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October 13th, 2008, 8:17 AM
Eevee is Open For Anybody!! Place Your Sign-Up in the ooc thread if you're interested.

If you're part of my Hoenn rp then don't worry. I'm going to run this along with this rp. I hope this can be a very successful rp!

Darkness is slowly creeping over the world again. Everyone thought it was destroyed long ago when Wes prevailed......but they were wrong. Like they did long ago, two teams are terrorizing not only the region of Orre, but the hearts of pokemon as well. Both of these teams are Team Snagem and Team Cipher.
Team Snagem is a team that has their base far off in the Eclo Canyon. Long ago, they used to work with Team Cipher by using the Snag Machines they invented. Both teams used these devices to steal trainer's pokemon and then turn them into "Shadow Pokemon," pokemon that were turned into fighting machines by having their hearts closed. Both Team Cipher and Team Snagem turned into the biggest threats in the world. Their plans went well until Wes one day destroyed Team Snagem's lab and stole one of their Snag Machines. He recaptured all the Shadow Pokemon and purified them. The world was brought to peace, and Team Snagem and Cipher were brought down for a while. But now they're rebuilding again, and Shadow Pokemon are appearing in Orre once more, but no one to save them is in sight...
You are a young trainer living in the Pokemon HQ Lab in the western part of the Orre Region. Along with four other trainers, you are very talented as a trainer, but have never been on some sort of journey. You have with you a pokemon that you obtained somehow a long time ago and has been a close partner to you ever since. The adults in the lab nervously talk to each other about the Shadow Pokemon and one day call all of you down for your most important meeting ever.

1.) Be Active!! This has to be one of the most important rules in the rp! We can't keep this rp running if no one ever posts. You must be able to post every one or two days. Pm me if you're going away or can't make it to the computer for awhile. We'll work it out.
2.) It is possible to own a legendary Shadow Pokemon later in the rp, but you'll only own one. More details about this will be told later.
3.) Do not god-mod or bunny any other of the players. Unless you have gotten permission from that player, do not completely control another person. I will have a serious problem if you break this rule.
4.) Follow the personality and history that you made for you character. It makes no sense to make a happy, light personality for your character and then make them mad all the time in the rp. This is why you're making them!
5.) Have Fun!! This is another important rule. Do not sign-up if you have no intention of having fun. Put some effort into your posts and help make this rp enjoyable!
6.) This story takes place around the time that Micheal would've started his journey and has slight differences. We will visit some places more than once and there will be routes where you can capture wild pokemon. All I ask is not to complain about the order we're traveling in and to post comments or ideas in the ooc thread if you have any.

Sign-Up Sheet

Appearance: This should be simple enough. Explain things like the clothes they wear, their body height, their face, etc.

Personality: Are they friendly, mean? Do they always act gloomy or light? Your personality is one of the most important things as it is how your character will act throughout the rp.

History: You do not have to be living in the HQ lab your whole life, but remember that you've never been on any sort of journey at all.

Preferred Starter and how you obtained it: Don't just say: "His dad gave it to him." Make it a little more detailed and interesting. Do not forget creativity!

Rp Sample: It could be one that you would've made for this rp or one from another rp. This will show me how good of an rper you are and could be the borderline of being or not being accepted.

Starter Pokemon: These pokemon have been with you for several years. They are your best friend and will help you play a big part in your adventure by helping you snag back Shadow Pokemon.
Bulbasaur- Reserved By SuperJ-GOF
Level- 5
Type- Grass/Poison
Gender- Male
Attacks- Tackle, Growl
Ability- Overgrow

Totodile- Taken By Zimvee
Level- 5
Type- Water
Gender- Male
Attacks- Scratch, Leer
Ability- Torrent

Torchic- Taken By Pikalover10
Level- 5
Type- Fire
Gender- Female
Attacks- Scratch, Growl
Ability- Blaze

Level- 5
Type- Normal
Gender- Male
Attacks- Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand
Ability- Run Away

Shinx- Taken By Lostt
Level- 5
Type- Electric
Gender- Female
Attacks- Tackle, Leer
Ability- Intimidate

Game Play
When all the slots are taken, we will begin the rp.
Like most rps, I will not be participating in this rp. Instead, I will be the "Game Master", controlling many characters such as both Team Snagem and Team Cipher, their Admins, shadow and wild pokemon, etc.
You will be in charge of your own character and your own pokemon. For your pokemon, you will be in charge of the moves they learn, if you want for them too evolve, etc. You cannot godmod other players' pokemon and actions (like mentioned in the rules). If trying to capture a wild or Shadow pokemon, I will decide whether you have caught it or not, and what its level is depending on the quality of your post.
This rp will be in "Chapter Form." This means I will post a chapter with information of the area you are in, and what you're allowed to do. There will be no specific order to post in, but you must wait in between each of your posts to wait for me to grade your post. In this grading, I will tell you the level boosts your pokemon have gotten, the moves they are, or trying to, learn, the items you've gotten, etc.
Please refer to the RolePlay rules if you have any more questions, or Pm me.

October 13th, 2008, 4:38 PM
(ooc: allright, against my better judgement...this seems waaaay to fun to pass up!)
Name: Mike Stand (yes thats his real name)
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Appearance: Mike has dark black hair that is spiked in everyway shape and form. He wears a dark purple t-shirt with a red and black striped long sleeved shirt underneath. He has black pants with a silver chain attached to them along with red shoes.

Personality: Mike is generally a nice guy though he tends to overreact to the little things. Most people see him as that weird loud guy but when you look closer you see he is a very cotemplative young man. He is able to see things beyond the obvious and look at the subtle. Mike is able to see both sides of an argument even if he has his own opinon. That said Mike does have faults. He is known to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and automaticly make assuptions about people based on a first appearence. He can be distant when he wants to be making people think he is a cold person.

History: Mike's family has mostly lived in the Kanto Region where they saw the rise and fall of the former Kanto League Chapion, Bobby Baker. Mike has always looked up to Bobby as a hero of heros being that Bobby is from Pallet Town just like Mike. However Bobby soon fell from the grace of power when the trainer ???? (to be filled when the kanto rp is over!) defeated Bobby and took the title of Champion.

Soon Mike's family moved to the Johto Region where Mike's mother fell deathly ill and soon passed on. This crushed Mike to the point where he ran away from his grief and his home. He soon fell into a fast current river where he nearly drowned. Afterwards his father was offered a job at the Orre HQ Lab to study Shadow Pokemon. It has only been 6 months since the move so Mike is still adjusting to the move.

Preferred Starter: Totodile (of course ;))
Obtained: While Mike was drowning in the river, a wild Totodile jumped in to save him. Mike's father was impressed with the display of courage and allowed Mike to keep it. Totodile however has an attitude problem, always putting himself first most of the time and always believes he is right.

Rp Sample: (This is from rii-chii's Rainbow Dreams RP)
Chapter 2:Natsuko VS Bobby!
"Skitty use Tackle!" Natsuko cried.

"Sunkern use Ingrain!" Bobby ordered. The Seed Pokemon quickly grew roots into the ground absorbing energy in the process.

"Meow!" (OOC: what does a Skitty sound like?) cried Skitty. She threw the entire weight of her body against Sunkern sending the grass pokemon flying....And then Sunkern came flying back and knocked Skitty the other way!

"Awsome! My plan worked!" Bobby cried. What happend was that since Sunkern had used Ingrain, the roots had forced Sunkern to stay in one place. Sunkern extended the roots as far as she allowed and when she was as far as she could go she came swinging back much like a sling shot.

"Grr...that was a dirty trick!" Natsuko whined.

"That wasn't a trick that was just strategy!" Bobby smirked.

"I'll show you strategy! Skitty use Grass Knot!" Natsuko commanded. The kitten Pokemon put her tail to the ground and summoned root like things around Sunkern cutting the Ingrain. "Hows that!" the young Gym Leader gloated.

"Not bad, not bad." Bobby said. "But can you handle Mega Drain?" As if on cue Sunkern began draining the life out of Skitty.

"Stop that!" Natsuko cried, but it was too late. Sunkern had drained all the life out of Skitty.

"Skitty is unable to battle! Round One goes to Sunkern!" the referee anounced.

"Allright! Good job Sunkern!" Bobby said hapilly. "You deserve a break. Return!

"Sun Sun!" the Seed Pokemon said as she returned to her Pokeball.

"See how you'll handle this one! Go Budew!" Natsuko cried sending out her second pokemon. Bobby pulled his Pokedex to get a read on this grass Pokemon.

"Budew, the Bud Pokemon. Over the winter, it closes its bud and endures the cold. In spring, the bud opens and releases pollen."

"Hmm this will be tricky but lets go Squirtle!" Bobby yelled as he sent his partner into battle. "Squirtle use Bubble!"

"Haha do you honestly expect that pitifull water attack can hurt us? Budew use Stun Spore to pop all those bubbles!" Budew unleashed a flury of thick spores which popped Squirtle's attack away.

"Now use Grass Knot to keep that turtle in place!" Natsuko commanded.

"Squirtle!" the Tiny Turtle Pokemon cried as he became frozen in place by the grass roots.

"Now Budew use Absorb!"

"Budeeeeeew!" the Bud Pokemon cried as she began to suck all the energy from Squirtle.

"Squirtle! Use Withdraw!" Bobby yelled! Squirtle went into his shell releasing himself from the Grass Knot torcher. "Now use turn around and use Bubble!"

A bunch of bubble's came flying out of Squirtle's shell propelling himself foward with speed. "Quick stop them Budew! Stun Spore!" Natsuko cried.

"Dodge it Squirtle!" Squirtle moved out of the way of the onlaught of spore's and continued its charged down the field. "Now use Tackle!" Bobby ordered.

Squirtle popped out of his shell and knocked Budew to the ground. "Now use Tail Whip!" Squirtle slammed its tail in a whipping fashing knocking Budew out.

"Grr lets see how you'll handle Roselia!" Natsuko cried sending out a Pokemon that looked like a flower.

"Roselia, the Thorn Pokemon. ROSELIA raised on clean drinking water are known to grow vividly colored flowers." Bobby's Pokedex said.

"Hmm that one looks tough..." Bobby muttered. "Squirtle Return! Go Beedrill!" Bobby called back the Tiny Turtle Pokemon and sent out the Poison Bee Pokemon.

"Bzz Bzz!" Beedrill cried as it came out of its Pokeball. It was pumped for battle as it had only recently evolved into its final form.

"Looks like we're both at a disadvantage here." Natsuko said. "You still won't win though! Roselia use Poison Sting!"

"Roselia!" the Thorn Pokemon cried as it began to shoot purple thorns at Beedrill.

"Beedrill use Harden!" Bobby cried. Beedrill's body became as hard as stone and the Poison Sting harmlessly bounced off.

"Arg! Roselia use Mega Drain!" Natsuko cried frustrated.

"Beedrill dodge it and counter with Fury Attack!"

"Bzz Bzz!" Beedrill cried as he charged in and began to stab furiously at Roselia.

"Rose! Rose!" Roselia cried out in pain.

"Now Beedrill finish it off with Poison Sting!" Bobby ordered. Beedrill's right stinger glowed purple and with an upper cut stung Roselia.

"Roselia is unable to Battle! The match goes to the Challenger Bobby Baker!" the ref announced.

"Allright! My first Badge!" Bobby cried happily.

"Sniff...theres no way i'm giving you this badge!" Natsuko cried as she ran out of the gym.

"Hey!" Bobby cried as he ran after her.

October 13th, 2008, 4:56 PM
To Zimvee: Ha ha, couldn't resist, huh? I'm shocked that you didn't use Bobby this time (I was actually thinking 'Well, let's go read Bobby Baker's profile again' before opening the page). Hopefully I can make this rp as fun as possible, and you're welcome to give me your own ideas once I open the ooc thread if you have any. Accepted.

October 13th, 2008, 5:01 PM
Name: Jack "Ace" King
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Appearance: Ace is an average height, last time he checked it was 5'6". He weighs 121 lbs. exactly, which he says is all muscle. It really is, he is skinny, but has a stronger build. He usually wears a white cap, with a spade on the front, hence his name. He wears thin shirts, but moves to lighter jackets in the fall, and sweatshirts in the winter. He wears dirty blue jeans everyday. Most people think they are nasty, but he washes them almost every night.

His cap hides a thin layer of light brown hair. His facial features are sharp with dark brown, almond eyes. He wears expensive shoes, usually colorful: pink, blue, green, and yellow.

Personality: Ace is haughty. He is self centered, as long as he gets his way he is fine. But, at the same time, he is caring. If he has room for one more to stand on the podium, he will help them up. Ace is also really outgoing. He can be the first or second to know about a party, and can throw a mean one himself. His weak spot is Pokemon though. He cannot stand to see one get hurt. This rule overrides any self accomplishments.

History: Ace is not proud of his heritage. Nope, not at all. His Parents are both part of Team Snagem. He cares nothing for them at the least. As soon as he found out this truth, he ran away from home. He ran away to Pyrate Town. Ace had lived in abandoned homes, and stole food and money for a living. He did have a good circle of friends though, often raiding places together. A kid came along and crushed the crime all together. Ace heard his name was Wes, but he didnt care really. He stopped his crime and got a real job as a PokeMart clerk. Ace later got into the world of Pokemon. At the age of 14, he stole a Pokeball from the mart. He decided to catch a Pokemon so he could battle some of his friends. Later on, he got to the point where he is now. Ace heard about Dark Pokemon and Team Snagem on the loose agian. He decided to put a stop to it, heck, maybe he will get to face his parents along the way.

Preferred Starter and how you obtained it: Eevee; Ace worked at a PokeMart, and took a Pokeball from it when he was 14. In order to show-up his friends, he ventured out into the woods and snuck up on a sleeping Eevee. Half tranced in sorrow, he hesitantly threw the ball at it, wincing when the ball left his hand.

The unexpecting Eevee gave little fight, and gave in. Eevee was his and it was named "Queen", to complete the set of cards in his name.

Rp Sample: You have seen my RP's in your last, but I will still get one.

The Epic Challenge: Hoenn Region
I dont know who its made by :)

Hunter's heart rose. After one full day and a overnight sleep, Hunter was so happy to get out of the forest. He could see the light shining from the opening of the exit.

He thought of a cozy bed, with some stew and his Pokemon being healed, and having Pikachu checked out. He thought of maybe a gym there, a badge. He could see himself holding up something shiny.

He couldn't wait, he charged into a run, leaving Makuhita and Poochy trailing behind. He was so sure of getting out. But there stood someone awfully familiar at the edge of the exit.

His heart dropped, his reveries faded into mist. Parker. He remember facing off to him in Odale, he was a good trainer but a bad person, all around. He looked at his Pokemon, Makuhita and Poochy panting, scratches and bruised blotted them. They weren't in fighting condition. All he had was, Slakoth, but that couldn't stand up to Parker's powerful Pokemon.

He was watching Parker from afar, watching his eyes scan passing trainers. He felt a laser hit him, and the alarms went off. His stoic face turned to a frown as he started to walk towards him.

"Pika-PI?" Pikachu said, noticing the odd trainer walking towards them.

"Its a rival," he explained to Pikachu, "I have only Slakoth to fight wi-" He stopped. He didnt want to hurt Pikachu's feelings about her...disability.

"Well, fancy seeing you here!" Said Parker, finally reaching Hunter. "Looks like your Pokemon got into a little scrape?" He said, glancing at Makuhita and Poochy. His eyes hit Pikachu and Slakoth.

"So, you have some recruits, eh? Well so did I, and I could bet money that mine are better than yours."

"Really?" Hunter questioned, "You would really bet money on a Pokemon match?"

Parker reached into a jean pocket, and pulled out a crumpled 500 Credit Bill. Hunter sighed, he reached into his "Savings" Envelope and threw out 500.

"So be it," Hunter sighed. Pikachu got down and sat on the ground, eager to watch the battle. Slakoth had noticed his name being refrenced so he was already loafing infront of Hunter.

"Silcoon, go!" Hunter didnt care for pointing his Pokedex, he just wanted to get out of here.

"Silcoon, use tackle!" "Slakoth, dodge and use your own tackle!" Slakoth did not dodge, and the white cacoon hit him head on. Slakoth shrugged off the command of a tackle, and swiped at Silcoon leaving a harsh gash.

"Harden, Silcoon!" A new layer of that white dermis swept over the gash, creating a new layer.

"Slakoth, use that yawn power!" Slakoth just sat there, he kind of looked like he was just chilling. "Slakoth, this is not a time to goof off!" Slakoth looked back at Hunter then kind of shrugged his shoulders.

Hunter just stood there with his mouth open. Parker was in full blown hysteria.

"Slakoth, please, use yawn!" Parker didnt notice it, he was too busy busting over. Still Slakoth just sat there, doing nothing, pulling blades off grass out the ground.

"Silcoon...heh...use...heheh...Tackle!" Parker giggled.

"Slakoth, JUST DODGE IT AND SCRATCH IT LIKE YOU DID EARLIER!" Hunter screamed. Nearby trainers stopped to watch the fustration steaming off of Hunter.

Slakoth's eyes went from lazy to demonic, he sidestepped the tackle like nothing, then scratched the bug nonstop.

The bug tried to scurry away, hurt and scared. Hunter stood there, words escaped his lips. "Dear God, Slakoth!"

Slakoth flopped back over, took a deep breath, than started to pick some nearby flowers.

Parker had stopped laughing. He was scared, this Pokemon was not normal.

Lazing off than suddenly going rampage, thats just a little scary.

"Slakoth, scratch for the final blow!" But the Slakoth kept on picking flowers, throwing some into his mouth.

"Silcoon! String Shot!" All the amusment in Parkers voice was gone. The Silcoon turned around and launched a volly of white, sticky string onto Slakoth.

"Slakoth, Scratch him, please!" Hunter pleaded. Although this got real interesting, real fast, he still wanted to get to the next city.

The Slakoth threw down the flowers he had in his hand than rushed the petrified Silcoon then scratched him straight up in the face.

The Silcoon fell over, defeated. Pikachu stared in both horror and curiousity in Slakoth, as did Makuhita, Poochy, and other nearby trainers that did not have a Slakoth. Pikachu walked over to the pile of 1000 bucks and grabbed it.

Hunter took it as it was brought to him, and they all started to walk away.

Parker was left a mess, still staring at his Silcoon, wondering when it ended.

