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May 11th, 2008, 8:28 PM
[Note: Despite the title, this RP relies very little on the plot of the game; only the concept. You won't have needed to play the game to understand this RP.]

Introduction: The Reaper's Game
In the Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo, Japan, a game was created. It was called the Reaper's Game. The players: the recently deceased. The playing field: an alternate version of the Shibuya shopping district where the players can only been seen by other players, and life around them continued as if they weren't there. Basically, the players were like ghosts. The jist of the game is was as follows: the players, against their will, are thrown into the game after passing away. The game lasted for one week at a time, during which time the players were given new tasks by the reaper in charge, the Game Master, every day. If the players could overcome these tasks, then they would be granted another chance at life. However, this game was a little more than a walk in the park. Skeletal, animal-like monsters known as "Noise" impeded the movements of the Players. If the Players could not fend off these creatures, physical manifestations of people's negative thoughts and feelings, which were summoned by the Reapers, then they would be erased, which was the equivalent of true death. Players also faced erasure if they could not complete the tasks. It was the duty of the black winged Reapers to erase the Players before the game could be won. A cruel game to get caught up in.

Story: Expansion
As time passed, the Reaper's game spread farther and farther until it was adopted in many locations other than Shibuya. In fact, it spread beyond the borders of Japan, as more and more Composers seemed to catch onto the genius of such a spectacle. You see, the game was designed so that the Players would be given a chance to look at themselves. This was accomplished by forcing the Players to pay an entrance fee. The fee was chosen for them, and was always composed of what the Player held dearest, be it a person, a memory, a physical attribute, a personality trait, whatever.

Our particular story takes place on the oceanside city of Everett, a large, multicultural (yet fictional) city located in England. With a Composer established, Reaper Games became a common event, although only those having been exposed to it would have any idea it existed. One day, you awaken suddenly amidst the streets of Everett, a strange black pin in your hand. You find that nobody around you can see or communicate with you, yet somehow you can read their thoughts utilizing the strange pin. You phone suddenly goes off, and upon checking it, you see a text message from an unknown sender that says, "Get to Helli Tower or face erasure. You have 60 minutes. - The Reapers". You're skeptical for a moment, but reality stuck in you like a tetnis shot as an unbearable pain erupts from your hand, a ticking timer appearing on it. Shortly afterwards, you find yourself confronted with some strange creatures that seem intent on taking you down. But, you have no way to defend yourself!

Explanation: Players
As a Player, it is your responsibility to complete the tasks assigned to you by the Reapers, or else you will be erased. To become a player of the Reaper's Game, two qualifications must be met. First, you must have died, and second, you must give up that which is dearest to you. If you win, not only will you be given a second chance at life, but your entrance fee will be returned to you. The game is not that simple, however. To get to certain locations, and to keep yourself from erasure, you must defeat creatures known as "Noise". To damage these creatures, you must form a pact with one other Player. This Player will become your partner, and together you can overcome all of the tasks. You see, only one set of partners needs to complete the tasks for everyone to be safe from erasure, but slacking is generally bad if everyone does it. You can defend yourself using Pins; items that grant you the use of psyches, psychic powers that can deal damage in many different ways. Your player pin grants you the ability to 'scan' people, which essentially is reading their minds. You can also engage in battles with Noise by scanning for them. Pins could hold powers ranging from creating fire, energy that can be used like a blade, or even moving objects.

The Rules
1. For this RP, all posts need to be done in FIRST PERSON. Everyone seems to do third person nowadays, so I thought this might make it more interesting
2. Follow the normal rules for PC and this forum.

The Form

Entrance Fee: (The thing your character holds dearest. There is no limit to what this could be.)
Pins: (Only three for now, not counting your Player Pin. You can create any pins you want, just don't make them too uber.)
Partner: (Leave this blank for now, and you can pick a partner after more people have signed up.)

RP Sample:

May 13th, 2008, 12:58 PM
I've wondered what this game would be like...looks like I got to find out! *grins* Also note i'll be keeping to SE's tradition of over-the-top, big and awsome looking clothing xD

Name: Raxhu Takami
Age: [deceased] 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Raxhu stands about 5'8" and has white blond hair, save the crimson bangs that jut out in three large spikes from just above his forhead. His hair(blond) hangs down in a ponytail down to his shoulderblades and bound by a small crimson band. He wears a white shirt with grey pockets on the front, and balck patches on his sides and right sleeve. Overtop the collar of the shirt is what appears to be a crimson scarf of some sort, but dosnt flow behind him like a normal one. Instaid it simply sits --slightly crumpled-- on his shoulders, a zipper at the front with black designs on either side. His pants are nothing special, a light grey in color, but with black flames going up the backs of the legs, up to the backs of the knees. His shoes are squarish, a zipper running along the top of the grey surface, crimson streaks at the front while black ones accompany the heels, which are unseen as the pantlegs hang down over them. His eyes are a dull, mint green in color.

