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rii - chii
July 1st, 2008, 3:13 PM

Greetings, welcome to the world of Pokemon. In the world of Pokemon, it is a huge world with many exotic creatures, people who are known as Pokemon Trainers who use them for command, or even as pets.

Now, you are going to become a Pokemon Trainer, after receiving your Pokemon, you will have them as a valuable partner, as well as you’ll meet several comrades as friends. Just like you, your Pokemon will be quite unique, which makes you special. While traveling your homeland known as Johto, you are trying to collect the badges of the cities in the region; you are trying to becoming a Pokemon Master.

As a resident of a town known as New Bark Town, you finally wanted to fulfill your dream to start on a Pokemon journey, as you head off to the laboratory, you receive your Pokemon and your tools to become a great trainer.

One of your jobs as a Pokemon Trainer will be to catch wild Pokemon, as you train them to become powerful battlers. You can decide which moves they learn through TMs and HMs as well as if they will evolve or not. It’s all up to you.

All is not well in the world of Pokemon, because there is an evil syndicate in Johto. They are known as Team Rocket, and they won’t stop at anything in order to earn money. Even without their leader, they still continue to terrorize Johto and Kanto for money. They’ll stop at nothing to take down their enemies, including you if you get in their way.

There are several items and balls in order to catch Pokemon to become on your side. Your final goal is to defeat the eight gym leader around Johto in order to compete in the Elite Four so you can become the Pokemon Champion. Be careful though, they will use their full power in order to beat you.

There will be many challenges and many people who get in your way. Will you work with your fellow Pokemon trainers, or against them? Only time will tell. The choices are all up to you as you build your team and try to become the best Pokemon trainer of all time. Remember, this is as if you owned these Pokemon, let’s get onto the rules!


Sorry, I won’t let you to be able to catch Legendaries in this RPG; it just takes the fun out of the game.

I want you become your character, become your personality and make this RPG a lot more fun

I want you be active, it’s a very important part of an RPG, if you are going away for a while, PM me, so I know why you aren’t posting, if you don’t I’ll have to kick you because I won’t know why you weren’t posting. It’ll be too late after that.

I want you have FUN, I don’t see the point of role-playing if your not even having fun. You’ll be kicked out if you don’t, sorry that’s how it’s going to work.
The Character Sheet

Character Name: What is your Character’s name
Gender: What gender is your character, Male or Female
Age: How old is your character, I’d like it to be around 10-16
Appearance: What does your character look like
Personality: What is your person’s personality; this is how your person acts
History: What is the history of your character, it has to be at least a paragraph
Preferred Started: Which Pokemon would you like

Chikorita (IceDragon2439)
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Sassy

Cyndaquil (Pika_Master414)
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Attacks: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen
Nature: Timid

Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Attacks: Scratch, Leer
Nature: Docile

Mareep (Serginho)
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Type: Electric
Ability: Static
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Careful

Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Guts
Attacks: Bite, Leer, Sandstorm
Nature: Serious

Tyrogue (Rubii Naruto)
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Fighting
Ability: Guts
Attacks: Tackle, Helping Hand, Fake Out
Nature: Hasty

Natu (RealPyromaniac)
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Flying/Psychic
Ability: Synchronize
Attacks: Peck, Growl
Nature: Calm


The RPG will start when everyone has been accepted, I can't start when people are still trying to apply.

I won't play in this RPG, I'm the Game Master of this RPG. I'll run certain NPCs, for example, I'll be Prof. Elm, and other special NPCs. I'll also set up the areas where you'll explore.

The only things the players can control are their own characters and that character's Pokemon. Please do not try to 'God Mod' and control other people's characters or Pokemon, or wild Pokemon either, only when your trying to capture them. Basically, you can fight the wild Pokemon, but I will be the one who decides if you catch it or not and how powerful it is depending on the quality of your post.

Anybody can post, but only after I grade your post, no order what so ever. After mostly everyone made most of their posts, I'll move on to the next area. You'll need a trainer card as well to RPG. Any other questions can be answered by reading the rules, although you should've read them before even bothering to RPG. Good luck to all of you.

July 2nd, 2008, 1:56 PM
Character Name: Bobby Baker
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Appearance: Bobby is about 5ft 5in tall and weighs about 120lb. Very thin he's skin tone is tan almost to the point of looking like he is from the Caribbean as he spends most of his time outside. He has a mess of curly black hair that is constantly knotted and has dark brown Hershey chocolate eyes. He not on the strong side so he's very boney to the point that you can count his ribs. Among his family he is tall and lanky when he is actually rather short. Wears a brown unzipped jacket all the time with a black/brown shirt underneath. Wears blue jeans and and faded blue shoes. The shoes are a pair of hover shoes that Bobby has invented. Bobby also sports a pair of goggles that his dad gave him for his 8th birthday on his head that lets him see in the rain and sandstorms. They also double as binoculars and lets him see his and the opponents pokemon's stats. Bobby has a red bandanna that he wears over his hair to hid a giant scar that he recieved when he was younger when he fell off a cliff during a fight.

Personality: Bobby on the surface seems to be rather edgy and sarcastic. While he has a sarcastic streak a mile long deep down he is a very happy carefree boy. Always thinking up random thoughts and saying them out loud Bobby is known to draw odd looks from people. He also dosen't know when to keep his mouth shut, saying the first thing that comes to his head, most of the time inappropriate at the time. Tries to come off as a ladies man, Bobby actually is hopeless when it comes to dating. This isnt surprising as he is known to be shy at first, but when you get to know him he is one of the closet friends you'll have.

History: Born prematurely on November 3rd 1991, it looked like Bobby wasn't going to last long in this world. But as fate would have it Bobby is a fighter at heart and manage to recover from his unknown condition. His first few years were rough living with his mom in his Grandma's house while his dad was at college. As soon as he graduated Bobby's father took his mom and Bobby into his small apartment in Pallet Town. They soon quickly moved to a condo where Bobby was introduced to Pokemon and other kids. In kindergarden the other kids distrusted Bobby so he turned to his wild Pokemon friends for support. Their friendship didn't last long as soon Bobby and his family moved to Vermillion City.

Their life was even harder for Bobby, as he was now an older brother to a little brother and a little sister. Now he had to contend with new friends, a new place, and new family members. The three years here were Bobby's loneliest as no one wanted to talk to him and he was constantly watching his brother and sister, despite being 8, and watching his parents marriage fall apart. It was at this time Bobby was given his goggles by his dad.

When Bobby was 9 disaster struck. Bobby's dad moved his family back to Pallet Town and then 2 weeks after being moved in Bobby's dad left. The family was left in pieces as Bobby's mom worked 2 jobs and his siblings were sent to various relatives. Bobby then found a way to vent out his anger at his dad. Street fighting. This started Bobby's path to the person he is today.

When Bobby was 13 he beat one of the challengers in a fight on a cliff, but the challenger was a sore loser and shoved him off the cliff. Bobby scraped his head on the way down which resulted in a scar on his forehead. Luckily his wild Pokemon friends from his younger days found and rescued him. When he got home he realized what a burdon he was being to his mother so he decided to go look for his dad as a Pokemon Trainer. His mom forbid it but in the end they compromised and he would leave when he was 16. During this time he built his hover shoes which help him cross sand, water in short periods of time, and also made him go faster. He is now 16 and is ready to start his journey.
Preferred Started: Totodile
(this is lookin really good!)

July 2nd, 2008, 2:38 PM
This is my first time signing up for a roleplay so please don't expect my sign up to be THAT good... :D

Gender: Male
Age: 10

Gregory is 4 feet 38 centimeters tall. He has very dark skin from living near the beach in Vermillion city. He has navy blue eyes and always wears a smile on his face. His preffered outfit is a crimson red shirt, a sky blue jacket, and brown shorts.


Gregory is a very friendly person who makes friends with everybody he meets. He is very talkative, and usually blabs everything that comes to mind. If you get on the wrong side of him though, he has a very strong temper. He gets very angry, and will get in a fight with you. Gregory is a very good friend to have around.


Gregory was born on April 9th. One he was born, his family planned to move to Pallet Town. Once on the boat, tragedy struck. A storm came, and lightning hit the boat. His dad had died and the ship was wrecked.

Gregory and his mom were rescued by another boat, the SS. Anne and took to Vermillion City where they bought a house and settled. When Gregory was 4, he went to the Pokemon Academy. It was during these times at the Academy when he wished he was a Pokemon Trainer.

Then tragedy struck again. A tornado came. Thankfully, everybody safely evacuated. Gregory and his mom took the train all the way to New Bark Town in Johto.

Gregory is now 10, and ready to begin his Pokemon Journey. He ran all the way to Prof. Elm's lab, and picked up a Pokeball containing Larvitar.

Preferred Starter: EDITED: Larvitar

This RPG is looking good!

July 2nd, 2008, 3:48 PM
Character Name: Will Adams
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Appearance: Will is 6'3", 180 lbs, and VERY well built. He usually wears tight clothes and short shorts to show off his body. He has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and black eyebrows. His forehead is large, and he has a low hairline. His hair itself is a buzz cut. He is very developed for his age, and sports a goutee (sp?).

Personality: Will is light-hearted, cool-headed, and kind. He doesn't seem to have an evil bone in his body, unless he gets angry. When angered, you will not want to cross him, as he will tear you to pieces, both emotionally and physically. Although he has all the above qualities, he has a dislike for authority, and likes to be independent. If you try to tell him what to do, it's worse than when he is angry. Anyone smart will do neither. Will is also very intelligent, as the orphanage where he was raised (more on that later) was also had a prominent teacher who worked there. One of Will's main problems is that he's very sexually active, I guess you could call him a "Man Whore".

History: Will was born on October 14, 1992, in Saffron City. His parents then left him up in an orphanage, where he was taught respect, compassion, and normal school teachings.

Will's favorite person was the person who looked after him, his "mother", Janet. She treated him like her own, even when it came down to attending sporting events and such.

Although he was raised well, he had various problems, mainly his sexual activity. Will was very curious, as that sort of thing wasn't taught at the orphanage.

Will was never adopted.

Growing up in a major Pokemon city, it was tough for Will. He could never have his own Pokemon, as it was against orphanage policy.

Preferred Started: Chikorita

rii - chii
July 2nd, 2008, 3:53 PM
Zimvee: That's an excellent post, you are accepted!
Cjrerian: Well, it's your first time, and you'll learn, you're accepted!
KP-Jacob: Nice post, you deserve to be in the RPG, you're accepted!

I just want you to try to be active and have fun :]

July 2nd, 2008, 3:55 PM
yea! i have totodile! (which if you haven't figured out by now is my favorite pokemon) i think its funny that you're using the starters i was going to use for Johto lol (except Natu)

rii - chii
July 2nd, 2008, 4:16 PM
lol, I was thinking of using Teddiursa or Aipom instead :P
BTW, you can make a trainer card at www.pokecharms.com/trainercards

Zeta Sukuna
July 2nd, 2008, 4:20 PM
Character Name: Kyle Akel
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: Kyle is about six feet tall with long blonde hair, tan skin, and blue eyes. Kyle wears a long Gray shirt that's always tucked in, but over the shirt he wears a big tan sweatshirt with a pokeball symbol on it. He also ties the end of the shirt up so no one would ever see the stump.

Personality: Kyle is sort of a jerk, and kicks people when they're down. He barely likes anyone and usually never talks, but when he does it's usually to insult someone. He has no friends because of this. But when people are in life threatening situations, Kyle will be the first to help out. (will be explained in history.)

History: Kyle was born in Pallet Town on February 23rd, 1993. But there were complications with his birth. It turns out that Kyle was born with a fatal blood infection. So Kyle had to stay at the hospital for nine days, until a blood transfusion was performed, after that, his parents were finally able to take him home.

When Kyle turned five, he gained a fierce rivalry with his nine year old brother Tyler. But obviously Kyle couldn't beat him because he was too young. When Kyle turned seven, the brothers rivalry grew because Tyler went out and became a successful trainer, having caught at least 100 pokemon in only 1 month, so Kyle decided go on a pokemon journey when he was the right age.

But when Kyle turned nine, he decided to go out into Route 25 to catch a pokemon, but it was raining pretty hard so he took a coat with him, as well as a knife.(Just in case.) But about ten minutes have passed when a shiny Donphan walked up to Kyle with anger in its eyes and started to attack. But Tyler got in the way at the last second and summoned a Hitmonchan and almost knocked out the Donphan, but since it was shiny, it was potected by the league. But before they could get away, Donphan used Magnitude and started a Rock Slide.

This rock slide caused a tree to fall on Chris's arm and trapped him, so he cut it off with his knife before he could drown in mud. When Kyle got free, Tyler tossed him to safety and got carried away by the mud. It is presumed that he is dead, but no body was ever found.

After that day, kids from school started teasing Kyle about it, and while all of his friends tried to cheer him up, they all moved away leaving Kyle all alone. So he formed a personality to help fight back, but he couldn't fully get rid of his past self, so he still feels the need to save people, but only in life or death situations.

Preferred Starter: Tyrogue

July 2nd, 2008, 4:35 PM
Character Name- Gold
Gender- Male
Age- 12

Appearance- The person you play as on the Gold/Silver version

Personality- Gold is young, energetic boy who seeks adventure. He is very competitive, living in a family with eight siblings, but would love nothing more than to get out into the world and make some friends and beat some challenges. He is an extremely brave, and sometimes goofy, boy who will say no to nothing, especially a challenge.

History- Gold grew up in the woods of New Bark Town. He is the third youngest of nine children and has always been left behind while his older brothers and sisters went off on their own pokemon journeys. Gold began to attend a Pokemon School when he was eight in Violet City to learn more about pokemon and their abilities. He soon became the top student in his class for exemptifying great knowledge of pokemon. Still, he feels empty without pokemon in his life and dreams on going on his own journey one day. Gold's ultimate goal is to be the best pokemon trainer ever out of all his brothers and sisters.

Preferred Starter- Cyndaquil (even though I would LOVE to have a Pichu. My most favorite pokemon ever)

rii - chii
July 2nd, 2008, 4:40 PM
sorry, distracted making the ooc page, but anyways

Rubii Naruto: Nice post, you're accepted
PikaMaster_414: It's short, but I know how you RPG, and don't worry, Pichu will come up somewhere near Violet City, so get ready for it. You're accepted!

July 2nd, 2008, 5:27 PM
aw man thanks pieCakeyy. Pichu is my favorite pokemon out of the what, like 452 pokemon? Sorry for the short post, I can make it a little longer. My mom was shouting at me to do chores so I had to type quick lol.

rii - chii
July 2nd, 2008, 5:28 PM
it's your choice, I won't force you :] and I'm surprised that we only need a few more people left XD BTW our OOC page is the one that says The Johto Path, a little error there ^^;;

July 2nd, 2008, 6:47 PM
Well thanks for accepting me. It's funny to see how fast a Roleplaying page can grow in one day. XD Thanks again.

July 2nd, 2008, 11:26 PM
Character Name: Sergio Santos
Gender: male
Age: 13
Appearance: Sergio is chubby, has short hair wears a green shirt with a pair of jeans he has a blue backpack which caries all his items, he keeps his pokballs in a belt wich he caries with his belt.

Personality: Sergio is a rather smart boy but he hates it if someone is smarter or trying to be smarter,he treats his pokémon well and helps out others if needed he is always smiling but if you say that he is chubby he gets angry and would fight you

History: Sergio's parents broke up when Sergio was only two. But he kept going to his father every weekends.When Sergio was six his father married a woman wich gave him a growlithe but the growlithe disliked Sergio and Sergio released him. Sergio was at his last year of pokemon school when his father decided that he would go to sinnoh and now that Sergio is about to become a trainer he isn't there for him.His mother always helped him and encouraged him to like fire type pokemon and so he did.At the day he was getting his pokemon the cyndaquil he wanted was gone and Sergio had a tough decision to make mareep, aipom or natu

Preferred Started: mareep

July 3rd, 2008, 2:23 AM
Character Name: Windy Wiian

Gender: female

Age: 16

Appearance: Windy wears a blue coloured haulier and brown sneakers. She also wears these brown gauntlets which helps when she is handling bird pokémons. Her hair are all brown and when she is hiking she wears a white headscarf, a white short skirt, white boots and a blue and white coloured jumper.

Personality: Windy is really funny and she likes to joke around. She never takes anything too seriously and she just enjoys living around pokémons. She also likes to help others but she don´t bace on team working because she is quite ambitious. her favorite type pokémons are definitely fire and flying type pokémons and she honor every single pokémon even she wouldn´t like of it. Her best friend Shay Danight lives in BlackThron city and is a trainer too. They have been best friends since Windy moved into Johto area.

History: Windy has a brother that is two years older than her and he is travelling around Sinnoh where their father lives nowadays. Windy moved into Newbark town and her mother started to train flying pokémons as a business. They also have bird pokémon mail delivery center where Windy work at least six hours in a day. Windy was rescued by a flying type pokémon when she was six years old and after that she has always liked about them. Windy doesn´t remember pretty much about that accident. She also studied in a pokémon academy and now she is a junior teacher in there but she wishes to become the most best trainer ever in Johto area. She has lots of friends but she has also a rival called Xian Noma who has always teased her despite she is much more smaller than Windy.

Preferred Started: Aipom

Roy G. Biv
July 3rd, 2008, 4:00 AM
Character Name: Devon Gale
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance:About 5'5", medium build, mind-blowingly average in this category... Soft, rounded facial features, deep green eyes. His skin tanned to a perfect brown. Moppy, straw colored hair on his head that is never neat. He wears a long black trench coat that goes down to his ankles over a maroon t-shirt. Loose and baggy cargo pants with a crapload of pockets. other random articles of clothing include a black fedora decorated with a red feather.

Personality: The only description that truly captures the essence of Devon is "suave". He's a ladies man, truly not afraid to be turned down, hitting on every girl in sight with varying success. He's happy go lucky, and lives in the moment. Devon never lets the small thing get in his way! He's charming, with a devil-may-care attitude but deep down he really worries himself about his appearence and what people think of him.

History: He was born in Newbark and lived with his parents and sister, until he decided he wanted to go and travel with Pokemon. Being a social kid with a huge imagination he just let his imaginary 'Pokemon Journeys' satisfy him. At age 12 he started pestering his parents to let him go on REAL Pokemon adventures, and they folded. On Devon's 15th birthday they announced that they had talked to Elm, he had a starter prepared for Devon and he was to start his journey as soon as possible!

Preferred Started: Gimme a cute lil' Aipom, if you please.

rii - chii
July 3rd, 2008, 4:52 AM
serginho: ok you're accepted
man this is gonna be a harash decision... your posts were about even
i'm going to have to give aipom to Roy G Biv

But maybe RealPyromaniac, you could sign up for Natu because it says you love flying types

Everyone: I want you to be active in this RPG, not asking for much, I'll understand if you tell me if your busy or not.

July 3rd, 2008, 6:51 AM
Character Name: Windy Wiian

Gender: female

Age: 16

Appearance: Windy wears a blue coloured haulier and brown sneakers. She also wears these brown gauntlets which helps when she is handling bird pokémons. Her hair are all brown and when she is hiking she wears a white headscarf, a white short skirt, white boots and a blue and white coloured jumper.

Personality: Windy is really funny and she likes to joke around. She never takes anything too seriously and she just enjoys living around pokémons. She also likes to help others but she don´t bace on team working because she is quite ambitious. her favorite type pokémons are definitely fire and flying type pokémons and she honor every single pokémon even she wouldn´t like of it. Her best friend Shay Danight lives in BlackThron city and is a trainer too. They have been best friends since Windy moved into Johto area.

History: Windy has a brother that is two years older than her and he is travelling around Sinnoh where their father lives nowadays. Windy moved into Newbark town and her mother started to train flying pokémons as a business. They also have bird pokémon mail delivery center where Windy work at least six hours in a day. Windy was rescued by a flying type pokémon when she was six years old and after that she has always liked about them. Windy doesn´t remember pretty much about that accident. She also studied in a pokémon academy and now she is a junior teacher in there but she wishes to become the most best trainer ever in Johto area. She has lots of friends but she has also a rival called Xian Noma who has always teased her despite she is much more smaller than Windy.

Preferred Started: Natu

rii - chii
July 3rd, 2008, 6:55 AM
RealPyromaniac: ok, thanks for reapllying, it's good, you're accepted!
Everybody: Make your trainer cards at www.pokecharms.com/trainercards (http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards)

I'll post the first chapter ASAP, it'll be short, but it's a minor part of the story, Good Luck to you all!

EDIT: Here is it, I hope your ready to explore the wonders of Johto in our first chapter!

OOC: I’d like to thank all of those who made it into the RPG; here are the following that made it into the Johto RPG.

Chikorita: KP-Jacob
Cyndaquil: PikaMaster_414
Totodile: Zimvee
Mareep: Serginho
Aipom: Roy G Biv
Larvitar: Cjerian
Tyrogue: Rubii Naruto
Natu: RealPyromaniac

Chapter 1: New Bark Town
Number of Posts: 1

Description: A small town with several residents. Near the end there is the Prof Elm’s Laboratory. There is a on the other side on the town, which leads off to Kanto.

As the start of the morning came, everyone was waking up bright and early, because there were 8 trainers ready for action to become a Pokemon Trainer from Prof. Elm. As the eight trainers came into the laboratory, Prof Elm was shocked when they came in and fell off his chair. After all that fuss, he came up to the trainers and greeted them a happy hello. After getting to know the 8 new coming trainers, he then handed over the Pokemon that he had and the tools they needed to become a trainer.

The point of your post today is just how you got to the lab and leaving to Route 29. A pretty straightforward post.

July 3rd, 2008, 8:33 AM
Gold snapped his eyes open and flipped over in his bed. Heart pounding, he checked the digital clock on his nightstand. 2:30 am... of course. Gold angrily flipped back over on his back. The whole waking up every hour thing was getting pretty old. But he couldn't help it. He was getting too excited for the morning for then he would get his beginner pokemon. He had dreamed for the day to come ever since his oldest sister had left a long time ago.

Gold managed to fall asleep again and didn't wake up till 9:00 am. It was still early to go to Professor Elm's lab, but Gold couldn't possibly fall back asleep so he spent the next hour getting ready for his journey. He put on his favorite outfit: A yellow and black cap, with a red jacket, followed by yellow and black shorts. Gold looked in the mirror and knew that he looked fit for a pokemon journey. Afterwards, he grabbed his backpack, which was still empty except for some canned food, sleeping bag, and a small box of matches.

With his bag ready and being dressed, Gold rushed down two stories of stairs. There were two floors filled with rooms to house Gold's brothers and sisters though most of the rooms were empty at the present. Only four kids remained in the home (soon to be three). Gold went into into the kitchen where his remaining family waited for him. His younger twin brothers cried and complained while his mother ran up and shoved something into Gold's hand.

"Your PokeGear," she explained. "I gave one to all of your siblings when they started their journeys. It has a phone and map installed into it." Gold nodded and thanked his mother. He then left the home and headed over to Professor Elm's lab.

Gold and Professor Elm were both very close friends. Gold had always come to his lab when he was younger to learn as much as he could about pokemon and even done errands for him sometimes. Gold made it to the lab and walked inside. He found seven trainers already waiting. Oops, must be late, Gold thought. He fidgeted with his cap out of embarrasment.

The professor walked up to Gold. "Hello, Gold," he greeted. "Here is your pokeballs and pokedex. And your beginner pokemon, a Cyndaquil. I'm sure you'll be best friends." Gold smiled at his luck for getting the fire pokemon. It was one of his favorites as a small child. Soon, Gold and the other trainers were released and Gold set off to begin his pokemon journey.

July 3rd, 2008, 10:24 AM
ill post either later today (though don't hold your breath) or more likely tommorow

July 3rd, 2008, 11:19 AM
OK, I'll do one now.

Gregory woke up on his 10th birthday in his bedroom. He got up, brushed his teeth, and collapsed on his bed right after he woke up. One hour later, his mom woke him up. "Gregory! You overslept! Prof. Elm is giving away the pokemon now!" It took a few seconds for Gregory to realize what his mother had said. Suddenly, he shouted "WHAT?!", quickly got dressed, and ran downstairs immediately. His mom offered him breakfast, but Gregory refused as he ran out the door. He ran all the way to Elm's lab. But it turned out that only none of the other trainers were there. Gregory was in a daze. He asked Elm where all the trainers were. Elm replied "You're early! Did you realize that?". Gregory was confused. "You mean I hadn't overslept?" he asked. "No, you haven't! You're 14 minutes early!" was Elm's reply. Now, Gregory was very hungry. He walked out the door and went home. He ate his breakfast, and returned to the lab. Now all the trainers were there. Elm told Gregory to choose his Pokemon. Gregory chose Larvitar because he liked ground Pokemon. "Go! Larvitar!" Larvitar hopped out. "Lar! Larvitar!" was it's anwser. "Now." Elm said."Here is some gear for your journey." He gave Gregory a Potion. Gregory ran out, said goodbye to his mom, and walked out to Route 29. "Ah, the fresh air." he said as he walked out.

rii - chii
July 3rd, 2008, 11:22 AM
cjerian: thta's a good first post, now you have to wait for the others to write. I still need a trainer card from you.

Pokeball (5)
Potion (1)

July 3rd, 2008, 11:29 AM
cjerian: thta's a good first post, now you have to wait for the others to write.

Pokeball (5)
Potion (1)
Thank you so much! What should I do with all those Pokeballs? :D

rii - chii
July 3rd, 2008, 11:30 AM
Thank you so much! What should I do with all those Pokeballs? :D
Lol, you use them to catch Pokemon later on the next route :] BTW, you can ask questions in the Johto Path OOC Thread.

July 3rd, 2008, 11:33 AM
Lol, you use them to catch Pokemon later on the next route :] BTW, you can ask questions in the Johto Path OOC Thread.

Yeah, anyways, I can't find our Out Of Character thread, could you please post a link? :\

rii - chii
July 3rd, 2008, 11:34 AM
Yeah, anyways, I can't find our Out Of Character thread, could you please post a link? :\
http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=144340 it's in the section Role Play Lounge.

July 3rd, 2008, 12:08 PM
Thank you! :cool: Nice OOC thread you got there! :D

July 3rd, 2008, 2:18 PM
Bobby was sleeping peacefully. "Thats right, Charizard use Overheat..." he mumbled in his sleep. In his dream his Charizard smoked the Articuno like it was nothing.

"Bobby! Wake up!" a voice cried as it rushed into his room.

"Charizard use...OW!!!" Bobby woke up in pain and saw his little brother sitting on a place guys would not like people to sit. "I thought you were at Aunt Katies..." Bobby said doubled over in pain.

"Im visiting today!" Alex said happily. On that cheery note, Bobby picked up his little brother and threw him out of his room like a baseball.

"Great a whole day with Alex..." Bobby muttered. As looked for a shirt that didn't stink, Bobby saw a letter with his name on it. "Whats this?" he asked.

The note said in his handwriting "Don't forget you get a Pokemon today!" He remembered he wrote it as a reminder the night before.

"Oh crap! I totally forgot!" Bobby rushed out of his house, said a quick good-bye to his mom, and ran to Prof. Elms lab. "S-sorry I-i'm late P-prof." Bobby said trying to catch his breath.

"Well better late then never." Elm said. He was a thin man with glasses sitting on his nose and his hair appeared to be balding. "Here these are your Pokeballs and Pokemon."

"Oh wow!" Bobby said as he opened the Pokeball. Out came out a blue alligater like pokemon with red spikes running down its back. "What is this thing?" Bobby asked.

"Here this can tell you." Elm said and handed Bobby a red box. "Its a Pokedex. Just point it at a pokemon, and it will tell you everyting about it."

Bobby pointed the Pokedex at the blue alligater and it said, " Totodile, the Big Jaw Pokemon. It has the habit of biting anything with its developed jaws. Even its Trainer needs to be careful."

"Wow look at those teeth!" Bobby said excited.

"Totodiles yours now. Now go forth into the world of pokemon!" Elm said acting all sorts of serious.

"Yes sir! C'mon Totodile!" Bobby cried as he and his new partner made their way towards Route 29.

rii - chii
July 3rd, 2008, 2:21 PM
Zimvee: good post, 6 more people left and you'll step into your first route in Johto XD

Pokeballs (5)

July 3rd, 2008, 3:25 PM
Zimvee: good post, 6 more people left and you'll step into your first route in Johto XD

Pokeballs (5)
How come he didn't get a potion? :\

rii - chii
July 3rd, 2008, 3:28 PM
How come he didn't get a potion? :\
You see, you requested a potion from him, but he didn't, that's how I hand items out, but it has to be a reasonable handout.

July 3rd, 2008, 3:31 PM
Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing things up.

July 3rd, 2008, 4:51 PM
Gold snapped his eyes open and flipped over in his bed. Heart pounding, he checked the digital clock on his nightstand. 2:30 am... of course. Gold angrily flipped back over on his back. The whole waking up every hour thing was getting pretty old. But he couldn't help it. He was getting too excited for the morning for then he would get his beginner pokemon. He had dreamed for the day to come ever since his oldest sister had left a long time ago.

Gold managed to fall asleep again and didn't wake up till 9:00 am. It was still early to go to Professor Elm's lab, but Gold couldn't possibly fall back asleep so he spent the next hour getting ready for his journey. He put on his favorite outfit: A yellow and black cap, with a red jacket, followed by yellow and black shorts. Gold looked in the mirror and knew that he looked fit for a pokemon journey. Afterwards, he grabbed his backpack, which was still empty except for some canned food, sleeping bag, and a small box of matches.

With his bag ready and being dressed, Gold rushed down two stories of stairs. There were two floors filled with rooms to house Gold's brothers and sisters though most of the rooms were empty at the present. Only four kids remained in the home (soon to be three). Gold went into into the kitchen where his remaining family waited for him. His younger twin brothers cried and complained while his mother ran up and shoved something into Gold's hand.

"Your PokeGear," she explained. "I gave one to all of your siblings when they started their journeys. It has a phone and map installed into it." Gold nodded and thanked his mother. He then left the home and headed over to Professor Elm's lab.

Gold and Professor Elm were both very close friends. Gold had always come to his lab when he was younger to learn as much as he could about pokemon and even done errands for him sometimes. Gold made it to the lab and walked inside. He found seven trainers already waiting. Oops, must be late, Gold thought. He fidgeted with his cap out of embarrasment.

The professor walked up to Gold. "Hello, Gold," he greeted. "Here is your pokeballs and pokedex. And your beginner pokemon, a Cyndaquil. I'm sure you'll be best friends." Gold smiled at his luck for getting the fire pokemon. It was one of his favorites as a small child. Soon, Gold and the other trainers were released and Gold set off to begin his pokemon journey.

Zeta Sukuna
July 3rd, 2008, 5:38 PM
Episode 1: The Beginning of it All

"Today's the day. The day I finally leave this rundown place." Said Kyle as he walked down the road. After all, he wants to go on a journey with pokemon to show everyone that he's no different then them.

"Heh, you are really annoying you know that you pest?" Said Kyle to a girl that was following him. The girl snorted before saying.

"Hey, what did I ever do to you?" The girl then started walking away angry at Kyle.

"You laughed at me." Said Kyle as he pushed her down. "You and everyone else, everyone laughs at me so I'll give everyone something to laugh about." The girl got up and said.

"Not everyone laughed at you! I didn't, and neither did your friends." After hearing that, Kyle started to growl.

"Yeah right, I will not be fooled again. So leave, IMMEDATELY!!" Yelled Kyle before walking away. The girl decided to walk away before making Kyle madder. "Hmph, that Lauren doesn't know what she's talking about." Kyle then walked to the Laboratory where Elm was typing on the computer.

"Hey Elm, I'm here for my pokemon." Said Kyle as he walked up to the table, but Elm grabbed Kyle and led him to another room.

"Your pokemon is special, we have a Tyrogue for you." Said Elm. Kyle snorted at Elm, but the scientist gave Kyle a pokeball. "Now welcome to the world of pokemon." Kyle rolled his eyes and walked out of the lab, but Lauren was waiting there.

"Kyle, good luck on your journey." Said Lauren, but as usual Kyle ignored her and started walking away. "I mean it good lu-" But Kyle interrupted Lauren and said.

"Never say that, I don't need luck. Just stay out of my way when I get back, you worm." Said Kyle as he walked away. "Oh, and I'm sorry for hitting you three days ago, I was thinking about...before. But don't get all mushy, if you expect an apology every time I hurt you then you got another thing coming."

"I know." Said Lauren. "But you should really open up, try and show your true self." Kyle just bopped Lauren on the head, not too hard though.

"That was for saying that. Next time, I won't hold back." Said Kyle as he started walking down the road.

Lauren rubbed her head and said. "You will change during this trip, and drop that facade. I know it."

(ooc: Lauren isn't an idiot, she feels sorry for Kyle and tries to be a friend, but he doesn't like it and tries to push her away.)

July 3rd, 2008, 10:06 PM
The mother of Sergio was walking through Sergio's room and was pulling the curtains away which woke Sergio up. "What are you doing mom it's still morning and I don't have a thing to do",Sergio said. "Yes, you do don't you remember today you get your first pokemon so today your jouney starts",His mother said. Sergio stood up and dressed fastly, while he was getting his backpack his mother came to him and gave him a picture of his father and mother when they were still together. "I'd like you to remeber us like this", his mother said. After that Sergio was speachless he put the picture in his backpack and took of.

While he was on his way he was thinking of a cyndaquil because he likes fire types. " hopefully cyndaquil is out there because it is the only cool pokemon I know", Sergio spoke to himself. Before Sergio was aware of it he was in front of the lab of proffesor elm. His hands were getting sticky and he was really excited but dizzy at the same time and then he entered. "Goodmorning who may you be?",Proffesor Elm asked. "I'm Sergio ",he answered.Proffesor Elm checked his list and encountered Sergio's name.
"So you're here for a pokemon, there are only a few left. "aren't there any cyndaquil's left?", Sergio asked."Nope",he anwered."aw man then I want the, the, the O wow that pokemon isn't it a mareep this one is also kind of cool I want it",Sergio said full of excitement. "Are you sure, I mean it is a female",Elm said. "I don't care it is a pokemon and I like her",he answered. "Ok, chill out here you go",Elm said and he handed over the pokeball of mareep. Sergio let mareep out of her pokeball. "O yeah by the way here is your pokedex use it to watch what attacks it can use and here there are 5 other pokeballs use to catch pokemon.", Elm said. Sergio used his pokedex on mareep. mareep the sheep pokemon it's attacks are tackle and growl, if somebody attacks mareep fissically it may get paralyzed. The pokedex said. "Cool",Sergio said and left onward route 29 where his adventure is going to begin

July 4th, 2008, 2:00 AM
Pecking Natu

When Windy was walking towards the laboratory she was just thinking her new pokémon and what it would look like. Cyndaquil is a pretty tough but Chikorita smells much better. In the second hand Totodile is much more outcoming like I am. I wonder which one I will get? Windy tought.

Finally she arrived to the laboratory and professor Elm was already waiting for her. "Am I late professor?" she asked and stepped inside without any hesitation.

Windy had helped professor Elm once before and she knew how he would act out. "Yes but just a little bit. All the rest has left already so there is still one pokéball left for you." Elm replied quickly.

"So which one I am going to get. Maybe a Totodile, Cyndaquil or Chikorita?" and Windy was bouncing from excitement. "None of them. They are all taken already." Elm answered and Windy was shocked.

"What pokémon I am going to have then. You said there would still one pokémon left so whic one is it?" Windy said and her voice was full of disappointment. "You will get this Natu" Elm replied and let Natu out of its pokéball and continued saying "no one else didn´t want it because it started pecking their heads."

Windy stepped one step towards Natu and and reached her arms to pick it up. Natu didn´t do anything and it looked really happy. "So it has obviously chosen you as its trainer. You have to take good care of it and raise it well." Elm said but Windy didn´t heard a word because she was totally attracted from Natu.

Before Windy left from the laboratory Elm handed her five pokéballs, a pokédex and a pokégear. "If you ever need any help don´t doubt to call for me." Elm said and smiled.

Windy left walking onward Route 29 where her adventure with her new friend could start. It was going to be a great day!

Roy G. Biv
July 4th, 2008, 4:31 AM
"Bright and early as always I see" Devon's mother chirped. As usual, Devon was up for his morning jog. "Remember what day it is, try not to be late!" She called after him as he stepped out the door. He made a slight sound of recognition before the bright sunlight hit his face. It was a beautiful morning, sunny, the birds were chirping in the trees. He looked around at the village he had grown up in, the people he had come to know. It was hard to belive that today would be the day he left it all behind. He slowed his pace to barely a jog, he was planning on being fashionably late, and he liked his hair to look 'windswept' anyway. He was in no rush. He saw his friends that he grew up with entering and exiting the lab with their new Pokemon. He wondered what starter he would recieve. It had taken a long time but he had finally convinced his parents to allow him on his Pokemon journey. It was time, he decided then, that he got his Pokemon!

Devon pushed open the door to the lab and stepped in. His eyes adjusted to the light as he walked up to Professor Elm.

"Hello, sir" he said, "do you have a Pokemon for me?"

"Ah, yes Devon. Here!" He chimed handing Devon the red and white sphere he held in his hand. "Your very own Pokemon. And here, take this too! It's a Pokedex, use it to catalog the Pokemon you see!"

"Oh, gee, thanks Professor" Devon smiled, casually trotting towards the door. Finally!

rii - chii
July 4th, 2008, 4:56 AM
Pika_Master414: Good Post, I like how you knew Prof Elm for a long time
Rubii Naruto: I like the early conflict, your ready for the next post
Serginho: I like your dissapointed, but try not to shorten words down next time :]
RealPyromaniac: I love the early relationship with Natu so early <3
Roy G Biv: Good post, I like your introduction part, still need a trainer card from you

Pokeballs (5)

Chapter Two: Route 29
Number of Posts: 2

Description: A forest-like path where several trainers gather around and lots of Pokemon linger around and trainers wish to catch these Pokemon. In the middle of the route, there used to be a gate that would lead to Route 46, but it got destroyed by boulders from the area, and is currently being fixed.

What can you do in a route?

Catch Pokemon
Battle Trainers
Find Items (Potions, Poke balls, TMs, etc.)
Now you can do anything else besides those things, I mean we’re human aren’t we? Anyways, you cannot meet any of the other trainers, I also just want your find to be realistic, and I want everyone to have fun, let’s see what wild Pokemon we have here today?

How I level you and how I grade you’re catching, depending on how long your post is and if you have a battle that’ll increase your Pokemon’s level. When you’re trying to catch a Pokemon, you cannot decide if you catch it, when you’re trying to catch a Pokemon you have to finish it off at that because you cannot continue until you know that it was caught. Again, depending on how long your post is, I’ll let it be caught.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 2-4
Gender: Male of Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye, Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-4
Gender: Male of Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away, Guts
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (Level 4)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away, Keen Eye
Attacks: Scratch, Foresight, Defense Curl (Level 4)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 2-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Insomnia, Keen Eye
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 2-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass/Flying
Ability: Chlorophyll, Leaf Guard
Attacks: Splash, Synthesis (Level 4)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: Level: 3-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Cute Charm
Attacks: Sing, Defense Curl (Level 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

July 4th, 2008, 6:30 AM
Gold was overexcited. He was stepping into a route for the very first time. Gold decided he needed to do one thing before anything else. He pulled out a red and white pokeball and clicked the button in the middle. A burst of red light appeared and then a shape took form in the light. After it all went away, a pokemon was left standing. It had a tiny body with his arms tucked in and then a face with a large snout. Gold thought that he had the most adorable beginner pokemon-and soon the strongest.

Gold patted the pokemon on the head. "Hi, Cyndaquil," he greeted. The cyndaquil responded happily. Gold extended his arms out, and Cyndaquil happily jumped into them. Not only was Gold's pokemon cute and strong, it was friendly and sweet too.

Gold wanted to talk to his pokemon for a while. They were on a journey together, so Gold thought it was necesarry to bond with his pokemon. "You know what we need first to be the best, right?" Gold started. The cyndaquil just tilted his head to the side. "We need pokemon, we need to capture as many pokemon as we can and build our team. So are you ready to help me, Cyndaquil?" The pokemon just nodded and looked forward on the path.

Just a second later, Gold heard a rustle in the nearby bushes. Gold looked at his pokemon. "Let's go check it out," Gold mumbled. He stepped through the bushes carefully to try not to disturb the pokemon. After doing so, he saw a pokemon that looked like a flying squirrel. Ah, I know what that is. It's a sentret, thought Gold. He looked down at his pokemon and nodded. Cyndaquil leaped from his arms and faced Sentret. Flames bursted from his back. Gold jumped at first, but he remembered watching this before on tv.

The sentret came charging towards Cyndaquil with a tackle attack. "Uh, Cyndaquil, use leer!" shouted Gold. Cyndaquil's eyes flashed, scaring the Sentret. "Now use tackle!" Cyndaquil slammed right into Sentret, making it fly back and slam onto the floor.

Sentret jumped up again and came charging after Cyndaquil again. "Cyndaquil, dodge and then use tackle, again!" shouted Gold. Cyndaquil leaped out the way of the attack, sliding his small feet in the dirt to help stop his jump. Then he soared through the air and slammed into Sentret again.

"Yes!" shouted Gold. He stood there in a daze for a second before snapping his finger. "Right, now I gotta capture the pokemon with a..." Gold began to dig through the pockets on his vest. "...a pokeball- heh heh. It's gotta be here somewhere..." Gold was digging through all his pockets and finding them all empty. The sentret looked at the stupid trainer disgusted. When it mustered up enough strength, it got up and ran back into the woods.

"Found one!" shouted Gold holding the pokeball high in the air. "Now I just gotta... ... ... hey, where did Sentret go?" He shouted and then placed the pokeball back in his pocket. He then scooped up Cyndaquil in his arms and began to quickly run through the woods. "The pokemon shouldn't have gotten too far!" shouted Gold desperately. He ran through the woods as fast as he could until he slammed into something- another trainer.

The trainer slammed onto their back while Gold went flying and landed onto his side. He had lost grip of Cyndaquil, but he had landed on his feet and was perfectly safe. "Owww," said the boy. "I guess it's true when they say be prepared for anything."

Gold jumped up on his feet and helped the boy on his. "Sorry about that," apologized Gold. "I was chasing... wait the pokemon! I've gotta go!" Gold tried to take off, but the boy grabbed onto the back of his jacket and pulled him back.

"The pokemon is well-hidden now," he said confidently. "You'll never find it." Gold sighed and stayed put. The boy held a hand out to him. "Matt," he introduced. Gold gripped his hand and shook it. "Gold."

The two stood silent for a moment before Matt spoke. "Well, I guess I better go. Maybe I meet you again someday." He began to walk off, leaving Gold and his cyndaquil behind.

"Yeah, maybe," mumbled Gold. He continued walking down the road as well.

rii - chii
July 4th, 2008, 6:50 AM
Pika_Master414: Good post, too bad Sentret got away :P You may continue onto your second post.

Cyndaquil: Level up to Level 8

July 4th, 2008, 7:58 AM
Gold slumped down the path. He couldn't believe the sentret had gotten away because of his stupidity. He figured that all his studying would help him on his journey, but pokemon traveling was a lot different than he thought. Even after his failure, Cyndaquil still liked his trainer a lot. Gold smiled at the pokemon in his arms. It was good to have a friend with him.

Gold looked around for more sentrets, but was unlucky. He wondered if the pokemon were rare and he just got lucky. He shrugged and continued to walk down the path. The road was long; surely he would run into at least one more and he was confident that he would not fail this time.

The path was really quiet with the occasional noise of a wild pokemon. Gold thought it was very peaceful. Then he heard a very strange noise. It sounded like the wind was rushing or something. Gold whirled around and saw the sentret he attempted to capture. And behind that sentret was about ten more sentrets. Sentret had gather its friends to get its revenge on Gold.

"Sentret!" the pokemon yelled while pointing its finger at Gold. The sentrets all responded and began to chase after Gold.

Gold jumped and began to run. "We- gotta- get away- from- here," Gold huffed. "Cyn," Cyndaquil said nervously. Soon, the pokemon were catching up to Gold and his pokemon.

"Sentret!" shouted the leader sentret. One of the other sentrets leaped in the air and barely missed Gold. Then another one hit Gold right in the back of the leg. Pain shot up Gold's leg and he tumbled down to the ground. He turned over on his back and saw that it was too late to get up. The sentrets were too close. Gold grabbed his cyndaquil tight and closed his eyes.

"Ace, use sand attack!"

Gold opened his eyes and saw sand flying. It hit the attacking Sentret and made them back off. Gold looked over and saw Matt standing with a small pidgey.

"Hey, thanks a lot!" Gold shouted. Matt just smiled. Gold knew that it was time to counterattack, so he let go of Cyndaquil.

"Cyndaquil, use tackle on one of the sentret!" Gold shouted. Cyndaquil slammed into one of the pokemon making it run off. Gold then looked over and saw that three sentrets were about to attack Pidgey. "Cyndaquil, use smokescreen on those sentret!" Gold ordered. Cyndaquil let out a black smoke from his mouth shrouding the field and cutting off the sentrets' vision.

"Now tackle!" Gold heard Matt shout. His pidgey tackled one of the sentrets, making it run off. Cyndaquil tackled another. Soon, all the sentret were gone and Gold walked over to Matt.

"Hey, thanks a lot," said Gold. He rubbed the back of his head out of embarrasment.

Matt laughed. "Hey, don't worry about it. You looked like you were in trouble so I helped you. It is what trainers are supposed to do." He then looked at Gold. "How 'bout we travel together for a while, in case another pokemon has a grudge against you."

Gold smiled and nodded. The two walked down the path together, and Gold was thrilled to have someone to travel with for a while.

rii - chii
July 4th, 2008, 8:02 AM
Pika_Master414: that made me have a good chuckle XD happy endingds are my favourite, here is your reward for finishing your first route!

Cyndaquil: Level up to 10!
Cyndaquil learned Ember!
You earned a Thunderstone!

July 4th, 2008, 10:28 AM
Hustle around

After Windy had received her very first pokémon she headed to Route 29 without any hesitation. She had walked with Natu on her shoulder for several hours and started to feel exchausted.

"Natu...What if we would take a little rest under those beautiful apple trees?" Windy asked and Natu seemed to accept this offer gladly. When Windy sat under the three she fell asleep almost immediately but when she woke up she was shocked.

"Where are you Natu? Where are you?" she screamed and started to feel really worried. Suddenly she heard a voice above her and looked up into the three. Natu had somehow gone up into the three because it wanted to get an apple for Windy but now it couldn´t come down.

"Jump Natu jump and I will catch you!" Windy yelled and tears were falling into her cheeks. Natu was too scared to jump or even move so Windy didn´t have any other choice than climb into the three too.

When she finally made it up to there Natu suddenly jumped of. Even its wings weren´t fully grown and enough strong to fly it was able to glide away to save but now Windy was in the three.

"Help Natu! Help me to get down from here!" she yelled but Natu sat down and started to eat its apple. When there was left nothing else than a little stick it started to sleep cutely and didn´t notice anything Windy yelled to it. Luckily a boy had seen this all and decided to help Windy.

Finally when Windy was landed safely from the three she had to catch her breath from fear. Natu was still sleeping and it didn´t hear anything and the boy was really amused. "What are you laughing at? Anyone could get stuck into three!" Windy said and she was really irritated.

"It was just so funny and I must admit that your Natu is really clever." the boy said and continued "My name is Peter and I live near by here as my father works in a Pokémart."

Natu woked up finally and went to rubb Windy´s leg and she just wasn´t able to do anything. "You did wrong and you know that but altough it was pretty funny joke. Just promise that if you next time want an apple express it to me and I will work it out somehow." Windy said and Natu accepted this offer by jumping at Windy´s shoulder.

"So thank you for you helping me out." Windy said and shaked boy´s hand. "It was the least that I could do to a person like you." the boy said and started laughing.

Windy walked away a bit irritated but in her mind she was laughing too. After she had walked a while or two she stepped to pick an apple from the ground when a Sentret stole the apple right infront of her nose.

"Hey! That was my apple! Give it back to me!" she said and started to chase Sentret down but suddenly Natu attacked with Peck against Sentret. "What just happened? Why did you do that?" Windy asked from Natu when Natu uttered a sound Windy understood.

To get back that apple Windy had to battle against that Sentret. But because she hadn´t ever had a battle she acted out amateurly. "Natu...Hmmn...Use Peck against that Sentret!" she commanded and Natu worked it out.

It didn´t took very long when Windy started to learn and Sentret was too weak to continue but because Windy started to jump around she fell over and Natu´s turned over to look if Windy was okay. Sentret used that moment wisely and fled away with the apple.

"I am sorry Natu. Next time I will promise that I wont get that excited." and those two hugged as a sign of atonement. Windy started to walk and Natu was again sitting at her shoulder. This friendship was full of understanding.

To be continued

rii - chii
July 4th, 2008, 11:38 AM
RealPyromaniac: Good first route post! Can't wait your second part :] And your making me love Natu <33

Natu: Level up to 8!
Natu learned Night Shade!

July 4th, 2008, 12:23 PM
As Bobby and Totodile walked down Route 29, Bobby was all sorts of excited about the adventure ahead. "OK Totodile! We're going to take the Pokemon Gym Challenge and become the champion of the Pokemon League!"

Totodile nodded pretending to agree with his master, but really thought they had no chance. Totodile had learned from past experience that it was better to just agree with everything that the master said.

Suddenly bird pokemon flew in front of them. "Coo coo," it said softly.

"A Pidgey!" Bobby said. He took out his Pokedex to see what it had to say about the bird.

"Pidgey, the Tiny Bird Pokemon," the cool female voice said, "It is docile and prefers to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back"

"Well too bad its Docile! C'mon Totodile lets get it!" Bobby rushed after it with Totodile plodding behind. Soon the duo came apon the Pidgey nessting in a huge Oran Berry tree. "Now I'v got you." Bobby said with a smile. Suddenly hundreds of Pidgey appeared in the tree, glaring at the intruders. "Ah, this may have been a mistake Totodile."

The Pidgey began their assualt and Totodile curled up in a ball, ready to start feeling the pain again. But this time, it never came. Totodile looked up and saw Master taking the hits for him. "Don't worry Totodile, I've got your back!" Master said, trying to punch the Pidgey away but they we're too fast.

Encouraged that a Master would help him, Totodile lept into the fray ready to protect Master. Totodile gave the whole flock a Leer to freeze them in place with fear. Then while they were frozen, Totodile went looking for the biggest one, the leader. Finding the biggest one, Totodile unleashed a barrage of Scratch Attacks apon it.

Squaking in fear, the whole flock left. "Wow Totodile! That was amazing!" Master gave him a hug, and for one second Totodile thought this Master was good. But then he remembered Masters always went bad. Feeling deppressed about that thought, Totodile ran to catch up to his Master as they continued down Route 29.

rii - chii
July 4th, 2008, 12:28 PM
Zimvee: Good route post, I like how the two think differently, working with its nature as well, now you're ready for your next post.

Totodile: Leveled up to 7!
Totodiel learned Water Gun!

July 4th, 2008, 7:15 PM
Gregory happily started up Route 29. "Go! Larvitar!" he shouted. "Let's win some battles!" "Larvitar! Larvi!" Larvitar happily agreed. "Great! let's catch a Pokemon first! We've got to wade in the tall areas of grass. Pokemon love to hide in them. Even I know that." "Larvi, Larvitar!" Gregory's Pokemon was intently listening to every word Gregory blurted out.

Suddenly, a wild Pidgey swooped down from the sky! "Ack! Maybe not as many Pokemon as I think like to hide in tall grass..."Gregory said. "Oh well, go Larvitar!" Larvitar confronted the wild Pidgey. "Larvitar! Use...um..." Gregory had forgot what his Larvitar knew. Suddenly he had a idea. "The Pokedex!" He said. "Um... how do you work this thing?" he pushed random buttons until it said "Larvitar. Rock Skin Pokemon. It is born deep underground. It can't emerge until it has entirely consumed the soil around it." "Come on!" Gregory said. He pushed more buttons. "Larvitar knows Bite, Leer, and Sandstorm." the Pokedex beeped.

The Pidgey charged in on Larvitar with a feroucious Tackle attack. But Gregory was prepared. "Stop it with your leer attack, Larvitar!" Larvitar's eyes grew slim and narrow. A blue light emerged from them. Then, the Pidgey stopped in it's tracks like it had hit a invisible wall. "Larvitar! This is
your chance! Use Bite!" Gregory shouted. Larvitar ran towards the Pidgey, jumped up, and bit it with its ferocious jaws. But the Pidgey wouldn't give up. It used a powerful Gust attack which knocked Larvitar backwards into a tree. "Aw, darn it!" Gregory said, trying to be calm. "Larvitar! Try to get up!"

