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December 20th, 2008, 9:17 PM
Well.. Er.. Yeah. My first RP. I'm pretty new here to this forum, so.. You might not get used to me. Originally, I was going to post this a bit earlier but it got delayed for several reasons. Hopefully I don't screw up here.. Hopefully this gets accepted. I'll try to follow the rules closely as possible.

Aether - A story of nostalgia, how memories make up all life. Aether tells the story of a group of children who journey around the Farbe region in search of a way to rid the Farbe region of Phazard, a poison of which brought calamity to their home. Based in a Pokemon universe, inspired by the Mother series.

Seeing as how it's a Pokemon fanfiction RP, let's go by the traditional style (eight gym leaders, elite 4, criminal organzation, blah, blah). Of course, there are a few twists..

The Farbe region - a large lush urban area inhabited by many life, including the mysterious creatures known as Pocket Monsters, or Pokemon for short. It is also polluted by a toxic poison everyone knows of as Phazard. What is Phazard exactly? No one is certain what it is or where it originated from. But many know that Phazard is extremely dangerous for it's mutagenic properties, being responsible of transforming humans into the malicious tyrants called Mutiguys, as well as turning Pokemon into berserk savages known as Mutamon. However, Phazard is also responsible for "gifting" a few youths strange powers - these of which been used for the good of Farbe.. Today, many researchers have searched for methods of eliminating Phazard, cleaning Farbe of it's poison. So far, all they were able to do is conceal most of the polluted Phazard safetly away from large cities and towns in Farbe by moving them deep into caves.

The story begins when Eddie and a group of other children come to visit Alec, in another persistent attempt to get him outside. Despite their efforts, even with Alec's mother helping out as well, Alec still refuses to go outside. Stubborn on helping Alec's condition, Eddie and the group then all decide to visit Professor Aspen in Shineside City for advice. Aspen suggested to get Alec to go on a Pokemon journey, seeing as it was common for most boys his age. Aspen gives out a sleeping healthy baby Pokemon to Eddie for him to give to Alec so he can embark on his journey. The Pokemon was a Ralts, a being which senses emotions, which Aspen personally thought it would be perfect to be given to a boy like Alec. Upon delivering this Ralts to Alec, it was until then that Eddie remembered about Alec's Pokephobia (unnatural fear of Pokemon). In frustration, annoyance and fear, Alec quickly tossed out the Ralts out of the house, which then strayed off hopelessly into the dangerous wild.. Shortly after realizing the dissapearence of Alec's given Pokemon, Eddie sets out on a search, bringing along a group of children, to find the Ralts. Unfortunately, upon finding the Ralts, Eddie is attacked and killed by a Mutamon, a mutated Pokemon that has been exposed to alot of Phazard. When the news of Eddie's death reaches Alec, a crak opens in his heart.. This crack sparks a guilt in Alec, causing him to break out of his solitude - and as well as gaining a new responsibility of taking care of the Ralts of which Eddie died finding.. From there, Alec decided to embark on his journey in tribute of Eddie. Worrying endlessly about her only child, Alec's mother decided to "hire" a few of Eddie's friends and have them look out for Alec.

From there, that's where the real story begins..


Besides following the common rules, here's a few of my personal ones I wanna point out.

1. Avoid being too descriptive. It's nice to write more then three words but writing a three thousand essay is.. kinda pointless. Unless it's needed, try to limit things down. A favourite saying of mine (which was stolen from someone else, haha) is: "Too much is as bad as too little."

2. Seeing as this is a Pokemon rpg, let's avoid the whole Pokemon "can-only-say-their-names" gimmick. Because certain characters here have the ability to telepathically communicate with Pokemon, Pokemon are given the ability to communicate in actual words. That doesn't mean everyone understands what they're saying, only with those who have telepathic powers.

3. And seeing how this a Pokemon rpg again, legendaries do play a part in this story.

4. I'm not sure how it goes in other people's RPs here, but I'm gunna allow you to have more then one character. A maximum of 4 - not including any antagonists you wish to put in.

5. Seeing as how this is a Pokemon rpg once more.. Er.. Well. The swearing? I'll allow words like "damn" or "hell" or "crap" but anything beyond that isn't allowed.


Sign-up Sheet "Keep it detailed yet simple!"
Name-(First is required, additional names are optional)
Age-(If possible, maybe close to the main characters' ages?)
Gender-(Pretty self-explanatory here..)
Birthplace-(Pretty self-explanatory here..)
Region-(The story takes place in Farbe, but you can use other already existing regions like Hoenn, Kanto, etc.)
Relatives-(Pretty self-explanatory here..)
Pokemon-(0 to 6)
Appearance-(Short description or picture)
Favorite Food-(Character's favorite food)
Favorite Thing-(Character's favorite thing)
Items-(Pretty self-explanatory here..)
Abilities and Powers-(This is optional. Don't be too creative on this part by the way. Also, main characters automatically have telepathic powers regardless.)
Character outline-(Information about the character - they're personality, history, background, etc.)

Copy and Paste*
Favorite Food-
Favorite Thing-
Abilities and Powers-
Character outline-


Birthplace-Whitbon Town
Relatives-Mother (unnamed)
Pokemon-Rie/Ralts, Sol/Chimchar
Class-Hermit, Trainer
Appearance-Attachment I (Under Alec)
Favorite Food-Flan
Favorite Thing-Melody
Items-Baseball Bat, PUD Boy
Abilities and Powers-Like Raine, he possesses telepathic powers.
Character outline-The male protagonist, his female counterpart is Raine. A traumatized boy who lives a hermit's existence in his house, refusing to go outside after being picked on by everyone in school due to his strange fear of Pokemon (labeled as Pokephobia by Professor Aspen). Faint-hearted and pessimistic, he has developed a very depressing view on life. His cold exterior often conceals his true feelings, which is often affection and compassion. Alec has a small habbit of humming lullabies he learned from previous years. Apparently, he also likes to sing - though he is too shy to do so in public.

Pokemon Stats

Rie - A Female, Bashful Ralts. This is consider to be Alec's first "starter" which was given to him as an attempt to help Alec get ready for his own journey - this obviously failed as Alec ended up tormenting Rie. Shy, frail and easily intimidated by the simplest fears, Rie suffers from anxiety disorder - especially around Alec, seeing him as "frightful". A strange yet strong bond is seen forming between Rie and Alec.. Named after Solfege note Re, the Hopeful Tone.

Sol - A Male, Jolly Chimcar. Alec's "official" starter. One of the few experimental Pokemon currently being researched by Professor Aspen. Sol is extremely hyperactive and always has a need to move around. He dreams of exploring the entire world one day. Named after Solfege note Sol, the Bright Tone.

Tio - A Male, Relaxed Pikachu. A fairly docile and calm Pokemon (yet very oblivious) who loves to eat. Not really consider to be Alec's Pokemon, though it is owned by his mother and originally caught by his unknown father. This Pikachu has a small liking to Alec, despite Alec's dislike of Pokemon. Tio often sits in front of Alec's door, wondering if he'll ever open it one day.. Named after Solfege note Tee, the Piercing Tone.

More to come later..

Birthplace-Shineside City
Relatives-Father "Walter", Mother, Younger Sister
Pokemon-Smash/Poliwhirl, Crash/Turtwig
Appearance-Attachment II (Under Raine)
Favorite Food-Steak
Favorite Thing-Battle
Items-PUD Boy
Abilities and Powers-Like Alec, she possesses telepathic powers.
Character outline-The female protagonist, her male counterpart is Alec. A young trainer from Shineside who has just begun her journey. Raine is a very cheerful and optimistic person, being the happy-go-lucky child she is. She believes that everyone has their own personal happiness but most just fail to see it. Raine is very fond with Pokemon, especially having the unique ability to telepathically talk with them.

Pokemon Stats

Ninten - A Male, Hardy Polowhirl. Raine's childhood friend, a Pokemon given to her by her father Walter (Gym Leader of Aquafalls). Being fairly brave and subtle, Ninten once saved Raine from a flock of Fearows. Ninten is quiet and compassionate around others. Whenever Ninten refers to Raine, he also calls her "Sister", obediently.

Koo - A Male, Lax Turtwig. One of the experimental Pokemon being researched by Aspen. Given to Raine by Aspen as a task to raise this Pokemon. As to contrast with Sol, Popo is extremely lazy and just hates moving around. Koo has a very depressing view on things, being very negative. He seems to share this with Alec's pessimistic personality.

More to come later..


Name-Stan Genistein
Birthplace-Snowlake Village
Relatives-Professor Albert Genistein (Grandfather), Edward Genistein (Father), Eliza Genistein (Mother), Han Genistein (Twin Brother)
Appearance-A stereotypical frail nerd.
Favorite Food-Pasta
Favorite Thing-Gadgets and Gizmos
Items-Stun Gun, Bottle Rockets, Rock-It Launcher (broken)
Abilities and Powers-Stan has no powers.
Character outline-Grandson of the famous Professor Albert Genistein, and a child prodigy. Stan, much like Alec, has a strong dislike towards Pokemon. However, he hates them for different reasons. Despite being a stereotypical nerd, he is actually very brave and has little difficulties handling the bullies of his school (in fact, some treat him as a bully). He has a hobby of building inventions built by garbage (which he usually refers to as "healhty parts") and has a great interest in robotics. Most of all, he is obsessed with super heroes.

Region-Distant land..
Appearance-Spiky blond in a dirty red jacket. Looks like a scarecrow.
Favorite Food-Potato Salad
Favorite Thing-n/a
Abilities and Powers-Able to manipulate and use magic.
Character outline-A mysterious man who ends up in Whitbon one fateful day.. Given the nickname "Hero" for some weird reason, his real name is never mentioned in this story. Despite his name, he is actually a coward and will easily run away from any dangerous situation whenever he sees the opportunity.

Flax Corporation
A large company based in Shineside city. A manufacturer of several advanced Pokemon technology used modernly in Farbe - most famously, the PUD Boy (Pocket Utility Device) - it was this company that was responsible of turning Pokemon into a phenomenon in Farbe. Though previously Flax Corp had original intentions to build inventions that could rid Farbe of the hazardous toxic Phazard it has been covered in for generations. After many years of fame, they forget about their original goals and continue to build products for Pokemon training - with the President (known as the Director by most) not doing anything about this.

President of Flax Corp, often refered to as the Director - his real name never mentioned. The Director is a very lazy person who doesn't seem like he's doing his job as president properly at Flax Corp. He often sits around in his office, making paper airplanes. Occasionally, he also walks around in his office aimlessly, talking to himself about some of the strangest things...

Professor Aspen
A clumsy old man from Kanto who moved to Farbe in order to continue his research on Pokemon. He lives in his labortary in Shineside City, where he is visited by youths wishing to become Pokemon trainers. Aspen is completely unaware of Phazard.

Professor Genistein
Another professor - a close friend of Aspen's. Genistein spends most of his time researching on Phazard and it's mysterious origins - how it came to Farbe in the first place. As with his friend Aspen not knowing about Phazard, Genistein knows very little about Pokemon.

Alec's only friend. Eddie plays the role of a false protagonist. Eddie, feeling sympathic for Alec, decides to help him through his miserable life. Despite his efforts and attempts, Alec ended up locking himself in his room anyway. Eddie is killed in the prologue - which begins the events of Aether.


Birthplace-Shineside City
Appearance-Attachment III (Under Emil)
Favorite Food-n/a
Favorite Thing-n/a
Items-PUD Boy
Abilities and Powers-n/a
Character outline-A brash and bold trainer who never hesitates in his actions. Emil is a very determined trainer who wishes to become the best. He takes Pokemon training very seriously - a fact which annoys many. A recurring character who often confronts Alec and the group, challenging one of them (usually Alec) in a battle.

Pokemon Stats

Pokun - A Male, Adamant Piplup. Another of the experimental Pokemon Aspen has been researching on. Powerful for it's age and also quite stubborn, Pokun - in parallel to his owner Emil - dreams of becoming the strongest Pokemon ever. Pokun has a strong rivalry with Sol.

More to come later..

A strange breed of mutated humans who have been exposed to a large ammount of Phazard. Due to their small and timid appearences, many have consider them to be harmless for their "cuteness". But it's a well known fact that Mutiguys are actually very malicious and should not be trusted. Most Mutiguys happen to be common criminals, such as theives. A well known threat in Farbe. Mutiguys look similar to that of imps and elves. Because of their deformed faces, It is common to see most Mutiguys wearing masks, which add onto their cuteness factor.

Similar to Mutiguys, Mutamon are a species of Pokemon who have been exposed to a large ammount of Phazard. In addition of loss of intelligence and self-awareness, Mutamon gain terrifying powers that is often the cause of most chaos occuring in Farbe. Mutamon also take on a "frightening" appearence - as a constrast to the "cute" Mutiguys - having appearences most people consider demonic. Mutamon are impossible to capture due to their destructive nature, their inability to reason and listen causes them to be very dangerous around anything. But this doesn't stop Devil Gang..

Devil Gang
Farbe's official criminal organization. Majority of the members of Devil Gang tend to be sly, senseless and violent. Their uniform seems to be a set of clean formal clothing (black suit, red tie and black pants for males, red skirts for females), having a large red D on their ties. The admins (or higher ranks) wear stylish derbies. Their leader, Boss Lucifer personally wears a white suit which contrasts those of his minions' appearences.

Mao and the 7 Sentinels
A legion of superpowered deities who all seem to have their own indivual goals in Farbe. They are very dangerous and shouldn't be taken so lightly when encountered. The 7 Sentinels are; Hono, an arrogant man who can manipulate fire. Kusa, a beautiful woman who kills humans in order to protect plant-life. Denki, a man who can transform into eletricity but cannot feel emotions. Mizu, a tortured and confused girl who has taken refuge deep beneath the oceans of Farbe. Kori, consider to be a female ghost. Kakuto, the wandering fighter who takes on any challenge. Doku, an exiled ninja who specializes in poisoning his enemies. And Mao, their mysterious leader.