Personality: Raxhu is very energetic and outgoing, and likes to be around people. Childish most times, he can be very diciplined on occasion however, as he has a strong desire to protect those importatnt to him.. He will only use his fighting abilities on these creatures, and to protect people, however, never on another 'living' soul that are taking place in the "Twisted game we've come to find ourselves in" as he would put it. A very plesant person to be with, you'll never find a more trusting or loyal(to-a-fault on bolth) person out there. He believes there's good in everyone, even these supposed 'reapers' that force them to play this 'game.' Despite being a proficiant martial-artist, he hates brutality, and sports that entail it such as football, rugby, and boxing/wrestling. While alive, he could also talk his way out of nearly anything, a very strange gift indeed. A shame it has left him....

History: Raxhu grew up an average child, friendly, outgoing, and he loved to be around people. Despite being born here in Everett, his parents were from japan and were very understanding of their child, untill he turned nine. Then they found it quite tiresome and asked him to 'turn down the volume' and 'be quiet for once.' He had a few good friends before dying, and loved to spend time with them. These weren't the usual "yeah, sure, whatever you say!" friends, or even the "sweet! lets go do this!" friends. they were true, genuine friends that liked him for him. He had even asked a girl he liked out on a date.....when it happened.

Who would have guessed. Just as he had asked her out, and gotten a definate 'yes' from the shy brunette girl, a flaming, pentagonally-shaped piece of tempered steel from the destroyed satelite "Gaurdian," flew down from space, and crushed him under it's weight and momentum. He was the only casualty, and it crushed the girl's heart that he died, as she had truely liked him and would miss him greatly. He 'awoke' shortly after, only to have a cell-phone he did not remember owning previously inform him that he had sixty minutes to get to Helli Tower, or face 'erasure,' whatever that was, from someone who called themself "The Reapers."

Entrance Fee: His ability to speak. (he can laugh, chuckle, and make other sounds of that sort, but he cannot form words in the slightest without getting tounge-tied and looking like a bigger fool than he already is.)

1: Burning Fist Pin - allows hands to catch blaze with silver flames of some sort, even though the flames appear to be more like true plasma as they are rounded and not flickering as real flames. These flames can be controled to be able to burn through things, or simply give off a warm light, although it is hard to do so.

2: Guardian Pin - forms into a glowing silver and crimson shield before him to ward off frontal attacks, unfortunatly it leaves all other directions open to attack for a short time, along with any sneak attacks.

3: Kanohi Pin - Forms a shimmering silver mask/helmet on his face and head, Dome-like in appearance with a slot at the forhead, with three on each cheek as it appears to scowl slightly over blue tinted lenses. The 'mouth' of the helmet is open, with a chin strap holding it on to his chin. It is simply a helmet, nothing more nothing less.

Partner: (Leave this blank for now, and you can pick a partner after more people have signed up.)

RP Sample:

A tall...very tall young man stood at the back of the hal, near the entrance. Well, no...stood wouldnt be right...He was leaning against the wall, relaxing and reading what appeared to be an orange novel, it's title on the back cover of most american books. The crimson "R" did stand out a bit also. Ka-to half-listened as names were called, and ignored the large cheers that went off when one house was given a new member. So far three or four had been given houses, he'd lost count. Blinking, he looked up from behind his high collar as something caught his attention.

"....To Toamua? Ka-to Toamua?" the headmaster called, for apparently the fourth time. Sighing deeply he stood, taller than any of the other new students as he lugged his great club over his shoulder so as not to hit any of the other students. Even though he wasn't watching where he was going apparently, but more focused on the book before him.

The small dragon atop his head was sleeping quietly, it's wings hanging down to either side of his face as it's tail twitched occasionally. Even though he was now moving quickly through the croud, surprisingly not hitting anyone despite one hand being used to hold up the large club above other's heads, while the other was used to keep the book placed firmly before his face. Reaching the front he closed his book and tucked it into a pocket before lowering his club to a safer level.

Looking down at his headmaster, he placed a hand before him and bowed in apology, earning a dissaproving grunt from the caretaker. Turning to look he saw the blood-red dragon swoop and spiral down from it's flag, before hovering almost at eye level with him. Roaring proudly it let forth a brilliant orange flame, elighting the house of fafnir to let out cries of joy, for the most part. Apparently him making them wait for so long had caused some doubt in his part.


Near one of the windows to the side of the croud stood a petit looking girl. From her deep red hair protruded two, pointed red ears with black tips, that matched the red-to-black foxes tail that hung loosely behind her. Looking around at all the people, she noticed a few good looking guys...but more than that were the good looking girls this school provided...Gah! There it was again! "Pull yourself together..." she mumbled quietly, rubbing her forhead. She had to stop thinking like that! If anyone here found out that she thought like that she'd be out of here before you could say sayonara!

Glancing around again, she wished her dragon was here with her, but no. Kitsuneko had wanted to flit about and test out the air first thing when they got there. She watched as the first four were sent to their houses. A wolf, a normal looking girl, and a giant by the looks of him. Seriously! He had to look DOWN at the headmaster! Sighing as the large man went to sit at the Fafnir table, the headmaster coughed to draw looks away from the large, club-carrying titan.

"Teishu Hyuu" he said calmly.

Taking a deep breath she readied herself. "alright...let's just get this over with.." she muttered quietly, before trying to make her way through the croud...only to be pushed and shoved on her way. "okay..thats it..coming..through!" she muttered as she sprung, arching her back in mid air so she did a perfect backflip through the croud, her long skirt flared out dramatically above her as her tail seemed to flow with it. Landing gracefully infront of the croud she sighed and made her way over to the headmaster and headmistress.

