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June 4th, 2008, 4:26 AM
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We have received word of sighting of a peculiar Pokemon lurking in the deepest pits of Mount Silver in Jhoto. We have reason to believe that this is the Unknown Pokemon that we have been searching for. We are sending out volunteers to investigate along with the renewed Pokemon to keep them safe from harm.

They have been asked to keep journals of their progress through the regions and have been given weapons to defend themselves. With any hope these recruits may give us the information we need to defeat this Pokemon and return the world to its previous status.
They are our only hope, and we are surly running out of supplies.

Our prayers are with them and we wish them luck.

Prologue: Preperation

The black cloud was getting thicker, before long there would be no light to guide the lost souls to the other side and the world would be forever haunted by the ghosts of the tortured souls, both Pokemon and Human alike. Parks that was once filled with laughing children and protective mothers were now blood coated wastelands, what was left of the graying grass was speckled with the blood of innocents. Forests were no longer blooming with life but haunted by ghosts and flying beasts who wouldn’t think twice about attacking a defenseless child, the trees have lost they’re color and the only flowers you would lay your eyes on are the Sunflora and Bellosom who are no longer vibrant in color but rotting twigs with teeth. Even the most innocent of Pokemon have turned to they’re primal carnivorous ways, Pichu and Rilou are no longer cute and cuddly buddies for the younger generation but fierce critter who travel in packs and can easily take down a fully grown Tauros if need be. Most caves have been blocked to keep the large beasts at bay and the wide plains of the Pokemon world have become nothing but grey ash. I need not mention the horrors of the sea world…the clear seas have become blood stained and murky and there is little chance that one would survive upon entering the unknown depths. The most part of life has come to an end and the dregs of humans left behind are beginning to wonder.

Some thought of this as the apocalypse, the purification of the land so that a new canvas could be started and a sin free world made once again. Some thought of it as a test, and recklessly went out into the darkened world to test they’re strength and skills against the Pokemon, evidently these people were foolish and none ever made it back to they’re families alive. A gun was fine when it came to your common Rattatta, but against the rock solid Onix, they did nothing but anger the titan more. But then there were those few who sought a remedy, a cure for this terrible disease. These were the realistic individuals who were the more likely to succeed. Armed with chipped Pokemon, nine brave souls ready themselves to take the journey of a life time over the bloodstained terrains of the once beautiful land of Pokemon.


Skylar sat in a ragged chair behind a rotting wooden desk, her leather clad feet were slung up onto its surface and a smoking cigarette was held between two fingers. She drew the toxic stick to her mouth and took a long drag before pulling it away and letting a black cloud of smoke raise from her lips and into the face of the scientist who was standing next to her. She grinned and his obvious discomfort and proceeded to brew up another toxic stream to aim at her ‘colleague’. This time however the scientist grabbed her lips in a tight squeeze in hopes that that would stop the attack, but Skylar grinned beneath the pinched lips and blew the smoke out through her nose and into the man’s face. He coughed and spluttered before drawing back, waving the stench away with a slender hand. Skylar sat laughing her head off at what was admittedly not that funny. “Those things are going to kill you one day.” The man growled, continuing to cough a little.
The woman shrugged, bringing the cigarette to her lips for another drag. She released the smoke into the air once again before replying. “Those beasts out there are going to kill me soon, so why should I care? Besides, it calms my nerves.”
“Stop acting so Pessimistic, Skylar.”
“No, my friend. Realistic!” She pushed the table away with her feet and stood up, waving a finger in the scientists face. “Being Pessimistic would mean I have a tendency to stress the negative or unfavorable or to take the gloomiest possible view. Now Realistic…” She circled the table and made her way towards a set of shabby drawers and opened the first draw to reveal a brown, leather bound book “…is tending to or expressing an awareness of things as they really are.” She threw the book onto the table in front of her ‘friend’ and watched as it opened half way through. She stepped forward and pointed at a list that was handwritten onto the paper. “Look at these names and tell me that when they were about to die that they had an optimistic view on life.” She watched the face of the man and when he turned his gaze towards something more interesting than the list of the deceased she grinned. “Of course they didn’t.” She took up the book and waved it in his face. “None of them did, and why?” There was still no answer from the stoic man, so she simply answered for him. “Because this is really happening, Chris. This is reality.”

