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October 28th, 2008, 2:38 PM
The Story
As everyone knows that Arceus is the God of Pokemon, right? Well what would you say if I told you that there was another God, other rather yet a Devil of Pokemon. Yes this Pokemon is the opposite of Arceus in each and everyway as this Pokemon was the first Dark type Pokemon to ever exist. The name of this Pokemon is only known by Arceus and as for the Pokemon's location, that is also kept secret by Arceus. One day Arceus was looking down on the people of the four regions of Sinnoh, Kanto, Hoenn, and Johto, but started to feel a certain presence. A chill was sent down his back then reverberated through his whole body. As Arceus tried to come to terms to what might be happening he noticed that a hole had appeared in the middle of the sea that was in between the four regions. Arceus continued to look on and soon he saw a group of humans, who were each dressed in different uniforms, jump down into the hole. The humans disappeared, but as they fell into the hole Arceus could feel another chill. "What could this be? I have never experienced a chill like this. I only had this chill when I fought him, but I sealed him away. I sealed him away inside the other world, inside the world of darkness." Arceus looked down at the hole and saw that a strange black mist was flowing out of it. Arceus soon realized what the hole was, the gate to the world of darkness. Without any hesitation, Arceus summoned the Legendary Pokemon of the world to leave their homes and gather at his palace at once. The Legendary Pokemon were all clamoring inside the palace wondering what the emergency was. Celebi spoke with fear, "This has never happened before, could Arceus be in danger?" "Not a chance. Arceus is stronger than me and that’s saying something." said Groudon. Arceus steps forward in front of the Legendaries and speaks to them with fear in his voice. "I have gathered you all her for a very grave emergency. I am sorry to inform you, but the Pokemon that I had locked away, who was something like a brother to me, is going to break his seal and destroy us. The hole you may have noticed that was in the middle of the sea, is a gate to the world of darkness. Humans have already entered the hole and may fall victim to his control. If those humans do fall under his control, then it is most likely he will use them to break his seal. I brought you here, because I need your help. I want each of you to go out and find a human that can be trusted with your power and give it to them. If you haven't caught on, then what I am asking is for you to hand over the powers of a Legendary Pokemon to a human's Pokemon as a means to defeat him, Slade."
Your Mission
You have been chosen by one of the Legendary Pokemon to take control of their power and defeat Slade and his soldiers of the Darkness. You are a new trainer that has just received your first Pokemon ever. Now this Legendary Pokemon wants to give its powers to that Pokemon. You quickly and gracefully accept the offer and watch your Pokemon glow with a light that has given it a new look. Your Pokemon looks like a fusion of its self along with the features of the Legendary Pokemon it has obtained its new power from. You are now off to see that your mission is complete. However, along the way you will have to fight friends, family, and even fight yourself! It is up to you to save the world you live in before Slade's seal is broken, he destroys Arceus, and then destroys the world.
These rules are pretty simple, but I still want them to be followed, there are only 5.
Rule #1- Follow the PC role-playing rules if you break them you are out.
Rule #2- Stay Active in this Role-play or don't join it. I know you have school or life at home, but you should take that all into account before you join this RP. I need to post within five days and if you have an excuse, depending on what it is, I mat give you more time.
Rule #3- Do not take control of other people's character without their approved permission, if they give you permission then they need to send me a PM so it can be clarified.
Rule #4- Be as CREATIVE with your post as you possibly can. I just don't want to see you in an epic battle and just when you are about on the brink of losing your Pokemon get all powerful, use a move that’s unbeatable, and win the battle. That is too much of a cliché, so let's refrain from too much of that.
Rule #5- Just have fun and try not to get too bored.
The Legendary Pokemon List
You may choose a Legendary Pokemon from this list that will give their powers to your starter Pokemon, remember that when they give their powers to your starter this Legendary's soul will be intertwined with your starter's soul.

Groudon-(Chimchar) taken
Kyorge-(Buizel) taken
Jirachi- reserved
Deoxys-(Absol) taken
Zapdos-(jolteon) reserved
Articuno-(Sycther) taken
Mew-(Shiny Growlithe) taken
Raikou-(Elekid) taken
Suicune- taken
Lugia- taken
Darkrai- taken
Shaymin- taken
Giratina- taken
Dialga- taken
Palkia- taken
Regigigas-(Teddiursa, who immediately evolves in first battle)
Cresselia-(Buneary) taken
Sign-up Sheets
Name: (Duh)
Age: (Must be 10)
Place of origin: (Region and hometown, this determines, which Legendary Pokemon you can get)
Personality: (a good description, please 1 or 2 paragraphs)
Appearance: (The clothes you wear, what you look like, the eyes you have, all that good stuff)
Starter Pokemon: (Must be a prevolve form, not a Blastoise from your dad)
Starter's personality: (How will your starter act as it goes along its journey with you)
History: (Why are you on this journey and how did you meet the Legendary Pokemon that gave you its power)
Other information like favorite food or saying are optional.

Sign-ups are now open I will be accepting seven people or maybe eight, but that will be it so make your sign-ups good. Below is my sign-up sheet:

Name: Kraos/ Kai
Age: 10
Place of Origin: Sinnoh, Twinleaf Town
Personality: Kraos is unlike many others ever since he had an "accident" at seven. When Kraos was seven he hit his and the bump was so hard it created an alternate personality, Kai. Kraos is usually a loner who likes to keep himself. Rather than team up with a friend Kraos chooses to take on a challenge alone. While he may seem very cold at times, he actually known as a protector to smaller children and Pokemon. Kraos is the more aggresive of the two personalities, he makes wise decisions, but normally doesn't take other people's emotions into account when he talks to them. Kai, on the other hand, is very energetic and is always looking for a way to meet new friends. While Kai usually has good intentions, he has always found a way to cause trouble. Kai is the opposite of Kraos as he loves to team up, makes rushed decisions, and is a very emotional with others. That would also mean that he is a coward and when he needs help against something big and scary he asks Kraos to switch places with him.

Appearance: Kraos and Kai have light blue eyes, long dark black hair, tan skin and they occasionally wear their glasses. Kraos, ever since the accident, must pack another set of clothes for Kai to change into. While Kraos wears a black t-shirt with the letter "K" in red writing, blue jeans held up with a black belt, black running shoes, and a red headband with red armbands. When Kai decides he has had enough of staying bottled up inside Kraos's mind he pops out and changes clothes. When he comes out, Kai usually wears a red t-shirt, black jeans with gold stripes running down the side, black running shoes (Kraos's shoes), and a white headband with a smiley face on the front, along with white armbands.

Starter Pokemon: Aipom + Dialga
Starter's personality: Aipom is a fun lover and so he is always never seen sitting down. Aipom while he is energetic and naive he does know when to follow Kraos's orders. He is battler, but has hopes to compete in a contest and win a ribbon like his sister Ambipom. He seems to be a dreamer, which is why Kraos has chosen this younger Aipom to become his starter rather than the older Aipom.

History: On the day Kraos was born, his parents always knew he would be rather a trouble maker or a loner. It came to a surprise when he Kraos was born as both. During his years as a young seven year old child Kraos suffered a blow to the head that actually created a split personality. So Kraos grew up always chaning from one personality to another. As a young boy Kraos always dreamed of battling against trainers and working his way to the Sinnoh League. However, one day the alterbate Kraos watched a contest battle and that too played on his heartstrings. When Kraos finally reached the age of ten he decided that he would participate in both contest and the Sinnoh League. While he was warned of the dangers Kraos continues to go on with his idea. So Kraos gathered up his things from his house and prepared to leave the house. As he began to walk out the door with his bagpack ready, he was stopped by his parents. Kraos realized he had no starter Pokemon. He begged his parents to give him at least one of the Pokemon they were raising at their daycare. His parents brought him a line up of young and old starter Pokemon. After close examination Kraos chose Aipom and went out of the door. As Kraos walked with Aipom on his shoulder, a light appeared in front of him. After spinning around Aipom the light took form. Dialga now stood in front of Kraos and Aipom. Kraos prepared to battle, but Dialga stomped its foot to the ground. "I am not here to fight you, boy. I am here to give you my powers. The world has fallen into danger and as of now we need a human with your personalities to help us. I am the Legendary Dialga and so I shall now give my soul to your Aipom's soul. Use my power with great wisdom as there is a very tough road ahead of you."

October 29th, 2008, 8:05 PM
oo oo sounds fun K9S8-kun let me reserve please :O.. I want mew please..

I'll have my sign-up soon!

October 29th, 2008, 9:47 PM
sounds decent looks decent whats there to lose Reserving

November 13th, 2009, 1:37 AM
I'd like me be in this as well, after I read all the info. Save me Shaymin please.

November 13th, 2009, 1:45 AM
Can I reserve one with Suicune? Please and thank you. The only thing I don't like is that they have to be 10 years old. No parent is ever going to let their kid go out on their own at 10. 13, maybe. plus making them a little older allows for far more ineresting characters since there's more character development.

November 13th, 2009, 2:51 AM
im in im in im in! im gonna reserve a spot with Riolu/lugia!

Name: Brendan cruze

Age: 10

Place of origin: Sinnoh Canalave city

Personality: Brendan is very calm and collected. He can stay at ease in a stressful situation, and he never loses his cool when taunted by anyone, even rivals. As anyone can tell you, he is a great friend to have and he can be good backup in an argument. He may be ten but he acts like he's twelve and people often find it neccessary to point this out. Whenever he feels threatened, he gulps and places his best foot forward, trying to defeat whatever obstacles hold him down. Even though he may lose, he always gets over it quickly and if neccessary, he will complete a challenge later. He's always kind enough to listen to others feelings, and he respects their wishes when asked. It is really hard to anger him, since he just shrugs off every insult that heads his way.

He is always kind towards his pokemon, and to others. He thinks pokemon are the best thing that ever happened to the world. He rarely shows his personal life to others, and he really likes to keep secrets. For some reason he never knew, whenever he holds a secret it keeps him fuzzy inside. His way of thinking is "Live and let live."

Appearance: Brendan has dark hair and a childish face that goes well with his personality. It is mostly unblemished aside from a few Freckles here and there but aside from that his face is fault-free. When he smiles you can see that one of his front teeth is missing, but not because of the natural reason. He has bright blue eyes that occasionaly flash mischeviously. Brendan has light colored skin with freckles on his shoulders. He is short for a ten year old and he is average sized. not too heavy not too light. Average.

Over his skin is where he wears his clothes. He wears a Red shirt and Kakhi shorts with a Heavy windbreaker from his dad over everything. He has a pair of plain black sneakers and he wears mismatched socks which he claims are lucky. Honestly his outfit along with his missing tooth make him look really young. He also wears a pokeball shaped locket around his neck.

