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October 29th, 2008, 8:21 PM
I know I haven't made a role-play in awhile -sigh- Okay here we go..

Pokémon: Goddess of Happiness

There is a legend~
Told about a Goddess~
Who controls~
The happiness~
Of others~
Happy is she~
She will grant~
Happiness to all~
Saddened she is~
Turmoil shall plague~
the earth and everything~
Will become dust~

The ancient legend enlightens this to all. It is about a Goddess who controls happiness and glee... If she is pleased and joyful... Everything shall be calm and peaceful... But if she becomes displeased, wars and destruction will occur, and everything shall be deluged with scourge.

It is believed that the Goddess of Happiness respites deep within the chambers of Arceus’ Kingdom, the heaven of Pokémon, the epitome of glory. It is also thought that when people cease to believe in her, her heart shatters and breaks, but when people believe in her, she grows powerful. If she remains strong, her heart splinters into eight varying weapons.

Of course, though; there is always a antithesis to the heroes. If the Goddess supplies joy to every living being, there must be an archenemy. Something foul roams about the air; Happiness drifts away; A dark cloud creeps through the Paradise. What may that be?

Darkrai. Sick and jealous of the happiness of the other beings. In the form of a human named Lacrimabilis, the God of Woe, emptiness and dusk broke into Arceus’ lair and reached the Goddess, who peacefully rested inside a magical crystal chamber with a sly smile gracefully placed across her pale and delicate face. With one touch of his ghostly appendage, Darkrai turned the beautiful crystal purple and evil. The Goddess let out a faint cry before the crystal shattered and she disappeared...

One dark sunrise, eight luminosities fell from the sky; all wrapped in a gilded mantle. They were scattered all over the four regions of the Pokémon world, deep within the most ancient temples of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn,and Sinnoh. The weapons of the Goddess’ heart. The world entered war and plague, and Darkrai smirked as he saw his evil plan taking place. Apocalypse now.
Ancient tribes of anthropomorphs and demons that were scattered around the globe knew that this was no ordinary problem, but that this in fact had to do something with the problems of the Goddess. The tribes that keep true myths and legends alive. The type of tribes that are strong and unified. The type of tribes in which every single member has power within. The tribes that live away from society. The tribes that hid until some sort of sign came…

You belong to one of these many tribes.. And you have been plagued by nightmares that haunt your dreams. An elegant voice chimes out to you to find your "Legend" and save the Goddess...You are almost unable to make out what she is saying...


An elegant female voice mumbles this in your dreams, and you are greeted with an image one of the , if not the most gorgeous woman ever. Delicate porcelain skin wrapped with a long, white dress and long golden hair swaying. Her eyes open and she repeats the message, but now, before she is done, her image fades away and turns into the silhouette of a man with piercing blue eyes, mater black attire and violet hair. The man smirks as he smashes some sort of relic against a wall.

"They'll never find her… Never."

"When the Goddess heart breaks..the only way to repair it is to find the 3 Legendary crystals… Combined with the 8 Legendary weapons… It will reunite her heart with heart body .. And when the two are reunited...Peace will again come..." And with that the relic shows an inscription..

The Eight Legendary Weapons of the Goddess’ heart.

Arbor. The knuckles of the forest-Taken by an npc named "Iris"
Incendia. The axe of the volcano- Taken by an npc named ''Lance''
Aqua.The bow of the lake. -Taken by an npce named 'Yohaku'
Letum.The wand of the dead-Taken by lonelinessisboo
Spiritus. The staff of the spirits. Taken by ???
Caelum. The sword of the sky.-Taken by Rubii Naruto
Nivosus. The stick of the snow-Taken by GhostPrincess
Tonare.The Daggers of Thunder-Taken by diegoyayi

And with this at the very end the inscription states..

"Each are located at their appropriate spots...Your first stop will be the weapon of the forest...Will it choose you...Or are you unworthy of its power?"

You toss and turn at these agonizing dreams..You always feel compelled to do something about this but never knew how to...Until one day...You are wake up at the sound of alarms going off... Someone has found your tribe... And when this alarm goes off… You are supposed to flee... You know that you would have to leave your family and everything you know... But with that...You set off for the nearest town...Which happens to be Pallet town... But what did it mean to find your own "Legend?"

Not only that. Just before you had woken up from your dream, you could see the silhouette of others. Allies. Unity makes power. Will you be able to unveil the mystery of the this Demi-Apocalypse, find your allies, find the weapons and reunite the Goddess’ heart?

-Standard PokeCommunity rules apply to the totally awesome role-play

-One paragraph is the minimum per post. Please follow the rule; anyone who doesn’t will be kicked out. ;D

-No God-modding please. Kthxbai

-Be active please D:

-I will allow romance stuffs..Just no inappropriate stuff *cough* YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS *cough*

-Only one person per tribe/Pokémon! Example: If someone chooses a fox tribe then the fox tribe is no longer available.

-Have fun with it. Role-playing is meant to be fun...Not serious... (As I have seen in some cases where people become all mad at other players and start doing the RP-masters’ job for them)

-If I have an extended absence I have a co-owner of this role-play that will keep in line... [And he is totally awesome ;D]

-Respect ME and any other players...Its not that hard... Respecting peoples will make you well liked Golden Rule

- Don't flame me if you do not get the tribe/breed/weapon you want… First come first serve... Plain and simple.

-Please make a trainer card...Everyone <3's trainer Cards

-Do not take-over the role-play if I have an extended absence..In my absence my lovely friend Diegoyayi will be left in charge..No one else.

Name-Pretty standard for all role-plays..I mean..you don't want us calling you Mightyena girl do you? Fufufu.

Nickname- Optional

Gender- For the sake of simplicity, keep it down to male and female -.-

Age: 14-18 please

Personality- Try and be creative with this…Oh and two paragraphs please... One for your regular self and one for your "other" self that has all the powers.

History - What made your character the person he/she is today...Did he/she grow up in an abusive or loving home? Or was your character an orphan… Or maybe you character was raised in the wilderness I dunno! xD

Appearance- Two paragraphs..One for you and one for you doppelganger or whateves ..Descriptive please ;3

Legendary-Self explanatory as well..You can't have Arceus since he guards the Goddess though..Sorry to crush all your hopes and dreams of Arceus but nu-uh not happening =3

Weapon- What weapon do you want

Powers- When your other self gets out...What are its powers etc?

Tribe-This can range from a half animal breed such as a fox girl or a half-Pokémon girl such as half Poochyena or something x3

First Pokémon: This can be the first evolution of ANYTHING (no Legendaries though you will receive those later on as the role-play progresses

Trainer Card -place a picture of your trainer card here. Kay thanks

RP Sample-Unless I know how you role-play this is mandatory.

Reservation rules
-reservations can last up to 3 days depending how far you've gotten in your sign-up.
-If your reservation expires then you must either finish your sign-up or it will not count.
-Roleplay runs on Pacific Time Zome (UCT -8), so any hours mentioned here refer to that.
Curent Reservations
Character: Goddess reincarnate
Powers : Unknown
Pokemon: I should know by now what you want. Eevee
Diegoyayi-Leo tribe-Raikou-Tornare daggers of thunder-Ponyta

GhostPrincess-cat tribe-Lugia-Nivosus stick of the snow-Starly

Rubbi Naruto-Falcon tribe-Rayquaza-Caelum sword of the sky-Electrike


NPC-Chikorita tribe-Celebi-Arbor-Pachirisu[M]

NPC-Charizard Tribe-Moltres-Incendia-Charmander


lonelinessisboo-Wollf tribe-Letum the wand of the dead-Girantina-Pidgey

October 31st, 2008, 8:10 AM
Name: Atton Ignus
Nickname: None
Gender: Male♂
Age: 18

Personality: Atton, overall, is a very nice and decent person. The kind of person others actually want to spend time around. On any casual day, Atton is always very optimistic and cheerful. He has respect for everyone and everything, and he isn’t timorous of projecting it. Respect, honesty, and chivalry are the ways Atton lives up to. He has the spirit of a natural leader, but knows when to take and obey orders. Although he isn’t good with words, Atton is for sure the best listener you will ever meet. He will gladly give advice to anyone that wants it and offer himself to help on whatever the situation is. He loves meeting people and making new friends; despite the fact that he is usually shy about engaging into conversations. Energetic most of the time, gets happy easily, loves to laugh; he puts the life and benefit of others before his own. Atton is also a guy of art. He enjoys watching naturally-arranged beautiful landscapes and listening to all types of music. He as well takes pleasure in going to desolated areas to meditate and reflect about everything going on around him, whether it is alone or in a small group. Atton is a very brave guy, too; being afraid of almost nothing. At least nothing material. Despite being a good person, he also has a dark side that will pop out every often. He is very slow to anger, but when he’s pushed too much, he will go berserk and seek and destroy his target; not stopping until he hears some bones crush. He is too cold, logical, and calculative, and he hates being wrong more than anything else. A totally different person appears when he is angry; one that scares away even his most loved ones. Therefore, he tries to be cool and patient all of the time.

History: In the tribe of Leo, all members are quite lonely, only interacting with each other when one is in danger. Atton learned to take care of himself since he was young; and not because his parents didn’t care about, but because that was how they behaved. The tribe of Leo was also very aggressive; they caused large amounts of pain and damage to every little threat to the tribe, being unimportant the risk level. So after the Goddess’ catastrophe, when wars occurred and tribes were on search, the tribe went crazy. Atton just ran away without looking back, because that was what he was told to do. He doesn’t remember much about that day when Leo was found, but he knows that probably everyone he knew was done with. Night after night after the tribe was found, he kept having these strange dreams; the ones of the Goddess, and one day when he woke up early, before the sun came out, he saw a couple of lights descending to the ground from the sky. Wondering if that had anything to do with his nightmares; he started a search towards the closest item.

Appearance: Atton quite tall a guy, standing at nearly 6’7, and has a burly and imposing figure. Years of loneliness and training and exercising in solitude have made very muscle in his body stand out, especially his torso. Cut biceps, deltoids, trapezoids and abdominals are probably his most notable attributes. His legs are thick and strong; muscular as well, but the torso if what is first seen. Besides being strong, his limbs are also relatively long. Not too long; just long. His skin is very pale and shows no sign of ever being exposed to sunlight, even though he is always out on the sun. He also shows no scars. His face is relatively rounded and his facial features, like eyes, nose, etc., are kinda small. He has short hair which is as blond as blond can get; it looks white when stared at from a certain angle with sunlight. Due to the electricity and static inside his body (Provided by the power of Tornare Daggers), his short hair is always spiked up, even when wet. His eyes are iced blue, though sometimes and unconsciously, they change to a gray color. His eyes are round, very slightly pulled at the end. He has a nose with a ‘normal’ shape and a small mouth with rosy, thin lips. His teeth are pearl white and straight. He has some lion ears, which, as his facial features, are also small. Sometimes, when he is really tired, his forehead and cheeks turn pink, greatly in contrast to his skin. For being in the Leo Tribe, his fangs are unusually long and the palms of his hands are really soft, simulating paws and even allowing him to run at full speed on all fours, no matter what terrain he is in. His nails are short and clean, except when they grow to resemble lion claws. On his cheeks, he has some short and thin whiskers which are not easily spotted by the naked eye. One usually notices he has them when they run their hand through his cheeks, and even then it doesn’t always happen. For attire, he wears really plain outfits, usually with no designs or patterns. An everyday, casual attire could consist in a brown T-Shirt with some faded or no patterns, a thick, black leather jacket, blue or black denim with a white gold chain hanging from one side and dark combat boots. In most of his trousers, a white gold chain hangs from one of the sides. As he enters a ‘true’ form with the powers of Raikou and the Daggers of Tornare, his hair grows excessively, actually resembling the mane of a grown lion, and darkens. His fangs grow even more and his nails start to turn into claws. His eyes stay grey and spark flow in and out of his body. He hides a tail in his pants, too, but he lets it hang free when in bestial form or when around acquainted people.

Legendary: Raikou

Weapon: The daggers of Tornare. This are two short daggers which look almost identical, however, one is shorter than the other one. The daggers have a handle made out of pure gold and a small strip of gold runs through the silver blade for better electricity conduction. They have a very sharp edge which will cut through skin like butter, and they don’t seem to rust. The smaller dagger, which is also thinner than the ‘main’ weapon, has an opening on the lowest part of the handle to be fitted in the lowest part of the other dagger, making it some sort of really short double ended weapon. When put together, an inscription on the two of them read ‘Peace shall come’. Rubies and emeralds are also encrusted on the daggers, and thunder designs run around the blade. Every now and then sparks will discharge from the weapons. He also ALWAYS has a lighter on him.

Powers: Bending electricity at will. He can turn his whole body into a live wire and become engulfed in electricity at will. He can shoot lightning jolts out of his hands like Zeus himself and make small shields out of condensed electricity. When in need, he can develop telepathy. In his 'true' form, he has enhanced strength and speed.

Tribe: Leo Tribe. The tribe of the Lion.

First Pokémon: A female Ponyta named Veil. For a Ponyta, Veil is tall and strong, and is able to carry up to two people and run really fast on a good day. Atton found her one day while roaming around senselessly through some plains and she was fainted and beat up. Unsure of whether it was because of the rough weather conditions of the day, some abusive trainer, or the wars that had been going on, Atton took the Pokémon with him and took extensive care. He didn’t have much experience with Pokémon, but did what he could. The equine Pokémon soon grew a strong bond with Atton and they are now best friends. It was Atton’s first Pokémon, and to the date, his only. She is very energetic and loves to play and run around; but also knows when to get serious and helps Atton whenever he needs it.

Trainer Card:


RP Sample: I like to make these, but you know me, GP. xD. I’d rather save this for a first post.

Sorry for the uber crap application. GhostPrincess. ;-; My writing’s rusty, I need to warm up.

October 31st, 2008, 2:26 PM
Diegoyayi REJECTED! >D....Okay I kid I kid..I can't reject my own co-foudner can I?

Time for my sign-up then!

Name: Kohanna Feles (Latin word for cat just so yah know ;3)

Nickname: Konan

Gender: Female. [female cats pwn just so yah know!]

Age: 17

Personality: Konan is very light hearted and bubbly..Almost well absent minded.She's one of those girls that can lighten up the mood in any tense situation..Although this often gets her in trouble..Very often in the middle of a angry situation..she blurts out something stupid..often either defusing the situation or getting her hit which cause her to whine.She almost always has a smile on her face..Her fanged smile often makes Neko boys fall for her instantly..And being so absent-minded she has no idea about why the boys are giving her roses..Although she is light and bubbly..She has a habbit..of well..whining and being a crybaby.Anytime something bad happens, she is spoken to in the wrong way, or she is hit..She begins to whine..and in worse case..cry..Due to her personality though..Most people give in when she looks at them with tear-filled eyes. She doesn't intend to do this. She doesn't even know she's being selfish...Also she is also very childish at heart..Being 17 and still loving childish kid shows, people often think of her as a odd neko. No one knows this but she likes little kid shows because they always have a hero and she wants to be like a hero.Konan is always smiling..rarely being serious people often get annoyed with her quickly. Rare occasion Konan does cry seriously..She does get sad and sad..But this is on a rare occasion..When she crys seriously the whole room seems to become gloomy and sad...Althought most of the time she is cheery and happy-go-lucky. Her bubbly personality has known to do different things to different people..Some people love her personality..and others are sick of it..while most are afraid of her always being happy. She is also a bit of a tomboy..Rarely showing the "womenly" side of her.On occasions though she is known to wear an elegant gown and be shy and tender..

Appearance: Konans appearance is elegant yet tomboyish. Her demanor which is happy go lucky, is nothig compared to her aurua..Which seems to be elegant and beautiful..ALmost like a fragile flower..She has long black hair with red streaks that runs down to her waist but it is often put up in a pigtails because she doesn't like her hair down.She says its anoyying yet she never cuts it. Konan has black-cat ears and golden-amber eyers which when looked upon leave people in awe...Along with these beautiful eyes she has a very pale almost ghostly skin tone..Her clothing consisters of a pink tank-top which has the writing of "Princess" in black..Along with this she wears run of the mill blue jeans that have whole's in them..On occasion she wears a dress with her hair down..The dress commonly consists of basically white with pink cherry blossom pattern and sequins pinned to it..But her elegant demeanor leaves the whole crownd in awe.Anyway..Konan is pretty average looking in the clothes department..She also wears a cat like pendent with weird markings to keep her powers in check..although sometimes it doesn't work very well..When her true form does come out..Her hair turns a light silver..and her eyes turn blood red..and her skin turns a ghostly pale..And her cat ears and tail turn a ghastly white as well..She looks like a ghost with all that white and silver on her in he true form..But the red eyes is the thing the that stuns people the most..Piercing blood red eyes..is what nightmares are made of...

History: Born to a family of cat people or "nekos" She was skilled in the art of swordmanship but didn't wanna be a swordsman..She was more interested in healing magic, but she still continued to live with practicing swordsmanship. Until one day..Whilest she slept her parents being supernaturlist went to a gypsy and got a prophecy for Konan..It wasn't a good one, The gypsy had a very faint smile uponst her skinny lips and said this.

"The child will save the world..but will destroy her family in the midst..Her true form shall be unleashed and she will fade..Unless her first love returns her feelings.."

Knowing this her parentsd and the rest of the tribe became frantic.They soon saw Konan as a monster and locked her away into the deep dark dungeons of the clan.And thus she was forgotten.Her eyes soon got pale and she began to cry every night...Little did she know the basement kept her safe..While se cried and cried she was protect from the natural disaster above..There was a great flood which flooded her village..She was safe..Until the roof began to collapse..Konan trapped in it screamed but then she was hit by a stray board knocking her out.She later woke up..Not knowing who she was..She was dragged to dryland by a miystery person and he disappeared..Konan soon found herself working at the local bars trying her best..Not many people would hire her sense she had no memory..but soon that changed..She had been plagued by dreams of a beautiful women with long golden hair..And a man with jet black hair..And soon found herself going to Pallet town..the town that called her...[woulda oden better but my stomache is acting real funky]

Legend: Lugia

Weapon: Nivosus the stick of the snow. This little stick allows the user to turn ANYTHINGH to ice and yet amplifies healing powers to an extent, but the healing power coems with a price..She gets the damage that she heals..So if Konan heals a fatal wound then..Konan gets the fatal wound instead..

Powers: Normally Konans powers are real mild..Meagerly healing minor wounds and what not..When her "other" form comes out thouse..she has the ability to control the shadows..or darkness..The true haunting thing is..When the full moon comes out her other self comes out freely and Konan can't come out till Dawn...

Starter: Starly [cuz they ROCK >;o]

Tribe: Neko tribe [or cat tribe]

Traner Card:


Rp Sample: I made the rp. ._.; I don't need one..

Zeta Patchouli
October 31st, 2008, 3:10 PM

Name: Andrew Verico
Nickname: None
Gender- Male
Age: 18

Personality: Normally Andrew isn't the caring type, he'd rather read a book then save an innocent life... UNLESS the victim is related to him in some way. He often ruins a happy mood by saying something cruel, but it ends up happening anyway. Many people hate him for being a downer, but he doesn't really mean much by it. He has three bad habits, he always has something bad to say, this annoys everybody, and people start avoiding him. His second bad habit is that he doesn't know when to give up an argument, on the rare occasions he gets into an argument, he defends his point of view until there is nothing left. His last bad habit is that on the road, he doesn't eat as much as anyone else which makes him bad in combat sometimes. He wants money so he can live a better life. His alternate personality is a cruel man, it hates almost everyone and everything. If anyone were to encounter this thing... they should run away to save their lives, or there will be pieces of them everywhere.

History: Andrew was born in poverty as the falcon clan was wiped out. He and his mother had lived on the streets, outcasts to a changing world. Andrew and his mother both were labelled as freaks, as all other members of their tribe have died. Andrew's mother, known as Danielle or Dani was trying to get Andrew and herself a job, but since falcon clan members were known for trickery, she was turned down every time. When Andrew turned five, two people tried to kill the two, but Andrew was able to get away, thanks to his mother sacrificing herself. For years, Andrew had travelled the world with different groups of people, but when he was discovered, he was attacked and driven away. Soon when Andrew became thirteen, he tried to get a job of his own to feed himself, but was turned down, the same as his mother was a while ago. So he started stealing from people to survive... soon enough, he stole enough money from passerbyers, he could buy things, so he decided to buy a book, along with food, and he liked it. Now he has three different books. All of them long books that he still hasn't read through completely, but his personality has become cold towards people. Now he had started to have strange dreams about a sword, and he went out to seek it, to sell it and allow him to get some money.

Appearance: Andrew is 5'7" tall and has light tan skin, from being in the sun just a little bit in his life. Andrew's hair is a nice golden brown, and is a little spiky, but not too bad. His eyes are a nice brown, but there are streaks of red in them. He isn't very muscular, but isn't really too skinny. He always wears a black shirt with a logo that looks like three chains, each wrapped in circles, all next to each other in sort of a triangular pattern. The front of the shirt has another chain, but wrapped like a triangle, with the words 'better to be a triangle then a circle'. His pants are also black with the circle triangle on the left side, and a triangle on the right. His shoes are also black, but they have a very small writing that says "triangle= originality" and "circle= imitation".

Andrew's alternate personality looks a lot like Andrew himself, but there are subtle differences... Andrew's hair becomes black as coal, his eyes become red and his wings become sharper looking. His claws get sharper and he looks more evil overall.

Legendary: Rayquaza
Weapon: Caelum. The sword of the sky. The sword is about three feet long and is incredibly light. The sword has two prongs on the end for piercing power, but it is not its main purpose. The steel is colored blue and is not too sharp, but the sword allows the user to use wind powers to a high degree. The sword is not really meant to be used, but is meant to allow the user to use his/her power.
Powers: The ability to fly, control winds, become invisible. There are others, and the invisibility is hard to use, but he has a lot of minor powers as well. He can make illusions in really hot or really cold places by shifting the winds to make a mirage. The thing is... Andrew can control his powers, but they are weaker then his alternate personalities.
Tribe: Falcon Tribe
First Pokémon: An Electrike that is fairly tall for his species, but contrast to his size, the Electrike, which was named Alex is not as powerful as he should be. Andrew has raised Alex ever since he found him in hiding from other people. Alex was bred for perfection, but it backfired making him weak. The ones breeding the Manectric tossed Alex out into the world, it has searched the world for something. Soon enough he found Alex, and is his only pokemon as of yet.

Trainer Card -place a picture of your trainer card here. Kay thanks. Unfortunately... there isn't one that looks even remotely like mine... so this is the best I could do.

RP Sample: You know how I RP, but I'll put one here anyway. This one is a little long.
Chapter 49: The Battle on Biker's Bridge (Part 4)

"Come on out, Dugtrio!" Yelled Chris as he summoned the mole-thing.

"Let's go, Porygon!" Yelled Bob, still mad about loosing five of his men. "Solarbeam!" Porygon started to charge up its attack.

"Earth Power on the Raichu!" Yelled Chris. Dugtrio fired rocks at Raichu, but Captain's Blastoise blocked the hit.

"Use Hydro Pump Blastoise!" Yelled Captain. Blastoise fired the jet of water, but Dugtrio hid in the ground. "Now use Dig!" Blastoise dug under the ground, ready to come up anywhere.

"Solarbeam on the Raichu!" Yelled Bob. Porygon fired the Solarbeam, but Raichu was able to dodge it using his way superior speed.

"Thunder on Porygon!" Yelled Samuel. Raichu fired a powerful lightning bolt, but since the attack was so slow, Porygon was able to get out of the way in time.

"Rise now!" Yelled Captain, and Blastoise hit Dugtrio out of the ground, with a little bit of rock covering the mole's hands and feet... Dugtrio was down.

"Return Dugtrio, come on out Crobat!" Yelled Chris as he sent out his fastest pokemon.

"Discharge, now!" Yelled Bob. Porygon sent out an electrical shock that hurt Blastoise quite a bit, but hardly hurt Raichu at all.

"Raichu, use Agility!" Yelled Samuel, allowing his Raichu to become even faster. "Now Rain Dance!" This time, Raichu danced a weird dance, but it summoned rain inside. (Don't ask me how.)

"Blastoise, use Ice Beam!" Yelled Captain. Blastoise fired an Ice Beam, but Crobat was able to dodge it, but just barely.

"Crobat, return with a Poison Fang!" Yelled Chris. Crobat flew towards Blastoise before biting into it, causing it to get poisoned.

"Porgon, finish off Blastoise with Discharge!" Yelled Bob. Porygon fired out the electrical pulse, knocking out the poisoned Blastoise, and not doing too much against Raichu.

"Come on out, Kingler!" Yelled Captain as he sent out the crab. Use Ice Beam on Porygon! Make the readers interested!"

"I said shut up about the stupid readers thing! They don't exist!" Yelled Samuel. "Raichu, use Thunder on Crobat!" The two attacks each knocked out a pokemon.

"Grr... come on out Arbok!" Yelled Bob as he sent out the snake.

"Ivysaur, the stage is yours!" Yelled Chris. And Ivysaur stared at her enemies.

"Use Thunder Fang Arbok!" Yelled Bob. Arbok lunged at Kingler with it's mouth full of electricity, and bit down doing major damage.

"No, Kingler! Use Protect!" Yelled Captain. Kingler formed a green shield around it, and grinned since it had protection.

"Raichu, use Thunder on Arbok!" Yelled Samuel. Raichu fired another Thunder, knocking Arbok out.

"Crap, come on out Marowak! Use Bonemerang on Raichu!" Yelled Bob. Marowak threw the bone at the Raichu. The Raichu made movements, but tripped on its feet before being hit twice by the bone, knocking it out.

"Grrr... Return Raichu! Come on out Crobat!" Yelled Samuel, as his powerhouse had to be withdrawn. The rain had stopped at that point.

"Ivysaur, use Razor Leaf on Kingler!" Yelled Chris. Ivysaur fired the Razor Leaf, but the Protect was still up.

"Crap, this is bad." Said Bob as he looked at the the Crobat.

"What's bad?" Asked Chris, and Bob pointed to the Crobat.

"Your attacks can hit it, but they won't do much damage, and My attacks cannot hit it, even though it would do a ton of damage." Said Bob. "Do you have anything in there that could help us? I mean, your Pidgeot is too hurt to help, and Dragonair, and Primeape won't do much good here."

"...Yes, take my Rock Tomb, teach your Marowak it, and you can beat the Crobat." Said Chris. Bob took the disc and placed it on Marowak's head.

"Learn it, fast." Said Bob, but at this time, Kingler's shield went down.

"Kingler, use Ice Beam!" Yelled Captain. Kingler fired the Ice Beam at Ivysaur, but the grass pokemon jumped out of the way at the last second before firing a Razor Leaf, knocking out the Kingler. "No! Return Kingler!" Yelled Captain before summoning a Gyarados which levitated over the floor for some reason.

"Crap... Are you done yet Bob?" Asked Chris, but the TM's color was still draining. "This is going to be hard."

"Crobat, use Agility!" Yelled Samuel, as his Crobat increased its speed.

"Finished! Use Rock Tomb Marowak!" Yelled Bob. Marowak tried to use the attack, but the attack was too weak to do damage... but it had another purpose as more rock came up behind it.

"Gyarados, use Hyper Beam!" Yelled Captain. Gyarados fired the beam, sending Bob, Ivysaur, Chris, and Marowak outside. "After then, the readers know that they are alive, and so do I!" Yelled Captain as he and Gyarados followed.

"You are an idiot!" Yelled Samuel as he followed as well, probably to get Captain, and Crobat followed as well.


"Heh, it's time for your treatment." Said the male scientist as he grabbed a knife. "This will hurt a lot, but we need your left arm."

"Why?" Asked Sandy secretly reaching for her Nidoking's pokeball.

"We have a very important client, and we need your arm to produce more of this thing." Said the male scientist. "We gave you this arm ten years back, and we can take it back as well."

"That's nice, but why don't you pay attention to what your opponent is doing." Said Sandy as she summoned her Nidoking. "Use Brick Brake, we have to help the others!" Nidoking punched the male scientist through the wall. "Let's go." And with that, Sandy and Nidoking jumped through the hole in the wall.

(Chris, Bob, Captain, and Samuel)

Samuel looked a his opponents, surprised that they were still alive. "Wha? How did you survive?"

"Remember that Rock Tomb Bob fired earlier?" Asked Chris. Samuel's eyes widened in realization.

"It was a shield... I should have known better." Said Samuel.

"I knew it!" Yelled Captain. And as soon as Chris and Bob got up, the battle continued.

"Use Rock Tomb on Crobat!" Yelled Bob. Four rocks fell from the sky, landing on Crobat, knocking it out.

"Grrr... how dare you knock out my Crobat! Come on out, Tentacruel!" Yelled Samuel as he sent out his last pokemon.

"How can we win? Captain and Samuel are too powerful." Said Chris as he stepped back.

"Grrr... I hate that man. He killed some of my bikers, and is beating me in combat." Said Bob before looking down in frustration.

"Nidoking, use Hyper Beam on Gyarados!" Yelled Sandy as she landed right next to Chris and Bob. Nidoking fired the Hyper Beam, knocking out Gyarados, and Tentacruel.

"What?! That's illegal!" Yelled Samuel. "Three on one isn't fair!"

"Not our problem." Said Bob. Samuel grimaced before saying.

"You will all die, I planted several explosives around here... If I am defeated in battle, then the bombs will go off automatically." Said Samuel before sending out Mr. Mime. Use Psychic on all three!" Mr. Mime sent off a blast of Paychic energy, knocking out Marowak, and Nidoking, before binding them to the cliff wall.

"Heh, you're bluffing." Said Chris. Captain nodded in agreement.

"Ayie, he be speaking the truth. You never planted explosives around here." Said Captain. "After all, the readers..."

"Shut up! I've had enough of you and your talk about imaginary readers!!" Yelled Bob as he pushed Captain off of the cliff, and into the gaping depths. "You ruined my plan! Mr. Mime, use Psychic!" But Mr. Mime was still focused on holding Sandy and Bob to the wall.

"Ivysaur, use Razor Leaf on Mr. Mime!" Yelled Chris. Ivysaur fired a Razor Leaf at Mr. Mime, breaking his concentration, and it was a critical, so it did some damage. "Now use Take Down!" At this point, Ivysaur was next to Mr. Mime, so she just slammed him into the cliff wall, knocking him out. Samuel returned his pokemon before saying.

"I'm sorry for the grief I've given you?" But this apology was fake, and everyone knew it.

"Ivysaur, use Take Down." Said Chris, but as Ivysaur started the charge, she evolved. And finished just as she got to where Samuel was. "Now!" And with that, Venusaur hit Samuel over the cliff and into the depths, but with a revive, he brought Tentacruel back and escaped his death.

(Two Hours later)

Bob snorted as Chris and Sandy got off. "That's your payment for helping me gain back my honor, but if you ever come back here again... I'll send more then a Steel Scyther after you." Bob got on his bike and rode off to where his pals were.

"Phew, I'm glad that's over... see you later Sandy, I have to get my fifth badge." Said Chris as he ran off into Fuschia City.

"Hey! Wait for me! I need my fifth badge too!" Yelled Sandy as she too ran into Fuschia City.

(I need Andrew to be able to use his powers, or he'll turn to his evil side... a lot.)

October 31st, 2008, 6:26 PM
Edit, Complete!

Name- Necro
Nickname- none
Gender- Male
Age: 14

Personality- Necro has always been the kid who speaks his mind when not spoken to. As much as this gets him into trouble, he still continues. He has some athletic skill since he has been literally "raised by bears" and has a ferious appetite to match. Necro has been away from civilization for many years so he doesn't really have much experience with talking to others and becoming friends. He mostly joins the Ursaring in the scarying the people and trainers out of the forest. Necro seems only to be nice to powerful Pokemon and mean to weaker ones. There is another side of Necro that has only appeared in rare instances when he was unable to sleep. When Necro is unable to sleep for one night, he instantly goes to sleep with the sun goes up. As a result, a different Necro steps in and takes control of his body. This Necro is much more intelligent and uses the powers he has acquired through suggestive means. He has given himself the name Exodia, as he finds himself disgusted with Necro's behavior. Exodia is mean to everyone and looks down on everyone who is not smarter than him. When Exodia usually comes out, he causes a mass disturbance in the tribe, which Necro fixes when he awakens. Exodia's one fault is that he has no command over any Pokemon. For with his rudeness, no Pokemon will obey him.

History - Necro's life was never a happy one since he was raised by Ursarings. It was awful incident that occurred when he was only eight. As he and his parents were wandering around the forest a fire broke out. When the fire broke out Necro and his parents immediately began to panic. Since his parents dispised Pokemon Necro had no protection. The family shook in fear as they watch the fire surround them and the forest. Necro could feel the flames about to tear his family apart and so he ran away. He ran into the flames and didn't stop running. He finally stopped and dropped into the nearest river. The fire had weaken his body and now he was being dragged along by the stream. As Necro drifted he wondered what fate had befallen his parents. He closed his eyes and remembered their faces one last time. When Necro awoke he was surrounded by a tribe of Ursaring that had picked him out of the river. Necro immediately tried to run, but his burns were too powerful. He waited for an attack form the Ursarings, but he instead got a fish. A Ursaring picked Necro up and carried him around the forest. When they stopped moving Necro noticed that another Ursaring was gathering berries that would help heal the burns on Necro. After one week, Necro's burns were all better and he could go home. As he started to walk out of the forest he realized all the things the Ursaring tribe had done for him. While Necro wanted to return home he knew he would find more with the Ursaring. He has lived with the Ursaring for six years and has started to become a leader in the group. Necro is in charge of helping the baby Teddiursa stay out of danger, but he also able to command the other Ursaring in the group.

Appearance- Necro has grown out of his old clothes, btu thanks to his buddies he has new clothes. Necro wears a white t-shirt with a Pokeball on the middle, blakc jeans that has a hole on the right leg, red sneakers with more Pokeballs on them, and black fingerless gloves with green lines on his hands. As for Exodia, when he awakens, he goes behind a tree and puts on his spare set of clothes. He does so the Ursaring don't mistake him for Necro. Exodia wears all black as a way to show his solitude from others. He wears a black cape, a black undershirt with a red dragon on the front, blakc jeans with red stripes on the side, black sneakers with red dragons, and on his head is a set of dark sunglasses. Necro has green eyes, while Exodia has red eyes, however both of them have caucasian skin, short black hair, and weight about 145lbs.


Weapon- Spiritus. The staff of the spirits. The staff is golden and shiny and with its power it can bring any Pokemon the power to evolve for a short period of time. The staff has a fairy at the top. The staff can be as long and slim as the wielder wants. This allows it to be easily carried and used as the wielder please. While the staff gives the wielder the power to evolve a Pokemon for a short period of time there is a catch. The user must not move while that Pokemon is still evolved. If the user moves then the staff sends out a shockwave that zaps the user and returns the Pokemon back to their first stage. For example, if Necro uses the staff to evolve a Wartortle into a Blastoise, but is somehow moved before the evolvution stops then that Wartortle becomes a Squirtle. Necro does not know if this is reversible yet.

Powers- He has the ability to manipulate the power of Earth and mold rocks, gravel, and sand into his own weapons of the Earth.

Tribe- Bear Tribe

First Pokémon: Chimchar, nickname Leon, this is a male Chimchar that shares a small bond with Necro, but a strong bond with Exodia. While on what seemed to be an everyday walk, Necro came across a fire. The flashback of the fire started to creep into his head and so he yelled. Necro started to shake uncontrollably. He was unable to move and the fire was starting to surround him. The fear was too much. The memories of pain had taken a toll and so Necro fell to the ground. As the flames continued, Necro's body began to glow and he awoke. However, it was not Necro who had awaken, but better yet Exodia. He scanned the burning fires and then grabbed a rock from the ground. He threw it directly at a tree, which it bounced off, and then hit Buziel. The Buziel felt Exodia's presence and quickly tried to attack with Water Gun. Exodia dodged each attack and redirected them towards the flames. Once the flames were out, Exodia threw another rock that scared Buziel away. Exodia scanned the land and threw another rock into a bush. A Chimchar jumped out and started to run. Exodia threw a rock and forced Chimchar to stay. Chimchar could do nothing, but shake and await a hit. Chimchar opened his eyes and saw Exodia walking away. "I won't hurt you, because you have some power. Come with me and I can take that power to the next level." With that Chimchar has become Exodia's and Necro's partner. While Exodia is the true owner, Necro was the one to give Chimchar his nickname. Chimchar likes both his trainers, but Exodia is currently his favorite.

Trainer Card -


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A,lright I'm back from tricker or treating which sucked this year anyway

Rubii Naruto - Approved (I would recommend Letum for you but oh well) And yes your character can use their powers in normal form to.Just when other forms coems out they get different or amplified powers.
K9S8- bout time to you joined! but oen problem with your sign-up you gotta choose from one of the 8 weapons.. If you edit that your good to go!

And once I finish my sign-up we can start which I'll work on now.

October 31st, 2008, 8:23 PM

Gender- male

Age: 14

Personality- Hiro loves the wind. For some reason, he thinks it's facinating. He loves drawing pokemon on windy days. He is as nice as he can be to anyone he meets. He loves bird pokemon. He likes to cook and draw. He dislike Trading Card Games for some reason. He also loves cat pokemon, such as glameow and meowth, but most of all, Mew and Mewtwo. He dislikes bug pokemon. He's really a shy person, he loves to coordinate with his pidgey, Sora. He usually needs money for Sora's pokeblock. His white hair is actually popular with people, he has alot of friends who support him in contests. Since his foster parents run a farm, so he's very good with pokemon. He loves manga and anime, and usually spends his time training Sora.

Zero only comes out 2 days a week. This is because, since Hiro doesn't know about his power to control air, and it takes another large amount of power because Hiro also doesn't know who Zero is. The fact that he oesn't know about either keeps his powers latent. Zero needs to rest the other 5 days. He can only stay out for five hours a day. He enjoy's stealing. He takes advantage of the ten hours a week that he's out by stealing from stores. But he is still part of Hiro, there are some things Hiro's personality is too nice to let Zero do, like kill somebody. He also loves the wind as Hiro does and hardly uses Aqua, but he keeps aqua with him at all times, he feels as if part of him is missing without it. Also, the only time Hiro sprouts wings is whan he turns into Zero.

History - When Hiro was a baby, he led a happy life in the air tribe kingdom. When he turned 2, he had his first transformation. This was unusual. His hair became red, and he sprouted red wings. He was thought to be a prodigy...or a monster. Usually, a person doesn't learn of their powers until the age of 10 In only five minutes, he turned back and fell to the ground. As he got older, His prosteigous form could stay out longer. When he turned 3, Mewtwo attacked the tribe. The reason for this was unknown. His parents helped him escape by throwing him off of the sky temple, knowing he would sprout red hair and save himself, as he did. He fell into the hands of a man who would become his foster father. His foster parents witnessed Hiro turning into Zero 2 days after receiving him, but they had heard about the Bird Human Tribe, so they never asked questions. The Bird Human Tribe was said to be a myth, but they always beleived.At the age of 7, he would wander in the forest, to find an severely injured pidgey, he too it home and it stayed with him for many years to come. At the age of 12, he turned into Zero, his new red haired nickname, and held up a pokemart for the first time. The pidgey he saved in the forest, now named Sora, did not like partaking in the evil deeds, And resists being releeased from his pokemon to attack people for no reason. before he escaped from the police, he stole some potions, then returned home, as Hiro. Zero, that day, became infamous. If he were to hold a place up, he would also have to be cautious of what time he would turn back. He makes sure to get away before he turned back, this always kept Hiro incognito. After many years of thinking, Zero, still at the age of 12, knew that Mew was the answer, he was to eliminate Mew with aqua, the bow of the lake. At the age of 13, Hiro started drawing pokemon. He had unusual white hair so he wastreated differently. He had an unusual love for bird pokemon. He and Sora go everywhere together. Zero, on the other hand, keeps Sora home, because Sora is useless to Zero. Zero has to do whatever he can to keep Hiro from gaining his latent powers. If he gets them, when he turns into Zero, he will be consious from the inside, learn about Zero, and will be able to keep him inside.

Weapon- Aqua, the bow of the lake

Powers- The power to control air at will.

Tribe-The Bird-Winged Human Tribe, held high in the sky, said to be a myth by most

First Pokémon: Sora

Trainer Card -Hiro
RP- prolouge

I woke up to the sound of my mom's voice telling me to wake up.
It was earlier than usual, so I thought there was some type of emergency
"Happy Birthday" My mom, dad, and little sister Tammy said.
I had completely forgotten my own fourteenth birthday

"Happy birthday big brother"Said Tammy, my little sister was a cute 5 year old, cheerful, headstrong little girl

We celebrated for hours, but then they told me they had something to talk about
"Tammy, go upstairs" Said dad

"Well Hiro, This is very serious" Mom said.

"What is it mom?"

"You aren't...," She paused and started to cry. "You aren't my... I can't do it, Tori you have to tell him..."

"You arent our biological son" Said dad.

"Well, to tell you the truth," I said. "I already knew that based on little obvious things, such as my hair"

"What a releif, I thought you'd be mad" Said mom, with a smile and tears of joy streaming down her face.

"Well," Said dad, "there's more. Do you remember those stories I would tell you about the Winged Humans"

"You mean the Bird-Winged Humans, and Yes, what about them"

"Well," he started "you are one of them, that's where you inherited your white hair from.
"You fell from the sky, into my hands with red hair and red wings, we put you in a bed, then let you sleep. But you were actually a transformed child. The next day you had white hair and no wing, we just suspected that the wings were in your shirt, but we didn't notice that your hair had changed colors, it just slipped our minds. But the day after that, you regained your red hair, and red wings, and tore up the house, with tornado's and other wind based attacks but after a few months, your "red self" started to take a liking to us, and stopped terrorizing the house.

I didn't know what to say, I always thought the stories were just stories, and that was it... I never knew thay had a deeper meaning, dad had been trying to tell me that all these years.

"...I...I beleive you" I said, this was my family, they wouldn't joke about this.

As soon as I accepted the fact, 2 white, angel-like wings sprout out of my back.

"What's happening to me?"

Your becoming you.

"Who said that" I said in a loud, angry voice.

I've been with you for fourteen years, it's our birthday, my name should be obvious.

Then everything turned black, I wasn't in my house anymore. A figure appeared, he was wearing a cape and had red hair

Who are you, what do you want with me?

I'm you.


Call me Zero, your "red" side.

Your the one who tore the house up!


Well anyway, your latent powers are now awakened, happy birthday

"Hiro, Hiro what's wrong?" Said Tammy very worried

"What happened?" I said

"You met your other half" Said dad

"I...I gotta go, I'm taking Sora, don't wait for me to start dinner tonight" I said

"Where are you going" Asked mom

"To fulfill my destiny" I said
Prolouge End

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October 31st, 2008, 8:39 PM
can i reserve arbor?

ill be done with the signup in a sec... i just dont want someone to beat me to it

October 31st, 2008, 9:13 PM
@machmuu at this point your -rejected- Your rp example is to short..Your personality is to short. and your history is to short..If you make it longer I can put you under pending but at this point your just not qualified..And you can't hand shinies ._.

@ drunk sure you can reserve o=


may start posting! I know you love it right? =D

Chapter 1: The girl with no Past.

"Nngh...Ngghn..No..No..Please.." The area where the voice whimpered from was shrouded in darkness..Covered by a thick heavy fog.. Owls gave there merry "Hoo Hoo" and went on their way..Everything was peaceful except with one girl..A girl who tossed and turned in her sleep.
"No..Don't..Please!" The girl screamed.

"They'll never find you..NEVER!" A black hand shrouded with a blanket of mist tough a glimmering crystal and everything to turn black.

The young 17 year old girl stood there in the darkness..sweat falling down her face and she held her finger to her mouth and biting on it..causing it to bleed. "Is this..a dream?" The 17 year old stood there..as a gentle melody entered her head...

"There is a legend~Told about a Goddess~Who controls~The happiness~Of others~Happy is she~She will grant~Happiness to all~Saddened she is~Turmoil shall plague~the earth and everything~Will become dust~"

The gentle melody soothed her worries until piercing red eyes great her..The blood red greated with her silver hair and ghost skin looked at her and with a fangy smiled she whispered..

"My time will come." The figure's thin lips let out a smile..So devious it sent shivers down her spine..The girl let out a scream.





"Ack!" Konan yelped falling off the bed..Her starly was twittering in its cage and her friend Hinata was cooknig breakfast.She was part of the dog tribe and had dog ears and a tail. She was flipping bsome eggs.

"Jeeze Konan did you have another nightmare?!" Hinata said annoyedly placing down soem of the food.

"Yah..but their getting more and more vivid..each night..They get more and more..I dunno..clearer.." Konan mumbled gulping down the eggs.

"Well now you-" Hinata stopped mid sentence and called Konan to the window.

"Look Konan pretty lights!" Hinata chimed..Konan quickly ran to the window..She saw 8 orbs of light each a different color floating there in the art..then scatter..

Konan began to flinch..She had saw those very same spheres and colros in her dream..It couldn't mean anything by it..Could it?

"Wait Konan you'll be late for work!" Hinata gasped and quickly gathered all of Konans supplies ajnd shoved them on her.

"Sheesh I still hav--CRAP!!!" Konan yerlled quickyl changing into her waitress uniform and began running into the nearby town of Pallet..She worked at the local cafe and couldn't be late!!!

..She entered the cafe short of breathe barely making it.The whoel cafe looked at the cat eared girl and whispered amoung each other..Konan sweatdropped.

"I hear that girls got no memory.." One women whispered..

"Doesn't she have a family??" Another women whispered..Konan gulped..She had htis everytime she came in the cafe..She really had no past..She began to sweat..She hated being talked about...

"Don't worry about them Konan you'lll probably never see them again anyway." A worker said to her.Konan nodded and began doing her waitressing..She was reall flustered..

"My time will come..Heh.." The womens voice chimed otu and Konan appeared a black room..The pink sphere landed in her hands..it was revealing the silhoutte..of..a stick? It was oered in ice..Konan began to mutter the words..The sti-..but someone bumped into her and knocked her back to her senses.

"Hey watch it will yah?!" the man cried and Konan bowed.

"Yes I'm sorry sir!" Konan cried picking up the broken plate that she had dropped..and cutting herself on it.."Ow.." Konan whispered.

Some girls were laughing at her.. "So this is the girl with no past huh? more like a clutz with no past!" The girls gigled..Konan couldn't take it anymore..She ran out tears welled in her eyes..Everyone could only see her as the girl with no past..But she had to have a past..

She ran past two incoming customers and ran..and..ran..ran..She was soon at the outskirts of the town.. And sat on a nearby swingset..Silent tears fallnig down her face...

"Why can only everyone see me as..The girl with no past?..." Konan whispered over and over..Tears fell onto her lap..The incomnig trainers from Pallet Town saw the girl crying but thought nothing of it..Had war changed people..That much?

"Why..Why? Why me..?" Konan cried..
"Ah yes her misery groes stronger and soon..My power wil ldominate hers..Hehe..thats right Konan..keep crying..As you grow weak..i go strong..Heh.." The silhoutte with blood red eyes smirked into the darkness..

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October 31st, 2008, 9:38 PM
Sorry if it's too long, I got carried away :D

Name- Nezahualcoyotl

Nickname- Neza

Gender- Male

Age: 17

Personality- Neza is… well, easily scared. He is an amazingly calculating person, more perceptive and clever than most other people in his tribe. He has always shown a higher intellect than his peers, and has drawn the attention of the priests and elders, who seek to pass their experiences to his bright mind. A young man who is already considered a likely heir to the position as High Priest. Even though he excels, he also isn’t left behind physically, and has captured ten enemies in six battles he’s assisted. Unlike most of the other warriors of his tribe, he also doesn’t feel any particular rivalry, or hatred towards those from the Eagle Tribe (to be explained in history portion), or so he thinks.

In an amazing phenomenon of science, it turns out that the hatred and animosity felt between the people of these tribes is not something easily explained… in a few words, it’s in their DNA. The smell of burnt tobacco leaves and mushrooms… the sound of the war drums reverberating on their ears… the paint worn on their semi-naked bodies and faces, fighting is in the youth’s DNA. As calm and patient as Neza could ever become, he would never be able to overcome this one fact written all across his body: he must fight. His sclera (white part of the eyes) turns red, his pupils dilate, he instinctively frowns giving him a feral look, and growls under his breath. He climbs on top of a tree, moving silently… ever so silently, watching everything oh so clearly. He is not a calculating and calm person, he is a beast… he is a jaguar.

History – The Tribe of the Jaguar is constantly at odds with the Eagle Tribe, and they’ll confront themselves for the most minimal and nonsensical issues possible (for example: we used to hunt Pidgey here first, so you can’t come in) in order to satisfy their hatred for each other. In their tribes it is said that once a Legendary Jaguar Pokémon ruled alongside a Legendary Eagle Pokémon under the orders of Celebi, the Time Travel Pokémon, and guardian of the forest. Those were happy and bountiful days, but one day, the Eagle Pokémon stole from the Jaguar Pokémon and led them to fight, this made their followers fight each other and caused the tribe’s first war. Angered, Celebi relieved the Pokémon of their ranks, and sent them to live in their own dimensions of time. Since that day, the two tribes live in constant struggle. Pokémon have been kept away from these fights.

For this reason, and the fact that Neza is now over 15 years old (old enough to fight), he has been a warrior for the last three years, fighting alongside his brothers… against his cousins. They have also kept their tradition of capturing instead of killing leading to a style of unarmed warfare that would be admired in today’s society more as a sport than an all out war, if it wasn’t a secret. For a while now though, Neza has been unable to sleep. Each time he closes his eyes, even before becoming unconscious, he can hear a beautiful voice, and see a beautiful woman calling him for help. After a week of insomnia though, he finally became tired and went to the temple atop the highest tree on their side of the jungle to consult with the High Priest… “Let me tell you a story, far older than the fight between the Jaguar and the Eagle, and more ancient than Celebi itself.” The High Priest said as he went on to tell Neza of the beautiful Goddess of Happiness. After finishing he looked at Neza wide eyed and concluded: “I saw the same dream, but it wasn’t a message meant for me… she’s asking you to help her, don’t be afraid and sleep soundly… in order to save the Goddess of Happiness!”

Appearance- There is no difference between ‘calm’ Neza, and ‘feral’ Neza besides their personality changes, where one fully depends on his calm status and his ability to process things, while the other relies on pure instinct, and his stimulated status (high). Neza is average-sized in his tribe, but short when compared to ‘outsiders’. He has dark skin, long, dark, straight hair, dark brown eyes, and a number of scars throughout his body. Most notably, a horizontal scar under his right eyebrow, as well as a vertical one underneath his temple in the same side of his face, that runs all the way down to his cheek (both visible even when he’s wearing clothes). He also has a big scar that runs across his back from the top of his right trapezius to the left side of his ribcage, as well as a number of minor scars throughout his body.

When he left his village, he knew that his current handmade clothes wouldn’t ‘cut it’ in society, so he is borrowing some of the clothes usually worn by the high priest to visit the city. He has a dirty pair of jeans that almost look greyish green from the dirt and grass stains it has. A just-as-worn-out white T-shirt that fits him halfway down his thighs (and therefore keeps tucked-in), and a string for a belt. On his fit, he wears a pair of ‘chanclas’ (leather sandals, you probably know what they are) that he only wears when he walks on cement, otherwise, he rather go barefoot (as he’s used to).

Legendary- Celebi

Weapon- Arbor. The knuckle of the forest. A powerful pair of brass knuckles made from the wood of the 'Tura Tree' (taken from Arbol del Tule), a legendary tree which is said to give energy to all living beings (both plants, Pokémon, and human) and is said to have been planted by the Goddess of Happiness herself. Although no one alive has ever seen it, it's dark brown wood is said to be stronger than diamond, and lighter than bamboo, making it a deadly weapon. Its destructive power, however, will make life grow wherever it is used, and will turn barren battlefields into beautiful forests, replacing the lives it has taken, with new lives.

Powers- Agility, Stealth, and Enhanced Physical Strength. The power to leap from tree to tree, to avoid an attack from an enemy, the power to move like a shadow; to detect without being detected, as well as almost limitlessly increased physical strength. All of these are attributes of the powerful jaguar, king of the Mesoamerican rainforests.

Tribe- Tribe of the Jaguar. (Equivalent to Aztec civilization, in constant struggle with the Tribe of the Eagle; forever rivals)

First Pokémon: Nidoran (M)

Trainer Card - http://i389.photobucket.com/albums/oo337/drunkL_L/rocke_pgh_tc1.png

RP Sample- From CTFx’s Pokémon Wars: The Alpha

Slowly regaining consciousness, Rocke immediately felt at danger, and decided to analyze the situation as thoroughly as possible,

<Where am I? … I know for a fact I’m inside a vehicle, most likely a truck due to the metal bodywork underneath me being large enough to fit me lying on my side. Also, I can obviously feel this thing moving and bumping against the ground, which means we aren’t in a paved street anymore. Let’s see, I can’t move because both of my hands are tied at my back, and apparently they’re also tied to my ankles> He thought as he tried to unbend his swollen knees from the pressure. <I have a bag over me so that means they don’t want me to see where they’re taking me… if that wasn’t obvious enough already, and…>

All of a sudden the truck stopped making him roll to the other side of the truck bruising his knees and hitting his head “Damn!”

“Stop crying and get down here” at the same time he heard this voice he felt a strong hand grab hold of the rope that kept his arms and legs bound to his back, pulling him out of the truck and letting him fall to the ground

“GOD THAT HURT! … Why would you do that?!”

Without a reply, the man cut the rope and unbound his feet, leaving only his arms tied, “Walk” he said.

After walking about ten steps, he opened a door, and went into a corridor with a multitude of stairs going down then bending down to be at the same height level as Rocke, the man whispered into his ear: “I really don’t feel like carrying you… hope you don’t put this against me.”

“What? …” as Rocke was about to ask what was going on, he felt a huge hand touch his back before pushing him down the stairs. “Aaaaaahhhhh… Uff!” Rocke was able to keep his balance and run down the first staircase, but then hit a wall leaving him almost unconscious. Then he felt the same hand pull him from the shirt, and push him down another staircase in an opposite direction, “… Uff!” The same thing happened, except this time Rocke fell down upon hitting the wall, and rolled down a third staircase, which upon hitting the last stair gashed his right eyebrow, which started bleeding profusely.

As J (the man in charge of Rocke’s kidnapping) finished going down the third staircase, he sighed at the sight and said: “At least you made my job easier…” carrying him and taking him down the last staircase…

He then felt the man drop him in a room with marble floors, and take off the bag covering him to untie his arms. “Ha. THAT’S gonna leave a mark” Said J looking at the cut up eyebrow.

“…” <What in the world just…>

“Come on, don’t be like that.” He heard the voice of the man again, “We might even become friends after this” After saying that J started to leave…

“Wait…!” After taking a short glance at the man who kidnapped him, he said: “If I ever see you again, I’ll kill you”

“No. If you EVER see me again, you’ll thank me from the moment we met.”

“HEY YOU! Get up”, he heard someone yell from afar, after refusing to get up he felt another guy picking him up from the arm, and pushing him towards a line of other 16 and 17 year olds. Looking from side to side, he noticed they were not the only ones there, there were a lot more people besides them, <Some of them look like they’re 9 or 10! What’s going on?!> he thought. As the line started to walk forward, he noticed that the kids were given a pokeball from one of the henchmen “Here, here” is all he heard

“Here!”, a voice exclaimed while shoving a pokeball into Rocke’s chest. Then grabbing the pokeball, “What?!” as he said interrogated the action, he got pushed inside what looked like “A COLISEUM! … Where the hell am I?!

Another henchman then grabbed on to both him and another trainer. The other trainer was tall, blond with sky blue eyes, and shaggy hair. <Seriously?! … this guy looks like a total douche!> the second henchman then interrupted Rocke’s daydreaming by stating “This is a battle you guys DON’T want to lose, now fight until there is a winner!”

Looking up and seeing the other trainer with the same confused face as him, “Ummm… GO!”, as they both threw their respective pokeballs, out came a Bulbasaur, and a Snorunt

<Damn… already looking bad> thought Rocke when he noticed the type disadvantage, then facing up he saw the other guy gain newfound confidence, and started laughing at Rocke’s misfortune. Irritated, Rocke exclaimed: “Seriously, COULD YOU BE ANY MORE OF A DOUCHE!

Appalled by the exclamation, the other trainer started: “I’ll show you, wait until you see my true skills as a trainer!” While he was daydreaming and saying this, Rocke yelled out: “Hurry up Bulbasaur, Tackle that imp” Bulbasaur charged full on at Snorunt making a big impact. “Nice, a critical hit!”

Even MORE frustrated, the other trainer yelled out: “Come on Snorunt, attack!” Not knowing exactly what his trainer wanted though, the Snorunt used Leer.

<He has no clue of what he’s doing> “Quick Bulbasaur, use another Tackle!” Bulbasaur connected one more time. The other trainer exclaimed, "Now Snorunt, use an attack like Ice Punch or something!” Clearly frustrated at the incompetence of its trainer, the Snorunt glared at the guy. “Hurry up Bulbasaur, while it’s looking away connect once more with Tackle!”, “Bul…BA!” <This is too easy> thought Rocke.

The other trainer, on the verge of crying due to frustration started yelling out names of attacks that he knew of to see if the Snorunt would be able to connect with one, “Gah! TACKLE! BLIZZARD!, ICE BEAM!” Again Snorunt didn’t understand a thing.

“Come on, Bulbasaur! Let’s end this fast! Go with another Tackle!”, but as Bulbasaur charged for it’s third tackle… “POWDER SNOW!”

Snorunt, upon hearing a command he understood, used a powerful chilling gust that hit Bulbasaur head on. “Bul… ba… saaaur…” The Bulbasaur had obviously gotten hit hard, and might’ve not been able to take another hit.

Surprised, Rocke told his pokemon: “DAMN, that was a strong hit, guess we’re gonna have to rely on your Speed Bulbasaur, because as that one guy said, this is a battle we DON’T want to lose” Upon hearing the determined words of its trainer, Bulbasaur struggled back up ready to fight again “Bulba!”

“Too bad your type is weak against mine!” He heard the other trainer say “Snorunt use Powder Snow again!” But this time… <What?! … Bulbasaur evaded the attack!... Nice> Thought Rocke, and then: “NOW, TACKLE WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT!!!”…


“ Snorunt is unable to battle, Rocke is declared the winner!”

Then looking up at the sits of the coliseum Rocke saw a dark figure sitting on what looked like a throne on a balcony, and next to him… Yes, it had to be, J whispering something to the other man’s ear.

October 31st, 2008, 9:50 PM
((Nezahualcoyotl. Reminds me of my history class. I almost failed that test. x__x. Lol. I'm left in charge until GhostPrincess is back, and I say your bio is good enough, Drunk. (Lol). I say you're in. :) ))

November 1st, 2008, 1:01 AM
Name -Geoff Barker
Nickname- Geoff is fine
Gender - male
Age: 17

Appearance- Geoff stands at an average height of 5'9 not including his fox ears that stand a couple of inches above his head. He has dark Autumn brown hair that is usually very shaggy and unkempt. It likes to spike out in various directions but always dominantly points down, covering his ears. His eyes are a soft yellow hue that give him an element of mystery that all of the ladies die for. He always wears a gentle facial expression which allows strangers to easily feel welcomed when meeting him. He always wears a fang filled smile on his face unless deep in thought. Being apart of the fox tribe, he has two protruding canine teeth on his upper lip that he can't help but have present. A long bushy brick brown and white tail protrudes from his backside and always has a small hole cut in his pants for easy access. Most times he wears a black t-shirt with a white #6 on the front with a pair of dark blue tight fitted jeans that lead down and scarcely cover a pair of black shoes with small white stripes on them.

Geoff's other side, Ace, is a very rough looking person. Geoff's eyes darken in their yellow tint, and begin to glow an eerie moonlight yellow. The fur on his tail usually looks rough and dirty, along with his all around general appearance. The hair on his head sticks up a bit, giving him a very wild and beastly look. The large two hand axe that comes with his powers rests on his back at all times with long handle and huge blade that almost scrapes the ground. Even though the clothing never changes, its always pretty obvious when Geoff's other self is in control.

Personality- Geoff is a very mild mannered guy who doesn't enjoy being in many dicey situations. In any scenario, Geoff would much rather go with the flow and make things as easy as possible as opposed to going against the grain and fighting. Although he does have a peace oriented attitude, he has a very strong opinion of right and wrong and wont hesitate to stand up for what he believes in. That being said, when he does stand up for things, its usually in a nonchalant way and will usually entail him trying to get out of the violent part of any scenario. Geoff has conflicting emotions because unfortunately, he doesn't like fighting but he always feels that he should do something to make things right. This conflict inside his head is usually when he starts to become unstable and his other side comes out. Geoff is always very well mannered and polite when meeting people as well, although sometimes he does tend to make sarcastic remarks when he feels he needs to impose.

Geoff's other side is quite the opposite of his tamed, normal side. His opposite is very active, egotistical, and obnoxious. When the other side comes out, it is quite aware of the raw brute force that it is capable of. The spirit of the flame burns through "Ace" as Geoff's other side often refers to himself. Wielding the gigantic axe, Ace never wastes any time exercising his strength and power. He is usually always in the fight and in the opponent's face, unleashing all of his best attacks and causing a big show about it. Over the top and uncontrollable are the phrases to describe Geoff when his other half takes over.

History - Geoff grew up in Fallorbor Town in the Hoenn region and spent most of his time in the forests surrounding the tree house city. Through most of his years he wasn't concerned with pokemon training and things like that, he was more worried about playing in the trees and learning to climb. As a kid he became very proficient in climbing trees and rocks and developed quite amazing upper body strength despite his lean figure. Soon after he mastered the art of climbing through trees, Geoff gained an interest in the fire type pokemon around Lavaridge. This interest sprouted into an extensive knowledge and appreciation of everything having to do with fire for Geoff. He became obsessed with everything about it down to how it worked and how it moved. This led to the inevitable splitting of his personalities when the destructive nature and beauty of fire finally clashed.

Legendary -Ho-oh

Weapon- Incendia - Axe of the Volcano. A large two handed axe with a long polearm and windmill style blade that comes to four 4 sharp points. The broad side of the blade is crimson red, with reflective silver where the blade is sharpened. It is an extremely large and clumsy weapon but Geoff manages to wield it with relative ease.

Powers- The ability to create and manipulate flames. He can use fire to create a variety of offensive and defensive abilities using the power of Incendia. Incendia is definitely over sized, clumsy, and lacks subtelty. But when it comes to all out offense, Incendia is the best hands down for dealing large lethal blows.

Tribe- Tribe of the Fox: a peaceful tribe that lives in forests around the world and live as close allies to all forest related tribes.

First Pokémon: Vulpix

Trainer Card - don't have one

RP Sample - My RP Sample (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=154580&page=4)

November 1st, 2008, 10:28 AM
@ Drunk: Wow! I like tht you got carried away! Excellent! I certainly Approve! :D Theres no such thing as a to long rp sign-up!

@Kansas: Excellent! Approved.All you need is a trainer card and your good to go! But you may start posting even if you don't make

@ machomuu- I see you edited your post. Your history is better..And I see nothing wrong with your personality.. the only thing I see wrong is your tribe part =x You must be part of a half-animal/pokemon tribe before you can continue.Your role-play example is fun..but its merely..Scripted lines..You must write at least 1 paragraph that meats text requirments on the rules.. No offense I don't like reading lines.. If you edit these..Then your good to go.. (If you are unsure how to do an rp example you can look at the other rp examples to take notes on it)

@K9S8- ;D Sweet Okay Approved [ thanks for changing it!]
If I hadn't stated this once before....

You MAY start posting =D You love me right? What you don't? Oh well start posting anyway!

November 1st, 2008, 9:06 PM
((Fine, here I go))

“Whoa, girl, we’re here.”

The sun was just coming out in Pallet Town’s horizon. Bulbasaurs and Bellsprouts gently opened their eyes and stretched, preparing to take a stroll through flowery fields and bathe in the new day’s rays. Everyone in the vicinity should’ve been grateful that, even though confrontations were occurring everywhere else on the planet, Pallet Town was in peace. The dew on Rattatas’ fangs was slowly wiped away as the purple rodents took their morning bites. People in robes and slippers walked out from their houses with a cup of coffee in their hands and took their newspapers. Everything was quiet. Everything was peaceful. Everything was good.

Through trees and shrubs to the west, a lit entity ran towards the town at a large speed. A Ponyta ran like the wind, heading to Pallet Town, skipping through thorny bushes, turning with speed around trees and scaring flocks of Pidgey away. A young male with golden hair and black attire rode on top of the Ponyta, taking a hold by the Pokémon’s neck. He was bouncing up and down slightly as the Pokémon grabbed more and more speed, all at the sound of the boy clicking with teeth and tongue. “We’re almost there! I could clearly see that shiny object drop here!”

The Ponyta lowered her head each time more as she grabbed more speed. The male pulled himself closer to the Ponyta’s body, and as he did, the flame mane on the Pokémon grew. The fire was hitting the boy directly on the face, and if saw from an angle, you could see that also quite harshly; but it seemed that the boy didn’t care.

“Whoa, girl, we’re here.”

It was almost a matter of seconds before Veil made a tremendous leap above a flying Pidgey and landed very gracefully on a patch of flowers on Pallet Town. While still up in the equine Pokémon, Atton took a look around the area. A Café, some small houses, the Prof. Laboratory and some trees and signs. Nothing out of place. ~I could… I could’ve sworn one of the lights landed here... Or… Somewhere aroud here. Better search the surroundings.~ Atton stretched his legs and got off the Ponyta, soothingly tapping her head. “Good job, Veil. Why don’t you have a drink? There, I bet that pond’s clean.” Veil neighed softly and happily as she got up on her two hind legs for some seconds; then she calmly walked over a pond in the south to have a drink. Atton smiled as he saw his partner take some steps away; then he turned around and took a deep breath, action that was succeeded with a very deep yawn. ~Gotta search for those lights. Couldn’t have been a shooting star; it was flying too low… Hmm… What is keeping me so interested in these lights, anyway? As far as I’m concerned, it could have been a bomb or something. Could it have a relationship to those weird dreams I’ve been having? I mean, I think they were 8 lights... Or were they? I don’t know… I can’t tell… It’s still to early for me to think.~ Before he could finish his thoughts, Atton was interrupted by a yawn. ~ A coffee’ll wake me up.~

“Veil, stand still; I’ll be right back.” With a small wave to his Ponyta, Atton hurried into the local café of the town. He gently pulled the door open and walked in with soft steps and a smirk. The people stared at him for a while before they continued eating their food. Pallet Town was small; everyone that lived there knew each other, so when it someone was a foreigner, he couldn’t go inconspicuous.

-“I wonder where he’s from.”
-“Kinda strange fellow, eh?”

Atton nonchalantly walked over to the bar of the café and ordered a latte of some strange berry; one that was very sweet and was sure to wake up anyone that wasn’t yet completely on their senses. Atton paid with the few coins he carried and took the hot cup, quickly taking small sips of it. The warm liquid made Atton’s eyes pop open; but after a few drinks and sitting down, a strange vision crossed Atton’s mind. While in a trance, he imagined himself in a strange, dark room; and he was holding some strange daggers with electricity patterns. ~What is this?~ He thought. Sparks were flying out of the daggers, and when he was about to examine them, the female voice that had many times appeared in his dreams said something unintelligible. Then, Atton was slapped back to the present. ~Wow, that was something…~

With the cup still half full of coffee, Atton walked out. “Veil, c’mon, let’s analyze the surroundings. There has to be something around here. I get a strange vibe…” Veil neighed quietly and walked behind Atton, from a distance.
The pair walked through the nearby forests endlessly, looking for nothing, but looking for everything at the same time. In his dreams he saw weapons, a creepy guy, a beautiful woman, supposedly the Goddess, and other silhouettes of people. ~Hmm… Other people….~ Atton thought it was significant that the people he saw in his dreams also shared anthropomorph traits. Could it have a relationship? Where there tribes chased too? Did they have the same dreams?

Atton pondered and pondered, lost in thought, until some sobbing caught his attention. He looked up saw a girl sitting on a swing set, alone. Due to Leo’s Tribe member’s attitude, he would have probably ignored her… If it wasn’t for the fact that she had cat ears and tail. Atton opened his eyes in shock and inspected the girl, who seemed about his age.
Unknowingly, his lion tail popped out of the back of his denim jeans and his hair grew a bit; like if he had just entered a mild bestial form. ~A tribe member. A feline tribe member. ~ Atton, even though he wasn’t all that of a social person, approached discretely. “Uh…” he muttered as he approached the girl, Veil walking behind him.

He had to talk to her. Not only was she of the felidae family like he was, lions and cats, but she did hold a strange resemblance to one of the figures in his dreams. Taking a deep breath to talk again, Atton flashed a shy smile; and still from a short distance from the crying girl and while his lion tail swung around, he managed to say. “Hey… What’s wrong?” In a soothing voice tone.

November 1st, 2008, 10:23 PM
ooc: well I'm in a sad part in my visual novel and whilest I lsiten to cheesy sad music in which the dude sees the girl her formerly loved in the girl he's falling in love with who happens to be that girls SISTER anyway...

Chapter 2: A feline meeting

As she continued to push herself gently back and forth..Slow tears falling down her eyes.. "Why..Why can't I..? Remeber anything..why am I the girl with no past...?" The tears continued to fall..Continuely she heard the words that had been said to her throughout the days she had worked at the cafe..

"Forgetful..Who couldn't remember their own family?"

"I know..She's to lazy to seek her own memory?"

Konan continued to cry..They had become so cruel to her..The tears flowed..It felt hopeless..The girl with no pass..only had Hinata and her starly..As the tears fell to the dry dirt under the swing..she pushed herself gently still..Back and fourth..She bit her finger once more and the bitter-taste of blood flowed into her mouth. The finger that she had bitten had many scars from the bite marks she had made..There were several puncture wounds that were healing on her fingers.

But she hadn't noticed the lion-like boy standing in front of her.He flashed a shy-like smile. "Hey whats wrong?" He asked her.

She could here something going off in her head..This boy..he was..familiar..She then remebered..one of the silhouttes..in her dream..The boy..with two daggers with a gold tint..She could hear the wind..There was silence between the two.. His gaze had resembled hers..Cat-like..he was surely apart of a feline tribe..Her amber eyes shufted to his tail which was a lion tail.

"Oh...I didn'ts-see..you there.." Konan mumbled as a smile sob escaped her lips.

"So whats wrong?" He still had his shy smile on his face.

"..I-I...It's..Well.." Konan mumbled..She couldn't say it..She felt ashamed.. "I-I well..Some people at work..stuck a dirty lable at me..and I blanked out and..well..they teased me a bit..I know..what your going to say..your going to say don't let words get to you..but....Its just hard..They labled me as a forgetful cluts..with no past.." Konan mumbled tears continued to flow down her eyes..She was sick of that name..no one ever called her by her name Konan..Not even.."Kohanna" they just stuck a lable on her and didn;t care.

"You see..I have no memory..I just woke up one day only knowng..my name..Kohanna..but..I like Konan better...And..i had cat ears and a tail so..Well I tuess I deserve to be made fun of..huh? I mean..its only natural..I mean while other can eat dinner with their family I just..I can't..I've never known my family.."

The wind swayed once more and some faint "Coo's" from pidgeys echoed. The sweet smell of neigboring tulips and Irises filled the air..Everything was silent once more..And once more..Konan felt the lump in her throat and she stuck her head in her lap and cried.

"I want to get rid of that aweful title! I want to not just be labled as "the girl with no past!" I want people to recognize me for WHO I am..Give me a name..Not a lable..Everyone just looks at me like an outsider! Why..why? Why can't I be acknowledge" Konan cried through her muffled sobs. And for the mere moment she lifted her head up as tears fell down her face, her amber-gold eyes turned a blood red but then after one minor second turned back to their reguler amber-gold tint.

"What m-made..you ask me what was wrong...I'm a complete stranger.." Konan mumbled. The tears had stopped flowing but her eyes were still welled up with the bitter tears. As she looked back up at the lion boy..She smiled and whispered... "Thank you..I needed someone to talk to.." She smiled at the boy and the flaps of pidgey wings could be heard. At this a voice chimed to the two..

"An internal struggle..
An internal fight..
Between good and evil...
The evil you've tried...
To hide..
Will soon come..
And help but destory..
The secrets you keep
Shall be revealed...
In one fell swoop..
Your evil side will kill..
Your most treasured person.."

Now Konan not knowing of her "Other side" was kind of blank at this melody.. She looked around.

"Uhm..I heard..a melody just now...Maybe it was me..but..did you hear one too.?" Konan mumbled to the lion-boy. She knew if he appeared in her dreams then..He must hear the strange melodys as well..Did he hear it? More importantly..did the "others" she had not met..heard it as well? And will they come to Pallet Town as well?..

"Anyway!" Konan giggled returning to her light bubbly personality.. "So..Wanan come to the cafe with me..I should go there..I kinda ran out in the middle of work.." Konan sweatdropped..Her amber eyes looking at the boy..Who was at this moment most-likely freaked out by her sudden mood change..

Zeta Patchouli
November 2nd, 2008, 10:22 AM
Chapter 1: The Boy From an Extinct Clan

"Go away! We don't serve your kind here!" Yelled the shopkeeper as he kicked Andrew out. Andrew struggled to get to his feet.

"Why? Why was I born to the falcon clan? Why did the majority of them steal, or lie? Was I meant to die of starvation?" Asked Andrew before starting his treck home.

'It's okay.' Said the Electrike besides him. 'You will be able to get back at him... I mean, you always manage.'

"Yes, but I haven't eaten in a week, I'm starved." Said Andrew before leaning to a lamp post. "It's hard to walk."

'You'll make it though, you have been through worse.' Said Alex before starting to walk ahead. 'We'd better get going, or it may get messy.'

"Yeah..." Said Andrew as he passed by a TV store, and saw a man with a gun pointing it at some criminal. "TV shows are geting stupider and stupider each day."

"Like anyone is going to listen to you." Said a random person. Today has been a stressful day for Andrew, and he's starting to get mad. "I mean, you spew out enough lies, more won't hurt." Andrew grabbed the person and slammed him into the wall.

"What did you say to me?" Asked Andrew. "No one ever insults my species like that! So we're almost extinct, so what? I will rebuild my species... even if they're only half breeds, they shall prosper!"

"Heh, you are going to die before that. No one likes you, just go away and die." Said the man, Andrew slammed his knee into the man's stomach before tossing him away. Alex came up to him and said.

'That was stupid! Now the people around here have an excuse to kill you!' Alex bit on Andrew's pant leg and started pulling. 'We got to get out of here!'

"Cops! COPS! This thing just attacked me!" Yelled the man. Two dog clan members looked around and saw Andrew.

"Crap!" Yelled Andrew before grabbing Alex and flying south. The two dog clan members started to chase him, but he flew even faster, eluding escape. But to be safe, he flew into a small town (Pallet Town).

"Phew, glad I made it out of there." Said Andrew as he walked into a cafe, to try to avoid detection, but he started getting odd looks from the people around him anyway.

(ooc: Not my best... or my longest. But it's something. Not to mention, I am not very good with first posts.)

November 2nd, 2008, 4:01 PM
ooc: I'm really bored waiting for diego to get on and post so I might as well post a minor one now :P

Chapter 3: Internal struggle

"So would you like to come to the cafe with me? I'm sure my boss won't mind..We'd probably get a bit of teasing though..Ehehe.." Konan sweatdropped once more and put the hand on the back of her head. As she laughed merrily something caught her attention. Her cat slit eyes scanned the air above them. A man on eagle wings had just flew into pallet town.. He was running from something.

"Oh..Another one?" Konan responded as she saw the man had flew into the cafe probably hiding from something.

"Yes another one my dear child." A womens voice said..It was very elegant and beautiful.

Konan was once again in the black room that she had seen before.

"W-who..Are you.." As konan whispered this a women appeared to her...She had long silver hair..Blood red eyes..white cat ears and a white tail..She had a ghost-like skin..Her appearance was ghastly..frightening..

"Why I'm you dear child.." The women smirked through her rosey red lips.

"Me...?" Konan whispered.

"Yes..I'm the other you..The powerful you..I am the reason you are alive today..My name is Luna Rosa...Meaning Moonlit Rose." The women smirked as a pale as a white rose appeared in her hand..It sparkled as if moonlight was shining down upon it.

"You may call me Rose though.." The women smirked stepping up to the frightened Konan.

"Y-Your not me.." Konan mumbled.

"You don't believe so..? I'm sorry to here that!" The women smirked. The rose suddenly disappeared and she was looking at a mirror of herself except she had blood red eyes. "So child do you not believe that I am not you?" The women gave a evil cackle. As she regained her ghastly appearance.

"You may mimic me but your not me.." Konan mumbled.

She merely chuckled again as she held another rose in her hand. "Believe what you will..but tommorow night..during the full moon..I will come out..to play..Like I do every full moon light.." A small smile slid across her rosy lips. "And then you will be the one to watch as I come out to play..oh wait..that part of you is unconscious during that time..Silly me." Konan stood there in fear.

"N--no.." Konan cried..

"Oh yes.." Rose mumbled. Konan backed up a tiny bit.

"Ah ah..don't make me angry child.you wouldn't like me when I'm angry." Rose cackled as her blood red eyes turned to catslits..as the rose disappeared..She began to..change..But something stopped her..The cat necklace around Konans necklace began to glow..

"GAH! That necklace!" Rose yelled backing up. She looked to be in great pain.

"My..necklace?" Konan mumbled.

"That stupid necklace is..Is preventing from changing into my true form!" Rose yelled collapsing to her kness..SHe was holding her chest and appeared to be in great pain.As rose dissapear she was greated with a pale pink luminosity..

"Nivosus...the stick of snow...Located in the... A.....l.....te....p..." Konan mumbled but she had returned to her senses.

"Gah!" Konan yelped as she regained her composure.She was standing in front of the lion-boy.

"Crap how am I gonna explain how I randomly blanked out" Konan though frustratedly

Zeta Patchouli
November 2nd, 2008, 5:21 PM
(ooc: This post is to introduce one of Andrew's enemies, I'm introducing him now so that he can be developed later on easier. Anyone can use him, but he should not be killed by anyone other then Andrew.)

Chapter 2: Marcus: The Insane Poacher

Andrew looked at the two newcomers, and heard the females whispers. "Nivosus... sounds like it could make me some cash." Said Andrew as he got up. Alex hopped on his shoulders and the two left the cafe.

'Are you sure about this? I mean, she said it like it was hers.' Said Alex, but Andrew pulled out a pokeball.

"Return Alex. I need some quiet time." Said Andrew before preparing to fly off, but just as he got off the ground, a shot from a gun was heard, and Andrew had barely dodged it. "What the?" And the man was on the roof of the cafe.

"Heh, you are a rare being. It will be nice to add you to my collection." Said the Chameleon man as he pointed the gun at Andrew.

"Gust!" Yelled Andrew as he fired a gust of wind at the man, but he jumped up, avoiding it.

"Don't you think I expected that? I am Marcus, rare species hunter. I hunt rare beings for sport." Said Marcus as he stood up tall. "I have targeted your mother a long time ago, and thanks to two idiotic poachers, I missed my chance. Now you are the last one, and you will die." Marcus rushed at Andrew, slamming into him. Since Andrew's body wasn't in good condition, it did more damage then it should have.

"Grr..." Grumbled Andrew before vanishing as well. Marcus looked surprised at that, but remembered that his opponent couldn't see him.

"Come on out! Or I'll blast everything in sight!" Yelled Marcus, but then he was hit by an invisible force, Andrew became visable and hit Marcus once more, but the chameleon got up. "Heh, you're mine." Marcus had the gun pointed at Andrew's wing. "BANG!" And with that, he fired the gun.

"Aah!" Yelled Andrew before falling to the ground.

"Heh, you aren't like the Altaria Girl. She managed to put up a fight." Said Marcus as he aimed at the other wing. "Or your mother. She fought with skill, but you... Hahahah, you don't hold a candle to them." And Marcus fired, but Andrew was able to get up in time.

"Alex, I need help!" Said Andrew as he released his Electrike.

'Finally! Whoa, what happened to you??' Asked Alex.

"Thunderbolt on that lizard man!" Yelled Andrew, Alex fired the Thunderbolt, hitting Marcus, who didn't really feel much as he had a rubber glove on. "What??!"

"You never saw it? Wow, I'm shocked. As a species hunter, I need to be protected against all elements. I only have one elemental defence, but as you can see. It can be effective." Said Marcus as he aimed his gun at Andrew.

"Grr... go ahead, but then you won't know where an even rarer creature is." Said Andrew which sparked Marcus' interest.

"What kind of creature?" Asked Marcus.

"She is inside the cafe, a neko." Said Andrew.

"Why should I care about a neko? They have tribes everywhere, or so I heard." Said Marcus as he pointed the gun back at Andrew.

"She is an orphan, knows where something of great importance is, and besides... Altaria people aren't rare." Said Andrew. Marcus started thinking at that.

"Hmm... fine. I never fought a Neko before. Besides she can probably provide some sport, but only on one condition... you fight with her. Tomorrow night, right here." Said Marcus before jumping off. Andrew smirked as he fell unconscious. Alex panicked.

'Andrew? Crap, he needs medical attention!' Said Alex before dashing into the cafe to get help, seeing as there was no one on the street.

(ooc: Yeah, hope it's okay for you to fight Marcus, Andrew will be somewhere else (The hospital) If not, then Andrew will have another fight with Marcus.)

November 2nd, 2008, 7:07 PM
There in the plain, Atton stood nervous, staring at the girl who, apparently, had not listened to him. ~Oh man…~ He thought to himself. Would reiterating his phrase make him look stupid or something? He was unsure. It wasn’t a matter of everyday that he… You know, spoke to someone. Atton sighed disjointedly and passed a hand through his golden hair as he stared at her. He was about to ask again, but suddenly the crying girl looked up at him. Their sights met, and, if the cat ears and tail weren’t enough, Atton could tell she was a half feline because of her stare. With eyes still locked, the girl spoke.

“Oh… I didn’t see you there…”

A cold sweat drop drooled down Atton’s spine as he continued to look at her. Trying his best to keep his smile up as she stared at him, he managed to ask again “So, what’s wrong?”

Immediately, the girl started talking. Some tears still flooded her eyes and an expression of dishonor was clear on her face. This made Atton feel very sad, so he paid complete and total attention to the words that came out of her mouth. "....I-I......It's....Well.... Some people at work....stuck a dirty label at me....And I blanked out and....Well....they teased me a bit....I know....What your going to say....Your going to say don't let words get to you....But.........Its just hard....They labeled me as a forgetful cluts....With no past...."

Atton remained quiet… Listening. He didn’t know the feelings she was experiencing. Yes, he too was an anthropomorph, and yes, he sometimes got told off by people… But… But she had to interact with normal humans everyday. At least he hid from everyone. She had to be insulted every single day. Wow, must that have sucked. With a gesture of wretchedness that meant he felt wrong for her, he continued to listen; without saying a thing yet. The girl continued to talk, the same saddened look on her face now showed some sort of angriness, though. "You see...I have no memory...I just woke up one day only knowing...My name...Kohanna...But I like Konan better....And...I had cat ears and a tail so...Well I guess I deserve to be made fun of...Huh? I mean...It’s only natural...I mean while other can eat dinner with their family I just...I can't...I've never known my family… I want to get rid of that awful title! I want to not just be labeled as "the girl with no past!" I want people to recognize me for WHO I am...Give me a name...Not a label...Everyone just looks at me like an outsider! Why...Why? Why can't I be acknowledged?"

The cries of Pidgey were heard around the two while Konan spoke, each time a greater expression of repulsion on her face. It was so harsh that for some moments Konan’s gilded eyes turned blood red. Atton didn’t think she would jump up and strike him; at least there wasn’t that big of a chance, but he still felt threatened. What had that been? Subconsciously, he felt a burst of rage inside of him too, so he got into a discreet and defensive stance as her eyes were red. He could feel his fangs grow slightly, and, if he didn’t react just in time to prevent full transformation, claws and a mane would’ve grown. He felt threatened. Soon, anyway; her eyes returned to normal, and, immediately did Atton’s fangs. Slightly confused because of this very rare happening, Atton shook the thought off and continued to stare at Konan, "What m-made...You ask me what was wrong...I'm a complete stranger...” The tears in her eyes had stopped coming down, but the humidity on them signaled that more crying could come in any moment. Still, Atton stayed quiet. “Thanks… I needed someone to talk to.”

Awesome. Atton hadn’t at all said a word and he had already helped someone feel a little better. Maybe… Perhaps this socializing thing wasn’t that difficult. In fact, hearing the word “Thanks” from someone else’s mouth somehow soothed him. Hm.. He could get used to this. Perhaps he was the only Leo Tribe member left. He could break the chain and habit of the tribesmen being lonely. Yes, he should do that. Plus, this girl was also a tribeswoman, and one of his dreams. Enough reasons to stick around. Now, when he wanted to say something, a voice chimed in.
"An internal struggle..
An internal fight..
Between good and evil...
The evil you've tried...
To hide..
Will soon come..
And help but destory..
The secrets you keep
Shall be revealed...
In one fell swoop..
Your evil side will kill..
Your most treasured person.."

…Or something like that. Konan said something, and Atton did hear it, but sadly, he was to lost in thought on this recital like to pay attention. He snapped back to his senses right when he heard her say: "Anyway! So...Wanna come to the cafe with me...I should go there...I kinda ran out in the middle of work...” Konan’s personality bounced completely. From being totally depressed to lighthearted and bubbly? "So would you like to come to the cafe with me? I'm sure my boss won't mind..We'd probably get a bit of teasing though...Ehehe...”Atton just smiled, for this caused him so me sort of humor, then he spoke.

“Uh… Sure, I’d love to.” His voice spoke with immeasurable gentleness. He tried to appeal to the girl as much as he could, for if he wanted to form the allies shown in the dream, he couldn’t behave like a jerk. It wasn’t just going to happen. “I.. I will be right back, stay here.”

Atton, still smiling, turned around and walked at a quick pace on the opposite direction he arrived from. He was going to fetch Veil. When he was at some distance from the swing set, he whistled loudly. Immediately, neighing was heard and, with the speed of thunder, Veil galloped in. “Hey, girl.” Atton said as he petted the Pokémon. “Guess what; we’ve made a new friend… Well, sort of. Follow me.”

It was a matter of minutes before Atton walked back to Konan. There she was, still sitting on the swing set. He was totally unaware, though, that in that moment he left, she had passed out to have an inner meeting with her bestial form. She acted like she had just snapped back to the present from some trance, but Atton couldn’t tell. Anyway, Atton walked towards Konan and offered his hand, which was now comfortably warm because of holding the now discarded cup of coffee, to help her get up. As she took his hand, he shook her and introduced himself.

“My name is Atton. Atton Ignus. Very pleased to meet you, Konan.”

The two then started walking, and as they did, Atton tried to establish an inquisitive conversation. A warm and friendly smile never wiped out of his face. “So, Konan.” He started as the two walked back to Pallet Town, Veil following from behind. “I see… I see you too are from one of the anthropomorph tribes. Neko tribe, huh? What brought you here, to Pallet Town?”.

November 2nd, 2008, 9:58 PM
Name: Yukidama Lupus

Nickname: Yuki

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Personality: Yuki, though she seems to be cold and uncaring, is in actuality a bit shy and hides it with a tough exterior; she was unable to properly develop social skills, first because of the constricted environment of her tribe’s schooling, and then later the oppressive environment of her home. If she cares for a person, Yuki believes that she doesn’t need to say anything about it because her actions under pressure will speak enough for themselves. She has strong conviction and faith in her judgment once she’s made a decision, and rarely makes an allowance for others’ opinions. Often regarded as an outcast, the loyalty Yuki shows once she’s grown attached is akin to the faithfulness of a wolf to his/her pack, and she rarely hesitates to put her own life before the ones she for whom she cares, but she refuses to lift a finger for anyone she deems unworthy of her attentions. Under pressure, her father’s teaching allow Yuki to keep a fairly level head and she almost never loses her temper, though her extreme reactions (such as tossing a person who jumps next to her face-first into the ground, or glaring at the offender while reciting extremely cruel words) to mild annoyances are more than enough to ward people away from making her truly infuriated. Yuki is unsure of how to act around cheerful, optimistic people, considering that her house was one of order and solemnity, and her discomfort helps cultivate annoyance, which never leads to a good thing.

Yuki’s true form, unlike Yuki, dislikes everyone and everything, and finds the world distasteful and in a crisis of being taken over by useless wastes of space. She is the ultimate elitist that believes everyone should bow their heads to the ground days before and after her passing, and more often than not insults everyone within hearing range conspicuously. Yuki’s true form is not afraid to attack without a plan, and finds strategizing may hurt rather than help the situation. However, like Yuki’s normal form, she rarely changes her mind on her course of actions, and will react violently even when mildly annoyed; no one knows what occurs when Yuki’s true form is actually angered. Though Yuki’s true form has no name, Yuki has taken to calling it Ochiuo, because ‘her (the true form’s) personality just reminds me of a dead fish…what a stoic face’.

Overall, Yuki is a stubborn young woman who sticks to a decision once she makes it, prefers to think of a strategy rather than dive head-long into a situation, and tries to avoid crowds of people, especially little kids. If left alone, Yuki will find a pastry shop and proceed to eat any pumpkin pies she may get her hands on, and anything orange flavored or orange scented (as both her normal and true forms are partial to pumpkin pies and oranges). If someone calls her Yukidama, her full name, she doesn’t hesitate in punching him/her in the stomach; she abhors her name and is unable to reason why her mother named her ‘Snowball.’

Edit: Personalities will change over time, and as GP and I have been chatting, I can see how she'll change from this to what she'll probably be like by the end of the RP. So uh, call it a dynamic personality? Besides: Me + Rushed = Inability to cover all. I doubt I would have enough space to be all encompassing anyway.

History: Yuki was born to a high-society couple within the tribe on the first day of the third month when the snow still covered the grounds, even if just barely. The social status of her parents left great weights on Yuki’s shoulders to do just as well, if not better, than her Council Member father and her Medical Technician mother. The expectations resulted in her education in the arts, sciences, weaponry, and many other categories her parents felt she should learn in order to be a productive and respected member of their community. Yuki, however bright she was, never felt comfortable taking so many lessons, nor was she entirely motivated to do the necessary work, so by the time she was 10 years old, despite having been taught and forced to memorize several of the tribe’s literature phenomena, Yuki failed all of her arts classes while exceeding in the sciences. Her weaponry class records were burned in an ‘accident’ soon after she left the school due to ‘incidents,’ but her classmates all profess that she was either so impressionably horrid that the teachers had to whip her into working, or so impossibly good that they swore she wasn’t even touching her weapons. From the tribe’s tutelage at school, Yuki graduated to her parents’ home schooling, where her mother forced her to learn anything deemed sophisticated and mercilessly pounded into her daughter’s brain the importance of retaining her composure. When Yuki turned 12 years old, a younger brother joined the family, but as Yuki was already through most of her childhood, she never developed a close bond with her younger sibling. By age 15 Yuki was feeling oppressed within her own home: her mother had retired from teaching leaving Yuki’s father took up the mantle, and between her studies and chores, Yuki was given the care of her younger sibling. Busy as she was throughout her teenage years, Yuki’s social status was alarmingly poor; no one in her tribe could dare to call her a friend and in fact, many felt that she was a nuisance. If asked, they would prattle on about her name meaning ‘snowball’ and that she was too full of herself to be able to live in a normal society. In a few words, Yuki was a rather busy social pariah with a side of elitism.

The last four years of her safe childhood were swept into a flurry of tests and responsibilities. Her younger brother got older and eventually went to the tribe’s school, and her mother and father retired into their own home to seek their years of senility in quiet while the nursemaids and Yuki took care of the house. A few days after her 19th birthday, Yuki was kicked out of the house as per the tribe's tradition, left in the wilderness of her own clan to find her place in life and society. But as expected, Yuki could not function in the tight-knit community that had formed while she was sitting in her room studying the latest poetry and reveling in the most recent scientific discoveries. Three weeks after her birthday, Yuki was off, with a small pack of needed clothes, food, water, medicinal herbs, and a short kitchen knife. She left the grove of illusory magic that had been her home and safe haven for the past 19 years, chose a direction, and ran into the dark night.

Edit: The history isn't all-encompassing, mainly because the sample RP is going to cover the most recent parts, and reveal a tiny bit more about her life at home, which wasn't as oppressing and seemingly abusive as (in retrospect) I find it sounds in this small blurb. I just wanted to get this done for GP to look at before she went to bed. Sorry imouto-chan, onee-chan wanted to write more. Kuku.

Appearance: As her name suggests the lightness of snow, Yuki has long, white, free-flowing hair that goes down past mid-back to her waist, with long, shoulder length strands framing her face. Her skin is a pale white, but not so white that it competes with her hair; if she stays in the sunlight for too long, Yuki turns red and is rewarded with a nasty sunburn. Her eyes are pale blue and her eyebrows are strangely black. Yuki barely reaches 5’ 4”, with long, thin arms, slender hands and fingers, long legs and small feet. Her nails are unnaturally long and strong, a weapon themselves, and Yuki often files them to a point for show. Despite her training as a high-society woman, Yuki detests dresses and prefers to wear leggings or long pants to skirts; her normal wardrobe consists of her favorite purple T-shirt and baggy black pants, and some sort of overcoat. Even though she was born in the last chorus of winter, Yuki finds the cold despicable and wears a white turtleneck under any T-shirt she adorns as well as black knee socks to compliment any bottoms she wears. Her furry, oddly cat-like gray ears are triple pierced; one set of earrings are plain aquamarine studs, another set is of the crescent moon, and the last is a dangling pair of black hoops studded with polished obsidian.

Yuki’s true form, unlike her normal form, has black hair, of the same length and style, with pupil-less silver eyes. Her skin stays fairly the same color, but the fur on her ears turns pure white and her nails seem to decay and blacken, gaining ragged edges to give Yuki ten deadly, serrated daggers. Her fashion sense in her true form is also drastically different; unlike her normal form’s casual attire, Yuki’s true form is the epitome of an aristocratic lady, preferring elegant evening gowns of black or blue to baggy pants and T-shirts. However, as Yuki’s true form only appears when Yuki cannot control her anger or is petrified with terror, there is little say Yuki’s true form has over Yuki’s choice of clothing.

Weapon: Letum, the Wand of the Dead. This wand, though not powerful on its own, uses the life force of its wielder in order to perform necromancy; the wielder, if compatible with the wand, will awaken spectacular abilities such as corpse-control (Rampage of the Dead) and control over a dark flame (Dark Spirit Fire). Wielders, if specialized in the dark arts, may also gain the ability to control the minds of the living (Overseer), but this is likely to kill the wielder after the first use. After using the wand’s abilities, the wielder will lose a sufficient amount of life force, correspondent to the magnitude of their usage and level of their spell, and will have to rest immediately after, sometimes for days or weeks.

The weapon itself is a gloomy antique: a dark, mahogany wood bathed in an eerie midnight blue glow and decorated with obsidian jewels and intricate carvings of souls and spirits along its short handle. The head of the wand is shaped like a decorative bowl formed by eight spikes encompassing the clouded crystal ball, made from a metallic black rock of unknown origin, which rests in the center. The base of the wand also hides a dagger for close-quarters combat.

Powers: Without the wand, Yuki doesn’t have very strong powers, only able to telekinetically control objects within her immediate vicinity (a radius of approximately 2 feet), which she uses to enhance her close-quarters combat ability; however, with the wand Yuki can unlock the second stage and control both the Rampage of the Dead for a short amount of time and several Dark Spirit Fires at once while increasing her telekinetic radius to approximately 20 feet. In her ‘true form’ Yuki can control her telekinetic powers much better, even without the wand, and achieve a radius of approximately 7 feet, and with the wand, telekinetic ability is infinitely boosted, Rampage of the dead can be controlled for days up to weeks depending on how much rest Yuki had, the amount of summoned Dark Spirit Fires is potentially immeasurable, and the final stage, Overseer, is un-lockable (though the number of times she is able to use it is unknown). However, effectively controlling all of the abilities of the staff and Yuki at once is impossible and will cause instantaneous death; she may be from a demon-wolf tribe, but she's not immortal. Therefore, her powers all insert clauses of 'or' not 'and'; it's one or the other in the case of both second stage abilities to on another and in respect to the final stage ability as well. Since Yuki is naturally attuned to telekinesis, she is able to use this ability in conjunction with other abilities.

Tribe: Ookami Tribe (Wolf tribe)

Starter: Poochyena (female); this poochyena's appearance will be explained in the sample RP; it is called Fubuki.

Legendary: Giratani

Trainer Card: (It complained about URLs...therefore I need to go post more before I can put it up, sorry.)

RP Sample: With the permission of GP, my RP Sample is also my first post. It was simply too long to just stick in here...

November 3rd, 2008, 9:36 AM
It had been at least 2 days since the alarms in the village had sounded. What could have been such a big threat as to have evacuated the entire tribe? Walking with his small partner in the woods, a young fox tailed boy with brown shaggy hair walked lazily next to a small orange Vulpix.

"I don't know what to do, Vulpix...Everyone else headed to Johto for safety. But here we are in Kanto. Headed towards Pallet of all places...all because of some stupid dreams." He complained aloud to his small companion.


"And I don't even know this part of Mt. Silver..."


"Not to mention... mom's gonna be pissed..."


They both released audible sighs as they walked together in the forest, dreading the thought of their angered motherly figure. This was Geoff Barker and Vulpix. A tag team duo of epic failed proportions. Ever since the alarm had sounded, they had done nothing but complain about not wanting to be out of the village. All of the hostilities definitely went against Geoff's nature, and by association, his Vulpix. The two were now incredibly bored, lost, and in overall ill spirits. Opening his mouth to complain once more, he was shushed by the welcome glow of sunlight from between the trees a little bit away.

"The end of the forest! Finally!" Geoff exclaimed, instantly becoming full of energy and bounding to the opening, able to at last look down at the town of Pallet from the top of a far off hilltop. Vulpix quickly ran behind him, scuffling up his back and taking her place on Geoff's shoulder. Geoff gave her a small pat on the head before pulling her off and cradling the small fox in his arms. He began to sprint down the side of the hill towards Pallet.


Finally reaching Pallet town, Geoff was immediately overwhelmed with people and buildings the likes of which he had only seen a few times in his life, living in Mt. Silver for so long with his tribe. He released his hold on Vulpix, letting her swiftly jump to the ground and yawn loudly before continuing to walk alongside her master. It didn't take long for Geoff to notice something wrong. Everyone in town had started staring at him, it was completely quiet. Geoff stopped walking quickly, everyone immediately turned to their previous actions, and turning to each other talking. It wasn't much longer before a child's voice in a door way revealed the cause of the chatter.

"Look mommy! Can I have a tail too?!" a young boy yelled loudly. Geoff froze up, letting his fox-like ears perk up at the sound of the boy's comment, further revealing himself.

"CRAPPP! I FORGOT ABOUT MY TAIL!" Geoff thought in complete distress. He looked around to see everyone staring again, as a large sweat drop ran awkwardly down Geoff's forehead.

"Lovely weather today don't you think? ehhh heh heh..." He said aloud to the towns people, trying to force a laugh. "Welllll I think I'd better get going..." He followed up, tucking his tail between his legs and laying his ears down beneath the scruffy jungle of hair. He looked around desperately for salvation, only seeing a small cafe near him. He scuttled sideways, with his hands pressed awkwardly against his backside in pathetic attempt to hide the bushy tail from sight which was very obviously going to be impossible. Letting the same sweat drop slide, Vulpix followed her master shamefully as he retreated awkwardly into the confines of the cafe.

Once inside he quickly took to a small corner table and slumped into a chair and let his tail droop to the ground. His ears perked up again as he looked around to see anyone staring again, but lucked out. Vulpix soon arrived, hopping onto the table then to his lap to curl up for a nap.