Having made her point, she opened the book once again and skimmed through it.
”Poor Paul. Never knew what he had gotten himself into when he decided to go out looking for test subjects himself.” She looked up from the books text and straight into Christopher’s eyes “I bet his opinion was the same as yours. “Have an optimistic view on life and you’re bound to succeed, right?” There was still no answer. Skylar threw the book at the drawers she had taken it from. “WRONG! Truth is, you’ve never seen outside this lab because after Paul died you were to FRIGHTENED to even step foot out there. So don’t you go telling me to be Optimistic, because you are far from it yourself, Doctor.”
She walked towards the door and took a glimpse outside into the tunnel that lead from the labs into the living quarters. “They’re late.” She muttered, throwing the cigarette onto the floor and stamping it out.
“How do you know they’re late, we haven’t had a working watch in here for over four years. And what have I told you about throwing those things on the floor? You know the amount of chemicals that could have been split in here, your going to be the death of us all one day.”
Skylar shrugged. “I know they’re late because they’re not here yet and I’m getting tired of waiting and don’t worry you’ll be rid of me in a few hours anyway.”
Chris turned his nose up at her and huffed. “Then good riddance is all I can say.”
Skylar threw him a wicked grin. “You’re such a good friend.”
Chris smiled. As much as he hated to admit it, he would miss the woman. She had been the one that had kept him sane these whole years, mainly because he knew he couldn’t get anymore insane than her. The cloud had had a major effect on Skylar, it had toyed with her mind and having seen her parents die at a young age in such a wile way had had a completely negative effect on her. Chris had treated her as a daughter the day she had set foot in the hideout. Paul had taken a great liking to her too because of her smart mind and keen eye.

There was shuffling to be heard from down the tunnel and Skylar muttered. “Finally.”

(OOC- Okay, make your way to the labs where Doctor C.Nettle and Skylar are waiting for you. You don’t have to rush, but make sure your there by the end of your post. Note that you do not have your Pokemon yet.)

June 4th, 2008, 2:02 PM
Hannibal walked down the dilapidated hall, walking solemnly to the office of one Dr. Christopher Nettle. Hannibal did not know the man well- he knew no one that well. Hannibal was always the silent type. He was a fatalistic genius, a genius that only went into strategy these days. He had almost finished a nice chess board- the squares made of crystal from an Onix and some amber found from hardened sap near his underground hole. He had one side of pieces done, white in color, made of human bones, and another side, gold in color, made from Shiny Steelix steel from a corpse he found. Hannibal was a resourceful man, and the only way he filled his time was thinking, writing, reading, drinking and working on stuff. He had truly descended into the level of pure drudgery.

He no longer had any happiness, not that he was all sunshine and rainbows before the cloud came. Hannibal liked the darkness, the cold and the silence- if there weren't hordes of rampaging Pokemon everywhere, he'd love it. His once opulent clothing had changed. His coat had marbled through years of wear. His hat had stayed pristine white, but it showed signs of wear on the edges. The leather on his gloves showed darkening from age, and the steel was dulled in tone. The boots were new, so they looked somewhat normal. His pants had holes, patched up with fur and velvet and human hair. Somehow, his pants still retained a singular blue color, but in varying tones. It resembled a camo in blue- perhaps Hannibal, like Picasso, had a Blue Period?

Hannibal walked slowly, and entered the office. He saw a woman, who he knew as Skylar. She was the other albino- red eyes, ghostly skin, but with black hair. Hannibal assumed it was dyed. Hannibal sat down silently, and did not speak. He would wait.

June 4th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Mavis arose from his makeshift bed that morning like any other, the only reason real difference was that today he actually had a destination and a goal. He had to journey to the office of a Doctor called Christopher Nettle. Mavis was completely sure why he had volunteered. Something compelled him to join, possibly divine intervention from his past life or the promise of newfound hope. He had gathered his belongings into his duffle bag including his remains of food, water and ammunition for his trusty shotgun. It was not much but enough for himself.