Starter Pokemon: Riolu/Lugia

Starter's personality: Rioulu may seem like any other Riolu, kind curious thoughtful and a smart thinker. But on the inside is his true personality. He has anger problems and problems letting go. If a pokemon angers him, he tends to strike with pure vengeance and Fury. This can cause him to be an unpredictable fighter and Ally. He does not like Brendan very much but the blessing of Lugia helps him feel calmer, and he is trying to develop a friendship with Brendan.

History: Brendan was born smiling and happy on a tragic day. His aunt rushed through traffic to get to the hospital when she got into a car accident. She did make it to the hospital, but not the way she should have. She never even got to see her young dark haired nephew. Brendan never even knew she existed untill he was five and he stumbled upon a picture of her in the attic. when he asked who she was, his parents came out and told him. The day after, he bought a pokeball locket from the store with his parents help, and he placed a small picture of his aunt in it. He loved talking to the locket, and he told it all about himself, and everything he did. When he was questioned about it once, he said "I was talking to my aunt see?" He showed them the picture and they just nodded.

When Brendan turned 7, he received an egg from his parents on his birthday. When Brendan asked where they got it from, they said a man wearing blue was giving them out. He practically shoved it in their hands. Brendan spent every moment with that egg, and he took it everywhere too! Even school. When the egg finally hatched, Brendan squeezed the Riolu that came out in a Joyfull Death-hug. After that, the Riolu eyed him carefully everywhere they went, almost as if he were afraid brendan would do it again. Even though their relationship has improved, Riolu still isnt friends with Brendan.

When Brendan turned nine, his parents took a trip to the Johto region. everyone had fun, even Riolu. But every day Brendan would sense something watching them, almost judging them. Brendan told this to his parents, but they laughed it off, saying he just didn't want to go home. The night before they left, Brendan had a strange dream. He walked out of the home they were staying in and onto the front yard. He saw a silvery aura cover him and Riolu who had somehow appeared next to him. The Aura lifted them up into the air, carrying them towards whirlpool island. Brendan watched amazed as they flew over the Johto region. Brendan looked over at Rioulu noticing him looking terrified at the drop below. Brendan grabbed him and held onto him as they descended onto the island. The two walked into an entrance almost feeling guided again. He noticed that every single pokemon they passed, bowed in respect. Brendan headed deeper into the cave and entered a large cavern. at the center sat Lugia. Brendan watched as Riolu bowed towards Lugia and then stood up. Lugia looked at Brendan and spoke to him with telekinesis.
"Hello little one. I am glad my protection brought you here. You must listen to me very carefully. You have been chosen to represent me. I will bless your pokemon with my power and I shall fill you both with my spirit."
Brendan looked at it confused. "Wait what?" "Do not worry little one. your time has not yet come. I shall explain more in the future. Till then." With that Lugia Broke eye contact with Brendan and Shifted over to Riolu. Both pokemons' eyes glowed a pale blue color, and both were surrounded by a silvery aura. As Riolu's got brighter, Lugia's grew more dim. Breaking contact right before its aura disappeared completely, Lugia smiled at both of them.
"Till we meet again." it said. With a flash of bright, Brendan blacked out.

After that night, things were in Chaos. Brendan and Riolu had been found asleep on the grass with Riolu's color changed. When his parents demanded to know how he got outside, he told them he didn't know.After that his parents kept a closer eye on him. he no longer had any freedom. Nothing to remind him of Lugia happened until his tenth birthday, when he set out on his adventure.

November 13th, 2009, 3:13 AM
Name: Kairi Hill

Age: 12(Sorry can't stand being 10. That's not my style.)

Place of origin: Sinnoh, Twinleaf Town

Personality: She is very nice and trusting. Kind to her Pokemon. But she does conplain a lot. Kairi really hates walking a lot. Her feet get sore when she does a lot of walking. When Kairi loses her temper though, she's like a hurricane, so watch out. She loses her temper whenever she sees someone being mean to Pokemon, or just being stuck up. She can't stand stuck up people. But she is very faithful to her friends and Pokemon. Kairi loves anything that's cute or beautiful. She goes on beauty. Beautiful and cute Pokemon are her life. She loves them so very much. Her favorite types of Pokemon are water types. She doesn't know why, there is just something beautiful and magical about water types that she just loves. But her favorite Pokemon are Pachirisu and Pikachu. She thinks there the cutest out of all other Pokemon out there. But she may like Pikachu a lot more then Pachirisu. But she can't stand ghost Pokemon. She is very afaird of ghost Pokemon. When she was very tiny, she got frighten by a Genger, and ever since then she's been very afaird of ghost types. She can't stand to be anywhere near them at all. They frighten her so much. Kairi believes there can be peace between humans and Pokemon. She believes that one day there will be such a strong connection between humans and Pokemon that humans will be able to understand Pokemon speech. She also believes in not keeping her first Pokemon inside a PokeBall. She likes to keep it outside with her all of the time.

Kairi is very short for her age. Even though, she's 12 she looks more like she's 8 years old. She is only 8 foot. She weights about 80 pounds. So yea, her weight makes her get sick a lot. She has long brown hair which she keeps tied in two long hanging ponytails. She wears a big white hat with a ribbons tied on the side in a bow on her head. She has brown eyes as well. Her eyes are the same color as her hair. She wears a long red tee shirt with short blue gean overalls over it. On her feet she wear red shoes with very long socks going all the way up to her knees. This is the perfect look for a Breeder. Or, so everyone tells her that all the time,"Hey! You look like a Breeder." She carries around a very big brown side bag that has a PokeGear atacted to it. The PokeGear is pink in color. Her Pokedex is also pink. For some reason Kairi's always loved the color pink. Her winter look is all pink sweat clothes. She keeps the same hat on though. Her hair style for winter is still the same as her summer look as well. After all a girl needs to bundle up very warmly for the colder time of year. Brrrr!

Starter Pokemon: Pikachu

Starter's Gender: Female

Starter's personality: Kairi's Pikachu is kinda shy for a Pikachu. Pikachus are normally brave and Hasty. But this Pikachu is anything but Hasty. She is afraid of everything. Kairi tries to encourge the little Pokemon. But it is very hard to get her to even battle sometimes. As she is scared of fighting. She is afraid of getting hurt. But with Kairi's encouragement Pikachu feels as if she can do anything. Even though she's shy and scared a lot if her trainer is in danger she'd do anything to protect her, even if it costs her, her life. Pikachu loves Kairi and would do anything for her.

History: Kairi was born, and raised in Johto, at New Bark Town. Her parents always used to fight all the time when she was a baby. It was always about her all the time. About what they would do with her. Even when Kairi was a little baby they faught a lot. But then it was about what to feed her. And who was going to change her diaper.

When Kairi was a baby she had always heard voices in her head. She didn't think anything of it at the time because, hey, she was just a baby. Later on when she turned 3 she forgotten all about the voices in her head. It was then that her father got fed up with her mother and decided to leave,"I'm going!" He screamed at Kairi's mother. "Find!" She screamed back. She was glad to have him gone.

Kairi's mother had always thought he was no good for Kairi anyway. Glameow, Kairi's mother's Pokemon yawned and fell asleep as he left the house. It didn't even notice him leaving. Kairi's mother used to be a Coordinator. She had entered dozens of Contests with that Glameow and won them all.

Kairi's mother had been everywhere. From Kanto all the way to Sinnoh. She had even won the Grand Festival with Glameow. Kairi's mother was a Pokemon Coordinator legend. But one day her mother retired from Contests and released all her Pokemon back into the wild expect for Glameow. She kept Glameow with her as a house pet.

Later on when she was 8 years old, Kairi and her mother later on moved to Twinleaf Town in Sinnoh, as New Bark Town was way too noisy for her and her mother. She loved going outside and picking flowers. She has a very beautiful flower garden that her mother sometimes helps her with. She plants all kinds of flowers there, but her favorite kinds of flowers are sun flowers.

Kairi has been living with her mother since then. She doesn't know what happened to her father. He disappeared about a year later after the divorce, and Kairi hasn't seen him since then. It's like her father just disappeared off the face of the earth. No one has seen her father since then. But she really doesn't care anyway.

Her and her mother sometimes sell the flowers. One day Kairi was watching TV, and heard about all children starting out as Pokemon Trainers or Coordinators, and getting there first Pokemon from the lab,"Wow! That's what I always wanted to do, go on a grand journey and breed Pokemon," Kairi said getting excited,"Maybe I'll be a Breeder that collects Badges and Ribbons."

The next day she went and got her starter. With her starter she feels as if she can handle anything. So she starts her journey. But as soon as she gets to Route 1, a flying type Pokemon flies down to her and her Pikachu. Her Pikachu gets scared hidding behind Kairi's leg.

The flying Pokemon is Shaymin. Shaymin tells Kairi about Slade and his soldiers of the Darkness. About his plans to rule the world. She tells her about the Pokemon that's even stronger then Arceus,"If you'd like I can power up your Pikachu with my powers, so that you may fight them. Would you like that?" Shaymin asked.

"Of course! I'd do anything to help," Kairi says,"Pi," Pikachu says looking shy,"It'll be ok Pikachu," Kairi informs her. Shaymin glows, with a green light. That light enters Pikachu's body, and Pikachu feels ten times stronger,"It is done. Contact me if you ever need me. I'll be in touch," Shaymin as she flies off, leaving a very confused Kairi and Pikachu.

Legendary: Shaymin

Trainer Card: http://img8.imageshack.us/img8/2545/kairihill1.png

If you need more info on certian things I'll gladly add it in.

November 13th, 2009, 4:21 AM
Here's mine as I said

Name: Josh Raven

Age: 13 (Can't do 10. It's WAY too young for this kind of thing. Besides, one, two, or three years older shouldn't make a huge difference plotwise.)

Place of origin: Goldenrod City, Johto

Personality: Josh is a bit of a loner. Emotionally detached, he's not one to consider other's feelings. Because he's detached from his own emotions, he often has a hard time figuring what he wants at any given moment. Due to this, he often overthinks his decisions, and takes too long. His decisions, however, are usually ingenious despite how long he usually takes to make them. If in a pinch however, he can make smart decisions quickly. Josh is, during normal circumstances, anti-social, and would rather sit in a tree listening to music on his iPod than interacting with others. During extreme circumstances, however, he won't hesitate to join with someone, attempt to find some common ground and work together with them. This can be hard on occaision because he tends to be sarcastic and overly cynical most of the time.

Josh isn't just a weird, anti-social loner however. He isn't one you want to be on the wrong side of since he's a direct descendant of the warlord, Atilla the Hun. This is definitely noticeable in his temper. He is hard to tick off, but when he is, he can be your worst nightmare, often blinded by rage, making rash decisions, and going out of his way for revenge.