"Looks like we're okay in here for now, Vulpix... Outsiders sure are strange. They act like they've never seen a tail before... although I guess they haven't seen one on a person maybe..." He complained audibly to his small companion who had obviously tuned him out and fallen asleep. Geoff sat forward in his chair, cupping his chin in his hands and pondering his scenario again.

"Mmkay... so lets run through this again... what am I doing here...."

November 3rd, 2008, 2:34 PM
Necro was on the rocky land staring at the flowing river. Leon stood by his side. Theyu both were in very deep thought. Necro had not gotten another sleepless night and it was because of his dream. He could not remember what it was all about, but it was bad. He was concerned that he had not slept, yet Exodia had not taken over. He looked into the river and saw his reflection. It was just too strange. Whenever Necro looked into a mirror or something that gave a reflection he would see Exodia's face. However, this time it showed his face. Necro was very creeped out. Leon could only watch as his trainer kneeled down and put his head in his lap. As the sun shined bright in the middle of the sky a drop of rain falls. Necro fells the drop then picks up his head. When he looks up at the sky there are no black clouds. Leon wonders what is wrong with his trainer. Necro fells another drop of water. Yet the sky is clear as ever. Unable to determine what is going on, he goes under a tree.

Necro starts to drift off, but then he feels a hand around his neck. Necro jumps up and turns to see that there was nothing there. Nervous and confused Necro starts to move back. When he turns around he sees that Leon is pinned down by a black figure. "What are you?" asks Necro slowly backing away. The black figure puts Leon on his shoulder and takes off his cloak. With the cloak off the villian's face is revealed. The villian is Exodia. Necro starts to cry out of fear and falls to the ground. "Yes, I have freed myself from the spell that bound us. Now that I am free, my first order of business is to destroy the vessel that held me for all these years. I am going to end you now, my dear Necro. Leon, use Overheat and burn this fool like his parents. On the bright side, after this attack you will get a great reunion with those useless parents of yours. Now enough stalling, Leon end this!" Leon jumps high into the sky, his tail flames burn bright, and finally he shoots out a beam of fire. The flames come towards the motionless Necro and then they hit. "No!" yells Necro.

He looks around and sees Leon along with the Ursaring asleep. "It was just a dream, but it felt so real. I can't let Exodia regain his memories, b ut my body is growing weaker. The only one who can help is the Goddess Of Happiness. She was the one that put him in me. She can be the one that takes him out, but I have to find her first." with that Necro puts Leon in his arms. He carries him into a tree and starts jumping. Necro begins to leave the forest and then feels a sensation in his arm. "Necro, I feel a disturbance. I just sensed something in the sky. Look up now!" said Exodia. Necro looks up and sees eight spheres of light in the sky. The spheres separate and head in different directions. Necro notices the lights and remembers the similar light the Goddess had.

After putting two and two together, Necro understands the Goddess is in danger. Exodia chuckles, but does not know why. Necro focuses on one the closest light and begins to follow it. "I have no time, but need supplies first. Which means I have to go back to civilization. I need to9 go to the closest town." says Necro. He jumps down from his tree and begins running into the nearest town. As he runs he falls to the ground. Exodia takes over and puts Leon back on his shoulder. "You need to rest, weakling. I will go to town and get 'supplies' and do some training too." Exodia walks into the nearest town and finds a trainer holding a Pokeball. Exodia chuckles and cracks his knuckles, "This is the training I need."

November 3rd, 2008, 3:19 PM
"So what made you come to Pallet in the first place?" Atton asked her. Konan giggled.

"Well theres a storyline behind everything!" She giggled but didn't exactly answer his question.An awkward silence filled the air..it was..Ominous..Evil... Konan shivered. She looked up at the sky..It was no longer its cheery bright sky blue...A ominous black,evil cloud had began covering the sky..it was evil..It gave Konan shivers..and as Konan looked at...Her eyes turned blood red..and a smirk was obvious amoungsty her face,but once again after only a mere moment her eyes were back to their amber-golden tint.

"Oh..! I was just telling you how I came to Pallet town right?" Konan sweatdropped a little bit..she felt awkward..Being with this lion-boy.. "Well you see..after I woke up from my semi-coma..no memory..No nothing..I kinda just wandered..My clothes were all scratched up..i was wet and shivering..and my eyes were red...And I mean like really red..Not this pretty color of amber..I mean blood red..Like something had just saved me...Anyway..as I wandered my friend Hinata..Oh Hinatas from a dog tribe in Hoeen so yaaah..She took me in..and told me to get a job in the cafe about a year ago.So heheh thats my life story basically!" Konan giggled.

As they walked alone the path..She smiled.."You know I've never really had a friend other then Feather..Oh she's my starly... and Hinata..Its nice to see another feline cat around here!" But as she spoke to Atton..a sinister man walked up to her.

"You your the neko?" The man said hostiley..He frightened Konan..

"Uhm I guess so?" She mumbled.As he held a gun to her she whimpered.

"Meet me here tommorow night..I wanan see if you'll provide some good game.." The man said hiding his gun and then disappearing...

"But..wait!" Konan paniced..tommorow was a full moon night..She looked at Atton worridly..Her worried look turned to a solemn look. "I know you wanna interfere..but..tommorows a full moon...you wouldn't...like me..on the full moon.." Konan mumbled to him..They soon arrived at the cafe.."Eh..eh..EH?! So many tribes..." Konan yelped..as many tribes seem to be sitting at the cafe..which had oretty much cleared out the cafe..Even the staff members had left."Atton...I've never seen so many anthromorphs gathered in one place.." Konan mumbled..but nooo that wasn't al lthat happened..an electrike ran into the cafe panting.

"Eh an electrike.." Konan asked as her ears twitched eagerly.But as the electrike ran in..Something surprised her..

"Its my master..Andrew..he needs..medical attention.." It huffed through its pants..That tore it..a talking ELECTRIKE?!

"Eh...Eh...EH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" Konan yelped almost knocking off a dish from the counter.Still somewhat in shock that a talking electrike was in their midst...She finally processed what the electrike had said.."Your trainer is hurt...?" Konan whispered.

"Y-Yes..behind the cafe.." The electrike huffed.No wonder she hadn't seen the boy..He was behind the cafe..Konan ran outside grabbing Attons hand in the process.

"Atton..we have to get him..behind the cafe isn't a very safe place to be for an injured person..Houndour come there..." Konans voice trailed off as the two were soon in the alley with a trash can..The electrike was right..There was a boy that was laying against the wall badly injured.Everything was silent..Konan quickly ran to his side.She began a chant..the words weren't able to be understood.

"Healing Light!" Konan whispered. A green aurua filled her hands and she pressed it on the boys bleeding wound.Konan could fill this boys wound was serious due to the sharp pain in her body.As the one began to heal minorly he was still majorly bleeding.

"You can't heal that wound its much to severe." Rose cackled in her cold tone.

"I can try." She mumbled.

"Listen if you die.. I die die to so don't overwork yourself." Rose smirked.As Konan kept the green aurua around the wound it was showing no sing of improving..And konan could feel the strain of her powers..Before she knew it she was panting and wincing in pain..She felt the sting throughout her body.

"Atton..we have to get him inside the cafe and call for soem medcal help..my healing magic isn't going to cut you hav-" Konan was cut off by a wince in pain.

"Just help me bring him inside..Please!"

ppc: sorry if I did some character contro lthere Rubii if i did it wrong then just tell me and I'l ldo soem editing.

Zeta Patchouli
November 3rd, 2008, 8:39 PM
Chapter 3: The Dream... Meet the Alternate Persona!

As Andrew was being carried into the cafe, his conscious was having an... interesting conversation.


Andrew flew back after an attack from something that looked a lot like him. "HehahaHAH! Bleed, bleed your life source onto the ground." Said Kalius before slamming his foot into Andy's gut.

"Aaurgh! You need me to stay alive! Why are you doing this?" Asked Andy, and the man just sneered.

"You stole some of my powers, and besides... I never get freedom." Said Kalius. Andy got up and started talking.

"Dude, you're nuts. You make Marcus look like a saint." Said Andy. Kalius grabbed Andy and slammed him into the ground. "See? You'd kill yourself, to kill me."

"Grrr... You can't die in a mindscape, so I'll do what I please with you." Said Kalius before tossing Andy up. "Feel my fury!" And with that, Kalius kicked him away. Andy got quick balance using his wings, but that didn't matter as Kalius kicked him once more, then started punching him.

"This is not over!" Yelled Andy before vanishing, but Kalius grabbed a punch aimed for him. "Wha? How?"

"I can see you... and nothing can save you now... not even the Goddess herself." Said Kalius before tossing Andy into a 'castle'.

(Mindscape Castle)

Andy landed near a pillar, beaten up. "Guh, there's no way I can beat Kalius." Said Andy as he got up, but Kalius charged in and kicked Andy through a support pillar.

"Ha! And you think you can fight. I am the REAL you! I was originally the diminant persona, but you overthrew me! Now it's my turn to overthrow you!" Yelled Kalius as he grabbed Andy's head. "Wahahahah! Meteor Throw!" And with that, Kalius tossed Andy at high speeds, it should have killed him, but since you can't die in a mindscape, he was still alive.

"Grr... I need Alex right now... but, he'd be in danger as well." Said Andy as Kalius grabbed him.

"Time to be knocked off of your high horse!" Yelled Kalius, but he didn't notice a blurry stillhoutte behind him.

"Do n... go fa..thr." Said the stillhoutte as she flung him aside. "Ple....sa....me...I...m..the..Go...f...Hap...ss...I..av....be...tak...hos..by...dark...Plea...save....me....before....ts....to...te..."

"Save YOU? You saved me! What do you need help for?" Asked Andy. Kalius got up and fired a wind blast at Andy, but the consciousness disappeared.

"NO!!! He's gone! I'll get you soon!" Yelled Kalius before sitting to brood. The stillhoutte disappeared after that.

(ooc: This is actually important. It introduces Kalius and his 'goddess' dream, but is again short.)

November 3rd, 2008, 9:37 PM
Konan and Atton peacefully walked back through the sylvan path that led to the café in Pallet Town as she answered to the question he had just asked. Atton stared into her eyes as she spoke, knowing this would allow him to fully concentrate on whatever she was saying. He really loved to listen to people speak; so when he engaged in a conversation with someone, he made sure to catch every single detail. "Well there’s a storyline behind everything!" Konan yelled happily as she giggled. Her lively spirit had made Atton forget about the search for the luminosities he was engaged in; but maybe she was after the same objective too. “Well, Indeed” Atton responded with a smile, but he couldn’t say anything else before the blue sky of the early morning was suddenly dimmed by an ominous atmosphere. Again, as he saw this, his fangs grew at the same time Konan’s eyes turned red, but when she went back to normal, he did as well. Apparently, Konan didn’t give much importance to that sudden change; but if she didn’t, that could mean she had already been through that before and that nothing happens. It did creep out the lion boy, though. He shivered. What did that mean? Could it be the effects of some bomb set off in a short distance? Or was it something related to his strange dreams? He hadn’t ever experienced that before; and had he lived many experiences. Who knew. In the end, he gave a higher priority on listening to the Neko girl right beside him. "Oh...! I was just telling you how I came to Pallet town right?"

“Yes” Atton replied quietly, his sight quickly alternating between Konan and the sky. "Well you see....After I woke up from my semi-coma...no memory...No nothing....I kinda just wandered...My clothes were all scratched up...i was wet and shivering...and my eyes were red....And I mean like really red...Not this pretty color of amber...I mean blood red...Like something had just saved me....Anyway...as I wandered my friend Hinata...Oh Hinata’s from a dog tribe in Hoeen so yeah...She took me in...And told me to get a job in the cafe about a year ago.So heheh thats my life story basically!" When she was done; Atton just nodded, mostly signaling that he had heard and paid attention.

“Well” He started. “We’re not all that different, then. I’m probably the only one left of the Leo Tribe. We are raised to be lonely… But I never thought this lonely… I guess us weak tribes’ll have to become allies if we want to survive…”

The pair of half-beasts and the Ponyta were each time closed and closer to the destiny building. "You know I've never really had a friend other then Feather...Oh she's my Starly... and Hinata...It’s nice to see another feline cat around here!" Atton smiled even wider as he heard this words. Yes, it seemed that Konan too looked at him as a friend. “I can only say the same.” He said. “I mean, about feeling good about meeting someone like me; not about the Starly and Hinata. This is Veil, my Ponyta. She’s been with me for quite a while now.” As he spoke, Veil walked closer to Atton and bowed her head down for him to pet. Atton waved his hand on top of her head, directly through the mane of fire. Because Veil didn’t feel in danger, her fire didn’t burn. Konan and Atton continued to walk, but suddenly a strange and baleful man interrupted their walk; pointing a firearm at Konan.

This made Atton angry. Very angry. If he had stayed there for 10 more seconds, the Lion boy probably would’ve ripped the guy’s throat in 10,000 pieces. He didn’t angry easily, but when he did, he had to kill something. Watching this no-one appear and threaten his new friend did infuriate him, though. He couldn’t do anything, nonetheless, because everything went by before his bestial form came out.

-“You’re the Neko?”
-“Uhm, I guess…”
-“Meet me here tomorrow night..I wanna see if you'll provide some good game...” With these words, the man disappeared.

"I know you wanna interfere...But...Tomorrow’s a full moon...you wouldn't...like me...on the full moon...”

Konan’s words confused Atton. Greatly. What could she mean? She seemed more like a cat than a werewolf. Still infuriated, Atton tried to calm Konan down… In his way. “Hey, don’t worry, Konan. That guy pissed me off. If he tries to hurt you; I’ll eat him. Literally.” With this, he let out a small laugh and on purpose let his fangs show. “I’ll tell you what. Mind if I stick around with you? I don’t eat much and don’t occupy a lot of space. At least till that guy gets what he deserves…” Again, Atton let out another light laughter, but by the end of the sentence, he sounded very serious. In the end, he just wanted an excuse to stay around the Neko girl until he could ask about the dreams, luminosities, etc.

Soon, they arrived at the café, and when they walked in, an Electrike rushed towards them. Then, for everyone’s surprise… The Electrike spoke. “My master, Andrew! He needs help! He’s at the back of the café!”

“Whoa, Whoa, slow down” Atton repeated to himself as the Pokémon and Konan engaged in a short conversation. ~What in Arceus’ name was that?! The Pokémon spoke?! This is not normal! Is this a dream or something? Are you playing tricks on us or something, Arceus? What have we done! And what does the dream mean? And… Woah!” While Atton made a storm in a teacup because of the Pokémon talking, Konan took his hand and pulled him to the back of the café. Immediately, he noticed a guy lying there, all hurt. Before Atton could do anything, Konan ran over to the guy and kneeled next to him. She did…. Something that caused her hand to glow and heal the minor wounds on the guy.

"Atton...We have to get him inside the cafe and call for some medical help..my healing magic isn't going to cut you hav- Just help me bring him inside..Please!"

Medical powers? Cool. Atton wasn’t sure of what was going on; but in the end he just saw the guy still bleeding badly and Konan now almost passed out. ~What do I do?!~ Atton thought desperately. It took him some seconds before a tractable plan came to his mind. He ran over to the two and yelled something to his Pokémon. “Veil! Open the doors to the café!” Veil stood on her hind two’s and then ran over to a door in the café, kicking them open violently. Then it all came down to Atton. “Ok.. Here I go.” Atton kneeled next to Konan, who did not look like in a condition to run; and suddenly, he let out a violent roar. A perfect roar only the strongest of the lions can make. As he roared, his muscles grew, and with ease, he took Konan in one arm, holding her gently. With his other hand, and with the true force of the king of the savannah, he picked up the wounded guy and calmly placed him over his shoulder. He roared yet again before heading to the café. He got there rapidly, yet he didn’t run because he didn’t want the guy to bleed more. Konan… He had no idea of what was going on to her. Once he was inside, he rushed over to an empty table and rested the guy there, then he placed Konan on some sort of couch nearby.

“Ok, Ok….” He thought hurriedly. He knew basic medical attention; but this seemed like something big of a problem. ~Better this than nothing…~ He thought before biting a long strip of his shirt of and wrapping it around the guy’s wounds. “Artery here, artery there.” Applying pressure was an old and cheap trick, but hey, it worked. After wrapping the long shred of dark cloth around the guy, he could still notice some bleeding. ~My, what am I supposed to do. Medical attention sure ain’t getting here soon… I could… I could…. Bingo!~ The idea got to Atton’s head like a lightning. Of course! They were in a Café! They had berries there! Not all berries could be used only as food. In fact, it was well known most have medicinal uses. Atton scampered over to bar where berries where in display, and violently he smashed the glass to pick out a few. He knew they were charging him that, but meh. In a clean cup nearby and with his own hands, he crushed a couple of berry’s to make some sort of puree. It was disgusting. Really disgusting. But it worked. Even though it wasn’t a distinctive traits of Leo’s, Atton was good at Botany and using berries. With a clean spoon, Atton fed a small amount to the male, hoping quick results. The mash was supposed to slow down or stop bleeding and even bring the guy back to consciousness.

“Please, work.” Atton begged. He wasn’t even sure if he had used the right berries. He fed one last spoon of puree to the guy, chugging it down his system by rubbing his throat; then he ran over to Konan. "Hey, can someone watch this guy right here!" he yelled out, hoping someone out of the few amount of people heard. He thought, anyway; that if his mixture worked, he shouldn't need further first aids. Probably some suturation, but he was obviously not qualified for doing that. As he scrolled the place, he saw a person with fox-traits... He seemed familiar. He stared at him for a few seconds before snapping back to his senses. And getting over to Konan.

There, he had no idea of what was going on. Was it fatigue? Did something hurt her? What!? He slightly crouched right in front of her and calmly shook her shoulders; making sure she was still in a semi-comfortable position on the couch.

“Hey, Konan, are you there? Psst, c’mon, wake up, please!”

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Chapter 1: Hiro Tomi

"It's the Red-Winged Theif!!!" Said a cop who had blood rushing down his head. It was a normal night in pallet town until, well, that is, until Zero showed up, He held up a museum, attacking everyone and anyone as mercilessly as possible. He had no sympathy for anyone except children.

"What's wrong officers can't one- crap, it's that time already, gotta go!" Zero, left as fast as he could to keep Hiro, his counterpart, from going to jail. No one knew that Zero was Hiro, or visa versa, and Zero intended to keep it that way.

The next day, Hiro woke up to the sound of Sora, his pidgey, who was in charge of the morning wake up call. He went downstairs to start his day. As usual, he ate breakfast and watched the news. On the news was the robbery from the night before.

"The Red Winged Theif 'Villen' has escaped again, leaving 24 wounded and no casualties. Hiro scoffed at this, he thought the name Villen was stupid and not creative at all. He also hated that this guy went in, attacked people, and left without stealing anything, it seemed more like assult.

"I'm going out." Said Hiro as he left his house. He went into the Viridian Forest, his favorite place to go to draw and train Sora. He was usually alone when in the forest, but today was different. A girl about Hiro's age came up to him and started to talk.

"Are you... Hiro Tomi?" She asked. Hiro's eyes narrowed, he had never seen this girl in his life, who was she? "I can tell by the expression on your face that you are, yays!" She seemed like a naturally cheery person. "I was sent by her." What did she mean by her? For some reason, Hiro couldn't talk, who was this girl?

Chapter 1:END
OOC: Yes, chapter 1 was meant to be short, the others will be longer.

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Prologue: Direction

Opening her eyes to the barely shining sun of a new day always refreshed Yuki. She never got tired of sleeping outdoors, no matter how often she was forced to spend the rather cold and bitter nights roofs of leaves rather than roofs of wood and plaster. Stretching her arms to the air, Yuki carefully rolled over from her back onto her stomach, taking care to not hit the tree she had once been propped against. The last night had been bitterly cold, and without warning, Yuki was forced to take cover under a particular willow tree, with low hanging branches and surprising amounts of foliage to shield her from the coming storm. Obviously, she wasn’t an ice cube at the moment, and the sun, peeking through the branches, was welcoming her to a new, bright, and warm day.

Flipping over again, for the sake of stretching and warming her body from the freezing winter temperatures of the night, Yuki stretched out her legs as well, slowly warming them up for the long trek ahead. It would be a long day, but once again, Yuki had no choice but to walk until she found a suitable town. She really had no idea where she was at all; she didn’t actually pay attention in class, and her father and mother both assumed she would stay home and take up her mantle in the tribe as yet another of the Lupus bloodline, the great doctors and active board members.

‘As if,’ Yuki thought bitterly, ‘they never thoughtfully considered whether or not I would be worthy of succeeding the family name. I failed any classes they expected me to excel in, and excelled in all the areas that I shouldn’t have, and yet they still desired I be the successor.’

Sitting up and slapping her hands on her thighs, Yuki eyed the ground nearby for her pack. It contained the meager meals of bread and berries she had been consuming as of late; as well as her only changes of clothes, which perplexed her, seeing as some gown had snuck its way into her selection along with a skirt, and she only had two long pants and three shirts; her medicines, dutifully given by her mother on the eve of her 19th birthday; and a kitchen knife, which she had ‘borrowed’ from the town’s butcher. Yuki doubted he would miss it at all, for when she had ‘entered uninvited’ several nights ago, the sheer number of knives overwhelmed her senses, and caused her to stumble out of the store with the closest one she could grab. Looking back upon the night three days ago, when she had first determined the need to leave her tribe, Yuki recognized the foolish eagerness she had, the complete prideful stupidity she could claim when thinking that leaving the tribe was “no big deal” and surviving in the wilderness was easy with all the training and torture her parents put her though.

In truth, living out in the forest, where illusions seemed to be omnipresent, was very difficult; even after only three days Yuki was missing the warmth of a bed on the colder winter nights, and a home to return to at the end of the day. An introspective young adult replaced the foolishness and childishness that compelled her to leave; the excitement she had felt, the exhilaration of simply walking away replaced by dread and discomfort. Alas, Yuki was not the type to admit to others of her wrongs, and so she forced herself to trudge on, to leave the forest, and then maybe, eventually, she would return and prove to everyone that had ever laughed at her, had every deemed themselves her superior, that they were wrong. And maybe while she was at it, she could finally tell her parents what she really thought of them and their quirky habits.

Regardless, it occurred to Yuki that her pack was nowhere in her line of sight. Using the tree for support, she slowly stood up, letting her legs get used to the weight of her body again, all the while looking around her for the pack. It was nowhere to be found.

Scowling deeply, Yuki trudged around a bit, noticing that the low-hanging branches of the willow stooped low and far enough to intersect with some bushes opposite her. The sun, higher in the sky than when she first awoke, revealed the dark gray knapsack with a ray of fresh, golden light. Yuki let out a relieved sigh, but did not stop scowling; she had no clue how or why her pack was all the way over there, and she rather did want to find out. Walking over to the bushes, Yuki grabbed one end of the knapsack and pulled…only to find that another ‘something’ was attached to her precious bag.

The small light gray ball of fur let out a mean growl and uncurled, revealing two red eyes surrounded by yellow circles of fur and an ash-gray nose. Its ears tweaked cutely as it narrowed its eyes at Yuki and prepared to attack. Yuki could barely see the tail tucked between the legs as the small fur ball let out another high-pitched, mean growl and jumped to attack its offender. Still holding her scowl, not allowing any room for error, Yuki’s left arm sprang into action, snatching the Poochyena out of the air and holding it by the nape of its neck. She brought the young pokémon to face level and stared unflinchingly into its red eyes with her own blue ones; the Poochyena continued to growl, but it was slowly becoming something of a whine, as the pale blue eyes regarded it with disdain.

“You’ve thusly ruined my brilliant day, useless thing. Be gone.” Yuki’s impassive voice rang throughout the dome of the willow tree’s branches. The Poochyena responded, unkindly snapping its teeth at Yuki, squirming to loosen her hold on its fur, and wildly beating its paws towards her nose.

Belying her impassive voice, Yuki carefully placed the pokémon down and tugged on her knapsack. She started walking out from under the willow’s low-hanging branches when the cautious whine of the smaller wolf-like creature pierced the air around her. “Come on,” Yuki said deadpanned, not in the least bit impressed, “I’ve known you’d taken a liking to me since you were brought into the tribe’s care, but honestly, I’d never thought you’d follow me out this far. You’ve taken ridiculous to a whole new level Fubuki.”

The Poochyena immediately jumped on all four paws at the sound of her name from her previous sitting position, still where Yuki had taken care to settle her on all four paws, and ran to Yuki’s side without further hesitation. Fubuki stuck her tongue out in a cute way, seemingly saying, “Yes, well you know, now you’re stuck with me. Can’t get rid of me that easily!” To which, Yuki rolled her eyes and started walking away from the willow tree, never looking back or at her feet to observe the small Poochyena still following her like a faithful companion.

That mid-afternoon, Yuki’s stomach grumbled and she felt heat rising to her cheeks. After Fubuki tracked her down, Yuki’s mind was everywhere but on lunch, and yet her body obviously disagreed, and protested the accidental skipping of breakfast earlier that morning. Not to mention, Yuki and Fubuki covered a sizable distance in the few short hours they traveled. It was quite amazing that neither knew where they were going; their pace and attitude oozed self-confidence and decisiveness, yet Yuki couldn’t even figure out so much as where she was, nor the direction in which she was heading.

“Couldn’t you have at least brought me a compass, foolish pup?” Yuki begrudgingly declared after another ten minutes of walking. She paused in the middle of the dirt road and looked around her. Fubuki sat down at Yuki’s feet and began to nibble at her legs, to which the response was a swift set of slender fingers lifting her up once again and within range of the deadly gaze of blue. Yuki’s glare apparently had little effect on Fubuki, for soon the Poochyena was attempting to bite the fingers holding her captive. “Fingers are friends, not food.” Yuki calmly said, putting Fubuki down again. She then continued, noting that Fubuki was once again nibbling her legs, “That goes for the rest of myself, you realize.”

Quirking an eyebrow at the ‘innocent’ pokémon that was now up and trotting a few feet ahead of her, Yuki placed a hand to her head, closed her eyes, and recited a calming mantra until she felt calm enough to think and not simply act. Fubuki’s high-pitched whine broke her concentration, and as Yuki opened her eyes she was amazed to see not the dirt road and the forest surrounding her, but a patch of black space. Yuki’s eyes narrowed and she slipped her left hand into the knapsack tied on her right, grabbing the hilt of the kitchen knife. Her eyes shifted back and forth, alert for any threat, as she tried to call out to Fubuki.

Only, she was unable to speak.

Yuki’s eyes widened a fraction as her right hand shot to her throat, and she wildly peered into the shadows, not trusting anything she could not, or even could, see. The black expanse slowly filled with a grayish mist and Yuki’s senses tingled with excitement, even as her eyes frantically whipped left and right. She slowly started moving her legs a bit, opening her stance and returning her right hand to her side. Even if she could call for help, it was unlikely she would, and so instead, Yuki prepared herself for battle.

She never expected that, as she removed the knife from her knapsack, the soothing voice of a woman would echo into the blackened area. Though soothing, Yuki detected the frantic twinges of hopelessness resting on the edges of the voice. A voice full of sorrow. A voice making a plea.


Though puzzled by the fragmented request of the unseen woman, Yuki slowly relaxed. She nearly jumped out of her skin when the unnamed voice was given a face, a face of porcelain framed by long golden hair, and a body covered by a pure white dress. She was breath taking; not simply beautiful; and tragically see-through. As the figure faded from sight, her message repeating, the woman’s eyes bore her plea into Yuki’s own blue ones. The last semblance of the woman faded from view, and in her stead, an oily man wearing black clothes and sporting violet hair formed from the shadows. His head turned towards Yuki as he smirked, the evil gesture shining in his blue eyes as he lifted an item in his hand and shattered it against the unseen wall of darkness. Yuki jumped back several feet as the pieces fell to the floor, trickling down like a waterfall.

A voice resonated throughout the expanse, dark, foreboding: "They'll never find her… Never."

The violet-haired man smirked as he walked away, the shattered pieces of whatever relic he once held crunching under his glossy black shoes. When he finally left her sight, Yuki watched as the pieces slowly formed words between then, inscribing their message on the shadows of the dark space. Yuki’s eyes burned the image into her brain, as she read the inscription.

"When the Goddess heart breaks… the only way to repair it is to find the 3 Legendary crystals… Combined with the 8 Legendary weapons… It will reunite her heart with her body... And when the two are reunited...Peace will again come..."

Not turning from the words, Yuki sensed that she was no longer alone in the darkness. She turned her head to the right, and was greeted with the hazy outlines of several people: some were tall, some were short, and there was one other thing she noticed: there was only one female in the seven figures that stood, backs facing her, and exotic weapons slung over their shoulders. The lone girl had her hand raised, and within her up-raised hand was the shadowy figure of a stick. Her eyes widened as she saw the static of the darkness surround them and begin to cover their shadows from her eyes. Before Yuki could move forward, or even call out to the group, she suddenly found herself thrown back, and hit her head on the dirt path beneath her.

Several hours later, after night had fallen, Yuki woke up to a throbbing headache and the whining of a certain Poochyena. Before she even said a word, Fubuki saw the movement of her right hand and immediately began licking it. Sluggishly, Yuki managed to push Fubuki’s nose and mouth away from her hand and carefully sit up. She felt dizzy, almost as though she would tip over at any moment, but before she did, Fubuki’s nose reappeared on her lap, and in Fubuki’s mouth was the knapsack. Yuki smiled gratefully to the small pokémon and took some bread from her pack, nearly swallowing it in one gulp. She dug around a bit, and managed to find some oranberries stuffed under some more pieces of bread, and held them out for Fubuki to eat.

The two peacefully ate their dinner in the middle of the dirt road, and then moved aside to the shade of a nice tree and rested for the night. Yuki didn’t want to push it after hitting her head on the ground, and Fubuki was completely exhausted from whiling and running around all afternoon while Yuki was unconscious. Not only that, but with only one actual meal for the entire day, both travelers felt drained of energy and uncharacteristically sleepy. So after dinner, Yuki propped herself against the trunk of a beautiful oak tree and fell asleep as Fubuki settled in her lap. There they slept peacefully until morning.

The sunlight of a new day poked Yuki awake with a gentle touch, and soon Yuki and Fubuki were up and stretching their muscles after a much needed night of rest. After finding a small pond in which to take a small bath, adoring new clothes, Yuki broke the bread piece in half to conserve food, and procured more berries for Fubuki to virtually inhale. They were soon off, breakfast still in their mouths, and a sense of renewal. Ever since the afternoon of the day before, Yuki knew where she must travel. So with confidence and pomp, Yuki gracefully traversed the small dirt road in the same direction she had traveled for days, straight out of the forest where she had always lived, and on the road to civilization and her destination.

For four days, dawn to dusk, in a ritualistic manner, Fubuki and Yuki traveled as one to the place known to all as Pallet Town.

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Chapter 4: Another...?

As Konan fell unconscious she could feel Atton picking her up but was unable to process it..She was fading fast..Before she knew it she was in the same semi-coma state that she had awoken up when she first "remembered" anything..

"...Ni..vo.....sus....the....s....loca....in...Ava....lche....tem..." She mumbled as once again a pale pink orb greeted her. She began wrapping her hands around her hands.She whispered something more.. "The....7th..of..the..8...wea...." She mumbled...It in her dream it also began raining..It symboled something..Rain..usually symboled death in all the books she had read, and as the weapon disappeared she was once again greeted by the beautiful women..Her silhoutte still hazy..but you could make out a long semi-white if not golden dress..It had the marking of Arceus draping down across it..The women also had long beautiful golden hair...with pink eyes..and a almost porceilin white face.

"I...m...the.....Go...of..Happi...Ple...sa...me....Dar...rai....has...taken.....m....hos..Ple...come...be...it..to..late.." The delicate yet beautiful women disappeared into the darkness and she was ocne again greeted by a doom..if not..evil man..it reminded her of Rose..So frightening.

"They will never find her..." The man whispered trowing the relic against the wall..But this time the words of the weapons did not appear..only merely..silhouettes of people..One stood out to her though..it was..? Yes, it was another female. A small smile came across her face..the women appeared to be no more then 18..possibly 19..She was holding an ominous wand..it had a purple aurua..The women looked rather...mean and vicious..but Konan still smiled..she had no idea why..Could it mean that...?

"You..are.." Konan whispered but then was greeted by the gentle shaking of Atton.As her eyes fluttered open she went to sit up but then clumsily hit her head on the wall..He had apparently tried to make her in a comfterable position but to no avail..her body appeared...twisted in odd sorts.

"Eh..Eh..EH?!" She yelped as she sat up holding her head in pain..She could feel a lump forming where she had hit it. "Ow..ow..ow" She had a bit of tears in her eyes..much like a five year old. "That hurt.." She whined much like a five year old still rubbing her head.Her head was throbbing..it was probably combined with the force of hittign her head against the wall and the dream that she had. She was surrounded by anthromorphs.."Oh..I'm sorry how rude of me! I;d better get some coffe ma-" She couldn't finished her sentence still wobbly from using her powers she had accidentally run into the wall she had just previously hit with her head and fell on the floor.

"Ow..ow..ow." Konan whimpered getting back up..Only to hit it AGAIN, fallnig to the floor AGAIN. it was quite a humorous sight. She finally managed to get up and find her way to the kitchen door..after her many..er..failed attempts to make it through the door she managed to do it..Into the kitchen she went and began puring some coffee..Still very wobly..she managed to poor hot coffee onto her hands..Silly Konan..

"Here C-Coffee for everyone!" She managed to come out..Still very weak her eyes only half open..she managed to put the coffee on the table in a very clumzy way but without spilling one put it on the table.her hand now a bright red where she had thus spilt the coffee onto herself stinged and burned, but she was quite used to it.Konan looked outside..clouds were now covering the sky and it had begun to rain.Konan looked for it at a moment and then put her head on a neigboring desk..being a cat..she did not like rain.

"Nyaaa I hate the rain!" Konan whined as she hit her fist into the countered..As her ears went down into a submissive state she bngged her hands against the counter and whined once more "I hate the rain , I hate the rain!" She was the spittign imagine of a 5 year old at that point as she continued to hit her hands on the counter and whine in a chanting way "I hate the rain! I hate the rain!" Konan was quite a sight to behold at this point...

November 5th, 2008, 7:53 PM
“C’mon, wake up; Konan…”

There, in the café, as a fair amount of humans and half-humans stared in a quite strange manner at him; Atton continued yanking on Konan’s shoulder. He was quite disappointed, though, when he saw no immediate reaction. If she had passed out of normal causes, she most probably would’ve at least blinked because of the tugs. But no. She sat there as if dead. Atton gave a few steps back and scratched his head with his short fingernails in perplexity. If there was something Atton hated, besides watching someone pop out of the blue and aim guns and people, it was not knowing what to do on given situations. So much desperation. Every time he saw someone in need, the urge to help ran through his body. But what could he do, when he didn’t know the cause of the problem?

The anxiety ate his insides. And it hurt. “Help, anyone?!” Atton yelped as he stood up rapidly and stared around like a meerkat who just heard a ferocious noise. Everyone at the café acted inconspicuous, probably because none wanted to interact with people who evidently were part of the animal tribes. But it was natural. After all; they could be chased just for being friends with one. Atton didn’t care. Anyone with a soul would’ve raised his hand to offer some kind of help, even the most minimal. Previous to turning back to Konan, Atton stared at the passed out man to make sure he… He was still there. Soon, he turned back to Konan, but before he could do virtually anything, she woke up pretty sadistically, violently hitting her head on a wall. Apparently, Atton’s efforts to keep her in a ‘safe’ position resulted futile.


“Whoa! Konan, are you Ok?” Atton asked concerned as he approached. She was woken up like a young kid who had just come out of a very frightful nightmare. Her eyes weren’t even fully open; and she looked like she was spellbind. It was clear that she still wasn’t fully on her 5 senses, but hey; that was better than completely unconscious. Or at least Atton thought; until…

"That hurt...Oh...I'm sorry how rude of me! I’d better get some coffee ma-"

Konan stood up, faltering and with eyes yet not fully ajar, and tried to made her way to the kitchen; but she hit herself with a wall. It was weird. Anyone would’ve seen the wall there. It wasn’t like she had momentum and couldn’t stop. She just… Directly crashed on it. And, why did she want to serve coffee in a moment like this? Still on her way to the kitchen, Konan fell to the floor a number of times. "Ow...Ow...Ow."

Atton, still in awe, grazed his head again. As she fell on the floor, the lion boy walked over to her and picked her up, again and again. He felt bad for her; true, but lets face it, he also laughed a bit. It was quite hilarious. Painful, but hilarious. “Konan, are feeling fine?” Atton asked; though it was more than obvious that something was wrong. What had she experienced in that short trance she entered in that made go… Nuts? It was strange.

Was this what she meant when she said “You wouldn’t like me in a full moon?” No, it couldn’t be. It wasn’t even night yet. Yes, the sky had darkened all of a sudden and grey clouds announced the coming of rain; but he didn’t think of a full moon. He followed Konan over to the kitchen’s door, object that took her a number of tries to open, and then watched how she poured boiling coffee directly on her hands. “What are you doing!?” Atton asked loudly as he rushed over to Konan; who had now successfully filled a couple of cups with hot coffee, and pulling her away from the machine, gently so she didn’t spill anymore of the sizzling liquid on to any other part of her body. Her hands were now tinted with a bright rubious colour, matter that got Atton amazed. How the hell had she managed not to even wince when coffee was being dropped on her skin? That was eerie. He tried to calm Konan down; but all his attempts were in vain. The cat-girl ran out with the coffee on her hands and started to place it on tables. "Here C-Coffee for everyone!"

Some , if not most of the people inside the café turned to Konan, who was now randomly serving coffee, and stared at her with confusion.

-“Did you order coffee?”
-“No did you?”
-“No. Then why’d she bring this?”
-“I do not know. I guess it’s free. Just drink it.”

Atton stopped following Konan around and began to wait in the counter, still baffled. It seemed that she wasn’t listening to him; or, to anyone around. It was too out of the ordinary. While Konan continued to serve drinks around, Atton just walked over to a window and stared outside. The clouds he saw just a while ago had clustered into a massive one, and as the morning sky turned dim, droplets of water started to pour. The people inside the café turned their sights to the crystals and stood up from their chairs. “We better leave before it gets worse”. Most of the people started to walk out, with only a few staying behind. The ones that didn’t care about water drooling down their skin and moving in soaked clothes.

Veil, go by the entrance. Don’t let Konan go outside… I guess… She is not in a state of mind to leave.” Veil nodded and stood by the entrance, staring out though the glass door. This was bad for her. Being a fire type Pokémon, rain was the worst thing that could happen. In any case, she just stood there, breathing in and out softly and watching her exhalations fog the door while her mane of fire lit the entrance. Meanwhile, Atton checked on the passed out guy. His wound wasn’t bleeding that bad, but his didn’t show a hint of recovering consciousness soon. Maybe his remedy hadn’t worked. But oh well, he had to wake up sooner or later. Atton then turned back to the window and hissed at the falling drops. As a feline; water wasn’t his strong point. He was a deft swimmer; but if the choice was given to him, he would never put a foot on water. The rain continued to tip down, and as it did; thunder was heard; booming through the woods and echoing inside the café. For some reason, thunder and the sight of lightning amazed Atton. Electricity, despite he knew bits to nothing about it; was something that always kept him entertained. That, and lighters. He had the obsession of clicking lighters on every time he sees one. Over, and over. It just didn’t get boring. As he pondered while hearing the few thunders around; he heard Konan yelp something.

"Nyaaa I hate the rain!"

Atton turned to Konan, who was now next to him by the counter. “I do not either. I think it is quite botheri…” Atton had just started speaking, but was interrupted when he saw Konan slamming her still burgundy hands against the counter. She did this many times, and she did not exhibit any visible signs of pain. "I hate the rain! I hate the rain!"

If she had done that jokingly; Atton would’ve laughed; but she was doing it with such fervor that in fact it scared him. "I hate the rain! I hate the rain!"

“Konan!” Atton yapped as he took her by the shoulders delicately, but with enough strength like to prevent her from hitting herself. “What’s going on with you? Are you feeling sick or something? What’s wrong?! Calm down, please!”

The rain kept pouting outside. Atton kept his grip tight on her as he waited for an answer or for Konan to calm down a bit and ‘come back to normal’ while the few people left stared at them with an eyebrow raised.

November 5th, 2008, 10:20 PM
As Konan was banging her fists against the counter, she watched her hands turn a deep red from slamming them down onto the counter.She was yawning at this point and she had little tears in her eyes.. "I HATE the rain!" She yelled once more and went to slam her hand down onto the counter but Atton had stopped her.

“Konan!What’s going on with you? Are you feeling sick or something? What’s wrong?! Calm down, please!” Atton yelled as he was holding her preventing'her from hitting the counter. Konanas eyes opened widely..Her head began to throb in pain.As her eyes turned blood red she looked at Atton and smirked.

"Get your hands off me..you filthy lion." The voice was utterly cold..Much different from Konans sweet voice. Lunar Rosa had managed to come out...For mere moments..Time had come to a stand still.."Next time you touch me lion..you'll die.." The cold voice smirked. "And don't forget it.." The voice faded as Konans eyes turned amber once more and she stood up..Her eyes once again only half open.

"Nyaa...Gotta..make something..." Konan whispered walking into the kitchen and next to the stove..She had began boiling water for some odd reason. "Nyaaa...boiling water...Calms the soul..." Konan was in a complete daze..For the next thing she did could shock anyone...She stuck her hand..into the BOILING water. "Nyaa...warmth..makes me want to sleep.." Konan whisoered..she stil had no idea that she had just stuck her hand into hot,boiling water..She felt no pain in the state..

-"Is that girl actually STICKING her hand into BOILING water?" The whispers muttered around the cafe and there was an amoungs of giggling.As the water began to boil her hand began to redden and burn. As she took her hand out of it..She began adding random ingredients to it.

"A little bit of this...this...and this..." Konan whispered.The whispers continued as Konan added spoons amoungst the mixture.As whe went to put her hand in it once more..She finally yelped an "Ow!" Konan was certainly acting strangely. Both her arms and rists were a deep shade of pink if not deep red.As she brought out the boiling water and put iton the table..All the customers began to leave about to bust a gut at Konan..Konans eyes were only half opened still..She was also a pale white...Signs of a beautiful silver were starting to streak her hair..Something strange was happening...She was starting to change...Maybe..Was this part of the full moon...?

"Atton..I'm so tired..I feel like I could go to sleep at any moment...I've worked so hard...But..the full moon..its got me this..ti-...Zzzz" Konan fell to the ground in a deep state of sleep..Hr body changing every so slightly..Her skin turning paler..her hair began to turn into a silver tint..and her black ears and tail began to change as well..

What WAS happening to Konan?

As she fell to the ground lightning illuminated the sky and the power went out in the cafe.Konan lay on the ground perfectly asleep.Her hands had become swollen from being dipped in so many hot things.As the remaining customers began to whisper around Konans eyes opened slowly, an whispered.."The candles...are in the cabinent...we keep them their for Christmas,Valentines day and Thanksgiving." After she said this her eyes closed once more and she fell back asleep.Her breath was so faint people could have swore it stopped.As the lightning illuminated the sky once more it struck a nearbying tree..Igniting it on fire..yet the rain slowly put itself out.

"Is...Arceus punishing us...?" One girl whispered.
"Is this the apocolypse?..." A man whispered.

Families huddled together in fear..One little child began crying hysterically.Konan manged to scream through the hysterical screaming from the young child...

Dream Mode

"Nivsosus...Stick of the snow..Located in...Ava...la....tem...Guarded by..Celli...r....." Konan whisoered as Rose appeared before her.

"Well , well, well..Look who decided to visit?" Rose smirked.Konan smirked back.

"Are you going to enjoy being in my body?" Konan retored.

"Ah..ah..ah I'm your alter ego child. So its our body.." Rose smiled evily back touching her chin,. "And your "trainsformation" of the full moon is starting.

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November 6th, 2008, 8:58 PM
As Atton held Konan’s arms to stop her from inflicting pain on herself; he noticed that she was going under some strange sensation. While he stared at her, he noticed some changes. The face of fear, the one she had when it started to rain, morphed into one of deep soreness, like if something was eating her from the inside. Her eyes had shifted from a golden color to that of blood and she was struggling to get free from his grasp. ~C’mon, Konan; calm down!~ This thought circled around Atton’s mind; over and over. He was now just praying to himself that whatever was bothering Konan stopped. Because he technically had no friends; having someone that considered him a comrade, no matter they had met minutes ago, meant something really important to him. It hurt him seeing her like that. ~Stop it, stop it, sto-…”

“Get your hands off of me, you filthy lion. Next time you touch me lion...You’ll die... And don't forget it...”

Boom; there. Game Over. Konan’s voice transformed into a total different one. One that expressed, just by the tone of it, anger and hate; one in complete contrast to her normal voice. And by normal, he meant the voice tone he had heard before this. Also, accompanying the voice change and the crimson eyes came an evil smirk. Atton let go of Konan just looked at her as she walked away to the kitchen; not because he was afraid of her comments, but because he was in utter shock. What had that been? Atton’s sight was lost in the blue as many judgments got stuck in his head. Did he do something wrong by stopping her from breaking the counter? He didn’t think so. Why had she reacted so violently? After all, he had been the one that talked to her when she was crying alone and the one that picked her up after she blanked out in the alley; even though he knew nothing about her. Why was he caring so much, and why was he in shock because she reacted so violently? Was it because she too was someone from a tribe? Who knew…? For a moment, he... He didn’t care. Atton tried to be all cool about it and all, but that wasn’t ‘programmed’ in the ways of one of the Leo Tribe. They usually went by ‘If someone does wrong to you, eliminate them.’

His ancient sadic ways and belic culture began to sprout inside. He clenched his fists and teeth to prevent himself from smashing a stool next. The force stored in his muscles, a force built by rage, was just telling him to buffet the closest thing around. His fangs and claws grew, like every time he got angry; then he let out a quiet roar. He didn’t care about it now. She could go dip her hand on boiling water; and Atton would be peacefully eating berries from the container he broke to feed the hurt guy. Atton was starting to get blinded by fury, and he could sense it. Before he got any worse, he decided to calm down, taking a deep breath and clapping his hands together, slowly separating them with his palms facing down. “Fine, then; I’m out.”

Atton turned around and sat down on a chair a few tables away from the male they had found unconscious. The one with the talking Electrike. Now that he thought of it, where could that Pokémon be? Shouldn’t he be caring for his trainer or something? Who knew. Chances were he was around, but Atton didn’t see him. He took a coffee from a table nearby; one that had been set by Konan just a moment ago, and started drinking. He could’ve left the place if he wanted, but it was raining. Not very appealing to him, not appealing Veil. He had to wait until the weather got better. As he tried to cool down, he recklessly pulled his legs and rested them over the table, mud and dirt dropping to the once impeccable table. He pulled out a lighter from his pocket and flicked it on and off, over and over, waiting for time to pass by as he stared outside. Not a typical Atton mood, but who cared. No one cared. That was why he did it.

Among the whispers of people, Veil’s quiet neighs and the flicks of his lighter, he could hear Konan murmuring something and throwing stuff on a pot with hot water. Incidentally, her hand was inside, now even redder than before; of course. He turned around to eye her from his peripheral view and he saw how her hair color and cat attributes began to change color. Most probably, that had something to do with her attitude changes; but again, he planned on not caring. He put his cup of coffee down on the table and sighed inwardly and then began to ponder what brought him to Pallet. Oh, right! The luminosities. He had to find them. But. But wasn’t Konan on the same quest? Didn’t he say he’d stick around until he fully discovered the mystery of the lights and the strange dreams? The answer was yes. Yes he had. Still, he really didn’t want to stay.

Minutes and minutes passed, and for Atton, it fell like an eternity. His lighter, which was completely full by the time he pulled it out, was now half empty. The cup of coffee was empty and the table had severe scratches. He took a deep breath again, then threw the cup away. He didn’t apply a lot of strength to the throw, but it subconsciously was thrown at a fair speed. The empty cup traveled all across the café, immediately breaking as it hit the floor of a corner. He already had to pay for the broken counter and the berry fridge, so a cup wouldn’t hurt. This made the rest of the people go away. For good. Now only Konan, Atton and Fainted guy could be seen. Actually, only Atton and Fainted guy could be seen; because Konan was doing something in the kitchen. At least it was until Konan walked out, looking somewhat tired and in twinge. It seemed that having her hand inside boiling water so much had in fact made an effect. Atton twirled his head a bit to see Konan, but just a second afterwards he turned away, not preoccupied.


~Huh?~ Atton thought to himself as he turned yet again back to Konan. Her voice had changes again; for now you could actually hear a tinge from her normal voice. That hinted Atton that Konan was exhausted or hurt, or both. “What…” He said blankly, trying not to show any emotion, even though he wanted to help.

“I'm so tired... I feel like I could go to sleep at any moment...I've worked so hard...But...The full moon...It’s got me this...ti…”

Then, Konan blanked out. Again, what was this all about?! Full moon? It was practically not even noon yet; though the dark skies could easily fool anyone that had just woken up by making him believe it was still night. There, another weird situation. Atton was again faced by the sight of Konan fainted. What to do, what to do. A large part of his mind told him to leave her there. To walk away and mind his own business. After all, wouldn’t he die if he touched her again? Wasn’t he a filthy creature? He was very seriously considering walking out, facing the storm, riding the lightning. He and Veil would have to deal with it, whatever. Another part of him, however, deep within his subconscious, told her to aid her. Yes, she did threat Atton and intimidated; but again, she had called him a friend. Atton stared at the passed out Konan, wondering what he should do.. After minutes of thinking, interrupted by a high pitched scream from Konan, Atton sighed.

“I can’t do this…”

In the end, his good side had triumphed, all because she had called him a friend; something he hadn’t ever had. Besides Veil, of course. Maybe… Most probably, Atton was being very gullible and innocent; perhaps a bit to noble and kind, but he couldn’t help it. He kneeled next to Konan and picked her up, again. He walked over to another table and placed her there, again; trying to achieve a comfortable position. ~I hope I don’t regret this…~

Immediately after thinking that, the power went out in the café. Actually, not only in the café, but it looked like it had gone out in the whole town. Konan, while asleep, murmured something about candles.

Atton, after placing Konan, walked over to a cabinet, lighting his way with his lighter, whose fuel was finishing with each passing second, and then pulled out a small box with around 5 thick candles in glass cups. He placed the around the café in certain locations to get the most out of the flames. Once arranged, he was about to light them with his lighter, but instead called Veil to turn them on. After all, he wanted to save the oil. After successfully lighting all of the candles, Veil returned to the entrance and waited diligently, as ordered by Atton. Apparently, the small café was the only building around with light, and that was because Veil was inside. If it hadn’t been because of the horrible rain, the fact that people were locked in inside their houses and low lightning, a bunch of people would’ve rushed inside the café for shelter. As more and more lightning fell, a tree had caught on fire, but it was soon put out by the rain, which was slowly getting worse. Smoke could be seen from the surroundings and expectations of more fire were in the sky. It was truly a horrible sight to behold. Just minutes ago, the landscape of Pallet Town was nice, now, it was a hell hole. At least Atton and his Pokémon were under a roof, and under that roof, he was responsible for the sake of other two people. With his sight lost on the entrance, which Veil lit up, Atton got lost in thought.

~I guess… All I can do… Is… Wait…~

November 8th, 2008, 10:37 PM
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01 -Lost in Translation-

“Look, look! Blue and white, mommy!”

Yuki barely shifted her eyes from the absorbing imagery set before her as the voice of a young female child pierced the air with glee. A true human settlement, with buildings of steel, and houses more than one floor high, was directly ahead of Yuki, and her ears twitched at the hustle and bustle of the inhabitants. Closing her eyes, Yuki carefully detailed the clamor of the area, committing to memory the vividness of the town. She drew in a small breath of air, before scrunching up her nose.

“Achoo!” She sneezed three more times. Scowling at all the humans who paused to look at her strange hair and ears she daintily rubbed a finger under her nose and sniffed once more. Yuki glanced down at Fubuki, who seemed to be having troubles over-sneezing as well. “It smells nasty here, it is far too noisy, and it is such a waste of space! That in the heavens which had compelled me to journey to such a place shall surely pay,” Yuki coldly stated, glancing around and glaring at the little children that were entranced by her constantly convulsing ears.

She sighed as Fubuki flopped over her shoeless feet, exhausted from sneezing so many times at once, before peering around the fringes of the settlement. Even though she was of a demon tribe, the noble Wolves, Yuki had terrible eyesight, and was forced to squint her eyes to see anything at all. This action, coupled with her already scowling lips and red nose, gave the passersby the impression that Yuki did not wish to interrupted nor assisted. So the slightly more normal population of Pallet Town gratefully avoided the surly young woman as she continued to scout for an inn of sorts.

Fubuki, though tired of sneezing, and greatly drained of energy from eating nothing but berries for seven days, suddenly sat up in alarm and began running circles around Yuki’s feet. Not paying attention, Yuki took a step forward to see a sign in the distance better and cleanly tripped over the fur ball gyrating about her feet. With a loud thump on the ground in front of her, Yuki pancaked to the cement sidewalk and deflated, her entire body trembling.

Unaware of her impeding doom, Fubuki shook herself off from where Yuki’s feet had accidentally kicked her, and gingerly sniffed around Yuki’s head. Yuki’s body did not stop trembling, the very slight movements not catching the eyes of the pokémon nor of the people around them. Children tugged their parents’ hands to see the reason for the fussy whine emanating from that spot, only to grin with excitement upon discovering Yuki’s prone body, facedown, on the sidewalk. Several young boys and girls rushed to Yuki, not seeing the slight trembling, and began playing with her white hair and batting at her ears. Unable to take the blatant abuse of her precious ears and untainted hair, Yuki sprung up and off the ground in one smooth motion, sending some children flailing back and Fubuki to the ground once again. Glaring at every single child, adult, and pokémon within the vicinity, Yuki powerfully stalked away from the scene, displeasure and murderous intent cascading from every pore of her being. Fubuki smoothly jumped to her paws and pattered after the infuriated young woman.

Two hours later found Yuki no better off than before; she was still catching the attention of many humans, still hungry, and still rather lost. Her ears had long since flattened to her head due to the sheer noise from the city. Her eyes had begun to hurt from all the squinting she was forced to do. Her head still throbbed from her fall. In short, Yuki was irritated. So irate was she, in fact, that when she saw two teens - probably siblings judging by the similarities - grab Fubuki and begin tugging at the downtrodden and exhausted pokémon’s ears, she snapped. Casually walking up to them, assessing their strengths, Yuki smiled wickedly in a sardonic greeting before punching them both; one in the face and the other in the stomach. The two moaning teens, a girl and boy, were left at the side of the street in front what was presumably their house, and Yuki sauntered away, relatively satiated, with a grateful, quiescent Fubuki snuggled in her arms.

Regardless of the rather invigorating incident, both Yuki and Fubuki were simply tired of walking. After escaping to a safe distance from the scene of the crime, Yuki’s quick-paced, sure-footed walk became more sluggish, to the point where she leaned against an alley wall and snuck to a sitting position. Fubuki, who had been resting in the wolf-demon’s arms hopped away and lay down next to Yuki. She let out a small whine and Yuki sighed before petting the soft fur of her partner. It had been a long week, and without company with which she could converse, Yuki was getting even more surly and aggravated than normal.

“You know, if you were able to speak, you’d be far better company than you are at the present moment.” Yuki coldly glanced at the pokémon, who by now was gently, rhythmically breathing in and out. Quirking an eyebrow, Yuki ceased useless prattle about the misfortunes they had encountered along the way, such as the poisonous snake Fubuki had stepped on, or the loss of one of Yuki’s black turtlenecks to the torrential river not far from town when she had hung it up to dry, that would have been less troublesome had Fubuki been another wolf tribe member and not a pokémon.

‘Actually, an awake Fubuki would be far better company than she at the present moment,’ Yuki sullenly corrected herself. She was near about ready to doze off herself when it occurred to her that she was still sitting in the rather dirty alleyway, and her person was completely exposed to any sort of abuse from the townspeople and local criminals. Instead, Yuki dragged herself up and shook her head hard to dispel the magic of sleep, before prodding Fubuki with her bare feet into a standing position. The pokémon flopped back over, but quickly recovered when Yuki stepped back into the streets of Pallet town, tired yet slightly more energized.

As Yuki walked down the street with Fubuki pouncing on her heels – or misfortunate birds – she noticed a cozy looking café that was full of customers. Pausing in her mindless walk, Yuki considered entering the café and grabbing a bite to eat; she was a bit short on whatever humans used for money, but she had taken a few of her mother’s gold and gold-plated jewelry, which was sure to cover the costs of next to anything. Finally, thinking ‘Better than continuing to wander this god-forsaken, ridiculous human city,’ Yuki walked to the entrance of the café, where the daily menu was printed in white chalk on a blackboard. Her ears perked up at the constant chatter within the café, and her mind quickly stored much of the more interesting information away, particularly the conversation of two sitting costumers that seemed to have noted her presence outside.

“Why’re all them anthropomorphs visitin’ Pallet Town lately? Don’t we ’ave ’nough problems?” A gangly looking teen wearing a red shirt and blue denim jeans sneered at someone within the café before shifting his silted eyes towards Yuki. “Them stupid beasts are eatin’ us normal folk outta house an’ ’ome!” He made a rude gesture in Yuki direction before taking a deep draught of his black coffee; Yuki smelled the disgusting liquid from her venue in front of the café menu. Without so much as twitching her nose at the human, Yuki shifted her eyes back to the menu to see if the café offered smoothies. She adored orange smoothies.

A younger girl with black and red hair speedily ran past her into the café, out of breath and seeming very much in a hurry. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the stares of the other café house occupants following the new arrival, and several of the people started to whisper. Yuki just turned back to the menu, intent of discerning the strange human handwriting once and for all. She rather disliked not being able to read the frilly script.

The bratty teen’s friend, sitting opposite of him, had noticed his friend’s gesture in Yuki’s direction, and was just now turning around to catch a glimpse of her gray wolf ears twitching at the noisy shift in the café. He smirked a bit and leaned towards his friend, conspiratorially whispering. Barely able to distinguish his oily voice from the other vile noises she heard come forth from the café, Yuki followed their conversation once again, curiosity peaking and her desire for an orange smoothie diminishing. While eavesdropping was immoral, Yuki had the oddest feeling it concerned her, and her instincts overrode any sense twisted sense of right and wrong she had in the first place.

“Ya know bud, if we sell off that there girly to one of ’em bounty ’unters, we’d make a pretty penneh. Wolfies like ’er are only rumors, since they hid ’emselves a long time ago.” Yuki could almost hear the creaking of his bones into a hideous smile, and her eyes narrowed as she swiftly turned from the café. She was about to make a quick escape when the disgusting human’s last sentence caught her attention. “She’s not at all like that there cat-freak. Why, ’em nekos be so common place, tryin’a sell one of ’em is like selling coffee to this café.”

‘Cat? There’s a cat in the café, I suppose,’ Yuki thought, scrunching her face up and taking a deep breath. The scent was faint, closer to the entrance, but it was definitely wafting from the counter and deeper within the café. Feeling almost sorry for the anthropomorphic cat, Yuki turned away again, disgusted by the conversation she was hearing, but disinclined to do anything about it. The mocking whispers of, ‘I hear that girl has no memory,” and, “Doesn’t she have a family?” rang in her ears, but Yuki did not know the person they were talking about, nor did she want to get unnecessarily involved. Those sorts of situations always led to undesirable fistfights and unneeded deaths; perhaps not so much the unneeded deaths clause unless Yuki was extremely irate.

Yuki spent another few hours walking around Pallet town with Fubuki at her side, chasing butterflies and pouncing on unsuspecting cats, when she noticed the sky becoming darker. Though she was normally an outdoors sort of person, rain would mean getting extremely wet. Her only clothes were within a non-waterproof knapsack, and if this were not enough of an incentive to find shelter quickly, Fubuki disliked the rain because it soaked her fur thoroughly, and thus she became a poorly behaved grouch.

‘I rather would like not to be stranded outside in such atrocious weather… Perhaps I should return to that café and wait out the downpour.’ Yuki looked ahead to where Fubuki had wandered while chasing some insects and whistled to catch the Poochyena’s attention. “We are going back to that café to get out of the oncoming rain,” Yuki told Fubuki once the pokémon had returned to her side. In response, Fubuki stuck her tongue out and bit into Yuki’s right pant leg. Yuki just rolled her eyes, shook Fubuki off of her leg, and stalked away in the opposite direction, intent on finding the café.

Fubuki followed after a brief interval, smelling the oncoming torrent of rain, and deciding that Yuki would know better than she where to seek shelter. How unfortunately wrong both Yuki and Fubuki were; while Yuki was exceptional at many things, she was downright atrocious at directions, but in a manner that not even she noticed. So, walking around for several minutes, Yuki and Fubuki assumed that they were going in the right direction, when in fact, they were going east and not north. Eventually, Fubuki noticed their misdirection and started whining, but Yuki would have none of it, glaring at the pokémon and continuing forward.

Before long the pair reached the edge of Pallet Town on the east side, Yuki had become far more aggravated, and Fubuki had chewed through part of Yuki’s right pant leg. Yuki swiftly turned in a direction she though to be north and continued walking, passing several other pedestrians rushing home to avoid the rain. Tempting as it was to ask someone where the café she had seen may be, Yuki couldn’t stand the thought of lowering herself to ask such common people, and so she scowling trudged onward with Fubuki continuing to chew up her pants.

By the time they reached the edge of Pallet Town on the south side, Yuki had enough. She grabbed Fubuki by the nape of her neck and growled at the Poochyena deeply before hissing out, “Why exactly did you let me be the leader? I abhor directions. Next time this happens I will most certainly des-” Yuki looked up to the sky mid-rant as the silver drops began to drop from an ashen sky. Without warning, Fubuki leapt out of Yuki’s grasp and tackled her to the ground, going berserk as the rain fell harder. Displeased at her state of sogginess, Yuki once again grabbed Fubuki’s fur and in the opposite direction they had been traveling in for the past several minutes.

Within five minutes, Yuki was breathing deeply right outside the café she had seen earlier that morning. Fubuki was angrily prancing about her bare feet, jumping excitedly up and down and scratching Yuki’s jeans with her sharp claws. After tapping her companion on damp, fur covered ears to calm both of them, Yuki carefully opened the door, trying to shake off the ringing in her ears from the recent thundering and sizzling of a nearby fire.

Inside, Yuki noticed a certain tension present, one that most certainly did not become of the occupants. A girl with white hair and glowing red eyes was on the floor and smirking wickedly at a lion anthropomorph sitting at one of the café’s tables. It seemed as though he did not notice that she was awake with her devilish sights set on him, for he was pointedly starting at Yuki, as was a the rest of the occupants of the café: one family with a small, sobbing child nestled between the parents, one of the bratty teens from earlier, and an oddly feathered anthropomorph, who was clearly unconscious and in need of medical attention. Despite the pointed, burning gaze the other white-haired female was directing at the rather burly looking male lion, Yuki could tell that he didn’t notice it at all. Perhaps she had indeed come at the strangest of times, when most normal people would have already been locked up within their houses and huddled around the fireplace, and thusly she deserved the greatest of scrutiny. But Yuki was most certainly not normal. Nor did she have a fireplace at her house. Nor did she think the half-glazed look in his eyes was that of an astute sentinel.

Soaking wet and dripping on the floor of the café, Yuki swiftly departed from her position at the door. The only truly alert person, it occurred to Yuki, was the other white-haired female. Her red eyes shifted as Yuki moved further away from the door, while the male’s eyes briefly glanced in her direction before turning back to the door. The humans didn’t even seem to consider her presence attention worthy, as the child continued to cry, the parents console, and the teen carelessly doze off. But the white-haired anthropomorph – for Yuki could tell she was a cat after the first breath of air – had fixated her eyes on Yuki in a cold greeting. The look in her eyes was one Yuki had seen every morning in the mirror: a haughty, defiant, and mocking gaze, one full of challenge and scorn.

Yuki schooled her expression as she headed towards the establishment’s only bathroom, taking care to tug Fubuki from the humans and along to change and dry off with her. She changed her clothes into a pair of navy blue jeans, a black turtleneck and orange T-shirt, carefully wringing out her previous garments before hanging them up to dry in the tiny bathroom, and used a towel to attempt to dry Fubuki’s fur. Yuki even went so far as to grab the hair dryer hanging from a rustic holder and Fubuki and blow-drying the water-crazed Poochyena. Yuki’s own hair was quickly taken care of through scrupulous wringing and head shaking. Before long, both Yuki and Fubuki were acceptably dry, and Yuki stepped out of the bathroom, only to be greeted by the glowing red eyes of a certain white-haired cat.

“Move, fool.” Yuki coldly stated, casually leaning against the doorframe, crossing her right leg over her left and placing the toe on the ground. Her bare feet were wrinkled from the water, but now that she had dried them off, she was far more sure-footed than any cat could ever hope to be.

Cocking her head to the left, the cat raised her eyebrow delicately and giggled with menacing glee. She lifted a finger and brought it in front of Yuki’s nose, the finger red and puffy contrasting the pale skin of her face, as though the finger - or rather entire hand - had been dipped in scalding water several times. “You really don’t want to play games with me, wolf. Don’t get in my way. That will be my final warning to you.” She flashed a devilish grin at Yuki again, before turning to move away, flicking out her left foot while doing so. Yuki yawned as the cat walked away, and though she didn’t turn back, Yuki could tell that she was enraged by the lack of response and the by the wild flickering of her ears and her heightened breathing. Yuki herself wasn’t so much as moved by this threat; she had no intention of interfering in the first place. All she desired was a nice, warm, and most importantly dry place where she could wait out the storm.

With this in mind, Yuki stepped back into the commons room and sat down at a table as far from everyone else in the café as humanly possible. A Ponyta, which Yuki had failed to take notice of previously, stared at her in a curious manner; Fubuki noticed this and started growling angrily at the Ponyta. Apparently, having gotten wet once was enough to cause the Poochyena’s temper to rot. Yuki sighed quietly to herself, unheard to the other occupants of the darkened café, and knew that the wait was destined to be long and exhausting.

Zeta Patchouli
November 9th, 2008, 1:28 PM
(ooc: Yep, Round 2. Hey, I tried to be more descriptive. I might have overdid Marcus' insanity though... you be the judge of that.)
Chapter 4: Good Game

Andy had finally woken up from his weird 'dream', still tired and groggy. "Urgh, what happened?" Asked Andrew as he looked around. He was on a couch in a coffee shop, the shelves still half-full, and not many people were there, and it was raining pretty hard outside. Andrew had decided to go outside, out the back way, and saw many people outside, and knew that they wanted him gone.

Andrew sighed as the young kids were staring at his medium-sized wings in awe, and the adults were tired of him of being here, especially with the property damage, but some looked with greed, as there aren't much bird morphs anymore, but since they saw the battle earlier, they were still afraid of him.

"Why? Why do all of you hate morphs?" Asked Andrew to the many people surrounding him. Many just stared at him, the young children started to sob, the older children not really understanding, and the adults who would answer just gave him looks of anger. At that, he just decided to walk away, his wings starting to bleed more, but he just kept on walking, not paying any attention to his wound.

Andy had finally reached the edge of the town, but had decided to go against his promise against Marcus, and with that, he decided to try and find the chameleon morph and put an end to this, but the wing injury would hinder him from fighting as hard as he could.

"I have to go fight him... and I will have to do it fast, as there isn't much time to the full moon." Said Andy as he ran back into the small town, and in the park was Marcus, on top of the jungle gym, keeping his balance through sheer concentration.

"Aah, so you decided to come early?" Said Marcus with a confident grin, the hunter was clad in the average hunting clothes. The red checkered shirt, the brown pants with loads of things in them, the black boots, and the white cap with a pocket in it for good measure. You could just see the confidence flowing from him. "Good, I'll trade your corpse in before I go after my dinner."

"Dinner?" Asked Andrew confused at what Marcus just said. "What do you mean?" And at that, Marcus started laughing a laugh that sounded like he was crazy. (Which he is.) And at that, Andy knew what the mad hunter was talking about. "Wh-? That's sick! That's cannabilism!"

"No, we're of a different species entirely!" Yelled Marcus, scaring everyone around the two. Andy knew that he had to warn Konan(he didn't like the thought of cannabalism), and he tried to run, but Marcus jumped off of the jungle gym and landed gracefully in front of Andrew. "You'd better not tell the neko... I haven't had one in weeks." Marcus then slammed his fist into Andy's skull... hard, sending hm into the jungle gym, hard enough to break the slides. Marcus walked towards Andy slowly. "You are nowhere near strong enough right now to fight me."

"Grrr... your goal is sick!" Yelled Andrew, but Marcus grabbed Andy and started slamming him into the jungle gym. The falcon morph tried to get free, but the chameleon's grip was way too strong.

"Heh, in your opinion it is, but I am a carnivore, I crave meat! Any kind will do!" Yelled Marcus before kicking Andrew away once more. "Heh, this is sad... I don't even need my gun to fight you." And with that, Marcus started walking to the cafe, but was surrounded by kids. "What's this?"

"You ruined our playground! Apologize!" Yelled a kid, not knowing what he was getting in to. Marcus just started laughing, which made the kids even angrier. "I said apologize to us!"

"Kids, run away!" Yelled Andrew, but Marcus got out a hand gun and fired it into the air, scaring Andrew, the kids, and adults around the area. Andrew got up and went to hit Marcus, but the chameleon easily dodged the strike and kneed the falcon morph in the stomach, before kicking him back. "Just go..." The kids were too shaken up by the gunshot to even move, terror reaching into every one of their young hearts.

"Hahahah! My destiny awaits me!" Laughed Marcus with his disheartening laugh before beginning to walk towards the cafe, leaving a beaten up, and knocked out Andrew, and nine kids all shivering in fear at the playground.

(ooc: I hope that was okay... I might have overdone it. This time is the worst Marcus will be... he'll get better and less insane later on.)

November 9th, 2008, 4:43 PM
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Chapter 6: A Showdown! Hunter vs. The Hunted!

Konans eyes slowly fluttered open once more. She was looknig straight up at Atton when she had awoken and let out a small yelp in surprise. Konan clearly see the hurt in Atton's eyes,and that wingedbird er, eagle dude had disappeared as well. "Nyaa, that was a nice nap!" Konan giggled, she did try to cover up her worry though. She could see her auburn brown hair changing into a lunar silver, as well as her skin lossing color by the moment. "So Atton, um, Did Lu-" Konan was unable to finish her sentence when she was greeted with the sight of the huntsman that had pointed a firearm at her earlier. Her ears twitched anxiously, as her eyes layed site upon the man who was standing just outside the cafe. "Uhm, Uhm Atton.. I er, have to do something. Its very urgent be right back!" Konan got up and ran outside. She was then greeted by the mans cold eyes... They had a taste of hunger in them though, which scared Konan deeply.

"Come with me miss." The voice sounded scary, no, diabolical. He grabbed Konans wrist and bent it in an odd fashion and she heard it snap, at which Konan gave a minor yelp. The cold man began to drag her, she began to scream. It wasn't the man, nor her onviously broken wrist.

"Let me go, please!" Konan whimbered before screaming again. She put her free hand over her chest.It was on fire literally. Konan could feel her heart nearly jump into her throat.

"Why should I, I'm hungry." The hunter smirked. This man was insane, was he actually planning to EAT Konan? She let out a loud scream once more as he had dragged her to the outskirts of Pallet Town. As he threw her down he pointed a gun at her and smiled maniacally. "You'll taste so good on my plate, I haven't had neko in awhile." At this remark.. Konans body began to change and she got up, a silver aurua surrounding her body.

"W-what is this?!" The hunter stuttered.Konans voice had changed entirely now. She had a very big smirk on her face, cat fangs slowly sprouted out of her mouth.

"You made the biggest mistake of challenging a neko on the night of a full moon, you really don't know us very well do you?" Rose smirked. Marcus had his fire arm at her, Rose's cat eyes spotted his trembling. "Put that toy away before you shoot yourself, your not playing with the kitten anymore..Your playing with tiger now." Rose smirked slapping the gun out of his hand.
"If you didn't know that you should never challenge a neko on the night of the full moon, your a bigger idiot then I thought." Rose cackled as the man drew a sword from his belt.

"If I can't shoot you, I'll stab you instead!" Marcus yelled running at her with sword. Rose smirked and dodged every attack thrown at her.

"Pathetic..Shadows emerge from the deep and cast this FOOL out of my sight." Rose mumbled and snapped her fingers, with this command shadow people began emerging from the darkness of buildings and coming torwards him."Now its your choice.Run away and live or stay here and meet your doom." To her surprise the man stood there. "Are you even listening to me?"

"No time. I'll deal with you tonight." Marcus said as he disappeared into a smoke bomb. Rose covered her mouth avoiding inhaling the smoke as the rain drenched her clothes. "Stupid poachers.Meh I've had my fun its not even night yet I'm going back to sleep." Rose smirked as Konan gained her reguler state of mind.

"Ungh..." Konan muttered as she stumbled back into cafe...Each anthromorph heard the strangest voice..Each one said something different but it was all said to the same person...

"Dear Forest wielder
Can you survive the vines
That constrict all good
and only let evil pass?
Will the poison waters
of death stop you
or can you breathe
life back into the lifeless

"Dear Fire Wielder
The flames of evil
ignite the volcano
that holds the axe
of fire will the
flames of evil stop
your passionate heart
or can you see past the
flames and qwell the
erupting volcano?"

"Dear wielder of water
Your destiny awaits amoungst
the deep depths of the water
but ithe one you have escaped
guards the entrance
Can you face your enemy
and clense the inpuritys
within your heart
and the water?"

"Dear wielder of illusions
Illusions are yours to
command but the biggest
illusion you shall face shall
be the one from your heart
Death surrounds you and
your heart but can you
see past the illusions of you
own heart and of the temple
or will you fall victum to the
illusions and loose something
important to you?

"Dear wielder of Spirits
The spirits are a powerful
thing such power can corrupt
Can you see past the spirits
And past the desert sands
to find what you are
looking for or
shall you become a
spirit as well?

Dear wielder of the sky
Your calling is high above the
clouds how will you get there
and survive the ultimate trial
between man and air
will the evils of the clouds
bow before your feet
or shall you become
one of them?

Dear wielder of snow
Icey is your weapon
Icey is your calling
the ice is not just
within the temple
but within your heart
can you see past
the hard ice and
warm which is forever

Dear wielder of thunder
Thunder is a powerful
thing, it most certainly
can destroy, will you
destroy or create
with these power
weapons bestowed
upon thee or wil
you destroy which that
you have come to love?

[To be continued....]

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November 9th, 2008, 8:15 PM
Atton continued to sit there… Doing nothing. Nothing at all. What could he do? Most, if not all of the souls within that diminutive café were not conscious, and the ones that were cognizant could probably only say the syllables of their names in different arrangements. The closest thing to an awake person inside the café was his own reflection, which was shown right there in the window Atton was staring at. “Man…” Atton murmured to his mirror image as he stared all over the place to pore over the fainted bodies. “What’d you get yourself into…?”
“Whatcha talkin’ ‘bout, man? What’d you get me into? I was feeling mighty fine wandering around woods before you decided to follow the pretty lights. Idiot…”

Wow! Awesome! Atton stared at his reflection confused. Had this cataclysm and events taken him to the brink of paranoia? Watching your reflection speak was something that only happened in movies and such; and Atton never thought he’d be so fatigued and dizzy that it would happen to him in real life. But that wasn’t the worst part, for sure. The thing seemed to be that his reflection was a complete jerk. And that jerk’d follow. The reflection was exactly like him, physically, of course. Or; at least it was, until…

-“Shut up…”

-“No! You shut up! Helping Big Bird right there and miss bipolar only brought you trouble! When will you start making smart decisions, fool? You’ve tried to be nice and helping to everyone all of your life, but still, you’ve gotten no rewards! Nothing! Not even a ‘Thanks’! Ever! When will you learn you’re alone in this world! You fight for yourself, and only for yourself! If you were meant to be around someone, everyone’d have a Siamese twin or something!”

The reflection was growing each time more and more aggressive, and as his voice tone changed to that of a roar with every passing second, his appearance started to shift. The lion tail was shaking violently, and the reflection’s hair grew to resemble a mane. The mane also changed to a darker color; his eyes turned grey and his fangs grew. This sighting scared Atton, for he could clearly see that was how others perceived him when angry, and that was his actual shape in bestial form. Konan’s alternate personality had been out since they entered the café, and now Atton’s was looking to leak to the outside. The lion male tried to control it the most he could, anyway, for he knew that it was stupid to argue with himself. It even was more stupid, though, that everyone else inside the café probably didn’t see what he was seeing. Chances were he was the only one that could see his other him. But who cared, really. No one was really there.

-“That is not true. We both know tha-“

-“Not true! Not true! Blagh. Don’t try to make me a fool out of me! I’ve seen what you’ve seen, lived what you’ve lived. Like that guy! There! That guy you rescued a while ago! The bird one. He’s gone! He stood up and left while I spoke. And guess what. He didn’t even direct his eyes at you, even though you saved him! See? You can’t lie to me, Atton. You can’t lie to yourself.”

He was right. Atton raised an eyebrow before turning to a side and noticing that the male he gave medical attention to was gone. He didn’t even see him go out through the door; nor did Veil, who was still standing by the door, emit any sound. This reflection was pretty sneaky. Sneaky and smart. And, intimidating. Atton scratched behind his ear softly and then threw himself further away from the window, trying to ignore the likeness on it. He didn’t want to listen. There were probably other gazillion things he wanted to say to Atton, and he was not going to allow him to say it. As he tried to ignore the blabbering from the reflection, Atton noticed another person walk into the café. A female not taller than 5’5 pushed the doors open, and her white hair and odd animal ears drew Atton’s attention towards her. He discretely followed her with his sight until she walked away from his field range and into the café’s bathroom. He sighed inwardly for no apparent reason as his reflection spoke again.

-“Bit bored, ehh, stupid? Just go out! Hurry! Rain won’t hurt you, sissy, just run! You got into this because of the lights falling from the sky, now finish it! Or, let me guess; you’re giving up before making any progress?
-“Shut up…”
-“Typical Atton. You won’t ever be anything! Anything productive that you have made has been under my guidance! You are nothing! You-”
-“I said shut up!!!”

While both of them argued, the image of himself made very angry, and his spiteful comments were eating him from the insides; a sensation he didn’t want to take any longer. After loudly yelling those 4 words, Atton took his lighter from his pocket and threw it at the window with such strength that the whole glass panel shattered into hundreds of little pieces. For a moment, his fangs grew, and he was breathing in an out at a quick pace with an expression of tiredness and soreness on his face. His chest and stomach expanded and contracted rapidly, started sweating, he metrically panted and his pupils dilated. Atton looked like he had just run a marathon. Whilst he controlled his breathing, he noticed that Konan had woken up; again. "Nyaa, that was a nice nap!"

For some moments, both they’re sights crossed, and Atton could see how she was feeling the hurt and confusion in him. That was what his eyes show, anyway; ‘cause the rest of him showed nothing but blankness and boredom. Also, Konan’s hair was still white, and the rest of her Neko features were still there. "So Atton, um, Did Lu-" Konan was cut off when she noticed the female that had previously walked into the bathroom open the door to walk out, and she approached. Even though the café was a small structure, the bathroom was technically at the other side of the and Atton couldn’t hear their conversation. According to him, anyway, it resulted in the girl with white hair resulting somewhat angry. Soon enough, Atton’s aspect switched back to the careless one, and Konan walked back to him. "Uhm, Uhm Atton... I er, have to do something. It’s very urgent, I’ll be right back!"

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be here, I guess.”

After Konan walked away, the lack of light and the heavy rain impeded Atton from watching where she had gone. He knew, though; that if she expressed the hate she had showed him while she tried to stop her from hitting on the counter, then she’d be back soon. Meanwhile; he’d… Wait. What’s the worst that could happen, anyway? Her not coming back? If so, he had to spend the night on the café, somehow pay for a broken berry fridge, a broken counter, a couple of cups and a window, then continue his trek for the luminosities in the morning.

He felt so alone while inside the café. The only sounds that were heard were lightning, loads of droplets hitting the ground violently, screams, and even some gunshots. A true horror scenery. Wind entered through the broken window panel and blew off one of the 5 lit candles. Atton took a deep breath and stood up, walking over to the extinguished candle. He reached his hand to his pocket to pull out his lighter, but then he remembered it wasn’t there anymore. Most likely it was now covered in mud somewhere in a bush. “Veil, fire please… Veil?”
Atton asked his Pokémon to light up the candle, but she didn’t respond because she was too entertained watching a small Poochyena growling at her. “Let it be, Veil. Fire, please.”

The equine Pokémon lit the candle back up, and as soon as Atton placed it back on its location, she noticed that the female with white hair was still there. He stared at her confused with an expression that clearly stated “Why are you still here? Any place is better than this now broken café”. For some moments, he didn’t move. He just stood there. But moments afterwards he turned back and walked away slowly with a thoughtful face. Then, the idea struck his head. Yes, he had seen her before. And no, not before as in ‘when she walked into the café’. Before in the way that… She looked like one of the silhouettes in his dreams. He stopped in a rush and examined her. Similar height, same body structure and features. He was about to say something, but before a word came out from his open mouth, he heard something echoing in his head.

Dear wielder of thunder
Thunder is a powerful
thing, it most certainly
can destroy, will you
destroy or create
with these power
weapons bestowed
upon thee or will
you destroy which that

Then, heard Konan walk back in; staggering. He gave one last look to the female and then turned back to Konan. She wasn’t gone for long, but she did seem very tired. Her hair had now, too, come back to normal, and so had her animal features. “Konan” he started. “Are you OK?” he asked as he helped her sit down on a couch near the entrance, telling Veil to stay close to her so she’d dry Konan’s clothes and warm them up. Sure! Why hadn’t that come to mind? Yes, even though cold air was filtering through the broken window, it was much colder outside than inside the café, and it was sure getting worse as night came. Atton sat down on another couch next to Konan’s, letting Veil lie down in the middle to warm them both up. “Portable warmer” Atton joked as he put his hands near Veil’s flame. He soon became warm and so he smiled. While he waited from a response from Konan, Atton turned over to the other female, whose face was barely visible because of the flame of the candle, and with his eyes and subtle head cocking invited her to come with them and sit down on a nearby cough so she too could share Veil’s heat.

November 9th, 2008, 8:34 PM
Necro now slept within his mind, which meant Exodia now had control and could cause a panic. Necro lyed on the inner shell of his mind. He awakes and sees nothing, but white light. Unable to determine what is going on, he walks. The light does not change and even as he moves he feels that he is going nowhere. "This is the first time in a long time that I have come here. This must be the room of light Exodia sleeps in. Whenever we switch control of the body this is where I come. However, thsi light doesn't feel the same. It feels different, but I just can't say how. Maybe, I am just too tired from my swinging and not enough sleep." says Necro still roaming around. "Please....help....me.......the.........Goddess......of.........Happiness" says a voice. Necro hears the voice and the name of the Goddess. He starts to recall the lights in the sky and realizes he was right. "The Goddess was in danger and now I have to help her. I have to repay her for saving my life. Just you wait Goddess of Happiness, once I get my supplies from this town, I will go get you. Until then I think it's time for me to get back some sleep I lost." Necro lays back and goes to sleep.

As Necro sleeps, Exodia has confronted the trainer with a Pokeball. "Please explain to me, where I am?" "I am not a tour guide, figure it out. Idiot!" says the young trainer and so he leaves. Exodia feels disrespected and wraps his bear claw around the trainer's neck. The claw lifts the trainer in the air. Exodia creates a mud pit underneath the trainer and ask again, "Where am I?" "You are in Pallet Town or at least outside the gates of Pallet Town. Please don't hurt me!" the trainer screams. Exodia laughs at the trainer and drops him into the pit of mud. The trainer starts to sink into the mud and as he does Exodia laughs. "This will be your punishment for defying me. May you live forever in the mud. Depending on the way things go, I may bring you back." Exodia walks in to Pallet Town. He scans the town and sees the people are outside socializing with one another. With Leon on his shoulder Exodia walks to a townsperson. "Excuse me sir, but where can purchase some supplies to go out on a journey? I am new to Pallet, but I need to get theses supplies and go." "Well due to this being so late at night, I am sure the shopkeeper is gone home. You might have to find a place to stay till morning and then come to him." said the man. Exodia was very upset that her had wasted his time in coming. He started to open a hole within the earth that would trap the man as the other trainer was. However, before he could get the hole started, rain started to pour. Leon quickly jumped inside Exodia's clothes. "If you want to get out of the rain, I would say go to that cafe. It has had an unusual number of anthromorphs gathered there today." "What makes you think I want to waste my time with lower beings such as them?" says Exodia, insulted by the man's words.

The man sees no need in continuing his conversation with Exodia. The two part ways and Exodia walks to the shop. He peeks his head into the window and sees that the shopkeeper is gone. He punches the ground and feels the rain getting worst. Leon starts flinching. Exodia can feel Leon's fear and goes into the cafe. On his arrival, the lights of the cafe immediately shut off. "Isn't this place a piece of crap." says Exodia. Leon jumps out and runs around on the floor. He is happy to be out of the rain and on the warm floor. The floor was actually covered in wet footprints, but that was beside the point. As Leon runs around a strange noise is heard from the kitchen. Exodia slowly walks over to the kitchen and finds a boy and girl feline couple. "Well isn't that cute or more like pathetic. You two cats might wanna roll up and get some cat nip to calm those nerves." Neither of them hear him. Exodia goes to a table that has a candle and sits down. Leon joins him and returns to riding on his shoulder. As he begins to collect his thoughts and plans for tomorrow, Leon tugs on him. He opens his eyes to see that the cat girl is down. Leon looks up at his master and hopes for something. Exodia does not move or say a word. He closes his eyes and hopes no blood is shed on him. Necro feels a presence inside the room of light and a voice starts to call to him. The voice calls out:

"Dear wielder of Spirits
The spirits are a powerful
thing such power can corrupt
Can you see past the spirits
And past the desert sands
to find what you are
looking for or
shall you become a
spirit as well?

Necro hears the voice slowly disappear and soon Exodia is in front of him. "This cat girl is down and out. I just thought I would inform you since you can't see it yourself. I will talk to you later." Exodia disappears. Necro feels no need to take over just yet and lays down once again. On the outside of Necro's mind, Exodia opens his eyes to see the cat has been put onto a couch by the lion boy. She seems to have a completely been wiped out by whatever she had done the last second s he saw her. Leon watches closely along with Exodia. The boy brings in his Ponyta as a 'portable warmer' as a way to help keep the girl from freezing. "This cafe is interesting and I am wondering what will unfold next. I see that they want some heat for the girl and this cafe. Leon, I tire of this let's use Flamethrower to stir up some trouble or help." Leon wonders if this is an actual command.

Zeta Patchouli
November 10th, 2008, 5:18 PM
(ooc: Here is Andy's revenge.)
Chapter 5: Adding Insult to Injury

Andy had finally woken up, the rain had started thinning, and the nine kids were gone. "Huh?" Asked Andy, surprised that he was still there. The park was still wrecked up, obviously... twisted plastic and metal all around. And running by the park, was Marcus, scared and injured. "Marcus!" Yelled Andy, catching the hunter's attention.

"You're still alive? Impressive. I guess you will be my greatest prize ever." Said Marcus. And at that, Andy saw that Marcus was missing his guns and sword, and Marcus didn't have the aura of malicious intent around him. "Especially since that neko managed to defeat me in combat."

Andrew looked surprised at that. "You lost? But she didn't look too strong." And with that Andy got ready to duel once more. "This will be the end, even if you nearly killed me twice!"

"Heh, how terrifying." Said Marcus as he jumped up. "And with this, is the final hunt!" And Marcus 'flew' down, but Andy was able to dodge before sending a gust of wind to the hunter, but Marcus tossed down a black ball, holding him in place while the winds tried to blow him away.

But before Marcus could do anything, Andy sent out his pokeball, allowing Alex to come out. "It's time for our combo!" And with that, Alex understood and charged Andy with tltctricity before jumping on his shoulder. "Triple lightning strike!" Andy hit once. "Un!" Then turned for a strong kick. "Deux!" And he grabbed Marcus while Alex fired a Thunder Attack, and since the falcon was charged with energy already, Marcus took the full attack. "Trois!" And the lightning exploded, harming both Andrew and Marcus. But before Marcus could recover, Andy grabbed him. "This may hurt, but this will end it!"

"What?" Asked Marcus before being pulled up into the air. Andy could get only twenty feet, but tossed the hunter into the sky before Alex jumped off and bit into Marcus, paralyzing him, Andy then slammed his fist into Marcus's stomach, causing him to scream a high-pitched scream, like Marx Soul's scream. And after that, Marcus slammed into the swings... Andrew had won, but with a lot of help from Konan. "Grr... What did I do wrong?"

"Dude, you eat any threatening opponents, not because you're hungry... like you lead us to believe. Stop eating people, and actually be kind to people... maybe that would help..." Said Andrew before starting to limp back to the cafe. 'God, I'm lucky he was weakened.'

"Hey, you just left me in the pokeball! How dare you!" Yelled Alex, as a big arguement then began as Andrew was limping to the cafe. Suddenly Andrew heard a weird voice.

Dear wielder of the sky
Your calling is high above the
clouds how will you get there
and survive the ultimate trial
between man and air
will the evils of the clouds
bow before your feet
or shall you become
one of them?

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November 11th, 2008, 9:13 PM
As Konan walked back in the story, she was soaked to the very bone with water, this time two more anthromorphs had joined them, a wolf, and what appeared to be a bear? Yes, a bear.

“Konan” he started. “Are you OK?” Atton asked her as he looked away, he looked a bit troubled. Konan made a simple nod as Atton made an attempt to lead her to a couch, Konan giggled at this.

"I'm wet..My legs aren't broken." Konan giggled flicking Atton on the head, her hands regaining their pale color, which meant they had recovered from being a boiling water but Konans broken wrist had begun to swell, as she sat on the couch giggling the ponyta had come up o her and nuzzled her. "Oh your cute! I bet feither would like you!" Konan smiled petting Veils firey mane and not feeling no pain.Veil neighed in happiness response to being stroked. Konan let out a gentle smile and looked over at the wolf girl, er , women. "She's just like that women in my dream." Konan whispered but turned her attention to Veil who was still nuzzling her happily, luckily Veils fire was drying her clothes fairly quickly. "Thats amazing my cloths are almost dry!" Konan giggled as the Ponyta neighed happily at her. As she was giggling with the ponyta and saying some minor things to Atton the bear anthromorph came up to them he had a chimchar on his shoulder, and he didn't look very nice.

"Well isn't that cute or more like pathetic. You two cats might wanna roll up and get some cat nip to calm those nerves." The man scoffed at them angerly.This angered Konan to a great degree.

"EXCUSE ME?! What the hell did you say?!" Konan got up angerly and slapped the man. It was hard enough to leave a red mark on his face. "You not good son of a..son of a.... BISCUIT EATER!!" Konan yelled not wanting to say the real word knowing that there was a few small children in the cafe. "You dare come here and say that, without good knowledge, look your in my place of work which puts me as the boss since all my colleges have left, not either shut the hell up or get your ass out of the cafe!" Konan hissed as her ears stood straight up and she was flashing a fanged scoff, as she hissed angerly at the man he decided to retort back.

"Well, isn't this place a piece of crap?" The man retorted.

"Okay thats it get your as out of here!" Konan hissed grabbing him by his collar of his shirt and throwing him out. "And DON'T come back you here me!" Konan hissed as she threw him out into the rain.It was quite a humorous site to behold, what Konans "true-self" had said was true.Don't mess with a neko on the full moon wether it be night or day. "Hmmph..Jackass." Konan scoffed and went back to a rather stunned Atton and Veil.

Konan smiled and went back to her seat on the couch yawning. "Well this has been rather boring, and don't even think of touching me with those hands if you intend to throw me out." The wolf scoffed.Konan sighed as lightning illuminated the sky.

"I need something to drink..." Konan mumbled as she entered the kitchen and began mixing some hot cocoa, well several cups of cocoa actually, as she came out she gave two small children who were crying some. "It's okay..the rain only last a little while, it can't hurt you if we are in here." Konan cooed as she handed the two children some cups of hot cocoa. The childrens tears began to die as they took the cups of the cocoa from her hands and began drinking them. Konan smiled and went back to her seat. "Here you got Atton.. I mix milk with my cocoa, I don't know if you would like milk with yours,but I do cause well I just do, I wasn't sure if you would like I, but its worth a try right?" Konan mumbled a small embarrassed smile spreading across her face, as she handed him the cup. "I've always liked milk in my hot chocolate, heh like in those movies I guess. The cat always likes milk!" Konan smiled blowing on the hot drink and then taking a sip of the drink.

"Go ahead drink up!" Konan smiled, and then sipped her drink once more as she enjoyed it she heard a voice chime.

Dear wielder of snow
Icey is your weapon
Icey is your calling
the ice is not just
within the temple
but within your heart
can you see past
the hard ice and
warm which is forever

The voice sent an icey chill throughout her body and she shuddered, putting down her cocoa, and looking out the window at the pouring rain she could swere she saw something black out of the corner of her eye..

"So, so Atton what made you come to Pallet town in the first place!" Konan smiled but as she waited for a response her ears twitch in anxiety.She looked
around and hissed. "Atton...evacuate everyone.." But it was to late. Something siister surrounded the windows and the glasses dropped to the ground shattering."RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!" Konan shrieked. For a black mutated figure had surrounde the cafe.

-"What is that thing?!"
-"I dunno!"
-"Wahh mommy!"

The figure was on all fours, it was a dark black with glowing red plant eyes. Its tall scrawny,thin leggs conencted by its thin rib shown body. Ever bone showed from its bosy, and it was patched with a crimson liquid. A bony figure mixe with blood and sheer black, it also had a long spiked tail that thrashed about and broke the glass that surrounded the cafe. The figure growled slowly..Ever so slowly time froze. Konan could feel a cold sweat around her neck. The feyes scanned the area..Then let out a loud screech. Konan hissed and covered her ears. The figure slowly raised its claw..Time slowly began moving once more.Konan could here her own heartbeat through the creatures low growls.

"Atton get everyone out of here!" Konan hissed and grabbed a chair and went to face the creature but was swiftly grabbed by the neck and being strangled. "Atton..just get everyone out of he-" Konan was unable to finish her sentence as she had lost consciousness and a voice slowly emerged from the creature.

"Ones better then none, lets report to boss." The voice was a women, it was evil as it spoke the creature nodded and walked away leaving a stunned crowd to watch as Konan was taken by this...Creature.

[to be continued..]

ooc: I thought it would be good to introduce a monster [creature] and a mini-boss foe [the women] oops maybe I've said to much eheheh ^_^

Notice: Do not kill the monster yet please kthxbai

November 13th, 2008, 8:18 PM
Exodia started to think about what he had said to the cat girl. He realized his words were harsh, but the at same time he realized he didn't care. The cat girl was pathetic looking and seemed to have an aura that really disgusted him. So Exodia and Leon went over to the cat and insult her once again. However, they were surprised when the cat raised her voice to them. Leon quickly hid behind his master, while Exodia listened to the cat. "EXCUSE ME?! What the hell did you say?!" said the cat and she slapped Exodia. Exodia put his hand to his face. He felt the heat as his cheek turned red. Exodia had never been slapped or touch by another person. He looked at the girl with a face of shock. The bear within him started to call up his anger. The ground below the cafe was slowly transforming into a sink hole. However, before he could call the sink hole, the cat girl had reached her limit and threw them out into the rain. Exodia flew into the mud and looked back at Leon. Leon was very upset to back in the rain. Exodia did not apologize, he instead started to summon his powers to destroy the cafe. Leon understood what other dangers would lie ahead and grabbed his master's arm. "Chimchar!" screamed the Pokemon. Exodia put his arm down and started to run off. "Leon, you just saved some lives." scuffed Exodia. Leon let out a sigh of relief. As the two started to find a new place to get out of the rain something came. The aura of this force was coming from the cafe. Exodia wondered if he should go in or stay out of it.

He walked in and saw the monster. The figure was on all fours, it was a dark black with glowing red plant eyes. Its tall scrawny,thin leggs conencted by its thin rib shown body. Ever bone showed from its bosy, and it was patched with a crimson liquid. A bony figure mixe with blood and sheer black, it also had a long spiked tail that thrashed about and broke the glass that surrounded the cafe. The creature was so frightening that even Exodia couldn't move. As he took a closer look he saw that the cat had been captured by the monster. "Are you serious? I have never seen someone so pathetic. I leave for about twenty seconds and then you get captured? Are you cat or a spineless and weak mouse?" Exodia didn't know she was unconscious. Exodia started to go forward, but then he stopped.

He fell to the ground and then arose. "Allow me to take over, Exodia, you have done enough." Necro had taken back control. However, in the instant it took him to take control the monster had escaped. Necro along with the others of the cafe watched as the creature took the cat girl away. Necro tried to move, but his feet were constricted by fear. He couldn't do it alone. Leon jumped on his shoulder and nodded. "Alright then, as long as I have you I can't lose. I will save you cat girl and fix whatever mess Exodia made." Necro storms off, but then turns back to the cafe. He notices a lion and a wolf person. "Are you two just gonna sit there or are you going to help?" Necro waited for a response form at least one of them.

November 13th, 2008, 10:46 PM
ooc: a post between the monster, women , and Konan cause I'm bored =3 [no one else is here so no one needs to respond to this post unless they want]

The low growls of the creatures echoed in the Viridian Forest, the growls although low were loud enough to scare off a flock of pidgey and spearow that were hiding in the brush.Konan still unconscious was being carried by this creature. "I didn't know it would be this easy to capture her. Pathetic she's from the neko clan she shoulda been able to at least put up a simple fight." The women said as she slowly emerged from behind a tree. Her figure rather elegant in form, she had porceilin white skin and long black hair, her ears slightly pointed and she held a small dagger in her hand. Pointed teeth fell down from her mouth with piercing black eyes, as her deep blue hair fell below her waist. She wore a long black gown accompnied by a hunters belt which held a larger sword.

Several more low growls were hearded along with the chirping of some pidgey. The rain slowly disappated as the 3 got deeper in the forest. Rays of sunlight showly shown through the forest. The women had an obvious smirk on her face as she looked at the unconscious Konan."Alright lets get this over with. Master will surely be leased with the results." The women said snapping her fingers. The creature gave a small nod and raised its claw. "Don't kill her take her.. well you know what to take. I don't care what happens with those spares just make sure that YOU don't die. I've invested to much training into to you and I certainly can't loose you now. So hurry up." The women scoffed.

The creature raised its claw and struck it at Konan, surprisingly it drew no blood it only drewout a small light from within her chest, the creature slowly opens its mouth and swallowed it, at this the women smirked once more and looked at the now limp Konan. "Lovely, her soul will quench master now. We'll come back for her body later its of little use." The women smirked as she disappeared into thin air with the very hellish monster.

"So cold, my body is so cold. I want warmth....warmth, please......." Konans voice whispered as her eyes slowly opened. They were dead, no empty was more like it. All she was whispering was the word "warmth" over and over. Her hair was turning completely white, as her skin began to turn ghastly white and feel ice cold. Her eyes were a deep brown and filled with emptiness it was a shell of her former self. All she muttered was "I need warmth, anything please I'm so cold....." Jer body slowly looked up at the rays of sunlight slowly glittered through the leaves.Konan wandered clumsily for a moment or so but then fell to the ground. "Warmth.." Slow cold tears fell to the ground as she cried "Warmth....Someone,anyone please give me warmth.." She got up once more.She got up once more and stumbled against a tree and fell to the ground. "Warmth....."
10 of the same hellish creatures surrounded the cafe growling. The women appeared out of thin air hovering above the 10 creatures.