October 13th, 2008, 5:05 PM
To CTFx: Sure, it is reserved for you.

Zimvee, I forgot to add you on the list in the first post. Hang on a sec...

October 13th, 2008, 5:21 PM
Name: Max
Gender: Male
Age: 10

Appearenece: Max is shorter then most people. He has a scar running down his back and it often stings when something bad is going to happen. He wears a red and white shirt, black and yellow shorts, a yellow and black hat, yellow shoes, a black fingerless glove, a yellow fingerless glove, has black spiky/messy hair, has blue eyes, and he wears a necklace with his favorite pokemon's picture in it.

Personality: Max has always been a light hearted fellow. He never usually holds grudges against people and always acts friendly to them. He loves pokemon and never wants to hurt them. On top of being light hearted Max is also very outgoing. He will do anything and everything for his friends and pokemon. He is always the clown of the group what with his jokes, pranks occasionally and back talk.

History: Max lived with his parents his entire life in a far off forest in Orre. He lived in a small crammped log cabin with his parents, 2 older brothers, and 1 younger brother. He was always picked on by his older brothers and was always annoyed by his younger brother. He would play in the lake alone at night and loved it. He would be in there playing with water pokemon and swam for hours with them.

He turned 8 and someone new moved into the forest. When this happened Max was truelly surprised, for that was a very very very rare occasion. Max dashed over to the other cabin hearing that there was a boy there the same age as him. He met the boy who's name was Ingo. Ingo and Max were best friends and still are. When Ingo turned 9 his parents told him that he was going to live in the HQ lab with his Aunt and Uncle. When Ingo told Max this Max begged his parents and Ingo's parents if he could go with Ingo. They told him this was fine and Max was going to head off with Ingo in two months.

Max was relieved and had been packing his stuff for one month. The day right before they left Max was swiming in the lake with Ingo. They were having a grand time when an orange chicken fell into the water. It cried out and started sinking. Max imediately dived underwater and saved the little chick who thanked him by staying with him. Max soon became attached to the little chicken and when they went to the HQ lab Max took her with him. They became best friends and Max eventually called her Aki because it meant fall and that was when Max found him.

Preffered Starter: Torchic!

Obtained: Max was swiming with his best friend Ingo and saw a bright orange chick fall in the water. He dived underwater and saved the little chick and called him Aki. Max loved the little chick and soon found out that it was a girl and it was a fire tye. He took it with him to the HQ lab resistent to let her live in the forest without him.

RP Sample: It is from your Hoenn RP:

Max stood there as Proffessor Birch was shaking all of their hands and he was the last one to get his hand shaked. He thanked them for sving him and then he told them to follow him. He was the last one in the line. He looked at the scenery and noticed tons of different pokemon. Ones that were brown and tan and ones that were grey and black. He couldn't wait to start his adventure.

They soon arivved in Littleroot again and they walked inside his laboratory. He paced up and down as all of them were standing in a horizonatal line. He came to a halt and said "The pokemon that you sent the pokeball flying at will be your starters." He walked over to his desk and he opened one of the cabinets and pulled out 5 red mechanical objects. "These are pokedexs and they will tell you all you need to know about certain pokemon." he said handing them all out and of course...Max was the last one to get his.

He didn't like being the last one to shake Birch's hand, or be the last one in line, or even the last one to get there pokedex. Birch also handded out 5 pokeballs and Max was last again. "Why? Why am I always last!?" Max shouted out to Birch. Birch didn't respond because he appearently wasn't listening. This enraged Max. "Why aren't you listening? My name is Max and I'm going to be the greatest pokemon master of all time and I don't like being last at everything!!!!!" Max shouted furious. "See. It's that exact attitude that will put you at the very bottom of your goal!" Proffessor Birch scowled at Max. He flinched and looked away. "I'm sorry." he mumbled so quiet that Birch could barely make it out.

"Now these pokeballs will be used to capture wild pokemon like you did with your beginner. But remember to weaken the pokemon before you use it understood?" Birch asked looking at every single one of them and noticed that Max was still looking away. They all nodded their heads as if they understood. All of them except for Max. Birch sighed and then everyone set off on their journeys.

Max was held up by Birch after all the others had left and of course he again would have been last. "I'm sorry Max. I didn't mean to storm off at you but you shouldn't have shouted that stuff out at the moment." Birch said with Max's back to him. Max turned around and looked at Birch as if he didn't want to hear what the man was saying. "I don't care what you say because you don't care what I say or what I feel. You're just an old man who wants nothing but for the new beginners to set off and gather data for you while you sit back and relaxe!" Max yelled at him storming off.

Birch sighed again and noticed that Max had left his pokedex behind. Birch ran after Max and saw him sitting on a bench. "Max! You foregot your pokedex in the lab." Birch yelled after him. Max looked back at Birch and grabbed the mechanical machine. He didn't say a word just sat there looking beyond Route 101. He wnted to find out what happened to his mom so bad. He felt like there was an emptiness inside of him.

Birch was still standing there. "I'm sorry Proffessor Birch. It's just..." Max said. "I know what happened to your mother and I'm very sorry for that pain that was brought upon you." Birch said. He left and went back inside his laboratory and Max stood up with his new beginner pokemon in his hand. He smiled and put it onto his belt and walked to the enterance of Route 101. He saw a nice patch of grass and walked over and sat in it. He called his new pokemon out. "Tree!" It said. "So you're the pokemon Treeko huh?" Max asked looking at the pokemon. "Treeko Tree!" It said jumping on Max's head. Max laughed and rubbed Treeko's head and said "We're going to be the best of friends. Aren't we Treeko?" Treeko didn't here what Max said because he had fallen asleep.

"Treeko return." Max said as a red light shot out of the pokeball and enveloped Treeko. He laid on the grass and stared at the sky. "Mom. Don't worry I'm coming to get you." Max said as he smelled the fragrance of flowers and felt the breeze on his face and slowly. Very slowly fell asleep.

October 13th, 2008, 5:52 PM
To CTFx: Good sign-up. I can already tell that you're going to have some interesting stories going on. Don't let me down! You're Accepted!

To Pikalover10: Good sign-up. I love how you and Zimvee's way of obtaining your pokemon are opposite. You save the pokemon and he gets saved by the pokemon. Funny. :laugh: Anyways, Accepted.

October 13th, 2008, 8:00 PM
Name: Nathaniel Krauss
Gender: Male

Appearance: Nathaniel is pretty tall by his standards, standing at 6'8". He has brown hair that is always in a mess, it hangs just over his eyes. His eyes are a crystal blue and teeth shining white. He is a bit on the chubby side. Normally he wears a long, white lab coa. and a black t-shirt underneath. He also wears dark gray, thick gym sweats. On his head is a cap, a knit cap with a bill; this cap is pure black. Around his neck lies his dad's old dog tags. Hanging from his pocket is a golden chain that holds his most prized possession, a pocket watch.

Personality: Krauss is typically a nice guy and just likes life as it comes to him. Yeah he can be a bit lazy but hey, who isn't? He loves to eat and loves pretty girls, but often finds himself speechless in the presence of one. He is also a major klutz. On the other hand Krauss is quite smart, but tends to act a bit stupider than he is. The main reason he acts stupid is so that his friends can get a good laugh, but he knows when it is time to be serious...most of the time. He loves to meet new people and make new friends and is typically a follower as he couldn't order anyone around with cracking up. He would find it funny that someone like him is stepping up to the plate and trying to dish out orders. All in all is a relaxed, intellgent klutz.

History: Krauss grew up in the port town of Gateon know as Gateon Port, where he spent the majority of his time in the Machine Parts shop. He had learned a lot from observing Makan and Perr, learning what parts go here and what this thingy is. He was soon approached by Perr who asked if they could be friends, Krauss not really having many friends accepted and Makan soon began teaching both Perr and Krauss. Krauss had excelled at building little machines and soon said good-bye to both of them and decided to help in the herb shop.

In the Herb Shop he learned many combinations and recipes to making all different types of herbs. He also learned where various herbs where and how to extract juices and other things from some of them. The shop had lots of customers when he was working a part time job, he had seen many pokemon come and go. Soon he decided to work downstairs and aid the Pokecenter. He worked their too pokemon often liked to be treated by him and were sad when they had to leave. One day a trainer dropped of a pokemon and never came back, he had asked the nurse if he could keep it. She said to wait a week, a week passed and no one came so he got to keep the pokemon. Soon representatives from the Pokemon HQ Lab saw how smart Krauss was and took him there to be a reasearcher/scientist.

Preferred Starter and how you obtained it:Shinx. While working at the Pokecenter a trainer dropped off the Shinx and he took care of it untill it was better. The trainer never did come back so Krauss decided to keep the Shinx himself. He could tell that it was female. He could tell because a female's mane doesn't stick up as much as a male's. Also, all four paws of a female Shinx are blue while the hind-paws of a male are black. He wasn't very creative with names so he decided to call it by it's name is Japanese it changing as the pokemon evolved, Shinx's Japanese name was Kolink, Luxio's was Luxio, and Luxray's was Rentorar. Rp Sample:
Alex nodded at Ed. "Yeah, I am ready" he said in a low growl. He turned is attention towards the Machamp,gave him a good look up and down, bared his teeth and then lunged at the rather large pokemon. The Machamp swung his arm forward as if to swat away the Growlithe,but was instead met by sharp teeth. The Machamp flung his arm around wildly to shake off Alex,Alex came crashing to the ground seconds later. He stood up and looked around, also seeing his comrades engaged in the battle against the Machoke. Alex backed up so that he could use a take-down attack. He charged the Machamp's leg and was hit with a hard kick. So that is his low kick, huh?Alex again crashed to the ground. These Physical attacks don't seem to be working... I need a plan Alex jumped to the side as a karate chop came down to the ground. Now is my chance! Alex used his agility moved and raced up the Machamp's arm, when he reached his shoulder he lost his footing, crashing to the ground once more. The Machamp isn't as big as i think i have to keep that in mind.. Alex was definetly loosing the fight as of now. Why did I even choose this Machamp? It must of just been on impulse. Alex moved back, still keeping his eye on the Machamp "Time for another take-down" he mumbled to himself.

Alex looked down and then back up at his target, who was already using another low-kick. Alex countered it with a take-down, on the foot still on the ground. In turn the Machamp lost his footing and fell backwards. The Machamp looked as angry as ever. He decided to take his advantage. Alex used ember on top of the foe's head. He heard the Machamp grunt. Is this a sign of me taking the lead? Even if it wasn't Alex took it that way. The Machamp finally regained it self and slapped out the ember.

"You are a foolish little Growlithe, you should've stayed back and kept your nose out of our buisness..." The pokemon said in an annoyed voice, "but now you don't have the option of backing out" the Machamp grunted while sending a Dynamic Punch towards the Growlithe, who in turn staggered around in a daze.

"I don't think I should have stayed back, it is the annoying, arrogant punks like you that really tick me off" Alex growled back, while using a flame wheel.

"That is a bold statement, noble too especially for such a tiny little pokemon, but nobility will get you now where when helping a banished pokemon" retorted the Machamp. He side-stepped out of the way barley getting singed by the fiery attack. "Ha Ha Ha Ha, you are weak" the Machamp ventured to say.

Alex charged towards the Machamp who tried to swat him away again, but again met Alex's fangs.

"You should know, the same attack never works on me" the Machamp said with a sense of pride. He clamped his other hand on the dog-like pokemon. He swung him around and tossed him to the ground. "That is a taste of my seismic toss.."

Alex was almost out of the fight against this rather powerful pokemon. zzz"Oh yeah?" Alex taunted, "Well then here have a taste of my flame wheel, it is only fair since you let me taste you toss.." Alex began to shoot out an flame wheel and the Machamp opened up his mouth to speak again.

"Ha Ha Ha I hate pokemon like-" he was cut off by the flame of the wheel entering his mouth. He let out a bit of a yelp before he ran off to go find water to cool his mouth.

"Well, I hope i don't see you around here for a while.." Alex said to the fleeing Machamp. He laid down he was a bit exhausted, but couldn't sleep in case anyone needed him. So he just laid there waiting for someone to ask for help, or signal to move on.

October 14th, 2008, 12:16 PM
To Lostt: Oh, I'm sorry I didn't respond quicker. Yes, Shinx is reserved for you. Finish your sign-up as quickly as possible.

This means once somebody signs up for Bulbasaur, I'll put up the first chapter. The ooc thread will be up shortly with accepted player's profiles.

October 14th, 2008, 1:30 PM
Name: Josh Eastman

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Appearance: Around 4 foot 9, Josh is abnormally short for his age. He has green eyes, short-cut black hair, and usually wears sun-glasses. He's a casual dresser, rarely wearing anything fancier than blue jeans, a solid black t-shirt, and a denim coats. The one exception to this is his shoes, which are always top of the line. To make them even more interesting, he spray-paints the sides of his shoes with cool designs, such as dragons, landscapes, or Tropius.

Personality: An extremely head-strong person, he hates to be wrong, which gets him into arguments a lot. He's the lazy, laid-back type as well, but is the hardest worker you've ever seen if there's money involved. Otherwise, he always has an excuse to get out of it. His excuses are actually pretty good , due to his also witty personality. He's shrewd, ambitious, loyal, and has a normally sunny disposition. Overall, Josh is quite the colorful and unique character.

History: He was said to have been smirking at birth, although whether this is true or not, He hasn't figured out yet. Born to James and Martha Eastman, Josh has been a fairly happy kid. His father worked as a chef for a diner, and his mother usually stayed at home. Josh lived in a nice, but mediocre home, located near the south end of Agate Village. Josh is responsible for laundry, trimming the trees, and sometime making his own breakfast, to get paid extra allowance.

Josh has come up with several get-rich-quick schemes in the past, but has a vivid memory of the first time he tried to earned money. He was three at the time, and would go out and look for Pokémon, draw them and sell the drawings for 30 cents each. This was actually very successful, considering how much the other kids in his neighborhood liked Pokémon. When he realized that his total sales would allow him to buy his very own Pokéball, he was ecstatic! To this day, that first Pokéball is in a glass case, resting on a shelf in his room.

Josh started home-schooling at age two, and was home-schooled through 3rd grade. His average day consisted of breakfast, schoolwork, lunch, school work, playing in the back yard, and when he started attending a public elementary school, his life didn’t get anymore exciting. His routine didn’t change much, aside from his work being done at school. He’s getting fairly good grades, with a B average, though he hates oral reports, and sometimes skips school to get out of them.

Josh now, in memory of his first business dealings, now continues to draw and sell Pokémon. He makes up to 15 dollars a week, considering the improved quality of his art. Josh up until recently, has never moved, nor changed his lifestyle. He's was getting extremely sick of it, up until he was moved to the Pokemon HQ. He hopes to do more than draw and do homework

Preferred Starter and how you obtained it: At age 3 when Josh first started drawing Pokémon, he was sitting on the street, looking for more Pokémon to draw. He spotted the Bulbasaur and thought he was kind of cool looking. He drew him up slowly, taking time to account for detail, something which he didn’t ordinarily do. When he was finished, he saw an elderly man walk up to him, and return him to his Pokéball. This was a major disappointment, because the longer he took to draw him, the more attached he’d become. He ran up, to the man, and discovered that he was his neighbor. He spent much of his free time drawing at his neighbors house after that, getting even closer to the Bulbasaur. A few years later, his neighbor died, and Josh figured some relative would get the Bulbasaur. He attended the funeral, and burial, at which his will was read. To his amazement and delight, the Bulbasaur was now his!

RP Sample: This is a post from a RP I started in a different Pokémon forum, if that’s ok. To give you some background, there’s a war going on between people and most Pokémon, and the RPers are caught right in the middle of it.

James kept walking down the dusty path, thinking to himself.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening…” James sighed to himself as he walked down the dust path way.

“Marsh?” cried his blue and orange companion, with a curious look on his face.

“I’m glad I still have you, old buddy! I couldn't imagine what things would be like without you! ” James said, and patted his Marshtomp on the head. "Or what they'd be like if you had turned against me..." He thought as Marshtomp ran ahead somewhat.

They always walked slowly, partly because they were sad, and partly because they didn’t want to go home. James lived at the end of the trail he was on, but he dreaded the thought of retuning there, and facing the ongoing madness. His thoughts returned to what had happened to his family. He hated the thoughts, but they would not leave his mind.

“Someone so wise, so great, so powerful, how could he have done such a foolish thing!?” James stamped his foot angrily, but then smiled when his Marshtomp looked at him.

Again he thought of his family, how his father had died in the war, how his mother was killed by their family Persian, how his brothers were being held prisoner, and probably in torment. How he was living with his old uncle, who was too depressed to be of much comfort, and too old to walk with him like this.

James turned his thoughts to something else.

“Hey, remember the time when I saved you from that Croconaw?” James said to Marshtomp.

“Marshtomp!” Marshtomp replied.

“And remember how we found that odd glowing stone, at the bottom of the pond?”

“Marsh…” Marshtomp started to say, but as he turned his head, developed a blank look on his face.

“Marshtomp, are you okay?” asked James. He turned his own head to see what Marshtomp was staring at, and he too developed a blank stare. Standing in the trees, just to their left was James father. What was even crazier about that, was he had about fifty Mankey behind him.

"Dad! you're alive! And who are they!?"
Edit: Something must of happened when I finished the History... I remember what I put at the end too, but I had to fix something anyway, so no harm. Officially done!

October 14th, 2008, 3:31 PM
There, I finished.. I edited it into my previous post.

October 14th, 2008, 3:48 PM
To SuperJ-GOF: Alright. Bulbasaur is reserved for you, but you need to hurry for we're all waiting on you now.

To Losst: Good sign-up sheet. You're Accepted.

To Everyone: Chapter One will be up, at the latest, tomorrow afternoon. It all depends how quickly Super gets his sign-up sheet finished.

October 14th, 2008, 4:46 PM
I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but I finished, I edited my first post.