Appearance: http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb256/Z34teen/animeboycustom.jpg

Josh has long black hair which he keeps in a ponytail at all times and hangs down to his butt. He has bright blue eyes that almost seem like swirling cerulean. Josh hasa girlish figure and he knows it. He will usually attempt to hide it under baggy jeans, a baggy red long sleeve shirt, and a baggy black hoodie. He knows how to use his figure to his advantage at times, able to convince enemies that he's a girl and seduce them... which is when he turns around and strikes.

Starter Pokemon: Eevee + Suicune

Starter's personality: Eevee is almost the total opposite of Josh, but they get along surprisingly well. Eevee is very playful, and very social, often going up to others and greeting them happily while Josh watches from afar. Eevee's playful demeaner was the very reason Josh chose him as it reminded him of a pet dog he'd had years ago.

History: Josh wasn't always so emotionally detached. he was a normal Italian -only- child... until age 4, when his mother got sick and died. His pet dog died a few weeks later. At the time, Josh's father worked all the time, and when he wasn't working, he was sleeping so he could go into work the next day. The lack of interaction and care caused Josh to withdraw completely and hide any and all emotions he had as well as forced him to be very domestic. By age 7, he could cook better than most experienced chefs. Over the years, he grew to like music as it made him feel like he wasn't constantly alone. He was eventually able to secure an iPod on one of the very few days his dad had off and has never let it off his person since.

As he approached age 13, he converted it to charge on it's own via a small solar panel stripped from 3 calculaters. A few weeks after he turned 13, Josh got a letter in the mail from the local pokemon breeder's just south of Goldenrod saying there were inviting 3 kids from Goldenrod to pick a pokemon to start a journey. After securing permission from his father, Josh ran down there as fast as he could after having packed a small black messenger bag -usually hidden under the hoodie- to pick his pokemon. Josh got there early enough to get the first pick. Upon seeing how playful and full of life the Eevee was, he picked it and went on his merry way. On his way to Violet city to get his first badge, a large black shadow emerged from the trees and blocked his path. The light eventually shined down from the trees to reveal Suicune, one og the three legendary dogs. Awestruck, Suicune explained why he was there. "Our world has fallen into danger and I am here to bestow my powers to you to help defeat the new evil. I trust you'll use my power wisely since the road ahead will be very rough." After a light blue flash, Suicune was gone.

Other information like favorite food or saying are optional.

Musician of Literature
November 13th, 2009, 12:38 PM
Name: Meditation Rherzon

Meditation is his real name, more about that in the history.

Age: 10

Place of origin: Mt. Coronet base near Oreburgh

Personality: Meditation is a militaryish guy. He acts very serious and rigid. Right then and there, he gets anything done, a very obedient man he is. He is powerful and a strong leader. He is organized and smart. He can endure hard climates and weather conditions easily.

The guy might seem awesome, at first glance, but he is not. He is very impatient, and is not easy to work with. He is strict and thinks that he is the only one doing work. Emotions are the thing that Meditation lacks. He doesn't really care about much. That gets other people really mad and those people want to turn against him. He is not very sociable. Music is not something Meditation likes to be a part of. He thinks it disturbs order and with it, you will not get anything done.

But, his name is not Meditation for nothing. You will often see Meditation doing yoga or sitting to practice meditation or forms of discipline, such as karate. He is very in sync with nature, but that is a secret to him. He feels that if he reveals it, his powerful standing shall be destroyed. Yeah, what standing? He never even had one.

Appearance: Meditation looks like a veteran. Dark-skinned is he, which is really odd for a person in Sinnoh, though his location is toward the South. He is medium height and of an average weight. The hair of Meditation is short and valley red, cut like the army man's hair. It is not moved easily, not even by the strongest wind or rainstorm. His eyes are dark-brown, always narrow and fierce, like the eyes of a tiger, waiting to lunge out at its prey. His mouth is never smiling, always looking angry. His face is rough and stern. It looks very fierce.His muscles are commensurate to hills. His abs are fearsome 5-packs, and his legs are fierce with muscle. You rarely see them as he moves swift, like a full fledged hurricane.

You will never see Meditation without his trusty army hat. The hat is dark camouflage green, with a black rim, in order to seal the sunlight from his eyes. At night, he slides the rim into a pouch that stores the sheild into a CD-player type storage. At night, S.W.A.T. team goggles brighten his view.

The upper body of Meditation is covered by an army uniform, camoflageed in green, brown, and black. It is very thick and weighs 20 pounds, a struggle for the 10 year old. Another thing on the upper body is his large, multi-pocket, large backpack. He uses it for exploration, which his father, Tzarzvian Rherzon, takes Meditation on constantly. Unburdened, the carrier weighs 3 Pounds. Weighted, it weighs 20 pounds.Black and brown camoflage pants decorate his lower body. His shoes are brown.

Starter Pokemon: Cranidos+Giratina
Starter's personality: Cranidos is a fun Pokemon. He is very curious and fun loving. He is also very impatient, however, after done exploring, as his stomach shrinks. The fun lover Cranidos is also likes to battle, but always loses.

History: Born on a cold day of a winter 10 orbits (years) ago at a late hour, he was the third and final child of the Rherzon's. His oldest sister, Gzredon, 6 at the time, and the slightly younger 5 year old brother, Bzerium. They were named in their parents native language, Vargan. The parents immigrated from Varguilia, known in their language as Vezrm dzer Rizhid (Land of the Rigid), because it was too hot there. The parents decided, after 5 hours of fighting, to choose the name that meant meditation in their tongue, Rezvlectria. The doctor was finding the name hard to pronounce, so the name on the birth certificate was meditation.

Meditation was worked hard by his father. He was worked day and night, starting when he was half a year old, on military skills, obediance, and discipline. He was worked like this until the mother, Hirana (light Khee-rhah-nah) Rherzon, cut in and fought with the father about his education and family. He was 5 at the time, so he was supposed to start trainers school. Well, the dad didn't like the idea, and a lot of swearing went around, and it got really ugly. The dad got sent to the hospital.

The skills he learned from his father were used during school. Meditation felt strong. Well, not so strong after getting sent to the principal multiple times. He eventually stopped and became well liked by his teacher, Ms. Sarah Ivy. Meditation was the best student in class. In gym, Coach Gonzalez thought he was great.He wasn't liked much by his peers, because he wasn't really the most fun person to be around, and his bully reputation was remembered by them.

At home, life was even more challenging for Meditation. His father came back from the hospital, in a bad mood, so Meditation was worked much harder. He was taken outside, into Mt. Coronet, Eterna Forest, and other hard natural landmarks. In Mt. Coronet, he noticed sketches of 3 Pokemon, Arceus, Giratina, and this Devil Pokemon. He wasn't sure what that meant, and the thought remained untouched for 4 years. He was 6 at the time.

Meditations mother did not like the father. They got into another fight. The fierce dad won by force. The force of death had taken over the Mom's body. Dad tried to prevent Meditation from finding out about that. He succeeded for two years, and then Meditation finally asked.

Instead of being sad, he was furious. The storm inside him was about to be released. He just started yelling at his dad with his way-too-deep woice and bolted away. He was far away from his father, who was in the north of the region. He didn't care. He was really happy.

He struggled at first to live near Mt. Coronet, but remembered what his father had taught him. He was able to apply it now. He knew his dad's skills would come in handy.

While Meditation was 9, during autumn, he saw a mysterious shadow on top of Mt. Coronet. Then, he was thinking back, "Huh, back when training with dad, I saw a similar figure..." His thoughts were interrupted by his sister, who was 15, on her first journey. She was going to participate in the Pokemon League of Sinnoh. She asked about how life was going, and told her the whole thing. Then, the sister left, never to be seen again.

Finally, the day where he could be like his father, in his younger, more glorious age had arrived! He was finally able to become a Pokemon Trainer! He was friends with the fossil regenerators, who gave him a Cranidos to start him off. Then, he was going to Oreburgh Cave, and that is where he met Giratina. Giratina came right in front of him with no warning. Meditation remembered his fathers training rules and did not move a muscle, but he was thinking, "This is the thing I saw in the prophecy and the shadow. Now I will finally understand..." His thoughts were interrupted by Giratina. "Good afternoon, Meditation. I am Giratina. Arceus has sent me down here-"
"If you try to fight me, I'm going to tare you limb from limb, and then you will become my dinner for tonight."
"Young boy, I've not come here to fight-"
"Oh yeah? Then why are you here? I have my wa-a-ys, oh crap."
Giratina was about to fire a shadow force at the morionless, landed figure.
"Now can I continue?" said the annoyed legendary.
"Yes," said the terrified young warrior.
"Our world is in danger. The rival of Arceus, Slade, is trying to destroy a seal Arceus has used to keep him from destroying Earth. Arceus will also be affected. You, the Earth, and Arceus are in danger. You are going to help stop it. I'll donate my powers to your friend, Cranidos, who I will rename Achaz. I truly appreciate your help, Meditation."

November 13th, 2009, 3:00 PM
Name: Maria Smith
Age: 10
Place of origin: Canalave City, Sinnoh.
Personality: Maria is a very shy girl who keeps to herself. She is quiet moody, though, and often keeps to herself. She doesn't trust a lot of people, if anyone. This causes Maria to panic if anyone tries to talk to her or approach her. She also likes to talk to herself and this makes people avoid her even more.

Of course, the biggest thing Maria has going against her social wise, are her interests. For some reason, she seems to like ghosts and dreams and anything having to do with the supernatural. She likes to try to practice spells she finds in the library, but they never work, of course.
Appearance: Maria is about 5 feet and 2 inches tall. She has long, dark hair with a white streak going across her bangs. Her eyes, though cover by her bangs, are of an amber color. Her skin has a slight tan to it and her face is somewhat oval.

Maria wears a black shirt that is much too big for her. She wears some long shorts that are ripped slightly at the edge. She has grey tennis shoes and no socks. She has a black sweat band on her right wrist with a skull on it and a long necklace with a Sharpedo's tooth on it.
Starter Pokemon: Growlithe + Darkrai
Starter's personality: Growler (the name of Maria's Growlithe) is very happy go lucky. He likes to play around with other people and Pokemon. Overall, he's a very social Pokemon, unlike his trianer.

But, he is still very loyal to Maria and will defend her as much as he can. Whether that involves growling at some bullies or actually fighting a Pokemon, he would do it. Growler also does his best to cheer Maria up when ever he can. Be it making her laugh or just resting his head on her lap. He would do just about anything for her.
History: Maria was born and raised in Canalave. She has lived there her entire life and rarely left the City. Her parents are both shop keepers near to where the old hotel is. Growing up, Maria had heard the stroies of Darkrai, the Pokemon who would give people nightmares. She soon became fasinated with this Pokemon and did everything she could to learn about it.