Mavis went to his clothing. The only set he had was torn and destroyed, complete with a white shirt that was exposed to the elements far too long, a black casual shirt that was actually in decent condition considering the scenario, stonewashed jeans that saw similar treatment as the white shirt, and shoes that were full of holes as if a machine gun unleashed its rage upon it. He had actually considered only getting half dressed but decided against the mildly entertaining idea. "The exposure would leave me at a disadvantage." He had equipped his shotgun in a holster made from the skin of a Teddiursa across his back and placed his Machete on his belt in a sheath, possibly made from the same vile creature. He had almost left his domain but remembered the sliver locket. It was his only real treasure and the only thing that could possibly make him smile. Looking up to the mirror he had found, Mavis looked at himself. The filthy, long hair covered the horribly scarred face with the piercing green eyes of a once eccentric man. He had no idea why he had a scar. Mavis believed it occured during the first batch of choas during the cloud event. However, the old scar always seemed to hurt when traveled to the past. As he glanced into the mirror, a sharp pain emerged and he covered his face with his rough hands. He put the locket on its chain and wrapped around the large neck that led to the large and strong frame that has been built over the years of hard labor.

Mavis left his domain and walked proudly down the darkened hallway, fully equipped as if he was going to war. His powerful frame caused echos to occur with every hastened footstep. He was lucky enough to know the location, as the hallways were not friendly to those who were new to the system.

He discovered the lab of the doctor. Mavis was careful upon entering surveying the area in case it was a trap of some sort. Upon entering, he noticed only three people had actually made it so far. I suppose I am not late, he thought. All he saw was a possibly rich man that remained slient despite Mavis' entrance sitting in a chair, an uninteresting doctor who seemed shocked for no apparent reason, and an albino white girl with black hair.

Mavis perched himself on a wall, a position with solid defenses. He was capable of watching the three individuals as well as any newcomers that dared enter the office. Mavis, much like the rich man, chose to keep himself quiet and watch everyone's movements with great care. His only movement was place his left hand upon his oversized knife in case anyone dared to enter his personal space. From his position, only three things were noticeable: his penetrating green eyes, the locket, and the scar that detailed his face.

June 4th, 2008, 4:50 PM
The girl raised her tanned arms over her head, slipping on her relatively shabby and raggedy shirt. A sigh escaped her lips as she tightened her belt, pulling her shorts up a slight bit as a result of the action. One hand fingered the messy curls upon her head, though she found her hair to be an annoyance, she couldn't bear to cut the scarlet locks. Her parents had always wanted their daughter to grow her hair, hopefully becoming the owner of long, silky and stylish coif. Comparing their ideal girl with the one standing in the room right now, the differences were uncountable.

Lilac tried, in vain, to tame her hair, before wearing a pair of ankle-length socks and slipping on her battered sneakers. Towards the small table located in the relatively compact room, she went. Upon it, sat cartridges of bullets as well as the revolver she had received as a form of safety. Though it had taken her the past two years to train, now, the seventeen-year old could comfortably say that she had obtained marksmanship in the handling of a .22 revolver. Swinging the firearm casually and placing it into its holder on her belt, she stuffed the cartridges into a pocket, deciding that her gun wouldn't need loading until much later on. The second item she would be carrying her would be the small, pointy dagger resting on the table next to the gun, she swiftly took it into her grasp, tucking it into its tiny sheath on her belt. Lilac took a quick glance at the mirror, seeping in all the changes that had taken place within her for the past seven years, the only shred of evidence left behind from her past being the clover earrings she wore. They brought out the crystal blue of her eyes, and even though in most other instances, the girl would reject an offer to wear jewelry, they were an exception.

Quickly jogging out of the room and down the gray hallway that lead to her destination, finding it quite embarrassing if she were to be late. She was one of the youngest recruits, she had overheard, and it simply wouldn't do if the most junior of the lot was the latest, determined to give her seniors a better first impression, she slowed down her jog and began to pace herself. She didn't want to make it look like she was looking forward to meeting them, even though she was delighted at the prospect of finally meeting with people who would no doubt converse with her. It had been lonely, all these years in the underground. A large population of the inhabitants had grown withdrawn and silent, much to Lilac's boredom. "Of course," she fiercely reminded herself, "don't let your guard down!". Approaching towards the doorway leading to the lab, the young female inhaled a deep breath to calm herself down, before striding in, entertaining the idea of giving a chipper "Hello!".

