnimon"A WERE GOING TO DESTROY YOU !!" grandkuwagamon said looking deadly serious

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
March 8th, 2009, 12:46 PM
Savanna watched in amazement as the digimon evolved.

She looked back down at Labramon.

"Im going in Savanna." said Labramon.

Labramon ran up to the digimon that were fighting.

"Retribark!" Labramon yelled as he let out an ultra-high frequency bark.

"Guys, im thinking if we can all attack at the same time it might work." Labramon said.

Suddenly BlackOmnimon launched a large Supreme Cannon attack at Labramon.

"Labramon, look out!" SangLoupmon yelled.

SangLoupmon jumped in front of the large blast, and fell to the ground.

He started to glow yellow and de-digivolved back to his rookie form, Gazimon.

Labramon looked over at Gazimon and growled at BlackOmnimon.

Yamagi Sosuke
March 8th, 2009, 7:54 PM
Yamagi seeing the Gazimon on the ground enraged him"OK this ends here iam tired of seeing my friends being HURT!!!"Yamagi yelled at Black Omnimon"A guys destroy this guy"Yamagi said to his digimon

They begin to slowly fly towards Black Omnimon

MegaGargomon begin to take the lead flying faster than the rest"Iam going to take you out before they get to"MegaGargomon said Raising his left fist up "Power Pummel!!!" it almost sound as if it echoed trough out the Area.He then brought his fist down on Black omnimon X.But it stop coming down.Then MegaGargomon begin struggling keeping it down.

Black Omnimon begin raising the arm up with his one hand "Patheic you take me out yeah right" He said as kicked MegaGargomon down to the ground creating a crator where he landed

As UlforceVeedramon looked at Megagargomon land "MegaaaGargooomonnn!!!" UlforceVeedramon yelled watching his friend fall

GrandKuwagamon begin flying towards Black omnimon "I'll get you for that"He said as he flew towards BlackOmnimon"X-Scissor Claw" Grandkuwagamon said as he grabbed Blackomnimon with his pincers and kept flying into the sky.Gradkuwagamon begin to smile but it quickly turn into a surprised stare

Blackomnimon begin prying himself free from the pincers.He than head butted Grandkuwagamon."Ahhh"grandkuwagamon yelled in pain.Blackomimon than pointed his cannon at him"Garuru Cannon!!" he yelled as the blast hit Grandkuwagamon close range and sending him flying on the other side of UlforceVeedramon

Seeing Grandkuwagamon sent crashing down as well "Grandkuwagamonn!!"He said as he watch him falling"argggggg BLACKOMNIMON" He said as he begin flying towards BlackOmnimon X and stops infront of him"I dont know why you keep doing this but this ends here Ulforce Saber!! "he said as a blue energy sword extends at from his rigth V-bracelet

Black Omnimon grinns "Hummp Come on " Blackomnimon said as he thrust out his Grey Sword.

(Hope you didnt mind i used Black OmnimonX for a little while)

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
March 10th, 2009, 10:44 AM
Gazimon got up slowly. He stared at where Megagargomon has fallen. He glanced over to BlackOmnimon once more. He growled slightly, but ran over to MegaGargomon and GrandKuwagamon. Gazimon's paws were sore, but he stopped by the two large digimon. "You two ok?" Gazimon said. Renamon stared at BlackOmnimon ruthfully. "Fox Flash Attack!" Renamon yelled. She launched herself up at BlackOmnimon's face and started scratching and kicking. Labramon went over to MegaGargomon and GrandKuwagamon quickly. He felt as if i was just out of instinct. "Cure Liquor!" Labramon yelled.


Nothing really happens when you use cure liquor except you can heal a fallen friend with it. =3

Yamagi Sosuke
March 10th, 2009, 1:13 PM
Yamagi looking at savanna "thanks Again"Yamagi said

Beginning to stand MegaGargomon looked up at UlForceVeedramon and Black Omnimon X
"A!!! UlForceVeedramon Get out the way,Iam going to take this guy out with everything i got Mega Barrage!!! " He yelled as missile and bullets came flying out towards Black Omnimon X from every part of MegaGargomons Body.