This introduced Maria to the world of superstitions and supernaturals and she loved it all. But, other kids didn't get why she liked what she liked and made fun of her for it. This caused Maria to not trust people and to become more and more alone.
When she was eight, her parents decided to get her a Pokemon for a companion.

It was through this that she got Growler. However, at first she didn't like the loyal Growlithe. She had always wanted a Ghost or even a Dark type Pokemon and didn't like the Fire type puppy. But, after Growler had protected her from some bullies, she soon warmed up to the Growlithe.

On Maria's tenth birthday, both she and Growler decided to try to get into the old hotel. She knew that it was suppose to be locked, but she wanted to try any ways. To her surprise, however, the door opened easily for her and a man was inside. The man offered her a bed and, quite suddenly, Maria found herself sleeply. The man led her to a bed and, soon enough, she and Growler were asleep.

In her dreams, she met the one Pokemon she has wanted to meet for a long time now; Darkrai. The Pitch Black Pokemon explained the situation to Maria and how he had chosen her to help keep Slade sealed. Both Pokemon and human agreed and Darkrai gave Growler some of his powers, making him look like he does now. With some final greetings, Maria woke up...

November 13th, 2009, 3:21 PM
Charzeon, Z34guy, Konekodemon- You are all accepted

Everyone else you will be reserved, but if someone comes and takes your spot in the RP I'm sorry.

Infinite Meditation you are also accepted, I did not see your edit, it was good and so it is accepted.

November 13th, 2009, 4:21 PM
Name: Ichiro Hatake

Age: 10

Place of origin: Shinnoh, Canalave City

Im a pretty happy guy. I am easy to make friends with and prefer to be around lots of people and pokemon. I like taking long journeys around shinnoh with my friends, taking them to archeological site that me amd my dad have been to. I am avid about history like my father and travel often to canalave to read the books there. I have a strong sense of right and wrong along with justice. I believe in Karma heavily and that everyone gets what they deserve.
I take great interest in finding out how the universe was created and use Giratina as the key to finding that out.

Black skate shoes, light brown cargo pants, white t-shirt, black zip-up sweat shirt, black steel dog tag, jet black hair, blue eyes. I carry a side pack that sits on my left shoulder and across my body so the bag lies on my right hip

Starter Pokemon: Gible

Legendary Pokemon: Palkia

Starter's personality:
My gible is always quick to react, curious, sometimes ending in it getting hurt pretty badly but im always there to save it. it usually travels to my left but sometimes rests ontop of my bag. We met when a trainer brought him to my mothers poke centre in veilstone. when they found him run over on cycling road. The trainer left to go battle the veilstone gym and my mother (nurse joy) made me nurse him back to health as experience. (btw, we later moved to canalave due to my fathers work.)

History: (re-done)
My father is a historian based in Canalave City and before that in Oreburg. 2 years ago when we were still in Oreburg City my father and I were inspecting a cave under the cycling road that locals thought was the cave of a legendary. When my father concluded it of no significance, we headed out. Unfortunately on our way out the cave shook violently and a massive rock slide came down, knocking me unconscious as rocks piled on top of my helpless body. Whilst begin unconscious I remember floating above the pile of rocks, slowly rising and watching my father dig in the wrong spot. I tried to call out but there was no voice. Soon the world darkened and a disembodied voice spoke; “Not yet, it is not in your destiny to die today.” When I awoke I found myself in my father’s arms, his face, buried in my chest weeping. I touched his face and he was joyous to see me alive. Blood ran down my head and he quickly rushed me to the Poke Centre at Oreburg where my mother worked. A week later my father brought a Gible into my room, explaining how he fruitlessly dug in the wrong spot and this Gible had dug me out. It had followed my father home and even slept outside my hospital room. A month later my mother got a job as a librarian in Canalave and we moved there, my father then became obsessed with New Moon and Full Moon Islands.
A week ago, my father got a tip off about some ruins know as the Spear Pillar has information about the start of the universe. Intrigued, Gible and I set off with my father to Mount Coronet. We assailed the peak and after two days climbing, we reached the summit known as the Spear Pillar. We camped there overnight and the next day we begun recording the hieroglyphs. Gible however lost interest with what we were doing quickly and went off to find treasures. After a while my head begun to itch and moments later erupted into a splitting headache. I lay on the ground in a foetal position while what felt like fire burned inside my skull. It was that same voice from two years ago, “I am Palkia, Lord of Space. Your destiny has always puzzled me and I have watched you carefully. At this point in time, your Pokémon Gible holds my sacred orb. Both of you must connect with it and your destiny will be revealed.” I headed this warning and as soon as the headache subsided to a small throb I called Gible. I told my father I was fine and watched as Gible rushed towards me on short, stumpy legs, trying not to trip over and lose his treasure. Gible dropped the pink orb on the ground at my feet and we both reached out to it. The space around us distorted into a bubble around us as we both touched the orb and soon we were a lone orb in a great darkness. I looked up and into the eyes of Palkia. It held us in its palm and looked directly at us. Its words spoke straight into my head without giving me the headache. It spoke of Slade, his army of humans, his prison and that I was due to prevent it. It finished talking and with its other hand, touched Gible’s forehead through the bubble lightly. Flowing white power surged from Palkia and in to Gible. Palkia finished emptying his powers into Gible he turned to me, his claw passing across my chest and stopping on my dog tag. The orb that lay at my feet rose to my chest, shrinking until it was no smaller than a marble. It fused into the middle of my tag and sat warmly against my chest. Palkia spoke again; “Wear that orb always and you will be able to communicate with me wherever you are. You can also communicate with your Gible as your awareness’ pass through me.” Everything slowly fell back into place and we found ourselves back at the Spear Pillar, the only thing that had changed was the misty white aura that swirled around Gible.

My favourite food is Green Apples but Gible likes redso we argue over that. I usually end up saying "watch out Gible!" during fights and travel.

Musician of Literature
November 13th, 2009, 4:26 PM
Charzeon, Z34guy, Konekodemon- You are all accepted

Everyone else you will be reserved, but if someone comes and takes your spot in the RP I'm sorry.

What is wrong with my SU?

November 14th, 2009, 4:12 PM
What is wrong with my SU?
It wasn't finished when he went through those and posted that.

November 14th, 2009, 7:28 PM
okay. im finally done sorry it took so long. homework troubles.

November 17th, 2009, 7:23 AM
As Kraos and Aipom look at one another, Aipom pinches Kraos. "With that I can say without a doubt, neither of us are dreaming. What we just saw was the actual Legendary Pokemon Dialga. If its power is now within you Aipom, what do we do from here? Do you feel any different than you did before?" Kraos ask Aipom. Aipom checks himself out, spins around, and examines his tail. He shakes his head and Kraos starts to wonder. "I see you don't feel or look any different than those five minutes ago. I guess it can't be helped. We might as well continue to walk through our journey as if nothing happened. We don't know if Dialga's power really did affect you." Kraos says and with that Aipom jumps on to his shoulder. The duo begin walking towards their first stop in their journey.

However, they feel a sudden earthquake, which knocks them to the ground. Aipom and Kraos look at one another as a beam of light pulls them up into the sky. "Remember what I said about 'forgetting' let's throw that can out the window." Kraos says as he and Aipom go further into the clouds. As Kraos and Aipom are pulled up they can see a strange hole in the ocean. Each of them are speechless as they see the dark hole. As they look around they can see other beams of light heading in their direction. "It looks like we aren't the only people that got trapped in an unknown destiny. Aipom, be on your guard when we reach where we're going. I can tell that it could mean trouble."

Once Aipom and Kraos are out of the beam of light they land on a cloud. To their surprise the cloud can actually hold them. Kraos feels even more suspicious of what is happening on the beginning of his journey. A light shines in front of him and Aipom. A bubble captures them and brings them closer to the shinning light. It is in this bubble that Kraos ntoices the other trainers and their starters that have been captured. "We aren't only, but I'm not so sure that's a good thing." as Kraos says this he pulls out Kai's clothes from his backpack. "I don't wanna be bothered with this anymore. Aipom, I will leave everything to you and Kai until I get back." Kraos's head moves back and he falls. His body then springs up and changes his clothes. "Looks like Kraos doesn't have time for the fun and games, but lucky for you I do." Kai says putting Aipom on his shoulder.

The shinning light dims to reveal a large Pokemon, the largest Pokemon Kai has ever seen. "Young trainers, my allies have chosen you to hold their power and to aid me. I look at each one of you and see that they made the right decisions. However, I am sorry to say that you will be going on a different journey than you had expected. There is a great darkness trying to escape from its cage. I have asked you to come and help me seal that darkness once again. If you hadn't noticed on your way up into the clouds, there was a hole in the ocean. That hole is the cage that I spoke of earlier. It seems that the darkness has recruited young trainers of his own to free him. I am asking you young trainers to go into the darkness and stop the other trainers from opening the cage. I know it is a lot to as for, but right now you may be the only hope to stop...."

"That's enough of that talk," says Kai interrupting the large Pokemon "I don't need an invitation to go do the right thing. I was already going to go in that dark hole thing anyway. It peaks my interest. So large Pokemon, you can count on me and Aipom to stop this darkness and those young punks. So without further ado, I think it's about time you beam me down. I have a lot of lost ground to cover and a lot more butt to kick."

The large Pokemon nods at Kai's bravery and sends his bubble into the dark hole. "Kai, I wish you and your Pokemon the best of luck!"

November 17th, 2009, 9:15 PM
does this mean that i am in?

November 18th, 2009, 12:03 AM
Does this mean the RP has started? And where do we start in? Do we start posting getting our starter or start off in a Route?

November 18th, 2009, 3:54 AM
Brendan's mind was Whirring, he could not believe what was happening. Last night, He had gone to bed with Riolu, and now he was standing in front of what was potentially the world's largest pokemon. Last night, Brendan had gone to sleep, Hoping today would be a good birthday, but nooo. Today had to be the day mentioned by Lugia during that "Dream". When Brendan had woken up this morning, Riolu greeted him with a loud "RIIIIIII" Brendan had noticed that Riolu was surrounded with an aura. Lugia's aura to be percise. Brendan sighed. "It just had to be today didn't it?" Riolu shrugged and hopped over to the window. Jugia's Aura was whipping around Riolu wildly, almost as if it wanted to escape. Brendan opened the window and Riolu hopped out, kept afloat by Lugia's powers. Brendan just stared at him. "Uhh Riolu? I kinda can't fly without some of Lugia's power.

