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Netto Azure
August 12th, 2008, 08:54 AM
Updated 8-12-2008 WARNING VERY LONG RANT!!!

This was originally for the Serebii forums “Manga review thread” but my HS District blocked off the Serebii forums. I’ll post it later there from home.

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My views on the between the Manga and Anime.
I’ve decided to do a review (More like a summary of what I remember) of the entire PokeSpe Saga since it’s one of the most excithing manga series I have ever read. It solidifies my position that “There’s more to Pokemon than the anime” *Bashed and Flamed to death by Satoshi-tachi fans* HELP!!! (No offense) You do have to admit that the anime could take some cues from this rendition of Pokemon. (I know, I know and I admit that me alone can’t write more than 500+ episodes of an anime while maintaining things like “plot continuity or kid-friendliness) I just can’t help watching the Pokemon anime without laughing (due to childish reasons) But things are starting to look somewhat good with the DP Season, like the introduction of Hunter J (now that’s a villain) for instance…. Oh well on with the review…

An overview of Pokemon Special
Pokemon Special (Adventures) is about the various Trainers and Coordinators who hold Professor Oaks PokeDex- An encyclopedia-like device. Unlike the game and anime versions owning a Pokedex in this rendition is quite a distinction. (You probably have a special trait or somethin’) These ‘Dex holders as the Fandom calls them attempt to complete the PokeDex for Professor oak (or the region’s respective Professor) while eventually trying to thwart the plots of the “Evil” organizations or groups in their respective region. (I think that people in the Pokemon World are a bunch of radical progressives compared to ours.) Has anybody noticed that all the “Evil” organizations have either an environmental or humanistic reason for being “Evil”? Oh and don’t get me started with the Pokemon Centers (They’re Universal Health-Care in disguise!!! Talk about the so-called bad things about socialized medicine. Imagine having to pay everytime you go to the Pokemon Center “Free Healthcare for everybody and all Pokemon” –that’s my mantra)
This series has Governmental structure, Action, Drama, Romance for Pete’s sake, they actually age!!! What else do you want????!!!!

PokeSpe RGB Saga
The start of a new chapter in Pokemon "Oh NOEZ!!! Not another stereotypical journey :D)
Now this saga is a bit slow at first but bear with it. (It’s sad on how people rarely finish a book cover to cover, including me (;_; ) We are introduced to Red, the so called stereotypical PokeLoving protagonist (Yet not as close as being a shonen-tard as Gold is "But he's my fave..." LOL to myself) A few chapters ahead … Bang! Mew comes into the fray… Team Rocket tries to catch it but Red sees it first and is badly mauled …Mew escapes… after Green (the quiet-tactical type) sees that it was a losing battle, he lectures Red on the strength difference between them blah blah blah… Then Red continues his journey to become the Kanto-Johto PL Champ… along the way he meets a young girl named Blue which turns out to be quite the con artist…yet they become the best of friends. His journey led him to some of Team Rockets plans such as the use of the Pokémon Tower as a base (Loved the Gastly Possesion concept) Red gets to thwart most of Team Rocket’s plans with Green and Blues help (The ‘ZapMolCuno” concept was nice yet the Eevee experiments was sad but Red gets the Eevee!) and Silph Co. (Team Rocket’s Headqurters in this rendition) gets destroyed and Team Rocket “disbands.” Surprisingly all of the Gym Leaders are either part of Team Rocket or against them (Justice Gym Leaders anyone? LOL.) Then the Pokemon League Tournament starts. The semi-finals was between Oak (In Disguise) and Blue in which we are treated with Blue's flying-Pokemon phobia… Oak disregards his win against Blue and the battle between Red and Green becomes the Finals. Red won in a very close final move, kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and is now the Kanto-Johto Pokemon League Champion!!! Now who could those four watching Red be…

PokeSpe Y Saga
A few months later….
Yellow a “Boy” :D comes into the scene searching for the missing Red!!! With the help of Bill and the Two other ‘Dex holders they uncover the Shitenou’s (Elite Four will use this name) plot to destroy the world with Lugia and rebuild it into an environmentalists WET-DREAM!!! I absolutely loved the Inter-Regional War between the Gym Leaders and the Shitenou. Yellow, the ‘Dex Holders (Red turns out to be battling Bruno but was frozen by Lorelei… Freed by… Giovanni???) and the TR Gym Leaders (What a surprise…) go to Cerise Island which was the Shitenou’s Headquarters. There they battle the members of the Shitenou and culminizes with the amazing battle between the children of the Viridian Forest (Yellow-Lance???). the End???
You know what I call the Shitenou? A bunch of “Radical Misguided Environmentalists.” Send them to our world and see how they’ll react to the massive environmental damage we have caused… I mean the Pokemon World might not be Pendragon’s Third Earth but the harmonious society is enough to send the average person to tears!!!

PokeSpe GS Saga
2 years later...
First of all this arc represented a high point in the story line of PokeSupe along side PokeSupe RS usually considered a coin toss. The fact that the Main Antagonist has humanistic reasons for doing "things" that could be considered selfish in the end. Going through great lengths such as scarring little kids life and leading them to the path of "darkness" is quite surprising.
I will update this later on....

November 30th, 2008, 01:02 PM
do you know when volume 29 will be posted . This is the only site that has it .

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