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August 7th, 2008, 3:48 PM

The Final Level

“Welcome to the game.”

These are the first words those who wake up within the ReGenesis testing facility hear.

The testing facility is a gigantic megadome, covering many acres and with devices and terrain inside that makes it seem even bigger. Within, participants play the game. Each participant starts on Level One. No player knows where they are. No player knows what is going on. No player knows how they got there. Any memories regarding the game are erased. The last thing they remember is something completely, totally ordinary. Going to bed. Brushing their teeth. Eating dinner with their family. Once certain conditions are filled, different for each level, the game will advance to the next level. The ReGenesis testing facility will reformat its terrain after each level, creating a completely new playing field for the participants to play on. Each level is more difficult than the last.

No one has ever beat the game.

No one has even come close.

The world does not know of the facility. It is unmarked, uncharted, unseeable, unknowable.

Some players even suspect it is unmanned.

Whatever their species, race, or point of origin, all players start out in the same conditions, and awake at the same time.

They start on Level 1, each in a different white room. Each starts out facing the only exit from the room, a long hallway, at the end of which can be seen a forest.

Behind them lies a digital clock, its red light pulsing, counting down. 15… 14… 13…

Surrounding them, protruding from the walls, are gun turrets.

To pass Level 1, each player must realize what to do before the time is up. They must run down the hallway as fast as they possibly can. If they cannot, they lose.

To lose in the game is to die.

This is the first rule of the game: As long as you live, you are in the game.
This is the second rule of the game: Only death will eject you from the game.

There are other rules, but they are few and far inbetween. For the most part, anything goes. Players can help each other. Players can fight one another. Players can interact with their environment in any way possible. Players can go around destroying as much of the facility as they can.

Players can kill other players. Players can kill themselves.

Participants are not told the rules of the game. They must find them out for themselves. The game tests their ability to work together, their ruthlessness, their knack for survival.

So far, no one has passed the test.

Those who survive Level 1 enter the main area of the facility. This the interior of the main dome, of which can transform on a whim. Those who survive Level 1 are given the same information, regardless of injury, species, or gender.

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

This is the message that will emanate from the top of the dome. All players will hear this voice, no matter where they are. This voice is one the players must pay attention to. Their survival depends on it.

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment."

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

1. All Pokecommunity rules apply
2. Mild swearing and sexual themes are allowed. Don't overdo it.
3. You can be either a human or Pokemon. However, if you are a Pokemon, choose one that is of an appropriate size and applies to the situation. A Slowpoke would not have run fast enough to pass Level One.
4. Wow, an RP where you CAN be a legendary! But wait, you can only be one of the lesser legendaries. PM me the one you want, and I'll see if I approve of it. Also, you need an extremely exception sign-up to be a legendary. One that makes me go “Wow”. “Holy [email protected] will also suffice.
5. You may create your own challenges for your character and those who choose to follow him to overcome. In fact, I expect you to, as I cannot and do not want to make challenges for everyone. However, they must be difficult, usually life-threatening, and most importantly, not straightforward. Few things in the game are what they seem. Also, ONLY I can advance the RP to the next level.

Species: (human, or if Pokemon, what type of Pokemon)
RP Sample: (optional)

August 9th, 2008, 12:27 PM
Name: Trika
Gender: Male
Species: Sceptile
Appearance: Like a normal sceptile. his skin is slightly greener and he carries a brown bag around his shoulder.
Personality: Trika is very caring. He may sometimes be serious and ignore others, making them feel bad but the only reason he ignores them is because he's busy or what they have asked is private.
History: Trika grew up in Tyruma falls and has discovered new technology. He now travels the universe helping people and saving them. He came across this game when he heard of starange dissapearances and an apparant gap in Time and Space...
Other: trika can't use any of the gadgets in his bag (you know what I meen Lusyanka ;))

August 10th, 2008, 5:04 AM
Salamar and Pikalover10, sorry, but rejected. One word describing their personality really doesn't cut it, I need at least a few sentences. Also, there's no particular reason for them not to remember their life, the only thing they wouldn't remember is how they got into The Game. Saying they don't remember their life before the game just screams "too lazy to write a history" to me, regardless of whether it is true or not.

Toxic_Moonlight, approved on the grounds that I know you can do better. ;)

August 10th, 2008, 9:55 AM
Ok i deleted my sign-up post so laterz

August 10th, 2008, 9:57 AM
Name: Lesron (Lez-Run)
Gender: Male
Species: Medicham

Appearance: Lesron does not have the typical appearance of a Medicham. After evolving, usually a Meditite changes from blue and white to red, yellow and white. Leson kept the blue color and where normally a medicham would be red he is blue. The yellow and white portions of his body are the normal colors of a Medicham.

Personality: Lesron is always up for a fight and likes to train a lot. That is usually the first thing that comes to his mind when he wakes up, train or fight. So his way of life, since he was born, is to do whichever comes first.

History: His father was a Meditite and his mother was a Medicham and they raised him being a fighter. All day everyday, it was training, training, and more training in order to make sure that Lesron would be able to defend himself in the few short years till he was an "adult." It was shortly after leaving home that Lesron remembered going to sleep, but when he woke up he was in The Game.

Other: N/A

RP Sample: From one of my active roleplays right now.


Qualifier Round - Trial of Courage
Time Elapsed: 0.30
Time Remaining: 1.30

The pulsing vein on Coreys head seemed to be becoming her trademark, her rage always boiling over very easily - the cause as usual was of course, Plusle and Minun. The two mouse pokemon had run off ahead and begun to jump up and down on some rock formations on the cliff face, then Plusle accidently knocked Minun off the rock and she had fallen to the ground that left her with a small scrape. The blue and yellow creature was now wailing from her 'wound' and Corey was currently bandaging it, not wanting it to become infect before the actual fighting in the tournament. It was then that Plusle came crashing down from above and bounching off Coreys head before hitting the ground next to Minun, who instantly stopped her crying feeling karma had done its work.


"Plusle..plus..le..plus" the tiny mouse squeaked as his eyes were dazed and confused.

"What? Use your hands you rodent!"

The mouse pokemon then raised its tiny hand and pointed upwards, just in time for Corey to leap out of the way of an Aerial Ace attack from a Fearow and the combination of Tackle and Wing Attacks from the flock of Spearows that followed their leader. Corey quickly snatched up Plusle and Minun, leaving behind the rest of her medical supplies, and begun leaping up the cliff face to try and get some distance between the flying pokemon. Corey bounced off a tree and landed atop a couple of rocks a few feet higher, glancing back again to figure out just how much time she had before the Fearow and Spearow caught up to them. The Fearow had already begun speeding and swerving through the trees to catch up, but the Spearow had lingered behind and were slowly beginning to follow one by one.

"Crap..this is not good. Time for some back-up."

Corey tossed two pokeballs into the air and watched as the burst open, the tremendous white light flooding the area for a few seconds. Then, standing in the place of the white light were Coreys Charizard and Mantine and both had a look of confusion on their face - both of them expecting to be in a crowded stadium.

"We have a problem. Fearow. Plus flock of lots of Spearow. Take them out and catch up after. Understood?"

Charizard nodded and took off towards the Spearow, while Mantine floated there for a few seconds then sped off after the flying fire type to take care of the Spearow. Corey glanced down, both Plusle and Minun still in her arms - Plusle still dazed, and Minun just looked up at her trainer and giggled. Pulling out their pokeballs, she clicked the buttons and watched both mouse pokemon engulf in red and vanish in an instant. It was then that Corey had an idea, but she wasn't sure if it was allowed - then again they never said it wasn't. Pulling out her last remaining pokeball and released the grass flying type, Tropius.

"Tropius, do me a favor and use Hyper Beam to clear the way a little. Be careful though, don't hit any of the other competitors. Don't worry about any pokemon who may be caught up in it, they are apart of this competition too and we receive points for every knock out. Only do short bursts, just to be on the safe side. Let me know once you get tired and you'll be able to go rest - I just want to get out of here as soon as possible."

Tropius nodded as he read Coreys hand movements that had followed what she spoke aloud to herself, then the grass pokemon turned around as it charged it Hyper Beam attack. Mere seconds later, it unleashed the large orange beam as it shot forward through the trees and rocks - debri immediately began flying everywhere, but a path had been created and it was now a straight shot for awhile. Corey looked back, both Charizard and Mantine returning without a scratch on them - their trainer glanced over their shoulders, the Fearow leader and four Spearows lay unconcious on the ground with the remaining Spearow fleeing. Corey then looked forward up the new path and saw a couple of small pokemon laying unconcious - after doing a quick head count, the grand total, including the Fearow and Spearow, came out to be ten knock outs.

"Good Job everyone. Time for some rest."

Corey recalled all three pokemon and then began taking off up the 'path' that had been created by Tropius.

August 10th, 2008, 10:31 AM
A good sign-up, Chabz. Approved.

August 10th, 2008, 10:59 AM
I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say that furries are not allowed, yes?

Also, I see you watched Cube too. :)

August 10th, 2008, 11:30 AM
Yeah, sorry, normal humans please.

And actually, I've never watched Cube. I got this idea purely from myself. :S

August 11th, 2008, 8:04 AM
Name: Angel

Gender: Female

Species: Raichu

Appearance: (I hope this is ok for appearence) Angel looks nothing like a normal Raichu. Or actually, correction, she has the same shape and size, but in coloration, she is much different. Also, she has two angel wings on her back. Her body is white. Her stomach, inside of her ears, tail "string", and cheeks are a creamy yellow color. Her feet, tip of her tail, stripes, and outside of her ears are baby blue. Her eyes are like a normal Raichu, along with her nose and mouth, however.

Personality: Angel's name fits her personality. She is a perfect little Angel. She almost always does the right thing, and is very kind and friendly. She will help anyone in need, and would take a bullet for anyone. This may sound like a Mary-Sue to you, but trust me, Angel has flaws. One of her many flaws is that Angel is very easily upset. Also, even though it takes her a lot to get mad, when she does get mad, Angel becomes very angry and destructive. Also, she is rather shy, and doesn't always talk to people she wants to be friends with. One last flaw is that she is rather impulsive, however, her impulses are good... normally.

History: Angel was born as a Pichu with small Angel wings and stange coloration into a loving family with a mom, dad, and two sisters. It is unknown how she got her unusual appearence, however, one thing is known- it got her much popularity. There was the occasionally mean Pokemon that made fun of her, however, for the most part, she was very popular. Not much actually happened in her future, however, she does have one daughter, who is currently a small Pichu. She doesn't have the coloration of her mother, however, she does have small angel wings like Angel. Then, Angel mysteriously ended up in the game, and was smart enough to make it past the first level.

Other: nothing

RP Sample: Just look at any of my posts from the Minami Trainer's Guild RP.

August 11th, 2008, 8:11 AM
Chika is definitely approved. :)

Although incidentally, I had expected less Pokemon and more humans, my plot will need some slight reworking now. *plotsevilly*

August 11th, 2008, 11:53 AM
Well... I don't usually care to RP Legendaries (unless the RP is about Legendaries), but I'd like to give it a try for once! Soooo... How's this?

Name: Shaymin
Gender: Female
Species: Shaymin (mainly Sky Forme)

Appearance: Shaymin (in her Sky Forme) is a rather small creature. Her build resembles that of a canine, what with her four legs and slightly elongated muzzle. Primarily, her fur is pure dove-white, soft and fine to the touch. There is, however, a spring green crest of fur that stretches up and over the top of her head. From the knees down, her legs are also this color. A tuft of thicker white fur fluffs up on her neck, and a similar tuft is in the place of a tail.

Two particularly strange features of Shaymin are her ears and the "wing" that protrudes from her back. This wing isn't exactly used for flying as much as gliding. It bears strong resemblence to a bright red flower petal, and is often seen trailing behind Shaymin almost in a capelike manner, despite its size and shape in comparisom to Shaymin's body. Her ears vaguely resemble wings as well. They are huge and fluffy, and fully capable of "flapping", which allows for faster, more powerful flight.

Amongst other things, Shaymin's emerald green eyes emit a sense of fierce determination unlike anything else. Even in the harshest of situations, they gleam bright and strong, reflecting a courageous personality that defies the limits you'd expect from such a small Pokemon.

Shaymin also wears a simple necklace. The string is simply plain thread, but hanging from it is a very special object known as the Glacidia's Flower.

Personality: If there could be one word to describe Shaymin, it would have to be "Determination". No matter what the situation may be, the mere thought of quitting is something she rejects without any further consideration. In fact, she would sooner die than give up at anything. This attitude can occasionally get her into serious trouble. However, it also can prove to be extremely helpful.

Though she can be suspicious if someone "rubs her the wrong way", Shaymin is gernerally friendly to others. She'd much rather have allies than enemies, put simply, and realizes that the best way to avoid gaining foes is to be relatively kind to everyone. Sometimes, though, she fails to uphold this philosophy herself; she can be very susicious of those who are cold, reserved, or silent.

Shaymin seems to have almost completely different personalities depending on her situation. In serious times she's rough, tough, and headstrong. When casually communicating with others, she's normally soft and pleasant. She tends to get a bit lonely all by herself, filled with a bit of a longing desire for simple companionship and friends. And... well, you'd best not anger her. Angered Shaymin is like all the rage of a rampaging Gyarados, packed into something about fifty times smaller.

History: Eons ago, not long after the world itself was created, Shaymin was born into the world. Or, to be more specific, she was created by Arceus itself, for one simple purpose: To be a guardian of nature. The guardian of nature. She would bring foliage into the world; trees, plants, grass, flowers... And then, she would embody the essense of nature for all of eternity. This was, and is to this day, her solemn duty. There was no question. It simply had to be done.

So Shaymin, in her Sky Forme, travelled the land, using her newfound powers to give rise to forests, fields, plains, jungles... Everywhere she went, she brought with her the gifts of nature, allowing for life to flourish and grow. The time it took for her to do this is undefines and unknown, for in the beginning time itself had not been fully established. All that really matters is that once Shaymin had filled the world with greenery and beauty, she settled into a small patch of flowers. This patch grew with her presense, until it became a wide field of seemingly endless aroma and foliage. It came to be known as the "Flower Paradise". This is where Shaymin would spend the majority of her days fufilling her duty.

Indeed, she has been there since that moment. The life of a Legendary Pokemon is, surprisingly, rather uneventful most of the time. Always watching over an element or lying in rest... It isn't often that Legendaries have a need to do much more than exist. However, Shaymin did just wake up somewhere very peculiar... And what is that voice? A game? No. The Game? What does it mean...? And why is she here?

Other: Shaymin's Glacidia's Flower necklace is what keeps her in Sky Forme (mainly for the sake of the Game). If it were removed, she would shift to Land Forme within a matter of minutes, but she herself isn't about to trade flight and speed for the sluggish nature of her other form... Perhaps the fact that she needs this necklace to be of much use here could be a serious weakness?

RP Sample: From A New Beginning-Sinnoh Region. (Beware; it's a long one!)

From the Pokeball came a burst of familiar light that slowly materialized into another vaguely catlike Pokemon. However, this one had some completely un-catlike features as well. Sure, there were the whiskers, the ears, the claws... But its fur was all ragged, and it had a huge, furry tail that rose high into the air. Even in the rain, Rachel caught a whiff of a foul stenchemenating from the strange Pokemon. Yep. It's a skunk. It wasn't just that pale stripe down its deep purple body that implied this. It was obvious even though Rachel had never seen or heard of this Pokemon before.

"Let's see if your Gible can take my Stunky," the man said with confidence.

Rachel gave him her harsh glare in return. "Gible, let's wait and see what it does first," she told her Pokemon, wanting to strategize a bit. After all, last time she rushed into an attack without knowing her foe, the results were fruitless.

"Stunky, use Focus Energy," Stunky's trainer called calmly. The Skunk-Pokemon closed its big, ugly eyes and seemed to completely stop moving. It didn't even breathe. Just stood there, in deep concentration. Rachel dared not make Gible attack it now, in fear her Pokemon would suffer a blow like Glameow did when it got hit by Dragon Rage. Perhaps this was a mistake, though. "Now, use Scratch!" commanded the man.

Stunky, filled with a wild fury, darted toward Gible. "Dodge it!" Rachel wanted to scream, but it was too late. Three deep cuts for each of the Stunky's three dirty nails were laid into Gible's flesh. Her Pokemon fell over, writhing with the pain induced by the open red wounds.

"Get up!" she cried, "Get over it and get up!"

Gible grunted, looking clearly angered. While Rachel thought this anger was toward Stunky, however, she had not the slightest suspision her dear Pokemon could be upset at her for speaking to him with such unconcerned cruelty. All the same, Gible obeyed. He pulled himself onto his hind legs, gave Stunky a cold look, and directed his anger toward the foe.

"Focus Energy! One more hit like that and that Gible belongs to Team Galactic!" cried the man.

Team Galactic? Rachel asked herself, confused. But she said nothing of it aloud. Stunky crouched low and concentrated once more. Only this time, Rachel knew what to expect.

"Quick, Gible! Attack it! Use Scratch before it's done focusing!"

Just as her little Dragon came in close, though, this "Team Galactic" guy must've gotten an idea.

"Stunky! Stop and use Poison Gas!"

Immediately, the skunk's eyes split open. It let out a low "Skuuuun!", shook its tail, and seemingly from nowhere a huge cloud of noxious, foul-reeking gas. The purple stuff fogged around the two Pokemon for a few seconds, and then cleared away. Stunky took a few backwards leaps to distance itself from Gible, who look as if he were about to puke. He retched and gagged a few times, then spat out a wad of saliva. Rachel caught a flash of a purplish color in it. That could only mean one thing. Gible was poisoned. It was only a matter of time before he fainted, and then she would lose the match. Then, without Gible, my journey's over... she realized painfully.

"Gible, don't give in!" she insisted, "You can't let it hit you again! Sand-Attack!"

Clutching his head in his hands (paws?), Gible shook himself once and tried to grasp his focus. He growled softly, summoning forth a wisp of sand, and then, suddenly, something happened. The wet rain splashed on the sand, sending it up in muddy splatters. No! It won't work! Rachel worried in deperation. Wait a second... That's it! Stunky must be a Poison-Type, so...

"Gible, keep the attack up! Not Sand-Attack! Mud-Slap!"

Her Pokemon didn't seem to get the 'Mud-Slap' command, but he did as he was told, and that was exactly the attack he executed. Tan-tinted mud splashed onto Stunky. It was a Ground-Type attack, and judging by how it appeared to effect Stunky, the skunk Pokemon definately was a Poison-Type.

"Stunky! Scratch! Quick!"

"Again, Gible! Mud-Slap!"

Once more the sands for Sand-Attack appeared, and once more the rain turned them into mud. Stunky, tired out from the battle, gave into the super-effective attack, and rolled over on the ground in what seemed like pain.

