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January 1st, 2009, 12:44 PM
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Greetings and welcome to the world of Pokemon. It is a vast and diverse land, full of many different creatures as well as people known as Pokemon Trainers who control them in battle. You are one of these Pokemon Trainers. With your new starting partner at your side and your fellow Pokemon Trainer companions, each having their own unique Pokemon, you must travel through the land that is Johto, collecting Gym Badges from the various cities as you strive for one goal and that's to be the Pokemon Master. You are a resident of New Bark Town and have decided to finally begin your Pokemon Journey. With the help of myself, the local Pokemon expert who provdes you with your first Pokemon, set out to begin your journey through Johto. Your job will be to catch wild Pokemon, as you train them to become powerful battlers. You can decide which moves they learn through TMs and HMs as well as if they will evolve or not. Beware though as an evil team named Team Enel has offical emerged. Though they were rumored to exist they have risin in force of the years. You may meet them on your travels and it will be up to you to stop them. You can collect items and secret Pokeballs to help your chances of catching Wild Pokemon. Your final goal is to collect all eight Johto Gym Badges and face off against the Elite Four to prove that you are indeed the true Pokemon Champion. There will be many challenges and many people who get in your way. Will you work with your fellow pokemon trainers, or against them? Only time will tell. The choices are all up to you as you build your team and try to become the best Pokemon Trainer of all time.
1.No Spamming.
2. No being mean or putting down others
3. If you want to interact with another Rper then set it up before hand so that way your posts make sense.
4. For Pokemon that require trading to evolve they will evolve 20 levels after their first evolution. EX: Abra evolves at level 16 so Kadabra evoles at level 36.
5. This will be in chapter format so you will have only a certain amount of posts
6. For the people who were in my Kanto RP they will be doing different things as we work through the rp. They will be able to take part in Gym Battles and catch Pokemon and battle Trainers but they will be Prof. Elms field workers which means they will have to preform certain tasks on the routes. This will be better explained as we move along.
7. If you are going to be gone for some time you will need to tell me so i don't kick you out. If you dont post within 10 days you will be booted out.
8. Any questions just ask me!
9. Put a smile face next to your name on your sign up so i can know if you read the rules
10. Please know how to use grammer and spelling. A few mistakes are okay (i know iv made a few typing this) but i don't want to read something that looked like a first grader wrote it.
11. Posts must at least be four lines long. Any shorter and I will tell you to fix it.
12. If you break any of these rules 3 times I will boot you out. No exceptions.
13. We will be encountering legendarys on this journey but you will not be able to catch them.
14. About half-way through the RP (around the fourth badge) Hoenn Pokemon will start appearing so if you catch Pokemon that evolve in later generations they will be able to evolve as well.
15. Have fun! I do want you guys to have fun and explore your own stories while typing up your posts!
The Character Sheet
Character Name: What is your characters name.
Gender: What is your characters gender.
Age: How old is your character. If you were in my Kanto RP and are going to use the same character then please note that three years have passed.
Apperance: What does your character look like. Again if you were in my Kanto RP please make some modifications to you character to show the time skip.
Personality: What is your characters personality.
History: What is your character's history. If you were in my Kanto RP please include a brief summery of your journey through Kanto.
Pokemon Starter: What is your starter pokemon. The choices are limited. If another person picked that pokemon, please choose another one. There will be two sets of Starter Pokemon. One set if for the people who were in my Kanto RP and the other one is for the people who are new. (If you were in my Kanto RP but want to make a different character you get to pick from the new set)
Kanto Starters
Level: 5
Type: Grass
Gender: Female
Ability: Solar Power
Attacks: Absorb, Growth, Mega Drain
Nature: Quiet

Magby (Dark_Link12)
Level: 5
Type: Fire
Gender: Male
Ability: Flame Body
Attacks: Leer, Smog
Nature: Hardy

Marill (rii-chii)
Level: 5
Type: Water
Gender: Female
Ability: Huge Power
Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl
Nature: Naive

Elekid (Kev XY)
Level: 5
Type: Electric
Gender: Male
Ability: Static
Attacks: Quick Attack, Leer
Nature: Impish

Sentret (Pikalover10)
Level: 5
Type: Normal
Gender: Female
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Scratch, Foresight, Defense Curl
Nature: Docile

Phanpy (Zeta Mark...)
Level: 5
Type: Ground
Gender: Male
Ability: Pickup
Attacks: Odor Sleuth, Tackle, Growl, Defense Curl
Nature: Hasty
Johto Starters
Chikorita (Editman)
Level: 5
Type: Grass
Gender: Female
Ability: Overgrow
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Bold

Cyndaquil (FrozenSnowman)
Level: 5
Type: Fire
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Attacks: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen
Nature: Timid

Totodile (Serene)
Level: 5
Type: Water
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Attacks: Scratch, Leer
Nature: Jolly

Mareep (~|symphony)
Level: 5
Type: Electric
Gender: Female
Ability: Static
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Mild

Togepi (.Sublime)
Level: 5
Type: Normal
Gender: Female
Ability: Hustle
Attacks: Growl, Charm
Nature: Brave

Larvitar (Wolfwhispers)
Level: 5
Type: Ground
Gender: Male
Ability: Guts
Attacks: Bite, Leer, Sandstorm
Nature: Lonely

Chapter 1: Done!
Chapter 2: Done!
Chapter 3: Done!
Chapter 4: Done!
Chapter 5: Done!
Chapter 6: In process...
Chapter 7: In process...

January 2nd, 2009, 12:42 AM
Character Name- Gold
Gender- Male
Age- 15

Appearance- Gold has grown and changed dramatically as he transferred from a 12 year old boy to a teen. His favorite clothes, a yellow and black jacket with matching shorts, suddenly became too small for him, so he had to make some modifications to make the outfit that endured so much with him fit once more. Ripping the sleeves off his jacket, he began to wear it just like that along with a pair of maroon pants that he received three years while helping his older sister take out a group of people called the Collectors. Underneath his jacket, Gold wears a black T-shirt that he found while digging his brother, Silver's, closet while he wasn't home. He decided to put away his cap for a while. Gold's face remains the same as he wears the same smile he used to when younger, but his eyes are different when you look at them directly. Instead of them being filled with life and light, they are replaced with a hot, intense flame that Gold developed on his journeys.

Personality- Gold remains the same as he was when younger, goofy and lighthearted, yet his journey has hardened another side into him, a side that is much more serious and focused. Gold never grew up to be considered a young adult in his familys' eyes, and even he can say the same thing. But if needed, Gold will leap into serious action and focus on whatever is needed to be done with great maturity. Gold has a tendacy to be a little too brave and bold at points as well, which gets him into trouble at points, but his trust in his old pokemon and best friend, Bret, usually pulls him out of the muk. All around, Gold is a friendly, happy boy who is sometimes misjudged because of the way he likes to act opposed to how he can act.

History- Gold and his eight siblings were born in Johto, but moved to the edge of Pallet Town because of a job his father got. Gold was born with a love of pokemon but was always to young to go on his own pokemon journey while some of his older brothers and sisters did. One day, jealousy took over him and he stole one of his father's poke' balls and stormed off into the wild to capture his own pokemon. He eventually stumbled into a small pikachu and managed to catch it with his single poke' ball. When he returned home his mother was a little shocked, but his father only laughed and said that the love of pokemon was in his veins. He didn't know that he was being watched by an expert while he trained with his pikachu. He was impressed by his skills and gave him an incredible challenge that Gold could not possibly look over.

