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September 15th, 2008, 4:03 PM
The Justice League. The mightiest heros of Earth who've stopped the plans of evil countless numbers of times in the past. Unfortunately, they are no more. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the League, in a fight which seemed to bypass the knowledge of any human on Earth, now lie under tombstones in Metropolis' Hall of Justice.

War has broken out on Earth. Crime is at it's peak and not one can stop it. All of the other heros who were cast in the shadows of the League have gone into hiding, fearing that they are not strong enough to bring about a new era of peace. They were right.

This has gone on for 5 years, approaching the anniversary of the death day of the JL in November. Lex Luthor has successfully become President of the United States, and is running for re-election within months. However, a new threat has caught drift of Earth's Age of Chaos. And it's Lex's fault. Lex Luthor has been two-timing the world for years, using his funding as President as well as his popularity as a way to research the death of the JL. For the Society of Terror.

The Society is made up of the world's most interesting, powerful, and murderous villains of all time, and they want to know who it was that finished off their rivals that caused them pain many times in the past. Their digging, however, has peeked the interest of said mysterious threat, and they want the event buried once and for all.

they plan on accomplishing this by destroying every being on Earth one by one. Worse yet-they're already here.

You have been chosen by either a remaining band of Heros, "Earth's Last Hope," or a group of villains, "The Society of Terror," to stop the oncoming destruction and find out how the League was killed, not to mention why this new threat is involved.. Depending on how the game is played, you may just be the one to cause someone's final moments.


Hero/Villain Name:
Height and weight:
Race and/or skin color:
Other physical features:

Powers now:
Powers Later (optional):
Street Clothing Style:
Outstanding features (optional):

History (At least 5-8 sentences):
How you got your powers:

Theme music (optional):

Experience isn't necessary, but you should know how to RP; No Godmodding, no bunnying, those sorts of things. Please be sure to ask permission from another member to use their character in the OOC thread before using them here, seeing as interaction can play a big role.

This RP will begin in exactly one week. All OOC comments should be labeled OOC, and can be made here if truly needed.
Sign-ups and other little-importance OOCs can be made in the OOC thread up tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on my schedule.

My own sign-up will be up shortly.