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November 30th, 2008, 9:40 AM
IMPORTANT NOTE!!: SUs are closed, but there will be a SEQUEL RP coming up after this one closes! So if you can wait until that one appears, I'd be happy to have you join!

The same history that has brought them together,
is now tearing them apart...


Though many regions of the Pokémon have remained untouched by time, in the Katsu region everything has changed. Gyms are closed, Pokémon centers are demolished and Coordinators, Trainers, Professors and Breeders flee by the hundreds.

Signs are posted everywhere that read:
All recreational activities relating to the usage and/or involvement of Pokémon are disallowed.
Poké Balls, Potions, Stat Healers or any other Pokémon related item are to be destroyed immediately.
All Pokémon are to be delivered to a drop-off center effective immediately.
If any Pokémon is spotted or you have knowledge of any of the rules stated above being broken, please contact the authorities.

Pokémon are being deported and... disposed of at an increasing rate, rapidly depleting the native population. Riots break out and lives, Pokémon and human alike, are lost. The economy crashes, leaving people reeling for a new way of life. People are forced to give up their life-long partners and companions in order to obey the law.

Why has caused all of this to happen? The same thing that had brought them together in the first place: the natural bond between Pokémon and human. Pokémon and humans became so close to one another that there was little distinction between them. That is, until people began abusing that connection. Pretty soon, a group rose up in power and began taking advantage of both people and Pokémon. Soon they were taken down by the authorities, but they came to the conclusion that the only way to prevent further uprisings was to get rid of all the Pokémon in the region.

Pokémon are disappearing and a storm is brewing in the Katsu region...


You are a trainer. When this change begins, you rebel against them. You attempt to save the Pokémon from extraction, but when the danger of keeping your parter increases, you run. The region is large and you find that you are lost, until you are picked up by a team called the Uprising. They take you in and train you to fight for the cause of saving the Pokémon, but with this choice comes a price. Police officers search for you, bounty hunters pursue you and a group that is on the rise has taken an interest in you...

Are you up for it?

1. Be active.
2. Don't godmod.
3. Only post OOC things on the OOC thread (unless separated like this and marked OOC).
4. Follow basic role-playing rules.
5. Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation as best you can.
6. Don't bunny without permission.
7. If you aren't active for a long period of time without excuse, you will either be bunnied or kicked out.
8. Post your profile on the OOC thread to see if it is accepted before posting it here.

Sign Up: Trainer
Name: first (optional middle) last
Age: (preferabley over 13, but if you have a good reason they can be 10)
Gender: (uhh...)
Appearance: (details! at least a good paragraph)
Personality: (make layers)
Background: (their history: what made them join? this includes what their Pokémon is if you do not sign up their Pokémon)
Additional Information: (anything else?)
RP Sample: (a sample of a past RP or a sample of your writing that shows your style well)

Sign Up: Pokémon (optional: you can write from your Pokémon's point of view as well)
Nickname: (if they have one)
Breed: (what Pokémon is it? NO LEGENDARIES!!!)
Gender: (uhh...)
Moves: (up to four, make them reasonable or I won't accept)
Appearance: (if there are any unique qualities to them)
Personality: (make it a good match or balance for its trainer)
History: (how did your trainer receive this Pokémon? it can just state that you received it from a professor)
Additional information: (more stuff?)

December 6th, 2008, 5:46 PM
Name: Maud Howll
Age: Fifteen
Gender: Female

Personality: Before really getting to know Maud, you should probably learn that she's not polite or lady-like. Like, at all. She uses slang and not-really-words words like "ain't". "Please" isn't something you'll hear from her often, and if you get a "Thank you," you're a lucky person. But she's not really all that rude, unless she's agitated. Maud can be a kind (if a bit stubborn) and helpful person when she actually finds that she cares to do so. She's a jerk as a stranger, but a decent friend and companion.

Maud is also very competitive. She loves nothing more than a challenge, and battling is undoubtedly her favorite activity. It's not really that she likes to win as much as that she loves competing alltogether. As such, she can laugh about her errors and take a loss well (though she might occassionally pretend she lost because of something like 'distractions' or 'type disadvantage'). While battling, however, she's a fast thinker, and can invent some rather clever strategies. She likes to work with each of her Pokemon's individual personalities and base battle styles off of that, making her a rather tricky foe at times.

Speaking of Pokemon, Maud seems to have a sort of connection with them. No, she's not one of those trainers who can read Pokemon thoughts and form perfect human-Pokemon bonds and such, but she has an understanding for them. Loyalty is something she values dearly in a companion, and few companions are more loyal than well-trained Pokemon. Namely, she finds that 'doglike' Pokemon tend to be more loyal and easier to befriend, which is why she specializes in raising them.

Appearance: Much like her personality would imply, Maud doesn't care for anything too nice or fancy. Besides, she's always out training and travelling. What would be the point of wearing nice clothes if you're only going to get them dirty on the road...? Using this philosophy, she figures it doesn't really matter what she's wearing and slips on a plain, cozy T-shirt with near-worn-out jeans and a simple hoodie. If she's not wearing old tennis shoes and a pair of black gloves, by the way, then that's probably an imposter of some sort rather than the actual Maud.

Likewise, her red-brown shoulder-length hair is almost always a bit of a mess (what; do you think a trainer like her has the time to brush it every day...?), and while she isn't a filthy and smelly slob she isn't the most hygenic of people. But, the life of a devoted trainer isn't always perfect and pretty and clean, you know~

Anyways, Maud is of moderate height; not tall, and definitely not short. She's not at all fat, but not super-skinny. In other words, pretty average. Her eyes are a dull green color; her skin a little bit pale.

Background: Maud had always lived in Goldenrod with her mother (her father worked so much she rarely saw him, and he didn't really seem to want much to do with her). She ate, slept, and did pretty much what most kids do in a middle-class home not far from the bustling, busy, polluted main area of the city. Her mother, however, was originally from Sinnoh. She had one Pokemon that she had trained for a while (though she gave up her Pokemon journey at the age of eleven), a Purugly, and when she sent Maud out to do simple errands like getting something from the store, she would make sure that Purugly was with her daughter. Goldenrod was a relatively safe place, but you never knew what could happen... It seemed simple to just send her out with a Pokemon just in case and avoid all worry.

How Maud obtained her own Pokemon, however, is a rather strange story. On a certain trip to pick up a carton of milk from the local convenience store, she came across a few men in black uniforms discussing something behind a shady building. Her curiosity perked up, and she decided to hide and listen to them. Judging by the uniforms, they appeared to be from Team Rocket, a group assumed to have disbanded a while back... And there was some sort of delivery truck with them. A truck full of stolen Pokeballs, containing rare or strong Pokemon. Supposedly the two strange men were going to deliver these Pokemon to be prizes at the Goldenrod Game Corner. People had been suspicious that Team Rocket was associated with the Game Corner for a while now, but if it was really true...

The men spotted her and threatened to harm her if she didn't leave immediately. Maud, however, felt some crazy and stupid sense of justice, and called out her mother's Purugly. The strongest Pokemon the Rocket members had was a Zubat, which was no trouble for the Pokemon Maud's mother had trained. Afterwords, they were forced to flee, leaving Maud to investigate the truck. In the front seat of the truck, however, were two round objects... Eggs, perhaps? She decided to notify the Goldenrod police as soon as possible, but secretly kept the 'eggs' with her.

For about a month she was famous around town for helping to put an end to the last known forces of Team Rocket in Jhoto, though her mother was outraged that she had attempted such a thing. Maud didn't really care that she was angry, though... The 'eggs' were what was really on her mind. She still kept it a secret that she had taken them, but if they really were Pokemon eggs...

When they hatched into a pair of Eevees, among all things, that settled it. Maud was going to become a trainer. Her mother thought battling and training and all was cruel and dangerous now, however, and prohibited Maud from ever doing such a thing.

So she ran away.

Maud left a simple little note for her parents, took her two little Eevees, and set off on her journey. Within the next year, she had collected seven of Jhoto's badges. Within the next four years (which she filled with lots of vigourous training), she had earned second-place in the Jhoto Pokemon League tournament. That was good enough for Maud.
She recently ventured to the Katsu region, only to find in in its current state. Maud, however, wasn't about to let people here eliminate Pokemon over such an issue as this. She was more than willing to join the Uprising, in hopes that she and her Pokemon companions could prove to these people that what they were doing was simply wrong.

Pokemon: ((No, I won't be RPing from any of their direct perspectives, though they will all be RPed just as importantly as Maud herself.))

Nickname: Ann
Breed: Espeon
Gender: Female
Moves: Psychic, Morning Sun, Return, Helping Hand

Appearance: Ann resembles a normal Espeon; though she is perhaps a bit smaller and leaner than most.

Personality: Ann is a fun-loving Pokemon. She loves to play around, even in the heat of battle. She's a bit quirky, but also loyal, and can get surprisingly serious when the time calls for it. Ann also can become a ferocious force to mess with when her brother, Dan, is in danger.

History: Ann was one of Maud's two first Pokemon. She and her brother, Dan, hatched from eggs at the same time. Maud named her after the character Little Ann from one of her favorite books, Where the Red Fern Grows.


Nickname: Dan
Breed: Umbreon
Gender: Male
Moves: Toxic, Confuse Ray, Moonlight, Last Resort

Appearance: Dan resembles a normal Umbreon, though he is perhaps a bit more stocky and muscular than most.

Personality: Dan is rather silent, cold, and reserved. He doesn't like to show much emotion, though deep down he truly cares for and loves his companions (especially his sister). He tends to be calm and calculative in battle; while he doesn't like to cause direct harm, he can pull off nasty tricks that devestate an opponent.

History: Dan was one of Maud's two first Pokemon. He and his sister, Ann, hatched from eggs at the same time. Maud named him after the character Old Dan from one of her favorite books, Where the Red Fern Grows.


Nickname: Molly
Breed: Houndoom
Gender: Female
Moves: Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, Nasty Plot, Faint Attack

Appearance: Molly is pretty much a regular Houndoom.

Personality: Molly is a wiley creature. She has a sly air about her, and loves nothing more than pranks and tricks. She may seem like she has the 'evil' air of most Houndooms, though really she is just devious. The only person who really knows Molly's soft, loving side is... well, Maud.

History: During Maud's journey, around the time she had obtained four badges, there seemed to be some sort of pesky Pokemon stealing food and various items from her when she camped for the night. After about three days of this, Maud decided to have the recently-evolved Dan and Ann keep watch for anything suspicious. On the night this happened, she awoke to find Dan pinning down a lean little Houndour, and Ann glaring at it fiercely. The Houndour looked half-starved, actually... Figuring it had only been stealing because it needed something to eat, Maud simply smiled and offered it a piece of 'beef' jerky (let's just say it's Miltank jerky and get on with it... :P).

Eventually, seeing as the Houndour was still following her after that... Well, trying to capture it didn't seem like a bad idea. The Houndour didn't even struggle against the Pokeball, and so it was.


Nickname: Jester ("Jess")
Breed: Poochyena
Gender: Male
Moves: Scary Face, Taunt, Assurance, Super Fang (see History and Additional Info...)

Appearance: Jess was partially named for the odd 'checkerboard' pattern on his legs. While most Poochyenas have black paws and gray legs, the black fur on Jester's legs trails up in unique little diamond shapes. (Maud thought it made him look sort of comical, and combined with his personality the name seemed perfect.)

Personality: Jess is an oddball. He really is just plain quirky. One moment he'll be prancing playfully about, and the next he'll be trying to bite the hand of even his trainer. It's all in a playful manner, however. He doesn't really know how to act completely serious, even if the situation calls for it, and probably sees everything as a game. He also has a few strange tendencies, like nipping at the air for no apparent reason or intently trying to dig into solid ground. Pokemon doctors have suggested the idea that he may have some sort of mental disorder, actually, but Maud has always shrugged off that possibility.

History: Jess is an escapee from a Pokemon testing lab near Blackthorn City. The scientists at this lab were trying to design ways for Pokemon to become more powerful; learning moves they normally can't know and having over all more strength. They were originally testing on 'weak' Pokemon (like Pidgey, Poochyena, and Bidoof), and alterning genes to prevent their evolution; it would be stupid to test out a project like this and end up with a Super-Tyranitar or even a Super-Raticate running about destroying things. Jess' mother had been tested on, and it was hoped that her pups would be stronger than normal Poochyenas. The test was supposedly a failure, however. It's more than likely the reason for Jester's oddities.

Supposedly he escaped. That or the scientists simply abandoned the pups, finding them to be 'worthless'. Whatever the case, when Maud came across a sick-looking little Poochyena, in Jhoto of all places, she was more than willing to nurse him back to health. Maud, however, has never known Jester's true story, or where he came from at all.

Additional Info: Through some strange genetic error, Jester cannot evolve. It was strange at first, when Maud had trained him for a year and he still was not a Mightyena. But, when he was taken to a Pokemon specialist to find out about this, it was confirmed that for some reason, he can't ever be a Mightyena. All the same, Maud trains him and battles with him, and the two really don't seem to mind.

Also, Maud has discovered that he somehow knows the move 'Super Fang', which is used as a key strategy move in battles...

Additional Information: None. :D

RP Sample: From Gummy's Return of the Fallen...
Kat hated crowds.

It wasn't so much that she didn't care for being around others, or that she was anti-social. Crowds were just... too many people. As such, being part of them made her feel cramped. Annoyed. Irritable. And nobody likes an irritable Katrynah. Nobody.

So, instead of plunging into the huge mass of moving and chattering and annoying Pokemon, the Pachirisu kept to the edge of it, managing to slip past others with little if any notice thanks to her small size. She hadn't been in this town long enough to get used to these meetings... In fact, it took her about five minutes to realize the ringing chime of that bell meant 'come to town square and listen to some guy talk for a while'. Kat sort of wished she hadn't remembered that when she did. Her cozy little hut was much more comfortable than these clogged streets, filled with the traffic of Pokemon bodies. Bleh.

She noticed the movement starting to come to a halt (Finally!), and blinked, realizing the crowd must have reached the square. Only... she couldn't see a thing behind all these much-taller-than-her Pokemon! Gah, she thought, not satisfied at all, If some moron is gonna drag me outta my house to yap in my ears, I should at least be able to see who the heck he is. Of course, she could always slink around this rediculous assembly of townsfolk.

Carefully slipping past a few legs and over a tail or two, Kat made her way to the very front of the crowd, a slight smirk on her face as she did so. It was so easy for her to be ignored and unnoticed if she really tried. Sometimes, she actually thought it was a blessing that she had been born a Pachirisu rather than, say, a Charizard. (All the same, she believed being a Charizard would be quite nice... The ability to fly and rain flames down upon her foes... Ahh. Now, how amazing would that be?)

"... my fellow Pokemon, that these are not natural occurrences..."

A voice caught her ears. Kat looked up to see the speaker, a Weavile, who seemed to be recieving quite a few looks from the crowd that said things along the lines of, 'Heh. You can't be serious...'

Drat. I could have missed half the meeting-speech-whatever-it-is by now... she thought in dismay. As the Weavile continued, a Breloom behind her was giggling, probably at the speaker's words. Kat whirled around, eyes blazing with anger. She wasn't in an exactly "good" mood right now.

"You. Quiet. I'm tryin' ta hear this guy," Kat spat. She didn't wait for a reply either (though she did see the Breloom close his mouth with an alarmed expression). Instead, she turned back around and continued listening to the Weavile's words.

“He says it is a sign that the dark one, Giratina, will return to free his fallen followers and wage war once again. This brings me to my main point. I call upon all brave warriors to meet on the northwestern outskirts of Little Hillmoss Town. The time for waiting is over, so we much act! And that is why I’m calling for a small battalion to aid me in finding and destroying the fallen ones.”

Now Kat realized what everyone was so humored by... Giratina, huh? Right... Good luck convincing people by preaching that. The truth was, many Pokemon didn't believe that the Legendary Pokemon still -or ever had - power over the world. In fact, some didn't even believe the Legendaries existed at all! Kat was among those who were skeptical as to what Legendary Pokemon really had control over. That, however, wasn't what concerned her. She'd caught a bit about the quakes and disasters in the Weavile's speeh...

A mountain. A gigantic, towering mountain. A symbol of strength and pure, untamed nature. Plummeting to the ground; scatterering into a million pieces. And, all of those pieces sliding down a hill, into a village... Homes destroyed. Lives ruined. Pokemon dead. All in one instant... All in one trembling quiver of the Earth itself...

That was what got to her. Kat had seen a mountain tumble and crumble to pieces at the mercy of these quakes. She'd seen towns destroyed by them. Pokemon killed. Effort and lifestyles shattered. And she'd actually believed it was just around her hometown, too... But then, she came out here, and what do you know? Quakes. Whatever this was, it was definately abnormal. Now, Kat didn't immediately jump to the conclusion that Legendary Pokemon were to blame, but she felt she was a lot smarter than all these Pokemon insisting that it had to be 'the Earth going through changes'. That was a pethetic excuse, and everyone knew it. This was serious. And she cared enough to do something about it, in one way or another. Besides... What better did she have to do? Sit around here waiting for the next stupid town meeting?

"Hey," Kat said, approaching the Weavile (seeing as the crowd was clearing away). "I'm in. And don't say something like, 'Oh, you're just a tiny Pachirisu'. That stuff doesn't work on me, and you're only looking stupid if ya' start patronizing me 'cause of my size. Got it?"

She didn't care what he said in reply, or, honestly, if he replied at all. So long as this guy knew she wasn't one of those cute, huggable, fluffy little Pokemon that never did anything but stand around looking sickeningly adorable, she was perfectly content with him.

December 7th, 2008, 6:47 AM
Name: Josh Charkewycz

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is around 5'11", but with a slightly sturdy build. He has short-ish blonde hair, that is almost always messy. His skin is slightly tanned, which makes his calm blue eyes stand out a bit. He usually wears a plain white t-shirt, navy blue three-quarters with a crimson stripe down one side and white trainers.

Personality: Josh is usually a very calm and confident person, who loves helping ou his friends. Whenever people fall out, he will try his best to stop them. Despite this he does have temper problems, and if anyone offends him he could snap at any minute.

However, when seperated from his pokemon, he becomes a quite person, with no confidence and is scared of everything.

Background: Josh comes from a rich family, who always had a hatred for Pokemon. They were always trying to sperate him from his Butterfree, but he wouldn't allow them. When the new laws were passed that all Pokemon were to be deported, His parents were over the moon. They tried to force him to hand over his Pokemon but he refused. His parents called the authorities, and so he ran away. Hiding in a forest, he was pursued by many Bounty Hunters, but he managed to evade them all. One day he met with Isabel Evans, who told him about the Uprising, and so he joined in hope that Pokemon would be saved.

RP Sample:

Josh was sitting in his room, playing with Twilight (His Butterfree). They were playing catch, with a ball that resembled Caterpie.

"I don't know why my parents don't like you," he said to Twilight, "I mean you're like the most adorable thing ever." There was a loud rap on the door, and his parents entered.

"You better read this!" said his father, handing him a piece of paper. Josh took it from his fahter, and stared at the page. When he read it his skin went pale. It said:

'All recreational activities relating to the usage and/or involvement of Pokémon are disallowed.
Poké Balls, Potions, Stat Healers or any other Pokémon related item are to be destroyed immediately.
All Pokémon are to be delivered to a drop-off center effective immediately.
If any Pokémon is spotted or you have knowledge of any of the rules stated above being broken, please contact the authorities.'

He glanced at his parents, then grabbed Twilight and jumped for his window. His parents, anticipating this went to grab him. When they were almost upon him, he changed direction and bolted out his door.

"Hello, is that the authorities," said his mother on the phone, "Good, because my son is breaking the new law, and we need you to get his Butterfree."

He hurried down the stairs, tears in his eyes, because of his parents reporting him.

"Goodbye!" he whispered to all in the house, and fled into the forest.

Sign Up: Pokémon

Nickname: Twilight (Twi)

Breed: Butterfree

Gender: Female

Moves: Tackle, Confusion, Sleep Poweder, Bug Bite

Appearance: Like all Butterfrees, but with Blue Eyes

Personality: Calm and relaxed, but can be quite moody. Can't stand being seperated from Josh

History: Josh found Twilight in his back garden, as a Caterpie when he was 5, and the two bonded quite quickly.

December 7th, 2008, 8:21 AM
OK this is my first time in a RP, but ill give it a shot

Name: Drake Wolfston
Age: Thirteen
Gender: Male


Clothing: You will almost always find Drake wearing a t-shirt with a vest or shirt over it. The vest/shirt has ragged, cut up sleeves, is very thin, and mostly black. He wears jeans most of the time, but on hot days you can see him wearing shorts. The jeans are also ragged and cut up at the edges and knees. He always wears his Nike-Airs whereever he goes.

Formal: At school dances etc. he will just wear polo's with the same type of jeans, as they are his favorite, and has personally made sure all of them are cut up.

Physical Appearance:
He has a strong, sleek build, but isnt too muscular. His hair is black and spiky, and hair gell is slathered all over it. His skin colour is tinted, and if you look closely you can see distant scars on his face from previous fights. He has dark brown eyes, with long eyelashes, thick brows. and he hasnt grown any facial hair yet.

Personality: As shown in the appearance, Drake seems to be the "cool" type of guy, with a lot of friends, and very popular. He is popular indeed, but Drake has another reason to act cool. At home Drake is a loving brother who doesnt act cool at all. He is very close with his family, and he cares for the pokemon at his family's ranch. He uses the cool act just because he is mainly shy, and thinks his friends wont like him for that. He is too shy to ask the girl he had always loved for a date, and therefore acts even more cool and distant. You can mostly see Drake sitting in the corner of the hall, or on a balcony thinking deeply to his self. It might not seem like it, but he has a funny character. Whenever he hangs with his friends he's always the one who makes the jokes.

Drake doesnt talk too much, and as said before is very shy, but he is very playfull and his mouth keeps running off at home. He is very gentle and caring with the pokemon at his ranch, but he never shows his friends. Therefore his friends feel that he has a kind of mysterious aura around him. Even tough he is very shy, he is mostly competitive. He always challenges his friends in everything, but when it comes to championships his shyness wins, and so he doesnt enter. He's scared of being the center of attention, and that is what kept him from enter contests with his ranch pokemon before pokemon had to be handed in.

Background: Drake comes from a family who had secretly protested, and had a hidden ranch down in the nearby forest of syphoon city. You cant call it a city as it isnt even on the map, and the closest town to that was little root town which was eight miles away. Drake doesnt really have a pokemon, but later he will take their pichu. Not much special is known about Drake, as he yet has to make history.

He was born with the ranch, and therefore was attatched to every single pokemon there. Whenever he wasnt spending time at his ranch he would hang out with his friends in the village. Most of the time his family was at the ranch, and sometimes they even slept there. Tough on certain nights Drake would find his dad slipping out the back of the house, and the next day there would be articles about the protestors vandilating the major cities. Drake had always wondered if is dad had something to do with that, but whenever he asked, his dad would always change the subject. His dad didnt understand anything. He wanted to stop the uprising, he wanted to protect his beloved pokemon on the ranch, and he will do something about it!

How he gets his pichu will be revealed below

RP Sample: Well since this is my first RP, this might not have to do with the storyline but i guess you can calls this a prologue for the story

"Ring, Ring" Drake woke up to find his alarm clock ringing. Half asleep, he tried to hit his alarm clock, but missed and ended up rolling out of his bed. "urgh..." With a jolting pain in his head he stood up and walked to the shower.

After a nice and refreshing shower he got his usual clothes, and put on seven sprays of cologne. He peered down the stairs and saw his mom making breakfast. "Hi sweety!". Drake felt embarrased but it was ok, this was his home. He ran downstairs to see what was for breakfast. He grabbed some of the eggs his mom just made and ran outside to check on the ranch.

Two minutes later he arrived at the ranch. Their ranch was hidden deep in the forest, and the only thing left in their small village that had to do with pokemon. He snuck through the tunnel and looked around, his eyes full with joy. His dad and sister were feeding the pokemon on the other side of the ranch, Drake would greet them later. A pichu ran over and hugged his legg. Drake picked it up and put it on his shoulder while walking to the stalls. The ponyta there ran across the stalls to meet him. He hugged every single one of them and gave them breakfast. He couldnt believe that having pokemon wasnt allowed he loved all of his pokemon, especially little eevee. What maniac's would want to give away their pokemon? But deep deep down he knew that soon this ranch would also be discovered, and they would go to jail. He decided to take a stroll around the city to get rid of his worries.

After a good ten minute walk he decided to visit his old shool. He looked through he window to find his old class mates writing down some notes. Drake quit school to take care of his ranch, and even if he wanted to stay, his Dad forced him to not go. At school there were agents, he did not know what for, but whoever had a pokemon was taken away.As he was about to go away, he heard the bushes rustling and something jumped on him. He twisted aroud and tried to kick it, but it clung onto his face. He was just about to call for help when he noticed it was just pichu. He scolded the little guy for coming out here, but his tracking skills were pretty amazing. He looked at pichu's cute little face, he just couldnt even think of what would happen if this little pichu got into the wrong hands. Now he knew what he had to do, finally he had a purpose. He would make sure those people would never get their pokemon! He just couldnt even think of what would happen if this little pichu got into the wrong hands. Drake ran home again while hiding pichu under his jacket, he was gonna pack, and leave. He didnt know where, but as he was thinking of his journey, he didnt know there were two shady figures, watching him from the top of the school.

December 7th, 2008, 11:57 AM
Sign Up: Trainer

Name: Stephen O'Shea

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Stephen, at just under 5”7, isn't really that tall, but he's not short. He gets his Gray eyes from his father, who has them too. His Caesar cut, Brown hair shocked his family, because for twelve generations, all the males had Black hair. He's able to maintain a healthy weight by traveling a lot. As for muscle mass, he doesn't have much. He just stays healthy; he doesn't go the 'extra mile' and build excess muscle mass.

His favorite outfit to weat consists of Red Polo shirt, and a pair of denim trousers. His parents look down on his for his choice of dress, but that, as usual, doesn't stop him. In the way of shoes, he wears Black Athletic shoes.

Personality: Stephen believes that friendship is a commitment that you have to be sure you're ready to commit to. As such, it is hard for him to consider someone a 'friend' quickly. Mainly, to him, they're merely allies toward a common goal. But, if he gets to spend a lot of time with that person, he can start to reciprocate feelings of friendship.

His intelligence defines his personality. He is very analytical, and he enjoys thinking of tactics he could use in later battles. It's made him value following his head over his heart, which sometimes leads to letting down his friends. He enjoys watching battles and seeing the techniques of others, and predicting their tactics to win against whomever their opponent is.

He likes being in groups; he enjoys his accomplishments but not the recognition. In groups, he can 'blame' it on the entirety of the group, and not his personal influence.

He has a very laid-back personality, and dislikes to fight seriously. He enjoys watching his Pokémon grow, and perfect new appeals that he makes up, but he can't stand to see them hurt. To him, his Pokémon are even more important as friends than humans. They've been his friends longer, more faithfully, and he depends on their compliance to being trained to do what he loves. His Pokémon enjoy being with him, because he took classes in Pokémon Breeding, so he knows how to take care of them, prepare food, and they get hungry, he'll gladly go hungry to let them eat. His approach to catching Pokémon is, well, different. If he finds a Pokémon he likes, he follows It around and tries to get it to trust him. He never battles it, it just comes willingly or not at all. He loves music, and is an okay singer. Not great, but okay. He likes to call out his Pokémon and have them make 'music' by interacting with the environment while he sings.

He couldn't live without his PokéComm, Pokémon Communicator, which his father's company invented. It acts as a wireless internet hookup, map, video phone, and a GPS. He's very into technology, and it has evolved into a Psychological 'Need'. Depending on what he thinks about someone, he can be nice and courteous, or malicous and rude.

At times, he can be quite cynical, and disregard others' oppinions, but other times be can very considerate. Also, he dislikes not getting his way; failure and not being the leader bother him. While these things bother him, he does not let them stop him, and does not let it show.

He likes being in groups; he enjoys his accomplishments but not the recognition. In groups, he can 'blame' it on the entirety of the group, and not his personal infulence.

Despite his sheltered upbringing, or maybe because of it, he's not naïve when it comes to people's intentions. Just the opposite; he's very empathetic.

Background: Growing up in LaRousse City, Stephen is highly accustomed to technology. He was born into a wealthy family, and mostly lived a sheltered life. He was home-schooled by some of the best tutors from around the world, bought everything he ever wanted, and he never left the safety that was his home, except to go into their large yard. His parents went out a lot, so he eventually got curious.

So, after a particularly long argument with his mother, he got to go out with them. As they walked around the city, he is amazed, not by anything about the city, but by the people. Living such a sheltered life had deprived him of the sensory overload that was a crowd of people. Soon enough, he saw a boy, about his age, crying. He approaches the kid, and asks what was wrong.

It turns out the kid was crying because his parents both recently lost their job, and soon they'd lose their home. A lack of money seemed completely strange to Stephen, for whom money had never been a problem, and, it was this kid's problem, not his. But, something about this kid made him want to talk to him, something that he'd never experienced with his family, their employees, and his tutors. They continued talking, cautiously, for a few minutes. He'd just finished cheering the child up when his mom grabbed him by the arm and dragged him home.

After that experience, Stephen was restless. He'd experienced actually wanting to talk to someone. He knew he was missing something, but couldn't figure out what it was, for a few weeks, at least. One night, he escaped. He went back into town, and found that kid again. This time, the child's face was dirty, and he had company, two adults.

When he got there, he gave the child some of the money he'd been given earlier that day, to help them out. He neglected to notice the parents eying him shiftily. After the little boy thanks him, he got up to go back home. But, he didn't make it there that night. The parents, enticed by the prospect of a wealthy family and more wealth, held him captive. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, though, he just stayed there. He knew they wouldn't hurt him fi he didn't try to escape, they needed the money. But, he was still afraid of what they might do if he did try. Despite the captive situation, he talked to their son. Their son said it wasn't premeditated; they jut needed the money.

The next evening, his parents paid the ransom and Stephen returned home. Stephen returned not just with the experience from the situation, but he knew what he'd been missing. Contact, communication. He'd experienced it, and now he couldn't get enough. Throughout the next few days, he constantly tried to get his parents to let him go out and talk to people again. But, as any sensible parent would, they declined his proposal. They did, however, get so irritated with him that they gave in, if only a little. They went to the local Pet Store, and bought him a little Black bird-thing called Murkrow.

Even though he was disapointed that he hadn't truly got his way for the first time, he still enjoyed his new Murkrow. He named it Karma, and they bonded. Even if it wasn't human interaction, it was still interaction, contact, communication. Basically what he lacked.

Years later, he started his journey with Karma. He quickly noticed he had little enthusiasm for collecting badges, so he took a different route, which he enjoyed greatly. He became a Co-Ordinator. He traveled around Hoenn participating in contests, all the while catching Pokémon. Even so, by the time he got the Grand Festival, he only had three; Karma, a Milotic, and a Spinda. He was an okay Co-Ordinator, so he got past the preliminaries, but lost in his first battle. This didn't deter him. He left Milotic and Spinda at home and traveled even further from home, to Sinnoh.

The Sinnoh contests, though different, still appealed to him, and he exceeded in them too. By the grand festival, he had four Pokémon. Karma, now a Honchkrow, Mime Jr, Gabite, and Ambipom. This time, he got into the Top Eight.

After his success at Sinnoh, he took a break at home for a while. Not too long, though, because after about six months, he traveled to the Katsu region because he heard it had contests similar to Sinnoh. But, by the time he got there, the Pokémon Extraction Crisis was already underway.

Additional Information: N/A

RP Sample: Rex, still in a daze, was pushed to the cold, cement ground by the Black-uniformed men, hitting his head. Despite the minor head trauma, he knew what was going to happen next, but hoped he was wrong, or that he would be saved. Sadly, he wasn't. The men grabbed his Poké Balls, and everything in his pack. But, they didn't stop there. They released a Butterfly-like Pokémon, Butterfree, and ordered it to use Sleep Power; an order it reluctantly obeyed.

When Rex woke up, he first noticed he was in a small, dark room with. But, the instant he processed that, he noticed something else; the cold. It had to be about 30°F! He sat in the cold and darkness, contemplating, for hours. He mourned for his now-empty belt, and about his own plight. He revisited the last twenty-four hours many times, until he had the meaningless, monotonous events memorized.

During one of these sessions, his new 'home' was disrupted by an intense flooding of light. At first, after sitting in total darkness for so long, he still couldn't see despite the light. Soon, though, his eyes adjusted, and he saw him. The man he blamed for his misfortune, Seth; the man who'd forced him to go ahead, further into the forest, away from the path. But, now, he realized, was not the time to hate Seth, that could wait. He realized Seth was alone, so he hadn't been captured, which meant he was rescuing him.

Seth turned his pale face toward Rex, and he did something Rex would never have expected; grinned. Not a friendly, “I-found-you” grin, but a maniacal, evil one. Then Rex knew. Knew everything. It hadn't been an accident that they'd been waiting for him further up the trail, Seth told them to be there. Seth wasn't here to help him escape, he was here to gloat about another Team Rocket victory.

“Are the accommodations we've provided... adequate?” This clearly wasn't a question, just a mocking statement to belittle him.

Rex, naturally, had many things he wanted to say, but was smart enough to stay quiet, because, after all, he's a prisoner in a building full of madmen. He had no idea how they'd react if he insulted Seth. He still didn't know his ranking, after all. So, he stayed silent.

“I have other engagements, so I must go now. We must do this again sometime.” Seth whispered, turning around.

“Yes, we must...” Mumbled Rex.

Whatever Seth had expected, this was obviously not it, but his surprise only showed for a moment. In another, he was gone and the door resealed; shrouding the cold room back in darkness.

Sign Up: Pokémon

Nickname: Karma

Breed: Honchkrow

Gender: Male

Moves: Psychic
Steel Wing
Dark Pulse
Aerial Ace

Appearances: Karma looks like a regular Honchkrow, except for a really cool Black stripe, the same color as it's body, running through the middle of his 'beard'. The Pet store said this was caused to superior breeding. As a Murkrow, his eyes were Heterochromatic, one being normal, and the other's iris being practically invisible.

Personality: Karma works well with Stephen, possibly because much of their personalities co-inside. But, more than that, where their personalities differ is what make them a great team. Whenever Karma can, he stops Stephen from giving away the last of his food, and forces Stephen to eat it. After evolving, Karma has developed a quality that makes him take charge. He'll often train the others by himself – without Stephen. During a battle, he will deliberately disobey orders from Stephen – if he thinks a different method would be more efficient, and he's usually right.

History: Karma was born in an experimental breeding facility, so that's where his differences are from. But, the facility was shut down due to morality reasons, and all the Pokémon there donated to local shelters and pet stores. His odd appearance prevented him from being sold, until Stephen's parents saw him. They hoped that this creepy-looking Murkrow would prevent Stephen from seeking contact with other people by scaring him out of the desire. It failed. The two bonded, and they spent a lot of time together. Soon enough, Stephen left with Karma to become a Co-Ordinator.

Additional information: He is the result of superior breeding, mainly from selective breeding.

December 7th, 2008, 12:46 PM
Name: Isabel Joy Evans (people call her an assortment of names... Is, Sabe, Joy, Eva or Evans, but very rarely do people call her Isabel)

Age: 16

Gender: female

Appearance: Isabel is about five feet seven inches and is sturdily built. She has coal-black hair with one streak each of yellow, red, purple, gold and green which she usually wears down or tied back in a bun. She has piercing icy-blue eyes that shine in contrast against her suntanned skin. Isabel is usually found wearing a zip-up black sweatshirt with a dark blue camisole underneath and nearly-black jeans. She usually wears plain running shoes or black boots on her feet. She is always wearing a bracelet with beads of all colors on her wrist.

Personality: Isabel usually seems like a calm person, and that's just what she wants you to think. In reality, she is constantly searching for any sign of a threat and is always reading and calculating the expressions and tones of others. The facade of calm collectiveness is easily shattered by a sign of danger or mistreatment toward Pokemon. Isabel is a very intelligent person and, though she is not very social, she knows how to work answers out of someone and manipulate them for her own needs.
Isabel has always loved Pokemon. In battle, she is very much a strategist and seldom takes it easy on any trainer. She is constantly developing new strategies in her head and putting them into practice, so there are very few things she does the same with every battle. She loves to push her Pokemon and herself and enjoys going through ups and downs with her companions and can't imagine living her life without them.

Background: Isabel has lived with Pokemon her entire life in the Katsu region. Her family used to breed and raise Evees to sell to trainers as parters and others as pets. But when Pokemon began being extracted from the Katsu region, their business was shut down. One by one their Evees and Evee evolves were taken away by the authorities, leaving them without income. Isabel's father soon found work in law enforcement, as that was the fastest growing career, but her older brother Rick refused to give up his Pokemon and ran away.
Isabel waited and watched as her life-long companions were taken away until she could no longer take it. Isabel took six Pokemon and left: Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon and an Evee. She proceeded to travel through the region and found that all other places in the region had received the same order to get rid of the Pokemon. She did all that she could to help the Pokemon: she intercepted got her hands on any Pokemon that was due for extraction as she could and released them into the forests, but she soon realized that in order to really help she would need to become organized. So she started the Uprising and went off in search of trainers who also wanted to save their Pokemon in hopes that together they could help to stop the movement and restore balance in the Katsu region.

RP Sample: well, I started the RP, so I suppose I don't need to post one :)

Pokémon (I will be writing from their perspectives as well)
Nickname: Isabel usually just calls him Jolteon, but sometimes she calls him Jay

Breed: Jolteon

Gender: male

Moves: Iron Tail, Thunder, Giga Impact, Last Resort

Appearance: Jay looks like any other Jolteon with the exception of a grey front left paw and the fact that its eyes are a deep blue color.

Personality: Jay is a very rash Pokemon and definitely believes that the only way to battle is to directly inflict as much damage as possible. If he thinks that he is right, he will even go as far as to disobey Isabel in battle.

History: This Jolteon was originally her father's Pokemon, but Isabel took him with her when she ran away so that he wouldn't be extracted.

Nickname: is just called Flareon

Breed: Flareon

Gender: female

Moves: Iron Tail, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, Last Resort

Appearance: its paws and muzzle are a very dark red, but otherwise it looks like any other Flareon

Personality: Flareon is a surprisingly gentle Pokemon, until she gets into battle. She will go right up into her opponent's face and do as much damage as possible regardless of the damage inflicted upon herself. But outside of battle, she acts very gentle and friendly toward other Pokemon and will act as a mother toward younger Pokemon.

History: Flareon was just one of the many Evees they raised in their home and was the only one that changed into a Flareon. Isabel decided to take her along for that reason.

Nickname: Fay

Breed: Espeon

Gender: Female

Moves: Iron Tail, Psybeam, Hyper Beam, Last Resort

Appearance: Fay has an even longer and sleeker build than most Espeons, making her even more swift.

Personality: Fay is a very calm Pokemon, only resorting to brute strength as a last resort. She is incredibly intelligent and knows just what you are thinking and about to do. She is incredibly powerful in battle and usually will not show mercy on an opponent. Fay is usually used as a distraction when there is a need for escape.

History: Fay is actually originally Isabel's first Pokemon. Isabel raised her from the time she was an Evee and now Fay is the one taking care of Isabel.

Nickname: Umi

Breed: Umbreon

Gender: Female

Moves: Iron Tail, Dark Pulse, Hyper Beam, Last Resort

Appearance: Umi looks like every other Umbreon except that in the middle of every circle on her body there is a small golden star.

Personality: Umi has a dark personality that matches her type. She is quick to be angered and finds all other Pokemon to be inferior to her. She is utterly ruthless in battle and shows absolutely no mercy, sometimes to the extent of not stopping when the opponent has fainted, which is why Isabel does not commonly battle with her. She will disobey Isabel when given the chance, but is usually very loyal to her (and very protective).

History: Umi was one of Isabel's favorite Evees, but when Umi evolved and her personality changed, Isabel didn't spend as much time with her. Isabel took her along because she couldn't stand to leave Umi and she knew that her power was desperately needed.

Nickname: Lum

Breed: Leafeon

Gender: male

Moves: Iron Tail, Leaf Blade, Giga Impact, Last Resort

Appearance: Lum looks like any other Leafeon except that his leaves change color with the seasons and the weather.

Personality: Lum is one of the most stubborn Pokemon you will ever meet. He almost never listens to everything Isabel tells him and usually just goes off and does whatever he wants. In battle he is solely focused on his target, which leaves him vulnerable to indirect attacks.

History: Lum was stubborn as an Evee and it just got worse when he evolved. The only reason Isabel took him along is because he was one of the more powerful Pokemon they raised.

Nickname: Eve

Breed: Evee

Gender: female

Moves: Iron Tail, Take Down, Shadow Ball, Trump Card

Appearance: Eve looks like any other Evee with the exception of her eyes, which change color in accordance to which Evee evolve is around or what the environment is like.

Personality: Eve is a tomboy. She is always trying to prove herself to the Evee evolves, but they never take her seriously. She obeys Isabel in battle, but is a major showoff.

History: Eve was the only Evee left in their home by the time Isabel decided to leave, so she took her as well.

Cynic Kaka
December 7th, 2008, 2:25 PM
Sign Up: Pokémon

Nickname: Gallade

Breed: Gallade

Gender: Male

Moves: Shadow Force (the reason for this move is that he was alone for most of his life, and lived in solitude. Then, an evil team found him, and raised him. After all the hardships, he learned this move and managed to escape the team.), Swords Dance, Psycho Cut, and Stone Edge.

Appearance: In the areas where he'd be green, he's black.

Personality: Sarcastic, works for both sides, and trusts no one.

History: When he was a Ralts, he was called Ephraim. He was happy-go-lucky with his trainer supporting him all the way.. He evolved into a Kirlia when his trainer and he were in the Hoenn League. Then, during the trainer's most important battle against his rival in the finals, his trainer's sudden change in tactics (he went from defense to all out offense, and the pressure made Ephraim weaker) made him fall down out of fatigue. Then, his trainer abandoned him, and since then, Ephraim went under the name Kage (meaning Shadow), and a team under the name of Rocket kidnapped him and forced him into experimental training. He was forced to drink potions (which corrupted his body even more), they tested needles on him, which transformed his body (making his green parts black), and forced Kage to fight in colliseum-like battles. Finally, Kage learned a forbidden move (Shadow Force), used it (sending the grunts flying), and then teleported to the region of Katsu. He no longer trusts anyone, and hunts down his old trainer to this very day.

Additional information: He can talk, and jump very high. He's an antagonist of the group, and often attacks them. I'll post the battle that causes the change in Ephraim/Kage if you want.

RP Post thing: Later, I have to go to church -_-

December 7th, 2008, 7:32 PM
(OOC: Try and make your posts longer than this. This is the first post and it is mainly to introduce the setting and set up several possibilities for the other character's actions.)

"So guys, are you ready for the next town?" Isabel asked just a little too brightly.

No answer. Isabel quickly looked down at her feet and sighed. Nearly getting captured by Bounty Hunters four times in five days wasn't helping her moral either. They had hardly had enough time to let their Pokemon rest before the next attack would start... Luckily the Bounty Hunters were not able to go to a Pokemon Center either, seeing as they were probably being bulldozed by the dozens by now. But they were growing weaker, and they couldn't keep this up forever.

Isabel looked down at the map in her hands. Their next stop was Oran Valley, where they hoped to find some recruits and, hopefully, some "disposed of" supplies. It was a farming town, so there most likely wouldn't be many law enforcement officers, and there was even a chance that the new law was either being ignored or was not yet in effect in that area. But Isabel didn't get her hopes up.

Isabel looked up and saw the edge of the forest creep closer with every step, breaking into fields of farm land surrounding a small town like a donut around a hole. Isabel blinked. I must be hungrier than I thought, she realized, placing a hand on her gurgling stomach. Isabel stopped and turned to her three companions, the fourth being nowhere in sight.

"We're going to camp out here for the night," Isabel announced. "Tomorrow we'll head in and find out what damage the new law has done and hopefully scrounge up some recruits."

Maud rolled her eyes and gave Isabel a look that she found to be sarcastic and disrespectful. But Isabel was too tired to define her authority to her again. Josh bit his lip and looked longingly toward the tiny village, but quickly tore his gaze away and started into the trees in search of a clearing. Chris followed, his eyes constantly shifting to look toward Oran Valley. After his battle with them before Isabel trusted him, however she knew that with his impatience she would have to make sure that he didn't go ahead during the night.

Isabel groaned. This was going to be a long night.

Wolf in the Rain
December 7th, 2008, 7:53 PM
Yay Done! Hope Im not too late SU took forever...

Name: Chris "Koji" Eaton
Age: 16
History:Originally born and raised in his hometown of Sootopolis, Chris's father was a respected Pokemon Referee and his mother was a Referee school teacher. To follow in their footsteps, Chris was sent daily by boat to Ever Grande City to study in a private school to be a Pokemon Referee Official. However, after witnessing Steven, a local hero, battle and win against the Elite Four, Chris developed a love for battling.

Like most of his friends who left a year before to become trainers, Chris wanted to depart to Littleroot Town to receive a Pokemon from Professor Birch. Chris's parents weren't fond of the idea of him giving up referee's school, and forbid him to travel to Littleroot.
One night, at the age of 14, Chris ran away from his house in Sootopolis and took a ship headed to a port just outside of Pallet Town.

During this time, Chris went by his middle name, Koji, as he traveled around the Kanto region, collecting the 8 badges of Kanto and catching many Pokemon along the way.After passing the qualifying round for the Kanto Pokemon League Tortament, Chris began using his real name throughout the tornament, and came in the Top 16, loosing to the soon would be champion. However, this move to use his real name came back to bite him, and as soon as the tournament was over, police officials attempted to capture Chris. But with the help of a few other trainers, Chris managed to escape.

After fleeing the Kanto region to Johto, Chris decided to enter the Jhoto league leaving all of his Pokemon except for his Totodile, due to the fear that they would identify him due to his team. He then traveled through the Johto region, and was able to collect all seven badges of Johto. Later, Chris was able to enter the Jhoto League Championship with his new team and, this time, under his allibi. Chris overcame many tough battles and came in the Top 4, loosing to a trainer named Maud. After learning she was traveling to the Katsu region, Chris followed, again switching up his team.

Chris soon started traveling through the Katsu region, collecting 3 badges. However, on the day the law was passed, Chris was caught in the middle of it. As soon as he had walked out of the gym, men in uniforms stormed into the base and seized the gym leader, as well as her Pokemon. Chris had no idea what was happening, and he soon was captured. However, since his Totodile was out of the ball, it used it's Ice Beam and Aqua Tail to break the chains. Chris quickly released his Pigeot, Silver, and flew out of the town.

A while later, he looked down and saw a group of trainers fighting some of the men in uniform. Deciding to help, Chris quickly leaped off of Silver and released his Pokemon, helping to fight off the men in uniform. After the battle was won, the trainers had informed Chris they were members of a group called "the Uprising." Chris had though about fleeing the Katsu region but after hearing the motives of the group and the details of the new law, Chris decided to put his quest on hold and help in "the Uprising's" cause

Personality:Although Chris can be rash in some situations, when Chris calms down and thinks things through. he is a brilliant tactician, most likely form his years spent at Referee's school (see history). But, If someone is able to get his too mad, he may loose his head.

Most of the time he switches between phases of extremely good luck and extremely bad luck, making him a firm believer in superstition. Sometimes, streaks of bad luck can make Chris seem like a bit of a klutz and may put him in some awkward situations, especially when it matters the most. Nevertheless, things seem, for the most part, to always work out.

Chris thinks that Pokeballs are more like "jail"(s) for Pokemon and tries to keep them out of their balls as much as possible. However, since the incident, he has kept them in more often for their own safety.

Even though Chris has captured many Pokemon, he is close to each one, knowing their strengths and weaknesses. His main reason to go to the Katsu region was not to start anew like in Johto, it was for the opportunity to become closer to his Pokemon.

Appearance: Chris mostly introduces himself by his middle name "Koji" (by fear of being found out by his parents), but his close friends and family calls him Chris.

Chris is approximately 5'11, an average size for his age. He is not skinny, but not very muscular as well. He has medium-long, light brown hair that spikes up in the front, flat on the top, and with smaller spikes on the back. His eyes are always a dark shade of blue.

Chris cannot be caught dead without a long sleeve shirt or his lucky red sleeved and black hooded sweatshirt with a red pokeball design on the front. He also owns a green backpack with a pokeball on the back.

Pokemon: (I may write some chapters/posts from the Pokemon's POV but I haven't decided yet)

Nickname Dile (Di-L)
Species: Totodile
Gender: Male
Moves: Aqua Tail; Hydro Pump; Ice Beam; Bite
Appearance: Looks like a normal Totodile, except for a green stripe across his jaw.
History: Dile was Chris' first Pokemon. After arriving late from Sootopolis, Chris found that all of the Pokemon were already taken. Professor Elm, although he was studying the Totodile, sent the Totodile over through the Pc system for Chris. Dile is always a part of Chris team and has won him many tough battles with his Ice Beam attack.
Personality: Due to the time spent together, Chris allows Dile out of his ball to roam around free, but usually, Dile sits on Chris' backpack and looks over his shoulder. However, Dile has a tendency to toss things out of Chris' backpack to make himself comfortable.
Dile is probably the most innovative of all of Chris Pokemon, trying unorthodox methods to get out of situations. Dile takes criticism to heart, striving to get better no matter what. Dile is somewhat stubborn as well, if he wants something, he'll try as hard as he can to get it.
Dile has no desire to evolve into Crocanaw.


Nickname: Sakura
Species: Pikachu
Gender: Female
Moves: Volt Tackle, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Iron Tail
Personality: Sakura is somewhat protective and affectionate at Chris. If someone threatens Chris or injures him, Sakura's cheeks start to spark and she shocks the person.
In battle, Sakura's listens to everything Chris says, taking advice he gives her to heart.
History: Chris found Sakura as a Pichu in the Johto region. As Chris was walking out of Violet City, he saw a group of trainers torturing a helpless Pichu. Chris and Totodile quickly chased them away, and gave the Pichu to a Pokemon center in Violet City. However, the Pichu was grateful of Chris saving her and decided to come with him.Chris noticed the Pichu's love of the Sakura flowers and named her after them.
Soon after battling the Goldenrod Gym leader, Sakura evolved into a Pikachu.
Chris also usually keeps the Pikachu out of her ball, and it sits on his shoulder next to Totodile.


Nickname: Silver
Species: Pidgeot
Gender: Male
Moves: Agility, Fly, Air Slash, Mirror Move
Personality: Pidgeot is very loyal to Chris, obeying orders without question. However, when out of it's ball and out of battle, Pidgeot has a tendency wander off.
History: Silver was Chris' first Pokemon ever captured. Even though the Pidgey had escaped a few times before capture, Chris managed to chase it down and capture it, naming it "Silver" after a streak of light he saw in the middle of the night after he captured it.
During the battle against the Celedon Gym leader, Silver evolved into a Pidgeotto, helping Chris win the battle.
And again, before the Kanto League Championship, Silver evolved again into a Pidgeot against a rival, Gavin. Although Chris sent Pidgeot to Professor Elm in his travels in Johto, Chris recovered Silver prior to his travels in Katsu.


Nickname: Rio
Species: Riolu
Gender: Female
Moves: Counter, Force Palm, Quick Attack, Copycat
History: Rio was Chris' first and so far, the only caught Pokemon in the Katsu region. He named her after the song "Her Name is Rio", which Chris was listening to right before he saw the Pokemon.
Personality: Since Rio has only been with Chris a short time, she has a tendency to disobey orders that Chris gives her. She also likes to do things her own way, even outside of battle. Otherwise, she is a very brave Pokemon, trying different attacks and strategies and is not afraid to get hurt.


Nickname: Cinder
Species: Quilava
Gender: Male
Moves: Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Swift, Smokescreen
History: Cinder was Chris' second catch in the Johto region, finding him in the Ilex Forest as a Cyndiquil. After weeks of training, Cinder soon evolved into a Quilava. After Cinder's quick evolution, Chris was confident that Cinder would evolve again. However, much to Chris's and Cinder's dismay Cinder is having trouble evolving into a Typhosion. While making the desision to go to the Katsu region, Chris chose Cinder to try to help him evolve.
Personality: Recently, Cinder has seemed depressed due to it's struggle to evolve. He sometimes snaps at other Pokemon, especially fully evolved ones. Chris knows that Cinder will get over this, as soon as he is evolved However, in battle, Cinder tries his hardest for his dream of evolving.


Nickname: Psy
Species: Slowbro
Gender: Male
Moves: Psychic, Reflect, Water Pulse, Disable
History: Chris caught Psy as a Slowpoke, which surprisingly knew Psychic, in Fuchsia City after loosing to the Gym leader there. Chris thought that capturing a psychic type Pokemon would help him win, which it did.
On his trip to the Seafoam Islands, Psy evolved after fighting a Gyarados.
Although Chris had gave Psy a break when he went to Johto, he recovered him onto his team when he came to Katsu
Personality: Psy is a Lax Pokemon, often getting on Chris' nerves. Outside of battle, most of the time when asked a question or talked to, Psy takes a long pause then says in a quizzical voice "...Slow?". Chris has no idea if the Pokemon is trying to annoy him, or really acts this way.
Inside of battle, Psy can be a powerhouse, understanding what Chris says immediately with powerful moves such as Water Pulse and Psychic.


Pokemon at Pro. Elm's


Nickname: Slash
Species: Skymory
Gender: Female
Moves: Air Slash; Steel Wing; Metal Sound; Air Cutter
History: Chris caught Slash in Johto after it was causing havoc to a nearby town, using it's Metal sound to break windows. After the Championship, Chris gave him a break in Pro. Oak's lab.
Slash has always been a troublemaker, often tricking people by ticking them off, and when they persue, jumps out and scares them. in battle, this stratigy can actually work fairly well.

Nickname: Seadra
Species: Drag
Gender: Male
Moves:Hydro Pump, Twister, Bubblebeam, Agility
History: Chris caught Drag in Dewford Town, but he was immediately sent to Prof. Elm's. In the Johto League Championship, Drag was able to hold his own exceptionally well, helping Chris get through the Semi-Finals.
Personality: Drag has always tried to prove his worth to Chris, even though Chris knows Drag is a great battler. He tries to be the center of attencion in front of Chris, and is not a good double/group battler. Chris had just reciently traded Drag for Rio in the Katsu region.


Nickname: Magnet
Species: Magneton
Gender: N/A
Moves: Thunderwave; Thunderbolt, Mirrior Shot; Supersonic
History: Chris had recieved Magnet as a Magnetmite from Lt. Surge. The Magnetmite had appeared on LT. Surge's door about a week before. He gave it as a congratulations to Chris for winning the battle. While travelling to the Indigo Platueu, Magnet evolved into a Magneton
Personality: Magnet seems to stare out into space quite often. Sometimes it is so deep in thought, when Chris will calls it's name, it doesn't hear. In battle Magnet uses it's Thunder Wave attack to Stun it's oppponent before attacking.

Nickname: Char
Species: Charmeleon
Gender: Male
Moves: Flamethrower; Dragon Claw; Fire Fang; SmokeScreen
History: Chris caught Char as a Charmander, saving it as it was running away from a swarm of Beedrill on the way out of Blackthorn City. While at first a bit weak, When Chris entered the Johto Championship, Char evolved into a Charmeleon, increasing it's strength.
Personality: Since the evolution, Char has gotten a little too relaxed and can mostly be found with it's claws behind it's head and relaxing outside of battle. But if something disturbs him while he is relaxing, Char will burn anything and anyone with it's Flamethrower.

Nickname: Ivy
Species: Ivysaur
Gender: Female
Moves: Solarbeam; Leech Seed; Razor Leaf; Sleep Powder
History: Chris found Ivy in Mt. Mt. Moon as a Bulbasaur, lost and confused. Even though she attacked Chris at first, Ivy eventually let Chris lead her out, afterward, joining his team. During his travels in the Kanto region, Ivy evolved into an Ivysaur, which Chris was expecting.
Personality: After the incedent in Mt. Moon, Ivy has bonded with Chris exponentually, becomeing one of the most loyal, and powerful of his Pokemon. She is a ough battler and often uses her tactics in sync with Chris, using moves such as sleep powder to immobilize her opponent as she charges up a solarbeam attack.

