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June 1st, 2008, 5:46 PM
Legendary Pokemon have been present amidst the other Pokemon in the world since, well, the beginning of time. They have long since been sought after by Pokemon trainers and researchers alike, and were always regarded as beings of wonder and power. But what some people may not know is that every year, all the legendary Pokemon from all over the world come to the same spot to hold a special conference. This Birth Island Conference, named after its location in Arceus' lair, was a way for the legendary Pokemon to meet with each other and tell about the year's happenings and news. It was in fact because of this conference that Kyogre and Groudon didn't react as harshly as they should have to the Red and Blue Orbs obtained by Teams Magma and Aqua in the past, as they were told that the orbs had reappeared. But that was a past event--now there are other issues.

One of those issues is a new legendary Pokemon that has been discovered--one that Arceus didn't create, quite suspiciously. This Pokemon was Virtualmon, a small and elusive creature that presided over anything digital. Virtualmon created the digital aspects of the world, so it has been said, and is rumoured to be responsible for the fact that Pokemon can evolve and be kept in Pokeballs. It was discovered in a chamber right underneath Mossdeep City, oddly enough, but that's not the point. For the other legendaries weren't the only ones who heard about Virtualmon...

Also recently came the merging of two evil organisations, both of which were based in the Kanto region. (But they operated in the other regions as well.) One was the newly formed Team Alpha, whose acts included using certain technologies and DNA mutations to enhance their Pokemon, and wiping opponents out in competitions such as the Pokemon League. (Ever since Team Alpha started, three Indigo League winners in a row came from that team, all by easy victories.) Then there was the E-Gang, a quartet of computer hackers. The E-Gang may have not seemed like much, but they recently discovered "some sort of powerful digital presence" beneath Mossdeep City, Hoenn. But supposedly, one of Team Alpha's Porygon-Z's sensed this digital presence as well, so there was a debate over who discovered it first. But rather than fight about it, Team Alpha and the E-Gang decided to cooperate on the issue--they were not as dumb as previous organisations like Teams Rocket, Magma, and Aqua, who frequently fought against other organisations or amongst themselves. So they formed a plan to take over the world through the use of the legendaries--Team Alpha would use DNA from the legendaries to enhance their own Pokemon to dangerous extremes, and the E-Gang would hack right into Virtualmon and therefore take control of anything digital. Together, those two things would place the world into evil hands...

In fact, they have already taken possession of three legendary Pokemon hiding in Hoenn: Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. This caused a massive news outbreak worldwide...

The legendaries, having heard about the fusion of the E-Gang and Team Alpha as well as their plan to take over the world, met at the next and most recent Birth Island Conference to discuss these issues, as well as the discovery of Virtualmon. What were they to do? Fight? Hide? Erm... something else? Well, eventually they came up with a plan of their own, a plan unknown to the rest of the world (even Virtualmon). They had to hide in order to prevent their DNA from being used, but they had to fight or else Team Alpha would continue to grow--so they did both in a way. Arceus created 26 islands that formed a circle around all the other continents, one for each legendary Pokemon. (Mewtwo, Virtualmon, and the Regi trio were left out for reasons discussed later.) Arceus itself went far out into outer space and vanished... while the other legendaries went to their respective islands. But wait--if they hid out there, how would they fight against Team Alpha and the E-Gang? Well, the legendaries all left copies of themselves behind on Birth Island--baby forms of themselves. So what were 26 baby legendaries to do against this evil coalition?

Pokemon trainers. Ultimately, the fate of all this would rest with them. As soon as the baby legendary Pokemon were born, they each selected a specific person to find--that person would become destined to (hopefully) prevent Team Alpha (I'll just assume the E-Gang became part of the team) from taking over the world... These individuals would be the official "guardians" of the legendaries...


In other news...

The Pokemon World recently saw the simultaneous deaths of Professors Oak and Rowan. Of course, were they really dead? People discovered their wills but not their bodies... Well, before we start assuming anything... Soon after, new Pokemon professors replaced the old ones. Practically the next day, Rowan's nephew, Professor Maple, picked up from where he left off--giving starting Pokemon to trainers, etc. But he didn't get much attention, as Kanto became the region of main focus within the past year. This wasn't only due to the formation of Team Alpha--it was also because of Professor Oak's replacement...

Professor Willow got some attention because she was the youngest person to acquire such a title, but there was also the refurbishment of her laboratory. She ended up giving up all of Professor Oak's outdoor lab space, and instead developing a sort of virtual environment for boxed Pokemon to roam around in. But she also developed "Pokevices". A Pokevice was an improved Pokedex, with a map, an item database, and even a phone call feature, among other things. (Imagine a Pokedex, Pokenav, and Poketch fused together.) It even contained a small compartment that stored the Pokeballs that held a trainer's party Pokemon, to make it easier to send out and recall Pokemon, and to prevent losing their Pokeballs. There was so much hype about these Pokevices that it diverted the attention from the bigger problems listed above...

Another news flash it distracted from was the appearance of a mysterious satellite orbiting the planet while staying directly over Mossdeep City...


Speaking of Professor Willow, one day she got a letter from a mysterious group called the "Uma Sisters". The letter went something like this:

Deep below you lies a secret
Solemn though it may well be
The fates seem determined to keep it
Hidden safe from you and me.

A message from our divination
Came to us to tell you this:
There's a cure from this complication
Which you can't afford to miss.

The fates have given us some names
And have called upon them so
Now they come to play these games
You shall show them where to go.

So you shall help them start
Before on a journey they're gone
Free the legends in their heart
Give them each a Pokemon.

Below this was a list of the "names" these sisters spoke of. Anyways, after reading this letter, Professor Willow went over to her desk to find some of her Pokevices, each with a note attached with each person's name on it. Hmm, okay, so she was to give these people Pokevices--predictable enough. But why would she need to give Pokemon to trainers who (probably) already have Pokemon? It was then she made an interesting discovery--each Pokevice contained a Pokemon--a legendary Pokemon!

You are one of those individuals who the legendaries have chosen--who knows how the elusive Uma Sisters could have known about this... Each legendary sent the message to come to Professor Willow's lab, in the form of a dream. You are about to embark on a Pokemon journey. But it's not just a journey. It's a mission to save the world from the clutches of evil...


Age: You can be anywhere from 8 to 80 years old
^^Try to be especially descriptive in these two fields.
History: Remember that nobody knows about the legendaries' plan yet (except maybe those Uma Sisters...?), nor that they have been chosen as the "guardian" of a legendary Pokemon.
Legendary: What legendary Pokemon has chosen your character? Only one person per legendary please, and the following legendaries are NOT allowed:
-Mewtwo (It's basically a clone of Mew, so it doesn't count. Mew is allowed though.)
-Regirock/Regice/Registeel (They were taken captive by Team Alpha before the most recent Birth Island Conference. Regigigas is allowed though.)
-Only one person can pick Deoxys, even though it has three forms.
-Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf (These three have decided to defy the plan, just as they defied Arceus in the past. So they'll play a special role...)
-Arceus (Arceus disappeared into deep space before having the chance to duplicate itself.)
-Virtualmon (Virtualmon never even attended any of the conferences anyways, so it doesn't know of the plan.)
Pokemon: You may take 0-5 Pokemon with you (the sixth Pokemon is your Legendary, which you receive at the start of the RPG). I'll only allow one of them to be shiny, and no giving your Pokemon attacks they can't learn. And none of these five (or fewer) Pokemon can be legendary. If you want, you can include each Pokemon's personality, history, little details about their appearance, etc.


-Your character cannot have any special powers or anything.
-Your character's personality and such does not have to match or even resemble that of your Legendary. The Legendaries picked these people seemingly at random...
-Even though this is a Pokemon journey, we don't have to all stay in one group all the time... but we will all start from the same location.
-Just for a quick visualisation, Virtualmon is about the same size as Shaymin, and looks like this (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/virtualmon.jpg).
-This RPG will take place, erm... shortly after Ash's journey through Sinnoh... so Teams Magma, Aqua, and Galactic have disbanded. And Team Rocket isn't as active as it was before...
-Signups will close when all legendaries are taken (that's 23 people), but we'll start the RPG way before all those spots are filled. At some point late in the RPG though, I might close the signups and allow the other spots to be filled in with NPC's...
-I'll sign up just before the RPG starts, to allow you to pick any legendary you choose. (After all, chances are the legendary I'd pick now would be the favourite of some of you...)

The Legendary Report

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa144.png Articuno has chosen someone, but we don't know who...
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa145.png Zapdos has chosen someone, but we don't know who...
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa146.png Moltres has chosen Addison Bailey Avalon.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa150.png Mewtwo is pouting somewhere, insulted by the fact that it isn't "truly Legendary".
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa151.png Mew has chosen Jemima Clarke.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa243.png Raikou has chosen Seras.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa244.png Entei has chosen Candice Fia.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa245.png Suicune has chosen Toby Atherton.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa249.png Lugia has chosen Sora.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa250.png Ho-oh has chosen Rin Kinamoto.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa251.png Celebi has chosen Sharika Andrews.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa377.png Regirock was captured by Team Alpha, and was apparently either shrunk or cloned, judging by the irregular appearance Gabe's has...
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa378.png Regice was captured by Team Alpha...
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa379.png Registeel was captured by Team Alpha...
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa380.png Latias has chosen Panther.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa381.png Latios has chosen Danny Pent.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa382.png Kyogre has chosen Ethan White.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa383.png Groudon has chosen someone, but we don't know who...
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa384.png Rayquaza has chosen Derek Kingston.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa385.png Jirachi has chosen Jiran Myule.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa386.png Deoxys has chosen Bobby Baker.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa479.png Rotom thinks it's Legendary, but little does it know that Arceus never invited it to the Birth Island conferences. But according to what Lupin said, it's residing in the Power Plant and Team Alpha's after it...
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa480.png Uxie was in disguise as a Mime Jr. and gave muffins to the guardians, but now it's heading away from Cinnabar Island.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa481.png Mesprit is... wait a minute, where the heck is Mesprit?!?
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa482.png Azelf was captured by Team Alpha too, as Rin just found out! It's currently with Lupin, inside a Master Ball.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa483.png Dialga has chosen Lupin.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa484.png Palkia has chosen Isaac Rendell.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa485.png Heatran has chosen Xiaphear Sparrow.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa486.png Regigigas has chosen Hiroshi Tsukimaru.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa487.png Giratina has chosen Ryan Ward.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa488.png Cresselia has chosen Jacob Lawkin.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa490.png Manaphy thinks it has found someone...
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa491.png Darkrai is considering Alice Winters...
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa492.png Shaymin has chosen Kazu.
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa493.png Arceus is lost beyond existence...

The RPG Report
(Where the RPG currently is heading)

-Everyone who hasn't posted yet has to head to Professor Willow's lab in Pallet Town, get their Pokevice, and then... I'll deal with you after you post.

-Some of the Guardians are still at Professor Willow's lab, including Addie, Sora, Seras, and Xia.

-Danny and Jacob are in the Pokemon Centre in Viridian City. They're about to head to the Power Plant.

-Derek, Sharky, and Jemima are heading to Indigo Plateau to investigate the situation there... But the situation is more than murder--a sparkly blue A appeared in the sky just above the Indigo Stadium, clearly the mark of Team Alpha.

-Gon and Rin are also headed along with the above three to the Indigo Plateau. However, Gon is riding on Rayquaza (Derek's Legendary) while following Regigigas (his own Legendary). Regigigas is chasing after Lupin (riding on Dialga) and Rin (riding on Lupin's Arcanine) en route to Indigo.

-Bobby has just encountered one, maybe two strange-looking and suspicious people in the Power Plant...

-Isaac, Candice, Warren, and Panther have just emerged from the strange "Pokeball City". They're currently located in a place called Merlin's Mystic Sanctuary in Lavender Town.

Current NPC's
(side characters I've created to help this RPG along)

Professor Willow: She's the creator of the Pokevices, and the one who technically gave our characters their legendary Pokemon. Currently she's at her lab in Pallet Town, waiting for the other Guardians to arrive, and for those already there to leave...
Pokemon: Altaria (F, Cornflower)

Carmen and Diego: This rather showy duo is up to something in the Power Plant... well, Bobby will just have to find out what! Maybe they could be performing a rock concert for a bunch of Pikachu, who knows... Yeah, what Pikachu wouldn't want to see a pink-haired punk rocker and a dude with a blond mohawk turn on some cheap disco lights and rock it!!??
Diego's Pokemon: Breloom (M, Toady)

Panther: Apparently the Guardian of Latias and a collector of Psychic-type Pokemon. She may look like a comical superhero on a motorcycle (a powerful one, giving how she rode straight through and shattered a concrete wall), but she's currently with Isaac, Candice, and her little brother in Cinnabar Island.
Pokemon: Shiny Medicham (F, Nimerta), Latias (Peppermint)

Warren: Panther's little brother. He apparently belongs to a group called the Black Cat Bandits, whoever they are, and... wait a minute, did I just hear Panther mention that he knows Lupin as well?
Pokemon: Buneary (F, Mimi)

Lupin: Who is this man in black? Not even Rin completely knows... Well, actually, there is a rather surprising secret about him that has yet to be revealed... For now, it seems suspicious, because it looks like he knows Gabe and Emily, as well as Carmen and Diego and the nature of the Power Plant incident. But at the same time, he's the guardian of Dialga, so there's no telling whether he's a friend or foe.
Pokemon: Arcanine (M, Rigel), Absol (F, Scout), Lucario (M, Sage), Honchkrow (F, Raven), Mightyena (M, Sirius), Dialga (Kingmond)

Gabe: A member of Team Alpha. This Skitty-loving "macho man" has a weird miniature version of Regirock... but we don't know much else yet.
Pokemon: Apparently nothing besides the aforementioned Regirock clone

Emily: A deranged little girl with large overalls and orange hair and terrible grammar... Don't be fooled. She's apparently in Team Alpha as well, and has Azelf under control with some sort of device on its headband. Did I not mention she keeps it in a Master Ball as well? Oh wait wait... had Azelf. Apparently that Azelf thinks Lupin's its master.
Pokemon: Azelf, which is currently held by Lupin

Adrian: A coordinator with a Buizel with a black collar and floaty-thingies. He seems to be a rather snobbish and grumpy person, and likes to pick on younger boys. In fact, he's currently picking on Kazu by dragging him into the Viridian Contest Hall and demanding a contest battle...
Pokemon: Buizel (M)

Merlin: No, we're not talking about the wizard. We're instead talking about a Pokemon trainer who owns a place called the Mystic Sanctuary in Lavender Town. He's not a Guardian, but he is both knowledgeable about anything paranormal and somewhat psychically gifted. And a friendly soul and respectable soul overall.
Pokemon: Espeon (M, Felicio), Shiny Umbreon (F, Alice), Gallade (M, Arthur)

June 2nd, 2008, 8:42 AM
Hi! Sorry bout After Apocalypse... but with three people, it just didn't work... I'd like to reserve for having Giratina. Ghost Dragons pwn. I'll have it soon...

June 2nd, 2008, 2:42 PM
dude this sounds cool can i reserve Deoxys?

June 2nd, 2008, 3:12 PM
may i please reserve mew and i will post a character sheet later? thank you muchly :)

June 2nd, 2008, 4:00 PM
Here's my signup. I hope its good.

Name: Isaac Rendell
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: See trainer card for basic idea, but I will give some extra details anyway.
Issac stands at roughly 5"8 and weighs in at barely 145 pounds. Slim yet fit, Isaac stands strong and proud. Obviously, Issac dresses rebellious with a punkish theme which carries into his personality (getting to that later). His blonde bangs hide his emerald eyes that possesses a dose of individuality and desire for change and freedom. His clothes, while unique are well kept and neat, which gives the sense Isaac cares about his appearance and hygiene. His hair despite mostly covered by his hat is always neat and styled, giving the impression he may be cocky about his "perfect hair". Overall, he can be described as physically appealing to most, if not, all females and captures the essence of cool which men desire for their own sake.

Personality: Isaac, at his best, confident to the point of containing hubris though he doesn't always show it. Cocky to a fault, Isaac is a man who never admits defeat to anyone, even if its obvious his lost miserably. He also has a deep hatred for authority of any kind, coming mostly from his history with his parents. As a result, he hates large groups, corporations, etc. He proves to be optimistic and freedom-loving, enjoying his life with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Past this, Isaac is pretty regular though slightly emotional. He is kind to those that can stand him and completely rude to others. Issac tends to be disrespectful to most people, unless they show him a decent amount themselves. Issac is also a womanizer, often getting himself in numerous relationships, even though most ended poorly (he claims that's their problem or they couldn't handle the heat). Occasionally with a lawsuit. At his worst, Issac can be emo and depressed though he never sheds a tear mostly coming from the past or in a less severe case rejection from girls.

Extra: Issac is usually seen with a music device plugged into his ears, playing incredibly loud music. Issac has also has a small criminal record mostly for minor charges in Hoenn.