"Heh, yor little friend is no lnoger with us, or so you anthromorphs would say it." The women smirked as small orb appeared in her hand. "You see this? This is what your friends SOUL looks like. You, lion-boy. You were the first person that girl met other then Hinata, I don't blame her." The women smirked as she made a duplicate of herself and the duplicate slowly floated torward Atton. "I don't blame her. You are actually quite cute." The women smiled and touched his chin."I haven't seen a lion boy in quite awhile, I wonder if you can find your little friend. I'm sure she's stumbling around in the forest somewhere.How should I know?" the duplicate smirked before disappearing. The women smirked as the soul disappeared once more.

"Ta-Ta for now. I'd advise finding your friend before she falls off a cliff..hehe!" The women cackled and disappeared.

Zeta Patchouli
November 15th, 2008, 12:13 PM
Chapter 6: The Three Hellspawn

Andy limped closer and closer, arguing with Alex about some random things. "Well, you were the one to bring the rabid Beedrill on us!" Yelled Andy as he remembered the intense pain he recieved that day.

"Oh, yeah? Well you weren't able to beat that high-pitched hunter until a girl beat him up!" Yelled Alex, as the Electrike knew he had this in the bag. "Now, I am going to gloat when we get there!... Whoa, what are those?" Andrew looked over and saw ten creatures that looked like some kind of insect. The hellspawn dashed at the two, but Andy grabbed Alex and jumped away before striking thrice with his wind blade, but the beast was not harmed too much, as the attack was weak.

"Air Cutter!" Yelled Andrew as he waved his hands around the hellspawn, suddenly the air started cutting it, but it was not strong enough to hurt it too badly, and it jumped up before ramming into Andy, but Alex took the chance to run on the creature and electrocute it, hurting it, but not too much, as the creature grabbed Alex and tossed him to the ground, but at that point Andrew grabbed the monster and held it so that it's head was towards the ground, and smashed it's head into the ground, 'killing' the monster. "Phew, that wasn't too bad."

"Umm... I'd take a second look at the monster." Said Alex running up to Andrew in panic. The falcon morph turned around and saw the monster, as if it wasn't even too hurt. The monster clicked it's teeth, before launching needles from it's mouth, all of them hitting Andrew's arm, and poisoning him.

"Urgh, I hate this so much." Said Andrew as he grabbed his arm, and fired a small wind attack, allowing the poison which hasn't spread out of the area, to flow out, along with his blood. "This is the end!" And Andrew used the rest of his energy to make a giant wind blade, and sliced through the monster, and doing some damage to another one. The second monster, and a third then surrounded Andrew, who fell to the ground, exhausted. "I fought too much, I'm too tired to move."

"Andrew!" Yelled Alex as he fired a Thunder, killing the weak hellspawn. "No, this can't be happening." Alex stepped back, as the third monster started walking up to the two. "Th- there's no way we can win!" The monster grabbed Alex and slammed him into a building. "If it wasn't for Marcus, we'd be able to really fight."

"Grr... We still have to try." Said Andrew as he got up, and grabbed a stick. "I can still fight!" And with that, Andrew charged at the monster, before getting hit back by the tail. "Aahhh!" And Andrew went down, but wasn't out.

"Andy, don't get up!" Yelled Alex before firing a thunderbolt, repelling the monster, causing it to drop the Electrike. Alex ran to his friend and tried to get him to run away, as the monster was way too powerful at this point. "I don't think we could kill this monster even at full power. The first one was killed fairly, we got lucky for the second one, as you were barely aiming your attack, but we can't do it."

"N-nonsense, I admit we were lucky to get this far, but we can finish this one off, but we need a plan." Said Andy as he looked at the beast. "It's relatively stupid, so I will distract it, while you charge up the strongest Thunder you ever fired, then hit the monster."

"But, there's no way that would work!" Protested Alex, but Andrew walked up to the monster, rather slowly, so Alex just started charging power. "I just hope this works..." Andrew limped up to the monster, but since even Andy has limits, he fell unconscious, as it was a miracle he didn't fall unconscious earlier. "Of course that happens!" The monster then targets Alex and fires the needles, but the Electrike fired the attack, destroying the needles, and going in the mouth, tearing it's insides up, killing it. "Whoa, that was pure luck th-" Said Alex before falling unconscious.

(ooc: If you wanted to know, Andrew was at full strength, but Alex was around seventy percent, as he used a lot of electricity against Marcus.)

November 15th, 2008, 8:41 PM
"Thats amazing my cloths are almost dry!"
Atton smiled as his Pokémon clasped towards Konan and slowly warmed her, letting all of her wet attire wither. Atton petted Veil softly as he saw her get comfortable; neighing quietly to show affection. It was amazingly soothing to have the warm Pokémon next to him in such a cold weather. Any droplet of rain that dared to go near Atton or Konan n would be almost immediately evaporated by the high temperature of a fiery mane. Atton was just letting himself relax as the rain passed; but his meditation was abruptly interrupted when another anthropomorph; one he hadn’t noticed, came up to them with quite unkind words to say.

"Well isn't that cute… Or more like pathetic. You two cats might wanna roll up and get some cat nip to calm those nerves."

The words made Atton’s cheek turn burning red; the arteries in his arms became stressed, his fists closed for a punch almost instinctively. He stood up abruptly with a cold and deadly sight and growled angrily at the complete stranger that had just come up to them. Who did he think he was to approach and just say that? Yes; the lion boy was pro-peace, but he wasn’t taking this lightly. It’s not like they deserved to be insulted; especially, according to Atton, by pretty much a nobody.

“Hah; excuse me? You better take that back before I…”

Atton couldn’t even finish talking before Konan stood up as well and raised her voice louder than Atton’s. She had an angry look on her face; and it seemed that the fatigue she had been being a victim of suddenly vanished into thick air.

"EXCUSE ME?! What the hell did you say?! You no good, son of a...Son of a.... BISCUIT EATER!!"

With these words; Konan violently let her open palm slap the man on the face. Critical hit; super-effective. . "You dare come here and say that, without good knowledge. Look you’re in my place of work, which puts me as the boss since all my colleagues have left, now either shut the hell up or get your ass out of the cafe!" Then, the Neko grabbed the man by the shirt and abruptly threw him out of the building; into the pouring rain. “Jackass…”

“Wow” Atton murmured quietly to himself as he stared repeated in his mind the scene that had just occurred. “Well, Konan... That... I mean… You...” There, he lost it. He started burst out in a very loud laughter; finding it marvelously humorously that she had used the noun Biscuit eater as an insult and the fact that she got all mean to the ‘jackass’ just after being tired. His laughing, one that was mixed with delicate allusions of roaring, echoed all over the petite edifice, over and over, but he became quiet when Konan walked backed to them and said something mostly to herself.

"I need something to drink..."

Konan immediately headed to the kitchen of the café; who’s lights now sparkled on and off repeatedly, and spent a while there getting herself a hot drink. Atton, now feeling a bit relaxed that Konan was back to her normal mood and she wasn’t going to slit his throat, sat back on the small couch and got comfortable. He had to turn around, though, when he heard a familiar voice talk to him. In a piece of broken glass in the floor, he could see himself again. The bestial form reflection he had seen on the window was now on the glass.

-“It’s your time to leave; she won’t notice. Listen to me, Atton…”
-“Dammit, shut up. How come you think in a different way that I do? I mean, you’re me, after all.”
-“No… Oh, no. I’m a different person. My name is Gado. I live inside you. I…”
-“Yeah right, whatever; just be quiet.”

The reflection disappeared from the piece of debris and Konan walked back to Atton, handing him a cup of hot chocolate. Atton stared at the drink for a couple of moments, just delightfully imagining how good he would feel after he drank the whole cup. The weather, which was chilling more and more, would feel like nothing once the beverage ran down his throat. He stared up at Konan as his eyes sparkled and joy, and with loads of emotion he said: “Thank you”.

"Here you got Atton.. I mix milk with my cocoa, I don't know if you would like milk with yours, but I do cause well I just do, I wasn't sure if you would like I, but it’s worth a try right. I've always liked milk in my hot chocolate, Heh, like in those movies I guess. The cat always likes milk! Go ahead, drink up!"

“And I can see why. This tastes delicious! Thanks again.”

It literally took Atton just a few seconds to completely gulf the cocoa down; and once he was done, he gently put the cup in a table and put his hands behind his back, smiling and purring like a very happy cat. Man, had that made him feel good. He felt completely refreshed; and nearly ready to start a new day. He had completely lost the sense of time by now. Because of the dark sky, the rain, the flash outs and a bunch of other factors, he didn’t at all know if it was still morning, evening or night. But he didn’t care, really. He felt exceptionally tranquil and merry. He stared at Konan while they smiled at each other before she told something. "So, so Atton what made you come to Pallet town in the first place?"

“Ahh, haven’t I told you yet?” Atton said as he scratched his head and lifted a brow. Oh, right! He had yet to tell her bout the lights! Everything that had happened in such a short trance had thrown him out of his senses; but now, it was a perfect time to speak. “Well, I came here when I…”

There, Atton was interrupted. Through the peripherals of his right eye, he could see a shady figure darting towards the café; then disappearing in thin air. It was a really weird image, and just having watched it made the Leo shiver and have goose bumps.

"Atton...evacuate everyone..

It seemed like Konan had too spotted the figure. “Konan, did you see that? It was like…”


The windows shattered violently, billions of glass pieces falling down to the ground. “What the hell is going on!” Atton yelled before the black figure jumped into the café from a broken window frame. The creature gave Atton shills. It stood on four skinny limbs and growled angrily, resembling a nasty dog. Its long fangs and mace-like tails made everyone inside the café run like madmen out through the doors and windows.

"Atton get everyone out of here!"

“But everybody has left already! We gotta go! Come!”

Atton grabbed Konan’s wrist and tried to pull her out of the café with him. He had not even the smallest intention of fighting that black beast; so running was the best thing to do. But he couldn’t do so. He couldn’t because Konan was grabbed by the neck by what appeared to be a woman, and this fragile looking female pulled Konan away from him like Atton wasn’t even applying any strength. "Ones better then none, lets report to boss."

“No! Konan!” Atton yelped as he pounced at the woman, trying to grab Konan; but the female and the female and the beast disappeared before he could even get close. Atton landed on the ground and stared around, confused; wondering what had happened. What had those things been. And why did they take Konan? It wasn’t going to take long before he could find answers, though; because moments later 10 hellspawns appeared around the café; surrounding the few anthropomorphs inside. Above them, the female appeared. “Veil…” Atton warned. “Make sure no one comes into the café.” Veil neighed and nodded and ran out.

"Heh, your little friend is no longer with us, or so you anthropomorphs would say it.”

“Who are you?!” Atton yelled loudly as he stared angrily at the female, ignoring the hellhounds around him. If they did something stupid, the other anthropomorphs would probably interfere. Not directly to save him, but to kick some black dog butt.

With this, the floating female pulled out some sort of sphere out of somewhere. The sphere sparkled with a very luminous light, effect that soon hypnotized Atton. Inside the sphere, the light formed Konan’s silhouette, and it showed her thrown somewhere around trees. Atton opened his mouth in awe; fearing that the worst might have happened to his friend. “What did you do her?! I promise I’ll hurt you if…”

“You see this? This is what your friends SOUL looks like. You, lion-boy. You were the first person that girl met other then Hinata, I don't blame her… You are actually quite cute."

Atton ignored the compliment and stared angrily at the woman, who slowly approached to pet his chin. Once she was close enough, he threw his fist at her face, but the woman vanished and appeared again up in the sky. “You stole her soul?! My God! How’d you do that?! Who are you?! Where’s Konan.”

"I haven't seen a lion boy in quite awhile, I wonder if you can find your little friend. I'm sure she's stumbling around in the forest somewhere. How should I know? Ta-Ta for now. I'd advice finding your friend before she falls off a cliff...Heh!"

The woman disappeared and the hellspawns stroke. Atton stared around and saw how the hellspawns threw the first attacks to the other anthropomorphs. He, naturally, would’ve helped; but he was still in shock after seeing and hearing what had happened to Konan. He just wanted to run out to find her, but it wasn’t going to be so easy. Deciding to let the others take care of the hounds, Atton hurried to the exit. He was stopped when just one of the black beasts stood in front of him and prepared to attack. That was when Atton’s world closed. Everything around shut down for him as it came down to Hellspawn versus Leo. The two stared at each other his hate in their eyes as the waited for the other to make a move. The hound decided to strike first by relentlessly launching itself with a bite. Atton reacted as soon as possible to take the empty cup of cocoa he had drunk from a while ago and slamming it against the dog’s face. The cup shattered at contact, for Atton had done this with all of his strength. The hound gave a few steps back and staggered a bit, but he soon stood up like he had just been with a rubber ball. That was Atton’s strongest blow; and he was sure it was strong enough like to knock out or kill any Earthly being. But that was the problem. The dog shook its head and then stared at Atton again, preparing for a second attack. It was just there when Gado spoke to Atton from a shard of glass in the ground.

-“C’mon Atton, let me in! I’ll help you, I promise! You’re not doing this alone! Activate beast drive! Let me in!!!”

“Fine, Fine!” Atton yelled. Soon, Gado smirked and disappeared from the glass. Atton started to feel a very powerful presence enter him; and immediately he started morphing. His fangs grew very noticeably, and his hair changed to a darker color and grew to be a scruffy mane. Atton’s eyes turned gray and his nails turned into claws. Soon, there was no Atton. Gado had taken over. Now that he was in; Atton looked more like a lion than like a human. “Bring it on, jerk” Atton teased.

The dog, not noticing the abrupt change, threw himself at Gado again, but now; he was greeted with a less than pleasant surprise. Gado smiled and grabbed the animal’s jaw with his two hands. The teeth punctured into his hands, which started bleeding, but he ignored it. The hellhound then couldn’t get free of Gado’s grasp, who was applying more and more strength to the jaw. “Who’s winning now, eh? Let’s see how you can bite after this!!!”

Snap. Gado broke the hound’s jaw by quickly separating the upper jaw from the lower jaw by breaking the bones of the snout and ripping apart the flesh around them. A very violent move, indeed. The hound’s lower jaw swung around like it had just been attached to the face with cheap glue, and the dog started to cry and whine loudly before throwing itself to the ground because of the pain. “Aww, poor dog. You make me sick.”

Gado walked over to the dog and kicked the jaw with his combat boots, making the dog cry even more. The lower jaw had been ripped apart and kicked out of the café; making the dog bleeds some sort of black goo. Then, Gado crushed the animal’s hind legs with his right foot, making it howl like it had just been shot. “Die.” Gado bent down to pick up the glass he was one reflected upon and stabbed the animals head with it, right through the ear. The crying stopped; and so did the thing’s heartbeats. Gado smirked, letting out a loud roar before calming down and letting Atton take over again. ~My work here is done… Now you go do whatever you want. I don’t care.~

Atton, now back to consciousness, ran out of the café, making sure that the others were fighting the hounds. “Veil!” he yelled as his Ponyta came over to him and he mounted her. “Let’s go! To the woods! We gotta find Konan! Run, girl! Run, Run, Run!”

The Leo and his Ponyta ran as quickly as the equine being’s legs allowed her to; and in a matter of minutes, the two where inside Viridian’s forest deepest areas. It had been a short road, yet it seemed like an eternity to Atton. He never looked back even once; not caring if anyone followed or not. He just needed to get there. Once there, he prayed that that woman hadn’t fooled him. She did mention a forest, right? This was the first thing that came to Atton’s mind; so he had to search there. For a while, he completely ignored the quest for the lights. Chances were he had skipped the first light already, but he didn’t care. All he really wanted was to find his aching friend. Atton closed his eyes, hoping to hear anything out of normal. As a cat, he had a sharp hearing sense; and his ears would twitch anytime something called his attention. It took him a minute or two of just standing there, listening, before he heard something. “Warmth-warmth-warmth-warmth-warmth-warmth-warmth”

The voice sounded… somewhat familiar. He couldn’t really identify; but hey, the person seemed to need help. Atton scratched his head; wondering if he should or not follow, but meh, what could he lose. “Veil… Stay here. Rest for a bit; I know you’re tired.”

Atton sighed and followed the source of the sound, making sure he didn’t turn aside for distractions. It wasn’t long before he saw a figure of a humanoid lying dead on a tree. Atton opened his eyes in shock and ran towards her, being almost sure she was Konan. He was surprised when he saw the female did in fact look like Konan; but it was… Very different. It came to his imagination that was what Konan would look like when she died. Or, could it… Oh no.

~No..~ Atton thought to himself as he threw himself next to the female, staring directly into her hollow eyes. The showed no vital signs. None at all. He could see her mouth moving, but she was speaking in such a low volume he couldn’t put words together. It all came down to the same, “warmth, warmth”

“’S… Is that you, Konan? Are you Ok?” Atton grabbed Konan’s wrist to feel her pulse, but a sharp chill traveled through his body as soon as he touched her. No wonder she whispered the same words over and over; she was cold as an iceberg. “My; what happened to you.” Atton said with a frown. The figure looked too much like Konan like not to be her; and he could easily identify her cat ears and tail. Her hair color and eyes did scare him though. How was she going to live without a soul? Or… Was she alive? How could he be sure he wasn’t something like a zombie? Anyway, he was willing to take a risk.

“Konan” He mumbled as he removed his jacket; letting the rather cold forest breeze hit his arms and the part of his torso that had no shirt (Because he had ripped it to apply a bandage to the bird anthropomorph earlier). He wrapped Konan with his jacket and picked her up with ease. She weighed nothing, literally. This scared Atton; for once again he doubted her liveliness. He closed his eyes and took a deep, sad breath before walking back to Veil. What was he holding? Was it Konan, or was it Konan’s corpse? Konan’s skin. Konan’s shell. Or, was it even Konan? It didn’t matter; because, in any case, he was giving the body the warmth she so much asked.

Once he got to Veil, he sat down on the grass, letting Veil lie down next to him to warm him and the body. With still Konan wrapped around the thick leather jacket and around his arms; he stared up at the tree tops; wondering what to do. Should he go back to the café with the other anthropomorphs to see if anyone knew what to do? Should he search for the female to beat her up and ask for Konan’s soul? He was lost; and as he sat there, he thought. He thought. He thought.

November 16th, 2008, 1:16 AM
Konan sat there muttering "warmth" for a little while.She was alone in the forest, as the caterpie slowly climbed up and down the trees eating leaves and what not. She had not taken notice to Atton who was next to her.

"Konan? KONAN! Are you okay?!" Atton yelped as he began shaking her.

"Warmth..Please..." Konan muttered as her souless eyes looked at Attons. "Give me.....warmth...I'm so cold..." Konan whispered to him. Her body was completely numb. She felt no pain, no nothing. She had no idea that Atton had put his jacket around her and picked her up and put her next to his Ponyta. The ponta sniffed her and neighed worridly, as Ponyta;s warmth shinied on Konan she sat there. "You gave me warmth....Who are you...?" Konan whispered as she looked at him, her empty eyes scanned him. "You are.....Someone important....No...are you...? I can't recognize you...Why can't I recognize you....You the one who was nice to me....The one who gave me warmth....No one would randomly help me.... I know you somehow..." Her gaze shifted to the sunlight that shone through the trees. It looked beautiful, like one of those beautiful scenes that are only seen on portraits.

Veil neighed happily and nuzzled her. Konans expression was still blank. As she lifted her hand to pet the ponyta...

Somewhere else
"Master, has her soul quenched you?" The women smirked. A dark figured loomed in a dark room. It was a mutate well.. Its figure is unrecognizable it appears to have vines covering it and is chained by some vines, as the women said this the giant let out a loud screech that echoed throughout Viridian forest. The room began to rumbled. The large figure was chained to a tree with some vines, it was truly a sight to behold.

Back with our favorite felines
The echo of the screech was heard even where Atton and Konan were, at here this loud screech Konans ears instantly went up. They twitched and her tail wagged, she purred and smiled. "Master....Is calling me......He wants to see me.....You should see master too...." Konan smiled as she stumbled to her feet. Veil neighed once more worridly. As Konan stumbled to her feet she grabbed Attons hand and pulled him up. "Please come with me....." Konans empty eyes looked at him and she let out a small smile. "Master wants me at his palace.." Konan smiled at him but one question remained.....

Who was "Master"?

Konan looked at him and grabbed his hand pulling Atton deeper and deeper into the Viridian Forest. As she whispered "Master wants me..." She turned to him and gave him an empty smile. As she went to say something to him, Konan felt a pulsating pain within her.

"Kill him." The voice said repeadetly ordered to her.

Konan screamed and she knelt to her knees and held her head in pain. "No....No...No.....Master...NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Konan screamed.

As tears flooded Konan eyes, she turned to Atton and cried. "Master wants me to kill you....Please...run.... I don't want you to die....I know you somehow.... Your precious to me......Please I don't want to kill you!" Konan cried as she was showing resistance to the hypnotising command, but the resistance had caused unnessary stress to the young neko's body, mind, and spirit. She collapsed to the ground as if she had just died. Her body as ice cold as before. Her eyes closed and she was motionless. The souless neko's body had finally given up. She had fallen into a coma and was sleeping very heavily.

"Heh, well looks like that fool can show some type resistance. Impressive. Although I highly doubt she'll make it." The women appeared once more and floated above the motionless Konan. There was an obvious scowl uponst Attons face. "Scowl at me all you want. It won't help you one bit. Unless you think your tough enough to handle me. If so I recommend you to come to hte "Mother tree" and defeat me in battle. But I'd worry about your friend first." The women gave a evil smile as Konans soul appeared once more in her hand. "The funny thing about a soul is....." The women scratched it minorly and the back of Konan's shirt ripped open to reveal a deep wound. It was bleeding fiercly. "It can not only cause the person to become a lifeless corpes, but it can do physical damage as well. Impressive no?" The women smirked and scratched it once more and Konan's lifeless body was now covered in deep cuts. "If you even damage a soul minorly, it will cause great physical damage to hte lifeless corpse. Its easy to kill someone...Once you got their soul. Heh, its quite fun, but a goody, goody wouldn't know anything about that would you? Your to busy being the hero to try and have some fun."

The women scratched the soul once more, Konan let out a loud scream of agony and pain even though unconscios she could feel the pain that was bestowed upon her. Her face now had once large cut on her. "And here we can cut her arms and here her legs. Hehehe so much fun." The women giggled. Most people would be disgusted at this point and try attacking her. "Well I've had my fun, I won't bother attacking her internal organs thats not my style. I torture not kill." The women smiled evily and disappeared into thin air. Konan was now left a bloody mess in her unconscious state she still felt pain.....

Konan was whispering "warmth" once more as her crimson blood began to stain the ground...

The women had left one hit where she had gone. The "mother tree." Would Atton and the others come to Konan's aid and rescue her lost soul...Who was this master and more importently.. Was the mother tree hiding any clues to the legendary weapons?

[to be continued]

November 16th, 2008, 7:05 PM
With the Neko still in his arms, Atton gave a profound, barren breath. He was engrossed in thought; pondering all of the available possibilities to solve this situation. He felt so worn out; useless because he didn’t know what could he do to help his unconscious friend. He had never dealt with this sort of problem, ever. But it wasn’t of surprise. For a life of solitude; there were many things he hadn’t yet done, or experienced. Staring at Konan’s pallor scared him to no end; but it also made really sad and melancholic. The emptiness reflected on her pupils made him feel like he was dead, or, at least, not wanting to be alive. The sunshine hit Atton’s face directly, making him squint his eyes in order to see a thing; but he didn’t mind. He didn’t move. He continued to sit there, thinking. Breathing. Lost in thought. Until…

"You gave me warmth....Who are you...?"

“Konan!” Atton yelped with an incredible joy as he heard his friend’s voice saying something other than just one word repeatedly and in a low volume. His cheery smile faded after some seconds, though; when he realized what she had said. “Who.. Who are you? What do you mean? It’s me! Atton!”

"You are.....Someone important....No...Are you...? I can't recognize you...Why can't I recognize you? You’re the one who was nice to me....The one who gave me warmth....No one would randomly help me.... I know you somehow..."

“ C’mon; don’t you remember me?”

Konan became quiet; leaving Atton in awe. As his horse Pokémon cuddled closer to Konan; she seemed to smile. Moments after, Konan’s tail wagged; her ears twitched and she started purring. "Master....Is calling me......He wants to see me.....You should see master too...."

“What? What do you mean, Konan? Who’s ‘Master’? What are you talking about?”

Konan stood up all of a sudden; her happy expression still reflected upon her face. She tumbled a bit; but managed to safely make it to her feet. Konan then stretched her cold hand and took Atton’s, making him stand up as well and leading him to a different area of the forest; presumably closer to the center. Veil followed close behind; but with a rather doubtful gesture on her face. At times, she bit Atton’s pants and tried to pull him back; away, but the Leo rejected. He, too, entered some sort of trance. The pair and the Pokémon continued to venture deeper and deeper inside the sylvan surroundings; until Konan stopped suddenly, turned to Atton in a rush and started yelling. “No, No, No… Master, no!”

Konan let go of Atton’s hand, and, to his surprise, she fell to her knees and held her head. Atton immediately dropped to his knees as well, next to Konan. Because of his height and burly shape, he naturally was a taller than her; even when he kneeled down in the same position. “Oh my God; Konan, what’s happening to you?!” Then, Konan shattered in tears; completely smashing the Leo’s heart. He couldn’t take someone’s crying; let it be someone he knew.

"Master wants me to kill you....Please...run.... I don't want you to die....I know you somehow.... You’re precious to me......Please I don't want to kill you!"

“Kill me?!” Atton yelled as he gave a step back. He was scared. Why would the Master ask Konan to kill him? Was he special or was it only because he was the closest person at the moment? Who knew; but one thing was for sure. That Master was smart; because he ordered Konan to kill him knowing he wouldn’t be capable of striking back. He was about to obey and run away, but a rush of blood to the head kept him there. One full of adrenaline and bravery. He could see Konan was suffering; a lot; but that was just why he wouldn’t leave. “No…” He said quietly. “I’m not leaving you here, Konan!” Atton darted towards Konan, but before he was next to her, she collapsed to the ground, now looking more fatigued and hurt than ever before. “No! Konan!”

"Heh, well looks like that fool can show some type resistance. Impressive. Although I highly doubt she'll make it."

Like if Atton wasn’t pissed off enough already; the woman guilty of putting Konan in the state she was now appeared again, floating above her like a vulture awaiting prey. “You…” Atton growled as he felt Gado taking over him slowly. Now, he didn’t prevent him from entering. In fact, he invited him. “You... Return Konan to normal before the worst happens... To you!”

"Scowl at me all you want. It won't help you one bit. Unless you think your tough enough to handle me. If so I recommend you to come to the "Mother tree" and defeat me in battle. But I'd worry about your friend first."

“Tough enough to handle you? I’ll break you in two!”

The evil woman smirked as he stretched out her slender hand, her palms closed. "The funny thing about a soul is....." She said as she opened her hand, revealing the small light orb with which held Konan’s soul. "It can not only cause the person to become a lifeless corpes, but it can do physical damage as well. Impressive no?"

With these, the female started to cut Konan’s body; and Atton just stared in trepidation as he saw how Konan’s shirt was ripped open and wounds popped out of nowhere. "If you even damage a soul minorly, it will cause great physical damage to the lifeless corpse. It’s easy to kill someone...Once you got their soul. Heh, its quite fun, but a goody, goody wouldn't know anything about that would you? You’re too busy being the hero to try and have some fun."

Atton/Gado didn’t say anything, but instead just let his mouth drop. The fact that he was seeing his friend being cut and the fact that he couldn’t eat the evil female alive (And painfully and slowly) just made his stomach a wild mess. “Leave her alone!” Atton scowled as he pounced over Konan, making his best efforts to guard her body with his. It was a futile effort, though; because more cuts and gashes started to pierce her pale skin.

"And here we can cut her arms and here her legs. Hehehe so much fun… Well I've had my fun; I won't bother attacking her internal organs that’s not my style. I torture not kill."

“You’re style’s crap! Who do you serve; and why is he such a major idiot? Leave Konan alone!”

The woman didn’t say anything; she just… Disappeared. Gado let out a very violent roar as he morphed back to Atton. “Konan…” Atton mumbled sadly as he stared at his bleeding friend. Lifeless. Dead. Deceased. Departed. Again, he put his jacket around her and picked her up; not minding that his whole attire became completely stained with Neko blood. He looked down at Konan’s sleeping face and whispered: “I promise I’ll get your soul back and bring you back to normal, Konan. I promise.”

Atton took a deep breath and started walking away. Konan had dragged him to a rather isolated area of the forest; and he wasn’t very familiar with the place. In other words, he was lost. It took him a couple of minutes of examining the sun location and moss in rocks to find out where the north was, and soon he made his way back. “I better get to the café… Check if the others there are fine with the hellspawns and all… And ask if anyone knows about that Mother Tree. I’m making that woman pay. She is going down.”

Not bothering to mount Veil because he knew she was fatigued already; Atton made his whole way back to Pallet on foot, with Konan resting on his arms. Her bleeding was fading, but didn’t completely stop.

Atton and Veil continued to walk, but somewhere along north of Route 1, something called Atton’s attention. Yes, something actually managed to distract him from his current quest. A very delicate and sweet aroma entered his nostrils. An incredibly beautiful aroma; one only matched by the Sweet Scent attack of the most beautiful Chikorita or Shaymin. Atton stopped all of a sudden, lifting his face to the sky and sniffing the aroma. He was trying to focus on his goal and hurry to café, but that fragrance was… Hypnotic. He couldn’t resist the smell. Subconsciously, he was led to the source of the smell; not being able to give even one step back. Soon, he was led to a girl around his age who was carelessly dancing around a patch of flowers. She was shorter than him (not many were taller than Atton; anyway) and had long, light green hair that stretched to her mid-back; and piercing dark green eyes. She was wearing a thin, light green dress with a pattern of flowers of different sizes. A pair of white boots covered her feet, and around her neck a necklace of thick green beads was the responsible of letting out the scent. Atton just watched from a close distance, still stupidified by the perfume. After dancing around the patch a couple of times, the girl noticed the Leo staring at her. Their eyes met for a couple of moments, even though Atton’s sight was lost. All of his senses, except the one of smell were dead. The girl took her hands to cover her mouth and opened her eyes widely, just as she heavily blushed. Atton… Well, he was high on the aroma.

The girl squeaked nervously and turned around, just as a Pachirisu jumped out of the flowers and danced around her feet. “I’m sorry… You saw that.” The girl said shyly she stared at Atton with just the corners of her eyes. Atton; who slowly came back to his senses after expelling all of the perfume shook his head to the sides and stared at the girl. “Oh… Sorry. Don’t worry. Uhh… I have go, I-…”

Before Atton could finish, the girl ran up to him with a very sweet looking face that was still blushed. “My name is Iris! What’s your name?”

~Oh… Hasn’t she noticed I’m carrying a corpse?~ Atton thought to himself as he stared down at Iris. But he didn’t want to be rude. He wasn’t staying for the tea party; he had Konan in his arms; but leaving just like that would be mean. Plus, he had no idea that… This girl was one of his dreams. One of the silhouettes. “Hi Iris. My name is Atton. Now; excuse me, I have to go, I have an emergen-…”

“Ohh, who’s this girl? She’s dead… What happened to her?!” Iris yelled loudly as she covered her mouth again.

“No, wait; hold on, Shh! She’s not dead! Now, forgive me, but I have to leave. I need to get to Pallet Town café as soon as possible.”

“I see… Well, I’ll see you later, Atton! Bye!” Iris said happily as she watched Atton run away. She waved until he was out of her vision range, but just before he was completely out; she grabbed her Pachirisu and darted after him.

Minutes later; Atton walked right into the café; noticing that most of the anthropomorphs were still there; and all of the hellspawns were dead. The weather of Pallet Town was clear; and the Apocalyptic scenario was gone. Now, Atton could tell a few hours were left before nighttime. It relaxed him to see that there wasn’t raining anymore; but the completely destroyed café brought his hopes down. “You, people!” Atton yelled as he kicked the doors open. Some of them stared at him and focused on the corpse on his arms; but some completely ignored him.
“Does anyone here know what the Mother Tree is; and how do I find it?” Atton asked out loud as he stared around like crazy, really hoping anyone would say yes. After all, they were all fellow tribesmen. Not of the same tribes; but if they didn’t stick as a unit they would probably be hunted down.

“Did you say Mother Tree?”

A familiar, high pitched voice broke the silence, and Atton felt a small, gentle hand tap his shoulder. He turned around and noticed that Iris had managed to follow him. ~My, what now.~ Atton thought in a bored and somewhat angry mood; but that would completely change when he knew that she had some useful information.

“Yes, the Mother Tree.”

“Oh, I know where it is! I used to visit all of the time. Does that relate to the corpse you have? Well, now that you say it; I always got a strange vibe of that old sequoia. C’mon, I’ll lead you, Atton! Follow me!”

Iris spoke in a ridiculously fast pace, then she started to skip away happily.

“C’mon, come!”

Atton sighed, hoping this girl wasn’t tricking him. Konan’s future was at risk. “Veil.” He started. “Make sure that if anyone follows, they don’t get lost.” Veil neighed, then Atton ran after Iris; trusting she would take him to the Mother Tree and hoping he could get Konan back to normal… At times, he looked back to see if anyone was following, but in any case; he ran and ran.

Zeta Patchouli
November 16th, 2008, 8:18 PM
((READ THIS BEFORE READING POST!!!!)ooc: You all are mentioned, but are not seen doing anything... I hope it isn't counted as character control, because I don't mean it to sound that way. Some things won't make sence, but it doesn't really affect your characters... it is just what Andrew fears the most.)

Chapter 7: Andrew's Greatest Fear: The Possibility of Evil!

Andrew's mindscape... a world in which he and his alternate persona make up the rules... it looks like a giant desert. (Like in Arizona) With a few palaces and homes, all barren. Then there is a small body of water there, but this water allows the person to look around, outside his body. Andrew awoke in this place. "Gurragh, well... I'm back here. Lucky me." Said Andrew. "But since Kalius isn''t here... it will give me time to actually look around this place." And with that, Andrew went off on the 'tour' of his own mindscape.

"Wow, this place looks ugly, even uglier then that Gym Leader, Brock." Said Andrew before walking into a house. The house was two stories and once had tan paint, and gray doors, the inside was barren, as if everything was burned. "Hmm? Whoa... what does Kalius do in here?" And with that, he explored deeper into the house... soon enough he came across three doors. One labeled trust, fear, and hate.

"Well, what do I have to lose?" Asked Andrew as he opened the door 'trust'... and lo and behold the room was empty, save for an Electrike named Alex, as that was the only thing he really trusted, so Alex closed the door and opened the 'hate' door, and there was Marcus, and a symbol for Humanity. "Heh, I will get my revenge on humanity, for taking you away from me... mother." And came the last door... fear. "Do I really want to know what I fear?"

Andrew thought it over before openning the door, and what he saw shocked him. There was not one or two things... but an entire city! "What? What is this?" THe city was fairly large, with a gym in the upper right corner. It also has a giant pokemon center that all major cities have, and worse off... it had a flag with Kalius's face on it. "Kalius? But he didn't rule over Viridian city!"

"Well, this is a possible future." Said a voice that sounds like Andrew's, but is somehow more evil sounding, and just nasty. "After all... this is your greatest fear... me ruling the world." Andrew turned and saw Kalius. "Why are you so surprised to see me? I mean, we share a mind after all. Hahahah."

"But, why do you say it is a possible future... you will never get out!" Yelled Andrew, angry at his alternate personality for tricking him... even though it is all his fault anyway. "I'll never call for your help!"

"Oh? Well then, I hope there is another way to get control... wait there is!" Laughed Kalius before pulling Andy in. "Take a look! This is the metropolis that was once Viridian city! Now it is my empire! What you see is what will happen if I get control! I will destroy all but Viridian City, and force them to work for me! And take a look down there." Kalius pointed to Konan, Yuki, Atton, Necro, and a lot of other anthros, at least thirty, all in cages... in a anthromorphic zoo of some sort. "Caged beasts... others like us will be mere animals to be looked at and beaten... if the viewer wishes."

"Wh-who imprisons anthros?" Asked Andrew, kind of afraid, but in other ways not caring. "I mean, they are people... just like us!" Kalius laughed as Andrew flew down to see them, when a kid walks up and tosses a rock at one of the Anthros (None of your characters).

"Come on, do SOMETHING!" Yelled the kid, but the anthro pig just looked down in sadness, as the kid tossed more rocks at her. "Do something! You're boring!" Soon enough, the kid just spat in the cage and walked out. The pig morph just started sobbing as Kalius came in.

"Heh, isn't it sad? And I used your name in all of this as well... Nothing could stop me at all... and I will rule this metropolis... and the WORLD! Hahahaahah!" Laughed Kalius before facing Andrew. "The goddess herself won't even stop me... My rule is absolute! Well, if I ever get out of course. And now I will get the chance to begin my rule... find all eight weapons and use then to take over everything!" Suddenly shadows of the eight weapons loom behind Kalius. "Heh, heh, heh... and I will make your fear a reality!"

"No!" Yelled Andrew as Kalius flew down, to take control, but just as the madman would cut through Andrew, the boy disappeared from view. Kalius looked around, but knew in his heart that Andrew had awoken, the city disappeared, and Kalius walked out the door.

"Heh, heh, heh... As soon as I get out, I shall rule over all." Said Kalius before disappearing.

(ooc: I know that is impossable for one person to weild all eight weapons... or even obtain them... but this is Andrew's greatest fear! Anything can happen, even a rampage of seven-headed Gyaradoses from the firey pits of the polar ice caps.)

November 16th, 2008, 9:37 PM
ooc: lol at rubbi narutos last ooc xD..

Konan's lifeless body was in the hands of Atton..Her cold lifeless limbs dangled from below her. Her eyes closed as if she was in a peaceful sleep, as she began to wake up from her lifeless sleep. Konan's eyes still very empty, Konan's body was still very ice cold and growing colder by the minute.

"Oh..? Its nightfall already?" Iris looked up at the looming stars like a small child. "Lets stop from now Atton, its to dark to continue going." Iris giggled in a odd way, it seemed like a flirty way. Iris smiled and giggled as a Pachirisu climbed up her, within this giggled she had said " SquirllyPoo use thundershock on those piles of sticks!" At this command Pachirisu nodded and let out sparks of electricity that ignited the pile of stick.Konan still in her peaceful sleep was muttering something very soft that appeared to be something like "No don't go...." but it was barely audible. Her eyes flinched as her body lay limp within Attons arms.
"Where am I...? Who is that...?" The corpse whispered as images played throughout her head.

She was in a hospital with a women and a small child. A man was in a hospital bed. The man was hooked up to many wires and was being rushed into a hospital room.

-"We're loosing him quickly hurry hurry!" A docter yelled as he pushed the neko man, it appeared her had been shot. The women running next to him was crying hysterically.

-"P-please don't leave me PLEASE!" The wome screamed as the bed was tore away from her and she fell to her knees crying.Konan witnessed this and soft tears fell down her face. What had this been?

"Mommy...? Where's Daddy going...." the small child whispered walking up to her mother and tugging her sleeve.

-"Somewhere far away...." The women whispered softly as she hugged the small child kissing her forehead softly.

The vision soon faded and the empty Konan was left there crying in a blank empty scene. The tears were cold and froze the ground as they hit it. As she continued to cry and soon the room turned to an ice room.

As porcelin figure emerged down from wherever she had been.

"Ice wielder..What is your problem?" the beautiful women had a gentle smile on her face, long golden hair, fairy wings and a long beautiful dress.

"I feel so empty, like theres nothing for me." Konan cried her ice tears.

"That has because someone has stolen your heart. One is never alone. Never forget that." The women soothed her tears. As the women touched her face she smiled and her hand glowed. and light slowly formed above Konans heart."I am giving you back something that rightfully belongs to you Konan...Your soul." The women smiled.

"Who are you...?" Konan whispered.

"I am the we-" The beautiful women faded with a smile on her face.

"It's..comnig back to me...Atton...the others... That figure.."
"What do you mean the souls gone! I gave it to you! You stupid filthy monster!" The women yelled as she struck the monster in the heart and it gell to the ground..dead.
As Konan lay limp in Atton arms her body began to glow softly. Warmth began to come back to her body. Her hair turned back to its reguler color as well her skin regained its color.She was still limp but her wounds were healing mysteriously.

"Wielder of thunder.I have cured what ails her. I have little power left....But the very least I could do was help you.." A vision of a bautiful women appeared before the two and had a gentle smile on her face. "This is my final wish for you. Please find they keys to my heart...and stop Lamcrillabis. This..is my last wish." The women smiled and faded away.

Konans eyes began to slowly open and she was nauseatingly tired but looked up at Atton. "Atton..nyaa...where am I....?"

November 17th, 2008, 8:39 PM
Atton, Konan and Iris continued to walk through the darkening sky while Veil and any other Anthropomorph that decided to aid Atton in the quest for the Mother Tree followed from a short distance. The first stars of the night began to appear on the semi-violet firmament as Grass Pokémon ran to their shelters and the night winds started to blow. The normal drop of temperature didn’t at all aid Konan; whose body was cold as a rock. Or Atton, who was just walking around with half of his shirt. Sad thing was he didn’t carry any other shirt; or any replacement clothing by the matter. “If what this girl is saying is true; then I’ll get Konan’s soul back.” That phrase. Atton kept repeating it to himself over and over; until it finally became his only motivation to keep going. As Iris led the way, blissfully prancing around like if she was completely unaware a life was as stake. Her Pachirisu; whose name would soon make Atton drop from laughter, also danced around her.

For some reason, something caused Atton to doubt on whether Iris actually knew the way or she was just playing around. She seemed ad sounded really sweet, careless and free-spirited; which was something Atton appreciated, but the fact that she kept the same behavior even in this sort of situation was plain creepy.

Time passed and passed; from Pallet to Route 1, to Viridian to Route 2. The climate grew slightly colder with each passing minute; and the wind blew softly on the arms of the Leo. Still, no signs of Veil were seen; so something told Atton that he’d have to fight the soul-devouring lady on his own. Iris didn’t seem like the fighter; she seemed more like the one to get kidnapped and rescued; but who knew, she might surprise. And Konan… Well, she couldn’t defend herself from a ladybug right now. More and more twinkles were becoming visible in the sky, and now the moon was preparing to take the place of the sun. The trees swayed softly with the breeze of the dawn and the dust of Viridian City was being raised. Trainers were battling each other, families were preparing to return to their houses, soldiers guarded the entrances and exits to make sure no Anthropomorph or enemies would cause chaos to the city.

For some moments; Atton considered stopping now and spending the night on the Pokémon Center. You know; free lodging and food. Still, there were several issues that were ordering him not to stop. First and foremost; Konan’s wellbeing. Yes, it might be very risky to engage in battle in night and with fatigue. Loads of fatigue. Atton was both physically and mentally tired. His life had been pretty plain; always, but now, on one day, he experienced more thrills than in all of his life put together. Anyone else would’ve probably broken down; but Atton was strong. He had to be strong if he wanted to survive this current world of nightmares.

The three continued to walk under the night sky until they were almost in the end of Route 2. Viridian’s Forest entrance was just half a mile away or something. "Oh..? Its nightfall already? Lets stop from now Atton, its too dark to continue going."

For some moments; Atton stopped, nearly dropping Konan because of the shock he faced after hearing Iris. Too dark to continue? In a way; it was truth. The tall trees in Viridian Forest were sure to block all of the light left; and once it was completely dark, they probably wouldn’t even be able to recognize their own hands. Now; it wasn’t only dark, but late too. In any moment; any beast could strike at the travelers, and being night, their drowsiness wouldn’t allow him to fight. Weather wasn’t going to be a-Ok either. So… Yes; they had to camp. They had to get a good night sleep if they wanted to be refreshed for the epic adventure tomorrow. Still, Atton didn’t want to stop. He wanted to recover Konan’s health as soon as possible…

“Yeah, you’re right.” Atton said as he sat down on the ground next to a pile of sticks, now sharing Konan’s weight (Which was pretty much none) among his legs and arms. He stared down at the corpse wrapped in his blanket and sighed; wondering how could he sleep the night when a friend’s well-being was at stake. He looked back up to see Iris giggling at him in a flirty way. He smiled politely before looking back down at the sticks and then watching her Pachirisu light a fireplace.

“SquirllyPoo use Thundershock on those piles of sticks!”

Atton, just after hearing Iris say this; closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It looked like he was meditating, but in fact he was laughing his guts out in the inside. “SquirllyPoo. SquirllyPoo. SquirllyPoo.”
Atton repeated the name over and over before finally letting out a loud laugh and dropping his back to the floor, yet making sure he didn’t bother Konan. He remained in that position for a couple of moments, laughing as the sparks of the fireplace flew into his face. As he got back up, he stared at Iris and smiled again. “SquirllyPoo. Neat name; I like it.”

Because of his laughs, anyone would’ve guessed that he was speaking sarcastically, but no hints of irony or sarcasm where shown on his voice. He was being serious, and the gentle smile on his face only confirmed his honesty.

It wasn’t long before it became completely dark.

Atton and Iris chatted about a couple of things; and after a number of dialogues; Atton came to the conclusion Iris was a good person, and she did want to help. He couldn’t really figure out her bubblyness in the presence of a corpse, though. But it didn’t matter; all that was important was that she was not going to hurt him or Konan and that she was going to help. At times, Konan’s body shivered like if she felt some sort of pain; but Atton believed that they where just the chills of the cold weather. She might have had the leather jacket on; but her corporal temperature was way below warm.

Time and time passed, and not only there were no signs of Konan getting better; but neither had veil returned with any other anthropomorph. This made Atton nervous; but something soothed him out of nowhere. Suddenly, Konan’s body started to glow; and her wintry temperature rose to a soothing balmy one. Her wounds started to heal; too. Unsure whether this was something good or bad, Atton just stared amazed; but in any case, he never let go of Konan.

“Oh my God, what’s happening to her?” Iris asked as she threw herself back a few steps, and so did SquirllyPoo (zomfglolroflmaobbq).

“I don’t know!” Atton said scared. Then, a female voice, a familiar one, spoke to Atton.
"Wielder of thunder. I have cured what ails her. I have little power left....But the very least I could do was helping you...”

“What? Wielder of Thunder? What’s that? Who are you?” Atton asked as he stared around like crazy, dragging Konan closer in a sense of protection. Before him, a woman appeared. A very beautiful and elegant woman. If Atton was paying any attention at the moment; he would’ve noticed it was the one of her dreams. The Goddess.

"This is my final wish for you. Please find they keys to my heart...and stop Lamcrillabis. This..is my last wish."

“But who are you? And who’s Lacrimabalabadaba?!”Atton asked loudly before noticing something. Something that surprised him. Konan managed to open her eyes; and even though tiredness was still obvious. The biggest smile ever appeared on Atton’s face as he saw his friend come back to her senses. Iris also approached staring down at Konan like a kid who saw a baby for the first time ever.

"Atton...nyaa...where am I....?"

“… … … … KONAN!!”

Atton, now knowing his friend was healed by that strange woman, dragged the body in his arms into a tight hug. “You’re fine!” He exclaimed while hugging her, but then put her down on the ground, helping her sit down on a semi-comfortable patch of leaves he had arranged before. Iris just stared.

“We’re in Route 2, about to enter Viridian Forest! Your soul was stolen by this evil woman, and she told me that if I wanted to recover your soul I had to fight her on the Mother Tree or something. So I decided to go to fight her, then I met Iris, who is leading me because she knows where the tree is. So then we stopped here to camp so we could rest and I could fight tomorrow. But now you’re here! This good woman healed you! Man, I’m so glad! Are you Ok?!”

Atton spoke really fast; but it was understandable. The happiness in his words and the cheerfulness in his expression were obvious, and he just asked that final question to make sure Konan was back to normal.

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November 19th, 2008, 6:48 PM
(ooc: Now you shall see why Andrew is afraid of Kalius so much... you'll find out how Kalius got out in the next post. Just hope I nailed the target with how fierce his power is.)

Chapter 8: Dawn of a Great Evil

Andrew is seen walking down a path towards Route 2, as he needed to get to another town... and Pewter was the closest choice... but something was off about him... there was killer intent coming from Andy... "Uurgh, what's worng with me?" Asked Andrew as he had also felt the odd changes. "Why is there no noise around me? Where are the pokemon?" Suddenly a random person walked up to Andrew.

"Hello, would you like to have a pokemon battle?" Asked the person, completely unaffected by the seemingly demonic energy growing each second. Andy was getting irritable, and it was hard for him to control himself.

"N-no... you have to run!" Yelled Andrew in a deeper voice then normal. "Run far a...aw-way!" Andy fired a wind gust right under the persons feet. THe person shrieked before running away at full speed... suddenly the winds picked up, slicing through bushes and cutting trees.

"I'm... I'm free... I'm finally free!!! Hahahah!" Yelled 'Andy' as his body morphed a bit... his hair became as black as coal, the feathers on his wings sharpened, the talons on his hands and feet sharpened considerably... but the worst were his eyes... they were blood red, and if any small animal that hasn't been trained to resist, would freeze if they looked in his eyes. "I can't believe it... I'm finally free... heh heh heh... now I can make the world... a living hell for anthros, for what they did to me." Said Kalius as he started walking forward.

Meanwhile... a certain hunter was resting on a branch, not far from Kalius. Marcus looked up and said. "Hmm... that boy was right, now that I don't worry as much, I can finally get the peace I was looking for." With that, Marcus jumped down. "Heh, time to hunt for today's meal." And Marcus took his shotgun and started for the Viridian Forest... to get some food.

Kalius looked around for something to do... he was near the Viridian Forest entrance, but wasn't able to see Konan, or Atton. "Heh, good foolish humans... you're staying far away from me. But I detect three... no four anthros nearby! Heh, this will be fun... Oh, one's nearing me."


Marcus crouched in a brush, waiting for a Stantler to calm down, as it was running pretty fast. "Grrr... you need to feed soon enough, just feed!" Whispered Marcus, but the deer didn't even slow down, it's as if it was... running from something. "Hmm... it looks panicked, I wonder why." Suddenly there was a wave of negative energy from the west. "Uh-oh... this could be a threat." Marcus then turned invisable and dashed towards the source of disruption.


Kalius faced east, looking at where the anthro would emerge... He felt confident in his abilities... not overconfident, but confident. "Heh, come on out, and prepare to die... lizard." And before his eyes, Marcus stepped out from the brush, gun ready to fire. "Hey, aren't you that weakling with the gun? I remember you." Marcus looked on, unflinching. "Hmm... you seem to be stronger then before... but not much, just a tiny bit."

"Shut up." Said Marcus as he aimed his gun. "And prepare to die!" Marcus went to pull the trigger, but Kalius focused a lot of killer intent on Marcus, scaring him enough to drop his gun. "Wha?" And before he could say more, he slammed his elbow into Marcus's back, sending him towards a tree, but just before he hit, Kalius grabbed the hunter's ankle.

"I thought you would be a challenge, but this is just pathetic." Said Kalius before slamming Marcus through a tree and sending him flying. Marcus tried to gain control, but Kalius slammed a knee into the hunter's stomach, nearly breaking a rib or two. "Come on, I'm not even trying..." Marcus got out his sword and rushed in, he went in for a slice, but Kalius dodged it easily. Marcus tried again and again, but no matter what he did, Kalius was able to dodge every time.

"Why?" Marcus said as he tried to cut Kalius. "Can't..." Kalius dodges a horizantal slice. "I..." Marcus swings diagonally, but Kalius weaved out of the way. "Hit..." Marcus lunges in, but Kalius dodges that too. "You?" Marcus tries a vertical slash, but Kalius kicked Marcus back, even though he could have dodged it easily. Kalius then tossed Marcus towards the others before jumping towards all four of them. "Heh, now this is a pretty picture... all four of you are together, and ready to die... and as you can see from Marcus." Kalius points to Marcus. "I am not one to be messed with..." The alter Ego drew from memories of feelings from when Andy was unconscious. "Who wants to fight me first?"

(ooc: I don't care who fights Kalius, but know this... while Kalius can be controlled by you... I'm giving permission, as long as you do not kill him (As he is Andrew, and he must stay alive)... or make him seem like a wimp, as he, along with the other alternate personalities seem to be really powerful. I hope that is okay, I mean... you all are better then me by far.)

November 19th, 2008, 8:03 PM
ooc: I'll edit this post if need be I'm not sure if Kalius is with Konan and the others or not.

As Konan smiled a weak smile. She watched as Atton's mouth moved a mile a minute.“We’re in Route 2, about to enter Viridian Forest! Your soul was stolen by this evil woman, and she told me that if I wanted to recover your soul I had to fight her on the Mother Tree or something. So I decided to go to fight her, then I met Iris, who is leading me because she knows where the tree is. So then we stopped here to camp so we could rest and I could fight tomorrow. But now you’re here! This good woman healed you! Man, I’m so glad! Are you Ok?!”

Konan giggled and sat up. "A bit tired but overall tip top shape!" Konan giggled as Iris gave a minor scowl at Konan that was not visible to Atton, this scowl sent an eery chill down her spine. The peace of the oncoming twilight was enough to soothe anyone nerves. "So the mother tree huh? Sounds like its going to be a tough journey. Hey you must have had the dreams too... Is it maybe where one of the weapons lie?" Konan asked as Iris had a solumn look on her face.

"I dunno but its really difficult to get around the Mother Tree recently. Thats why I've stopped playing there. Its being inhabitted by evil creatures. Its really scary." Iris mumbled, pushing sticks into the fire.The peace continued for several more seconds until the hunter that had previously threatened Konan was thrown against a tree.

Eh?!" Konan stood up and ran to the hunters side, even though he had threatened him no one deserved this cruelty. "Eh hey hey are you alright?" Konan shook the man and then she saw the piercing cold eyes. It was an anthromorphs other form. Cold sweat ran down Konan's face. Such piercing eyes, was enough to stop time.

"So who wants to fight first?" The cold voice said stepping out of the shadows. It was the eagle man she had previously healed.

"You?... Your that bird man..." Konan was unable to finish her sentence when he appeared next to her and kicked her into a neighboring tree.

"Don't mistake me for the weakling." Kalius said smirking as Iris let out a loud scream and ran to hide behind Atton like a frightened little girl. The full moon slowly rose and the wind extinguished the fire, as the moonlight illuminated the area Konan's body slowly began to glow it was much more sinister this time. As icicles slowly rose from the ground and Konan was knelt down on her knees her body features began to change. Her skin becoming paler, her hair turning silver, and her eyes turned red. She slowly stood up as an icey wind blew. She was littlerly standing on ice that had appeared out of no where. A small smirk appeared upon the cat girls face.

The voice that emerged from Konan was no longer her sweet childish voice. it was cold, cruel and just downright evil. "You think your all that, huh? Lazy ass bird. Just because you have wings doesn't make you special. Learn your place. Stupid bird. Your no longer playing with a kitten... Your playing with a tiger." Luner Rosa smirked as Iris hid behind Atton like a small child. The icey wind still swayed.

"And who do you think you are. I'm certainly better then you. Damn cat." Kalius spat out at her trying to attack her. Luner Rosa stood there smirking.

"I said...LEARN YOU PLACE!" Lunar Rosa yelled kicking him in the face whilest he flew torward her which consequently led to him being thrown against a rock. Kalius flew back at her scowling deeply, obviously very pissed off at the face that he had just been kicked so hard that it sent him flying.

"I'll show you.. You damn cat!" Kalius yelled as he flew torwards her and Lunar Rosa smirked once more and met his challenge head on. The moonlight sparkled upon the battle scene that was unfolding.

"Damn cat damn cat... Yah yah yah I've heard it all from your kind before. A bunch of pathetic fools. Ending up getting killed like that, Too bad I didn't kill them I woulda had a nice birdy dinner after that!" Lunar Rosa smirked as the ice spread around the area. "Birdy go back to your cage you don't belong here." Lunar Rosa smirked as she stopped Kalius in his tracks by freezing his feet. Lunar Rosa licked her lips delightfully. "I wouldn't mind having bird for dinner I am quite hungry....Hm... No your not good enough." Lunar Rosa smiled a evil smile but Kalius surprised her when he threw her against a tree and started choking her.

"Never undestimate your opponent stupid cat." The eagle smirked as the charm around her neck glew slowly. "If I didn't have this damn charm on then I would have killed you by now!" Lunar Rosa smirked holding Kalius arm and throwing him against a wall.

It seemed that Kalius and Lunar Rosa were almost evenly matched.

"I hate being in that kitten form and not having a memory. You idiot bird at least you have memory of a family, Konan doesn't, don't think sh hasn't had it rough!" Lunar Rosa brought this random subject up as her hair was lifted by the wind a number appeared on her arm.

The tatoo stated # K-0-N -4- N -56B

"She doesn't even know her real name. She followed this tatoo...So don't give me crap about how you've had it hard. She has no memory, no family and no friends." Lunar Rosa smirked as she grabbed Kalius by the neck and threw him into a tree. Kalius's wigs were frozen so he had little chance to resist. he had mangaged to lland a few blows against Rose though she had a deep cut on her face and arm.

"Don't think this ends here. Damn cat." Kalius scoweled. The two were then in a face off of glares. Time stood still, and still the icy wind blew... Lunar Rosa waited for what her eagle opponent would do next....

[to be continued...]

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November 20th, 2008, 3:51 PM
(ooc: It's short, but it's meant to be.)

Chapter 9: Andrew's Return: Kalius's True Motive

"Heh, heh, heh... hahahahaHAHAH!!!" Laughed Kalius when he saw the tatoo. "At least I have memories of my family." Said Kalius in a mocking tone. "Well, what good is something, if you got it taken away? Do you know how hard it is to adjust? How would YOU like to be the last of your race?! HUH!? Well, it's not fun! Especially since Falcon tribe members are hated throughout the world! Besides... you kill me, you kill yourself... I know of the prophecy... You need Andrew, and from all of the time I was with him, I figured everything out... you are powerful, as much as I am, but I have nothing left for me! No friends, no family, no tribe."

Kalius turned to leave. "You claim victory, but know this... I will get stronger, and I... will... rule... the... world. Heh, heh, heh..." And with that, Kalius started to walk away, but Marcus grabbed on and held Kalius tightly, but not tight enough to completely hold him back. "Get off of me!" Kalius broke free and tossed Marcus to the side.

"I will not let you go!" Yelled Marcus as he went in for another attack, going as fast as he could in a desperate attempt to defeat Kalius, but the mad anthro easily dodged and fired a powerful wind blade, cutting off Marcus's left hand. "AAAHHHHH! You will pay!" Marcus looked down and saw his hand, he went to pick it up, but Kalius grabbed it, and cut it into little pieces. "NO!"

"Heh, heh, heh... hahahahaHAHAHAH!!!" Laughed Kalius as he turned to leave, but before he was gone... something happened... "What? NO! You're regaining control? NOOO!!!... heh, goodbye Rosa... I'll see you again soon..." And with that, Kalius reverted back to Andrew before falling unconscious.

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November 20th, 2008, 6:18 PM
"Heh, heh, heh... hahahahaHAHAH!!!" Laughed Kalius manically when he saw the tatoo. Lunar Rosa already very angry with the eagle gritted her teeth a bit."At least I have memories of my family." Kalius spat at her with a smirk gettign to his feet.

"Well, what good is something, if you got it taken away? Do you know how hard it is to adjust? How would YOU like to be the last of your race?! HUH!? Well, it's not fun! Especially since Falcon tribe members are hated throughout the world! Besides... you kill me, you kill yourself... I know of the prophecy... You need Andrew, and from all of the time I was with him, I figured everything out... you are powerful, as much as I am, but I have nothing left for me! No friends, no family, no tribe."

"Stupid eagle. Konan can't remeber any of that. She has no recollection of her family. At least you can remeber them. Do you know how many nights I've witnessed her crying how many times I've heard her sobs and pleas. Too many times to count. Yet she always puts on a friendly smile to fool everyone.SO DON'T GIVE ME BULLCRAP AND MAKE YOURSELF THE VICTUM!" Lunar Rosa shouted kicking him in the face once more.

"You claim victory, but know this... I will get stronger, and I... will... rule... the... world. Heh, heh, heh..." And with that, Kalius started to walk away, but Marcus grabbed on and held Kalius tightly, but not tight enough to completely hold him back. "Get off of me!" Kalius broke free and tossed Marcus to the side.

"You say such things..but you know they will never come true..its all a foolish dream" The cat girl smirked. "You know you can't do it so give up right now. If you can
t defeat a neko then how are you going to rule the world?" Lunar Rosa said as she played psychological mind games with him.

What? NO! You're regaining control? NOOO!!!... heh, goodbye Rosa... I'll see you again soon..." Kalius smirked and Rosa glared back.

"Go to hell you stupid bird." Lunar Rosa spat back. Konan returned to normal as tears welled in her eyes. She heard everything Lunar Rosa said and the tatoo disappeared from view and she stood there and fell to her knees. Tears filled her eyes but they did not fall from her face. She was managing to choke them back with her own will. She just had her head down and was mumbling something it was inaudible, as Iris ran to Konans side and began shaking her. Something surprising happened.

"hey Konan whats wrong...?" Iris mumbled but she did not receive an answer instead she received a hard slap to the cheek. "What was that for?" Iris yelped rubbing her cheek and tears filled her eyes and she was crying like child. Konan gave no response in stead she got up and ran off deeper into the woods. She soon disappeared far into the woods and found a large tree, i was no ordinary tree, it was a towering redwoord and it had very strange markings on it. its leaves fell to the ground and Konan got a strange feeling from it. It sounded like it was sad.. Like it was crying for help. It had a strange knuckle pattern on it and hearts ran around it and Konan gave an evil smile. This must be ther Mother Tree! She she whispered the words mother tree a door opened into the temple as she entered the door disappeared and she was soon inside the dungeon...Alone. As she wandered about the temple giant spiders fell from the sky an ensnared her in there web. She struggled to get free but they poisened her knocking her unconscious...As the women appeared before looking at Konan she smiled.

"Good work. I'll take her to master right now." The women smirked grabbing Konan's unconscious body and dragging it further into the temple.

[To be continued]

ooc: I won't post til lthe rest of you peoples get here but Konans deeper in the then then the rest of you.

November 21st, 2008, 5:47 PM
"A bit tired but overall tip top shape!"

From soulless to jolly, Konan had come back to normal completely; matter that made the Leo quite happy. Deep within, he thanked the woman who had ‘cured’ Konan; even though he wondered what the hell did she mean by “Wielder of Thunder” and “Find the Keys to my heart.” While being thankful on one side; on the other side he held a deep grudge to that soul-stealing woman. Now that Konan was back on her feet, only the night would stop him from successfully terminating that mischievous female. It wouldn’t be an easy task; of course, and Atton was aware, but all the teasing and actions from that woman boiled his blood. Maybe, if things got ugly, Gado might come out and play. But Atton believed he’d rather be conscious and fight on his own before letting Gado do all the dirty business.

For some time, the ambient between the three anthropomorphs stayed quiet, delightful and peaceful. The cool night breeze swayed freely through the many trees in Viridian Forest, and the moon’s splendor lit their small campsite enough like to make it quite beautiful scenery. The three anthropomorphs just lied there, resting; before Konan engaged in dialogue with Iris.

-"So the mother tree huh? Sounds like its going to be a tough journey. Hey you must have had the dreams too... Is it maybe where one of the weapons lie?"
-"I dunno but its really difficult to get around the Mother Tree recently. Thats why I've stopped playing there. Its being inhabited by evil creatures. Its really scary."

Atton just heard what the two girls talked about, nodding to himself every now and then in sign that he was listening and paying attention. ~Monsters!~ Gado yelled from inside Atton. ~You heard that? I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow!~
~Shut up…~ Atton replied to himself as he stared down at the ground to talk to Gado, just so that if his lips subconsciously moved, they wouldn’t understand what he was saying. ~Besides; you should stop acting so much like a daredevil and all. I don’t think you’re sure to win every fight you take place in.~

~You don’t even know…~ Gado replied seriously as he caused Atton a serious headache. ~You wanna know something cool?~ Gado asked teasingly as his voice changed to one of a lower pitch. ~Konan and you are really different.~

~Thanks, Captain Obvious. She’s a girl, and I’m a boy. She’s a Neko, I’m a Leo. She’s…~

~No, idiot. I mean something different. Something much deeper than you can imagine. Remember when you were in the café and Konan threatened to kill you?~

~How could I forget? ~

~Well, do you remember her physical attributes changed? Hair color, and all…~

~Well… Now that you mention in… Yeah; she changed.~

~And, do you realize; when I came out, you changed too?~

~Dammit, make a point already.~

~There’s a me, inside of her, so to speak. She too has an alter-ego. An ancient being of legendary powers lies within her as well. Hadn’t you noticed that before?~

~And how the hell do you know that?~

~It’s a long story; my other I. Let me explain… I kn…~

Atton’s conversation with his alter ego was abruptly interrupted when an unknown body hit a nearby tree with amazing strength. It was obvious he didn’t just crash accidentally, but someone had thrown him there. A very strong someone. Atton stood up from the ground he was sitting on and rushed over to the body; but he stopped when he was close enough like to identify it. It was that hunter that had pointed a gun over at Konan when he first met her. ~If I see that man again, I’ll eat him. Literally.~ He remembered he said to Konan when he vanquished for the first time. Before Atton could do or say anything; Konan ran up to the man and kneeled down next to him; asking him if he was Ok. “Konan, step back!” Atton yelped as he ran over to Konan and tried to pull her back from the hunter, guessing this whole situation might be a scheme for killing. Then, a cold voice was heard.

"So who wants to fight first?"

Atton turned to the source of the talking and saw a familiar walk out of the obscurity of the shadow. Atton raised a brow and stared at him for some moments; trying to recognize that figure. He was more than sure he had seen it before, maybe with a small number of differences. It all came clear, though; when he identified something in his attire. Around areas of his upper body, pieces of an opaque shirt hanged freely. Pieces of the shirt Atton was wearing. Pieces of the shirt he used in the morning to tie the lacerations on a wounded body.

“Your that bird man..."

~Of course!~ Atton thought to himself. ~Gado! Does he have a bestial form too?~

~Ding ding ding...~

~You know, you don’t need to be a douchebag about this…~

~Just watch. Don’t move. Watch.~

Right then, Atton felt his whole body freeze completely. He couldn’t move any limb, and he could barely breathe and blink. Gado was paralyzing his body so that he didn’t try to interfere in the upcoming situation. "You think your all that, huh? Lazy ass bird. Just because you have wings doesn't make you special. Learn your place. Stupid bird. Your no longer playing with a kitten... You’re playing with a tiger.” Then, Konan turned into the being known as Lunar Rosa. Her own Gado. Evil Bird Man and Konan told insults to each other; and then, a battle for survival begun. Two anthropomorphs in bestial form fighting each other was sure to result in no happy ending… But Atton couldn’t do anything. He could’ve interfered, maybe even stop the fight, but Gado didn’t allow him to. His whole body was numb and straight.

~Gado! Let me go!~

~No, Atton. There are things you should know. Now, as I was saying… Konan too had a bestial form. That’s what you’re seeing right now. She takes over her just as I take over you. Her name… Her name’s Lunar Rosa.~

~How would you know that?~

~Doesn’t matter… Anyway; Lunar Rosa is a beast of immeasurable power, just like all bestial. She can, however; come out at her will, though the ability to do so, as well as her power, increases during full moon. Yes, that’s what Konan meant by ‘You wouldn’t like me on a full moon.’ Can you imagine, Atton? If you let me come out and have some fun anytime I wanted, just like all other anthropomorphs? We could rule the world! You’re a wimp.~

As Gado and Atton spoke; Konan and Bird Man kept fighting. The two threw wild blows at each other; one being so harsh that it threw one of the contenders flying right past Atton and Iris, making the latter run behind Atton and hugging him in search of protection from any other object that might be launched towards them. Atton still couldn’t move or feel anything, and by now he was also starting to lose the ability to see and hear. A few minutes passed, and Iris’ hug soon morphed from one that seeked shelter to a more affectionate one; and Atton could (barely) hear a couple of giggles. As the thrown away fighter returned to the battling and shouting, Gado and Atton continued to talk.

~But tell me! How do you know that!~

~Fine! Just shut up! Lunar Rosa… I know her… And I’m more than sure she hasn’t forgotten about me. We know each other from a long, long, long time ago.~

~That’s ridiculous. I met Konan today.~

~Poor Atton. It’s something that neither you or Konan will be able to understand. I’ll leave it as a secret. I’ll let you know some things, though. I can’t stand Lunar Rosa. I’d come out and kill eliminate her right now if it wasn’t because you are restraining me. We have been rivals since I have memory, and the fights between us won’t stop until my or her blood hits the ground. Preferably hers. I’ll flip her inside out as soon as I have the chance…~

~No! You’re not! I’m not letting you! Konan’s my friend, and I’m not letting you harm her or her alter ego!~

~WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE KILLED BY HER, THEN?! Do you remember, Atton? She tired to kill you. She will try to kill anybody her cold heart, if there is any, tells her too. The hate we feel for each other is, I’m sure, much greater than any friendship can get. Just wait, dear Atton. I will act on the moment you least expect me to.~

~I wouldn’t put my money on that, Gado.~

~We’ll see. We’ll see.~

As the two ended their conversation, Atton slowly started to regain his senses, and he came back just in time to see that the Evil Bird man was walking away and ripping out a hand to shred. It was a very grouse thing to watch. The bones from the fingers of what was the hunter’s hand hit the floor slowly, making blood scatter all around them. Before he could do anything else; the bird man stopped moving and changed back to the being Atton once healed. One that, every time Atton saw, was unconscious.

“What? NO! You're regaining control? NOOO!!!... heh, goodbye Rosa... I'll see you again soon..."

~He said Rosa… Could Gado be saying the truth?~

The man hit the ground and Konan started to morph back to normal. Atton had, by now, gained control of his body, and so he walked over to Konan to help her get up. Iris got there first, though; and as she asked how Konan was doing, she received a brutal slap to the face, marking her delicate white skin with a huge red hand. Iris started crying and rushed over to Atton, launching her arms around his neck and slightly hopping on to him in a desperate search for a hug.

“Konan, that was really uncalled for.” Atton said blankly as he put just one arm around Iris, making a very weak effort to hug her back. As soon as his arm touched her, though, he could hear giggles in between sobs. Iris was thin and small enough like to cling around Atton like a small ape. Of course, because of his burly shape and the incredible size difference, he could walk around like if Iris wasn’t even there. It was rather uncomfortable to move around, though; knowing that she was there. As he approached Konan, he noticed she was crying too. “Konan, are you Ok…?”

Konan didn’t respond, but instead she stood up and ran deeper in to the forest, quickly disappearing from Atton’s sight range because of the foliage, the fog, the pieces of ice floating around and the darkness of the night. “Konan!” Atton yelled as he saw her run away. “Iris, we have to go after her!” Atton said as he put Iris down and headed towards the direction Konan ran. “No, Atton! Come back! Please! I don’t want to go! It’s too dark! It’s dangerous to proceed! We should spend the night here and search for her in the morning, as agreed.” Iris said as her whole face turned into a frown. True despair and fear were displayed in the girl’s tender face; and though it touched Atton, he had no intention of staying there.

“It was agreed before this happened. We have to go get Konan! I’m not letting her wander around alone when a hellspawn or soul-stealer might attack in any moment! I bet she’s really tired after the fight”

“Hellspawn? Please, Atton; stay with me, I don’t want to go! We can go together in the morning!”

“Only Arceus know where she’ll be in the morning! We have to go after her now! Sorry Iris, but if you’re not coming with me, I’ll go alone.”

Atton turned around and started a wild sprint behind Konan’s tracks; deciding he wouldn’t look back no matter what. He jumped over the bird man’s body with ease and ran. It made him feel incredibly guilty to leave Iris behind, the girl who had agreed to help them. But he’d rather act alone than not acting alone; and he felt really scared for Konan. If she ended up just as fatigued like other times Lunar Rosa came around, she could pass out at any moment… In the woods. Not really safe. Before Atton grabbed enough momentum like to start a free-run, something stopped him right on his feet. The scent he had smelled earlier today when he carried a fainted Konan on his arms slowly filtered inside his nostrils again; and just like before, he was immediately attracted to the source. A few moments passed before Atton returned to Iris, right there in the campsite previously installed.

“Oh, Atton, I’d knew you’d come back! You wouldn’t leave me here, would you?”

Atton hear what she said, but he couldn’t respond. The Sweet Scent was idiotizing. He just muttered some unintelligible gibberish, and then fell asleep on a big pile of soft leaves. The sweet scent brought his fatigue to his mind and caused him to faint right there, probably to get a full night sleep. Iris giggled happily as she walked over to Atton and then lied down next to him, cuddling close. In his sleep, Gado’s words echoed around Atton’s mind.

~Fell asleep already, Atton? You weakling. Hm… Guess the adventure continued tomorrow, eh? You need the rest. This was a crazy day; and who knows what awaits tomorrow. But where will Konan be when you wake up? Hahaha. Who knows. Sleep, Atton; sleep….~

November 21st, 2008, 7:27 PM
As Konan was dragged further and further into the temple the women smirked. "Bah, she's to heavy! Why would master want a lowly Neko I mean they are one of the lowest classes amoung demons ugh, just touching one makes me feel ill." The women smirked.

"ARBOR! i require your assistance!" A deep evil voice said as she reached the top of the tree.

"Foolish girl." Lunar Rosa smirked as Konan was in the mindscape realm fooling around wirh some flowers that were on the ground. "And what do YOU want?" Konan hissed back. Lunar Rosa just walked up to her and knelt down next to Konan and surprisingly began foolong with the flowers as well. There was a warm summer breeze swaying everything was peaceful.

"Hm, So that Atton character. A strange character. Heh, you to are complete opposites and I mean in every way." Lunar Rosa smirked as ice flowers were turned into beautiful Lillys.

"Eh what do you mean?" Konan asked as she made a small flower crown, she was feeling dizzy and tired probably on the account of the poisen that was keeping her unconscious.

"I mean he has an alter ego too, just like me his name is Gado." Lunar Rosa smirked as she crushed one of flowers in her hands letting the petals fall to the ground showing an obvious sign that she was in fact very pissed off. Konan looked at her with a very curious face as she began to feel the icy wind blow. Something was changing in the mindscape, Lunar Rosa was becoming very much pissed and it began to change, the flowers began to die, the grass whithered and the sky blackened.

"So how do you know this...er..Gado?" Konan asked as she looked at the now withered flowers sadly and tried reviving them.

"He's my rival..Through many generations...its hard to explain...But as I was saying he's my rival and I would like to rip his throat out at many moments in time." Lunar Rosa said coldly. Konan just sat there listening to the cat womens story. "It started long ago before you were born..the situation is complicated so its prety hard to explain, but as you don't know there is a unnatural rivalry between the Neko's and the Leo's. Its been going on for centurys.It was all over a power to turn "nothing into something, and something into nothing." Lunar Rosa's voice very solumn and her eyes seem saddened.

"So what was that power?" Konan asked, as she looked into Rosa's eyes.

"Aetherion....And not even I know its exact power all I know is that if an anthromorph has they will gain a bestial form, a animalistic form.. a pure evil form..A heartless form, and it will be extremely powerful.." Lunar Rosa said her eyes in the submissive postion.

"But your evil..." Konan mumbled.

"But I'm not heartless..That form is a mindless beast...Although I do believe Aetherion is the key to our memories.." Lunar Rosa mumbled.

"Your not serious are you? A power like Aetheribladabla cannot be our memories key!"

"It is possibly. Although I have no idea where it is. Anyway the Leo's and Neko's fought over aetherion for a long time.... Much blood was spilt. Although I may not have memories I always remember battles. The battles between me and Gado. When we face off...We are both left near death.Peace between us isn't possible. Your friendship is minor compared to our hatred. Soon we will fight your Atton, and one of you will die." Lunar Rosa mumbled "It's always been foretold. Although I do not know what kind of fight it is whether it be physical or emotional one of you will die."

"N-No Attons my friend!"

"Thats what you think. iIt always starts out this way, my other form always becomes friends with Gado then we end up killing each other. You are both destined to die." Lunar Rosa mumbled as she dissappeared into thin air and Konan was all of sudden in a cage. It was cold wet in dark, and two piercing red eyes were glaring back at her.

"Who are you?"

The creature did not say anything but merely whispered something inaudible and dissappeared leaving a stunned Konan in the midst questioning what that THING was. Konan outstretched her hand mindlessly like she was reaching for something and she whispered something that was also inaudible.

"The power to turn nothing into something,and somjething...into nothing." The words Lunar Rosa said echoed in her head for some strange reason. After this encounter...The room turn blacked and changed to a new moon night,. She saw herself holding a small gift with a lion wrapping on it. The dream Konan was sitting there in a Yukata crying immensly. Some man was trying to comfert her, was it Atton, no it was someone different. He wielded to shorthand axes though that glowed red. Konan then approached the scene.

"H-How could he?" Dream Konan stuttered through her tears

"Its okay Konan, there are-" The man muttered.

"NO ITS NOT LANCE! I hated it...I hate this I wish I could just...DISAPPEAR!" At this moment Konan's hair began to glow and she gained more bestial features then normal and there was a loud explosion tht rattled the entire forest. Then the scene cut off. What had that been...?

"What was that...? Why was I in a yukata...What happened who is Lance?..." Konan whispered. Lunar Rosa appeared once more her eyes wide and she was shivering."Rosa?!"

"That was....I didn't know you had -------" The rest of the sentence was inaudible and Konan felt herself slipping away into a peaceful sleep.

"I'm so tired maybe a slight nap..ZzZ..." Konan whispered before she fell asleep in the black room which soon began turning to ice, and a shadowy catlike figure watched her its dead piercing red eyes looked at the sleeping Konan it didn't say anything, it only growled slowly as the room grew colder and foggier, as the fog rose the figure disappeared.

[to be continued]

November 24th, 2008, 8:34 AM
During his sleep, Atton entered a profound dreaming state. In his delusion, he could see himself traveling through some sort of destroyed, beat down building. Boulders, metals, rocks, and a very large amount of cut live wires were scattered all over the unrecognizable building. Many electricity regulating machines were either carefully stacked next to each other on the walls or flat out lying on the broken tile floor, devastated.

~Hm… What might this place be?~ Atton thought to himself as he walked around the structure, warily moving out pieces of debris out of his way and making sure to avoid all of the electric wires and their sparks.

~Does it really matter? Stop being such a crybaby and just continue to walk; Atton. I’m getting tired of these dreams.~

~Dammit, Gado; will you even follow me in my dreams and sleep?~

~I’m a part of you. I’ll even follow you to the restroom.~

Atton sighed tiredly, not really wanting to be with Gado at the moment. But it was a dream; where anything could happen, and trying to repress the thoughts of the wild bestial inside him was proven futile. The Leo continued to wander around the broken structure, noticing bloody scribbles in the walls, smashed windows and what not. It was getting really creepy inside there, for every time Atton approached static measuring machines, this went crazy and exploded. Same happened with pretty much every other electric appliance. They just shut down. Hours of silence passed; and the male felt like he was running around in circles.

~Well, Gado; could you be useful for once and tell me what place is this?~

~You ask a lot of questions, don’t you?~

~Will you effin’ tell me or not.~

Gado sighed, then forced Atton to look around to scrutinize the surroundings with immense detail. ~It looks like a power plant of some sort. Though I couldn’t be sure, you’ve never taken me to one.~ The bestial said in between cough and evil laughs. ~One that has been destroyed completely by either a fire or the most potent electric surge to have ever existed.~
~I see… And why exactly are we here?~

~How could I know? It’s a dream. Your dream, idiot. Mine are way cooler. Now just continue to walk until you find something, this is getting boring pretty quick. Wouldn’t it be a shame you woke up before you found out what this whole dream is about?~

~You’re right. I’ll proceed.~

More and more time passed; and Atton was starting to get tired from walking. The power plant was huge; for sure the biggest place Atton had ever been in. It was unreal. But it was a dream, so who cared. Through hallways, up and down stairs, through broken walls; everywhere. Every room was different in its own way; the only thing In common being that machines went boom when Atton entered. Soon, he got to a room that was different. Very different. After going up on his God knows what number of staircases, he got to a very, very large room that had tons of machines aligned to the sides. Some sort of red carpet led the way to what seems a small pedestal. The pedestal was connected to a very large machine right behind it by billions of colored wires. Atton sighed, stared around, and then started to walk on the red carpet. Soon, he got to the pedestal, where two daggers, one larger than the other, were being electrified.

~Atton…~ Gado called as the Leo stared at the two stabbing weapons.

~What now, Gado.~

~Remember… Remember when the female of your dreams appeared before you… Before giving Konan’s soul back… She called you Wielder of Thunder?~
~Yes. I do.~
~And remember how she said something about weapons and keys?~
~And.. This are weapons… of an element. Daggers of Thunder. Ring a bell?~
~Do I…~
~You can try.~
Atton sighed yet again, then he got a rush of courage and stretched his hands to take the weapons. As soon as the daggers were removed from their stand, all the light and electricity was cut off the building. It soon was obvious that those daggers were packed with lightning and that they were powering the whole structure. Atton felt a strong energy fill his whole body. Sparks flew out of his body and he felt his hair fizzy. Before he could do anything else, the image started to fade slowly. He was waking up, and right before everything disappeared, he could see the face of the female smiling and waving at him faintly.


Atton woke up hurriedly, sitting up immediately and rubbing his eyes. It was morning already; a new day. Presumably around 10:00 AM, maybe a bit earlier or later. The sun rays were barely hitting his face because of the dense foliage of Viridian Forest; but because of the temperature, Atton could say it was a very hot and sunny day; one in complete contrast to yesterday’s heavy rains. He yawned and stretched, oblivious that Iris had forced him to sleep there last night. He stared down and saw Iris still asleep next to him; and the Bird Man was still in the same place where he fainted. “My… How could I have fallen asleep? I don’t remember anything that happened last night… Except that smell…”

Almost right after he finished talking, Iris eyes slowly opened and she cocked her body up, yawning. She rubbed her eyes as well and then stared around, watching Atton sitting down right next to her. “Oh, good morning, Atton!”

“Good morning; Iris.” Atton said thoughtfully as he stretched once again and then stood up, offering his hand to Iris to help her get up. “It’s morning now; a new day. I do not know what hit me yesterday, but we weren’t supposed to rest for that long. C’mon, we have to go find Konan. Where do you think she might be?”

Iris took Atton’s hand and stood up, blushing and giggling. “I do not know.” She responded playfully as she sarcastically took one of her small hands to her chin. “But… Guessing she ran that way last night… Maybe she found the Mother Tree. I mean, it’s like, really huge. It can’t be easily missed; and it’s right there.”

“The Mother Tree?!” Atton said out loud. “But, it’s dangerous in there! She probably got there all groggy; not in a state to fight! We gotta go, now!”

Iris nodded and smiled as her Pachirisu, SquirllyPoo, climbed over to her shoulder. Atton stared at the Pokémon for some moments and realized his Pokémon never got to him. “Veil!” He said quickly and nervously; but right after it, the Ponyta sprinted in to the pair. “Oh, Veil, I was worried! Did you spend the night somewhere safe? Did you sleep?”

The Ponyta nodded, and then neighed loudly before lowering her head so that Atton could mount her. “Iris” He started before climbing up the equine creature. “C’mon, we’ll get there faster this way. Veil’s really strong.”

“I’m not really liking the idea…” Iris whispered as she gave a step back, placing her hands in front of her in a protective manner.

“C’mon, she’s not gonna hurt you…” Atton said anxiously; wanting to leave right there.

“Fine…” Iris said scared as she struggled to get up on the Ponyta, but once she was up, he put her arms around Attons waist and got a ridiculously hard grip; one that was even hurting Atton. But he didn’t complain; he didn’t give any importance. “C’mon, Veil, on my orders! Iris, where to?”

“Well… You go straight from here a bit.”

“You heard it! Go, Veil!”

The Pokémon was about to neigh and stand on her hind legs, but Atton stopped her before Iris got a heart attack. Atton stared back at the bird man for a while and wondered what to do with him. “Last night… He was in bestial form. Konan and I get the same temper when morphed. He can’t be that bad. Veil, try to leave some tracks. You know, in case he wants to follow.”
Veil then began to gallop, stepping really hard on the ground and leaving marks on the ground.

She ran and ran; following Atton’s and Iris orders. They soon got to a massive tree that stood at least 10 times higher than any other tree around. “That’s it!” Iris squeaked. “Whoah, Veil!”

Veil stopped right on her tracks and bent down, allowing a softer descend for Iris and Atton. “Whoah. The Mother tree. It’s really imposing.”

“Yes, but watch out. Bad guys might come out at any moment. Last time I was here I was attacked by a strange doglike creature. It was scaaaary…” Iris said in a low voice tone as she walked over to Atton and took cover behind him. “So you think Konan’s there?”

“There’s a chance.”

“Fine.” Atton took a deep breath and approached the tree; which emitted a strange vibe that made it feel like it was alive. And not alive as in ‘The plants are living beings too’ but as in ‘I’m gonna change roots for feet and kick you in the face.” Atton approached, and when he was at a close distance, a piece of bark split in two and opened, revealing some sort of black hole. “What is tha-…. Whoah!”

Atton and Iris were carefully approaching the opening, but suddenly the inside turned into some sort of gargantuan vacuum and sucked them two, leaving the Pokémon behind. Atton tried to resist by grabbing the trunk of another nearby tree, then a rock, and finally some twigs, but it didn’t work. Resistance was futile; for soon they were drawn into the warp-like thing. The two fainted for a couple of seconds, and when they woke up, they were inside a structure of cylindrical shape. It was incredibly big, and it had a maze like appearance. The walls had a rigid surface and were painted in a mixture of dark and light greens; as well as rocks, twigs, and loads of moss. “Are we…” Atton asked as he stared around. It was all empty, but the feeling that a beast would come out and eat them was ever present.

“Yes. We’re inside the Mother Tree…” Iris said as she stared around as well, standing close to Atton.

“Konan!” Atton yelled loudly, his voice echoing very loudly all over the place, again, again, and again. As he waited for a response from anyone, Atton could feel anger building up. He hadn’t forgotten something. He promised he’d come here to fight the soul-stealing woman. Now he had to find Konan, defeat the evil female, and find a way out. “Konan!” He yelled yet again; but he wasn’t sure of hearing her respond back. For a moment, he believed this whole place was empty, but little did he know that Konan was inside, and that deeper within that parallel dimension, the first weapon-key lied.
“Konan! Are you here?”

November 24th, 2008, 2:26 PM
hm while I'm seriously bored I might as well post this
CHAPTER 2: Inside the Mother tree

Congratulations you've made it into the mysterious Mother Tree. Here are the things you will find in this place.

-Vine Trap: Vines come and entangle you

-Mudslap trap:Mud splashes you and you get muddy

-Pitfall trap: you will fall into a pitfall prison
Enemies [ Pictures coming soon from Spore]

Name: Spiderus
Descriptions: Normally friendly these pokey little spiders exist all around the tree eating parasitic insects and fruit, there good so no worries about them.Some are under the control of that women so be careful
Picture: Coming soon~
Attack Methods: Spitting Poisen and biting

Name: Keese
Description: Not very powerful but can be a hassle, they are basically bats with hooks. They are annoying but can pack a punch.
Picture: Coming soon~
Weapons: Tackle with there hook [ tail]

Name: DekuBaba
Description: a cannibal plant basically they hide in iwld grass waiting to lunge at there prey good thing for you there ranging distance isn't far they are attached to a stem
Picture:Coming Soon
Weapon: Tackle and bite

Name: Mutant DekuBaba
Description: Samr as dekubaba cept is apeparance is a bit different and if you cut it off its stem it lives and comes and attacks you.
Picture: Coming Soon
Weapon: Tackle,Bite

Spider Bombs
Decription: One thing you don't wanna cross, in the moter tree its a one body spider but if you hit it...it explodes..good thing it has a timer so you can use it to blow up stuff with it :3...
Picture:Coming Soon
Weapon: Explosion, Tackle

Venus Flower
Description: Not neccesarly an enemy but they exist all over the mother tree. They don't go out of there way to attack you. They sit there and wait for the prey and when you jump over them they snatch you and "eat" you. Easily defeated if you put a spider bomb in it.
Picture: I'll see what I can do.
Weapon: the NOM NOM NOM attack [eats you]

Giant tarantula
Description: Not for acranophobics. This is a giant man-like size spider.
Picture: Coming soon
Weapon: Poisen, bite , sling shot

ooc: Epic okay next

Miniboss: Arbor
Description: The women you met earlier...wait why is she named arbor?
AttacK: Soul snatch, spawns monsters, hypnosis, swords
Name:King Gohma
Description: Secret
Picture: Coming Soon
AttacK: Sling Shot, Poisen Sting, hypnosis, tackle, bite, lots more to lazy to name them all.
Epic. xD

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November 24th, 2008, 5:46 PM
(ooc: LOZ mania... eh GP? Oh, well, I don't really mind... in fact... it's kind of cool. Ironically... I'm arachnophobic. I really am that afraid of spiders. This will be a short chapter though.)

Chapter 10: The Mother Tree (Part Un)

Andrew had finally awoken deep in the forest. He got up and started looking around, seeing Ponyta hoof prints on the ground before saying. "Huh? How did I get this far into the forest?" He looked and saw Alex, tired from dragging his master this far. "Alex? What happened?"

"pant, I dragged, pant, you here... you weigh, pant, a ton." Said Alex breathing pretty hard. After a minute he stopped and said. "We're close to the mother tree, but keep your guard up... there are some weird creatures about."

"Weird? Like how?" Asked Andrew, but in a second a bunch of creatures came out of the grasses.. all attached to stems. "Whoa?! What are those things!!!?" The bird fired a wind blast and cut through the stem, killing it. The others reacted in a weird way before trying to attack, but the stems were way too short... and since Andrew is a long-range fighter... they went down in moments. "What the-?"

"I heard from some people that there were some weird beasts inside and around the Great Tree." Said Alex as he started walking towards the direction of the trunk. Andrew followed his pokemon, and after a minute of walking, they saw the Mother Tree.

(Mother Tree: Entrance)

"Whoa... it looks a little different then before." Said Andrew as he entered the tree, but returned Alex in case something would happen... and the fact that the Electrike dragged him far into the forest. As soon as Alex stepped foot into the tree, he fell into a wormhole.

(Inner Mother Tree)

"Konan!" Yelled a voice not too far from the entrance. Andrew looked around and saw Atton and Iris. Atton was looking pretty angry, and tried to yell again. "Konan!" But again there was appearantly no response.

"Hey, you're...... who are you?" Asked Andrew as he walked up to the two anthros. "I'm Andrew Verico... and.. who are you two?" Andy then stood there, waiting for an answer.

November 25th, 2008, 4:21 PM
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The temple echoed with Atton's cries, the leaves slowly swayed. Tiny spiderus's looked at them before scrambling away in fear.

"A-Atton..I really think we should go back...We don't have to get killed just becaus Konan is going to get killed." Iris whined. Although Atton probably paid no heed to this. Iris whined once more as she looked at the various spiderwebs on the walls. "Atton we should go back its not safe!" Iris yellped as she saw one big large cobweb ontop that housed a very big sleeping spider. Iris shuddered in utter horror.

"Damn not you guys again, your persistant little pests aren't you?" Arbor said appearing before the two.

"Y-You..." Iris stuttered as she hit behind Atton for protection. The women smirked and stepped onto the platform that housed the spider. Two baby spiderus's crawled past them in a rush to find safety.

"So you think you can find your friend in this big old tree huh? Well your wrong. King Gohma's webs ensnared these webs a long time ago. Ahahah!" Arbor laughed and a sword appeared out of no where. "Hehehe... I see that girl is an arachnophobic, heh so was your friend, haha she's entangled in soem webs somewhere. Anyway hehe I'll be back to toy with you later." Arbor said disappearing once more. The two spiderus's that had previouslyu fled were now on the ceiling, building a web and had caught some Keese in it, and were now attempting to eat it. The ominious wind swayed once more as Konans screams of terror now filled the tree.

"Ahhh somebody HELP ME!" The screems echoed through out the tree but then died into a dreary silence. Iris's grip on Attons shirt held firm as the eery silence filled the temple and the two Spiderus's looked around curiously but then rturned to there very "Keesey" dinner. As the silence continued on a voice echoed throughout the temple.

"HehehHAHAHA! You think you can save your fried huh? Well your wrong, she's already within my web." It was King Gohma's voice as a web descended downwards, it was Konan's lifeless body which was encased in a web tomb. Iris ran to it and tried pullnig it way but they were as hard as steel. Her lifeless body that was encased in the web tomb swayed with the wind, the web was hard yet light. A giant yellow eye had also appeared on the ceiling, Iris just stood there in utter horror. "That is one big spider...." Iris whimpered as her eye twitched. Iris let out a scream as it scrambled across the ceiling. Konans encasing still held firm as it retreated to the patch of webbing on the ceiling, her entire body covered by this stealike webbing. "She will remain here unless you defeat me, I at the very top of the Mother Tree come find me if you can. HeheheHAHAHA!" King Gohma laughed as he disappeared leaving Konans body on the patch of web on the ceiling. As King Gohma retreated, Arbor appeared once more she smirked.

"You heard Master , I advise you get on it being in that web saps your life energy and knowing her she hasn't got much left, and its my job to make sure you don't. A viney sword apepared and she cut the web that housed the trantula that was sleeping, once the web fell to the ground the tarantula woke up and was not pleased to be woken up. "Hehehe good luck!" Arbor cackled disappearing

"We have to squash...THAT?!!" Iris yelped in horror.
Giant Tarantula
HP: 300

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November 25th, 2008, 6:29 PM
Atton stared around the tree’s bark and rocks with a great precaution, aching to hear a response from his kidnapped friend. He slowly began to walk ‘deeper’ into the Mother Tree, going through some small catacombs and vines that made weak plant ladders. As the Leo and Iris explored not too far from the entrance, Atton heard one very peculiar noise. The very same sound effects that were produced when he and Iris were dragged into the giant Mother Tree, but now a different person was sucked in. It was the Bird Man from a while ago; who had succeeded in following them, or at least Atton thought so. Iris and him stared at him in a rather strange fashion before he started to speak. If it wasn’t because his voice was different than the one that spoke last night while in a fight, Atton would’ve probably grappled him to stop him from attacking. But he was looking much more different.

"Hey, you're...... who are you?" The male spoke as he managed to catch up with Atton and Iris, who anyway weren’t that far from him. Just a few ledges away. “I'm Andrew Verico... and... who are you two?"

As Andrew got closer and waited for a response, Iris stood behind Atton and spoke shyly, though it was very obvious by her voice tone that she was pretty scared that Andrew would attack her in any minute. “My name… My name is Iris.” She said as she tried to turn her sight away so that Andrew didn’t catch a glimpse of her.

“My name’s Atton.” The Leo said in a quiet, but rather dominant voice tone. It wasn’t hard to tell that Atton wasn’t happy, mainly because he could get no response from Konan and because he wanted to unleash all of his stored strength on that soul-stealing woman. Without saying anything else, Atton continued to climb up, Iris following. All he did was stare down at Andrew and, with his eyes and head movements, invite him to join them. He didn’t really mind why Andrew was there, because, if they wanted to find Konan and work a way out of the tree, they’d most probably have to work together. If it’s not an encumbrance, make it an ally. He probably wanted to find a way out too, anyway. Without looking back, Atton continued to climb to the summit of the tree, which was still a long way to go. A ton of plants, most mutant variations of Venus Flytraps, were lying all over the walls of the tree; but whenever Iris walked past them, they all ‘followed’ her with their flower, this because of the ridiculously nice aroma that was let off by the girl. A cold sweat drop drooled down the girl’s spine. She jogged closer to Atton and started to speak in a cowed way.

"A-Atton..I really think we should go back...We don't have to get killed just because Konan is going to get killed."

Atton stared at Iris and grimaced, amazed by what she had said. “That’s a risk I’m willing to take.” Atton said nonchalantly as he continued to make his way through the many obstacles in the tree. The more they walked, the more the place was surrounded by spider webs and many sort of arachnids. They then got to a ‘story’ of the tree that was composed of pure spider web. The ladder that led to the next floor, the ground they stood on and the wrappings on the wall where fleece white, except for the spots that showed bug remains. Even though the floor was made of web, it wasn’t sticky or posed and obstacle at all. "Atton we should go back, it’s not safe!"

“Iris, please, don’t worry; I promise I won’t let those spiders touch you.”
As they made it through he grand floor, Iris stepped on a loose thread and activated a pitfall trap. The trap made a big hole on the ground, big enough to swallow a person or two. “Ahh!” She yelled loudly in the high pitched voice of hers as she fell down. She stretched her hands up as a last resource to save herself from what was sure to be a hard landing; but Atton managed to slide on the ground to the hole and take Iris’ hand, managing to pull her up. “You Ok?” he asked, but another voice interrupted.
"Damn not you guys again, your persistant little pests aren't you?" She said bothered as Iris, again, ran behind Atton, putting her arms around him tightly and pushing her face against his back, pressing hard so she didn’t have to see that woman.

“Persistant? You should really quit bothering us! I could really put my money on the fact that you have Konan! After all, you’re the one that told me to come here to fight you! I swear; I swear this is the last place you’ll be in your nasty life. Your soul stealing adventures end here.” Atton yelled as he menacingly pointed his index finger at the woman, and then closed his fist in an expression of disgust. The veins in his arms and his muscles contracted and gave him a more imposing figure.

"So you think you can find your friend in this big old tree huh? Well you’re wrong. King Gohma's webs ensnared these webs a long time ago. Ahahah!" The woman said as she pulled out a sword out of thin air. The sword made a steely sound that pierced the atmosphere. "Hehehe... I see that girl is an arachnophobic, heh so was your friend, haha she's entangled in some webs somewhere. Anyway hehe I'll be back to toy with you later."

Some spiders then crawled out from the web and marched towards the trio; making Iris take a leap and hug Atton even tighter. The spiders seemed inoffensive; but if arachnophobia was a matter; the guys would probably not stop to look if the spiders were dangerous or not. Atton put an arm around Iris and then turned back to Andrew, who had apparently followed them; and he didn’t seem to like the arachnids all that much. Atton’s fangs grew, as if to enter bestial form, then he turned to the woman.

“So you do have Konan! Let me tell you some thing, then; and listen carefully. Tell this King Gohma that he better let Konan go now. I’m killing you two either way, but if you let her go now I’ll make it less painful. Scram.”

Atton was about to continued walking, but a very familiar voice pierced the atmosphere. "Ahhh somebody HELP ME!"

~That’s Konan’s voice, unmistakably~ Gado said from within Atton, like if he hadn’t noticed already.
~I’m aware.~

"HehehHAHAHA! You think you can save your fried huh? Well you’re wrong; she's already within my web." The voice of a very sinister creature yelled, echoing all over the tree. Atton stared up and saw that, at the very top of the tree, there was some sort of fighting arena. It was seen from below, so not much could be told about the place; but it was wide enough like to hold combat. He was startled, though; because as he stared up, a web cocoon dropped from the top story and hanged from a thin thread. "She will remain here unless you defeat me, I at the very top of the Mother Tree come find me if you can. HeheheHAHAHA!"

Atton and Iris both ran to the cocoon and tried to rip it open, but it was useless. It was titanium-hard.

~Maybe I can break it. ~ Gado whispered.
~No, it’s impossible. We’ll have to do this the hard the way. Getting up there is a first; then you can come out and eat some monsters.~
~Hell Yeah!!~

Atton was about to continued walking, but then he saw that the shell opened to reveal Konan’s head. It was then retreated to the ceiling and stuck there like glue; helped to stay in place by the many vines. "You heard Master , I advise you get on it being in that web saps your life energy and knowing her she hasn't got much left, and its my job to make sure you don't. Hehehe good luck!" Arbor cackled before disappearing.

As this was said, the woman floated up and broke the web that encased a gargantuan spider. One that could easily swallow Atton, Iris and Andrew at the same time; whole. A yellow eye with a thin pupil appeared on the ceiling to watch the combat as the spider rose it’s thorax in a threatening mood and flashed it’s fangs. Fangs that were rally long, sharp and dipped in poison.

