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the bitter end.
August 24th, 2008, 12:04 PM
Okay, well here's my fic, it's really short (Well perhaps not the fic itself but the chapters are anyways.) a large amount of the plot is inspired by PMD2 but it's completely my own story. Most of the story is told first person by the key characters (Most common are Ryuu, Hikaru, Grovyle, and sometimes Suicune, though there are others. I Will put in parentheses who the chapter is narrated by after the chapter name, the prologue and epilogue are third person and thus do not have a name in parenthese next to them.)

Anyways Completed are:

Chapter 1: Losses (Grovyle)

A horrible gray fog clung to the cold cobblestone path as a dark figure moved quickly like a shadow across it. It looked around nervously then quickly slipped through a wall.

“Greetings Lord Darkrai,” it said in a feminine voice kneeling before a seventeen foot tall black dragon-like creature whose blue eyes seemed to be able to pierce through ones soul.

“Greetings Mismagius,” it said in an ancient whispery voice. “I assume the plan is coming into play? Will I have to stay in this Lugia’s body for long?”

Mismagius nodded “Yes, Arbok, Hypno, and Absol are hiding the time gears while Rhyperior and Aggron are destroying the temporal tower, and Dusknoir is making a name for himself as an explorer, just as you planned. And no you will not have use for Lugia's body much longer.” Mismagius smiled, if our plan work you will be restored to your former glory, your immense power that not even Arceus could stop will be restored

“Good” it said menacingly, “now for your new assignment.” Darkrai almost laughed. “You will capture the legendary pokemon, and infect them, understood”

Mismagius nodded, “Yes I understand, but what if I can’t-“

Darkrai cut her off “You will succeed, failure is not an option.” Darkrai said darkly. Mismagius began to tremble a little bit but quickly regained her composure, she knew that Darkrai could wipe her out in an instant, but he wouldn’t he would make sure her death was slow and horrible painful, she couldn’t risk that, she shivered at the thought of it.

Mismagius nodded again, “Yes,” even as she said this she began to tremble again, she knew if the plan worked suicune would be destroyed and Darkrai would be king, and they would all be lords, but if the plan failed, and she hoped it didn’t, Darkrai and them too would be destroyed. Arceus would see to that.

“Good, then you are dismissed,” Darkrai said coldly. As the ghostly form left the room Darkrai smiled. “It won’t be long now, even if Suicune stands in my way. What can he do? Soon I will be restored to my former power!” A horrible cackle rang through the corridor.
Chapter 1: Losses (Grovyle)

A drop of dew fell from the tree it began it’s descent at first with ease, but before it could reach the ground it began to slow down, until it’s progress suddenly stopped in midair, all had become silent, the light of the sun was no more. Pokemon across the world quaked with fear Darkrai rose to the peak of mount Bristle and with a horrible chilling cry released his vast army of followers to destroy all that could oppose him.

At least that was how I imagined it, everyone did, it was the beginning of a time of Darkness that was now at it’s peak. I hated it and that was why Ryuu, my human partner, and best friend, and I were walking through the gloomy grey forest. If it could be called that, the trees were all dead, their naked branches reaching up into the mist that loomed overhead like a storm-cloud.

I could tell Ryuu hated it too, his bright blue eyes were cast downward, his shoulders slumped to his thin waist.

On the other hand Celebi was looking cheery as always, her piercing green eyes glistening with excitement. She had reason to be cheerful, if our plan worked this forest would soon be beautiful and green again, as I had imagined it. And Suicune would be able to free all those who were infected. Those whose wills were twisted to the evil power of Darkrai and whose eyes glowed blue, giving off an Aura of false security, whose bodies were black and withered.

We stopped to rest in a clearing, we were almost there, and no one who would mean them any harm was around. I looked over at Ryuu, and instantly knew the boy was tired, he didn’t have half as much stamina as Celebi or myself. But then I realized with a start that I was tired too. My muscles ached from slashing all the dead branches in our way. I lied down, and without knowing it fell into a deep slumber.

When I awoke I immediately questioned Celebi as to how much time I had slept. “Oh, just about six hours, Ryuu woke up a couple minutes ago.”

This scared me six hours was too long, for all I knew Dusknoir, or Mismagius could be within shouting distance. “We have to go,” I said to nobody in particular. So we did, and made fairly productively, Ryuu hit his head on a branch once, and Celebi and I had a couple bruises and burn marks, the bruises mostly from the many varieties of Rock types, and the burn marks from the young Vulpix inhabiting the area.

And it wasn’t long before we reached our destination, the swirling portal leading to the past, to hope, to a future for all those helpless pokemon. But then unexpectedly, a sudden wave of terror entered me. It didn’t look like I had expected it, a swirling distorted area in space. It looked like… a void. Where nothing could survive, I thought about Ryuu, he had been my only friend before I entered the order. Even if just he were to not make it, well the truth was without Ryuu I wouldn’t really know what to do, he wasn’t just a friend but the abilities he had… not only was he capable of purification, but he had another ability, one that’s power and purpose were beyond my comprehension.

But I knew that if the world as it was were in the past where they were about to journey too, that sacrifices had to be made, they all knew that. So grimly, and without a thought I hurled myself into the void, ready for anything.

It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it. I could feel my partner’s presences around him, and it was so… exhilarating, it was like flying without limits, I could go anywhere I wanted in the flow. It was barely apparent in my mind that I should probably stay with the others. I lost Ryuu’s presence for a second so he zoomed back. Then so suddenly that it made my whole body jerk in pain, I was out of the portal. Light flooded into view and I was momentarily blinded. I could just barely make out the form of Celebi in front of me. Then as my vision adjusted, I saw the sun for the very first time. Inside me a mixture of happiness that I could see it, and sadness that nobody that I knew would ever see it again. I looked around me and saw that Celebi was about to go back through the portal. “Bye friend!” she said gleefully and sped through the disappearing portal.

As I watched her go I realized with a start that one key thing was missing. Ryuu. In all my excitement I had forgotten him, I looked around but saw nothing just specks of sunlight darting across the emerald grass. I looked around at the trees, the sun, and the bird Pokémon, I rushed around searching for a friend I could never replace, if he was lost… I looked everywhere he could possible be, but in the end, turned up empty. My eyes began to sting as though a thousand needles stabbed into them, my legs became wobbly, I tried to cry but I couldn’t.

So, sullenly walked in the direction of salvation, feeling terrible that Ryuu would never be able to see any of this. Which made the beauty of it vanish, leaving a coat of sadness on my shoulders. I knew Ryuu would have wanted me to complete the mission on my own if he died, and that seemed to light a fire in me, so I got to work quickly hopping from tree to tree, somehow sensing the presence of a time gear in the vicinity.