"Finish it off! Scratch!"

Gible obeyed. And just like that, the battle was over.

The man recalled his Stunky, cursing with rage. "Fine! You can have these stupid papers! And your Gible, too!"

He wordlessly walked up to Rachel, stuffed a bag that had been on his shoulder into her hands, and stomped away. Curiosuly, Rachel opened the bag to see if these really were the documents or if this happened to be a trick. Inside was a clump of important-looking papers. Thank Arceus. I was not in the mood to have to chase that moron down!

"Bul," grunted Gible, clumsily making his way back to his trainer only to trip over his own feet. Rachel watched as he hacked up another disgusting wad of poison-saliva.

"Get back in the Pokeball," she said simply. And in the rain, Rachel recalled her sick Pokemon.

August 11th, 2008, 12:34 PM
Name: Pika

Gender: Male

Species: Pikachu

Personality: Pika is very reserved, so he does not like doing anything he can't think over. Despite this, he works well under pressure and is able to think fast. It might seem that Pika is invincible; however, Pika is afraid of blood and violence. (But if he gets mad, this gets overridden by rage.)

History: Up until one year ago, Pika was not involved in any conflict of any kind. Then, one day, a mysterious stranger appeared in the outskirts of his village. Trying to stop the stranger from entering his village, Pika challenged him to a fight. Unfortunately, Pika lost, and recieved a burn mark on his side for his efforts. The stranger then continued on to burn the village down. Pika has not seen his parents ever since. So then, for one year, Pika crossed several continents until he stumbled upon a special gem that magically warped him into the future. After many attempts at trying to go back to his time, Pika went into a state of depression. However, today, he has barely managed to pass the first level of The Game.

Appearance: Pika is a normal Pikachu except that his his ear-tips are jagged, and his cheeks are orange instead of red. One side of his head bears a burn mark from an encounter from an elusive rival. He also wears a green gem around his neck (the gem that allowed him to travel through time, and a green headband, because he likes that color.

Other: The gem Pika wears around his neck enables him to run faster than usual. This is because the gem allows him to distort time slightly.

RP Sample: Pika grunted as he tripped over something. "Ugh..." Feeling around, his paw hit something... slimy. "Wh-what's this?" Pika screamed in horror as the dark figure reared up to strike...

Regaining control of his body, Pika leaped to the side as the snake-like figure attacked.
"Ugh! Really, What is this thing?"

Trying to find time to think, Pika realized his situation.

"There is no time to think. This is a battle. Survival is your only objective. Let nothing obstruct you from surviving!"

Freestyle Farfetch'd
August 11th, 2008, 1:39 PM
A cross over with Portal and Pokemon eh? (Well, Portal's general overtones anyway.) Haha, this idea appeals to me. Portal is undoubtedly one of the best games completable in under 3 hours. Thus, I shall apply.

Now, I do apologize for adding yet another Pokemon to the mix. Incidentally, I've been thinking up a male Raichu, which is entirely the opposite of the female one that's just been posted. Interesting... Anyway, enough bumph! I've been stalling on posting this profile for long enough. (Actually, one more thing, I've rearranged the fields, they make more sense in the order I'm putting 'em)

Name: Radcliffe

Gender: Male

Species: Raichu

History: Radcliffe is pretty sure that he spent the first few years of his life being mollycoddled by a nice little, ordinary family. 'twas not long however, before he grew tired of his life as a pampered pet and ran away to the bustling 5 building metropolis of Slateport! Ahem, it's probably a bit bigger than that. Though actually, a Raichu's memories probably aren't that extensive, and he may just be making that bit up.

Since then, whatever happened, and pretty much as far as his memory stretches, he's lived by petty thievery from Slateport market, and pickpocketing passers by for petty sums of Pokedollars. Due to his sustained campaign of thievery, he's become something of a local legend, and is known as "The Orange Hustler" by locals. His unusual behavior once became the subject of an independent documentary of the same name. In this, further behavior was highlighted, that he was in fact stealing stardust from the market, rushing off to Route 110 with it, and trading it with the Pokemon around for food. Not only this, but he's also been known to steal and then use Pokedollars, something which he worked out by observing the Market goers. Ingenious little rat, no?

He evolved from Pikachu, after pinching a thunder stone from the local Pokemart. This had always been something of an aspiration of his, and was dead chuffed when he managed it.

How the hell he's managed to survive on this lifestyle for the past 10 years, who knows. He's had his fair share of luck, has dodged capture several times (He paticularly likes to boast about the time he bounced clean out of an ultra ball.) but has also taken his fair share of knocks along the way. As his...

Appearance: ... proves. You could definitely say that this here Raichu is in dire need of a few Poffins. His appearance, after a decade spent sleeping behind the dumpsters and being beaten away by angry shopkeepers, is a little the-worse-for-wear. His fur is somewhat overgrown in some places, and almost coming out in others. He's obviously acquired a few bumps and scars, and has a distinctive gash across his right thigh, where he was attacked by the Pokemart's security Sneasel, which he was damned lucky to survive without infection. Other than that, he's average enough Raichu. Green eyes, tail with a lightning bolt on end, brown feet, orange fur, you know the drill. Just... a little scruffy.

Personality: Generally incapable of taking anything, and everything seriously. Life is one big game to Radcliffe, oh yes. He's certainly a good candidate for at least getting a fair way through the game. Years of fending for himself have taught him that others can't be relied on, and is more than likely to want to do everything by himself, and use others to give himself an advantage. He knows where to draw the line though, and probably... probably wouldn't put anyone's life in danger. Well, not too much anyway. =P Summarizing, he's a crafty bugger, and at times, ruthless. If asked to join Team Rocket, he probably wouldn't need too much persuading. It'd probably mainly be to use their resources to his own ends, though. Good company, as long as he's on your side, and you speak any Pokemon. Although as mentioned above, although he won't rely on others, he's capable of being a friend, once you get to know him, he's probably a'rite. And if you're nice to him, he may just share his bootleg of tasty blue Pokeblocks he just swiped from the market.

Although he puts on the carefree exterior, I'm thinking he's probably quite a stressed individual, surviving on your own isn't easy, even if you do have a fair bit of control over electricity. It doesn't negate the need to eat, nor sleep. (Difficult in the dangerous downtown, at any rate) Like anyone, he has a serious side, and really, the knocks he takes don't just bounce straight off him, no matter how carefree he acts.

RP Sample: Ah, it's been so long! In fact, it's been such a long time, that I don't believe a single intelligible scrap of any of my RPing remains on record. Even if it did, I was 13 when I last made any serious attempt at RPing, so even if I had a sample, it'd probably be a load of old Magikarp. So, yes, bear in mind that I haven't RPed in a while, and I still need to get back in to practice.


And... I think that's about it! It's been fun applying, and I hope Radcliffe interests you as that you'd accept him. Thanks for reading me out!

August 11th, 2008, 1:44 PM
I would like to reserve. Would you mind it too much? I would like to take care to work out a specially crafted character for this roleplay, and I don't want to miss out by taking too long.

August 11th, 2008, 5:16 PM
Okay, reserved you are Darkhaven.

All three signups are Approved. Ilike2EatPiez, keep in mind that Shaymin's special Legendary powers are useless within The Game. ;)

And yes, part of the inspiration was from Portal, but most of it is from myself. :)

At any rate, including Darkhaven's reservation, that makes 8 RP'ers so far, including myself. Signups are now Closed, unless someone comes in with a real OMGWTFBBQ sign-up.

Freestyle Farfetch'd
August 11th, 2008, 5:29 PM
Grand. I look forward to starting. Reading this thread's got me playing Portal again, too. =)

August 11th, 2008, 5:35 PM

I can't wait! This will be awesome! Nice idea, by the way, Lusankya. It's cool. But... there is one redundant thing. You said the characters would be seperated, each with their own challenge, but you also said that they can kill each other and help each other. But they're seperated!

But.. that's just a random thought. I hope to gain further insight on this topic.

August 11th, 2008, 6:01 PM
Sorry, perhaps I should have been more clear. Players are only separated at the very start for Level 1. After Level 1, they enter the main Arena for Level 2, where they have free reign to wander and do whatever the heck they want. All further levels occur in the main Arena, which reformats with different terrain for each level.

So, once you get past Level 1 everyone is in the (gigantic) central playing field. It'll take some wandering before you located everyone else though.

Also, please move all OOC discussion to the OOC thread from now on. Once it gets approved.

August 11th, 2008, 6:18 PM
Well, I'm glad that's all cleared up now. Okay, I'll post in the OOC thread. When it gets approved.

August 12th, 2008, 5:59 AM
Name: LCPL Clark Wilson, 101st
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: http://rainbowsixgame.us.ubi.com/vegas/_img/content/img_logankeller.gif
Wilson is a toughened soldier all the way around, with cold, empty blue eyes and a visible pension for death on his scarred face. He typically keeps to a rough shave due to lack of interest and barely ever worries about his ghastly, pale complexion and hauntingly grim look that seems always painted on his face. His eyebrows are thick and unkempt just as much as his hair, which has grown scraggly and messy in the time he has not bothered to regulate it. Under the garb of a low-ranking soldier, he is of a medium-light build with barely much muscle mass to speak of and a rough 4% body fat. He would never survive a harsh winter with any less than a fur coat, to say the least.

Personality: Drawn back and scared most of the time, Wilson is not the best person to pick as your teammate in a firefight. He is usually assigned the role of Squad Automatic Rifleman, going hand-in-hand with his shaky personality and unstable hands under pressure. He is easily cracked by intimidation, but he always tries to be the best he can at everything he does. He follows through on everything he says and is reliable enough to put a life in his hands, but is not experienced enough to call a marksman. Passionate as he is about life, he tends not to bother other people.

He realizes he is in far too deep to go back now that he has become part of The Game, and will not spare threats of death to other players and the appropriate action. He's not exactly an experienced fighter, but now after experiencing so many deaths he has become stiff-fingered and able-witted in combat. Prangs of horror still haunt him from the experiences of his run from Cipher and his superiors, and it has kept him true to his shaky personality.

History: Born to Madeline and Jonathan Wilson on December 9, 1982, Clark spent most of his childhood between homes, struggling to fit in with other children at his constantly-shifting school enrollments; it led to him being socially inept and very drawn back for fear of rejection by peers, which has carried with him for all of his life. For the most part, he called Atlanta, Georgia (USA) his hometown for the interlinking two years between his sixteenth and eighteenth birthdays, and after seeing a psychiatrist with his parents about his withdrawn behavior, it was decided that it was best for him to join the military. He was transferred to Orre, basically, for assaulting a superior officer (with his fists) who ordered his entire fireteam to open fire on unarmed civilians; the boring nature of being assigned to security detail seemed punishment enough at the time.

After working under a classified organization known only as "Cipher", he followed up by stealing their most prized experiment and thereafter escaping the region of Orre via a commandeered helicopter. As the two - the experimental furry known as Arlene and Lance Corporal Wilson - sped off into the immense Sinnoh waters, they were shot down by a commando unit (the 101st) after Wilson for deserting. He was captured on February 25, 2002 after almost eleven months in hiding as a fugitive with Arlene, who had eventually become his lover. Arlene is presumed KIA, while Wilson was put on trial. He had been sentenced to death, scheduled for a firing squad one week later. His final memory before waking up in the midst of The Game was lying down for a nap in his jail cell - ironically, he had planned to escape the next day.

Other: N/A.
RP Sample: You'll see when the roleplay starts.

August 12th, 2008, 9:09 AM
Accepted, Darkhaven.

Name: Michael Faraday
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Micheal has golden blond hair and dark blue eyes. In his early 20s, he keeps clean-shaven. Fairly average build, Micheal is slightly shorter than most people. He's a little on the weak side, with smaller-than-average muscles, and not extremely physically fit. His favorite color is red, and he wears lots of it, a red T-shirt, red tennis shoes, white socks, and a pair of navy-blue jeans with stripes of red. An extremely faint scar, barely visible, runs down the side of his left cheek.

Personality: Michael has a fairly cool temperament, he doesn't get angry easily. At the same time, he's not often happy, and most of the time assumes a neutral expression. When the situation calls for it though, he can be very warm and friendly. Intelligent, Micheal loves problem-solving games and is generally good at it. He's also a handyman, rather good at fixing things. He is usually calm under pressure, but to date he's never had a life-threatening experience, and doesn't know how he'll react to one. A loner, he prefers to stay at home or at work by himself.

History: Michael lived a pretty average life. He went through all levels of school, made friends, hanged out with them on weekends, played video games, got better grades than average, went to college and got his degree in business. After working out a deal with the company who runs them, Michael started his own Pokemart in his hometown. As a child his family didn't have any Pokemon, but he did encounter a wild Vaporeon in living in the stream behind his house, and would go back to play a little with it every now and then. Living in Johto, he spent most of his time indoors, preferring the air-conditioned interiors of homes to the hot, humid outdoors. He doesn't have much experience with Pokemon, and even as an adult running a Pokemart, he doesn't interact much with Pokemon. Due to his preference for loneliness, he doesn't have a girlfriend(although he does have a crush), but he does have a few friends.

Or so he remembers.

(I now declare this RP BEGUN! *breaks champagne bottle on RP*)

Level 1: The Empty Room
Players must wake up and get their bearings before the timer runs out. If they wish to avoid being machine-gunned, they must run out of the Level 1 arena immediately after coming to. A test of their responsiveness and thinking abilities.

"Welcome to the game." A voice, female, but lower in pitch than normal. Strangely mechanical, with odd nuances and emphasis. Sounding almost... menacing.

"Blaurrggg," Michael groaned. His head hurt slightly. Strange. He wasn't lying in his bedroom, next to his Pokemart.

Blinking to clear his blurry vision, Michael sat up on his butt and looked around. He was in a white, featureless room. In front of him lay a long hallway. Outside of which he could see trees and grass.

Where was he? He turned his head, scanning the walls of the room. He blinked. Now there were small discolorations on the walls. He blinked again. The discolorations were little tubes, attached to balls, mounted on the walls. They were pointing at him.

He leaned back slightly. The tubes moved, tracking his movement.

With a start, he realized what they were. Gun turrets.

"What the-" he gasped, but was cut short by a beeping behind him. He flipped over on the ground to see what it was.

Behind him was a digital clock, its red-and-black rectangle looking evil and sinister set admist its other surroundings. It was a timer. Counting down. 15... 14... 13...

Then it hit him. Like a tractor trailer. Guns that tracked him, and a timer. He needed no further explanation. He wanted to live.

Michael shot up from his position lying on the ground and sprinted down the wallway as fast as he possibly could. Faster than he had ever ran. There was a greater need to run than he had ever experience before.

Behind him, the beeping sound continued, strangely not lowered in volume by the increasing distance. But it was joined by something else. Gunshots.

Ever hear a gun in real life? It's not like in the movies, the little "pewpewpew".

Despite already running as fast as he could, Michael coaxed a little more speed from his legs, running a little faster than he possibly could. Behind him, BANGBANGABANGBANGBANGBANGBANG!!!

He exploded out of the hallway and rolled to a side to avoid the gunshots. His lungs felt like they were popped balloons. Gasping for breath, he looked down at his body. It seemed to be fine. He didn't feel any pain, except the ones in his lungs and the pain from sprinting like that in his legs.

He got up and looked around. Surrounding him were trees. A forest? It looked liek one, and smelled like one. Turning around, he didn't see the hallway he had come out of. Strange.

He looked up. The woods looked so ordinary. But there were glimmers of white poking through the openings in the leaves. White? But the skies were blue. He supposed it could be cloud cover, but wasn't it was a little too bright for that?

Level 2: The Black Forest
A spooky woods, filled with dangerous creatures, streams, and dark caves. Players beware, they're coming for you! And feast upon your bones they shall, unless you have the wits to escape a grisly fate. Other suprises are hidden in the woods as well... Sleeping is not advised.

A voice boomed out of nowhere, startling Michael. He jumped in terror. What now?

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

The voice was similar to the one from before, but higher in pitch, brighter, and it talked faster. It still sounded strangely mechanical, however.

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment."

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

August 12th, 2008, 9:44 AM
Level 1: The Empty Room
Players must wake up and get their bearings before the timer runs out. If they wish to avoid being machine-gunned, they must run out of the Level 1 arena immediately after coming to. A test of their responsiveness and thinking abilities.

"Welcome to the game."

"Ugh..." Pika sat up, his vision blurry. Scratching his head, Pika began to wonder what had become of his nice, cozy camp and how it had been replaced with this menancing metalic room.

Standing up, Pika's cheeks began to spark.

"Wait... that means that there's something powered by electricity nearby... But why would there be anything here?"

Pika tried stepping forward.

Instead, he was greeted with a gun turret slamming into his forehead.


Dazed, Pika could have sworn that there was some kind of beeping noise coming from behind him.

Then he looked.

15... 14... 13...

"A-a timer? What is this? Just give me tim-"

Pika was cut off by several bullets pounding the ground inches away from his feet.

Then it hit him.

It's either life or death. That is all.

Looking at the gem hanging on his neck, he whispered,

"Please, grant me your power. I want to survive!"

The sphere hovered in the air for a moment, then glowed a brilliant green.

Then he ran. Nothing but a blur being chased down by bullets going faster than the eye can see, Pika focused all of his energy and will into running...


Desperately running for dear life, he could finally see the exit! Not caring about anything else, he leaped forward.



Leaves? How could there be leaves in the... forest?

"Where am I? Why am I here?" Pika had just began to panic.

Wishing for an answer, Pika looked up, and was blinded by the light coming through from inbetween the leaves.

This couldn't be an ordinary forest, not after what Pika had seen from earlier. Pika finally decided to sit down and think...

Level 2: The Black Forest
A spooky woods, filled with dangerous creatures, streams, and dark caves. Players beware, they're coming for you! And feast upon your bones they shall, unless you have the wits to escape a grisly fate. Other suprises are hidden in the woods as well... Sleeping is not advised.

A loud, booming voice came from nowhere, startling the exausted Pokemon.

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

This... is a game? What kind of cruel creature would do this for his own enjoyment?

His pondering was soon interrupted by the mysterious voice.

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment."

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

August 12th, 2008, 9:54 AM
Dreary, unintelligibly debilitated in his bleared mind, Wilson rose to stiff limbs, barely able to recognize that he had woken. Chilled by the air biting at his skin, he looked down at his hands, not at all surprised that he could barely make out their shape. Everything else was a mass of twisting shadows and empty white. Just coming into a state of sobriety, Wilson began to drag himself to what direction he hoped was out of harm's path - towards the ever-expanding light ahead. A beeping rung back and forth through his aching ears, but he barely cared at all. He just wanted to get out... Quickly.