"We have to squash...THAT?!!" Iris yelled scared, but Atton took her by the wrist and gently got her out of the battlefield, leaving only him and Andrew as targets. Atton stared at Andrew for some seconds, supposing he’d help him fight this spider. He tried to identify any sort of instruction made by his eye and head movements, but failed to do so; so he decided to go first.

~Should I help?~
~No. Save energy. Andrew and I will take care of this one. Claws and Fangs could help, though.~
~You got it.~

“Hey, Charlotte. Catch me if you can…”

As Atton said this, fangs and claws grew on him, provided by his bestial form, who, at once, wanted to collaborate. The spider ‘yelled’ in a very high pitch voice tone before concentrating on Atton and dashing towards him. She threw a string of web at Atton in an attempt to catch him; but he turned over to a wall and ran towards it. When near it; he grabbed a lot of momentum and managed to do a very short wall walk. Shorter than 3 steps, for sure, but he managed to catch some air. Gado might have had the power, but when conscious, Atton was very flexible and strong. He threw himself back in an attempt to make a back somersault, but it didn’t result all that well because he landed on his butt. Better than the head, at least. The spider was infuriated because of his miss, and decided to go for a direct hit. For a large spider, it moved very fast. He tried to bite the Leo, but Atton managed to jump on top of its head as he threw it down for the bite. He slammed the head of the arachnid on the web and landed behind it. It didn’t take long for the animal to react, though; so it used one of its hind legs, all of which had a sharp stinger, to hit Atton. If it had hit, it was sure to make a hole of at least 1 foot of diameter on the male’s body; but he managed to step aside and slash at the leg with his claws. A sticky green-yellow fluid started to drop from the wound, thing that made the spider even angrier. Taking this short time he had of attacking, he slashed other 3 of his legs, severely damaging then. Stumbling, the spider managed to pull its head out of the web and turned around immediately to see what had struck it. But Atton had moved aside already; and only Andrew was left in sight. With one of his ‘good’ legs, the spider slashed Atton, ripping a big part of his shirt and injecting a minimum amount of venom in the Leo’s abdomen. “Gah!” Atton yelled as he gave some steps back and stared at his wound, which was starting to bleed slowly. Iris screamed and tried to go help Atton, but he pushed her out of the way so she didn’t get hurt. “Andrew, kill it!” Atton said as he walked out of the battlefield and got closer to a ladder that led upstairs, closer to Gohma and Konan. He didn’t plan on leaving him alone there; he’d interfere if something went wrong. But after that slash, Atton knew he wouldn’t be all that fit for fighting.

November 26th, 2008, 11:40 AM
Ooc: once again some random post that I do because I'm bored.

As Atton finish of the gargantuan spider Iris ran to his side." A-Atton!" Iris stuttered as she ran to his side looking at him bleeding abadomen. "Any flowers, hear my plee bring me an antitdote to cure this posen!" Iris whispeed this chant and a small flower appeared in her hand it was a rose with blotches of blue on it. "This mayt sting a bit but here.." Iris mumbled as she crushed the flowers petals and sprinkled htem on to the wound. The wound slowly stopped bleeding but still left a large gash. The eery ilence didn't stay, Konans agony shrieks filled the tree once more except these were shrieks of pain and agony, not helping shrieks, as Konan lay in her web encasing it began to glow wiht a blue aurua which led to Konans shrieks.

"It hurts..it hurts.." Konan whispered but her shrieks soon died into the eery silence once more and the two spideruses let out a loud "burp" as to signal they had finished there Keesey dinner. [sorry pure action can get a bit nausueating sometimes] Iris pulled Atton to his feet and they began truydging up the vine steps once more which led to an even more confusing room, it had several spiderus's and keese in it, and the room was filled with a mossy green water, under the moss it held a switch which was chained up with a lock , sunlight ammazing entered the room, and two mutant deku bab guarded the room.
Current room enemies

Possessed Spiderus(2)

DekuBaba: (3)
Hp: 15

Mutant DekuBaba( 5)
Hp: 30
"I hate...Spiders.." Iris whimpered as Konan shrieks of agony filled the tree once more and Iris whimpered. Arbor sat on one of the columns staring off into space, wait no it wasn't Arbor it was merely a hologram.. As Iris scanned the room she noticed three different doors that had different markings on it two of them were locked. "I guess we have no choice, we have to go through that door then..." Iris mumbled taking Attons hand and guiding him to the unlocked door, and as the door creaked open there stood a blank scarecrow.

Iris sweatdropped. "A-A scarecrow?" She stuttered as she walked up to it, it had no face, it was only a blank scarecrow. As she looked at it questionably Konans agonizing screams filled the tree once more and the scarecrow began to glow with a blue aurua. "Eh? Is it glow in the dark?" Iris asked as she began to look at at a kunai was thrown out at herand grazed her cheek. "Ouch!" Iris jumped back as the small scarecrow began to change. It gained legs, arms, wait it was the spitting image of Konan. The eyes were dead and she held one large sword.

"You cannot pass...." The scrarecrow said as she held the light blade up. "You will have to kill me to pass..." The scraecrow whispered.

"Konan snap out of it!" Iris yelled but as Iris was about to yell something the light and nimble Konan... er...scarecrow had Iris pinned against a wall and had a sword against her throat. "K-Konan stopit I can't breathe..." Iris mumbled.

"Die..." The scarecrow coldly said and threw Iris against a neigboring wall."GAH!" Iris yelped and fell to the ground, but as she stepped to Atton Iris used a vine whip grazed the "Konan" on the cheek and instead of blood, straw fell to the ground...

"Atton don't be afraid to attack! Its not the real Konan its a fake!" Iris yelled coughing and trying to regain her breathe.

Hp: 150
Attacks: A sword and its very nimble with it to be careful!

ooc: There~ not hte longest but I can't do much seeing Konan is stuck incapcitated and all ^-^

Zeta Patchouli
November 26th, 2008, 7:37 PM
Chapter 11: The Mother Tree (Part Deux)

Andrew had decided to follow Atton, through the challenges of the maze, after introducing themselves, they soon encountered traps in which they hadn't seen coming. And soon enough, they went into a room, where the woman was. Soon they were talking about spiders and webs and all of that stuff, but after the woman left, a bunch of small spiders, and one gargantuan spider all came out. "Whoa!" Yelled Andrew, surprised that there were a large number of enemies there.

Andrew looked to Atton, and he was attacking the big one, which was starting to lose ground... so that left him with the small spiders. "Heh, looks like you're mine." Two of the spiders spat out poison, but the falcon was able to fly up into the air, and avoid it. "Wind blade!" Yelled Andrew, firing the attack, killing three of them. Two more spit out webs, to be able to reach the height, but Andrew fired a gust of wind down the webbing, killing a spiderus. "Come on out Alex!" And he tossed the pokeball up, allowing the Electrike to land on his shoulder.

"Hey, are we in the Mother Tree?" Asked Alex. Andrew nodded, and Alex looked around. "Hmm... I thought it looked nicer before." Andrew sent a wave of air killing some more spiderous'.

"Andrew, kill it!" Yelled Atton, injured from the fight against the giant Spider, but just as Andrew was going to slice through it, he saw a big, but faint scar.

"No, it can't be..." Said Andrew before jumping out of the way, letting the spider hit the wall. "That's the Spinarak I healed!"


You see an Age ten Andrew walking through the forest, with a really young Alex. "Why?... Why do they treat us like this? What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment?" Asked Andrew to himself. Alex, since he couldn't talk, made a bunch of barking noises to try and communicate. But suddenly, the two heard a thump, and went to see what it was. It was a Spinarak with a deep gash. "Oh, no!" Andrew went over to try. "Umm... uuh... Oh, the potion! I've been saving it for emergencies! But I can't stand to see this thing suffer." He sprayed the potion, and tied his shirt around it, and prayed that it would work.

It did, but slowly... The Spinarak had no strength, so Andrew got it food... at least until it could move on it's own. It slowly got better, and in a month, it was completely better... so Andrew took it back to the Mother Tree.

"Good bye... I hope you have a long life ahead of you." Said Andrew as he and Alex left, but Andrew was starting to miss the bug already.

(End flashback)

The Giant Spider went in for another attack, but Andrew dodged, and looked in it's eyes... it was in pain... and it wanted out, so he did the one thing he could think of, to soothe it's pain... he cut off it's head... killing it instantly. Andrew looked down... sad that he killed something he helped before... but after looking around, he saw why.

Andrew went to another room where he was surrounded by Deku Babas, Mutant Deku Babas and Keeses. "Whoever invaded... you'd better watch out... I am coming... And I WILL KILL YOU!" Yelled Andrew as his hands grew talons, and his feathers got sharper... It wasn't a complete transformation, but it was a hybrid... which gave him a lot of power... Andrew then went on to completely massacre every single beast in there...

(ooc: Yep, I incorperated the twisted beasts thing for the bosses, and transferred it to normal enemies... This isn't as good as the first one, but it will suffice.)

November 26th, 2008, 9:08 PM
Atton swas losing energy; and quickly. He could feel the poison that the spider injected into him slowly make its way through every single one of his veins. It was a matter of seconds before his face turned red and his eyelids started to swell. The last hign he could see before his eyes closed completely was Andrew cutting the head of the giant spider; then walking away in a route Atton didn’t plan on taking. He was blinded; but he could still hear what was going on around him. Atton could hear Iris yell his name, and he could also hear the heels of her long white boots making their way to him.

"Any flowers, hear my plea bring me an antidote to cure this poison! … This may sting a bit, but here.."

Before Atton passed out completely, he could feel some sort of magical glow and energy approach the severe wound on his abdomen. Soon, all of the swelling and bruises were gone, bleeding stopped and the venom in his veins no longer could be felt. The Leo opened his eyes once again at the sound of Konan’s whispers; and, while still slightly weakened, he felt Iris take his hand and pull him up. “Thanks…” He murmured faintly as he let the female lead the way while he got fully recovered. The two climbed more and more ladders and crossed a lot of dungeons; and it soon came to the time the top floor arena was only one story away. Atton’s sight was very blurry, and he couldn’t recognize the things or persons around him. He was back to consciousness, though; when the two entered what he thought was the last room before reaching the ultimate floor. It was very blank; with only a few grass on the dirt ground and moss on the walls. In the very center, a scarecrow stood. It had no face, no attire, or no other feature worth looking at. Atton snapped back to his senses all of a sudden when he heard the sound of a sharp dagger-like object cut the air and made her way through one of Iris’ pale cheeks. The throwing knife hit the wall and then turned into moss. “Iris!” Atton yelled, but the girl was in a trance watching how the scarecrow was slowly morphing to what seemed to be Konan; or a part of her. Iris ran up to her trying to tell something, but in the blink of an eye; the scarecrow floated over to Iris, pushed her to a wall and was about to puncture her neck with its deadly blade. “Die…”

“No!” Atton yelled as he used his remains of energy to run towards the scarecrow and tackle it with full strength, resulting in the animus only throwing Iris against a wall. It still involved a lot of power, through. Iris yelped as she hit the ground, and Atton immediately ran up to her and helped her up. Iris used a vine whip attack against the ragdoll, resulting in straw falling from it. The scarecrow, now angry, turned to Atton; and it was just then when Atton could really recognize it had Konan’s essence.

“Konan?” Atton asked confused as he gave a step back, not really wanting to face that sword the scarecrow was carrying.

"Atton don't be afraid to attack! It’s not the real Konan its a fake!" Iris yelled preoccupied.

“How can you be so sure? I mean, what if they stole her should and put it into this puppet. Who knows what may happen if I attack it!” Atton replied nervous. Fake Konan waved her sword in the air and then threw a wild slash at Atton; one he could barely dodge by stepping to the side and losing balance. Fake Konan threw out a stab with the sword in an attempt to annihilate the stuttering Atton; so he had to fall back on his butt to avoid having his guts jabbed.

“C’mon Atton, trust me, please!” Iris squeaked in between pants as she turned around and tried to find a way out so that her and Atton; or, in the worst of the cases, only her, got out when the battle ended.

~Listen to the girl, Atton. If you don’t move I’ll come out and won’t let you in control anytime soon. I’m not letting you die. I mean, I don’t give a damn if you die; but that means I’ll go down with you. So yeah, I’m pretty much hands tied.~ Gado said angry from within Atton as he took over Atton’s legs to help him get up quickly.

“But, it’s dangerous!” Atton said as he jumped back avoiding yet another blow; but it wasn’t that well received now. Yes, he dodged the blade, but the scarecrow wouldn’t fall for the same trick twice, so now it used the handle of the blade to deliver a very strong blow to Atton’s head; resulting in a very serious laceration to Atton’s forehead. A wound that covered half of his forehead and most of his left eyebrow started bleeding heavily, and the blood soon entered the male’s eyes; blinding his left eye and making the right one see everything in a tinge of red.

~That’s it, you weakling. I’m taking over.~ Gado said angry, and soon Atton felt the Power of the Bestial taking over him.
~No, wait!~ Atton said. ~I’ll do it. I need to take control of my situations for once.~

“Atton!!!” Iris bellowed as she saw the dubious amount of blood drooling down Atton’s head. She was about to run towards him for help, but Atton ruthlessly pushed her away so she wouldn’t get hurt.

“Hold on, Iris. I got it.” Atton said as he threw his leather jacket over to Iris for her to watch over while he fought, then removed his shirt, which by now was pretty much torn down. With the shirt, which was looked more like an unrecognizable piece of cloth, Atton wiped away the blood from his forehead and eyes, allowing him to recover his vision. The Scarecrow threw yet another quick jab at Atton; but instead of hopping back, the Leo decided to fight. With the shirt still in his hand, Atton caught the sword; then he twirled the shirt quickly and threw it down through a hole to the very bottom of the Mother Tree, along with the stuck sword. Atton thought the scarecrow would be out of play without the weapon; but it was gaining more Konan/Lunar Rosa features. Ridiculously quickly, the fake Konan grew claws and slashed Atton right on the chest, creating yet another wound. A large scratch on his forehead and brow and two sever cuts on his naked torso, chest and abdomen. Atton was certainly not having a good time at this Mother Tree. The Fake Konan smirked and threw yet another slash at Atton, but now he crouched and let the scarecrow go with the momentum.

~This is the moment… This is the moment.~ Atton yelled to himself as he watched in slow-mo how his enemy’s torso twirled to a side because of its slash and inertia. It was then when Atton made a move. All of his muscles contracted; his biceps grew instinctively and the bleeding increased for a second because of the blood rush he felt in his body. There, after crouching, Atton used the power of all of his body to throw himself up and let go an atomic-power uppercut. All of his strength had been focused on his right fist, and it paid off when he saw that the scarecrow’s head was completely ripped away from the body and sent flying against a wall; turning back into a sack and breaking as it hit the wall. The torso fell down and straw and hay came out like blood.

Atton stood there, breathing heavily as he watched the dead scarecrow being emptied. He could feel, almost see the essence of Konan escaping and floating away to the ceiling. ~Is it…~ Atton asked to himself.

~Yes; it’s over. But Konan’s safe; I’m sure, Atton. Sadly, Lunar Rosa is, too… Hmph. Dilemma. Maybe I…~

~Shut up, we need to get up as soon as possible.~ Atton replied to Gado as he ran over to Iris, who was about to hug Atton but stopped suddenly because of the fresh blood in his chest and forehead. “Eww…” She squealed jokingly as Atton laughed and took his jacket from her arms and put it on, not wanting to leave his torso exposed. ~ I need to get a shirt…~ He thought randomly before yelling. “C’mon, we need to go!” and leading Iris out of that room.

The two made it through more obstacles and soon, they reached the top floor. The final arena; the sublimation of their experience through the tree. The platform was very, very wide and surprisingly plain. On one end, Konan’s body lied lifeless, still wrapped in the cocoon. Atton stared around, but saw nobody there; so he and Iris rushed at full speed towards Konan. Out of thin air, though, Arbor appeared and tackled both of them with a lot of strength. They flew away so hard that the were both knocked down to the edges of the platform; but Atton managed to grab the edge with one hand and Iris with the other. Iris yelled frantically as Atton pulled themselves up. The force applied by him made all of his wounds, forehead, chest and abdomen start bleeding again; but very lightly. Panting, Atton stared at how the giant eye that was watching them when they were some stories down started to morph into a creature; Arbor just standing beside it guarding that Atton and Iris didn’t approach while he morphed.

“I see you’ve made it. Surprising. Your souls would’ve been useful… To bad Master and I will have to end you right now.” Arbor said teasingly as she pulled out her sword and prepared to fight.

Iris took cover behind Atton as he prepared for a fight. The Leo watched what he supposed was King Gohma morph and also scrutinized Arbor, waiting for the first move.

“Bring… It… On.”

November 26th, 2008, 10:42 PM
ooc: This is going to ve a very gorey boss fight so if you don't liek gore don't read it


Stage 1:

"I'll take care of them master no need to worry." Arbor then turned her sight to the lion and a hiding Iris."Hehehahahah, look at that girl cowering in the corner, pathetic." Arbor cackled as her hand began to glow. and vines wrapped around the small Chikorita girl incappacitating her. "Tata tat now what to do that your little friends capacitated, ah I know lets do this..." Konans agonizing screams of agony carried out from her silk encasing. "Warrior of mine, warrior of mine come to my aid lest you be destroyed!" Arbor chanted and a small smirk came upon her face.

At this simple command the silk encasing began to crack and it shattered which revealed a dead-eyed Konan she held no weapon that was until she stepped to the center of the arena. Arbor had an obvious smirk on her face as she jumped up upon the highest branch of the arena and sat on it as she watched the inpending fight. "Now Konan be a dear and kill him for me now please." Arbor smirked, Konan nodded and a small sword appeared in her hand, vines streamed up and down it. "I must do must Mstress Arbor wants so you must die." Konan mumbled as she ran at Atton stabbing him in the abdomen and crimson blood fell out of his wounded abdomen Iris let out a shriek of terror. "No Atton! Damn it! Vine whip!" Iris yelled as vines emerged fromm her necklace and pulled the vines apart and she hopped uponst the arena. "Atton I'll take care of this fight you rest please.." Iris mumbled as she stepped uponst the arena and smirked. "I knew you were no good from the start.Prepare to die." Iris said coldy as the two vines she had earlier came to her aid.

"I must do what Mistress Arbor wants and she wants you killed..." Konan whispered as she dodged every impending Vine attack.

"I won't fall for another scarecrow attack!" Iris yelled as using vinewhip which grazed her on the cheek but instead of straw...blood came out. Arbor cackled evily.

"You think it was one of those scarecrows again, HAH! Right thats the real Konan deary! She isn't meare straw like that foolish puppet!" Arbor cackled as Iris looked in utter horror. "Kill her or be killed quite a predicament!" Arbor cackled and looked at the bleeding Atton.

"If I must kill her I will!" Iris yelled as razor leafs emerged from her necklace which cut Konan in several places. Konan now bleeding ran to Iris and stabbed her in the arm, Iris let out a screech in pain, but took the advantage to use her vine whip to throw Konan to the ground. "Razor leaf!" Iris yelled with this several razor leaves came out cutting Konan once more. "This will finish it! Frenzy Plant!" Iris yelled as several of the beads on her neck began to glow green and several vines came up and grabbed Konan the thorns piercing her body and crimson blood fell down from her body as the vines retreated and Konans bloody battered body fell to the ground, it was quite obvious that one of the thorns had pierced threw Konan and the leaves that held the arena turned blood red as Konan sat in the bloodied leaves. "Hmmph serves you right for harmig Atton!" Iris yelled, but this wasn't the end. Konans body began to move and she stood up once more, she coughed a bit of blood and got to her feet trying to wield the blade but she could barely stand let alone hold a blade.

"Hahahahahaha! This is to funny! That poor girl! She will continue to fight til lshe has no energy left! Hahaha" Arbor cackled once more.

Konan still having a piercing bleeding hole in her gut continued to try her best to fight with Iris. Iris faint from using the last sattack looked at the bloody mess Konan had become "How is she still able to stand?!" Iris yelped.

"I must do what Mi-" Konan caughed up blood before she managed to finish the sentence as she ran torward Iris blade in hand and stabbed Iris in the shoulder and slashed her chest.

"GAH!" Iris yelped in pain as the blade pierced her stomache and she fell down to her knees.

"She won't stop till your dead or she's dead." Arbor smirked as observed the fight eagerly, as if she was watching a t.v. show. Iris panted as she he;d her stomache. "If that frenzy vine didn't end it...SOLAR BEAM!" Iris yelled as her necklace released a large amount of light energy, Konan who had ran back to try and stab Iris once mroe was hit full force with the solor beam. Her body engulfed in light was now being knocked back. Konans body fell to the ground , her body singed and covered in deep cuts had had enough she there lifeless and deadlike. Arbor clapped her hands in admiration.

"That took alot of guts , I applaud you." Arbor smirked, and she floated down in front of the lifeless Konan who was in a pile of blood covered leaves."Well since thats done and through I guess you will fight me. Heh." Arbor smirked.

Stage 2: The girl dubbed "Arbor"

Arbor smirked and stood on the arena. "I'm not a measly cat girl like your friend here." Arbors hand glowed deep green and as she swung her hand Iris cheek got cut without even touching the Chikorita girl. "One must kill or be killed , that is your destiny." Arobr said stepping up near the girl. "Your already weak just give up now and I'll let you and your little boyfriend here live." At the mention of "boyfriend" Iris face turned red with embarrasment and she used vine whip to pull Arbor into a neighboring wall.

"Atton is NOT my boyfriend!" Iris protested as she ran to Arbor using razor leaf but Arbor didn't fall for that trick she quickly dodged them all and appeared behind Iris and had a sword to her throat. "Never underestimate your enemy you foolish girl." Arbor smiled and threw iris to the other side of the areana.

"You may have bested my puppet but you will not best me your too weak to even use any of your stronger attacks." Arbor smiled as she began smacking poor Iris around as Iris was on the floor she had her foot on Irises head. "You killed someone, congratulations that earns you a bit of respect from me." But as Arbor went to attack a green light engulfed Iris."What?! She couldn't be!"

"Thats right you know who I am, Arbor..." Irises voice had changed from happy and sweet to more cynical. Iris took Arbors hand and swung her around the arena with a powerful vine whip, after much swinging the vines slammed Arbor into the ground. Arbor let out a shriek of pain. After this she let out a series of frenzy plants wounding Arbor severly and as Arbor had several holes in her, she panted a bit and coughed up blood from her wounds. "I wil lfinish this once and for all. HYPER BEAM!" Iris yelled as her motuher open and an energy charged blast hit Arbot with great force, and after all was said and done Iris was left standing, a gravely wounded deadlike Konan and a severally wounded Arbor.

"Heh looks like I've been bested thats fine , heh, I had no idea who I was anyway..." Arbor mumbled as she coughed up a bit more blooded and smiled. "Heh my job is done here goodbye..." Arbor mumbled before her eyes closed and she had stopped moving, but her body began to glow with a green light and the human form dissappeared and a green light was left, it had revealed two brass knuckles that were covered in vines. All was said and done Konans lifeless body lay amoungst the leaves and Iris fell to her knees holding her bleeding wound and smirking.

"Arbor...the knuckles of the forest..." Iris whispered as she held the light within her hands and smiled happily, with this the light had miracusly healed her wounds.Unfprtunetly Konan was not to lucky...

"Atton lets go we have to find Gohma it looks like he escaped whilest we were fighting..." Iris whispered as she stared at the catgirls body. "Theres one finaly floor to the mother tree..its the very top of the tree.." Iris whispered as her gaze never left Konans body.

[to be continued.............]

Zeta Patchouli
November 26th, 2008, 11:28 PM
Chapter 12: The Mother Tree (Part Trois)

Andrew saw the battle between Iris and Arbor, not really caring too much. "Hmph, that was a pretty good fight, but Gohma's mine... that thing will pay for messing up this tree." Said Andrew as he flew fast past Iris and Konan. After climbing for a bit, he came into the final floor... where Gohma was. "There you are, you home wrecker."

Gohma just stared at Andrew... not interested, after all... he was a little busy right now. "Do you think you can just ignore me? I will kill you." But Gohma said nothing at all, and just stared... suddenly a whole bunch of monsters came out of nowhere and turned to Andrew.

"Do you think I'm some kind of joke?!" Yelled Andrew, but the monsters all attacked. Andrew started cutting through the Keeseys, while holding off the Mutant Deku Babas. "Wind slice!" Yelled Andrew as he cut through a few monsters, but there were still a lot more. "I'll kill you!" Just then two spiderus' fell in front of him, but he cut through them like paper.

Gohma just stared as Andrew leaped at him, but a Keesey tackled him back, just in time. "How dare you!" Yelled Andrew before cutting the bat in half. Then three Mutant Deku Babas tried to bite him, but he easily jumped on them, crushing them under his weight.

"My revenge will be sweet!" Yelled Andrew as he fired a wind blast, but a whole bunch of monsters got in the way. "...why? Why can't I hit you!?" Yelled Andrew as he tore through a bunch of Keeyseys, but the Deku Baba were biting his ankles... holding him back. "Wind Barrier!" Yellled Andrew as a gust of wind killed the Deku Babas. The field was a lot roomier then before, as the monsters were all dieing... one by one.

"This will end you..." Said Andrew as he fired a wind blade, but Gohma dodged before summoning a new fleet of monsters. "WHAT!!!!? That's not fair!!!!!" Suddenly he was tripped, before getting tackled into the wall, which left him vulnerable for the Deku Baba.

"Come on, I'm giving you some of my power, and you're still loosing... how sad." Said Kalius. Andrew ignored his dark side and cut a Keesey in half. "If it were me, I would have killed Gohma already."

"No, I don't need you... and I will make sure of it." Said Andrew as he started in on Gohma, but was tripped once again, but instead, Andrew flew up to avoid the groundbound foes, but that's why there were a lot of Keeseys. "No, it can't end like this!" But at that point, he was doomed, or was he?

"Even if you kill me, someone else will kill you, and they will finish it." Said Andrew as a bunch of monsters were gathered around him. "Wind Barrier Reject!" And the wind formed a barrier before hitting the monsters away, killing the weaker ones. Now out of energy, Andrew limped to the wall and sat down... but a few monsters got up and walked towards him. "Heh, it has been a good run... but now I'm dead."

To be continued...

(ooc: Short, yes... but I held back from truely involving Gohma, and that is good enough for me.)

November 27th, 2008, 6:28 PM
"I'll take care of them, Master. No need to worry….Hehehahahah looks at that girl cowering in the corner, pathetic. Tata tat now what to do that your little friends capacitated, ah I know lets do this Warrior of mine, warrior of mine come to my aid lest you be destroyed!"

Arbor casted this spell upon Konan after wrapping Iris with some vines. Atton, whose fresh wounds were still slightly bleeding, turned over to Iris and tried to free her from her green casing. He used his hands to try to rip them apart; so he was completely unaware that Konan’s body had been released from her cocoon and she was approaching warningly towards him.

"Now Konan be a dear and kill him for me now please."

“Huh?” Atton yelped as he turned around quickly when he heard someone running at him. Immediately as he turned around, his eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped to the floor. A long sword had just gone through his flesh, right below his previous abdomen injury. It was clearly visible how the sword went through his body, Konan being in front of him and pushing the sword even harder, and the tip of the sword piercing out from his back. The feeling was inexplicable. The cold metal killed the skin around the laceration, and he could feel his spine rubbing on the blade. "No Atton! Damn it! Vine whip!" Iris yelled as she broke free from the vines using some plants of her own; then she managed to push Konan and her sword back. Atton, after the sword was removed, kept standing for a couple of moments, but after realizing the grandiose amounts of blood going down his body, he fell right on his back and passed out.

In dream mode; he saw himself, completely healed, walking around in a completely white room with a scarlet rose on the center. It was the epitome of perfect; so graceful and beautiful. Atton walked over to the flower and got on his knees, enjoying the delightful smell of the plant. His eyes were focused on the rose, and then he heard some echoes in the room.

~Beautiful, eh, Atton?~ Gado said as he appeared out of nowhere right in front of Atton. He didn’t have a happy expression on his face, definitely. His claws and fangs were prepared to strike and his mane was erected.

~Yes. Very beautiful.~ Atton said as he took his palms to the petals of the rose, gently passing his fingers in the petals.

~Yes. Too bad, though… You will never get to see such perfection in your life.~ Gado said as he stared down at Atton and crossed arms, shaking his head to the sides in rejection.

~What is that supposed to mean? Where am I, anyway? What happened?~ Atton asked as he looked up at his counter-part, who looked each time more and more angry. Atton had a puzzled face and kept scratching his head repeatedly; wondering what had taken him so long to ask this location. Was he asleep or something?

~Atton,~ Gado started saying as he put an obviously hypocrite smile on his face and continued to shake his head. ~Do you remember what happened before you where here?~ The Bestial said as his eyes turned red from hate.

~I do not…~ Atton said in humiliation. He tried to scan his memories for the past 3 minutes, but it was all in blank; and the deeper he tried to search, a painful headache would start.

~Well,~ Gado said as he clapped his hands together twice rapidly. As he did, a portal-like object appeared right in between the two. The wormhole was black; but it soon started to gain colors. ~Let me show you then…~

The portal soon started showing what happened in the real world just 5 minutes ago; but not in Atton’s perspective. It was in a 3rd person view. He could see himself stare around and then quickly get stabbed by Konan; then falling to the ground. When the ‘recording’ ended, Gado spoke.

~Do you… Know what that means?~ Gado said, pausing to take a deep breath in between You and Know to control his anger.

~Am I…~ Atton started, but he was interrupted when Gado roared and stepped abruptly on the rose, destroying the beauty and leaving just a rotten plant covered in mud. The portal, too, exploded.

~DEAD!~ Gado snarled as he pushed Atton away. He just applied a bit of strength, but being this Gado’s subconscious as well, Atton flew away for miles and miles. Then the Bestial appeared behind him before he hit ground and slammed him down. ~YOU’RE DEAD, IDIOT. I told you! I told you, scum! I told you Konan would kill you! Now you have the proof! And you’re dead! How you like it now, dumbass? You killed us both!~

~Oh my God…~ Atton squeaked as he pushed himself up. ~Are… Are you serious? I… I am dead?~

~Do you frikkin’ need more proofs? You were stabbed brutally by a sword! C’mon, no one could live that! You’re dead! Done! C’est fini! You; were; murdered. Dammit, do you want me to continue?!~ Gado yelled as he continued slamming the Leo around.

~No!~ Atton screamed as he flew away from Gado. He could do so; after all, it was his dead subconscious. ~ I can’t be dead! There were a lot of things I wanted to do before I died!~

~But guess what! You aren’t achieving them!~ Gado said as he appeared in front of Atton the again and stabbed his neck with his claws. No blood came out, though. Pain couldn’t even be felt, but the image was quite gory. ~’Cause you’re dead! That’s what happens when you don’t listen to me…~ Gado said; walking around in circles for some minutes. After a while passed, he sighed. ~But it’s your lucky day…~ Gado said as took a deep breath. The white room then changed to a living room with a warm fireplace and gilded decorations.

~Lucky day?~ Atton said as he sat down on a couch. ~How the hell is it my lucky day? I am dead!~ He yelled as he smashed a table that was right next to him and lit the whole room on fire with his thoughts. As the raging flames and fervent heat surrounded the two beings, Gado smirked; stood up and walked towards Atton. ~I’ve got pending business. Anyway, listen. Do you remember when you first saw Andrew; nearly dead, and Konan healed him magically?~


~And, when the giant spider poisoned you, Iris magically healed you?~

~Gado, listen. Enough mind f---, make a point.~

~Look, Look. Behave, douche. I’m the only one here that can bring you back to life and I won’t do so if you continue being a b---.~

~… Back to life?~

~Yes, Yes. You heard correct. You see; I can’t directly heal others, or yourself… Instead, I like to mess around more. Say goodbye to this room, ‘because I’m resuscitating us right now.~ Gado said as he rubbed his eyes with his index finger and thumb. ~But listen to me, now; when I say you’re going to die; I mean it. So avoid it.~

~Fine~ Atton said. ~Work your magic.~

Gado nodded and opened the portal to the real world once again; now the sight focused on Atton’s body. He was lying there, cold and pale and with liters of blood splashed around him. It was gruesome to see the corpse; but none minded. Then, right there, the cadaver stood up and opened his eyes, which were completely white, and started to walk around the arena, doing movements that were so slow and mellow that neither Konan nor Iris noticed. The zombie soon approached a giant Mutant DekuBaba that was heading Iris for an attack; one that was so big and mutated that it was probably around Konan’s size, and grabbed the thing by the head.

~Watch.~ Gado whispered quietly.

The zombie wasn’t applying any pressure on the creatures head; yet it seemed to be suffering. The creature was becoming pale, and its eyes were turning white. Its temperature was dropping, too. In contrast, Atton seemed to become livelier with each passing second. The head and the hand started to glow; and when the light faded; Atton was standing back up, and the creature was lying dead. Atton still had his wounds, they were still bleeding, and the still hurt; a lot.

~What… What was that?~ A blood covered Atton asked.

~Life Sap.~ Gado said. ~An ancient technique known only by the Leo sages. It is extremely powerful, as you can see. It had the ability of killing someone and even reviving someone; your case. Use it only, and only under extreme circumstances. Now, go do what you have to do; maybe I won’t be in such a good mood next time you die.~

Atton nodded, then he felt all of his joints crack and his muscles stretched, and he regained full mobility of his limbs. The wounds still hurt a lot, though. Atton stared around to examine what had happened since his tragic death; and all he saw was a ‘dead’ Konan and Iris with some brand new knuckles. It was rather obvious that Iris had annihilated Konan, so that wasn’t a question. "Atton lets go we have to find Gohma it looks like he escaped whilst we were fighting...There’s one finally floor to the mother tree..its the very top of the tree.." Iris said as she approached Atton, apparently not confused on how he had gained energy so quickly.

“Yes…” Atton said as he nodded faintly. Iris then smiled, turned around and started to run towards the final ladder. Atton walked right behind her; but then he stopped and stared at the Arena he was about to leave. Konan was lying there. The girl that ended with his life, literally, lied lifeless in the stadium.

~She deserves it.~ Gado said coldly, but before he finished, Atton started to walk towards her.

~She doesn’t.~ Atton said blankly as he bent down and picked Konan in his arms.

~What the hell are you doing, fool!? She killed you! Drop her, now! It’s an order!~

~She wasn’t aware of her actions. I won’t let it end like this.~

After that, Gado quieted, and Atton ran after Iris. “What?! Why are you bringing Konan? Leave her here to die!” Iris yelped as she got in a defensive position. “No, please; Iris. I’ll make sure everything goes right. You go eliminate Gohma, chances are Andrew’s there too to help you. Go; let’s get outta here.” Atton said as he looked down.

The girl sighed, then looked up and scratched her head. “Fine; then.” She said somewhat angry. Atton smiled at her, though, saying “And thanks. You know, for not letting Konan kill me” trying to skip the fact that he actually died. But it was too much of a shock, so he’d hide it. Iris then blushed and smiled back. “No problem”. The trio continued to climb until they were soon at the top level; where Gohma was staring at his critters about to attack Andrew. Iris took a long leap forward and landed next to Andrew, using one potent blow from her brass knuckles to eliminate the nearby monsters. Atton continued to stand behind Gohma, preparing claws and fists. He wouldn’t launch an attack; but if anyone approached, it’d meet its fate.
“Time to end this.” Iris said as she waited for Gohma or Andrew to make a move.

Zeta Patchouli
November 27th, 2008, 7:41 PM
(ooc: I can see this in a Kirby-styled game... only no eating opponents. XP I wish I could program games. It will be short, but I will try to make it as long as I can.)

Chapter 13: King Gohma Battle

Andrew looked up, as he saw the monsters all dead. "Heh, it looks like I may be saved..." Said Andrew as he got up. "I have no energy to fight, but I will try anyway." Suddenly he grabbed an oran berry and ate it. "Heh, I'm glad I picked those on the way up." After eating two more, he turned to Iris and said. "Hey, so you're one of the stillhouttes I saw in my dream... impressive... you have your weapon already."

Andrew turned to Gohma and said. "You will die now, you spider thing. Do not get in my way yet, girl... We don't need both of us dieing at once." Gohma shot poison at Andrew, but he was able to dodge, and hit the insect with a fairly small wind gust, but the beast rammed into him, knocking him back. "Wind Blade!" Yelled Andrew. A giant blade of wind shot towards the beast, but it didn't take much damage before summoning three Keesey's, which were then cut down easily.

"Gust Barrage!" Yelled Andrew as he fired a bunch of low powered balls of wind... all of them connecting, but not doing too much. "Grr... I thought Flying beat Bug!" Gohma then slammed Andrew into a wall, before spitting poison, but Andrew was able to avoid it before firing another gust of wind, but it didn't do much anyway.

"GRAAAGH!" Roared Gohma as it fired poison needles at Andrew, but a gust of wind sent them flying away. Andrew tried to kick Gohma, but the bugs skin was too hard, hurting his foot.

"Ow, owowowow... not my best idea." Said Andrew as he hopped on his left foot. Gohma then fired more needles, pinning him against the wall. "Wind barrier repel!" And with that, the needles flew away in a gust of wind once again. "I have to blind that thing to get time to think!" Andrew then fired a small gust of wind into the beast's eye, causing it to shriek in pain.

"Hey, wait... it reacted a lot str... OF COURSE! How could I be so stupid?! Everyone's weak point is their eye, if nothing else!" Yelled Andrew as he fired more wind, but Gohma closed it's eye, allowing it to block some of the damage. Gohma then fired a lot of poison needles, but Andrew fired a Gust, repelling them. "This is the end!" Yelled Andrew as he charged up a wind blade and went in, but Gohma stabbed him with it's claws.

"Crap... I was... so close... Girl, I hope you can win, for I couldn't." Murmered Andrew as he fell to the ground... bleeding a good amount.

November 29th, 2008, 12:21 PM
Konans lifeless body lay there amongst the pile of leaves that were now stained with her blood, it was quite hard to see but tears had secretly formed in her eyes before she had been hit with tht solar beam.

"Why?...Why??" A voice echoed in her head, and a pair of red glowing eyes looking down upon her, showing proof that Konan was still vaguely alive in some type of way. The slow tears that had welled down there eyes were now force down her face. "Do you want to die or live?" The voice said to her, she closed her eyes and then appeared in front of a cage that she had previously seen.

"I want to live..." Konan answered back as tears welled in her eyes. She looked at the glowing cat slit eyes that looked at her.

"Ahah! You WANT to live! So then why do you keep getting into trouble? You cause trouble for everyone else! Stop being a burden and get up an help!" The voice yelled up at her.

"I can't! my bodies so injured I can't move!" Konan yelled not feeling Atton picking her up in his arms and telling Gado off about her "apparent" death.

"Stop making excuses for yourself! If your that desperate hear take this! God you whiney little [censored out]!" The voice yelled as some icicles encased her and she felt constricted. "What are you doing?! What?!" Konan yelled as her voice was drowned out by her crystal encasing, outside of mindscape however her dead eyes and bloodied, battered body began to glow with a type of aurua.Konan was full of surprises this being one of the most surprising things yet. Her wounds began to heal and the blood began to fade but another thing began to happen, her fangs began to grow larger and her cat slit eyes turned dark red, her tail and ears began to change to a deeper black then before, this was not Lunar Rosa it had something to do with Konans past but, what could have made this happen?

"Atton...It hurts....It-" Konan could not finish this before she let out a shriek and Iris jumped back from giving Gohma a good ass kicking to look back and see what Konan shrieked about but then saw the blue aurua around her the was growing stronger. Iris made a desperate run torward Atton and pushed Konan out of his arms letting her fall to the shrieking Konan to the ground.

"She's not dead?!" Iris yelped as she punched off a mutant deku baba Gohma had summoned. "Somethings off.... This isn't that creepy Lunar Rosa's doing its something else...Atton you should watch over he-" Iris was interrupted by Gohma's long spider legs crashing into the wall. The aurua grew stronger and stronger by the minute as each of Konans wounds healed, her body slowly moved upward and cynical smirk on her face, she glowly got to her feet her cat slit eyes eyes scanned the room.

"Who's fault is it that I awakened? Is it you stupid spider. Your the one that made this pathetic girl cry? Lovely. I hate to see people cry the whineyness gets so anooying it just angers me... " Konan or whoever this was gritted her teeth in anger. "SO YOU MUST DIE!' The voice yelled as iris stopped in her tracks her eyes were flinching in fear, as a sword of ice came into Konans possession and landed straight into Gohma's eye spraying blood onto the floor and some landing on Konans face. Her deep red eyes looked at him in distgust. "You stupid spider this is Luanr Rosa nor Konan.. Its your worst nightmare" The voice said driving the sword deeper into Gohma's eye which drew more blood, Gohma's shrieking in pain couldn't move he just stood there the loud spiders shrieks echoed throughout the tree and after mere moments Konan stepped back and merely said "Stop playing around foolish girl.KILL HIM!" Konan yelled but Iris was to frightened to move. Konan had an annoyed look on her face then drew the sword out of Gohma's eye and stabbed him several times some were so deep that it cut off two or three of the eight legs the spider had. "This will finish it good bye stupid spider. You are a pest!" Konan yelled as she drew the sword into the spiders abadomen causing blood to spray on the walls and more onto Konan, after this final blow Gohma fell to the ground dead, as gohma fell ro the ground every enemy except the spiderus's dissappeared. [the spiderus didn't disappear because they are part of the normal ecosystem] The aurua soon dissappeared and Konan stood there Iris looked at her she was still shaking in terror.

"Eh,Eh,EH?" Konan yelped as she stood in front of the dead Gohma. "Uh Atton what happened and why is there a dead spider in front of me?" Konan asked running to his side still oblivious to the blodo that was on her. "Whats wrong you three look like you've seen a ghost!" Konan giggled her goofy smile on her face once more. She giggled pleasently once more and sat on the ground next to them oblivious to the wounds all of them received, she was completely clueless. "Cmon lets get out of here its to dark and gloomy he-" Konan didn't finish her sentence as two spiderus dropped from the ceiling and they smiled at the three.

"Thank you he was a real hassle, we hated all the trouble he caused." One of the spideruses squeaked.

"Yes thank you for getting rid of them!" The other one squeaked.

"But how did a big baddie like him end up here in the first place?" Konan asked questionably.

"Some man in black came and demanded a part of the legendary crystal of forest and then attacked him here, that women only appeared recently...She was only a big light but then Gohma got ahold of her and then she's been helping Gohma wreak havoc in this place, we are here cause we belong here but all those poor plants it was horrible." The other spiderus squeaked as it ran to heal Andrew. The wound slowly dissappeared and all that was left was a minor abrasion, and the other spiders began healing the others room, except Konan who only had a minor abrasion on her cheek, she was just covered in blood.

"So thats how it happened,huh? Oh but what did you mean by part of the legendary crystals?" Konan asked.

"We are the guardians of tree, and once one of the 3 crystals was shattered in half we were told to guard it , and since those are special knuckles, you deserve to have it, take good care of it. Ohy and the next place you wanna go , is in the mountain of fire on fire island..." The spiderus told the four of them before they exited the room and dissappearing , it was inobvious but slow flowers had began forming in the room as to show the Mother Tree was thanking them for their help.

You've obtained a shard of the legendary Crystal!
Guarded by the Spiderus of the foreest! Look for
the others they'll help you along your journey!
CHAPTER 3: The festival of flames

Current Enemies in this chapter:
None its a time to relax and take a break!
Current Objective
To enjoy yourself at the festival of flames while still looking for the "mountain of fire" and of course "fire island" means cinnabar island, but wait while you get ready for the festival a new man name "Lance" comes and he appears to be a womnizer... Uh-oh is he hitting on Yuki and Konan? Oh dear Lance! Yuki will murder you!
ooc:I'll post somemore of this chapter later

November 30th, 2008, 6:50 PM
While Iris and Andrew fought against Gohma, Atton took cover behind a very large and mossy boulder so neither he or Konan could get hurt. None could afford another wound; anyway. Atton was still heavily bleeding from his abdomen, chest and forehead; while Konan was bleeding from everywhere else from her battle with Iris. She had been really struck down. The Leo raised his head slightly to look back at the ongoing battle and made sure his help wasn’t needed. It seemed that Andrew had been defeated; and Iris, while not exactly losing, wasn’t having the best of the time with Gohma. Atton took a very deep breath; then held it as he ran at full speed to another boulder, closer to Iris. Maybe he could help, in some way, but it was going to be rather hard with a semi-dead body in his arms. Atton took cover again, hoping Iris could get this done alone; but something strange then happened. Konan’s body soon lit up in an ethereal aura; causing the Leo to stand up in shock.

~Gado!~ Atton yelled to himself. ~What’s happening? What’s this!?~

For once, though; his Alter-Ego didn’t answer. Nothing was heard; no response. Atton stared down at Konan, worried; when out of nowhere Iris ran up to him and tackled her out of his hands. “Iris!” Atton yelled amazed. “What was that for?!”

"Something’s off.... This isn't that creepy Lunar Rosa's doing its something else...Atton you should watch over he-" Then, Iris was forcefully taken back into battle. Atton looked back at Konan, worried; and ran up to her, kneeling down and trying to pick her up again. Before his hands reached her, though; the blue aura increased in brightness and Konan stood up; her body morphing like if she entered bestial form. It was different, though; than the bestial form he knew as Lunar Rosa.

~Gado, tell me, dammit!~

But Gado was quiet. Why? Atton gave a few steps back and just stared at Konan, ‘hiding’ behind a very large plant.

"Whose fault is it that I awakened? Is it you stupid spider. You’re the one that made this pathetic girl cry? Lovely. I hate to see people cry the whininess gets so annoying it just angers me... SO YOU MUST DIE!”

Konan, if she could still be called that; drew a sword made out of pure ice out of nowhere and started stabbing Gohma frenetically. Iris withdrew from the fight and ran to get cover; so did Atton. The creature’s eyes were now destroyed, and from many parts of its body and the several abrasions made to him by Konan were spraying blood like a fountain; getting Konan all bathed in the viscous liquid.

~Ew…~ Atton thought to himself blatantly as he stared at Konan; amazed. ~What happened to her?~ It surprised him o no end that she went from being dead to getting up and killing the spider called Gohma like if it was a fly. Atton, crouching, moved over to Iris’ boulder. “What the hell was that?”

“I do not know.” The girl said as she turned her head and took a peek over at Konan; whose aura had by now disappeared and she seemed to have returned to normal. The two stood up after taking a very profound breath and walked over to Konan, who happily turned over to them and spoke.

"Uh… Atton, what happened and why is there a dead spider in front of me? What’s wrong you three; look like you've seen a ghost!" She said in her normal voice tone, apparently unaware of the wounds on her and all of the bug corporal fluids surrounding her. “Konan… don’t you remember wha-…” Atton started, scratching his head confused. ~Meh, screw it.~ He thought to himself before staring down at his friend, who was now sitting next to them, and smiling warmly.

"Cmon lets get out of here its to dark and gloomy he-"

Before Konan finished her sentence, two of the small spiders inside the tree came down and started explaining what had been going on since Gohma arrived, as well as saying some things about magical crystals and healing the quartet. "We are the guardians of tree, and once one of the 3 crystals was shattered in half we were told to guard it, and since those are special knuckles, you deserve to have it, take good care of it. Oh and the next place you wanna go , is in the mountain of fire on fire island..."

Atton was about to step forward to take the relatively small crystal that was being handed down by the spiderus, but Iris quickly jumped forward and took it, staring at it dumbfounded. “Pretty.” She said once before giggling and storing the crystal in a small bag.

“Outta here.” Atton said as he stood by the other three anthropomorphs inside the tree and smiled. Soon, a wormhole opened on the ceiling and sucked them all outside; giving them quite a harsh landing on the ground.

“Ow.” Atton said as he stood up and rubbed his head; then he helped the others up. He stared at the Mother Tree and noticed how it was now completely covered in pretty pink flowers. “Beautiful.” Atton murmured once before turning back, thinking. ~Weapons. Crystals. Lady in white and villain in black. Could this… Is this what the dream was about?~ Atton thought before staring around at the anthropomorphs next to him, noticing how them 4 made half of the silhouettes.

“My friends,” He started, “We’re off. Fire Mountain. Fire Island. Cinnabar.” For a moment, though; while the rays of the sun hit Atton in the face, he started thinking again. ~I know now what the dream meant… And this are my allies… But are they willing to continue the search for this crystals?~

“I don’t know about you, guys; but I have a dream.” Atton started saying in a loud and imposing voice tone, completely engulfed by inspiration. “ For many nights, this dream of a lady telling me to aid her in a quest for her broken heart pieces has haunted me, and now… Now I finally came to realize what this dream was about. The weapon Iris found; and the crystal handed to us. The comments of a man in black causing drama. The union of the 8 silhouettes… I’m desired to fulfill the dream; taking the risk of it being just another hallucination. Who’s with me?”

After that, Atton smiled and laughed quietly; then he turned around and started walking out from Viridian Forest as the others followed. Outside, in Route 2, their Pokémon where waiting for the anthropomorphs. “Hey, girl!” Atton yelped happily as Veil galloped up to him. He hugged his Pokémon, then, without other disturbances, he continued to walk. Soon, the group was at Viridian City, where a man in a jester costume ran up to them.

“Howdy-doody-there!” He yelled as he joyfully skipped towards them, juggling 3 brightly colored balls. “Have you guys heard about the Festival of Flames?”

“Festival of Flames?” Atton asked as the jester walked over to the group and handed a bright flyer to each of them. The flyer was in a slightly orange-colored paper, and had flame patterns all over it. Blue and yellow letter announcing the facts of the big party were typed in different sizes all around.

“Yes, yes, the Festival of Flames in Cinnabar Island. It’s one of the biggest parties in all of the Kanto regions! It’s a-m-a-zing. Billions, and I mean billions of fireworks, large selection of food for almost nothing, hundreds of gaming stands and booths, free souvenirs, fire Pokémon, fire breathers; everything is there. You’ll have a blast! Literally! It’s awesome! If you’re interesting in coming, there’s a ship that will sail out from Pallet Town tomorrow morning and will take you to Cinnabar for free. You’ll arrive there at around 4 or 5 PM; the festival starts at 7:00, when it’s already dark. Hope to see you guys there!”

The Jester spoke ridiculously quick before turning around and running away at a great speed.

~Sweet.~ Atton thought. ~Free ride to Cinnabar and a party. I could get used to this treasure hunting. ~

Atton turned around at the others, who were reading the small poster. “Ready for some partying?” He asked with a smirk as he excitedly pondered all the things that would be at the Festival of Flames; what could be waiting for them in the fire mountain; and how would they complete this quest.

November 30th, 2008, 8:30 PM
Konan smiled happily as she watched Iris grab the crystal excitedly and nuzzle it like some type of stuffed teddybear, but after they had taken the crystal she were mysteriously thrown out of the tree which was now covered in light pink cherry blossoms, Konan had taken the libery of picking one and putting it in her hair. "Ew your gonna put that in your hair, who knows what might be in it.." Iris retorted back at her face.

"Well I think its pretty, and you should put a flower in your hair to I mean your names Iris, thats a flower, take some appreciation for flowers would yah?" Konan reorted back Iris sweatdropped at this knowing hse had jsut been retorted back at the two glared at each other humorously, but Atton cut into their humorous argument.

“I don’t know about you, guys; but I've been having this dream, for many nights now....this dream of a lady telling me to aid her in a quest for her broken heart pieces has haunted me, and now… Now I finally came to realize what this dream was about. The weapon Iris found; and the crystal handed to us. The comments of a man in black causing drama. The union of the 8 silhouettes… I’m desired to fulfill the dream; taking the risk of it being just another hallucination. Who’s with me?”

"Atton, I've had that dream too..........." Konans voice trailed off as Iris nodded in agreement looknig at her knew bronze knuckles that had gold vine marking on them. "Yah I wanan come I'll help!" Konan and Iris yelled in unison but then their gazes changed to each other and they turned into glares, but another thing interupted their glares a man in a jester suit. Konan sweatdropped at this, giant spiders, other anthros was all fine an dandy but this was way past ten on the weirdness scale.

“Howdy-doody-there!” He yelled as he joyfully skipped towards them, juggling 3 brightly colored balls. “Have you guys heard about the Festival of Flames?”

“Festival of Flames?” Atton asked as the jester walked over to the group and handed a bright flyer to each of them. The flyer was in a slightly orange-colored paper, and had flame patterns all over it. Blue and yellow letter announcing the facts of the big party were typed in different sizes all around.

“Yes, yes, the Festival of Flames in Cinnabar Island. It’s one of the biggest parties in all of the Kanto regions! It’s a-m-a-zing. Billions, and I mean billions of fireworks, large selection of food for almost nothing, hundreds of gaming stands and booths, free souvenirs, fire Pokémon, fire breathers; everything is there. You’ll have a blast! Literally! It’s awesome! If you’re interesting in coming, there’s a ship that will sail out from Pallet Town tomorrow morning and will take you to Cinnabar for free. You’ll arrive there at around 4 or 5 PM; the festival starts at 7:00, when it’s already dark. Hope to see you guys there!” The jester chuckled Iris burst in happily with her own little comment.

"Can we take dates?!" Iris yelled a red blush on her face, this comment made the jester chuckle happily.

"Why of course little girl, you may take a date for the couples dance under the fireworks, they play slow dances and everything , and ohoho if you wanna ask that person through not only words but a gift you can go to the gift shop and by a "date charm" they say if you by one that you'll end up marrying hte person you asked out! Ohohohoho!" The jester juggled once more and walking off. Iris looked at Atton and asked him straight out.

"Atton will you go to the Flames Festival with me?!" Iris just flatly asked this caught Atton and Konan both off guard. Irises blush grew redder and redder by the minute, but the angry mark on Konan's cheek forbidded it at this moment in time.

"Alright alright you little flirt you can ask him out later." Konan told Iris as the teo urned glaring at each other once more as the group walked back to Pallet Town. Konan finally stopped glaring at Iris long enough to smile happily as she stretched her hands in the air. "Well if I'm going to the festival I have to get a Yukata, and maybe one of those date charms, heh although I've never really believed in that stuff." Konan giggled as she said her goodbyes to the group and left and went into a nearby clothing store.

"Ngh...Date charm huh? To get one or not to get one. Hah, not like anyone will ask me anyway. Ngh..." Konan whined as she looked through through to the Yukata's trying different ones but as she was on her fith one Iris came into the shop and smirked at Konan.

"So, I've asked Atton to that festival so I should get a Yukata and a charm, huh? Hah, if you know whats good for you don't try anything with Atton he's mine." Iris whispered to her as she picked up a green date charm, purchasing it and walking out. Konan merely sighed as she began looking at the Yukata's once more. "Yukata... Yukata.. ngh..Oh my gosh!" Konan squealed as she found a black one with a gold flower pattern around it. "I-It's perfect...!" Konan squeeled as she grabbed it. "Ooo its so pretty~" Konan took the yukata to the register and buying it.

"Miss do you want a date charm with that?" The register girl asked her, Konan's gaze viewed the tantalizing charms, she wanted one badly, but no one would ask her so it would probably be a waste of money... "I'll take one I guess." Konan's voice was in an unsure tone the register girl saw right through this tone.

"No one asked you for the Festival , or did some other girl get the guy you wanted to ask before you did?" he register girl said solemly as she began ringing the yukata and charms up. Konan looked at with her in surprise. Konan merely nodded and put a smile on her face. "You know its okay to be upset over something in the romance sector, but never forget that love can hurt, but I'm sure you can find someone to ask you I mean look at you a pretyt young lady like yourself you'll probably get a date. Here thats 500 poke for the charm and 3000 poke for the Yukata."

"Oh yes right. Here." Konan told the women handing her the money, grabbing her bags and walking out of the store. "Well, I've got nothing better to do might as well go get some lunch.." Konan mumbled as she walked to a nearby burger stand and ordered a soda and a small cheeseburger. She slowly ate it as she looked at the charm that was given to her. "I dunno why I bought this stupid thing, I have no one to give it to." Konan mumbled sipping her drink still looking at the blue charm. "Meh I'll keep it I mean I payed for it." Konan whispered as she slowly ate the cheeseburger that she had ordered and by the time she was done and stopped dazing into space the sky had turned into several light shades of pink and orange. Konan didn;t say anything as she got up and walked back to the PokeCenter where they were supposed to stay the night, as she walked in and asked Nuirse Joy for a room. The nurse merely nodded and showed her to a bynk room where she would be staying. Konan thanked the women with a smile as Nurse Joy left the room. Konan looked at the room and sighed, she wasn't in the mood to do anything to much except stare at the charm she had bought.

"Yeah that is a good one? Me going out on a date, Hah like that would ever happen." Konan sighed still gazing at the charm. She hadn't notice that the dusk had soon left and it was nightime. Her ears were able to pick up something interesting yet frustrating though she could hear Iris asking Atton out once more.

"S-So we'll you go to the festival of flames with me?!" Iris asked. "I even bought a charm!" Iris stuttered. Konan smirked and through her charm again the wall next to her bed, she could feel her tears well up with tears but soon drifted onto a sad sleep, Konan had neaarly died twice. All she wanted to do is sleep.

November 30th, 2008, 8:31 PM
(OOC: Yeah, yeah, I am a tad bit late with this, but all good things come in time, and such posts cannot be rushed, especially when the author suffers from a lack of inspiration coupled with a glacier load of homework and a visiting elder brother. What can I say, other than I have been kept busy?)

*Note: To those who read the incomplete version, the second 'half' starts at the '~'. If one is easily disturbed, I suggest not reading the first two full paragraphs of the second half. GP mentioned that it might be a bit disturbing. But it really makes more sense later on if it all were read.

02 –A Stormy Night-

Yuki quietly dozed in her seat at the corner of the café; her eyes closed, her body relaxed, and her ears bowed. Fubuki lay on the tabletop next to Yuki’s head and cushion of folded arms, the soft pitter-patter of the rain lulling the pair to sleep. It seemed there was a bit of commotion caused by the other anthropomorphs: the wounded one had finally woken up, startling the adults in the café, as well as awing the children with his feathered set of wings before he hurriedly left the café; soon after the cat was on his tail for some reason or another; and the lion was completely and totally confused, yet nothing more than his posture seemed to hint at this.

The wind was howling somewhere nearby her, and Yuki soon realized that a broken window was nestled near the corner of the café. She sighed in disbelief and rested her forehead against the counter, briefly closing her eyes as well, before picking up her head and swinging it back to stretch her neck muscles. As much as she abhorred the cold, piercing shrieks of window not two feet from her head, she more greatly despised the tightness she was beginning to feel in her neck muscles. While bringing her head back to a frontal position, she noticed the Ponyta looking at her curiously from where the lion and the pokémon had both been situated, the flames brightly licking the air around her.

The lion himself looked at her in an oddly questioning manner, as though wondering why she was sitting there and not interacting with the others in the café. Yuki insolently stared back, hoping that he would turn away more quickly if she did. When the lion had finally turned away, Yuki sighed lightly, and after seeing the horrific puff of air expand from her freezing lips, buried her head between her arms and tried to stay warm and alert. She felt the intent gaze of the lion upon her once again, but before she could angrily reply to his curiosity, he suddenly turned away. The howling of the wind was silenced briefly as a steady tenor echoed in her ears:

“Dear wielder of illusions
Illusions are yours to
command but the biggest
illusion you shall face shall
be the one from your heart.
Death surrounds you and
your heart but can you
see past the illusions of your
own heart and of the temple
or will you fall victim to the
illusions and loose something
important to you?”

Yuki almost sulked as the tantrum of the earth returned with the sight of a small, broken café; instead, she breathed in calmly, trying to find a balance within herself as the words from the voice slowly imprinted themselves into her brain, a vision forming. She saw briefly the green glades of her forest home, the beautiful house that her parents had built around one of the grandest trees of the village, and the faceless, nameless little brother that she had cared for since she was 12 years old. Next to the nameless brother - who was now older, and hopefully wiser than she had been at 7 years - were her parents, standing tall with their heads held high and arms linked behind their backs. And then, the fleeting vision of her parents and younger sibling was gone, replaced with the darkness that came with closing one’s eyes, the orange tinge of the Ponyta’s fire burning into her eyelids.

Slowly opening her eyes, Yuki was greeted with the sight of the cat reentering, exhaustion evident despite that it had been less than twenty minutes since she had left the café. Fubuki stopped growling at the Ponyta and jumped onto the seat next to Yuki, obviously tired of the insolent other and in need of some rest. As she lay down, Fubuki flopped out her tongue as though demanding some food. Sighing slightly exasperated, Yuki reached into her knapsack and procured some more berries for the voracious pokémon to devour. Yuki then noticed the lion helping the cat to a seat, inciting a giggled remark of, “I’m wet…my legs aren’t broken,” and the Ponyta obediently becoming a campfire.

“Portable warmer,” she heard the lion say in a joking manner, as a small, nearly unnoticeable smile formed on the cat-girl’s face. It was then she noticed a new occupant, a bear anthropomorph, whom had likely entered while she had been spacing out. The bear spat out something of distaste, and was glaring about the room. He spotted the two felines trying to warm themselves and haughtily walked over. “Well isn’t that cute, or more like pathetic. You two cats might wanna roll up and get some cat nip to calm those nerves.” The bear smirked in a disgusted manner as the female feline’s eyes widened and she aggressively jumped to her feet, her anger apparent.

Yuki flattened her ears to her head as the cat yelled at the bear full throttle. She flinched her eyes shut as the sound of a powerful slap rang through the air and the female cat finished her minor, but deafening, rant. Yuki, having tried to block out much of it with her hands slapped over her ears, did not hear what the feline was yelling about, but she did notice when the smaller, more fragile looking anthropomorph took the bear’s collar and flung him out of the café. Hard pressed to keep a straight face, Yuki’s mouth twitched into a slight, amused grin and next to her Fubuki was practically howling with laughter. Having just watched one smaller than her literally throw another who was about twice her size out a door was highly amusing.

Temporarily distracted by the choking Poochyena hacking on the table next to her, Yuki’s attention was drawn from the commotion of the three anthropomorphs to the giggling of the two felines as they drank some hot chocolate. Yuki covered her nose, for even the smell of chocolate made her as sick as the dog family of which she was a part. As her eyes shifted back and forth from the two felines to the winged anthropomorph – which she assumed to be a hawk of some sort – Yuki’s ears twitched as she heard glass shatter somewhere behind her. Eyes narrowed, Yuki moved away from the table and swiftly walked towards the back door near the bathroom. The others were soon distracted by a sudden cry for Konan as a non-too-pleasant woman and her ghoulish servant kicked the café door down.

Yuki dared not glance in the direction of the shadows, and instead kept on moving towards her destination with Fubuki trailing her heels, small dark gray ears perked and occasionally shifting back towards the group behind them. A fight was inevitable, and soon the sounds of struggle emanated from the dinning area as the shadows and the remaining anthropomorphs fought back to the best of their ability. Side-stepping into the small bathroom for her clothes, Yuki yanked all of her clothes down from the lines and pushed them into her knapsack. She exited the restroom pushed open the door of the kitchen only to discover that the shadowy figures had decidedly ambushed her.

Fubuki let out a high-pitched whine, which only further agitated Yuki to the point of annoyance. The dark figures solidified and formed an ant-like creature with black wings, black skinny legs, and a slimy tubule, which Yuki could only guess at the purpose. Buggy red eyes stared at her and they took flight, revealing the underside of their filament, oval wings to be a deep blood red and their pupils to reflect a sickening yellow. High-pitched screeches pierced the air as the tubular bodies were lifted into the air by the filmy wings; Yuki stared in disgust as the bugs rubbed their forelegs together in a diabolical manner.

Scowling deeply, Yuki dropped her torso so that her hand could reach under the hem of her pant leg and recover the dagger she had placed on the inside of her sock. She kept her eyes and ears focused on the bug-monsters while grasping the blade of the dagger. The decorated blade bit into her palm as she carefully yanked it up and out of her shoe. Exposing the blade to the light for the first time in five years, Yuki’s traditional hunting dagger’s gold-plated blade and carved wooden handle glistened in the darkness of the storm, briefly blinding the edges of Yuki’s sight.

She stared. The bugs stared back. She stared. The bugs stared back. A leaf floated from the darkened sky.

The bugs rushed at her head in a flurry of activity, their eyes flashing red and black and their thin wings flapping furiously as they descended from the sky. Yuki’s left arm automatically shot up to protect her head and she tossed the dagger into the air, allowing it to twirl once before catching it in her bloodied right hand. The bugs almost seemed to grin sadistically as they reached out to pierce her gray ears, but Yuki’s expression was infinitesimally scarier. Her pale blue eyes were barely slits so that she almost seemed to have them closed, her black eyebrows were neutrally set on her face, and her mouth was twisted in an upward smirk, the killing intent oozing from her slightly parted lips like the blood from her palm. Behind her, Fubuki glared at the bugs, her small, crimson eyes boring holes into their unorthodox opponents.

Within the blink of an eye, four daggers sliced through the air, seemingly have come from nowhere. Yuki ducked and twisted out of the bugs’ reach and her arm extended into a loving arc that drew the lines of death from the first bug to the third. Fubuki let out a ferocious roar and tackled the three bugs until they were lined up in the air, buzzing about as best they could with the four blood-tipped daggers circling the air. Yuki clenched her left hand and swiftly brought up her right one as though to stab the dark monsters. Before they could even react, the beasts fell to the ground; their wings ripped and bodies cleanly segmented; the shadowy monsters had no chance again the four daggers dangling point-down in the air right above Yuki’s head. With a satisfied glance back at her handiwork, Yuki let Fubuki take care of the remains, the Poochyena begrudgingly kicking the slimy bug bits off to the side and staring disgusted at the blood splatter left on the concrete.

“How putrid the stench of failure is wrought to become.” Yuki coldly stated, using her right hand to flip her hair over her shoulder. Fubuki snorted in agreement and quickly returned to Yuki’s side, though clearly sidestepping the pool of blood seeping into the cement. The two briskly walked away from the scene, only to accidentally run into a moderately tall young man with long green hair and a very revealing outfit. He glared at Yuki when she bumped into him, but scowled and continued to walk when Yuki’s response was a simple, confused look with one eyebrow cocked upward. She briefly glanced back at the man in interest when he grumbled in an odd-sounding tenor voice, “I just had to open my big, stupid mouth.”

Yuki shook her head clear and began to walk around to the front of the café, not particularly in any rush considering the situation there was likely to be less peaceful than the one behind the café. Once she saw the front door, the roaring voice of an enraged feline sounded the air. It seemed someone had crossed him on the wrong day, for his voice was full of both disbelief and menace as he spat out his words, “You stole her soul?! My god! How’d you do that?! Who are you?! Where’s Konan?!”

An oily voice soon followed the outburst; it’s sound was smooth and deafening at the same time, the soprano melody scorching Yuki’s ears, “I haven't seen a lion boy in quite awhile, I wonder if you can find your little friend. I'm sure she's stumbling around in the forest somewhere. How should I know? Ta-ta for now. I'd advise finding your friend before she falls off a cliff...Heh!” With a wicked giggle, Yuki’s head barely turned in time to see a vague feminine silhouette disappear into thin air and several black shadows, in the shape of hounds, lunge from the depths of her vanishing form.

Gulping, Yuki looked up toward the roof of the café and then back at the lion anthropomorph. She could feel the rage and fear emanating from his body and knew of the undoubtedly hasty decisions that he would make in an effort to find the female feline. Taking no more than a few seconds, Yuki grasped Fubuki by the nape of her neck and leapt to the roof of the café. She breathed a sigh of relief as she saw the form of the lion rapidly exit the café, only to back inward again when a shadow hound appeared in front of him to block his path. He stopped cold for a moment, as did the shadow beast, before Yuki’s arm hairs stood on end and the air surrounding the feline became dark and heavier. She felt the presence of an ancient being within the café, and without a second thought, Yuki turned to her right and jumped from roof to roof, weary to look straight ahead, until she was nearly out of Pallet Town.

Breathing hard, Yuki scowled neatly at the far eastern side of Pallet, where there were many flower fields and small houses with private gardens. She was unsure of why the ancient presence had suddenly appeared within the café, but she was certain that she did not want to get involved with whoever housed the ancient. For all her dislike of literature, Yuki still retained a great deal of the stories and legends of her tribe; the stories she most vividly remembered included ancient spirits and reincarnations, a grave matter in and of itself, but even more dangerous when the ancient commanded powers and abilities beyond the norm for their tribe. The intensity of the power within the café had caused her to react in such a shameful manner – fleeing as quickly as possible – but also made her want to kill until there was nothing left in the world.

‘Such an oppressive ability that ancient possessed. I am unsure if he or she even realized this, but it is necessary to my own preservation: I must continue with great caution,’ Yuki sighed and looked down to the Poochyena sitting at her feet on the roof top, who looked at her with inquisitive apple-colored eyes. Once again picking up the pokémon, Yuki carefully climbed down the house, trying to not look at the ground. ‘Oh how I abhor heights.’

When Yuki had almost reached the ground, Fubuki escaped her companion’s grasp and jumped from Yuki’s shoulder to the ground, knocking the wolf anthropomorph off balance and sending her tumbling into the flowerbed below her. Hissing in pain as the open wound on her right palm came in direct contact with the ground, Yuki was surprised when a beautiful hand appeared in front of her nose. Following the perfectly manicured nails, with green nail polish, down the arm to a female wearing a beautiful white and green dress, which barely fit over the enormous bust, Yuki scrutinized the girl. She looked to be about the same age as the female feline back in the café, and her long green hair slipped over her shoulders to lightly brush Yuki’s left knee. She was also rather close to the ground, if the short distance between her face and Yuki, and the large angle of her knees, was any indication.

“Are you okay?” The girl asked in a high-pitched voice, her eyes watering with worry, her eyebrows scrunching together above her eyes, and the lips pressing together. Yuki stared at the girl unabashedly, before sneering at the effeminate female and pushing away the pale hand in front of her with her uninjured arm. Undoubtedly surprised, the girl drew back quickly and slightly glared at Yuki’s offending left arm, her eyes no longer scrunched with worry, but with pressed downward into a glare.

Yuki cleanly flipped onto her stomach and hopped up from her position on the ground, her T-shirt covered in dirt, and the blood in her right palm crusting with dead leaves and small twigs clinging to the red substance. She winced at the pain in her palm before licking the blood with her tongue while slightly glaring at Fubuki, who was situated in another flower patch, prancing after some butterflies. Glancing back at the formerly perturbed female, Yuki’s lips curled once more into a sneer and she stalked off, leaving the girl's eyes boring holes into the back of her head, disbelief and awe etched in her features, a blush glowing on her cheeks, and an indescribable emotion shining from her bright, green eyes.

Leaves shuffled as the two females parted; Yuki heading further away from the café and it’s odd occupants, and the other girl heading in the direction of more flower patches and gardens. Before Yuki had exited the town, she heard the call of the other female, the lower-pitch of the younger female’s voice catching Yuki’s interest. Just as Yuki whirled about to face the female, a green mass of stringy hair flew into Yuki’s face as the girl crashed into her, sending both of them toppling into the ground. Yuki let out her breath as she was sent back first into the ground once again, this time with added weight, and bit her lip with her lengthening canines as her injured right hand smashed into the ground to brace her body for impact. As they recovered from the fall, the other girl stared into Yuki’s eyes unabashedly, searching for something. Seeming to realize how strange it must have appeared, straddling Yuki’s waist, hands pressed against the ground on either side of Yuki’s head, and face not four inches from the other, the girl’s cheeks burst out in a magnificent pink color, almost forcefully, and she squeezed her eyes shut in embarrassment as she climbed off of Yuki.

Yuki, for her part, was doing her best to not flip the girl over and strangle her with her bleeding palms or gut the girl with dagger-like fingernails. As soon as the girl has successfully climbed off of Yuki’s torso, Yuki’s pale blue eyes found the girl’s once again, and in a seething voice, Yuki coldly intoned, “Insolent brat.” The girl’s eyebrows rose at the simple statement, and she cutely twitched her nose in a manner that seemed as forced as the blush. In fact, the more Yuki looked, the more she felt as though she were looking at a dress-up doll with distinct, inputted actions and clear cut adorability. It made Yuki sick to even think that a female would debase herself so, simply to appear more appealing to the opposite gender. In return to Yuki’s scrutinizing gaze and scornful words, the female’s tongue ran across her teeth lightly, and her eyes traveled Yuki’s body, as though attempting to memorize the appearance of the wolf anthropomorph. She looked into Yuki’s eyes once more before dropping a water bottle and a piece cloth, rising to her full height of what seemed to be less than five feet, and turned away from Yuki, a light, natural blush gracing her cheeks. The girl walked away without another word.

Yuki remained rooted to her seat for minutes afterwards, disregarding the painful throb of her right and left hands, and the whines of Fubuki. She recognized that female from somewhere, but not exactly; differences so unimaginable made the connection hard to grasp, the threads cutting loose from their binds before being knotted together. However, just as Yuki was about to push herself up and to her feet, the world began to spin out of control, and before she had even shifted from her position, her eyes rolled to the top of her head, eyelids sinking closed, and her head hit the ground with a loud thud. Fubuki, hearing the unnerving noise, soon pranced over to the body of Yuki, settling down near her hands and licking her wounds clean. Yuki was still as stone, save for the twitching gray ears atop her head.

~A dream is only the subconscious mind exploring that which was never deemed worthy to consciously be considered seriously. But perhaps that which was not considered should be taken more seriously.~

Tiny rivets of liquid pierced her skin as she lay, prone to the weathering of her mind. In the distance, a clock began counting down the seconds of her life, the instances that defined what she was, who she was, and how she was. In the endless torrent of blood, there was only one truth, and it was a truth she never liked, but would soon learn to love. The flashes of light, the pictures on the wall, everything soon became muddied with the dark hue and crimson taint of her free-flowing blood. A world of her own creation was a world of her own destruction.

The small child whimpered to herself as the blood slithered around her face and slipped between her eyes and lips, entering her body and lungs, suffocating her. She coughed and choked on her breath, trying to stay alive, but as the room became shrouded in darkness, the small glisten of her white hair and the bright glow of her pale blue eyes was soon drowned out by the black luster of an ocean of blood flooding the room. The child’s body bobbed on the surface of the waves, facedown and bloated, as the liquid slowly drained back to its origin. The blood that had seeped into the child, into the pictures, into the walls, into the ground, soon crusted and decayed, shattering into a crystal of crimson, as two pairs of lonely pale eyes watch from the edge of a cliff, high above the torrential rain of death.

Pale blue eyes stared into the silver pupil-less eyes of her companion, before both turned back to the shards of crimson scattered and seductively gleaming on the dark shadows of the edges of her mind. Slowly the shards lifted into the air and fused, forming another crystal with which the pairs of eyes focused their attention, gazing into the darkened, bloodied room where the small, dead girl lay, her arms outstretched and her body covered by a sheet of black.

Without preemption, the arm of the small girl lifted vertically, and flew down to the dark ground, her elbow creating a right angle, and her hand palm down, flat, on the ground. Her other arm followed the exact same, slow motions, and soon, the small, bloated girl was ready to push herself up. The black sheet seemed to have a mind of its own, however, and it had qualms with the small girl trying to get up; it surround her body, trapping her arms, legs, and head under its dark grasp. Before the two observing figures could sneer at her weakness or mourn her loss, a bright white light began to glow from within the black sheet; the glow became all consuming, eating away at the darkness of the room, lighting every corner and crack with its radiance. The walls were still crimson, but much of it faded away within the light; the ground became sparkling white as the beams washed over it; the dark, bloodstained pictures shriveled up and were turned to dust by the purity. From within the depths of the black blanket crept the smoldering consciousness, the small girl with white hair, pale blue eyes, and a pure white nightgown, and she stepped forth and stared into the eyes of her other.

Silver eyes of another small girl peered into glowing pale blue. A smirk was cast into the abyss and acknowledgements were exchanged.

Yuki stared as the scene played out in front of her. She could do naught but watch as the fleeting images of life and death, of acceptance and exclusion, of love and hate flew past her in beautifully destructive spheres of thought. The crimson crystal over the edge of the cliff had greeted her with a cynical smile, and the figure next to her had licked wet her dry lips. An unremarkable wind had blown past the two, black and white hair tangling as Yuki and her other met at the edge of the cliff, eyes locked and emotionless. Silver eyes stared down pale blue, and within each swirled an acceptance of all that occurred, of all that was occurring, and of all that would occur.

The beauty lost within ugliness, life lost within death, purity lost within sin.

Yuki’s mirthless smile had followed the cheshire grin of her other. With a nod of her head, the black-haired figure had indicated Yuki’s seat, and they had watched, together, as the crimson crystal burst into life, it’s disturbing depiction of a life long past and a renewal still sought rattling Yuki to the core and causing her other to lick her lips in anticipation. Now as the scene was finishing, Yuki felt an incomplete loss; she felt as though she had misplaced something within the vast darkness that she called home. In a timeless place, she who was weighed down by conscious thought felt the passage of time heavily, and her mournful tears were replaced with the glorious eyes of vengeance. And so Yuki cried waterless tears of blood within her heart as she watched the crimson crystal shatter into a thousand pieces once more, this time refusing to collate into the beautiful jewel Yuki had come to recognize.

Beside her sat the black haired female, her exact copy save for the white ears, silver, pupil-less eyes, aforementioned black hair, and dark, decayed fingernails. She sat with her legs underneath her in a more tradition-formal style, while Yuki sat with her legs splayed across the ground in front of her, her left leg haphazardly bent, right leg straight forward, and her arms supporting most of her weight. The formal female was decorated in a beautiful crimson dress, the color matching that of the crystal to a T, her eyes lined with black eyeliner, and her lips accentuated by bright red lipstick. Next to her, Yuki’s torn up crimson jeans and crimson T-shirt with a maroon turtleneck underneath looked so base and common that had Yuki been any other person than herself, she would have felt the red lines of deep shame running across her face. As it was, Yuki’s red tears matched those of her counterpart’s perfectly, and that was all that mattered.

A slight squeal erupted from Yuki’s throat when the Hell Grass covering the cliff tickled her bare feet; her companion simply looked at her in a meaningful way before resuming her blank stare straight ahead. Yuki smirked slightly however, when her companion copied her action as the Hell Grass lightly touched her bare feet as well. All that was returned was a brief glint of the silvery eyes and a hollow sniff.

Yuki briefly smiled as the blood colored sun kissed her face in greeting, and saw the upward twitch of her dark-haired companion’s lips as she felt the warmth as well. In this world, at least, they could sit in understanding, in a companionable silence. On the outside, they were bitter enemies, fighting for a right to live in a world neither wanted to see survive. The darkness in front of them slowly evaporated, and the crimson crystal dissipated as two small figures formed. Both figures floated upwards, their hands conjoined and blood red strings tying their necks, waists, and inside legs together, and the black and white contrasts of each figure blending together to create a sickening gray. Looking towards each other, Yuki and her other cast down their eyes as they each reached out a hand, clasping them together while crimson strings tied irremovable knots, and slowly stood up, gracefully, elegant, and beautiful.

The smile that graced Yuki’s lips was contagious, and soon the black of the small twins lit up in a huge grin, but the solemnity of the other was opaque, and the white of the twins copied her example. Together, Yuki, her other, and the small, opposing twins walked off the edge of the cliff, eyes glistening with revived hope and determination as the sun of their land imploded and left the cliff in darkness. The final moments of this world, a world impenetrable, a world timeless, were filled with the sensation of clarity, a fullness that Yuki had once forgotten in a time she did not recall, and the bright glimmer of light that was the awed smile of Ochiuo.

~If anything in this world was unloved and uncared for, it could be found within the one place everyone went, the one place where anything went. And luckily, there it shall be found, be cared for, and be loved.~

December 2nd, 2008, 5:32 PM
Atton was staring down at the colorful flyer hypnotized; lost in thought as he gazed at all of the bright colors and letters. There was something about that poster that made it really awesome. Could it be the brilliant color coordination, sublime text shaping and position, or just ideal party themes that explained the Festival of flames? Who knew, but Atton was looking at it dumbfounded. It wasn’t until Iris spoke that he lifted his head away from the flyer and to her; who proceeded to ask what was, at least for Atton, a rather direful question. It was nothing in comparison, though; to the one that was going to be thrown out afterwards.

"Can we take dates?!" She yelled out loudly and in her high-pitched voice tone as she indiscreetly took a step closer to the Leo and blushed heavily. Her light-colored eyes sparkled as she put her hands together and waited for the jester to respond. “Why of course little girl, you may take a date for the couples dance under the fireworks, they play slow dances and everything, and ohoho if you want to ask that person through not only words but a gift you can go to the gift shop and by a "date charm" they say if you by one that you'll end up marrying the person you asked out! Ohohohoho!" The Jester said with a smirk. He nodded for no apparent reason afterwards and then juggled the rainbow balls in front of them, then happily bounced away to proceed handing out the other flyers.

Atton lifted and eyebrow at the furthering figure and then laughed quietly, making fun of the Jester. “Well, a strange fellow, eh? I be-…”
"Atton will you go to the Flames Festival with me?!" Iris interrupted as she pounced to the front of Atton and took her face to a distance ridiculously short from him. Her bright eyes stalked his own, and Atton could ‘feel’ how his blue-grey iris turned grey. His pupils dilated after hearing the question, and his couldn’t help but to stutter “Uh…” over and over while his bedazzled mind thought of a response. He became ridiculously nervous and could feel his nervous system crash inside of him. Atton was very good when working and responding over pressure, but, due to the nature of the question; the boy let out a rather shy aspect of him come out. Luckily for the male, though; Konan, who had a gesture expressing a confusing mixture of shock, dismay, and fury, stepped in front of Iris and pushed her out of Atton’s way. "Alright, alright, you little flirt. You can ask him out later." The rather angst Neko yelped as she lead Iris towards Pallet Town; Atton following.

Once they were all in the middle of Pallet Town, Konan turned around, waving goodbye to the group and running of to a female clothing store. "Well if I'm going to the festival I have to get a Yukata, and maybe one of those date charms, heh although I've never really believed in that stuff." Almost immediately after, Iris uttered a similar expression and parted off to the same store as Konan. Atton looked over to Andrew, the only other male in their group and shrugged, saying only “Girls…” in a rather joking voice tone; then he laughed quietly. After that, he said goodbye too and parted off to a clothing store nearby. He needed some new clothes, after all. First, under his jacket, his naked torso was still prone to receive infection from the fresh wounds; and second, his pants were pretty torn down. His boots and jacket weren’t in such a good condition; but they’d still hold a while. The last thing he wanted to do was squander his money; for he only had a small pouch inside his pocket with a fair amount of PokéDollars inside his pocket. Sighing, Atton walked inside a clothing store and immediately stared around. First, he walked deep into store to watch a lady going through clothe racks. Beside her, in a small stool, a water bottle, presumably hers lied still. Atton discretely grabbed a random shirt and then took the water, tucking the bottle in between the shirt to prevent it from being visible. With the bottle and an extra piece of clothing in stock, Atton started to look around the store, undiscerning. He grabbed two shirts of the same kind and trousers, and then asked for a fitting room. The clerk gladly agreed and gave Atton a room.

First thing he noticed was a camera in a corner, he used one of the two extra shirts to throw it against it; acting like he never noticed the camera was there. Then, when no one could watch, Atton put on the new clothes and removed his jacket and boots. Using the other extra shirt and the bottle of water, he wiped the shoes and jacket until they were clean. When he was done, he walked out, letting the shirt hang from the camera. Atton, on his way to the counter, saw the lady still looking for clothes, so he discretely put the water bottle in one of her shopping bags and continued to walk. When at the counter, he paid for the items he was wearing and then walked out, taking a deep, long breath.

His new attire wasn’t much different than his last attire. His jacket was the same old black leather jacket with cream-yellow strips running from the shoulders to the end of the sleeves, on the side. His new T-Shirt was dark-brown; completely black except for the weak, faded pattern of some tribals in a sandy tone; one which isn’t even able to be seen unless looked at with a lot of attention. The new pants were dark blue denim with his white gold chain on a side; and his shoes were the same black-brown combat boots. Not formal attire; but at least he didn’t look like he was dressed in rags.

~Feels good to have new clothes.~ The Leo innocently said as he walked to the middle of Pallet Town and sat down on a low post-sign. He was staring around looking for a place to eat; because, event though Pokémon Centers provided free food, as well as lodging, the food served was nasty. While Atton stared around, he felt his alter-ego speak.

~It does, it does. Your old clothes stunk bad, Atton.~ Gado said loudly.
~Gado.~ Atton started. ~Where’ve you been?~
~None of your business, fool.~ Gado said inwardly as he plotted a smart idea. Some mind eff with Atton would really entertain the mean lion. ~Anyway; Atton… I see you were invited to the Festival of Flames by that green girl.~

~Uh, yeah.~ Atton said as his voice tone grew more nervous. ~About that…~

~What are you going to do?!~ Gado interrupted, yelling in a very loud voice tone. One that expressed deep, but fake, sorrow and fear. ~Will you say yes? I mean, she invited you; and she doesn’t seem that bad of a person. She’s creepy, though; I think she may me a crazy stalker on something. But will you be such an ass like to reject her in her face? Oh, but did you see Konan? Her reaction was strange. I mean, when she heard Iris invite you, she was red from fury. Maybe she wanted to go with you too? And she didn’t invite you, must maybe she planned on doing so; or, would you have invited her? Our shared mind tells me you could’ve had the idea of doing so if she didn’t… But Iris stepped first. My God; so complicated. What are you doing?~

The words said by Gado were true, and Atton hadn’t realized it. All of the things said had really gotten deep into Atton’s mind, and the Leo couldn’t know what to answer. ~I don’t know…~ Atton said nervous, feeling a slight headache and rubbing his eyes. ~What would you do, Gado?~

~Me?~ Gado said, laughing quietly because his plan of toying with Atton’s mind to put him in hard situations had succeeded. ~I’d kill them both and not worry about it anymore. Now go eat, I’m hungry.~

~Safety and Peace; Gado.~
~Feed me.~

Atton stood up with a lot of thoughts in his mind. He was gazing off as he walked, and, unnoticeably, he bumped on some sort of sushi stand. The place, though clandestine, seemed very clean and delicious. The guy serving the place greeted him and offered him a plate. Atton nodded and asked for a plate that had the most amounts of raw meat and fish as possible. When he received his meal and drink, he paid and then walked away to a small bench. The food, surprisingly, was very delicious; so the Leo took his time to enjoy the meal. He hadn’t had breakfast, and this was probably counting as both the first and last meal of the day. Atton’s system was so used to little amounts of food that only a small meal would do for a day. By the time he finished eating, sunset had come, and Atton turned around to enjoy the sight in a body of water. He really enjoyed doing so; for he enjoyed the natural beauties of a landscape. With a sigh, Atton stood up and decided to head to a Pokémon Center to settle in, trusting the other three anthropomorphs would wake up in time, no matter where they slept, to catch the ship to Cinnabar. Atton, on his way to the red-roofed structure, passed next to the docks on which the ship was stocking. It was really big and luxurious, and it had the phrase “S.S. Whirlpool” typed on a side with italics. Atton, excited about the upcoming trip, continued to walk to the place he’d spend the night on.

Just before he walked inside the building, Iris ran over to Atton; a ton of shopping bags handing from her left hand and one very small one on her right hand. “Atton!” She yelped happily as she approached.

“Uh…” Atton said with a nervous gulp. “Hey, Iris. Uhm… Here, let me help you with that.” The Leo said as he courteously stretched for Iris’ bags, whose weight seemed to bend the docile female to a side, and with a great ease slung them to his back. Before he walked in, Iris spoke.
"S-So we'll you go to the festival of flames with me?! I even bought a charm”

~Oh, oh! She even bought a charm!~ Gado yelled laughing. ~You heard that, Atton? She BOUGHT a charm! If you agree, you’ll have to marry her. I don’t think you’re ready for that.~

Atton could feel his nerves twirling around his neck and tight knots, but, after gathering valour; or, actually, not gathering enough courage like to say what was needed; only replied with a sigh and “Uh… Yeah… sure… Wh-….Why not…”

~You’ll regret that.~

“Oh, yes! Thanks, Atton! We’ll have a blast.” Iris squeaked loudly as she threw her arms around Atton, her fragile arms barely being able to press around the man’s tough chest and back. “Uh, yeah; sure, sure” Atton said nervous as he let go of Iris’ grasp. “You spending the night in the PokeCenter?” Atton said, changing theme.

“Yes, I am”
“Cool, then; let me help you with the bags.”

The two walked in; Atton being at a ‘safe’ distance behind Iris. He asked for a room; and so did the girl. The two were led to their respective rooms; who weren’t much apart from each other, and Atton dropped the bags at Iris’ room. “Good night. Remember to be ready at 10:00 AM; that’s when the ship sets sail. We’ll meet at the docks.”

“I know; I know; how could I forget!” Iris said, jumping up and down excitedly. “Good night, Atton!” Iris said in a seductive voice tone as she walked into her room. Atton took a deep breath and then walked to his room.

~She’s crazy; man, I’m telling you. She’s crazy~ Gado said in a mocking voice tone.
~I just hope… I mean, I just wanted… Like… Man, I didn’t want anybody to be hurt or feel bad.~

~I could count more than 1 person that is going to wish you would've made a smarter choice. That’s your weakness, Atton. You should start learning to put yourself in front of others instead of it being the other way around. How can you help others when you make yourself suffer? I hope you learn with time, weakling. Now; sleep. We can’t miss the ship to Cinnabar.~

Atton took another deep breath as he opened the door to his room. The room was very small; but considering Atton used to sleep on the ground anywhere, this felt like paradise. To make himself feel more in his ‘habitat’, Atton took two blankets and a quilt and put the flat in the ground; then he lied down. It somehow resulted relaxing to sleep in the floor every once in a while. There, before falling asleep; Atton started to think.

~Man… This is it. The purpose and meaning of the dream… The kind of adventure I was looking for... ~

Then, after pondering about a couple of things for a while, Atton fell asleep after setting an alarm clock so he wouldn’t be late for tomorrow. ~Tomorrow’s… Going to be a strange day…~

Zeta Patchouli
December 2nd, 2008, 7:39 PM
Chapter 14: En Route to Fire Island

"Why couldn't we stay with them on the way?" Asked Alex as he held on to Andrew for dear life... daring not to let go, for fear of falling into water. They were past the ship that took the rest of them by quite a ways.

"Well, I don't like boats... remember what happened last time?" Asked Andrew. "That island will never be the same again... poor citizens of Seafoam Island... oh, well... I don't care."

"Oh, yeah... I just hope we never have to go back there... there's only so much people will forgive you for crashing a giant ship into their harbor slash market." Said Alex remembering what had happened.

(ooc: No flashback for you!, but the ship is still there, as a pokemon habitat... but it has no real importance to the story.)

"Well, we're almost there... do you want to go into your pokeball? Because you know how I land after long trips." Said Andrew... not noticing a giant bird behing him.

"Umm... there's something behind you." Said Alex. Andrew looked back and saw a Fearow. "Should I take care of it?"

"Naah, let's see if a Fearow is really as powerful as some people say." Said Andrew as he flew faster, causing the Fearow to speed up, but before the bird could catch up... he slowed down, letting the Fearow pass, before firing a wind blast, knocking the Fearow on to an Island. "Heh, one shot victory!"

"Umm... we're falling." Said Alex as he leapt up. Andrew looked down and flapped his wings a couple of times before slamming onto the same island Fearow did... and right next to it. Alex landed gracefully on his paws.

"Umm... let's just go." Said Alex as he grabbed on to Andrew, who took off to Cinnabar.

Act II: The Boy in the 'Cage'

Andrew and Alex were walking down the streets towards the Cinnabar Institute, where they study and test scientific things, related but not limited to Biology, Geology, Psychology and Pokeology. "So why are we going to the labs? I thought you hated science labs." Said Alex. Andrew turned and looked at Alex.

"I promised a friend that I would visit him before the Festival of Flames... this was actually our next stop after Pallet Town, but... yeah." Said Andrew as he stopped... right before going in... which is unusual. Andrew always just went inside anywhere, why not here? "Oh, my friend had a bad experience with a pokemon, and is not a fan of those who he himself hadn't caught before." Alex's eyes opened wide as he realised where this was going.

"You're not putting me into a pokeball!" Yelled Alex before trying to run away, but the red beam hit him, drawing him into the ball rather forcefully.

"I'm sorry, but I need to talk to him." Said Andrew as he walked into the laboratory. There waiting for him was a scientist. "I'm here to see Rei."

"Right, he has been expecting you about now." Said the scientist as he motioned Andrew to follow. There was a lot of white in the building... and it stank like chemicals all of the time... the scientists got used to it, but Andrew, who has only been here twice... hasn't. "Did you return any and all pokemon?"

"Yeah, Alex is in his pokeball... and I have no other. I'm ready to head in." Said Andrew. The scientist nodded as he opened the door they were standing right next to. When the door opened... there was a boy of about nine years old, sitting in a wheel chair. His hair was medium sized and a deep brown... his face is really pale, since he hasn't been outside in a long while. He is wearing a white shirt, and tan shorts. There was an eyepatch covering his left eye, and his right eye was a deep blue... oh, and the thing was...

He was missing his right arm, and leg, in it's entirety.

"Hey Rei, how are you?" Asked Andrew. Rei smirked before saying.

"I'm good... the scientists are almost done... I saw their progress on their robotic arm and leg... I can't wait to finally be out of here!" Said Rei, happy. "I really can't... I want to walk on my own leg again, without falling. But now it is impossible... but they say that in two months, they will be done."

"That's good to hear. Listen, I'm sorry for not visiting more... it's just... I never have the energy to fly down here." Said Andrew, sounding kind of sorry. "Listen... do you want to go to the Festival? Y'know... to get out for once?"

"...No. I don't want to go until I can walk again. I want to experience the same things everyone else does... that's why I never get out of here... they even give me a chance... every day."

"Heh, well... I'm happy for you... I just hope you get your wish of being able to walk soon." Said Andrew. Rei looked down.

"I want you to leave now... I just want to be alone." Said Rei as he turned his wheelchair around, and going to the corner. "I'm getting tired."

"Well... okay. If that's what you really want." Said Andrew before walking out. Rei glares at the wall after the door closes.

"I hate pokemon... for what they did to me. I hate them so..." Said Rei before falling asleep.

(ooc: Yep, that is who 'Zero' is... Rei.)

December 2nd, 2008, 9:34 PM
"Ngh...." Konan tossed and turned in her sleep, she quickly appeared in mindscape. The vision that appeared before her was another her. The eyes were cold dead and souless. "Is that..me?" Konan stood there looknig at the odd doppleganger who only stood there like a statue.Lunar Rosa then appeared next to her a cynical smile uponst her face "Yes thats you." Lunar Rosa smiled as cynical laugh uponst her face. The dopple ganger then began crying tears, souless tears which turned to blood the minute they hit the ground. Konan flinched as each tear hit the ground. The doppleganger just sat there and cried.. and cried.... and cried. "Times running out dear Konan." Lunar Rosa smirked as a giant clock appeared in front of the doppleganger. The clock hands were exactly at midnight.

The clock began to toll in harmony as the blood tears hit the ground. Konan merely stood there looking at the scene, her body wouldn't move. The doppleganger continued to cry as the bell kept tolling in rhythemitic movements with the dopplegangers tears. Konan began to shaked and a sharp pain began to pound in her chest and Konan screamed in agony amoungst the mindscape. Lunar Rosa merely smirked at her shrieks in pain. "That my dear Konan is heartbreak." Lunar Rosa told Konan as she looked at Konans tears fall to the ground. She was in utter agony. The doppleganger still emotionless soon stumbled to Konan a dark sword appeared in her heart and she whispered something inaudible and stabbed Konan with the dark sword, which caused Konan even more agony. "Heart Break my dear Konan is something no mere mortal can understand thus, you won't ache on the outside because you keep telling yourself you don't hurt...And yet while in mindscape...You feel nothing but pain and tears. Don't you want to kill Iris? For taking tton, didn't you wanna go with him?" Lunar Rosa smirked as she began to toy with Konan in many ways.

"I do but....I can't...I want to...I should but I can't." Konan struggled to whisper out as she held her chest in agony. A crest appeared on Lunar Rosa's and Konans right eye. The crest was in a odd shape but it made a cross over Konan's eye.
Konans eyes shot open and she sat straight up in the bed, her covers tangled and twisted. Konan sweatdropped a little bit. "Musta been a nightmare...." Konan said trying to reassure herself of what had been going on in her dream. She quickly hopped out of the scrambled tore up bed and grabbed her bag, a small starley was pecking on the window. "Starleyy~" Konan immedietly recognized the starly as her very own pokemon.

"TWEETY ITS YOU!" Konan yelled as she opened the door and hugged the starley gently. The starley chriped at her gently and nuzzled her back in happiness. "So Tweety we gotta hurry, I dunno what time it is but, well we have a cruise to catch!" Konan giggled as she stepped out but was pushed aside by Iris who was forcefully dragging Atton. Konan sweatdropped minorly and then remebered the date charm, but surprisingly the starley had taken the libery of putting it in his mouth, Konan began to pet the Starley gently and followed Iris who was still dragging Atton. Despite Iries size, she was actually pretty strong.

"Atton sweety we have to hurry and get to cinnibar island~" Iris giggled, Konan started to laugh merrirly.

"So, hehe, you two lovebirds gonna get married or something?" Konan teased the two. This comment made Iris blush like mad and it soon turned to a glare.

"Well at least I have a boyfriend!" Iris yelled this caught Konan by surprised and she glared back.

"I'd rather be alone then have a boyfriend. To big of a commitment!" Konan yelled back, she was yelling back out of sass but her eyes told a different tale. A tale of envy and jeaolousy. "I'm leaving see yah looser." Konan snapped at her walking on ahead.

"I don't see why you insist on letting that women have her. I mean your jealous." Lunar Rosa's voice told her.

"Shut up, no one asked you." Konan snapped back angerly. Lunar Rosa giggled in amusment. Hah, I've made the kitty angerly. How adorable." Lunar Rosa taunted back. It was literally a arguing with myself conversation. Lunar osa was laughing her ass of at this point which made Konan more and more flustered by the second.She continued arguing with her otherself till the arrived at the cruise.

"W-wow..It's huge!" Konans jaw literally dropped to the ground when she saw it. It was a large luxury cruise liner.

"Flyer please." A man at the gate asked her,Konan nodded and handed him a crumpled peace of paper that was once the Flyer that advertized the Festival of Flames. The man nodded and let her aboard onto the large cruise ship, once she reached the deck her eyes dazzled with gee, a large swimming deck, a spa and many other things to keep a person happy. "I need a swimsuit Tweety lets go buy one!" Konan giggled and left to a show that sold bathing suits. She tried several on and couldn't find the right one. Konan finally found one that matched her. A two piece swimsuit which was black with white flowers all over it. Her Starley chirped in delight., as she emerged from the changing room. Several guys looked at her mouths agape [perverts!] Konan quickly purchased the swimsuit. "Alright lets have some fun! " Konan yelled as she jumped into the pool.

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December 3rd, 2008, 8:56 PM

Day two of Atton and Gado’s epic journey had just begun. The alarm, object which Atton now regretted to have activated last night, made a low, monotonous beeping noise over and over; and it just wouldn’t stop until Atton set it off. Atton, though, had the ability of waking up incredibly early no matter the amount of exercise and stress he received the day before. By the second beep of the small black object; Atton pushed himself to his feet and slammed the clock quiet; not even caring about yawning, eye rubbing or stretching. Except for his rather messy hair and slightly wrinkled clothes, no one could find a way to tell Atton had woken up seconds ago. He looked really fresh and rested; but the fact that not even a light eye bag was present, along with the fact that he didn’t move in a position that could hint he just woke up, it was impossible to tell whether he slumbered or not.

