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November 23rd, 2008, 12:41 PM
There are currently no spots available

The story so far:
Professor Maple is a bright young woman from Celadon City. Following her academic success and a grant from the Silph Company, Maple was able to achieve her dream of becoming a pokémon professor at a very young age. She initially conducted her experiments in her home town of Celadon, but found herself limited as, even with her grant, she simply couldn't afford to build a large lab due the high land prices in Celadon.

Unfortunately some of Maple’s early papers came under some criticism; particularly from one Professor Oak, who claimed Professor Maple provided ‘insufficient evidence to support her theories’. Following this, Professor Maple decided she would have to move away from Celadon in order to obtain a bigger lab and be able to conduct more extensive research.

After much thought, the young Professor decided to move to Pallet Town. Maple was still extremely bitter about Professor Oak’s comments about her work, and wanted to prove her worth as a Professor to him. Maple also had another motive for choosing Pallet Town. Using her contacts at the Pokémon League, she had managed to obtain a licence to issue pokémon to beginner trainers in her new hometown of Pallet, putting her in direct competition with Professor Oak. Her aim was to make Oak eat his words by producing more successful trainers than he did.

After her initial attempts to go into direct competition with Oak and take the Town’s 10 year olds failed, Maple decided to target slightly older trainers who had missed out on their initial opportunity to get a pokémon. Professor Oak did not take kindly to Professor Maple’s attempts to steal his trainers, and relations between the two soured further.

Maple’s first batch of trainers achieved considerable success, with four reaching the Kanto pokémon league tournament. Two even reached the final of the tournament, and battled for the title of pokémon league champion. Following the success of her trainers at the pokémon league, Maple had taken the two finalists out for an elaborate celebration dinner. The trainer’s pokémon had been left at the lab with Maple’s new assistant Robert. However, upon returning from the dinner, Robert and all of the lab’s pokémon were nowhere to be seen. Police later reported that they believed Robert had stolen the pokémon with the intention of selling them on the growing Hoenn black market.

The police also reported that there was usually a six month to a year gap between pokémon being stolen, and their sale on the black market. With this information, Professor Maple sent her trainers to Hoenn with two goals in mind. Firstly, to locate the stolen pokémon, and attempt to retrieve them from either Team Magma or Team Aqua. Secondly, while they were in Hoenn, the trainers were to attempt to qualify for the region’s annual pokémon league...

Rules: Don’t worry there aren’t many

-Sorry, but no legendaries will be allowed in this rpg
-No bunnying of other peoples characters (unless you have their permission)
-Stay Active! It’s a very important part of an RPG, if you are going to be unable to post for a while, PM me, so I know why you aren’t posting and won’t kick you out. This is my first RP and I want it to keep going for as long as possible
- If you are finding a rare item (i.e. a TM/hold item), you will need to consult with me prior to posting it to get my permission. I will usually give you the go ahead, unless I feel the item is overpowered.
-Other than that just follow the basic forum rules and keep it pg13

That’s all of them. Just follow these rules and this will run smoothly.

Sign Up

Name: Your characters name
Age: Your Characters Age (12-18)
Gender: Is your character male or female
Appearance: Describe what your character looks like
Personality: Describe your characters personality
History: A brief history of your character (include why they didn't leave Pallet at 10)
Starter Choice: Which starter pokémon would you like

also include an RP Sample if you would be so kind

I won't play in this RPG; I'm the Game Master of this RPG. I will play as certain NPCs, for example, I'll be Prof. Maple, and other special NPCs. I'll also set up the areas where you'll explore.

I will set up each area before you write your posts for that area. In that post I will specify which pokémon you will be able to catch, any events in the area etc. Also I make the decision if you catch the wild pokémon or not. Basically, you can fight the wild Pokemon, up until the point you throw the Pokéball. You will stop your post there and I will decide if you were successful or not depending on the quality of your post. Also, the better the quality of the battle post, the higher the level of the pokémon you catch. Happy RPing :)

Region One - Kanto

Sasuneuchiha - Pokemon League Champion
I Laugh At Your Misfortune - Pokemon League Runner Up

Region Two – Hoenn
In Progress
Current RPers:
I Laugh At Your Misfortune
Snow Phoenix

The OOC thread is located here (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=161419)

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
November 26th, 2008, 12:19 PM
Name: Warren Simmons

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Warren is short for his age, roughly five feet tall. He is also quite scrawny and as such, looks a bit younger than he is. He has black hair, though its cut so short that its impossible to tell. He has hard green eyes and a short upturned nose with a mouth that naturally curls into a sneer. His ears stick out a little and overall, he looks like a bit of a lout. Normally, he wears black tracksuit trousers and a white t-shirt as well as a dark green anorak. He also has a ratty pair of black shoes.

Personality: Warren is extremely obnoxious, loud mouthed and generally dislikable. He is, however, very insecure and cannot take critcism due to his humongous ego. He does have his good points however - Warren is very loyal to those few you earn his respect and is very determined, never giving up, even against overwhelming odds.

History: Warren has had a mostly uneventful life up until now, apart from several 'incidents' which include terrorising a Magikarp for being too weak and coaxing a group of wild Mudkip into flooding his own house. Most significantly, at age nine, he attempted to release a trio of starter pokemon 'because he was bored'. This crime earned him a ticket to Pokemon Tech Boarding school, courtesy of his parents. Though he originally stuck with it and found several friends, he eventually got expelled for 'accidently' setting off the sprinklers during a demonstration from guest speaker Brock on the strengths and weaknesses of the Rock type. Having finally given up on taming him, Warren's parents decided finally to send him on a Pokemon journey, saying it would either 'sort him out' or get him killed. Its unsure which they would prefer.

Starter Choice: Poliwag

RP sample:
Simon shivered, partly from the cold and partly from fear. After all, this cave was pitch-black, filled with blood-sucking Zubat and giant Onix, and there was a big, creepy statue of Dialga at the entrance. The only light he had was a small flashlight, and the batteries were running low. The light flickered suddenly, and Simon gasped. But after a few heart-stopping seconds, the beam strengthened again. Simon sighed in relief. The sooner he was out of this cave, the better. He didn't feel comfortable with small, dark spaces - who was? But before he could even begin to feel relieved, he heard an odd squeak from up ahead. It was a ghastly sound, a mixture of terror, pain and anger. He froze in fear, but then the squeak came again, and Simon realised that it was a Pokemon in pain. Regardless of whether it was a Chansey of a Gengar, he couldn't ignore a hurt Pokemon. He swept the beam of light across the floor, hoping he had been mistaken. There! Lying on the floor was a crumpled, leathery shape. It turned its head, revealing an eyeless face and four pointed fangs - a Zubat. Simon sighed in relief for the second time in as many minutes. His Pokedex had claimed that no ghost Pokemon lived here, but he wasn't all that trusting of technology. Gently, he picked up the weakly flapping Pokemon. Instantly he saw what was wrong - it had a huge cut straight through its wing, and blood, faintly green, was oozing steadily from it. Resisting an urge to vomit, he pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and carefully wrapped it around the wing. Zubat thrashed a little as he pulled the makeshift bandage tight, but it wasn't strong enough to do anything.
"Calm down!" he whispered frantically, "I'm trying to help you, and if you keep writhing about, you're going to hurt yourself even more!" Zubat seemed to understand, and calmed down with a gentle squeak, to indicate it was grateful for the help. Simon looked up. He still had a way to go before the next Pokemon Centre, and he could only do so much. If he took too long...Simon pushed that thought firmly from his mind, and started forwards once again, marching with renewed vigour. He was desperate not to meet whatever had done this to the poor creature, but two seconds later, he realised he wasn't going to have a choice. A horrible, snickering roar came from behind him, and Simon froze in fear yet again. Terrified, he turned around, and standing in the middle of the tunnel was a small, dinosaur-like Pokemon, with a blue, glowing head. Its curved claws had some strange, reddish-green liquid dripping from the tips. Simon gulped, taking a step back. Then, two things happened very quickly. The Cranidos, for that is what it was, leapt forwards, landing in front of Simon. Zubat, at the same time, threw itself forwards and screamed sharply in Cranidos’s face. As it did so, blue radar lines emanated from its mouth. They engulfed Cranidos, which stopped, confused. Simon grabbed Zubat seconds before it hit the floor, then ran. Cranidos was simply gazing at its claws. “Craaaan?” it croaked. Simon guessed that if it could speak human, it would probably be saying “woaaaah…dude…my hands are huge!” He took the time to smile, then continued on through the mysterious cave.

November 26th, 2008, 1:07 PM
@alipeewee - accepted can't wait to see how Warren gets on with his naive poliwag.

@master123 - accepted just to let you know you can't write in script form like you seem to be in some of your other RP's. If this is a problem PM me.

November 26th, 2008, 3:11 PM
Name: Max
Gender: Male
Age: 10

Appearence: Max is shorter then most people his age. He stands at about 3 foot 11 and weighs about 85 lbs.

When cold: When its cold outside Max usually wears black with yellow stirpes pants, a red vest with a white long sleeved shirt underneath, his black and yellow hat, black and yellow gloves, black running shoes, and his necklace.

Normally: Max ususally wears his red and white polo shirt, his yellow and black hat, his black and yellow shorts, his red and white running shoes, his necklace, and black fingerless gloves.

Max's hair is always black spiky/messy and his eyes are always crystal blue.

Personality: Max has always been a light hearted fellow. He never usually holds grudges against people and always acts friendly to them. He loves pokemon and never wants to hurt them. On top of being light hearted Max is also very outgoing. He will do anything and everything for his friends and pokemon. He is always the clown of the group what with his jokes, pranks occasionally and back talk.

History: Max grew up in Pallet Town. His mom died giving birth to his little brother, but Max never held it against him, unlike their older brother,Kevin. Kevin always blamed Josh for the death of their mom and never let Josh foreget it. Max protected his little brother because he already lost a little brother from a disease. His dad abandoned them forcing the three of them to live on the streets.

One day when Max was at Proffessor Jacob's lab picking a date for him to get his pokemon Kevin left Josh on his own. Josh was kidnapped by Team Rocket goons and they left a letter to Max saying: If ya want your little brother back then battle our leader and if ya win Josh can come home to you if he wants or...he can stay with us. If our boss wins, though, he stay under Team Rocket! Max figured there was basically no hope of ever getting Josh back because when this happened Max was 6, but Josh was only 2.

Preffered Starter: Could I have the Wild Card? And if so I would like a Sandshrew, nicknamed Dusty. If not then Oddish nicknamed Scent.(preffered the Sandshrew though:))

RP Sample: It is from another RP:
Max saw a sign that said "Welcome to Odale Town!" on it. He was close to the first city in his journey. He continued on walking towards one of the houses. He then came to a clearing with a few houses and a bunch of people.

"Hustle and bustle of the city eh Treeko?" Max asked the little green gecko sitting on his head.

"Treeko Tree. Yeah but come on we need to get to the pokemon center I think it was?" Treeko said unasured.

Max smiled and then dove into the crowd. He tripped multiple times and then could finally get into a clearing in front of a store that looked like it was run down. He walked inside and there were people in there purchasing items but not alot. He looked in his bag and noticed he didn't have any health restoring items or anything. He went to the front counter.

"Yeas? What can I do for you young man?" An elderly lady asked him.

"Yes I would like 2 antidotes, 3 potions, 2 awakenings, and 2 paralyze heals please." Max asked politely.

The lady nodded and went to the back room. She came out with a bag that had 2 awakenings, 3 potions, 2 paralyze heals, and 2 antidotes.

"There you go now that will be 500 poke." she said.

Max dug inside his bag for his wallet. He found it and looked inside it. He had 2000 poke that his parents gave him right before he left. He handed the lady 500 poke, picked his bag up, and then left.

Surprisingly it wasn't as crowded as it was. He saw a clear cut path to the pokemon center and he dashed towards it. He made it to the front door and walked inside.

"Nurse Joy could you heal my pokemon please?" Max asked.

"Why of course." Nurse Joy said taking the two pokeballs he handed to her.

She walked to one of the operation rooms to heal them. Max walked over to a bench and put the items he had just bought inside his bag. He looked outside. It was getting late. Nurse Joy came back with his pokemon.

"Thank you maam. Oh and I was wondering could I get a room here please?" Max asked.

"Why of course you can." Nurse Joy said walking to her desk and pulling out a key for him.

Max thanked her and then darted to the rooms to find his. Room 109 room 109. Where is room 109? There is 100, 101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108, and finally room 109! Max thought opening his door. Max saw a bed and laid down in it after calling his pokemon out. He laid down and then fell asleep.

November 26th, 2008, 6:14 PM
Charecter's Name: Marvin

Appearance: Marvin medium his age standing at 5 foot 1 and weighing in at 98 lbs. He wears a lot of sweaters and always wearing basketball shorts. Marvin is very athletic and sporty

Personality: Marvin is very outgoing. He will do anything and everything for his pokemon. He doesn't care what others think of him and often ignores people that are rude to begin with even if they are right. Hobbies are: swimming, running, kick boxing , training, and some sketching of pokemon.

History: Marvin grew up New Bark Town. His mom is sick. She did medicine. He will go out to raise money to help her.

One day when Marvin was at Professor Elm's lab picking up his pokemon. there was this big boom. Some one tried to break in professor’s oak lab then one of the team rocket members came slap professor oak knocked me unconscious then throw a smoke bomb.when i woke professor oak was crying. I said “Mr oak can I help you“. he was hurt then I leaned over to him and he told me two pokemon were snatched away. I hid the other do you want it he said.

Preffered Starter: Poliwag

November 26th, 2008, 7:11 PM
@Pikalover10 - ah the return of Max... Declined No I'm only Joking, You're Accepted with Sandshrew. Just one quick thing, can you change Max's age to 11 or older please. This is specified in the starter post. Thanks :)

@Marvin G2 - Sorry buddy Poliwag has already been taken, so I have to Decline your application,

Gumshoe Satyr
November 26th, 2008, 8:09 PM
Reserve me, please. I'll try to have it before the day is over.

November 27th, 2008, 1:08 AM
@Namora - reserved until end of the weekend.

Anyway... let's get started!

Chapter One - Pallet Town

Your character is lounging around in the living room, or at the kitchen table. You are bored and have nothing to do. Your Parents are listening to the news on the radio and it is coming to the end of the broadcast. You haven’t really been listening to the news, but the last story catches your attention:

“And finally a word for any aspiring pokémon trainers out there. Professor Maple, who has recently moved into town from Celadon City, has sent a letter in to the station. In her letter she is offering trainers between the age of 11 and 18 the chance to become a pokémon trainer. She is offering the pokémon on a first come first serve basis, so trainers make sure you are up early and make your way to her lab tomorrow morning. Her lab opens at 10 o’clock, so be there bright and early to avoid disappointment... Well that’s all it says in the letter. Well, I think offering older trainers the chance to get a pokémon is highly unorthodox; it is tradition in Pallet that a child receives their first pokémon at the age of 10. Maybe the new professor believes in second chances? Well, it will certainly be interesting to see how this one unfolds.”

As your first post please introduce your character and describe their reaction upon hearing this news story. Then describe the morning your character received your pokémon, recieve your pokemon and begin making your way to Route One. Note that Professor Maple’s Lab is located on the far side of Pallet to Route One, so you have to walk past Professor Oaks lab to get to Route One... please end your first post as you are approaching Professor Oak’s lab on your way to Route One.

Important People -

Professor Maple -
Recently moved to Pallet from Celadon City. You will be receiving your starter pokémon from her. She will also provide you with a Pokédex and 5 Pokéballs.

Once most people have posted we will move on.

Okay, The master 123 has dropped out so Vulpix is now available again. Pikalover and alipeewee still feel free to post, new players can catch up when they join.

Pokemon still available - Vulpix and Oddish

November 27th, 2008, 1:05 PM
Name: Seth Lander
Age: 16
Gender: male
Appearance: Seth is about 6' with a flawless tanned complexion. His hair is raven-black and he keeps it in a ponytail. His eyes are gold in color but change according to his feelings at the time. He has a scar that is above his right eye that he doesn't remember getting. His body is ,pardon the pun, Lean and Mean!, He actually has an atheltic build and when he is shirtless you can see that there's no fat anywhere on his body. He sprots a barely visible 6-pack and his arms and legs bulge only slightly.
His clothes consists of boxers and kahki shorts. He wanders around shirtless to be free of the bond a shirt has on him. If it gets too cold he will put on a snowsuit.
Personality: Seth has a Never back down and never hold back personality. He will go all out on someone and quite possibly win very quickly. He will help those in need, even if they are evil, but no matter who it is will not steal pokemon. He never holds a grudge and is never jealous or angry.
History: A brief history of your character (include why they didn't leave Pallet at 10)
Starter Choice: Vulpix

(this is a RP sample from another RP on another RP site entirely. it was accepted so it should work.)
It was the dead of night. Altin was crouched on a rooftop in Traverse Town on his first night. All he knew about this town was that a lot of runaways kids and kids with no worlds to go to came here, a kid lived in the alley he lived near, and there were plenty of heartless. When he arrived in town he signed on to defeat groups of heartless for money. "Now I need friends." Altin thought, and was to try to be friends with the kid who lived in the alley when a few heartless appeared. "Guess that will have to wait" Altin muttered and charged towards the heartless.

(can i reserve this spot? i cant think of a good history now.)

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
November 27th, 2008, 1:33 PM
"Mum, I'm going out!" Warren bellowed up the stairs, halfway out the door.
"What? Where? When will you be back?" Warren shrugged.
"About a year, I guess-"
"A year? Just where are you going, young man?" Warren gritted his teeth.
"Well, mum, it was on the radio, the new professor is giving out Pokémon to older trainers who, um, missed their first chance." His mother gave him a thoroughly unimpressed look.
"You didn't miss it Warren, you were enrolled in boarding school as punishment for being an absolute vagabond." Not entirely sure of whether 'vagabond' was meant as an insult, Warren continued,
"Well, it’ll keep me out of your hair for ages; you're always saying you'd like that. But I have to get there really soon, mum, they give them out in five minutes!" His mum sighed and frowned, staring at him with a hard expression. Warren was about to say something, but as he opened his mouth, his mum's expression broke and she smiled.
"You'd better get going then. I'll pack you a bag and bring it up to the lab behind you. And I'll try to explain it to your father." Warren grinned, already out of the gate.
"Thanks mum!" he shouted as he turned the corner.

There were a few other trainers at the gates, but Warren just shouldered them aside, making good use of his reputation amongst the younger Pallet Town kids. One girl stood in his way for a second, until he growled at her and she ran off, looking pretty scared. Reaching the front, he pushed forwards, to where a woman with long, naturally purple hair was holding a single Pokeball. A couple of others standing around had already got theirs. Then Warren narrowed his eyes - a boy was making his way through the gaggle of trainers, a determined look in his eye. But Warren was not averse to going into the morally gray area. Running forwards, he threw himself into a rugby tackle, his arms closing around the boys legs. As he spun around angrily, lying on the ground, Warren shrugged apologetically,
"Sorry," he said sarcastically, "I didn't see you there." Grinning, he ran forwards and snatched the final Pokeball from the professor's hands...who promptly took it back.
"Who are you?" she asked accusingly, "You look very familiar...of course - you're the one who released three of Oak's Pokémon one year, then got caught by his Tauros!" Warren winced; the scar on his left buttock, left by that very Tauros, always twinged at this memory.
"Well, take this then!" she said happily, thrusting the Pokeball back into his hands. "You made that pompous prat look like an idiot and that is completely priceless!" Grinning, but a little unsure of what exactly was going on, Warren decided to leave the lab as quickly as possible before this rather odd professor realised that the police probably wouldn't be too happy about him getting a Pokémon of his own. Pushing his way back through the crowd, he made his way to a secluded spot, away from the others and, for the first time, released his first Pokémon. A white light erupted from the ball, shaping itself into a small, round, blue Pokémon with a spiral on its belly and a long tail.
"Poliwag?" it squeaked inquisitively. Warren stood, stunned by his own disgust.

"You have got to be kidding me..."

November 27th, 2008, 1:51 PM
@alipeewee - Good first post. I assume Warren got his pokedex and pokeballs with his pokemon? Also your 'secluded spot' just happened to be right at the end of Professor Oak's road... (needs to be for next bit to make sense) ;)

congratulations - Warren Recieved a Level 5 Poliwag, a pokedex and 5 pokeballs

for your next post -

"You have got to be kidding me..."

"Excuse me..." came a voice from behind Warren. He turned around to locate the voice and scowled. The voice had come from a young boy, who couldn't have been more than 10.

The young boy took a step back, startled by Warrens appearance. He then asked nervously, "It's just that, erm, you have a Poliwag... and... and i just got my pokemon... and... i was wondering if you wanted a pokemon battle?"

challenger -
Danny http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff5/bennyd81/yt2.png

He is one of the children who have recieved their starters from professor Oak this morning.

pokemon -
Moves - Tackle, Tail Whip

In your next post, reply to the challenge. If you accept complete this battle and then (win or lose) move on to the beginning of Route One. If you reject just move your character on to route one. :)

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
November 28th, 2008, 1:07 PM
OOC: oops, forgot about the dex and balls, sorry :S

"Excuse me..." came a voice from behind Warren. He turned around to locate the voice and scowled. The voice had come from a young boy, who couldn't have been more than 10.
The young boy took a step back, startled by Warren’s appearance. He then asked nervously, "It's just that, erm, you have a Poliwag... and... and I just got my Pokémon... and... I was wondering if you wanted a Pokémon battle?" Warren snarled slightly and the boy took a step back. But then, he broke out into a grin,
"Of course I'll battle you," he said in a rather unnerving tone, "That way, I'll be sure that my first battle is a win!" The boy ignored this and stuttered quietly,
"Err, my names Danny, what's-"
"Warren" he interrupted, stepping back so that Poliwag was between him and the trainer. It looked at Warren questioningly.
"Time for your first battle, pipsqueak," he laughed at the little blue tadpole, who just looked confused. Meanwhile, the other trainer - Danny - had released his Pokemon, a Squirtle.
"Start with Tail Whip!" he shouted and Squirtle spun around, hitting Poliwag in the face with its fluffy tail. Poliwag fell over, but, thinking it just a game, started laughing and slapping the ground with its tail.
"Stop that, Poliwag! Use bubble!" But Poliwag just blew some bubbles gently into the air in front of it, slapping them one by one with its tail. Danny just grinned before uttering just one word.
"Tackle!" Squirtle leapt forwards, shoulder barging Poliwag which flew backwards into Warren's arms, who instantly dropped it.
"I guess I win, then!" Danny shouted, sounding a bit more confident. But the grin was wiped from his face when an especially vicious Bubble attack hit him in the face. Poliwag was back on its feet and it was mad. It was slapping the ground with its tail again, but in a rhythmic, intimidating manner.
"Alright, let’s use Bubble on Squirtle on this time!" Warren ordered, and Poliwag launched another devastating attack, hitting Squirtle in the face. Unfortunately, the water-type attack didn’t have much effect on the water-type Pokémon, who simply threw itself forwards into another Tackle attack. Poliwag was slammed backwards and hit the ground hard before skidding to a stop at Warren's feet. He looked down at it like he found it repulsive, which, to be fair, he did. Looking the other way, he returned Poliwag and marched off, deliberately barging Danny as he walked past. After a few minutes walking, the buildings faded away and an open country road stretched out in front of him. A reluctant grin came to his face. His journey may not have started well, but he'd make sure that the rest of it would be a lot better.

November 28th, 2008, 5:02 PM
Cool a new comer RP

Name: Allison Flarez

Age: 13

Birthday: 5/2/1995

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has dark brown hair, brown eyes, normally wears a red shirt with a fire like symbol on the back

Personality: She has a malicious personality at first, but when you know her she's a little bit nicer

History: She was born and raised in Viridian City. Her favorite types were the fire type, she likes how they can burn their opponents. She can battle using mostly offensive attacks, plus status problem moves. If you meet her she is usually with her pokemon outside of their poke ball.

Preferred Starter: Vulpix

I really hope I can get accepted this time

November 30th, 2008, 1:42 AM
@Alipeewee - Nice battle post! I can't wait to see how Warren and Poliwag's journey goes!

@Altin & Pikachu 200 - sorry but Namora has reserved Vulpix until the end of today, so I have to a]wait until then to reply to either of your posts. Pikachu 200 you need to add an RP sample to your SU.

Just to say that unfortunately Pikalover has had to drop out meaning one wild card slot is open in anyone wants it

Gumshoe Satyr
November 30th, 2008, 2:33 PM
Name: Laura Roycroft (Her actual last name is Kaelin, but she uses Roycroft to hide her true identity)

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Appearance: At 4'3" and 80 lbs, she's pretty much average size for her age. Although she really has long, blonde hair, she has (or will depending on how I start) dyed her hair black and cut it to shoulder length to keep her rich parents from finding her. For clothes, she's traded her expensive designer clothes for a dark blue shirt with a picture of a manaphy on the front, dark blue pants, and white sneakers with red stripes. Also she wears a red cap and sometimes sunglasses to hide her green eyes when she needs to. The only expensive thing that she kept with her was a gold locket with a picture of her and her parents in it.

Personality: Since Laura's had limited contact with other people, especially those around her age, she's nervous and shy around new people. If you stick around long enough for her to get to know you, however, she eventually warms up. She very curious and loves to try new things, which is a lot considering how sheltered her life has been. Although she likes Pokemon, she's seen only a few and knows little about them. Also she tends to be stubborn and somewhat spoiled. Generally, she's calm, kind and tries her best to do what's right, but if she's told that she can't do something that she really wants to, she becomes hot-tempered and confrontal. Laura is extremely loyal to friends and her Pokemon.

History: Laura had the good fortune- and misfortune- of being born into one of the richest families in all of Kanto. When she was only two, she was almost kidnapped by a man desperate for money and held for ransom, and ever since then she's had a very sheltered life. Not only was she schooled by private tutors, but whenever she did go out, she was followed by her own personal squad of bodyguards. As long as she can remember, she's never been able to do anything on her own or have any real friends.

A couple of months ago, she and her family moved to the outskirts of Kanto to escape the fast-paced city life of Goldenrod. Fed up with her lack of allowed independence, Laura started having several heated arguments with her parents, which basically accomplished nothing. One day, a news story about a new professor, who was giving out Pokemon starters to young people who'd missed their chance at age ten, caught her attention. At first, she wasn't very interested, but as she watched, she fell in loved with the three cute little Pokemon and eventually realized that becoming a trainer was the answer she'd been looking for. When her parents refused to let her do it, she snuck out of the mansion, disguised herself as best as she could, and left to go get her new Pokemon.

Starter Choice: Vulpix

RP Sample:

Sitting in the back of the truck, Jack listened carefully to the conversation between Clove and the Commander. When Clove objecting the mission, calling it a trap, he silently agree, though he didn't show it. Just the rain by itself made put fire, rock, and ground type morphs at a disadvantage, not to mention the mud. As the conversation came to a close, Jack slowly drew in several calming breaths, trying to prepare himself for the battles ahead. Although this was his first official mission, he'd trained long and hard at HQ and felt like he was ready to join the fight. He was surprised and irritated, however, that he'd been sent on a mission against two gym leaders that he had a type disadvantage against. Hoping that the commander knew that he was doing, Jack took one more breath and started building a strategy against Sabrina. It definitely wasn't going to be easy....

His thoughts were interrupted by the driver. "This is as far as I go! Its too dangerous out here and I can't see anything in this downpour! You're about 200 meters from the south guard house, good luck everyone." After answering him, Clove began a speech, "Thanks... we'll need it. Okay team, its all us again. No matter how disposable the Commander makes us sound, we're the only ones who can do this. Jade, Alice, Plum, we've been through quite a bit together. You're all captains now and you earned it in the last missions, show me that you earned it in this mission as well. We'll have to watch each others' backs constantly. The Commander wont acknowledge that this mission is a bad idea, but I know better. We'll be fighting in disadvantageous conditions and against two of the most powerful people you've probably ever encountered. We've seen the extent of Sabrina's wrath and what Misty is capable of with this storm... Please be careful. This will be a straight forward assault until we get into the city limits, where we'll split into two attack groups. We'll sweep the whole city and finish it with Sabrina. Thats the ideal plan at this point, any questions? Good. PLF, lets roll out."

Misty.... Jack had seen her abilities firsthand when she almost killed Blitz, his Blaziken. Despite his disadvantage, she was someone he wanted to fight very badly. I guess you may get your revenge after all my friend. Following the others out of the truck, he was stunned when the rain instantly stopped. I guess they noticed our arrival....
"If this isn't a trap, then I'll quit the PLF..." Clove said aloud back to his team members. "Alright everyone, it looks like they laid out a red carpet for us, and it would be rude to keep them waiting. PLF, lets move out." Removing his sunglasses and putting them into his backpack, he examined his teammates. He at least knew of Clove, Alice, Jade, and Plum from accounts of their earlier mission, but the others he'd perhaps only seen in the hallways at HQ. By now, he'd at least figured out that Clove seemed to know what he was doing. I guess Jade lookes confident. he thought to himself, attempting to lift his own spirits.

A Sqirtle morph walked up and addressed them saying, "Hey, excuse me! I was supposed to join you in Vermillion...you sorta left without me. I'm Travis Mura. I need to know exactly what's going on." Uninterested, Jack turned his attention away from him, faintly hearing Alice scolding him. Scoffing, Plum broke in as Alice walked back to Jade, "That's some good advice girl. Try not to faint again like last time and maybe you can talk. Anyway... I'm getting bored of waiting around. There's gotta be plenty of losers in there who're needing a good kick in the ass, so let's give it to them. Let's see what you've got newbies! And that goes for you too Jade. You guys embarrassed me enough during the last mission to last me a lifetime." What a windbag.... Why are all these people late? Jack thought as he saw a Weavile morph running up. He heard Jade greeting the new arrival, but his attention was on the fortress in front of them.

"So are we going to face Sabrina or are we just passing through? Because I’m a little confused.” said another morph who'd ran beside the transport the whole way. Still examining the fortess, Jack remembered something about the town that he'd almost forgotten. Looking toward Clove but avoiding his eyes as was his way, he spoke for the first time, "Do we knew what happened to the Fighting Dojo beside the gym?" His voice was flat and emotionless, though inside he hoped that nothing had happened.

(Hope you like the whole run-away thing. I just came up with it this morning and thought it might be fun for my character to have the extra challenge of dodging people who are looking for her and hiding her true identity.)

November 30th, 2008, 2:46 PM
@Namora - Accepted, I like the run away aspect it could create some interesting situations. Especially with her coming from a rich family.

Basically make your first post when your ready. Follow the guide a few posts up :)

Just to make things easier, I'll give you your opponent from Oak's lab now (see alipeewee's post if confused), you can do this part in two posts if you want or just one if its easier, whatever suits you.

Okay -

He recieved his first pokemon from Professo Oak this morning. Has been described by many as being a little eccentric.

pokemon -
Moves - Scratch, Growl

Happy RPing :)

@Altin & Pikachu 200 - sorry but Vulpix has been taken. If you still want to RP there are two slots still avaiable (Oddish and Wild Card) If you wanted to sign up for one of these slots instead then PM me.
pokemon still available - Oddish and 1 Wild Card

November 30th, 2008, 2:56 PM
. Pikachu 200 you need to add an RP sample to your SU.

What's an RP sample? Also what starter is left because I'll take that one instead of Vupix

Gumshoe Satyr
December 1st, 2008, 5:45 AM
At seven in the morning, Laura awoke and realized that today was the day that Professor Maple was giving out the Pokemon. As she dressed and brushed her teeth, her mind drifted to the argument she'd had with her mother just yesterday. I know she told me that I couldn't go on a Pokemon journey, but still..... can I really just let this opportunity pass me by like this?

Suddenly, there was a knock at the bathroom door. "Miss? Miss Kaelin? Are you in there?" It was the voice of one of the many maids who worked around the mansion.

"Yes, Bridget. I'm here. What's the problem?" Laura opened the door slightly but kept her eyes downcast, fearing that she already knew what the message was. Giving her a sad smile and brief pat on the shoulder, the maid reluctantly responded.

"I'm afraid that your father and had an important meeting to rush off to this morning, and your mother went with him. They won't be back until tonight...." The maid shifted uncomfortably as she waited to see how Laura would react, but she merely dismissed and continued getting ready. It's always the same old story with them.... I suppose it's necessary though when you own one-fifth of Kanto....

Sighing, she walked down to the west wing for breakfast, and while she was eating, the same news story that she'd seen yesterday came on. "Pokemon starters for those who missed Professor Oak's....," she mused to herself. "I simply cannot let this opportunity go. Mom will have to understand. I'm going." After grabbing some turkey sandwiches from the fridge and hiding them under her shirt, Laura snuck off to her room, avoiding the staff as best as she could, and climbed through a window. Once outside, she managed to sneak past security, who were more focused on what was coming in than anything trying to go out, and quickly made her way into Pallet Town.

Going into the nearest clothing store, she picked out a dark blue shirt with the picture of a Manaphy on it, dark blue pants, and white sneakers with red stripes. So this is what "normal" kids wear. Hmm.... When she saw the prices, her jaw dropped in astonishment. All of these clothes only cost a fraction of just one piece of my normal clothing! At this rate, I'll be able to buy everything I need and still have a little money left! She also picked up a cap and a pair of sunglasses before heading to the cashier, who unfortunately watched a lot of news.

Her eyes widening, the cashier exclaimed, "Wow, Miss Kaelin! Didn't you just move to Pallet Town? You're really rich and famous, aren't you? I see you on the news all the time! Did your mother have any trouble adjusting to your father's wealth when she married him? How rich are you anyway?"

"Uh.... Yes..... I guess..... I don't think she had any trouble..... I don't know," Laura managed to answer as she was bombarded with questions. Wincing, she noticed the other shoppers in the store staring at them. She was also so sick of people calling her by her last name. What was wrong with just Laura? "Listen, I really need to get going, so can you please hurry with my purchase?" She sighed with relief when the cashier nodded and began to ring up everything. I don't understand what all the excitement is about..... We just have a lot of money. That's all...

After that, Laura changed into her new clothes in the dressing room and threw her old ones into the nearest trash can, wincing at how much money she was throwing away. Mom's definitely not going to like this, but I can't take them with me. Hopefully, no one will notice that all my clothes are brand-new. She thought about getting rid of her favorite gold locket around her neck, but she couldn't bring herself to do it and decided to hide it under her shirt. At the next store, she picked up a backpack, a sleeping bag, a bottle of black hair dye, a pair of scissors, and other necessities before heading to the bathroom.

After hesitating for several second, she reluctantly cut her long, blonde hair to shoulder length with the scissors and dyed it jet black. "I guess it can always grow back...," she muttered to herself sadly. "At least I did a pretty good job..." She also cut all of the tags off her clothes and backpack and threw the scissors and bottle of hair dye into the trash. When she walked out of the bathroom, no one gave her a second glance. "So far, so good. Now to get to that lab!"

A little while later, she arrived at the gates of the new lab, where a couple trainers were already waiting in line. At Laura's turn, Professor Maple handed her a pokeball and a small, red device that she didn't quite recognize. "Here's your Pokemon, pokedex, and some empty pokeballs. Good luck!" the professor said, giving her five more pokeballs which she quickly deposited into her backpack.

"What's its name?" Laura asked, feeling more and more clueless as Professor Maple gave her a blank stare. "The Pokemon..... What's it called?"

"Uh.... Vulpix, of course." The professor watched as Laura left and disappeared from view but soon shrugged and went on to the next trainer. As she left, Laura thought she saw a boy shoving aside other waiting trainers, but she was more interested in the pokeball she now cradled in her hands.

So it's called a Vulpix. That's an interesting name.... Well, now's as good a time as any to take a look. Let's see... I think this is how it's done. She stopped in front of another lab that she guessed was Professor Oak's and prepared to tried to Vulpix from its pokeball. A white beam of light shot from the pokeball to the ground and a red, foxlike Pokemon appeared. "Wow, I didn't know I was going to get such a cutie! I'm afraid I don't know much about Vulpix. Maybe this pokedex thing has some answers..."

Pointing the pokedex at the Pokemon, Laura fiddled with the buttons until Vulpix appeared on the screen and she heard, "Vulpix, The Fox Pokemon. Inside Vulpix's body burns a flame that never goes out. During the daytime, when the temperatures rise, this Pokémon releases flames from its mouth to prevent its body from growing too hot."

"A fire type, huh? Wow, it shows your attacks and everything. You only have two right now. Is that normal, Vulpix?" The little Pokemon only stared blankly at Laura as if it was wondering how it ended up with such a dumb trainer. Suddenly, a boy's voice interrupted them, and they
turned toward the source.....

OOC: Ok, I'm stopping before this post turns into a short story. XD

December 1st, 2008, 5:57 AM
@Namora - Nice post, haha whats so wrong with a short story? :)

congratulations - Laura Recieved a Level 5 Vulipix, a pokedex and 5 pokeballs

December 2nd, 2008, 6:25 AM
Name: Kairi Hill

Age: 12

Gender: female

Appearance: Kairi is of avange height at 5'' 2''. Not too tall or too short. She weights 100 pounds. She has very long brown hair, going stright down her back. She wears a sleetless blue shirt, a red short skirt red and white shoes, and very long blue socks that go up to her ankles. She is very pale white shinned, and has light green eyes.

Personality: She is very nice and trusting. Kind to her Pokemon. But she does conplain a lot. Kairi really hates walking a lot. She likes to ride her bike instead. When Kairi loses her temper though, she's like a huricane, so watch out. But she is very fateful to her friends and Pokemon. Kairi loves anything that's cute or beatiful.

History: Kairi was born, and raised in johto, at New Bark Town, but later on moved to Pallet Town, as New Bark Town was way too noisy for her and her mother. She loved going outside and picking flowers. She has a very beatiful flower garden that her mother sometimes helps her with. She plants all kinds of flowers there, but her favorite kinds of flowers are sun flowers.