UlforceVeedramon Stood in front of Black Omnimon as soon as the missiles was inches from him he uses his extreme speed to get far enough out the way of the missiles

Black Omnimon stood there.Grabbing his cape he covered himself with protecting him from the missiles.

As MegaGargomon notice that his supreme attack had no damage what so ever He begin to lose confidence in his abilities "there's just no way he could take that attack
MegaGargomon said sitting down on the ground in shock

Grandkuwagmon looked at MegaGargomon "this is not the time for this you idiot get up we got to fight with them"Grandkuwagomon said flying towards him.

UlforceVeedramon out of nowhere appeared in Black Omnimon's face"I didn't think you was this fast UlForceVeedramon "Black Omnimon said raising up his cannon.UlforceVeedramon disappeared as soon as he lifted his cannon

Grandkuwagmon flying towards him started charging up an attack"get ready you monster Grand Darkness Attack " GKuwagmon said as a dark energy beam begin to form in between his pincers "HERE WE GO!!!"he said as he fired the energy beam off at the Supreme Cannon attack.

As they Collided a giant blast exploded blowing Gkuwagmon into the ground again while Black Omnimon just stood there as smoke and dust collided with his body

UlforceVeedramon tired of seeing hi friends get hurt as teleporting in front of Black Omnimon entering close range combat with him.As they zip and zoomed across the sky mostly only thing people could see was giant shock waves made of there punches colliding with each other

Yamagi stared up there wondering why only UlfroceVeedramon could at least give him a little challenge"Iam not getting this there all mega types whats going on."Yamagi said as it hit"Maybe its because he's a royal knight ...but that cant be could it"Yamagi thought to himself as the ferocious battle rage on

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
March 10th, 2009, 3:22 PM
Labramon, Gazimon, and Renamon watched as the digimon attacked BlackOmnimonX. Suddenly, they heard a voice. "Solar Roar!" siad the voice, now more clearly. Suddenly a large, Bird-like Tiger digimon ran by. They noticed a human on its back. Suddenly, they realized who the figure was. The large digimon sent a green pulse of energy out of its mouth and at BlackOmnimonX. It turned around after launching the attack. As it zoomed towards them, it gained speed. Suddenly it stopped in front of them. Crystal jumped off of its back. "Gryphomon, attack." Crystal said calmly. It roared loudly and joined in the fray. Crystal got out a whistle and blew it. Two other digimon ran and appeared in front of them. One was a Raptor, it had sharp claws and teeth, and it had orange scales and blades covering it's body. The other one was a pink Fox-like digimon that stood on two legs and it's front paws were scythes. "Kyukimon, Spinomon, attack." Crystal said to the two digimon, calm as always. Labramon was afraid to see Kyukimon fight. Kyukimon looked at Labramon sadly and ran over to the fight. "Trinary Star!" yelled Kyukimon. She crossed her scythes and stars emerged from them. She hit the stars with her scythed and launched them at BlackOmnimonX. "Blue Prominance!" Spinomon yelled, launching a stream of blue fire out of his mouth at BlackOmnimonX. Labramon stared as Kyukimon kept hitting the stars at BlackOmnimonX.

Yamagi Sosuke
March 10th, 2009, 4:21 PM
Yamagi notice as UlforceVeedramon and Black Omnimon x was fighting that Omnimon was hit with a sorta of star technique

UlForceVeedramon looked down to see where it came from only to see a Kyukimon and a Spinomon "I hope you guys are on my team"UlForceVeedramon said "Cause if your not you better be strong"UlforceVeedramon said

Yamagi stood up"Dont worry UlForceVeedramon they are, just concentrate on Black OmnimonX"Yamagi said