Atton smiled, knowing that a great day waited today. His smile turned into a frown, however, when he remembered the events from yesterday. The Leo sighed very loudly before walking over to the small bathroom inside the room. The bathroom and all of the objects inside it where pearl white; color that was in complete contrast to the bright colored walls of the main room. When inside, Atton stared at a mirror for a couple of moments, then he pulled his shirt down to remove the wrinkles quickly. He put his hands together in a bowl-like shape and then filled them with water; proceeding to dip his face into it. The coldness of the liquid invigorated Atton, making him smile subliminally as he wiped his face dry with a nearby towel. He looked over at the clock again and, after gathering enough guts to come out of his room; he opened his door.

Immediately after he put only one foot out, he felt his breath cut. His face turned blue and his eyes almost popped out. Why? Because Iris, apparently, had been waiting for him outside his room, and as soon as he came out, she threw her arms around the Leo and squeezed with all of her strength, which, to Atton’s surprise; was amazing.
“I…” Atton squeaked in a high voice tone as he struggled to get something; anything inside his lungs. “I can’t breathe…!~

“Atton, good morning!” The girl very happily exclaimed as she applied even more pressure on the young man’s neck; not caring that the severe pulse on his neck was like a warning for her to stop. “Were going to have a lot of fun today, I’m sure! But, we have to leave now! Maybe, if we hurry to the ship; we can lose Konan on the way.” Iris finished with a mischievous smirk on her face.

“Whoa!” Atton said as he violently let himself loose off Iris’ grip; his suffering expression changing to one of anger. “What the hell does that mean?! We’re not leaving Konan behind!” Atton yelled furious as his blue skin tone changed to a fierce rubious one. His iris turned grey and his muscles contracted, like if he had just been attacked and he prepared to strike back. The imposing and burly figure of the male; along with the fact of his large fangs and his sadistic facial expression would have scared anyone away; but Iris simply approached again, taking Atton by the neck of the T-Shirt and dragging him along the ground. Only Atton’s heels were touching the floor; the rest of his body was being pulled by Iris, who was surprisingly powerful. The Leo tried to fight back, but, not willing to react violently against the girl; he decided to just go with the flow.

As they moved through the corridors of the Pokémon Center, several trainers of differing ages stared at the couple; which was quite a humorous sight to behold. Such a petite female carrying an enormous, strong male around the ground pulled out many laughs and smiles out of everyone. “What. Don’t judge” Atton said ashamed as he stared around, blushing because of the embarrassment.

"Atton sweetie we have to hurry and get to Cinnabar island~" Iris giggled. “Well.” Atton started. “If you speed up; I will have to do so too. It’s not like I can move, you know…” Just when Atton finished talking, he heard a door open. He looked to a side to see Konan walk out of her room, a Starly hovering near her, event which pulled a very small smile out of him. “Hey, Konan; good morning.” Atton greeted; taking for granted that Iris wasn’t going to say nice things to her. Konan, though; instead of replying to Atton, responded in quite a hostile manner to the other two anthropomorphs.

"So, hehe, you two lovebirds going to get married or something?" Konan teased; forcing Iris to react viciously and spit out what she thought was a good come back. The answer, though; didn’t make Atton so happy.

"Well at least I have a boyfriend!" Iris spat out as she took a step closer to Konan, hinting their verbal fight would turn to involve physical contact. Atton, scared, just buried his head on his shoulders. That was, though; until she heard Iris say ‘boyfriend.’

“Hey!” He yelled intensely as he lifted both of his eyebrows and his pupils shrank. “I’m not your boyfriend, Iris!” The Leo vehemently yelped as he was grabbed by Iris again; who apparently ignored what he said and brutally took him by the wrist.

"I'd rather be alone then have a boyfriend. To big of a commitment!" Konan retorted, her tone reflecting what she wanted to be pride and sass. Atton, though; could easily sense that hidden in the afore mentioned emotions; a bizarre combination of jealousy, disappointment, envy and sorrow was identified. Atton gulped; nervous, before Konan walked away with "I'm leaving see yah looser."

“Hmph!” Iris muttered as she continued to walk, now at a quicker pace to make sure they wouldn’t miss the boat. “I truly dislike that Konan.”

On their way to the boat; Atton and Gado engaged in conversation.

~Atton. Now, look; I’m not kidding. I know I’ve told crap to you before, but now I’m serious. Do you really want to marry this girl? I mean, she’ll eat you alive! She’s nuts, man. Nuts!... She’s kinda hot, though; and smells nice.~ The bestial started, speaking out in his normal, spiteful roars before changing to one that expressed either deep consideration and thoughtfulness … Or lust.

~Gado, of course not! I don’t think that charm thing’s true. Besides… Wait; she’s what?~ Atton replied, starting out in a nervous voice tone before changing to a rather shocked one.

~Ignore it~

~Fine. As I was saying; marrying is an exaggeration, so shut the hell up with. She really creeps me out; though. Remember when I said ‘I hope I don’t regret this?’. Well, my hoping wasn’t enough. She took my approval on going with her to the dance too seriously. Now she says I’m her boyfriend.~

~I know, I heard that too; idiot.~

~Whatever. I… Man, I don’t know what to do.~

~Meh, don’t worry, worm. I’ve seen the future; and I know you will do the ‘right’ thing.~


Soon, the anthropomorphs were at the docks and about to board the S.S. Whirlpool; but a man even burlier than Atton stopped them and asked them for the invitation flyer. Atton pulled out the creased piece of paper and flashed it to the man, who peered at it for less than a second before allowing them to go in. The cruise was incredibly large, for sure being able to fit all the population of Pallet Town, Viridian City and Cinnabar Island, and seemed to be amazingly luxurious; at least for a free trip. Festival of Flames announcements were all over the walls of the preened, and the people jumped around excitedly as they waited for the ship to set sail. The ship had a fair amount of stories, ranging from the different entertainments available. One specifically for eating, one for pool activities, spa treatments and such; and another one for resting, where private rooms and lounges for sleeping and relaxing were available. A large amount of crew members were present, trying to ensure anyone’s needs were fulfilled.

“Wow, this place looks nice.” Atton whispered before Iris started running and taking him to the floor with pools and spas. “Atton, let’s go to a Spa! I could really use a massage right now.” The girl said as her speed increased with each moment; not even lowering when it came to climbing stairs. Atton would’ve normally let go and go away; but he had an idea that might actually work. Though a massage sounded appealing and he didn’t had to get involved in much interaction with Iris; he thought about taking it. The idea changed though; when he saw that the two persons in charge of the massage where to guys that were bigger than Atton. Both tall, fat, and bald; though their uniform was impeccable. Iris, without saying a thing lied down in one of the massage beds and put her face in the hole designated for it, then the massage started.

“How much does the treatment last?” Atton asked one of the guys very quietly.
“About an hour” One replied, following Atton’s game and whispering.
“Cool.” Atton said as he pulled out an amount of PokeDollars. “I’ll give you this money if you tell the girl she can’t speak during the treatment and don’t let her look up.” The man gladly took the money and nodded, passed the message to Iris and continued doing his work. Atton, smirking, walked away.

“I have 1 hour of freedom. Ouch.”

Deciding to use his time wisely, Atton decided to look around the floor he currently was one. He enjoyed looking around large ships, airplanes and buildings; so this cruise was like an amusement park to him. Unfortunately, though; certain female was impeding him from fully enjoying. “Dammit.” Atton muttered as he approached the pool area. “Why did I agree to go with her.” He asked himself out loud; though the answer was obvious. He had no idea Iris would behave like this… That and the fact he was too weak to give a no. Some minutes passed before one very loud yell was heard all over the ship. “ATTON!!!!!” The voice yelled as all of the windows in the ship trembled. “Sorry, man! She’s crazy!” Another man yelled, and Atton recognized the voice as the one of the man he gave the money to fool Iris. After he spoke, the man was slapped by the female to the ground as Iris started looking for Atton like a lion after its prey.

Sweating already, Atton looked around and noticed Konan inside the pool. “Help.” He desperately squeaked as he grabbed a towel from the ground and sat on a reclinable chair, covering his whole body with the towel. Such a childish strategy, but by Atton’s position, it promised to help. All he hoped was that Konan listened to his plea and in some way helped him to avoid Iris for at least the couple of hours the ship lasted.

December 3rd, 2008, 9:43 PM
Kona kept riding on the water slide over and over, she liked the tickle and adreniline that rushed through her body when she finally hit the ground, as she hit the underwater one more time and came up for air she saw Atto huddled in a corner and squeaking "help" over and over. Konan hoppedout of the pool and looked at him. A playful smirk on her face. "So.. hehe not so great in flowers paradise?" Konan chuckled, Atton however glared back with one of those "this isn't the time to be joking" glares. "That bad huh?" Konan was getting a true kick out of this and apparently so was Lunar Rosa. "Well then I guess I have no choice, I must keep you out of a psychopaths arms." Konan chuckled and then winked. "Leave it to me. Lets go to to someplace hot first. She's a grass pokemon so she can't stay in places like that for a very long time." Konan suggested taking Attons hand and guiding him past the various food stands, Konans distinct ears could hear Irises plees for Atton and was laughing on the inside. Konan began to whimped and not know her way around this big ship and then the hair on her neck stood straight up.

"HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH ATTON?! BOYFRIEND STEALER!" Iris yelled, Konans easy steps that were guiding Atton suddenly turned into a stumbling run.

"That chicks, freakin crazy." Lunar Rosa chuckled.

"NOT THE TIME!" Konan yelled back. The two scurried around the ship with Iris hot on their trail till they came uponst the sauna room that is. "GAH IN THERE!" Konan yelled grabbing Atton and shooving him in teh sauna and her along with it, which Iris couldn't go into since the temperture was far too great for a grass pokemon to handle.

"It looks like we lost her." Konan panted and layed on the ground. "That chick is freakin crazy can you believe she has a weapon..You;d better be careful Atton, with that knuckle if you piss her off your liable to get one hell of a beating. Which I probably am in for already." Konan said between pant as she lay on the sauna's floor. The steam cloaked the entire stall, Konan didn't mvoe she was to tired to do anything.

"Hey Atton." She panted. "Has Gado ever heard of Aetherion? i heard it from Lunar Rosa, and she told me we are suppose to kill each other one day..She told me that the neko's and leos, aren't good friends, they were at war with a power called Aetherion. And she thinks it may be the key to our memory." Konan panted with a sweatdrop, but once more that horrible voice shrieked throughout the hotel. "Uh-oh..." Konan whispered, this time Iris passed the sauna once more, but Atton and Konan couldn't hide in the sauna forever. "Cmon lets go." Konan took Attons hand once more and peeked out the door and guided him into the busied food court. "We'll be safe here she can't recognize us through the crowd." Konan told Atton as she dragged him to a sushi resturaunt.

"You just dragged him here because you wanted to eat didn't you?" Lunar Rosa asked a small smirk on her face.

"Well maybe but I'm hungry..." Konan whimpered. Lunar Rosa chuckled a little bit as her stomache growled as well.

"Well I can't chastize you there, so am I." Lunar Rosa laughed.

"Well since we're here lets eat!" Konan quickly ordered a meal of rainbow salmon for herself and sat down, asking Atton to join her. "So Atton...I've bet you've never heardof Aetherion have you? Or have you?... I dunno if its taught at leo schools anywhere...Ehehe.." Konan chuckled but then her voiced trailed off.

"What are you doing?! IDIOT! Asking Gado about Aetherion?!"[/I] Lunar Rosa yelled at her.

"Hey may know something..Give it a chance.." Konan told Lunar Rosa as she began eating the sushi and gulping it quickly. "So have you heard of it?" Konan asked Atton, hoping he would have some type of answer.

[I]"I wouldn't ask such questions to an arch enemy.." Lunar Rosa spat at her and Konan could feel her glare.

"I was told, Aetherion is the power to turn something into nothing, and nothing into something..." Konan told Atton taking a bite of the dead fish once more.

"I hope you know what your setting yourself up for." Lunar Rosa's scoldign glare didn't dissappear at all..She could stil lfeel that icey stare looking at her as she ate the sushi.

December 4th, 2008, 5:08 PM
As Atton waited for someone’s aid; or for Iris to pass him unnoticed, he felt the towel covering his head being removed. Konan had come out of the swimming pool, her swimsuit still dripping, and had apparently decided to help Atton. "So.. hehe not so great in flowers paradise?" She mocked, but Atton just looked up at her with a rather nervous and scared face. “Flower paradise? More like, weed hell. Iris is crazy! It won’t be long before she marks me with branding iron.” Atton exclaimed. "That bad huh? Well then I guess I have no choice, I must keep you out of a psychopath’s arms." Konan said as he smiled down at the Leo, playfully winking at him. Atton smiled and nodded plainly, waiting to hear Konan’s plans. "Leave it to me. Let’s go to some place hot first. She's a grass Pokémon anthropomorph so she can't stay in places like that for a very long time."

What a smart idea. Having characteristics of Grass Pokémon wouldn’t allow Iris to withstand hot temperatures, whether it is heat or coldness. But, because locking themselves up in a freezer didn’t sound much of an appealing idea either, a hot place would do. Not wasting any time, Konan took Atton’s hand and helped him stand up, quickly leading him around the ship which none of the two knew. Their steps were slow, and it looked more like a stroll; but their steps quickened when Iris’ voice was heard chasing them. "HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH ATTON?! BOYFRIEND STEALER!" The girl screamed; though no signs of her body were seen. Ninja skills.

Atton, after hearing this, entered in a small tantrum, stopping and turning back to wherever he thought Iris was. “Iris, I’m not your boyfriend!” He yelled just as loud as her before Konan took his hand again and pulled him into a small sauna room. "NOT THE TIME!"

"It looks like we lost her." Konan said as she locked the door of the small sauna and watched Iris run by through a small, polarized window on the entrance. Konan sighed, lying down on the ground as Atton walked over to a small bench and sat down; taking his jacket off and tying it around his waist. "That chick is freaking crazy can you believe she has a weapon...You’d better be careful Atton, with that knuckle if you piss her off your liable to get one hell of a beating. Which I probably am in for already."

“I know, I know… But I think she’d rather use a dog leash than those knuckles on me. She is scary. And don’t worry, I don’t think Iris is as cold hearted like to beat you up with those knuckles. She has no reason to do so, anyway, right?”

As Atton spoke, the steam inside the small room began to come out in larger amounts, soon blinding the couple to the extent that they couldn’t even see each other any more. Atton, desperate for air began to pant with his mouth open, unsure of how long the two would be able to stay in there. Wouldn’t it be easier, anyway; to lock Iris somewhere instead of hiding? Nah, that was too mean; but whatever had to be done to make iris give Atton a break, he’d agree. As Atton waved his hand rapidly In front of him to remove the thick cloud of vapor, he heard Konan speak. "Hey Atton... Has Gado ever heard of Aetherion? I heard it from Lunar Rosa, and she told me we are suppose to kill each other one day...She told me that the Nekos and Leos, aren't good friends, they were at war with a power called Aetherion. And she thinks it may be the key to our memory."

“Aetherion… Gado… Lunar Rosa… Kill each other…” Atton muttered under his breath, putting all of the elements together and brainstorming and plotting the outcome. “Gado…” He started. “Gado has told me about it; yet… He never mentioned Aetherion” The Leo said tiredly and worriedly as Iris’ voice was heard yet again, but now in a very low pitched voice that sounded more like a wild animal roar; unlike her cute, yet super-annoying voice tone. Atton got really uneasy as he saw Iris walk next to the sauna again; since he wasn’t sure how much time he would be able to stay. "C’mon let’s go." Konan said as she took Atton’s hand again and lead him out of the sauna; the Leo completely trusting she’d get him to safety. The two went down a story on the ship, soon reaching the food court; which was a massive indoor space with hundreds of restaurants and stands, all with bright colors contrasting on the white and brown walls to call the attention of costumers.

"We'll be safe here she can't recognize us through the crowd." Konan whispered as she led Atton to a sushi place. Atton, though recognizing Konan’s comment as true, was aware that his height, one noticeably greater than most of the people there, could easily betray him. He tried to ignore the topic in a while and ‘enjoy’ the time without Iris and with Konan; who knew that if Iris saw them, would beat both of them to death.

"Well since we're here let’s eat!" Konan said as she ordered a plate of food and asked Atton to join her. The Leo, who wasn’t really hungry at the time, got a plate of the same thing and sat down on the same table. Yes, he had had sushi yesterday as well; but since it had fish, he didn’t really mind. As he took a seat, Konan brought the theme from the sauna again. "So Atton...I've bet you've never heard of Aetherion have you? Or have you... I don’t know if it’s taught at Leo schools anywhere...Hehe… I was told Aetherion is the power to turn something into nothing, and nothing into something..."

Here, Atton was expecting Gado to start interrupting and come clean to Atton, but he didn’t do so. “I… I haven’t heard of Aetherion. Gado told me about… Us… Well, our bestial anthropomorphs having to kill each other… But he never mentioned why. The power to turn something into nothing… and vice versa. Sounds powerful.” Atton said inconspicuously as he rhythmically looked to the sides to make sure Iris wasn’t around, for if she saw him sharing a table with Konan, it was game over for him. With enough luck, Iris would already be in the other end of the very large ship. He took another bite of his food and a sip from his drink before starting to talk again. “I’m guessing, though; that you want and need it more than I do. I don’t care for it. The Leos probably wanted it just for the power and bragging rights. It would be in very bad hands if Gado had it. Plus, you say it is the key to your memories. If this what our tribes fight for, I’ll will gladly hand it over to you if it comes to my possession. I don’t want to fight with you, let alone kill you, and I really hope a reciprocal response, over something that is probably yours. After all, you saved my life today, so.” Atton started out talking very serious and cold, but his dark tone and pale grimace shifted to a happy, playful sounding one and a warm and friendly smile appeared on his face as he did.

~Seems that Lunar Rosa still remembers me; and Aetherion. Hmph. Hand the most powerful force ever to her just like that; all to avoid a fight? We’ll see about that, Atton, we’ll see…~

December 4th, 2008, 9:13 PM
“I… I haven’t heard of Aetherion. Gado told me about… Us… Well, our bestial anthropomorphs having to kill each other… But he never mentioned why. The power to turn something into nothing… and vice versa. Sounds powerful.” Atton said inconspicuously as he rhythmically looked to the sides to make sure Iris wasn’t around.“I’m guessing, though; that you want and need it more than I do. I don’t care for it. The Leos probably wanted it just for the power and bragging rights. It would be in very bad hands if Gado had it. Plus, you say it is the key to your memories. If this what our tribes fight for, I’ll will gladly hand it over to you if it comes to my possession. I don’t want to fight with you, let alone kill you, and I really hope a reciprocal response, over something that is probably yours. After all, you saved my life today, so.” Konan giggled a little.

"I see, well thats okay then! You know, I've never told anyone this ,but I dunno if actually WANT my memories back.It's my fear that what if they are bad, what if I had done bad things before?" Konan sighed playing with a piece of sushi. Her eyes were now a bit saddened. "I mean I've wanted my memory but, what if it isn't good, what if I was doing bad things beforehand? It runs through my mind everytime." Konan sighed as she bit into the last piece of sushi, but then looked at Atton and smiled once more. "Uh, whatever! Anyway you should see the yukata I bough it is so awesome and pretty! Heh, black and gold is what it is, hehe I was so happy when I found it, hehe!" Konan smiled at the random change of subject. She enjoyed being on the cruise. "Hey lets go exploring! I bet Iris is to tired to keep looking for you!" Konan grabbed Attons hand and draggoning him out of the resteraunt and into the "mall area"

The constant chattering of people made Konan even more lively. She continued dragging Atton until they arrived at a costume shop. It wasn't very packed and Konan didn't feel like fighting any crowds. "Lets go in here, this looks like fun!" Konan smiled dragging Atton into the costume shop. Konan watched Atton look at the various things in the shop, and then her attention turned to the masks corners. She put on a playful smirk, took one and popped up in front of Atton.

"BOO!" Konan giggled as she wore the tiger mask in an odd fashion, she looked and giggled at the stunned Atton. "Got you!" She slid the mask back on and started making verious hissing noises in the store, giggling madly afterward. "Rawr I'm a tiger!" Konan yelled making zombie motions and several roaring sounds.

"You making a fool of yourself." Lunar Rosa smirked. Konan ignored it though she was having too much fun. Konan then took the mask off and put it back.

"Lets go to the arcade next! I wanna play DDR!" Konan yelled throwing her arms up in the air, with a childish smile on her face. She quickly grabbed Atton once more and led him into the darkened arcade that had a viriety of video games with a wide array of different genre. "DDR machine!" Konan yelled hopping on to the nearest one and insertign a few tokens which she had randomly found uponst the ground. "What song should I do? Hehehe!" Konan giggled, she finally found a song that she had recognized that was dubbed "Dancing Queen". [forgive me listening to mamma mia songs xD] Konan anxiously awaited for the song to start, she loved this game so much, and as soon as the song began, she began to dance. Konan was superb, it was little known but Konan had a a beautiful talent with dancing. She kept getting perfect streaks amoungst the machine. The song continued to play, as the dance steps began to become more complicated, Konan was still able to follow with the steps and get perfects which was amazing and several people had come to watch her dancing, and as the song drew to a close the audence she had drew began to clap at her performance. Konan bowed with a smile upon her face. "Thank you! Thank you!" Konan yelled playfully in an attempt to mimic a celebritys voice. She stepped off the machine and stretched a bit,. "Well that was fun! I think we should go a bit up on the deck, maybe some water pokemon are swimming next to the boat!" Konan giggled, as she tugged onto Atton once more and dragged him onto the deck, well the backside of the deck anyway which was completely empty since there was nothing to do. Konan ran over to the edge and looked over the edge.

She saw a wide assortment of pokemon, from mantyke to remoraid, to the occasional friendly gyaradose. She smiled happily, as as mantine leaped up into the air and back into the water again. "Beautiful." Konan said softly as the smell of the sea water graced the air and small drops of sea water dripped onto her body. "Its been so fun here! I wish we had more time to explore." Konan giggled completely forgetting that they had originally been hiding from Iris.... Konan looked at the water mildly and then something began to click in her mind.

"Mommy look at the pretty water!" A small girls voice yelled as she was looking into the water.

"Yes it's beautiful..." A women whispered, as she ruffled the girls hair a small smirk appeared on her face as Cinnabar Island came into view."I'm sorry to have to do this dear but..." The women began to cut off the childs oxygen supply which led her to being unconscious. "I'm sorry." The women whispered. And the vission shattered like glass crystals

Konan came back and looked at Atton her eyes in utter amazement. "I think..I remembered something.." Konan whispered.

[to be continued..]

December 6th, 2008, 8:51 PM
"I see, well that’s okay then! You know, I've never told anyone this, but I don’t know if actually WANT my memories back. It’s my fear that what if they are bad, what if I had done bad things before. I mean I've wanted my memory but, what if it isn't good, what if I was doing bad things beforehand? It runs through my mind every time."

The statement brought out by Konan during the conversation between herself and Atton had impressed the latter to an extent. He hadn’t ever thought about that. Not in his case; but in Konan’s shoes. Before hearing this, he was pretty sure she would want her memory back no matter what, especially considering the way Lunar Rosa spoke about them while the bestial and Andrew, or his alter-ego, fought. It saddened Atton; too, for her bubble mood had sifted really suddenly to one that expressed mild sadness and despair. Sighing as he thought of something to say to make her feel better, Atton took another bite of the sushi, which was quickly being engulfed by the Leo.

“Well…” He started. “I think… I think that you shouldn’t be worried by that, at all. I mean, what you did before, if it is something wrong; is left behind. Forgive and forget, it only matters what you’re now. “ Atton spoke in a very relaxed mood; one that probably sounded philosophical to the young Neko’s mind. As he finished, he took one sip of his drink and looked up at her, smiling warmly to try to cheer her up.

Konan looked up at the male and smiled back; apparently receiving the message he weakly tried to express. “Anyway you should see the yukata I bough it is so awesome and pretty! Heh, black and gold is what it is, hehe I was so happy when I found it, hehe! Hey lets go exploring! I bet Iris is too tired to keep looking for you!""

Atton was looking down at his plate while Konan talked, but after she said the last sentence, he choked on his food and coughed loudly, softly patting himself in the stomach afterwards. The phrase was as dangerous as it was sense full, dangerous being the key word. What made Atton, who could probably stop Iris right on her tracks with one hand, so afraid of her? Who knew, but he wasn’t risking it. Going out to explore just like that with Iris still on the hunt after him was really threatening. Only one’s imagination could approach what the girl with powerful elemental knuckles could do to the pair if she saw them together. “Um... Are you sure about that, Konan, I mean, Iris could… Whoa!”

Before the rather nervous boy could finish talking, Konan had stood up, taken his hand, and pulled him abruptly. Atton only managed to grab one last piece of his unfinished sushi plate as he was suddenly taken to another floor on the ridiculously large craft. They had gone to the main deck floor, where a miniature shopping mall found its base. Just letting himself being dragged by the current, Atton didn’t even care where he was being taken. He was too focused looking around frantically in a search for Iris, who would likely tow Atton’s heart through is throat if found. Konan, though; seemed to be having a blast, completely uninterested for the fact someone was looking for them. Atton’s heat pounded loudly as they went deeper into the mall area, for there were a lot of people inside. Every corner was a possible spot for the green girl to be. The mall was really big, on boat standards. It possibly had everything a mall on land could have; except a food court, because that was on another floor. Soon enough, Konan and Atton had gone into a costumes shop. It was empty, except for the duo and the clerk. The place gave a calm sensation to Atton, who proceeded to take a deep breath after Konan let go of him and started to search for something.

The Leo started to look around the store, searching for absolutely nothing, when suddenly Konan popped out in front of him while wearing a tiger mask. "BOO!" Konan yelped as Atton took a quick step back and got in a defensive position, but then he laughed as he recognized the girl. "Got you!" She exclaimed laughing as she started saying “I’m a tiger” and walked around. Atton laughed quietly and looked around, grabbing the first mask he saw and putting it on. Incidentally, it was a lion mask, and he proceeded to say “I’m a Li-!...Oh, wait.” The Leo laughed loudly and roared like Konan, though his roar wasn’t an imitation. It was an authentic lion roar, one that earned him the attention of the worker. Atton put the mask away and turned around before Konan grabbed his hand yet again and pulled him to another place, saying she wanted to go to an arcade to play DDR. He was completely unsure of what DDR was, but he didn’t care. Again, as soon as he stepped out of the place, his tracking eyes activated to look for Iris. Close to the store, however, was an arcade. Konan entered happily and let go of Atton, who wasn’t applying resistance at all.

When inside, Atton looked around at all the different shapes and sizes machines; amazed by all the lights and colors. The ambient inside the arcade was amazing, and the darkness made him. He followed Konan to the called ‘DDR machine’, and after she grabbed some tokens from the ground an put them in; she started playing. Atton stared curiously at the machine and at Konan’s feet, immediately catching the idea of the game. Coordinating eye-feet movement to follow arrow shaped patterns sounded fun, and though Atton had barely ever danced before, he was confident enough he was good with his feet. As Konan played on the dancing platform, Atton discretely followed the moves on the ground. When the song was done, and after having moved her feet at a really quick pace, Konan bowed before the small blob of persons that were being her audience and thanked them. "Well that was fun! I think we should go a bit up on the deck, maybe some water Pokémon are swimming next to the boat!"

The idea sounded wonderful. Atton, as previously stated, loved landscapes, and watching the ocean, water Pokémon, and maybe Cinnabar Island was sure to be awesome. Plus, no one ever probably went to the back deck, for everyone was too busy doing the other things available in the ship. Konan grabbed Atton’s hand again to lead the way, but instead of being pulled now, Atton actually followed running side by side to Konan, excited about the idea.

The two were soon at the deck, which was completely, completely empty except for them. Not even a plastic chair was there, and the place was at a significant distance from everyone else. The two then leaned over the metal rails and looked down at the sea. "Beautiful." Konan said as she watched Remoraid and Gyarados leap near her, and Atton, excited about the same events happening to him, put his hand over the railing. He was hoping to ‘catch’ something like a Milotic, Golduck, or Starmie, but instead, the painful sting of a Tentacruel touched him. He immediately pulled his sore hand back as he stared at Konan and laughed. "Its been so fun here! I wish we had more time to explore." She said.

“Yeah, I know. Me too. But, I’m sure that in the Festival of Flames we’ll have a better time than in this ship.” He said as he stared at her and smiled, momentarily forgetting about Iris. Soon, though; he remembered about the plant female. “That is… If Iris doesn’t annihilate me.” As Atton spoke, Konan seemed to have entered some sort of memory trance, and once she was ‘back.’ "I think..I remembered something.." Konan said blankly.

“Really?” Atton said as he slightly cocked his head to a side, turning around and leaning on the railing. Before he could relax, though; a booming voice was heard all throughout the ship. “Passengers, this is the captain talking. I’m glad to announce that we’ll be docking in Cinnabar Island very soon. When we’re there, you will have enough time to prepare for the Festival of Flames. Remember the event starts at 7:00 PM. Prepare for arrival.”

Atton subconsciously nodded as he turned around and saw that, effectively, Cinnabar was already in sight. He smiled mildly before turning back to Konan. “What was that memory about?” He asked intrigued as the two started walking back to the main area of the ship. Konan’s reactions to her memory had gotten Atton really interested, so he ignored the fact that now that the captain had announced they would soon reach the island, it would be easier for Iris to find them.

December 6th, 2008, 11:37 PM
As Konan began to shake a little bit the image continued to play in her mind, she had her head down as a school of feebas and milotic swam past the boat.“Really?” Atton said as he slightly cocked his head to a side, turning around and leaning on the railing. Before he could relax, though; a booming voice was heard all throughout the ship. “Passengers, this is the captain talking. I’m glad to announce that we’ll be docking in Cinnabar Island very soon. When we’re there, you will have enough time to prepare for the Festival of Flames. Remember the event starts at 7:00 PM. Prepare for arrival.” The captains voice echoed throughout the luxury cruise liner. Atton still stunned at the fact that she had a minor flashback.

“What was that memory about?” He asked intrigued as the two started walking back to the main area of the ship. Konan’s reactions to her memory had gotten Atton really interested, so he ignored the fact that now that the captain had announced they would soon reach the island, it would be easier for Iris to find them. Konan looked at him, her cat ears twitched a little bit. "It was a little girl, on a boat with a women it looked to be her mother...But then the women whispered "sorry" and suffocated the young little girl till she was unconscious and then dragged her off a boat and onto cinnabar island, they both had neko ears and a tail. It was really stranged." Konans voice got early quiet and then she continued. "I believe one of those nekos..was me." Which one I was I couldn't make out, they bodies were silhouettes, nothing more." Konan looked up at the clear blue sky that had several wingull and pelliper flying about. "I think Cinnabar island will give me some answers, to who I was..." Konans voice was merely a tone above a whisper, the sea breeze began to blow and her hair swayed with the sea breeze as Cinnabar island came into sight. The whole town was covered in flame decorations, and fire. Konans jaw dropped., but it soon turned into a smile. "Well it looks like we are here. Let the festival of flames begin!" Konan yelled fist raised in the air, then an annoying voice..made both Atton and Konan freeze.

"Atton-kun we're going to the festival of flames together~" Iris smiled as she appeared out of no where and glomped him nearly throwing off deck, she had a happy childish smile on her face. "Why did you leave me/ Your so mean!" Iris whined. Konans ears went down.

"I bet he didn't wanan listen to your pathetic whining." Konan retorted, the two had lightning glares at each other and looked like they were about to murder each other in a few moments.

"At least I have a date. Your spending the festival all alone." This realization hit Konan like a ton of bricks, but in mere pride she hissed and turned away. Iris had a triumphent smirk on her face as if she had won a war but know the teasing didn't stop there. It went further. "You'll never get a date cause your to tom boyish! You'll spend your life alone, damn neko!" Iris yelled at her and began throwing a rash of insults at her.

"Shut up.. before I kick your ass." Konans voice was cold as if she was choking back some obvious frustration, but Iris had to push it.

"You'll end up alone!" This last comment Iris threw at her tore it, Konan lunged at the chikorita girl and throwing her off Atton and down onto the floor, her claws at her throat.

"I said shut up." Konan yelled as she sliced Irises face with her cat claws causing her right cheek to bleed , and Iris yelped in pain and Konan retorted one last comment. "Next time it will be your throat." Konan hissed getting off her leaving Iris to hold her cheek crying like a frightened child. Konan obviously VERY pissed off began to walk away from the scene as Iris was holding her cheek in pain and leavign a stunned Atton but as she was walking away silent tears fell down her face, Irses comments had left a mark on Konan.

The ship was soon at the dock and everyone was getting off it, Konan who had been seperated from Atton during the fight she had with Iris, although Konan didn't particulerly care at all, iris had to push in on her insecurities and at the moment she was assuming Atton was very weirded out by her. It was true she would spend the festival alone, but that didn't mean she couldn't have fun right? She stepped off the boat, she was looking down in a sad attempt to hide her hurt, and shame, but it was failing miserably. She carried her things with "Tweety" on her shoulder trying to consule her. Konan had been considering the facts that had been said to her, and it was true. No one would probably want Konan, a girl with no memory, and a girl who didn't even act like a girl, Iris had thrown some very hurtful words at Konan this time she had found a way to ruin the entire day, but that didn't mean the evening couldn't be fun right?

The day slowly passed, Konan was left depressed with her insecurities nd was sitting on the beach watching Krabby scuttle along the beach, starly trying to attack them playfully. The gntle sea breeze was peaceful. She had no reason to stay upset, but the words kept ringing in Konans ears. The silent tears had come back into her face once more and they fell on to the dry sand. "I guess, this time... I'm alone. No matter how hard I try, no one will understand my position, not even Atton. There's nothing that I can do though, maybe if I could get my memory back, maybe it could be, well I could be wanted..." Konan sobbed silently,but before she knew it she could see the setting sun and the darkened sky which led her in a hurry to get ready for the festival, she hurried into the nearest pokemon center asnd rushed into a room she had rented in a hurry. She quickly got on the yukata she had bought. She took a hair and rearranged into a festive style, but Konan didn't find it comfterble so she just left it down. She ended up putting some glitter on her cheeks, but that was it. She didn't like the idea of the whole make-up thing. "I guess....thats it..." Konan stepped out in her beautiful yukata and looked at Iris, who was in a fancy yukata that was pink and had blue flowers amoungst the mix, she was wearing a variety assortment of make-up which she actually looked good in. She smirked at Konan and mouthed the words. "You'll be alone" Konan turned away as she walked away, and had bumped into Atton, she gave a smiled and said.

"Have fun with Iris." Konan bowed and walked out of the pokemon center and sat down on an outside table waiting for the festival to start as she watched atton once again being dragged around forcefully by Iris who had gotten overly excited about the festival.

"I should help him..." Konan mumbled hopping off the table and walking off to the err "couple" (Atton most likely wanting to knaw his arm off at this point.)" Hey, why don't we spend the festival o flames together for a while, then you too can leave during the couples dance, I don't mind." Konan smiled in her best attempt to stop Atton from becoming a rag doll.

"Atton..I dunno what do you think?" Iris mumbled in a dissapointed tone, her cheek still scratched from the fight on the boat.

December 7th, 2008, 12:36 PM
While Necro waited for a response from the others, a hellspaqwn jumped in the air and knocked him out. Necro soon awoke two days later and found the cafe empty. "Where did everyone go?" questions Necro. Leon tugs on his master's clothes and points in the forest direction. "Alright, I amy have failed in trying to round the troops, but I know I can help now! By the power of Ursaring I will find them and help them save the cat." Necro dashes off into the forest. Leon quickly follows after him. When Necro finally speeds through the forest, he finds it in ruins. "There must have been a pretty harsh battle. I wonder where the others are? I hope they weren't apart of this chaos. But if they were, that would leave me alone. If I'm alone then that means I have to rely on my own power. In other words, I am about to die to wahetever creature did this." he sighs and puts his head on the ground. While felling sorry for himself, Leon jumps onto Necro's shoulder. After Necro realizes he still has Leon he cheers up. The two get off the ground and move forward into the forest.

As the two are walking they come across a camp site. The two partners investigate the area carefully. The look at the leaves that were used as a bed, some sticks that had been burned and used for firewood, and flowers. Leon deduced that the others had set up camp about two hours ago and then left. "Good work, Leon" compliments Necro. Leon then points to the tracks that have been left on the ground by another Pokemon. The duo begin to follow the tracks. As they walk along the path made of tracks, they also find blood around the area. Necro again fears that the others are dead. When they finally reach the end of the tracks, they both run into a tree. The two dazed by the tree, inadverently walk through the entrance. When they look up they see the tree is flourished and beautiful. Necro is hypnotized and falls into a pitfall. Leon jumps in after him. When Necro finally hits the floor, Leon hits his head. "Leon, watch where you're going next time." scoffs Necro. "Chimchar, chim!" says Leon.

"I was watching where I was going. I just got distracted."

"Chimchar, chim."

"What do you mean 'Like I said'? I was distracted! You could have changed your course."


"Don't make you angry, don't make me angry!" the two squabble. Leon uses Flamewheel, as Necro puts up a Rock Shield. The ramp of the shield launches Leon up, then he comes down with the same speed. Leon releases an Ember. Necro creates another shield above him, but must use the shield that was in front of him. With that the Emver is blocked, but Leon now shoots another Ember from in front of Necro.

Necro is thrown into a plant and on the verge of being eaten. "Leon, help, help, help!" screams Necro. Leon sees his master in danger and uses Ember to burn the plant. Necro embraces his partner in a hug and apologizes for all the trouble. "Now that's over, let's find the others." the duo walk around the tree. The tree seems to be a maze to them. After going around in circles for about three hours, they quickly scream. "We can't find a way out!" and then a vine falls down in front of them. "Lucky us, now we can use the vine and go to the top. I bet the others are up there. It is obvious they aren't down here." Necro and Leon grab the vine and climb up. When they reach the top, they see that it once held a battle areana. The areana has been bashed apart and there are claw and fang marks everywhere. Leon and Necro put their detective hats on, which they just happen to find in the maze, and search for clues. They each examine fine points from the area then share their results.

"Chimchar, chim, char, chim chim."

"I agree that there was a battle and the others won it through the use of beast like powers. This makes me conclude that they also have an alter-ego like my Exodia. In other words we are all linked in someway. However, while we know they 'were' here, where are they now?" the two ponder. As they think, a small piece of light hits them in the face. The two put their heads together and go outside the tree. A red leaf falls from the tree and starts to be blown away by the wind. Leon and Necro, believeing it to be a clue to the others, follow the leaf. They each run and run after the leaf, showing no signs of stopping. They chase the leaf even when the sun goes down.

When the leaf finnal hits the ground, the two find themselves on Cinnabar Island. "Leon, how did we get all the way to an island?" "Chimchar, chim?" "So you don't either. I hope we will find the others here. However, how did we get started chasing a freakin leaf for that long. Are we on drugs?" questions Necro. As they look around for answers a flyer hits Necro in the face. "Festival of Fire, sounds like my type of think, after all Leon is a fire-type." Necro goes around and ask where to find the festival. A jester points him to the ship that is already starting to go. Necro smirks and puts Leon on his shoulder. He manipulates the ground below and creates a surfboard. He then uses his the board to follow after the ship. The chase for the ship continues..."Don't worry guys, i will help get the cat girl back!"

ooc: Yes I have been away for awhile, but school and life has kept me away and now I am back to post. And yes Necro is a little slow after that blow to the head and still thinks Konan is missing. He will be with you guys soon enough.

December 7th, 2008, 7:50 PM
"It was a little girl, on a boat with a woman it looked to be her mother...But then the women whispered "sorry" and suffocated the young little girl till she was unconscious and then dragged her off a boat and onto Cinnabar Island, they both had Neko ears and a tail. It was really strange. I believe one of those Nekos...Was me."

Konan spoke, Atton listened. The two continued to walk further away from the back deck and closer to the exit of the ship, where everyone in the ship was already getting set to leave. Cinnabar was each time closer and closer, and with that, you could see the bright colors of flames and magma decorating the silhouette of the island. "Well it looks like we are here. Let the festival of flames begin!" Konan yelled as she punched her fist up in the air in excitement.

“Yes, it’s going to be… Oh my God.”

Atton seconded Konan’s motion, yapping happily as he imagined all of the things that were gonna be done at the Festival. He seemed really jolly about the oncoming event, but a loud scream from a female voice made the male’s skin shiver. "Atton-kun we're going to the festival of flames together~"

“No way…” Atton muttered as he turned around searching for the source of the voice, but before he could find it; a petite body pounced towards him wildly and knocked him to the ground, making him slide a couple of feet away from his location. Who else could it be, but Iris. As she laid on top of Atton, the female wrapped her slender and frail arms around the Leo’s neck and buried the side of her head against his chest; pressing hardly and almost suffocating the male. “Iris! I.. Can’t… Br-…” Atton tried to mutter as he struggled to let go of her. It was really problematical to get loose from her grasp without applying some sort of violence; which the gentle Leo was not planning on using. "Why did you leave me? You’re so mean!"

“I… Well, uh… Dammit, busted.” Attons said in shame, no idea of what to say entering his mind. Well, no idea except, “Because you’re so goddamn annoying and treat me like cattle”, but that wouldn’t really make him look nice; and as known, he didn’t want to hurt anyone. His mind started to search for an answer rapidly, trying to put yoke words that made sense in a phrase and expressed how he felt without cussing. But it was useless. Iris’ stifling on Atton wouldn’t allow him to even remember his name. At the best time possible, Konan spoke; though probably without the best words possible.

"I bet he didn't wanna listen to your pathetic whining."

“Burn…” Atton said playfully as he forced himself up, Iris, naturally, standing up as well. The two girls stared at each other with murderous and vicious sights, but then Iris decided to talk back.
"At least I have a date. You’re spending the festival all alone. You'll never get a date because you’re too tomboyish! You'll spend your life alone, damn Neko!"

“Hey; that’s plain mean, Iris. Stop it.” Atton said angrily, his voice sounding like a mixture of roars and homicidal calls. The comment made by Iris had even hurt Atton, who, due to the recent ‘Escape from petal girl’ adventure, felt more affectionate and chummy towards Konan. In any case, Konan hadn’t really done anything to make Iris talk crap to her; the latter was the epicenter of the hostility. Because of that, Konan had Atton’s upper hand; who, like he didn’t want to hurt anyone, he didn’t want anyone to hurt someone else.

"Shut up.. before I kick your ass."
“Ow.” Atton whispered.
"You'll end up alone!"

Then, the unexpected; or actually, really expected happened. Atton couldn’t say anything else before Konan launched herself towards Iris and knocked her to the ground, violently slashing her cheek and threatening to kill her next time.

~Chick fight, chick fight.~ Gado yelled from within Atton, those being the first words expressed by the bestial in a while. Atton ignored him, and then Gado remained quiet again. It was somewhat of a comedy relief for Atton, though, now that he thought of it, it wasn’t funny at all. Someone was getting its guts pulled out.

Konan got off Iris, who put her hand on her cheeks to rub it softly as she cried loudly. The crimson blood contrasted intensely on her porcelain skin. Wailing, the girl ran towards Atton and hugged him, submerging her cut face on his thorax and sobbing. Atton, though he knew Iris probably deserved that, put one arm around her weakly and hugged her back; feeling really bad for her. It also resulted impressing that she started to cry about that when she had received lethal sword attacks in the Mother tree and didn’t even complain. But that’s another theme. Konan turned around silenced and started to walk away. Because of the peculiar position of the sun, however, Atton could see sparkling tears come down from her face. “Konan…” He said sad and with a frown as he saw the girl walk away.

“A… Are you Ok, Iris?” Atton asked as he looked down at the girl, who didn’t even pull her face away from his chest to look up. Apparently, the best thing to do was stay silent. Atton took a deep breath and started to walk towards the exit of the ship, Iris still around him and a depressed grimace on his face.

Soon enough, the ship was at Cinnabar’s dock; and everyone got off the ship. With Konan nowhere to be seen, Atton and Iris stepped off the cruise, Atton looking all over Cinnabar. The island was preciously decorated with a perfect combination of red, yellow, orange and blue colors, and many jesters danced around happily. Tons and tons of game stands were getting ready for tonight, and a couple of workers and Machoke were setting up a large stage next to the Pokémon Mansion. In a close distance, the called Mountain of Fire stood; and Atton knew that was where they were headed tomorrow. But for now, he was going to try really, really hard to enjoy the upcoming night. Atton let Veil out of her Pok ball. “Go have some fun, Veil. Help around or something. Just don’t act as a wild Pokémon so no one attempts to catch you. It’s the Festival of Flames; enjoy.” Veil neighed and galloped away. Atton started to walk to the Pokémon center just then, because Iris had decided to talk and politely asked the male to take her there to get ready for the party. It wouldn’t occur until the next couple of hours; but Iris, being such a posh girl, probably needed that and more to preen herself. On their way to their rooms, Atton engaged in conversation with the still crying girl. “Iris… You really need to stop insulting Konan. She was really hurt at the ship; there was no reason for you to be so harsh.”

“But, Konan, she deserve-…”

“No, it’s your fault. Now, listen. Don’t talk to her like that; Ok?”

”But she cut my…”


Iris scuffed loudly with a “Fine” then crossed her arms and scowled at the Leo, who ignored the resentment and smile soothingly towards her. The female smiled back before going into her room and saying “I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah… Unfortunately.” Atton whispered to himself; knowing that even though he told Iris not to treat Konan badly, she’d do so again if they encountered her in the Festival. Again, he felt utterly sad. The male walked into his room and went into his bathroom, removing his shirt and washing it on the sink to remove the bloodstains Iris had left. ~Gado, are you there?~ Atton asked as he finished cleaning the shirt. He then walked out of the room, pulling out an iron from the closet and proceeding to flatten the shirt.

~What do you want.~

~Gado, work your magic a bit and answer me something… I… I have a bad feeling about tonight. Not like any monsters attacking, or having someone’s life in danger… You know what I mean? Am... Am I right?~ Atton asked nervous as lied down on the bed, letting his warm and leveled shirt lie next to him.

Gado, for once, stopped being a jerk and actually spoke back in a decent way. ~I do; I do understand, Atton. And, just because I’m feeling nice today, I’ll actually respond. There’s a feeling about tonight… Which isn’t either good or bad. It’s something that can be good or bad. The outcome will result on your moves and actions.~ The bestial said philosophically.

~Ok, Ok... So yes or no? C’mon, man, it’s a pretty straightforward question; all I need is a yes or a no.~

~Dude, I said I was feeling nice today, so I actually spoke back without insulting you. Not satisfied, well eff you man, you want it all.~

Atton laughed loudly, amazed by Gado’s sudden mood change. ~Hah. Ok. Thanks, I guess, Gado. ~

The Leo continued to lie on his bed, and soon, he fell asleep. Hours passed, and when Atton woke up, it was already time for the Festival of Flames to start. Atton stood up abruptly and rubbed his eyes, quickly putting his shirt on and walking over to the restroom yet again to wash his face. When he came out, Iris was already outside waiting for him in a pink yukata. She had applied some make-up that really made her look good, also doubling as a wound hider so that the cut wasn’t visible anymore. “Hi!” She expressed back in her bubbly mood. “Ready?” She asked happily as Atton nodded blatantly. As the two proceeded to walk out, Iris leading, they saw Konan, who was arranged for the festival too. Atton saw Iris whisper something at Konan, which made her frown and walk away. As she did, Konan bumped on Atton. Atton looked down at her to be greeted by a rather depressed and forced smile. "Have fun with Iris." She said. Atton glowered as he put his hand up Konan’s shoulder in a soothing way, trying to express with actions that he too was feeling like crap at the moment. Konan walked out and as Iris dragged Atton again. Atton was feeling really down, so he didn’t apply the least of the resistances. He couldn’t care less, really. Soon, they were out of the Pokémon Center.

The sky was already dark, and the moon shined brightly upon the island. There were torches everywhere, so the whole ambient was heated. Vivid lights engulfed every single corner of the island, and yells of merchants trying to get people to buy something or play a game in their stands echoed all over the place. Fire breathers did tricks on open spaced. Jesters danced around happily and tried to gather people next to the big stage for the inauguration, featuring Blaine, the Gym Leader. Everyone was sure to have a good time in the festival, but Atton didn’t even feel like smiling at the time.

Before they fully stepped out of the Pokémon center, Konan walked over to two, making Atton smile for the first time in a while. "Hey, why don't we spend the festival o flames together for a while, then you too can leave during the couples dance, I don't mind." She said shyly as she smiled at the two. Atton felt tension, and he was ready for Iris to react with aggression. To his surprise, though; he did the complete opposite.

"Atton...I don’t know what do you think?" Iris said as she looked up at Atton.

“That’d be sweet! I’d love it! You can stay for as long as you want!” Atton yelped as he, imitating Konan, punched a fist up in the air and jigged. Excited, Atton jumped up and down happily, and then led the girls over to the stage for the opening ceremony. As soon as they got there, a jester announced “And with you, Blaine! Put your hands together for him!”

Right afterwards, a smoke bomb activated, and the gym leader walked through the curtains of smoke and stepped on a small stool and on the talking pedestal. “Hello, my friends!” He exclaimed through the microphone while the people laughed happily and clapped and yelled. “Welcome to the annual Festival of Flames, now better than ever! I’m very happy that you people are here, and I really hope you enjoy this event I put together. So many new things to do, so if you came year, expect nothing like that event. I’ll shave my head if anyone says they are not having fun.” Blaine joked. “The food, the games, the music, everything is going to be amazing. Enjoy, I’ll talk to you later. For now, I’ll leave you with the DJ in charge, DJ I-C. “

With one final round of applause, Blaine walked away and the festival officially started. The called DJ I-C (Icy) stepped over to the stage and set up his large audio machines. He was dressed in a completely light blue attire and blue make up; giving the impression he was frozen. His Popsicle look really stood out from the whole fire theme. As loud music started playing, Atton turned over to Iris and Konan, smiling. “Awesome! So… Uh… What should we do first?” Atton asked happily, increasingly excited that he could spend some time with Konan without Iris threatening to kill her. Rigidity was in the air, though; and the two could start a fight in any moment, but Atton try to ignore that so they could all have some fun tonight. After all, tomorrow, in the Mountain of Fire, their lives were going to be at risk again; and who knew if they were going to see each other again.

Zeta Patchouli
December 8th, 2008, 6:57 PM
(ooc: This is a random post, but it ties in with that villain I was telling you about.)

Chapter 15: The Festival of Flames! Andrew Vs. Marcus! And Story Time by Kalius!

Marcus glared at his opponent, the crowd around him... likely drunk, came to see what would happen. The chameleon morph just ignored them and stepped on to the platform. "And now, you are finished." Said Marcus as he swung his hammer. the weight went up and up until it hit the bell off of the pole. "Give me my prize... a hundred I believe?" Asked Marcus. The owner gave Marcus the money.

"Can't believe I lost a hundred... hmph." Said the booth owner as people came up to try and repeat what Marcus did... to win a hundred dollars. "Okay, okay! Settle down! I have a spare... now get in a single file line!" But while they were doing that, Andrew had wandered on to the grounds.


"Hmm.... I wonder what's going on around here..." Said Andrew as he walked to the bar. He got out his fake ID and drank a few glasses of beer, as he had in other festivals. "Hmm... this is watered down... tastes horrible." Andrew finished off his glass and walked out to the coast line. "It is so beautiful... the reflection of the lights on the water... it's something I only saw twice before."

"Yes, but I still want to kill you." Said a voice, surprising Andrew. "You need to pay attention to your surroundings..." Marcus got out his gun and pointed it at Andrew. "You will die for beating me up that time." Marcus motioned to pull the trigger, but Andrew kicked the gun out of his hand, before kicking it out into the ocean. "Oh, you're dead..."

"I'd like to see you try to kill me now." Said Andrew. Both combatents stared at each other... waiting for the first one to make their move. "Wind slash!" Yelled Andrew firing the attack. Marcus dodged before jumping in to strike, but Andrew dodged and returned a strike, knocking Marcus back, but the hunter rebounded and jumped back in before trying to strike at Andrew's face. Andrew blocked the strike and avoided a kick to the gut, before being flipped over the hunter.

"Heh, you aren't so tough." Said Marcus, but Andrew jumped back and readied to attack. Marcus and Andrew got into a close range scruffle, which ended in Andrew getting hit aside. Marcus followed, but was kicked into the sea.

"Well... that's the end of that..." Said Andrew as he started for the hotel, but then he thought about something... Marcus would never give up so easily... but only to retreat and hide until the perfect time to attack. "Hmm... well, I'd better find Konan and Atton, and wish them a good night." So Andrew ran off to find the duo, not really knowing or caring about Iris.

Andrew eventually found Atton, Konan, and Iris, but decided against approaching them... so they could have their fun. "Sigh... I wish someone would like me... but, I know that wouldn't happen." Said Andrew to himself as he left towards the stage. "I mean... I have no one... Konan may have no memories, but at least she has friends... an inner self that doesn't want to kill her every time they speak... and one who defends her."

"So what? You're destined to be a loner... Would you like me to tell you a story to cheer you up?" Asked Kalius. Andrew looked confused, as he knows his alternate self was a nutjob with a lot of power. I mean, you will die tomorrow anyway... better tell you why I'm locked up inside of you."

"Fine, but no tricks this time." Said Andrew as he sat in a chair to listen to his alter ego talk.

"Well, around 10,000 years ago... We falcons were a primitive tribe... we just hunted, ate, and mated to produce life and lengthen the span of our tribe." Said Kalius as he flipped a page in an imaginary storybook. "We had three elders... all of whom were the strongest and wisest of the tribe... none could ever match them... not even I could to this day. Anyway... we were happy, prosperous, and all of that crap that tribes were in that day... when he came." The stone cold Kalius shuddered at the word 'he'.

"He? Who's he?" Asked Andrew, curious about what happened next. Kalius cleared his throat and continued.

"He was a dragon who fed on positive emotions... but he was anything but positive... he destroyed everything, and cast our tribe into a dark age... he made us eternially young... as long as he was alive." Said Kalius before taking a deep breath. "But life was not the good choice... he made us work in the mines, cultivate impossible to produce amounts of food, starve our hides off, and erect statues of him in 'honor' of his services."

"Wow, that must have sucked for you." Said Andrew, actually feeling a tiny bit bad. "But how did you become... you?"

"I'm not finished yet! Anyways... the dragon had total control of our lands, and devoured our people and a lot of land... we had to deal with this for eight thousand years... we never evolved, and lived our life in fear... would we be next to be eaten? Well, after eight thousand years... my family was targeted... my wife lost use of her arms because they were crushed by stone carrages... my children were sacrificed because they didn't work hard enough... so because that happened, I became insane and attacked the beast... killing him and myself... 2000 years later I became trapped in you." Said Kalius in one breath. Andrew just stared.

"Really? Because that sounds made up on the spot." Said Andrew. Kalius smirked and said.

"Between you and me, it was made up. I would never tell you why I am like this... maybe the alcohol calmed me down to talk to you... but tomorrow, I'll be just as bad as I usually am." Said Kalius before disappearing from the link.

"Hmm... I wonder what happened to Marcus." Said Andrew as he walked away from the festival.


Marcus surfaced into a cavern under Cinnabar Island. "Wha-? Where am I?" Asked Marcus as he looked around. It had a lot of technology and plans, and raw materials to build technology.

"You are in restricted territory... leave now." Said a man as he walked in. Marcus looked at the man. He was 6'9" tall, with brown hair, and a moustache, and a perculiar outfit on... like a Team Rocket uniform... but in place of the R, was an E. "I would leave if I were you."

"What are you to command me?" Asked Marcus, but the man smirked. "Umm... what's going on?" Then the man grabbed a special helmet.

"Heh, now you are a part of Team Enel... congratulations." Said the man as he placed the helmet on Marcus before the anthro could even see what was going on.

(ooc: This was a random post... but I thought of a lot... Anyway... this goes along with the villain thing I was telling you about.)

December 9th, 2008, 4:31 PM
As Konan heard finish the speech that officially began the festival of flames, several fire works lit up the sky in beauty. Iris unfortunetly dragged Atton into a tunnel of love which left Konan by herself for a few minutes. She sweatdropped then her cat eyes caught soething of interest, a bird man. She quickly ran over to him and smiled. "Well aren't you that bird man we saw earlier, I mean at the cafe?" Konan asked grabbing his hand and shaking it. "I'm Konan it is nice to meet you, I hope we can be friends!" Konan shook his hand eagerly, but he then saw him in his own little trance which Konan though it was best not to interupt. "Well Mr. Birdman I hope we meet again~" Konan smiled and run off in the opposite direction.

Konan soon became lost in the crowd and couldn't find where Iris and Atton had went off too. "Hum to bad.." Konan sighed and made her way away from the festival games and whatnot and next to a neigboring lake, in which Tweety had come out of its pokeball and sat on her shoulder cooing at the water, it was the crescebt moon that reflected uponst the water that mesmorized. She looked at it smiling and found it somewhat familiar.

"No! No MOMMY!" A little voice screamed in her hand which lead Konan to put her hands on her head, and shake furiously. Then a vision appeared before her, the same women was dragging a small child against the shore and the small child was resisting and crying hysterically.

"For the last time I'm not your mom! Stupid Neko!" The womens voice cried and slapping her. The women had dog like features and was growling furiously. "I don't see why I have to take care of you, the Neko's and Jackels..." The vision had faded and Konan was left upon the shore, holding her head in agony. t this Lunar Rosa began to speak softly.

"The jackels and leos were the neko's enemies, I'm not surprised that a jackal took a neko hostage." The silver haired Neko appeared next to Konan and placed her hand on her shoulder.

"Go away." Konan yelled, she chanted that over and over till it turned to loud screams that echoed into the night. She held her head crying softly as a strange mark appeared over her eye glowing brightly. "Go away, go away, go away.." Konan kept chanting until a dark red haired man put his hand on her shoulder.

"You should stop crying, it ruins your beautiful appearance." The deep red haired man said, he wore a long-sleeved red shirt and black jeans, he had a gentle smile on his face.

"W-who are you?" Konan whispered as the man helped her up.

"I am Lance, and you my lady are quite beautiful." Lance whispered kissing her hand gently like a true gentlemen, causing Konans cheeks to turn bright red, Lunar Rosa's smirked. Konan still bright red giggled in embarrasment.

"Oh n-no I'm not that beautiful!" Konan stuttered as her mind was trying to sort out what happened.

"Please forgive me, but why are you out here by yourself?" Lance asked softly.

"Oh my friend got dragged into the tunnel of love by another person..And I kinda got lost so I came out here, heh guess I lost track of time." Konan smiled still trying to sort out what was happening.

"Well then allow me to escort you back to your friends." Lance said kissing her hand once more. Konan was bright red at this point, her mind unable to process what was happening. The two walked together the blush on Konans face still quite apperent, as the two walked to the exit of the tunnel of love where Iris was cliging to Atton and smiling and in a daze. Konan sweatdropped and Iris stepped up to Konan.

"So there you are! We've been looking for you, although I didn't mind spending some alone time with Atton~" Iris giggled. Konan sweatdropped a little bit and watch Atton who was probably wanting to knaw his own arm off at this point.

"W-well.. I kind of got lost! Yeah thats it and Lance came and escorted me back!" Konan stuttered her face still bright red and her mind was in a daze, which was why she had qute a horrible excuse for not coming back.

"Yes, well I didn't mind escorting this gorgeous lady back to her rightful place, I'll have to go now but I hope we meet again, Lady Konan." Lace smiled kissed her hand again and dissapeared into the crowd. Konan look down to avoid showing a blush on her face.

"Ohohoho, looks like someone is embarrassed that she has a secret admirer." Iris taunted her, Konan looked up but had no witty comeback this time. She looked at Atton and then Iris, she smiled and decided to drop the subject.

"Well anyway lets get some hot dogs and cotten candy!" Konan giggled trying to cover up that she was actually flattered to treat her like a lady.

December 12th, 2008, 6:56 PM
Before Atton could get an answer as of what to do from any of the females, Iris swiftly took Atton’s arm and pulled him away from Konan, who very quickly vanished among the horde of people. The male struggled lightly to get free from Iris’ hold, but the female punctured his flesh with her long and sharp nails to not only stop him from running away, but hurt him if he even tried. “Iris!” Atton called as he pulled his arm, but no matter how hard he tried; Iris could somehow apply more strength than him. “What are you doing? Let me go? Where are you taking me?”

“Oh, Atton; relax, we’ll have a lot of fun! I saw this place in the distance while looking for you in the cruise and I’m sure you’ll love the idea as much as I do!”

The girl yapped as she continued to drag Atton through the island, violently pushing every other person in their way and not letting the gods stop her from reaching her destination. At least she had determination. The dubious amount of bodies there blocked Atton’s sight almost fully, but after a while of cutting their way through others; Atton finally recognized a large structure somewhere along the northwest side of the island. The place was very big and had a large heart-shaped sign on the top. Atton squinted his eyes a bit to read what the sign said; and when he did, he froze completely.

“My God… No… Iris… Please… No… C’mon…. I don’t wa-…. NO!!”

Atton screamed and shook his whole body to try to run away; but even after failing and falling to the ground brashly, Iris continued to tug him. “We’ll have a lot of fun, in the Tunnel of Love!”

~Atton…~ Gado started to say, feeling an uncontrollable need to take over Atton and use the bestial strength of his to beat Iris up and run far, far away. ~Listen. If you even dare to go inside, I’ll beat your body up later tonight so you can’t even move when you wake up. She’s going to freakin’ eat you if you go in the same boat with her. It’s not an image I would like to see, Atton. Please, please; I’ll say this nicely… DON’T YOU F*lolwut* GO INSIDE!”~

~But Gado!~ Atton yelled as he continued to struggle. ~I don’t want to go!! She’s forcing me to! And I can’t even break free; God knows how the hell can she apply more force than I…~ Atton and Gado continued to argue with each other as the female continued to lug the Leo into the tunnel, which, to Atton’s deception, had no waiting line. “Iris, I’ll say it one more time. Please, don’t force me in there.”

Iris abruptly shunned Atton and finally got him inside the ride, which was a dark boat ride through a very cheesy place. First off, the boat was a violent red color and the seats were very cushioned and in shapes of hearts. Also, it was ridiculously small; forcing couples to seat at an uncomfortably close distance. The ever common combination of red, violet, magenta, pink, and white hearts wallpapered the whole ride, and brightly colored walls which were very strategically illuminated made an actually pretty cool effect. The music was perfectly matched to the ride’s theme, being it some sort of amorous waltz, jazz, ballad and orchestral music mixture which really encouraged cuddling. The water was crystalline clear, matter that, along with the lights on the ground; gave it a beautiful sparkle illumination. Finally and to top it off, a great amount of screens and projectors were carefully distributed all over the course of the ride, and on each one of them, short clips of the girliest chick flick films were being played; mainly the climax in the movie in which the impossible couple kisses and everyone goes ‘Aww’ and cries and claps. To the world, romantic; to Atton, torture.

After being compellingly driven to seat down, Atton tied his seatbelt on and closed his eyes, opting for not to move until the trip ended. There were no hopes of getting out now, for the boat ride had started.

~You booger, you’re dead…~

~I know… I’m dead.~

The ride started and the two were peacefully floating on through the ride; whose unknown length scared Atton to no end. Not even 10 seconds had passed after the ride started and Iris had already hopped out of her seat and started to hug the Leo, pressing hardly against him. Atton, purple because of the lack of air in his lungs, only stared around the place, trying to ignore everything and everyone and praying for this to end soon; for, besides it being rather painful, it was very awkward and unnerving. The girl kept hugging Atton forcefully, embracing her head against his shoulders and chest in search of corporal warmth.

~Atton… Either you tell her to get off or I’ll push her into the water. And that’s just being nice…~

Atton pushed his body to the side opposite of Iris, trying to make it harder for her to reach him. Yes, he felt like and ass; but she was being rather obnoxious at the time. Then, Iris pushed her body forward even harder and tried to peck Atton on the cheek. The male pushed his head again and even tried to get his hands in the way; but Iris, after struggling, managed to plant a kiss on the cheek of the Leo.


Gado violently yelled from inside Atton; feeling excruciatingly sick because of the display of affection shown by Iris. Sickening enough was it for him to see someone receive a kiss, and now that one had been placed on the face of his anthropomorph body, he could really feel a scar forming right on the spot. Seeing Atton discretely pass his hand on top of where the kiss had been put in an attempt to ‘remove’ it, Iris giggled loudly and hugged Atton even harder, seemingly enjoying Atton’s denial towards her fondness. She liked to strive, apparently.

~She’s messed up, man. She is messed up.~

The two, after the ride was over, stepped out of the building. Atton, dumbfounded and confused, decided to walk around for a while, but Iris launched herself at him and clung on him like a tick. After a while of walking around the exit of the ride, the couple met Konan again, who was now talking to another guy. Atton cocked his head to a side slightly as he saw the guy, catching a familiar air out of him. Before he could rationalize any further, Iris’ high pitched voice burst inside his ear. "So there you are! We've been looking for you, although I didn't mind spending some alone time with Atton"

Konan and Atton stared at each other for a moment. A moment in which Atton’s face was really, really serious. You could see, though, that in his eyes, an internal but loud cry for help was being yelled among tears. Konan broke the silence then. "W-well.. I kind of got lost! Yeah thats it and Lance came and escorted me back!"

The guy named Lance, who was a tall male with bright red hair and a slightly pumped torso said something to Konan before kissing her hand and vanquishing into the crowd. "Yes, well I didn't mind escorting this gorgeous lady back to her rightful place, I'll have to go now but I hope we meet again, Lady Konan." Konan blushed as she looked down, smiling. Atton stared at Lance, who was just lightly shorter than him; and quickly related it to one of the dream silhouettes. He was pulled out of his thoughts, however, when Gado decided to speak. Atton, anyway, kept on thinking and ignored the bestial.

~’Ey, look at that; looks like Konan found a partner. That means you’re pretty much stuck on green girl for the rest of your life. I mean, in any case, you have to marry her. She bought a charm. ~ Gado mocked Atton, enjoying the mixture of sensations that depressed the anthropomorph. Atton scratched his head, not saying anything. He just looked around blatantly before Iris let go off him for a short while and walk towards Konan.

"Ohohoho, looks like someone is embarrassed that she has a secret admirer." Iris derided as she tastefully danced around Konan. There, another first fight could break lose, but the two then seemed to have dropped the subject. Konan smiled at the two and then spoke again. "Well anyway let’s get some hot dogs and cotton candy!"

“Yeah… Cotton candy…” Atton whispered. That had been the first thing he said since he was out of the love tunnel. A strange grimace was placed on his face; and anyone could easily tell there was something wrong. What it was; no one could have even the slightest idea. He had the same angry, depressed, thoughtful, confused, and anxious face than the one he had when he was out of the tunnel. Murmuring something unintelligible again, Atton led the way to the various food and gaming stands. As the three walked; the tall male looked back trying to look for the red haired male; wondering if he two was a silhouette. Because of his height; Atton could easily look over the heads of others, but everyone on the Festival had freakin’ red hair or a red hat. Flames weren’t helping much, either. Sighing, Atton continued to walk; and they soon made it to the food stands. Many clowns, jesters and game stands tried to cheer the imposing Leo up; but he just seemed to ignore them. Atton got a large ball of cotton candy and drinks for the girls; gently handing them down to each. “Thanks!” Iris squeaked as she hugged Atton wildly, almost causing him to spill the drinks on himself. “Yeah… Yeah…” he said quietly as he handed Konan the food, weakly smiling. Being the food free in the festival, he also got one for himself, despite not really feeling hungry. Atton took a very deep breath and stared at the ground, not taking a bite or drink out of the just acquired objects. Something was really weird about Atton, and that was easily sensed.

~Hey, hey… What’s wrong?~
~Nothing… Nothing…~

December 12th, 2008, 8:15 PM
Konan still had her fist in the air decided to cheer the mood up, and Iris actually agreed, but there was a feeling Konan got a feeling of doom.

~Something is wrong here like there is some imaginable heavy weight on this whole festival.~ Konan thought to herself as she sweatdropped minorly.

~Its the lion, something is off about him.~ Lunar Rosa commented.

~Eh Atton why?~ Konan asked Lunar Rosa.

~If I had to guess, at most I think he is jealous of that Lance guy. Odd, i don't seem to remember ever geting jealous about anything thus, far.~ LUnar Rosa had an obvious calm cool tone, but it soon turned to laughing. ~Oh this is to *censored* priceless. Oh dear poor blunt Konan.~ Lunar Rosa's laughs echoed throughout Konans head.

~What is so funny?~ Konan asked, Lunar Rosa only laughed again.

~This is just like watching a soap opera.~Lunar Rosa laughed happily. Konan lost attention in the conversation after this and accepted the cotten candy she looked at his face, he had a weak smile on his face, a sad smile, he was holding something back. She looked at him questionably, wondering whatever could bother a guy like Atton. He seemed so carefree, but Konan had never seen him looking so sad.

"Hey Irs can you go get us some blankets for later? I mean after we are done riding the rides and everything we could watch the fireworks! And it's getting a bit chilly out." Konan commented and Iris took this into consideration.

"Your right I'll go get them!" Iris smiled and ran off. Konan looked at Konan and dragged him liek a rag doll down to the beach and threw him on the ground.(Which probably wasn't the best choice of action.)

"Okay , Okay whats your problem, you look so sad aned your eyes show so much emotion you look like your gonna die by emotion. So, so tell me." Konan smiled she didn't want Atton to suffer like she did for the year she had been traveling. Being suffocated by emotion, just because she was sad , angry and anxious. Atton didn't look like he was about to respond. Konn sighed a little bit.

"Look don't suffocate yourself with worries enjoy life don't get caught up in worries, enjoy life. I don't want you ending up like I was." Konan said to him and a gentle sea breeze blowed. The smell and sounds of the sea carrassed the air. "You know if your jealous, don't be. You know of Lance. I was kind of embarrassed thats why I was so nervous. I mean I've never been treated like a lady, it was flattering to see someone to treat me like one for once. You see, I've watched girls get treated like ladies gettign fancy dresses and being able to hug a guy freely but..I never got that so it was actually a flatetring situation, don't think I like him at all okay? So just chillax. Don't become liek I was...Worried about everything, sad, anxious, nervous. Don't be like that kay? Enjoy life." Konan smiled and helped him up and blushed embarrassedly. "Sorry I kinda threw you down..eheh." Konan smiled once more as Iris came back with everything they needed to enjoy the remaining time of the festival. Unfortunetly things wouldn't stay this peaceful for long, while on the outside she smiled happily cheering a good friend. On the inside something was twisting and turning and she had a bad feeling about it..

"Atton-kun!" Iris yelled glomping him and pecking him on the cheek this tore the peace, well this would tear the peace.The gentle see breeze had turned somewhat ominious." Say, say lets go ride somemore rides you wanna come Konan?" Konan looked down.

"Well uh, actually I don't wanna go on a full stomache I'm just gonna go exploring I guess." Konan made up a random excuse to cover up anger and frustration.

"Okay then Konan~" While she began to drag Atton away Konan could see a triumphent snicker on Iris's face. Konan held her head in pain at her splitting headache that had come upon.

"It hurts..It hurts.." Konan whispered holding her head in agony as she began to runaway from the festival."Someone...It HURTS!!!!!!!" Konan screamed as her screams echoed into the forest causing some noctowl to fly off into the sky.

"It hurts..it hurts..It hurts.." Konan screamed but were muffled when she had entered the forest sitting uponst the rock.She held her head in agony. Her heart began to race and she had no intention of noting what was happening to her.

"The darkness will control you.." A dark ominious voice began to consume her as her eyes began to turn bright red and turn into thin cat slits, her tail soon turned into two, her fanged teeth began to grow larger her hair soon turned into deep black fur and before she knew it..The lovable Konan was a large saber cat. The growls came violently yet sofetly..And then one loud roar. It echoed throughoutthe sky and the festival of flames grew quiet as they wondered where the loud roar came from but then it continued as if it had never happened.

"Atton-kun..Was that a cat roar?" Iris asked looking a bit worried as she tugged on Atton.

December 13th, 2008, 1:20 PM
Atton continued to stare at nowhere. Absentminded. Thoughtful. Lost. His stern look killed the happiness of people that walked right though him; wondering why anyone could be low-spirited in such a happy event as the Festival of Flames was. After taking only one sip of his beverage and one bite of the candy, he heard Konan speak. He looked up from the ground as he listened to what Konan told Iris. "Hey Iris can you go get us some blankets for later? I mean after we are done riding the rides and everything we could watch the fireworks! And it's getting a bit chilly out."

Atton thought this for a moment; expecting Iris to brashly respond to the Neko’s comment with a ‘No’ so she wouldn’t leave the two alone. Unexpectedly, however Iris took her hand to her chin thoughtfully and agreed. "You’re right, I'll go get them!" She happily exclaimed with a friendly expression on her before turning around and running away quickly. Atton scratched his head randomly before turning to Konan, who just smirked at him and then took him by the hand and wrist to drag him away. Atton, with a baffled expression in his face, didn’t apply any resistance; and he just looked to a side to figure out where he was being taken. Soon, he found himself at a beach. Konan threw him at the sand and stared down at him smiling interrogatively.

~Grappled by the green girl, grappled by the Neko. Looks like you’ll spend your life in the ground or being dragged like a doll from now on; weakling. ~ Gado said angrily as Konan started to talk. "Okay, Okay what’s your problem, you look so sad and your eyes show so much emotion. You look like your going to die by emotion. So, so tell me."

~I look sad? Do I Gado?~ Atton thought to himself; not feeling sure of where Konan’s comment came from. Yeah; he did feel really strange on the inside, but he could’ve had sworn he was hiding it on the outside. As his years of being ostracized and isolated passed; he had developed a skill to hide emotion. The Leos, being a naturally tough and aggressive race, believed that showing feelings to anyone was a sign of weakness and displayed your weak points; so Atton grew with that thought planted on him. He, being the one exception of Leo traditions, opposed to that; but there were something’s about his race that just came naturally. He felt weak if anyone could see he was sad or nervous. Now that Konan had noticed; the Leo just kept quiet and sighed, expecting her to elaborate on her comment. "Look don't suffocate yourself with worries enjoy life don't get caught up in worries, enjoy life. I don't want you ending up like I was."

The male nicked his head slightly again and forcefully sat himself up, staring at Konan in a slightly confused fashion. She was making sense; but Atton didn’t seem to get a point. Konan smiled again as a delicate breeze ran through them. She proceeded to look down at the male again and continued to talk, staring into his eyes seriously.

"You know, if your jealous, don't be. You know, of Lance. I was kind of embarrassed; that’s why I was so nervous. I mean, I've never been treated like a lady. It was flattering to see someone to treat me like one for once. You see, I've watched girls get treated like ladies getting fancy dresses and being able to hug a guy freely but… I never got that; so it was actually a flattering situation. Don't think I like him at all okay? So just chillax. Don't become like I was...Worried about everything, sad, anxious, nervous. Don't be like that kay? Enjoy life."

~Atton? Jealous! Oh snap! Of that Ronald McDonald haired guy? Jealous? F*lolwut*, you think you know someone. I used to take the lunch money from guys like him. Just do what I do, Atton...~
~Give him a swirly?~
~Kill him~
~It’s all about killing for you.~

~Works mighty fine…~

After his short dialogue with Gado, Atton looked up at Konan and smiled. “Uh… Ok.” Atton vaguely said, his brain still processing and meditating the things that had just been said by Konan. Jealous? He didn’t think so. He didn’t feel like it. But; could it be? His mind was so complex not even him could get it most of the time. It was enough by saying not even Gado, who lived deep, deep in his mind hadn’t noticed either. The Leo felt confused. How could’ve Konan read his mind in a deeper way than himself? He blinked twice rapidly before feeling a rush of sentiments hit his whole body. Still, after Konan’s explanation, Atton felt a bit odd. Unsure. Without saying anything else to Konan or Gado, Atton looked up at the girl and happily beamed at her. His smile was more than words could express, telling he had completely understood everything she said; showing relaxation, and even thankfulness. Atton continued to think, however. Envy? Again, he doubted; but that not being the case, how come he felt calm after speaking about that with Konan? Atton let out a deep breath of relief and joy as Konan stretched her hand to help Atton up. "Sorry I kinda threw you down...hehe."

“Thank you.” Atton emphasized as he laughed quietly, seemingly returning to his normal carefree mood. I guess I needed that.” The two smiled at each other briefly before Iris’ steps were heard. She had returned with the blankets and even a couple of other needed stuff that could be used for the festival. "Atton-kun!" Iris yelled as she dropped the objects gently and quickly avalanched herself towards the Leo, who had just stood up; and knocked him down to the ground, kissing his cheek.

Atton mumbled something unintelligible before forcing Iris and himself to stand up, now Gado not being a crybaby about Iris. " Say, say lets go ride some more rides you wanna come Konan?" Iris said. Atton was surprised Iris had invited her. Atton expected to hear a yes from Konan, yet; as soon as he turned to her, her bubbly mood had shifted to one of pain. Atton stared at her confused;=.
"Well uh, actually I don't wanna go on a full stomache I'm just gonna go exploring I guess."
"Okay then Konan~"

Atton was then dragged away again by iris, yet his sight never separated from Konan, who was starting to look pretty down out of nowhere. The two were back in the crowd again and Atton lost complete sight of the Neko. ~Hey Gado.~

-~God dammit; what the hell do you want now?!~
-~Remember what I said… About something bad happening today?~
-~Make a point.~
-~I have a funny feeling inside…~
-~Must be the cotton candy.~
-~No, idiot… I mean it…~

As Atton and Iris wandered around the Festival, watching Pokémon and people do tricks; a loud roar was heard from a forest at the bottom of the large volcano known as the mountain of fire. The music stopped. The people stopped. The Pokémon stopped. The games stop. The whole Island stopped. Everyone had a confused grimace on their face, staring at each other and whispering ‘What was that?’ to each other over and over; no one being able to give an answer. Atton and Iris froze up; too. "Atton-kun...Was that a cat roar?" Iris asked worried.

Atton nodded, confused. ~Ahh, you’ve gotta be s*lolwut* me… Not now… ~ Gado said in a completely altercated way. A feeling of pain and disgust made Atton’s stomach tweak wildly. ~What, Gado? What was that?!~

~Get to the source of the roar. The forest. Go, now!~

“Iris; let’s go!” Atton said as he turned towards the direction of the forest; one easily found because of the tall volcano, and rushed forwards, pushing everyone out violently and making a path for Iris and him. Everyone stared at them confused, some eve called guards up to them, but after a while music started to play again and people went back to their own business. Atton and Iris continued to rush, gaining speed with every passing moment. It was resulting relatively hard for Iris to run in her outfit, but she still followed. Soon, with the help of Gado’s leadership; the two made it into the massive forest, were tall trees blocked most of the light. ~Where to, now?~

~You just run. I’ll take you there.~

Obeying, Atton ran and ran; not taking time to shift directions. Whenever a turn was supposed to be made, Gado took over his legs and led him that way. Soon, they got to some sort of small clearing which had an amount of fallen logs and rocks, and, in the middle; a furious saber toothed cat stood.

“What the hell is that!” Iris asked as she reached up to Atton, quickly hiding behind him as the thing came on sight.

~It’s your Neko friend.~ Gado whispered to Atton, who proceeded to give a hop back and put a face of shock.
-~What? Konan? How!~
-~Aetherion… Oh, yeah; Konan told me about that! She said it was really powerful… And she also said you were fighting for it.~
-~She was right.~
-~But… How come… She is using it? Weren’t you fighting for it? Damn, why did she turn into that? She was fine moments ago!~
-~We’ve all got a portion of the power inside us; Atton. Say, the term ‘fighting’ wasn’t used like to say, see who wins it. The one that kills the other get complete control of it. It’s not something to be found. It’s something to brawl over.~
-~Right, right… Wait, so you can turn into that too?! Well; whatever, it doesn’t matter… What can I do?!~
-~Aetherion’s wild. It seeks destruction. You can’t let that reach the Festival of Flames, let alone the people. Can you imagine the ruckus it would start? Eventually, the Neko’ll grow tired of the power and morph back. It’s exhausting. You have to make sure no one is hurt. ~

Easier said than done. The animal looked at Atton viciously, and the Leo only stared back, feeling the hair on his arms erect. How could that be Konan? He looked at Konan’s eyes, trying to read her mind as she did with his; but it resulted impossible. He couldn’t recognize the large feline as his friend. The cat continued to growl at him as he got in a defensive stance; not having the slightest intention of attacking. Though the feline would for sure eat him alive, he didn’t want to hurt her. Most probably Konan wasn’t aware of what she was doing; so all he could hope for was a painless immobilization.

“Uh… Hi, Konan.” Atton said nervous as he expected the animal to attack or flee in any moment. “How’s it going… I see you’ve changed. D’you get you hair done in a different way or something? I don’t know, there’s something different.” Atton called jokingly, yet scared; as he stared into her morphed friend; worrying more about her than himself or anyone else at the Festival.

Zeta Patchouli
December 13th, 2008, 3:57 PM
(ooc: The actual name of the robot thing is something some people might not like, so I changed it. And yes... Corosa's plan involves what is going on with Aethereon Konan.)

Chapter 16: Uncovering the Beast's Machine! The Plan of the Enel Admin Corosa!

Andrew turned to the forest... feeling something terrible was in there. "Wha? What's going on in there?" So with that, Andrew flew into the forest, confused on what was going on to make him feel such fear. "I can actually feel the power... a primal power... but what is it?" Suddenly Andrew fell down a hole.


Andrew hit the ground, after a minute long fall, before getting up. "What is this?" Asked Andrew to himself as he looked around. he saw a light switch, and flipped it. "Whoa..." The room was full of technology that Andrew had no idea on how to use. weapons, computers, and something covered up in a big sheet. "This place is amazing... it looks like a bunch of scientists decided to make stuff out of boredom."

"What are you doing in here?" Asked an older man as he walked up to Andrew, scowling at Andrew. "How did you find this place?!" Andrew was at a loss of words as the old man waited for a response... deciding that none would come... the old man decided to speak up. "You shouldn't be here... the things here are supposed to remain a secret... only the Pokemon League are supposed to know about this place."

"WHAT? Why?" Asked Andrew, shocked that only so few people were to even know about this. "Why the only the pokemon league?" The old man shook his head before saying.

"You do not need to know." Said the old man as he started to take Andrew towards the exit, in which he would wipe Andrew's mind, but suddenly, a gust of wind blew in, blowing off the cover on the big thing, revealing the machine... a giant robot with giant arms and legs... it stood at about twenty feet tall, with two wings on the back. The head had a dome over it, as that was where the driver would control it. The left arm of the robot had sharper spikes then the right arm, and on the left breast plate... the name was on it.

Model 1446921; Beast's Machine V 11.0.

"What is that... that thing?" Asked Andrew. "Beast's Machine? What is that thing? It looks like... like a... super weapon." Andrew turned to the old man, wanting an explanation, and he wanted it now. The old man glared at Andrew, just waiting for an invitation to battle. "What is it?"

"Heh, that is the Beast's Machine... an advancement over the Devil's Machine we built fifteen years ago. It is supposed to be the greatest weapon ever built... but we're not really sure, as the scientists in Hoenn and Sinnoh are smart... but this thing is powerful anyway." Said the old man as he reached to the back of his neck. He grabbed something like a zipper, and pulled up... revealing the true face of the 'old man'.

"Marcus!" Yelled Andrew, surprised... but he noticed something was off... there was a weird-looking headband on his forehead. "Why are you wearing a headband? You didn't have it before." Marcus touched the headband, a little confused about it himself.

"What? What is this?" Asked Marcus as he tried to pull it off... "What's going on here? Where am I?" Marcus grabbed scissors and tried to cut the headband off, but the scissors broke. "What kind of headband is this?"

"Heh, naughty, naughty Marcus... you were not supposed to take off the mask." Said a woman as she walked out of the shadows. "After all... the slave band works only under the mask." The woman snickered as she zapped Marcus with a electronic spear. "Hahahah, cry out in pain! Attract the cat creature here to us!"

"What? Do you mean Konan?" Asked Andrew as he got ready to fight. "I won't let you near the second closest person to a friend I have." The woman started laughing, irritating Andrew a lot. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing... just that you will be better to attract the Aethereon creature. Hah, anyway... My name is Corosa DeBlanco... Team Enel Admin, one of three." Said the woman now known as Corosa. "And you will be the bait to attract the endless amount of power to power the Beast's Machine."

"Aethereon? What is that?" Asked Andrew confused, but he shook his head and turned towards Corosa... ready to fight. "Oh, well... it doesn't matter now... I can tell that what you want to do with that thing isn't good." Andrew stared at the spear. "Hmm... that technology is dangerous... I have to be careful, as if I'm hit with that... I'm done for."

"You like my spear? It's one of a kind... made by our scientists here... and we will soon have these with every grunt and officer! Now, we need you to attract the attention of the Aethereon creature, so we can power the Beast's Machine... so we are going to amplify every scream you make. That goes for you too Marcus." Said Corosa as she got ready to fight. "En guarde!"

(ooc: These villains will be defeated during the time we are at Cerulean City, which is the place of the next weapon, I believe.)

December 13th, 2008, 7:38 PM
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Konans bestial form was on a rampage. She wasn't sweet or bubbly anymore, her complete being had changed.She growled angerly as if she as hurt by something, as her two tails thrashed about wildly destroying any nearby flora or fauna she let out one more loudroar. The air was completely evil, the air also felt singed, ice cold, and well words couldn't describe it. "It hurts..it hurts.." The rea;l Konan whispered as she was within the beast holding her head in agony, so many things flashing before the nekos eyes. As her tail struck the trees in anger the air around her began to steam up/ Konan felt alone, she felt like something was suffocating her but then a voice arised out of the brush."Uh… Hi, Konan.” Atton said nervous as he expected the animal to attack or flee in any moment. “How’s it going… I see you’ve changed. D’you get you hair done in a different way or something? I don’t know, there’s something different.” It was surely Attons voice, that only mad her more angery.

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" The cat roared out in anger and one of the flaming tails through Atton against a wall, Iris hid behind a tree. "Gado.." The cat roared angerly. "You stay the hell away from me!" She yelled out as she got into an offensive stance getting ready to kill.

"K-Konan." Iris whispered minorly. The evil in the air began to rise and something dark seemed to press down onto the area. Iris suddenly remebered her new knuckle and smirked. "Okay Imma win this time. Arbor I summon you!" Iris yelled as the knuckle appeared on her right armor in a flash of light, and she ran torwards Konan readying to strike. The cat growled once more, before Iris could even touch Konan, Konan had thrown Iris back with great force which managed to snap down to trees. "You,you.." Konan growled. The two tails grabbed Iris once more and began constricting her but then they quickly dropped her now unconscious body and she focused on Atton once more, it was quite obvious that Aetherion had taken a tole on Konans body well this body, because she had begun to pant, she was enranged. "Now Gado, we'll finished what I started before I got restrained to this stupid girl and she was captured." The cat growled between pants. She stepped ever closer to Atton and the paceswhere she had stepped began to freeze into an icey encasing. "I've been trapped far to long.." The cat laughed evily and her tails froze the ground. "I only came out because that girls spirit is weak. Heh, now en guard you stupid lion." The cat roared and the fight began. The air around them singed, the toll on Konans body was now obvious. "Damn this girls body it can't hold any power!" The two tails thrashed about in anger. "Hmmph I guess I'll retreat for now but never forget.." The voice dissapeared and Konan returned to normal sitting on her knees holding her head in pain.

"It hurts..it hurts..it hurts..it hurts.." She chanted this over and over, she was bleeding from her mouth and tears were pouring down her eyes. Iris ran up to the bleeding Konan and assesed her damages, Konans eyes were only half there, the rest of her was absent.

"Konan..?Konan!" Iris yelled as the words continued to chant from konans mouth till she looked up at her, her eyes wide and filled with terror.

"No..No..KEEP THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!" Konan yelled a shriek of terror and went back to holding her head in agony, she had also began to shiver, and had coughed up a bit of blood. "No..No..it hurts.. stop ..please.." Konan whispered , Iris looked at her curiously seeing as she had nothing in her hands.

"Atton-kun we'd betetr take her back to the pokemon center, she's not looking so good.." Iris mumbled looking at the shivering Konan who's mind wasn't even there.

Konan screamed once more before collapsing into a quiet unconsciousness. Iris looked at her sickly composure and noticed the redness in her cheeks. "She's getting worse..Lets go Atton!"

[to be continued]

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Chapter 17: Battle Against the Enel Admin Corosa! Part 1: The Hopeless Battle!

Andrew blasted a gust of wind, sending Corosa flying into the Beast's Machine, hard. "Grr... that's cute, but you can't win this." Said Corosa as she ran towards the bird anthro. Andrew sent out a gust of wind once more, but Corosa twirled her staff around... fast enough to keep her there, instead of being blown back.

"What the- how is that possible?" Asked Andrew to himself, he tried thinking of a way to attack. "Hmm... Alex is no good, as Corosa is wearing rubber gloves... and I can't attack directly, or else I'm done for." Corosa decided that she had enough, and jumped up before slamming the spear handle into Andrew's head, hurting him a bit, but it wasn't the part that electrocutes people.

"Don't underestimate me... after all, Enel admins used to be some of the worst criminals in history." Said Corosa as she started walking towards Andrew. "I was wanted in both Kanto and Hoenn for kidnapping two very influential people... I used to be a lot stronger then I am now. But years of inactivity made me weak. Now I serve a single man..."

"Really, I bet you are lying." Said Andrew, making Corosa twitch. "Heh, you really aren't that famous of a criminal... you lie about that to scare your opponents, and you kill them in the confusion... I've done that in Viridian City... a lot, but I do know that you are strong, if you can hold your balance in my wind." Corosa frowned before saying.

"Heh, I am indeed lying, but I will still kill you." Said Corosa as she prepared to battle. Andrew narrowed his eyes, to see what she would do. "Now I'll go all out." Corosa rushed in, spear ready to strike. "Electrocution!" And with that, she jumped up, and slammed Andrew with the spike, starting to shock him.

"AAAARRRUUUGHHHHHH!!!!!" Yelled Andrew, as he was being shocked... which hurt a lot more for him, seeing as he was part bird. The scream was then broadcast to where the whole island could hear it... loud and clear.

"Hahahah! Come on Aethereon Beast! Save your friend! Hahahah!" Laughed Corosa into the microphone, sending the message out to the entire island. "Hurry up, or your 'friend' will die!" Corosa lifted the spear... as Andrew had stopped moving.


An unconscious verison of Andrew was lieing there, with Kalius shaking his head. Ignoring all rational thoughts with his slightly drunken manner, he took over the body to fight off Corosa.

"Heh, you are so lucky I can't think straight right now." Said Kalius as his mind 'double' disappeared.

(Corosa's Base)

"You'd better hurry up! Or your friend will die!" Yelled Corosa, but something happened... the sound system blanked out. "What? What's going on? Why has the transmission been cut?"

"Heh, it's because of my own power." Said Kalius as he got up from the floor... the changes have been made, and Corosa was confused.

"What- how?" Started Corosa, but Kalius easily grabbed her head, and slammed it into the wall, causing blood to start dripping down.

"Your woust nightmare has come... I am the most powerful man in the world, and I will kill you." Said Kalius as he raised his hand. "All it takes is one, just one sphere of wind to blow your head clean off... but I will give you a chance... all you have to do is run away. Just run out of this place, before I see you, or you will die," Corosa looked into Kalius' eyes, and instantly felt true fear.

"What kind of game is this? Y- you're a monster!" Yelled Corosa. Kalius started laughing at that statement. "Wh-what's so funny?" Corosa backed up in fear, afraid on what Kalius would do if she pissed him off. Kalius soon stopped laughing and turned to Corosa.

"Monster? I'm not a monster... I'm a GOD!!! Hahahah!" Laughed Kalius as the alcohol wore off. "You have a minute head start before I head out... you'd better run if you want to remain alive." Corosa didn't need to be told twice as she ran as fast as she could. "Hehehehehahahah... HAHAHAH!"

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"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! Gado… You stay the hell away from me!"

“Gado? No, I’m Att-….”


Death blow. Lethal; painful. Atton was sure he had this under control. He was sure he would react quickly enough like to block a strike from Aetherion. But it all happened too fast. As Atton stared directly at Konan, one of her tails stretched enough like to reach the Leo and threw him against a tree; making various snapping noises. Bones cracking, twigs shattering, stones hitting the ground. Atton’s last breath was let out as he flew through the air and into the thick tree, who didn’t smash only because it was ridiculously small and thick. Yet; too much for Atton to take. Again, Atton’s eyes closed and he entered the limbo between life and death.

~That hurt, didn’t it, Atton?~ Gado said as he took Atton and himself to the white room Atton saw himself when he died at the Mother Tree. ~You can’t deny it. Even I felt that blow.~

Atton, who was lying on the ground of the white floor in the same position as he was in the real world, stood up and rubbed his head; freaking out when he recognized the white space again. ~Did… Did I die, again?~

~Nah. You’re just in the brink of life. That hit delivered by Konan. Wow. That was hardcore. I mean, wow. Really. Don’t you want to, say, rise again and use her saber-toothed cat teeth as ice picks on her or something? Skin her alive? Throw her into a volcano? I don’t know, be creative.~ Gado said as he took his hand to his chin and started to stroll around Atton in circles, his eyes being an obvious sign of the fact that he was imagining bloody ways to kill someone. Being the white room their subconscious, and being killing a thought; the white stencil room started to bleed. Red gooey liquid started to drool down the walls, thing that scared Atton a bit. Gado was just waiting for Atton to say something, something about killing Konan specifically. To his surprise, though; Atton responded with something different.

~No. I am not hurting her. I’m still alive, eh? That means I can continue keeping her from hurting others while Aetherion takes over her. I told you, Gado; I won’t strike back. I want to guess it’s not Konan’s will to hurt others. She deserves no wrong for something she isn’t doing.~ Atton took a deep breath after finishing, knowing that he would get quite an abrupt response from Gado; who was just smirking.

~Prevent her from hurting others? Yeah, nice job you’re doing~ Gado said as he opened portal to the real world, where Iris had been knocked unconscious by Konan’s tails. ~Say, wanna kill her now? I really don’t give a flying f*lolwut* about what you say. I’m coming out either way to finish what was left undone ages ago.~

~No, Gado. You won’t. Konan’s my friend.~

~Somethimes… Angels deserve to die.~

Atton woke up from his unconsciousness and stood up, quickly running over to Iris and picking her up while dodging a whip-like hit and taking her to a safe position. After carefully placing Iris on the ground, the Leo turned back to the clearing; where Konan viciously stared at him. "Now Gado, we'll finished what I started before I got restrained to this stupid girl and she was captured…” She said as she started to pant furiously.

~You see, Gado; I hate all this s*lolwut* you get me into. Can’t you just be friends or something?~ Atton told himself as he stared into Konan’s cat eyes, hoping to be able to at least see a hit come this time. It was obvious that she wanted to fight Gado; and if he let it out he wouldn’t be affected by most of the blows, but Atton was hurt and confused because he knew that letting the bestial out would result in Aetherion getting hurt; but Konan paying the bill in the end. "I only came out because that girls spirit is weak. Heh, now en guard you stupid lion."

The fight was then supposed to begin, but it couldn’t be called a fight because Atton didn’t strike back. As expected, Konan delivered the first blow, and now; Atton saw it coming. He didn’t only see it, but in fact, he sensed it approaching in slow motion. It was more painful to know what was coming than actually be hit by it. ~Take it like a man.~ Atton told himself as he hardened his chest and abs and received the blow; knowing it would be useless to apply resistance. Atton flew away like a rag doll, being slammed on another tree and then falling flat on his stomach. “God; that hurt” he said to himself quietly as he pushed himself up to his knees. “Maybe I could try to defend myse-…” Before he could even finish, another tail slapped his face; the impact being so harsh that he was sent to the ground, sliding across the paths of ice left by the beast. Atton started to cough; not really wanting to stand up now. Even if he wanted, he probably couldn’t.
“Ow…” Atton could barely turn his head to a side, and when he did; he was lifted in the air and volleyed between the two tails over and over; the motion ending with him being abruptly sent to the ground. Scratches and bruises deluged Atton’s body; and at this site; Gado took charge. Aetherion was now panting tired, and Gado used this moments of retaliation to come out. Atton stood up in a zombie-like fashion and stared at Konan blankly before smirking viciously. His voice changed to Gado’s. ~My, my; poor, poor Atton. Not strong enough to attack. Isn’t that pathetic? I should let you kill him now, but I still have to mess him up some more before the moment comes. I will be the one to end Atton; not you. Aetherion, my precious. Prepare to fall. ~

The change happened just then. Atton’s hair darkened to a light brown color. The hair on the back of his head grew enough so that it reached the middle of his back, while the rest of it grew until it reached his shoulders. His fangs grew to be as long as his middle finger; and his eyes turned grey and cat-slit. His muscles; which were already quite imposing, grew to a massive proportion. Claws were grown and the hair on his arm and legs got bigger as well. Gado was out. With blood and bumps abound, Gado entered a defensive stance; smirking mischievously as he stared at Konan. The animal threw herself at Gado wildly, and this one, laughing maniacally, stepped aside relaxed and put one finger on Konan’s neck. Just his index finger was used to put damage on Konan. As his finger rested on top of Konan’s neck, who couldn’t recover because of the attack’s momentum, Gado activated Life Sap, then technique he used to revive Atton back at the Mother Tree. ~Sorry, sorry, sorry Konan…~ Atton repeated to himself over and over from within Gado. His hand started to glow, and immediately all of his wounds stopped bleeding. The scratches and bruises were still there, anyway. If Konan hadn’t been possessed by Aetherion at the time, that mere time would’ve for sure killed her, but as expected; Aetherion had that and more energy to continue. Or… Apparently not. "Damn this girls body. It can't hold any power…Hmmph I guess I'll retreat for now but never forget.."

“Hmph, Isn’t Life Sap great. I believe I.. Gah!” Gado let out a wild roar of pain as his hand, still glowing and with Life Sap activated, was subconsciously lifted to his face. Immediately, Atton took over the body again. “Yes. Store energy, use it against you. Awesome.” Atton decided to use his own energy against Gado to come out now, because he knew that if he let him out, he would use Konan’s weakness to eliminate her and Lunar Rosa. Once he was back complete control of his limbs, Atton’s appearance returned to normal. He turned to Konan, who was on her knees and coughing blood. “Konan!” The Leo yelled desperately as he ran over to her, quickly dropping to his knees in front of her. Iri, who had apparently recovered from the hit, also approached, trying to help her, but Konan refused. “KEEP THAT THING AWAY FROM ME! No...No...It hurts... Stop ...Please..”

"Atton-kun we'd better take her back to the Pokémon center, she's not looking so good...” Iris said as she stood up. Konan let out a loud scream of pain and then fell unconscious, her pale face reddening. "She's getting worse..Lets go Atton!"

Atton nodded; taking the fallen Konan in his arms and then standing up. Before starting to sprint, however; he turned to Iris and asked “Are you Ok?” for she too had received a beat. She nodded; yet it was almost obvious she was feeling very hurt. Then, like a miracle; Atton heard a neigh in the distance. His Ponyta came in galloping and approached. “Yes! Perfect timing, Veil!” Atton cried loudly as he hugged his Pokémon with his free hand. He patted Veil’s neck, making the fire horse lower herself and helped Iris up the horse so she wouldn’t become more tired. Now, ready to go; the group started to run away. As he made his way away from the forest, Atton stared down at Konan, feeling completely sad for all the crap she had gone through. He had only met her for 2 days and she had been through a lot. How the hell did she manage to live all the years of her life? “I hope you get better soon; Konan.” Atton whispered as he continued to run, being guided by the flames of the Festival. “I feel really sorry for all this happening to you. I’ll try my best to help you out of all of this.”

The were now very close to the Pokémon center when Atton heard a booming voice on the island. “Hahahah! Come on Aethereon Beast! Save your friend! Hahahah! Hurry up, or your 'friend' will die!"