October 14th, 2008, 5:26 PM
To SuperJ-GOF: The sign-up was very good, but there was some minor things happening. 1.) You live in the Pokemon HQ Lab, not a house. It could be where you just recently moved there. 2.)Your history was very long and detailed, but it didn't look finished, like it was cut off in the middle of the sentence. 0 o. Look back on that. Besides that, the sign-up is amazing. ;)

October 14th, 2008, 5:36 PM
To SuperJ-GOF: The sign-up was very good, but there was some minor things happening. 1.) You live in the Pokemon HQ Lab, not a house. It could be where you just recently moved there. 2.)Your history was very long and detailed, but it didn't look finished, like it was cut off in the middle of the sentence. 0 o. Look back on that. Besides that, the sign-up is amazing. ;)

In response to 1, I sorta thought so, but I wasn't sure. I explain number 2 in my newly edited post.

October 14th, 2008, 6:04 PM
To SuperJ-GOF: Thanks a lot for the quick changes. You're Accepted.

And since we have sign-ups out of the way, let's start off with the first chapter! It doesn't include my best writing ever, but it'll work. I'm kind of feeling bad, so my writing is a little affected. I'll get up bio's and the ooc thread when it is actually accepted. (I submitted one earlier. Just waiting for Alter Ego now...)

Chapter One: The Big Meeting
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Description: Professor Krane paced nervously down the room as he talked to his co-workers about the situation they were in at the moment. Everybody was nervous. It was hard not to be when Shadow Pokemon were being produced once more in the world. The professor had plan to stop these pokemon from taking over the world like they tried to so long ago, but it was risky and required somebody brave to do the task. Maybe…

“Do you think we should let them…” Krane mumbled.

Nobody knew what to think about the situation. Krane thought for a moment and decided that it was the best thing to do. Taking a few minutes, he called down each of the five young trainers in the lab to report to the room everybody was meeting in.

Everyone came in the room in a straight line. Some of them looked confused on what was happening, but they still lined up and faced the professor. He looked at each trainer nervously, and tried to find the right words to begin speaking.

“Erm, everybody knows about the Shadow Pokemon terrorizing the world, right?” he asked. Some of them nodded while two others nodded slowly to exhibit the stupidity of the question and say “Uh, duh.” “Yes, well, about this matter, you guys are needed greatly. Shadow Pokemon are attacking the world like they did so many years ago and the region of Orre needs powerful trainers to fight back and help stop the criminals behind this mess. I think that these trainers are you. You show powerful trainer skills just with the one pokemon you have with you right now.”

All of the trainers nodded to show that they understood. The professor smiled as he realized the trainers had bravely accepted the challenge, so he continued with his instructions.

“Then you need to do something for me first. The invention that will help you in your upcoming journey is being worked on in Gateon Port. You must pick it up and come back here for me to show you how it works. It is in the Machine Shop, okay?”

The trainers nodded and let the professor continue.

“This is no time for play. Get the device and come straight back.”

After a few minutes, every trainer was out the door and on their way to Gateon Port. Their adventure was just beginning…

What You Do: Explain the things and events you were maybe doing before you were called down by the professor and then explain the meeting. Describe you feelings, your reactions maybe, to the professor’s request. There isn’t much to do in this post, but it can be open for creativity. End it at you leaving the lab and heading over to Gateon Port.

October 14th, 2008, 6:42 PM
Chapter One: The Big Meeting
Krauss had just finished jotting down notes on some of the pokemon he was researching when his Shinx called for food.

It called to him,"Kol..Kol.. ink... Kolink!" (Hurry up in there please! I am very hungry)

"Ok, Ok geeze I am coming..." he walked out of the room, remembering to dim the light before leaving completely. He walked down the hall a bit and opened the door to his room to find Kolink on the counter with the cupboard open and the pokemon reaching for it's food. Krauss chuckled a bit, "Ok, I am here you can get down now.." the voice startled the pokemon and it fell off the counter. On insticnt the boy slid on the ground to catch the pokemon. He caught it and set it down on a nice plush pillow. He opened the reached up into the cabinet and pulled out a bag, in the bag was Kolink's favorite food, witch Nate had yet to name. He got out a bowl and poured some in. "There'ya go girl.. eat up" he said scratching the top of the female pokemon's head.

His walkie-talkie buzzed in it was Krane his voice was fuzzy and mechanical like,"Um, Hello I would like to see each and everyone of you in my office, on the double" the talkie buzzed out, and Krauss reatched it to his waist. He noticed that Kolink had heard, by the way her ears were pricked.

"Come on Kolink, let's go.." he grabbed a muffin off the counter, it was his last one. He was chubby, but not too chubby. He opened the door of his room, it let out a little creak. The Shinx followed him as he turned down the hall. Nate stopped to allow the creature to catch up. "Hey, do you want me to carry you?" he asked so that the pokemon could stay caught up. She shook her head, and began to go a bit faster. "Ok, we are almost at the meeting when we go in want you to be very quiet ok Kolink?"

"Koliink" it purred. I would be quiet for you. It snuck into the room as the door closed. Kolink quickly located it's trainer and laid underneath his seat, recieving a quick scratch from Krauss. She let out an affectionette purr.

<“Erm, everybody knows about the Shadow Pokemon terrorizing the world, right?” Krane asked. Some of the other kids nodded, including Krauss while two others nodded slowly to exhibit the stupidity of the question and say “Uh, duh.” “Yes, well, about this matter, you guys are needed greatly. Shadow Pokemon are attacking the world like they did so many years ago and the region of Orre needs powerful trainers to fight back and help stop the criminals behind this mess. I think that these trainers are you. You show powerful trainer skills just with the one pokemon you have with you right now.” What.. heh he expects us to go on the journey.. please most of know hardly anything about battling.., but if the world is in danger I will be there to help.> "Prof. Krane.. are you sure...?" the professor nodded.
“Then you need to do something for me first. The invention that will help you in your upcoming journey is being worked on in Gateon Port. You must pick it up and come back here for me to show you how it works. It is in the Machine Shop, okay?” <Hey, I'll get to visit the machine shop again, it has been quite a while I'll be glad to see Perr again, Makan too. I have to focus now..> He looked up after he finished his trail of thought. The professor's tone sounded serious and like he didn't want any screw up's. He was infact serious, the next words that came out of his mouth were “This is no time for play. Get the device and come straight back.” Krauss along with the other trainer's filed out of the room.

Krauss immediately wandered back to his room, he had to grab a few things. While in his room he grabbed his back pack and filled with only the bare minimum of necessary items. He packed a couple of potions, one antidote, one parlyz heal and one burn heal. For other humans he packed band-aids and other first-aid items. For himself he packed his journal.He checked his pocket watch, if they wanted to be back some time soon they should leave soon like in five minutes. He closed it shut and hung it back in his pocket. He left his room, locked it and stepped outside the main building, to keep in order and what not. The first thing that Nate noticed was everyone was still inside, <Hey I am the first one out.. cool> he began to pace up and down the walk way waiting for others to come out, then he slipped and fell down, scraping his elbow. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a a band-aid and journal. He attached the band-aid to his elbow. He opened his journal a scrawled down, Klutz accident number twelve for the day, I slipped and scraped my elbow. He closed the book and put it back into his bag.

October 15th, 2008, 6:53 AM
Chapter One: The Big Meeting
Looking around the HQ, for me, was like a little kid in a brightly lit toy store without his parents. I felt a huge mix of emotions, terror, excitement, curiosity, and it sort of overwhelmed me. Being a kid who hasn’t had an exciting life was tough. But now, I had a brand new opportunity for adventure. I hadn’t really gotten to know the other four kids here; all I did know was their first names.

“Well Bulbasaur, what should we do?” I asked.

Bulbasaur, who was tired from our trip, just cocked his head slightly as he looked at me through sleepy eyes. We had walked from our old home to the HQ, and Bulbasaur wasn’t really use to physical activity, apart from battles, but he hadn’t had a real one of those in a while. I had to admit that I hadn’t liked walking at all either, but Dad thought it would be good for me. I returned Bulbasaur to his Pokéball, and attached it to a chain that came from my coat pocket. I thought about my parents, who were still at home, and wondered when I’d see them again. I sat down, and remembered I had a small drawing pad in my jean pocket, and a pencil sticking from behind my ear.

“Well, I got nothing better to do,” I thought as I pulled both items out.

“Let’s see,” I said, my eyes sort of aimlessly floating around the room I was in. “What to draw, what to draw…”

Finding nothing interesting in my room, I decided to think back and draw something I had seen on my way here. I drew a tree. I drew a man with a strange looking hat on. I drew my old house. And of course, I drew Bulbasaur. I had so many drawings of him, I had lost count.

All of a sudden, I was being summoned to a different room. The other four trainers and I went in to see the Professor. As we came into the room I stared at Professor Krane who looked terribly stressed.

“Hmm, well with Shadow Pokémon around again, who could blame him?” I thought.

“Erm, everybody knows about the Shadow Pokemon terrorizing the world, right?”

I nodded, it was an easy question.

“Yes, well, about this matter, you guys are needed greatly. Shadow Pokemon are attacking the world like they did so many years ago and the region of Orre needs powerful trainers to fight back and help stop the criminals behind this mess. I think that these trainers are you. You show powerful trainer skills just with the one pokemon you have with you right now.” Krane said, and we nodded once more.

“If powerful skills count as doing extra homework about battling when I was in school.” I thought. But as I realized the seriousness of the matter, I shook the thought from my mind, and, instead, thought “Well, I have learned some important techniques in school and from my old neighbor…And hey, provided that I’m not required to do much physical work…” But I shook that thought from my mind also, “What am I thinking, of course this will be hard work! Wonder how we can do this…”

My stream of thoughts was abruptly interrupted by Professor Krane.

“Then you need to do something for me first. The invention that will help you in your upcoming journey is being worked on in GateonPort. You must pick it up and come back here for me to show you how it works. It is in the Machine Shop, okay?”

I already thought we had nodded quite a bit, but we did once again, to show we understood.

“This is no time for play. Get the device and come straight back.”

I had already figured out there was no time for play. The real question was when would be the time for play?

“Well, here we go, once out that door, it’s the beginning of, dare I say it, an adventure!”

I had another flow of emotions as I walked through that doorway, fear, happiness, excitement, but, yeah I’ll admit it, mostly fear.

October 15th, 2008, 12:17 PM
To Lostt: Here's some good advice for your adventure: Pack up double the bandaids. Krauss is gonna need them. :)

To SuperJ-GOF: There is no time for play. I can't wait to see how you take this and whether you will follow it or not.

October 15th, 2008, 1:40 PM
Chapter 1: The Big Meeting

Ace was outside with Queen, his loyal Eevee. He picked up a stick, threw it as far as he could, and the small fox-like creature would sprint after it. The simple smell of everything calmed him down. He remembered the train ride over to the lab. Tiring, but a bit scary, as it was abuzz with chatter of the return of the shadow Pokemon.

Ace really didnt worry about it as much as he should have, it was really nothing since he had Queen around. She was like his personal guard, bound to protect him from any bad things. He smiled as he saw her bound back to him, the stick clamped firmly in her jaws. She jumped and let the stick go in Ace's hand.

Behind him, a screen door opened, a small man with big glasses and a mustache popped out.

"Jack, if you don't mind, we would like to get started..." He said in one of those nerdy-squeaky voices. Ace flinched at the sound of his real name. It was given to him by his parents, whom he brutally hated. He didnt care much for his last name either, King.

He reluctantly began to slowly walk inside, annoyed at why he was summoned here in the first place. Why should he have to interrupt his life just to save some incapable people? It was beyond him.

He sat down in a chair, next to other kids his age. He wondered what they used to do, how this interruption affected their life. He pushed to the back of his mind as the Professor began to talk.

"As you all know..." The words drifted away.

Ace was in a black room. Not much of a room...but an opening. Ace was blind, he could not see through the thick darkness. He reached around for Queen, but there was nobody. Slowly, light began to ebb. A dim picture of a indisputable Pikachu was sitting with his family, eating a makeshift dinner of berries and herbs.

A pair of red eyes loomed in the darkness, catching Pikachu and his family unaware. Ace saw this forthcoming danger, trying to warn the small mouse. He could not hear his voice, just the happy chuckling and laughs of the Pikachu family.

It just happened that the pair of red eyes had an owner. An Absol. Not like the one his friend had, named Tornado. No, this held an odd aura, almost demonic like. This did not look like it was going to end well. The Absol sprang from its darkness, terrifying the family.

They tried to run, but one by one the dark aura swept over them, infecting them. There was not a possible way to warn them or to stop it. The last Pikachu ran, crying for help. Ace tried to run toward it, but he couldn't move. He watched in terror as the Absol swept over it. The dark aura seemed to be alive, to swim. It came closer to Ace, frightening him. It swept over him, and the dim light of the family was lost. All was dark yet again.

"Understand?" The Professor said, pleased. Ace felt a pang of surprise. He was in reality now, realizing that he had just missed his entire list of instructions.

The meeting had been disbanded, people packing up their things and leaving. A short boy with sunglasses came up to him. "I saw you asleep, we are headed to Port Gateon." He walked away after that.

Ace began to pack up what little he had, he had been in poverty all his life, knowing nothing but the life of crime. He looked at Queen, sympathetically staring at him. He smiled, and so Queen smiled. At least he would have a friend on the way there.

October 15th, 2008, 3:44 PM
Chapter 1: The first Mission
Mike was laying on one of the few grassy hills of the Orre Region. Being a primarly desert region, grassy hills were hard to come by. Chewing on a whisp of straw Mike was just starting to drift off when he suddenly felt a great weight on his stomach.

Snapping out of his snooze, the boy saw Totodile staring at him intently. "Yes? Can I help you?" Mike said irritated. Totodile pointed toward the lab, indicating he was being requested there. "Allright, allright..." he muttered. Taking one last look at the far off mountains, and one last caress of the wind, Mike made his way down the hill.

The boy saw a few of the other kids headed toward the lab as well. "Somethin must be goin on..." Mike thought to himself. One of the boys hurring to the lab caught his eye, but both nodded and moved on. "Been here 6 months and still haven't made any friends..." Mike muttered.

Soon he reached the lab where he saw Prof. Krane pacing back and forth. Once everyone had arrived he began speaking. “Erm, everybody knows about the Shadow Pokemon terrorizing the world, right?” he asked.

Mike rolled his eyes. Who didn't know about the Shadow Pokemon? After...that one guy and girl saved all of them, EVERYONE knew about Shadow Pokemon. Mike snapped out of his day dream when he realized Krane was speaking again.

“Yes, well, about this matter, you guys are needed greatly. Shadow Pokemon are attacking the world like they did so many years ago and the region of Orre needs powerful trainers to fight back and help stop the criminals behind this mess. I think that these trainers are you. You show powerful trainer skills just with the one pokemon you have with you right now.”

Mike smirked. He was glad someone noticed how hard he had been training! After all he had the most logged hours on the Battle Sim. He had been training for the day he could leave the lab and head out on his own.

“Then you need to do something for me first. The invention that will help you in your upcoming journey is being worked on in Gateon Port. You must pick it up and come back here for me to show you how it works. It is in the Machine Shop, okay?” Krane continued.

Mike's eyebrows went up. It was the first time he would be allowed away from the lab. And he was going to milk it.

“This is no time for play. Get the device and come straight back.” Krane finished.

"Yeah forget that! I'll get your machine part Krane but how fast I get it is up to me!" Mike said with a grin. He returned Totodile to his Pokeball, and grabbed his skateboard and headed out to Gaton Port.

October 15th, 2008, 4:04 PM
To CTFx: Good way to show a little bit of background information of your character!
To Zimvee: Mike's personality is shown greatly in this post! Sadly, you will have a chance to not follow Krane's instructions. :)

To Everyone: Since almost everyone has posted, the next chapter will be up shortly. Be ready for it to appear here.

Chapter Two: Gateon Port
(2 Posts)

Description: You are here for one important mission: to get the device from the Machine Shop like Professor Krane requested. You must go there and get it but……the professor isn’t looking, right? Go off and enjoy yourself in this beautiful town and port that sits right on the sea. Gateon is popular for its lighthouse and, of course, the moving bridges.

Places of Interest
Machine Shop: The place that you need to attend to first for your pick-up. It is a small, sort of junky shop, but the staff here always gets the job right! They are currently waiting for you to pick up the device they’ve been working on for the professor- the Snag Machine. Surprised, huh? It is nothing more, really, than a large machine that fits on your arm. You, or even the staff doesn’t have a clue how it works…
Krabby Club- Come here to relax for awhile while enjoying a great show performed by the performing Krabby!
PokeMart: A great place to stock up on all your supplies for the upcoming journey. Sadly, a lazy Munchlax is blocking the door and blocking access. Oh well…
Moving Bridges- A convenient way to travel around town, but they’re also really fun to play on!
Lighthouse- A tall building where you can see miles of the large Sea on a sunny day. If you look really closely, you can even see an island really far into the waters. An elevator can take you up, or you can be a little more adventurous and walk up the stairs. But be careful if exploring here. Mysterious characters are roaming the building.

!!Shadow Pokemon Appearance!!
You still do not know much about Shadow Pokemon, but they’re possessed by mysterious people in the lighthouse. If you’re caught, they will battle you in hopes of taking your pokemon to add to their collection. You cannot capture any pokemon yet! Just battle them and see how powerful and dangerous Shadow Pokemon really are. *Note* You do not know how to use the Snag Machine yet, but they know exactly what it is!

Level- 5-6
Type- Dark
Gender- Random
Attacks- Shadow Blitz, Tackle, Howl
Ability- Intimidate

Level- 5-6
Type- Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Shadow Blitz, Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack
Ability- Guts

October 15th, 2008, 6:28 PM
Chapter Two: Gateon Port

Krauss seeing that most everybody was ready decided to just go on ahead, no one would miss him he would take his time to avoid the least amount of injuries possible. Kolink was at his side and walking a slow pace, falling a bit behind Krauss. Nate loved to walk places with his pokemon it was fun and good for you. He yawned a bit as he hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. The trainer came upon a medium sized rock and kicked it. The rock went past a couple of cracks and then stopped. Krauss looked at his rather entergetic partner and said,"Hey, Kolink is it fun to be out here in the open?" he stopped walking as did Kolink,"I mean it is out first adventure.."

The Kolink nodded,"Kol...kol.. ink.. Kolink!" it exclaimed. Yes It is VERY exciting. It saw literally nothing in the desert and it's feet began to grow tired,"Kol..ink?" it questioned.How much longer? The full of its self pokemon lied down as if to proclaim carry me. She grew dissappointed when her trainer shook his head no.