So that was what started Gold on his amazing adventure that changed his entire life. With his lone partner, Pikachu, that built a team that Gold wanted to consider "unbeatable." The journeys and adventures that he experienced in the Kanto region changed his whole outlook on life, and even some others. With much determination, Gold overcame different obstacles such as breaking through to his brother, and saving his beloved Pupitar from a gang of Pokemon snacters that liked to call themselves the Collectors.

Finishing his journey, Gold returned home to relax and spend some quality time with his family, which included his pokemon team as well. Even surrounded by family, though, Gold hungered for more adventure each day he stayed there. He managed to get his mind off it for a while by telling stories to his little brothers, but it was almost like being homesick after a while. At the point when Gold thought he was going to explode, a letter came from him from a Professor Elm in the Johto League. Without hesitation, Gold leaves on the adventure and mets up with his best friend, Bret, to start the next chapter in his pokemon adventures.

Preferred Starter: Magby

January 2nd, 2009, 1:50 AM
Here I am!
I'll reserve Elekid and post my sign-up sheet soon. =)

Zeta Patchouli
January 2nd, 2009, 2:04 AM
Character Name: Christopher Evans :)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birth Date: 23 Feburary, 1993
Appearance: Chris has fairly long(for a guy) messy black hair, and sometimes he puts a cap over it. His skin is fairly tan, from being in the sun. He wears a slightly tan hoodie that used to be a couple sizes too big for him, but not anymore. His pants are long and black with some tears in them, but no matter what he wears, you will always see a chain hanging out. Chris also has a fake pair of glasses on. (Given to him by his dead brother.) He has worry lines and the skin around his eyes is black... his glasses have a crack in them, and his bag is dark blue, with the pokeball symbol on it. He has also grown a foot from before.

Chris also has a scar on his hand, as he was hit during the fight against Koga, when Dragonair dodged an attack from Venomoth, it hit his hand... obviously.

Personality: Chris is a somewhat- lighthearted young man, who is weary of a lot of people, since some turn out to be enemies... but other then that, he is a somewhat brave individual who hates Team Rocket, and whoever was pulling strings of the events in Kanto... He likes his pokemon, but had to give them to Professor Oak, and had recieved an Eevee to begin his new journey.

Chris hates electricians, because of an embarrasing event that happened a bit ago, causing him to get hurt... badly. He hates Manaphy, for reasons unknown, and hates Tacos, for they give him heartburn. He likes his fake glasses, his brother's journal which helped him out a lot in his journey, and his pokemon.

History: Christopher was born in Pallet Town on February 23rd, 1993. But there were complications with his birth. It turns out that Chris was born with a fatal blood infection. So Chris had to stay at the hospital for nine days, until a blood transfusion was performed, after that, his parents were finally able to take him home.

When Christopher turned five, he gained a fierce rivalry with his nine year old brother Fredrick. But obviously Chris couldn't beat him because he was too young. When Chris turned seven, the brothers rivalry grew because Fred went out and became a successful trainer, having caught at least 100 pokemon in only 1 month, so Chris decided go on a pokemon journey when he was the right age.

Two years later, when Fredrick came home, he decided to take Chris to the Orange Islands with him, after hearing about that, Chris was ecstatic, he always wanted to see Fred in action. But two days before the brothers were to go to the Orange Islands, a squad of Team Rocket grunts attacked and killed Fredrick, and his final words were." You won't get away with this, when I fall another, and stronger person will rise and take you down."

After hearing of his brothers death, Christopher started getting mad at every little thing, it got so bad that he had to be pulled out of school for a few weeks. Eventually Chris's temper subsided when he found his brothers journal, explaining everything about his journey, even the events that happened with Team Rocket, and ever since that day, he wanted to take out Team Rocket to avenge his dead brother.

However... when he went on his journey... bad things started happening. In Route 2, he encountered a mad poacher named Claus, he spotted his rival Kyle in the Viridian Forest, fought and lost to Team Rocket in Mt. Moon, got humiliated by Misty, Fought Kyle, then Clause before going down to Vermillion, where he encountered the most efficient villain... Drake.

Drake would have killed Chris, if his Dugtrio wasn't always lost, the Dugtrio ended up foiling his plan, and having him put under arrest. Chris then went to Saffron City, where he and Kyle infiltrated Silph Co, to stop the Rockets, but are soon chased out, and decide to join forces. Drake then returned to capture a bunch of Squirtles, but was stopped when he slipped off of a cliff.

Chris then won his third gym badge, and fought a hard battle against a rich boy named Michael, who was supposedly one of the trainers predicted to win the league tournament, and he landed on One Island, where he and Kyle split up. Chris returned to the mainland and fought Clause once more, almost dieing against the poacher.

Soon enough, he wound up in Laavender Town, where he met Kyle again, and went into the Pokemon Tower, and found a woman named Corosa... she was a grunt for Team Rocket, but put up quite the fight before running away. It turned out that Fuji had already been saved, by someone else... and that he was paied by Kyle's poke flute.

Then Chris encountered bikers, beat Erika, and fought against a small organization, lead by a mysterious man with not so good intentions, and a master that was never seen. This man killed his partner, and fled from the battle after he realized he was loosing.

Chris then raced Kyle across half of Fuschia, but was interrupted by Koga, who then challenged Chris to a battle for the fifth gym badge. But after the battle, the league had already taken place... Chris was too late, so he decided to travel to Johto, to possibly win this time, but feels bad that he's leaving Kanto to deal with Team Rocket(or so he thinks). Professor Oak gave him the Phanphy to start out his journey.

The day he stepped foot into Johto, two people attacked him for 'meddling in their Kanto affairs' They refered to themselves as Team Enel and tried to kill him, but the agents were nowhere near as strong as they were in Kanto, so Chris was able to hold them off.

Preferred Started: Phanphy

Trainer Card:http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/cards/2-1-2009/0f732c7ef0e91bf9d9169cfef05035d3.png

rii - chii
January 2nd, 2009, 9:01 AM
I'd like to reserve Marill, it's so cute x333

OOC: I finished my SU :D I'll have the trainer card soon :D

Character Name: Vanessa Sakamoto :)
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Appearance: Vanessa hasn’t gotten that tall since her travels around Kanto, she has recently gotten a set of azure-bordered glasses, due to reading a lot at night during her relaxation at home. She had dyed her hair into a greenish-black colour to resemble her of her dead father’s hatred; while the yellow highlights resemble Claudia. She wears a rose bracelet around her neck in replacement of her carnation which was wore in her hair 3 years ago. She wears a tie, a sweater vest, along with jeans. For shoes, she wears sandals outside to keep her cool regardless of the weather.

Personality: She has become confident as she traveled around Kanto, blossoming from her timid self when she was a child. She has become relaxed in battle to look up to her idol Sabrina. Despite her energetic actions, she feels somewhat melancholy at night for so many loved ones to die 3 years ago, but she knows she has friends who miss them too, the only thing that could cheer Vanessa up at night when reminiscing about the past, was her Tangela; now staying with her mother.

History: Vanessa was born in Celadon City, Kanto, but because Vanessa never made friends and was teased; they moved to Pallet Town. She would stay home and watch TV. She even went out to clean up near the outskirts of Pallet Town. One day, her father had been hired by Sliph Co. and never came back home. When she was ten, she saw a program which a battle about Lorelei against Bruno. She knew she wanted to become a trainer. When 14, she found an injured Tangela and captured it. Getting approval from Prof. Oak, she started her adventure.