UlforceVeedramon and the two other digimons Continued fighting Black OmnimonX

Black Omnimon X backed up a reasonable distanice to charge his next attack"Iam tired of you pests Die...Supreme Cannon"Black Omnimon X said UlforceVeedramon headed up to meet him in the sky when he saw the strongest supreme cannon yet. "the others on the ground could easily be hurt"UF Veedramon thoguht to himself .he begin to fly back as fast as he could"RUN, RUN BACK" UlforceVeedramon yelled they all begin running back to the ground to get there tamers out of there. UlforceVeedramon seeing the blast was coming to fast tries to slow it down.UF Veedramon turn's around"Tensegrity Shield"UlforceVeedramon yelled as Yamagi's digi-soul aura begin to come out of his right V bracelet to create a gigantic Shield.It slowed it down and weakened it but it still crashed down on UFVeedramon pretty hard sending him into the ground harder than the others.

Yamagi ran up to creator "UlforceVeedramon you ok"nate said as he notice megagargomon and Gkuwagmon was behind him "there no way anybody can survive an attack like that ....Iam tired of this iam going to kill him even if it cost me my life"Gkuwagmon said. as he said that a Navy blue light burst from the crater Ulforce Veedramon came out looking like he didn't even get hit
Black Omnimon X begin to float over to the crater "That's right i forgot you have the power Call UlForce it a regenerate ability.only me you and alphamon down there can use "Black Omnimon X said as he begin to charge another one

"NOOOO!!!"UlforceVeedramon said as he charge and grabbed Black Omnimon X tightly and begin dragging him into the sky with him.Yaamgi begin pacing"Men i cant see anything"Yamagi said as he turned to alphamon noticing somthing .

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
March 11th, 2009, 6:22 AM
Labramon ran over to Kyukimon and Spinomon. "Nobody says a dog cant heal... CURE LIQUOR!" Labramon barked out as he ran towards them. Labramon sat next to them. "Looks like I will just stand back and heal if anybody gets hurt. Labramon said. Spinomon and Kyukimon got up. Labramon looked at Kyukimon, as if to say "please dont go...". Kyukimon looked back at him in responce. "Labramon, I have to go. Just promise me youll heal everybody if they get hurt badly." Kyukimon said in a somewhat girlish voice. She turned around and started using Trinary Star on BlackOmnimonX. Spinomon and Gryphomon then joined in by Spinomon using Blue Prominance, and Gryphomon by using Solar Roar. Labramon watched as the three fought. He then nodded and turned around so he could go back to Savanna and Crystal, but he hesitated. He looked back at Kyukimon. "I want to digivolve so I can fight... with Kyukimon..." Labramon said softly. He put his head down and just layed where he was. Suddenly he started glowing. "What the..." Labramon said. "Hey! I can Digivolve! But, how?" Labramon asked himself. "Oh well, forget that!"

"Labramon Ancient Digivolve to...

AncientGreymon!" Labramon yelled, now standing in a large, four-legged, winged dragon form.

He flapped his large, fiery wings and flew up in the air with UlForceVeedramon. "Gaia Tornado!" AGreymon yelled as he ensnared the BlackOmnimonX within a maelstrom of Earth's atmospheric energies. "Need help?" asked AGreymon, grinning slightly.


"What? How the heck did Labramon just digivolve!?!?!? Thats supposed to be impossible without that fang!" Savanna yelled. She was about to go crazy just now. "Calm down, you should jut be happy he did. If Labramon didnt digivolve, UlForceWeedramon would be fightning up there all by himself unless anybody found a way to fly." Crystal said. She had made a good point there. "Well, I guess your right. But I still dont get how he digivolved..." Savanna said to herself. "I wonder the same thing." Renamon said as she walked up behind Savanna. "Yeah, same here..." Gazimon said. Gazimon jumped up on Savanna's shoulder.