Nickname: Lept
Species: Cradily
Gender: N/A
Moves: Energy Ball, Confuse Ray, Anchient Power, Astonish
History: Chris caught Lept as a Lileep in the Whirl Islands. After being sucked down by a giant Whirlpool, Chris was thrown into some sort of cave, filled with all Lileep. Chris couldn't help but catch one. During his travels, Lept evolved into a Cradily.
Personality: Lept likes to scare Chris and others with it's Astonish move, giving it an "Impish" sort of nature. in battle, Lept waits for the opponent to make a move first and focuses on trying to get the opponent closer so it is able to use Astonish

RP Sample: From Melancholy of the World: MD RP
"Let's go see how that Shinx is doing." Volt said trying to change the subject. The others nodded, and they all walked into the guild.

As they walked down the staircase to the main room, Volt hoped Jeremy hadn't heard what he had said. If he had, the other's might have found out that this was the same infamous Shinx that believed he was once human, and bombarded him with questions as soon as he awoke. Also, Volt wanted to be the first one to ask him any questions, mostly about Raikou. If any Pokemon had answers, it would most likely be him. Volt couldn't help but put a smile on his face. After years of searching, he had a legit lead to who he was!

When they came to the bottom of the stairs, Volt saw Chatot, another member/supervisor of the guild.

"Hey Chatot!" asked Volt "Where's the Shinx at?"

The Chatot turned to face the group "What- Oh, the injured Shinx!" replied the small bird "Yes Yes, Chansey took it down this hall, second door on the right, you can't miss it." Chatot said, pointing a wing down the rightmost corridor.

"Wait a minute Chatot..." Volt pondered, tilting his head to one side "That's...THAT'S MY ROOM!" Volt exclaimed at the Chatot

"Well" replied the Chatot "You were the one who found him. So it seemed only fit that we put him in your room." As Chatot said this, Volt thought he heard the Mudkip, Maverick, chuckle and shot him a 'look', before turning back to Chatot.

"What about the clinic? Ever think about putting him there?!"

"Clinic's full!" The Chatot chimed as his tail swung back and forth, much like a metronome.

"But...But..." Volt stammered "Arg! Never mind then. Comon guys, lets go check on that Shinx." Volt said as he motioned the group to follow him down the hall.

"I guess I'll just have to kick Chatot out of his room later." Volt jokingly whispered to the group as they walked down the hall to check on the injured Shinx.

December 7th, 2008, 8:17 PM
Beth laughed. “Why's that?”

“What?” Asked Stephen, only half listening.

Beth sighed. “Your hometown, what is it like?”

“LaRousse? Let's see... Honestly, you probably know as much about it as I do. I know more about the places I've travel through than where I live.”

Beth laughed. “Why's that?”

“Listen, Beth, or whatever your name is, I don't feel like talking right now. I'm thinking ab out something.”

Beth gave up her inquisitive approach, and left the table Stephen had been sitting at. Stephen only half noticed; he was too preoccupied. He was thinking about the poor Pokémon in this region; about his Pokémon, hidden safely, buried in the forest. He couldn't understand how anyone, especially the Government, the “good guys”, could blame, and take it out on, Pokémon for the actions of men.

Stephen heard a gurgle, his Stomach, and looked down at his plate. He had ate nothing, he'd been to busy thinking. He laughed to himself; he did that a lot. But, right after he did so, he silently berated himself for allowing himself a moment of happiness when innocent Pokémon were being mistreated. He just didn't understand it.

He breathed deeply and ate a little from his plate before he got up and approached the desk. The Pink haired lady was busy with two adults, a couple presumably, so she motioned for him to wait a minute. He watched the couple get keys to a room downstairs, and he, too, asked for a room for the night.

“Sorry hun, those love birds got the last room. I really am sorry. Do you have somewhere else you can stay?” She asked.

“Err... No. But, I'm sure it'll be all right.” He mumbled.

“Some of our rooms have extra beds in them. You could try to bunk with someone else...” She suggested.

Stephen felt a peck at his shoulder, and turned around to see Beth, the girl he'd seen earlier. “I have an extra bed. You can stay in my room if you want...”

In truth, that was the last thing he wanted to do, but he responded with, “I'll think about it.” As he turned away to go find a different roommate, Beth squeaked. “Freak.” he thought.

But, that Freak was his last resort, and since nobody else said “Okay”, he was forced too use it. When he went to their room, the first thing he did was move their beds. Her bed on one wall, and his on the wall opposite it. He sat down and his mind again raced, filled with the images of scared Pokémon fleeing from uniformed officers. But, as usual, his thought process was interrupted by the door opening.

Beth made her way to her bed and sat down. She stared at Stephen for a while before speaking up. “You must know they're not safe here, don't you?”

Stephen was surprised, so he couldn't figure it out. “Huh?”

Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Your Pokémon. They're not safe here. Neither are you. Pokémon and all activities involving them are banned. They'll be removed... or worse.”

“How do you know I'm a trainer?”

Laughing, she explained. “A young boy traveling to a far-off land by himself? What else could it mean?”

“I suppose you're right... You're not going to tell anyone, are you?”

“That'd be the safest thing to do, but maybe not the smartest thing. So, no, I won't tell anyone.”

Beth looked as though she wanted to extend the conversation, but Stephen opted not to. He was too busy thinking about how he had to hide who he was, a Pokémon Co-Ordinator, his Pokémon, and most of his belongings or risk exposure and arrest. Normally, he would've went home, but he wanted to help the poor Pokémon of this region.

He fell asleep thinking about that, as well as a newfound respect for Beth.

December 8th, 2008, 10:45 AM
Josh was staring into the fire with Twilight sitting on his shoulder. She stared at him wondering what he was thinking about. It had been a long day, of non stop travelling through this forest. Twilight didn’t like the forest, she always had the feeling that someone was watching her, but yet she enjoyed being in it for the simple reason that it reminded her of home. Her thoughts were interrupted as Josh got up, causing her to fly of his shoulder.

“I’m just going looking to see if there is anything to eat in this place,” he said, to the entire group, “our supplies are low, and I think that we should save what we have for tomorrow. If I’m not back within a couple of hours, don’t bother looking for me, as I’ll most likely be captured. Twilight, are you coming?”

Twilight quickly followed Josh as he made his way down a path, upset at leaving the warmth of the fire behind. The stared at the ground as they walked, looking for food, which was edible for humans as well as Pokemon. Soon Josh spotted some wild mushrooms, and began taking them out of the ground. She would have helped him, but noticed an apple tree nearby and so used her Tackle to knock some down.

Josh got on his hands and knees to pick up the apples which Twilight had knocked out of the tree. Twilight helped out by using her confusion to lift up the remaining apples and placing then gently in the bag. Josh smiled at her and stroked her face. Then he put his hand down, and hi face turned serious.

“Twilight, I just want you know that if ever I get captured, that I want you to escape, don’t worry about me, just get away as fast as you can.” He told her.

Twilight stared at him and then nodded, to show that she understood. However she did this unwillingly, as she knew it would break her heart. They stared at each other in silence for a minute. They stopped after the moon broke through a gap in the trees and lit up her eyes.

Then they realized just how long they had been out, and Josh began to quickly walk back, not wanting to drop his bag, whilst Twilight flew slightly to the side of him. As they walked, Twilight saw a berry drop out the bush. She flew down and picked it up, and then dropped it in Josh’s hand. Josh seeing appeared inspected it to try and find out which one it was. She saw him put it in his bag, and assumed that he didn’t know what it was.

A noise could be heard from a nearby bush, which as far as Twilight could tell startled him. They headed over to it. They looked at the bush from a short distance, and were about to leave when suddenly to red eyes appeared in the bush. Josh jumped back and ordered Twilight to use Sleep Powder on the thing. She did so, and the Sleep Powder spread out. A Ratatta dropped out the bush, fast asleep.

“Huh! Isn’t that a Poke…” Josh was cut off after some of the Sleep Powder went up his nose. Twilight noticing this used her Confusion to place Josh out of sight in the bush. Then fearing that a bounty hunter might pass by and notice the Ratatta, she placed that in the bush as well. Then she settled herself down next to him.

(OOC- If you couldn’t tell this was from Twilight’s PoV. Also I know that there may be a possibility of being separated from the group, if that happens then I’ll meet up with the group in OranValley. I do have storyline options for whether the group leaves without me or not. I’m not bothered which way it happens.)

December 8th, 2008, 11:53 AM
(OOC: Maybe it's just me, but logically, wouldn't it be better for Twilight to use Confusion to carry Josh back to the others?)

When Stephen rose from his sleep, he noticed that something was missing; Beth. Sighing, he thought to himself, “She must have already checked out...”

He got out of his bed, pulled his shirt on, and went out the door. Nurse Joy wasn't preoccupied this time, so she bade him farewell, and added, “The girl left early. She said not to wake you. Sorry if we made you late.”

“That's fine. I've got nowhere to be.” He replied, and he added, to himself, “Except the forest.”

He left, still marveling at actually having to touch the door to open it. He made his way down the worn path that acted as a road through the town, and ended up at the edge of the forest. Making sure no one was watching, he entered the dark forest, and quickly found the old tree he'd used as a guide to his Pokémon's hideout.

After a complicated series of turns and paths, he arrived at a clearing, to the side of which was a small mound of dirt, freshly dug, obviously. Smiling to himself, he dug up the now dirt-covered Poké Ball that housed his friend, Karma. After releasing the Black bird-like Pokémon and exploring a little, he heard a noise. Fearful he'd been exposed, he turned around, and gasped.

What stood behind him wasn't at all what he'd been expecting. It was a Heracross, probably wild. He didn't want a Heracross, and even if he did, his want would have been overshadowed at finding a wild Pokémon in Katsu, running free.

Regardless, none of these emotions stayed for long, as the Heracross lunged at him with it's powerful physique. Luckily, his reflexes sharp, and he was able to dodge. Not only that, but Karma now stood between the antagonistic Heracross and Stephen, so he was protected. All the same, he disliked battling, so he let out a loud sigh. But, he knew Karma wouldn't back down; it wasn't in his DNA.

Starting things off with an Aerial Ace, Karma lunged with blinding speed at the Rhinoceros Beetle Pokémon. Shockingly, the Heracross was able to grab Karma inches from his chest, mid-flight. Karma, shocked, wriggles free, and tries again, with the same result. Eventually, Karma got bored of being caught, and landed by Stephen's left foot.

“Can't you do any better?” A giggling voice from behind him says.

“Beth?! I thought you'd left... for somewhere.”

“This is somewhere, isn't it?”

Not amused, Stephen continued, “Is that your Heracross?”

“Yes. I've had it for a while now. You're Honchkrow couldn't do anything against it!”

“We, err, don't battle much. I'm a Co-Ordinator. Brute strength isn't beautiful.”

“You're still here, so I can assume you're troubled about the plight of the Pokémon here. If you want to help, you're going to have to get much, much stronger.” She replied, bopping her head to inaudible music.

“Maybe. It's all so confusing. Why can't things be simple?”

Mocking his voice, she replies, “Why can't things be boring?”

Even though she was making fun of him, he knew she had a point. If one 'positive' adjective were applied to everything, a different 'negative' adjective could also be applied without changing the situation.

“See you later, Chris.” She calls, walking off.

“...My name's not Chris!” He yells after her.

Turning around, laughing, she replies, “But you look like a Chris. Therefore, you are Chris.”

As usual, Stephen stopped to think about what she just said, but quickly realized she was just messing with him.


After Karma was safely hidden away again, Stephen made his way back to the Center. There, for the first time since arriving, he saw a familiar sight; an injured Pokémon being given to Joy. But, there was something wrong. Uniformed officers were there, yelling.

“Your center will be demolished soon enough, lady! Pokémon are to be removed; you're a criminal!” Yelling the man on the right.

“Maybe, but until then, GET OUT OF HERE! Thank you.” Joy responded.

“You'll regret this. Interupting a Police investigation, and interacting with Pokémon and items related to them. Those are warrants for arrest.” Said the man on the left, noticeably calmer tharn his partner.

Out of the corner of his eye, Stephen notices Beth rise to her feet, reaching for her Poké Ball hidden in her backpack. Silently, he pleads with her to not expose herself, and luckily she, by some chance, doesn't have to interfere. Vowing to return, the men leave. As soon as the door closes the trainers that had been to scared to say anything cheer for Joy.

Stephen approaches Beth and asks, “What happened here anyway?”

“The men saw the boy with the injured Pokémon run in here. They were trying to take it away, but Nurse Joy wouldn't let them take it, even after she'd healed it. Basically, she was protesting the Anti-Pokémon attitude of Katsu.”

“Isn't that dangerous?”

Beth didn't say anything; she didn't need to, it was a rhetorical question. But things like that are exactly why he didn't bring Karma here.

After waiting a while to approach Joy to get something to eat, he stared out the window to watch for any sign of the return of the men.

(OOC: I think this ending is much better, don't you?)

December 8th, 2008, 2:02 PM
Isabel sat with the rest of the group around the campfire, silently staring into the flames with one hand gently stroking Fay's purple coat. Isabel had all of her Pokemon out, because this was most likely the last time they would be out in a while, and they were playing around in the trees. Well, Eve was. The rest were just being annoyed by her.

Josh also had his Pokemon, Twilight, out and sitting on his shoulder like a Bird-Pokemon. He shifted, forcing Twilight to fly off.

“I’m just going looking to see if there is anything to eat in this place,” he announced to them, “our supplies are low, and I think that we should save what we have for tomorrow. If I’m not back within a couple of hours, don’t bother looking for me, as I’ll most likely be captured. Twilight, are you coming?”

Josh and Midnight turned and began making their way out of the clearing.

"How dramatic," Isabel muttered. She turned to Fay an looked into her soft eyes. "Go follow him and make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble."

Fay stared back at her a moment before slipping from under Isabel's hand and silently rushing down the way the two had just gone.


The boy and Butterfree stumbled around aimlessly as they searched for food, occasionally reaching down to grab something or picking something off of a tree. After what seemed an eternity, the two seemed to have realized that they had been out for over an hour and decided to turn back, abruptly turning around and almost stepping on Fay's tail.

Fay's tail twitched and she looked around, sensing a Pokemon about to use an attack. The boy had just placed something in his bag and was now staring into a bush with two red eyes gleaming out of it. The Butterfree cast a line of Sleeping Powder toward it and a Ratatta fell out, asleep. The boy breathed in some of the Sleeping Powder as well and passed out. The Butterfree, having heard someone's approach down the road, dragged the two into the bushes with Confusion.

Fay silently prowled over, appearing out of a bush next to the Butterfree. The Butterfree seemed to be surprised, but did not attack. Without a word, Fay sunk her teeth into the boy's shirt and began to drag him back to the clearing. The Butterfree assisted with Confusion and they quickly made it back to the campsite.

"He fell asleep?" Isabel asked with a laugh. Fay placed a paw on his chest, preparing to wake him up, but Isabel shook her head. "Let him sleep. We need him to be ready for tomorrow."


"How do you feel about that new law. It's kind of extreme, isn't it?" Isabel casually asked a man sitting in the restaurant of the inn.

"Extreme? We should have gotten rid of those pests a long time ago," the man said coldly, standing up abruptly and dropping a handful of money onto the table. "Not extreme enough, I say."

The man stomped out of the restaurant. Isabel slammed her fist on the table and stood up. She walked over to Josh, who sat at the counter with a cup of coffee, still recovering from the Sleeping Powder, and sat down next to him.

"It's unanimous," Isabel sighed. "Half the town thinks the law is the greatest thing since sliced bread and the other half doesn't know what to think."

Isabel looked around the restaurant again and spotted a boy with brown hair who she hadn't spoken to yet.

"I'm going to go talk to him," Isabel whispered. "You stay here and... do whatever it was you were doing before."

Isabel walked over to the table and flashed the boy sitting at it a smile.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" she asked, and before the boy could answer, she plunked down into the chair across from him.

Isabel looked him over for a moment before speaking. "The weather here is crazy. One minute it's sunny and the next it's raining like no tomorrow. It's not like this back in Chipper City," Isabel sighed and looked out the window longingly as if wishing she were back home. She knew that if she could battle half as well as she could act, they wouldn't have any problem with the Bounty Hunters.

"Well, anyway," Isabel turned back to the boy and met his eyes intently. "What do you think of that new law? Pretty crazy, right?"

(OOC: sorry this is awkward, I just didn't want the night to take any longer than it had to.)

December 8th, 2008, 2:21 PM
After sitting there, staring at the window, for half an hour, Stephen was interrupted. An average height, Black haired girl approached him and asked, “Do you mind if I sit here?”

Obviously, she didn't care about whether he wanted her to sit there or not, because she sat down before he could answer.

The girl started casual talk, “The weather here is crazy. One minute it's sunny and the next it's raining like no tomorrow. It's not like this back in Chipper City." and then focused on the window.

Stephen instantly noticed she was deep in thought, but remained silent; urging her to continue the conversation before he joined it.

She stared at the window for a few more seconds, and then focused back on Stephen, possibly correctly interpreting what he wanted her to do. She continued, “What do you think of that new law? Pretty crazy, right?"

“So that's it. She wants to know my alliances.” he thought. Without taking his eyes of the window, he started, “Those who blame Pokémon for the actions of men are the ones that should be exterminated; not the innocent Pokémon. Wouldn't you say so too?”

For the first time, he turned his head toward the Black haired girl, and awaited her response. He wasn't sure what it would be; but he was afraid that he'd shot off his mouth to the wrong person. He waited, unsure if he should have brought Karma along. “No,” he decided, “If I get into trouble, Karma will be safe. Beth could get him for me. I wouldn't risk his safety, not now.

The girl still hadn't responded, and by now she was looking at him quizzically. He hoped she hadn't noticed his preoccupation with his thoughts.

December 8th, 2008, 2:31 PM
“Those who blame Pokémon for the actions of men are the ones that should be exterminated; not the innocent Pokémon. Wouldn't you say so too?” the boy asked, staring out the window.

Isabel's insides flipped for joy for a moment, but she held her indifferent stare. She looked him over for a moment, mentally cataloging him and attempting to read his expression. Isabel leaned back with a half-smile printed on her face.

"That's exactly what I say," Isabel said, quickly reading his expression for hostility or anything of that sort, but she didn't see it.

Isabel leaned forward and stared him deep in the eyes. "Look, come with us. I can't tell you anything, but I'll tell you later."

Isabel abruptly stood up and leaned down to hug him in the most lovey-dovey ditsy girl way she could possibly muster.

"Act natural," she hissed in his ear.

Isabel reached down and took his hand in hers, walking out of the restaurant and babbling on to him about her home town. It was even driving her insane. One by one, the rest of the group inside the restaurant got up to leave, each heading toward the clearing in a different direction. They had found a recruit.

December 8th, 2008, 3:31 PM
After seeing Isabel leave the restraunt with the boy, Josh looked at the clock and jumped up and hurried out the center, as if he was late for something. After he got outside, he made note of the direction Isabel was heading in, so that he wouldn't take the same route.

He walked over to the nearest newspaper stand, so that he could find out what was happening in the world. Despite it being only a short distance, he noticed that many people were giving him dirty looks, and began whispering to one another.

'Why are they all looking at me like that?' He thought to himself, 'Is it because of the way I'm dressed?' He didn't know the answer, and usually he'd remain calm in a situation like this, but he couludn't shake of the feeling the feeling that something wasn't right.

When he got to the stand, he bought a newspaper, and began to walk to a bench to read it. Before he could reach it a man bumped into him and sat on it.

'People seem to be getting ruder and ruder.' He thought to himself. He looked at the cover, and saw a headline which read 'Urgent News on Pokemon, Pages 6 & 7.'

He turned to the pages and almost dropped the newspaper when he saw what was on it. A picture of the group, a few days old, was printed at the top of one of the pages, with artists drawings of them below. A passage read:

'Have you seen these children? If so immediately contact th authorities. Due to the fact that they have been involved with Pokemon and causing traumor to travelers', What? he thought and then read on. 'One man from the scene had this to say "They attacked me with no good reason, and robbed of with all my belongings..." This quote continues on the next page. Remember they're wanted; DEAD OR ALIVE...' Josh stopped reading at this point, he needed to warn the others. He headed into the woods, taking the long way, in case anyone followed.


Meanwhile, two men sitting on a bench stare at Josh as he heads off into the forest.

"Are you sure it's him?" One man asks the other, he nods in reply.

"Did you put the tracker on him?" he asks, and again recieves a nod for a reply.

They get up and start following him, whilst looking at a screen on their watches.

(OOC- Obviously the newspaper is wrong, people just wanna make us look bad. Also I'm very unlucky, being put to sleep by my own pokemon and may end up leading bounty hunters into the camp. I may loose them, may not, but after this I'll wait a bit before returning, so we don't have to leave staright away -_^)

December 8th, 2008, 4:29 PM
Half-smiling, the girl replied, “That's exactly what I say.”. Suddenly serious, she continued, “Look, come with us. I can't tell you anything, but I'll tell you later."

Her next action surprised Stephen, but he quickly understood the motive. She hugged him in a lovey-dovey, almost comical fashion; and whispered in his ear, “Act natural.”

She grabbed his hands, and talking about things of little importance, walked out of the building. He still wasn't sure if it'd been a good idea to tell her, but knew it was a worse idea to cause a scene, so he didn't resist as she lead him away from where the restaurant.


At the clearing, the girl introduced herself as Isabel, or, more preferably, Is.

“Stephen,” He introduced himself. To be on the safe side, he decided, I'll get Karma. “Listen, I'll be right back.”

Giving her the same courtesy she alloted to him when asking to sit down, he started running toward a nearby clearing that he knew Karma was buried in. He didn't change his path at all, merely jumping over anything in his way. When he got there, he was out of breath, so he paused before digging up Karma's Poké Ball. He stood up, and heard rustling behind him.

“Is, I told you I'd be right back. You didn't need to...” He began turning around.

It wasn't Is. Instead it was someone else he'd come to know, Beth. She, too, was out of breath.

“Your... new... friends...are in... trouble.” She said, in between deep breaths.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“These men. They saw your friends in the newspaper, “Wanted Dead or Alive for fraternizing with Pokémon and theft. I doubt the latter is true, but it's a reward. No one cares whether it's true, they just want the money.” She explained.

Alarmed, Stephen stuffed Karma's Poké Ball in his pocket and, without a word, took off running back toward Is, with Beth behind him. When they got back, out of breath, they waited. They explained the situation to her, and after a few introductions, they were all apprehensive. You could tell from their faces that no one doubted that they'd have company.

(OOC: Sorry about the minor bunnying, I just wanted to lengthen my post a little, so I used the most general, most logical interactions as I could think of.)

December 8th, 2008, 5:27 PM
Wow never realized u guys got that far while i was in school xD

Ok ill start mine:

Drake could feel the wind rushing past his face as he ran for his life. His limbs started to become heavy, and the extra weight Sparky put on his shoulder wasn't helping.

"Hold it right there boy!" More shady figures appeared from the bushes next to him. How many do i have to outrun? Drake was getting tired by now. He had already outran the first five people, but with the newcomers there was a total of four people chasing him.

Sparky started using thundershock in an attempt to lose Drake's pursuers. Without looking back Drake lunged into the forest entrance. Finally he was in home territory. After taking a couple of twists and turns he dove under a broken tree, and hid himself in the brambles. He could hear a distant pounding. "THUD" .... "THUD" .... "THUD". Drake held his breath as the men ran past him. As soon as he was sure they left he went out of the forest.

It took him a couple of minutes to run to his house. His mom wasnt there so he helped himself to a diet coke and ran upstairs to change. "Why would these people want to capture you so badly?" He asked his pichu, Sparky while dressing. Sparky responded with a quick "Pich, Pich, Pichu" Sparky must have been as confused as he was.

There had been a lot of things going on lately. As Drake sat down on his bed he started to wonder about all the events that have occurred. Two weeks had passed since he took Sparky in his team, but he had already gotten into more trouble he had in the previous thirteen years. First he and Sparky overloaded the town's generators. The shady figures now worked with the governor, so Drake didn't feel sorry one bit. Every time he'd shown up with his pichu there was a chase going on. Once one actually released a pokemon, Drake remembered it as a gigantic crab. His comrades then quickly dragged him into an alleyway and could hear them shouting. Apparently the man shouldn't have shown his pokemon in public. Drake knew his parents were getting worried, because lately more shady figures have been rampaging the forest, near their ranch. Drake just didn't know what to do, and Sparky joined him on the couch. Looking in sparky's eyes, he could see they had more experience than a baby pokemon like that should have. With a last glance at sparky, Drake fell into a deep sleep.


Euhm how bout u guys stumble into the village in your travels and recruit Drake? You may bunny him if you want to

(how long should it take for drake to join u guys?)

December 8th, 2008, 5:43 PM
((OOC: School kills all RPers... >_>;))


Maud was sitting on a large and rather convenient rock in the clearing with Jester when Stephen suddenly came back. She had been quietly scratching him behind the ears with a calm look about her. He simply tilted his head and thumped his shaggy tail every now and then, a perfectly peaceful and content puppy. However, that calmness was shattered the moment the boy came back (with a girl who hadn't been with him before). Noticing the urgent look about them both, Maud sat up and moved her hand away from her Pokemon. Jess licked her glove with his warm pink tongue, eyes growing wide as he noticed the tension in the air.

So... she thought silently as the news was given, We get a newbie and the first thing he's got for us is trouble. Meh. Then again, it ain't as if it's his fault the government o' this region's so against Pokemon... And now they've gotten to accusing us o' stealing and offerin' rewards. Ha! They just keep gettin' more and more pathetic...

Of course, Maud wasn't really afraid of the government. Not yet, at least. She was a particularly skilled trainer, and her Pokemon were more than willing to fight alongside her, even at the risk of death. And no, she wasn't afraid to have her Pokemon attack these twisted, crazy law-enforcers if it came to that. Hell; they were practically asking for it; the Pokemon-hating freaks! Anyone who would go around exterminating Pokemon because their government told them to deserved a Flamethrower or two. At least, Maud thought so.

Hopefully, though it wouldn't have to go that far. It'd be much easier to run, and it wouldn't provide another excuse for newspapers to portray them as criminals and up the reward a bit. ... Not that they couldn't expect them to say their Pokemon had attacked innocent people anyways. But at least it wouldn't have to be true if they could just get outta here before anything happened.

"Right... So, are we gonna try to leave now, or... are we gonna stick around here anyways?" she asked the whole group.

It was a bit of an obvious question, and perhaps it had an obvious answer, but Maud figured it needed a direct response before anything could really be done. Of course, these 'men' could be arriving any second now, which would make the whole question pointless. Jess whimpered slightly and looked up at his trainer with worried eyes. Maybe he understood the situation; maybe he just caught onto the feeling of it all. Either way, he knew something bad was about to happen.

Wolf in the Rain
December 8th, 2008, 7:16 PM
OCC: A little late I know; and Pie, Yes, School is hell for RPers.

Chris walked through the woods with Sakura and Dile on his shoulders, quietly humming to himself. He knew the group had to be close to the Orange Valley and wasn't about to sleep in a damn tent while they could walk another mile to get to an inn. During the commotion with Josh, Chris and his pokemon quietly slipped out into the woods. He had done this before and just assumed Isabel knew that he would meet them there.

Chris was a bit disappointing in the uprising though. He thought there was going to be more action, like on the first day the law was passed. However, all they were doing was searching for new recruits in some god-forsaken town in the middle of nowhere.

"Pi Pika Pi!" interjected Sakura, interrupting Chris' train of thought and pointing her paw at a building in the middle of the forest.

"Sweet! An inn! Heh, those guys should've came with me." Chris said, basking in his self glory

As they approached the building, both Dile and Sakura seemed relieved that they were going to have a place to sleep. A light was on upstairs, meaning that someone had to be in.

Getting closer, the light illuminated a sign, which read "Wolfston Ranch". Even though (to Chris' dismay) it wasn't an inn, this worked in Chris' favor. It was unlikely that these people would give up their Pokemon and their livelihood for this new law, and they were far enough out in the woods that no one would bother them.

More confident, Chris started to walk around the house to the front door. However, something that Chris saw made him dart back around to the side, hugging the wall. Two men dressed in black had approached the house. Luckily, they hadn't seen Chris or his Pokemon.

"Looks like we got the action we were looking for guys" Chris muttered to his Pokemon.

Noticing a window, Chris carefully opened it and leaped through. As soon as he had hit the floor, he heard one of the men yell into the house, "Open up son, we know you're in there. Give up your Pichu quietly and we won't hurt you or punish you."

<Yeah, right> Chris thought to himself.

"Umm hold on!" Chris answered, signaling for Dile and Sakura to stand on either side of the door.

"You better open this door right now, or will break it down!" The other man threatened.

"I'd like to see you idiots try!" Chris shouted back.

One of the men kicked down the door, sending it flying off of it's hinges. As they rushed the house, Chris noticed they were carrying two taser-guns, which could send 1,000 Volts through your body, knocking you out instantly. Immediately, they had pointed both at Chris.

"Where are your Pokemon!" One of the men yelled

"Heh, you mean the ones right behind you? Dile, Aqua Tail! Sakura, Iron Tail!"

Before the men had a chance to turn around, both Dile and Sakura leaped into the air, and with a spinning motion, hit both of the men in the back of their heads, knocking them out.

"Good work you two" Chris said to his Pokemon "Let's go."

Remembering the light he saw, Chris darted up the stairs, slamming the door open.

(OCC: Draco if you haven't figured it out already, this is your ranch. You can write a post up w/ permission to bunny my Char. After introductions/etc./etc. wanna just fly out on Chris' Pidgeot (Silver) to the town? I was gonna have him do something foolish like that anyways.)

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December 8th, 2008, 7:21 PM
(OOC: maybe Drake should find them during the fight..?)

Isabel's expression darkened. Men had approached the area where Stephen had left her and told her to stay, but by the time they reached her position, she had faded into the forest. Was it possible that this Stephen was trying to trick her into getting captured. She wasn't so sure, but she had jumped on the aspect of having a new member a little too quickly...

"Do you know where those brats are?" one of the men asked impatiently.

"I don't know," the other snapped. "But when we find them, I don't want to have to deal with taking them all back alive."

Isabel saw him draw a knife and look into the metal blade with a devilish grin. So, they wanted them all dead now. It crossed her mind that the members captured before may have been killed... but she brushed that aside, knowing that now wasn't the time to worry.

"But the reward's doubled if they're brought back alive," the first man reasoned.

"Well," the second man shrugged and continued to examine his knife. "We'll just keep the ones worth the most money alive and kill the rest. That'd be the best way. All those thieves deserve to die."

So, we're thieves now, Isabel felt rage build up inside her.

Isabel turned and silently made her way further into the forest. She reached down and took out her seven Pokemon, releasing all of them. Isabel bent over and scooped up Eve and placed her on Fay's back.

"Go back to camp," Isabel whispered. "Try and warn the others. But if it looks like you're going to be captured, run away. Disappear into the forest and never let them find you. Do you understand me?"

Eve looked up at her with fearful eyes for a moment before laying her head down on Fay's back, while Fay stared into Isabel's eyes for a moment before slipping into the woods.

"You are coming with me," Isabel addressed the remainder of her Pokemon. "But if you disobey me, not only are you endangering yourselves, you will be endangering me, the Uprising and everything we've worked for. You'll be leaving the door wide open for the new law to take out each and every Pokemon in this region, including you. So don't disobey me!"

The four Pokemon nodded to her and obediently walked up to her. Isabel turned and began following the way the two men went, hoping to take them down by surprise. The Pokemon trailed behind her, each sensing the battle ahead.

Fifth time in six days, Isabel thought bitterly.

December 8th, 2008, 8:00 PM
Out of the corner of his eye, Stephen saw a faint flash of Red. At first he wasn't sure if he'd imagined it or not, but he eventually convinced himself he hadn't. Without a word to anyone. He started running in that general direction, gradually slowing. Coming to a stop, he sent out Karma and sent him on ahead; to scout for others.

After a few minutes, Karma returned, motioning, in a way Stephen had no trouble undetstamding, that a girl was up ahead. Beth had said it was men that were after them, but it was still stupid to be careless, so he proceeded silently. As he continued, he noticed the path getting more and more worn down; they were nearing the trails in the woods. But, he knew no one would be out here. The only travellers were trainers; which were practically nonexistant.

Eventually, he thought he heard footsteps, several of them, up ahead, swerving further and further to his right. So, he took an immediate sharp right turn, and eventual angled himself to gradually go toward the sound; their paths making a circle.

As he rounded out, he hid in a particularly dense path of trees. When he saw who he'd been trailing, he was relieved, it was just Is. He stepped out from his hiding place, and Is, still preoccupied with not making a sound, didn't notice him.

(OOC: The vague Red flash was you releasing your Pokémon, in case you didn't guess.)

December 9th, 2008, 4:48 AM
Isabel saw Stephen out of the corner of her eye and kept walking, pretending as though she hadn't seen him. Was he the one after all who lead the men to them. Isabel paused and turned to look at him. But she hadn't felt anything about him that would suggest he do that.

Umi, sensing Isabel's distress, leapt forward with her teeth bared, snarling at Stephen as she stored up energy for Dark Pulse.

"Stop, Umi," Isabel hissed.

Umi backed up grudgingly and stood beside Lum, whose fur was bristling up as well. Isabel stepped forward and snatched Stephen's arm, her fingers constricting around it until her knuckles turned white.

"I don't know who you are," Isabel growled, staring directly into his eyes with intensity. "But you're going to help us. And if you give me so much as one more reason not to trust you, they," Isabel gestured to the four Pokemon behind her, all of whom looked ready to attack, "will be hunting you down. Do you understand me?"

Isabel dropped his arm and continued forward along the way the men had gone, listening to the rustling of leaves as Stephen followed. If he hadn't been leading them to the Uprising... then who was?

December 9th, 2008, 9:52 AM
Josh was lost. He had taken a longer route to camp, hoping to loose anyone who may be following him. He sat down on a log to rest, and sighed. He looked up at a tree, and saw a marking on it, which he had seen earlier.

“Oh that’s just great.” He whispered to himself, “Not only am I lost, I’m travelling in circles.” He then began to think of the others, hoping that they were safe and no one followed them. He decided to get up and thought to himself, ‘Better give it another go, if I was quitter I wouldn’t be a member of the Uprising would I?’

Josh reached into his back pocket and felt around for Twilight’s Pokeball. He knew it was in there somewhere, amongst the change. That was when he felt something strange. He pulled it out, and saw that it was a cylinder with a flashing red light. He knew what it was; he had seen one during their last encounter with Bounty Hunters. He stared at it, knowing now that Bounty Hunters were following him to camp. Angry with himself, he dropped on a stone and crushed it with his foot. He reached back into his pocket and released Twilight.

“Twilight, we need to get back to camp,” he told her, “Please can you show me the way?” Twilight stared at him and then flew off into the forest. Josh quickly followed, not wanting to loose her. He had to jump over stones, run around trees and go straight through a small river. ‘How much longer?’ he thought to himself. He tripped over and fell into the clearing where they had camped the previous night.

Josh slowly stood up and looked at the empty camp. Twilight perched herself on his shoulder. “I’m sorry guys,” he said, knowing that they couldn’t hear anyway, “This is all my fault.”

“Yes, it is” said a deep voice from behind. Josh turned and backed off as a man walked into the clearing, a knife in his hand. Josh didn’t hear what he said next; as he was too busy looking at the moving bush behind him. A Ratatta popped out, saw the man and jumped onto his leg, digging its teeth into the man’s flesh. The guy shook it off, and threatened it with a knife.

Josh could have escaped then, knowing it would have been the smart thing to do. But was it the right thing to do. No, it wasn’t, he remembered the day he joined the Uprising and vowed to protect all Pokemon.

“Twilight, use Tackle!” he shouted. The man turned, and Twilight smashed into his stomach. He collapsed, grabbing his stomach. Josh looked at where the Ratatta was standing moments ago, and was pleased to see that it was gone.

“Brat, you’ll pay for this!” said the guy, still clenching his stomach.

“We’ll see.” Said Josh, who then began to run through the forest in search of the group.

December 9th, 2008, 1:49 PM
Stephen regretting exposing himself; he'd left her and now there were men. Pretty incriminating, and he knew that. But, when her Umbreon jumped out to attack, he knew it'd be even worse to defend himself; it'd prove her right.

Luckily, protectiong was unneccessary. Is commanded, apparently grudgingly, “Stop, Umi.”

The black mamallian Pokémon backed away towards the other, obviously apprehensive Pokémon. Stepping forward, Is grabbed Stephen arm and spat, “But you're going to help us. And if you give me so much as one more reason not to trust you, they," motioning to her Pokémon, “will be hunting you down. Do you understand me?"

Throwing down his arm, she continued further and further away, with Stephen following. Stephen, to himself, thought, “Maybe it was incriminating, but I did nothing, and get the blame. Maybe her accusing attitude is why this group is so small...?” Then, realizing Is had stopped, he too stopped, but, unfortunately, that meant he was only a couple of feet from the hostile Pokémon.

He peered through the gaps in the foilage and saw two men; one laying on his back, resting, the other holding a Purple and Red thing in his hand. What the man had sickened Stephen; a Rattata with a deep knife wound theough it's back, still oozing blood. But the sickest part of the scene was the man, smiling.

Stephen couldn't take it. He wasn't truly aware of anything other than a desire to take the Pokémon away from these, creatures. They weren't men; no man would do that to a Pokémon. He circumnatigated the clearing they were in, to get to tehir blind spot. He was just about to summon Karma to attack, when he felt someone grab his arm, preventing him. Turning around, he saw who it was.

It was Beth. “Don't be stupid. Fight if you have to, but don't be rash.”

Jerking his arm out of her grip, he grasped the ball from his Poké Ball and tossed it out. The Bird Pokémon, stayed quiet, awaiting orders.

“Wait,” Whispered Beth, “Before you expose your hiding place, are you sure you can beat them in one shot?”

She was right. He probably couldn't beat them with one attack, and if he failed to do so, he'd be exposed. He didn't know what to do; he just sat there. Looking back at where Is lay hidden, he was able to make out her eyeing him suspisously, still unsure of his motives. He knew that it'd be better to be together in case they were spotted; they could fight together.

So, he continued around the clearing until he gotten back to his starting point. It was with melancholy he realized risking exposure by circumnavigating the clearing had done nothing for both them and the Rattata. He wasn't sure if she hated Rattata's in general, or if she'd had more experience in not being overwhelmed by her emotions, but, still, Is sat there watching the men.

Wolf in the Rain
December 9th, 2008, 1:52 PM
OOC: Practice is canceled so I'll just go ahead and finish, sorry guys we'll catch up soon...

Chris ran through the door where the light was coming from, closing and locking it shut. Dile and Sakura we tightly gripping his shirt with the fear that they'd fall off. Looking around he saw a boy, about the age of 13, sitting up on a couch in the corner of the room, with a frightened looking Pichu on his lap.

<So, they were after this kid all along.> Chris though to himself.

"Wha- Who-" the kid stuttered obviously confused about everything going on.

"Later, not now." Chris interrupted "There's gonna be more. Me and my Pokemon made too much noise taking them out, which means we're getting out of here."

"We?" The kid replied

"Sure, you won't last 5 seconds alone with that Pichu. Where's the light switch" Chris asked

The kid pointed to a switch near the door, and Chris turned it off. He then hurried over to the window. Looking out, he saw more men dressed in black heading to the house.

"Damn, we've go to go." Chris said, reaching for a ball on his belt "Silver, come on out!"

With a flash of red light, Chris' Pidgeot, Silver, came out of it's ball stretching it's wings.

"Comon kid, get on, more of them are coming" Chris told the kid

"I don't even know who you are! And, my parents..." The kid said, looking down

"Ok then. I'm Chris, a member of the Uprising and you.." he paused, grabbing the kid and pushing him onto the Pidgeot "...are coming with me. Unless you want to give up your Pichu."

The kid shook his head

"I didn't think so." Chris said smiling. Just then, a voice came from downstairs.

"Damn! Someone get these two outta here! We'll search the upstairs"

"Dammit! They're here." Chris cursed under his breath he quickly jumped onto Silver's back "Lets go!"

With one flap of his wings, Silver crashed through the window, sending shards of broken glass to the ground below. As they headed in the direction of the town, the sun was just coming up over the trees.

"Phew" Chris said with a smirk on his face, "Close one, huh kid?"

"But, my parents..." the kid said, looking back to the house

Chris' smile soon faded, and all went silent.

December 9th, 2008, 2:05 PM
(OOC: Ok i made a new post, my old one was trice as long xD but anyway nice escape"

Drake cursed as he saw the people running through his house. This random kid just stormed in and took him away. What bout his parents, he kidnapped him and also saved him, what to do? Gathering up his nerve Drake was just about to say something when chris asked:
"Wutcha name?

Feeling relieved that chris said it in a friendly way drake replied "its drake, whats this whole uprising thing?"

He could see Chris had a serious look, he seemed to be just three years older than drake, but he had a huge pidgeot, and there were two strong pokemon on his shoulder

"We protect people and pokemon like your Pichu there, you got yourself in a lotta trouble, kid"

Drake felt angry, this guy was about 16 but still called Drake a kid, that had always been his weakness

"Well nice protecting, next time warn me before you shatter my window and kidnap me!"

He could see chris getting angry, but he managed to get it under control. "It was for your own good!"

"Whatever, Drake turned around, and now saw his ranch on fire, tears formed in his eye corners, but he didnt cry, he just grabbed a bag of chips, ate it with pichu and then watched the forest below him.

After a couple of minutes he decided to give a bag of chips to chris who gladly accepted it.

By every beat of Silver's wings Drake got further away from his home. He looked at Sparky and decided they had better stay with Chris. It was what Drake had worked for the last month so he might as well go with it. "yeah... we can join the uprising...." He muttered to Sparky "..yeah... then i can go back to mom and dad...." Suddenly Drake cheered up and asked chris how long it was gonna take them. Chris didn't know, but said he was glad Drake joined them. Together they flew on Pidgeot towards Oran Valley

(OOC: Ok so this post is just introductions, and Drake made up his mind)

December 9th, 2008, 2:42 PM
Isabel peered from her hiding place in the brush. Now there was a girl with Stephen, but apparently he had stopped him from doing the rash idea that had formed in his mind. He walked back and kneeled down beside her. Isabel turned to him.

"Now you know why we fight," Isabel said softly, turning to look back at the dying Ratatta. "This is happening all over the Katsu region, and we're the only ones who can stop it."

Isabel shifted and turned to her Pokemon. "On my signal," she said to the four of them.

"On my cue, go run to get Josh," Isabel told Stephen. He looked like he was about to protest but Isabel raised her hand to cut him off. "We need him. He can't get separated from us. As long as he's alone, he's vulnerable."

Isabel heard the men laugh in the camp sight and her suppressed emotions welled up inside her and she turned to her Pokemon and nodded. Lum was the first to burst out of the brush, driving toward the two men. Flareon was the next out, her tail glowing as it grew hard as steel. Jay jumped out as well his fur bristling with energy. But Umi came out, a dark expression on her face. She prowled toward the two surprised men, dark energy emanating out of her form. Isabel suddenly wondered if the men would survive...

December 9th, 2008, 3:09 PM
Drake could finally see Oran Valley after 2 hours of flying. He could hear chris muttering to his totodile about taking longer on foot, and other uprising people, but Drake didnt take much notice. Luckily for him Drake still had his backpack on when Chris burst into his room. There fore he still had most of his important stuff, and enough food for 2 days.

Silver landed before the main entrance into Oran Valley, and as Chris put silver back in his pokeball; Drake peered into the city. Oran Valley was huge; well at least huge for his standards. He was just about to tell Chris but Chris had already moved on.

Drake struggled to keep up as Chris ran to the Oran Inn. Should he have told Chris he had drinks in his backpack? No, it was too late now.

Chris ran into the Inn and Drake followed soon afterward, the Inn was bigger than his ranch, and he could see at least twenty people eating their meals. Drake paced forward and saw chris discussing something with the owner.

Drake didnt know what it was about so sat down and ordered a pepsi.

(OOC: Do u want to continue this? Starting with the conversation and asking if Chris' friends are there? (the owner might be part of the uprising) )

December 9th, 2008, 3:12 PM
Josh began to slow down; he knew that he couldn’t keep running like this. He eventually slowed down to a walk, but knew that he couldn’t stop moving. He had been running for a while now, but there was no sign of anyone from the Uprising. He kept asking himself the same three questions; where are they? Have the Bounty Hunters caught them? Are they even still alive? Josh carried on, hoping that the worst hadn’t happened. Twilight, who had been flying alongside him suddenly collapsed, Josh guessed from exhaustion and hunger. He reached into his bag and pulled out an apple for her to eat. She nibbled at it quietly, very slowly regaining her strength. It took her a bit, but still she finished it.

Josh decided to carry her for a while, as she didn’t look much better. Normally he would have put her back into her Pokeball, but decided not to, in case he needed help.

Unexpectedly the forest echoed with screams. Josh believed that they belonged to his companions, the Uprising, his friends. He collapsed onto his knees, tears filling his eyes.

“What have I done?” he shouted, before breaking down into tears. Twilight looked sad also. Josh believed that it was over.

(OOC- I know it isn't long, but I didn't know what else to add to this one.)

December 9th, 2008, 4:05 PM
“No, you're wrong.” Stephen said, turning around. “We're not the only ones who could save them. We're the only ones that see them as worth saving.” With that, he took off sprinting in the opposite direction, carefully memorizing the landscape as he went.

After several minutes of sprinting, he heard a boy's voice shout, “What have I done?”, and assuming it was Josh, qucikly changed his direction towards the voice. When he arrived there, it was empty. Nobody there, but realizing he couldn't have gone far, Stephen looked around. Hearing a slight crunching of grass, he ran a few yeards forward, and found a boy he recognized as being one of Is's friends. The Blond-haired boy stood with a Butterfree; the boy looked like he was on the verge of tears.

“Are you Josh?” Waiting for the boy to slowly nod his head, Stephen continued, “Come with me.”

Stephen started running back the way he had came, with Josh way behind him. Stephen tried to stay in his line of sight, but it turned out to be harder than he thought. Every few minutes, he'd have to stop and wait; Josh wasn't even running, he was just walking, possibly lost in thought.

When they finally got back to the clearing, they looked for Is. She wasn't there; but looking around, they saw one of the men, the one laying down before, was still there. As they walked closer to him, they noticed he wasn't breathing; they couldn't see his chest rise and fall. He was dead.

Stephen understood. After he left, one of her Pokémon had killed one of them, and the other must have fled and Is is trailing him. As he thought about it, he realized an alternative; After his partner was killed, that one captured Is and she's now captive. He hoped that wasn't the case.

(OOC: This is really short. Sorry, but I didn't think extending the traveling scenes would be very entertaining, they'd just be a monotonous bore. Something else I noticed, the meeting with Josh is very ackward.)

Wolf in the Rain
December 9th, 2008, 5:06 PM
OOC: Gud post :) thanks for the intro's; I gots an idea to catch up to the group.

After Chris and Drake had entered the inn, Drake had immediately sat down and ordered a Pepsi. Chris hoped he had money, because CHris was about to use the rest of his. Drake's Pichu was hidden under his shirt and Dile was hidden in Chris backpack. Out of the fear of seeing the men again, both Chris and Drake agreed to hide their Pokemon until they knew for sure that it was safe.

As Chris walked up to the bar, which the manager was behind, a poster behind the bar confirmed his suspicions. It had a picture of Isabel on it along with the words "DEAD OR ALIVE for thievery, Law Breaking, and Murder

<Hmm. Murder's a new one> Chris thought to himself as he leaned on the bar. Reaching down, he pulled out a hunting knife out of his bag that he had swiped from few bounty hunters long ago. It had a jagged edge as well as a smooth one. Chris expertly twirled it around in his hand as he turned to the manager.

"Seen that one anywhere?" he said, placing $40 on the bar sliding it to the manager. Once he had his attention, Chris gestured to the picture of Isabel, "She's worth a pretty price, not a bad face either."

"Good luck with that one, mate." The bartender replied placing the money in his pocket, "She was seen here a while ago, but two blokes already ran after her."

"Yeah, I've been with them for a while... good friends of mine. You know where they went?" asked Chris, still trying to play the bounty hunter role.

"Into the north end of the woods, mate."

"Thanks." said Chris, placing the knife back in his bag and turning back to the table where Drake was sitting. The kid had just gotten his Pepsi and was about to take a sip.

"Comon kid, lets go meet up with everyone else."

Both Chris and Drake walked out of the inn, still hiding their Pokemon as they walked through the town, and headed into the forest. Once there, Chris released Sakura from he ball, as well as Dile from the backpack. As both Pokemon climbed onto Chris' shoulders, they began their search for the rest of the team.

OOC: Short Yeah, but now my Char has a way to know where you are at least :)

December 10th, 2008, 10:09 AM
Josh was following the boy which Is had recruited earlier. He wasn't paying much attention as to where they were going, but thinking about his friends. 'This wouldn't of happened if I hadn't bought that newspaper, or even joined the Uprising!' thought Josh. Soon they arrived at a clearing, and the boy appeared to be looking for something or someone.

Josh was going to ask what he was looking for, but saw that he staring at something. He followed his line of sight, and saw a man, probably a bounty hunter, lying there. They walked over too him and saw that he chest wasn't rising, he wasn't breathing; he was dead.

Josh began to panic. He knew that someone else had been here, as he could see a set of footprints larger than anyones in the group, leading away from camp. Was everybody ok? If they are where are they? Theses questions and many more began to flow around his head. He looked at Twilight, whom he was still carrying, and saw a very sad look on her face.

Turning his attention to the boy, he said "Are the others ok?" he didn't know if he would answer, but he knew that one way or another he'd soon find out.

(OOC- the boy is Pantera's character, i call him that because my character doesn't know his name yet. Also the first part of my post is like the ending to his, just from my perspective)

December 10th, 2008, 12:30 PM
Drake groaned as he tripped over a branch.

"Careful there, kid" Chris responded while walking ahead.

They had been walking with haste this whole time. Sparky seemed to like it tough, and together with Sakura he ran around, hid in bushes, and climbed up trees. It seemed that dile didnt really like all the dryness, and was playing around in Chris' backpack.

Drake didnt know why Chris had such haste, but since he was going to be part of the uprising he gathered his nerve and asked.

"Where are we going?"

"To look for the others in the north of the forest"

"Oh.." Drake had not expected such a straight forward answer. It seemed Chris really trusted him after all.

"What are they like? The others?" Drake had always wondered what the other uprising people would be like.

"Well, first there's isabel, who is strong and smart, but she can be dangerous at times together with all her eeveelutions. Then there is Josh with his butterfly, twilight, he's also bright like Isabel. Finally there is maud, her pokemon can deal quite alot of damage. That about rounds it up tough they might have picked up a few extra recruits by now." Chris seemed worried when he said the sentence, and Drake guessed he was wondering about his friends.

"Oh, ok..... eveelutions?" Drake didnt want to sound stupid, but he had never heard that word before.

"You know, the evolutions of eevee" Chris' expression changed when he saw Drake was clueless.

"Eevee's can evolve? At my ranch they always stayed eevee."

"Thats because they need certain requirements to evolve, for example you give it a thunder stone, it becomes the thunder pokemon jolteon."

"Cool!" Drake never knew that there was that much to pokemon. "So, does eevee also become a grass type?" Drake thought eevee's were cool, and would they be even cooler as a grass type?

"Yup, just train them near moss, grassland or those types of areas" Chris was amused by all the questions Drake asked.

"An eevee which i can evolve into a grass type, hmmm ..... i'd like to catch one of those next time"

Suddenly the grass rustled ahead and Dile, Sakura, and Sparky all took up a defensive line.

(OOC: ""An eevee which i can evolve into a grass type, hmmm ..... i'd like to catch one of those next time"" What do you think thats gonna lead to? ^^ btw. Its up to u guys who jumps out of the bushes, Josh, or, Isabel, Steven, and Maud? Maybe its even a pokemon one of us could catch its up to u guys.

December 10th, 2008, 1:36 PM
Fay sensed her trainer up ahead, along with the remainder of the Evee-evolutions. She began heading that way when she sensed another presence. It was familiar... and it was searching for something.

"Where're you going, Fay?" Eve asked from her back.

"Quiet, Eve," Fay whispered, silently gliding through the trees toward the soft mutter of voices up ahead.

Fay peered out of the bushes to see a brown-haired boy whom she recognized as a member of the Uprising. He was walking with another boy who she couldn't recognize. The two heard the bush she was in rustle and they jumped into a defensive position, planning to attack. Fay slipped out and stared the brown-haired boy in the eyes, trying to communicate to him to follow. She then turned to return to the bush and head in the direction of her trainer.

December 10th, 2008, 2:54 PM
Drake almost got a heartattack when an Espeon jumped out in the open. He was just about to order Sparky to attack, when Chris suddenly stopped him.

Drale wanted to protest, but then he saw the look in chris' eyes and knew that this pokemon was ok. Chris followed the pokemon, and Drake quickly scurried after him.

"Drake Hurry up!" Chris yelled impatiently. Chris was now running after the Espeon, and Drake ran with them until at last they came to a clearing with a lone girl standing there.

December 10th, 2008, 4:03 PM
Isabel stood in the clearing and waited for Umi to finish. She had returned all of her Pokemon except for Umi, who refused to leave until she was done with the man.

Umi held the man down with one paw as she released Dark Pulse into him. The man squirmed against the strength of Umi's dark thoughts. After fighting for another minute, he shivered and went limp. His chest did not rise again. He was dead. Umi lifted up her paw and walked over to Isabel, who took out the Poke Ball and returned her without a word.

Isabel kneeled down by the man and took the knife that had been cast aside by her Pokemons' moves. She placed it in her bag and took the billfold from his pocket and put it away as well. She had already murdered. Stealing was nothing compared to that.

Isabel heard a branch snap behind her and she spun around, preparing to release Umi again and allowing another Poke Ball to roll down her sleeve. Isabel lowered her arm and smiled bitterly when Chris emerged from the brush, followed by a black-haired boy with a Pichu. The boy stared at her with wide eyes and Isabel gave a hollow laugh.

"So that's where you've been all day."

December 10th, 2008, 4:51 PM
"Yeah,turned out bounty hunters were trying to get this kid's ranch" Chris acted like he had known her for a long time.

"So is he strong?" The girl had a tone that sent a chill down Drake's spine

"Well, hes got a pichu which is pretty strong at its level" Chris replied

"Is that so? We'll have to train him later" The girl studied Drake, and Drake did the same. Suddenly his eyes filled with terror as he knew who she was. It was the bounty girl, the murderer one. It was then that Drake saw the body next to her. The man's chest wasnt rising.

"Use thundershock now!" Pichu unleashed a powerfull shock at Drakes commnd.

As if she had been waiting for him to say that, the girl moved her sleeve, and after a bright red flash, there was a dark pulse countering his thundershock. After a big explosion he saw Sparky lying next to him, and in front of the girl was an umbreon.

"Umi, Return" There was another flash "Dont be reckless kid, im with the uprising"

"uh what?" Suddenly Drake knew who the man next to her was. It was a bounty hunter. That explained why Chris knew her.

"Thats right, now follow me, we've got alot to talk about." And with a wave of her hand, she left

December 10th, 2008, 6:04 PM
(OOC: Now, I'm fine with you bunnying my character and I think wolfsrain is too, but don't do it to other characters without permission (I think you did for this as well, this is just a friendly reminder). I'm going to bunny your characters in this post, so I probably shouldn't be talking :) Hmm... and no offense for this first line either)

What a stupid boy, Isabel shook her head as she ran back toward their camp. Why did Chris run off to get him?

Fay quickly caught up with Isabel and she couldn't help but laugh. Eve was clinging to the Espeon's back, grinning up at her with deep purple eyes.

"What's the Uprising all about?" the kid asked, struggling to keep up with her pace.

"Not now," Isabel said sharply. "I don't want to explain everything twice, so just be patient!"

The boy fell silent behind her, and they continued on without speaking until they fell upon their campsite. The first body still lay where she had left it. Isabel stepped over him without a second glance and walked over to where the Ratatta had been dropped. She kneeled down beside it and reached into her bag, taking out a large diamond-shaped Revive. She held it up to the Ratatta and it flashed. The Pokemon immediately opened it's eyes and tried to get up to run away, but found that it was still too exhausted to move. Isabel took out Potion and sprayed it on the gash on the Rattata's back, immediately healing it most of the way. Isabel smiled when the Pokemon jumped up and, with one last glance back at her, disappeared into the trees.

Isabel looked up and saw Josh and Stephen standing on the other side of the clearing. Isabel inclined her head.

"Pick it up. We're moving out."