"Oh come on Kolink, not to much farther, then we are at my hideout with my makeshift hover bike ok?" he became a bit thirsty but ignored it, he had forgot to pack water. "Oh darn, pretty stupid of me.." he looked a bit dissappointed,"hey Kolink tell me if you see a cactus or something like it please." The she pokemon nodded. "Good, now let us pick up the pace.." he commanded the Shinx. In one blink of an eye both, human and pokemon were going a lot faster although still pretty slow. <Can't afford any accidents now can we?> he though to himself at the same time making a mental note of being careful.

Soon Kolink exploded with excitement,"Kolink! Kolink!" it exclaimed.Look! Look!. It began to run a bit faster, it's trainer trying to catch up without endangering himself.

"What? What is it Kolink?" Krauss demanded an answer out of his pokemon. <What is it?> he wondered.

"Kolin..k Kolin..k" it said in sarcastic tone. Look closer dummy a cactus. Soon just a tip of a cactus revealed it's whole self, a nice, green, lush plant. <I wonder how these things survive out here..>

"Oh, now i see why you are so happy, geeze I must've sounded stupid, any could of saw that..." he sort of bagged on himself as he walked closer to the cactus. While on his way, proving that point that he was a Klutz he tripped langing right next to the cactus. "Whew.. I almost lost an eye!" he said overjoyed. Krauss got up and dusted himself off then proceeded to check for injuries. <Hm.. ok my arms are fine, no visible damage on my legs, I seem to be function correctly.. I guess I made it out A ok>Nate felt proud of himself for having no injuries when a pain seared from his back. "Ow...,"he said rubbing his back,"I guess that their is no reason to be to proud of my self, huh Kolink" The pokemon nodded staying silent. He then pulled out a knife and cut two bowl shaped pieces off of the cactus, then carefully removed the prickles, he then proceeded to cut more of the cactus to get water to fill the bowls. He got one full and one about half way. "Here Kolink take this one.." he said sliding the full one over to his pokemon. While he sat down and drank his water. "Much better, and look there is the secret cave with my bake Kolink!" he had grown real happy he was at the cave.

Nate walked close to the cave, looked around and saw no one then stepped inside. He got on his hover bike, put Kolink in the passengers seat, and strapped on Kolink's helmet as welll as his. Krauss reved the handle and rode out of the cave, here the dust wasn't too bad, but it would be later on. Ehhhhhhhhhheannn! His machine repeated that sound when ever the handle was revved for more speed. He pulled the goggles over his eyes as the dust began to pick up. Glateon Port soon came into view, he only had to go around to the pre-made path. He stared at it's beauty paying completely ignoring the road. (Not a good a Idea...) The hover bike hit a rock, sending it's passengers flying through the air. Luckilly they both landed in a pool of water, the ground grew wetter at the port. "Are okay Kolink?" he asked. The pokemon responded yes with a quick mew. Krauss got out of the water, soaking wet. "Aww man.." He walked over to the edge and began to peer over at the beautiful town below, (Oh no! I can sense something bad happening..) Nate tripped, tumbling down the side of the embankment, It was a small one, luckily for him. Krauss recollected himself and entered the town's Pokecenter to rest a bit.

October 16th, 2008, 3:50 AM
To Lostt: I like how you explain your trip over to Gateon Port. That is creativity I'm looking for.

October 16th, 2008, 6:26 AM
Chapter 1: The begining of a new adventure.

"Salamence use Hyper Beam!" Max said.

"Golem Earthquake." someone said.

Max was in the middle of a virtual battle and didn't know what was going on in the lab he was in. Salamence blasted Golem and then flew into the air as to not be hit by earthquake.

Max was getting ready to call out a command when everything froze. Then a huge white light shined on him and he shut his eyes closed. A few minutes later he opened them to find himself in the lab with four other people standing there looking at him.

"Please, Max, take a spot in line." Proffessor Krane asked.

Max nodded and took a spot in line. He looked around trying to find Ingo. He remembered Ingo being in the room when he first started the virtual battle.

“Erm, everybody knows about the Shadow Pokemon terrorizing the world, right?” he asked.

Max nodded and so did everyone else in the line.

“Yes, well, about this matter, you guys are needed greatly. Shadow Pokemon are attacking the world like they did so many years ago and the region of Orre needs powerful trainers to fight back and help stop the criminals behind this mess. I think that these trainers are you. You show powerful trainer skills just with the one pokemon you have with you right now.” Krane said.

Max flinched. He remembered looking out the window one day and seeing a pokemon with black stuff around its body...Could that have been a shadow pokemon? Max wondered.

"Then you need to do something for me first. The invention that will help you in your upcoming journey is being worked on in Gateon Port. You must pick it up and come back here for me to show you how it works. It is in the Machine Shop, okay?” Krane asked.

Max smiled and nodded. he couldn't wait.

“This is no time for play. Get the device and come straight back.” Krane said.

Max quickly walked out the door to his room. He walked into the nice clean room and found Aki and Ingo in there. Ingo had out his little friend Bandit, a male Zigzagoon, and Aki was playing with him.

"Hey Ingo." Max said.

"Hey Max. I heard what is going on. I just wish that I could have gone too." Ingo said.

"Don't worry dude. Maybe next time." Max said simpathetically.

Ingo nodded and picked Aki up for him. Max reached out and grabbed his little chick pokemon.

"Good luck, Max." Ingo said with a great big smile on his face.

Max nodded and left. He quickly explained what was going on to Aki and they were eventually outside infront of the lab.

"Here it goes Aki. Our first grand adventure." Max said.

Aki wiggled to get out of Max's hands but couldn't and insted just sat there.

October 16th, 2008, 1:52 PM
Ace pulled out a smoke and lit it. He inhaled the smoke as if it were heaven. He sighed heavily, letting the smoke chimney out of his mouth. He had just arrived in Gateon Port. He remembers that kid telling him to go here, but know what? He decided to go one by one into every place. This happened to start with Krabby Club.

He walked inside, seeing many sailors inside. He saw a man behind a bar, and a stage. It was empty now, the people chatting excitedly, waiting for a big show. Ace didnt know who to talk to, and Queen looked from side to side, trying to find a fellow Pokemon.

Ace decided to ask the barkeeper.

"Hey!?" He yelled over the loud sailor voices.

"What would you like, sir?" The man said, washing a dirty glass.

Ace tried to search for a question that made sense.

"Uhm, do you have anything here that can stop a Shadow Pokemon...or something..." Ace asked stupidly, the cigarette poking out of his mouth.

"Naw, but there be a shop a couple blocks down that sell these doohickies...Uhm...I forgot what its called. HEY FRANK?" He yelled at a nearby sailor.

"Yeah!?" He yelled back.

"Where do they sell those shadow Pokemon thingamajigs?" The Barkeep yelled

"Oh! Down at the Machine Shop! They are called the Snag Machine!" He yelled over the increasingly loud voices.

"Ah, thats right!" He said, turning back to Ace, "Its down at the Machine Shop. We have been seeing those pesky Shadow Pokemon down here just recently. You gonna clean em up?"

Ace shrugged. He didnt really feel like it, but that dream he had sealed the deal. He was going whether he liked or not.

"Thanks!" Ace yelled as he walked out the door. The silence was eerie, it was nothing like the loud buzz of talking in the club.

"Vee! Eevee!" complained Queen, as her ears must have suffered some damage.

Ace picked her up and started scouting out the Machine Shop. It was dusk, the rays of the orange sun peeked out above the horizon.

Ace puffed out another cloud of smoke, the red ember glowing agianst the long, white stick.

"Eevee! Eev, vee!" said Queen, looking sharply at Ace.

"Hey! I cant help it, I have enough stress on me as it is..." Ace said, mouthing the cigarette.

2 Drunken Sailors stumbled up to Ace and Queen. Their putrid breath stung Ace's nose as they leaned on him a little.

"Hey..Hay! W-We...we want that...uh...that thing." Said one, dropping an empty beer bottle and pointed at Eevee. The shatter of the glass echoed against the soft ebb of the nearby tides.

"Had too much to drink pal? Tell ya what, I will take this," He said, taking one of the Sailors half-empty bottles, "and you head on home, ok?"

"NO! You-uh....-you took my meddissine! I need that..uhmm....yeah..." He said, throwing out a Pokeball.

A Magikarp appeared, flopping wildly. Everyone stared at it. Ace smiled. This thing was going to be a cakewalk.

"Ready Queen?" Ace said. Queen jumped in front of the Magikarp, in her battle stance. The other sailor that did not take out a Pokeball shoved his hand in Ace's face.

"Not...yet." He said. He reached into his pocket, shuffled around, then pulled out a glowing blue stone. Ace's eyes widened. He knew all about this, it was going to get real bad real fast. Before his eyes, the stone touched the flailing Magikarp. For a second, nothing happened, then the Magikarp stopped moving and turned white. It began to shuffle into a huge serpent, back to its original form, then to the serpent agian. The motions became a blur as it was going so fast, then suddenly it stopped on the Serpent.

A Gyarados. Eevee looked in complete fear. Ace looked in complete fear. The sailors chuckled.

"I love it when that hap-uh...happens! Yeah..." They laughed

The Gyarados roared, shattering Eevee and Ace.

"Alright Queen," he said, taking a swig of the stolen beer, "Feet first into Hell!"

October 16th, 2008, 3:56 PM
"Ow, not there that stings.." complained Krauss as the nurse was helping his injuries. He rolled down his sleeve and stood up. "Hey.. um... thank you ma'am.." he said and began to slowly slip away.

"Yes, that is my job" she began cleaning up,"oh and Nathaniel, be careful" she warned him.

"Yeah, Yeah I will" Nate replied, not paying attention to the 'Caution Wet Floor' sign. He strolled on down the hallway humming his favorite song,The he began a few notes and stopped quickly when he got a few awkward glances. Then he remembered he had forgotten Kolink. Krauss turned around and began to run to go pick up his pokemon, and slipped on the wet floor,but managed to catch himself. "Whew.. that was a close one.." he mumbled seeing Kolink turn the corner out of the room and walk over Krauss. "Hey Kolink, ya know that walking on people is just plain rude.." he stood up and walked out the door with his pokemon. "Ok Kolink time to go to the machine shop.." he informed his pokemon

Kolink opened her mouth to complain,"Kol...ink.." Why don't we just enjoy ourselves?

"Hey, On second thought let us go enjoy our time here, why not check out that light house, to ya know see how strong you are," Nathaniel stopped crouched down to his pokemon's level and continued,"there are always trainers up their that are willing to battle wit'cha so lets go.." he finished rather enthusiastic. Him and pokemon walked through the town, he saw a couple of other kids from the HQ lab, but decided to ignore them..." he soon found the big light house infront of him, pushed open the door and entered. Krauss walked up to the first step. <It is usually noiser than this..> T'was a bit odd but the boy ignored it. When he was about halfway he was really startled by the no noise fact and whispered,"Hey, there is no noise Kolink, it is a bit odd huh?" The shinx nodded to show agreement. When the trainer reached the top he saw no one, heard nothing and then yelled,"Alright what the heck is going on here...?" taptaptap he heard footsteps approaching him, soon he saw a trainer, who sent out a Poochyena and then just launched an attack at the Shinx. "Hey, what gives man..?" Nate wanted an answer then another move was shot, this one looked like a shadowball, but it covered his body and he tackled.<Huh, Poochyenas cant use shadow ball..> Then he realized that what he had here was no ordinary pokemon, but a shadow pokemon. "Hey Kolink keep on your toes this is a shadow pokemon" he demanded the little pokemon.

"Kolink..." it said in an annoyed voice and then rolled it it's eyes. It took you that long to figue it out.well? Kolink looked at it's trainer and they both nodded. The Shinx knew what to do, and immediately stepped back. It ran forward, flinging it's body into the Poochyena who also did a tackle attack. The two tiny pokemon rammed into eachother and fell to the ground, Kolink scrambling up to it's feet. She looked at her trainer expectantly. Then a Shadow Blitz came it's way.

"Hey Kolink Look out!" he shouted, but it was too late the attack already landed, sending the Shinx sliding across the floor. "Come on Kolink I know you are stronger than that, I know you wouldn't let some shadow pokemon show you up..," he looked down, "would you..?" his voice dropped to a lower level of enthusiam. "If you get back up use leer to weaken it then follow it up with a tackle"

"Kolink!" Kolink said in a determined voice, as it manage to stand up. I Would never. The Shinx began to charge her leer, her eyes glowing and then a beam shooting out of them, it seemed to only phase the pokemon then the Shinx rammed it's body on the gray pokemon, causing it to go back a few tiles and then fall over. "Ink ink kol..." she said in a rather cold voice. You made a bad choice on attacking me.. Without order it smashed it's body into the pokemon struggling to get up."Kol..Kol..ink.. ko ko" Hey Pooch! I am sorry it has to go this way, snap out of this trance you are in, I dont wan't to hurt an innocence. This was a taste of Kolink's nice side, every one had some good in them, every intention was meant in the way of good. Or atleast that is how Krauss and Kolink thought of it.

"Ok, Kolink just one more tackle to finish it off" Krauss ordered in a sweeter tone, knowing that it was hard for Kolink to hurt an innocent.

Kolink tackled the pokemon, causing it to get knocked unconcious. Then she walked away, leaving him there. She followed her trainer that walked down the stairs.

"Kolink, I know that it was hard to take down an innocent like that, but you did a good job" he stopped picked up his pokemon and continued, "I am proud of you for that.. we should go now though, we have to get the invention. Kolink nodded in agreement. Krauss continued down the stairs and out of the light house, not stopping at any luxury places on the way. If the invention meant stopping shadow pokemon he had to get it. He had to for Kolink and that poor Poochyena and any other shadow pokemon along the way. He soon found himself entering the shop, the first thing he noticed was the floor was a bit picked up. Soon an elderly man with a younger kid approached him. "Hey Perr, Hey Makan it is good to see you guys again"

"You too" said Makan. He walked closer to the boy who had just entered, and began to stare him down walking around in circles. "Nathaniel you sure have changed a lot, and for the better, well you finally decided to visit us huh? Do you want some tea or something?" he questioned trying to make Nate feel at home.

"Er.. that isn't exactly as it had happened, but tea would be nice to explain the whole story.."

"Ok" said Makan,"Perr go get the tea please.."

Perr nodded and went to the back, pulling out a tray with three tea cups, a tea pot, sugar cup and some water. He walked carefully over to Makan and handed it to him. Then he bent over picking something up, it was a folding table, a small one not too heavy. He unfolded it and wandered off to get a couple of chairs, returning soon with two and then back off to get another. When everything was in order he sat down in the chair.

"Thank you Perr" Makan said as he poured the tea in Nathaniel's cup and then Perr's and then his. "So, tell me did Prof. Krane send you here?" he questioned stirring some sugar into his tea.

"Yeah he did to pick up an invention of some sort.." he sipped a bit of tea. "So, is it ready?" Makan nodded,but stayed put, so Perr decided to get up.

"Sit Perr, we can not trust Krauss with the machine.. he is a total klutz and will drop it.." with those final words Perr sat down. "So, you have collegaues here as well, no?" he asked.

Krauss nodded,"Yeah I do.. why does that matter?" He questioned wondering why.

"Well," a smile grew over Makan's face,"you are a klutz and until one of them comes to pick up the machine.. I will not hand it over.. I mean when it is all out of my shop it is no longer my responsibillity , I do not want to make another one, understand?"

Krauss nodded,"Well, Kolink I guess we wait.."

(OOC: I was wondering.. after we get the machine's can I go back and try to catch the Poochyena? Sorry if the post is too long..)

October 16th, 2008, 4:00 PM
Chapter 2: The City By The Sea!
Mike was leaning into the wind as his skateboard zoomed along. Slowly the smell of pine trees and the sound of rivers was replaced by the tang of the sea and the sound of gulls flying overhead. Mike hopped off his board as Gateon Port came into view. He could hear the sound of waves lapping against the coast and the hustle and bustle of people rushing about.

"Well Totodile..." Mike began as he released the Big Jaw Pokemon. "Where do you think the machine shop place is?" Totodile pointed to a shop that had a giant wrench on it. "Yeah...that might work..." Mike said embarressed.

Soon the duo entered the shop...kinda. There was so much stuff in the way the practically had to rip the door off! "Hello?" Mike called out.

"Hello! Is anyone there?" a voice emmenated from somewhere among the heap.

"Yes! Im here to pick up an order for Prof. Krane?"

"Oh yes! I have been expecting you! Please come to the front desk!"

"Yeah...." Mike mumbled as he couldn't see past the tower of junk. Working his way through the junk, Mike finally found the front desk.

Standing behind the counter was a giant of a man wearing large orange overalls. He was bald on top with a large brown mustache. "Hello!" the clerk said. He seemed friendly enough.

"Yeah, hi. Do you have what I came for or what?" Mike said.

"Umm yes..." the man said a little put off by Mike. "Here is what Prof. Krane wanted you to wear." The man handed Mike what looked like a long, electronic glove. It had an ear bud like object attached to it.

"I have to wear this thing?" Mike said skeptical. The man nodded so Mike put it on. It surprisingly fit. "Wow! It feels like im not wearing anything at all......on my arm I mean."

Mike walked out of the part shop flexing his hand with the machine on it. He spotted the local celebrities, Razzel and Dazzel and headed over to them. "Whats up ladies? I was just headed to the gym!" he said flexing his muscles.

"Right..." Razzel said.

"We have to go get ready for a show..." Dazzel muttered and the two hurried off.

"Dont worry...they'll be back." Mike said stupidly. Totodile just rolled his eyes, have to say "Right....You keep tellin yourself that!"

Meanwhile watching Mike trying to hit on Razzel and Dazzel, were two men wearing white uniforms. "Dude look at that kid!" the one with the blue bandanna said.

"I noticed..." the one with the red bandanna said. "He has a Snag Machine."

"What do we do about it?"

"We wait until he goes into the light house. Then we take it!"

October 16th, 2008, 5:45 PM
To Pikalover10: I remember the little virtual battle at the beginning of the game! Good way to pull stuff from the game!
To Lostt: Do not worry at all. I encourage long posts. The longer, the better for me. Just a small problem: You shouldn't really know that the pokemon was a shadow pokemon. You will usually have to identify it using the Snag Machine, but I'll let it slide this time. And second, I do not encourage doing more than one activity in a post if it can be helped. Circle your post around a battle or going to a place, etc.. Don't worry about it too much, just work hard not to do again.
You'll have a chance to capture the Poochyena next chapter. For now, you're finished with this one. :)
To Zimvee: Wut oh. It looks like Mike is in for some trouble. Good post!