Heres AGreymon- http://wikimon.net/Ancient_Greymon

Heres Kyukimon- http://wikimon.net/Kyukimon

Heres Spinomon- http://wikimon.net/Spinomon

And Heres Gryphomon- http://wikimon.net/Griffomon

Just Incase I Didnt Describe Enough On My Last posts. ;)

Yamagi Sosuke
March 11th, 2009, 12:58 PM
As labramon Ancient Digivole Yamagi looked at the amazing digimon that had appeared from him "AncientGreymon that's a rare digimon"Yamagi said as he looked at him fly towards the fight in the air.Yamagi turned to savanna"This should be a piece of cake now"Yamagi said beginning to look up in the air

UFVeedramon bounce back as he and Omnimon clashed together.Soon afterward he notice AGrey rise out of the clouds and he heard "Gaia Tornado!" Uf-Veedramon looked at Black Omnimon as a maelstrom of Earth's atmospheric energies surrounded him. AGrey mon looked at him "Need Help?".UF-Veedramon looked at him "Wouldn't mind some how are my fr"Ul-Veedramon said as he was interrupted as he heard Black Omnimon say"Transcended Sword and broke the attack.Ul_Veedramon got in his stance.

Black Omnimon started floated towards them "Another one (Sighs)Ill enjoy killing both of you"Black Omnimon said as he extended his garuru cannon "Supreme Cannon"

Ul-Veedramon and Agreymon flew out the way. Ul-Veedramon charge him.He clash his Energy Sword with his Trasncended Sword."You wont win Black Omnimon Just give up" Ul-Veedramon said as he grabbed Black Omnimon tightly "NOW AGREYMON ATTACK NOW"Ul-Veedramon yelled

Yamagi keeps his head towards the air hoping Ul-Veedramon and AGreymon is ok "You guys can do it i know you can"Yamagi said gripping his Digivice even tighter.

(Hope you didn't mind i used AGreymon for that little bit)

March 12th, 2009, 3:58 PM
Alphamon shocked by what's all is happening and laughed a bit. "Well BlackOmnimon X you can't win," Alphamon said. DeathXDorugoramon sat in his chair and raised his hand. "All Forces now is the time to attack show no mercey!" DeathXDorugoramon commanded. "ChoasGallantmon come with me," DeathXDorugoramon said getting up and walking off. "Yes sir," He answered following him. The sky was filled with portals suddenly hords of Digimon came out of the portals. "It's time to end this," Alphamon said flying towards the army.

Yamagi Sosuke
March 12th, 2009, 5:09 PM
Yamagi begin to notice portals opening up everywhere digimon poured out of them"Oh man this is not good not good at all"Yamagi thought

As UF-Veedramon as a tight grip on Black Omnimon X he notice all the digimon Pouring out the portal he looked at Black Omnimon"Friends of yours"Uf-Veedramon asked he loosened his Grip and flash back "Ive been saving this attack for a moment like this"UF-Veedramon as he pumped his chest up

Black omnimon stood there in front of the digimon army,Looking at Ul-Veedramon

MegaGargomon stood up "i may not be able to help Ul-Veedramon and the others fight black omnimon but i can surly handle than"Megagarmon said as Gkuwagmon flew over his head"Right lets help them out"Gkuwgamon

Megagargomon stepped back "AHHHHh Mega Barrage" He yelled as the missile shoot out his body towards the giant army. Explosions of light filled the sky as the missiles hit the digimon."Nice on MegaGargomon My turn though"G kuwagamon said as he pincers begin to glow like the Grand Darkness attack but it's stronger"Awwww Zone black hole"Grandkuwagamon yelled as a concentrated beam of black energy shoot from the middle of the pincers going across an section of the digimon army destroying all instantly."Told you"GKuwagamon said as he continue to attack with the Grand Darkness attack and Megagargomon with Gargo Missiles.

Yamagi smiled looking at his digimon work together to beat this new enemy"Great Job Guys keep up"Yamagi said as started looking at the sky

Ul-Veedramon begin to Exert more power than ever before His Chest getting bigger and bigger.The V begin to glow"(Laughing)Black Omnimon This ends Here"UF-Veedramon said as his chest final finish growing"AWWWWWWW THE RAY OF VICTORY "Ul-Veedramon Yelled as a Blue glowing energy Ray Engulf Black Omnimon and the Digimon Behind him in a bright Light.