Larvitar was one step ahead of him. It was up and on its tiny paws before Gregory could finish his sentence. "All right!" Gregory shouted. "Larvitar, use your Sandstorm! It might confuse the Pidgey!"
"Larvitar!" Larvitar shouted as it sprayed sand and rocks everywhere. Pidgey jumped up and flew around trying to avoid the rocks, but the rocks were everywhere, and no matter how hard Pidgey tried to avoid them, it got buffeted by a number of rocks anyways. Pidgey seemed to not be able to attack or move well with all the rocks and sand surrounding it. "Hmmm... let's see what Dexter has to say about this."

Gregory had named his Pokedex Dexter. It sounded like a nice name, perfect for a Pokedex. He now had some expereience with the Pokedex, so he got it to work in no time. "Pidgey is a flying type, and is therefore weak to rock type moves and rocks in general." it beeped. "That's it!" shouted Gregory. "Larvitar! Throw some rocks at it!" Larvitar blinked, confused no doubt, for a second. Then it started chucking rocks through the vicious sandstorm at the little Pidgey. Pidgey couldn't keep up flying any longer. It fell to the ground in a heap.

"Darn it!" Gregory said. "I almost caught it!" Suddenly he thought of something. "Uh-oh. That Pidgey and my Larvitar are hurt. I better help them somehow. He took his Potion out of his bag and looked at it intently. "Hmmm..." he said. "I'll share this potion with both of these Pokemon. Then they'll both have some HP left." he said as he sprayed both Pokemon with his spray medicine. Pidgey and Larvitar both shouted with joy. "Larvi Lar!" shouted Larvitar with a big grin on his face."Pid-GEY!" Pidgey shouted while flapping its wings. "Now, you two must be hungry." Gregory said. "I'm going to find some food." he said as he left his Pokemon and the wild one behind.

It was getting dark, and rocks and sand were scattered everywhere."Jeez, Sandstorm has a side effect, doeesn't it?" Gregory sighed. Hoothoot were hooting everywhere. "Hoot! Hoothoot!" Finally he found a bush full of Oran Berries. "Better pick some and take them back." he said. He picked some
Oran Berries, found his way back to the Pokemon, and they started gulping down the delightful blue berries happily. He himself took out a turkey sandwich that he had packed the night before. It was getting late, so Gregory pitched a tent. The two Pokemon went inside and slept on some spare pillows Gregory had found. "Well, G'night." Gregory yawned. Then they fell asleep.

The next morning, Gregory woke up before the 2 pokemon. "Whew, better cook breakfast." he yawned. He was never good at waking up. "Hey, there are still some berries left!" he realized. "I'll cook some Oran Berry pie for all of us!" he said as he took out a toaster oven. He had packed a toaster oven and a microwave the day he had started his journey in case he had to make some food. He forgot all about Pokemon food though, so he was going to cook his own creations until he found a store.

Pidgey and Larvitar woke up. "Here, have some pie. A treat." Gregory said. The Pokemon happily chowed it down. When it was time for Pidgey to go, both it and Larvitar looked sad. They had made friends with each other, and Pidgey wanted to stay with Gregory. "Shucks, I don't know what to do!" Gregory said. "Oh! I've got it! How would you like to come with me?" he asked Pidgey. Pidgey jumped up and started flying everywhere. It looked like it was trying to give Gregory a message.

Gregory sat looking dazed for a second, but then got the message. "Ok! We'll battle you to see if I can capture you or not!" Gregory said. "Hmm... let's find a good place to bat-" THUMP! He had bumped into a teenage girl. "Oh, sorry!" Gregory said. "Oh, it's OK." the girl said. "My name is Rebbeca. I'm a refferee in training." Suddenly Gregory's face lit up. "A refferee? Could I ask you a favor?" "What is it?" Rebbeca asked. "Could you refferee my battle with this Pidgey?" Gregory said. "Oh, sure. I don't see why not." said the young refferee.

"The battle will now commence!" Rebbecca shouted. "Go! Larvitar!" Gregory shouted as Larvitar jumped out from behind him. "PID-GGGEEYYY!!!!" shouted the Pidgey. The battle had now started. Gregory knew what to do this time. Not from Dexter, but from experience. He had battled this Pidgey before, and he knew its strong and weak points. "Larvitar! Start out strong with a Sandstorm!" he shouted. Larvitar jumped up, preparing to send all the rocks and sand on the ground flying towards the Pidgey, but the Pidgey flew straight forward with ultrasonic speed and rammed Larvitar before Larvitar could finish its attack. "What WAS that?" Gregory asked as he took Dexter out of his pocket.

"Quick attack is a lightning fast attack in which the Pokemon will ram into the other Pokemon at ultrasonic speeds." beeped Dexter. "WHAT?" blurted out Gregory. "That'll be hard to beat! And since Pidgey flies, Quick attack attacks in the air! And he probably learned it overnight while sleeping because he did nothing of the sort yesterday..."

"Larvitar!" Gregory shouted as he put Dexter in his pocket. "Use leer when he strikes again!" Larvitar got up."LARVI!" Sure enough, Pidgey countered with a Wing Attack. "WHAT in the WORLD?" Gregory said as Larvitar froze Pidgey in its tracks. "It knows WING ATTACK?" He sighed. "This is going to be harder than I thought. OK, now Sandstorm!" Larvitar started whirling around and suddenly the wind picked up. Rocks went flying everywhere and Pidgey, still immobile, got hit with a number of them. "OK!" Gregory shouted. "Go Pokeball!" But instead of Pidgey, the Pokeball had captured a rock.

"Aw come on!" Gregory shouted as he tossed the rock out of the Pokeball. "OK, I'll wait until this storm calms down." he said. After wating the storm out, he threw the same Pokeball at Pidgey again. "Go! Pokeball... again!" he shouted. Will he capture Pidgey, or will he fail? pieCakkey, the choice is yours.

Oh and a note. I haven't finished with this route yet. I'll continue after you give me my results.

July 4th, 2008, 10:29 PM
Before Sergio entered the route he let mareep out of his pokéball and finally is realising that this is his first step to become the pokemon champion of johto.

Sergio and mareep were walking trough route 29 and was looking around."o over there it is a pink balloon and over there it is a flying flower",Sergio was surprised of what he saw but he wasn't aware of them being pokémons.

Sergio was sitting on the ground because he was so exhausted taking time to talk to mareep. "Mareep what do you think of me being your trainer", Sergio asked his mareep.
"Marrreep", mareep answered on a soothing tone. Sergio was relieved."ok thank you I was scared that you disliked me.

Suddenly he heard a voice: "Ratta ta", the voice said. Sergio used his pokedex on it and it said rattata mouse pokemon a fast pokemon the pokedex said.
But Sergio did not notice that rattata attacked mareep with his tackle. "O no mareep use your your what are your attacks I forgot them", Sergio said "wait I remeber it is tackle now".Mareep ran onward rattata and tried to hit him but rattata dodged it.

"What am I supposed to do now I don't know what I have to do",Sergio said while mareep was attacked whit tackle again."I remember something, the pokedex said that with phisical contact the opponent may paralyze but what if I store electricity and let him attack mareep, that's what I am going to do."sergio tought and he said:" mareep store your electricity and when rattata attacks you paralyze him". So mareep did and when rattata attacked mareep with tackle rattata got paralyzed. "Great job mareep now use tackle",Sergio said without hasitation and mareep did so and knocked the rattata out."should I catch it or not",Sergio was thinking but while thinking the rattata fled.

So Sergio moved on to go through route 29.

rii - chii
July 5th, 2008, 5:11 AM
cjerian: that was an excellent first post! really well detailed, you definately earned that Pidgey!

Larvitar: Leveled up to 8!
You caught a Level 5 Male Pidgey! (Please edit your trainer card! :])

serginho: Good first post, you may conitnue on to your next post!

Mareep: Level up to Level 7!

July 5th, 2008, 5:25 AM
Observing Natu

"Finally some shadow and not just sunlight!" Windy shouted and ran under a tree. They had arrived to a fully open meadow where also wild pokémons liked to hang around. Windy pulled out her pokédex and started to point it towards different pokémons.

"It is docile and prefers to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back."

"Wow! So that is a Pidgey! This is really handy machine did you know that Natu?" Windy asked but when she looked at Natu it wasn´t right next to her. Where has it gone this time? Windy tought and finally she saw where it was.

Natu had gone to battle against a Sentret but this was at least two times bigger and it had taken its friends with it. Windy didn´t had any other choice than battle but how she was going to battle against whole herd of Sentrets.

"Natu use Peck against those Sentrets!" Windy commanded and Natu started to furiously peck its opponents. Still there was too many Sentrets and even Natu had made few to fled away it couldn´t beat the rest of them.

Suddenly a Furret jumped out of the bushes and scared other Sentrets away. A boy came out of the bushes few minutes later too and Windy was shocked because the boy was the same boy who had helped her down from the three.

"So you can´t take care of yourself and Natu for a five minutes." the boy said and started to laugh again. "Yes I can but i don´t know why Natu is like begging for droubles." Windy said and they both started to walk onward to woods.

"Well I don´t am not sure but why aren´t you checking out from the pokédex that you´ve got?" the boy said and continued "By the way I am Michael."

"Well I was going to but then it got into a battle." Windy said and continued by indroducing herself "Nice to meet you again. My name is Windy." and they both smiled.

"Well let´s see what the pokédex is saying from you Natu." Windy said and pointed it towards it.

"It runs up short trees that grow on the savanna to peck at new shoots. A Natu´s eyes look as if they are always observing something."

"Well that explains a lot already. So Natu is just observing and obviously your Natu is really interested about new pokémons." Michael said and Windy listened every word carefully.

After they had walked for a while or two it started to be pretty dark and they both noticed that they had arrived near to Cherrygrove city. "My father lives in Cherrygrove city. Tomorrow we could head straight to there and you can heal your Natu at the same time." Michael said happily and started to make a camp where they could sleep.

After the camp was ready they went to sleep and slept tightly. Natu was only one awake and it decide to look around. It was sure that Windy would be having a hard time to train Natu and still they both understood what friendship meaned. It was going to be a great day.

To be continued

rii - chii
July 5th, 2008, 5:30 AM
RealPyromaniac: That was a great post, you'll recieve a reward for your first sucessful route!

Natu: Level up to 10!
Natu learned Teleport!

Reward for first route
Fire Stone

July 5th, 2008, 7:00 AM
While Sergio was walking on route 29 his mareep was feeling kind of uncomfortable."What is it mareep do you wan't some pokefood?,here you are",Sergio asked while kneeling to give mareep some pokefood cheering mareep up.

They saw the city and noticed that it was a piecefull way going through the route.Before getting out of the route he saw a pokemon that looked like an owl."Mareep what do you think should we fight it and catch it or shouldn't we."Sergio asked.
But mareep didn't answer he was still feeling a bit uncomfortable but he showed some electricity.

"I guess that is a yes well okay use tackle on it",Sergio said but mareep didn't move. Allowing the hoothoot to tackle mareep but mareep used some of his electricity to paralyze him."good job mareep use tackle full power!"Sergio said he felt that it was as if he was yelling he was really excited. Mareep hit the noctowl but somehow the noctowl didn not get hurt that much."Now mareep use tackle again"Sergio said but this time he was a bit calmer then a few seconds ago.This time hoothoot dodged it and tackled mareep. Mareep was wide open so he could not dodge it and was hurt badly.

"No mareep hold on try using growl on him and then use your tackle",He said and so she did. This time hoothoot couldn't move and it got knocked out."hoothoot please stay in the pokeball whe have to hurry to the pokemon center you are both injured", Sergio said and he trew the pokeball

rii - chii
July 5th, 2008, 7:04 AM
serginho: well, since you told me it was going to be short, I'll let the Hoothoot get caught

Mareep: Level up to 8!
You caught a Level 3 Male Hoothoot!

Water Stone

July 5th, 2008, 8:15 AM
lol, this is a post break, your not safe here at all >=3

rii - chii
July 5th, 2008, 8:16 AM
Chapter 3: Cherrygrove Town
Number of Posts: 2

Description: A small town that several fruits grow around the area, on the west side of the town, there is a small beach where Pokemon and people come to play. There’s also a man where a guide named Gent who teaches beginner trainers about Pokemon.

What can you do in a city?

Go off to certain places
Have gym battles If they have a gym
Explore the Town

You may not catch wild Pokemon in the city, and you cannot have Pokemon Battles, unless your in a certain part of the town, for example in Violet City, you may battle in a gym or Sprout Tower. This is basically a place to restore your health and relax.

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A place where you may heal your Pokemon for free as well as have a good night sleep.
Pokemart: This is where you may buy Pokemon Items for money: Pokeball, Potion, Antidote, Paralyze Heal, and Awakening.
Guide Gent’s House: He’ll teach you a lot about Pokemon
Beach: A place where you can go out for a swim

July 5th, 2008, 8:49 AM
The Pokeball stopped with a 'ping'. "Yes! I caught a... Pidgey!" Gregory said as he let Pidgey out of his Pokeball. "Giy! Pidgey!" it screeched. "So, Rebecca, are you going to do um... the things a refferee does now?" Gregory asked. "Um... they didn't train us for battles with wild Pokemon... Oh well, I'll do the best I can." Rebbecca replied. "The victor is Gregory from um... where are you from?" "New Bark Town." Gregory said. "Oh, The victor is Gregory from New Bark Town, having caught the wild Pidgey!" Rebecca stammered.

"Oh, it's fine. This is probably your first time saying 'The victor has caught the wild Pokemon' anyways, right?" Gregory said. "Yeah, it is." Rebecca said. "Well... see ya later!" "See you." said Gregory. "Oh, wait!" Gregory said, realizing something. "Can I have your phone number? I can record it on my Pokegear!" "I don't see why not." said Rebecca. They then exchanged numbers.

OOC: Rebecca and Gregory are NOT in love. They are just friends.

Gregory started down the path once more with Pidgey flying above him and Larvitar running below. Gregory must have not been paying much attention to where he was going, because he tripped into some bushes. "Argh! How many times have I tripped on this cursed route?" he said to nobody in particular. Pidgey and Larvitar exchanged glances, and then they held up a sign. It said '3' on it. "Cut it with the comedy act, please." sighed Gregory. Suddenly, a herd of wild Sentret came hopping out of the bushes!

The Sentret seemed to be angry at something, for some reason. But once the Sentret started stampeding after Gregory, he knew that the bushes had to be their nesting grounds. "Darn it! Why did I have to trip in those particular bushes?" Gregory asked his Pokemon. His Pokemon shrugged and kept on running. "We-have-to-get-out-of-here." Gregory puffed. Suddenly Gregory got a idea. "I've got it!" he said. "Larvitar! Use your Sandstorm! Pidgey! Use Sand-Attack!" Both Pokemon launched sand and rocks everywhere, but the Sentret would not give up that easily.

"Sentret!" said one of the Sentret. All the others replied "Sentret!" "That one must be their leader!" Gregory said as he pointed at the one that said 'Sentret' first. The leader Sentret used a powerful tail whip attack and spun around in circles in mid-air to keep all the sand away from it. The others followed. Now the storm of sand and rocks was heading towards Gregory and the two Pokemon. It didn't have any effect on Larvitar, but Pidgey got hit with rocks and got blown backwards by the strong wind.

"Take cover!" Gregory shouted, keeping his face down so nothing could fly into his mouth. "Larvitar! burrow underground! Pidgey! Can you fly up that tree?" "Pidgey!" "Larvi Lar!" Pidgey flew up to the top of the tree Gregory hsd pointed to, and Larvitar had dug the burrow. "Wait for me!" Gregory shouted as he jumped in the burrow. Luckily, because of the storm, the Sentret couldn't find where Gregory and his Pokemon had left to. The Sentret, still angry, left.

"Whew, that was a close call!" Gregory said. Larvitar, Pidgey, and Gregory had met up at the end of the route. They walked a bit more, until Gregory said "Let's have lunch." Everyone was glad to eat some more Oran Berry Pie leftover from yesterday's dinner after being so exhausted. After more walking, they finally saw Cherrygrove City. "Yes! Cherrygrove, here I come!" Gregory shouted. "Pigey Gey-Pid!" Pidgey said. "Larvi Larvitar!" Larvitar said.

Hope you like it!

EDIT: This is for Route 29.

rii - chii
July 5th, 2008, 9:12 AM
cjerian: great battle post, i like the teamup with your Pokemon!

Larvitar: Level up to 10! Larvitar learned Screech!
Pidgey: Level up to 6!

Fire Stone

July 5th, 2008, 9:24 AM
Gold and Matt arrived at Cherrygrove City, the very first stop of Gold's journey. Gold really wondered what there was to do in this town. Matt was pretty clueless too of what to do.

"What can we do?" Gold asked himself out loud. He heard someone laugh behind him. Gold looked to the side and saw an old man standing there.

"What to do, huh? There is a lot you do in towns. I'm presuming that you two are beginner trainers. Am I correct?" Gold just nodded without saying a word. The man laughed again. "Well then, come with me. I'll give you a tour and teach you what all trainers need to know." The man began to walk off into the town. Gold and Matt looked at each other and then followed the man.

After a minute of walking, the man pointed at a building that was a large, square blue building. "That is a Pokemon Mart," the man explained. "Pokemart for short. This is where you will buy supplies for your journey." The man looked backwards towards the boys. They both nodded as if they understood.

The three arrived at another building that was almost directly next to the PokeMart. "And this... is a Pokemon Center," explained the man, pointing at the large dome building. "This is where you will get your pokemon healed. They also serve free lodging and meals to all trainers." Gold grinned. He knew that he would like this place a lot. He nodded at the man without hesitation.

Then the three arrived at a beach. It was full of young children and trainers running around and having fun running in the hot sand. "Hmm... I don't think I have to explain this place," said the man. "Just look out for these kinds of things. Each town has something unique in it." Gold figured he was finished and nodded happily. He was glad of the man's help.

The man turned around to face Gold and Matt and then pointed towards Gold's pocket. "Young Trainer, is that a PokeGear?" Gold pulled out the PokeGear from his pocket. The man chuckled. "Well, well. No many trainers have these. Just wait one second..." The man took the device from Gold's hand and turned around. Gold heard some clicking and such before tha man turned back around. He handed the PokeGear back. "Here you go. I installed a more advanced map in it. It will give you details of the town you are in and will tell you exactly where you are."

Gold was in shock. "Wow, thanks, mister!" he shouted. The man smiled.

"Well, I guess I better go. Good luck on your journey." Gold and Matt watched the man walk back away from them and decided it was time to take some of his knowledge and go to the Pokemon Center.

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July 5th, 2008, 9:27 AM
Pika_Master414: Nice post, really captured the image of Cherrygrove City!

July 5th, 2008, 10:45 AM
Cherries of Cherrygrove city

Finally Windy and Michael had arrived to Cherrygrove city and Windy was surprised from its beauty. "Wow!" Windy yelled and even Natu was surprised and they both couldn´t say anything.

Cherrygrove had truly earned its name because there were cherry trees all around the city and thanks for the hot summer and sunlight all trees were full of berries. "Taste it Natu! It is so sweet and there are plenty more." Windy said and she was really excited and she even forgot why she had come to this city.

"So are we going to heal our pokémons Windy?" Michael asked but Windy didn´t hear again anything because she was so concentrated. After they had finally eaten both Windy and Natu started to feel knoxious. "Ouch. My stomach is literally killing me!" Windy yelled but Michael was more amused than worried.

"I forgot to warn you from those cherries. Even they are sweet they burn your stomach if you eat too many of them." and Michael started to laugh again. "Hey this isn´t funny at all! It hurts so much." Windy said angrily. "Well my father´s shop is right over there so he can give some special potion that he has made up." Michael said and helped Windy to walk.

Finally they had arrived to Pokémart but Michael´s father wasn´t there. "So do you know where my father is?" Michael asked but the salesman who had taken over the shop wasn´t able to help. "He had a phone call and he left almost immediately." he said.

Michael took the potion behind the counter and gave it to Windy. "I wonder where he might be." he said and started to look very concerned. After few minutes waiting both Natu and Windy were back on their feet and happily jumping all around.

They left the market and now it was time to head towards Pokécenter but Windy was really concerned because Michael didn´t say anything at that time when they walked.

"Oh hello Nurse Joy. How are you today?" Windy asked and continued before Nurse Joy found time to reply "Could you heal my Natu so I can continue my journey!" and handed Natu over. Natu wasn´t happy from this arrangement and before Windy even realized Natu was already pecking Nurse Joy´s head.

"Stop it Natu stop it right away!" Windy screamed and started to Natu who was standing at Nurse Joy´s head. It took some time to get Natu down from her head but they succeesed and got only few stitches.

"You can´t attack against Nurse Joy when she is just trying to heal you up!" Windy said but started to laugh when she saw Nurse Joy´s head. "That...was...so wrong!" she said but no one was able to understand because Windy laughed so loud.

This time when Nurse Joy took Natu on her hands it act out just fine and in ten minutes it was just like a new Natu. It was time to continue their journey but when Windy saw how worried Michael was she decided to ask if Nurse Joy knew something about Michael´s father.

"Oh that´s why he looked so cencerned! Well he is in good hands because he wanted to heal his pokémons." Nurse Joy said and continued "He should be back at now." and started to talk to other boy who had brought his pokémons to be healed up too.

"Father hasn´t ever left this way without saying anything to me at first." Michael said but Windy wasn´t sure what to say to comfort him. "Isn´t there any place where he could have gone?" Windy asked and Michael started to think.

"Well there are a house where my father occassionally goes to help some weird professor or someone but I am not sure." he answered and continued "We could after all go to check it out." and they both left the Pokécenter and started to walk towards Route 30 where they might finally find Michael´s father and this somewhat weird professor. This time even Natu was worried.

To be continued

rii - chii
July 5th, 2008, 10:51 AM
RealPyromaniac: Great post, can't wait to see what will happen next


Zeta Sukuna
July 5th, 2008, 11:07 AM
(sorry it's so short, but I seem to have writer's block.)
Chapter 2: The first battle

Kyle walked down the route in a fast pace, not stopping for anything except for when he and Tyrogue needed water. But soon enough, they heard a scream.

"What was that?" Asked Kyle to Tyrogue. Tyrogue shrugged before running over to the noise. "Wait, Tyrogue!" Kyle soon had to follow the pokemon.

Five minutes later...

Kyle ran into the clearing where he saw Lauren surrounded by Rattata's, if she moved she would be dead. "Kyle, help me." Whispered Lauren to Kyle.

"What idiot would go out into the wild without a pokemon?" Whispered Kyle to Lauren. But before the argument could ecalate, the Rattata's started growling. "Grrr... Tyrogue, use Fake Out!"

Tyrogue found the leader and sucker punched him, causing the rest to target Tyrogue.

"Tyrogue, use Tackle on the leftmost Rattata!" Yelled Kyle. Tyrogue tackled the Rattata for quite a bit of damage, but it countered with a Tackle which hurt Tyrogue a bit. "Now, use Fakeout!" Tyrogue again did a sucker punch to the Rattata, but it knocked this Rattata out.

"Oh, no. I think we made them angrier." Said Lauren looking at the Rattata. Kyle returned Tyrogue before saying.

"We have to run." Said Kyle, and with that the two were running with about twelve Rattata on their tails. "Grrr... I always thought I would go down to a fire... Wait, that's it!" Kyle took out a match lit it using a tree. "Now we have to find the entrance to route 25!" And in about a minute, Kyle dropped the match, setting the dry grass on fire.

The Rattata squealed as some got burned to death, but one stayed behind the licking flames. So, seeing that it was useless to keep the fire up, he sprayed the fire with his water, and some sand. The last Rattata growled as if challenging Kyle to a battle.

"Go, Tyrogue!" Yelled Kyle. And in a flash, Tyrogue came out of his pokeball. "Tyrogue, use Fakeout!" And Tyrogue sucker punched the Rattata, causing it to flinch. 'Now's my chance!' "Go, Pokeball!" And with that, Rattata was sucked into the pokeball. Kyle knew it would get out, and that Tyrogue was weak from running and fighting, so he tossed the pokeball far away and started running with Lauren in tow.

rii - chii
July 5th, 2008, 11:10 AM
Rubii Naruto: Good battle post, tell me if you wanted that Rattata, here is your level up! You may continue to your next post.

Tyrogue: Leveled up to 8!

July 5th, 2008, 2:13 PM
Gold and Matt spent the night at the Pokemon Center. The information the man had given them was accurate. When Gold had first stepped into the lab, a nurse offered to heal his Cyndaquil. After that, they were lead into the lounge where they were served dinner. It was really good food, too, in Gold’s opinion. After that, they were lead to a room where they could sleep for the night. The room was very small and simple having only two bunk beds and a small nightstand with a flowerpot on top of it.

The following morning, Gold and Matt left the Pokemon Center and decided to tour the city for leaving for the next route. Gold found a small shop that was filled with pokemon trainer gear like clothes and accessories and bought himself a belt that he could attach pokeballs to. He smiled knowing that he would never have to worry about losing pokeballs again.

Afterwards, the two went to the pokemart where Gold only bought two antidotes. Matt bought some supplies for himself also.

With their errands done, Gold and Matt decided to have a little fun and they raced to the beach. Gold pulled out his sleeping blanket for a cover and they both called out all their pokemon. Gold’s cyndaquil appeared and he seemed excited to be able to play. But instead of splashing in the water, he buried himself in the hot sand and stayed there.

Matt called out his own pokemon as well; his pidgey that Gold had already met and a marill, a small blue pokemon with a zigzag tail.

Gold and Matt played with their pokemon in the water for a few hours with cyndaquil occasionally getting in for a second and then getting back in the sand. Then they decided that they had both wasted enough time and packed up their stuff to head towards Violet City.

rii - chii
July 5th, 2008, 2:16 PM
Pika_Master414: Lol, good post and you can make a profile for Matt if he's staying for your adventure, lol and I saw that your still using the name Bret a little ^^

2 Antidotes

July 5th, 2008, 3:13 PM
Gregory ran in to Cherrygrove City very fast. After all the adventure on Route 29, he was glad that they were in the city again. "Hmmm... I better go in the Pokemon Center to heal up my Pokemon." Gregory said. The doors automaticly slid open and Gregory went inside. "Now, where do I heal my Pokemon?" Gregory asked nobody in particular. "Over here." said a soothing voice. "Wha-?" Gregory turned around and saw a lady dressed in a nurse uniform with a Chansey. The amazing part of this woman was her hair. It was pink and in curls.

Gregory ran over to her. "Ma'am, can you heal my Pokemon?" he asked. "Sure, and call me Joy." said the woman. "OK, Joy! Can you please heal my Pokemon?" Gregory said. "Yes, sure. Just wait a while." Joy said. "Why don't you explore the city while your Pokemon are healing? "That's not a bad idea." Gregory said. "But I don't know about anything in this city except the Pokecenter, and I just wandered in here at random!" Gregory said. "I can help you with that." said a voice.

Gregory turned around and saw a old man holding a cane. "Who are you, sir?" Gregory asked. The man laughed. "My name is Gent, and I'm a tour guide! You say you want some help, I'll give you some help, laddie!" "Gee, thanks!" said Gregory as he and Gent walked outside. "Let's start the tour then, laddie!" Gent said, waving his cane around.

"That's the Pokemon Mart! It's where you can buy stuff for your Pokemon!" Gent said. "And that's the Pokemon Center... which you already know about, right laddie?" Gregory nodded. "Oh, and that's my house!" Gent said as they passed a small cottage. "Oh, the beach is over there if you ever want to play." Gent said, waving his cane at a giant beach facing the ocean.

"Well, that concludes the tour, laddie! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I haven't seen a new trainer since a long time. I wish you luck on your journey for Pokemon Master!" Gent said with a smile. "Yeah, thank you very much!" Gregory said while walking in to the Pokemon Center.

"Your Pokemon are rested and ready to go!" Joy said. "Thank you very much!" said Gregory as he took his Pokemon. He headed toward the beach, hoping to have some fun with his Pokemon.

To be continued...

July 5th, 2008, 3:14 PM
oh, sorry. It's hard to type for the same character and not mix up the names a little.

oh yeah, I been meaning to mention this, but it is Pika_Master414. Not PikaMaster_414 lol.

Can't wait for the next chapter. ^^

rii - chii
July 5th, 2008, 3:16 PM
cjerian: good post, you may continue onto the next post
Pika_Master414: oh my gosh, I am so sorry, I'll fix my posts, can you forgive me? anyways, route 30 will be up tommorow afternoon

Zeta Sukuna
July 5th, 2008, 9:27 PM
(ooc: I don't want the Rattata. Sorry it's so short, but I can't do much with a wild pokemon battle at this point.)
Episode 3: The First Real Battle!

"Why are you here?" Asked Kyle to Lauren. Lauren sighed before saying.

"Your mom told me to help you out." Said Lauren before getting out a note. Kyle grabbed the note and gave it a quick read through.

'Kyle, I know you will be mad, but I'm sending Lauren with you so you don't do something stupid like shoot someone for teasing you or something of that sort. Anyway, Lauren will also help you with other things like carrying items, or money when your bag gets full. And besides me, she seems to be the only one you listen to. Well I'm almost late for my gambler's anonymous session, so I'll have to cut this short. I'll see you soon. Love, Mom.' Kyle snorted before putting the note away.

"I never needed help." Said Kyle, but almost everyone in New Bark Town disagreed with that statement.

"Just listen, I'm only here to help you, even if you don't want it." Said Lauren as she started walking forward. "Well, aren't we going?" Kyle frowned, but went along, he didn't want to argue right now.

But before they could get too much farther, the sun started to go down. "Maybe we should set up camp?" Asked Lauren, but Kyle brushed her off.

"You can, but if you want protection from the wild pokemon, then you'll keep walking." Said Kyle as he walked past Lauren. The girl sighed before getting up and started walking. And soon the sun was down completely, but that's what Kyle was waiting for.

"Why don't we get some rest?" Asked Lauren with a bit of fear in her voice.

"What're you, nuts? That'll scare away the Hoothoot." Said Kyle looking around for the bird in question. "Aha! Go Tyrogue, use Fakeout!" Tyrogue snuck up on the Hoothoot and sucker punched it, surprising it. But the initial shock wore off, and Hoothoot tackled Tyrogue for a little bit of damage.

"Tyrogue, counter with Tackle!" Yelled Kyle. Tyrogue then tackled the bird to the ground, but Hoothoot got free quickly and tackled Tyrogue into a tree. But Tyrogue wasn't going to go down so easily. "Use Tackle again and get out of there!"

This time Tyrogue jumped from the tree and tackled Hoothoot once more, sending it into the ground.

"Now use Tackle again!" Yelled Kyle. And Tyrogue went to tackle Hoothoot, but the bird jumped up and tackled Tyrogue instead. "No! Oh well, I'll just try now." Said Kyle before tossing the pokeball. The ball hit Hothoot and started shaking, would Kyle get Hoothoot?"

(ooc: They're right next to Cherrygrove, so yeah.)

July 5th, 2008, 11:03 PM
Bobby and Totodile walked down Route 29, Bobby with a smile on his face, Totodile with a frown. "Hey! You with the weak Totodile!" a voice cried out.

Master and Totodile turned around and Totodile stiffened. Standing in front of them was Totodile's old master. He still wore his dark black jacket that flapped in the wind, but his curly brown hair was longer almost reaching his shoulders. A chain hang from his faded blue jeans, and his mud caked black/gold shoes covered his feet.

"Who are you?" Bobby asked confused why Totodile was looking so scared.

"My names Andrew and I used to be that pathetic excuse for a Totodiles master." Andrew said with a sneer. "I donated it to Prof. Elm cause I felt like someone couldn't do better than me."

A frown started to make its way across Bobby's face. "Totodiles not weak!"

"You keep telling your self that." Andrew said.

"Fine! I'll prove it! Totodile lets go!" Totodile jumped in somewhat reluctally.

"Cyndaquil!" Andrew sent out an orange yellow pokemon with flames coming out of its back. "Cynda!" it said cutely.

Bobby took out his Pokedex and aimed it at Andrew's Pokemon. " Cyndaquil, the Fire Mouse Pokemon," the cool female voice said, "It has a timid nature. If it is startled, the flames on its back burn more vigorously."

"Good, a fire type! Totodile use Water Gun!" Totodile shot out a burst of water from his mouth aimed right at Cyndaquil.

"Cyndaquil use Ember!" The fire mouse pokemon spat out a small fireball that hit Totodile's Water Gun right in the middle. The fire attack was so strong that both attacks disinergrated. "Cyndaquil use a Tackle!"

"Cynda!" The pokemon cried as it charged at Totodile knocking him into the air.

"Totodile! Use your tail to to hit Cyndaquil in the air!" (OOC: thats not an "offical attack" its just improvision) Totodile followed orders and manged to make Cyndaquil dizzy by hitting it on the head. "Now use Scratch!"

"Dile!" the Big Jaw Pokemon cried as it struck the Fire Mouse Pokemon. Cyndaquil was now stumblling around from the pain.

"Quick! Finish this up with Water Gun!" The force of the water sent Cyndaquil flying into a tree.

"Cynda!!" the pokemon cried out in pain.

"Pathetic. Return." Andrew said coldly. "We'll be seeing you later." With a sneer Andrew left.

"That was great Totodile!" Bobby said with pride. "See, your not weak." Totodile just nodded and lead his Master towards Cherrygrove City.

July 6th, 2008, 12:01 AM
Sergio was waiting for the pokéball to stop moving."Ping", the pokéball said. But Sergio didn't have the time to celebrate." Mareep come back ",Sergio said in a hurry.

Sergio started to run, run to the pokécenter stopping for nothing and nobody, but soon he noticed that he didn't know where the pokécenter was located and what it looks like."Sorry where is the pokécenter? ",Sergio asked a boy."The pokécenter is the red building at the end of the street and then you go to the right",the boy said.

"Thank you",Sergio answered and he ran again to the pokécenter. "Well hello youngster can I help you",nurse Joy said. "Yes ma'am you can my pokemon are badly injured can you threat them",Sergio asked he was talking with a stuttering voice. "It isn't neccesary to be worried we will do our best and tonight they will all be fit, in the meanwhile you can go look around in the city go to guide gent's house he will show you around",Nurse Joy said while calming Sergio down.

"Ok, I will do so goodbye",Sergio said but this time he was much calmer. "Goodbye",Nurse Joy replied.

Sergio was almost halfway when he saw the boy again."How are your pokémon",The boy said. "They are okay tonight I may go and get them.",Sergio answered. "Well okay, by the way my name is Alex what is yours.",Alex said and asked. "My name is Sergio.",Sergio replied. Sergio was about to go away when Alex said: "I will wait for you on route 30 and we are going to have a battle we can use 2 pokemon each the first one who has not got any pokémon left lost." "Okay I will meet you there",Sergio said and walked away.

It was almost night and he did not go to guide gent's house."O well it's okay I guess I can go sleep in the pokémon center and explore the city tomorow",Sergio said to him self while going back to the pokécenter for a good night sleep.

rii - chii
July 6th, 2008, 6:36 AM
Rubii Naruto: Great post, you deserve that Hoothoot!
Tyrogue: Level up to 10!
You caught a Level 4 Female Hoothoot!

Zimvee: Nice, good post with the previous owner of Totodile!
Totodile: Level up to 10!
Totodile learned Rage!

serginho: Good post, continue onto the next post!

Rubii Naruto: Thunderstone
Zimvee: Water Stone

July 6th, 2008, 7:17 AM
Cherries of Cherrygrove city, Part 2

"We should rest while we can and after all it is pretty dark out here." Windy said and she was restless but Michael didn´t hear a thing. "Did you said something to me? If we walk trough the night we would be there at least at morning or even earlier." Michael answered and started to walk towards Route 30 but suddenly Windy grabbed his hand.

"What is it now, Windy?" Michael said but she didn´t had to answer because Michael was able to read Windy like an open book. "Well we could sleep over the night if you´d like to but we will continue right when sunrises." Michael said and started to build a camp.

When they was already in their sleeping bags Windy started to look at stars. "Look those stars over there! They from the Teddiursa constellation and that over there is the Pikachu and the Pichu Bros. constellations." she said and finally Michael started to smile at least for few minutes.

"It has been so much fun to be with you over here. You truly are special and I mean it from my whole heart." he said and took Windy´s hand. They slept under the sky of the stars and woked up when the first sun rays flashed their faces.

It was still early and no one else weren´t woke up yet so Windy decided to go for a swim. Even Natu was swimming or actually it was more sinking but since it had learned Teleport it was able to teleport itself to save. "Hey Michael! Come to swim! Water is still enough cold and there are some nice water pokémons too here!" Windy shouted and Michael decided to take a break.

At the water Michael suddenly ran back to beach and took one of his pokéballs and threw it into the air and shouted "Come out Mantine!" and Windy hadn´t ever seen that kind of pokémon. "Wow! That is so big that I could almost ride with it!" Windy said but she was more surprised when Michael said that he truly rides with Mantine.

"Would you like to try how to ride with it?" he said and Windy was excited when Michael helped her into Mantine´s back. After Michael and Windy had played for a while they decided to continue their journey to the house at the end of Route 30. Natu sat on Windy´s shoulder and occassionally teleported itself into a tree to pick an apple or two.

To be continued

rii - chii
July 6th, 2008, 7:20 AM
RealPyromaniac: Good post, a nice post for a city, your ready for Route 30!

July 6th, 2008, 9:08 AM
” reep”, Sergio heard. It was mareep waking Sergio up. “ Mareep your up I’m glad you are alright”, Sergio said in a sleepy voice.

Hoothoot was pecking on Sergio’s head. “Yes I’m also glad to see you my first caught pokémon “, Sergio said while realizing that he caught a pokémon.

“Thank you Nurse Joy I am thankful for what you did thank you”, Sergio said. “It is My job and here are you pokéballs ”, Nurse joy replied.

Sergio left the pokécenter and was on his way to guide gent’s house.

“Hmmm interesting looking house, hello is there someone”, Sergio asked

“Over here do you want to know some information about the different buildings you can encounter in most cities?”, Guide Gent asked.

“Yes, I am can you please show me around?”, Sergio asked.

“Well okay come with me I did not got to show people around in a while.”, Gent said.

They were on their way to a building with a blue roof.

“This is a pokémart, here you can buy items such as potions and pokéballs go in and buy some things”, Gent said.

“But I don’t have any money”, Sergio said.

“Well it’s okay you win money from pokémon battles.”, Gent said.

“Thank you for the information, by the way you don’t have to show me the pokécenter I already saw it”, Sergio said.

“Okay that is the city most have pokécenters and pokémarts so that is all you have to know”, Gent said.

“Okay thank you and goodbye”, Sergio said and he took of.

Sergio is in front of route 30 knowing that there is a battle waiting for him over there

rii - chii
July 6th, 2008, 9:10 AM
serginho: good post, now you'll have to wait for route 30

July 6th, 2008, 1:23 PM
Gregory headed towards the beach with his Larvitar and his Pidgey. "Great! We're at the beach! Come on Larvitar! You too Pidgey! Let's have some fun!" Gregory said. "Larvitar!" "Pidgey!" his Pokemon replied. "Yeah!" Gregory said. "But we don't have anything to do..." his voice trailed off.

"Looking for something to do?" said a voice behind him. "ACK!" Gregory said. "Man... I got to cut it with the surprises." said the voice. "Well, if you wanted to give me a heart attack, you got your wish." Gregory said while rubbing his head. Gregory turned around. There was a Pokemart Clerk standing in front of him.

Gregory knew it was a Pokemart Clerk because he had a uniform that said "Pokemart" on it. "Have you ever visited a Pokemart before?" the clerk said. "No, why?" Gregory asked. "Because we can sell you a bunch of beach toys and maybe a swimsuit too!" the clerk said. "I'll take it!" Gregory said full of excitement. He ran into the Pokemart as fast as he could go bumping into a lot of people in the way. "I'll take 1 swimsuit for me, some sunglasses, some Pokemon food, and some beach toys!!!!!" Gregory panted. "Well, here you are." said another clerk with a big bundle in his hands. The clerk looked dazed. "Thanks!" Gregory said. He stuffed all of the stuff in his backpack. "Oh yeah!" the clerk said.

"We've been itching to try this out. Could you test out this Premier Ball for us and bring us back the results? We've been itching to know what it does! And if you can't figure out its special abilitties, try asking Kurt the Pokeball Maker. He lives in Azalea Town." "Sure, why not? I'm headed there anyways!" Gregory said. "Thanks!" the clerk said. Gregory rushed out. "We can go to the beach now! Gregory said putting a pair of sunglasses on Pidgey and Larvitar.

They made a sand castle so tall you could walk in it. They were an excellent team. Pidgey flew the bucket over to the ocean to fill it up with water, Larvitar dug underground to make a base, and Gregory sculpted. It was now time for lunch. "Here! Some Pokemon Food!" Gregory said. He ate some Oran Berries. He had really picked a lot on Route 29. "Come on! Let's play in the water!" Gregory said as they finished lunch. They went in and started splashing each other until dinner time. "Come on!" Gregory said. "Let's get to the Pokecenter for dinner!"

The Pokemon happily agreed. Gregory was about to leave when a cherry fell on his head. "A cherry?" Gregory said as he popped it into his mouth. "Whoa!" Gregory said after he swallowed it. "Yum! Pidgey! Can you get some? "Pidgey Gey!" Pidgey replied and it flew up into a cherry tree get some to share with the group. Gregory replaced the Oran Berries in his backpack with the delicious cherries of Cherrygrove City. "NOW let's go to the Pokecenter." Gregory said. They walked into the Pokecenter. "Hey, I don't think we need dinner." Gregory said. "We ate so many cherries."

His Pokemon agreed, and they went upstairs to a hotel room to get a good nights sleep.

rii - chii
July 6th, 2008, 2:19 PM
cjerian: great post, route 30 will be up soon

Zeta Sukuna
July 6th, 2008, 3:47 PM
(ooc:This post is going to be a little short seeing that there's two posts for Cherrygrove City.)

Episode 4: Cherrygrove City

The pokeball stopped and Hoothoot was caught. But Kyle decided to walk a bit more.

"Hey, where are you going?" Asked Lauren wanting to sleep, but Kyle pulled open the bushes and showed Lauren something she didn't expect, Cherrygrove City. "How did we get here in only one day?"

Kyle snickered before saying. "We ran pretty far while those Rattata were chasing us, so of course we would reach this place quickly." Lauren just started running down the hill towards Cherrygrove City.

"Well, she suddenly has energy." Said Kyle as he started running down the hill. And in minutes Kyle and Lauren made it to the pokemon center.

"Welcome young trainers." Said Nurse Joy as she walked up to the counter. "Do you need a room for tonight?"

"Yeah, a room for two please." Said Kyle as he showed his pokedex containing his information.

"Well, everything checks out, here's your room keys." Said Joy as she handed Kyle two cards. "Do you want to heal your pokemon while you rest?"

"Sure." Said Kyle as he gave Joy his two pokemon. "Well I'll see you tomorrow." Said Kyle as he went up to the room. Lauren decided to talk with Joy for a bit before going up. And when Lauren got into their room, Kyle was already sleeping. Lauren stared at Kyle for a second before deciding to go to bed as well.

(ooc: See, short. But the next one will be longer for sure.)

rii - chii
July 6th, 2008, 4:53 PM
Rubii Naruto: Alright, can't wait to see whats next, you may proceed

Zeta Sukuna
July 6th, 2008, 9:41 PM
Episode 5: The Beach Incident!

Kyle awoke to a pillow to his face. "Aah! What was that for you bug!" Yelled Kyle already getting tired of the day.

"They have a beach here, so I thought we could go and hang out for a while." Said Lauren forgetting that Kyle can't swim anymore.

"No, I'm not going to a beach. You should know why." Said Kyle as he went back into bed, but Lauren grabbed his arm and dragged him out of bed.

"You're going, look you don't have to take your shirts off." Said Lauren, but Kyle was resiliant.

"If you go to the beach, then I'll go on to Violet City. And you will have to walk back to New Bark Town by yourself." Said Kyle Lauren sighed, I mean until she gets a pokemon, she has to follow Kyle. Well, not really, but it would help her live longer.

"Fine then, what are we going to do?" Asked Lauren, defeated. Kyle smirked as he dragged her down to the first floor. "Change of plans, we're going to..."

An hour later...

"Why..." Said Lauren as she held a fishing rod. Kyle smirked and said.

"I may hate fishing, but you absolutely despise it, and that is almost enough to satisfy my desire for revenge." A second later, Kyle shoved Lauren into the water.

"Gah! Kyle you jerk, two can play this game!" Yelled Lauren, but Kyle lifted his legs up onto the pier.

"Remember you bug, if you do that, then you will have to walk home all by yourself, and you will not be able to make it home in one piece." Said Kyle knowing that would stop Lauren, but appearantly that wasn't the case as she pulled Kyle out into the water.

Kyle started flailing, after all the water is pretty deep, but Lauren thought it was a joke so she didn't do anything. But Kyle sank under the water pretty fast. That's when Lauren stopped laughing, so she dove under and grabbed Kyle before he sank too far. But when Lauren got Kyle on the beach, she got a fist in her face.

"What the heck was that for! I told you that I couldn't swim! I'm lucky I got in a good, deep breath before going under!" Yelled Kyle. Lauren looked towards the ground in shame, but when Kyle stopped walking away, He looked back and said. "Are you coming or what?" Lauren looked confused before remembering the letter she gave Kyle back a while ago, and besides, he needed a good swimmer incase that happened on accident.

"I'm coming!" Yelled Lauren, as she started running towards Kyle. And in five minutes the duo had made it to the entrance to Route 3.

"Let's go Lauren, I mean you'd better keep up or you'll be left all alone." Said Kyle as he started walking away. Lauren running after him.

(ooc: Yes, swimming isn't Kyle's strong point.)

rii - chii
July 7th, 2008, 4:52 AM
Rubii Naruto: Good post, we'll have Route 30 pretty soon, I'm a little tired :P

Chapter 4: Route 30
Number of Posts: 2

Description: A forest-like path with starting trainers that’ll fight you because all they want is to become the best. There are also several berries patches with a pond near Cherrygrove Town. Two alternate paths, one of them leads to Dark Cave, the other leads to Mr. Pokemon’s House, nothing special there.

Areas of Interest
Mr. Pokemon’s House: One of you will receive a gift, not much people will find it for value, brought from Goldenrod Daycare, and it is a Pokemon that seems to have little power.

Level: 7
Gender: Male
Type: Normal
Ability: Serene Grace
Attacks: Growl, Charm, Metronome
Nature: Brave
Rarity: Special

Wild Pokemon

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male of Female
Type: Bug
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Poison
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male of Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye, Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand-Attack (Level 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Chlorophyll
Attacks: Vine Whip
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass/Flying
Ability: Chlorophyll, Leaf Guard
Attacks: Splash, Synthesis (Level 4)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 2-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Flying
Ability: Swarm, Early Bird
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 2-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Poison
Ability: Swarm, Insomnia
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot, Scary Face
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 2-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Water
Ability: Water Absorb, Damp
Attacks: Water Sport, Bubble (Level 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

July 7th, 2008, 6:50 AM
Sergio entered route 30 but he did not even enter or he was surrounded by 3 caterpies.

“This is not good go hoothoot go mareep both of you use tackle”, Sergio said.

The caterpie mareep attacked was knocked out but the other caterpie was still not down.

“Hoothoot use tackle again and you mareep use tackle on the other caterpie”, Sergio said

Both caterpie were knocked out.

“Goodjob both of you and you hoothoot you did well to, to bad you don’t know any flying attacks yet because if you had you would have knocked him out right away”, Sergio said proudly.

After a couple of meters of walking Sergio saw an injured poliwag.

“O man what am I supposed to do put him in a pond or use a potion on it o wait I don’t have any”, Sergio was thinking deeply

And then the solution came: Alex

“Alex do you have a potion for this poliwag?”, Sergio asked Alex.

“Yes I do here have three since you don’t have any and I have like 20”, Alex said while handing over Sergio three potions.

“Thank you”, Sergio said thankfully

“Is this your poliwag”, Alex asked

“No it is wild”, Sergio answered while using a potion on poliwag

“Let’s battle for it the person who wins gets it.”, Alex said enthusiastic

“Well okay lets do it”, Sergio replied

What is going to happen with the poliwag you will find out soon enough

rii - chii
July 7th, 2008, 6:52 AM
serginho: Alright, let see what's going to happen, but you must make your battle posts more longer if you want a chance to even catch Poliwag. You may continue :]

Hoothoot: Level up to 4!

July 7th, 2008, 7:10 AM
Gold and Matt started their journey down their next route. Gold was feeling a lttle more confident now that he had already traveled a little bit and now he had someone with him. And now maybe it would be easier to capture wild pokemon with his new belt.

Gold pulled out Cyndaquil's pokeball and called out his little fire pokemon. He thought he deserved to stay out of his ball for a while, especially after what happened last route. Matt just walked on without his pokemon.

Gold walked down the path hoping that a wild pokemon would just jump out in front of him, but it never happened. Finally, Gold couldn't take it anymore. After lunch, Gold rushed out and decided to find his own pokemon. He began to search the woods and the weeds for some pokemon, any pokemon.

Gold had asked Cyndaquil to help him. They were both back to back looking in the weeds. Gold was searching in the weeds until he heard Cyndaquil squeal. Gold looked behind him and saw Cyndaquil attempting to rub his head out of pain. A pokemon was standing to him and somewhat laughing. It looked like a cute little tadpole with a swirl on its stomach. Gold pulled out his new pokedex.

Poliwag, the Tadpole Pokemon, said the female voice on the pokedex. It's skin is so thin that its internal organs are visible. It has trouble walking on its newly grown feet.

"Not this poliwag," mumbled Gold. He snapped his pokedex shut and pointed in the air. "Alright, Cyndaquil, get ready to battle!" he shouted.

Cyndaquil was still agonizng in pain. He shook his head and shot the flames out of his back. Poliwag also lost its playful face and put its game face on. It attacked first, coming at Cyndaquil with a water gun attack.

Gold immediatly panicked because water types were effective against fire. "Ah, Cyndaquil, dodge!" shouted Gold. Cyndaquil managed to leap out the most dangerous part of the attack, but still got hit by a small splash. It cried out, but still landed on its feet. "Now, use tackle!" shouted Gold. Cyndaquil came rushing after Poliwag and slammed straight into the pokemon. It went flying backwards.

Poliwag managed to get back on its feet and prepared itself for the next attack. Gold held his hand up. "Cyndaquil, finish it with another tackle!" Cyndaquil came charging forward to deliver the final blow. Poliwag seized up and began to sprinkle water all over the field like it was a live sprinkler. Cyndaquil stopped where he was. The flames on his back dimmed from the water sport attack. Then Poliwag attempted another water gun, this time hitting the still Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil cried out and fell back. Poliwag leaped forward to deliver the final blow. "Cyndaquil, use smokescreen!" shouted Gold. Cyndaquil let out smoke from his mouth, shrouding the whole field in black. Poliwag halted its attack in the middle of the black smoke to find Cyndaquil. "Now, use tackle!" shouted Gold. Cyndaquil sliced through the smoke and slammed straight into Poliwag making it fly ot of the smoke.

Gold pulled out a pokeball and threw it at the nearly unconcious poliwag. The pokemon was sucked into the ball and Gold waited as the ball rocked back and forth.

rii - chii
July 7th, 2008, 7:13 AM
Pika_Master414: Good post, the Poliwag has been successfully caught

Cyndaquil: Leveled up to 12!
You caught a Level 3 Female Poliwag!
You can update your trainer card :]

July 7th, 2008, 7:51 AM
Alex and Sergio are ready to throw there pokémon out.

“Go magby you know you have got to go 200%”, Alex said seriously this time.

“Go mareep do the best you can”, Sergio said kind of enthusiastic.

“Am I up first ok magby use smog”, Alex said.

“Wait that was a full hit I’m happy that he didn’t get poisoned use”, Sergio said but he was interrupted

“Magby use your ember and try to heat up his wool so it burns”, Alex said

Mareep got attacked and it was burned.

“Hold on mareep try to use this in your advantage use tackle full power”, Sergio said.

“Dodge it quickly”, Alex said.

Magby dodged the attack and countered right away knocking mareep out.

“O man this is not right, hoothoot try to knock him out use tackle “, Sergio said.

It hit magby but he wasn’t knocked out but magby is getting pretty tired.

“Now finish it magby ember”, Alex said

“Dodge and counter”, Sergio said to his hoothoot.

Magby was knocked out and Sergio was looking if the poliwag was still sitting there but it was gone.

