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December 24th, 2008, 5:13 AM
I need 2 more shinies to finish my shiny collection, so please someone trade them to me!
I need a shiny quilfish and shiny clamperl/huntail.

I can offer:
Regular shinies: (If they do not have the word "Touched" next to them, that means the poke is UT)
Shiny rhyhorn Lv 42
Shiny rhyperior Lv 53 (Leveled from a rare candy, japanese)
Shiny leafeon Lv 38 touched
Shiny steelix Lv 44
Shiny swampert Lv 37 touched
Shiny blaziken Lv 37 touched
Shiny uxie Lv 50 Barely touched
Shiny arcanine lv 1 UT
Shiny eevee Lv 1 MODEST

Events: (All are UT except some of the movie gigas, and none of the regigigas have the custap berry.)
Movie Regigigas: Hasty; Jul. 19, 2008; Loves to eat. *Has a sinnoh champ ribbon*
Movie Regigigas: Quirky; Jul. 13, 2008; Likes to run. *Has a sinnoh champ ribbon*
Movie Regigigas: Modest; Jul. 16, 2008; Very finicky
Movie Regigigas: Relaxed; Aug. 4, 2008; Loves to eat
Movie Regigigas: Relaxed; Jul. 12, 2008; Alert to sounds
Movie Regigigas: Bold; Aug. 30, 2008; Likes to relax
Movie Regigigas: Relaxed; Jun. 21, 2008; Mischievous
Movie Regigigas: Careful; Aug. 7, 2008; Alert to sounds
Movie Regigigas: Lonely; Jun. 21, 2008; Somewhat vain
Haley Phione: Gentle; Often lost in thought.
MATTLE Ho-oh (100% legit, gotten from my own colosseum game)
Almia Darkrai (100% legit, gotten from my own PR shadows of almia game) *Will need to clone before trading*
Kyle Riolu (100% legit, gotten from my own PR shadows of almia game) *Will need to clone before trading*
Platinum Legends:
Dialga Lv 70 touched
Heatran Lv 51 touched
Giratina Lv 48 touched
Zapdos Lv 60 UT

XD/Colosseum pokes: (All are UT unless it says "Touched" next to the poke)
Colosseum Togetic Lv 20 (CALM NATURE!)
XD Raticate Lv 34 UT (JOLLY NATURE!)
Colosseum Quagsire Lv 30
2x Colosseum Noctowl Lv 30
Colosseum Skarmory Lv 47
Colosseum Quilfish Lv 33
XD Mareep lv 17 touched
XD Duskull Lv 19 barely touched
XD Chansey Lv 39
XD Electabuzz Lv 43
XD Magneton Lv 30 slightly touched
Colosseum yanma Lv 33
XD Butterfree Lv 30 slightly touched
XD Weepinbell Lv 32
XD Venomoth Lv 32
XD Tauros Lv 46
XD Pineco Lv 20
XD Magcargo Lv 38 almost gained a level
XD Ledyba Lv 10
Colosseum Ledian Lv 40
Colosseum Flaffy Lv 30
Colosseum Granbull Lv 43 (Touched moveset)
XD Voltorb Lv 19
XD Spearow Lv 22
XD Spinirak Lv 14
XD Meowth Lv 22 barely touched
XD Natu Lv 22
XD Mr. Mime Lv 42 slightly touched
Colosseum Sudowoodo Lv 35
XD Makuhita LV 18 slightly touched
XD Swinub Lv 22
Colosseum Swablu Lv 33

Regular legends:
All 3 pixies Lv 50 UT
Palkia Lv 47 UT
Cresselia Lv 50 touched (nn: Lunamon)
Uxie Lv 50 UT
2x Heatran Lv 70, 1 is barely touched with a modified moveset

Other Potential Pokes:
Pichu Lv 10 touched, modest
Gloom Lv 28 UT, modest
Anorith Lv 20 UT, adamant
Teddiursa Lv 1 UT, adamant
Turtwig Lv 1 UT, impish
Electrike Lv 1 UT, timid w/ Crunch, curse, ice fang, and fire fang
3x Chimchar Lv 1 W/ Blaze kick, t-punch, and brick break. All Naive nature.
Quite a few x Piplup Lv 1 Calm W/ Surf, stealth rock, grass knot, and ice beam. 2 of them have "Somewhat vain" characteristic

December 24th, 2008, 5:51 AM
I'll help...but where do I find quilfish and clampearl in pearl/diamond?!