Her and her mother sometimes sell the flowers at the flower store in Viridan City. One day Kairi was watching TV, and heard about all children starting out as Pokemon trainers or coordinators, and getting there first pokemon from Professor Oak. "Wow! That's what I always wanted to do, become a master coordinator just like my mom." Kairi said getting exsited. But the next day Kairi had woke up late. When she had got to the lab, all the starters were already taken.

Kairi was very depressed that day. Now how would she ever become a coordinator now.

Starter Choice: Wild card (Pikachu)

RP Sample

It all started one day, as Kairi and her mother were packing boxes leaving New Bark Town, to head for Pallet Town in Kanto. Kairi had already said good bye to all her friends. She hated to move, but it was very too noisy in this town. Plus her mother had got a new job in Kanto. 'Moving to a new place can be scary but I know I can handle it.' Kairi thought to herself, as she was packing up her Nintendo DS Lite system,'I hope I make a lot of friends there.'

Her and her mother loaded everything in the moving truck, and got going. Kairi fell asleep in the car.


She woke up to her mother shaking her awake,"Kairi dear, were here honey."

Kairi yawn, rubbing her eyes. She got out of the car, and helped her mother unpack things and carry boxes into there new home. Kairi was kinda exsited to be moving here, really. She had heard that a famus researcher named Professor Oak lived her. She couldn't wait to meet him.

Kairi carried her things upstairs to her room. Upstairs was very private too. It had just one big bedroom with a bathroom connected to it. The floor was made of hard wood, a tannist color, and the bathroom looked all white. Kairi had two windows in her bedroom, one in the front and one in the back.

The front window was connected onto a balcony, with a few chairs on it, and the back window looked out over Route 1. Her bathroom also had a window looking out over Route 1. Then there was a road next to the route. From her bathroom window Kairi could see a lot of cars driving by. Her bathroom was all in white. 1 Tolit, there was a glass shower and one of those very big bathtubs.

Kairi unpacked everything, and by the time she got back downstairs everything else was already unpacked and sit up. Kairi and her mother went into there blue colored kitchen and had some dinner. It was 5:00 in the evening.

Afterwards Kairi walked over to see Professor Oak. She asked him all kinds of questions about Pokemon. He answered them all, truthfully. By the time she was done there, it was getting very late, she started heading home just as the sun was sitting. Just then she heard a weird noise that sounded like the flapping of a bird, she looked up in the sky, and saw a weird rainbow colored flash, flash thought the sky

"What was that!?" Kairi wondered turning kinda pale,"Maybe I'm just seeing and hearing things that aren't there. I'll ask Professor Oak about it tormorrow."

Kairi yawnned. She then went home, and got ready for bed, and went to bed. She had weird dreams all night about what she thought she saw or didn't see.

December 2nd, 2008, 6:59 AM
@Konekodemon - Accepted Happy Rping :)

Just to speed things up, I'll give you your opponent from Oak's lab now (see alipeewee's post if confused), you can do this part in two posts if you want or just one if its easier, whatever suits you.

Okay -

One of the children who has ecieved her pokemon from Professor Oak, is very immature and dresses like her favourite pokemon Eevee.

pokemon -
Moves - Tackle, Tail Whip

edit - just to let you guys know the OOC thread is up, so post any questions in there rather than on this thread. Cheers

December 2nd, 2008, 10:07 AM
am I supposed to battle this person in my first post

December 2nd, 2008, 10:08 AM
Basically, recieve your pokemon as normal along with 5 pokeballs and a pokedex. The battle is there if you want it before heading towards Route One. It's completely up to you if you use it or not.

edit - I'll have Route One up tonight for you :)

December 2nd, 2008, 10:43 AM
ok, btw my character in this looks like the female character from fire red/leaf green games


"Oh, what a long day's work," Kairi said, rudding swat from her forehead as she finished working in her garden, for the day. Kairi put her tools away. She, went inside and got a bite to eat. Her mother was still at work. Kairi was eating some rice balls.

She turned on the TV to the news station,"Good evening Pallet. Today we have news from famus researcher Professor Oak. He is giving away 3 pokemon to beginning trainers, tomorrow," said the news lady,"Don't be late, to get your first pokemon it's first come first serve. These are the pokemon being given away, they are Bulbasaur....." a picture of a green looking turtle pokemon appeared,".....Charmander....." a orange looking lizard like Pokemon with it's tail on fire appeared,".....and Squirtle," a tiny blue looking turtle type appeared.

Kairi fell in love right away with the Squirtle,"Awww, it's so cute." Kairi had hearts in her eyes,"It would be perfect for contests. Then it's setled. Tomorrow I'm going to be one of those 3 trainers, getting my first pokemon. Then I can finually become a Pokemon Coordinator like my mom once was."

There was a noise at the door,"Then you better be getting ready for bed then. Kairi turned around and saw her mother walking through the door.

"Oh, mom hi. How was work today?" Kairi asked the older woman.

"Oh, same old stuff," her mother answered,"Anyway you better be getting to bed now, if you want to be on time tomorrow."

"Oh, right," Kairi said. She turned off the TV. She then went and got her Pjamas, a blue set with pictures of Pokeballs on it, and went into her bathroom, and started taking a shower. The whole time while she was bathing she was thinking,'I can't wait.' Kairi giggled.


Kairi got out and got dressed. She then brushed her teeth, with her strawberry toothpaste. Her brush had a picture of a contest ribon on it.

She then blow dried her hair and brushed it. "Now time for bed," she said, as she got into bed with her Jigglypuff doll, cuddleing it. She set her Poke Clock for 8:00 AM, then went to sleep.


(The Next Morning)

Her clock started chiring, making the sound of a Pidgey. "Oh shut up!" Kairi mummbled in her sleep, massing her fist down on her clock, breaking it. She then rolled over and slept somemore.

When she woke up, she felt like it was late. She saw her clock was broken,"Oh, no what time is it!" She looked at the clock on the wall, it said 11:00 AM,"Oh no! I'm late. Kairi jumped up, and hurried up and changed, brushed her teeth, grabbed a quick bite to eat, got on her shoes and ran out the door,'I'll come back for my things after I get Squirtle,' she thought,'I hope it's still there.

She ran to Professor Oak's lab. She saw a sign that said he was away, and that all the Pokemon were already taken.

Kairi walked off looked upset. "Huh? What's that?" She noticed another lab close by. She walked up to it and read the sign,"The lab of Professor Maple huh. Who's she? Maybe she has some Pokemon she's giving out. I'll ask." Kairi went up to the door and knocked.

The Professor opened the door,"So are you here for your first Pokemon?"

"So you do give out, beginning Pokemon as well," Kairi said.

"Of course, come on in. Your kinda late. I only have 2 Pokemon left," the Professor told her, as Kairi walked into the lab. She showed her a Oddish and a Pikachu. Kairi thought the Pikachu was so cute so she picked it.

"Hi there little guy. My name's Kairi. Would you like to be my first Pokemon?" Kairi asked it. Pikachu grinned,"Pika!" It said smiling.

The Oddish looked kinda sad,"Don't worry you'll get a trainer too pretty soon," Kairi reasured the Oddish. "Odd," The Oddish said nodding it's head. Professor Maple recalled Oddish back into it's ball and sit it back onto the table,"Ok Kairi here is your Pokedex. It is a device for gathering information about Pokemon you see or catch. It is also your ID so don't lose it. Also here is 5 Pokeballs used for catching Pokemon. You may carry up to 6 Pokemon with you at one time," The Professor explained. She then explained how to use the Pokedex and Pokeballs,"Ok got it," Kairi told her. Pikachu was so cute she decided to let it stay out of it's ball with her for awhile. "Well thanks for everything Professor."

"Wait," she told Kairi how to get to Viridan City from here,"And when you get there make sure to buy a PokeGear and PokeNAV. They will help you out on your journey."

"Ok," Kairi repiled,"Come on Pikachu let's go." She walked out with Pikachu following behind her.

December 2nd, 2008, 12:20 PM
I hope I can get a wild card, as it's a new day. Please? D:

Name: Sean Taylor.
Age: 14.
Gender: Male.
Appearance: Tall, about 5.10". his hace is clean, and his legs are long, his arms are rather short, but still qite long. Has blue hair, blue eyes and blue flame earrings.
Personality: He has a smart personality, yet relaxes often. Even though he likes the colour blue alot, it doesn't make him a water type lover. He likes fire pokemon, as they match his instinct; vein, stubborn and quite selfish. Likes to listen to music alot.
History: Sean was lazy and wasn't quite active, even though he was very tall. One day, when he was listening to music too loud, his parents told him that it was his final straw, that he had to get more active and outgoing or else they'd send him to his grandmas, where there are no games or anything. On the radio he was listening to, he heard that there was a new Professor, at Oaks labratory. They were discussing about new trainers and that they have great starters for option. Therefore, he decided to do as he was told. He decided that the only way to get active AND have fun, was to start his Pokemon journey. Only problem, was that he lived right down in Cinnabar Island, and the lab belonging to Professor Maple was across the water, where there were to many Tentacool's to cross by swimmming. So then he went to the docks, where the boat for Pallet Town was 1 minute from departure. He waved his parents goodbye as he got on the boat, he shouted to them "I'll be back once I get my starter to get my things! See ya later!". So then, the boat had started moving, it was faster than he thought, so fast that it only took 10 minutes to get there. Once he got off the boat, he looked around Pallet Town, not too much of a big place to him. Then he looked accross, and saw the huge Pokemon Labratory, where the Professor Maple was covering for Oak while he was in Sinnoh researching. He stood in front of the door to the lab, with nervous tentions. Just waiting and thinking if now was the time, the time to start choosing.
Starter Choice: Wild Card, Growlithe pleeeeease! :D

Pleeease can I have that wild card? :(

December 2nd, 2008, 2:06 PM
@KoneKodemon - Nice starting Post.

Congratulations Kairi recieved a Level 5 Pikachu, a Pokedex and 5 Pokeballs

@FlareonFan - okay after seeing your RP sample I am accepting you as the second wild card.

Okay guys Route One will be put up within the hour :). Also for info on your pokemon (attacks, gender, nature etc) see the OOC thread. this should help you in your posts

December 2nd, 2008, 2:21 PM
Thank you!

Chapter 1

Sean was nervous, he had a few moments to think about what is ahead of him, "Hmm, let's see here. If I walk through this door, I could have one heck of a life ahead of me. Just think, all those cool Pokemon I'll be able to keep for my own, training them up, battling with other trainers. Ahh I can feel it now...".
This made up his mind. He put is hand on the handle, pushed it and opened the door. "Wow..." he was amazed by the amount of machinery in here. He saw alot of scientists with clipboards next to the machines, they were checking out the new starters that Prof. Maple had brought with her. Sean saw her at the far end of the labratory, here she was taking a look at 3 PokeBalls, obviously they would have Pokemon inside of them.
He was wondering if he was allowed in, when one of the Scientists walked up to him, "Why, hello. Can I help you in any way?"
"Well..." the word struggled to come out of his mouth. Sean was shy and wasn't the best type of thinker, they thought if he asked about pokemon, they would think he was an idiot.
"Is this the place where newcomers come to start their journey?" he tried to sound innocent as he could.
"Of course it is. Professor Maple hasn't really had many new trainers recently though, and has only just started on her research, she doesn't know much about new Pokemon Trainers." the scientist explained to him. Sean thought for a minute, if he really was at the right place. "Well, do you think it would be alright for me to ask?"
"I'm pretty sure she will accept, after all, if she knew nothing, Oak wouldn't have left!"
Sean walked down the metal tiles on the floor, which was soft, yet slippy from being cleaned so much.
Professor Maple turned around.

"Excuse me..." Sean said with a quite voice.
"Yes? How can I help you?" She replied, sounding like she had no idea that a child would be in a place like this.
"I'm a trying to start my new journey of Pokemon Training. Am I in the right place? I was just wondering since-" he explained while she interrupted him.
"Say no more. I was just checking out these three Pokemon incase somebody like you would show up here. Intrested in seeing what they're like?"
"Yes! Of course I would!" he was getting excited about finally seeing a Pokemon in front of him, and the feeling that it would be all his.
Maple opened up the first Pokemon, which contained an Oddish, a small Grass type which was blue with small feet, red eyes and rather big leaves on its head.
"What do you think of this one?" Maple asked Sean.
"Hmm...I'm not so sure. It doesn't really suit me."
Maple looked at him, and wondering if the next Pokemon would really be right.
She opened the next PokeBall which contained Poliwag, another blue Pokemon which was small, had a pink mouth, a clear tail and a spiral on its body.
"What about this one, surely someone like you must like the water types, it shows in your hair."
"I don't think so. Water doesn't really appeal to me that much." he told her.
"This must be the one" she thought to herself.
She opened the next PokeBall, which had contained a Vulpix, a orange fox with six tails.
"This one?" "Well..." he said while thinking to himself. When suddenly, there was an essence of smoke outside. They both ran to see what it was. There was a tree on fire, and next to it was a Growlithe, an orange puppy with black stripes on it.
"Oh no, not that again!" Maple said, she sounded annoyed by it.
The Poliwag was still out of its PokeBall. "Poliwag! Use your bubble attack to put out that fire!" Maple commanded.
The Poliwag sprayed bubbles from its mouth onto the tree, which put out the fire, and the smoke too. The Growlithe was unharmed.
"Alright! Now its time to stop all these fires around here! Go PokeBall!" she threw the PokeBall at the Growlithe. The ball had rattled.
1...2...3...then the ball flashed red.
Sean was amazed by that Pokemon, he made up his mind.
"So anyway, what about that Vulpix?"
"Umm, Maple, is it alright if I can have that Growlithe? It was my kind of Pokemon." Sean asked her, sounding excited about it.
"Are you sure? I only just caugtht it, it hasn't exactly got the right behaviour yet." she told him.
"I'm sure, all the others weren't as ood as it. I'll try to be a great trainer with it, honest!"
"Well...if that's what you want, I guess you can keep it."
Sean was over the moon, he grinned widely.
"Thank you Maple!!"

December 2nd, 2008, 2:24 PM
@FlareonFan - Good first post, an interesting way to obtain a starter for sure... :)

Congratulations Sean recieved a Level 5 Growlithe, a Pokedex and 5 Pokeballs

Okay its ready, Here we go:

Route 1

Number of Posts: 2

Description: A path between Pallet Town and Viridian City with many beginner trainers just starting their journey, there are only a small variety of Pokémon to capture here.

What can you do in a Route?

Generally the main two things you can do on a route are capturing pokémon and battling trainers. You can do many other things, you know free will and all that... everyone have fun.

Wild Pokemon
Commonly seen pokémon in this area

Level: 2-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: Random

Level: 2-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away or Guts
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (Level 4)
Nature: Random

Uncommonly seen pokémon in this area

Level: 2-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Leer (Level 5)
Nature: Random

Note - the title specifying the rarity of a pokémon refers to how hard a pokémon is to catch. i.e. a much better post is required to catch an uncommon pokémon than to catch a common pokémon.

How I level the pokémon you’re catching will depend on how good your post is. When you’re trying to catch a pokémon, you cannot decide if you catch it. When trying to catch a pokémon you have to finish your post off when you throw the pokéball and wait for my response telling you if the capture was successful or not. You cannot continue until you know that it was caught. In battles, I will level up your pokémon depending on the quality of your battle post.

December 2nd, 2008, 4:02 PM
After leaving the lab, Kairi stopped by her house, to pick up a few things. "Mom, I'm back," Kairi called as she came inside. Her mother came around the corner,"Oh, what a cute Pokemon. Did you get it from Professor Oak?" Her mother asked.

"No, Professor Oak was away. I got Pikachu here from Professor Maple," Kairi explained.

"Oh I heard about her. She's the Professor that's just starting out," Kairi mother told her.

"Oh. Well anyway I'm going to be going now. I just stopped by to get my things," Kairi said. Pikachu followed Kairi upstairs. Kairi grabbed her backpack, and started packing things in it. She put in clothes, food, stuff she'll need to wash her clothes, with and some water,"Oh, I may need this stuff as well," Kairi said packing her camping gear, as she figured sometimes she'd have to sleep outside.

"There, now toothbrush, toothpaste, brush and comb, and I'm all set," She said zipping up her bag. She walked down stairs, with Pikachu on her shoulder,"Bye mom I'm leaving now," Kairi said hugging her mother. "Bye, good luck sweety," her mother said.

Kairi then went outside, to get her bike, but it wasn't there,"Darn it! Someone stole my bike!" Kairi conplained. Now she'd have to walk all the way to Viridan City,"Oh well can't be helped I suppose."


Kairi started heading down Route 1,"Now, Pikachu help me look for some wild Pokemon. I'm going to need more than just you if I'm going to be a good Coordinator."

"Pika!" Pikachu said looking around. Kairi and Pikachu passed by a tree. Just as they were passing it, something flew out at them,"What's that!" Kairi screamed startled.

It was a Spearow. It tackled Kairi, knocking her over. Pikachu ran over to Kairi,"Pika! Pikachu, pika pi!"

Kairi got up rubbing the back of her head. She had been knocked against a tree,"Ow! My head!" She moaned in pain. The Spearow flew down again for another attack,"Spear!" It screamed. Pikachu got mad. It didn't like another Pokemon hurting it's trainer like this.

Pikachu faced off against the Spearow and screamed,"Pikaaaaachuuuuuu!" It let loose a thundershock. The Spearow fell to the ground. Kairi rubbed her head again,"Nice work Pikachu. I'll take over from here. Pokeball go!" Kairi threw her Pokeball at the Spearow.

December 3rd, 2008, 9:58 AM
Chapter 2

Sean had just recieved his first Pokemon, Growlithe. And is about to start his Pokemon journey.
"Thanks again for the Pokemon, Maple!" he said sounding all happy and enthusiastic.
"Any time, Sean. Just remember, you can only hold 6 at a time. So if you ever ant more, use the PC in the nearest Pokemon Center. Also, that remonds me." Maple got out 5 PokeBalls, and a Pokedex out of her pocket.
"Take these. These will aid you in your quest of Pokemon. The PokeBalls can be used to catch wild Pokemon. Start off by weakening the wild Pokemon for good help, as there is a chance to it. After you've weakened it, simply throw a PokeBall at that wild Pokemon and if it rattles 3 times, then glows red. You've caught it. If not, just try again." she explained to her. Sean had taken this all in to mind.
"And what's that small red machine thing?" he asked her, sounding interested.
"Oh, this is the Pokedex. This is what is used to store the data of the Pokemon you've captured. Also, it will give you some info on the Pokemon you have seen too!"
Sean had recieved the items, and put them in his pocket, they didn't fit so well. "I wish I brought my bag, then they'd be alot more easier to-"
and then he got reminded.
"Oh! I have to go back to Cinnabar to get my things! After all, I'm not completely organized yet!"
"That's fine, take as much time as you want. As soon as you arrive back here, you can take that Route up north, but be careful. Wild Pokemon are in that area, and all the others with that type of grass." Maple explained.
Sean nodded, and heard the noise of a boat.
"I think this is the boat for you, Sean. Have a nice adventure!" Maple said.
Sean walked to the docks. Maple waved to him and he waved back. He started to think to himself, about which moves Growlithe had. That was one thing he forgot. The boat made one final noise and started moving slowly.
"Maple! Wait!" he shouted, by the side of the boat, his head facing the lab. "What is it?!"
"Which move does Growlithe have!?"
"Well, it should only have Bite for now! Just get it to use that for now!" the words weren't very clear to him, he thought she said "Light".

The boat had then went into the river which separated Pallet Town from Cinnabar Island. This boat wasn't as fast as the last one. It was moving rather slow down the river, however it felt relaxing. He took a look out of the sea. There were alot of rocks that were grey, which were floating on the surface.
Since Sean was relaxed, he thought he'd send out growlithe for the first time, so they could get to know each other. He got the ball out, with Growlithe in it and pushed the small white button in the middle of it. A red beam had shone from the ball, when it was opening, and then the beam was actually Growlithe. Once out, its tail was wagging a lot. It seemed quite loyal to Sean.
Grolithe jumped into Seans arms, it seems like they liked each other already. It had stayed with him throughout the journey, looking rather evil at the other passengers on the boat. This reminded him to check his PokeDex. He pushed the red button at the top, which looked like the on switch. Once on, he pointed it at Growlithe, and a picture came up with a voice that started talking.
"Growlithe, the Puppy Pokemon. Very friendly and faithful to its owner. It will try to repel enimies by biting and barking."
Growlithe barked. Sean thought to himself, "Oh, so that's why it's so friendly with me, and it explains the look it gives to the other passengers."
Cinnabar was then in view, Sean couldn't wait to show his parents his new Pokemon.

He got off the boat, with Growlithe. He had one last look around his town. He'd miss it all.
He walked up to his house door. There was a note on it.
"Hi, Sean. We are out at the moment.
I'm sorry I won't be able to see your new Pokemon,
but I registered my number on your phone.
Your key is in your coat pocket.
Have fun on your journey,
keep in touch."
This noat made him realize, he would walk away from his parents for a while. However, this wasn't going to stop him.
He used his key on the door, turned it and opened the door.

He took a look around his house, and the family photos. He decided to take one off the wall and take it with him.
He then went up his stairs into his room. His computer was still on, he decided to spend a few minutes saying goodbye to his friends. One of them, Kairi, was also starting out as a trainer, she was already slightly ahead of him though. Then he switched off the computer and took his mobile phone, lucky bracelet and a notepad and pencil. He then put every item into his bag, and walked back downstairs into the kitchen. He thought he'd make a quick lunch. He micowaved a sausage roll and wrapped it in paper. His Growlithe was still in the hallway, chewing on one of the shoes on the floor. It then turned to Sean with a sausage roll in his hand. He then grabbed the key off the table, this was it. This time he was leaving, and leaving for a long time. His Growlithe followed him out of the door. He shut the door and turned the key, this was goodbye from home.
He walked towards the docks, the queue was quite long and the boat had not yet arrived. He had to wait a few minutes for the schedueled boat to arrive. Growlithe saw something on the Cinnabar Beach, it was climbing onto the edge of the rocky surface. It was the blue pokemon with long tentacles, 2 eyes and large jelly spots. A jeelyfish Pokemon, Tentacool.
It was slithering along the city, terrifing all the citizens. Growlithe was barking at them like they were criminals. That was when Sean though, "Hmm, this could eb a good oppertunity to start a great battle for the first time!"

"Alright Growlithe, let's get rid of these Tentacools!" he commanded to Growlithe. The Tentacool at the front had purple glowing tentacles, it was about to use Poison Sting. "Uh oh, Growlithe avoid it!"
Growlithe jumped to the other side of the way the Tentacool had slammed its tentacles. "Alright! It missed!"
This was the time to start actually using attacking moves for himself, Growlithe was looking ready to attack. "Alright Growlithe use..." he forgot what the move was called again, that's when he remembered that it sounded something beginning with B and sounding like light, this gave him one idea. "Bite!" he commanded to the Growlithe. It then started baring its fangs, with its eyes looking threatening. Then it started to charge up at a fast speed, and attacked with very sharp fangs. This attack was very powerful, as it was its first. "That was amazing Growlithe! Well done!" Sean had shouted with enthusiasm. That Tentacool had then had spiralling eyes, and stopped moving. It was knocked out. The Growlithe had then used Roar, to scare off all the other following Tentacools, all retreating one by one to the sea.
"That was amazing! You rocked that Growlithe!" Sean said while stroking the fur on Growlithe.
The boat had appeared at the docks. The line was getting smaller as the boat was getting more full. "Only 30 seconds left until the departure." said the driver.
Sean had ran to the boat, it was extremely cramped, but he had fitted.
Then before he knew it, the boat had started moving right through to Pallet.

These passengers were amazed to see him on the boat.
"Wow, were you the one with that Growlithe? I was amazed by that way you got rid of those Tentacools! You must be very expirienced." one of the old men on the boat had told him. This made Sean flattered, he only had just started.
"Yes, well, I'm not that expirienced, infact, I only just started! I'm starting my journey as soon asd we get-" then the boat had stopped. "Huh? We're here already?"
Then all the passengers had got off the boat. When Sean had got off, he walked down to the Route 1 grass enterance, and then he and Growlithe had started walking through.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 3rd, 2008, 1:42 PM
"Stupid Poliwag...stupid Maple...stupid everything" These were the words that Warren muttered as he wandered down Route 1, his Poliwag cheerily trotting alongside, chanting
"Poli, poli, poli!" in time with its steps. Suddenly, it stopped.
"Come, on, pipsqueak, we don't have all day!" Warren shouted angrily, but Poliwag just ignored him. Its tail twitched a little and it turned slightly to the left, facing a small bush. A rustling sound was coming from within. Suddenly, without warning, a small purple rat burst from it and landed in front of Poliwag, growling angrily.
"Ratta, Rattata!" it squealed angrily. A slightly smaller, yet similar looking Rattata poked its head out of the bush questioningly, then ducked back in when the first rat gave it an angry glare. Warren ignored this little scene and simply ordered Poliwag forwards.
"Tackle it!" he shouted, but to his surprise, Poliwag just stood there and (somehow) shrugged its shoulders. Warren stood there, nonplussed.
"You don't know how to tackle? You just...run into it...no?" Poliwag just gave him a confused expression, then squealed in pain as a small, furry, purple blob pelted it in the side of the face, moving so fast that Warren could barely see it. Poliwag sat down hard, its eyes brimming over with tears already.
"Don't give up!" Warren shouted at it, "Fight back!" Hit it with your bubble, if you can remember how!" Poliwag leapt to its feet and fired a multitude of blue bubbles at Rattata, which shrank back in pain as they hit it. Rattata was stronger than it looked, though and leapt forwards into another Quick Attack, knocking Poliwag out cold. Warren sighed dejectedly as he returned Poliwag.
"Guess I'll have to do it myself," he muttered, "Who needs a tadpole to fight a rat anyway?" The Rattata looked up at him angrily, then tackled his leg. However, whereas this would have hurt Poliwag, Warren was not two feet tall and weighed a lot more than twenty seven pounds. So instead of being completely knocked out, he stumbled slightly, then stepped forwards again.
"Warren, use Mega-Kick!" he quipped to no-one in particular, before booting the small rat several feet down the path. He chuckled a little. Who needs Pokemon when you have a thick boot? Nevertheless, he detached a Pokeball from his belt and nonchalantly threw it at Rattata. In a flash of red light, it was sucked inside and the ball began to shake...

December 4th, 2008, 8:32 AM
@Konekodemon - You need to make your battle posts longer and more detailed. As i said in the route post that longer, more detailed battle posts were needed to capture uncommon pokemon. Sorry but...

Kairi's pokeball twitched back and forth, before a bright light burst out of the pokeball. Spearow reapeared and looked angrily at Kairi. The bird the charged towards the girl, who had to duck to theground to avoid contact. When Kairi looked round, the spearow had disappeared from view...

@FlareonFan - nice post, can't wait to see Sean on Route One

@Alipeewee - Nice post, I feel sorry for poliwag. Anyway...

The pokeball shook from left to right, before a ping sounded and the pokeball stopped wobbling.

Congratulations Warren 'caught a level 3 Rattata'... I hope he likes it more than poor poliwag.

December 4th, 2008, 9:54 AM
Chapter 3

Sean was about to start walking among Route 1. He looked at the large grass on the path, that went up to his chest. He decided to take one first step into it, to see if it was safe, it was fine but nothing was very clear with it all in the way. He continued walking along the huge grass, Growlithe followed him. Once he walked through the first path, he could see a rather pretty park-sort of thing. He could see more large grass, and rocky ledges. He could not climb them for a shortcut, so he had to continue his path through the tall grass.
He was walking slightly through the way of a larger bunch of grass than normal, when he tripped up on the ground. It didn't hurt him, except his legs, slightly.
Then, a rustling noise came from the other side of the grass, it sounded like...like...a Pokemon. "Huh? What's that? Whoever you are you better show!" he said sounding pretty shocked. Then, there came a small, brown and beige bird that came out of the grass. He got out is Pokedex and examined it.
Pidgey. The TinyBird Pokemon. It never likes to fight. It shall hide in tall grass, looking for bugs to eat.
The Pidgey tweeted. "Alright! Another Pokemon encounter! C'mon Growlithe! Let's handle this!"

The Pidgey then started flapping its wings at full speed, and tweeting loudly. Growlithe got on its look that it always uses when in battle.
Then, Pidgey flew swiftly towards growlithe, and its head had hit Growlithe. It didn't do much but it looked like it kind of hurt. "C'mon Growlithe! You can do this! Use Bite now!" Sean commanded to Growlithe. Growlithe had bared its teeth, put on a fierce look and ran over to Pidgey, then took a large bite on the Pidgey, which looked like it took a lot of health off it. Pidgey was not totally down, but it tried to flap its wings and tackle Growlithe again. As a result, Pidgey ran out of energy trying, and fell to the ground. It had been defeated.

"Woo! Growlithe you did it! I believe we can do great together! Let's keep it up!" James said with another enthusiastic voice which he uses when happy and joyful. They continued to walk through the huge grass patch, he could tell he was nearly in Viridian as he could hear lots of people.


Edit: Also, I'm gunna bold the battle parts and italic the PokeDex parts. Is that ok or do you want me to change it to normal?

December 4th, 2008, 1:07 PM
Kairi and Pikachu ran after it, and caught up to it,"Your not getting away from me! Pikachu get it!" Pikachu jumped thought the air and landed on it's back. "Use Thundershock! Use all your power!"

Pikachu nodded it's head. It got ready to attack, but Spearow shook it off. Pikachu fell to the ground. "Pikachu! Come on buddy don't let that thing push you around!" Kairi cheered Pikachu on,"What should I do?" Kairi looked in her Pokedex,"Spearow is a flying type Pokemon. It is very weak again electric attacks," The Pokedex told her,"Ok, then it should be weaken very badly from the last time I battled it."

Kairi shut her Pokedex and put it back up. The Spearow was very mad now. It didn't liked being messed with twice. It decided to finish this newbie off right now. It dived at Kairi, rage in it's eyes. Pikachu jumped in the way and took the hit,"Pikachu! Are you ok?" Kairi asked it. Pikachu just sighed. "Guess we better just run then," she told it.

Kairi picked up Pikachu, and started to run. But the Spearow wasn't just going to let her get away after the trouble she caused it. It chassed her down the road. Kairi ran and ran,"Oh no! It's after us!" She panicked. "Spear!" Spearow screamed, as it chassed Kairi.

"Oh no! It's a dead end," Kairi panicked. Kairi threw a rock at the Spearow's head,"Go away!" She screamed. Now the Spearow was mad. This time it would not fly away. It was so mad it wanted to kill Kairi.

Pikachu jumped out of Kairi's arms, blood running from it's many wounds,"No Pikachu! Your too weak! Don't do it!" Kairi screamed. But Pikachu wouldn't listen. It showed this deturmined face. No matter if it cost it, it's life it would protect it's trainer. Pikachu watched carfully, just as the Spearow dived, it jumped up into the air and grabbed onto it's feet.

Spearow shook trying to get Pikachu to let go, but Pikachu just held on tight. It closed it's eyes, and with all it's power released a mighty Thundershock into the Spearow's body. Both the Spearow and Pikachu both fell to the ground. Before Pikachu passed out it gave Kairi a look that said,'Do it! I know you can catch it this time.'

"Right! Thanks Pikachu," Kairi said, getting up very weakly, she pulled out a Pokeball and threw it at the Spearow, again,"Please, just please stay in there this time," she begged as Spearow was sucked up into the ball. Kairi prayed, she closed her eyes, waiting and hoping.

December 4th, 2008, 1:26 PM
@FlareonFan -Nice post, Growlithe grew to level 7

@Konekodemon - Better battle post.

Congratulations Kairi caught a level 3 Spearow

December 4th, 2008, 2:22 PM
Chapter 3 continued

After Sean had got throughh the grass, there were a couple more ledges, and small areas with flowers planted. This patch of grass was rather huge, it was the only one standing inm the way of Sean and Viridian City.
He took a look at the ledges, and tried to climb them as he was rather tired, and he couldn't feel like facing another pokemon. Howver, on the floor was a can of spray. On the spray, there was a label, the label had said, "Pokemon Repel". Sean turned over to the other side of the can. It had said "This is what you want in order to pass through grass safely, all pokemon in the wild will stay away from the sprayed area. This will not affect your Pokemon as they will still follow you. However, this Repel doesn't last long. After a few steps, the Repel will ware off, so use wisely."
Sean looked again at the long area of grass, he could hear more rustling, so he and Growlithe had walked up to the grassy patch and sprayed the Repel all over himself. All the rustling noises had got thinner, and thinner and thinner until all the Pokemon in the wild had escaped. Sean had one by one took a step through the grass. It took him a lot of steps as the grass was so tall, it covered most of his eyes, he kept running into trees. Eventually, the Repel had warn off. As a result, Sean just ran as fast as he could with Growlithe chasing after him. Wen they found a way out of the grass, he could hear the rustling again, so he ran over to the entrance to the city with the Pokemon lost in sight and noise.
Sean took a look at Viridian City, it was pretty bigger than Cinnabar Island. Then he looked to the left, where he could see a large statue, of the Indageau Plateau, the place that leads to the Pokemon League. He was interested. However, he was not ready to go there yet, so he walked into the city.

December 4th, 2008, 2:38 PM
Kairi picked up the ball. She was happy that she had caught it, but at what price. Pikachu was hurt very badly. Kairi put Pikachu inside it's ball,"You'll be safe in here buddy. I'm so sorry I pushed you so hard. I just couldn't let the first Pokemon I ran into get away from me," she told it. Kairi wished she had potion with her.

There was a voice behind her,"Your a weakling you know that. It's no surprise that you had so much trouble catching that thing."

Kairi turned around, and saw a girl in an Eevee costune,"Who are you?!" She demanded. This girl was alfully nosey. "My name is Jill, and your name would be?" Jill asked her.

"It's Kairi," she told Jill. "Well, Kairi you need to take better care of your pokemon. Your in luck I have a potion right here. But I'll only give it to you if you battle me," Jill teased.

"Fine, now give it to me," Kairi took the potion and took Pikachu out of the ball, and used the potion on it,"What about my new Spearow?"

Jill laughed,"Sorry, I don't give away freebies, this is a one on one fight, you'll have to just use your Pikachu and wait until you get to Viridan City to heal your Spearow."

"Find! I'll beat you!" Kairi said. After Pikachu's wounds were gone it jumped up and said,"Pikapi!" Agreeing with it's trainer.

"Ok, how about we make this a contest battle," Jill sujested. "Ok, your on!" Kairi said.

Jill took a Pokeball off her belt,"Go Pokeball!" And out popped a brown fox-like Pokemon. It said,"Eevee," as it appeared. "Eevee huh?" Kairi flipped open her Pokedex,"Eevee, the normal type Pokemon. Its genetic code is irregular. It may mutate if it is
exposed to radiation from element Stones. In effect it may evole into 1 of three different Pokemon depending on which stone is used on it. Using a Firestone with yell Flareon, the flame Pokemon. Using a Waterstone will yell Vaporeon, the bubble jet Pokemon and a Thunderstone yells Jolteon the lightning Pokemon." The Pokedex said.

"Ok, Pikachu go get it. Use Thundershock!" Kairi conmanded.

"Eevee use Sand Attack," Jill told it. "Eevee," Eevee knocked sand into Pikachu's face. Pikachu couldn't see,"Pikachu!" Kairi screamed. "Tackle it!" Jill screamed. Eevee tackled Pikachu knocking it out in one move. Not giving Kairi a second glance she turned and walked away saying,"Loser!"

Kairi stood there, thinking,'You just wait, until I get stronger, then we'll see who the real loser is.'

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 4th, 2008, 3:02 PM
The Pokeball shook from left to right, before a ping sounded and the Pokeball stopped wobbling. Warren smirked. He'd already caught his first Pokémon, and it hadn't even been slightly hard. Though that probably said something about the strength of the Pokémon he'd caught.

"Ratta, Rattata!" Warren spun around. Sure enough, Rattata was standing in the middle of the path behind him, looking more than a little annoyed. Warren glanced down. Rattata's Pokeball was still in his hand - he hadn't released it. So this must be another Rattata. But what did it want?
"Let’s see if you can make sense of this..." Warren sighed as he released both Poliwag and Rattata. Now he had two to compare, he could see that the wild Rattata was slightly smaller than his. A child, perhaps? His suspicions were confirmed as his newest partner ran up to the other Rattata and nuzzled it gently. So, he'd captured the mother of a baby Rattata. What was he meant to do now? No way was he releasing his new Pokémon, but he couldn't capture this one as well...could he?
"Alright, Poliwag, bubble!" he shouted and the tadpole blew out a thin jet of blue bubbles, hitting the baby Rattata in the face. It promptly fell over and began to cry. Even Warren had to feel a little bad about that. Hoping to end it quickly, he reached for his belt and unhooked a Pokeball, but as he enlarged it with a click of the central button, another Pokeball came flying out of nowhere. The confused Rattata was sucked into the sphere, which rolled back and forth for a second before making a slight 'ding'.
"I didn't throw that, did I?" Warren said to no-one in particular. Unfortunately, somebody did answer.
"Of course you didn't, you imbecile. That was my Pokeball, so that Rattata is now legally mine." Wheeling around to spot the source of this snide voice, Warren found himself face to face with a smirking, red-headed boy with his hand outstretched. Without looking, he caught the Pokeball as it flew back to his hand and shoved it into his pocket. Warren grimaced. Normally, he would have smacked the kid around already and be leaving by now, but there was a rather large Beedrill hovering next to this brat, and Warren got the distinct impression that it was on his side.
"But, you can't split up the mother and child!" he protested. Even to Warren's doubtable moral code, that just seemed...wrong. The boy just smirked again.
"I think I just did." He turned around with the intention of making an impressive exit, though this was slightly marred when a fist connected with the back of his head, sending him sprawling into the mud. Beedrill buzzed in anger, but by that time, Warren, Rattata and Poliwag had already legged it. They didn't stop running until some buildings loomed on the horizon. Viridian City.

December 4th, 2008, 3:22 PM
@alipeewee - Warren with morals? What is the world coming to? But seriously, good post.

@Konekodemon - nice post.

