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June 14th, 2008, 12:17 PM
Okay, now I've got a new project-ripping sounds from gameboy games.

It's so simple, when you think about it; the gameboy sounds are separated into four channels- lead 1, lead 2, bass, and rhythm. As all the synth sounds are mono synths, they can only produce one sound at a time. this is important for understanding the process of ripping sound effects.

now, this only works on the visualboy advance emulator as far as I've seen-the four channels can be turned on and off, and are represented respectively-channels one and two are leads one and two, channel three is bass, and channel 4 is rhythm.

the following instructions will teach you how to rip pokemon red version sounds.

try bumping up against something. you will hear a "bouum" sound. this may at first appear to be rhythm. let's find out. go under sound and turn off all he channels but channel four (rhythm). try bumping an object again. you will not hear it.

now turn off channel four and turn on channel three (bass). try again. you will hear it. this means that it is a bass tone. this also tells you that rhythm can only produce two sounds-snare and cymbal, which are infact, the same sound, except snare has a sticatto effect and the cymbal rings out. but this is simple to understand as it is either one or the other. but the point is that there is nothing representing a bass drum.

this also means that the bump is actually represented by a note. it is too low to tell, but it's a safe guess that it's the standard C, at the lowest octave.

visual boy advance is great for one thing-sound ripping. you can record sounds and save them as wav files. go into tools, go to recording, and click start audio recording. now once again bump the object. go into the same menu and hit stop. and now you have your very own sound effect. I would recommend using audacity to edit it, but how well you edit it is up to your own talent.

you can try this with other sound effects as well. experiment.