December 12th, 2008, 4:25 AM
(OOC: alright ill remember that ;p sry i forgot to ask about yours and i think i asked wolfsrain, btw this is gonna be a short 1 cuz i have to go to school in a couple of min)

Drake looked around in what appeared to be a camp. He followed chris, and sat down around a campfire. Was this were they were going to stay? All it was, was a campfire with some sleeping bags, and backpacks, but its better than nothing.

"Pick it up. We're moving out." Drake could hear isabel talking to two other people.

"Already?" Drake stood up again. His legs were tired and what he really needed is a rest.

Luckily he still had all his stuff on, and while the other two people packed theirs, he walked over to isabel, looking for an explanation.

December 12th, 2008, 9:06 AM
The members of the Uprising immediately began packing up the scarce items from the campsite. The new boy with the Pichu walked over to her with a questioning look on his face.

"We're heading to Crystal City," Isabel explained, returning Fay and Eve to their Poke Balls. "When we get there, we're gonna see if we can intercept a transport of Pokemon and supplies. They're bound to have those posters there, too, so I'm going to need to get a makeover on the way."

"A makeover...?" the boy asked, even more confused.

"Look!" Isabel said, exasperated. "I'm the leader of the Uprising. We fight to protect Pokemon. The government doesn't like it, therefore I'm wanted. Therefore, I need to change my appearance. We're all wanted, actually. But I don't think they'd be able to recognize you yet."

The boy didn't look very comforted by Isabel's last statement. Isabel ignored him and quickly bundled her sleeping back and slung it over her shoulder.

"What's your name, kid?" Isabel turned and asked the boy.

"I'm Drake," he said. "And this is Sparky."

"O....Okay," Isabel replied, fighting off a laugh. "Well Drake, you've got quite a journey ahead of you. Are you up for it?"

December 12th, 2008, 10:30 AM
Josh was glad that they were leaving this area of the forest and heading for Crystal City, because he didn’t like the place anymore. The bounty hunter thing was affecting him badly, despite the fact that no one was hurt.

Twilight was sitting in a branch of a nearby tree, staring at her trainer. Josh knew that she was affected by it as well, and they both knew that if anything had happened to one of the group, he could never look at any of them in the eye again.

He knew that he would have to tell the others sooner or later, but decided to choose the later option. He then began to think of ways that he would tell them, or if there was an appropriate time.

However he was excited about going to CrystalCity, hoping that his experiences there would be more enjoyable, and that it’d be a nice place. Then again, places like that don’t exist anymore. Not since the new laws anyway.

Twilight picked an apple of a nearby tree, dropping it in Josh’s hand. He smiled at her, and she landed on his shoulder. He took a bite from the apple knowing that things could have been worse.

(OOC- This is to basically show how the guilt is affecting him. I’m still thinking of ways for him to tell people, but it should be soon.)

December 12th, 2008, 5:55 PM
(OOC: Ok, im am not gonna list your changes as i have no power over that, so ill stop this post soon)

Drake picked up sparky and followed isabel out of the camp.

Crystal City!, he heard that was a gigantic place, before the pokemon were taken away it used to do competitions. Drake couldn't remember, but its where pokemon fight certain strong people with a certain type of pokemon. He heard his dad talk about them; was it a contest? No a contest was for a ribbon. hmmm what was that name?

While Drake was thinking, Sparky poked him in the eye, and he forced away the tears that formed in it. Sparky poked him again, and when Drake looked up, the others where already gone.

"Pichu, Pichu" Sparky ran ahead, and Drake followed him. Soon he stumbled upon the others, who where waiting by a big tree with annoyed looks.

Embarressed Drake lowered his head.



"Nothing" Drake suddenly remembered it was a contest. He wondered what it would be like. Soon he got bored of imagining things and started observing their environment.

He was counting birch trees, when isabel suddenly stopped at a crook.

"Whatcha doing?"

Isabel couldn't stop her laughing now, and replied "I told you, a makeover"

Drake sat with the others while Isabel changed her complete appearance.

(OOC: Like i said, it is not up to me to change Isabel's appearance :P)

December 12th, 2008, 8:54 PM
Isabel could feel her teammates staring at her, but she tried to ignore them. She slipped the knife and a bottle of temporary hair dye from her bag and placed them beside the stream. She looked at herself in the crystal water, trying to picture a variety of options for her new appearance. Isabel chose one and picked up the knife. She took hold of her hair and promptly chopped off five inches. After evening out the edges, she tucked the severed locks in the front pouch of her bag, assuming that her Flareon would burn it later.

Isabel dipped the remainder of her hair in the stream and rubbed in the coloring. She rinsed it out and looked at her reflection. Though her hair was darker because it was wet, Isabel could see blonde streaks showing up as it dried. Isabel smiled and placed the items back in her bag.

"Let's go," Isabel said with a smile, rubbing her fingers through her hair. "It's not the best disguise... but it'll do."

Isabel shouldered her backpack and lead the way toward Crystal City, already sensing the temperature change as they traveled further north.

(OOC: She really couldn't do anything drastic, lol. Hmm... this would be a great time for someone to rejoin the group *nudges iLike2EatPiez* Unless you had a different entrance in mind ^.^)

December 13th, 2008, 12:01 PM
((I've been called? :P))

Maud was lucky to have found the stream that the group had stopped by for a moment. Otherwise, who knows how long she would have been wandering about in the woods? (Well, Ann could easily have guided her with her psychic senses, but still...) And, it was also lucky of her that the very burden who had gotten her into this mess let out an excited bark in the direction of the others. So it was only a matter of following the stream in the right direction that separated Maud from the rest of the Uprising. First it was Isabel who came into view, doing something with her hair... Cutting and dying it, probably. She was smart; any sort of disguise would help her escape suspicion. Of course, Maud hadn't even been there to see what happened back at the clearing...

"Hey, err... everyone?" she greeted in a rather uncertain tone. She blinked, gussing an explanation for her absense would be the best thing to give them, so to start she lifted a finger and pointed at the Poochyena that was held securely in one of her arms. Jess curled his lips into an aoplogetic grin. "Sorry I was gone for a bit; this guy just sorta ran off into the woods... I dunno if he was chasin' something or just being strange, but I was running around looking for him for quite a bit. Either way... I overheard something about goin' to Crystal City?"

Really, Jess probably darted off for reasons beyond the obvious... Especially considering there didn't seem like anything for him to chase after. Darting about was one of the strange things he did every now and then, for no apparent reason. Maud's mind went slowly to the idea of his supposed 'brain condition', but quickly she shoved that away. There were, admittedly, more important matters now than just her Poochyena. If she'd heard right when she first approached the group, they'd need to be getting to Crystal City.

December 13th, 2008, 2:34 PM
Isabel looked over Maud and then the Poochena in her arms. She didn't see anything on Maud's face that could give her reason to believe that she was lying.

"Yes, we are," Isabel said sharply. "But make sure your Pokemon doesn't do anything like that again."

She began walking again and glanced down at the compass in her watch to make sure they were still going north. Crystal City was supposed to be only a couple miles away from Oran Valley... Or was it further? Isabel sighed. She would need to purchase a new map when they got there.

"We need to get our stories straight," Isabel said to the team. "We don't know what Crystal City's like or how the new law has affected it, so we need to be prepared. We all have to say that we live in this region, because really only trainers would come to a new region. You decided to come to Crystal City for work, to visit family, whatever. Just clear it with me before you go broadcasting it around and make sure NEVER to screw up you story. That would raise suspicion, which is the last thing we need."

The small group continued on for a few hours. Several conversations were started, but quickly died and left them traveling in silence for most of the time. The temperature dropped as they continued on and it soon grew dark. Finally, Isabel dropped her bag.

"We're going to have to camp here tonight and reach Crystal City tomorrow," Isabel said. "Make sure to stay warm. We can't afford having any of you getting sick."

December 13th, 2008, 3:12 PM
Josh set up his sleeping bag away from the others. He still didn’t trust himself, and was afraid that he might say something about what he did. Twilight was sleeping next to him, twitching in her sleep. He stared at her for a while, slowly drifting to sleep. He closed his eyes and drifted off, hoping for a good nights sleep.

‘He opened his eyes, it was midday and he was floating above the forest near Oran Valley. What! How was this possible? He looked below and saw his body, which appeared motionless was this height, was lying in a pool of dark liquid. He flew closer, and saw that he was lying in a pool of his own blood. Twilight was locked in a cage next to him, screeching wildly. A bounty hunter was standing next it laughing evilly. He heard screams and so drifted of it that direction. He arrived in an opening, and saw Isabel being forced into a cage. Some of the other members were in cages as well; the others lay dead on the floor. The bodies of dead Pokemon were scattered across the ground.

Everything turned black, before he appeared in an unfamiliar place. He wasn’t floating or anything like that. He was standing in a street; people were walking past on both sides. He looked straight ahead, and froze at what he saw. His mother was standing a few metres in front of him, pointing a finger at him and mouthing the word “You!” she then began to storm towards him. He turned to run but was too late, she clutched his arm saying, and “You’re coming home with me!”’ Then he woke up.

OOC- The first is what may of happened if the group wasn't warned, the second is a preminition sort of thing.

December 13th, 2008, 7:43 PM
(OOC: Wow kewl story :P)

Drake couldn't sleep that night. He kept twitching and it seemed pichu was in the same state. He grinned, tomorrow was a big day.

He kept reciting his story i his head. He kept changing it around, until finally he came up with one to his liking.

He walked across camp, spying on Isabel to see wether she was awake. She wasn't, and he realized the others were sleeping too. He decided to just head back to bed, as he lay down he realized how tired he was, and fell into a deep sleep.

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December 13th, 2008, 8:27 PM
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"Okay, here's what we're going to do."

Isabel handed out a piece of paper to each of the members along with a small pencil.

"I need you to go purchase the items on your list," Isabel explained. "But I also want you to write down anything unusual you observe. We'll meet back here at six o' clock and figure out what to do for the night."

The team broke apart and approached Crystal City, each entering at a different place. From what Isabel could recall, Crystal City was a big trading city, so travelers wouldn't arouse too much suspicion... she hoped. This mission was so simple that nobody should manage to mess it up. But that's also what she thought about Shadow Valley. Isabel shivered and pulled her hoody tighter around her. She hoped that she had remembered to put warmer clothes on one of the lists.

She made her way to the middle of the city, passing by numerous people happily chatting away, not giving Isabel so much as a second glance. Nobody seemed to be very affected by the new law, which probably meant that they weren't searching for anyone who was breaking it. Isabel smiled to herself and ran her fingers through her short blonde hair.

Isabel passed by the store windows, pretending to browse, all the while glancing around. Is she here, or not?

December 13th, 2008, 9:16 PM
Ashi finally sat down on the cold snow in her new hiding place, it didn't bother her that much, despite her clothing. The only thing she had thrown over her vest was a thin coat. It wasn't much, but it kept her as warm as she needed to be.

Today had been like most days she had spent in Crystal City, wandering the back streets looking for suspicious activity. Of course, she knew that the gym was where most of the 'action', compared to the rest of the town, would be going on in there, but she would risk her Pokémon and her life if she just stormed in there without any backup.

The rooftop she had decided to rest apon was out of site, in the shadows of two slightly taller buildings. Although she could not be seen, she could see the entrance to the gym and both paths that lead out of the city.

Sighing, Ashi released her youngest Pokémon, a Glaceon. It shook it's body and lay next to her in the snow, enjoying the cold against her fur. Ashi fell back into the snow, letting it wet her hair and back. It was cold, but it was a relief to a hard day's work. After a good 5 minutes rest, she sat back up and studied the town.

A teenager entered the city, shivering at the cold. That wasn't unusual, kids constantly came through town. A lady on a bench sat down next to her child in a pram and started to cry. Also not unusual, people were disappearing by the second lately, and Pokémon even faster. Another teenager entered the town. And another. And another. Although there was some delay between each of them, they all seemed to be clutching a piece of paper and searching for something.

After a few teenagers after that entered, the same puzzled look on their faces, Ashi finally recognised one of them. Isabel was her name, Ashi knew her from a while ago when she first joined the Uprising. Isabel wandered into the centre of town, also with the same look on her face. She was searching for something. Or someone. And Ashi knew exactly whom.

Isabel looked into a window just below her, and Ashi knew that was her que. She quickly returned Lone into her PokéBall and swiftly climbed down the side of the building fast enough to jump right in front of a startled Isabel.

"Izzy. Long time no see,"

December 14th, 2008, 5:14 AM
Isabel looked over her old friend and laughed.

"Close, it's Lizzy," Isabel leaned closer and whispered in her ear. "At least here it is."

Isabel's expression turned serious and she stared at Ashleigh's vest.

"Do you still have the..." Isabel reached out for her vest and flipped one side open slightly. Sure enough, the silver star was still stitched into it. Fight for the right.

"Enough of that," Isabel released the fabric and placed her arm around Ashleigh's shoulders. "You get the honor of showing me around today and tell me what's going down. I only have a couple hours left. It took incredibly long to get here."

Ashleigh, of course, knew exactly what Isabel meant by "going down."

(OOC: if you didn't already, look at my post about Crystal City)

December 14th, 2008, 6:39 AM
Ashi nodded, almost smiling at her pun.

"Walk and talk, Lizzy," Ashi guided Isabel through the backstreets, pointing subtly at various things along the way. "They've used the sewers. They have various entrances not only right in front of out faces, the pot holes, but also the gym and a few shops here and there. It's a simple yet effective process. It's the reason the town is so 'quiet'. Be on your toes."

It felt funny to talk again, Ashi hadn't spoken for at least 2 days. They stopped at a park bench, looking as normal as they possibly could be. Although, most of the work the exporters did was underground, they still had what they called "plain clothed officers" wandering the streets.

"Warn your new recruits, it's important. Best place to hide is above. I have several safe spots if you need a place to stay. Sharp eyes, Liz, sharp eyes, like always. Keep your Balls hidden, mine are a good example," Ashi flicked her own disguised PokéBalls tying down her hair.

"Now tell me, what have you been doing the past few days?"

December 14th, 2008, 7:03 AM
The city, Crystal City, looked strange and dangerous. Unlike the heavily technological advances in LaRousse, the city was far behind; and far more people. It was probably the biggest city he'd ever been to, and he couldn't wait to leave, but doubted the others felt the same way.

List in hand he headed out in a random direction to find its contents, as Is talked to a girl she clearly must have known. After traveling for about ten minutes, he thought about something. He had no money, and he'd have to get it from the ATM feature of his PokéComm, which was a trainers tool. Standing in the shadow of a building, he withdrew several thousand bells from his account.

He continued “window shopping” for a while, occasionally buying something from the list. During this, his mind was free to wander, “The Uprising is doing the Just and Honorable thing. But we're only a couple of people against the entire region...? That's more than unlikely, it's astronomically so.”


After collecting the last item, he checked the time and realized he was running late; it was Six O' Four, and he still had to go back. He stopped for a second to evaluate the situation, and realized he was hopelessly lost. Worse yet, it was a busy part of the city, so he couldn't using the GPS feature on his PokéComm, so he was totally and utterly lost.

Not wanting to rouse suspision, as 15-year-olds staring into space often do, he started walking in another random direction. He found, at the back of the city, an old Pokémon Gym. Staring at it, he saw movement inside, and he decided to go in.

He started to grab the knob, but stopped. He realized that the Gym would be the first place wanted trainers would go, and they probably did to, so he backed away.

As he walked back toward the heart of the city, which he knew the general direction of thanks to the Gym, he decided to count the movement and possible motives as suspisous, and wrote them down. It was a large town, it took a while or them to come into view. “I knew it,” he groaned, “I'm the last one...”.

December 14th, 2008, 7:17 AM
(OOC: Sorry about the bunnying. If you don't like it, I'll gladly edit it.)

"Oh you know," Isabel said, reclining back on the bench. "Went to Oran Valley. That was a barrel of fun. You should have been there. Met two very nice men there, but Umi didn't like them very much."

Ashleigh seemed to catch what Isabel was saying and nodded. Isabel looked around. The city seemed very quiet. There were no wanted posters plastered on windows and she hadn't seen one sign of the new law being put into effect except for the absence of Pokemon. Everyone seemed content here...

"What else have they been up to?" Isabel asked. "Has there been any move to further their operations toward Bounty Hunting?"

Ashleigh glanced around for a moment and stood, motioning for Isabel to follow her away from the park. Isabel carefully plastered an excited expression on her face, hoping to hide the curiosity. She stood up and began to follow when the back of her neck tingled. Isabel turned around and scanned the different faces, but didn't find anything unusual on any of them. She turned around to follow Ashleigh once more and the sensation returned. Isabel quickened her pace, not allowing her expression to show her thoughts, but the tingling just grew. Something was definitely going on here.

December 14th, 2008, 9:22 AM
Drake was completely lost. He had been walking through this big city for hours. It was about twelve times the size of his old village, and he had no idea what to do. He sat down on the side walk, ignoring the agonizing wave of cold that went through his body. The two pouches of money dug into his sides. One of them was his life savings, and the other was the money Isabel gave him. He looked at the list; there were seven items in total.

After scanning his surroundings he moved forward to a small kiosk, and bought a map of the city. After getting three of the items he got some lunch for him and Sparky, and together they ate it in an abandoned warehouse. As he walked out he saw a truck drive by. He took a glance in the back window and gasped at what he saw. About a dozen boxes, filled with red and white objects. Pokeballs! He started running down alleyways; chasing the truck.

Drake was getting tired after the first mile, his legs were worn out, and after five more minutes he collapsed. So much for finding the truck, he still had four things on the list so he decided to do those things first.

By sundown he had all the stuff, and he still wanted to buy some for his own. He passed some stores until he reached an army store. Walking inside he could see many kinds of weapons. He was gonna need something if he were to survive. After looking at several of the items, he tried a katana. The katana was similar to a hunting knife and longer than his arm. Finally he decided to go with the katana, which used up three-fourth of his savings. With the rest of his savings he bought himself some new clothes, some food, and different tools he might need later such as rope, chain, hooks etc. He put the katana over his shoulder, and under his backpack, then he put his vest over it. This way he could draw it, without other people noticing it. Then he walked outside

The sun was almost down, realizing he was late, Drake sprinted down the city. He had to tell the others about the truck.

December 14th, 2008, 9:41 AM
Josh stared at his list, it was only small, but he still had no idea of where to get them. He trudged through the snow, looking in shop windows hoping to find something from the list. Walking was hard, as people barged into you from all sides. ‘They need to sort this place out.’ Josh thought to himself.

He kept walking for ages, finally finding something from the list; Warm Clothing. He carried on walking for ages, not seeming to be able to find anything else. He was looking in the windows when he saw a familiar one. He sighed, knowing he was walking in circles. The streets weren’t as busy anymore, and he looked around trying to spot any Uprising members.

A sudden gust of wind blew the list from his hands, and so he quickly chased after it. The wind blew it on to a rooftop, and he knew he wouldn’t stand a chance of getting it. He looked forward and froze at what he saw. His mother was on the phone several metres ahead of him. ‘This can’t be happening!’ he thought, before turning and heading of in the opposite direction, hoping she wouldn’t spot him.

Wolf in the Rain
December 14th, 2008, 11:42 AM
Chris walked through the crowded streets of Crystal city with a balled up piece of paper in his hand. As his passed a trashcan, he threw it, bouncing it along the rim and in.

"And boom goes the Dynamite" Chris joked to himself. From his bag he hear a sigh. Chris turned around and hit it, hinting for the Pokemon inside to stop the noise. Dile, not liking it's ball very much, had taken to hiding in Chris' backpack when traveling.

He had to wonder what everyone else was doing, especially the kid. To Chris he seemed a bit... fragile. Even though he had the guts to try to fight Isabel, he was knocked out in 5 seconds flat.

Continuing down the street, Chris noticed how depressed the city was. Maybe it was just the snow, but in Kanto and Johto, every city was alive. Sure, most people seemed content, but you could see in a few eyes, the loss of a friend was effecting them. Chris knew that if he every lost any of his Pokemon, he would be devastated. He could only imagine how these people must have felt when they lost all of theirs.

Turning into a back alley, Chris' mind became silent, sullen with the thought of that happening to him. As Chris turned down the connecting street, Dile suddenly exclaimed "Toto Toto!" poking his head out of the bag and pointing own the street. Chris, hearing this turned his head and shoved Dile back into the bag. Fearful that someone might see him. However, upon inspection, the street was deserted, as if everyone had just vanished from this part of the town.

As Chris walked down the street, he noticed that all the stores were boarded up. Peeking into a window, he saw aisles and aisles of empty shelves. "Dile Totodile!" Dile said as he, again, poked his head out of the backpack.

"Dile!" Chris hissed at the Pokemon "Comon quiet down!" However this time when he turned around, he saw what Dile was pointing at. A red sign and Pokeball on the doors determined it was a PokemonCenter.

Quickly, Chris walked over to the center and tried to open the door, but it seemed to be stuck. Chris took a step back and gave the door a kick, sending it flying open and slamming against the wall. It wasn't the perfect entrance that he had opted for, but it would do.

The PokemonCenter, not surprisingly, was empty and a thin layer of dust lay on the counter. jumping over it, Chris took a look around the backrooms. After finding nothing, Chris headed back to the from. However, a glare caught his eye. Turning to the source, Chris saw a Pokeball sitting under the desk! Grabbing it, Chris noticed a crack in the top of the ball, but he didn't care, and attempted to call out the Pokemon inside. The ball opened, only to reveal nothing but an empty ball. The Pokemon inside had already been "Harvested".

Chris threw the ball against the wall and watched it shatter, before collapsing against a wall.

<Why...> He thought to himself as Dile came to comfort him <Why am I doing this. Our chances are all but astronomical. A group of bloody teenagers taking on the God damn Government... God, I must be insane. Dammit! I couldv'e escaped... I could be in Hoenn getting my badges, but instead I'm risking everything for people I don't even know. Why the hell am I doing this...>

Dile tugged against Chris' shirt worryingly. Chris looked down at the Totodile "But I've gone through the same thing as these people are going through now..." Chris said to himself, remembering the day when all his friends set off to become Pokemon trainers, and he was forced to stay at his home and forbid to ever become one. His dreams felt crushed that day. The kids of this city, even this whole region were going through the same thing. He couldn't let anymore people feel this way. People had always helped him fulfill his dream of becoming a trainer. After the Kanto Championship, trainers and even his biggest rivals had helped him escape. They didn't turn their backs on him, and Chris could not turn his back on these people.

Standing up with a renewal of optimism, Chris stood up allowing Totodile to crawl into the backpack and proceeded to walk to the exit of the center. But embarrassingly tripped over a electrical cord.

Wincing in pain, Chris got up, his eyes following the cord. It stopped in the back of a PC. Chris quickly ran over and pressed the power button on the PC. It flashed once then the main screen turned up. He quickly contacted Elm's lab, where his Pokemon were being held for him, and asked one of the assistants to send over his Charmeleon, Char, in exchange for Cinder. Happy with the exchange, Chris opened the door walked out of the center, only to be met with a collision with another person.

Getting up and rubbing his head, he saw another member of the group, Josh, doing the same.

"Slow down Josh. It's not a race of who can get back to camp the fastest."

(OOC: Yes, ending is rushed. It was becoming to long and I was running out of time. And yes Mira, I found a way to switch Pokemon :) [even if it is rushed])

December 14th, 2008, 1:30 PM
(OOC: I hope its ok i used "beat his ass" i wanted to emphasize the fact that Drake was disappointed and frustrated by the gap in power"

Sundown had passed by the time Drake reached camp. Nobody had arrived yet, which ment he could have stayed longer.

Drake looked at Sparky "urgh, i guess we didn't have to rush"

"Pich, Pichu" Was Sparky's response. Since there was nothing left to do but waiting, Drake decided to train.

"Come on Sparky, we're going training." Sparky ran over to him in response, and after Drake put down his backpack, he walked over to a seperate clearing.

He grabbed his katana, and started inspecting it closely. There were greek glyphs inscribed in the side, and the shopkeeper told him they meant hope.
The sword was forged a long time ago, but Drake was surprised by the accuracy. The handle fit him perfectly and was easy to maneuver, the guard had a shape, which somehow made the sword more aerodynamic, and the blade was thin, swift, and strong. Now he didn't have to rely on his pokemon that much. He had thought about getting a weapon ever since Isabel beat his ass when he first met her. He realized Sparky still had alot to learn, and meanwhile he had better protect himself.

"Sparky, use thundershock repeatedly!" Sparky unleashed a thundershock which burned a hole in a tree. "Great job Sparky" Drake was happy that Sparky's training was getting along.

"Keep doing that, it should improve your stamina" While Pichu unleashed multiple thundershock's, Drake tested out his sword he grabbed the hilt, which was wrapped in red cloth, and swung the dark black blade.

"Whoosh" The blade cut through the air, and Drake spun around. He swung it far harder than he thought. After slashing some wood, and practicing some moves, Drake started inspecting the sword again. It was super thin, but i hadn't broken. Suddenly he realized why this blade was so strong. It had been forged with pokemon! Now Drake understood the details, a strong fire pokemon must have supplied the heat for the forge.

Drake decided to practice with Sparky. "Come on Sparky, a showdown!" Sparky jumped off the tree he was sitting on, and shot a thundershock at Drake. Sparky purposely kept it a weak one, but Drake made sure to get out of its way. Kicking off from a tree he lunged at Sparky, who easily dodged. Drake had expected this and nudged his blade up, tapping Sparky in his stomache. Sparky fell over and shocked Drake's arm. A wave of pain jolted through his arm, and he countered. After ten minutes of sparring he signaled to Sparky to stop, and together they rested. His arm felt numb, but it seemed none of them recieved any major damage.

"Great job, that last shock almost got me"

"Pichu Pichu" Sparky replied in delight.

Together they walked back to camp and sat there for the rest of the time.

December 14th, 2008, 4:00 PM
"Yes." Ashi said simply, making her way through the crowd of people. She had saw briefly what she had feared, and made a 'walk' for it. A man that had been on her for the past day, and had tried to follow her everywhere. Lucky for Ashi, she knew her way into hiding spots and shadows.

"Lately, there haven't been many, you can tell by the way they search for things. They don't walk around town. They're looking for something. So when I saw your group come in, I thought there was some coming in. There's just one. And he's following us. Don't turn around."

Ashi made a giggling noise, and linked arms with Isabel, and skipped her way past shops and eventually into her best hiding spot. She quickly looked around and started to climb up the building, waving Isabel up. Ashi reached the top and fell back into the snow as Isabel climbed up onto the roof.

"This Bounty Hunter's a newbie. He doesn't have much ideas on how to track. But he is armed. So we should be safe up here. He's the only one that has bothered to follow me, " Ashi sat up and faced Isabel. "Is there any way to contact the rest of your group? They'll need to hide as well. Outside the city is not a good idea."

December 14th, 2008, 5:20 PM
(OOC: Ok i know its a lot of posts for one day, but im bored :P)

With there still being no sign of the others; Drake set out to look for berries. Not for him, but for Sparky. Soon afterwards he found bushes full, he then began filling his pocket and backpack with them. Running back he saw Sparky practicing thundershock. He was happy Sparky was taking all this serious.

"Spark think fast!" Aiming at Sparky, Drake threw one of the hand sized fruits. Sparky spun around and spotting the ammo; opened his mouth.

"Plop!" "Pich, Pichu" Sparky ate the fruit, and then fired a shock at Drake. Drake was surprised at the power it had obtained, and quickly drew his sword. He was too slow, the shock hit his sword, but strangely enough nothing happened.

"Sparky do that again!"

"Zap" Another shock came rushing at him, and again he put his sword in front of it. It absorbed the electricity while it was nothing.

<Take that Isabel! Drake was about to burst with pride, finally the two of them might put up a great fight against her umbreon>

After they were done inventing some useful combos, the two of them walked towards the city. The impatient Sparky wanted to play, and Drake supposed it was alright as no one was there, and so they began scouting the area.

"Dong!... Dong!... Dong!... Dong!... Dong!... Dong!..." The church bell rang six times. Six? But sundown had passed! Drake was frustrated, in the snowy part of the region it must get dark earlier, he could have explored more of the city. In the end he decided to pick up Sparky, and go to camp yet again.

(OOC: Sry if this offended Isabel, but for Drake she is a leader, and a powerful rival, and he aims to be as good as her. (Due to the earlier confrontation))

December 14th, 2008, 7:18 PM
(OOC: no offense to anyone's character ^.^ that's just kind of how she sees many other people)

Isabel swore and slammed her fist into the snow.

"I don't have a way to contact them. Any of them," Isabel pulled her legs up against her chest, feeling like a teenage girl for the first time in a long time next to Ashleigh. "I told them to head back to our camp at six. They probably weren't followed, but most of them suck at acting, and," Isabel sighed and shook her head. "Heaven knows how much attention they may've drawn to themselves."

Isabel looked down over the chaos of the city, which was slowly ebbing away as six o' clock approached.

"Look," Isabel looked into Ashleigh's eyes. "I need to get back to the camp. Is there any way we can give that Bounty Hunter the slip without killing him?"

Ashleigh's expression turned thoughtful, but she looked over at Isabel and gave her a sly wink. The two began making their way off the roof and started off on a twisted route toward the woods.

(OOC: okay, that was bad, but I needed to get them moving, so...)

December 15th, 2008, 4:53 AM
Ashi lead Isabel not through the street of the back alleys, but in between the buildings. The gap wasn't all that big, about 2 abreast, but it gave them enough room to slip through without the Bounty Hunter seeing them. Ashi's job for the past 2 days was to study the movement of the city and to figure out how to manouver herself around the city with limited attention. Ashi liked and was good at both in a short amount of time, so it wasn't a problem.

They both twisted and curved through the buildings until they miraculously ended at the edge of the city with the woods in their sights. Ashi turned to Isabel, frowning.

"Just how old are the new recruits?" Ashi asked as Isabel lead her to camp. It wasn't like she didn't trust Isabel. She could trust her with her life. Although that she looked like an average 16 year old, Isabel had the mind of a genius with cunning and quick plans that nearly always worked. It was just that these kind of people were rare, and Ashi hoped that the bunch of recruits were not 10 year olds just starting their journey, or anything close to that.

December 15th, 2008, 12:55 PM
Josh fell backwards, clutching his head. He looked up and saw Chris doing the same. Chris said to him, "Slow down Josh. It's not a race of who can get back to camp the fastest."

Josh got up and quickly scanned the surrounding area, hoping that no-one noticed. Thankfully the people on the street were to busy to notice, and so Josh helped Chris to his feet.

“I have to leave this town quickly. My Mother’s here, which means bad news to me.” Josh said to Chris. Chris gave him a look that said ‘What!?’, Josh decided to explain a little more, “My Mum and Dad hate Pokemon, they where so happy when the new law came out. They tried to force me to give up my Pokemon, and because I refused they tried to turn me over to the authorities. That’s why I ran away, and ended up meeting with the Uprising. Anyways, last night I had a nightmare that involved my Mother, and she was about to drag me away. That’s why I got to go.”

Chris looked at him and started laughing. Josh sighed, and the street began to grow busier. He turned around and looked straight ahead, and froze at what he saw. His mother was standing a few metres in front of him, pointing a finger at him and mouthing the word “You!” she then began to storm towards him. He turned to run but was too late, she clutched his arm saying, and “You’re coming home with me!”

(OOC- Jeez, I’m becoming unlucky aren’t I. Anyway wolfsrain if you want I could ‘hold’ some of your Pokemon for you, so You can have six of yours and I look after a couple. Just an Idea)

December 15th, 2008, 1:00 PM
(Charky: That's not allowed. Only 6 of his pokemon can be in the RP at a time.)
(OOC: sorry for anyone this insults, but this means that your characters will prove themselves to Isabel and Ashleigh ^.^)

"Actually," Isabel felt her face flush. "None of them are older than me. Most of them are fifteen and there's a guy who's my age, but then there's this boy who's thirteen."

Isabel sighed and shook her head as they made their way toward the campsite. The Uprising was growing, but they were all so young. In order for them to make a difference, they needed to be made up of more than teenagers.

"A member, Chris is his name, ran off to get him in Oran Valley," Isabel grimaced. "I don't know what he was thinking. I mean, the kid he picked up named his Pichu Sparky!"

Isabel rubbed her temples. "I know we're supposed to be protecting the Pokemon and people of this region, but it's so hard to try and keep us all together..."

Isabel realized that she needed to find a way to organize the Uprising. She slipped her fingers into her sleeve and felt the patch sewn inside. Maybe...

"Here we are," Isabel announced, stepping into the campsite to find only Drake sitting down with his Pichu.

It was only a little after six, but the idea of her teammates remaining in the city unnerved Isabel. She looked over at Drake and found that he was holding some sort of sword in his hands. Her eyes narrowed.

"What were you thinking?" Isabel hissed. "Don't you think purchasing a weapon would gain suspicion from the shopkeeper? What if the owner told the authorities about this? What if a Bounty Hunter saw you and is watching us as we speak?"

Isabel instinctively reached into her sleeve to pull out a Poke Ball, but stopped herself. "That's it," Isabel shook her head and glared down at him. "I'm not letting you go out alone. Someone needs to watch you to make sure you don't do something like that again."

Isabel now knew for sure that she couldn't afford having the Uprising remain unorganized. Because she didn't think things through, their organization was in jeopardy. Isabel sighed, pushing the anger inside her aside as she kneeled on the ground and reached into her bag. She pulled out a small envelope and opened it, looking at the patches inside. Now was the time to organize.

December 15th, 2008, 2:20 PM
Ashi frowned again as the 13 year old came into view. He looked like a toddler compared to what the Uprising was up against. A sword? Not only that, but, a Katana? How in hell could he have gotten one of those, only being thirteen. Theiving was the first option that came into her head. Second was a bounty hunter sold it to him and it had a tracker incased into it. Third, he was a spy.

"... You foolish boy." Ashi shook her head and turned to Isabel. "We need to signal to get the others back to camp without drawing much attention. A flare would be out of the question. Too bad they don't all have some sort of phone on them." Ashi flashed her own. Buying a fistful of phones at once was a bad idea, it caused too much attention. If they lived through the night, they could all go out to different shops and get their own.

"I can watch the children for a while. But lots of activity goes on during the night if you're up for it." Like good old times.

Wolf in the Rain
December 15th, 2008, 5:04 PM
Chris stood in the middle of the street, awestruck as the women, which he assumed to be Josh's mother, grabbed Josh on the arm, not letting him go. Only minutes before, he was in disbelief about Josh's story. The chances of even one of his parents being in this city, on this street, was about the same as if every single person on the street had spontaneously combusted at the same time.

"Chris!" Josh yelled, snapping Chris out of his trance as he struggled against his mother's grip.
Chris knew he had to do something, but what? He couldn't let Josh get captured, Isabel would never forgive him.

As Josh was dragged father down the street by his mom, Chris acted on instinct pushing his way through the crowded street in the direction of Josh and his mother. When Chris had reached them, he laid his hand on the hunting knife on his belt. Isabel was going to kill him for this later.

"You ! Stop!" Chris yelled at the top of his lungs at Josh's mom. Although he had used the knife many times before, he was always nervous using it. Unlike Isabel, Chris felt as though he could not kill someone on instinct as she could. Sure, the knife had seen it's fair share against bounty hunters, but he had never killed someone with it, much less used it on an innocent.

Deciding to question his morals later, brandished the knife at Josh's mom, and hiding the doubt in his voice, Chris threatened "Just let the kid go and walk away, and I won't hurt anyone."

However, she, along with the whole street had stopped and gone silent , as if they were frozen in place. Even Josh had stopped struggling against his mom and was staring at Chris

"I'm not joking, Dammit!" Chris yelled this time with more ferocity in his voice "Drop the kid now or..." It was at this point, Chris realized that Josh's Mom's eyes were not focused on him, in fact, no one's eyes were. But the fear in all of their eyes was being invoked by something behind him.

Slowly Chris turned around, terrified by what he might see. What he saw was far worse then any monster or criminal he could have imagined, it was his Slowbro, Psy. Quickly, Chris looked on his belt for Psy's Pokeball. It was wide open. Chris must've accidentally opened it when pushing through the crowd.

As Chris and Josh both looked fearfully at Psy, the Slowbro broke the scilence with a quizzical "...Slow?"

"OYE! He's got a Pokemon!" A bystander yelled out

"Call the PXS! Lock 'em up!" Yelled another.

"Dammit!" Chris cursed "Comon Chris, think!" He needed to get him and Josh out of there. Then from nowhere, an idea formed in his mind. "Psy!" he commanded to the Pokemon "Use Psychic to separate Josh and his mother!"

A blue aura grew around Psy as Josh and his mom, were lifted into the air, unable to move. After carefully separating them, Psy shot Josh's mother into some people behind them, who were watching the scene unfold.

<A bit crude...> Chris thought to himself <But it will work.>

Psy then brought Josh to a gentle rest on the ground.

"Good work Psy, return!" said Chris as he returned the Slowbro into it's ball. Turning to Josh he said but one command "Run!"

Chris and Josh from street to street, dodging people and pushing their way through crowds and crowds. They could hear footsteps behind them, but dared not to look back, fearing capture.

Yells from behind, such as "Stop" and "Halt" were ignored as the two fugitives ran down the streets of Crystal City.

As both teens began breathing heavier, Chris could tell they could not keep this up forever. They couldn't lead them back to camp, and they couldn't outrun them much longer.

Suddenly, Chris realized where they were <Perfect> he thought revealing a soft smile.

As they were running down the street, Chris suddenly took a sharp turn into an alleyway, grabbing Josh's arm and bringing him the same way. He then quickly opened a side door to the abandoned PokemonCenter he had been in earlier, throwing Josh inside and closing the door once he had gotten in.

Bracing himself against the door, in case of any attempts to break in, he placed his ear against the listened to the outside alleyway.

"This way!" someone yelled "They've gone this way!"

Chris took a deep breath as a melody of footsteps came down the alley, and gave a sigh as they faded away.

December 16th, 2008, 1:44 PM
(OOC: Sry for the vulgar language against Isabel, but i used it to make it more dramatic etc :P)

Damn it! Why did Isabel always have to make a fuss about him. Finally he lost his temper and started yelling at Isabell.

"Damn it Isabel, you want me to get stronger, i do, and then you get mad again." Isabel looked like something had struck her but Drake went on.

"I told the shopkeeper my dad let me buy it for my fourteenth birthday, because i could see alot of fifteen year olds looking for knifes. I took my time trying to hide the katana and it cost me half of my life savings, so im not giving it up now." Drake then ran into the forest, with Sparky chasing him.

" Ahh freakin .... Sparky, why do they have to get worked up like that?" Sparky just looked at him in surprise and handed Drake a berry. That cheered Drake up a bit, and he sat down with Sparky on his lap.

"I know you'll always be there for me Sparky."

"Pich Pichu" was the reply

Drake went on packing his stuff and hiding his katana. He was frustrated, with the uprising, with himself, with the world. He hesitated before changing direction. He was gonna have to apoligize to Isabel, and the girl whos name he didnt even know. Who was she anyway?

"Hey, Hold it!" Someone yelled ahead

"Get the bastard, were handing him and his pokemon in!"

Pokemon? Drake looked around and found himself close to the city gates. Where they onto him? No, the yelling came from the center of the town. He was about to climb the wall, when he thought better of it. He would tell Isabell that, and about the truck which he had completely forgotten.

"lets go Sparky!" Together they ran off into the shadows.

(OOC: For the next part u guys can bunny my character all u like, and i was thinking of evolving Sparky soon, is there an event where that is possible, maybe where i get my bulbasaur?)

December 16th, 2008, 3:15 PM
Ashi cocked an eyebrow as the boy ran off further into the forest. She never had much time for temper tantrums. Nor little boys who thought they were 'teh best evar'. The boy was obviously too young for these kinds of things and should go home. Well, that's what Ashi thought, anyways.

"No one sells a fourteen year old a katana. Also, that story is cockandbull. No fifteen year old just goes up and buys a sword. I believe there's going to be some trouble," Ashi told no one in particular. She turned to Isabel. "... We absolutely must contact the rest of the group. This city is not as merciful during the night."

The boy who exploded before came running back, with an anxious look on his face. Ashi raised both of her eyebrows again.

"I'm sorry Isabel and ... you-"

"Refer to me as Ashi."

"Right, er, Ashi, for storming like that. I just get so mad for people thinking I'm too small. But, anyways... There's something going on in the town and before I saw a truck. I tried to follow it but I couldn't." Drake winced, afraid that Isabel or Ashi would attack his self-esteem or confidence again.

December 16th, 2008, 3:52 PM
(OOC: It would probably work when they storm the Bounty Hunter's house and have all their Pokemon out. Isabel will have Jay out which might help Sparky's evolution. Isabel refers to Drake as "the boy" because Fay doesn't know names.)

Isabel thought for a moment about what Drake told her. She extended her arm.

"Give me your katana," Isabel commanded. When Drake looked about to object, Isabel added, "I'm not going to take your precious sword. I have to check for a tracking device. Now give me the katana!"

Drake handed it over, a reluctant mopey-thirteen-year-old-boy look plastered on his face. Isabel snatched the blade and carefully looked it over. It was lightweight and slender. Maybe I could use one of these... Isabel snapped out of the thought. She fought with Pokemon. She wouldn't lessen her reliance on them like this. Isabel looked down at the pommel and found what she was looking for. A small, almost invisible mechanism was attached to it. Upon closer inspection, Isabel found that the tiny light embedded into it was cracked. Isabel pulled off the tiny tracker and crushed it beneath her heel.

"The tracker was disabled," Isabel said, tossing the katana back to Drake. "I'm not sure when it became inactive, so you need to clean up our campsite and hide our items in the brush."

Isabel turned to Ashleigh. "We need to get back in there and see what's going on, then we can try and find out where the PokeBalls were transported."

From the corner of her eye, Isabel saw a confused expression on Drake's face. Isabel reached into her sleeve and pulled out Fay's PokeBall, releasing the Espeon inside.

"Watch the boy and his Pichu," Isabel instructed her Pokemon. "Make sure they clean up the camp and don't leave the area unless you must flee. You may use force if they try to disobey my orders."

"But-" Isabel cut Drake off with a raised hand.

"You're staying here. I can't afford you drawing any more attention or making any more... mistakes," Isabel narrowed her eyes as she looked over the young boy. "Don't leave this area unless you are attacked. You're on thin ice, kid. Obey me today or you won't be in the Uprising tomorrow."

"Come on Ashi," Isabel said.

Ashleigh nodded and the two ran into the forest back to Crystal City.

December 16th, 2008, 4:27 PM
(OOC: Drake doesnt know much about types and which pokemon can learn which types of moves.)

After they had hidden their stuff, well away from the camp, but close enough to make a couple of trips to it a day; Drake stared at the espeon in front of him, who stared back.

"So, euh Fay?" The espeon nodded and sat over by a tree.

Drake looked at Sparky and suddenly got a great idea. Sparky come over here. The bored Sparky who was playing with a twig ran over to Drake.

"Hey Fay, is it ok if me and Sparky train with you?' Fay hesitated, and Drake saw a gleam in her eyes, then she stepped forward.

"Alright, lets go offensive Sparky" Sparky jumped forward and ran over the field. Fay was eyeing Sparky carefully, and then her eyes gleamed.

Drake was just about to order Sparky to lunge forward, but thought better of it. "Sparky, take up defensive position" Sparky immediately jumped back and stood in place.

Fay unleashed a mighty psychic attack and Sparky barely dodged it.

"Sparky counter with thundershock" Sparky's cheeks glowed and a beam of thunder went towards espeon. Espeon countered that attack with another Psychic.

"Damn it, Sparky get back!" It was too late, the Psychic hit Sparky, and he was carried into the air.

"Woosh Woosh" Sparky flew past.

"No.. Sparky try and do a thundershock" Sparky strained with effort, but the shock was enough to break Fay's focus.

"and Counter with ... Quick attack!" Sparky sped forward and Fay was now on the defense. They kept sparring like that for a couple of minutes, and Sparky was worn out.

As Sparky jumped back into position, Drake decided to put an end to this.
" Uhh Psychic is weak against dark right? Sparky do you have any dark attacks?

"Pich, Pichu?" Drake cursed for doing something so stupid, because in the time Sparky replied, fay was already advancing. As Sparky turned around a strong iron tail hit him, and Sparky crashed through the trees.

"Crap, Sparky where are you?" Running through the rubble he found Sparky, and picked him up. To his surprise Sparky jumped through the rubble and picked up a bell. It was a very light bell, i looked kinda good on Sparky.

"Nice bell" Drake grinned as he tied it around Sparky's neck. As he was about to turn aound he could see fay looking at him. She had a look of understanding when she saw he bell around Sparky's waist.

"The reciever was right! Get him" The voice was from an unknown man and Drake spund around. Drake drew his katana, and Pichu jumped in front of him.

"You son of a -" He was interupted when Sparky and Drake where both lifed off the ground and flew through the air, away from the man.

Wolf in the Rain
December 17th, 2008, 3:46 PM
"This way Josh!" Chris whispered "Comon, Hurry up! We don't want them to catch up!"

The two Uprising members moved silently and quickly through the darkness of the forest, only seeing through the moonlight peeking through the dark clouds in the sky. They had given the mob the slip in the abandoned PokemonCenter, but nevertheless, Chris still wanted to move carefully. Although they were away from the mob, they weren't out of the woods yet.

Crouching behind some bushes, Chris signaled Josh to stop. As Chris crouched down, a thin strip of moonlight fell upon a Totodile's snout on Chris' shoulder. Chris then turned around, and seeing that Josh was behind him, and addressed the other trainer.

"Here's the plan. The campsite is only a little father up ahead. When we get there, gather up your things as fast as possible and be ready to leave. I'll tell Isabel what's going on, and we'll relocate. Got it?"

Josh nodded his head up and down slowly.

"Good, now lets go."

Sneaking out of the bush, Chris and Josh continued on through the forest, soon coming upon a clearing in the woods. The moon was now fully out of the clouds, and lit up the clearing. Chris could see that the clearing was safe to pass through."

"Alright," Chris said stepping out of the bush and into the open area "Just a little farther and-"

"You two! Stop!" Yelled from behind

"Dammit..." cursed Chris, spinning around seeing a silhouette of a figure "What do you want?"

"Me?" said the figure, stepping out of the darkness, "Well, you two, of course."

As the figure stepped into the moonlight, Chris was able to get a better profile of him. The man was about 6'4'' and wore a ruffled black leather coat and a torn pair of jeans. A thin beard covered his face while a black hat covered his head. In Chris' eyes, he was obviously a bounty hunter.

"Come with me, and there will be no trouble. I just wanna talk." the man said.

"Like hell you do! You just want your God damn bounty!" Chris angrily yelled back, "Don't think you can fool me!"

"Well, yes I do, but also." The man calmly replied, slowly pacing across the clearing. "Due to that little... 'indecent' in town today. You two caught a lot of attention and as I'm sure you know, those 'incidents' mean more money for me. So just come with me and no one will get hurt."

<Full of himself, Calm in this situation, over-confident... Yup, definitely A bounty hunter. But he a bit more... sophisticated> Chris thought to himself pausing before the word "sophisticated".

As the hunter walked closer, his coat swayed back and forth reveling a knife, a .357 Revolver, and something else.

"Alright, if you are a hunter, Whatup with the Pokeballs?" Chris asked

"Oh these?" Questioned the bounty hunter, gesturing to the Pokeballs on his belt. "Well, unlike those other bounty hunter's who charge in blindly into a battle, obviously outmatched by a Pokemon's raw power, I am a bit more... tactical than them. I assume you two have heard of Sun Tzu, the famous general. He once said 'To beat your enemy, you must know your enemy'. Or in other words, you" he said pointing to Chris "You use Pokemon to fend off most bounty hunters, a solid strategy. No one bounty hunter is a match against a group of Pokemon and a trainer. Here, I realized something. The only way to beat your enemy, is to be your enemy."

"Your insane!" Chris screamed at the man, "As soon as they figure out that you have Pokemon, you'll be taken with us!"

"Maybe... But whose going to tell them, you? HA! Not likely, since you'll already be in jail, or dead." The man then quickly took a Pokeball off of his belt, throwing it in the middle of the field. After a flash of read, a Seviper stood in the middle of the field, it's scales flickering in the moonlight.

"Seviper," he quickly ordered the large snake "Use Poison Tail!"

The snake-like Pokemon jumped into the air with it's tail glowing an ominous purple.

"Quick, Dile use Aqua Tail to intercept!"

Dile jumped up of of Chris' shoulder and slammed his tail into the Serviper's canceling out the move.

"Grr. Serviper use Bite!" The fustrated bounty hunter again told the Pokemon

"Perfect." Chris said, letting a small smile form on his face "Dile, use Hydro Pump!"

Dile shot a stream of water out of it's mouth, sending the Seviper flying into a tree and causing the branches to shake violently.

"Great Dile, now lets finish this. Use Aqua Tail!"

Dile tail again glowed blue as he slammed in into the Seviper, knocking it out.

"Looks like you lost" Chris said as he turned to where the bounty hunter was standing only moments before

"Chris!"Josh screamed from behind.

Chris turned to Josh, only to see the gun held at his head by the bounty hunter behind him. He had snuck behind them during the battle and grabbed Josh.

"Actually, I think I won." said the bounty hunter rather slyly. "Now, put away your Pokemon and I'll let the kid go."

Chris reluctantly returned Dile to it's ball, and the hunter pushed Josh over in Chris' direction. After struggling to regain his footing, Josh stood up next to Chris

"Good" said the bounty hunter, obviously knowing he was in control "Put your hands above your head and come with me. Any attempt to run, and I'll shoot the other. Now, start walking."


Both trainers trudged through the woods at gunpoint, nervous that any attempt to run would result in the death of the other. From his angle, Chris saw a no win situation. They couldn't call on the help of their Pokemon or any weapons they held.

One of them was as good as dead either way.

"Josh" Chris whispered, addressing the trainer next to him. "I want you to run on my mark."

Josh paused for a moment, then nodded sullenly.

As they turned a corner, they were momentarily out of sight from the bounty hunter. During this time, Chris quickly grabbed his hunting knife from his belt and hid it in his sleeve.

Chris stopped in the middle of the path once he had the knife.

"Hey you!" the hunter commanded as he raised his gun and cocked it "Keep going. You'll thank me for this later"

To this, Chris turned around and lunged at the bounty hunter "I'll be sure to thank you right after I shank you!"

Before the bounty hunter had time to relax, Chris had stabbed him in the leg, causing the man to drop the gun and let out a cry of pain.

"RUN JOSH! NOW!" Chris yelled at the other trainer while taking the knife out of the man's leg.

As Josh disappeared into the woods, Chris picked up the gun and fired all six shots off before tossing it away. If anything, that would alert everyone to where he was.

However, by the time this was completed, the bounty hunter had recovered and stood up behind Chris, pulling out a knife of his own. The hunter took a swipe at Chris, who was able to block, but at the expense of his knife flying out of his hands and sticking into a nearby tree. Now defenseless, Chris attempted to make a grab for a Pokeball on his belt, but to no avail. the bounty hunter quickly followed his previous attack with a punch, hitting Chris square in the forehead, forcing him to the ground. As the world around Chris began to fade and his vision blurred, he managed to see the bounty hunter walking to the tree where his knife had stuck. When the hunter pulled it out, it was still dripping red with the man's blood.

"Damn kids these days." The man muttered to himself while he examined the knife "The PXS ain't gunna be happy with this."

With that, Chris faded into darkness.


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December 17th, 2008, 4:49 PM
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"Where on earth have the others gone?" Isabel asked no one in particular.

Ashleigh didn't answer, of course, because she didn't know most of them...

"I suppose we'll have to wait for them to decide to make an entrance," Isabel sighed, looking up at the moon that was now glowing brightly in the sky.

The two continued making their way until they heard a rustling in the bushes ahead. They both automatically reached for their PokeBalls, preparing to attack or defend if necessary. After a few tense moments, Josh stumbled out, a crazed look on his face.

"Josh? What-" Isabel jumped back in surprise when Josh quickly ran up to her, his expression quickly turning to pleading.

"Chris!" He nearly yelled. "He caught Chris!"

"Who caught Chris?" Isabel asked, trying to gain control of the situation by not allowing herself to get wound up.

"A Bounty Hunter," Josh explained, calming down a bit. "He had a Pokemon and they battled, but then he lost and he pulled out a gun and-"

"Wait, a Bounty Hunter had Pokemon?!" Isabel asked, completely losing her calm collectivity in a wave of confusion and disbelief. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah," Josh nodded. "They were in his belt. So they battled, but then he pulled out a gun and-"

"Where did he take him?" Isabel demanded.

"I-I don't know," Josh said slowly, calming himself down. "He told me to run and that was the last time I saw him."

"We're heading back to Crystal City," Isabel ordered. "Take me to where you last saw the Bounty Hunter and maybe there will be a way to find out where he went."

Josh nodded and led them through the brush he had crashed through while making his escape until they reached an area that was clearly where Chris battled with him. There were several puddles of water in the patches of snow and scuff marks that relayed the Pokemon's fight. Josh motioned for them to follow further down the path, following three sets of footprints until they reached the area where one set of footprints broke away from the rest and the remaining two turned irregular like the ones in the area where the battle took place. Isabel spotted a deep gash in a tree and walked over to find that there was blood around the edges. Was it Chris's? Isabel returned her attention to the footprints and found that spots of blood speckled the snow, following a single trail of footprints away. Isabel smiled.

"Let's go," she pulled the hood up over her head and began following the trail.

December 18th, 2008, 3:42 AM
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Ashi nodded and followed suite, pulling the hood from her thin coat over her head and tucking her hair inside it. She knew this would happen. As boring as the city was during the day, it made up for it at night.

"Listen kid, you better run back to camp and clear the stuff. You don't want anyone else finding out about us," Ashi said to the boy, Josh was what Isabel had called him, and stared at him with hard eyes. He shook his head vigoursly.

"No! It's my fault he got caught! I have to help!" Josh wailed quietly. Ashi snorted and faced the other direction, the direction towards the footprints. They both followed Isabel through the town, as empty as it was, to a slightly opened manhole. Isabel bent down to open when Ashi stopped her.

"Bad idea. This probably leads right above them," Ashi whispered into Isabel's ear. "I know a different entrance. I've been down it a few times, and it seems to lead here, so it's a better way."

Isabel nodded and Ashi lead the way to another manhole not so far away. Carefully opening the top, Ashi climbed down the ladder, followed by Isabel and Josh. It was dark and confined, but enough room to just pass the top of Ashi's head. Josh closed the manhole and they stood in pitch black darkness, with a subtle trace of light at the other end. Everything echoed loudly. One false move and they were caught.

"Pokémon?" Ashi breathed, trying to make as less noise as possible. It was dark, they needed light and moral. Letting them out would be a risk, opening a ball made a loud noise. Maybe muffling it in the still water beside them would work. The still, disgusting and smelly water.

December 18th, 2008, 7:53 PM
"Pokemon?" Isabel heard Ashleigh say lightly as she looked into the water.

Isabel nodded and reached into her own sleeve as well and took out a PokeBall. It was too dark to identify which Pokemon was in it, but she pressed the button to release and slid it into the water. The red flash was distorted in the ripples, but sure enough, out came one of Isabel's Pokemon. Unfortunately, it turned out to be Eve. Isabel looked down at her young Evee but decided against returning her. Just like all her other Pokemon, Eve was useful in some ways as well.

Ashleigh removed one of her PokeBall beads and dropped it into the water as well, releasing her Absol. Eve walked over to the Dark Pokemon and looked up with curious eyes. She had never seen this Pokemon before.

Josh made a move to release his Pokemon as well, but instead of dropping the ball into the water, he released the Butterfree under his jacket. Isabel understood that to get a Butterfree's wings wet would damage them, but the jacket didn't muffle the sound quite as well as the water did...

Isabel scooped up Eve out of the cloudy water and continued forward, the others following as well. After several minutes of trudging forward through the water in the dark while attempting to make as little noise as possible, Isabel spotted a light up ahead. Isabel made a motion to Ashleigh and Josh to press up against the wall before continuing forward. They approached the source of the light and found some sort of setup. It consisted of a wooden crate and an electric lamp, but Isabel quickly spotted the Bounty Hunter they were looking for. He stood next to the light, occasionally glancing down at his watch as he shifted from foot to foot. Upon further inspection, Isabel found that he did indeed carry a PokeBall in his belt.

"Holy..." Isabel whispered almost silently to herself.

