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December 15th, 2008, 10:06 AM
Okay people the 3rd of Aðventa was yesterday, and that means that Christmas is almost a week away (9 days)

Any way here is part 3 of the song

Við kveikjum þremur kertum á,
því konungs beðið er,
þótt Jesús sjálfur jötu og strá
á jólum kysi sér.

We light up three candles,
because a king we are waiting for,
tho Jesus chose to spend Christmas
in a cradle with straws.

You'll get the last part next week.

This weeks candle is called shepherds candle, because the shepherds were the first ones to hear the about the birth of Jesus.

Wow only 9 days to Christmas I'm so excited.:D

Okay today/yesterday was 2nd in "Aðventu" so I'm gonna keep my promise and post the second part of the song:D,,,,,

Part 2

Við kveikjum tveimur kertum á
og komu bíðum hans,
því Drottinn sjálfur soninn þá
mun senda í líking manns.

We light up the two candles now
and his arrival now wait,
Because Lord him self will
send his son in the form of a man.

But this weeks candle is called the Bethlehem candle, and that candle is suppose to remind us about the place that Jesus was born at.

Okay you will get part 3 next week;)

If your not sure what this thread is about then you can take a look at this
(Open the spoiler)

OK now today/yesterday there was a thing called 1st in aðventa*there is no English word for it I looked in a dictionary* here on Iceland, Aðventa happens four Sundays before Christmas and every Sunday after that til Christmas, the timing of Aðventa depends on when the 24th is, aðventa has to happen 4 Sundays before Christmas;)

Aðventa is based on the Latin word Adventus Domini, or it means the coming of Christ
Aðventa is kind of a count down towards Christmas it's a old tradition, and it's like this:

There are four candles on special a plate/dish, the plate is decorated and can fit 4 candles, and there are four candles.
On the first of "Aðventa" we light on the first candle called Prediction Candle, and it reminds us of the predictions about Jesus'es birth, this is a old northern European tradition, meaning that the German and Danish members should know this, and please correct me if I do make mistakes because I'm translating straight from Icelandic.

Aðventu Krans/The plate, I believe that Catholics might have something like that.

And there is a song, it's in 4 parts, so I will only translate part 1 this week:D

Við kveikjum einu kerti á.
Hans koma nálgast fer
sem fyrstu jól í jötu lá
og Jesúbarnið er.

We light up one candle.
His coming getting closer is
the first Christmas he in a cradle lay
and the baby Jesus is.

That is the song, and I will translate part 2 next week "2nd of aðventa".

But on Aðventa Icelanders usually have started the decorating, and the week before Aðventa is the usual time to start decorating.

This is a event that I wanted to share with you members of the forum, and I hope I'll be able to share this with you, so you can have a feel of the Icelandic Christmas:D

If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them;)

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Will add more threads next week:D