"I'm sorry...I couldnt get through..." She said quietly to them as she bowed politely, her head hung low and allowing her hair to fall down around her face. When she stood again she turned to glance at the crimson dragon before her, it blowing a brilliant orange flame from it's mouth as she smiled. The cheers coming from the fafnir house were mostly from males at the tables, who had, obviously seen her display of athletic prowess just moments ago....and probably thought she was cute too. Too bad for them she was only interested in....gah! Mind out of the gutter girl!

Shaking her head slightly she moved to the fafnir house, ironically sitting between two female anthros that were probably nearing their final years here. Maybe this wouldnt be so bad....

So, that ok? (I will post in first person, this was jus what I could drag up on hand)

May 14th, 2008, 7:35 AM
Name: Shenlong(cant remember his name so he used the first name he saw, which was in a book.)

Age: 21

Gender: male

Appearance: A scruffy faced-curly-haired teen. Wears a dark black sweater with fur around the hood and the cuffs, the sweater is only zipped half-way, in which underneath he wears an extremely teared up black shirt. He also wears dark blue baggy pants and slick black army boots. He has a greenish-red colored eyes, and has deep bags under his eyes. He has a dark carribean-hispanic skin color, has alot of hair everywhere. His hair is extremely curly and long, almost like an afro, the color is a kind of brown creme. He has a mysterious scar that runs down from his left cheek to his neck.

Personality: A very energetic teenager that has some problems, he's very arrogant and thinks of only himself(mostly cause he cant love anymore)

History: He cant remember his past.

Entrance Fee: His entire past, all his memories, and not being able to love again.

Metal Dagger Pin: Makes his hand turn into a metal blade.
Extend Claw Pin: His hand becomes a claw and can extend out about 100 ft
Trident Pin: A double edged Trident appears and can be used.

RP Sample: Ill do this later, otherwise you can read my other rp posts.

Trainer Kat
May 16th, 2008, 7:53 PM
It's not my greatest sign-up ever, but hopefully it's good enough. xD;
Tell me if I need to fix anything. :]

Name: Savyna Harris

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Appearance: Savyna is tall for a woman, reaching around 5’10” in height. Her skin carries a medium tan, obviously from all the time she spends outdoors. Her eyes are pale emerald in hue, complimenting her skin tone beautifully. Her hair is a fiery red, falling just below her shoulders. Drastic layers are cut throughout her hair, giving it a choppy, almost mangled appearance. Bangs fall gently over her right eye. Savyna is slender, with long legs and a thin waistline. She is generally regarded as beautiful, though not much makeup is worn on the face. A thin coating of mascara is applied to her upper eyelashes, and white lipstick is worn on her lips. However, the color of her lipstick is rarely seen, as she wears a massive scarf around her neck. Orange in color, it covers the greater half of her shoulders, along with both her nose and mouth. There seems to be an endless supply of material, as it trails down her back before ending in the middle of her calves. Covering her chest is a tight black halter top that ends just below her ribcage. Slung low on her hips is a pair of light khaki shorts, which extend a mere four inches down her legs, transitioning smoothly into a pair of fishnets that cover the remainder of her legs. A pair of black boots adorns her calves, covering everything below her knees. Over her hands, Savyna wears a pair of black, fingerless gloves.

Personality: Cool and collected, Savyna is not the easiest lady to impress. In fact, she's not your ordinary woman. She's typically reserved, though words will pass her lips on occasion. Due to what happened in her past, she’s hardened herself to everything. Her emotions have been subdued, and she refuses to allow herself to get close to anyone, fearing the loss of another friend. As such, her true personality has never had the chance to shine, as she rarely, if ever, gives someone the time of day. Of course, this also means that she has no interest in love of any sort. Despite being indifferent to other people, Savyna will always be the first to protect someone who is in danger. She has a true sense of justice and is not afraid to fight for what she believes in…literally.

Savyna isn’t necessarily sentimental, but she does spend an awful lot of time lost in thought. No, it’s more like reflection. Savyna would be perfectly content to just sit and reminisce. On what, no one is sure, but it doesn’t seem to be about her past.

History: Savyna was born in Everett to a couple of incredibly wealthy parents. She was given every opportunity they could offer her. The best scholars money could buy would come in and homeschool Savyna. She was taught violin and piano. Anything her heart desired was given to her. Of course, not quite anything. Tomboyish Savyna desired only one thing – she wanted to learn how to fight. Her parents, however, had other plans for her. A feminine, desirable girl was needed if they had any hope of marrying her off. Naturally, Savyna resisted with all of her might. She didn’t have to rebel against her parents’ wishes for very long.

During one of her homeschool sessions, Savyna received a distressing phone call. As it turns out, her parents had been in a horrible car accident on their way home from an extended stay at her grandparents’ house. While both of them passed away in the crash, the driver they had collided with walked away without a scratch. Ordinarily, an orphaned child would be shipped off to a relative’s, but since Savyna was left with so much money, she stayed in her house with millions to live on. This money was now hers to spend in the way she wanted, so of course, she invested in martial arts lessons.

