View Full Version : Transformation [PG-13

July 6th, 2008, 12:52 PM
Upon reaching a northeastern island just outside of Kanto borders, your main objective was to catch more Pokémon, having heard of rare and powerful ones being found. After all, a trainer without his Pokemon was a weakling, unable to participate in any battles, and it didn't help if your Pokémon were just as weak as you. It was consisted of mostly jungle, with a resort by the name of Diamond City. Relying on tourism, it flourished recently due to an outburst of trainers coming due to these rumors.

Having arrived though, you've found a strange allure to this place. Something just drawn you there, and you decided to take a small vacation from your career as a trainer, renting a room at the nearest hotel and deciding to do a bit more than just capture Pokémon and leave. There was just something about Diamond City that drew you and others to it. While you knew you couldn't stay, it just seemed wrong to leave.

Then, the city was sent into a state of silent chaos. People were disappearing, and for the first few days nobody noticed, those that were random, insignificant people were gone. Eventually the majority noticed, although they weren't willing to leave. So it went on and on...

The next thing you know... You were the next target. It was approaching night, the sun slowly lowering out of view. About to venture back into Diamond City after a hunt for new Pokemon, thugs clothed in black uniforms approached you, and eventually overpowered you in battle with an unfair battle. Waking up... You find something is different about you as you're in some sort of facility, but what happened? You inspect yourself, revealing that your skin color has changed, and you may of or may have not gained extra limbs or lost a few... Where are you? Most importantly, what happened to you?