“Poliwag is gone Alex lets go search for him”, Sergio said.

“No I don’t even like water pokemon it was an excuse to battle you and stimulate you for a battle”, Alex said.

“You jerk I was this close getting a poliwag and you ruined it for me”, Sergio said.

“Too bad now lets finish the battle growlithe use bite “,Alex said.

This attack knocked hoothoot out and left Alex as the winner.

“O no my pokemon come back hoothoot”, Sergio said.

“Hmm try training your pokemon they are weak even though you knocked out my magby it was because it was tired”, Alex said and he left.

Will Sergio find the Poliwag and will he be able to train them you will find out

rii - chii
July 7th, 2008, 7:55 AM
serginho: wow, I was surprised you made yourself lose, but I'll give you exp points for this battle, and if you want the poliwag to come back, your going to have to wait until Route 31. Alex seems to be quite an interesting character, can't wait to see what's next.

Mareep: Level up to 9!
Hoothoot: Level up to 5!
Hoothoot learned Foresight!

July 7th, 2008, 8:12 AM
Break up

Route 30 was totally different than Cherrygrove city or Route 29 and Windy or Natu wasn´t able to say anything because this Route was full of life. When Windy walked with Michael she saw many trainers battling each others and many big flower fields full of different kind of grass type pokémons.

At the darkest part of the forest they were able to see many Spinaraks and Windy was sure that she had seen an Ariados too. When they walked they saw many kind of pokémons but Michael was worried about his father and didn´t pay any attention to wild pokémons.

Finally they arrived to the gamekeeper´s house and Michael stopped Windy. They lurked in the bushes near by the house and saw how two men came out and started to speak loudly. "That voice is very familiar just like I´d heard it somewhere!" Michael said but Natu decided to look even closer.

"Where did that crazy Natu come out from?" the taller man said and started to run. Natu had teleported itself into the porch and started to instantly peck the taller man´s head. Windy stood up and started to chace Natu and the man. "Natu stop that right now!" Windy screamed and after few minutes Natu had calmed down. "I am sorry but Natu is just so wild!" Windy apologized and got shocked when the man stood up.

"It can´t be! You cannot...Or can you be...Are you the living legend professor Samuel Oak?" Windy said and now also Michael had come up to the porch too. "Oh Michael! What are you doing here?" Oak asked and continued "Yes I am professor Samuel Oak." and after they had cleared things up they all went inside the house.

"So you found this egg and decided to call my father and professor Oak to see it?" Windy said and she was clearly confused. "Yes he did and Michael. I am very sorry that I didn´t left any kind note where I had gone." Michael´s father said and turned against the egg that was lying on the table. Suddenly it began to shine and it hatched.

"Let me see it!" Windy shouted and pushed every one else away. It was Togepi and it was really cute. "Oh how cute it is!" Windy said and took Togepi on her arms and continued "Who is its owner?"

"Well Togepi is really small and vulnerable and usually the first person who it sees has to take it so in this case it is you Windy." Mister Pokémon said and Windy got shocked badly. "What? I can´t take it...it is...just a baby!" she shouted but when Togepi heard that it got mad and started to cry.

"Well it isn´t that young and it is very strong. After all it is said that Togepis are having somewhat mysterious powers." Michael said and took Windy outside and continued "Can you see that Poliwag over there? I want you to fight against it with your Togepi!"

After some rough prevailing Windy accepted the offer and challenged Poliwag. "Use Metronome!" Windy shouted but Poliwag managed to dodge the attack that Metronome summoned. Poliwag got enough close and used Water Gun but Togepi didn´t give up.

"Use Metronome once again!" Windy shouted and this time Metronome summoned Thunder which nailed and managed to faint Poliwag at one shot. Windy threw a pokéball but she wasn´t sure at all did she catch this pokémon or not.

After this succesfull day Michael and Windy had to break up. "I just want to say that i really enjoyed hanging around with you and that I will never forget you!" Windy said and she was crying but Michael comforted her by saying "Why are you crying? This is the start of your journey and I am sure that we will meet someday again!" and they started to walk in different directions.

Windy towards Violet city and Michael towards Cherrygrove city with his father and both a handfull of memories in their hearts.

To be continued

rii - chii
July 7th, 2008, 8:21 AM
RealPyromaniac: First, I'd like to say that your posts are really improving, you seem to want that Togepi, so you got it, but since you just got it, I won't give you a level boost for Togepi :P

You recieved a Level 7 Male Togepi!

July 7th, 2008, 8:23 AM
Incoming wall of text from me falling behind! I'll edit everything in.

Time to See Elm!

Will woke up early in the morning, as he was extremely excited to begin his Pokemon journey! He threw on his typical outfit of a tight white teeshirt and blue short-shorts to show off his body, brushed his teeth, and bolted out the door.

"Bye mom, it's time for me to go! I love you so much!" Will shouted to his mom, who he cared for deeply, as he did the rest of his family, not to mention most people.

"Have fun on your journey honey, I'll miss you!" His mom called out.

Will ran through his town of New Bark and called out to everyone he saw, saying good bye and how much he'll miss them.

As he ran into Elm's lab, he saw him pacing impatiently, with only one Pokeball remaining.

"Where have you been Will, everyone left hours ago!" Elm shouted.

(OoC: See how I related that to how late I'm starting, Yes, I know, I'm THAT good xD)

"I'm sorry sir, I just had to stop and say bye to everyone. Seeing as this is a small town, you'd think it would take very little time, but hey, I just care too deeply for everyone here to just say bye and bolt."

"It's okay Will, I understand. As you see, I only have one Pokemon left, so clearly, that one is yours."

Will took the Pokeball and sent out the Pokemon. A Chikorita appeared from a brilliant white light. The second it was out, it rubbed it's leaf against Will's leg.

"Wow, it's so affectionate!" Will shouted.

"Obviously your Pokemon already likes you, but there are a few more things you need. First, here are 5 Pokeballs. These are like capsules used to catch Pokemon-"

Will was excited to receive these, he wanted to catch as many Pokemon as possible.

"-And here is your Pokedex. It's like a high-tech encyclopedia that gives information on Pokemon." Elm finished.

"Thank your Professor, I appreciate it so much!" Will said.

"No problem. Now get out of here and start your journey!" Elm said passionately.

Will bolted through the door, and ran right to Route 29.

"Here we go now, it's time to start!"

rii - chii
July 7th, 2008, 8:47 AM
KP-Jacob: Great post, you may head off to Route 29, you may do 1 or 2 posts there. You can now make a trainer card :3

July 7th, 2008, 9:26 AM
OoC: Trainer card http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/cards/772008/8dbe038600f9d7fe6c07b61addff5c8f.png

Onto Route 29!

After bolting out of Elm's lab and rushing into Route 29, Will was filled with energy.

"Should I catch a new Pokemon, or should I have a bat-" Will started thinking, until he was tapped on the shoulder.

"Hey kid, wanna have a battle?" The Youngster asked.

"Sure. What's your name?" Will asked.

"The name's Christian. And yours'?" Christian asked.

"The name's Will. Now come on out Chikorita!"

In a brilliant white light, Will's new Chikorita appeared before him.

"Let's go Rattata!" Christian cried out.

Chikorita charged Rattata with a Tackle attack, and Rattata did the same. It was a head on collision!

Both Will and Christian screamed, "GET UP!"

Both Pokemon stood up, and charged again. This time, only Chikorita stood up.

"Great fight Christian, hopefully we'll meet up again," Will said kindly.

"Same to you. See you later," Christian said.

"Wow, what a nice kid, I think I just found myself a rival!" Will thought.

rii - chii
July 7th, 2008, 9:39 AM
KP-Jacob: Good post, your certainly catching up
Chikorita: Leveled up to 7!
Chikorita learned Razor Leaf!

July 7th, 2008, 10:34 AM
Gold watched nervously as his pokeball wiggled back and forth. Then, finally, the red light in the middle dimmed and the ball grew still. Gold grinned from ear to ear.

"YES!!" he shouted. Gold scooped up Cyndaquil and ran towards the pokeball. "Cyndaquil, we did it! We caught Poliwag!" Gold got to the pokeball and picked it up. He held it high in the air for the world to see.

Gold then heard some rustles in the bushes and saw Matt appear. "There you are!" he shouted. "I'm trying to set up camp and you take off!"

Gold smiled. "Aw, sorry, but look!" Gold held up a pokeball. "Inside this pokeball is a Poliwag, my very first pokemon!" Matt smiled and nodded at the pokeball.

Matt and Gold set up a small camp and Matt made a stew. He pulled out some potions to heal Cyndaquil and Poliwag. They were both wiped out from the battle with each other. Now that the battle was over, Poliwag was very cheerful again. It played nicely with Cyndaquil and Matt's pokemon. Gold knew that Poliwag was going to cheer up his team all the time.

The two boys and their pokemon ate their lunch and then packed up camp. The walked until they saw the city of Violet rise above them.

"Well, there it is," said Matt. Gold nodded. Matt looked over at Gold intensely. "Gold, before we enter the city, let's have a battle to get prepared for our gym battles."

Gold grinned at Matt. "So, you want to challenge the Johto League too, huh? Fine, I accept your challenge." The two got on opposite sides of an open area that was half wooded.

"This is going to be one on one!" shouted Matt. Gold agreed and they both pulled out a pokeball. "Go, Pidgey!" Matt shouted. He threw the pokeball in the air.

Gold threw his as well. "Go, Poliwag!" he shouted. Both their pokemon appeared. Gold held up his hand to make the first command. "Poliwag, use water gun!" Poliwag shot a jet out water.

"Pidgey, use sand-attack and then tackle!" shouted Matt. Pidgey kicked sand at the water attack and then flew straight into Poliwag knocking it into the air. Poliwag flew backwards and slammed on her back. "Now do another tackle attack!" shouted Matt.

Poliwag managed to get back on her feet as Matt gave the next command. "Poliwag, dodge and then use water gun!" Gold shouted. Poliwag leaped out of the way of the attack. Then she shot a squirt of water at the Pidgey who kept on flying straight. Pidgey collapsed on the ground for a second before getting up again. It flew over back on Matt's side and they both stared each other down.

"Poliwag, use water gun!" shouted Gold.

"Tackle, Pidgey!" shouted Matt. Both pokemon delivered their attacks, Poliwag shooting water and Pidgey speeding towards the water pokemon. Pidgey was hit by the water gun attack, but it kept on going until it slammed into Poliwag. They both collapsed on the ground. When Gold looked close enough, he saw that both pokemon were unconcious. The match was a draw.

Gold and Matt walked over to each other and shook hands. "Good battle," said Gold. "Your pidgey never fails to amaze me."

"Thanks, you poliwag is a good pokemon to only just be captured," said Matt. He looked at the ground and let go of Gold's hand. "But Gold, I think we should seperate here and do our own journeys."

Gold looked at him curiously. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that both of us have the same goal of entering the Johto League. We'll just slow each other down. Let's go on own journeys and see who can really become the best."

Gold saw Matt issueing a challenge to him. He nodded. "Fine, but don't expect me to be second best to you." Matt nodded and they both went their seperate ways. Gold felt proud that now he had two things to fight for: to get in the Pokemon League and to be better than his new rival.

rii - chii
July 7th, 2008, 11:31 AM
Pika_Master414: Well, that was a good post, except for one thing, you used Water Gun when Poliwag didn't learn it, but you couldn't use any other moves, so I'll let you off the hook :3

Poliwag: Level up to 5!
Poliwag learned Water Gun! (lol, now it learned it :])

serginho: oh geeze, I am so sorry, you cannot post anymore until the next area, you've already posted 2 times.

Zeta Sukuna
July 7th, 2008, 12:05 PM
Episode 6: Hoothoot Vs. Poliwag

Kyle was frowning as he entered Route 30, after all he almost died earlier and because of an aquaintence at that.

"And why are we staying around the lake?" Asked Lauren confused. Kyle smirked and said.

"Because I need to find a Poliwag." Kyle then lied on the grass. "But right now I'm tired, so don't wake me." And in minutes, Kyle was asleep.

The irony of what was happening is great, because Kyle was using a Poliwag as a pillow to sleep on. After about five minutes, Poliwag got pretty mad and used Water Gun on Kyle, blowing him away.

"What the heck?" Asked Kyle as he got up and grabbed Hoothoot's pokeball. Lauren struggled to hold back laughter at his expression. "Hoothoot, come on out!" And in a flash, Hoothoot came out ready to battle.

"Hoothoot, use Tackle on Poliwag!" Yelled Kyle. Hoothoot went in for a Tackle, but Poliwag dodged the strike and launched a Water Gun, hurting Hoothoot quite badly. "Grr... Use Tackle again!" But the same thing happened. Poliwag hopped back and used Water Sport, increasing its own powers a little.

"Hoothoot, use Growl!" Yelled Kyle getting pretty mad at this point. Hoothoot growled at Poliwag, but to little effect. Poliwag fired a Water Gun at Hoothoot, but the bird moved out of the way, allowing Kyle to get blasted into a tree.

"Come on Hoothoot, use Tackle, but don't stay in one direction!" Yelled Kyle getting tired of this. Hoothoot started a Tackle, but when Poliwag fired a Water Gun, Hoothoot dodged and Tackled Poliwag hurting it pretty badly. Now Kyle took out a Pokeball and tossed it towards Poliwag.

The pokeball enclosed over poliwag and started shaking, but before it could stop, Poliwag broke out and hopped back before firing a water gun at Hoothoot nearly knocking her out.

"Hoothoot, try one more Tackle!" Yelled Kyle. Hoothoot went to do another Tackle, but Poliwag stepped back and accidentally got sucked in. The pokeball started shaking, would Chris catch Poliwag?

rii - chii
July 7th, 2008, 12:09 PM
Rubii Naruto: Lol, it seems that Poliwag is a very popular choice, you captured a Poliwag!

You caught a Level 3 Male Poliwag!

July 7th, 2008, 12:25 PM
Route 29, Part 2

After coming off a victory, Will was excited to find a partner to go along with Chikorita. He saw Pidgeys, Rattatas, Sentrets, Hoothoots, but nothing worthwhile. Seeing as this route was a dud, he decided to rush into another battle. What the heck, right?

After finding a suitable trainer to fight, they both sent out their Pokemon.

"Go Chikorita!" Will cried out.

"Go Poliwag!" the trainer shouted out.

After seeing the tadpole Pokemon, Will knew the second he had a chance to catch one, he would.

"Chikorita, use your new attack, RAZOR LEAF!!'

Seeing as Grass is great to use on Water types, Poliwag went down in one hit.

"Kid, where'd you get that Poliwag? I NEED to have one!" Will asked excitedly.

"Route 30, right past Cherrygrove City," he replied.

"Thanks kid," Will responded.

All Will could think about was Poliwag now, and how much he wanted one.

"The second I reach that route, Poliwag is mine!"

rii - chii
July 7th, 2008, 12:43 PM
KP-Jacob: Ughh, finally, I can see the post >_< anyways, you can go onto Cherrygrove Town!

Chikorita: Level up to 8!

Reward for First Complete Route
Fire Stone

July 7th, 2008, 12:45 PM
OoC: I know, the same thing happened to me :P I just had to make a double post to undo that crap xD

July 7th, 2008, 5:55 PM
Gregory headed of to find Route 30. "He, I hope this route isn't like the last one." Gregory said to his Pokemon. They agreed as they all remembered being attacked by the herd of wild Sentret. When they found Route 30, Gregory sighed and said "We might as well continue on this route." He took his first step down the dirt road with his Pokemon.

They walked on hoping to find some Pokemon. "Hmmm... Let's check out the tall grass." Gregory said. "Larvi Lar." "Gey Gey!" his pokemon said. They walked in the tall patches of grass when a small Poliwag came walking out of the grass. "Yikes!! A Poliwag! They're supposed to be really rare out here!" Gregory said in shock. "OK! Go, Pidgey!" Gregory said, making a full recovery. "Gey! Pidgey!" Pidgey said as it hopped forward.

The wild Poliwag didn't waste any time. It jumped forward and started bouncing around on its tail at lightning fast speed, confusing Pidgey. "Ack! Pidgey! Use your Sand-Attack!" "Pid-GEY!" Pidgey replied as it shot Sand-Attack after Sand-Attack at the Poliwag bouncing around it. Each time it shot a Sand-Attack, Poliwag would just bounce out of the way. "Argh!" Gregory said. He didn't know what to do. Suddenly, the Poliwag used Bubble. "Pidgey! This is it!" Gregory said.

"Fly straight towards those bubbles, spin around, and peck all of them! Then hit Poliwag with your Peck!" Pidgey obeyed and jumped up. It then started spinning in circles and launched itself straight into the mess of bubbles. Then, it hit the unsuspecting Poliwag in its swirly belly. "Poliwag!" it shouted as it got launched backwards into a tree. "Poli Poli Poliwag!!!!" it shouted as it ran off. "Shucks, it ran away!" Gregory said. "Come on, let's look for it! It can't have gone far!"

They searched everywhere and finnaly found it in a pond. "Argh!" Gregory said. "It ran off and now it's lounging! This is embarassing... Anyways, go Pidgey!" Pidgey jumped and flew straight above the Poliwag. "Pidgey! Peck straight down!" Gregory said. Pidgey charged at tremendous speeds but the Poliwag dodged the attack sending Pidgey tumbling into the pond. "Man, oh man!" Gregory said. "Pidgey, are you OK? If you are, show me a Tackle!" Pidgey tackled Poliwag right in the back sending it tumbling into the depths below.

"OK!" Gregory said as he threw a Pokeball into the pool. The pokeball just floated there. "Darn, the thing's made out of floatable plastic!" Gregory said as he picked it up. Suddenly he got a idea. "Larvitar, can you drain out the pond? Dig a hole in the pond now!" Gregory said. "Larvitar did as he told, and soon enough the water had drained out and there layed the unconcious Poliwag. "Go, Pokeball!" Gregory said as he threw the Pokeball at the Poliwag.

The Poliwag got sucked into the Pokeball, and it started shaking. "Did I catch it? Did I?" Gregory said...

rii - chii
July 8th, 2008, 5:44 AM
cjerian: I see this thing happening so suddenly to people, it seems you make your Pokemon use attacks that they don't even know. Poliwag doesn't know Bubble, and Pidgey didn't know Peck, next time don't do that please? Anyways you have captured Poliwag!

You have caught a Level 3 Male Poliwag!

July 8th, 2008, 8:24 AM
Evil Thiefs

Even Windy didn´t catch Poliwag and she had broke up with Michael she was pretty glad from her new team member Togepi which had proved its strenght. She was able to catch Poliwag later but for now she wasn´t interest from that weak pokémon and she decided to look out for new trainers.

After Windy had walked for a while already she decided to take a break and called her pokémons out too. "Come out Togepi and Natu!" she shouted and threw pokéballs up in the air and Natu immediately teleported itself into Windy´s shoulder. Togepi, instead of relaxing started to wonder around and vanished into the bushes near by.

At first Windy didn´t pay any attention but suddenly she heard some weird noice from the bushes and two trainers stepped out and they were carrying Togepi. "What are you doing to it?" Windy shouted and ran over to see her Togepi. "We weren´t doing nothing. It was battling against some big Spinaraks but it lots and we decided to help it." the smaller trainer said and handed Togepi over.

"Thanks for helping it out. So my name is Windy and you two are?" she said and the trainers introduced theirselfs. "My name is Gaudin and I am from Sinnoh region but I decided to start all over from very beginnig in here." and he shook Windy´s hand when the other trainer said "Well my name is Cheali and I am from Hoenn region and I also came here to start my journey again." and she hugged Windy.

They talked for hours and walked at the same time seeking new pokémons but then they decided to make camp where to sleep trough next night. It started to get pretty dark and because Windy´s pokémons started to feel hungry they picked some berries and apples from the bushes and trees near by them and shared them so that every one would get a bit.

Finally when they had eaten they went to sleep and every one fell asleep very quickly.
They slept trough the night and woke up well rested and all three went to look berries and some apples when they heard it. Someone was laughing coldly and Windy decided to go look who it was even though Cheali and Gaudin had warned her.

Suddenly somebody knocked her down and when she woke up she saw her pokémons tied up around the same tree where she was tied too. "What is this! Cheali and Gaudin, where are you?!" she yelled but Windy wasn´t able to hear any answers from anywhere. It was time to flee away before someone would arrive and notice what they were up to. "Use Teleport to escape and after that use Peck to cut these and do it quickly Natu." Windy said and she was worried that her new friends were in drouble.

Natu managed to free Windy and Togepi but suddenly Cheali and Gaudin arrived and they had changed their outfits to something more suitable for Professional Thiefs Organisation´s members.What is that weird group that they were speaking about Windy though and was pretty amused. "So you´ve finally made yourself free!" Cheali shouted and started to laugh coldly but Gaudin was more serious than ever. "We can´t just let her wonder around telling that we captured all the pokémons in this forest." he said and threw his pokéball up in the air as he summoned his pokémon out from it.

"You are right Gaudin and that´s why we are going to beat him down. Go Bellsprout!" Cheali yelled. Gaudin´s Poliwag and Cheali´s Bellsprout were both well trained but also Windy´s pokémons were well trained. "So if you want to capture these pokémons you have to catch them and at first beat me! Go Natu and Togepi!" Windy yelled and she was having her first double match ever.

"Use Night Shade Natu to Bellsprout and dodge its attacks! Use Metronome Togepi and try to keep your distance so that it won´t be able to attack that easily!" Windy shouted and she knew she had to beat these two to save these wild pokémons. Natu´s attack didn´t hit because Bellsprout managed to avoid it but Togepi summoned really powerfull Solarbeam that managed to hurt Poliwag.

Poliwag wasn´t able to run so it used Water Gun from distance and Windy had to change her tactic. "Use your Night Shade against Poliwag, Natu and you, Togepi, use Metronome again!" she yelled and this time Poliwag was fainted. Bellsprout managed to use Vine Whip to Natu but it didn´t do that much damage and Natu was able to continue.

"Use your Metronome once again Togepi and you Natu use your Teleport to get it dizzy! After that use again Night Shade!" Windy yelled and it didn´t took for long to banish those evil P.T.O. members. Windy had won fairly and she released those captured pokémons and decided to continue her journey. She was proud from her pokémons and she was ready to challenge Falkner the gym leader of Violet city.

To be continued

rii - chii
July 8th, 2008, 8:32 AM
RealPyromaniac: Man, I should really explain things alot more... I tell you when Rocket members appears, I'm so sorry. You'll recieve experience points though.

Togepi: Level up to 8!
Natu: Level up to 12!
Natu is trying to learn Lucky Chant, but Natu can only learn 4 moves! Delete a move for Lucky Chant? (BTW, you must tell me in OOC page, not here.)

July 8th, 2008, 8:43 AM
Cherrygrove City

Will and Chikorita walked out of the Route together. Will decided to let Chikorita walk with him for the time being, doing such a great job against his opponents.

An old man stood at the gate, and he asked, "I see you are a beginner trainer. Would you like me to show you some basics?"

"Umm, sure, why not. Come on Chikorita!"

The old man showed Will the Pokemon Center, the Pokemart, the Beach, and the exit to the next route. He then returned to his home.

"Well that was convienent," Will stated.

Wil walked into the Pokemart, and asked the seller, "Could I buy 2 Pokeballs please?"

"Sure, here you go!" The seller responded as he handed Will two Pokeballs.

Will walked out of the Pokemart and sat on the beach for awhile, petting Chikorita.

"Well Chikorita-" He started. "-We've been through a few battles, and you've done amazingly. Why the other trainers didn't choose you is a mystery to me!"

"Chik, Chika!" Chikorita said happily.

Will returned Chikorita, and walked into the Pokemon Center.

"Could you heal my Pokemon please?" He asked.

"Sure I can," Nurse Joy responded.

She healed his Chikorita, and handed it back to him. Will thanked her, and fell asleep on the couch.

rii - chii
July 8th, 2008, 8:45 AM
KP-Jacob: brief but good, you may continue on for Cherrygrove Town

BTW, we're still waiting for Roy G Biv to catch up, sooner or later I'll post Dark Cave.

July 8th, 2008, 8:50 AM
OoC: Yeah, there isn't really much to do there xD

July 8th, 2008, 9:46 AM
OoC: Yeah, there isn't really much to do there xD

there really isn't. i thought we were going straight to Violet. I can't wait to get a Pichu. I'm freakin obsessed with those things.

and yeah with poliwag I knew that she couldn't use water gun yet, but there isn't really anyway i could battle with just water sport.

rii - chii
July 8th, 2008, 9:48 AM
OOC: Well, I guess your right, I would've done the same thing, and i got some good news, Pichu is going to be up on the next post X3

EDIT: I've decided to post the next area, it's a small area though, but with lots of interesting Pokemon :]

Chapter 5: Dark Cave (Segment 1)
Number of Posts: 1

Description: A cave where the entrance to the cave seems to be quite bright, but deeper inside, it is impossible to see it on the Violet side. Along the path, there is an indoor cave lake where some Pokemon linger. There are many special Pokemon hiding along.

Wild Pokemon

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Poison/Flying
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Leech Life, Supersonic (Level 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male of Female
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Rock Head, Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport (Level 4)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Water
Ability: Water Veil, Swift Swim
Attacks: Peck, Tail Whip, Water Sport
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 2-6
Gender: Male of Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Serene Grace, Run Away
Attacks: Rage, Defense Curl (Level 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 2-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Pickup, Quick Feet
Attacks: Scratch, Leer, Lick, Fake Tears
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 2-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Electric
Ability: Static
Attacks: Thundershock, Charm, Tail Whip (Level 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Very Rare

July 8th, 2008, 10:42 AM
Gold was alone with his pokemon now. He watched Matt leave and decided to do a little more training before he went into the city himself. He turned around and headed back towards the route.

Both of Gold's pokemon were out walking next to him. "So, where do you think we should go?" Gold asked his pokemon. Both Poliwag and Cyndaquil looked at Gold without a single hint in their eyes. The three walked a little longer until Gold heard the voices of one of his pokemon.

"Poli, poli!" exclaimed Poliwag. Gold looked down at his little water pokemon and saw her motioning towards a dark cave. Gold looked at his pokemon in shock.

"You want us to go in there?!" Gold asked his pokemon. She responded by happily leaping in the air. "Well, you don't seem nervous at all. I guess that means I shouldn't be either. Besides, we could use a good challenge."

Poliwag rushed happily in the cave with Gold and Cyndaquil closely behind her.


"Wow, it sure is dark in here," said Gold minutes later after they had entered the cave. The cave was completely pitch-black with a little bit of light coming from the entrance. Gold told his pokemon that they were not going to get out of sight of the exit.

Gold found the cave very boring with not much to do. He turned around to tell his pokemon that he was ready to go. He spotted Cyndaquil with the flame on his back, but Poliwag was nowhere to be seen.

"Poliwag!" shouted Gold. He couldn't believe his pokemon had taken off on him. He heard a low echoing noise that sounded like Poliwag. Her voice was getting more far by the second. Gold gulped; this would mean that he would have to go into the cave even deeper to retrieve his pokemon. He looked down at Cyndaquil. "Don't let that flame go out," Gold requested nervously.

The two walked through the cave nervously. They shouted for Poliwag, but she was nowhere in sight. But then, after a few minutes, they heard Poliwag's voice. Gold and Cyndaquil were very deep in the cave now, so Gold was getting very nervous and shouted for his pokemon to come back. Poliwag didn't respond.

Gold angrily walked through the cave until he saw a small, dim light. Around the light was a lot of black that blocked it. Gold began to run towards the light and saw something that made his heart skip. A small electric pokemon was being pounded down by a bunch of surrounding pokemon. It had sparked the light from the cheeks as a distress signal.

"Don't worry, I'll help you!" shouted Gold. Poliwag jumped in front of Gold all the sudden. Gold didn't bother to attack her now. There were more important things to worry about. "Poliwag, blast those wild pokemon with water gun! Cyndaquil, use tackle!" Poliwag attacked a gang of pokemon that looked like boulders with a blast of water. They all cried and ran off. Cyndaquil slammed into a bat-looking pokemon, slamming it into the ground unconcious. The duo attacked all the pokemon until they were all gone.

The electric pokemon was still on the ground after the battle. Gold went over and scooped it up into his arms. "Pichu, pi," it said weakly. It managed to sit upright in Gold's arms and looked around half-dazed.

"So, Pichu is your name, huh? I'm glad you're okay," said Gold. The Pichu turned around and smiled at him. Then Gold thought of an idea. "Pichu, do you have enough strength to use you thundershock as a light. It could help as a lamp for us."

Pichu looked down and saw Cyndaquil on the ground tired. It looked at Gold and nodded. Gold grinned and called back Cyndaquil and Poliwag. Pichu let out sparks from its cheeks and Gold walked down the cave.

July 8th, 2008, 10:58 AM
Route 30, Part 1

After resting up at the Pokemon Center, Will headed out to Route 30.

"First thing I'm doing is getting my hands on a Poliwag!!"

Will searched through the grass, and none showed up.

"This is depressing, I need Chikorita to cheer me up. Come on out Chikorita,"

Chikorita appeared in front of Will, perky as ever.

"Chika, ka ka!" Chikorita cried.

"Chikorita, I can't find a single Poliwag out here! I'm getting so angry, I might just..."

Will's angry side appeared, and he kicked a Hoothoot in the face.

"What have I done!!" Will yelled, and he started to cry.

The Hoothoot went up to Will, and rubbed its head against his leg.

"Wait, you actually forgive me?"

"Hoot, hoot!" The Hoothoot crie,d who then flew away.

"Wow, what a cool Pokemon. Woah!!! A POLIWAG!!!"

In the distance, a Poliwag was sitting on the ground.

"This is our chance Chikorita! Use Tackle attack!"

Chikorita rushed at Poliwag, landing a direct hit, knocking Poliwag onto the ground.

Poliwag got up, and used Water Gun attack. Since Chikorita was a grass type, it did virtually no damage.

Chikorita charged once again, knocking Poliwag onto the ground. It got up once again,

Poliwag jumped into the air, and fired a full-power Water Gun at Chikorita.

Chikorita fell to the ground, but so did Poliwag out of exhaustion.

"Go Pokeball!!"

The Pokeball engulfed Poliwag inside. It shoke back and forth with the center flashing red and white. Was it caught, or will it be freed?

July 8th, 2008, 10:58 AM
Sergio walked along route 30 to go to the next route when he saw a cave and he tought.

"Let's take a look around there"

Sergio entered the cave and as soon as he entered he got overwhelmed with zubats who left right away.

"Man that was strange I can use dome company right now, go mareep", Sergio said, "can you light things up with your electricity it would help"

Then Sergio and Mareep walked along with alot of light and before they knew it they were at a dead end.

"Look mareep there is an entrance over there let's go over there", Sergio suggested.

"Reep", mareep said while jumping around Sergio and mareep have created a bond together.

The two walked and reached the entrance in there there were a lot of pokemon and a lake.

"Wow it is beautiful", Sergio said and then he saw a crying brown little bear pokemon.

He got his pokedex out of his backpack

"Tediursa little bear pokemon", The pokedex said.

"Ok mareep we should help him", Sergio said.

Sergio was walking toward him and tried to help him but then the tediursa used his chance and scratched mareep.

"Tediursa where are your tears you were crying right", Sergio tought.

Sergio used his pokedex again.

"Beware of tediursa's fake tears", the pokedex said.

"You little cheater use tackle mareep full power and show him not to mess with us", Sergio shouted.

So mareep did but the tediursa was a tough one and did not give up and used his scratch

"O no mareep your back is full of scratches try using tackle again", Sergio said.

The tackle was effective but mareep is too badly injured.

"Come back mareep go hoothoot just a little more hang in there", Sergio said.

But suddenly tediursa licked hoothoot and he got paralyzed.

"Hoothoot try using tackle at full power if he faints you return to your pokeball right away", Sergio said.

Hoothoot tackled and the attack suceeded and tediursa fainted, Sergio ran out of the cave trying to get to the pokecenter fastly to heal his pokemon.

Zeta Sukuna
July 8th, 2008, 11:28 AM
Episode 7: The Black Winds!

After catching Poliwag, Kyle and Lauren went farther north in a good pace, but something was different...

"Urgh, what's with this fog? I can't see a thing in front of me!" Yelled Kyle leaning on one of the trees, and waving a hand in front of his face.

"I don't know, but it's harder to breathe in here." Said Lauren as she also had to lean against a tree. "This isn't right. Violet City can't produce this much pollution by itself, so someone must be doing this." They started moving towards Violet City, but the smog kept getting thicker and blacker.

"Oh, lord! What is this junk!?" Asked Kyle as he dove down to the ground to get a breath of air. "I can't even breathe up there!" Lauren just dove to the ground to get a breath.

"Just crawl down here." Said Lauren as she started crawling. Kyle nodded and started to follow. But soon enough the black smog went away.

"Alright!" Yelled Kyle as he pulled Lauren up, but as soon as the duo got up, black wind started blowing in their face. "What the heck is going on!?" But before either one could say anything, a stomp was heard. Kyle and Lauren look back and see nothing, but in moments Kyle was thrown out of the fog.

Suddenly the fog dissipated, and the mysterious figure was revealed. It was a Charizard doing it all, but wild Charizards usually don't try to suffocate humans, so someone must be controlling it.

"C-come on out whoever o-owns this ch-Charizard." Said Lauren now terrified of the creature standing in front of her. Charizard inhaled for another smokescreen, but the screech of a wheelchair stopped the dragonoid from firing it.

"Halt Sirius, stop that foolishness this instant." Said the man as he rolled n towards the Charizard. The man returned his Charizard before turning to Lauren. "I'm sorry about that. Sirus gets a little out of hand sometimes."

"Thank you for returning that beast Mr... what's your name?" Said Lauren. The man laughed before saying.

"Venito Notte." The man now known as Venito went over to Kyle. "My, my. This lad must have been hurt pretty badly to lose an arm to Sirius." Lauren shook her head.

"Kyle was always like that, only maybe he has a headache now." Said Lauren as she picked Kyle up. "I'll see you soon Mr. Notte!" Venito just smiled, at least until they entered the dark cave, where he then frowned.

"Sirius, you failed in your job." Said Venito as he started rolling back to Cherrygrove. "Leader will be disappointed in you."

(ooc: This thing with Venito is meant to be with only one person, but if you want to do a little side arc thing with Venito and whoever else, or if you want me to exclude the rest of Venito's group, then pm me.)

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July 8th, 2008, 11:46 AM
Pika_Master414: Great post, that was an interesting post!
Poliwag leveled up to 7!
Cyndaquil leveled up to 11!
KP-Jacob: Good post, you caught the popular Poliwag!
You caught a Level 3 Female Poliwag!
serginho: good battle post, your done with that place!
Mareep levled up to 10!
Mareep learned Thundershock!
Hoothoot leveled up to 7!
Hoothoot learned Foresight!
Rubii Naruto: Great post, you make very exciting posts!

July 8th, 2008, 12:00 PM
yeah, I'm going to keep Pichu. It'll be mentioned in the next post.

July 8th, 2008, 3:16 PM
Chapter 4: The City of Fruit!

Totodile and Bobby wandered into Cherrygrove City, their feet dragging behind them. "I'm sooooo hungery......." Bobby moaned. "Why didn't I eat breakfast before I left home?!?!" Totodile nodded in agreement.

Suddenly a wafting aroma sneaked up to their noses. Following the scent, the hungry duo came apon a garden filled with all sorts of fruit. Their mouths like faucents they jumped into the garden and began scarfing down fruit. Soon the garden was bare, and their stomachs were bulging. "Burrrrrrp! Bobby let out a big bealch.

"HEY! WHOSE BEEN EATING MY FRUIT?!" A horrible old voice broke through the duo's eating ecstasy. Looking up Bobby saw a horrible wrinkled old lady, holding a huge broom.

"Uh, hi! Sorry about this but we were..." Bobby began, trying to be charming.

"Stuff it sunny! Since you two ate all my fruit, you're going to earn it by hard labor!" the old bat yelled. Two hours later, and about half of the body's fluids, Bobby and Totodile were let off the hook. "Since you two boys did such a good job, take these!" The old women gave Bobby a Potion and an Antidote.

"Thanks...." Bobby said, a sweat drop appearing at the old bats mood swing. Saying good-bye, Bobby and Totodile stopped at the Pokemon Center to heal Totodile, before heading towards Route 30
(I hope thats ok, im just so far behind that i only wanted to do one post for Cherrygrove. if its not i can edit it so that they stay in the city)

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July 8th, 2008, 3:18 PM
Zimvee: That's alright there isn't really much to do in Cherrygrove Town, so go onto Route 30 :]

July 9th, 2008, 5:35 AM
Paws of Teddiursa, Part 1

It was getting darker and darker every minute and soon it would be already night but Windy wasn´t going to stop even to eat but Natu had other plans. "Finally we are here guys!" Windy yelled and looked over those last trees that separated her from Violet city.

Natu was sitting on Windy´s shoulder and it was pecking every now and then Windy´s ear in hope that she would stop and take a break but when it noticed that she was not going to stop it teleported itself away. "Where did you go Natu?!" Windy shouted and she started to feel worried because usually it teleported only few meters away so that Windy would be able to see it but not this time.

In the mean time when Windy was searching Natu with Togepi, Natu was having its own adventure. It had teleported itself in accidentally to some really dark cave and it started to feel afraid a little bit but darknes was too much for it and it started to shriek as loud as possible and ran crazily around.

Windy was still looking her precious Natu but she started to feel desperate when she didn´t have any clue where to look at. Suddenly she heard voices from the cave near by her and she decided to go look who was making those voices in hopa that it would be Natu.

In the mean time Natu was running around the cave and suddenly crashed towards something soft and fluffy when someone light the cave and Natu was able see who was standing straight a head of it. It was little Teddiursa and it was having a blue scarf around its neck. It had a trainer somewhere but Natu was more worried about their safety because its shrieking had awakened all pokémons in the cave and they weren´t happy at all.

When Windy was right infront of the cave she heard awfull noice that just get stronger and she started to feel scary. Suddenly Natu and Teddiursa ran out of the cave and they were chased by some angry Zubats, Pichus and Geodudes. It took some time to calm those wild pokémons but Togepi´s Metronome summoned Yawn that made all pokémons drowzy and they started to sleep. Windy used this opportunity wisely and escaped.

Windy stopped running when she had good distance to those wild pokémons and sat down to the grass field. She was really exchausted and also a bit amused but mostly exchausted so she wasn´t able to say a word. Teddiursa strated to cry out suddenly and Windy noticed it at first time. It was clearly someone´s pokémon but how it had managed to get to that cave at this time of night. Windy was thinking when Natu started to calm it down.

"So how did you got in taht cave?" Windy asked but she wasn´t able to understand anything that Teddiursa said, after all it was a pokémon and Windy was human. Suddenly Natu took Teddiursa´s scarf and handed it out to Windy and she was sure that it tried to say something important. Finally she managed to spot out an adress that was pressed into the back side of scarf.

´Lina Michilia, Violet city´ was the only thing written behind the scarf and Windy started to think really hard what to do.

"So your trainer lives in Violet city where I am going too. Well maybe we should take you with us and help you to find your trainer." Windy said and she was really pitying when she looked at that Teddiursa. Windy stood up and started to walk towards Violet city with his pokémons and this lonely Teddiursa. They didn´t now would they find this pokémon´s trainer or not but they were sure that they had gotten a new friend.

To be continued

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July 9th, 2008, 5:42 AM
RealPyromaniac: Great post, can't wait to see what happens to teddiursa and its owner

July 9th, 2008, 9:42 AM
post break >_> we'll see what happens next

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July 9th, 2008, 9:51 AM
Chapter 6: Route 31
Number of Posts: 1

Description: A meadow where a pond brings out the true passion of the city next to it, Violet City. Near the west side of the route there is a grassland and the gate that lets people into Violet City.

OOC: This route is more of an optional area. Your choice if you want to post in this area, this is just for extra levels!

Wild Pokemon

Level: 4-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug
Ability: Shed Skin
Attacks: Harden
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 4-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Poison/Bug
Ability: Shed Skin
Attacks: Harden
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 4-6
Type: Poison/Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Attacks: Hypnosis, Lick, Spite (Level 5)
Nature: Random
Ability: Uncommon

Level: 4-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Water
Ability: Water Absorb, Damp
Attacks: Water Sport, Bubble (Level 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

July 9th, 2008, 10:17 AM
Paws of Teddiursa, Part 2

When Windy decided to take Teddiursa back to its trainer she didn´t know what kind droubles it would get into. Teddiursas are naturally curious pokémons but this one was even more curious than others and it was all the time exploring and trying to befriend with wild pokémons.

The problem was that those other pokémons weren´t as happy to see Teddiursa and they often attacked against it. Windy had to battle many times and every now and then she had to escape because those pokémons attacked in groups not alone and she started to get really angry.

Finally Windy arrived to Violet city and even tough she was really exchausted from all the battling and running she just kept walking and didn´t stop even to eat. Togepi had fell asleep into Windy´s bag and Natu was sleeping on her shoulder but Teddiursa was full of energy and it was going all the time. Few minutes later Windy was walking in the middle of Violet city and there were lots of people there with their pokémons.

When she was walking among those trainers Teddiursa suddenly got lost and Windy wasn´t able to see where it had gone. Few minutes later it was clearly more quiet and people had gone to somewhere else. Now she was able to see around her but she couldn´t find Teddiursa from anywhere so she started to run around different places and asked from various persons had they seen Teddiursa.

Everyone said no and suddenly Wndy found herself wondering around near the famous Sprout tower where were lots of people and Bellsprouts. When she stepped inside the tower she immediately saw Teddiursa playing with some old man and with his pokémons and the man was sitting on a pillow.

Windy was really angry and worried about Teddiursa and she went ovet to look it. "Why didn´t you wait me?" she asked and hugged gently Teddiursa but stopped immediately when the man started to speak at her. "So you helped this Teddiursa when it needed help" he said peacefully and continued "As a reward for helping my sweet Teddiursa I will give you this dirty rock that I found near that Dark cave." and he handed over the stone that seemed to be very valuable to him.

When Windy rose it up into the air it shone in a weird way and it seemed to reflect light even too well but she didn´t had time to play with that stone and she put it into her bag. Windy sat down and the man told everything from very beginning and in the end she still had some open questions.

"But why didn´t you went to look at where it had gone?" Windy asked and that man started to laugh very gently and softly and quickly answered. "Well as you can see I am very old and in this age you don´t go out just like that." he said, stood up and continued speaking "Would you like to fight against me?" he asked and Windy was amused.

"Well...Yes I would!" she said and started to laugh but quickly stopped when she saw that the man was dead serious. The battle had started even before she had realised and Teddiursa was his choise but Windy had an ace on her hand. When they had travelled to Violet city she had seen every single move that Teddiursa knew so she was able to predict what would be the next attack.

"Go Natu!" Windy yelled and send still little bit sleepy Natu out to battle. "Use Peck!" she shouted but because Natu was still drowzy Teddiursa managed to hit with few very powerful Scratches. It had lost quite an amount of energy but it didn´t give up and Natu attacked furiously with Peck.

This time Natu managed to dodge all Teddiursa´s attacks and this time Natu was on top of this battle. "Let it come close to you and use Teleport every time until it gets dizzy!" Windy shouted and Natu worked it out exact way. Teddiursa fell to that trap but Windy lost her concentration when she saw that the man wasn´t giving any orders to Teddiursa and it managed to hit Natu with Lick.

Natu was clearly exchausted and it was getting slowlier every moment but it still didn´t give up. "Use Lucky Chant and then attack with all your powers and use Peck against it!" Windy yelled and Natu focused its power into one single point. When Teddiursa was enough close it used Lucky Chant and managed to even dodge Teddiursa´s attack.

After that it used Peck and Teddiursa flew across the room and crashed towards wall and faint. Natu and Windy had won this battle and they were in the same time proud and sorry because Teddiursa was also their friend so Windy ran over to look at it. it was still fainted and the man didn´t look worried at all. "Why aren´t you doing anything?" Windy said and he was angry but the man laughed and said "That Teddiursa has totally won your heart and I understand you but without pain there´s no gain and it has felt many even horrible things than that!" he said and pulled an potion out of his pockets.

He spraid it all over to it and Teddiursa started to move on Windy´s arms. Then it rose up and it was like nothing wouldn´t have even happened to it and started to play with Natu. Windy was surprised and didn´t know what to say and then she remembered that scarf. "Why was there reading Lina Michilia behind its scarf?" Windy asked quickly and the man said "It is my daughters name and Teddiursa is actually hers but because she left the town I had to take care of her Teddiursa." and sat down back to his pillow.

When Windy had left the tower she couldn´t stop thinking that Teddiursa and tiers fell on her cheeks and even she knew that she had done a bad decicion she kept walking. It was tough to leave Teddiursa but it was better with its true owner and so she walked into the sunset towards the Pokémart.

To be continued

rii - chii
July 9th, 2008, 10:21 AM
RealPyromaniac: That's a sweet ending, it made me sad too D=
Natu leveled up to 14!

Everyone: Route 31 is an optional route!

July 9th, 2008, 10:23 AM
post break, this shall keep you busy for a while X3

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July 9th, 2008, 10:29 AM
Chapter 6: Violet City
Number of Posts: 3

Description: A city which is filled with nostalgic scents. The town is built old fashioned showing that they don’t need much to survive. They have two towers within the city, one is known as Sprout Tower where several people train for self-defense. The other tower is a more modern area where the Violet City Gym is. They have a trainer school for beginning trainers to become top trainers.

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A place where you can heal your Pokemon and stay for free, what a deal!
Pokemart: A store for your trainer needs: Potion, Pokeball, Awakening, Paralyze Heal, and Antidote.
Earl’s Pokemon Academy: This is where students start to learn the basics of Pokemon
Sprout Tower: A place where trainers train and people worship the Bellsprout
Gym: See Falkner


Description: He is an elegant master of flying of Violet City; his dream is to become as great as his father was. He will stop at nothing to win; he’ll give his all to win.

OOC: The Gym Leaders have higher level Pokemon than the game they came from. You must use the amount of Pokemon that the gym leader has. For this gym, you may use only 2 Pokemon even if you have more than that.


Level: 12
Gender: Male
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Growl, Aerial Ace, Foresight, Hypnosis
Nature: Relaxed

Level: 14
Gender: Male
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Aerial Ace, Sand-Attack, Gust, Quick Attack
Nature: Brave

Zephyr Badge, TM40 – Aerial Ace
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/b/b6/Zephyrbadge.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Zephyrbadge.png)

July 9th, 2008, 10:38 AM
Sergio went to the next city to heal his pokémon when he saw Alex!

"Hey Alex what are you doing here", Sergio said.

"I'm waiting for you", Alex said.

"Mhhhh ok but why", Sergio asked.

Alex moved his hand downward meaning for Sergio to sit down.

"I have the poliwag you know the one I let go", Alex said.

"Really where is it", Sergio asked.

"In this pokéball", Alex answered while showing the pokéball.

"Give it to me", Sergio said overexcited.

"Ok I am going to release it and you fight it and recatch it ok", Alex said.

"But my pokemon need to go to the pokemon center", Sergio said.

"It's okay I will treat them", Alex said.

Sergio gave Alex his pokéballs and allowed Alex to treat them

"Here they are and also why won't you battle me as soon as you catch that poliwag what do you think", Alex said while releasing poliwag.

"It is cool with me, Go mareep use thundershock on the poliwag", Sergio said.

It hit poliwag big time but he did not give up and use his buble he hide behind his bubble and attacked with tackle.

"Wow that is the best attack ever it hit me double so hard", Sergio said interested about the attack "Use thundershock once again mareep"

The thundershock was effective but the poliwag was still up.Poliwag ran toward mareep trying to do the same attack again when he fell on the ground

"No that is not good go pokéball.", Sergio said. "and Alex I am not going to battle I'm of to the pokécenter."

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July 9th, 2008, 10:42 AM
serginho: What am I going to do with you? I'll let your Poliwag get caught, but you need to make rare Pokemon posts a little longer. :3 After all, i want you to have fun with this, let your imagination run wild XD

You caught a Level 3 Female Poliwag!

BTW, people who need their trainer cards updated, please update them, please come again :]

July 9th, 2008, 11:12 AM
OOC: It is taking me forever to post this. It wouldn't display on the page!

Pichu's light helped Gold find the exit of the cave and exit. Gold let out a sigh of relief. Poliwag almost caused him to be stuck in that cave. He didn't really feel like talking to her about it at the moment though. He needed to get to Violet City first.

Gold looked at the little Pichu and considered keeping it for a moment. They had both grown very close just by walking through a dark cave together. But Gold didn't have time to think about it for a trainer jumped in front of them.

"Hey, kid, let's battle," he said. The boy looked no older than ten which made Gold wonder why he was being called a "kid." "You'll battle with your Pichu."

"Well, actu-" Gold couldn't finish because the kid threw a ball out on the field without an answer. A pokemon that looked like a cute teddy bear appeared. Gold pulled out his pokedex.

Teddiursa, the Little Bear pokemon, read the pokedex. It lets honey soak into its paw so it can lick them all the time. Every set of paws taste unique.

"Okay then," said Gold while stuffing the pokedex back in his pocket. "Pichu, use thundershock!" Pichu sent small sparks fly from its cheeks. It hit Teddiursa making its whole body tense up from the electric shock.

"Teddiursa, use scratch!" shouted the trainer. Teddiursa ran towards Pichu with one of its paws in the air.

"Pichu, make the attack weaker with charm!" Pichu sent out a cute signal towards Teddiursa which made it pay more attention to to Pichu's attack than its own. Teddiursa stopped and looked at Pichu. "Now, thundershock!" Pichu zapped Teddiursa making it fall on its back.

"C'mon Teddiursa, now use lick!" Teddiursa stood up and exposed a long tongue. It licked Pichu across the face and halfway across the body.

"Pichu, break away!" shouted Gold. Pichu tried, but it was stuck on Teddiursa's tongue. It began to turn pale from the tongue attack. Gold then had an idea. "Pichu, shock its tongue with thundershock!" Pichu managed to release sparks from its cheeks, shocking the Teddiursa's wet tongue. Teddiursa cried out and fell hard on its back completely knocked out.

"Great job, Pichu!" shouted Gold. The kid called back his Teddiursa and began to cry.

"You're a big meanie! I battled you because I thought I could win!" cried the kid. He ran off.

Pichu leaped happily towards Gold. Gold laughed and looked at the little electric pokemon. "Pichu, would you like to travel with me for now on?" he asked. Pichu responded happily. Gold smiled and nodded. They both walked down the road until they saw Violet City. Gold had finally made it.

rii - chii
July 9th, 2008, 11:18 AM
Pika_Master414: Your posts are really good, you earned that Pichu, and it'll recieve a level up!

Pichu leveled up to Level 8!

July 9th, 2008, 11:33 AM
OOC: I am sorry I will make my posts longer.

Sergio walked onward the pokémon center and was looking around the city.

"Wow this city looks really..... ermm intersting", Sergio tought but it was ironicly

Sergio entered the pokémon center and he walked onward Nurse Joy.

"Can you heal my pokémon they are badly injured", Sergio said.

This was because Alex only used potions and hoothoot was paralyzed mareep was injured of poliwag and poliwag injured of mareep.

"Sure I will but it may take a while why wouldn't you sleep here", Joy asked.

Sergio walked to a room and he saw that Alex was in it to.

"Yo Alex what are you doing here", Sergio asked.

"Waiting for the battle you remember if you don't battle me I won't tell you a secret training spot", Alex said making Sergio curious.

"Well okay if you do so but is it okay if I train the poliwag against you", Sergio said.

Sergio was waiting for an answer but before he knew it Alex was asleep.

"It would be better if I rest now ", He said and went to sleep.

When Sergio Woke up the next morning he did not see Alex anywhere he went to the lobby and got his pokémon back and when he was about to leave the pokécenter he heard: "What about our battle".

Sergio turned around and he said. "Let's do it follow me we are doing it on route 31."

"Let's go", Alex replied.

They arrived at route 31 and Alex send out Magby and Sergio poliwag.

"Poliwag use bubble", Sergio said.

Poliwag tried to do the attack but it did not work there were no bubbles.

"ha that is pathetic magby smokescreen and ember", Alex said but he was serious again it is as if he is a different when in battle.

The attack was succesfull but not that effective.

"Come back poliwag, it is your turn mareep use thundershock", Sergio said.

Electricity came out of mareep and struck magby hard, he was not down and ran to mareep and attacked him phissically.

"wow magby you are really energetic but use ember magby", Alex said.

Magby came out of all the smoke and he fired his fire to mareep but mareep did not faint.

"Good job mareep try using thundershock ones more", Sergio said.

