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November 12th, 2008, 6:42 PM
Fist of Arceaus
Created by: CTFx
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Idea: This is not the plot, but what about this RP that makes it different, and oh yes, it is very different. You don't go on a little adventure and catch all the legendary Pokemon and slaughter all the little trainers in your path. This is a real military-like tactical RP. So for instance, you would lead 1000 other Pokemon into battle with another unit. The greatest thing about this is the high levels of customization. For instance, if you had a team, you could name them Water Blasters, and you could decide if they are Blastoises, Polywhirls, and so on. You could decide the moves, the armor, weapons, and so on. This RP is nothing like any other, it is different, and the Role Players will be subjected to a whole other level of writing and imagination.

Plot: In the world of Pokemon, so much different than ours, things were different.

Arceus created the universe, and an avatar to represent himself. He created life, on a planet, and on planets. He created day and night, and he created the great Pokemon that ruled the ancient world. So, the ancient pokemon were not civilized. They were much like dinosaurs from the human world, nomadic beings that roamed the planet, in constant look for food and shelter. These ancient Pokemon often broke out into small skirmishes, but nothing full scale. Arceus was not pleased. They had not sought him, they had not worshiped him. They did not even acknowledge his presence. So, his wrath was brought down ontop of these Ancient Pokemon, destroying them all.

Arceus decided to start over. He created a basic life form. A small interchangeable cell, with a long strand of static DNA. He created clone after clone, altering the DNA at will, changing the shapes of these life forms, giving it individuality. And so the Pokemon races of the world were created. The small population of the world worshiped him, and Arceus was pleased.

The population of the Pokemon flourished, and it became very hard for Arceus to control this mass of Pokemon. With this much, a blasphemy could erupt, and spread like fire on dead grass. Arceus decided to make lesser gods to help his reign. They were called by the name of Legendaries. The kingdom of the world was ruled, by Arceus and the legendaries. However, a shift in the land caused the world to split into small islands. Unity was hard, and revolts soon broke out. Arceus then created four houses of the Kingdom.

The First house was Elementum. It was ruled by the elemental birds, and it represented the culture of the Kingdom. Such creations as Music and The Alphabet started there, and strides in literature and music flourished there. Later, it was named Kanto Region by humans.

The Second house was Valley quod Mons montis. It was ruled by the Dogs, and it represented the beauty of the Kingdom. Archatectual masterpeices and Landforms of divine were created there. It was sculped masterfully, and the foundation for security and a shelter. Later, it was named Johto Region by humans.

The Third house was Tempestas. It was ruled by the Weather Trio, and it represented the strength of the Kingdom. Pokemon trianed there with great strength, and much of the hard work was easy to do there. It held some of the most renouned Pokemon Games the world had ever seen. Later, it was named Hoenn Region by humans.

The Last house was Vicis quod Tractus. It was ruled by the Legionaries of Time and Space, and it represented the Intelligence of the Kingdom. Education was the best possible there, and great creations such as Physics and Theories were created there, and much of it was contributed by the connection with space. Later, it was called Sinnoh Region by humans.

The Four Houses flourished, and new laws and government created unity between them all. However, not all can always be right in a perfect world. Arceus was pleased with his work, and so he left the world for a short time.

All the Legendaries saw this as their chance to take over. They all wanted the money and the land that the others had. So, they induced nationalism into all the subjects of thier house, and unified them not under Arceus, but themselves. However, others were not so sure.

When Arceus returned to the World, he saw the Kingdom on the edge of war. The Legendaries had gained both Political and Religious Powers, and were building their armies to send out crusades. Arceuswas not able to bring his wrath down agian, the Legendaries were to powerful to destroy head on. Arceus decided to sweep up any loyalists, and crush the entire Kingdom.

All Houses were soon at war, and everyone is fighting for the Power. So, will you choose the side of Arceus, and bring back the Rule of the Kingdom? Or do you want to fight under a legendary, and gain Power once you rule the world? Its your decision, choose wisely.