~Huh?~ Atton thought. ~Aetherion beast? Must be Konan… But where did that come from… And who is it talking about?~ The Leo was confused after thinking this; but knowing Konan wasn’t going to save anyone in her current health state; he continued to run. The three anthropomorphs and the Pokémon soon made it to the red-roofed building; where a Nurse Joy immediately ran up to them.

“My! What happened to her?!” She asked as she looked at Konan. Since saying “She got possessed by and ancient demonic force with the power to destroy the universe with a sneeze” wasn’t going to be really credibly; Atton only said. “We don’t know. Please, Nurse, take her.” The rest happened so fast. Chansey and Blissey all came with a stretcher and took Konan away to a room where she was applied a couple of bandages and medicine; then laid to rest on a bed tied to strange machines with a lot of cables. Iris and Atton followed; and as soon they were able to, they sat down in some chairs outside the room Konan was in. The wall facing them was made mostly of glass; so they could see Konan lying there unconscious. As they looked through the glass; another nurse came and took Iris away, noticing she was kinda beat up too. “I’ll see you in a while, Atton.” Iris called tired. “Take care.” Atton said as he waved shortly and then turned back to the Neko, feeling so useless. Atton was left alone in the bright corridors of the Pokémon center; sighing sadly as did all he could probably do. Wait…

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Chapter 18: Battle Against the Enel Admin Corosa! Part 2: Destroying the Beast‘s Machine!

Corosa dashed through the hallway like there was a monster behind her, and that would be correct. The admin armed all of the traps on the way to the exit, but she knew that it would be of no use, somehow. “I’m almost there… I have to get away!” Whispered Corosa as she came closer to the exit, but suddenly, a large gust of wind blew the door wide open. “Y-you!”

“Heh, you have to do waaay better then that if you want to stay alive…” Said Kalius as he fired a wind blast at Corosa, blasting her all the way back to the beginning of the hall… activating all of the traps. “Hmm… she knew that this may happen it seems… well, let’s finish this.” Kalius started walking, and the electric fence was the first obstacle.

“Way too easy.” Said Kalius as he blasted the switch, deactivating the electric barrier, but he soon came up to the lava pit. “Oh, come on… these wings aren’t here for decoration.” Kalius easily flew over the magma pit, and came to the third trap… high speed pendulums were swinging. “Heh, this is just pathetic… obviously they didn’t expect an anthro to waltz in.” Kalius sliced through the pendulums and came to the fifth trap.

“A laser field… ooh, I’m sooo scared.” Said Kalius, his voice dripping with sarcasm as he just flew over the laser field. “Wow, what’s next… three Golems coming out of nowhere?!” And as if on cue, three Golems entered the halls. They charged, but Kalius jumped over them and let them plummet into the lava.

“Wow… even I didn’t expect that.” Said Kalius, amazed that three Golems just dove into lava. “Now on to the next trap.” And with that, Kalius took ten steps and got trapped in an iron cage, the mad anthro held his hand like he was holding a sword. “Heh, Wind Blade!” Suddenly, a bunch of winds gathered in his hand to form a sword. It was three feet long, and looked like it could cut through anything.

“Well, this is a pleasant surprise.” Said Kalius as he sliced through the iron, allowing him to step into the next trap, which was two wooden logs coming at his head fast enough to crush it. But Kalius didn’t even bother with paying attention to the trap, and just walked past it. “Ooh, this has to be the last one… a door made out of steel.” Suddenly, a giant robot, the one from earlier, broke through the walls, and Corosa was piloting it.

“This is the Beast’s Machine! Like Marcus told you… it is the most powerful human made weapon in Kanto! It will crush you!” Yelled Corosa as she input commands into the panel. The Beast’s Machine(BM) fired a rocket, but Kalius easily fired a gust of wind, blowing it into the wall. “Fire cannons!” And with that, two cannons appeared on the shoulders… they looked like old fashioned cannons, but were much more powerful. The cannons fired two giant cannonballs, but Kalius avoided them and sliced the machine with the winds, but it did nothing.

“What!?” Asked Kalius to himself before being flicked away by the BM. “Aah, the cockpit is where I need to strike.” Kalius smirked as he got up. “It’s time to die… you really didn’t stand a chance at all.” Corosa gasped as she saw Kalius right in front of her.

“And now, you shall die.” Kalius kicked the glass dome before firing winds, cutting through her stomach, effectively killing her. The top half hit the ‘self destruct’ button, which blew the machine to kingdom come. Kalius was blasted back by the explosion, knocking him through the wall, and into the forest, knocking him out.

(ooc: That’s the end of the Beast’s Machine… or is it?)

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Nurse Joy looked worridly at Konan when Atton had brought her in. "Luckily I'm a licensed docter in pokemon and humans!" Nurse joy yelled and took Konan and put her on a stretcher. "Chansey go take her into the examining room. Patient is a female neko, appears to be exhaustian but blood in the mouth shows possible amage to internal organs." The nurse said to the chansey and at this the pink pokemon nodded and ran the stretcher into the examining room. "When we are finished we'll alert you of the diagnosis." The nurse said disappearing into the examing room.
"It hurts.." Konan chanted over and over in mindscape, Lunar Rosa was no where to be seen at the moment, seeing as she was a PART of Konan she was probably experiencing some pain as well. The images that ran through Konans mind were drivin her to insanity. A girl being branded by a tatoo, it appeared to be a war prisoner. The scene soon became clearer and clearer until the scene showed two jackel anthros twisting a young nekos arm until it cracked and the girl passed out from pain. they then shoved her into a cell and the images faded, the scene played over and over in her head. "Make it stop! Please!" Konans voice echoed throughout the room, then once again she was greeted by an icey chill that filled her body. "Nivosus..the stick of the snow?" Konan asked as she got up on her feet and caught the luminosity in her head. It felt warm in her hands and she had a smile on her face, as quick as it had came the pain she had once felt was now gone. Konan had an eager smile on her face a smile of calm serenity. The warmth the pulsed throughout her body numbed the pain and the black room soon turned to a snow white room with a several people in it, one was Atton, One was the wolf girl, another silhouette, Lance, Iris, Andrew, and herself, oh and the bear anthromorph.

"Atton.." Konan whispered, she felt sad that she had hurt him so much, and that he had to keep on saving her. She felt like she was a burden amoungst the group, Iris may have been a cling-on but she could fight, she had no trouble killing anyone in battle (unless of course it was Atton.) Konan felt so useless it was eating her up on the bare inside, before she knew it tears had began falling down her face.
"Patient appears to have suffered extreme exhaustian. A little sleep and she should be good as new." Nurse Joy mumbled as she walked out from the examination room. "Your friend will be okay,she's just sleeping at the moment she's so exhausted I have no idea how long she'll sleep." Joy said as the chansey roled her out on a stretcher and into a room. "If you want to see her just follow Chansey." Joy said pointing down the hall.

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Atton continued to stare at Konan; doing absolutely nothing as he did. He could hear many little voices yelling orders inside his head, but the need to be louder than the others consequentially led him to not being able to hear any of them. That was, of course; until Gado’s voice boomed above them all.

~ATTON!~ He yelled out loudly as he filtered into his mind to temporally blind Atton and force him into the white room without having to make him pass out. The young Leo; who was lost in thoughts as he stared at the wounded Neko, couldn’t help but to quickly jump back and squeal at the sudden response from the bestial. Gado started laugh and roar wildly; impressed by Atton’s reaction, who was not really in a mood for joking. Gado, believing he had full control of both because of them being in their mindscape started to circle around Atton; staring at him viciously and with his fangs sticking out to try to intimidate him. ~Hi, Atton. How’s it going?~

~How the hell do you think it’s going? I don’t look like I’m dancing around a flower bed, ehh? Now leave me alone.~ The Leo abruptly responded as he stepped away from Atton and tried to get back to the real world; for he wanted to be conscious when Nurse Joy came and told him something about Konan. Gado laughed as he walked closer to Atton, continued to move around him like an angry vulture and then making some comfortable purple couches appear next to them. ~No need to be harsh. C’mon, take a seat. Let’s talk.~

~Dammit…~ Atton said angry as he sat down; knowing that a non-weakened Gado wouldn’t allow him to come back to his senses if he didn’t allow him too. All he could do; apparently, was wait for the bestial to do whatever he wanted to. ~What do you want? C’mon, Konan’s life might be at stake or something. Hurry. ~

~Bla bla bla.~ Gado said mocking as he crossed his legs while sitting down and made a puppet that was made out of a paper bag and decorated to look like Atton appear on his hand to imitate him. ~You know; I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it twice. You worry too much about others, start worrying about yourself. Tell me, Atton; let’s suppose the Neko’s alright and she wakes up in a normal mood right now. What are you planning on doing tomorrow?~

~Going to the Fire Mountain to look for the next crystal.~ Atton responded; feeling quite sure of what he had said. He ignored the bad consequences and was only looking at the bright side of things, matter than infuriated Gado.
~You’re kidding me, right, Atton?~ Gado said as he stood up and smeared his couch to pieces with his mind. His fists closed to show anger and every single vein and artery in his arms and neck became soar. Atton, without stuttering or shivering once, nodded.

~Why? Why? This imaginary girl appears in your dreams, says you’re special; and now you’re going to risk many lives for a something that you’re not even sure It’s real?~

~Yes. Yes I am, Gado.~ Atton said as he also stood up; but instead of destroying his chair, he gently picked it up and placed it aside. ~My life is without a direction. At least I have some sort of purpose. What could be the worst that could happen? Dying? Bite me.~

Gado, mad, used mind powers to make a strong rope appear out of nowhere and lasso Atton’s arms together, immobilizing him. Atton looked at the bestial seriously; making sure that he was expressing no fear at all. Just boredom and hate. ~Bite you?~ Gado whispered with a smirk as he flashed his long fangs at Atton. ~Sure?~ He asked, but without waiting for a response, he recklessly lunged himself at the Leo and bit his arm. Atton yelled in pain as he watched himself bite his arms and enjoying the blood. Gado finally let go of Atton after a while and stared at him. ~You still don’t know what I’m capable of, Atton. If I were you, I’d think more of my actions. Yes; whatever, save others in exchange for your life. Go into the volcano and continue this stupid crap. I don’t give a damn,~ Gado roared angry; but was interrupted when a soothing voice entered their mind.

"Patient appears to have suffered extreme exhaustion. A little sleep and she should be good as new. Your friend will be okay, she’s just sleeping at the moment she's so exhausted I have no idea how long she'll sleep. If you want to see her just follow Chansey."

Unexpectedly, Atton violently broke free from the ropes and took Gado by the collar of his shirt; which was, of course, the same he was wearing. ~Look, you little ass. Get me back to the real world, now. I’m not in the mood for games. ~ He said as he pushed the bestial to the ground fiercely and put his combat boot on his head, ready to smash something.

Gado remained silenced. For the first time ever; Atton could feel Gado’s fear, and he enjoyed that. Seconds after the occurrence, the white room shattered like glass and Atton was taken back to the real world. He immediately looked to the sides to spot the pink egg carrying Pokémon, and as soon as he did, he sprinted next to her and followed. After a while of walking around the Pokémon Center, which was much larger than what it seemed to be from the outside, they made it to an area where patients on recuperation were put. Chansey opened a door to the neat white room and there Konan was asleep; now without all the machines and cables tied to her. Atton took a step into the room and then Chansey closed the door. With a deep breath, Atton approached Konan and sat down on a chair that was next to the bed she lied on and stared at her. It didn’t take him long to notice she had been crying not too long ago; for he could see a tinge of redness in her face and sore eyes. While he was there, another tear dropped down her pale face. Atton frowned and, with his thumb, gently wiped the tear away.

~Gado,~ he started saying in a nice way, acting like if nothing had happened between the two beings. ~how much time do you think it’ll take for her to recover?~

~I don’t know,~ Gado responded seriously. ~Aetherion is strong. Chances are she might stay that way for even days. ~

~Days?!~ Atton asked impressed, feeling incredibly sad for Konan, not even wanting to imagine how she felt. It probably even resulted hard for her to breathe when in that stage of fatigue. Atton thought of a way to help her out of her pain and tiredness in a way for some time, and soon something came out of his mind.

~Hey, Gado,~ he started to say slightly excited. ~Life Sap steals life and vitality from others, right?~


~Have you… Have you ever tried using it in reverse? Like, giving life instead of taking it?~

~No. Why the hell would I do th–… Oh, no, no, no. You’re not doing it. It’s dangerous. You would be risking giving away too much energy and dying. No, no. You’re tired alone now; doing an energy transfer would only probably leave you in the same state as her. ~

~We’re anthropomorphs. We need to stick together. I’ll take the risk.~

~You can take many risks later. You know, simply taking the risk doesn’t mean you’ll get over it. Don’t be a hero now. Please, please; Atton, noo!!!~

Without further do; the Leo anthropomorph took Konan’s hand on his and commenced the process. His hand let out a very bright and warm light for a couple of seconds, and Atton could feel how he became increasingly exhausted with each passing moment. Soon enough, the transfer was complete, and Atton passed out on the couch.

~Foolish Atton. You’ll regret this…~

December 17th, 2008, 12:02 PM
Konan lied in the bed with no motion and no sound, she lied there like a breathing dead body.Not knowing what Atton was going to do for her..
"I'm so useless...All I ever do is cause trouble.Why do I even bot-" Konan was about to finish her sentence when Lunar Rosa appeared and picked her up by the collar of her shirt.

"Oh quit whining you little (censored out for the good of the world)! I mean come on, only beating yourself up will only make YOU look bad, think of the scarifices and the damage the others made, the damages ATTON took!" Lunar Rosa yelled at her, Konan winced in pain, and knew what Lunar Rosa had been saying.

"B-but.." Konan whispered as tears of fear came down her eyes.

"YOUR the one thats gone on thinknig your useless! Well stop being seless! Wake up and do something!" Lunar Rosa yelled once more smacking her. Konan was actually trying to snap out of he coma like state , but couldn't..When something warm filled the iner recesses of her body..Something kind..A white aurua began to glow around Konan and she could feel herself waking up.
"Nyaa....Atton...?" Konans vocie was weak as she sat up, but had saw Atton was now passed out as well. She smiled and got up and shook him gently. "Atton,Atton hey wake up!" Konan smiled chipperly but there was no response. "A-Atton..?" her voice grew silent and she could feel the room go cold."Atton...ATTON!" Konan yelled, her heart was beating very fast out of nervousness. Cold tears welled in her eyes and she got down on her knees next to the catch where Atton had fallen into his coma-like state.

"Don't cry..Don't cry damn it, your making me sad! What (censored for the good of the world) is wrong with you?!" Lunar Rosa yelle, as she could feel the warm tears falling down her eyes herself.

"I'm sorry, Atton.. All I've ever been is a burden, please forgive me.." Konan whispered abd smiled, her tears drying from that act that he had possibly done something to help her..and hehad to be put in this coma-like state. Konan smiled and whispered 'thank you' into his ear and sat on the bed waiting for Atton to wake up. "I'll wait here no matter long I have too!" Konan raised her fist in the air in triumphency.Of course Iris was no where to be seen at the time..until she came bursting through the door.

"Atton is-" Her sentence was cut off from her sentence as she saw Konan in her position and Atton in his very dead..position.Iris eyes filled with tears and Konan sweatdropped a bit. "You did this to my Atton-poo! SquirllyPoo send her shocking!" Iris yelled throwing a odd pokeball, but instead of the normal..uh.. "squirllypoo" a very strange silhouette popped out, that of the forest guardian. Celebi. Okay Konan has scene some very weird things on this trip with these four anthromorphs but this kinda broke the scale at the moment.

"Bii!" The celebi cried as it sat on Iris's head and Konan finally figured out a part of the dream.

"Find your legend...Thats what it must mean! After you get your weapon you get yourself of a legendary pokemon..OF course!" Konan whispered to herselfand Iris and thw two began to wonder how Celebi appeared here in the first palce but then their thoughts turn to Atton. "Wait, Iris can't celebi use heal bell?"

"Yea, wh- Oh right yes! BiiBii use heal bell!" Iris smiled as a soothing chime filled the room and everyone could feel the rejuvinating power the move had..

December 17th, 2008, 3:21 PM
As Atton finished transferring his energy to Konan and passed out; he was sure he would be taken to the white room; just like every single time he passed out. ~Damn,~ he thought to himself as he felt his body being pulled into the deep trance. ~Gado is going to beat me up so bad because of what I’ve done. But I don’t regret. In fact, I’d do it again.~ Soon, the Leo closed his eyes and waited for his arrival to the room. He was surprised, though, when unexpectedly the temperature around him started to rise ridiculously. The ground he stood on felt soft but thick; like lava, fire cackles were heard over and over, and the whole place smelled like ash. Atton opened his eyes and noticed that he wasn’t in the white room. Instead, he was in a place that could very safely be called as Hell. Bright red walls lit on fire and with blood splattered all over. Ash, fire, corpses, bones, everything was there. ~What?~ The young male asked himself as he looked around nervously, loosening his jacket to resist the heat. ~Am… Am I dead?~

~No. But… You will be.~

Gado’s booming voice was heard echoing all over the room, and out of nowhere, the bestial appeared in front of Atton and connected his fist with Atton’s face with great power. In a movie-like fashion, Atton flew backwards from the impact and slammed himself against a wall quite abruptly, quickly forcing himself up again because the walls were covered on fire. ~Dammit!~ Atton yelled as he stood up and took his index finger to his nose, noticing that, quite effectively, it had started bleeding. Heck, it probably was broken.

~WHY, ATTON?! WHY?!~ Gado yelled as he charged towards Atton, tackling him in the stomach directly with his shoulder and then knocking him to the ground. With the anthropomorph below him, Gado went on rampage and started to throw wild punches to the face of Atton, alternating between left and right arms at a turbo speed. Atton’s face was disfigurated only after a second of the beating, which lasted probably 30 seconds. ~Why the hell did you do that? I told you not to! You risked your life, and more importantly, you risked mine! Who will save you now, ehh? WHO!?~

Atton would’ve probably died already from all the fist hits to the face, but, since he grew angry, a rush of adrenaline gave him enough strength to grab Gado from the neck and smash him against the ground next to him, successfully managing to stand up. Immediately, Atton his the heels of his combat boot to Gado’s throat and repeatedly applied heavy stomps, making the bestial’s mouth start bleeding after around the 4th hit. ~You don’t me question me! I’m tired of you treating me like crap! Let’s get something clear, Gado,~ Atton said incredibly angry as he picked Gado up hit his face with in the strongest way he had ever hit someone, breaking Gado’s jaw and nose. ~You are nothing without me!~

Gado, after hearing that, took Atton’s foot and twisted it to a side violently, making a loud snapping noise. The bestial stood up; his whole face covered on blood and pulled out his claws, successfully stabbing Atton’s stomach. Once his claws were in, he started to do swirling motions to rip Atton’s intestines. This would’ve killed him in the real world, but it was mindscape. Nothing was really happening. Gado drew Atton closer with his claws and roared right in his face, spitting out a lot of blood and saliva to the Leo’s face. ~Nothing without you?! You’re more pathetic than I thought; insolent worm! I saved your ass by teaching you Life Sap! I was the one that saved you when Aetherion was about to kill you! You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t because of me. Now tell me, why did you betray me? Why? What in the world made you do what you did?~

As Gado spoke angry, Konan’s voice was heard inside the room, for she had spoken to Atton at a very close distance. “Thank you.” Atton, as soon as he heard this, smiled; for he knew his efforts to save Konan had succeeded and his sacrifice hadn’t been in vain. With the triumphant still on his face, Atton released himself from the grasp of Gado’s claws and pushed then inwardly, making the bestial stab himself. He received an epic morale boost. ~That, my friend. That is why I did it.~

Gado was impressed. It was here in the mind where he had more power than ever; and somehow, just after the words from the Neko entered the head, Atton managed to multiply his strength to massive levels and use all of Gado’s strength against him. It hurt to see his own long, sharp and cold claws inside his guts; and it was disgusting to see what was coming out of it.

Atton pushed Gado’s claws deeper into himself, then knocked into the ground. Gado was about to faint, for now he had many punctures in his body and blood was coming out from everywhere. Atton sadistically bent down and took Gado’s hair, lifting the bestial’s head so that it reached his waist, and then let out a finisher blow by striking his face with his knee. Gado fell to the ground, unconscious. The hell arena then disappeared and the two bodies were back on the white room, where their blood immediately tinged the ground. Atton stood quiet for some moments, thoughtful. Silence and blood. The only things around. The only things around until a bell started to ring. Atton, unaware of what was going on; was pulled out of the white room and ont o the real world.

Subconsciously, Atton woke up and stood up. With his eyes still semi-closed and with a very blurry vision, Aton stared around the room, easily identifying Konan and Iris; the latter which had some weird thing sitting on top of her. Still faltering a bit, but with a smile on his face; Atton reacted.

“Wha–… What just happened?~

Zeta Patchouli
December 17th, 2008, 3:42 PM
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Chapter 19: The Explosion of Team Enel's Base! Return to the Cinnabar Pokemon Center!


"Hmm... it looks like Corosa has failed... not like I really care." Said a man sitting on an extravagant throne, made out of the finest metals and cushins. "I expected her to fail... I mean, the Beast's Machine is outdated."

"Yes sir." Said one of the many people around him, but this one stands out due to having casual clothing. His hair is short and black, and his skin is a dark brown color, he was wearing a green shirt, with a lab coat over it. His pants were a little loose, and tan. His eyes are a deep brown, that look almost black. "I too knew she would fail... she relies waaay too much on that electric staff... and let's face it, she was not even meant to be an administrator."

"Yes... Samuel. So, what should we do about him and the other morphs there?" Asked the guy on the throne. "I mean, if they all go feral, then it could be a problem." Samuel just started snickering. "What? What's so funny?"

"I have a plan... all we have to do is to fight them one on one until your new Devil's Machine is ready to be launched." Said Samuel. The man smirkes, having come up with an idea.

"Heh, they are in a weakened state... all you have to do is burn down the island." Said the man. "I mean, we can get rid of them all that way!" Samuel just stared. "Heh, light the forest on fire, and make sure that it reaches the town."

"Okay, but I think the base should be destroyed... the commotion from the Beast's Machine must have alerted the entire town." Said Samuel. "I mean, it's not like there is anyone there anymore."

"Sure... enter the Cinnabar Bases self-destruct code, and watch them burn." Said the man. Samuel just looked at the man before walking out, shaking his head at his master's stupidity.


Samuel had walked for a while until entering a room, with a lot of computers, each one for each base... always monitering each one. "Hmm... well, well, well... it seems that one of the morphs are outside the building... this will make it easier, but first... I need a snack before inputing a whole bunch of code." Samuel then left the room to go to the cafeteria.


Andrew started to wake up, stll exhausted by the events of earlier, but when he saw that he was outside the base, he jumped right up, to guard himself against his opponent. "Where is she?" Andrew looked back, and saw another hole leading into the ground, the one he came from. "Huh? Did Kalius- No, I have to escape." Andrew then started running away, not knowing what would happen next.


Samuel sat beck into the chair, not even looking at the screen too well before opening the code input screen. "Let's see here... 37x22941..." Said Samuel as he started inputting the code. And after a minute, he was done. "Heh, that should do it." With that, he clicked submit, and watched the screen, when he realised that Andrew wasn't there. "What? Where did he go!?"

(Cinnabar Forest)

Andrew stared down at the town, just looking for the pokemon center among the mess. "Hmm... where would they be?... The pokemon center maybe?" Suddenly, a huge explosion shook the island, sending up a lot of ash and debris, especially fragments of the Beast's Machine, which were starting to rain down. "Whoa, what was that?" Asked Andrew to himself as he stared at where the explosion was. "Eh, it wasn't too bad... but maybe I should tell the others." And with that, Andrew flew into the city.

December 18th, 2008, 9:43 PM
The sound the echoed throughout Konans ears from Celebii's move was simply enchanting..The familiarity of it was so eery too.. "It's so soothing." Konan purred but then noticed Konan and Atton were face to face. "AH! I'm sorry I didn't know you had woken up!" Konan stuttered and fell backwards with a bright red blush of embrassment on her face. Iris laughed a happy glee of joy.

"Attons awake! Attons awake!" Iris giggled and glomped him, Konan sitting against a bit still rather startled about Attons awakening.Konan could feel Lunar Rosa's eyes glaring down on her , and then torwards Atton.

"Damn you Konan, what did I tell you?!" Lunar Rosa yelled within Konans mind.

"Eh, what do you mean?" Konan asked Lunar Rosa questionably.

"You know what I mean!" Lunar Rosa yelled. "You and that Lion! He will kill you one day! It's always happened like that, its destiny!"

"Destiny can be changed. Right?" Konan asked Lunar Rosa.

"This isn't some school shojo manga Konan, we are talking about real life here! He will kill you!" Lunar Rosa yelled. This sudden realization had hit Konan like a ton of bricks.

"N-no Attons my friend!" Konan told Lunar Rosa.

"Damn you, you stupid girl! Don't you listen?!" Lunar Rosa yelled so loudly Konan held her hands to her ears even though the others couldn't hear anything."He WILL kill you! It's always been that way, Atton and you should hve never met! Fate means you will clash and you will end up dieing because of it, don't you understand that?!" Lunar Rosa yelled once more slapping her in mindscape. Konan didn't want this realization to be the actual fact.

"Your sounding like a mother.." Konan whimpered.

"DAMN IT GIRL DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU?!" Lunar Rosa's voice bellowed at her and she grabbed Konan by her shirts collar. Konan flinched unexpectedly as Lunar Rosa held her claws to Konans throat. "I want you to stop hanging around with that God damned lion! Got it?! You've taken to much of a liking to him already! You should stay away from him! And don't you dare think about any type of love between you two!" Lunar Rosa yelled, that mark hit head on.. Ouch.

"W-what do you mean?" Konan fllinched her face filled with horror.

"Oh please, don't deny it I read your thoughts, I AM you Konan, and I won't let you make the same damn mistakes I did!" Lunar Rosa yelled.

"Mistakes..?" Konan whimpered.

"Thats right. I foolishly fell in love with a Leo too, and I ended up getting hurt, love is nothing but trouble!" Lunar Rosa yelled throwing her to the other side of the mindscape wall, Lunar Rosa's eyes welled with painful tears of wounds that had never healed.

Konan coughed a bit from hittig the wall so hard, but looked at Lunar Rosa in curiosity. "Who did you fall in love with..?" Konan asked getting to her feet. The battle that ranged in Konans mind was a battle , of hurt, despair and over love.

"A God damn f(tatata) Leo! Thats right, when I wasn't couped up in your body I fell in love! But then , he killed me!" Lunar Rosa yelled, she had stopped attacking Konan and was crying the tears of true sadness and hurt.

"You mean...?" Konan gasped.

"Thats right, I actually had a crush on Gado..We weren't always enemies, we actually were friends!" Lunar Rosa's voice grew soft.

"Friends? Then how?" Konan asked her.

"Aetherion, when..It's all Aetherions fault.. You see when the power was revealed there were the neko's and the leo's that battled over it..After awhile the Jackals joined in to this war..And Gado being a Leo had to be trained to fight, and then..Well, one day I went to visit him in the village foolishly thinking thathe would still be my friend after the war..And then..he stabbed me.." Lunar Rosa whispered her voice mixed with frustration , sadness and anger. Konan gasped at this and sad tears fell down her eyes as well. "I died that day, physically, and emotionally, I swore to myself on my dieing wish that I would reincarnate after I died and kill Gado." Lunar Rosa's voice ,let out a hiss anmd after this she disappeared and Konan was left alone to ponder these things.

Yo, Konan you alright?"Iris asked her questionably walking over to her. "You've been sitting in the same position for awhile now.." Iris told her, Konan looked at Iris and smiled but then set her sites on Atton, and smiled a sad smile at him as well.

"Yea..I'm fine..Just well, it's hard to explain." Konan smiled. "I should distance myself for awhile till I get things in my head straight..If lunar Rosa's story is true then.." Konan thought to herself. She quietly stood up and left the room in silence and walked outside the pokemon enter only to spot Andrew flying high in the sky. "Hey it's Mr.Birdman! Hi, Mr.Birdman!" Konan yelled waving at him although her probably didn't see her

[To be continued...]

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December 19th, 2008, 4:59 PM
After a slight while, Atton managed to open his eyes, noticing that he had subconsciously moved towards Konan, leaving them at an awkwardly close distance. Feeling still too tired like to say anything; he just froze, blushing. "AH! I'm sorry I didn't know you had woken up!" Konan yelped as she took a leap back, blushing immensely and falling to the ground in a sitting position. Atton laughed inwardly and stared at Konan with a smile, but his face shifted to one of shock when very suddenly Iris yelled ‘Atton’s awake!’ happily and tackled the Leo to the ground, glomping him.

“Uh… Yeah, Iris; glad to see you too.” The Leo managed to say in between deep breaths; trying to recover his normal inhalation pace and heartbeat. It resulted quite hard to do so with the female knotted around him, but he refused to let free because he understood how she probably felt. Atton had never been so close to death, except for the time where he actually died. Atton looked around, blatantly searching for something that had cured him. He was amazed when he noticed a small, green, fairy-like Pokémon joyfully flying over the three. “Wow!” He exclaimed. “That’s Celebi! How did it get here?! Did she heal me?”

“Yes, yes, that’s my Celebi! Bii-Bii.” Iris exclaimed happily as she rested her body on Atton’s, making the male squirm slightly in pain; but being to busy being happy like to notice. “I don’t know how I got it. I was about to call out SquirlyPoo,” Iris started to say, forcing Atton to interrupt with a slight laugh as he heard the name of her Pachirisu again, “But this Celebi came out! Isn’t that pretty cool? I think it related to the ancient weapons. But I don’t know…”

“Well, that’s very interesting.” Atton said tired as he stared at Iris. “However, Iris; would you mind getting off of me? I can’t breathe.” He finished with a fake cough. Iris laughed, nodding discretely and then pushing herself up and away from Atton, sitting down on the bed. “Thanks.” Atton said relaxed as he took a very deep sigh and then stood up as well, stretching. He stared at Konan, then; who hadn’t said anything or moved since Atton woke up. “Hey, Konan,” He started saying as he walked towards her, leaving a short distance, “are you feeling Ok?” It was only obvious he felt anxious for her; for he would’ve been very depressed if he was told she still felt bad even after the energy transfer. Konan didn’t respond; though. Iris cocked her head to a side slightly, then stood up and walked over to Konan as well. “Yo, Konan you alright? You've been sitting in the same position for awhile now...” Iris asked. Konan finally reacted and stared up at Iris, smiling weakly, then turning towards Atton and smiling as well. Yet, it was a different sort of smile. Atton felt it obligated. It seemed that as she smiled at him; that weak beam had been put with a lot of thought and consideration, as well as angst and sadness; like if she had just realized something very, very bad.

"Yea...I'm fine...Just well, it's hard to explain."

Konan took a deep breath and then stood up, walking away silenced and with her head down. “Hm, what’s wrong with her?” Iris asked as she took her hand to her chin, thoughtful. “I don’t know…” Atton said as a puzzled grimace deluged his face.

~Oh my… No…~

Gado, who had been left unconscious from his recent fight with Atton, decided to speak. It didn’t sound like something that wanted to be uttered to Atton, though. It was more like a thought to himself. But being trapped in the body of Atton, sharing a mind and a heart, meant he couldn’t hide anything from him, and vice versa. Ignoring the presence of Iris for a moment, Atton decided to establish a conversation with the bestial; taking the risk that the latter would hurt him badly in revenge for what he did to him. By now, though; it was rather obvious hat Atton took all risks, even when being completely blatant towards the consequences.

~Gado,~ He started saying. ~that sounded a lot to me like you know what’s happening.~

Gado, for the first time ever, sounded sad. Though he couldn’t see the bestial face; Atton felt the entity within crying. Not of pain, but warm tears of sadness and depression. ~What the hell?~ Atton thought to himself as he raised an eyebrow. As far as he was concerned, Gado was a total jerk who only had a heart because he had to share it with Atton. He never thought he’d see Gado sad, and it hadn’t even been 3 days since the brutal being revealed his existence. ~It seems… It happened.~ Gado said, realizing that something with a great power to hurt him had been released.

~What? What happened? C’mon Gado, I know your past is difficult, but if you’re going to live inside me, I need to know as much as I can from you.~

~No, Atton. This… This matter is too complicated like for you to understand. I’m millenniums old, you’re not even 19. This matter you see me drowned in sorrow for shall only be discussed with the other being involved.~

~Other being involved? What do you mean? Dammit, if you’re not coming clean, at least give me a couple of hints.~
Gado sighed, trying to completely hide his emotions to bring out his mucho-macho, cold, heartless self. After all, he was one of the few bestial left. He couldn’t afford his feelings, because he had them, let the last of the Leos die. He needed to act tough. He needed to be tough. How would anyone hold some sort of respect and inspire fear in others when he was seen crying? No, it couldn’t be. Regaining composure, Gado spoke again. ~Hints. Dammit. You don’t deserve them. Wasn’t Konan walking out like that enough?~

~You... You’re sad for Konan or something.~ Atton asked confused, for Gado never got tired of ordering Atton to exterminate the Neko tribe.

~No… Not Konan.~

There, something rung a bell. He was talking about Lunar Rosa, of course. Things slowly clicked. Atton related Konan’s moment of quietness and consideration to the moments he experienced when talking to Gado. So she had been talking to Lunar Rosa in that while; and likely, the bestial dropped a bomb on her. Of course, wild assumption, but it could happen. And almighty Gado probably knew what this had been. Was there something else between to two feline bestials that Gado didn’t want to admit? I mean, if Gado really, with all his guts wanted to annihilate the Nekos, Lunar Rosa more importantly, he would’ve already done so. Konan had been in fragile states many times in these days; so if Gado truly wanted to kill, he would’ve had no problem taking over Atton and delivering a finisher. Something was off. Very off.

~Gado… Is there something I should know?~

~No. Your thoughts make sense; and they have a touch of truth. But as I said, this is a matter I won’t discuss with anyone except Lunar Rosa. She needs to know some things…~

~Your past sucks. And it sucks even more your past affects my present. Get things straight. I’m not killing Konan, no matter what.~

Silence flooded the body inhabited by two beings. Atton sighed, cutting his conversational link with Gado and then sitting down on a bed. Atton yawned, feeling still excruciatingly tired despite the heal bell. He looked around for a clock to see the hour, but, strangely, none was to be seen.
“Iris,” he started. “I think I’ll hit the sack for tonight. Gotta rest. Tomorrow’s gonna be a big day. I suggest you do the same.” His saying was true, but what he actually wanted was some time alone to think and decode Gado’s emotions. Iris nodded, kissing Atton’s cheek and waving goodbye before walking out. Atton closed the door, yet didn’t lock it, and lied down on the bed, staring at the ceiling thoughtfully.

~Gado… So much things yet left unknown.~

December 19th, 2008, 8:59 PM
As she waved to Andrew who still probably couldn't spot her, her feelings of hurt, anxiety , and anger came to a boil, Knan began to cry the tears that told a sad tale, but then felt herself going into the back of an ally..And then blank..nothingness. Her eyes turned blood red, her glittering silver hair and her snow white cat features, glittered in the moonlight. Lunar Rosa said nothing, she to was tear filled, the cold cruel Lunar Rosa had tears in her eyes. Lunar Rosa entered quietly into the pokemon center and into Attons room in which Iris had already left to do errads or whatever Iris went to do. Luna Rosa's glare stood on Attons sleeping body. Luanr Rosa said nothing only a very serious sad glare at the sleeping Leo. The murmured. "No, when I kill him..I want him to see th face of his former friend..I can't believe I ever loved a Leo..Or ever loved in the first place. The only thing I can keep Konan from doing is making the same mistake I did those milleniums ago." Lunar Rosa then exited the room, the tension in the room had never left though. The tension that was enough to wake Hades and Lucifer themself. "I will kill you, I won't let your hurt Konan the way you did me. You filthy leo." Lunar Rosa whispered and Konan took control once more and fell to her knees. Her head still held the empty sadness that it had held when she had left. Konan had then peeked on to the sleeping Atton once more.

"Are you my friend?" She asked herself walking in on the sleeping Atton and looking at him. "Or will you kill me? Just like Lunar Rosa says? Is everything you've done for me..A lie? Or did you save me to help me, or to kill me?" Konan told the sleeping Atton. She quickly left the room, refusing to let Atton see her tears of sadness in case he woke up. As she was leaving the pokemon center to get some fresh air she ending up bumping into the red haired knight, or Lance was his name.

"Oh it is Lady Konan?? But, why does she look so sad? I hoe it wasn't I that cause you such distress." Lance told her and kissed her hand gently, Konan blushed minorly.

"Oh no, I'm fine, I just.. Uhm.." Konan had no remark, no witty comment, no comeback, just no answer.

"Let me take Lady Konan on a date, will that cheer her up?" Lance told her grasping her other hand slightly.

"Oh..uhm!" Konan began to sweatdrop a bit, she barely knew this guy and he was asking her on a date? Awkward..Just awkward.

"Do it, I'm not letting you get close to that filthy Leo." Lunar Rosa said coldly to her. Konan whimpered at this. Konan felt truely alone, she wanted a friend, someone to talk to and well maybe this was the chance to talk to Lance.

"Yea. I'll go with you." Konan mumbled, she didn't want it to get romancey she just needed someone to talk to.

"Score!" Lance yelled throwing his fist up in the air.

"Huh?" Konan asked questionably, she heard Lunar Rosa headpalm herself and sigh, Konan sweatdropped a bit in nervousness.

"Ahem , I mean, follow me lady Konan." Lance regained his handsome composure, and guide her out of the silence of the pokemon center. Little did she know Iris had been watching them from afar, she had a triumphentsmile on her face.

"Oh Konan, wait till Atton heres about this..He'll surely be shocked." Iris giggled and dissappearing into Attons room.

[to be continued..]

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Zeta Patchouli
December 20th, 2008, 12:53 AM
Chapter 20: Conversation With Pure Evil!

Andrew woke up in his mindscape, which was weird seeing as he was flying a moment earlier. "Huh? Wh- why am I in here?" Asked Andrew, as he looked around for the one who made his life more miserable then it should have already been.

"Ask and you shall know." Said Kalius as he descended into Andrew's field of vision. "I brought you here, as you need to know something important... Tomorrow we will head into the volcano, but if we go in without the information I'm to tell you, then you will all die..."

"Whoa, what are you talking about?" Asked Andrew, as he stared at his evil alter ego. "We had no clue in what we would face last time, and-" But before Andrew could say any more, Kalius cut him off.

"And look how that worked out... All four of you almost died... You got stabbed, Atton... I don't really know or care, and Konan was beaten up by Iris... Anyways... you need to leave the group..." Said Kalius as he ctarted walking circles around Andrew. "If you don't, then Enel will kill you all. For that team is after the goddess weapons for some reason."

"Hmm... I just don't know what to do... Why should I leave?" Asked Andrew, but Kalius smirked before disappearing. "Hmph, that's just unusual... he usually attacks me." But Andrew then started to think deeply about what was to be happening... surely another Enel Admin would be waiting, but what will happen? Only time can tell us at this point.

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December 20th, 2008, 10:33 AM
It had already been quite a while of solitude and isolation; yet Atton couldn’t decipher anything that Gado had not told him. It was only natural; he could hardly work anything out with what he had been told. He unsure of the exact time, but it probably was an hour of ostracism before he began to yawn. Today had been a very exhausting day, surprisingly. The Leo thought it would only be relaxation because of the Festival and all; but it resulted in a complete opposite. Atton took his hand to a wound on his chest; took a deep breath, and then let his eyelids meet each other to fall asleep.


"No, when I kill him..I want him to see the face of his former friend..I can't believe I ever loved a Leo..Or ever loved in the first place. The only thing I can keep Konan from doing is making the same mistake I did those millenniums ago… I will kill you, I won't let your hurt Konan the way you did me. You filthy leo."

Atton could hear this voice echoing inside his head, tingling over and over in a sense of depression and hate. He was unconscious, yet he managed to open his eyes very, very slightly; seeing only a blur of colors. ~Wha…~ He thought to himself, barely being able to make sense. He hadn’t ever wished to be awake so much than when the figure started to talk. Soon enough, his mind identified the voice as Lunar Rosa’s. ~No…Wait, Wha–… Loved? Could that be what... Gado….~

The figure vanquished for a moment, apparently falling to the ground; and then stood up, now with a different color combination and a different voice. A much more soothing one. "Are you my friend?" The voice inquired, being quickly recognized by the sleeping male. "Or will you kill me? Just like Lunar Rosa says? Is everything you've done for me.A lie? Or did you save me to help me, or to kill me?"

~Huh? No!~ The Leo said as he felt how the sorrow on the Neko took over him and started to cause abrupt pulls and movements on the Leo. It was like he was sick. Possessed. ~No!~ He yelled in his mind over and over as he felt how his head slammed against the wall behind it over and over. ~No, Konan! I wouldn’t hurt you! No!~


Atton woke up harshly, quickly examining his whole body to search for wounds. His breathing and heartbeat was austere, and his head was quickly moving from side to side to spot something out of the normal. He didn’t see anything. Windows were closed, and so was the door. ~Was that… Gado, was that a nightmare? Did you see what I saw?~

~Yes… Yes, I did Atton. Nightmare? I don’t know. I was asleep. But yes, I saw.~ Gado said in a serious voice that expressed no emotion other than fatigue.

~That was strange… Oh! Gado… If you saw what I saw… Wha–… What did Lunar Rosa mean… By… Loving a Leo? What mistake was she talking about? I know you know, so; tell me.~

Gado took a very deep sigh and then forced Atton to sleep so they could be taken to mindscape. Atton immediately found himself in the white room; where Gado was waiting for him a very sad expression on his face. It seemed he was ready to tell it all; but it hurt him immensely to do so.

~So?~ Atton inquired as he made chair appear behind him and sat down.

~… What you’re about to hear, Atton… I… I don’t know…~

~C’mon, I’m old enough like to handle things. I want to know you.~

~Fine…~ Gado said as he too sat down, pulling his chair next to Atton’s. The white room shifted to a far away forest, where Leos and Nekos were staring in hostility at each other. The tension was eminent, and it looked like a fight between them was about to break. Atton stared interested, for this appeared to be a film. Gado sighed again as the image zoomed out from the villages and zoomed back in to another part of the forest. ~My God! What!?~ Atton asked impressed as he stood up from his chair, kicking it away in awe because of what he saw. Gado and Lunar Rosa were sitting down in some sort of lone cliff, both with happy expressions on their faces and apparently conversing about something. ~What does that mean?~

~Since Aetherion was discovered, a fervent rivalry between Nekos and Leos rose. ~


~But… Lunar Rosa and I… We were friends. Friends long before the rivalry sprouted.~


~Yes, but that’s not as far as it goes. Were very good friends. It hurt us to see our tribes were finishing each other out. Yet, I promised to myself to ignore this tribe deal… I wanted to do whatever it was needed so that she didn’t get hurt.~

Atton remained quiet. Apparently Gado was really sensitive about; and for what was coming up, he could really understand why he always behaved like such a jerk. To hide his feelings, of course. Atton scratched his head, sad, as he continued to listen to Gado’s story, feeling now a bit gloomy because of everything he mocked Gado about and confused.

~Then, the worst happened. Have you heard of the Jackal tribe?~

~Naturally. Before the Leo’s Armageddon occurred, we were all taught about Jackals. Bloodthirsty bastards…~

~Yes, well; guess what. The Jackals found out about the war between the two feline tribes and decided to join. They had a special fear of Lunar Rosa and myself, though; for we were pretty much the must valuable warriors for each tribe. I wouldn’t be long before I would be send to raid the Nekos, or vice-versa. I didn’t want to, though. I really didn’t. Anyway, one day; the Jackals, who outnumbered us Leos by a massive amount, invaded us. They destroyed pretty much everything they saw; all to find me.~

~What for?~

~They knew that taking out Lunar Rosa would be an easy win for them. But they couldn’t do it without me. They said that if I didn’t kill her, they would eliminate me and the whole village and tribe. I refused, for , again; I had made a promise to myself. They made an offer I couldn’t refuse afterwards, though…~


~Yes… They said, I had two options. Either I killed Lunar Rosa; by any means I wanted, or they would do so; torturing her painfully, keeping her prisoner for ages… Well, you understand. I… I was so confused there, Atton; I wasn’t thinking straight.~

Gado, by now, let out one single tear drop down from his eye and down his cheek , leaving a erd burnmark across his skin. Wow. Atton hadn’t ever seen Gado cry. It was obvious this was really serious, and he was feeling ridiculously sad. Atton froze up, not knowing how to react. Gado then burst out in tears and fell down to his knees, trying his best to hold himself back; but failing to do so.

~I… I had no choice. There was… I had a feeling. I was sure we’d meet again; whether it be the next day, the next week, or millenniums from then. I just knew it. I felt it. I looked around for an ancient sword imbued with the spirits of Ancient Leo fighters. A sword said to have the powers of killing and reviving someone if done with noble intentions. I took the sword and waited for Lunar Rosa; which was supposed to come visit that day. In secret, of course; for they couldn’t see us together. I saw her there… I felt the pressure and breathing of the Jackals in my neck… And I did it. She got close, and I pulled out the sword and delivered a stab to the stomach. You don’t know the amount of tears I shed that moment. Holding her dead body was the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced. I laid her o rest on the ground; knowing that if in order to meet again, I had to do something else. With the same blade I killed her… I took away my own life.~

~DUUUUDEE!!! You committed suicide?!~

~Yes. I had to. Too bad…. Too bad Lunar Rosa didn’t know my real intentions. If the jackals killed her, she wouldn’t be with right now. She died with the thought that I hated her. That has got to be the reason she hates Leos so much; and that’s what she mean by mistake. Befriending a Leo. She thinks I betrayed and disliked her. But, that couldn’t be. In fact… I… I lov–~


“Whoah, huh?”

Atton, before finishing the talk with Gado, was pulled out of his sleep quite forcefully by the screams of certain girl. Iris ran into the room, jumping up and down excitedly with a smirk of great mischief on her face. “Atton, guess what!”


“I saw Konan outside, and she’s, like, going on a date with Lance or something!” Iris said as her eyes opened wide and grinned for some unknown reason. It seemed she wasn’t even into liking Atton anymore, she just wanted to nag on Konan.

“Who’s Lance?” Atton asked, his memory not working because he had just woken up.

“The guy she met at the Festival!”

“Oh, yeah; the Ronald McDonald guy… So?” Atton responded as he took his cold hand to his face and rubbed it tiredly, hoping that Iris hadn’t interrupted him at all. He wanted to continue talking with Gado; and, above all, rest.

“What do you mean ‘So?’. Aren’t you gonna go, like, spy or something?”

“No. I’m tired, plus, why would I do so? That would be disrespectful towards both of them.”

“Gah! Fine, I’m going to bed!” Iris said angry, knowing her plans hadn’t resulted. She waved bye to Atton and then went into her room. Atton stood up and locked the door to the room, then walked over to his bed again and fell asleep.


December 20th, 2008, 1:18 PM
Chapter 3: The prince of fire; delve into the flames of the volcano and your heart!

Congratulations you've made it this far, Climb the mountain of fire and survive the flames of evil that occupy it, however the volcano is said to be more active recently , so be careful don't get caught in those nasty flames, Lance is tagging along too! He feels that he's 'needed' there or is her just there to hit on Konan oh dear, its hot in there, make sure not to get burned, but theres another task within this, you must qwuell the milenium anger..But what does that mean?

The axe of fire is located at the heart of the volcano you must make your way past the following enemies and traps to survive this feverent volcano!Traps:

Flamethrower trap:

You will get breathed upon by flames

Rock throw trap: Rocks fall upon you

Crumling platform trap: the platform below you collapses and you fall into the lava...

Enemies:Fire Keese: Same as keese only on fire

Fire Skull: these nasty little things hop out of the lava unexpecetly and attack you.(to be edited later)


Konan smiled as she walked with Lance and looking at the sea. The stars glittering down on the two, it felt so serene to Konan as if she had been here before.

"So what has caused Lady Konan to become so sad?" Lane asked, Konan looked at him startled and blushed minorly.

"Well..I just I need advice." Konan mumbled, looking at the brown tinted sand. Lance looked at her nd then turned to the ocean. "You see I found out that one of my friends has,well another him, that did something a really long time ago." Konan mumbled.

"Yes the alter ego of anthromorph." Lance said.

"Well, uhm..Apparently my alter ego and his alter ego know each other and now..Well..His alter ego killed my alter ego a very long time ago, now MY alter ego thinks history is going to repeat itself and my friend is going to kill me." Konan mumbled, Lance nodded and then began to think.

"Well, I've never seen that predicament before. I'm not sure but, don't go by what your alter ego says, follow your own path. Don't believe what everyone says-" Lance was about to continue when a loud definete 'boom' and the smell of smoke filled the air.

"The volcano it's erupting!" Konan yelled looknig at the direction of volcano, and began to panic in a humorous manner. "Oh no, were all gonna die, Oh no , Oh no!" Konan yelld over and over till lance finally grabbed her cat tail and Konan yelped and started crying.

"First off we aren't gonna die, Cinnabars island volano erupts quite frequently.So theres no need to wor-" Lance stopped once more when he felt the evilness in the air. "No..your right there is cause to worry..the lava spirit is angry.." Lance mumbled.

"Lava Spirit?" Konans ears twitched in curiosity.

"The lava spirit, or the devils spirit is the guardian of the volcano and controsl the severity of eruptions, basically we are very screwed if the lava spirit si pissed and with this ominious wind..If we don't do something..we are screwed." Lance mumbled. Konan looked at Lance worridly as he looked at her and shook his head. "I'll handle it, you just go get some sleep." Lance murmured and then continued to say. "If I don't come back by tommorow then you know where to look for me." As suddenly as he had said that two astonishing Charizard wings emerged from his back (as well as a flaming tail) and he flew off torwards the volcano.

"Lance.." Konan mumbled, as she walked back to the pokemon center, goingto her room and falling asleep as soon as she had laid her head down on the soft pillow.

December 22nd, 2008, 5:57 PM
~Wake up, Atton. Wake up.~

Another day. New sunlight, new adventure, new chances to die. Day of the new anthropomorph adventure, where Atton had learned more about himself and the creature within him than he had in all of the years of his life. Stressing. Not even a couple of years less than a score of isolation and meditation were allowing him to overcome all of the mental hurdles he had been put through by the predicament-full bestial inside him. ~What’s the hurry?~ Atton asked Gado as he yawned. He tried to stretch at the same time, but the small size of the bed he found himself in made his fists clash abruptly with the wall as he did. He rubbed his eyes, then let out a deep breath on his hands to warm them and rubbed them together. ~Today’s a special day.~ The bestial said, sounding complete energized and not at all giving the impression that he had just woken up. His voice also sounded relatively happy, easily fooling anyone into believing he had been joyful for a long while, when actually last night had been so incredibly sad, depressing, dramatic, and confusing. ~And why is that?~ Atton inquired as he stood up, now being able to stretch freely. ~Ah, I just know it. And hurry up. While your lazy butt rested, I noticed some unusual activity coming from the Great Volcano. ~ Gado responded anxiously. Apparently and regarding his first comment, though; Gado was very bad at guesses. Intuition was better off left to Atton, who just realized a phrase he said yesterday. That it would be a strange day, where bad things would occur. Hah, blimey; who would’ve guessed? So many things happened.

Deciding to live up for today, though; Atton walked over to the small bathroom inside the room and took a shower, letting the warm water wash away dubious amounts of mud and dirt of his body. When he was done, he covered himself in an expensive looking bathrobe and washed his clothes on the sink. Because there was, understandably, no detergent in the room; he used a small mixture of hand soap, shampoos, conditioners, and body wash to create a special soap that left his cloths looking and smelling like new. ~Ah,~ Atton said smiling as he put his cloths back on and inhaled deeply, ~I smell like fresh flowers.~ Laughing, Atton walked out to the small cafeteria inside the Pokémon Center, where the free food was served. There, as he grabbed a plate for himself and sat down to it, reality bit. Was he really going into the Fire Mountain? Yes, it had been a rather nice morning, but now he realized that he was risking his life again. All in the pursuit of a dream not proven real yet. Yeah, some Spiderus spoke to them, and Iris got a Legendary out of nowhere, but still. Atton sighed sadly as he gave the first bite to his food and Gado spoke.

~You’re not giving up now, eh?~ Gado said, his excited mood soon being declined.

~I thought you didn’t want me to get involved.~ Atton said, nearly puking because of the bad taste of the food. He had yet to come to one Pokémon Center where the food served didn’t taste like Octillery poo.
~But you can’t quit now…~ Gado said, growing a voice of anger towards the Leo and growling.

~Huh, why?~ Atton asked as he scratched his head and continued to dig into the food.

~… You’re really dumb, aren’t you?~ Gado asked in an increasingly bored tone.


A moment of silence grew as Atton continued to eat, alone. He was almost done with the food and drink when he heard some footsteps. Atton looked back to the entrance of the cafeteria and saw Iris walking in, all preened and in a neat attire. ~Where does she get all that clothes from? She’s not even carrying a backpack or something.~ Atton thought to himself randomly as he stared at the girl, who quickly got food for her as well and sat on the same table, directly across him.

“Hi, Atton!” She exclaimed loudly and with a giant grin on her face as she sat down.

“Uh, hey, Iris; good morning.” Atton thought as he finished his food, throwing the plates away into a thrash can. “Ready to leave for Fire Mountain?”

“No way!” Iris yelped, suddenly feeling bummed out. Her face shifted to one of horror and disgust as well, being surprising the fact that she didn’t completely spit out her food. Also, she moved her head from side to side, clearly stating ‘No’ over and over.

“Wha–… Why? We need your help. If it’s anything like the Mother Tree, it won’t be easy. I mean, if it wasn’t for your strange healing powers, the venom of Gohma would’ve killed me. Why aren’t you coming?” Atton asked, pretty shocked because of Iris’ response. It was one of those questions where only one answer was expected, so the fact that Iris declined scared Atton. It was true, that they needed to travel in groups to be safer. Atton hadn’t heard of Konan since last night, on his ‘nightmare’, and Andrew was nowhere to be seen.

“’Cause, I can’t! I’d melt if I even got close! I’ll wait for you guys outside the volcano. But I got to do some things first.And I–... Hey, you smell nice."


"Anyway, I think I saw Konan outside. You should go.” Iris said as she continued to eat. Her food, even though it virtually was the same as Atton’s, looked a lot more delightful. Perhaps the Leo only had a bad taste for picking plates. There, Atton remembered the heat issues. When Konan and him hid in the sauna. Of course. A Volcano was much hotter than the sauna. Knowing that there where more chances of dying know, Atton took a deep breath and stood up, waving what could possibly be his last bye to Iris and then walking out of the Pokémon Center, where he found Konan. Outside, the weather was unease around the volcano, and ashes lied on the ground. A fair amount of persons were on Cinnabar, cleaning up the mess from yesterday’s party.

“Hey, Konan, good morning!” Atton said as he walked out, grabbing Veil’s Pokeball and letting her out beforehand. “Ah, uh… We’re headed to the Volcano, no?” He asked with a smile on his face as he felt tension between the two. One was being released by the two bestials within the anthropomorphs, and another air of doubt coming out from Konan. With a thoughtful gesture on his face, he got on top of Veil and invited Konan to do the same; the Ponyta being strong, large, and rested enough like to carry both of them. After all, she couldn’t get tired, the heat and fire from the volcano invigorated her. Plus, it was a rather long and tiring trip up the mountain if approached by foot. “Hey, you know; I had this really strange dream, or nightmare, involving you last night. It felt so real.” He said, blatantly letting her know what he went through last now. Veil neighed, excited that they were going to a place of fire, even if their lives were at stake. ~

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December 22nd, 2008, 6:48 PM
Chapter 21: Eruption Begins! Begin the Journey in to the Depth of the Volcano!


Andrew woke up, on a pile of leaves. "Well, I guess I crashed after all." Andrew sighed as he got up. "I wonder if today is going to be a good day for once." Andrew looked to the volcano that had a lot of smoke from it. "I guess not, I wonder if someone has something against me?"


A kid laughs as he types this message, listening to bad music and realizing what a bad pun this is. "Eh, I don't really have any ideas." Said the kid as he started typing in another scene change.


"Well, I guess I have no choice... wait a minute... I can fly. All I have to do is fly out of here, this isn't my problem anyway." Said Andrew, but as he was about to take off, he started feeling guilty. "Eh, maybe I should do something... after all, my only friend lives here." And with that, Andrew took off towards the volcano.


Marcus slowly got up, still injured from the explosion. "Uurgh... my head, it feels like I was just beaten over the back of my head." Marcus looked around, seeing a giant opening in the ceiling. "Hmm... I wonder what's happening." Marcus then climbed up the wall and saw Andrew flying towards an erupting volcano.

"Hmm... I wonder why he's going there... heh, maybe that is where one of the weapons I heard those Enel idiots talking about." Said Marcus as he climbed out of the hole. "Maybe I can find one and take it for myself." M the hunter then giggled as he ran towards the volcano.


Samuel cursed as he saw Marcus leaving the hole. "Now I have to go... *Bleep* I don't want to go into a *bleep*ing volcano. Wait... this means I can kill the heroes... heheheheheh... Now, I want to go." Samuel walked in to a random helicopter that was about to take off, pushed out the original pilot, and started flying it to Cinnabar Island. "Why do we have to be based in Cerulean City? It's too far from the islands..."


Andrew smirked as he meared an entrance to the fire temple. "Well, those kids aren't here yet... Well, it's about time for me to go in." Said Andrew before beginning to walk in. Two steps later, he jumped forward to avoid a flamethrower trap.

"This is going to be worse then the Mother Tree, at least there I knew the way!" Yelled Andrew as he began walking through.


Marcus snickered as he followed Andrew, the bird-man not seeing the lizard-man who looked more like a man then a lizard. "Heh, if I stay behind him... I will be able to avoid the traps... hahahah!" Laughed Marcus as he went into the cavern, and avoided the first trap, before climbing on to the wall, then the ceiling to avoid notice.

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December 22nd, 2008, 7:56 PM
Konan had slept very peacefully, but found herself to the fact that she had woken up early, the sun not even up yet, so not being able to get back to sleep she got up and walked outside at the erupting volcano. None of the people on Cinnabar seemed to frustrated about the eruption of course then Lance's words echoed to her

"The lava spirit, or the devils spirit is the guardian of the volcano and controsl the severity of eruptions, basically we are very screwed if the lava spirit is pissed and with this ominious wind..If we don't do something..we are screwed."

"Lance I hope your okay.." Konan mumbled as her cat ears went down into a submissive state. It seemed to be only minutes, because after exiting her trance she noticed the sun coming up, and several pidgeys 'tweeting' and the morning sun. Konan looked around as everything seemed to glorify a new day, but to this Konan only gave a sigh.Lance hadn't come back so that means she would have to go into the mountain herself and look for him, but as she was about to set off a friendly, familiar voice greated her. A voice not so sweet to her ears..

“Hey, Konan, good morning!” Atton called out to he and releasing Veil from her pokeball.

"O-Oh good morning.." Konan mumbled, the tension between the two was unimaginable, if it were possible the tension between the two would ause hell to freeze over.

“Ah, uh… We’re headed to the Volcano, no?” Atton told her a friendly smile on his face, but it was no use he as well could feel the tension between the two, not just the awkwardness between Konan and Atton, but the fury Lunar Rosa had torwards Gado. Only Atton knew what Gado was feeling, but it was obvious there was some tension between the two forms, which didn't make things any easier for Konan or Atton.

“Hey, you know; I had this really strange dream, or nightmare, involving you last night. It felt so real.” Atton told her as the two began to walk torwards the mountain, everything was filled with tension.

"I-I see.." Konan could help but faulter in her words, to be frank she still felt scared to be with Atton, not only because Lunar Rosa would tear her beating heart out ALIVE, but what she had said about the 'he will kill you' she couldn't stop thinking of those terrible words. "I can't wait to get off this island, my head starts to spin every step I take.." Konan mumbled, as she released a strly which flew out and planted itself firmly on Konans shoulder, glaring at Atton angerly as if to say 'stay away!'

"What did I say?" Lunar Rosa hissed at her while they walked slowly up the mountain.

"It's not my fa-" Konans response was interupted as she saw Andrew flying into the volcano, and from the corner of her cat eyes she could see the hunter running into the volcano as well. "It looks like we have some company..Andrews already inside, but I bet some other people are figuring out the weapons as well." Konans voice had grown stern as she grabbed Attons hand and started running of the volcano with him, soon they were at the very peek of the volcano, and lava was spewing down below. "Well it looks like we have no choice..We have to jump in." Konan said as she let go off Attons hand. :Lets go, the weapons gotta be here!" And with that she lept into the firey depths and onto a platform.

"Damn it , why don't you listen to me? I'm taking over." Luanr Rosa hissed and soon Konan felt Lunar Rosa's power beginning to take over her body, her hair turned silver , and her eyes turned blood red, along with that her cat ears ad tail turned white and she had a smirk as some fire skulls lept out of the lava depths too attack. "Heh, it's been a long while since I've had a good fight. Lunar Rosa had a devious smile on her face and ran at the three inpending skulls, touching them with her hand they froze solid and with that she smashed them and they crystalized into thousaneds of pieces.

"The neko's element is ice, and ice is quite useful here." Lunar Rosa scoffed as she began walking down into the volcano and only to step on a flamethrower trap, but looking at that before the fire could toch her, she held out her hand and the flames froze. Smirking she looked up at where Atton was still standing and then shouted to him. "Are you coming or what you stupid, filthy Leo?"

December 22nd, 2008, 9:26 PM
"I-I see.."

As the two walked on, the friction between the feline anthropomorphs grew bigger and bigger; matter that made Atton feel pretty uneasy about himself. His smile and relatively warm aura were trying his best to sooth things, but it resulted very difficult. Konan’s nerves and Lunar Rosa’s hostility were completely frightening the Leo, who could only continue walking. The ugly thing for Atton was that he knew there was nothing to be scared about; he couldn’t transmit it… Most obviously he wasn’t going to hurt Konan, let alone kill her; but how could he argue with a millenarian being? And Gado had loads and loads to express, but would he have time to do so before his throat was slit by the aforementioned bestial? It was tough, and pressure, worry, and anxiety filled the air. Atton let out a sigh as Gado spoke.

~The girl’s nervous. I can sense it. Listen, Atton. Her heart. It beats with power of a 700 horsepower engine. She’s scared about something. Very scared.~

Gado spoke very seriously, being obvious the fact that he wasn’t on some tantrum or joking mood. Gado borrowed his acute hearing sense to Atton’s ears, this quickly catching every sound around. Everything from the chirp of birds far away and the waves on the beach could be heard with ease. Most importantly, though; he heard Konan’s heartbeat; like a coldblooded hunter that searches for it’s prey by heat and heartbeats. Coming back to normal, Atton inquired, ~ Why? Why should she be scared?~

~There’s a lot of tension in the air.~ Gado responded as they approached the summit. ~That would sure make anyone’s head blow off. Put some thought into it, man. Put some thought into your nightmare.~ Gado said as he connected himself to Atton’s mind and quickly brought a flashback of the memory, where Konan asked if Atton would kill her. ~That?!~ Atton asked stupidified as the flashback was shaken out of his head. ~C’mon, but why would Konan think that? I mean, yeah; why? I mean, I think, by what we’ve gone through, it’s rather blatant of a fact that I won’t kill her.~

~History repeats itself every once in a while, Atton. Think about that.~

~I get it. Lunar Rosa has to understand that I won’t hurt Konan, though. And it’ll be your job to explain that to her.~ Atton said confidently as he stared at Konan, who was leading the way by a few feet away from Atton and Veil.

~Woah, hold on pal. MY job? I don’t have your back here. You arrange yourself with Konan, get her to see clear. I won’t mess it there. Got too much s*lolwut* on my back already.~


As they built their path up, Atton could see Konan staring down lost, as if talking to herself, or a being inside of her. Atton took a deep breath, feeling courageous enough like to get things straight; and he quickened his pace a bit to get closer to Konan. He was about to tap her shoulder to catch her attention; but out of nowhere a Starly, her Starly, flopped out of a bush violently and perked itself on the Neko’s shoulder in an erect position, staring at Atton with quite a furious look and chirping and flapping wildly. Atton, who was shocked because the bird came out nowhere, comedicaly put himself in a defensive, yet ridiculous Kung Fu stance, like if the little bird actually posed a thread to him. Atton laughed, trying to lighten the mood a bit; but seemed just as tense. The valour he gathered was lost in the moment. Curse Tweety. With a sigh, Atton noticed from the corner of his eye some strange silhouette running up at a dashing speed, following a flying creature. Andrew and the hunter were too making its way to the Volcano, it seemed. As he stared up at the sky, Konan spoke. "It looks like we have some company...Andrews already inside, but I bet some other people are figuring out the weapons as well."

The Neko then took the Leo’s hand and pulled him upwards, closer to the top of the Volcano. Every step they took meant the temperature of the air around then increased this soon hitting Atton and causing him to sweat slowly. ~Damn, it’s so hot in here. This is going to be exhausting.~ He thought to himself. Fighting critters was tired by itself; now, fighting fire critters inside a volcano was going to make him pant like a dog. They were soon at the very peak, where the temperature was so hot that Atton’s sweat drops evaporated minutes after they came out of his pores. "Well it looks like we have no choice...We have to jump in." Konan said as she bravely leapt into the Volcano without looking back. "Lets go, the weapon’s gotta be here!"

Almost immediately as she jumped in, the Neko’s hair shifted color, and so did her ears, tail and eyes. Obviously, Lunar Rosa had taken over; quite quickly. She murmured something to herself before freezing three monsters to dead and then freezing a flamethrower trap.

~Wow! Cool!~ Atton said to himself as he jumped up and down excitedly, still on the peak of the volcano. ~What can you do, Gado?~

~My incredible premonition, visions of the futures and life sapping powers aren’t enough?~ Gado asked, almost feeling insulted because of the comment remarked by Atton.

~No, but I mean, something like that. No?~ Atton asked like a small child, but then snapped back to his senses. Lunar Rosa looked up at them and yelled, "Are you coming or what you stupid, filthy Leo?"

~Oh, that’s my wake up call.~ Gado said as he smirked and began to take over Atton; who, surprisingly, forced the power of the bestial back, not allowing him to control his body just yet. ~What?! Let me in, fool!~ Gado yelled angry as his moves inside turned more violent with each second.

~No, Gado, not yet!~ Atton yelped. ~You got to handle some serious business here. If you want to calmly talk to Lunar Rosa, don’t come out here. She’ll easily spot you, and attack. Do you think it’s safe to talk here, on the Volcano dungeon? No, wait for another moment. I know you want to come clean, but it’s not the time.~

Silence flooded the two beings for a moment before Gado finally spoke. ~Atton… Thank you.~

Atton smiled, taking a deep breath, and then launching himself inside the volcano, landing abruptly. “Yeah, I like you too.” Atton said sarcastically as he stared at Lunar Rosa, who had called him stupid and filthy for no apparent reason. Atton smirked before turning away and starting to walk through the dungeon, confident that Lunar Rosa would follow. This was the opposite of the Mother Tree. Instead of having to reach a top floor, they had to go down; the main arena being found on the base of the volcano. Many traps were inside, as well as many monsters and lava covered walls. He looked around to spot Andrew or the hunter, but due to the immense circumference of the volcano, it was impossible to find. Atton continued to walk confidently, but suddenly a group of dozens of Keese flew around him; a large number heading towards him and another larger group towards Lunar Rosa.

“Ha, I’ve beaten your likes before. Surrender, creeps.” Atton called already victorious, being sure that they would stand no challenge. He was surprised, though; when he saw that the Keese spontaneously ignited themselves on fire, enjoying the flames. “OH snap!” Atton yelped as the first animal flew towards him. With ease, he let out a wild punch and knocked him away, but in recoil, he could feel his fists suffer burns. He did so over and over, alternating between kicks and punches so that the heat wasn’t focused on one part. Lunar Rosa could use ice and Andrew could use cutting air attacks; but he did have to involve physical contact. Which sucked.

“This is going to be tougher than the Mother Tree. A lot tougher…”

Zeta Patchouli
December 23rd, 2008, 3:54 PM
Chapter 22: Prelude to the Clash of Rivals! Marcus Returns With a Vengance!

Andrew sighed as he walked into another room, not knowing that Marcus was right above him. "This isn't too hard... it's really hot, but I think I can deal with that." Said Andrew before jumping over a different color patch of ground. Marcus smirked as he took note of the trap, but something then happened, his sweat caused him to start falling, making small rocks fall.

"No..." Whispered Marcus as he fell to the ground, alerting his rival to his presents. "D-damn..." Andrew jumped back and said.

"Marcus... I'm not surprised you would show up... why are you here?" Marcus snorted before replying.

"I want the fire axe... I want revenge for what those Enel punks did to me!" Andrew just stood there. "That was humiliating... I barely had enough willpower to rip off that mask... their technology can bring down any of your group, in any of your forms... in fact... the Beast's machine was a weak and forgotten model! They are building something a lot stronger!"

"Heh, why don't you go after them yourself?" Asked Andrew, sneering at his rival. "I mean, you are fairly powerful... you can do it. Without the fire axe."

"You have no clue... if they emerged before you fought Gohma... then you all would be dead, and they would have two of the weapons by now." Said Marcus as he slid into a fighting stance. "But that has nothing to do with what is happening now... I will claim the weapon... kill you, and that neko who embarassed me, then kill off Team Enel!"

"Well, you're not getting the weapon... Even with it, you wouldn't be strong enough to kill us both... or even Kalius by himself." Said Andrew as he readied to fight his rival. "I will not lose... not to you."

"Well... I suppose that is up for fate to decide..." Said Marcus before jumping up onto the wall. "Catch me if you can!" Marcus laughed as he grabbed a Keese, and tossed it up to Andrew. "Enjoy your present!" Marcus then started crawling downwards.

The Keese hit the ceiling and started screeching, calling it's brethren to arms. "Oh... crap..." Said Andrew as a bunch of Keese surrounded him, and what made it worse, is that they started igniting. "Wind Gust!" Andrew fired a gust of wind at the Keese, smashing some into the walls, but the whole fleet was not deterred.

"Only chance is to out fly them." Said Andrew before flying past them, fast. The Keese tried to fly after him, but the bird man kept blasting them with wind gusts until they were all gone. And with that, Andrew was deeper into the volcano...

"Well, well, well... it seems that you made it. I'm not too surprised, seeing as you usually get out of traps like that. Oh well... Keese are stupid anyway... And I could defeat all of them as well... but you will not win here." Said Marcus in one breath as he crawled up from the bottom of the platform. "In this place... I am god. My element of power is fire, like yours is wind. I can endure heat for quite a while longer then anyone who doesn't have a 'fire element' in their body!"

"Well, I know that's a lie, but assuming that it's true... then I won't lose so quickly... our fight will anger the beast in here, and call attention to my allies, who I know have entered. Face it, you will lose." Said Andrew before rushing in.

December 26th, 2008, 11:15 PM
Lunar Rosa continued to follow the path, the obvious hate between her at Atton was unimaginable, but suprisingly Konan was able to take control of her body once more and looked at Atton. "I'm sorry how Lunar Rosa treated you, she's just..A bit well mad at all Leos..And I guess her words kinda got to me." Konan said shyly at Atton. Her emotions were so jumbled up. Her emotions of worry, sadness, and happiness to be with a friend were unbearable she looked away from Atton, and felt the tears well up in her eyes. "History repeats itself sometimes, is what I was told from a elder. Gado and Lunar Rosa's meeting was no concidence..Maybe history will repeat itself, how I don't know..but it could repeat itself once more." Konan said to Atton and looknig up to the only visible starry sky from the volcano. "I was worried..About that., but then I figured out that..Well I was being selfish..I don't want history to repeat itself. This isn;t a school shojo manga..I can't change fate..So I guess..whatever happens. Happens for a reason, I can only hope that the same thing won;t happen once more.." Konans words were filled with a deep sadness. "So if you do kill me, then..Well.. I can't say much can I?" Konan whispered and walked up to Atton. "So promise me, if that happens you do it for a good cause, I don't wanan die a looser, if I do die.. I want to be a hero." Konans voice had some serious tone in it, but then she smiled her goofy smile.

"Wow, I feel happy now that I confessed that. Heh!" Konan laughed and continued onwards into the volcano. Looking back to see ifAtton would follow her. She puffed out her cheeks and looked at him. "Well don't stand there like a lump come on!" Konan yelled humorously and grabbed his hand, dragging him deepr into the volcano, and surprisingy she met up with Andrew and Marcus, they were glaring at each other. Konan sweatdropped a bit and looked at the situation. As the stare down continued a loud sadistic roar was heard, which made Konan yelp in terror and cling to Atton and hide behind him like a frightened child. "Gah what is that? It's scary!" Konan yelled like a child and closed her eyes as if something was about to come and drag her away. However this was not the case, the roar came from a menacing monster deep within the temple, well now it wasn't that deep for it had burst through a wall and was carrying a limp body. "Lance!" Konan yelped and saw that his body was lifeless.

"Gyaaaaaaah!" The dragon roared in anger, it had sharp claws, it had red scales amoungst it and a firey main. It wore a black mask with deep sadistic red eyes. Konan clung to Atton tighter then ever before.

"Wah it's scary Atton!, and Lance!" Konan was still glued to Atton and as the dragon dissappeared into the other room, Konan quickly let go and blushed embarrssedly. "Ah I'm sorry! I'm sorry I just got startled and.." Konans excuse was a bit on the farfetched sign but it could work. "But, we have to rescue Lance! He's my friend!" Konan yelped and ran after the dragon. Konan did expect Atton to follow her but she couldn't wait up, she had to go after the dragon herself. She continued to follow the quick paced dragon, and it finally stopped onto a platform that floated mysteriously above a pit of lava. Konan hopped onto the platform and the door locked shut, with iron steal bars on the door no one could get in..or out.

"Guess I'm in this alone! Bring it on you big snake!" Konan yelled, as the dragon let out a roar and began spitting fireballs, Konan dodged every one however one singed her hand slightly.

"Rosa how do I beat this thing?!" Konan yelled.

"I'll let you borrow some of my powers, freeze it's wings and then grab on of the stalagtites on the platform and stab it's wings, it will break onto it's weak point." Lunar Rosa yelled. Konans body began to glow a ice blue and before she knew it she was freezing the fireballs spat at her.

"Okay you'd better hope your right!" Konan told Rosa and ran at the dragon, touching one of it's wings freezing it entirely, which led the dragon to having a tough time flying. Kona quickly froze the other one and it landed on the platform it's head one the ground which revealed a glowing orb. Konan grabbed a stalagtite and stabbed it and the orb began to crack minorly.

"It wor-" Konan was about to congrtulate Lunar Rosa but then the dragon broke from its icey prison and whipped up a whirlwind at her nearly knocking her off the platform.. This was going to be a tough fiht, Konan had ltitle ability to fight, she had to try or Lance would be in some real trouble.

[to be continued]

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December 27th, 2008, 5:08 PM
Chapter 23: The Clash of Rivals! Andrew Vs. Marcus Round 7(?): Part 1 (The Hunter's New Power)

Marcus smirked as he stepped back. "This reminds me of my first true hunt... about fifteen years ago. I had such a hard time killing them. Jeffrey, a human, and Melody, of the Falcon Tribe... you remind me of the falcon tribe woman... The resemblance is uncanny."

"So you were the one to start the slaughter... you killed our chieftess, which allowed the humans to slaughter my tribe." Said Andrew, starting to get madder and madder. "I should have killed you back in Pallet, but now... I will make you suffer for what you did."

"Heh, you don't stand a chance against me." Said Marcus before slamming his foot into Andrew's stomach, sending him into the wall. Marcus smirked before jumping to the wall, and slamming his knee into the bird man's gut. "You shall be killed as well!" Marcus grabbed Andrew and slammed him into the floor, hurting him pretty badly.

"G-guh? How'd you gain so much power?" Asked Andrew, but Marcus slammed his foot into his stomach, before kicking him towards the lava. "I-I have to stop this thing... Gust!" Andrew fired the gust of wind, but Marcus jumped to the side, avoiding it, before jumping next to Andrew, and hitting him into the wall.

"Heh, this is my true power... the power I used to kill anyone who gave me any trouble... I must say, I'm way more powerful then you, Melody, Konan, or anyone in this place!" Gloated Marcus. Andrew used the oppertunity to try and kick Marcus, the hunter easily grabbed it, and his arm before turning towards the wall. "This is the price of you defeating me so many times." Marcus started running, before letting go of Andrew's arm, and swinging him into the wall as hard as he could, before jumping back and doing it again, and again, and again.

Andrew slammed his foot into Marcus's arm, causing the hunter to drop him, to recover his momentum. "Grr... this guy is waaaay too strong... I can't feel my left arm." Andrew was interrupted from his thoughts as Marcus kicked him into the wall, which really hurt him. "I have to find a way to win, but how?"

"You can't win... you couldn't even hit me as of yet, and with you in the condition you're in, you would be lucky to escape here with your life." Said Marcus. Andrew tried to get up, but the hunter kicked him in his broken arm, hurting him badly.

"D-dam...damn you." Stuttered Andrew, but Marcus smirked before grabbing his wings. "Wh- what are you doing!?"

"Will your wings come off as easily as Melody's did!? Let's find out!" Yelled Marcus as he started pulling, but he didn't notice Andrew's pokeball opening. "Hahahah!"

"AAAHHH!" Yelled Andrew, as Marcus started pulling his wings even harder, when suddenly, Alex bit the hunter, causing him to let go,

"AAH! Get this stupid mutt off of me!" Yelled Marcus before pulling Alex off of his arm. "You both will pay for this!" Marcus tossed Alex towards the lava, but Andrew grabbed Alex's pokeball and returned the Electrike to it, just before he could hit the lava.

"Wind Blade!" Yelled Andrew before firing the attack, but Marcus easily dodged, before grabbing Andrew's shirt, and slamming him into the wall once again.

"Heh, you are nothing." Said Marcus before slamming his fist into Andrew's stomach. "You are destined to die!" He then slammed his elbow into Andrew's leg. "You are alone!" Marcus slammed his knee into Andrew's chin, causing him to bite his tounge, and spit out blood. "No one likes you, or even cares for you!" Marcus then slammed Andrew into the ground. "You will never find happiness, your quest is for naught."

"Y-you may b-be right." Said Andrew before spitting out more blood. "I-I may ne-never fi-find happine...ss, b-but I wi-will tr-try." Andrew weakly flapped his wings in an attempt to try and get away, but he had almost no strength left.

"Heh, just give it up... nothing can help you now..." Said Marcus, but Andrew started to think back to the events in Pallet Town.

"K-konan... A...atton... th-ose t-two helped m-me out wh-when you att...acked me, th-they helped me fi...ght Kalius, and G...ohma. I'm not al-alone." Stuttered Andrew before spitting out more blood.

"Heh, they too will die. Nothing can stop me now. I hold enough power to kill you, even in that weird alternate state of yours." Said Marcus before pulling out his sword. "You will die right here." Marcus then stabbed Andrew in his leg, causing it to bleed. "But not without some payback." With that, he sliced Andrew's right arm, causing some blood to drip down.


"You are pathetic... Andrew. It is my turn to fight, and to kill." Said Kalius as he forced Andrew's control from him.

(Andrew Vs. Marcus)

"And now you will die!" Yelled Marcus as he motioned to plunge the blade into Andrew's heart, but the weakened falcon member grabbed the blade. "What's this?" Suddenly, Andrew flapped his wings fairly hard and escaped. "Grr... you will pay for that, Andrew!"

"I'm not Andrew... I am the future lord of everything... I am... Kalius the Conquerer!" Yelled Kalius as he turned towards Marcus. "And this is your final act of defiance, Marcus!"

December 27th, 2008, 10:10 PM
The young Leo spun around on his axis frantically; hitting Keese one after another and not allowing none of those pesky creatures to attack him. Every single delivered blow, however, only burned Atton’s fist deeper and deeper, soon privatizing him from deliver any more punches. Atton desperately looked down at the ground for something he could use as a tool, and quickly enough he found a sharpened stone which he started to use as a knife, rapidly rendering most of the bats useless and coming to a clear area. Deciding to proceed before any more arrived, Atton walked further. He had to stop and turn back, however, when he heard Konan’s voice.

"I'm sorry how Lunar Rosa treated you, she's just...A bit well mad at all Leos...And I guess her words kinda got to me. History repeats itself sometimes, is what I was told from a elder. Gado and Lunar Rosa's meeting was no coincidence...Maybe history will repeat itself, how I don't know...But it could repeat itself once more." She said sadly. At this instant, Atton felt a ton of bricks hit his head; for what he feared, Konan being scared of him; was true. He was so tired of explaining to Gado and himself how he would make sure that the past wouldn’t repeat it; not mattering if he had to take his won life away before doing so. Kinda like what happened to Gado, but, in another order. Atton had so many things to say. Too much, though, like to be expressed. So many things he wanted say, yet nothing came out. The only visible change in his body was that he now seemed incredibly sad, mood that seemed to match Konan’s condition.

"I was worried...About that, but then I figured out that...Well I was being selfish...I don't want history to repeat itself. This isn’t a school shojo manga...I can't change fate...So I guess...Whatever happens. Happens for a reason, I can only hope that the same thing won’t happen once more...So if you do kill me, then...Well... I can't say much can I?"

~Konan.~ Atton thought to himself as he saw the Neko walk closer to him, the sudden shortening of the distance only augmenting the tension and pressure between them, therefore increasing the sorrow in both. ~I… Wait, what’s a shojo manga? Well, whatever. Don’t worry Konan. Gado and I’ll keep this under control.~

"So promise me, if that happens you do it for a good cause, I don't wanna die a looser, if I do die... I want to be a hero."

That statement, though it had been finished by one of Konan’s distinctive, chill smiles; made such a strong impact on Atton. It made him feel guilty for Gado, even though he had already heard reasons. She wasn’t going to fight destiny, she would just take it a different way. That was so strong; or so Atton thought. The comment just got his desire of being with Konan and changing fate to increase. Atton, still quiet; just smiled. He smiled a smiled that expressed more than a gazillion and two words.

“ Wow, I feel happy now that I confessed that. Heh. Well don't stand there like a lump come on!"

The Neko, apparently feeling very relaxed now, took the Leo’s hand and started to lead him deeper into the Volcano. Atton hadn’t managed to say one single thing yet, however. He still felt too drowned in feeling. If he tried to say something, he only stutter and blabber, so he decided to stay quiet. He’d have to express his emotions sooner or later, though; and he had a time planned for that. When they were out of the Volcano, obviously. Atton was looking around dumbfounded before he was brought back to his senses when Konan yelped and ran behind Atton, hugging him and seeking shelter.

"Gah what is that? It's scary!"

Atton didn’t reply. Instead, he just focused on the oncoming thing. A big, red dragon-like animal flew out from the lava from below the volcano, Lance being grasped unconscious in one of his hands. Atton looked at the creature amazed, but his attention as drawn towards Konan once again; this time by her letting go of him suddenly and blushing. “ Ah I'm sorry! I'm sorry I just got startled and.." Konan started as she tried to excuse herself. Atton didn’t mind, though; instead, he worried more on her oncoming sentence. "But, we have to rescue Lance! He's my friend!"

Atton nodded, setting his sights on the dragon and starting a sprint after a running Konan; who was soon locked up in a flying platform with the dragon. ~No!~ Atton yelled to himself as he saw the dragon land in front of Konan. He used all of his strengths to try to break the iron bars, but it resulted futile. The bars where really thick and strong; and trying to brutely tear them apart would be stupid. Yet, the rush of energy Atton felt a rushh of energy running through his body blinded him. He felt almighty, and he was sure he could break them. Of course, anyway, it resulted impossible. No matter the amount of adrenaline in his body, it was just impossible. ~Gado!~ Atton started. ~Can you tear this down?~

~I really doubt it, Atton. C’mon, hurry, you have to find another way inside.~


Immediately, Atton began a reckless search for an alternate route to Konan’s location. On his search, he couldn’t help but to notice Marcus and Andrew fighting. Sadly, the latter seemed to have an advantage. All he could see was Marcus stabbing Andrew in the leg, then slashing his arm. Without faltering, Atton took a long leap down, landing in a small platform away from Marcus. He took a piece of rock and then threw it at Marcus. “Yo, creep!” He yelled out as the rock hit his head. If he made Andrew faint like that, when he had a very potent bestial within... Marcus should on rampage, then. Atton knew that if that rock made Marcus turn towards him, he'd have a great disadvantage. Gado hadn't possessed him yet, after all; and his fists were on fire, literally. He planned on fighting Marcus; but then he saw Andrew rising up. ~That’s the bestial. You better run.~ Gado said as Kalius yelled at Marcus. Atton nodded to himself, jumping to another platform and making his way deeper into the Volcano.

He had to dodge a number of traps, and once he was near the bottom; he believed to have spotted a way towards Konan. It was a sort of tunnel; one with various spikes on the wall that could be used to climb up. It seemed to lead to yet another platform; and Atton knew that if managed to get there, using Gado's force he would be able to do a massive leap and land with Konan. Before he could venture inside what seemed to be a tunnel; though, a loud roar was heard. ~Oh crap.~ Atton thought as he looked back. Out of the lava, a gargantuan red dragon sprung out, splashing droplets of molten rock everywhere. The creature looked like a lizard, a very ugly lizard, with wings almost twice it size. Long claws and fangs, of course, were seen. Also, like if it wasn’t strange enough; it was wearing armor. Head, chest, and join protection were seen on him, all of the metals shining in a blood red color because of the heat they had to be submitted to. ~Oh… f*lolwut*

A small amount of lava hit Atton’s shirt, burning it. “Ah, C’mon!” Atton yelled loudly. “This was only day and half old. You’re paying for that, creep.”

The creature let out a loud roar, one so strong that it even pushed Atton back and caused him to land on his butt. Gado then spoke from within him like a robotic encyclopedia.

~That’s a Red Meteokyer. Well, not a, but the red meteokyer. Legendary creature, actually. Yes, yes. Guardian of the volcano. When angry, the volcano erupts. Really powerful. He’s probably the one that holds the fire weapon. Atton, you’re dead.~

Gulping, Atton stared at the creature directly, waiting for it to make a first move.

~This… This is gonna hurt.~

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December 28th, 2008, 2:39 PM
Chapter 24: The Clash of Rivals Round 7: Part 2 (Kalius' Return!)

"Heh, do you really think that your alternate can beat me? Ha! Not on your life!" Yelled Marcus before trying to kick Kalius. The anthro's eyes opened wide as he barely dodged the attack, but instead, Marcus grabbed his wing and tossed Kalius into the wall before grabbing his staff and slamming it into Kalius' chest.

"That was annoying... you reeeeally need to work on how you attack someone." Said Kalius before blasting Marcus with a gust of hit air, and smog. "What can you do? I control the winds... you? You have to rely on weapons made by humans." Kalius started to walk towards Marcus. "If you have to rely on pre-made weapons, then you don't stand a chance."

"That's what you think!" Yelled Marcus as he appeared right behind Kalius. The anthro looked back, but was hit in the face hard by a staff. "Huh? What do you think about that!?" Marcus then kicked Kalius into the wall before running over and swinging the staff, knocking him into the air even farther.

Kalius stopped his ascent and fired a blast of gusts, but Marcus dodged it before jumping up to where he was. "What? How is that possible!?" Yelled Kalius before being hit to the ground by Marcus' staff. "Grrr... you are quickly becoming a pest." As soon as Marcus landed, Kalius jumped up and slammed his leg into Marcus' stomach, before slamming his elbow in his face, causing him to fall back into the wall.

"Heh, that wasn't too bad... now you understand why I kept coming after everyone, even after beating me to a pulp." Said Marcus as he reached into his pack. "But nothing beats a gun... not you, and not me." The hunter brought out his gun. "One shot was all it took to kill Melody, and that is all it will take to kill you." Marcus aimed the gun, but Kalius flew up before the hunter fired, and brought his leg down on his skull.

"Well, it seems you over-estimate yourself." Said Kalius as he picked up the fallen gun. "And if you think I'll let you use this thing, you have another thing coming." He then tossed the gun into the lava pit behing him.

"Well, it's a good thing your body is exhausted... because if you take one more hit, it looks like you will collapse." Said Marcus as he dashed towards the birdman, but Kalius fired a gust of wind, knocking him into the wall. "Heh, I will claim the weapon! Flash Bomb!" Yelled Marcus as he tossed a flash bomb, blinding Kalius, allowing him to run to where the fire weapon was.

"Oh, hell no! You are not getting the weapon!" Yelled Kalius as he flew after Marcus. Both of them had to dodge traps, and defeat monsters on the way, but eventually they made it to the room.

"Monster! Your weapon will be mine!" Yelled Marcus before being slammed into by Kalius, knocking both of them onto the platform. "With the weapon I shall be invincible!!!"

"Oh, you didn't." Said Kalius as he started to charge Marcus, but the hunter pulled out a handgun and shot Kalius in the leg, injuring him before kicking him in the side of his head, knocking him out.

"Heh, with you out of the way I can get the weapon.." Said Marcus before tossing Kalius a fair way into the exit tunnel, saving him from a melting death. "Now, for the rest of you..." Marcus turned towards Konan, Lance, and Atton.

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January 7th, 2009, 9:47 PM
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"Gah!" Konan yelled as she gribbed onto the ledge. "Damn you, stupid dragon..soldier..uhm..THING!" Konan had no idea what to call thing "thing" that was trying to knock her into a pool of lava. Lance still lay unconscious in a stray ledge, his body covered with burns. "Alright I've got to do this! For Lance! CHAAAARGEEE!" Konan got back on the platform, and charged at the dragon freezing one of it's wings knocking it to the ground. "This is going to completely freeze you!" Konan yelled placed her hand on the dragons head. A blue icey aurua engulfed her, the room began to chill, and the lava began to cool. And finally, the dragon that was once trying to kill her was frozen over like an icicle. She picked it's frozen body up with freeze and threw the meteokyer against the wall, cause it to shatter to pieces. "Take that, and they say I can't fight. heh, well I can!" Konan panted as she hopped over to the plat form lance was on, picked him up on her shoulder. "Gah your heavier then you look, ugh." Konan panted, her body was immensly weakened from the previous attack, she managed to jump back to the door that had trapped her in, and of course, the doro was unlocked.

"Damn dragon..soldier..THING!" Konan yelled, as she placed the unconscious Lance door step, and chilled him so no meteokyers would get him, they seemed to dislike cold. "This should keep you safe till I get back." Konan yelled, as she ran deeper into the temple, soon hot coal were the walls, and they glowed steadily with magma that flowed down the walls. "Augh it's hot." Konan whispered as she continued deeper into the temple, until she arrived to find Atton gulping in terror.

"Cmon' let me fight it PLEASE? I used to do this sort of thing when I was a warrior~" Lunar Rosa pleaded like a small child.

"Fine.." Konan grumbled.

Konans hair slowly turned silver, her cat ears turned white, and her eyes blood red. Lunar Rosa had a smirk on her face. "Alright, I haven't had this much fun since I was sealed inside that fool. Bring it on you big lizard!" Lunar Rosa yelled as her hands glowed with a ice blue aurua.

"Gyaaaugh!" The red meteokyer yelled violent spreading it's around as a sign of domanince. Lunar Rosa only cocked her head to the side and ran full force at it, as it spit hot magma. She dodged every one of the balls of magma and tough the dragons tail, turning it to ice. The dragon yelped in pain and fell to the ground. :unar Rosa smirked. "Some guardian beast you ar-" Lunar Rosa was interupted when it raised it;s head to throw her up in a magma fall, severly burning Konan/Lunar Rosa's back.

"GAH!" Lunar Rosa yelped as she landed on the platform once more, a whole clearly singed in the back of Lunar Rosa's shirt. Luanr Rosa had dealt with much worse, but it had been a while since she fought, so she had forgotten how to deal with this kind of pain. "Damn it, don't just stand there you filthy Leo, do something. Transform into Gado, use an element! I don't give a damn, just do something!" Luanr Rosa yelled as she winced in pain.

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January 8th, 2009, 9:13 PM
Atton looked up as the thing knows as the Red Meteokyer angrily roared down at him; all of his might evident only in that roar. Magma rose from the ground and rock walls crumbled with every single flap of its wings; and every single stone that hit the lava made a big splash; like if there weren’t enough obstacles already. ~Have you ever killed one of this, Gado?~ Atton asked a bit nervous as he crouched and entered a defensive position; knowing that on a 1 vs . 1 fight, the young Leo probably was in disadvantage. A great one. ~Well, Atton;~ Gado began to say in a bored fashion, trying to give a wise expression of a man who knew it all, ~first off; this is one of a kind. This Meteokyer is bigger than anything I’ve seen before; this has to be another breed. A stronger, probably one of a kind.~

Atton closed his eyes and cocked his head to a side slightly, his grimace explaining a desperate and anxious manner. ~Look, Gado,~ Atton said with a deep and heavy sigh, ~it’s not time to be messing around. Are you going to tell me or not? We don’t have time for games! We gotta— Whoah!~

As Atton spoke to his bestial within, he had to take an agile skip to the left to avoid being stricken by a large, magma-engulfed boulder that was spit out of the meteokyer’s mouth. Atton performed a side somersault, successfully dodging the main fireball. This object, however; cracked into dozens of smaller pieces as soon as they hit ground. Many of them bounced directly on Atton’s skin and burned him severely, causing the boy to wince in pain as he shook his body to get free of the boulders that had gone inside his clothes.

“Ah, you little deformed son of Godzilla!” Atton yelped as the meteokyer flew down in an attempt to grab him with his claws. Atton stood immobile, shocked by the event of the meteokyer approaching. It all appeared to be immobile, or really slo-moed at least. The appendages of the dragon, all except for his wings and tail, remained completely motionless in an attempt to get the dragon to form the shape of a ‘V’ to cut air in an easier fashion. His loud screaming was ever present, as well. ~What to do…~ Atton thought in his slowed down world as the vicious, infuriated creature approached. ~I guess I could jump over him. He’s flying really low and his speed will make him go below me before I notice…~

~Yes, and risk missing by an inch or getting hit by the waving tail. Smart, Atton, smart.~ Gado said as he very slowly entered the process to take over Atton’s body; knowing for best that if Gado handled the situation, there were more chances of survival. Atton, however, didn’t allow this to happen, and quickly sensing Gado’s presence stronger in him, he held the beast back.

~Ok, I could, then… Crouch?~ Atton said calmly as he took his hand to his head. Before he could scratch it, Gado perceived what Atton was doing, so he made his claws grow to make Atton hurt himself. Then male flashed a squint of eyes to prevent himself from squeaking in pain, but he didn’t complain because he knew that if had Gado’s lion claws out, there were more chances of hurting the Meteokyer. Not only was it armored at some points, but anyone could tell only from watching that the Meteokyer’s skin was probably a million of thick, rock-hard scales.

~Are you dumb or something?~ Gado yelled as he took control of one of Atton’s arm momentarily and forced him to slap himself on the face. ~He’s flying too low. You won’t be able to crouch past him. He’s not stupid. He’d probably slash you with one of his claws as he soars above you.~

~Dammit, Gado,~ Damien said angry as he looked down to the ground. ~do you have a better ide—~

~He’s coming.~


~He’s coming!~

~Wha—? OH!~

Atton turned out to be too concentrated on Gado’s intervention like to take the time to look up and notice that the Meteokyer was already near. His whole time-stopping time lapse immediately shattered like a weak glass when he was pulled out of his thoughts and the Meteokyer grabbed him by the waist. With Atton now on his grasp, the animal continued to fly on low grounds to make Atton hit himself on low grounds and tall boulders. “Gah!” Atton yelled over and over as he pulled both of his arms out of the claw wrapping and jabbed the approaching rocks. This task proved to be very arduous, though, for not only was breaking and pushing rocks away with his hand difficult enough, but doing it while being suspended in the air, upside-down and moving at immense speeds was completely ridiculous. More than once Atton felt all of his blood go to his head, and he sure was on the brink of vomiting all of this while. His pain was soothed when the Meteokyer began to fly in a vertical motion; heading up.

Atton could feel his skin being pulled back, nearly ripped out from his face because of the speed the Meteokyer rose at. Atton was on the verge of slipping away of his claws, too; but now he held himself from the tiny hand to prevent him from falling down. It would be quite a fall if the Meteokyer dropped him. All of a sudden, the Meteokyer stopped, looked down at Atton and roared yet again, his sticky and thick saliva spreading all over Atton’s face.

“Ah, Dude!” Atton yelled angry as he took his arm to his face and wiped himself clean, the fluids feeling like some sort of dense, gel-like slime. “Your breath stinks!” Atton teased angry as he looked at the beast, wondering what he would do with him. Everything signaled Atton’s death now, for the Meteokyer could just apply pressure on his hand to completely shatter Atton down. The dragon had other plans for Atton, though.

Seemingly smiling, the Meteokyer took his hand closer to his mouth and opened wide; obviously thinking Atton would make a good snack. “My God!” Atton yelled as he wildly struggled to release himself from his grip, knowing that there were more chances of him being alive by falling to the ground than being eaten. There was, however; no way of freeing himself. The Meteokyer enjoyed to see Atton suffer, or so it seemed, for he took Atton to his mouth in a very slow fashion, as if mocking him. Once he was inside, technically; before the dragon could close the mouth, Atton saw a rock stuck on the teeth of the creature. He stretched his arms, took the little rock, and then stretched out to see the Meteokyer’s face. ”Eat this!” Atton yelled enraged as he threw the rock on the Meteokyer’s face. Such a small object would have probably not hurt the Meteokyer, but the strength applied to the throw made the dragon so uncomfortable that it had to drop Atton to cover his eye with his claws, screeching in disgust.

“Aah!” Atton yelled as he saw himself falling several hundreds of feet.

~That’s what you get when you don’t let me in, Atton.~ Gado said.

~Dude, shut up and embrace the fall…~Atton said as he took his hands to his face and expected the oncoming hit.

~Aw, man, please; like I’m letting your stupidities hurt me. Check this out!~ Gado yelled excited as he, yet again; used Atton’s body as a puppet. This time, his whole thorax and legs were involved. Few meters before he hit the ground, Atton started to push his body to the front, bending it as he did, to start spinning like a professional diver. Then, right when he was about to hit ground, his body stretched and bent his knees, allowing a perfect, safe on fall on the platform. A huge, circular wave of dirt and dust spreading out from him as he landed. Such a cool effect.

~Gado!~ Atton yelled as he fell to the ground after some seconds of standing in the same position as he landed. Maybe Gado hadn’t noticed, but when he landed, a loud ‘crack’ sound was produced from Atton’s knees. ~That hurt!~

~Maybe it hurt you, but not me. Now get up before he reacts.~ Gado said with a smirk.

Atton gulped, then, for his own sake, obeyed Gado. The Meteokyer flew towards Atton again, quickly coming over his wounds. Atton just stared at him, not having time to react, but then; all of a sudden, Lunar Rosa leapt out of the blue to intercept the dragon; who shifted his attention to her and spat out more magma. She skillfully dodged all of the attacks; then froze the dragon’s tail, making him fall and pretend to be fainted.

~See?~ Atton teased. ~She took him out in 10 seconds. I think you kinda suck.~

~Shut up, I would’ve turned him into a sweet steak if you let me take charge once in a while.~

Before he could think any further, though; Atton noticed the Meteokyer miraculously stand up again like if nothing had happened and spit out a rain of fire, causing sever pain to Lunar Rosa’s back. The bestial fell to the ground, wincing in pain before yelling . "Damn it, don't just stand there you filthy Leo, do something. Transform into Gado, use an element! I don't give a damn, just do something!” angrily.