As Savyna’s physical strength grew, her heart hardened further. She became tougher, more resilient, more indifferent. Of course, there was one thing Savyna was especially proud of. She was near impossible to sneak up on. Her ears could pick up on the slightest movement, and allowed her to tell when someone was behind her. However, that didn't necessarily prevent her from being harmed...as proven by her rather untimely death. It was an ordinary day, or at least, as ordinary as a day could be in her unusual life. It was a day she had decided to walk, rather than drive. As she was coming home from her martial arts lessons, she noticed a heist taking place at the jewelry store across the street. Without a second thought, she made an earnest attempt to stop the thieves, only to find herself looking down the barrel of a pistol.

Entrance Fee: Savyna has lost her heightened sense, and is now incredibly easy to surprise. In fact, her back is her most vulnerable spot now, as she is unable to tell when someone is behind her. In addition, she’s almost completely lost her peripheral vision, making it even easier to sneak up on her.

Fleet-Foot – This pin makes Savyna more agile, allowing her to perform more intricate acrobatics, which, in turn, allows her to avoid attacks easier. However, she accepts a heightened speed in exchange for a lower defense…when hit, she takes considerably more damage.

Effulgent Blade – This pin causes a sword composed of red energy to materialize in Savyna’s hand. However, attacking like this often depletes Savyna’s energy at a quicker rate.

Partner: (Leave this blank for now, and you can pick a partner after more people have signed up.)

RP Sample:

This setting was wholly unlike anything Luke had been exposed to. A variety of non-human beings patrolled the room in which they were gathered, making forced conversation in order to appear sociable, though most seemed to be rather uncomfortable. This did not exclude Jordan, who had been fidgeting about earlier. Luke gave his brother a sideways glance and noticed that he was still pacing. The opening ceremony had begun, though the words of the headmaster reached neither of the Reynards' ears. Luke was too busy surveying his future classmates. Anthros appeared to be the dominant species, as halflings of a myriad of origins were present, be they fox, tiger, or bear. Weapons, both big and small, were mounted on the teens' backs or hips. In fact, the only common thread tying everyone in the room together was the animal each person was partnered with - each owned a dragon. It was truly a school unlike any other.

"Luke..." The small whisper drifted upwards, causing Luke to glance down at his younger brother. The boys could easily be mistaken for twins, despite the fact that the purple highlights that permeated Luke's ebony locks were not present in Jordan's hair, instead being traded in for rose-colored bangs. Both were equally attractive, though clearly in different ways. Now, Jordan looked up at Luke with only his eyes, keeping his chin down. He looked to be on the verge of tears. "I don't want to do this." Upon closer inspection, Luke noticed his brother was faintly shaking. He gave Jordan a sympathetic look, though no words passed his lips. Instead, he merely drew the younger boy into a tight hug, which Jordan promptly returned. The action elicited squeals from several nearby girls, apparently among the rare few turned on by twincest. Luke paid little to no attention to them.

"Hey. It's gonna be okay." Luke's grip on his brother loosened, and he held the boy at arm length, hands firmly on his shoulders. A smile graced his lips, causing Jordan to smile in return. "People like you, you'll make friends, no problem." Jordan nodded. It was true, people generally liked him a lot, unlike Luke, who they often steered clear from. However, he'd always had Luke to fall back on, and with the massive difference in their personalities, it was highly unlikely that they would find themselves in the same house. In one hand was a book, which he brought to his chest, hugging it nervously with both arms. Though no one here would guess it, this was Jordan's weapon, though it didn't function like conventional weapons. Instead of physically attacking opponents, Jordan merely cast spells, though they were scarcely used for more than healing.

"Jordan Reynard." The headmaster's voice boomed through the microphone.

"That's you...go on." Luke gave his brother's back a gentle shove. Jordan momentarily turned, giving Luke a nervous look before making his way up to where the headmaster and his wife stood. A small blush that matched the color of his bangs painted its way across his cheeks. Both offered him a comforting smile, causing the teen's blush to deepen. As he turned, the white dragon emerged. It reminded him vaguely of Nimbus, whose large size, even in her mini form, caused her to be left with the caretakers. The beast spiraled around his body. It looked him in the eyes, scanning his very soul. After what seemed like hours, the dragon landed and emitted a burst of flame. It was decided. Jordan would be a member of Coca. Timidly, he made his way down to the table, which had erupted in cheer. He was immediately assaulted by a group of males, who greeted him and ruffled his hair, causing the sixteen year old to grin sheepishly.

"He sure looks happy, doesn't he?" A being which had gone previously unnoticed hovered beside Luke's head, tiny wings fluttering furiously to keep the larger body afloat. At about two feet tall, the dragon weighed around thirty pounds, making him extremely cumbersome when he grew tired of flying. He was Luke's dragon, named Antimony, and he currently was in his mini form.

"Yeah...he does." Jordan's happiness brought a smile to Luke's face. "I think he'll be happy there. At least, I hope so." Luke turned to Antimony. "It makes me wonder where we'll be." He wouldn't have to wait long, by the look of things. As soon as the words passed his lips, he heard his name called out from up front.

"Luke Reynard."