Stumbling and worn by who-knows-what, Wilson finally reached out and was forced to support himself on a wall. Fatigue told him to hold his ground and vomit where he stood - the will to survive told other more horrible tales. The beeping seemed to intensify, and finally it dawned on him that he was being watched. A moment of clarity stripped him of all fatigue, and back down the hallway, he spied several colorless shapes attached to the wall - spherical, with a cyllindrical protrusion that stared at him like an all-seeing eye. He'd seen them before; Magnum Class Phagist Defense Turrets. They were posted all around the hallway, as a matter of fact - why had they not taken that last crucial step to uphold their name? He theoretically should have been splattered all over the floor by now. What was going on?

Dawning realization danced in front of him. Peering forth towards the clock situated on the wall, he realized the fatal mistake he was making that was growing worse every single second. 12... 11... 10...

Breaking into a ragged sprint, Clark plowed his legs through the air like there was no tomorrow. In a circular motion he worked every bit of energy out of his legs down the hallway in the opposite direction, sprinting like an Olympic athlete towards what he only guessed was the exit. He barrelled past rows of turrets, putting all of his concentration into the point of light ahead... Bullets began to fly, filling his sore eardrums, and by luck he managed to avoid most of them. Thankfully, the drift on the parabellum rounds used by these particular model of turrets was barely above acceptable - enough of a margin to give Clark a gap to escape to freedom.

Wilson kneeled down just around the corner, one knee to the ground and one pointed upward. He laid his back against the wall and panted heavily, unable to believe what he'd just survived. Looking down, he briefly checked himself for wounds, satisfied to find none but a minor bruise... Certainly tolerable. Finally, after catching his breath, he sighed shakily, turning his attention to the scene ahead. Vegetation?

The scent of grass and leaves entered his nostrils, and a grim note of containment was his first realization. He had done no more to escape than to get put in this situation in the first place. Let down almost, Clark sighed again, and stood painfully. A voice resonated forth from seemingly nowhere and everywhere at once, a stabbing reminder that he was a mere rat in a lab maze.

"...The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

Had he missed something? Ruffling his dark brown hair a bit, the young man searched his surroundings for the source of that strange, mechanical voice... Maybe if it was wired, he could follow the trail to freedom. Or not - depending on how deeply the sick bastards watching him wanted him to suffer in this hellhole. Escape was the only option, there was no doubt... But where there others?

August 12th, 2008, 9:54 AM
(OOC: Since nobody's posted in the OOC thread, I'm putting this here: Don't put the Level names and descriptions(in bold) in your posts, those are just for you to get an idea of what each level is like.)

Freestyle Farfetch'd
August 12th, 2008, 12:02 PM
"Welcome to the Game"

The voice rattled around in his skull for a moment, as what little there was in the room came into focus. Really, all he saw was a transition from black to white. The position he found himself in was lying flat, on the ground, facing the ground. Pretty positive that he hadn't fallen asleep in a white room, the orange rat hurried himself up to survey what little was around him. The game? He liked games.


The genderless, vocoded voice continued. Wait! No, don't! Coming to his senses, he saw the steel army mounted on the walls in front of him, and instincts kicked in. This was danger, so therefore, you must run. Thankfully, running was something he was by this point, fairly adept at. On all fours, he could reach upwards of 20mph, and this had always been something that had kept him out of trouble.

Seeing as there was only one direction that could be headed for, without further thought, he proceeded. Noise. And lots of it, was what resounded around the room. The noise of gunfire, backed by the oh-so-soulless countdown, it was enough to drive anyone with any time to think mad. Thankfully, Radcliffe was not in this predicament, and the only thought on his mind was the grey blur of the door that was now only... THUD! Zero feet before him. He hit the colossal sheet of solid aluminum almost head on. He had made it. But too where? As may be expected, the impact had knocked him clean out. He had managed a whole 10 seconds of consciousness between waking up, and colliding with the door. Impressive. As his vision slid back in, the doors had opened and he saw before him... Route 110? Nah... Route 110 has a sky. All he knew for certain right now is that his head hurt, and this wasn't a game.

"The Game is simple..."

Trees, ground, leaves. A forest of sorts lay before him.

"... Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level..."

But, no sky? Why no sky? White, Mr-Mime-gloves-white, spread out over the horizon above the trees. The void?

"... Death means you lose."

Suddenly realizing the presence of the voice. He scanned the area for any discernible speaker. Alas, there was none. Bewilderment, was the main thought on his mind, other than the fact that his head felt like it was being attacked by a million Beedrill horns. His normal good humour had escaped him. Narrowly escaping with his life was nothing new to the begotten rat, but the sensation of being in entirely unknown territory overwhelmed him.

"...As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level..."

He sat where he lay, wearing the blank expression of total hopelessness. The voice continued to wash over him. Realizing affter not very long that this wasn't going to help him, he cautiously forayed out into the "wilderness". If this was a game, he could win it.

"Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way..."

"I'm the frickin' orange hustler." He thought to himself. If he'd survived the way he had for the last 14 years, he wasn't going to stop now. Maybe he'd win Pokedollars. Maybe he'd just get a pat on the back. No matter, he was going to do something. There'd be no death, and injuries could be sucked up.

"...For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment."

The advice brought his usual smirk back between the yellow pouches on his cheeks. If he could run away from machine guns, he could manage not to touch fire. Was this game for morons? He certainly wasn't going to be the moron.

Realizing that he had lost himself in thought, he stopped to look around. By this point, he found himself quite in the middle of a uniform, quite unnatural plantation-like forest. There was none of the usual extraneous foliage, just uniform height, uniform width pine trees, separated neatly by a dusty path. Apparently, there was none of the danger he'd just faced. Was this it? Had he won already? Surely not. Ah! There. On the horizon, he spotted a grey blurry figure, slowly growing larger.

He knew what must be done. He felt strong, and foolhardy enough to take whatever was coming straight on. He stood firm, grounded his tail, and waited for the humanoid to come close enough. Sparks flew from his scrawny yellow cheeks, as he prepared for the attack.

August 12th, 2008, 2:07 PM
(OOC: Is it alright to use our Pokemon attacks? Or are they disabled? I can edit.)

"Welcome to the game."

Lesrons eyes suddenly snapped open at the sound of the female voice, even in the short timeframe Lesron detected that it wasn't the voice of a pokemon or human - the possibility of a machine? Where the heck was he was the next big thing that came to his mind, the feeling of a cold floor beneath him caused him to sit up, but he didn't expect what he saw - a gun turrent staring him directly in the face. Lesrons eyes shot instantly to the timer that sat behind the massive weapon, the number at the moment was 15 and was already moving on to 14 and so on.

Oh crap..this is not going to end well. I need to get the heck out of here fast.

As Lesron thought to himself, he jumped to his feet and immediately began running in the opposite direction of the device that could very well end his life - glancing around the scene trying to figure out how to escape, out of the corner of his eyes he saw that the gun turrent was following his movement with every stride. Lesron picked up speed by bending over a little more and his feet began a rapid movement as he launched himself forward, into the air to get a better view of the area - his jump benefitted him as he saw an exit just a short ways away.

Lesron landed and continued to make his way in the direction of the exit, but he let his eyes drift behind him back to the gun and the timer and a look of fear imprinted itself across his face - the timer read 1 and then immediately after it turned to 0 the turrent started firing in Lesrons direction. Picking up as much more speed as possible, Lesron raced forward and the exit door came into view - he positioned his hands so that they were facing each other, a purple ball now forming inbetween them, and Lesron launched the Shadow Ball attack at the door and watched it explode open in front of him.

Glancing back again, still running forward, Lesron watched as the bullets began to hit the ground closer and closer to his feet - as Lesron raced out the door he leaped to the left and rolled before standing his ground in case of any other surprises, the gun fire stopping since he was out of sight.


A new voice suddenly spoke from nowhere, echoing from the new forrest area that Lesron found himself in.

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

A game? This entire thing, where I am risking my life against gun turrents and god knows what else, is only a game for someone to watch!?

Lesrons train of that was interrupted by the voice continuing its speal about the game he apparently has found himself in.

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose.

As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment.

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

Great..now I have to figure out how to get out of this forrest, aswell as finding/avoiding other people. This day just keeps getting better and better.

August 12th, 2008, 5:01 PM
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And yes, anything goes.)

August 12th, 2008, 5:24 PM
Darkness... Cold, metallic surface... White. Unfamiliar air. Peculiar tubes... Surrounded... Trapped? Noise... Strange noise. Unnatural noise. Beep... Beep... Beep...

Shaymin blinked. Her green eyes flicked from side to side as she came to her senses. Something was wrong. This was not her home. Her paradise. That was apparent. Rather than a soft, grassy patch of flowers, a hard, solid floor lay beneath her paws. There were no clear skies or sweet aromas. Just a wall. A round wall, sealing her into a small space. And that blaring noise... Beep... Beep... This was not right. It was uncomfortable. Incorrect. Not meant to be.

Her gaze turned to a rectangular indentation in the wall. Black, in color. Glowing red light. Symbols... Symbols that changed with every ring of that sound. Beep... Beep... It hit her quickly. Humans. They were doing this. More than likely, to trap her. To use her powers for their own selfish, greedy desires. With a tilt of her head, Shaymin noticed the hallway. White and ominous, it lay befor eher eyes. Her hypothesis was flawed. Humans wouldn't allow her to escape so easily. They may have been greedy, but they were definately not stupid. All the same, the instinctual urge to flee from this compressed space called her forward. And so, she darted.

Beep... Beep... That noise. Beep... It chimed out from the room. Beep... Somehow... Beep... It frightened her... Beep... The hallway was void of any obstacles, but it was long... Beep... Perhaps this was a trap...? Beep.

All of a sudden, the loudest sound imaginable broke out from behind her. Louder than the beeping noise. Louder than thunder. It didn't beep or crash. It exploded, in a powerful blare that sent all of Shaymin's fur up in a single horrified heartbeat.

She didn't take the time to look back and see what it was. To do so would be insanity. Instead, her winglike ears flapped quickly, and she felt her body detatch itself from gravity. Except, there was something else different. She was heavier. She had a defined wieght, and still felt the ground's pull tugging at her paws. This had never occured before... This form was called the Sky Forme for a reason... Shaking her head, she let herself fall back down. Running would prove faster.

All of this; the rise into the air, the realization, and the fall, occured in about a second. That one second, however, was a dreadful loss. The sound was growing louder... Several tiny objects rammed into the flooring behind her, colliding with the surface in a horrible smashing sound. She had to escape. Now.

Even without flight Shaymin could prove herself to be fast. A fierce and wild determination filled her as she dashed, pushing her forward. You want to get me? ... You'll have to catch me, she thought. Of course, her mind was whirling with excitement and confusion all at once. She had no idea where she was. Why she was here. What she was running from. Why it was after her. Where she was heading. All she knew was to run. And that she did.

The tunnel ended abruptly. The entire setting had suddenly changed. Soft dirt and leaves were pressed underneath Shaymin's paws now. The air had a fresh, woodsy scent to it. Trees. Bushes. Foliage. A forest.
"Welcome, players!" a voice rang out. Shaymin glanced around, wondering where it had come from, but found no source within her vision. "We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

She blinked again. What was this? She could understand basic human speech, but this seemed... rediculous. A game? What...? A game that required her to abandon her sacred duties? Just to come here...?

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned. On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment."

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

This made no sense. This was crazy. She wasn't supposed to be here. All the same, though, the same wild feeling Shaymin had experienced before was rising. This was exciting. A great risk. Life or death. Far more entertaining than sitting around in a field of flowers... While her dutiful, responsible side knew she needed to escape from here and return to her home, her adventurous side was, honestly, ready for more... A smirk found its way to Shaymin's face. Well, then. Bring it on!

August 15th, 2008, 12:18 PM
Michael felt an itch starting to develop in the back of his throat, and began pounding his chest in an effort to nullify it before it induced him into a coughing fit. He was oxygen-deprived enough already after his olympic-worthy sprint, a fit of uncontrollable coughing would only make it worse.

Still on his hands and knees catching his breath, he felt the itch in his throat pass. Good.

He stared at the ground. Ordinary grass, layered on top of ordinary soil. Sweat drops collected on his forehead, flowed to the tip of a little tuft of hair, and dripped onto the ground. The grass bent under the weight of the sweat drops, and the dirt soaked it up like what he would expect it to.

What was this place? He closed his eyes for a few moments. A game? What kind of horrible, despicable person would gain amusement from watching people fighting to the death like this?

But even as he asked himself that question, he realized with a sinking feeling that humans were bloodthirsty creatures. He remembered stories of people in the old days who would hold "gladiator" battles in arenas, forcing criminals to fight to the death for their amusement.

He opened his eyes. Something seemed different. His eyes widened when he realized that there where the grass had been lit by a white, omnipresent glow, now it was hidden by shadow.

He looked up, not knowing what horrible thing might stand there to end his life.

It was a girl, a teenage girl, with absurdly pale skin, white hair, wearing a white full-length extremely fluffy dress like people might have worn in the 20s, and a shawl draped around her shoulders, attached by a shiny bow in front in the shape of a four-leaf clover.

The girl stared at him. He stared back, gazing into those deep blue eyes. Hypnotic. He felt as though one could drown in those eyes.

The girl smiled, patted him on the head, and abruptly vanished. Vanished not as in teleportation, but simply running away extremely fast. As Michael watched the mysterious teenager dash off, he wondered how anybody wearing a dress like that could run.

He stood up and dusted off his pants, then froze when he felt a deep rumbling, like distant thunder.

Or an earthquake. The ground beneath him was shaking. Michael turned around. A gigantic blurred thing was rolling down a hill, barreling towards him, smashing aside small trees and bushes.

Michael dove to the side, into a bush. Tucking in his arms and legs, he rolled right through the bush and into a clearing.

He looked up a saw a massive centipede, as big around as two of him standing shoulder-to-shoulder, feasting on the remains of something that looked horrifyingly human. Blood and pieces of flesh were scattered everywhere, and there was something that looked like part of an arm hanging from a tree branch.

Almost losing his stomach at the sight, Michael ran back into the bush, eager to put as much distance between him and the centipede and the rolling thing as possible.

Stopping to catch his breath again, he looked around. Nothing seemed to be coming. The rolling thing hadn't come around for another shot at him, and the centipede had been too busy gorging itself on its catch of the day to notice him.

Unbidden, words came to mind. "Don't react, anticipate," his old karate teacher told him. Michael didn't know why he was thinking of this now, as he had only attended three classes despite paying for the full set, but the words made sense. Simply reacting to dangerous monsters with his name written on them would get him killed. He had to anticipate where danger might come from.

He scoffed at his own line of thinking. Easier said than done, anticipating danger in a place where anything seemed possible and he knew nothing about.

Scanning his surroundings warily, he wandered deeper into the forest.

August 15th, 2008, 2:28 PM
"Ugh... ack... my head..." Pika's head began pounding after his mindless sprint. Leaning against a sizable tree, Pika took acount of his surroundings.

"This can't be an ordinary forest... and monsters? I sure do hope I don't run into one of those..."

Pika heard a rustle coming from a nearby bush. Taking action immediately, Pika leaped behind a tree.

What is it? Maybe it's one of the other players... I want to talk to someone about this. My head feels like it's going to explode...

A sudden jolt of pain surged through his head. Hitting the ground, Pika gasped for breath.

I'd better rest now... but I must not fall asleep... Ugh...

Right before Pika could drift off to the blissful land of sleep, something jumped out of a bush.

"Wha? Wh-what's happening?" Pika blindly climbed up the tree he was leaning on in order to get a better view.

From the looks of it... It's something like a Mighteyena, but not. It seems... much more vicous.

This thought was completed when the wolf-like creature darted up his tree.

Hesitating to think, Pika lost his balance and fell off the branch he was resting on.

What do I do? I can't...

Pika's eyes widened as he landed in a pile of soft brush.

"Okay... I think I've had enough of this forest already. Maybe I should look for another player."

Pika trudged on, into the darkness of the forest.

Twilight Wolf
August 16th, 2008, 11:03 AM
A feminine voice resounded in my dreams.

"Welcome to the games."

It seemed like a menacing whisper to me, and so it woke me up with a sudden start. I was in a hall, on a metal bed, with gun turrets pointing at me. I glanced down the hall to see a forest in the very far distance. All was fine.. All was fine.. Then, the words 'gun turrets' sunk in.

Wait! Gun turrets?!

There was a strange beeping noise behind me. I quickly looked behind me to see a digital clock.


The first word that came to my mind: 'Bomb'. That alone was enough to get me outta here. But if I moved, I would get shot. But I had to take a chance, either way.

Then I took flight.

With somewhat of a leap, I lefted quickly into the air and started gliding quickly. And adding to that irritating beeping noise was a constant


that followed me. There it was. The forest. It was almost in my grasp.


Then, I made one final flap with my wings in attempt to make it out. I never felt the ground.

My eyes were closed, but it was still dark. I thought that if I would open my eyes, there would be a white nothingness, so I was scared to. That voice. It came.

"Welcome, players! We appreciate your participation in The Game! For those of you who have just passed Level One, congratulations! For those of you who have not passed Level One, we apologize for the great deal of pain and suffering you must be feeling right now. That is, if you are still alive enough to hear me."

A game?!

My eyes flickered open. I was on the ground, my wings wrapped around me.

The voice came from above. This was all a game for some sick minded people who wanted to watch us suffer?! I wasnt too tired though, thankfully.

"The Game is simple. Survival until a certain point allows you to proceed to the next level. Death means you lose."

"As for rules, there are very few, and most of them are for you to find out on your own. Certain actions will be looked upon favorably and increase your score, and some may allow you to proceed to the next level. Death or injury will subtract from your score. On occasion, we may provide you with helpful advice to guide the way. For example, fire is hot. Do not touch it unless you wish to be burned."

Fire? Dont touch it? I roll in fire. I sleep in fire. Why wouldnt I you idiots?

"On other occasions, a helpful pixie may appear to point you in the right direction. That is all for the moment."

"Now, are you ready for Level 2?"

Level two?! How many levels were there? Will we ever make it out alive?

Then, there was only the silence of the forest. It was too quiet. Too quiet for sure. Tremors shook the ground, and lots of them. It was an earthquake.

I turned around to see what looked like a giant bug rolling down the hill. I lifted into the air just in time to dodge the massive thing. It unravelled and to my great surprise, it was a centipede. It rose up to it's full height, which was the height I was in the air, and seemed to stare me down. It wriggled violently, and swungs around, trying to hit me.

That's when I realized that on the ground, there were human body parts, flesh, and every disgusting thing you could imagine. There were flesh, blood, and guts everywhere, pretty much. I wouldnt be able to dodge around much longer. I rose higher.