Isabel spotted Chris laying slumped up against the slimy wall. His hands were chained to the ladder leading up and there was a large bump dominating his forehead, but other than that he seemed intact. He even still had his PokeBalls in his belt.

"I really don't appreciate having to come down here every time you make a capture." A female voice drifted across the tunnel.

A hooded figure entered the light, partially shading a face that obviously belonged to a woman. She stepped over toward the Bounty Hunter and looked him over with an expression of distaste. Isabel almost gasped when she caught sight of a PokeBall placed in the woman's belt as well.

"One?" The woman asked the Bounty Hunter. "Just one? The entire Uprising walked into our city and you only managed to capture one?"

"He was a hard one to get, mind you," the man said coldly. "Besides, I'm getting paid to capture members of the Uprising, not to apprehend the entire organization."

Entire organization? Isabel rolled these last words around in her head. They must think we're bigger than we really are.

"I suppose we'll take him and see if we can use him to capture the rest," the woman walked over to Chris and began looking him over as if trying to see if he was really a member.

"Back off," Isabel said coldly, stepping from the shadows and placing Eve back into the water. "Either you let him go, or you don't go out of here alive."

"Ah, well if it isn't Miss Isabel Joy Evans," the woman said with a greedy smile. "And with friends as well. The more the merrier."

"This is the last time I'm going to warn you," Isabel spat. "Let him go!"

The woman ignored Isabel's orders and instead looked her over with an amused expression.

"It seems not to occur to you, Miss Evans, that I may have something to offer you. A proposition, actually," she stepped closer to the three Uprising members. "But since it doesn't seem like you're in a rational mood, I suppose it will have to wait."

The woman took the PokeBall from her belt and released the Pokemon inside.



Fay ran as swiftly as she could while suspending the boy and his Pichu off the ground. He fought and squirmed against Fay's move, but she managed to hold it. Her muscles ached from the effort, but she kept going. Finally they reached a frozen lake and Fay gently placed them on the ground. Almost immediately six small explosions erupted behind them. The boy looked as if he were going to try to run, but Fay stepped into his path and growled, her tail glowing silver as she started Iron Tail. He oblige, but kept glancing at her to try and find an opportunity to slip past. Fay didn't give him one.

The warden
December 22nd, 2008, 2:40 PM
Please may I join


Name: Paul Stevenson

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Appearance: Slim and quite short for his age, his height makes people think he is younger than he really is which Paul hates. He has no real concern in his appearance, wearing jeans and a t-shirt normally for comfort. Paul has short scruffy blond hair that he never bothers to comb and wears a pair of thick lensed glasses that he often cleans while he is thinking. His glasses cover his bright blue eyes but few people notice because he is always looking at the ground. Paul tries to blend in to large crowds. Other than his glasses Paul always wears one other thing a belt that his dad used when he was a trainer, it is red and gold and has six pokeball spaces, Paul recived on his tenth birthday and has treasured it ever since.

Personality: Paul is timid and shy most of the time prefering not to be noticed. He finds it hard to make friends and talk to people. Instead Pauls only real friend is his scyther "Slash". Most of his time Paul is thinking of becoming a true pokemon trainer. Paul tries his best to be polite but can be rude if he is angry, upset or offended. Nomatter how bleak a situation becomes Paul can always find hope, because as long as slash is by his side he knows he will be loked after. Slash is like an older brother for Paul always looking after him.

Background: Paul has lived in the Katsu region all of his life, his dad is a retired pokemon trainer who now runs a pokemart and his mum helps his dad run it.
Paul was all ways picked on at school, one day when Paul was ten it got really bad the bullies chased him until he reached some woods. In the woods the bullies caught up with Paul and were about to beat Paul up when a scyther apeared it scared the bullies away and followed Paul home. For the next few months Paul saw the scyther every day, it allowed him to get near it but no one else. Then one day the scyther turned up injured Paul nursed it back to health and then it allowed Paul to cath it. Since then the Scyther has been known as Slash and has been Pauls only pokemon.
When the news that pokemon were to be outlawed reached Pauls village Paul was devistated. His mum and dad lost the pokemart and all fo there pokemon were going to be taken away, and that included his best friend Slash. It was a hard decision for Paul to make but he decided to run away from home, it was the first time Paul had been away from home and despite what he says he can't really care for himself.
So he packed his bag and left with Slash. The first thing that Paul did after running off was to head to the pokemart it was closed down but Paul know there was still some equipment in there and it could be useful. So he broke in and stole pokeballs, potions and full heals. At first he planned to go to a diffrent region but he soon realised that he would not be able to make it past the borders, there were too many bounty hunters and Slash wasn't strong enough to fight for long yet. So one evening Paul decide that his only option was to fight.
Over the next few weeks Paul started training Slash. They had a few run in's with bounty hunters and Slash got hurt a few times but Paul could heal him and he was getting stronger.
Paul tried to avoid cities where ever possible so that Slash didn't have to stay in his pokeball all the time, which he hated. From trainers Paul met on the road he heard roumors of an uprising, between them Paul and Slash decided to join and help fight for there friendship. For the first time in his life Paul had his dream he was going to be a real trainer but this wasn't the way he wanted it to be.

Other details: Paul and Slash have entered only a few battels and have won most of them.

Paul's scyther

Name: Slash

Breed: scyther

Gender: Male

Faint attack
Double team

Appearance: Just like a normal scyther but it has a scar across its left eye it is the only reminder of the injuries it sustaind in the wild.

Personality: Slash is quite a show off it loves to be competitive and can be rather reckless. It has a short temper and will lash out if angered, Slash tends to be arragent and rude towards other pokemon and sometimes people. For some reason it has developed a fondness of Paul, this could be because he healed it when it was injured or for some unknown reason, and treats him like a younger brother being very protective of him but also loyal, following his comands with out question. This makes a very complex friendship between the two of them.

If you would like to see my style of writing I have not entered one of these RP's before however I am writing a story on this form Elements (which is based on an RP but a spoke one not typed) you can find a link in my sig

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Wolf in the Rain
December 23rd, 2008, 7:15 PM
"And... On the left side of the arena. Hailing from Sootopolis City, he has become quite accomplished with his team. His name is always seen in many high spots across the globe, coming in sixteenth in the Kanto Championships and in third in the Johto Championships. Please welcome Chris Eaton.

The crowd let out a roar at the announcement of his name.

"Dile Dile!" said the Totodile on Chris' shoulder patting Chris on the back, trying to get Chris to calm down. Chris took a deep breath, and began to make his trek to the trainer's box. The crowd began a chant "Chris! Chris! Chris!” as he entered the stadium. Chris couldn't help but let out a smile, all of these people had come to see him, compete in the finals.

When Chris made it to the trainer's box, he turned to the direction where he had just come from. Then, he and Dile simultaneously gave the crowd a huge wave. Seeing this, the crowd let out another roar and chanted stronger "Chris! Chris! Chris!"

Looking around the stadium, Chris saw his parents sitting in the front row, joining the crowd in their chants. His friends from Sootopolis and Kanto were sitting there as well. On the bench were Isabel, Josh, Drake, and Maud, all cheering him on to victory. Across from him, on the opposite side of the Pokémon field, was his lifelong friend and rival, Gregory.

Last time the two had battled, it had ended in a tie, both Pokémon being knocked out at the same time. But Chris was sure that this time, he would win.

Gregory, having the first move, carefully chose a Pokeball and tossed it onto his side of the field. After a flash of red light, an Absol stood, poised for battle.

After careful consideration, Chris sent out his Pokémon too.

"Comon Out! Sakura!" Another flash of red it up the stadium, this time reveling Chris' Pikachu, Sakura.

"Let the Battle begin!" The referee announced.

Chris was about to give Sakura a move, when he heard a yell from behind

"Let him GO!" Although the voice was distorted, Chris could make out the words. Quickly, Chris spun around 180 degrees, looking for the source of the noise. The voice had sounded a lot like Isabel's, but that was impossible, she was sitting on the field side bench, cheering him on and offering tactics.

Chris shook off the voice as his imagination, refocusing his mind on the battle ahead.

"Sakura, Use Quick Attack!” Chris commanded the Pikachu. However, the small mouse Pokémon just stood there, as if she hadn’t heard him.

“Sakura?” Chris quizzically asked the Pikachu “Come on, you need to use Quick Attack!”

Again, Despite Chris commands, the Pikachu stood there as if frozen in place.

“Sakura? Are you ok?” Chris asked, but the Pokémon continued looking straight ahead. Chris jumped of the battling stand and ran to the Pikachu, expecting the worst. As he approached her, Sakura began turning around to face him.

Relieved that the Pikachu had come back to it’s senses, Chris slowed down, coming to a stop about a foot away from her. However, as soon as Chris came to a stop, Sakura started walking slowly to Chris, her cheeks sparking with electricity.

“Sakura?” Chris asked once again, frightened by the sparks on the Pikachu’s cheeks.

The sparks on Sakura’s cheeks died down and Chris took a step to the Pikachu. But before Chris could speak to Sakura, she told him. “Wake up, Chris…”

Chris was taken aback by what had just happened, Sakura, a Pikachu, had just spoken to him. The voice had sounded somewhat motherly and tender, but Chris was astonished all the same. Chris quickly looked around the stadium, but no one had seemed to notice. It was as if it was a normal, everyday thing. Gregory was still ready for battle, his friends were still cheering him on, and the crowd was still steadily chanting “Chris! Chris! Chris!” Dile jumped off of Chris’ shoulder, snapping Chris out of his confusion and landing next to Sakura.

Again before Chris had a chance to say anything, Dile interrupted, and told him “Wake up Chris” Dile shot a powerful Hydro Pump attack at Chris face, knocking him over.

Chris recovered and sat back up, only to be find out he was floating in a void of darkness. He was surrounded by thousands, perhaps millions of Diles and Sakuras. He could still hear the crowds chanting his name “Chris! Chris! Chris!”

His eyes widened as the confusion settled in. As hard as he tried, he couldn’t move and he couldn’t speak. He blinked and rubbed his eyes, hoping that the nightmare would end. Suddenly, the Pokémon all disappeared, replace by an image of his parents. He recognized it as their old home, and both parents were crying. He stood up and walked to the image, and realized that this was the day that he ran away to become a trainer. He walked closer to the image, but as he got closer, the image faded away,. It was soon replaced by a young trainer, which he recognized as himself, receiving his Pokémon from Professor Elm. Chris couldn’t help but smile at the site.

“Remember this?” A voice calmly said from behind. Chris turned to look and saw a small male Pikachu standing behind him.

“Great, more talking Pokémon…” Chris mumbled to himself “What the hell is going on here!?” He yelled lifting the small Pokémon up into the air by the skin on it’s neck.

“You’ve been doubting yourself in the past” The small Pikachu calmly replied “Remember that day when you left your parents to become a Pokémon trainer? You were so happy, so ignorant, and so blissful. But your parents were not. And you didn’t even give their wellbeing a second thought. All you cared about was yourself.”

“They were trying to force me to be who they wanted me to be! They didn’t care about me, so why should I care about them!” Chris yelled at the Pikachu, dropping it on the ‘ground’.

“It was just a choice. And look how far you’ve come.” The Pikachu confidently said pacing back and forth. “Saving Josh and vowing to save all the young trainers, that was very noble”

“And what’s your point?”

“Me?” The Pikachu asked “I’m just making sure you go through with it. If you bailed out now, your words would’ve meant nothing. And those good choices that you have made, will also have meant nothing , as well as anything else you will say or do. But if you go through with this, even though you will do some terrible things, your good choices will overshadow the bad things and choices.”

“Wait… So what does-?”

“Think about this later.” The Pikachu sighed, interrupting Chris in mid-sentence. “Right now, your friends need you, so just wake up.”

Chris awoke drenched in sweat. His head was throbbing and his vision was blurred. A rancid smell traveled up his nostrils, helping to bring him back to his senses. He tried wipe of the sweat with his hand, only to find that his hands were chained to a slimy wall behind him. He desperately tried to pull away, but only succeeded in wearing himself out. He began to lose hope.

“CHRIS!” He looked up and a tear fell down his face, Isabel was here, trying to save him. Her Eevee, Eve, was by her side, growling at a woman in front of them. The bounty hunter from earlier was also standing by the woman, blood was still dripping from his wound. He couldn’t let them down. He took a look at the cuff and chains holding his hands against the wall. The left chain was rusted and weathered. Again, he gathered up all of his strength and pulled against the left chain and cuff, stretching them to their absolute max. His head started to throb again and his vision blurred, but he couldn’t give up. Suddenly, he heard a loud snap, the chain had broken. The cuffs and a bit of the chain were still around his free hand, but for the most part, it was free.

He reached for his knife, but the case was empty. He realized with despair that he had lost it in the previous battle.
CHRIS! YOUR POKEMON! Isabel yelled at him, her voice echoing down the tunnels.

Chris looked at his belt and, to his surprise, his Pokémon were still on his belt. With his free hand, he grabbed three Pokeballs.

“Char! Dile! Rio! Let’s Go!” The whole tunnel lit up with red. When the light faded, three Pokémon stood, poised for battle.

“Rio, use Force Palm to break the rest of these chains!” In a flash, Rio broke all of the chains holding Chris in place as well as their respective cuffs. The one chain which he had broken was still around his wrist, but he could deal with that later.

“Isabel, we’ll take the hunter! You get the b---- over there!”

“Still got some fight in you, boy?” The bounty hunter chucked sending out a Seviper and a Gallade. “We’ll have to fix that.”

OOC: Still writing the battle scene. The whole conscience/dream thingy was part of my writers block (When I can't think I write:)) Yes, the whole "escape" scene is short and cheesy, but i felt as though i had delayed it long enough... If you want to complain, keep it to yourself:tired:

December 24th, 2008, 4:19 AM
"Isabel, we'll take the hunter! You get the b!tch over there!"

"Not on my watch," Ashi stepped foward, Haste standing readily at her side.

"Who the hell are you to think you can just talk to me like that?" The woman's fury blazed in her eyes. It pretty much looked like she wanted to smack Ashi hard around the face.

"Who I am doesn't really matter," Ashi said curtly. "But what I'm about to do to you and you're little business you run down here is what you should be thinking about." Haste growled in agreement.

"There's no I in team," the woman sneered.

"But there is in Uprising. Go! Haste! Use Agility!" A shudder ran through Haste's back. He took a few steps foward, his body practically disappearing from one place to the next.

"Gardevoir! Psychic!"

"Haste! Me First!"

The Gardevoir focused and shot a invisible ball of energy at Haste, or where Haste used to be. The Absol quickly charged, hit and was back in his original position all in half a second.

"Think you're tough, kid?"

"Better than you, hag,"

"Gardevoir! Future Sight!"

"Use Night Slash!"

Gardevoir tried to concentrate but was quickly interrupted by Haste, the sword on his head pulsing darkness. Staggering backwards, the Gardevoir shreiked as the slash cut across it's torso. It fell to one knee then quickly stood back up.

"You should know better than to use a Psychic against a Dark type," Ashi said smugly.

"You'll pay for this kid. Gardevoir! Magical Leaf, now!"

Gardevoir created a green leaf-shaped energy and shot it at Haste, who lazily dodged it. Unexpectantly, the energy came back and smacked Haste in the leg. Reacting, Haste charged at Gardevoir again, the sword glowing white and slashed again, this time slashing three times. Gardevoir fell again, slowly getting to it's feet, panting heavily.

"Gardevoir, use mag-"

"Finish it off with Night Slash!"

The sword pulsed dark again and Haste jumped over Gardevoir, slashing it's head and down it's back. It screeched loudly, it's pain echoing through the sewers. The attack said "critical hit" all over it. Gardevoir crumbled to the floor, exhausted and fainted.

"Suck on that, b!tch." Ashi spat.

December 24th, 2008, 5:47 AM
Isabel flashed Ashleigh a sly grin and stepped forward as the woman returned her Pokemon.

"You imbecilic street rats," the woman hissed. "I'm trying to help you!"

"Looks more like you're attacking us to me," Isabel said in an amused tone. "Let's take her down, Eve."

"I don't think so," the woman said darkly, reaching for another PokeBall. "I still have another trick or two up my sleeve."

Before Isabel could do anything, the woman's Jynx materialized out of a red beam. She heard Eve growling from beside her, ready to fight even if Isabel wasn't so sure. Maybe I should let out Umi... She looked down at Eve and decided against it. Umi already had her shot. Now it was Eve's turn.

"Let's start this off with Iron Tail then!" Isabel yelled.

Eve's tail immediately glowed brightly and she quickly lunged toward the Jynx.

"jynx, use Ice Punch!" the woman shouted.

The two forces collided, but rather than wait to see what the outcome was, Eve jumped over the attack and rammed her tail into the Jynx's chest. The Jynx was thrown off balance, but quickly recovered and used the remaining strength of her Ice Punch to knock Eve off.

"Yeah Eve!" Isabel yelled as her Pokemon pranced back to her side.

"You're all just children," the woman growled. "You don't know what you're doing and you haven't the slightest idea how to fight for a cause. Use Psychic now, Jynx!"

"I think we do know what we're doing," Isabel laughed. "Get ready to use Dark Pulse and dodge it!"

The strong Psychic blast raced toward Eve, but before it could touch her it was disintegrated by a large sphere of dark thoughts and aura that slammed into the Jynx. The Jynx cried out in a human-like manner, though Isabel was thankful that she couldn't understand. The Dark Pulse faded and the Jynx remained standing, breathing heavily.

"Get her while she's out of breath!" Isabel yelled. "Use Take Down!"

Eve obeyed and slammed into the Jynx's stomach before jumping back to avoid any other attack.

"Trump Card!"

Eve jumped forward and directed the attack. It wasn't very powerful... yet. Isabel looked up to see the woman looking at her darkly. Why isn't she protecting her Pokemon?

"Trump Card again!"

Eve obediently used the attack once more. This time the Jynx seemed much more effected, but her trainer said nothing.


"Enough!" the woman's voice boomed through the tunnel. "You think that you know how to battle? Let me show you. Jynx! Use Perish Song!"

Isabel's eyes widened. She jumped forward to attempt to cover her Pokemon's ears.

"Guys! Don't let your Pokemon hear it!"

But it was too late. The horrible song entered Eve's ears and it immediately began the countdown. Three minutes...

"Use Trump Card!" Isabel shouted, looking down at her watch to keep track of the time.

"Use Ice Beam at the water," the woman smirked.

"Jump up and use Trump Card!" Isabel yelled.

Her Pokemon's attack hit its mark. Isabel could see the Jynx's strength beginning to fail as Eve's attacks grew stronger, but the woman was simply smiling at her Pokemon's attack. Isabel looked down to find that the ice was racing toward the water around her. Isabel tried to take a step back, but the water around her boots immediately froze, holding her in place. The woman gave Isabel a smug grin, but she didn't give her the satisfaction of giving her any expression in return. Eve landed on a patch of ice and sank her claws into it to hold her footing.

"Last one," Isabel yelled to Eve, who was beginning to shake as Perish Song kicked in. "Use Trump Card!"

"Keep doing Ice Beam," the woman said calmly, looking at Isabel with the same pleasant smile.

Isabel felt the frost slowly climbing up her jeans. What the woman didn't seem to realize was that Trump Card grew more powerful with every time it was used, and since it could only be used five times...

Eve's attack struck the Jynx with devastating force. The Jynx screamed out in pain and broke off her Ice Beam. Eve finished the attack and Jynx fell onto the ice, unconscious. Eve landed and began walking back to Isabel, now shaking violently as Perish Song did its job. Eve lost her footing and fell. She didn't get up.

Isabel returned her Pokemon and looked down at the small PokeBall in her hand with a smile.

"You did well, Eve."

Isabel froze when the sound of a gun being cocked. She slowly looked up to see the woman holding a gun, aiming it at Isabel's chest. Her Jynx remained out of her PokeBall, lying in the water helplessly. The woman had an enraged look on her face.

"I told them I'd bring them a member of the Uprising," the woman said mainly to herself. "And that's just what I'll do."

"Who's they," Isabel said calmly, raising her arms slowly so as not to make her shoot.

"PXS of course," the woman said, a superior smile stitched onto her face. "What? You think that we actually work with the government? That's just our cover."

"A cover for what?"Isabel stalled, waiting for the moment to escape.

"This," the woman gestured around her. "An uprising. Or, the uprising soon enough."

(OOC: For the Perish Song you can have it that your Pokemon heard it and fainted or that you managed to cover their ears.)

Wolf in the Rain
December 24th, 2008, 7:25 AM
Chris returned Rio to her ball, she would have no chance against a Fighting/Psychic type.

"Lets get a little breathing room." the bounty hunter said, gesturing to farther down the tunnel.

Chris and his Pokemon and the bounty hunter and his Pokemon trudged farther down the tunnel. both groups keeping their eye's closely on the other.Suddenly, the hunter came to a stop.

"This looks like a good spot..." The bounty hunter said "Ready to lose punk?"

The whole battlefield went quiet. Sounds of the other battle echoed through the tunnel, but their field was silent. Chris sent a look at the bounty hunter that could've cut though steel. Dile stared down the Seviper, eager for a rematch. And Char sent out a steady, narrow stream of flame out of the side of his mouth, as many of his species did before a battle.

The bounty hunter made the fist move.
"Seviper! Use Poison Tail! Gallade! Use Focus Punch! Knock the s'hit out of that punk!"

The Seviper vaulted in the air in Dile's direction, it's tail glowing a deep purple.

"Dile now! Use Aqua Tail to block!"

Dile's tail glowed a bright blue as he jumped into the air. He spun and collided tails with the Seviper, negating both attacks and sending both Pokemon falling to earth.

"Char! Use Flamethrower on the Seviper!"

Char shot out a stream of flame at the falling Seviper, setting it ablaze and knocking it out.

"Dammit!" The man cursed, returning his Serviper "Gallade! Take out that Charmeleon!"

Out of nowhere, the Gallade appeared behind Char, hitting him in the face with a powerful Focus punch attack. Char struggled to keep his balance by digging his claws into the ground as he slid across the battlefield.

"Don't take that from that bastard! Char, hit it with a Dragon Claw!"

Char's hand glowed as he charged at the Gallade

"Gallade finish off that damn Charmeleon!"

Both Pokemon were about to collide with what would sure be a double knockout, when a wretched sound echoed down the corridor.

"F***!" Chris swore putting his hands on his head in agony. His head was still pounding from before and the sound only made it worse. A trickle of blood fell from the wound on his head as he looked up at the battle. All the Pokemon on the field were also in agony at the noise.

As the noise stopped Chris made an attempt to tell his Pokemon a command, but the bounty hunter had beat him to it.

"Gallade, push that Charmeleon into the water!"

The Gallade gave Char a huge push sending him flying to the water. Chris thought that would be the end of the battle for Char, and quickly reached for Char's Pokeball. Suddenly, the water froze just as Char was about to hit it causing Char to slide across the water on his back.

"Your Damn lucky kid." the frustrated bounty hunter complimented, "But your lucks about to run out! Gallade, use Focus Punch once more!"

The Gallade jumped into the air, eager for a final blow against the fallen Charmeleon.

"Dile! Hit that Gallade with an Ice Beam!"

Dile fired a strand of blue light at the Gallade, hitting it in mid-air and sending it flying into the bounty huner, knocking them both out.

"Two for me; None for you." Chris taunted to the fallen hunter.

Chris quickly returned Char, since he already had his Pokeball in his hand, and re-released him, negating the Persish Song attck from earlier. As he began to reach for Dile's ball however, Dile suddenly collapse, the Perish Song had gotten the best of him

"Damn! Sorry Dile, you did great. Take a rest." Chris said as he returned the fallen Pokemon to it's ball.

"Oh, and that reminds me." Chris said returning to the fallen bounty hunter. Chris bent down and grabbed his knife as well as the bounty hunter's knife and case off of the man's belt. The bounty hunter's knife was about two inches longer then his, but didn't have the jagged edge.

"Thanks for the souvenir!" Chris yelled back at the hunter as he and Char then ran down tunnel the in the direction of Isabel.

(Done even if it is hastily written! You can bunny my Charecter if you wanna. And good use of the Persih song Mira :)

December 24th, 2008, 9:10 AM
Isabel felt Ashleigh tense up nearby, but Isabel merely shook her head. The woman approached with caution, as if expecting there to be a trap. When she was almost to Isabel, she heard noises coming from further down the tunnel. She abruptly grabbed Isabel's wrist and pull her closer, holding the gun to her head and placing the cold steel of a knife to her cheek. Isabel struggled to remain calm.

Chris ran down the tunnel with his Pokemon Char, but stopped and looked with horror upon what was happening.

He got out, Isabel thought with a smirk.

"Put away your Pokemon and let us go or she dies," the woman hissed, the threat instantly raising Isabel's heart-rate.

Chris looked down at his Pokemon and grudgingly obliged. Isabel couldn't see what Ashleigh was doing, but she silently prayed that she was doing the same.

So now I've resorted to self-preservation? Isabel demanded of herself. But she knew this was the only way everyone could walk away okay. Heaven knows they're going to follow anyway.

The woman spun Isabel around and propelled her toward the ladder leading out. She slipped the knife back into her belt and returned her Jynx, all the while keeping the gun carefully aimed at Isabel. There was no opportunity for escape. Ice still clung to her jeans and her legs were sopping wet, but the climbing was still relatively easy despite being threatened with death if she didn't go.

Isabel pushed the cover off of the manhole and climbed out, clenching her teeth as she was buffeted with the frigid air. The woman was behind her and would be climbing out at any moment. If there was a time to run away, it was now. But as soon as she took a step away, she felt a sharp pain in her leg. She looked down and saw what appeared to be a small dart sticking out of her jean leg. A sedative. Exhaustion immediately overwhelmed her and she suddenly found that it was too difficult for her to remain standing.

Why does she have so many weapons? Was the last thing Isabel thought before the black rushed over her.

Wolf in the Rain
December 24th, 2008, 7:47 PM
Isabel collapsed as the dart's venom took it's toll on the trainer, and she collapsed in a heap.

"Both of you!" the woman spat, pointing to Chris and the other girl with them, "Pick her up and keep going, or do you want to end up like her"

"There is a way to ask people nicely." Chris joked, climbing out the sewers. The woman's grip tightened around the gun as she pointed it at Chris "OK. OK." Chris said putting his hands into the air "Geez... I got her"

Chris walked over and put Isabel over his shoulder, taking care not to throw her around or make any sudden movements. The woman seemed jumpy enough as it was.

Chris surveyed the area around him. If he made a grab for a Pokeball or a knife, he would be shot instantaneously like Isabel. If he ran he might make it, but they would find him eventually. Plus he was already fairly injured, he couldn't run for long and would probably end up like Isabel. And to top things off, he would also have to carry Isabel. As much as he hated to admit it, there was no way out.

"Keep walking you two!" the woman commanded waving the gun back and forth.

As they paraded though the street, Chris noticed the girl next to him. He had seen her before helping Isabel, so he could only assumed that she was on their side. However, that didn't matter now. Both trainers trudged through the street, scared, disappointed, and above all embarrassed. Trying to get their minds off of the humiliation, Chris tried to make small talk with the girl, something he was never good at.

"So... umm, if you don't mind me asking, who are you?"

WHen Cris finished the question, girl stopped and stood there, her eye's widened with fear. At first, Chris though he hit a conversational "landmine" with the girl, but then he realized she was looking behind him. Chris turned and saw a tall, muscular man wearing a PXS uniform. He grabbed Isabel from Chris, throwing her over his shoulder violently, and began to walk off in a separate direction, the woman followed close behind. As the man and woman walked away with Isabel, two more took his place, standing in front of Chris and the other girl.

Without saying a word, one of the men grabbed the girl, placing a bag on her head and cuffing her hands. Chris instinctively took a step to try and help her, but was met with a blow to the head from the other guard. For the second time tat day, the familiar veil of unconsciousness covered his eyes.

OOC: I just realized that Minku and my characters have never actually "met" before this XD. Thought this might be a good time for them.
EDIT: Changed ending to mix with Mira's post

December 24th, 2008, 7:57 PM
Wolfsrain: It's the middle of the night, so nobody would be there...
(OOC: I was thinking that the lady would have called for a guard to come and take Isabel and another couple guards to take Ashleigh and Chris in. This skips ahead in time because obviously Isabel is asleep. Ashleigh and Chris would probably be shut up in a room together, but whether it is a prison-esque room or just a normal room is up to you. They would take your weapons and PokéBalls and maybe even take Ashelighs *gasp*. Once again, up to you. I'm thinking that they keep them in the dark for a bit before explaining things (parially because I first have to explain them in my posts) because they are concentrating on making Isabel join so that they (hopefully) follow. BTW, check out what I added to my post on the OOC thread if you didn't already.)

"How did she react to the sedative?"

"It worked as it was supposed to. She had no allergic reaction and should not cause any negative side-effects."

Isabel felt the darkness subside slightly. Exhaustion pressed against her, but Isabel managed to fight it off and remain awake. The air around her smelled sterile and was cool against her face. She clenched soft fabric in each hand and ran her fingers over it. Where am I?

"And how about her general health? Does she have any sicknesses from traveling?"

"No, she's in peak physical condition. She doesn't have so much as a cavity."

Isabel released the cloth and braced her hands against what she was lying on, preparing to launch herself up. Hopefully she could find a way to escape whoever it was in the room with her. She tightened her muscles and pushed herself up on what turned out to be a bed. She opened her eyes to see two people standing nearby her. The man looked as if he were a doctor while the woman clutched an electronic clipboard in her hand. They both looked at her awakening and gave her an odd smile. Isabel couldn't read the expressions properly while she was still so tired. She reached into her sleeve for a PokeBall and found that there were none there. She had been changed out of her clothing and was now wearing what appeared to be a uniform. Isabel looked around desperately for her PokeBalls and found that they were nowhere near.

"It looks as though our guest is awake," the woman said cheerily, tapping something on her electronic clipboard with her stylus.

"The sedative should have kept her out for a while longer," the man said with a frown. "Though I don't suppose that's anything to complain about."

"Of course not," the woman continued tapping on her clipboard. "It simply means that we may begin the meeting immediately."

While the two talked, Isabel attempted to slip out of the bed without them noticing, but realized that there were plastic restraints placed on each of her wrists, connecting her to the bed frame. They were relatively long, but did not allow her to sit up very far. She pulled on her right arm as hard as she could, but the restraint held fast.

"I apologize for your discomfort, Miss Isabel," the woman apologized, noticing Isabel's attempt to get up. "But we couldn't afford to have you leave before we had the chance to offer you our proposition."

"You mean the PXS," Isabel said bluntly. She remembered the woman talking about a proposition as well that had to do with PXS and some sort of uprising. "What offer could you possibly have for me? If I turn in my team, then you'll convince the government not to kill us?"

The two adults just looked at one another and, much to Isabel's surprise, began to laugh.

"The government? Oh heavens no," the woman laughed. "We don't work for them. We prefer to see them as... part-time associates."

"I thought that you made Pokemon shipments for them," Isabel said suspiciously.

"We do, but..." the woman trailed off and glanced down at the clipboard once again. "I suppose this will be explained to you at the meeting."

As if on cue, the doctor stepped over to Isabel's side and unlocked the restraints, freeing Isabel's arms. Isabel rubbed her wrists and looked over the woman, reading the woman's expressions and body language and found nothing that reflected any reason for her to believe that it was a trap. They already had her where they wanted her... And she couldn't leave without her Pokemon, no matter what. I hope Chris and Ashleigh got away from... whatever this is.

"Let's go, Miss Isabel," the woman tapped her stylus against her electronic clipboard in mild impatience. "There is much to be discussed and little time to do so."

December 25th, 2008, 7:44 PM
(OOC: Ok ill give it a shot, but it wont be long, and ill edit it as soon as we work out the right plan and situation, and find out who is still with the rp, and also i too am tired :P)

"Ok Fay, you can let me go now" Drake groaned as he floated in mid air. They had lost the bounty hunter about fifteen minutes ago but fay was still running.

"Espeon!" Fay released the psychic attack and Drake fell on the ground with a big thud.

"Yeesh, not that hard!" Drake could feel a bumb where he just hit his head, and his hand was govered with a bit of blood. "Dang, must have fallen on a rock" Luckily Sparky was Ok and Drake's Chest took the impact for the little guy.

"Ok so what now?" He looked at fay. For the short time they had been together he realized this pokemon was smart and cunning, well of course she was, but it really showed. He would have to depend on her for directions and her experience.

Fay walked away and signaled with her tail. Drake scurried after her, and Fay led them into a more dense area. The undergrowth reached his chest, and he could only see fay by her tail.

Fay suddenly jumped down, and Drake saw another clearing. The pokemon sat down while Drake looked around for food. It wasnt hard with all the berries on the undergrowth. He managed to grab 6 Oran berries and 3 Sitrus Berries.

Drake finished his fourth berry when fay suddenly jumped up. Drake could see concern in her eyes. Sparky jumped on his shoulder and Drake had a moment of Deja-Vu as they ran through the forest chasing fay. <again>

(OOC: Ok so now she is gonna lead me and whoever wants to join to the PXS right?)

December 25th, 2008, 7:48 PM
(OOC: Yes, if you want you can notify some people who aren't active to see what's up, but... Either way Drake is going to have to get captured :P
BTW, when he does get captured, he probably first sees one of the guards return Fay into her PokeBall *dun dun dun!* and probably just thinks "WTF?"
If you want to talk about this further, please ask on the OOC thread :D)

Recent Sign-Ups:


Name: Charles “Charlie” Cooke

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Charles is a slightly chubby boy around the height of five feet and two inches. Anyone looking at him WOULD NOT think of him as fat, however, he does lack muscles which are implied by “slightly chubby”. His skin is just a little darker than a peach, his eyes are a bright playful blue and his hair color is a natural blond. Some of his most distinguished characteristics are on his face; he still has baby fat and a childish smile. He general wears loose fitting and comfortable clothes. A most common outfit that he wears is jean shorts and a tee-shirt. He also often wears an apron and a chef’s hat.

Personality: Charles is usually a care-free, cheery child. He is eager to help people and do what he wants and not what others want. He respects free-will, other people’s opinions, and their unique traits. Charles hates ignorant people that don’t care about other’s feelings. His personality completely changes around ignorant people. He is possessive, demanding, rude, and will annoy you until you change or leave.

History: Charles grew up in Sunnyshore, Sinnoh. His mother was a waitress who worked in the restaurant up the road where his father worked. He quickly grew up liking food and made friends quick because his parents constantly were at work. When he was nine he received his first Pokémon. An older friend of his caught a Pokémon and as a small prank gave him the Pokémon he thought resembled Charles the most. It was a Munchlax. At first Charles complained about how he was not like Munchlax and Munchlax was still loyal to its trainer. When his friend came over to take back the Pokémon he saw Munchlax and Charles laughing on a couple of dishes of Spaghetti. Charles kept Munchlax. A few years later his parents died in a kitchen fire. Charles cooking abilities had surpassed his fathers and he took over his father’s place and lived in the restaurant with Munchlax. His cooking abilities became world famous and he became almost a cooking celebrity at the age of thirteen. He finally quit and went to live in his father’s old town in the Katsu region at fourteen to escape from the reporters and to find out if he could live with some relatives. Upon reaching the Katsu Region the only relatives he could find were his grandparents. They asked him to turn in his pokemon as they were a part of the organization that was trying to exteriminate pokemon. Charlie whacked them on the head and called them the most ignorant rudest morons and left to seek out the uprising because he felt it was wrong to exteriminate pokemon. The Uprising joined him among their ranks because of his cooking abilities and his power when around ignorant people.

Extra: Charles loves to cook almost as much as he does to eat; He eats a lot of food and is an excellent chef for his age. Whenever he tastes something he thinks is delicious he always is full of tears and when he is in the kitchen, he is always working non-stop and nothing will stop him from being near the kitchen. Charles can cook a variety of foods from hot dogs to tempura and cares very deeply about the presentation of food; he has gone as far as making cake fireworks that splatter everything with cake batter. Charlie is also devilishly strong when angered or being forced out of the kitchen and he is also able to battle with his Munchlax like he could never do before his transformation. He likes to hit ignorant people with a frying pan or other kitchen utensils.

RP Sample: Kris woke up with a bad feeling this morning. “Ah, yes today is the first day of the semester” he murmured to himself as he walked down the school hallways. His steps were faint and like always he was practically invisible.

He entered the classroom and a flock of people gathered around him. He ignored them and pushed through the crowd. There was a seat in the back corner, away from all of the people.

Already people were starting rumors. “I heard that he was criminal. He was sent to this school because of the way he uses his Pokémon” one girl said.
Another girl replied “Yeah and I heard that he once murdered four girls”. The girls counted the number of girls in their group, there were four. Then they screamed and separated.

Kris chuckled and scanned the room. He couldn’t help noticing the poor lonely girl with the bunny ears. “This nervousness means she probably thinks that she is an outcast. The bunny-like features make her look like a cosplayer. Who wants to be friends with a cosplayer? This could be interesting.” He thought.

He continued scanning the room for more children like her. His eyes had spotted someone, obviously it was the teacher.

"Good Morning Class. I am your teacher for this year. My name is Professor Kenji Enigma Darkrose, but feel free to call me Kenji, or Prof. There will be another teacher teaching this class, however she isn't here yet. Her name is Miss Lola. I will take classes, she will take classes. Anyway, Lets get the formalities over with. I'll call out your name, and you say Yes, or Present or whatever. Adam Berrillo?"


When his name was called he lifted his hand in the air and made no sound. The other kids had never known his name and few people saw his hand lifted in the air.

He really didn’t care about the other students; however, he did pay close attention to the bunny girl’s name.

"Yuki Nivosus?"

"Ah, I'm here!"

“So her names Yuki, won’t this be fun” he thought.

“Now that all that is out of the way, we can get on with this Morning's lesson." A wave of Aww ran through the class, but Kris didn’t really care. "If you'll all press the small button on your desk, You'll see your stationary for most of my classes" There was a small hiss as a 12 desk tops slid away, revealing a touch screen about 2 feet wide, and 1 foot long. "Before we begin, please read the rules displayed on the screen.....The main one being no food by the computers without the safety screen on. All done? Good. Now follow the instructions onscreen to customize your screens. I hope you all brought some CDs and Cameras with you. You're all linked up, so you can send each other messages. While your doing this, make sure you input your fingerprints into the system so you can access you're profile all over the school."

Kris only spent about five minutes creating his profile. He wanted to see what Yuki was doing. She was enjoying herself. Kris was slightly repulsed with her happiness and thought “This won’t last long”.

Thirty minutes of spare time was enough for him to observe his classmates. He already had created his opinions of them. Six of them seemed unnatural, Yuki was one of them.

"And stop, that should be enough time. Everyone, I'd just like to say one thing before you head off to break. Welcome to Cineris Titan Academy!" The bell rang just as he finished his sentence. Everyone got up out of their desks, and started to leave.

He noticed Yuki was skipping her next class and was tearful. He followed her and hid behind a tree.

"Hey it's the bunny girl, I wonder what will happen if we pull her ears, will she hop?" A girl emerged from behind the tree, a mischevious, troublesome smirk on her face.

"Go away..." Yuki mumbled as her tears fell down her face.

"Oh cmon just one tug?" The girl smiled cynically and approached her and her hand stretched out, this tore it for Yuki.

"I SAID GO AWAY!" Yuki yelled as she looked at the girl, her pupils glowing a light blue, ice emerged from the ground and encased the girl who had began harassing Yuki. Yuki hadn't noticed she had done this and ran off into the neighboring bushes to think to herself.

Kris had witnessed the whole thing. Kris was full of joy at her discomfort and was impressed by her power. He was now interested in the other six of his unusual classmates and felt like observing Yuki just a little bit longer.


Nickname: Munch

Breed: Munchlax


Personality: Munch is a heavy eater and can be quit foolish often caring more about food than pokemon battles. Munch is also really caring and will share some of its food storage with sad people. Unfortunatly Munch's food storage is it's belly button, however, Charlie doesn't mind.

Appearance: The non-black fur on Munch's stomach is white and a little bit more stretched out so it looks like a bib and charlie put a white headband on its head. Other than that it's a normal Munchlax.


The warden-Paul
Name: Paul Stevenson

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Appearance: Slim and quite short for his age, his height makes people think he is younger than he really is which Paul hates. He has no real concern in his appearance, wearing jeans and a t-shirt normally for comfort. Paul has short scruffy blond hair that he never bothers to comb and wears a pair of thick lensed glasses that he often cleans while he is thinking. His glasses cover his bright blue eyes but few people notice because he is always looking at the ground. Paul tries to blend in to large crowds. Other than his glasses Paul always wears one other thing a belt that his dad used when he was a trainer, it is red and gold and has six pokeball spaces, Paul recived on his tenth birthday and has treasured it ever since.

Personality: Paul is timid and shy most of the time prefering not to be noticed. He finds it hard to make friends and talk to people. Instead Pauls only real friend is his scyther "Slash". Most of his time Paul is thinking of becoming a true pokemon trainer. Paul tries his best to be polite but can be rude if he is angry, upset or offended. Nomatter how bleak a situation becomes Paul can always find hope, because as long as slash is by his side he knows he will be loked after. Slash is like an older brother for Paul always looking after him.

Background: Paul has lived in the Katsu region all of his life, his dad is a retired pokemon trainer who now runs a pokemart and his mum helps his dad run it.
Paul was all ways picked on at school, one day when Paul was ten it got really bad the bullies chased him until he reached some woods. In the woods the bullies caught up with Paul and were about to beat Paul up when a scyther apeared it scared the bullies away and followed Paul home. For the next few months Paul saw the scyther every day, it allowed him to get near it but no one else. Then one day the scyther turned up injured Paul nursed it back to health and then it allowed Paul to cath it. Since then the Scyther has been known as Slash and has been Pauls only pokemon.
When the news that pokemon were to be outlawed reached Pauls village Paul was devistated. His mum and dad lost the pokemart and all fo there pokemon were going to be taken away, and that included his best friend Slash. It was a hard decision for Paul to make but he decided to run away from home, it was the first time Paul had been away from home and despite what he says he can't really care for himself.
So he packed his bag and left with Slash. The first thing that Paul did after running off was to head to the pokemart it was closed down but Paul know there was still some equipment in there and it could be useful. So he broke in and stole pokeballs, potions and full heals. At first he planned to go to a diffrent region but he soon realised that he would not be able to make it past the borders, there were too many bounty hunters and Slash wasn't strong enough to fight for long yet. So one evening Paul decide that his only option was to fight.
Over the next few weeks Paul started training Slash. They had a few run in's with bounty hunters and Slash got hurt a few times but Paul could heal him and he was getting stronger.
Paul tried to avoid cities where ever possible so that Slash didn't have to stay in his pokeball all the time, which he hated. From trainers Paul met on the road he heard roumors of an uprising, between them Paul and Slash decided to join and help fight for there friendship. For the first time in his life Paul had his dream he was going to be a real trainer but this wasn't the way he wanted it to be.

Other details: Paul and Slash have entered only a few battels and have won most of them.

Paul's scyther

Name: Slash

Breed: scyther

Gender: Male

Pursuit (can't learn faint attack)
Double team

Appearance: Just like a normal scyther but it has a scar across its left eye it is the only reminder of the injuries it sustaind in the wild.

Personality: Slash is quite a show off it loves to be competitive and can be rather reckless. It has a short temper and will lash out if angered, Slash tends to be arragent and rude towards other pokemon and sometimes people. For some reason it has developed a fondness of Paul, this could be because he healed it when it was injured or for some unknown reason, and treats him like a younger brother being very protective of him but also loyal, following his comands with out question. This makes a very complex friendship between the two of them.

Name: Rena "Renegade" Riley Siegfried
Age: 16
Gender: Genderless! Female ^^
Appearance: Rena is at most, 5'8". She has a slender body (though her weight isn't unreal), and her skin is very pale. She has a flat chest, unlike most budding women her age. Rena has ghostly silver hair that goes as far down as her waist. Her eyes are a dull gray, and look very much like the eyes of a ghost.

Rena tends to wear more "old fashioned" outfits. She wears a black Victorian dress on most occasions, with gray ribbons on each side. She wears white ribbons on each side of her hair, and sometimes might wear one as a "leg bracelet" on her left leg. She has a necklace made from pure silver, and in the middle is a rainbow-colored gem, though sometimes it tends to turn a particular color of the rainbow (perhaps based on Rena's mood, maybe?). She wears tall black shoes with ribbons on those as well, and overall, looks like something you'd see in one of those historical fiction movies that took place around the 18th-20th centuries.
Personality: Rena seems to have given up all her emotions, thus she always has an expression without emotion most of the time. Although, when she does reveal any sign of emotions, it seems she is mischievous and very sly. She tends to trick others into doing something for her, and then she ends up with whatever bargain was offered. She is also able to sweet-talk even those who aren't very gullible into doing something against their will/beliefs. Rena may also seem to be a tad shy, but she can be really talktative when she wants to be. She dislikes those who tend to call her a "ghost", no matter how much she looks like one.
Background: Rena's past had always been a blur to her. Ever since she was a child, she had been confined to stay in the old Victorian mansion her parents owned. For staying inside for so long, Rena lost touch with the outside world. She also lost all her past emotions, and turned into what one could call a "living doll". After her 13th birthday, Rena's father, who had kept her inside for so long, passed away from not getting enough Vitamin D from the Sun. The mother, horrified by the thought of her daughter passing away for the same reason, booted Rena outside the house.

Seeing this new world, Rena did nothing but turn everything gloomy. It seemed wherever she went, clouds would follow, and she always stayed pale. No one dared come up to her; she was always the one to start the conversations, if any. However, there was one day where she was sitting in a park, when a ray of "heavenly light" shined upon her. Although it only lasted a few seconds, Rena has always had a small chunk of hope inside her heart, and it is that hope that may keep her alive.

Recently, PSX had asked her to join them. Being the emotionless girl she is, Rena joined them without a problem, though soon learned to dislike their plans. She has been yearning to escape, but has never gotten the right chance. Her only hope now is perhaps a distraction of some sort...
Additional Information: Rena keeps her Pokemon secret from the PSX. They were all birthday gifts from her late father.

Nickname: Fia
Breed: Misdreavus
Gender: Girl
Moves: Ominous Wind (Egg Move), Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Mean Look
Appearance: Fia has no oddities whatsoever.
Personality: Rena's first Pokemon ever, Fia seemed to adapt Rena's mischievous demeanor. Like her master, Fia loves playing tricks on others, especially at night. She often takes the form of a "ghost" to scare others into peeing their pants.
History: Fia is actually a special case. Although all of Rena's Pokemon were given to her on her birthdays, her late father found Fia possibly hiding from some greater force. He took her in and gave her to Rena for her 8th birthday.
Additional information: Rena refuses to evolve Fia, although she still keeps a Dusk Stone on hand. Fia is almost always out of her Luxury Ball (all of Rena's Pokemon are in Luxury Balls) as well.

Nickname: Lina
Breed: Lopunny
Gender: Female
Moves: Bounce, Healing Wish, Agility, Sky Uppercut (Egg Move)
Appearance: Nothing different about Lina.
Personality: Lina is actually the opposite of Rena. She is bouncy and perky and "socialable", however one may define it. However, she follows Rena's orders, and thus is well balanced out.
History: Rena's second Pokemon; received at her 9th birthday as a Buneary; evolved out of happiness one day.
Additional information: Lina tends to get on Fia's nerves sometimes, but they're good friends.

Nickname: Serene
Breed: Milotic
Gender: Girl
Moves: Hydro Pump, Aqua Ring, Confuse Ray (Egg Move), Twister
Appearance: Her colors are a bit more vibrant like the D/P Milotic, not like the Plat. Milotic
Personality: Despite her looks, Serene is in reality very shy. She tends to try and hide from other trainers and Pokemon. Rena believes it has something to do with how she might've been treated in the past.
History: Given to Rena for her 10th birthday as a Feebas; Rena fed her the best dry food, eventually causing Serene to evolve.
Additional information: Serene can sing a beautiful melody, often lulling Rena to sleep, though she cannot do the same with Pokemon.

Nickname: Cierra
Breed: Togetic
Gender: Female
Moves: Metronome, Magical Leaf, AncientPower, Present (Egg Move)
Appearance: Cierra is (if that's OK?) a shiny Togetic.
Personality: Cierra is nearly emotionless like her trainer, though that is a tad odd for a Pokemon like herself. But Cierra more or less is the sweetest of Rena's Pokemon, and might also be a klutz.
History: Rena received her for her 11th birthday when she was a Togepi; evolved for the same reason Lina did.
Additional information: Cierra is actually strong enough to fly Rena around.

Nickname: Ein
Breed: Sneasel
Gender: Male
Moves: Crush Claw (Egg Move), Beat Up, Screech, Agility
Appearance: Ein's feather is actually an angelic white; no clue how that came to be
Personality: Ein is naive and also mischievous, much like Fia. Although his tricks are a bit different from Fia's, they are practically similar in personality.
History: Given to Rena for her 12th birthday.
Additional information: Rena also refuses to evolve Ein, even though she has a Razor Claw she recevied when she got Ein.

Snow Phoenix
December 26th, 2008, 7:21 AM
Charlie had left the kitchen alone for a day. He went searching for more ingredients to use.

"Munch, can you smell anything? he asked the Munchlax by his side. The Munchlax sniffed the air and shook its head no.

"Aww" Charlie groaned. A few seconds later Munch's nose twitched. Charlie knew that twitch. Munch had smelt food.

An Espeon came darting and behind it was a boy. "Hey wait, can I have some food ?"he shouted, but the boy kept chasing that Espeon.

"What a rude child. Thats it I'm gonna show him some manners" Charlie frustrated shouted out loud and he began chasing after Drake while carrying his trusty frying pan. Munchlax was returned to its pokeball and clearly Charlie plans to hit him in the head with a frying pan.

OOC: Once again sorry for the short post.

December 26th, 2008, 8:51 AM
Another chilly day at PSX. These guys should have better heating systems... Rena thought to herself, tossing a regular Pokeball up into the air nonchalantly. The Misdreavus and Sneasel stood by her quietly, as if waiting her next move.

"Looks like another monotonous day..." Rena muttered, placing the Pokeball back into her pocket. The sound of voices rang out, and the Misdreavus immediately went into hiding. As for the Sneasel, who could do nothing else, Rena called him back into his Luxury Ball, where he could be cozy. After a few minutes, the voices faded away, and Rena called the Sneasel back out. Her Misdreavus came out of hiding, and Rena gave her famous emotionless expression in the direction the voices had come from.

"How many more days until we're out of here?" her wispy voice asked quietly. The two Pokemon looked at her strangely, but then turned their attention to the direction the voices came from. At once, Rena smiled, something you'd seldom see from her.

"Fia, I would like you to go play a trick on some of them," Rena requested, her wispy voice somewhat tingling. The Misdreavus nodded and floated off. Minutes passed. Soon, when the clock seemed to be ten minutes away from the next hour, a couple screams rang out, and the Misdreavus reappeared in front of Rena. Giving another slight smile, Rena patted her Misdreavus on the head. Then the sounds of footsteps. And the two were back in their Pokeballs.

"Um... Miss-Miss Siegfried, we had the strangest experience," two of the more gullible members moaned, their faces more pale than Rena's skin could ever be. They stared at her, watching her emotionless gaze carefully. After a few minutes, they ran off. That emotionless gaze, it always sent chills down the backs of some... Sighing, Rena sat down and took out a dusty book of hers. It was written probably 100 years ago, but it was still worth reading...

(I hope it was all OK~)

Snow Phoenix
December 26th, 2008, 12:38 PM
Charlie had lost sight of the boy and the Espeon. He had stumble upon some shipping company called PSX.

He walked up to the guards at the front of the building and asked "Have you seen a boy and an Espeon." The guards eyed him and not moving an inch they replied "PSX members only". "But, really need to hit him" he awnsered back in a cry baby voice. The guards just repeated "PSX members only". "Fine, you meanies" he said and he went to the side of the building.

"Munch we need to get inside of that building. I know he's there, after all he did have an Espeon with him". Charlie started hitting the side of the building with his frying pan, but with no results. "Munch, you help too" he said enraged with the ignorant wall.

Munch stuck his tongue out and licked the wall. "Hmm....... I'll help too" and at those words Charlie began licking the wall with Munchlax. "Faster Munchlax. It's kind of tasty, but it could use some pepper".

After about thirty minutes of licking the wall Charlie finally said "We need more power Munchlax, use the Metronome". Munchlax began swaying his fingers back and forth in an even time. Finally a blue aura engulfed them and they were gone.

Charlie and Munch had arrived in a narrow tunnel just wide enough for a child to crawl through. Munch's nose was active; he had teleported them to the closest place with food. "Aww, Munch why did you take us here?" Charlie complained. Munch continued through the narrow space. The food was being carried by a wild gulpin.

"Muuunch" Munchlax groaned at the sight of food. The gulpin ignored it and continued down an intersection of the cave. "Muuuunch" he groaned louder. The gulpin came back; the food had been eaten and the gulpin spat sludge at Munch.

"Hey, that was rude" Charlie couldn't help saying. Gulpin ignored him. "Munch, we'll show it. Use metronome. Munch waggled its finger and a huge earthquake erupted spliting the cave floor; the tunnel was a ventilation system and all three of them had landed in a cell. The earthquake had shaken all of the PSX building.

The gulpin was dizzy from the powerful ground attack and Charlie threw a pokeball. "Success, I think I'll name you Rudy and I'm gonna fix your attitude problem".

Charlie finally examined his surroundings. Chris and Ashleigh are the two Uprising members in the Cell. "This is horri..." Charlie said being cut off by two bounty hunters who just arrived and opened the cell.

"Munch are you ready for another Metronome" Charlie said to Munch. Munch just walks off and heads to the bounty hunters. "Thats a good pokemon. Now maybe we won't kill you instead I think I'll keep you" a female bounty hunter tells Munch. Munch hugs her and then licks her. At first she thinks this is a sign of agreement, but then she is paralyzed.

"Good job, Munch. Decieving the enemy is a smart tactic" Charlie cheered. "Now do the Metronome" he continued. Munchlax began waving its fingers. Charlie rolls a six-sided die "Yes a seven for good luck" he exclaims. "Houndoom, chew on that runt" the remaining bounty hunter shouted releasing Houndoom from its ball.

Houndoom ran up to Munchlax and prepared its fangs for a powerful Crunch. Munchlax had finished its metronome.

Before Houndoom could attack Munchlax had bitten the Houndoom. "But how? My pokemon had prepared its Crunch before that runt and yet he struck first?"

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk the attack Munch used wasn't Crunch. It was a move known as Me First. Me First is move that takes the opponents attack, then multiplies its power and always strikes first. Your pokemon is much stronger than mine. So I'd make sure your pokemons okay if I were you" Charlie explained staring at an incredibly wounded Houndoom. The bounty hunter looked at his Houndoom and shouted "Houndoom, are you okay?". "Too late" Charlie said in a suprisingly cool voice as Munchlax licked the Houndoom. Now both the Lady and the Houndoom were paralysed. The bounty hunter had nothing more he could do besides returning his pokemon and retreating with the paralysed bounty hunter.

"Now Munch stockpile whatever you can find" Munch began searching the room inside and outside of the cell for food. He found a bag of bread and a few slightly bruised oran berries. "Good, there is enough ingredients for me to make oran berry french toast" he said in a cheery voice and he pulled an egg from his pocket and examined his frying pan. "I was originally going to boil this egg, but french toast will be more satifying and it'll be more food. Would you like some?" he asked the two strangers who were in the cell with him.

OOC: Note the two strangers are Ashleigh and Chris. Also the door to the cell is opened.

December 26th, 2008, 8:57 PM
(OOC: They wouldn't say "Pokemon Trainers Only" because technically they're not supposed to have Pokemon. They would say "PXS members only". They would probably keep Chris and Ashleigh in the same room, but not with the other Uprising members I don't think. How does he know their names...?)

Isabel walked through the hallway beside the clipboard-bearing woman. They passed several other people wearing the same black and purple clothing that had been put on Isabel and she realized that it was the PXS uniform. They dressed me in their uniform?

"Right in here, Miss Isabel," the woman took out a card key and swiped it to open a door. "He'll be in to talk to you in a few minutes."

Isabel went inside and the woman closed the door after her. She waited until the woman's footsteps had fully faded down the hall before twisting the doorknob. It was locked. The only way to unlock the door with a card key. Isabel placed her forehead against the cool wood of the door and allowed her mind to wander momentarily. Where had Chris and Ashleigh been taken? Had the PXS member even taken them with? Where were her PokeBalls? Was there a card key in here?