"C'mon, Tubby, let's go." Luke turned, scooping Antimony into his arms. Only the dragon's head and arms rested above Luke's forearms, the rest of his body hung below, acting as dead weight. The boy lugged the dragon up to the front, where both the headmaster and his wife gave Luke a wide grin. Luke failed to return the gesture, and simply stood facing the tables. A navy colored dragon circled him before letting out a blast of flame, signaling Luke's entrance into Nidhogg. Momentarily, he turned to the Coca table, where he met Jordan's eyes. The boy gave him a melancholy smile that tugged at Luke's heart. Before he could scoop his brother into a hug, he walked cockily over to the Nidhogg table and took a seat. Among his housemates were what appeared to be a ram anthro, and a boy who was attempting to make conversation with said ram anthro. It went without saying that he missed Jordan already...

May 17th, 2008, 12:33 PM
Okay, I'm done!

Name: Leonardo Othello

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ever since his teen years, Leonardo has used his looks to get what he wanted. His slender frame reaches a height of about 5’11”. Atop his head lies a silky smooth mane of crimson-dyed hair that runs down the length of his neck. Sometimes blocked by the strands of his hair are his intense azure eyes, which always seem to have the appearance of staring blindly into space. He is usually seen wearing a black, buttoned shirt, but on those hot summer days, he doesn’t hesitate to take out all of the buttons and show off his tanned, well-shaped abs. Around his waist is tightened a flashy, white belt that holds up his pair of red pants; the red being the same shade as his hair. Finally, he keeps his feet nestled in a pair of white and black dress shoes.

Personality: Leonardo’s good looks have undoubtedly led to a very cocky personality. In his world, his appearance comes before all else. He believes himself to be some sort of "angel-incarnate," sent to the Earth to show the world what true beauty looks like. He feels those who don’t keep themselves as well as he does aren’t worthy to even talk to, resulting in him having very little friends. But to him, admirers are a more than sufficient substitute for friends. Aside from his cockiness, Leonardo can be rather lazy at times. To him, if there is a job that can be done by someone other than him, then by all means let that person do it. The only time you’ll see him break a sweat is if he’s in danger or during one of his morning workouts.

History (kept it short incase you want me to add how he died): Leonardo was born and raised in a small town in Italy. In a town where everybody knows each other and you see the same people everyday, the earlier years of his life were relatively boring. Of course, this all changed when he moved to Everett at the age of 15. His good looks immediately made him the center of attention and it wasn’t long before his fame became the most important aspect in his life. He works (or worked) at a modeling agency as one of the world’s top models and at such a young age, has attained global fame.

Then that fateful day came along. At first it seemed like any other normal day; fans screaming outside of Leonardo’s house and the media swarming his front door. The young star was eager to experience his daily routine of pleasing the crowd and got dressed as fast as possible. However, when he opened the door and looked outside, he noticed that today was definitely not like the other days. The crowd was much more densely packed then normal and was quickly getting out of hand. It even smelled of disaster, but Leonardo absentmindedly dismissed the observation and rushed into the crowd. Before he even got a chance to give his daily introduction, a fight broke out and he was being pushed around like some kind of rag doll. It wasn’t long before someone gave him a good toss, throwing him right in the middle of the street. As he readied to retaliate, he barely noticed the bus speeding down the street...

Entrance Fee: His fame/popularity.


Crazed Fan: Gain control of a “Noise” for a set amount of time. Leonardo’s energy gradually decreases when this is in use.

Explosive: Small, red energy balls form in Leonardo’s hands and explode on contact.

Fist o’ Fury: Leonardo’s hands become incased in a dense, red energy, making his punches much stronger. Can’t be used for a long duration of time or else energy will burn through his hands


RP Sample:

“We got to go now!” shouted the teen, ignoring the many questions thrown at him. “Follow me!” he demanded as he dashed out of the Pokemon Center, running faster than what Cato thought was humanly possible. Cato stared at the others around him, and was stunned to see that they started a dash of their own. He began having second thoughts about this whole situation. Although he was skinny, Cato couldn’t run to save his life.

“Meh, on second thought, I’ll stick around here,” he said casually with a sly grin, although half of the helpers had already bolted outside. Making a 180 degree turn, Cato didn’t hesitate to walk deeper into Pokemon Center. He didn’t even glance at the others, as his mind was made up. Or so he thought.

The building was an incredible mess. Cato hadn’t noticed how bad it was before, but now with things dying down, he was able to take everything into account. Young kids— no older than fifteen— lay against broken windows, their faces leaking tremendous amounts of blood. Nurse Joy leaned over an unconscious body of a young girl, whispering something to her. Cato absentmindedly walked toward the two, wondering if his tent was destroyed or not back in the forest.

“Chansey, why did you leave?” he heard the nurse whimper as she stared helplessly at the corpse. Directly next to the body was a microphone with a cord leading to a hole in the wall. From the looks of it, the microphone had crashed through the wall.

“That’s odd,” he said inquisitively to himself, “the shockwave came from the other direction, so why is this here?”

Nurse Joy had obviously overheard him, as she cleared her voice and turned to him. “It just shot out of the wall and landed in that boy’s hand— you know, the one that was shouting for help? It was weird, almost like it was called to him.”