Yamagi staring in the sky begin seeing a gigantic Bright light shining from the sky blinding Yamagi"(Covering his eyes)What is that light"Yamagi said as waited the light to dem out

UF-Veedramon Exhausted from the blast begin float down"(In pain from the strain of his body)My Ul-Force isn't going to help me this time its going to take some time to heal from that"Ul-Veedramon thought to himself as he floated from the sky

Everybody Waited for the smoke to clear to see what the results was.

March 13th, 2009, 11:12 AM
"For a long time ChoasGallantmon my team as been cursed into stone, now that i have to fang I'll be able to bring them back," DeathXDorugoramon said walking into a room with stone statues and put the fang into a orb. "Now awaken my fallen partners!" DeathXDorugoramon yelled as the statues started to move. "Arkadimon super ultimate form!" DeathXDrougoramon yelled as a giant spider like digimon came out of the stone and flew into a portal. "Next is Chronomon Destroy mode!" He yelled as a machine like red Dragon digimon busted the stone and flew into the same portal. "My pet Cerberumon X!" DexDorugoramon exclaimed as a 3 headed dog digimon came out and flew into the portal.

"This next guy almost destroyed all of us Lucemon Shadow lord mode!" DexDorugoramon said as a black dragon crushed the stone and flew out. "One of my friends Cerubimon got free awhile ago and left, but this next guys i great...A digimon with great power Belphmon Rage Mode!" DexDorugoramon exclaimed as the digimon turned the stone into dust from it's great power and flew off into the portal. "Now let's go," DexDorugoramon said as he and ChoasGallantmon flew through the portal.

The smoke cleared showing Cerubimon had created a force field around the army. "Now my friend come out," Cerubimon said as Beelzemon Blast mode came out of a portal. "Hello," He said. "I have to step up my game," Alphamon said as he started to glow. "I am Alphamon Ultimate King Dragon!" Alphamon UKD said as a sword appeared and flew into his hand. As soon as Terra was about to attack two portals appeared, one with DexDorugoramon and his team and UlForceVeedramon and his army. "Let's start this Chorono cannon!" Chronomon said as a laser came out of his mouth big enough you engulf them all.

Yamagi Sosuke
March 13th, 2009, 12:12 PM
As UF-Veedramon was floating down he saw a glowing light an the corner of his eye he turned around and notice that Alphamon had evolved even further.Than a giant sword launched into his hand."His power has surpass us all once again....(Feeling peacefully) Good" UF-Veedramon said as he begin to de-digivole into Veemon.He begin to fall at high speeds into the ground.

Yamagi looked into the sky see a red glow as Veemon begin to fall"(losing breathe)".Megagaromon flew up to Veemon and caught him in his hands"Awww men you tried so hard and this happens"MegaGargomon said as he dropped down by Yamagi and puts veemon on the ground near him.Yamagi begin to tear up"A buddy you ok. maybe if i give you some of my digi-Soul"Yamagi said as he begin to place his hands over him.His blue digi-soul formed around his hand over Veemon entire body."Ok guys help Alphamon out.Megagargomon and Gkuwagmon begin to fly up there but then begin to Glow yellow and get smaller."What the"MegaGargmon said as he went to terriermon."Ohh no not now"Gkuwagamon said as he went back to wormmon.

Yamagi still infusing his digi-soul into veemon looked up and saw the de-digivole.he suddenly stopped and ran to them "What happened you guys ok"Yamagi said worried
"Were OK just out of energy"terriermon said angrily.Wormon paced the floor"Why why won't we strong enough"wormon said Frustrated.