October 17th, 2008, 6:33 AM
Chapter Two: Gateon Port

Josh had hoped to find some other way to get to get to Gateon Port, but it was no use. There was no way his dad would have let him use his motor bike, and he didn’t know if there were any at the HQ so, he would have to walk. It was painful for him, he had never walked that far in his life.

“Hey Bulbasaur, you wouldn’t mind giving me a ride, would you?”

“Bulbasaur!” he said, squinting his eyes. He clearly didn’t like that idea.

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry I asked.” Josh said, then he stopped walking. “Well, if we’re gonna have to keep walking, let’s stop for a water break.”

Bulbasaur seemed overjoyed at this idea. The two sat down, and Josh pulled a water bottle he had somehow jammed into his pocket. He was glad it kept its contents cold. Otherwise, the water would probably be boiling right about now.

“Of all the regions I had to born in, why did it have to be the one with hot, dusty roads?!”

After drinking his fill, and giving some to Bulbasaur, Josh stood up and said, “Well we better catch up to the others.”

It took another half-hour of walking to get to Gateon Port. But when they did, Josh was extremely relieved. After he and Bulbasaur downed the last of their water, he decided to do some sight seeing before he found the Machine Shop.

“What should we do first Bulbasaur?” Josh asked. But as he turned his head, this way and that, he couldn’t see Bulbasaur!

“Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur! Where’d you go!?”

Suddenly, Josh heard a faint “Bulba” in the distance. He could barely make out the small Pokémon in the crowd, but he finally figured out where he had gone.

“So, you like the moving bridges, huh?” Josh said, picking up Bulbasaur.

“Bulba!” Bulbasaur replied. They began moving again, and Josh saw at the other end a sign for ‘The Krabby Club’, whatever that was. They went back and forth on the moving bridges for a while, but then Josh’s curiosity got the better of him, and before he knew it, he was standing at the entrance to the Krabby Club.

“Well, this looks interesting,” Josh said as he sat down, “but why is it called the Kra…”

All of a sudden, he noticed the performing Krabby on a stage.

“Ah, that’s why.” Josh said, realizing the stupidity of the question.

He and Bulbasaur sat for a while, watching the show, and, pretty soon, Bulbasaur was imitating a Krabby, trying to do their tricks. Josh laughed, then decided he better go and do what he was sent to do.

Josh leaned over to the man sitting next to him, and asked, “Excuse me sir, but do you know where the Machine Shop is?”

“Heh, that old place? It’s down that way.” the man said, pointing down the street.

“Thanks, c’mon Bulbasaur.”

Josh stood up, and headed for the door, with Bulbasaur quickly following after. After a lot of searching, he finally found the Machine Shop.

“That guy has serious issues with directions. This place was in the opposite direction he said!” Josh said somewhat angrily. “Oh well, I made it here. Anyone home!?”

“I’m coming, I’m coming, no need to shout.” called a man from another part of the shop. The man walked over to me, and said “Now, what can I help you with?”

“Professor Krane said you would have some device for me?”

“Oh sure, sure, let me get it out”

The man went to the back, and rummaged through a box. He pulled out a strange looking gadget, and attached to my arm.

“Guy I got it from said it was called a Snag Machine, other than that, I can’t tell you much.”

Josh turned his arm as far as he could to get as clear of a look as he could, then said, “That’s ok, I can figure it out when I get back to the Professor, thanks.”

Josh and Bulbasaur walked out, then realized they had neglected one major building in town.

“Wow, I don’t know how I missed that!” Josh said, staring at the light house.

“Saur!” Bulbasaur cried.

They walked toward it, wondering what would lie in store once they arrived.

October 17th, 2008, 8:06 AM
Chapter 2: The Lighthouse

Max was walking down the dusty road with trees on the sides of the road. Aki was sleeping peacefully in Max's arms and she had been that way after five minutes of traveling. Max called her back to her pokeball and continued down the dusty path.

"Why does every road I take have to be filled with dust?" Max asked.

Just over some of the tree tops to the east he could see the outsketch of Gateon Port, his next destination. Max jumped up excited and dashed over in that direction. He ran through trees, fell into a freezing cold lake, and got covered in dust. He came to the enterance to the little port city and slowed down. he came to a stop and dusted himself off.

He finished and coughed and gagged a few times then walked slowly up to a sign. The sign said:

Machine SHop: ->
Krabby Club: <-
Pokemart: Up ahead
Lighthouse: <-

"Lighthouse? Oh, right! Ingo said something about the lighthouse and how cool it is from the inside!" Max said looking that way.

He saw the big lighthouse and started jogging that way. He came to a building in the shape of a Krabby with a sign infront that said

"Krabby Club! Were you can grab a drink and watch Krabby dance!" it said.

Max's throat was exceptionally dry and he could go for some entertainment. Max walked inside and was blasted with the smell of fish sticks, crambrule, and krab. Max took a seat as someone came up and asked him what he would liek to eat and drink.

"I would like a Strawberry milkshake and if you have any french fries those too." Max said.

"Ok so a strawberry milkshake and a order of french fries for yer?" the man asked.

"Yes sir." Max said.

"Ok it'll be right out." the man said.

The man wasn't lying. Max had gone to wash his hands and when he came out his order was already there! Max sat down and started chowing down. The Krabby appeared onstage and started dancing to the hoky-poky. Everyone cracked up and then they started dancing to the cotton-eye-joe. Max bursted out laughing and felt like he was going to die.

The Krabby got offstage and then Max left. He took in a deep breath of the sea water air when a boy and a little girl came walking up. The boy had spiky brown hair, he was wearing a yellow shirt, he had blue jeans, black shoes, a black pack around his waist, and a blue headband. The little girl was wearing a white dress and blue leggings. She had blue hair and black eyes and the boy had green eyes. The boy was comforting her because she looked terrified.

"Coco. It's ok just don't go into the lighthouse again for now ok?" the boy asked her.

"Ok big brother Jason." Coco said.

"Why not go to the lighthouse?" Max buted in.

"Because it's crawling with goons and weird pokemon called shadow pokemon." Jason said.

Max froze in terror and the two others walked inside. Max looked at the lighthouse and gritted his teeth. He suddenly dashed towards the lighthouse. He got there in no time and started dashing up the stairs. He didn't encounter anyone until he got to the light. The sun was starting to get lower in the sky and a man was standing there.

Max recognized him. The man was there when Max looked out of his bedroom window earilier that day with a weird looking Poocheyana. The man took out a pokeball and threw it into the air. The gray and black pooch popped out.

Max sent out his little orange chick, Aki.

"Poocheyana use Shadow Blitz." the man said.

The Pocheyana was engulfed in blakc and tackled Aki. It was more powerful then the regular tackle. Max looked at the Poocheyana knowing thisa was going to be hard.

"Aki use Scratch!" Max said.

"Shadow Blitz." the man said.

Aki's claws got sharper as she ran at the Poocheyana, who was engulfed in black and tried tackling her again. Aki jumped at the last minute and clawed it's back after it lost the black engulfment. The Poocheyana fell to the ground, but quickly got up.

"Again Aki."

"Again Poocheyanan."

They went at it again, but this time Poocheyanan hit Aki instead of Aki hitting Poocheyana. The Poocheyana this time, though, fell to his knee and stayed engulfed in black. Max knew what this was called. It was called a shadow pokemon's hyper state.

"Poocheyana!" the man yelled at it.

"Aki Scratch!" Max said.

Aki ran at the Poocheyana who was just recovering from Hyper State. Aki clawed at it's face and then quickly moved out of the way knowing it was going to try to hurt her.

"Use Shadow Blitz and then straight into a Tackle!" the man said.

"Aki Scratch after jumping in air at the last second." Max said.

The Poocheyana was engulfed in black and quickly hit Aki into the air, then it lost the engulfment and tackled Aki into the ground, severly hurting her. Aki strugled to get up, but did. Max noticed the Poocheyana was getting tired and it was hurt from using Shadow Blitz to much. it was taking recoil damage!

"Aki wait for Shadow Blitz to hit you then muster the strength to use Scratch!" Max said.

The Poocheyana without command was engulfed in black and dashed at Aki. She sat there waiting. Then she was hit and quickly clawed the Poocheyana's face. She stepped back a little and then jumped into the air. Then she used Scratch on its back causing it to fall to the ground fainted.

"Yes. aki we won our first battle ever!" Max said rejocing.

"Don't get to coky kid. i will come back and will exterminate you personally." the goon said.

He left and then Max quickly followed. Max decided to sit next to a tree towards the back of Gateon Port to take a quick rest with Aki in his lap.

October 17th, 2008, 12:34 PM
To CTFx: Try to keep the drugs and smoking and stuff to a minimum, alright? Just really to keep this rp friendly. And a Magikarp doesn't evolve by a water stone, but the battle still looks like it is gonna be interesting.
To SuperJ-GOF: Good post! I can't wait to read about your adventure in the lighthouse!
To Pikalover10: That was a good first battle!
Aki grew to level 7!
Aki learned Focus Energy!
To Lostt: I apologize. I never gave you Kolink's battle experience from the battle.
Kolink grew to level 7!

October 17th, 2008, 3:18 PM
“Psst, hey, there’s another kid here with a Snag Machine!” whispered a shady looking character from inside the light house.

“Yeesh, this must be our lucky day! With all these kids walking around with Snag Machines, you’d think there was a conspiracy or somethin’.”

“So are we gonna take it, I mean, what if he knows how it works, it could be trouble.”

“I think we’ll take our chances.”

Josh kept going toward the Lighthouse, feeling extremely excited. He’d never seen, much past home, and now, he was having a once in a lifetime adventure! Even though technically the Lighthouse wasn’t supposed to be part of that adventure.

“Hello, anybody home?” Josh said, stepping inside.

“Hmm, I wonder if I’m not supposed to be here…” Josh said

“Bulba…” Bulbasaur said, peeking from behind Josh’s legs.

Josh decided he had better go. But as always his curiosity got the better of him, and he slowly started up the stairs.

“Stop right there, Mr.” a man said, suddenly appearing on the stairs. “This is for authorized people only.”

Josh looked surprised, but didn’t argue. He was just about to leave when the man said, “Hey wait a second, isn’t that a Snag Machine?”

Josh looked down at his arm and replied, “Yes, just picked it up, why?”

“Oh, would you mind if I tried it on, I’ve always wanted to see one of those!”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, I don’t even know what it does yet.”

“Well, I might be able to figure it out, c’mon, hand it over.”

“No, that’s ok, I’m going to see someone who knows exactly what this is, so I’ll just ask him. Thanks though.”

Josh was once again about to step out the door, when he again was interrupted by the man shouting. “Wait! If I can’t get it from you the easy way, then I guess there’s only one other choice.”

“You let me go peacefully?” Josh asked hopefully.

“Funny. Go Rattata!” A small purple, yet surprisingly dangerous looking rat appeared out of his Pokéball.

“Go Bulbasaur!” Bulbasaur, since he hadn’t been in his ball, simply charged forward into the fray.

“Well, let’s say I go first!” said the man. “Shadow Blitz!”

“Shadow Blitz!? What the heck is tha…”

But before Josh could even finish his sentence, his Bulbasaur was hit hard by Rattata’s attack. It had been like a tackle, but more powerful, and the weirdest part of all was that the Rattata had a black aura flowing from it!

“Ok, we can still do this!” Josh said to himself. “Just didn’t expect a Shadow Pokémon on the first battle of my adventure…”

“Bulbasaur, Tackle!”

Bulbasaur charged as fast as his short legs would carry him, and slammed into Rattata. Rattata skidded backward a bit, but was quickly back in the battle.

“Rattata, use your Tackle!”

“Bulbasaur, Growl!”

As Rattata charged, Bulbasaur simply growled sweetly. Upon seeing this, Rattata slowed his charge just a bit.

“No! Don’t fall for that fool’s trick!” the man shouted angrily.

“Now, use Tackle again Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur didn’t nearly have enough time to get a running start, so instead, he leapt forward as hard as he could. Because of Rattata’s weakened attack, they did equal amounts of damage, and fell to the floor.

“C’mon you stupid Rattata! Get up!”

Both Pokémon stood to their feet, but it was clear that Bulbasaur was weakening.

“We need a new tactic…” Josh thought. Suddenly he heard his opponent shouting.

“Rattata, use Quick Attack!”

Rattata zipped forward, at a speed that Josh hadn’t anticipated. Josh braced himself for a disaster. But as Rattata leapt at Bulbasaur, he did one of the things he did best. He laid down!

“Bulbasaur, what are you…” But then he saw what was going on.

The Rattata was running at such a high speed, he couldn’t stop himself in midair, and flew directly over Bulbasaur’s head, into the wall!

“Awright! Great thinking Bulbasaur!”

“No! You foolish Rattata!”

“Now, Bulbasaur, one final Tackle should do it!”

“Rattata Shadow Blitz!”

But in his dazed state from hitting the wall headfirst, Rattata simply stumbled around, as Bulbasaur hit him with a devastating Tackle attack. Then again, it was only devastating since Rattata was almost down anyway.

“Rattata is unable to battle! Josh wins!” Josh shouted, imitating a referee he once saw on TV. Then as he returned Bulbasaur to his Pokéball, he smirked, the way he always did when he won something..

“I’ll get you back for this! You’ll see!” the man said as he returned his Rattata.

“Well, that was exciting!” Josh said as he headed out of the Lighthouse. I guess I better head back to the HQ. Never did see the top of the Lighthouse though.

October 18th, 2008, 4:50 AM
To SuperJ-GOF: Good first battle post!
Bulbasaur grew to level 7!
Bulbasaur learned Leech Seed!

October 18th, 2008, 6:56 AM
Max quickly shot up to his feet remembering that he had to get a pickup.

"Come on Aki. We gotta go get the snag machine." Max said to the chick that was trying to get to its feet.

Max picked Aki up and sat her down on her feet. Then he raced of towards the junk shop that he saw on his way to the lighthouse. Max stopped infront of a building that looked torn down and grabbed the door knob. Max gently pulled on the knob and it the knob crashed onto the floor. Then the door slammed into Max's face making him fall to the ground.

"This just isn't my day." Max complained getting up.

A man wearing an orange shirt, blue overalls, a straw hat, and brown boots stepped out.

"Are ya Max?" the man asked.

"Yeah but-" the man cut Max of.f.

"Here is ya snag machine. Professor Krane told us that ya were coming by and picking it up. Well, there it is." the man said handing Max a machine.

Max took the machine. It was gray and black and had faint red lines glowing. Max put it on his right arm. It was a perfect fit! Max quickly removed it incase the machine wasn't ment for him. He thanked the man and went over to the maving bridges.

He heard that they were conveniant for getting around town, but they were also really fun to play on. Then a bridge started moving towards him. It connected with the concrete and Max stepped on to it. Aki stayed on the concrete knowing this was a bad idea. Max contined jumping from bridge to bridg when they got near him. Then he jumped on one and accidentally slipped and fell into the water.

He swam over to a port and got onto the land. Aki ran over to him and stayed atleast ten paces behind him. Max coughed water up and then sat in the sun drying off.

(Sorry it is kind of short:))

October 18th, 2008, 9:23 AM
Chapter 3: Battle at the Lighthouse!
Meanwhile watching Mike trying to hit on Razzel and Dazzel, were two men wearing white uniforms. "Dude look at that kid!" the one with the blue bandanna said.

"I noticed..." the one with the red bandanna said. "He has a Snag Machine."

"What do we do about it?"

"We wait until he goes into the light house. Then we take it!"
Mike was sitting in the outside area of the Krabby Club sipping a drink. The sun was getting low in the sky setting everything in an orange hue. Totodile was down below on the beach playing the sand. As Mike watched, the lighthouse light flickered on flipping around in a circle every few minutes.

"Excuse me..." Mike said as he called a waiter over.

"Yes Sir?" the waiter said.

"Is the lighthouse open to the public?"

"Why yes it is. Its mostly where local trainers go to battle." he explained.

"Intresting..." Mike said with a coy smile playing over his features. Paying for his beverage, Mike called Totodile over and they both headed for the light house.

Meanwhile in the shadows nearby....

"Yo dude! The kid with the Snag Machine is headed for the lighthouse!" the man with the blue bandanna said.

"Excellent. Lets give him a proper tour eh?" the man with the red bandanna said with an dark chuckle.
"WOW!" Mike exclaimed as he neared the lighthouse. "Its so frekin big!"
The old doors opened with a creek and Mike stepped inside feeling like an intruder. As the doors began to shut, two figures lept in.

Mike began to wander up the many flights of stairs in the dark halls.

"Stop right there boy!" a voice cried out. Standing at the top of the stairs was two men wearing white metalic uniforms, one with a blue bandanna and one with a red bandanna. "How bout you hand over that thing on your arm?" the one with the blue bandanna said.

"How bout....no." Mike replied.

"How bout....we use force to take it?"

"How bout you #@$% off?" Mike said getting a little pissed off.

"Grr... you need to learn some respect for your elders!" the blue guy said as he threw out a Poochyena.

"Bring it on Gramps!" Mike taunted as he sent out Totodile. As Mike glanced at Poochyena the thing on his arm started acting up. From the head piece out came a green lens that covered Mike's left eye. "Whoa! Holy crap!" he cried out in surprise. As Mike was looking at Poocheyna through the lens he saw a dark aura surrounding it. "What is that?" he asked increduiously.

"See! See Boss! You were right! It is a...." the blue bandanna guy began.

"Hush now and finish this guy off!" the red guy said cutting him off.

"Right. Poochyena use Shadow Blitz!"

The Bite Pokemon glowed purple and charged at Totodile.

"Totodile dodge and use Scratch!" Mike commanded.

"Tot!" Totodile cried as he jumped into the air and brought a sharp claw down on the head of Poochyena.

"Poocheyna!" it cried as the purple aura surrounded it again and threw Totodile off its head.

"Totodile!" Mike cried as the Big Jaw Pokemon came crashing down in front of him. "Quick! Use that plan I taught you!"

Totodile grabbed the ground like he was about to hike a football and perpelled himself at Poochyena. Once he was in the air, Totodile stuck his arms out like wings and began to spin himself!

