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July 25th, 2008, 9:37 PM
On FFnet, I wrote a story called The Sixth Warrior...and stopped halfway through, deciding to rewrite it. I'm planning to post chapters of the new version here on PC before putting them up on FFnet, for...reasons...

Here are a few snippets from the story, as a kind of sneak-peek into T6Wv2.


Preview #1

"Do you know of a Pokemon called Rotom?"

Kalia paused and looked up at Gardenia. "Rotom? I don't think so..." She took Topaz's Pokeball from the PC transport chamber and clipped it to her belt, a thoughtful expression on her face. "There's something familiar about that name, but I can't quite place it..."

The Gym Leader sighed and placed a hand against the wall. "Well, Cheryl came running out of the forest yesterday, being chased by a bunch of Gastly -"

"What?!" Kalia's eyebrows shot up. "Are you sure? Gastly hate the light...they only appear in dark areas, or at night..."

Gardenia nodded wearily. "Which is part of why I asked for your assistance on this. The other part was that she claims to have encountered a Pokemon that called itself Rotom. It beat her, too - her Chansey was admitted to the Pokemon Center with severe electrical burns."

"...So there's a rogue Pokemon running around in Eterna Forest."

"That's the conclusion I drew. And I somehow doubt that the Gastly swarm isn't linked in some way; it'd be too much of a coincidence."

Kalia nodded, taking in the information. The incomplete forms and files at the League Castle could wait - a rogue could endanger people traveling from Floaroma to Eterna.

"Let's go," the young Champion announced finally, turning towards the door that led to the streets of Eterna City.

Preview #2

Terry was not fond of sea travel.

Such was Rika's observation, after watching her Trainer turn various shades of green at the boat's rocking. She felt sorry for the poor kid, but there wasn't anything you could do for seasickness...so she sat back and had a conversation with Spire about battle strategies to pass the time.

"See, the trick is to get yourself at the perfect range," the Sableye rasped. "Close enough to do substantial damage, but far enough away to dodge any shots they take."

Rika nodded. "But the angle is important too, remember...let's say you're fighting a Linoone. They run fast, but they don't turn so quickly, so it's best to attack from the side rather than the back..."

"Are we there yet?" Terry croaked from the bed. Rika rolled her eyes and gestured at the clock with one clawed hand.

He moaned and rolled over. "Kanto had better be worth it."

The Grovyle chuckled and hopped onto the bed, reaching for Terry's backpack. She rifled through it, coming up with a small yellow device. It slid open, displaying a map of the ocean they were currently crossing.

Spire blinked and frowned. "This boy we're meeting..."

"A Kanto Trainer," Rika replied. "Quite accomplished. And..." She paused. "He apparently knows - knew - Amber."