The last thought caught Isabel off guard. She glanced around the room. There was a rather large window adorned with purple curtains through which (what time of day is it?) light poured through. She frowned and walked over, brushing one of the drapes aside. From where the room was positioned, Isabel could clearly see at least half of Crystal City, but this window was looking mainly out over the ocean.

Isabel allowed the fabric to fall back into place and turned to look at the rest of the room. There was a glass display table containing an old map that had every region on it in gold leaf. On one side of it there was an assortment of stones used for evolution and on the other there was a large collection of items Isabel couldn't identify. Nothing here.

She turned her attention to the large black desk sitting in the middle of the room. There was a smile pile of opened letters sitting in a neat pile on the corner of the desk, a silver letter-opener carefully placed on top. There was a golden fountain pen positioned in the middle over a small leather-bound notebook. Isabel gingerly took the pen in her hand and flipped the book open to the first divider. It had the title: Uprising Progress. Isabel looked down the page and realized that it had the names of every single Uprising member up to when most of them were lost in Shadow Valley, each with a page number next to them. But all the members that died in Shadow Valley had a dash through them while the ones that had gone missing were highlighted. All of them. What is this?

Isabel heard a click from the front door and spun around, closing the book and placing the pen back on top. The doorknob slowly turned and Isabel's mind raced as the door slipped open. She stepped back and gripped the edge of the desk tightly. A tall man, probably about six feet in hight, stepped through. He wore a black pinstripe suit with a purple tie and his piercing green eyes peered through several strands of stray black hairs that were carefully gelled. He looked to be in his mid-twenties and was very obviously professional.

"Ah, Miss Evens," he flashed Isabel a perfect smile. "I've wished to speak with you for a long time. Please, take a seat."

Isabel obediently stepped forward and sat on the edge of the seat in front of the desk and watched the man as he took his seat behind it. He placed his hands on the desk and looked into her eyes. Isabel matched his gaze with unwavering intensity. After a moment he opened one of his drawers and began looking through the items inside.

"Are you aware of Pokemon Exporting Services' work against the passing of the new law?" he asked without looking up.

"I assumed since this organization exports the Pokemon displaced by the law that they were working for it," Isabel said coldly.

"That is what the government thinks," he said without expression. "But what we do beneath that cover is what truly matters."

"What is it, exactly, that you do when you're not exporting innocent Pokemon to different regions away from their trainers?" Isabel asked calmly.

"What we're doing," he said with a triumphant smile, "is taking down the new law."

"How is abiding by the law going to help fight it?" Isabel demanded sharply.

"By taking it down from the inside." He took out a small packet and placed it on his desk and stood up, pacing behind his seat. "You see, the law in theory would get rid of all the Pokemon and there would be no one would have the potential to hold enough power to rise up against them. But what if some of the Pokemon were to stay in the region and were place in the right hands in order to take control of the government?"

"How is exporting Pokemon going to accomplish any of this?" Isabel asked.

"Ah, but that's the point of our movement," he stopped pacing and returned to his seat. "We don't export all the Pokemon. We keep the more powerful ones and adjust the reports so that they're not missed. We then train the Pokemon and assign them to a trainer who we know will benefit our group the greatest."

"It makes sense, I suppose," Isabel said slowly. "But what does this have to do with my team?"

"Your Uprising does much of the same work as us," he leaned forward. "And it has been a good distraction for the government off our own actions, but we find that it is time for you and your team to join us. You all have untapped potential that could be a powerful asset to us."

"Why should we join you? We could continue our own work and there is no reason we shouldn't remain independent of PXS," Isabel said bluntly.

"I suppose it is ultimately dependent on your decision," he sighed, slipping his finger into the small packet on his desk. "It just seems a shame that you should be forced to remain on the run, change your appearance," at this he slipped a strand of the hair Isabel had cut off before dying her hair blonde. She had never burned it, which meant that it was still in her bag. They do have all my stuff. "And it especially seems a shame that you have to hide your PokeBalls from everyone."

Isabel looked up from the lock of hair on his desk and narrowed her eyes. "Where have you taken my Pokemon?"

December 27th, 2008, 10:02 AM
Drake saw a gigantic building looming above him. As they came to a stop he realized how exhausted he was. It seemed as someone was following him, but he'd lost the chubby kid a while ago."

"Crack" From somewhere behind a twig snapped

"Huh?" There was nobody there.

"Come on Drake, get back to the main objective now" He murmered to himself. Drake was way more jumpy than before, knowing there could be bounty hunters.

"Thanks Fay, now lets think of a plan" Drake sat down, but he saw Fay was eager to go in. "Spark, youre gonna have to give up your place to Fay, because i dont have her pokeball. Alright?"

"Pich Pichu!" Drake picked up Sparky and put him under his jacket, only then he dared grab his pokeball. If he returned him now, the red light would give away their position. He pressed the pokeball and put it under his jacket. It would atleast cover most of the light.

"Alright Fay, you can get in my backpack" Fay jumped in, and Drake closed the zipper, but left a tennis-ball sized gab on the end for air.

He turned the corner and saw a gigantic sign.


Drake didnt know what it meant, and wasnt kean to find out.

"Hey kid, PXS members only!" A guard stopped him from going inside, and Drake had no choice but to walk away.

Drake thought about what he was to do next while he walked out of eyesight. Suddenly he remembered; when they were on the side of the building, there were windows. They were locked, but it was his only way in. Running around through the forest he managed to get back to the side of the building.

How was he to do this, the first window was about twelve feet high. This was going to be harder than he thought.

He glanced around and finally found something to his liking. "hey fay, you mind helping me move this log up to the window?" Together they moved the log and put it upright. Meanwhile Sparky was digging under the window, and soon they could put the log in it. The log and its branches put upright would be just like a ladder.

It was about 10 minutes later when they finally managed to move the log back to the building. It had to be large for it to reach that high, and everybody knows; large equals heavy. They put the bottom in the pit Sparky dug, so that it wouldnt slide away, and then they rested.

Drake's back hurt from the dragging. If it hadn't been for Fay's psychic attack he wouldnt have made it. He put one of the berries in his mouth and returned Sparky to his pokeball. If he was lucky nobody had seen them dragging the log.

It was an easy climb. The branches provided foothold, and it was easy to find grip. Drake neared the top, and he could see a hallway. "This is gonna take time.."

Drake drew his katana and tried to slide it under the window. It was a lot harder doing it while ducking, but eventually he was able to disable the lock. It wasnt hard, you just had to poke your sword into the clip that was holding it together, and it would just dislocate the lock.

Now came the waiting, it took at least twenty minutes before the hallway was empty. He jumped in the hallway and pushed the log away. Hopefully it would roll down the hill, and not arouse suspision.

Now he could take a better glance at the hallway. It was full with doors, maybe offices. It looked kinda like a school, there were water fountains and some mirrors.

"Clang, Clang" It was easy to hear peoples footsteps on the marble floors. Only now did Drake notice they had identical uniforms.

He turned around a corner and waited there.

"Clang, Clang, Clang" Tension arose.

"Yeah lunch was great" He could hear the two people talking near his hiding spot.

"Great .." He said it a bit too loud.

"Huh? Who was that!"

"Sparky, shock them!"

Drake jumped out of his hiding together with sparky. It didnt matter if there was a red light, they knew he was there.

"Thud! Thud!"


Steven sat down. This job was his worst yet. He was the new guard, all he had to do was guard the doorway into the main operating rooms, and the cells.

"Clang, Clang" He looked up to find another member walking through the hallway.

"You new, kid?"

"Uhh yeah.." The kid stammered

"How old are you?"

"Huh? Oh, Fourteen" He could see the kid was nervous, like he was on his first day.

The guard shot a glance at the kid's card. It was routine, he looked at the name and the picture.

"Alright, go on"

The kid walked through the gate, into the cell area.

If the guard had taken a closer look at the kid's ID CARD he would have seen that the picture was a glued on passport picture, and the age was written on with a pernament marker.

Even if the guard did finally realize that; it was already too late.

(OOC: If you still dont understand it, Drake stole the persons id card and clothes, glued a picture of him on, and changed the 24 into 14, he was almost fourteen anyway so they wouldnt notice. The second part is from the guards point of view, and he does not notice the picture and age.)

December 27th, 2008, 10:16 AM
A new person? Rena thought, overhearing a guard talking to someone else. She heard the kid say something about him being 14, but that was just about it. She had also heard someone from the "Uprising" was in PXS, but Rena couldn't pinpoint any other information regarding such. Eager to find out, she peacefully walked through some of the rooms, her Pokemon in their Luxury Balls.

As she walked down a long, winding hallway, she heard voices from one of the locked rooms. One of the PXS members said that the Uprising was helping them by acting as distractions, or something like that. She had also caught how the girl they were talking to asked where her Pokemon were. Rena sighed, and thought about the possibilities of what could happen if she was caught with her Pokemon.

If I were caught, they would probably be exported immediately. Rena gave a glum look on her face, something quite unusual for her. But her Pokemon meant everything to her, even if they were given to her by her late father, who had never let her discover the wonders outside her mansion. She continued listening to the conversation, and heard the PXS member say something about how it'd be a shame for the girl to be on the run, changing her appearance all the time. It seemed as though they were trying to get her to join PXS, but anyone could figure that out.

My god, girl, don't do it, Rena thought angrily. Pokemon are your FRIENDS! Your COMPANIONS! Even if they'll keep the stronger ones behind, those Pokemon are usually hard to tame unless you've been with them all your life!!! Rena nearly punched the wall in anger, but refrained from doing so.

"Dammit," she whispered. "Just... Don't... Join..." She thought about the first day PXS had recruited her. She was just walking around aimlessly, and had learned about the new law. Then, someone seemingly came up to her and asked her to follow. She did so without a second thought; she didn't know the importance of following strangers.

When she had arrived in that oh-so-very-strange place, a couple people had asked her to join. They said they were abiding by the new law, and that they'd export all the Pokemon, except for the most powerful ones. They mentioned how a group known as the "Uprising" were trying to fight against the new law. They then asked Rena to join.

Seeing how she had nowhere else to go, even if the group wanted to export most the Pokemon, Rena accepted the offer and soon came to be one of PXS's most trusted members. However, thinking back to that got Rena to wonder if it would be better if she joined the Uprising.

If I did, it would mean betraying these loonies. Not that it matters anymore... She sighed, and leaned against the wall right beside the door so she could pick up more of the conversation.

December 27th, 2008, 1:06 PM
Drake ended up in a gigantic room. At first it looked like a factory, which indeed it was, but different. People were packing pokeballs and others were experimenting with them.

"... horrible" These people were taking pokemon from trainers and sending them away? ... PXS .. Pokemon .. Pokemon Exporting Services?

Up to now Drake did not realize what he was dealing with, but this was just too much. Where were the others?

He walked down the room, trying to act casual. Sometimes he stopped to inspect certain parts. There were boxes stacked with pokemon, sometimes there were even eggs.

He walked over to a pile of boxes where people were closing them up. He grabbed some tape and started taping up the boxes. He looked at all the pokeballs. What to do?

"Hey kid you new here?" A nearby worker asked him

"Uhh, Yeah" Drake had practiced his shy voice ... mainly from experience.

"Just make sure you dont mess up those boxes, they are very important"

"Yes Sir!" Drake acted motivated and started taping faster. Before he closed his box he felt some pity for the pokeballs. He lashed out and grabbed about 4 of them, which he quickly put in his jacket.

"And thats that" He murmered quietly. He promised he would come back for these boxes, he would save all these pokemon, maybe bring them to a proffessor so they could care for them. But for now thats all he could do.

"Oops, i forgot something" Drake scurried away with curious workers watching him. They soon lost interest when Drake went over to the living area. What they didnt know was that he soon swerved off to the left. He remembered the cells he saw earlier.

On his way he saw a seperate box. What was that? Maybe something special? He walked over to it and in it was a backpack. It looked familiar but Drake couldnt quite remember from where. "Uhh?" He didnt know what to do with it.

"What is it?" Someone said behind him. <Crap, ive been noticed> Drake scolded himself.

"Erm, do you know where this came from?" The man gave him a shady look.

"They made an announcement..." He seemed to think deeply about what to do.

"Oh this is my first day, i just arrived" That seemed to make up the man's mind.

"O ok, well this was convescated from one of the uprising." Uprising? Now he remembered, it was Isabel's

"Oh to uprising." Drake walked away, but when the man wasnt looking he walked back and grabbed the backpack.

"Better keep that close" He murmered. <Gotta get back to the main objective> Drake scolded himself again

He neared the cells, and crept closer. The cells were dungeon-ish. Even tough there were modern materials, it was just as dark, cold, and wet. There were pipes on the ceiling and he pulled himself up.

He entered the room with the cells, and he could see a chubby kid in the middle. Not here, he couldnt bother to arouse suspicion, he would comeback when it was dark, and thus he started climbing back.

The warden
December 27th, 2008, 1:52 PM
(OOC this happens on the day of the fight in the sewers at the start it is miday but it goes on late into the night)

Paul had been on the run for several weeks and his stolen supplies had almost run out. He had ran out of food ages ago and while he had been eating beries he was always hungry. Also he only had two potions remaining most of them had been used up healing Slash who was not used to fighting when they first ran away. The only other remaining stolen goods Paul had were ten empty pokeballs, an escape rope and five stat boosting items.

It was time to get more supplies Paul decided, so at the next town he decided to stop, the town was crystal city. Outside the city Paul asked Slash to get into his pokeball, Slash refused turning his head up at Paul, Slash hated his pokeball.

"Ok if you won't get in your pokeball, I'll go in there by myself." Paul said knowing Slash hated leaving him alone even more than being in his pokeball. That was all it took to convince Slash to go back in his pokeball, with Slash safely stored away on his belt which was hidden under a long shirt, Paul set off in to crystal city.

The first thing Paul did was buy some tinned food and a can opener, he would eat the food if he couldn't find any berries in the future. Next Paul set off window shopping for anything that could be useful. While he was wandering around he heard a noise and looked round, the noise came from a man hole that was being opened in a near by alleyway. Paul hid behind some bins and watched as a girl climbed out of the man hole followed by another girl, a boy and a woman. The woman was holding something, it was a gun! Some thing happened Paul didn't see what and one of the girls fell to the floor. Then a man turned up and together the man and the woman took the two girls and the boy away. They must be in trouble Paul thought, he had to find out what was going on.

Paul followed them to a large building with a sign that read PXS, when he got near the building Paul noticed that there were gaurds near the building and hid from sight in some nearby bushes. While Paul was hiding he noticed another boy arrive with a pikachu and an espeon, he moved forward towards the boy, meaning to talk to him but then he thought what if he is with the PXS and stopped. As Paul placed his foot down Paul stood on a twig and it broke with a "Crack", Paul stood completely still as the boy turned and looked right past him. The boy hid his pokemon and set off again round the back of the building. Paul moved away from the building, deeper in to the woods and once he was out of sight of the building he released Slash.

"So what do you think then, are you up for going in there?" Paul asked, Slash responded with a "Scyyy" swinging its scythes eagerly.

"How are we going to get in then?" Paul asked and the began to come up with a plan.Whenthey had finished it was too late to start moving so they ate some berries and slept ready to go in at sun rise.

December 27th, 2008, 7:19 PM
(OOC: the posts were kinda hard to understand)
The shockwave from the Earthquake snapped the door open, Ashi immediatly looked up.

"... No." Ashi replied to the boy with the Munchlax. As soon as the guard was unconcious, she marched out of the cell, not looking behind her. Thankfully, the guards had not noticed her bead PokéBalls and had not taken them. "Hurry up Chris, we don't have much time."

She slid against a wall and looked up the staircase. A figure approached and she readied herself to attack. The figure got closer and Ashi jumped in front, only to see Drake, the stupid young katana kid from before.

"Drake!?" Ashi said, bewilded. He was probably the person she least expected to see. He was wearing a PXS uniform, with the added accessory of an ID card. She shook her head.

"It was a mistake for you to come here. Go back to camp."

December 28th, 2008, 10:52 AM
"Your Pokemon? No need to worry, Miss Evens," he said with a smile that Isabel now found unnerving. "They are currently being held in our infirmary and your little Eevee is being patched up and should be fine."

"My Pokemon are fine," Isabel said firmly. "I would like to have them back."

"I'm afraid we can't do that," his smile faded. "Not until you make your decision."

Isabel looked down at her hands and processed this in her mind. She met the man's eyes.

"No," she said matter-of-factly.

"I don't think you quite understand what I am offering you," he said impatiently.

"Oh? How is threatening my team's existence into joining you offering us anything?!" Isabel's fingers constricted around the arms of her chair.

"What I'm offering, what we're offering, is the chance for you to stop running," he managed to regain his composure. "We would supply you all with new identities, saying that the Uprising fled the region. You could still lead your team, only you wouldn't have to worry about how you would escape the Bounty Hunters or beat the odds against the law. You could have the chance to make a true difference against the government."

When Isabel didn't answer, he stood up and walked over to look out the window.

"We found some of your members and took them in," he said without turning. "Many of them agreed to join us because they knew that there was little they could do without out help."

They joined? Isabel thought, her heart sinking. The highlighted names...

"What about David?" Isabel asked, her voice louder than she intended. "Did he join?"

"Your co-leader?" Isabel saw him flinch slightly. "Unfortunately he refused to listen to reason. That is, not without your consent."

There has to be some reason he didn't join, Isabel turned over everything he said in her head. But what is it I'm not being told? Wait...

"How exactly did you get ahold of those members?" Isabel asked, her eyes narrowing.

"We've been trying to take you into our organization for a long time," he said. "And when the chance arose in Shadow Valley, of course we-"

"You planned the attack in Shadow Valley?!" Isabel gasped, abruptly standing up.

"We tipped off a large group of Bounty Hunters as to where you were located," he continued to stare out the window. "But that's hardly-"

"Members were killed!" Isabel shouted. She was losing control, but she didn't care. "Innocent townspeople were killed!"

"Those people were not innocent," he snapped. "They were one of the first to obey the law without a fight. The Katsu region is better off without those traitors."

The image of a young boy carrying his baby sister away from their burning home filled her mind. The Bounty Hunters hadn't let them get far.

"You were the ones who told the government we were the ones who destroyed the city," Isabel hissed, wiping the moisture from her eyes. "To distract them from your own involvement!"

"We are doing what we have to in order to keep our organization alive," he said in a calm tone.

"You want your precious distractions?" Isabel demanded, stepping in front of his desk and slipping the silver knife-like letter opener in her hand. "You've got it. Just let us go!"

"We're trying to save the Pokemon!" He shouted, turning around to face her. "We're doing what is best for the Katsu region!"

"Who are you kidding?!" Isabel screamed, visions of the destruction dealt out in Shadow Valley flashing through her mind. "You and your entire organization are just trying to take over the region! You don't care about the Pokemon or anyone who dies because of your work to 'fight the wrongs' here so long as you get what you want!"

(OOC: Like I said, I'd rather not have to make her stab him with the letter-opener.)

The warden
December 28th, 2008, 11:29 AM
Paul awoke to the sight of the rising sun, he sliped out of his sleeping bag and prepared to leave. It was still early and Paul was hoping that there would be fewer guards around the PXS HQ because of it, infact his plan depended on it. He aproached the building sneaking through the undergrowth. There were fewer gaurds on duty than last night, Paul crawled round to the back of the building. There he released Slash and gave him a X-speed from his bag.

"Ready Slash" Paul asked, Slash didn't anwser he just darted out of the bushes and flew towards the building. Slash slamed in to the side of the building and bounced off with a BANG. The guards nearest Slash turned round and run towards him Slash ran back to the woods leading them away. As soon as they were out of sight Paul ran to the building an climbed in to the air vent that Slash had aimed for when he hit the building. It had knocked the cover off and the Gaurds too busy with Slash didn't notice it come loose. He pulled it back in to place and waited, Slash soon reappeared from the woods, the gaurds nowhere in sight left beind by Slash's extra speed, as soon as he did Paul withdraw him back to his pokeball. Now he was in.

Crawling throught the air vents Paul soon arived at a large open room, the vent was at least five meters from the floor. Inside the room there were several trucks, some of them loaded with pokeballs and others empty. From his vantage point Paul couldnt see anyone in the room. Turning round to sit in the vent Paul opened his bag and took out the escape rope, he opened the vent and tied the rope to the vent cover. Paul climbed down the rope and dropped to the ground, he looked round the room. It was a garage of some sort, in it there were ten trucks, more than he could see from above. At on end of the room there was a large set of steel doors. Behind Paul there was a click, he dived behind one of the trucks out of sight, three men walked into the room all in PXS uniforms.

"Right you two get the crates up to sorting" said one of the men who seemed to be the leader, he walked back out leaving the men to work. The two men walked over to one of the trucks, not the one Paul was behind, then one of them spotted the rope. Oh no or some thing like that crossed Pauls mind, he quickly ran through his options. There seemed to be only one choice, Paul grabbed three pokeballs in his left hand and Slash's ball in his right and threw them all at once. Slash appeared along with a shinx, a koffing and a vulpix. One of the guards went for the door but Slash cut him off stopping him in his tracks, the shinx took one lookat the man and ran out of the room. The koffing was quite clearly and released a smog attack, filling the room with a toxic smoke, that blinded Paul his eyes streaming. The vulpix released a jet of fire from it's mouth setting the smog on fire, causing the koffing to use it's explosion attack. The explosion was quite small and rather quite, must have been a low level koffing, but it knocked one of the PXS members. Paul wiped his eyes clear and looked round, the koffing was on the floor knocked out, the vulpix had been knocked out as well and Slash was stood on the other PXS members his scythes crossed infront of the mans face.

The man was unhurt and Paul wanted to keep it that way so he said "Knock him out Slash" as he withdrew the faint pokemon. Slash hit the man with the blunt side of one of his scythes. Paul got Slash to retrive the escape rope and he used to tie the men up. The next thing that Paul had to sort out was the run away shinx.

December 28th, 2008, 3:11 PM
"It was a mistake for you to come here. Go back to camp." Well that was a nice welcome back! Drake came into this building to save them, and that was all he said.

"Listen, there is no camp, they're onto us, and i had to bring fay here" Fay poked her head out of his backpack as in response.

Ashleigh was just about to respond when they heard a sound behind them.

"Hey kid, its dangerous down here, you need adult supervision; ill be there in a second!" One of the guards yelled it from upstairs.

"Damn.." Drake muttered "Change of plans, wait here you guys"

He moved back just as the guard opened the door.

"Wha-" The guard noticed the prisoners

"Help, they escaped, help!" Drake acted like he was crying.

"Damn! Get behind me kid!" That was the first mistake the guard made. Drake did go behind him indeed, but as the guard reached for his gun he felt something cold and sharp pressed against his throat. He shifted his position, carefully so that he wouldnt get cut, and finally he saw the cause. The kid was holding a katana to the guards neck.

"But.. But" The guard stammered, but suddenly he realized what was going on. "You little brat.."

Drake grinned. "You got the picture. Now, move forward. Carefully they walked towards the other prisoners. That was when Drake remembered the chubby boy. "Dont you move, or he'll die!" The chubby boy was dancing around.

"You went all like WAAHH!, and the Guard went like OOOHH!" And then "Whoosh, whaa" The kid was running around, slashing a frying pan through the air. "And then you came up to the guard and ..." The boy lashed down with his frying pan.


The guard dropped to the ground.

"Well, ehh cool" Drake didnt know what to say.

"Not so useless now is it? He addressed ashleigh who clearly didnt like the fact that Drake saved them because they didnt have pokemon.

"Lets strip him of his tools" Ashleigh went over to the guard and grabbed his keys, radio reciever, and his gun.

A while later they had all rested, and gathered up at the door; ready to go.

(OOC: Did i bunny Charles too much, or was it unlike his personality? If so, pls tell me)

December 28th, 2008, 3:46 PM
Rena continued listening in on the conversation. She heard something about the girl's Pokemon being in the infirmiry, and that was enough detail.

"Fia," she whispered, quietly calling out her Misdreavus. "I need you to go scare the guards in the infirmiry, so I can have Ein go in and take some Pokemon." The Misdreavus nodded, and floated off, soon vanishing in midair. Continuing to listen in on the conversation, Rena heard how members of the Uprising had joined PXS. She couldn't figure out who, however, was originally part of that group. She heard the girl ranting about how PXS hired some bounty hunters to track down the location of the Uprising, and that plenty of the members were killed. Even though she never really showed emotion, Rena couldn't help but feel pity for the remaining members.

Suddenly, a scream rang out and some of the PXS members came running down the hallway.

"Miss Siegfried! Miss Siegfried! HELP!!!" they shouted at her. "Th-there's a ghost in the infirmiry!" Annoyed at how they disrupted her from listening in (and how the ones behind the door had probably heard), Rena scowled, intimidating the men. She then went back to her emotionless expression, and calmly walked down the hallway towards the infirmiry.

When she entered, a big purple ball was swirling around right above the girl's Pokemon. Rena nodded, and the ball vanished, revealing Fia. Noticing some other Pokeballs around, Rena picked those up and recalled the Pokemon, including her own. She just finished putting the balls in her sack when the men came back to the infirmiry.

"The ghost... Thank you, Miss Siegfried," one of the men answered. Another man soon noticed the missing Pokemon. "Miss Siegfried, what have you done with the Pokemon?"

"I wish to take care of them elsewhere. We don't want the same thing happening now, correct?" Rena said wittingly. The men nodded in fear of starting an argument with her, And Rena walked off quietly back to the door...

December 28th, 2008, 4:51 PM
Fay's tail tingled and the gem on her forehead began glowing. Her trainer was in trouble. The Espeon wriggled her way out of the boy's backpack and soundlessly dropped to the stone floor. She glanced back at the people standing in the hallway and, without checking if they were going to follow, began running in the direction her senses lead her.


"We're doing what is best for everyone!" he yelled.

"No, that's what I'm doing," Isabel hissed, jumping forward to stab him with the letter-opener.

The man's eyes flashed with rage and he pulled out a PokeBall Isabel hadn't seen before. A red flash momentarily blinded Isabel.

"Use Confusion!"

Isabel stumbled backwards when she was struck by a psychic force. Isabel blinked. A Hypno stood in front of her, slowly swinging its pendulum back and forth. A man stood behind it with a PokeBall in hand. What's going on?


The metal object she realized that she had been clutching was wrenched from her grasp and was replaced with a spotted shred of fabric. In a flash, the psychic Pokemon was back in position, waiting for orders. Suddenly, she grasped what was going on.

"Confusion," Isabel hissed.

The man merely gave her an unpleasant smile.

"Use Hypnosis," he commanded.

Isabel snapped her eyes shut and backed up into the glass display case. She slid along the wall, carefully covering her eyes. The move softly coaxed her eyes open and Isabel couldn't help but stare at the Hypno's pendulum as it slowly swung back and forth. Isabel grit her teeth as she struggled to fight the exhaustion that swept over her. I have to stay awake...

(OOC: Oh no, a Psychic Pokemon! If only there was a Ghost Pokemon that could help... *nudge nudge*)

December 28th, 2008, 7:51 PM

Ashi took the man's clothes and weapons and wore them over her own, they were too small for her anyways. She tied her hair into a tight bun and pulled it into a cap. He had a small knife and a PokéBall on him, she tucked the knife into her belt and released the Pokémon for a moment, revealing a Zubat. She returned it and tossed the ball to whoever in general.

"Save Isabel. I have to go get her," Ashi stated and ran up the stairs. She slowed down as she approached people, keeping her head slightly up and avoiding suspicion. She manouvered through the people, each of them nodding at her as she passed. It was quite amusing how many of them didn't even have a passing glance, how much did they trust the security here?

Ashi finally came up towards a set of doors at the end of a hallway, locked by card, much more nicer than the other doors in the facility. She stepped foward to open them when someone yelled, "Oi! You, the boss is having a meeting!"

"Sorry. I'm a bit lost. Well, that, and I'm curious what the boss is up to," Ashi said, guessing half she said. The man laughed in return.

"We're all curious... I guess, I could show you to room next to it. It's completely empty, and the walls are hardly soundproof. " The man winked and lead her around the room, into another. He was telling the truth, it was empty and it was easy to hear through.

"We're doing what's best for everyone!" The man's voice rang.

"No, that's what we're doing!" Isabel yelled back. Ashi sighed in relief, she was alive. But Ashi wasn't in the room, and there was someone in this room. A series of yells followed which involved a Pokémon of somesort.

"What the heck is going on in there?" The man leaned closer to the wall. Ashi saw her chance and quickly grabbed the man around the neck and used the 'sleeper hold' technique she had been taught a while ago. His body went limp and Ashi carefully dropped him on the ground, without making a noise.

Ashi whipped around as the handle clicked and the door swung open and closed again, a girl no older than 16 walked in. Ashi's heart stopped and started again. She had been caught.

Instead of sounding the alarm, the girl's face stayed emotionless. She folded her arms and said "What are you doing?"

(OOC: Sorry for bunnying. But, I was thinking we'll have a fast introduction, join forces, kick that guy's butt and get out of here. Sounds ok?)

December 28th, 2008, 9:07 PM
(Eh, it's OK. Just don't try to do it often. It may be kinda hard to control Rena, but then again, who knows?)

Rena sighed, for she knew what the girl was up to. Probably trying to get the other girl out, eh? she thought, her face staying emotionless. She walked a bit further down, then turned around.

"Well, you can come now, if you want," she replied. But she didn't know what the girl would do. She seemed maybe, lost? Oh well, it wasn't Rena's problem, at least. Deciding to just send her Pokemon in, Rena called the two out.

"Fia, Ein. I need you two to be very sneaky, alright?" she asked the two. They both nodded, and Rena then proceeded to whisper into their ears. Fia then flew off into the room Rena had eavesdropped upon, and Ein waited patiently outside the door. As soon as she heard the scream, Rena gave a swirly sort of motion to Ein, who immediately burst through the doors, flinging Pokeballs everywhere. Five Eeveelutions popped out, as well as a regular Eevee. The Misdreavus nodded at them all, as if perhaps communicating telepathically? (if they can learn Psychic through a TM or Psybeam through leveling up, then anything's possible) The Pokemon proceeded to attack anyone in the room, unincluding the girl, Fia, and Ein, and Rena stood outside the door.

"Come on! What are you waiting for?" she asked. "Now's our chance!" Not willing to wait for the girl's response, Rena recalled Fia and Ein and ran through the hallways, shouting "Screw PXS! It shall soon fall!" Although a bit edgy for someone of her demeanor, it felt good to finally release all that tension she had inside. As she ran out into the glistening light, Rena sighed. At last, I... No, WE'RE free... she thought, gasping at the gorgeous light she had only seen before becoming part of PXS.

(Oh, if it's OK, can she get a Glaceon? I know, I know, too many Eeveelutions and Eevee. But this is through the wild; she didn't start with it... ><')

Wolf in the Rain
December 28th, 2008, 11:36 PM
(OOC: Catch up post was taking too long so i gave up :))

Chris’ head was still pounding from the double K.O. from before, but he had to focus. He needed to find his Pokemon and they needed to find Isabel.

“Save Isabel. I have to go get her," Ashi stated and ran up the stairs, throwing a Pokeball back to the group. The Pokeball rolled along the ground, coming to a stop at Chris’ feet.

“Ashi, wait DammIt! We need to…” But it was too late, she was already gone. “Grrr, Damn!” Chris cursed.

<Bloody girl just runs off without thinking. She doesn’t even have her Pokemon.> He angrily thought to himself He bent down and picked up the Pokeball. It wasn’t his, but it would do.

He turned to see who was left with him. The chubby kid was holding a frying pan and basically just dancing around. Drake was wearing a stolen PXS uniform and had his katana at his side. The sword wasn’t exactly the most discrete. And to make matters worse, they had an unconscious PXS solider.

<Great… Thank you Ashi for leaving me to babysit …>

Even though it could be trouble and seemed like a burden, Chris still needed to get his Pokemon back, no matter what, and Drake gave him the perfect idea.

“Alright!” He addressed to the two “Ashi will save Isabel. But right now, we need to my.. friends back”

Chris bent down to the unconscious PXS solider, taking off the man’s jacket and putting it on. Although it was a bit large for him, it would do.
“Right, Drake follow my lead. And… um… other kid… we’re going to ‘take you captive’ just act normal and calm and we’ll be out of here in no time. After he finished talking to the two, he opened the Pokeball containing the Zubat.

“Zu- Zubat!” It said as it emerged from it’s Pokeball.

Chris held his hand out, allowing for it to land on his arm and scratching it behind the ears. The Zubat let out a purring sound.

“Zubat?” Chris asked “You wanna help us for a bit?”

“Zu! Zu!” it replied, landing on Chris’ shoulder.

“Good. Now let’s get going, we got to get out of here. But first, let’s get my Pokemon back.” Chris looked at the chubby kid and sighed "And let's be more discrete..."

(OOC: Is it ok that I *cough* borrow *cough* the Zubat until I find my Pokemon. And do you want us to find your Pokemon Minku? And post #100 w00t!)

The warden
December 29th, 2008, 2:59 AM
Before Paul set off further into the PXS HQ he checked the two men he tied up earlier, taking thier keys, radios and guns. Then he went over and checked the vans but the keys were not in them and replaced the pokeballs with the faint pokemon in one of the creates. The door was locked with a key card so he swiped the card and look round the door in to a small office, it was empty.

Inside the office there was a desk and a locker. The truck keys were in the top desk draw, he put them in his pocket, in the bottom one was the locker key Idiots what point is there in locking the locker if your going to leave the key lying around. The locker contained guns and uniforms. Paul put on a unifor and then chucked the two guns, one set of keys and one of the radios from the men in the garage in the locker, then he locked it and pushed the key inside the locker through those slits on, the front there no more guns. He turned on the radio he had and put it on his belt. Now where is that shinx. He left the office and went into a corridor at the other end there was a lift and there were several doors off each side. He ran down the corridor checking each room in turn and at the end turned on to a diffrent corridor. He soon found the shinx in an office it walked over and sat at his feet. It thinks im it's trainer. Paul withdrew it and set off again thinking of a name for his addopted shinx.

(OOC will chang this next bit if any one wants me to)

Paul ran round a corner and cam face to face with three people. One of them was the boy he saw with the espeon and the pikachu outside, but now he was in a PXS uniform and he had a sword. The next was the boy he saw climbing out of the manhole and he had a zubat. In between them was another boy with a frying pan. Paul froze while he dicided if he should attack or not.

December 29th, 2008, 4:55 AM
"Isabel!" All the Eeveelutions flung themselves in, attacking everyone in sight. Ashi's stomach twisted, all of them together brought back tough memories, but now was not the time! Ashi opened up all of her PokéBalls disguised as beads, Twilit, Sola, Haste, Amber, Invisi and Lone all joined in the battle against the man and his Hypno. Ashi didn't care. For all she cared, he could be flung off the building and be killed on inpact.

Ashi ran through and tackled a unconcious Isabel down, protecting her from the attacks. Thunder danced over them, frost caught Ashi's hair, darkness and psychic came from every angle, it was complete madness. Shouting could be heard from down the hall, the girl from before had obviously escaped.

"Invisi! Help!" Ashi cried over the mayhem. Invisi was instantly behind her side, and Ashi pulled Isabel on top of her. The attacking slowed, and eventually stopped. The man's Hypno was more than fainted, and the man himself was grasping conciousness. Ashi walked over to him and stood on his hand, breaking it.

"You have no idea... what you... are messing with," the man breathed, sneering.

"I don't give a crap who you are. This is what you get for messing with us," Ashi spat on his face and returned all the Pokémon, including the Eeveelutions. Looking at the balls, she realised they were Isabel's. Pretty astounded at their luck, she pocketed them. She got on top of Invisi, the extra weight causing the Staraptor to groan softly. She took flight and smashed through the wall, and out into the open skies.

'That would have given the others plenty distraction to get out. But, what about the other girl?' Ashi thought as they flew over Crystal City and back to the edge of the forest. They attracted minimal attention as not many people were outside on a Saturday morning at 9am. But, the other girl. She was sensible, and had helped out the Uprising. They could do with a new member.

(OOC: I hope that wasn't too dramatic. D: )

December 29th, 2008, 10:03 AM
Drake, Chris, and Charles walked through the corridor. Where were Chris' pokemon?

They looked in every door, sometimes stumbling on people who were planning something until they finally got back into the main hall.

"Great, here's where i got those pokemon, yours might be here too." Drake saw Chris' eyes searching around the room.

"Pika CHU!" A large shock went through the room and a person with a stick and a pokeball lashed out at something and used the pokeball. There was a whole group of men around one spot in a room. They neared it and found cages all over the place.

Drake muscles tensed, he had a strange feeling of what was in there, and he could tell the others felt the same. Quickly they walked over there to see a cage with Dile in it. Some people were writing down notes on him while others tested certain moves against the little guy.

He could see the totodile had endured alot, but was almost at his limits. The people obviously knew that too and returned him to a pokeball which they then put in a box.

"You thinking what im thinking?" Drake addressed the others.

Together they moved towards the box.

"Ching!" A window scattered nearby and thunder was seeping through it. After that came a shadowball and smoke. There was chaos everywhere.
Taking this opportunity Chris picked up his box, and while the others ran towards the window, they went towards the door on the other side of the room.

They stumbled through the hallway when they heard a loud crash up ahead, and people were yelling.

"Damn, Run!" Chris gave the command and all of them sprinted.

They were about to turn the corner when they suddenly saw a boy standing in front of him. The boy reached for a pokeball and Drake did the same.

"Go Sparky!" He grabbed his pokeball and there was a big flash. On the floor there was a pokemon alright, but it was a bulbasaur.

"Damn wrong pokeball!" Drake was just about to reach for sparky's when the said something.

"Wait, youre from the uprising? Im not PSX, im like you guys i guess" Drake was unsure what to do, could they trust him?

"Here, follow me" The boy ran back towards a room, which was full of trucks.

There was a man waiting in that room, and the boy reached for his pokeball. Drake realized the man wasnt supposed to be there. The man was dressed in a uniform, but he had rugged leather boots instead of the normal black shoes.

"Need a ride?" The man grinned

Drake grinned back. "Great ... theres more"

(OOC: Is that ok? Now we got all the characters together and they could discuss things in the truck or something? Tell me if you dont like the introduction because i can just edit and delete the last part if u want me to.)

December 29th, 2008, 5:03 PM
The man turned around and faced them. He was dressed in leather from head to toe- alot of leather, considering his abnormal height.

"Well?" said the man.

Drake and the others paused, unsure of what to do. While hesitant of the stranger, they knew of only a few men could take out a large group of guards singlehandedly, grab a truck, and prepare for the arrival of a bunch of random kids. He had to know something. Was he a fellow Uprising member? Or just another PXS employee staging a fake rescue? Either way, they had little choice. If it was a facade, they were trapped. If not...

"Let me put it this way. You have two options," he said lifting his middle and index finger. "You may come with me, ensuring that you will live at least another five minutes, or get killed from the oncoming "shipment" of guards. I would decide quickly, I can hear their footsteps."

It seemed that the man's flinty voice had persuaded them to take up his offer.

"Guys, what do you think?" asked Drake.

"I don't know... we could be walking into another trap," mused Charles.

"But do we have another choice?" Said Chris

"We may not," said Drake.

"Yeah, let's go..." spoke Charles

"Done?" inquired the man as they finished talking.

"Were coming," responded Drake.

"Splendid" grinned the man.
They all walked over to the stolen truck and hopped in. Charles had to sit in the back, for the front seat was crammed with papers and Pokeballs.

"Great," observed Chris. "The door is closed. And it needs fingerprint analysis to open up."

"Gah... I'll get out and-"

"We could do that," said the man, cutting off Drake "Ooorr we could take a more unconventional approach..." he spoke. And crashed through the door.
The truck ripped through the thin metal like a hot knife through butter. It skid and almost tumbled over, disturbing the peace of the night. Murkrow fluttured from the trees as the man accelerated the truck through the pathway around the building.

"Good God, man! Was that really necessary?!" yelled Charles.

"No but it sure was a hell of a lot more fun!" Said the man with a twinkle in his eye. He continued "So, it seems that I have not properly introduced myself. I am Corey Spring, Son of Blaine, and the... former... leader of the Cinnabar Variety Gym." He stumbled through the word 'former'- his well rehearsed introduction now had to change.
"And you all are...?"
They looked at each other. Drake went first.

"Drake, from Oran Valley and uhh... former ranch owner?" responded Drake. He did not want to give to much away to Corey, after all, he didn't know if he was friend or foe.

"Ahh beautiful place..." said Corey. "It was where I got my Poliwag oh so long ago..."

"And what about you, chubby?" mocked Corey.

"Charles, from Sunnyshore, Sinnoh, former head chef of the Starlight Cafe, but now I'm the head chef for um... UK rice..." said a slightly annoyed Charles.

"Hmm. I like food!" said Corey. "And you there, what about you?" As he pointed to Chris.

"Chris, son of... my father? I have referee training and three Katsu badges. Also, I came in second place in the johto league, and third in the kanto leauge.*" said Chris.

"Very good, you are a skilled trainer I am presuming..." Corey muttured. They sat in silence for a few moments, with the noises of the truck rattling through the night.

"So, Drake" spoke Corey.

"Yes, sir?" replied Drake.

"You said 'former ranch owner? What happened to that?" inquired Corey.

"It's a long story."

"We have time."


Snow Phoenix
December 30th, 2008, 11:08 AM
"What are all these pokeballs doing here" Charlie chirped as he picked one up. "And you Mister Samurai... I mean Drake, what are you doing with those pokeballs" Charlie asked more accusatively as he dropped the pokeball in his hands to swipe one from Drake.

"Which ones this" Charlie asked releasing it from its ball. It was a Swinub. "Aww, how cute" he exclaimed at the sight of the pokemon comng towards him. The Swinub nudged his pocket. "Ah, thats right. I have Oran berry muffins in my pocket. You want some don't you?". He took a muffin from the container and gave it to Swinub. "Aww, he's so happy" he said looking at the Swinub; his attention was now completly absorbed by the Swinub.

"I almost forgot these muffins were for Munch' Charlie said and he released his Munchlax from the pokeball. "I suppose Rudy also has to eat too." and he released the Gulpin from its pokeball as well so it could eat the muffins as well. The Gulpin began to eat and then after a few minutes of eating went to Charlie with a cheery face. The Gulpin had wanted to curl besides Charlie's hand. "Wow, it doesn't hurt. I guess Gulpin's getting use to me." Charlie said out loud.

Charlie finally took a peak outside of his own little world. "Do you want some? he asked the rest of the group. "Munch is a heavy eater, so I have to bring a lot of food. There should be plenty for all of your pokemon and maybe some for ourselves. he said pulling out to large bags of muffins from his pockets and one from under his hat.

"Huh, where's the other kid Mister Samurai" he asked Drake.

OOC: Kind of short, but I didn't want to bunny anybody, so this what I did. They're Oran berry muffins so it should recover stamina and health. I think right now I'm introduced to Swinub and a bit later I'll actually catch it. Probably a lot later.

Wolf in the Rain
December 30th, 2008, 7:19 PM
"You said 'former ranch owner? What happened to that?" inquired Corey.

"It's a long story."

"We have time." said Corey

Chris winced at the question. He tried desperately to think of something to change the subject, or maybe a distraction he could do, but his mind came up blank. Chris put his head in his hands, it was his fault that Drake gave up everything he had to join the Uprising.

< God... I might as well have kidnapped the kid. Oh wait! I did...> Chris thought rather sarcastically to himself.

The kid next to him was talking about a Swinub or something like that, making his headache even worse, and the Zubat on his shoulder looked longingly at him. Chris reached up and started to pet the Zubat, as he did, the small bat pokemon leaned evermore into his hand, longing for more attention. The previous trainer obviously didn't take very good care of the Zubat.

Chris' eyes came to the box on his lap. His Pokemon were in the box. He double checked to make sure they were all there. He knew what it felt like to loose them once, he didn't want it to happen again. Chris really wanted to release them all now, just to make sure they were OK, and for them to know that they were safe, but not here. If he let them go here, the car might burst, and right now they had to contact Ashi and Isabel. They couldn't leave them behind if they were still in trouble.

Chris had to go back to help, he would never forgive himself if either of them got hurt.

"Yo Corey! Stop the car!" Chris yelled as he put the Pokeballs from the box back onto his belt.

The car came to a screeching halt and Chris opened the door, immediately jumping out of the car, sending out Silver, his Pidgeot. He then turned to address the group.

"I'm going back. I've... I've got to see if they're OK... Listen to Corey, I trust him enough. Meet us back at the old campsite. If we're not back at dawn tomorrow, leave."

With that, Chris got on his Pidgeot and headed back to the PXS headquarters.

OOC: Short, but someone has to tell everyone back together :) going back to tell Isabel and Ashi were to meet and meeting w/ you guys later, sounds good to me.

December 30th, 2008, 9:04 PM
"Boy, what a crazy kid," murmurred Corey. "He always like that?"

"He can get worse..." said Drake.

"Ah, no matter. So. Where is y'alls campsite?" inquired Corey.

"In the woods," said Charles. He wasn't paying much attention. Swinub was the important thing now...

"Thank you. Would you like to specify, or can I just dump you off here?" spat Corey. His mood changed- he was the smart alec here!
That seemed to subdue Charles for a moment.

"Um, well.... see that tree?" said Drake.

"Again with the specifics. Don't get too detailed, you might loose me."

"Whatever. Just park the car by the tree, and we can go from there," replied Drake.

"Were WALKING?!" exclaimed an astonished Charles.

"Would you like to ride your precious Swinub back?" hissed Corey.
Charles sighed deeply. With much persuasion, they goaded him out of the truck.

"There should be a dirt road around here," said Drake as he observed the surrounding foliage. "Everyone, put your Pokemon away, we don't want to cause a commotion."
With that, Charles returned his Swinub back to it's ball, and hitched it on his belt.
Drake led the procession through the woods, while Corey took mental notes on the envoirnment around them- seeing what was unordinary. But on the whole, nothing much. A few scrapes from various Pokemon, and scorch marks and cuts on some trees, but Corey figured they were no big deal. He also noticed something about Drake. Even though his friendly air remained, he seemed on edge.
<Can't blame him... I would have a knife in my hand when travelling with some big guy who I hardly knew...> Corey thought. But then he heard something. Corey stuck his arm out,


The other two froze. The noise was gone, but he thought he could hear a truck in the distance.
<Oh well...> he thought, and continued on.
About fifteen minutes past that point, he heard the noise again. Once more he told the crew to stop, and once more the noise vanished. One downside of having acute hearing was imagining noises that weren't real. So they pressed on, and with dropping temperatures, time seemed to trickle slowly onward. Corey couldn't help but notice that Charles' breathing was getting ragged, and it wouldn't be much longer before he told everyone to-

"All right, guys, let's take a break, I'm getting exhausted."

Drake groaned, "Come on, man, were almost there!"

"But..." Charles panted "I don't think I can go... any farther."

Corey sighed, "... alright, but you take five minutes to catch your breath, or we are going without you. And-" Corey heard the noise again, but this time it was louder, and seemed to alert the presence of Drake.

"I heard it..." whispered Drake. The noise did not stop this time when somebody made commentary on it. In fact it seemed to be coming closer. The roar of the truck engine was clearly defined now.

"Everybody, duck!" yelled Corey. It was unbelieveable how somebody could navigate a truck through the dense woods. I guess what he had heard before was the truck slowly snapping braches and bramble. He could see the headlights now, and called forth his Arcanine, which crouched low with everybody. Suddenly, the noise stopped, and the sound of truck doors slamming confirmed their worst fears- they were followed. Corey couldn't believe it! In all of his years of training, he though he had learned to cover his tracks! Now, voices were heard, one complaining, one with an assertive dominance that insisted on his point. Corey sat low, and whispered "Okay, guys. Do you have your Pokemon with you?"

"My Pichu," said Drake.

"And Swinub," added Charles.

"Gah..." Corey whined. "Tell you what... Charles!"

"Yes sir?" he replied.
"Take this," Corey said as he handed Charles a Pokeball. "It's my Primape. If I go down, use it's dynamicpunch to take out whatever Pokemon they may have. It is also gifted with Karate Chop and Rage. Just incase we both fall," he added, pointing to Drake and himself.

"Are you sure?" asked Charles.

Corey wasn't, but a Swinub that Charles picked up randomly couldn't help. "Yes. Now, on the count of three, we raise up and attack them. They should be startled and flee," Corey instructed.


"One..." he looked at Drake, ready with Sparky.

"Two..." he looked at his beloved Primape, and the chubby kid by his side.


"HYDRO PUMP!!!" Yelled a voice, and a jet of water promptly blasted Corey out from the shadows, as he tumbled away, and rolled into a heap, lying unconcious.
Charles and Drake looked at each other, to see a man in a PXS uniform with his Wartortle poised to fire another powerful gusher.

"Great..." said Charles. "Now what?"

(OOC: Abrupt end, sorry ^_^)

Snow Phoenix
December 30th, 2008, 9:30 PM
Swinub perked up at the scene. He was ready to battle.

"Hmm... Yes lets do this Swinub. You may not be my pokemon, but you're ready to battle and so am I Charlie perked with energy with Swinub's excitement.

"Hydro Pump" the PSX member issued. "Swinub freeze it with icy wind" Charlies shouted and he released Primeape from its pokeball. The pillar of ice began to freeze and Charlie commanded "Now follow that ice and hit it with Dynamicpunch. The Primape jumped on top of the ice and began sliding swiftly towards the Wartortle. "Close your mouth" the PSX member shouted frantically. It was too late the Primeape had used the ice to gain speed and slug Wartortle with a high speed Dynamicpunch.

"It's confused so now you'll have to return it." Charlie yelled to the PSX member triumphantly. "Now you two get up and start helping" he screamed at them. "I trusted in your pokemon to have enough skill to ride that Hydro Pump and I'm trusting you to help me now" he continued. "And you Mister Samurai. H..E..L..P, HELP." he shouted at Drake.

"I'm not gonna lose to you kid" the PSX member said as he sent out a Shellgon. A dragon pokemon is no match against an ice type. Swinub devestate it with another icy wind." he said triumphantly. "Protect" the PSX responded. The protect had blocked the Swinub's attack.

"Flamethrower" a woman's voice commanded as a whip of fire came after the Swinub. "Sorry, I'm late brother" the womans voice continued; t was another PSX member. "That's it Swinub, use Ice Shard at the Shellgon. Shellgon can't defend itself after using protect once." Charlie shouted unusually loud. "Quick Quilava stop your attack and block the Ice with your flamethower." the woman shouted. The flames broke missing the Swinub and the Quilava jumped in front of the Shellgon. The Quilava melted the ice with its whip of flames.

"Now follow with your Mud Bomb." Charlie yelled. "Shellgon use Protect." the PSX man told his Shellgon. The Shellgon jumped in front of the attack and a shield protected them. "Just like I thought" Charlie said victoriously. "I wasn't aiming for your pokemon" Charlie continued. The PSX members looked at their pokemon. They were slipping on the mud that was placed by the Swinub. "Too late. Now Swinub fire another round of Mud Bomb and Primeape finish them of with the Siesmic Toss". The Swinub spat another round of mud at the pokemon and they were unable to stand. The Primeape grabbed the Shellgon, jumped high and slammed him on the Quilava.

"Hey where did those two bad guys go?" Charlie asked noticing they had left. "Quilava Return""Shellgon Return" the two PSX members said from above. They were riding on a huge dragon pokemon. It was Salamence.

OOC: I started that battle now someone continue it. Swinub knows Take Down, Icy wind, Ice Shard, and Mud Bomb.

December 31st, 2008, 12:04 PM
(OOC: Nice battle post,)

"Urgh, Sparky go back him up." This had gone all wrong. A salamence? At least sparky was a thunder type.

"Shock him, shoot him out of the air!" Drake could feel the adreline rushing through his body.

Sparky unleashed a massive thunderbolt and Drake knew the salamance was done for.

"Salamence ... dodge" The male pxs member made the command. The salamance spun and easily avoided the shock.

"Crap, im gonna need some backup here." He looked over at charlie who understood.

"Swinub keep using ice shards at the salamance!" The salamance was occupied batting away the ice, and Drake glanced at Sparky who was climbing up a tree.

"Sparky.... Take him down!"

Sparky's cheeks were flashing. He was storing up alot of energy for this blast.

"Come on, almost, almost ..." Sparky was gathering more energy. Then a massive bolt erupted. It surrounded Sparky, who became engulfed in thunder.

"Come on, unleash it, Sparky? Sparky can you hear me? ...." Sparky didnt unleash it. He just kept running forward, picking up speed. He jumped up branches, and over tree tops at incredible speed.

"Oh youre using quick attack to get closer, and then use a thunderbolt? smart ..." He didnt know if Sparky could hear him, he almost reached the dragon by now.

The woman realized what was going on and send out a quilava.
"Use flamethrower!" The quilava loaded up fire.

"Sparky dodge and use thunderbolt." Sparky dodged the fire alright, but did not unleash the energy.

"What the?" Sparky ran up to the side of Salamance and suddenly unleashed all the energy while running forward.

"Damn, a volt tackle, Shelgon use protect!" The man realized what was going on and took out his shelgon, who quickly made a big green circle around the dragon.

<Volt tackle, what in the world is that?> Drake didnt know what to do.

"Pich, Pichu!" Sparky crased into the wall made by protect. There was a big explosion, and smoke and thunder everywhere. Then he saw too things fly past, one was the salamance who got blown back by impact, and was blown off a cliff, and the other was sparky.

"Noo! ... Sparky!" Drake ran over to his Pichu. Fortunately he was only bruised, but not knocked out.

"Tsk, why are you so reckless?" He looked at Sparky, both concerned and proud.

"Wow, that was awesome" Drake had forgotten about charles who was next to him.

"Yeah, i dont know how, bu-" Drake was interupted by a large "thud".

"THUD!!" "THUD!!" "THUD!!" Drake didnt have to look around to know those were wing beats.

"Damn, still not knocked out?" He turned around and a bruised salamance landed right i front of him.

"Youre dead kid!" The female member said it, and with that they unleashed all their pokemon.

"Im giving you a chance. Get the f*ck away from us right now, or we'll destroy you.

"With that he yelled and grabbed the other three pokeballs."

A Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle stood in front of him.

"Crush them!" All hell broke lose.

(OOC: Sry for the swearing at the end, but Sparky cant fight and he was ... well super mad. Bulbasaur, Charmender, and Squirtle are baby pokemon so theyre not very strong and know these attacks:

Bulbasaur: Tackle, Growl, Vine whip (To grab the dragon perhaps)
Charmander: Scratch, Growl, Ember
Squirtle: Pound, Tail whip, Bubble

Should i edit my post and finish the battle, or let u guys do another part? idc, but if you guys want to do it, you can bunny my character)

Snow Phoenix
December 31st, 2008, 12:59 PM
"Let me handle this" Charles shouted. "Pichu use Agility and Quick Attack on the Salamance. Charmander use ember on Shellgon." Charlie commanded. "Shellgon protect" the male PSX member said.

The pichu swiftly danced around the Salamance occasionally scoring a weak attack on Salamance, but never getting hit by one of Salamance's dragon claws. The Charmander spat flames at the Shellgon away from the Salamance. The Shellgon blocked them with its protect.

"Quickly Swinub hit it with your Ice Shard while it's unable to protect itself" Charlie shouted. "Oh, no you don't Quilava melt that ice like before" the female PSX member shouted back. "Squirtle use bubble" Charlie shouted at the squirtle.

The Ice went flying towards the Shellgon. The Quilava jumped up and spat a flamethower. The Squirtle spew bubbles from its mouth. The bubbles slowed the flamethower down and the Ice hit. Shellgon fainted. "Err... Shellgon return" said the male PSX member frustrated.

"Fine then, Quilava turn up the heat and crush the squirtle's bubbles" the female PSX member responded furiously. "Now bulbasaur grab it with your vine whip".

The Quilava began to destroy the squirtle's bubbles with its flamethrower. The Bulbasaur grabbed the Quilava with its vines and redirected the flames to the ground.

"Now together, Squirtle use bubble and Swinub use Mud Bomb." Charlie commanded with determination.

The squirtle's bubbles and Swinub's Mud Bomb hit the Quilava which was still in place from the Bulbasaur's vines. The Quilava had fainted. "Return Quilava" the female PSX member returned her Pokemon.

"Now salamance finish them off with the Hyper Beam" the two PSX members said together. The Salamance began gathering power.