The centipede saw that I was too high to reach, and went along eating the decapitated body parts that littered the forest.

I flew down to the depths of the forest, and trudged along, hoping to find some company.

August 16th, 2008, 1:08 PM
The voice that had been speeking went mute. All was quiet. In the eerie silence, what had once been determination started to fade into cold fear. Shaymin blinked. She couldn't die... could she? Legendary Pokemon weren't supposed to die... And if she did, what would happen to the world she left behind? That thought sent a shiver down her spine.

A world without nature... A world where no plants flourished and no lush greenery brought life to the species whom inhabited the lands. Without Shaymin, would plants cease to exist? Without plants, herbivorous creatures would starve. Carnivores would lose their food source as well. Life itself could easily fade into the past... A gray world. A lifeless, gray world...

Stop it, she thought to herself. Now is no time to be thinking like that.

Suddenly, her ears flicked. She turned her head immediately toward what she identified as the sound of paws pounding down on crackled leaves. There stood a canine. Larger than a Mightyena. More vicious-looking than a Houndoom. Only, it was definately not a Pokemon. It was something completely alien.

Soot-black fur bristled along its back as it sniffed at the air. The beast was standing by a tree, a rather disappointed look on its face. Then, it saw Shaymin. It must have just missed out on a meal. She was its next target. But, of course, no legendary Pokemon would dare go down without a fight.

Her first instinct was, actually, to flee. However, she didn't want this... this thing chasing her through the forest. She could definately take it in a "battle", however.

Thus, her second instinct was obvious. This was a forest. Shaymin was in her element. here more than ever, she should be able to summon forth many deadly forms of foliage... All in a second, her mind flashed with thoughts of how to begin. A tree root, rising from the ground and constricting her foe until it either gave up or suffocated to death... Or perhaps a wall of vines, armed with venomous thorns, which would collapse onto the beast if it so much as tried to chase after her...

Her plan was shattered, however, as soon as she reached for the ever-familiar energy that would summon forth these things. It wasn't there. In its place was an unfamiliar void. Hollow. Empty. Nonexistent.

This had never happened before. She was supposed to create natural plant growth. It was her assigned power. Her duty. And yet, here she stood, unable to uphold that duty. This was wrong. This was false. However, the wolf-like creature didn't seem intent on giving her another moment of thought.

With a furious cry that sounded somewhere between a bark and a snarl, it lunged at Shaymin with an open jaw full of unrealistically huge fangs. She closed her eyes and sighed, without moving. If her legendary powers were useless, then she would have to rely on her more basic abilities. Not to say those were necessarily any less frightening to a creature unfamiliar with Pokemon.

An orb of semi-transparent green energy began forming in front of Shaymin. Energy Ball, the attack was called. A sphere forged from nature-driven aura with the sole, simple purpose of dealing damage. The wolf-creature was approaching... faster and faster... Shaymin smirked. This would probabaly be a bit of a surprise for her enemy.

She sent the orb flying and leapt back, ears flapping gracefully to soften her fall. The wolf yelped as the attack hit it, quite literally, head-on. It was flung back a little ways. The beast growled. Shook itself. Opened its dark eyes. Shaymin gasped. It didn't look very harmed at all.

Now running seemed like a viable option. If she couldn't use her real abilities in this place, and a fully-charged Energy Ball to the head did little damage, this creature was probabaly not worth the effort of fighting. Thus, she fled while she had the chance.

The forest's arms welcomed her as her paws batted against the ground, harder than usual. Luckily, the beast's snarls began to fade slowly into the distance. It was chasing her, but it wasn't fast enough. She was small. Agile. Quick. Whatever her follower was, it seemed to have a lot of muscle weighing it down, which couldn't possibly make running quickly very easy. So, she plunged into the darkness of the woods, hoping that no other aggressive beasts would confront her...

August 16th, 2008, 2:26 PM
The wind was rushing past Lesrons face, his feet pit pating the ground, as he ran through the forrest trying to find out just how to escape this game - or atleast survive it. The incident before had been way too close and he was going to try and avoid any immediate danger to his life from now on if he could, but who knows what kind of creatures lay within this mysterious place - Lesron would however be prepared for whatever came his way this time, the gun turrent had only had the upper hand because he'd been asleep and was only given 15 seconds after he awoke. Lesrons eyes darted from side to side every few seconds as he ran, making sure not to be taken by surprise by anything he might encounter - dangerous or not.

A twig snapped to Lesrons left, his head swiveling in that direction immediately as he skidded to a hault in the dirt beneath his feet. His eyes began to light up, but not from charging an attack for him to defend himself - it was quite the opposite, it was a blast of fire heading in his directions. Thinking quickly, Lesron leaped backwards and into the air up into the trees - but was suddenly blasted downwards into the ground, mere second later be impacted further into the ground as something landed on him. The pressure was released, as whoever had attacked Lesron leaped forwards and landed with a soft landing. Lesrons eyes drifted upwards, his face trying to hide the serious pain he was feeling, to his attacker - it was a woman, wearing: black sunglasses, a black overcoat, a red tanktop, black pants, and red boots.

"I hope you are enjoying this game, because I know that I am - very much so. I've encountered multiple creatures today, but none of them were as skilled as you - not many could have avoided my trap from before, you know the fire blast. What is you name creature?"

Lesron pushed himself up, using a lot of strength to just stand up, to face his opponent - he knew that if he was going to die here, it wouldn't be on the ground and it'd be during a battle.

"My name is Lesron, and who do I have the pleasure of battling?"

"Mallory is what I go by, my true name was lost long ago when I entered the game myself - now I've been placed in this level to help the host keep people from winning. And now its your turn to die!"

Mallory begun charging forward with a quick speed, but Lesron had expected it - his fist glowing a light blue color as he punched the ground, ice burst through the ground and began to spread and Lesron leaped to the right. This had of course caught Mallory off guard and she was sent sliding on the new icy ground and directly into a tree. Lesron took this oppertunity to begin running in the opposite direction as his new female "friend" in a hopes to escape, but a short distance away she leaped from out of nowhere and nearly punched Lesron halfway across the forrest - but at last second he had turned slight, lightening the blow and he simply begin running in the direction the impact had turned him towards.

Holy crap, this girl is very strong - I never thought someone, who looks human, could be that powerful.

Lesrons body began to be surrounded by white lights, his pace quickening as he continued to run for his life - Mallory again appeared from no where looking to land the punch, but Lesron unleashed his Hidden power attack. The white balls of energy began to pummel Mallory in the chest, seemingly freezing her in mid air, before sending her flying backwards through multiple trees - the sounds of falling trees accompanyied the mysterious girl, and Lesron hoped they delayed her from persuing him for some time. Racing off, yet again, Lesron hoped the next thing he came into contact with would be a friend - rubbing his face he knew that it would not be likely.

August 16th, 2008, 2:36 PM
(OOC: Posting this here because I don't want to doublepost in the OOC thread:

Chabz, you don't need to edit your post, but in the future, don't have opponents that are "real" people or Pokemon. There will be humans and Pokemon as parts of the game later(Level 5 muahahaha), but keep in mind humans or Pokemon that originated outside the Game can only be players, never game elements.)

August 16th, 2008, 3:47 PM
Pika gasped as he tripped over an oddly placed rock.

"Woah! Ow..." Rubbing his throbbing head, Pika peered at the rock.

Appearing to say something, the rock bore some black markings.

What does it say?... I'll keep it, I suppose.

Picking up the rock, Pika continued on his journey.

After a few minutes of walking, Pika fell into deep thought.

Why... am I here? I don't belong here... and... is there anyone else? Or have they been all eliminated? I hope not...

Just at this moment a human's limb crashed down from the skies.

Wah? What's this? Another player like me, d-dead?... How can this be?

Suddenly, a giant centipede came crashing through the trees.

"AH! I gotta run!" Pika began pounding the ground as fast as he possibly could.

Still not enough... I gotta use the gem.

Pika held the emerald in his paw and murmured a few words. The stone began to glow, and Pika felt suddenly rejuvenated. Finally able to escape, Pika didn't stop running until he saw...

A Medicham?

... Could it be? Another player? Oh, please don't telll me I'm dreaming...

Pika ran towards the other Pokemon, in hopes that he had fond a friend, an ally, someone to be with.

Twilight Wolf
August 16th, 2008, 4:06 PM
I lumbered wearily through the dense underbrush. It was very hard to keep from tripping. Various sizes and lengths of vines and roots litter the ground, thankfully the body parts were excluded. I sniffed the air, hoping to recieve some trace of life.

Nothing yet.

But I couldnt even smell the plants.

Something was wrong. Very wrong. All of this was fake, artificial, not the real thing, which meant there was pratically nothing at all to eat. I sighed heavily.

I'm going to die out here. There's no food. No trace of water. No, well nothing. I wont be missed, nethertheless, but I dont want to die. Not now, not here. If I was going to die, I was going to die in a happy place, not hell. Never this hellhole. This place has a certain trace of death in the air, though. No doubting that.

What will become of me if I die? Will I be like all of the others that died here? Will I just be left here to be eaten and rot away? Would I just be tossed aside? Will anyone else make it out of this game? Would I be able to help other players?

So much was whirring through my mind. Too fast... Too much... I felt a slight headache coming on. I relaxed as much as possible (which was hardly anything). It helped a bit, but not much.

Rustle rustle rustle...

I heard the bushes rustling suddenly from behind. This caused me to whip around in surprise. Nothing was there. Nothing at all. Only the fake trees, grass, vines, roots, ect. I sniffed the air once more.

There was life nearby.

There was also something different about the ground in front of me. It seemed like it bulged slightly. There was a flower on the bulge. I craned my neck down to look at the bump more throughly.

It was a Pokemon.

Not just any Pokemon.

It was a Shaymin.

A legendary. Pokemon.

August 16th, 2008, 4:26 PM
That scent. It didn't smell like this forest landscape. Shaymin had noticed it in the air only a split second ago, and immediately she knew that much. It was... life. Not plant life. A Pokemon. That had to mean... another player... Right?

A series of emotions ran through her. Fear. What if it's aggressive? Doubt. Perhaps it isn't another player at all... Curiosity. If it is... Interest. ... maybe I should try to meet them. Caution. But I'll have to be careful...

She slowed her running pace (as the wolf-creature had probably lost her trail a while ago), now padding slowly and silently toward the scent. The Pokemon. The player. Silence was her best bet at safety... She had to be calm. Quiet. That way, she could choose whether or not she wanted to be notic--


Holding back a surprised yelp, Shaymin found herself tripping over a tree root. Her small body tumbled over, landing in a bush with a loud rustle. Damn, she thought (for yes, even Shaymin tends to swear when provoked). Well, that ruins my whole plan...

Her eyes flicked about. Left. Right. Up. Stop. What in the...

Orange scales covered a huge body. Huge, as in, gigantic, especially compared to a Shaymin. Long neck. Long tail, tipped by a burning flame. And those gigantic wings...!

Of all the Pokemon I could've run into... A Charizard. And, with my luck, this one's aggressive.

She didn't dare move or speak, however. She just stared at the dragon, waiting to see what it would do.

Twilight Wolf
August 16th, 2008, 4:45 PM
The Shaymin seemed very surprise and also seemed tempted to run away. A hint of fear was in it's eyes.

" I am nothing to be afraid of, little one." I calmly, trying to be nicer than usual. I swished my tail again, the oxygen igniting the more.

I stretched my wings to their full length (about twenty feet, FYI), yawned slightly. It felt good to stretch, even if I had finished flying not too long ago.

"So..." I said a bit awkwardly. "Are you like me? Simply a player trying to survive in this already horrid excuse for a game?" I asked curiously, cocking my head ever so slightly.

Since it was a Shaymin, there was no possible way it was aggresive. Shaymin is a calm Pokemon that has been given the power of nature.

It can give life to a place, with vines and flowers. It was practically a plant itself in a way. But I really dont think that Shaymin could grow plants here. There was absolutely no nature.

None. Zip. Nadda.

I waited for a reply, thoughts whirring through my head.

August 16th, 2008, 5:09 PM
"I am nothing to be afraid of, little one," the Charizard said simply, in a calm voice that was definately female. She then yawned, stretching out her impressive wings. Shaymin let the fur on the back of her neck relax. This Pokemon meant her no harm. She seemed calm and gentle.

Fair enough. Still, the words agitated her. They were soft. Caressing. Like those of a loving mother speaking to a tiny, helpless child. Belittling, was the word Shaymin was looking for. Her huge, fluffy ears twiched in aggrivation at this. Yes, she was Shaymin. Yes, she was the Pokemon of nature and flowers and what not. All the same, she was anything but gentle when in a situation like this.

"Don't patronize me," she growled in a rather cold tone, staring straight into the immense dragon's eyes. "I'm a lot tougher than you'd think."

She softened her gaze just a bit as the faintest hint of reason hit her. Easy. I don't want to anger a Pokemon many times my size... Though she was positive if the Charizard attacked, she'd manage to escape in soem way or another. Legendary powers or not. Plus, the Charizard would have to be stupid if she decided to go stomping through the forest or lighting trees ablaze in an attempt to harm her. That would, without a doubt, attract many deadly and flesh-starved creatures, whom would outnumber and kill even the most powerful of Pokemon.

"Precisely why I managed to survive Level One," she added, in response to the Charizard's question.

August 16th, 2008, 5:14 PM
Michael was sitting down, his back against a tree. His legs had grown weary from walking around in this forest. He wasn't very athletic, and didn't get out much; as a result, his body was definitely not in peak physical condition. His legs ached, and his feet hurt.

He stared at the top of the tree. This one was oddly shaped, and seemed to sway differently in the wind than the other trees.

Wind. That was strange. Michael was fairly certain they were indoors. How was there wind? Well actually, he supposed it wouldn't be that hard to located a few vents here and there. But those would generate noise.

He shook his head. The technology level of this place had to be high. Where did they get all these creatures he had never seen before?

Several leaves fell down and scattered around him. He picked one up. What-

His train of thought was broken by a dull thudding. He stood up, eyes wide, staring in the direction of the thuds.

A gigantic, hairy, black tarantula the size of a minivan broke through the underbrush and charged straight at him. He dodged to the side, but was struck in the stomach by one of the spider's many legs, momentarily knocking the wind out of him. The spider crashed headlong into the tree, causing more leaves to fall.

The ground began to rumble. The spider looked around, its beady little eyes focusing on Michael. It advanced a few steps. Michael stepped back, his eyes locked on the spider. But when the rumbling continued, the spider glanced back at the tree it had just hit. For a second, it seemed... almost afraid. But whatever it was, it must have decided it passed, for it continued to advance on Michael.

Then, out of nowhere, a gigantic hand swooped out and grabbed the spider, hurling it a hundred feet into the air. Michael gaped at where the spider just was, and then looked up. He gasped.

The tree was alive,

More than that, it was moving. And worst of all, it was coming after him.

The tree's trunk had separated in two massive pillars of legs. Branches had collected into what looked like a head and arms. The tree giant bellowed, and took a mighty step towards Michael that shook the ground.

Michael screamed in terror, and took off, flying in the other direction, moving as fast as his legs would take him. The tree giant ran after him in hot pursuit.

He burst into another clearing, and saw what might have been a Charizard and a small hedgehog-like Pokemon that he couldn't quite identify, and didn't want to stay around to take a closer look. The tree giant stepped into the clearing, its mighty legs easily clearing a path through the bushes.

Twilight Wolf
August 17th, 2008, 12:16 AM
The sharp, cold, and unfreindly remark startled me. Shaymin were supposed to be kind hearted, as far as I knew. Shaymin stared into my eyes, glaring.

"I know that you are stronger than you look. Legendaries are that way." I said. "So typical..." I added, mumbling under my breath.

"But I am glad that there's actually someone that isnt either amonster or a gigantic bug." I said after a small sigh. I thought of what to say next.

"Well, my name is Vanessa, for further reference." I said with a smile on my face. My blue eyes sparkled. "And, did you see that ginormous centipede back there?!" I exclaimed, pointing to the mangled hill.

"And worst of all, it's still out here, lurking about, unfortuneatly..." I added.

And if nothing is done about it, then we're dinner. I wonder where the end to this forest was...

August 21st, 2008, 5:40 PM
Getting closer to the Medicham, Pika ran as fast as he could, and...

The Medicham dissapeared.

Just like that. Gone. The only other player he'd seen for two days, ends up to be not there...

Slumping on the ground, Pika decided to rethink his strategy. So, I've failed to meet another player. Should I go look for the exit, or look for others to assist me?... I'll go for the latter... I need support, knowing how weird this "forest" is...


"Wh-what?" Pika jumped into a tree in his suprise. Swinging along a branch, he flung himself to a higher branch to see what was happening...

It was a giant tree. And it was moving.

"Wait a second... Is that a human running there?... I need to help, human or not!"

Jumping from tree to tree, Pika's face spelled out "determination".

In mid-leap, Pika noticed a Charizard and another Pokemon sitting there. Deciding this meant nothing to him, Pika went on.

"Whoever you are... I'm here to help you!" cried Pika as he readied himself for the Pikachu species' unique ability:

Volt Tackle.

Pika flew at the gigantic tree, covered in an orb of electricity, wondering what would happen.

August 22nd, 2008, 8:48 AM
Shaymin ignored the Charizard's remark about Legendaries. She didn't approve of being patronized, and would not allow such a disgrace to herself to be dismissed with a small sentence. However, now was not the time to be upset. Shaymin was aware of this, and decided to hold back any more sharp responses. Besides, the Charizard seemed friendly enough. She'd much rather gain an ally than an enemy.

"I managed to escape from a wolfish creature, but I haven't seen any centipedes," Shaymin replied to the Charizard, whom she could now reffer to as 'Vanessa'. The thought of a giant centipede was, while a bit rediculous, quite frightening. If a Charizard was calling it gigantic, it had to be simply gargantuant. She almost shivered at the thought of something like that prowling around the woods, watching them, glancing back and forth in search of its next victim...

"They also seem to be at least somewhat resistant to attacks," she added, recalling the shockingly weak effect of her Energy Ball. Of course, it had shown a reaction, implying that perhaps serious damage was possible with more firepower. Stronger moves. "But I haven't tried to use any very powerful moves on anything here yet..."

August 22nd, 2008, 11:47 AM
"Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap," Michael shouted as he ran through the woods, the gigantic tree-monster still running after him. The thing could cross as much distance with a single step as he did with twenty, and was gaining on him fast.

There was a sound, like that of a small animal yelping. A crackling noise, and the thump of something soft hitting something hard. The loud booms of the tree-giant walking and the crashing of trees as it cleared its path abruptly ceased.