Then suddenly the sky lite up with light,the earth seem to tremble in fear as the ground begin to shake.Wormon decided it would be best if he went ahead in climb on his head.Every body looked up and saw the biggest energy beam coming towards them. ready to engulf that entire area"Guys we have to get out of here"Yamagi said as he begin to run with Terriermon beside him and wormon on his head.as he ran up to Veemon to pick him up he realize he wont be able to escape the blast.Yamagi felt like this could be the end he start remembering everything him and his partners had been through."All i want to do is Protect them"Yamagi thought.His eyes begin to tear up again has he looked at the unconscious veemon.Wormon and terriermon tried to get him up but he wouldn't budge"Come on Yamagi lets go"Terriermon said pulling at the end of his shirt."Yea lets go no more playing"wormmon pulling his hair as hard as he could.Yamagi couldn't hear anything all he could think about is getting them OK.He gathered wormon and terriermon under him and covered them with his body.

March 19th, 2009, 4:50 PM
"I got em'," Chronomon DM said as the smoke started to clear up. "Think again," UlForceVeedramon said as he and AlphamonUKD had made a force field. "Terra, Draco go!" AlphamonUKD ordered as Terra and Draco flew at the army. "Digilize of Soul!" AlphamonUKD yelled as thousands of lasers came out of his hands. UlForceVeedramon flew straight for DexDorugoramon as cerubimon and Chronomon DM blocked him. "Move now!" UlForceVeedramon yelled. "Make us!" Chronomon DM said as Terra slamed into him and Draco into cerubimon. "Thanks," UlForceVeedramon said flying towards DexDorugoramon. "I'm coming for you!" He yelled.

Yamagi Sosuke
March 21st, 2009, 12:07 AM
Yamagi uncovered them as he thought it was ok now."You guys ok!"Yamagi said as he looked down. Wormon and Terriermon looked up "Yea"wormon said,"Iam ok i think"Terriermon said check his body. Yamagi smiled than turned around to the battle"OK UlforceVeedramon and Alphamon go get them"Yamagi said as looked back at terriermon and Wormmon exhausted lying back to back.

UlforceVeedramon flew past Cerubimon and Chronomon DM as Terra and Draco slammed into them."Thanks"UlforceVeedramon said as he was flying towards DexDorugamon "Iam coming for you"UlforceVeedramon said charging at him.As he charge at him Belphemon Rage mode and ChaosGallantmon jumped in the way."I dont think so blue boy"Belphemon said as stopped UlforceVeedramon.UlforceVeedramon stopped"Arggggg Get out of the way before i make you"UlforceVeedramon said Frustrated.

Yamagi looked at the fight as UlforceVeedramon confronted both Belphemon and ChaosGallantmon it was obvious that UlforceVeedramon was having some trouble.

UlforceVeedramon blocked bephemon's punch with his left v braclet and Dodge chaosgallantmon right punch.ChaosGallantmon back up"Judecca Prison"ChaosGallantmon yelled as he aimed for UlforceVeedramon.This attack was so fast Ulforceveedramon barley had time to dodge

As Yamagi watched the fight he notice somthing was coming for him a lighting bolt he though.As Terriermon heard the fighting he saw the attack going for yamagi.Yamagi stunned from the shock of the attack coming for him it seemed like everything slowed up as everyone was fighting.

UlforceVeedramon stopped fighting"YAMAGI!!!!"UlforceVeedramon yelled.Alphamon looked that way towards Yamgi.Terra and Draco holding off Chronomon Dm and Cerubimon looked that way to.

Yamagi think of his life as just when the attack was about to hit him.Terriermon running faster than before to reach him"Huh.. huh..i got to make iam the closest am the only person who can do this"Terriermon said as he ran towards Yamagi with tear drops in his eyes.As Yamagi closed his eyes ready for the attack to hit him.He heard a sound he was to familiar with.Yamagi begin to tear up.He knew that was the sound of Terriermon being hit.He looked down at terriermon on the ground with charges running through his body

UlforceVeedramon begin to tear up,He looked at ChaosGallantmon with intent to kill "You You.. Fing Monster iam going to literally rip you apart"UlforceVeedramon said as he begin fighting Belphemon and Chaosgallantmon but this time it was more fiercer and anger rage through out the body. Wormon crawled to him and yamagi crying tears dripping on the ground

Yamagi drug his feet to terriermon,He dropped to his knees"Awww man terriermon why"Yamagi said as he picked him up

Terriermon looked up at yamagi than he smiled at him"Yamagi you worry to much"Terriermon said as as his body begin to digitize

Yamagi begin to really break down as he saw terriermon's legs digitize"Terriermon i need you please"Yamagi begged.Terriermon put his left ear on yamagi"men did i teach you nothing iam not gone forever ill come back just look where only you would"Terriermon last words as he digisoul spread across the field.