At that point, Cato once again became interested in this mystery. So many weird things have happened that night, and by the looks of it, that boy was the center of everything. Or perhaps, it was that ghastly tunnel he spoke of. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no way for Cato to find out. He was probably already deep into the bushes, if not at his destination already.

“Researching this phenomenon could have put me on the spot as a famous scientist, and I blew it!” Cato shouted, actually angry that he decided not to help out. He closed his eyes tightly, cursing at himself for missing such a great opportunity. His muscles tightened and his palms balled up into a fist. His brain started racing, and his headache returned with a vengeance. Even with his glasses on, he felt his eyes blur out of focus, but not in the same way as before. This time, the blurriness looked like he was simply moving at extreme speeds.

And that was exactly what he was doing.

The space around him seemed to deteriorate, only to rebuild itself within a couple of seconds. When Cato finally reopened his eyes, he was astonished at the sight before him. He was no longer at the Pokemon Center, and in fact was in a part of Viridian he barely recognized. Actually, he couldn’t even tell if he was still in Viridian or not. The only indicator that he hadn’t traveled too far was the fact that he was mere yards away from a tunnel emitted a ghastly red glow. It was as if the entire structure sat atop a layer of quick sand as it slowly sunk into the depths. Then, without warning, the people from the Pokemon Center burst out of the bushes and rushed into the tunnel, many without even taking a second thought.

“What the hell?” was all Cato could manage to mutter as he tried to contemplate what was going on. Before he had only wished to catch up with these guys, but all of a sudden, he got to the destination before most of them. And if that wasn’t weird enough, the story about the tunnel was true! Cato’s hands sifted through his pockets, but to his dismay, his notepad was no where to be found. Had it been lost in his spontaneous teleportation from the center to the tunnel? Cato knew better not to ask such questions, as with all the weird stuff happening, he feared he’d just get another answer that defied all logic.

“Oh well, the best experiments are done on the scientist himself,” he assured, picking himself up. After a small adjustment to his glasses, the confused teen followed the others into the dark cave.

May 17th, 2008, 3:18 PM
Just finished Shiki's secret reports last night while writing this up. Never realised there was so much dialogue. >> Shall be edited further~

EDIT: Complete.

Name: Demi Cascedas

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Appearance: Being the head manager of her family's banking company, Demi is nothing short of being tall, sophisticated and elegant. Spending almost three quarters of her day in a suit, she has developed a mix between a somewhat professional yet unique style of her own, all in order to keep up with the latest trends and fashions of Everett.

In accordance to her company's dress code, all employees are to adorn suits at all times during office hours. Of course, the nature of the suit is completely up to the individual, which is quite evident in Demi's particular get-up. In a mix of both typical business apparel and top brand street-wear, she has combined two opposing facets of fashion into something quite unique, not to mention throwing in some gothic lolita stylings as well.

Starting off with a simple white collar shirt, the sleeves rolled right up to her biceps and its ends reaching just short of her upper abdomen, she both contrasts and covers this with a blackened vest, a short necktie of the same colour stuffed underneath. Leaving her stomach exposed, she dresses her waist down in a simple black mini skirt and a pair of matching high heels. Finishing off her formal attire, a thick black silver-buckle belt sits across her waist, serving more as an accessory rather than a necessary item of clothing.

Black lined semi-rim glasses also cover her mocha brown eyes, something she seldom removes due to her vision being horribly impaired. Fair skinned and pink-haired, Demi's overall appearance is nothing short of exotic.

Personality: Contrary to how she might come across upon first meeting her, Demi is actually a very kind-hearted and caring person by nature. In her simplest form, she is genuinely sincere and cares for others with all of her heart. In spite of this however, she strives to be more like her parents, who despite their original supporting nature, have become unfarmiliarly formal and much more professional. The reason as to why she wishes to be like her parents is essentially because of her loyalty to them and because of an unresolved sense of debt. Her success derives solely from their preparation for her future and as such, she is forever grateful, but also unconsciously resents them for dictating her life. From this, an alternate ego began to grow and another personality soon developed. This quickly became her current front, which enabled her to achieve what she and her parents had planned for and wanted for so long.

Cunning, intelligent and intimidating are the most notable traits in describing who she is and has become. Ever professional, she strives to uphold a calm and collected attitude at all times and has developed a somewhat cold persona as a result. Whether or not her initial personality is salvagable remains to be seen.

History: From an early age, Demi was taught how to properly conserve, invest and manage her finances, all under the guidance of her parents, who were both employees for a successful bank company. Using their infinite knowledge and resources about maintaining wealth, they taught their daughter everything she needed to know in order to secure a more than comfortable future for herself. In respect, she obeyed their guidance with unwavering loyalty and soon came to grow into the successful manager of her family's branch. Everything leading up to this point had been accurately predicted and planned out by her parents, starting from her first financial class in school through to her graduation from college. She had her entire future set out and intended of accomplishing her dream of becoming one of the richest women in the country, the thing she cared about the most acted as both her inspiration and her goal. The thing she cared about the most, was money. That was of course until she died.