Viridian City

Number of Posts: 1-2

Description: A large city which is filled with residents and passing by trainers. It also holds a trainer school, a gym and even a Trainer House.

What can you do in a City?
Heal your pokémon
Buy items
Have gym battles if the gym is opened
Explore the Town
Note: You may not catch wild pokémon in the city, and you cannot have pokémon Battles, unless you’re in a certain part of the town, for example in Viridian City, you may battle in a gym or the Trainer House. This is basically a place to restore your health and relax.

Places of Interest
Pokémon Center: A place where you may heal your pokémon and sleep all for free!
Poké Mart: You may buy Items here: Potion, pokéball, Antidote, Awakening, and Paralyze Heal
Gym: The gym is open, but the gym leader isn’t here! He’s not doing his job Dx
Trainer House - Fancy a battle? Head here to battle other beginning trainers.
Trainer School - Fancy a trip back to school...

December 4th, 2008, 4:33 PM
Kairi picked up Pikachu and walked on heading to Viridan City. Before she could get there a Ratatta jumped out of a bush. "Oh come on now. My Pokemon are in too weak a state to battle anymore," Kairi conplained. She just turned and ran away from the Ratatta. She ran the rest of the way to Viridan City.

She looked around and saw a sign in front of a buiding that said,"Rest your tried Pokemon at a Pokemon Center. We also offer rooms for the night for Trainers and Coordinators."

"Good, the Pokemon Center," Kairi raced in and up to the counter,"Nurse Joy please heal my Pikachu and Spearow please."

"Why of course," Nurse Joy said as Kairi handed her Pikachu and Spearow's Pokeball. Kairi went to rest while her Pokemon were being healed.


An hour later her Pokemon were fully healed. They were handed back to her. Kairi took out Spearow's ball, and opened it up. Spearow popped out and just stared at her."I'm sorry I was so hard on you Spearow when we battled eariler. But would you still like to be with me anyway?" Kairi asked it. Spearow blinked a few times. A small tear ran down it's face,"Row," It said nodding it's head yes and jumping into Kairi's arms.

"So, all's forgiven huh," Kairi grinned. "Spear," Spearow repiled. Kairi hugged it back and then returned it to it's ball. Pikachu got on Kairi's shoulder and Kairi walked back up to Nurse Joy,"I'd like a room for the night please."

"Sure right away," She told her. She logged Kairi onto her Computer,"Ok, your room is upstairs, Room 104." She handed Kairi her room key. Kairi then went upstairs, Pikachu still ridding on her shoulder.

She found her room, and unlocked it and went in. She took out some packs of food, and went over to the stove and got ready to start cooking when Pikachu reminded her that she doesn't have any Pokemon food for it and Spearow,"Oh no! I forgot!" Kairi then left, her room, locked the door, and walked out of the Pokemon Center, looking for the PokeMart. She also remembered what she was told about buying a Pokegear and PokeNAV.

Kairi located the store and went inside. She brought, ten packs of Pokemon food, a Pokegear and a PokeNAV. She thanked the clerk and then went back to her room, at the Pokemon Center.

By the time Kairi got back, it was already dark outside. She went up to her room, where Pikachu was waiting for her. Kairi fixxed the Pokemon there food first. She let Spearow out of it's ball and it and Pikachu started eating. Kairi then fixxed some rice for herself, and sit down at the table to eat. She turned on the TV and started watching her favorite cartoon show,'Pokemon Adventures' about a boy named Red, who had a talking Clefairy and a Pikachu just like her's. Tonight was a new episode as well.

Kairi laughed at all the funny things Clefairy did on the show.


After her Pokemon were done eating, Kairi returned Spearow to it's Pokeball. Then her and Pikachu got ready for bed. Kairi brushed her teeth, then took a shower, and dried and brushed her hair, and put on her Pajamas. When she exitted the bathroom Pikachu was already asleep on the bed.

Kairi went over and locked the door just in case. She didn't want anyone breaking in while she slept. She then pulled the covers down and got into bed, closing her eyes she went to sleep.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 4th, 2008, 4:42 PM
OOC: lol, I know. He needs some morals though, or he becomes a bit of an anti-sue...or anti-stu

"Poliwag? Poli? Poli, poli, Poliwag!" Warren groaned as an incessant squeaking filled his ears. The blue tadpole was bouncing on the end of his bed. Warren sat up moodily, 'accidentally' knocking Poliwag on to the floor.
"I guess Nurse Joy brought you back then?" he muttered, "I guess she can do her job, even if she is a weird clone..." Warren noticed that Rattata was sitting on the window-sill, looking a lot less cheerful than Poliwag. We're gonna grow stronger, he promised himself, and then we're gonna beat that little ginger twerp into the ground. He stood up, looking at a map of the town that dominated the wall opposite his bed in the Pokemon Centre room. Apparently, there was a place to train in the city, called a Trainer House. Recalling his two Pokemon, he slung his bag onto his back again and strode out the door. Walking quickly, he soon found his way to the Trainer House. From the outside, it just looked like a normal house, except for a small plaque by the door. But when Warren stepped inside, he could see that this was a proper fight club. Battles of varying intensities were happening in wrestling rings, all throughout the giant hall that made up most of the building.
"Hey, you, you wanna battle?" Warren turned towards the source of the voice. He was about to make some comment about how he would destroy them, when he realised that his challenger was a girl. And an an attractive girl at that. She had long, dark red hair, swept back in a ponytail and glittering emerald eyes. Warren stood speechless for a second. The contents of his mind was pretty much:
Don’t choke, don't choke, don't choke, don't choke, DON'T CHOKE!
Yeah, you choked.
"Well, I suppose. Let’s see if we can win for once, Poliwag." Poliwag burst from its ball, bouncing happily from foot to foot. The girl smiled and held out a Pokeball.
"Lets do this, Metapod." Warren grinned as he saw the motionless cocoon appear on the battlefield. This would be easier than he thought.
"My name's Olivia, but everyone just calls me Liv." she smiled as the two Pokemon eyed each other up.
"Well, I'm Warren, but everyone calls me...umm...well, just Warren."
Are you doing this deliberately? Nobody could choke that badly.
He looked up in surprise as Liv shouted,
"Metapod, use Tackle!"

The match was on!

December 4th, 2008, 4:51 PM
@alipeewee- OOC: lol, I know. He needs some morals though, or he becomes a bit of an anti-sue...or anti-stu

haha true, good post again. I cant wait to see if Poliwag will fair better in this battle than it has done so far...

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 4th, 2008, 5:14 PM
Hi. Can you Reserve me for oddish? I dont want to come back from school having a sign-up idea and see its gone. >.<

Aww... nobody chose oddish...

Gumshoe Satyr
December 4th, 2008, 5:48 PM
"Hey, you've got your Pokemon! Let's battle!" a male voice called. Turning around, Laura saw a light-green haired boy who appeared to be around ten years old. He wore black and red clothes, but his most interesting feature was a red headband that had straps flapping in the wind that were about one and a half to two feet long. Hmm... I wonder if he know kung fu or karate or something....

"Uh.... I-I guess... uh.... Who are you anyway?" Laura asked nervously. She noticed that the boy held a pokeball tightly in one of his hands. Feeling something brush lightly against the back of her leg, she looked down to see Vulpix hiding there. It seemed that the little fire Pokemon was shy around strangers.

"I'm Jimmy, of course, and I just got my Charmander from Professor Oak this morning. So c'mon. Are we going to battle or what?" Gripping the pokeball in his hand tighter, he gave Laura scowled at Laura, irritated.

"Uh... Yes, I said that we are, didn't I? I'm Laura, by the way." she answered as her stomach started tying itself in knots. Oh, boy... Vulpix and I barely met two minutes ago, and we're already in our first battle! "Well, you heard him, Vulpix. Let's battle!" she urged her Pokemon, who obediently walked forward, though her legs trembled a little.

"You, too, Charmander!" Jimmy yelled as he threw his pokeball forward. "Hey Laura! Did you know that Charmander is the tallest of all the fire-type starters? Well, since Vulpix is a starter now, too, I guess their both the tallest now." I hope he doesn't give Charmander trivia the whole battle.

When the orange, lizard-like Pokemon appeared, I reminded Laura of a miniature version of a nightmare she had one time, but she had to admit that in its own reptilian way, it was kind of cute. "Ready, Vulpix? Start things off with your Ember attack." Opening her mouth, Vulpix released a barrage of fire, which headed straight toward Charmander. Wow, she's actually listening to me. This is so great! Her happiness was short-lived, however.

"Charmander, use Scratch!" The dragon-like Pokemon charged right through the fiery attack, barely scathed, and dealed a rough blow to Laura's Pokemon with its claws. Ohhh... Fire attacks won't work very well against it. What should I do now? As Vulpix struggled back onto her feet, Jimmy barked out another command, "Use Scratch again!"

Well, it can't hurt to try the other move. "Counter with Tail Whip, Vulpix." She breathed a sigh of relief when Vulpix's tails swung around and slammed against Charmander's wrist, stopping its attack cold. The two Pokemon struggled against each other for several seconds, each trying to push the other's attack back, but neither was able to gain the upper hand.

"You're outta your league," Jimmy announced, triumphantly. "Charmander, use Scratch again!" This time Charmander attacked with its other hand, while Vulpix was still holding back his other attack. She jumped to the side and tried to block the new attack with her tails but was a second too slow. Reeling backwards from the blow, she was unable to protect herself from the next Scratch, which sent her crashing to the ground, fainted. "I toldya. See ya around, Laura. Maybe we'll battle again sometime." With that, he walked away with Charmander at his side, leaving them alone.

Rushing to Vulpix's side, Laura gently picked her up. "Vulpix! You're not hurt, are you? I'm very proud of you. It's my fault we didn't win because you fought so hard. I'm sorry..." When Vulpix leaned her head and licked her cheek, Laura grinned and rubbed the Pokemon's head. "Thank you. Guess we're going to need a lot of practice... I've got a lot of learning to do or we're not going to get very far. Let's go, Vulpix!"

With Vulpix at her side, Laura's long journey finally began.

December 5th, 2008, 2:44 AM
@Black Pendulum Rayquaza - Yep cool, Oddish is reserved for you for 2 days

@namora - Nice post, looks like Laura still has a lot to learn about being a trainer

@Konekodemon - sorry i missed your post earlier... anyway nice post

December 5th, 2008, 9:29 AM
Chapter 4

Sean had entered Viridian City. There were a lot of houses around, with some of the citizens relaxing around the city. Thetre were a lot of trees and such, not many buildings for a city, except the gym, Pokemon Center and PokeMart. So he decided to go to the Pokemon Center. He thought it would look like a hospital, and it did. It was his first visit to a Pokemon Center, so he didn't know who to ask to heal his Growlithe. Then he was a medium-sized woman with long pink hair. "Hello." she said to him. "How may I help you?"
"Well, you see, it's my first time here, so uh do you know who heals the Pokemon here?" Sean had asked her.
"Well, that would happen to be me. Which would you like healing?"
"My Growlithe please." he withdrew Growlithe into a PokeBall and handed it over to the woman. "Oh, and by the way, I'm Nurse Joy of Viridian City" she told him.
"Oh, it's nice to meet you. I'm Sean, I just started being a trainer."
"Really? In that case you should go to the Pokemon School at the other side of the city." Sean looked a bit intrested, while bored at the fact that you need school in order to become a trainer. "I'll check that out while you heal Growlithe. Is that fine?"
"Why, sure it is. Just come back once you've finished and Growlithe should be fully healthy."
Nurse Joy had walked into the door which had said "Pokemon Health Area. No Entry." on the sign on the door. Sean had walked out of the Pokemon Center, and looked at the rather small building that looked nothing like school, it looked more like a cafe. He walked over and opened through the door. As he walked in, the teacher, who was pretty old had looked at him strangely, as if Sean had interrupted him. "Nice for you to join us. Please tell us your name." he ad told him sounding a bit annoyed by him showing up part the way into the lesson. "My name is Sean. Sean Taylor. I was interested in checking out some basics about Pokemon." he had explained. "Take a seat." the teacher had pointed to the desk at the front with an empty chair. Sean had sat down and looked at the board. It had shown all the types of Pokemon and the type chart. He had taken all this info in, expecially the Fire type weaknesses and resistances; Fire Types, Weak to; Water, Rock, Ground. Restistant to; Fire, Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel.
After he looked at that, the teacher had began to speak again. "Now, before you all go, there is one more thing that is left to be done." Sean had realized he had missed most of the lesson. "I am now going to give out all your handbooks, each handbook contains every Pokemon existing. Aswell as the types, moves and description."
This made Sean pleased as he would finally realize which moves Growlithe would learn, saving him the asking. He got given a pretty thick book, with the title "All you need to know about Pokemon."
He had looked at the page with Growlithe on it. The page had contained all the data about Growlithe;

"#58 Growlithe
Puppy Pokemon.
Type: Fire.
Moves: Bite, Roar, Ember (Level 7), Leer (Level 13), Odor Sleuth (Level 19), Take Down (Level 25), Flame Wheel (Level 31), Helping Hand (Level 37), Agility (Level 43), Flamethrower (Level 49).
How to evolve: Fire Stone.
Evolution: Growlithe - Arcanine.

Then it was time to go, the teacher had dismissed everybody. Sean had walked out the door a more confident trainer as he now knew which moves Growlithe could learn. He went back to the Pokemon Center to collect his Growlithe. Nurse Joy was still in the room though. Sean sat in the room labelled "Waiting Room" on the door. He waited a few minutes, remembering what it said int eh book, about Evolution, that Growlithe can evolve into Arcanine. He thought he'd check that out once he evolved Growlithe though. Then Nurse Joy had walked out with the PokeBall. "Welcome Back. Did you learn great in school?" she asked him. "Yeah, I did. Maybe now I'll know a lot more as it helps me." Nurse Joy handed his Growlithe back. Sean had opened the PokeBall with Growlithe shooting out of it, looking healthier than ever. It barked with happiness and jumped into Sean's arms. "Well, have a nice journey!" Nurse Joy had told him, while he was walking out of the room. "Thank you!" he replied. Sean had then looked at the other side he entered the city from, seeing a lot of trees, more big grass and a forest entrance. He thought this was the way to go from here.

But before he did, he looked at the gym, and decided to take a peek inside, and come back to it once he'd train up a little. When he walked up to the gym entrance, there was an old man with a grey moustace standing there. "Sorry. This gym is closed at the moment. The gym leader is out, not sure where but he is not in. The dor is locked also so don't try and go in." he had told him. Sean hadn't worried about it though, so he carried on upwards toward the forest enterance.

December 5th, 2008, 10:57 AM
@FlareonFan - Nice post. Nice use of the school to educate your character on his pokemon.

Update on Viridian City posts -

Alipeewee - posted part 1 of 2
Konekodemon - done
FlareonFan - done

once 3 players are finished in Viridian, I will post Route 2 :)

December 5th, 2008, 12:21 PM
The next morning Kairi got up. Pikachu was still sleeping. Not wanting to wake it, she just turned on the TV, and turned it to the weather channel. It was going to get up to 80 today,"That's a great temperture," Kairi said with a grin.

After watching TV, she got up and took a shower, brushed her teeth, etc....etc...

When Kairi got out of the bathroom she looked through her bag at her cool looking outfit her mother had brought for her a while back, for her contests,'I can't wait,' she thought. But first Kairi would have to get a Contest Pass in Saffon City.

Kairi opened up her PokeNAV and took a look. Saffon City was still at least a week away to get there. She'd have to get the Contest Pass then walk all the way back to Cerulen City.

Once Pikachu was awake, she fixxed some breafast for both her and her Pokemon. After they ate they left,"It's about time we got some training done Pikachu. You need to be stronger if were going to win contests," she told it. Pikachu nodded and got onto Kairi's shoulder. Before leaving Kairi stopped by the PokeMart and picked up 5 Potions, 5 Andidotes, 5 Paralyl Heals and 5 Pokeballs.

The cherk looked at her like she was crazy, wondering how she could have that much money. Well she had been saving money for this trip since she was 5 years old, plus her and her mother make a lot of money at there Flower Shop here in Viridan City. "Oh that reminds me," Kairi thought.

Kairi went and checked on the Flower Shop before leaving. The workers said they were doing just find, so Kairi waved buy to them, then she headed out to Route 2.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 5th, 2008, 1:15 PM
To Warren's utter amazement, Metapod leapt into the air. As he gaped, it came crashing down on Poliwag, bouncing off its head. Poliwag fell over, crying out with shock, but used its tail to push itself back to its feet.
"String shot!" came the next order and Metpod fired a thick, sticky fibre towards Poliwag. This time, though, Warren was expecting it.
"Use bubble!" he shouted and Poliwag released a stream of glistening blue bubbles that shredded the String shot and hit Metpaod.
"Damn! Harden up, Metapod!" Liv shouted, her annoyance showing on her face. Metapod glistened, as it would when Hardening, but something was different. Rather than fading, the glow brightened, and as Warren watched in amazement, Metapod's form became fluid-like and its shell seemed to fall away, revealing a soft, moving bundle beneath. It reared up, opening itselfup and showing a completely different pokemon to before. Warren gasped as the new bug blinked its red eyes.
"Butterfreeee!" it cried, spreading its wings wide. Liv grinned.
"Alright, Butterfree!" she cried, "Do you reckon you could pull off any new attacks?" Butterfree nodded, then turned to Poliwag. Suddenly, its eyes started to glow, like a fire was raging behind them, a fire of all the colours of the rainbow. Poliwag started and shook its head. The light behind Butterfree's eyes grew and Poliwag fell back, crying from some unseen pain. Then, Butterfree ave one last cry and Poliwag fell over, unconscious. Warren sighed. He was beginning to wonder if Poliwag would ever get through a battle and remain conscious. He returned Poliwag and held out his next Pokeball.
"All right, Rattata, let's see what you got!" he shouted as he let out the small purple rodent. "Try using Tail whip!" Rattata leapt forwards, flipping forwards to hit Butterfree over the head with its tail. Butterfree simply batted it away with its wings, however.
"Don't give up, Rattata!" Warren shouted, "Give it a Tackle!" Rattata charged again, barging Butterfree with its shoulder. Butterfree fluttered and Rattata took this oppurtunity to strike again, leaping up high before diving down and Tackling Butterfree in the back, right between its wings. Butterfree crumpled and fell to the ground, knocked out.
"Reutrn, Butterfree," Liv said, clearly disappointed. "You fought well Warren, but you had two Pokemon to my one. You should have beaten me with a lot more ease than you did." Warren gritted his teeth. Her superior attitude made him want to smack her, but that wouldn't exactly help his chances. Silently, he reurned Rattata and stalked out of the building. He looked forwards, towards Viridian Forest. That was where his next challenge lay...

December 5th, 2008, 1:39 PM
@alipeewee - Nice post, 2 on 1 seems a little unfair... actually doesn't surprise me considering Warren's attitude. anyway...

Congratulations Rattata grew to level 5, and learned Quick Attack

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 5th, 2008, 1:43 PM
slls? please cancel my reservation. im busy with school and cant do the su. >.<

December 5th, 2008, 1:45 PM
@BPR - okay cool... Oddish is available again

December 5th, 2008, 1:47 PM
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I was going to say I think I know someone who might want Oddish, she's my sister, but right now, her computer's broke, so you'd have to wait until she can get to the library

December 5th, 2008, 3:02 PM
I'd like to reserve Oddish please

December 5th, 2008, 4:09 PM
@Rii - okay, Oddish is reserved for you until the end of the weekend.

okay then as promised her is Route 2:

Route 2

Number of Posts: 1-2

Description: A short path from Viridian City leading to Viridian Forest. There are a couple of beginner trainers lurking around, as well as a variety of Pokémon living in the bushes on the route which you could try to capture.

What can you do in a Route?

Generally the main two things you can do on a route are capturing pokémon and battling trainers. You can do many other things, you know free will and all that... Anyways, you cannot meet any of the other RPers, and everyone have fun.

Wild Pokemon
Commonly seen pokémon in this area

Level: 2-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack (Level 5)
Nature: Random

Level: 2-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away or Guts
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (Level 4)
Nature: Random

Uncommonly seen pokémon in this area


Level: 3-5
Gender: Female
Type: Poison
Ability: Poison Point or Rivalry
Attacks: Growl, Scratch
Nature: Random


Level: 3-5
Gender: Male
Type: Poison
Ability: Poison Point or Rivalry
Attacks: Leer, Peck
Nature: Random

Note - the title specifying the rarity of a pokémon refers to how hard a pokémon is to catch. i.e. a much better post is required to catch an uncommon pokémon than to catch a common pokémon.
How I level the pokémon you’re catching will depend on how good your post is. When you’re trying to catch a pokémon, you cannot decide if you catch it. When trying to catch a pokémon you have to finish your post off when you throw the pokéball and wait for my response telling you if the capture was successful or not. You cannot continue until you know that it was caught. In battles, I will level up your pokémon depending on the quality of your battle post.

December 5th, 2008, 5:33 PM
Chapter 5

Sean had walked out of the area of Viridian City, and into the small park of Route 2. His Growlithe was happy and healthy, following him every step of the way. He had looked around, noticing all the trees, more than Route 1. Just ahead of him was more tall green grass, which wasn't as tall as before. Behind it, Sean could see a dark entrance to some kind of forest, where he could hear noises of bugs. He kne that this was goign to be a hard challenge to get through.

Around Sean, he could see a bunch of kids that looked like they were not so old, wearing brown bamboo hats, green shirts and brown shorts, each one carrying a bug net. They were all marching into the forest. Sean could easily guess they were out to hunt for bugs, this shown that the forest had bug types in there. He hated bugs, and the way they were small and green.

The sun was setting, and Sean had checked his watch. The big hand was pointing to the 6 and the shorter was pointing to the 5. 5:30pm. "Oh man! I can't believe I did this in only one day" he told himself. Of course, he decided to carry on as it wasn't so late yet, and he was curious. He wasn't tired, and never usually is.

He started to make his ay through the big grass, taking it step by step as he didn't want to see any bug Pokemon following him. Growlithe followed him, sniffing the grass as if it could smell something. Suddenly, there was a rustle in the grass. "Oh man! Please tell me it's not a bug type Pokemon!" Sean had said in shock. He could hear a chaging noise all of a sudden, getting closer and closer. This made him realize it was not a bug type after all, but still it sounded dangerous. Eventually, the small, fast Pokemon had shown up right under his face, running around in circles. It was a very short Pokemon. It was a dark pink colour with purple spots, spikes on its back and a sharp, pointy horn on its head. Sean had whipped out his Pokedex to examine it.
"Nidoran Male. The Poison Pin Pokemon. Its large ears flap like wings when it listens to distant sounds. It extends toxic barbs when angered."
Sean had looked terrified. "Uh oh! A poison type! That's pretty much just as bad!"
The Nidoran had nooked at him fiercely, which made Sean look frightened. Growlithe had barked in front of its face in defense. This had started a fight.

Growlithe put on a fierce look, looking right into the eyes of Nidoran, they were ready to engage in battle. Nidoran had charged up to Growlithe at intensifying speed, with its horn pointing directly at Growlithe. "Growlithe! Use Bite now!" Sean had shouted. Growlithe opened its mouth, and started to run up to Nidoran. Each one was running to each other, causing both to take direct damage. Nidoran had its horn jabbed right into Growlithes forehead, while Growlithe had bit Nidoran's ear. They both took the same amout of damage. "Don't give up yet Growlithe! You can do it! Just try again! Use Bite!" Sean commanded. Growlithe then ran faster than before, using more energy as it was enraged by the damage to its forhead. Nidoran did nothing, except glare right at Growlithe's eyes, which slightly frieghtened Growlithe as the look had shined in Nidorans eyes, only causing Growlithe to run slower, not able to bite Nidoran at all. "Oh no! Don't do it Growlithe! You can do it, just rely on yourself!" Sean started to get worried if this would be his first defeat. Growlithe was starting to look weak by moving slower and looking tired. Nidoran started to charge again, with its horn flat out on its head, running fast. "Growlithe! Use...Ember!" Sean had remembered that move from the book, he thought that Growlithe would be just about ready to use it. Growlithe then started to growl, then opened its mouth, showing its teeth. Then opened the jaw, showing a rather small, yet tough looking ball of fire. Just before Nidoran was about to jab Growlithe, Growlithe had unleashed the ball of fire at raging speed. When the ball had hit Nidoran, it had turned all its forehead greyish-black. Sean had thought to himself for a moment. "Hmm, maybe now would be a great chance to catch a Pokemon for the first ever time. Let's see, it looks just about weak enough. So all I do is get a PokeBall out of my pocket right? Alright, let's do this!"
While Nidoran was lying on the grassy, yet damp surface, it was not completely knocked out. Therefore, Sean had made his mind up.

Sean reached into his pocket, brining out a PokeBall, which looked shiny. He had wiped it for luck. Then Sean had swung the PokeBall out of his arm, "Come on PokeBall!". Then, when the ball had hit the back of Nidoran, it had turned into a beam and got sucked into the PokeBall. Then the PokeBall started to shake....


I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 5th, 2008, 5:36 PM
Warren was in a bad mood. He was walking down a lonely path with an overly-cheerful runt and a depressed mother. Things could hardly be more fun.
"Well, well, well. Look who it is." Warren spuna round, recognising the smug tone instantly. The red-headed brat was standing there, but this time, his Beedrill was in front of him, just in case Warren decided that battling wasn't just for Pokemon again. Warren grinned.
"Whats the matter?" he jeered, "Hiding behind your stronger friends because you know that you'll get your ass kicked otherwise?" The boy's face turned the same colour as his face, but he didn't say anything. Instead he simply clicked his the fingers. Without warning, Beedrill dashed forwards, its stingers raised. Warren ducked, the sharp points barely brushing his hair as he threw himself to the ground.
"Rattata, quick attack! Poliwag, bubble!" he shouted. Beedrill stumbled slightly as Rattata hit it in the face, then fell back slightly further as the bubble attack connected too. "Keep that bubble coming!" Warren shouted, clambering to his feet and Poliwag eagerly obliged, knocking down the Beedrill and hurting it badly. Poliwag then hopped onto its face, where it would be safe from stingers and have an easy shot if it got angry.
"Who the hell are you, anyway?" Warren shouted angrily, squaring up to the boy and happily finding that he was in fact slightly taller than him. The ginger simply smirked and replied,
"Most call me Guy, but you can call me sir, or master if you prefer." Warren growled and immediately grabbed Guy by his shirt collar, lifting him bodily off the ground. Surprisingly, he didn't seem bothered.
"You seem to have forgotten that Needler is not my only Pokemon," he laughed, "Perhaps I should show you my newest acquisition." He lifted up a pokeball and out came the baby Rattata. Warren bared his teeth. Was Guy really going to make the child fight its own mother?
"Show them your new Thunder attack, Bite!"

Apparently, he was...

December 6th, 2008, 1:29 AM
Guys I'm really liking the speed at which we're moving along here. So thanks for that.

@FlareonFan - That was an okay battle post... so:

Congratulations you caught a level 3 Nidoran♂

@Alipeewee - Nice post. Making a baby fight its own mother? Thats just mean... can't wait to see how Warrens deals with this Guy character :)

December 6th, 2008, 1:54 AM
On Route 2 Kairi looked around for any battle. She saw a tree. "Ok, Pikachu tackle that tree," she told it. Pikachu just looked at her sideways,"Pika?" It asked confused.

"I know you don't know tackle but all you gotta do is slam against that tree there," Kairi told it. Pikachu nodded and ran up against the tree baning it's head against it,"Cha!" Pikachu said looking kinda dizzy. But it worked. Out poped the Pidgey. It had been taking a nap and didn't like being woken up.

It took a dive at Pikachu,"Ok, Pikachu Thundershock!" Kairi called. Pikachu just tapped around, still kinda dizzy from hitting that tree,"Didn't you hear me! I said Thundershock!"

Pikachu kinda dizzy as it was shot the Thundershock attack everywhere. It almost hit Kairi,"Hey Pikachu! Watch where your aiming that huh." Kairi told it. It was no good. Kairi realized this was her own fault. The Pidgey tackled Pikachu. It slamed into Kairi. Kairi took a potion out of her bag and gave it to Pikachu.

Pikachu looked better now,"Ok, show it what you got! Thundershock!" Kairi called out. Pikachu used Thundershock. The first attack missed so it used it again. The second hit it right on. The Pidgey fainted,"Alright! Wait ago Pikachu!" Kairi cheered. "Pikachu," Pikachu grinned holding up a tumps up. They then continued on.


Later on Kairi was sitting out lunch for her Pokemon. Just then she heard a noise. She turned around and saw a blue looking Pokemon eating up the Pokemon food she had sit out for her Pokemon,"Hey! That's not yours!" She told it. The wild Nidoran just looked up at her and blinked,"Nido?" It said. Kairi looked it up in the Pokedex thinking it was kinda cute," Nidoran female, a poison type Pokemon. Although small, its venomous barbs render this Pokemon dangerous. The female has much smaller horns then the male Nidoran." The Pokedex told her.

"Ok, Nidoran, how about a battle. This would be a great time to use my new Spearow," she said taking out Spearow's Pokeball,"Go Spearow!"

Spearow flew out of the Pokeball,"Spearow!" It said giving out a battle cry. The Nidoran started crying when it saw Spearow. Kairi realized that this was just a young one. Kairi wouldn't fall for it's crying act though,"Spearow Peck attack!" She called. Spearow flew down at the Nidoran and got ready to peck it, but the Nidoran jumped up onto Spearow and said,"Nido!" as it bit it. Spearow screamed in pain. "Spearow! Shake it off of you!" Kairi called. Spearow nodded and managed to shake the Nidoran off of it. The Nidoran then tackled Spearow to the ground. Spearow fainted. The Nidoran laughed. It was having such a good time.

"Alright, Pikachu I'm counting on you," Kairi told it. Pikachu ran out onto the battle field,"Pika, pika!" It challenged the Nidoran. The Nidoran tackled Pikachu. Pikachu fell back,"Don't give up Pikachu! Use Tail Whip to lower it's defense!" Kairi told it. Pikachu nodded and smached Nidoran with it's tail. Nidoran then bit it's tail,"Pika!" Pikachu screamed in pain. Now it was mad. No one, but no one ever messes with a Pikachu's tail.

"Pikachu Thundershock!" Kairi called. Pikachu released, Thundershock, it missed. "Oh, Pikachu," Kairi sighed. Nidoran tackled it again. Pikachu was running low on HP,"Try again Pikachu, this time with this!" Kairi pulled out a water bottle, and got the Nidoran all wet,"Now Thundershock should be able to knock it out. Water conducts Electricty!"

Pikachu nodded and ran up to Nidoran and touched it's tail against Nidoran and used Thundershock. It tried to get away but couldn't as it was all wet. The shock hit it dead on, turning it all black with smoke coming out of it's body. It fainted,"Ok, Pokeball go!" Kairi screamed throwing the ball. Nidoran female was sucked into the ball, and Kairi and Pikachu waited, watching the ball shake.....

December 6th, 2008, 2:56 AM
@Konekodemon - Nice post. A little mean throwing water on to Nidoran♀? It worked though, and I suppose the ends justify the means... anyway:

Congratulations Kairi caught a Nidoran♀ Level 4

Congratulations Pikachu grew to level 7

December 6th, 2008, 4:40 AM
Chapter 5 coninued

The PokeBall had moved from side to side, making rattling sounds. "Come on! Let it be my first successful capture! Please!" Sean told himself quietly. The PokeBall had stopped moving, and flased red once, and then there were no more movements. He had caught it. "Woo!! My first caught Pokemon! Yeah!" Sean jumped around in happiness, forgetting that he was still in tall grass, and Growlithe was tired still. "Growlithe! I owe it all to you! If it weren't for you then I never would have got this right!" Sean told Growlithe. Growlithe happily barked, trying to keep standing up. "Uh oh. You look real tired. Let's get you back in your PokeBall." Sean had withdrew Growlithe into the PokeBall and took another step by step walk through the grass. When he got through the grass, the forest enterance was real close up. Sean had looked at how dark it was in there, and all the shadows and noises comeing from the trees rustling against each other.
He decided to be brave. "I don't care if any bugs are in there or not! I must make it to the other side! I have pokemon so there." he had to tell himself over and over. So then he took slow strides into the dark forest of Viridian.

December 6th, 2008, 4:51 AM
@FlareonFan - Wise move to give Growlithe a rest, with Viridian Forest coming up...

December 6th, 2008, 10:31 AM
The ball shoke three times before stopping and dined. "Yey! We did it Pikachu!" Kairi cheered doing a little dance with Pikachu. Just then she remembered something,"Oh no! I forgot about my Spearow!"

Spearow was still laiding on the ground moaning in pain. Kairi had forgotten to return it to it's Pokeball. Kairi ran over, and picked up Nidoran♀'s ball. Then she ran over to Spearow,"I'm so sorry Spearow," she told it. She gave it a potion, then it got back up. Kairi then sit out lunch again, hoping that another Pokemon wouldn't come up and try to take it. She called out her new Nidoran♀, and gave it and her other two Pokemon there lunch.

Then she fixxed herself, her food and sit down and ate.


When her Pokemon were done eating, she called them back into there Pokeballs, all expect Pikachu. Pikachu was pretty tried so she gave it a potion and let it ride in her backpack to rest. Kairi then walked on.

She saw a big forest ahead,'Viridan Forest.'

"That place must be full of a lot of strong Pokemon, bet I'll get some good training done in there," Kairi said as she started to go thought.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 6th, 2008, 12:07 PM
OOC: WARNING: dialogue heavy post ahead!

Warren yelled out in shock as a large bolt of electricity struck the ground in front of him. He looked at 'Bite'. Surely it wouldn't attack its own parent. Then he noticed something. 'Bite' was looking very odd. Its teeth were clenched and it was growling softly. Why was it so angry? Without waiting for an order, Guy's Rattata launched another Thunder, but aimed for Rattata, not Warren. Not even trying to dodge, she stood there as the electricity blasted into her body. Warren gasped. That had got to hurt. But why would it attack her? Guy answered his unasked question.
"You see," he drawled patronisingly, "Pokemon don't really like being abandoned by their parents. It does some serious psychological damage. Some get depressed, some become reclusive and some," he gestured towards 'Bite', "get angry. They search for revenge against those who abandoned them and welcome any who help them to achieve that goal." Warren spat on Guy's shoes.
"You're the one who split them up! You captured the child!" Guy ignored him.
"I don't know why your Rattata doesn't fight back, though. I guess it has a bit of a guilty conscience?" Warren returned Rattata quickly, another Thunder hitting the place where she had stood almost immediately.
"This is your fault!" he spat, "And I don't care what it takes, you are not going to keep these two separated!" Guy chuckled quietly.
"There's nothing you can do. Bite is legally mine and you can't take him." Warren smiled.
"I don't give an Aipom's butt what is legal. All I care about is rescuing that creature and giving you a slap in the face." Guy's face dropped a little, but he just smirked again.
"Well you'd have to get through Beedrill first and he could destroy you all on his own. Face it, you don't have a chance. Give up and go home." Warren just shoved his face right up next to Guy's, laughing as he flinched.
"Well I never give up, Guy. Never have, never will. So don't expect me to stop just for you." He turned around, accidentally stepping on Guy's foot as he stalked off.
"Come on, Poliwag," he muttered to the tadpole Pokemon, "We may be outclassed in strength, but I bet we can outsmart that idiot." More loudly, he shouted back to the arrogant twerp, "We'll be back, Guy. And we will beat you!"
"Bring it on," Guy shouted back in reply, "I'll be waiting!"

December 6th, 2008, 12:31 PM
@Alipeewee & Konekodemon - thanks for posting guys... not much i can say really... anyway as promised:

Viridian Forest

Number of Posts: 2-4

Description: lies between Viridian City and Pewter City. The trees in the forest are so thick that little light gets in. It is full of Bug- and Flying-type Pokémon. A natural maze, many people become lost inside.
Note - Both the north and south entrances of Viridian Forest open to Route 2.

What can you do in a Route?

Generally the main two things you can do on a route are capturing pokémon and battling trainers. You can do many other things, you know free will and all that... Anyways, you cannot meet any of the other RPers, and everyone have fun.

Wild Pokemon
Commonly seen pokémon in this area

Level: 3-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack (Level 5)
Nature: Random

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot
Nature: Random

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Poison
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot
Nature: Random

Uncommonly seen pokémon in this area


Level: 3-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Chlorophyll
Attacks: Vine Whip
Nature: Random

Rarely seen pokémon In this area


Level: 3-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Electric
Ability: Static
Attacks: Thundershock, Growl, Tail Whip (Level 5)
Nature: Random

Note - the title specifying the rarity of a pokémon refers to how hard a pokémon is to catch. i.e. a much better post is required to catch an uncommon pokémon than to catch a common pokémon.
How I level the pokémon you’re catching will depend on how good your post is. When you’re trying to catch a pokémon, you cannot decide if you catch it. When trying to catch a pokémon you have to finish your post off when you throw the pokéball and wait for my response telling you if the capture was successful or not. You cannot continue until you know that it was caught. In battles, I will level up your pokémon depending on the quality of your battle post.
note - Pikachu will need a very good post to catch, i am doing this to stop everyone going for one... that would be a bit boring...