Not pausing to look, Michael dove into a nearby bush to hide. Only when he was sure he was out of sight did he turn around to peer behind him.

The tree-giant had paused, and appeared now to be stooping to examine something more closely. Michael couldn't be sure, whatever the giant was looking at was obscured by its mammoth legs.

A loud crackling sound resonated between the trees as the giant turned around, looking for the prey it had been hunting. The small yellow rodent that had ran into its leg was on the ground to the side of it, but the giant paid the rodent no attention. The ground shook as the giant thundered its way back to where it had planted itself previously to sleep.

As the tree-giant wandered off, Michael breathed a sigh of relief. "This is a really, really bad day," he muttered to himself, and stood out of the bush. What had caused the giant to stop its rampage? He snuck closer to where the giant had been standing when it reversed direction and saw a Pikachu standing next to a set of gigantic footprints, looking dazed. A player, or a monster?

August 22nd, 2008, 4:31 PM

Pika hit the ground HARD. Falling from a story or two high up, what can you expect?

Ugh. This is really not my day, is it...? Man, I used my most powerful attack, yet it was useless... I really do need to team up with others, do I?

Pika sighed wistfully as the giant tree monster grew smaller over the horizon, acting as if nothing had just hit it.

Well, I guess I can consider myself lucky that I'm not amazingly strong. Even if I was, I probably would only suceed in getting the monster's attention, and where would that get me?... Yeah. I am pretty lucky that I hardly spent any time training, using the time to read books.

With new energy in his eyes, Pika sat up. "Okay! It's time to find and team up with the other players so we can get out of this cruel excuse for a game!"

Just as he turned around, Pika noticed a... man standing there, looking quite ruffled and tired.

Ack! Is that.. a human? A player? Hm... Better not get my hopes up, considering what happened with the Medicham, but...

Pika decided to make his introduction quickly. He needed allies. Quick.

"Um... By any chance, do you understand me?... Well, I'm a Pikachu, and my name is Pika. I'm a 'plaer' in this 'game', and I need help. so, are you a player like me?"

Standing up straight, Pika prayed that the man would understand him.

August 24th, 2008, 3:40 PM
I hope this is exceptional enough...

Name: Cario
Gender: Male
Species: Lucario
Appearance: Cario is a biogenetically enhanced Lucario. He looks like an average Lucario, but instead of yellow and blue fur, he has white and silver fur. He also has a cleft in his left ear because of a sudden altercation with a Seviper when he was still a testing experiment. Cario is also slightly taller than most Lucario, standing at 4'2'' makes him taller than his peers. His eyes are also a light grey color and they change to a deep purple hue when he is using his powers of aura. A normal Lucario's aura is a deep blue color at its peak, but Cario's aura is a bright silver color.

Personality: Cario is quiet and well reserved. He despises violence but resorts to it only if he must. He does not generally speak to others and will only do so if their aura shows no sign of horrific evil in their past. Cario can also be quite rude at times because he is constantly wary of his surroundings, a trait he gained from being a genetic experiment. Cario, when not constantly surveying his surroundings, can be a nice and sweet Pokemon. He will look out and protect those in need, but will let them do what they please when they request it. When Cario notices that a friend wants to do what they please but they cannot, Cario will intervene against their will and help them, which may cause harm to the other person's honor.

History: Cario is a biogenetically enhanced Lucario. The byproduct of multiple genetic experiments, his powers of aura are greatly enhanced. Cario was born a regular Riolu but was quickly taken away by scientists against his mother's will. It was at labs where Cario made his friends. He made a friend in a lonely Breloom who was in the same situation as he was. Unfortunately, Breloom was a failed experiment and was exterminated in front of Cario's own eyes, which in turn created a newfound hate in all humans.

During the tests, the humans began to alter the genes of Cario. They forced Cario to evolve so that they sould truly unlock the powers of aura. Cario evolved, but rage and hate filled his heart. He suddenly lashed out against the scientists and destroyed a lab. Using all of his energy, his fur color changed from blue and yellow to silver and white. His once blue eyes suddenly dulled to a cool shade of grey. His senses also heightened because of the sudden release of energy. His aura changed from a deep blue to a bright silver.

When Cario changed labs, he met a Seviper. He tried to befriend the Seviper, but it constantly ignored Cario. This angered Cario to the point where he wanted to kill the Seviper. It was then when Cario realized violence was wrong and only wanted to escape the horrors of the testing experiments. During a strength experiment, Cario was pitted against the Seviper. Cario had no clue about the experiment and was unprepared. Cario was bitten on his left ear and lost a part of it. This angered Cario and his grey eyes turned purple as he used his aura to eliminate the Seviper. Unbeknownst to him, Cario had killed the Seviper. The scientists believed that Cario was ready for The Game and sent him to the large megadome.
Other: Cario is afraid of fire and loud noises. The Game may prove to be a difficult challenge to him if he wishes to survive. Cario can also speak many languages, including English. He can also speak in a Pokemon's native tongue and communicate with it, another trait he inherited from the experiments. Cario is also psychic, exhibiting traits of clairvoyance, telepathy, and telekinesis, but using these powers will drain his energy.
RP Sample: I am the author of 'All Too Real' in the Other Writing section.

August 24th, 2008, 3:53 PM
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August 24th, 2008, 4:11 PM
"Welcome to the game."

Ugh...where...where am I? Cario thought to himself as he rose form the dirt. He noticed a loud whirring noise. He looked around and noticed that he was at the end of a long hallway. It appeared that the hallway would not end, but it had to go somewhere. Cario looked around an noticed a loud, automotronic voice counting.


A timer! Cario shouted in his head. He didn't know what to do, so he sat there and waited for something to happen.


Suddenly, the wall turned around and many turrets were protruding from the wall. Terrified, Cario raised his paws and prepared for attack.


The guns began to fire. Using his psychic powers, Cario stopped the bullets and fired them back at the turrets.


Cario continued walking, deflecting the bullets as they continually fired. What is the point of this? Don't they realize that you can't stop me? Cario thought to himself arrogantly.

I am sorry. You have failed. It is time for you to die, Cario.

What the! How did they know my name? Cario thought as a chill rushed up his spine. He noticed that the turrets went back into the wall. Cario continued walking, but highly on his guard. He stopped when he heard a loud shrill alarm sound. Cario quickly covered his ears and sank to the ground. "AAAH!" Cario shouted. He fired Aura Spheres all over the hallway to try to quell the screeching noise, but he failed miserably. Suddenly, the turrets reappeared from the wall and all focused on Cario. Cario quickly rose to his feet and used an aura shield to stop the bullets. His energy could not be sustained as Cario quickly tired from the never-ending barrage of bullets. Cario used his ExtremeSpeed to try to get to the end of the hall, but was quickly stopped as the shrill alarm sounded. I can't take this anymore! Cario shouted in his head. Cario suddenly released all his aura and rushed towards the end of the hallway. A large bolted door was there. Using his immense speed, Cario rushed through the door and landed on a leaves. This is awkward..., Cario thought to himself. He brushed off his white fur has he stood up from the cold ground.

Congratulations, Cario. You have successfully passed Level 1. You success in this game will not, unfortunately, entirely depend on your aura powers. You will need to learn to use your surroundings to your advantage. This level will test that. Try to find your way out of this forest. But beware: creatures roam the forest floor at night. Sleeping is not reccommended.

A voice rang through the arena. One level down, many more to go, Cario thought. He walked the forest floor as the sun was just setting below the horizon.

August 25th, 2008, 4:01 PM
Michael's eyebrows shot up so high they vanished into his hair. What in the world?

The Pikachu had talked. And Michael had understood him.

His jaw dropped to the floor in astonishment, and he stared at the little electrical rodent for a few seconds.

Wait a minute, he realized. The Pikachu hadn't actually spoken English. No, Michael clearly remembered hearing the sounds of "pika pika" that he associated with this small yellow Pokemon. What had happened was that there had been a small voice in his head that had somehow translated the words for him.

If it was a translation, Michael couldn't be sure that it had been translating properly. In fact, what if it was a deception, and this was a trap to lure him to his death? The Game had yet to show him a subtlety like that, but underestimating such a force was the realm of total stupidity.

He decided to be careful. Narrowing his eyes, he spoke slowly, and kept a close eye on the Pikachu, as though it might grow fangs and attack. "You're a player too?"

August 25th, 2008, 4:27 PM

The man had understood him! Although he looked a bit suspecting...
Pika wasn't suprised that the human looked suspicious of him, since anything in this maze could be dangerous and/or a trap.

Rubbing his green emerald a bit, he tried to think of a way to respond naturally.

Hm... What should I say without making it sound like it's a trap?... Maybe I'll... try to answer his question, then talk about the monsters I saw. And that I'm trying to get out of a heck of a maze.

Hoping for the best, Pika finally spoke. To answer your question: Yes. I am a player that is trying to escape from this "game." When I woke up today, I found myself in a metallic room with lots of gun turrets. After I escaped, I wandered for a bit and found a wolf-like creature chasing me. I had to jump up into a tree to get away. Then... I found another player, I think, but he dissappeared..." Pika's ears drooped as he remebered his first attempt at meeting another player. "Suddenly, I heard lots of noise coming from this area and I came to help, although I failed. Of cource that was in my favor, but... Now, I'd like to get an answer to my first question: Are YOU a player too?"

Everything flashed through Pika's mind at once. The monsters and dissappearances... could the other players have experienced them as well? Pika looked at his feet as he patiently waited for a potential ally and friend to respond...

August 25th, 2008, 4:30 PM
Cario roamed the dense forest, his legs tiring from what felt like miles of walking. He sat down to rest, but quickly stood up when he heard talking.

"Pika pika?" he heard. He began to walk towards the sound, but stopped when he heard another sound.

"You're a player too?" the voice said.

Hmm...a male voice and a Pikachu...what is going on here? Cario thought to himself. He looked out from the side of the tree he was hiding behind and examined the humand and the Pikachu. That is odd...Cario thought to himself again. I can sense the same confused energy within them as I do within me... Cario put his hands up to be on his guard. He charged his aura and burst out of the tree towards the two.


Freestyle Farfetch'd
August 26th, 2008, 12:04 PM
(OOC: Sorry, I'm being a bit slow, aren't I? Anyway, here's my post:)

Radcliffe sat in his preemptive state for at least 30 seconds, before realizing - nothing? There's nothing there? The shadowy figure on the horizon had disappeared, only to be replaced by a continuation of the perpetual whiteness. He raised himself from an all fours position, into a more sentry like pose, standing on his brown forefeet.

... "Rai...?"

Nope. No response. Nothing. Was that it? He thought there were meant to be challenges. That's what the speaker had said. Was the challenge merely to traverse until something happened? Considering the first room, it had to be harder than that. He pondered on for a bit. Which, was perfect for the /thing/ that was behind him.

It was not quite like him to loose his wits about him, and here certainly wasn't the apropriate time to do so. The utterly silent, shadowy figure loomed only inches behind him. There was no way he could win, really. The grey humanoid shape behind him was both silent and invisible to all but Slowking, who's eyes-in-the-back-of-their-heads may have been useful at this moment. No sooner had the figure raised his sneasel-clawed hand, had Radcliffe recieved a note of intense pain from his nervous system, relating to the sizeable gash on his reer abdomen.


Came reverberating from his lips, as he bounced off the ground, following the fight-or-flight instinct. In this case, it was the latter. Bolting franticaly from the scene, he could only guess that his shadowy pursuer was behind him, for still, he made no sound. Adrenaline, regarding the pain as irrelevant guided him straight ahead, on the same, seemingly endless path, and seemingly endless symmetrical evergreen forestation. As his Linoone-speed bolt wore on, the nature of the forest, however, began to change. The trees became more clustered, less symmetrical, and slowly encroached further on to the path. The white floodlit sky of before turned into shafts of light, and eventually, the dusty path faded into leaves beneath the injured rat's paws.

"Rai... Rai... Rai..."

He was not sure how much longer he could go on. By now, he had been sprinting full-tilt for at least fourty-five seconds, which in Adrenaline time, seemed more like fourty-five minutes. By this point, his hind legs were less legs, more a storm of conflicting nerve signals, that dragged like the weight of a thousand Golem. THUD! In an almost merciful gesture, his run was broken short by what could only be made out as a silvery, jackal like blur, which along with him, came crashing to the floor, Radcliffe landing on the Pokemon's side, quickly slid off onto the ground beside. He remained lying where he fell, chest first in the blanket of autumn leaves. Panting, confused and unable to control himself, with the last of his remaining energy:


The expression on his face, at this point, was furious and completely wild. Never had he been so far out of his territory. The expression soon faded, however, as the pain from his side intensified. He must of lost a rather large amount of blood by this point, especially for a Raichu. There was nothing that his body would allow him to do now, other than lie where he was, and hoped what he had bumped into was more friendly than what had sneaked up on him beforehand. Which, by the way, was now nowhere to be seen. Also, he really wished that he hadn't made that outburst. Dumb, dumb, idea.

August 26th, 2008, 5:50 PM
The Pikachu was silent for a period of time. Michael looked at the creature, not daring to take his eyes off of it. Him. Whatever. If he truly was a player, then he might actually be able to have an ally within this horrid thing. If it wasn't... well, Michael reckoned he would be able to take on a Pikachu, as long as it didn't transform into something else. He knew he wouldn't enjoy being shocked though, but he had read that shocks from a Pikachu rarely caused major injury. Mostly just pain and singeing.

His ear twitched, his mind poked out of thought by the electric rodent speaking again. Now that he was listening for it, Michael could clearly hear the Pikachu's voice, in addition to the second little whisper in his head.

"To answer your question, yes. I am a player that is trying to escape from this 'game.' When I woke up today, I found myself in a metallic room with lots of gun turrets. After I escaped, I wandered for a bit and found a wolf-like creature chasing me. I had to jump up into a tree to get away. Then... I found another player, I think, but he dissappeared..." The Pikachu's ears drooped, as though encountering a bad memory. "Suddenly, I heard lots of noise coming from this area and I came to help, although I failed. Of cource that was in my favor, but... Now, I'd like to get an answer to my first question: Are you a player too?"

Michael blinked, thinking about the Pikachu's story. So, unless the Pikachu was lying, it was a player. And it had apparantly woke up in the same circumstances he did. Michael shivered, remembering the gun turrets, and how close he had come to dying. And there were obviously more monsters in this forest than a giant centipede, some rolly-thingy, and tree-giants.

Michael nodded. "Yes, I'm a player too-" His speech was interrupted when a white blur rushed out of nearby bush, yelling "RAHHHH!" His reflexes ready, he dodged to the side, avoiding the white blur.

Then, without warning, the white blur was struck by a yellow blur. Both collapsed to the ground, revealing the two mysterious objects to be more Pokemon, an odd-looking Lucario and a Raichu. The Raichu shouted to the sky, swearing about some thing that Michael assumed had been following it.

Dumbfounded, he was afraid to approach the two. But the Raichu looked like it had lost a lot of blood, and it might die if it wasn't cared for. If it was a player...

Michael looked to the Lucario. The thing had ran out of the bushes, preparing to attack. Was it a misguided, confused player, or a monster? Michael wasn't sure, but he ran forward and picked up the Raichu, then jogged into the forest, putting some distance between him and the Lucario and the Pikachu. Once he was sure he was safe for the moment, he placed the Raichu on the ground.

"Hey... you okay?" he murmured to it. Pokemon care wasn't his strong suit, and he honestly had no idea what to do for the dying Raichu.

Abruptly, he heard a giggle in front of him. Startled, he looked up, and saw the girl from earlier. She was smiling sweetly, her arms gone in the folds of her dress.

"What the- who are you?"

The girl completely ignored him, and picked up the Raichu, cradling it sweetly in her arms. There was a flash of white light, almost blinding Michael. When the spots in his eyes were gone, so was the girl, but the Raichu was standing in front of him, looking perfectly fine.

Michael's jaw dropped. "What the hell was that?"

August 26th, 2008, 6:09 PM
Waiting patiently for an answer, Pika studied the man's face carefully.

...He was thinking. Hard. Had Pika said the wrong thing?

Suddenly, he nodded. "Yes, I'm a player too-"


"RAHHH!" Out of nowhere, a Lucario came flying through the trees, ready to strike.

Trailing it was... a Raichu? One of Pika's species? Not believing his eyes, he stepped closer, only to be greeted by a terrible sight. Covered in blood, the Raichu certainly wasn't in a very good condition...

Pika watched as the human beside him ran toward the injured Pokemon and scooped it in his arms. Turning around, he ran away from Pika and the Lucario...

But then he dropped it. Mumbling something, the man looked frantic.

Hm... I don't blame him. I mean, who IS calm when something is dying right before their eyes?

Turning his attention to the Lucario, he noticed that it's eyes were wild and confused.

Another player? Lucario are quite strong, and I heard that if their aura powers get out of hand... then you can't hope to get out alive. So, I might want to calm him down a bit...

"...Hey...HEY...HEY! Listen carefully. None of us know where we are, why we are here, and what this place is. I, at least, have no intention to hurt anyone. Now, could you calm down now and not attack us? It would really help."

Pika sighed as he finished his sentence. Man... this is really a full day.

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August 28th, 2008, 4:16 PM
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Radcliffe had no power to stop whatever was picking him up off the ground. If this was to be his end: So be it. It seemed ridiculous to him, however, for his end in such a bizarre setting, and by a completely unstoppable force. In a way, this pandered to his ego: He was defeated only by something that was impossible to counter. Something that no, one, not even the orange hustler could see coming. At least it wasn't something stupid like being hit by a bus.

Only a vague sense of motion reached his cortex. Dimly, he could hear the sound of cracking leaves, and then, the sound of a human voice, coming from above.

"Hey... are you ok?"

Human speech was rather a strong point of his, learning it's seemingly illogical abundance of syllables and entirely extraneous vocabulary had often helped him pick out the best pockets to pick, and had once even directed him to an un-secured truck of pokeblocks. He felt, if his voicebox was capable of producing it's abundance of funny sounds, that he may be able to carry a conversation out in it. Here though, he heard only vague noises from the Human


Was all he could manage. It didn't even mean anything. He wasn't sure if he'd managed to even pass it from his lips. He felt nothing, but a now numb pain in his side, and a all-to-vague perception of light, which it's self slowly faded.

Images flitted through his mind. The day he ran away from home - he could feel the door-flap hit his tail as he had bolted off. The night after he ran, when he was taken in by an old, street-wise Arcanine - and the day when said Arcanine faded away into the distance, in the back of a van, never to be seen again. When he narrow- The imagery was rather abruptly broken by an complete, instantaneous return of his senses. Arceus ex machina, if there ever was one. He was standing on his feet. He could see clearly, and he felt no pain... What?! Utterly startled, the Raichu turned his head side to side, looking around to make sure it was all real.

