View Full Version : What's a cheat calculator?

October 27th, 2003, 10:01 AM
What does it do? I'm very confused. Can somebody tell me how to use it?

November 2nd, 2003, 1:08 PM
The name describes itself, its a calculator that you make your own stuff in, that turns them into cheat codes. its really helpful if you play the ROMS

November 2nd, 2003, 1:59 PM
I'm sure this goes in the ROMs/Patches discussion...

I've used cheat calculators in my Sapphire ROM all the time to acquire pokmon more than anything else...

once, I made a team of all the legndaries just to see how long they can last in the game...

November 2nd, 2003, 2:07 PM
No, you can use the cheat calculator on the ROM, or game. It's not something specific to the ROM, like sprite ripping for instance. ^_^

That calculator is at:http://rs-codes.nm.ru/

and use this thread:


for cheat discussion. Thanks! ^_^