~D’you, like, really liked her, Gado? She sounds pretty mean to me.~

~Shut up before I rip your guts out. Now let me in.~


Immediately, Gado’s claws and fangs grew longer, his muscles buffed up and his hair grew to mane. Without a second to waste, Atton was Gado. The Meteokyer threw itself at full force towards Lunar Rosa, attempting to eat her whole. Gado, though, rushed towards the Meteokyer, and almost when he was inches away from biting Lunar Rosa, the bestial tackled him at full strength. One would’ve thought that Gado, who was a flea in comparison to the size of the beast, wouldn’t even tickle him, but the truth was the Meteokyer was sent flying away. As he pushed him away, Gado pushed his feet back, cementing them to the ground with a lot of power, throwing his thorax to the front and pushing his arms back; accomodating himself in a stretch position so that more air entered his lungs. Then he roared so loud it echoed eleventyseven times inside the volcano, obvious anger in his roar. As the beast slammed itself into one of the walls of the volcano, Gado looked down at Lunar Rosa, rhetorically scowling at her and then taking her hand to help her up. Afterwards, he turned to the Meteokyer and prepared to attack again.

~You just kinda saved her. Yet I’m still sure she’ll want to kill you just like before.~

~It’s deeper than what your mind can understand.~

“Now,” Gado said staring at the Meteokyer, “bring it on Croc!”

The Meteokyer rushed over to Gado again, and he just covered the blows delivered, slashing when he had the chance. He knew Lunar Rosa’s Ice attacks would result more effective; and so would Andrew’s attacks, if he ever showed up to help. Meanwhile, he was just acting as decoy, hoping Konan’d get an idea soon.

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January 11th, 2009, 11:11 AM
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Chapter 25: The New Form! Enter Propero Andrew!


Andrew stared at Kalius, who was unconscious with a somewhat-bad bullet wound in his leg. "Well, it seems you aren't as 'all powerful' as you said." Said Andrew as he went to regain control, but before he could, Kalius grabbed Andrew's leg.

"Heh, you don't stand a chance... your body will die instantly if you take control... and I don't want to die." Said Kalius, but Andrew kicked away Kalius' lag and disappeared, signalling that he was going to take control.


Andrew sat up, obviously in pain as the wounds he got, and the wounds Kalius got piled on top of each other. "I-I have to save them..." And with that, Andrew grabbed the wall, burning himself while climbing up. "Grr... I have to help." Said Andrew as he started to walk towards the platform. But he didn't see the edge and started falling. "N-no... I have to live..."


Kalius snorted, he was about to die. "I am about to die... by sinking into lava... and there's nothing I can do..." Said Kalius, but suddenly, the whole place started glowing. "Eh? Can it be? A transformation like the other two? But we carry no Aetherion."


Andrew sighed as he was fifteen feet from his death. "I'm about to die... what a time for my wings to be broken..." Said Andrew before his descent halted. "Huh? What's going on?" Suddenly Andrew's wings shrunk to become a six foot wingspan, instead of his previous which was about nine feet, his pupils became slits, and his hair receded until the point in which he had two inches of hair on the top and back of his head, but other then those three differences, he was mainly the same... but all of his wounds disappeared.

"Is this another chance?" Asked Andrew to himself before he noticed that his descent has stopped. "It must be... another form. Well, Marcus, this will be where you lose!" And with that, the bird morph zipped up to where Marcus was, standing there, waiting for the fight to finish.

"Well, you've returned for round three... let's go." Said Marcus neglecting to look over to him. Andrew smirked as he vanished. Marcus looked over and saw nothing, but in a second, he was punched in the stomach. "What's this? Where are you hiding? You can't be invisible! Falcons do not have that ability!"

"Well, I'm not!" Yelled Andrew who was standing right behind him. Marcus went to punch him, but there was no one there. "Wow, you're really slow. You should really work on that." Marcus looked behind him and there was Andrew. "Hi."

"What? But you were right here!" Yelled Marcus in disbelief. Andrew rolled his eyes before firing a blast of wind, but it didn't do much to Marcus. "Wait a minute... you got faster, but you can't do as much damage, both with wind and physical!" Marcus went to punch Andrew, but he vanished, before appearing on another platform.

"This form is starting to wear me down already... I have to finish him right here, right now." Said Andrew as he stared moving. "Razor Wind!" And with that, Andrew fired off a chaotic assortment of winds at Macus, who was able to dodge it.

"You'll have to do better then th-" Said Marcus who was then interrupted by a punch from Andrew. "Wh- how were you able to travel such a distance in but a second?" Andrew didn't stop to answer his question as he started flying towards the walls, with Marcus in front of him. "NO!" And with that, Marcus was smashed through the wall, ending the battle.

"Grr... I-I'll be back!" Yelled Marcus as he got out of the hole, before climbing down in retreat.

"Well, I'm glad that's over... I can't fight any more, but I can at least avoid strikes." Said Andrew as he landed on the ground.

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January 11th, 2009, 4:10 PM
Lunar Rosa looked at Gado and smirked. "I guess you still know how to fight. Impressive. Lunar Rosa managed to stand up, and look at the meteokyer. If this is the lava guardian, then there has to be some reason to why it's gone berserk! It wouldn't just get furious for no reason, gods don't do that, it's either being possesed or being ang- Ah how could I have missed it!" Lunar Rose yelled and pointed to the armor on it's forehead. There was a dark glowing gem on the red meteokyers forehead, it glowed with a dark aurua. "I'm guessing that is the weak point!" Lnar Rosa yelled, she had always been good at finding weak points, such as all neko members who were trained in the battle arts. Lunar Rosa was astonished that Gado was even acting as a decoy for her, but this was not the time to be astonished.

Lunar Rosa ran at the meteokyer and hopped on it's back. "Chill out you big lizard!" Lunar Rosa yelled as her hands glowed ice blue it instantly froze the meteokyers wings, which brought it to the ground. Lunar Rosa hopped off and went at the meteokyer who
s eyes were obviously filled with pain, not from it's wings being frozen solid, but the fact that the gem on it's forehead was drawing out uneccsary power. "This should help." Lunar Rosa murmered. drawing an icicle into her hand and stabbing the gem that was torturing the meteokyer.

"Gyaah.." The meteokyer mumbled as it unfroze its wings and looked at Lunar Rosa and smiled at her.

"Thank you, that stone was causing me great pain. It was placed by a women in dark, saying she was the follower of the King of Darkness..."

"Hmm.." Lunar Rosa mumbled.

"I believe this is yours." The meteokyer said in a godly tone, waved it's wings and a bright red shining light appeared and dissappeared.

"The axe of fire is in your hands now, your next stop should be , the cavern spring of Cerulean." The meteokyer mumbled. "Oh and make sure to keep this." Another bright light shined and a shattered fragment of a red crystal appared and was in LunarRosa's hands.

"The lava crystal, spirit of the lava." Lunar Rosa whispered, it felt warm and it had a burning fire.

"Uhm, guys I kinda woke up, and what the hell are these axes doing in my hands?" lance had managed to wake up and it was clearly obvious he had no idea what was going.

Lunar Rosa sighed and said. "It's a long, painful story." Luar Rosa sighed once more and looked at the Red meteokyer. "Hey can you teleport all of us out of here?" Luanr Rosa was sick of the heat considering she was an ice elemental.

The meteokyer nodded and raised it's wings, which telported Lunar Rosa, Gado, Andrew, and Lance at the very base of the volcano where iris was waiting.

"Atttttooooon! Your alright!" Iris yelped and ran and glomped Gado, who she mistakeling took for Atton.

"My job is done here." Lunar Rosa smirked, as Konan came back to her senses. Konan blinked absent mindedly until she yelped at her severly burned back.

"Ouchies, how did this happen?" Konan whispered as she tried to look at her cindered back. Konan then looked up and saw Gado. "You must be Gado, nice to meetcha?" Konan mumbled nervously, the very sight of Gado made her feel nervous.

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January 11th, 2009, 5:24 PM
Chapter 26: Aftermath

Andrew watched as Lunar Rosa fought the Meteokyer. "Hmm... she is powerful. No wonder why Marcus lost." Said Andrew as he watched LR take out the gem. "But how did I win? How did I gain so much speed? ... Well, it doesn't matter... I still won. In any case, I still need to find Enel's base." And with that, Andrew turned to leave, but was instead warped to the entrance. "Well, that was convenient." And with that, Andrew turned to face Konan, Gado, Lance, and Iris. "... I wish I could travel with them, but... I can't. I have to find Enel's base and take care of them once and for all." And with that, Andrew flew away at very high speeds.


Samuel looked out at the volcano. "The weapons are gone... The axe and the knuckles have been taken." Samuel shook his head, but discovered that something was on radar. "What? What is that thing!? It has to be going at Mach 1 speed!"

"It appears to be that falcon morph... should we engage in persuit?" Asked the scientist. Samuel shook his head before replying.

"No, do not persue. Lord Alex won't like it if we destroy any of the anthros too early." And with that, Samuel sat down. "But do send someone to him. Reveal our main headquarters."

"I shall tell him myself." Said the scientist as he sent out his Noctowl. "I'll be back soon." And with that, the scientist flew away on his Noctowl.

"Hmm... yes. We shall return to base." Said Samuel as he took the pilot's seat. "Tell Lord Alex that we have one fatality." And with that, the helicopter flew away, towards Cerulean City.


Andrew stopped in town, as he was exhausted from earlier. "Heh, this form takes up a lot of energy. I have to be careful." And with that, he landed next to the pokemon center, before looking back towards the volcano. "Is that a Noctowl?" Asked Andrew to himself. He looked closer and saw a scientist on it, and on the coat was the Enel symbol.

"Hey! I have some information for you!" Yelled the scientist carrying a letter. Andrew narrowed his eyes, but didn't attack. After a minute, the man got off of his Noctowl and handed Andrew a note. "It is a letter of challenge from Lord Samuel. He wants everyone to come and fight us at our heart." The scientist went to climb back on, but in a minute, he was on the ground... dead.

"Hmm... I don't trust him, but this is my only lead. I'll show those other anthros when they come here." Said Andrew to himself as he sent the Noctowl off. "Enel, I'm coming for you all. And you will go down." Andrew opened the letter and took out a letter, and a map of Kanto. "'Cerulean City is where our base is. You all are too weak to beat us. What you fought on Cinnabar is nothing compared to what lies ahead.'... Well, this is going to be one hell of a fight." And with that, Andrew went into the Pokemon Center.

(ooc: Short, but it is meant to be short. You don't have to add this in as a story arc if you don't want to, but either way... Enel's going down in Cerulean, or at least near it.)

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"I guess you still know how to fight. Impressive.”

Gado looked back at Lunar Rosa, just right after managing to climb up on the Meteokyer using his harsh, outward scales as a ladder. One quick blow to the snout made the giant dragon stutter back for a while, time Gado used to hop down; landing with a perfect somersault in front of Lunar Rosa. “Is that a compliment or an insult?” Gado mocked; feeling incapable of say something smarter to the being he had so much to clarify. She remained quiet for a couple of moments, though; and afterwards she spoke, ignoring his pointless remark. “If this is the lava guardian, then there has to be some reason to why it's gone berserk! It wouldn't just get furious for no reason, gods don't do that, it's either being possessed or being ang- Ah how could I have missed it! I'm guessing that is the weak point!" She stated excitedly as she pointed up to the Meteokyer’s forehead; where a dark stone glittered.

“Great.” Gado said as he turned around again. “You aim for the stone; I’ll distract him.” Gado then lowered his thorax, putting his hands on the ground; and rushed at the Meteokyer yet again. He had just recovered from the impact, but it didn’t take him any longer than those seconds to come to his senses and throw a strong hit with his tail. The punch sent Gado flying away with a great strength, and soon the bestial was smashed against a wall in the very same fashion he punched the Meteokyer. The force Gado was slammed with made a dent in the shape of a human in the rocky walls of the volcano, and the flowing magma burned the back of his clothes. The hole was so deep that Gado didn’t fall back to the front; he just fit there like a puzzle piece. ~Ow…~ Gado thought to himself as he closed his eyes to avoid the particles of rock and dust from entering. He could notice, however, Andrew about to fall down into the lava. ~Gado!~ Atton yelped. ~Help him! He’s going to die.~

~Uh… Yeah…~Gado thought absentmindedly as he pulled his arm out of the dent and prepared to jump out, leaving clear that he didn’t suffer any major damage from the collision. All of a sudden, however; as he fell down to a scorching death, Andrew’s appearance changes and he recovered all out of nowhere. His wings cut themselves short in size and his hair was also modified. It didn’t seem like the other form he had already seen, the one that fought Lunar Rosa. It was something different.

~A third one?~ Atton thought bedazzled.

~It seems so….~ Gado said. Silence surrounded them two for some seconds, but then Atton pierced through it with a yell.

~Dude, he has a third form. Konan has one too; the saber-toothed feline that almost killed us last night. What about you, huh? Where’s your mightiness? I’m sure it could come in handy now!~

~Gah, shut up!~ Gado yelled, not even considering to answer Atton’s question. Without saying anything else, Gado pulled his feet out of the rift and pushed himself back into the platform, just in time to avoid a large fireball spit at him. Gado noticed Lunar Rosa had now climbed up to the Meteokyer’s head, and he knew that if the Meteokyer noticed, he’d be pissed. “Hey, down here, creep!” Gado yelled as he approached, unsure of what to do. The first thing that came to his mind, though, was to kick the Dragon’s shins. Yes, childish move, but it would grant him enough time to make Lunar Rosa act. “Take this!” Gado yelled as he approach, delivering a blow to the uncovered tibia. Then, he spit on his claws. “How’s that?” he asked furious as he looked up at him. The dragon roared angrily at him, obviously not even feeling the hit. Along with the roar, a large amount of green spit engulfed Gado, but before the dragon could strike again, he fell to the ground all of a sudden, his frozen wings immobilizing him. Lunar Rosa made a knife-like piece of ice appear on her hand, and without faltering; she stabbed the gem.

The Meteokyer winced in pain and horror, but quickly he came back to normal, almost in a relaxed way. His wings unfroze automatically and the red beast stood up, rubbing his head in pain. “Gyah… …Thank you, that stone was causing me great pain. It was placed by a woman in dark, saying she was the follower of the King of Darkness...I believe this is yours." The Meteokyer said in an overwhelming and stalwart voice tone. It was like a completely different creature now that the gem was gone. Not only did his strange armor to drop to reveal an even more intimidating structure; but his eyes changed color as well. The Meteokyer put his hands together with only a few feet of separation and then made a red, shining object appeared. It took the shape of a double-sided battleaxe and the disappeared.

"The axe of fire is in your hands now, your next stop should be , the cavern spring of Cerulean. Oh and make sure to keep this."

Another light appeared again, but this one was smaller. It was a shard of a crystal, one that was almost identical to the one Iris received, except that this one was red. Lunar Rosa took the crystal into her hands and put it away. ~You see, Gado?~ Atton asked from within the bestial. ~I told it’s not a waste of time. This is happening for a reason. This is real. The dream… It’s a reality. Now we have 2 crystals; and it hasn’t even been a week. I say, we’re doing fine.~

~You could’ve been killed here, Atton. We could’ve been killed here. I don’t know if this is worth it. Who’s that girl in the dreams, anyway? ~ Gado inquired anxiously and angrily as he felt a magical light engulf his body; one that led him out of the volcano and back to the base.

~I don’t know. But hey, I mean, after all you’ve told me, you should only be glad I decided to join this group…~

Once again, the group was outside, on the base of the Volcano, deep inside the woods. “Attoooon! You’re alright!” A high-pitched shout pierced through the quiet atmosphere as Iris rushed in out from the woods and threw her delicate frame against Gado’s, presumably believing Atton was in the control of the Leo body. It was weird, though, that not even by the obvious physical changes she hadn’t noticed Gado was currently in charge. “Agh!” Gado roared as he used his Lion tail to push Iris away, preventing contact. “Cooties.” He mentioned jokingly as he took a step back.

"My job is done here." He heard Lunar Rosa say as she morphed back to Konan, who just stared around dumbfounded and with an innocent smile before she noticed the incineration on her back. "Ouchies, how did this happen?" Konan whispered to herself as she tried to look at her own back, much like a dog chasing its own tail. Before she could actually do the 360 degree turn, though; her eyes came in contact with Gado’s."You must be Gado, nice to meetcha?"

Gado didn’t say anything; he just looked down at Konan from his imposing height and scowled at her. He couldn’t think of anything to say, and this was obvious. If he tried to say something, probably just a mean insult’d come out, and even Gado knew that if he said something wrong; not only would it make things even rougher with Lunar Rosa, but Atton would be really pissed if he bothered her. “Yes.” Gado said blankly as he looked up at the sky and morphed back into Atton.

“Wow!” Atton yelped as the change ended. “That was so crazy!” He said as he faltered back and forth, obviously feeling and bit dizzy and tired. “Oh, hi, Konan.” He said as he turned to the Neko, this being the first words he had said to her in a while. “Wow. I can’t believe we have 2 of the crystals already! This is quick; we will save the world in no time!” He exclaimed, all of a sudden feeling ecstatic and elated about the whole situation. Just then, he noticed Andrew fly away, and before he could say anything; Lance, who didn’t move away from them, spoke. “Hey guys,” he started as he looked down at the new weapon, unsure of what he could do with them, “can I tag along with you for a while? I don’t know how, or why, but… But it’s like this weapons have talked to me. I… You’ll call me crazy, but I had a dream that involved all of you ladies and gentlemen; and something’s telling me I want to travel with you.” He finalized before muttering something under his breath, “Plus, I wouldn’t mind spending more time with Konan, hehe.”

Atton scratched his head for some moments as he looked at Lance. The presence of him made him uneasy about himself, and he wish he could’ve said no, but then; he had to accept. He was one of them. One of the silhouettes, and now he had a weapon. He belonged with them.

“Yeah, sure!” Atton yelped happy, hiding his true feelings away from his voice. The answer made Iris look at him and raise a brow.”Are you sure about that?” She asked in a nervous tone as she approached Atton. Yeah, though her expression hinted she wanted him to reject, she knew that if Lance was with Konan, Atton will have to back away and she would have more time with him.

“Well, yeah; I don’t have a problem. Anyone objects?” Atton asked.

“Well, anyway;” He began to say as he looked at the darkening sky. It didn’t feel like it, but hey had spent a couple of hours inside the volcano, enough like to make the day go away, “that dragon said we had to head to Cerulean, no? Great. I’ll go look for a way to get us there, I’ll meet up with you guys later!” Atton said as he smiled at everyone in the group, waved goodbye, and then ran away.

When Atton was out of the woods, he noticed that the whole mess from Festival of Flames had been cleaned already, and the city was already back to normal activities. Quickly enough, Veil sprung out of nowhere and greeted her trainer, who after petting her, climbed up and started to go around the city.

~What was that all about?~ Gado inquired as they headed to the docks of Cinnabar.

~What do you mean?~ Atton asked, not sure of what Gado meant.

~You seemed really happy right back at the Volcano. What was that all about? I mean, you seemed to be in a rush of caffeine. Elaborate?~

~I don’t know what you’re talking about.~

~Of course you do. You’re hiding something, no?~

~No. Now be quiet, Gado.~

A while of tranquility was presented to them, but soon he made it to the docks. When he was there, Atton stepped down from Veil and walked over to a large bulletin board that rested on a large pole whose base was submerged into water. Cocking his head to a side, Atton approached to the message board and saw something that seemed like a list of the ships, prices, destinations, and dates. Atton was amazed to see that the very same ship they got here in was returning people to their respective locations; presumably because the Festival of Flames was over. Earlier today, the ship left to return people to Pallet, but tomorrow; the ship left to Vermilion docks.

“Great!” Atton yelled happy as he punched a fist up to the darkening sky. Of course. They could go to Vermilion, then move up to Cerulean from there. That probably was the shortest way without having a flying transport. There were two obstacles, though. First, the route to Vermilion took 2 days of traveling without docking, thing that didn’t really make Atton glad. He wasn’t used to being on water that long. Second, the price wasn’t at all appealing. Atton sighed, taking his hand to his pocket and shaking a few gold coins inside. They weren’t PokeDollars, but precious metals were accepted as currency everywhere. Deciding he wouldn’t really need his money for many other things, Atton turned around and saw the offices of the dock; and believed he could get the tickets there.

Atton walked in, then walked out after a long while, presumably an hour. Not to his surprise, it was dark already, and the first stars of the night were beginning to show. Atton was left with only a few coins, but now he had enough tickets for everyone. In fact, for buying so many, he got one free. He stuffed the pieces of paper into his pocket and then walked back into the city, deciding to take some time to himself before going into the Pokémon center to sleep. Atton walked towards the beach he had been in yesterday while in the Flame Festival and sat down on the sand, meditating about everything that happened today and wondering about events to come.

January 11th, 2009, 7:45 PM
Konan looked at Gado, who was nothing like Atton. Atton would smile at her so kindly, while Gado towering about a foot above her was angerly scowling at her. "U-uhm.." Konan stuttered, this huge lion was glaring at her like he was about to eat her.

"He probably wanted to talk to me." Lunar Rosa stated blandly, as if she didn't care.

“Yes.” Gado said blankly as he looked up at the sky and morphed back into Atton. Konan breathed a sight of relief and felt her heart settle down, when Gado was out it felt like she was staring down the face of the devil.

"ah.." Konan murmured, as she sweatdropped.

“Wow!” Atton yelped as the change ended. “That was so crazy!” He said as he faltered back and forth, obviously feeling and bit dizzy and tired. “Oh, hi, Konan.” He said as he turned to the Neko, this being the first words he had said to her in a while. “Wow. I can’t believe we have 2 of the crystals already! This is quick; we will save the world in no time!”

"Yea! We will!" Konan agreed with Atton as Iris and Lance both raised their hands in agreement.

“Hey guys,” he started as he looked down at the new weapon, unsure of what he could do with them, “can I tag along with you for a while? I don’t know how, or why, but… But it’s like this weapons have talked to me. I… You’ll call me crazy, but I had a dream that involved all of you ladies and gentlemen; and something’s telling me I want to travel with you.” He finalized before muttering something under his breath, “Plus, I wouldn’t mind spending more time with Konan, hehe.”

Konan tuned bright red in embarassment, and was speechless, and Iris decided to tease her." Oh is someone embarassed?" Iris giggled in a troublesome manner.

"Ah..No, no it's not like that, I don't even know him!" She pointed to Lance who was now slumped over in dissappointment.

"Lady Konan, how could you say that after all we've been through." Lance mumbled slumped over drawing circles in the ground.

"I've known your for what..a day?" Konan yelled and smacking him on the head, which led to him having a large bump on his head.

“Well, anyway;” He began to say as he looked at the darkening sky. It didn’t feel like it, but hey had spent a couple of hours inside the volcano, enough like to make the day go away, “that dragon said we had to head to Cerulean, no? Great. I’ll go look for a way to get us there, I’ll meet up with you guys later!” Atton said as he smiled at everyone in the group, waved goodbye, and then ran away.

"Ah..okay bye Atton!" Konan waved, he was probably running errands no biggy. Konan was watching the humorous scene between Iris and Lance, Lance was listenhing to Iris who was giving advice to Lance about how to pick up girls. Konan sweatdropped, and snuck off in the commotion.

As she left the two and the volcano she headed for the beach, she was happy, the tranquil sea breeze, and sound of the ocean calmed Konan. She smiled as she saw some remoraid hopping through the sea' currents, as Tweety landed on her shoulder. "Ah Tweety, there you are. I think you should go back in your pokeball." Konan muttered, Tweety nodded as a red laser came out and returned it to it's pokeball.

"The calm serenity of the ocean, it's lovely." Konan muttere to herself as the sea breeze swayed softly, before Konan even knew it the star was already turning a light grey and small stars were beginning to twinkle in the sky. Konan decided to walk along the beach, not noticing where she was going she tripped over a large being who had plompted himself in the sand and was meditating, face first in the sand and very, very pissed off she looked up and yelled.

"HEY WATCH WHERE YOU DECIDED TO SIT YOURSELF, I DON'T LIKE TRIPPING OVER PEOPLE, NEXT TIME I'LL KI- Oh it's Atton, merely meditating!" Konans voice turned from a hatred one , to a calm and playful one. She waved her hand over Attons eyes, he was clearly meditating, Konans faced filled with mischief, as she took a handful of salty sand and smooshed it in Attons face, she began to laugh merrily like a small child.

"Hahahahha, I got you!"

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January 11th, 2009, 8:52 PM
(ooc: Andrew is back in his normal form as of this post)
Chapter 27: Meeting Konan, Atton, and his Long, Lost Sister?

Andrew has been waiting for quite a while for Konan, Atton, Iris, or anyone. But no one has come that he needed to talk to. "Well, I wonder where they could be." Andrew went to look for them, any of them, when he bumped into someone. "Oh, I'm sorry."

"Oh, that's okay." Said the man as he got up and walked away. "By the way... are you friends with a Leo and a Neko tribe member? Because there are a couple by the beach."

"Could that be them?" Asked Andrew before taking to the air. And yes folks, the sight he would see would be the most surprising he has seen in the years... another falcon tribe member! The falcon tribe person landed near the beach. "What? But that's impossible!" Andrew stared at where the falcon tribe member landed, and flew there.

"Well, if it isn't you... big brother." Said the falcon tribe person as she turned around. This new person was two inches shorter then andrew, with wings about as large as his. Her hair was golden brown and goes halfway down her back. Her arms are fairly short, and she herself is fairly skinny. She wore a simple black shirt, and blue pants with no shoes on. "Well, it seems as if I finally found you... after ten years of searching."

"What are you talking about? Mom never mentioned I had a sister... ever!" Said Andrew backing up from the falcon tribe member.

"I was born at the same time you were, but she gave me up to a middle- class family who didn't dispise Falcon tribe members." Said the girl. "I am your younger sister, my name is Elisa." The girl now known as Elisa smiled at Andrew. "It's nice to meet you, but I'm afraid I have other matters to attend to." And with that, she flew away.

"No... There's another Falcon tribe member. Is it good, or bad?" Asked Andrew as he walked the rest of the way to the beach. And there he saw Konan throwing sand in Atton's face. "Hey, you two! I need to ask you something!" And with that, he jumped into the sand. "Will you two help me fight against Team Enel? Their base is in Cerulean City, and it won't really take you out of your 'weapon search' as they are searching for the weapons!"

Andrew waited a response from the two.

(ooc: Yes, Elisa is a falcon tribe member. You will see more of her later on. Sorry this post is short, but it was necessary)

January 12th, 2009, 8:51 PM
Atton sat down on the soft, somewhat moist sand as he let the weight of his body rest on his back and arms. It wasn’t a healthy position; for it was proven that if he sat down like that too often he’d grow a hump and be futile regarding his acrobats and fighting skills. But it was comfortable, very comfortable, and that was all he really needed. The warmth of the sand soothed his thoughts, the breeze and sound of the crashing waves cleared his mind, and the gentle, caressing light from the stars relaxed his body. The young Leo closed his eyes and turned his head up to the dark sky, taking a deep breath and beginning to hear his own slow, calm heartbeat as he drifted off to never-never land.

The beach was really lonely, and no other sound was heard other than the one Krabby made when they walked along the shore. Atton was thinking about so many things, yet none at the same times. The incredibly amount of thoughts that tried to filter their way to his mind blinded his brain, which he believed was disentangled already.

~What’s it that you’re thinking about, Atton? We might share the same brain, but I do have to praise the ability you have from keeping secrets hidden from me.~ Gado said from within Atton, being the time he had stayed quiet long already. The bestial considered taking Atton into mindscape area, but then, Atton passing out in the sand just like that could probably get him in some sort of predicament in the outside world. For now, he’d rather just have a quiet conversation with him.

~What do you mean, Gado?~ Atton asked innocently as he cocked his head to a side, action that even though it wasn’t seen by Gado, he couldn’t help triggering when he was thoughtful. ~I’m not hiding anything. You know I just think stuff to myself every night.~

~But this is not the case, my fellow last-member-of-the-Leo-Tribe , and you know it as well as I do. Maybe you’re not aware, though. There’s something bothering you; I can tell.~ Gado then announced, revealing that maybe the fact he lived deep inside Atton’s mind led him to knowing every single thing that the Leo ever imagined.

Atton sighed and lowered his faltering head, knowing that he’d been beat by the incredibly mind games of Gado; if he could even call them that way. ~Well,~ he began to say, his voice tone almost sounding like a mocking and teasing one, ~all-knowing Gado, what should I do? I mean, advice me, seeing as you already know what’s on my naive head.~

~Uh… W—What?~ Gado stuttered, being caught off guard by Atton’s comment. Yes, he expected that sort of response, but perhaps something not so, direct? ~Uh… I guess… You should… Go for it?~ the bestial inquired, unsure of his answer. Truth was, Gado had no idea of what he was saying, mainly because he didn’t have the slightest clue of what Atton was thinking. He just thought that if he fooled Atton into believing Gado knew, he’d just say it. But it didn’t work out, and know he was being asked; Gado, being ridiculously proud of himself and not willing to admit he was wrong, answered with the first thing he came with.

~Wow, really? But don’t you think it can be… Dangerous or awkward?~ Atton asked, really taking for granted that Gado would understand what he was saying.

~Prft, no, don’t worry. Everything’ll turn out alright, trust me.~ Gado said with a wink; hoping that the plans plotted by Atton didn’t involve the murder of someone.

~Ok, I’ll trust you. Thanks, Gado...~ Atton said guilelessly as he sighed.

Moments of relaxation then arose around the male, who lied motionlessly on the surface of the beach. It was all really quiet… And calm… Until…

THUD. Completely out of nowhere, a wide open hand with a handful of sand was smashed against Atton’s unnoticing face. Atton instinctively opened his eyes and mouth as he felt the hand, only allowing dubious amounts of the sand to go inside his cavities. “Blagh!” Atton yelled as he stood up in a rush, coughing out a mixture of saliva and sand and rubbing the sand out of his swollen eyes. “Hey!” He yelled are he turned with an angry expression on his face, only to be greeted by Konan, who stood smiling in front of him.
“Hahahahha, I got you!” She said as she laughed merrily.

“Ah, Konan, It’s you.” Atton muttered under his breath as he looked down at Konan, his furious expression suddenly shifting to one of sudden excitement and joy, as if the mere presence of Konan made him forget about the incident. “Yeah, you got me.” He said with a slight chuckle. “What are you doing here, Konan?” Atton asked, “It’s a bit late already, no?”

But then, Atton realized she had just the same probabilities of being here than he was, so he thought about explaining himself. “Oh, look what I got!” He yelped happily as he took his hand to his pocket. Before pulling the tickets out, though; he sat back down on the ground and tapped on a place near him, inviting her to sit down. Soon, he pulled out the tickets and gave one to her. “I bought these tickets to Vermilion. It’ll be two whole days and two nights in the ship, the one we got here in. I know it’s a tired trip, but it’s the shortest route. We can move to Cerulean from Vermilion by simply moving north. We should be in Cerulean in no time!” He said as he punched his fist up happily, waiting to hear Konan’s reaction; and expecting an approbatory comment and not something like “Dumb move, Atton.”

After a while, Atton’s really happy mood shifted to one of seriousness; concern to an extent. “Hey… Konan…” Atton began to say as he took a deep breath and then turned to watch her, staring straight into her eyes. His whole grimacing signaled his whole self was in a profound state of a mixture of distress and confusion. “Remember… Remember what you told me when we were about to go the volcano? You know, about… History repeating itself and all? Well, I just… Wanted to let you know that no matter what Lunar Rosa or Gado tell you, I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen. I’d never hurt you, Konan; and I dare to challenge the destiny. I, well, you know; don’t want that comments made by our Alter Egos make things tense or awkward. What matters is now, no? Trust me, Konan, I wouldn’t harm you. You’re my friend.”

This reflection came from the fact that Atton suddenly remembered what Konan had said to him in Fire Mountain, and he recalled he didn’t respond in any way, though there were many things he wanted to say. In fact, he didn’t think he was done with it; but perhaps curtailing the speech was better. After all, he had something else to say on behalf of his bestial. “Oh… And… I know what happened between Gado and Lunar Rosa. Tell her that… Things happened for a reason, and tell her she doesn’t need to hold that grudge against Gado. He’ll have some explanation to do, later…”

Atton then kept quiet for a second before flashing a bright, reassuring smile at Konan. Atton stood up, taking Konan’s hand and helping her up as well. Before Atton said anything else, he heard some loud flapping above the two. “Huh?” Atton said as he looked up, noticing that Andrew was flying down. "Hey, you two! I need to ask you something!" He said as he landed in front of them. "Will you two help me fight against Team Enel? Their base is in Cerulean City, and it won't really take you out of your 'weapon search' as they are searching for the weapons!" He asked anxiously.

“Uh… Yeah, sure. But who’s Team Enel, and why do want to fight them? We were headed to Cerulean, anyways. Right, Konan?” Atton asked in a confused way, wondering what had made the bird-like anthropomorph all jump all of a sudden.

January 13th, 2009, 8:33 PM
Utter silence between the two as she looked at the ticket. "Cruise huh, I wonder if they will have doughnuts on there, i mean. The chocolate doughnuts, cause I like chocolater doughtnuts, and maybe they will have a spa, hehe! And manga stores galore, I've been looking for a new visual novel, most of theme are eroge games which kind of sucks." Konan slumped over into her sandy chair and sighed. "I've scene few visual novels that didn't have any type of adult type of images.." Konan mumbled remebering the first time she played a visual novel with Hinata, and ended up on a eroge scene, which was very awkward. "Anyway..Yeah souds like fun, but why does it have to be water, why can't it be..cream puffs?!" Konan yelled as comedic tears fell down her eyes as she twiddled her fingers in the sand.

“Hey… Konan…” Atton began to say as he took a deep breath and then turned to watch her, staring straight into her eyes. His whole grimacing signaled his whole self was in a profound state of a mixture of distress and confusion. “Remember… Remember what you told me when we were about to go the volcano? You know, about… History repeating itself and all? Well, I just… Wanted to let you know that no matter what Lunar Rosa or Gado tell you, I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen. I’d never hurt you, Konan; and I dare to challenge the destiny. I, well, you know; don’t want that comments made by our Alter Egos make things tense or awkward. What matters is now, no? Trust me, Konan, I wouldn’t harm you. You’re my friend.”
"Ah? oh yeah that, mhm, yeah..I think thats good, I think Luanr Rosa's still mad though, who woulda thought that a person coulda kept a grudge for this long. It's liek build a bridge and get over it!" Konan smiled at him happily, Konan was very easy-going, rarely would she get angry with anyone, whoch was a relief to her and everyone around her, seeing as how Konan was very mean when she got peeved.

“Oh… And… I know what happened between Gado and Lunar Rosa. Tell her that… Things happened for a reason, and tell her she doesn’t need to hold that grudge against Gado. He’ll have some explanation to do, later…” Atton murmured, Konan looked at him. To be honest, she had no idea what was gonig on, she really didn't even care. Luanr Rosa's issues weren't her issues, Konans issue was remembering her former self.

"Ah Atton, guess what guess what! I think I'll remeber a whole lot in Cerulean, I just know it! And and I'll know who I was!" Konan raised her hands up like a small child.

Hey, you two! I need to ask you something!" He said as he landed in front of them. "Will you two help me fight against Team Enel? Their base is in Cerulean City, and it won't really take you out of your 'weapon search' as they are searching for the weapons!" He asked anxiously.

“Uh… Yeah, sure. But who’s Team Enel, and why do want to fight them? We were headed to Cerulean, anyways. Right, Konan?” Atton asked in a confused way, wondering what had made the bird-like anthropomorph all jump all of a sudden.

"Nyaa, do we have to go I'm sleepy.." Konan mumbled as she yawned showing her sharp feline teeth. Konan got up and mumured "We''ll go in the morning, the ship doesn't come till tommorow, and make sure to tell Lance, and Iris when the ship is coming, I'm going to bed." Konan mumbled, being part cat she got tired rather easily. She headed back to the pokecenter and sat on the room she had rented for the night, it was easier to sleep here then outside. She pulled the blanket over herself and fell asleep, although Lunar Rosa was very much awake and very troubled.
"Hmm, Is it the exact anniversery of that day? That I met him?" Lunar Rosa asked herself.
"Now Rosa, to be a proper warrior you must learn to control both magic and swordsmanhip, at best controlling ice magic with your sword." A elder neko sword mumbled, as a five year old Lunar Rosa took a small sword. "Now being of royal blood you should be able to handle this, now go train." The elder ordered her and Lunar Rosa's cheeks puffed out in displeasure.

"Fine, stupid ancestry, darn it I hate being of royal blood, I always have to work my but off training, for some stupid war that isn't even going to happen! So lame!" Luanr Rosa yelled as hse wandered through the forest dragging the plastic sword that was given to her. She heard someone slashing trees in the forest.

"Ah, what is this? A Leo?" Lunar Rosa mumbled as she hid behind a tree to conceal herself, he was obviously training just as she was. He then threw a sword at the tree nearly piercing the tree.

"Who's there?" Gado growled, Lunar Rosa began to freak out, the Neko's and Leo's were enemies, he would surely kill her if he found her. "I told you come out before I kill you!" The child Gado yelled, even when he was a child Gado was a complete power freak.

"Ah, uhm.." Lunar Rosa came out of hiding holding her plastic sword, pretending it was a real sword she gripped it in her hand. "C-careful don't mess with me, I got a sword too!" Gado only laughed in amusement.

"Your forms wrong, you'll never be able to block with that, now go like this.." Gado came up to her and readjusted the sword in her hand, Lunar Rosa puffed her cheeks out in anger.

"I w-would have done that eventually!" Lunar Rosa yelled, her cheeks turning bright red with embarassment. "I won't be shown up by a Leo!" Lunar Rosa yelled as Gado stuffed dirt into Lunar Rosa's mouth.

"Yea, yea, yea, eat my dust!" Gado chuckled. Lunar Rosa coughed up the dirt and puffed up her cheeks again.

"That wasn't nice!" She yelled as she coughed up the dirt.

"Whatcha yah gonna do about it?" Gado teased her, Lunar Rosa growled, and lunged at him with her plastic sword, and with that the play sword fight had begun. It lasted till dusk when the two were out of breathe, but still role-playing that they were great warriors.

"I will not be defeated by the likes of you black knight!" Lunar Rosa yelled a playful smirk on her face.

"You must die warrior mistress!" Gado yelled back as the pressed their sword aginst each other, but the two were to tired out and fell on the ground at the same time.

"Gah, your good!" Lunar Rosa panted, Gado chuckled at her and smiled, "Well your not so bad yourself." The two laughed merrily as they picked up their swords and raised them.

"I'll beat you one day!" The two yelled in unison as they swore to be friends and rivals at the same time, they both smiled. "Friends till the end!" The two smiled, they promised no matter what war brought they would stay friends, no matter what..
"It was a mistake getting so close to him.." Lunar Rosa mumbled.

Several years later in the flashback mode, Gado and Lunar Rosa appeared no more then the age of ten, however Gado was growing in height, which Lunar Rosa disliked. "You need to say short, I look short come pared to you.." Lunar Rosa whined and Gado merely smiled back and ruffled her hair.

"Shorty!" Gado teased her as Luanr Rosa hit him playfully.

"Shut up giant!" Lunar Rosa laughed, which made Gado frown in displeasure.

"G-Giant?" Gado mumbled, bullseye Lunar Rosa got him dead on. Luanr Rosa looked at him and laughed, but as they were laughing, a anthromorph that appeared to be a jackal form.

"The two greatest warriors in enemy villages huh? Wait till your elders here about it." The jackal smirked and ran off, Lunar Rosa screeched in horror, she would surely be in huge trouble if she was seen hanging around with a Leo.

"Ah! Crap! I have to go Gado, Later!" Lunar Rosa yelled running off leaving Gado in the woods.
Luanr Rosa had been called in to the concel, several glares were amoungst her, and then..SLAP. The head of the council slapped her and glared at her, Lunar Rosa fell to her knees and cried holding the red mark on her face. "Rosa you know the punishment for making friends with a Leo." She rose two fingers and Luanr Rosa gasped in horror and cried.

"No nothing but that PLEASE!" Lunar Rosa yelled as they brought out a stranger torture device, she was forced to place her finger in it, and then..Lunar Rosa's loud scream filled the room. The machine had ripped off her fingernail, and the now fingernailess finger began to bleed, and Luanr Rosa cried in agony, as the next finger was placed in..

"AHHH! NOOO!" The young neko screamed once more.
About nine years later
A nineteen year old Lunar Rosa looked at the elder in surprise. "War? But I'm nineteen, neko's don't go to war till they are twenty!!" Lunar Rosa yelled the elder slapped her though.

"Child you are one of the greatest warriors in the village you are needed, now that the jackals have joined the war." The elder mumbled.

Rosa sighed and nodded. "Alright I'll go practice somemore then.." Rosa mumbled and walked off into the woods carrying a real sword this time around. And ocne again she was greeted with Gado training.

"Ah.. Ga-Gado." Rosa mumbled a blush appearing on her face.

"Yo!" Gado greeted her with a friendly smile and ran to greet her, she looked down sadly.

"I'm being sent to war, I won't see you again I guess." Rosa mumbled but Gado looked at her and gave her a reassuring smile.

"I'm going to war too, so lets promise to never harm each other! I'll protect you from any invading enemy!" Gado yelled raising his fist up in the air. Rosa blushed and smiled.

"A-Ah yes.." Rosa mumbled.
IT WAS ALL A LIE THOUGH!" Lunar Rosa yelled as the surrounding mindscape froze over as angry tears filled her eyes.
"Gado, I brought some lunch for u- Gado?" Lunar Rosa mumbled as he saw him holding a sword. "Look you don't have to train all the tii-" Slash, the sword now pierced through Lunar Rosa and she looked down. "G-gado..Why?" Rosa asked as she coughed up blood, she didn't seem him shed a single tear, and as Lunar Rosa faded from consciousness, she only heard his mouth mutter something as he removed the sword from her stomach. "You...b..et..rayed..me..I'll...ki...ll...yo..u" Lunar Rosa mumbled as she breathed her last not noticing what sword it was and the tears Gado had shed after she had been killed.

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January 15th, 2009, 12:18 PM
(ooc: Sorry for the shortness, but I'm at school)

Chapter 28: Quite possibly the Shortest Chapter I'll Write.

Andrew listened to their reactions before answering. "Team Enel is one of the most evil teams ever. They want to build weapons that can eradicate countries. And they are looking for the Goddess Weapons, to use them to power a machine known as the Beasts Machine, in order to take over the world." Said Andrew before flying up into the air. "Thank you for agreeing to help me. I am forever in your debt, but I must go... for now."

Andrew then flew away, back towards the volcano. He landed and looked in to it. "Well, it seems that I'm not alone... I appearantly have a twin sister that came out of nowhere... maybe I can actually not be the last one." Said Andrew as he tossed a pebble into the volcano. "Man, this is so twisted. If I knew about her, I would've seeked her out ages ago, but... can't change things now."

"Heh, you need to relax." Said a familiar voice. Andrew turned around and saw Marcus, still injured. "I'm giving you the advice you gave me. Stop being so tense."

"Why are you being so nice? I thought you would kill me for beating you earlier." Said Andrew, but Marcus just smirked before walking away.

"I shall leave you to figure out things you need to figure out yourself. farewell." Said Marcus before disappearing.

January 16th, 2009, 6:00 PM
Atton quietly stood in front of the other two anthropomorphs, using the last of his and Gado’s strength to prevent himself from collapsing into sleep. Yes, he directed his attention to Konan, but the feline anthropomorph seemed to be too tired like to even pay attention. "We’ll go in the morning, the ship doesn't come till tomorrow,” she said as her face began to show signs of tiredness, “and make sure to tell Lance, and Iris when the ship is coming, I'm going to bed."

“Yeah, Konan,” Atton began as he turned to the Neko, noticing her blatant fatigue and deciding not to reiterate his question to let her focus on… Resting? “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure Lance and Iris are not left behind. Have a good night.” He said as Konan walked away and turning back to Andrew, chuckling slightly because of this pretty random scene. Still, the bird anthropomorph seemed to remain very calm and serious, almost immediately proceeding into explaining his mission. The one the group was no involved too.

“Team Enel is one of the most evil teams ever. They want to build weapons that can eradicate countries. And they are looking for the Goddess Weapons, to use them to power a machine known as the Beasts Machine, in order to take over the world." Andrew said as he took a step back and began to flap his wings, slowly lifting himself from the ground without moving his eyes from Atton. “Thank you for agreeing to help me. I am forever in your debt, but I must go... for now."

“Riiight…” Atton said to himself as he took his right hand up to his head and scratched his scalp before saying “We’ll see you later, then.” Team Enel? The last thing Atton wanted to hear about was another mad team that tried to take over the world. I mean, wasn’t Team Rocket enough already? All other teams were probably created by the Rocket goonies that weren’t promoted and started their own team as a caprice. That didn’t mean, though, that they weren’t dangerous, and if one was set to destroy countries with a weapon powered by divine items, they sure were something to watch your back from. After all, Andrew said it; they wouldn’t be led off track from the current main quest. They were heading to Cerulean, after all. Still, Atton wondered; how did Andrew know the team and its headquarters and why? Could that be a reason of why he would sometimes randomly disappear and reappear after something like, an explosion happened? Who knew, but yes, Atton was very puzzled.

~Gado,~ he began saying to his inner self, ~do you know what Andrew is talking about? Have you heard something about this Team Enel?~

~Negative.~ Gado responded coldly before taking a long, and deep yawn. The bestial licked his palate and continued to talk after a rub of eyes. ~But how bad can it be? Don’t worry, Atton; just proceed with this imaginary weapon quest. Stay with the group, and I’ll take care of you so you don’t break a nail.~ Gado teased with a smirk before yawning yet again, stretching and then closing his eyes to doze off; subliminally ordering Atton to go to sleep already.

~Hah!~ The Leo tittered merrily as he turned around. ~Gotcha.~ He said, proceeding to walk back into the city and away from the peace of the beach. On his way to the PokémonCenter, Atton caught up with Veil, who had been away for a short while now. As he petted her, he put him back on her Pokeball, shrunk the item and put it away; continued to walk towards the place he’d sleep in. Outside the red roofed structure, he met Iris, who rapidly jumped up to him and tackled him to the ground in a strong hug. “Yes.” Atton began as he scurried off Iris’ grasp. “Nice to see you too, Iris. Hey, Iris, check this out.” The Leo said as he stood up and he pulled out one ticket from his pocket. Both stared at the piece of paper for some moments, then the green-haired girl took it with her hand, storing it away. “Remember to wake up early. I guess we’ll meet on the entrance of this PokémonCenter tomorrow to leave. Um… Don’t forget it’s going to be a 2 night trip, so rest well here. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Have a good night, Atton!” Iris yelled as she happily waved bye to Atton with a sinister but flashy grin on her mouth and walked inside the building after pecking his cheek. Atton sighed, pulling out yet another ticket and walking in as well. He left Veil with Nurse Joy and got a card key for his room, place he was decided to get to as soon as possible.

While Atton strolled down the halls of the structure in a search for his room, he noticed the door of one was half-open. From inside, a familiar voice was heard. After a deep breath, Atton carefully pushed the door open and saw Lance staring at himself in a very long mirror, waving his hand through his hair and making quite ridiculous face gestures in a very cheesy manner. “Yes. You sir are truly handsome.” Lance said to the reflection in the mirror as he threw inspired kisses at it.

Atton laughed to himself quite loudly before saying, “Yes, man; you’re so hot.”

“Gah!” Lance yelled as he tumbled backwards in a failed attempt at doing a quick 360 degree turn. As the red haired male stood up and looked at Atton, he approached threateningly and yelled “What are you doing here?! What do you want?!”

Atton stared down at Lance, who, even though he wasn’t short; stood no chance against Atton’s height or bulkiness. Few did. After an angry scowl, Lance shrunk in his shoulders and put a ‘Sorry’ gesture on his face. “Stop being so ridiculous.” Atton said, referring to the mirror scene as he threw a ticket to Lance’s nightstand. “Read it, and be ready at the said hour. If you want to travel with us, which you most likely’ll have to if you don’t want to be killed for the battleaxe in your possession, meet me at the entrance of the Pokémon Center. It’ll be a long trip, so rest. Good night.”

The way Atton spoke, though it was pretty calm, it was by any mean gentle. He wanted to make a statement; he wanted to tell Lance not to threaten him. Atton never used intimidation, but such an abrupt response didn’t make him happy. Without waiting for Lance’s response, Atton walked out and hurried to his room. Without even turning the lights of the room on, Atton walked over to the bed and lied down, pulling out the other 3 tickets and putting them on his own night stand. Without any message from Gado, no reflections and no pondering, Atton fell asleep, preparing his body for the oncoming voyage…

Zeta Patchouli
January 16th, 2009, 6:36 PM
Chapter 29: The True Leader of Team Enel


"You really don't get it!" Yelled the man as he stood up. "I need time to complete the new machine! How could you basically destroy the entire process Grand Lord Rei wanted!?"

"Grand Lord... Rei?" Asked Samuel as he wiped the blood off of his cheek. "You mean that kid in Cinnabar Islands that was attacked a few years back? Why would he run this organization?" Samuel didn't notice small screeching behind him.

"Because I hate pokemon." Said Rei in his 'Grand Lord' Suit, which was a gray and yellow trenchcoat with a yellow E on the left breast, he also wore grey pants as well, but the coat covered his entire body, as it was made for someone not in a wheelchair. "They are mindless beasts that deserve to rot in hell."

"Grand Lord Rei, I meant no disrespect." Said the man as he got out of the throne. "Knight Samuel did not know." The man finally revealed himself to be an older man of about thirty-seven, at 6'5" tall, his hair was black and fairly long for a guy, which went down to his middle back. He himself was tan and had a small black goatee. His eyes are brown and his face was thin. He is also somewhat muscular, but not to the point where they are overly huge. He too wore a 'Grand Lord' Suit, and his pants were gray. His arms are somewhat long, and had some muscle, but his fingers are kind of short, compared to what they should be. His legs are pretty long and have some muscle on it.

"Stand down and sit in your pretty chair brother." Said Rei before wheeling himself to the side of it. "What is the status of our knights? I haven't asked Lord Alex in a while."

"Um... I'm here, Esuine has betrayed us, as he finally was able to see Suicune. Corosa was killed on Cinnabar, Evans is trying to go into the Cerulean Cave, and Elisa is flying back as we speak." Said Samuel as he pushed his glasses up. Rei growled at that.

"So, Esuine betrayed us, and Corosa is dead. Call back Evans and tell Elisa to hurry. We need to formulate a plan to destroy them." Said Rei. Samuel bowed before running out to fufill his order. "I can't believe how hard it was to run an organization from an island a few hundred miles away, but now I'm back, and ready to finish my grand design."

"Grand Design?" Asked Alex, but Rei stayed silent, signalling that he didn't want to talk about it at this point. "Well, you can tell me when the time is right."


Andrew sighed as he looked into the volcano. Marcus had just left him to question himself. "Am I really that stressed out?... Man, I can't believe it... this quest is killing me. But after Enel is gone, I won't have to worry about it anymore." Said Andrew as he looked into the sky. "Tomorrow is the day we leave... man, the adventures I had so far... it's unbelievable..." He then tossed out Alex's pokeball, summoning his Electrike friend.

"What? So, I'm finally out? Man, please don't do that again!" Yelled Alex as he glared at Andrew. "Wait, where's Marcus?"

"Well, after you attacked him, I lost the fight and Kalius came out... but he too lost the fight. So I tried to attack again, but I almost fall into lava, and I turn into a new form. I don't look too different, but I got a lot faster. And combined with Marcus' current tiredness, he lost, and retreated." Said Andrew before picking up the Electrike. "Come on, we need to get to the pokemon center." And with that, Andrew flew back towards the town with the Pokemon Center.

January 17th, 2009, 11:16 PM
Chapter 4: Beach Day in Cerulean; Enter Yohaku the scoundral jackal, and member of TEAM ENEL?

ooc: Zeta if you don't like this then I'll change it for you, kay? Since Team Enel actually was your idea.

It's time to relax and let those burns heal at the beach in Cerulan! Enjoy the time the water and get used to it, you'll be spending a lot of time in it soon..


-It's time to dispose of Team Enel~ They are using different pokemon to reak havoc in Cerulean D:

-You will be able to catch pokemon in this chapter, some wil lbe obtained some you can catch in the wild, the ones you obtain will be shiny.. *hehehe I'm evil*

-Ah, but whats this? A JACKAL? Whats he doing around Cerulean? And more importantly why is he with Team Enel, and what does he have to do with Konans past?

-Chillout relax and soak up some sun!
Konan lay in her own mindscape, her limp body wasn't moving, her eyes were barely open and hr eyes were ice blue. "Child..of snow..I was born in the snow.." Konan muttered as the settiing turned to a soft snow setting, with small flakes of snow falling to the ground adding to it's soft texture, Konans body was finally able to move, she still lay in the soft snow, her body was neither cold nor warm, it was just a body laying in the snow that was slowly turning a crimson red, and melting into a firey landscape of death. Konan still showed no movement, as the entire image turned into the firey dephs of hell itself and two mysterious eyes gazed at her, and with that Konans eyes shot open and she shrieked a terrible shriek, the eyes bore through her soul, and looked into the dephs of her heart.

"You will die." The voice echoed throughout the cavern, and with that Konan shot up in the bed, panting. Her head was throbbing, and small beads o sweat was trickling down her neck. She slowly turned, and got out of her bed, small rays of sunlight were trickling into her room. Konan slowly got ready for the long antagonizing this day would become, a day with Iris, that disgusted Konan to her very core, she had no intention of spending time with that little flirt. Even if it meant keeping to herself the ENTIRE trip, if she could only get away from iris she would be great. Konan was in an extremely foul mood today, and decided with her anger problems, that it would be best to not talk to anyone at the moment, she was getting her things packed whn a knock was on her door. A smal langer mark appeared on her face as she continued packing her things.

"Yoohoo Konan, can I come in?~" It was irises squeaky voice, perfect. Konan had no intention with spending time with her today, the knocks continued, thus Konan took it upon herself to climb out the window, and leave Iris hanging. The door from the room opened and iris had a cynical smirk on her face. "Oh Konan I just came to te-" Iris stopped in her sentence to see that Konans things were not in the room, and neither was the young Neko, and with this Iris formally ran for Atton, to whine like a child.
Konan was walking along the path to the docks waiting for the ship, being in an extremly foul mood she had no intention of meeting anyone. The Neko's eyes were torward the ground as she trotted along the path and torwards the dock, she wanted to make it there before the others, she wanted no company. Konan was afraid she could snap and strangle a person at a moments notice if they even unesccarly spoke to her. As she arrived upon the dock, she noticed she was the first one there, handing the man her ticket she entered the near empty cruise and headed straight for the deck, and formally planted herself on a lounging chair near the pool.

"One day of peace, thats all I want. No Iris, no Lance, no Lunar Rosa. Just a day of peace.." Konan mumbled..

ooc: Sirry it's short best i could do for the moment.

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January 18th, 2009, 12:54 PM
(ooc: It's okay, as long as he hates pokemon to some extent, other then that, he could also be an ally. All of the admins can actually fight pretty well, in fact... If Lord Alex fought against Kalius, it would be a close fight.)

Chapter 30: Enel Mobilization, and the Beginning of a New Quest!


Rei sat back in his wheelchair, looking at the moniters, which were connected to nearly invisible spy drones which were following Konan, Atton, Iris, Andrew, and Lance. "So they think I will be that easy to beat... well think again! Alex!"

"Yes, Grand Lord?" Asked Alex as he got up from his throne. "What do you need?" Rei sighed... he thought he was alone in the room.

"Since the Expendibles don't know I lead... I need you to tell them to up security around Cerulean City... those anthros are heading this way, and I want them to at least get worn out." Said Rei before motioning to Alex to wheel him to the window. "This city is but the first... soon all nations will refer to us as gods. And with the biggest weapon in development, I really will have the power of a god... all I need is the Goddess Weapon in the Unknown Dungeon, and we will win." Rei stared out of the window of the Cerulean Gym, looking at the people trying to escape get beaten down. Suddenly Samuel ran in.

"Lord Alex, Grand Lord Rei! I need you two to see something!" Yelled Samuel. Alex wheeled Rei into the laboratory and they saw a large moniter with a chart on it. "We found the Goddess Weapon's exact co-ordinates!" Alex looked at the moniter before calling someone.

"Evans... Yeah, it's Alex... We found where the Goddess Weapon is exactly, but do not go there... there is said to be a powerful guardian. Wait until it is defeated, then swoop in, grab the weapon, and return to base fast." Said Alex before hanging up.

"Heh, now my design is almost finished! Soon, not even Team Rocket will be able to overpower us ever again!" Laughed Rei as he pushed Samuel away before opening up a file. "My Devil's Machine is almost done. All I need is that weapon and pokemon will be extinct! Hahahah!"


Andrew flew over the ship, since he never got a ticket to board it. "Well, Konan is here... she looks mad... I'd better stay clear from her for now." Said Andrew before descending a bit, which was a good move as a bullet flew over the top of his head. The Falcon morph looked down before seeing three guys, all with guns.

"Get out of here! Falcon! You don't belong with us!" Yelled one of them, but Andrew blasted them with a powerful gust, knocking their guns out of their hands. Before they could retrieve them though... Andrew flew down and grabbed them before tossing them into the ocean. "Monster! This monster attacked us for no reason!"

"What? That was self-defense!" Yelled Andrew as people started to circle them. "You tried to shoot me!" Andrew stepped up to try to defend himself, but the people, seeing as Falcon tribe members were outcasts, took the human's side and started to talk down on him.



"You should have died with the rest of your worthless tribe!"

Even the children were glaring at him. "Please... he shot at me. I was just trying to defend myself..." Pleaded Andrew, but someone scoffed at that.

"Really, where is the weapon?" Asked the person. "I don't see one." Members of the crowd started to walk closer towards him. Suddenly one strong man grabbed Andrew in a bear hug, to prevent him from doing anything.

"Get him!" Yelled someone. The towns people then started to attack him by any means necessary. A lot of them had found blunt instruments and started beating him with said instruments, opening wounds made the day earlier and covering the ground around him with blood... Sadly, this was nothing new to Andrew, who went through this once every few days anyway. He took the beating quietly and waited until they got bored with it and walked away.

"D-damn... Why does that always have to happen? Last night, I almost died... t-twice." Said Andrew as he got up from the ground. "I-I don't think I can fly now." And with that, he limped towards the docks, hoping that Konan wasn't too mad, and that she had an extra ticket. He somehow snuck on to the ship and found Konan. "Hey, do you have an extra ticket I can borrow before they kick me off?"

January 18th, 2009, 1:08 PM
~Rise and shine, fool!~
~Good morning to you too.~

Perfect, just another day of going through life risking, health threatening situations in and attempt of finding weapons in what could be an imaginary quest with a fake goal. Things couldn’t be any better for Atton’s life, and the young Leo, who had by now rubbed his eyes, yawned and stretched, was sure of that. After quite abrupt wakening involving the low-pitched roar of Gado bouncing inside his head, Atton looked over to his nightstand to make sure the tickets were there and then moved over to the bathroom to take a bath. ~Aren’t you excited?~ Atton asked as he took a step into the shower. ~After being put through all this crap, finally two days of calmness in a ship?~

~For all I know, Atton; right now I could be happily resting on the warm forest and not care a damn about the world problems. Screw all the crap you’ve put me through~ Gado said in a still drowsy, yet really angry mood. Quieting down for some minutes, Atton took his bath, letting the warm water sooth all of his pain and wounds, which were increasing with every passing day. After finishing, Atton again wrapped a towel around his waist and tugged all of his clothes in the sink; allowing the tap to run till it made a small pool. Because all of the PokemonCenters had the same perfumes, soaps and shampoos, he easily made the same special detergent he made on the other places and washed his attire. Deciding to leave the things to soak for a bit, Atton walked out of the bathroom and into his room again. “I need an iron…” He said to himself as he walked over to the closet, and when he opened it, he was greeted with a pleasant surprise.

“Wow!” Atton said as he looked at what was inside. A relatively new T shirt and a pair of blue denim pants were neatly accommodated inside, like if someone prepared them for next day’s attire but never came back for it. “I’m sure they wouldn’t mind… I mean, if someone wanted them, they would’ve picked them up already.” Atton said to himself with a smirk as he cynically moved eyes from side to side, as if someone was watching him. Without further do, he took the clothes, along with a small backpack that had too been left and walked back to the bathroom. He both sets of clothing ready and put on the newest one, along with his old leather jacket and his trustworthy combat booth. With new rags on, Atton walked out of the room and prepared to leave.

Soon enough, after picking up Veil with Nurse Joy, Atton walked over to the entrance, were Iris and Lance were already waiting for him while conversing with each other. “Uh… Good morning, you guys.” Atton said along with a cool yawn as he walked over to the two. As he got closer, Lance coughed aggressively and ignored Atton’s response, looking away with a scowl on his face. Iris, though, grinned widely at the sight of Atton and ran over to hug him. “Hi, Atton!” She yelped loudly as she clanged on to him.

“Yeah… Hi Iris…” Atton said as he softly pushed her away. Turning back to see the clock inside the PokemonCenter, Atton asked. “Hey, it’s almost time; V’you guys seen Konan? We should be leaving by now.”

“I haven’t…” Lance replied bored as he turned around completely now. “I…” Iris began, but then schemed something up. “You know, I have; she said she would meet us at the ship. Don’t worry, Atton, she’s already there, I promise.” Of course, Iris didn’t know this, but if she said she knew Konan was on the ship, the group would leave. And that was something Iris would like; of course. Leaving Konan behind. A rather smart plan, actually; and because Atton couldn’t think of an opposing idea, he totally ate it.

“Oh… OK…” Atton said, slightly confused. “We… We should get going then. You guys have your tickets, right?”

“Prft, are you going to stand there asking questions all morning or will you just walk away now?!” Lace then yelled out all of a sudden, still without turning towards Atton, though.

“Dude… Chill…” Atton said as he winced and scratched his head. “We’re off, then.”

The three anthropomorphs then began to walk away from the Pokémon Center and on to the docks at Cinnabar, which weren’t really al that far away. They weren’t close by any means, though, and the three had to trot at a somewhat quick pace if they wanted to make it in time to get good cabins to spend then night in. After not a very long time, the three made it to the ship, which was just, immense. There was a line of a couple of persons to go in, meaning they weren’t actually some of the first to get in, like Atton expected. Still, it was a pretty short amout of time before they got in. Lance and Iris walked in inconspicuously, but Atton, who was the one that resembled an anthropomorph for the most part because of his tail and rough build, received a few strange glares.

Atton pulled out the spared three tickets and handed one to man so he could get in. He remembered then that he gave one ticket to Konan last night, so even if she wasn’t here already like Iris said, she could get on the ship. Storing the other 2 on his pocket, Atton scurried in. He had already toured through the ship on the way here, so there was no need to go exploring now. Yet, because it was still early in the morning, Atton wanted to go eat. Iris and Lance had gone away to who knew where, probably to get cabins for themselves. Atton thought he’d get one later, only hoping to himself he wouldn’t be left without one. Sleeping on the deck on the cold night didn’t sound to appealing anyway. With a long, deep breath; Atton walked over to the food court story of the ship, bought a platter that contained a lot of healthy breakfast things and sat down. He was the only one there because it was still very early, and he was the only colored dot in the grandeur of the white tables. A funny sight, but Atton’ was Ok with that. He ate in peace, in calmness; and waited for the ship to set sail.

January 18th, 2009, 1:55 PM
Konan sat in solititude her foul mood was one to be reckoned with at this point, she could feel her very insides squirming about talking to anyone, anything that would break the peace she needed, and of course no one was willing her to give her peace, because just as her foul mood was starting to drain away, she heard a gunshot, and thus Konans foul mood stayed with her. Several anger marks on herforehead, and her fangs ready to bare at anyone at any moment. Her closed eyes were twitching, peace was returned and Konan was back into her calm serene environment.

"Hey, do you have an extra ticket I can borrow before they kick me off?" Andrew mumbled, he was obviously bleeding from the gunshot wound that was given to him, Konan merely sighed, and gave him her ticket.

"I swere to Arceus, if they try and kick me off, then I will *censored* through them *censored* overboard." She mumbled giving Andrew her ticket, as she handed him the ticket, the crowd that was following Andrew came and yelled "GET HIM!". This tore it for Konan. She stepped up and the crowd stopped. She merely gave a saracastic smile.

"Stop protecting him, he snuck aboard!" One of the crowd members yelled, Konans sarcastic smile remained as she walked torward the members who had just dissed Andrew.

"Back off, before I throught you overboard, got anything else to say?" Konan cynical smile and glare was enough to freeze over hell, as she grabbed the man by his shirt color and proceded to drag him and hold him over the deck. "Now I suggest all of you BACK off, before you would liek to see this man swimming with the Sharpedo's." Konan continued to hold the man over the railing, everyone stood silent, with looks of utter horror on their faces, it was truly a comedic sight to behold at this point.

"Alright we'll back off, just don't through that man overboard.." The leader of the riot mumbled, but Konan merely smirked and let go, everyone gas[ed in horror.

"Oops." Konan cynically smiled as she returned to her sunbathing seat, now the crowds fury was directed at her now.

"You can't just throw him overboard, thats death for sure!" The man yelled, Konans glare remained unchanged.

"I really don't care about that *censored*s life, neither do I care about yours, now I suggest you leave before YOU GET THROWN OVERBOARD!" Konan yelled as the crowd only glared at her and charged at her trying to instigate a fight, Konan did not show any fear. With swiftness she made quick work of the whoel crowd and pushed them into the pool. "Now back off *censored*s, and next time you bother me your in for a trip to sharpedo reaf got it?" The crowd now soaking wet left as hurridly as they had came.

"One #*%$@#&* day of peace. Just one &*#&$* day!" Konan yelled as she sat back down on the chair and shooed Andrew. "Keep the ticket I highly doubt they'll bother me about it." She then decided she was hungry and proceded torwards the dining hall, and grabbing some gourmet food sat by herself in the corner. She noticed Atton was there as well, but didn't look at him, the last thing she wanted to do was snap at herr friend, so she continued to eat her food, remiscing about the events of last night.

"Is someone a little angry today?" Lunar Rosa mocked her.

"I'm not in the freakin mood today back off." Konan told Rosa, this surprised Rosa to a great degree.

"Chillax shouldn't you be relaxing?" Rosa told her shocked at how playful Konan had just chastized her.Konan realized this, it was a vacation yet she wanted no part in the calm mood, her stomach was in knots since the day begain.

"Atton there you are!" Iris smiled as she ran into the dining hall and Konan prayed Iris woud not notice her, but nope she noticed Konanand Konan swore to herself angerly. "Oh, Konan your on the ship?" Iris vocie seemed a bit dissappointed. Konan sighed.

"Yes of coruse I'm on the ship, thank you for pointing out the obvious." Konan sarcastically said to Iris.

"Oooh..Owned." Rosa mumbled and she was laughing her ass off looking at the sight

"Shut up Rosa." Konan told her.

"Hey don't talk back to me, I have to be here." Rosa mumbled.

"Atton, Konan is being mean to me.." Iris whined clinging to Atton, Konan merely sighed.

"Who said I was nice, maybe I'm outrageously cruel and me being nice is a facade. I'm leaving I don't want to here your overly-annoying voice anymore." Konan sarcasticalyl retorted as she left the dining hel land headed back to the deck

January 19th, 2009, 10:04 PM
Calm quietness, relaxing soundlessness, utter stillness. So… Soothing. Honestly, in the last couple of days, Atton hadn’t had one single moment to himself as long as this one other than the ones he had before he went to bed. Whenever anything was just as pleasant as this, some creep would appear out of nowhere and mess everything up. It wouldn’t be really strange if a tsunami wrecked the still docked ship, actually, though Atton expected something more subtle, like a sudden explosion that burned the whole vessel. But nothing… It was all really cool and calm. The soft sea breeze made its way through the window and gently caressed Atton’s face, who closed his eyes in delight and took deep breaths as he munched on the food on his plate. The first hours in the morning hadn’t ever been so good. But they say good things don’t last much, and this wasn’t an exception.

Only a couple of minutes passed, no more than 10, before he noticed that a familiar figure went down to the eating hall as well. Konan had now too come down, yet, she didn’t really look like being in a socializing mood. Atton smiled lightly as he saw her come down, for his doubts about Konan actually being or not on the ship already had been cleared. Still he had to keep a warm greeting shut inside his mouth, for not only didn’t Konan greet when she had blatantly laid eyes on him; but her expression very clearly stated she didn’t want to talk now. In fact, she didn’t seem to want any interaction with anyone. The atmosphere was so tense it could be cut with a butter knife, and one single word or abrupt noise would only cause each other’s eyes to meet and leave them in a very awkward moment. What could happen? Who knew, and now they would never find out because Iris all of a sudden plopped into the hall out of nowhere, loudly yelling and approaching Atton.

“Atton there you are!" She said overly excited as Atton tried to shun her, talking in whispers.

“Yes, I said I’d be here…”

"Oh, Konan you’re on the ship?"
"Yes of course I'm on the ship, thank you for pointing out the obvious." Konan then said, not even bothering to turn to Iris and with a bored expression still on her face. She seemed bothered by Iris remark, and Atton wondered why could Konan be in such a bad mood today. I mean, yeah; talking to Iris that way was normal, but there was an extra amount of hate in her voice this time, matter that worried Atton a bit. Still, he wanted not to interfere yet.
"Atton, Konan is being mean to me...” Iris then said, whining as she wrapped her delicate arms around Atton and buried her face in his shoulder like a small child. Atton didn’t respond, but instead; he just looked up at Konan with a bedazzled look on his face. Of course, what was about to come would shock him even more.

"Who said I was nice, maybe I'm outrageously cruel and me being nice is a facade. I'm leaving .I don't want to here your overly-annoying voice anymore."

~Dude…~ Gado then said from within Atton. ~Hell’s that supposed to mean? Like, I knew that girl had issues, but that was plain weird.~

~Something’s not Ok…~ Atton spoke softly as he watched how Konan walked away with a blank expression.

~No s*cluck*, Sherlock.~

Atton then stood up, leaving his half-eaten food on the table. Iris didn’t let go of him, but instead only continued to whine, telling Atton not to leave. “No, Atton!” She said. “She’ll hurt you! Konan’s crazy!”

“Shun, Iris.” Atton ordered as he softly removed Iris’ arms from him, this task proving to be really easy. “Um.. You know, you should stay here…” Atton said, knowing that if he took Iris with her Konan would rip her guts out. It was ‘dangerous’ enough to go alone already, anyway. Lance then walked in as well, quickly joining the two at the dining hall. “Say, Iris, why don’t you play dolls with Lance or something?” Atton then called, hoping to make Iris laugh a bit to get her out of her shallowness. Iris giggled and blushed as she took her hands to her mouth; but Lance just put his hands on his pocket and yelled “Very funny, loser!”

Taking this brief moment of distraction to his advantage, the young Leo scurried out and walked behind Konan, staying at a safe distance. As soon as he was out, though; a man intercepted him. “Hey…” He called. “You with that girl?” He asked in a deep voice tone as he took one of his arms to Atton’s shoulder, stopping him from movement. Atton could use this move to take the guy’s wrist and snap his whole arm, but not wanting to start ruckus, he just answered.

“Yes.” He said plainly, but as soon as he replied, a large group of rough, tall males surrounded Atton, all wearing a black tuxedo, microphones, and dark shades. Most were bald, too.

“Your kinds are not welcome around. She caused a mess here not too long ago, and I noticed she gave her ticket away. If I go ask her for one and she doesn’t have it, we’ll kick her out. Take it as a threat.” The first man said, looking for a dumb excuse to get rid of Konan.

~Hah. I want to see you try…~ Atton thought to himself, knowing they wouldn’t succeed. Still, Atton didn’t want problems, so he pulled out one of the spare tickets and flashed it to the guy. “Sorry,” he began, “I had her ticket, I was about to give it to her.”

“Hmph…” The man said with a scowl as all backed away. “You, blondie. It’s a two day trip. You and your friend better not to anything bad, ‘cause we’ll fix it; if you know what I mean.

“Prft, ya right.” Atton thought to himself as he hurried to Konan again, who was standing on a pretty empty part of the deck. Atton could see many persons were going on board already, so it wouldn’t be long before they left.

“Good morning, Konan... Or, is it?” Atton inquired playfully as he walked up to Konan from behind. Soon, he stood side to side with her, and he looked down at her with a warm, friendly smile in an attempt to soothe her rage. He didn’t do much other than that, but Atton’s smiles could work wonders.

“How’s it going, Konan? Uhm… Are you Ok? Is everything alright? I sense something weird today… D'you want to talk about something? Or if you want to be alone, I can just leave.”

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January 25th, 2009, 7:58 PM
(ooc: I actually have a theme song for Rei. It is titled 'Dance of the Knights' aka 'Montagues and Capulets'. Listen to it during this post for full effect, I guess... as I am.)

Chapter 31: Rei's Insanity! The True Face of the Grand Lord!

Rei stared down at the many faces of Team Enel, and the helpless towns people under him and his Knights and Lord. "My subjects and slaves! Today will be a grand day! The purification of Cerulean City! Hahahah! Lay out all pokeballs slaves! Subjects, do not throw yours away just yet!" Yelled Rei with a lot of joy in his voice. The people started to protest.

"What? That's no fair! Pokemon are just as deserving to live as a human is!" Yelled a person, but an Enel flunkie shot the man before taking the pokeballs and laying them out on the cloth sheet.

"As you just saw, we are just as capable of forcing you to bend to our will! So if you want to live, place your pokeballs on the blanket!" Laughed Rei. The people reluctantly reached for their pokeballs, empty pokeballs, and placed them on the tarp.

"I believe you heard our Grand Lord wrong, place all pokeballs on the tarp! Empty or full!" Yelled one of the flunkies. "Or all of you will die, either way... we get what we want!" The people slowly placed the other pokeballs onto the tarp, and at that, the Knights nodded before pressing a button. The tarp folded up and started to burn up, destroying the pokeballs, and killing the pokemon inside.

"That's inhumane!" Yelled someone, but he too was shot to death. Rei just started laughing madly.

"Hahahah! Pokemon deserve to die! All of them! And after every single one is dead, Team Enel will be Gods! Reigning under their Supreme God Rei! I will be invincible! In fact, I already am! No one can stop us now! Hahahah!" Laughed Rei insanely. Some of the flunkies shifted a bit... scared out of their minds.

"Milord, don't you think that's a bit much?" Asked one of the flunkies, but Rei took out a gun, and shot the man thrice, but in spots that wouldn't kill him, while dealing the most amount of pain he could.

"Not even my flunkies are spared! Only my knights and Lord are safe from this. Don't even think about betraying me! Or we will destroy this whole city! Hahah!" Laughed Rei, making everyone filled to the brim with fear. The Enel agents were some of the most afraid, but were still going to stay anyway, for they want the rewards they were promised by Alex.

"You're a monster!" Yelled a townsperson, expecting a bullet to be fired, but Rei just laughed.

"Hahahah! I'm not a monster, I'm a GOD! And with my Devil's Machine almost complete, that statement will soon be true! Not just another fantasy, but true! Not even the true heroes know how powerful the Goddess Weapons are! Hahahah! I will rule everything!" Laughed Rei before being wheeled into the gym once more. And that is when the sheet, and its contents, fell to the ground as ash.

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Konan stormed otu of teh cafeteria, very ticked off, and wanted to be alone. Storming past the people who look warrily at her she plopped herself right on the edge of the boat and sat there, looking at the water, and the waves the cruise liner made as it sailed gently through the water.

She merely sighed as she watched the water pokemon sail along side the boat, Konan wasn't really all that mad, it was just a mixture of fear, and a little bit of grumpiness, as well as the annoyance of the little pest known as 'Iris'. Konan looked warrily at the water as she saw the shadows of a school of gyradose pass by. She couldn't believe what had happened over the past few days, it was like a dream. Yes, it had to be a dream, so thusly she pinched herself causing a sharp pain to course through her body. "OW! Guess I'm not dreaming afterall.... I wonder what those eyes were..." Konan sighed, she wasn't in an overall bad mood, she was just scared.

"Those eyes that bore down on me, they weren't natural they were filled with lust for power, what was that? Damn it, I can't figure it out!"

“How’s it going, Konan? Uhm… Are you Ok? Is everything alright? I sense something weird today… D'you want to talk about something? Or if you want to be alone, I can just leave.” A voice came from behind her, it was surely Attons.

" Oh, Atton...." Konan mumbled, trying to mumbled a nice sweet voice, the last thing she wanted to do was upset him, he was one of her only friends, Andrew had gone off to fight Team Enel, Lance was just an annoying fanboy, and Iris was just a girl version of Lance. Konan looked at her friend and sighed.

"Sorry bout what i said to Iris back there, guess your here to lecture me huh? Well go ahead, lets hear it. Tell me how innapropriate my behavior was." Konan looked up at the sky, and watched the wingull slowly float by. Atton said nothing, and Konan sighed once more.

"I had a dream last night, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, well, the dream was more like a nightmare. If you really wanna listen to my problems well then sit down and start listening." Konan mumbled, in a sarcastic tone, although it was obvious she wasn't trying to be sarcastic. "The nightmare, started with me walking in the snow, and then I don;t remember all the details, but the most vivid thing I remember, is a pair of blood and power hungery eyes lookin down at me, then a voice, but I couldn't make out what it was saying. It was...Almost inhuman." Konan mumbled as she felt the sea breeze come by as a rather large shadow zoomed passed the boat, it had red lined markings that glowed throughout the water, this caught Konans attention, because as it zoomed by it made large waves, that could knock the boat over, and after this the sky was soon filled with dark clouds, and it began to poor an icey rain.

"Rain, but it was clear just a few minutes ago!!" Konan mumbled as she watchedc the large shadow fade into the ditance but posed one large breach intothe air, it's amazing figure revealed in the fading sun.

It was Kyogre, the guardian of the sea, but why was he out? Why wasn't he where a awesome legendary pokemon suppose to dwell, legendary pokemon just come out of hiding and show themselves to humans. Konans face went pale, as she looked at Kyogre dive back into the water, the icey rain still pouring down. "D-did, you see that?! It was Kyogre!" Konan quietly told Atton , knowing that he too had possibly seen the gargantuan beast leap into the air and then return into the sea, but didn't want to draw attention to them, so tried to contain the fact that she had just saw a legendary, it wasn't surprising however, I mean Iris had a celebi in her posession, and Lance well sicne he had his weapon, he must have a legendary in his possesion too.

"Atton, I'm sorry I caused you all this trouble... You've nearly died several times trying to save me, your a good friend. But, I won't cause you anymore trouble! Got it? I'll do my best not to get captured anymore!" Konan resolved and raised her fist into the air.

Somewhere else

"Hahahah! I'm not a monster, I'm a GOD! And with my Devil's Machine almost complete, that statement will soon be true! Not just another fantasy, but true! Not even the true heroes know how powerful the Goddess Weapons are! Hahahah! I will rule everything!" Rei yelled in trumphent, several Team Enel members agreeing with him, although one merely stood there not listening to a single thing Rei ranted on about, he merely had a lone cold expressionless look on his face.

"Bragging little brat." The man thought.

"Yohaku, I would like you too find the group that is finding the weapons, those weapons could be our downfal!" A enel admin told him as they entered the gym. The man looked up, cold red eyes looked back at the enel admin, the gaze could make hell freeze over like an winter in antartica. A scar ran down his left eye, his skin was a very light peach color, and his hair was a dark blue.

"I have no idea where to start looknig, why should I have to do it?" Yohaku retorted back.

"Your the best tracker in all of team enel!" The admin replied, Yohaku merely smirked as two large ackal ears appeared from his head, and a jackal like tail emerged from the base of his spine.

"my people were excellent trackers, and silent assasins, I guess I could do the job, however I would like to be payed 100,000 poke."

"Done. Master Rei will be pleased." The admin smirked as Yohaku dissappeared.

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Chapter 32: The War on the Ship: Andrew Vs. Elisa (Part 1)

Andrew looked out into the ocean, sighing as he wondered how his friend Rei was doing. "Well, at least you aren't attacked every day." Said Andrew before walking into the cabinsm but as he walked in, someone swung a bat at him. "Whoa!"

"Heh." Smirked the person as Andrew spotted the Enel symbol. "Knight Elisa wants to see you again." Said the person as he pulled out a whistle. Before Andrew could do anything, the Enel agent blew the whistle, making it ring all throughout the ship, alerting the other Enel agents to seize control of the ship.

"Knight Elisa, huh?" Asked Andrew before blowing him away. "Man, I have to get out of this area." Andrew then ran out the door and jumped to the edge of the pool.


The Falcon morph flew into the Navigation room and kicked the current navigator. "Heh, Lord Rei won't be disappointed." Said Elisa as she took the wheel and turned the ship towards the north. Three Enel agents walked in and relieved the duty of transporting the ship. "Thank you, now let's see how my brother is feeling."

"Yes, Knight Elisa." Said the Enel agent as he took the wheel. "We shall steer the ship for you." Elisa gave the man a little smile before flying out of the room and out towards the pool area.

(Ship's Deck)

Andrew and Elisa stared at each other, surprised that the other was so easy to find. But Elisa was the first to speak. "Hello, big brother... I'm sorry, but it is time for you and your friends to be destroyed." Said Elisa as she walked a little closer to him.

"What? You are with Team Enel? ... It seems that the only member of my tribe left has to be an enemy to me." Said Andrew, not too surprised seeing as he only saw her once before. "Just because you are falcon tribe, doesn't mean that I will hold back." Andrew then got into a fighting position.


Three people were staring at a giant Dragonite, ready to attack them. "Please, have mercy on us!" Yelled one of them, but an Enel agent from behind the dragon said.

"I'm sorry, but I just ran out of mercy. Check back in... never! XVX12! FIIIIRE!" The Dragonite blasted the three into the ocean, or at least their remains. "Heh, this job is great. Dragonite, let's find someone we can really fight." Said the Enel man. "After all, a Squire gets bored every once in a while."

(Andrew Vs. Elisa)

Elisa dashed in, but Andrew dodged and kicked her into the air, before flying after her. But unfortunately for Andrew, Elisa was able to catch herself, and pointed her palm down at Andrew. "Gust!" Andrew raised his palm and fired a gust of his own. The two cancelled each other out, but Elisa slammed her knee into Andrew's stomach.

Andrew quickly recovered and flew out of the way of a Gust before firing a Wind Blade, but the Enel Knight was able to dodge before quickly speeding behind him and kicking him down towards the ocean, butAndrew was able to catch himself again and fired two gusts.

Elisa was able to dodge them both, but found that she was unable to dodge the third, and secret one, so she had to take the hit and fell back down towards the ship. Andrew followed at that, believing the fight to be over already.

Andrew landed on the deck, where Elisa stood, not severly injured or tired, but showing a little fatigue. "Let's end the warm ups, brother." Said Elisa before once again dashing towards him. But this time, Andrew was too slow to put up a defense, and with Elisa's full power out, he was hit into the pool.

(To be continued in Part 2)

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“Oh, Atton...."

Konan’s voice was sweet and melodic to Atton’s ears, but the Leo didn’t have the skimpiest problem decoding the fact that such gentleness was forced and that Konan wasn’t expressing herself truthfully. With a fainted smile of chapped emotions and eyes drowning in concern, Atton stepped next to his pretty much only loyal and worth-taking-care-for friend; sharing the sight of the new-day sun, admiring the sparkling water; deciding to do his best to alleviate her pains. After all, it did hurt him to see her in such state. Anyway, Atton didn’t have to struggle for Konan to let herself out; for she burst out by herself. "Sorry bout what I said to Iris back there, guess your here to lecture me huh? Well go ahead, let’s hear it. Tell me how inappropriate my behavior was."

So much did Atton want to say at this point; but he knew best that in a moment like this, staying quiet and listening could make someone calm down, take a deep breath, and come back to his or her senses. Blatant of a fact was it already that if it was for Konan, she could continue exploding and telling Atton and Iris off; but with a warm smile on his face, Atton just stared deep within the Neko’s eyes and let her proceed. He knew he was headed the right path, too; when he heard her sigh.

"I had a dream last night, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, well, the dream was more like a nightmare. If you really wanna listen to my problems well then sit down and start listening."

~Ah, there we go.~ Atton thought to himself.

~You’re good, fool. You didn’t freakin’ say anything and she’s already opening up. Hm, maybe you’re not that much of a loser.~ Gado interrupted, his comment really not making much sense, but wanting to break the air of calmness nevertheless.
~Not now…~ Atton ordered Gado as he turned to Konan and began listening, interested already on what she was about to say. He did do as ordered and sat down next to her, his legs crossed and his hell-pacifying smile ever-present.

"The nightmare, started with me walking in the snow, and then I don’t remember all the details, but the most vivid thing I remember, is a pair of blood and power hungry eyes looking down at me, then a voice, but I couldn't make out what it was saying. It was...Almost inhuman."

~Gado,~ Atton began, ~ring any bells? I think a new dream-deciphering super power could come in handy now.~

~Don’t be a jerk. Let me see… Nah, can’t remember anything; doesn’t ring a bell, can’t relate it to Lunar Rosa either. Just tell her not to drink Pepsi before going to bed and she’ll stop having those dreams.~

~Dude, you suck at lif— Woah!~

Hoping that his bestial, who surprised him every now and then; could maybe use his premonitions to tell him something about Konan’s dream, Atton asked; but he was interrupted when a real big fish could be seen pass next to the ship, who had began moving not too long ago. Yes, their two day journey had begun officially, and what a better way to start than with a humongous God-knows-what thing scaring the living crap out of Atton. ~What in the world was that?!~ Atton yelled within as all of a sudden a chilly rain began to pour down from the once clear sky.

"Rain, but it was clear just a few minutes ago!!" Konan exclaimed, pulling a nod out of Atton, who was still flabbergasted; and, naturally, he was even more surprised when he saw that in a distance, the figure that presumably had been the one that went next to them not so long ago now made a leap out of the water, like a graceful dolphin in SeaWorld, and positioned itself on thin air; seemingly flying.

~Z’at… Is that Kyogre?!~ Atton yelled, Kyogre being one of the few legendaries he was really familiar with. Of course, the scene of Kyogre was simply amazing; because even though he saw Celebi not too long ago; we have to admit that watching such a monstrous beast like the water mammoth was more amazing than a little green fairy. “Wow!” Atton yelled subconsciously, now not caring about the rain and knowing where it had come from. Still, not matter how happy he was, confusion was present. Why would Kyogre be there? I mean, duh, he had to be somewhere, but shouldn’t it be somewhere that’s hidden to regular mortals? Somewhere where he could rest and do whatever legendaries did? And say, if he was only running an errand or something; why would he expose himself in such a manner like jumping out of the water.

"D-did, you see that?! It was Kyogre!" Konan asked as she poked Atton’s side and stared at him with just the same amount of emotion. However, Atton’s confusion had now turned into delight. He saw Kyogre. Wow. “Heck, did I see that. That was awesome…” Atton said with a spread smile as the aquatic beast plunged itself back into the ocean; the horrible drizzle turning again into the bright sun rapidly. It seemed that not many had seen the beast; so Atton was glad Kyogre would be safe. However, after Kyogre disappeared, he turned back to Konan and listened to her, believing she had at least something else to say.
"Atton, I'm sorry I caused you all this trouble... You've nearly died several times trying to save me, you’re a good friend. But, I won't cause you any more trouble! Got it? I'll do my best not to get captured anymore!" Konan then exclaimed, pulling herself out of the gloominess and punching a fist up into the air vividly; motion which Atton already considered signature of her. Her comments made Atton’s stomach spin, for he didn’t usually know how to react to such words; not so mention he wasn’t really voluble.

“Konan,” he began saying, looking down and not daring to look at Konan straight in the eyes, but with a smile on his face, “you don’t have to be sorry. I mean; I… I’ve never had a friend before. And that’s what friends do, no? Being there for one another. I mean, unless you or I are possessed by our inner bestials; I say you’ve been very nice with me, and I appreciate that; it’s the least I can do.” As Atton finished, he slightly rotated his and stared at Konan from the corner of the corner of his eye.

“Don’t worry about that. Now c’mon; get up!” Atton exclaimed with a playful grin as he pushed his body up; a loud splash being heard coming from the pool as he did. Someone in the pool already? After the moments of rain? Hm, weird, but whatever. “It’s going to be a two day journey, we can’t be sad that long, eh?” Atton said as he stretched his arm down and took Konan’s hand, helping her up and hoping she’d get contaminated by his vitality.

“By the way… Regarding Iris… Don’t worry, we both knew she deserves it.” Atton said with a laugh as he took a deep breath to inhale the morning freshness.

February 3rd, 2009, 8:16 PM
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“Konan,” he began saying, looking down and not daring to look at Konan straight in the eyes, but with a smile on his face, “you don’t have to be sorry. I mean; I… I’ve never had a friend before. And that’s what friends do, no? Being there for one another. I mean, unless you or I are possessed by our inner bestials; I say you’ve been very nice with me, and I appreciate that; it’s the least I can do.” Atton finished , his voice was serious yet caring at the same time.

“Don’t worry about that. Now c’mon; get up!” Atton exclaimed with a playful grin and he pushed his body up. Konan smiled and laughed merrily. Her cat tail wagged back and fourth merrily as she watched the icey rain dissappate, but then loud splashes of the pool filled the air.

. “It’s going to be a two day journey, we can’t be sad that long, eh?” Atton said as he stretched his arm down and took Konan’s hand, helping her up and hoping she’d get contaminated by his vitality.

“By the way… Regarding Iris… Don’t worry, we both knew she deserves it.” Atton said with a laugh as he took a deep breath to inhale the morning freshness. Konan smiled, at least Atton understood how annoying Iris was, seeing as she was like leech on him, Konan suddenly found herself laughing softly.

"Your right, I can't be sad now, we've got much to do! And I have a feeling if I get in a bad mood I may end up snapping Iris's neck...we don't want that do we?" Konan smiled.The sun was now shining birghtly on the blue sea, and the heat was growing intenser by the minute. "Ah, shall we take a swim? It's getting hot." Konan smiled as she took out her wallet. "I could stand to buy a new simsuit, and you just need one!" Konan yelled grabbing him, Konan found herself laughing, she was taking...no more like forcing Atton to go swim suit shopping with her, as she dragged him she bumped into a man.

"......" The man said nothing, as Konan bowed and apologized several times over. Konan still apologizing had no idea of the mans intimidating stature. The man walked up to Atton with a cold expression, which soon turned into a evil smirk, as the two met eye to eyes, the young mans eyes were a a bright blood red, and they were filled with a lust for blood and power.

"You can't save her, that girl, that girl belongs to us as well as her powers to, so don't become to attached to her, she is our property. And sometimes property must be..compromised." The mysterious man mumbled as he walked away swifty, Konan sreturned from her bow position and looed back at the man.

"Well, you could at least say 'It's okay.' sheesh!" Konan mumbled, as she continued to drag Atton torward the swimsuit deparment unfortunetly it mean going through several other clothing departments, which ranged from mens formal wear to err..ladies undergarments..... Konan paid no head , she just continued rushing through the clothing stores, not reallly paying head to Attons feelings to this, after wandering through many clothing stores, they arrived at the swimsuit shop. The shop was filled with many types of swimsuits, from swimtrunks to bikini's the story had many designs to pick from.

"So, so what do you think I'll look good in, a bikini or a one piece?" Konan asked as she finally let go of Attons hand and began looking around. As she looked at the various swimsuitsshe looked at him, Atton seemed kind of spacey. "You know the least you could do is pay attention when I'm talking to you. Atton yoohoo ATTON? If you don't come back to earth sometime soon I'm going to buy you pink swimtrunks!" Konan yelled, silence.

"Anything, but the color pink Konan please." Atton finally responed.

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Chapter 33: The War on the Ship: Hopeless and Insanity (Part 2)

(Enel Base/Cerulean Gym)

Rei is looking at his reflection in the full body mirror, looking at what that Growlithe did to him. "Grr... why? I was a genius... I had a future, and a ****ing 'tame' pokemon takes it away!" Yelled Rei. The guards rushed in, but the door slammed shut before they could get in. "WHY!?"

"Well, it could be because something needs this." Said a voice. Rei looked around, with his eye. "You did have a future, and it is to help destroy the world."

"Grr... GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I told you, I don't want any part of what you are doing! I will destroy you when I find you!" Yelled Rei, but the voice merely chuckled. "GET OUT HERE! Get out here so I can blast your head off!"

"Heh, heh, heh." Laughed the shadow before appearing in his image. "I am a nightmare that you will not get rid of. When you die, you will still have nightmares about me." Rei took out a gun and shot the Mock Rei, but it did nothing but puncture the wall. "I'm an illusion, I can't be hurt, idiot."

"SHUT UP! WHEN I FIND YOU, I WILL KILL YOU!" And with that, the doors broke open. The Mock Rei was gone, and the guards were looking around for threats.

"Grand Lord, are you okay?" Asked Alex, running into the room in a panic. "I heard ther gunshot. Are you seeing that shadow again?" Rei nodded, obviously pissed off still.

"Yes, I saw it again. Yet another thing driving me insane. I will kill all pokemon, and that thing along with it! It shall burn... Burn... BURN! BURNBURNBURN! DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE!!!!!" Yelled Rei, causing Alex to worry. His brother was like that a lot, unless he was acting, but still...

"Let's go brother. We have to pay the taxes." Said Alex. Rei nodded as he moved forward in his electric wheelchair. "It's almost due, and we don't need the league to find out about this."

"Yes Lord Alex. I understand." Said Rei as the two left the room.

(Andrew Vs. Elisa)

Andrew flew up, which was actually a lot harder then it looked, since his wings were wet, from both the rain, and landing in the pool. "Grr... I can't do much to her... she's so fast. Not as fast as my Kalius Hybrid state, but I can't catch up with her."

"Why not let me out, I can beat her easily." Said Kalius, taking the oppertunity, but Andrew replied with.

"No, you will not ever get out. I know you got a lot stronger then last time you got out, I'm not even sure Lunar Rosa could stop you. Maybe if it was on a full moon, but not on any other time." Said Andrew.

"I can't wait until I gain enough power to destroy your consciousness so I can escape." Said Kalius as he retreated into the depths of Andrew's 'fear' door.

"..." Andrew was silent, was it worth destroying the ship and everyone on it to win? I mean, that's Enel's goal. But, if Kalius were to come out, he'd slaughter everyone before they even had a chance to fight. And he'd have the high ground, since he can fly high, reeeally high.

"Well, are you coming, or what?" Asked Elisa, not really concentrated on the fight. "I mean, you aren't doing anything."

"Man, my only hope is my speed form, but I don't even know how to unlock that... I'm screwed." Said Andrew, coming to a realization. And the Giant Dragonite, along with multiple other giant or deformed pokemon are scattered throughout the ship.

"This is a lose-lose situation. If I let Kalius loose, he'll kill everything with a shot from 50 feet in the air, before slaughtering Elisa, on the other hand, Enel will win, and kill all of us anyway. We're screwed." Said Andrew as Elisa had gotten bored and flew in fast to attack.

(To be continued)

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February 5th, 2009, 10:21 PM
"You’re right, I can't be sad now, we've got much to do! And I have a feeling if I get in a bad mood I may end up snapping Iris's neck...We don't want that, do we?"

Konan had reacted quite favorably towards Atton; and the male was blatantly joyful when he noticed he had cheered up his friend’s sorrow. Konan’s smile and subtle laughs; like times before, gave Atton an amazing feeling of warmth and happiness; and knowing that he had been the one responsible for her ecstasy made him elated. He wasn’t the coolest as a mood-upper; but he did his best always, and when something you work for pays off; the feeling of satisfaction is great. “No. Or, do we?” Atton responded rhetorically as he stood in front of Konan, laughing a long and pulling out a small beam out of himself with his comment. Really plain and simple; but something nevertheless. Then, pretty much out of nowhere, the dripping weather gave birth to a blazing sun and ardent heat. It had been a pretty rapid and dramatic change, and Atton’s sensible skin alerted him of the change almost immediately. Konan, too; noticed it, and she was the first one to say something. As she pulled out her wallet; she asked; "Ah, shall we take a swim? It's getting hot."

“I didn’t bring a swimsuit with me.” Atton responded absentmindedly in a hidden whisper; wondering if Konan did actually have enough money like to squander in recreation on her, and if it would last the whole trip. I mean, Atton hadn’t spent almost anything yet, and these new clothes he was wearing were the ones he found on the Pokémon Center. Then he realized… He was probably acting too carefully. He hadn’t used almost anything, as stated; so why should he do so in the future? After all, the gold tokens from the Leo tribe he carried with him were really pricey, and he had a few PokeDollars to spare.

"I could stand to buy a new swimsuit, and you just need one!" Konan squealed excitedly as she approached Atton and took his hand, beginning to drag him back into the inside structures of the large ship. Déjà vu was a feeling Atton didn’t experience, but being on the same ship he was around 2 days ago and being dragged around by Konan again made him laugh. As the two ventured through the ship; Konan, who was leading, bumped on a man of obscure clothing and rough built. Atton was impressed; this guy could actually match up to Atton’s height. By no means did he come close to Gado’s stature of muscular mass, but he wasn’t Gado at the time. A mysterious aura surrounded him. Atton stood next to Konan protectively as he saw the young Neko look up to the man with a hint of despair on her face. He did have some pretty sadistic eyes and a vicious mood, and the fact that he didn’t respond to her apologies and stared down at her in such a furious way made Atton’s muscles contract and prepared him to fight.

Without saying anything, and after an exchange of glances, the man smirked and walked next to Atton, their shoulders brushing but the two never making any eye contact.
"You can't save her, that girl, that girl belongs to us as well as her powers to, so don't become to attached to her, she is our property. And sometimes property must be...Compromised." The man said in an almost familiar voice tone as he swiftly walked away, vanishing and blending with the crowd really fast. Atton stood there, astonished and with a dumbfounded look on his face as he pondered. ~What? What the hell was that? How does he know about Konan’s powers…God… His eyes were… His voice… I recognize them…Who is he supposed to be? Gado? Know anything? Gado… … … Gado?~

In mindscape; Gado stood in the middle of a white room, speechless and with a tear drooling down his eye. His fists were clenched so tight that his own claws punctured his palms, his arteries looked like they were going to explode, and one could tell it wouldn’t be long before blood started to come out of his mouth and ears. ~It can’t be… It can’t be… It can’t be…~ Gado muttered over and over schizophrenically as he rocked his body back and forth; delivering savage punches into the thin air after a while. ~No, no, no, no!!!~

~Gado?! What’s going with you? Dude! Calm down! What’s happening?~ Atton yelled within him desperately, the sight of Gado shaking making him scared. It was Gado who was really cold and cool; and seeing him like that wasn’t normal.

~Just…~ Gado whispered in between painful sobs. ~Go on. Keep your eyes on Konan, and on the other anthropomorphs. I got your back. You can’t get distracted. Atton… That guy… Remember the jacka—… Ugh, no, I can’t. This is serous business, Atton; I can’t tell you know. But remember, take into consideration what he said. Do not let him get near you, Konan, or the others.~

Gado sounded ridiculously worried here, and it was obvious he was holding his emotions down so his head didn’t blow up just like that. It was pretty crazy, really. ~Ok, Gado…~ Atton responded in a caring tone. ~Fine… I don’t know what all this was, but it scared the living crap out of me. I’ll keep an eye around.~

After a quick while, Konan continued to drag Atton, and soon they were in the desired swimsuit shop. Many times did Atton feel like asking if she felt some sort of connection, whether it be good or bad, with the man, but after what Gado said; Atton didn’t want to scare Konan. The man was sadistic, one could tell by his irises and pupils; and until Gado elaborated, he’d rather stay with his mouth shut. Soon, and before walking away, Konan asked "So, so what do you think I'll look good in, a bikini or a one piece?"