Sweeping through Viridian City, she had met her first friend, Jennifer and had been friends since. Although Jennifer didn’t go on an adventure with Vanessa, they did compete against eachother in Cerulean. She has earned a huge amount of badges on her way towards Fuchsia City. She has to fight Team Rocket along the way. When on S.S. Anne, she got to see her father, but it was an unpleasant visit. He had killed an old man which got them back to Kanto, along with one of her friends; Claudia.

By the end of her journey, she had become a different person, kinder and talented then ever before. When she became 15, she discovered that Jennifer was moving off to Johto, so they wouldn’t see eachother for a long time. The year after that, her father passed away due to stress and anguish. She couldn’t take it anymore; she felt she had taken enough pain. Jelly came to help Vanessa in her pain, and she decided to find something to do. When 17, her present was a nice hairstyle; she dyed her hair and got highlights. Later, she received a letter from Prof. Elm to come over to Johto for some help. She was eager to help because it was in Johto, and Jen lived there.

Preferred Starter: Marill

January 2nd, 2009, 9:20 AM
To Dark_Link 12: Allright! Good sign-up! It will be nice to see Gold again.
To Kev XY: Sure! Elekid is reserved for you.
To Zeta Mark...: Yep! Phanpy is reserved for you.
To rii-chii: Of course! Marill is reserved for you.

January 2nd, 2009, 9:49 AM
Wow people are ripping off Pokemon Special nice...

January 2nd, 2009, 10:22 AM
To rii-chii: good sign-up! Marill is yours!
To Goodbye, Farewell, & Amen: dude these guys are NOT ripping off Special. They produced alot of orginal content in the Kanto RP. Please dont post here again.

January 2nd, 2009, 10:22 AM
This RPG sounds very cool.

Character Name: Jack Walker :)
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Apperance: Tall, just about 5.11. Also has blue hair, which does have some black streaks, the hair is short, not too long. Also, wears a blue shirt, with a black and blue flame pattern on it. Also, wears long, blue jeans that go right down to his ankles. His shoes are black, with black laces. He also wears earrings, that are shiny blue flames.
Personality: Jack is slightly immature for his age. He really likes to think of himself alot, even though he does think about his friends, family, and of course, Pokemon. He likes to use the words, "Me, Myself, I" over and over, just to prove his point. However, he is still pretty nice to the other people he likes. He is also quite shy, and doesn't talk to anybody he does not know, unless of course, he has to.
History: Jack was born in Goldenrod City, and was raised up there since he was born. He was brought up with his mum and dad, who he loves, but not more than he loves himself. He was told that he had to get more active outside, so he came up with a great idea. He collected a lot of Pokemon merchandise for his room, and one day wanted to be a trainer, but he had to know when the time was right. So, this was the time, the time he was going to start his journey from New Bark Town, where he just recently moved to. Right after moving, there was a building just along the road, where the famous Proffessor Elm lived. When he set up his room in his house, Proffessor Elm was saw outside of his window, supplying trainers with Pokemon from his lab. "Oh right! I'm going there next!" Jack was ready to start his journey from that point, he came to the right place when starting his Pokemon journey, wondering which Pokemon was right for him.
Pokemon Starter: Chikorita.

Hope my sign-up was alright...

January 2nd, 2009, 10:25 AM
To FlareonFan: hmm well unfortuantly your sign up wasn't quite good enough. Please edit your Everything but your history. Just add to it make everything about a paragraph long.

January 2nd, 2009, 10:32 AM
Is that enough? Or does there have to be more to it? If so, I'll try and think of something.

January 2nd, 2009, 10:35 AM
Can I reserve that Togepi?

Just one question though, how will I train it when it only knows Growl and Charm?

January 2nd, 2009, 10:43 AM
May I reserve Larvitar? Will put up SU in about an hour or so.

January 2nd, 2009, 10:48 AM
To FlareonFan: Allright its better! Chikorita is yours!
To .Sublime: Yes you can reserve Togepi and you'll have to be creative. Like Togepi can outwit her opponents insted of outfighting them.
To Wolfwhispers: Yes you may reserve Larvitar.

January 2nd, 2009, 10:58 AM
Alright, I think I can do that ;)
Can I nickname her too?

Character Name: Ashton Carter

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Apperance: Ashton has been described as "thrown-away" or "trashy" at times do to his apperance. His golden brown, shoulder length hair is usually unkept, with strands flying every which way. His eyes are a deep shade of green that anyone could get lost in, but this just may be his best feature to speak of. He has small signs of facial hair appearing on his upper lip, but not enough to notice without knowing it's there. His teeth are rather gangly, do to an accident from his childhood. (Which will be explained in his history)

His clothes are almost always tired and worn from years of wear and tear. He usually wears a shirt tht has one of his favorite brand names on it. Usually covering his shirt is a brown leather jacket that is pretty much the best looking piece of clothing he owns.

Now to the bottom portion of his attire. No matter if it's winter or summer, Ashton can always be seen in a pair of blue jeans. The jeans, following suit with his shirt, are always worn out; even a few pair have holes on the knees.

Even further down are his shoes. Ashton only owns one pair of shoes at a time; because he doesn't really need more than that. That one pair is a black and white pair of skateboarding shoes. Even though Ashton doesn't skateboard, he loves the shoes.

Personality: Ashton is a rather laid back induvidual with a carefree attitude, which explains his messy hair and trashy clothes. He can usually be seen relaxing on his porch without a care in the world. But of course, with an attitude like that, there are bound to be consequences. Those consequences for Ashton usually come in the form of getting kicked off the soccer team due to missed meetings, losing friends for breaking get-togethers, etc.

Ashton does have a somewhat split-side to his personality. But this is only evident when he's in a heated situation, like a Pokemon battle or a soccer game. Times like these will get his adrenaline pumping and blood rushing, causing him to get extrememly competetive. When he gets this way, nothing will stop him from getting what he wants. He won't give up until he wins. And, suprisingly enough, if he happens to lose he'll immediatly calm down to his normal self.

History: Ashton's lived your basic life with the basic family. The mom, the dad, the little brother, the pet Growlithe. All the ingredients for the perfect childhood. And a perfect childhood it was.

He was spoiled in his early years. He got everything on his Christmas lists, and loads of stuff for his birthday. It was the good life. But being spoiled like this is what gave Ashton his carefree attitude. He thought all the spoils of life would be handed to him on a silver platter. He has yet to figure out that it wont.

Around the time his little brother was born, Ashton was in a terrible accident at the beach involving a Kingler. He was enjoying himself in the waters until he, accidentally, came across the crustacean Pokemon and disturbed it's sleep. The Pokemon became so enraged that it gave Ashton a good whallop across the jaw with its humongous claw. The resulting injury was a severly broken jaw which required extensive amounts of surgery to fix. To this day though, his gangly teeth are a permanent reminder of that day.

Ashton recently decided it was about time to venture on a Pokemon journey. So here he is, about to begin his journey by going to Proffessor Elm for his first Pokemon

Pokemon Starter: Mala, the female Togepi

January 2nd, 2009, 11:06 AM
Character Name: Jade Skillet

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Apperance: Jade has small cut hair that only reaches the top of her neck. She spikes her hair and looks a lot like a boy. She has a single bar piercing on her left ear that she got without her parents permission and has loved it ever since, though it did get infected a few times because she did it herself. Jen always wears normal blue jeans, a black and gray striped long sleeved shirt and black converse shoes. Around her neck is a simple silver chain necklace that she constantly wears, along with the dog tags of her deceased older brother. He was always her favorite and taught her how to be a fighter. Aside from that she keeps a black jacket in her black backpack that she always carries around because she is constantly picking things up from the ground: coins, shells, sparkly things...