However, she decided against it, upon seeing the serious faces plastered upon the albino girl with raven black hair and three men. The Professor, it seemed, was standing near the older female, while two men, one with striking green eyes and another with a white hat, stood and sat respectively. The girl felt worried, and anxious. They all looked so much older than her; she couldn't help but feel outnumbered. She slowly backed herself into the portion of the wall located right next to the entrance of the room, looking down with uncertainty and keeping to herself.

June 4th, 2008, 6:02 PM
Adara made her way slowly down the chilly corridor, her arms wrapped tightly around her thin frame. The wallpaper was peeling off the walls and the dark grey tiles were faded and cracked, but this was a sight Adara was used to. She’d lived in the underground for seven long years and by now everything was of shades of grey, even the clothes she wore.

She knew that they were probably waiting for her, but this didn’t make her quicken her pace. Adara wasn’t impolite; she was just feeling particularly apathetic today. She had agreed to this mission and had said her goodbyes to her adopted family, but she was not feeling eager to start it. She didn’t feel eager to do anything these days, there is nothing to do she thought bitterly.

Adara reached the end of the hall, and stood in the doorway, knocking on the open door.

“Sorry I’m late,” she mumbled before entering the room, looking up just long enough to survey it. The lab was in the same condition as every other room in the underground, decaying, and it reeked of cigarette smoke. Two females and three males looked at her as she entered, they all looked like her, pale and tired from never getting any sunlight. The older looking girl with dark hair’s name was Skylar and scientists name was Christopher. But Adara didn’t know the names of the red haired girl with tanner skin then most in the underground, the burly blonde man or the albino in finer clothing than she’d seen in a while. Adara ran her fingers through her luscious long hair nervously, and hugged herself tightly again, waiting for someone to speak.

June 4th, 2008, 6:06 PM
Sharp, icy daggers pierced every corner of thought, cutting at the vixen's fur with blades made of light and dust that hung in the air. The hallway air was cold - temperate compared to outside, though. Her heavy gear clung to her sweating body as she pulled a 360-security motion, scanning the limited zone around her; it was difficult to maneuver her already-shortened assault weapon in such close quarters. It was going to be hell for the last stretch until her destination. Sidling the wall, she moved quietly with her back against the peeling paint until she reached the next doorway. Checking her rear again, she raised her M4, ready for combat.

In the time of darkness, one must act quickly. As the vixen opened fire instinctively on a new target, Arlene heard the satisfying impact of bullets against flesh. Three rounds shot from the noise-suppressed barrel, and in the darkness, her target fell to the ground. The fox moved gingerly to the left of the doorway, watching her back as she entered. Her canine sense of hearing caught the faint, angry gurgling of a Bulbasaur, infected by the cloud's influence, which she tracked down to midway down the new hall. The hardened Arlene looked over the wriggling, dying Pokemon carefullyfor a moment, and sighed. The vixen unceremoniously ended the Pokemon's life in one swift stomp, sending her combat boot straight down and crushing the creature's skull instantly, displacing it's brain into small pieces that sprayed against her dirty boots and against the walls and floor nearby.

She had seen alot of Pokemon go this way, which was almost a form of mercy compared to being under the influence of the dark cloud that saw all and felt all, looming outside. She had dubbed it the Exmortis, which was Latin for "The Living Dead" - it made total sense, as it turned normally peaceful, relatively docile creatures into heartless killing machines. The only explanation that she could muster was that part of them died, while their bodies lived on in eternal suffering in the plane of the living. It was... Something of a religion that she had developed; that the cloud was another plane of existence where the remaining shreds of sanity that these empty Pokemon had resided. It helped to think good thoughts, that it was possible to restore the way things were this way; it kept you sane on the road by yourself.

Distancing herself from the infected remains of the Bulbasaur, Arlene stacked up - military talk for group together near a doorway - near the door at the end of the hall, and she carefully opened it. As if the doorway were a portal to a different realm, the weary vixen stepped into full light for the first time in months, and the smell of fairly fresh - though still slightly dirty - air filled her lungs. She caught sight of a door closing towards the end of the hall...

Mulling it over, Arlene shook her head, her long blonde ponytail following her movements. She was going there anyway; hopefully she wasn't late. And so she began the process of 360 degree security again, watching everything, wary of every sound, of every speckle of dirt accounted for. She sharply tuned in on everything, ensuring no sign of trespass would escape her.