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 6th, 2008, 2:14 PM
Stupid twerp...I'll show him...there must be some way i can beat him...maybe another bug or poisn type would be a good counter to Beedrill's attacks...now there's an idea...
Slowing down to a halt, Warren released Poliwag and Rattata, the wandered over to a nearby tree, looking up. Just as he had suspected, there were several bug pokemon snoozing on the branches. He took a couple of steps back, then ran forwards and kicked the tree as hard as he could. It bent hugely and a deluge of caterpillar shaped pokemon fell onto the ground, some orange and some green. Upon seeing Warren, most of them fled at a surprisingly high speed, considering that their feet were the size of pin heads. One, however, stayed. Normally, Warren would have been impressed by its bravery, but this particular pokemon, one of the brown ones, was fast asleep. Warren bent down to examine it. It had two stingers - one on its head and one on its tail - that were glistening with poison. Warren grinned - any pokemon that could poison its opponenet had to be good. Turning around, he stood back a little, then, after a short consideration, sent forwards Poliwag. Rattata probably needed a bit more rest after its encounter with Bite.
"Right, Poliwag, get up close, then wake up that lazy Weedle with your Bubble!" Poliwag silently leapt forwards, landing lightly in front of the opponent and giving a powerful Bubble attack. Squealing in pain and very much awake, the Weedle rolled backwards, then fired a thin stream of silk from its hidden mouth. The String shot shot wrapped itself around Poliwag's feet and Weedle pulled, sending Poliwag flying into the air. As it began to fall, the larva Pokemon leapt into the air, ramming Poliwag hard in the head with its stinger. Poliwag was struggling to keep going, but it climbed to its feet defiantly. Weedle flew at it again with another Poison Sting, but this time, Poliwag launched another Bubble which sent the bug pokemon flying backwards. As it lay there in a daze, Warren detatched a Pokeball from his belt and threw it with all his might. It struck Weedle on the back, then burst open, sucking it inside in a flash of red light. Warren crossed his fingers as his Pokeball began to shake wildly...

December 6th, 2008, 2:49 PM
Kairi entered the forest. "Wow! It's so beatiful in here." Kairi saw some berry trees,"I think I'll use these to make some Pokeblock and Poffins after I buy a case for making them," Kairi started picking berries off the tree and putting them in her bag.

Pikachu was still sleeping in her bag. She was very careful not to set the berries on top of Pikachu. But the smell of the berries woke it up anyway. Kairi was trying some out too. She picked up a big red berry,"This looks testy," she grinned. As since Pikachu was from the Viridan Forest, and knew everything about berries it tried to warn her,"Pika pika!" Pikachu warned shaking it's head no.

"It's alright Pikachu, it's just a harmless berry. I bet it's strawberry," Kairi took a big bite then screamed,"Ahhhhhh! Hot! Hot! Hot!" She screamed running to the river and drinking some water. Her lips were all clurped up. She looked funny. Pikachu tried not to laugh but couldn't help it. It burst out laughing.

"Hey! It not funni ya no," Kairi said, her voice sounding all weird like from the shape her lip was in.

Pikachu thought it was kinda funny, his owner had eaten a Tamato Berry. Pikachu picked off a blue looking berry and told her to eat it. It was a Oran Berry,"Pikapi."

"Oh, Thank," Kairi said still not talking right as she took the Oran Berry and ate it. It cured her,"Ahhhh, that's much better. Thanks Pikachu."

There was a male Caterpie laughing nearby. It thought this human was so funny,"Cater, pie pie."

Kairi turned around and saw it,"Hey! That's not funny! Quit it!" Kairi told it. Caterpie shot String Shot into Kairi's face then he just laughed somemore.

"You won't be laughing for long," Kairi said pulling out a Pokeball,"Ok, I know you can win a fight this time. Go Spearow!" Spearow popped out of it's ball, and faced off against the Caterpie. He wasn't laughing anymore. "Ok, Spearow, Peck attack!" Kairi called.

Caterpie started crawling away, but against a Spearow he wasn't very fast. Spearow caught up to it. Caterpie used String Shot and then tackled it. Spearow dodged both attacks,"Ok, great job Spearow! Now finish it off!" Kairi called.

Spearow flew stright at Caterpie and tackled him into a tree. Caterpie fainted,"Ok," Kairi said taking out a Pokeball,"Pokeball go!" Caterpie got sucked up inside the ball. Spearow came back to Kairi and just floated in the air in front of her as she watched the Pokeball shake like mad.

December 6th, 2008, 7:22 PM
Name: Rini Sakai
Nickname: Rii
Gender: Female
Apperance: I had a really cute pic I was gonna post but I keep getting a message of you must have made 15 or more posts to post url's. Blah, blah, blah. lol I'm not that great at describing looks, but on photobucket you just type in cute anime girl and look on the first page for the girl with brown hair in two ponytails held up by yellow pony tail holders.
Personality: A little sad at times, but covers that up by being over cheerful, she loves to help people, though she gets easily annoyed when things don't turn out as planned, loyal to a fault, and shy.
History: Her mother became ill a few years prior to her tenth birthday. Though her mother tried to play the illness off, over the next few years she became bedridden and had no one to reley on save her husband and daughter. As her father had to work overtime to cover the bills Rini chose to forgo her own pokemon journey to stay with her mother, who passed away several months before Rini's twelth birthday.
Starter pokemon: Oddish please ^__^
RP Sample: Rini stared up at the late night sky as she always did from the roof of the modest home she now only shared with her father. Now that she was alone she could freely let her tears fall. The full moon above shone down on the young girl as if to offer it's comfort. "Mother, why did you have to die? Why did you leave me?" She pulled a star shaped pendent from inside her shirt and gazed deeply at it, as she used her other hand to rub furiously at her eyes. Her mother's last with came to her then. She wanted her daughter to see the world. A journey she had been denied herself in youth. "I won't forget." she suddenly stood, and almost lost her balance. "I'll become a pokemon trainer and see the world. I promise."

Gumshoe Satyr
December 7th, 2008, 12:29 AM
Location: Route 1

"I don't know about you, Vulpix, but this whole journeying is a lot more tiring than I thought it would be. I need a break," Laura moaned as she sat down in the shade of a large tree. Leaning against its trunk, she pulled off her backpack and started digging through its contents. "I don't think I've ever walked so much in my life. Are you hungry? I've got some sandwiches in here somewhere... At the mention of food, Vulpix's eyes lit up, looking over at Laura with great interest. "I've got your full attention now, don't I?" Laura chuckled as she tossed a sandwich to the hungry Pokemon, who quickly gobbled it up.

"Vulpix vul!" Licking her lips, Vulpix looked for more but stopped, her ears twitching.

"What's the matter, Vulpix?" asked Laura, who was halfway through a sandwich herself. In response, Vulpix ran over to a patch of tall grass and after rewrapping and stuffing the sandwich back in her backpack, Laura followed. "What is...?" she began to ask again, but the grass began to rustle, cutting her off. A moment later, a purple, mouse-like Pokemon with a nasty set of teeth and red eyes scurried out. "A Rattata? I at least know what those are. You can find those pests everywhere. Let's battle it, Vulpix! Use Ember!"

Squealing, the Rattata took on the full brunt of the attack and shook it off, though its fur was badly singed. "Finish it off with another Ember!" Vulpix let loose another barrage of fireballs, but when the smoke cleared, the rodent was nowhere to be seen. "Vul?" Turning her head from side to side, the fire Pokemon frantically tried to spot its opponent, but it was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, faster than the eye could follow, Rattata leapt out of a bush and rammed its body into Vulpix, a trail of white following it.

"Vul!" Vulpix cried as she hit the ground but a second later she was on her feet again, ready for Round 2. Rattata charged at her again with Quick Attack, but this time she dived to the side, and she only got her shoulder clipped. "Good job, Vulpix! Now use Ember before it can attack again!" Ember slammed Rattata in the back and it collapsed. "Great! Uh... What's wrong now?" Pawing at Laura's leg and pulling on her sleeve, Vulpix clearly wanted something. "You want another sandwich?" she inquired but the Pokemon shook its head vigorously. "OH, those pokeballs! I could catch that Rattata!" She whipped her bag off her back, but before she could even unzip it, she noticed that the Rattata was gone. Her face turning red with embarrassment, Laura sighed and muttered, "Well, I'm never going to let that happen again. Oh, well.... at least it was a Rattata and not some really rare Pokemon. They practically grow on trees around here. Here, Vulpix. You deserve a good rest."

After putting Vulpix in her pokeball, Laura sighed again in disappointment and continued on her way.

December 7th, 2008, 2:36 AM
@Alipeewee - Nice Post:

Congratulations Warren caught a level 4 Weedle

@Konekodemon - I posted you a link to a website which describes each berry... anyway

Congratuations Kairi caught a level 3 Caterpie

@namora - Good post. Laura still has a lot to learn.... anyway:

Congratulations Vulpix grew to Level 7, Vulpix learned Roar

@Rii - Yeah accepted, start posting as soon as you want. Look through the thread for Route/Town summaries etc. o folow

December 7th, 2008, 3:21 AM
Then the ball dined,"Yey! We did it!" She picked up the ball,"Look Pikachu we caught..." Pikachu wasn't there,"Pikachu?"

Kairi looked around, her Pikachu was gone,"Pikachu! Where are you!" Kairi started getting kinda worried,"Spearow fly up above the trees see if you can spot Pikachu."

Spearow nobbed and flew up above the trees looking for Pikachu.


Meanwhile, Pikachu had gotten sararated from Kairi,"Pikapi!" He kept on calling out for Kairi. There was no answer,"Chaaa!" Pikachu sighed getting kinda tried. But he knew he had to find Kairi no matter what.

Pikachu continued on. Just then as it was crawling though a brush it bumped into a Growlithe. It looked up and saw that the Growlithe was with a young boy that looked to be a Pokemon trainer.

December 7th, 2008, 5:07 AM
Chapter 6

Sean had walked into the large bunch of trees slowly. He did not want to find any Pokemon of the Bug type as he hated the way they look at him. He found a small, purple and white bottle on the floor. It was labeled, "Potion, used to heal Pokemon health when they are weak. (One time use)". Sean had then opened heis Growlithe back out, still looking weak, it still barked loyally. "Growlithe. Hold still a minute. I'm going to heal you." Sean had told Growlithe. He put the finger on the button and pressed it. The spray had clinged onto Growlithe, getting rid off all the broozed and scratches. When the spray had completely gone, Growlithe was back to full health. Growlithe made a healthy howl, as it was feeling much better, ready to start a battle.
"Wow, I really should get these more often." Sean had thought to himself.

The forest was huge, like a maze. Each patch covered with high grass, and the worst part, there was no exit in sight.
Sean just went the way he could hear less bug noises, the path to the right. The grass was not as big as the Route 2 grass, but still he could barely see much through it. The only people in the forest were catching bugs with a small net. He tried not to run into one, but Growlithe would still handle things for him if anything did happen. Once he got through the first section of grass, there was still more. And still no exit could be seen. "Aww man! I hate this place!!" Sean had shouted.
Just then, he could hear a female voice commanding Pokemon to attack. "Yay! More trainers! Maybe they will know how to leave to the other side!" he thought.
He took a look around the sections of grass in his way, until he could see the trainer. Yet he still found no pokemon, it would be easier to have a Repel if he didn't want to find any, but he forgot to check out the PokeMart. On that section, he could hear a noise, something like, "Pika! Pika-Pik!". "Huh? What's that! Not a bug is it?" he started to get scared, he just did not want to see any bugs. When the small mouse had reached up to him, it wasn't angry, adn certainly wasn't a bug. Sean whipped out the Pokedex from his pocket.
"Pikachu. The Mouse Pokemon. It has small electric sacs on both its cheeks. If threatned, it loses charges from the sacs."
Well, atleast it's not a bug type. Growlithe looked at it and didn't growl, just examined it. The female trainer, however started shouting "Pikachu! Where are you!" with a Spearow flying above Sean. The female trainer had found the Pikachu. Sean had recognised this girl. "Kairi? Is that you...?"


December 7th, 2008, 5:11 AM
@FlareonFan & Konekodemon - You two finally met up huh? It will be interesting to see how this affects your characters

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 7th, 2008, 5:14 AM
Finally, after what seemed like an age, the ball stopped shaking and there was a faint 'ding' sound. Warren grinned and picked it up. His third Pokemon already - Warren was on a roll!
"Poli..." a fait squeak came from behind him. He turned around and noticed that Poliwag was looking in pretty bad shape. He had a large bruise and a small cut on its forehead, where Weedle had rammed him with his stinger. Frowning, Warren looked around, sighing with relief when he saw a tree with small blue berries hanging from it. He picked a couple then tossed them to Poliwag. He looked at them questioningly.
"They're Oran berries," Warren explained gruffly, "They'll help you with your head." Poli looked delighted and took a bite. He let out a loud
"Poliiiiii!" then resumed eating, devouring the berries in mere seconds. Warren grinned. Sure, he might be a weak fighter, but he had taken a poison sting head on and still come out the winner. He had to admit, Poliwag was tenacious. Warren released his other Pokemon and kicked the tree a bit, knocking down a few more berries.
"Dig in," he muttered sourly as he rummaged through his bag to see if there was any food for him. After a few minutes searching, he managed to dig out a small bottle of water and a very squashed sandwich. He wasn't entirely sure what was in it, but it tasted good so he wasn't complaining. As he ate, his thoughts turned to Guy and 'Bite'. He still found that name pretty funny. Whatever Guy was, he wasn't original.
"Hey, Rattata?" he called to his small purple rat.
"Ratta?" it said questioningly, looking up from its food.
"Well...your son...we'll get him back, you know?" Rattata nodded sadly. Warren gave a wry smile.
"And when we get him, I won't call him Bite, 'kay?" Rattata giggled a little, but still looked downcast. Warren got the impression that in Rattata's mind, she deserved to be punished for abandoning her child. Warren sighed. Depression could be really infectious.

December 7th, 2008, 5:27 AM
Kairi ran up, her Spearow flying down to land on her shoulder. Pikachu saw her running up,"Pikapi! Chaaaa!" He said happily running up to it's trainer.

"Pikachu are you ok?" Kairi asked as she hugged her Pokemon,"Oh, your Sean right? Were you trying to steal my Pikachu?!"

December 7th, 2008, 5:34 AM
"No way, Kairi!" Sean has told her. "I was just trying to get through this forest, I can't seem to find the other side." He was telling the truth. Growlithe started to look at the trainer, looking rather evil. "That'll be all Growlithe, be nice."

December 7th, 2008, 5:39 AM
Pikachu got in front of Kairi trying to protect her,"Pika pika!" It said giving Growlithe a mean look.

"Calm down Pikachu. That whatever type of Pokemon it is won't hurt me," Kairi said. She pulled out her Pokedex,"Growlithe the puppy Pokemon. Very protective of its territory. It will bark and bite to repel intruders from its space. It is also a protective of it's trainer." The Pokedex told her,"Growlithe huh. Sounds cool."

She pulled out her PokeNAV,"I can get us out of here. My PokeNAV acts as a map."

December 7th, 2008, 5:41 AM
@Alipeewee - Nice Post. Warren beginning to warm to Poliwag, what is the world coming to? :shocked:

December 7th, 2008, 5:45 AM
"Really? Sounds great!" Sean couldn't wait to leave this place, yet he wanted to catch up with Kairi and check out her Pokemon.
"So, Kairi. How many Pokemon have you got so far? Right now, I only have 2. Growlithe is like my closest friend though, he's always friendly towards me. And I have a Nidoran Male. I wonder what the female version of it looks like..." he told her, he was curious.

December 7th, 2008, 5:48 AM
Rini was nervious as she walked along the route that would bring her to Pallet. She'd been living in Veridian, and thanked her luck she didn't live further. Of course that hadn't stopped her father from declaring himself her escort, which she politely denied.

If denied can be summed up to, yelling her protests aloud and flinging her shoe at him when he persisted.

So now she found herself walking along the route alone, and almost wishing she had taken him up on his offer. After all she had no pokemon to ward off wild ones.

Her father owned one pokemon, more a pet then anything.

A ditto....

Talk about irony.

Rini glanced down as she felt something squish underneath her foot. It was a berry, she noted with disgust as he shoe was now coated in it's slimy juices. "This just isn't my day." she sighed.

"Rattata!" a shrill voice yelled.

"Oh, was that your breakfast perhaps?" Rini asked nerviously, as she glanced around then sighed. At least there was only one. Surely she could escape one Rattata.




Or not... three other small heads peaked up at her from the long grass. Seeams she'd interupted a family meal. "Nice Rattata. I didn't mean to interupt your breakfast." she smiled.

The four Rattata hissed at her and boldly stepped forward, making the girl back up a pace.

"Can't we talk this out like mature adults?"

"Rattata rat rattata!"

"Right... I'm not an adult and your not human. I get it, I get it." Rini held her hands up in defeat. "How about a song then?"

They charged, she ran. At least on the positive side she made it to Pallet much faster then she'd planned. Getting chased by a pack of small purple rats tends to have that effect.

"Professor Maple?" Rini asked once she'd arrived at the lab.

"What happened?" Professor Maple asked in surprise. "Did you wrestle a Primape before you left home?"

"Oddish?" the small plant peaked around the Professor's feet to regard the girl curiously. It then sweatdropped nerviously. "Oddish..."

"If you have any pokemon could I have one please?" she collapsed to the ground and breathed deeply.

December 7th, 2008, 5:55 AM
(Sorry about this but when your posting with someone it's impossible to end it in just a few posts, don't worry we just decided we'd just meet each other every now and then so this won't happen too often)

"Oh, wanna see my Pokemon. My Spearow and Pikachu you already met now meet my other two Pokemon," She threw her Pokeballs, and out popped a female Nidoran and a Caterpie. The Caterpie took one look at Sean and ran up to him and started rubbing on his leg.

"Caterpie what are you doing?" Kairi wondered scratching her head.

December 7th, 2008, 5:57 AM
@Rii - Nice Post. Rough Start for Rini...

December 7th, 2008, 5:59 AM
Sean looked at the small bug pokemon, Caterpie. He panicked. "Ahh!" he screamed. "I'm so sorry, it's just...bug pokemon look kind of scary to me." The Caterpie had looked at him, the big gold eyes were drawn to him, giving him a funny look. Sean was terrified. "W-Wanna see my o-other one...?" he took the PokeBall out of his pocket and opened up the Nidoran, which was attracted to Kairi's female Nidoran.

December 7th, 2008, 6:04 AM
Caterpie crawled back to Kairi and started crying, then pushed the buttom on it's Pokeball and went back inside. Kairi's Nidoran ran up to Sean's Nidoran and started rubbing up against it. "Aww isn't that cute," Kairi grinned at the two.

December 7th, 2008, 6:09 AM
"Yeah, it's so nice to see our Pokemon liking each other." he said, looking at them rubbing each others faces together. Growlithe looked away.
Sean heard more noises from the trees, and grass. This time it did sound like a bug. "Um, I think we should get moving, I can hear another bug." he said, sounding frightened again. The two started to make their way through that set of grass, he could catch a small glimpse of the exit. "Yay! We found the exit!" he told her. Only problem was, there was still quite a long way to walk, with more grass in the way.

December 7th, 2008, 6:13 AM
By the way.... With Oddish instead of Vilplume can I evolve it into Bellassom later? I've never been to fond of Vilplume. lol

December 7th, 2008, 6:24 AM
Just as Sean and Kairi were about to leave the forest, a swarn of Beedrill flew out at them,"Ahhhhh!!! Beedrill!" Kairi jumped into a bush. The Beedrill flew right at Sean,"Sean!" Kairi screamed. Just then her Caterpie jumped out of it's ball, and jumped in front of Sean and used String Shot on the Beedril, but missed. The Beedrill flew at Caterpie and all of them at once used Poison Sting, and a Weedle jumped out and used Tackle on Caterpie. Caterpie fell back and fainted to the ground moaning in pain.

It was poisoned very badly,"Caterpie!" Kairi screamed trying to get to it, but her clothes were caught on the bush.

December 7th, 2008, 6:39 AM
Sean screamed loudly at the swarm of bug Pokemon, especially the Beedrill that went towards him. When the Caterpie had saved him, he started to feel bad for it. "Oh no! I never should have hurt its feelings. I'm so sorry Caterpie! I don't know how to help!" But just at that second, he could see a bottle containing a yellow liquid, he could make out what it said on the label. "Antidote, use to cure pokemon of poison."
"Quick! Growlithe! Go fetch that bottle!" Growlithe ran up past all the bugs and retrieved the bottle. Growlithe let it go in Seans hands, and pushed the sprayer and sprayed the liquid over the Caterpie. It had been cured, and looked at him nicely, "Wow, it's actually very cute when it likes you.". Growlithe forced a strong look at the Beedrill that stung the Caterpie, and growled viciously. Pikachu joined in with Growlithe and started a fight. "Growlithe use Ember! Now!" Growlithe charged up a small ball of fire in its mouth and hurled it out. It was highly accurate, and hit the Beedrill in the weak spot. Kairi was ready to command her Pokemon too.

December 7th, 2008, 6:49 AM
"Ok, Pikachu Thundershock!" She said from her place at the bush. Pikachu nodded and let loose a Thundershock. Caterpie back up against started butting heads with the Weedle,"Ok, Caterpie String Shot!"

Caterpie shot strings at the Weedle. She then called Caterpie back inside it's ball. She decided to let Sean have Weedle. Meanwhile with Pikachu and Growlite they had knocked out all the Beedrill. Pikachu high fived Growlite. "Go ahead Sean. You can catch that Weedle if you'd like. That's for saving my Caterpie."

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 7th, 2008, 8:02 AM
Back on the road once again, Warren strolled slowly through the forest. He stopped suddenyl. What was that? A rustling sound was coming from the nearby bush. As he watched, a Pokemon stepped out of it. It strongly resembled a plant, except that instead of a flower, it had a bell-shaped head.
"Bell?" It growled. Warren got the impression that he may have wandered into this strange creature's territory. It stepped forwards and so did Warren, unclipping a Pokeball from his belt.
"Lets go, Weedle!" he shouted, "Let's see what you can do!" Weedle appeared opposite Bellsprout, ready for battle.
"WEE!" It shouted as loud as it could. The Bellsprout drew back a little, but just shouted back, then fired a thick green vine from its right leaf. It smacked Weedle in the face, but did little damage to the Bug/Poison type.
"Enough of the trash talking Weedle! Use String Shot!" Warren ordered and Weedle wrapped up Bellsprout's roots, before flicking his head up to wrap the string around a branch. Bellsprout was left hanging from the tree by its roots. Though Warren could have easily left it there, he wasn't the type to leave an enemy conscious.
"Follow up with Poison Sting!" he ordered and Weedle leapt forwards, smashing Bellsprout in the face with its stinger with such force that the String shot broke and Bellsprout fell to the ground. Defeated, it ran away, screaming:
"Bell, bell, bell, sprout!" Warren grinned. That was one pokemon who wouldn't want to see him again in a hurry.

December 7th, 2008, 8:08 AM
@Alipeewee - Nice post. Warren's mean again! Is it worrying that I'm almost happy about that? Anyway...

Congratulations Weedle grew to Level 6

December 7th, 2008, 8:39 AM
"Professor?" Rini asked a little hesistantly. She seemed to have drifted off, a slightly troubled look upon her face.

Rini shrugged. An adult thing she supposed. She cleared her throat loudly.

"Professor, may I have Oddish please?" Rini asked once she had the Professor's attention, and pointed down at said pokemon.


Elite Champion
December 7th, 2008, 9:48 AM
For the past while i have been reading this RP and its the best ever.I was going to sign up but im not good at spelling and im a little late.I liike all the charecters keep it up because a lot of people are enjoying it.

Gumshoe Satyr
December 7th, 2008, 11:47 AM
Location: Route 1-Viridian City

A city was just coming into view when several eyes glinted in the sunlight all around Laura. As she watched, a single Rattata came into view, its fur scorched and black in some places. Grinning evilly at her, it motioned at the shining eyes, who came forward to reveal that they were Rattata as well. Growling and baring their teeth, they seemed ready to jump her at any minute.

"Yikes! It's a Rattata mob! Hey, Vulpix, come out and give me a hand!" When Vulpix was released from her pokeball, she still looked rough from her other battles and gave Laura an are-you-kidding look after spotting the gang of rodents. "I don't know! Try to scare them away with Ember!" Taking a deep breath, the fox Pokemon fired her attack into the approaching mob and although it hit a few, the rest didn't stop or even slow down. Again Vulpix attacked, but it did little. "I can see the headlines now. Daughter of famous tycoon killed tragetically by Rattata Mafia. What a way to go...."

Meanwhile, Vulpix was growling fiercely at the Rattata, her growl growing louder and louder as they inched closer. In no time, the growl had increased to a roar, and Laura had to cover her ears to block out the sound as the air seemed to literally shake at the volume. Whimpering with fear, the fire disappeared from the Rattata's eyes, and they bumped into and trampled each in their haste to escape. Before Laura even realized what was really happening, they were all gone.

"What WAS that?" Pulling out her pokedex, she listened to what it said,"Roar. This is a normal-type non-damaging move that scares off opponents. When used against another trainer's Pokemon, it could force the trainer to have to switch Pokemon."

Laura picked up her tired Pokemon and gave her a big hug. "Wow, Vulpix. You learned a new move! It could be useful if we ever want to avoid fighting wild Pokemon in the future. Now let's go to Viridian City before they come back!" Carrying Vulpix, she broke into a run and finally entered the city.

December 7th, 2008, 11:51 AM
@namora - Nice Post. A good way to introduce a new move!

December 7th, 2008, 12:13 PM
"Thanks Kairi!" Sean grabbed a PokeBall from his pocket, the Weedle had looked shocked and worn out from all the forceful damage that had been taken. It tired to get away, but it was too slow and weak. The PokeBall had been thrown with force. "PokeBall! Go!"
The PokeBall had hit the Weedle, which made the Weedle jump out of shock. Once in the ball, it rattled.

December 7th, 2008, 12:20 PM
@FlareonFan & Kodekonemon - Okay I think this covers your posts...

Congratulations Pikachu grew to Level 8, and Caterpie grew to Level 4

Congratluations Growlithe grew to level 8

Congratulations Sean caught a level 3 Weedle

Since it was requested, Here's the next route:

Route Two (part two)

Number of Posts: 1-3

Description: The second half of the route runs from the edge of Viridian Forest into Pewter City. There are a few trainers dotting about the route, the trainers who received their starters from Professor Oak should be here by now...

Note - If you want to battle one of Oak’s trainers, either PM me or stop just your post just before the battle and I will give you there line up. Since they are your rivals, these won't be easy battles. So let's see some nice long battle posts. Come on excite me... i dare you ;)

What can you do in a Route?

Generally the main two things you can do on a route are capturing pokémon and battling trainers. You can do many other things, you know free will and all that... Anyways, you cannot meet any of the other RPers, and everyone have fun.

Wild Pokemon
Commonly seen pokémon in this area

Level: 4-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack (Level 5)
Nature: Random

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot
Nature: Random

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Poison
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot
Nature: Random

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away or Guts
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (Level 4)
Nature: Random

December 7th, 2008, 12:49 PM
"Ok, Sean we better get moving before those Beedrill wake up," she told him,"Grab your Weedle and let's hurry up." Her Pikachu agreed with her. It got on Kairi's shoulder.

December 7th, 2008, 12:52 PM
The PokeBall had rattled from side to side, over and over. Sean was excited to catch another Pokemon, even if it was a bug, it would still evolve and be strong. Kairi, Growlithe, Pikachu and all the other Pokemon were watching. Eventually, the PokeBall ahd flashed red.
"Alright! I caught a Weedle! My second Pokemon capture!" Sean was happy again.
The exit was just ahead of them, so they continued walking. There was no tall grass, so they were safe. Eventually, they could see a sunlight from outside the murky forest. "Woo! The exit! We made it Kairi!" Sean had said excitedly.

December 7th, 2008, 12:59 PM
The sunlight was in her eyes so she couldn't see when the Ratatta tackled her,"Ahhhh!!" Kairi screamed as she fell over. Ratatta was standing on the ground, growling at her. He was a tough little thing,"Oh what's that?" Kairi said as some clouds pushed there way in front of the sun and she saw it.

Kairi pulled out her Pokedex,"Ratatta, the rat Pokemon. Bites anything when it attacks. Small and very quick, it is a common sight in many places." The Pokedex said.

"Ok, stand back Sean, this Pokemon's mine! Go Nidoran!" Kairi called releasing her Nidoran♀. "Ok, Nidoran use...uh...use..." She couldn't remember what it's attacks were,"Sean what are Nidoran's attacks? I forgot. See I havn't used it in a battle before."

December 7th, 2008, 1:03 PM
Sean opened his backpack, and searched around for his handbook. He spotted it at the bottom of his bag, and quickly took it out. After he took it out, he flipped through each page until he could find the page with Nidoran Female. Then he found it and looked through all the attacks. "Try Scratch!" Sean said.

December 7th, 2008, 1:11 PM
But before she could call an attack, the Ratatta had tackled her Nidoran sending it flying, as she had took to long to give a conmand,"Nidoran! Use Scratch!"

"Nido!" Nidoran ran up to Ratatta and missed. "Ok, you may not know this but anyone can do it as all it takes is running up against something. Use Tackle!"

Nidoran tackled Ratatta. They both tradded Tackle back and forth, until Pikachu started getting sleepy. It pulled out it's sleeping bag and went to sleep. Kairi turned around,"Pikachu! Show a little support here will you?" Kairi sighed. Pikachu jumped up,"Pi!"

The battle raged on. Kairi looked in her Pokedex,"Ok, this will work, use Poison Sting!" Nidoran ran up and used her Poison Sting on Ratatta. He fell over very badly poisoned,"Ok now that Ratatta's weak, Pokeball go!"

Ratatta got sucked up and the ball begin to shake.

December 7th, 2008, 1:16 PM
@Konekodemon - Your Nidoran doesnt know tackle or poison sting? Because I know how much you want it, I'll let you have the Rattata but knock its level down... seems fair to me

Congratulations Kairi caught a Level 3 Rattata

December 7th, 2008, 1:28 PM
"Way to go Kairi!" Sean said, after the PokeBall flashed red. They were outside, and the sky was turning black. Sean looked at his watch, it was 7:30pm. They weren't tired, so they continued up the route, they could see Pewter City in sight. However, there was a small girl who came up to Sean, who was young. Yet again, he recognised her. "Hello, Diane." Sean had said to her. "Hi Sean, remember me? The girl who is so much better and greater than you? And younger?"

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 7th, 2008, 1:32 PM
"Man, will this forest never end?" Warren shouted. He'd been walking all day and the sun was beginning to set. Even Warren didn't fancy spending a night in a forest filled with bugs.
"Weedle! Wee, Wee, Weedle!" Warren spun around. He'd thought it would have been a good idea to let the Pokemon walk out of their balls, but they'd been bickering for most of the journey.
"That it!" He yelled, "All of you, in the Pokeballs, NOW!" As the red light engulfed them, Warren heard a snickering from behind. He spun around and standing there was that annoying kid, from when he first set off. Danny? Was that his name?
"Do you find something funny, kid?" Warren growled menacingly. Danny just smirked.
"What kind of trainer lets their Pokémon stay outside their Pokeballs? I suppose it’s got to be expected, though. You only get weak Pokémon when you go to inferior professors.”
"Poliwag is not weak!" Warren roared back, his heart pounding, "You only won because you cheated!" Danny laughed:
"Cheated? How? You lost because you and your Pokémon are weak! Deal with it!" By now, Warren was livid. Charging forwards, he punched Danny in the stomach, laughing as he doubled over.
"If I'm so effing weak, why the hell are you crying?" Warren shouted. Danny stumbled backwards, clutching his stomach. He didn't look arrogant or cocky any more. He just looked scared.
"Leave me alone!" he gasped as he turned tail and ran. As he did, he dropped a map. More than a little pleased, Warren picked it up and was delighted to find that he was almost at the edge of the forest. A few more minutes walking and he'd be free of this place.

December 7th, 2008, 1:34 PM
Another girl was with her,"Hey Kairi."

"Hello Jill," Kairi said,"I see you found a new friend."

"Yes and were both stronger then you two," Jill laughed,"Look at that only a dummy would start out with a mutt for his first pokemon, and a loser starts off with a rat."

"Hey! That's not nice," Kairi noticed Sean's Growlite was getting kinda mad,"It's not truth either!"

"Oh, yea why don't you two prove your not idiots in a double battle with me and Diana." Jill sugjested.

"What's a double battle?" Kairi asked.

December 7th, 2008, 1:36 PM
@Alipeewee - Wow didn't see that coming. Warren sure showed Danny!

December 7th, 2008, 1:40 PM
Growlithe snarled at the girls and their comments. "It's where 2 trainers battle 2 other trainers. I'm so ready for it." Sean had explained.
"Yeah, ready to defeat you and your short mongrel and yellow rat!" Sean was furious. "Come on, Kairi! Let's do it!"
Sean had got his Growlithe ready for battle, when Diane had sent out her Pokemon. However, it was also a Pikachu. "My Pikachu is better, stronger and very cuter!" Diana had selfishly explained. Kairi's Pikachu looked angry at it.

December 7th, 2008, 1:47 PM
"Oh, yea, bet you'll be shocked by my choice. I'm not even using Pikachu I'm going to use something that really will insult you. Go Caterpie!" Kairi shouted. Caterpie popped out of it's ball,"Caterpie," It said.

"Ha! Ha! Look Diane it's a bug, a puny little bug. Ha! Ha! No bug is a match for my Eevee and Diane's Pikachu," She said calling out her Eevee.

"You know you don't always judge by size. Ok, Sean do you want to really insult Diane, with a lost she won't ever forget?" She gave him a look that said,'Use your Weedle.'

December 7th, 2008, 1:54 PM
"Alright, let's show them that Bugs do have great power in them, they'll be crying when there pretty precious Pokemon get poisoned." Sean had retreadter Growlithe. "Alright Weedle! Do your stuff!" Sean had threw the PokeBall to the ground, sending out the Weedle. Diane burst out laughing. "Ahahahaha! You're not serious are you? Please. I may be younger but I aint dumb!" Diane had gloated.
"That's enough! Weedle! Show them your Poison Sting!" Sean commanded. Weedle has pointed its head stinger towards Pikachu and fired small pins of Poison. They strongly forced into Pikachu, making it look weak.

December 7th, 2008, 1:58 PM
"Alright, Caterpie String Shot now!" Kairi told it.

"Not so fast! Eevee tackle it!" Jill called. Both Pokemon advanced onto Caterpie that was a mistake. They both got trapped, into a coccon of String and couldn't move,"No! Eevee!"

"Now Tackle attack!" Kairi called out. Caterpie ran stright at it's foes.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 7th, 2008, 2:02 PM
Warren grinned as he stepped out of the forest. It was good to see the light again.It was just a short walk to Pewter city, where he'd be able to rest up and challenge his first Gym Leader. Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him. Spinning around, he just glimpsed a squirtle before a bubble attack hit him in the face. coughing and spluttering, he stumbled backwards as he heard the sound of a boy laughing. He looked up and there, just as he had expected was Danny.
"Do you still feel strong, now that you are at my mercy?" he whispered coldly. Warren just burst out laughing.
"Before you go for the whole 'I'm creepy and I could kill you' thing, you need to make sure that you're in some kind of advantage. A turtle is not an advantage." To demonstrate his point, Warren reached for his belt and released Weedle. "See? we're even again already." Danny smirked at this statement,
"That pathetic bug is hardly equal to Squirtle. He could simply step on it." Squirtle lifted his foot to make the point, but it just kept rising and rising. Until it was above his head and he fell over backwards. Weedle giggled, severing the string shot that he'd sneakily launched and rising up a little on its back legs. Warren, very maturely, stuck his tongue out at Danny.
"Well you know what?" Danny said, his voice rising again, "I'm just going to have to beat you, to demonstrate just how much better I am than you!" Warren sniggered.
"Bring it on," he spat.

December 7th, 2008, 2:05 PM
"Nice work Kairi!" Sean had said. "Now then, Weedle, keep up that Poison Sting!" Weedle kept on firing small pins of Poison to both of the Pokemon, which were trapped in webs of silk. Eventually, Weedle stopped. The web had worn off, Diane and Jill were angry. Pikachu and Eevee were both weakened, Pikachu was more weak because of the Poison state. "Come on Pikachu! Show these losers the door! Use Thunderbolt now!" Diana had commanded to Pikachu. Pikachu was too weak, and only was able to charge a few sparks, yet not completely down. "Pikachu! Oh no!" Diane started to get worried.

December 7th, 2008, 2:11 PM
Caterpie, tackled them both. Both Pikachu and Eevee were knocked out.

"What! Beaten by bugs! That really bugs me!" Jill screamed, she returned Eevee as she said,"It was your fault we lost Diane!"

December 7th, 2008, 2:17 PM
"Kairi! We did it!" Sean had happily said. Diana and Jill had given them evil looks. "You got so lucky that time, I sware that when we meet again you wont!" Diane had started to get snotty. "Yeah, whatever. I'd like to see that. You two deserve each other." Sean had told them. They were angry at him. "This is NOT over!" Jill and Diane had said at the same time. Kairi and Sean laughed.

December 7th, 2008, 2:22 PM
@ FlareonFan & Konekodemon - The bugs beat Eevee and Pikachu, good work.

Kairi looked down at her Caterpie, wanting to congratulate it on a great win, and saw that it was shooting a string shot straight up into the air. The string shot steamed down the sides of caterpie, and the little bug began to glow... "Huh? asked Kairi looking at Sean who just shrugged. He then looked down at his Weedle, which was crawling over to him. All of a sudden the bug stopped and Weedle began to glow as well...'

Congratulations Caterpie grew to Level 8

Congratulations Weedle grew to Level 7

December 7th, 2008, 2:24 PM
Rini stood by paitently, waiting to recieve her pokedex and pokeballs. She knew she could be paitant.... when she wanted to be.

Oddish fell asleep.

December 7th, 2008, 2:26 PM
(Hey, I thought Caterpie was mine)

"Hey look Sean. Look at my Caterpie," Kairi said. Caterpie evolved,"What is that?" Kairi said pointing her Pokedex at the Metapod,"Metapod, Caterpie's next stage. It has incased it's body in a hard shell. This Pokemon reaches it's final stage faster then any other type of Pokemon of it's type." The Pokedex told her,"Wow! Cool. Maybe that means pretty soon it will evolve again."

December 7th, 2008, 2:33 PM
@Konekodemon - sorry my bad

@Rii- I Pm'd you and said you could play Maple. Take it you didn't get it okay here goes...

"Oddish don't fall asleep in front of your new trainer! it makes yourself, and more importantly myself, look terrible!" scolded Professor Maple as she walked back into the room, holding the pokedex and 5 pokeballs she had gone to fetch.

Oddish started to cry at this point, obviously hurt by Professor Maple's words. Maple walked over to Niri and handed her the items Maple had just fetched from her office.