"What is that?!" The mystery man cried.

"That is our special Scratch Cyclone!" Mike cried with a grin.

Poochyena was then caught in Totodile's attack becoming a mess of scratches and bruises before falling uncounsious.

"GRR...Boss help me!" the man said.

"I think thats enough for today. Come. We're leaving." the man with the red bandanna said.

"Um sure! Whatever you say!" the one with the blue bandanna said.

"What was that all about?" Mike wondered as the sun dipped below the horizon casting everything in darkness.

October 18th, 2008, 1:58 PM
To Pikalover10: You got the Snag Machine and I guess that is all that really matters. But it could have been a little longer.

To Zimvee: Good battle! I love reading about Mike so far. He has a personality that I find...amusing I guess.
Totodile grew to level 7!
Totodile learned Water Gun!

To Everybody: The next chapter will be up soon. Look for it in this post.

Chapter 3: Back at the Lab
(1 Post)
Description: You return to the lab, maybe excited or indifferent. You hold the Snag Machine on your arm with the knowledge that the professor will soon teach you how to use it. But there is trouble as you reach the lab.

Figures stand outside the lab. They don't look good with their masks on their face, so you do not know what is going on. You stop in front of the crew, confused.

"You won't be going to that lab," said one of the members. He held up a pokeball in his hand and pointed it at all the trainers. These guys are not good. They are trying to keep you out of the lab so you won't learn anything about the Snag Machine.

Before you know it, you're in the middle of a battle with one of the mysterious characters with your beginner pokemon. As you battle, you hear somebody shout at you and turn to see some of the lab assistants. They throw you a pokeball and point at the variety of opposing pokemon.

"Those are Shadow Pokemon!" one of them shout. "Use the pokeball and snag it back from those guys!"

You hold the pokeball for a few moments before more shouts come from the lab. You look over your shoulder and see the professor. He is being forcefully dragged to a truck by two more of the strange characters, but you're too busy with your own battle to help. As the professor is being carried away, you throw the pokeball at the Shadow Pokemon, and it is devored in it.

The other trainers have done this as well, and the characters leave in panic. You go over, pick up the ball with the new shadow pokemon in it, and go over to meet the upset assistants and your comrade trainers.

What You Do: You must battle one of the strange characters with your beginner Pokemon against one of the pokemon listed below. Once one person takes a pokemon, it is gone. Describe your battle all up until an assistant throws you a pokeball and then describe you capturing the pokemon. The level of the pokemon will depend on how well your post is, so keep that in mind.

Shadow Pokemon
Level- 2-7
Type- Normal/Flying
Gender- Random
Attacks- Shadow Blitz, Tackle, Sand-Attack
Ability- Keen Eye

Level- 2-7
Type- Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Shadow Blitz, Scratch, Foresight, Defense Curl
Ability- Keen Eye

Level- 2-7
Type- Dark
Gender- Random
Attacks- Shadow Blitz, Tackle, Howl
Ability- Intimidate

Level- 2-6
Type- Ground
Gender- Random
Attacks- Shadow Blitz, Tackle, Growl, Defense Curl
Ability- Pickup

Level- 2-6
Type- Poison
Gender- Male
Attacks- Peck, Leer
Ability- Poison Point

Level- 2-5
Type- Grass
Gender- Random
Attacks- Shadow Blitz , Absorb, Growth
Ability- Poison Point

Level- 2-5
Type- Water
Gender- Random
Attacks- Shadow Blitz, Water Sport, Water Gun
Ability- Water Absorb

Level- 2-5
Type- Grass
Gender- Random
Attacks- Shadow Blitz, Bide, Harden
Ability- Early Bird

October 18th, 2008, 3:42 PM
Max, realizing that the snag machine was ment for him put it back on and left down the dusty trail once again to the lab. The trail hadn't changed since he was last on it. The only difference is that there were boot prints in the sand and they were still fresh.

"Whoever was here earlier definetly kicked up a lot of dirt." Max said coughing.

He came up to the lab eventually after what seemed like hours and noticed 8 suspicious charecters standing outside the lab. 7 other trainers were battling these suspicious charecters and Max rushed up to the scene.

One of the men who wasn't battling turned to face him.

"You won't be going into the lab." he said.

These guys were bad business. The man took out a pokeball and pointed it at Max. Max grabbed Aki's pokeball and pointed it at the man. Simetaneosly the man and Max pressed the button in the middle of the ball sending there pokemon out.

Aki came out and looked serious then a gray and black dog appeared out of the man's. Max looked closer at the man.

"Wah! You're the guy I battled earlier at the lighthouse!" Max realized.

"Wah. You're the snot nosed brat that I'm gonna kick the crud out of right here and now." the man said.

"Oh yeah? Aki use Scratch!" Max said.

"Poocheyana use Shadow Blitz." the man said.

The Poocheyana was engulfed in black and dashed at Aki. Aki jumped and did a foreward flip over the Poocheyana and then scratched its back.

"Good. Now Focus Energy while its confused."

"Tackle Poocheyana."

Aki stood there focusing with beams floating around her. The Poocheyana tackled her to the ground when Aki had just finished.

"Now Scratch."

Aki's claws got sharper and she scratched the Poocheyana's stomach.

"Poochey!" the pokemon yelped in pain.

Aki got to her feet and knocked the Poocheyana into a tree with her head.

"Scratch again."

Aki ran over to the dog and scratched its head causing it to land on the ground severly hurt.

"Poocheyana use Shadow Blitz." the man said.

Poocheyana hopped to its feet and was engulfed in black again. It tackled Aki to the ground and then took recoil damage.

"Get it off of you with Scratch Aki!" Max said.

Aki scratched its stomach and then pushed with her claws. It was sent flying away from her while she gasped for air.

"Max!" someone shouted.

Max looked passed the man's head and saw Ingo. Max's eyes grew the size of saucer plates then.

"Max they promoted me to a lab assistant! Isn't that great? Anyway, those are shadow pokemon. You can catch them with the snag machine as long as you have some sort of pokeball. Here's one." Ingo said throwing a pokeball to Max.

Max caught the pokeball and stood there wondering what to do next. Then Ingo gasped looking at something behind Max. Max turned around seeing two mysterious people smuggling Professor Krane into a truck. Max looked at Ingo who dashed between two pokemon battles going on and pushed one of the smugglers away. Then the man grabbed Ingo's hair and threw him on the side of truck.

Ingo landed in the dirt, his face bleeding, knocked out.

"Ingo!" Max said getting ready to go help his friend when.

"Shadow Blitz."

the Poocheyana got to its feet and hit Aki into a tree.

"Max you gotta snag that Poocheyana and then help Ingo!" an assitant said.

"Aki use Scratch." Max said.

Aki ran and scratched the Poocheyana's face causing it to fall to the ground.

"Go, pokeball!" Max said.

The Poocheyana was engulfed into the pokeball as it riggled back and forth, back an forth. Then it stopped and Max had snagged his first pokemon! Max picked it up and then rushed over to Ingo. Getting ready to get Ingo the truck started and dashed away. Max was getting ready to chase them but then turned to Ingo.

"Ingo!" Max said shaking Ingo.

He looked back to see the men scrounging into another truck and then he picked Ingo up. The other truck sped off and a lab assistant helped Max with Ingo. They rushed him into the HQ lab's hospital and Ingo was rushed into the emergency room.

Max sat in the waiting room for a few hours and then eventually was let inside.

"He has to get a few stiches on his forehead were the cut happened, he has a broken nose, and for some reason it's getting harde for him to breathe...He might not be able to make it Max...I'm sorry." the doctor said.

The doctor left the room and Max's eyes started tearing up.

"Ingo." Max said remembering him and Ingo playing in the forest.

Then Ingo's eyes opened.

"Max." he whispered.

Max smiled realived.

"Ingo. It's so great that you got promoted into a lab assistant-" Ingo cut Max off.

"Where is Professor Krane? Did you snag that Poocheyana?" Ingo asked not moving.

"Umm. Professor Krane was kidnapped and yeah...I snagged the Poocheyana." Max said.

"Oh. Good. Poocheyana was snagged." Ingo said.

Then Ingo lost conciousness again.

"Ingo." Max said.

The doctor came in and took Max out of the room. Max then and there swore that he would take down the person who did that to Ingo and the group of thugs he had joined.

((OOC: Tell me if I need to edit anything and I will:)))

October 18th, 2008, 4:00 PM
To Pikalover10: Poor Ingo. :( Anyways, good post. It is a great example of what I wanted.
You Snagged a Level 6 Male Poochyena!

October 18th, 2008, 6:37 PM
Chapter 3: Back at the Lab

Krauss sat and waited, he some of the other kids at the lab coming in and going. "Oh, see it is just an arm thingie.. you should let me have it.." he whined, while walking over to another area in the shop. In this area he messed around with a few things and plugged a few things in. Suddenly something roared into life. It was a computer like device, it blinked odd colors and displayed lots of texts on the screen. "What in the world..?" he questioned as Makan came up to him.

"Ah, you got that working, how splendid" he patted him on the back,"now I remember the non klutzy side of you, feel free to take the machine." he turned his attention away from everyone else and began pressing buttons."Oh Perr will you go fetch it for Nathaniel?" he said in a more of a demanding voice.

"Yeah.." Perr yelled back, getting out of his chair. He went into the back room pushed around a few boxes and found it. He went outside of the room and handed it to Krauss."Here ya go, promise you will visit before anything big happens" Perr said in a simple voice.

Krauss nodded,"I will Perr...," he began to walk out the door,"Come on Kolink" he called to his pokemon, who snapped out of it's nap. He went to the outskirts of the town and to his luck saw a bus. He got on it.

A little bit later it dropped him off at the HQ lab. He got off the bus while attaching the snag machine. He saw Max just finish a battle with a man in a mask, so he just expected them to be bad and sent Kolink into battle with one. The attacker was female, Krauss could tell by the voice and hair.

"Alright, let us finish these punks off, they are really annoying,what.. one of you lost to a kid.. pfft I knew we shouldn't of trusted new recruits.." The most of that was mumbling to herself that was just barley able to be made out. She raised her arm, tossing a Budew out of pokeball. "Alright, Budew use Shadow Blitz now!" she commanded with great ferocity in her voice. The pokemon had a purplish-black, flame-like aura engulf it, before it threw it's body at Kolink.

The machine attached to Krauss did some sort of transformations, a green lens shot out and he was able to see that the pokemon was a shadow pokemon. "Kolink, Dodge it quick!" he commanded the Kolink, but it was to late. The Shinx flew back a bit, catching itself. "Ok, Kolink use tackle!" The Kolink nodded and flung itself at the Budew, who barley moved from spot. "Kolink, this battle is going to be a bit harder than the last one, I really need you to focus on it, Ok?" he stepped back,"The next time it uses that move jump, or duck wich ever way will alow you to dodge it." Kolink nodded, and without order flung itself at the Budew. The Budew didn't even budge this time.

"Alright,Budew use Shadow Blitz once more" the female soldier commanded, pointing a finger at Kolink.

The Budew jumped in the air, flinging it's body at Kolink. The aura made the move even stronger, but luckily the Budew missed Kolink, just barely, hitting the ground, and taking recoil damage. It let out a whine.

"Kolink..ink..kol" I will not fight this pokemon any more..Kolink plopped herself down, refusing to move, no matter what Krauss said, taking a blow from another Shadow Blitz.

"Oh, Come on Kol-" he was cut off by a lab assistant yelling catch. <Why, Catch.. every one knows that I can't catch..> The pokebal began soaring towards him, so he dove on the ground to recover it. He stood up and yelled,"I got it" at the same time he flailed his arms around, and flung the ball between the attackers legs. She then picked it up. "Please, Kolink, If you get that ball we won't have to hurt this Budew any more, Please...please.. use a leer on the Budew then tackle it aside.." Nate pleaded.

"ink...kol...ink..kolink"I will do it, but I wont like it.. Kolink's eyes began to grow a yelow as her leer charged. Then she shot out a beam that hit the Budew, seemingly doing nothing. It didn't do anything physically, but more on a mental state, but not quite mentally. Kolink went into a tackle, flinging the Budew into a tree.

"Budew!" spat the female, getting angrier. "Use Absorb." she said in a cold voice. The Budew did an absorb, what seemed to be rays of light in bubble form, went from Kolink to Budew, who then regained a lot of energy. Then the she trainer mumbled something and Budew used Shadow Blitz, it's body getting engulfed in a purplish flame again. It charged at the energy drained Kolink, sending it skipping across the ground.

"Kol....ink.." the Shinx said in a determined voice.I wont lose...
She dodged another Shadow Blitz and the Budew smacked into the lab wall, also taking recoil damage. She ducked under another Shadow Blitz, the attack seeming much different. The first couple of times was a tackle like move this one pound. <Odd.. isn't a Shadow pokemon supposed to be doing it's base move, witch a Budew's is pound...> why it was using tackle hadn't occured to Kolink.<Some..> she ducked under a Shadow Blitz pound,<Sort of..> she ducked under another one,<defection..?> she wondered. Kolink glanced over at the Budew, who looked extremely exhausted and couldn't move, it was in it's hyper state. She rammed it with a tackle, and then charged at the trainer, ramming her.

"Aggh, you little b-" she was cut off by another tackle. This time the pokeball rolled from her hand to Krauss, who picked it up. "Kid, I won't lose to you.." she said even in a colder voice than before. "Alright, Budew use absorb..." the Budew snapped out of it's form and began to use Absorb.

"No, I wont lose" Krauss told her he threw the pokeball on the Budew. It began to move around, in small shifts. "You are the one gonna lose Ma'am" Krauss told her as the ball stopped. He ran up and picked it up. "Now, you should leave before things get ugly Ma'am..." said Krauss in a teasing voice on the Ma'am part.

"Dammit.." she said as she ran off, leaving everything behind.

Krauss whiped sweat off his brow, then passed out from exhaustion.

October 18th, 2008, 7:17 PM
To Lostt: You questioned me about the posts, and honestly, if every post were like that, you'll be in good shape. Good job.
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October 19th, 2008, 1:44 PM
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October 19th, 2008, 2:28 PM
Chapter 4: Battle at the Lab!
Mike rolled along on his skateboard enjoying the night breeze. The stars were shining overhead and the wind was whispering through the trees. "Man I knew I shouldn't have explored that lighthouse!" Mike muttered. It wasn't because he was running late. It was now he wished he could have done something to save that poor Poochyena. "Man that just kills my mood."

Soon Mike entered the Pokemon HQ Lab area with the road becoming more of a road and less of a game trail. As the HQ came into sight Mike noticed a large truck parked in front of it with a bunch of people wearing the same uniforms as that duo in Gateon Port.

"Whats going on?" Mike muttered. He silently released Totodile, expecting trouble. He noticed two of the boys from the lab enganged in battle with two of the people, one having a Poochyena and one having a Budew. "Well we're not going to be upstage by them are we Totodile?" Mike said with a grin. Totodile gave the same grin back.

"Man why do we have to stand guard? I want to battle to!" one of the men said.

"Yeah well you heard Naps. We have to stand guard." his compainen said.

"Hi! I'm here for my free tour of the HQ facility!" Mike said as he walked out of the woods.

"Excuse me?" the first man said before Mike's foot collided with his face.

"Hey! You can't do that you brat!" the other man shouted.

"Well guess what? I just did! Now what are you gonna do about it?" Mike said cockily.

"I'll battle you is what I'll do!" the man said as he sent out a Phanpy.

"Piece of cake! Totodile get in there!" Mike shouted.

"Phanpy use Shadow Blitz!" the man said. The Long Nose Pokemon became engulfed in a purple aura. It charged at Totodile with surprising speed knocking the Big Jaw Pokemon into the air.

"Totodile! Use Scratch Cyclone!" Mike cried. Totodile stuck his arms out in front of him this time and proceded to spin. It was basically a drill.

"Phanpy use Defense Curl!" The man shouted. Phanpy curled up in a ball and when Totodile's makeshift drill struck it harmlessly bounced off. "Yes! Now lets use Tackle!"

"Phamp!" Phanpy cried as it charged at Totodile.

"Totodile! Use Water Gun!" Mike cried.

"Toto!" Totodile cried as he proceded to forcable shoot water out of his mouth stopping the Long Nose's charge.

"Mike!" a voice cried out. It was Prof. Krane being carried to the truck. "Thats a Shadow Pokemon! Here!" Using all of his strength Krane broke free and threw a Pokeball towards Mike.

"I got it!" Mike cried.

"Now use the Snag Machine to catch the Phanpy!" Krane cried before he was thrown into the truck.

"Whatever you say!" Mike said as he threw the ball. In a flash of bright light and what looked like a giant hand, Phanpy was in someone else's Pokeball.

"Hey! Thats not fair!" the man said before he and his buddy took off running.

"Whoa. I can't believe that worked!" Mike cried out surprised. "Hey Prof! It actually..." Mike looked around. The truck and Krane were gone. Mike looked at the Pokeball that contained Phanpy wondering what to do. Save the Proffesor or figure out a way to purify the Phanpy.

October 19th, 2008, 3:22 PM
To reac: ............

To Zimvee: Whoa, good post. I remember Naps from the game. I gonna start playing again tonight. :)
You Snagged a Level 5 Female Phanpy!

October 19th, 2008, 4:22 PM
Josh walked, yes walked, back to the HQ, and as always, hated it. Being more sure of the way this time, it was quicker, and was extremely excited.

“Hey Bulbasaur, what do you think this thing does…” Josh said, still looking at the machine on his arm.

“Bulbasaur.” Bulbasaur said in return.

“Yeah, I didn’t think you’d know.”

Josh and Bulbasaur slowly made their way, and when the HQ came into view, well, let’s say it wasn’t what they had expected.

“Hey who are all these punks?” Josh asked, “They look sorta like the guy I battled at the Lighthouse…”

Suddenly, a very familiar face appeared in the crowd, and shouted, “Careful guys, that’s the kid who beat me back at the tall flashy building.”

“It’s called a Lighthouse, dude, and don’t worry, I’ll take him on this time.” said one of the other men.

“You want some?” Josh said, feeling sort of cocky, “Come and get it.”

“You got some nerve kid. Go Poliwag!

“This should be easy. Go Bulbasaur!”

The two Pokémon leapt into action, eying each other carefully.

“Bulbasaur, use Leech Seed!”