Brendan waited patiently as the aura surrounding Riolu grew large enough to grant room to one person. Brendan hopped out of the window, and landed safely in Riolu's Aura Bubble. Brendan nodded at Riolu and the pair set off, heading for a destination not yet known to either of them. Only Lugia knew, and he was guiding Riolu through Telepathy.

They flew quite a distance, and over many a sea. The final ocean crossd had a large Gaping hole in it. A "Dark Gate" so to speak. Brendan shook his head at the size of it, and he wondered what held it open. This was why he was here today.

When they reached their final location, Brendan just stared in shock. A bubble had appeared and grabbed them, leaving them free to stand. The bubble then levitated to a very very large pokemon. Brendan had no idea what it was. then it spoke."Young trainers, my allies have chosen you to hold their power and to aid me. I look at each one of you and see that they made the right decisions. However, I am sorry to say that you will be going on a different journey than you had expected. There is a great darkness trying to escape from its cage. I have asked you to come and help me seal that darkness once again. If you hadn't noticed on your way up into the clouds, there was a hole in the ocean. That hole is the cage that I spoke of earlier. It seems that the darkness has recruited young trainers of his own to free him. I am asking you young trainers to go into the darkness and stop the other trainers from opening the cage. I know it is a lot to as for, but right now you may be the only hope to stop-" At that moment, the large pokemon was interrupted by a rude trainer. The Pokemon commended his bravery and sent him in. 'Bravery? I just thought he was rude.' Then Brendan nodded. "Excuse me, But I too am ready for the task I face." "Okay young Brendan Cruze. I welcome your bravery. And good luck. Brendan nodded as his bubble floated down into the hole below.

November 19th, 2009, 6:14 PM
Josh yawned a little as Suicune disappeared and he was engulfed in a bright blue light. He wasn't bored by everything that was happening, he just hadn't gotten any sleep recently, so he was a bit tired and cranky. He searched his iPod for a song that would keep him awake since he knew he needed to be awake for what was coming next. Finally settling on "Boom Boom Pow" by Jeffree Star, he let the blue light engulf him as he listened to the loud, offensive, sexual song.

Josh's stomach lurched as he felt himself teleported. The few seconds it took to get there felt like a lifetime to Josh and when the light faded, his stomach lurched one last time as he threw up on something.... white and fluffy? Well, there went what little breakfast he had... Josh looked around at the white fluffyness that now supported him as the iPod switched to "Bulletproof" by La Roux. Josh noticed another number of other kids with him and figured he wasn't the only chosen one. Standing up, he noticed -or rather couldn't help but notice- a huge pokemon in front of him..

."Young trainers, my allies have chosen you to hold their power and to aid me. I look at each one of you and see that they made the right decisions. However, I am sorry to say that you will be going on a different journey than you had expected. There is a great darkness trying to escape from its cage. I have asked you to come and help me seal that darkness once again. If you hadn't noticed on your way up into the clouds, there was a hole in the ocean. That hole is the cage that I spoke of earlier. It seems that the darkness has recruited young trainers of his own to free him. I am asking you young trainers to go into the darkness and stop the other trainers from opening the cage. I know it is a lot to as for, but right now you may be the only hope to stop-" It said but was cut short by another kid. The pokemon commended his "bravery".

Having no tolerance for that crap, Josh spoke up. "If that's bravery, I'm Oprah Winfry. That's more stupidity than anything else." Josh said as a few people turned to look at him. "Oh come on. Like you weren't thinking the exact same thing." He scoffed bluntly. Josh stood his ground expecting the kid to come over and try to pick a fight. "Ah yes. The voice of reason. Nice of you to join us Josh Raven. I'm sure some admire your independance." It said noting Josh and his outburst.

November 19th, 2009, 7:34 PM
My mind was reeling. All this information had been pushed into my head and now it felt like it was going to explode. Palkia, Slade, destiny, world, save. The words whirled around in my head as we headed back to Canalave, back home.
2 days later:
I woke up and headed for the shower. After waking up I hurried back into my room to get changed. I flicked on the TV and watched the morning news as I got changed. Suddenly three words burned into my mind “Save the World” and the whole house shook. Gible and I sheltered in the door frame and when it stopped, rushed downstairs to see if everyone was alright. My parents were both downstairs unharmed and we continued the morning routine. I had my bag packed when a news bulletin appeared on the TV. “In breaking news, an 8.6 earthquake has struck Sinnoh. What is even more disturbing is that a massive black hole looking anomaly has opened up in the ocean linking Sinnoh to other regions,” the TV reporter announced, “As you can see now from our bird cams it seems that people are jumping into this hole, with no knowing where it may go…” I grabbed by bag, strung it over my shoulder and ran out the door. People were running around outside, struggling to get supplies from shops. I went around the back and begun saddling up my father’s Pidgeot. I was about to hop on when I felt Gibles presence ease into my mind, and he spoke in quick English, “Palkia…fly…together…Palkia…wings…” was all that I made out. “I hope your right” I exclaimed and picked him up and brought him to my chest. I saw the milky white aura around Gible begin to engulf me and watched as it moved to my back and formed into wings of Palkia. The wings took us into the air and we relaxed, along for the ride. I looked down at all the people on the ground, their aura’s switching from the orange of panic to the brown of worry to a scared purple. I had always thought it was normal, that everybody could see each other’s aura but when I told my mum she was shocked. She said that I had synthestesia, somehow all my sense could be combined together. We got to the hole and I had to look away, it was the most aweful, darkest aura I had ever seen and it hurt to look directly at it. I looked across and saw someone else being trapped in a bubble and pulled towards the hole, “Go figure we wouldn’t be the only ones” I murmured to Gible as a bubble came for us. I watched as the other guys aura fell into the hole. The bubble enveloped us, dragging us into the centre of the hole and there my vision was flooded with a huge aura of pure whiteness. The aura of Arceus, the god of the universe who spoke: "Young trainers, my allies have chosen you to hold their power and to aid me. I look at each one of you and see that they made the right decisions. However, I am sorry to say that you will be going on a different journey than you had expected. There is a great darkness trying to escape from its cage. I have asked you to come and help me seal that darkness once again. If you hadn't noticed on your way up into the clouds, there was a hole in the ocean. That hole is the cage that I spoke of earlier. It seems that the darkness has recruited young trainers of his own to free him. I am asking you young trainers to go into the darkness and stop the other trainers from opening the cage. I know it is a lot to as for, but right now you may be the only hope to stop...." I looked over to where the disturbance was and saw the boy who Arceus had turned to, before I had noted that his aura had changed nature, “weird” I commented to Gible. Whilst Arceus acknowledged this boy I reached down my side and into my bag where I found my iPod. I flicked it onto shuffle and began listening. I laughed as the song, “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse played in my ears and I watched as the kids bubble descended into the hole. I saw two more bubbles float down into the hole until their auras too vanished. “Oh great Arceus, drop me when you’re ready” I said to the awesome being. He now turned to me, “your sarcasm has been duly noted Aura Reader, now go forth and follow your allies, the adventure lies below.” As we dropped I felt Palkia’s presence touch my head lightly, “find the one with the power of my Time Brother, they will be the best to follow.” My iPod switched to “Meaning of Life “ by The Offspring, “could this be the meaning to my life?” I thought.

November 20th, 2009, 10:49 AM
OOC: I am allowing everyone to have three Legendary Soul Pokemon, so choose a Legendary not being used and add it to your party, but make sure they are added during a reasonable post.

Once Kai and Aipom land inside the dark hole, they notice the world inside is similar to, Sinnoh. "Wait a minute, are you telling me this world is a dark reflection of our world? That would mean everything from Sinnoh is in this world too. That explains why my house is in that corner. We are in a dark reflection of Twinleaf Town. I wouldn't be wrong in my assumption that everyone is in their dark reflection of their hometown once they enter this hole. This doesn't sit right with me. Not only that, Kraos hasn't tried to take control. He must be waiting for something to happen." Kai thought as he looked around the town. Just then he began to notice that his arm was burning. "What's this sensation in my right arm? I feel like I'm burning, but I'm not on fire." Kai looks at Aipom, who is also feeling the same way. "You're feeling the burning sensation in your body too. It must be this world we are in." As Kai says that a girl appears in front of him.

The girl has long dark hair, her face is covered by a mask, and her body is covered by a cloak. The only way that Kai could tell she was a girl was from her smell. She had put on a perfume that many girls he knew loved to wear. The girl begins to walk towards him. "It seems that you are starting to feel the power of the Legendary Pokemon inside your body. Its power is telling you that I am a dangerous person with an aura similar to the dark hole's aura. That's because I am my master's newest servant. I am part of an elite group of ten that have come to this world under 'his' orders." the girl says as she walks closer.

Kai begins to move back along with Aipom. "Who is this 'him' you speak of? Is he your master?" Kai asks.

"Why yes 'he' is and I'm proud of it. He summoned me and my comrades with his powers. We followed his voice and came into this world, where he bestowed upon us even more power. He gave us a power that even the other Legendary Pokemon don't know about. The 'ultimate' power is now ours." the girl reveals her arm, it is covered in strange dark markings. "However there is more power that we can obtain. Our master was only able to give us this power at a cost of him losing his own power to fight. So we shall fight in his place. Because once we give master what he desires he will return the favor."

"What are you talking about? What does he desire?"

"He desires, freedom, of course. However, he doesn't have the power to escape his prison. That's why he summoned us here and gave us his power. We shall bring him the keys to unlocking his prison."

"What keys are you talking about?" Aipom jumps onto Kai's shoulder as they move further away from the girl.

"The power of the Legendary Pokemon are the keys, my dear Kai." The girl grabs a Pokeball from underneath her cloak. "The Legendary Pokemon's energies are the keys to unlocking his prison. Once we defeat you in battle and retrieve those energies, he will be free to roam the real world. Then with us by his side, he will destroy it in an instant. We will make a new world of darkness and reign supreme."

"Wait a minute, are you telling me that this was a trap? That monster never had the power to escape, just enough to open this world. He lured you guys here with his power and then made that other large Pokemon panic. He made him think that you guys would help him escape, but in fact, you guys couldn't do anything at all. He made that large Pokemon bring him what he needed to escape, the souls of the Legendary Pokemon. This monster trapped that other large Pokemon with just this. In other words, the reason why this monster will escape will because of that large Pokemon's mistake of sending the souls of the Legendary Pokemon here. This was a trap from the beginning!" Kai and Aipom look on as the girl laughs at his truth.

"You're right, master never had enough power to keep expanding that hole. If that other Pokemon would have waited a few days the hole would have stopped growing. Master gave us all his remaining power. The only thing he can do now is keep the hole open. That large Pokemon fell into his trap just like master said he would. Now all we have to do is beat at least eight of you Legendary Soul Pokemon and the master will be free." the girl laughs as Kai drops to his knees.