"Here are your pokedex and 5 empty pokeballs," said Professor Maple, "They will be vital to your journey."

Maple walked over to Oddish, who was still crying, and shook her head.

"I'm sorry, but this is the only pokemon I have left," she said ushering Rini out of the door, "She's normally a very jolly pokemon... Anyway Good Luck"

With that she shoved Oddish into a very confused Rini's arms, and ushered both out of the door and slammed it shut. Rini stood alone with her new Oddish, which was still whimpering in her arms.

Congratulations Rini recieved a Level 5 Oddish, a pokedex and 5 pokeballs

December 7th, 2008, 2:35 PM
"Congrats' Kairi!" Sean had felt great for her and her Caterpie's evolution. He was wondering, since Caterpie had evolved, how long it would be until Weedle will evolve, then just that second, Weedle began to glow too.
"Oh wow! Mine is starting to evolve aswell!" Sean had stared at the glowing Weedle, as it grew by the second. When the glowing had finished, the Weedle was no longer a worm, it was a cocoon. "My Weedle ha evolved! Let's check it out!" Sean said while reaching out his Pokedex.
"Kakuna. The Cocoon Pokemon. The evolved form of Weedle. Almost incapable of moving, this Pokemon is is in a temporary stage of making its body."

"Well, atleast it has evolved, but I'll have to withdraw it since it can't move." Sean took out the PokeBall and pushed the white button, bringing Kakuna into the ball.

December 7th, 2008, 2:40 PM
"Yea, mine can't move either. Sorry about this Metapod," She said, returning her Pokemon,"Ok, onward to Pewter City. My PokeNAV says you'll find the first gym there Sean. Too bad there's not a Contest in Pewter as well. I don't have a Contest Pass anyway, so oh well," Kairi explained. Pikachu got on her shoulder as they continued on.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 7th, 2008, 3:23 PM
"Let’s go, Bellsprout!" Danny called as he released his first Pokemon. "We'll just make this a two-on-two - I wouldn't want you to be left all alone with no Pokemon, would I?" Ignoring him, Warren grinned as he realised that he already had the perfect strategy for Bellsprout.
"Alright, Weedle, you know what to do!" He ordered. Before Danny could react, his Bellsprout was hanging from a tree by its feet. Weedle launched itself forwards in the poison sting part of the combo, but this Bellsprout was slightly smarter than the wild one had been. As Weedle leapt, it used its vines to pull itself up, out of the string shot and onto the branch it had previously been swinging from. Weedle, unable to stop, smashed into the trunk of the tree. Dazed, it staggered back with a faint
"Weeee...." but shook off the dizziness just in time to see Bellsprout’s vines heading towards it. In a wonderful counter-attack, Weedle dodged the vines, then stabbed one with his head stinger and the other with his tail. Shrieking, the Bellsprout leapt from the tree and ran at the bug, flailing wildly. Weedle rolled under the vines, then leapt upwards, smashing Bellsprout in the face with its stinger. The walking plant staggered back a little, then fell to the ground slowly. Warren couldn't resist shouting:
"Timmmmberrrrrrrr!" as it did. Danny sulkily withdrew his Bellsprout then looked down at his Squirtle. Understanding instantly, it leapt forwards.
"Tackle!" Danny shouted and it charged forwards. Warren ordered Weedle to counter with poison sting, but Danny just smirked.
"Withdraw!" he shouted and Squirtle pulled in its arms, head and tail, leaving what looked like a shell with legs. Though it no doubt looked odd, it was effective as well. Weedle's poison sting barely scratched the shell and it was sent flying backwards, landing unconscious at Warren's feet. Angrily, he returned it to its Pokeball and reached for his next.
"Time to settle a grudge, Poliwag!" he shouted and the blue tadpole burst from its ball.
"Poliiiiii!" it shouted furiously. Warren had never seen it this angry before. Maybe it would finally be able to win a battle...
"Let’s use bubble!" he shouted, though it felt a bit redundant. After all, it was the only useful move Poliwag knew. Nevertheless, Poliwag fired a thick stream of blue bubbles at Squirtle. It dodged most of them, though a few hit it in the face. It staggered a little and Poliwag took advantage of the opening. Running forwards, it leapt over Squirtle. Before Squirtle could recover, Poliwag launched another, close range bubble attack. Moments before impact, it flipped around and hit Squirtle right in the head with its feet. In huge pain, Squirtle stumbled backwards. Poliwag launched one last Bubble a Squirtle threw itself forwards in a desperate tackle. Squirtle was knocked out, but its unconscious body kept going and hit Poliwag. It flew backwards, but landed on its feet, next to Warren.
"Poliwag!" it declared, victoriously. Danny was speechless. Without saying anything, he returned Squirtle and slowly turned and walked off. His steps were heavy and Warren could see that he was taking the loss badly.


December 7th, 2008, 3:27 PM
( Sorry I didn't get that. I thought you were just ignoring me. Sorry though if I had received it I would have gone on to post. :P )

Rini glanced back as the door was roughlt shut. Her eyes wide. "Guess she was in a hurry." she then glanced down at Oddish who was still sniffing. "Shh, don't cry."

After ruffling Oddish's leaves a bit, the small pokemon seemed to brighten up.

Rini and Oddish strolled down the path away from the lab. Rini was humming a light tune, and Oddish was chasing a small acorn she repeatedly kicked in front of her.

Out before them streached the route she had come from, the way home. To Veridian City.

Rini gazed at the pokeball in her hand. She thought of returning Oddish, then decided to let the grass type soak up some sun for a bit.

They noticed a few pokemon along the way, but nothing to really catch her eye.

Rini paused as she took note of a small form on a nearby log with it's back to her. She raised her pokedex. "Pidgey, a good way for the beginning pokemon trainer to test her pokemons skills. Pidgey are normally docile but can kick up a blinding sand attack."

"Ah, a flying type. Cool!" Rini seemed to acquire little stars in her eyes. In her excitement forgetting grass types were weak to flying types. "Go get it Oddish!"

"Oddish, oddish." the pokemon followed her masters command, and ran out to stand before Pidgey.

Pidgey glanced up curiously and chirped. It seemed to roll it's eyes as it took to the sky.

"Hey get back here Pidgey! I wanna battle you! Oddish absorb!"

"Oddish." her pokemon eargerly followed her command, and missed the bird completly, as it was in the air.

"Aww crud, I think I've messed up big time." Rini mumbled, and looked up in time to see Pidgey diving at Oddish. "Oddish dodge it!"

This proved to be too late as Oddish was knocked backwards into the grass.

Rini scanned over the long grass, looking for her pokemon, when an idea entered her head. Why try to beat the bird with with power? That obviously wasn't working, as she was at a disatvantage. She'd beat the thing with her brain insteed.

"Wherever you are Oddish, don't move. Stay completly still."

The breeze stirred slightly, swaying the grass. Pidgey flew overhead lookeing for the grass type. It chirped in aggitation, as it saw nothing but grass everywhere.

"Confused Pidgey? You should be." Rini smirked and prepared to spring her trap.

December 7th, 2008, 3:31 PM
@Alipeewee - Nice battle post. Poliwag won! Finally! Anyway to business...

Congratulations Poliwag grew to Level 8, Poliwag learned Hypnosis

Congratulatons Weedle grew to Level 8 and can evolve to Kakuna

note - since Weedles in the pokeball, you can do the evolution next time it is released if you wish

@Rini - don't worry about it, yay Oddish cheered up! Can't wait to see Rini's trap

December 7th, 2008, 4:09 PM
Pidgey repeadly dived when a patch of grass seemed to move more then others.

Rini found herself silently giggling at this. "Nope not Oddish either. Try again."

By now Pidgey was more then a little frustrated. It repeadly dived again and again, hoping to hit it's target.

"Oddish do it!" Rini commanded snaping her fingers, and hoping Oddish got her non-verbal hint.

A patch of grass moved ever so slightly, and Pidgey's eyes zeroed in on the movment.

"Not yet, almost...." Rini whispered.

If birds could grin, Pidgey would be all smiles. Pidgey decided to foil her trap well before it was sprung. And now it knew exactely where Oddish was. It chirped and dove down quickly at it's target.

"No don't!" Rini yelled.

Pidgey increased it's speed at that. So the Oddish was there after all.

Blam! The tiny bird slammed face first into a rather large rock that had been completly hidden by the long grass. It fell back and turned to Rini dizzily. It peared at her curiously, wondering why there were suddenly three humans insteed of one.

Oddish came out from hiding, retracting one of it's vines it had used to move the grass moments earlier.

"Well I did try to warn you." Rini grinned. "One absorb should be enough. Do it Oddish!"

Oddish quickly obeyed and further sapped Pidgey's strength.

"And now for the coop-de-grace. Pokeball go!"

Pidgey was sucked into the ball in a flash of red light, and the ball began shaking from side to side.

Rini held her breath.

December 7th, 2008, 4:16 PM
@Rii - Nice post, I wonder how Pidgey will take being played like that? Anyway successful capture:

Congratulations Rini caught a Level 3 Pidgey

note - Guys can I just quickly say that some of the posts are pushing the minimum post length limit. I don't want this thread reported that :( The minimum post length is in in the RP rules which is a sticky thread on the roleplay page. Can everyone mak sure that all threads meet this minimum length from now on , cheers.

On a more positive note, I'm really happy with the way this RP is going. The posts are really good, so thanks for that guys

December 8th, 2008, 6:34 AM
Here is Pewter City, for those of you who are ready for it...

Pewter City

Number of Posts: 2-3

Description: A city which is filled with residents and passing by trainers looking to earn a Gym Badge. The town holds the basics, a pokémon center and pokémart, and has a Museum of Science. Oh, there’s also a Gym which you could challenge.

What can you do in a City?
Heal your pokémon
Buy items
Have gym battles
Explore the Town
Note: You may not catch wild pokémon in the city, and you cannot have pokémon Battles, unless you’re in a special area, for example a gym. This is basically a place to restore your health and relax.

Places of Interest
Pokémon Center: A place where you may heal your pokémon and sleep all for free!
Poké Mart: You may buy Items here: Potion, pokéball, Antidote, Awakening, and Paralyze Heal
Museum of Science - Home to fossils of prehistoric pokémon; an interesting place to look around.
Pewter Gym: A chance to earn your first badge, the Pewter Gym leader favours Rock type pokémon.




Level 8
Attacks - Tackle, Defence Curl,


Level 10
Attacks - Tackle, Screech, Bind, Rock tomb

Note - Gym battles carry a lot of experience as they are with skilled trainers. As usual the more interesting and detailed your post is, the more experience you receive. Good luck.

December 8th, 2008, 10:09 AM
Chapter 8

Kairi had looked around, so he decided to take a look around Pewter city too, which was just in front of him. When he walked into the city, he could see more than he had ever saw, there was a Mueseum, Pokemon Center, PokeMart and the most important thing, a Gym. He wanted to head on there, but he decided to leave it for a while, he wanted to check out the museum.
He walked down the city pathway, which had a marble sort of floor, it was very pretty. When he went up to the museum, it was large and looked like it had contained a lot of interesting things, even for Science.
When he went inside, there were a lot of people inside, even for the time. There was a lot of things to look at, he decided to go and check out the fossils, when a lady stopped him. "Excuse me, $50 please if you want to look around."
Sean looked in his wallet. "Let's see..." he checked in his wallet if he had enough, he only had coins though so he had to use them to pay. "35...45...50. Excellent, enjoy your time here!"
Sean had a look at the fossil exhibit, there were pictures of 5 fossils that looked a bit like they were Pokemon. They had signs on them, each one had a name on the sign. They were named Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, Kabutops and Aerodactyl. He thought that they mus have been Pokemon if they were named. Then he could hear the man talking. "These Pokemon are rare, and have been exhisting for millions of years. Each one has died into a fossil, though. No-one knows where the fossils are, possibly somewhere underground but nobody has discovered them."
Sean would imagine if he had ever found one of them, he would train it up on his own.
Eventually, there was an announcement, "The Pewter Museum will be closing in 5 minutes, enjoy a safe journey out.". Sean couldn't see the other exhibits, which was a shame. He made his way out of the door, before all the other people would come running out.

Next he decided to go to the PokeMart and stock up on items, before he would battle the Gym Leader and get on with anything else. He stepped in, and the shop was quite small. He looked at the section of Potions, and took out 5. Then he took a look at the other Medicines, which had contained Antidotes, Awakenings and Paralyze Heals. He grabbed 2 of each. Then he took a look at the most important ection in the shop, PokeBalls. He threw 5 of the shiniest he could see into his basket.
Then he made his way to the counter. His basket was heavy, since there was a lot in there. It was his turn to pay, he put his basket on the stand, while the clerk was scanning each one of his items. After he was done scanning, he took out the reciept in the small printer. Sean took a look at the reciept;
Potion - 5 - $500
Antidite - 2 - $400
Awakening - 2 - $400
Par. Heal - 2 - $400
PokeBall - 5 - $1000
Total - $ 2700

Sean was shocked at the price. He searched for his mum's credit card just incase she gave it him, and luckily it was there. He forgot that she gave it him to store his battle money on. He realized thqt he must have got some for every trainer he defeated. The Clerk had put the credit card machine on the desk, Sean inserted the card and entered the name of his parents, and it was successfully paid for.
"Alright, you have paid. Enjoy your night!" The Clerk had waved him goodbye.

He now saw that it was too dark and everything in the city was closed, he could even make out the Closed sign on the Gym door. He could see a hotel, he thought he would go there to stay for the night. However, he decided that before he went to bed, he'd go and train up before the time, as the Gym Leader would be tough.
The Pokemon Center was the only thing there not closed, so he went there to heal his Pokemon up to health. "Hello." said the Nurse Joy. "Do you want your Pokemon healed up? It won't take long, just a minute." Sean handed her the 3 PokeBalls, and she walked off into the Healing Room.
e spent the minute waiting, and looking at the time, which was on an analogue clock on the wall, 9:00pm. It was late. Nurse Joy then walked back out, which WAS quick. "Here you are, I reccommend you stay at the hotel over there for the night. The Pokemon will all be sleeping so it will be no good training for now." She told him.
Sean then changed his plans. He took the 3 PokeBalls back off Nurse Joy and has walked out. "Have a safe night!" she called, while waving.

The sky was dark, it was definatley night. The hotel looked really nice, and had a 4-Star ratung on it. This was for him.
Once he walked in, there was a person behind the desk, dressed in a white shirt with a black waistcoat. "May I help you?" Sean was not even at the desk, yet he still told him. "Please may I stay here for the night, if there's any room?" The person had looked in the reservation book. "There's a room on the 2nd floor, Room 14. That will be $500." Yet again, he had to use his credit card to pay.
"Alright. You may now go see your room, just go along the hallway and up the stairs then turn left, it should be there." Then handed Sean the keys. He walked along the corridor, which had a dark red carpet, the doors looked normal, just like a hotel would. When he waled up the stairs, he turned to the left and saw the room labelled "14".
Sean put the keys in the hole and turned it around, then opened the door.
The hotel room was nice. There was a double bed, bathroom, closet, hair dryer and kettle. The TV had to be paid extra for. That was when he started to get tired. He changed his clothes, into his PJs and relaxed in the bed. He decided to check out the handbook again, looking at most of the Pokemon in there. He was interested by the amount there were, and which moves they had learnt.
His eyes started to close, with the book still in his hands.
He put the book down on the side table right next to him then fell into a relaxing night rest.

December 8th, 2008, 10:17 AM
@FlareonFan - Nice post, can't wait for the Gym Battle. Why didn't Sean just stay at the pokemon center? The rooms are free, a little basic... but free

December 8th, 2008, 10:23 AM
Kairi was staying in room 13. The room, right next to Sean's. Unlike him, she had paid extra money for the TV. She was watching another episode of 'Pokemon Adventures.'

Just then her Nidoran popped out of it's ball. It could smell the male Nidoran next door. It ran to the door and started scratching on it. The door that connects both rooms together. It started hollering very loud saying,"Nido! Nido!"

"Nidoran! What are you doing?" Kairi wondered. She couldn't understand why it wanted in that room very badly.

December 8th, 2008, 10:38 AM
Chapter 9

Sean had woke up in the morning, at around 9:00am. He could hear another person next door watching Pokemon Adventures on TV. Then, Sean could hear scratching on his door, and a female trainer saying, "Nidoran? What are you doing?". Sean opened the door, even with his PJs on, and saw a Nidoran Female, with Kairi. She was staying in the room next to him.
"Hey Kairi! Suprise to see you in the same hotel."

December 8th, 2008, 10:46 AM
Nidoran ran and got into Sean's bag and pulled up his Nidoran's Pokeball, and pressed the buttom. The male Nidoran popped out. Nidoran female started kissing it.

"So, that's why you were scratching on the door all night. You were getting lonely for the male Nidoran huh?"

Pikachu giggled.

December 8th, 2008, 10:54 AM
"That's too cute." Sean had commented.
Sean looked at them being romantic, it made him feel soft. He was wondering if they would ever breed. On the other hand, he wanted to start training.
"Kairi, want to come train with me after breakfast?" Sean had looked keen.

December 8th, 2008, 10:56 AM
"Actually I just stayed a little longer to see if you could win your first badge. I wanted to show some support for my friend here," Kairi told him.

Pikachu was talking with Growlite. The two Pokemon had hit it off pretty good and had become pretty good friends.

December 8th, 2008, 11:01 AM
"Oh, that's fine. I just have to start off the morning with great training before I start off battling the Gym Leader." Sean had told her. Sean had forgot that he was in his PJs hand had to get dressed. "I need to get dressed, see you at breakfast." Sean had smiled at her, and closed the door slowly.

December 8th, 2008, 11:08 AM
Kairi looked around. Her Nidoran wasn't there. It had followed the male Nidoran into the other room.

"Nidoran!" Kairi called. Pikachu sighed. Now this was going to far.

December 8th, 2008, 11:24 AM
Sean had grabbed his shirt and jeans out of the closet. When he put them on the bed and turned to face the door, Nidoran and Nidoran were there rubbing against each other, they were totally attracted, no matter what they will not leave each other.
Sean turned away, putting his shirt and jeans on. Then he decided to pack everything back in his bag, his book, his PJs, everything he took out. He tried to get out of the door, but the 2 Nidorans were in the way, they refused to move as they only concentrated on each other, looking into each others eyes. He tried to slide behind them, and open the door, which nudged them slightly. When he got out of the door, Kairi was outside.

December 8th, 2008, 11:28 AM
A new professor in town - Kanto Adventure PG13

Remember that

December 8th, 2008, 11:28 AM
"Uh, I guess we should leave them alone for a while, we can come back for them after your gym battle. Guess that means you won't be able to use your Nidoran for the battle huh," Kairi said. Pikachu got on her shoulder.

December 8th, 2008, 11:36 AM
"Yeah." Sean said. "I guess it's Growlithe and Kakuna we have to rely on. Should we go get breakfast now? I'm totally hungry."
Sean returned Growlithe, and shut his door. He had his keys and bag, so he'd be back after the Gym Battle. "Maybe it'd be best if you returned your Pikachu too, it says that Pokemon must be inside PokeBalls when at breakfast." he told her.

December 8th, 2008, 11:41 AM
"No, I never have it inside a ball unless I have to. Pikachu doesn't like Pokeballs. Maybe it can wait outside. Think that would be ok?" Kairi asked.

December 8th, 2008, 11:45 AM
"That's alright. If you want, I can let Growlithe protect it incase." Sean had sent out Growlithe again and has walked down the stairs again. There was a direction to the Breakfast Hall that they followed. As soon as they got there, it looked a lot like a posh restauraunt. "Growlithe, you stay out here with Pikachu, be safe and no running off."

December 8th, 2008, 11:48 AM
Kairi and Sean entered the room for breakfast.

(Pokemon POV)

"Pikachu, pika pi pika cha chu,"(Hey, your trainer's very nice Growlite), Pikachu said grinning.

December 8th, 2008, 11:56 AM
"Yap, yap, woof, woof, yap, yap!" Growlithe started to speak in reply to Pikachus comment, it was something along the line of, "Yours is too, you're lucky to have her as a trainer!"


Sean had reached the part where there were lots of food for selection, like a buffet. There were sections of food, such as Bacon, Tomatoes, Toast, Egg, that sort of stuff that people usually eat for breakfast. Sean just took 2 pieces of toast, 3 pieces of bacon and 2 sachets of ketchup to make a sort of toasted bacon sandwhich, and a glass of orange juice, and sat down at the table while Kairi was still choosing what to eat.

December 8th, 2008, 12:02 PM
"First I'll have some of this and some of this and some of that," Kairi said going though a long line of things she'd like to eat, and then she got some Orange Juice as well. Her plate was slam full of food. She went back to the table where Sean was at and begin eating. She saw the way he was looking at her,"What?" She asked.(Just had to put this here and not the OC board, maybe it's cause she got enough food on her plate for ten people, lol)

December 8th, 2008, 12:06 PM
"Wow. You're gunna eat all that?" Sean had looked at the stack of food, as if he thought he had enough.
He started to squirt his ketchup on his bacon and put the bread on top, then took a bite out of it in his mouth. He looked as if it was nice. Sean was starting to think about his Gym Battle, and what Kairi was going to do after. "So, Kairi, what are you going to do after I get my Gym Badge?"

December 8th, 2008, 12:11 PM
"Well, I'll need to go back and get my Nidoran and continue on to Saffon City, so I can get my Contest Pass and start earning my Ribbons," she told him. She started eating,"Hey, I think I'll eat one of my berries too," she pulled out a purple looking berry,"I think these are grapes," she said grinning, not knowing what she about to eat was a bulk berry, and it would turn her whole mounth purple.

December 8th, 2008, 12:16 PM
"Sounds like fun. Contest battles look great, with all the performence and all. I see them on TV. Hey, you collect berries too? I haven't got any yet." Sean was interested by her plans. "I can't wait to get all the badges, I'm going to Cerulean after to get the 2nd Gym Badge, and then so on and-" then Kairi had took a bite out of the berry.

December 8th, 2008, 12:19 PM
After Kairi bit into it her whole mounth and cheecks turned purple. She saw Sean looking at her like he was about to laugh,"Now what is it?" She asked.

December 8th, 2008, 12:22 PM
"Erm..." Sean tried hard not to laugh, his mouth was spread out wide across his face. "Never mind." he said, calming down. He had nearly finished his bacon sandwich, yet his orange juice was half full. As he took a final bite out of it, he was wondering what Kairi would do when he would be out training.
"Kairi, what are you going to do when I'm out, you know, just wondering." he asked her.

December 8th, 2008, 12:26 PM
"I'm going to go look at that Mueseum I saw eariler. Have you been there yet?" Kairi asked. She took out a hand mirror so she could see to brush her hair. Then she saw her face,"Ahhhhh! What happened to my face!"

December 8th, 2008, 12:29 PM
Sean tried to look away. "Maybe I should have told you that berry made your face totally purple..." Sean looked around, nobody seemed to notice them.
"Anyways, yeah. I saw that museum, well, some of it. The fossil exhibit was interesting, apparently there are Pokemon that have exhisted for a long time and are now fossils, that are lost somewhere. You'll hear about them later." he took another sip of his orange juice, nearly finished.

December 8th, 2008, 12:32 PM
Kairi got up and ran to the bathroom,"I have to get this off before someone sees me," she said.

"Like me! Hello loser!" Kairi turned around and saw Jill.

"Ahhh!" Kairi screamed and used very hot water and got it off and ran out the door crying, while Jill laughed making fun of her. She ran back up to the table.

December 8th, 2008, 12:40 PM
Sean didn't like what he was seeing, and all the people in the hall were watching. Even Growlithe and Pikachu were looking.
"Alright Jill, WHAT do you think is your problem here! Go annoy someone else, or are you back for another challenge?" Kairi was still in the bathroom crying.
"Oh that's right, go see your little girlfriend, after all. You both look like total lovey-dovey kids together. Awwww!" Sean was furious at her, yet she was Kairi's rival, so he'd leave her until later. Sean walked over to the bathroom door. It was the Girls Bathroom, so he couldn't step inside. Yet he could hear Kairi crying loudly, with the tap on. "Kairi, are you alright? Don't let her say that to you. Remember, we beat her last time." Sean tried to convince her that Jill was just a bad annoyance.

December 8th, 2008, 12:46 PM
Pikachu ran into the bathroom,"Pika pika. Pi pi pikachu. Cha! Pika! Pikachu!"

Kairi looked down at Pikachu, still crying. Pikachu would get his words across one way or another, so it shocked her, to knock some sense into her,"Oh your right Pikachu I shouldn't let it bother me. Thanks your a great friend," Kairi picked up Pikachu and hugged it then came out of the bathroom. Pikachu saw Jill and shocked her. Jill cried and left the building.

December 8th, 2008, 12:57 PM
"See, Kairi. She is scared of our Pokemon, she wouldn't dare say anything hen they're around.
Jill was running down the breakfast hall, and trough the door, where Growlithe was. Growlithe had snarled at her giving her a scary look. Jill screamed and ran on When Jill had ran down to the place where the stairs had ended, Diane was there.
"Those...those...UGH! They will so pay when my Pokemon are stronger! Diance, are you in?" Jill had a conversation with her about making them look bad. "I'm so in. Just wait and see 'till Sean will crash and burn!" Growlithe gave another bad look at them, they screamed and ran off out of sight. Sean and Kairi walked out of the door, Growlithe coming with them. They walked up the stairs, to check up on the Nidoran couple, to see if anything happened.

December 8th, 2008, 1:02 PM
When they got up there both Nidoran were sleeping on the bed and beside them was a.....Kairi couldn't believe it! It was a Pokemon egg,"Oh, looks like they had a egg. Awww that's just sweet." Kairi didn't have enough room for an egg, and she didn't know how to care for a Pokemon egg anyway,"I know nothing about caring for a egg. You take it." She picked up the egg and pushed it into Sean's arms, and then recalled her Nidoran into her ball.

Pikachu got on her shoulders as she started walking out the door.

December 8th, 2008, 1:07 PM
"Really?" Sean was shocked at the sight of an egg, it was the first thing he'd ever saw of a strong relationship between Pokemon. "I...I don't know what to say..." Sean was speechless, he decided to but it in a glass case he found on the side of the desk in the room. He put the case in his bag. "Thanks Kairi. It's just amazing isn't it?"

December 8th, 2008, 1:19 PM
"Yea, it is. Now time to go see that mueseum. See ya at the gym." Kairi said. She and Pikachu left and went to the mueseum. It was $50 to get inside. Kairi paid and went inside. "Wow! It's so beatiful, in here, right Pikachu."

Pikachu grinned,"Pika!" It said.

Kairi looked at some fossils of rare Pokemon. But one fossil caught her eye it, scared her, it was a gray looking bird thing. She looked up the info about it in her Pokedex,"Aerodactyl, an exstient flying Pokemon.A ferocious, prehistoric Pokemon that goes for the enemy's throat with its serrated saw-like fangs." The Pokedex told her.

Kairi shoke with fear,"Oh my, I'd hate to run into that Pokemon on a dark stromy night." Pikachu looked scared as well,"Pikaaa," it shoke with fear.

Kairi then went downstairs to look at the space stuff. She saw rocks incased in glass. Under it the info read,"A medotur that fell on Mt. Moon. It is called a Moon Stone."

"Wow!" Kairi thought,"I'd love to find one of those. There so beatiful." After she was done she decided to go shopping until it was time to meet up with Sean to watch his gym battle.

December 8th, 2008, 2:12 PM
It was light out, a great morning where all the citizens of Pewter City were wandering around the city. Sean was planning on going out back to Route 2, and meet Kairi back at the Gym, like planned, so he did.
He walked over to the gate that separates Route 2 and Pewter City. There was a tall grass spot, which was the perfect place to train Growlithe up. He walked over, searching for any Pokemon up for battle. There was not much luck, they were all not there. Even searching over and over didn't help.
Behind him, out of nowhere came a tall girl, which was no taller than Sean. "Hello I was intrested in a battle with somebody. Know any good trainers around?" the girl said. "Well, I happen to be training too, maybe we could have a battle. The girl had looked just like Diane did once he challenged her. "Well, I must warn you I am good. My name is Kirsty by the way." Sean could sense something that looked like Diane, maybe they were related. "Shall we get this started?" Kirsty looked ready. "Alright, bring it on!"

Kirsty had sent out her Rattata, which was weak-looking, not much problem for Sean at all. "Alright, go Kakuna!" Sean had tossed out the ball and Kakuna had came out. Only one thing, he forgot that Kakuna can't move.
"Kakuna! Use Harden!!" Sean commanded. Kakuna had shone, with a white light, making it stronger. "Ratatta! Knock out that thing with Tackle!" Kirsty shouted. Kakuna couldn't move, therefore each move Ratatta makes would hit. The small mouse came running up fast, at intensifying speed, knocking right into Kakuna.
Due to the high defense on Kakuna's shell, not much damage was taken. "Huh? That went so wrong!" Kirsty had soiunded real annoyed, like things didn't go her way.
"Alright Kakuna, show them you still can attack back! Use your Tackle!" Kakuna had shot, head first in the direction of Ratatta, at a good speed. Ratatta tried to dodge, but Kakuna had bashed right into it with the strong head surface.
"Oh no! What's going on!" Kirsty was real tired of it now. "Alright Ratatta, use Tackle again and give it all you've got!" Ratatta then came shooting at a sharp speed, but before it had reached Kakuna, Sean had quickly commanded, "String Shot!". Kakuna spat out a web of string through the small mouth, and caught the Ratatta, making the attack fail. "Alright! Now finish it off with Tackle!" Kakuna had shot up right in the direction of Ratatta, which couldn't move being stuck in the web. The hard surface of the head on Kakuna had hit Ratatta right on the weak spot, taking critical damage. Ratatta was then knocked out. "Oh no, come on Ratatta, take some rest." Kirsty had withdrew Ratatta. "Alright, now for my second, you haven't won yet Sean!" Sean wondered what this one would be, a Caterpie?
"Go! Caterpie!" Wow, he got it right. Kirsty had thew the ball to the ground. "Caterpie! Use Tackle!" The small worm had moved rather fast, hitting Kakuna in the weakest part of the shell. Kakuna was still up though, not totally down. "Alright Kakuna, use Tackle!" Sean had commanded to it. Kirsty however had plans. "Dodge it Caterpie!" The Caterpie was weak from hitting the hard shell of Kakuna, but it still had enough energy to move away. Kakuna had hit the ground head first, which had hurt a lot. Yet, it was defensive, so it was not completely knocked out. "Hang in there Kakuna! Try and use String Shot!" he tried to do what he did last time. Kirsty had a trick up her sleeve though. "Alright Caterpie, use your String Shot to the full! Make it a good one!" Kirsty had looked confident about her tactic. There were two long spits of String, forcing through the air, until they collided together. This caused a huge pile of String. They kept firing String until one of them would get trapped, however it did not work. The Caterpie had ran out of energy to spit string any more. "Kakuna! Use Tackle now!" Diane had looked shocked, she never saw this coming. The Kakuna came firing out like a bullet towards the Caterpie, knocking it out with a great force of power. "Aw man! This can't be happening! Come on Caterpie, you'll do better next time!" she retreated Caterpie. Sean had no idea what would be next, but he would have thought that it would be her toughest, as she sounded like a cunning trainer. "Alright Sean, you're going down now! Go Pikachu!!" she threw the ball to the ground.
This time, it was more serious. "This is the last time Sean, and your last time, you better be ready to lose! Use Thundershock, Pikachu!" The Pikachu had charged up a thin bolt of lightning, and unleashed it on Kakuna, which was knocked out. "It's alright Kakuna, you did your very best. Now get some rest." He didn't intend on the rhyme. Kakuna was withdrew back in the ball. "Now, Kirsty, I think you better be ready to lose. And have a good one." of course, they were just joking with each other, they weren't enimies. "Go Growlithe!" Growlithe was already out of the ball, and put on the ready-for-battle face that it usually puts on when challenged. "Growlithe! Show it what you got with Bite!" Growlithe had bared its teeth, sharp and healthy which were ready to attack the Pikachu. The teeth and pushed right into the skin of Pikachu, causing a scratch that looked painful. "Oh No! Alright Sean, this time it's serious! Use Thundershock again!" Pikachu, charged up more electricity again, and unleashed a bolt of lightning, forcing more energy into it than before. The shock had hit right on the head of Growlithe, leaving Sparks after, Growlithe struggled moving. "Growlithe! What's wrong?!" Sean sounded worried. "If you knew, that would be Paralysis. It can be unable to move, which makes me more superior to you at the moment." Kirsty was getting on his nerves, making him sound like an idiot. Sean remembered, he bought some Paralyze Heals from the PokeMart. He grabbed his bag and opened it up, looking for the bottle with the label "Paralyze Heal" on it. When he found it, he grabbed it out and sprayed it all over the patches on Growlithe which could not move. After that, Growlithe was better and free to move. "Alright Growlithe! We've had enough of her! Use Ember and give it all you've got!" Growlithe had built up a small ball of fire in its mouth, which was turning red. When it could no longer be charged up, the ball had been unleashed right onto the Pikachu, which hurt real bad. So bad that it left black marks. "Oh No! Pikachu, don't do this to me again!" Kirsty got worried, but it was too late. Pikachu had fell to the ground with spirals in its eyes. "Alright! We did it Growlithe!"

Kirsty took it well, she realized that sometimes people win and lose. Even though it was her Pikachu that causes the loss, she was seriously attached to it. "Great battle. I enjoyed that! Maybe we'll see each other again sometime." Kirsty had walked off, eithout saying anythign else. Growlithe licked Sean's face several times in happiness. "We better get you and Kakuna to the Pokemon Center before the Gym Battle." Sean had retreated Growlithe back in the PokeBall and walked back into Pewter City, going into the Pokemon Center. "Oh, Hello again. Need your Pokemon healing?" Nurse Joy seemed to ask him before he said anything at all. "Well, sure. I came here for that." Sean gave her the PokeBalls, containing the Pokemon he had. "Take a seat right here, we'll only be a minute."
Kairi would be waiting at the Gym, he knew she would. She was only going to the Museum, and the battle blew off a whole lot of time. Before Sean knew it, Nurse Joy was back with Growlithe and Kakuna. "Here you go. Are you heading over to the Gym? If so, be careful. Brock is a tough opponent." Nurse Joy read his mind. "Yes, I am. Thanks for the heads up. I'll give it my best shot." Sean sounded real confident. He looked around the town, finding the place where the Gym was. When he found it, he ran over to it as he was excited to take a look inside, and what it would be like to finally have a Gym Battle. When he opened the door, Kairi was inside. "Hey Kairi. I battled a trainer I saw called Kirsty, and had a great battle with her. She was tough, but I beat her with Kakuna and Growlithe. Now I think they're ready to beat the Gym."

December 8th, 2008, 2:25 PM
"Good luck Sean. I know you won't need it though, with such a great Pokemon as Growlite," Kairi grinned as she rubbed Growlite's head.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 8th, 2008, 3:31 PM
"Take a good look around, Poliwag...we're here...Pewter City!" If Warren had been expecting to be impressed, he was sorely disappointed. It had truly earned its name as the stone grey city - Pewter was simply a huge sprawl of cement apartment blocks and grey office buildings. Warren managed to find the Pokecenter fairly easily - its red roof stuck out in the middle of all the grey. Warren slouched in, handed his Pokemon to Nurse Joy and strolled through to the canteen. There seemed to be some sort of soup on offer with lumps of meat floating in it that were the same size as the buildings. Warren eyed it distastefully, but tried a little and was surprised to find that it was delicious.
"What meat is this?" he called to Nurse Joy.
"Donphan," she replied cheerily. Warren looked at the bowl for a moment, slightly disgusted, then shrugged and carried on eating.

"Poli, poli!" Warren looked down. Poliwag was back from Nurse Joy's magic healing machine and it looked fired up and ready for battle. Rattata and Weedle were behind it. They were looking at him expectantly.
"Alright," Warren moaned, "We're going to the Gym already." Poliwag cheered quietly.
"Poliwag, you've got the type advantage, so I want you to be my main man on this. Rattata, Weedle, you're badly off in types so you can just sit this one out." Poliwag looked a little nervous, but nonetheless, it squared its shoulders and marched out the door, waddling along on its short legs.

"Hello? Anyone home?" Warren stepped into the Gym. As far as he could tell, it was empty. The lights were off and the windows were shut.
"What kind of moron leaves a Gym unlocked and unsecured?" Warren muttered to himself. So he was quite surprised when he heard someone behind him reply:
"The kind of moron who's standing right behind you!" Warren spun round, swearing in shock. Standing there was a quite tall, Hispanic boy, roughly 16 years old.
"My name's Brock," He said warmly, "I'm the Gym Leader here." Warren grimaced. Judging by the polished ball at his belt and the Pokemon raising handbook in his hand, this Brock might actually care enough to put up a fight. Brock stepped quickly over to the other side of the arena.
"I'm guessing you came here for a Gym Battle, right?" he called. Warren nodded and wordlessly released Poliwag. Brock laughed.
"I guess you've done your homework," he said, releasing what appeared to be a floating rock with arms. "Bringing a Water-type to a Rock Gym - smart move. I'm going to have to fight for this one! Alright, Geodude, let's start with Tackle!" The Rock flew forwards towards Poliwag, who leapt over it, its long tail brushing against its face. Geodude stuck its left hand into the ground and did a quick U-turn, slamming into Poliwag's back as it landed. Poliwag flew to the ground, crying out in pain. Warren gasped. This Geodude was fast and strong. It was flying towards Poliwag again, but Warren had frozen, completely speechless. Luckily, Poliwag was not so helpless. Instead of dodging, it faced Geodude and, as Warren watched in amazement, the swirl on its belly began to spin, slowly at first, the faster. Geodude's eyes glazed over and it fell to the ground, fast asleep. Warren cheered:
"Alright, Poliwag, you learned hypnosis! Now that he's asleep, get up nice and close!" Poliwag leapt forwards and pre-empted Warren's next order by blowing a bubble attack right into Geodude at point-blank range. The living rock drew back, roaring with a horrible noise that sounded like rocks grinding. Poliwag launched another bubble, but Geodude threw itself forwards and stopped it with another powerful Tackle. Poliwag was thrown backwards. Landing at Warren's feet, it began to squeak weakly and was struggling to rise.
"Come on, pipsqueak!" Warren shouted, "You have a huge advantage over this thing! Now, are you going to lie in the mud and cry, or are you going to stand up, man up and kick this guy's ass?" Poliwag stopped snivelling and levered itself to its feet with its tail. It winced as it did so and Warren realised that one more hit would take it down, and there was no way Poliwag would be able to dodge anything. There was only one option left. He looked up and met eyes with Brock, and they instantly both understood what had to happen.
"Geodude, Tackle!"
"Poliwag, Bubble!" The tadpole shot a thick stream of bright blue spheres towards Geodude. The boulder Pokémon ploughed straight into them and was knocked out instantly, but it didn't matter. Its unconscious form flew through the air until it collided with Poliwag, knocking it to the floor in a cloud of dust. Warren knew what he would see when the dust cleared, but he crossed his fingers anyway. Just in case.