Let me know if I need to change anything. I check the thread to see if my RP got accepted, or to know if any change is needed. Sorry, I might have made this whole thing seem a bit sloppy considering on how tired I been recently.. ^_^''

The Instant Classic
December 22nd, 2008, 10:58 AM
Name-Tony Steel
Relatives-Twin brother:Cage:pokemon ranger,Dad:paul:pokemon trainer,Mom:Wendy:House wife....lol.....
Pokemon-Furret-(signature pokemon),Grovile,Gliscor,Magmar,Dewgong
Class-Pokemon strategist
Appearance-the same as the emerald male trainer(if you need more then that just say)
Favorite Food-Biscuits
Favorite Thing-His pokemon
Items-Hair jell,pokemon food,water,food,rucksack,clean clothes,Money,1 poke ball
Abilities and Powers-Tony is very good at coming up with stratagems.
Character outline: The confidence level of Tony is huge he rarely gets stumped or intimidated by his rival trainers.
His brother and himself always had different views on things at first they both wanted to be trainers but since they where twins most things about them are the same so they decided to be different from each other and so Tony's brother went away and became a Pokemon ranger.

Pokemon stats
Furret:1st pokemon:Brave:Iron Tail:Thunder shock:Solerbeam:Quick Attack
Gliscor: 2nd pokemon:Rash:poison Jab:Iron Tail:Slash:Toxic
Magmar:3rd pokemon:Quirky:Sunny Day:Fire punch:Flamethrower:Earthquake
Grovile:4th pokemon:Bold:Leaf blade:Quick Attack:Bullet Seed:dig
Dewgong:5th pokemon:careful:Ice beam:surf:aurora beam:hydro pump

December 22nd, 2008, 2:46 PM
Name-Kurt Lewin
Age- 14
Gender- Male
Birthplace- Celadon
Region- Kanto
Relatives- None
Pokemon- 3 (Explained below)
Class- Young Trainer
Appearance- Light brownish skin, with messy black hair. Keeps an over-the-shoulder bag with him at most times, and his Pokeballs that hold his pokemon are located on his belt.
Favorite Food- A good burger
Favorite Thing- His Arcanine
Items- Pokeball x3, Potion, ripped up map
Abilities and Powers- Communicate with only his own pokemon
Character outline- Kurt was born in Celadon city, all the way back in Kanto. He took many trips to the local gym, so he was a fan of grass pokemon when he was a kid. He was very adventerous,and was very interested in pokemon. When he turned 11, he decided it was time for him to start his own journey. His first pokemon was a Growlithe (now an Arcanine). He now finds himself in the Farbe region, trying to make a name for himself.


Arcanine: Kurts beloved pokemon. His first and favorite pokemon. His Growlithe evolved when Kurt used a fire stone on him after he lost a heartbreaking battle. He went on to rematch the trainer and win. Arcanine is seen outside of the pokeball frequently, but if it has to it will stay in.

Lapras: Lapras was caught when Kurt ventured deep into a cave. The only pokemon in the cave was sitting in the middle of the lake. Lapras grew close to Kurt and Kurt uses him in battles frequently.

Sandslash: Caught as a sandshrew, Kurt took care of it as he found it injured. Sandshrew was very disobediant at first, but then grew to care for Kurt. It evolved in the middle of a battle, suprising and defeating the foe.

December 22nd, 2008, 9:49 PM
Name- Raffine tsou
Age- 13
Gender- Female
Birthplace- Jubilife City
Region- Sinnoh
Relatives- none
Pokemon- Lucario, Monferno, Lapras, Pidgeoto.
Class- Young Trainer
Appearance- http://img258.imageshack.us/img258/3179/raffinefl5.png
Favorite Food- Jello
Favorite Thing- Her Makeup Kit
Items- Makeup, Pokeballs X 5, Map, Cell Phone.
Abilities and Powers- Able to Send a few light flashes with her palm to blind people.
Character outline- Raffine was born into a rich family in Jublife City, She is somewhat snobbish and cares only for her beauty and looks and her pokemon, When she met a boy named Lucas they became quick rivals as they both loved Pokemon. They both wanted to beat each other in pokemon battles more than anything. She never gives up no matter how badly shes losing, Raffine can also be very competitive.

December 22nd, 2008, 11:21 PM
All three of you are accepted. ^_^

I'm not gunna start yet, so I'll allow some time for others to join.

December 23rd, 2008, 12:03 AM
Name- Zephaniah Xylon
Age- 15
Gender- Male
Birthplace- Lavaridge town
Region- Hoenn
Relatives- OlderSister-Sang
Pokemon- Vulpix, Mawile, Ninjask, Gligar, Hounder, Magmar
Appearance- Zeph wears a plain white t-shirt, tan shorts, and a pair of sandals. He has short red hair, white-tan skin, and green eyes. His backpack is camo with a few small holes in it.
Favorite Food- Pokemon Food
Favorite Thing- His Vulpix
Items- Trainer guide book(small), Poke'ball x10, compass, potion x6, a bar of soap, comb, CD player, one blank CD, and an unknown TM.
Abilities and Powers- Far sight. Zeph is able to zoom in on things that are far away.
Character outline- When Zeph was born, his father left to be a great pokemon master so his son would be proud of him. He never came back. While both his mother and sister think he never ment to come back. Zeph thinks otherwise. "It does take a long time to be a master doesn't it?" he always said. Zeph is very optimistic. Always thinks good of himself and others. His family owns a small hot spring business. It how they support themselfs. At age 8 while cleaning said hot spring he found an injured Vulpix lying by the hot spring. He took it home and nursed it back to health. The next day he caught his Mawile. The rest of his pokemon were caught within the year except for Magmar, which he got as an egg that hatched in to a Magby. He is now on a search in the Farbe region to atempt to find his father.
Note - All of his pokemon are out of the poke'balls most of the time. Vulpix dosen't even have a poke'ball.

December 23rd, 2008, 1:59 AM

Name- Candice "Candy" Attridge

Age- 29

Gender- Female

Birthplace- ???

Region- ???

Relatives- Joleca(Mother), Anton(Father), Pedro(Adopted brother)


Baby-Doll is a motherly female Dusknoir with an easy-going, relaxed nature. She was Candy's 'starter' pokemon and so shares a close bond with her.

Clare is a timid, yet overly affectionate female Abra whose pokeball Candy had mistakenly collected from a lost and found bin thinking it contained her Glameow. Clare and Candy have grown accustomed to each other, though it is obvious that Clare is still somewhat anxious around her new trainer.

Derek is a bold, strong-willed male Eevee whose dream is to one day become a Vaporeon. Candy purchased him from a travelling salesman at a fair.

Spinner is a cheeky, impish Hitmontop who enjoys pulling pranks on his teammates. He was rescued from the Hearthome pound as a Tyrogue.

Class- Mature-Age Trainer

Appearance- Candy is a buxom, dark-skinned beauty who stands at a petite 5'3. Her long, pin-straight silky black hair falls over her almond-shaped honey-brown eyes, whose lashes are often seen drenched in thick black mascara. Below said eyes sat a bridgeless, powdered nose above a pair of full red-painted lips from which she speaks in an upperclass Londoner's accent. Her attire usually consists of a short, sleeveless plain red dress over demure black opaque stockings ending with a pair of high-heeled ruby slippers.

Favorite Food- Jelly babies

Favorite Thing- Her Dusknoir

Items- Pokeball x6, large black handbag, basic makeup, extra lipstick, debit card, hair-brush, perfume, cellphone, GPS Navigator, Pokedex, keys.

Abilities and Powers- None.

Character outline- Kind, caring Candy may seem like the best thing since sliced bread to most. However, her sugar-sweet image masks a highly disturbed mind. She has proven herself to be a doting yet powerful trainer with her cunning battle tactics and the way she supports her pokemon whether they win or lose. Although she may appear to be quite experienced when it comes to handling pokemon, her training career has so far only spanned just shy of a year. Due to her relatively advanced age, she rarely admits this.
Candice supposedly holds two gym badges.

December 23rd, 2008, 2:45 AM
Sign-up Sheet
Birthplace-Blackthorn city
Relatives-Mother(Angela), twin sisters(Enkarey&Maple), deceased father(Isaiah).
Class-pokemon trainer and Co-ordinator
Appearance- attachments
Favorite Food-Chocolate
Favorite Thing-Her ninetales and lucario
Items-Personal laptop, Latest Style of Bag from the pokemon Co-ordinator line(that's made up), a pokenav, essential pokemon items, exp.share, map, everday items.
Abilities and Powers-She can communicate with pokemon through both telepathy and voice.
Character outline-Born in Blackthorn city and recieving her first pokemon, Riola, as an egg at a young age, she travelled very often at a young age, moving constantly from johto and hoenn. the majority of her pokemon were caught between these two regions and she recieved Emperor as a contest prize. her pokemon are her closest friends and both Riola and Kyuubi are nearly always out of their pokeballs.

December 23rd, 2008, 3:09 AM
Name- Belinda Morgan
Age- 16
Gender- Female
Birthplace- Cerulean City
Region- Farbe
Relatives- Mother Katherine Father Dwayne and Sister Shelly
Pokemon- Staryu, Starmie, Cloyster, Glaceon and Gorebyss
Class- Pokemon-Trainer
Appearance- Brown hair, blue eyes, purple hat and purple dress.
Favorite Food- n/a
Favorite Thing- Belindas Staryu and Starmie
Items- Pokeball x6, Potion, PokeFood, Water, Cellphone
Abilities and Powers- Belinda is an Empath and can sense the feelings of her and other Pokemon so she can imagine what they want to say and often predct it correctly.
Character outline- As Belinda grew up in Cerulean City she is used to Water Pokemon. She often trained with Misty and her sisters and learnt a lot from them. As she received her first Pokemon - Staryu - she started to love it and decided to concentrate on Water Pokemon. Now her family moved to Farbe she can prove her skills on the upcoming journey.

December 23rd, 2008, 12:12 PM
Name-Raven Emblem
Birthplace-pallet town
Relatives- unknown
Pokemon-Pikachu, cyndaquil, squirttle, vulpix
Appearance-raven always has this black shirt that says"royal rock" with black jeans and a black trench coat. he has shoulder length black hair and mesmerizing black eyes
Favorite Food-grass
Favorite Thing-running
Items-backpack, 9mm glock, pokeball x5
Abilities and Powers-put a big indestructible barrier around himself
Character outline-while raven was growing up he was hated by most people because of his appearence. he ran away to farbe after he turned 16 and had his pokemon for a while. his first pokemon was pikachu

December 24th, 2008, 11:21 AM
[Name- Echolocation " Echo " Buzzinand
Age- 15
Gender- Male
Birthplace- Agate Village
Region- Farbe
Relatives- Mizugatu ( Mother ) Chaos ( Father ) and Napo ( Infant Sister )
Bold Nature

This pokemon is does not have a name because it is rarely used outside of transportation . He was given to Echo as a gift when his father was traveling Sinnoh and is a fairly weak battler when used.

"Jumpy" the Aipom
Jolly Nature

This pokemon is officially Echo's first pokemon , found in the forest nearby Agate Village Echo often played with this pokemon during his youth. So when Echo was old enough and obtained pokeballs he caught Aipom keeping him close to him from that day on .

" Dive " the Poliwhirl
Adamant Nature

This pokemon was found as a Poliwag with many other water type pokemon in stream full of pollution. Echo saved this pokemon with the others and kept two of the water types , this pokemon and Wag the Marshtomp.

" Wag" the Marshtomp
Gentle Nature

See above for how obtained.

"Copycat" the Ditto
Bold Nature

Was found in a warehouse nearby Echo's hometown.

" Vortex " the Feralegatr
Adamant Nature
Echo's starter pokemon.

Class- Rival
Appearance- Echo has messy brown hair with a bang covering his left eyes most of the time . He wears a green T-shirt with two dragons circling each other resembling the yin-yang symbol in the center. His leggings are a pair of dark red sweatpants with black flames on the sides. His shoes are a pair of gray sandals and his eyes are electric blue .
Favorite Food- Cinnamon
Favorite Thing- Swordsmanship and martial arts.
Items- Pokeballs x7, Skateboard, Steel Baton , Several Potions and berries,
Abilities and Powers- He can see full 360 degrees without much difficulty , on a higher stage he see though walls , though the latter takes up a lot of his energy. Whenever he activates this power his eyes turn a dark purple.
Character outline- Echo was born in Orre and was incerdibly lonely at that point . It only got worse and worse from there as there houses kept on getting broke into and stolen. Eventaully Echo's father found it best that Echo and his mother moved to Farbe , while he and and Echo's sister moved to Sinnoh. Live wasn't the same without Echo's father and sister so Echo's mother pushed him to become a Pokemon Trainer.

December 24th, 2008, 2:57 PM
Wow - I didn't expect this many to join. :P Might have a few problems getting everyone together, lol. Despite, I'm accepting everyone seeing as how I don't see anything "horribly" wrong. Well.. to Dragonqueen, that's a pretty strange sign-up - Didn't have to center everything like that, lol.

Alright, I'm starting. But before we actually start the story, I wanna clear a few things first on this roleplay. I'll do that in the introduction, starring the Director (who's actually me by the way, lol).

EDIT - Disregard what I said before. SIGN UPS ARE NOW CLOSED.


Introduction - Director's Words
The whole scene is pitch dark black.. There's a voice shouting out. "Hey! Turn on the lights! I can't even see my hands! ... Hello? Anyone? ... Sigh. I forgot I'm the only one here. ... ... ... Sheesh." Tap, tap, tap goes the sound of footsteps. "If I can just.. It is here? Yeah, I think I'm- AH!! WUAAAH!!" CRASH!! ... ... ...

Nothing but silence..