"Swinub and Pichu use Ice Shard and Thunderbolt. Maximum power." The two pokemon charged their attacks and shot them towards the Salamance. The Salamance had also finished its attack.

The field was swept in a blinding explosion. The result had destroyed all that was left of the area. All the pokemon were severly injured, but at least they could say they won.

The PSX members were nowhere to be seen.

Charlie went to the Swinub. "Thank you Swinub. You can rest now. You're the best pokemon... ever" he told the Swinub while holding back tears. He finally lost his grip and tears fell down. They were tears of appreciation and the sadness he felt from being responsible for Swinub's wounds. When the first tear fell on Swinub's back he glowed; he was changing. Swinub had evolved into Piloswine.

December 31st, 2008, 1:51 PM
(OOC: Since urs evolved i thought this was the perfect place to evolve my pichu too which ive been planning for a long time, and since they did a combo attack etc. Sry if i stole swinubs spotlight or anything :P To make it longer i did the same post but from Drake''s point of view)

Drake sat against a birch. The shockwave had left him too weak to battle and he let Charles take it over.

He saw the five pokemon do combo elemental attacks. Fire here, water there, thunder on the salamance.

An Ice shard flew past his face

"Sorry!" He heard from he distance.

It didnt take long before the pxs members were overpowered. They had taken out all three pokemon and all that was left was the humongous salamance.

"Sal..anc. u.e Hype. B.am" He heard somewhere. It took him a while to figure out what those grunts had said... Hyper Beam? Drake came to his senses, a massive attack like that would destroy them all.

He ran over to corey and grabbed him. He was heavy, at least heavy for someone who was thirteen. After dragging him behind a tree he drew his katana and ran forward, trying to save Sparky.

He ran and then the trees opened revealing a large clearing. Charles was just saying something and then a gigantic combo attack came from Swinub and Sparky. It was released the same time as the hyper beam. The two attacks clashed and there was a blinding explosion.

Pokemons flew everywhere, and the salamance was blasted away. This time for good. Drake stumbled around the battle field looking for Sparky. He saw the pokemon lying in the clearing. He grabbed it, and then grabbed his other three pokemon who were knocked out.

"They were still babies..." He returned the three of them.

Come on Sparky and he stumbled over to a tree and sat there.

There was a bright flash of light and Charles was suddenly holding a poloswine.

"Wow would you look at that... Evolution, cool isnt it, Sparky?" He looked around and saw sparky next to him. He was also glowing.

"Uh Sparky?" Sparky grew in size and suddenly he was a pikachu.

"Pika, Pika?"

Drake grinned. It was a great day and a bad day at the same time. They won and they lost. His pokemon were battered but his Pichu, uhh Pikachu learned volt tackle and evolved...

December 31st, 2008, 2:58 PM
Corey slowly came to. A blast to the head wasn't what he had in mind in his plan.

"Ahh my head! Where's that son of a b**** who made me hurt! I swear to God I will rip out their-"

"Corey, calm down, we defeated those guys," assured Drake. He was standing over him in a protective manner, seeing what was broken, and what was just cuts.

"Gah..." Another lapse of pain "AHH!" yelled Corey, then muttured incomphrehensivley.

"Boy you seem to be hurting," teased Drake, who promplty received a sock in the gut. Now there were two voices screaming in pain.

"Oww... where's the other guy?" inquired Corey.

Drake pointed to the tree where Charles was tending to his newly evolved Poliswine.

"But I thought it was just a Swinub?" said Corey, dazed and confused. He then had a moment of sudden realization.
"You don't mean to say that that pipsqueak actually fought with that Swinub!? Where's my Primape?! I gave him a good Pokemon for a reason!" yelled Corey, who was infuriated unneccisarily.

"Yes, he fought, and it evolved into a Poliswine, as did my Pichu into a Pikachu," answered Drake, while his Pokemon dashed on top of his head. For the next few minutes, Drake gave a sufficient retelling of the battle.

"Chubby was dumb enough to attack a fire Pokemon with and ice move? Suprised it didn't die..." Corey commented.

After Drake was done with his story, he called Charles over to ask if eveything was alright.
The toll was great. All of their Pokemon were exhausted, and they were left powerless should another attack come.

"Well, I am glad you dealed with the danger at hand," said Corey," but you should have thought that you might've needed your Pokemon again. Now, where is my Primape?"

Charles handed him a cold, red Pokeball, with Primape resting inside.

"Thank you. Now. Lucky for you all, I have Pokemon still battle-ready, if another attack comes," Corey said with a vain sense of superiority.

"Well what do you have?" asked Charles.

"None of your business," snapped Corey.

Drake sighed, "Well, let's start heading back, were almost there. I think"


As they all continued along the road, tensions seemed to fall, and general conversation, ranging from their past experiences to their favorite foods, were more abundant. Corey stopped for a moment, but not for a strange noise. He then released his Manectric, which followed them, keeping a good eye on the woods around them. Charles thought the Manectric was pretty cool, and when he tried to pet it, got shocked. That was the only action for a while, until Corey asked a question of more important matters:

"So guys, what were you doing at PXS?"

Drake hesitated. Luckily, it was Corey who broke the silence to his own question.

"Because I heard that the Uprising were there, and caused a real commotion."

Drake could see where he was going.

"Are you guys members of the Uprising? I do not ask with malicious intentions, quite the opposite. I want to join. This ban is ridiculous, and I love Pokemon more than almost anything. I want to help"

Now this took Drake and Charles by suprise. Corey, they had decided, was a nice guy, but he held the same heart as they did? Drake didn't know what to do. He wanted to let Corey in, but he knew that if they revealed themselves out in the woods, and he was of "malicious intent", he could easily knock them out and take them back to PXS. Or worse.

Drake decided upon the most appropriate action. Wait.

"When we get back to camp."

"Alright, suit yourself," said a slightly dissapointed Corey.

Camp- Drake knew- was only a hundred yards away.

January 1st, 2009, 5:40 PM
They reached camp by dusk. Everybody sat down and took out their pokemon. Drake had already gathered the nearby supplies and now they were figuring out what to do.

"So, whos the leader here?" Corey's voice brought Drake back to his senses.

"Uh actually she isnt here right now" Drake replied. As soon as he finished his sentence his stomache started rumbling.

"Uh uh" Everbody was looking at him.

"Well lets make dinner shall we?" Drake grabbed stuff from his bag and put it in front of him. There were some herbs, some berries, a loaf of bread and alot of strips of meat.

"Yum, i stacked up on supplies before we went into the building." Drake licked his lips.

He released his four pokemon. "Alright wh-" Before he finished his sentence he was knocked aside.

He looked up to find Charlie standing over him.

"Leave it to me!" The boy took out his frying pan and collected the ingredients.

"Oh ok, you can make use of my pokemon if you want"

"Great, now Bulbasaur can you use your vine whip to collect more fruits? And charmander i need your help to start a fire, and squirtle could you get me some water?"

Charlie was busy making the dinner so Drake started exploring the camp. When they first came there they thought they were save, but apperently not. Together with Sparky he set out to cover all the weak spots with brambles and logs.

It was hard work. By the time they were done they were both sweating. It was worth it tough, because the whole camp was surrounded with brambles and covered up with logs.

They walked back to the center and were welcomed with a delicious smell. Drake looked at the cooking fire. Charlie was making a stew. Nearby charmander was keeping the fire at level and bulbasaur was searching the ground for something. Meanwhile swinub, squirtle, arcanine, manatric, and muchlax were combining moves to carve plates and spoons out of wood.

Everybody was working together, even Corey was dragging logs bigger than him for benches.

Drake glanced around for the rest but he just remembered they were gone. There was no sign of Isabel, Minku, and Chris.

"Dinners ready!" Drake and Sparky sped over to the benches where they recieved their meal. It was delicious and Drake was stuffed when his plate was done. Everybody enjoyed the dinner and after setting up their sleeping bags, they went to sleep

January 1st, 2009, 7:01 PM
(OOC: sorry, this was the best I could do without bunnying >.<')

Isabel awoke to the sensation of wind buffeting her body. She opened her eyes and groggily pushed herself up.

Apparently I was bested by a Hypno, she thought.

Under her hands she felt something soft and smooth. Feathers? Isabel looked to see Ashleigh sitting next to her with a smile on her face. She found that they were on Ashleigh's Staraptor, Invisi.

"What happened?" Isabel asked, rubbing a bump that had formed on the back of her head. That wasn't there before.

Before Ashleigh could answer, Isabel looked down to see the campsite, which was not too far away from their original.

"Invisi! Take us down," Isabel looked over at her friend. "Err, sorry."

They quickly descended and the two got off the giant bird Pokemon's back. Isabel glanced over the group of people, some of whom she didn't know, and took a mental roll-call. Unsure of who was awake and who was asleep, Isabel cleared her throat.

"Where's Chris?"

January 1st, 2009, 7:21 PM
(OOC: You can bunny Ashi if you like..."

"You're awake. Good," Ashi sighed in relief. They had flew back towards Oran Valley for a few minutes, then turned around and stooped lower into the trees, to avoid suspicion. Now they were only several meters above camp.

"Where's Chris?" Isabel said quickly. A strong delicious smell came from below. Ashi looked down at the camp, and only few she actually recognised. One was Drake, the foolish 13 year old, and then there was that boy that had asked her about food in the cell... who the hell would do that? But there was another person, one she hadn't seen before, plus new Pokémon that hadn't been with them before. But like Isabel said, Chris was missing. The last time Ashi had seen him was when he was in cell and Ashi had left him while she went to get Isabel.

"... Do we go back to PXS? On foot?" Ashi said as they landed on the ground, a few metres from camp.

Wolf in the Rain
January 1st, 2009, 9:17 PM
Chris was sitting outside the PXS headquarters for at least a day, and there had been no chance for him to sneak in or even get close to it. A few times he had dozed off while he waited the night, but only for a few hours each time.

"Geez Dile, it was a lot easier getting out than it is getting in."

"Dile Toto!" The small alligator Pokemon on Chris' shoulder chimed in agreement. Chris had released Dile almost immediately after they had landed, Dile hated being in a Pokeball for too long. The Zubat from earlier was also sitting on Chris' other shoulder, looking for attention.

The sun began to rise to the middle of the sky, and there still was not chance for Chris to sneak into the headquarters, much less a sign of Ashi and Isabel.

Suddenly, a few alarms went off and a Staraptor flew away from the base, carrying two people on it's back.

"That must be Ashi and Isabel!" He exclaimed to no one in particular. Chris stood reached for his belt, where Silver's ball was, but froze right before he grabbed it.

<I've... I've just been a burden for the past few days. I've been captured, twice, and just put everyone else in danger.> Chris started to remember the dream he had when he was knocked out. Winning the Hoenn league, that would bring him one step closer to his dream, and that's what he could be doing if he wasn't here. And it wasn't fair to his Pokemon either, they had already been captured once, Chris couldn't let that happen again.

His hand slowly moved away from his belt, and fell by his side. He couldn't put them in danger any longer.

"So your just giving up?" a voice came from nowhere, startling Chris and stopping his train of thought, "Just like that your going to break your promise, and abandon all of these kids, deprive them of the joy of having a first Pokemon" Chris looked around for the source of the voice, , ready for anything. Both the Zubat and and Totodile looked at Chris quizzically as their trainer turned his head left and right. then it hit him, the voice was coming from inside his head. "You give up now, your words mean nothing. Don't be stupid"

The voice faded and Chris quickly called out hiss Pidgeot, Silver. Getting on Silver's back, the Pidgeot took off, and Chris headed in the direction of the camp.

After a few minutes Chris looked down and saw a new campsite not to far from the original. Upon landing, he saw Isabel and Ashi, looking rather relieved at the sight of him.

"Hey guys, you miss me?"

The warden
January 2nd, 2009, 8:28 AM
(OOC need to explain Paul going missing)

When the other boys left the PXS HQ Paul stayed behind he didn't trust this guy who had turned up to rescue them, so he dicided to hide. As soon as they left he ran out of the door following the truck they left in. In his PXS uniform no guards bothered him and he quickly reached the forest where removed the uniform. From there Paul set off in the direction he had been heading when he had got to crystal city.

Later on when Paul felt it was safe he let out Slash and the shinx. Slash went for a look round and Paul fed the shinx some berries. The shinx was cautious at first but soon began to play with Paul. Right shinx is an electric pokemon and itis like a dog, what moves will it know, maybe thundershock, tackle, growl, bite, howl or thunder wave.

"Lets see what attacks you know. Shinx use thunder shock" Paul shouted pointing at a sapling.

"Shi" shinx replied tilting its head to one side.

"Ok, how about tackle" Paul said his reply was another vacant look "Try growl then". Still no progress.

"Use bite then" Paul said not expecting any thing to happen, shinx jumped forward at the tree and bit it.

"Good" said Paul "Now can you do a howl"

Shinx turned to face Paul and let out a "Hooowwwwl"

"Very good now what about a thunder wave" the shinx just looked at the ground, Paul tried to cheer it u by saying "It's ok, I guess you can't use any electic moves yet, you will learn some soon"

"I think I will call you Bolt hows that sound to you" shinx nodded it like the name "Bolt it is then"

Paul was awoke by Slash late in the night, Slash had been keeping watch and had heard some bird pokemon flying overhead. Paul hid in some bushes, he had been caught by flying bounty hunters before and had been luck to get away. Peering out from between the bushes Paul saw a girl on the back of the bird, he had seen her some where before and she looked friendly. He quickly asked Slash if he agreed, Slash did, packed his things and then set off after the girl. Maybe she can help us.

(OOC howl was an egg)

January 2nd, 2009, 9:21 AM
Isabel laughed and shook her head.

"Nice of you to drop in," Isabel grinned.

She turned to look at the people spread out across the campsite, many of whom she didn't know. Isabel frowned and folded her arms over her chest and looked over a man who was quite a bit older than herself.

"Would you mind introducing me to... our new associates?" Isabel asked Chris, her smile fading. "There's something I need to tell you. All of you."

Wolf in the Rain
January 2nd, 2009, 10:21 AM
"Well this," he said pointing to the older man " Is Corey, Blaine's son. We go back to when I was in Kanto. I trust him"

He walked over to the chubby looking kid, leaning on him jokingly,"And this is Drake's buddy. But I think..." Chris paused letting out a wide smile, "...we should kick him out before he eats us and all our Pokemon."

Chris regained his composure and stood back up. "So what do you want to tell us?"

January 2nd, 2009, 4:54 PM
(OOC: Don't take anything seriously. Ashi's just a sully character)

Ashi stood stiffly, her eyebrows raised at the new 'members'. She could accept Blaine's son, Blaine was a talented gym leader. Ashi had met him briefly when gym leaders would contact eachother for information, advice and just general chit-chat. But, not the chef boy. He was not much older than Drake, and he looked like he would swallow the group before he joined them. She still questioned Drake's membership.

"I'm just as curious as the others what that man has done to you," Ashi said, leaning against a tree and crossing her arms.

January 2nd, 2009, 5:43 PM
"The funny thing is," Isabel leaned up against a tree and wrapped her arms around her chest. "He didn't do anything to me. None of them did."

The group gave her a strange look, especially the ones who had no idea what she was talking about. Isabel's mouth twitched and she looked her team over.

"You are well aware that we fight the law," Isabel straightened up. "Or, at least you should. Well, PXS is not as we first assumed. They... they're an uprising."

Murmurs of confusion were exchanged amongst several members of the group. Isabel clenched her jaw, unsure of how to continue.

"I woke up in a hospital of some sort," Isabel frowned, still not understanding everything herself. "And I was taken to talk with a man. I think he was their leader. He wanted us to join them."

Isabel stood in silence, awaiting the Uprising's response.

Wolf in the Rain
January 2nd, 2009, 5:58 PM
Chris remained relatively silent throughout Isabel's speech, despite mummers from the others. However, that soon changed with the last line.

"And I was taken to talk with a man. I think he was their leader. He wanted us to join them."

"What! so they want us to join them?!" Yelled Chris in an annoyed voice, "After they captured all of us, attacked me with a knife, and took away our Pokemon?! Hell, they knocked you and me both out cold!" The Zubat on Chris' shoulder gave it's wings a quick flap as Chris continued "And the way some of them treat their Pokemon is sick! I'm sorry, call me bias, call me whatever! But my vote is no."

January 2nd, 2009, 6:40 PM
"Quite," Isabel said with a bitter smile. "Though they may seem to be working to our goal, the way they do so is..." Isabel shook her head. "They were the ones who lead the attack on Shadow Valley. They killed the citizens living there. They cut our team in half and they captured David.

"I will not make this decision for you," Isabel continued. "But I'm not going to take part of any group that's willing to eliminate an entire town just to flush out people they want to join."

January 2nd, 2009, 6:55 PM
Drake sat down on one of the benches. Join those goons? While he was inside the building he saw them give the pokemon some kind of steroids, they tortured them only to make them stronger, and there were at least 200 boxes stacked up with pokeballs.

"No, im not going, its cruel what they do to pokemon, whatever the cause, and thats that." With that he walked over to his sleeping bag and hudled close to the fire.

He took out his four pokeballs. After a big red flash Sparky came out, together with the three starters.

"So i havent named you guys, by the way im Drake and this is Sparky" He pointed to himself and pikachu.

"Charmander huh, fire type. Youre female and uhh im not too original with names, but do you like Star? Because you have that little star mark on your head." The charmander nodded and came over to him. Drake put her on his shoulder and turned to the next pokemon.

"Oh and here is a female bulbasaur. Again im not originall at all, but a name, uhh how about terra? its a cool name and means earth, and well youre close to nature." The bulbasaur agreed and jumped on his other shoulder.

"And now the male squirtle. When you get older youll probably be able to whip up a powerfull storm, so are you ok with me calling you storm?"

"Squirtle Squirtle!" Was the reply and the remaining pokemon jumped on his head.

"Great now because this is a special day we can all sleep together." He made little beds in his sleeping bag for the four pokemon.

"Good night"

Snow Phoenix
January 2nd, 2009, 7:06 PM
"Where do we go next? Are we going to run? There's nowhere run. PSX has long taken control of the area beyond the mountains. The only place we can escape to is the south where they'll eventually capture us at the beach. If we head north we'll just end up in enemy territory, but there's more room to run."

January 2nd, 2009, 9:06 PM
"First, does somebody mind telling me where the hell we are?" Corey spat, interrupting the conversations.
"I happen to be fairly decent at navigating and tactical things, and I have had more than enough experience in the field. I could be yet of some use to you guys. I've steered my way in and out of trouble as I please for the last decade, and know this region. Though I may have not been here before, my friends have told me of some cities that they live in, if they are not dead yet. I can help." he added emphasis to the last word, and brought up his whole reason for helping the two Uprising members escape the clutches of PXS:

"Provided, of course, that I am allowed to join. Your choice."

January 3rd, 2009, 6:12 AM
"Oh?" Isabel raised an eyebrow and smiled at Corey. "You want to help us? Fine, I trust you. So, can you take us to Frosty Gorge or not?"

She turned to the rest of her team.

"I think I speak for all of us when I say that we're done hiding. The time to take on the new law is now! Along with the corruption of PXS," Isabel lowered her voice slightly. "We had one enemy, and now we have two."

January 3rd, 2009, 9:05 AM
"Frosty Gorge..." Corey thought hard. Deep in the recesses of his mind, he remembered hearing something that his friend said about it. It was in a mountain range, where the sun rarley shined and it was always snowing. If he remembered correctly, it was... north? Or west? A mountain range isn't too hard to spot, so he could easily figure it out.

"I will do my best. And thank you for letting me join. When do we head out?"

January 3rd, 2009, 10:29 AM
Yassan didn't know how long he'd been running, nor did he care. Looking back over his shoulder, he saw the tiny red and blue lights of emergency vehicles, plus an unmarked black car at the base of the mountains where the shipyard was. As he always did when he was thinking, he ran a hand over his short black hair, then looked into his helmet's visor for guidance. Nothing was reflected except for his own unshaven face. One thing was for sure though, he had to get at least 10 miles between himself and the shipyard, but in the dying light and grueling upward climb, he doubted he'd reach the other side of the mountain for another two days. Sensing indecision, his Sneasel took the opprotunity to leave it's pokeball. Flexing it's claws, the Sneasel looked up at it's master in confusion. "Sneas?" Yassan shrugged. "I dunno, although now I wish I hadn't left in such a hurry- I should have grabbed the rest of my gear, 'cause I think all of us would kill for a tent." He said, ruffling the hair on the Sneasel's scalp as he spoke. Setting the helmet down, he broke one of his few remaining MRE's into four roughly equal pieces. Handing one to Sneasel, he opened up the other pokeballs to share the food. After they'd all eaten, he sent his Tyranitar and Scyther back into their pokeballs, leaving Sneasel out because something about this place made the hair on the back of his neck stick up, and that had nothing to do with it's length. Standing, he picked up his helmet, and saw a light reflected in the visor. Turning around, he saw the light came from what was probably a small cabin off in the distance. Grinning, he and Sneasel made for the light like moths to a flame.

The cabin's inhabitant turned out to be nothing more threatening than an old woman who rented the cabin for two or three weeks out of the year. Hearing a knock at the door, she answered, only to step back in shock as the soldier materialized out of the darkness, a Sneasel at his heels. She reached for the phone that hung next to the refridgerator. "Don't" Yassan said, a pokeball in his outstreatched hand, and his Sneasel flashed it's claws.

Wolf in the Rain
January 3rd, 2009, 8:52 PM
Chris slouched down on a nearby tree while Isabel addressed Corey and the chubby kid (his name still unknown to Chris) about the next mission. Drake had gone to sleep a few minutes ago with his Pokemon, and Ashi was leaning against a tree next to Isabel, listening on the conversation. Frankly, Chris' head hurt too much for him to care, and the Zubat on his shoulder wasn't helping either.

Although Dile seemed quite composed, Zubat was being disquiet, occasionally screeching at bushes or flapping it's wings in panic. <Maybe meeeting some of the other Pokemon will come it down> Chris thought through his pounding headache. Chris stood back up, and released Char, Rio, Psy, Sakura, and Silver from their respective PokeBalls. Dile quickly jumped down off of Chris' other shoulder, landing next to the Pokemon.

"Zubat, like you to meet Char, Rio, Psy, Sakura, and Silver, my other Pokemon." All the Pokemon, except for Psy, yelled out a greeting to the Zubat. "Now what to name you...' Chris asked himself quizzically. Suddenly, the Zubat let out a loud screeching sound again, forcing Chris to cover his ears with his hands and cause everyone to look over.

"Sorry..." Chris said apologetically to the group. He then turned his head to the Zubat on his shoulder "Least I know what to name you now." Chris muttered "Welcome to the team, Screech."

"Zu Zubat!" Screech yelled excitively.

"Well, I'm going to bed, g'night guys." He said to his Pokemon and the group as he went to go get his sleeping bag. All the Pokemon dispersed, looking for a good place to sleep for the night. That is, all except for Psy, who was staring at a bush with a half-baked look on his face. All of a sudden, Psy began to glow a blue-ish colour.

Noticing, Chris asked the Slowbro, "Psy? What's up?"

Suddenly, Psy lifted his arms up into the air, and as he did so, a young boy and a Syther flew out of the bush, landing at Chris' feet. Chris' Pokemon soon surrounded the boy, ready for anything.

"Alright, I'm done." Chris sighed "Isabel, you deal with this, I'm going to bed, g'night." Chris said, walking off to a more tranquil part of the forest with his Pokemon in tow and leaving the kid with the Syther in Isabel's hands. He could hear noise from Isabel and the rest of the group as he set up his sleeping bag.

Chris lay down on his sleeping bag, looking up at the star filled sky. Despite the pounding in his head and with his Pokemon sleeping around him, Chris soon drifted off to sleep.

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January 4th, 2009, 2:17 PM
Yassan slowly put a spoonfull of the soup into his mouth. Deciding that it was indeed safe, he swallowed. The old woman watched him and his pokemon as they ate, observing and calculating silently. "Are you a trainer?" she asked. Yassan looked up. "No ma'am, I'm a soldier in the Hiojiin Army. I caught these pokemon a few years ago-they've been with me ever since." She nodded "What are doing here, then? You certainly are quite a long way from home." Yassan shrugged. "I left. My commanding officer didn't like the way I solved our problems, so I was court martialed. Not wanting to spend the rest of my tour of duty in prison, I fled." She nodded again, and took a sip of tea. Yassan shifted in his chair, disturbed that this woman was at ease with her seemingly interrogating questions. "So, what happened to all the Pokémon around here?" The woman shrugged "One day there were 20 in that field. Then 15, then 5, and then none" Yassan stared down at his soup. Sneasel looked up at him, clearly feeling his unease. Pushing himself back from the table, Yassan stood. "Thank you for your hospitality, ma'am. If you don't mind, the day's events have been more tiring than I thought-I'm going to bed." The old woman nodded, and Yassan took his backpack to the guest room and fell asleep.

Hours later, Yassan opened an eye and scanned the room. His pokemon were all inside, sleeping soundly. Quietly returning them to their pokeballs, he cautiously stepped through the hall, peeking around the corner to the kitchen. Nothing was there. Deciding that the woman must have fallen asleep, Yassan picked up his backpack and unlatched the door, vanishing back into the night.

January 4th, 2009, 11:44 PM
"I'm not about to surrender my Pokémon. I stay," Ashi folded her arms. She waited her turn as Corey spoke, and she added on, "I can drive too. I'm legal, I have a licence."

Chris bid everyone goodnight, but before he did, a Scyther and a boy burst out of the bushes, with help of Psychic energy.

"Alright, I'm done." Chris sighed. "Isabel, you deal with this, I'm going to bed, g'night."

Ashi reacted before anyone else, Lone and Haste already out of their balls, Haste's sword at Scyther's neck and Lone had frozen the Scyther's body to the ground.

"Who are you and who do you work with?" Ashi demanded, her voice low, almost to a whisper.

January 5th, 2009, 5:39 AM
After putting 5 miles between himself and the cabin, Yassan felt secure enough to sleep. Sitting down, he propped himself up against a tree. Bitterly wishing he had a blanket, Yassan fell into a reluctant sleep.

He saw himself standing over the captured Sinnohan again. "Please, I don't know anything! I'm just a grunt!" The man was pleading, begging for his own pathetic life, oblivious to the misery his army's bombs had caused the remains of Stormhold City. Yassan shrugged, then looked around at the three men under his command. Though their faces were concealed by the Hiojiins helmets, his soldiers nodded subtly. Looking down at the captive, Yassan beckoned his Tyranitar forward. "You don't know anything?" "Never! I never knew anyhing!" Yassan flicked open the visor and spit. "Then you wasted our time. Tyranitar-" But his faithful pokemon had already complied, using Iron Tail. The Sinnohan soldier didn't even have time to protest, flying end over end until he hit something.

Yassan felt a boot in his ribs. What? I don't remember that...? he thought. The boot kicked out again. "Get up!" Yassan opened his eyes. Someone dressed in a horrible idea of what a soldier looked like stood over him. "Get up, Trainer" he snarled, holding a huge knife at Yassan's throat. Yassan rose unsteadily, hands in the air. "Well, whaddya know? It's that fugitive on all the wanted posters. I could get double for you." Yassan shrugged, then curiosity got the better of him. "Who are you?" The man laughed. "Just a bounty hunter, lookin for trainers. You people don't give up pokemon easily" Yassan smiled. "So, who tipped you off?" "Some woman who said a trainer stayed in her cottage. So I get sent out, and here you are" Yassan smiled. "You must be proud of yourself" "Yea..." Then, Yassan kicked out, hitting his captor in the shin. The man swore and stood on one foot, dropping his knife while he held his injured shin. Still smiling, Yassan stood and swept the man's leg out, sending his attacker to the ground. Picking up the man's knife, he slammed it hilt-deep into the tree. Pulling Sneasel's pokeball from his belt, he decided to kick it up a notch.

"Sneasel! Let's go, keep him down!" Sneasel sat on the merc's chest as Yassan dragged him towards a tree. As soon as Yassan had his prisoner up against the trunk, the merc punched Yassan in the face. Stumbing back and massaging his nose, Yassan saw the merc dash off, with Yassan's Sneasel digging into the back of the man's shirt. "Hey! Ged back here!" Yassan shouted. Snarling, he charged off after the bounty hunter and his beloved Sneasel, ignoring his nose.

January 5th, 2009, 4:59 PM
(dc_united: if you don't like this post, I'll happily change it.)

A young boy was thrust out of the bushes along with his partner, a Scyther.

"Alright, I'm done." Chris sighed "Isabel, you deal with this, I'm going to bed, g'night."

"Well, It's morning and you probably got the most sleep of all of us," Isabel said, a twinkle in her eye. "But I suppose we could all use a rest."

Ashleigh reacted to the boy on the ground, having Lone freeze the Scyther to the ground and Haste threaten it with its blade.

"Who are you and who do you work with?" Ashi demanded, her voice low, almost to a whisper.

Isabel reached into her sleeve and was about to join in when she heard a rustling from nearby. It sounded an awful lot like a fight to her...

"You stay here and watch the kid, Ashi," Isabel said. "I'll go see what's going on."


Isabel had seen quite enough.

"Lum! Fay! Eve!"

The three Eevee forms slipped out of the bushes between the trainer and his bounty hunter prey. Fay jumped up and pinned the bounty hunter down, her tail beginning to glow as it hardened. The other two Pokemon faced the trainer and his Sneasel, making sure neither of them made a mover closer.

"There are very many ways to deal with an enemy," Isabel said darkly. "And not all of them have to result in death."

January 5th, 2009, 5:14 PM
"There are very many ways to deal with an enemy," Isabel said darkly. "And not all of them have to result in death."

The girl, only a few years younger than Yassan, happened to come in at a rather bad time. Yassan had just rugby-tackled the fleeing bounty hunter and had been trying to pry his Sneasel out of the hunter's back when he'd been interrupted by three evolutions of Eevee. Yassan snorted in disbelief, and tried to sit up before deciding it would be better if he stayed put. "If you faced some of the problems I have, that's the often the easiest solution" Looking about as much as his current position would allow, he flashed a winning smile. "Now, may I have the pleasure of your aquaintince? My name is Yassan Orolovitz, ex-Hiojiin Army. You've already had the chance to meet this lug-(he motioned to the prone bounty hunter) and Sneasel"

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January 5th, 2009, 5:19 PM
"If you faced some of the problems I have, that's the often the easiest solution" Looking about as much as his current position would allow, he flashed a winning smile. "Now, may I have the pleasure of your aquaintince? My name is Yassan Orolovitz, ex-Hiojiin Army. You've already had the chance to meet this lug and Sneasel"

"Easy isn't always best," Isabel said. "Or right."

Isabel allowed another PokeBall to slide down her sleeve. Umi's. Just in case.

"I'm Isabel Evans," she continued cautiously. "Current fighter against the newly enacted Pokemon law and leader of the Uprising. Now, as much as I enjoy taking part in formalities that tell us virtually nothing relevant about one another, I feel that this... 'lug' should be taken care of forthwith."

Without another word, Isabel kneeled down next to the bounty hunter. Fay carefully pried the knife from his hand with psychic power and sent it into a tree. Isabel took the man's belt and, while Fay subdued him, tied his wrists together.

January 5th, 2009, 5:37 PM
The boy remained silent as Isabel walked away to deal with whoever else was following them. Ashi waved at her, without looking away. The boy was scared, he was only about 12 or 13 years old. Who was the idiot who was sending in boys to do a man's job.

"Tell me who you are or you'll have no head to tell anyone," Ashi threatened again, Haste pushing his harder against the boy's neck. Lone had already frozen the boy to the ground and was growling at the Scyther. The boy gulped and opened his mouth, speaking slowly.

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The warden
January 6th, 2009, 1:53 AM
(Ashi threatens Paul quite a bit in this post it's up to you if she is planing to hurt him and Slash or just trying to make him talk.)

Paul had been following the girl on the bird pokemon all night continuing in the direction she had been travling in even after she landed. Eventual he found a camp and washiding in the bushes when he ripped out and thrown in to the middle of the camp. He heard a boys voice behind him but couldn't make out what it said, somthing about going to bed, is ears were ringing. Although Paul didn't know it his ears were ringing because of the phychic attack that dragged him out of the bush. Suddenly a girl was running towards him, she threw two pokeball and an absol and a glaceon apeared. Before Paul or Slash could react they were both frozen to the ground, the glaceon stood ready to freez Slash at any sign of movement and the absol had its sword ready to slash at Pauls neck if he moved.

The girl stood infront of him whispered "Who are you and who do you work with?" Paul stood in silence maybe if he stayed quiet they would just let him go or some thing. Another girl started walking towards them, the girl who got knocked out in the alleyway, but then she turned and ran off into the woods.

"Tell me who you are or you'll have no head to tell anyone," the girl said, this time Paul felt the absol's blade being pushed into his neck, It's time to start talking. Paul opened his mouth very slowly.

"I I I" Paul stuttered "I am Paul Stevenson"

"Who sent you?" the girl asked.

"No one" Paul replied.

"I said who sent you? Don't lie to me, or I'll make Haste here give your scyther another scar" the girl threatened patting the absol on the back and then pointing at Slash.

"No one sent me and who are you" Paul shouted out. By now he had attracted the attention of the rest of the camp.

"I seem to be the one asking the questuions here not you. So if you don't work for any one how did you find us." The girl asked.

Paul told the story of how he had seen the girl in the alley way, following her to the PXS HQ, broke in, broke out again, he said "and then I followed you here on your bird pokemon."

Paul continued to speak but Ashi didn't hear him she was in a world of her own, this boy, Paul, didn't matter any more the rest of the group was here to take care of him if he moved, if this boy who has no training in tracking could find us then bounty hunters could.

(OOC leaving it there for now we can either be attacked by bounty hunters or not, but i think Paul is safe for Ashi for the time being)

January 6th, 2009, 4:25 AM
Ashi nodded at Lone and Haste to back away, this boy meant no harm. He was too stupid, anyways. She kicked him down and turned away, now facing the others.

"If this," Ashi shot a look at him,"... stupid and idiotic boy can trace us, then Bounty Hunters can. I say we move now. Someone go alert Issy. Corey, hang on to the boy and make sure he doesn't escape. He might not be a threat now, but he could run away and tell someone. Isabel needs to talk to him. I'll go grab Chris. He's had little sleep, but we need to move," Ashi said quickly, pointing at Corey at his turn, in Isabel's direction, then in Chris'.

"We need to go to the next town, we might be fighting, but it's better to be alive and running then dead," Ashi said before stepping her way through the forest to find Chris.

The warden
January 6th, 2009, 5:36 AM
Paul picked up his glasses which had fallen off when he was kicked and wiped them clean. Next to him Slash bent down to see that he was alright, Paul knew that Slash was angry at the girl, Slash was protective and he would be fuming.

"No Slash, I want you to promise me you won't try to get revenge" Paul whispered, afraid to speak too loud, Slash just nodded once. Corey walked over to the two of them on the ground, he's very tall.

"Don't say a thing and do exactly what I say. Do you understand me?" Corey asked, Paul nodded.

"Right you return your pokemon" Paul returned Slash and placed the pokeball in Corey's hand.

"Do you have any other pokemon?" Corey asked, Paul lifted his t-shirt, showing his redand gold pokemon belt, there was one ball on it.

"Take it off and give it to me" Corey said holding out his hand again.

"But it..." Paul started saying.

"I don't care, just take it off!" shouted Corey, Paul reluctantly removed the belt and passed it to Corey.

"Right give me your bag" Paul removed the bag from his back and placed it on the ground infront of him. Corey picked it up and put it on his back.

"Get up and come with me now" Grabbing Paul's wrist and draging him up.

January 6th, 2009, 6:31 AM
"Chris?" Ashi said in a quiet voice, lightly kicking him in his sleeping bag. Not responding, Ashi kicked him again, a little harder. Chris sat up, looking bleakly at Ashi and rubbing his eyes. He looked like crap.

"Chris, we need to go. Grab your stuff. We're leaving," Ashi said, kicking him again to make sure he'd stay awake and walking back to camp.

Wolf in the Rain
January 6th, 2009, 4:44 PM
"Five more minutes..." Chris groaned, turning over and burying his face in his pillow.

"Not five more minutes, now! We've got to go!" yelled Ashi, obviously getting a bit more annoyed and giving Chris' sleeping bag another kick.

"Alright... Alright..." Chris sighed as he got up out of his sleeping bag, forgetting he was in his boxers. "Uh, you can go now... I'll meet you there."

As Ashi walked back to camp, Chris put on extra pair which he carried around of jeans and a dark blue hooded sweatshirt with a Pokeball emblem where his heart was. His old clothes had gotten destroyed by knife cuts, sewage water, and dirt overall. He also put his two knives back onto his belt, one on each side, just in case.

After packing up his sleeping bag into his backpack and returning all of his Pokémon except for Dile (who promptly jumped onto his shoulder) and putting them on his belt, Chris put on his backpack and headed to the main camp area where the rest of the group was waiting.

"Good morning slash after-noon slash whatever." Chris yawned.

January 6th, 2009, 5:22 PM
Yassan looked dumbfounded. "What resistance? I haven't noticed anything odd about this place, unless you count the absence of Pokemon in this area." Isabel looked at him like he was an idiot. "You mean you really don't know?" Yassan shook his head. "I only got here a couple of days ago, and I've been too busy trying to put as much distance between me and civilization as I can, so forgive me for not watching the news." Isabel gave him a condescending look. Yassan ignored her and stood up, then pulled his Sneasel out the hunter's back. Now that it was lighter out, he could see that the hunter was about his height. Pulling the hunter up, Yassan placed him against a tree. "Your shirt-give it to me." The hunter laughed, but shut up when Yassan popped Tyranitar out of it's pokeball. "Give it to me, your backpack as well." Muttering pathetically that Yassan would "Go to hell" the hunter reluctantly pulled off his shirt and stuffed it in his backpack, then handed the back pack to Yassan. Inspecting the contents, Yassan smiled. "Good. Tyranitar, Hyper Beam!" The hunter squealed and covered his head with his arms. Yassan laughed. "Just kidding you, mate, she don't know hyper beam." Turning to Isabel, he asked "So, what's this whole Uprising thing about?"

January 9th, 2009, 5:12 AM
"You honestly don't know about what's happening here?" Isabel asked, her eyes widening.

Isabel ignored his treatment toward the Bounty Hunter and instead looked him over curiously. Was he being serious?

"The law," Isabel said slowly. "You don't know about the law? The law's why there aren't any Pokemon here. They're being deported."

There was a momentary silence.

"They blamed Pokemon for rising of gangs and violence and thought that it would all just go away if they got rid of them," she continued. "That's what we're fighting. That's what the Uprising is all about. We know that it's wrong to blame Pokemon for the Trainer's action, and we're trying to return things back to normal."

"Now if you'll excuse me," she turned. "I have to get back to my team."

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January 9th, 2009, 5:37 AM
When Ashi came back, she grabbed what little she had and shoved it into a backpack. Everyone else was starting to put together what they had. Nodding slightly to herself, Ashi walked over to the truck, putting her bag into the glovebox and sat in the front seat, fingering the keys and the steering wheel. She looked over at camp and Corey, who had taken care of the boy by tying his hands together by rope, was looking at her, half puzzled and half irritated.

"What?" Ashi said, almost smiling. "I'm driving,"


January 9th, 2009, 1:35 PM
"They blamed Pokemon for rising of gangs and violence and thought that it would all just go away if they got rid of them," she continued. "That's what we're fighting. That's what the Uprising is all about. We know that it's wrong to blame Pokemon for the Trainer's action, and we're trying to return things back to normal."

Yassan stood dumbfounded for a moment. Getting rid of Pokemon? That crossed a narrow line with him. Snarling, he picked up Sneasel and placed it on his shoulder. Turning to face the hunter, he snarled "Get outta here, scum. I'm letting you have a taste of a good day. Don't make me regret it." Whimpering, the man scurried off. Turning to small path of broken twigs and trampled leaves that Isabel had left in her wake. "Hey! HEY! Wait up! I'm coming with you!" He yelled, his accent getting much more sibilent as he hurried along the path.

January 10th, 2009, 5:36 AM
"Hey! HEY! Wait up! I'm coming with you!" She heard him yell as he rushed into the brush after her.

Isabel fought the instinct to run, reminding herself that he wasn't the enemy. At least not yet. She heard his footsteps slow as he approached and felt his breath faintly on the back of her neck. Isabel spun around and looked him in the eye, her expression turning firm.

"If you're coming with us," she said bluntly. "You have to answer to Ashi, myself, and... Chris. You'll meet Ashi and Chris in a second, but make sure you don't say or do anything to make them... Oh, I don't know! Make sure not to look down on them or take on their authority."

Isabel turned and continued on, wondering why she had added Chris to the list. She supposed that he had proven himself in Crystal City by pulling through even when being taken down more than once. She soon broke through into the clearing in which they were staying. She crossed her arms and looked everyone over with a smile, even the boy who was now tied up.

"So, who's driving?"

(OOC: let the battle BEGIN!!!)

January 10th, 2009, 8:54 AM
"Ha ha..." laughed Corey. "You said that as if it was a question. Charming Isabel, but we both know that I am going to drive. I have the experience, and necessary skill in order to drive. These snowy condition may present a big deal to some, but no, not for I," he continued triumphantly," I've been driving since I was but a wee child in Cinnabar, and passed my driving test at the very top of the class. There is not better driver for this job than me, Isablel."

January 10th, 2009, 1:54 PM
Isabel fought the urge to groan inwardly. She realized that she had just unwittingly stepped into a court case in which she was the unwilling judge. She slipped over to where Chris stood and rolled her eyes so only he could see.

"I had to ask, didn't I," she said quietly, flashing him a smile before turning her attention to the rest of the group. "Okay, who else is it that wants to drive, dare I ask."

January 10th, 2009, 2:25 PM
Yassan considered raising his hand, but then remembered Isabel's warning not to undermine her authority. Looking about, he didn't see the person to his right raise a hand, so he asked a question. "How are all of us going to fit in one car? Or are we going to make another trip back up here?"

January 10th, 2009, 5:26 PM
"How are all of us going to fit in one car? Or are we going to make another trip back up here?" Yassan asked.

Isabel frowned and looked at the truck. Four or five people could fit inside, including the driver, but people could sit in the back. She stepped over to the bundles of warm clothing that had been purchased in Crystal City. Isabel picked them up and tossed them into the back.

"We can all fit," she said, picking up another bag. "But some of us are going to have to sit in back. Just be sure to stay warm."

January 11th, 2009, 3:52 AM
Ashi raised an eyebrow and leant out of the window

"Experience? Skill? You can't even pronounce Isabel's* name right," Ashi smirked, shaking her head slowly. "And we all know statistics show that female drivers are less likely to have accidents than males."

Corey frowned and went to open his mouth, but Ashi interrupted.

"You sir, do not have this," Ashi pulled her vest to the window, to show the inside, revealing the badge that Isabel had looked at in Crystal City, the badge that indicated that she was a person of trust in the Uprising.

"And besides, I'm the one in the front seat of the car, with the keys in the ignition." And that, was the trump card.

(OOC: *You said Isablel :P)

January 11th, 2009, 8:56 AM
(OOC:Lol whoops)

"Statistics don't lie, but liars use statistics," Corey teased, "and yes I have experience and skill, and I don't care about that piece of metal you have." Corey was thinking of some way to prevent her from driving.

"I've got it," he said, "Let's have a battle to decide who drives."

Wolf in the Rain
January 11th, 2009, 12:13 PM
(OOC: This is gunna be fun on a bun.)

Experience? Skill? You can't even pronounce Isabel's* name right," Ashi smirked, shaking her head slowly. "And we all know statistics show that female drivers are less likely to have accidents than males."

Chris and Dile rolled their eyes as the argument dragged on, with these two going at it, they might begin to leave in a few days. And that whole "sitting in the back" did not appeal to him right now. His head still gave a slight throb every once in a while, and sitting in a back of a truck going 60 m iles per hour to Frosty Gorge was not his idea of a good time.

"I've got it," Corey excitingly yelled, snapping Chris out of his daydream, "Let's have a battle to decide who drives."

"An old fashioned battle." Chris smiled, crossing his arms and giving a glance at Isabel. "I like it." Chris walked so he stood in between the two arguing, "I'll be ref, I've got some experience already." He saw Isabel let a slight grin out of the side of her mouth. He pointed to the where the camp used to be and continued. "Take your places on either side of the field and send out your Pokemon. And please..." he paused, sighing "Don't hit the truck..."

January 11th, 2009, 6:37 PM
Ashi leant back into the seat with a mocking yawn.

"I don't think so. One, you just want me out of the truck. Two, you already know I'm going to win. And three, we don't need to waste our Pokémon's strength on a measly battle," Ashi fixed up her hair in the rear view mirror, and turned back to the others.

"Isabel, who do you trust more? This noob, or me?"

January 11th, 2009, 6:56 PM
Isabel suddenly felt uncomfortable with making decisions. She shuffled her feet slightly and leaned up against the truck. Her thoughts shifted through her head, quickly pulling together an idea. It wasn't the best way to solve this scenario, but it would work.

This kind of thing seems to always have to fall on my shoulders, she thought.

"Ashi," Isabel sighed. "We don't exactly have anywhere to be right now, and it would actually be better if we got to Frosty Gorge when it was dark. I-I think you should do the battle."

She walked over to where Chris stood and crossed her arms.

"It wouldn't be a waste of energy," she continued. "You aren't going to be battling until your Pokemon faint, at least, not unless you allow them to. We have to start training in order to get stronger, and here's you two's chance."

Isabel stood motionless, waiting for their response.

January 11th, 2009, 7:33 PM
"You're attitude is sickening. If you were back where I grew up, you wouldn't be a snotty, stuck-up priss with no respect for anyone," Corey insulted, putting his plan in motion. "I think that a battle is a perfect way to settle this, of course if you aren't afraid of loosing. I say we should fight until they faint, that way the looser knows their place; no throwing in the towel like a pansy. If you can't respect your elders, Ashi, I'll just teach you to respect your betters," And with that, Corey grabbed a Pokeball from his belt, ready for the fight to begin.

January 11th, 2009, 7:47 PM
"Shut up, both of you!" Isabel shouted, her voice easily spreading across the small clearing.

"You," Isabel pointed a finger at Ashi. "You need to realize that there are other people just as capable as you to drive a car from town to town. You're a great member, Ashi. But you're not the only member."

"And you," Isabel directed her attention to Corey. "Should learn to take other's emotions into consideration before shooting off your mouth. I don't care what Pokemon you have or whose son you are. All I care about is what you stand for. Would you rather fight this battle alone, or with your team?"

Isabel knew that she had hit both of them hard, but this was just ridiculous. Was her plan even worth it? It didn't really matter who drove... Isabel turned to Chris and shrugged helplessly, unsure of how to continue.

January 12th, 2009, 4:19 AM
Ashi shrugged her shoulders and got out of the car. It felt kind of weird to be told off by somebody younger than her. She walked up to Corey and shook her head, placing the keys she had just pulled out into his hands.

"I need to sleep," She said slowly. "Don't bother calling me a priss, take a good look at yourself. And I know I'm not the only member. If I was, I wouldn't have bothered to actually care and save you when you were pretty much like a caged Pidgey," Ashi looked at Isabel hard. Before the others could reply, she opened the back of the truck and jumped in, squeezing herself into the corner and closing her eyes, Lone now released and curled up against her.

The warden
January 12th, 2009, 4:46 AM
What on earth is going on, I run away from home, fight bounty hunters, heal Slash, fight some more bounty hunters, break in to a building, break out and finally get kidnapped. All in the space of a month. Now i'm tied up in the middle of some camp. What do I have to do to go back to being normal. Paul knew the anwser to that question, give up pokemon, hand Slash over to the PXS and turn himself in. NO! I won't do it being here kidnapped was better than that.

Paul sat up it had been over ten minuets since he had been tied up but he had been so busy thinking that he hadn't noticed. He tried to wrigle free of the ropes around him but they were too tight. Looking round the camp for something to help him escape Paul spotted a boy who he recognised but where from. He is the sword boy from the PXS building, I helped him maybe he will recognise me.

"Hey you, we met before I helped you." Paul shouted.

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January 12th, 2009, 7:14 AM
(OOC: sorry wolfsrain, it just wouldn't be as much fun anymore.)

"I thought we were a team," Isabel muttered, shaking her head. "But I guess this is what the Uprising boils down to."

Isabel walked over to the truck and jumped into the back, releasing Fareon so that whoever had to sit in the open would stay warm. The fire Pokemon obediently sat in the middle, heat slowly radiating from her warm coat. She stared down at her hands, refusing to meet anyone's gaze. Someone needed to find a way to keep the Uprising together. Isabel couldn't do it alone.

Snow Phoenix
January 12th, 2009, 1:36 PM
Charlie woke up from his sleep with an urge to cook. He went straight to the case where he kept his kitchen supplies and took out a whisk, a pestal, a mortar, and a knife.

He quickly diced some berries from his pocket with the knife and grounded them into a juice using the pestal and mortar. He placed the juice in a small container next to him.

He then open the case with his supplies and pulled out a small pot and some sort of metal cover that had four rectangles sticking out of it.

He poured the juice into the pot and diced and grounded a different batch of berries into juice. He left this juice in the mortar.

He placed the metal cover on top of the pot and latched the four rectangles to the pot. He lit the juice in the pot with a match and it burst into flames.

He pulled out a beaker and an attractive porcelin cup from his case and poured the juice from the mortar into the beaker and placed it on the cover that was over the pot filled with flames. He let the juice simmer in the beaker before pouring into the cup.

Charlie took the cup with him outside and looked around. He noticed Isabel and he thought that she was worried.

He came over to her because he wanted to give her the tea.

"Here I just made it. It's a mixed berry tea. It's good for you and it'll make you feel better." Charlie said with a smile and while placing tea next to her.

"You see cooking's not as easy and worthless like people think. This tea has energy restoring properties and cures insomnia, but be carefull when cooking because some ingrediants can cause unwanted effects like this Tomato berry it makes your mouth swell just like this." Charlie said while sticking a Tomato berry in his mouth.

His lips grew big and became a brillant red. He had clown lips and the berry gave him a funny speech impediment that made his talking hillarious, but still easy to understand.

"Also this berry makes you stomache grow and you look round likie a ball." Charlie said and he stuck the berry in his mouth.

He became like a ball and one of his pokeballs dropped from his belt. Munchlax was released.

"This is Munch. You want to be carefully because if he licks you, you become paralyzed like this" Charlie said while ordering his Munchlax to lick him.

The Munchlax obeyed and Charlie lost ballance. He began to roll away and didn't stop until he hit a nearby tree.

All of that was in hopes that he could make Isabel happy.

He returned to Isabel as round as a ball, with a big bump on his head and bright red clown lips.

"I know how it can feel being a leader. I was the head chef for Sinnoh's Starlight Cafe. I'm the one who made it famous my boss would always tell me, but I could feel all the pressure and my fellow chefs would always fight me, so in the end I ran away. I always regret not staying, I feel like I've let everyone down. Isabel your strong you'll be fine and you can do it" Charlie said to Isabel while gripping her hand warmly with a huge smile on his face.

Wolf in the Rain
January 12th, 2009, 2:42 PM
Chris stood there, stunned at what had just happened. for Isabel to be that cold to the others was somewhat unlike her. Chris had assumed the battle was all in good fun, but he must've been wrong. For everyone to just turn on each other like that... was just unreal.

Charlie went over to Isabel to comfort her, snapping Chris out of his trance.

"Toto, Toto..." Dile said worryingly, looking at Chris form his shoulder.

"Don't worry Dile." Chris reassured the Pokemon, petting it softly on the head "We'll sort this out."

Chris looked from face to face across the campsite, Isabel was drinking the tea that Charlie had given her, while Ashi sat in the truck, trying to hide her face, and Corey was standing there with the keys in his hand and the same dumbstruck expression Chris had worn a few moments ago. Charlie was trying to comfort Isabel, but that wasn't what they needed right now. What they needed was 'a good kick up the ass'.

"So that's it." Chris yelled to capture the attention of the entire group "This is how it goes down... over a fight over some goddamn truck!" He paused, thinking about his next words "We came here to help people and Pokemon! We came here to help new trainers! We came here to help, and you guys are just going to sit in a puddle your own tears and give up now! Look how much we've overcome, and you're going to sulk about this stupid thing!" Chris stood and crossed his arms, awaiting an awnser.

January 12th, 2009, 3:03 PM
(OOC: I love how all of our character's perspectives bleed through ^.^)

Isabel covered the grin that disobediently broke out across her face with a hand, shaking her head as she stared at Charlie, unable to look away.

"You look ridiculous," she laughed. She picked up a bundle of clothing and tossed it to him, nearly throwing him off-balance. "Well, what are you waiting for? Hop on in."

Charlie struggled to get in without falling over and rolling away. Isabel continued to smile and took a sip of her tea, tasting the blend of berries that flooded her mouth.

"So that's it." Chris yelled loudly to the entire group "This is how it goes down... over a fight over some goddamn truck!" He paused, crossing his arms expectantly. "We came here to help people and Pokemon! We came here to help new trainers! We came here to help, and you guys are just going to sit in a puddle your own tears and give up now! Look how much we've overcome, and you're going to sulk about this stupid thing!"

"No one said anything about giving up," Isabel said quietly. "Whether we act like it or not, we are all more similar than different. We all want to stand together and fight, and that's what we're going to do."

"Now get into the 'goddamn' truck," she added with a smile.

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January 12th, 2009, 4:01 PM
Yassan hopped in the back of the truck and was tempted to say something to cheer Isabel up, then checked the thought. Ruffling through the hunter's backpack, he pulled off his army jacket and pulled on the gray t-shirt, which was a tad short, but serviceable. The man had foolishly kept his wallet in his backpack, but Yassan would count the money when the time came. There was a toothbrush, which was a welcome sight, a photo of the bounty hunter with some friends on a fishing trip, and a box of matches and a flare. Yassan tossed the photo over his shoulder and pocketed the wallet and matches.

He popped Sneasel's pokeball, desperate for some non-brooding company. His Sneasel looked about, hopped on Yassan's shoulder, ran over to Isabel and gave her a calculating look, then sat down to warm itself near the Flareon. Sneasel looked up at Yassan, and gave what most people registered as a smile. "Snea!" Yassan laughed. Yeah, I guess it is like old times! Although we were more often clustered around a fire or dilapidated heater, though!" He pulled out his last MRE and broke the chicken and bread into thirds, and held one of the thirds out to Isabel, but she didn't seem to notice. Yassan just shrugged and placed it into his pack. He split the remaining meal between himself and Sneasel. Suddenly, he spat a hunk of half-chewed bread out over the truck's side. "Like they didn't dehydrate this stuff enough already." he muttered.

The warden
January 13th, 2009, 2:16 AM
The sword boy who Paul shoputed eariler didn't here him. So Pual sat there watching the rest of the group then a boy started to do something strange.

What on earth is that boy doing, Paul was watching as the boy started rolling round like a giant ball. There was a quick disscusion.

"You look ridiculous,Well, what are you waiting for? Hop on in." a girl said to the ball boy.

"So that's it. This is how it goes down... over a fight over some goddamn truck! We came here to help people and Pokemon! We came here to help new trainers! We came here to help, and you guys are just going to sit in a puddle your own tears and give up now! Look how much we've overcome, and you're going to sulk about this stupid thing!" Another boy yelled at the girl.

"No one said anything about giving up. Whether we act like it or not, we are all more similar than different. We all want to stand together and fight, and that's what we're going to do. Now get into the 'goddamn' truck," The girl replied quietly.

Then everyone started to get in to a truck. So thats it they are going to steal my pokemon and my stuff and just leave me here.

"Hey what about me! I want to help to you just can't leave me here!" Paul yelled, I don't want to be left behind again. That boy was so funny rolling round like that. THATS IT! Paul lay down and began to roll himself towards the truck it took him quite a while to turn round but one he had he made quick progress. I'm dzizy vrey dzziy dn'ot tinhk taht was good ieda.

Paul got to the truck and shouted "Can some one help me in please."

(OOC I didn't think of Paul rolling at first so I added it later. Also didn't realise Paul's feet weren't tied together)

January 13th, 2009, 4:47 PM
OOC: Back from the dead aka school; sry guys ive been fed up with projects and a gigantic writers block, ill see what i can do

Drake woke up from shouts all around him.

"What the heck is going on?" He rubbed his eyes and looked around. The van was fully loaded and people were jumping in, except for one guy who was tied and staring at him.