December 8th, 2008, 6:50 PM
Rini shortly after making her newest capture was confronted by the same four Rattata she had encountered earlier.

This time however she was prepared.

After a quick peak at her pokedex, the young girl sighed. "You really shouldn't pick on people bigger then you. They might just come back stronger and kick your butt."

From behind the girl Oddish poked her tongue out at the Rattata, who hissed in reply.

"For four Rattata, two of mine should be enough." Rini grinned. "Go Oddish, and you too Pidgey!"

Oddish ran out proudly to stand before it's trainer. But Pidgey....

"Ow, ow, ow, knock it out would you!" Rini ran back and forth trying to dislodge the bird who appeared to be trying to peck her brains out.

"Oddish...." Oddish sighed quitely at the exchange.

The Rattata laughed at her.

"Ow, this isn't funny." Rini winned. "Pidgey, I'm sorry I tricked you, and you hit the rock. Ow, but it wasn't my fault. Your just too cool for words."

The raining pecks immeidetly stopped, and Pidgey puffed out it's chest in pride.

"Now Pidgey, Oddish attack the Rattata with Absorb and Tackle!" Rini squezed her eyes shut as this left her lips.

Pidgey dived at one of the Rattata, quickly knocking it into a nearby tree and out of commension. Oddish dodged to the side of one of the Rattata's tackles. When it's back was to her she used absorb, sapping it's strength.

"Yea, keep it up!" Rini cheered happily.

One of the Rattata hopped onto Pidgey's back, and the bird roughly tried to shake it off.

"Do a loop to knock it off then tackle it!" Rini yelled.

The bird nodded and swooped up and around, before slamming the rat in the gut with a powerful tackle.

Two down, two to go. Rini glanced back at Oddish to see her dodging this way and that as the Rattata repeatdely tried to tackle it.

"Oddish, stay still and when it get's close use absorb!"

Oddish nodded and waited paitently. Once Rattata was almost in her face she concentrated had and put as much effert into her attack as possible.

The Rattata twirled in one spot and fell over knocked out, as it was almost on Oddish. The remaining Rattata glanced back and forth between Pidgey and Oddish, growling lightly.

This one was slightly bigger then the others. The leader Rini guessed. "Pidgey return! Oddish it's up to you now!" Pidgey disippeared in a bright flash of red light.

Oddish and Rattata faced off. Rattata was snearing and Oddish looked nervious.

"You can do it Oddish!" Rini cheered. Rattata charged too quickly for Rini to tell Oddish to dodge. She was knocked backwards feet over leafs, and got up slowly, looking almost ready to cry.

Rattata ran at Oddish ready to finish her when it tripped over something, a berry of all things.

"Now's your chance! Keep using absorb!"

Oddish pinned the Rattata down with her leafs and drained the struggling pokemon's strength.

"Rattata!" It jumped up, knocking Oddish back, and coiled it's muscles to attack again...then promptly fainted.

"Yay, great job Oddish!" Rini picked her tuckered out pokemon and spun her around.

December 9th, 2008, 12:09 AM
Kairi then called out her Ratatta, Metapod, Nidoran♀ and Spearow and her and her five Pokemon went to the stands to watch the fight. Well Pikachu, Ratatta, Nidoran♀ and Spearow went over to the stands, Kairi had to carry her Metapod over as it still couldn't move on it's own. They all started cheering for Sean.

December 9th, 2008, 2:33 AM
Sorry guys I was out last night... anyway hopefully this should cover it:

@FlareonFan - Read my PM about Rival battles, and can you edit the post to a normal battle please. The battle itself is good. Also with the egg I will tell you when it hatches.

Congratulations Sean received an egg

Congratulations Growlithe grew to Level 10, and Kakuna grew to level 9

@Alipeewee - Nice start to the Gym battle. Will Poliwag get back up...?

Congratulations Poliwag grew to Level 10

@Rini - Nice Post. Good start to Rini's journey.

Congratulations, Oddish grew to Level 7, and Pidgey grew to level 5

December 9th, 2008, 6:53 AM
Rini ran into Veridian City with her arms spread wide. "Home again. I finally made it."

She quickly began walking towards her home when an older man and his grand daughter signled for her attention.

"You're pokemon is sleeping in the middle of the road." the girl giggled, pointing.

"Huh?" Rini glanced around, searching for Oddish. She thought the plant was right behind her. She quickly spied it laying on the path, with it's tongue looled out. "Oddish are you ok?" she ran up to her, lifting her gently into her arms.

"What kind of trainer are you young lady? How could you let your pokemon get into this state?" the older man scolded her.

"I'm...I'm sorry. We just started out and...."

The man seemed to sigh in understanding. "As long as you get it. There's a Pokemon Center right over there. I advise you heal your pokemon and rest up."

"Yay pokemon!" the little girl cheered.

"Yes sir!" Rini yelped and quickly ran into the nearby center.

"Heh, kids these days. Always in such a rush. Why when I was younger..."

"Granpa talks too much." the girl giggled.

Rini ran up to the desk and placed Oddish and Pidgey's pokeball before a woman with bright pink hair in two loops. "Please heal my pokemon Miss..."

"It's Nurse Joy. And you really should take better care of your pokemon."

Rini winced. Her second lecture of the day. Great.

Nurse Joy left without another word to heal her pokemon, and Rini decided to look around for the cafe'.

December 9th, 2008, 8:18 AM
@Rii - Aaaah poor Oddish. nice post though :)

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 9th, 2008, 9:22 AM
Slowly, the dust settled and Warren was amazed to see Poliwag was still up. It was panting heavily and there was a large bruise spreading across its white belly, but it was conscious. Brock smiled slowly as he returned his Geodude, but it was a forced smile and Warren could tell he was worried. But as he touched his next Pokeball, the tension in his face dropped away, like he knew he was goingto win anyway.
"Let's go, Onix!" he shouted. Warren and Poliwag both flinched as the giant Rock Snake materialised in front of them. In fact, Poliwag flinched so much that it flew straight back into its Pokeball. Accidentaly, of course. Warren was not impressed, to say the least.
"Don't hide like a baby!" he shouted, furious, as he sent it out again. Poliwag turned, tears filling its eyes.
"Poliiiii..." it whined. Warren snorted.
"Get in there, Poliwag, use hypnosis!" Poliwag slowly turned, but before it could even fully face Onix, it was slammed into the wall.
"Good Tackle, Onix!" Brock called. It might have just been him, but Warren swore that Brock was sneering at him. But both his Pokemon were weaker than Poliwag, and they were both at a disadvantage. Snarling angrily, Warren returned Poliwag.
"How many Pokemon each is this?" he asked angrily, realising that in his haste to get fighting, he had forgotten to ask. Brock laughed.
"I've only got Onix left, but you can use as many as you want." Warren clenched his fists. It was as good as it could be, but he still doubted that he would be able to pull this off. After all, Onix was a giant snake made of boulders. He had to fight it with a depressed rat and a caterpillar. But ho would be best?
"Alright, Rattata, lefts go!" he shouted. He'd known Rattata a little longer, so he might just be able to give her the upper hand.
"Lets start with Tail whip!" he shouted and Rattata smacked Onix across the face with its tail. Thanks to the comparative sizes however, Onix simply ignored it and Pushed it away with its tail. Brock laughed and a vein in Warren's temple bulged. There must be something that he could do...there! He could see that the beam in the ceiling just above onix's head was rotten and sagging. He could use that...but would he be able to pull it off? After all, that beam was very high up. Suddenly, memories came back to him. Memories of capturing Rattata.
"Hey, purple rat monster, here, now!" Rattata scurried over to Warren's side, where he bent down and spoke to it quietly. Brock looked a little irritated, but he wasn't going to break them up any time soon. After all, there was no way he could lose. Meanwhile, Rattata was looking decidely unhappy about something.
"Come on!" Warren hissed, "Its the only way!" Rattata sighed and gave Warren a look that clearly said I don't really have a choice, do I? Warren winked, then drew back a few steps.
"What are you doing?" Brock asked suddenly. Warren ignored him.
"Rattata, Quick Attack!" He shouted and ran up, just as Rattata set off, giving it the extra power of one very thick boot. Rattata flew through the air and struck the bewam head on. But that was where Warren's plans fell apart. It seemed that the beam was slightly less rotten than it looked - Rattata was currently hanging from the beam by its teeth, a very large bump on its forehead. Brock was wetting himself at the other end.
"Come on Onix, help it down, why don't you." Onix roared, then leapt upwards, its jaws clamped around Rattata's waist. The rat screamed once before Onox threw it down to the ground. It hit hard and landed unconscious in the middle of the playing field. Warren was devestated tht his plan hadn't worked.


December 9th, 2008, 9:23 AM
Chapter 10

Sean took a look around the Gym, which was huge. There was a lot of rocks and boulders, so he could have guessed this was a Rock type Gym. This was rater unfortunate as both his Pokemon were weak to Rock types. "Where do you think the Gym leader is?" Sean had tried to find the Gym Leader, as he wasn't there. At the back of the Gym, there was a brown door. "Oh, he must be having lunch or something." Sean guessed. Then, the Gym Leader had walked out. "Hi. Are you here for a challenge? My name is Brock." Sean had knew that this was the Gym Leader, as he looked like it. "Yeah, my name is Sean. I came from Cinnabar Island." Brock smiled at him. "So I'm guessing you want to get all the badges? I have the first one." Sean nodded his head. "Alright then, let's get started. Stand on the other side of the battlefield and get ready to battle!" Sean was definetly ready. Kairi was on the bench in the audience. "I'm ready! Let's go!" Sean was very confident.

December 9th, 2008, 9:29 AM
Kairi and her Pokemon, were cheering Sean on as they watched the battle begin.

December 9th, 2008, 9:32 AM
Sorry Guys probably should have mentioned that Gym battles are 2 on 2 like in the anime, rather than like in the games...

@alipeewee - nice post, as i didn't mention about the two on two thing before you posted, continue your post as you were going to and take it into account for future Gym battles. Good old Warren, kicking his pokemon in an official Gym match, I wonder if Brock's ever seen that before?

@FlareonFan - Can't wait for your gym battle :)

December 9th, 2008, 10:07 AM
Gym Battle - Part 1/2

"Alright then. I choose Kakuna! Go!" Not the best of choices, but he thought it would be alright to try. He threw the ball to the rocky Gym flooring, with Kakuna zapping out of the PokeBall. "Go! Geodude!" Brock had sent out his Geodude, which looked very challenging. It wuld be very hard as Bug and Poison vs. Rock and Ground is a bad match up. "Geodude! Start off with Tackle!" Brock had commanded. The small rock with arms had came charging up, while levitating above the ground. Sean had a nice trick in mind though. "Kakuna! Use Harden to defend yourself!" Kakuna's shell turned harder, and more sturdy. The Geodude then had crashed onto Kakuna, not doing much as Sean's plan was to get the defense on Kakuna as high as possible, for good help. "Nice tactic Sean." Brock had admitted. "Geodude, use Tackle again!" Geodude had charged up with more speed. "Use Poison Sting, Kakuna!" Kakuna had then shot out several needles of poison towards Geodude, which swerved in and out dodging some of them. Only thing was, not much damage was done since Poison is not very effective against Rock or Ground. "Aw! This is seriusly not a good pokemon to use right now!" Sean had started to think of a strategy to beat Brock with. "Use Tackle again!" Just then, Sean had though of another strategy. "Kakuna, use Harden one final time!" Geodude had then crashed into Kakuna, causing barely any damage, this was not Sean's new plan however. There was one more thing to it. "Alright, now try and combine String Shot with Poison Sting in the string!" This was something he never did, but it was worth a try. Geodude swirved side to side, trying to avoid the thread, however eventually, Kakuna had completely focused on Geodudes movements, and shot the string out like a spiral, catching Geodude up in a hard shell of silk. The needles which were combined with the silk, were being absorbed into Geodude, therefore causing it to be poisoned.
"Geodude, are you alright?" Brock had walked up to the shell of silk, and eventually, a sudden suprise Tackle by Geodude had split the thread shell, and came shargin up to Kakuna, suddenly smacking right into the weak part of Kakuna's shell. As this was not anticipated, Kakuna got hurt alot, but not as hurt as Geodude, slowly losing health from Poison. "Come on Geodude! You can pull through!" Brock had persuaded Geodude that it was not over yet, however it nearly was. "Kakuna! Try to use one final Poison Sting!" Sean had ordered. Kakuna had shot out very few sticks of posion, shooting fast. There was not many fired as Kakuna did not have the energy. When the sticks of poison had reached the hard surface of Geodude, stabbing into it, Geodude had fell to the ground with swirls in its eyes. "Alright! That's one down! Great job Kakuna!" Little did he know the next pokemon would finish off Kakuna, as it was much bigger.

December 9th, 2008, 10:14 AM
(Wait for the owner's post, I think Kakuna's going to evolve)

"Alright, Sean wait ago! Great job. Now only one more Pokemon left," Kairi and her Pokemon cheered.

December 9th, 2008, 10:31 AM
@FlareonFan - Good start to the gym battle. Onix will be dificult though.

Congratulations Kakuna grew to Level 10 ,evolved to Beedrill and learned Fury Attack

Sean looked down at his Kakuna wondering how much strength it had left, as if to answer his question Kakuna fell to the ground. then, much to Sean's dismay, a large crack appeared in Kakuna's back. A large stinger then pushed through the hole, which became wider to reveal what looked like a four legged wasp with a very large stinger on each arm....

December 9th, 2008, 10:37 AM
Kairi saw it evolve,"Sean look, your Kakuna evolved. It's...it's...a Beedrill!!!" Kairi jumped and hid behind the stands.

December 9th, 2008, 10:37 AM
His Kakuna had finished glowing. "Awesome! My Kakuna evolved into a Beedrill!" Beedrill hapilly buzzed. The best part was that now Beedrill can move. Kairi was behind him, cheering in happiness. Sean withdrew his Beedrill before battling Brock's next Pokemon.

December 9th, 2008, 10:43 AM
Kairi calmed down, as Beedrill was returned. She saw Brock release Onix,"Oh, my that's going to be very hard to beat." Pikachu shook with fear,"Chaaa!! Chaaa!!! Chaaaa!" In it's frighten state it released a thundershock, at the spinles, releasing water. The water fell onto Onix, weaking the rock Pokemon,"Uh....sorry about that. Pikachu say your sorry," Kairi told it.

"Pika pi," Pikachu said saying sorry.

December 9th, 2008, 10:47 AM
"Wow, not too bad. And here I was expecting something small and dinky." Rini mused to herself.

She was quickly shown to a small table in the corner and given a menue. Behind her there was a large decortative plant, shelding her from veirw of most of the other trainers.

"What would you like to drink?" her waitress asked.

Rini thought this over for a moment. "A glass of Peacha berry tea please, with cream."

Her waitress nodded and Rini licked her lips. She loved various flavered teas. But Pecha was her favorite. She then began looking over the menue.

Double cheeseburger plate- Two patties with cheese, lettice, tomato, and our special sauce. Served with a side order of fries, and your choice of fresh pie or a small bowl of icecream.

Bella's Garden Special- Our house salid, served with your choice of dressing. Comes with Pecha or Oran Cobbler.

Ramen delux- Cooked daily and served up traditinal style or spicy.

Rice balls- four large to a plate. Extra 50 poke' each.

Pizza plates: served by the slice. Cheese, Pepporni, Supreme, Spinch and Mushroom, Meat lovers, and Veggie delight.

Stuffed Raviloi- Stuffed with cheese and garlec, and topped with a light mushroom sauce. Your choice of todays soup or salid, and either fresh pie or cobbler.

Macaroni and Cheese- Our creamy special served with fresh fruit or salid.

"Hmmm...." Rini thought over the small selection for a bt, and nodded as she made her decesion.

Her waitress came back then and placed her drink on the table. "Are you ready to order?"

"I'll have..... ummmm...... the stuffed ravioli, with soup and oran pie."

"I'll have that out shortly." she jotted Rini's order down and left.

Rini leaned back and quitely sipped on her tea, as she thought out a plan of action. "What do I want out of this journey? Let's see... there's pokemon contests, gym battles, breeding, and.... What else is there?" she laughed quitely.

She was startled out of her thoughts as someone slid into the chair beside her, looking around this way and that in worry. This person was a shady looking guy holding something wrapped in a towel.

"Excuse me..." Rini glared at him. "I was kinda sitting here first. Can you get your own table?"

"Please take this. I don't have a lot of time....please." he thrust the towel wrapped object into her arms and took off, before she could even reply.

"Well that was just rude." Rini huffed, and rolled her eyes. "Might as well see what he gave me." She slowly unwrapped the towel, as though afraid it was a bomb, and her eyes widened in shock.

"A pokemon egg!"

December 9th, 2008, 11:28 AM
Gym Battle - Part 2/2

"No Problem, I'm sure not much damage was caused to Onix." Brock said, while Onix was still gasping, looking like it did cause damage. "Alright, come on out, Growlithe!" Sean tossed the PokeBall to the floor, opening up Growlithe, which was ready for the battle. "Alright Sean, I hope you're ready because Onix is a lot stronger than Geodude was." Brock warned him. This sounded bad, hoever Sean replied with, "Well, Growlithe is tougher than Kakuna was." Brock had took intrest in that.
"Alright, let's start! Onix! Use Tackle!" The long snake of several boulders had slithered right towards Growlithe, with the horn on its head jabbing into Growlithe's forehead. It was still up, and ready. "Come on Growlithe! Use Bite!" Growlithe started to run right up to the body of Onix at raging speed. Brock tried to stop it, "Use Bind while it's running towards you!".
Onix had tried to wrap up Growlithe when it had nearly reached a segment of its body, but it was too late. Growlithe had pushed its teeth right in the rocky skin of Onix. Since the Bite had hurt, Onix had flinched and stopped coiling up. Onix was still gasping, as if it was ill.
"Alright, Sean. This time I'm going to get more serious with you. Onix, use Bind now!" Onix had came slithering back up at great speed, Sean didn't get the chance to command Growlithe anything. Onix wrapped right around Growlithe, and Growlithe couldn't bite, so Sean decided to try a new move. "Growlithe, use Leer!" Growlithe then stared Onix in the eyes, which started to glow Gold. Onix as Intimidated, and let go of Growlithe in weakness. "Nice strategy, Sean." Brock was rather impressed by the way Sean had battled with him. Yet, the battle was not yet over. "Growlithe! Show them your Ember attack!" Growlithe started to flare up a ball of fire in its throat, which was burning bright; then, Growlithe had unleashed the small fireball out of its throat, fired at great speed through the air. The ball had hit Onix, smacked right on the head. It was not too effective, but Onix was only gettign weaker and weaker each time. "Hang in there Onix!" Sean was winning, but the battle was still not over; infact, it just got heated up. "Onix! Show them your Rock Tomb!" Onix had started to glow its eyes, and forcing rocks from the sky onto the floor. growlithe kept trying to avoid them, each rock falling had hit the ground with force. Eventually, a rock had came from the sky and hit Growlithe. This hurt a lot. Growlithe was flat on the floor, not yet knocked out, but sweating and gasping. Now it would be a close victory for whoever wins. "Looks like you tried, sean." Brock spoke too soon. Sean lifted the large rock off Growlithe and shoved it to the side of the battlefield. "Alright, Onix. Finish it off with Tackle!" Onix dashed right towards Growlithe, still weak. "Quick, Bite it strong before it reached you!" Onix kept slithering swiftly towards it, nearly hitting well. Until, Growlithe started to bare its fangs and when the Onix had reached Growlithe, Growlithe jumped from the ground and munched right on the spot which was flashing red in pain. This was really painful for Onix, and it could not take any more energy. Onix fell to the ground in loss, with spirals in the eyes. "Brock has ran out of Pokemon! Sean is the winner!" the referee had called out. "Alright!! My first ever Gym victory!!" Sean had jumped victoriously.

December 9th, 2008, 11:37 AM
Pikachu jumped up in victory. So did the rest of Kairi's Pokemon, well expect for Metapod. Kairi cheered,"Wait ago Sean, you did it," Kairi cheered for him. She returned, Spearow, Ratatta, Nidoran♀ and Metapod.

December 9th, 2008, 11:46 AM
@FlareonFan - Nice post, you earned your first badge.

Congratulations Growlithe grew to Level 12

Congratulations Sean earned a Boulder Badge

"Well Done Sean, you beat me fair and square," then he glanced over at Kairi and Pikachu nd corrected himself, "Well fairly enough. That Boulder badge is the first of the eight badges you will need to gain entry to the pokemon league."

@Rini - Okay I'll let you have the egg. Usual rules appy to the egg. I will tell you when the egg hatches, and which pokemon is inside. Anyway feel free to move on.

Everyone: In future can you PM me and ask for permnission before you post something like getting an egg.

December 9th, 2008, 12:05 PM
Sean recieved his badge, which he had put in his new Badge Case. He noe needed to head over to Cerulean City to get his next badge. Sean and Kairi walked out of the Gym, and walked over towards Route 3. "So, Kairi. Which way are you going to go?" Sean asked.

December 9th, 2008, 12:08 PM
"Well, I think I'll head back over to Route 2 and train a little bit more. I'll be hanging around here a bit long probabbly a few days to train," Kairi told him,"Guess this is the part where we should spit up for now. Good luck on your journey Sean," Kairi said shaking his hand.

December 9th, 2008, 12:09 PM
Right so we're ready for Route 3? Here we go:

Route Three

Number of Posts: 2-3

Description: A long winding path connecting Pewter City and Mt. Moon. A large amount of trainers are dotting around the route looking for a battle. There are also some rare, sought after pokémon available for capture.

What can you do in a Route?

Generally the main two things you can do on a route are capturing pokémon and battling trainers. You can do many other things, you know free will and all that... Anyways, you cannot meet any of the other RPers, and everyone have fun.

Wild Pokemon
Commonly seen pokémon in this area

Level: 4-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack (Level 5)
Nature: Random

Level: 4-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Keen
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Focus Energy (Level 7)
Nature: Random

Uncommonly seen pokémon in this area

Level: 4-7
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks:Peck, Growl, Leer (Level 5)
Nature: Random

Gender: Male or Female
Type: Fighting
Ability: Vital Spirit or Anger Point
Attacks: Scratch, Low Kick, Leer, Focus Energy (Level 5)
Nature: Random

Rarely seen pokémon in this area

Level: 3-6
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Ground
Ability: Sand Veil
Attacks: Scratch, Defence Curl
Nature: Random

Level: 3-5
Gender: Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Cute Charm
Attacks: Sing, Defence Curl
Nature: Random

Note - the title specifying the rarity of a pokémon refers to how hard a pokémon is to catch. i.e. a much better post is required to catch an uncommon pokémon than to catch a common pokémon.
How I level the pokémon you’re catching will depend on how good your post is. When you’re trying to catch a pokémon, you cannot decide if you catch it. When trying to catch a pokémon you have to finish your post off when you throw the pokéball and wait for my response telling you if the capture was successful or not. You cannot continue until you know that it was caught. In battles, I will level up your pokémon depending on the quality of your battle post.

December 9th, 2008, 12:28 PM
Rini had spent some time while she ate, thinking about the egg and what she should do.

On one hand it wasn't her's, for all she knew that guy could have stolen it. On the other hand, she had no idea who to take it to. Anyone could claim it.

In the end she decided to keep it.

Walking out of the cafe' Rini went to the desk to find her pokemon fully healed, and fed. This was alright for now, but she'd have to stop by a mart to get a few supplies before she left the city.

Rini stopped in at home to check in with her father, before she continued on.

He looked impressed that she'd caught a flying type with a grass one. He then proceded to try and shove his Ditto off on her, which she declined.

"But Veridian forest is super scary, and I heard it was haunted, and bandits come out at night! I can't let my poor daughter go all alone!" he wailed squezing her tightly.

"The forest isn't haunted and there are no bandits." Rini growled lightly as he still wouldn't let go. "Would you let go. I want to get to the forest before sundown."

He only wailed louder and Rini promptly kicked him in the shin. "Heh, moron." she smirked when he released her.

Rini then stopped by the Mart after somehow losing her father, when he tried to follow her around town.

"Let's see..." Rini looked over the merchendise. "I'll need three potions, two antidotes, and four poke' balls."

After buying all of this, and making sure the egg was secure in her bag, Rini began the long walk to the forest.

"Hey! Girlie!" a boy yelled as she approached the enterence to the forest. "You a pokemon trainer?"

"Yea, I just started out. Why?" Rini looked him over curiously. He had a net strapped to his back and a straw hat on his head. Strange....

"Wanna have a battle." he tried, and failed to sound intimating.

"Sure why not." Rini giggled, and pulled a pokeball out. "I accept."

December 9th, 2008, 12:28 PM
After saying bye to Sean, Kairi and her Pikachu went back onto Route 2 for some training. She looked around, a little bit, until a Ratatta jumped out,"Ok, go Metapod, use Harden!" She said releasing it.

Metapod at once harden it's body. The Ratatta started tackling it's body, but kept on bouning off, as it's attack did nothing, while Metapod's Harden was up,"Too bad you only know Harden right now. I wish you hadn't lost Tackle and String Shot after you had evolved from Caterpie. Oh well just keep up the Harden until Ratatta loses it's engery and faints," Kairi told it.

Metapod kept on using Harden. The Ratatta, started getting tried, but it wouldn't give up. It tried bitting Metapod but broke it's teeth, on it's hard body. Ratatta screamed in pain and fainted,"Yeah! Alright Metapod!" Kairi cheered. "Pikachu!" Pikachu cheered as well.


After the battle, Kairi returned Metapod, and then pulled out her Nidoran and found a Pidgey to fight,"Alright, Nidoran jump up and use Scartch attack," Kairi told it. Nidoran jumped up onto the Pidgey and Scratched it. The Pidgey knocked it off and used Gust attack. Nidoran flew into Kairi,"Use Growl to lower it's attack!" Kairi commanded.

Nidoran nodded it's head and started growling at the Pidgey. The Pidgey looked scared,"Ok, now's your chance, Scratch it!" Kairi said. "Nido!" Nidoran jumped up and used Scratch attack, until the Pidgey fainted,"Yea! Wait ago!" Kairi cheered.

December 9th, 2008, 12:33 PM
@Rii - Rini's first battle. Good luck...

@ Konekodemon - Congratulations Metapod grew to Level 9, and Nidoran♀ grew to level 5

December 9th, 2008, 12:56 PM
Kairi then ran into a Weedle and a Caterpie both at the same time. She called out her Spearow and Ratatta and sent them both into battle,"Speaow Peck attack. Ratatta bite." She told them. They both ran/flew at there foes. Both Caterpie and Weedle teamed up and both ran at Ratatta and Spearow getting ready to Tackle.

"Ratatta jump up onto Spearow's back and let loose a Tackle attack," Kairi said.

"Ratatta!" Ratatta said as he jumped up onto Spearow's back. Spearow flew up into the air. Both Caterpie's and Weedle's attacks missed,"Now get them, while there both together!" Kairi comanded.

Spearow flew down real fast and Ratatta jumped off of Spearow's back and let loose with a Tackle attack,"Now bite and Peck!" Ratatta bit Caterpie while Spearow Pecked Weedle. Both bugs fainted,"Yey! We did it! Were off on a rocking start today."

December 9th, 2008, 1:02 PM
@Konekodemon - Congratulations Rattata and Spearow both grew to Level 4, Rattata learned Quick Attack

December 9th, 2008, 1:13 PM
Kairi, then decided to get Pikachu to help train Metapod,"There isn't anymore wild Pokemon around and it's almost time for Metapod to evolve. Could you help train it Pikachu?"

Pikachu nodded,"Pika!"

"Ok, Metapod come on out," Kairi called,"Ok Metapod your training with Pikachu, ok."

"Metapod," Metapod repiled.

"Ok, Metapod Harden. Pikachu Thundershock it," Kairi conmanded her Pikachu and Metapod to start fighting each other.

Pikachu kept on shocking Metapod, who in turn kept on using Harden.

Pikachu shocked it over and over again until it started running low on power and fainted. Metapod had won,"Yey! Good job Metapod. Thanks for the help Pikachu," Kairi said. She got out a Potion and gave it to Pikachu. She watched to see if it would evolve or not,'Come on please evolve. A Butterfree would be the perfect Pokemon for Contests,' Kairi thought, as she watched and waited, hoping that Metapod would evolve now.

December 9th, 2008, 1:54 PM
@Konekodemon - Congratulations Metapod grew to Level 10, and evolved to Butterfree, and learned Confusion

Kairi continued to look at Metapod, who all of a sudden began to glow. 'Finally!' thought Kairi closing her eyes. hen she opened her eyes again it was not Metapod who stood in front of her, in Metapod's place stood a delicate looking, purple-blue coloured Butterfly.

"Free" Butterfree said softly flying back to Kairi.

December 9th, 2008, 2:14 PM
"Yea! You finually evolved. How do you feel Butterfree?" Kairi asked it. Butterfree grinned,"Free!" It said excitly. It started flying this way and that excited about finually being able to fly.

"Calm down Butterfree. I know your excited about flying but calm down or you'll get hurt," Kairi told it. Butterfree flew back down to the ground. Kairi then set up camp and let her other Pokemon out to eat. She looked up what Butterfree likes to eat, and made it a mix of mashed up berries. Butterfree ate it,"Cool now I'll always know what to feed you," Kairi told it.

After her and her Pokemon ate it was getting kinda late. It was already dark out. Kairi recalled her Pokemon, and her and Pikachu got ready for bed. Kairi and Pikachu went into the tent,"We'll train somemore torrmow. Good night Pikachu," Kairi told it. Her and Pikachu then went to sleep.

December 9th, 2008, 3:02 PM
The boy with the straw hat smiled as he called out his first pokemon. "Go Weedle!"

Rini stared at it a few moments, before pulling out her pokedex. "It says weedle is a bug type, and is the pre-evolved form of Kakuna, then Beedrill. Interesting.... For a bug I'll use a bird. Pidgey!"

Pidgey appeared and quickly soared up into the sky. He as it turned out, eyed the bug with distaste.

"Don't think just because you have a Pidgey, you'll win." the bugcatcher snarled. "Weedle, string shot!"

Weedle jumped and shot some gooey substance at pidgey, almost missing it, but catching the birds feet.

Pidgey crashed into a nearby bush. It's feet were now stuck to the bush, causing Pidgey to be stuck upside down.

Weedle slithered closer.

"Posion sting!"

"Pidgey, sand attack!" Rini yelled quickly.

Even being upside down did little to slow Pidgey as it flapped up a barrage of sand directly into Weedle's eyes. Instead of hitting Pidgey Weedle flew off to the left, and landed hard on it's back.

"Weedle, get up and try another poison sting!" the bugcatcher yelled in annoyance.

By now Pidgey had managed to free himself of the threads.

"Tackle!" Rini yelled.

Weedle was knocked backwards into it's trainer and knocked out.

"Grr, I'll show you! Go Metapod!"

The green cacoon appeared before Pidgey, and Rini sighed. "You've gotta be kidding me. Another bug?"

"Sure is. Metapod harden!"

"Pidgey, sand attack!"

The area around the two fighting pokemon was covered by a veil of sand.

"Now, tackle it!" Rini yelled from somewhere on the other side.

Metapod flew backwards and right into it's trainers face with a loud smack. It's eyes were little swirls.

I won't forgive you for this!" the bugcatcher yelled recalling his pokemon , and rushing past Rini in the opposite direction.

Rini then recalled Pidgey. "Looks like it's Viridian forest ahead." she glanced up at the thick forest of trees.

December 10th, 2008, 2:51 AM
@Rii - Congratulations Pidgey grew to Level 6

December 10th, 2008, 6:10 AM
The next day Kairi, got challenged by a bug trainer. He had six Pokemon with him. That would be great training for her Pokemon. After this she'd finually leave for Route 3.

The bug trainer sent out a Caterpie first.

Kairi sent out her new Butterfree,"Go! Butterfree Confusion," Kairi called out.

"Free!" Butterfree started flapping it's wings. It's eyes glowed. The Caterpie was confused,"No! Caterpie!" The Bug Trainer panicked. And before he could call out an attack Kairi screamed,"Now! Tackle it!"

Butterfree flew down and tackled the Caterpie, knocking it out. "Wait ago Butterfree," Kairi said. She returned it to it's ball.

The bug trainer then sent out Weedle,"Ok! Go Ratatta!" Kairi called. But this time the bug trainer surprised her,"Poison Sting!" He told his Weedle.

"Ratatta! Look out! Use Quick Attack to avoid it!" Kairi called. Ratatta used it's Quick Attack and ran around the Weedle. The Weedle missed hitting a tree instead,"Now Tackle attack!" Ratatta ran back around and tackled Weedle, who was already pretty weak from hitting the tree. It was knocked out too.

"Yea!" Kairi cheered. She returned Ratatta. The next one he sent out was a Venonat. Kairi hadn't seen this Pokemon before,"What's that?" She said pulling open her Pokedex,"Venonat, a bug Pokemon. Lives in the shadows of tall trees where it eats insects. It is attracted by light at night." The Pokedex said.

"Ok, then. Go Spearow! Use Peck attack!" Kairi called. Spearow flew out of it's ball getting ready to use Peck when the bug trainer called out,"Stun Spore!"

Venonat jumped up in the air and started shaking.

"Spearow! Watch out!" Kairi told it. Spearow didn't dodge in time and was paralzed. Kairi pulled out a paralye heal, but the bug trainer said,"Didn't I tell you, your not aloud to use items, in trainer battles," the told her.

"But I used them before," she said.

"Yea well you wasn't supposed to," he told her.

"Come on Spearow you can do it!" Kairi called.

Spearow was trying to move but couldn't.

"Now Venonat tackle!" The trainer said. Then Kairi got an idea,"Wait for it, she called. Then just as Venonat was right up on Spearow, she called out,"Now use Peck and Tackle!"

"No!" The bug trainer called. Spearow Pecked and tackled Venonat without having to move at all since it was right up on it. Venonat fell to the ground and fainted. Kairi recalled Spearow.

The trainer recalled Venonat and sent out his Metapod. Kairi sent out Nidoran,"Ok Scratch attack!" She called. Nidoran jumped onto Metapod and Scratched it.

"Metapod use Harden," bug trainer said. Metapod Hardened up. "That won't stop my Nidoran! Tackle it!" Nidoran hollowed,"Nido!" and tackled it into a tree. Metapod was out.

Then Kakuna was sent out. Kairi recalled Nidoran,"Alright go Pikachu!"

Pikachu ran out onto the battle field,"Thundershock it quick before it can use Harden as well," Pikachu Thundershocked, Kakuna. It got Paralzed,"There now let's see how you like it when your Pokemon are Paralyed."

He got mad,"Hey! Move! Move you stupid bug!" He kicked it to get it to move.

"Hey!" Kairi screamed,"Be nicer to your Pokemon. It's not the Kakuna's fault." She then had Pikachu Thundershock it again. Kakuna fainted.

He returned Kakuna,"Now I'll show you. Your going to see my best Pokemon. Not only my best, it was my first Pokemon. Go Scyther!"

Scyther popped out,"Scyther, scy!"

"What's that?" Kairi once again pulled out her Pokedex,"Scyther the bug Pokemon. With ninja-like agility and speed, in can create the illusion that there is more than one."

Kairi looked scared,"Oh no!"

"Scyther, Double Team!" bug trainer said. Then there were a lot of Scythers. Pikachu looked confused. It didn't know which one was the real one,"Come on Pikachu you can do it! Close your eyes and listen until you find the real one," Kairi told it.

"I don't think so! Quick Attack!" bug trainer said. All the Scythers at once used Quick Attack. Pikachu got knocked down,"Pikachu!" Kairi screamed. Pikachu got knocked over ten times before Kairi figured it out,"Pikachu use Thundershock on the whole field!"

"NO! Not that!" Bug trainer screamed. Pikachu screamed with all it's might,"Pikaaachuuuuuuuu!!!!!" All the attacks hit all the Scythers at once until it found the real one, and because the attack had hit the whole field that made the Thundershock stronger. Scyther was knocked out.

The bug trainer grumbled, recalled his Scyther and walked off.

December 10th, 2008, 9:28 AM
@Konekodemon - Congratulations Butterfree grew to Level 11, Rattata grew to Level 5, Spearow grew to Level 5 and learned Leer, Nidoran f grew to Level 6, Pikachu grew to Leel 10 and learned Thunder Wave

December 10th, 2008, 9:38 AM
(Not going to write any more Chapter titles, as eventually, the number for them will get to high)


Sean had walked out of the Pewter City area, and into the Route 3. This Route had contained a lot of young trainers, boys and girls. Most of the boys were wairing yellow hats, blue shirts and shorts. The girls had pink and white dresses. Behing the long route of trainers, Sean could spot a Mountain, which looked like he had to get past. This was Mount Moon, which was a dark cave.
Sean had remembered to go to the Pokemon Center to heal up his Pokemon again. As there were a lot of trainers on this Route, Sean thought of this as a great training spot for Growlithe, Beedrill and Nidoran.
Sean continued down the road, and saw more boys and girls as he walked. His idea was to battle one of them, if anyone had asked him. As he got further down, he was more closer to seeing Mt. Moon, which he had to walk around the corner of a rocky surface to get to. Once he walked past several people having battles, there was a short boy who challenged him to a match.
"Hey there. My name is Calvin." Sean had looked at him, like he was interested in a battle, even though he didn't want to make him cry as he was young. "Hey. I'm Sean, so I'm guessing you want a battle?"
"Yes, no-one seems to battle against me. I think that you might be a great opponent as you look great. So, are you ready?" Sean was definetely ready. However, Calvin looked competitive. "Yes. Shall we start?"
"Alrigh, but I only have one Pokemon, which is pretty tough. Good luck though!" Calvin looked really confident, unlike all the other kids who were just fighting like they would at school.
Sean and Kalvin were about to start a battle.