And surely, it was. A blond man in a red shirt. A Pikachu with a funny necklace, who had previously been facing a silvery, upright, canine creature. Whom to him, of course, was not identifiable. In common, they all had a slightly dazzled look on their face, a look in which Radcliffe also shared. He wasn't sure whether to run, attack, or simply stand there like a lemon. His conflict of instincts directed him to the latter. Shouldn't he say something? Probably. He turned and faced the be-necklaced Pikachu, judging him as the easiest one to communicate with:

"You, yes, old boy, you." He looked the Pikachu in the eye. "You look... Dazed. Believe me pal, the feeling is mutual. Did y'see the god-damned thing that just attacked me? And weren't I supposed ta' be dead?"

He spoke quickly and impatiently, with an accent that sounded like it had just jumped out of London's east end. Well, except of course, with the obvious difference that it was just a stream of "Rai"s and "Chu"s.

"And you there!"

He turned to the blond man, without stopping to think that he wasn't going to be understood.

"Were you t' one carryin' me? I coulda sworn I was bein' carried."

Realizing that he wouldn't otherwise be understood. he gesticulated the motion of carrying something, cradling his arms.

August 28th, 2008, 5:20 PM
Feeling dazed, Pika looked away from the Lucario and saw something odd. The Raichu was standing. Magically healed, he had no traces of injury anywhere. He then approached Pika.

"You, yes, old boy, you." He looked Pika in the eye. "You look... Dazed. Believe me pal, the feeling is mutual. Did y'see the god-damned thing that just attacked me? And weren't I supposed ta' be dead?"

He's alive! That's amazing. Well, maybe I should answer all of his questions, so I can be of help.

"Ugh... Yes, I'm hearing you. Well, the only one that could have done it is that Lucario over there. Although he probably didn't do it with the intent to injure you... I remember seeing a silver-blue blur as I waited for that human to answer me. Then you crashed into this area. And you being dead: the only thing I really noticed was a glow when the human was talking to you. One moment you were lying there, one moment you were standing. It was really weird..."

There. I answered the best I possibly could. Now, I want answers as well...

August 28th, 2008, 5:26 PM
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Will edit this into an RP post later, unless someone else posts.

Oh yeah, IMPORTANT POINT: LONDON DOESN'T EXIST IN THIS WORLD. Neither New York, Italy, etc. Adds to the surprise factor of future levels, at least one of which takes place in a real-world location. ;) )

Who the hell is that girl? Michael wondered. There was no way she was another player. Yet nothing else in this game had deemed to help them so far.

He remembered something that The Voice had said at the beginning of the game. Something about helpful pixies pointing the way? Bringing back someone from the brink of death wasn't exactly what he would define as simply "pointing the way", but the voice had also said that rules were very few...

This Game was so confusing. The individual elements seemed to contradict themselves endlessly. Almost as though the Game was trying to simulate how an actual world with enormous centipedes and tree-giants would be, if one actually existed.

The Raichu turned towards the Pikachu and started talking to it. "You, yes, old boy, you. You look... Dazed. Believe me pal, the feeling is mutual. Did y'see the god-damned thing that just attacked me? And weren't I supposed ta' be dead?"

Michael had to stop himself from snorting. Maybe it was just the little voice in his head, but the Raichu had a funny accent, with a tendency to mispronounce his A's and E's. It was positively comical.

"And you there!" the Raichu called towards Michael, shaking him from his lonely train of thought. "Were you t' one carryin' me? I coulda sworn I was bein' carried." The Raichu then proceeded to pretend he was carrying something in his short little paws, as though to reinforce his speech. It occured to Michael that the Pokemon probably didn't know he was understood just fine.

"I can hear you just fine," Michael replied, keeping the annoyed tone out of his voice. "Something about this game. I was carrying you, and then some... thing came and healed you back up. Now-"

He was interrupted by the sound of shaking branches. A rumbling noise began to emanate from beneath them, and the ground had started to tremble.

"Oh... crap..." Michael muttered. "What now?"

Freestyle Farfetch'd
August 31st, 2008, 3:49 PM

Radcliffe, having been born and raised in Hoenn all his life had seen little of the Pokemon from other regions. Apart from the odd Floatzel with traveling sailors, or occasionally imported Glameow to be kept as fancy pets and of course the old Arcanine - really, he saw nothing you wouldn't normally see in Hoenn. He certainly wouldn't have seen a rare an elusive species such as Lucario.

He turned to face the silvery figure, assuming this must be "Lucario", being the only unidentified creature. This was the one he'd bumped into! "Sh*t!" He thought, seeing the spikes that adorned the figure's chest and hands.

"I was damned lucky. To damn lucky there. If I'd ran inta' one of those thingemies..."

He murmured under his breath. He was thinking out loud, obviously.

Turning once again to the human, he saw an almost smirky expression on his face. The expresion would be ignored - for now. What could the human possibly be laughing at anyway?

"I can hear you just fine."

Well, he'd hope so. He was pretty sure his voice was loud enough. What does that have to do with anything, though? He had no idea that this meant "I understand you". Humans say the most irrelevant of things most of the time, anyway.

"Something about this game. I was carrying you and some..."

Ah, he had understood the gesture.

"thing came and healed you back up. Now-"

Before he had the time to contemplate the possibility that this Human had never heard of Pokemon Centers before (As that seems to him what he was describing) or it was yet another of this "Game"'s seemingly arbitrary forces (typical humans), the ground below his paws began to shudder violently. Magnitude? Earthquake? Golem? Aggron?

The electric mouse was thrown off by the sudden force, at keeping balance on one foot before almost-comically toppling on his side. He was not having a good day for remaining upright.

August 31st, 2008, 5:10 PM
Cario jumped out at the Pikachu and the human, but was tackled to the ground by another Pokemon. Cario looked up and saw a Raichu laying by his side. Cario, still dazed by the tackle, lay back on the ground and held his left arm. The Raichu had bit into Cario's arm and took down Cario still clamped on, which resulted in Cario's left arm being slightly torn.

"Is that a Lucario?" the human asked. Cario opened his eyes, still holding on to his left arm, and raised his head.

"Yes. I am a Lucario. As you can already tell, I am not like other Lucario," Cario said in the human's language.

"Whoa! It can talk!" the human exclaimed as the Pikachu walked over to the Raichu and examined it. The Raichu was standing as if it had no injuries. Cario looked over at his left arm and noticed that it was healed as well.

This is odd..., Cario thought to himself. I feel no pain and I don't bleed. Cario stood up and watched as the Pikachu and the Raichu appeared to converse. Then, the human spoke to Cario.

"The name is Michael," he said.

"Cario. Charmed," Cario said in his nicest English. Cario shook Michael's hand and walked over to the Pikachu and Raichu. Cario motioned to Pikachu, who ran over to Cario. Cario knelt down and began to talk. "Pik-pik-pika?"

"Pika! Pi-pika-pik-pi-pika. Pikachu!" the Pikachu responded. Cario looked over to Michael who was scratching his head. "His name is Pika. He's a player," Cario explained. Cario then motioned to Raichu who was looking at Pika.

"Rai-rai-chu-raichu?" Cario asked.

"Rai! Raichu-rai-rai-chu-raichu-rai!" the Raichu responded. Still confused, Michael scratched his head. "His name is Radcliffe. He's a player too," Cario responded. Four players in the dense forest of the Second Level. The four had to stay together in order to make it out alive.

((I am SO sorry for the excessive bunnying. It was the only way I could make my post work because I was SO far behind. Please don't be mad! :nervous:))

August 31st, 2008, 6:56 PM
(OOC: Lol, at least I don't mind, that's probably what I would make my character say anyways.)


The Raichu looked genuinely confused at the metioning of the legendary Pokemon Lucario. Apparently, he had never seen one before...

That's not too suprising. I, for one, only know about Pokemon from other regions because I read lots of books. Hm... Judging by his appearence, he looks like he's never touched a book in his entire life. But... he probably knows a lot more than me about survivng in real life. Perhaps I can learn from him...

Snapping out of his day dreaming, Pika noticed that the Raichu was mumbling something under his breath. After a moment, said Raichu turned to the human.

Gosh... I really should learn their names. It would really help when I start talking to some of them.

"I can hear you just fine." is what came suddenly from the man's mouth.

Continuing to speak, the human looked at the Raichu with burning intensity.

"Something about this game. I was carrying you and something came and healed you back up. Now-"

Why'd he stop? It's not like there's any natural disaster going on anyways...? Huh?

Cuurrrunch! Rumble....

The ground began to shake... It was almost like an earthquake!

Wait! What in the world is happening now?

Caught comepletely off gaurd, Pika toppled over onto the ground.

"Ow... Why am I getting hurt so much today?..."

August 31st, 2008, 7:12 PM
(OOC: That's okay, but next time you could try to find a way to do it where you don't totally mess up the order of what I was trying to do. ^^; I'll find a way through it...)

Michael was rather astonished when the Lucario responded in his own language. Pokemon that could speak English were rare in the world, not least because the vocal cords of most Pokemon weren't anywhere near suited for the production of the subtle nuances of speech that so characterized human language. Then again, maybe we're not so subtle after all, Michael thought. If Pokemon could understand each other simply by saying the same few syllables over and over again, then there had to be some kind of hidden code, or something.

Michael introduced himself to the Lucario. While the other two Pokemon did so as well, Michael looked around for the source of the rumbling. It was continueing without increasing or decreasing in volume or intensity, and it didn't seem to be coming from any particular direction. Maybe Michael couldn't see far enough?

"I'm going to climb a tree," he told the other three being, and grabbed a nearby sturdy-looking tree branch. Swinging his feet into contact with the trunk, he scrambled up the tree as best he could. When he reached the top, he was panting heavily. He was definitely not in top physical condition, nor an exemplerary example of an athlete.

From his position above the treetops, it became obvious where the rumbling was coming from. Clouds were covering the snow-white dome.

Michael looked around and marveled at what he saw. They had to be in a building, for there was no other explanation for a domed sky. Yet it was impossible for any building to be this large. He could see to the horizon, as though this were a world, not a construct.

And not too far from the horizon, was a mountain, belching smoke and flame. It was the source for those "clouds" that were darkening the sky, and no doubt the source of the rumbling as well. Michael knew what it was. A volcano. Indoors. The sheer ridiculousness of it caused him to shake his head. This was beyond any trick of technology he could possibly imagine.

But it was dangerous, and he knew that. The mountain was already blooming with smoke and lava. It could blow, really blow, any second.

Michael hopped down out of the tree as fast as he could, without hurting himself. His hands stung from grabbing the bark of the tree. "Guys, I think we ought to move. Fast. There's a volcano, and I reckon it's going to blow."

August 31st, 2008, 9:55 PM
Cario and Michael continued to exchange greetings when, suddenly, a horrid quake shook the ground beneath them. Cario got into his ready stance to prepare for the worse. The quake stopped without a care. Michael, dumbfounded, climbed a tree.

"I'm going to climb a tree," he said. "Gotta find out what's going on." Cario nodded his head and turned to Pika and Radcliffe who were continuing their conversation.

"Something about this game. I was carrying you and something came and healed you back up." Pika said. The rumbling came back, this time, with much more intensity and ferocity than the prior quake. The quake did not stop. In order to keep his balance, Cario had to levitiate in the air, something he did not do often. Michael came down from the tree with a worried look in his eye.

"Guys...," Michael quivered. Cario stopped levitating and tried to maintain balance on his own because it was exhausting his power: something he would need in the long run.

"What is it, Michael?" Cario asked.

"I think we ought to move. Fast. There's a volcano, and I reckon it's going to blow." Michael said. Cario looked up into the sky and could see the silvery-white dome being clouded with grey smoke. The rumbling intensified as Radcliffe, Pika, Cario, and Michael stood there, unsure of what to do next besides run.

September 1st, 2008, 7:33 AM
After falling over, Pika wondered what would happen next.

Hm... I don't think that this is an earthquake, since the ground would be splitting up by now. And anyways, I know this place is artificial.

Pika looked around at all the players gathered around him. The Raichu looked bored, the Lucario was struggling to levitate, and the human... was deep in thought. Suddenly, the man spoke.

"I'm going to climb a tree," the human said. "Gotta find out what's going on."

"Okay, you go ahead and do that. I'll see if anything is supisious around here..."

Pika wondered what the man was up to as he nimbly scaled the tree.

Hm. There really isn't anything out of the ordinary here. But, we still need to find out what's going on about this rumbling.

The ground began to shake again, and Pika, once again, fell flat on his face.

"O-ow... This really can't be good..."

At this time, the man literally dropped down from his perch in the tree. And he looked scared.

"What is it, Michael?" asked the Lucario.

The man was shaking a bit, so it didn't look like there was any way this could be good.

Uh oh. This looks bad. Really bad.

"Guys, I think we ought to move. Fast. There's a volcano, and I reckon it's going to blow."

September 2nd, 2008, 7:08 PM
With a volcano on the brink of erupting and the only place to run was inside a white dome, Cario, Michael, Radcliffe, and Pika were running out of ideas. The four ran as far as they could inside the forest, but the thick brush proved to much for Cario's aura-mapping skills.

"I can't see through the brush!" Cario shouted as Radcliffe, Michael, and Pika ran behind him. Cario tried his best to navigate the seemingly endless forest, but he was getting exhausted: the combination fo running and the use of aura also proved to great for him. As Cario was running, he felt the ground under him give way. Cario stopped running and looked under the ground with his aura. He noticed that under the ground was a deep labryinth with many tunnels.

"What is it, Cario?" Michael asked as he looked at Cario standing there, not moving.

"Don't move. Anyone. This ground is completely fragile. One false move could shatter the ground beneath our feet and send us tumbling into the labryinth. And from where we are all standing, once the ground shatters we'll be separated from each other," Cario explained. Everyone stopped moving and looked at Cario as he continued examining the ground.

"What are we going to do?" Radcliffe asked.

"I'm not sure," Cario said. Cario continued to stand still as the volcano in the distant began to erupt.

September 3rd, 2008, 2:44 PM
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Michael gave another look at the three Pokemon, each of them sitting there like multicolored fruit, ripe for the picking. He shook his head, and took off at a decent pace, jogging through the forest. Arceus might know how long this forest went on, or how far they had to run to be safe from the volcano, but Michael sure didn't. The thought that the forest might go on forever occurred to him, and it was not a pleasant thought.

"I can't see through the bush," Cario shouted out in human-speak behind Michael. Michael glanced over his shoulder and noticed that the Lucario was quite a bit behind him and the other two Pokemon, and seemed to be extremely tired. What did he mean by "I can't see through the bush?" Michael was just about to ask when Cario looked at the ground.

"What is it, Cario?" Michael asked the strange Pokemon.

"Don't move. Anyone. This ground is completely fragile. One false move could shatter the ground beneath our feet and send us tumbling into the labryinth. And from where we are all standing, once the ground shatters we'll be separated from each other."

How did he know? Something else he was about to ask when Radcliffe asked something about what they should do. Cario's reply was not comforting. "I'm not sure."

Michael shook his head. "We have to keep moving." A mere three seconds after he finished the sentence, an enourmous scorpion tail-like thing exploded out of the ground behind him and stabbed at him. Michael, eye's wider than a giant squid's, rolled to the side. The tail smashed through the ground, making a hole.

"Looks like this is what made the labryinth," Michael said. The ground around the hole the tail had made as it stabbed into the ground was crumbling into the cavity below. "Move!" Michael shouted.

September 3rd, 2008, 4:48 PM
As the group silently hustled along, Pika thought about things for a moment.

Guh. How long does this forest stretch? I mean, with a valcano about to erupt, we really could use a little bit of time...

Suddenly, the Lucario in front of him broke the eerie silence.

"I can't see through the bush,"

Um... what's that supposed to mean? Of course you can't... Oh. I forgot about a Lucario's mental abilities. That could be bad...

Stopping for amoment, the human in the group stopped. "What is it, Cario?"

Ah! So the Lucario's name is Cario!

"Don't move. Anyone. This ground is completely fragile. One false move could shatter the ground beneath our feet and send us tumbling into the labryinth. And from where we are all standing, once the ground shatters we'll be separated from each other."

Yep, this is bad. Real bad. But what are we supposed to do about this? If we can't move, we can't escape!... but, I have to trust him. A Lucario can see many things, and sense things no other creature can.

Behind Pika, the Raichu asked about what they should do. And the reply did not put Pika's fears to rest. In fact, it made them worse. "I don't know," he responded.

Back in front of him, the man shook his head. "We have to keep moving." Jst three seconds later, a giant scorpion-like tail rose out of the ground and struck at the human. Seeming to be very agile, the human reacted immediately and dodged to the side. Peircing the ground, the tail made a hole in the ground.

"Looks like this is what made the labryinth," Michael said. As time passed, the ground around the top of the hole began to crumble. "Move!" he shouted.

September 3rd, 2008, 5:43 PM
As Cario stood there, dazed, he heard Michael say something.

"We have to keep moving," he ushered. Cario, listening to his gut feeling, did not move. He felt a quake under his feet. Suddenly, as if it materialized out of thin air, a large scorpion-esque tail appeared out of the ground.

"Move!" Pika shouted.

"Looks like this is what made the labryinth," Michael shouted as the four began dodging the large tail. The tail lunged at Cario, but he used his aura powers to thrust it away into the air. Cario managed to thrust the creature with such great force that the ground under them broke. Cario jumped on top of the creature's tail and hung on for sheer life.

"Back to where you came from!" Cario shouted as he began to glow. Cario thrust his palms into the creature's tail. Cario began to charge his aura, but was suddenly stopped in the proccess. What!!! Cario thought to himself. This creature can block the path of my aura! We're in serious trouble now! Cario hopped off of the tail and landed on a tree. Michael, Radcliffe, and Pika had moved out of the way of the breaking ground. Cario, hanging on the tree, tried again to fire his aura, but found his aura to still be blocked.

"You will die!" Cario shouted at the beast. As Cario jumped for the tail, he looked down into the labryinth. He couldn't see it clearly, but Cario could make out eight blood-red eyes deep within the labryinth. Not knowing where he was going, Cario ran into the tail. The scorpion creature reached up and grabbed Cario with a pincer. Cario managed to break free, but not before being savagely stabbed with the large scorpion's stinger. Cario felt poison coursing through his body, his aura being depleted. I can't let my aura go away or else I will die..., Cario thought. He pulled himself off of the stinger, but began to fall into the labryinth. Using the last energy he had, he steered himself towards a sturdy ledge. A loud shrill hiss could be heard from deep within the labryinth. Cario, hanging on for dear life, shouted out in pain. "Michael! Help me!"