"To make it worst, it's already too late to escape and warn the others. We are just animals being hunted by predators. The only problem is, if we get caught, then we set up so others will get caught too." Kai gets off his knees. "I guess I will have to do the only thing I can do, I have to win and not lose Dialga's Legendary Soul." Kai takes Aipom and prepares to run away. However, from the sky comes a Water Pulse that attacks the girl. The girl and Kai look for the attacker. Then from the sky comes the attacker, a Buizel.

"I have the soul of Kyorge with me and with that I came without a trainer to stop you!" Kyo-Buizel prepares to attack.

"Two souls, already? Must be my lucky day to impress the master. Magmortar, destroy them!" the girl releases the Pokeball she was holding.

The Magmortar stands tall in front of Kyo-Buizel, Kai, and Aipom. The Buizel's body begins to glow with marks similar to Kyorge.

"I can feel his soul and it's ready to battle." Kyo-Buizel says as he prepares to attack.

Aipom also begins to glow with marks on his body similar to Dialga. "Don't tell me you wanna fight too?"

"I must battle so that the monster can not destroy this world." says Aipom as he stands beside Buizel.

When Aipom jumps down, Kai's right arm glows with the mark of Dialga. "We can't fight this battle and win." Kai says as the Pokemon prepare to battle.

November 20th, 2009, 11:03 AM
Can I have Arceus then since it's a big part of the story? If I can't have it I'll take Cresselia then. She's beautiful. Sorry it's taking me a long time to post. I'm taking this much time cause I like my posts to be really good. Plus, I'm trying to catch a Shiny Growlithe. *Looks* Oh you said we can have two others, not one other. So, can I have Cresselia and Arceus? I post really good. So I think my character should be the one to get the storyline legendary.

Edit: Guess I can't do Arceus then. I'll take Cresselia and Mew then.

November 20th, 2009, 6:34 PM
(OOC: I call deoxys as absol and Raikou. now I have to incorperate them in... but how.. and Charzeon, You're supposed to land in your hometown. So, you should land in Canalave with me.)

Brendan felt the Bubble pop as he hovered closer to the ground. He fell to the ground and landed flat on his face, pain jetting through his whole body. Next to him he heard riolu land next to him on the pads of his feet. Brendan stood up rubbing his face. "Oooowww. You okay Riolu?" Expecting the usual Riiii, Brendan was suprised when he heard "Of course Brendan, I'm always fine."

Brendan turned Shocked towards the Small blue dog. "Did you just say that?" Riolu's eyes narrowed and he said "Of course Brendan, Who did you think said it, a shadow?" Brendan just stared. "But how.. hmm it must be the world we're in. I'm guessing that every creature, human or pokemon speaks the same language here." Riolu sighed. "Well duh professor obvious." Brendan was about to reply when he felt a tingling sensation on his arm, almost as if a really strong wind was blowing on it.

"What the-?" Brendan said. Riolu spun in the direction the supposed 'Wind' was coming from. Brendan turned in that direction and gasped. There was a man wearing a mask and cape, and he was staring right at Brendan and Riolu. "Well, Well, Well. Look what we have here. It's a soul Legendary already." Brendan just stared at the man. "What? Listen, I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm going to guess that you work for the force that we're supposed to stop." Brendan slapped his arm when he said this, trying to get the 'wind' to go away. The man smiled. "That power you feel on your arm will tell you when someone with master's blessing comes near. To bad you won't have a chance to use it again." Brendan gritteed his teeth and lookede at Riolu expectantly. Riolu stared right back at him. "You're my trainer! You tell me what to do.
i have no ideas anyway."

"Stop." A majestic voice filled with power echoed throughout the shadow city. There was a slightly female tint to The voice, and everyone looked toward's the voice. It was an absol, with Deoxys' color pattern. The Absol hopped from rooftop to rooftop until it was right next to Brendan. "I am Absol With the powers of Deoxys. Your master does not deserve to exist villain!" The Absol landed next to Brendan with amazing grace and dignity. The man laughed. "looks like I get two Souls today. Go Electivire!" The man threw out his pokeball, and the large two tailed electric pokemon came out. It sounded to Brendan as if it were chuckling slightly.

Brendan pulled himself into a battling position and looked at Riolu. The small blue dog's eyes were glowing a silverish blue, and an aura of the same color surrounded him. The Absol smirked to itself and muttered "Speed forme" The absol glowed in a white light and its body changed slightly. It grew thinner and longer, and began to look like a pokemon built solely for speed. Brendan focused on the battle ahead of him, and he felt a light breeze blow over his whole body. He looked around him and noticed he now had an aura around him. Brendan guessed that his eyes were glowing too. With an airy overtone in his voice, Brendan said, "Let's go!"

November 21st, 2009, 12:15 AM
After Shaymin had given powers to Pikachu, it flew off. Kairi stood there confused not knowing what to do now,"Well, guess we better get going Pikachu," she told her. Pikachu nodded her head and got up onto Kairi's shoulder as they walked away, just starting there journey. Kairi was excited about getting her first Ribbon and Badge as well. She couldn't wait! That was if she earned them. She'd have to train hard. And get Pikachu over her shyness otherwise she'd never win a Ribbon.

Her mother had thought it a mistake for Kairi to go for both Badges and Ribbons. But she had made her mother aware that she was just collecting Badges and Ribbons. Right now she really had no plans at all about entering the Pokemon League or the Grand Festival. She just thought this would make her a much better Breeder is all. As a Breeder is what Kairi was going for after all.

All this was on Kairi's mind as she walked though Route 201, not relizing Pikachu had some new moves now, and was now not just an electric type but also had trades of flying and grass abilities as well. And as such had learnt a new move, Defense Curl. Just then a Shiny Growlithe came around the corner from a bush,"Wow! What a rare Pokemon!" Kairi says, hearts in her eyes. She just had to catch this Shiny Growlithe.

"Pikachu go get it!" Kairi cheered. "Chuuu!" Pikachu said hidding in her bag,"Come on Pikachu! You can do it! I know you can!" Kairi cheered. And just like that, Pikachu got into action. She felt strong from Kairi's words, like she could do anything.

Shiny Growlithe saw the oncoming attack before Kairi could even order an attack and ran at Pikachu using it's Bite attack. It hit Pikachu sending her flying,"Pikachu are you ok?" Kairi asked. Pikachu got back up,"Pika!" She repiled, still able to battle. "Ok, show Growlithe your Thundershock Pikachu!" Kairi cheered. Pikachu sent Thundershock the shiny Growlithe's way. The shiny Growlithe just sent out a Ember attack to block the Thundershock.

The shiny Growlithe then sent out another Ember attack. Kairi shut her eyes as she saw the attack coming. But she didn't hear a noise of pain from Pikachu. She looked and saw Pikachu glowing. She checked her Pokedex,"What! How did you learn Defense Curl? That's not one of your moves," Kairi said looking confused.

"Pika?" Pikachu said turning her head sideways looking just as confused as Kairi. She didn't know how she had learnt the move. All Pikachu knew was that she knew the move. But Kairi decided just to go with the flow and ask questions later,"Use then, use Defense Curl Pikachu!" Kairi called out. Pikachu used Defense Curl again, just as the shiny Growlithe used another Ember attack, which hit doing less damage then last turn.

The shiny Growlithe wasn't looking too happy about this either. It thought that for sure it was winning. "Grow!" It said running at Pikachu using it's Bite attack again. Pikachu tried to dodge out of the way. She almost did dodge expect that the shiny Growlithe ended up bitting her on her tail, which caused Pikachu to release a Thundershock out of anger.

"Grow!" Shiny Growlithe screamed painfully. It then used Bite attack on Pikachu again. Both Pokemon then backed away from each other. Yes, the shiny Growlithe could of used it's Roar attack a long time ago to scar Pikachu away, but it was a fighter and never ran away from any battle. That of course would cost it greatly.

"Pikachu, attack it with your Growl attack!" Kairi ordered. Pikachu nodded, grinning her teeth and growling angerly at the shiny Growlithe, lowering it's attack power by one point. The shiny Growlithe then used Ember again, which Pikachu managed to dodge this time.

"Now! Use Defense Curl again!" Kairi ordered. Pikachu glowed with a bright light as she raised her defense points even higher. The shiny Growlithe used Ember again. But this time, Pikachu's defense was so high that she barely even noticed the little Ember attack as it hit her.

Now the shiny Growlithe was mad. But it was also starting to get pretty weaken from all the times that damn rat had shocked it. But just then while Kairi was enjoying herself trying to catch this Pokemon a flot of Spearows showed up,"Oh crap," she said as she picked up Pikachu,"Well, what are you waiting for Growlithe? Run!" She told it.

Kairi then started running holding Pikachu, with a wild shiny Growlithe at her feet. The Spearows chessed her, wanting to make a meal out of Pikachu,"Grow!" Shiny Growlithe screamed as they were gaining on it. After all it was still weaken from it's battle with Pikachu.

Shiny Growlithe fell to the ground panding painfully. The Spearows begin pecking at it,"Growlithe!" Kairi called. Looked as if she had no choice. Quickly she put Pikachu into her PokeBall and put her up. Kairi then dashed over pushing her way through all the Spearows who started pecking at her as she picked up the shiny Growlithe then continued running.

The shiny Growlithe looked up at her and binked wondering why she was going though so much trouble to help a wild Pokemon that she hadn't even caught yet. Also Shiny Growlithe was weak enough to catch now, so it didn't get why Kairi didn't take this chance to catch it,"Don't worry Growlithe. I'll protect you," Kairi said grinning at the puppy type in her arms as she ran.

The Shiny Growlithe nodded,"Grow!" But just when Kairi had thought she'd gotten away she came to a dead end,"Oh no! Were in trouble," Kairi sighed. She looked up. The Spearows were closing in on her. She sit down on the ground leaning over holding the shiny Growlithe as tight as she could.

The Spearows flew down at Kairi and begin pecking at her body trying to get to the shiny Growlithe. Kairi started crying painfully as she got pecked. Shiny Growlithe felt like it was going to start crying from seeing how much pain Kairi was in,"Don't worry, Growlithe I won't let those Spearow hurt you," she said though painful grins.

But just when all seemed lost and Kairi thought she couldn't take it anymore, there was a bright light in the sky, as something that looked like a white cat with a long thin tail appeared,"Mew!" She said using her Psychic powers to drive the Spearows away. They turned and flew off.

