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August 2nd, 2008, 5:11 PM
Hi. I have recently been messing around with rmxp and i have gained interest in creating my own pokemon game. Now i have only a few maps done and i am horrible at creating citys of any kind. Now i am looking for someone to help me map and help me with the game in general. Before i start posting pictures i would like to have at least half of the mapping done on the first region (not indoors though). I want the games cities to be big so i need someone who is good at mapping.

In my game there will be the following-
two regions-names unkown
the villians- team blizzara who utelizes ice pokemon.
the prof.- Prof. Dogwood who will be a female
and some new pokemon depending on if i can get a good spriter

Your family owns a bunch of cabins (Lakeside Cabin) near a lake. one day your mother asks you to run to town for some errands. So you happily oblige and head off. On your way to Athran Village you see a strange person. The person sees you and quickly runs away. while they are running three pokeballs fall out and you pick them up. You examine every single one and notices that they have prof. dogwoods intials on them. So you run straight to her lab and explain what happened. after thinking for a while she asks you to take one of your choice along with a pokedex. She also explains how those werent the only pokeballs stolen from her. She then asks you to go and get the ancient ball back from the mysterous person. You happily say yes and head home to tell your parents what just happened to you. They tell you that they approve of you leaving. After a few long good byes you head off.

I have decided that the starters will be pre evos of moltres, articuno and zapdos. they will also have a third evo