"ENOUGH", Aex yelled and he ran toward magby he was as red as fire."He has a fever better go back to Nurse Joy" and he ran onward the pokécenter.

"first I lose and now I can't finish my fight come back mareep", Sergio said and he ran to the pokecenter

rii - chii
July 9th, 2008, 11:42 AM
serginho: okay, your posts are getting better, that's good to know :)
Mareep leveled up to 12!
Poliwag leveled up to 5!
Poliwag learned Bubble!

Zeta Sukuna
July 9th, 2008, 12:17 PM
Episode 8: The Dark Cave

Lauren decided to hide in the cave. After all, she has suspicions about Venito. But now isn't the time to think about that, as Kyle was waking up.

"Uurgh. It feels like I was hit by a truck." Said Kyle as he got up. "Lauren, why are we next to a lake?"

"Lake?" Asked Lauren confused. Kyle pointed towards the lake, but Lauren was appearantly blind in the cave. "What are you talking about?" Kyle shook his head in disbelief.

"No, it's not possible. I can see in the dark. When'd that happen?" Asked Kyle. Lauren shook her head.

"I don't know, maybe it has to do with your thunderstone." Said Lauren. Kyle took out the thunderstone and looked at it.

"No that's not it, I can tell. Eh, maybe it's a normal ability, after all at least three of my old friends could do it." Said Kyle as he started walking away, forgetting Lauren again.

"Kyle, come back! I can't see!" Yelled Lauren before tripping into the lake. Before swimming back to shore, Lauren heard Kyle laughing.

Two hours later...

Kyle was walking with a rope tied around his wrist, and Lauren's left arm. When they saw a thundershock out of nowhere. Lauren just saw the lightning, but Kyle saw what the strike was for.

"Go, Poliwag, use Water Sport, but spray it on the Geodude!" Yelled Kyle. Poliwag looked confused, but did it, hurting the Geodude pack a very small amount.

"Return, Poliwag! Go Tyrogue!" Yelled Kyle once more as he switched the pokemon. "Tyrogue, use Fake Out, then Tackle!" Tyrogue charged the Geodudes and sucker punched them all, causing them to flinch, then started to tackle, but a Geodude came out on nowhere and punched Tyrogue, knocking him out.

"No! Return Tyrogue!" Yelled Kyle. The only pokemon he had left was Hoothoot, but she wouldn't do too good, but she was his last pokemon so he had no choice. (Poliwag would be picked off rather easily.)

"Go, Hoothoot! Use Tackle!" Yelled Kyle in desperation. But before Hoothoot could do anything, a Geodude tossed her into a rock. "Hoothoot, dodge!" Yelled Chris once again. Geodude went in for a solid strike, but Hoothoot was able to dodge and send the Geodude into the lake.

Now since the Geodudes were soaking wet, they weren't in the best of shape, so Kyle grabbed Pichu and ran out of the cave, dragging Lauren along with him.

After getting out of the cave, Kyle put the Pichu down. "You're free to go Pichu, just don't anger any more Geodudes." Said Kyle before starting to walk away, but Pichu started to follow. Kyle looked back and saw that. "Do you want to come with us?" Asked Kyle. Pichu started to mull it over, would Pichu come with Chris?

rii - chii
July 9th, 2008, 12:21 PM
Rubii Naruto: lol great post as usual, you certainly befriended the Pichu, it is yours! One more thing, I still need your new trainer card.

You befriended a Level 5 Female Pichu!

July 9th, 2008, 12:21 PM
OOC: I'm going to skip ahead directly to Dark Cave. And I might start posting shorter because it's really hot now(103 degrees today. I would love a nice swim:'(.) and being cooped up with the computer all day with the sun isn't fun. *cries* I'll still post, just not as often.

The Pokeball that had Poliwag in it was shaking. Gregory thought "Did I catch it? Did I catch it?" Suddenly the Pokeball stopped shaking. It took a few seconds for Gregory to realize what had happened. Suddenly it came over him. "Yes! I caught a Poliwag!" he shouted, while holding the Pokeball that had captured it up in the air. "Poli Poliwag!" Poliwag shouted. Then, it suddenly jumped out of its Pokeball and ran off. "Not THIS again." Gregory said as he ran off chasing after it.

Gregory stopped to catch his breath. "Where could he BE?" Gregory asked his Pokemon. Both just shrugged. "Pidgey! Larvitar! Help me look for it!" Gregory said. "Pidgey!" "Larvitar!" they said as they took of looking for the lost tadpole.

"Where IS it??" Gregory said after 2 hours of mindless searching. "GEY! Pid-GEY!" Pidgey shouted. "Wha-?" Gregory said as he turned around. Then, he saw it. Poliwag was running off into a dark cave. "Hey! Poliwag! Come back here!" Gregory said as he attempted to tackle the tadpole pokemon. But the Poliwag was too quick. "Poli-WAG!" it shouted as it jumped away just in time and ran through the mouth of the cave. "Poliwag, if this is a game, I don't think I like it!" Gregory said as he got up and walked into the cave.

"Poliwag! Get back here!" Gregory shouted. There was no anwser. Then, suddenly, a herd of wild Teddiursa hopped out. The leader was holding... holding... "Poliwag!" Gregory shouted. "Give me back my Poliwag!" But the leader Teddiursa just shook its head. "That's it!" Gregory shouted. "Pidgey! Tackle that leader Teddiursa!" Gregory shouted. Pidgey jumped forward and tackled the leader Teddiursa that was holding Poliwag prisoner. The Teddiursa tumbled over and Poliwag broke free.

"OK, Poliwag! Water Sport!" Gregory shouted. "Poliwag!" Poliwag said as its eyes grew slim and narrow. They glew with a blue light. Then, water came rising towards the sky. and came jetting down all over the Teddiursa. "Ursa! Teddiursa!" they shouted as they were drenched with all the water. "Now! Pidgey! Use Sand Attack!" Gregory shouted. "Larvitar! Sandstorm!" "Larvi-TAR!" "Pidgey!" They shouted as they sprayed sand and rocks over the Teddiursa. At the same time, Poliwag was still spraying water over them all. The result: a storm of mud.

"Yes! Now's my chance!" Gregory said. "GO! Pokeball!". The Pokeball flew over and sucked the leader straight inside. It started shaking. Will Gregory catch the Teddiursa? Only time will tell.

OOC: I'll do another post for Dark Cave, and I'll do Route 31. I need a Gastly. >:')

OOC(Again): serginho: okay, your posts are getting better, that's good to know :)
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Poliwag leveled up to 5!
Poliwag learned Bubble!

Isn't it supposed to learn Water Gun?

rii - chii
July 9th, 2008, 12:24 PM
cjerian: Lol it is hot today, anyways you certainly want to have a big party at the beginning XD You caught the Teddiursa!

You caught a level 5 Female Teddiursa!

July 9th, 2008, 12:27 PM
Gold took his first step into Violet City with Pichu riding his shoulder. Gold learned that Pichu did not like pokeballs that much and preferred to be outside with him. They both looked at the queit part of the city decorated with flowers and pretty buildings. Then he heard cheers and laughter behind him. The next thing he knew, Gold was on the ground, and his Pichu was in a crowd of little kids. Pichu desperately tried to get out of the little kids' reach.

"Gimme the Pichu!"

"I had it first!"

"Aww, what a cute pokemon!"

Gold pulled Pichu angrily out of the crowd. "Hey, don't you kids know any better? Your lucky my Pichu didn't zap you!" Gold said angrily to the crowd. Pichu climbed to the top of Gold's head and hanged on tight. The kids stared blankly at Gold.

"Kids, what are you doing out of class?" Gold turned around and saw a pretty lady who looked like nothing more then a schoolteacher. The kids all groaned and walked inside a building. Gold looked closer and jumped in shock. This was the school he used to attend.

The lady walked over to Gold and sighed. "I'm sorry for the children bothering you," she apologized. "They all love pokemon, but do not know how to handle them yet. You are..."

"Gold," Gold introduced. The lady smiled and shook his hand. "I'm Miss Lisa, the school teacher at this school. And by looking at you I can tell that you're a beginner trainer." Gold nodded. "Well then, why don't you come to the school for a while. I'm sure you'll learn something interesting and important for you upcoming journey."

Gold thought about it for a second and nodded. He walked inside the school building to learn another thing.

Gold sat in the class with a bunch of kids no older than nine. He felt weird, but still paid attention to what the teacher was saying. He got notes on different stats such as Sleep, Poison, and others.

Afterwards, the kids went out for recess. Gold decided to follow them and maybe show off all his pokemon to them. The kids enjoyed playing with Gold's cute Cyndaquil and Poliwag. Pichu was the only one who refused to play. He stayed on Gold's head the whole time.

Then Gold saw someone sitting off to a corner all alone. Gold walked over and sat next to him. The boy looked at Gold for a second, and then turned his head. "What's wrong?" asked Gold.

The kid looked at Gold timidly and then down to the ground. "I have nobody to play with. No one ever likes to play with me," he responded. "All I have is this bellsprout, but it only cares about battling. It never wants to play around." The boy pulled out a pokeball and showed it to Gold. He clicked the button and a small pokemon that looked like a root with a head appeared. "And the only with that is that I hate battling. I want to be a breeder when I grow so my bellsprout and I aren't a good match."

Gold grabbed the boy by the arm and pulled him up. "C'mon, it is not that hard to talk to some people. Have fun with my pokemon like everyone else." The boy sighed and walked with Gold.

Gold walked over to a small girl and boy playing with Cyndaquil. "Hey, he wants to play, too," said Gold pointing to the boy.

"Okay, you can play, Zacky," responded the girl. Gold punched Zacky on the arm. "See, it's not that hard," Gold mumbled in Zacky's ear.

Gold stared at Zacky's bellsprout walking around. No matter what Zacky thought, Gold really liked this pokemon. It had a fierce look on it; the face of a competitor.

Soon, recess was over and Gold went over to retrieve his pokemon until he saw an unbelivable sight. Zacky and Gold's Poliwag were running around with each other playing tag or something. Poliwag was enjoying itself a lot, and Zacky was actually showing a little personality as he ran with Poliwag. They had a destined bond in between them.

Zacky ran over to Gold breathless. "Wow, your Poliwag is amazing! I've never had so much fun in my life!" Gold smiled weakly as he looked at his extremely happy Poliwag. It was happier to be with Zacky than with him.

Gold took a breath. "Zacky, my pokemon is happier with you. How would you like to trade? Your bellsprout has the attitude I need for my pokemon team."

Zacky looked down at his bellsprout and nodded. "Okay," he said.

Soon, both trainers traded and Gold had possession of a new bellsprout while he left Poliwag behind. He knew that Poliwag's light, fun personality belonged with Zacky.

"Gold, you should go to the Sprout Tower," Zacky said as Gold was leaving. "You can battle a bit before you go to the gym."

Gold nodded. Then he bent down and patted Poliwag on the head. "Hey, be good and good luck," said Gold to his former pokemon. Poliwag gleefully responded. With that, Gold stood and headed over to the Sprout Tower to prepare himself for his first gym battle.

OOC: I traded my Poliwag because everyone else seemed to have one. Those kind of things bug me guess ^^. The bellsprout could be the same level as my Poliwag was (just like the games)

July 9th, 2008, 12:28 PM
cjerian: Lol it is hot today, anyways you certainly want to have a big party at the beginning XD You caught the Teddiursa!

You caught a level 5 Female Teddiursa!
I just like to train Pokemon from the beginning so I can teach them the movepools I like.

rii - chii
July 9th, 2008, 12:33 PM
Pika_Master414: Great post, you made a great post, I'll allow the trade!
You traded Poliwag for Bellsprout (Bellsprout will level more than before because it was owned by someone else before you)
cjerian: Lol, alright that'll be great for your Pokemon XD

July 9th, 2008, 12:48 PM
my pichu is a male and the new bellsprout is a female. Right?? (especially since i referred to pichu as "he" last post)

rii - chii
July 9th, 2008, 12:50 PM
Pika_Master414: Alright, that is correct, you can update your trainer card now :]

Zeta Sukuna
July 9th, 2008, 2:07 PM
(ooc: Warning, explanation of an evil team ahead. This is what I was talking about earlier, but like I said, this would be a side story, like Drake and Clause are in Zimvee's RP. Violet City may actually not be like what I'm describing, but it is nessessary for the explanation.)

Episode 9: The Appearance of the Recton Division (Part 1)

Violet City, home of the Sprout Tower, the Pokemon Training Acadamy, and the Pokemon gym. Probably one of the most famous city's in Johto, and half of it's population were trainers either in the gym, or in the Sprout Tower. But no one knew about what happened at night. Places like this usually look good during the day, but at night the town changes. Drug dealers, prostitutes, and renegade gangs and their members all ruled the night and caused chaos, like dealing drugs to innocent people, attacking each other with their own pokemon, robbing from stores and all of that stuff. But the town hides it pretty good and is known as one of the 'purist' places to live.

But the worst of all are the rumors of an underground rebellion forming under Cherrygrove and Violet. That rebel group is known as the Recton Division, dedicated in trying to take over the world to 'better it' so that hotspots like Violet City would never surface again, most really don't know that it's true, after all they don't really know anyone that would want to get involved in that rebel group. But there's another rumor that's even scarier, the second rumor. Team Rocket is trying to return, and they are trying to get Giovanni to return to Team Rocket.

On with the episode...

"Hey, we've made it!" Yelled Lauren, tired after all of what happened today. " Violet City!" Kyle sighed at Lauren's antics.

"Shut up and let us through." Said Kyle as he pushed Lauren to the side, the thing was he had Pichu on his shoulder. But after all, he needs more company then just Lauren, and Pichu was a good listener.

"Why do you have Pichu on your shoulder?" Asked Lauren. Kyle just slammed his fist into her head like back at New Bark Town.

"Why do you ask such annoying questions all the time?" Replied Kyle as they entered the city. But trainers were around the gate looking pretty mad.

"Man, I can't believe that the Sprout tower is closed today." Said a trainer as he and his friends started to walk away. Kyle and Pichu both had a grin on their faces.

"What are you two thinking?" Asked Lauren, but before Kyle could answer, she replied. "You know what? Never mind, I don't want to know. I'm going to check us into the pokemon center while you go do something stupid and probably send something after us." Kyle and Pichu nodded and ran off to the Sprout Tower. Lauren sighed before going into the pokemon center with Kyle's pokedex.

Sprout Tower...

Kyle and Pichu snuck around the people guarding the front and made it to the back trying to find a way in. "Pichu, use Thundershock and break the window." Yelled Kyle. Pichu nodded before breaking the window with a powerful bolt of lightning.

After jumping in, he realized that Pichu, and Poliwag were his only pokemon with him, as Tyrogue and Hoothoot had to be healed.

"Crap, oh well, These two need some training." Said Kyle, but what he didn't know was that there was a man behind him.

"Come on out, Rattata, and Pidgey!" Yelled the man, scaring Kyle.

"Oh, you want a match, eh? Well Go Poliwag, go out, Pichu!" Yelled Kyle sending Poliwag out. Pichu was already out.

"Pidgey, use Tackle on Pichu, then Rattata use Tackle on the same pokemon!" Yelled the man in black.

"Poliwag, use Water Sport, then Pichu use Thunderbolt." Said Kyle. Pichu dodged the double attack and watched as the water sprinkled on them, then fired a Thunderbolt, knocking Pidgey out, and hurting Rattata pretty badly.

"Heh, go Gya-" Started the man, but he was cut off by the sound of footsteps. "Admin Leon, what are you doing here?" Asked the grunt, but Leon grunted and motioned to the shadows. Suddenly a lightning bolt shot past Leon and hit the man, frying him and his pokemon.

"You failure, if leader didn't say that I couldn't do it, I would have killed you right there." Said Leon as he pointed to his Magneton. "Now, kid. With that little scuffle, you have been proven as a possible threat, even though that idiot is by far the weakest person on the league."

Leon then took the pokeball that the man was about to use and put it on his belt. "Paws off my Gyarados, punk." Suddenly Leon snapped his fingers and down came at least five grunts. "Attack!"

Kyle gasped, knowing that he was outmatched. and waited for his incoming fate. But suddenly a member was shocked. Kyle looked to the side and saw Pichu ready to fight.

"Pichu..." Said Kyle. Pichu stood there and grinned ready to fight to escape this trap, but four grunts still remained and it didn't look good. "Pichu, use Thundershock!"

To be continued... in Part 2

(Sorry for the short fight, but you'll see a longer one next chapter.)

rii - chii
July 9th, 2008, 2:12 PM
Rubii Naruto: Man, your posts are really detailed, it makes the RPG more exciting :] Can't wait to see what'll happen next.

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Poliwag leveled up to 5!
Poliwag learned Bubble!

July 9th, 2008, 3:36 PM
OoC: I keep falling behind with my other posts for the other RPs :P Meh, I've got to catch up!!

Route 30, Part 2

After being filled with happiness from catching Poliwag, Will decided he NEEDED to test it out. Will decided to find the nearest trainer possible, who happened to be a little kid.

"Hey kid, could we have a double battle please? I NEED to test out my newest Pokemon," Will asked.

"Well, fine. Come on out Pidgey and Rattata!" The kid shouted.

Will knew what these Pokemon were, no need to waste time with his Pokedex this time.

"Go Chikorita and Poliwag!"

Will's Chikorita and Poliwag appeared before him.

"Chikorita, use Tackle on Pidgey, Poliwag, Water Sport!"

Chikorita charged Pidgey, landing a direct hit, but all Poliwag could do was spray water around.

"This should be fun!" The kid laughed. "Pidgey and Rattata, Tackle Poliwag!"

While to two of the Pokemon charged, Chikorita used Razor Leaf. It knocked back Rattata, but Pidgey still got its hit off.

"It's okay Poliwag, just try to stay away from the attacks. Chikorita, Razor Leaf again!"

The leafs shout out from Chikorita. This time, it knocked out Rattata, but Pidgey managed to completely dodge it.

"Great job Rattata, return. Pidgey, Tackle on Chikorita!"

While Pidgey charged, Poliwag decided to take action, taking the blow.

"NO POLIWAG!!" Will said with anger.

Knowing his anger, Chikorita decided to end the battle before it got ugly. It Tackled Pidgey, knocking it out. Fortunately, Poliwag did manage to stand up, barely being knocked out.

"Good jo-" The kid started.

"Get away....NOW!!!!" Will yelled.

The kid was so frightened, he ran away as fast as possible.

Will used a Potion on Poliwag, who was as good as new.

"Thank god. I'm sorry you two had to see that, return."

Will's Pokemon returned to their Pokeballs.

Will continued walking and thought, "I really need to work on my anger issues."

rii - chii
July 9th, 2008, 3:58 PM
KP-Jacob: Lol, he does need to work on his anger management
Chikorita leveled up to 9!
Chikorita learned Poisonpowder!
Poliwag leveled up to 5!
Poliwag learned Bubble!

July 9th, 2008, 4:03 PM
OoC: Ahh, and THAT'S the fun of playing characters like that xD

rii - chii
July 9th, 2008, 4:04 PM
OOC: I totally agree, I want all of you to have as much fun as you, express your character's personality X3

July 9th, 2008, 7:07 PM
Gold decided to take Zacky's advice and go to the Sprout Tower to train. He needed that extra boost before he battled his first gym trainer. He took a short detour, though, and went to the PokeMart to buy two potions and two antidotes, and quickly stopped by the Pokemon Center to heal his pokemon after the long and difficult route they just went through.

Afterwards, Gold walked to a tall skinny building that was fairly high up. Gold looked at the tall building. Pichu, who was still clinging on to Gold's hat, peered up too and was shocked by how tall it was compared to how small it was.

Gold looked back and smiled at his pokemon. "Aw, it's okay, Pichu. Ready to go inside and win some battles?" Pichu flinged his head forward and Gold walked inside.

"Hey, what's that?"

Gold walked inside the building and saw a pillar that was rocking back and forth. He watched the black pillar and wondered it could rock like that while the building stayed intact. It bugged him for not knowing, but the pillar was still interesting to watch.

"What brings you here, young one?"

Gold was so focused on the pillar that he didn't notice the man walk behind him. He turned his head to look back at him and smiled. "I came here to look for some battles. I'm going to challenge the gym leader and I need to be ready."

The man nodded without saying a word. Gold noticed that he was bald and was wearing a blue robe. "You seem to be interested in that tower..."

"Yeah?" Gold turned around to completely face the man.

"You're a beginning trainer," said the man. He said this comment without a doubt in his voice.

Gold looked at the man puzzled. "How could you tell?" he asked.

The man smiled at him. "All beginner trainers stop by here and are fasinated by the Sprout Tower. Whether you realize it or not, what attracted you to this tower was the fact that it is a symbol of yourself. The beam swerving back and forth... that is the same as a beginning trainer. They are all just starting out, all beginner trainers are just sprouts waiting to grow and expand their skill."

Gold looked at the man surprised. "Wow, that is really something."
The man just smiled and nodded. "Yes, I'll now teach you the other reason this is called the Sprout Tower," he said. He pulled a pokeball out of his long blue robe and threw it in the air. A bellsprout appeared inside the building.

"Ah, a bellsprout!" Gold exclaimed. "Never even caught that," he mumbled to himself. He knew this man was issueing a challenge, so he pointed in the air and looked at the Pichu riding his shoulder. "Pichu, I choose you," he said. Pichu leaped off his shoulder and faced the bellsprout.

"Ha, okay, bellsprout, use vine whip," said the man. Bellsprout shot out two long vines that extended over to Pichu. Pichu was wrapped in the vines and lifted in the air. Bellsprout began to squeeze Pichu in the two vines.

"Pichu, break free by using thundershock!" Gold shouted. Pichu let out sparks from his cheeks that travelled down the vines and went through Bellsprout's body. Bellsprout dropped Pichu and backed up a little.

"That may have been good enough for you to get out of Bellsprout's vines, but grass is unaffected by electric types. Bellsprout, vine whip again!"

"Pichu, charm and then use tail whip!" shouted Gold. Pichu acted cutely in front of Bellsprout, making it sweat a little and weaken its attack. Then, while Bellsprout was distracted, Pichu ran forward and knocked Bellsprout to the floor using tail whip. Bellsprout's defense was lower now. "Pichu, finish it with another thundershock!" shouted Gold. Pichu leaped in the air and shot sparks from his cheeks that slammed directly into Bellsprout while it was still on the ground. Bellsprout was completely KO'd.

The man nodded as if he was impressed and held up another pokeball. Gold pulled one out as well and threw it in the air. "Go, Bellsprout!" Zacky's Bellsprout appeared. The man chuckled and threw his pokeball. A bellsprout appeared on his side of the field as well.

"What!" shouted Gold. "Don't you battle with anything besides a Bellsprout?"

"No, everyone here worships the Bellsprout. Bellsprout, vine whip!" Two long vines extended out of Bellsprout. Gold knew that that was basically all it could do.

"Bellsprout, stronger vine whip!" Gold shouted. Zacky's Bellsprout shot out two vines as well and knocked the other Bellsprout's out of the way. Then, Bellsprout got the vines snug around the man's. His Bellsprout just sighed and slid right out of the vines.

Man, this is going to be a never-ending battle, thought Gold. But then he thought of a clever way to use vine whip.

"Bellsprout, use vine whip!" shouted the man. Bellsprout shot two vines out that went directly for Gold's Bellsprout.

"Bellsprout, use vine whip to deflect his then grab the root!" shouted Gold. The Bellsprout obeyed his orders and shot two vines out as well. They slammed into the man's and his were deflected, but Bellsprout kept going. She kept it up until the vine was wrapped around the bottom of the man's bellsprout's root. "Now, throw it!" shouted Gold. Bellsprout lifted the other bellsprout off the ground and then released the vine, making bellsprout fly until it hit the wall. It slid down slowly until it hit the ground unconcious.

"Yes! Good job Bellsprout!" shouted Gold. The man just nodded and called back his second Bellsprout. He walked over to Gold and his Pichu and Bellsprout.

"Good battle. I have a good feeling that you will go far in your journey," said the man. Without saying another word, he walked off. Gold decided that it was time to go as well, so he left the Sprout Tower to head to the Pokemon Center. He felt that he was ready to finally battle Falkner and get his first badge.

OOC: I do not know if anyone has caught this, but in the anime, there is actually a schoolboy in it named Zacky and he has a Bellsprout. He accidently caught the Bellsprout after he was chasing Ash's Pikachu around.

July 10th, 2008, 1:47 AM
Sergio and Alex were running to the pokécenter waiting for nothing, when they were in front of the pokecenter Alex said: “Heal your pokemon and go to the belsprout tower battle some people and then you should go and battle the gym leader in the tower in the middle of the city.”

“But why how about you”, Sergio asked.

“I already have the gym badge I have a tip for you surround yourself with your attack that will leave the aerial ace chanceless”, Alex explained but it was not that clear.

“Alright I got it”, Sergio said he walked toward nurse joy and asked her to heal his pokemon this was done in a fraction of time and he left to the sprout tower.

“We are finally here well it would be better if I train poliwag and hoothoot”, Sergio was thinking.

He walked toward a person dressed like a monk the person asked: “Are you a believer”

“No what should I believe”, Sergio asked it was really unclear for him what the people meant.

“Well then you have to battle me go belsprout the trainer said.

Sergio laughed” look at that pokemon he is so thin he is almost falling down GO poliwag”

“mhhhhm a water pokemon this is going to be easy vine whip”, The monk like trainer said.

“Dodge poliwag use the attack you used on me bubble hide behind it and attack him physically”, Sergio said.

The belsprout dodged the bubble but not poliwag leaving im on the ground.

Sergio laughed again “It falls like a piece of paper look at it do it again poliwag”

But this time belsprout did not buy it he moved his body a bit to the side and poliwa fell on the ground.

“Being skinny isn’t that bad after all fat boy”, The monk trainer said.

“What was that you jerk you are going to get it poliwag bubble full power wash the skinny belsprout away”, He said.

It was a good attack but Sergio forgot that the belsprout was a grass type

“belsprout use your vine whip to wipe him out”, The monk said.

“Jump on his vine and use your tail to wipe it out”, Sergio said he was really irritated.

The belsprout was knocked out and the trainer walked toward Sergio lifting his hand meaning Sergio to shake his hands.

So I’m not fat enough to shake your hand go away you monk go worship your stupid belsprout god “, he said and he left going to the gym for his chance to win the badge

rii - chii
July 10th, 2008, 4:54 AM
serginho: good post, hopefully, you had enough training for Falkner X3
Poliwag leveled up to 7!

July 10th, 2008, 5:54 AM
okay, i finished my post. it is lengthy just to warn you.

rii - chii
July 10th, 2008, 6:24 AM
Pika_Master414: Wow, that a great post, very creative. Yes, I suddenly remember that episode XD
Bellsprout leveled up to 8!
Bellsprout learned Growth!
Pichu leveled up to 10!
Pichu learned Thunder Wave!

July 10th, 2008, 10:05 AM
Gold rested at the Pokemon Center for the night before heading to the gym. The good night's rest revived all his pokemon and made them ready for battle. Pichu once again climbed on Gold's shoulder before they left while Gold put his other pokemon in their balls.

Gold made it to the gym and was about to open the door until it opened itself. Gold jumped, but then he saw someone walk out- Matt. Matt saw Gold and his face lit.

"Hi, Gold, are you about to challenge the gym leader? Look..." Matt pulled out a small badge that looked a little like a wing. "I just beat Falkner! He should still be at the top of the building from our battle. Good luck to you!" Matt walked off and left Gold at the entrance of the gym. Gold took one last look behind him and walked inside.

Gold climbed to the top of the building just like Matt said and got on the roof. A large stadium was ontop of it. Gold looked across and saw a trainer that had long blue hair and white and blue clothes on. "Are you Falkner?" asked Gold.

Falkner looked looked up and spotted Gold. "Yes, I'm presuming you are another challenger?" Gold nodded so Falkner got in his spot. "Fine, I hope you battle just as well as that boy before you did." Falkner pulled out a pokeball and threw it in the air. A pokemon that looked like an owl appeared. Gold pulled out his pokedex.

Hoothoot, the Owl Pokemon, read the pokedex. It always stands on one foot. Even when it is attacked, it does not brace itself using both feet.

Gold pulled out a pokeball as well and threw it. Out of it came out Gold's cyndaquil.

"Hoothoot, use aerial ace!" shouted Falkner.

Gold never even had time to open his mouth. The attack came so quickly and suddenly that Cyndaquil was struck a second after the command. "That was fast!" shouted Gold. "But it is not happening again! Cyndaquil, use smokescreen!" Cyndaquil let smoke fill the area.

"Arg, where did that pokemon go!" growled Falkner. Gold smirked out of satisfaction. "Now, Cyndaquil, use ember!" Cyndaquil blew fire through the smoke clearing it, but also stricking Hoothoot hard. Hoothoot weakly got up but was hurting up bad. Gold looked and saw that the pokemon had gotten a burn. "Yes, good shot Cyndaquil!" Gold shouted.

"You haven't won yet. Hoothoot, hypnosis!" Hoothoot shot out waves from its eyes.

"C'mon, Cyndaquil, use ember to blow the attack away!" shouted Gold. Cyndaquil shot flames through the waves making them blow away. "Now, use tackle!"

"Hoothoot, aerial ace!" Both of the pokemon collided and fell back. Both of them had taken a lot of damage from the collision and stood up weakly. Both of them worked to stay up until Hoothoot collapsed. It had taken damge from its burn and it was too much.

Falkner called back his pokemon and pulled out a new pokeball. Gold looked out and saw that Cyndaquil was too tired to go through another battle. He called him back and looked at his shoulder. "Pichu, go!" he said. Pichu happily leaped out on the field.

"Pidgeotto, go!" Falkner shouted. A large bird appeared. "Pidgeotto, start this off with aerial ace!"

Pidgeotto slammed into Pichu quickly. Gold was amazed by how quick the attack was.

"Pichu, use thundershock!" Gold shouted. Pichu shot sparks that went towards Pidgeotto. "Pidgeotto, use sand attack!" Pichu thundershock never hit for Pidgeotto kicked sand at the attack, making it stop. "Now, use aerial ace again!" Everything happened so quickly that Gold didn't even see it, but the next thing he knew, Pichu had gotten ontop of Pidgeotto. He must have reacted quickly and jumped on while Pidgeotto was trying to attack.

"Great job, Pichu! Now use thundershock!" Pichu shot sparks that surged threw Pidgeotto. It cried out and bucked Pichu off.

"Pidgeotto, finish this with gust!" shouted Falkner. Pidgeotto threw wind at Pichu with its wings.

"Pichu, jump over and finish it!" shouted Gold. Pichu leaped over the wind attack and sent out sparks once more. They hit Pidgeotto. It slowly fell down until it hit the floor.

"No!" shouted Falkner. Pidgeotto was completely out. Sighing, Falkner called back his pokemon and walked over to Gold. "Congratulations," he said. He held out a badge and a disc to Gold. "Here, take the Zephyr and this tm. It contains aerial ace. Teach it to a flying pokemon. I'm sure it will come in handy, and oh, good luck in the Johto League."

Gold thanked Falkner and walked out of the gym with a new badge. He knew this was his first step towards the Johto League and he wasn't going to stop for nothing.

July 10th, 2008, 10:06 AM
Route 31

When Windy walked towards the Pokécenter she couldn´t help thinking her decicion to leave Teddiurse to its true trainer. She stepped inside the Pokécenter, gave her pokémons to Nurse Joy to heal up and went almost immediately to sleep. At next morning she woke up and saw her pokéballs on the table near by.

Then she dressed up and went for a walk to Route 31 that was just behind the gate that separated it from Violet city. When Windy looked around her she wasn´t able to see any wild pokémons so she sat down and stared at the sky and started to think what to do.

Few minutes later she started to hear weird voices from the meadow near by her. She stood quickly up and ran over to see who or what was causing that noise. When she arrived to the meadow she saw two Gastlys that were teasing other wild pokémons and they didn´t give mercy to anyone.

"Hey stop that!" Windy yelled and ran over to help those wild pokémons and her pokémons helped too. Instead of giving up Gastlys attacked furiously against Windy and she didn´t have any other choice than battle against them. "Go Natu and Togepi!" she shouted and continued "Use Teleport Natu to dodge Gastly´s attack and you Togepi, use Metronome!"

The smaller Gastly attacked multiple times against Natu but every time Natu used Teleport and dodged its attack which, in the end, made Gastly very dizzy. Togepi´s Metronome summoned Ice Beam which made the bigger Gastly to freeze. "Use Night Shade against that Gastly, Natu!" Windy yelled and it faint but the bigger Gastly broke out of the ice and used Lick against Togepi.

Togepi faint and Natu was the only one left but Windy had a plan. "Teleport yourself behind it and use Peck with your fullpower!" she shouted and Natu did the exact way it was told to. Everything worked out just fine and Natu repeated this combo twice when suddenly Gastly turned over and used Lick against it. Natu fell down and it was slightly paralyzed but it didn´t give up because it was decided to win.

Gastly started to attack furiously with Night Shade and Natu wasn´t anymore that fast because it was not able to move its wings and that made few attacks to hit it. Windy knew that she had to change her tactic but how?

Then she remembered how she had fought against Teddiursa and she got an inspiration to try something weird. "Don´t move at all until I say so!" she yelled and Natu was terrified. It didn´t know if Windy was speaking in serious or not but decided to give a try.

"Dive and use Night Shade!" Windy yelled Natu managed to dove just in right time. It launched Night Shade and Gastly didn´t see it coming so it hitted directly to it and made it faint. Then Windy threw a pokéball and ran over t see what had happened. She took the pokéball on her hand and saw how red light shone brightly when it tried to come out. She wasn´t sure what would happen.

To be continued

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July 10th, 2008, 10:42 AM
Pika_Master414: great gym battle post, close call wasn't it?
Cyndaquil leveled up to 14!
Cyndaquil is trying to learn Quick Attack, but it can only learn 4 moves! Delete a move for Quick Attack?
What? Cyndaquil is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?
OOC: Reply in the OOC page :]
Pichu leveled up to 12!
RealPyromaniac: Good post, you have caught Gastly!
You caught a level 5 Female Gastly!

July 10th, 2008, 11:40 AM
ooc: I know my post is really long.

Sergio walked to the gym and was thinking what pokémons to use "I am using mareep for sure and then I am using let's think what did Alex say"
Sergio was thinking so deeply he did not even nitice that he was in front of the gym "Ok I know i'm using poliwag to surround himself wtih his attack just like Alex said."

Then Sergio finally noticed that he was in front of the building "How can I climb up there look at the stairs" Sergio heared the ping of an elevator "Oh that is how"
Sergio walked to the elevator and was shocked when the door of the elevator closed "I am feeling really dizzy right now I think that it is the nerves"

All of the sudden Sergio heard the ping again and he felt that his stomach was making rounds "Okay it is my chance I am not going to ruin it"
"Well hello I have a visitor are you coming to see my flying tpe pokemon", He heard the gym leader say.

"Hello My name is Sergio and I am going to challenge you but first telll me your name", Sergio said.
"My name is Falkner and it is nice to meet you Sergio but lets stick our head to the battle", Falkner said.

"Okay go poliwag", Sergio said

"Wait not go over exciting we need to stand on the platform the white box near the elevator is yours and the other one is mine we only use two pokémon each and only you can switch them out and the refferee over there helps out is that clear", Falkner said.

"Okay lets battle then", Sergio said he felt like nothing was to hard for him.
"As you wish go hoothoot use your aerial ace", Falkner said quickly.

"Poliwag spin around while using bubble", Sergio responded to it.
The attack of Poliwag created a vortex which was so strong that it sucked hoothoot in it

"Okay go in the vortex and attack hoothoot with bubble", Sergio said with a big smile in his face "I actually got good advice from Alex", He thought.
"Dodge", Falkner said rather calmly "Okay now use your aerial ace on him "

This time the attack hit Poliwag leaving him almost knoock out.
"Poliwag come back and go mareep", Sergio said quickly."Mareep run toward hoothoot while preparing for your attack"

Mareep ran toward the hoothoot while preparing to attack when Falkner said.
" Hoothoot use your hypnosis"

"what should I do", Sergio was thinking deeply but it was too late mareep was already asleep.
"Come back mareep it is time to rest go poliwag hold a little bit use your bubble", Sergio said

The bubble hit the hoothoot and the hoothoot was down
"Hoothoot is knocked out Falkner only has one pokemon left.", the refferee said.

"Okay if you want it that way go pidgeotto", Falkner said.
"Wow what is that is it a bird", Sergio said acting dump.

"OFF COURSE it is a bird use your aerial ace right now and knock him out", Falkner yelled
This attack knocked poliwag out.

"Poliwag is knocked out both Falkner and Sergio have one Pokémon left.", The refferee said.
"O man the only pokemon I have left is mareep is a sleep oh well go mareep wake up", Sergio said and yelled at the same time but mareep was not waking up that easily.

"Use gust pidgeotto", Falkner said.
Mareep was surrounded by a gust and he was lifted up this however woke him up but he got smacked down getting a lot if damage.

"Wait refferee that is cheating my pokémon was asleep", Sergio said waiting for an explanation.
"No it is not", The refferee answered shortly

"well all right mareep jump and use your thundershock for 300%", Sergio said he was really excited.
The attack hit pidgeotto so hard that he could not fly anymore.

"Okay mareep now finish it with tackle", Sergio said.
The pidgeotto could not do a thing so he got knocked out.

"Pidgeotto is knocked out and the winner is Sergio an mareep", The refferee yelled.
After that this was announced mareep fell to the ground and he slept.

"Come back mareep you did a great job",Sergio said proudly.
Falkner walked toward Sergio and said "congratulations this is your first step to the johto pokemon league so congrats and here is a case for your badges it is yours.

"Thank you" Sergio said and he put the badge in his case and walked to the elevator

rii - chii
July 10th, 2008, 11:47 AM
serginho: Good gym post, you got the badge!
Mareep leveled up to 14!
Mareep learned Thunder Wave!
Poliwag leveled up to 9!
Poliwag learned Hypnosis!

July 10th, 2008, 12:07 PM
OOC: How many posts can we do for Violet City? In Cherrygrove there was nothing to do, and in Violet there's too much to do. XD

The Pokeball stopped with a ping. "Yes! I caught a Teddiursa!" Gregory shouted as he picked the Pokeball up for the world to see. His Pokemon danced happily. "You know, I think we should train a bit more. There might be a trainer willing for a match-" Gregory stopped in his sentence as he had bumped into a trainer. "Oh, sorry." Gregory said.

"He, I'll battle you." said the trainer. "Great! I was looking for somebody to battle with!" Gregory said. "That's pathetic." the trainer said. "Why don't you battle one of those Zubat that are roaming around everywhere?" "Because I want a REAL challenge!" Gregory said. "Shut up before you mouth falls off and let's start this battle already. It'll be 4 on 4." the trainer said. "Bellsprout! Come on out!" the trainer said as he threw a Pokeball. The Bellsprout landed and started wobbling about. "Go! Pidgey!" Gregory shouted.

"Bellsprout! Use Vine Whip!" the trainer said. "Bellsprout Bell!" the Bellsprout said as it launched two green vines at Pidgey. "Pidgey! Dodge!" Gregory said as Pidgey easily dodged the attack. "Now! Use Tackle!" Gregory commanded. "Pidgey Pi!" Pidgey said as it ran at full speed and tackled the Bellsprout. "Bellsprout!" the Bellsprout shouted as it fainted. "Hmph, that was horrible." the trainer said as he released the Pokemon. "Bell! Bell!" it shouted as it ran away. "Why did you do that?!" Gregory asked full of shock.

"Because that Bellsprout was pathetic." the trainer said. "Go! Pikachu!" he shouted. "Go! Larvitar!" Gregory shouted. "If you
train your Bellsprout, it'll become stronger!" "Too late. Pikachu! Thunderbolt!" the trainer shouted. "Pika-CHU!" the Pikachu launched a bolt of lightning at the Larvitar, but it had no effect at all. "Now, Larvitar! Sandstorm!" Gregory shouted. Larvitar sprayed rocks everywhere slowing down Pikachu. "Ha. I'm not down yet! Pikachu! Agility! Avoid those rocks!" the trainer shouted.

"If you want to play it that way, I'll play that way too!" Gregory said. "Larvitar! Stop Pikachu with your Leer!" Gregory said. Once Larvitar had used Leer, Pikachu stood there frozen and got buffeted by a number of rocks. "Pika-" it said as it fell over. "Well, that sucked. You runt, why don't you return now?" the trainer said. "Hey! That's no way to treat your pokemon!" Gregory shouted. "Do I care?" the trainer said. "Go! Staraptor!" he shouted as he sent out a monstrous looking bird out of its Pokeball.

"What is that?" Gregory said as he took out Dexter. "Beep. Beep. System Malfunction. Searching. Searching." it beeped. " Searching. Searching. Match found. Pidgeot. Bird Pokemon. It spreads-" "That is NOT a Pidgeot!" Gregory shouted. "Searching. Searching. Pidgeotto. Bird Poke-" the Pokedex tried. "That isn't a Pidgeotto either! What the heck is it?" Gregory asked. "And don't say it's a Pidgey, because it isn't!" Gregory shouted. "Er- yes. Species Unknown. Species Unknown. Beep. Searching. Species found. Pidgey. Bir-" the Pokedex beeped again. "Never mind." Gregory sighed as he put the Pokedex back in his pocket. "That didn't work at all."

"Go! Teddiursa! Lick it!" Gregory said. "Teddi!" Teddiursa licked it right in the face. "Now! Scratch!" Teddiursa jumped and scratched it. "No! Staraptor! Close Combat!" the trainer said. "Staraptor!" Staraptor punched, kicked, and pecked it at the same time, causing Teddiursa to fall down. "Now! Stomp!" the trainer said. "Uh-Oh! Teddiursa! Fake Tears!" Gregory shouted. "Teddi!" Teddiursa started crying. "Staraptor! Don't mind the tears!" the trainer shouted. But the Staraptor was looking down at the Teddiursa and not attacking at all. "Teddiursa! Scratch!" Gregory shouted. Teddiursa jumped up, and landed the final blow on the Staraptor.

"Hmph." The trainer said. "Go! Houndoom!" "Poliwag, let's show this guy some guts!" Gregory said. Poliwag and Houndoom both jumped forwards. "Houndoom! Flamethrower!" the trainer shouted. "Poliwag!" Poliwag shouted as it got knocked backwards. "Poliwag! Get up! Use Water Sport!" Gregory said. Poliwag obeyed and sent out a Water Sport drenching Houndoom in water. "Poliwag! Now jump on Houndoom!" Gregory said. "Poliwag!" Poliwag shouted as it crashed into Houndoom, making it fall down onto the unsuspecting trainer.

"There! That was fun." Gregory said. "Good battle." the trainer said. "My name is Richard, and we'll battle someday again. See you." Gregory waved and walked out of the cave, having just made a new rival.

OOC: Yeah. I know that his Pokemon were really weak. But I did it on purpose to show he's kind of bad at raising his Pokemon.

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July 10th, 2008, 12:12 PM
cjerian: that was alot of Pokemon in a battle! There are three posts for Violet City
Larvitar leveled up to 11!
Pidgey leveled up to 7!
Poliwag leveled up to 4!
Teddiursa leveled up to 6!

July 10th, 2008, 12:13 PM
serginho: that was alot of Pokemon in a battle! There are three posts for Violet City
Larvitar leveled up to 11!
Pidgey leveled up to 7!
Poliwag leveled up to 4!
Teddiursa leveled up to 6!
I'm not serginho... No offense though, probably just a typo.

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July 10th, 2008, 12:15 PM
cjerian: man, I'm sorry D= I'm a little dizzy because I'm alittle sick XP

July 11th, 2008, 12:20 PM
Gregory walked out of the cave and headed towards Violet City. "Hmm..." he said. He was looking through a guidebook of the Johto Region while walking. "It says here to beware of Ghosts and have a psychic pokemon with you while walking down this route. I wonder why." Gregory said as he lifted his head up from his guidebook. Suddenly, he saw a swirl of black and purple making a silly face and sticking its tongue out at him. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gregory shouted as he threw the guidebook up in the air and ran in the other direction. The swirl of colors said "Gastly? Gastly!", flew after Gregory, and grabbed him.

"HELP! I'M BEING KIDNAPPED!" Gregory screamed. "Gastly Gastly!" the swirl laughed. Suddenly the Pokedex started beeping. "Gastly. The Gas Pokemon. A being that exists as a thin gas. It can topple an Indian elephant by enveloping the prey in two seconds." it beeped. "It's not a ghost?" Gregory said. "Gastly is also known as a Ghost Pokemon." Dexter said. "WHAT!!?!?!?! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Gregory shouted. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! LARVITAR! BITE! PIDGEY! SAND-ATTACK! POLIWAG! WATER SPORT! TEDDIURSA!!!! LICK!!!!!!!!! IT'S GOING TO GET US!!!!!!!!! WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

His Pokemon stared at him, and then used their attacks. But Gastly quickly dissapeared into thin air. "Whew! It's gone! I'm alive!!!!!" Gregory started dancing. "Teddiursa!" his Pokemon said as it nudged Gregory. "Stop it!" Gregory said. Then suddenly Gastly appeared and tapped Gregory on the shoulder. "Stop it Teddiursa!" Gregory said as he turned around. "AAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCKKKKK!! GASTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!" Gregory shouted as he started running with his pokemon as Gastly chased after him.

Gregory ran all the way until he saw a little gate with two police officers standing in front of it. "Excuse me." Gregory said. "Yes?" one of the police officers replied. "I'm trying to run away from this pokemon, but it won't stop following me." Gregory explained. "OK, why don't you catch it?" the other police officer replied. "It's a Gastly." Gregory said. "WWWWWWHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT?????!!!!!!!!" one of the police officers shouted. There was a look of sheer terror on both officer's faces. "Run for it, kid!" the other officer said. "We'll take care of things!" "OK!" Gregory said. He ran straight through the gate and found himself in Violet City.

"Wow! Violet City!" Gregory said. But suddenly, the two officers came running towards Gregory. "The Gastly's after us!" one said. "Run for it!" "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Gregory screamed. "Not this AGAIN!" Gregory screamed as the trio ran through an alleyway with Gastly chasing after them. "Hands up!" one of the police officers shouted at the Gastly. "Gastly!" Gastly bent over and tried to raise a hand it didn't have and did a soumersalt. "Never mind!" the officer said as he pointed a pistol at the Gastly. "Stop chasing us or you're gonna go to that big Gastly meeting in the sky!"

"Um... officer... that Gastly already IS a ghost." Gregory said. "Dang it!" the officer said. "We're never going to catch it!" The Gastly gave chase once again. "Not if I can help it!" the other officer said while running. "I'm calling headquarters! They're sending some Pokeballs over! We have to catch it! It's the only way!" "What?" Gregory asked. Why don't I just throw one of my Pokeballs?" "Oh. Then throw one please!" the officer said. "OK! Go Pokeball!" Gregory said as he threw a Pokeball at the Gastly. The Pokeball sucked the Gastly in and Gregory picked it up. It started shaking.

OOC: This doesn't count as a post for Violet City, does it?

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July 11th, 2008, 12:24 PM
cjerian: no sorry, it isn't because it mostly took place in Route 31, but you did catch a Gastly!
You caught a level 5 Male Gastly!

Zeta Sukuna
July 12th, 2008, 2:13 PM
Episode 10: The Appearance of the Recton Division (Part 2)

Pokemon Center...

"I wonder where Kyle is? I mean, he usually doesn't take so long anywhere?" Asked Lauren to herself as she took out a magazine. "Oh, well. I can wait."

Back at the Sprout Tower...

"Stop everything right now!" Yelled a voice. Leon looked back and saw a person with clothes that covered his entire body.

"L-leader!" Yelled Leon as he bowed down. Seeing a team Admin bowing down to the new person, they decided to bow down too. "Why are you here Leader-sama?" Asked Leon still bowing down. the leader just snorted before saying.

"Your unit needed an inspection, and since Lady Katrina is busy in Olivine, I have to come." Said the leader as he looked at Kyle. "What is a kid doing in here?"

"I'm not a kid! Pichu, use Thundershock!" Yelled Kyle, but the leader stuck his hand out and was unaffected.

"Hahaha! Do you think I came unprepared? Asked the leader showing that he has rubber gloves on. You are a fool, Go Cyndaquil." And out came a fierce looking Cyndaquil who probably could be a high-level Quilava.

"Heh, a Cyndaquil? Go, Poliwag, use Bubble!" Yelled Kyle sending out the tadpole, but the bubble did almost nothing.

"Heh, Cyndaquil, use Flamethrower!" Yelled the leader. Cyndaquil exhaled a lot of fire, defeating Poliwag in an instant, and nearly burning Kyle. "Now, go and run away. Run as far as you can." Said the leader as Kyle grabbed Poliwag and Pichu and started running away. "Run kid, you'd better run! or today will be your last day. RUN!!! Hahahaha!!"

Kyle ran out of the Sprout Tower and towards the Pokemon Center, scared that the man covered in clothes.

Pokemon Center...

Lauren started to walk to the room, giving up on waiting when...

"Lauren, we have to go!" Yelled Kyle as he grabbed Lauren's hand, but the stress and excitement, not to mention the now lack of adrenaline made him fall unconscious.

Lauren sighed as she dragged Kyle to their room. Pichu jumped off of Kyle's head and grabbed a pokeball interested in it, and pressed the button, which she faced away from herself, just in case. Anyway, it returned Poliwag to his pokeball, scaring Pichu badly.

(ooc:Next time there is an actual battle Kyle Vs. Falkner)

rii - chii
July 12th, 2008, 2:25 PM
Rubii Naruto:great post, that must've been one high leveled Cyndaquil!

July 13th, 2008, 12:57 PM
alright, here is the post break! :]

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July 13th, 2008, 1:18 PM
Chapter 7: Route 36
Number of posts: 1

This is a route that extremely short that heads off to Ecurteak City.
Unfortunately, there is a tree that is blocking the path.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 6-8
Gender: Female
Type: Poison
Ability: Poison Point, Rivalry
Attacks: Growl, Scratch, Tail Whip (Level 7)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 6-8
Gender: Male
Type: Poison
Ability: Poison Point, Rivalry
Attacks: Leer, Peck, Focus Energy (Level 7)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 6-8
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Fire
Ability: Intimidate, Flash Fire
Attacks: Bite, Roar, Ember
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 6-8
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Fire
Ability: Flash Fire
Attacks: Ember, Tail Whip, Roar (Level 7)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 6-8
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Cute Charm, Normalize
Attacks: Growl, Tail Whip, Tackle, Attract, Sing (Level 8)
Nature: Rarity
Rarity: Uncommon

July 13th, 2008, 9:13 PM
Rivalry Wings and Living on the Edge

Windy was walking towards the gym of Violet city and in the mean time she was thinking many different things including her very first gym battle against Falkner, the great flying type expert. Finally she saw the gym for very first time and she stared it just for few minutes. Windy was stunned for respect and surprise because the gym was that high that it was able to reach clouds and when she stepped inside she immediately noticed trainers that were fighting each others and also those ones who were just training.

Windy walked around the gym and looked many battles that made her feel thrilled but suddenly she heard a voice that she wished not to hear ever. “Is it truly you Windy?” a trainer shouted from the arena and waved her hand towards Windy. Windy didn’t have any other choice than wave back to her and now everyone spotted her and Natu but she was even more embarrassed when everyone started to whisper.

The trainer ran over and took Windy´s hand and pulled her to the arena and now everyone was able to see her. “What are you doing over here?” Windy asked and the trainer laughed and wasn’t able to speak at all. “I am training over here of course.” the trainer said and continued quickly “I’ve been here for a month just training so I could beat the great Falkner but he is way too good.” and started to laugh but this time her laugh was cold.

Few minutes later they both were walking around the gym and speaking of Falkner when he stepped behind the corner. “I’ve heard that there is a trainer that wants to challenge me. Is it true?” he said and demand answer from Milia who looked very scared. “Yes that is true my masters but actually there are two trainers that want to fight against you.” she answered and Windy looked very concerned and in the same time very excited.

“Who is this second trainer?” Falkner said and Windy wasn’t able to say if he was thrilled or not. “I am the second trainer and here is the first trainer!” Milia said and pointed at Windy who was surprised. “What are you saying? Are you going to fight too?” Windy shouted and started to argue with Milia but Falkner looked more amused than worried about.

“The rules say that if two challengers can’t choose who will battle at first they have to battle and the winner will get to choose.” Falkner said and led those two trainers to one big arena right on top of the gym and they had to take elevator to get up there. Milia and Windy had to held their breaths so they wouldn’t faint, when they stepped out of the elevator. They had arrived to the very top of the gym and the sky was their only limit. It was wide open and very empty so there wouldn’t be anything to limit the space and the pokémons could move as much as they’d like to.