... Click. The area lits up and a young man wearing a plain old white sleeved shirt and dirty worn out jeans. This is the director, president of Flax corp. (As hard as that is to believe.) The director rubs his forehead. "Ow, ow.. Er.. Hey! Hey there! Cough.. Welcome to my first story! I mean my first Pokemon roleplay!" The director puts his hands into his pockets, looking quite casual. "Well - anyway. There's a few things I wanna discuss right now before we actually get into the world of Aether." The director places his hand on his chin. "Well, first off.. I wanna say that this roleplay's gunna be a bit *different* then the other roleplays you guys been in. I usually enjoy roleplaying in a very simple style, especially for light hearted stories - like Aether, seeing as how it's a Pokemon roleplay. In that case.. Majority of what we - or I write is usually just *funny* dialogue aided by *cute* descrption that builds up the life of the story." -- Suddenly, a yellow critter appears on the top of the Director's head. "Pika.." The Director looks up, noticing a dosey Pikachu. "Oh, hey Tio! ... What are you doing here.. ?" Tio leans down on the Director's head slothfully. "I'm really hungry.. When can we eat?" The director grunts. "Eventually.." The director thinks to himself. "When I finally get food." The director then directs back at the audience (You). "Anyway.. Ignore this little rodent. He shouldn't even be here!" Tio squeaks in the background. "So.. Yeah, that was me just stating how I usually role play. I'll admit, I might get a little sloppy and trashy roleplaying like this but I perfer trying to limit down the space used for my posts. But enough blabbing about that, let's get to the story. Let's talk about what role YOU guys play. We all know Alec's the main protagonist of the story.. But that's not saying much - he'll get crushed out there in the world if you guys don't put the effort into helping him out. He's a loser afterall. The role you guys have is quite simple. Your residents of Whitbon. Some of you have just moved in recently, while some of you have been living in Whitbon for years. Regardless, you are friends with Eddie - he's quite the popular one in Whitbon. Well.. not that popular but still popular. For a couple of days now, you and Eddie have been trying to get Alec out from his solitude. It's been troublesome and tedious for you, seeing as how most of you could care less about a hermit like Alec while some of you might not even know who he even is. Regardless.. Regardless of all that, you and Eddie still try to get him out of the house and back into society. Well.. You and Eddie will eventually succeed in this. But.." There's an awkward pause. "Hah, you'll see.. Let's just get started."

Note: You don't start with any Pokemon. Or you can at least own one or two, but they shouldn't be powerful at the start. Also, most of the character's abilities, besides telepathy, are locked until a certain point of the story.


"Take a melody.. simple as can be.. Give it some words and -- sweet harmony.. Raise your voice and all day long now, love grows strong now -- sing a melody of love, oh love." A blurry dark figure is holding a small child in his arms. "Remember these words.. This simple lullaby was passed down by my family. Remember it. Cherish it. Share it." The figure tucks the small child in a small baby carridge. "I gotta leave.. But don't feel sad. I'll be back, you'll see. Besides, I'm sure your quite capable of taking after yourself. Heh.. Afterall -- You are.."

Years later.

A group of children are standing in front of a house, most pondering on what actually they're doing. One of the children, a young boy dressed in green with fair light brown hair, knocks on the door. The door opens, the face of a young looking woman creeps out gently.. "Yes? ... Oh. It's you.. Eddie." The woman walks out and confronts the children. This is Alec's mother - despite that, she looks young enough to be Alec's sister. Eddie makes a concerned face. "Sorry if we're bothering you, Alec's Mom." Alec's Mother places her hands on her chest. "Come to check on Alec again?" Eddie nods. Alec's Mother sighs in a worried manner. "His condition gotten even worse. Now he won't even talk to me anymore.. I just don't know what to do anymore. Seeing him like this is just heartbreaking." Eddie makes a look of sympathy. "I see. Is there any other way we can help Alec?" Alec's Mother looks at Eddie. "I apperciate on how concerned you are in helping Alec get back to his old self. But really.. I.. Seeing in the current state he's in.." Alec's Mother sighs. "But.. well, I've heard that a man named Aspen might have a solution for Alec's condition, that he can help him recover. You could go visit him.. I believe he lives in Shineside city - I heard it's west from here. It shouldn't be that far from what I've seen on a map. Still, I apperciate your effort and concern in helping Alec. It's nice to see that a few people cares about him.." Eddie smiles and laughs nervously. "I just feel bad for the guy. I wanna help him out. So, Shineside's west from here, right?" Alec's Mother gives a worried look. "Be careful.. I heard that those dangerous Mutiguys roam around the pathway to Shineside." Eddie's left eyebrow rises and thinks to himself.. "Muti.. Guys?" Alec's Mother closes her eyes. "Well.. I hope you can somehow find a way for Alec to return back to his old self. Again, I really apperciate your help. Take care and please be careful." Alec's Mother heads back inside the house, closing the door gently.. Eddie turns around to the group. "Hey, what's a Mutiguy? Never heard such a thing before.."

December 24th, 2008, 3:11 PM
Kurt looked confused, "Aren't Muti-whatever, those freaky looking mutant people?" Kurt looked at the rest of the group, hoping for an answer. He looked inside his bag and found a ripped up map.

"I hope this can help." He handed it to Eddie. Kurt zipped up his bag and looked around at where he was. He had no idea what they had come to the house for, but he knew Eddie was a good guy, so he followed him here. The neighborhood was calm, but nobody was outside.

The group of kids were all talking to each other as Kurt looked into the eyes of Alecs mother. She had worried eyes, almost sobbing as she was talking to Eddie. Kurt knew that he had to help. He turned back to Eddie and said "According the map, I think we go west."

The Instant Classic
December 24th, 2008, 3:34 PM
Tony Heard Kurt saying something about going west but he wasent really paying attention he was to busy eating custard creams.
" West huh ha ha ( points at a river ) well its a good thing that ive got Dewgong with me ha ha ".
Tony then pulls out a tub of hair jell and redoes his hair " you can never find the right look " he says.
He turns around a takes out an ultra ball " Dewgong i choose you ".
FLASH and out came Dewgong " dew Dewgong " it says in cheery tone.
Tony turns around to face the others " any one fancy a lift Dewgong can take two people " he says.

December 24th, 2008, 3:46 PM
Raffine looked at Tony and laughed. "Well while you and another go on your dewgong, I can go with my Lapras, more room for us." She said. "And your look was fine before, now I think that look is just unrefined." She said.
She then looked at Alec's mom who was looked really sad. She suddenly felt sad as well but shook it off.
"Kurt let me see that map of yours." She said as she snatched it from him.
"Hmmm now thats in poor taste." She said as she was examining the west.
"We're going to have to go through a bog as well. I hope you guys enjoy mud." She said.
She then released Lapras from her pokeball and Lapras was waiting in the river.
"Anybody want to ride with me." She asked in her sweet voice.

December 24th, 2008, 4:23 PM
Centering it? what-oh, lol, well I guess I always did like to center things.

Kuiin eyed the two water pokemon sceptically, "oh well, if we're going across the river, you might need more pokemon than that." She tossed a pokeball up, "go, Emperor!" the empoleon popped out of the pokeball and began to investigate his surroundings. "let's hope at least half of us have water pokemon, oh and Raffine? Lapras can hold at least four people if I think right" She turned to watch Alec's mother, whom had a sorrowful look in her eyes. She stared right back until a splash interupted her. Emperor had jumped in the water and was waiting for her to get on. "anyone want to join me? Emperor can carry 2-3 people"

December 24th, 2008, 4:40 PM
OOC: Wait till Flax posts again, or this is gonna get outta hand fast.

December 24th, 2008, 5:17 PM
Raven looked at all the water pokemon in a daze" yea i don't really like to ride on pokemon so i think i will just swim across. Don't worry alec's mother everything is gonna be okay =)". Raven smiled in an odd way like he had never smiled in his life, then jumped into the water. He was across the water in no time. Then raven realized that he had gone across the wrong river. So he then jumped back in and went across to the other trainers and alec's mother " yea i think i'll take that ride with lapras please" =(.

December 24th, 2008, 5:32 PM
Echo looked at the girl with her Empoleon and the other two water type pokemon. "No thank you Kuiin I got my own rides come on out Dive, Vortex , Wag!". He tossed three pokeballs up in the air, a blue alligator , a humanoid tadpole, and a mud fish popped out of the pokeballs and dove into the clear water. " Hopefully you guys have your own water type pokemon if not you can ride on Dive or Wag" . He suddenly realized that Alex's mother had appeared on the scene to , however she didn't look so great in fact she looked like she was about to burst into tears. Echo jumped on Vortex, holding onto his red scales Everthings gonna be alright I hope. He thought as he yelled " Hey guys you coming or what ".

December 24th, 2008, 5:39 PM
OOC: Wait till Flax posts again, or this is gonna get outta hand fast.

um falseswipe hey yea you don't have any authority so were just gonna continue

December 24th, 2008, 5:58 PM
um falseswipe hey yea you don't have any authority so were just gonna continue
OOC: Fine with me, I am just saying this RP has a lot of potential, and a lot of people are ruining it. By the way, capitalization, spelling, and punctuation are your friends. Use OOC next time.

December 24th, 2008, 6:09 PM
OOC: Fine with me, I am just saying this RP has a lot of potential, and a lot of people are ruining it. By the way, capitalization, spelling, and punctuation are your friends. Use OOC next time.

raven had to get off the comp, but he told me to tell you this:
"I can see where you are coming from, and i can see your point, and i'm not trying to fight you, but you are not the RP master, so you can't tell people to stop posting.:)

December 24th, 2008, 6:35 PM
raven had to get off the comp, but he told me to tell you this:
"I can see where you are coming from, and i can see your point, and i'm not trying to fight you, but you are not the RP master, so you can't tell people to stop posting.:)
OOC: Thanks for not being rude :). Just trying to calm things down because everyone seems to have a water pokemon, and that is what the last 4-6 posts have been about. But your right, I don't have any authority over this RP and let's stop talking about it because I don't want this RP to get locked.

December 24th, 2008, 7:55 PM
( Ooc: Let's calm down, I'm back on. Er.. Didn't expect this many posts so quickly, haha. Well.. I'm ignoring all the Pokemon guys. I was hoping that no one would bring out Pokemon this early in the story (one of the biggest issues in most Pokemon RPs in my opinion - people rely on Pokemon WAY too much). Or, that the Pokemon they had was merely an infant, like an Empoleon should be a Piplup in this part - you know.. just as a cute travelling buddy? Because I wanted everyone, at this part at least, to be new to Pokemon, not an expert or.. erg.. "Pokemon Master". Sorry, I'll be more active from now on - had no idea this forum was so lively. About the authority issue.. If your trying to help, then authority shouldn't really matter -- So as long as one doesn't start flaming.. o_O

Also, due to the number of people, some of your characters might be absent in certain parts of the story. This also includes my characters as well. But you don't have to worry about this yet..

... There's no river by the way. :P Don't worry master, rivers come in later haha ^_^ Anyway, let's continue. )

Eddie crosses his arms. "Freaky mutant looking people, huh? Well. Alright, let's head to Shineside City and meet this Aspen guy." Eddie rubs his forehead. "Err.. Should we take some things with us? I don't think Shineside's that far away from here. But even so.." Eddie rubs the bottom of his chin. "Those Muti.. things don't sound friendly.. Should we bring weapons or something just in case? You can never be too careful around here." ... "I have a baseball bat back at home. I suppose I could rely on that when we meet these Muti-things. What about you guys?"

December 24th, 2008, 7:59 PM
"Just look at em Eddie" Kurt said in a lighthearted voice, "Your ugly face will drive them away." He chuckled. He looked inside his bag again. Inside he had his one pokemon, Growlithe, and some food. He looked over back at the others and said, "I think Eddie's right, we don't have anything to protect us." He closed his bag and swung it over his shoulder again.

He looked at the ripped up map again. Shineside was to the west of here, not too far. They could easily make it no time, but Kurt was scared about his Growlithe. His cap fell to the ground and he picked up again. Dusting it off he looked around and realized how quiet it was. Something bad was going down around here. Something really bad. (OOC: Setting the mood :))

December 24th, 2008, 8:19 PM
Oh Man, Zeph thought. No one said anything about an adveture.
"Hey guys, mabey only one of us should go and ask someone in town for a ride," Zeph said. "I mean there should be a main rode to...where are we going again?"
It didn't look like Zeph was going to get his way. It felt like he might even get critized about coweredlyness. He decided to defend himself before they got the chance.
"I want to help the guy as much as any of you, but...." he pointed to the red bundle of fur on his head. Which was infact a Vulpix so young it still had one white tail.
"Plus I think it might be a little dangerous with those things out...there," Zeph faded out. The Vulpix yawned and seemed to wake up. Zeph picked it up off his head and cradled it in his arms and it fell back asleep.
Oh man, Zeph thought.

December 24th, 2008, 9:23 PM
so no river? well that sucks

Raven was not paying attention much but then blurted out suddenly " i would rather walk so we can get used to traveling. Plus honestly i don't like riding anything and i really like grass". Raven was thinking to himself " i only want to lighten the mood...i love grass". " Plus it can give our pokemon a chance to get used to doing alot of walking to because mine our going to be out most of the time" Raven said in a hippie like way.

December 24th, 2008, 10:34 PM
hehe, I suppose the one with the empoleon was me?

Kuiin yawned, walking or catching a ride, either way, they would still need to get to Shineside city. "well, walking or not, we'd better get going" she spoke up, getting ready to go. "After all, we still have to help Alec right?" She wasn't sure if her being there to give ideas helped much, but she would do her part. Alec's mother had long gone from the scene, probably to check on Alec and that didn't give her much comfort, also, the feeling of foreboding that seemed to be hanging around wasn't helpful.

December 24th, 2008, 10:44 PM
"Well those unrefined mutis can just stay away from me, incase you didn't know of my ability, you'll see later if they are unfriendly." Said Raffine who was grinning slyly.
Raffine then looked at Raven quite annoyed. "Well we already know that, plus as if any of us aren't used to walking a lot. Thats what going on a journey involves." She said impatiently.
"And if you're pokemon are going to be out they better not get in my way." She said as she walked past him. "I also notice people love to bug my pokemon which I do not approve of so don't let yours' do the same to mine understand?" She asked Raven.
She walked by Kuuin. "I agree lets get going, we don't have all day." She said rushing everyone.