So much for a good sleeping spot. He looked around in the undergrowth where he had put his sleeping bag and made a little area for himself inside the warmth of the bush. His pokemon were still sleeping and he returned them to their pokebals where they could continue sleeping

"And now.... whats going on?" Drake packed up his stuff and saw the engine turn on.

"Crap theyre leaving" He grabbed his stuff and opened up the back of the truck.

There were other people in the truck.

"What the f*ck is going on here?"

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Wolf in the Rain
January 14th, 2009, 4:30 PM
"No one said anything about giving up," Isabel said quietly. "Whether we act like it or not, we are all more similar than different. We all want to stand together and fight, and that's what we're going to do."

<Phew... Good.> Chris thought, as he let out a relieved sigh.

"Now get into the 'goddamn' truck," she added with a smile.

Chris couldn't help but let out a grin, "You took the words right out of my mouth, Is."

He started to make his way to the truck with Dile on his shoulder, swing his backpack around and pulling an orange and black scarf with the 'Groudon' symbol out, wrapping it around his neck.

Suddenly, the kid that was tied up, started screaming and yelling, crawling to the truck. Once the kid had gotten to the truck, he propped himself up and shouted "Can some one help me in please!!"

""I'd love to..." Chris smiled "But... then I might not get a seat inside." He pushed the kid's head back down to the ground and opened the truck door and stepped into the car. "Have fun in the trunk!"

Almost as soon as Chris had closed the door closed the door on the kid, from what seemed to be out of no where, Drake reopened it. To be honest, Chris had completely forgotten about him.

"What the f*ck is going on here?" he yelled into the truck.

"Damn... watch the language, kid. And what's with all the yelling? Anyways, we're about to leave. Go get your stuff, and don't forget your Katana." Chris and the Totodile on his shoulder laughed as Drake rolled his eyes.

(OOC: I put Chris in a 'good' mood because he just got some sleep and his headache went away. Sry if it offended ne1)

January 14th, 2009, 5:17 PM
Yassan joined them in the back of the truck, beginning to go through the backpack he had taken from the Bounty Hunter. She began stroking Flareon's warm coat, lost in thought until the Sneasel that must have been Yassan's looked her over before going to its master. Her thoughts were broken yet again when a hunk of bread flew out of Yassan's mouth. Isabel sighed and leaned back, wondering when they were going to leave.

"Hey what about me! I want to help to you just can't leave me here!"

Isabel looked over to see the tied up boy rolling toward the truck. When he finally stopped he found, to no surprise, that he couldn't get inside.

"Can some one help me in please." the boy said in a slightly more humble tone.

"I'd love to..." Chris walked over and smiled "But... then I might not get a seat inside." He pushed the kid's head back down, pretty much knocking him back to the ground face-first, and stepped into the truck without a second glance. "Have fun in the trunk!"

Isabel scowled darkly. He was certainly feeling better, though Isabel didn't know that she liked it any better that way. She grabbed hold of the side of the trunk and jumped out, landing close to the boy's head. She heard Drake yelling from the inside of the truck, but decided she need not intervene. She kneeled down next to the boy and yanked on the back of his shirt, pulling him to his feet in one swift motion. She undid the knot tying his feet and threw the rope into the trunk, leaving his hands tied. Without a word, she boosted the kid up into the trunk before climbing back in herself.

"So," she said slowly, looking him over. "Who are you, exactly?"

The warden
January 15th, 2009, 1:08 AM
Isabel grabbed hold of the side of the trunk and jumped out, landing close to the Paul's head. Paul heard a boy yelling from the inside of the truck. Isabel kneeled down next to the Paul and yanked on the back of his shirt, pulling him to his feet in one swift motion. She undid the knot tying his feet and threw the rope into the trunk, leaving his hands tied. Without a word, she boosted the kid up into the trunk before climbing back in herself.

"So," she said slowly, looking him over. "Who are you, exactly?"

"Paul Stevenson" Paul said adding " Your Isabel, right?"

(OOC wanted to add more but didn't want to bunnie Isabel's reaction)

January 15th, 2009, 1:26 PM
"Damn... watch the language, kid. And what's with all the yelling? Anyways, we're about to leave. Go get your stuff, and don't forget your Katana." They were laughing at him.

"Ill show you how sharp that katana is..." Drake mumbled


"Err, ill be right back" He wouldnt give them the pleasure of knowing that he did indeed forget his katana. He ran over to where he hid his bags and grabbed it.

"Paul Stevenson" someone said adding " Your Isabel, right?"

"Huh i remember that voice" Drake walked over to the truck and climbed in. He saw the boy from before talking with Isabel

"Its ok, hes helped us before" Without waiting for a response he opened the back again. He frowned when he noticed all seats were taken.

"The roof it is" He climbed up the back of the truck and lay down on the top. He tied his back to the rail and put his heads behind his head. Luckily the roof had bars and edges so it was hard to actually see whats on it so he should have been safe.

"Come on out guys" He brought out his four pokemon who were clearly enjoying the sun in this cold snowy area. It wasnt warm so that the snow would melt, but still... He layed out his jacket next to him and made the four pokemon go under it so that they wouldnt be noticed along the way.

"Hey!" He grabbed his jacket and hit it on the roof. He could hear yells from inside

"Sorry!" He grinned when he looked at star, who was guiltily looking at its tail and the burn mark on Drake's jacket.

"Oh well" and with that he closed his eyes

January 15th, 2009, 1:37 PM
"Paul Stevenson," the kid said before adding "You're Isabel, right?"

"It's ok, hes helped us before," Drake said, beginning to climb onto the roof.

Isabel ignored him and gave Paul a calculating look. It didn't appear as though he was working for PXS or the government, but she couldn't afford to make an assumption.

"That is correct," she said slowly. "But I would like to know more about you. For starters, why were you following us?"

January 15th, 2009, 3:00 PM
Pivoting on his foot, Corey turned towards the truck. Although he was still furious at Ashi, Isabel somewhat tempered him from attacking her. But she needed to learn her place.

Oh well, Corey thought, She will at the Frosty Gorge. It is truly humbling, there. A small smirk appeared on Corey's mouth, ready for the trek to the mountains. Possibly, he could capture a new Pokemon there... only if lucky, of course. Corey turned again, and adressed those not already inside of the truck:

"Are we ready to depart for Frosty Gorge?" There were many yes', but Isabel first had to inquire her prisoner.

"If I can be any help, I am a great interrogater," Corey offered. Night was coming, and he did not want to wait much longer to depart. Besides, it was a long time since he last cracked the psyche of a human being... before he cracked their bones.

"Well, Isabel?"

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January 15th, 2009, 3:48 PM
"If I can be any help, I am a great interrogater," Corey offered. "Well, Isabel?"

Isabel looked Corey over. She had a feeling that his methods of interrogation would be anything but humane, especially for being used on a young boy.

"We should really get going," Isabel said. "I've got everything covered here. And if he is a spy... well, Frosty Gorge is a secluded area."

She made this last statement sound like a threat when she returned her attention back to Paul. Isabel stared past his glasses into his eyes, reading his expression and calculating every possible meaning it could hold. There wasn't anything questionable there.

"I ask again," Isabel said firmly, feeling the engine hum beneath her as it started. "Why are you following us?"

(OOC: sorry about bunnying Chris, I just wanted to start the car already :P)

The warden
January 16th, 2009, 1:39 AM
If I can be any help, I am a great interrogater," Corey offered. "Well, Isabel?"

"We should really get going," Isabel said. "I've got everything covered here. And if he is a spy... well, Frosty Gorge is a secluded area."

"I ask again," Isabel said firmly, feeling the engine hum beneath her as it started. "Why are you following us?"

Paul looked Isabelin the eye and said "Well I guess I should start at the begining.", he paused for a second and when no reply came he continued.

"Well as you already know I have a scyther, Slash, ever since I caught Slash he has been like a big brother to me he has always protcted me and got me out of trouble. One other thing I should tell you is my Mum and Dad used to run a pokemart. But as you know all of that changed, I lived in a small town so the new law didn't come into effect as soon as it did elsewhere." said Paul looking at the floor as he did.

"They took the pokemart off Mum and Dad, they didn't let them keep the shop, they just took it off them. My Dad used to be a trainer, that is his belt with my stuff he gave it to me when I caught Slash." Paul stuttered pointing at the belt. "They were going to take that too. They were going to take all the pokemon the ones Dad trained for years, and worst of all they were going to take Slash. So I decided to run away. I broke in to the pokemart and stole a load of stuff one night and then left town. Ever since then I'v been on the run fighting bounty hunters, Slash got hurt a few times but I could heal him. Then I got here to Crystal city and I was low on food so I persuaded Slash in to his pokeball and went in to town. Thats when I saw you comming out of the man hole. I followed you and that woman to the PXS place, I was so angry they were the people taking the pokemon. I saw the boy the one who said he knew me out side the building and then I broke in. I found a load of trucks, I think this is one of them, but some gaurds found me so I battled them with some of the pokemon they had taken. It didn't go to plan but it worked. Then chasing after a shinx that thinks I'm it's trainer, I found that boy again."

Paul's focus drifted slightly "Shinx I named it Bolt but I didn't check if it was a boy or girl, how silly is that?" Paul murrmed to him self laughting slightly until Isabel snapped her finger, then he continued.

"The boy, yeah, I led him and two other boy's to the truck, infact I think ball boy over there is one of them. Then when I got to the truck Corey was there, I didn't trust him so I hid and they didn't notice I had gone. So then I left the garage out the doors and set off again. Until while I was camping Slsh woke me, he could hear a flying pokemon, fearing a bounty hunter had followed me in the air I hid and watch it fly by. On it's back was Ashi and I saw her I the alley way so I followed her. Then I got her and it was so quick soon I was tied up and I had Slash taken off me." Paul continued to got on, talking very quickly becasue "it was so quick" but Isabel knew the rest.

January 17th, 2009, 6:15 AM
"Well I guess I should start at the beginning," he paused for a second as if waiting for Isabel's response, but she silently urged him on.

"Well as you already know I have a Scyther, Slash, ever since I caught Slash he has been like a big brother to me he has always protected me and got me out of trouble. One other thing I should tell you is my Mum and Dad used to run a pokemart. But as you know all of that changed, I lived in a small town so the new law didn't come into effect as soon as it did elsewhere." said Paul looking at the floor as he did. Isabel shook her head slowly. This story was all too common.

"They took the pokemart off Mum and Dad, they didn't let them keep the shop, they just took it off them. My Dad used to be a trainer, that is his belt with my stuff he gave it to me when I caught Slash." Paul stuttered pointing at the belt. "They were going to take that too. They were going to take all the pokemon the ones Dad trained for years, and worst of all they were going to take Slash. So I decided to run away. I broke in to the pokemart and stole a load of stuff one night and then left town. Ever since then I've been on the run fighting bounty hunters, Slash got hurt a few times but I could heal him. Then I got here to Crystal city and I was low on food so I persuaded Slash in to his pokeball and went in to town. That's when I saw you coming out of the man hole. I followed you and that woman to the PXS place, I was so angry they were the people taking the Pokemon. I saw the boy the one who said he knew me out side the building and then I broke in. I found a load of trucks, I think this is one of them, but some guards found me so I battled them with some of the Pokemon they had taken. It didn't go to plan but it worked. Then chasing after a Shinx that thinks I'm it's trainer, I found that boy again."

Isabel could sense Paul getting distracted "Shinx I named it Bolt but I didn't check if it was a boy or girl, how silly is that?" Isabel snapped her fingers, reminding him to continue his story.

"The boy, yeah, I led him and two other boy's to the truck, in fact I think ball boy over there is one of them. Then when I got to the truck Corey was there, I didn't trust him so I hid and they didn't notice I had gone. So then I left the garage out the doors and set off again. Until while I was camping Slash woke me, he could hear a flying Pokemon, fearing a bounty hunter had followed me in the air I hid and watch it fly by. On it's back was Ashi and I saw her I the alley way so I followed her. Then I got her and it was so quick soon I was tied up and I had Slash taken off me."

Isabel digested what she had been told. His story wasn't unlike her own, but that didn't make it any less likely to be a lie. Still, she hadn't seen anything deceitful in his face...

"I believe you," Isabel sighed, leaning forward to undo the knot in the rope.

Isabel bit her lip and felt the snowflakes fall onto her unprotected face. She reached over to Flareon and scratched her behind the ears.

"Now," she returned her attention to Paul. "Just because I believe you doesn't mean you're one of us."

(OOC: this is Isabel's way of saying "what can you do for us")

The warden
January 17th, 2009, 6:42 AM
"Now," she returned her attention to Paul. "Just because I believe you doesn't mean you're one of us."

"I want to help, I'm sure I could train Slash and Bolt to make them stronger. I want to join and fight the law to let pokemon come back to the region. If you give me my bag I can show you what supplies I have left, you can devide them up between your gang. What is it called anyway?" Paul said reaching for his bag.

(OOC Isabel can either give him his bag or look through the bag herself)

January 17th, 2009, 2:36 PM
It seemed like it was ages ago that she had busted out of that psycho organization. But it was much closer than that. There's always the Uprising, but I've never thought them to be my type. Rena pondered as she walked across the cold sand from the middle of nowhere. The moonless night made it seem evern more nostalgic for her, as this is where she had found herself that time ago, when she first set out to see the world. Strange, how the simplest of changes can become bits and pieces of nostalgia... Rena looked over at some lights nearby, hinting a town was close. She began heading in that direction, and at once forgot all senses she had. It was as if that seemingly hectic town was calling for her, and she was walking towards it like a zombie, unable to do anything but walk slowly but surely to that destination.

A sudden memory came back, and it hit Rena as hard as the day her father beat her up for asking if she could go outside into the world. She immediately lost consciousness, though there really wasn't any cause for this but that forgotten memory. As Rena gently fell to the ground with a small "thud", she uttered the words "Glaceon"...

"Daddy, I want a Glaceon for my birthday! A shiny female one!"

"Sorry, Rena, but shiny Eevee are hard to come by, and it's even harder traveling out to evolve it into such a creature."

"But daddy... You got me a Feebas~ You said that Feebas were hard to find!"

"I did, but this Feebas was cheap in a store. I was lucky to have found it there."

"And you got me a shiny Togepi, too!"

"Look, I think a Sneasel would be perfect for you, Rena."

"I don't! I want a Glaceon!!!"

"Rena! No!"

"But... But... Fine..."

That simple memory. An argument, nonetheless, but a memory Rena could never forget, no matter how much she tried getting it out of her head. Ever since she was a child, she had been fascinated by shiny Glaceon. She always loved them and wished she could have one each birthday. But her father never gave her one; he said they were hard to find, even though he had somehow gotten her a Feebas and a shiny Togepi for two of her birthdays. If only she had one, that memory could go away, or so she thought. If only...

January 18th, 2009, 10:26 AM
"Okay, are we all ready yet?" Corey asked. He was slightly frustrated with everybody's procrastination. If they weren't ready yet, oh well.

Corey stepped into the drivers seat of the truck, and turned the key. It took several attempts before the engine started. He turned his head out of the window, and yelled, "Frosty Gorge, last call!"

He was ready to get going.

January 18th, 2009, 1:34 PM
(OOC: I forgot what i nicknamed my bulbasaur xD ill start using it in the next post)

The engine rumbled as the truck shot forward

"Finally!" He had been on the roof for ages and they hadnt even started.

It was getting chilly outside. What was he thinking, lying on a roof while its snowing... Not so good an idea after all. Luckily his pokemon kept him warm, and sometimes bulbasaur would shoot out and grab some twigs with his vinewhip, which star burned for heat. At least while they were still in the forest.

It took a while to get out of the forest. The truck had been bumping along and it was kinda boring. He had done trainig, he'd already slept and there was nothing else to do. He looked over the country side, now it was just bare snowy land, and in the distance he saw blizzards.

"Bulbasaur, keep me from falling, ok?" The bulbasaur wrapped its vines around Drake's waist.

"And..." He locked his feet on the siderails and bent over the back of he car.

"Uhhhgg" It was hard work but he managed to drop himself enough to keep hanging and look through the back window at the same time.

Inside the truck were the other uprising members. Most of them were asleep, but a few were deep in thought, staring at a wall.

It looked like they were warm, the radio was playing, and corey was driving. Drake reached up and felt his ears. He was lucky they didnt fall off, it felt like they were frozen.

"I guess ill a-"

"THUD!" The car went over a bump and Drake's face slammed into the window.

"Crap!" That was gonna leave a black eye. Some uprising members looked up in surprise

He tried to reach the doorknob but he couldnt

"Hey bulbasaur, can you lift me up?" The bulbasaur had a tough time but managed to haul Drake on the roof.

"Now" He continued

"Can you please twist that doorknob" Drake grinned and Bulbasaur opened up the door. Drake bent over and this time he didnt have to go far and looked into to the truck

"Really, is there any space left? im freezing" He hated himself for being so stubborn, but... it was cold

January 18th, 2009, 3:23 PM
"I want to help, I'm sure I could train Slash and Bolt to make them stronger. I want to join and fight the law to let pokemon come back to the region. If you give me my bag I can show you what supplies I have left, you can devide them up between your gang. What is it called anyway?" Paul said, reaching for his bag.

Isabel reached over and picked it up. She considered looking through it to make sure there weren't any weapons, but Flareon was out. If anything went wrong, she would take care of it. Isabel dumped the bag on Paul's lap. She watched as he fumbled through the contents for a moment before losing interest and falling asleep.


Isabel awoke to the truck going over a bump. The snow was really coming down hard now, but Flareon was doing a good job at keeping them warm. Isabel found a tarp and tossed one end toward the other two sitting in the back.

"Spread it out," she said loud enough to be heard over the rushing air. "Keep the heat in and the snow out."

"Really, is there any space left? I'm freezing!"

Isabel looked over to see Draco hanging off the roof of the car, begging to be let in.

"Hey!" Isabel called, laughing. "You can come here if you want. It's nice and warm!"


A figure dressed in white emerged from behind a bolder, taking out a small electronic item from his pocket.

"Did they hit the tracker?" the second figure asked, emerging from her own hiding spot.

"Yup," he answered, looking down at the moving dot on the screen. "They're heading to Frosty Gorge."

January 18th, 2009, 3:37 PM
The town was but a blur because of the rumors of Frosty Gorge. From some of the gossip Rena eavesdropped on, the Uprising was supposedly heading to Frosty Gorge, but she didn't understand why. The more she listened in on it, the more she wished to know. After eating a bit of noodles on the house (probable because the chef thought she hadn't eaten in ages due to her pale skin), Rena set off for the gorge. Within a mile, she grew weary, and began considering using Lina's Speed and strength to get her there. As she pondered it over, a spring appeared in front of her. It was a mirage, she assumed, but something about that spring seemed...nostalgic... It came back to her. Like earlier, Rena collapsed, and another memory came to mind.

"This is the spring where Serene came from!"

"Wow~ It's beautiful, daddy! Can I go there sometime?"

"You may certainly not! I'll never let you outside of this house, and that's final!"

"But daddy, why can't I ever leave?"

"You are my precious girl, and heir to the Siegfried fortune. If something were to happen to you..."

"But you get to leave all the time!!!"

"Rena, understand this: Without you, no one could take over the family heirloom, and that's FINAL. Now, go to your room and play with your Pokemon! That's an order, miss!"

Hatred. Pure, dark hatred for that hideous creature Rena knew as "father". He never let her leave, he never let her see the outside world, he didn't do anything but keep her inside as if she were vulnerable to the many mysteries in the outside world like a balloon was vulnerable to nearby pins. But, as soon as her father died, it seemed like her mother gained a brain and had let her out into the world. Rena was ashamed this thought never crossed her mother's mind until after her father's death, but figured her father was behind this happening as well.

It didn't take long for Rena to realize she had actually ran some of the distance while thinking of this memory. Apparently, she had gotten back up after she collapsed, and it felt like only the memory ceased to exist the past few minutes. Finding it a bit chillier, Rena didn't seem to mind the cold.

"Frosty Gorge..." she muttered. "At last..."

January 18th, 2009, 10:10 PM
Ashi was knocked out of her sleep when the truck jumped over a bump in the road. She wasn't alone in the back of the car. In fact, everyone was all mushed together like a person sandwich. Lone was awake and on Ashi's lap. The cold was a bit much now, Ashi returned her and sunk back into the chair. She didn't pay much attention to anyone else around her, she was still groggy from sleep.

She released Invisi midair out the window, giving her a bit of room to fly around. As far as she knew, the colder it got, the less worried people were about Pokémon. She released Twili on her lap and hugged him. She hadn't seen him properly in 3 days, unless you counted when she released all of them to fight at PXS headquarters.

"Hi Twili," Ashi mumbled, Twili making a small sound in reply. Moving Twili to one side, she flipped out her phone. There were a number of messages. She never really checked her phone, it was always on Silent.

From: Dad. Message recieved Yesterday 10:05am

Ashleigh, your mother would appreciate it if you would pick up her calls, or even reply to her messages! At least tell me how you're doing?

From: Josh. Message recieved Yesterday 12:45pm

Mum told me to tell you to reply to her messages. Oh well. How's everything going? It sucks to be in hiding. I want to come join the Uprising. You guys were on the news not long ago, is everything alright?

From: Josh. Message recieved Today 9:45am

Ashi, I have to find you. They came close to catching me and Dad today. I have to come help, help you. I can fly there as fast as I can. Dad and Mum can fend on their own, he doesn't have any Pokémon anyway. Please tell me where you are.

The remaining messages were from her mother, pleading for her to ring. Ashi wrote quick replies to each except Josh's. She sat up straight and looked around, seeing Isabel further back in the truck through a small window on the back wall. She hissed "Isabel!" then thrust her phone through the window.

"What do I do?"

January 19th, 2009, 8:04 AM
Yassan could feel his tendons freezing. Bitterly, as he pulled the tarp tighter, he wished he hadn't taken his jacket off. He glanced at the others in the truck, then tried to fall asleep. His Sneasel was curled up beside him, reveling in the frigid temperature. Unable to fall asleep, he snarled at the others in the truck, "Doesn't your country have any decent roads?" as the truck skidded across the occasional ice patch and thumped over potholes.

January 19th, 2009, 6:10 PM

Isabel looked up to see Ashleigh holding her cell-phone out to her through the small window.

"What do I do?" she asked.

Isabel took the small phone gingerly in her hands and listened to the message. It was from Ashleigh's brother. He was asking to join the Uprising. Isabel frowned and handed the cell phone back to her, shaking her head.

"Tell him that if he wants to join us so badly, he can meet us in Frosty Gorge," Isabel said with a shrug.

"Doesn't your country have any decent roads?" Yassan grumbled.

"Yes," Isabel said sharply. "But decent roads means decent traffic, decent traffic means decent police petrol, and decent police petrol means us getting pulled over and arrested for having Pokemon."

Yassan looked as though he was about to say something back when Isabel heard some shouting from the front and the truck suddenly veered to the right. Isabel spun around to try and see what was going on when the car abruptly stopped. Everyone in the back was thrown forward, but they were stopped by the bundles piled around them. Isabel rubbed a bump on her head and was struggling to work out what was going on when the car was lifted up. Isabel looked down to see a Machamp holding the car up with two of its four muscular arms. Two figures dressed in white stood in the middle of the road, each wearing a belt with PokeBalls in them. One of them pulled out a phone.

"We've located the Uprising," the female voice announced into the speaker. "We will now apprehend them."

They each pulled out several PokeBalls and released the Pokemon inside in a red beam of light.

"Any Pokemon right now would be great!" Isabel yelled to the rest of the team.

Snow Phoenix
January 19th, 2009, 6:24 PM
"Isabel" Charlie atempted to say, but a womans voice interupted him.

"We've located the Uprising," the female voice announced into the speaker. "We will now apprehend them."

They each pulled out several PokeBalls and released the Pokemon inside in a red beam of light.

"Any Pokemon right now would be great!" Isabel yelled to the rest of the team.

He had been completely off guard, but Isabel's voice empowered him and with confidence he yelled "Piloswine, Rudy come on out!

The Piloswine and Gulpin emerged from their pokeball. The woman responded by sending her Ariados and Ledian.

"Comet Punch" The woman screamed.

"Piloswine use Ice Shard" Charlie responded.

The Ledian came forward, but was shot down by a diamond shape block of ice.

"What are you waiting for? Me to defeat them by myself? Help me!" Charlie taunted the Uprising members trying to get them to release their pokemon.

OOC: I hadn't posted for a while, so I started up the battle. Only one of the two PXS have released their pokemon so someone might want to include him/her in their post.

January 19th, 2009, 6:26 PM
(OOC: thought i'd pick out 2 pokemon for me to fight, or should we all fight as a team?)

As soon as he and his Pokemon got in the truck Drake lay down in a corner and fell asleep. It wasnt warm but it wasnt cold either, and Star did enough to keep him warm.

Suddenly there was a big bump and all sorts of things happened. He was shaken around until he slid towards the other side of the truck, and all the luggage fell on him.

"What the hell?" From where he was he saw Isabel rubbing her head and look up. He turned his head to find out what was going on. There were two people dressed in white.

"We've located the Uprising," the female voice announced into the speaker. "We will now apprehend them."

They each pulled out several PokeBalls and released the Pokemon inside in a red beam of light.

"Any Pokemon right now would be great!" Isabel yelled to the rest of the team.

"If theyre not crushed already!" He tried to lift his arm, and when he freed it; he saw blood seeping out of a big gash. Suddenly he felt something on his ankle and after digging through the luggage he quickly found Terra, and soon Star and Storm.

"Hehe" He knew sparky could get out any time, and so he did. He shot out from under the boxes with a quick attack.

He heard Charlie yelling nearby, and holding his injured arm with one hand, he tried to run over to him.

"Oh no you dont!" The man stepped in front of him and threw four pokeballs.

Four massive pokemon came jumping out. It all happened too quick Drake missed two of them who went in the truck, while the other two came to Drake. One of them was like a huge rock... Golem, and the other was a Victreebell.

"Ok, Lets go!" All four of his pokemon jumped infront of him.

The warden
January 20th, 2009, 2:29 AM
Paul checked his things and when he was satisfied every thin was there he went to sleep.

When the machamp grabed the truck Paul was asleep, he was thrown forwards but his bag protected him from any major injury. Looking round Paul saw the machamp and froze he had been in fights with bounty hunters befor but never against a Machamp.

"We've located the Uprising," a womans voice said from out of sight. "We will now apprehend them."

"Any Pokemon right now would be great!" Isabel yelled. Paul saw flashes as several pokemon were released and decided to join in releasing Slash and Bolt. Slash barly touched the ground before leaping at the Machamp who was still holding the truck and slashing at it. This did two things firstly the machamp droped the truck and secondly the truck stalled. The Machamp prepared to use counter against Slash but Bolt let out a howl, jumped at the machamp and bit it. The unspecting Machamp flinched allowing Slash to unleash another slash. The Machamp grabed the truck again trying to lift itto throw at Slash.

Wolf in the Rain
January 20th, 2009, 3:47 AM
Chris and Dile had dozed off to sleep inside the warm car. Most of the trip had been made in silence. Suddenly, Ashi's phone rang, causing both him and Dile to jolt up in their seats. Ashi seemed rather excited about the message, pushing it excitingly against the back window, eager to get Isabel's attention. Chris couldn't help but let out a sigh. They had been in the car for quite a while now, and he (and probably his Pokemon too), needed to stretch their legs.

He lazily looked out the window at the passing scenery. Patches of snow covered the trees and ground as the truck sped along the dirt road.

"Dile! Totodile!" Dile suddenly yelled pointing in front of them. There was a Machamp in the middle of the road father up, ready for the impact.

"****! Corey head up!" Chris shouted, pointing at the Machamp.

Corey quickly turned wheel right, causing the car to veer off the road to the right and causing it to come to an abrupt stop. Chris was jerked forward, but caught himself on the seat in front of him. He quickly looked around, making sure Dile was still on his shoulder and the others were ok. All of a sudden, the windshield shattered and the car was lifted up in the air from the front by the Machamp, causing Chris to fly forwards against the seat. Dile clinged to Chris shirt as the Machamp lifted the car higher into the air

"Dile! Help us out here!" Chris managed to yell to the Totodile.

Dile nodded his head and jumped off of Chris' shoulder. He dove at the Machamp as his tail glowed a bright blue, hitting it square in the head with an Aqua Tail attack, and causing the Machamp to drop the car.

The truck's hydraulics' absorbed most of the shock from the fall and it bounced up and down.

Chris quickly jumped out of the truck, and saw that the kid and Charlie had already sent out their Pokemon. Chris reached for his belt.

All of a sudden, Charlie yelled "What are you waiting for? Me to defeat them by myself? Help me!"

"Screech, Rio, Char, come help us out!" Chris called out in response to Charlie's plea, as the three Pokémon emerged in a flash of red light, presuming a fighting stance. He then turned to Charle, "Need some help?"

(OOC: Lame ending. I kno. But I gtg and thought that it would be important to post.)

January 20th, 2009, 4:46 AM
The members of the Uprising immediately sprang into action, releasing their Pokemon and attacking the enemies. The Machamp dropped the truck, almost sending Isabel flying in the air had she not been holding onto the side of the truck. She stood up in back of the truck, her legs shaking slightly as she did so.

"Flareon," Isabel addressed the Fire Pokemon beside her. "Go help Drake with the Victreebell so that he can take down the Golem."

Flareon growled and jumped onto the roof of the truck, launching herself in the air to attack the Grass Pokemon with a powerful blast of flames.

Isabel reached into her sleeve and pulled out the PokeBalls that Ashleigh had returned to their place. She chose the one containing Umi. They could use all the power they could get, regardless of how merciless she was. Isabel nodded to her Pokemon and Umi immediately leapt forward into the fighting. Isabel wondered if the PXS members would survive.

January 20th, 2009, 4:54 AM
Yassan, who had finally fallen asleep, was rudely awakened by a crunch, a painful collision with the cab, and another painful collision with the frozen ground. Pushing himself up, he felt himself for injuries. Lucky... no broken arms or legs. He thought, walking furiously towards the front of the truck to berate this 'Coori' who was supposed to be driving. "What the f..." he yelled, fully prepared to launch into an abusive diatribe when he saw the Machamp. Pulling a Great Ball off his belt (which he was now wearing bandolier style) he threw the ball with all his might. It narrowly missed Chris' Totodile, and hit the Machamp full in the face before it released his Tyranitar. "Tyranitar, show this... thing how we settle our problems in Hiojiin!"

January 20th, 2009, 12:44 PM
"Heh, you got guts kid, Golem use rollout, victreebell, use acid!" His pokemon flew into action, and golem rolled towards them.

"All of you, dodge!" His pokemon jumped out of the way and watched the Golem roll off. Drake had forgotten about the victreebell who was looming above him.

"Victreebell!" It sprayed acid towards them.

"Youre dead kid!" Drake raised his hands above his head preparing for the blast when suddenly a huge fire engulfed the acid and went towards the victreebell.

"Victreebell dodge!" It dodged and waited for the next command. "Where the hell did that flareon come from!"

Drake just noticed it was flareon who helped him.

"Thanks, charmander use combo attacks together with flareon, wait for the sign, surround it and youll know when to strike.

The golem was coming back now.

"Terra, Storm, Sparky" Standby and support us. Drake drew his sword and ran forward.

"Whats he doing? Victreebell, Crunch him!" Drake and Victreebell neared eachother. Suddenly he twisted and jumped to the right. Victrebell opened its jaws and snapped at the empty space where Drake just was.

Drake swung his katana and it sliced open victreebell's side. It yelled out in fury and jumped on Drake.

"Victreebell, use vine whip!" Victreebell didnt listen, it kept trying to slam him.

Drake grinned and covered his face. Suddenly the victreebell flew away, engulfed in fire, and he saw Flareon and Star right next to him. They shot out some more blasts before returning to him.

"Great job but watch out!" The pokemon spun around and got knocked over by something. They spun through the air and crashed into the victreebell.

"Damn, the golem" He had forgotten all about the golem who had just reached full power in his rollout. He was coming back.

"Now golem! Earthquake!" The golem jumped up and made the ground shake. His pokemon were taking major damage and Sparky got crushed under some rocks.

"Terra hold him down with vine whip, and squirtle, bubble!" While those two kept it busy he went over to sparky.

"Ok Sparky can you move?" Sparky got up.

"Hit him with all youve got!" Sparky made loaded up and ran for a volt tackle.

"Golem shake those pests off!" Terra and Storm soon flew away and while they got up the golem got ready for Sparky.

"Golem, use seismic toss!" The golem got ready for sparky.

"Really i think you're underestimating my pikachu" Drake knew how strong volt tackle was.

"...Dumass, thats one less uprising member" Confidently the PSX member grabbed a knife and some rope.

Terra and Storm tensed and the three of them waited for the bounty hunter.

"Heh but Sparky is gonna kick your golem's ass"

"Now stop resisting, you lost this battle, now you and your worthless pokemon... Dont freakin move!" He raised the items and walked over to him.

"Heh" Drawing his katana again he and his pokemon got ready for another wave.

Suddenly something crashed through the trees and came into the middle of them. It was Victreebell, Flareon, and Star, deep in battle.

He turned around and saw Sparky attacking golem who didnt budge.

"What the hell?" He exclaimed as Golem picked up sparky and threw him at Drake's feet.

"Heh, there we go, victreebell use frenzy plant!" The victreebell got ready to do something.

"Damn, he just remembered something about ground being immune to thunder before the ground started to rumble.

"Golem help him out with earthquake!" The earth was really shaking now and Drake slammed onto the ground.

Suddenly something went around Sparky and Star's back and pulled them to the ground. More came until the two pokemon were knocked out.

"Wait.. plants?" Roots where coming at his pokemon.

"Chop them down!"

He and his pokemon flew into action, getting rid of the plants and roots coming out of the ground.

January 20th, 2009, 3:32 PM
(Wait... Since when can Victreebel learn Frenzy Plant? If that's the case then I could teach Serene Hydro Cannon...which I won't...)

Frosty Gorge was well...frosty. Rena made note of that, though she really couldn't tell the temperature difference. After all, her skin was pale as is, and she was always cold. If she were to ever be affected by a certain climate, it would be in the heat. But that was besides the point.

Already, she heard a couple of the members of the Uprising (perhaps?) in action, or at least trying to get into action. She sighed, and looked around. This is the perfect place to find a Glaceon... she thought to herself. She walked a few steps, then turned around. Ever since she had left that psycho organization, she had gotten the feeling she was being tracked by them, as if they were hoping she'd lead them to the Uprising's HQ, where they would come when everyone's guard was down and destroy it. Rena had thought of joining, but was unsure if she should because of that reason. No one's going down because of me...

"Hello!" she called. "Anyone out there?" She immediately regretted calling out; the enemy could have heard her, and could find her from the direction the echo came from. Wow... Stupid me...

January 20th, 2009, 6:36 PM
Ashi leant back, quickly writing a message to her brother.

We're at Frosty Gorge. Hurry!

As soon as she sent the message, the truck groaned as a flurry of Pokémon came foward to attack.

"Any Pokémon right now would be great!"

Ashi quickly flicked out all of her Pokémon, Twili was already off her lap and had jumped out of the truck. Everyone else had reacted immediately too, jumping out of the truck and attacking the strangers, who Ashi could almost guess were the PXS. Ashi jumped out too, and thrust her arm foward to the first Pokémon she saw, an Ariados. Sola, Lone and Twili were right at her side.


The three lunged foward, sending countless techniques of dark, psychic and ice attacks. She Ariados was strong, but not strong enough. It wobbled, then fell, exhausted and fainted.

The warden
January 21st, 2009, 5:23 AM
Paul clambered out of the back of the truck and look round. The Machamp at the front of the truck was now fighting a Tyranitar and a Totodile. Slash had decided to leave the Machamp to them and was now flying round to where Paul was standing, Bolt was following Slash. Slash stopped by Paul's side and looked round for any sign of danger.

Paul was sudenly knocked to the ground by Slash Paul looked round just in time to see a Crobat swoop past. Slash jumped in to the air in an attempt to hit it but it was too quick. It must have been waiting to attack when we were distracted. The Crobat prepared to swoop again, as it did Slash used a double team, making it appear that there were two Scythers. The Crobat dived using an air cutter attack that hit both scythers. The fake scyther disapeared and Slash lept after the Crobat using pursit. Fuled by his anger Slash hit the Crobat and hit it hard enough to stop it flying.

The Crobat hit the floor hard, Slash landed on his feet near by. The Crobat pushed it's self up and flew at Slash's head, it's gleaming fang's oozing poison. Slash tried to avoid the attack diving to the right but was scrached. The poison quickly took effect knocking Slash out. The Crobat turned to face Paul and began to fly at him, Bolt began to charge running at the Crobat from behind Paul. Bolt jumped in to the air, smashing into the Crobat. The Crobat seemed to take little damage from the tackle, but then bolt unleashed a jolt of electic power in to the Crobat. Huh! what move was that. The Crobat was knocked to the floor, paralysed and unable to move. Paul quickly ran to Slash, he couldn't cure the poison but he could atleast help the wounds with one of the potions..

(OOC I hope no one minds me adding an extra pokemon. The attack Bolt used was spark. And could Charles make up some thing to cure the poison after the battle)

January 21st, 2009, 2:47 PM
(OOC: Whoever posts next has the option of ending the battle if they want by bunnying any of my Eeveelutions they wish, just leave the actual entering of the town to me, okay? Oh, and there's a Pokemon Center in Frosty Gorge, so Paul can heal Slash there, though you can really just handle this how you want :))

Isabel watched the fighting below. The Uprising proved to be more than a match for these two PXS members, no matter how strong their Pokemon were, but it was still taking too long. Isabel jumped out of the back of the truck and took out two more PokeBalls and pressed the center buttons, releasing Jolteon and Eve. They leapt forward and instantly joined the fight on Isabel's command. Isabel made a move to join them, but heard a voice.

"Hello! Anyone out there?"

Isabel turned in the direction of the voice. She looked back at the Uprising and bit her lip. They had the situation under control, and she had to go investigate who had said that. It could have just been a towns-person, but Isabel knew that it was better to be safe than fail to investigate all possibilities. She crept forward and allowed Fay's PokeBall to roll down her arm. She approached where the voice had come from, but wasn't sure what to expect to find.

January 21st, 2009, 5:31 PM
Name: Peter Pollenic

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Personality: Peter is a born leader, and will gladly help others in need. The events currently taking place have left him a bit tense. He is more intelligent then the average teen, and especially when it comes to Math or History. He is VERY afraid of losing the ones close to him( especially his Pokemon ) and this can leave him a little mouthy. On the downside, Peter is very undecisive. He is fast, but not very strong.

Appearance: Peter is tall and slim, with short, thin sandy-colored hair. His eyes are a Emerald color, and he has a oval-shaped head. His lips are often dry, and his skin is a tanned color. On the back of his neck, there is a star-shaped birthmark. He wears a black hoodie over a white t-shirt. He wears the swooshy kind of pants( I don't know what they're called, but they have the Adidas swoosh on them) that are easy to move in. He has black, worn tennis shoes and always carries his white and black backpack with him to keep his supplies.

History: I'll be right back to finish, I have to check somethin real quick!

January 23rd, 2009, 6:00 AM
The Machamp's trainer, a gruff-looking man with a beard, began whining the moment he saw the Tyranitar. "Hey, this is four on one- not fair! You can't fight a two on one battle!" Yassan snorted, contemplating on sending out Sneasel to assist Tyranitar, but thought better of it. "PXS... you have a machamp, and your whining about facing four pokemon, three of which are basics? Grow some balls." The PXS man's face turned from false pitying to indignation, but he smiled when he heard Yassan's guttural Hiojiin butchering of language. "How dare you! Have you no respect your elders, snowman? Go drink some hot chocolate and put on yer bearskin hat!" Chris noticed that the hunter's remarks were having an obvious effect on Yassan. "Uh, Yassan? Don't list..." before Yassan shoved him out of the way. "If it's a fight you want it's a fight you have! Tyranitar, Iron Tail!" His Tyranitar's tail began to glow, and then flew out towards the Machamp, who grabbed it with all four hands and began to pull the Tyranitar in.

January 23rd, 2009, 9:56 AM
"Hmph great shot" Beo sighed as a flamethrower was shot at a nearby tree.

"Now pick it up with seismic toss" Beo ordered as the charizard grabbed the tree from its roots and slammed it back into the ground.

"Char-char-i-zardddd" Beo's charizard roared loudly.

"Great day of training blaze, now I think it's time we get some rest if we want to be up bright and early again" Beo said to his pokemon as he returned it to its pokeball then clipped it to his belt.

Beo walked back into the town of Frosty Gorge and his face grew expressionless he talked to no one along the way, he wasn't much a talker to begin with. He made his way to a little run down hut behind a bigger building and opened the door, this was what he called home. He rarely spent anytime there anyhow except for sleeping, since he was training most of the day. Beo's clothing really didn't consist of any expensive stuff, just some old worn down jeans and a long sleeve shirt, but he did have a ragged brown cape like poncho wrapped around his body to keep him warm.

As he was getting ready to go to sleep he heard something that sounded alot like battling outside the city, that was something he hadn't heard in awhile, or at least for the two years he's been here. He quickly threw back on his shoes and sprinted for the city entrance to see if he could see what was going on. As he made his way to the cities entrance he saw a bunch of people battling against what looked like two people in black uniforms... "Wait a minute!" Beo thought to himself "those are the kind of people that attacked me when I first got to this region, I should help them no what am i thinking, the only person i'm worried about is myself and my pokemon.. maybe i'l just watch them for a bit and see if they decied to come into the city" He then covered his face in the cape like poncho and ducked behing some crates he would just sit there watching silently.

January 24th, 2009, 6:56 PM
That battle. Reminded Rena of the one time she was sent to battle against some of the Uprising while she served the PXS. It was gory, in a Pokemon-sort-of-way, but eventually, PXS won. Maybe it was because she was on their side, maybe not. After all, nothing ever centered around her. She was never the protagonist, nor was she ever the antagonist. She was just THERE. Like anybody else. And she grew weary of it, each and every day. Yet she never complained. She understood why this was, and how...STUPID it would be to rant on and on over and over again for the rest of eternity.

Nothing reminded her more of this battle than the one happening now. It's now or never, Rena thought. Must act slyly and trick those PXS buffoons. She called out Ein and Fia, her top tricksters. The two looked at her curiously.

"Ein, Fia, you know what to do. It's the same as the battles we faced against the Uprising. Only this time, we're helping them. ATTACK PXS! Make sure they LOSE this battle!" The two nodded, and Ein seemed to salute (or maybe it was Rena's imagination), and ran off towards the center. Watching from afar, Rena cracked a slight smile.

"I hope this'll help..." she muttered. She swerved around, in case a Glaceon (or Eevee) might've appeared. Her smiled vanished and a frown appeared, but only for a split second. Afterwards, and expressionless feeling crossed her face, and Rena stared down at the battle, and waited.

Ein and Fia... Fia is to come out of nowhere and scare the PXS members. Ein is to swiftly travel between their legs, occasionally scratching them and their Pokemon, she thought. The sounds of crying and "A G-G-G-G-GHOST!!!" was enough for her to know that her Pokemon were doing as she had asked them to.

Wolf in the Rain
January 25th, 2009, 7:54 AM
Screech quickly darted to the right, avoiding an stray Razor Leaf attack. This battle had been absolute havoc for the group, but Chris could probably help a bit more.

A Golem knocked Drake's Pichu to the ground after an unsuccessful 'Volt Tackle Attack'.

"Kid, electric attack won't work on it!" Chris yelled to Drake, then turning to his Pokemon. "Rio, Char, go help him out."

As the two went to go assist Drake, a sudden yell came from Yassan.

Although Chris didn't know the Hiojiin very well, he yelled some advice. "Yassan, don't list!" Hearing his words, Yassan ordered his Tyranitar to crush the opposing Machamp. Suddenly, A roar came from the forest, causing Dile, Screech and Chris to all turn to the source.

"I got this one guys. Keep battling!" Chris yelled as he ran into the forest with Dile and Screech close behind him, ready for anything.

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January 25th, 2009, 5:34 PM
Still crouching down trying to stay hidden he watched as the battle between the trainers and the two other people went on. As he sat there watching he wandered who was actually the good guys, and who the bad guys were. Maybe they both were evil, maybe but he didn't want to sit there and ponder questions that really didn't concern himself.

All of a sudden Beo saw one of the people along with two pokemon start heading for the forest. This was unfortunate as Beo had thought he would be able to just stay out of this and not have to get involved. Watching as the person got closer he saw that it was a boy that looked to be a few years younger then him.

"Hmph, he shouldn't have came out here alone, I hope your ready for this boy" Beo thought to himself as he grabbed Blaze's pokeball and held it closly in his hand spinning it around waiting for the boy to get closer.

January 26th, 2009, 12:12 AM
(OOC: Let's wrap this up)

The PXS' Pokémon were tough, as Ashi had realised as they plowed through the Pokémon, but they were limited and not as tough as the Uprising. One of two scowled as one of their last Pokémon fainted, shouting "These kids have dirty tricks. Retreat!" The one or two Pokémon that were left turned around instantly and fled, almost grateful that their 'masters' had decided that enough was enough.

"Not so fast! Twili, Sola, Lone, Invis, Haste, Amber... ATTACK!" Ashi jumped on top of the truck and thrust a finger foward. Not only did Ashi's Pokémon leap up and attack, but everyone else caught the drift and directed their own Pokémon to follow suite. A sea of Pokémon launched their attacks at the PXS Pokémon, then the members. What seemed like an explosion left behind several fainted Pokémon and two comatose humans, their white clothes now grubby with burns, dirt and grime.

"Now tie them up!" A grin crept from Ashi's mouth, then a loud laugh. She hadn't felt this good in ages. Her phone vibrated and Ashi quickly flipped it out.

Hey sis. Look up.

Ashi glanced upwards, still laughing, to see her brother above, waving from his Pidgeot.

The warden
January 26th, 2009, 5:46 AM
Around Paul the battle was still raging as he reached Slash's side, I can't heal Slash here I need to get out of the way where there's no danger. Paul withdrew Slash to his pokeball and climbed in to the back of the truck. Paul released Slash again and examined his injuries. The air cutter attack had left a gash along Slash's torso, the poison fang attack had scrached his left arm, the wound wasn't that bad but the poison was very strong. I can at least heal that gash. Paul took one of the last two potions from his bag and sprayed some on Slash's torso, then he picked up Slash's arm to check it for any other injuries, Paul saw somthing. A tear came to his eye and he jumped out of the truck where he threw up.

(OOC tell me if you want me to change the ending, it will all be explained soon)

January 26th, 2009, 9:11 AM
Eve was bored.

The remaining Pokemon were taking care of the other Pokemon and the people in white were being tied up, leaving her with nothing to do. She looked over and saw that her Trainer was going into the woods and decided to go with her, not letting her know that she wasn't doing what she was supposed to, of course. She pranced through the snow, which was so deep that every time she landed she sunk down until only her ears were visible and she couldn't see where her trainer had gone. Not surprisingly, she soon found that she was lost.

Eve jumped up onto the roots of a tree and looked around, not seeing her Trainer anywhere. She whimpered slightly when she caught sight of a ghost hovering over the snow. She backed up and hid in the snow again, peering over the top of her hiding place. They drifted over to what looked like a girl, only she was just as pale as them. Eve sank down in the snow after feeling her eyes look at her and pressed up against the tree trunk. There was no possible way to fight her way out, seeing as they were ghosts, so all that she could do was wait.

"Where are you?" she whimpered.


Isabel didn't find the source of the voice and soon turned back. She went back to find all of the PXS Pokemon long since fainted and the members tied up. A boy about a year older than herself was standing there also, a hand on a Pidgeot beside him. Isabel smiled, feeling proud of the Uprising for taking care of things.

Her smile faded when she saw a black form in the corner of her eye. She spun around to see Umi running through the snow toward the restrained PXS members, her body glowing with Dark attacks. Isabel pulled out her PokeBall, but she refused to be returned. Panicked for the lives of the PXS members, she released Fay.

"Stop her!" she yelled, pointing to Umi.

Fay leapt forward and landed before the Dark Pokemon with a growl, her tail glowing with an Iron Tail. Though Fay wouldn't be able to do much to stop her, she managed to calm her down enough to allow Isabel to return her. Isabel returned the remainder of her Eeveelutions, excluding Fay, and looked realized that one of her Pokemon was gone.

"Where's Eve?" she asked, turning to the Uprising.

(OOC: sorry about bunnying (?) your character, Serene, but now she gets to see an Eevee, lulz)

January 26th, 2009, 5:14 PM
Drake just about finished his battle with the psx member. His golem just got punched by rio while storm, terra, and char were finishing him with an elemental move.

He grabbed he psx member's rope and tied him up with it.

"Youll never escape psx you brat!" The man snorted and sent more curses after Drake.

He scanned the clearing, battles were just ending when suddenly umi shot past him; glowing. Fay jumped in and got into a quarel with Umi until Isabel finally returned it.

The rest of the battles were done, tough everybody was in panic and the area was destroyed. He glanced up and saw someone on a pidgeot, and it wasnt silver.

"Great theres more, Storm use bubble!" Storm sent a blast of bubbles flying towards the pidgeot.

Wolf in the Rain
January 26th, 2009, 5:19 PM
Chris carefully walked through the woods, constantly looking around for any danger or threats. Dile and Screech sat on his shoulders, also scanning the area. The battle the other members had been fighting had grown quiet. Whether this was a good or bad thing was up to Chris imagination at the moment, as he crept through the brush. The ground seemed to crackle with every step as Chris slowly continued though the forest, looking for the source of the roar he heard earlier. All of a sudden, Screech flew off of Chris' shoulder, screeching loudly as he flew in a circle around him. Chris quickly grabbed the Zubat and put his hand over Screech's mouth.

"Can it, Screech!" Chris hissed as the Zubat squirmed to free himself "Do you want someone to see us?"

However, despite Chris' warnings, the Zubat would not stay still, and continued to twist and turn to get away from Chris' grip.

Suddenly, a voice came from behind. "Blaze, Go!"

A bright flash of red light lit up behind Chris, lighting up the forest. Chris turned to the source, and to his dismay, a Charizard stood behind him, snorting fire out of it's nose and slightly flapping it's wings in anticipation for the upcoming battle.

"Dile, Use Hydro Pump quick!"

Dile jumped off of Chris' shoulder and shot a steady steam of water at the Charizard. However, the Charizard blew fire out of it's mouth, nullifying each attack.

"Hey! Show yourself you PXS coward!" Chris yelled as he took his jagged-edge hunting knife out of it's case and held it in a fighting position. "Unless you're too afraid to!"

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January 26th, 2009, 5:29 PM
Watching over the battles below, Rena noticed one girl had a Glaceon. Damn her, Rena thought. Damn her and that Glaceon of hers. DAMN HER! She then came to recognize the girl as one of the ones she rescued, and recalled the Eeveelutions and other Pokemon she had freed. Sighing, Rena bounded down towards the others, hoping to catch in on the action.

It was not long before she was noticed by the other PXS members. "Hey, you! You traitor!" one of them shouted, running towards her. Ein and Fia were immediately at her side, their stances showing they were ready to fight.

"Ein, Beat Up. Fia, Shadow Ball." The Sneasel's claw immediately lit up into a crimson red, and Rena noticed Fia, as well as her other Pokeballs (occupied by the rest of her team) glowed a similar color. At once, the Sneasel bounded towards the members and slashed at them brutally. They shrieked in pain, and ran away. But it was not enough, for Fia shot out her shadowy ball, hitting them from behind and knocking them over. As they whimpered in pain, Rena walked over to them, placing a foot on one.

"Who's in charge now?" she asked, remembering how no one ever wished to promote her. She noticed the other people still fighting, and hoped the fight would end soon.

(I hope you don't mind the swearing ^^')

January 26th, 2009, 5:49 PM
Beo watched as the boy drew ever closer and was already past him. The two pokemon were nothing more then a weak looking totodile and a scared zubat. Nonetheless these people had invaded what was Beo's home for awhile now and was not gonna let anything happen to it. Staying crouched he hid still, but released his charizard out to take the kid by surprise.

"Blaze go" Beo shouted.

Seeing the light the boy turned around, Beo smirked a bit as the kid didn't seem like he would back down.

"Dile use hydro pump quick" the boy shouted.

But the attack was futile as Blaze just blew some flames out of it's mouth stopping the attack in it's place.

Beo knew that Blaze could handle this battle himself so he kept quite and waited.

Then the kid said something that Beo did not quit understand.

"Show yourself you PXS coward" the boy shouted as Beo watched him pull a hunting knife out and hold it in fighting postion.

Beo stepped out of crouching position and stood beside his trusty pokemon with a grin on his face.

The boy looked kinda stunned when he saw Beo standing there, he wasn't wearing the typical PXS uniform, he just looked like a plain trainer.

"Who are you? and why are you watching us?" The boy asked Beo.

"Hmph you come and threaten the town I live in, with your pokemon battles outside of the city, and you expect me to answer your questions" Beo laughed at the kid with some sarcasm.

He nodded to Blaze, who quickly took off swiftly and grabbed the boys totodile and zubat holding them tight Blaze flew into the sky.

"Ok now you tell me what you people are doing here, or I have blaze use sesimic toss on your pokemon, which I would prefer not to do" Beo shouted to the boy who was starring at his pokemon being held in a tight grip by Beo's charizard.

(OOC: I just did a slight bunnying on your char and pokemon nothing major, so i'll wait for your post and we can finish this meeting up.)

Wolf in the Rain
January 26th, 2009, 7:20 PM
<Wait a second... " The town I live in, with your Pokemon battles outside of the city"> The words swarmed around Chris head for a second, distracting him from the battle. Suddenly, the kid's Charizard vaulted forward, grabbing Screech and Dile, then quickly flew up into the air.

"OK now you tell me what you people are doing here!" The kid yelled at Chris "Or I'll have Blaze use seismic toss on your Pokemon, which I would prefer not to do."

Chris looked up at the situation in front of him, looking for an escape route for the two Pokemon. They squirmed as the Charizard held them tighter and tighter. <Come on... Come on...> Chris thought to himself, grinding his teeth. <Put those years of ref school and battleing to good use.> All of a sudden, Chris let out a hint of a smile as an idea formed in his mind.

"Dile!" He shouted up to the Totodile, still squirming in the Charizard's arms. "Use Hydro Pump!"

The Totodile, let out another stream of water, hitting the Charizard in the face. In it's agony, the Charizard let go of Screech, who quickly flew beside the kid. The Zubats fangs dripped with poison as it hovered menacingly above the trainer. Now, it was a stalemate, with Screech ready to attack the trainer, and "Blaze", who now held Dile's mouth closed with it's free claw, about to slam Dile into the ground.

"We'll call it a draw." Chris said, as he pulled a Pokeball off of his belt, returning the Zubat. As an act of good faith, Chris put the Pokeball, as well as the hunting knife, back on his belt. "OK, To awnser your 'demands' I'm Chris, and we're the Uprising. We're here to help you." Chris let out a sigh, " Now... can you let Dile down, since I didn't let Screech bite your head off?"

(OOC: Yes it is hastily written. Porque yo tengo mucho mucho tarea de espanol. And I bunnied your char a bit, but nada mucho.)

January 26th, 2009, 8:03 PM
Beo watched as he waited for an answer from this kid that seemed a bit confused at what he has just said. He smirked since he thought he had this in the bag. But then the kid looked up to blaze and his pokemon.

"Dile use hydro pump" the boy shouted as Dile shot blaze in the face with enough force to free the zubat. Blaze then grasped Dile's jaw together, but it wouldn't matter as the kid's zubat was over top of Beo's head ready to bite.

"Hmph your a pretty resourcefull kid" Beo said grinning.

The boy then returned zubat to it's pokeball and looked at Beo.

"We'll call it a draw." the boy said said, as he pulled a Pokeball off of his belt, returning the Zubat. Beo watched as the boy put the Pokeball, as well as the hunting knife, back on his belt.

"OK, To awnser your 'demands' I'm Chris, and we're the Uprising. We're here to help you." Chris let out a sigh, " Now... can you let Dile down, since I didn't let Screech bite your head off?"

Seeing as how the kid now known to Beo as Chris had called back his zubat and looked to mean him no harm, he had Blaze carefully put the totodile on the ground next to chirs.

"Good job Blaze i'm glad your my friend" he said to his charizard as he rubbed it on its head as to signal it did a great job. He then returned blaze to his pokeball. Chris did the same with his totodile.