“The battle begins when both trainers have called their first pokémons out of their pokéballs and both of the trainers can use only two pokémons!” Falkner shouted and stepped few steps aback. “Come out Gastly!” Windy yelled and in the same time Milia send out her Cleffa. Windy immediately pulled her pokédex out of her pocket and checked Cleffa´s stats.

Few minutes later the battle was furiously started and neither Milia or Windy wasn’t holding back at all. “Dodge its attacks and use Lick every time when it drops its guard!” Windy shouted but Milia was somewhat tough trainer and Cleffa managed to dodge every Lick that Gastly tried to do. Then Cleffa fell down and Gastly managed to use Lick that made Cleffa instantly faint.

Milia was angry and disappointed to her Cleffa but hold it back and continued the battle by calling her other Pokémon out to battle. “Go Gastly!” she yelled and Windy was shocked that Milia had managed to catch a Gastly like she had but she still didn’t hold back at all and attacked furiously. “Use Lick and dodge its attacks!” Windy shouted but Milia´s Gastly was well trained and managed to hold its own. It dodged every single attack that Gastly made and hit multiple times with very strong combos that lowered Gastly´s energy and it started to feel exhausted.

“Dive down and attack under it with Lick!” Windy shouted and Milia´s Gastly fell into the trap that they had set to it. Gastly dove down and used Lick which made it paralyze totally and it fainted from the next attack that Gastly made. “I won! I won!” Windy yelled and jumped all around the arena and jeered right in front of Milia´s face which made her angry and jealous.

“Did you know Falkner that Windy uses Hello Skitty! underwears all the time?!” Milia yelled and Falkner started to laugh loudly but that Windy didn´t like that at all. She plushed and got angry but decided to revenge. “Have you told that you use Hello Skitty! tooth paste because it taste so good?!” Windy yelled.

Few minutes later when Falkner had laughed enough and Milia had run off from the arena there were only Windy and Falkner left. “Are you ready to start you very first gym battle?” Falkner asked and Windy raised her thump as a sign that she was ready. “Go Gastly!” Windy yelled and in the same time Falkner send out his Hoothoot.

“Use Lick!” she shouted but Hoothoot managed to dodge every single attack. Then it furiously attacked with Peck and Gastly accidentally dropped its guard. Gastly was even more exhausted than before and Windy had to take risk. “When it comes enough close to you, use Lick and dodge!” she yelled and Gastly worked it out the exact way it was told to. Hoothoot was almost two peeks away from Gastly and it used Lick with full powers. After that it barely dodged Hoothoot´s attack and Hoothoot crashed into a wall and faint.

Windy still had a change to win her first gym battle but after Falkner´s Pidgeotto had knocked Gastly down, she started to feel depressed. “Go Natu!” Windy yelled and this was it. If Natu would faint she would lose and had to leave without badge and she gathered her courage and attacked furiously. “Use Night Shade when it is enough close to you!” she screamed furiously and made Natu to lose its attention.

After few attacks Natu was feeling really exhausted but it didn´t give up at all. It attacked and it was much faster and stronger than before because it was pushing itself near to its breaking point. “Use Teleport and make it dizzy! After that use Night Shade with all your powers!” she yelled. Natu teleported multiple times and little by little Pidgeotto started to feel dizzy and it lost its concentration. Now was time to end this battle and Windy knew it. Natu used Night Shade and it managed to make Pidgeotto faint but at first Windy didn´t realize what had happened.

“Congratulations Windy. You really have earned this badge and it symbolizes living on the edge. Here, take it!” Falkner said and handed over the badge. Windy took it and putted it into her bag. She left the building and walked towards the Pokécenter proud of herself.

To be continued

Bad Revenge

When Windy was walking away from the Pokécenter she couldn´t help thinking what had happened to Milia and she smiled but even she didn´t notice that. Suddenly Milia jumped out of the bushes near by Windy and she was really trashy and looked furious.

"Look what you´ve done to me!" she screamed like a little girl, which she truly was and threw her pokéballs up in the air and summoned Cleffa out to battle but Windy was not going to battle at all. Unless if it was the only way to get rid of Milia.

"Look at yourself. You´ve became all trashy!" Windy said and laughed coldly but stopped immediately when she noticed it. Then she continued asking "Did you manage to get that badge after all?" and continued walking despite the fact that Milia was ready to battle and she was saying something.

"Yes, I actually did!" she screamed but in the same time she looked even more furious and yelled "If you are all that mighty, come here and battle against my Cleffa or don´t you dare!" and that caught Windy´s ears. She immediately turned over and walked back to there where she had been just a while ago.

"I dare to battle against you if that´s what you mean." Windy said and send out Togepi, who was still a bit sleepy. "Go Togepi! Use Metronome!" she yelled and Metronome summoned huge Aeroblast but tiny Togepi wasn´t able to control it which made it to fail.

In the mean time Cleffa used attacks like Sing and so on which made Togepi even more drowzy and then Cleffa attacked. It used many powerful attacks but Togepi managed to dodge almost every single attack even tough it was drowzy. "Use once more Metronome!" Windy yelled and this time Metronome summoned a Fire Blast that made Cleffa faint.

Windy smiled and walked away from the scene happily and glad from her achievement.

To be continued

rii - chii
July 14th, 2008, 5:52 AM
RealPyromaniac: that was a great post! alot of strange events made it fun to read :]

Gastly leveled up to 8!
Gastly learned Mean Look!
Togepi leveled up to 9!
Natu leveled up to 16!

July 14th, 2008, 8:36 AM
Gold held the badge high in the air and happily looked at it. Pichu, who was up on Gold's head, also looked at the badge as it glittered in the sunlight. Gold was now heading to the next town where the next badge was. Gold was going to get there as quickly as possible so he could collect his next badge.

Gold walked onto the next route and was a little surprised. The Route was so short that he could see the exit of it. He just shrugged and walked on. This just meant that he would get to the town quicker... hopefully.

Then, Gold saw a pokemon leap in front of them. It looked almost like a small fox with many bushy tails. Gold saw that it was a Vulpix on his pokedex.

Gold hesitated as he pulled out a pokeball. This match would be perfect for his new bellsprout. Vulpix did have the type advantage, but it was a wild pokemon which made it weaker. Gold threw the pokeball out on the field. "Go, Bellsprout!" he shouted. His little root pokemon appeared.

"Bellsprout, raise your defense with growth!" shouted Gold. Bellsprout puffed her body up and tensed up.

Vulpix looked angrily at the attacking bellsprout and opened up its mouth. Flame burst out of its mouth and headed straight for Bellsprout.

"Ack, Bellsprout, dodge!" shouted Gold. Bellsprout leaped out of the way of the fire attack. "Now, use vine whip!" Bellsprout shot two long vines that headed straight for Vulpix.

Vulpix responded to the attack quickly. It immediatly opened its mouth and shot more flames out of it. They hit the vines, making Bellsprout pull them back in pain. Then it came charging towards Bellsprout.

Hm, I guess I could try it again, thought Gold. He held up his hand. "Bellsprout, use vine whip to stop the attack!" he shouted. Bellsprout attempted the attack again, this time wrapping her vines around the Vulpix's body. She lifted the small fox pokemon in the air and threw it across the field. It slammed hard on the ground before it managed to get up again.

The pokemon began to open its mouth again before Gold thought of something. "Bellsprout, use vine whip on Vulpix's tongue!" Bellsprout wrapped her vines firmly around Vulpix's mouth, stopping the attack. Then Bellsprout used her vines to push Vulpix back. It slammed into a tree hard. Standing up weakly, it walked away from the battle.

Gold let the pokemon go and walked to the gate for the next route. He was happy to know that he could handle major type differences if he needed to.

ooc: Sorry for the delay. Just started soccer and it's been pretty hectic.

July 14th, 2008, 11:39 PM
Get rid of them

Windy sat down and started to look her guide book and map and now it was sure as a Houndoom. She was lost in the woods and Windy didn´t have any other choice than try to find her way back to the Route that she was originally going to go. She looked around for trainers that could help her but in those woods there where only few people and they were chased by some weird moving tree.

Minutes later Windy found herself wondering in the middle of the darkest and the deepest parts of the woods and even she tried how hard to leave something just kept her walking. Suddenly she noticed that she had arrived to very dark and fully open meadow and it was full of swarming pokémons. There were Vulpixs playing and chasing each other, Growlithes sleeping, Nidorans playing and eating something that looked like a bug but Windy didn´t want to know more because it was pretty ugly.

She sat down under a tree and looked her guide book. "Some of these pokémons should be very rare around here but that pokémon shouldn´t even be here at all." Windy said and pointed at some cat like pokémons. She remembered that she had seen that kind of pokémon once in a TV when she was watching cordinating competitons from Hoenn region. Gril named May had had it and she called it Skitty.

Now when Windy was thinking that pokémon she really liked about its carefree and restless spirit. There was only one problem in Skitty and it was its weakness. Even tough Skitty was cute it was easily taken out and because Windy didn´t even have a moon stone she couldn´t evolve Skitty to Delcatty so she forget catching it almost immediately.

Instead of catching pokémons she decided to train some of her pokémons that had getting stronger but they were still too weak. Windy stood up and started to walk around the meadow seeking for powerful opponents and suddenly she saw them. Vulpix and Growlithe was battling and biting each others in rage and Windy was stunned when she saw their powers.

She stepped right infront of them and that was a mistake because she had interrupt those two´s battle. Instead of battling against Windy they summoned their friends and started to chase Windy.

Windy barely managed to get rid of those pokémons and then she noticed it. Route where she was standing at that very moment was full of trainers and she happily jumped around. She had finally arrived to that Route that she was supposed to be and she started to walk towards some ponds that she was able to see.

To be continued

July 15th, 2008, 3:30 PM
The Pokeball stopped wiggling with a "ping". "Yes! I caught a Gastly!" Gregory shouted. "Haha, kid." one of the officers said. "We've got you where we want you." he said. "What-?" Gregory asked, dazed. "Hands up!" he said, as he pointed his pistol at Gregory. "What in the world!?" Gregory asked. "My name is Bob!" said the officer. "And mine Ted!" the other said. "And we're the Pokemon poaching duo!" they said as they threw of their costumes. "WHAT???!!!" Gregory said.

Bob: "Stop right there!"
Ted: "cause' we're here!"
Bob: "The best at poaching the world has ever known!"
Ted: "And we don't just put the pokemon up for show!"
Bob: "Hey, I'm Bob!"
Ted: "Welcome, call me Ted!"
Bob: "Give up your Pokemon now-"
Ted: "Or get ready to-!"
Arcanine: "Arca Arcanine!"

The Arcanine intterupted Ted and Bob and blew a Fire Blast at Gregory. "Whoa!" Gregory shouted as he jumped out of the way. "Poliwag! Water Sport!" Poliwag jumped forward and sent water raining over Arcanine. Arcanine fell down and fainted. "Already??!!" Bob shouted. "Return!" he returned the Pokemon to his Pokeball with a jet of light. "You never finished your motto." Gregory pointed out. "Of course we- hey wait a minute, why do you care?" asked Ted. "Go! Ninetales!" he shouted. "Poliwag, Water Sport..." Gregory said. But Ninetales sent a powerful Fire Blast, sending Gregory and all the pokemon running.

"Yeah, run little twerp! And give me the Pokemon while you're at it!" he shouted as he sent out a robotic arm that captured all 5 of Gregory's Pokemon. "Hmmm... These will sell for alot of dough!" Bob said. "Give me my pokemon back!" Gregory shouted. "What are you going to do if we don't? Crawl into a fetal position and cry?" Ted said. "Ninetales! Send them running with a Flamethrower!" "Ninetales!" the pokemon said as it launched a powerful jet of fire at Gregory. Gregory and his Pokemon leaped out of the way just in time.

"But, you know when I called for Pokeballs?" Bob said. "I called for a taxi to pick us up! Let's go!" "Right!" Ted said as they ran into a taxi that had just came up the road. "Move it, punk!" Ted said as he kicked the taxi driver out of the window. "Let's go!" they said as they drove away laughing. "Are you alright? Come back here!" Gregory said, but it was too late. The taxi driver stood up and said "I'm fine"."You gotta get those pokemon back!" shouted a voice suddenly. "What? Who are you?" Gregory asked. "I'm Falkner, the Gym Leader!" he shouted from his car. "Come in! Let's chase after them!"

Gregory stared in shock, but then nodded and ran into the car. "But how do we find the poachers?" Gregory asked as Falkner started the car. "Easy. They're the only ones that are driving crazily, running every red light, crashing into all sorts of cars and buildings, and going at 145 miles per hour." Falkner said as he started up the car. "Let's go!" he shouted as he stepped on the accelerator. The MPH gauge read 5- 10- 34- 53- 85- 106- 153- and now 234 miles per hour. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Gregory shouted as he flung back in his seat.

They swerved and avoided all sorts of cars, when suddenly a police car started chasing them. "Beep! Beep!" the siren wailed. "Wh-What d-do w-we d-do no-now????" Gregory asked. "We outrun them!" Falkner said as he jammed his foot on the accelerator and started going at 294 MPH. "Yes! The freeway!" Falkner said as he pointed at a exit that said "42. Pokemon Highway entrance." that went down a hill. "Let's hit it!" Falkner said. But a police car swerved and blocked the highway entrance. "What do we do NOW?!" Gregory said. "They're going to put us in jail!" "Not if I can help it." Falkner said as he swerved his car and crashed through a gate.

He jammed the accelerator and the car crashed down the hill the freeway was on and tumbled onto the freeway. "Yes!" Falkner said. "I love my sports car." he said as he pushed the accelerator to 400 MPH. "Ack! There are the poachers!" Gregory said as he pointed to a taxicab. "You take over." Falkner said as they drove right by the cab. "What?" Gregory said as he grabbed the wheel. "Wait! I'm too young to drive!" he shouted. But Falkner was lowering the window. He jumped out and clung onto the taxi. "He's doing THAT on cars going at 400 MPH?" Gregory asked himself in disbelief.

"You thieves!" Falkner shouted. He punched the window and shattered the glass. He hopped in, grabbed the Pokemon, and then jumped back into his own car and switched drivers. "Now that was fun." Falkner said with a chuckle. The poachers just looked in disbelief. The police seemed to realize what happened, and started chasing after the poachers instead. "You're under arrest!" a officer said as he put handcuffs on Ted and Bob. "We'll get you next time!" Bob said. "By the way, can we bail ourselves out?" Ted asked. "No." said the officer with a chuckle.

"Well, let's get to the gym." Falkner said as he handed the pokemon to Gregory and exited the freeway. "We don't want to be late for our Pokemon match." Gregory just looked in disbelief at what had just happened.

To be continued...

rii - chii
July 16th, 2008, 5:02 AM
Pika_Master414: That was a good post, hope to see more of that :]
Bellsprout leveled up to 10!
RealPyromaniac: good post, I noticed alot of people are getting their posts better!
cjerian: what an interesting post, good introduction of Falkner!

July 17th, 2008, 9:00 AM
Sergio was looking to his pokemon case for his badges he looked and he walked onto route 36.
" finally one badge done now it is time for ecruteak city", Sergio said smiling.
He went to the end of the route but then he noticed that there was a tree blocking it and he also saw that there was an old man sitting near it." It is blocked little boy better luck if you go to the route south of violet city." , The old man said grinning.
" What are you laughing mister is there something wrong" , Sergio asked.
" No it is just I did not have a pokemon battle since last week so lets have a double battle", The old man said. " What is a double battle" , Sergio asked amazed.
"A double battle is a battle with two pokemon at ones so two versus two", The old man explained.
" OK that is kind of cool well lets begin Go poliwag, Go hoothoot", Sergio said full of excitement.
"Go nidoran" The old man said and two nidoran came out a blue nidoran and a purple one.
"Ok lets see how we are going to do Poliwag use your bubble hoothoot use your tackle on the purple nidoran", Sergio ordered his pokemon.
Poliwag was about to use bubble when hoothoot attacked nidoran this all made hoothoot suffer damage and it left poliwag and hoothoot arguing
" Okay this our chance first you attack hoothoot with tackle and after use your peck on Poliwag", The old man said.
The attacks both worked and the pokemon were almost knocked out.
" Don't sweat it hoothoot jump om poliwag tail and Poliwag throwing toward the purple nidoran and then use tackle hoothoot when the coast is clear use bubble and knock them out",Sergio said.
This worked exactly like Sergio said but the blue nidoran was still not knocked out.
" Nidoran use your tackle on hoothoot and knock him out", The old man wispered.
" Did you say something sir", Sergio asked.
" Yeah nidoran attack", the old man said.
hoothoot was knocked out and then Poliwag used bubble without Sergio asking it and it knocked the blue nidoran out.
" Goodjob Poliwag and now we have to go to the route sout of violet city goodbye" , Sergio said.
'Wait here is your price take it" The man said.
The man handed Sergio 300 pokedollars and a potion
" Gee thank you" Sergio said and he walked to violet city.
" Wait let me heal your pokemon so that you can go straight to the next route", The old man said while getting potions out of his bag.
" Okay thank you",Sergio said.
When the old man was done Sergio went to the next route.

rii - chii
July 17th, 2008, 9:12 AM
serginho: man, I should say what route we're doing next shouldn't I? XP Anyways good post, they're getting better!

Hoothoot leveled up to 9!
Hoothoot learned Hypnosis!
Poliwag leveled up to 11!
Poliwag learned Water Gun!

Zeta Sukuna
July 17th, 2008, 9:14 AM
Episode 11: The Battle in Violet City: Kyle Vs. Falkner

After much persuading and frustration, Lauren managed to get Kyle to go to the gym for his battle. After easily beating the Gym Trainers, Kyle made it to Falkner.

"Aah, welcome to the Violet City Gym young trainer. I am Falkner." Said Falkner as he put his book away.

"Yeah, yeah. Listen, I'm here for a battle." Said Kyle as he let Pichu off of his shoulders.

"Very well, I accept your challenge as the Gym Leader of Violet City." Said Falkner as he tossed out a pokeball. Out came a Hoothoot.

"Go, Pichu!" Yelled Kyle, sending out the tiny mouse pokemon. A Judge walked up to the arena.

"This is a two-on-two match betwen Kyle of New Bark Town, and Falkner of Violet City. The Challenger may substitute at any time, but the Gym Leader must keep the same pokemon out at all times!" Yelled the judge to Kyle, and Falkner. Both nodded as the judge said. "You may begin!"

"Pichu, use Thundershock!" Yelled Kyle. Pichu shot out the lightning, but Hoothoot was able to dodge.

"Hoothoot, use Aerial Ace!" Yelled Falkner. Hoothoot flew in the air and rushed towards Pichu, but Kyle smirked and said.

"Pichu, use Thundershock once more!" Hoothoot heard this and stopped the attack, causing the attack to miss. "Now try Charm." Pichu then started acting all cute, lowering Hoothoot's attack.

"Don't fall for it! Use Hypnosis!" Yelled Falkner, but Pichu wasn't really paying attention to Hoothoot at this point, so it didn't work.

"Now, Pichu! Thundershock!" Yelled Kyle. Pichu stopped the act and shot a bolt of lightning at Hoothoot. Hoothoot couldn't dodge, and so he felt a lot of pain.

"Hoothoot!" Yelled Hoothoot as he went down. But not totally unconscious either.

"Hoothoot, get up and try to use Aerial Ace!" Yelled Falkner to Hoothoot, the bird in question got up snd started flying, but fell in a second, paralyzed completely.

"Hoothoot is unable to battle! Round 1 goes to Kyle!" Yelled the judge. Kyle and Pichu silently celebrated.

"Return Pichu, you could use a rest." Said Kyle before grabbing Poliwag's pokeball. "Go, Poliwag!"

"Go, Pidgeotto!" Yelled Falkner, his confidence being restored. "This won't be the end." Both trainers and Pokemon got ready for battle.

"Round two! Poliwag Vs. Pidgeotto, begin!" Yelled the judge, before waving a flag.

"Poliwag, use Water Gun!" Yelled Kyle knowing that it would take only one hit to take down Poliwag. Poliwag fired the Water Gun, but Pidgeotto dodged and flew towards Poliwag. "Use it again!"

Poliwag glared before firing a powerful Water Gun towards Pidgeotto, and since Pidgeotto was flying fast, it felt like he slammed into concrete, but the fight wasn't finished.

"Pidgeotto, use Gust!" Yelled Falkner. Pidgeotto somehow fired a gust from his wet, and heavy wings. Poliwag had no way to dodge, so it was slammed into unconsciousness.

"Poliwag is unable to battle! The winner is Falkner of Violet City!" Yelled the judge. Falkner just waved his hand.

"Come on out, Pichu!" Yelled Kyle. Everyone knew that this was going to be a short fight. in one direction or the other.

"Final Round! Pichu Vs. Pidgeotto! Begin!" Yelled the judge. Falkner and Kyle both waited to see who would make the first move.

"Pidgeotto, use Aerial Ace!" Yelled Falkner, knowing that that move would be the only attack Pidgeotto would need to use, but there was one problem... Pidgeotto's wings were still too heavy to fly, and that gave Chris his chance.

"Pichu, use Thundershock!" Yelled Kyle. Pichu shot the bolt of lightning towards Pidgeotto. Now for damage calculation. Pidgeotto is a bird-type, and that's 2x, double that with water on him and that's 4x, and when the lightning hits the water under him, that 4x would be 8x normal damage. Anyway, the Pidgeotto got hit by the Thundershock, knocking him out.

"The winner is Kyle from New Bark Town!" Yelled the judge. Falkner walked up to Kyle and said.

"This ts the Zephyr Badge, it is proof that you beat me in battle." Said Falkner as he returned Pidgeotto. Kyle grabbed the badge, and the disc of TM 40. "Well, I'll see you later." Said Falkner as he walked out of the gym. Kyle just put his badge away, got Lauren from the Pokemon Center, and walked out into Route 36 before screaming. "I won!"

rii - chii
July 17th, 2008, 9:20 AM
Rubii Naruto: Great post! Your posts make me feel quite excited XD Keep it up!

Poliwag leveled up to 8!
Poliwag learned Hypnosis
Pichu leveled up to 10!
Pichu learned Thunder Wave!

July 17th, 2008, 9:54 AM
lol, here is a post break, you're safe no where X3

rii - chii
July 17th, 2008, 3:48 PM
Chapter 8: Ruins Of Alph
Number of Posts: 1 or 2
Ruins that visitors used to visit until the great attack of the Unown came and scared the tourist away. The only things that wander the ruins are Pokemon and a few scientists studying the remains and the Unown. There are surprisingly a lot of fossils along the way. This is your chance to get one for yourself, using whatever method needed.

What fossils can be found?
There are a lot of fossils to be found in the Pokemon World, but these are the ones they have here:

Armor Fossil
Skull Fossil
Dome Fossil
Helix Fossil

There will be more fossils you can discover in other places as well.

Wild Pokemon
Type: Psychic
Ability: Levitate
Attacks: Hidden Power
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 5-8
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Own Tempo, Technician
Attacks: Sketch
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 5-8
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Psychic
Ability: Synchronize, Inner Focus
Attacks: Teleport
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 5-9
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Psychic
Ability: Synchronize, Trace
Attacks: Growl, Confusion (Level 6)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 5-9
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Poison/Grass
Ability: Natural Care, Poison Point
Attacks: Absorb, Growth, Poison Sting (Level 7)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

July 18th, 2008, 7:58 AM
Sergio was walking to violet city when he saw a researcher and he walked over to him.
" Howdie youngster do you want an interesting adventure help me to the Ruin of Alps", The researcher said.
" What is in it for me", Sergio asked uninpresed.
"A fossil of a rare pokemon wich you can revive with the right tools", The researcher said.
"Well okay that is a good deal let's get going", Sergio said excited.
"Come with me then to that ruin there", The reseacher said and he walked to the ruin.

Sergio followed the researcher to the ruin and he noticed that there were black things in the shape of letters surrounding him.
" Get of of me, Get of of me", Sergio yelled as the researcher came running to him.
"They are no harm they are okay they are unown", The researcher said.
"Unown as in unknown pokemon", Sergio asked.
"No unown as in the name of the pokemon stupid boy",The researcher said.

This angered Sergio but before he could say something the unown attacked with hidden power.
"Hurry let's go into the ruin",The researcher said.
Sergio entered but he did not notice a hole and he fell through it.
"Man what a mess first I meet the stupid researcher who lies about everything I mean fossils are you dump",Sergio complained.
Sergio looked around and he saw something on the ground.
"Is that maybe a fossil",Sergio said.

"Hello down there are you okay",Sergio heard a voice say and he recognized the voice of the researcher.
"Hey can you help me please",Sergio asked while getting the thing he saw on the ground and putting it in his backpack.
"Yes I can if I use my pidgeot he can fly you here", The researcher said.
This happened and he got up.

"Great thank you", Sergio said.

To be continued.......

rii - chii
July 18th, 2008, 8:26 AM
serginho: good post, you may continue now :]

July 18th, 2008, 4:07 PM
Sergio and the researcher walked to the end of the building and they looked if the coast was clear.
"Mister researcher do you know what this is", Sergio asked while reaching to the thing he found on the ground.
"Well have you ever............ it is a fossil a skull fossil to be excact these are only to be found in sinnoh how did you get it",The researcher said overexcited.
Then the researcher got the fossil from Sergio and he ran far away.

"Quick mareep attack paralyze him", Sergio said.
Mareep used an attack that Sergio did not know it was the thunder wave the researcher stood perfectly still due to his paralyzation.
"That would be mine mister thief",Sergio said while getting his fossil back.
Sergio turned around but before he went to the route south of violet he looked behind to see how the researcher was doing.....But he was gone.

"What are you lookig for nidoran use your peck on his mareep",The researcher said.
"Okay that is it",Sergio said outraged "Use thundershock do not hold back use all your electricity"
Mareep used thundershock and the biggest thunder Sergio ever saw came out off mareep knocking nidoran out but leaving mareep glowing red.
"Great job mareep", Sergio said and he noticed that mareep was glowing "mareep........mareep what is wrong Let us go to the pokecenter and by the way you are not getting the fossil ",Sergio said.

Sergio ran onto the pokecenter with mareep in his arm, when he finally arrived nurse joy walked to Sergio.
"Oh my look at your mareep this is going to take a long time take a rest tommorow morning it will be perfectly cured here are the keys to the room",Nurse Joy said.

Sergio walked to his room but he could hardly sleep he was thinking about mareep.

To Be Continued.

July 20th, 2008, 1:47 PM
“Pichu, what is this place?”

Gold looked around at his next destination. Just seconds ago, when he was walking through the gate, he figured that he would be coming to a town, but instead came to a place that looked like a wasteland.

Gold pulled out his PokeGear to check where he was. “Ruins of Alph…” he mumbled. He looked around curiously. This place was apparently some ancient ruins which meant maybe treasures and rare pokemon. “This place could be interesting after all,” said Gold.

The two looked around until they came towards a cave. Pichu leaped off of Gold’s shoulder and pointed at the cave while bouncing up and down. Gold looked over at his small electric pokemon and sighed. Looking at him reminded him of that time Poliwag was excited about the Dark Cave. It turned out to be horrible, but Gold figured that he never would have found Pichu if Poliwag hadn’t talked him into going inside.

Gold walked over to Pichu and poked his head inside the cave and was relieved. It wasn’t really a cave, but a small room, and it was lit up. Gold nodded at Pichu and walked inside to look around. There wasn’t much that Gold saw at first but a large tablet. Then he saw the walls with a strange design on them.

“Pichu, look at this,” Gold said in awe. He examined the walls carefully and saw a strange pattern on them. The looked almost familiar…

“Wait, I know what this looks like; the letters of the alphabet!” Gold exclaimed. He pointed to one of the pictures on the wall. “See, this looks like an “A!” And this looks like a “V!”” Gold paused and looked confused at the walls. “Wait, could these pictures be pokemon?”


Gold whirled around and saw his electric pokemon standing on the tablet. He leaped in the air excitedly. Gold walked over and looked at what Pichu was standing on. It looked like nothing more than a scrambled up picture.

“What is so special about this?” asked Gold. “It’s looks like nothing more than-“

Pichu slid one of the pieces across the tablet. Gold looked astonished. “Hey, this is like one of those sliding pictures I used to play with all the time as a kid! Hey, Pichu, help me solve this. Maybe something will happen.”

Gold and Pichu slid the pieces around starting at the bottom and then going up until Gold slid the final piece, solving the puzzle. The picture looked familiar. It was shaped like an “A” with an eye at the top.

“It’s one of those letter things again,” Gold said. He wondered what the whole point of the puzzle could be.

Then, Gold heard a strange noise coming from in front of him. He looked up and saw a strange event going on. The wall looked like it was dissolving into a purple light. Then something came out of it; a creature that looked like the letter “A.”

Gold quickly pulled out his pokedex and held it up at the creature.

Unown, the symbol pokemon, read the pokedex. Shaped like ancient writing, it is a huge mystery whether the language of Unown came first.

“So, these letters are pokemon,” said Gold. He pocketed his pokedex and pulled out a pokeball. He was curious how this pokemon battled. “Go, Bellsprout!” His new plant like pokemon appeared.

Unown focused up its energy and shot out powerful balls straight at Bellsprout. Bellsprout was hit by the attack and was sent slamming straight into one of the ancient walls. Unown prepared to do it again.

I think this is the only attack this pokemon can do, Gold thought. “Bellsprout, bat the attack away with vine whip!”

Bellsprout extended two long vines and used them both like bats to smack away the attack. Then Bellsprout extended the vines even longer to wrap them around Unown and fling it into the wall.

Unown recovered and sent out the attack again. Gold looked intense and was ready to end the battle with this round. “ Bellsprout, use your vine whip as a spring and then attack!” Gold shouted. Bellsprout folded her vines together and just before the Unown’s attack hit, Bellsprout shot herself into the air to dodge the attack. Then she swung her vine to slam Unown into the wall again.

Bellsprout landed on her feet and Gold waited to see what the Unown did. It slowly stood up and the wall turned a different color again. The pokemon dissolved into the wall after it looked at Gold one last time with a small bow. Gold nodded his head as he watched the ancient pokemon go back to its place on the wall.

Gold left the cave happy as he could be. He looked over at Pichu, who was on his shoulder. “Wow, Pichu, I’m really glad we went in there. It was really interesting to learn about the Unown. Just proves that there are lots of interesting pokemon out there.” Pichu happily responded and Gold continued to walk through the ruins onto the next route.

rii - chii
July 21st, 2008, 5:51 AM
serginho: alright, your done with the ruins o.o
You earned a Skull Fossil!
Pika_Master414: Great Unown post, you had everything about them in there!
Bellsprout leveled up to 14!
Bellsprout learned Wrap!
Bellsprout learned Poisonpowder!

July 21st, 2008, 9:32 AM
<<There´s gonna be only one text because this is really long! Hope you like it!>>

PokémonAgents showdown

"Not again! We are lost again, aren´t we?" Windy shouted to Natu who was walking just few steps ahead of her and looked happy. It teleported itself into somewhere every now and then and most of the times Windy had to send Gastly to fetch Natu and at first it didn´t bug her at all but now it did. They were lost again and this was the third time at this very same day but all the anger vanished from her mind when she spotted huge, colossal ruins right infront of them.

"Where are we?!" she shouted and now even Togepi, who had been sleeping on Windy´s arms, woke up and paid attention at the ruins. Windy laid Togepi down on the ground and caved the guide book out from her bag and started to look the map in it. "Wow!" she shouted and continued immediately: "We are at the Ruins of Alph and here should be few very cool psychic type pokémons also!" and showed the map to her pokémons.

Suddenly they started to hear voices behind the ruins and decided to go see, who was causing them. Natu teleported itself on Windy´s shoulder, Togepi insisted to be carried and shut itself into its shell but Gastly looked more excited than scared. Windy walked as silent as a Misdreavus and she peeked around the corners before she continued walking.

Few minutes later they had arrived to almost open spot where they were able to see a giant machine and two persons, who were wearing totally black clothes and big sombreros but Windy saw also someone else too. It was a boy and he was lurking behind the other corner, watching those black clothet persons too. Suddenly the boy vanished and when Windy was going to leave too, she turned around and the very same boy was standing right behind her.

"Come here." he said and pulled Windy away from the corner so they could speak without any worry that the two persons would hear. "Who are you and what are those two persons over there?!" Windy shouted but Natu started to peck his head and it took a while to calm it down. "Speak now or I will let my Natu to peck your head!" she yelled and the boy looked scary.

"My name is Liam and I am a pokémonagent. Those two that you just saw there are trying to destroy these ruins and controll Unowns that habitat this area. My job is to catch them after I have, somehow, stopped their evil plans and find out who they are working for!" Liam said and Windy was stunned all the things that she just had heard but said almost immediately: "Wow! I tought that it was a myth that there are these pokémonagents but obviously it is true!"

Suddenly those two black clothet trainers jumped around the corner and started to battle. They threw their pokéballs up in the air and so did Liam but Windy decided not to battle after Liam had warned her by saying: "These trainers are really dangerous and you shouldn´t fight. They know what they are doing!" Windy looked how Liam called out two pokémons and she was able to recognize that the other one was Gardevoir, the same kind that she had once seen in TV but the other one looked weird. It was almost same kind but this one was more skilled and far more faster.

Those two trainer´s pokémons, Umbreon and Cacturne, were too strong and also immune to psychic type attacks that Gardevoir and the other pokémon was doing. Suddenly Liam grabbed on Windy´s hand and when she realised what had happened, she wasn´t able to see anything else than Liam and his pokémons. "Gallade and Gardevoir used Teleport. We are save in here but they can find us so we can´t hide forever." he said and started to walk with his pokémons.

Suddenly the pitch black room got lighted and Windy saw that they had come into some underground part of the Ruins of Alph but she wasn´t able to tell more. Liam walked around the room and looked curiously the patterns that were drawed on it. Then he stopped and pressed one of the patterns that looked like a Gyarados and a door opened right behind Windy. "There it was!" Liam shouted and steered Windy trough the door and down the stairs where they arrived to a room where was lots of machines and weird looking pictures.

"I am not supposed to show these to you but because you are part of this mission, it isn´t important now." he said and went over the room to that part where was a videophone and computer. He sat down on a chair and picked the phone, dialed a number and waited it to connect. Then a face flashed on the screen but Windy wasn´t able to see whose it was because Liam covered the screen.

Few minutes later he end the phonecall and sighed. Then he started to speak and Windy listened every single word. "Boss isn´t happy that I caught you into this too and now I should wait for my sister to come here." he said, stood up and started to walk around the room. "What are we going to do now? Windy asked but Liam didn´t answer. Few minutes later he stopped and answered to Windy´s question: "We are going to destroy that machine, before they manage to enslave all the Unowns and make them to do something evil." and he once again he pulled on Windy´s hand and they both ran away.

"Keep running, Windy! We don´t have any time to lose!" Liam yelled when Windy had stopped to catch her breath but suddenly they were interrupt by a gang of Unowns. Their eyes were all red and they looked very angry and without any warning they attacked against Liam and Windy. Liam didn´t reach to throw a pokéball but he managed to shout: "Find my sister! She is in Nocturne!" and Natu teleported Windy back to the place where they had been just a while ago.

Windy sat down and cried. She wasn´t able to help Liam and she didn´t know what Nocturne meaned. After a while she stood up, whiped all the tears away and started to walk around the exact way that Liam had. After few minutes she started to speak out loud so Natu was also able to hear. "What did he mean with that Nocturne? Nocturne? Hmmn?!" she mumbled and suddenly stopped amd yelled so loud that Natu got scared and fell down.

"I know what he meaned with that Nocturne! It is a code that gives me the right phone number." she said and started to think. "N is the same as 14, o is the same as 15, c is the same as 3, t is the same as 21..." After she had completed transforming the letters to numbers she ran over to the videophone and dialed the numbers. Suddenly a face flashed to the screen and Windy laughed. "Are you Liam´s sister?" Windy asked and after she had told what had happened, Palina, Liam´s sister told where Windy should be later when she comes.

Windy shut the phone and ran away. About a half hour ago she was standing behind a dirty wall and she was waiting for Palina to come. Suddenly a huge Aerodactyl landed infront of her and she fell down and looked how Palina jumped off from its back and called it back to ist pokéball. "So you are the girl that got interfered to our job!" she said and started to walk towards the place where Windy had seen the machine and the two persons at the very first time. "Are we going to help out your brother or not?!" Windy yelled and kicked at Palina who easily dodged it. "No we aren´t! He got trouble because he started to hustle with you and that´s why we aren´t going to help him!" Palina yelled but Windy didn´t give up and instead of yelling she send her Natu to peck her head.

Few minutes later Palina was rubbing her head and Natu was happily sitting on Windy´s shoulder who also looked very happy. Finally they arrived to the corner and Windy peeked to see, where the two trainers were but wasn´t able see them. She quietly went over to explore the machine when the two trainers jumped out and send their pokémons out to battle. Umbreon and Cacturne furiously attacked against Windy but Palina had send her Aerodactyl out to guard Windy and it used many powerful attacks and managed to take both Umbreon and Cacturne down.

Windy and Natu ran over to see the machine but she wasn´t able to understand anything from the numbers. Suddenly the smaller trainer challenged Windy and threw his second ball up in the air and summoned a cat like pokémon out. It tail was curvy and its fur was almost completely gray except the paws and the face and it immediately started to attack. Windy dodged its attack and accepted the challenge when Palina was trying to stop the the other trainer.

The pokémon attack and used attacks like Fury Swipe and Iron Tail and managed to critically hit Natu but instead of giving up, Natu used all its powers and stood up. "Use Peck and dodge its attacks by using Teleport!" Windy yelled and tried to watch in the same time how Palina was doing. Natu used Peck over and over again after it had dodged the pokémon´s attacks and managed to weaken it. The trainer sounded very angry and he wasn´t able to think clearly and made a mistake that caused his pokémon to faint. "Use Peck once more and this time with fullpowers!" Windy yelled and that cat like pokémon flew over and crashed towards the machine by the power of Peck. The machine explode and suddenly a black whirl appeared.

Liam fell on the ground but he was still a bit confused and wasn´t able to battle. Windy ran over and helped him so he was able to stand, when Palina suddenly screamed: "Watch out that Houndoom!" The trainer had send Houndoom to revenge for Windy and it was attacking with Fire Blast when Natu started to Peck its tail. It paid attention to Natu and Windy called Togepi out to battle. "Use Metronome!" she yelled and it summoned a strong Sonicboom that easily took Houndoom down.

Palina managed to take his opponent down too but the trainers managed to flee and left Palina and Windy to help Liam, who was feeling really bad and had to be taken in hospital. Palina raised Liam on Aerodactyl´s back and jumped on too but before she flew away she gave something to Windy. "Take this Razor Fang. It will allow Gligar to evolve and I think that you will need it someday!" Palina said and flew off with his brother and Aerodactyl leaving Windy alone the Ruins of Alph.

Windy walked away happily and put the Razor Fang into her bag, right next to that dirty rock that she also had. Natu teleported itself on Windy´s shoulder and started to rest when Togepi was already tightly asleep on Windy´s arms as they all walked towards the next exciting adventure that they would get into.

To be continued!

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July 21st, 2008, 9:40 AM
RealPyromaniac: That was an excellent post! Top notch writing, must have taken aloot of effort :] You deserve a reward!

Natu leveled up to 20!
Natu is trying to learn Miracle Eye, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Miracle Eye?
Natu is trying to learn Me First, but can only learn four moves! Place a move for Me First?

Razor Fang
Rare Candy

July 23rd, 2008, 7:06 AM
post breaks make me sad and happy, route 32 coming up :]

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July 23rd, 2008, 7:57 AM
Chapter 9: Route 32
Number of Posts: 2

A long pathway that people usually come to fish for profit, some people are sneaky enough to pull crimes in this route by selling people counterfeit items, or even Slowpoketails. They have a cave that leads straight towards Azalea Town for the trainer’s next gym battle.

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A PokemonCenter where people can stay for the night, and it’s free!

Wild Pokemon
Level: 5-9
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Water
Ability: Water Absorb, Damp
Attacks: Water Sport, Bubble, Hypnosis (Level 8)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 5-9
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Poison
Ability: Intimidate, Shed Skin
Attacks: Wrap, Leer, Poison Sting, Bite (Level 9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 5-9
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Ground/Water
Ability: Damp, Water Absorb
Attacks: Water Gun, Tail Whip, Mud Sport, Mud Shot (Level 9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 6-9
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Psychic
Ability: Inner Focus, Synchronize
Attacks: Teleport
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 6-9
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away, Klutz
Attacks: Pound, Defense Curl, Foresight, Endure
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 6-9
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Electric
Ability: Static
Attacks: Quick Attack, Leer, Thundershock (Level 7)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

OOC: You get a chance for double experience by battling my character that I made, you can check it out in the OOC Page, you must lose this battle, I have plot ideas for later, and this person won’t recur very often, maybe 3 times in this RPG.

July 23rd, 2008, 9:47 AM
Gold made it out of the ruin and onto the next route. The ruins were interesting, but Gold was ready to continue his adventure. He was already pumped to battle the next gym leader. Pichu rested comfortably on Gold’s shoulder as he walked down the long route. Sometimes it was annoying, but most of the time, Gold liked the company. It was nice to have a pokemon always out in case they were attacked or something.

Gold began to look around as he walked. It would be great to find another pokemon to add onto his team to power it up a little before his gym battle, but he wanted his new pokemon to be special. All of Gold’s pokemon meant something special to him so far and he wanted to keep it that way.

Then Gold saw something out in the distance. It was a medium-sized, yellow pokemon that had a head that almost looked like an electric plug. Gold had immediately fallen in love with this pokemon. He quickly pulled out pokedex and pointed it at the pokemon.

Elekid, the Electric Pokemon, read the PokeDex. It generates electricity by whirling its arms. However, it can only store the energy it makes.

“Cool, then your mine, Elekid,” mumbled Gold as he pulled out a pokeball. He threw it in the air. “Go, Bellsprout!” His little root pokemon appeared.

The Elekid turned around angrily and tried to make itself look intimidating by making sparks from the top of its head. Without warning, it sent a bolt of lightning straight towards Gold and Bellsprout. Gold managed to grab a hold of Bellsprout’s root and dragged her to the side to avoid the electric attack. The elekid then sent another bolt that missed Gold’s ear by an inch.

Gold immediately jumped to his feet with Pichu clinging onto his shoulder and Bellsprout tight in his hands. Gold looked up at the Elekid and wondered how it could be so menacing. It sent out two more bolts that also barely missed Gold and his pokemon.

Bellsprout struggled out of Gold’s grasp and bravely jumped back onto the battlefield. She wanted to finish the battle with the wild elekid. Gold hesitated for a moment, but then nodded.

The elekid sent out a bolt of lightning again, this time aiming for only Bellsprout. She leaped out of the way just before the attack hit. “Bellsprout, use razor leaf!” shouted Gold. Bellsprout shot out several leaves that were aimed directly at the crazy Elekid. Elekid leaped out of the way and shot, yet again, another dangerous blast of lightning. Bellsprout dodged the attack and shot out two long vines that managed to wrap around the Elekid. She squeezed it hard until the pokemon responded by blasting lightning from its head. The attack traveled down Bellsprout’s vines until it hit her body. Bellsprout cried with pain and released Elekid from her vines. Then she collapsed on the ground.

No, she got destroyed by just one hit, thought Gold incredulously. He called back his bellsprout and looked up. The elekid was furious and preparing to attack again. There was nowhere to run and Gold was about to get zapped. Pichu bravely jumped off Gold’s shoulder and tried to battle, but Gold pulled him back into his grasp. “No! I’m not gonna let you get hurt like Bellsprout! This pokemon is crazy!” shouted Gold. He held his pokemon tight and waited for the attack.

But just as the Elekid was ready to attack, something slammed into it, making it fall over. Gold looked and saw another pokemon that looked like a grass pokemon with a leaf on its head. Gold pointed his pokedex at the pokemon.

Chikorita, the grass pokemon, said the pokedex. It uses the leaf on its head to determine the temperature and humidity. It loves to sunbathe.

“Great hit, Chikorita!” exclaimed a voice. It sounded very familiar to Gold, so he looked and saw Matt running over. He smiled at Gold when he saw he caught eye of him.

The elekid stood up very frustrated and angry at Chikorita’s attack. It sent out a blast of lightning that was aimed at Matt’s pokemon. It jumped out of the way and sent out a blast of leaves at Elekid. The attack hit hard and Elekid fell back again.

Elekid leaped up again and sent out another blast of lightning. This time it hit Chikorita and it cried as it fell to the ground. “Chikorita, don’t give up. Use synthesis.” Chikorita’s body glowed and it looked totally refreshed. “Now, use tackle!” Chikorita ran forward and slammed hard into the Elekid making it collapse on the ground.

Matt smiled and pulled out a pokeball. “Great work, Chikorita. Now, pokeball, go!” Matt threw the pokeball where it hit the collapsed Elekid. The pokemon was sucked into the ball and it began to wiggle for a few seconds. Both Gold and Matt waited until the pokeball stopped and the red light dimmed.

Matt grinned and ran over to the pokeball, patting Chikorita on the head first. Gold became extremely moody as he stood up and watched the celebration. This was the second time that Matt had saved him, so it was starting to make him look like a fool. Matt ran over to Gold and grabbed his shoulder.

“So, long time, no see. How have you been?” Matt asked. Gold decided that it would be a good time to brag in this bad situation, so he pulled out his new gym badge. Matt nodded. “Cool, so you beat Falkner. I’ve been doing great as well. And I guess you’re still getting into a lot of trouble, huh?”

Gold wanted to glare at him, but he managed to smile anyway. “Uh, yup, I mean, you know me,” he said, trying to sound cheerful.

Matt frowned. “You don’t think you’re as good as me, do you? You don’t have to think you’re a horrible trainer because you got into one situation and needed help. All trainers run into that.”

Gold looked at him angrily. “Well, I want to prove to you now how strong I really am! Watch me battle someone strong and I’ll show you how much I’ve improved!”

“You don’t-“

“Hey, you!” Gold shouted, pointing at a trainer with a strong looking pokemon. It was a beautiful blue pokemon that was standing on four legs. “I challenge you to a battle!”

The girl giggled. “Sorry, but I’m way too strong for you. I don’t want to-“

“I don’t care. No trainer is too strong for me. Watch me, Matt,” said Gold looking back at his rival. Matt just frowned.

The girl nodded. “Fine then, let’s battle since you’re so confident.”

Gold prepared to battle. He was ready to prove to his rival that he wasn’t so weak by defeating a powerful trainer.

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July 23rd, 2008, 9:54 AM
Pika_Master414: great post, good for Matt for catching that Elekid :] You're ready for your next post!
Bellsprout leveled up to 16!
Bellsprout is trying to learn Sleep Powder, but can only learn 4 moves! Replace a move for Sleep Powder? (Post in OOC Thread :P)

July 24th, 2008, 5:58 PM
The girl held a pokeball high in the air. “Hmp, I warned you,” said the girl. “Don’t cry when you lose.”

“Good thing because I won’t lose,” responded Gold. “I just want to know your name first.”

“Its Jamie, now quit talking and lets battle,” she said coldly. “Go, Oddish!” she shouted. A plant-looking pokemon appeared.

“Go, Pichu,” ordered Gold. His little electric pokemon leaped off his shoulder and onto the battlefield.

“Oddish, start this off with a little poison powder!” shouted Jamie. Oddish shook its head around, letting out a purple powder that came towards Pichu.

Gold clenched his fist as he tried to think of a way to stop the powder. He tried hard to look at Matt from the corner of his eye just to see how he was acting, but managed to get his mind off of him for a second. “Pichu, use thunder wave as a shield!” Gold shouted intensely. Pichu let out static that hit the poisonous dust and repelled it away long enough for it to blow away. Gold grinned. This was perfect to prove himself to Matt. “Now, use thundershock!” he ordered. Pichu let out sparks from his cheeks that hit the Oddish dead-on. The Oddish cringed for a moment, but then managed to brush off the attack.

“What?” Gold shouted incredulously.

“Electric pokemon are weak against grass,” Matt said. Gold turned around and glared at him.

“Don’t tell me that! I- I knew that! I just-“

“Oddish, absorb!” Jamie shouted. Oddish made Pichu glow a light green color that came flowing back to Oddish. Pichu fell to the ground before managing to stand up again, gasping for breath.

Gold’s face turned red from anger. “Hey, you can’t just do that! I was-“

“I’m not waiting for you all day to argue with your buddy. You challenged me, so I’m battling now,” Jamie said coldly. She held up her hand and pointed her index finger. “Oddish, use stun spore!” The pokemon let out a powder that looked similar to the poison powder except that it was a golden color.

Gold shook his head and tried to get himself back into the battle. “Pichu, run underneath the powder and use tail whip!” he ordered. Pichu dashed underneath the powder, barely missing it by an inch. After getting close enough, Pichu slammed his tail straight into Oddish.

Jamie looked intensely at the battlefield and nodded. “Fine, we can take that. Oddish, use absorb!”

“Pichu, use charm!” Gold shouted, quickly responding to the attack. Pichu cutely acted in front of Oddish, making it halt its attack and stare at the adorable pokemon. Gold grinned with approval and held up his hand with an intense look in his eye. “Now, use tail whip again! Lower Oddish’s defense!” Pichu twirled around in a 180 degreee circle, slamming his tail straight into Oddish again. This time, Oddish fell backwards and fell on its back on the ground.

“Hurry, Oddish, get up and use poisonpowder!” Jamie shouted.

“Pichu, use thundershock!” Gold commanded quickly.

Both pokemon attacked. Pichu sent out sparks from its cheeks while Oddish worked hard to get back up and hit the little electric pokemon with powder. The sparks from Pichu’s cheeks left, while Oddish managed to let out a little powder. Both of the attacks hit, making both pokemon fly back.

Gold waited and watched both pokemon attempt to stand up. Both of them were weak from the battle, but neither was going to give up. Both of them got on their feet and breathed heavily. Gold watched and waited. He knew this was going to be a battle of who could stay up the longest. After what felt like a century, Gold watched the Oddish crack and fall to the ground until it slammed hard on its face unconscious.

Gold grinned that he won the first round of the match. He turned around to see Matt grinning also which lightened his spirit up a little.

“Oddish, return. You fought a good match,” said Jamie as she recalled her pokemon. She looked up and looked Gold in the eyes. “You may have beaten my oddish, but you’ll never defeat my Vaporeon. We’ve been through too much to lose.”

Gold snorted. “You talk like I only collect pokemon. I’ve been through just as much with mine.”

“Whatever, we’ll see soon,” said Jamie. She patted her pokemon on the head and it ran out on the field.

Pichu sent out sparks from its cheeks to look intimidating. Gold knew he still wanted to battle. He thought about it for a moment and decided to let him.

“Pichu, this is a water pokemon! We can take it out with one hit! Use thundershock!” Gold shouted.

“You should’ve learned from the last match that type doesn’t matter!” Jamie said coldly. “Vaporeon, stop the attack with sand-attack!” Vaporeon kicked sand at the lightning attack, stopping it. “Now, use water gun!” Vaporeon shot water at Pichu, slamming it hard into the ground.

Pichu stood up weakly. He wasn’t ready to quit for Gold and sent out more sparks. Gold grinned at his little brave pokemon. “That’s the way, Pichu. Now try thundershock again!” Pichu nodded and worked to build up more sparks, but then suddenly stopped. He cried out and fell to the ground unconscious.

Gold looked at the field, stunned. “Pichu, what happened!” he shouted.

Jamie shook her head disgusted and sighed. “You’re the kind of people that I worry about,” she said. “Didn’t you forget that I poisoned your pokemon?!”

Gold stopped breathing for a moment when he heard of his stupid mistake. “Pichu…” he mumbled. He ran onto the battlefield and carried him over to the sidelines. He pulled out a small bottle from his bag and sprayed the contents onto Pichu. “I’m really sorry, Pichu,” said Gold.

Jamie groaned loud enough to where Gold could hear her well. “Are you gonna come back here and battle or do you surrender?”

Gold jumped to his feet and ran back over. “You don’t need to be so impatient,” he said. He reached down for a pokeball and stopped with shock. He only had Cyndaquil and Bellsprout left, but Bellsprout was weak from the battle with Elekid. That meant Gold was stuck with Cyndaquil, the pokemon with the type disadvantage. But like Jamie had just told him, type didn’t matter.

Gold held up the pokeball and threw it in the air. “Go, Cyndaquil!” he shouted. His cute little fire pokemon appeared onto the field. Jamie didn’t respond to the bad pokemon choice. She probably remembered the words she had just said.