Satisfied that the area was clear of further hostile presence, she stood from her crouched stance. The vixen slung the strap over her opposite shoulder and let her M4 rifle hang at her back, gripping the doorknob tensely and opening it with some note of confidence. And for the first time in god-knows-how-long, she noted the presence of friendly humans. Though none of them looked like they were about to congratulate her for a harsh, daring ten-mile journey, it was a welcome sight that they had all not pulled guns and opened fire. She entered quietly, unsure of what to make of the congregation, but eventually, she spoke up in a very harsh voice.

"Start talking.

June 5th, 2008, 5:40 PM
The fox woman broke the constant silence that befallen the room. Mavis was full of conflicted emotions and interests. He felt threatened by the women due to her appearance as he was used to killing beasts that resembled her strange animal-like appearance. However, Mavis pictured the chaos that would have erupted if he suddenly killed her, or at least tried to kill her. The woman was well equipped and likely experienced and skilled with her tools of destruction. After all, one must be deadly in order to survive in the world due to the cloud. As a resolution, Mavis gripped his oversized knife tightly eagerly awaiting the fox woman's violent rampage that would likely occur. The other members that walked in after he had did not seem as dangerous or has even prepared to attack him, so they were deemed insignificant in his eyes. Easy kills., he thought examining their appearance and quirks. The one girl seemed young and more frightened than anything. He could smell the fear and visualize too as she hugged herself and fondled her hair. The other women appeared as any other, just pale as the moon with nothing else making her stand out. However, Mavis could not let his guard as any one of the people in the room could unleash their fury and potentially kill him, or at least try to.

Mavis did want the doctor to talk and fill in the holes of what the volunteer program was about, why they were here. He knew next to nothing about what he had volunteered for. All he knew is that action would be made and he wanted to be part of it. The scar began to make him wince, and placed his right hand on his face while his left remained on the handle of his weapon. Mavis remained prepared despite the minor pain that the facial wound emitted.

June 7th, 2008, 1:11 PM
One-two-three! One-two-three! Go ahead, the lab is still far! One-two-three! One-two-three!
And go, go, go! March between the ruins of Goldenrod the Great, look at the collapsed skyscrapers, the broken antennas on the top of the Radio Tower! And don't stop, not now! You're late, ya know? You're late and you have 3...4...5 thingies behind you. 3 Rattatas, 2 Sentrets: you could do it, but yo're LATE!

Well, ok, OK! If you are so worried, go ahead! Turn and aim and shot and shot and shot and shot! Look at Rattata's brain fly higher and higher, while Sentret's tail is slashed away! And one and two and three they fall, and one and two they run away, is a good day Lawrence, isn't it? For now it is, for sure, but now go! Skip that hole, jump through rubble, and go and reach THAT entrance, where it was? Down, in the subway! Don't you remember, uh? Well, it is THERE! So now go, run to the Central Station, down the stairs, faster, faster, and then STEPS! Those two little bastards chased you, didn't they? Now I'm the one telling it: shoot!
Shoot, shoot, shoot! Did you kill them? Their blood is on the ground, as well as entrails and flesh and brain: dead. Now, now, you're relaxing too much! Hold the carbine and search for the door: move that box, uncover the little door and enter; take the little key and open the eight keyholes, open it and then close it again.
Here you are, you fool! Now, go for the lab!
Down this tunnel, then turn right, still right, then still ahead, left, right, right, left, deeper and deeper in this neverending maze that represents the new Goldenrod City; then the lab's tunnel, the door, open it, enter.