December 24th, 2008, 11:39 PM
Staring back at everyone, Kurt agreed. "Alright, so west." He grabbed the map again. He studied the map again for a few seconds and gave it back to Eddie. "Shall we go Eddie?" He said as the rest of the group had already started walking slowly in one direction. Alecs mother was inside, probably checking on Alec. Kurt looked back and then towards Eddie again. "Whatever we do, we're gonna do it for Alec." He said boldly, as he started walking slowly towards the west.

December 25th, 2008, 12:14 AM
Eddie looks at Kurt, annoyed. "Sheesh.. Maybe with my *ugly face* combined with your atrocious breath, we'll be an unstoppable pair in this world, huh?" Eddie laughs in a warm-hearted manner. He then looks at Zeph. "What's wrong? You look a little nervous. Hey! Don't worry. I'm a little uneasy about those Muti-things myself. But I'm confident seeing as how if we stick together like this, those Muti-whatevers will probably be scared of us!" Eddie coughs and speaks up towards the group. "Alright let's get going then! But.. First, let's stop by my house quickly so I can grab my stuff, kay? Don't worry.. It'll take only a sec." Eddie starts walking with the group following him.

Arrival at Eddie's house (a small simple plain house with a green rooftop.)
Eddie and group approaches the house. Eddie then walks toward his frontdoor and opens it. "Wait out here for a moment, guys.." Eddie heads in and shuts the door. ... ... ... Silence fills the scene momentarily. A few minutes passes by. The group begins having a small discussion among themselves.

December 25th, 2008, 12:22 AM
Kurt sits down on the ground about 20 feet away from the house. He stares at the map for a long period of time. Something bad is gonna happen, he thinks to himself. We have to go through with this though. Alecs mothers eyes, they were so sad---. He looks at Eddies house. Plain as it was, it looked small and cozy. He had never been inside, although he had seen the outside plenty of times. He looked at the others, having there own little conversations. Each of the other people had their own personalities. Whether he liked them or not, Kurt had to admire the care each of them took for their pokemon. He had seen some horrible trainers in the past.

(OOC: Last post of the night for me, Good night and Merry Christmas)

The Instant Classic
December 25th, 2008, 9:40 AM
" Why waste time ha im gonna do some quick training Trecko Gligar come on out " Tony releases the two pokemon .
The two pokemon suddenly jump onto their trainer obviously glad to see him " ha ha ok ok im glad to see you to ok ( pushes them off ) now its time to get serious ok Trecko lets test out your speed ok ".
The pokemon face each other ready for battle.
Just then the two remaining pokeballs in Tony's back suddenly let the pokemon inside them out and we introduced to Furret and Magmar " hey guys guess you wanna watch ok then " Tony tells his pokemon.
" Alright then Gligar poison sting Trecko try to dodge it ".
Gligar shoots out the poison sting and with no warning Trecko blasts himself out of the way just in time " nice one Trecko your getting faster everyday and Gligar you keep that up and it ain't gonna be long before you learn Poison jab " he was just about to hug his pokemon when he noticed that the poison sting was heading straight for Kurt.....

Just so you know i have redone my pokemon team.

Grovile now Trecko
Gliscor now Gligar
Furret still Furret
Magmar still Magmar
Dewgong hasent been caught yet

December 25th, 2008, 12:24 PM
Kurt slowly turned his head to the two pokemon that were training. "Woah!" He yelled as he hit the floor. The poision sting went over his head straight into the ground. "Watch it, man!" He said. He dusted his shirt off and sat back down in his original position. Things were going to be tough with this group of people. "Eddie, hurry up!" He yelled into the house.

December 25th, 2008, 12:54 PM
Echo looked at the two pokemon fighting with poison sting and decided to train as well . He tossed up two pokeballs and out came a Totidile and a Staravia. The bird-like pokemon flew up in the air and clutched onto a nearby tree . The crocodile like pokemon opened its mouth and started shooting a blast of water at different directions . " Ok Dive, Staravia, we are going to practice targeting attacks with a long range, Dive, you go fire your water gun at that tree over there. Staravia you fire your whirlwind attack at that rock". The bird-like pokemon obeyed and flapped its wings to create a great whirlwind and the rock was smashed into tiny fragments of gravel. The crocodile-like one also followed its orders and fired a blast of water from its mouth towards a nearby tree. The tree was cut into half with the power of the blast . Just then he realized that a poison sting attack was headed towards Kurt , he quickly yelled " Dive use water pulse to stop that attack!!". The crocodile fired a orb of water which quickly missed Kurt but turned into a wave heading towards Tony and his pokemon.......

Redone pokemon team :


~Rose-quartz Iatos
December 25th, 2008, 3:30 PM
Are sign-ups still open? If not taht's fine, you problably said so and I didn't see, but if so:

Name- Kaiser "Kai" Redsash
Age- 17
Gender- Male
Birthplace- Saffron
Region- Currently lives in Johto
Relatives- Father, Grandmother, Aunt, younger sister(may be brought in later)
Pokemon- Mismagius(magi), Flygon(Sandy), Blaziken(Torch), Butterfree(Flutter)
Class- Explorer/would-be philosipher
Appearance- http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Fyrenjay/Bioart/picture_859.jpg (http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Fyrenjay/Bioart/picture_859.jpg)
That, but with darker, more messy hair, taller, slightly more husky, and a bit more handsome-looking(yeah, my drawing sucks).
Favorite Food- Anything chinese
Favorite Thing- Exploring
Items- generic pistol, extra ammo, goggles
Abilities and Powers-Telekeniesis, psychic link with magi
Character outline-Kai was born in saffron, but does not remember his mother, who died when Kai was very young. However, Kai knows taht his motehr was Sabrina, former elader of teh saffron city gym. Kai's grandmother now runs teh gym, and Kai left Safronn to explore the world with magi, his first pokemon and faithful partner, who shares a strong psychic link with Kai. Over teh years, Kai has accumulated a few gym badges from a couple different reigions, but never more than 3, being too busy travelling to focus on anything such as taht. Has settled down here for a while now.

December 25th, 2008, 3:52 PM
Are sign-ups still open? If not taht's fine, you problably said so and I didn't see, but if so:

Name- Kaiser "Kai" Redsash
Age- 17
Gender- Male
Birthplace- Saffron
Region- Currently lives in Johto
Relatives- Father, Grandmother, Aunt, younger sister(may be brought in later)
Pokemon- Mismagius(magi), Flygon(Sandy), Blaziken(Torch), Butterfree(Flutter)
Class- Explorer/would-be philosipher
Appearance- http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Fyrenjay/Bioart/picture_859.jpg (http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Fyrenjay/Bioart/picture_859.jpg)
That, but with darker, more messy hair, taller, slightly more husky, and a bit more handsome-looking(yeah, my drawing sucks).
Favorite Food- Anything chinese
Favorite Thing- Exploring
Items- generic pistol, extra ammo, goggles
Abilities and Powers-Telekeniesis, psychic link with magi
Character outline-Kai was born in saffron, but does not remember his mother, who died when Kai was very young. However, Kai knows taht his motehr was Sabrina, former elader of teh saffron city gym. Kai's grandmother now runs teh gym, and Kai left Safronn to explore the world with magi, his first pokemon and faithful partner, who shares a strong psychic link with Kai. Over teh years, Kai has accumulated a few gym badges from a couple different reigions, but never more than 3, being too busy travelling to focus on anything such as taht. Has settled down here for a while now.

Sign ups are not open. Sorry.

December 25th, 2008, 3:54 PM
(OOC: Didn't Flax say he'd leave the SUs open?)

The Instant Classic
December 25th, 2008, 3:56 PM
" Watch it man " Kurt shouted he just missed the poison sting Tony was relived while his pokemon found it as a laughing matter they were rolling about on the grass like they where going to pee them selfs " yeah well i suppose thats enough training for now guys return " Tony commanded.
The pokemon all went back into their pokeballs he sore everyone else and he decided to take this chance to get to know them properly you see Tony never actually bothered with Alec 's other freinds.
He was supprised how they where all older than himself especially with Raven.
How did he get himself freinds this old he thought to himself.

PS: yes Flax did say to leave the SU's open

December 25th, 2008, 4:13 PM
(OOC: Didn't Flax say he'd leave the SUs open?)
OOC: He edited that post and said they were closed.

December 25th, 2008, 7:08 PM
Raven was thinking alot and being silent the whole time but then blurted out suddenly "Hey tony i'm not that much older than you guys and girls, i'm only older than most by 6 years". "Yea i think it would be a little more safe if everyone backed up while they are training their pokemon" Raven said cautiously. Then raven let cyndaquil out and had him jump on his right shoulder. " So Tony, do you like to eat grass?" Raven asked in an odd way.

December 26th, 2008, 12:25 AM
Zeph sighed. "Well it looks like we can't back out now can we, Vixie?" said Zeph. He sat down and put his Vulpix (Vixie) down in the grass, and started going through his bag.
"Hmmm. I never unpacked this bag. Wonder why?" he said. Vixie opened one eye looked at Zeph and went back to sleep. Zeph was too busy looking through his bag to notice. "Ooo, a CD and CD player, wonder what the CD is?" He put the CD in the player and found out it was blank. He frowned and put them back in the bag, and pulled out a TM. "Wonder what TM this is?" he frowned again an put it back in the bag, and pulled out the small trainer guide that was in their. "Hmm, this might be useful." he stuffed it back in too.
"Hmm, poke'balls, potions," he mumbled, then Zeph got a confused look on his face, "A bar of soap.......That could be very useful." Then Zeph heard the sounds of a pokemon battle. He was turned away from the house so he didn't see it, but he heard some yelling. "Wonder whats going on," he said sarcsticly.
"I wonder when Eddie's going to get back out here," he asked Vixie. She looked at him like he was crazy. "Ah, whatever." And he layed down next to Vixie, and in a minuite or two was asleep.

The Instant Classic
December 26th, 2008, 8:21 AM
Tony looked at Raven with a grin on his face " nah but my Magmar likes burning grass though " Tony chuckled.
He felt someone pulling his shirt he turned round to find Magmar trying to warn him about a water pulse heading straight for him.
Without warning Magmar stood in front of Tony " huh what are you doing Magmar your a fire type pokemon remember " Tony shouted.
Ignoring his trainer the Magmar let out a sunny day attack powering up its fire moves it then lets out a powerful flamethrower in an effort to stop the water pulse.
Although it was a sight to behold Magmar's effort's proved useless and the water came crashing into them both.
Magmar got up first he didnt seem to hurt and the sunny day quickly dried up Tony's wet clothes " you got lucky Kurt " Tony said " you didnt get hit ".
He got up and says " so who's idea was it to wet me then " he asked.

December 26th, 2008, 10:45 AM
Echo saw Magmar protect Tony with Sunny Day with awe that a fire-type pokemon can come that close to block a water-type attack . Then Echo heard Tony say who's idea it was to wet me ? " and stood up from a nearby tree stump he was resting on . He tossed up his baton and tossed up a third pokeball this time a purple monkey like pokemon with giant hand on its tail popped out of it. The Aipom grabbed the baton with its third hand as Staravia and Dive, followed Echo as he walked towards Tony with Aipom on his head clutching the baton. He said softly and calmly " I told Dive here to use Water Pulse to block your Gligar's Poison Sting from hitting Kurt, however the power of your pokemon impress me would you like to have battle ?". Dive and Staravia dashed in front of Echo and finally rested on both of his shoulders, now Echo had three of his pokemon on his body two on his shoulders and one on his head.

December 26th, 2008, 2:01 PM
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Eddie comes out of the house, closing the door behind him. He is now carrying a small blue backpack. A wooden baseball bat is attached on the left side of the backpack. "Alright, I'm done packin. Now, let's get going!* Eddie looks a little embarassed. "Sorry to keep you guys waiting. It took longer then I thought." Eddie walks away from his house, gathering up the group. Just then, a young tall girl in a green dress with long curly hair possessing the same color as Eddie's comes out, yelling at Eddie. "Wait a minute!! Eddie!!" Eddie turns around. "Huh? What's wrong, Sis?" The girl happens to be Eddie's older sister, Annie. Annie gets a little closer towards Eddie and the group - she starts tapping her foot. "Where do you think your going.. ? I hope your aren't going to do something reckless now." Eddie makes a dissapointed face. "... What do you mean reckless? You know that's not me." ... "Don't worry, sis. Me and my friends are just heading out to Shineside City, to meet some guy named Aspen. I won't be gone for that long." Annie makes a delightful face. "Ooh Aspen? Professor Aspen you mean! Your going to meet him?~ I see! Are you finally going to become a trainer? Your heading there to get your first Pokemon, aren't you?" Eddie looks confused. "Huh? ... No. I'm not heading there because of that." Annie also looks confused. "What? ... Then.. why are you heading there to meet Aspen? What other reason would you have? I hope your not just going there to say Hi to him." Eddie begins explaining. "We're going to meet Aspen because we heard he might be able to help us help Alec." Annie looks dissapointed. "... ... ... A-Alec.. You mean that boy who locked himself in his own room..? I was talking with his mother this morning. I pity her for having to look after such a brat." Eddie makes an upset face. "Don't say that, Sis." Annie looks at Eddie, annoyed. "You care awfully alot for someone who has never even met you, Eddie. Why do you even bother? He's not going to change. Your wasting your own time trying to help that loser!" Eddie looks a bit shocked. "Sis.. ... You suggest that I shouldn't do anything?" Annie replies back rashly. "Yes! What that boy does with his life is none of your business! Just worry about yourself. It's not your fault that he's wasting his life away, rotting in his room like the loser he is.." Eddie shakes his head. "Even so.. I still gotta do something. We gotta do something. It's not right to let someone like Alec to just stay like that forever.. Someone's gotta do something." Annie looks away. "Hmph.. Your so compassionate. But.. I suppose that isn't a horrible thing. Still.. I'm just suggesting you drop this. I won't force you, so do what you want." Eddie smiles. "Right." Eddie and the group starts preparing to leave. Annie then looks at Eddie. "Still! While your there, you should ask Aspen to give you your own Pokemon!" Eddie acts as if he ignored Annie. He talks to the group. "Let's get going. Off to Shineside!" The group starts heading west..