Kairi then looked up at Mew,"Your Mew aren't you? What are you doing here?" Kairi asked. <Shaymin asked me to come and help you. That there Growlithe if it decides to join you I can give it some of my powers,> Mew said using her psychic powers to talk to Kairi. Kairi told the Shiny Growlithe everything that Shaymin had told her,"So, would you like to come with me Growlithe?" She asked the shiny Growlithe. The Shiny Growlithe sit there thinking about it. Well, Kairi had risked her life to save it after all. But what would the Shiny Growlithe decide? Would it go with Kairi, and gain Mew's powers?

After thinking about it, the shiny Growlithe agreed as he jumped into Kairi's arms licking her on the face,"Hehe! That tickles Growlithe," Kairi giggled. Mew then nodded giving Growlithe her powers,<There! It is done. Your Growlithe is now a Fire/Psychic type. I'll see you later,> Mew said as she flew away like Shaymin had done before her. Kairi put Growlithe in a PokeBall and continued on.

November 21st, 2009, 8:33 AM
(OOC: In that case, do you mind if I can reserve Zapidos and Mewtwo with a Jolteon and Gardevoir respectively.)

Maria winced slightly as, in a flash of dark light, she suddenly found herself on a cloud. Growler grunted as he also found himself on the cloud. Then the very large, Legendary Pokemon appeared before them and Maria couldn't help but to stand a bit straighter. The Pokemon explained the situation to the girl and her Growlith, making Maria move back and forth nervously. Darkrai did say that they would have to fight a powerful being that was more dark then even himself, but she didn't really know what she was getting herself into.

Suddenly, both Maria and Growler where floated off of the cloud and into the dark hole. The girl couldn't help but to close her eyes as they went down. She only opened them again when she found her feet on the ground once more. Maria gasped as she looked around her. They seemed to still be in Sinnoh, but everything was dark! It was like it was eternal night time.

Growler let out a low growl, drawing his trainer's attention to him. She then looked to what he was growling at. It seemed to be a man in a cloak and a mask. The man seemed to be controlling the wind and was challenging a boy with a Rilou and an Absol. Maria looked back at her discolored Growlith and nodded.

"Hey, don't start this thing with out us!" Maria shouted as she and Growler ran over to the boy and the man, standing by the boy. "Don't you dare think that we, who have the soul of Darkrai, are going to let you have all the fun."

She smiled at the boy before saying to Growler, "Okay, lets get ready for this."

November 21st, 2009, 11:17 AM
"This battle shall carve my name in history with my master. Once he sees that I have collected two souls out of eight, he will praise me forever. The only thing that could make this better is if there were another Pokemon. A girl can dream though, so Magmortar, use Flamethrower!" the girl shouts.

As the girl's attack comes towards Aipom and Buizel, another Flame Wheel blocks the attack. "Don't tell me her wish just came true!" Kai shouts as the Flame Wheel reveals to be an attack from a Chimchar with Groudon symbols. "Kyorge, why did you leave me? I told you that I would follow you into battle, but you just ran off. Now I see you have gotten yourself into a predicament. No matter, I will handle this Pokemon while you escape with the others. As a fire type, his attacks won't affect me as much as they would you guys." Chimchar also prepares to battle.

Kai looking at the situation, grabs Aipom by the ear and whispers something to him. "I know you want to battle, but here is the plan I came up with for this battle. I want you to follow my commands without hesitation. We are going to use our contest moves, nothing else." Kai says as he lets go of Aipom's ear. Aipom returns to the battle field with Buizel and Chimchar.

Magmortar laughs as he releases another Flamethrower attack from his left cannon and a Rock Tomb attack from his right cannon. Buizel counters Flamethrower with Water Gun as Chimchar counters Rock Tomb with his Flamethrower. The attacks collide and destroy each other. Magmortar laughs again as he releases a double cannon Flamethrower attack. The attack is faster and so Buizel and Chimchar are caught off guard. Chimchar blocks the attack, as Buizel barely gets out of the way. Aipom sees the others in trouble and jumps high into the air. "Aipom, spin and use Swift." Aipom spins as Kai commands and Swift surrounds Aipom, Buizel, and Chimchar.

"Contest Appeal Move One, Swift Shield. This move protects the user from special attacks and can also be used to combined other attacks with the power of Swift. Let me show you some contest appeal, Chimchar Flamethrower and Buizel Water Pulse!"

Buizel and Chimchar follow Kai's orders. Once their attacks are launched at Magmortar, they are combined with Aipom's Swift stars and do extra damage to Magmortar. While the attacks are strong, they are not enough to push Magmortar off his feet. Instead the Pokemon chuckles as his cannon starts to charge.

Buizel does not see the charging cannon and use his Aqua Jet. "Chimchar, knock Buizel out of the sky!" Kai shouts. Chimchar looks uneasy, but then does as Kai commands. Buizel's attack is stopped by Chimchar.

"What was that all about? You aren't my trainer, you can't order me around!" Buizel shouts at Kai, who has just changed clothes.

Aipom looks at his trainer and realizes that Kai has switched places Kraos. Aipom begins to feel that this battle is going to end in the next few moves.

"Aipom come to my shoulder and prepare for our next and final assault!" Kraos yells to his Pokemon. Aipom rushes over and listens to Kraos' plan.

Aipom jumps down from his shoulder and walks over to Chimchar and Buizel. He smiles at them as he delivers two Foci Punches to their stomachs. This knocks them out, while Kraos grabs them, Aipom jumps back on his shoulder, and then he grabs something from his pocket. "While I am not one to run away from a battle, after seeing the stakes, I know this is a losing effort. For now I will retreat, but don't claim this battle as a victory, claim it as a draw." Kraos says as he throws a smoke ball on the ground and disappears.

The girl does not pursue them, she simply recalls Magmortar back into his Pokeball. "That boy, knew that we were about to use power he has never seen before. It seems that getting his legendary souls won't be as easy I like, but no matter, once I find my prey, I squash it." the girl walks away disappearing into the darkness.

Meanwhile, in his home, Kraos starts explaining his actions to Chimchar and Buizel. He tells them about the trap that had been set by the monster that lives in this world and also their roles in his trap. "Since neither of you have a trainer to guide you in battle, it's a lost cause. If you only battle with your instinct then you will be unable to avoid serious problems in battle. For example, you Buizel, did a very foolish thing. Magmortar, has the ability Flame Body, which means on contact the opponent can become burned. If you had connected with that Aqua Jet, you would have been burned, which in the long run, could have brought your defeat. You don't know what type of abilities that girl could have had, but didn't use on us just yet. I can't fight a battle, that has only me being defeated in the end. Right now, we need to focus on figuring out what the souls of the Legendary Pokemon can do for us. They may give us more than just extra power, they may give us something else. When we figure out how to use that, then we can fight those guys, but until then we stay here and plan out our next moves."

"That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Why should we wait to attack? If we attack them first then that's means there are fewer people to revive the master. Let's go take them down and then take down the master's plan as well!" shouts an angry Buizel.

"Kraos, I undertsand your plan and I am willing to join your team during this time of need. There is more strength in numbers. You are also right in saying that we must learn how to use the legendary soul Pokemon's powers. If we can use them more effectively then we stand a greater chance of defeating the master's servants that also know how to use their master's powers." Chimchar says jumping onto Kraos shoulder with Aipom.

Buizel is still furious and refuses to accept he is not strong enough to defeat the master's servants. He looks down and punches the floor with his fist. He turns to Kraos and nods his head. "There is nothing I can do from here. I will join your team as well and use the power of Kyorge to destroy the servants and then the master." Buizel says extending his hand to Kraos.

Kraos shakes his hand and nods with Buizel's words. He gets off the floor and takes everyone down stairs with him. "We are on our way to that lake not far from here. We must find a way to awaken your legendary Pokemon soul powers. That lake might have something, but then again this is just a guess." Kraos says as he and his team walk out the door.

"No matter what happens I will not let that monster awaken and destroy my world!" everyone says as they walk towards the lake for training.

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November 21st, 2009, 12:09 PM
OOC: I'll choose Jirachi as the Soul legendary.

"All right, if I have to save the world, I'll do it," said Meditation. A very obedient kid he was. He always does what he is told. He wasn't about to break the reputation.

"It will be a challenge-"

"You know what a challenge is? Living off the cold land of Mt. Coronet, sometimes starving for a time. I think I can handle saving the world," Meditation said with grand confidence.

"Well, that is excellent. When the shadows are brightened shall we meet again," said Giratina. Suddenly, Giratina vanished, the kinetic energy of his particles increasing and moving down into the ground. All of the sudden, a dark opening showed itself. It stood with great superiority to Meditation. The shadows of the caved blocked any light from illuminating the entrance. Meditation was in a very confused position. First of all, he had no clue what Giratina meant by his last line, and he had no clue about the cave. "Am I supposed to go through this cave, or am I going to the east exit of Oreburgh? What's the deal?"

A high voice sounded through the black darkness. It was saying, " Rezvlectria, enzrel nizh vezrm zgiozn (Meditation, go into the cave)." Being cautious, he put on his night vision goggles. His vision was clearer. He saw a white, snowy path, contrasting with a star-filled night sky. It was a very beautiful scene. Meditation walked into the grand cave. He discovered loss of gravity. "What is going on, General?" asked Meditation, to no one in particular. Shocked was he, and so was Achaz, who leaped out of his ball. Then, all of the sudden, gravity turned back on and the two soldiers fell.

They were stopped by Jirachi, who levitated them into the air. "Do you realize I've been controlling your gravity?" Jirachi said laughing. "Private, that is not funny. I've got my gun, hey! Give me my hunting rifle!" Jirachi's psychic powers moved the rifle. "All right, so what is up?"

"Giratina probably already told you about Slade, the Devil Pokemon. He's tryipng to destroy the world. Well, I'm going to join forces with you," explained Jirachi.

"Hehehe, this oughta be great! Let's do this, Jirachi, the Wish Maker," said Meditation. The snow changed to a golden color, and the sky turned white. A yellow lightning bolt gave Meditation and Jirachi opposing charges, causing their bodies to fuse. Then, a black hole appeared in the still white sky and sucked them up...

November 22nd, 2009, 12:21 AM
OOC: I wanted you guys to know that you can now use the Pokemon OOC thread under my name as the OOC thread for this RP. You can use it since my other RP died and no one else is using it.

November 22nd, 2009, 1:02 AM
Brendan grinned at the girl beside him. "Heatran huh? Sounds nice, although I was never one for nightmares." Brendan turned back to the battle at hand. "Okay, Riolu Force Palm! Absol, Do whatever you can do!" The Deo-Absol nodded. "Yes Sire!" Riolu ran towards The Electivire with his palm behind him, charging up energy. Riolu moved like wind, seemingly teleporting from side to side as he ran for his target. At the halfway mark, Riolu leaped into the air and began sailing through the air, when the two pokemon struck. Riolu threw his force palm forward at the exact moment The Electivire tried to swat him away. As the two hit each other, both cried out in pain. The Electivire had used Thunder punch, and now the two pokemon's right arms were both paralyzed.