History (The fun, but hard part): Issac comes from the region of Hoenn in which his parents chose to live in the village of Littleroot Town. Originally from Kanto, Isaac originally had a great relationship with his parents until the move when he was 7 when they made the shift from perfection to pure animals. He suffered abuse from them for no apparent reason (though he believes it is because they thought he was flawed in some manner), especially from his father. At 10, Issac got the guts to run away from home and never come back. He got lost early and soon fainted in the middle of the Petalburg Woods. He woke to find himself helped by a Mystery trainer. While he never discovered his name, the man gave him an Eevee and wished him luck on "discovering himself." Isaac was stunned by the kindness, something he rarely experienced. With a newfound pokemon, Isaac tried training and battling. It made him feel independent and powerful, a feeling he never felt but the high it got from it caused him to experience confidence he lacked beforehand. With his natural ability for battling discovered, Issac took the Hoenn challenge and made into the league only to make it to the top 8.
Legendary: Palkia
1) Umbreon
Umbreon is obviously Isaac's starter. Unlike his master, Umbreon is mellow and respectful. However, Umbreon is very loyal and is more than willing to obey his master to the ends of the earth.
2) Raichu
Found as a Pikachu in the Hoenn Safari Zone, Raichu tends to exert more qualities in common with Isaac. It is a confident pokemon who believes in its power, all the while being a troublemaker.
Acquired in a trade for Issac's formerly owned Swellow (which was shiny), Kingdra became Isaac's main battler in Hoenn due its superior power. Kingdra is unusually proud and cocky. Despite that, Kingdra has proven to be reliable and powerful during Issac's adventure.
Issac came across an egg while in Lavaridge. The egg eventually hatched into Larvitar. It has recently evolved into Tyrantiar and has since become difficult to control. The pokemon has outstanding amounts of power however frequently refuses to listen to Isaac unless it deems the opponent to be worthy to experience its wrath. As a result, he displays anger and rage when summoned.
5) Staraptor
Issac came across the fully-evolved bird in the Safari Zone in Hoenn as well by a chance encounter. Difficult to catch, however easy to control, she has become loyal and reliable and possibly the most calm of all Issac's pokemon. As a result, it is used on lots of occasions against weaker opponents.

Any changes that are needed, I will make accordingly.

June 2nd, 2008, 4:06 PM
Name: Rin Kinamoto
Age: about 17
Gender: Female
Apperance: At first glance Rin would appear frail and weak do to her pale skin, and she is. She has been always been in weak in health.Rin has an elegant dmeneor around her.She is often seen whering midnight blue turtle neck with long sleeves and black jeans. She wheres black laced high healed boots and is never seen whering any other shoes.She has long dark hair and her eyes are a frail pink maybe violet. She stands about 5"9 and weights onl 100-110 pounds due to her weak health.

History: As mentioned above Rin was born in frail and weak health.As she got older though she was able to walk outside more often but she kept her pale white skin.Her parents often grew tired of her and the numerous medical bills that they had to pay and often thought it was a "forced" love. One day they grew mad at her and whipped her till she had deep cuts. Rin never spoke of it but she still often has flashbacks and has emotional breakdowns everyso often. Her voice has now become fragile and weak and she rarely speaks, if she does speak it only to her pokemon and to give battle commands for battles. Rin never had any friends at all and she never wanted any..She was afraid that she would burst out crying and tell that person everything and then she would make everything worse. The beating continued till she was 13 and then she decided enough was enough. She received a starter and started on a journey to be a Pokemon Coordinater. She hass since one several ribbons and one grand festival trophy.

Personality: Rin is cold and indifferent to everyone accept her pokemon. She hates being flirted with and has a very bad temper. If you try to be her friend she'll push you away like your nothing. She'll only laugh if its for sarcasism or to make a witty remark. Many people have tried to becoem her friend but she pushed them away with cold and indifference. People think that she'll never have any friends but maybe she could havre a friend someone..to ease her feelings and finally make her happy.

Legendary: Ho-oh the rainbow pokemon.


Species: Swampert
Lvl: about 46
History: This was Rin's starter pokemon. They have a very strong bond and can always be seen in the battle portions of Pokemon Contests. Swampert is used numerous times throughout battles and knows a variety of strong moves.

Species: Teddiursa
Gender: Female
History: Rin found Teddiursa as an egg and raised it till the egg hatched it. Teddiursa thinks of Rin as her mother and often comes out and follows her around like a baby chick. Teddiursa is used in many first round contest because it is so cute <3

Species: Dragonite
Lvl: 55
Gender: Male
History: Dragonite is Rin's main powerhouse knowing a variety of strong moves. Rin often uses dragonite in major battles such as battling tournaments. (Yes she does enter them.) Dragonite is quick to enter battle and will do anything to protect Rin.

Species: Gardevior[/B](Shiny)
Lvl [B]40
History: Gardevior is also used in battle tournaments but in contests as well. Gardeviour is mostly used in the first round to show off and show gardevoirs elegant demenor similiar to Rins. Gardevior knows some hardcore moves such as Psybeam and Phsycic.

And thats it o.O...Hopefully this is good enough to get accepted ^.^
and um..isn't this supposed to be in the role-play section not the role-play lounge? O.O;

June 2nd, 2008, 4:26 PM
Sounds great, I'm in! Though I will have to reserve as I am off to bed now lol

Umm, the Legend I choose is Lugia ^_^

Pokemon: Arcanine, Lucario, Golduck, Ampharos and Marowak

Sir Aaron1017
June 2nd, 2008, 5:47 PM
Hey, I would like to reserve Rayquaza please. I should have my bio uploaded soon. Thanks!

June 2nd, 2008, 5:52 PM
I'll reserve Entei and have a sign up completed soon, ya? =3


June 2nd, 2008, 6:08 PM
I would like to reserve Kyogre please.

June 2nd, 2008, 6:12 PM
Name: Darkly (not his real name. you will find that out later)

Age: 27

Gender: MALE

Appearance: he wears a purple hat that looks like riley's from D/P, and has hair that looks like your rival's from r/b/y. he has a long black coat and does not use pokeballs. his pokemon always stay outside of their pokeballs. His eyes are a pirceing green and oddly hypnotizing. he can communicate with pokemon, and has extremly pale white skin.

Personality: he has sort of a twisted personality, but he really cares about pokemon and enters them in contests instead of battles, so they don't get hurt. he has always had an interest in time, and one day wishes to control it. he is closer to this goal than he thinks (look at his legend)

History: he grew up in eterna city. he constantly visited the dialga statue and wondered if that pokemon could be real. one day, he set off on a journey to fnd dialga.

Legendary: Dialga

Glitchy(porygon z, shiny)
glitchy is his only pokemon, he is level 60

June 3rd, 2008, 5:24 AM
Name: Sora

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Sora has mid length red (red being actual red, not orange) hair which then spikes out in all directions; a pair of orange goggles keeps the overly large bangs at bay and thus prevents them from falling into her emerald eyes. She has a well built body with a lightly tanned complexion and a warm and trusting look about her. Her wardrobe consists of an Orange crop top, worn atop a black crop top and a pair of three-quarter length jeans. Upon her feet she wears a pair of black vans with orange laces and a three-quarter length black leather jacket that’s shows off the hem of her crop top, this sometimes is thrown around her waste. A long, orange thread of material wraps itself snuggly around her neck and this matches the coloring of her tongue, ear and bellybutton piercings. Her forearms are adorned by elbow high, fingerless black gloves and joining the orange thread around her neck is a shark tooth on a string, given to her by a family member. She wears a small orange backpack for her supplies and a few chains hang from the studded black belts around her waist (two in total). There are two triangular markings on each of Sora cheeks which are colored orange and black, its seems that these are permanently tattooed on her face and Sora herself doesn’t even know where they came from.

Personality: Outgoing and determined, Sora is full to the brim with bravery and a joyful outlook on life. She refuses to give up, even when it seems hopeless to carry on. She comes across as loyal, friendly and perhaps a little cocky, but not overly so. She is more than willing to give her life for others and perhaps can be considered a little too trusting for her own good as well as a little gullible. She would rebel to the very end to stand up for what she believes is right and would stick by her friends and companions no matter what the outcome may be, she does not take well to those who mock loyalty or those who are prone to double crossing and wouldn’t spare a thought to anyone who fools with her.

Sora can be a little loud and in your face and is defiantly one of those people who you either love or hate. She will always speak her mind, not really caring whether it hurts other peoples feelings because she believes in being honest and true, but she doesn’t intend to make people feel bad, in fact she gets a little confused when people loose they’re temper on her just for telling them the plain truth. Though she does tend to rely on her gut more than her head, she is in fact quite intelligent and is perhaps overly cautious of her surroundings whilst still being one to just charge in. Her reflexes are above average because of her love for video games and she always knows the types of places to look out for traps or be weary. In all honesty Sora treats life as one big video game and enjoys it to its fullest.

Unfortunately every rose has its thorns and Sora is a prime example of a split personality. If people are on the right side of her she is friendly, lovable and completely adorable in some people’s eye. Cross her and you will get the complete opposite. Sora is very prone to loosing her temper when things don’t go the way she plans or someone really gets on her nerves or upsets her. Instead of letting the tears fall, she will go on a rampage and throw every insult and cure towards her offender.

History: Sora grew up in Kanto, Cinnabar Island to be more precise. She started her Pokemon adventure when she was ten and traveled Kanto as her first mission, she ranked rather highly in the Pokemon League with her Growlithe, Golduck, Hitmonlee, Scyther, Pidgeotto and Raichu but never actually won it. Happy with her attempts at the Pokemon league she traveled then to Johto where she carried out the same task, catching an arrey of colorful Pokemon and starting a new team to face off at the Johto league, these consisted of: Growlithe, Houndour, Flaffy, Crocodile, Noctowl and Scizor. She got even higher with this attempt and then decided to call it quits with the Pokemon leagues when she arrived at Hoeen. She had gone there to continue with her dream of becoming a Pokemon master, but a side quest that came about in Fortree city lead to her becoming a Pokemon Ranger. A ranger had happened to by pass her on his way to an emergency call in the mountains, it just so happened that Sora was going the same way as this ranger and happened to fall upon him again later on. It seemed that a Stantler had gotten itself wedged on a mountain side, only moment away from death. Sora rushed forward to try and aid the ranger in rescuing the poor Pokemon and called forth Pidgeot and Scizor to lift the Pokemon to safety. After checking over its injuries the Ranger congratulated Sora and asked if she would like to train as a ranger. Sora was a little hesitant at first, her dream had always been to become a Pokemon master...but who was to say she could not become one whilst being a Pokemon Ranger? After light consideration Sora agreed to start her years as a Pokemon ranger and at the age of 16 had traveled the known regions to aid injured Pokemon.

Legendary: Lugia


Name: Jake
Species: Arcanine
Appearance: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa059.png
Personality: Loyal to Sora and only Sora. If he finds that something is not going to plan and worries for her safety, he will jump in without a second thought unless told to heel by Sora. He trusts no one on first appearance and it takes him a while to get use to some of Sora's companions and he is still not acting completely nice to Sora's ranger partner Michael, where its protectiveness or just sheer favoritism is unknown to Sora.
History: Jake has been with Sora ever since he was a pup. He was her present for starting her travels through Kanto. Jake has never been far from Sora's side and whenever he has he has always managed to find his way back to her in the end. He doesn't like going in his Pokeball and never has which leaves Sora leaving him out to roam around and keep close, he has been known to submit sometimes when flying to different regions or when swimming under sea.

Name: Haku
Species: Lucario
Appearance: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa448.png
Personality: Haku is honorable and loyal, he does what he thinks is right as long as no harm comes to Sora. He is like Jake in a way, but Haku is more patient and what bark and snap at anyone that passes unless they deserve it. He is sometimes caught meditating and focusing his powers so that he may become stronger. Haku is one of Sora's main fighters and is quick on both is feet and his mentality.
Histroy: Haku was not a Riolu when Sora found him, he was in fact a fully grown Lucario. She found him in agony in a mountain path not a year ago and she had been the one to nurse him back to health. Having been out there for days looking for an artifact for a museum, Sora was low on healing supplies and was slowly running out of food. But luckily enough the fish where biting in the river that ran down the mountain and Lucario was back to health in no time. It seems to Sora that he had gotten into a fight with something twice his size.

Name: Tino
Species: Golduck
Apperane: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa055.png
Personality: Tino is laid back and chilled. He likes nothing more than putting his feet up (preferably on the beach) and catching some z's. His other favorite pass time is eating, but this consists only of fruits and perhaps some sweets. He's not much of a fighter, but only because he's so lazy, but this doesn't mean he won't listen to Sora and do as he is told...though he may have a few moans to throw at her when he does.
Histroy: Tino was a simply Psyduck when Sora caught him. She had allways been a fan of the confused duck ever since she was small and made it her personal mission one day to go out and catch one of the critters and now that small psyduck has evolved into a calm and collected Golduck, one of the coolest Pokemon around in Sora's opinion.

Cyan Goggles
June 3rd, 2008, 2:49 PM
Hrm... I'm interested.

However, the my legendary of choice is taken.

I'll stalk and see how the form goes over. :3

June 3rd, 2008, 3:28 PM
Name: Bobby Baker
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Bobby has a mess of black curly hair that he keeps hidden under a red bandanna. On his head he wears goggles that alow him to see through sandstorms and rain. Has dark chocolate brown eyes that are always sprarkling with happiness. Wears a brown unzipped jacket with an orange shirt underneath. Has blue pants and blue shoes. Very tan as he spends most of his time outside. As he spends a lot of time running around outside he is very quick but isn't strong. Lean and short in his shoes he bearly reaches 5ft 5in. He very thin weighing at only 120lb.
Bobby has a very laid back kind of personality. Prefering to take the easy route in life, he constantly seen sleeping or eating. When he's not battling that is. For Bobby loves to have Pokemon Battles, as he is a brillent when it come's to strategy. Prefering others to lead, he lets others tell him what to do. Because of this, he is a bit of a push over. Has a little trouble making friends, but for those he has he defends furiously. Has a mental wound about being a screw up which was inflicted by his dad.
History: Bobby was born in Olivine City in the Johto region. The only friend he has ever had was Jasmine, now the Gym Leader of Olivine. Both are best friends and have kept in touch over the years. Bobby considers Jamine his older sister, but Jamine secretly has a crush on him. By the age of 6, Bobby was a chess chapion, beating some of the best in the biz. But that life didn't appeal to him. Soon Bobby found Pokemon Battling and put his strategic brain on that. He quickly became a well known trainer. His father however did not approve of his obsession with Pokemon, pleading him to go back to being the smart kid in school. His father's anger finaly exploded when he found out Bobby fluncked out of school, because he was spending too much time with Pokemon. Soon after that Bobby's father called him the family's screw up, and kicked him out of the house. Bobby has since then traveled around, rising through the ranks as a trainer.
Legendary: Deoxys the DNA Pokemon

Species: Feraligatr
Gender: Male
Level: 61
History: Bobby recieve Feraligatr as a Totodile from Prof. Elm and he is Bobby's first Pokemon. Used the most in battles, Feraligatr listens to Bobby without question and is known as the all around battler of Bobby's team.

Species: Flygon
Gender: Female
Level: 52
History: Bobby caught Flygon as a Trapinch in Hoenn and apon evolving into Flygon is Bobby's main mode of transportation. Used in ariel battles, Flygon has quite a few moves under her belt. She appears to have a crush on her trainer, getting jelous whenever Bobby spends too much time with another Pokemon.

Species: Roserade
Gender: Male
Level: 42
History: Bobby saved Roserade as a Budew when he was caught in a forest fire. Known as the problem child of Bobby's team, he likes to cause trouble. Is the helper Pokemon on the team causing status aliments and heals the others.

Species: Snorlax
Gender: Male
Level: 64
History: Bobby found Snorlax as a Munchlax eating the food out of his pack. Knows a variety of moves, he is the senior on Bobby's team, prefering to sleep insted of play. Known as the power house on the team.

Species: Combusken
Gender: Male
Level: 34
History: The newest edition to Bobby's team, Combusken was hatched from an egg Bobby was givin at the Pokemon Daycare as a gift. Quickly gaining strength the Torchic evloved in no time. Knows a variety of fighting and fire type moves he is known as the speed pokemon.

June 3rd, 2008, 3:41 PM
Name: Kazu
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: Kazu may look short, but if anyone mentions it he smashes them into a wall. He stands at 5'4 and weights 100 lbs. His skin is a light tan color and he usually wears some glasses to show his smarts or hide his balck eyes. His attire consist of a white shirt with a pokeball on the front, covered by a black and gold vest. Kazu wears his black jeans and black shoes with this attire. He has short black hair that makes him look cooler. Kazu carries around a black backpack that holds all his contest stuff. He has his pokeballs in a little bag around his belt.

Personality: He likes Pokemon contest, dumplings, grass pokemon, cute girls,he dislikes: People who disrespect contest, evil organizations, legendary pokemon, people who disrespect pokemon. Kazu loves justice and does everything in his power to deal it's power to others. He is known as a big flirt, but a little shy when it comes to girls with blonde hair and beautiful eyes. He always finishes his fights and raises his Pokemon to their full potential.

History: Kazu was born in Kanto, but raised in Sinnoh. His family had lots of Pokemon. It was that under the care of these Pokemon Kazu wanted to become a coordinator. He found that coordinators had a better bond between Pokemon than trainers did. Trainers push their pokemon to their limits to win and many hurt them in the process. However, coordinator and Pokemon work together to perform and make the people happy. It didn't require much to be a top coordinator other than skill and spirit. Kazu was happy he had an abundance of those things. When Kazu started his journey he took a pokemon he had bonded with most and a gift from his grandpa, Chimchar. The two travelled along and began to collect three ribbons and four new Pokemon. He eventually caught sight of the legendary pokemon Zapdos, at a power plant where he was training for his second ribbon. Even though he thought it was beautiful, he believed it didn't have the right power to fit contest. He and Chimchar have colleceted three ribbons and decided to take a break before going to the contest world of Sinnoh. He and Chimchar are taking a break with the rest of his Pokemon at the beach. They are still trainign their combinations and appeal ideas.

Legendary: Shaymin


History: Chimchar was a gift Kazu's grandapa on his 17th birthday. Chimchar refused to listen to Kazu, but eventually became Kazu's best friend after a horrible incident. Chimchar ran away to find a better trainer, but then slipped into a river. The bridge it was crossing had broke and no one was around to hear her scream. Kazu finally came out of the air and saved her from the water. He stayed by her side for twelve days, when she finally woke up and her fever broke.

Personality: Chimchar is the leader of the groupm and brings everyone together when the team falls apart. She always uses her leadership to stay close by Kazu and outside of her Pokeball. Kazu named her Burst because when she gets mad her tail burst into bright burning flames.

History: Croagunk was causing trouble for a group of other people and so Kazu tried to defeat it. On the other hand, Croagunk was the one to win, but then came under attack by a Fearow. With the type disadvantage Croagunk was on the verge of losing, but Kazu used Chimchar to blow Fearow away. Croagunk decided he would repay Kazu by having him capture him.

