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September 19th, 2008, 6:25 PM
[css-div="width: 450px;"]This is not yet complete. I plan to create a long poem based on Joseph Campbell's concept of "Monomyth," or the outline of every hero story. (link here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monomyth)). I'm going to document each step of the journey of a hero. So far, I've had so much fun writing this... I am ALMOST done with Departure. The hero has to die and become reborn by an unearthly force.

After that, I'll write two more about the Initiation and the Return.

It's just for fun, to practice rhyme and slant; and using archaic English. Hopefully it won't be too corny.

Read with Old-ish English accent.[/css-div]

[css-div="border: solid 1px black; background-color: white; width: 400px; padding: 20px;"]Departure
The spirit beckons;
It calls to thee.
Whence cometh shadow,
Fire and entropy?
Shrieking, lamenting,
A plague unrelenting,
Greed and lust,
And Serpent's dust;
"Whom can we trust?
Our fates lie in thee."

"Thy calamity is thine own,
For mine beith my own.
The serpent's glare
May turn thee to stone,
But, what is stone
Without skin and bone?
Fie on it!
My blood is my own;
Fend for thineselves
As I would, mineself."

"To the contrary,
Young hero of prophecy.
Thy heart is pure,
But thy soul fears.
But have no fear, my child;
I bequeath my wisdom unto thee,
My soul infused with thine.
Wieldeth this blade,
Thy will is to aid."

"To aid, you say?
My destiny...?
Hark! The man!
I utter in soliloquy.
Was that thou, old Mercury?
Have thou truly selected me?
So be it, then.
If heaven so wishes, then I shall fight.
Onward! Honor! Guide me, light!"

(Well, the hero goes off and fights level 3 Wolves until he is level 10. Realizing that he is being inefficient, he decides to fight some zombies. However, they are too powerful, so he retreats. When he gets back, all the wolves are dead, so he begins killing Level 1 Boars for seventeen days straight. After the grueling two-and-a-half hebdomad, he finally reaches level 13 and decides to try out the new dungeon that just came out this expansion)

The empire:
A desert realm,
Rancor and dryness overwhelm.
A costermonger,
An artisan,
A tailor,
A plebeian.
Stone wall, stone hall,
Arenaceous gall,
Wormwood, wax,
Destruction calls.

None may proceed.
This boundary is erected
As the Supreme One decreed."

"Harken, thou, soldier.
Allow me to pass.
The gods be with me;
Beith them you harass."

I'll strike you, you knave!
Pitiful, your guard...
Welcome the grave!"

(to be continued, sometime.)[/css-div]

the bitter end.
September 19th, 2008, 6:30 PM
I like it so far, keep it up! (Reminds me of the Underworld Chronicles kind of...)