Bulbasaur took aim, then started firing seeds at Poliwag! The seeds ingrained themselves on Poliwag’s skin, and started absorbing his energy.

“Pooolllliiii!” Poliwag cried.

“Nooo! Argh, you’ll pay for that! Poliwag, use Water Gun!”

Poliwag shot a steady stream of water from his mouth, engulfing Bulbasaur!

“Uh oh.” Josh said, “Bulbasaur, break free with your Tackle!”

Bulbasaur tore out from the water, as if it had barely done anything, then smacked into Poliwagwho lurched backward.

“Poliwag, Shadow Blitz!”

“Ack! Bulbasaur look out!”

But it was too late. Poliwag, shrouded in its black aura, charged straight for Bulbasaur, sending him flying. Bulbasaur stood up, but he wasn’t looking good. Suddenly, a burst of energy was sapped from Poliwag, and absorbed by Bulbasaur.

“Alright! Leech Seed is taking affect!

“Bulbasaur!” Bulbasaur cried out. It clearly felt better now.

“Great, now Tackle, Bulbasaur!”

“Shadow Blitz, Poliwag!”

The two Pokémon charged at each other. Poliwag certainly looked more intimidating, with the stream of, well, pure darkness flowing from him. It was also clear that Poliwag would have the advantage here.

“C’mon, c’mon…” Josh said to himself, anticipating the collision.

When the two made contact, Bulbasaur had gained enough speed to do the same amount of damage as the powerful Shadow Blitz. Both Pokémon skidded backward, and prepared for another attack. But before anyone could do anything, Leech Seed once again sapped health for Bulbasaur.

“Ugh. Oh well, Shadow Blitz!” The man called out.

“Tackle!” Josh said.

The Pokémon continued this brawl, colliding again and again.

“Ok, let’s mix things up a bit. Bulbasaur, Growl!”

Bulbasaur sat down, and growled, in his nicest, cutest, sweetest voice, which isn’t saying much, but it worked. Poliwag slowed his attack.

The man slapped his forhead, and shouted, “ C’mon, Poliwag, you can do better!” On hearing this, Poliwag’s dark aura flared up, and he started going berserk!

“What’s happening, what’s going on!” Josh screamed as the Poliwag started bludgeoning Bulbasaur madly.

At that moment, he saw in the corner eye, Professor Krane being dragged away by some of the other thugs. He was about to intervene, when he turned his attention back to his Bulbasaur being viciously attacked.

“Forgive me Professor.” Josh thought.

Suddenly someone in a white lab coat ran in, and shouted, “Hey! First of all, that’s called the Hyper State!”

The man turned his head and said, “I could have told him that. Poliwag, snap out of it!”

Poliwag calmed down, and the dark aura surrounding him shrunk away.

The guy in the lab coat spoke up again, “Those are Shadow Pokémon,” He tossed me a Pokéball, “Use the Pokéball to snag it back from those guys!”

Well, the part about him being a Shadow Pokémon was ridiculously obvious, and now he knew what the Snag Machine did.

“Ok, Bulbasaur, we need a final Tackle attack!”

Bulbasaur nodded, and charged forward. He threw himself into the attack, slamming into Poliwag. Poliwag braced himself, and it did minimal damage.

“Aw man, that’s not gonna do.”

But as Bulbasaur backed up after his attack, Leech Seed did it’s job one last time.

“Poliwag!” Poliwag cried, while the energy was being sapped from it.

“Bulba!” Bulbasaur said, receiving the energy.

After that, Poliwag couldn’t take much more. He fell backwards, and that’s when Josh threw his Pokéball.

“Hey! What do ya think you’re doing kid!” the man yelled.

The Pokéball struck Poliwag on his stomach, and pulled it in. It rocked back and forth a few times, before sealing itself.

“Yes! I got him!” Josh cried.

“Grahh! I can’t believe this!” The man shouted, and ran away.

October 19th, 2008, 5:28 PM
To SuperJ-GOF: Very good capture and battle post. Everyone is making this chapter more interesting than I thought they would. :)
You Snagged a Level 5 Female Poliwag!

October 20th, 2008, 8:15 AM

"Ahhh" Beo yawned as he stretched his arms up over his head. He then looked down to his charmander who was sleeping peacefully on the floor.

"Ok i'm gonna softly step over charmander so I don't wake him up" Beo said quietly to himself, as he tried to step over charmander, but accidently stepped on it's tail.

"CHARRRRR" charmander roared as it spewed flames right at Beo.

"I'... i'm sorry charmander" Beo said as he fell to the ground then quickly got up pretending he wasn't in pain.

"Char-char-char" charmander explained.

"Ya ya, anyway here's some breakfast now eat up" Beo said as he poured some pokefood into a bowl.

The two then sat down and started eating before they were loudly interrupted.

"BEOO, get down here right now we need to talk" Proffessor Krane said over the loud speaker.

"Hmm ok, charmander return" Beo said as he grabbed his back pack and headed down the stair case.

When he reached the bottom of the stair case he noticed five other trainers that he knew from the lab, he then quietly entered in the as so no one would notice he was late.

Beo then heared some pretty troubling news,things that he had already known about shadow pokemon, and some new news. Beo was overcome by anger, since he still figured it was a shadow pokemon that had killed his parents he hadn't the slightest mention of them.

"Hmm me and charmander should do this, maybe we can make a difference in Orre." Beo thought to himself as all the trainers were dissmissed and headed for the door.

"Beo come here for a minute" Proffessor Krane said, as he waved for him to come forward.

"Yes Proffessor" Beo asked.

"Well I dont want you to let your emotions get the best of you on this journey, understand?" The proffessor asked

"Yes I understand, dont worry Charmander will keep me in check" Beo said.

He then said goodbye and headed for the door. "Alright charmander let's do this" Beo thought to himself again.

(Sorry for being late on this, my internet was down)

October 20th, 2008, 12:04 PM
To dboring: Good post. You can put your next two posts together if you want to catch up.

Chapter 4: Dusty Path
(3 Posts)

Everyone is happy, but distraught at the same time. Shadow Pokemon attacked the lab, the Professor was taken to who knows where, and some of the lab assistants even got hurt. Everything is a huge mess and you wonder how or why it happened. But there is good news. In your hand is a shadow pokemon that managed to snatch right from those evil crooks. The faces they had when you threw the ball at their own pokemon!

You follow an assitant motioning towards you right into the building where you had your last meeting. In front is a lady standing to face you guys. She looks at each of the trainers with the Snag Machine proud on their arm.

"It is incredible what you accomplished today, but this isn't the end," spoke the young woman. "This is only the beginning of that group's terror. The people you have battled today were members from the group of Team Cipher, a horrible gang that is in charge of closing the hearts of pokemon."

She paused and looked around the room at the trainers. Some of them told her about the attacks in Gateon while others kept their mouth shut.

"Yes..." she muttered aferwards. She looked around and faced each trainer in the eye. "I need everyone to do a huge task. You must open the heart of the pokemon you just caught back up and go around and do the same with these other pokemon. We need to recover as many pokemon as possible."

The trainers slowly nodded in agreement, but also in confusion. Nobody knew much yet about the shadow pokemon. The lady slightly smiled and nodded.

"Yes, do not worry. Try battling with the shadow pokemon and it will slowly open up to you until it heart opens up completely. The journey will be hard, but it is possible. You must go to Agate Village to start your journey. Elders live there that will tell you more about these Shadow Pokemon. It is an intersting place to start."

The women dropped four pokeballs into each trainer's hand so they could capture more pokemon on their journey. The trainers grinned and took off into the open world with their new Shadow Pokemon starting their adventure on the path leading to Agate.

Description: Much like most of the region, the Dusty Path is a very hot and humid climate. Many pokemon try to avoid this area, but some have managed to adapt to the extreme climate. Passing by trainers love to battle and train along this path. It is a great place to battle with your new Shadow Pokemon.

Wild Pokemon
Level- 2-6
Type- Normal/Flying
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack (If level 5)
Ability- Keen Eye
Rarity- Common

Level- 2-6
Type- Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Growl (If level 5)
Ability- Simple/Unaware
Rarity- Common

Level- 2-6
Type- Normal
Gender- Random
Attacks- Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip (If level 5)
Ability- Pickup/Gluttony
Rarity- Common

Level- 2-5
Type- Ground
Gender- Random
Attacks- Scratch, Defense Curl
Ability- Sand Veil
Rarity- Uncommon

It may seem weird that Sandshrew is more uncommon than the others, but did this because it is more rare.

Things you can do on a Route:
.You may battle trainers, just use the attacks you pokemon learn (refer to the ooc thread). The better, and more creative, your post is, the more experience your pokemon receives
.You may find items/tms, but you post must be VERY creative, but stay realistic with your findings
. On your travels, you will be able to capture wild pokemon listed on the information for the route. The more rare the pokemon is, the more creative and decent your post must be. While trying to capture a pokemon, after you mention throwing a pokeball at the pokemon, END YOUR POST THERE. I will decide whether you caught the pokemon and how strong it will be. This, once again, depends on the quaility of your post. I think you already know the drill of this from the last chapter.
.Take note of a Shadow Pokemon's nature. They will battle more aggresive and harsh than a normal pokemon, but cool down the more its heart opens up. Take this in mind if you're going to battle with a shadow pokemon. Also, the only move your shadow pokemon knows is Shadow Blitz. Later, the Shadow Pokemon will know more Shadow Moves.

The rules may seem a little strict, but still have fun!

October 22nd, 2008, 7:03 PM
Chapter 4: Dusty Path-
The Encounter with Zigzagoon.

(OOC: In my next post, I am going to find a hm/tm because Shinx, doesn't really learn any more attacking moves untill level 13)

Krauss woke up a few hours later, and was ushered into another room by some female lab assistant. "W-what is going on?" he asked her. She told him to 'shush' that she would explain soon.

"It is incredible what you accomplished today, but this isn't the end," the young woman began. "This is only the beginning of that group's terror. The people you have battled today were members from the group of Team Cipher, a horrible gang that is in charge of closing the hearts of pokemon." she ended that part.

She paused and looked around the room at the trainers. Some of them told her about the attacks in Gateon while others kept their mouth shut. Krauss was among them to be silent.

"Yes..." she muttered after hearing the stories. She looked around and faced Kraussin the eye. "I need everyone to do a huge task," Krauss nodded,"You must open the heart of the pokemon you just caught back up and go around and do the same with these other pokemon. We need to recover as many pokemon as possible."

Krauss nodded, to show that he would do it. The nod was also in a sense of little confusion.

"Yes, do not worry. Try battling with the shadow pokemon and it will slowly open up to you until it heart opens up completely. The journey will be hard, but it is possible. You must go to Agate Village to start your journey. Elders live there that will tell you more about these Shadow Pokemon. It is an intersting place to start."

"Ok.. will do so.." Krauss muttered to himself. I really shouldn't write down my klutz accidents.. it is nothing to be proud of. If the woman said anything Krauss hadn't heard, he was in deep thought, then the women dropped four pokeballs into his hands. Krauss still in thought dropped them, and they rolled across the floor. "Ok, bye Ma'am" he said as he hurried out the door, Kolink at his side.

A little bit later Krauss was already heading off, not really paying attention to any other of the trainers, he did want to train and all. I really need to get more in with the other group of trainers.. I can not do this journey alone.. I will stop the next person to come by. Nate was wandering around aimlessly, desperately trying to find a pokemon to train on, when suddenly a raccoon like pokemon came around a turn. He reached to his waist, grabbed a pokeball and sent out Budew. "Alright Budew, we are gonna take this one down, ok?, use shadow blitz please.."

"Bud.. Budew!" Budew chanted to his new owner. Then his body began to be engulfed in that purple like flame. Budew shot out a vine like thing, and whacked the pokemon real hard. The un-expected blow caused it to skid a bit, but not much. The other pokemon growled.

"Zig..zag...zoon..." the Zigzagoon chanted. It shoved it's body towards Budew, who used another Shadow Blitz. The raccoon pokemon whimpered a bit from the hit, but didn't give up. "Ziggy" it growled. Then it tackled the Budew, who was distracted by the growl. It tackled the Budew back a foot or two.

"Budew, Shadow Blitz.." Krauss commanded the pokemon.

Budew followed order, it was all that he had ever done. His vine slapping going towards the zigzagoon.

"Zig.." it growled, and then launched it's body at the vine, causing it top stop the attack. Then Zigzagoon tackled the grass pokemon again.

Budew saw it coming, and without order used another Shadow Blitz, knocking the Zigzagoon back away from him. "Budew" it shouted to the Zigzagoon.

"Budew... Shadow Blitz, now!" he yellled. This battle is simple I just have to repeat my self every so often. The Budew flew back and smacked into Krauss. He then heard a voice shout.

"Hey you!" the voice came, Krauss recognized it is as a male."Leave my poor Zigzagoon alone you bully!" he chanted.

"I didn't know that he was yours.. honest kid.." Nate Protested."Well, since we already started lets finish this battle.. how about it kid?" he asked the boy.

"Well duh!" the kid sneered. "Oh, and I am Billy not kid.." he told him. "Ziggy, use tail-whip.."

"Ziggy" the Zigzagoon said in an excited voice, then did the tail-whip attack. It hit the Budew, it only seemed to tickle causing the Budew to laugh. "Now" he began looking at his Zigzagoon,"use tackle" the pokemon flung it's body once more at the Budew.

"Budew, you know the drill" Krauss said. He pointed at Ziggy and mumbled to himself,"Heh, time to lose.."

Budew engulfed it's body, sending it's vine towards the Zigzagoon. He hit it, the Zigzagoon collapsing.

"Ziggy, get up come on.. try to win.." Billy tried to get his pokemon to get up. It had worked, slowly the Zigzagoon rose to it's feet. "Use one more tackle, with all your might come on!" he said rather tense.

"Zig..zugoon" The raccoon said. It charged it's body at the Budew, who countered with a Shadow Blitz. When the two met a dust cloud appeared, covering them up.

"Well, I guess we got to wait and see who wins huh kid?"
Krauss asked, although it came out more of a statement.

"Uh huh.. and I am Billy not kid.." The young boy said, still focusing on the dust that was beginnging to clear. He began to cough as it came his way. To his dismay Zigzagoon was on the ground, fainted. "Ziggy, Return. Come on out Starly." The brown pokemon returned to it's ball, and out came a gray,white, and black pokemon. "Starly use quick attack on the Budew"

"Budew, use Shadow Blitz. He saw that it was too late. Budew was already down. "Quick Budew return!" Krauss shouted returning his Pokemon. "Ok Kolink, take the stage..!"


"Kolink!"On it Kolink jumped into battle, automatically using Leer, because the Starly looked like it was tough. Orangish beams shot out of her eyes. It went directly through the Starly. All of them there knew that it was doing a lot more internally. Then Kolink used a tackle attack, so did the Starly. The both hit the ground, only Kolink landing on her feet. Kolink took her chance while it was getting up to utilize another tackle. She sent the Starly skittering across the ground.

"Starly! I know you are stronger than that, use quick attack" said the boy in an angrier voice.

"Star..ee" The Starly replied to it's trainer and then gathered itself and used a quick attack, hitting its body against the Shinx. It went back a bit, but then countered with a tackle. Starly used a lot of strength to grip the ground and stay in place. He heard his trainer tell him to use quick attack so he did. He used another quick-attack and the Shinx tackled him. Starly flew back from the impact. It grunted, this time it was barley able to get up.

"Kolink, finish it off with a tackle okay?"

"Kolink!" Kolink tackled the Starly, who used quick attack to dodge it.

"Hey, Billy you have one smart pokemon there you do... you should take pride in it. That Starly is trying it's hardest in the battle.. It has really great potential. I suggest that you raise it with care.. and the Zigzagoon too, it gave my Budew a run for it's money.." He then motioned for Kolink to use another tackle, it did hitting starly.

"Oh yeah?" the kid asked Krauss. "Well, I am not going to fall for your little 'im your friend' act. You are not friend nor will you ever be ok? SO just butt out I will raise my pokemon however I want to.. got it?" he finished talking and motioned for his Starly to tackle the Shinx.

"Ok, I was actually trying to be nice to you kid,but it seems like that was a mistake. I guess I wont help you. Also, I was not telling you how to raise your pokemon I was suggesting a nice tip.." Kolink launched another tackle at the Starly, this time finishing it off.

"W-what? I lost?" The kid stammered. "Oh, man I guess I do need to train.. thanks though, this battle was fun.." Billy turned off and ran.

"Ah, the youth today, always so eager to be the best.." he sighed. "I still have a long journey ahead of me.." He turned to Kolink who has just walked up to him. "Ok, Kolink take a big rest you deserve one.. I'll also break here.." Krauss laid down, and began to gaze at the clouds.

"Kolink"Thanks Kolink walked onto Krauss stomach, and then curled up into a ball closing her eyes.

"Hey take it easy.." he told her. But she was already a sleep. "Well, she was exhausted from that battle.."

October 23rd, 2008, 3:40 AM
To Lostt: Good battle. Yeah, battling with a shadow pokemon at the moment is pretty repetitive, but it'll get better. Could you possibly tell me what tm you want to find in my VM's before you post?
Budew's heart opened up a little.
Kolink grew to level 10!
Budew remembered Absorb!
Kolink learned Charge!

October 23rd, 2008, 1:44 PM
Chapter 4: Dusty Path
“Well, this turned out to be pretty interesting day, huh?” Josh said to Bulbasaur.

“Saur!” Bulbasaur said, smiling and hopping up and down.

”I just hope the Professor is alright. I promised to help with this catastrophe, and I won’t let Professor Krane down!” Josh thought to himself.

One of the lab assistance walked into the room, making gestures that suggested they should follow her. They ended up in the same room they had started in, where the Professor had given them their first instructions. A lady stood at the head of the room. Josh noticed that she was looking at each of their arms, to make sure they had the Snag Machine.

“Well,” the lady said finally, “it is incredible what you accomplished today, but this isn’t the end. This is only the beginning of that groups terror. The people you have battled to day were members from the group of Team Cipher, a horrible gang that is in charge of closing the hearts of Pokémon.”

She paused, again looking around at all of us, and Josh went on a long ramble of what had happened to him at the Lighthouse. When he realized how quiet some of the others were, he stopped, a little embarrassed.