Personality: Croagunk is the bully of the group and yet their protector. When he bullies them it is okay, but when others start to bully the others he steps in with a Poison Jab to the gut. Kazu named him Jabber for the powerful Poison Jab he has.

History: Captured as an Aipom and while preparing to win Kazu's third contest was on the verge of losing. She couldn't let herself lose so she got up, used Double Hit, and evolved.

Personality: Ambipom loves to eat and perform at the same time. As an Aipom she was very shy, but after evolving she has become more friendly. Kazu named her Spiner for the way she spins her tail in confusion or happiness.

History: While Kazu was fishing he caught a Corphish that was afraid of battling and willing jumped into his Pokeball.

Personality: Corphish is a coward and refuses to battle and chooses to stay on the side and cheer for his team. Kazu likes Corphish and so he calls him Courage. He feels Corphish will grow into a great warrior when the time comes.

History: Elekid was undefeated by a coordinator rival to Kazu. However, when Kazu's Croagunk defeated it in battle it's winning strive began to fall. After so many defeats it asked its tariner to release him and so he was alone. Kazu met up with it again after Spiner had evolved. They battled once again and Elekid kept fighting until it finally collasped from exhaustion. Kazu promised to amke it stronger again while he sat by its side in the Pokemon center. After waking it agreed to grow stronger again and joined Kazu's team.

Personality: Elekid is the cockiest of the team and lets his pride cloud his judgement. He loves to battle and loves to win even more. Always ready to compete and fight Kazu has named him Brawler.

Trainer Kat
June 3rd, 2008, 5:05 PM
<3 Can I reserve Darkrai? :D
I'll post a sign up soon, right now I'm working on a different sign up.
Thanks so much <3

Name: Alice Winters
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Legendary: Darkrai

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa189.png Jumpluff
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffsa/dpffsa471.png Glaceon (Shiny)
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa121.png Starmie
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb078.png Rapidash
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffb/dpffb025.png Pikachu

June 4th, 2008, 7:22 PM
Name: Jemima Clarke
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Jemima is average height for her age, standing at 5’6. She has an athletic build, but she is still rather curvy with a decent sized bust and rounded hips. Jemima is both toned and very tan from constant swimming and sunbaking. Her hair is a nutshell brown and is dead straight and ends halfway down her back. She has large hazel eyes and a delicate ski-jump nose. Her lips are full and often described as “kissable” by guys. She is attractive and she knows it, using her body to get what she wants. She wears a white string bikini under all her clothing, just in case she gets the chance to swim, over her bikini she wears a tight aqua tank top, which is short enough to reveal her belly-button piercing and a white mini skirt. On her feet she wears aqua thongs but she often likes to go bare foot, especially on sand. She carries her possessions in a woven tote bag. She wears a silver necklace with the letter “J” on it and a silver anklet on her tanned ankle
Personality: Jemima is a serious flirt; her thoughts are constantly on boys. She likes to play them hot and cold, and she always gets what she wants. Despite of this, she has many good friends who are girls, and they form the popular group at their small island school. Although Jemima is shallow and vain, she is still very kind and loyal. She has a deep affection for her Pokemon, friends and family and is not hard to win over. She can come across as a ditz, she’s not stupid, she’s just not an academic type and she does not excel in school. Jemima can sometimes be tactless and say the wrong things, but this is not because she is mean or insensitive, she simply doesn’t realise what she’s saying.
History: Jemima was born and raised in Pacifidlog Town to Jordan and Aimee Clarke. She has four siblings, Alice who is the eldest, twins Joshua and Danielle and finally Sarah. Jemima is the second eldest, but she doesn’t act like it, her father spoils her the way one would spoil the youngest child.

She had a fairly quiet and comfortable upbringing; she attended the local school and made many friends, winning the hearts of several boys in the process. She had many boyfriends and paid little attention in school, just scraping a passing grade. This didn’t bother her parents, as they just wanted her to be happy.

Her elder sister Alice left for a journey around Hoenn when she was 13 and Jemima was 10. The two were close and stayed in constant contact, Alice elaborately described her Pokemon journey to Jemima igniting her interest in Pokemon.

Her parents made her wait until she was thirteen, so Jemima remained at home, swimming, flirting with boys and spending time with her friends. When she was thirteen her parents gave her a Surskit and Jemima set off on her journey through Hoenn. She soon became interested in Pokemon Contests and she journeyed throughout the region, winning many ribbons. She caught other Pokemon and journeyed to the Sinnoh and Kanto Region’s before returning home at age fifteen.

On her sixteenth birthday her parents gave her a Duskull and Jemima worked hard to train him up for contests. With his help, along with the rest of her Pokemon Jemima won the grand festival, two years in a row.
Legendary: Mew
Surskit ♀: Jemima’s main contest Pokemon and loyal friend. Given to her when she was thirteen years old by her parents
Duskull ♂: The newest addition to Jemima’s contest team, given to her by her parents when she was sixteen
Numel ♂: This fire Pokemon was given to Jemima by Flannery, the gym leader of Lavaridge town. The older trainer saw Jemima win a contest in Lavaridge and was impressed by the way Jemima handled her Pokemon so she gave her Numel to raise
Nidorina ♀: Nidorina was the very first Pokemon that Jemima caught. Caught as a Nidoran ♀ and she evolved two years ago. Jemima uses her more in battles then contests
Staryu: Jemima found this Staryu injured upon returning to her hometown. She befriended it and took it to the Pokemon Centre to heal, and when Staryu was fighting fit again it decided to join Jemima on her journeys.

Sir Aaron1017
June 4th, 2008, 8:58 PM
Name: Derek Kingston
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: What can he say? Tall, dark, and handsome. He is 5'11' and has naturally tan skin. His hair is dark brown and it hangs freely down to his ears, but sometimes he wears it in a pony tail when frustrated, or if it is just in the way. He wears a long black leather jacket and a pair of black sunglasses to match. He has a grey tank top underneath, and also, he has black pants that cover some of his black boots. He has a tribal tattoo on his right arm, and wears a ring on his left ring finger which he never talks about, even if you ask him!

Personality: He is very quiet, and observes everyting from a distance-- when possible-- and tries not to start any fights, but sometimes he is unsuccessful. When he does talk, it is with some indefinate wisdom that he himself has yet to discover.

History: Well, his childhood was fairly easy, it was the growing up part that wasn't so peachy. Despite all the money his parents possess, he wont have anything to do with it. His motto is " Work for all you have, and never take anything for free", which makes it really hard for him to accept help of any kind, even if he really needs it. His favorite pokemon would have to be a Salamence, although he doesn't own one, yet anyways!

He started his pokemon journey earlier than most, at the age of 8! He found his dad's shiny charmander and thought "hey, he never uses this, why can't I?". He took it, fought some guy, won, which gave him the money to start his adventure. Now, dont get me wrong, he had to work hard to get where he is today.

(And just a little info on the ring... lets just say he was almost married... but something happened that left him single... he wears it to remind himself of her ( she died in freak accident)- and that is all he has ever told anyone-- even his best friend doens't know more than that!)

Legendary: Rayquaza the peace-maker.

Pokemon: Charizard/ Midnight Blaze, or Blaze for short
Gender: Male

Pokemon: Grovile
Gender: Male

Pokemon: Dragonair
Gender: Male

Pokemon: Milotic
Gender: Male

June 4th, 2008, 10:13 PM
Name: Candice Fia
Age: 16
Gender: Female


The young girl stands at a height slightly taller than most girls her age, she owns a skinny frame and has long legs. She wouldn’t be considered lanky, as she has a fair amount of meat on those lengthy bones of hers. Candice has a pair of misty grey eyes, and usually has a warm smile upon her oval face. Her short, chestnut brown hair barely brushes her shoulders when let down, but most of the time, she ties it in a side-ponytail standing out from the right side of her face with a black rubber band. Her skin is of average pigment, not too tan, neither is it too pale. The young female also wears a pair of transparent ear sticks, their colour subject to change depending on the day of the week.

Candice is usually seen clad in a sleeveless spaghetti strap of a dark blue shade, a long, sky blue button shirt that falls a fair bit beyond the girls waist is commonly seen over this article of clothing. The girl only buttons up the top three buttons of the shirt, whose sleeves fall to her shoulders. She is also seen in a pair of black coloured shorts that fall to just barely above her kneecap, a belt of a dark hue hangs at her hips, her four Pokeballs containing her trusty Pokemon clasped tightly onto their holders. Candice wears a pair of grey coloured sneakers with stars outline on them, and yes, grey was their original colour tone. To carry her possessions it, Candice carries a small, brown bag pack.


The young girl has a courageous soul and a daring heart. She enjoys taking risks and trying dangerous stunts, as well as taking up challenges. Candice never rejects a dare and loves to prove someone wrong, with such an audacious character, it’s no wonder she’s the life of the party. An energetic and cheery girl when excited, the sixteen-year old has a knack for sports, but doesn’t fare too well in matters of the mind. She can be quite dense and may take a few moments to catch on to what someone might be explaining, if the terms and the subject of the conversation confuse her. She also has the habit of asking painfully obvious questions. Though she isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, her strong and bold persona and athletic prowess balances out her lack of wit. She enjoys sprinting and treasures her friends a great deal.

She tends to be playful and finds it hard to take anything seriously. Because of this, numerous people find that it is hard to catch her attention; some even find that it is a chore to get her to listen to them. Even when a earnest discussion is taking place, the girl can usually be seen staring out the window, a blank expression painted upon her face. Due to this, Candice comes off as rude and disrespectful; it is never really clear if she deliberately does so, or whether her short attention span is beyond her control. She’s really just an inquisitive child at heart, and sometimes, really finds this part of her nature a burden. The girl tries to act mature when around people she wants to impress, though this fails quite badly most of the time. She possesses a curious personality and doesn’t hesitate to do anything rash in order to get the answers she wants.

A brash young female, Candice may seem spoilt due to the fact that she has a temper and she isn’t afraid to show it when something doesn’t go her way. The girl is easily turned off by no-nonsense individuals who don’t know the meaning of fun, and will not resist the urge to show her anger if she is frustrated. The girl is really a warm and sweet person at heart; it just takes time and patience to understand her complex attitude. However, once you get used (I wouldn’t say that it’s impossible but...) to her weird antics, you would have found someone who will fight for you and stick by your side through thick and thin.


Born and raised in Cianwood, Candice has always loved the ocean and used to go for daily swims at the beach. She explored the wondrous world of aquatic life under the surface of the sea, this routine feeding her curious mind. As a child, she loved doing a lot of daring stunts, ranging from cannonballing straight into the sea or swimming in intricate patterns in the water. These actions trained her body and reflexes, resulting in the healthy product one can see today.

Once she was twelve, her parents gave her a fishing rod of her own to catch a Pokemon or two, Candice was incredibly happy. She sat by the sea everyday, Lyulf sitting patiently at her side as she held anxiously onto the Good rod, in hopes that she could catch a Pokemon that would be able to learn Surf and carry her to the mainland. She was delighted, a few minutes after placing the hook into the water for the first time, she snagged a cute looking Chinchou.

The Fire type loved sunbathing in the warmth of the Sun while his trainer, on the other hand, became increasingly annoyed as each passing day yielded no results, outside of the first day, she had not managed to catch anything appealing. Tentacruel seemed to live in large hordes around the area. Candice was beginning to lose all drive for the project, when suddenly, a tug at her line shook her awake, she was nearly pulled into the sea by the large force. With her Houndour’s help, she managed to pull out a medium-sized Mantine from the water. Upon capturing said Pokemon, she was immediate in her request to leave the city and head for Olvine, where she could properly start travelling around. Her parents, knowing her well enough to realize that she couldn’t stay stranded on an island for her whole entire life, gave her their consent, much to the girl’s great joy. She left Cianwood one week later, sitting upon the back of her new Mantine, surfing towards the Lighthouse in the distant, signaling the start of her long journey around Johto and Kanto.

Legendary: Entei


Houndoom (Male; Lyulf)

As a pup, the Houndour wandered the streets of Cianwood, having gotten chased off a ship he had stowed away on. A group of young boys loved to bully the little creature, throwing rocks and calling him mean names. However, a young girl of eight stepped in between the Houndour and the kids, ordering them to get lost and to leave the poor thing alone. Candice brought the injured Fire type home and nursed him back to health. However, the young canine couldn’t bear to leave the kind female, he decided to stay with her and protect her, just like how she protected him.

A canine with a bad temper and a nasty set of claws to boot. He is overly protective of the ones he loves and never avoids battle. He faces trouble and adversity straight in the face, and refuses to back down from a fight. The Fire type Pokemon has great pride in himself and overestimates his abilities some times. Though he may find Orah a pain, he really likes her, and would do anything to ensure Candice and her Pokemon’s safety.

Chinchou (Female; Orah)

Fished up from the sea, the Chinchou has a childish nature and loves to play games and pull pranks, especially on Lyulf. She enjoys laughing and finds that irritating the Houndoom is something along the lines of a hobby for her. A hyperactive little Water type who tends to be fairly inquisitive, she often worries Candice when she gets carried away and goes off exploring on her own. Luckily, fatherly Lyulf is always there to keep an eye out for her.

Mantine (Female; Iara)

Caught so that Candice would have a form of transportation for both the sea and air. Iara has a relaxed nature, and can usually be seen sleeping in the comfort of her Pokeball. She hardly appears outside of battle due to the fact that she prefers to rest and take naps. Though she may not seem very reliable, she is actually quite a skilled fighter with a large moveset.

June 4th, 2008, 11:43 PM
Name: Seras

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Appearance: Seras has a distinct mature and feminine look about her, something she is quite proud of in comparison to her rather casual and laid back personality. As such, she doesn't really have a very good eye for fashion and dresses accordingly so, adopting a more comfortable get-up in place of trying to look good or stand out. Whether this works in attracting people's attention or in complimenting her natural appearance is of little importance.

Speaking of which, as a result of spending the majority of her life under Slateport's bright and breezy environment, Seras has developed a ganguro-like complexion, just not as extreme. With a light tan and bleach-blonde hair, she has a somewhat exotic look about her, a common trend among the city's youth. Also having large blue eyes covered by a receding fringe and shoulder-length hair tied into a short explosive ponytail, not to mention a rather slim figure with portions of built up muscle in all the right places, Seras is nothing short of stunning. Of course, in spite of her natural beauty, she tends to cover herself in a number of unappealing apparel, her obscure sense of style and taste hindering her potentially popular social standing.

Picking out whatever she deems to be "cute" or that interests her, Seras' most prized attire is compiled out of six specific articles of clothing. The first is a simple white tank top with an ocean blue Pokeball print design across the front, over which she wears a denim feather collared and hemmed sleeveless jacket. Three quarter denim jeans dress her thighs with a similar feather rimmed design while a pair of round tipped sneakers brace her feet. Finishing her two-toned and feathery attire, she wraps each hand in a black fingerless glove with a matching feather rim while a full blown feather band ties her hair.

Personality: Innocent and oblivious define what kind of person Seras really is. She also shares a similar outlook on life but is slowly beginning to understand how the world actually works. Not everyone is nice and life isn't always fair, two facts she has become quite accustomed to ever since leaving home. In spite of all this, her attitude has remained resolute, even through the many trials she has already faced during her travels around the world.

In stark contrast to her somewhat timid persona, whenever she becomes enthused about certain issues, her level of passion and sheer determination rise exponentially. She's the type of person who really gets into what she's doing and more often than not finds herself needing someone to help subdue her from going overboard. It's this unrelenting nature of Seras' raw instincts that define who she really is and where she draws her true strength from. Of course, this side of her is only accessible during times of high testosterone and adrenaline paced situations, which in respect to her initial composure, is rather scarce.

Being independent, she is more or less responsible and also quite dependable. Those who rely on her are people she will never abandon no matter what happens and treasures each of them as her precious person. In this vain, she also hopes that there are people who if ever the need arose, she could rely upon instead.

History: Seras has lived quite a sheltered life in her hometown of Slateport City, with both her mother and father who worked a stall in the city's open air market. Coming from such humble origins, she has come to appreciate the finer things in life and does well not to take things for granted. But because of this, she tends to read into every little detail of a subject and often takes things to heart, despite how insignificant or meaningless they may be.

Countering this, it was during her teen years that her inner personality really started to develop and reveal itself. The occasion in which her initial awakening derived however, involved one hapless Spheal and a whole lot of trouble. Being seventeen years of age and having spent most of her morning helping her parents set up shop, Seras was more than ready to have a little fun but just her luck, all of her friends had something else to do and since Slateport wasn't exactly the most exciting place to be, she found herself stranded. Deciding to kill some time at the beach where she would come to relax every once in a while, she discovered the existence of her future Pokemon partner. Under the torment of some rather immature and boisterous tourists, Seras discovered a rather diminished Spheal lying quite out of context across the beach. Shooing away the evil children, she became immediately concerned for the poor Pokemon and brought it to the nearest Pokemon Center.

It was then that she found out about Spheal's condition. She was expected to make a full recovery but since she was still an infant and had somehow arrived in an environment very different to what she would normally be raised in, her longterm health had become an issue. Having become quite close, Seras decided to take in the Pokemon as her own and help find her home. It was a life changing decision but she was more than ready to make it and after receiving her parents' consent, she became ever more determined to return her partner to where she really belonged.

Legendary: Raikou

Pokemon: Spheal (Integra)

EDIT: Finished~

June 5th, 2008, 1:11 PM
OOC: Hope the extra information is okay. If not, i'll just remove it all. >>' Also, I had Moltres on the original post, but I guess it just got looked over.. So I highlighted it in lime green so you could find it easier. Also, I wasn't sure where you wanted all the extra information, so I just left them alone. I hope that's okay, if not, i'll gladly change it.