Not knowing his fate, Cario hung on to the ledge, hoping that Michael will come to save him before he fell to his doom. It was at this moment that Cario realized that he could not beat this...game....by himself...

...he would need help...

September 5th, 2008, 2:02 PM
"Looks like this is what made the labryinth," Michael mumbled as their little group of four began dodging the giant tail. After a few moments, Cario thrusted his palms together and charged his aura.

Pushing the creature away for a moment, Cario smashed it into the ground with great force.

So this is the power of a Lucario's aura! We sure are lucky that we have him with us...

This moment of triumph was shattered when the tail rose to strike again. Pika looked up, and noticed Cario holding onto the tail with great determination.

What is he thinking? He could get himself killed!

Suddenly, a distant shout rang through the air. "Go back to where you came from!" Pika could see the blue sphere growing in Cario's hand, but...


This can't be! How could this... No time to think, I must act!

Pika rolled to the side to dodge the monster when he saw Cario jump to a tree. Holding onto a branch, Cario screamed again. "You will die!"

The Lucario jumped towards the tail when a pincer came out of the hole and grabbed him. Pika had to look away when Cario was stabbed savagely by the scorpion's stinger.

Pika wondered what would happen when Cario broke free and fell towards one of the ledges. Cario grabbed the ledge and screamed for the third time. "Michael! Help me!"

Ah. I see. He finally realizes that he needs help...

Pika couldn't bear to watch this teerible sight any more, so he used Agility to steer himself towards Cario.

"Cario! Hold on just a moment more!"

Zipping through the humid air, Pika closed his eyes as he reached out with his arms.


I made contact. But with what? This could very well be my last moments...

After an intense moment, Pika decided to open his eyes.

He frantically looked around, and his eyes rested on Cario, who was lying on the ground, several feet away from Pika. But he was alive.

Pika immediately took action. He grabbed Cario's arm and ran towards a pile of brush. "Everyone! Run for your lives!"

September 5th, 2008, 3:32 PM
The tail struck at Cario, but the Pokemon somehow deflected the path of the mighty sting, and it slammed into the ground again, smashing right through the soil. The Lucario lunged at the tail, grabbing on to it and hanging on for dear life.

"Back to where you came from!" Cario began to glow, and he threw his arms out against the tail. Nothing happened. The tail flicked, and Cario was sent flying. Fortunately, he managed to land on a tree branch that didn't collapse under the strain. He jumped at the tail again, but a enourmous pincer rose out of the ground and pinched him. The tail came and gave a quick little jab in the Pokemon's neck. Somehow, Cario still managed to pull himself free, but he fell onto the edge of the widening hole in the ground. "Michael! Help me!"

"Hang on!" Michael started towards Cario, but was beat by the Pikachu, who zoomed towards the other Pokemon and tackled him clear out of the cavern.

The ground, which had not stopped rumbling since it first began, began to shake more violently. A shrill hiss sounded deep within the cavern, and both the tail and pincer retreated. A distant, echoing boom sounded in the distance.

Michael turned around. Somehow, inexplicably, the trees and undergrowth had parted, giving him a clear view of the mountain. Lava flowing down the sides and carved a circle into the side of the mountain. Within it was inscribed a vertical line. No, not a line, Michael amended, as the symbol took shape. It was a meaningful symbol. A 1 of glowing orange material, inscribed onto a circle of lava.

And the mountain exploded. More smoke and ash than Michael had ever concieved to exist in one place at a time suddenly blanketed his view. He turned around, beginning the run.

An ear-splitting shriek sounded from within the cavern, causing him to drop to his knees and hold his ears in pain. A dozen tentacles, as thick around as his arms and quicker than whips, exploded from the cavern and grabbed at his waist. As they flung him into the cavern, he saw that they had also twisted their way around the other three Pokemon. He was dragged bodily into the labryinth, and darkness took him.

September 5th, 2008, 4:02 PM
Cario hung on to the ledge for dear life. He continued shouting. "Michael! Help me!" The ground was shaking and the hissing from deep within the dark cold labryinth continued. Then, Cario was tackled by something. What was that? Cario thought to himself as the impact knocked him out. For a few moments, Cario lay on the ground without moving, scared of what the scorpion creature would do. Cario finally looked up and saw Pika looking at Cario straight in the eyes. Cario looked closely at Pika's mouth, which was trying to say something.

You're okay.

That's what Cario saw Pika say. Cario, still laying on the ground, then saw Michael begin to run towards him, but stopped. Cario looked around and saw that the trees and brush had given way. Cario looked around and saw that the large dome was quickly building up with smoke and ash. Michael, being only a mere human, could not stand it as Cario clearly saw. Michael fell to the ground coughing violently as the volcano in the distance continued to erupt. Cario watched the lava get ever so near. He noticed that the lava was flowing in odd directions. Using what aura he had stored up, Cario took a bird's eye view to look at the lava. A 1 of glowing orange material, inscribed onto a circle of lava. Cario couldn't believe his eyes. He got up rather slowly, but was quickly pulled back down.

"Cario!" Michael shouted as he coughed. Cario realized he was being dragged by something. He turned around and saw a tentacle wrapped around his body. Struggling to get free, Cario still couldn't use his aura powers to free himself. He watched in horror as he, Michael and Pika were dragged down into the dark labryinth. But one thing puzzled Cario--Where was Radcliffe?

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September 6th, 2008, 5:18 AM
Running as fast as his feet could take him, Pika tried to avoid the lava and ash. And with the burden of Cario, it was hard. Pika ried to dash left and right, but the ash seemed to know where he was going.

On the ground, Cario seemed to be observing something: maybe the lava.

The lava didn't look too queer, but there was a large vertical line in inscribed in the lava.

"What could that mean?... I wonder..."

Michael suddenly came running, but then he keeled over and covered his ears in pain as he heard a frightening shriek.

"Ow! My ears! Are they bleeding?"

Fortunately for Pika, Cario finally came to his senses and got up... but he got pulled back down.

Huh? What's this?... Tentacles?

A large tentacle wrapped around Cario's body, and got tossed into the darkness. Pika tried to run, but it was fultile; another tentacle wrapped around him, and pulled him away. Pika stared forward... Then he noticed something odd. Radcliffe was gone! Just GONE!

This place is starting to get creepier and creepier every minute.

Struggling to keep awake, Pika tried to move. Unfortunately, he was being bound too tight; he couldn't budge an inch.

No... It can't end like this...


Everything was black when Pika fainted.

September 10th, 2008, 2:47 PM
Michael awoke to a shriek in the dark.

When he opened his eyes, at he didn't notice any difference between his eyes being open and being closed. For a few seconds he grabbed at his face, thinking he had gone blind. But as his eyes adjusted, he realized he hadn't gone blind; where ever he was was simply extremely dark. But there was a bit of light. He looked up, and saw a tiny bit of light trickling down from above.

His back hurt from lying against the hard rocks. The surface of this cave was extremely rough, and there were rocks, large and small, lying everywhere. That meant it wasn't carved out by water erosion, because if that were true, the walls would be smooth.

But what had the shriek been? Michael looked around for the source. It was still echoing quietly in the confines of the cave.

A flash in the dark. Michael blinked. What had that been? As he stared at the spot, it appeared again, and this time, it stayed. A pair of glowing red eyes, of some monstrous creature. Michael's heart froze, and he scrambled backwards a little.

However, he had nothing to worry. Whatever the eyes belonged to turned around and left. Michael heard it's footsteps as it trudged through the labyrinth of cave tunnels.

"Radcliffe? Pika? Cario?" Michael called uneasily. To his relief, he saw movement that was probably his companions.

"Here," said a voice. Michael wasn't too sure who it belonged too.

Wait a minute. Was the cave getting brighter? He could see the walls better now. What-

He turned around, and saw an orange glow coming from a tunnel branching off from their part of the cavern. Something clicked in his head, and he realized what the glow was. Lava. Squeezing its way through the tunnels. And quickly, for the glow was getting brighter very fast.

"Oh god. Guys, we gotta move. Move. Move!" Michael shouted, as he ran towards the other three Pokemon. "This way!" he said, gesturing to one of the side tunnels. It was angled slightly backwards, so there was a good chance that the lava wouldn't go too far into it. "Come on!" he finished, and started the run off into the tunnel.

September 10th, 2008, 3:24 PM
Pika was merrily running through the woods, nothing was wrong with the day.

"Ah. What a nice day-"


"Ah!" Pika had sat up so quickly that he landed face first on the ground. "Ow... That hurt."

And I was having such a nice dream... Huh.

Pika noticed that he couldn't see anything, so he tried to feel around the area.

Nothing, nothing... Huh? Pika's paw touched cold stone.

"Ah! Oh, that scared me... I'd better not do that next time, or I'll fall over."

This is starting to creep me out. I better find the others...

Suddenly a voice rang out, breaking the silence for a mere moment. "Radcliffe? Pika? Cario?

Pika rejoiced at the sound of Michael's voice. He began moving to the source of the sound, and whispered, "Here."

Finally, Pika could see Michael.

Wait a second? How can I see him? Pika's eyes darted to the side. He saw lava. Real lava.

Not knowing what to do, Pika looked a Michael for ideas.

"Oh god. Guys, we gotta move. Move. Move!" Michael shouted. He desperately looked for a place to run, and spotted one. Pointing at it, he yelled again. "This way!" Then Michael sprinted as hard as he could towards the tunnel. "Come on!"

Pika quickly obliged. Scrambling out of the main cave in an undignified manner, Pika looked back, and shouted, "Guys! Just get out of here!" Then he ran.

September 10th, 2008, 6:58 PM
A hot wind gust through the dark cave. Cario looked up and noticed that there was a small bit of light peering through the ceiling. It appears we've been caved in, Cario thought to himself. He looked around and noticed that Michael was wadering about. Simple human. Unable to see clearly in the dark, Cario thought to himself. He continued looking around. He saw Pika, but could not see Radcliffe. Where had he gone? Cario was not sure. But he was sure that there was a light in the distance. THe light gave off a dull red-orange glow. A glow that soothed Cario. But suddenly, the feelings of happiness quickly drained from Cario.

"Lava!" Michael shouted.

"What!" Cario exclaimed.

"Oh god. Guys, we gotta move. Move. Move!" Michael shouted. He desperately looked for a place to run, and spotted one. Pointing at it, he yelled again. "This way!" Then Michael sprinted as hard as he could towards the tunnel. "Come on!" Cario began to stand up, but could not. He quickly fell to the ground. The sound of raging fire began to get ever-so-closer. The heat began to escalate. Cario could only watch in fear as his companions began to run. It was then Cario realized a horrible truth:

His legs were broken.

He could not move.

Twilight Wolf
September 12th, 2008, 4:20 PM
Just my luck that I had to space out for a very long time.

Just my luck that the Shaymin was gone.

Just my luck that I had no company.

Just my luck, like everything else.

I was snapped out of my trance by immense tremors in the ground.

"Whoa!" I cried out. I could sense that a volcano was erupting somewheres very near. I yearned to wait for the lava to come, but the tremors forced me to resist. I thrust up into the air, and surveyed the fake land.

There was the volcano, which was erupting already, blowing hunks and globs of rock and molten lava everywhere.

"Coooool." I said with a hint of satisfaction. I decided to stay in the air; maybe I could find the way out....

September 12th, 2008, 6:26 PM
Michael looked back, Both Pika and Radcliffe were moving just fine, but Cario had stumbled to the ground. Michael hesitated for a few seconds, then ran over. "What's the matter with you?" he muttered as he closed the distance. In the dim light, he could see that the Lucario's legs were bent at odd angles and in the wrong place. Broken.

"Damn," he muttered, along with several more choice swear words. "Sorry, this is gonna hurt." Grabbing Cario by the arms, he began to drag him along the irregular, rocky ground into the tunnel. Meanwhile, the temperature kept going up and up, and the light from the glowing molten rock kept getting brighter and brighter. As the lava spilled into the chamber from beyond the tunnel, Michael reached the "safe" tunnel.

Thank god for viscosity, he thought. The lava was flowing at a stately pace, probably at a slow jog. Once he was certain they were far enough up the tunnel to be safe, he set down Cario's upper body, sat down on his butt, and heaved a sigh of relief. That had been close.

This tunnel was lined with some kind of glowing algae or fungus or something, because the stuff lined the walls of the tunnel, glowing bright green. Michael wasn't complaining, it made it easy to see inside the otherwise dark tunnel. But the tremors were shaking the tunnel, and bits of strange glowing powder kept falling off the sides of the tunnel, making Michael fear it collapsing.

Little did he know, that the powder had a powerful knockout effect. Within minutes, everyone in the tunnel was fast asleep.

Hours later, Michael woke up. He was still in the tunnel, but now he was moving quickly. A thick tentacle was wrapped around his midsection, dragging him along without touching the walls. The same could be said for the other players he had met. While the wind roared in his ears, within seconds they had emerged aboveground. What had once been verdant (and monster-infested) green forest was now an utter wasteland, as pyroclastic flows and ashfall had blanketed the entire level with several feet of pulverized rock.

Michael looked up in front of him. The source of the tentacles was a gigantic daddy long legs-type spider, the size of an office building. He was still a bit too woozy for the thought of fighting for his life to occur to him. But he needn't have worried, as the spider set him and the other players down gently against the ground. The ash was still hot. Quite hot, in fact, and Michael sprang up onto his feet so avoid getting burned.

"CONGRATULATIONS." A gigantic voice boomed from the heavens, making Michael jump. "You have passed Level 2! Now onto Level 3!"

The ground shook again, and a massive amount of dust rose into the air. Michael saw the shadows of immense objects rise into the air. When the dust settled, he saw they were in a city. The sky was dark and covered with clouds. The buildings were all about a dozen stories and all looked identical. Cars lined the streets, abandoned and empty. In the distance, perhaps the center of the city, was an enourmous cylindrical tower, with a little UFO-shaped disk at the top, and tipped with a spike that had a glowing red ring of energy floating around it.

Level 3: City of Destruction
This isn't the urban jungle, this is the urban maze. Players must find their way through the twisted streets and out of the city to complete the level. But beware, danger lurks in every dark alley, and what seems harmless at first can kill you...

"WELCOME TO APOKALIPS CITY!" the voice boomed. "Find your way out to advance to Level 4! For references purposes, the tower is at the center of the city, so move in the general direction of away from it! A warning to all creatures capable of flight: Advancing above rooftop levels for more than five seconds will result in an unsatisfacory mark on your record and a stern warning. Followed by death." As though the accent his words, a pair of jet fighters zoomed overhead, the sonic booms echoing between the buildings on either side of the street. "Have fun!"

Twilight Wolf
September 12th, 2008, 6:40 PM
It all happened in the blink of an eye.

"CONGRATULATIONS." A gigantic voice boomed. "You have passed Level 2! Now onto Level 3!"

Awesome! I thought.

The ground shook again, and a massive amount of dust rose into the air. I saw the shadows of what seemed like buildings rise into the air. When the dust settled, I saw that the buildings were all a part of a city.

The sky was covered with clouds as black or even blacker than tar. The buildings had no difference between each other. Cars littered the streets, with nothing or no one inside of them. In the distance was an enourmous tower, with a little UFO-shaped disk at the top, and tipped with a spike that had a glowing red ring of energy floating around it.

"WELCOME TO APOKALIPS CITY!" the voice yelled. "Find your way out to advance to Level 4! For references purposes, the tower is at the center of the city, so move in the general direction of away from it! A warning to all creatures capable of flight: Advancing above rooftop levels for more than five seconds will result in an unsatisfacory mark on your record and a stern warning. Followed by death." As though the accent his words, a pair of jets zoomed over my head, the sonic booms echoing between the buildings on either side of the street. "Have fun!"

"Crap!" I cried, rocketing torwards the ground, and landing with a thud, cracking the concrete. The tower was behind me, and in front of me was a maze of concrete structures.

September 12th, 2008, 7:30 PM
Cario couldn't move, but he could feel well in the darkness. He did not know how, but the darkness shut down his aura-seeing capabilities. He felt someone grab hold of his arms.

"Sorry, buddy. This is gonna hurt," the voice said.

Michael, Cario thought to himself. As soon as Michael began to pull Cario, an intense pain ran through the entire course of his body. Cario wretched and turned in pain, but had to keep movement to a minimum or else Michael would drop Cario and Cario would burn to death by the ever-creeping orange glow of the lava. Eventually, Michael pulled Cario into a tunnel.

"Thanks," Cario said in hush breath. Cario turned around and saw that Micahel was laying on the ground. "I should follow suit," Cario said. He too took a quick nap inside the safe cave.

A few hours later, Cario awoke. He looked around and saw that the walls of the cave were lined with a green algae-esque fungus. What are those things? Cario thought to himself. He leaned over and touched one of the pods, a large aqua green flower bulb with six stame sticking out of the lips of the flower. The flower burst open and a bright yellow powder exploded in Cario's face. What the hell is this? Cario exclaimed in his head. He felt woozy and tired and weak. His limbs became numb and his senses began to fail. Cario lost mental conciousness and could only watch in horror as a slimy green tentacle wrapped around his body. Cario tried to get it off, but he could not move. The tentacle threw Cario out of a hole and into a large street. There were destroyed buildings everywhere and the sky was a bright grey. Smoke.

"CONGRATULATIONS!" a voice roared. Cario looked around to try to find the source, but he could not find it. "You have passed Level 2! Onto Level 3!"

"What the!" Cario exclaimed. He suddenly had full use of his limbs again. Unfortunately, Cario's legs were still broken. Cario had use of his aura again and began to heal himself when another voice sounded.

"WELCOME TO APOKALIPS CITY!" the voice shouted. "Find your way out to advance to Level 4! For references purposes, the tower is at the center of the city, so move in the general direction of away from it! A warning to all creatures capable of flight: Advancing above rooftop levels for more than five seconds will result in an unsatisfacory mark on your record and a stern warning. Followed by death." As soon as the sentence was finished, two jet fighters zoomed by Cario's head, leaving behind a deafening sonicboom in their wake. As if to make fun of the players, the voice sounded again. "Have fun!"

"Great. Another damn level," Cario sneered to himself as he continued to work on his legs.

September 14th, 2008, 4:54 AM
"Great. Another damn level," Cario said.

Michael glanced over to the shiny Lucario. He was using his aura on his legs, probably healing them. Funny, Michael didn't know they could use aura to mend broken bones.

"Yeah, and I bet there's going to be a lot more of these," Michael thought aloud. He glanced over at the tower in the distance, then back at Cario. "Once you're done healing yourself, we should get moving. They were nice enough to tell us how to pass this level, so we should be heading out as soon as possible." He looked down the road. The roads of this city twisted and turned, merged and unmerged, making it impossible to know where any one would take them. "Guess they were being literal when they said that this was an urban maze."