It had all happened so quickly that she didn't even realised where she was until she tried escaping the scene of the crime, the very place where she had spent the last five years of her life coming in to work. After stepping out of the bank's lobby in her usual fashion on her way to lunch, she made the inevitable yet incredibly simple mistake of not looking both ways before crossing the street. Of course, her reason for doing so was somewhat warranted. She had walked from her office to the coffee shop across the road hundreds of times and had developed a kinship of sorts with the road. Doing so every second day for five years tended to catch on as more of an involuntary habit than anything else and thus became her catalyst in joining the Reapers' Game.

Entrance Fee: Her life savings (every dollar, bill and cent saved throughout her life, from her bank accounts, purse and even her secret stash under her mattress)


Paycheck (Funny Money Brand): turns weakened Noise into Cash Pins, the larger the Noise the larger the amount but the more stress it puts on the user.
Budget (Funny Money Brand): augments Cash Pins to deal damage equivalent to the amount of the pin when thrown.


RP Sample:

In a instant, the incoming blade came to an abrupt halt in mid-air, mere inches from the tip of her nose. Footsteps could soon be heard as several individuals approached the two fighters. Lowering the sharpened extension attached to her arm, the attacker swiftly backed away as the officials came in to suspend their bout. With a pout, she crossed her blade covered arms before letting out a huff.

"Aww come on, I was just getting to into it..."

"That's enough Li," one of the intervene-rs shot, "this was a simple sparring exercise, you should know the extent of which your Morph's abilities can be used, especially against your future partner."

The bladed brunette, indifferent to the situation, acknowledged her superior's statement with a reluctant nod. Breathing a sigh, her supervisor turned back to the Morph's would-be-victim before instructing the other aids to assist in escorting her off the field.

"Your attitude still needs some work..." her higher-up started, "but you're progressing quite well in your physical training, in actuality, you're doing more than just okay, your results are exceptional."

"Of course!" the floozy brunette spat. "It's because you keep chalking me up with these weaklings, if you do that, I can't help but cut them down."

"In any case, the results for your physical training and intelligence tests are complete. I will be delivering the reports to Commander Reed momentarily, please make any necessary preparations and meet me in front of his office in ten minutes."

With a small bow her supervisor turned in her place before marching out of the room. It was time. Her first chance to start some actual field work for the organisation had come. In a matter of minutes she would be assigned to a squad to begin the Pokemon Liberation Force's counterattack against the leaders of the nations. If there was ever something she was looking forward to, it was this.

Unfortunately, the higher-ups' intentions were a little bit different from what she had in mind, which she was just about to find out herself.



"Understand Meiling, the Kanto PLF division is more than capable of handling the situation, it's jus-"

"Yeah?! So why the hell are you sending me to help them then?"

At this point, she had become quite irritable, the commander's assignment was definitely not what she had in mind. And to think, she had been looking forward to finally getting some action. It was surprisingly disappointing and annoying at the same time.

"Li! Show some respect," her supervisor hissed from behind her, "especially in front of the Commander."

"Aww geez, sorry about being rude!" the brunette snapped back, her tone just as cold. "But if you haven't noticed, there's a crisis going on!"

"Rest assured Meiling, we are well aware of the situation in Johto," came the soothing voice of her commander, his voice pleasantly calm in the face of the furious half-naked samurai Morph, "and as promised, you will be assigned to the first squad assembled for its liberation. However..."

"However what?!"


"Please calm yourselves, both of you," he continued, ushering his two subordinates to quell their bickering, "as I was saying, a problem has arised involving the Kanto liberation force..."

"Commander, what's this about?! I never heard of such a report..." her supervisor suddenly piped, much to her own and her protege's surprise.

"Ah yes, well, the report was just recently submitted by one of the on site medical officers," Reed continued to explain, his voice unwavering as he did so, "the strike force was successful in apprehending the first target city's leader."

"G-Gym Leader Brock?!" her supervisor rebutted, obviously just as surprised as she was about the recently received news. "P-Pewter City's been freed?"

"Reinforcements have already been deployed for the city's clean up, the number of casualties and damage reports are also being processed." Retrieving the appropriate files from his desk, the commander held up what was the report for the current case. "In the matter of Brock's arrest however, we were unable to successfully retrieve him."

"What the hell does that mean?!" Meiling suddenly exclaimed, taking her first chance to speak since hearing of the news. "You said they freed the city right? How come they didn't bring him in?! Don't tell me..."

"He died..." he finished for her, handing over the papers to her supervisor, "everything about the mission is detailed in there. I trust you can handle things from here on Chiharu?"

"Of course."

"W-Wait a minute, what's this got to with me?" piped the bladed brunette. "Why'd you want to see me?"

"Ah, I almost forgot, my apologies Meiling," her commander replied, "there is a reason as to why I called you here. Chiharu has just finished compiling your test results and presented them to me before our meeting, and admittedly, I was quite surprised with the results."

"Oh really?" the rebellious samurai sneered, shooting daggers at her supervisor as she did so. "How'd I do?"

"Meiling, you should give Chiharu a little more credit," he laughed, much to the embarassment of his subordinate, "your results are quite frankly outstanding and your revisionary report is also very impressive. From this, I have decided that you are more than qualified to begin some serious field work, which brings us back to why you're here..."