Name: Addison Bailey Avalon, Prefers to be called "Addie"
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female
Title: Pokemon Ranger/Daycare Operator

Birthdate: September 23
Birthplace: Lavender Town, though she was later moved to Cinnabar Island around the age of 10
Height: 5'3'
Weight: Ninety-Eight pounds

Role models: First and foremost, Addie's father, who taught her everything she knows about raising and protecting pokemon, Blaine, who got Addie involved in the aspect of pokemon battles and who acted as a second father to her all the times when her father couldn't be there, and finally, Morty.

Personality: Addison is extremely playful in nature, preferring in any casual situation to be teasing or joking around, and in a sense is on the verge of flirtacious, but she is portrayed by her innocent child-like image, so no one would ever suspect that. Though while Addie is very playful, and wouldn't hesitate to instantly start heckling anyone and everyone she meets, she does have a shy side which makes itself known only when for some reason she is forced to begin socializing with an already-established group of people she has never met before. In these types of situations, she is a bit socially awkward, but sweet neverthless, and will do almost anything to be accepted. Addie hates being alone in general, and is a complete wreck if she is completely by herself, but is fine as long as Aryan is by her side. Addie adores the plush pokemon in fact, and if she is apart from him, after awhile will begin to grow antsy and extremely nervous. She has a passion for saving and caring for hurt pokemon, as indicated by her occupations, and most go even as far to say that she is reckless and rash, putting a pokemon's well-being before her own. But Addie prefers for it to be this way, for if a pokemon was ever lost under her watch, she wouldn't be able to live with herself. She believes it better if she got hurt trying to do the right thing rather than a pokemon get hurt because of something she failed to do. Many say that this unwavering compassion will be the death of her some day.

Appearance: Addison is an incredibly petite girl, small in both stature and weight, but this deficiency seems not to affect her much, as she has Aryan for protection. (Though the tiny fluffball of a pokemon may not appear to be much of a threat, much like his trainer, he unlike Addison is a force to be reckoned with.) Her whole body is incredibly small and slender, from her petite heart-shaped face, to her long, thin arms and delicate little hands. Her eyes are a brilliant, piercing shade of golden. Her hair, when let loose, cascades in loose curls all the way down her back and ends just above her waist. She most commonly keeps it tied up in high, child-like Pigtails, tied at the ends with bright yellow ribbons so long that they trail down past her bare shoulders. Her hair is platinum in color, streaked randomly with lines of hot pink. Addie is most commonly seen wearing a loose, yellow sundress, fashioned so that it clings to her chest, and billows out just below her hips, falling to about mid-thigh. The sundress is plain save for an intricate pattern of lace trimming all the edges and tiny hot pink miniature bows tied around the tops of the straps encircling her shoulders. On her feet, she wears simply a pair of flip flops, perfectly convenient for the Island climate she lives in. The flip flops are decorated with a pattern of Umbreon in various poses, betraying her obvious love for the dark-type pokemon. On her back she wears a soft plush backpack in the shape of Mewtwo's head, the favorite of all her legendaries. The backpack is very small in size, and therefore can't contain very much.

History: Most of it is already included in Aryan and Ghastly's Bios, so i'm just going to fill in the blanks. Aryan was born to Christopher and Angelique Avalon on September 23, in Lavender Town. The girl was a mere five pounds six ounces at birth, but was perfectly healthy and had the brightest pair of golden eyes anyone had ever seen, which still persists to this day. While Christopher was overjoyed to be welcoming a new daughter into the world, Angelique was less than thrilled with the prospect of eighteen years of unbroken commitment. Just days after Addison's birth, Angelique threw what few belongings she had into a bag and left the family to pursue her own dreams. When Addison was old enough to inquire about the whereabouts of her mother, Christopher pulled out an old album and explained to Addison how her mother had been a prize-winning Coordinator before she met him, and how when she became pregnant with her, she had had to give up that dream. With a tear in his eye, Christopher had then told Addison that he still loved her mommy very much, and one day, after she had achieved her dream of becoming Top Coordinator, maybe she would come back to them. Addie has no recollection of her mother, and knows of her only by what her father has told her and the photographs she left behind. Some say that the lack of a mother has had a horrible effect on the girl, and that is why she has such a deep obsession with dark, ghostly pokemon, when most girls go for what is cute and cuddly. Others say that it was most definitely practically growing up and taking her first steps in the Pokemon tower, where her first playmate was a Ghastly. But Addie knows that it is neither, and just hopes that one day she can become as great as Morty both in the ways of ghost-type battling and educating people properly about the joy of ghost pokemon.

Legendary: Moltres

Pokemon: Eevee
Nickname: Aryan
Gender: Male
Nature: Bold
History: When Addie was forced to leave Lavender Town, and along with it her beloved Ghastly, Addie vowed to herself and to her father that she would never love another pokemon again. True to her word, for almost a year Addie avoided anything to do with pokemon, and even when her father finally obtained her Ranger license, refused to even attend his welcoming ceremony, knowing that she wouldn't be able to ignore all the other Rangers and their partner pokemon there. When her father later brought home his new partner pokemon, a Squirtle, she felt betrayed, and enraged, she ran away from home. It wasn't like she could go far, being on an island and all, but nevertheless she fled to what she thought was just an ordinary volcanoe, but actually turned out to be the hidden Gym of Blaine, legendary fire Gym Leader of Kanto. After meeting him and eventually telling him about her current predicament, he agreed to give her some advice he guaranteed would solve her problem, but only on two conditions. 1. That she complete a Scavenger Hunt for him and bring back EVERY item on the list by solving a series of Riddles, no matter what she had to do to get them, and 2. She must take the advice no matter what. Grudgingly, Addie agreed, as she really had nothing better to do since she obviously didn't want to return home, at least not without the advice. It took her five hours to obtain every item on the list, and after being put through a series of trials that required her to physically interact with pokemon, Addie, with all the items in tow, was more than ready to receive her advice. As Blaine left the arena, and came back with a tiny bundle of brown fur in his arms, Addie soured, and as Blaine tried to give her the Eevee, stubbornly refused. It was then that he reminded her of their deal, and Addie was stuck with the Eevee. Apparently the Blaine had found the Eevee as an egg, unknown of what was concealed inside. The egg was found in the posession of two Poachers after Blaine began finding their traps all along the Beaches and volcanoes of Cinnabar. He eventually caught them in the act just as they were returning to claim a prize Kingler who had been snagged on a Beach near his volcanoe. Infuriated by the criminals, Blaine sicced Ninetales on the duo to capture them. Unfortunately, they got away, but the Kingler was safe. After Blaine released it, he noticed that the Poachers had dropped something in their hurry: A satchel containing a couple of canteens, some rather vicious traps for catching large pokemon, and most importantly, an egg. Blaine turned everything in to Officer Jenny respectively, everything but the egg, that is. He knew it would take care for it to hatch, and perhaps no one else would give it that kind of care, so not wanting to take the chance (and eager for a new addition to his team) Blaine lovingly hatched what came out as an adorable little Eevee. There posed the problem. Eevees took a lot of love and attention to raise up, and he realized that as a Gym Leader constantly accepting challenges with not a lot of spare time to get out and train, the Eevee would never grow up right. No, the Eevee belonged to a trainer, just starting out preferably, so the two could gain experience together, and form a tight bond and friendship like no other. Then out of the blue came Addie, and here was the perfect opportunity. After explaining her situation to him, Blaine knew that this girl was the perfect match for his Eevee, and if he could somehow get her to accept him, she would find that he was perfect for her. Addie was even more enraged when she found out how he had tricked her into taking the Eevee, but a promise was a promise, so reluctantly she took him home. She was more than hostile to the Eevee for weeks, months even, but the pint-sized pokemon eventually wormed his way into her heart, proving himself faithful to follow her whereabouts day after day, sniffing her out even when she tried her hardest to rid herself of him, and constantly picking her up with his silly antics on those days when she felt like she could no longer go on living. Aryan eventually became Addie's best friend and confident, and after this major breakthrough, Addie found herself slowly returning to the world of pokemon, simply just acknowledging their existence again at first, but then over time finding herself subconsciously seeking to learn more and more about them. After another year had past, she was following in her father's footsteps and attending Ranger School with Aryan and spending afternoon after afternoon sparring with Blaine and absorbing everything she could about fire types.

Dislikes: Arrogant people and pokemon, those who are unnecessarily cruel to others.

Pokemon: Ghastly
Nickname: None
Nature: Unknown
Gender: Male

History: Though Ghastly is no longer with Addie, deep down, she feels that he is still hers, and vows to someday return to the town she was forced to leave behind and claim him. Addie was born into the town of Lavender, and since the town notoriously centered itself around the downright eery Pokemon Tower, Addie's father was one of the many people working there. His job specifically was to arrange the pokemon memorials, and decide who was to be laid to rest where. He hated the job, and spending seemingly endless hours at the Tower, but as he was a single father looking to support him and his young daughter, he forced himself to come day after day. Since Addie was too young to be left alone, and her father, fairly new to town, didn't know anyone yet, she was brought to work with him every day. Though a pokemon deathsite wasn't the most ideal of environments to raise a small child in, and Addie's father lamented over this fact every day, the small girl didn't seem to share the same discomforts as her father, and as she grew accustomed to spending more and more time in the Tower, she actually began to love going there. Over time, the ghosts of the Tower began to appear to her, and she befriended a particularly mischevious Ghastly who was infamous for pulling pranks on people who came to visit the Tower. The two were friends from the time Addie's fifth birthday came around to the day she was forced to leave him behind. He had played pranks on her from the time she first began accompanying her father to the Tower, but unlike most of the people and pokemon who fell victim to the ghost's pranks, Addie thought they were hilarious. The Ghastly soon teamed up with the small girl, and together they made mischief all throughout the Tower. When it was time for Addie to finally attend School and pursue her education, the Ghastly followed, and their practical jokes were only expanded. Addie's father became concerned when he began receiving notes from her teachers about her behavior, and at first was doubtful that his sweet like Addison could wreck any havoc of that kind until the day he actually caught her in the act. Figuring a change of scenery would be good for Addie, and hoping that without the meddlesome Ghastly around, she might actually try to make some Human friends like other normal little girls, Addie's father bluntly informed her that they were moving, and by the next day the two were headed to Cinnabar Island. Addie was unable to even tell the Ghastly goodbye, her father wouldn't allow it as he was afraid that she would somehow let him know where they were going, and he would follow in secrecy. It still tears Maddie up to this day that her friend may think she abondoned him without a thought, when in actuality she can't go a night without dreaming about him, and the day they'll finally be reunited.

Rival: None, as of yet

Signature pokemon: Eevee

Extra: Addie's favorite color is Yellow, She loves late-night walks beneath the moon, and thinks it would be romantic for a guy to ask her to go to a Haunted House. She loves Casablanca Lilies and anything sweet.

June 5th, 2008, 7:34 PM
Brad: Reserved. I'm sorry about what happened to that RPG too...

Got-a-Plan-B: Accepted! Haha, your character reminds me of one of my own... but that's beside the point. Welcome.

GhostPrincess: Accepted! Gotta love shiny Gardevoirs... and coordinators.

Kaishin: Reserved. I'm looking forward to seeing your signup!

Darkly_the_Flygon: Rejected for now, but you have once chance to improve your signup before I make Dialga open. You really could do a lot more with your Appearance, Personality, and History, and you need to work on capitalisation, especially. Right now I'm not convinced that you could do a good RPG post.

Lucien Lachance: Pending. Looks good so far--just finish your history.

Zimvee: Accepted! Short, but sweet. You didn't need to include the levels of your Pokemon, but that's okay.

K9S8: Accepted! Not a bad signup. Wow--I didn't know coordinators were popular!

Trainer Kat: Reserved. Heyyyy, you took my favourite Legendary, not fair... Just kidding. :P

LaurenLOVESTONED: Accepted! Whoa, it looks like my character's gonna have to watch out for yours...

SirAaron1017: Accepted! Hmm, you're signup's kinda on the short side, but not bad and your grammar is good. Besides, I've seen you RP before.

Ibuberu: Accepted! Great signup overall! Nice contrast, between Fire Pokemon and fishing...

Phanima: Reserved. Sorry for your favourite Legendary being taken... it happens to everyone...

Umbreongirl: Pending. The only reason I know that Moltres is your legendary is because you PM'd me. Could you include that in your signup so everyone else knows? What's more, I know you're recycling an old profile; it's okay, I do it all the time. But when you do that, sometimes you have to change it a bit to fit the RPG. Could you perhaps re-order some of the parts of the signup so that it fits the template? Put your character's history before the Pokemon, for instance, add the legendary... but otherwise, good quality in your signup.

I will be starting this RPG tomorrow perhaps, but signups are still open.
Legendaries Available: Articuno, Zapdos, Suicune, Celebi, Latias, Latios, Groudon, Jirachi, Manaphy, Cresselia, Heatran

And now for my signup.

Name: Hiroshi "Gon" Tsukimaru
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Gon is not extremely tall--5'3" to be exact. His jet-black hair, straight and rather coarse in texture, is slightly longer in the back than the front, just so that it can touch his ears and the bottom of his neck and show his little beady black eyes. But it proves to be a nice contrast to his skin tone, which matches that of the inside of an almond. He also has the beginnings of a moustache, just a little black line (some people have commented that it looks like a thick whisker) on each side of his face. Strangely, people have called him both thin and chubby, because although he has an overall thin stature and especially thin forearms, his face looks rather pudgy and he has somewhat of a potbelly.

Having fairly sensitive skin, Gon prefers more comfortable attire--for example, you'll never see him wearing jeans or boots or even most belts. The black T-shirt he wears is so soft in texture that it wouldn't even be called a T-shirt if it didn't look like one. The design on the front of this shirt consists of a Dragonair sitting in a circle around a Dragonite, who has a Dratini draped over its shoulders. Several people have remarked on how cute the Dratini's face looks... Anyway, Gon's so fussy about picking comfortable that he wears pajama bottoms, with a red flannel pattern on them, and below that, black sandals with white socks underneath. This might give him an air of someone who is intent on staying in bed all day, but rather it just softens his overall appearance, not to mention that around him is a faint aroma of baby powder.

Gon also carries his laptop around, in a large black case with a Butterfree on it.

Personality: Gon talks with people best either with his closest friends or peers, or with anyone online. Nevertheless, especially when around his peers, he has a tendency to try to fit in with everyone else. He appeals to people with casual small talk and an overall modest attitude, although he hardly ever talks about himself. Rather, he keeps mentioning how cool the other people are, and smiles a lot (unless he's talking to a group of goths, say). One could easily see him as a friendly, "feel-good" person, always happy to help out with things, never frustrated by even those who give him a hard time ("Just chill man, c'mon, you don't have to be THAT tough with it..."), and could make even the shamed, wrist-cutting emo crack a smile. He's also known to be very generous, to the point where in school, he lets people copy his answers on tests, and he's also been known to let people try out things like a video game on his laptop.

As far as interests and hobbies go... Gon is a geek, based on how much time he spends on the computer. But unlike his sister, he doesn't prefer to stay inside his room all the time; one of the advantages of having a laptop. He spends much time wandering around town, sitting in such places as parks or cafes and do various things on his laptop--play video games, watch anime, spend some time in online chat sites or RPG's, search for or listen to music, etc. etc. After a few hours of doing that in the morning, he'll come home a bit for the afternoon, his Pokemon tagging along with him. Then, by evening, it's time to hit the arcade, the movie theater, the roller-skating rink, maybe even sneak into a club. He really enjoys doing fun things with his friends, including his Pokemon and people he's interested in meeting.

Gon speaks more openly to boys than girls, as he knows that he can have a tendency to stare at or even accidentally touch girls at the worst possible times. As a result, he's not too into romance, although he is occasionally prone to falling under the spell of a really pretty girl. In fact, Gon is pretty prone to being led into all sorts of trouble, being quite gullible and trusting people too easily most of the time. To get over any problem he encounters, the first thing he does is think of something that's wonderful about it (especially the case if the problem is with a person), and hopefully use that to fix the problem. And when he loses a competition, like a Pokemon battle, he doesn't pout--instead he compliments the winner (especially the case if the winner makes fun of him) and points out that he's not very experienced. And... let's finish off with a few more random things. Despite his overall geekiness, Gon likes the outdoors and is mildly interested in sports, oddly enough. He's also interested in the Pokemon trading card game, and loves to eat. He loves Pokemon in general, especially Bug and Fire and maybe Dragon-types.

History: Gon didn't spend a lot of time with his parents when he was young, but he did spend a lot of time with Ari, his little sister. Often times the two of them would go on walks together, and explore around their hometown of Eterna City, Sinnoh. Sometimes they wandered towards Mt. Coronet or the forest to look for Pokemon to watch or play with. The two were curious little explorers--it didn't matter what time of day it was, or what kind of place it was, nor what kind of people inhabited it. They wandered into it. That is, unless a Gastly or something from the Old Chateau or something scared them away. (Ooh, that one was common back in the day...) It was even through all this exploring that they found out about Pokemon in the first place, as it's just not possible to wander into Eterna Forest without spotting a single Pokemon. And they would even return home to play video games or watch TV together. (Especially for cartoon night on Saturday!)

One thing--or rather, person--Gon and Ari weren't aware of, was Mr. Wheezy, the supposed "child-eater" who dwelt in Diamond Alley. Wheezy spent his days in a grimy little flat in a hole in the dark alley, smoking cigars and pampering his Weezing, and waiting for some child to sneak by... Whenever he got the chance, he would take a young child and coop him/her up in his grimy flat, "have a little fun with them", and then dispose of them (and their lives too). At one point, Gon and Ari had the misfortune of walking through Diamond Alley while Mr. Wheezy was awake, and... well, fortunately, they barely saw the flat before a martial arts teacher named Mr. Phan rescued the two.