Setting: The time period is not too technologically advanced. I had planned for this to be a Pokemon vs Pokemon RP. However, I have been thinking of the concept of technological evolution, as in overtime more things are created. Depending on the area you battle in, the climate affects you. Populations would be really high, (due to underdevelopment in the world so far) so there would be many tiny houses. I am going to put down a list of the eras that have taken place, and that will take place. I will also put some things made in that period, and as the RP advances, so will the date.
The red date is where the story is now
Unknown - 400 BA(Before Arcues's Leave): Ancient Period
The most prehistoric of Pokemon roamed the land, universe created, and Arcues's Wrath in 398 BA.
400 BA - 450 BA: Second Coming
Arceus creates all known Pokemon. They are grouped together, the Church of Arceus is created.
450 BA - 600 BA: Religious Sanctum
All Pokemon unify under Arceus. He reigns, and all is right with the world.
600 BA - 622 BA: Renaissance
The world is broken into the four known islands. Anarchy is in state, and the Arceus Rule is created.
622 BA - 700 BA: New Era
The Four Houses are created. Things such as the Alphabet and Armor are created. A basic understanding of life and the universe has come to the people. Education is started in Elementum. Pokemon now are loyal to their clans and to the house, still including Arceus. Arceus is pleased, he takes his leave.
During Arceus's Leave: Fluctuation
Legendaries see this as their chance to overtake the world. A massive war begins. Bloodshed has turned the 4 Houses into red islands.
0 AR(After Return): Revelation
Arcues returns, and has seen the world in it's new state. He builds up his army, and plans to recover his Kingdom.
1 AR - 200 AR: Alpha War
We are at war. All sides fight for thier own beliefs. Arceus is now in the battle, and is spreading his troops throughout the kingdom. Peacekeepers predict the end of a new world.
200 AR - 500 AR: Medieval War
Pokemon of artistic professions design the Iron Spike. The war gets alot more brutal.

Rules: Posted In OCC Thread

Sign Up: Posted In OCC Thread

Game Rules:
Many of you wonder how to play this style, this is how you do it.
1. You have alot of Pokemon under your command. You do not fight 1-1, rather 1000-1000.
2. You create your own unit, I will have a encyclopedia of stuff up later.
3. You must elaborate. I want to feel the adrenaline of the battle.
4. Be reasonable. You cant have 500 Sceptiles running around blowing Hyper Beams everywhere, thats more of a once in a while deal. Set up camp, you are not impervious to basic needs. How will you get food to feed that much?
5. More on rule 4, be dependant on your house. If your house is losing, then your Pokemon's morale will be low, and you might not have enough food and have to surrender.
6. Yes, you can die. You can start over, however.
7. If you haven't read, you cannot be human, since they havent even been created yet.
8. I will be Arceus in this RP, what I say goes. If I decide to make Nuclear Weapons and wipe your ass out? Deal with it.
9. Tactics. This is a tactical RP, you will NOT win by going head to head each time.

Comments Are Allowed! If you have something positive or negative to say, just post COMMENT: <your comment goes here>

Im eager to see how this goes. You might see things like this from me in the future. Thanks for taking your time to look at this!

Arceus Rule - The Laws which define the New Houses and World
Iron Spike - A large spike made of iron, which is easily attatched to any part of the body. Used as a weapon, created in 206 AR.

November 13th, 2008, 5:03 PM
COMMENT: This is a rockin' awesome idea. @_@ You've obviously put a lot of thought into this.

Although, it is a very large idea - if I were to sign up I would have some trouble with deciding where to start. How techonologically advanced are the nations? Do we have airplanes and bombs? What is the climate like? How large are the islands/houses? What are they like demographically? Do you have maps?

Personally, I would prefer to use the plot idea as a setting for a smaller story, but if someone else signs up, I might follow their lead.

November 14th, 2008, 2:22 PM
Put in more details, answered Rabbits question in 1st thread.