The fighters boomed overhead again, and the whoosh of missiles firing could be heard. There was a squawk, likely from some bird Pokemon, and then a loud Boom.

There's another player down... Michael thought. Resisting the rules of the Game couldn't be good. He walked over to try the door of one of the buildings. Locked. As was the one next to it, and the one across the street. The windows were blackened, so he couldn't see inside. Maybe we should try to break a window and get inside... but then again, if they don't want us inside, then maybe we shouldn't go inside. On the other hand, maybe they want us inside, but they just want to make it harder...

Gah. There was no way to know what whoever, or whatever, created this Game wanted them to do.

September 14th, 2008, 6:07 AM
Pika moved at a brisk pace, looking back every once and a while to check the progress of the lava and his friends. It was after his third check when he noticed Michael muttering something under his breath.

Curse word, probably.

Michael then moved back into the main cave. Pika was about to pull him back, but he noticed Cario sitting there; his legs at odd angles.

Ooh. Tha's gotta hurt.

Michael strode over to the Lucario, and picked him up by the arms. "Sorry, but this is gonna hurt." Dragging Cario over the rough ground, Michael moved along with the rest of the group at a steady pace. Finally, they reached a generally safe area.

Sighing in relief, Pika went to sleep like a log. "Good night..."

Suddenly, he shot up, wide awake. A large tentacle was wrapped around all of his body, and was carrying him somewhere, and pretty quickly, at that. They emerged aboveground several minutes later, and Pika was grateful to taste fresh air. Then he noticed something funny.

This is the same forest, but it's... like a wasteland! Nothing but ash and lava everywhere.

Pika wondered if he could get down, but he really didn't realize that the ash was still very hot.

"Ow!" Hopping up on a cooler rock, Pika nursed his burnt footpaw.


Eh? This voice again? No... it's kinda different...

"You have passed Level 2! Now onto Level 3!"

The ground began to shake again, and this released clouds of dust into the polluted air. If you looked closely enough, there was a city behins the fog. Cars stood there, deserted, and there was no sign of life.


WELCOME TO APOKALIPS CITY!" the same voice barked. "Find your way out to advance to Level 4! For references purposes, the tower is at the center of the city, so move in the general direction of away from it! A warning to all creatures capable of flight: Advancing above rooftop levels for more than five seconds will result in an unsatisfacory mark on your record and a stern warning. Followed by death." "

Pika looked up at this time, and saw two jets fly by. They were followed by a deafening sonicboom.

"Have fun!"

Ugh. Another level. Here we go again!

September 14th, 2008, 5:44 PM
"I'm done, Michael," Cario said as he stood up for the first time in what seemed like days.

"Okay. I'm going to go scope the place," Michael said as he walked over to a building.

"You do that. I'm going to go above the buildings," Cario said. Cario looked up and the grey sky and noticed clouds everywhere. He also noticed that the roads seemed to always be changing. Cario, using the combined power of aura and strength, jumped to the roof of the tallest bulding. He looked down and noticed there were many people running around. There are more players, Cario thought. Cario turned around and was staring down the barrel of a large gun. What is this? Cario thought. He noticed that the gun was attached to a large floating robot. Cario began to walk and noticed more robots began to congregate around him. So this is what they mean by death, Cario thought. Cario jumped and the guns were focused on him. They followed him.

"No, no, Cario. That is a bad idea," a voice boomed overhead. "I told you no going above building level!"

But I didn't go above building level yet..., Cario thought. I should test the game. Cario jumped as high as he could. Five seconds above bulding level, eh? Let's see what you'll do. Cario floated high in the air.

"Sorry Cario. You have to die now," the voice said again. "5---4---3---2---1---DIE!!!" Hundreds of floating robots began whizzing towards Cario, guns ablaze. Cario could barely dodge the infinite barrage of bullets. Cario quickly used Extremespeed to lower himself down to ground level. He ran towards Michael to tell him the news.

"I think going above building level is a bad idea," Cario explained.

September 14th, 2008, 6:08 PM
(OOC: In the future, King_Lucario, please avoid "personalizing" the big voice in the sky, it's not supposed to talk to each player individually. In fact, it's better if nobody makes the big voice talk at all besides me.)

Michael watched in amazement at Cario simply jumped onto the rooftop of a building. About five seconds later, he rushed back to the ground, using what appeared to be Extremespeed. The ratta-tattas of machine gun fire echoed eerily through the street.

"I think going above building level is a bad idea," Cario explained when he had reached the ground.

Michael shook his head. "If you keep testing the limits of the game like that, I don't think you'll live much longer." He started walking down the street. For what seemed like hours, that was all they did, walking along the twisting turns of the city, always heading away from the tower. Yet they didn't seem to be making any progress, for the tower wasn't any smaller. Eventually, with sore feet and aching legs, Michael decided they should stop and rest. Pointing out an alleyway between two identical buildings, he said, "Okay, I'm tired. Let's take a break there for a while," and started walking towards it. The alley was spotless, but had a pair of dumpsters and a garbage truck frozen in middle of the act of lifting one of the dumpsters up and removing the contents into the back of it. The scene was somewhat eerie, but it seemed safe enough, so Michael sat down against one of the walls of the buildings.

(OOC: Alright, nobody make something attack right now, cause I'm planning something.)

September 16th, 2008, 4:45 PM
((OoC: In this, the spiders aren't attacking. It's a filler post so that you can do your thing, Lusankya.))

Cario and Michael continued walking away from the tower. Michael turned to Cario and started to laugh.

"Continue testing the limits of the game and you won't live long," he laughed. Cario began to blush.

"Shutup," he snapped back. The two continued walking away from the tower for what seemed like hours. However, when Cario turned to look back, it appeared that they had made no progress at all. The roads continued to twist and turn and change. Cario's aura sensing was screwy on this level, so Cario was no help at all. Cario stopped to rub his feet when he noticed a small creature following him. Upon examination, Cario noticed it was a spider. "Hello little creature," Cario said as he reached down. The spider jumped and Cario smiled. Nice to have a biological creature that doesn't kill you, Cario thought to himself. Cario then looked behind the spider. There were four more following it. Cario turned around and could no longer see Michael.

Cario continued walking and noticed that the spiders were following him. Cario turned around and there were over 100 spiders behind him. Cario began to run, but could not escape; the number of the spiders continued to increase. Cario tried to run on top of a building, but the spiders followed him. "Go away!" Cario screamed as he fired a Vacuum Wave. The spiders disperesed for a moment, but quickly came back together, this time in a larger number; over one million spiders. Cario jumped off of the building and began using Extremespeed, but the spiders were right on Cario's tail. Cario, in a last ditch effort to eliminate the pest, gathered all of his aura in one spot. The spiders began crawling all over Cario, which was exactly what he wanted. Cario unleashed the stored up aura and completely destroyed the tiny pests. Cario, exhausted, then ran away. Minutes later, Cario found Michael standing in an alley. Michael turned around and looked at Cario.

"What happened to you?" he asked.

"I hate spiders," Cario said as he sat down.

September 16th, 2008, 5:12 PM
Pika stretched out, yawning contentedly. Ah... Finally, no random attacks or valcanoes. I can actually sit down and rest up...

"I'm done, Michael." Cario hopped to his feet, having been finished with healing his legs.

So much for sitting down, I guess. Oh well, at least I'm not tired anymore.

"Okay. I'm going to go scope the place," Michael announced as he strode over to a building.

Wait a second, scope what?.. Eh? What's he doing?

"You do that. I'm going to go above the buildings," Cario said, and hopped up on top of the building opposite of Michael's.

"Wait! Don't you remember what they said? You'll die if you go up there..." Pika attempted to talk Cario into coming back. But he was too far away...

He can handle himself. He's a legendary, and he can dodge things pretty easily too.

Pika lounged around a deserted street, waiting for the two to come back and report their findings. Oddly enough, they arrived at the same time.

"I think going above building level is a bad idea," Cario stated.

Hah, I told you so!

Michael shook his head grimly. "Continue testing the limits of the game and you won't live long," he responded, and immediately began walking ahead.

Pika decided to follow them; he needed to stay with the crowd.

They walked, and walked for what seemed like years, until Michael slumped against a wall wearily. "Okay, I'm tired. Let's take a break there for a while," he said.

Pika happily obliged, and plopped down on the ground without a word.

I wonder what's going to happen next, and if we can get out of here safely...

September 17th, 2008, 3:46 PM
Michael looked around and noticed that Cario was gone. Pika on the other hand, was very much around, and had plopped himself down on the asphalt next to him. Radcliffe had disappeared in the transition between levels; Christopher hoped he was alright. For several seconds, he looked around the alley and across the street. Just when he was about to start getting really worried, Cario appeared around the corner of the building and walked towards him.

"What happened to you?" Michael asked him.

"I hate spiders," Cario replied, sitting down across from him. An odd answer, but Michael decided not to inquire further.

For a couple of minutes, they sat there and rested. Strangely, unlike Level 2, nothing had attacked them at all (Cario jumping up a building didn't count, that was deliberately jumping into danger). Michael wondered if there weren't any threats on this level, and all they had to do was keep walking. No, wondered wasn't the right word, he was hoping that nothing would attack them. Hey, you can't blame a guy for wishing.

Sighing, he got up onto his feet again and walked towards the frozen garbage truck, Cario and Pika looking at him as he did so. It seemed just an ordinary garbage truck, frozen in mid-act. Creepy indeed. The entire city seemed completely dead. What had killed it?

No, that wasn't the right way of thinking. None of this was real, the Game could generate any level without any kind of backstory at all. And yet...

Most games, especially the good ones, had a good plot. Michael knew that well, he was an avid gamer. Did each Level have its own plot?

Reaching out, he touched the garbage truck and jumped back. It had shocked him. Not anything major, just a shock from too much static electricity build-up, probably from him rubbing against the wall or something. He walked back towards Cario and Pika to sit down again. Just when he was about to plop himself back on the ground, something stopped him: A tiny whirring sound, echoeing within the alley.

He looked up and around, but there was nothing. He walked out into the street. No movement. What was going on?

A series of bigger sound, slams, grinds, the noise of machinery, sounded behind him, and he turned around. His jaw hit the floor as he watched the garbage truck stand up and transform in a gigantic bipedal robot. Its front wheels had attached themselves to the arms and transformed into spinning blades of death, and the cab had become the robot's head.

"Oh crap..." Michael moaned. "Killer garbage truck, killer garbage truck, killer garbage truck!"

So what now? a tiny voice in his head asked.

Run, that's what.

"Let's move!" Michael shouted, and turned around and started sprinting down the street.

September 17th, 2008, 4:18 PM
Pika looked around; Michael seemed to be looing for Cario, and Radcliffe... He wasn't there.

...What happened to him?

Pika waited for a while, then Cario emerged from behind a building.

"What happened to you?" Michael asked him.

"I hate spiders," Cario answered.

Huh? What was that?

Pika sat back again, and began to think about things.

Hm... Unlike Level 1 or 2, nothing is attacking us. That's really odd. And I get the feeling that I've seen this kind of city before in... what do they call it? Motion picture? An odd thing indeed. Anyways, I'm suspecting something like a robot is going to come down and attack us...

Pika noticed that Michael had gotten back up, and he moved over to a nearby truck, that was kind of... dead. It looked like time had been stopped. The wheels looked as if they were moving, but not.

Pika watched intently as Michael reached out and touched the truck.


Michael pulled his hand back; he had been shocked by static electrcity. He stood there for a while, and he seemed to be thinking about something.

What Pika didn't notice was that the truck was transforming.

Pika looked up, and he was astounded by the odd sight.

Eh? Isn't that... a robot? Holy...

Pika began to run away from the robot: something about a giant robot crushing him didn't appeal to him.

"Let's move!" Michael shouted, and turned around and started sprinting down the street. Pika quickly followed suit, hoping that Cario was close behind him...

September 20th, 2008, 4:46 PM
Cario jumped up as he noticed something odd: it was peculiarly quiet in the vicinity. The whirring and grinding of gears and shrill alarms of cars were no more. Cario turned around and saw Pika and Michael staring down a dark alley.

"What's wrong?" Cario asked as he walked over. Cario looked at Michael's face; the face of fear and disgust. A face Cario knew too well. Cario tried to figure out where Michael was looking and found it out. There was a truck, simply sitting in the dark alley. Suddenly, bright lights turned on and the engine revved, giginv off a demonic roar. The truck lurched forward, suddenly appearing to transform. The chassis of the car became a body. The wheels became arms. The truck was transforming into a robot. Cario looked with fear as the truck, now a robot, gave off a shrill cry that made Cario drop to the ground.

"Oh crap..." Michael moaned. "Killer garbage truck, killer garbage truck, killer garbage truck!" Cario got up and saw that Michael and Pika were running. Pika turned around and motion Cario to follow, which he did. The three had to get away from the killer vehicle.

Or else they would die.

September 22nd, 2008, 3:05 PM
Michael glanced over his shoulder. The killer garbage truck had stomped out into the street, the asphalt cracking slightly where its legs, formally the back of the truck, met the ground. Pika was sprinting right behind Michael, and Cario behind Pika. The giant robot took two steps into the street behind Cario.

Michael turned around. What he saw caused him to stop cold in his tracks. For the formerly dead street was now suddenly alive with motion and activity. What was seconds ago simply lifeless, motionless cars, was now brimming with life. Or, to be more correct, brimming with death. On both sides of the street, every automobile in sight was undergoing the same transformation, turning into deadly two story tall killing machines.

Me and my curiosity, Michael thought. He swore loudly. How were they going to get out of this one?

A manhole in the center of the street caught his attention, not ten feet from him. That would do. He ran over past the transforming vehicles, and with a grunt, lifted it up. A blast of stench-filled air hit him, and he nearly passed out from the smell. Apokalips City sewers will cause the Apocalypse, he thought.

But between smell and death, he'd take smell. Motioning to Pika and Cario, he jumped down the ladder as fast as he could.

September 22nd, 2008, 3:38 PM
Cario, Pika, and Michael ran as fast as they could from the killer garbage truck. Cario's heels were close to the killer vehicle, nipping if you will. Suddenly, Cario stopped when he noticed that Michael had stopped. Pika stopped as well and everyone's face had a look of fear and anguish: what was once a lifeless city, barren and destroyed, was now brimming with activity. The roads were shaking and trembling, vehicles were turning into twenty-foot monsters. Cario turned to Michael who suddenly looked at the ground.

"What are you looking at?" Cario asked. Michael didn't respond. He merely pointed to a sewer that had a disgusting odor coming from beneath it. Pika ran to it and covered his nose, then dove down the ladder to the sewer after Michael. Cario stood there contemplating because strong odors bothered his nose. Michael's head popped up from the sewer hole and he motioned to Cario to follow.

"Do I seriously have to?" Cario moaned. Michael stole a strong glance at him and dove back into the hole. Cario sighed, disgustingly, and went into the horrid sewer. He would rather have his nose be bothered than become mincemeat at the hands of a menacing killer vehicle.

Twilight Wolf
September 22nd, 2008, 6:26 PM
The motionless cars on the side of the street seemed to come alive. My natural instinct told me to scat. But there were cars everywhere.

Where would I go?

I glanced quickly around as the cars began to close in on me. I saw a large manhole cover large enough for me to go in.

"God damn it. Gotta go into the water." I complained.

Better than death...

I flicked it open with a ginormous claw and dove in, landing in very shallow water.

"Eeeewwww...." I moaned as I crinkled up my nose at the stagent smell. I stood there, wondering which way the tower was now.

September 23rd, 2008, 2:14 PM
Pika decided that he didn't really want to look back, because Michael did so, and didn't look too happy.

Um... I don't think that our situation is very good now...

Pika's thoughts were confirmed when Michael swore out loud.

Yep, this is bad... AH! MORE KILLER TRUCKS? Pika had accidentally tilted his head back a little, and saw exactly what he didn't want to.

From then on, Pika just ran, because the robots were closing in on him...

"What are you looking at?" is what came from Cario's mouth next.

Michael merely just pointed at... a manhole. Then he lifted the cover up, and stepped back onto the ladder.

Oh no... Ah well, I'd rather do this than become roadkill at the hands of a bunch of robots.

Pika lowered his headband to cover his nose, and hopped down the ladder.


Pika landed directly on his rump. "Owee!" Pika toppled over at the impact.

Ow... What next? It can't get any worse from here...

Pika wandered about, peeking into dark corners and other odd places, since he knew where the others were. Then something odd happened...



Pika looked up, wondering what had bumped into him. He saw... dirty water, concrete, and... a Charizard.

Wait, what? A Charizard?

"AH! Guys... I think I found another player." Pika sank down to the ground, not knowing what to do next.

September 23rd, 2008, 4:05 PM
Dammit, Michael thought, pinching his nose shut. All of the sudden he regretted his decision to jump down in the sewer. For a few seconds, he seriously considered death as a preferable alternative to this stinky, smelly, dirty hell.

But only for a few seconds. That survival instinct, buried deep within the recesses of the human mind, from their days when they lived together with Pokemon in harmony with the natural world, running around half-naked with naught but sharp rocks as their only weapons against the considerable might and power but nature, kicked in. A single lifetime of being protected and cuddled in no way could overcome the result of thousands of years of evolutionary process, natural selection, and survival of the fittest. After all, humans hadn't rose to their current position in the world by sheer luck.

He heard the thuds as Cario and Pika landed behind him. "AH! Guys... I think I found another player," he heard Pika say.

Michael turned around and saw an enormous Charizard bearing down on him. It certainly looked very fierce, with its tail providing the only light in the sewer besides that which streamed down from the manhole cover. Ignoring the other players for the moment, Michael looked up through the opening. The killer automobiles didn't seem quite keen to follow them.

Danger lurks around every corner, Michael thought. Nowhere in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that the vehicles would have come alive and tried to kill him. Who in the world designed this crazy game? Once again, he wondered by which cosmic powers this entire thing was possible. The level of technology it must have taken...

But there were more immediate things at hand. If the cars that lined the sides of the road were dangerous, then what evil lurked in the sewers? Were autoturrets going to pop out of the walls and shoot at them? Michael peered in the darkness, lit mostly by the Charizard's tail. Nothing except straight pipes. Wait a minute. Straight? The roads above had twisted and turned unpredicatably. But these sewer pipes were laser straight. Or, at least, they appeared to be. Michael considered that thought. It might be a trick to make them walk around in an extremely long circle for the rest of their possibly short lives. On the other hand, it might be a shortcut out. He murmured to himself and pointed fingers, trying to remember which way the tower had been. When he had decided that the tower had been behind them, and that they should head in the direction that he was currently facing, he turned around.

"Well, hello there," he greeted the Charizard. "Not to be rude, but who are you?"