Personality: Jade is one tough cookie. Having had grown up with five brothers total and being the only girl puts you in that sort of position. She constantly likes to wrestle and have mock fights, even going so far as to wrestle a stray Mightyena that walked into her backyeard. The two had fallen in loe with each other, but sadly Jade had to let it go. Jen can be pretty cheerful. In fact, she is almsot all the time and rarely shows any anger unless for a just cause like against abuse, unfair laws and anythig against her belief's or when she gets into a fight with one of her brothers. Jen hides her tears, which really doesn't matter since she doesn't cry all that often. When she falls and hurts herself, she takes it, but unless a drama show is on, she will cry silently.

History: Jade grew up with five brothers, but was the third oldest. Her oldest brother, and favorite, Jarrett, died while serving in the army. He was a great soldier and pokemon trainer. His best pokemon, Skarmory, went down fighting with him. Jen now keeps his dog tags for herself. That was the first time she had ever cried so openly.

Jade's second oldest, Bobby, is a bit of a study nerd, and doesn't fight all that often, which sucks because when he does wrestle he's incredibly good at it. Jade's younger brother's, Mark and Owen, are only a year apart, Mark being the oldest and being one year younger than Jen. Aside from Jarrett, who is three years older than Bobby, they are all a year apart. Their family is close, but when news of Jarrett's death reached their ears, they were never the same again and closed off one another, and even till this day they aren't the same. That's why Jade wants to go on a pokemon journey, to get away from it all.

Pokemon Starter: Larvitar

January 2nd, 2009, 11:08 AM
Wow people are ripping off Pokemon Special nice...

I can add the fact that I've never even read Pokemon Special before :P

Here's my trainer card. I guess I should've waited until the ooc thread opened up, but I was bored and had nothing better to do, so here you go:


He doesn't look close to what Gold does, but that was the best one I could find, so......

January 2nd, 2009, 11:15 AM
Question: Will attacks and level up be like in D/P? Just asking since there are some attacks these pokemon can't learn without it and because it seems like faster attacks from low levels and stuff.

January 2nd, 2009, 11:35 AM
To Wolfwhispers: good sign up! Jade sounds like a very intresting girl. And i dont really understand your question...but if you mean they learn attacks from D/P then yes.

January 2nd, 2009, 11:48 AM
May I reserve the Totodile?

Name: Silver Clone :D

Age: 15

Gender: Male


Tall and lanky, Silver towers above the crowd at six feet two inches. He is very proud of his height- the taller the better for Silver. As for the clothing department, Silver doesn't dress up. A jacket, tee shirt and jeans are all Silver wants and needs. If you're going to be running around all the time, why dress up? Aside from that, he is always sporting his old, black skate shoes. Not the best for travel, but they work for him. And they compliment his long, dark brown hair which flows to the end of his neck, and halfway over his eyes.


To sum it up, lazy. Silver is always bribing his friends into doing his responsibilities for him. And even though he may appear like a sarcastic guy who doesn't care for his future in the slightest, he is a natural- born genius. He always has a new question for everyone to ponder and is a huge fan of paradoxes and riddles. He is witty, and thinks on his feet, which makes some people see him as a smart- alec. Silver is very close to his friends, as he is the sociable type... sometimes. Silver has very odd behavior patterns, which even he cannot understand. Sometimes he will wake up daring, fun, and ready for anything, while on some days you could find him in solitude gazing at the clouds, in a very deppressed manner. But overall, Silver is a joy to be around, and can usually brighten up your day with one of his sarcastic remarks.


Silver was raised in New Bark Town, like most aspiring young trainers, but not because he wanted to be one. In fact, Silver despised Pokemon. He thought they were utterly useless, and couldn't understand why anyone bothered with them. All of his friends tried to get him into it- they even gave him a Pokemon for his birthday- but failed, as Silver is not one to jump on the bandwagon. So, one day on one of his walks, a man with a black and red uniform attacked him, and almost killed Silver with his Pokemon. He came close, until the champion of the Johto region, Lance, defeated the menace with his Pikachu. This event lighted a fire within Silver's heart that made him want to pursue Pokemon training.

Preffered Starter:

The Totodile, please ^_^

RP Sample (in case you want it):

The bitter air of the night seemed too freeze Silver once he stepped outside. He knew what he was to do, but was unsure how to go about it. He left his grandmother a note saying that he was spending the night at Rick's house.
That, of course, was not his plan.
Clutching a ticket to a private charter, Silver dashed along the empty alley. Few people were out that night, as the temperatures had hit a record low. That, and the new curfew set into place by the police.
It was supposed to "keep crime on thin ice", but Silver just saw it as another insipid attempt to tighten the city's grasp on the people. After all, nobody wanted Team Rocket in the city again. The last encounter left half of the city ablaze from the inferno set off by their pokemon. But what was the use? If you block the roads, they will come from the sky, if you seal off the sky they will come from beneath your feet. And if you sealed off the oceans, the trains, the cars, the planes, they would come from the inside out.
But Silver did not care. All he knew was that he had to get to the other side of the city before six- thirty A.M. It seemed like an easy task. After all, how hard could it be to follow the road? Just run on Midnight Road before and take a left a the Pokemart!. So he decided to keep going. The police weren't going to catch him. He was as deft as a cat! As swift as an eagle! As silent as a spider!
Before he ran into the trash can. Silver bellowed a loud curse, which caught the attention of some unwanted friends.
"Who's there? I demand you show yourself!" came a voice.
Silver crawled out of the wreckage, brushing some debris off of his shoulder.
"This is the Goldenrod Police!"
"Of course," Silver whispered to himself.
"Come out or we will be forced to become-"
"Why, hello officer!"
The officer seemed a bit startled at Silver's sudden appearance.
"What are you doing out this late? Don't you know the curfew is in effect? Every citizen locked in their houses at ten!"
"Oh, my mistake sir," said Silver. He kicked his shoes on the ground lazily, looking as innocent as possible. Dumb curfew, he thought. "I was under the impression that the curfew started next week, the fourteenth."
"There were notices all over the city, sir, and I have a hard time believing you were unaware of such changes," replied the officer tartly.
"Hmm... Pity," said Silver. "Well, officer, I am sorry if I had bothered you today. I'll just be headed off to my house now-"
"Yes, yes, of course, but could I ask you a question?"
"Anything for a noble serviceman like yourself," replied Silver sweetly.
"What is your name?"
"I don't know."
"Austin, sir. Austin..." Silver thought rapidly. He did not want to use his previous last name nor his current. Or the one he used the previous night too escape curfew. He was glad the officer was not the same.
"Austin Brooks?" said the skeptical officer.
"Uh... yeah that's me!"
The officer gave Silver a long, scrutinizing look.
"Hmm... Well that's curious."
"What is it, your lawfulness?"
"You fit the description of the man my friend busted last night."
"Big city, there is bound to be some look-alikes," Silver responded, trying not too look nervous.
A third voice interrupted, "Or maybe just one good liar."
The voice stepped out of the shadows. Silver's euphoric attitude just dropped to one of despair in realization of the obvious cliché. The officer from last night emerged, face red hot with anger.
"This is him?!" exclaimed the first.
"Bet your Bellsprout it is," seethed the second. "So mister 'Wilson'... How would you like the rest of your night in county?"
"No, it's okay."
"But you lied to an officer. You're coming with me."
"Umm, no I'd rather not," Silver replied. And then he bolted.
"Stop, crook!!"
Silver was already on his way by the time the cops gave chase.
"All units, scramble! We have a rouge on Midnight Road! I repeat, all units scramble!" Roared the officer into his mike.
Silver chuckled too himself as he sprinted along the alley. Nothing like a run at night, right? He continued on his way, dodging trash cans and the occasional Grimer. In the distance far behind, he heard the barks of Growlithe the police had sent. Silver was fast, but Growlithe were faster. Thinking quick, Silver decided the best move here would be to swerve. In and out of backyards and roads, Silver's erratic path dumbfounded the hounds, and soon they were all over the city, desperately searching for the renegade on the loose.
"Aha!" Silver panted, "the Pokemart!" It was quite a ways off in the distance, but he could arrive in time.
With no time spared, he stepped on the gas, ripping through the city even quicker than before. When the Mart 's aromas of potions and cleaning supplies reached Silver's nose, he knew he had to make his turn. But the dogs were in hot pursuit. Even if he made it to the pier, by the time he found a hiding place, he would have become kibbles. Oh well, he thought, no harm trying.
Silver slammed hard left at the mart and, almost loosing his footing, sprinted with all of his might. The dog's howls were getting louder by the second, and with the pier in view, Silver just kept pouring it on. His heart was punding with the almighty force of fear and exceitment. All that was keeping him upright was his adrenaline. He could see the sea, the docked boats and the lighthouse, now. He was about there, but now he could hear the Growlithe's snapping of teeth and snarls of hunger.
There it was! His feet stepped on the wooden dock, and Silver made an almightly, last- ditch leap- straight into the icy water. The dogs screeched to a halt, and all collided to produce a heap of fur, fangs, and fire. Silver's jump into the water had nearly stopped his heart, but he still managed to smile. A smile for his achievement, and narrow luck. He turned and swam across the water, and collapsed onto a small sailboat. All with the serenade of yelling dogs, and confused citizens back on the solid, arid earth.