Yamagi sat there incomplete silence Wormon crawled over to him.before wormon could reach him.Yamagi begin to tremble.Yamagi's anger made him tremble.A dark red glow overtook his normal blue aura "IAM DONE!!"Yamagi yell he got up and begin to walk around"You guys just come around think you run things iam done taking this you attack us and the people in the shop.Than my friends.Now terriermon"Yamagi said trying to shake this anger off but he couldn't bring his old self back, he was being overtaken with anger with in him.
Wormon begin to be scared of this Yamagi he begin to back he never felt such pure anger and desire to kill.Yamagi begin doing strange body movements.He begin to laugh"Iam going to kill every single one of you.

UlforceVeedramon stopped fighting in begin feeling a intense pain in his Core"Awww this hurts what is this"UlforceVeedramon gripped his heart area.He looked at yamagi"This is his emotions"UlforceVeedramon said.Everyone had eyes and ears on yamagi.

"You"Yamagi said staring at Chaosgallantmon."I want you to pay"Yamagi fell to the ground and begin holding his stomach.His digivice overfilled with bad energy exploded fully.Yamagi yelled in pain His eyes like a cat.His body glow red.His intense and only desire gave him the ability to become one with UlforceVeedramon.

As yamagi shot into Ulforceveedramon he yelled and pain and begin to glow and terror filling voice.ULFORCEVEEDRAMON DIGIVOLE TO NECROSVEEDRAMON" Out of the glow A dark digi armored ULFVeedramon appeared with spiks coming down his back.Instead of the V on his chest he had a Digital hazard sign on his chest.Looking up at Chaosgallantmon. ChaosGallantmon seemed unphased by this transformation.NecrosVeedramon Flashed in front of him.By the time ChaosGallantmon notice him there he grabbed him by the throat.His eyes red NecrosVeedramon put his hand in straight sword like hand and peirce ChaosGallantmon through the chest he instantly turned into digilize energy only to sucked into the hazard sign on his chest.NecrosVeedramon begin laughing from pure enjoyment of taking Chaosgallantmon life. Wormon begin to be terrified and hid behind a rock hoping this was all a dream.
NecrosVeedramon looked down and Saw AlphamonUKD and Charge him with a evil grin on his Face.

March 30th, 2009, 2:25 PM
Terra pushed Chronomon DM off of him and flew towardsNecrosVeedramon. "No!" Alphamon UKD yelled. "I will stop him," Alphamon UKD said as he put his hand towards NecrosVeedramon. "I am sorry," Alphamon UKD whispered. "Digitalize of soul!" He yelled as thousands of green laser flew at NecrosVeedramon causing a giant explosion. "Arggh," DexDorugoramon said as he covered himself. "I've had enough men come here!" DexDorugoramon ordered as the rest of his team gather around him. "NOW!" He yelled as his army disappeared into portals and a giant black and red sphere appeared and covered the sky. "Now you will Die all of you will Die!" DexDorugoramon said as they tossed the sphere at them. "Quick everyone run, Terra, Draco come here," Alphamon UKD said. Suddenly a bright blue aura appeared. "Takashi it's me Fang here to help you," Fang's aura said. "What?!" Takashi said inside of Alphamon UKD. "Digimon never really die," Fang said pointing to the sphere. "Right Alphamon UKD said as he looked towards the sky the sphere coming faster. "We all might die but it's worth the safety of our friends and the digital world!" He said as they all put there hands together. "Digitalize of Soul!" Alphamon UKD yelled as a giant green orb appeared and they shot it at DexDorugoramon. "No this can't be happening," DexDorugoramon yelled as the explosion covered him.