"Hmph, names Beo, but don't get use to saying it, and as for you what do you mean by the uprising? and save this town from what, whats going on? Beo said with an annoyed voice as he doesn't like when things are unknown to him.

"Wait if things are unsafe as you say there, maybe you should follow me back to my house" Beo said as he waved Chris on to follow him.

The two entered the city through a back entrance, and right to Beo's little shack which from the looks of it could barley fit one person. But when they got inside Beo opened up a wooden panel on the floor that led to an underground room, that was fully furnished. Beo went to the fridge and grabbed two soda's out from it and tossed one to Chris.

"Now explain whats going on and who this uprising is?" Beo exclaimed as he took a sip of his drink.

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Wolf in the Rain
January 28th, 2009, 2:47 AM
Both trainer's hastily returned their Pokemon to their respective balls. Silence soon fell over the two trainers as they stared each other down. However, this was soon broken by the other trainer, Beo.

"Hmph, names Beo, but don't get use to saying it, and as for you what do you mean by the uprising? and save this town from what, whats going on? Beo said with an annoyed voice . He paused, thinking of what to do next. "Wait... If things are unsafe as you say there, maybe you should follow me back to my house" Beo waved Chris on to follow him.

After a few minutes of walking, Beo and Chris soon came upon a small back-entrance into what Chris could only guess was Frosty Gorge.

<No guards or anything...> Chris thought as he looked around. From Beo's Charizard, he could guess that this town was 'against' the new law. But, to have no guards and to be against the government was just insane. Chris couldn't help but let out a smile. Maybe the Uprising finally found a base.

The pair soon came upon a small shack near the 'back-entrance' of the town. From the outside, it looked like the shack could barely hold one person. Beo, walked up and open the door, confirming Chris' suspicions. However, Beo quickly moved to the middle of the room, opening a secret compartment in the wooden floor, revealing some stairs. Beo walked down with Chris close behind. In the 'basement' of the shack was a fully funished room. Beo moved over to the fridge and pulled out two Cokes, throwing one to Chris. He popped the can open and took a sip.

"Now explain whats going on and who this uprising is?" he asked Chris, taking another sip of his soda.

"Well," Chris replied, popping the top of the soda, "We're a-" Suddenly, Chris was cut off by the opening of a Pokeball on his belt. In a flash of red light, Dile stood next to Chris with an annoyed look on his face. "Sorry." Chris chuckled as the Totodile climbed up onto his shoulder. "Dile, doesn't like his Pokeball to much." Chris paused and took another sip of his soda before he continued. "Anyways, we're basically a resistance group, fighting that new law banning Pokemon from the region. I was a trainer from Hoenn before I came here to fight in the new league. I was about half-way through the gym challenge when the new law came into effect. I was on the run and luckily found Isabel. Been helping ever since." Chris took another sip of his soda. "Right now, we're looking for a place to stay." You know anywhere?"

January 28th, 2009, 7:11 AM
Taking a sip of his coke, Beo waited for a reply from Chris.

"Well," Chris replied, popping the top of the soda, "We're a-" More annoynce grew on Beo's face when Chris's totdile popped out of its pokeball and interrupted them. "Sorry." Chris chuckled as the Totodile climbed up onto his shoulder. "Dile, doesn't like his Pokeball to much. Anyways, we're basically a resistance group, fighting that new law banning Pokemon from the region. I was a trainer from Hoenn before I came here to fight in the new league. I was about half-way through the gym challenge when the new law came into effect. I was on the run and luckily found Isabel. Been helping ever since. Right now, we're looking for a place to stay, You know anywhere?"

Beo now finally relized why he was chased by those people when he first entered this region.

"Hmm thats a great cause to be fighting for" Beo smirked as he took another sip of his coke. Looking back at Chris he decided to explain how he came upon Frosty Gorge in the first place.

"To be honest with you, I had no idea about this law, infact I had no idea anything like that had been going on in this region. You see when I was about ten years old my parents dissapered. The only thing I had left was a pokemon egg my father had been taking care of." He paused for a minute, he hated talking about his past. "I'm from Kanto by the way, I stayed with proffessor Oak when my parents went missing. Then the egg hatched and it was a charmander, I couldn't stay around home anymore it reminded me of my family to much, so we left. Blaze and I had been through alot together training, and just being there for one another. Then two years ago I heared about this region and we made our way here on a boat, but when we got here we were attacked by people wearing the same uniforms as the ones you battled, if it wasn't for Blaze evolving into charizard we may not be here. But we eventually found this place and so i've been here training ever since then." Beo exclaimed as he took a deep breath, that was alot to say after all.

He then got up and walked around for a second tossing Blaze's pokeball around, just thinking.

Chris then slowly got up "Well do you know anywhere we can go to stay" he asked Beo.

Beo stopped "Thats what I was thinking about, i'd let you stay here but there just wouldn't be enough room." Beo said to Chris

"Ahh i've got it, theres still a pokemon center in Frosty Gorge, you could heal your pokemon there, and maybe even get rooms for the night. I could also show you where it is since I should probably heal charizard up, but first you should go find the rest of your group, i'll come with you just incase anything was to happen" Beo said, as for some reason a smile came onto his face, which usually doesn't happen around other people.

The warden
January 30th, 2009, 4:20 AM
Bolt jumped out of the van beside Paul, it watched as the Pokemon charged at the PXS members and decided to join in. Howling bolt ran at the nearest pokemon which was the paralysed Crobat and bit it which in it's weaked state was enought to knock it out. The PXS member tried to escape but were overwhelmed by the Pokemon. Bolt deciding that it had done enough went back to Paul who was sat by the truck.

After several minutes Paul got up, maybe Slash's wing wasn't as bad as it looked. He walked over to Isabel and waited for her to finish talking to the rest of the group.

"Isabel could you look at Slash's wing," At this point Paul had to stop himself bursting in to tears " it's been hurt badly, nearly ripped in two"

(OOC Paul still dosn't know every one's names, I just realised)

January 30th, 2009, 4:27 PM
After the battle cleared, Corey slowly stepped out of the malfunctioning truck. He wondered what had caused it to break down, and why now of all times? If they were going to get to Frosty Gorge, they needed their only mode of transportation fixed, and fast. Corey could last a while in the cold, but he did not know about the others. When he looked outside, he found most of the members in different spots. That was not too important to him, because he knew that Isabel and Ashi would be on his case if the truck wasn't up and running soon.

Corey walked over to the hood, and popped it open. The light was little, so he grabbed a flashlight from his pocket. It did not take long for him to see the problem. There was a Pokemon in the engine.

(OOC: Yay I'm back posting! Feel free to continue y'alls stories)

January 30th, 2009, 6:43 PM
She couldn't hear them. But could they hear her? That's what Rena asked, as she spied on the Uprising from afar. She could use her sweet Misdreavus and daring Sneasel to go surprise the members, but that wouldn't be very nice now. would it? But, it could give Rena a good idea what they were all about. Nonetheless, there was this annoying thought she couldn't get out of her head. It regarded the girl with the shiny Glaceon.

Oh, how she felt anger towards the girl. Having a shiny Glaceon was Rena's lifelong dream, and yet she couldn't make it possible. She continued to curse the girl, even though it was rather mean. And if she even dares to try giving that thing to me, she better rename it for me, else I'll be stuck with whatever HORRENDOUS name she gave it... Rena thought angrily. If she were to get a shiny Glaceon, she would rename her Serene and her Milotic would become Rose. That was how Rena worked, after all.

(Sorry for it being kind of short; kind of tired. Not my problem with Minku having a shiny Glaceon, but it sure as heck became Rena's problem XD)

January 31st, 2009, 4:07 PM
Corey was slightly startled at the mess under the hood, and stepped back for a moment, scrutinizing the scene. Well, it seems that somebody's Ekans got sucked up under the car, and found itself an early grave. Boy, what a mess this is going to be... What a mess... he thought. Still, he wasted no time getting to cleaning it up. Whatever the mess, Frosty Gorge was the first priority, and if they did not make it before nightfall... Well he did not want to go there.


A good fifteen minutes had gone by, and Corey was nearly done. Lucklily for him, the battle had ceased not long after he got out of the car, so he was able to do a good job with little distractions. Once he was sure everything was all well, he slammed the car hood and looked up at the sky for a moment, as well as the bordering mountain ranges encircling the Uprising. Time flies in the mountains Corey thought. If they were going to arrive soon, everybody needed to get on it. Corey turned around and walked back through the icy land and climbed inside the truck once again. A thought struck him, and he hollered out,

"Is everybody ready?" There was somebody in Frosty Gorge that Corey needed to meet.


(OOC: Sorry for the short post, Frosty Gorge will be longer. Besides, there was nothing really to do.)

January 31st, 2009, 11:34 PM
"Ashi!" Josh shouted from above. Drake zipped around and instructed his Pokémon to attack. Pidgeot easily dodged the bubbles and fluttered down close enough for Josh to jump off and crash-tackle Ashi.

"Josh, get off," Ashi moaned. She hadn't seen her brother since before she came to Katsu. She had kept in contact with him, but he had changed. Taller, leaner, stronger, it was if he wasn't her baby brother any more.

"I'm here. I'm here, Ashi. I've come to join. I hated living in hiding, I barely got to see my Pokémon. It was crap. But, now, I'm here and I can see you, and all that I live for!" Josh blurted out. He could barely contain his excitement. Ashi was rethinking on what she said about not being her brother.

"Twili, my ex-Eevee and Sola, Invisi, Haste, Amber and Lone," Ashi said, pointing to each of her Pokémon to its respected name and sighing at Lone's. She shook her head and pointed at Isabel. "Go introduce yourself to Isabel, I'm sure you arn't bad with introductions."

"Excellent!" Josh jumped off the truck just as Isabel turned to the group, confused.

"Where's Eve?"

Wolf in the Rain
February 1st, 2009, 8:20 AM
"Hmm thats a great cause to be fighting for" Beo smirked as he took another sip of his coke. Looking back at Chris he decided to explain how he came upon Frosty Gorge in the first place.

"To be honest with you, I had no idea about this law. In fact, I had no idea anything like that had been going on in this region. You see when I was about ten years old my parents disappeared. The only thing I had left was a Pokemon egg my father had been taking care of." Beo paused for a minute, in deep thought, then continued "I'm from Kanto by the way, I stayed with professor Oak when my parents went missing. Then the egg hatched and it was a Charmander, I couldn't stay around home anymore it reminded me of my family to much, so we left. Blaze and I had been through a lot together training, and just being there for one another. Then two years ago I heard about this region and we made our way here on a boat, but when we got here we were attacked by people wearing the same uniforms as the ones you battled, if it wasn't for Blaze evolving into Charizard we may not be here. But we eventually found this place and so I've been here training ever since then." Beo exclaimed as he took a deep breath.

He then got up and walked around for a second tossing the Charizard's Pokeball around, just thinking.

Chris then slowly got up with Dile still on his shoulder, and asked "Well do you know anywhere we can go to stay"

Beo stopped "That's what I was thinking about, I'd let you stay here but there just wouldn't be enough room." Beo said to Chris

"Ahh, I've got it. There's still a Pokemon center in Frosty Gorge, you could heal your Pokemon there, and maybe even get rooms for the night. I could also show you where it is since I should probably heal Charizard up, but first you should go find the rest of your group, I'll come with you just in case anything was to happen" Beo said as a smile came onto his face.

"Alright, Lets get going then." Chris walked up the stairway with Beo behind him. After Boe locked his house up, they walked out into the street, where people and Pokemon alike walked together. Beo was right, this place seemed untouched by the new law. This haven was the hope that Chris and the rest of the Uprising was looking for. This is what they were trying to make the future like.

However, even as they were walking though the streets, Chris couldn't help but think <Could they have followed us here?>. He quickly shook this thought off. <There was no way they could've, this place was so well hidden and out of the way. Hell, I didn't even notice it until I was about 100yds away.> But still, Chris couldn't help but worry.

As they reached a gate, which was obviously the exit, Chris could see two Abomasnow standing on either side of the gate. <So... Someone does know about this law.> Chris thought as he passed by.

"Totodile!" Dile yelled and waved at the two Abomasnow, hoping to catch their attention.

However, the Abomasnow paid no heed, and the two continued on their way. As soon as the place was out of sight, Chris reached down and grabbed a Pokeball off of his belt. In a flash of red light, a Pidgeot appeared, spreading it's wings.

"Hey, Silver." Chris said as he petted the Pidgeot's mane, then turning to Beo. "Call out your Charizard. We can fly the rest of the way."

(OOC: :) POSTEDED! Now if you want (or could) one of you can see Chris and Beo fly in, where he delivers the news about frosty gorge and the PokeCenter

February 1st, 2009, 9:36 AM
"Alright, Lets get going then." Chris said as he headed towards the stairs. Beo finished of his coke then followed behind the boy, who seemed eager to meet up with his team. As they left his house he turned around and pulled out a key to lock the door, and then the two headed down the streets.

As Beo walked down the streets as usually he turned to Chris to see a joyful expression on his face, Beo had really no idea what he was smiling about at this point, but realized it must be the fact that Frosty Gorge does not follow the laws that the rest of this region does, just then Chris had totodile start waving its arms in the air and singing trying to get two Abomasnow's attention but they just ignored dile.

Beo watched as Chris called out a Pidgeot.

"Hey, Silver." Chris said as he petted the Pidgeot's mane, then turning to Beo. "Call out your Charizard. We can fly the rest of the way."

Beo grabbed Blazes pokeball from his belt and called it out, he than patted him on the head.

"Hey Blaze were going to fly the rest of the way, but how about we not let this pidgeot and his trainer beat us there" Beo said turning back to chris as if he wanted to make this into a competition. Beo then jumped on Blaze's back and the two boys took off into the sky.

(OOC: sorry if it's a little short, there wasn't much to talk about.)

February 1st, 2009, 12:29 PM
Isabel didn't have time to even look around before things began to happen.

A boy, Isabel assumed it was Ashleigh's brother, stepped off of his Pidgeot. He looked about ready to come over and introduce himself when a shaky voice spoke into her ear.

"Isabel could you look at Slash's wing?" Isabel turned to see it was Paul, who looked as though he was about to break down. "It's been hurt badly, nearly ripped in two."

Isabel looked back and Ashleigh's brother for a moment before nodding to Paul and following him to the truck. Sure enough, Paul's Pokemon lay in the back, blood steadily dripping from its mangled wing. Isabel bit her lip and placed a hand on Fay's head beside her. She braced the other hand against the truck and leaned in closer to more clearly see the Pokemon's injury. It didn't look as though it would heal naturally, but she didn't think that the wing would be lost. At least, not if they somehow managed to heal it.

"Don't you have something to help stunt the bleeding and maybe some gauze and a splint?" She asked, looking back at Paul. "The only thing I could think of doing myself is cauterizing it to stop the bleeding."

Isabel bit her lip. The very idea of trying to cauterize the Pokemon's wing made Isabel's stomach lurch, but if there was no other way, it would have to be done. Flareon's PokeBall rolled down her sleeve. She was about to release the Pokemon when something caught her eye. She looked up to see what appeared to be two large Pokemon taking off into the air. She identified the Pidgeot as Chris's Pokemon, Silver, but the other one appeared to be a Charzard. Unsure of what to make of the Charzard, Isabel clutched the PokeBall in her hand tightly. She knew that Chris wouldn't be doing anything that they all would regret. At least, she hoped he wouldn't.

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February 1st, 2009, 2:47 PM
"Fia... Ein..." Rena muttered. "Use Confuse Ray on all those Eeveelutions, Fia. And Ein, Agility. Multiple times. And, once you're quick enough, use Beat Up on the lot of them." The two Pokemon nodded, and went to work.

"Father, that girl has a shiny Glaceon! Can you get it for me?"

"Well, seeing how that thing actually exists, I suppose I could try..."

"You're the best, daddy! And name it Serene, please? I'm gonna rename my Milotic Rose!"

That's what Rena depicted in her mind, if her father were still alive and with her. Then again, that would also be impossible. Her father never would've let her outside the house. Else her pale skin wouldn't be as pale as it was now, it would've been more of a radiant color, maybe a fairly light peach. Nonetheless, Rena wished her father were here so she could get her hands on the Glaceon.

"I need it... So I can have a full team..." she muttered, her breath turning to a cold frost as she breathed each word. "That Glaceon should be mine. It should..." She watched as Fia crept up behind the girl's Pokemon, and how Ein was right behind her, waiting to strike. "I hope they succeed. I hope..."

(Once again, kinda short. But I need to wrap things up on here >.>)

The warden
February 2nd, 2009, 5:26 AM
Isabel looked back and Ashleigh's brother for a moment before nodding to Paul and following him to the truck. Sure enough, Paul's Pokemon lay in the back, blood steadily dripping from its mangled wing. Isabel bit her lip and placed a hand on Fay's head beside her. She braced the other hand against the truck and leaned in closer to more clearly see the Pokemon's injury. It didn't look as though it would heal naturally, but she didn't think that the wing would be lost. At least, not if they somehow managed to heal it.

"Don't you have something to help stunt the bleeding and maybe some gauze and a splint?" She asked, looking back at Paul. "The only thing I could think of doing myself is cauterizing it to stop the bleeding."

Paul began to scramble through his rucksack looking for anything that could heal Slash, he made a pile of items infornt of himself. I the pile was the half-used potion, an old red t-shirt that had been ripped in a fight with a bounty hunter and a X-defence.

Paul turned to Isabel who was clutching a Pokeball in her hand tightly "Will this do?" he said holding the t-shirt infront of her. Looking out side Paul saw what she was looking at, a Charizard had just landed near the truck.

"Yes it will." Isabel responded, then she said "I'm going to cauterize the wing." In a somber voice.

"Whats that mean?" Paul asked frighted of what the anwser may be.

Wolf in the Rain
February 2nd, 2009, 7:04 PM
"Silver! Down there!" Chris yelled as he pointed down to where the group was located. Silver quickly descended to the ground, then flapped it's wings to regain balance, causing dust to fly up into the air. Beo landed a little father away on his Charizard, who roared as Beo got off. Chris got off of Silver's back, petting it lightly. The battle from earlier was obviously over, and now the group was all huddled around Isabel. Chris quickly walked to the group. Isabel was kneeled down on the ground.

"Whats that mean?" Paul asked in a frightened voice as Chris walked into the middle of the group.

But Chris took no heed and interupted, "Hey Guys. Sup?"

Isabel and the rest of the group stared at Chis. All with an annoyed look on their faces. Chris peered past her, and saw a Syther laying on the ground next to her with it's wing split open.

"Umm... We're not interupting anything, right?"

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February 2nd, 2009, 7:35 PM
"Whats that mean?" Paul asked, his voice frightened. Isabel didn't answer.

"Hey Guys. Sup?" Chris asked casually when he landed along with the boy and his Charzard.

Isabel paused to look at the two of them, her grip tightening around Flareon's PokeBall as her eyes went across the face of the newcomer. She released Flareon and directed for her to jump onto the truck beside Paul's Pokemon. She grabbed the tattered shirt and swiftly began tearing it up before taking the half-used potion in her hand. It wouldn't do much, but hopefully it would do enough.

"Umm... We're not interupting anything, right?" Chris asked.

Isabel looked up at Chris and continued preparing heal Paul's Pokemon.

"Oh no," she muttered sarcastically. "I'm just trying to save this Pokemon's wing. Unless you have any bright ideas, I'm going to have to have Flareon heat up a piece of metal in order to cauterize it."

Isabel turned to the boy, who still stood beside his Charzard. She eyed him warily.

"Now, who's your friend?"

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February 2nd, 2009, 8:44 PM
Beo flew behind Chris, and then watched as he point down to the ground where a group of people were standing. As they landed on the ground Beo hopped off Blaze who then roared into the air he patted Blaze on the back then stood patiently as he watched the group who seemed to be huddling around something.

Chris then walked into the middle of the group "Hey Guys. Sup?" he said to them all.

Beo then noticed they were standing around a scyther who seemed to have split it's wing. He never liked seeing any pokemon hurt, and felt a little hatred towards whoever did that, to the scyther. Still even though he felt sorry there was really no expression on his face, as usual.He watched as a girl "Now, who's your friend?" released a Flareon to stand next to it. Then Beo looked as Chris said something stupid...

"Umm... We're not interupting anything, right?"

Then Beo noticed the same girl who had called out the Flareon must be the leader of this so called "uprising", she then turned to Chris.

"Oh no," she muttered sarcastically. "I'm just trying to save this Pokemon's wing. Unless you have any bright ideas, I'm going to have to have Flareon heat up a piece of metal in order to cauterize it."

She then turned around to look at Beo and stared him down,
"Now, who's your friend?" she asked.

Smirking at the question for a little, he really wasn't sure he should answer the question yet anyway, he looked into Blaze's eyes, and then decided to. Beo had never like introductions, since he never stayed around the same people for to often to get attached to them.

"The names Beo, and who might you be" he said looking at her just watching her every move, it was as if the two were having a staring contest to the death.

February 3rd, 2009, 3:08 AM
"Wait! I might have something that might help?" Josh pulled his bag in front of him and half ran over to Isabel, pulling out a over sized first-aid kit he assembled before he left, consisting mainly of potions, bandages, paralyze, burn and frost heals, antidotes and other healing equipment, like various berries. Josh laughed nervously.

"I... urr was a bit over-precautious. With everything that's happening and all." Josh thrust the kit into Isabel's hands, grinning stupidly.

Ashi smiled from afar. Her brother was so clumsy around girls, except her, she had forgotten how much it amused her. Ashi shifted her gaze to Chris and the new 'member' that had arrived. She shrugged selfconciously, it's not like they didn't need new members.


"Peon! On!"


Ashi whipped around to see Twili, Sola and Lone all tipping on their feet. Searching for the cause of this, she saw disfigurment in the air and acted immediately, as a Sneasel sped out of the bushes.

"Haste! Invisi! Agility! Amber, use Scary Face on that Sneasel! Lone, Sola, Twili! Snap out of it!"

Her Pokémon reacted almost as fast as she did. Haste and Invisi quickly used Agility and dashed after the Sneasel. They might be fast, but the Sneasel had the advantage on speed. Amber focused on the Sneasel and used Scary Face, causing the Sneasel to slow down slightly.

'Now's my chance!' Ashi thought before shouting out, "Invisi! Haste! The feet! Amber, use Discharge on that shape in the air!"

Invisi and Haste acted in union, aiming for the legs. Haste slashed at Sneasel's legs, tripping it slightly, just enough for Invisi to grab the Sneasel with her legs and slam it down and holding it against the ground. Haste shoved the sword next to it's neck, keeping it still in place. Amber forced a bolt towards the air, forcing the 'ghost' to move and show it's exact position. Twili, Sola and Lone were released from confusion and stood at the ready.

"Haste, Invisi, keep it still. Twili, Sola, are you okay? Sola, use Psychic on that thing! Twili, use it's own tricks against it, Confuse Ray! Lone, get by me!"

(Urrrr a bit long. Ashi's really protective of Lone, you know. )

February 3rd, 2009, 1:43 PM
Watching Fia and Ein struggle a bit, Rena couldn't help but sigh. They are only on their first stage, after all. Of course they wouldn't be able to handle this on their own... She motioned to the two, and they knew what she was telling them to do. Ein immediately sped up yet again with his Agility, while Fia ate the Lum Berry she just so happened to be holding. Unfortunately, seeing how the berry only had one use, she was liable to be struck with the Confuse Ray again. All those Eeveelutions... I helped them before, and now here I stand, fighting against them. Pity... Three Pokeballs in hand, Rena sighed. But, all things must come to an end, my dear girl...

"Lina, Agility. Then Bounce repeatedly. If you're about to faint, Healing Wish. Serene, you use Aqua Ring first, followed up by helping Fia with Confuse Ray, and then using Hydro Pump or Twister the rest of the way through. Finally, Cierra, Magical Leaf for those weak against it, AncientPower for those weak against it, and Metronome for anything else. Do I make myself clear?" The three Pokemon nodded. They seemed a bit confused as to why they would attack whom they knew their master had saved earlier, but an order was an order. The only problem, Rena found, was that these three were much bigger and more vulnerable to be attacked. But they were powerful, so there was probably nothing to worry about, Rena reassured herself.

Immediately after the three went down, Fia appeared at Rena's side.

"Mis..." Fia sighed. Rena looked back at Ein, who was using the same tactics he had used earlier.

"Don't worry, Fia, Ein will be fine..." Rena muttered. The Misdreavus sighed, and continued to hover by Rena's side. "Don't go back down there 'til I say so, OK?" Fia nodded, and continued to wait slowly but patiently.

(As you can tell, Rena has strange...methods when it comes to being recruited or else trying to get attention.)

February 3rd, 2009, 5:02 PM
"The names Beo, and who might you be?" the boy asked, meeting her gaze with a somewhat cocky expression. At least, that was what Isabel could read.

"Wait! I might have something that might help!" a voice called.

Isabel's stare was broken by Ashleigh's brother running up to them and dumping the contents of his bag into the back. Her eyes widened slightly when she saw that there was a kit stocked with enough healing supplies to heal an army of Pokemon.

"I... urr was a bit over-precautious. With everything that's happening and all," the boy said with an awkward grin.

"Um... thanks," Isabel said with a faint smile, reaching out for a powerful-looking Potion.

"Haste! Invisi! Agility! Amber, use Scary Face on that Sneasel! Lone, Sola, Twili! Snap out of it!" Isabel heard Ashleigh yell.

Isabel spun around and saw Ashleigh facing off with a Sneasel and a Ghost Pokemon. Isabel cursed under her breath and pressed the Potion into Paul's hand.

"Take care of your Pokemon," she instructed. "I have to help Ashi, but just use whatever you need."

Isabel turned and motioned for Fay and Flareon to go on either side of her.

"Flareon, go right in there and help however you can," Isabel said. Flareon leapt forward and began attacking, flames rippling down her body as she dove into the fight.

"Fay," she addressed the Espeon beside her. "Go play defense. Try and keep Flareon and Ashi's Pokemon from getting hit and make sure you don't get hurt yourself. Now, go!"


Eve crept up behind the ghost-girl and her Misdreavus. The girl was now sending her Pokemon on the group of trainers, which meant that she was also attacking Eve's trainer. Eve lowered herself in the snow and growled low in her throat. An attack formed in front of her, taking on an eerie purple glow. It wasn't an attack that was natural for her, but her Trainer had taught her how to use it. Eve barked and leapt forward, releasing her Shadow Ball directly into the Misdreavus. She landed and began running forward, preparing to strike the girl with a Take Down.

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February 3rd, 2009, 10:14 PM
(lol milotic an travel with no water. XD)

Isabel ran over to join Ashi against the fight. Three more Pokémon ran out of the bushes, a Togetic, a Milotic and a Lopunny all could be seen approaching.

"Crap! Josh, get over here!"

"Right! Alex, get over there! Come on, Bon and Stone!" Josh touched the red and silver beads on his bracelette, releasing a Houndoom and a Lairon. The Pidgeot flew by Ashi's side.

"Haste, Invisi, knock that Sneasel out. We want no escapers."

Haste smacked the Sneasel over the head and it's body went limp, it had fainted. They just as quickly rushed to Ashi's side, as well as Twili, Sola and Amber. So, now it was a Flareon, two Espeons, a Pidgeot, a Lairon, a Houndoom, a Umbreon, a Luxray, a Staraptor and a Absol against a Lopunny, a Milotic and a Togetic and perhaps a ghostly Pokémon. The opposing team had no chance.

A flurry of attacks flew through the air as the 3 Pokémon approached. Stone, Flareon and Fay went for the Togetic, Amber, Twili, Sola and Invisi went for the Milotic and Haste, Alex and Bon went for the Lopunny. The attackers tried to defend themselves as best as possible, but were only forced back by the sheer number of opposers.

"We can win this! Give it all you've got!"

A yell came erupted from where the mystery Pokémon had originally come from. It sounded oddly familiar.

"Twili, follow me!" Ashi gestured Twili to follow her and ran into the bushes, towards the voice, Lone by her side.

(OOC: The yell was from Eve smacking into Rena's back. sorry for the bunnying. :c)

February 4th, 2009, 7:24 AM
Sign Up: Trainer

Name: Ed Marvic Pär Åke (just say Vic, or Marc)

Age: 15

Gender: Male


He is a pretty normal guy, he hasn’t a muscular body and isn’t fat, but he is really small, just 1,40 meter. When you look closer, you can see that he has pretty much scars. One of them, a very big scar above is left eye, glows slightly red and makes him look pretty scary. His eyes are sharp contoured, what makes him even more scary in the night, and he has long (until his shoulders) dark blond hair. He walks very quietly. his eyes have a submarineblue color. (blue-green, like seaplants) Also, when he fled from his "parents" he lost two fingers at an very sharp edge of an window.
His Hairs are brown and his skin is light. He always wears blue clothes that are filled with woll to keep him warm. He has brown boots and withe gloves.


When there are humans are nearby, he is very shy. Sometimes he just goes away very quietly, so nobody gets to know that he was there. When he talks with friends, however, he forgets a bit of his shyness and often has good plans. But only when he is alone with Pokémon he shows his true nature: he can be pretty assured. He has actually some bonds with his Pokémon.
He has a long temper; But when he loses his temper you would know it straightaway: he gets red all over his face. Normally he is a thoughtful person, but when he gets angry, he forgets all his plans and wants to fight.Because of that he has (and actually had) only a couple of friends.
He is both street- and book-smart, because he lived in the forest and in an orphanage, but studied later Poke-breeding.

Vic was born in an snowy and icy village, nearby Frosty Gorge, in Katsu. His parents hadn't got enough money, so when he was two, his parents got rid of him. They carried him in the forest, and there did they leave him. An Ampharos, who had at that moment own children, took him to an old woman outside the city. She raised him, and until he was seven, he was very happy, and played in the woods with the pokemon. But when he was seven he came close to the city where he was recognised. He was brought to an orphanage where he got his name. There he lived three years. He wasn't happy there; Sure, he had enough to eat, but the staff wasn't nice. He tried to escape, but after one year they found him, hiding as a student in a poke-breeding school. They brought him back. He was adopted an half-year later, because he looked so childish (It’s a matter of fact that young children are liked most), and he completed the breeding-school with an B+ and got to his old “home”, in the forest. There he found the Ampharos that brought him to the old woman, with very bad injuries and a child. The Ampharos died and Vic took the baby with him to raise it. As he wanted to go away, a Wooper came after him. It was a friend of the Mareep, or so it seemed, so Marc took him also with him. Then the new rule came, and his parents reported him after he denied to give away his Pokémon. He ran away and lived since then in the icy woods around Frosty Gorge.

RP Sample (Actually a prologue.):

It was cold when Vic was walking through the streets.
Not that it wasn't always cold, but at the moment he hadn't got a jacket: It was stolen while he was doing the groceries. He called himself stupid over and over: he couldn't afford buying a new one, but in this region you couldn't go out and say: "Look, the sun shines, let's go to the beach!"
Actually, the sun shone never in this region. Only at twelve O’clock was a it a little brighter than normal. The rest of the day everyone lived in a sort of "half-shadow". There happened bad things in this half-shadows. Yes, this city wasn't one of the brightest and happiest, although it looked so: Al the snow made you forget the bad things of life, such as hunger, pain, and jacket-thieves.
He opened his bag and begun to eat a part of the bread he had just bought. After that, he stuffed the rest of the bread in the bag.
While he was walking he saw a group of five thirteen year old boys who were robbing an old woman."Stop!" he said, “don’t dare to touch her!" One of the group members answered, with disrespect: "So what? You might be older, but we are with more, and look at yourself, your smaller than us!"
They begun to walk towards him. Suddenly one of them ran from the behind to him and kicked away Vic's feet. Vic felt cold snow under his nose, but counterattacked from the ground. The attacker fell also on the ground.
Then the others came, but before Vic had a chance to defend himself, Bro released himself from a Poke bal under Vic's shirt, and looked him in a way like he wanted to say:"Why don't you call me just out when you need help?!" , before he used mud-shot to blast them away. Vic toke Bro and ran away.
Just outside the city he stopped, gasping he looked after his wounds. "All is o.k.", muttered he, when he released Matre. He tried to find a good hiding place to stay this night. It would be stupid to go back to the forest, because he had to go back to the city tomorrow for other things: He hadn’t had enough time to buy all.

Sign Up: Pokémon (Maybe I write from their view, maybe not)

Nickname: Matre (Latin word for Mother, in the Ablativus)

Breed: Mareep

Gender: Female

Moves: 1 Quick attack 2 Thundershock 3 Sand-Attack 4 Return

Appearance: A normal colored Mareep with a blue point above her left eye. Vic calls it “Mother’s tears”.

Personality: Mild, but she opens her true side only to Vic. To everyone else is she very shy.

History: Vic found her at the place where an Ampharos brought him.

Additional information: Matre is the best (poke-)friend of Bro.

Sign Up: Pokémon

Nickname: Bro

Breed: Wooper

Gender: Male

Moves: 1 Surfer 2 Earthquake 3 Mud-spot 4 Mud-shot

Appearance: A normal Wooper exept one of its horns is bent. Also he has a slightly lighter skin, as al Woopers in this snowy region of Katsu.

Personality: Really self-confident, takes sometimes decisions when Vic is too shy to say something.

History: Came along with Vic after he toke Matre to raise her.

Additional information: Bro is the best (poke-)friend of Matre.

February 4th, 2009, 1:50 PM
(Geh, Rena wouldn't be one to say that.)

Staring at the now-fainted Fia, Rena reached out for a Revive, when she noticed the creature that had attacked her earlier (an Eevee, actually) was now aiming for her. Pitiful, isn't it? Rena thought. She watched the Eevee rear for a Take Down, but placed the Revive in Fia's mouth just in time so when the Eevee attacked, it went right through the revitalized Fia, and as it did so, it slowed down, and could barely do anything to Rena. Unfortunately, Fia's not in the mood to fight... Recalling the Misdreavus, Rena looked down. Outnumbered. Of course. That's why I had this just in case... Pulling out what seemed to be a shiny sort of stone, Rena chucked it down where it conveniently landed on Cierra's back. Gotcha...

As Cierra shown in a bright light, Rena motioned Lina to return with Ein's unconscious body. She recalled Ein, seeing as she had used up her only Revive (she had spent too many in training sessions while in PXS). She pointed yet again towards the battle, and Lina seemed to nod and bound off. Stupid PXS. Could've gotten me another Pokemon. As she noticed that Cierra was now a Togekiss, she motioned for the three to return. Serene, however, took the longest, and Rena motioned at her yet again, as if telling her to attack the Flareon, Lairon, and Houndoom, all weak against her type (though there was still the Luxray to worry about).

"Now, listen closely," Rena muttered to the two Pokemon. "Cierra, try very hard to use AncientPower on the Flying types, and Metronome on the Dark types. Lina, you know what to do, just do it on the Electric and Psychic types." The two nodded, and returned to the battle. Calling out Fia again (she noticed the Eevee was on hiatus; it didn't get another command yet), Rena motioned to the battle and Fia snuck out. The perfect time to strike with her is when the opponents are distracted. Fia was to use Confuse Ray yet again, and help Lina knock out the Psychic and Electric types. I'll probably lose, but hey, I'm outnumbered.

February 4th, 2009, 9:46 PM
(Sorry. But I edited. D: )

Ashi ran through the bushes, about 50 metres down from where the Pokémon had come from. She passed through quietly, Twili and Lone right behind her. She bent down and slowly crawled, trying not to make a sound. She peeked through once she had gotten further enough, only to see the girl that had helped her before escape the PXS. She was watching from afar, making hand signs every so often signaling her Pokémon. Ashi waited for the oppourtune time and jumped through the bushes, tackling the girl and holding her down.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Ashi growled, Twili and Lone by her side.

February 5th, 2009, 12:50 PM
Hmph. Reminded Rena of the days in PXS. Being held down by one of her senior members, who apparently disliked her for her "personality". She didn't have one, really, and that's what annoyed the member. Noticing the shiny Glaceon on the side, Rena whistled lightly. Fia came flying over.

"Fia, make sure they don't try anything funny." The Misdreavus nodded. Rena turned to the girl. She seemed to have that same look on her face that senior member always had when he nailed Rena to the ground.

"Well, if you must know, I'm unleashing some pent-up frustration on some Pokemon by using my own Pokemon..." Rena muttered, sliding from under the girl's grasp and standing back up. She dusted off her shoulders and sighed. "PXS is really psycho, isn't it? The fact that I did such horrible things gave me all this frustration. But you guys ended a battle with them, so I didn't really get to enjoy any of the fun.

"And," Rena continued, "my father would never even attempt to find me a shiny Eevee or a shiny Glaceon." That last sentence Rena muttered. She felt annoyed that her father, who was able to get a shiny Togepi and a Feebas (Feebas were really hard to find, especially in a crisis like this), couldn't even go out for a shiny Eevee or Glaceon to appease Rena. Maybe it was just a bit of a spoiled temperament. Rena didn't know for sure. She sighed, and began walking away, whistling another tune. This time, the other three Pokemon stopped attacking and jumped (bounded in Lina's case) towards their master. Recalling all but Fia, Rena gave one final glance at the girl, followed by a look of despair at the Glaceon, then turned around, and began whispering to Fia so silently that even I, the narrator, didn't know what she was saying to her.

(4th wall breaking ftw XD And by the way, that banner of yours Minku... The fairy reminds me of a Legend of Zelda fairy XD)

February 5th, 2009, 1:48 PM
Vic woke up, finding himself struggled in Matre's wool. It was still cold, although he found a nice place to rest, it was a cave. A few bruises began to hurt when he stood up, so he looked for his bag, to get the first aid supplies out. But, he didn't found them. "What's happening" he said, more for himself than for Bro and Matre, because they slept.

He continued: "I've bought them yesterday! Matre, Bro, wake up! Do you know where our first aid supplies are?" While he pointed to the bag. Both stared at him, as if he said something terrible. Then, they fell back into sleep.

Vic returned them to their Pokeballs, wanting to leave, when he saw strange, bird-like eyes in the dark. He looked away. They were away when he looked again. "Must've been an illusion." He muttered, looking around what could've let it appear.
"There, where the eyes were, were two eyelike shaped water drops. Light could've made it appear." , , he said, to calm himself.
He hurried out of the cave, now he had to buy some first aid supplies, he had much less time to spend. He looked at the tower, there was a clock on it. “Already 1 O’clock, I have to hurry.”

He doubted to take the long way, but decided against it: He had no time to loose, or he had to wait again in that creepy cave. Normally he took the long route, because it was much safer. It was in fact a big turning around the center of the city, where gangs and bounty hunters “hunted” for “prey”.
Sometimes people might sneak trough, but it wasn’t very likely. Only few people mastered to reach the other side. He was one of them, although there were always moments where he was almost discovered.

As he walked through it, he remembered why he didn’t like this place: “First of all there was a disgusting feeling of intense dislike between the gangs, that took over the whole center-region like
That, and the stories that were told about this place made it creepy. It could be that it were just the stories that told…” Vic was so deepened in his thoughts he didn’t notice he walked into the headquarters of a gang. “Hello.” Sounded a voice from behind. “Who are you?”

(OCC: I can't write tomorrow because I need to go somewhere for school.)

February 5th, 2009, 1:58 PM
('Tis a LoZ fairy. The Skymin's name is Linkmin. Notice he has a link hat and the same hairstyle + blue eyes. And earrings. loolololz :D )

"..." Ashi stared at the girl. She wanted Lone? What, but, no! Lone was the only last survivor since they attacked. Lone was lucky to get out alive. Back when she bred Eevees, she had a few dozen shiny Eevees pass by, and back when Ashi could feel something, she would have gladly given a shiny Eevee away, just to see others happy. But not now. Ashi couldn't feel sympathy or empathy or whatever she was meant to be feeling. It was just cold. But she couldn't help feeling the smallest bit of gratitude towards the girl.

"... We are the Uprising. A team working to defeat the governments laws. You seem to have the same feelings about them. I hope you know the PXS are coming. They're not merciful. They're not co-operating and especially not forgiving. We could use an extra member with your abilites. Are you willing to join?"

Ashi stopped and looked at Lone who was staring back at the girl. Probably feeling the emotions Ashi was supposed to be feeling.

"... I really don't care what your problem is. Or where you're from. Or whatever. As long as I know I can at least trust you."

February 5th, 2009, 2:21 PM
(Hopefully it isn't Navi XD I haven't met one person in the real world who can stand her XD But it looks like that Phantom Hourglass one, actually...)

"Hmm..." Rena thought it over. Looking at Fia, she turned her eyes ever so swiftly that she was just looking back at the girl. "Well, what do you think, Fia?" Rena asked, her eyes giving off a bitter cold aura. The Misdreavus went right through Rena (something Rena had to get used to) and circled around the girl and her Pokemon a couple of times. Besides taking on the small personality traits Rena would sometimes reveal, Fia had a knack for sensing if something was right or wrong. The only time Rena never listened to Fia was when she was asked to join PXS.

Returning through her master, the Misdreavus bobbed up and down, her way of saying yes (she would move side-to-side if "no"). Rena nodded, and turned around.

"PXS... Horrible place. Merciless, yes. Brutally made-up, maybe. Anyone turn traitor? Well, if there hasn't been a traitor, there's one now..." Rena looked up at the sky, at the girl's Glaceon, and finally back at the girl. "I think I can help..." she muttered. "Fia and Ein are great for surprise attacks, and the rest of my party are pretty much powerful beings, so I can assure you I can help. Plus, I have plenty of knowledge of that psycho organization, and can feed you such information if you wish." Her eyes blinked a couple of times. Rena stared at the girl. What would her answer be? Well, if it was a positive one, or even a negative one, Rena didn't care. Just as long as she said something, Rena would be satisfied...

February 5th, 2009, 9:50 PM
(XD i think Navi's cool. It's my mobile message tone. Yeah, i chose red since Skymin's flower thing is red. It's name is Riri.)

"... Good. Then what's your name?" Ashi said, her expression unchanged but in her head, she sighed in relief. She couldn't help thinking how this girl reminded her of herself. A younger, perhaps colder, version of herself. Great. Now she had someone who acts like who she used to be, her brother, and someone who acts like her now. And she had some kind of thing for Lone. Ashi didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but, it didn't matter. At least Isabel would be glad there's an extra member on the team.

February 6th, 2009, 7:08 AM
Beo watched as he slowly took everything in. It seemed in the past hour he has managed to go against everything he believes in to help, a boy and a group of people he doesn't even know out. Everything had been peacfull in Frosty Gorge up until these recent events, and what if this Uprising was actually the bad guys, just pretending to be the good guys. Then he wondered what if they were the good guys, but the bad guys followed them here and are going to disrupt the peace of Frosty Gorge. Beo didn't know what to think all these different thoughts were racing through his mind at the moment. Finally he looked up to Blaze and realized what he had to do, he had to trust in Chris and this group that they were fighting for pokemon's rights. Beo would fight along side anyone if it meant protecting pokemon, especially his.

Then he looked over to Chris..

"Well as much as I enjoy watching a random battle go on, I think we should get heading into town and visit the pokemon center before it gets dark out, I know a kid that works there, he could help us out" Beo said as he waited to hear Chris's response.

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February 7th, 2009, 8:16 AM
Yassan leaned against the truck with Sneasel and Scyther, all of whom were nursing injuries either sustained in the battle or in the collision. Yassan had tied a tournaquate around Sneasel's arm, which was bleeding severly. Scyther had numerous cuts and bruises, but none of them were very serious. Yassan had a crude tournaquate wrapped around his head, as the adrenaline rush from the crash had dulled the pain coming from the huge cut on his scalp. Unfortunately for Yassan, he seemed unable to stop the bleeding. Suddenly, he realized just how cold he was. Shivering despite his heavy army coat and trousers, he began seeing dots. Realizing what was happening, he clumsily moved Sneasel out of the way so he wouldn't crush the pokemon if he fainted on it. "Scyther! Go get help..." Then he saw blackness and, if he wasn't unconcious, would have seen that there was much more to his cut, not just the band above his ear, but a large spiderweb of cuts on the top of his scalp and crown.

Snow Phoenix
February 8th, 2009, 9:02 AM
After the fight Charlie had a sudden urge to cook. He prepared a fire using a bit of oil from an old lamp and placed a few berries in his frying pan which was now over the fire.

He poured a bowl of water into the pan of molten berries. The berries dissolved into the liquid and a red soup was formed.

Charlie followed this step by quickly dicing a habanero pepper and slid the spicy pepper into the liquid. Next he diced an onion into the mixture and finally he added a jalapeno pepper into the mixture.

Next he was to dice some more vegetables, however, these weren't added for the same reasons as the ones before. He chopped carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, turnips, celery, and another onion into a fine platter of circular disks. He then put them of to the side and not into the soup.

The soup had cooked for about six minutes. He took the soup off of the make-shift stove and poured it into a coffee filter above a pot.

The soup had drained into the pot while a mess of berry parts, peppers, and onions remained. He added the chopped up vegetables to the soup in the pot and let it cook for another five minutes.

When the soup was finished he scooped some of it into a bowl and went outside. He had made a lot of soup.

The first thing he noticed was an injured Scyther. "Waah, hold still! The more you move the more blood will fall. Stay here! I know just what to do!" he said while approaching the Scyther.

He ran back the way he came and he had brought a mountain of berries. He then pressed them into the Scyther's wounds and he noticed Yassan.

"Aah, you need help!" Charlie said while running his way. He had brought the berries and soup to him.

"Would you like some help?" Charlie asked him. "These berries will sting a little, but they should be able to stop the bleeding and ease the pain a little. This soup should also warm you up a little." Charlie continued. When Yassan wouldn't respond Charlie knew something was wrong and shoved the bowl in his mouth so that the liquid would ooze into his stomache. "It would be spicy, but it should warm him up." were Charlie's last thoughts before he crossed his fingers and hoped it would do the trick.

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Wolf in the Rain
February 8th, 2009, 9:25 AM
(HEY! LISTEN! I think I committed suicide in that game every time Navi talked to me. http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=42 )

Chris and his Pokemon intensely watched the battle go on between the new girl and Ashi unfold. It wasn't as if he didn't want to help her out (Isabel had been doing that greatly), it was just that... well... this was more fun.

"Well as much as I enjoy watching a random battle go on," Beo said, snapping Chris and his Pokemon out of his trance, "I think we should get heading into town and visit the Pokemon center before it gets dark out, I know a kid that works there, he could help us out"

Chris took a look at the ongoing battle. It seemed to be slowing down anyways. "Alright, good idea." Chris responded as he returned his Pidgeot, Silver, to his ball. Suddenly, a Scyther came flying out of the bushes, almost colliding with Chris. It flew around for a second, then landed in front of the two trainers.

"Scy! Scyther! Scy!" The Syther shouted in a panic as it pointed a clawed forearm at the forest, where it had emerged only moments before.

"Umm... Hi?" Chris said without a clue of what was going on. The Scyther sighed, then took off to the forest, motioning for them to follow. "Beo, come on!" Chris said, as he began to follow the Scyther to it's destination.


Chris bounded through the woods after the Scyther intent on finding out where exactly the Pokemon was going. Dile held onto Chris' shoulder for his life as Chris sprinted through the woods.

"Hey! Wait up!" Chris yelled after the Scyther, but it only took off faster. Soon, it was out of their sight. He came to a gradual stop in the middle of the woods, looking in every direction for a hint to where the Scyther might have gone. <Where did that bugger go to...> Chris thought as he looked for even the slightest of signs. Suddenly Chris could see wisps of smoke rise above the treetops. His mind automatically filled with the worst possible scenarios. <Fire Pokemon! Maybe they're...> Chris' eyes widened as the situation began to unfold in his head. He immediately rushed in the direction of the smoke running as fast as he could. As he got closer, he could hear voices murmuring about something. Now more convinced then ever, Chris jumped out of the bushes into a small clearing.

"DILE!" Chris yelled not wanting to waste anytime. "Hydro Pump, lets go!" Dile shot a blast of water out of his mouth at the clearing, soaking the whole area. <That's sure to get any fire Pokemon!> Chris thought to himself in silent victory. However, he was not greeted with the sight of downed fire Pokemon, but rather a soaking wet Charlie and Scyther, as well as an unconscious Yassan. Next to then was a dying fire, still bellowing smoke. Both the Scyther and Charlie shot him an angry and confused look. "Umm...I- Um..." Chris stuttered with an embaressed look on his face. "Umm... So, uh, What's up?"

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Snow Phoenix
February 8th, 2009, 12:20 PM
"Idiot!" were the only words that flew out of Charlie's mouth. "Quit standing there and go help! This guy isn't doing to well. I need you to get blankets, matches, more berries, and some more of my soup! I'll tend to the wounds for now. He won't die under my care! I promise!" Charlie continued. Tears fell at his last few words.

Charlie turned his attention back to Yassan and began drying him off with his sweater that he was wearing. Charlie was cold, but Yassan was the one who needed it most.

"Scyther I need you to cut some of these trees for me. Yassan's life depends on it!" Charlie said while rubbing an unconsience Yassan with his sweater.

"Please be alive... Please." were Charlie's only thoughts.

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February 13th, 2009, 5:27 PM
Drake walked through the clearing and looked for the boy with his pidgeot. Finally he saw him land, and Drake started sprinting.

"Son of a.." He grabbed Sparky's ball in one hand and his katana in the other. Suddenly the boy jumped off and ran over to a girl.

Drake stopped in his tracks and dove in the nearby bushes. Peering out he saw them talking.

"Jeez.. just ashi" He stood up and walked away again. No need to chase that guy.

"He smelled something and went the opposite way. There Charlie was busy doing something with a scyther and the army guy, and there was a soup nearby.

He just heard Charlie yelling something about warmth, and just then he noticed how cold yassan was.

"Crap, what happened?" Everybody was busy and unable to talk.

"Oh well, star use ember, on erm, oh right there" He pointed towards a pile of wood brought by scyther.

"Char, Charmander!" She opened her mouth and the embers put the wood on fire.

"Now what?" He asked charlie

Snow Phoenix
February 13th, 2009, 5:44 PM
"Thanks!" replied a shakey and slightly reliefed Charlie.

He then took to scanning the area.

"I don't know when Chris will come back, okay. So could you please take care of Yassan and keep him warm for me. I'll go look for help. That soup should also help warm him up. Feed it to him slowly and if he wakes up before the soup is finished let him finish it himself." Charlie shouted with a bit of energy.

Charlie then began walking north.

After about ten minutes walking an idea came to him and he released Piloswine.

"Piloswine there's a man in need of dire help. Pilos can you carry me the rest of the way?"

The Piloswine stood still for a while before shaking his head in agreement.

"Okay, mush." Charlie said after climbing on top.

The Piloswine dashed at full speed and in a matter of minutes the scenery changed to that of a stone city. This confused Charlie because he had been traveking at high speeds.

The Piloswine then crashed into a crate and Charlie returned the Piloswine. He then dashed quickly away. He spotted a strange man and approached him from behind.

"Hello, who are you?" Charlie asked to him whom he would soon find out later was called Vic. He was so joyous at finding someone who could possibly help that he failed to notice the gang.

OOC: There I think I created something that'll introduce Empoleon!

February 14th, 2009, 1:55 AM
Vic turned around, behind him was a slightly chubby boy around the height of five feet and two inches. “Was this a member of a gang?" He knew the gangs were cruel, but he never thought that they would take someone under seventeen. Then, he realized that they both were at the headquarters of THE GANG. THE GANG was the most cruel gang in the city, but also the most honorable: They would never ever take someone who was under twenty. Vic concluded that that boy was either from an other gang, or new here. And in both cases, they were in trouble. In very big trouble.

Behind the boy were three members of THE GANG, they looked more scary than goodlooking: One of them had only one eye, what was certainly a consequence of a street fight, and was build very big. However, the second one was rather small, and very pale. He looked as if you could look trough him, from a longer distance. The third looked pretty normal, but the frightening thing was that he had a badge on his chest: Award for the second-best fighter of THE GANG.

Vic’s heart begun to pound, as he said: ”I’m Vic! Who are you? And these people behind you, are that your friends?”
Vic hoped that the boy would realize his message: They were in trouble.

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February 14th, 2009, 1:03 PM
Greg walked down the dark street, with a few passers by just finishing up for the day.

This whole extermination buisiness was pretty crap, he thought. If only he knew where to find the Uprising...

He saw a two people in a nearby alleyway. Unfortunately for them, that was THE GANG's territory. Greg had a bad experience with THE GANG at one time, they nearly killed his Honchkrow...

He also noticed some others, they didn't look like they were just passers by... were they part of THE GANG temselves? Were the other two in a conflict with them?

He'd better check it out...

He walked over, only to be greeted by the little toad looking one in front, "You'd better clear of pal..." he said...

Greg looked at him, "Hey, I was just wondering if there was any trouble..." he said, "Is everything OK?" he asked the two other guys.

"Look mate, this ain't any of yo's buiseness, so get goin!" the same one said to him again.

"Well I don't remember these two blokes being any of your business dude..." yep, Greg got him good, "So... maybe you should clear off?"

(OOC: I'm not sure what happens after this... also, have I done this right?)

Snow Phoenix
February 14th, 2009, 4:06 PM
At that Charlie noticed the badge.

"Ah, I see. Pilos, come on out!" Charlie said while releasing Piloswine from its ball.

"Hail!" he shrieked into the air.

Piloswine left out shards of ice reducing any visibility. When the hail cleared they were gone leaving only one obvious clue, a trail of snow. The goons began to follow.

Vic and Charlie had used the hail to make there get away. Little did they know that trailing behind them was Greg barely hanging onto the end of Piloswine.

As Piloswine charged through a market like area Charlie picked up fruits from a vender and threw them this way and that way. The people soon became entangled in this mess and they were throwing fruits at each other. "Food fight!" Charlie couldn't help screaming.

This would make things more difficult for the gang to catch up. Finally they escaped into the cold frontier they had came from.

"Stop!" Charlie commanded and both of them got of its back. This was when they noticed the person whom they would discover was named greg.

"Piloswine your the only fast enough in these snow lands. Go look for help, but first I need you to help me. Piloswine cover the field in your awesome snow!" Charlie said to the Piloswine and then he turned to speak with Vic and the tag-along.

"Listen we can't out run them! So, I'm gonna send Pilos out to look for help. In the mean time we should prepare ourselves for a fight. Unlike in the city we have an advantage here." at the last few words he flashed them a smile and chuckled.

"The ice." he continued.

OOC: I've moved the battle a little and with permission I bunnied Empoleon's and Zephyr's character. You may put your character's thought, bunny my character, and continue the fight if you wish.

February 14th, 2009, 4:30 PM
"Siegfried," Rena replied in an emotionless tone. "Rena Riley Siegfried. Some call me Renegade, but that's besides the point." Not wanting to talk to the girl any longer, Rena walked away, Fia at her side. Although I have joined this "Uprising", it doesn't mean I'll take too much part in it... she thought. She gave one last look to the girl and headed southwards to limbo. As she walked towards her unknown destination, she thought of the shiny Glaceon the girl had. As much as I'd like it, I can't just ask her... Sighing, Rena looked at one of her Pokeballs, the one containing Cierra. I don't think I can hold onto Cierra much longer... she thought.

Rena's travels led her to a small town. They graciously healed her Pokemon (thankfully the townspeople were all against that nutball of an extermination organization), and when Rena got them back, they gave her a couple of Sitrus Berries. They told her how they would help the Pokemon in battle, and Rena thanked them in a humble sort of way.

As Rena began to leave the village, however, a small girl walked up to her.

"Um, Miss?" the girl asked in a quiet voice. "Our town, it's mighty poor. And we're doomed if PXS finds that we're against them. So we were wondering... Is there a Pokemon you can give us?

"And if it's female, nickname it Sora, pretty please?" the girl added. Rena looked at her five Pokeballs, then at the girl.

"Come on out, Cierra!" Rena called. The shiny Togekiss flew out, chirping happily. As it did so, however, the crowd looked at her in surprise.

"Is it really shiny?"

"Wow, it looks really powerful."

"Is she really giving such a Pokemon to us?" Turning to Cierra, Rena gave a slight nod.

"Cierra, the time for us to depart is now," she said to the Togekiss, who looked at her in confusion. "But fear not, our paths will cross again. As of now, you are Sora, and you shall protect this town. Now, you know the basic strategy, correct?" Sora nodded at Rena, then proceeded to fly over to the crowd without another sound. Rena gave one last glance at the departed Togekiss, then exited the town, heading toward limbo yet again.

(Bye to Cierra. But not for long. 'Cause soon she'll get two new Pokemon!)