Whoooooooa! There are already one, two, three, four, five, six, seven people in there!
And...two are the docs. The guy...he seems like a loooot weaker than the girl.
The girl...snow-white skin, pitch black hair, a couple of shadowed eyes under the sunglasses, and yet you can see they are blood-red, pointy canines, black and silver clothes. A vampire, isn't she? In another time there were only monsters like you, Lawrence, but now...
Vampire. Miss Vampire.
And then? And then?
And then a big guy, wearing some quite rich, even if worn out, clothes, about 2 feet higher than me, another vampire? No, that slot is already taken, I'm sorry but he will remain a simple albino...and then? And then?
And then the most beautyful woman you've ever seen, maybe Elly was more, but she is dead, isn't she? And you cold kill her, too, but not now, pokemons are a threat to your job too: if everyone dies, who remains to be killed; and then, and then a blonde guy, big but not so much but always big, and with torn clothes, and a locket...are you curious? Not now, maybe later you will ask him. Then...another girl, she's not bad, isn't she? More tomboyish than the other, but still good.
Monsters? There are a lot of monsters nowadays! Is she a red fox, or a blonde girl? You don't know, but you feel so good looking at her fur, will it be the diversity attracting you?
And moreover, will her blood be red? Or will it be blue, green, yellow?
Not know, my friend, not now! Wait. Now...normal. Ok? Normal.
Smile. Eyes: relaxing. Remove that grin NOW! Change it into a smile! Relax, and speak.
Oh, well. You voice is still a bit husky, but it will do. AH! Remember the fake name!

Hi to everyone. I'm Manuel Croven.

June 7th, 2008, 5:34 PM
The boy sat up from the grass, his arms clenched ready to fight. He could hear them moving about, waiting for him to fall back asleep. Bobby pretended to lie down. As soon as he did the Rattata jumped, fangs gleaming. "Please..." Bobby muttered and pulled out his swords and quickly cut them in half.

Bobby then pulled out a note from his back pocket and looked it over. It was a note from some Professor about going to Mt. Silver to get rid of the Dark Cloud. Bobby thought it over and decided that it would help his goals if he could get near that cloud. "Mt. Silver must be teaming with Pokemon..." Bobby said, the thought of getting revenge so many times over made his heart feel less cold.

"What the hell, i'll go." Bobby walked all the way to Goldenrod and found the lab where the Prof. was supposed to be. When he walked in, he saw other people had beat him there. Years ago he would have been embaressed, but today he simply went into a corner and leaned against the wall, waiting for the Professor to come out.

June 10th, 2008, 2:16 PM
The piercing knife of Arlene's sight was broken away from the rest of the room, instead lying squarely on who had introduced himself most recently - Manuel. The look in his eyes as he entered... The way he'd stared at her. It was not even that he had reacted, which he hadn't, as did Mavis - it was the fact that he hadn't that disturbed her. Her sharp, heated glare tore and ripped at Lawrence (though she was unaware that this was his real name) for several seconds as she dissected him, cross-examining the innards he had unknowingly already poured out to her. Her stare remained unbroken for a few seconds before she turned away, keeping a gloved paw wrapped around the handle of her TMP, knowing she would incite Mavis to watch her carefully.

In the silence that befell the room after 'Manuel's entrance, further questions occurred to the vixen. Firstly, she was still focused on the second-most-recent newcomer, the one that disturbed her slightly. The glassy, blank stare he'd given her for that moment... She felt a connection somewhere in her stomach that made her feel cold and defenseless looking at him. He was not even very menacing on the outside, save for some blood on his hands - fairly fresh, but that was to be expected in this day and age. She didn't doubt that as was everyone present, he was probably just as much a cold, hardened killer as she was herself. She shrugged off the strange vibes mentally, attributing her wariness about this new person to pure stress and lack of rest, which was half true. She had only gotten about three hours of sleep prior to today, and she had killed many in self-defense on her way here. She'd started at 3 AM from Violet City; it was at least past noon by now.

That's when she realized that she was being watched, still. She turned to Mavis once more, noting that he was clutching the handle of a Ka-bar knife, she estimated at least eight inches long, small hilt, all-black rubber pistol grip. By just a wild guess, Arlene assumed that this particular human was not one of her fans, and his look seemed to grow more deadly every moment she kept her paw clutching her TMP.

OOC: FOR REFERENCE: A simple Ka-bar knife. Just imagine a bigger blade.

June 10th, 2008, 3:19 PM
The more people that entered the room, the more on edge Mavis slowly became. For the longest time, death has surrounded him due to the impulse to survive that arose from human that not been killed from the initial effects of the cloud. People brutally killed each other for small pieces of food or a day's worth of supplies of any kind. The risk of death caused Mavis to reject the ideal of a trustworthy ally or friend. He suspect that people would attempt to kill for the numerous supplies that he had collected over the course of however long since the first cloud event. Personally, Mavis lost track of time as the desire to live had absorbed every function of his mind. He had resolved that he would have to disarm himself mentally and physically. The fact that he had not removed his hand from the knife would likely be the death of him especially considering the select individuals that were in the room. For the sake of his own sanity, Mavis decided to survey the room one last time, deeming whether not the potential allies were threats or not.