January 2nd, 2009, 11:55 AM
ok so I'll reserve Snetreet since I was in the Kanto RP and I will work on my SU right now:)

EDIT: HEre it is:

Name: Maximillion(Max) :D:)
Gender: Male
Age: 13

Appearence: Max has grown since he was 10 and his usual attire became to small for him. Growing from being the shortest boy for his age group he grew in to a normal sized boy standing at 5 foot 7 and weighing in at 95 lbs. His usual attire became to short for him so he had to get a new outfit. He still wears his necklace with a Gyarados scale encased in it, but he wears new clothes. He now wears a regular white T-shirt, a black polo shirt with a yellow half Pokeball print on the front, blue baggy jeans, black running shoes, black fingelress gloves, a green knapsack, and a red and black hat. He also still has crystal blue eyes and black spiky/messy hair.

Personality: Max hasn't changed much. He is still your everyday class clown and neighborhood hero. He is still very outgoing and loves to swim, play soccer, climb trees, and train. He still loves Pokemon with all his heart and wants to become a Pokemon Master. He still loves hs best friend, and aold companion, Arcanine(who used to be Growlithe) a little more then his other Pokemon. He still loves his Pokemon no matter what though. At times Max can be serious and focused though. His brother Kevin always torments him still which sort of hurts his confidence, but not much. He only has one human friend so to get ttention he does stupid stuff, even if its wrong to get attention.

History: Max grew up in Pallet Town. His mother died giving birth to his younger brother Josh, but Max never held it against him, although Kevin, his older brother, did. Max always protected Josh because he had another little brother that died from a disease this kid gave him, and he didn't want that to happen to Josh. Max was picked on because of this but never stopped protecting Josh. His father abandoned the three of them forcing them to live on the streets. When Max was out trying to scavenge up dinner for them he met a Growlithe who was being hurt by kids throwing sticks at him. Max stopped this and saved Growlithe.

Growlithe came back with him and lived with them. One day when Max was out visiting Proffessor Oak about becoming a trainer one day Kevin left Josh alone, and Team Rocket goons found him. They left a note behind after kidnapping Josh saying: If you want your little brother back then meet up with our leader and battle him. If you win Josh can choose to come home with you or he can stay with us. Max figured Josh would never come home because when this happened Josh was only 2 and could barely remember anything of him or Kevin. When this happened Max was only 5 and then at that moment decided to become a trainer alongside Growlithe.

Max eventually found his little brother Josh, but Josh was different. Max defeated the Team Rocket leader with his Arcanine and other team pokemon. After defeating him, the leader let Josh choose. Josh didn't even remember anything of Max and decided not to go with Max. After a few days Max decided to break in and kidnap Josh. The alarms went off and Max was surronded by a bunch of Rocket goons. The leader then walked out with Mewtwo and was getting ready to kill Max with Mewtwo. Josh was one of the goons surronding Max and when Max said a firm no to the leader saying he could give up, it trigured something in Josh. He remembered once Max was holding Josh in his arms(remember Josh was a baby still) and someone jumped out of nowhere and demanded Josh. Max had refused but was badly injured, but the man didn't take Josh. Mewtwo shot a huge purple ball of energy at Max and Josh jumped in front of Max realizing Max truely was his brother.

In the end, Josh had died and Max was left alone once again except for his older brother. He decided to take a little break from training and lived in Pallet with a friend he had made. His Pikachu evolved into a Raichu, Golbat into Crobat, Kadabra into Alakazam, Wartortle into Blastoise, and his Growlithe had already evolved into Arcanine. Then, Max decided to start his journey through Johto...even though he had no motivation what so ever. Or, atleast he thought he had none.

Preffered Starter: Sentret

Here is TC if accepted:


January 2nd, 2009, 12:01 PM
To Zeta Marx...: Good sign up though Prof. Elm is giving you your Pokemon...However thats probally my fault for not mentining so whever! Phanpy is yours!
To PlatniumPiano: good sign up! Try not to make Silver like the Silver from the games though. Also you and Dark_Link12 may have some issues since his character's brother is also named Silver and your Silver and his Silver have very similar personalitys. Just a heads up.
To Pikalover10: Ok! Sentret is reserved for you! (I was starting to worry no one would want her)

January 2nd, 2009, 12:14 PM
To PlatniumPiano: good sign up! Try not to make Silver like the Silver from the games though. Also you and Dark_Link12 may have some issues since his character's brother is also named Silver and your Silver and his Silver have very similar personalitys. Just a heads up.

Hmm... that could present a problem. Lol yeah, didn't really name him after the Silver in... Silver version? Yea, we'll find a way around it...

January 2nd, 2009, 12:22 PM
To .Sublime: Good Sign Up! Togepi is yours!
To Everyone: So im working on the OCC thread, so look for that later, but Chapter 1 should be up later today since the spots are almost filled so get ready to start!

Snow Phoenix
January 2nd, 2009, 12:36 PM
Okay I want to sign up. I'd like cyndaquil if it's not taken. I hope it's not too late. I'll have SU up soon.

Edit: Here's my SU. I hope it's not too late.
Name: Zachary “Zack” Joke

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Appearance: Zack is about five feet and four inches with black eyes. He has a scar that comes from the top of his right eye to the right of it. His hair is black, short, and with spikes. He prefers his clothes to be comfortable rather than fashionable and so he generally wears hoodies with jeans. He usual has hood over his head so no one can see his face and he is very skinny.