The Absol took this opportunity to attack. She howled upwards and a couple of swords made of energy began to orbit her. The Absol began to run now, even faster than Riolu had. The pokemon was a blur as it charged directly towards Electivire. She angeled her head down so her horn was poised to strike. Her horn glowed purple along with the swords around her, as she executed a perfect Night Slash directly across The Electivire's chest, leaving a thin cut. The Swords followed suit, slashing smaller cuts across the Electivire before they disappeared.

Absol jumped back towards Brendan and he Lokked at the girl next to him. "Your turn!" He said, smiling.

(OOC: k9, are we supposed to lose this battle?)

November 22nd, 2009, 7:50 AM
"Um, Darkrai is the Legendary that deals with nightmares, not Heatran," Maria said, sweat dropping slightly, before looking at the Electrive. "Alright Growler, use a Flamethrower at that Electrive!"

"Growlith!" Growler cried out before taking a deep breath and letting out a jet of flames at the large electric type. The Electrive cried out in pain and took a step back. It then glared at the puppy before rushing forward to hit him with a Thunder Punch.

Growler jumped out of the way before the Thunderbolt Pokemon could hit him, smashing the ground instead. When he landed on the ground again, Maria shouted, "Okay Growler, now use a Body Slam!"

Growler charged at the Electrive and was able to hit it with his whole body, making his trainer smile. But that smile quickly went away when the Electrive grabbed the dark colored Growlith and threw him up into the air. Maria cried out when the Electrive then slammed a Thunder Punch into Growler, sending him quite a distance.

"Growler!" Maria cried out, then gasped when she saw the Electrive building up some electricity. Suddenly, it let out a roar and a Thunder Attack shot down from the sky. But, just when it would had hit the puppy Pokemon, a shape raced out and took the hit, spilling the excess around Growler.

When the attack ended, Growler's savoir landed on the ground and, after the electricity around it settled down, it revealed to be Jolteon. The Jolteon looked like any other expect for it's eyes, which were bigger then normal and had red pupils. The Jolteon grinned and said, "Hey, what the heck do you guys think you're doing starting the party with out me!? I mean, come on! A battle isn't a battle unless the soul of Zapdos is here!!"

"The soul of Zapdos," Maria whispered in awe, then said louder, "Thanks at lot mister Jolteon, you save growler back there."

"Don't mention it kid!" The Jolteon said with a grin, then his spikey main started to glow. "Also, call me Thor." He then let out a yell as many spikes shot out at the Electrive in a Pin Missile attack.

November 22nd, 2009, 4:23 PM
The bubble slowly lowered through the air and after a while the familiar region of Sinnoh appeared, it took us from the top of Mount Coronet west to Canalave City. I turned off my Ipod and returned it to my pack,
“Wow,” I exclaimed, “it looks like Arceus has brought us back home, it sure took a while to talk to us if it is night already, Gible. However, something just doesn’t feel right about this place.”

Gible slid into my mind, “You’re right, this place feel s very strange, I’m scared about what we might find here.”

“There is no need to be scared, we’ll be home soon anyway, but there is something I just can’t put my finger on.” I replied.

Before I had realized we were home the bubble burst and we fell from midair, one story up. I was the first to hit the grass and had the wind knocked out of me, then two seconds later I felt Gible land hard on my back making my spine crack in several different places. I shoved Gible off and stood up patting the dirt off,
“Geez, couldn’t have used Palkia’s powers to slow our fall could have you?” I said sarcastically.

“Don’t blame me, I didn’t burst the bubble in midair so I was as much in the blue as you!” he spoke out loud. I was shocked, I could not stop looking at Gible, and how had he spoken in clear English to me? Gible started to get nervous, spinning around, looking everywhere, “What the hell are you staring at, it’s not like it’s the first time you’ve seen me is it?”

I was paralyzed and managed just to slide my thoughts into his mind, “You talk… talked out loud, in my language, how, when, what the hell is going on?”

“It seems that we can understand each other talking out loud because I never remember learning you language.”

“This place is… different. However,”

“We can use this method now so that no one can know what we say to each other.” He finished.

“Right,” I said out loud, let’s go home!”

We walked around from the backyard to the front door, found the spare key under the plant and turned the door handle. It opened without the key.
“That’s strange, but no matter.” I said.

“Mum! Dad!” I yelled but there was no response.
“This is very strange, they would never go out of the house without locking it nor not be home at this time of day…” and then it struck me what had been strange, when we passed over Sinnoh, there were no lights on in any cities, and there were no people in the streets. It was the absence of civilians, no gym leaders, no Pokémon, no parents. I started to shiver, a cold chill running up my spine, everything was wrong!

I broke down; I clutched my head and screamed, screamed at the top of my lungs until my voice became hoarse. I scrunched up my eyes, trying to shut out the aweful aura that had saturated everything, but my synthestesia still allowed me to see it as clear as day. I covered my ears, sunk my mouth and nose in to my sweatshirt and curled into the foetal position. This was not happening, this was not happening to me, this was not what I wanted, why was all this going on, why was all this happening to me?

Ichiro has lost it, this is all too much for him. What will he do?

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November 23rd, 2009, 6:01 PM
OK, so I fuse Jirachi with Togepi? I'm still a bit confused...

"Wake up, Meditation... Awaken, please... Do not die on me..."

Meditation was slowly opening his eyes. Once he regained his vision, he saw Achaz, his Cranidos, in front of him. He was really confused. He had a really weird night last night. A legendary gave him a mission to save the world, and then, it seemed like he entered a world like in a childrens fantasy, unaffected by natures laws.

"All right, I want to know my coordinates. Where the heck am I, Achaz?" demanded Meditation. Meditation also had a feeling of rage, because he barely had time to think over what he was doing. He was whooshed into one adventure, no sooner brought into another. It was too fast paced for him, even though his father taught him about adaptation.

"Well, you, my warrior, are at your base in Mt. Coronet," Achaz told the young trainer. Achaz stood up. For the first time, he noticed his surroundings. "Seriously, Cranidos? There isn't a mountain in sight," said Meditation with fury. Meditation was presented with a lush tropical paradise. He noticed it was early morning. There were few clouds, tiny cirrus droplets sparsely populating the sky, with a vibrant pink color. The ocean was a light blue, connecting with the beach that had pure white sand. Seriously, about everyone who goes here mistakes it for snow. Palm Trees decorate the back, tall and slender, decorated with a light green hat.

"Let me rephrase that. This is the dark version of your world. It is the complete opposite. Your home is mountainous, cold, and fierce with snow, while this 'paradise' is beautiful, flat, and warm," explained Achaz.

"Uh, huh, so I'm supposed to believe that. Yeah, I don't think so," Meditation coolly replied.

"Well, I know what is going on. Giratina gave me his knowledge when I gained his powers. You've got to believe me," said Achaz.

"Private, I don't take orders from lower rank members. I am the commander. I do it my way- OW!"

Meditation took a hard hit to the ground

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November 27th, 2009, 9:28 AM
Brendan smiled. This was going to be a lot easier now that they had four souls with them. "Absol, is there any way you can do more damage?" The Deo-absol nodded. "Of course Sire. ATTACK FORME!" The Absol's body glowed in a white light again. Her body shortened and grew bulkier, her claws grew long and sharp, and her horn grew larger and more Serrated. Brendan gawked. "Wow that was so cool! Um I mean, Use Night Slash!" The Absol's horn was cloaked in darkness. She began running towards the Electivire when a scream shot out through the dark town. Brendan yelled, "Absol can you get back into speed forme? we need to find who made that scream!" Absol nodded. "Of course Sire. SPEED FORME!" once again the Absol's body changed. Brendan picked up Riolu who yelled "hey!" and he jumped on to Abosol's back and began heading towards the location of the scream.

November 30th, 2009, 10:53 AM
Kraos had no more time to waste, so he and his Pokemon left his home and begin to go to Lake Verity.

"What do you expect to find at this lake?" Aipom asks. Kraos does not respond and continues walking towards the lake. It is when they reach the lake that Kraos takes Aipom and Chimchar off his shoulders. He goes to a nearby tree and pulls a branch off. He looks at the Pokemon, then throws the branch like a spear. The three Pokemon are barely able to dodge the spearing branch.

Kraos grins as he continues to throw more spearing branches at his team. Buizel continues to dodge, but is soon caught off guard and slips. He looks up and notices that it is raining around their area. The rain soon stops and soon the sun starts shining in it's place. Then it switches back to rain and then back to sunny. Kraos notices that Buizel and Chimchar are starting to react with Groudon and Kyorge's abilities. "It seems that my plan to have them focus is also bringing out their focused Legendary Soul Powers. With Buizel, making it rain and it's Swift swim, it will be a faster force to battle. Chimchar, has the sunny day and Blaze abilities, making him a hot contender. Now all i have to do is worry about Aipom and his Pressure, but I have been feeling it for a little while. The branches were getting harder to throw, that's because he was so close to using Pressure." Kraos drops the branch in his hand.

"If I really want you guys, to become stronger then I will also need to become stronger. Don't take this the wrong way, but I want you to attack me with everything you got." Kraos says as he prepares for their attacks.

"Is he crazy? He's not a Pokemon he won't be able to handle our attacks. Especially, all my fire attacks." Chimchar said worried about his master.

"Let's do as he says." says Buizel

"Buizel is right, we have to do this so he can become stronger with us. Let's not disappoint him by holding back." said Aipom as he prepared to attack.

Just as the Pokemon were about to attack, Kraos's arms start to glow. "The reason I told you to give it all you got is because I'm changing the way we do battle. If I focus my Ki and redirect the flow so it's the same as your Ki flow then I can do the impossible." Kraos smashes his hand to the ground and summons three stone statues. Each statue is of the Legendary Pokemon his team is holding. At first Kraos's team is confused, but soon the statues start to move and start their attacking.

"I realized that in this world we trainers are connected to the Legendary Pokemon Souls too. That's why when you started to glow in battle, so did my arm. It was to show the sychronization of our souls. Right now it is weak and I call only call on stone statues, but with enough training I may be able to call on the real Legendary Pokemon. However, it's not just me, if all those other trainers started training hard, they could also be on the road to master, the summoning spell." Kraos says as his statues attack his team with their bodies.

"Looks like they can't use real Pokemon moves, that's good. How about a Flame Wheel, Groudon?!" Chimchar says as he hits Groudon with a Flame Wheel. The statue does not flinch and uses it's claw to push Chimchar away.

"This could be harder than I thought." says everyone as they prepare to battle again.