“Cyndaquil, let’s heat things up and start with ember,” ordered Gold. Cyndaquil blasted fire from its mouth that headed straight for Vaporeon. Vaporeon didn’t even wait for a command from its trainer; it shot water from its mouth to repel the attack, stopping it.

“Hmp, I will now show you what a bad pokemon choice you made. Not only is it a fire pokemon, but it’s too weak to handle just the smallest amount of water. This will change everything,” Jamie said. Gold watched and waited with anticipation for Jamie to make her next move. She held her hand in the air. “Vaporeon, use rain dance!” she ordered.

The next thing he knew, Gold was drenched with water. He looked around and saw that it was pouring rain. Jamie’s pokemon had done it! Then he looked at his little fire pokemon who was curled up, trying to protect itself from the rain. “Cyndaquil…” said Gold. He was stuck on what to do. The rain was just too strong for his pokemon to handle, but he couldn’t just quit.

That’s when Gold’s miracle came. Cyndaquil began to glow a white color and began to transform. It changed from a cute little fire pokemon to a much stronger, and larger, fire pokemon.

Quilava, Gold thought.

Quilava stood and shot flames from its back, even in the rain. It rushed forward and slammed straight into Vaporeon with a tackle.

“What the!” shouted Jamie. She paused for a moment, but then laughed. “Fine, but it doesn’t matter. Vaporeon, use water gun!”

Gold could see the Vaporeon through the rain as it unleashed a powerful water attack. “Quilava, dodge!” Gold shouted. Quilava leaped out of the way of the attack. “Now, use quick attack!” Gold shouted.

Jamie laughed. “Hah, you fell right into a special trap that I made up myself! Vaporeon, use sand-attack!”

Vaporeon kicked sand at the charging Quilava, but it wasn’t sand. Instead, Vaporeon kicked a splash of mud at Quilava, making him fall into the ground into the pile of mud.

“No way!” shouted Gold.

“Yes, too bad your happy little moment won’t last long,” said Jamie. “Vaporeon, attack with water gun while Quilava is down!”

Vaporeon shot a blast of water at the down fire pokemon. The attack hit full force, making Quilava slid back in the mud and tumble around. It cried out, but then collapsed on the ground.

“This match is over,” said Jamie.

Gold looked at the field and his new Quilava in shame. The rain had cleared leaving wet people and a muddy area behind. Gold couldn’t believe he had lost when he was trying to prove himself to his rival, but then he saw his Quilava. It had evolved in order to help him and get stronger for the battle. Gold was extremely proud of it.

As Gold went to take care of Quilava, Jamie walked past. Gold looked up and opened his mouth quickly. “Hey, wait, Jamie! Good battle!” Gold shouted.

Jamie stopped and turned around to face him. “Thank you…” she said. Gold watched her disappear.

Matt ran over with Pichu in his arms and patted Quilava who had managed to stand back up. “Wow, you battled great Quilava. You too, Pichu.” Both of Gold’s pokemon smiled. Matt then looked over at Gold. “Hey, I was trying to tell you. You don’t have to prove anything to me. From what I saw, you’re one powerful trainer and I can’t wait to have a rematch with you. C’mon,” Matt stood up and pulled Gold to his feet. “Let’s go to the Pokemon Center. Our pokemon really need the rest.”

Gold nodded and walked with Matt. He was ready for the rest after the crazy day he just had.

Ooc: So yay, happy ending. Man you do not know how long it took me to type this :)

July 25th, 2008, 1:09 AM
Bounce, Buneary, bounce!

"I give up!" Windy shouted and sat down to the grassy area and looked how her pokémons played in the pond that they had found. Natu swam really well with its little wings and Windy was surprised that it didn´t sank at all and Togepi was riding with some Woopers, when Gastly was just spooking wild Poliwags. Suddenly Windy saw a boy beside the pond and he was training with his pokémons and Windy haven´t ever saw before those kinds of pokémons.

After few minutes watching Windy stood up and started to walk around the pond so she could be able to spy even closer and she went into a bush. Without any warning a flower like pokémon shot a powerful Solarbeam towards her and Windy had to dodge it and she jump away from the bushes. The boy immediately ran over and helped Windy to stand up and led her to the shore and they both sat down.

"Are you all right?" the boy asked and started to stare at her just like a Dugtrio would suddenly pop out from Windy´s forehead just like that but Windy was more interested about those pokémons that he had. "Where have you caught those pokémons and can you show them to me?!" she shouted so loud that at first the boy was scared and obviously didn´t hear what Windy had asked and said: "Excuse me? What did you say to me?" and smiled gently.

"I am so sorry that I was extremely rude. My name is Windy and I am on my way to Azalea town. Nice to meet you!" and Windy shook hands with the boy when he introduced himself by saying: "My name is James and I am looking a trainer for this Buneary but it is harder than I expected!" and now when he had said that Windy noticed that Buneary behind him.

James stood up and so did Windy but when James threw his pokéballs up in the air and called his pokémons out Windy didn´t pay any attention to them because she was staring and walking around that Buneary. Buneary was cute and fluffy and it was also tough and mean as it jumped at Windy´s head and down to go practice with James´ pokémons. "You can watch my practises as you are here with us now!" James said and Windy looked how his pokémons worked together and they were really strong and capable of doing many combos and they never hesitated to work the way James had told them to.

Buneary wasn´t as good as the other ones but it was awesome as it was really quick and strong and sometimes when it got too excited and didn´t notice other pokémons attacks the flower like pokémon saved it. "Buneary is really tough! It has been practising for ages with me so it have become extremely fast and strong as you can see it!" James shouted and smiled.

After they had practised a while or two it was time to Windy to continue her journey but for surprise also James was heading towards Azalea town and they both left walking towards it. James and Windy came along very well but Windy was still more interested about that Buneary who had befriend with Windy´s Natu and Windy was really surprised but later she realised that Natu and Buneary was pretty much same like.

"Can I challenge that Buneary?!" Windy shouted quickly and James fell over from quail but recovered from shock really quickly and stood up and said: "Do you really want to challenge Buneary?! After all it is really skilled and you are...well you are you...so!" he said and looked Windy like she would have done something really terrible. "Yes, I do want to chalenge and also capture it, if you don´t mind!" Windy said and started to think which pokémon to use against it.

After James had agreed and Windy had chosen one of her pokémons they were ready to start and Buneary was ready to rumble. Windy threw her pokéball up in the air and called Togepi out to battle but before she even found time to shout what to do, Buneary had already attacked furiously and used many beautiful combos. "Use Metronome!" she yelled and Togepi´s attack summoned a Shadow Ball but because Buneary was normal type pokémon it didn´t even had to dodge the attack and it used Pound after that which made some critical damage. Togepi started to feel exhausted but Buneary was still as good as a new but in the end Togepi managed to dodge its attacks and caught the rythm.

Windy and Togepi had decided not to give up and it was time to change the tactic. "Use Sweet Kiss when it is very close to you and after that use Metronome!" Windy yelled and at first everything went just fine as Buneary got hit by Sweet Kiss and turned confused but then Metronome summoned Earthquake. Ground started to shake and trees fell as the wave moved towards the woods but suddenly James´ pokémons started to beat the ground and create a deep ditch. At first Windy didn´t realize what he was up to but then she understood and send her pokémons to help too to dig as they tried to stop the wave not to hit the woods. In the end Lumineon, James´ water pokémon filled the ditch with water and this was the only thing they were able to do and it helped. The ditch end its moving and the woods remained untouched and it was time to continue the battle and now Buneary was exchausted too as it didn´t have strenght to jump that much anymore.

"Use Metronome!" Windy shouted and in the same time Togepi got hitted by a Pound but still it didn´t give up and found power to stand up. It used Metronome and this time it summoned huge Gust and that made both Buneary and Togepi to fly towards the trees and fall down. Buneary fell at first and faint immediately but Togepi still hanged on and faint after Windy had thrown a pokéball at Buneary. Windy called Togepi back to its pokéball and looked how Buneary was still trying to come out from the pokéball but in the end it gave up and was caught.

Now they were in hurry because both Buneary and Togepi had been hurted pretty badly and they had to be taken in Pokécenter and luckily James knew where to find one. After few minutes they had arrived to there and Windy gave both Buneary and Togepi to Nurse Joy who promised to take care of them. In the mean time when they were waiting, Windy decided to send her Gastly to professor Elm and went to call with the videophone. "Hey Windy! How´s your journey been up to?" Elm asked and smiled gently and Windy aswered almost machinely: "Well I am now in a Pokémoncenter but I was wondering if I could send you my Gastly?" and waited Elm to aswer.

"Ok. If that is what you want me to do I will do it! I am waiting already!" he said and end the call as Windy went to send her pokémon to prof. Elm. When she put the pokéball into the machine, she didn´t hesitate at all as she had made her mind and wasn´t going to change it and just few seconds later, after she had send it Windy was already dialing the number and waiting it to connect. "I assume that you are asking how your Gastly is doing and did it come already!" Elm said immediately when his head popped to the screen and Windy answered: "Yes, that´s exactly what I was calling for."

"Gastly arrived to here few seconds ago and as you can see now!" Elm said but as soon as Windy had seen Gastly she end the phonecall and after Nurse Joy had given her Togepi back and told that Buneary has to stay in the pokécenter for the night, she walked outside the pokécenter. Many things were spinning in Windy´s mind and suddenly she crashed into a girl that was clearly a trainer too but when she was leaving from the scene the girl took on her hand and said: "Do you think that you can leave like that?! You destroyed my new dress that I had just bought!"

"How can I pay pack to you then?!" Windy shouted and now the girl looked really enthusiasted and aswered quickly: "I, Jamie Parker, challenge you to battle against me and my pokémons!" and she threw her pokéballs up in the air and called her pokémons out. Vaporeon and Oddish landed both beautifully to the grass and walked to their places but for first time Windy hesitated to battle but in the end she decided to keep her promise.

Windy threw her pokéballs up in the air and called both Natu and Togepi out to battle. Windy´s pokémons were really excited but they weren´t concentrating at all and Vaporeon and Oddish managed to hit before neither Windy or her pokémons realised. "Use Night Shade and Metronome against that Vaporeon!" Windy shouted and this time both of her pokémons worked it out like professionals but Vaporeon was too quick for them and managed to dodge both Night Shade and the attack that Metronome had summoned.

"Use Me First, Natu, against that Oddish and you, Togepi, use Sweet Kiss against that Vaporeon!" she yelled and Natu managed to hit at Oddish but Vaporeon was still too quick and it was also strong because after it had dodged Togepi´s attack it used one single Water Gun and Togepi lost huge amount of energy and became exchausted. Vaporeon was attacking furiously with Oddish and did Windy´s pokémons. Natu used Night Shade and Togepi´s Metronome summoned strong Lava Blume and together, mixed with Vaporeon´s and Oddish´s attacks they created huge explosion that hit at all of them.

When all the smoke was gone everybody was surprised as they saw that Oddish, Togepi and Natu had all faint but Vaporeon still stood there like nothing would have happened. Windy recalled her pokémons and sat down on her knees as Jamie walked away with his Vaporeon and Oddish on her arms. "Why did I loose that battle?!" Windy yelled and heard that same gentle voice that made her calm down almost immediately as it said: "You didn´t loose at all! When you understand what you just won, you will be surprised." and James pulled Windy up and they both went back to the Pokécenter.

After they had slept over the night Windy woke up and she was feeling much more better when she walked at the counter and waited for Nurse Joy to come up. Few minutes later Nurse Joy came from the nursing room and was carrying Buneary´s pokéball and said: "Good morning! I was just coming to wake you up and bring you your pokémon!" and smiled. Windy was thinking for a while and then she remembered what James had said to her and asked in the same time as she took her pokéball and put it into her bag: "Have you seen James?!" and was shocked and curious in the very same time when Nurse Joy said: "James got a call that there´s been some droubles at Sinnoh region so he had to go!" and went back to the nursing room.

After Windy had dressed up and eaten her breakfest she left the pokécenter but James´ words kept spinning in her head wildly and she got confused and in the end she decided to forget everything. Windy walked away and continued her journey on Route 32 with her pokémons and the sun was shining brighter than ever before.

To be continued!

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July 25th, 2008, 6:46 AM
Pika_Master414: Bravo, that was an amazing post, you definately need a reward for your post!
Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava!
Quilava leveled up to 22!
Quilava is trying to learn Flame Wheel, but can only learn 4 moves! Replace a move for Flame Wheel?
Pichu leveled up to 20!
Pichu is trying to learn Sweet Kiss, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Sweet Kiss?
Pichu is trying to learn Nasty Plot, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Nasty Plot?
What's happening? Pichu is trying to evolve, allow the process to continue?
You recieved a Rare Candy!

July 25th, 2008, 8:12 AM
OOC: This is the first post of route 32.

Alex the pokemon Dealer
Sergio got to the route south of violet city and he saw a big red dragon pokemon fly away from the route seeing this Sergio ran to the place he saw the pokemon fly away from and guess who he saw it was his old friend playing with a new pokemon.

"heey Alex how are you doing", Sergio said.
"I'm okay and you",Alex answered but he did not wait for an answer "This is ponyta use your pokedex if you want to know about it.
Sergio got out his pokedex and used it on ponyta.

Ponyta the fire horse pokemon be carefull if it dislikes you you will get burned.

"Wow cool how did you get it I haven't seen any around here",Sergio asked really enthousiastic.
"Can you keep a secret I got it from the trainer on the charizard", Alex said almost whispering.
"What are you whispering for and what is the secret.", Sergio said.

"Nothing,nothing it is just that the pokemon I got is not legally obtained so I don't know", Alex said bu he was scared and he then said "Do not tell the police okay"

"We will fight for it if you win I won't say anything but if you lose",Sergio said mysteriously.
"Okay I get it but you are going down 3 on 3 lets do it", Alex said while laughing creepy.

"your wish is my command go poliwag",Sergio said laughing really loud.
"Go ponyta use your tackle",Alex said.
"dodge and use your bubble",Sergio said but rather than a few bubbles there was a blast of water which struck ponyta real hard.

"Okay get over it now use your tackle and do not miss",Alex said.
"I guess that the attack was like a water gun or something yes that is it water gun Poliwag use water gun",Sergio said without any hessitation.

The tackle hit Poliwag real hard but before it hit the ground it used his water gun to knock ponyta out........It was a double knock out.

"That was good ponyta come back.... go growlithe",Alex said calm
"Good job Poliwag come back.....go hoothoot use your tackle ",Sergio said.
"Dodge and use tackle",Alex said.

The attack hit hoothoot but hoothoot was still standing.

"Good job hoothoot use your hypnosis",Sergio said.
Growlithe was asleep and this was a good opportunity for hoothoot without being ordered to attack it tackled growlithe until it fainted.
"What is with hoothoot is this revenge of his previous match or something......okay enough thinking come back hoothoot.....Go mareep",Sergio said dreamily he was really proud of hoothoot but also worried.

"Come back growlithe......Go magby use your ember",Alex shouted.
The attack hit mareep but he did not seem to have any pain, Sergio looked to his mareep with great respect knowing that it was HIS pokemon.
"Okay mareep use thunderwave then jump and then use your thundershock",Sergio said really excited

The attack was perfectly organized but the only thing that did not work was the thundershock because magby countered with his ember and mareep was about to hit the ground really hard.

"Mareep land on your feet and use thundershock",Sergio shouted.

Mareep landed on his feet but then she started to glow she transformed from having to need for feet to walking on two feet from being entirely from wool to being pink and having wool.

"Flaafy",She shouted

Dexter started to bleep he said:Flaafy the wool pokemon the evolved form of mareep

"Wow awesome",Sergio shouted and then a powerfull thundershock appeared from the flaafy which magby could not survive and knocked him out.
"This is impossible you cheated...oh.....no ..... okay a deal is a deal.....come back magby",Alex said but this time he sounded really worried for his own sake.

"Come back mareep....ummm flaafy I mean.............Alex you are really dump if you release the ponyta and then recapture it it will be legally caught",Sergio said proud.

"I have not thought about that before thanks but first I am going to the pokemon center you coming with me there is one on this route",Alex asked Sergio.
Sergio nodded and the two walked to the pokemon center together.

To Be Continued

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July 25th, 2008, 9:04 AM
serginho: good post there, I'm glad everybody's posts are getting longer :]
Poliwag leveled up to 13!
Hoothoot leveled up to 11!
Mareep evolved into Flaaffy!
Flaaffy leveled up to 17!

July 25th, 2008, 9:31 AM
Chapter 5: Swarm of the Ladyba!
Bobby and Totodile walked out of Cherrygrove City and onto Route 30 and were immediatly plunged into a sea of green trees. Wandering about Bobby was amazed at the sheer amount of bug pokemon. "This must be a bug catchers paradise!" he said with a chuckle. Totodile nodded, feeling a little overwhelmed as the wild pokemon kept trying to be friends with him.

Suddenly the pokemon screeched in alarm and scattered. "Whats gotten into them?" Bobby wondered. Suddenly a loud buzzing noise filled the air. Bursting through the trees came swarm of red bug pokemon with black spots on their back. "What are they?!" Bobby cried out as they swarmed around them. Suddenly one with smaller attenea landed on Bobby's face knocking him down. Totodile bared his fangs hoping to scare it off. It didn't work. Landing on a log was the biggest of the lot. Bobby pointed his Pokedex at it. In a cool voice it said "Ledyba, the Five Star Pokemon. It is so timid, it can't move if it isn't with a swarm of others. It conveys its feelings with scent."

"That thing dosen't look timid!" Bobby cried out in fear as they began to attack Totodile. The one on Bobby's head began to beat on his head.

"TOTO!" Totodile cried out in pain as he fell unconsious.

"Totodile!" Bobby yelled as the Ladyba took Totodile away. Suddenly the Ladyba on Bobby's head took off and began yelling at the big Ladyba. It obviously didn't approve of the kidnapping of Totodile. The big one simply batted it away.

As they took off Bobby's Pokedex was pointed at the Ladyba that had defended Totodile. "Some Ladyba have smaller attena which means they are female."

"Oh so your a girl!" Bobby said with surprise. The Ladyba in question smacked him for not knowing. "Will you help me get Totodile back?" Bobby asked. She nodded. "Allright, show me the way!"

She led him to a clearing where the Ladyba were camped. In the center Totodile was wrapped in vines. "Ok, you know the plan." Bobby whispered. She nodded and took off.

She flew to the Ladyba who was guarding him. There was no one else around. "So how are things?" going she asked. (OOC:This is translated)

"Oh fine." the guard said. "This one here keeps saying he needs to get back to his master. Pathetic isn't it?"

"Yeah, who wants a master?" She said. "Um can you have a look at my hand? The human hurt me."

"I'm not a doctor!" the guard said with indignity.

"Pleeease?" she said acting all flirty.

"Weeell allright." the guard was helpless against her charms. As he bent down to look, the girl Ladyba punched right between the eyes.

"Perv. C'mon lets get you out of here." She said as she began to untie Totodile.

"Nice shot." was all he could say.

When they got back to Bobby they quickly took off putting as much distance between them and the camp. After awhile Bobby turned to the Ladyba. "Thank you for helping us. Is there anyway we can thank you." he asked.

The Ladyba thought for a second and then flew forward and grabbed one of Bobby's Poke Balls and sucked herself into it.

"Ummmm ok i guess you can join us..." he muttered as the ball had already stopped moving. Muttering something about how the Ladyba was too bold he and Totodile continued on.

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July 25th, 2008, 9:35 AM
Zimvee: welcome back, and what a very interesting post, Pokemon to Pokemon :]
You caught a level 4 Female Ledyba!
RealPyromaniac: Once again, nice long post, means alot of experience, but you could've split the battle up into two so, I'll just give the experience
You recieved a level 8 Female Buneary!
Togepi leveled up to 19!
Togepi is trying to learn Yawn, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Yawn?
Togepi is trying to learn Encore, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Encore?
What's happening? Togepi is about to evolve! Allow the process to continue?
Natu leveled up to 28!
Natu is trying to learn Confuse Ray, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Confuse Ray?
Natu is trying to learn Wish, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Wish?
What's happening? Natu is about to evolve! Allow the process to continue?

July 25th, 2008, 5:42 PM
The Vaporeon show !
Sergio and Alex were training with each other and then Sergio was thinking about a new challenge a new rival.

"Hey Sergio I remebered something you have the tm ariel ace right?",Alex asked.
"Yeah I still have it......Why",Sergio asked.
"What if you teach your hoothoot aerial ace and I will teach my ponyta aerial ace",Alex suggested.
"That is the greatest idea ever",Sergio said.

So Sergio used the tm on hoothoot and Alex on Ponyta.

"Okay hoothoot try using aerial ace",Sergio said hopefull that the attack would work
"You to ponyta",Alex said while nodding heavily.

Hoothoot tried the aerial ace and it was almost perfect ponyta used aerial ace and it was perfect.

"Try again hoothoot",Sergio said
"Hahahaha my ponyta mastered it alreadyand your hoothoot is strugling to master it",Alex said teasing Sergio
"Well he did it well this time and he will do it the next time on a real pokemon ponnnnnnnnnnny",Sergio said and hoothoot used the aerial ace on ponyta she was knocked immideiatly

"Wow your ponyta is really weak",Sergio said.

"Stoooooooooooooop I Jamie am challenging you",The girl who apperently was named Jamie said pointing to Sergio.

"I accept your challenge and my first pokemon is hoothoot", Sergio said pointing toward hoothoot.
"Fine and I will use oddish",Jamie said while throwing a pokeball which contained the oddish -duhh-
"And I will be referee",Alex said.

"Wait lets make things more interesting lets do a double battle",Jamie said with a nasty smile on her face:"or are you scared little fat boy"

"O no she didn't",alex said scared of Sergio exploding
"Calm down it is a girl lets treat her like one",Sergio said acting like a gentlemen
"Well she is not nice",He said.

"Hello I'm here",Jamie said wanting the attention.

"Okay go poliwag you to",Sergio said.
"Okay vaporeon it is time to shine",Jamie said.

"Vaporeon use your watergun on the hoothoot and oddish use your poisonpowder on both the pokemon",Jamie said.
"Hoothoot dodge",Sergio said.

The attack of the vaporeon was dodged but he and poliwag were both poisoned

"O no now poliwag jump up and twist to the ground while using watergun on oddish and hoothoot use your aerial ace on oddish",Sergio said.

"I don't think so vaporeon protect oddish use your sand attack on poliwag",Jamie said.

Hoothoot made a cirkle and attacked oddish from the back which fainted oddish but poliwag got sand in his eyes and fell to the ground.

"Time to shine vaporeon use your rain dance and then hit both of them with your water gun full power",Jamie said

It started to rain and it was as if vaporeon turned invisible and he attacked both hoothoot and poliwag, hoothoot fainted but poliwag was still up but was struggling even though it was not very effective

"Both hoothoot and oddish fainted it is now only vaporeon and poliwag",Alex said.

"Use your hypnosis Poliwag",Sergio shouted
"Blast the attack away with water gun and then use water gun again.",Jamie said.

"The match is over the winner is Jamie and vaporeon",Sergio heard Alex say he could not believe it he lost.

"Goodbye fatsoo",Jamie said and she dissapeared
"goodbye sweetiepie",Sergio said.
Alex could not believe his ears: " she is not cute I mean look at the blue skirt"
"I like the blue skirt",sergio said.

"you are hopeless you now that lets go",Alex said.

And so Sergio and Alex walked to the same direction as Jamie went and they would see were it would lead them.

Stay tuned

Zeta Sukuna
July 25th, 2008, 8:02 PM
(ooc: Prepare for Drake's return now forty procent more evil: in this three part special)
Episode 12: The Shadow of Drake! (Part 1)

Kyle, and Lauren are walking down the road, towards Ecruteak City. "Hmm, if we keep this pace up, we should pass the Ruins of Alph by midday." Said Lauren, but nothing ever goes right with this group, does it?


Pokemon were happily playing in the forest. The Vulpix all firing their flames at one another, knowing that it wouldn't hurt themselves, the Growlithe joining them. The nidoran males sparring against each other while the female Nidoran watch. And the Skitty were all napping in peace, but in moments everything changed. A man with a gun came in, and started blasting the pokemon, but the gun wasn't ordinary. The gun captures pokemon, with pokeballs. In moments the valley was cleared and the man was picking up the pokeballs.


Kyle and Lauren had made it to the gate to the ruins of alph. "Okay, now we're an hour away from the fork in the road." Said Lauren, but Kyle wasn't really listening as he went through the gate for a minute. "What did you do in there?"

"None of your buisness, now let's go." Said Kyle, but before they could start walking again, a Scizor came out of the bushes.

"What the? Go, Hoothoot! Use Tackle!" Yelled Kyle sending out the bird pokemon. Lauren backed up a little to avoid being hit in the crossfire. But the Scizor dodged, and grabbed Hoothoot, and Lauren before dashing off towards Violet City. "Lauren Hoothoot!" Yelled Kyle before reaching for Hoothoot's pokeball, but it was gone.


The Scizor dropped Hoothoot, her pokeball, and Lauren before bowing to the tree. Lauren looked at the tree confused, but out of the tree came a man that has Elvis- like hair. (You know who.) The man smirked before saying.

"Nice work Scizor, you brought me a Hoothoot, and it's trainer." Said the man as he opened the cage. Scizor grabbed Lauren and threw her in there. "Heh, you're going to be a good addition to my army little girl." Said the man pulling a lever, causing a trap door to open. The cage fell into the liquid, with Lauren inside of it.


Somehow Kyle tracked the Scizor to the same tree that the man was at. "Tyrogue, come on out and use Tackle on the Scizor." Whispered Kyle. Tyrogue nodded before slamming into Scizor, knocking it into the tree.

"Eh? Who are you?" Asked the man to Kyle who revealed himself just then.

"I am Kyle Akel, who are you?" Asked Kyle to the man who just smiled in response.

"I am Drake Vanguard, and I bet you want to know what happened to your girlfriend, eh?" Asked the man now known as Drake, Kyle nodded in response. Drake pulled the lever allowing the cage to come up. What did come up though was not Lauren, or at least not as he knew her. "Hahaha, do you like it?" Asked Drake opening the gate. Lauren walked out, but not as a human, she was now a Meowth.

"Aaaahhh!" Yelled Lauren, reeling in pain. "What happened to me?" Drake laughed before saying.

"You are now a pokemon. I have been researching how to turn humans into pokemon in order to make an army to attack the world governments." Said Drake as he took out a remote control. "You, boy could make a pretty good Quilava." Drake then pressed the button, causing Lauren to scream even more. "Lauren, hold the boy here while I go to the Ruins of Alph." Said Drake as the Scizor flew him towards the ruins. Tyrogue and Lauren stared each other down.

"Man, Lauren has to be at about level 9 by the look of it." Said Kyle watching Lauren flail around. "Use Fake Out!" Tyrogue smacked Lauren into a tree, knocking out a little bug-like thing. The robot bug tried to go back in, but Chris smashed it.

"What's going on?" Asked Lauren, dizzy from the attack. Kyle grabbed a pokeball.

"Trust me Lauren, you have to get in this ball." Said Kyle. Lauren backed up a little bit, scared of the pokeball. But Kyle tossed the pokeball, capturing Lauren inside of it. "Sorry Lauren, but until we can reverse this, you have to be my pokemon." Said Kyle as he ran towards the ruins of Alph.

(To be continued in Part 2: The Three Kids)
(ooc: Lauren will still be a main character, even though she will be a Meowth for quite a while. (Probably until after the Lake of Rage or the 8th gym battle) I hope this is okay.)

rii - chii
July 26th, 2008, 5:38 AM
serginho: good post, I like how everybody has a different vision on Jamie XD
Poliwag leveled up to 19!
Poliwag is trying to learn Doubleslap, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Doubleslap?
Poliwag is trying to learn Rain Dance, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Rain Dance?
Hoothoot leveled up to 17!
Hoothoot learn Aerial Ace!
Hoothoot is trying to learn Peck, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Peck?
Hoothoot is trying to learn Refelct, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Reflect?
Rubii Naruto: That was a great post, more excitement in a post! :]
You caught a level 9 "Lauren" Meowth!

Zeta Sukuna
July 26th, 2008, 10:04 AM
(The three kids will be next chapter, I have something else planned for this one, oh and Drake has Hoothoot right now.)
Chapter 13: The Shadow of Drake (Part 2)

After ten minutes, Kyle had made it to the Ruins of Alph. "Urrgh, where could Drake have gone?" Asked Kyle, searching near the lake. A crash was heard in the closest ruin. "That's probably him!" Kyle ran into the same ruin that the crash was heard at, and found out that it was indeed Drake.

"Wow, you caught up fast." Said Drake before jumping down the hole. Kyle growled before jumping in after Drake.

"That's it! Stop running and fight me Drake!" Yelled Kyle, but Drake didn't hear him and hit an energy field, teleporting him somewhere. "What the?" And in moments, Kyle hit the energy field and teleported as well. But unknown to them all, a beast of legends is watching this whole display.

Bottom Ruins...

"Stop running Drake! Just give up, and give me the cure." Said Kyle. Drake then started laughing. "Hahahaha! You little boy, you can't take me down! Especially with only one arm!" Kyle flinched at that. "Sorry boy, but you have to go down." Kyle tried to run towards Drake, but a small army of Vulpix, Growlithe, Skitty, and Nidoran jumped in the way.

"Oh, crap." Said Kyle before letting out all of his pokemon. "Pichu, you handle the Skitty, Lauren you try to fight the Nidoran, Poliwag, you can handle the Vulpix, and Growlithe, and Tyrogue you help out Lauren, I'll try to give you all directions, but I don't know if I can." All but Lauren left. "Lauren, why aren't you going?" Asked Kyle. Lauren scratched her ear before saying.

"I can help with the commands." Kyle thought it over before nodding.

"Yeah, you can order Poliwag, I got Pichu, and Tyrogue." Said Kyle going over to the fight. Lauren felt nervous, I mean this is her first pokemon battle.


Tyrogue and Pichu glared at the seven Nidoran, and Skitty. (four Nidoran, three Skitty) "Pichu, use Thundershock on the Skitty, Tyrogue, use Fake Out on the Nidoran!" Yelled Kyle. Tyrogue started to rush in for a quick job, but the Nidoran tried to Peck/Pound him away. Tyrogue knew he couldn't take on four at once, so he decided to improv, and head towards the Skitty, surprising Pichu, and Kyle. Tyrogue smacked a Skitty into the rest for some good damage. "Pichu, Thundershock!" Yelled Kyle. Pichu tried to charge the lightning, but a male Nidoran slammed into her. "Pichu! Tyrogue, use Tackle on the Nidoran!" Tyrogue turned around and ran towards a Nidoran(f), before slamming into it knocking her out.

(G1 Left: 0 Skitty, 3 Nidoran(m&f))

Let's go to Lauren...

Poliwag looked around and saw eight Vulpix, and Growlithe, all getting ready to attack. "Poliwag, use Bubble!" Yelled Lauren to Poliwag. Poliwag looked confused, but did it anyway. The bubbles slammed into a Growlithe, knocking it out. Lauren then decided to really help out, even though she was against fighting, if she didn't then they would die. "Bite!" Yelled Lauren before biting a Vulpix for some damage. "Use Bubble again!" Yelled Lauren before using Fake Out on a Growlithe. Poliwag fired the Bubble again, hitting the flinching Growlithe, knocking it out as well. Lauren then did a Fake Out/Scratch combo on a Vulpix, knocking it out.

"Wow, this is pretty hard, I can barely keep up." Said Lauren as she and Poliwag were surrounded by Vulpix, and Growlithe.

(G2 Left: Growlithe: 2, Vulpix: 3)

Back to Kyle...

Pichu had gotten back up pretty quickly, before awaiting orders. "Pichu, use Thundershock on the Nidoran! Tyrogue, use Fake Out!" Yelled Kyle. Pichu Sent a charged Thundershock at a Nidoran(m), and knocked it out. Tyrogue slapped the other two Nidoran, causing them to flinch. "Now, Pichu, finish them off with Thundershock!" Yelled Kyle. Pichu nodded and sent a wave of electricity towards the two, knocking them out.

(G1 left: None)

Back to Lauren...

"Poliwag, use Bubble!" Yelled Lauren, before rushing in herself. Poliwag blew Bubbles at a couple of Vulpix, and since they were close to each other, they couldn't run, causing the bubbles to hit the Vulpix, knocking them out. While Lauren tried to Scratch the others. But being inexperienced, Lauren missed. A Growlithe came up behind Lauren and tried to burn her with Ember, but the Meowth barely managed to escape that. Growlithe readied another Ember, but Poliwag blew bubbles into the dog, knocking it into the other Growlithe knocking both of them out... the battle was over.

Kyle walked over to Lauren and Poliwag, and saw that their injuries weren't too bad. "We have to go." Said Kyle. Lauren nodded as Kyle returned Tyrogue, and Poliwag. Pichu was barely hurt, since Peck was a Flying type move. Kyle, Lauren, and Pichu, ran in, and jumped into the hole, vanishing to the center ruin.

(To be continued in Part 3)

rii - chii
July 26th, 2008, 10:59 AM
Rubii Naruto: great post, I really like the teamwork with all the Pokemon!
Tyrogue leveled up to 13!
Poliwag leveled up to 10!
Pichu leveled up to 12!
Lauren leveled up to 11!

July 27th, 2008, 6:50 AM
this is a post break, stay tuned :]

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July 27th, 2008, 6:58 AM
Chapter 10: Union Cave
Number of Posts: 3

A cave where several hikers come to explore the wonders of the cave because people believe it’s connected to the Ruins of Alph. It connects from Route 32 to Azalea Town.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 6-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Poison/Flying
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish (Level 9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 6-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Ground
Ability: Sand Veil
Attacks: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand-Attack, (Level 7) Poison Sting (Level 9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 6-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Rock Head, Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Rock Polish (Level 8)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 6-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Rock/Steel
Ability: Rock Head, Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Harden, Mud-Slap (Level 8)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 7-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Rock Head, Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Harden, Bind, Screech, Rock Throw (Level 9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 15
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Ice/Water
Ability: Water Absorb, Shell Armor
Attacks: Mist, Confuse Ray, Ice Shard, Water Pulse
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

July 27th, 2008, 2:11 PM
Seperation and friendships

Sergio and Alex walked to the end of the route but then they stopped they saw a cave with an entrance but this was where the route stopped.

"Shall we or shouldn't we",Sergio asked Alex.
"Let's do it",Alex said.

As soon as they enteres they noticed all the hikers and pokemon inside and ine actually ran up to Sergio.
"shrew, sandshrew",the pokemon said

Then Dexter started to beep: sandshrew the mouse pokemon, it is male ,and very strong......
"I think he likes you don't you agree",Alex said.
"I guess so but it would be best if we get out of this cave fast",Sergio said.
"Shrewwwww",sandshrew cries.

Sergio and Alex walked and walked and then Sergio turned around because he heard a noise.
"Sandshrew what is up do you want to come with us",Sergio asked.
Sandshrew nodded and he made a ballk of him self

"Well okay come in this pokeball then",Sergio said to the sandshrew
The red ray of the pokeball came and drew sandshrew inside it turned but it came out (OOC sorry if I can't decide this for myself)
The sandshrew moved his hand back and forth and he stood in fighting position.

"you want to battle okay then but you won't win go hoothoot use aerial ace",Sergio said laughing at the sandslash thinking it is too weak.
The atack hit sandslash but it was not enough for it to faint and the sandshrew then scratched hoothoot.

"Use your tackle", Sergio said.
Hoothoot looked at Sergio as if he was crazy and he ran to sanshrew jumped and pecked sandhrew real hard but he was still not down and then he used sand attack on hoothoot.

"Okay that was strange but okay use your tackle",Sergio said.
"He doesn't know tackle it is peck now",Alex said.
"Okay use peck",Sergio told hoothoot.

The attack was succesfull but sandshrew was still not down but was struggling and then Sergio saw a sting coming out of him but it hit the ground and then he ran and use scratch but it was as if it was stopped by a wall and it hit the ground knocking him out.

"Okay pokeball go",Sergio said.
The pokeball started turning and turning and then Alex said:" I am going to go on my own see ya"
"That was strange that was really strange",Sergio said and waited as the ball kept turning.

Stay tuned
OOC: if i catch it It will stay out of his pokeball

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July 27th, 2008, 2:14 PM
serginho: Alright, first post for Union Cave, and you caught the Sandshrew!
You caught a level 7 Male Sandshrew!

July 27th, 2008, 4:23 PM
Gold and Matt left the Pokemon Center the next morning with all their pokemon refreshed. They both stood in front and looked forward until Matt spoke.

“Well, I guess it’s time for us to go our separate ways,” he said. Gold nodded while Matt pulled out a pokeball. “Hopefully, I can tame this elekid before we meet again. I’m really sorry that I caught it. I knew that you were trying to catch it, but-“

“Don’t worry about it,” said Gold cutting off Matt’s apology. “You battled it, you beat it, so you caught it. That pokemon defeated me and I would’ve probably ran away.”

Matt gave a small smile and began to walk off. “See you later, Gold!” he shouted. Gold watched him walk off and couldn’t wait to see him again already. Next time they met, Gold wanted to battle and see how much they both had come.

Gold walked in a different direction while looking at his PokeGear. “Pichu, this seems to be another way to get to Azalea Town. But first we have to pass through the Union Cave. Hmm, I wonder if it’s a quicker way to go than the path Matt took. It would be awesome to be ahead of him for a change.” Pichu didn’t say anything in response to Gold’s comment.

Minutes later though, Pichu cried out and jumped off of Gold’s shoulder. He ran over to an entrance to a cave and a sign. Gold walked over and read the sign. It read: Union Cave & Azalea Town. “Well, I guess this is the way to go,” said Gold. He walked inside the cave with his Pichu.

The cave was much different from the Dark Cave because it wasn’t as well… dark. There were small lights hung up on the walls and ponds scattered throughout the cave that reflected the light making the cave somewhat lit up. Even with this, Gold walked into the cave with a small chill running down his spine. His experience in the Dark Cave made him really hate caves no matter how lit up they were.

Pichu tried taking Gold’s hat off and hiding inside of it. Gold angrily stuffed the cap back on his head. He didn’t care how cute Pichu was; no pokemon was going to steal stuff from him. Minutes later though, Gold gave in and let Pichu climb up on his head underneath his hat. Pichu thanked Gold by giving a happy, “pichu!” Gold rolled his eyes at Pichu’s cuteness and continued his journey through the cave.

A loud scream suddenly filled the cave. Out of surprise, Pichu fell off of Gold’s head and into his arms. Gold used a hand to adjust his cap and tried to listen to where the scream had come from. Pichu tried helping by pointing his hand in a direction. Gold thought for a moment, trying to remember if that’s where it came from and nodded. He thought that him and his Pichu agreed.

Gold arrived to where the scream came from and almost fainted from shock. In front of his was a woman, not a big deal, but she was screaming, and what she was screaming at was what almost made Gold pass out. Attacking her was something that looked like a giant rock snake. Gold quickly pulled out his pokedex to check what exactly this was.

Onix, the Rock Snake Pokemon, read the voice of the pokedex. When it travels underground, it causes rumbling and tremors. It can move at 50 mph.

The woman noticed Gold and held a hand in the air to wave to him. “Hey, please can you help me? I lost my pokemon and now this thing is attacking me.”

Gold didn’t want to deal with something this big, but he couldn’t just leave this lady alone with it. “Alright, here I come! Pichu, I choose you!”

Pichu jumped and turned around in Gold’s arms to look at him. “Pichu…” it said nervously. Gold nodded. “Go on,” he said. He knelt down and placed Pichu on the ground. Pichu began to walk slowly, constantly turning around to give Gold a nervous look.

Onix noticed the tiny electric pokemon and whirled around to face him. He let out a gigantic roar, making Pichu run back to Gold and climb his onto his shoulder nervously. Gold rubbed his chin. “Hmm, this isn’t going to work,” he said. He then snapped his fingers. “Pichu, I want you to battle this, but not alone.” Gold pulled out a pokeball and threw it in the air. It knocked against the ground and opened in a burst of red light. Gold’s Quilava appeared, with its flames bursting from his back.

Feeling a little more confident, Pichu leaped on the field next to Quilava. The onix eyed both pokemon angrily and cried out. It let out a screeching noise from its mouth filling Gold’s ears with noise and pain. Both of his pokemon shuddered where they stood. It then threw rocks at Gold’s two pokemon.

“Guys, look out!” Gold shouted. Quilava was the first one to act, and he ran right into Pichu, scooping him onto his back and ran out of range of the rock attack. The rocks tumbled to the ground near where the lady was standing. “Great job, Quilava! Hey, get out of the way!” Good shouted at the woman. She scurried over to Gold quickly, but Gold didn’t pay any attention to her. His mind was on the battle.

The Onix came charging forward with a hard tackle attack towards Gold’s two pokemon. “Pichu slow Onix down with charm!” Gold shouted. Pichu began to act cutely in front of Onix, making it slow down and stare at the cute little pokemon. “Now, Quilava, use flame wheel!” Gold knew the attack wouldn’t do much damage, but every little bit helped. Quilava formed a circle of fire around him and sent the fire attack straight for Onix. It struck the rock pokemon, but it shook the attack off quickly.

Onix suddenly reached forward and wrapped its body around Quilava. It lifted the helpless pokemon in the air and began to squeeze him.

Oh no, the bind attack, Gold thought scared. “Quilava, try flame wheel to break free!” Quilava formed a little bit of fire in his mouth, but that was only the motion for Onix to squeeze harder, making Quilava in pain and pressure too much to attack.

“Now what,” Gold mumbled. He looked at Pichu, looking at his friend frightened as if he had no idea what to do. “Pichu, you can help Quilava. Use tail whip to weaken Onix!” Pichu turned around and looed at Gold frightened, but then it put its brave face on. Pichu zipped up Onix’s body and slammed his tail straight across his face. Pichu leaped off and Onix glared at the pokemon angrily.

Pichu gave Onix a frightened look back making Gold sigh with disappointment. “Pichu, don’t worry about your size. You’re way stronger than that Onix! Use charm to distract Onix and Quilava, try to use smokescreen!”

Pichu performed the charm attack again, acting cutely in front of Onix. The rock snake looked at Pichu awkwardly and loosened his attention and grip on Quilava, giving it enough space to comfortable perform a smokescreen. The cave suddenly turned black and Gold couldn’t see a thing. He would have to depend on his pokemon on this one.

“Quilava, find your way through the smoke and find Pichu. Then use a flame wheel and sweet kiss together!” Gold shouted the attack louder than he usually would’ve, just to make sure his pokemon heard. Then he waited for his pokemon to attack. Soon, the smoke suddenly cleared because of a circle of fire that was formed around Quilava. He was charging towards Onix with the ring of fire around him and Pichu sitting on his back. Onix tried to attack back, but Pichu leaped in the air and landed on Onix’s head. Then it gave Onix a big kiss making him float around in wonderland. Quilava unleashed his attack and it hit Onix hard making it collapse on the ground. Pichu leaped out of the smoke and landed back onto Quilava.

Gold was pleased at his pokemon’s work and shuffled around on his belt until he pulled out an empty pokeball. “Alright guys, look out!” Gold thrust the pokeball at the down Onix. The large pokemon was sucked right into the pokeball and it began to wiggle back and forth. Would Gold capture the Onix?

rii - chii
July 27th, 2008, 5:06 PM
Pika_Master414: No Onix, just kidding, that was a great post! X3
You caught a level 9 Female Onix!

July 28th, 2008, 12:18 PM
Pokeball? No way. A fighter is born.
The pokeball kept turning and turning and then it said "ping".
"Cool I caught a sandshrew, I wonder where Alex is",Sergio said wondering.
Sergio walked and walked and then his backpack started to glow and a pokemon formed right next to him it was sandshrew.

"Heey sandshrew how are you what are you doing out of your pokeball",Sergio asked.
"shrew sandshrew",It said while moving his head from the left to the right.
"Okay so if i get it right you don't like your pokeball well let me see my pokedex for a second",Sergio said while opening the pokedex and looking at the weight section.

sandshrew 26.5 lbs. and 2"0" pokedex said.

"That is too much to carry on my back so just walk",Sergio said.
"Hello youngster are you in for a challenge with my onix or not",A hiker said while sending out one onix.

"Wow that pokemon is huge let's see what the pokedex says",Sergio thought as he opened its pokedex.

Onix the rock snake pokemon. It is bigger then most building and even bigger then goldenrod city's radio tower.
"Ok sandshrew this one is yours use your scratch",Sergio said.
The attack was succesfull but the onix did not even have a scratch.
"how many pokemon to right ok sandshrew get out of there come here and now go poliwag use your water gun",Sergio said.

This attack was rather so succesfull that it knocked onix out.

"come back onix go zubat",the hiker said.

Sergio opened his pokedex.

Zubat bat pokemon.It likes being in dark places you will mostly find it in caves.
"your onix was no challenge hope this is come back poliwag",Sergio said and he nodded to sandshrew which attacked the zubat with scratch.
"Ok zubat use your bite",the hiker said.

"dodge and sand attack then scratch",Sergio said immidiatly after the hiker ordered his zubat.
Sandshrew was much faster then the zubat it turned around grabbed it and threw to the ground and then he started scratching.

"Enough,enough you win here is a rare candy and a potion now leave me alone",The hiker said in a hurry.

"Okay sandshrew come back",Sergio said and a red light tried to hit sandshrew but sandhrew dodged and kept dodging it "okay okay I give up you stay out of your pokeball in all time"

Then Sergio,sandshrew and the rest of his pokemon left for the end of the cave.

Stay tuned.

July 29th, 2008, 8:43 AM
Gold waited what seemed like a decade for the ball to either stop or open. Sweat trickled down the side of his face out of nervousness. He had no idea what he was going to do if the ball suddenly opened and the Onix came out and attacked. But to his relief, the ball stopped and the middle clicked and dimmed. Gold ran over and picked up the ball and leaped in the air out of happiness. His pokemon ran over and cheered too.

Gold patted both his pokemon on the head and showed them the ball. “Great job, guys. This was one of our biggest challenges yet and you managed to come through.” Both of his pokemon smiled and cheerfully jumped on him.

The woman that Gold had just saved had a totally different reaction. She screamed and ran over to Gold, grabbing his arm and holding it tight. “That was so scary!” she screamed.

Gold nervously smiled and snatched his arm away. “Well, you’re safe now. Everything is okay, right?”

Tears formed in the woman’s eyes. “No, it isn’t,” she bawled. Gold looked at her curiously until she continued. “There was a rock slide near the entrance of the cave, and- and, my pokemon and I were separated. They’re probably lost and confused in the middle of the cave. They’re probably desperately looking for me,” she said.

Gold looked at her shocked and thought for a moment what he should do. He decided that it would be for the best if he helped her out. They were fellow trainers, and he felt as though it was his duty to help her. “Fine, don’t worry, I’ll help you,” he said with a smile.

The woman leaped on him happily and hugged him tightly. After a few moments, she let go of him. “Thank you!” she exclaimed. “I’m Sara by the way and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay you for such a great deed!”

“No, don’t worry about,” said Gold. “I’m Gold.”

The two began to walk through the cave with a constant look-out for Sara’s pokemon. Gold was hoping that they would run into them. He sent out Quilava and Pichu to look thoroughly, but neither of them had any luck. Gold pulled out his PokeGear just to get a good map of the cave and gasped. The cave was absolutely huge. “Wow, they could be anywhere!” he exclaimed. “It could take forever to find them!” He wanted to say that is was possible that the two would never find them, but he didn’t want to upset Sara.

After a few hours, Gold collapsed on the ground, exhausted from the search. “We… need a new plan,” he gasped. “We could be in this cave forever.”

Sara sadly agreed. She drooped her head down and looked almost on the verge of tears. Gold looked at her and knew that he would be acting the same if his pokemon were lost in a large, dark cave. Gold desperately tried to cheer her up.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find them! We just need a little luck and a new plan,” said Gold. He leaped to his feet and looked around. He looked around the cave for the right answer with his pokemon helping him and Sara behind.

Pichu climbed up Gold’s leg and ran up to his head. He pulled his trainer’s head and made him look in a certain direction.

“Pichu, what are you-“ Gold stopped when he saw something perched up on a high ledge. It was hard to see, but it almost looked like a bat. “What is that?” Gold questioned. He pulled out his pokedex.

Zubat, the Bat Pokemon, read the pokedex. Even though it has no eyes, it can sense obstacles using ultrasonic waves it emits from its mouth.

“That’s it!” Gold shouted, slamming his pokedex shut. “Zubat can use these waves to track down Sara’s pokemon!” Gold was feeling really excited that he finally had a strategy as he pulled out a pokeball. He looked at it for a moment nervously. “Okay, Onix, let’s have our first battle,” he said. He threw the pokeball out on the field and his new giant rock snake appeared.

“Do a surprise attack, Onix! Use rock throw!” shouted Gold. Onix made rocks float in the air around her. Then she released them, making them fly towards the tiny bat. Gold beamed that a huge pokemon like that was on his side.

The Zubat noticed the attack coming and managed to dodge it just before it hit. It took of into the air and stared at the large, attacking pokemon. Suddenly it dove in and attacked Onix hard in the horn of its head. The pokemon was small, but it managed to do some damage to Gold’s large pokemon.

“Onix, use rock throw!” shouted Gold. But Onix didn’t do anything but stand there. It was shuddering where it stood. “What! What’s going on!” shouted Gold.

“It’s astonish,” explained Sara. “It can make a pokemon flinch.”

Before Gold could respond, the Zubat dove in and attacked again. Gold was shocked that such a little pokemon could have so much power against a giant rock pokemon.

Onix scooted back a little and shaked its head around. “Onix, you’re alright!” shouted Gold. “Use tackle!” Onix scooted forward and used its head to slam into Zubat. The little bat pokemon flew straight into the wall from the attack. Even so, it managed to get back into the air to face Onix.

“Onix, that last tackle did a lot of damage. Do one more to finish it off!”

Zubat immediately shot sound waves out of its mouth. Onix quickly stopped and watched the attack come closer and closer.

“Onix, repel the attack with screech!” Onix shot out her own waves and the two attacks hit. It then was a battle of who was the strongest. The two sets of waves hit against each other and pushed back and forth. Finally, Onix pulled through and pushed both sets of waves back towards Zubat. The attack hit hard, making Zubat twirl backwards.

"Now, Onix, finish this with Tackle!” Onix slammed his head hard into the Zubat making it collapse on the ground, too weak to stand. Gold pulled out yet again another pokeball and threw it towards the Zubat. It was completely sucked into the ball and Gold waited to see if he would capture his second pokemon in the cave. (ooc: Idk what is up with the text. I can't get it to what I want.)

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July 29th, 2008, 6:36 PM
Serginho: It was an okay post; not your best, but still good.
Sandshrew leveled up to 9!
Sandshrew learned Poison Sting!

Pika_Master414: It was a great post, can't wait to see more!
You caught a level 9 Male Zubat!

July 29th, 2008, 9:30 PM
Drake woke up on his 10th Birthday. He didn't act like it was a big deal but to him it was he couldnt wait to start his pokemon journey. He ran into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. Then ran back and put his blue polo shirt with a big yellow pikachu on the front of it on. He put his favorite pair of black baggy pants on. his favorite hat his father gave him which his father's father gave him the day he went on a pokemon journey. And he put on his mother's lucky necklace when he had both of them in his hands he felt like crying because both of his parents were dead. "Mom...Dad...I wish you were both here" he said letting a few tears trickle down his cheek. His parents had died in a really bad car accident exactly 6 years ago which made the moment hurt even more. But he put both of them on and went down stairs for breakfast which he had made pancakes. He took his puppy outside with him and took him to his neighbors who he trusted dearly to take care of him and his parents pokemon. After he dropped all of them off he ran to his house packed his bag and then grabbed the key went outside and locked the door. He then put the key in his backpack and ran to Proffesor Oak's Pokemon Lab.

Oh man crud dint fill out the forum aww man. Piecakey could you get the info you need to accept me out of this story thing so far and my Requested Pokemon is Pikachu.

Zeta Sukuna
August 1st, 2008, 6:53 PM
Episode 14: The Shadow of Drake (Part 3)

Center ruin...

Kyle, Lauren, and Pichu run into the chambers, but Drake wasn't appearantly there. "He's gone." Said Kyle, but Pichu and Lauren were looking up, gazing at an odd fixture in the ceiling. Kyle looked up as well, and saw Drake, Scizor, an Onix, and a Mankey.