At this point, the scantily-clad Morph couldn't help but notice her supervisor's suddenly deterred attention. Was she embarassed that she had put in a good word for her? Or was it something a little less straightforward? Unable to comprehend her superior's motives, she turned back to hear the rest of her commander's proposal.

"Initial reinforcements have provided minimal aid to the current strike force, as not to attract attention from the neighbouring cities. Thus, while remaining temporarily hidden from the region's new government, it won't be long before their presence is detected, especially how any future communications with Pewter City will arouse suspicion."

"Is this where I come in?" she pressed irritably.

"Yes Meiling, this is where you come in. Along with three other agents, you will form a new squad to provide direct support for the current liberation force. The details of the mission are covered in that document I justed handed to Chiharu, please read it over before making the necessary preparations."

It was then that both of her superiors flinched from her sudden slamming of the commander's desk, it would have been a lot less shocking if it had just been her fist hitting the table but with a giant blade attached to each arm, the damage was considerably greater.

"Li! What are you doing?!" Chiharu exclaimed as she watched her protege face off against their commander.

Remaining ever professional, Commander Reed stood his ground and happily confronted the opposing brunette with a calm smile. Baring her sharpened teeth into a serrated smile, the teenage Morph held out her other bladed arm to his cheek, all much to the shock of her mentor.

"Alright old man, I'll help you out..." she started through berrated breaths, "I'll help these losers, but the moment I finish cleaning up their mess, I wanna be on the next team outta here for Johto. That's the only reason I joined this stupid place and let you have your way with me."

"L-Li! Please..." her mentor stammered in disbelief.

"Fair enough," Reed suddenly replied, his expression unchanged, "I will keep to my promise and allow you to assign yourself to the first strike force leading Johto's liberation."

"Heh! Alright, I can agree to that..."

"Good. Now Meiling, if you would be so kind as to remove your scythe from my face and join Chiharu for the team's briefing. Your mission starts in one hour."

Flashing her superior a smile, the brunette retreated from her position of attack before turning to leave the room, having finished with her role for the meeting.

"Come on Chiharu-hara, let's go."

Sighing, her supervisor turned to follow her subordinate out of the room, but not before giving the commander a swift apologetic bow.

"Excuse us Commander."

Smiling, he gave her a small wave as she did so, "Good day Chiharu."


The two of them had rendezvoused at the allocated meeting room where she was to be briefed on the mission in further detail.

"Your squad's only purpose is to provide any necessary support to the current strike force, nothing else. You are to follow the assigned leader's orders directly as you will be under his jurisdiction the moment you arrive, otherwise, do not interfere."

"Ehh?! Wait a minute! You're sending me out there to help these idiots, right? So why the hell am I taking orders from them?!" the brunette protested, slamming an irritable fist into one of the loose-side table that littered the room, halving it on the spot. "I should be the one giving the orders!"

"Even you should understand that the leader is always in charge, Li," Chiharu continued, her tone void of sympathy, "no matter who you are, you will follow your superior's commands."

"That's bullplop!" she huffed, falling roughly into a nearby seat, arms crossed. "Who is this jackass anyway?"

Her supervisor's eyes narrowed as she read over the papers the commander had given them. Locating the page where the members of strike force's profiles began, she handed them to her subordinate, who hastily tore them away. It was then that an immeasurable force fell over the room. The few moments of silence that followed the samurai's review was heavier than gravity itself. Chiharu knew what was coming and it wasn't going to be pleasant; the leader of the current strike force leading Kanto's liberation was Clove Wheldst, a particular person Meiling was never fond of and for a number of reasons.

"Chiharu-hara...what the hell is this?"

"What do you mean?" her higher-up inquired, slightly taken aback by her protege's lacking response. "It's the members list for the strike force."

"I...I can't read it..." the teen huffily replied, averting her mentor's eyes, her face tinged with the faintest flush.

For the first time in a long time, Chiharu smiled. "Y-You can't read it Li? Are you saying you can't read?"

"Chiharu baka! That's not important!" she stammered, bonking her supervisor on the head. "Now why the hell is Clove-chan's picture in here? He's not on the team as well is he?!"

Supressing a snort, her supervisor brushed off the previous attack before beginning to explain the situation to her underling. "I'm afraid you don't understand, Li. Wheldst is not only participating in Kanto's liberation...he's leading it."

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Name: Howard "Howie" Klavin
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Entrance Fee: Since he was a runner, he had his ability to walk taken as his fee. He now resides in a wheelchair.

Name: Alexis Bryans
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Entrance Fee: Alexis was a normal girl with an interest in the magical girl genre. Despite her fascination in the fiction, it was her normal life she truly appreciated. Therefore, she's stuck in the form of a magical girl, with her normality taken as the fee.

Super Mega Ultra Happy Love Beam
Pretty Kitty Brand
Shoots a heart shaped beam at the enemy. The overall intensity and power is designated by the user's emotional status.

Rainbow Ribbon
Pretty Kitty Brand


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Age: 23
Gender: Male
Entrance Fee: (The thing your character holds dearest. There is no limit to what this could be.)
Pins: (Only three for now, not counting your Player Pin. You can create any pins you want, just don't make them too uber.)
Partner: (Leave this blank for now, and you can pick a partner after more people have signed up.)

RP Sample: