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August 30th, 2008, 11:13 AM
!¡ Scary Town ¡!

The blistering wind mixes with the howling screams of the werewolves sitting upon the hill
appearing beneath the midnight moon devilishly smiling down upon Scary Town, a town
inhabited by seemingly normal citizens. A town which appears to be a
normal town in a very loving and caring society, however, once that clock strikes twelve,
a dark mist shrouds the town in a mysterious haze-like blanket.
It travels across the town, sinking into every crack, evolving each and everything it touches.
Homes change into haunted-looking houses. When this mist covers Scary Town, it changes
things to look dark and goth.

It is rumored as well that dark creatures of the night arrive with this mist, and hunt those who
walk the streets at night. Due to these life-threatening monsters, it is not law, but it is asked
that all citizens be in the confines of a home by midnight. Although this is not a law, the police
of this town tend to enforce it as if it were a law, so most do as they are told, in fear of being
apprehended by the law enforcement.
Most police officers are known well around the town to be a tad too forceful and, or strict.
Most of these cops only patrol the streets up to eleven fifty and then anyone who goes out past then
is on their own. This also meaning that those cops who patrol past eleven fifty; have most information
about the creatures of the night and what exactly this mist does. However, these cops tend to be the
most ignorant and do not release that information to the public, or nearly anyone who asks.

Other than living in fear of what goes bump in the night, Scary Town is a very lovely location to
live during the day. The people are mostly polite and the town gives off a some-what of an old
fashioned feel to it. Overall, it can be thought of as a two sided town, just stick to the timing,
and you should live long enough to enjoy life.

Living in a new place can be difficult for most teens, but, it can also be inspiring for others as well.
Your character is a teen who has been living, or has recently relocated to Scary Town. Your characters can
either know nothing, little, or can just be aware to the stories of after hours of this town. However, things in
Scary Town have been quite odd lately.
The police have been sending more officers out at night, meanwhile, during the day, a number of them have
been sent out of town for unknown reasons.
Nothing has been released to the public yet, but it hasn't gone unnoticed; some are taking advantage of this
lack of law enforcement. Perhaps the police department has made a breakthrough in the midnight mist. As
long as they know what they're doing, things should go well. At least. . .you should hope so. . .If I were you, I'd be careful tonight.

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-Name: ( Simple Enough? )

--Age: ( 14 - 16 )

-Gender: ( No Trans Please Kthx :D )

--Personality: ( Must Be A Paragraph At The Most )

-Description: ( Same As With Personality )

--History: ( How You Came To Live In Scary Town )

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September 1st, 2008, 1:15 PM
looks slightly interesting... might as well give it a shot.

-Name: Koruma Tenshi

--Age: 13 (she will be turning 14 in but a few days)

-Gender: Female

--Personality: Calm and serene, Tenshi is oddly perfectly at home in this town, be it at day or at night. She loves being out in the sun, but finds the gentle embrace of the moon extremely relaxing, and often lays on the rooftops at night to just stare up at the moon untill she starts to get tired. She despises fighting and violence, but knows when to tolerate it if neccesary. Seemingly pure at heart, noone really knows what lies beyond the surface of this innocent little girl.

-Description: Tenshi stands about 5' even and has flowing platinum blond hair that hangs down to her shoulderblades, the bangs hanging down over misty blue eyes. She has a round face, despite her age that gives her an air of innocence you don't really see nowadays. She can usually be found in a light blue and white dress, with long sleeves that hang down past her hands, and stockings that go under normal light blue tennis shoes for comfort. Hidden to all however is the long scar that runs down diagonally across her back from her right shoulder to her left hip.

--History: Tenshi moved to Scary Town as a transfer to the local school. Calm and care free, she didn't really make many friends at her last school, all the class rivalries and the fact it was a wrestling/football school disgusted her to no end. ("It's just barbarianism leagalised") Despite living alone here, she's completely content at independant living, despite her age.

September 1st, 2008, 9:22 PM
-Name: Mike Ano

--Age: 15

-Gender: Male

--Personality: Mike has kind of a lay back personality but doesn't mind a bit of hard work. When around people he keeps up a facade of being in control but if he is working on a problem alone or is with somebody he trust while working on something hard then he will lose his cool for a moment before returning back to a calm personality. Mike does care about whatever he is a part of and because of his involvment in things it makes people feel attracted to him. Mike isn't much when it comes to rules and basically attempts to follow the basic ones and only follow what he thinks is right when it comes to anything else.

-Description: Mike stands tall and skinny with lightly tanned skin. He has poofy black hair that goes pass his ears and sometimes when his hair gets undone then it will cover his brown eyes. Mike has a long face and sometimes his eyes give off a half-sleep look. Mike prefers to wear mostly blue jeans and if his white tennis shoes are ever off then one can see that he wears black socks. Mike wears a plain red long sleeve shirt and a black sleeveless button up vest. A black band can be seen around his right arm to show that he is in the student council.

--History: Mike grew up in Scary Town since the age of six and basically grew to make it his home. His parents have always pushed him to work hard in school since both of them were unable to make their dreams come true and Mike tries his best even though he has no idea what his dream is. Mike has become somewhat well know in his school and is part of a few circles of friends. Still one thing that Mike does enjoy is his involvment within the school's student council where he is currently the council's Sergent of Arms.

Mike has no idea about what is going on at night except that the police officers are acting a bit stranger then before. Still because of the mist, if Mike has anything to do afterschool as in student council activies then he makes sure to give himself, and anybody else, a lot of time before dark settles him.

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September 5th, 2008, 1:53 AM
My apologies, I did not expect to have so much work, so unfortunately, I will have to put this RP on hold for a while. In the mean time, when I have actual free time, I'll fix the story up and enhance it overall.

In the meantime, this thread can be closered x3

September 5th, 2008, 2:25 PM
Closed by thread creator's request.