Shining Path - the Route to Shineside from Whitbon, and vice versa
Eddie and the group is seen marching along the simple grassy way to Shineside. Eddie is looking at the map he's still holding. Outloud, Eddie asks the group a personal question. "... Should I consider getting a Pokemon from this Aspen guy? I've never really thought about becoming a trainer, so I don't know much about Pokemon. But it seems pretty fun from what I've seen. What do you guys think?"

The Instant Classic
December 26th, 2008, 2:22 PM
Tony was a bit surprised by what Eddie had asked " well uh hmmm this is a bit strange you see most kids just get a pokemon without question hmmm well yeah why not get one its fun to have pokemon and trust me the feeling of receiving your first pokemon is just super ain't that right Furret " who was walking with him.
" Furret Furret " Furret says while nodding its head " you see even Furret agrees ha ha and besides if you need poke info that Aspen guy is bound to have loads of it ".
Then something hit Tony he never excepted Echo's challenge and so he rushed up to him and said " about that battle sure i except but perhaps we should wait till we get to Shineside ok and I'll even give you an advantage point il be using Magmar and Furret ok ha ha but beware ive been working on a new battle stratagem with them so be prepared ha ha " Tony goes off laughing.

December 26th, 2008, 2:37 PM
Kurt looked over at Eddie between a couple other people as they were walkling. "I don't know man, but if you do choose to get a pokemon, make sure you take good care of it, even if its a Magikarp or something." He said. He lifted a small pokeball in the air, "This is my growlithe that I just got a couple days ago. Haven't let this thing out of my sight yet, and I'm not going to."

Kurt peered over the shoulder of Eddie, looking at the crushed up map. Shineside wasn't far away, but he could still see Eddie clenching the baseball bat in his right arm very tightly. Prof. Aspen was famous around here, he was the big Prof. of this area. He gave all new trainers their pokemon and he helped a lot of people towards their careers.

Walking along the path there was a sound among the trees near them. Kurt tapped Eddie on the shoulder, "Dude, did you hear that?" he asked, not trying to sound scared.

December 26th, 2008, 2:50 PM
Raffine overheard them talking about taking care of pokemon. "You should know as well..." Raffine began. "Good pokemon trainers should know how to keep thier pokemon healthy and make them look good, you should always groom them daily. She said. Raffine then heard the sound coming from the bushes. she then heard Kurt say "Dude did you hear that?". Raffine then chuckled and said "whats the matter? Its just a rustling bush, watch it can't be anything too harmful, if it is thats why we have our pokemon." She snapped as she went to look through the bush, she then shrieked at what she saw.

December 26th, 2008, 4:19 PM
Raven was just walking with the group and just realized something " um guys we kinda left Zeph back there he fell asleep, maybe thats him in the bush". But then he heard Raffine shriek and ran over as quick as possible with his 9mm glock at hand and pointed it at the bush. " What ever it is get away Raffine! I'll take it on, Eddie be ready to use that bat of yours!" Raven screamed in a gleeful way.

December 26th, 2008, 4:48 PM
Eddie seemed to have forgotten his own question, being more concerned with Raffine. "What's wrong?!" Eddie runs toward Raffine, following along aside by Raven. He notices Raven's gun and Eddie makes a nervous reaction. "H-hey.. Since when did you have a..?! Ah! Put that thing away!" Eddie turns his attention to Raffine. "Hey! Are you alright?!"

Meanwhile, Raffine is confronted by a small imp-like creature dressed in flashy red robes. It's wearing a white mask with two holes and a cute drawn smile. It's a Mutiguy. It's looking right up at Raffine, looking curious and turns it's head in awe. "... Chaw?"

December 26th, 2008, 4:56 PM
Raven looked at his 9mm glock and says in a weird way " oh but i really wanted to shoot something with this, i thought i may need it if we come across any of these nasty little things". Then Raven put the gun back in his holster. Then looked at the little mutiguy and said in an disgusted way " well what the hell does he want? get away you nasty little creature or i'm gonna really use this gun on you". Then Raven pulled his 9mm glock out once more and took aim at the little guy, but then all of a sudden he couldn't do it he was to cute of a thing to shoot. " Hey there lil fella how are you?" Raven questioned as he started to pet the lil guy on the head. " Yea what about Zeph he is still sleeping probably isn't he?" Raven questioned the others.

December 26th, 2008, 4:59 PM
"Back up Raven! You don't know if it's deadly or not" Kurt said. The Mutiguy looked up at Raven and then back at Raffine. It did not look deadly at all. Where was Zeph though? I hope he's not hurt, maybe there was a bigger Mutiguy waiting for him....No....No he was going to be Ok.

"What the...." Kurt said, trying to stay calm. "Is that a....Mutiguy?" He asked. Everyone was looking straight at the little creature. It looked harmless, but it probably wasn't. "Put the gun away Raven" Kurt said, trying to stay calm. Everyone looked a little worried. "Where the hell is your bat Eddie!" Kurt said in a loud voice.

The little creature looked straight up at Raffine, probably frightined by the loud shriek. "I think you should back up," Kurt said. He was just as scared as anyone else, he just wasn't as willing to show it. The creature turned his head to look at the whole group of people, and it got more scared.

December 26th, 2008, 5:04 PM
" Hey kurt don't diss the lil guy i say we keep him, and if he does prove to dangerous then i'll take the heat and shoot him" Raven said in a nice way. " I don't know why but i like the lil guy he is just so cute, come here lemme try to hold you" Raven said as he picked up the lil guy and started to pet him. " Plus we can probably learn many new things about mutiguys if we study him or take him to the profesor, so i think i'll call him Raisin" Raven said in a smart way.

December 26th, 2008, 5:41 PM
Zeph woke up to something pushing against the side of his face. He opened his eyes and looked up noticing Vixie looking quite distresed. "What is it, girl. Something wrong with the group." Vixie nodded vigorisly. Zeph decided to look around to see what the trouble was. There was that battle earlier, mabey it escilated.Then he noticed the problem. Everyone was gone.

"Oh man! They forgot about me! The left and forgot about me!" he yelled. "Uhh....Vixie did you see where they went?" Zeph looked around franticly for any sign of the group. After a minute or two he noticed a house. I think thats Eddie's house, he thought. As he went to knock on the door he heard a scream coming from a Westwardly direction.

"That must be the group. Oh man I hope there okay," he said. He picked up Vixie and ran in the direction he thought he heard the scream. After a few minuites of hard running he found the group. "Hey everyone. Man am I glad I caught up to you guys. Hey I heard a scream a few miniutes a.....go......" Zeph trailed off. You see, while he was saying all that he was trying to get to the front of the group to see what everyone was looking at. This is what happened next.

"AHHHH! That's one of those things! Raven throw it on the ground! Vixie, use Energy Ball!"

(Ooc: Are egg moves aloud, because Vulpix can learn Energy Ball as an egg move. If you need proof, here's a link http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/037.shtml )

December 26th, 2008, 7:58 PM
Echo said yet again in his calm and cool voice " Very well we shall wait til we get to Shineside until we battle but not later than that ". Echo turned around and saw a odd imp like creature who seemed to be wearing a strange mask. Jumpy looked into what seemed to be the creatures eye and fainted dead on the spot dropping the steel baton. Echo grabbed Jumpy's pokeball and tossed it to return the Aipom and grabbed the baton. The baton quickly extended to make its self five feet long , Echo grabbed the extended baton and started slashing at the thing with the steel rod , " This things dangerous " he said as he countinued to swing his rod at the strange creature . " So why let it live ? ".

December 26th, 2008, 9:16 PM
While the slashes were coming at the small imp creature Raven was getting hit in the midst of everything " OKAY! enough already i'm tired of getting hit, now he doesn't look dangerous right now but if he gets dangerous then i will kill him myself, but for now i am keeping him with me!" Raven screamed at everyone. Then all of a sudden he did a jump into a roll and dodged the energy ball. " Now i would have been really mad if that hit me" Raven said in a calm voice. " Eddie, I want to keep this little guy with us for the time being he doesn't look dangerous at the moment so i think we can learn something from him, so lets take him to the professor first and see what he has to say about me keeping the mutiguy" Raven said in a calm assertive manner.

December 26th, 2008, 9:48 PM
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Eddie quickly grabs ahold of Echo's shoulder, stopping him. "H-hold on a minute! Let's not be so rash.. Let's think for a minute. If we don't provoke it, maybe it won't do anything bad to us. Besides, it looks friendly enough." Eddie looks at Raven. "Raven, I think you should put--" Eddie notices Raven holding a lit bomb with a smiley face on it, which the Mutiguy mischeviously used as a replacement. "H-h-uaaah!! Watch out!!" Eddie runs at Raven, pulling away the bomb from Raven's grip and tosses it at a random direction (away from everyone). BOOM!! An explosion forming into a twisted smiley face appears nearby the group. It slowly vanishes. The group recovers from the explosion. Eddie starts coughing, sweating from being surprised. "... G-geez. What was that..?" Suddenly the Mutiguy from before starts jumping up and down, chanting gibberish as it's laughing at the group. "Hahahaha!!" Eddie and the group looks at the Mutiguy. The Mutiguy seems to be in possession of Raven's gun. Eddie steps back. "That's..!" Eddie makes a panicked face as he looks at Raven. "Where did you even get that in the first place?!!" The Mutiguy looks around, while embracing the gun. "Heh heh! This is mine now!" The Mutiguy then aims the gun at everyone. The group panics, with sweat flying off from their heads. The Mutiguy then.. carries Raven's gun over it's head and runs away, dissapearing into a bush. "Nyeh nyeh nyeh!" Awkward silence surrounds the group, as they try to comprehend with what just happen. Eddie stands up straight, scratching his head. "Err.. huh?"

December 26th, 2008, 10:16 PM
Raven then looks at his holster and realizes that is his gun and takes after the mutiguy and grabs him around the neck. " You cheeky money that is my gun" Raven said it then grabbed his gun from the little guy. " i trusted you and you decieved me! I love you you little ugly imp from hell, but now you have to die" all of a sudden Raven Loads his gun with one hand and shoots the mutiguy in the head, then rushes back to the group. " Oh yea guys it was never loaded" Raven said in a funny way and started chuckling at the dead mutiguy he was still carrying. " I think im gonna keep the dead body in my backpack for now" Raven said.

December 26th, 2008, 11:02 PM
Raven then looks at his holster and realizes that is his gun and takes after the mutiguy and grabs him around the neck. " You cheeky money that is my gun" Raven said it then grabbed his gun from the little guy. " i trusted you and you decieved me! I love you you little ugly imp from hell, but now you have to die" all of a sudden Raven Loads his gun with one hand and shoots the mutiguy in the head, then rushes back to the group. " Oh yea guys it was never loaded" Raven said in a funny way and started chuckling at the dead mutiguy he was still carrying. " I think im gonna keep the dead body in my backpack for now" Raven said.
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December 27th, 2008, 11:55 AM
(ooc: @Raven_Emblem - That post is going to be ignored for ALOT of obvious reasons. Wow that really went.. really overboard actually O_o The Mutiguy fled with the gun, "dissapeared into a bush". I purposely done that in order to get rid of the gun, seeing how ridiculous it is to have such a thing in a Pokemon RP. Let's avoid that in the future please. On another note, I'm speeding up the progress. The prologue looks like it's taking a little longer then I thought, so excuse me if anyone feels like they've been left behind. The prologue isn't even that important anyway, it was only meant to see how everyone roleplays.. I've gotten used to it, so let's hurry up.

Also, Master. Avoid straying off, at least for the prologue. It causes unnesscary complications.)

Eddie looks at Tony, who's only a few metres away from the group. "Hey! What are you doing over there?!" Eddie then holds his chin, pondering. He's staring at the bush of where the Mutiguy dissapeared into. "So.. That was a Muti, huh?" Eddie looks up. "... I kinda thought they would be a bit more.. bigger? Anyway. Let's get going." The group gathers up (no one's getting left behind). Eddie and the group heads off west, continuing their way to Shineside City.

Eddie and the group can see Shineside City up ahead. They're not too far. "Ah! Is that the place?" Eddie laughs with relief and joy. "Alright! We made it! Come on, let's hurry!" Suddenly a scream for help is heard nearby. The group is alerted and runs up ahead. They stop in front of a man wearing the outfit of a scientist. He has grey medium hair that looks a little messy. He is wearing big glasses that have blue swirls on the lens (making him look.. a little.. weird.). The man seems to be getting attacked by imp creatures, similar to the one from before. It's a pack of Mutiguys! Eddie notices the scientist. "H-hey!!" The scientist curls into a ball on the ground, crying in pain as the Mutiguys beat him up with wooden sticks. He takes on a strange vocal, making him sound *nerdy and juvenile*. "Ow, ow, ow! Ooh, the pain! The pain! Stop! Stop I say! Stop before you end up breaking one of my limbs! Ooh, no! That wouldn't be good! I need my limbs to do things!" The Mutiguys just laugh in their sick amusement.

December 27th, 2008, 1:17 PM
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December 27th, 2008, 1:29 PM
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Kurt stood behind Eddie, "What should we do!" He exclaimed. He took out the pokeball that had been laying in his bag for so long. (I hope you dont mind If I use this),"Growlithe!" He said as a white light filled the arena and the pokeball cracked open. A small little dog-like pokemon stood there. "Growlithe, use ember!" The Pokemon spit flames around the Mutiguys, who had just noticed Growlithe. "Eddie, go help the professor while I hold off the Mutiguys!" Kurt said, trying to be a leader for once. "Growlithe use take down to get them away from the professor!" Kurt exclaimed once more. Growlithe nodded, and took of full speed into the group of Mutiguys.