"Heheh, those fools will never figure out my true plan. It takes more then Human children turned into pokemon to take over the world." Said Drake to himself, not knowing that Kyle and co. were climbing up towards him(Kyle was climbing up the pipe with his feet and arm). "With the Dome Fossil, and the Hoothoot as the bases, I will crack open the portal to the torn world, and free the Unown, allowing me one wish."

"Well then, I'm glad we got here when we did." Said Kyle. Drake looked at the trio and laughed.

"Hahahahah! Do you think you can stop me? That little army wasn't very powerful, but the three children are!" Yelled Drake as he signaled the trio of pokemon over.

"Okay, you and me a three-on-three battle. Whoever wins will get the Dome Fossil." Said Kyle. Drake thought it over and said.

"Why not? It'll give me some amusement." Drake then motioned to the Onix(Level 7), who then slithered over to block the path. Chris took out Poliwag's pokeball, and tossed it out.

"Round 1: Poliwag Vs. Onix... Begin!" Yelled Lauren in the distance. Kyle and Drake stared each other down.

"Poliwag, use Bubble!" Yelled Kyle. Poliwag then shot a bunch of Bubbles at Onix who had no way of dodging them.

"No! Onix, use Bind!" Yelled Drake. Onix sped towards Poliwag, but the water Pokemon jumped out of the way.

"Now, finish off that Onix with a Bubble!" Yelled Kyle. Poliwag blew the Bubble attack once again, knocking out the giant snake.

"The winner is Poliwag!" Yelled Lauren raising a paw.

"Grrr... Go on out Mankey." Said Drake. And the Level 10 Mankey bounced into the arena.

"Round 2: Poliwag Vs. Mankey... Begin!" Yelled Lauren.

"Mankey, use Fury Swipes!" Yelled Drake. Mankey nodded before starting to scratch at Poliwag, doing some good damage.

"Poliwag, get out of there and use Hypnosis!" Yelled Kyle. Poliwag easily slipped out, and tried to hypnotise Mankey, but the monkey's vital spirit ability kept him awake.

"Mankey, use Low Kick!" Yelled Drake. Mankey ran over to Poliwag, and kicked the tadpole into the ceiling, but didn't faint.

"Poliwag, blast Mankey with Bubble, now!" Yelled Chris. Poliwag then shot Bubbles at Mankey, but the ape didn't get too hurt.

"Now, use Mega Punch!" Yelled Drake. Mankey then slammed a super powerful punch in Poliwag's gut, knocking him out on contact.

"The winner is Drake." Said Lauren unenthustiacally. Drake then glared at the feline.

"Come on in Pichu!" Said Kyle to the pokemon on the floor, but Pichu didn't move, since she was so scared. "Fine, then come on out, Tyrogue!" Tyrogue then came out of the pokeball, ready to fight.

"Round 3: Tyrogue Vs. Mankey... Begin!" Yelled Lauren, fearing that Kyle would lose.

"Mankey, use Mega Punch again!" Yelled Drake, but the Mankey just kept glaring at Tyrogue. Suddenly Tyrogue started to rush at Mankey, but the monkey jumped over the Tyrogue and tried to strike with his feet, but Tyrogue turned around quickly and blocked the skrike before slamming the monkey into a wire. Then the two became giant blurs as they kept jumping off the wires, and hitting each other. But Mankey soon got tried and dropped to the floor, unconscious. And Tyrogue dropped as well.

"This round is a tie!" Yelled Lauren now fearing that Kyle couldn't win.

"Pichu, go out there, you can win trust me." Said Kyle. Pichu then finally resolved her nerves and stepped up to the battlefield.

"Hahahah! Do you think a rat can stop me! Go Scizor!" Yelled Drake. The level 14 Scizor flew up into the battle arena.

"Final Round! Pichu Vs. Scizor... and begin!" Yelled Lauren.

"Pichu, use Thundershock!" Yelled Chris. Pichu tried to fire a bolt of lightning, but Drake smirked and said.

"Quick Attack, now." Scizor then smacked Pichu off of the platform.

"No, Pichu! Return!" Yelled Kyle, before returning the pokemon. But Drake used this to his advantage.

"Grab the foolish boy!" Yelled Drake. Scizor nodded before giabbing Kyle's arm. "Now... I think that the best punishment would be for you to get thrown into the torn world." Kyle shook his head no before kicking Drake in the privates. The shock caused Scizor to let go, and run to the man.

"Lauren, we have to get out of here!" Yelled Kyle before grabbing the Meowth with his arm. But there was one problem... he couldn't climb down.

"Hahaha! Enjoy the Torn World fools!" Yelled Drake as he threw a dagger at the portal, causing it to open. But the portal didn't start sucking, it closed, taking half of the wires, the Dome Fossil, and Hoothoot with it. "What?" Asked Drake to himself, but right then and there, more wires began to snap causing the platform to fall into the floor, crushing Drake under its weight. The madman was now dead. But Kyle and Lauren were also under the wreck, but not too deep.

"Urgh, Lauren. Are you okay?" Asked Kyle, but Lauren made no response, given the fact that she was unconscious. Kyle then grabbed Lauren's pokeball and recalled her into it. After that Kyle found the exit and went off into Route 36

(ooc: The end was kind of cheezy, but at least that is over. I'll try to get the next post in later.)

August 1st, 2008, 11:51 PM
Catch me if you can!

Sun was still heating up the air that was enough hot already but Windy didn´t care at all because just few minutes ago both Natu and Togepi had evolved and they had become somewhat stronger than ever before. She kept walking as Buneary was sitting on her shoulder, Togetic was flying above the threes and Xatu was gliding from one tree to other and eating some fresh fruits. “What a nice day today is, Buneary!” Windy said and smiled brightly and picked an apple from the tree that was enough close to her so she didn´t have to stop to pick it.

The apple was sweet and Windy had become even more confident and she was sure that she would be able to beat the next gym leader in Azalea town juts like that but all that joy and happiness vanished as fast as it had come when Windy crashed into Milia. “You really should start to look around where you´re going to!” Windy shouted and stood up as she in the mean time was rubbing her forehead that had got a pretty bad hit. Milia looked scared and she was crying which made Windy to feel sorry that she had yelled at her but before she reached to apologize, Milia rapidly said: “I was trying to get my pokéballs back but then Quagsires attacked and Pippi, my Clefairy, wasn´t able to hold its own and I had to flee!”

Windy helped Milia to sat down as she was really exchausted from all the running and gave her own water bottle to drink from and waited for a while and then asked: “So, how have you been lately?” and sat down too. At first Milia looked away from Windy but quickly recovered from her thoughs and said: “I´ve managed to catch and train three other pokémons and they are pretty strong but they are all weaker than Pippi.” Milia and Windy both stood up and hugged as they were both friends and rivals to each others and started to walk towards the place where those Quagsires had robbed Milia.

After walking a while both Windy and Milia arrived to the point where Milia had been robbed but there weren´t any Quagsires anymore as they had gone away already. Milia started to cry and she acted out hysterically but suddenly Windy spotted some foot prints on the ground: “Hey Milia! I found some marks and I think that if we follow them, we´ll be able to find those Quagsires and your pokéballs!” and she started to ran quickly and so did Milia. Even tough Windy was running ahead of Milia she every now and then peeked from her eye corner how milia was doing and few minutes later they arrived to the pond which was in the darkest part of the woods. It started to get darker every minute and Windy and Milia had to creep closer to the shore so they would be able to see where Quagsires were.

“I remember what this is all about!” Windy yelled and smiled happily to Milia who looked pathetic and she continued: “This is the famous Blue Moon, when Quagsires steal round objects and let them float in the river!” Before Windy even reached to say anything, Milia started to cry and shouted: “They are going to ruin my pokéballs and drown my pokémons!” and she stood up. Suddenly all the Quagsires turned around and looked angrily at Milia, who had ruined their special night and started to attack against her. Windy jumped out from the bushes and send her pokémons out to battle when in the mean time she started to seek those missing pokéballs. Suddenly a Quagsire used huge Mud Shot against Windy and Milia yelled: “Come out Pippi and use Meteor Smash!”

Meteor Smash and Mud Shot crashed towards and created huge explosion which made Quagsire to fall down and faint but other Quagsires attacked even furiously. Finally Windy spotted those pokéballs but they were heavily guarded by those angry Quagsires. “Xatu, use Night Shade and Togetic, use Metronome and try to get those pokéballs!” she yelled and looked how Milia was doing with her Clefairy. Milia had stopped crying and she was back and furiously responded to those attacks with multiple combos that Windy haven´t ever seen before. “Use Meteor Smash once more and fuse it with Metronome!” and Clefairy´s Metronome summoned another Meteor Smash and together they managed to beat many Quagsires and Windy managed to get those pokéballs. Xatu and Togetic combined their attacks and managed to guard Windy. “I got them! We can leave now!” she yelled and waved her hand at Milia who immediately called Clefairy back into its pokéball and started to ran. When Windy was leaving she noticed something shining on the grass but because she didn´t have more time to stare it, she just put it in her bag and ran away too.

After they both was sure that they were save they stopped and sat under a tree. “Here´s your pokéballs!” Windy said and handed over two red pokéballs and one blue pokéball and sighed heavily but stood up quickly. “What are you doing?!” Milia said and stood up too when Windy started to walk away and grabbed on Windy´s arm. “Well it is dawn and I gotta continue travelling.” she said and smiled but Milia said something that shocked both of them: “I challenge you and if I win, we both travel together!” Windy´s smile told more than hundred words and they both took their battle pose and they were ready to battle.

“Go Buneary!” she yelled and Buneary, who had been sitting on her shoulder jump on the ground and it was ready to battle. Milia send out her Burmy, who looked very tough opponent but Windy was sure that they would win this battle and she shouted: “Use Pound and stay focused! If it attacks, dodge it!” and Buneary started to attack furiously. Burmy got hit but it was really quick and managed to hit back with really strong Tackle. Buneary was exchausted but it didn´t give up but Windy knew that it couldn´t make really long. “Use Defense Curl when it uses Tackle next time and after that use Pound with all your strength!” she yelled.

Burmy attacked with Tackle but Buneary managed barely to use Defense Curl and Burmy´s attack hurt more itself that Buneary and the Pound that Buneary made was the final shot. Burmy flew over and crashed badly towards a tree and faint immediately. Milia called her pokémon back inside to its pokéball and went to shake hands with Windy. “Next time I´ll be the one who´ll be the winner!” she said and started to walk deeper to the woods. Then she remembered that shiny thing on the ground and pulled it out from her bag and she got shocked when she noticed that it was a luxury ball. Windy started to walk too and looked at the cloudless sky as the day´s first sunrays reached her face.

To be continued!

August 3rd, 2008, 12:06 AM
Showdown in Union cave!

Finally we are here!” Windy shouted and Buneary jumped on the ground and they both peeked in and Windy continued saying: “That´s so dirty. Someone should really clean this place up and quickly!” and gently laughed. She sat down right next to the entrance and looked at the sky that started to cover from deep black clouds and few minutes later it was raining heavily. Windy stood up and walked inside the cave with her Buneary who was clearly terrified of thunder as the whole cave shook from the lightning bolts. After Windy and Buneary had walked a while or two they reached a spot where they were able to see really well. All around the cave was huge crystals and they shone brightly which made Windy to wonder where the light came from.

When they had walked a while Windy decided to take a break and let Buneary to rest a bit and took some apples from her bag and handed them over to Buneary. She took also her water bottle and drank a bit and gave it to her Buneary and stood up. She walked around the cave but staid enough cose she was able to see Buneary as she was searching the source of light but didn´t find anything else except few tunnels were some rock pokémons were hanging around. After Buneary had eaten they both continued walking but were suddenly stopped by a boy who was about the same age as Windy was. “Have you seen any Arons around here?” he gently asked and smiled but Windy was more thrilled of the yellow pokémon on his shoulder. “What pokémon is that?!” she yelled and jumped quickly right infront of it and started to stare.

The boy looked scared but quickly recovered his pose and said: “That is my Chingling and I am looking for Arons!” but Windy just waved her hand as a sign that she´s not interested. After some really awkward moments they both started to walk. “What were you asking by the way?” Windy said and started to blush but the boy didn´t notice that and said: “Well I was looking for some Arons as they are my favourite kind of pokémons! My name is Caruso.” he said, smiled gently and shook hands with Windy who said: “That´s so romantic name! My name is Windy!” and blushed even more and now Caruso noticed it too and also blushed. Red colour accentuated his brown brown hair and totally green eyes and Windy had really fun with him and Buneary came along with Chingling really well.

Windy and Caruso had walked really long and they didn´t have a clue where they were but then they saw some wild Arons running and everything forgot. Caruso and Windy started to run and followed Arons into their nest but they were surprised when they saw where they had come. It was huge meadow right in the middle of the cave and in the center of it was a big and deep pond. The most suprising thing was to see that there were lots of grass and trees even tough there were no holes in the ceiling where the sunlight would reach in. Arons were playing around the trees and Onixs were eating the fruits hanging from them, when few other pokémons were there too and Windy was almost totally sure that she had seen a Lapras swimming and diving in the pond but wasn´t sure as it was really shiny in there. Caruso and Windy started to walk around the meadow and they looked hours how different pokémons played on the grass but then they got tired and sat down. Few minutes later they both were sleeping tightly and also Buneary and Chingling were asleep too.

Windy and Caruso had slept quite long but they were suddenly wakened up by an explosion that made whole cave to shake from side to side. Windy was going to stand up but Caruso took her hand and pulled her back to her place and pointed near the pond where two black clothet people were standing at. “We gotta act out quietly so they don´t discover us being here.” he whispered and started to walk quietly with Windy behind him. Onixs, Arons and all the other ones too were tied up together but the people in those hideous black clothes were interested of something that was hidden in the pond. Suddenly the other one that Windy recognised to be a woman yelled to the other one: “It is rising from here!” and called Cacturne out. Windy immediately knew who they were and she knew that she need help to beat those two but at first she decided to help to free those wild pokémons. Windy´s Buneary managed to free the pokémons with Caruso´s Chingling but then they had a bigger problem when they noticed that those two people were trying to capture a Lapras.

Lapras didn´t have a clue what had happened to it but it wasn´t going to give up and it used one strong Ice Beam which covered everything with ice. It attacked multiple times and it didn´t know what it was doing to the cave as it started to destroy. Windy got enough of those two and yelled: “Hey you two over there! Leave that Lapras alone!” and send her Buneary out to battle. Buneary jumped over those two people and made Cacturne to crash into both of them twice as it was bigger than Buneary who was able to move easily in small areas. “So we meet again!” the woman yelled and laughed coldly when in the mean time she undressed those black clothes. Under them she had an orange suit or something like that which covered almost every part of her body and the man had same kind too. “We are twins! My name is Paw and this is my sister Fee!” shouted the man and it was the first time when he spoke.

Windy introduced herself politely even tough it wasn´t necessary but she felt it was her duty and then the battle started. Buneary was battling against that Cacturne but now there were also the gray cat pokémon that looked very ugly. Buneary was doing fine after all it was alone and both the cat pokémon and Cacturne were much stronger than it. Suddenly Caruso ran over and called Aron out to battle which made both Windy and those two to surprise. Aron used many strong attacks like Iron Head and Metal Claw but then it got hit by Iron Tail which made it crash towards an ice spike. Aron got hurted badly and its leg was sore so it wasn´t able to ran or attack that much and now this was all up on Buneary mostly. “Dodge that Glameow´s Iron Tail!” Caruso yelled but Aron was too slow to move and Windy decided to help him and shouted: “Use Defense Curl to protect that Aron and then use Pound!”

Buneary turned into a ball and covered Aron from Glameow´s attack which made Buneary to fly up in the air and its Pound got stronger. Buneary´s attack made some critical damage and Glameow faint immediately after the attack but Cacturne was still on and it was really fast. It used many powerful attacks like Needle Arm and Toxic but then it made mistake and Windy used it well. Cacturne tried to hit with Needle Arm at Buneary who jumped and dodged it and Cacturne was stuck in the ice wall. “Use all your powers and do Pound!” Windy shouted and smiled as she knew this would be the end of this battle. Buneary´s attack hit with full power and Cacturne crashed badly towards the wall and faint.

After that Paw and Fee fled as mysteriously as they had come and Windy ran over to free Lapras when in the mean time Caruso was taking care of his Aron and healing up it. Windy helped Buneary to cut those ties and Lapras dove back into the pond and Windy went back to look how Aron was doing. “That was a great battle!” Caruso said and smiled when he called Aron back to its pokéball and stood up and said quickly: “Maybe one day we´ll battle like that too!” he said and started to walk with Windy who still had something going on in her mind. “Where did you get that Aron?!” she quickly shouted and made Caruso to stand few steps backwards from shock. He recovered his pose and answered gently: “That Aron was actually always mine but I let it live in here with its friends and now it is ready to come with.” and continued walking. After few minutes Windy whispered: “It is really cool you know.” and blushed and so did Caruso.

To be continued!

Blushing Steelix

“This place looks so familiar!” Windy shouted to Caruso who was walking behind her with his Chingling. Caruso sighed heavily and sat down to rest a bit and said quickly: ”That´s because we´ve been here at least twice before!” and smiled eventough there wasn´t any reason to smile. “Are you suggesting that we are lost in this cave?!” Windy shouted and started to panic and sat down right next to Caruso and continued by saying: “What are we going to do next then?” and started to dig her bag. Caruso closed his eyes and started to obviously think but Windy didn´t pay any attention to him as she was looking for something to eat and drink for when suddenly Caruso jumped up and yelled so loud that both Buneary and Chingling fell over from Windy´s shoulders: “We could use my Aron as it is very talented and it knows this cave like its own pockets!”

Caruso threw his pokéball up in the air and called his Aron out as Windy stood up in the same time and closed her bag. Buneary jumped back to Windy´s shoulder and sat down on it as Windy walked closer to Caruso and his Aron and she said: “Could you please help us get away from this cave?!” and smiled gently. After few minutes later Windy and Caruso were walking behind Aron as it was leading them out from the cave but suddenly something started to shake whole cave and they had to stop to take cover as huge rocks were dropping off from the roof. Suddenly just few steps ahead of Aron a group of angry Onixs came trough the wall which caused Windy and Caruso to be separated from Caruso´s Aron as huge rocks blocked the way. “Can you here me?!” Caruso yelled but wasn´t able to here any responses as the rocks blocked every sound and they didn´t have any another choice than to navigate back to Aron by themselves.

Windy stood up and started to follow Caruso who was clearly worried about his Aron and didn´t concentrate at all and caused them to lose again. “Aron will be just fine! You said yourself that it knows this place like its own pockets!” Windy yelled and Caruso sat down and buried his face into his arms and started to cry. “I know that it knows these caves but I am just so worried about! There are some rumors that there should be Onix that can beat even water type pokémons just like that!” he shouted and Windy stood up and said: “Then we will be the first ones to beat it because we aren´t going to give up now!” and pulled Caruso up. He wiped the rest of the tears away and started to walk with Windy who was surprisingly good at navigating in the cave. “I am able to sense some air waves coming from here so we should be close to that place where it was when we were separated.” Windy said and started to run around the cave. Finally they arrived to the place where Aron had been but there weren´t any sign of it anymore except few foot prints on the soft ground and Caruso started to cry again but was suddenly stopped by Windy who yelled: “Here are some huge marks and I think that what ever took your Aron went right into this direction!” and started to run and follow the marks on the ground.

After Windy and Caruso had followed those marks a while or two they hitted to a place which was full of Onixs and their leader was bigger and grayer than ever as it was Steelix and not Onix. “That must be the Onix that they have been talking all about!” Caruso shouted and stared at it behind the rocks where they were standing. “You really are a genious! If you didn´t realise it already but that´s a Steelix!” Windy shouted and smiled at Caruso who started to blush and continued gently: “We need something to distract them so we can free your Aron and all those others too!” and started to walk behind those huge rocks as she was thinking. Caruso stood up and ran over so all the Onixs were able to see him and yelled: “Hey you stupid rockheads! I am over here! Catch me if you can!” and he started to run and led those Onixs and Steelix with him. Windy ran over as she wasn´t able to see those two Onixs which were guarding those Arons and was almost hit by Iron Tail but managed to dodge it at the last second. “Go Buneary! Use Pound against them and when they attack use Defense Curl to dodge their attacks!” Windy yelled and send her Buneary out to battle as she didn´t have any other choice.

Buneary jumped and managed to hit few times with its Pound but Onix´s skin was literally rock solid and it didn´t do that much damage at them and before Windy realised Onixs managed to hit with Iron Tail at Buneary. Luckily it managed to use Defense Curl before it got hit the attacks didn´t do that much damage as it flew up in the air. Suddenly Windy got an idea and decided to give a try as she didn´t have anything to lose anymore and yelled: “Use Defense Curl over and over again when they attack against you with their Iron Tails!” and smiled even she didn´t have any reason. Onixs attacked and Buneary used Defense Curl over and over again until it was bouncing between the ceiling and the ground when Windy shouted again: “Use Pound and channel the entire bouncing energy trough you!” and this was the first time she hesitated to try this plan but didn´t call it out.

Buneary was high up in the air and it was coming down like a comet and started to spin rapidly which increased Pound’s power really much and Buneary managed to critically hit both Onixs. It landed beautifully to the ground when the Onixs started to wobble ominously and fell down as they both fainted at the exact moment. When the Arons where fleeing Caruso came back with his Chingling and now the rest of the Onixs and Steelix came back and they weren´t happy at all. “You didn´t say what to do or how long that distract has to be!” he yelled and ran behind Windy to cover. Suddenly Chingling started to shine and Caruso was really happy when in the mean time Onixs and Steelix were more afraid than angry as they didn´t know what was going to happen.

“My Chingling has finally evolved into Chimecho! It´s time to rubble!” Caruso yelled and send it out to battle with Buneary but was suddenly stopped by a stranger who yelled: “What have you done this time Steelix sweetie?!” and both Windy and Caruso were able to see how Steelix blushed. A girl ran over and hugged her Steelix and said: “I am really sorry if my Steelix has caused some troubles as it is very timid and it likes to play here with these Onixs!” and both she and Steelix went away towards the direction the girl came and left Windy, Caruso and Onixs together into the place. “That was quite weird!” Windy said and started to laugh so much that she fell over and roll on the ground when in the mean time Onixs were leaving and Caruso was staring at his Chimecho. Caruso helped Windy back on her feet and they both started to walk away from the cave and Windy just kept laughing as she wasn´t able to stop.

To be continued!

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August 4th, 2008, 11:29 AM
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Natu evolved in Xatu!
Xatu leveled up to 33!
Xatu is trying to learn Wish, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Wish?
Togepi evolved into Togetic!
Togetic leveled up to 24!
Togetic is trying to learn Follow Me, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Follow Me?
Buneary leveled up to 14!
Buneary is trying to learn Frustration, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Frustration?

August 4th, 2008, 1:42 PM
post break! Azalea Town is next ^^

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Chapter 11: AzaleaTown
Number of Posts: 3

A town which is surrounded by trees that gave the town life. Several bug catchers hang out around town because they enjoy catching the bugs around the area. They also have a well that where Slowpoke come from.

Areas of Interest
Pokemon Center: A place where you can stay for free to heal!
Pokemart: A shop that sells Pokemon goods: Poke Ball, Antidote, Paralyze Heal, Potion, Super Potion, Charcoal, Escape Rope, Repel
Kurt’s House: A house where a man makes special Poke Balls that catch certain Pokemon easily.
Pokemon Gym: See Bugsy
Slowpoke Well: A well where Slowpoke stays and relaxes which has a lot of water.
Charcoal Kiln: A house where Charcoal is made

Team Rocket Encounter!


Team Rocket is currently in Slowpoke Well, they have stolen all of the Slowpoke for profit, you must do your best to save them!

Team Rocket Pokemon





Wild Pokemon
Level: 7-12
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Water/Psychic
Ability: Oblivious, Own Tempo
Attacks: Curse, Yawn, Tackle, Growl, Water Gun (Level 11)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Gym Leader Bugsy
Description: A Bug Type Gym Leader who studies the bug types and attends to the studies of the Ruins Of Alph.

Level: 16
Gender: Male
Type: Bug/Poison
Ability: Swarm
Attacks: Poison Sting, Fury Attack, Focus Energy, Twineedle
Nature: Hasty

Level: 16
Gender: Female
Type: Bug/Flying
Ability: Compoundeyes
Attacks: Confusion, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Sliver Wind
Nature: Lonely

Level: 18
Gender: Male
Type: Bug/Flying
Ability: Swarm
Attacks: Quick Attack, Focus Energy, False Swipe, Silver Wind
Nature: Serious

TM62 (Sliver Wind), Hive Badge
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/d/d0/Hivebadge.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Hivebadge.png)

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August 4th, 2008, 2:19 PM
(ooc: I finished the Drake fight)
Episode 15: Lauren Vs. Wooper

Three hours have passed since the battle, and the trio of Kyle, Lauren, and Pichu had made it to a long pier.

"So do you guys think that there are trainers here?" Asked Lauren to the others. Pichu just looked over to Kyle with a confused look.

"I hope not. We've been fighting a lot of weird characters lately like the Recton Division." Said Kyle as he started to walk across the bridge, with the two pokemon behind him.

"Don't forget about Drake. We almost died battling him." Said Lauren. Pichu nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, how could I forget about him?" Asked Kyle to himself before knocking another trainer into the water, since he didn't want to fight a trainer right now.

"Well, it seems that there are probably more weirdos around here." Said Lauren before tripping on her feet, causing her to fall into the water.

"Ahahaha! I can't believe you fell into the water!" Laughed Kyle before grabbing Lauren's paw, and dragging her up.

"Don't forget what happened to you the last time that happened." Said Lauren shaking off the water. "Now there is supposed to be a pokemon center around here, but where?" Both Lauren and Kyle didn't notice the water pokemon swimming towards Lauren's tail. "We should almost be there n-YEEEOOWCH!" Yelled Lauren flailing in pain. But in Lauren's flailing, the Wooper that bit her tail got onto the dock.

"Woopa." Said the Wooper ready for battle. Pichu went down to fight, but Kyle grabbed her tail.

"No Pichu, Lauren's going to fight this one." Said Kyle. Pichu sighed but understood. "All right Lauren, let's get ready to fight!" Lauren nodded, ready to get revenge.

"Woopa!" Yelled the Wooper before firing a Mud Shot. Lauren was barely able to dodge the strike.

"Ok, Lauren, use Scratch!" Yelled Kyle. Lauren ran up to the Wooper, and tried to scratch it, but the water pokemon was able to dodge every swipe. "Now use Fake Out!" Lauren then got a glint in her eye before jumping back. The Wooper used this to its advantage and fired a Water Gun, but Lauren was able to dodge and sucker punch the Wooper.

"I did it!" Yelled Lauren, but the Wooper then blasted a Water Gun, hitting Lauren in the face.

"Lauren, get up and use Bite." Said Kyle, and in moments Lauren got up and ran over to Wooper, before biting the fish, but it didn't do too much damage. Wooper got annoyed and shot out another Water Gun, blasting Lauren back again. "Use Scratch again!" Lauren then jumped up, surprising the Wooper, and scratched the fish, causing it to fall into the water.

"Hey, I won." Said Lauren. Kyle shook his head and started walking towards the end of the pier, with Pichu following. "Hey, wait for me!" Yelled Lauren dashing over towards Kyle and Pichu.

August 4th, 2008, 3:39 PM
Chapter 6: Ledyba VS Spinarak!
Totodile was in shock. Not only had the Master let the Ledyba join his team, he seemed to like her! Totodile just didn't get it. The Master didn't need such a pushy Pokemon. "Wait a minute..." Totodile thought to himself. "Don't get jelous. Thats what happened with the last master..." Suddenly Bobby called Totodile which snapped him out if his train of thought. Running to catch up, Totodile was also trying to run from the bad memories.

"Ledyba get off!" Bobby yelled as he once again, grabbed the Five Star Pokemon off his head and threw her foward. Using her wings to steady herself, Ledyba flew right back and nestled herself in Bobby's hair. With a sigh of defeat, Bobby let Ledyba stay there and wandered out of the forest.

The trio had come to a large wind swept field. With the sun beating down on them and a delightful breeze caressing them, Bobby took off his hoody while Ladyba took off into the crystal blue sky. Meanwhile Bobby and Totodile made their way slowly across the expanse of green.

Soon Bobby and Totodile came apon a giant cave entrance (Ledyba was still enjoying the sunshine). "This must be Dark Cave...." Bobby muttered. Calling Ladyba down he began to walk into the cave.

"STOP!" a voice cried out. Bobby looked around for the origin of the voice. It had come from a small boy wearing a large yellow hat. The boy was wearing a white shirt and blue pants and had a butterfly net in his left hand. "Don't go in there!" he cried.

"Why not?" Bobby asked the young Bug Catcher.

"Because there is a terrible monster that lives in the Cave of Darkness..." the boy said darkly.

"Uhh I think its Dark Cave and if you haden't noticed im with my Pokemon. I think I can handle it myself." Bobby said patronizing the boy.

The Bug Catcher had other ideas. Grabbing a Pokeball he threw out a green spider like Pokemon that look like it had a face on his abdomen. "I can't stop you from making bad choices but how about we make a bet?" the boy asked. "If i win at One-on-One Pokemon Battle then you find another way to Violet City? If you win you go through there and get there faster."

Bobby thought this over and decided that one battle couldn't hurt. "Allright kid your on! Ledyba get in there!" Bobby cried. The Five Star Pokemon flew into battle all sorts of ready. "Ladyba use a Tackle!" Ledyba flew at a fast speed aimed right at the Spinarak.

"Spinarak dodge and counter with a Poison Sting!" Bug Boy cried. Spinarak complied dodging Ledyba's assualt and began trying to stab her with its shart horn on its head.

"Ledyba grab the horn with your hand...things!" Bobby cried. Ledyba grabbed Spinarak and proceded to punch the String Spit Pokemon at a super fast speed. "Hmmm...." Bobby thought to himself as those punches almost seemed like a move. Logging that away for later Bobby ordered Ledyba to throw the weakend Spinarak into the air.

"Spinarak!" the boy cried as Ledyba flew above the airborn spider and hit it right in the gut with a tackle. Both boys knew that Spinarak was uncounsious before it hit the ground.

"Well you beat me fare and square, good luck dealing with the monster!" the boy cried to Bobby as he made his way into Dark Cave. "You're gonna need it..." the lavander blob said standing in the spot where the boy was not a few seconds ago. Knowing its mission the blob began to get taller and turn a light green...

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August 4th, 2008, 4:31 PM
Rubii Naruto: Alright, time to grade two posts :]
Poliwag leveled up to 13!
Poliwag learned Water Gun!
Tyrogue leveled up to 16!
Pichu leveled up to 15!
Pichu is trying to learn Sweet Kiss, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Sweet Kiss?
Lauren leveled up to 14!
Lauren is trying to learn Fury Swipes, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Fury Swipes?

Zimvee: Love how Totodile has thoughts :]
Ledyba leveled up to 7!
Ledyba learned Supersonic!

August 4th, 2008, 4:48 PM
im just trying to show how an abused pokemon would think after a life time of pain and suffering, its also a plot device that will come up later

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August 4th, 2008, 4:50 PM
well, that'll make things alot more interesting, wouldn't it? :]

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August 4th, 2008, 5:28 PM
Episode 16: 2-on-2 Battle: Kyle Vs. Jamie

After fighting the Wooper. Kyle, Laruen, and Pichu made it to the Pokemon Center.

"Hello, welcome to the Route 32 Pokemon Center, I am Nurse Joy, do your pokemon need healing?" Asked Joy, Kyle nodded before handing over Tyrogue, and Poliwags pokeballs. "What about your Pichu and Meowth?"

"They're fine, Pichu really hasn't battled too much today, and Lauren will recover quickly." Said Kyle. Joy shrugged before putting the pokeballs on the regeneration machine. In seconds the process was over and Kyle had his pokeballs back. But in a moment another trainer came in to the Pokemon Center.

"Hello, back here again huh?" Asked Joy with a smile on her face, but the female trainer just scowled.

"I just need my pokemon to be healed." Said the trainer giving the nurse two pokeballs. Joy sighed but healed the pokemon anyway.

"Hey are you a trainer?" Asked Kyle to the female who just looked at the one armed trainer like he was stupid.

"Yeah, I'm a trainer, so what?" Asked the girl.

"I challenge you to a pokemon battle." Said Kyle. The girl glared, but nodded showing that she accepted the challenge. The trainers walked out of the pokemon center and grabbed two pokeballs.

"Two-on-two, no substitutes." Said the girl before sending in an Oddish.

"Come on out Lauren!" Yelled Kyle. Lauren jumped into the battlefield.

"Oddish, use Stun Spore!" Yelled the girl. Oddish danced around before sending spores at Lauren, but the cat-like pokemon was able to dodge the attack.

"Lauren, use Fury Swipes!" Yelled Kyle once more. Lauren dashed up to Oddish and started swiping at the weed, successfully doing heavy damage, but the Oddish jumped back.

"Oddish, use Poisonpowder!" Yelled the girl. Oddish once again danced around before spewing the spores, poisoning Lauren.

"Lauren, no! Use Scratch!" Yelled Kyle in distress. Lauren dashed up to Oddish and slashed her into unconsciousness... unfortunately for them, Lauren also fainted.

"Grrr... Go Vaporeon!" Yelled the girl, appearantly getting serious. Kyle returned Lauren to her pokeball before sending Pichu out. "Use Rain Dance!" Vaporeon then started doing a weird dance, but then a rain cloud came over the area and started to drip rain down.

"Pichu, use Thundershock!" Yelled Kyle. Pichu shot out a lightning bolt, but Vaporeon was able to get out of the way.

"Now, use Water Gun!" Yelled the girl to Vaporeon. The Vaporeon jumped up before unleashing a torrent of water on Pichu.

"Thundershock up the Water Gun!" Yelled Kyle. Pichu shot a Thundershock up the water Gun, hitting Vaporeon for an insane amount of damage, but Pichu didn't get off scotch free... oh, no Pichu also got hit by the attack. Now both were on the brink of unconsciousness... but what Kyle didn't know was that the rain was healing Vaporeon slowly, but surely. Vaporeon got up before Pichu did, signalling Vaporeon the winner.

"That was a gutsy move you pulled off there, but it fried your Pichu. If they didn't have injuries from earlier then I would've lost." Said the girl before going to the Pokemon Center.

"We've gotta to to the pokemon center too." Said Kyle as he returned them one at a time.

August 4th, 2008, 6:51 PM
yep what im goin for is making Totodile a very complex character as he'll have issues with a nice trainer and so on and so forth and maybe even one post to deal with his past

rii - chii
August 5th, 2008, 5:44 AM
Rubii Naruto:That was a close battle :D UInfortunately, you won't get to battle her for a while because of an event I have for her :P
Pichu leveled up to 21!
Pichu is trying to learn Nasty Plot, but can only learn four moves! Delete a move for Nasty Plot?
Lauren leveled up to 20!
Lauren is trying to learn Screech, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Screech?

August 5th, 2008, 9:22 AM
Finally out

”This cave is endless if you ask me!” Windy shouted to Caruso who was walking few steps ahead of her and looking the right way to go as they still were lost and continued by saying: “I take a break now!” and she sat down. Caruso obviously agreed as he walked back and sat down right next to Windy and started to drink from his water bottle and said: “We´ve been here at least a day already but I still don’t know almost anything from you!” and looked at Windy. “I agree as I do not know anything of you either!” and smiled gently when in the mean time she said: “Where are you coming from?”

For a while Caruso didn´t say anything but quickly recovered from his thoughts and answered: “At the begin of my journey I was just like a normal kid who wanted to become the Champion but later I discovered many things from my family and relatives which changed my life totally and I moved into here. I started my journey with Charmander and Chikorita on my side and I have earned already four different badges!” and he smiled as he stood up but something was wrong and Windy sensed it. Caruso began to walk and Windy followed him closer to the end of the Union cave but the deeper they went the darker it got and Windy started to feel uncomfortable.

Suddenly something flew over Windy´s head and she immediately started to run all around the cave and caused hundreds of Zubats to wake up and attack against both Windy and Caruso and they had to flee off. After they had get rid off all the Zubats both Caruso and Windy sat down and started to laugh and Windy said: “Why everything like that happens to me and not to anyone else?” and laughed even her mind was clearly down and Caruso hugged her gently and suddenly stood up and said: “You are a genious Windy, a genious!” and pulled her up and left running towards the place where Zubats had started to chase them. “Where are we going?!” Windy shouted when she was in the mean time trying to follow Caruso who was many steps ahead of her and Caruso yelled: “We are going out!” and kept running until they finally made to the place where Windy had hustled.

Both of them stopped and catched their breaths for few minutes and then Caruso said: “Zubats can lead us away from here as they always live near the entrance!” and started to find the right way as there were five tunnels right next to each other. “Let me help you!” Windy said and started to listen and smell if there would be anything to help to choose the right way. After a while or two both gave up and sat down as they still kept staring towards the pitch black tunnels and Windy said: “We should just follow that Zubat who came out from that tunnel!” and she pointed towards the tunnel that was the nearest of them and Caruso suddenly jumped up and yelled: “Don´t you get it! You found the right way out from this cave!” and pulled Windy up as they both immediately started to run towards the light that shone in the end of the tunnel.

“Finally we are here!” Windy shouted and jumped out to the sunlight but there were no sunlight as it was still raining heavily and lightning. “This has gotten too bad!” Caruso said and ran away and left Windy to stand alone outside the Union cave.

To be continued!

rii - chii
August 5th, 2008, 9:30 AM
RealPyromaniac: good post! Azalea is next :]

August 5th, 2008, 3:57 PM
Gold watched until the pokeball dimmed and stopped wiggling around, making Gold’s second pokemon catch attempt a success. He happily ran over to where the pokeball sat and picked it up. He gleefully looked at the ball and held onto it tight.

Sara looked at Gold confused. “How will this help find my pokemon?” she asked. When Gold looked into her eyes, he saw that she was still extremely upset. It was hard for him to empathize that same emotion. Gold tried to cheer her up by talking positive.

“It’s really simple,” he said cheerfully. He pulled out his pokedex and showed Sara Zubat’s data. “See, Zubat can sense objects by using super sonic waves. Zubat can track down your pokemon doing just that.”

Gold pulled out his newly filled pokeball and clicked the button. His new bat pokemon appeared in front of him and Sara. He flapped his wings hard to stay in the air as he waited for his new trainer’s orders.

“Zubat, I need you to find Sara’s pokemon using supersonic, okay?” Zubat simply turned around and took off. It began to shoot waves from its mouth and hit every wall with it. Gold followed closely behind and waited patiently for his pokemon. He continued to work for many minutes until Gold got so bored that he continued to search himself.

Finally, Zubat stopped and exclaimed excitedly. Gold and Sara rushed over and tried to figure out what Zubat was trying to tell them. It turned around and faced forward where Gold could see three figures in the shadows. Two of them were pokemon and other was a teenage boy.

Sara squealed with excitement. “Gold, that’s them! Your Zubat did it!”

Gold looked over at Sara’s two lost pokemon to see exactly what they were. They almost looked similar in their own way. One of them was black, almost black enough to blend in with the cave’s darkness, with a glow to its body every few seconds. The other was a purplish color. It had a long tail that separated at the end and eyes that would seem to intimidate anything trying to oppose it. Gold pulled out his pokedex and pointed it at the dark pokemon.

Umbreon, the Moonlight pokemon, read the pokedex. The light of the moon changed Eevee’s genetic structure. It lurks in darkness for prey.

Gold pointed the pokedex at the purple one for data.

Espeon, the Sun Pokemon, read the pokedex again. Its fur has the look and feel of velvet. The orb on its forehead glows when it uses psycho- power.

“Wow, those pokemon look awesome,” Gold said in awe.

“Gold, please, you have to help,” mumbled Sara. Gold looked up and saw the teenage trainer standing there. He had two pokeballs in his hand.

“You two are mine!” he shouted. He threw the two pokeballs in the air at Sara’s pokemon.

“No!” Gold shouted. He leaped forward and let both pokeballs smack him in the back, making them fall to the ground. Both of Sara’s pokemon watched curiously as Sara ran over and cuddled both of them.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!” shouted the trainer. He had both his fists clenched and his teeth gritted.

Gold stood up and rubbed his back. Pichu was at his side where he had just jumped off. “Sorry to ruin your day, but these pokemon belong to someone already,” Gold said.

“Hmp, it don’t matter! Finders keepers, losers weepers!” the kid shouted.

Gold slightly chuckled. “Dude, you’re probably at least four years older than me, but yet, you use saying a five year old would say.”

The kid turned bright red and pulled out a pokeball. “You’ll pay for that! Those two pokemon belong to me!” he shouted. He threw the pokeball in the air and a pokemon that looked like an oversize beetle appeared. “Heracross, attack!” he shouted. The beetle opened up its wings and rushed forward towards Gold.

Zubat leaped forward and let out ultra-sonic waves from his mouth. He repelled the bug back and made it stop in front of its trainer.

Gold looked shocked at his pokemon and the trainer’s. “So… this is the way it’s going to be,” he said. It was fine with him. Zubat even looked ready for anything.

“Heracross, use tackle!” shouted the trainer. Heracross rushed forward again towards Zubat.

“Zubat, stop it by using astonish!” Gold shouted. Zubat attacked the Heracross, but the bug pokemon didn’t stop its attack. He still managed to slam into Zubat making it fly backwards.

Gold didn’t have time to think. Just as Zubat went down, Heracross came again and slammed into the bat while it was still trying to stand back up. Gold watched with disgust as he watched his bat pokemon fall again. He would’ve complained, but he knew that this trainer knew he was cheating.

“Zubat, hurry and get back up! Use supersonic to repel Heracross!” Gold shouted. Zubat mustered all the strength he had to stand back up and shoot more waves. Heracross was hit hard and shot backwards, stopping the attack. “Now, get some of your health back! Use leech life!” Zubat zoomed over and clamped onto Heracross. It dug his teeth into the bug and began to suck the life out of it. After much shaking, Heracross managed to shake the pokemon off. It then tried to rush forward and attack Zubat again. Zubat glided higher in the air, dodging Heracross’s attack, and giving Gold some time to think of a plan.

Gold thought about Heracross’s raw strength and how maybe he could make it backfire. Just when he thought of something, Heracross came charging again.

“Zubat, use supersonic, but make it weak enough to just confuse Heracross!” Gold shouted. Zubat shot out weaker waves, hitting the Heracross dead on. The bug pokemon didn’t stop its attack, but instead, redirected the attack. It curved over and slammed right into the wall. Its head went completely through the wall, and it was completely stuck.

The kid ran over in frustration over to Heracross who was desperately trying to get out. Gold turned around to look at Sara, who had just recalled her pokemon.

“C’mon, let’s get out of here,” he said, looking in disgust at the trainer. Sara didn’t argue. She rushed behind Gold and followed him and Zubat.

Gold then saw something very important- light. The search for Sara’s pokemon had leaded them out the cave. It was tiring, but apparently rewarding.

August 5th, 2008, 5:23 PM
lapras friend or foe.

Sergio and sandshrew walked and walked but they could not find the exit they turned right and left and then they saw the entrance but they also saw a lake it was so big that Sergio could not see the end of this lake and before he could notice poliwag came out of his pokeball that was in Sergio's belt and he jumped in the water right away.

"Ok ok calm down we can wait a bit untill it gets dark but you will have to wait for the others to come before entering the water",Sergio said as poliwag jumped out of the water "Okay come on out hoothoot and flaafy". The two pokemon came in and poliwag got in the water right away followed by hoothoot but flaafy did not enter."What is the matter flaafy scared of water lets go in together hold my hand (if this not sounds to go but heey it is my pokemon I'm teaching it to swim) and we will get in the water",Sergio said but flaafy moved his head to the left and the right and pointed forward.

Sergio saw a group of pokemon come and he opened his pokedex.
Lapras, transport pokemon,It likes crossing the sea with people and pokemon on its back.It understands human speach.

"They are heading to the others,Quick get out of there and you flaafy thunder wave and run away",Sergio said, Flaafy paralyzed all three lapras and started running and then he heard a voice.
"Please don't be scared we are no harm",Sergio heard a voice say in his head Sergio turnes around and looked at the Lapras they nodded and Sergio came closer."Did you say that",Sergio asked the lapras.This time Sergio only heard lapras's cry he turned around and walked away to the end of the cave.

"Stop trainer battle me",he heard a female voice say he turned around and saw a girl with brown hair in a ponytail, brown coloured skin,a blue tanktop and a blue skirt."heey three on three battle me now,go wartortle",She said while throwing a pokeball and letting a turtle like pokemon out.Sergio got out his pokedex and searched for information.

Wartortle the turtle pokemon
it is said to live for 10,000 years.Its furry tailis popular as a symbol of longetivity

"Cool go flaafy use your thunder wave",Sergio said.That attack struck wartortle it paralyzed."Wartortle use bite and snap out of it",The girl said.Wartortle managed to move and got ready to bite flaafy but just then he got paralyzed again this opportunity was great and flaafy used thundershock on him it was knocked out."Good job flaafy now come back go sandshrew and btw what is your name",Sergio commanded and asked."good wartortle come back go pidgeotto use aerial ace and my name is melinda",She said.

The attack hit sandshrew and sandshrew grabbed on pidgeotto's claws."Good creative thinking and use an attack the one you think is best",Sergio said and then sandshrew shot alot of pointy things out of himself and then jumped of and got at the ground the pidgeotto fell to the ground and it was not feeling good it was getting weaker and weaker."O no not poison sting you just poisoned my pidgeotto come back go abra use confusion",Melinda said. Sandshrew floated in the air and there was a weird aura carying him, "Now throw him to the ground",Melinda said, sandshrew fainted.

"Let's see this is a draw",Sergio said while withdrawing sandshrew."Good idea",Melinda answered and she withdrawed abra."why did you came here and wanted to fight me",Sergio asked.
"I heard the lapras cry and translated it it said I did",Melinda said."Wait do you understand what the lapras says ",Sergio said and the Lapras cried."yes I do and it just said It want to be friends and whenever you are near water to think about her and she will be there",Melinda told Sergio.

"Thank you Lapras I really appriciate it and I really want to go outside now so if I may", Sergio said. and he walked away."Stop wait the lapras also said that I have to go with you because she feels we have the same dreams",Melinda said but it was just a trick to go with him.

"That is okay but you could have asked if you could come with me",Sergio said and he left.But will there be good news waiting for him or will it be all bad.

Stay tuned

August 8th, 2008, 5:22 AM
Battle in Slowpoke Well

Windy was walking towards Azalea town with Buneary in her shoulder and it was still raining heavily and every time when lightning hit into somewhere Buneary hid its face as it clearly was afraid of thunder. “Caruso was so rude when he left us here alone!” Windy said to her Buneary and kept walking as the rain started to get stronger and stronger every step she took when wind blowed trashes into her face. Suddenly something exploded in the woods which caused Windy to lose her balance and both Buneary and Windy fell down but quickly recovered and stood up and decided to go look what caused that explosion. Windy started to walk and it got harder to walk as the wind got stronger but neither Windy nor Buneary didn´t give up for a second as they both continued walking.

After few minutes struggling and battling against the wind they managed to arrive to the place where the explosion had happened. Windy tried to catch her breath as it had been quite hard to walk towards the wind but she didn´t reach for it as she saw a girl lying on the ground and ran over to help her. In haste she didn´t notice who the girl was but when she helped her to stand up she realized that the girl was her rival, Xian Noma who was also a trainer in Johto area. “What are you doing here?!” Windy yelled as loud as she was able but all the noice covered her words and Windy decided to seek for a shelter where to stay until the storm would be over. Suddenly Buneary started to run and Windy followed as it has spotted a cave near by them and lead them to save as the storm get worse every minute and second.

Few minutes later they all were save and Windy repeated her question: “What are you doing here?!” and sat down right next to Xian Noma who was really in pain but she decided to answer: “I am here to get my next gym badge but those evil Rocket members beat me up!” and she stood up and looked outside where trees crashed down every where and continued by saying: “They have something to do with this huge storm!” Windy stood up and started to walk around the cave but suddenly fell over and noticed something in the darkness and yelled: “There´s stairs in here!” and started to walk them down with her Buneary when Xian Noma tried to follow her as she had hurt her feet. After they had walked a while or two they managed to find some very deep ponds and huge amount of Slowpokes caught into cages and few weird looking people laughing and chasing the rest of the Slowpokes. “They are the ones who beat me up!” Xian Noma whispered and pointed out towards the people who clearly were part of the Team Rocket and continued: “We have to help those Slowpokes and free them up!”

Windy agreed and together they both called their pokémons out to battle as Windy called her Bunary and Xian Noma her Quagsire. Rocket members immediately noticed them and Xian Noma decided to leave the battling to Windy who was thrilled as she needed some training before the gym battle. “Go Buneary and use Pound against those two Zubats!” and furiously began to battle when in the mean time Quagsire and Xian Noma was struggling with those metal cages. Buneary managed to beat both Zubats with only one Pound but then droubles found it as Rocket members send out two Grimers and they were attacking with many poisonous attacks and in the mean time Xian Noma was trying to free those Slowpokes but suddenly a Rocket member attacked with its Ekans and Koffing behind Xian Noma. “Watch out!” Windy yelled and send her Xatu out to battle and managed to save Xian Noma but just barely and yelled: “Use Night Shade and cover both Xian Noma and her Quagsire!”

Windy had to pay attention also to her Buneary who was battling against those two Grimers but they were too strong for it and Buneary started to feel really exhausted. Suddenly Windy got an idea that was both silly and risky but if it would work she would be able to beat those two Grimers easily and she shouted: “Use Defense Curl and let them swallow you up!” and she smiled as the risk of losing excited her. Buneary was really confused but decided to follow her trainer´s orders and used Defense Curl when in the mean time Grimer tried to swallow it and then Windy yelled: “Use Pound now!” Buneary started to pound and used Pound inside the Grimer and made it to crash against the other Grimer and together they two flew over and crashed into big rocks. Buneary happily jumped out from the Grimer and returned into its place but suddenly both Grimers attacked as they hadn´t faint yet and now Buneary was in drouble. Suddenly a Slowpoke jumped right next to Windy and used a strong Water Gun which made both Grimers to faint almost immediately but the battle wasn´t over yet. Even tough Xatu had managed to beat both Ekans and Koffing other Rocket members send out two more and Windy didn´t have any other choice than battle.

“Use your Pound against that Koffng!” Windy yelled and Buneary started to furiously attack with the Slowpoke who used its very powerful Water Gun against Ekans. Ekans used Poison Sting and tried to attack with Wrap but Slowpoke was extremely quick and managed to dodge both of the attacks just like that and before Windy noticed Ekans was already lying on the ground as it had fainted and in the mean time Buneary managed to beat Koffing. Finally Xian Noma had freed those other Slowpokes and together they banished those evil Rocket members and even the rain stopped. Windy was happy and she jumped all around the cave with her Buneary but was suddenly stopped by the same Slowpoke that had helped her to beat those as it was showing its paw to Windy.

“What is it?!” Xian Noma shouted behind Windy and jumped happily too as she didn´t remember that she had hurt her feet. Windy took the note that was tied around the paw and read it out loud: ”This Slowpoke belong to Kurt!” and smiled gently and continued: “So you´ve got a trainer?!” and hugged that Slowpoke which was obviously a mistake as it used its Water Gun at Windy. Together they left the cave and started to walk towards Azalea town as they were going to return this Slowpoke back to its owner.

To be continued!

Zeta Sukuna
August 9th, 2008, 3:20 PM
Episode 17: The Utopian Madness (Part 1)

You see a boy in a baseball outfit walking through Union Cave, holding a metal bat with what seems to be a cross on it. "M-mommy?" Asked the boy, scared that a Pokemon will attack him. After looking around for a few minutes, he saw his mother walking up to him. "Mommy! Our team won 5-3!" Yelled the boy, but the mother didn't respond. "Mom?"

"I'm not your mother!" Yelled the 'Mother' in anguish.

"Mom?" Asked the boy, but the mother dropped to the ground, and a wisp emerged. "Mom!" Suddenly the Wisp turned to the boy.

"Seize the boy! I need him to complete my plan!" Yelled the wisp, and all of a sudden the mother got up and walked over to the boy, and tried to grab him, but the boy ran before the mother could get him. "Go after him! If he gets away then my plan is ruined!" Yelled the Wisp once again. The mother nodded and started running after the boy.

The boy started running even faster, and when it seemed that he would escape, he tripped on a rock. Suddenly the Wisp floated up to the boy and made him walk towards his mom. "Listen to the music." Said the wisp in the boy's body. Suddenly weird music played out of a boombox on the ground, and that was all the boy knew before falling unconscious.

(The next day...)