History: Zack was born as the fifth child in his family. His parents always thought of him as the fifth wheel and would rarely ever feed him or take care of him. He finally left at the age of thirteen; his parents didn’t even know he left. He was sent to an orphanage in Cherrygrove City when the police found him one day walking around with his boney stomach sticking out. At the orphanage not a single person learned his name; it was there that he learned that he was not wanted. He left the same way he got there; by running away to Newbark Town. In Newbark Town he lived alone surviving on whatever he could find to eat each day and saving up enough money to begin his dream of becoming wanted. The first step to that goal is winning the Pokémon League. He has heard about a professor who can give him a Pokémon to complete his dream and fortunately he now has enough money to travel.

Personality: He is very lonely and cold. Even if someone tries becoming his friend he’ll most likely reject them because he doesn’t trust them, however, if he sees them useful he may allow them to travel along with him. He usually twists everyone’s words so that they convey hatred and disloyalty. He thinks that friendship is worthless and fake. Living without friends he is able to attack without mercy and allows him to reject sentimental feelings. He also studies when alone and not busy and it has made him a great tactician.

Starter: Cyndaquil

January 2nd, 2009, 12:41 PM
To Pikalover10: Good Sign Up! BTW its been 3 years so Max would be 13.
To FrozenSnowman: Sure Cyndaquil is reserved for you.

Snow Phoenix
January 2nd, 2009, 12:44 PM
There I hope you see my original post and see my SU. I was worried about time...

January 2nd, 2009, 12:45 PM
To FrozenSnowman: good sign up! We sure have alot of cold people in this RP! Cyndaquil is yours!

January 2nd, 2009, 12:46 PM
Lol I'll just have to put a smile on all your emo characters' faces :D


January 2nd, 2009, 12:59 PM
Hmm... that could present a problem. Lol yeah, didn't really name him after the Silver in... Silver version? Yea, we'll find a way around it...

lol, my character has a large family and all their names are after pokemon games. I'm sure it won't be a problem though. It shouldn't be hard to figure out what Silver is being talked about.

January 2nd, 2009, 1:12 PM

Character Name: Grey Christopher Rose
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Apperance: Grey is fairly tall for his age, being somewhere around 5'5". He is 'shrimpy' you might say. He doesn't work out, and doesn't have much meat on his bones. He wears a formal watch, nothing fancy though. He usually wears contacts, but if you catch him on a bad day he will be wearing wire-rimmed glasses. He has a few freckles here and there across his face. He has a skinny nose, and has the first signs of acne appearing on his forehead. He has a normal sized chin, and thin lips. He is usually wearing gloves on his hands to cover up his bony fingers. His arms are skinny and most would be able to wrap their hand around his wrists. His legs are the same as his arms: skinny and bony. He has fairly big feet for his small size. A good word to describe his figure is 'lanky'. Grey wouldn't be caught dead in shorts. He always wears jeans, and is okay with short sleeved shirts. Underneath his shirt he always wears a white undershirt. Over his shirt he usually wears a gray hoodie (ironic, aye?). He has bleach-white sneakers; they look as if they have never been worn. Though you can't see his socks, he usually wears the socks that are hidden beneath the shoe. If Grey gets invited to a school party he would probably wear his normal: jeans, short sleeved shirt and undershirt and a gray hoodie. But if the party happens to be a 'Sunday Best' party then he would wear a black or navy blue sports jacket (or suit) accommodated by a usually blue or white button-down shirt with a tie (non-clip on). He would wear khaki or black pants, held up by a usually brown belt. His choice of shoes would be brown 'penny loafers'. On a chilly winter’s day, Grey would be seen in his usual dark blue jeans, but a long sleeved shirt and hoodie. Instead of sparkly white sneakers, Grey would wear brown boots. On cold days Grey would usually have his glasses on, so his contacts won’t dry out with the dry and cold wind. If it is especially cold, he would either have a hat on, or the hood of his hoodie.
Personality: Grey is calm whenever things around him are calm. He is a follower if whatever must get done doesn't affect his grades, etc., but whenever something comes up and it will affect his life he will take the lead of the project and complete it with his best efforts and intentions. His mood changes as the mood of those around him changes. If it is a rainy day, he will most likely be gloomy, but on a bright day he will be happy and calm. Whenever something sad, devastating, happy, or joyous happens, he usually won’t show much emotion. A good way to describe his personality is if the weather is good, he’s good, but if the weather is gloomy, he’s gloomy. Because of his small size he is usually picked on by kids his age and older. Usually the first time they pick on him is also the last. He has a darks side when someone threatens him or tries to hurt him. People learn that despite his laid back person, he can get mad fairly easily. Outwardly to everyone Grey is very calm and shy, but those who really get to know him will see that he can be very open and talkative, quite the opposite of his normal, laid back personality. Grey is loyal to everyone around him and when he is around strangers, he tends to try to be cool and mysteries to make a good impression, but he usually fails.
Name- Scarlett Rose
Age- 51 (at death)
Relation- Mother

Name - Thorn Rose
Age - 43 (at death)
Relation - Father

Name - Scarlett Rose
Age - (Died at birth; would be 12)
Relation - Sister

Name - Thorn Rose Jr.
Age - 22
Relation - Brother (Estranged)

Name - Mary Iona
Age - 63
Relation - Caretaker
Past: Twenty-two years to the day before Grey was born, his brother, Thorn Jr. was born. Twenty-two years later Grey and his twin sister Scarlett were born on a rainy, gloomy day; his parents were Scarlett and Thorn, both were great, wealthy Pokemon trainers. Sadly, Scarlett died at birth. Then to make his birth sadder, his dad died less than a week later. Now Scarlett was a single mom of to boys: the newborn Grey and Thorn Jr., age 10. Then, when Grey was eight and his brother was 18, their mother died. After the deaths of his parents Thorn became estranged from his only left family member, Grey. He left Grey in the care of Mary Iona, a boring, old caretaker. Luckily for Grey it was only two years before he left on his Pokemon journey. But when Grey finally turned ten, Iona wouldn't let him leave. After a one year wait, Grey was able to leave, but with no Pokemon. On a search to find his brother, he ended up in New Bark Town, where there was a Professor, who had a computer. He looked up his brothers name, Thorn Rey Rose Jr. he found out that his brother was the owner of the biggest money-making company and was better known now as Mr. Rose; Grey then knew that his brother would never let him live with him. He was a big shot now, not caring about his orphaned brother. That is when Grey knew that he finally needed to go on his own Pokemon journey.
Pokemon Starter: Mareep

January 2nd, 2009, 1:15 PM
To ~|symphony: yes you can reserve mareep

January 2nd, 2009, 1:28 PM
I've finished the Sign Up

January 2nd, 2009, 1:28 PM
reserving Sunkern *sigh*

January 2nd, 2009, 1:33 PM
To Shadow Thunder Lord: well technicaly its only for those people who were in my Kanto RP....but if you make a fantasmic sign up then i might reconsider since all the Johto Starters were taken
To ~|symphony: wow. that is one detailed sign up. you are accepted!

January 2nd, 2009, 1:47 PM
Hey Lace do we have to put a trainer card for this RP?

I have a problem when trying to insert images. The little box pops up, but it doesn't do anything. Help?