December 27th, 2008, 2:34 PM
Raffine was somewhat annoyed by the muti guys but she didn't care what she had to do as long as they were gone. "Ugh you Muti guys are nasty! Attacking a professor like that, how unrefined!" She yelled at them, she took a look at the professor then saw Kurt taking the lead, "Hey dont think you're taking the lead, we all need this practice." She said as she released her Lapras. "Lapras use Ice beam!" She commanded as the Lapras sent out a beam of ice at the muti guys. "Oh ho ho, thats right you muti guys dont mess with us." She said laughing at them.

December 27th, 2008, 3:50 PM
Eddie looks at Kurt, hoping he knew what he was doing. "Right!" Eddie starts running around the Mutiguys, coming towards the scientist's aid. One of the Mutiguys gets hit by the beam of ice from Lapras, freezing solid on the spot. "Jah!!" It cried just before freezing completely. There's only four Mutiguys left. One of the Mutiguys have a red vein poping out from it's head. Facing towards Kurt's growlithe, the Mutiguy takes out a slingshot and aims at Growlithe. It launches a small peddle, which was actually an explosive bomb. BOOM!! An explosion strikes Growlithe. Another of the Mutiguys vanishes and reappears above Raffine's head, grabbing her hair. Hearts start spilling out from the playful Mutiguy's head as it laughs immaturely. The two remaining Mutiguys run at Raffine's Lapras like savages, raising their sticks into the air. "Chaw chaw chaw!!" The two chanted as they were heading towards Lapras.

The Instant Classic
December 27th, 2008, 3:54 PM
" Boy these things can spread fast " Tony said.
Furret jumped out in front ready for battle " thats the spirit boy now use thunderbolt ".
Suddenly an electric wave appeared round Furret and then the power was unleashed charging into the Mutiguys just missing the Growlithe assisting the professor " wow that was close to close for liking ".
He notice some of the Mutiguy where messing around on Raffine's Lapras " ah for gods sake wont you guys stay down " Tony shouted while releasing his Gligar " alright Gligar use steel wing right into those Mutiguy yes those things over there yes weird looking ones yes those things on the Lapras yes those just do it already.
But before Gligar could a Growlithe hit them first " now thats just not fair " Tony said.

December 27th, 2008, 3:56 PM
Growlithe falls backwards, obviously hurt by the explosive pebble. "Growlithe, use Take down to knock it into the the two others going for Lapras!" Kurt yelled. Growlithe charged again with whatever energy it had left to knock one of the Mutiguys straight into the two charging for Lapras. Kurt then ran over to Raffine and helped her throw the last of the Mutiguys into the big group. Kurt then looked back over at Raffine, "Use your lapras to finish them of." he said, looking at the recovering Mutiguys.

December 27th, 2008, 8:53 PM
"With Pleasure." She said slyly, "Lapras use Surf!" Commanded Raffine. Lapras then sent a huge wave of water towards the muti guys washing them away. "Well they're gone, heh Not worth the trouble." She said as she laughed. "Lapras return, you did a very good job." She said as she walked up to Kurt. "Your Growlithe did good, I can help train it if you like, and possibly groom it." She said as she walked off to the professor. "Look you! Just what were you thinking? You think these Muti guys are harmless? You should've known better than to get near them!" Raffine scolded.

December 27th, 2008, 9:46 PM
All four of the Mutiguys stack on top of each other. All of them start arguing randomly. What they're saying is not understandable, but they seem to be communicating through their own laungage which sounds like gibberish. "Ow! Get off of me!" "Your sitting on my head!" "No you are..!!" "Wait.. Who's sitting on who's head?" "Ow, my face." "... Who's feet is this?! Oh.. It's mine." The Mutiguys continue to blabber and argue, struggling to recover. Just then, the wave of water washes all of them away. They all scream with idiocy.

Eddie helps the scientist up, who stares at Raffine. One of his glasses' lens is broken. The scientist then looks like he's clueless. "Oooh, what? Nonsense! I heard that these creatures were quite malicious but in truth they are as dangerous as a small child playing with fire or explosives." Eddie makes a dumbfound face, along with the entire group. "That.. sounds really dangerous actually." The scientist replies back to Eddie in a calm way. "Yes, indeed it does. But I know a special trick on how to deal with those lil pests. Simply give them candy. They just LOVE it. The sweeter the kind, the better - and they'll fall asleep as soon as they take a taste. Trust me, I've done it before." Eddie makes a confused face. "... Then how come you didn't do that just a while ago?" The scientist answers, with a look of realization. "Oh.. Your right! Why didn't I do that? Oh silly me.. I forget such important things. It must this darn ol age." Eddie just.. stays quiet, along with the group. The scientist stands up straight. He was surprisingly quite short (though still taller then everyone). "Now! ... Who are you people? Ah, not like it matters anyway. I suppose I should thank you for rescuing me. I mean, for all I know, I could have been seriously injured during that attack. A broken arm would have impact my career." Eddie makes a normal face. "Well, er.. I guess we'll be going now. You should be more careful next time." The scientist replies back. "Oh don't worry! As part of my career, I have to be careful." Eddie then walks off, heading towards Shineside City. "Let's get going." Eddie turns around and faces toward the group. "Come to think of it.. Where does Aspen live?" The scientist overhears Eddie. "Aspen? ... What business do you have with Aspen?" Eddie looks at the scientist. "Well.. We came from Whitbon to meet Aspen. We've been told that this Aspen guy might have a solution that'll help someone in our town get better." Scientist gives off a cheery aura. "Well, your in luck! I can take you to Aspen's lab!" Eddie makes a pleased face. "You can?" The scientist nods. "Sure! It's the least I can do to pay back you kids for helping me out back there!" The scientist walks and heads in Shineside City. "Follow me!" Eddie and the group follows the scientist, setting foot in Shineside City.

Shineside City (Motto: Town of luminous life)
Eddie and the group looks around as they continue to follow the scientist. Shineside City is completely different from the quiet town of Whitbon. There were alot of people seen walking out on the streets. There were alot of tall buildings around. There was little open space as in constrast with Whitbon's wide open fields. Eddie is currently in awe. "Wuah.. So this is Shineside City? Amazing! It's so different from Whitbon!" The group passes by the largest building in Shineside - the building has a sign which has Flax Corp written on it. Eddie looks at the Flax corp building. "Flax Corp? What's that.. ?"

The Instant Classic
December 28th, 2008, 3:09 AM
Theres so many buildings Tony thought " hmmmm i wonder if theres any good restaurants around ha ha huh whats that Eddie "
" What you dont know what Flax Corp is ha ha " Tony laughed.
" But then again i dont know much about it myself since i wasn't born in this region but ive heard that Flax Corp is a company that invents and manufactures new pokemon technology and im assuming this is there main building of production ha ha theres alot to be learned from this place but i dont know much more beyond what ive told you ha perhaps professor Aspen will know more ".

December 28th, 2008, 9:07 AM
Echo had cooled down and saw everything that happened with his odd 360 degree eyes. Suddenly he stepped foot in Shineside city still clutching his steel rod in one of his hands very tightly , afraid that any more Multiguys came to crash the party he kept on his 360 degree eyes so he could target them and destroy them. He realized this place had something famillar about it , however he just couldn't grasp what was so familar about it. He quickly asked Tony " So how about that battle ? ". Then he realized a giant tower with a sign called " Flax Corp" then he slowly said "This place makes technology all over the eight regions how strange it seems like I remeber it from somewhere but where? ".

December 28th, 2008, 1:08 PM
Kurt started straggling behind the group. He had never seen a city as amazing as this. Things were very different than anywhere he had been before. He realized he was about to lose the group so he ran up to back of the pile, and continued gazing around the scenic city. "I wonder what kinds of pokemon live here" said Kurt. He looked at the building marked Flax corp as well. He didn't really care about it, but he heard someone say that they make technology. The scientist was looking straight ahead, because he already knew the city so well. "So is Aspen like really famous around here or what?" Kurt asked the scientists as they continued walking

December 28th, 2008, 4:06 PM
The Scientist ponders out loud. "Famous.. ?! Hmm.. I am not so sure actually. Never thought about that. You could ask the people around here." Eddie continues to look at the Flax Corp building. "New technology..?" The scientist looks at Eddie, looking quite shocked. "I'm quite surprised that you don't know about Flax Corporation! They're the sole reason why Pocket Monsters became so grand and popular in this small region!" Eddie looks at Scientist, feeling a little more perceptive. "I see."

The scientist then stops suddenly. "Ah! And here we are! The Pocket Monster laboratory!" Eddie and the group looks around the scientist, seeing a rather small old looking laboratory building. Compared to the other buildings that everyone passed by - the laboratory seemed a little.. bland and out of place. The scientist exclaims excitedly. "Now, let's head inside!"

Aspen's laboratory.
Inside, the building seemed alot more impressive and stylish. There were alot of bookshelves stacked with so many encyclopedias that it would be impossible for one person in their lifetime to read each one (most are just for show actually..). There were also two steel tables with typical chemistry equipment placed on top of them. On the far end, there appeared to be glass cases, which contained either red and white capsule balls (some opened while some were sealed closed), plants or live creatures (Ooc Note: These captive organisms happen to be the Starter Pokemon from the games).

Eddie and the group looks around. "So.. This is Aspen's lab?" Said Eddie, as he looks at the scientist. "... So. Where's Aspen?" The scientist gives Eddie an excited answer. "Well, you see--" Suddenly the group and the scientist then gets alerted and notices two people up ahead, complaining about something.

"Aaah.. What's taking the Professor so long? I can't wait any longer.. !" Cried a girl wearing a purple beret, dressed in mostly pink. (This is Raine, the female protagonist.) "... To think he had the nerve of telling us to get here early, only to end up wasting time waiting for the old geezer! What a pain.." Said by an annoyed young boy with spikey light brown hair, wearing a short sleeved dark green jacket over a white shirt, wearing indigo jeans. (This is Emil, the rival and antagonist!). Raine's faces puffs up from frustration and anger. "If I have to wait any longer, I'm gunna--" !! Emil notices Eddie and the group. "Hold it, Raine." Emil then approaches them and looks at the scientist. "It's about time you showed up, you ol geezer! What took ya?! And who are these guys? They better not be here for the same reason we have." Eddie looks at Emil. "What reason would that be?" Emil leers at Eddie and talks rudely. "Well.. To get our first Pokemon, doofus! Sheesh, why else would you come here?" Raine then walks over and approaches the group. She ignores everyone and just yells at the scientist. "Professor Aspen!! Can we finally get our Pokemon?! Me and Emil have been waiting for hours now!!" Eddie suddenly makes a surprised reaction. "Huh? Wait! Your Aspen?!" The scientist nods. "Yes. Indeed I am Doctor Matthew Lenning Aspen. Or.. simply just Professor Aspen, since people have been calling me that for so many years." Aspen then turns his attention toward Emil and Raine. "Alright, alright! Settle down, settle down now! I've just been assaulted not too long ago.. My back is killing me. But.. Not like that matters to anyone anyway, I suppose. Heck, I don't even care myself. It's all part of being a scientist anyway." Emil interupts Aspen. "Whatever.. Just let's hurry this up already! I've been patient for long enough!" Aspen coughs. "Yes, yes.. Settle down. I know your anxious about starting your journey. But first, let me deal with these guys first, okay? You.. You can go and check out some of the Pocket Monsters I have over there! Go, go on! Shoo!" Aspen pushes the two towards those glass cases mentioned earlier.

Both Emil and Raine are seen viewing the glass displays containing Pokemon. Raine is seen leaning on the glass displays containing a small blue turtle creature. "Wuaah.. This one's cute!" Emil is seen viewing a case containing a salamander-like creature with a flame burning on the tip of it's tail.

Aspen then meets with Eddie and the group. "I apologise for that. I had forgotten that a couple of new trainers were going to arrive here for their starter Pocket Monster. Silly me.. I'm so forgetful. I suppose I could just let them take one of those experimental foreign Pocket Monsters of mine but.. *cough* Never mind. Anyways! Yes! I am Professor Aspen! You wanted to see me, correct? So.. Er.. What was the reason why you wanted to meet me?" Eddie then explains. "Well.. We were told that you might have a solution for Alec's condition and that you could help us help him out." Aspen stayed quiet for a moment. "... Who's Alec?" Eddie scratches his head. "Well.. He's a someone who locked himself in his room. He won't come outside." Aspen then realizes and remembers. "Ah! Aaah! Oh, that Alec! I see. I had a discussion with his mother yesterday." Aspen pushes his glasses up his nose. "I personally didn't see what was wrong with the whole idea. Solitude is quite normal for a boy his age. But seeing as how worried and ill his mother looked, I felt it was necessary to help as much as I could. And personally this way, I can get a good analysis on one of my experimental Pocket Monsters which I have just caught recently." Aspen takes out something from his coat pockets. "Behold.." Aspen hands Eddie a red and white capsule ball. Eddie examines the ball. "This is..?" Aspen explains, sounding somewhat nerdy. "Inside this Pocket Ball, lies a magnificent creature! I believe it would be best to give this to Alec for him to embark on his own personal journey." Eddie then looks at Aspen. "Your.. going to make him become a Pokemon trainer?" Aspen shakes his head. "I never really said that but I suppose that's what I'm trying to aim at. Here. Take it. Give it to Alec." Emil then marches in. "Hey, hey! What do you have there Professor? ... Why are you giving away a Pokemon to him? I should have it! I bet I can take better care of it then those guys!" Aspen looks at Emil. "Oh, don't worry. You'll get a something more suitable for yourself, Emil. Just be a little patient. Because, you know the old saying; A little bit of patience can get you through anything! ... Personally I don't believe that myself but.. Just wait anyway." Emil grunts. He leers at Eddie and the group, and walks away - scoffing as he goes. Aspen then turns his attention to Eddie and the group. "Anyway.. Never mind him. Here, just take it." Eddie takes the capsule ball from Aspen's hands. Eddie then questions Aspen strangely.. "... Will this actually help Alec get better?" Aspen exclaims. "Of course! I'll gurantee you that it will help him! And perhaps in the long run, he will end up helping you!" Eddie stares at the capsule ball.