When Mr. and Mrs. Tsukimaru heard about this incident with Mr. Wheezy, they were worried indeed, but there wasn't much they could do about it--or for Ari or Gon for that matter. Both of them had jobs that took up most of their time--Mum had to commute all the way to Jubilife to work in the Poketch company, and Dad spent much time in business meetings--being on the board of directors for Eterna Condominiums. Plus, both of them had a tendency to overlook anything bad that happened to "safe little Hiroshi and Mariko". So they both said "no more unattended outings" without putting much force into it... Yet nevertheless, little Gon and Ari were pretty frightened by the Wheezy experience, and their outings became far less frequent. Not to mention that over the years, homework became more of an issue in school.

School wasn't too bad, not to mention Gon showed an early interest and talent in the math and science fields. And his parents even taught him and Ari about computer use in their spare time (if they had any). And while in school, Gon and Ari spent as much time together as possible... but they stopped after several people thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend instead of brother and sister. Not to mention that Gon soon got involved with the school baseball team and spent more time in school than usual, and that some boy named Tom started picking on Ari. At home, Gon spent most of his time watching TV, while Ari began to retreat back into her room for hours at a time to do stuff on the computer... Their parents were okay with it, so long as they didn't skip school.

For the longest time, Gon had to stay up late and sneak into his parents' computer room in order to use a computer (Ari was lucky to have one of her own, but she only let Gon use it on very rare occasions), but a beam of sunlight shone on his life when he turned fourteen. Not only did he get a laptop as a birthday present, but he also received a Pokemon, as did Ari. The Pokemon were pretty special; Ari's Piplup proved to be quite strong and knew Aqua Ring, and Gon's Venonat was shiny. Both Pokemon came from a breeder who was a friend of Mum. However, although the Piplup was Ari's, Ari let Gon take him out on little wanderings most of the time, as she wasn't sure whether she was ready for a Pokemon journey.

Then, one day, Gon and his parents found that the door to Ari's room had been locked tightly for a week. What's more, they didn't hear anything coming from the other side. Finally, they succeeded in pulling the door off its hinges, only to find that, to their horror, that behind the door was a solid wall, with nothing behind it. Where had Ari's room gone? And where was Ari? Even Kaiser (the Piplup) and Puffy (the Venonat) had no idea... Well anyway, on that same day, Gon received a letter from Professor Willow, who said that she had something for him...

Legendary: Regigigas

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffsa/dpffsa048.png Puffy the Venonat
Puffy is not that much of a battler, but she likes to look over Gon's shoulder whenever he's on his laptop. During the afternoon she goes into her Pokeball to sleep, and during the night she looks for berries and rare items, while keeping watch over Gon while he sleeps. She can't fly very well, but can jump right over Gon while he's standing on a bench. Oh, and her fur is very soft--if Gon wants to take a nap in the afternoon, he'll use her as a teddy bear...

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa393.png Kaiser the Piplup
"Super Kaiser", as Gon sometimes likes to call him. He's quite the athlete and the battler, and is a very fast swimmer for a Piplup. Strangely, he hates cold weather--when it's cold outside, he runs or hops around to heat himself up--well, he often does similar things anyday to keep his body in shape anyway. However, he is a bit afraid of the dark...

June 7th, 2008, 2:47 PM
Name: Jacob "Jezz" Lawkin

Age: 19 years old

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jacob has a very typical appearance about himself, nothing too crazy that makes him stand out, and he is very happy with the way he looks. His light blonde hair is the first thing that everyone notices, the fact that its shines like the sun compared to the rest of his outfit, and is always spiked up so that it is out of his way. It is kept slightly short, just long enough to spike it up, and the tips are dyed about 1/2 in black. His eyes are the second thing most people notice, when not hidden behind his trademark black sunglasses, due to the fact they are an amazingly icy blue. Of course, always being a modest person, Jacob tries to say they are just eyes and they aren't special, but deep down he knows he likes the attention sometimes. Continuing downwards we move to Jacob's upper body, this consisting of two clothing items and a necklace. The first clothing item is just a simple plain red t-shirt, nothing fancy at all about it, that was picked up at a cheap store because he didn't have a lot of money to spend. Getting slightly expensive, but not going overboard, we come to his black hoodless jacket that he takes with him everywhere. We finish up his upper region with a necklace that was especially made to hold a single pokeball, and within this pokeball is his very first pokemon and long time friend. Not being the rebelling type, Jacob wears a pair of beige kahki's to go along with the rest of his outfit, again not trying to show off in any particular way. And finally he wears a pair of black sneakers with matching black laces, occassionally they are seen with dust on them from his traveling. This outfit fits perfectly with his 5'10 height and 155lb weight, which he hopes is mostly muscle and not fat. His pokeballs are scattered across his belt like a typical pokemon trainer, him not fancying any different techinque for their travel. Lastly, a simple backpack with his spare clothes, food for both him and his pokemon, water, and of course his sketch book where he draws all the pokemon he encounters and befriends.

Personality: Jacob is a very quiet person, usually keeping to himself when around other people for fear of becoming too attached. And in replacement of human friends, Jacob becomes a very outgoing person with his and wild pokemon, always stopping to help wounded or sick pokemon, and helping in anyway possible. When it comes down to it though, human and pokemon alike, Jacob is always in a helping and caring mood and if he feels something deserves his attention he focus' all of his enery into it. The other thing about Jacob is that he is always one for training, feeling that everyone must be brought to the best of their ability while keeping themselves happy. He can be seen training constantly with his pokemon, but always taking multiple breaks and treating their wounds from the practices.

History: Brought into this world by his mother, Jacob was born on Mandarin Island, one of the various Orange Islands, and was raised in a place surrounded by multiple species of Pokemon. Unfortunately, his father was never in the picture as he had been a grunt for Team Rocket and took the oppurtunity to leave, coincidentaly after finding out Jacob's mother was pregnant with him. Jacob's mother, Tiffany, raised him up until the age of 10, but was forced to send him to the Pokemon Center after she became extremely ill. A few months later she passed away, and Jacob spent the next year with Nurse Joy and Chansey, them teaching him the ways to treat and love every pokemon he encountered. Once turning 11, he made his way on his own pokemon journey to explore the world and meet new friends. Jacob was different though, his starting pokemon was not of the typical kind and he was lucky to have met a baby Dratini who appeared one day at the beach with a very high fever. Jacob treated the Dratini at the beach just to get the fever down before moving her, but eventually made it to the pokemon center where Nurse Joy and Chansey did everything they could. A few weeks later, Dratini was as good as new and would not let Jacob leave her side, which he had no intention of doing. Dratini joined Jacob as his first pokemon, and they made their way around the world gathering new and exciting pokemon as friends, both wild and captured.

Legendary: Cresselia


Dragonair AKA Jewel: The very first pokemon that Jacob ever called his own, and his truest friend who has been with him every step of his pokemon journey. She was found on the beach on Mandarin Island, where Jacob lived, and was extremely ill as a Dratini. After treating her slightly on his own, Jacob returned to the Pokemon Center were Nurse Joy and Chansey worked on her the rest of the way. For the next few weeks he stayed by Jewel's side, and after she got better they made way for Jacob's, and now Jewel's, pokemon journey. It was about two years later after I battle with a wild Scyther that Jewel evolved from Dratini to Dragonair. Jewel is not the typical Dragonair, and instead of a darker blue skin color, she has an sea foam green color instead. Aswell, she has two light blue stripes that go down the length of her back.

Leafeon AKA Twiggs: Twiggs was originally an Eevee when Jacob first encountered her inside the Enterna Forest. A battle ensued between Jewel and the wild Eevee, lasting about 30 minutes with neither side giving up. At one point during the match the Eevee evolved into a Leafon, right off the bat using a solar beam attack that nearly lost Jacob the battle. Eventually, Twiggs was blasted backward into a tree by a hyperbeam and knocked unconcious. It was then that Jacob threw a pokeball to catch the newly evolved Leafon, capturing his second pokemon. Twiggs as the typical appearance of any normal leafon, except for her right ear bending downwards while her left ear pointed upwards.

Milotic AKA Serenity: Serenity was captured as a Feebas from a lake near Cerulean City. Shortly after being captured, a battle had ensued between Jacob and a Geodude while he visited Pewter City. Using Twiggs in her first battle, Jacob looked to secure a swift victory but it wasn't as swift as he had expected, Twiggs was over come when a Graveler and Golem showed up and triple teamed her. So Jacobs called out both Jewel and Serenity, Jewel taking on the Gravler and Golem while Serenity would take on the Geodude. Jewel was handling herself as best as she could, Serenity get a good beating from the Geodude, and made quick work of the Gravler and being left with the Golem. Serenity finished off the Geodude shortly after with a huge water gun attack, and it was then that Jewel was about to be hit with a Roll Out attack the was near a cliff. Seeing this, Serenity began to evolve into a Milotic and quickly used hyper beam to blast the Golem over the cliff instead. Serenity has the typical Milotic appearance.

Roselia AKA Aroma: Jacob found this Roselia being attacked by a huge swarm of Beedrill and came to her rescue. After bandaging up her wounds and giving her found, Aroma made the decision of staying with Jacob and the rest of his team. Instead of the usual pink and blue flowers, Roselia has pink and yellow flowers and has orange skin instead of green.

Flygon AKA Draiga: Jacob recieved Draiga when she was just an egg after helping to save a town from a stampede of Tauros'. Over the few years after the incident, Draiga slowly evolved from the egg to trapinch to vibrava to a Flygon. Instead of the usual Green and redish color, Draiga is green and purple.

PkMn Trained
June 7th, 2008, 4:11 PM
Can i Join?

Name: Jiran Myule (Pronounced Ji-ran)


Age: 20

Apearence: Jiran's hair is short with small His favourite. The points are tipped in blue. He wears a tight fitting T shirt that is blue in colour. He has a vest over his shirt colored red. He has Blue kackys. His shoes are a white sneaker. His eyes are blue. He has perfect white teeth. However is blind in his left eye. He weighs 150 lbs and is 5-5. He has a small backpack containing food, clothes, and other supplies like potions. His pokebelt has a pokenav on it and his pokeballs.

Personality: Kind and caring. Never hesitant to stop and help a passerby. Or the world, if need be. Whilst he is kind. Jiran was brought up darkly. Taught to belive pokemon were tools. Jiran never gives up. He will not stop a progect once hes started. He is VERY strong willed. Quick to stand up for the week. This occasionly leads to more trouble. Twice he was got into trouble with the police. Each time thoughe he was found not guilty in court. Jiran is very defensive about his past. He does not like being thought of as weeak. It annoys him when people want to do everything for him because he cant see out of one eye.

He turns very jumpy jumpy when any one mentions his uncle or parents. Oft trying to avoide the subject. When he is sad or worried he trys to cover it up. But is not very good at it. You should be able to tell quite quickly what he is feeling.

Past: Jiran was born in Jubilife city. His mother died of internal bleeding Shortly after birth. Jirans father gave him shroud befor he passed away. At the age of 49. Jirans father passed away of heart attack. Jiran was only 10. He was adopted by his uncle and aunt in hearthome city.(This was about the time he contracted the dieseas leading to his partial blindness) Things were not well. He ran away from home multiple times. He was beaten each time. Life in the house was hectick. Everyone was afraid of Jiran uncle. His aunt could only watch helplessly as Jirans uncle beat him with a belt. 5 times for a minor offence. 10 if he got anything lower than an A in school. During Trainer school Jiran was targeted by bul;lies. Often seen as weak. The years he was tortured contributed to his being so straong willed. His final attempt to escape his uncle and aunt led him to Solaceon town and eventualy veilstone. there he was caught rummaging around in the dumpsters behind Alph HQ. He worked for them for awhile. Being forced into it. He still knew nothing of their plan. He escaped and set out with Shroud. Whom had not been out of its pokebal for 3 months. As he kept it hidden while with Team alpha. He got a certified license. He has beaten the sinnoh and johto leauge. Now challenging Kanto. That basicly summerizes his life so far.

Legendary: Jirachi


Espeon AkA: Shroud:
Jiran got Shroud when he was just starting his journey. Shroud was just a baby evee then but he quickly raised it to becom the strong espeon he is today.

Lucario(Shiny) aKa Serate:
Jeff was an early capture. He was caught whil Jiran was traversing the area around jubilife.

Dragonair aka Celebra: Celebra was caught in jiran's second regional competition. Johto. He caught her in the islands articuno used to reside in. She is Jirans second faveourite.

^Those are the only pokemon he brought with him. And the only ones hee will use of those currently owend.

Edit: I changed Jeffs name. It didnt cound right against Shroud and celebra. He is now sereate

Sweet Dreams
June 7th, 2008, 10:15 PM
Hey! I'm reserving Celebi, thank you very much. I'll be back later with the actual sign up! This is just too interesting to miss.


Name: Sharika (Sharky) Andrews
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Appearance: Short, sturdy and tanned, Sharky was considered “handsome” by some generous souls, but would never be called “pretty”, let alone “beautiful”. Her wavy but slightly lanky hair was naturally separated into several thick strands and fell floppily past her shoulders. No matter what she did, her long fringe always covered part of her right face and shadowed one of her already dark, brooding eyes. She had a strong jaw, prominent cheekbones, thin lips, and what could be considered a large forehead. With all of these features put together, she really looked quite masculine. However; when she suddenly laughed or crookedly smiled, a dazzling array of white, even teeth, contrasted by her skin, startled most.

Sharky is the type of person to find the nearest clean outfit and throw it on. Luckily, she only had several different shades in shirts and trousers, so they didn’t clash horribly and bring tears to the eyes of those who saw her. Her shirt was usually a white or light blue and, even “clean”, always slightly covered in dirt. Her slacks were all either some shade of brown, creamy olive or blue or black denim. On dry land, she wore trainers which used to be white and black but had all faded into a yellow-gray and on sea, she wore yellow sandals or, better yet, nothing at all on her feet. Sharky owned no pieces of jewellery whatsoever, and did not intend upon starting anytime soon.

Thick, padded, tanned and fingerless gloves were adorned on her calloused hands. Her skin was weathered from salt and sea-spray, barely visible freckles running down the length of her arms. Whenever she spoke to anybody or merely examined them, her head cocked to the right, which was the only time her hair didn't cover her eye.

Personality: Although she was quiet, whatever the situation or company, and always had a slightly brooding look and air about her, that didn’t mean she was the serious, doom-and-gloom type. Sharky enjoyed listening to others joke, holler and laugh whilst basking in her own, private silence. Often, she cracked a smile in appreciation for others’ efforts, although some took this as more of a smirk. Her laughter was heard considerably less, although it was probably on par with how much she talked. Her answers were short, brief, and to-the-point, matching any questions she may have. This trait of hers affronted quite a few talkative, curious people or those whom liked to dance around questions and give long, vague answers which didn’t really say anything.

Sharky told people the truth as she saw it and gave direct answers, expecting people to do the same to her. She despised liars, sneaks and snivelling cowards, although she realised somewhat that almost every living being had its own courage. The only time she could tolerate half-truths was when someone else’s feelings or her hide was on the line. Stiff and conservative in her beliefs, she would not change them for anything or anyone. Perhaps her unwillingness to change could be considered something annoying on a daily basis, but a good thing in the long run, for she would never outright lie to somebody.

She gave people second chances and nothing more, unless they prove, over a period of time, that they are worthy of a third one from her. However, some might consider her slightly naïve and biased on this matter, for she would not even consider that a friend had lied to her until there was extremely solid proof on the matter, and then some. If a friend had told her that somebody close to being a stranger had lied to her, she would accept that as truth and, depending on her mood, either give them the cold shoulder or confront them gruffly.

As for Pokémon, she didn’t stand for mistreating them and cruelty, but also didn’t believe in coddling them and cooing over them. Letting all of them have their own way was nonsense and would only achieve in making Pokémon spoiled and unmanageable. She used a firm hand with her Pokémon, helping them to strive for their best, which might be the reason why they had a great, silent bond.

History: Sharky was actually born in Pewter City, living a peaceful five years there before her father received a better job offer as a scientist in Cinnabar Island. He accepted because he also had a brother there, and quickly moved his family over, settling themselves in the island with a few adjustments. During her years there, she found that wrestling and joking with the guys was more fun than whatever the girls were doing. She was given a Pokémon by her father as a birthday present and three Pokeballs by her mother. However, she hadn’t used them straight away like most other lads would’ve, but kept them for the Pokémon she really wanted.

However, her parents, for reasons then unknown to her, decided quite amiably to divorce when she was thirteen. Both of them decided that she should be kept with her father who would be staying in Cinnabar, instead of uprooting her life. It was all a mutual decision, really, from the split of the money to house arrangements. Since her father didn’t have much time, her uncle taught her how to sail and fish, and also how to be a proper deckhand. Her mother came back to see her often, and the years passed relatively peacefully.

Legendary: Celebi


Species: Lanturn
Nickname: Kros
Gender: Female
History: Kros was given to her by her father for a birthday present as a Chinchou. Young Sharky named her for the shapes present on her eyes. She got her Pokéball custom-made to have the name on, and had showed the guy who did it exactly what he should write. It’s too bad that at that time she didn’t know how to spell “cross” properly.

Personality: Kros was fun-loving and quite carefree. She turned most work into a game and so managed to complete it well and happily. It was against her nature to consider things like this seriously, so Sharky let her be. She always thought that strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet, which got her into more trouble than anything else about her did.

Species: Muk
Nickname: L.S.
Gender: Male
History: The first Pokémon Sharky had ever caught was a Grimer. She named it “Little Slime” because she couldn’t come up with anything better. Grimer had just newly evolved into a Muk, and she thought that “Little Slime” didn’t exactly suit him anymore, so she changed it to “L.S.” to his approval.

Personality: L.S. was a laid-back character who enjoyed oozing slowly on the same spot and watching others have fun. He and Sharky had probably shared the most bonding silences out of all her Pokémon, although that didn’t mean he was the closest to her, really. Sometimes, Sharky suspected he thought he was still a Grimer, because she had caught him trying to pass through holes without oozing, like he could before.

Species: Swablu
Nickname: Cirrus
Gender: Male
History: Sharky had actually caught a Growlithe first, but had decided to trade it because it really wanted to be owned by somebody else. The puppy eyes were what finally made her cave, and swapped the Growlithe with a newly-caught Swablu. She got to name it, and by this time had learnt about cloud formations from her uncle and their names from her father, so he actually got a halfway decent name.