Kyle, Lauren, and Pichu all walked into the Union Cave, not knowing what happened last night. "Okay, it will take all of today to get past this place, if nothing goes wrong." Said Kyle who then started to run, leaving both Pichu, and Lauren in the dust.

"Wh- hey! wait for us!" Yelled Lauren, but as she passed the lake, she started hearing weird music. Lauren shook her head before running on forward. But had Lauren sticken around, she would have seen a wisp emerge from the lake.

"Haha, more followers." Said the wisp, but instead of following, it retreated into the shadows.


Lauren and Pichu caught up with Kyle who was barely walking since he used up most of his energy running a quarter of the way into the cave. "Why did you do that?!" Yelled Lauren mad that Kyle left them back there.

"Well, for some reason we keep getting into trouble, so I wanted to get a head start." Said Kyle before walking farther towards the exit, but suddenly music started playing. "What is that weird music?" Lauren gasped in shock, that was the same music from earlier...

"We were waiting for you." Said a voice from nowhere.

(ooc: Yeah, the good stuff hapens next chapter. This one is meant to introduce you to the Wisp. Oh, and if you want to know what the weird music sounds like, listen to Mother 3's track 16, that is it. The title will make sense next chapter)

rii - chii
August 9th, 2008, 3:22 PM
Rubii Naurto: That was an excellent post, full of suspense, can't wait to see what's next (I love Mother 3 Music XD)

Zeta Sukuna
August 9th, 2008, 4:22 PM
(OOC: This whole Arc thing was inspired by Mother 3)
Episode 18: The Utopian Madness (Part 2)

"Who are you?" Asked Kyle, but no one came out. "Stop the music!"

"Why should I? I happen to like it." Said the voice laughing at Kyle's plight. "Go on Matthew, capture these intruders!" And after those words were spoken a boy in a baseball uniform jumped out of nowhere and grabbed on to Kyle, but since the kid was expecting a two armed opponent, he quickly lost his grip and landed onto the floor.

"Get lost kid!" Yelled Kyle, but he felt weird like he wasn't himself. "What the heck!?" Yelled Kyle, but a voice in his head whispered to him.

"Listen to the music, and all of your troubles will be over." But Kyle just struggled to put his hand over an ear. "You have a strong will... but not enough hands. Hahahaha! You are mine!"

(Lauren and Pichu)

"Stand down Matthew, I'll handle this." Said a woman coming from nowhere. Matthew looked back at the woman before backing up. "You will not stand in our way, our goal will help everyone." Said the woman before rushing after the pokemon, but Pichu balsted her with a Thundershock. What surprised everyone though was that the woman redirected the lightning. (0.o)

"How did you do that?!" Asked Lauren in shock. The woman then laughed after hearing that.

"Master Aretimus protects his children for serving him." Said the woman before grabbing Lauren. "Now you are the only problem in our goal! Soon when enough trainers go missing, the gym leader will come and investigate the disappearances, that's when we will enrich him, and when he goes to the Gym Leader's meeting, we will enrich everyone else and create a Utopia!" Yelled the woman, before tossing Lauren into the wall. "I didn't mean to reveal that much!" Said the woman realizing her mistake.

"Pichu!" Yelled Pichu before ramming into the woman. But when the woman slammed into the wall, she seemed to have a smirk on her face.

"I said that Master Aretimus protects us, physical attacks won't work either." Said the woman before proceeding to beat up the pokemon.


"Surrender to the music, and you will help create a Utopia." Said Aretimus trying to lull Kyle in, but appearantly that isn't happening.

"Never, you will never take over my body!" Yelled Kyle trying to resist the control, but finding it harder and harder.

"Wow, you have willpower, but if I wanted to, I could break it in an instant." Said Aretimus trying to intimidate Kyle, but it wasn't working.

"Nice try, but I will not give up." Said Kyle, but Aretimus started laughing. "What's so funny?"

"If you do not join us, then your pokemon will die, my children can not lose in battle while under my protection." Said Aretimus finally using his trump card.

"No! Don't kill them!" Yelled Kyle, but when he tried to move, there were chains around him.

"Haha, in your mind I hold the power!" Yelled Aretimus, before sending a message to the woman.


The woman yawned, after all attacks don't even hurt her. "Come on, can't you even try to hurt me anymore?" Asked the woman, but at that point she heard Aretimus's voice.

"Kill the pokemon, but watch out there are Lapras about." Said Aretimus through telepathy. The woman nodded before dashing at Pichu.

"Sorry, but I got orders from Master Aretimus to kill you." Said the woman before slamming Pichu into the ground. But before the woman could do anything more she got slammed by a Water Pulse, and amazingly enough, it knocked her out. Matthew saw that and rushed to attack the Lapras, but also got blasted into unconsciousness, indirectly weakening Aretimus's hold.


"What? NO!" Yelled Aretimus in anger, but that lapse in concentration was all Kyle needed.

"You lose!" Yelled Kyle before slamming his fist into Aretimus, taking the ghost out of Kyle's head.

(Waking world)

"How could my children lose?" Asked Aretimus before facing Kyle, who had the cross-bat.

"This is it!" Yelled Kyle before smashing Aretimus with the bat. Pichu and Lauren turned to Aretimus and attacked. Pichu with Thundershock, and Lauren with Bite, but both of them were attacked by a Dark Pulse, knocking them out.

"Lauren! Pichu! Return!" Yelled Kyle before sending out both Tyrogue and Poliwag. "Tyrogue, use Fake Out, Poliwag, use Water Gun! Finish off Aretimus!"

"Nooooo!" Yelled Aretimus before being slammed with both attacks, disappearing forever.

"We win." Said Kyle before falling unconscious.

(ooc: That is the end of that.)

rii - chii
August 9th, 2008, 5:45 PM
OOC: I am so sorry for all the posts I missed (hits head) time to grade them!
Pika_Master414: That was an excellent post, I wanna get that kid now, but I love good endings :]
Zubat leveled up to 13!
Zubat learned Bite!

serginho: That was a nice post, but since you had a battle, you can't have Lapras sorry D=
Flaaffy leveled up to 20!
Flaaffy is trying to learn Cotton Spore, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Cotton Spore?
Sandshrew leveled up to 12!

RealPyromaniac: That was a great post with Team Rocket! Go teamwork XD
Buneary leveled up to 17!
Buneary is trying to learn Quick Attack, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Quick Attack?
Xatu leveled up to 35!

Rubii Naruto: That was an interesting post, I never wanna listen to music XO, just teasing, loved the post :]
Pichu leveled up to 24!
What's hapenning? Pichu is evolving, allow the process to continue?
Lauren leveled up to 23!
Lauren is trying to learn Faint Attack, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Faint Attack?

August 10th, 2008, 6:22 AM
Light was the first thing Gold noticed when stepping out of the cave at last. He let out a breath of relief and sat down with Pichu leaping down next to him. Gold was so relieved that he was able to get out of the cave, but save Sara’s pokemon as well. She was overjoyed with her reunion of her and her pokemon, and they seemed happy as well.

Sara grabbed Gold’s arm and pulled him up. “C’mon,” she said. “We’re close to my home town of Azelea. You have to come with me.”

Gold groaned and stood up. He was really exhausted from the cave and just wanted to sit down and rest for a while. They walked for about two minutes until they came towards an entrance to a well. A dark, shady figure was standing in the entrance, blocking an access to it.

Sara looked at the man queerly. “Erm, they must have hired a new guard,” she said. Gold looked at the man curiously himself, wanting to know desperately if he was an innocent guard or somebody else.

Gold looked forward again and saw a sign that was welcoming them to Azelea. Gold tried to look, but it was getting dark, and his brain was completely fried from the long journey. Sara turned around to look at him and giggled.

“You can stay at the pokemon center for the night,” she said. “I can show you where everything is tomorrow. Trust me, you will really like the tour.”

Gold nodded and slumped off for the large red building. After stepping inside, he placed four pokeballs and Pichu on a tray and handed it to the nurse standing behind the counter. She thanked him and handed over to him a room key for his room for the night.

Gold took it and dragged himself to the room he was assigned to. He slowly opened it and walked inside. Taking his bag off, he threw himself on the bed and almost went to sleep instantly.


Gold felt a hand vigorously shake him in the middle of his sleep. Surprised, he snapped up and looked around. Sara was standing next to him.

“What’re you doing here?” Gold asked. “Do you want to give me a tour that badly?”

“Well, sort of,” Sara said. “Something doesn’t feel right in the town for some reason…”

Confused, Gold got up and reached over to grab his bag and then followed Sara out of the room. Gold picked up his pokemon on the way out of the pokemon center and felt Pichu’s warm welcome as he leaped on his head.

Before Sara went on to explain, Gold rushed into the pokemart and bought five pokeballs to restock. He then rushed back behind Sara to continue. They walked through the town and Gold saw nothing. It was just all silent and empty.

“Umm, I don’t want to sound rude or anything, but this town is really quiet and dead,” Gold said.

“I know,” Sara responded. “Where are all the slowpoke?”

“Slowpoke?” Gold queried.

“Yes, they used to be all over town. They would come freely from the well and come here and the people who lived here let them. But now, they just… disappeared?”

Sara paused for a moment and then grabbed Gold’s arm. She rushed through the town with Gold closely behind her.

“Hey, where’re we going?!” Gold shouted. Sara didn’t answer. Instead, she lead Gold to a more residential part of town all the way until she stopped at a home. She let go of Gold and knocked urgently on the door.

A small girl answered it and smiled when she saw Sara. “Sara, you came back from the cave!” she exclaimed. “My grandpa will be really happy to see you.” She let Sara and Gold come in and sit down in the living room. She shouted for her grandpa and then sat down next to the two.

“Who’re you?” she asked Gold.

“His name is Gold, and he helped escort me out of the cave after I was attacked,” Sara answered.

“Oh, that’s really good,” said the little girl. “Cute pokemon by the way.”

“Umm, thanks,” Gold responded. “So wait, what is this place anyway?”

The little girl giggled. “You mean you don’t know?” she asked. “This is my grandfather, Kurt’s, workshop. He makes custom pokeballs using apricorn.”

Gold was interested by this, but he knew he had to stay on-topic. “That’s really interesting, but why are we here, Sara?”

“Kurt knows a lot about the slowpoke and the well,” she responded. “I thought he may know what is going on.”

Gold nodded and bent his head down as he waited patiently for Kurt to show up. Minutes later, he heard a rumble in the stairs.

“Well, there he is,” the little girl said cheerfully.

A man suddenly shot across the room without any intention of stopping. Gold saw that there was something desperately wrong with the picture.

“Grandpa, what’s going on?!” the girl shouted.

“I sorry, no time to explain! I have to get down to the well!” Kurt shouted. The house then grew silent and still again.

The little girl wailed. “What’s going on to where he would take off like that?” she said.

Gold stood up. “I’m going,” he said. “Kurt mentioned something about the well and I bet the “guard” has something to do with all of this. I have to go help out in whatever is going on.”

Sara stood up as well. “I’ll go too,” she said. She put her hand on the little girl’s shoulder. “Maisy, you stay here where it’s safe. We’ll be back soon,” Sara said. Maisy nodded and stayed where she was as Gold and Sara rushed out of the building and towards the well.

To be continued...

rii - chii
August 10th, 2008, 6:26 AM
Pika_Master414: That was a great post, can't wait to see what'll happen down the well :]

Poke Ball (5)

August 11th, 2008, 9:58 AM
Mind about that Slow Slowpoke!

“I am truly getting tired of all this searching for nothing! Believe me Windy when I´m saying that we aren´t going to find any Kurt from here!” Xian Noma yelled and sighed heavily as they had walked many hours and trying to find Slowpoke´s owner, the man called Kurt without any succeed. “But we have to find its owner!” Windy said and pointed at Slowpoke who looked very sad and it was clearly depressed and Windy continued by saying: “Look how miserable it looks Xian Noma! Could even you let that pathetic pokémon to wander all around these woods seeking for its trainer!” Xian Noma stared at Slowpoke who slowly walked ahead of them and she was thinking hardly and said: “Yes I would!” and she laughed coldly and smiled at Windy who looked shocked. Together they walked across the whole Azalea town and searched from every single house with no succeed at all until Windy saw a big red house at the end of Azalea town.

“It has to be that house as there are no other ones anymore here!” she shouted and together with Xian Noma they went to knock the dark wooden door and waited for someone to open. Few minutes later the door opened by an old man who looked very wrinkled and almost as miserable as the Slowpoke who they were with. “Do you happen to be Kurt?!” Windy said and walked straight inside the house with Xian Noma even before the old man reached to answer and was shocked when she saw two really familiar people in the kitchen and yelled: “Milia and Caruso?! What are you doing in here?!” as she walked into the kitchen. “My name is Kurt and these two are my quests!” the old man said who had really turned out to be Kurt and he continued by saying: “Do you know how rude it is just to walk inside like you did?!” and handed over some Oran-cookies.

Suddenly both Xian Noma and Windy blushed and smiled even tough they clearly were ashamed for what they had done but both quickly recovered and Windy said: “We came here to return your Slowpoke who helped us to beat Team Rocket in Slowpoke Well but you haven´t answered to my question at all as I asked what you were doing here!” and Windy blushed again which made Caruso to smile gently at her. “So you were the people who saved all the Slowpokes from Team Rocket and that Slowpoke actually isn´t mine at all as it has just hanged around with me since it was born!” Kurt said gently with his low voice and when he saw that Windy was about to interrupt him he quickly said: “And both Caruso and Milia are my relatives who just decided to visit me when I needed some help!” and laughed for few minutes. Windy took some cookies from the plate which Kurt had laid right in front of her and started to think as the Slowpoke climbed on the counter table and took some cookies too.

“Are you like relatives or something?!” Windy asked after she had eaten her cookies and looked like she would be suffering terribly and Caruso replied: “Milia is actually my cousin or something like that as we have our grandmother are sisters!” and smiled when he saw Windy´s expression and continued by saying: “Are you all right Windy?!” when Windy stood up and started to run around the kitchen. Suddenly Slowpoke jumped down on the floor and used its cool Water Gun at Windy´s face and sat down to watch how Windy was rubbing her tong as she had eaten something that she wasn´t supposed to. “How did these Tamato-cookies got here?!” Kurt said and took few cookies away from the plate as they were full of bright red spots not like the other ones which were full of blue spots and continued by saying: “I usually let my Slowpokes to eat these as they resist the heat and cold better than humans but too late to complain anymore!” and he handed those cookies to Slowpoke who instantly ate them.

“It it hubting to bably!” Windy said but as her tong had burned no one were able to understand what she said and Kurt handed over something that looked very much like tee but smelled like old socks and said: “You´ve burned you tong so you have to drink this as it should help!” and Windy drank every drop of that fluid even tough it was pretty hard for her. Then she sighed heavily and said: “All the burn and pain are gone?! What was that?!” but Kurt turned over and smiled gently as he said: “It´s better that you really don´t know!” and started to laugh. Windy went to sit on her chair and every one was laughing at her but quickly stopped when she asked a question from Kurt: “So what are you basically doing?!” and both Milia, Caruso and Xian Noma were surprised as they had thought that Windy would know. “Haven´t you ever heard of Kurt the best Pokéball maker ever?!” Xian Noma yelled and almost fell from her chair when Windy replied: “No I haven´t!” and smiled gently at all of them.

“Kurt is the best Pokéball maker in this region as he makes different kinds of pokéballs from different kind of berries!” Caruso said and continued by saying: “He is well-known pokémon breeder also but lately he´s been making only pokéballs like these ones!” and Caruso took few different shaped and sized pokéballs from his pockets and handed them over to Windy so she was able to see. “These are so beautiful!” Windy shouted and Slowpoke once again climbed on the table and took one of the pokéballs and started to lick it and Windy continued by saying: “No Slowpoke! You aren´t allowed to lick it! It´ll break and then you have to make one by yourself!” but Slowpoke ignored her by using its strong Water Gun and accidentally swallowed the pokéball that it was licking. “This one broke the Camerupt´s neck! I challenge you Slowpoke!” Windy yelled and called her Buneary out to battle but suddenly Kurt stood up and yelled: “Wait! You will not battle in my house as this is my home and not an arena!” and started to walk towards the door and led every one outside.

Slowpoke had accepted Windy´s challenge as it walked few meters further and took its fighting pose as it was clearly ready to rumble. “Let the battle begin!” Kurt yelled and Windy immediately shouted: “Use your Quick Attack, Buneary!” but somehow Slowpoke had become a lot faster and it managed to dodge almost every single attack that Buneary made. Suddenly Slowpoke did something which shocked every one else except Kurt as he smiled coldly when Slowpoke hit the ground with its tail and jumped up in the air where it used its Water Gun and doubled it power. Buneary flew over by the power of the attack but managed to land beautifully on the ground and used Quick Attack against Slowpoke and this time it hit as Slowpoke was still in the air and wasn´t able to dodge. “Use your Pound against it but stay focused and keep your distance!” Windy yelled as she tried to pay attention to the battle but something kept pulling her deeper into her thoughts and Slowpoke managed to dodge once again. Little by little Buneary started to feel more exchausted but neither Windy nor Buneary wasn´t going to give up but suddenly Slowpoke used its tail and jumped up in the air and tried to attack with Water Gun. This time Windy knew what to do and she immediately shouted: “Dodge that attack with your Pound and when you are up in the air use Quick Attack with your full power!”

Buneary managed to dodge the attack by using Pound and it jumped high up in the air and attacked against Slowpoke with full power as Slowpoke wasn´t able to dodge and crashed towards a tree and staid on the ground. Windy instantly threw a pokéball at Slowpoke and tried to catch it but something really weird happened when it was sucked inside. A bright light shone and suddenly a huge shock wave crashed at every one when the pokéball explode and caused Slowpoke to immediately faint. The air was fully covered with thick smoke and Windy wasn´t able to see what had happened and suddenly something bright pink and round rolled over and landed right next to her feet and Windy instantly pick it up. “This is the pokéball that Slowpoke swallowed!” Windy yelled and suddenly Kurt yelled somewhere near: “Use that pokéball to catch Slowpoke!” and Windy threw the pokéball into the smoke even tough she wasn´t able to see where Slowpoke was. After few minutes all the smoke was gone and Windy was able to see that pink pokéball roughly shaking and flashing on the ground as she said: “Why did you let me catch your Slowpoke?!” and looked at Kurt.

“I am not its right owner as I earlier mentioned and I think that travelling with you will do good for Slowpoke!” and he smiled gently at Windy who still looked really surprised for trying to catch it.

To be continued!

rii - chii
August 11th, 2008, 4:07 PM
RealPyromaniac: That was an amazing post, have some laughs, make it really interesting, and you caught yourself a Slowpoke!
You caught a level 13 Male Slowpoke!

August 11th, 2008, 5:50 PM
“Sara, hurry! We have to help!”

Gold ran through the deserted city as fast as he could back towards the well. Sara rushed behind him, just barely managing to keep up. Gold ran through the gate and came to the well. Nobody was at the entrance, so Gold rushed to the ladder and climbed down, skipping the last steps.

The well was extremely dark with water dripping from the ceiling. The only thing that lit up the cave a little was an underground pond that glittered in the darkness.

Gold rushed through the well to find any sign of trouble at all in the well. Pichu hung on tight to his hat as Gold frantically ran through the cave. He suddenly cried out and leaped off of Gold’s head down to a pokemon laying on the ground. It was pink pokemon laying on the ground. Its face looked really slow and dim-witted.

“Gold, it’s a slowpoke,” Sara explained.

“Slowpoke?” Gold said. He pulled out his pokedex and pointed it at the pokemon.

Slowpoke, the Dopey pokemon, read the pokemon. Although slow, it is very skilled at fishing with its tail. It does not feel pain if its tail is bitten.

Gold looked and saw a strange sight. The slowpoke’s tail was completely gone. “It doesn’t even have to fish with anymore…” said Gold.

“That doesn’t matter right now,” said Sara. “We need to find the people causing this and Kurt.”

“Right,” Gold said. He began to go through the cave again until he heard voices echo throughout the well. Gold slid his back up against the wall and looked over.

Men and women dressed in black were all facing one person. They all had the same uniform on: black clothes with a large, red R on it. All of the members were talking to a man who had his back turned to Gold. From the back, Gold could see he had his arms crossed and the white hair on his head.

“It’s Kurt,” Sara whispered.

“I warn you for one last time. Stop selling slowpoketails or you will all pay the ultimate price!” Kurt yelled at the members.

“Team Rocket never lets down,” growled one of the members. “Especially if it is one old man telling us to quit.” The other members laughed.

“Team Rocket,” Sara whispered. “I should’ve known. They do nothing but cause trouble. They’ve been cutting off slowpoketails only for profit.”

Gold listened to what she was saying and then looked back over at Kurt.

“Fine then, since this guy doesn’t seem to want to let down, let’s show how we deal with people like this. Team Rocket, attack!”

Many members pulled out pokeballs and threw them in the air. Many different pokemon shot out of the balls and looked evil at Kurt.

Gold quickly pulled out two pokeballs of his own and whipped out from behind the corner. He threw them in the air. Sara did the same with her own two pokemon.

“Protect Kurt!” Gold shouted as his pokeballs snapped open. His large snake pokemon and his bat appeared. They both sprung into action and placed themselves in between Kurt and the Team Rocket members and their pokemon.

“So you decided to show up. I saw you at my home and knew that you were a trainer,” said Kurt.

Gold nodded. “Mister, I’m going to help you stop these crooks.” He said. Gold looked up and took in all the sights he needed to see. There were ten Rocket members, ten pokemon on their side, four on theirs. This was going to be tough.

All the Rocket members laughed. “Wow, Old Man, it looks like you have some little kids to help you out now. Isn’t that sweet?”

“Don’t listen to those goons,” said Kurt. He pulled out his own pokeball. He threw it in the air and a slowpoke with a tail appeared. Kurt looked over at Gold. “Our side is much stronger than theirs. Numbers don’t matter.”

Gold was amazed by Kurt’s slowpoke, but there was no time to discuss that at the moment. He looked up and saw that Kurt was taking on two pokemon, Sara was taking on four, which left him with the four in the middle. They didn’t look like much to Gold. It was a team that consist of a two zubats, a koffing, and an ekans.

“So, are you going to stand there all day or what!?” shouted one of the Rocket members at Gold. He held his hand up. “All of you attack the pokemon and the boy!!”

The pokemon came charging forward. Without his order, Zubat sent out a supersonic, slowing the pokemon down, while Onix threw a strong rock throw at the gang, hitting all the opposing pokemon and injuring two of them badly.

“Good job, guys!” Gold shouted. He looked over at Sara and Kurt and they both seemed to manage, so he focused on his own battle again. “Onix, use tackle and Zubat, stay back!”

Onix rushed forward through the well making a roaring noise as her snake body pounded the floor, while the Rocket’s pokemon stood there and did nothing.

One of the Rockets held up their hand. “Koffing, use smokescreen!” he shouted. The Koffing puffed out smoke, covering the whole cave, even where Sara and Kurt were battling.

“Argh, can’t see!” Gold heard Kurt shout. Gold looked and saw both of his pokemon fall out of the smoke and slam onto the ground hard. He wondered if this was how the other trainer felt during a smokescreen attack from his Quilava. He only had to hope his pokemon would come out okay, but this time they weren’t so lucky.

Gold tugged his cap out of nervousness and pointed in the air. “Onix, use screech, and Zubat, use supersonic! Make one ultimate noise attack!” Gold looked over at Kurt and then at Sara. “You may want to cover your ears,” he warned. Both trainers plugged their ears as noise rang through the dark well as both pokemon let out their attacks. Gold looked over and saw that Sara’s body had forced her to kneel on the ground, while Kurt worked to stand up tall and strong.

“Slowpoke… the noise… it shouldn’t affect you,” Kurt said, attempting to talk to his pokemon through the noise. “Use confusion!”

Gold watched as Slowpoke glowed a dark blue and caused almost all the Rocket pokemon to glow too. They were all dazzled by the noise, so they were easily affected by the attack. Slowpoke made all the shriveling pokemon lift in the air and then fling backwards into the Rocket members, making them all tumble in a big clump.

Gold looked and saw all the missing slowpoke behind the Rocket members. This was their opportunity to get them back and send the Rocket members packing. He pulled out a pokeball and threw it in the air. “Bellsprout, go! Use sleep powder to put them all to sleep!” Gold shouted. His plant pokemon appeared and sprayed blue powder all over the crooks, immediately knocking them out.

Kurt let out a sigh of relief and walked over to Gold. “Let’s get the Slowpoke and get out of here,” he said. “We can talk later.”

Gold, Kurt, and Sara collected the slowpoke and immediately went into town to inform the police of the situation in the well. They quickly went to investigate, and hopefully arrest a few people, but by the time they reached the well, everyone was gone. Team Rocket had completely disappeared. The only important thing though was that the Slowpoke were safe now, and Kurt informed Gold that their tails would grow back very soon.

Afterwards, Kurt escorted Gold and Sara back to his home and Gold found himself sitting in the same living room again. Maisy immediately leaped up and embraced her grandfather as soon as he walked in the door. Kurt soon was able to pry her away and sat down in the room as well, facing Gold and Sara.

“Gold, I have to thank you for helping me down there. And of course you too Sara,” he began. “You showed a lot of bravery and power down there in that dark well and now you will be part of the reason that this town is restored.”

Gold didn’t know how to respond. He just nodded and continued to listen to Kurt.

“Gold, I would like to reward you for your great deed. Maisy, would you please get me my case in the workshop?”

Maisy stood up and bolted out of the room. Seconds later, she came into the room with a large, brown case in both hands. Kurt took it from her and opened it up. Gold was desperate to be nosey what was inside, but he managed to sit still and wait.

“Hmm… hmm, yes,” Gold heard Kurt mumble. He reached inside the case and pulled out two small pokeballs/ He handed them over to Gold.

Gold took them and examined them for a moment to realize that they were pokeballs, just different. He enlarged one of them and saw that it was a green color.

“It is a Friend Ball,” he explained. “Hopefully you can capture a pokemon with that that you can bond with very quickly.”

Gold nodded and enlarged the second pokeball, which was a blue color.

“That is a good pokeball for water pokemon. It is called a Lure Ball. Use that on a really nice looking water pokemon.”

Gold pocketed both of the pokeballs. “Thanks a lot,” he said.

“It’s nothing,” responded Kurt. “If you’re challenging the gym, I think you should go now. Bugsy has just opened up again!”

Gold nodded and looked over at Sara. “Are you coming with me?” he asked. Sara giggled.

“Oh, I’m sorry, but no. I think I need to spend a little more time with my grandfather first.”

“Your Grandfather?!!” Gold shouted. Sara giggled again and began to push Gold out the door. “Good luck!” she shouted.

“But- but,” Gold stammered. He was soon pushed out the door and with a few more goodbyes, the door was closed, leaving a very mixed up Gold outside.

Ooc: Hopefully I can have that Lure and Friend Ball

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August 12th, 2008, 6:09 AM
Pika_Master414: I just love how people make the Rocket appearance so interesting, your post is no acception, of course you can have the Poke Balls, along with a special little gift!

Onix leveled up to 13!
Zubta leveled up to 17!
Zubat is trying to learn Wing Attack, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Wing Attack?

Friend Ball
Lure Ball
Rare Candy

August 15th, 2008, 4:54 PM
Rocket Invasion!

Sergio and Melinda stopped for a pause and they saw a sign it said slowpoke well "What do you think let's go in and see the slowpoke.What exactly are they. ",Sergio said and asked."Let's go inside and you will see what they are",Melinda answered and she pushed Sergio inside and then she walked in."What did you do that for it's not like I did something to you!",Sergio shouted and then he looked around and calmed down "Are those slowpoke?". "Yes they are and then she opened her pokedex and it said:

dopey pokemon,Although slow, it is skilled at fishing with its tail. It does not feel pain if its tail is bitten.

"Interesting I'm going to catch it",Melinda told Sergio and she threw a pokeball in the air and the pokemon which came out was a awfully strong pokemon abra."Abra confusion",Melinda said short.Just when it was lifting slowpoke someone in black with a zubat on his left arm grabbed slowpoke and put it on the ground and then another person in black came with a round pokemon surrounded by gas and a snake pokemon and Sergio and Melinda both opened their pokedex and it said.

poison gas pokemon, lighter-than-air gassesin its body keep it aloft.The gasses not only smell, they are also explosive.

snake pokemon, it sneaks through grass without making a sound and strikes unsuspecting prey from behind.

"I'll take the one with my slowpoke and you take the other one",Melinda said."Your slowpoke it is mine I caught it too bad and stop calling us "the one" we are team rocket grunts ",The female grunt said. "Is there room for another one of us",A male grunt said while appearing."Yes there is",Alex said he came out of nowhere he was sitting on an arcanine "If you guys talk louder they will even hear you in the union cave"."Now whe are talking so bring it on you with koffing and ekans let's battle",Sergio said and he send out sandshrew and his hoothoot "Hoothoot aerial ace on ekans and sandshrew scratch on koffing".Hoothoots attack was critical but really critical and sandshrew was attacking without mercy as usual.

"Stop stop ekans use bite on the hoothoot and koffing assurance on hoothoot",The rocket grunt said."use aerial ace to dodge all the attacks your faster using aerial ace and sandshrew before koffing can counter use your scratch"Sergio said quickly.hoothoot managed to dodge the attack of ekans and countered and fainted the ekans but sandshrew though had some trouble and then out of nowhere the koffing made a ball and shot it at sandshrew."Sandshrew dodge and counter one last time I know you can",Sergio said and he saw sandshrew dodge the attack and countered.Koffing fainted and Sergio turned around and was looking if the rest was in trouble.

Alex had only his arcanine out while the grunt had grimer."Arcanine use your ember",Alex said."grimer mud-slap",the male grunt said .The attacks hit each other and caused an explosion which made melinda and the female grunt look at the action of the battle and then the grunt started to yell:"retreat I repeat retreat sorry boss we failed on you".By the time the smoke of the explosion was gone the grunts were gone and a old man was in front of all the three of them."My name is kurt and you have too follow me I have a present for you",Kurt said and he walked away followed by Sergio,Melinda and Alex.

To be continued.

I did not want the Lapras I only wanted it to transport me across sea for example the lake of rage.

rii - chii
August 16th, 2008, 9:52 AM
serginho: That was a nice Rocket post, and you get to ride Lapras, hooray! XD I have one in my Crystal game xD;;

Hoothoot leveled up to 20!
What's happening, Hoothoot is starting to evolve! Allow the process to continue?
Sandshrew leveled up to 15!
Sandshrew is trying to learn Rapid Spin, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Rapid Spin?
Sandshrew is trying to learn Swift, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Swift?

OOC: Everyone, please update your trainer cards, your cards don't seem to be working ^^;;

August 16th, 2008, 5:52 PM
ooc: It's because they updated their website with new features. I'll make one right now.

Gold walked awkwardly to the next gym in Azelea Town. He tried to forget about the event in Kurt’s house, and tried to focus on his gym battle, where his focus should be. It was a little hard for a moment from his mind still being in a flurry from recent events.

He reached the gym and pushed open the doors. The lights were already turned on as if they knew he was coming. Gold expected to step into the middle of a battlefield when he walked in, but inside found himself in the middle of a wild forest. The whole room was filled with various plants and trees to where you couldn’t see the walls or ceiling. Gym lines were barely visible on the floor through the thick of the vines.

“Er, am I in a gym or a greenhouse?” Gold queried.

“Oh, don’t worry, you’re in a gym,” said a voice.

Gold looked up and saw a boy who didn’t look much older than him step out. He almost looked like a part of the indoor forest himself with green clothes on and blue hair. He was holding a net in his left hand and a pokeball in the other.

“I’m just guessing you’re the gym leader,” Gold said unsure.

“Yep, I’m Bugsy, but let’s not talk all day. You came here to challenge me, so let’s begin!” He held a pokeball high in the air and threw it. A beedrill appeared on the field.

“Okay then!” Gold shouted. He pulled out his own pokeball and threw it. His large rock snake pokemon, Onix, appeared.

Bugsy looked nervous at the large pokemon. Gold grinned. He already knew that he had this round won. Beedrill stood absolutely no chance against Onix. He just had to attack a few times.

“Argh, Beedrill use fury attack!” Bugsy shouted. Beedrill rushed forward towards Onix.

Gold chuckled childishly. “Ha ha, Onix use screech!” Onix let out a loud noise that filled the whole room with noise. Beedrill stopped and thudded on the ground, twitching from the noise. “Now, Onix, use rock throw! Finish this bug off!” Onix threw rocks on top of the bug, making it fly back and hit the wall behind Bugsy. It landed on the ground with a thud and fainted.

Bugsy pulled out a pokeball and called back his bee pokemon. “You may have thought that was easy, but you won’t win my badge that way! Get ready for Butterfree!!” He threw the pokeball and a pokemon that looked like a butterfly appeared.

Another bug, huh, Gold thought. This round was also going to be very easy. Gold grinned and held up his hand. “Onix, start this with tackle!” Onix slid across the floor hard, making the whole room rattle.

“Don’t be so full of yourself! Butterfree, use confusion!” Bugsy shouted.

Gold watched Onix suddenly glow a blue color. She was lifted in the air slightly and then thrown back near Gold. Gold leaped out of the way from his barreling pokemon, making Pichu thump his head hard on the ground.

Gold quickly leaped up and pointed his finger. “Onix, stand up! You can do it!” Onix rose up and looked darkly at the little butterfly.

“Hah, ha, see?” Bugsy chuckled. “Butterfree, use confusion again!”

“No, not this time,” Gold said confidently. “Onix, let’s use screech again!”

“Butterfree, use sleep powder, quick!” Bugsy urged nervously. Butterfree let out a blue powder that floated over and surrounded Onix. Onix let out a small screech attack before suddenly stopping. She paused for a moment before collapsing on the ground.

“Onix!” Gold shouted. He pulled out Onix’s pokeball and called his pokemon back. He stuck the ball back on his belt disgusted that his strongest pokemon for the battle was out. He looked at the pokemon on his belt and wondered which one could possibly match up to the confusion attack. Would he pick Pichu, Bellsprout, Quilava, or Zubat?

Gold looked away from his belt and looked at the little electric pokemon on his shoulder. He was rubbing his head still from the incident earlier. “Pichu, are you ready to battle?” Gold asked. Pichu didn’t give any response. Instead, he leaped off of Gold’s shoulder and released sparks from his cheeks.

“Wow, I can already tell that your Pichu is really strong,” said Bugsy. “Butterfree, start this battle with confusion!”

Gold had already predicted this and had a way to avoid this. It would just require Pichu’s speed. “Pichu, avoid the attack using quick attack!” Pichu zipped around the room as Butterfree glowed a blue color. Pichu continually moved around the room at lightning speed, avoiding the butterfly’s psychic attack. Butterfree worked hard to attack Pichu until it gave up and dimmed in color. That was the queue for Pichu to finish his attack. He turned around to face Butterfree and slammed squarly in the center of its body.

Butterfree landed on its back and stayed there for a moment before getting up. It faced Pichu again, waiting for its trainer’s orders.

“Butterfree, use sleep powder!” Bugsy shouted.

Strike two, Gold thought. He knew that Bugsy would try this move too, so he found a way to counter this as well. “Pichu, use sweet kiss!”

Pichu, who was still close to Butterfree from the quick attack, leaped on the bug and gave it a large smooch on the side of its face. Butterfree twirled around in circles, dazzled from the sudden attack with Pichu hung on tight to it.

“Now, Pichu, use thundershock!” Gold shouted. Pichu zapped the bug pokemon with a dose of lightning, making it cry in pain, but continue to fly in circles.

“Butterfree, shake Pichu off and use razor wind!” Bugsy shouted. He made his command loud and clear, but the butterfree seemed to completely ignore him as it continued to fly in circles with the little electric pokemon still stuck on it.

“Butterfree is still confused!” Gold shouted. “Pichu, use thundershock again!”

“Butterfree, quick, use razor wind!” Bugsy shouted urgently.

This time, Butterfree heard its trainers order and let out a gust of wind just a second after Pichu let out a small bolt of lightning. Both pokemon were hit by the opposing attack and slammed into opposite walls hard. Pichu and Butterfree weakly stood up before they both collapsed at the almost exact same time.

“I guess this match is a draw. Good job, Butterfree,” Bugsy said as he recalled his pokemon.

“I guess…” Gold mumbled. He ran over and picked up Pichu and thought about his options as he returned to his spot on the battlefield. What to do? He needed to pick a pokemon that was strong against bug types. Zubat really needed to battle a little, but there was a pokemon that would help assure him his second badge better.

Gold pulled out a pokeball and threw it in the air. “Go, Quilava!” he shouted. His beginner pokemon appeared on the field in front of him. It was all up to Gold’s beginner pokemon to win the badge for him.

“Interesting choice, but it don’t match up to my strongest pokemon,” Bugsy said in response to Gold’s Quilava. He picked up a pokeball and threw it. “Go, Scyther!” he shouted. A large pokemon that Gold had never seen appeared.

A scyther?! He thought incredulously. It didn’t even look like a bug pokemon to him with its large size and intimidating looks.

“You’ll soon learn that bug pokemon don’t deserve to be pushed around like they are,” Bugsy said. “Scyther, use quick attack!” Bugsy shouted.

“Quilava, let’s show them our power. Use flame wheel to stop Scyther!” Gold shouted. Quilava formed a ring of fire around him and shot it out in a large expanding circle. Scyther was hit by the flame hard and thrown backwards. The attack did a lot of damage to the bug pokemon.

“Don’t let that get you down, Scyther! Get back up and use false swipe!” Bugsy shouted. Scyther extended one of its sharp blades and zoomed towards Quilava.

“Quilava, fight back with tackle!” Gold shouted. Quilava and Scyther slammed head-to-head and were thrown back from each other’s attack. Scyther managed to get more of a hit on Quilava, damaging it more and making it take longer to stand again.

“Quilava, stand up!” Gold shouted urgently.

Scyther stood up and watched the Quilava slowly rise. “Scyther, use another false swipe!” Bugsy shouted. Scyther flew over and slashed Quilava again, making it fall to the ground.

No… Gold mumbled weakly in his head. He was sure that he had lost as he watched the Quilava on the ground weak.

“Scyther, charge up your razor wind,” Bugsy ordered.

“What is he talking about? The battle is over,” Gold mumbled. But then he looked down and saw his Quilava weakly stand up. They were still in the battle! Gold remembered Bugsy saying something about Scyther “charging up” an attack. This meant they had a little bit of time to make a comeback.

“Quilava, use smokescreen!” Gold shouted. Quilava strongly lit the flames on his back again and shot smoke out of his mouth, filling the whole room with smoke. He then charged head first into the cloud of smoke.

“Scyther, find Quilava!” Bugsy shouted.

“You know your way better, Quilava! Find Scyther and use flame wheel!” Gold shouted. His adrenaline always rushed as he waited for the smoke to clear and to see whether his pokemon prevailed or not, but it was so bad this time that his heart thudded so hard that it hurt and his hands were shaking.

Gold then jumped as he saw fire explode in the middle of the smoke. It cleared seconds later and Gold saw what happened. Quilava was standing proudly with the flames strongly burning on his back with Scyther fainted at his feet.

Gold gleefully leaped in the air. “You did it Quilava!” he shouted. Quilava’s flames dimmed, and he thudded on the ground with a sigh. Gold rushed over and patted the pokemon on the head. “You did amazing, Quilava. Take a rest now,” Gold complimented as he recalled his pokemon.

Bugsy walked over after recalling his own pokemon. He held out a badge and a new tm to Gold. “Here you go, a new badge and tm. Thank you for a good battle.”

Gold nodded as he took his second badge and thanked Bugsy. He stepped out of the gym happily with his second gym badge. He was one step closer to the Johto League.

rii - chii
August 17th, 2008, 5:31 AM
Pika_Master414: That was a great post, even if they didn't know the moves Razor Wind, nice using the ability of False Swipe
Onix leveled up to 16!
Onix is trying to lean Rage, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Rage?
Pichu leveled up to 23!
Quilava leveled up to 25!
Quilava is trying to learn Defense Curl, but can only learn four moves! Replace a move for Defense Curl?

August 21st, 2008, 4:55 AM
Bugsy´s Bug!

“I truly have no idea why I like this Slowpoke so much!” Windy said and smiled at Kurt who was baking some cookies and making some tee for others and she continued by saying: “Have you thought all those combos for it?” and looked really thrilled. “Yes I have thought them to it as we have practised a lot if speaking the truth!” Kurt said and handed over some freshly made cookies and poured down some tee as he smiled gently to everyone who was in the kitchen as he said: “I have invited a special guest so save some cookies for her too!” and went back to bake. Suddenly everyone started to whisper and no one didn´t even try to ask from Kurt who this special guest is but Windy was sure that this would be something really cool and started to smile even though she didn´t realise it herself. “Are you all right Windy?” Xian Noma asked and smiled as she was thrilled and excited too.

“I am all right thank you!” Windy said and gave some cookies for her Slowpoke who was sitting right in front of her and started to hug it gently as she was really glad that she had caught a new pokémon. Suddenly something knocked the door and Kurt instantly went to open it and few minutes later a green haired boy (who looked like a girl) walked into the kitchen and everyone was surprised to see Bugsy right in front of them. “Are you truly Bugsy?!” Windy and Xian Noma said as they both were stunned and excited at the same time and smiled gently at the boy who sat down and said: “Yes I am!” and took some cookies. “Why didn´t you say anything about knowing Bugsy?!” Windy and Xian Noma asked at the same time again from Kurt who started to laugh once again weirdly but quickly stopped as he said: “You never asked!” and handed over a big plate full of pink cookies.

“Kurt called me and said that here are some good and talented trainers! I already know Caruso as he has Hive badge and Milia has an appointment for tomorrow but you two are not that familiar to me!” and Bugsy smiled as he in the same time was eating a cookie and some crumbs were falling from his mouth on the counter table. “My name is Windy and I am a trainer!” Windy said and shook hands with Bugsy and so did Xian Noma who said: “I am Xian Noma and I am a trainer too but I also do some coordinating!” and she smiled gently to Bugsy who was clearly thrilled. He quickly stood up and said: “I want to see which one of you two is stronger one and that´s why I will let you to battle at first and the winner will battle me at first today!” and looked at both Xian Noma and Windy who were clearly shocked as they both were dead silent and just looked at Bugsy who still smiled.

“I accept that challenge!” Windy shouted and smiled at Xian Noma who was nodding her head as a sign that she had also accepted it and together Bugsy, Windy and Xian Noma walked outside as all the others were following them. Windy went into her place and called her Buneary out as Xian Noma called her Quagsire and they were ready to battle but waited until Bugsy said: “Windy and Xian Noma battle with only and only one pokémon! Let the battle begin!” and Windy was ready to rumble and so was Buneary who was thrilled and excited. Xian Noma immediately started to attack against Buneary with her Quagsire but small and agile Buneary was able to stand on its own and managed to dodge almost every single attack that Quagsire presented. “Dodge Quagsire´s attacks and use your Quick Attack when it drops its guard!” Windy yelled and Buneary was doing better than ever as Quagsire was a bit too slow for it and its defence wasn´t that good and Buneary´s attacks made some critical damage to it.

Suddenly something weird happened as Quagsire was able to dodge most of the Buneary´s attacks and it became faster and faster which turned everything upside-down and quickly Buneary was the one who was losing the most energy. Windy wasn´t sure what to do as Buneary looked really exhausted and started to slow down itself but either Windy or Buneary wasn´t going to give up as it gathered all its strength and pulled out some impressive combos. “Use your Pound to jump higher up in the air!” Windy yelled when Quagsire was coming closer to Buneary but agile Buneary managed to dodge bigger Quagsire´s attack by jumping high in the air. “Use your Quick Attack now when its guard less!” Windy yelled and Buneary´s Quick Attack hit critically at Quagsire which didn´t see where Buneary was. Suddenly everything turned once again upside-down as Quagsire´s foot clearly was sore and it started to get slower and wasn´t able to dodge any of Buneary´s attacks and few moments later it fell down as it had fainted.

“Windy has won this battle!” Bugsy yelled as Windy was jumping around the grassy area where she was standing on when in the mean time Xian Noma summoned her Quagsire back to inside and looked very sad and walked away. Bugsy went to its place and said toughly: “Are you ready to battle?!” and smiled the way that was clearly different than earlier as this time his smile was full of courage and determine. “Let´s rumble!” Windy said and Buneary jumped back to its place where it had stood few minutes ago and looked even tougher than ever as in the mean time Bugsy threw one of his pokéballs up in the air and called her first pokémon out. A big and brightly coloured Beedrill came out from the pokéball and started to fly around Bugsy as it quickly started to attack with many poisonous attacks such as Poison Sting and Twineedle but Buneary was able to dodge every single attack. “Jump over it and use your Pound!” Windy yelled as her Buneary was still dodging that poisonous stinger and quickly jumped up in the air and pounded Beedrill on the ground.

Beedrill crashed badly and before it reached up and back to fly Buneary pounded it back and used Quick Attack multiple times which made it to faint really fast but Windy didn´t see that her Buneary started to feel even more exhausted. At next Bugsy send out his Butterfree which was beautiful but also dangerous and really fast as Buneary didn´t even manage to do anything when Butterfree already used its Silver Wind and blowed Buneary up in the air. This time Windy wasn´t able to beat Bugsy´s pokémon just by using same attack over and over again and she was in trouble as Butterfree kept using Silver Wind multiple times. Finally a risky combo came up on her mind but she wasn´t sure if it would work but as she didn´t have time to hesitate she simply yelled: “Listen to me Buneary! Run inside the wind tunnel and use your Quick Attack in the same time as you start to spin!” and at first Buneary was hesitating too but decided to follow Windy´s orders. It ran inside the wind tunnel and let the wind to carry it as it started to spin and used Quick Attack and crashed at Buterfree with full power.

Both Butterfree and Buneary crashed towards a tree and they fainted at the same time as the tree crashed down by the power they crashed at it. Windy and Bugsy summoned their pokémons back inside as Windy was proud of her Buneary who had managed to take down two pokémon on its own and send out its Slowpoke who had been sitting right next to it. Bugsy send out his Scyther who was big and clearly strong and before Windy even realised the battle had furiously began. “Use your Water Gun when its near by you!” Windy yelled at Slowpoke who didn´t even pay any attention to her and worked it all by itself but was quickly thrown away by Scyther´s False Swipe. “Listen to me Slow! We have to work together or we will lose this battle!” Windy yelled and finally Slowpoke started to listen at her even tough it still didn´t take all her orders and continued by yelling: “When Scyther is near you use your tail to distract it and dodge its attacks! Then use your Water Gun when it drops its guard!” and Slowpoke waited on its place until Scyther was enough close to it.

Then it swiped with its tail on Scyther´s face and dodged False Swipe and when Scyther accidentally dropped its guard and started to look where Slowpoke was it got hitted by strong Water Gun. Now everything turned over and Slowpoke was the one who was on top of the situation as Scyther started to feel exhausted and slow down little by little. “Use your Water Gun and distract Scyther with your tail!” Windy yelled and when Scyther came close to Slowpoke it started to spin on its toes and attacked once more with its strong and powerful Water Gun which made Scyther to crash down on the ground and faint almost immediately. At first Windy wasn´t sure what had happened but quickly recovered when Bugsy handed over Hive Bagde and said: “You have truly earned this badge!” and hugged Windy for few minutes. Caruso, Milia and Xian Noma all congratulated Windy for winning her second gym badge but they were shocked when Windy said: “I have decided to leave my Togetic to you Kurt because you have done so much for me!” and she smiled gently when she handed over the pokéball which contained her Togetic. “I am glad to accept this offer and if you ever want your Togetic back just call me!” Kurt said and Windy continued by saying: “I will immediately continue my journey and head at Ilex Forest to catch some rare pokémons!” and left walking away with her Hive Badge but were quickly stopped by Caruso who said: “I will come with you as I have to catch some good grass pokémons!” and together they left everyone else at Kurt´s house.

To be continued!
OOC: I hope you like it... :D I also (like you noticed) ditched my Togetic to Kurt as it is quite boring and doesn´t learn that many new moves... xD

rii - chii
August 21st, 2008, 5:52 AM
RealPyromaniac: That was a great gym battlke, but there was a little problem that anyone could've mistaken for, Bugsy's a guy, I know it's shocking, I recently discovered he was a guy, I find that creepy, since he looks everything like a girl xD;; You can pick up Tiogetic if you want to go to Kanto (If I do Kanto :P)
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Slow leveled up to 17!
Slow is trying to learn Confusion, but can only learn four moves, replace a move for Confusion?

Zeta Sukuna
August 22nd, 2008, 6:21 PM
Episode 19: The Battle in the Cave

(Deep Union Cave)

Kyle slowly got up from the floor, his head pounding from the mental stress that it was put through just hours ago. "Uurgh, what happened?" Asked Kyle grabbing his head with his hand.

"You were sleeping, your mental battle with Aretimus wore you out, but your Pikachu and Meowth will be out for a while." Said a voice coming from the water.

"Who are you? Wait... Pikachu? Did Pichu evolve?" Asked Kyle, and from the depths of the river came the Lapras he saved earlier. "No way, a Lapras!?" The Lapras nodded before clicking a pokeball containing Tyrogue.

"Fight me with your first pokemon, and I will heal your Pikachu and Meowth." Said Lapras getting ready for battle.

"All right, I may not be 100%, but I can handle you anyday!" Yelled Kyle as Tyrogue got ready.

"Confuse Ray!" Yelled Lapras before firing a colorful beam at Tyrogue, but the fighting pokemon was able to dodge.

"Tyrogue, use Fake Out!" Yelled Kyle. Tyrogue then rushed up to Lapras and slapped it before it could even respond, but Lapras was still raring to go.

"Mist..." Said Lapras before disappearing behind a veil of mist, but the shadow still remained.

"Tyrogue, use Tackle on Lapras, but watch out for a counterstrike!" Yelled Kyle. Tyrogue went in for a Tackle, but the ferry pokemon dodged it and fired a Water Pulse, sending Tyrogue into the wall, but since the little fighting type was fairly agile, it was able to jump off the wall, and slam into Lapras, with a critical hit.

"Ah, don't count me out yet!" Yelled Lapras before firing another point blank Water Pulse.

"No! Tyrogue, try and use Tackle once again!" Yelled Kyle. Tyrogue then managed to land on the ground and bounce back, causing Tyrogue to Tackle Lapras for quite a bit of damage.

"Ice Shard!" Yelled Lapras firing a chunk of ice at Tyrogue, but the fighting pokemon swiftly avoided it.

"Now use Tackle again!" Yelled Kyle knowing that if he didn't win soon, then he would lose, but Tyrogue was able to slam into Lapras.

"Aurgh, only around 1/3 health left." Mumbled Lapras before firing a Confuse Ray, hitting Tyrogue, but when he hit the water, he was better.

"Now, use Tackle while Lapras is talking to itself!" Yelled Kyle. Tyrogue then Tackled Lapras with all of his might, sending it out of the water, slamming it into the dirt.

"Crap! I need to get into the water! MIST!" Yelled Lapras firing the mist, but Kyle pulled out a pokeball and tossed it at Lapras before it could get too far. The ball shook once... twice... thrice... will Kyle catch Lapras?

rii - chii
August 23rd, 2008, 7:20 AM
Rubii Naruto: That was a nice post, quality is an important part of roleplaying, you caught a Lapras!
You caught a level 15 Female Lapras!

Chapter 12: Ilex Forest

Number of Posts: 3

A forest where it is dark and where people collect trees for Charcoal, several residents of AzaleaTown worship the shrine god Celebi, some people even leave it food.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 8-12
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Chlorophyll
Attacks: Absorb, Sweet Scent, Acid (Level 9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 8-12
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Grass
Ability: Effect Spore, Dry Skin
Attacks: Scratch, Stun Spore, Poisonpowder, Leech Life (Level 11)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 8-12
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Poison
Ability: Compoundeyes, Tinted Lens
Attacks: Tackle, Disable, Foresight, Supersonic, Confusion (Level 11)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 8-12
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Water
Ability: Damp, Cloud Nine
Attacks: Water Sport, Scratch, Tail Whip, Water Gun (Level 9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 8-12
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Ground/Flying
Ability: Hyper Cutter, Sand Veil
Attacks: Poison Sting, Sand-Attack, Harden (Level 9), Knock Off (Level 12)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 8-12
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Overgrow
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip (Level 9)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Special (This will take alot of effort)

Level: 30
Gender: N/A
Type: Grass/Psychic
Ability: Natural Cure
Attacks: Heal Bell, Safeguard, Magical Leaf, Anicentpower
Nature: Unknown
Rarity: Cannot be captured, you may battle and encounter it