December 10th, 2008, 11:30 AM
Kairi then went back to Pewter City, and to the Pokemon Center and got her Pokemon healed. But as soon as she hit Route 3 she was jumped by a man in a black outfit with a red letter R on it,"That's a pretty nice looking Pikachu you got there. Hand it over!"

Kairi started getting scared,"There's no way your getting my Pikachu!" She tried to sound braver then she really was. The guy wouldn't take no for an answer,"I'll show you no mercy then. Go Nidoking! Get that Pikachu!" The man said.

Nidoking popped out. Kairi screamed,"Ahhhhh!!!! A monster!" She tried to run but there was nowhere to go,"I wish Sean was here right now," she thought. The man laughed,"Who's Sean, your boyfriend."

"Hey! That's not funny, and he's not my boyfriend just a friend," Kairi told him. "Anyway Nidoking get her!" Kairi screamed. Pikachu jumped in front of Kairi to protect her,"No! Pikachu don't!" Kairi screamed. It shocked Nidoking. It didn't do anything. Nidoking slamed Pikachu into the air. Kairi's other Pokemon popped out to try to protect her, but they got knocked out as well,"No! My Pokemon!" Kairi screamed. "Now! Kill that human!" The man said. The Nidoking picked up Kairi,'Is this it? Is this how my journey is going to end before it's even begun,' she thought, tears rolling down her face.


Meanwhile, where Sean was there were these two guys wearing black with red letter Rs on them,"Yea," one said,"A girl with long brown hair and a Pikachu just entered Route 3. Chad should be taking her Pikachu by now."

The other said,"Yea! By now she should be dead." There talking though had interuded Sean's battle.

December 10th, 2008, 11:56 AM
Sean turned around, and saw 2 men with black outfits, and shirts with the letter R on them. He overheard their conversaition about killing Kairi and her Pokemon. "Excuse me, Calvin. Hold ona minute alright? Don't move. I need to save a friend." Calvin understood.
Sean tried to run past the 2 men, when they stopped him. "Excuse me. Going some where?" They had told him, sounding like they were going to do something to him. "Out of my way!!" Sean rammed through the arms of the men, and up towards the Nidoking. "Get off her now!!!" Sean had tried to rescue Kairi, when the Nidoking had turned to him, looking enraged. "Now, put her down..."

December 10th, 2008, 12:11 PM
The Nidoking was mad. The man saw Sean's Growlite,"That's a nice Growlite. Hand it over," The man said,"Ok, forget that Pikachu get that Growlite," The man said. The Nidoking threw Kairi into a tree breaking her arm, knocking her unconious.

December 10th, 2008, 12:24 PM
"Don't you dare!!!" Sean screamed highly angry. Growlithe was snarling at them, with teeth bared ready to attack them if they did anything. The men moved closer and closer with a net. "Growlithe!! Quick! Use Roar to scare them off!" Sean had commanded before they got the chance to swipe Growlithe. Growlithe started to growl threateningly, with eyes glowing red and teeth foaming, to scare them. Then, Growlithe let out a huge bark that scared them, the Men dropping to the floor weak. Even Nidoking was frightened. The man who was the boss, however, wasn't.
"Nidoking! Grab it quick!" However, Nidoking refused to move as it was quite scared of Growlithe, which was still Growling, facing the Boss. Sean went over to Kairi. "Come on Kairi! Wake up! Me and Growlithe are going to handle these thugs, just hang in there!" Kairi was breathing, but still unconscious.
Just after that, the Boss had ran towards Growlithe with the net the men had carried. Before the Boss had carried Growlithe off, Growlithe had leaped onto the Boss' body, knocking him over and viciously bit his face. The Boss had shouted, "Ugggghh!".
"Growlithe, use Ember straight forward to knock them away!" Then Growlithe started to charge up a fireball in its mouth, still in the state of anger. When the fireball was charged up, Growlithe had sent the ball flying at great speed, sending them all back right into the sky.
"Great work Growlithe! I was so worried back then! Now, we have to save Kairi." they then turned to Kairi, still in the net with her arm dislocated.

December 10th, 2008, 12:32 PM
Kairi also had a bad bump on her head from hitting the tree. She wasn't waking up. Just then Pikachu woke up and ran over to Kairi,"Pika pi! Pikachu," he didn't want to shock her to wake her as she was already hurt enough. Pikachu was also breathing heavey from it's wounds. Kairi's other Pokemon were still out of it.

December 10th, 2008, 1:05 PM
Sean noticed that Pikachu was up, but Kairi was not. In the Pokemon Handbook it said something about a berry that could heal Pokemon and Humans too. He would need as much help as possible though to get one. Then, he decided to bring out each one of his Pokemon, and he called Pikachu over. "Alright, we need your help to get Kairi better, so here's the plan." Sean got his handbook out of his backpack. "Alright, here it is." he turned to the page with a picture of the Sitrus Berry. "We need to find one of these, it will make her better. Let's split up. Nidoran, go up Route 2, Pikachu go down Route 3, Beedrill search the trees and me and Growlithe will look around the city." they all followed the orders, and they all went off to search.

Sean and Growlithe checked around Pewter City to look for the Sitrus Berry. There was not much luck, as a city like that would barely have any plant material at all.
About an hour later, they stopped searching and waited next to the net incase she woke up, she didn't. However, when they got back, each one of the Pokemon had came back to the City. Beedrill who was searching the trees, had found one. "Alright! Pass it here!" Beedrill had gave him the berry, and tried to put it in Kairi's mouth.

December 10th, 2008, 1:20 PM
It went in and Kairi woke up screaming,"Nidoking! Ahhhhh! Your not getting my Pikachu!"

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 10th, 2008, 4:00 PM
OOC: damn, i leave this Rp for two day, then when I come back, there are two pages of posts between me and my last section XD

"Weedle, lets do this!" Warren shouted as he released his third and final Pokemon. The Hair Bug appeared, pumped up and ready for battle. Warren gasped - Weedle was practically glowing with excitement...wait, it actually was glowing! As both Gym Leader and Trainer looked on, Weedle fired a string shot around its entire body, wrapping it around itself tighter and tighter until it was completely encased. Then, the glow pulsed one more time and the String shot hardened and turned a dark yellow. A completely different Pokémon was now standing right where Weedle had been, moments before.
"Kaaaaaaaakuna!" it shouted, then promptly fell over. Warren sighed. Weedle may have evolved, but in doing so, it had lost the power of movement. Or had it? A sudden inspiration came to Warren.
"Kakuna, use string shot on the ceiling!" he shouted and the cocoon Pokémon attached itself to the ceiling, before reeling in the silk until it was at eye level with Onix.
"Try to swing forwards and use Poison Sting!" Warren shouted and Kakuna flew forwards on its silken rope before flying forwards, sliding out its large stinger as it did so. Onix and Brock gaped as the bug landed directly between Onix's eyes, jabbing it with the stinger. Kakuna then rolled head-over-heels down Onix's nose and, after firing a string shot onto its lower jaw, swung round and jabbed it in the neck. Onix flicked its head and Kakuna went flying, but it simply hardened and bounced harmlessly off the floor. Onix didn't seem too bothered by the wounds, but there was a purple liquid around the cut in its neck - poison. Warren grinned as he realised that he might just have a chance.
"Onix, Tackle that Bug!" Brock shouted and Warren simply ordered:
"Up, Kakuna!" Onix slid along the ground at a tremendous speed, but Kakuna simply fired its String Shot at the ceiling yet again and Onix ploughed straight underneath, right into a wall. It reared back a large chip in its horn. At least, Warren hoped it was a horn.
"String shot around Onix!" Warren shouted and Kakuna instantly obeyed, dropping from the ceiling before using its String shot to orbit around Onix like a tiny, poisonous satellite.
"Counter with Bind!" Onix flicked up its tail and wrapped it around Kakuna, starting to squeeze. That was its fatal mistake. Warren grinned.
"Harden, then String shot towards its head!" Kakuna toughened up, then with a tremendous effort, freed itself from Onix's bind. With a 'pop' sound, he shot out of the tightly wound tail and struck Onix in the side of the face. Driven mad by pain, poison and infuriation, Onix threw one last tackle at Kakuna. It glance off its shell, then smashed into the wall and lay there unconscious. Brock was speechless.
"How...how...a Kakuna..?" Warren, having just fought a hard battle, was not in the mood for stutterers. Grabbing Kakuna by the non-pointy end, he jabbed it in the direction of Brock's face and said
"Badge. Reward. Now." Brock gave a wry smile, then reluctantly handed over the boulder badge. Warren grinned as he took it, then clipped it onto the front of his belt where it caught the sun every time he turned.
"Okay, good job Kakuna!" he grinned as he walked out the door. "I'll take you lot back to Nurse Clone, then we'll set off for Mt. moon!"

December 11th, 2008, 4:24 AM
@Alipeewee - Nice battle post.

Congratulations Kakuna grew to level 10, Kakuna can now evolve to Beedrill

Congratulations Warren gained a Boulder Badge

December 11th, 2008, 8:48 AM
Kairi has awoken from her unconsciousness. She was still scared that Nidoking was still there, so Sean had told her, "It's alright. Nidoking is gone, and so are the men in black.". Sean had just remembered about the battle he was going to have with Calvin. "Alright, now that you're ok I must go back to Route 3. See ya!" Sean had then went back down Route 3, towards the place where he saw Calvin. He wasn't standing there anymore, instead, he was searching the big grass. "I'm back." Sean had called him. Calvin then came out of the grass. "So, are you ready to battle now?"
"I think so." Sean hoped that this time there would be no disruptions.

December 11th, 2008, 9:08 AM
Kairi ran over to her fainted Pokemon She returned them. She then picked up Pikachu and ran back to Pewter City to heal her Pokemon. Nurse Joy saw her Pokemon. Her Pikachu was in the worse shape. Nurse Joy told Kairi that she didn't know if there was anything she could do for Pikachu.

An hour later though, Butterfree, Spearow, Nidoran♀ and Ratatta were healed thought. Pikachu was still in the emercy room. Kairi was worried about it. Pikachu was in intense care,'If I run into that guy again, he's going to pay for doing this to Pikachu.' Kairi thought.

Kairi saw Jill enter the room. This time she wasn't being mean like she normally does. In fact she told Kairi she was sorry for picking on her at the hotal, after Kairi had told her about Pikachu,"Is there any chance he'll get better?" Jill asked.

"I don't know, Jill. Nurse Joy said it looked pretty bad," Kairi answered, a few tears coming out of her eyes. Pikachu was Kairi's best friend now. She didn't want to lose it.


Kairi got a room that night at the Pewter City Pokemon Center, so she could be near Pikachu. That night Kairi laid on her bed crying. She was so worried about Pikachu,"If only I hadn't been so weak that wouldn't have happened," she thought as she sobbed. Kairi fell asleep crying.

Jill stayed in the lobby sleeping in there, so that she could go wake Kairi at the sightist change, that Pikachu took.

December 11th, 2008, 10:35 AM
The two of them were ready to start their battle. Calvin was young, but very brave and confident, he wasn't scared at all and looked fair. "C'mon out, Spearow!" Calvin threw the ball to the ground, opening the small, brown bird. "Alright. Come on Growlithe!" Growlithe had looked ready to fight. The two were staring at each other, looking ready. "Growlithe! Use Bite!" Sean had ordered. Growlithe had ran up to the Spearow with great speed, then before the Growlithe had attacked, Calvin quickly commanded to Spearow, "Use Growl!". The Spearow had started to make a rather cute squark which made Growlithe attack less harder, and caused the bite attack to stop. "You're really good for your age Calvin." Sean had admitted to him. "Thanks! But you are much older and know more. Now, let me show you how great my Spearow can do. Use Peck!" Spearow had then came running right up to Growlithe, with the beak flat out, ready to stab Growlithe. "Quick! Use Leer!" Sean had quicky commanded. Growlithe stared in the eyes of Spearow, which were then turning gold, intimidating Spearow. "Now! Use Ember!" Growlithe had then built up a flame in its mouth, which was then launched into the air. Spearow had then been startled with the ball hit it right in the wings. "Uh Oh. That looks like it must have hurt." Calvin had looked at the Spearow, which wings were covered in ash. "Now. Use Fury Attack!" Calvin had told the Spearow.
Spearow then started flapping its wings, and headed for Growlithe. "Oh No! Watch out Growlithe!" Then Spearow had came flying from the ground, pecking Growlithe sevreral times. Each jab it made had hurt, and had left a few broozes. "Hang in there Growlithe!" Then Sean had realizesd that he could heal Growlithe back up with the Potions in his bag, so he did. Once he reached for one at the section of his bag that he keeps all medicines, he sprayed it all over Growlithe's broozes, which had all shrunk away. "Aw! I should have got them!" Calvin had wished he could heal Spearow back up too. "Now, fire another Ember from your mouth Growlithe!" Sean had commanded to Growlithe.
Growlithe charged up another ball of fire in its throat, and launching it out, headed towards Spearow, and hitting it right in the face.
"Don't go down yet Spearow!" Calvin had told it, cheering it back up. But it was too late, Spearow had fell to the ground with swirls in its eyes, knocked out.

"Wow! You sure are a great battler!" Calvin was impressed, and wanted to be like him. "Nah, you are great for your age. Keep it up, and you'll be as great as me." Sean was ready to keep walking. "Well, I guess I'll see you some other time. I'll always be training here. Bye!" Calvin waved him off. Sean was walking closer towards the huge mountain, known as Mt. Moon. Eventually, he reached a Pokemon Center right next to it. There was not much point, as all his Pokemon were healthy. However, there was a rope next to the entrance to the cave, apparently it could be used to get people out if they were lost. "Hmm, this might come in handy." Sean shoved it in his bag, and decided that now was the time to go inside the mountain.

December 11th, 2008, 10:40 AM
@FlareonFan - Congratulations, Growlithe grew to Level 13

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 11th, 2008, 3:09 PM
After healing their Pokemon at the Pokemon centre, most trainers expect to be greeted by a joyful reunion. Poliwag was happy to oblige, but Rattata was giving Warren the silent treatment and Kakuna was nowhere to be seen. Warren, unlike most trainers, did not hug his pokemon and congratulate them on the win. Instead, he held Poliwag back until it got the message that he didn't want a hug, completely ignored Rattata and marched over to Nurse joy, or as he had taken to called her: 'Clone thing'.
"Hey, Nurse, where's my Kakuna?" he asked, rather rudely. Nurse Joy smiled and nodded,
"Well, I think its better if I show you, rather than trying to explain." Warren followed her through to a room in the back with a sense of mounting trepidation. When she opened the door, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. Kakuna was in the middle of the room, hanging from the ceiling by a silken thread. Suddenly, a furious buzzin sound erupted from it and a large crack appeared in the front of Kakuna's shell. Warren started as a large, silver stinger slowly forced itself out of the tiny hole,cracking off the rest of the shell in the process. What was left was a curled up ball of what appeared to be clingfilm. Warren frowned, but then, the ball unravelled, revealing another stinger, red eyes and a large, striped, black and yellow body. The new pokemon looked up at Warren. He grinned.
"Nice one...Beedrill!"

Less than an hour later, Warren was wandering down Route 3, the path towards Mt. Moon, with Beedrill testing out its new wings above him, Poliwag marching happily beside and Rattata loitering behind with a look on her face that scared even Warren. Suffice to say, Pokemon do not like being kicked at high speed into wooden beams.
"Hey, help me!" Warren heard the voice from up ahead, unmistakeably female and unmistakably familiar. Warren rouded the next corner and gasped on surprise. Liv was huddled against a cliff face, her butterfree lying unconscious beside her. Slowly advancing on them was a Mankey, and it looked mad about something. Warren sighed. He knew what he had to do - it was becoming a regular occurence.

"Warren, use Mega Kick!"

December 11th, 2008, 4:43 PM
@alipeewee - "Warren, use Mega Kick!" I don't remember authorising that move... lol. Seriously though nice post

Since some people are ready for Mt. Moon here it is...
Mount Moon

Number of Posts: 2-4

Description: alarge cave with many floors and connectors. The interior of the mountain is comprised of caves spanning three separate floors. There are a number of rare, sought after pokémon her; most notably Clefairy. The rare and elusive Moon Stone can also be found here.

Note - Each player can obtain only one moon stone from Mt Moon.

What can you do in a Route?

Generally the main two things you can do on a route are capturing pokémon and battling trainers. You can do many other things, you know free will and all that... Anyways, you cannot meet any of the other RPers, and everyone have fun.

Wild Pokemon
Commonly seen pokémon in this area

Level: 6-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Poison/Flying
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish (Level 9)
Nature: Random

Level: 6-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Rock Head or Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Defence Curl, Mud Sport
Nature: Random

Uncommonly seen pokémon in this area

Level: 7-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Ground
Ability: Sand Veil
Attacks: Scratch, Defence Curl, Sand Attack, Poison Sting (Level 9)
Nature: Random

Level: 6-9
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Grass
Ability: Effect Spore or Dry Skin
Attacks: Scratch, Stun Spore, Poison Powder
Nature: Random

Rarely seen pokémon in this area

Level: 6-9
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Cute Charm or Magic Guard
Attacks: Pound, Growl, Sing (Level 7)
Nature: Random

And since there are Clefairy...

Level: 3-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Cute Charm or Magic Guard
Attacks: Pound, Charm
Nature: Random

Note - the title specifying the rarity of a pokémon refers to how hard a pokémon is to catch. i.e. a much better post is required to catch an uncommon pokémon than to catch a common pokémon.
How I level the pokémon you’re catching will depend on how good your post is. When you’re trying to catch a pokémon, you cannot decide if you catch it. When trying to catch a pokémon you have to finish your post off when you throw the pokéball and wait for my response telling you if the capture was successful or not. You cannot continue until you know that it was caught. In battles, I will level up your pokémon depending on the quality of your battle post.

December 12th, 2008, 4:41 AM
The next day, Kairi heard a,"Pika!" Coming from the other room. Just then Jill ran into the room,"Kairi! Pikachu is up."

Kairi jumped up right away and ran downstairs. Nurse Joy came out and handed her, her Pikachu,"It's all better. It's a miracule," Nurse Joy told her,"But you should still have it take it easy for awhile. No more battles for awhile."

"Ok, sure Nurse Joy," Kairi told her. She picked up Pikachu, said goodbye to Jill and walked out of the Pokemon Center. She went down to the Mart. She brought 5 more Pokeballs, a Pokeblock Case and a Poffin Case. She then headed out to Route 3. When she got there she found a lot of people sleeping.

Kairi walked over to one person and shoke him awake,"What happened?" She asked him.

"Beware," the man said,"There is a Jigglypuff who has been putting everyone to sleep with it's Summer Song. If you run into it, beware. It will put you to sleep." He warned Kairi.

But Kairi thought,'Cool! A Jigglypuff. Now that's a Pokemon that really would help me win Contests.' Kairi started walking down the road searching for any signs of a Jigglypuff,"Jigglypuff! Where are you Jigglpuff!? Jigglypuff!" Kairi called for it,"Why don't you help me look for it Pikachu?"

Pikachu got down on all fours, and started smelling around trying to smell out Jigglypuff. Pretty soon, Kairi heard some singing off in the distense. She and Pikachu ran ahead, just in time to see a Jigglypuff drawing with a marker on a man's face who had fallen asleep, while it was singing.

"Hey! Jigglypuff how about a battle? If you win, I'll listen to your song," Kairi told it. Jigglypuff turned around and said,"Jiggly!" Accepting Kairi's challenge.

"Alright. Go Spearow!" Kairi sent out her Spearow,"Peck attack!" Spearow flew at Jigglypuff who dodged the attack. It then used Pound attack on Spearow. "Spearow! Leer attack!" Kairi called.

Spearow used Leer on Jigglypuff, lowering it's rate of hits. Jigglypuff got mad and used it's sing attack putting Spearow to sleeping,"Come on Spearow! Get up please?" Kairi begged. It was no use, Spearow was fast asleep,"Oh what's the use," Kairi recalled Spearow. The Jigglypuff was laughing. She thought this was very funny,"You think that's funny well check this out. Go Nidoran!" Nidoran♀ popped out of her ball. "Growl attack!" She told it.

Nidoran♀ growled at Jigglypuff lowing it's defense. Jigglypuf got mad, and rappily, pounded Nidoran♀ into the ground. Her Nidoran♀ fainted,"No! Nidoran!" Kairi screamed. She returned it. Kairi then sent out Ratatta,"Go! Ratatta! Use Tail Whip!" Ratatta used Tail Whip on Jigglypuff lowing it's attack,"Now Tackle!" Ratatta tackled Jigglypuff and just bumbed off of it, like a ping pong ball. Jigglypuff ran at Ratatta,"Ratatta quick! Move!" Ratatta jumped out of the way in time.

Jigglypuff then used it's sing again and put Ratatta to sleep. Kairi was down to her last Pokemon, cause Nurse Joy had told her to keep Pikachu out of battles for awhile,"Ok, I'm counting on you Butterfree," Kairi said as she returned Ratatta and sent out Butterfree. Jigglypuff tackled against Butterfree sending it flying. But it didn't do much damage as Butterfree was already flying in the air.

"Use String Shot, to keep it from being able to move," Kairi told her Butterfree. "Free!" Butterfree said releasing strings from it's mounth. Jigglypuff dodged it. "Try again!" Kairi told it. This time it worked. Jigglypuff couldn't move. It got ready to sing again.

"Oh no! Quick Butterfree use Confusion, before it puts you to sleep," Kairi quickly called. Butterfree's eyes started glowing, and then Jigglypuff got confused. It used Sing anyway, and just ended up puting itself to sleep,"Now! Butterfree Tackle it!" Kairi called. Butterfree tackled Jigglypuff knocking it out. Kairi pulled out a Pokeball and threw it. Jigglypuff went into the ball. The Pokeball started shaking. Butterfree flew back over to Kairi and just floatted there. Her, Pikachu and Butterfree watched the ball shake. Kairi got Butterfree ready to use another Confusion attack in case Jigglypuff popped back out. She watched and waited.

December 12th, 2008, 4:52 AM
@Konekodemon - 'Kairi looked anxiously at the Pokéball, hoping her capture would be succesful. It tilted once and then with a flash of bright light, Jigglypuff re-emerged breathing heavily. The pokémon just stared at kairi for a while, then looked like she was going to sing again. No voice came, and all of a sudden the Jigglypuff's eyes went really wide and she keeled over backwards. Taking her chance, Kairi threw another Pokéball at the Jigglypuff. The Pokéball tilted from left to right before drawing itself into the centre and locking the Jigglypuff inside.'

Congratulations Kairi caught a Level 5 Jigglypuff

December 12th, 2008, 5:50 AM
Kairi cheered, and hugged Butterfree. She then returned it to it's Pokeball, and then she picked up the ball with Jigglypuff in it. She then got lunch ready for her Pokemon, and herself. She let them all out, even her new Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff was going to sing, but then it saw all the nice Pokemon food out and decided to eat first.

Her Pikachu, Spearow, Ratatta, Nidoran♀, Butterfree and Jigglypuff sit down to eat. Kairi then cooked her food and ate it. Her Pokemon were pretty tried, so she decided to stay here for awhile and relax, letting her Pokemon have some fun and relax outside there balls.

But it wasn't to last as soon as it was done eating Jigglypuff started singing, putting everyone to sleep. She got mad and wrote on everyone's faces and returned herself to her Pokeball.

December 12th, 2008, 9:53 AM
Sean creeped into the small hole of Mt. Moon. The place was huge, with a whole lot of exits and ways to get through. There was not many trainers, just a lot of noises of Pokemon which would normally be found in caves. Sean walked around the place, wondering which exit to the other side, little did he know that there was also more ways to get thorugh once he went down a ladder. Sean checked out the place, walking past a lot of rocks and boulders, seeing if there was another exit; his theory was that if there was an exit at the far side of the cave, it must be the way out. Once he walked past a few large boulders there was a large man next to the ladder. "Hey." The man had turned to him. "If you're going down here, then I gotta warn you, there are a lot of Team Rocket guys down there."
"Hmm, Team Rocket..." Sean had thought to himself, and back to the time where he saw the men in black with a red "R" on their shirts, this must be them. "No worries. I've handled them before." The man had let him down the ladder, which had led Sean down to another path. He could hear men talking, "Let's see if this place has some great Pokemon to snag.". Sean didn't like the sound of that. Once he walked around the corner to see the Team Rocket members, he could hear a noise, which sounded like flapping wings, which got louder and louder, closer and closer. Eventually, there was a small, blue Pokemon with purple wings and sharp teeth. Sean grabbed hold of his Pokedex.
"Zubat.The Bat Pokemon. It has no eyes. Instead, it relies on its ultrasonic cries for echo location to flit about in darkness."
The Zubat had made loud flapping vibrations with its wings, as if it was ready for battle.

"Come out, Nidoran!" Sean tossed the PokeBall on the ground, popping out the Nidoran, which was still young but strong. "Use Peck!" Sean ordered. Nidoran had charged right up towards Zubat ferociously. Zubat was rather intimidating, yet that did not stop Nidoran from attacking. Nidoran had charged right into the Zubat, with the horn jabbing it sharply. However, that did not totally weaken Zubat.
Zubat flew down towards Nidoran, with the teeth pointing out, and the jaw wide open. The Zubat had collaided with Nidoran, the teeth sucking out health right out of the body, this move was known as Leech Life. "Don't worry Nidoran! You can do it! Use Peck!" Yet again, Nidoran had pointed out the forehead, and charged straight into the small body of Zubat. "Alright!" Sean had cheered Nidoran on. After that, Zubat started to charge right down to Nidoran, yet again. "Use Leer!" Sean quickly told Nidoran, which had started to stare at Zubat. Even without the eyes, Zubat was intimidated by the look of golden eyes, which caused Zubat to crash to the ground, rather weak now. "Alright! Now's the time! PokeBall go!" Sean threw a PokeBall, while the chance was available. Once Zubat was in the PokeBall, like usual, the ball rumbled and jiggled.

December 12th, 2008, 5:17 PM
It had gotten dark long before Rini arrived at the enterence to Veridian Forest, so she spread out her sleeping bag, and released Pidgey and Oddish.

As she fixed herself a cup of tea, she mulled over the delema of what she would do next, as she watched her pokemon play.

"I mostly want to sightsee, but I also want to be with pokemon." she took a sip. Then she suddenly smiled as an idea came to mind. "I'll try my hand at being a breeder. Might be fun." she giggled.

The next morning she packed up her things. Oddish had slept beside her, curled under one arm, and Pidgey in a nearby tree. She quickly returned Oddish and called up to Pidgey.

"Veridian Forest is full of bugs, I've heard. I'm countiong on you Pidgey."

Pidgey chirped and flew down to land on her shoulder. "When we arrive at Pewter I'll see what I can learn about breeding. What do you think Pidgey?"

Pidgey only chirped a response, and Rini smiled.

"Though I may take the gym challange as well. We'll see." She reached her hand back and scratched the top of Pidgey's head.

Together they entered the forest.

Gumshoe Satyr
December 12th, 2008, 5:31 PM
Location: Vermilion City

"So this is Vermilion City. It's.... quaint," Laura sighed as she entered the city. In her arms, Vulpix raised her head a little and gave her a curious look. "Oh, that's right. You don't even know where I'm from, do you, Vulpix? Well, let's just say that it's nothing like this." Sighing again, she fell into a sullen silence. 'The real difference is that these people have a lot more freedom than my parents give me....'

Remembering her pokemon's tough battles, she searched for the Pokemon center, which she found quite easily due to its tell-tale red roof. When she saw a pink-haired lady wearing nurse's clothes behind the counter, she asked shyly, "E-excuse me, ma'am. Can you take care of my Vulpix? She's been in some rough battles...." She gently handed Vulpix over to her, along with the pokeball.

"Of course!" the nurse answered sweetly. "You know, you should really buy some potions so that you can heal your Pokemon yourself anytime you're not near a Pokemon center. By the way, I'm Nurse Joy. What's your name?" She handed Vulpix off to a Chansey who took her into a back room.

"I'm Laura....," Laura managed to stop herself just in time from saying her real last name, "... Roycroft. Thank you for the advice, Nurse Joy. Umm... Can you tell me where the gym is? That is where trainers battle for badges, right?" She sighed in relief when Nurse Joy seemed to accept her name without question.

"Well, Laura, you do earn badges at gyms, but I'm afraid that our Gym Leader isn't there. You'll have to come back another time if you want the badge." When she saw Laura's face fall, she added, "But you could go to the Trainer School while Vulpix is being healed. You're just in time for the afternoon class, and you could learn all sorts of useful things about Pokemon there. If you have time, you could even have a battle at the Trainer House tomorrow just before you head toward Pallet Town."

Brightening, Laura exclaimed, "That sounds great! Thank you very much, Nurse Joy. I'll go right now!" After receiving directions from Nurse Joy, Laura ran to the Trainers School and arrived just as some other trainers were going in. She sat down in a desk at the back of the room and set her backpack down on the floor beside her.

Walking to the front of the room, the teacher greeted the class, "Good afternoon, young Pokemon Trainers and Coordinators. I hope you brought plenty of paper to take notes on because today we're going over Pokemon types and their advantages and disadvantages."

"Paper? I didn't know we needed any paper," Laura whined and obviously much too loudly because most of the people around her either hushed or laughed at her, and the teacher gave her a stern look. Sinking down in her seat, she hid her face in her hands, totally embarrassed.

"Pssst...," Looking up she saw a boy with brown, slightly spiked hair and a kind smile, holding out a notebook and pen. She stared at him for a few seconds before realizing that he meant for her to have them and beaming him a smile, mouthed him a grateful thank you. On the chalk board, she saw a list of common status ailments and their effects, which she managed to copy just before the teacher erased it to start the new lesson.

Some time later, a slightly tired and, hopefully, a more Pokemon educated Laura exited the Trainer School. Remembering Nurse Joy's earlier advice, she stopped at the pokemart and bought two potions, two antidotes, one paralyze heal, and a map of Kanto.

When she arrived back at the pokecenter, she got Vulpix back from Nurse Joy and headed to her room, number 114. Turning on the TV, she was shocked to see a picture of herself with large black letters saying "MISSING" over it. In fact, it was from the very picture of the one of herself and her parents that she always carried around in her locket. Turning up the volume, she listened in stunned silence at the anchorwomen began to speak.

"We interrupt this program for an emergency broadcast. Laura Kaelin, daughter of well-known tycoon Jack Kaelin, has been missing from her home on the outskirts of Kanto since early this morning and so far police have no leads. At this point, kidnapping is considered a high possibility, so if anyone has any information, they should inform their nearest police deparment. Mr. Kaelin has promised a generous reward for any information leading to the safe return of his daughter."

Unable to bear anymore, Laura turned off the TV, got ready for bed, and climbed into it, followed by Vulpix. Sighing, she opened her locket and stared intently at the picture inside until Vulpix curiously looked at it as well.

"Vul!?" Vulpix couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"That's right, Vulpix. I'm the missing girl who you saw on the television. I ran away, but.... I didn't think it would go this far.... and so soon." Rubbing against Laura's leg, the Pokemon tried to comfort her. "I don't want them to be worried, but if I go back now, my journey will be over and.... we might never see each other again..... I wouldn't be able to bear that, Vulpix, " she choked, tears forming in her eyes. Vulpix jumped into her arms, and she hugged her tightly. "Well, I guess that settles it," she continued, trying to sound a little cheerful. "We're going to keep going, and who knows? Maybe it'll all work out somehow." She sounded much more hopeful than she really felt.

A little while later, they fell asleep.

December 12th, 2008, 6:31 PM
A short distance into the forest and Rini already found herself lost.

"Umm, maybe this way." she murmured and turned down a right path, only to find herself back where she started from. "Crud, Pidgey you have any ideas?"

Pidgey chirped and flew above the trees to take a look around.

While Pidgey was away, Rini leaned against a nearby tree, and was suddenly startled when a wild Kakuna fell from it's branches to land before her.


Kakuna glared.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I ment..... Go Oddish!"

Oddish appeared, and did a little happy dance.

"Oddish absorb!"

Oddish absorbed some of Kakuna's strength.

It was to say the least, not very effective.

Kakuna then hardened it's shell. This had the effect of making Oddish's attacks do even less.

"Man..." Rini mumbled. "I wish Oddish knew more attacks. Try Sweet Scent!"

Oddish wafted a sweet necture-like scent in Kakuna's direction.

Kakuna's eyes glazed slightly as it took a deep breath, inhailing deeply. "Kakuna."

"Quck, while it's relaxed. Use absorb, triple time!" Rini crossed her fingers as she said this.

Kakuna's strength was zapped further, but it was far from out. It glared at Rini again, but was unable to do much more than that.

Well.... it did one thing.

Kakuna continued to harden it's shell.

About ten minutes, and eight absorb's later.

Pidgey had long since returned, and was watching the battle from a nearby tree. He seemed to find some pleasure in Rini's annoyance.

"Why can't you just faint already?!" Rini yelled, a vein twitching above one eye.

"Oddish oddish...." her pokemon sat down, and took a deep breath.

"Hold in there Oddish we have to almost have it now." she wasn't sure if she was assuring her pokemon or herself. "Use absorb again please."

Oddish pulled herself to her feet, and used a weak absorb.

Kakuna keeled over, and Rini's jaw dropped.

Pidgey fell out of the tree with loud squaks of laughter.

"That was so wrong..."

December 13th, 2008, 2:43 AM
@FlareonFan - Congratulations you caught a Level 7 Zubat

@Namora - Nice post, now that Lauras picture is all over the tele will her disguise work?

@Rii -Pidgey fell out of the tree with loud squaks of laughter. heehee

Congratulations Oddish grew to Level 9 and learned Acid

December 13th, 2008, 5:33 AM
Kairi got an idea. She sent out her Jigglypuff,"Ok, Jigglypuff I'm going to teach you a rap song. If you sing it, no one will be put to sleep ever again."

Jigglypuff blinked a few times,"Jiggly?" Kairi nodded her head. Jigglypuff smiled,"Jigglypuff!"

Kairi spent all day, trying to teach her Jigglypuff a song that wouldn't put people to sleep. She spent more time with her then she ever spent with Pikachu. Pikachu started getting kinda jelous. He couldn't understand why Kairi was paying so much attention to Jigglypuff and not to him.

Pikachu walked up to Kairi,"Pikachu. Pika pika pi pi," he said trying to get Kairi's attention,"Not now Pikachu I'm busy," she told him, then turning to Jigglypuff she said,"Like this ok." Showing it again how to sing the song she was trying to teach it.

Pikachu walked off thinking that Kairi didn't care anymore. He started walking though Mt. Moon on his own. Pikachu was then attacked by a Zubat,"Pikachuuuuuu!!!!" He said shocking it making it faint. Pikachu then continued on, heading towards the exit, if he could find it that is.

Pikachu ran into a trainer who thought he was a wild Pokemon, and pulled out a Pokeball, but Pikachu just shocked him to the ground before he could even call out his Pokemon. Pikachu continued on. He found the exit and ran out to the other side.


Meanwhile, it was getting late and Kairi had done it. She had taugh her Jigglypuff a rap song,"Now that will be perfect for my contests. Remember that song now, Jigglypuff," She told her. Jigglypuff nodded her head. She then pointed at something,"Jiggly puff?"

"What is it Jigglypuff?" Kairi asked. She turned around. Pikachu was gone,"Pikachu!" Kairi called. She returned Jigglypuff and ran into Mt. Moon as she followed Pikachu's foot prints and it had led into Mt. Moon. So, she ran into Mt. Moon looking for Pikachu.

December 13th, 2008, 6:07 AM
"Oddish, return." Rini pulled her pokemon back to her pokeball. "Thanks Oddish, you did great." she replaced the pokeball in her pocket, after making it smaller.

Pidgey finally got over his giggles and flew over to her.

"Finally finished making fun of me?" Rini asked, rolling her eyes.

Pidgey chirped.

"Did you find a way out?"

In response Pidgey began flying away quickly, and Rini followed. The pace was pretty fast, as both pokemon and trainer were eager to get out of the forest.

Shortly after they started out, Rini ran into a wild Metapod.

"Go, Pidgey!" she yelled, all smiles now. With Pidgey back the battle wouldn't be as difficult. "Tackle it!"

Pidgey slammed into the Metapod, and it rolled over onto it's side. He then landed before the cacoon and shook his head to clear away the stars he'd been seeing.

Apprantely sensing the oncoming attack, Metapod had already began streagthing it's defense.

"Metapod, metapod." it stuck it's tongue out.

Pidgey actually looked angry now.

"Sand attack!" Rini yelled, not really in the mood to deal with more cacoons.

Metapod looked around nerviously, trying to spot the bird through the sand thrown in it's eyes. "Metapod?"

"Not so confident now huh? Tackle it!" Rini smirked as her pokemon obeyed her command and sent the Metapod reeling.

Metapod looked around nerviously, not sure where Pidgey's attacks would come from next.

"Ok now use...." Rini lunged forward, as she began this last bit, and in her over eargerness tripped on an exposed tree root. An empty pokeball came loose and rolled toward Metapod. "Hey!" Rini made a wild grab.

The pokeball smacked into a rock, flew up and landed on the Metapod's head. The cacoon was sucked into the ball, and it began to shake.