Personality: Cirrus liked to act puffed up and superior to Sharky’s other Pokémon, although he really was actually quite insecure. He was the last to be obtained in the group, the weakest one in there and also the least suitable to Cinnabar. So, when he was alone, he tried his best to become stronger and evolve.

June 7th, 2008, 11:08 PM
Alrighty! First to deal with the signups:

Umbreongirl: Accepted! See? That wasn't so hard.

Chabz: Accepted! Just make sure your character and your Legendary don't become love interests! Just kidding.

PkMn Trained: Rejected... for the same reason as Darkly the Flygon. Too short, you seem like the person who'd post those two-sentence RP posts... Fortunately, I believe in second chances. If you can improve your signup quality a bit--perhaps be more descriptive especially in the Personality and History sections--then I might accept you. You get one chance only--then Jirachi is open to the public.

Sweet_Dreams: Reserved. Haha, we haven't RP'd together since After the Apocalypse (I think). I can't wait to see your signup.

The RPG has started!!!
(That is, I posted it--you might have to wait a while for the thread to appear in the main RP section because it has to be approved.)

Okay everyone who was accepted, in your first post you basically have to get to Professor Willow's lab, which is in Pallet Town. It doesn't really matter how you get there--you can go by plane, by train, by blimp (like my character), by Rapidash, by walking (doesn't work with people not from Kanto)... you get the idea. Keep in mind that it will be afternoon by the time you arrive. Don't worry--this is one of the very few times when I want something specific done in your posts. After getting your Pokevice, you're pretty much free to post what you want to post.

Oh, and I give permission for you to have Professor Willow greet you or something--stupid bunnying rule. Just keep in mind that you won't be getting your Pokevice quite yet...

You may from now on use this thread to ask any questions about the RPG, or discuss it in general. Anything out of character goes here; anything in character goes in the main thread.

And yes, signups are still open.
Legendaries Available: Articuno, Zapdos, Suicune, Latias, Latios, Groudon, Manaphy, Heatran

June 7th, 2008, 11:15 PM
I edited my sign-up, but I don't think it was made clear whether I was actually accepted or not.. Lol. ^_^'

June 8th, 2008, 1:35 AM
Poor Rotom wasn't invited. x3

Looks like you were pre-accepted Umbreongirl and I don't think Ninetales'll change her mind. :D You never know though... xP

Just a note that I've finished my sign-up. Now Raikou's got no excuse not to accept Seras. C<

PkMn Trained
June 8th, 2008, 7:36 AM
I have dited my sighn up aswell.

P.S. Any one notice the name of my character?

June 8th, 2008, 9:56 AM
hey since i have deoxys can he (it?) change into his other forms?

June 8th, 2008, 10:17 AM
may I reserve manaphy please?

June 8th, 2008, 12:15 PM
may I reserve manaphy please?

Sweet Dreams
June 8th, 2008, 5:10 PM
Okay, I have added my sign-up to my first post. Well, I'll just wait and see, shall I?

Oh, and yes, I think After the Apocalypse really was the last time we roleplayed together. I look forward to Rping with you again!

June 8th, 2008, 11:17 PM
If sign ups are still open, I'd like to join:)

Name: Toby 'Ace' Atherton
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Toby is 160cm tall, has short black which sticks out his cap, and blue eyes. He wears a yellow and black backwards cap, a light red shirt, and shorts. He also wears grey trainers.
Personality: Toby is a generally nice guy. He is a fiery battler, but is not afraid to lose. He is normally very cheerful and optimistic, but has quite a temper.
History:Toby grew up in Kanto. He'd never really met Professor Oak, but his father had. His Father was a great trainer, who was almost unbeatable in battle. Toby always wanted to be just like him, and vowed that one day he would. Toby obtained his 1st pokemon from his father.

After setting off on his journey, aged 10, Toby conuquered the Kanto Gym Leaders. He was going to the Elite 4, but thats when Professor Oak died. He then travelled the regions, beating Gym leaders, in the hope that he'd become as strong as his father.
Legendary: Suicine


Species: http://www.serebii.net/diamondpearl/pokemon/156-m.png
Name: Quil (Q to Toby)
Gender: Male
Personality: Q is very protective of Toby. He has a fiery temper, and hidden strength, that will show itself if Toby is in great danger. He is kind at heart, but was treated poorly, so he finds it hard to bond with other trainers. He is one of Toby's strongest fighters, along with RJ.
History: When Q was a Cyndaquil, He was owned by a cruel and horrible trainer. He treated Q horribly, like a slave. He would beat him if he lost a battle. He lived next door to Toby. One day, Toby had had enough. He challenged the trainer to a battle, and won Q.

Name: RJ (short for Reegan Junior)
Gender: Male
Personality: RJ is just like Toby. He is Cheerful, and Optimistic. He is normally calm and collected, but has Toby's Temper.
History: RJ was Toby's First pokemon. He is the son of Toby's Father's Luxray. He was given to Toby as a baby, along with Azura. He is one of Toby's strongest fighters.

Name: Azura
Gender: Female
Personality: Shes Cheerful and Optimistic like her trainer, but she doesn't have his temper.
History: She was given to Toby as a baby. He trained her in Gym to become strong.

Species: http://www.serebii.net/diamondpearl/pokemon/182-f.png
Name: Bell
Gender: Female
Personality: Shes Cheerful and Optimistic like her trainer, but she doesn't have his temper. Shes also quite mischievous.
History: Toby caught her as an Oddish and Trained her. She has a very unique battle style, using status alinements to her advantage.

This is my trainer card http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/cards/1062008/bcb7857efdceb6782eb8b0329859ec56.png

June 10th, 2008, 11:15 AM
Can I join? I like the storyline to this! :D

Name: Ryan Ward
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: Ryan is moderately tall for his age and stands at about 5'9. He weighs around 114, which is kind of skinny. Ryan has hazel eyes and a very good complexion. His messy brown hair is covered by a white beanie with a green sash strung across it. Ryan wears a green and white striped shirt, with a brown scarf tied around his neck. He also wears regular brown slacks.

Personality: Ryan is a very competitive and energetic person. He loves life and the thrill of pokemon battle. In battle, he will never give and is known to do whatever it takes to win. His movements are quick and fierce and if you're not careful, you'll go down just like everyone who underestimates him. Which is lot of people, considering his out-of battle personality. He likes to meet new people and knows who's with him or against him. Ryan has very good judge of character which hegets from his mother. He treats his friends and pokemon as family and no insults will go without consequence. In other words, he is a very loyal and passionate person.

History: Ryan was born in Viridian of Kanto with his mother and father. Ryan's father was an up and coming Pokemon Ranger and his mother was a powerful co-ordinator before she retired to raise him. They were both very dedicated. However one day, Ryan's father never came home. Ryan mother, Marissa was left to take care of Ryan on her own. Ryan grew up with the family pet, Growlithe and keeps it unevolved to this day. When he was 8, Ryan went to Pokemon Trainer's School until he was 13. Then, Ryan and Growlithe went on a journey around Kanto. He captured many new pokemon and made it to Indigo Plateau. He placed in the Top 32, which was phenomenal for a first timer.

When Professr Oak died, Ryan attended the funeral, as he was family. Ryan's father and the Professor were cousins. There, he met Professor Willow for the first time. They became acquaintances and after a time she gave Ryan a pokevice. Ryan journeyed to Johto. On his travels in Johto, he met a two strange women named the Uma Sisters. They assured him that he would be vital to the survival of the Legendaries and gave him and egg. Ryan continued on and defeated 4 gym battles in Johto. Recently, he had returned to Pallet Town for a short time, to visit his mother and speak with Professor Willow, by whom he has been called by.

Legendary: Giratina


Ryan met Growlithe when he was very young. They have been best friends and partners ever since. Growlithe is the most loyal pokemon Ryan has ever seen.

Ryan caught Flaffy as a Mareep very early in his Johto expedition. He hope it will evolve into a powerful Ampharos. Flaffy likes to play and is very carefree.

When fishing, he got it on the line but it ran away, he then caught it stealing food from his bag, and captured it. Wooper is a very mischeivious and rambuncous pokemon.

Caught in Ilex Forest in a random encounter as a Chikorita. This was very rare to see so Ryan caught it. It turns out it had escaped from Professor Elm's lab because it did not want to be cooped up. Ryan tried to return it but Professor Elm allowed Ryan to keep it. Bayleef is very dedicated to making Ryan see its potential and loves to show off.

Ryan caught Skarmory after a heated battle near Mt. Mortar. When Skarmory was beaten by Growlithe, it was infuriated. It is very cocky and has a huge sense of pride, like Ash's Corphish. It loves to battle and knows many adept battle moves like Brave Bird and Steel Wing. It, along with Bayleef, are Ryan's Johto Team powerhouses.

Kanto Team: Ryan has a plethora of pokemon from his Kanto journeys that he can call on at anytime to battle or helped him get across obstacles. He stores them in his box and they are around Indigo Plateau level. (Or for the more powerful one's higher.)

So that's it, hope you like it, oh and here's a trainer card for ya:


June 10th, 2008, 4:05 PM
There was a misread post by me, I thought that Issac had walked up to Rin and not Jimima. I apologize for any confusion. We should just ignore it as we have already moved passed it. Again, sorry!!!!!

June 12th, 2008, 7:29 PM
Umbreongirl: You were accepted (read my last post); I just forgot to include you. Sorry!

Phanima: Accepted! I'll edit the Legendary Report in a little while.

PkMn Trained: Accepted! You need to improve your grammar... too many fragments... But, it's not really terrible, and the content of your signup is much better. So I will accept you.

Nii-Chan~: Reserved. Hooray for Manaphy!

Sweet Dreams: Accepted! I like how you put the Appearance and Personality in past tense; that's original... Oh, and here's a tiny spoiler:
My character from After the Apocalypse will appear as an NPC in this RPG at some point... but of course he'll have different Pokemon.

Eletj: Reserved. Your signup looks pretty good so far; you just need to finish it. I think I'll allow the boxed Pokemon. Haha, the trainer card wasn't necessary, but it is convenient!

BigfootTheUnbeatable: Pending. Sorry--Eletj claimed Suicune before you. Please pick a different Legendary from the Available list below. Other than that, your signup looks good.

*Brad has just informed me that he won't be in the RPG... so Giratina is up for grabs now.

Legendaries Available: Articuno, Zapdos, Latias, Latios, Groudon, Heatran, Giratina


If you look at the main RPG, you'll see that I have posted, and that everyone has just received their Pokevice, and therefore their Legendary. In your next post you can take a look at your Legendary if you want, continue conversing with the others, etc--do whatever you want. However, I would not advise leaving the area yet, as Professor Willow still has more to say. It might be a good idea to look at my post, for I also listed what all the Pokevices look like. Sorry for my post being so long; I tend to do that nowadays... Oh, and your Legendary will be half the size of the original Legendary, being sort of a "baby". Yes, this even applies to Shaymin.

This story will (hopefully) get more exciting--I have a few side-plots planned already, not to mention I ain't telling you who the Uma Sisters are quite yet. >:) I already introduced an interesting murder mystery, mentioned in the second news article Gon was reading.

Oh, by the way, for those of you who were just accepted or haven't posted yet, you have yet to make your way to Professor Willow's lab. Once you arrive there, you may immediately receive your Pokevice and check out your Legendary. Don't worry--although we're on the second page, you haven't missed much.

Also, the signups will close when I do my next post, which will be done on Sunday at the latest. That way the RPG doesn't get crowded.

I mentioned the appearance of the Pokevices during my in-character post, but I'll post them here for reference. I'm also including the Pokevices of those who have not reached the lab yet, and will edit this list later as more people are accepted. As you probably guessed, the Pokevices are themed after the Legendary inside of them, so that's why Isaac's is pink. XD They're listed by Legendary.

Moltres: Bright yellowish orange in colour, with a pinkish flame design on it. The background on the screen shows the Indigo League Stadium, with the giant torch burning in the middle.
Mew: As pink as a Clefairy, with bright blue trim around the main window and on the buttons. The background on the screen shows a starry night sky with faintly glowing blue clouds below.
Raikou: Yellow in colour with a few black stripes, with a few purple "clouds" on it. The background on the screen shows a dark blue sky with a large thunderbolt crashing down the middle.
Entei: Ashy brown, with jagged lines across it, and has a design of a star with seven points--yellow on top, red on bottom. The background of the screen shows a volcano.
Suicune: The top half is aqua in colour with a bubble pattern; the bottom is a misty purple. The background of the screen shows a lake, with leaves blowing in the wind near it.
Lugia: Is silver in colour with dark blue rectangles on it. The background on the screen shows a deep trench at the bottom of the ocean, with two Lanturn and a Kingdra swimming about.
Ho-oh: This Pokevice is rainbow-coloured, standing out against the others. It has a little bird icon on the front, and the background on the screen shows the Tin Tower.
Celebi: It's a light, silvery green in colour, with a very faint forest design on it. The background on the screen shows the Celebi Shrine in Agate Village, Orre. (from Colosseum)
Latios: It's blue and white in colour. The background on the screen is one of only two animated ones... it's a jet plane zooming across a Pidgey's-eye-view of Hoenn on a cloudy day.
Kyogre: Deep blue in colour with the same peculiar red line pattern found on Kyogre's fins. The background on the screen shows the Team Aqua logo against an undersea scene.
Rayquaza: It's a dull green with a pattern of yellow circles, and red trim around the edged. The background on the screen shows a tornado blowing on top of the Sky Pillar.
Jirachi: A decorative design on this otherwise white Pokevice consists of green "confetti" and large yellow stars. The background on the screen shows a wishing fountain, shaped like a Ledyba for some reason.
Deoxys: A brick-red Pokevice, with spooky-looking green circles all over it. The background on the screen shows a double helix pattern, meant to represent DNA.
Dialga: Is dark blue in colour with electric blue stripes and a diamond icon on the front. The background on the screen shows a bunch of clocks.
Palkia: A pink Pokevice, one with purple stripes and a pearl icon on it. The background on the screen shows a picture of the observable universe--thousands of galaxies are present.
Heatran: It's brown in colour with bright orange spots, and a silver border surrounds the screens. The background on the screen shows not one, but two volcanoes.
Regigigas: Half yellow and half white, with what looks like a trim of green trees around the screen. The background on the screen shows a picture of Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.
Giratina: It's black with red stripes, with stunning gold and silver borders around the screens. The background on the screen shows a cemetery, and wook, there's a wittle Shuppet above one of the tombstones...
Cresselia: Misty blue when viewed from one angle, and bright lavender from another. Little yellow moons are also present. The background on the screen shows a bunch of Clefairy gathered around the Moon Stone.
Manaphy: Aqua in colour with a ring of yellow dots surrounding a red gem icon on the front. The background on the screen shows a sea palace with Phione lined up as if about to greet their king.
Darkrai: The blackest black in colour, with a design of faint purple Z's. The background on the screen shows a Gengar using Hypnosis.
Shaymin: This cute little Pokevice is white and green, with pink flowers all over it. The background on the screen shows a meadow.

June 13th, 2008, 12:08 AM
My sign-up is finished at long last. I will post as soon as I'm fully accepted (if I am XP)

June 13th, 2008, 2:25 PM
Question: Are you going to make the extra Legendaries NPC's? Or do they just die horrible, painful and unbearable deaths via suffocation in the remaining Pokevices? Just wondering, because maybe we could create something so some characters, who prove themselves, can get another Legendary, but only one more. Anymore than two would just be crazy.


EDIT: After posting this, I realized we'd have seven pokemon which isn't possible. But we could always leave one with Professor Willow, no? Just saying.

June 13th, 2008, 5:50 PM
Hey everyone. Hope I am not too late to sign up! It's too good of an RPG idea to miss out on :P

Name: Danny Pent
Age: 18 years
Gender: Male
Appearance: Danny always is seen wearing a dark red beanie (even in the summer!) over his fairly long, thick, light blue hair. Many people who meet him comment that his eyes match his hair almost perfectly. He wears a black long-sleeved top with a white Poke Ball symbol on the chest, and an unbuttoned grey short-sleeved shirt over the top. Danny often wears black jeans with a red belt, and sometimes red cords with a black belt. He wears a red one-strap backpack (in which his other pair of trousers is always found). He is about 5ft9 in height and has a slim but not skinny build.
Personality: Although not especially loud or cocky, Danny is a bright lad. He can often come up with a solution to a problem but a lot of the time refrains from saying it straight away, preferring to think for any other solutions first. He tries hard to be polite to everyone, but as a result of this gets anger built up inside him gradually. This leads to very infrequent angry outbursts which usually end up in Danny storming off in a rage, and taking the next 10 minutes to calm down. He likes to be around other people, but doesn't like to say much in the presence of more than four or five people. In contrast, when with one or two people that he knows well, he is actually rather outgoing.
History: Danny's mother and father used to run an unofficial Pokemon Gym, fighting double battles as partners. Danny would watch every battle and cheer on his parents with glee. But Danny's father was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and passed away with Danny only seven years old. Danny's mother tried to carry on running the Gym alone but her heart wasn't in it, and she sold the Gym. She retired to a small village in Johto.
Danny began a shaky new life in Johto; he didn't know anyone there and was shaken by the loss of his father. When Danny turned ten, his mother gave him one of her Pokemon, Exeggutor, to protect him if he left the safety of the village. Danny and Exeggutor became good friends, and Danny's mood lightened. He started to socialise more with the locals, and befriended a couple of travelling Pokemon trainers. They gave him a couple of Poke Balls, and, with the help of Exeggutor, made his first catch: Nidoran♀. As he grew up, he learned to fight with Exeggutor, evolved his Nidoran and caught a couple more Pokemon.
Legendary: Latios
Pokemon: Exeggutor, Nidorina, Houndoom, Onix

June 15th, 2008, 1:53 AM
BigfootTheUnbeatable: I replied to your PM; your legendary is now Giratina. Good thing Brad quit, eh? You will be accepted as soon as you change the Legendary in your signup to Giratina, so people won't be confused. Don't wait for me to accept you--just change your Legendary and go post.