He had decided most of the women were not large threats at all. The one had called him here along with the professor. She didn't seem armed at the moment and she lacked a motive. After all, he did put the volunteer call out, so unless it was a trap, she had no intentions of murder. The professor wasn't a threat in any way. Like the girl, he seemed unarmed but most of all Mavis had the advantage of a superior body. The other girls seemed out of place and mind, holding no weapons at the moment and were too focused on other things. The kid on the wall shared much in common with the other women, so Mavis ignored him. Superior strength would win the battle anyway.

The only three people that Mavis really worried about at the moment was: the man sitting, the recent visitor and the fox woman. The man who was sitting upon closer examination seemed larger than Mavis in every way. Height, weight, everything. As a result, Mavis kept a close eye on him, even though the man didn't care to notice anything other than himself. The newcomer who introduced himself as Manuel something worried him only because Mavis was caught off-guard. The man seemed cheery, unnaturally cheery to be precise. The man must crazy, Mavis thought. He treated him the same as the others, deciding to watch him with some caution. The fox woman posed the biggest threat. The fact she kept herself wary and armed disturbed him and caused Mavis to feel uneasy at best. Mavis went over a few scenarios and gave himself a minor chance of being able to kill her without injury.

In the end, Mavis had two choices: 1. Cut the tension by disarming himself and speaking or 2. Pull out the shotgun and go crazy.

Mavis slowly let go of the knife and crossed his burly arms over his chest, "I would disarm yourself," he said directed at the fox woman, "I believe it would make everyone feel a bit more comfortable." Mavis forgot to disguise his voice to sound more threatening so a hint of innocence and longing could be felt throughout the air. However, the message could be heard as his voice carried the essence of demand and desire. Mavis wanted to ease himself and the others for the sake of the group's mission.

June 10th, 2008, 5:02 PM
Feeling the tension hitting her all of a sudden like a ton of bricks, the vixen lowered her TMP and thumbed the safety, letting the weapon hang at her side. But that's all the solace she would give these strange humans. After Jaydin was killed and Snake was reported MIA, she would never give humans any of her trust ever again. Her eyes narrowed for a moment and she glanced over at Manuel, then back at Mavis while the newcomer still had his back turned; she was silently signalling Mavis that she was worried about Manuel, and that he should be too.

Some time passed in silence in the room, and Arlene was tempted to open up with conversation. "Is everyone here? I'm tired of waiting."

June 27th, 2008, 3:01 AM
Ah, Lawrence, Lawrence! You are a bit too jolly, it seems! They don't trust you, it's crystal clear! Go and fix it, Lawrence, go and fix it!

I know, I know. Maybe I'm too happy, for this time and place. It seems strange, to you, doesn't it? But I could say the same thing on you.
I can understand. This is not a beautyful world, not anymore. And yet...and yet, and yet, and yet...you are alive. Are not you? I think everyone in this room lost someone, or more than someone. I did too. But if you can't be happy to be alive, you can take the knife of that fox-girl and cut your throat. Because revenge is not a way of life: it's a powerful propeller, but will kill you off. If that's ok to you, that's good. I prefer to live, and to have an aim to reach. Strange? I think not.

Good speech, Lawrence, good speech! Of course, there isn't half of a true word in that, but you know how to lie, you did it for years! Didn't you, Manuel?

June 27th, 2008, 7:02 PM
Arlene immediately sensed the distress in Manuel's voice; in a moment of animal instinct, his fear invaded a corner of subconscious she had not referred to since the incursion of the cloud... She sensed the blanket of lies he had hidden beneath, but was unable to place his psychosis... Eying his stern expression, Arlene became more concerned with his... Shaky composure, at best. His eyes flittered back and forth between those present rather quickly, but he may have just been nervous...?

"We're not stupid," Arlene began, writing off Manuel's uneasiness, "Chill. Many have been scarred by the cloud. You are just one of many."

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