January 2nd, 2009, 1:50 PM
yes you do. Either try putting it into your sig or i can make the card for you if that dosent work

rii - chii
January 2nd, 2009, 1:57 PM
I finished my trainer card :D

January 2nd, 2009, 1:58 PM

My TC. The sprite is unlike Silver, but oh well

January 2nd, 2009, 2:07 PM

Best sprite I could find. xD
I wasn't in the mood to make my own :/

Snow Phoenix
January 2nd, 2009, 2:11 PM
Here's my TC


January 2nd, 2009, 2:32 PM
Got a TC. I hope that it is okay that it is miniature:


EDIT: 999th post~~

January 2nd, 2009, 2:45 PM
In that case, here's mine -


lol, I know, it looks a lot like a girl, but eh, that's what Jack looks like...

:t136: Flareon :t136:

January 2nd, 2009, 3:10 PM
thanks for the cards guys! I'll put them up as soon as the OOC thread gets accepted. For now onto the 1st chapter!
Chapter 1: New Bark Town
Number of Posts: 1
Description: A small quiet little town nesstled between the sea and the woods. Professor Elm's lab is located here. It is the sister city to Pallet Town.
Beep! The computer behind the young professor made a noise, signifing that an email had been received. "Hmm?" the professor opened it up. '

Dear Professro Elm, I have exciting news! I went to the Daycare Center on Route 34 to pick up my two Togetics when to my surprise the old couple who runs it gave me an Egg! I was shocked! They didn't know where it came from. Could you send some one up to my house to get so you could run some tests on it? Thanks! Mr. Pokemon.

"Sigh. What do I do? Im too busy here to go up there!" Elm muttered. While he did want to go see this mysterious Egg he had to start some new trainers on their Pokemon Journeys today, not to mention that Oak from Kanto was sending some experienced trainers to give Elm a hand around the lab.

"Wait thats it!" Elm exclaimed. "I can make the trainers from Kanto be my field agents! They can explore the Johto Region, getting badges and catching Pokemon, while helping me get data on the Pokemon here!" Elm said happily. He began rumminging around his lab. "Those guys are going to need Pokemon though..." Finding a few just in time, the new trainers who were just starting out and the trainers from Kanto had just walked in.

"Hello. My name is Professor Elm. Some of you are here today because you want to start being a Pokemon Trainer. Some of you are here because Professor Oak asked you to come and help me around the lab. All of you are here because you love Pokemon." Elm saw some of the kids roll their eyes at this.

Elm began to pass out the Pokemon intended for the new trainers. Then he began to pass out the Pokemon intended for the trainers from Kanto along with spare PokeGear. "Um excuse me!" a girl from Kanto said. "We're just helping you in the lab. Why are we getting a new Pokemon and PokeGear?"

"Thats a good question young lady. You see I can take care of my own business when it deals with the lab but more often than not I have to leave my lab to take care of field work. This becomes a bit of a problem for me since I'm not the outdoorsmen." Elm said with a blush. "So iv decided that you five will go in my place."

"So wait we're just your errand boys now?" one of them asked with a scowl. "Not necciouarly. While you explore Johto I'll give you a mission to do while you're on that route or in that city. Sometimes there won't be a mission at all. But after you complete your mission I don't care what you do. You can raise a new team of Pokemon and take the Gym Challenge again for all I care." Elm saw a few of their eyes light up for the kids from Kanto hadn't been able to enter the league in time.

"Well if thats all good and dandy here are each of your Pokedex's. I trust Professor Oak upgraded yours before you left?" Elm asked the Kanto kids. They nodded. "Good. Now you may began your journey!" Elm said as he handed each kid on their way out the door 5 Pokeballs. Each child had their own story to tell...
What to do: Just do a post explaining your day in New Bark Town and receiving your stuff from Elm.

January 2nd, 2009, 3:47 PM
Jade Skillet nearly had to push and shove her way into the large laboratory. The amount of kids that pushed and shoved her in the first place recieved a harsh scowl and a few good shoves to the ground. Jade smirked as she confidently strode in as soon as a path of sorts finally mad way for her.

Inside were various machines that were used for all sorts of experiments. They all blinked or sparkled in someway, making Jade wonder what they were for. As soon as they all got into a respective line, Professor Elm walked out, looking a bit nervous but faced them seriously.

"Good evening," he greeted them.

"Good evening," they all responded back.

He smiled at them, looking a bit more confident. "I gather you all know why you're here. It is because you all love pokemon." Most of them, Jade included, rolled her eyes. Professor Elm didn't appear fazed by their reaction. "I have much business that is needed to be done, and as I cannot leave the lab that often, you will be doing certain chores for me."

"Excuse me?" Jade drawled. "So, we're just your errand kids, is that it?"

Professor Elm chuckled. "Well, if you like to think that, then yes. There will be certain missions that you will be required to do, but while you are free you are welcome to train pokemon and even battle against gym leaders."

Jade's lit up, imagining all the future battles she would be in.

Professor Elm began to hand out pokeballs and pokegears to them. "You all have your own story to tell, and now it is time to write the first page of your chapter." He smiled. "You may begin."

Jade nodded thankfully, her hand cradling the pokeball that held her starter, a large grin donning her face.

January 2nd, 2009, 4:13 PM
To Wolfwhispers: Thats a good first post though the whole missions things are for my Kanto guys, not you new guys. Chapter 2 will be up either late tonight or tommorow

Zeta Patchouli
January 2nd, 2009, 4:33 PM
Chapter 1: The New Journey Begins!

Chris smirked as he and Kyle finally arrived in Johto. "Well, it seems we have arrived." Said Chris as he looked down at the somewhat-small town.

New Bark Town was a fairly small town, but it had a nice sized port, perfect for transporting supplies across the small sea that seperated this part of Johto from Kanto. There were a few houses and shops, but nothing like Saffron, or even Fuschia. The professors lab was the most noticable feature, as it was the most technological place. The picture of New Bark Town in Chris' journal was now obsolete, as the town had grown quite a bit in six or so years.

"Wow, it looks different from the picture I have in the journal." Said Chris as he opened said object, looking at a picture which contained a smaller version with a primitive port, and hardly any stores. "But then again, it's bound to change. Well, those Enel people were right, this place has changed."

"So, do you think we can get a start here? I mean, we missed the league last time. Will we make it this time?" Asked Kyle as he looked at the Johto league flyer. "I mean, we missed the earliest sign-up time by about a week." Chris looked at his rival and said.

"Yeah, we'll make it in time... unless Team Enel does something to interrupt us entirely, but I doubt it." Chris got out of the boat before handing the man the money. "Besides, it takes place in almost a year, we don't have to worry about it too badly at this point."

"I guess, hey... while you get your assignments from Elm, I'm going to visit some of the stores to prepare for my trip. You might as well do the same thing after you're done." Said Kyle before leaving Chris alone.

Chris walked off towards Elm's lab, thinking about some of the battles against some people. "Man, Enel is really frightening... That Samuel guy was one of the admins, and I have a feeling that those people that were following me were part of it." But as he finished voicing his thoughts, he made it to Elm's lab before anyone else. "Well, I must be early... better get inside before I get mobbed by beginners."

Chris entered the lab and saw Elm looking over letters. "Hey, am I early?" Asked Chris. Elm looked over, not expecting anyone yet. "I mean there seems to be no one here." Elm got up and said.

"Oh, no... you may be early, but you can stay for a while... until everyone arrives." Said Elm, but Chris shook his head.