The Instant Classic
December 28th, 2008, 5:02 PM
Tony starred at Emil with a grim look on his face " what an arrogant....grrrrr someone should teach him lesson ".
After that Tony went up to Eddie and said " so why don't we take a look at whats inside this pokeball ".
He noticed that Eddie was just starring at the pokeball and so he decided to forget what he said and went up to Echo " alright im ready for that battle if you are I'll be waiting out side ok " Tony went outside like he said.
Now outside of the laboratory Tony had time to think well that was weird ha that Emil guy has got one ego on him ha it would be funny to see someone to just crush it though ha ha boy ive gotta learn to stop laughing ha ha hey wait a minute wasn't Eddie thinking of getting a Pokemon to? ha i wonder if he will oh wait I'll find out if i go back inside ha ha he goes back inside.....

December 28th, 2008, 9:08 PM
hey guys sorry but i have to cut down internet time and i dont think im gonna be able to stay with this rp

December 28th, 2008, 9:10 PM
OOC : Well if you drop your spot then we will have a reason to let Serene into the RP

December 29th, 2008, 1:57 PM
(ooc: Alright Raven. Serene will be in your place I guess. Also, Not only am I speeding up even faster now - I'm making the prologue shorter. If some people feel like they've been left behind, don't worry so much. As long as your there for the FIRST chapter, then it should be fine. Heck, you shouldn't even care much about the prologue anyway, besides knowing the upcoming tradegic part..)

Eddie then puts away the capsule ball in his backpack. "Well.. Thanks, I guess. Hopefully this will help Alec." Aspen glares at Eddie, coughing. "Hmph! You seem to care awfully alot about that boy. Why is that?" Eddie makes a calm face, laughing. "I guess.. I just.. feel like I need to do something for him. I'd rather *waste* my time helping others rather then living my life by doing nothing. In my view, I believe that's how the world works." Aspen looks clueless but pretends he understand what Eddie said. "I see.. Well, then! Off you go! I got some scientific research to look at! Oh! And to take care of these meddling kids.. Er, I mean splendid enthuastic children! Well.. Run along! It's getting pretty late actually. Better not worry your folks back in What-bon. Go, shoo, shoo!" Eddie and the group then leaves.

Back on Shining Path, heading home..
Night is seen falling over the group. Strangely, Shining Path feels different then it was during the day. It feels very esoteric as a sense of calmness surrounds the group, soothing them mysteriously.

The Instant Classic
December 30th, 2008, 4:29 PM
Tony was walking down the path with the group but by now he was extremely tired " boy as soon as i get back to town im going straight to bed " he yawns.
He then remembers what went down back in the lab and so rushes up to Eddie " hey that was one speech back there but seriously there has to be some reason why you want to help this kid i mean he didnt ask for your help did he im not trying to force you to tell its......well its like you have nothing better to do with your life which is not true so ermmmmm have ya got an answer for me " Tony says in a calm voice.

December 30th, 2008, 4:47 PM
"Tired already?" Raffine saked Tony. "That was nothing, I bet you couldn't last a second in my mansion." She stated as she started giggling. She heard Tony comment on Eddie's speech. "Yes that was quite the speech Mr.Eddie, you seem to have a good heart wanting to help this guy." She said as she took out her mirror from her small handbag. "Amazing how I can go so far yet maintain perfect skin. Oh how lovely" She stated. " Mr.Tony you act as if helping one is a strange thing." She said as she began to look at him suspiciously. "Oh well, we got what we needed so lets head over quickly, it looks like its getting late and we wouldnt want to be attacked again." She said.

The Instant Classic
December 30th, 2008, 5:00 PM
" There is nothing wrong with helping someone Raffine its just like i said Alec did not ask Eddie for help did he " Tony's calm voice disappears.
" I mean look at Eddie today he had the chance to start his own pokemon journey but insted he decides to help some kid and im not saying its a bad thing but lets be realistic how many kids would give up the chance of becoming a pokemon trainer for the reason Eddie has but remember i dont think Eddie has made the wrong choice but i think he has made the harder one ok ".
" Oh and by the way your skin ain't that perfect ha ha.....boy i needed that laugh "

December 30th, 2008, 7:28 PM
Eddie shuts his eyes. "It's true. Alec didn't ask for my help. But.." Eddie stays silent for a moment. "... Someone has to do something. It's not right to just let him suffer like that." Eddie clenches his fists tightly. "Especially since it was my fault that he.." Suddenly the group gets ambushed by a small group of red Mutiguys who jump out from a nearby bush. Surprised, the group steps back cautiously. "D-drat! It's those things again!" Yelled Eddie, who has opened his eyes. The Mutiguys take out sticks and slowly approaches the group. The group takes another step back, getting ready to fight back.

Suddenly, there's a great terrifying roar that shakes the ground, causing the group to fall down. The group panicks along with the Mutiguys. Suddenly, a giant shadowy creature with red eerie circular eyes emerges from behind the Mutiguys. This creature appears to have characteristics of a dinosaur, with ears like that of a rabbit's. It's back is covered in sharp needles. It seems to have a giant horn coming out from it's forehead. The creature roars fiercely once more, causing a terror to poison the group's minds. Eddie cried loudly in dread. "W-what.. What on earth is that..!!??" The Mutiguys fearfully charged at the creature in their small hopes of taking it down. However, the creature was undoubtably too strong for them. The creature knocks all the Mutiguys far away with it's forehead horn, sending them flying and vanishing from the scene. The creature turns it's attention to Eddie and the group, roaring a terrible roar once more. Eddie and the group recovers and get's up. "W-wha..?! I-Is this.. Is this another Mutiguy..?!" The creature makes grunts and choking noises as if it's in deep pain. Eddie glares at the creature. "... Whatever it is.." Eddie paused, as he takes off his backpack and places on the ground.

December 30th, 2008, 8:39 PM
Echo quickly saw the dinosaur-like creature and tossed up four pokeballs while bringing out his extended baton twirled it around. Echo's pokemon all popped out of there pokeballs a Poliwhirl , a Mudkip , a Totidile, a Staravia, and a Aipom all emerged in a blast of red light, looking ready for a fight.

Echo then turned his eyes a electric blue , he could now see 360 degrees but somehow when the dinosaur-like creature let out a loud roar Echo could no longer see 360 degrees and his eyes turned back into then regular deep brown.

Echo said in panic " Uhhh Eddie I think we have a probelm " , before getting thrown into the bushes by the dinosaur creature.

December 30th, 2008, 8:45 PM
Zeph was kind of suprised when the Mutiguys attacked them, but recovered quickly.

"Alright Vixie, prepare an Ember!" said Zeph.

Vixie jumped off of Zeph's head to the ground just to knocked down by a huge roar. Zeph picked Vixie and whirled around to end up stareing at a massive creature. The part Zeph imedatly saw was the gigantic horn coming out of the middle of it's forehead. The.... thing was all Zeph could think to describe it with, let out another massive roar, the compleatly fogoten about really small Mutiguys charged it while looking quite fearful. The thing just swept it's horn to the side, and the other Mutiguys just disipeared, flying to the horizon.

"Well. It looks like one enemey is gone," Zeph said in a feable and inaproperate atempt to make a joke. Zeph realized Eddie said something. "What was that Eddie.... What are you doing?" He noticed that Eddie put his backpack on the ground. Just then he noticed someone fly in to the bushes. "Ahh Crap! Vixie Energy Ball!" Zeph yelled.

December 31st, 2008, 3:30 PM
Eddie yelled out for Echo but his voice was cut off when the creature rams into Eddie, tackling him into a tree. "Aauggh!" Eddie accidentally left his backpack behind.. but he managed to get out his baseball bat. Leaning against the tree, holding his stomach - he yells out to the group. "G-Get out of here!! Take my bag with you!!" Eddie stands up and wields his baseball bat in a stance, getting ready to fight. "I'll.. I'll try to hold him off!" The group makes a surprised reaction, treating Eddie like a fool. "D-Don't worry about me.. I'll try to lure this thing away." The group.. gets together, preparing to flee. One of them grabs Eddie's backpack. The group runs away. However, the creature turns it's attention to the group and starts chasing them. "Hey!" Eddie comes charging at the creature, bashing it with his baseball bat. It makes a small thud, barely inflicting any damage on the creature. The creature turns around and swipes Eddie with it's large claws, knocking him over. "Aagh!!" Eddie slowly gets up and yells at the group. "D-don't stop! Keep going! I'll be alright!!" Eddie saids that so calmly and boldly as he gets up. He ignores his pain, which instead translates into his body trembling.

The group continues to flee from the scene. Some look back at Eddie. Some feel helpless. Some wanted to cry. Eddie continiously holds his ground against the creature. A fierce, sharp swipe from the creature's claw strikes Eddie! Eddie took the blow and managed to remain standing up. "Ugh..!!" Another fierce swipe strikes Eddie but his courage and determination kept him standing. Then.. As the group starts to lose sight for the two, the creature's horn missiles straight for Eddie. Eddie takes mortal damage! Eddie is seen collasping from the group's view.. But even so - the group continued to run, looking foward.

Disregarding all the panic, it was a safe arrival at Whitbon..
The group collaspes at the entrance, from all the running and panic. Annie and Alec's mother, along with a few other residents of Whitbon are seen approaching the group.

Alec's Mother exclaimed with a worried face. "W-what happened..?! We heard a loud noise that shook the ground here! It felt like an earthquake..! Are you alright.. ?!" The group was too exhausted to even reply back. One of the residents yells with concern at the group. "It's awfully late! What took you kids so long?!" Another of the residents looks fearful. "You kids look exhausted and scared.. Did.. Did something happen?" One of the other residents looks up ahead on Shining Path, trying to spot something. "I don't like this.." Annie looks around, confused and scared. "... W-where's Eddie?" The group stays strangely silent for a brief moment. Suddenly, it started to rain in the night. One of the residents jumps. "Yah! It's raining! Oh, bother! I just had these clothes dried for crying out loud!!" Alec's Mother looks around. "We should head inside. We might catch a cold in this weather.." A few of the residents argue. "I have a bad feeling for some reason. I feel uneasy.. That earthquake from before felt unnatural. Could it be that those darn Mutiguys are playing with some dangerous explosives? We should be on a lookout just in case. Something just doesn't feel right. We'll stay out here for a moment, just to make sure Mutiguys don't get close to our town. The rest of you should get inside. Get some rest." Most of the residents began to head inside their homes.

The rain felt gentle.. But.. It felt unpleasant.

Some of the residents stayed on guard at the entrace on a lookout, something that no one ever did before in Whitbon. Annie and Alec's mother stayed with the group who were trying to recover from their fatigue. Both were holding large umbrellas which they were using to shield the weary group as much as possible from the strange rain. Annie talked in a soft voice. "Eddie.. He didn't.. get into any trouble..." Annie paused. "... did he?" Alec's Mother tries to help Annie. "Don't worry! Some of the folks volunteered to search for Eddie, remember? I'm sure they'll find him.. I'm sure he's fine." Annie looks down at the ground. "Maybe your right.. It's just, I.." Annie closes her eyes.

One of the residents yell out! "Hey! Someone's coming! It.. It looks like a boy!" Everyone turns around. They notice a broken, wounded and dirty figure walking this way.. It was Eddie.

Eddie was still holding onto his baseball bat which he drops on his way to the group. He was seen carrying a capsule ball gripped tightly in his hand. "E-Eddie!!" Annie cries out for her brother. Eddie approaches Alec's Mother, handing her the capsule ball. "... H-here.. This.. This is what that.. Aspen guy gave us. It.. He said it will help Alec get better." Eddie saids in a crippled voice. Alec's Mother, looking quite shocked, takes the capsule ball. Eddie's fingers slide off the capsule ball as he collapses to the ground. "E-EDDIE!!" Annie screamed as she threw away her umbrella and came to her brother's aid. Annie grasped her arms around Eddie. Alec's Mother looks traumatized, looking at Eddie. She couldn't say a word for some reason. The group, freed from their fatigue, gathers around Eddie. Annie scolds her brother, even in his current state. "W-what happened?! Why are you like this?!" Eddie replies with a weak voice "... Th.. There was this monster I.. *cough* I.. managed to get it far away from here. I'm.. I'll gurantee that it won't bother us. You guys are safe.." Eddie's voice started dying out.. Annie screamed at her brother, with her tears falling down on Eddie's face. "You had to be reckless, didn't you?!" Eddie closes his eyes, looking extremely exhausted. "I'm.. I'm sorry.. I.. had to do something.." Eddie opens one of his eyes and looks around at the group around him. "... I wanna tell you. I wanna tell you why I wanted to help Alec so much. He didn't do anything for me.. But it was more that I did something to him. The reason why he locked himself up was.. because of me." Alec's Mother joins in. "W-what are you saying?" Eddie coughs and uses all the strength he had to continue.. "... I was the first one who picked on Alec. Because of how different he was from the rest of us, I did it for only a few days.. But I didn't mean to hurt him in anyway. In fact, I was actually trying to be friends with him. Because of how different he was from everyone, I thought that it would be kinda cool to hang out with him.. But then other kids started to follow me and my actions. They started picking on Alec too. Eventually everyone started to.. and he couldn't take it. Now, I'm trying to redeem for what I've done wrong. And if I succeeded, I hoped I would be able to be friends with Alec.. Because I admire him." Annie stares at Eddie, in a traumatized state. "... That's why you went through so much trouble.. Trying to help that boy..?" Annie closes her eyes, crying endlessly as she embraces Eddie tightly. "Oh.. Eddie!" Eddie looks confused. "What's wrong, sis..? Why are you crying..? Why are you so sad..? ... It'll be fine." Eddie smiles with sastifaction. He then looks around at the group. "You guys.. I'm counting on you guys.. Try and help Alec out as much as possible.. Hopefully you guys.. can be friends with him. Because even if he might act weird.. I don't think he's such a bad person.." Eddie closes his eyes one last time.. "Don't worry about me.. I'll be.. fine.." The scene becomes silent. Only the sound of rain dropping is heard..