“Yes…” the lady muttered, then said, “I need everyone to do a huge task. You must open the heart of the Pokémon you just caught back up and go around and to the same with these other Pokémon. We need to recover as many Pokémon as possible.”

Josh nodded, as well as all the others in the room, but a look of confusion was upon everyone.

The lady smiled, as if she understood, and said, “Yes, do not worry. Try battling with the shadow Pokémon and it will slowly open up to you until its heart opens up completely. The journey will be hard, but it is possible. You must go to Agate Village to start your journey. Elders live there that will tell you more about these Shadow Pokémon. It is an interesting place to start.”

“I’ll say!” Josh thought, “I get to visit home for a while, sweet!”

The lady gave each of the trainers four extra Pokéballs, and then Josh tore through the doorway. When they got to the path they would take, Josh couldn’t understand why he had been so eager to get there.

“Hot… dusty… uhhhh…” Josh said after just a half-hour of walking.


Suddenly, Josh eyed something that looked like a gray rock. Well, kind of. It had feathers, and a beak. And it chirped.

“Hmmm, either I’m seeing things, or that’s not a rock.”

“Starly star!” the bird cried.

Straightening up, Josh called out, “Definitely not a rock. Go Poliwag!”

The round blue creature appeared out of the Pokéball Josh threw.

“Poliwag!” shouted the small Pokémon fiercely.

“Starly!” the bird Pokémon cried, as it hurled itself at Poliwag, attacking with what Josh recognized as Tackle.

“Poliwag, Shadow Blitz!” Josh shouted.

Poliwag launched its attack, shrouded in its black aura. The two Pokémon collided, and Poliwag knocked back the Starly several feet, but Poliwag skidded backward as well. Starly hopped up and prepared for another Tackle attack.

“Ok! Poliwag, use, uh… Shadow Blitz!” Josh shouted again.

Once again, they collided, with the same result. Starly once again hopped up, but instead of using Tackle again, Starly stood there and made a sound that vaguely reminded him of gargling water.

“Well, I guess that’s as close as a bird can get to growling.” Josh said to himself. Unfortunately, it worked. The Growl attack was actually very sweet sounding, and Poliwag’s offence was slightly diminished.

“Poliwag... uh, Shadow Blitz.” Josh said with noticeably less enthusiasm.

The back and forth brawl of Shadow Blitz and Tackle ensued once again, and continued for several minutes.

“Well, this certainly is getting monotonous.” Josh said, watching the Pokémon go back and forth.

After a couple more minutes, Josh finally couldn’t take it anymore.

“Poliwag, return!” Josh called out, as Poliwag was pulled back into the Pokéball.

“Bulbasaur, go!” he shouted, and Bulbasaur who had been napping the whole time, awakened, and jumped in to defend his master against the Starly.

“Bulbasaur, Leech Seed!” Josh cried, once again excited.

Bulbasaur shot several small seeds, which ingrained themselves onto Starly.

“Now, Tackle!” Josh shouted.

As Starly was trying to remove the seeds, he wasn’t paying attention, and the Tackle attack hit head on.

“Staarlyyyy!” Starly cried out.

“Ok, here it goes… Pokéball, go!” Josh shouted as he tossed the Pokéball as hard as he could. It conked Starly on the head, and absorbed it. The ball rocked back and forth, as Josh anticipated the outcome…

October 23rd, 2008, 2:50 PM
Max walked out of the room to find an assitant standing there wating for him.

"Come with me. Someone urgently needs to see you and some other kids." the assistant said.

Even though Max wanted to stay with Ingo he reluctantly followed. The man took him to the place wehre he first found out about his little mission. There was a young lady standing there with a few other kids. Max walked up and stood in a line with the other kids. The lady smiled.

"It is incredible what you accomplished today, but this isn't the end," spoke the young woman. "This is only the beginning of that group's terror. The people you have battled today were members from the group of Team Cipher, a horrible gang that is in charge of closing the hearts of pokemon."

Max stood there and looked her in the eyes.

"I was attacked by a man who thought he could take Aki away from me, but he found out the hard way. Anybody who tries to take Aki away from me will learn the hard way." Max said.

A few other trainers his age told about their Gateon Port experience and then she finally silenced them all.

"Yes... I have a huge task I need every single one of you to do. I need you to open the hearts of the pokemon you just caught back up and to do the rest with Shadow Pokemon you will catch. We need to recover as many pokemon as we possibly can." she said sternfully.

Max was totally confused, but yet, he nodded in agreement anyway.

"Yes, do not worry. Try battling with the shadow pokemon and it will slowly open up to you until it heart opens up completely. The journey will be hard, but it is possible. You must go to Agate Village to start your journey. Elders live there that will tell you more about these Shadow Pokemon. It is an intersting place to start."

Max nodded and the lady came by each and every trainer. Max didn't know what she was doing until she came up to him. She dropped four pokeballs into his hand.

"Good luck Max. Oh, and don't worry. I'll make sure Ingo is ok." she whispered so nobody else but him could here her.

Max slowly nodded and felt tears rising in his eyes. He quickly rubbed them away and smiled. Then the trianers slowly dispered on their adventure. He came up to Ingo's room on his way out and slowly stepped inside, but surprisingly...ingo was nowhere to be found! Max dropped the pokeballs in his hand and then picked them up. He put them in his pocket and then did a lab wall to wall search, but ingo was nowhere to be found.

Max panicked and ran outside. He came outside and saw the exact man that hurt Ingo carrying him to a truck!

"Hey! Give me back my friend!" Max yelled.

The man turned around and saw Max. He quickly threw Ingo into the back door and sped off. Max followed the truck as long as he could and then fell to his knees on The Dusty Path. A path he heard barely any type of pokemon lived in.

"I couldn't save the professor. I couldn't save Ingo. Why? Why am I so useless?!" Max yelled into the sky.

He felt tears rising up in his eyes but didn't wipe them away. A few minutes later and a bird pokemon landed on his head. It bent down and looked him in the face.

"Starly?" it said.

Max stopped crying and then stumbled over to a tree. The bird had flown of its head and into his lap.

"You're a Starly aren't you?" Max asked.

The bird nodded and then pointed it's beak at Aki's pokeball.

"You want to battle?" Max asked.

The bird nodded and flew away a few feet. Max smiled and stood up ready. He chose a pokeball and threw it into the air. Instead of Aki ,though, it was his new companion, Poocheyana(which he will later nickname Fang).

((OOC: In my next post I will be doing the battle then.:)))

October 23rd, 2008, 3:40 PM
To SuperJ-GOF: Good post with the Starly. You deserved one for that effort!
You caught a Level 5 Male Starly!
Poliwag's Heart Opened up a Little!

To Pikalover10: Okay, I'm looking forward to the battle. :)

October 24th, 2008, 4:13 PM
Max threw the pokeball into the air. The Starly flew into the air as Max's companion popped out of the pokeball. Poocheyana popped out of the pokeball and looked very ferocious.

Man...I wonder how long it'll be until his heart is open? Max wondered to himself.

"Ok, Poocheyana Shadow Blitz!" Max said.

Poocheyana was engulfed in a black shadow and ran at the Starly. The Starly dived at him and then quickly pulled up at the last second then dived at him again. It hit Poocheyana and flew back into the air.

Then Poocheyana got up and started growling ferouciously. Then a black outline started engulfing him and his eyes turned blacker...

"Poochey!" the dog yelled.

Max stood there wondering what to do. He remembered this stage being called something like...The Hyper Mode or Hyper Stage...

Now what am I supposed to say when this happens? Oh yeah...

"Poocheyana!" Max yelled.

Then, the black outline surronding the dog disappeared and his eyes grew lighter.

"Use Shadow Blitz!" Max said.

The dog was engulfed in black again and dashed at the bird. The bird dived, but this time didn't pull up, and Poocheyana slowed down a bit at the end causing Starly to dive into the ground and then he tackled it.

"Starly!!" it cried.

The bird flew into the air again as if it didn't take any damage. Then it turned around swiftly and dived at Poocheyana, who was at this time recovering from recoil damage. It hit him and Poocheyana flew back a few feet.

"Poocheyana! Ugh...I guess I should train you up more before you battle...Let's see where did your pokeball go?" Max asked fumbling around with his fingers trying to find the pokeball.

While Max was doing this the Starly hit Poocheyana again knocking him into Max.

"Wah!" Max cried falling to the ground. "Ok...Return Poocheyana. Go, Aki!" Max said.

The dog returned to its pokeball and the orange chick popped out.

"Aki use Focus Energy!" Max said.

The chick turned brighter then normal orange and then turned back to normal orange, with her power strengthened.

"Now, use Scratch!" Max said.

The orange chick ran at Starly who was preoccupied by prening itself. Then Aki jumped and scratched the birds head. The bird fell off the grey smooth rock it was standing on.

"Again Aki!" Max said.

Aki this time jumped over the rock and scratched the birds chest. Aki stood on top of its chest. Then the bird, realizing what happened, and then flapped its wings very quickly. Then the bir suddenly took of into the air knocking Aki off of it.

"Aki jump and use Scratch." Max said grabbing another pokeball.

Aki jumped when the bird least expected it and scratched its back. Then just giving up the bird plummeted to the ground. Max made the pokeball in his hand get bigger.

"LEt's try it I guess. Go, pokeball!" Max said.

The bird was engulfed in a bright red light. Then it disappeared into the ball. The ball wriggle back and forth...Back and forth. Until.........

October 24th, 2008, 5:27 PM
Chapter 4: Dusty Path-
Troublesome Sandshrew!
(OOC: Decided to find the Tm in the next Post-Dark Link12 I will pm you it to see if you approve..)

Krauss decided that no one was coming, so that he would continue on until the next town and stop people at the gate. Or he would meet them on the way there. "Ok, Kolink time to wake ok?" he shook the sleeping bundle and it sleepily opened it's jewel like eyes. The pokemon's eyes glistened from the sun,they looked awfully pretty. The Shinx walked off of it's trainer and then he got up. Then both of them began to go off towards their next destination."So, Kolink do ya want me to find us a new friend?" he asked his pokemon who reponded with a loud,excited sounding mew."Ok, now what one.. what one.." he saw lots of Zigzagoons and Starly all over the place. "No.." he continued walking. "Hey look Kolink!" he shouted to his pokemon,"it is alot of Bidoof.."

"Kol..ink..kol"Eek, they are mean looking.. Kolink backed away, whimpering to show that she didn't like those pokemon.

"Ok, so I guess we keep on looking huh?" he asked his pokemon who nodded. After a couple of minutes of traveling Nate and Kolink came across a Sandshrew. "Hey, look it is a Sandshrew, do you want that one Kolink?" he asked his partner, who just purred. "Alright then it is settled" he shouted, sending Kolink out to battle. "Kolink, this is gonna be tough, because he is ground and you are electric... I would send out Budew but he needs more recovery time... so Kolink, use tackle on it" he told his pokemon.

Kolink ran and then flung her body at the Sandshrew who rolled up into a ball to stop the attack. <Defense Curl eh? Ok, that is how you want to play huh?> she was asking him, in her thought. She noticed that he was still in a ball, so she tackled the him again. The ball began to roll, straight down the hill. "Kolink!"Hah!

Suddenly the pokemon shot up, uprooting grass and flowers. The mud went flying into the air, some landing on the Sandshrew, who didn't seem to notice. "Shrew! Sandshrew!"Now I am angry! The Sandshrew ran up and launched a scratch at the Kolink. The attack landed, hitting the Shinx on the forehead. Then came another scratch hitting Kolink in the same spot.

"Sh...in...x..." rarely ever did Kolink say 'Shinx' or anything signifying the pokemon. <I can't tackle with all those scratches..> The scratches kept Kolink at bay, she ducking every so often.

"Alright, there is only one move here.. Kolink, dodge all of them that you can, wait until the Sandshrew tires, then give it your best tackle.." he said, knowing that Kolink would lose.

"Kol..ink.."I...will.. Kolink's voice was showing more weakness as she grew weaker. Finally the Sandshrew stopped to rest and Kolink rammed it with the strongest tackle that she could muster. She sent the pokemon flying through the air. It landed on the ground a few seconds later, and then Kolink fell over.

"Alright, return Kolink" he held out his pokeball, pressed the button and his pokemon came back. He only called back Kolink when he thought necessary this time was now,he thought. "Alright, Budew, finish this!" he held out another pokeball and out popped Budew

After changing pokemon the Sandshrew was rested and had it's energy back. "Budew, use Shadow Blitz!" commanded Krauss.

"Budew! Budew!" chanted the grass pokemon, seemingly happy. It began to be shrouded by the purple back mist and then it launched a pound-looking move. It quickly whacked the other pokemon.

"Saandshrew" it replied to the Budew. They were having some sort of conversation going on. Before the vine that hit Sandshrew left, he clawed it, his claw sticking in it. When it retracted he flew back into the Budew, knocking both of them over.

"Budew, Budew!" it shouted at the Sandshrew, who quickly got off, and scratched Budew again. Budew used another Shadow Blitz, and it hit the Sandshrew who had just curled up into a ball. THWACK! That was the sound made when the vine hit the Sandshrew and it went into the air. Then it landed and hit the floor hard. "Budew" Budew seemed to have a proud tinge to his voice, and turned around hapily. Then the Sandshrew launched itself out of the dust and it's claws raked the Budew's back. This only infuriated Budew who turned around and shoved the Sandshrew.

"Ok, Budew" Krauss began,"Use Shadow Blitz!" he said, hoping that this attack would finish off the pokemon, or get it to a catchable state.

Budew shot out it's attack and missed. The attack had just hit the ground, Budew took recoil damage and entered his hyperstate.

Sandshrew began rapidly clawing at it's now frozen in time foe. "Saand SHREW!" when the Sandshrew shouted the scratch was stronger. It took a quick breath and resumed the scratching. It quickly grew tired,"Sand.." It did a slow scratch."Shrew.." it began to breathe heavily and then it fell over backwards. Then Budew snapped out of it's state.

"Budew, Budew!" it shouted, as if to say watch. As the Sandshrew struggeled to get up, Budew used an absorb attack, draining the most of the energy it had left. Budew was left looking fresh and chipper. While Sandshrew was nearly fainted.

"Alright, go Pokeball!" shouted Krauss as he threw his Pokeball at the Sandshrew. It bounced off of it's head and then hit the dirt next to it. The red beam came out, seeming as if it pulled to the Sandshrew's soul. The next thing that everyone knew was that it was inside the ball. Krauss stepped closer and watched the ball gently rock back and forth.

October 25th, 2008, 7:31 PM
To Pikalover10: Okay, good post!
You caught a level 4 Female Starly!
Poochyena's heart opened up a lot!

To Lostt: Also a very good post. You seemed to switch off calling the pokemon Sandshrew and Sandslash ^^. Don't worry about rushing the posts. Just take your time.
You caught a level 4 Male Sandshrew!
Budew's heart opened up a lot!

I'll update bio's in the morning. I'm really tired now.

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Max continued through the dusty path seeing all sorts of wonderful new pokemon. He wanted to catch some but decided he had enough trouble on his hands as it was.

I wonder if Ingo is ok? Oh, and what about Proffessor Krane? Max wondered. All these things all came back to the same answer. He wouldn't know until he got to them.

Max looked down at Aki who was trodding alongside him, Pipper on his shoulder, and Poocheyana on the other side of him. Max sighed and then looked further down the path. He saw a boy about his age sitting on a rock looking bored. Max sped up and soon came to the boy.

"Hi!" Max said cheerfully.

"Hi." the boy said.

"My name is Max. Yours is?" Max asked.

"Gabriel. My name is Gabriel." the boy said.

"Well hi there Gabriel. Want to have a battle?" Max asked.

Gabriel looked at him and smiled as if that was what he had wanted all along. "Sure." he said.

Gabriel stood up and walked away about 6 or 7 meters. Then they chose their pokemon.

"Go, Pipper!" Max said.

"Go, Jenny!" Gabriel said.

Pipper flew down from Max's shoulder and then landed on another rock. In a bright white flash another Starly appeared. It was a little different in appearence, however. It had black feathers on top of its head, it was light brown wehre it was supposed to be tanish, and its tail feathers were brown instead of black. Max shrugged and then looked at Pipper who was rearing to go at her first trainer battle.

"Pipper use Tackle!" Max said.

"You too Jenny!" Gabriel said.

The two Starly chirped in response and then flew at eachother head on. They collided with a loud "BANG!" and then both flew back a little before regaining their balance. Then Pipper's wing glowed and then the glow disappeared. Max wondered what this strange attribute was but then shrugged it off.

"Again Jenny!" Gabriel said.

Then Jenny flew in and knocked Pipper out of the sky. She plummeted to the ground and Max not noticing it this time, her wing glowed again. She crashed into the ground but then rocketed out of the ground furious.

"Tackle!" Max said.

Pipper hit Jenny and knocked her out of the air. Then she dived in and hit Jenny sending her, faster and harder, plummeting into a rock. She hit the rock and crushed it into tiny pieces. Jenny struggled to get up and then finally did. Pipper was still in the air and was gasping, oviously tired.

"Come on Pipper tough it out! Tackle." Max said worried.

"You too Jenny." Gabriel said.

The two pokemon flew at eachother again. Pipper dived in at Jenny, and Jenny plunged at Pipper. Pipper spun out of the way at the last minute and then pushed off the ground and hit Jenny's back. Jenny screached and fell to the ground. Jenny appeared out of the dust and stood there silently and stared at Pipper with eloquence. HEr feathers gleemed in the sunlight and momentarily blinded Pipper.

Then, Jenny flew in at Pipper and knocked her to the ground. Pipper struggled to get up and then finally did. They both huffed and puffed and then their eyes got all foggy as if they would both faint right then and there.

"Tackle." Max whispered just loud enough so that only Pipper would hear him.

Pipper then shot like a rocket off the ground and hit Jenny. She fell to the ground and then hit it with her back. She kicked a bunch of dust up. It took a few minutes but the dust finally settled and revealed Jenny, kocked out.

"Yes! We won Pipper!" Max rejoiced.

Gabriel smiled and returned Jenny. He walked over to Max and shook his hand.

"Good battle man. I hope to battle you latter on in our journeys." he said. Then, he took off without another word.

Max smiled and nodded and headed the other way, towards the next area. Hoping to meet new friends and gain new allies.

((OOC: I nicknamed my new Starly Pipper (Pip-r)

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