But Atton was spaced out, meditating; frenetically looking around for something that was out of place. He was pulled back to his senses, though; when Konan spoke again. "You know the least you could do is pay attention when I'm talking to you. Atton? Yoo-hoo! ATTON? If you don't come back to earth sometime soon I'm going to buy you pink swim trunks!"
~Huh? Oh~ Atton yapped to himself as he came back to earth, his eyes focusing back on Konan and away from his own brain cells. "Anything, but the color pink, Konan, please." Atton then said in an almost mechanical response. “Pink makes me look fat.” He then said, complementing the last phrase with another one of his weak jokes. Then again, he snapped back to her question. Bikini or one piece? Atton didn’t care much; they were both for going to the water, anyway. But that probably meant much to a girl, and Konan had asked for his opinion; and he didn’t know what to say. If he said one piece, could a girl feel bad about her shape or something and feel insulted? Or, if he said the bikini, would he look like a pervert? “Dunno, whatever you feel more comfortable in.” Atton the muttered with a smile, that being the first thing that came to his head. “You know,” Atton the said with a smile, “I’ll go look for one myself.”

Without anything else, Atton turned around and began to look around the nearby area for the trunks. They were in vicinity, after all. As he said, he could care a lot more about clothes, so the only thing he really cared about was that it fit. As Atton looked around, anyway; all of a sudden a loud thud was heard coming from the main deck; the ceiling for the shops they were in, to be exact. It was like a giant suddenly landed on the ship; and it was quite an abrupt sound. The lights even flickered more than twice, at that. ~Snap!~ Atton thought to himself as he turned around and broke into a rush back to Konan, easily knocking 5 heavy shelves out of his way in order to get back to her. Instinctively, he stood next to her in an excessively protecting stance; you know, with closed fists, clenched muscles, semi-bent knees and an alert face. That thud triggered Atton’s response because Gado said to be alert always. However, when the sound proved to be nothing more than that; everybody inside the store, probably including Konan, gave Atton a weird look. “What’s wrong with him?” they muttered to each other as Atton turned to Konan, her body being just slightly away from his still flexed self and blushed; nervously yapping an embarrassed “Tee-hee… Uh… That was weird, huh?”

“Sorry! It’s all Ok!” Atton then said as he faced the confused crowd and lifted one arm, immediately proceeding to picking up the dropped shelves with relative easiness and paying for the first pair of trunks he saw in the floor, a plain brown one.

Outside, Iris and Lance ran up to the surface at the sound of the same hit Atton and Konan heard. When they were there, they were surprised to see a batch of giant and mutated Pokémon inconspicuously landing on the ship. “Whoah! What’s this all about?” Lance asked as he hid behind Iris, who didn’t squander to much time before noticing Andrew, and seeing as he was fighting another winged person, she intuited he knew something. “Andrew!” Iris yelled as she too hid behind the corner of a wall, keeping herself invisible to the still faltering and arriving Pokémon. “What’s going on?” Iris yelled, being too shocked like to actually give any importance to the fact Andrew was about to be hit.

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February 6th, 2009, 4:33 PM
(ooc: Yeah, the title is the brainchild of me playing way too much Tales of Symphonia.)

Chapter 34: The War on the Ship: Attempting to Cripple an Angel (Part 3)

"Andrew!" Yelled Iris, snapping Andrew out of battle mode. "What's going on?" Andrew was about to answer, but Elisa grabbed him and threw him down right by them. "Waah!"

"Go... run away. You're of no use in this battle." Said Andrew as he got up. Both of them started to inch away as Elisa landed on the ship.

"Hmm... wait. You two have your weapons. That means you two are the targets. I must kill you two, and seeing as neither of you two have any aerial attacks, you don't stand a chance." Said Elisa as the winds around her hands started to shift and speed up. But before she could fire the attack, Andrew was able to get up and smacked her arms upwards, so the fatal wind gusts fired upwards.

"Run away." Said Andrew before blasting them with a mid-powered gust of wind. "Now that they are out of the way, we can finish this." Said Andrew, but Elisa was already flying towards Iris and Lance. "Oh, crap!" And with that, Andrew, too took off, but wasn't fast enough. "No!" And that was when Andrew glew white, like he did in the volcano.

Elisa fired a blast, but before it could hit either Iris or Lance, Andrew got in the way and flew right through it, using a gust of his own to help break through it. "What?" Gasped Elisa, but Andrew slammed his foot into her face, and while it wasn't that strong of a hit, the speed of it made up for it.

"Go, and I will let you live." Said Andrew as he stared down his sister. "It is your decision whether or not you'll make it past this day." Elisa stared before brushing dirt off of her jacket.

"You think that is enough to intimidate me?" Asked Elisa. "No, it makes me happy." Elisa then grinned, which creeped Andrew out.

"Umm... hello?" Asked Andrew, but Elisa slammed her foot into the side of his head, knocking him back quite a bit.

"Heh, we can do it. We can revive the tribe... stronger then ever... together." Said Elisa. Andrew gasped, the thought kind of creeping him out.

"That's incest!" Yelled Andrew, but Elisa just shrugged.

"So was the making of all life, if you want to get technical about it." Said Elisa nonchalently. "You are pretty powerful, and you will help me... our tribe."

"No, that's just disgusting. You're my sister. And that is just wrong." Said Andrew as he backed up a little. "Besides, Anthros made by clan members and ones made by a clan member and a human are almost the same thing." But Elisa wasn't listening. "If words won't convince you, then I shall send you away."

"Go right on ahead, but the clan will be revived!" Shouted Elisa before flying in. Andrew jumped back and fired a dozen Wind Blades, knocking Elisa into the ship's walls.

"Hmph, this is the end." Said Andrew as he fired a Gust, injuring her badly, but as that used the rest of his energy, he fell unconscious. Elisa got up at that.

"Well, this is a surprise... now, to get rid of the targets." Said Elisa as she walked towards where she last saw Iris and Lance.

(ooc: Yep, since Lance and Iris got involved, the fight will be different now. Woohoo. Oh, and what rating would this RP be? To me it seems like a PG-15, but I'm not sure.)

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"Anythng but Pink, it makes me look fat." Atton weakly joked. His voice was a bit nervous, and scared at the same time.Konan knew this, and so did Lunar Rosa.

"Hmm, he's nervous,and so is Gado, I can sense it. One question is..why is Gado nervous? He's always been head strng, and a bit stupid at times." Lunar Rosa retorted.

"No idea." Konan told her beastial. Atton clearly very nervous about something told her he was going to look for his own swimtrunks, Konan merewly sighed and nodded. "So why do you hate this Gado dude so much?" Konan asked Rosa, as she looked through various two pieces. tht decorated the walls.

"He killed me. Literally. And he never told me why he did, the last few breathing moments I spent, he didn't even cry. He didn't care that he had killed his former friend." Lunar Rosa said in an icey cold tone.

"Ouch." Konan told Lunar Rosa as Rosa nodded. She wasn't crying, konan wasn't sensing any tears left in Lunar Rosa, only hatred for the Leo she wants called her friend. As Konan looke through the two pieces she found a dark blue one that was decorated with sequins with one large white flower on it. "Hmm this'll work, practical and pretty." Konan mumbled, but as soon as she heard two loud thumps and the lights flickered. "Hmm faulty wiring?" Konan mumbled but as she turned around several loud crashing noises were heard, and she saw Atton running her way.

"What a clutz. Just like Gado." Lunar Rosa retorted.

"Stop comparing him to Gado, he's nicer! And less scary." Konan told her bestial.

"A-Atton..Uh?..." Konan mumbled once more as she watch the Leo back away in ambarassment, he had knocked over five shelves. She sweatdropped minorly as his face was bright red with embarassment, everyone around the two were mutterig questionably.

"Alright nothing to see here folks move along." Konan yelled.

“Tee-hee… Uh… That was weird, huh?” Atton mumbled, Konan sighed as she flicked Atton on the head, and smiled.

"Your so clutzy you know that?" Konan taunted Atton playfully, as she began picking up the many rows of things that had been scattered.

“Sorry! It’s all Ok!” Atton then said as he faced the confused crowd and lifted one arm, immediately proceeding to picking up the dropped shelves with relative easiness and paying for the first pair of trunks he saw in the floor, a plain brown one.

Konan sighed, and paid for her bathing suit and walked out, not really noticing if Atton was following behind or whatever he was doing.

"Hurry to the deck, I have a feeling something interesting is going on up there." Lunar Rosa told Konan, Konan nodded and headed up to the deck, several mutant pokemon were on board and several screams of terror filled the air. "Sweet! This is what I've wanted to do for so long, beat something senseless!" Lunar Rosa yelled, but Konan shook her head and Lunar Rosa sighed.

"It's too dangerous to come out for the moment I'll take care of this." Konan told her bestial.

"Well, this is a surprise... now, to get rid of the targets." Said Elisa as she walked towards where she last saw Iris and Lance.

"Eek!" Iris squeaked hiding behind Lance. Even though she had a weapon, she was still scared as ever. With this Konan ran to the seen and kicked Elisa in the face knockin her back. "Oh no you don't! Back off, if anyones gonna slaughter Iris, it will be ME!" Konan yelled as the young falcon hit the deck hard.

"Damn you, Neko!" And with that Elisa took to the skies and began launching ariel attacks, and with that Lunar Rosa came out, several icicles surrounding her.

"Hehehe, so your Andrews little sister, huh? Well a little sister should respect her older brother." Lunar Rosa cackled as an ice blue aurua engulfed her, and her fangs grew longer, and her tail split into two tails. "I'm..going to destroy you!" The now possessed Lunar Rosa cackled.

ooc: You can finish off Elisa Andrew, I just felt Konan had to jump into the fray, I mean hse's going to protect her friends. ;P AND Iris.

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February 8th, 2009, 3:02 PM
(ooc: I hope I didn't butcher Lunar Rosa's character too much. I tried my best to emulate her character though.)

Chapter 35: The War on the Ship: Finale (Part 4)

Elisa looked at the new Lunar Rosa in fear, she was nowhere near the strength to fight her, let alone survive the demonic neko's assault. "No... it can't end like this... I won't let it! The falcon tribe will not perish this day!" Yelled Elisa before flying up higher. "I will not die! I will not let our tribe die out!"

"Elisa, it is over! Just give up, and you won't have to die." Said Andrew, trying to diffuse this situation, but it wasn't working, seeing as Lunar Rosa was still there.

"No... no, I will not die." Said Elisa before sending a blast of winds at Lunar Rosa, but alas, it didn't do more then annoy her. "What? That attack should have shredded you to pieces!" Lunar Rosa just smirked at that and said.

"Come on, I thought you would be stronger then that." And with that, the transformed neko jumped into the air, to end Elisa's life, but Andrew was faster and tackled his sister out of the way.

"I have this under control, Konan." Said Andrew, not the least bit surprised about what had just happened. "You interfere with this fight, and you will be an enemy of mine." Lunar Rosa just snorted before saying.

"You are way too overconfident to think you can taker me on, kid." Said Lunar Rosa looking down on the Falcon morph. "Not even your other self can beat me." Andrew glared at Lunar Rosa, but knew that it wouldn't work on her, as her power was far bigger then his.

"...No. You can't. Kalius has become far more powerful then before. Just let me handle this fight, she is falcon tribe, and I want to deal with her." Said Andrew. Elisa took this as a chance to escape, but Andrew... seeing as he is in his 'propero' form still, he easily caught up to her. "Where are you going?"

"Out of my way! Lord Alex must be made aware of this!" Yelled Elisa before firing a gust of immense power at him, but Andrew was easily able to dodge before slamming his foot into the back of her head, and blasting her away with a powerful Whirlwind... but Elisa was still alive and well.

"Hmph, if you let me handle this, she'd be dead by now." Said Lunar Rosa, but Andrew flew down and threw Elisa into the water... but she was able to fly high into the sky before landing in the water.

"No, I can handle this, after all... even if she is a part of Team Enel, she is still my sister, and no matter how creepy she is, she deserves to have a chance to turn her life around.

"Creepy, big brother? Is that how you see me? I just want to revive the clan... and make it better. Your 'friends' are just like the people who destroyed our clan... they are like the twisted humans who killed everyone! All they think about is Kill, mate, kill, feed, kill! No one ever knew the other side of the falcon tribe! We may have been bandits, but we needed to survive! We were always outcasts for our flight ability, and were hunted down for it! It's not fair! Nekos, Jackals, Leos, Hounds, Boars, Bears, Insects, Fish. All of them and the other tribes were left alone! But not the Falcons! No one was on our side, and the Anthro Wars prove it!" Yelled Elisa angerly. "No! The only ones who won't try to kill us are Team Enel! They offered me protection, for the very thing that every single other person despised!"

"Oh, boohoo..." Said Lunar Rosa. "You think you are the only one with a sad past? Mine was worse then yours, and you don't see me siding against the humans."

"You have no right to say that!" Yelled Elisa to Lunar Rosa. "You have no right to say that you grew up worse then me!... You seem to be like our Grand Lord... you were used in many painful experiments by scientists... only, you weren't nearly eaten alive at five." Andrew's eyes widened.

"Wait... that sounds familiar... no, it can't be..." Said Andrew as he found out the leader of Team Enel. "It can't be... little Rei is the leader?... No, he was my friend." And with what he just found out, Andrew disengaged from his propero state, giving Elisa the chance to run, but Lunar Rosa jumped up and clawed at Elisa's back, injuring her greatly, which drew attention to the other operatives.

"Knight Elisa! Knight Elisa!" Yelled the operatives as they each returned their pokemon, grabbed Elisa and started to run, jumping into the submarine that they came in. "You haven't seen the last of Team Enel!" And with that, the submarine submerged and sped off out of range of anyone's attacks. At this point, Lance and Iris were against the wall, still scared that they almost died, Atton was nowhere in sight, Andrew was in shock of the knowledge that both his sister, and his best, and only friend were out to kill him, and Lunar Rosa was just standing there, not sure what to do for once.

February 19th, 2009, 8:14 PM
With another tumbling sound, Atton turned around violently when he felt Konan’s presence away. He turned to a side violently, the plastic bag in which his trunk was in swinging in a wide radius as he did. Another sound came from above; and people were beginning to notice. With the third one, a crowd freaked out. Random yelps and bumps, and suddenly there was commotion. Decided, Atton rushed out of the shop. ~What’s all this deal about?~ Gado asked, as if he was completely unaware. ~Chances are it’s just the waves hitting on the ship or something. ~No.~ Atton said. ~This sounds serious. I gotta get to the others.~

~Psht! C’mon, Atton! Relax!~
~Relax? Are you high or something.~
~No, but I’m sure they’ll be fine. Though, now you say it… I do feel kinda sick.~
~I’ll check your mind later. Right now we’ve got stuff to do. They might be in trouble, the ship might be at stake, we should go help.~
~But I…~

All of a sudden; Atton fainted, and he was taken to mindscape. Flashback of Gado’s memory.

“C’mon, scum! Tell us! Where is she hiding? She can’t hide forever; she will have to come sooner or later. Speak!”

The Leo village. Inside a small, dark hut. Four members of the Jackal tribe, all very tall, intimidating and muscular. Two guarded the wooden-door entrance and one asked questions while one held a beaten Gado down. The Leo had bruises all over his face, scars and cuts as well as ripped clothes. Like if he had gotten lynched not so long ago in a six on one fight. His eyes were barely open, and the largest part of them was white. The parts that weren’t white where bloodshot. Crimson fluids were coming out of his probably broken nose and dislocated jaw. Yes, Gado was in a very, very bad state.

“I… I am… Not telling you.” Gado whispered. Not because he didn’t want to be loud, but because he had no strength like to up his volume. He was feeling dead already, so the jackals might as well terminate him now. Still, even when in the brink of death, Gado found the courage to look up, barely moving his head, and growl at the jackals. The beasts just began to laugh manically as they took their hands to their pockets and stared up at the roof. Stopping the laughter abruptly, the one asking the questions; one with bloodlust eyes, a fierce grin, and probably the biggest muscles of them all, swung his leg forward for momentum and delivered a neck-breaking kick on Gado’s head. The Leo’s head flunked to a side noticeably, a loud snapping noise being heard. Gado didn’t yell, however. He made no sound other than a tired “Ugh…” He had been punched so long now because of his refusal to answer the question that he didn’t feel anything any more.

“Well,” the jackal spoke, “let’s see. You don’t seem to be bothered by the beating. I doubt you’re even feeling things anymore. But… How will the Leo tribe deal with your problem?”

With a snap from the fingers, a giant member of the opposing tribe walked in with a thin Leo on his arms, the Leo being in conditions not much better than Gado, but conscious at the very least. “Gado!” The boy cried as he saw Gado so weak, so tainted, so useless. If Gado was on his senses, he could’ve ripped the arms of the jackal holding him and made a giant pretzel with the others’ bodies. But no. He was completely submitted, completely surrendered. The strongest warrior of a tribe being in the hands of another army was no sign of good; and Gado could’ve been freed already if he revealed Lunar Rosa’s location. After all, the jackals attacked the Leo’s first. Half of Aetherion, Gado’s half of Aetherion, was already in their hands. The Leos were weakened, and only a few were left. If they could do the same thing with Lunar Rosa, they wouldn’t stand a chance. It was in Gado’s hands. The faith of a tribe was on his hands. And he decided to quiet. But… It seemed that his Leo partner wasn’t so set to cooperate.

The other Leo was put down in the same position as Gado, and he was punched and kicked a couple of times to set him in mood. “Look, Gado!” The jackal teased as he turned to Gado while continuing to hit the Leo. “I won’t stop until you say something.”

“I… I can’t. I’m… Sorry.” Gado said as he looked down, not daring to look to a side to see the screaming and crying Leo. Despite the fact that he cried “Gado, help!” over and over, Gado didn’t support. He couldn’t. Nothing angered him more than others suffering at his expenses; but… He couldn’t do anything. He made a promise.

“Not willing to speak, yet? Ok. C’mon, get the head of the guy, save Gado for later. I’m about to make an offer he can’t refuse.”

The Jackal took the boy’s jaw with one hand and the back of his head with the other, and after a loud yell and a growl, he began to pull up. Within 10 seconds, he ripped the head of the second Leo with his bare hands, blood coming out of the hole like a fountain. With an evil smirk, the jackal put the head on the ground and threw it like a bowling ball, making it stop directly below Gado, who, because he was facing down, couldn’t help but to see. The face was staring right at him; and Gado had to look back because the jackal on top of him didn’t allow him to move his head. Gado then felt a cold tear drop down his cheek. Just one, but a really emotional tear. Gado took a deep breath, and suddenly, a sudden kick to the face made him faint. End of memory. The visions were cut dark. Atton, however; didn’t wake up. He lied there, in the middle of the ground, being kicked by the running people who weren’t doing anything to help. Why he couldn’t wake up, he didn’t know.

~Ow, ow.~

(Sorry this post is lame. i did it really quick cause I have to go study for a history test and I wanted to get something up already.)

February 22nd, 2009, 9:24 PM
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Lunar Rosa heard Elisa's whining before she had ran up and shredded her back, she was sick of the whining, it was clearly very obviously angering her to no end. With blood drawn from Elisa, Lunar Rosa landed on the ground gracefully, yet tactfully, and glared and Andrew. It was dead quiet for a moment, only the impending sound of the rutters of the submarine, which were now echoing in the distance were heard, and the silent whispers of bystandards which were wondering what the hell happened could be heard. Lunar Rosa stood there for mere moments, watching Elisa's blood drip from her hands, each drop splattering the ground. "Feh, Falcons, an odd group of people, and you wanna know why they were targetted? They were easy to kill. Neko's, Leo's and Jackals are a military group of people, they aren't kind to intruders on their territory, the personally torture the intruder, and follow the Aztecs custom of ripping out the intruders beating heart, while it still beats, or at least the Neko's did." Lunar Rosa told Andrew of the horrifying taboo that was accustomed to the Neko tribe.

"Of course it was outlawed after the war started, because the neko's needed warriors, instead of ripping the intruders heart out they hypnotized them, into fighting for them. Although some fragments of the neko tribe still practice that horrifying taboo, in fac I witnessed such a thing, it's quite bloody." Rosa mumbled, as she looked out to see and then looked back at her blood soaked hand, a solumn look engulfed her face, and then she turned around. "Don't let me see your freak sister again, next time I won't hold back, if any Konans third form will take over, the power is building, and I can sense soon that bad things will come, anyway no one wants the third form coming out, it's much less merciful then I was." Lunar Rosa told Andrew, warning of him of things that were going to come to pass. "If the power is unleashed, Konan will be lucky to escape with critical injuries, at best she will be put into a coma for a good while, there is a high porbability that Konan will loose her life, if such a power escapes, and if she does live, she'll never be the same." Lunar Rosa looked at Andrew once more and sighed. "Her mind will be shot, and her body will be badly mangled, there is a high chance, she won't remember any of you..." Her voice broke off as Lunar Rosa retreated to the inner receases of Konans mind.

"Huh, what happened?" Konan looked around highly curious, and then screamed at her blood covered hand. "W-who's blood is this?!" Konan yelled as the blood dripped from her hands, she then looked over her shoulder and Andrew, who was badly injured.

"Andrew?! Are you okay, your injured!" Konan yelled running over to his side and looking at his injuries.

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Zeta Patchouli
February 23rd, 2009, 5:47 PM
Chapter 36: Kalius' Discussion Towards Lunar Rosa and Konan.

Andrew layed there, obviously seething at Lunar Rosa for insulting his species. Kalius not faring much better, but ignoring it... after all, he is not going to listen to someone a few thousand yeard younger then him ridicule what once was a great tribe.

"... You aren't the chosen of wind." Said Kalius finally. Andrew blinked before saying.

"What?" Asked Andrew confused. "That's impossible. Of course I am. Why else would I have those dreams?" Kalius smirked.

"Because they were mine. I was the original weilder, but since you are the dominant personality, the duty automatically goes to you." Said Kalius as he walked forward. "Why else are Rosa, Gado and I here? From radically different time periods? Well, that's why. I have a feeling that Lunar Rosa will be freed first."

"Huh? Why do you get that feeling?" Asked Andrew, annoyed at that statement. Kalius grinned, knowing that he knew a lot about these situations.

"Because she is the one called on most. We alter egos have the same effect Atherion does. But to a much lesser degree. If Lunar Rosa keeps being called on, Konan will die, and Rosa will have another shot at life. Add to that Konan's mental strength is pretty weak, which allows Rosa to get out so frequently. But... I'm not even sure if she cares about that... I mean, she should know." Said Kalius in one breath, but since he was just a personality trait, that wouldn't be difficult.

"There's no way that's the case." Said Andrew as he started to get a weird feeling in his 'gut'. "Wait, so... there is another way out, am I right?" Kalius nodded.

"Yes, by destroying the consciousness of the dominant personality." Said Kalius as he jumped towards Andrew. "DIE!" Kalius swung his foot down, knocking Andrew out. "Heh, now to have a talk with Konan." Kalius disappeared, signalling that he was in control.


Kalius didn't even transform Andrew's body before blasting Konan. "HahahahahAHAH!" Laughed Kalius as he got up off of the deck. "I wouldn't come out if I were you, Lunar Rosa. You seem to care about your shell. If even you come out a few more times, you will destroy Konan's mind and soul." Kalius walked up to Konan and said. "Heh, you think us Falcons are weak, eh? Well, if you were born a thousand years before, then it would be a different story. In fact, there are many things that we kept secret, to our... demise."

'Kalius, stop this madness!" Yelled Andrew, but Kalius was too busy ranting about the old glory days.

"Heheheheheh... Neko's aren't the ultimate species. Falcons aren't either, but your tribe is getting weaker by each generation. I remember when there were few tribes of Neko's. They were a lot stronger, and ruthless. But now... tame as kittens, compared to the brutality of my time... I know you're listening, and you know I'm right... Neko's are getting weaker. You must be the only exception, Rosa. You and Gado are fools, you are soooo caught up in your so-called hatred to see that your shell's mental conditions are weakening. I would give Konan a break from you, if I were you, or she'll break." Kalius kicked Konan into the wall.

"...Konan, your name is, right?" Asked Kalius, but before a response could be made, the bird morph said. "You remind me of my own sister. I am sorry for beating you up, but I just want you to know... That was directed towards Lunar Rosa. She has become too careless, and with the rapid changes, your mind is trying to cope. But no matter how much it tries to accomidate for two... the stronger being will eventually kill off the weaker one, if it is able to. Just calm down. I don't want you to suffer the same fate as my sister." Kalius smirked before falling to the ground, seeing as there was no physical change, the body didn't morph.

February 26th, 2009, 9:31 PM
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Konan was looknig at Andrews battered body when the shattered cry of an evil laughter made her cat ears twitch and she held them down to protect her sense of hearing. "A-Andrew?" She stuttered, but she was not looknig at Andrew anymore. It was her worst fear. Kalius had came out and was declaring his prominence with one loud maniacal laughter.

"HahahahahAHAH!" Laughed Kalius as he got up off of the deck. "I wouldn't come out if I were you, Lunar Rosa. You seem to care about your shell. If even you come out a few more times, you will destroy Konan's mind and soul." Kalius walked up to Konan and said. "Heh, you think us Falcons are weak, eh? Well, if you were born a thousand years before, then it would be a different story. In fact, there are many things that we kept secret, to our... demise." Konan trembled at the one thing Kalius had said.

"D-destroy.....?" She muttered a flury of tears welling up in her eyes. Konan couldn't believe what she was hearing she could only sit and watch as Kalius toyed with her.

"Heheheheheh... Neko's aren't the ultimate species. Falcons aren't either, but your tribe is getting weaker by each generation. I remember when there were few tribes of Neko's. They were a lot stronger, and ruthless. But now... tame as kittens, compared to the brutality of my time... I know you're listening, and you know I'm right... Neko's are getting weaker. You must be the only exception, Rosa. You and Gado are fools, you are soooo caught up in your so-called hatred to see that your shell's mental conditions are weakening. I would give Konan a break from you, if I were you, or she'll break." Kalius yelled then delivering a hard punch to her abdomen causing Konan to go flying to a nearby wall, slamming hard into it, she griped her abdomen in pain, silent tears fallnig down her face as she was trying to absorb everything.

"...Konan, your name is, right?" Asked Kalius, but before a response could be made, the bird morph said. "You remind me of my own sister. I am sorry for beating you up, but I just want you to know... That was directed towards Lunar Rosa. She has become too careless, and with the rapid changes, your mind is trying to cope. But no matter how much it tries to accomidate for two... the stronger being will eventually kill off the weaker one, if it is able to. Just calm down. I don't want you to suffer the same fate as my sister." Kalius smirked at her before his body plopped to the ground, Konan got to her feat still gripping her stomach marched back to find Atton, only to look back at Andrew. She sighed and grabbed his arm and dragged the unconscious Kalius back to her room. Barely able to place him on the bed. With a hufff, she slammed him down on the soft, marshmellow-like covers.

"Is it true Rosa? If you come out will I......die?" Konan mumbled as she began to converse with her in mindscape.

"........Mostly." Lunar Rosa responded after mere moments of silence.

"Mostly?" Konan asked as she approached the bestial who was sitting by herself with a solumn look on her face.

"Yes, mostly. Sometimes the dominate trait will conquer the weaker trait making the weaker trait the recessive personality. Thats the best case. Worst is that the recessive personality disappears." Lunar Rosa told the young neko.

"So am I going to....?" Konan whispered.

"It's.....a possibiltiy at this point Konan, the more I becoem the dominate personality, the more probability you will become the recessive personality." The silver-haired neko mumbled. "And without your memories, your mental stake is very weak. It's dangerous enough as is. I didn't wanna tell you because well....I didn't wanna scare you. With your thrid frm and how weak you are now. You could easily die anytiem I come out. And if your thridform is out....well. I will die too."

Konan whimered as she sat with her demonic form, chatting with her, about what they were going to do.


A snake-like figure walekd swiftly across the surface of the ship, a smirk on his face. Two long furry ears hidden under a cap. The eighteen year old man finally entered the shop in which Konan had formally been and a collapsed Atton stood hidden under all the scattered clothes still unconscious. The man swiftly entered, he was not noticed by anyone when entering the small shop. The man slowly came to Atton and looked down at him, grabbed him by the neck collar of his shirt, and then proceeded to drag him to an epty shop in the ship. The jackal slammed the uncsonscious Leo against the wall and ordered him. "Wake up." The jackal said as he waited for the leo to stirr.

"When we get to Cerulean, Konan will no longer with a dirty Leo. She'll be with the esteemed jackals. And we will unlock her full potential, it's only a matter of time before Konans personality dissappears from the body. I will be there to make sure what must be done to acquire that young neko's power."

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February 27th, 2009, 1:42 PM
(ooc: The stuff at the end, aside from the stats, is important for what is going on with Robo-Corosa.)

Chapter 37: The Dawn of a New Age (Part 1)

(Cerulean Gym)

Rei looked out at the Enel soldiers and all of the people on the ground once again. Some of them had expressions of Depression, fear, anxiety, and other negative expressions. "I heard that some of you were spreading rumors that there was someone who killed Corosa. Well, they are false. And to prove it, here she is!" Rei pointed to the door, and out walked Corosa, who looks like she wasn't cut in half.

"It is a pleasure to be back from my vacation." Said Corosa as she walked up to the stands. "That's right... I'm back from the dead! This means that we truly are unstoppable! Hahahahaaaaaaa!" But something was wrong with Corosa's laugh, it seemed... robotic.

"Now, go to Vermillion City and take Joy's place. I assume you can still do that?" Asked Rei. Corosa nodded before leaving the Gym. "Excellent, Vermillion shall be our next place to conquer. And as a bonus, we found the very same Growlithe that ruined my life, and caused all of this to happen! Treat it as badly as you want... this is all his fault! GAHAHAHAAHH! You can even end its life! You'd better do it before I do though!" And, right there, in the cage, was an Arcanine with large scars on its body, whimpering in pain. Some of the more timid people cried, while the tougher just glared at Rei, just somehow knowing that it was his fault.

"You... are a monster." Said a man, but Rei just laughed. "What? What's so funny?"

"I am a monster, but soon I will be a god. Not even the Goddess of Happiness at full power will be able to stand up to me." Said Rei smugly as he looked at the man.

"Goddess of... Happiness?" Questioned the man, but Rei just snickered.

"Yes, she too is a part of why I am like this. I was too good of a person, I was going to become a Marty Stu, so she destroyed everything around me, and took half of my body away from me, using that Arcanine! Now, I can hardly do anything. I can barely eat, I need to take crazy pills every day, pain pills, a medicine that acts as my immune system, and I can't even be out in the sun for very long, or my old scars will return. With the power of the Devil's Machine, and the eight weapons combined, it will have so much power that it will warp reality! I will literally be a god. I will control everything! I will finally get my arm and leg back! I won't have to take medicines for every single thing that allow me to function! I will be... normal, and pokemon shall be dead. Instead, there will be animals that resemble the Pokemon, but have none of the powers, with the exception of poison for some, and dig, dive, surf... you get the idea." Said Rei in one long statement that was split into several sentences. "We will all live in peace! This city is only a sacrifice to war with a Goddess, and Pokemon."

"You can't fight a Goddess, even if she existed then couldn't she just wave you out of existance?" Asked a woman in the audience. Rei just laughed before saying.

"That isn't the same GOD! You're thinking of Arceus! He can, but chooses not to. You all bore me, begone. Oh, and Alex." Alex looked at Rei. "Kill the Arcanine."

"Yes sir." Said Alex, who looked sorry for the poor Arcanine, how could a 10 year old be so cruel?


Corosa made it out of the city, but something was wrong, something had hacked into her hardrive(sp?).

System malfunction... running back up scripts...

Backup scripts overrided... Virus detected... running anti-virus program...

Program... fa..e..

"This is an excellent home for me... Oh, I can interact with the outside world! Wow, this is amazing! Now, I really can destroy everything... What's this? I... I'm getting the feeling... I have to do this."

Primary objetive: Destroy Renegades:
Kohanna Feles, aka Konan: Age: 17. Sex: Female. Tribe: Neko. Threat: Low*.

Atton Ignus: Age: 18. Sex: Male. Tribe: Leo. Threat: Medium-Low*.

Andrew Verico: Age 18. Sex: Male. Tribe: Falcon. Threat: Medium-Low*.

*Warning, this is normal form only, Alter ego's and second stage threat Levels as shown.

Rosa: Extremely High
Aetherion: Suicide
Gato: Extremely High
Propero Andrew: Medium-High
Kalius: Extremely High

"Interesting. These characters are interesting... but no match for the Paradise Virus." Said the Paradise Virus as it controlled Corosa's body to walk down to Vermillion anyway.

February 27th, 2009, 8:47 PM
ooc: I ish bored so I am gonna post for the hell of it.

"I'm gonna dissappear if you help me....?" Konan had a lump in her throat the size of a baseball. She couldn't believe what she was hearing, yet she could in some sick twisted manner in made sense. Why she was becoming increasingly weak these past few weeks, why she could feel herself fading away like some type of forgotten drawing. She could feel herself fading from existance even now as they stood here talking.

"Yes, but I am too fading away." Lunar Rosa solumly said with no emotion. She didn't seem to care in fact Luna Rosa seemed tortured to even be alive. It sounded like she hated to be alive, being tortured by the very fact that your lover had killed you. It made Konan feel a bit sympathetic torwar Rosa.

"Your fading too?" She mumbled, and the other neko merely nodded.

"Aetherion is become more powerful, and if it becomes the dominant personality. There will be no stopping it. We will cease to exist and our body will be nothing but a beast. Atton, Gado, Kalius, and Andrew will feel it's effects even now I think they can feel it. We are fading from existance Konan, the impending pressure of death ways heavy on us." Rosa predicted as Konan saw crystal tears beginning to drip down the neko's eyes. Even Rosa herself was afraid of death. It was inevitable, their demise would come soon. Konan shuddered at the thought of embracing death with open arms. Would anyone remember her? No, they wouldn't. She began to feel the impending pressure of a fading existance.

"We can't tell the others, we will not let them suffer this burdan." Konan resolved. Rosa merely shook her head and took the backside of her hand and wiped away the tears. Konan had never seen Rosa cry, only when she had seen Gado did she see the pain and hurt in Rosa's eyes.

"I'm tired of living mainly, you don't know what it's like. Sitting and waiting for hte right moment to come out only to fight. Unable to just relax for one single day, to be free. I don't know how I was reincarnated but maybe it's Arceus's form of punishment for me. For becoming attached to a mortal enemy. I feel like I've lingered in this world for to long. I just I want to be free from my tortured soul. The pain of a previous life. The pain of knowing I was killed by the man I loved." Rosa mumbled her voice becoming unbelieving weak as the neko began to tremble and the tears of long standing gaping wound had emerge. Rosa may not have shown it but Konan could sense that Rosa had been suffering for so long and sympathy torwards her arose once more.

"I can't imagine how that feels." Konan whispered as she exited mindscape to leave Rosa to her tohughts, she knew Rosa wouldn't wanna be seen that way. Konan emerged from her mind trance state noticing that Andrew was still unconscious she left the room and went out to the deck which was now obviously empty. She sat on one of the chairs and staired at the crystal blew water from the pool which gently waved back and forth. Konan couldn't help but feel silent tears fall down her face. She felt the pressure, it was already decided since the point she started this journey and began allowing Lunar Rosa to come out as much as she did.

The smell of sea tingled Konans senses as she watched the blue sky watching the wingull fly by, and the clouds idly passing by. She felt envy for everyone. Their life force wasn't dwindling. Minute by minute she would fade from existance. And so would Lunar Rosa. The only remnants of her would be her third form. A beast that only destroys everything it touched. Konan continued to cry. She felt weak, uneeded, a burden. She then began to think of how Atton had nearly died protecting her, she gave a slight smile at all the good things he had done for her, and how had she repayed him? She always had to be rescued and she was sick of it. For once she wanted to be of use. To fight along side with him and rescue someone else. Rescuing Lance was tough but it wasn't what she had in mind when she though of the word 'rescue'.

March 3rd, 2009, 10:27 PM
A completely lifeless Atton was out of the blue taken by the collar of his shirt by an unrecognized figure and taken away from his not-so-comfortable rest spot. Well, it wasn’t really resting; but lying there unconscious was too long of a term. ~What…. What is going on?~ Atton thought to himself as his eyelids began to plop open slowly; really slowly. Actually, they only opened so much that his eyelashes still blurred most of his eyesight. Only shadows and rough silhouettes could be barely identified. Atton tried to turn from side to side to know who was tugging him, for whoever that was, obviously had intentions of hurting him; and that could be easily deduced because of the way that such an imposing figure was dragging him. His feet were being pulled through some sharp dross and tiles on the floor, getting inside his shoes and applying pressure every single passing second. His long arms also took his hands to the ground, where the coldness of this one made the fists subconsciously curl up into a fist.

~C’mon, Atton; you’re in some deep one if you don’t wake up. This person is going to hurt you. If he hurts you, I’ll hit you.~ Gado said nervously as he appeared in mindscape, bringing Atton with him and shaking his shoulders as soon as he arrived.

~Nah, really?~ Atton said quizzically. ~Shut up, Gado; I know what I have to do. I mean, like; YOU got me unconscious in first place. Yes, that which you showed me was really profound, but there was no need for making me faint so quickly. See what you got us into? Thanks.~

~You shut up, scum! If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t… Woah!~

All of a sudden, the person released the death grasp from Atton and violently slammed him against a wall; the echo provoked leading Atton to think the room was empty. The sudden change of lighting, from normal to hideously dark; also supported his idea. The body fell down to the ground slowly, like a ball of goo rolling to the floor and slamming a whole bunch of empty cardboard boxes as he did. A fair amount of nails pierced Atton’s skin as a cold and bloodthirsty voice ordered, "Wake up."

Almost mechanically, Atton’s eyes opened fully, in shock, and obeying. In front of him, a man presumably as tall as him and of similar body structure stood; inimically staring down at him.
"When we get to Cerulean, Konan will no longer with a dirty Leo. She'll be with the esteemed jackals. And we will unlock her full potential, it's only a matter of time before Konans personality dissappears from the body. I will be there to make sure what must be done to acquire that young neko's power."

The voice was incredibly shallow and cold. The words slowly echoed inside Atton’s head, bouncing from one side of his head to the other. That voice… It was so familiar. In fact, it was a rough alike to the voice of the jackal in Gado’s dream. Actually, you could put it that was. That male’s voice is to the leader jackal’s voice as Atton’s was to Gado’s. So similar.

“A… A jackal...” Gado and Atton whispered in unison as Atton’s eyes looked up to lock on the male’s face.

“You mother—!” Atton yelled as he slung his arms forth and back in an incredibly quick fashion, grabbing momentum so that he could stand up. Swiftly pushing his body off the wall with one foot, an infuriated Atton threw himself at the jackal like a wild beast. His veins could be seen through his skin, and his fists, claws and fangs grew at an insane pace.

Seconds before the fist hit, the jackal took the hand and slammed Atton against the ground, using his own force and energy to treat his body like a straight, stiff board and hit him all at once. Atton didn’t even have a second to react. If he was fully conscious, he could’ve at least protected himself from the fall; but no. He had just woken up, and he was driven by fury. How was it paid back? Like that. A crater was made where Atton landed, and he could feel his whole body break. That guy had just treated him like a rag doll. “Urgh…” Atton mumbled unintelligibly as he looked up, just in time to the see figure kneeling down in front of him and turning him around completely. He kicked Atton’s chinbone and then turned around, saying;

“Listen, Atton. Yes, I know your name; I know it like I know all of your life, and the life of that one inside you. Who am I? You’ll find out soon. I’m just going to warn you. Stay away from the Neko. Half of Aetherion lies within Kohanna. It’s a force that has been unleashed at least once already. Yours, on the other hand; prft, it hasn’t even been hinted. I’ll get back to you later. You better don’t mess with me if you don’t want to find yourself dead.”

The man then stepped over to the entrance of the room, or the exit, from this point of view, and without turning back, said “And tell Gado that, ‘things come back to you, sooner or later.” The man then walked out, closed the door, which made a locking sound immediately, and walked away.

(This part to be edited soon.)

It was then when Atton noticed he was in a giant refrigerator. Yes, the room was used for storing food, but seeing as the ship was so big, this one probably wasn’t used anymore. The thermometer behind him began to lower its line of mercury at a frightening pace, and out of some ducts, white, snowy air began to come out at a quick pace. “Dammit!” Atton yelled as he ran to the door, tackling it. Of course, he just bounced back. It could only be opened by the outside, and the door was so thick and of such an impressively strong material that Atton couldn’t even dent it. That, and Gado was too weak to come out. The only sight he caught from the outside was through a small window, squared and with a plastic-glass just as thick. “Help!” Atton yelped over and over as he slammed his body against the walls and door, threw things around to make noise, and even roared at times. Maybe his sounds could be heard through the vents, but he didn’t know. After some minuted passed, even the thermometer froze, and Atton’s skin had turned a light blue color. He was trembling so hard, and he lied uselessly in the center of the room, waiting for the rest of his blood to freeze. “Aw… Man, this sucks.” He whispered to himself as a thick cloud of white air came out of his mouth. Closing his eyes, Atton waited for his cold death.

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March 17th, 2009, 3:46 PM
Chapter 38: Dawn of a New Age: The Cult of Darkrai Appears! The Game Show that Takes Place on the Ship!(Part 2)

Andrew awoke in his room, once again. "Man, why? Why? Why Rei?" Asked Andrew to the ceiling. "I just knew it. Everyone I meet either hates me, or dies. And in this case, it's both. Rei is a genius, and I'm pretty sure that whatever he's building will be powerful... even more-so then any of the Guardians we fought."

Andrew got up and walked to the deck of the ship, looking out onto the ocean below. "Why are we cursed? If Rei leads Team Enel, then he knows my weakness... Elisa's an admin, and can probably get stronger using their technology. And there's Marcus, who outclasses everyone on this ship now. I got lucky when I fought him." A man on the deck walked up to him.

"Hey, you look like someone who's down in the dumps. How's about I do something about that." Said the man. Andrew opened his mouth, but the man kept going on. "I can put you in our little game show, let you have some fun, and possibly get money out of it."

"Uh... thanks, but no." Said Andrew, but the man simply opened his eyes to a squint, a flash went off, and Andrew started screaming. "Gaaaahhhh!"

"You see, no anthro rejects... ever. When you are to go on our show. You. Go. On." Said the man, still smiling his creepy smile. "It starts at eight o' clock tonight, if you are late, then you will pay us a fine." Andrew just nodded as he squirmed in pain. "Good..." The man then walked away, to find others who would want to play. Andrew then got up, shaking.

"What the hell was that?" Asked Andrew before slowly walking to his room, where he collapsed, but was unable to fall unconscious.


The man walked up to Konan and tapped her on the shoulder. "Hello, young lady. But you look down, how about I do something about that?" He waited a second before saying. "We have a game show on this ship, and we would like for you to join, and before you reject the offer. I'll say this, you can't. You will meet me and the contestants here at eight, or else your brain will fry, killing you." The man smiled excitedly before saying. "If you want to see what low power does, look at this falcon morph I saw earlier. He rejected, and now... I'm not sure how he's doing. Oh, and if you kill me, every competitor will die." The man smiled even bigger before starting to walk away.

"Oh, and you might want to check in the older refridgerators, some Leo is freezing his whiskers off in there." The man then walked into a door, likely to get ready.


The man walked to his mirror, as another man appeared in it. "Is everything going according to plan?" Asked the hooded man.

"Yes, master. The Cult of Darkrai will benefit from what happens at eight. After the Game Show, we shall finish off the Anthro rebels." Said the man.

"Good, good. It is what our lord commands us to do. And what do you propose to do about this Enel nonsense?" Asked the man in the mirror.

"If all goes according to plan, then nothing. This Rei kid is crazy, and would probably be doing Darkrai a favor with his plan." Said the man as the hooded man disappeared. "Hehehe..."

March 17th, 2009, 7:20 PM
Walking along the ship, Konan found her gloominess to go away with the serene peace of the sea. She gently looked out at the gently waves swirling in the ocean blue. She could see a school of remoraid following the ship eagerly waiting for meager morsles of food to be tossed off board and to devour the potential nom noms that awaited them. Konan smiled happily. She felt completely tranquil looking at the sea pokemon until a voice whispered in her ear. Like an entity or a ghost.

"Kill them. Kill them. I'm waiting. Kill them." The voice muttered over and over. The voice was terribly raspy in tone and its gender was undistinguishable. It made Konans spine shiver in terror. It was as if something was trying to convince to kill someone or something. It sounded evil. Demonic almost. Konan lost all color in her face when it whispered. "Yes, kill them. Kill Atton, and Andrew. Kill all of them." The voice was growing forcibly louder and Konan pulled her cat ears down trying to block out the terrifying raspy voice. But just as quick as it had come, it was gone and Konans cheeks returned to their normal peachy shade.

She breathed a sigh of relief when the voice disappeared. She looked around to see that the entire deck was empty. It appeared to be lunchtime. But Konan wasn't to hungry. She looked quietly back out at sea and gave a sigh of gloominess. She didn't feel sad, She didn't feel depressed. She just felt like something was weighing her down. Was it the impending curse of death? Yeah, that was probably it.

"GAAAAH!" Andrews voice echoed throughout the deck. Konans ears tiwitched frantically. She looked around and gasped as she heard the scream.

"*((&*&! Andrew must be up! He's hurt he can't be roamind the ship in his condition!" Konan yelled about to go look for Andrew until a mysterious man tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hello, young lady. But you look down, how about I do something about that?" He waited a second before saying. "We have a game show on this ship, and we would like for you to join, and before you reject the offer. I'll say this, you can't.

"Excuse me? I can't reject an offer? It's a free region dude you can't tell me what to do!" Konan interrupted him but he continued his threats about the game show.

You will meet me and the contestants here at eight, or else your brain will fry, killing you." The man smiled excitedly before saying. "If you want to see what low power does, look at this falcon morph I saw earlier. He rejected, and now... I'm not sure how he's doing. Oh, and if you kill me, every competitor will die." The man smiled even bigger before starting to walk away. He looked back at her a twisted smile across his skinny lips.

"Oh, and you might want to check in the older refridgerators, some Leo is freezing his whiskers off in there." The man then walked into a door, likely to get ready.

"Atton!" She yelped running down through the ships corridors. Andrew was a concern to but if Atton was in imminent danger she had to do something. Atton had saved her so many times. Now it was her chance to save him and Andrew. Was this a sign from Arceus? yes, it was! he wanted her to become a hero and not just be an innocent victum all the time. She ran down to the deepest part of the hull it was filled with all types of old fridges.

"The man said he was in here....So maybe.... he's in here.." She opened the fridge one by one until she opened the last fridge door. She saw the leo laying on the ground. His face pale from the cold.

"No!" She cried and grabbed him dragging out of the fridge. Konan could barely move him. He was about 5 times bigger then she was in height and weight.

"nngh..." His voice stirred. Good that meant he was still alive and kicking. grabbing him once more Konan dragged him up the stairs and back into the middle depths of the ship. Panting by the time she got to the deck, she continued to dragged his cold body into the room where she had previously put Andrew. To her surprise Andrew was in there as well. Using all her strength she lifted Atton onto the spare bed and collapsed onto her butt on the carpet.

"Damn Atton your heavy." Konan tried to make a joke out of the situation but she couldn't. Nothing could be done. It was bad enough two of her dearest friends in the world were hurt but now she had to go on ome creepy game show that if she didn't would fryu her brain. Getting up off her feet she pulled a blanket over Atton. She then turned her attention to Andrew. "Hey Andrew what happened back there. The game show, how can he fry our brains...I don't get it." Konan mumbled as she lifted him ont othe bed. Luckily Andrew was considerably lighter then Atton which was good on Konans already aching muscles. She noticed Anrew wasn't unconscious but not fully there. She was the only one that had not been seriously hurt on this trip. Hurrying off into the bathroom she grabbed some warm washrags for both of them. Konan didn't know how to be a nurse so this was the best she could do. Place a warm rag on Atton to help him warm up and one on Andrew to soothe his tensing muscles.

"Looks like I'm playing nurse~" She laughed and sat down on a nearby chair.

Zeta Patchouli
March 17th, 2009, 9:06 PM
(ooc: This reaction is a bad nightmare from Darkrai.)

Chapter 39: Whispers of Insanity: Andrew's Nightmarish Illusion! The Games Begin!

"Konan..." Whispered Andrew, hearing her voice. "Help me, the room... the room is, getting darker! AAAH! Get away from me!" Yelled Andrew as he fired a Gust at the lamp, thinking it was a monster. "Let me out of here!!! Get me out of this mad house!" And at that point, Andrew 'got up' and started running away, but in reality, he was still on the bed, screaming and squirming, everything he says in his illusion being spoken in real life.


"Where am I?" Asked Andrew supposedly in a jungle. "What's going on?" Andrew looked around before deciding to move, not feeling safe. Suddenly, vines wrapped around his wrists and ankles. "Gah! Get off of me!!!" And with a small expulsion of wind, he escaped form the vines. But not long after that, he saw a man in black robes.

"Kill, kill, kill, kill Konan, kill Konan... Kill the cat girl!" Whispered the man as an illusion of Konan, Elisa, his mother, Kalius, Marcus, Alex and Atton appeared in his head. "All of them, kill all of them!! DO IT!"

"Go away!" Yelled Andrew as he fired a wind blade at the man, but he grabbed The illusion of Andrew's mom, and that blocked him from getting hit. "Get the **** away from me! Let them go!"

"Why should I? I have the power, and you will kill them all." Said the man. Andrew backed up.

"No, I won't!" Yelled Andrew before rushing up, ready to punch the man, but Marcus' Illusion came up and took the hit, his head tearing away from his body, and starting to bleed severely. "No, Marcus!"

(ooc: Yes, he only reacts like that because Marcus was, in some weird way, his ally.)

"Slowly but surely." Whispered the man as the Atton illusion charged. Andrew ducked before blasting him with wind, but Atton's skin started tearing off until he was just a skeleton.

"Atton! No!" Yelled Andrew, and this is when Alex attacked from behind. Andrew, using his reflexes, karate chopped Alex into the wall, killing him. "A-alex..." At that point, he started crying, as he killed his only true friend. The man from the game show was now there and was smiling, Rei as well, and that was just making him feel worse.

Elisa flew in after him, but Andrew, flung out a wind blade, cutting her in half. "Why, brother? Why?" Asked Illusion Elisa as she died.

"No... not you too... Elisa!" Yelled Andrew before starting to cry even worse, he had just killed his sister, or so he thought.

Only the man, Kalius' illusion, and Konan's illusion were left. Kalius' illusion fired a wind blade, but Andrew was able to dodge, but he hit Kalius' leg and broke it. And, in a move he couldn't control, he tore off Kalius' illusion's head. Only the man, and a scared Konan's illusion was left. "Do it, bite off her head. Drink her blood." All Andrew could do is watch as his body marched over to Konan's illusion.

"P-please, d-d-don't kill me." Pleaded Konan's illusion, but Andrew's body wouldn't listen as it spoke out four words that mislead her.

"I won't kill you Konan." The illusion relaxed, but Andrew's body grabbed her and dragged her to the man, who took her in his hands. "He will." And in a moment, her body exploded, ending his dream.


"AAAAAHHHHH!!!" Yelled Andrew before regaining sense. "Konan! You're alive!" Andrew hugged Konan before seeing Atton. "You're alive too! Atton!" And he hugged Atton as well, happy that he didn't kill anyone. Alex, who had gotten out of his pokeball, walked up to his master and said.

"Whoa, what's happening here?" But he too was hugged by Andrew.

"Alex, you are alive! I didn't kill you either!" Yelled Andrew in joy before looking at the room, which looked severely trashed. "Woah, what happened in here?" He looked at the clock, which said 7:45. "Whoa! We gotta go!" And with that, Andrew ran out of the room, not wanting to be late.


The man was standing there, as a few... maybe six or seven anthros are already there. "Hehehe... five minutes to showtime... Get in your places!" He yelled to the camera crew. It was at about this point that Andrew ran in.

"Heh, hope I'm not late..." Said Andrew as he stood with the other competitors. The man smiled his creepy smile.

"No... you're just in time... your friend made it here in time too. Now, let's start this game." Said the man as he signaled to the crowd, most of which cheered out.

"Obstacle Challenge Deux!"

"To the newbies of this show, this is a team challenge show, with three competitions per episode, each based off of a game that has been recommended to us. Tonight, though is special, since two very famous anthros have joined in on this episode. Introducing... Kohanna Feles, and Andrew Verico!" Yelled the man excitedly. The crowd cheered, and the man decided to explain to them why they are famous. "These two have survived fighting two God-like creatures, and obtained weapons of immense power! Hopefully they'll survive this show!" The crowd started cheering at that. The man backed up as a large platform was shown above the ship.

"Today our first theme is... Tetris! Each anthro must dodge all of the blocks that fall to the ground. You can't get trapped either, or you will be eliminated! And just remember, by agreeing to this show, you have forefit all legal responsibilities in case of death, because TV just needs real danger for once." Said the man as he and the competitors disappeared, onto the platform.

"When I blow my whistle, the blocks will start falling. You have two minutes to survive! And you all will be assigned partners for the second and third challenges, as is customary with this game. You get to pick." Said the man as he put the whistle to his lips. "Aaaannd... go!" Yelled the man who then blew the whistle. A block fell onto a Wingull, crushing it to bits... they weren't kidding around...

They didn't care...

They wanted them all dead...

(ooc: Yeah, next chapter he'll be back to normal. Right now, he's happy that he didn't kill everybody, especially in the ways in the dream.)

April 2nd, 2009, 7:05 PM
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Konan was sitting watching her two male companions her ears twitching anxiously. Her tail wagged in worry. The waves the crashed against the ship seemed to mock her. They seemed to say 'You are weak your useless.' Konan shook with worry. She looked at Andrew. He seemed to show signs of having a nightmare. All was still. The eery silence haunted Konan menacingly.

"AAAAAHHHHH!!!" Yelled Andrew before regaining sense. "Konan! You're alive!" Andrew hugged Konan before seeing Atton. "You're alive too! Atton!" And he hugged Atton as well. Konan breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Andrew walking around and having the strength to hug a person.

"What the hell are you talking about. You seem to have had a nightmare." Konan giggled trying to lighten the mood. Her spirits lifted when she saw Attons eyes move as well.

"Nnggh..." He whispered his muscles were tensing up as he opened his eyes. Konan put her hands over her mouth to cover a gasp and to cover the oncoming tears that were forming in her eyes. Her two dearest friends in the world were alive. That was one more worry off of Konans shoulder. She had completely forgotten how her life force was fading. All she cared about was being with her friends. Andrew had ran to hug his pokemon who looked at him curiously. Attom slowly got out of the bed and stretched his muscles he had regained color in his skin. Andrew glanced over to the clock.

"Whoa! We gotta go!" And with that, Andrew ran out of the room, not wanting to be late. Konan nodded, and grabbed Attons hand. They too ran out of the room. The two clambered up the stairs trying to catch up to Andrew. They had managed to come up on the deck. They both panted heavily. Konan still guiding Atton came to the deck. Iris and Lance were already there. A wolf girl was present, as well as a man covered in a black robe who was standing there eyeing the situation carefully. The wolf girl didn't appear to give a damn about the whole situation.

"Heh, hope I'm not late..." Said Andrew as he stood with the other competitors. The man smiled his creepy smile. The wolf girl scoffed. The man covered in black glanced over at the other man. Lance and Iris clung to each other uneasily. Andrew was ready to face this foe head on. While Konan and Atton just watched warily. Waiting...

"No... you're just in time... your friend made it here in time too. Now, let's start this game." Said the man as he signaled to the crowd, most of which cheered out.

"Obstacle Challenge Deux!"

Konan gasped. "WE ARE ON A T.V. SHOW?! WHERES MY STUNT DOUBLE?!" Konan cried and began to panic. People would be watching her on t.v.

"Calm down. Don't get worked up. He only wants you to panic. Thats part of his game." The wolf girl stated.

"Calm...?" Konan whispered.

"To the newbies of this show, this is a team challenge show, with three competitions per episode, each based off of a game that has been recommended to us. Tonight, though is special, since two very famous anthros have joined in on this episode. Introducing... Kohanna Feles, and Andrew Verico!" Yelled the man excitedly. The crowd cheered, and the man decided to explain to them why they are famous. "These two have survived fighting two God-like creatures, and obtained weapons of immense power! Hopefully they'll survive this show!" The crowd started cheering at that. The man backed up as a large platform was shown above the ship.

Konan hissed uneasily. She hadn't fought God-like creatures, Lunar Rosa had. All she had been is a burden so far... She vowed to changed that. The spotlight shown on Andrew and Konan. Konan stepped up and flashed a fanged grin.

"So do I get paid for this crap or what?" Konan chuckled.

"Be careful. I have a bad feeling about this." Lunar Rosa mumbled.

"Today our first theme is... Tetris! Each anthro must dodge all of the blocks that fall to the ground. You can't get trapped either, or you will be eliminated! And just remember, by agreeing to this show, you have forefit all legal responsibilities in case of death, because TV just needs real danger for once." Said the man as he and the competitors disappeared, onto the platform.

"Not like we had much choice in the matter." Konan yelled to the man hosting the game. She walked up with Andrew.

"When I blow my whistle, the blocks will start falling. You have two minutes to survive! And you all will be assigned partners for the second and third challenges, as is customary with this game. You get to pick." Said the man as he put the whistle to his lips. "Aaaannd... go!" Yelled the man who then blew the whistle. A block fell onto a Wingull, crushing it to bits... they weren't kidding around...

"Alright ready for this Andrew?" Konan laughed. A slow blue intensifying aurua engulfed her. Her eyes turning a deep red. She wasn't Lunar Rosa. It was Aetherion. Waiting to play with her new toy."

"Heh. Heh..Hahahaha. You dare challenge me? The power that caused the anthros to go to war? Fine bring it on." Aetherion boomed at the man. The man nodded and blew thhe whistle. The challenge was on.

Zeta Patchouli
April 3rd, 2009, 4:24 PM
(ooc: Edward's name goes out to Edward Cullen, the most 'perfect' character ever written. He makes me sick.)

Chapter 40: Round 1: Tetris Smash: Kalius Returns!

Andrew looked at Aetherion, shocked. "Konan?" Asked Andrew, confused. After all, he hadn't seen her like this before.


Kalius looked on in horror. "G-girl... no, your soul can't be shattered! I won't let it!"

"What? Kalius? What's wrong with you!? Not that I'm complaining." Said Andrew, but Kalius took control quickly.


Kalius looked at Aetherion before blasting a tetris block that nearly crushed him, in half. "Aetherion, so we meet at last." Said Kalius as he jumped out of the path of a block. The man, whom we shall call Edward, was starting to worry.

"Oh... oh, no... Kalius and Aetherion? I would have enough trouble with the ex-tyrant, but the natural disaster too?" Asked Edward as he gripped his charm. "Grr... Our lord didn't give me enough information on how to handle both of them... Hmm, whatever happens, those two must never be paired up... ever."

"Hmm... it looks like you bit off more then you could chew, hm?" Asked a man from behind Edward. "It seems that you need help, hm." Said the man as his brown hair blew in the wind.

"Leave, I don't need your help, Mercury!" Stated Edward, but Mercury smirked.

"You need more then you think you do." Said Mercury as he touched the bar. After a second, he pulled back, and liquified metal came pouring down. "I can handle Aetherion, after the competition, while you and your cronies fight Kalius."

"Mercury, not even you can handle the whole cause of the war!" Exclaimed Edward, but Mercury smirked.

"Aetherion is a power that flows into the feline tribes at birth... I have some within me, I can beat her, even if she has most of it." Said Mercury as he scratched the top of his cloak, which kept his face a secret. "And mine is poison to her." Mercury then disappeared, ready to play with the anthros.

"He doesn't have it... egotistical leo." Muttered Edward as he looked back onto the playing field.


Kalius looked at Aetherion before jumping back, avoiding certain death. "Whoa... this is going to be tough." Said Kalius as he flew back once more, barely avoiding the blocks.

The other anthros were doing pretty good, and were able to avoid being crushed.

Aetherion was able to avoid the blocks, or destroy them, as she wasn't dead as of yet.

"Man... o-oh man." Gasped Kalius as he looked over towards the sides. He saw a man in a cloak that resembled Organization XIII's cloak. "That guy... I-I'm not sure if I could beat him." Mercury looked at Kalius before pointing up. Kalius looked up before blowing the Tetris block into the sea below.

"What's wrong with me? Are the new-aged beings getting more powerful each generation?" Asked Kalius before jumping on the top block. The challenge is almost done. It seemed that most, if not all of the anthros were almost up there.

"Out of my way!" Yelled an Aipom anthro that wasn't seen earlier as he jumped on Kalius' head, and used that to boost him into the air, where he grabbed onto the next tetris block, a bomb, and sent it into the sea. And with that, the bell rang... the two minutes were up.

"Congratulations for all of you!" Smiled Edward, although inside, he was furious. If that Aipom morph hadn't interfered, theb he would have killed off both Kalius, and Aetherion. "Now, here are your partners!"

Andrew and Forrest
Kohanna and Iris
Atton and Mercury
Lance and Sharon

"We have a new competitor, he got here late, but is a promising Leo. Meet, Mercury Kharisa!" Yelled Edward as Mercury walked up on stage.

"Yes, I'm a late entry, but I was kind of in the middle of all of this." Said Mercury as his red eyes looked at Aetherion. "Ah, it seems we have celeberties here. Congratulations on making it through the first round." Mercury smiled, but killing intent poured towards Aetherion.

"And now Round 2! We have a theme from a little known board game known as Break the Safe. A lot of you probably never heard of it. Each Team must navigate through a mansion and collect a key. These keys are your ticket for getting out of there. But watch out, as if the guard catches you, then... well, the torture is picked at random. Also, your powers will be taken away for this, as to provent cheating." And with that, collars were placed on all eight of their necks.

"You also have a time limit of 15 minutes, the minimum time of the actual game. All of you, have a great time, and remember, there are traps that will kill you if you don't get the right tool. You have five minutes to discuss with the others, while we go to commercial break. For all of you viewers, stay tuned, for there will be more of this coming at you!" Said Edward, as he started typing on the computer.

Kalius walked over to Aetherion and said. "I don't care how powerful you are, but if Konan's soul is gone, you will die. I don't want to lose someone like my sister ever again." Kalius then walked away, to meet up with the Aipom morph, known as Forrest.

April 3rd, 2009, 7:03 PM
The blocks began to fall. One by one Aetherion dodged with great agillity. The most unexpected thing came from when Aetherion shot what appeared to a blue hyper beam out of her mouth destroying one of the blocks into nothing, and then landing on the ground with great elegance. The challenge kept going for several minutes. Iris Lance and the two other anthro's were fairing quite well. Soon the blocks began to stop falling. Aetherion chuckled a bit. "I haven't had this much fun in forever. Entertaining." She smirked and then looked up at the two men. A smug glare on her face. A glare that could freeze over hell.

"Out of my way!" A mysterious voice called out and rushing into the fray. Aetherion scoffed.

"Another idiot eh?" Aetherion glared, she had no intention of fighting. She just wanted to see what kind of havoc she could cause before Konan took control again.

Congratulations for all of you!" Smiled Edward, although inside, he was furious. If that Aipom morph hadn't interfered, theb he would have killed off both Kalius, and Aetherion. "Now, here are your partners!"

Andrew and Forrest
Kohanna and Iris
Atton and Mercury
Lance and Sharon
Yuki and Yohaku

"We have a new competitor, he got here late, but is a promising Leo. Meet, Mercury Kharisa!" Yelled Edward as Mercury walked up on stage.

"Yes, I'm a late entry, but I was kind of in the middle of all of this." Said Mercury as his red eyes looked at Aetherion. "Ah, it seems we have celeberties here. Congratulations on making it through the first round." Mercury smiled, but killing intent poured towards Aetherion.

"Don't smile to me. Don't smile with that fake smile. It makes me sick." Aetherion told him and glared at him. The crystal blue eyes looked through him. Into his very soul. "Egotistical Leo. Don't talk to me."

Aetherion looked back at Atton. Leos were always very competitive with others and with each other. Aetherion smiled a bit. This was going to be fun. The wolf girl was standing around as well. She looked a bit tired of this game. The man in black was eteing Aetherion warrily. Atton was glaring at Mercury. it was quite obvious he did not want another leo in the competition.

"And now Round 2! We have a theme from a little known board game known as Break the Safe. A lot of you probably never heard of it. Each Team must navigate through a mansion and collect a key. These keys are your ticket for getting out of there. But watch out, as if the guard catches you, then... well, the torture is picked at random. Also, your powers will be taken away for this, as to provent cheating." And with that collars were placed on all eight of their necks. Aetherion scoffed. She had good physical abilities but decided enough was enough. She didn;t feel like doing some stupid maze.

"You also have a time limit of 15 minutes, the minimum time of the actual game. All of you, have a great time, and remember, there are traps that will kill you if you don't get the right tool. You have five minutes to discuss with the others, while we go to commercial break. For all of you viewers, stay tuned, for there will be more of this coming at you!" Said Edward, as he started typing on the computer.

The crowd cheered. If this was what counted as entertainment. Aetherion thought it was quite unnesscary. Putting people in a game that could kill them. When the time came Aetherion would kill this Edward man. Mercury. And anyone else that dared to challenge her.

Kalius walked over to Aetherion and said. "I don't care how powerful you are, but if Konan's soul is gone, you will die. I don't want to lose someone like my sister ever again." Kalius then walked away, to meet up with the Aipom morph, known as Forrest.

"Heh, foolish Kalius. Your reguarding that pathetic girl as a sister. Well I guarantee you by the end of the night. Konan will be gone." She muttered under her breath. As the aurua retreated Konan came to her senses. Her eyes barely open. She yawned. She was exhausted to her very core.

"Eh...I'm paired up with KONAN?!" Iris yelled. The two girls glanced at each other. It soon turned to a comedic glare.

"Well it looks like we will be working together on this one. I know you don't want to die. And I don't want to die." Konan smiled at Iris and the glares relaxed a bit. Konan and iris didn't want to admit it but they were friends.

The wolf girl and the cloaked man looked at each other. They both had cold looks on their faces. Atton was glaring at Mercury and Lance was trying to woo this Sharron character.

"So....We have to think of a plan or we are screwed..." Iris mumbled. Konan nodded.

"We are navigating through a mansion...And looking for a key so it wouldn;t be good to split up. And we can't use our powers... We need to think. Keys in game shows are always hidden in weird places."

"Maybe...the basement...?" Iris mumbled.

"And then there is the guard...Iris one of us has to go in frotn of each other n case guards I-" Konan couldn't finish her sentence before something amazing happened.

"No. We'll find a weapon once we get inside. If they aren't supernatural they should be easy to defeat with physical abilities." Iris mumbled. Konan was surprised iris was actually thinking through for once.

"Now where would a key be....?"

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(ooc: It's okay, I forgot about them. :P Also, I'm making Mercury out to be a lot stronger then he actually is, but he's still really powerful, and Aetherion could match up with him.)

Chapter 41: Round 2: Break the Safe: Mercury's Power!

Kalius glared at Aetherion as she turned back into Konan. "Not if I have anything to say about it. Damn it, how can I save her soul?" Asked Kalius before morphing back into Andrew.

"Whoa, does Kalius... actually have a heart? Wow, that's weird. He's never shown any kind feelings to anything before." Said Andrew to himself before looking at Forrest. "Are you ready?" The Aipom morph nodded as he scratched his head with his tail, but suddenly, Sharon walked up to them. He was a Sableye morph, and his eyes were the jewel-like eyes Sableyes have.

"Hello, it seems that we were not destined to be on the same team. I am here to warn you, There are people here that are incredibly powerful. Forrest is as powerful as you, and Mercury...I heard that he was the strongest of all of the Sinnoh tribes, and is by far one of the most powerful here, but that may not be true." Said Sharon as he scratched the side of his head. "Either way, I'm not sure if even Aetherion could beat him, he has the ability to control heat and fire, he's really dangerous, and can even melt the bones off of your skin if you can't get away in time."

"What? What kind of thing can do that?" Asked Andrew, talking about the overpowered guy. "I mean, seriously, how can we beat him?"

"Andrew... the guy is a fire elemental... you need a water elemental, or a large body of water. That will weaken him greatly." Said Sharon as he looked at Mercury. "Ice will work too, and Wind... well, not so much."

"If he's so powerful, then why is he taking orders from that man?" Asked Andrew. Sharon looked at Edward and said.

"Heh, it's a ruse. Mercury leads him. He is the world's most wanted man, with a bounty of one-hundred million." Sharon looked at Andrew. "If my predictions are right, then he shouldn't kill you here. But I was wrong about me being your partner, and that could throw me off."

Mercury walked over to Andrew and Sharon. "Heh, it's a nice day, isn't it?" Asked Mercury before walking away. As he left, Andrew swore that he saw the deck of the ship burst into flames for but a moment.

"!" Exclaimed Andrew, seeing the floor charred black. "The power in that man... Kalius doesn't stand a chance!"

"Don't worry about it. He's only here to test you all out, which is why this whole thing is even being done." Said Sharon as he started to walk away.

"... Team Enel has nothing on that Mercury fellow." Said Andrew, scared out of his mind. "Oh, god... I have never been so close to death in my life."


Edward finally grabbed the microphone. "And now, Round two preporations are complete! Preparing transport! Any last words?"

"Bababababah..." Stuttered Andrew.

"We will win, even though my partner's scared out of his mind." Said Forrest as that team disappeared.

"Well, I have no reason to fear." Said Sharon as he and Lance walked up to the teleporter.

"..." And that was Mercury as he walked up to the teleporter.

"And ready for Round 2!" Yelled Edward as they transported to the second station. "Starting the clock! If you do not collect a key, you will die... GO!"

And with that, the doors opened.


Forrest ran in quickly with Andrew going even faster. "Andrew, calm down! You may not be here willingly, but you shouldn't be so scared!" Yelled Forrest as he stopped. "What's bothering you?"

"Mercury... he's so powerful... even with the collar, he can still force fire out." Said Andrew. Forrest rolled his eyes.

"Andrew, Mercury is powerful, and it is right to be afraid of him, but... get over it." Said Forrest as the duo entered the satellite room. "Oh, great. We don't have a tool."

"Well, we weren't provided anything, so maybe..." Started Andrew as he opened the box. The trap was a bunch of bees, but he was able to jump back in time. This box held the key, but it was surrounded by the bees. "Crap... we need insect spray."

"Yeah, normally Swift would do the job, but the collars took our powers away." Said Forrest as the two ran out of the room.

"There's only 9:00 remaining!" Yelled Edward over the intercom.

April 4th, 2009, 9:24 AM
"Okay so I'm assuming they key is in a plce where we'd least think to look. And knowing this type of game...it's going to be something we both fear." Konan whispered to Iris.

"You don't mean...?" Iris mumbled.

"Thats right. It's going to probably hidden in a lit fire." Konan mumbled. The two girls shuddered. and looked up at Edward. The wolf girl and the man in the cloak were also discussing a plan. They didn't seem to want to loose either. Of course with the stakes this high. No one wanted to loose. "Iris. I need you to take out Celebi when we get inside. He specified we couldn't use our powers. Well lets use our pokemons powers. Celebi can warp to places. It will cut down our time if we can warp to places."

"Good idea!" Iris whispered ecstatically back.

"And now, Round two preporations are complete! Preparing transport! Any last words?" The man told the group.

The wolf and cloaked man shook there heads and headed for the teleporter. Those two were probably the best in the game. They looked powerful and had brains. That was the key to winning this game. Strategy.

"Yeah, what do we win?" Konan retorted as the two ran inside the teleporter and were teleporter to the hallway of the house.

"Okay go Celebi." Iris whispered.

"Bii.." The celebi came out of it's pokeball and fluttered next to the two girls. Yawening tiredly it was obvious that Celebi was asleep in it's pokeball.

"Go starly!" Konan whispered and a small starly landed on her shoulder. "Okay starly I need you to look for a key. A KEY, got it?" Konan smiled. The starly knodded and looked up im the tinyest corners.

"Celebi you needa stay with us and warp us when we need it." Iris whispered. Celebi nodded and sat on Iris head. The two began scrounging through the mansions old halls. Each door had some strange combinations to it. They were all unlocked so it was easy to get into each of them. Finding the key was the hard part...

The two girls warped from room to room. And even time travled once to have some time on time on there hands. Until finally they came into the mansions kitched. The kitchen was run down and rats scurried over the floor now an again. And then something amazing happen. Konan spotted a live flame.

"Who lights a flame and isn't cooking anything?" Konan asked iris. Iris shook her head. Well theres a pot on it. Konan peaked inside and saw a key dangling inside the boiling hot water. Konan hissed. "Looks like someones going to have to stick their hand in there.." Konan mumbled. She lifted her hand and placed it in the water. It was surprisingly cold. When she looked down the water was no longer boiling and the flames hand completely frozen over. Konan grabbed the key quickly and ran with Iris outside to the gate that had there pictures placed on it. The two unlocked the door and ran into the teleporter.

They habd exited and were now on the boat. Celebi and Starly back in there pokeballs. Lance, Sharron, Andrew, and Forrest were still inside that hell hole. The wolf girl and he cloaked man had made it out and were standing around idly.

"We made it but...I'm worried about andrew and lance..."

Zeta Patchouli
April 4th, 2009, 4:51 PM
Chapter 42: Finding the Bug Spray! Andrew and Forrest Vs. Mercury!

"Man, where could that bug spray be?" Asked Andrew as he opened a drawer... nothing yet, and there was only six minutes left. "Grr... damn."

A voice chuckled from behind. "I think I have what you seek." Said Mercury as he held out the bug spray. "We have already gotten our key, and we don't need this."

"Where's Atton?" Asked Andrew, trying to summon the winds, but failing, due to the fact that the collars were binding his power. Mercury smirked.

"He's taking the key to the safe... He's fine." Said Mercury as Forrest ran into the room. "Oh, it's you." Forrest looked at Mercury before saying.

"Hey, I have never seen you in my life, other then the contest. But you don't scare me!" Forrest ran towards Andrew and said. "We have to defeat this guy fast."

"Why?" Asked Andrew, confused. Forrest pointed to Mercury's hands, which were smoking.

"He can use his powers!" Yelled Forest as Mercury fired two fireballs. Andrew flapped his wings quickly, causing the fireball to soar towards Mercury, and Forrest was able to avoid it.

"Heh, kids... do you think that without your powers, you can match me? Sure, I can use my powers, but they are weakened because of this collar." Said Mercury before shooting another fireball.

Andrew grabbed Forrest and slammed him into the floor, just barely avoiding the attack. "Damn, close range won't work on him." Said Andrew to himself, but Forrest got up and charged at Mercury, who started firing a stream of fire towards the Aipom, but he was able to jump over it, and slam his foot in Mercury's face, knocking him back.

"Gah, damn it... you will pay for that!" Yelled Mercury as he wiped the drop of blood off of his lip. "Inferno!" And with that, the Pyromancer shot a lot of fire into the room, alerting the guard and his dog, but since they were just human, they ran away. "Hahah!" And Mercury shot in, to strike back, but Andrew, who had just found a mop, and ran it under the sink, slammed it into his face.

"Ah!" Exclaimed Mercury as the fire in the room shrunk a little bit. "You aren't bad... but you're still no match for me." And he stood still, but the fire which was starting to surround his body didn't, instead it expanded, coming towards them as the pre-existing fire in the room went out.

"Holy crap!" Yelled Andrew, but Mercury shot forward and punched the falcon in the stomach, adding the fire to the blow, burning him pretty badly.

"Heh, why is Lord Darkrai so afraid of you?" Asked Mercury as he grabbed the mop that was used against him before. "And now, you shall die." But as he swung, Forrest jumped on him, sending him to the ground, and was able to jump away before being cooked alive.

"Well, do you want to know why?" Asked Andrew as his body morphed into his Propero state's. "Well, this is why!" And with that, Andrew shot forwards at great speeds, and slammed into Mercury, sending him through the wall, and into the pool.

"Heh, you're not bad." Said Mercury as he ripped off his collar. "Now, feel my true power!" But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't fire any fireballs. "Grr... this is trouble." Mercury got out of the pool, and was warped away, leaving the Bug Spray behind.

"How much longer do we have?" Asked Andrew as he morphed back into his normal state. He looked at the timer, and there was two minutes left.

"Heh, we need to move." Said Forrest as he ran down the hall, Andrew with the bug spray, right behind him as they quickly made it to the satellite room, used the spray, and grabbed the key.

"COngratulations." Said Edward as a door appeared. "Enter the door to get to the safe." And seeing as there was less then twenty seconds, they wasted no time in taking the door, and placing their key into the lock, teleporting them away.


"Congratulations on all of you who managed to make it!" Exclaimed Edward as he clapped. "Now, the third game is... based off of Resident Evil. It is a survival game. We have placed mutated pokemon, courtesy of Team Enel, into the survival area. You must navigate yourself out of the survival area. You will not have any collars in this round, and the teams are as follows.

Andrew and Lance
Konan and Mercury
Atton and Iris
Sharon and Yohaku
Yuki and Forrest

"Now, have fun, and remember... watch out, for they will be powerful." And as he said that, the warp device turned on.

April 4th, 2009, 6:02 PM
Konan and Iris were panting werely. Atton had just made it out and was sittign next to the to girls. Iris was crying heavily. This game was meant to break the anthros down mentally physically and emotionally. They were trying to wear us down and waiting for us to faulter.

"Iris...Don't cry... it's what they want us to do. Stay strong okay?" Konan smiled. The girl sobbed clinging to Atton.

Andrew and his partner had just exited the mansion. Konan breatehd a sigh of relief when Lance joined the group as well. Konan couldn't wait for this game to be over. She had had just about enough of this nonsense.This wasn't a game of skill it was a game of torture. Ceated by Team Enel? Possibly. But they wouldn't think of something as clever as this. No, it had to be someone else. Someone else was pulling the strings.

"No matter. Annoucne the next round already!" Konan yelled. Yuki and Yohaku nodded, they weren't eager but just seemingly impatient.

"This is just a waste of our time." Yuki scowled.

"Indeed." Yohaku agreed with Yuki. These two were actually good partners. The wolf clan were always excellent fighters. And Yohaku Konan couldn't put it in words. He just seemed. Powerful in a scary sense.

The waves smashed against the boat mockingly. The ocean was waiting for one of them to faulter. Waiting to drag them down into its oceany depths. The glistening night sky had tiny stars twinkling in it. Iris had finally stopped sobbing when Attn had gave her hug. Konan was ready. She wouldn't drag anyone down anymore. This was here resolution.

"Congratulations on all of you who managed to make it!" Exclaimed Edward as he clapped. "Now, the third game is... based off of Resident Evil. It is a survival game. We have placed mutated pokemon, courtesy of Team Enel, into the survival area. You must navigate yourself out of the survival area. You will not have any collars in this round, and the teams are as follows.

Andrew and Lance
Konan and Mercury
Atton and Iris
Sharon and Yohaku
Yuki and Forrest"

"E-eh?!" Konan yelped. She was with Mercury. She had to deal with it. But if the game was truly based of resident evil then surely... Yes the games were mind games. They got worse each time. Being crushed, torture, and now being attacked by mutant pokemon. Yes each round was getting more and more dangerous. Or maybe Konan was overanazlyzing the situation.

"You are my partner I'm assuming?" Mercury smiled a fake smile. Knowing Konan couldn't see through his facade like Aetherion could.

"Y-yes. Nice to meet you." Konan whispered. Her ears went down into a submissive state. This was bad very very bad. The Nekos and Leos weren't the best of friends. gado and Lunar Rosa were proof of that however, Atton had always been kind to her. Gado wasn't exactly nice but...

"Be careful. I sense a lot of power in his aurua." Lunar Rosa mumbled.

"Hahaha. What are you? A lucario?" Konan teased. Lunar Rosa glared at her.

"This is no times for jokes!" Lunar Rosa yelled at her subconscious. Konan and Mercury continued to glance at each other.

"I'll destroy her before the night is over. This young neko will cease to exist when I;m through with her." Mercury thought to himself. A small smile of triumph spreading across his face. Little did he know that Konan was an ice weilder something to chill fire. And with Aetherion guarding her, the task wouldn't be easy.

"The time has come are you ready?" Edward announced. Everyone nodded. "Ready....go!" Efdward cried and the anthros ran into the maze. it was going to be tough thats for sure

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April 4th, 2009, 7:21 PM
Chapter 43: Round 3: Monsters From Hell!

(Enel Base)

Rei was sitting in his wheelchair, watching his favorite game show... 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire', when one of his guards walked in. "Why are you intruding?" Asked Rei as he glared at the man. "My favorite show is on!"

"Um... s-sir, we have ex-extracted the weapon!" Yelled the man. Rei turned to look at him.

"What did you say?" Asked Rei as tried to wheel himself towards the man. "You finally got the weapon? What of Mewtwo?" The guard was shaking.

"I-it is gone!" Exclaimed the guard. Rei grinned excitedly at the news.

"Heh, excellent... soon, my Devil's Machine will be complete. I shall be invincible. Now, how is that faux game show going?" Asked Rei. "After all, I payed those agents from the Darkrai cult a lot of money, and supplied them with a lot of mutants."

"Um... a-all of th-them made it t-to the last r-round." Said the guard. And with those words, the smile on Rei's face disappeared.

"What did you say?" Asked Rei, glaring at the agent, who cowered. "Graaahhh!" And with that, Rei shot him, killing him. "Damn! I need more time to find the other weapons! With one, the Devil's Machine is more powerful then anything, but I need the other seven to obtain godlike powers!"

"Then why not wait... You have one weapon, and two more will be here." Said Alex as he walked in. "Steal their weapons, and you can kill them easily. They haven't imporved from the last scans, and although there is a far more powerful foe there... the Devil's Machine with only one weapon can kill him." Rei nodded.

"Yes, I shouldn't worry. Now, let's take our first step into godhood!" Said Rei as he was wheeled off by Alex. "Hahahahah! I'm one step closer to becoming god! Now, let's hope that cult doesn't fail me! I put a lot of hard work into the game show!"

(Game Show)

In the survival sector, things were bad... three mutated pokemon were on Lance and Andrew. "Oh... CRAP!" Yelled Andrew as he fired at the pokemon, no effect, as they leapt at them, but Andrew grabbed Lance and flew over it.

"Thanks dude... I thought we were goners." Said Lance as they slowly descended to the ground. "Umm... why are we going down?"

"You're too heavy!" Yelled Andrew as they fell to the ground. The pokemon turned around and saw them.

"Grrrrahhhh!" Roared the Arcanine as it spit out a Flamethrower.

"AAAHH!" Yelled Lance as he took cover behind Andrew, who fired a powerful gust of Wind... no effect, and the two were blasted back by the fire. The Sneasel ran up and tried to devour them, but Lance, as he was flailing, kicked the weasel back.

"Wind Blade!" Yelled Andrew as he fired the powerful gust of wind, killing the Girafarig, and the Sneasel, but the Arcanine was gone. "Lance, we have to move!" But as he finished saying that, a Seaking, which looked like a pile of mush, only identifiable by the cry, and an army of Doduo's with ranging from one to eight heads, Bulbasaur that were inside out, and even a Wingull... but it was normal, and eaten within seconds by a Bulbasaur.

"Oh... shi-" Started Lance, but Andrew transformed into his Propero state and flew him and Lance over the crowd, just barely avoiding being grabbed by the Bulbasaur's vines, and kept flying, to hopefully get out of there. But before they were to get too far, a three-eyed Hitmonlee kicked Andrew, and the two fell out of the sky, before landing onto the wooden shack.

"Oww... Andrew, are you okay?" Asked Lance, but the army of mutants were drawing closer.


Mercury looked at Konan, thinking. 'I wonder how she'll do... Team Enel wants them dead, so by tonight, all of them will die.' Mercury smiled before saying. "We'd better clear the area before we attract the attention of the mutants." And with that, the Leo started walking away, but as he was walking, little flames were on the ground where his feet were before. But as he was walking away, mutant Spearows surrounded the two, but were burnt alive as Mercury incinerated them all. "Heh, annoying little pests, eh?" But as he said that, more appeared. "Well, this will be a good cool-down exercise."


Sharon sighed as he walked with Yohaku. "This is all wrong, my Future Sight hasn't been wrong before this game show... But my predictions for last round were correct. Let's just hope this round's predictions will be too." Said Sharon as he looked where a Mutant Rapidash and Electrike were to come from. "Boy, watch that spot... something is there."


"Hmm... well, this is weird." Said Forrest as he looked around. The two haven't yet been attacked. "This whole show is weird, but I am having a bad feeling about this." Said Forrest, and that is when a whole bunch of mutant Rattata, which looked like they were rotting corpses, surrponded them. "Heh, this shouldn't be too hard."

April 4th, 2009, 11:43 PM
Konans heart punded. Not with anticipation, but with anxiety. She had no idea what to expect. She gulped nervously and looekd at her partner. He had a very smug look on his face as they entered the maze. It was eerly quiet for the moment being. Konan was at a loss for words. When she would think of something to say the words wouldn't form. They would disappear. The two continued to walk in silence. The maze was like a hedge maze, the walls were hedge bushes. And no one could here her scream if he suddenly attacked her, but he wouldn't right? He was part of this whole twisted game just as much as she was. So she was praying to Arceus that he wouldn't suddenly attack her. She didn't know what his element was and he didn't know hers which was good and bad. It was good because Konan had the element of surprise if he attacked, it was bad because she didn't know his element nor how powerful he was. The silence continued until several small 'spearow!' were heard in the distance.

"We'd better clear the area before we attract the attention of the mutants." And with that, the Leo started walking away, but as he was walking, little flames were on the ground where his feet were before.

"So he's a fire element..." Konan thought to herself. She was doing her best not to panic. Her element was ice. Would she match up with him? Most likely not. Lunar Rosa probably could.

"Yes, your probably right." She had a gentle smile on her face trying to diffusion any tension between the two which was failing miserably. The tension merely rose. "So... why are you named after a planet?" Konan asked. Unfortunetly that didn't go so well either. He only shot her a distinct glare which sent shiver down her spine. Silence ones more and Konans spirits fell.

The ''spearows'' had become more distinct and one had come had swept down and scratch her on the cheek. Konan hissed in pain and held her cheek. The cut was stinging this was a mutant spearow, so maybe it had venom in it's claws. And if this was a torture game it wouldn't kill her...Or at least not for now..

Mercury smiled, he had waiting for this moment. He used fire to burn the spearows. And they collapsed to the ground dead. Konan whimpered. his powers was ferocious. He could probably match up with Aetherion if he wanted to. "Heh, annoying little pests, eh?" But as he said that, more appeared. "Well, this will be a good cool-down exercise."
Mercury began using fire to burn them to the crisp. The spearow incinerated one by one and the two trudged on. As the two trudged on they came across another pokemon. A shadowy figure. It was a pokemon. But Konan couldn't place her finger on it. The area around him seemed distorted...

As she went to approach it the figure shot out a mysterious attack at her sending Konan flying against a neighboring bush. The pointed branch gave her several cuts on her arms and face. "What is that thing?" Konan hissed.


Yohaku trudged through the forest into the mazes. Sharron trying to keep up desperatly. It was bad enough he had to be stuck with some slowpoke Sableye No, he was put in this stupid game to fight his own creations. Yohaku had been part of this Mutant experment. he had battled one of them. And he knew what was coming at the end of the maze. An artificial mutant but much more powerful then any real mutant.

"This is all wrong, my Future Sight hasn't been wrong before this game show... But my predictions for last round were correct. Let's just hope this round's predictions will be too." Said Sharon as he looked where a Mutant Rapidash and Electrike were to come from. "Boy, watch that spot... something is there."

Yohaku's blood red eyes looked up from his face. He saw the Mutant pokemon that were running torwards him. The rapidash was charging a horn drill and the electriek was using a charge beam. "Feh. You think thats enough to scare me. I was helping create these things." The trick to thesae things is. Yohaku raised his hand and hit the rapidash in the forehead. it collapsed to the ground immedietly and kicked the electrike in the forehead as well. And the electrike fell to it's knees. They both returned to there normal form and lay there still. They weren't dead just unconscious.

"Wow how'd you do that?" Sharron asked Yohaku. Yohaku looked at Sharron.

"It is the secret behind these mutant. Team Enel created these things. I am a member of Team enel. I helped created these things. They placed a chip inside the pokemons head increasing it's power and mutating it's dna. each was placed in the middle of its forehead. If you tap that spot the chip deactivates and the pokemon return to normal." Yohaku stated and continued on through the maze.

"W-wow." Sharron mumbled tryign to keep up with the jackal.


"Hmm... well, this is weird." Said Forrest as he looked around. The two haven't yet been attacked. "This whole show is weird, but I am having a bad feeling about this." Said Forrest, and that is when a whole bunch of mutant Rattata, which looked like they were rotting corpses, surrponded them. "Heh, this shouldn't be too hard."

Yuki said nothing. She was emotionless. She merely scowled at Forrest and began to attack the rattata one by one.

"Hey! Wait we can't just go on them straight on!" Forrest yelled.

"Do you want to get through this maze or not? They are just a bunch of rattatata there easy kills. Even my poocheyena can take these weaklings out." Yuki scowled and finished off 3 rattata's.

~Atton and Iris~

"Atton I'm scared.." Iris whispered. Atton said nothing. He was rather annoyed with Iris. She had been so clingy. The last thing he wanted to do was be trapped in a maze with her.

"Calm down Iris nothings attacked us so as lnog as we lay low we'll be fine. Besides you have your weapon remember?"

"Oh yeah!" Iris immedietly cheered up and shuddered with anticipation at the tohught of using her weapon. Right on que three beedrill shot out at them. Iris yelled with excitement as Arbor the knuckle of the forest formed in her hand, she began atatcknig them with vines.


"What is that thing?!" Konan yelled. The shadowy pokemon emerged from the shadows. It's magestic stature told her everything. The figure wasn't mutated horrendously. Just mildly disfigured. But the figure was a Lucario. Konan then assumed that the attack shot out at her was a mutated and much strogner version of aurua sphere.

The lucario dashed at mercury with great velocity and aurua sphered him as well. Sending him flying...

"Damn it! The mutants aren't suppose to go after ME!" Mercury yelled.

"You?" Konan hissed. She wasn't expecting that. Sure enough Mercury was with the bad guys but his plan had backfired when the Lucario attacked both of them.

"Our plan was to double team you and kill you!" he yelled as he ran at the Lucario once more. Konan hissed. Even if he was trying to kill her. She had to beat the Lucario one way or another. It was the only way to get out of the maze...

ooc: I know Yohaku knows a little mroe about a Mutant Pokemon then he should but c'mon he's a part of team Enel I think that counts for something. xD

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April 5th, 2009, 10:00 AM
(ooc: Actually, I was expecting him to know something about them, he is a part of Team Enel, after all. Mercury and Neptune will come back later on, after Team Enel goes down.)

Chapter 43: The Army of Mutants!


"You know what? I think it's time to get out of here." Said Mercury, his plan ruined. "Heh, watch out. I won't protect you from this... Inferno!" And with that, fire started to surround him, before spreading out, engulfing the mutant Lucario, destroying it instantly, before the fire went back into him. "Well, that was easy. Now to rid myself of a pesky Neko." And Mercury turned around, and fired the fireball.

But before it could hit her, a man came into the way, and fired an iceball, cancelling it out. "Hello, young neko." Said the man who just jumped in. "I hope this villain didn't hurt you."

"Neptune? What are you doing here? I thought I killed you!" Yelled Mercury, but Neptune shook his head.

"Heh, you're messing with the clan's prophecy, dear brother." Said Neptune as he walked over to Mercury. "It seems that we must leave... or we risk breaking our prophecy." And with that, the two brothers were teleported away... Leaving Konan without a partner... bummer.


"Hmph, well... we are almost out, and the mutants are pretty far away from us." Said Sharon as he rounded the corner, and saw the exit. "Wait... this is... ! Don't take a step farther! You will regret it if you do!" Sharon then threw a mushroom into the empty space, and it was incinerated by the invisible lightning fence.

"We need to find the key, and if my Future sight is working properly, I know where it is." Said Sharon as he ran in the opposite direction.


Forrest snorted, he already hated Yuki, but he had to admit, she was a good fighter. But he couldn't be outdone so easily, so he too rushed in, easily avoiding the attacks, and either punching, kicking, or smashing them with his tail, he started fighting them off as well.

"Heh, I don't see what I was worried about, but I know that isn't it." Said Forrest before looking around, there wasn't really anything else there, except a small sparkle from the ground. He picked it up, and it was a key.

"Hey! We need that key!" Yelled Sharon as he turned the corner to see them, blasted the Rattata away with psychic energy, and grabbed the key from Forrest's hand. "Thank you for the contribution!" And with that, Sharon slid into the shadows and ran away.

(ooc: If you didn't know, there is only one exit, that everyone must take... on and change of POV! Andrew)

"Use your weapon!" Yelled Andrew to Lance. "With that we can win!" But Lance was too distracted by the prospect of getting eaten by mutant pokemon. "...Crap. I can't handle this on my own!" But at the last second, before a seven-headed Doduo was to bite the two of them, a gunshot was heard, and it fell.

"Heh, you call for help?" Asked Marcus as he jumped down.

"Marcus!" Yelled Andrew as he got ready to attack. But Marcus just shook his head.

"No, not today... I'm here to save all of your sorry hides!" Said Marcus as he cut off the head of another of the mutants. "Andrew, you defeated me in that form, and you can't beat a bunch of weaklings?" Marcus then fired his gun again before putting it away, and cutting through a bunch of mutants.

Andrew fired a gust of wind, blowing more back, and killing some of the Bulbasaur, but the Doduo were still coming at them... and that is when it went to hell, as out of the ground came... a Giant Gyarados with seven heads. "Holy crap!" Yelled Andrew, and even Marcus was scared.

The Gyarados roared with all of its might and devoured the remaining Mutants in that area before turning to the three anthros. "Roooaaaarrrrrr!" Roared all seven of the heads in unison, its roar echoing throughout the maze.


"Uh oh." Said Edward, scared that there was such a beast there. "I didn't order that thing!"

April 5th, 2009, 7:21 PM
Konan whimpered looking at the Lucario, it was obviousit had the malicioud intent to kill. As it charged at Mercury she closed her eyes and horror only to be amazed at the power of his flames once more.

"You know what? I think it's time to get out of here." Said Mercury, his plan ruined. "Heh, watch out. I won't protect you from this... Inferno!" And with that, fire started to surround him, before spreading out, engulfing the mutant Lucario, destroying it instantly, before the fire went back into him. "Well, that was easy. Now to rid myself of a pesky Neko." Mercury scoffed and Konan looked at horror at him. She backed against a bush and screamed.

"KYAAAAAAAH!" She screamed as she watched Mercury through a Inferno Fireball at her. the fireball was huge it was going to incinerate her if it touched her. She was to frightened to dodge out of the way. She closed her eyes and waited for the impending incineration. It never came. "H-huh?" Konan looked at the man standing in front of her. He had shot an iceball at Mercury to negate the fireball.

"Hello, young neko." Said the man who just jumped in. "I hope this villain didn't hurt you."

"Neptune? What are you doing here? I thought I killed you!" Yelled Mercury, but Neptune shook his head.

"Heh, you're messing with the clan's prophecy, dear brother." Said Neptune as he walked over to Mercury. "It seems that we must leave... or we risk breaking our prophecy." And with that, the two brothers were teleported away... Leaving Konan without a partner... bummer. Konan thought it was a huge relief however.

"So I have to find a key..." Konan mumbled getting up off the ground and and brushed herself off and walking further into the maze. She walked on and on through the maze. It seemed like hours before she got anymore when in fact it had only been a few minutes. The only thing that trapped Konan out of her bored mind was tripping over something sparkly. Konan whimpered in pain but then looked at the thing she had tripped over. it was a key!

"Yes, I got it!" Konan yelled grabbing the key and heading back into the maze to find the exit.


"Hmph, well... we are almost out, and the mutants are pretty far away from us." Said Sharon as he rounded the corner, and saw the exit. "Wait... this is... ! Don't take a step farther! You will regret it if you do!" Sharon then threw a mushroom into the empty space, and it was incinerated by the invisible lightning fence.

"We need to find the key, and if my Future sight is working properly, I know where it is." Said Sharon as he ran in the opposite direction. Yohaku scoffed. And followed Sharron.

"You rely on your powers to much. You know that right?" Yohaku taunted Sharron just trying to piss Sharron off. Knowing full well that he had the strength to defeat Sharron if the time comes.

"What if the key is NOT there? What then?" Yohaku yelled.


"Heh, I don't see what I was worried about, but I know that isn't it." Said Forrest before looking around, there wasn't really anything else there, except a small sparkle from the ground. He picked it up, and it was a key.

"Hey! We need that key!" Yelled Sharon as he turned the corner to see them, blasted the Rattata away with psychic energy, and grabbed the key from Forrest's hand. "Thank you for the contribution!" And with that, Sharon slid into the shadows and ran away.

Yuki scoffed. "Feh, such a useless game. This is unessary oponets. They are fools." Yuki scoffed.

"Hey you come back!" Forrest yelled running deeper into the maze. Leaving Yuki to herself. Yuki scowled angerly and went in opposite direction.

"Guess I have to get another key. Feh." Yuki scoffed.

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April 6th, 2009, 7:29 PM
(ooc: Yep, I'm bringing in a minor character, actually, he'll be important for the Orbital Leo Tribe subplot. He's a Gym Leader, and one of my favorite characters, and is the poor soul that is the victim of the fact that his only fanfiction life will be filled with either badfics, or Yaoi. Yes, I am talk- typing about Volkner. He won't be in until after the Team Enel subplot, so... yeah. Enjoy Chapter 44 Third Draft. My first draft was perfect, but I accidentally got offline. T.T I am sorry if I made them OOC, but one, I really don't care much for Flint, and two, I love that refrence.)

Chapter 44: A New Character, Also...: Sharon Vs. Forrest


You see a man watching TV, staring at what was going on in the show. "Hmm... so it begins, eh? And just when I got excitement back into my career." Said the man as he grabbed his jacket and put it on, along with his belt, which had his whole team on it. "But maybe... this is for the best." And with that, the man walked out of his house, only to be interrupted by a man with a red fro.

"Hey, Volkner. I was sent down here to tell you that your gym is not allowed to be renovated until we clear up the bills." Said Flint as he walked around to face Volkner.

"What bills?" Asked Volkner, somewhat confused on what Flint was talking about.

"The bills we recieved from the power plants on the entire eastern half of Sinnoh you pawned onto us." Said Flint.

"What did I do that was so bad last time?" Asked Volkner, causing Flint to stare at the Lightning Gym Leader.

"You blacked out this entire city, and caused power surges in Veilstone and Pastoria, lasting weeks until we were able to get it running again, then you pawn the bill off to the Elite 4! We don't make as much as you think we do." Said Flint, but at that point, Volkner was gone. "Well... he wasted no time in leaving." A second later, a trainer walked up to him and kicked him in the shin. "Ow! Why'd you do that?"

"Um... there was a note on your back, it says 'Kick me, I'm an idiot.'" Said the trainer as Flint grabbed the note, and turned it over.

"Dear Flint, I have to go, and you're bogging me down with useless details, so while you were talking about things I already knew, I wrote this, went back into my house, watched a bit of TV, and found the tape I thought I lost a few months back. You really talk slow, you know that? Anyway, I'm off to Kanto, somewhere... you won't see me again for a while, if at all. Oh, one last thing, I don't like you like that! I know that's why you came down. I kept telling you for years, but I really don't like you like that! Hopefully that got into your thick skull, and I'll be back in a few weeks/months... hopefully. Sincerely, Volkner." Read off Flint. "Well, that's rude. I don't talk that long, do I?" But when he looked back towards the trainer, he was gone, and the sun was setting. "What? But it was mid-afternoon when I got here... Oh, no! I told the cabbie to leave the meter running! I must hurry! I must save the rest of my money!"


And at this point, Volkner was long out of Sunnyshore's waters, and out in international waters. "Heh, sorry man. But I have to help those kids."

"Next and only stop, Olivine City!&quo