End of Prologue

When started as a simple short trip in order to help a boy, ended in a great tradegy that affected everyone. Eddie gave up his life in order to save the town from a strange monster. But.. rather then it being the end for Eddie, it was in fact only a new beginning that was made from this loss.. It was the beginning of the real journey.

A week has passed by since then. Everything returned back to normal in the small town of Whitbon. On a certain day, Eddie's friends get invited by Alec's mother for a small discussion. But..

In Shineside City, outside of Aspen's labortoary.
"EGADS!!" Aspen rushes out the lab, looking crazy. "OH DEAR, OH DEAR!! This is not good!! Not good at ALL!!" Aspen runs around all the over place. Literally. "Where, where, WHERE is that experiment?!! How'd it managed to escape!?! Oh, what am I gunna do?! If I lose that Chimchar, so much research would be lost! Oh dear, oh dear!! What am I gunna do that?! Oh.. If only I had assistents that could help me at a time like this." Aspen jumps. "Wait!! I know!! I could ask those kids from Whitbon to help me!! They were nice enough to save from those malicious creatures! Perhaps they can help me out in this crisis!! Then it's settled! I'll head to Whitbon and find those kids!!" A passerby walks by Aspen, making a strange face. "... Why is he yelling?" Aspen rushes off. "Onwards!"

Chapter 1 - Out of this World
The group is seen heading towards Alec's house. They are having a small conversation along the way.

(ooc: I apologize if that felt hastey. I really just wanted to get to the first chapter.)

The Instant Classic
December 31st, 2008, 4:19 PM
Before morning... why why him he had so much fate into what he was doing for Alec and now he's gone.
And i was arguing with him just before it happened ( Tony clutches his fists ) im sorry for doubting you Eddie and i swear i will dedicate the rest of my days to help Alec i promise you.....Eddie......
Tony was really silent from the rest of the group after what happened he had to much to think about.....
" So has errrrrrrr is everyone doing ok " ( finding it difficult to strike up a conversation ).

December 31st, 2008, 4:57 PM
Echo was walking with his left arm entangled in with bandages and a scar on his right cheek shaped like a vertical line due to the creatures attack . He looked at Tony very angry about what he had said . " Does it look like we're OK! I broke my arm from that things attack and Eddie's dead!"Echo yelled at Tony in a very brutal fashion . " Just because you didn't get injured doesn't mean that you can have the nerve to ask if a wounded person is alright!". Echo then slowly calmed down and continued walking thinking " I don't care if I need to break every single bone in my body I'm going to destroy the rest of those vermin once and for all!".

December 31st, 2008, 5:03 PM
(ooc: Try not to mention "too" much about Eddie's death (think of it as more of a traumatizing event) - or anything from the prologue for the sake of the story.

I'm gunna let the others post first before I advance the story, in order to let everyone catch up.

And again, the prologue shouldn't be too concerning. Keep that in mind.)

December 31st, 2008, 7:50 PM
Kurt had completely ignored what everyone else was saying. His mind was in his own mindset while everyone around him was talking. He clenched a Coca Cola bottle in his left hand and took a big swig from it. In his right hand he held his old bag that had a broken strap. Kurts eyes grew wider as he eyed Alecs house. He hadn't been there in a while. The others seem to carry on with their conversation as Kurt moved to the front of the large group.

January 1st, 2009, 2:25 PM
Raffine was still very shocked about what happened. She tried not to think about it too much as it was too much for her mind to handle. Ash she took a look in the mirror she noticed her face was a bit red. "Now thats in poor taste." She said as she was annoyed by it. "Oh la-ti-da, we can't just sit here all day." She said starting to get impatient. She took a glance at Alec's house and had a cold rush coming to her. "Ugh, whats this feeling?" She wondered as she saw Kurt coming toward the group. She quickly snapped back into sense and greeted him. "Mr. Kurt. where have you been hiding?" She she asked.

January 2nd, 2009, 5:20 PM
(ooc: I guess I have to start advancing the story now before this RP fades away.)

Suddenly a young boy carrying a large bag filled with mail is seen running past by the group. The young boy has short brown hair, wearing a clean white t-shirt with brown overalls. He has plain ol platform shoes. This is Klick, the mail deliverer. Klick slows down as he passes by the group. It happens that he is old friends with the group. The group thinks that Klick is a little bit annoying. "Oh, hey guys! Haven't seen all of you for a while.. Whacha ya been doing these days?" Klick exclaims childishly. "Me? Aw.. It's been real busy, I have a stack load of mails I gotta deliver. I dunno why but the mail industry gotten alot more active! Whitbon's just the beginning - I gotta make a stop at Shineside city. Then at Flinton City.. Then at Lilac City. Then Pazlily town. And then Amberge city. Gotta make a stop at Endonut city too. And I even have to go to Snowlake village, in these clothes too! The nerve of it all.. And I'm not even finished yet! I have to go to Aquafalls, which I don't even know where it is.. Apparently it's in the ocean, which is awesome for me as now I gotta swim. Overcliff which is located on top of Master Mountain!! And then.. *gulp* Gravewich.. which I heard was haunted.. J-just g-great." Klick makes an annoyed face. "Jeez, I'm practically going to have to travel the entire region of Farbe!! That's ridiculous! Agh.. It's gunna be really busy for me. I wonder why I'm the only one who delivers mail. How come no one else does anything around here.. ?!" Klick coughs. "... Sorry. Am I being a bit a annoying? Am I? Pardon me. It's just kinda nice to see you guys again. Where's Eddie by the way? Is he not feeling well?" The group stays silent and ignores Klick's mention of Eddie. "Ah, well.. Where you guys heading off to?" The group explains on what they're doing (excuse me). "... Oh! Your gunna go see that Alec kid? You say he's finally coming out his house? Well.. About darn-o time! That kid's been inside for way way too long! That's not healthy. He needs some fresh air outside, ya know what I mean? Ah, well.. Anyway! Speaking of Alec. I think I'm supposed to make a delivery at his house. So I guess we're heading there together." The group and Klick eventually arrives at Alec's house.

Meanwhile, inside Alec's house.
Alec's Mother is seen knocking on a door. "Alec..? Alec, sweetie? ... Are you still sleeping? ... I suppose I shouldn't expect to get an answer from you. ... Have you played with your *new friend* yet?"

In Alec's room.
Inside the isolated area, it was rather clean and spotless. Around, a small blue sheeted bed was seen. There was a blue and red carpet on the floor, in the very center of the room. An average television was placed against the wall on where the door is. On the opposite wall, there was a small wooden table that had a white computer on top of it. Beside the computer was a red capsule ball. Sitting in front of the computer, there was a young boy with black spikey hair, still in pajamas that are striped with blue and yellow patterns. He was bare footed and his hair looked like a mess. This.. is Alec. (The protagonist.)

Alec's Mother can be heard from outside. "Alec. Did you forget your promise? Today's the day you finally come outside.. remember? Don't worry. You shouldn't be scared. There are a few friendly kids coming here to play with you. I'm sure you'll get along." Alec leans back on his chair, staring at his computer screen. "... ... ..." Alec just stayed quiet as usual. Alec's mother ignores his silence and continues. "So! You better stop acting so lazy and get out of that room now!" Alec yawns, then rubs his nose. Alec stares at the capsule red ball. "... ... ..." Alec kept quiet as he got up and took off his pajama shirt..

Outside of Alec's room.
Alec's mother starts to get upset, as she continues to knock on the door. "Alec..? You.. promised.. remember? Please.. don't upset me. It's terrible to break promises - especially those you made with your mother, Alec." Alec's mother started losing hope. "... ... ... Alec?" Alec's mother sighs and turns away. "... I knew it. He's not coming out." Alec's mother walks away. But as soon as she took a step, Alec slowly opened the door - with his head peeking out like a small curious child. His eyes look incredibly shy and timid, though really he was actually annoyed at the time. Alec's mother notices Alec and gets a surprised look on her face. "A-A-Alec..!! You.. You.. You.." Alec's mother studders. She shakes her head and snaps out of her shock. "I.. that face! I haven't seen that face for so long!! It's.. so strange seeing you like this. It feels like you've returned after a long trip.. but you were always here in the house." Alec blushes as he slowly comes out of his room. He is seen wearing a striped red and yellow shirt with a blue vest slapped on top. He's wearing short blue jeans and red running shoes. He's holding onto the red capsule ball tightly in his left hand. Alec's mother makes a sad looking face with a joyful smile. "I'm so glad.. I never thought you would ever come out! Oh.. Look at you. I nearly forgotten what you looked like. You look so much like your father.." Alec's mother places her hand on her chest, sighing with relief. Alec scratches his head, looking ashamed and embarassed. Alec's mother starts crying. "Oh.. Alec." Alec's mother approaches Alec closely.. Suddenly, knocking noises were heard. Alec's mother turns around, with a look of perception. "What?" Klick's voice is heard from outside. "Special delivery for..!!" There's a small pause. "Er.. Guys.. How do you pronouce this name..? You don't know? You just call her Alec's mom? *cough* Erm.. Special Delivery for Alec's Mom!! Also, you have some visitors here to see Alec!!" Alec's mother wipes her tears and leaves, looking back at Alec as she goes. Alec thinks to himself.. "... ... ... What am I doing..?"

Outside Alec's house.
Klick is seen knocking on the door. Eventually Alec's mother opens the door, having a small hopeful face. "Yes?" Klick takes out a letter for Alec's mother from his overfilled bag. How he managed to get the right one is somewhat mysterious. "Here you go ma'am!" Alec's mother politely takes the letter from Klick. "This..?" Alec's mother turns her attention to the group. "I see that you're all finally here. I apperciate for you all coming. It's really wonderful.." She seems to be quite happy and cheerful. Klick walks back. "Ah, well! I gotta get going! I'm done for Whitbon.. Now I gotta get to Shineside and.. everywhere else!"

January 4th, 2009, 1:50 PM
As Raffine turned to see Klick the mailman she gave a deep sigh of annoyance. Great, its HIM again. She thought in her head as she heard him say "Oh, hey guys! Haven't seen all of you for a while.. Whacha ya been doing these days?" Raffine began her response. "Well Mr. Klick I've been training my pokemon for quite a while now, and now I'm seeing...you." She said as she began wondering when Alec would come out. Damn I hope he comes out soon. Its not polite to keep a lady waiting. She thought in her head as she ended becomeing so annoyed with Klick she was tempted to trip him over. As Klick left she saw Alec emerge from the door. "Mr. Alec! My don't you look nice." She exclaimed with pleasure.

The Instant Classic
January 4th, 2009, 1:57 PM
Tony noticed that Klick had a bag on his back and before he could run off Tony grabbed hold of it stopping Klick " ermmmm Klick you still owe me that fiver remember....mate ".
Klick manages to break free from Tony's grasp and runs off " na na better luck next time " Klick shouts.
Tony then turns to face Alec's mom " hi by the way ( notices Alec ) oh so thats Alec is it ha ha ".

January 5th, 2009, 6:16 PM
Echo turned around when he heard that Alec has came out of his house he turned around to see the boy with a blue vest and said in a rude way. " So your the kid that Eddie told us about , I expected you to show up ". He then grabbed his damaged arm and sat down on a smooth rock relaxing for about three minutes then tossed a patch of grass at the ground then said " So what are we going to do now guys ?". He tossed up his baton and sent out Jumpy who playfully grabbed and twirled the baton with glee then finally sat down on Echo's head and rested glad that his trainer and best friend was safe.

January 7th, 2009, 9:41 PM
Alec looks away, looking awfully embarassed. But in truth, he was quite annoyed for leaving his room. Alec's mother turns around and faces toward Alec. "Oh! Alec!" Alec's mother looks at the group, then back at Alec. "See these people? They're going to be your new friends. I know.. how difficult it was for you to make friends in the past." Alec makes an annoyed face, looking as if he was just insulted. He squeezes onto the capsule ball tightly, looking a bit traumatized from some of the words his mother said. Alec's mother continues, ignoring her son's expression. "But.. I suppose that doesn't matter right now. You can start over. I'm sure these children will get along fine with you. They're quite nice.." Alec squeezes the capsule ball even tighter. He starts trembling. "But.. it's not.. ..." Alec's mother makes a worrysome glare at Alec. "Huh? What's wrong.. Alec?" Alec takes in a breath. He wanted to scream.. but managed to keep most of his voice locked inside. "This isn't what I want!" Alec's mother acts surprised from Alec's attitude. "A-Alec!" Alec swings his right arm, as a sign saying to get away. "It's not what I want!! I don't need friends! I never needed friends!!" Alec's voice rises.. Alec's mother moves back a bit, looking stunned and speechless. Alec continues, with his voice getting louder and more agressive. "It was never about this..!! It was never about..!! I just!! I just..!!" Alec is completely traumatized. The cause is unknown. Due to his state, Alec suddenly runs away, dashing by everyone. Alec's mother tried to stop Alec but hesitated in fear. "A-Alec!!"

Alec runs past Aspen, hitting his arm. Aspen spins around uncontrollably. "Wuwawawawawa!!!" Alec continues to run away.. Alec's mother and the group runs up to Aspen. Aspen slowly begins to stop spinning. "Wuaagh.. Wha.. who am I again? Owaah.." Aspen collaspes and falls to the ground. "Ooh.. when the saints go marching in.. I hope to be in that number, when the saints go marching in~ Argh.. Aaugh.."