Rini was wide eyed. "I don't want a Metapod....." she watched nerviously, mentally chanting don't catch.

Pidgey, for his part was once more in hysterics. How many mistakes would this human girl make?

December 13th, 2008, 6:52 AM
@Rii - Nice post.

'Rini looked down at the pokeball hoping the Metapod would break back out. The Pokéball tilted from left to right before a bright light issued and the metapod broke back out. Rini breathed a sigh of relief. All of a sudden the Metapod began glowing and evolved into a Butterfree. Rini threw a pokeball to try and capture the newly evolved pokemon. however, the Butterfree avoided the pokeball and flew deep into the forest. Rini hungh her head, but Pidgey burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. He laughed so hard, the bird fell out of the air and began rolling around on the floor in hysterics...'

Sorry couldn't resist

December 13th, 2008, 6:56 AM
"Way to go!" Sean cheered, as he caught his 3rd Pokemon.
There was still the Rocket workers around the side, Sean peeked over at them hoping that they would not see him. "So, remember, see if there are any stupid itiots with Pokemon daring to get through and take their Pokemon. And also take the wild Pokemon that come up to you aswell." Sean did not like the sound of that. He retreated his Nidoran, having no Pokemon out, and ran towards the two men, standing next to the ladder. "And where do you think you're going?" They questioned him. Sean looked at their faces, which were frightening as they might do soemthing to him. "Move out of the way!" Sean demanded. They laughed, and refused to move. That was when Nidoran had jumped back out of the PokeBall, and rammed them into a large rock. "Thanks, Nidoran. Now, let's go down." So they did. The ladder did not lead the way to the exit, but there was still more Rocket workers. "So, this must be the way out of this trashy cave." Sean had heard the man, which shown that he only had to walk a smaller distance to get out of the cave. Unfortunately, there was another Rocket worker, armed with a Koffing. "Stop!" The member of Team Rocket had startled him. "Now, hand over that Nidoran! And all the rest of your Pokemon!" Sean would not comply, and replied nastily. "Dream on! Like I'll give you any of my Pokemon, mate!"
"Well, we'll have to settle this with a battle then." Sean had no problem with that, the Rocket Member's Koffing looked like it could do not much harm. They were in position, ready to start a battle.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 13th, 2008, 7:23 AM
Liv looked up, gasping in surprise as Warren leapt seemingly out of nowhere to boot Mankey square in the side of the head. It fell to the ground, but leapt straight back up and clambered halfway up the cliff-face before leaping back down with a furious Scratch attack. Warren threw himself backwards, but Mankey's sharp claws just brushed him, cutting through his t-shirt and leaving three thin lines of red across his chest. Before he could react Mankey attacked again, using its Low Kick to hit Warren in the one place a boy does not want to get hit by an aggressive and disproportionately powerful primate. He fell over backwards, gasping for breath as he rolled on the floor in agony. Mankey stood back, laughing loudly. Warren struggled to breathe as Liv's face loomed over him.
"Are you okay?" she shouted worriedly, as though it was his ears that were damaged. Warren had just enough air in his lungs to gasp out:
"Do I look okay?" Liv grinned a little, then gasped as she saw something fly over her to land between the two teenagers and the angry pig/monkey thing.
"Ratta, Rattata!" it screeched angrily. Clearly, Rattata was not so angry about its nearly broken skull that it was content to let Warren get emasculated by a Mankey. It had been a close call, though. Mankey laughed, then swiped at Rattata with a lazy Scratch. The purple rat easily dodged it, then dashed forwards and Tail Whipped Mankey across the nose. The Pig Monkey Pokémon stumbled back, then screeched as a Quick Attack Struck it. As it turned round in a sweeping Low kick, Rattata leapt forwards in a Tackle. Mankey had been expecting this, though, and grabbed Rattata in midair. It dropped it, then punted the small rat with an aggressive Low Kick. Rattata fell fast, but bounced off its tail and rolled as it landed, minimizing damage. Surprising Mankey, it launched one last Quick Attack that knocked Mankey over, unconscious. Rattata cheered, then blanched in surprise as a Pokeball soared over its head. The ball burst open and pulled Mankey in, rocking from side to side. Rattata turned round and saw Warren and Liv standing there, Warren with his face scrunched up in pain. But who had thrown the ball?

December 13th, 2008, 7:42 AM
Pikachu heard a noise inside the cave and ran back inside. He found Sean and ran up in front of him glaring at the Rocket,"Pika pika!" He said in a threatening voice, which meant,'Harm Sean and your dead!'

The Rocket looked at Pikachu,"Well what'll we have here, an electric rat. I think I'll take it too."

December 13th, 2008, 7:50 AM
Rini was in a huff due in part to her earlier actions. Pidgey still led the way, but even he knew not to say much when his trainer was like this. She was still mumbling as she looked through her pokedex.

"I can't believe I forget Metapod evolved into Butterfree. I wanted a Butterfree, and I messed up."

"Butterfree is the evolved form of Metapod." her pokedex chirped in a happy voice, as if to conferm her own mistake.

"Yea, tell me something I don't know." Rini huffed, still pouting. "And here I thought I could be a breeder."

"The evolution line of Butterfree is as followes: Caterpie, the caterpiller pokemon, follewed by Metapod, the cacoon, then finally Butterfree, the butterfly."

"Well that's good to know." Rini took a closer look at Caterpie. "That's it. Pidgey before we leave we're gonna catch us a Caterpie!"

Pidgey chirped as if to say, "Finally."

Rini after searching, for a bit had still not found a Caterpie. Actually since the Metapod incident she hadn't seen anything.

She pulled Oddish's pokeball from her pocket. "I know your tired, but I really need your help." Rini released Oddish, who stood half-asleep before her.

"Oddish?" she yawned.

"Could you use Sweet Scent to attract a Caterpie?"

She nodded, and began loosing the Sweet Scent. The fragance drifted throughout the air, and in patituclar into a tree above the girl's head.

Something small landed in her hair, and held on tight.

"Ahhh! Get it off! What is this?!" Rini yelled running back and forth as the whatever clung to her head. "Pidgey, don't just laugh. Help me!"

Pidgey chirped and flew straight at his trainer knocking both her and the pokemon to the ground.

"Ow, my back." Rini rolled over to find herself looking into two large curious eyes, and a pair of antenia. "Caterpie?"

Something was wrong though. "Aren't you supposed to be green?" she asked, wondering if it was sick.

Caterpie smacked her with her tail and laughed evilly, well it sounded evil.

"That is so rude. Wher did you learn manners like that?" Rini stood and dusted herself off.

Caterpie showe her butt at the annoyed girl, and laughed.

"That's it! Pidgey get ready! Oddish return!"

Oddish was pulled back into her pokeball, already asleep again. Pidgey landed in front of her.

Caterpie shimmered and glared.

December 13th, 2008, 8:08 AM
Sean could not let him take not only his Pokemon, but hers too. "Alright, let's just focus on our battle here! Leave her out of this!!" Sean defended Kairi.

They both used the Pokemon that were out of their PokeBalls: Nidoran and Koffing. "Now, kid. Let me bring you to the ground, and all your Pokemon will be mine!" Sean was tired of him going on and on about it. "We'll see about that."
"Enough talk! Koffing, use Smog!" Koffing had started to deflate a toxic cloud of fog, causing Nidoran to cough, aswell as Sean. Nidoran was barely affected, since Nidoran itself was a Poison type. "Is that the best you've got?" Sean did not look one bit afraid of him. "Grrr!" The Rocket MEmber was feeling teased. "Use Poison GAs! And make sure you get it right!" Koffing deflated another cloud of gas, which was purple this time. Sean kept coughing, as the gas was infact toxic to people too. The Rocket person was not affected though, and neither was Nidoran, still standing up fine. "This isn't happening! Losing to a stupid brat!" Even though he wasn't, since he was 14 and nearly 6ft tall. "What's the matter? Losing not your thing?" Sean had laughed, gloating. "Nidoran, use Peck." Nidoran had aimed right towards the weak spot of Koffing, and headed towards it with the sharp point of the horn ready to sting. Once hit, Koffing had started to turn rather queazy, exhaling more gas. Sean was coughing more than ever now, as his breath turned less stronger each breath he took. "That's...so...nasty...ugh!" Sean took deep gasps each time, and searched for his air freshener in his bag. Then he found it, spraying it all across the area of Koffing, putting out the gas. "Nice trick, kid." the Team Rocket worker was annoyed now, and was getting him once he didn't expect it. "Now, use Tackle before that Nidoran notices you." he was sneaky. Koffing had levitated swiftly towards Nidoran, which was facing Sean, incase he would get hurt by Koffings suprise attacks. Sean turned around, and noticed Koffing get close. "Quick! Use Leer before it gets you, Nidoran!" Nidoran then turned its head from Sean, towards Koffing, and gave a look of terror, with its eyes flashing gold. The Team Rocket guy was nerved now. "Hurry, use Peck!" Nidoran charged up to Koffing, with the horn pointed and sharp. Koffing was then jabbed right on the skull symbol, which had then stopped Koffing from levitating, and exhaling one final cloud of gas, and falling to the ground. "I can't believe it! Some stupid noob beat me!!"

Sean was proud of Nidoran, and stroked the non-spiky part of its fur. The battle was over, and Sean had won. However, this did not stop the Rocket worker, which was creeping towards Sean. Nidoran gave an evil look of scorn towards him, making him run out the side of the cave Sean had came from. As for Sean, he retreated Nidoran and carried on, he was near the exit.

December 13th, 2008, 8:14 AM
@FlareonFan - Congratulations Nidoran grew to Level 5

@Rii - If you want to catch the shiny caterpie (I'm assuming thats what it is) you will need one hell of a battle post. Just giving you fair warning.

December 13th, 2008, 8:21 AM
But Pikachu wasn't with Kairi though. It had ran away.


Kairi was still looking for Pikachu though. She couldn't find it,"Pikachu!" She called. There was no answer. Kairi was getting kinda worried. She had no idea though, that Pikachu was with Sean.


The whole way though the cave Pikachu was protecting Sean from Rocket members. Everytime they ran into one, Pikachu would shock the Rocket and send it flying. Pikachu led Sean out of the cave.

December 13th, 2008, 8:40 AM
Kairi's Pikachu had led Sean to the exit of the cave. The light looked so beautiful, since Mt. Moon was dark and he was in there for over an hour. "Thank you, Pikachu. Maybe you should wait for Kairi to get back." Sean stood by the side of the cave exit, waiting for Kairi to come running up.

December 13th, 2008, 8:59 AM
Pikachu shoke it's head no saying,"Pika pika." He tried to get passed Sean so he could get away.

December 13th, 2008, 9:15 AM
( I plan on it :P )

Rini and the ( unknown to her ) shiny Caterpie tried to stare the other down.

"I'm gonna capture you Caterpie. But you know that right?" Rini pointed,as if to emphasise this.

Caterpie shot some string in her face, causing the girl to sputter.

"Don't you dare laugh." Rini ripped the silk off and turned to glare at Pidgey. "Go tackle it!"

Caterpie dodged the attack, and Pidgey found himsef slamming headfirst into a tree, and getting his beak stuck in the bark. He pulled slightly, then braced his feet against the tree and pulled harder.

Caterpie wiggled her way up the tree, and onto a branch directly over Pidgey. She then loosened an apple from the upper branches, took a bite, and dropped it onto the bird's head.

Pidgey managed to twist around to glare up at Caterpie, who was acting like she was at the best party in the world.

"Don't just stand there Pidgey! Do...... something." Rini stomped her foot, in a childish-like manner.

Pidgey rolled his eyes at his trainer, and chirped in an annoyed way. It was like he was telling her if she didn't like it do something herself. Still he managed to pull a clawed foot behind him and swing it around, kicking some sand directly onto the branch Caterpie was.

The sand attack smacked Caterpie in the eyes and mouth, leaving the bug both sputtering to try and be rid of the sand in her mouth, and wiping her stinging eyes.

"Break free Pidgey!" Rini yelled. "Come on, pull!"

Pidgey finally managed to free himself, and flapped hard to get into the air once more. Finally he soared above the branch Caterpie was on.

"Tackle it now!" Rini yelled. "Hurry, before she can get away!"

Pidgey charged forward, knocking Caterpie from her place, and into a nearby bush.

Pidgey landed, and waited in front of the berry bush for Caterpie to emerge.

"Wait for it....." Rini cautioned.

Caterpie zipped from the bush, a tackle aimed at Pidgey's chest.

"Dodge it!" Rini yelled, almost not catching the movement in time.

Luckly Pidgey was more adpt at seeing the fast movements of prey, and dodged out of the way of first one tackle, then another that was aimed for his back.

By now Caterpie was getting a little winded, and it was showing in her hard breathing.

"Almost...." Rini whispered. "Tackle it Pidgey! Then carry it into the air!"

Pidgey dodged another tackle, this one slower then the others. He then flapped his wings and charged forward, as Caterpie did the same.

The met with a loud crash in the middle, and Caterpie was pushed back. Just enough for Pidgey to get his claws around her middle and lift her into the air.

Caterpie was visibly winded now, and was unable to struggle much, though she did try repeatdily to gnaw on Pidgey's legs to get him to release her.

"Take her up high and drop her!" Rini grinned, as Caterpie's eyes widened in shock.

Pidgey soared above the treeline and dropped Caterpie, who curled into a ball, and braced herself for the landing that wouldn't happen.

Rini wouldn't let it. "Go, pokeball!" she threw an empty ball at the still falling bug, and caught her mid-air.

Caterpie was sucked into the pokeball, and both fell to the ground.

The pokeball then began to shake violently. From sided to side as both Pidgey and Rini watched, with said girl gnawing her bottom lip in nerviousness.

December 13th, 2008, 9:22 AM
@Rii - sorry, it needs a little bit more for a shiny... but you've got another go because it was a decent post.

'The pokeball shook violently, before a bright light erupted out of it to reveal the shiny caterpie. It looked angrily at Rini and shot her in the face with a string shot. Caterpie then turned back to Pidgey as if it wanted to finish the battle...'

December 13th, 2008, 9:58 AM
( wow, tougher than I thought. Ok here goes. )

Rini ripped the string stot from her face and glared at the bug. "This is far from over. Right Pidgey?" she glanced over at her bird, where he and Caterpie were facing off.

Maybe the off color made it stronger, insteed of weaker. Rini thought. "You still up for it Pidgey?"

The bird chirped weakly, but he actually looked rather happy.

"No tricks now." Rini retorted. "This is it. All or nothing. Though you're getting tired as well Caterpie, I have no intention of throwing this battle."

Caterpie was still breathing hard, even so she somehow managed to remain standing. She shot forward fast, much more than Rini expected she could in her current state.

"Pidgey, dodge!"

It was too late however as Caterpie's tackle landed a direct hit.

Pidgey staggered back, almost to the point of collapse. However he wouldn't let himself be beaten by a bug, it was a disgrace to all birds. He struggled to stay conscious.

"Pidgey, are you ok?" Rini yelped.

Caterpie could barely move, that last attack had drained her remaining addrelin. She stood there painting.

"Pidgey, Tac...." Rini glanced at the bug, who looked as if she could keel over any moment. "Tap her with your wing."

Pidgey strolled up to Caterpie, a smug look on his face.

Caterpie shot string in his face.

Pidgey wacked her with his wing.....hard.

"I said easy." Rini said shocked. "Weaken her not kill her."

Caterpie flew back and towards the river. If she fell in, she'd probably drown.

Rini gasped. She had to try, once more. "Please...... Pokeball go!"

The pokeball hit Caterpie, knocking it across the small expanse of water, and pulling her inside.

Rini crossed her fingers as she watched and squesed her eyes shut, waiting and hoping for a ding.

Pidgey calmely preened his feathers, as though he couldn't care less.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 13th, 2008, 10:27 AM
Warren looked on, confused, as Mankey's Pokeball slowly stopped rocking with a faint 'ding'. Liv had been helping him to his feet - she couldn't have thrown it, so who had? As Warren wondered, he heard a faint snickering coming from behind him. Slowly turning round, he had his suspicions horribly realised.
"Guy," he spat as he saw the smirking red-head, "Can you actually catch Pokémon on your own? Or do you just wait for other people to fight them first?" Guy ignored him, picking up the ball. Warren stepped forwards, wincing at the pain.
"Mankey belongs to me," he said angrily, "So does Rattata. I fought them both, you just sneaked up and stole them!" Guy stuck out his tongue at Warren, before barging past him and strolling towards Mount Moon.
"Why don't you come and get them, then?" he taunted. Warren, rather predictably, fell for his teasing and started towards Guy, stumbling at the pain. Slowly, he realised that he would be unable to manage more than a slow stumble. Guy smirked.
"Well, if you don't want it, I'll be on my way then." he grinned, marching away at a speed that Warren knew he would be unable to match. That didn't stop him trying, though. After watching him take about five minutes to get less than a metre, Liv came up behind him and slipped his arm over her shoulder. He shook his head in protest, but she just pulled him on.
"This way, we might just catch that slimeball," she muttered, blushing (in anger?) "So just swallow your pride and pick up your feet!" Warren smiled gratefully, but he realised that his chances of catching up to Guy were slim, at best. Gritting his teeth, he put a little more energy into his stride. There was no way he was going to let Guy get away with this...

OOC: Guy used Taunt! Its super effective!
Warren used Fall over! Warren is hit with Recoil damage!
Guy fled using Run Away!

December 13th, 2008, 10:40 AM
@Alipeewee - OOC: Guy used Taunt! Its super effective! Warren used Fall over! Warren is hit with Recoil damage!
Guy fled using Run Away! Hahahahaha, what about Liv's helping hand? Seriously though good post.

@Rii - That'll do me, good post

Congratulations you caught a level 5 Caterpie

Heres Route 4:
Route 4

Number of Posts: 2-3

Description: A path running from Mt Moon to Cerulean City. There are a few trainers dotted along this route, as well as a number of wild pokémon.

What can you do in a Route?

Generally the main two things you can do on a route are capturing pokémon and battling trainers. You can do many other things, you know free will and all that... Anyways, you cannot meet any of the other RPers, and everyone have fun.

Wild Pokemon
Commonly seen pokémon in this area

Level: 7-11
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Peck, Growl, Leer, Fury Attack (Level 9)
Nature: Random

Level: 7-11
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away or Guts
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Bite (Level 10)
Nature: Random

Uncommonly seen pokémon in this area

Level: 6-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Ground
Ability: Sand Veil
Attacks: Scratch, Defence Curl, Sand Attack (Level 7), Poison Sting (Level9)
Nature: Random

Level: 6-10
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Poison
Ability: Shed Skin or Intimidate
Attacks: Wrap, Leer, Poison Sting, Bite (Level 9)
Nature: Random

Rarely seen pokémon in the area
Level: 6-9
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Pick Up
Attacks: Scratch, Growl, Bite, Fake Out (Level 9)
Nature: Random

Note - The Meowth in this area cannot speak in human, trust me I’ve researched it extensively.

Note - the title specifying the rarity of a pokémon refers to how hard a pokémon is to catch. i.e. a much better post is required to catch an uncommon pokémon than to catch a common pokémon.
How I level the pokémon you’re catching will depend on how good your post is. When you’re trying to catch a pokémon, you cannot decide if you catch it. When trying to catch a pokémon you have to finish your post off when you throw the pokéball and wait for my response telling you if the capture was successful or not. You cannot continue until you know that it was caught. In battles, I will level up your pokémon depending on the quality of your battle post.

December 13th, 2008, 11:45 AM
Rini kept her eyes shut and fingers crossed until she heard the familiar "Ding" of a suscessful capture.

Her eyes widened and she dropped to her knees. "Wow, that was tough. Isn't it great though Pidgey? We won."

There was no sound from behind her.


Rini glanced back to see her bird on the ground with a sick look to his face. There next to him was a happy Weedle, munching on some leaves.

"Pidgey! Are you ok?" she made to go to her pokemon, and several Kakuna, and a few more Weedle appeared. "You can't do that." she growled.

One such Weedle attacked Rini, but she twisted to the side in time to avoid being stung. "Great, Pidgey's poisoned and I can't get to him. Oddish is a little tired, and there's...."

Rini took off sprinting and lept over the small river, just barely making it to the other side, and snagging Caterpie's pokeball, before turning and leaping back.

"Go, Caterpie!" she released her newest addition into the poison pokemon's midst. "You too Oddish!"

Both pokemon appeared looking tired. "Guys I really need you to help Pidgey ok?"

Caterpie and Oddish brefly glanced at one another, as though sizing the other up.

"Caterpie, string shot!" Rini told the weird colored bug. "Oddish, acid!"

Caterpie spit the sticky goo from her mouth, and Oddish released an acid attack upon the Kakuna.

The string shot managed to tangle up the Weedle, and the acid annoyed the Kakuna.

All of this was enough however for Rini to get to her Pidgey and admister an antidote.

"Oddish, return." she pulled back her starter. "Ready guys?" she indicated Caterpie and Pidgey.

They both nodded eagerly.

"Caterpie tackle that Weedle! Pidgey you take the other!"

Caterpie rammed into the Weedle, who retailated with a poison sting, causing Rini to have to use another antidote. Pidgey managed to dodge a few poison stings and land a good hit, causing the bug to fly back and out.

"Finish it Caterpie!"

Caterpie jerked forward with a tackle to Weedle's gut, knocking it out.

This left one Weedle and two Kakuna left.

"Caterpie, string shot, then tackle!" she glanced over at Pidgey. "Sand attack!"

Caterpie wrapped up the last Weedle and sent it out with a powerful tackle that connected with it's head. Pidgey launched his sand, temperarely blinding the two Kakuna.

"Caterpie! Pidgey! Double Tackle!"

The two of them managed to work together, and after several tackles between them finished off the Kakuna.

By now it was nearing afternoon, and Rini felt her stomach growl. She glanced up.

The exit to Pewter lay ahead.

"Pidgey and Caterpie! Return." she held out both of their pokeballs, then quickly made her way to the exit.

December 13th, 2008, 11:53 AM
Rii - Some levelling up... *clears throat*

Congratuations Caterpie grew to level 6

Congratulations Pidgey grew to Level 7

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 13th, 2008, 12:33 PM
"Come on, Warren, time to get up!" Warren groaned as Liv shook him gently. He winced a little as he sat up, but the pain was mostly gone. He groaned as he stood.
"What time is it?" he yawned, "It’s still dark." Liv smiled as she picked up his sleeping bag and shoved it into his arms.
"I woke you up early," she said, "So that we could catch up to Guy a little. Here," she said, tossing him a small thermos flask, "This should wake you up."
"What, coffee?" he muttered, opening the lid. He took a sniff, then flinched. That was not coffee. Liv hesitated, then grinned a little guiltily.
"Well, three parts coffee, one part Awakening." Warren spluttered a little as he took a sip.
"Awakening? Isn’t that for Pokémon?" Liv shrugged. Warren laughed, then took a gulp, gasping as it burned his throat. He tossed it back and packed up the few things that he'd bothered to get out. After waiting ten minutes while Liv fiddled with her hair, they set off again, Warren now walking unaided, but a little slower than normal. The sun came up as they walked and illuminated the path before them. It wasn't long until they came upon what looked like the remains of a camp. A doused fire, its embers still glowing lay in the middle of a clearing and after a short search Warren unearthed a half-eaten Oran berry.
"I guess we're catching up," he muttered under his breath. More loudly, he called out to Liv, "We should get moving again. We're closing the gap." Liv nodded.
"Warren, when you catch him...what exactly are you going to do?" Warren bit his lip, an unusually nervous mannerism for him.
"I don't know," he finally said, after a long pause. "But I'm not going to leave until I've got Mankey and Rattata back." Liv nodded, smiling a little.
"Just don't do anything stupid, 'kay?" Warren gave her a dark look and started off again into the dark depths of the tunnels under Mount Moon.

December 13th, 2008, 2:09 PM
Sean finally left Mt. Moon, and walked into the green grass of Route 4, which was lit up by the sun which Sean had not seen for more than an hour. "Finally, it's so good to see great light, after being stuck in there." Sean ws glad to be out of Mt. Moon. There was Cerulean City in his view, which was his next destination for his 2nd Gym Badge. He continued to walk, going past several flowers and patches of ground. Before he had entered the city, he decided that the tall grass would be a great spot to train up Nidoran, which was still young and needed to level up. Sean stepped in, and threw the PokeBall to the ground, opening up Nidoran. "Let's get you all trained up, ready for it?" Nidoran had nodded, looking very stable as it still had kicks from the Koffing victory. Sean had searched through the grass, for any Pokemon for targets. He could then hear a slithering noise from the grass, aswell as a hiss. The small, purple snake with gold eyes and stripes had shown up, Sean took out his Pokedex as he was curious to know about this Pokemon.
"Ekans. The Snake Pokemon. Very Comman in Grassland, and Forests. It flicks out its tounge in and out to sense danger in its surroundings."

Sean had really liked this Pokemon, so he planned on catching it, even with a lot of Pokemon already, the more the merrier.

"C'mon Nidoran! Let's do this!" Sean had got Nidoran ready for the battle. Ekans was slithering in a circle, as if it was chasing its tail. "Nidoran, use Peck!" Nidoran then pointed out its shiny, and very sharp horn, then rammed towards Ekans at a rather fast speed. Ekans wasn't paying much attention though, and had got hurt out of suprise. Once back on its tail, Ekans was ready and started to slither up to Nidoran. Before Nidoran was tangled up by Ekans' wrap attack, Nidoran started to glare at Ekans right in the eyes, which had shone gold. "Wow. You must be used to that command, Nidoran." Sean was impressed. Ekans was affected by the look, but only slightly. Just then, Ekans had glared back at Nidoran, both staring at each other with bright, gold eyes. Eventually, they could not take it and shut their aching eyes. "Wow, that Pokemon is good." Sean had stroked Nidoran, tying to get it to open its eyes back up. Sean had reached out for a cotton bud from his bag, and dabbed it on the eyelids of Nidoran. This made them open slightly, but not fully. As for Ekans, eyes still tight shut, was slithering in different directions, when eventually it reached Sean and had tried to wrap itself around his neck. Sean had tried to pull Ekans off his neck, but maybe this was a sign of affection for him. Sean had touched its eyes once, which made them open up. Ekans had slithered back into battle position, looking ready again all of a sudden. "Now, are you ready Nidoran? Use Peck again, and charge faster this time! I know you can do it!" Sean had cheered Nidoran on, which was charging at full speed, and faster than before. The sharp horn of Nidoran had pushed right into the scaly skin of Ekans, causing a brooze. Sean thought that, due to the weakness of Ekans, now would be the right time to throw a PokeBall and hope that Ekans would be caught. "Come on! Go, PokeBall!" Sean had threw the PokeBall with force at Ekans. It had shown that he wanted Ekans, which had then been caught into the PokeBall, which was shaking from side to side, which it had always done.

December 13th, 2008, 2:16 PM
@FlareonFan - Congratulations Sean caught a Level 6 Ekans

@Alipeewee - "Just don't do anything stupid, 'kay?" Warren gave her a dark look and started off again into the dark depths of the tunnels under Mount Moon. Don't worry Warren would never do anything stupid :p Nice post

December 13th, 2008, 2:43 PM
Special Chapter: Kairi Recatches Pikachu

Kairi had finually made it out of Mt. Moon. Once she ran out she saw her Pikachu laiding down sleeping. "Pikachu!" She called running up towards him. Pikachu got up and glared at Kairi,"What's the matter Pikachu?" Kairi asked.

"Pika! Pika!" Pikachu said, sparks rising from his cheecks, warning Kairi to stay away,"If your mad about all the attention I gave Jigglypuff, it was just cause I got so busy with it. I'm sorry Pikachu. I didn't mean to ingore you," Kairi told him. A few tears started falling down her cheecks.

Pikachu just turned the other way,"Pika," he groaned.

Kairi didn't know what to do. She sit down and started thinking, then came up with an idea,"Hey! If I beat you and recatcher you, Pikachu will you forgive me?"

Pikachu thought about it, and realizing there was no way he could lose, agreed. To make it like a real wild Pokemon battle, Kairi took out Pikachu's Pokeball and destroyed it, making Pikachu wild again, so she'd have to recatch it.

She then threw out a Pokeball,"Go Ratatta! Quick Attack!" Ratatta looked at Kairi like she was nuts but obay anyway. Ratatta ran at Pikachu. Pikachu dodged it, and used Thundershock, shocking Ratatta to death. Ratatta fainted.

Kairi recalled Ratatta, and made the mistake of sending out Spearow which was weak against electric attacks. Pikachu right away shocked it. Spearow fainted.

Kairi sent out Butterfree,"Use Confusion!" Butterfree started flapping its wings, but Pikachu used Thunder Wave and Paralzyed it. At the last minute Pikachu jumped on top of Butterfree knocking it into its own Confusion. Butterfree was confused. It hit a lot of things but still managed to hit Pikachu a lot.

Butterfree fainted. Kairi sent out Nidoran,"Nidoran, Scratch attack!" Nidoran scratched Pikachu. It did little damage and just caused Pikachu's Static Ability to Paralyze it. Pikachu rammed into Nidoran knocking her out. Kairi recalled her, never realizing before that her Pikachu had been this strong.

"Ok, it's all up to you now Jigglypuff. Pikachu's weaken by now. So come out and use Sing," Kairi told it. Jigglypuff came out,"Yes, sing it your Summer Song to put it to sleep."

Jigglypuff nodded. Pikachu glared at Jigglypuff. That was the Pokemon he was jealous of in the first place. Pikachu ran at Jigglypuff, but before he could get to her, she started singing. Pikachu looked tried, and fell over asleep,"Ok, now's my chance to recatch you Pikachu. Pokeball go!" Kairi threw her Pokeball at Pikachu. He got sucked in, with a bright light. Kairi and Jigglypuff watched and waited.(Even though Pikachu was already my Pokemon before I'm still letting you, slls81 post me catching it)

December 13th, 2008, 2:47 PM
@Konekodemon - Okay, congratulations Kairi caught her own Pikachu. I'm not sure Pikachu will be too happy at losing to Jigglypuff though...

December 13th, 2008, 2:51 PM
Once Rini arrived in Pewter she did what any sensable trainer would. She went straight to the Pokemon Center to have her pokemon healed.

Rini gasped upon entering the center. The Nurse behind the counter looked exactely like Nurse Joy of Veridian City.

"Are you a twin?" Rini asked as she passed the nurse her pokeballs.

"A twin?" she asked confused.

"Yea." Rini nodded. "You look exactely like Nurse Joy in Veridian City."

"Oh don't be silly dear. She's my cousin." Nurse Joy laughed. "We do all look similiar I suppose. And we all go by Nurse Joy."

Rini nodded as Nurse Joy took her pokeballs and took them for healing. "Wait.... All? I don't think I want to know."

Rini sighed and left for her room in the center. Once there she took the key Nurse Joy gave her and unlocked the door. There were two sets of bunkbeds, and a small bathroom off to the side, and a small round table with two chairs.

Rini placed her bag on the table and pulled out a chair to sit. The she took the egg from her bag. "I wonder what you'll hatch into? I don't even know what your parent pokemon were. So I have no clue."

She tried holding the egg up to the light, and squinted. Nothing.... She then pressed her head close to listen. Nothing..... She tapped on the shell lightly. And.... nothing.

"This is getting me nowhere. Maybe I should call Professor Maple and ask her. She is a Professor, and that means she has to be smart."

Tucking the egg gently back into her bag, Rini hopped down the stairs two at a time and walked up to one of the video phones. She then punched in Professor Maple's number she'd given her before she left and waited.

December 13th, 2008, 3:01 PM
@Rii - "Oh Hello Rini, how can I help?"

"Pokemon eggs? Well their not my area of specialty... but I'll tell you what I know. Generally the egg will hatch into the same type of pokemon as the mother.... you don't know who the mother is? Oh well, all I can suggest is that you take really good care of that egg. Any damage to the egg could hurt the baby pokemon inside. Also the pokemon that hatches from the egg will be a baby, so obviously can't be expected to battle right away. Oooh, I can't wait to see what it hatches into. Make sure you call me when it does hatch. Okay bye then..."

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 13th, 2008, 3:31 PM
"GUY!" Warren roared as he entered the tunnel, "Get out here, you stinking coward! Face me like a man!" He peered down the dark cave. For awhile, he could see nothing, but, as he was just about to give up hope, he saw movement at the end of the tunnel. Whooping with delight, Warren jogged forwards as quickly as his groin would allow him. Unfortunately, that wasn't very fast. After less than a hundred yards, he stopped, pain etched on his face. He could hear Liv calling from the mouth of the tunnel, but catching Guy took precedence over all. In a stroke of inspiration, Warren called out Beedrill and after some persuasion, got it to carry him down the tunnel. It wasn't fast, but thanks to Warren's small frame, Beedrill could manage and it beat walking. As Warren rounded the next corner, he found himself at a dead-end. Backed up against the rear wall was Guy, his teeth gritted and a Pokeball in his hand.
"Get to work, Beedrill!" he shouted and the Poison Bee Pokémon materialised, to match Warren's own. Although, now that he compared them, Warren could see that Guy's Beedrill was significantly bigger.
"Use String Shot to immobilise it!" he shouted, but Beedrill just hovered there, motionless. Guy's Beedrill was similarly unresponsive. Warren pulled out his Pokedex, hoping that it could shed some light on the situation. He skipped past the usual, useless information until he found a section called 'Battling Information'. To start, it was just a list of techniques that Beedrill could learn, but then there was a part called 'Points of Interest'.
"When two Beedrill with a grudge meet," The Pokedex blurted out loud, "They ignore any commands of their trainers and engage in a competition of intimidation, followed by a duel devoid of any official techniques, made up only of battling with their three stingers and their natural talents." Warren was confused. His Beedrill ha never even met Guy's Beedrill. How was this possible? As if on cue, Guy's Pokedex, which he had surreptitiously been flicking through, explained:
"Pokemon often absorb the thoughts, feelings and sentiments of their trainers. If two trainers are friends, their Pokémon find it easier to get along. If they are enemies, their Pokémon will fight without warning." That explained it. Finally, after an intense staring match, Warren's Beedrill stopped flapping its wings and folded them away behind its back. Guy's did likewise. Then, with no warning, it leapt forwards, striking out with its left stinger. The duel had begun, and Warren was unsure how it would end.

December 13th, 2008, 3:38 PM
@Alipeewee - Wow I really like that idea. I can't wait to see how the contest plays out.

December 13th, 2008, 4:17 PM
Rini hung up the phone. She was still no closer to an answer about the egg, but the more she thought about it the more she hoped it would be something interesting.

She then began wondering aloud to herself.

"A Pichu perhaps? That might be fun. Maybe even a Cleffa? Cleffa are said to be really cute. Or a strong Tyrogue? Tyrogue can evolve into either Hitmonlee, Hitmochan, or..... I forget the last. Maybe even an Eevee? That would be the best ever."

"Excuse me? I've been calling you for fifteen minutes." Nurse Joy stood off to the side, hands on her hips, and an angry expression on her face.

Rini eeped, and turned to face the nurse. "I'm really sorry. I was just worried about some things and kinda spaced out. I'm really sorry Nurse Joy."

Nurse Joy sighed and held out her pokeballs. "I just wanted to let you know your pokemon are at full health and if you want to challange the Pewter Gym leader you should hurry. The gym closes in a half an hour."

"Right. Thank you Nurse Joy." Rini smiled, grabbed her pokeballs, and ran out of the center at high speeds.

"And don't run in the pokemon center!" she yelled after the rushing girl.

"Where is the gym?" Rini ran down one street, then the next. "Darn, I should have asked." She passed by a building called the musiem of sciance, and finally located the gym not too far from that.

She arrived just as the gym leader was locking up. "I... I'd like to challange you for a badge...." she gasped.

Brock glanced at her, slightly surprised. "I'm sorry but the gym is closed for now. And even if I wanted to accept my pokemon are in no condition to battle."

Rini looked downcast, so much so Brock couldn't help but smile. "If you come back in the morning though you can be my first challanger."

"Really?" Rini's eyes sparkled in excitement. "Yay!"

Brock chuckled. "I'll see you then. Be back here at eight am sharp." he pointed off at the mesusium. "We have some great extenct pokemon fossils there if your interested."

Rini thanked him and walked across the street to take his advice.

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
December 13th, 2008, 4:33 PM
Warren's Beedrill reacted splendidly. Pirouetting to the side, it dodged the jab and retaliated with its own stinger, aiming for the back of its opponent's head. However, 'Needle' spun around, parrying the blow and thrusting with the stinger on its abdomen. Beedrill leapt backwards, barely dodging it, then snapped out its wings and charging forwards, its two arm stingers pointed forwards. Needle crossed its arms and took the blow, spinning around to deflect the attack. Beedrill twisted in mid-air as Needle opened its wings. Seconds later, the two were striking and parrying across the ceiling, neither of them quite managing to land a blow. While guy watched, enthralled, Warren took the opportunity to act a little more sneakily. Quietly, he crept up behind Guy, who had his eyes fixed on the sparring bugs. More sneakily than a Darkrai stealing dreams, Warren unhooked the two other Pokeballs from Guy's belt. Unfortunately, that was the exact moment when needle charged Beedrill, missed, and very nearly hit Guy. He ducked, and in doing so, noticed Warren crouched behind him with two Pokeballs in his mitts. Growling angrily, he leapt at him, swinging a fist towards his face. Warren leant backwards to dodge, then threw his body forwards and head-butted Guy in the face. Guy screeched in pain as blood began to drip from his nose, but he attacked again, kicking out towards Warren's already injured "meat and two veg". Warren collapsed in agony as Guy wiped a glob of blood from his face. He took a step towards Warren, then stopped as something large, yellow and pointy landed in front of him. A Beedrill - but which one? The other Beedrill, swooped, charging towards Warren. He shut his eyes, then opened them up in surprise as he realised that far from running him through, the bug had lifted him bodily into the air and was now buzzing happily as they circled the cavern. Warren tiredly looked down at Guy. He wasn't even looking at his injured Pokémon. Instead, he was giving Warren the most magnificent fist-shaking of his life.