Lucien Lachance: Accepted! Thank you for following up on your reservation, unlike *er-hem* three other people in this RPG I won't name...

d-disaster: Accepted! (Drat--if Latios wasn't taken, I had a perfect idea for NPC's for Latias and Latios. Oh well--you can keep Latios anyway.)

Chabz: As I just said a few minutes ago in a PM to Bigfoot, having two legendaries would make a character overpowered. Besides, it seems awkward for two legendaries to choose the same person, and there's not enough legendaries for every character to have two. The remaining legendaries (there are only five at this point) will find NPCs--no, of course they won't die. If I'm feeling more evil than usual, I'll have Team Alpha capture them (like they did the Regi's), but chances are that won't happen. Or... well, you will just have to see in the RPG.

Hmm, I'm going to assume Darkly walked out upon being "rejected", so I'll make Dialga available again.

Legendaries Available: Articuno, Zapdos, Latias, Groudon, Dialga, Heatran

Signups are still open, but today (and maybe part of tomorrow)'s the last day! I said I wasn't going to close signups until I do my next post in the RPG, and, well... 3 AM's not a good time to post in a RPG...

Also, if the people who reserved spots but didn't complete their signup don't signup soon, well, first of all, the RPG will soon advance too far for you to catch up, and secondly, the legendaries you picked won't have anything to do for a while. No worries though--I know at least one of you has a habit of being late to sign up...

June 15th, 2008, 6:19 AM
Oh okay, sounds like a plan. And I'm SUPER excited for your next post, because I can't wait to move further in the RP. Its one of the better ones I am currently in.

June 15th, 2008, 6:57 AM
Made my first post! :D
I'm exicited for the rest of the roleplay!

June 15th, 2008, 12:38 PM
Thanks for the accept! I've made my first post, I'm looking forward to see what happens next.

June 15th, 2008, 9:50 PM
Yay! First post finished. Can't wait to keep going.:)

June 16th, 2008, 4:15 AM
Okay, can I consider myself in on the buzzer maybe? If yes, I want to reserve me a spot for Heatran please. (Is going to be interesting in a water team, to bad kyogre is already occupied, oh well =3) Thank you.

Name: Xiapher Sparrow
Age: 17
Gender: Male.


If you can picture yourself a simple fisherman, with the orange vest, a red cap with white print, and water proof boots, that's about him, though, in a way he's nothing like that. Like a bug catcher with his straw hat, shorts and sandals. But yet Xiapher isn't like that either. Unlike both of these examples he has no head gear. He has long, curly, and a bit messy dark brown hair, growing down to his shoulders, or a bit above them, in between, doesn't matter. His eyes are as brown as his hair, with a little green touch of colour swirling through them, unnoticed by the mass. Around his neck a iron ring, the gold paint vanished from it's surface, on a silver necklace, thin but strong, the ring containing a jewel, or with a closer inspection, two pressed together, one Sapphire, one Emerald. Wearing a green T-shirt, under his Black and white jacket. Sleeves and random parts of the whole thing black, the rest white. On the back of the green shirt is a black print of Kyogre, for no special reason, never seen because it's hidden underneath the jacket.

His trousers, or pants, white, with blue strings running down to his knee's on the sides. Seemingly connected to the inside of the pants, on the side where the button attaches. He has beige hiking shoe's, Waterproof, with black/blue laces, and blue patterned undersides. He has uneven socks, one black, one dark brown. Unnoticed because, their close in colour, and their always hidden underneath the pants. On one hand a black fingerless glove with the sign of the pokécenter on it, found somewhere, and it fitted so he snatched it, on his other hand, a leather glove. He never takes it off, because of a scar underneath he isn't to proud of showing to others. He always carries a backpack again Black, with all kinds of water pokémon stitched on it in blue wire. On the sides of the bag, two straps, one holding his fishing rod, the other a small bug catching device, never used.


He's kind to most people, he loves to hang with fisherman and bug catchers, and hates to be around anyone with a fire pokémon. To his pokémon, he's to most kind friend, and the most reliable companion in battle, or so he thinks himself.
He never talks to much, against other people that is, thought speech against pokémon is useless he still does it regularly, you could say he's a bit shy, and found a haven of trust with his pokémon. As noted, he dislikes fire trainers, and the pokémon in particular. (The reason you'll find in the history) In Crisis situation he always one of two, the leader of it, or the one that stays on the background. He rarely gets mad, or even the slightest of agitated or annoyed, he can take a lot of critics and insults in other words.


Xiapher, born in Lilycove city, spending 12 years in his home town, living with his mum, being a caretaker of any pokémon with her Chinchou's Aqua ring, and other water-based healing treatments. And his dad, being a former Bug Maniac, now being a 'Insect Scientist' is trekking through Sinnoh, to discover the bug pokémon habits in there. He comes back home regularly, but that's not of any importance right now. Bug pokémon were not quite easy to get on an island surrounded by water. Bug this changed as soon as His family moved to Eterna City. In the region of Sinnoh.
There, he began with being a trainer, like he wanted all these years, where most started at the age of ten, he had to wait, he wad some school work to finish. On venturing he ran into a Ponyta, and wanted to catch it, but it was unfortunately knocked over, falling on him, and severely burning his right hand. After some time in the hospital, he didn't care what the reason was, that Ponyta burned his hand with the blazing flames on it's back intentionally, he kept repeated, making him develop a hatred towards fire pokémon. But on his journey, he also started to really like the hardness of the steel pokémon like his Lairon right now. On the age of 15 he really left Eterna city and his family to train his pokémon and go where-ever his heart would take him. Kricketot being his first catch, without any pokémon, one single pokéball.

Legendary: Heatran


Nickname: Meastina [Female]
Nickname: Crush [Male]
Nickname: Marshmallow [Female]
Nickname: Clamp [Female]
Nickname: Johnathan [Male]

Boxed pokémon:
Nickname: Shimmer [Female]
( Boxed in order to train Johnathan)

June 17th, 2008, 8:45 PM
I'm gona be away for a few days, School Stuff. I am allowing God-moding of my Character as long as he doesn't get killed. Please add him into some of your posts. Much Appreciated. I will make one more post before I go.

June 17th, 2008, 10:51 PM
I finally made my first post, which means that SIGNUPS ARE CLOSED. (With the exception of people who reserved spots in the RPG--you can still sign up.)

Eletj: Accepted! See? That wasn't so hard!

BigfootTheUnbeatable: Hmm, I read over your history, and it says your character was given an egg by two of the Uma Sisters. That's okay, actually--adds a nice plot twist. I can even give you suggestions on what hatches from the egg. However, I know I didn't mention it, but there are three Uma sisters. Ah well, maybe one was sick while Ryan received the egg. It's still perfectly okay--you don't have to change anything.

Xiaphear: Reserved! You got really lucky--had I posted on Sunday like I had originally intended, you would not have gotten a chance to sign up! You just barely made it into the RPG!

I would like to again remind everyone who reserved spots to please post your signups soon. Especially Nii-chan, Trainer Kat, and Kaishin, who we haven't heard from at all since they reserved. I'd hate to see Manaphy, Darkrai, and Kyogre go to waste...

Now, onto the RPG itself. As I was reading your posts, I took some notes on it, and... well, here's exactly what those notes said:

Got-a-Plan B: Follow the directions! Palkia's supposed to be half-size!

Rin posted
Kazu thought exiting through the door was bad luck--WTH? Awwww, the Shaymin's name is Flowers.

XDDD--Jacob thought Cresselia was a hologram. Hmm, "Spectacle" for Cresselia?

PkMn Trained: Willow doesn't have any assistants!!! Please, you can post better than that!
2nd post: Everyone's outside. Please read the posts. REALLY, please read the posts, especially my last one.
Haha, so Jiran thinks they're holograms too. What's with these boys lately? (Oh wait--Gon's a boy too.)
*Jirachi's in the Pokevice, not a loose Pokeball.
**Oh, and please put all OOC things in the Lounge thread. (Gee, I'm beginning to regret accepting this guy...)

Aww, Jemima's talking to Gon...

Sir Aaron: Way to go for noticing the size of the legendary! So Derek has Rayquaza.

Haha, Sharky's father is a Willow praiser, eh? Ohh yes, Willow WILL (get it?) surpass Oak in no time.
*Sweet Dreams: What clipboard? Oh, the letter. Makes sense.

Gee, Danny looks VERY interested...

Wow, Bobby... I can't wait to see how your Pokemon react to Deoxys...

XDDD Addie and Kazu sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...
What, she isn't even going to release her Legendary?

That Candice is quite the sweet little charmer...

Toby started out with Suicune. Good post, Eletj.

As you can see, in some cases, I was really pleased with what you posted--most notably the two boys who thought the legendaries were holograms. XD But, in other cases, I was not pleased, as two people did not follow the directions at all. SOMEBODY needs to pay more attention here... *coughjirachicough*

From now on, you're pretty much free to post whatever you want in the RPG! I already set up some things you can do--head to the Power Plant to find out what Team Alpha's up to, head to Indigo Plateau to find out what's causing the killings there, hunt down that weird Mime Jr. who just appeared, try to battle the Wobbuffet that just appeared, etc... Speaking of the Wobbuffet, these are not normal Wobbuffet... they seem to have very fast reflexes, and their Counter/Mirror coat attacks deal five times the damage rather than two. Gee, I wonder where they came from...

Obviously, you won't be able to go anywhere without getting past the Wobbuffet. Fortunately, in my post I gave you a hint as how to get past these Wobbuffet quite easily... Just know that fighting isn't the way to get past them; you don't have to wait for me to post to see if you cleared the Wobbuffet, as the solution is pretty obvious at this point... I think even a Bidoof could figure it out! *quoting Professor Willow...*

I apologise for the craziness of my post... But that Mime Jr. has a deeper purpose than you think.
Hint: Mime Jr. can't create illusions to make signs appear differently, it's way past their psychic level...

June 19th, 2008, 12:57 AM
Edited with my profile. I'll await approval before starting =3

June 19th, 2008, 6:46 AM
I AM SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote my reply..i had this cool fight scene and everything..and the ONE TIME i didn't copy & paste the reply, it didn't post it and I lost the entire thing. KILL ME NOW!!!!

Ughhhhh i'll repost later, I just can't do it right now.

June 20th, 2008, 6:22 AM
(Sorry for not getting this posted sooner)

Name: Ethan White
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Ethan is 5'6' weighs about 141 pounds and has tan skin. His long brown hair goes to right above his sapphire eyes which is usually combed down or covered by a old team aqua bandanna that he found washed up on land.He wears dark blue carpenter pants and a light blue shirt that have that wore out feeling he also wears some blue shoes that has some small holes here and there.

Personality: He is very shy and likes to keep to himself most of the time and he almost never talks to people, if he does start to talk then its hard to make him stop. Since he is shy he always has alot of time to think and never does anything unless he knows what could be a possible outcome.

History: He grew up in the country and never had anyone to talk to or hand out with also because he is an only child. His dads job makes the family move place to place so even if he does get friends he looses them just as quickly so he doesn't bother to make any new ones. Ethan hates water because of its deep dark depths and its shrouded mystery, he also can't swim but he is drawn to water which leads to many problems and near death experiences. One of them was when he was 9 Ethan and his parents went on a boating trip for a picnic on some islands, but there was a large storm that destroyed the boat. Since Ethan couldn't swim he was floating on some of the wreckage from the boat, soon a large group of Sharpedo attacked Ethan and his parents and one of them dragged Ethan under water he couldn't reach the surface and he was running out of air (which led him to be afraid of water) just when he thought he was done for something large scared away the Sharpedo and took Ethan up to the surface, when Ethan asked his parents if they saw what saved him they said no and since then Ethan has been trying to find who or what it was that saved him.
Ethan first started his Pokémon journey when he was 10 to solve the mystery behind how he was saved.

Legendary: Kyogre the creator of oceans.

Pokémon: Azurill
Gender: Male

Pokémon: Eevee
Gender: Female

Pokémon: Kabutops
Gender: Male

Gender: Male

June 20th, 2008, 7:26 PM
Xiaphear: Accepted! Your signup looks really good--just remember to spell "there" correctly and you should be fine!

Chabz: I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!! What's even worse was when for some unknown reason, a week's worth of posts here on PC disappeared. This included all RPG posts, which many people didn't save. Much frustration occurred, and a few RPG's even died because of all the frustration. Not to mention I got into trouble for posting something incorrect about a character, whose signup got deleted in the disappearance. ARRGH!
*The best thing you can do is try and remember what you posted, I guess... What can also help is if you make a habit of typing each of your posts in a separate application, like Word or even Notepad. You don't have to save every post, but when the post is done, just copy and paste it into the reply, and if something goes wrong with the internet, you can just fix the internet, and recopy-and-paste the post later.

Kaishin: Pending. Most of your signup looks pretty decent--nicely short and sweet. However, I see two things in your History that don't make much sense. First, it says that Ethan both hates water and is drawn to water. It sounds like Ethan may have had experiences where he had to go into the water, and maybe that led to the near-death experiences. Explain that and you should be just fine. It also says that Ethan left on his journey because his father was finally able to keep the same job. Why should keeping the same job matter if Ethan's leaving home anyway? Either you can expand on that, or there must have been another reason...
*So your issues have nothing to do with writing skill; just some points in your signup that need clarification. That's why you're Pending instead of Rejected.

I don't have time to post now, so I shall do it later...
W00t! Someone volunteered to join Gon! Thank you! You know who you are (hint: PM)

Also, the sections in my posts that are in red are about my character, Gon. The parts in black apply to everyone, so they're definitely worth reading. If you're too lazy to read my posts, at least read the black parts.

June 20th, 2008, 8:21 PM
Yeah..it did it to me all the time, and thats why i started c&p but it hadn't for awhile so I thought I was safe. Biggest mistake of my life. I've been trying to rethink of everything I wrote, and tried to start a couple of times again but it went no where. I'll get back into it, I promise. Maybe the Wobbuffets will knock an idea into Jacob's head while I ponder. (3 <-- Smiley just fyi haha

June 21st, 2008, 1:52 AM
I'm back :D. I've had alot of stuff to do, but I'm back! I was wondering if I could have a history with somebody elses character? Please PM.

Sweet Dreams
June 21st, 2008, 4:54 PM
Hey, I've posted, but in my cp it doesn't show up. Is this just the fault of my own computer or what?

Well, I can't wait to see what happens next. *hums*

June 23rd, 2008, 11:28 AM
@Sweet Dreams: The random n00b who just showed up thinks it might be because you're viewing a page that's in your web history, and it's not showing up with the updated version--she can see your post. Try refreshing or deleting your browser cache if that doesn't work.

Hey, I remembered to introduce myself this time before hopping straight to the roleplay section! Personal best.

The n00b would like to reserve Latias, if that's alright. x.x; Because the n00b needs time to actually put together the profile before posting it up.

The n00b is also of the opinion that this roleplay is a Pokemon roleplay with Digimon ideas added in. Which is cool. And the n00b is probably stating the obvious.

June 23rd, 2008, 5:10 PM
Just saying, I apologize for not posting but I have no idea where to go or what to do in the Rp at the moment though I would like to stay active as this is one of the most interesting RPs I have joined.

If anyone has an idea for where Isaac to go, just tell me in some fashion and I will place him there.

Thanks in advance to whoever gives me a suggestion or direction.

June 23rd, 2008, 7:18 PM
I'd suggest maybe the Power Plant, or maybe you can start roaming randomly and come across someone who works for Team Alpha and follow them to their base. Everyone else seems to be going to the Indigo Plataeu, so something different would be good.

Sir Aaron1017
June 23rd, 2008, 8:31 PM
I agree with Chabz. something different would be a good change from the rest of us that jumped on the bandwagon to the Indigo Platuea. I like the idea of following a Team Alpha member to the Power Plant. This is going to be interesting...

June 23rd, 2008, 10:13 PM
Kaishin: Accepted! Your bio makes much more sense now.

Paper_Thin_Hymn: The n00b failed to notice that the signups are closed (I said it in my second-to-last post). Sorry... but we have more than enough people in this RPG already.

Got-a-Plan-B: I agree that we need something different... There are already six people going to the Indigo Plateau, and they're planning to meet up with a seventh. However, you have two options. So far Bobby is the only one who's going to investigate the situation at the Power Plant--maybe you can help him out. Or, try heading to Cinnabar Island, for something will be going on there that I will reveal in my next post... Hint: It has to do with the "Muffin Clown" that appeared shortly after everyone received their Pokevices.

I'm working on my next post; it should come in a day or two...

June 24th, 2008, 4:56 AM
Alright people, thanks for the help.

Now I just got to make sound good.

June 24th, 2008, 8:16 AM
Ah. Alrighty, then.

Helpful hint, though: you might want to put that on the front page, maybe under "RPG Report;" you also might want to remove the section in the rules that states "Signups will close when all Legendaries are taken." ^_~ It misleads those accustomed to more formal roleplaying.

June 25th, 2008, 5:12 AM
I was only saying Indigo Plataeu because I'm not original enough to think of something else to do. I haven't finished up in Viridian yet, but I will be. So does anyone maybe want to go to Cinnibar with me? Or maybe we could go investigate some other random place? Only because everyone and their great grandmother is going to be going to the Indigo Plataeu. Just sayin.

June 25th, 2008, 7:49 PM
Ok figure I should say that I am currently the solo trainer in the heart of Cinnabar. So thanks for the suggestions everyone.

All i got say is: bring on the muffin clowns.

June 29th, 2008, 10:39 PM
I'm so sorry for being late to post... for the past week or two I've been more busy with finals than I expected to be (my finals were last week), and thus never found time to post. But now I'm free for the summer, and thus shall have plenty of time to post here from now on.

But I made up for it by posting quite a lot, in case you haven't noticed. I divided my post up into sections, to explain what's going on in Pallet, Viridian, Cinnabar, and the Power Plant. From now on you can also look at the bottom of the first post in this thread, to see where everyone is.

June 30th, 2008, 3:10 PM
Unfortunately I will be unable to post for the next few days... so I am happy for Chabz to take my character with Jacob wherever he decides to go. In the mean time... have fun!

July 1st, 2008, 5:32 AM
I think that Candice'll be accompanying Isaac at Cinnabar, that is, if I find time to make a decent post soon. Sorry for the inactivity, I'll try to jump back soon~ ><;

July 4th, 2008, 3:06 PM
Hehheh... I guess I'm subconsciously making it my goal to have one of my NPC's accompany everyone who goes off on their own in the RPG... Well, not really. Anyway, I just posted, but my post is rather unusual, because it does not include my main character at all. Instead, my NPC's run the show by interacting with those of you who posted (except Chabz...).

@Got-a-Plan-B: Haha, this is looking a bit like a Misty situation! Can you guess the Mime Jr's true identity now? (If you do, please don't spoil it for everyone!)

@Ibuberu: I can't wait until Candice meets up with Isaac and my NPC! Feel free to get to where they are however you want. Currently they're in some underground area underneath an alley... and purple smoke is escaping to the outside world.

@Ghost Princess: Lucky you! You've just been encountered by my favourite RP character. I guess I ended up introducing him earlier than I expected to... See, when you wish for something, you just might get it.

@Sir Aaron: Meh, don't worry about that NPC that's now battling Derek. I just came up with him off the top of my head, unlike the others at the lake, Cinnabar, and the Power Plant... Don't you feel un-special? Just kidding...

@d-disaster and Chabz: Hold on, hold on, my character's getting there, if only Sweet Dreams or Lauren posts... Well, this gives you two time to interact, doesn't it?

July 4th, 2008, 3:18 PM
lol I made Rin a bit untrusting at first we shall see how it goes ^-^ Cause she doesn't know what that dude has been through so its only natural that she wants to fight back liek that XD

Sweet Dreams
July 4th, 2008, 3:43 PM
Ah, Jeez... Sorry I haven't posted. I'll be working on it right now. My Winter Holidays have arrived so I have two weeks of no school. Be patient everybody...

July 4th, 2008, 4:02 PM
@Sweet Dreams: 'Tis okay. You don't have to rush too much. Hooray for vacations! (though it's summer in my case)

@Ghost Princess: Wow, that was fast! I never expected to get any replies so soon! But of course, I'm glad you replied--it shows you're active here, unlike SOME people... >_> Hehheh, when I first saw your signup many weeks ago, I immediately thought, "Whoa! She's almost a female version of Lupin!" (that's the NPC I put in). In fact, he was going to be my main character at first, but I decided against it because he's already in an RPG somewhere else, while Gon hasn't been in an RPG in quite a while.

And I think this is the first time I've ever posted in an RPG twice in a row without mentioning my main character. First time for everything!

July 4th, 2008, 4:14 PM
I'm sorry for the lack of postage, Ninetales, but i'm currently unable to post the gargantuan posts required for this RP. I've been trying to keep up with everything, but in the end it's just too hard.. No, literally, it is too hard. I have an infected joint in my left wrist, so it's been put in a splint and i'm not allowed to use that hand whatsoever until i've seen the Orthapedic Doctor on Monday. Right now, i'm effectively hunt and peck typing, but it's very slow and a nuisance to do. x_x; As soon as i'm able to use it again, I promise a massive post. Oh, and Kammy aka Kazu is away at this Camp Project thing, so that may be the reason as to why he's been so inactive lately also.

July 4th, 2008, 4:41 PM
@Umbreongirl: Your posts don't have to be gargantuan! Something as simple as a 4-sentence paragraph (I think that's the minimum requirement for RP posts) will do. It's just that I have a tendency to make long posts... but that doesn't mean you have to.

@Got-a-Plan-B and Ibuberu: Wow... again, that was fast!! (However, I'll have to get going in half an hour... Independence Day fireworks... so this will be my last post this afternoon...) Ibuberu, I again apologise for squeezing mention of Candice into one dinky little line; I started typing my reply before you posted yours, and this only saw your reply after I posted. I'm kind of in a hurry, so...
*Congratulations! You two have found one of the missing Legendary Guardians! Now to edit the first post here...

EDIT: W00t! I just realised this is my 500th post!!!

July 4th, 2008, 4:58 PM
hey, sorry for my lack of postage. school has been crazy, but luckily I am now on school holidays and will be able to rp a lot more!

July 13th, 2008, 5:59 PM

EDIT: So yeah..nevermind lol.

July 14th, 2008, 3:54 PM
I'll take groudon if no one else does.

Sweet Dreams
July 14th, 2008, 4:24 PM
Uh... tropicaldolphin, the rp has already started, the spots that hadn't been taken before have been taken by NPCs, and you should've said "reserve", not take.

I'm sorry, but even though I'm just a kinda absent rper, I don't think its possible. I'm replying early in case you're trying to put together a sign-up for nothing.

I'm working on posting, everyone!

July 14th, 2008, 4:26 PM
Yeah. I meant to say reserve. oh well, i'll just look for another rp to join.

July 17th, 2008, 9:29 AM
Sorry... but when I say the RP's closed, it's closed...

All right, I finally did a post! Lauren and Sweet Dreams, note that Gon/Jemima/Sharky are approaching Viridian and can see the battle going on between Derek and Alex the Great. It says so in the very last part of the post.

Speaking of the battle, anyone involved in it can kind of post whatever they want to, take control of this pesky Alex the Great even (remember he doesn't have any other Pokemon though). He's not an extremely important NPC (so much as an extremely annoying one), and he's outnumbered as well. I might post in the battle as well, telling Regigigas' part in it--in fact, I think I might finish the battle as soon as all three of you post. I don't want you three to miss your chances to take part in this battle!

And I introduced two new NPC's, more Team Alpha members... and two legendaries have just revealed themselves... Oh wait! I'll edit all this into my first post, which explains what's happening in the RPG right now.

Also, I will not be able to post until next Thursday. I'm currently on vacation, visiting some of my relatives... and the house I'm about to stay at doesn't have internet access. So take your time with your posts... (I'm lucky I even found time to post today!)

July 17th, 2008, 12:50 PM
I'm back and ready to post! Just as soon as Chabz posts I'll get stuck in again.

July 18th, 2008, 9:54 AM
Is there anyone I can battle in the RPG.

August 6th, 2008, 8:17 PM
@K9S8: Wish granted! You now have someone not only to battle, but to contest battle!

@Everyone: What's the matter? Meowth got your tongue--or fingers, rather? Where is everybody? How strange... in three weeks only two people post.

*If you read the last part of my post (yes, I posted; I couldn't wait any longer), you'll notice something odd going on in Indigo Plateau, something quite more exciting than just a weird murder mystery...

But I'm not giving up on this RPG! As long as there's at least one other person willing to post in it, I will keep it going or (let the RPG) die trying!

August 6th, 2008, 8:59 PM
I posted! And with that it will not die. Unless i crash again.

...Stupid Halo 3.

August 6th, 2008, 11:09 PM
Okay I posted :3 Whew took 30minutes to copy down everything hahaha x3.

Okay then ..enjoy :D

August 7th, 2008, 6:30 AM
Me no likey my pokemon anymore. So I was wondering if I could just be like "Time to take pokemon out of storage!"? I'll choose pokemon that haven't been chosen, well I'll atleast ATTEMPT to. I'll edit this with a list of the pokemon I'd like to switch to.

Oh also, is Sora still alive? If not I was wondering if I could swap my Legendary too. Lugia looks like more fun that silly old Cresselia. I'll be able to post once I know this information. =]

EDIT: Here's the list of pokemon I would switch too. And NONE of them have been chosen by any of the other RPers, not even pre-evolutions. I legit got out a notebook and pencil and wrote down every RPer and their pokemon and choose ones no one had haha.

Weavile, Zangoose, Metagross, Aerodactyl and Scizor

Edit 2: I will be gone August 20th - August 25th and I won't have ANY computer access. Just wanted to give the heads up. My character can be controlled, but I'd prefer it if someone who would actually do a good job with him be the "Puppet Master" so to speak.

August 11th, 2008, 12:08 AM
@Chabz: I approve of the Pokemon change. (Come to think of it, I might do it for my character too... or not.) But for the legendary switch... I think I'd have to see how much Lucien's been online lately and about sending a PM first. After all, I don't want someone coming here to find their legendary swapped with someone else's!

Hmm, and then two people reserved Manaphy and Darkrai and never signed up. I might ask them one final time about the RPG...

Meh, it's getting late--I won't have time to post tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

August 11th, 2008, 7:13 AM
Okey dokey that sounds like a plan my friend, I'll post in a bit after I think of a good post..to post haha

Sweet Dreams
August 15th, 2008, 2:30 PM
But, Chabz, I always thought that in the Pokemon anime and somewhat in the games, Aerodactyl was either off-limits/unnattainable/extremely rare or difficult to get.

On another note... Woah... *wide eyes* those Pokemon make Sharky's look extremely, extremely weak. Well, I tried making them actually plausible for a girl whom had never left Cinnabar in her life...

Have I mentioned that, although I rarely RP with it, I absolutely adore Scizor? Good choice.

Oh, and I posted. Yes, that too.

August 15th, 2008, 2:44 PM
This is true..Aerodactyl = hard to get..but the key places are in the anime/game but luckily this isn't either =P Also, Ninetails approved it so that is why I use her - if 9T didn't want me to, I wouldn't have. I obey the RP master.

August 25th, 2008, 6:39 PM
Hey guys I'm back! Sorry for not posting, but... I did, after that database error. Besides that, I have an important announcement about those who have not completed your signups:

If you do not complete your signup by a week from now, I will delete your position in the RPG.

The above applies to (whoever used to be Nii-Chan) and Trainer Kat. I'll be sending out a similar warning soon to those people who haven't posted in the last few weeks...

Geez, I haven't edited in all the new NPCs and such in my first post here! *edits*

September 14th, 2008, 4:14 PM
(Are you still taking members?)

Name: Kate Blaze
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Tall with long brown hair and piercing green eyes. She always wears a black tank top with a flame design, black jeans, red belt, black sneakers, black beret, and black fingerless gloves rimmed with red. She also has silver star earrings.
Personality: Kate is sarcastic. She has a very short temper. Also, she is very confident in her abilities to battle. She tends to lean more towards a dark sense of humor. Kate is curious and determined, never giving up when she wants to find out something. Some people think she is weird because she tends to act like a loner, but she is just shy. Kate also thinks that everyone will get in the way of her goals, so she makes sure they don't interfere.
History: Kate was orphaned when she was about 7 years old. She lived with her aunt until she was 10 years old. At that point, she had to fend for herself. Fortunately, there were other orphans like her that took her in. She traveled around with them for a while, stealing to get by until one of the other orphans was caught by the authorities for stealing a pokemon. Kate left the group after that.
Legendary: Articuno

September 21st, 2008, 8:49 PM
Hey guys, wow that was an extended break.
I am really really sorry, I got caught up in so much real life drama and school stuff that I've barely been on the computer in ages.
But, I'll try to catch up and I'm back and ready to post,
if thats okay with you :]

September 28th, 2008, 6:03 PM
SailorShadow: I closed the signups ages ago. BUT, since a lot of people in this RPG have gone inactive, I think I will make exceptions. Besides, you already went through the trouble of creating a character, who might be able to fit into the past of one of the NPC's past, if that's okay with you. However, you'll be starting pretty late in this RPG. Which is acceptable by the way. Oh, and read the announcement later in this post for how to start in the RPG.

LaurenLOVESTONED: Of course that's okay. You've both completed your signup and done some posts in the RPG, so I have nothing against you. In fact, you just barely dodged my warning about people who haven't posted in a long time...

*I have been informed that Kaishin has quit the RPG. But who knows... Ethan may become an NPC...

*Signups are temporarily open, due to the drop in active members. Those of you who either signed up but did not post in the RPG yet, or sign up after this post, you can start in one of two locations in the RPG:
-Pallet Town. If you start here, you will need to receive your Pokevice from Professor Willow, interact with your Legendary, and head off to an active location in this RPG. Those who start here will have to familiarise themselves with what's going on in the RPG--the first post in this thread provides a bit of explanation of that, as well as a guide to the current NPCs and location of the legendaries.
-One of the 26 islands created for the legendary Pokemon. If you start here, your first post will describe what the island looks like (keep in mind that it's designed to be inhabited by your Legendary), and you can interact with the parent (full-sized) Legendary. Those who start one one of these islands will be given a special job in the RPG and will not have to be too concerned with what's happening with the characters on Kanto, but the downside is that you won't receive your Pokevice and meet the child Legendary until a little later.
^^You can refer to the very last part of my last post in the RPG for what to do in your first post if you start on the island. It would be a good idea to end your post with your character on or able to see the beach...

Legendaries Available: Zapdos, Groudon, Jirachi, Manaphy

No, this RPG is not dead yet!

September 28th, 2008, 6:12 PM
Woohoo! Now I'm excited to see we haven't died, I got worried when no one posted after me on the RP thread

Sir Aaron1017
September 29th, 2008, 12:28 PM
Hey sorry eveyone for not posting in ages, school has been overbearing and I haven't had time to get on the internet for a few weeks, BUT that will change, and I am working on posting later today, but we'll see if that goes according to plan.

September 29th, 2008, 12:51 PM
Hey, well, I'm thinking of joining this RP, and I'd like a slightly more detailed description of what's happened to far than exists in the first page of this thread, if that's possible. Reserve me for Jirachi please (*pouts because Latias isn't available*), if you will.

September 29th, 2008, 8:50 PM
I;ll et a post up as soon as I can.I'm busy with school now-a-days

Sweet Dreams
October 9th, 2008, 10:51 PM
Oh dear... I'll get a post up! I will! Just wait a little longer. Please don't think I've completely ditched you... although this rp is bordering on dead. Ach!

October 13th, 2008, 1:17 AM
I'm working on a post in the RPG right now. I'm almost done with it, but I'm really sleepy now, so I'll try to finish it first thing when I wake up, or sometime that morning. But when I do, prepare to learn a surprising secret about the Uma Sisters...

Oh, and here's what's happened in the RPG so far:

First, everyone got their Pokevices from Professor Willow, who gave a little speech about Team Alpha and the legendaries. Soon after, they were surrounded by a ring of weird-looking Wobbuffet who prevented them from going anywhere. The group solved this my flying/jumping over the Wobbuffet, go figure...

Also, around that time, a Mr. Mime (the "muffin clown") appeared and gave everyone muffins. Then it disappeared to parts unknown.

At that time, Gon (my main character) looked on his laptop to find a news flash about an awkward sort of murder that had been committed in the Indigo Plateau--rumour is that it was done by some sort of Psychic-type legendary Pokemon. He and a group of trainers headed to the Indigo Plateau to investigate that.

Another of the trainers decided to head to the Power Plant, where two Team Alpha members had something planned, apparently something to do with Rotom.

Two other trainers, Isaac and Candice, decided to head to Cinnabar Island. There, Isaac came across the "muffin clown" from before, and Panther, one of my NPC's and the guardian of Latias.

*From that point on, everyone was in separate groups in various areas...

The group heading to Indigo Plateau was the largest, so it split up frequently. Everyone headed to Viridian City first. While Gon, Jemima, and Sharky took a while before using Celebi/Mew's telekinesis to carry them over the Viridian Forest, Derek had a battle with a weird Team Alpha member with a pink Empoleon at Viridian's entrance. Derek (and Regigigas, who had joined in) was just about to win the battle when the Alpha member disappeared at the last minute.

Rin, one member of the group heading to Indigo, emo-ed out and ran to a lake west of Viridian. There, she met another NPC of mine, Lupin. The two seemed to have a lot in common... But shortly after they met, they were met by two Team Alpha members (Gabe and Emily), who seemed to know Lupin. There was a little controversy about what side Lupin was on--Team Alpha or the Guardians... and then there was a battle, in which the Team Alpha members used a possessed Azelf and a miniature, pink Regirock, and Rin and Lupin used non-legendary Pokemon. The battle ended when Azelf started disobeying Emily's commands and seemed to treat Lupin as its master instead. Also, Regigigas appeared and started attacking Lupin. Rin and Lupin fled west, riding on Lupin's Arcanine and Dialga (turns out he was its Guardian after all). Eventually they flew on Ho-oh (after Regigigas gained on them) to the Indigo Plateau, where they are now.

Meanwhile, Gon and Derek rode on Derek's Charizard and Rayquaza to Indigo Plateau, and were able to witness the chase with Regigigas and Rin and Lupin from above. Jemima also decided to follow them on foot.

Kazu, another member of the group heading to Indigo, got sidetracked in Viridian by a coordinator named Adrian. Adrian dragged him into the Viridian Contest Hall (which used to be the Pokemon gym owned by Team Rocket) and made him enter the contest. The first round of appeals passed, and now Adrian and Kazu are about to face each other in the contest battle...

Danny and Jacob were initially planning to head to Indigo Plateau, and headed to the Pokemon Centre in Viridian City, but they just might change their minds and head to the Power Plant instead.

The group on Cinnabar eventually discovered the true identity of the muffin clown: it was Uxie in disguise! Uxie fled the scene the second it was discovered though, and the group met Warren, Panther's brother, who tried to capture Uxie with one of Team Alpha's special Pokeballs, although he insisted that he was not in Team Alpha. Shortly after that, the group fell through a warp which lead to a strange city... a city where all buildings were green and its inhabitants were all Pokemon who could speak human language. Fortunately, the group was able to exit this city through a portal, which led to a place called Merlin's Mystic Sanctuary, in Lavender Town. Of course, they met someone named Merlin there. There was talk about the Guardians in general, as well as a gang called the Black Cat Bandits which apparently Warren, Merlin, and also Lupin, are part of.