"If it is okay, I'd like to get an early start over everyone." Said Chris, not wanting to get beat up like last time. Elm nodded in understanding.

"Well, as you know from my letter, you are here to help me around the lab... but as you also know, you will be on missions for me as you go out into Johto. As I need to take care of things here. Do you have a pokedex?" Said Elm ending with a semi-important question.

"No, but I do not need one, my brother used to be a famous pokemon catcher, and gathered data on about 460 pokemon." Said Chris as he took out the journal. "Besides, if I had a pokedex, it would get ruined in the first week, so... yeah."

"Well, it seems you have some bad luck with you." Said Elm as he handed Chris six pokeballs, one with Phanphy, and the other five empty. "You'll need them if you are going to be my errand boy, but I say you should stay for a while, I'd rather explain to everyone at once." Chris nodded before turning around to see someone enter the lab.

"Well, there's someone else." Said Chris as he sat on the floor and waited for everyone else. And while everyone else was getting their pokemon and voicing their complaints, he was reading the journal, ignoring everything, at least until they started leaving. "Well, that's that... goodbye Prof. Elm."

"I hope you listened to that conversation we had." Said Elm as he waved goodbye. "Sheesh, I bet you he didn't listen to a thing I said... I get no respect." Elm then went back to what he was doing.

January 2nd, 2009, 4:49 PM
Mornings were good to Silver. Unlike most of his friends, who woke up at noon on a good day, Silver was always up at the crack of dawn or earlier. You only get that day once, why waste it sleeping? Today wasn't any different. When Silver yawned and crawled his way out of bed, it was six-o-clock, a half and hour later than his normal awakening time. So he got dressed and showered, arriving downstairs to find the room trashed.

Oh, that's right... Silver thought once he got over the initial shock. Yesterday was New Year's Eve, and he held a party unlike any other. But he had to clean up. And more he looked at the previous night's mess, he thought more and more that it could wait. It did.

Silver stepped outside into the cool, morning air. There was a slight overcast, unusual for the town, but he disregarded it. Clouds were alright here and there. He decided to pay a visit to Professor Elm's lab, to wish him a happy new year and all. As he walked over to the professor's lab, somebody unfamiliar walked in. Silver took two steps. And another. Two more steps. And another.

Gee, what's going on here? he thought. Then it hit him, like a slap in the face. Elm had told him to come to his lab last night. Oops. Silver quickened his pace, and bust through the glass doors to find more people in the lab. Elm was talking about something, but Silver couldn't figure out what. He leaned closer, and heard the Professor say:

"Good Morning everyone!"


"Eh heh... Well I am sorry for getting you all up this early, but I have a somewhat important matter I need to discuss."

"What could be so important that he needs to invite half the trainer base for?" Silver smirked. He could tell that he was in for something fun.

"As you all... most... know, I am Professor Elm, the Pokemon Researcher in New Bark Town. Earlier this morning, I recieved a call from a fellow researcher, stating that he had found a Pokemon Egg, believe it or not.

"He wanted me to come and get it for him, but as most of you know, I am a busy man, and I cannot always run simple errands and do field work. That is why I have decided to have you all help me!"

There were groans from the general public.

"Now, I know what you all are thinking, 'Why does Elm need MY help in this?'. Well truth is, I don't. I am actually doing you a favor!"

There were scoffs from the general public.

"Hear me out! Now, I am not so greedy as to ask you a favor with nothing in return, so I have decided to give you all... Pokemon!"

There were cheers from the general public.

"Yes, all of you may take a Pokemon, five Pokeballs, a Pokedex, and get on your way! You are now free to start your own Pokemon journey. You can train them, breed them, or even try and take the Johto gym challenge! Best of luck to you all!" The Professor concluded.

Silver was handed a Pokeball. He was so excited about the prospect of actually having his own Pokemon. Quickly, he dashed outside, and released the Pokemon from it's ball.

There before him, sat a blue alligator- the pokedex quickly identified it to be a Totodile. He looked at the gator as it opened its mouth and let out a loud yawn. The Totodile then smiled at Silver. Silver smiled back, and knew what he was going to do. An egg? No problem.

"Alright, Totodile... Let's go!" ordered a euphoric Silver, as he dashed along the pathway out of town, and into the wild.

January 2nd, 2009, 5:01 PM
Gold's heart fluttered with joy as he finally zipped up his bag from a morning of packing. His time had finally come. He was finally going to go on an adventure again like he did when he was younger three years ago. New pokemon were waiting, new towns to visit, new dangers to face......

Don't get over your head, Gold, he told himself. Remember, Professor Elm just needs some help in his lab.

After putting on his clothes, Gold looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. Each piece of his clothing had some special history and meaning to them. It sounds tacky, but the clothes he was wearing weren't just ordinary clothes. A yellow vest covered his chest and went down to his hips. It was tattered and old, yet Gold still treasure it like it was new. It used to be a yellow jacket that Gold wore on his journeys through Kanto, but three years changed him a lot. It soon grew too small, but Gold couldn't bear to leave it behind, so he modified it so it would still fit.

Underneath his vest was a long, black shirt that his older brother, Silver, wore when he went on his journey through the Kanto. Now eighteen, Silver was out a lot more often than he used to, so his closet was pretty much abandoned. Everytime Gold looked at it, he was reminded of the journeys he had with him, and how they changed his brother--just like they changed him.

The last bit of clothing that Gold found special was the dark maroon pants and black boots on his feet. They were part of a special outfit he received from his sister three years ago, but they were too baggy for him as they only came in adult sizes. Gold remembered that the outfit was part of a uniform that he wore while trying to stop a gang of pokemon stealers called the Collector's.

Memories flooded Gold's head and they didn't stop. So much had happened to him, and now he was ready to start the second chapter of his journeys with pokemon.

Gold gave his final farewells to his five pokemon before he left. They were to all stay at home with his mother and two younger brothers while he was gone. Knowing that they were in good hands, Gold felt a little more confident in his upcoming journey.


Gold boarded a boat that would take them to New Bark Town, which was actually a neighboring city to Pallet. As he looked around, he noticed some old faces from the first time he began to travel. They had all dramatically aged as well; some of them practically looked like adults. He was stunned by the changes they made and wondered if they noticed how he had changed.

Soon, they were in New Bark Town and Gold took his first step into the Johto region. Everyone headed straight to the lab to see what the professor had to say to them. The town was small and cozy enough, making Gold feel right at home here in the new region.

It felt like he was going to Professor Oak's lab all over again. Gold walked in and lined up with the other trainers. Gold noticed the professor as he walked in front of the trainers. Honestly, he wasn't what Gold expected. He was very intelligent looking, but almost too soft and gentle to be intimidating.

"Hello. My name is Professor Elm. Some of you are here today because you want to start being a Pokemon Trainer. Some of you are here because Professor Oak asked you to come and help me around the lab. All of you are here because you love Pokemon."

Gold grinned. Maybe this guy wasn't so bad after all. It almost made him excited to work for him.

The professor began his work by passing out the intended gear for the beginner trainers. Gold watched the professor, smiling as he passed out the pokedexs and the pokeballs as it brought back more memories.

Being at the front of the row, Gold was the first to receive his things, but he didn't just receive a new pokemon. The professor also attempted to give him a PokeGear, but Gold refused explaining that he already owned one. But why was the professor giving ones to the other old trainers?

"Um excuse me!" a girl from Kanto said. "We're just helping you in the lab. Why are we getting a new Pokemon and PokeGear?"

Well, Gold's question was asked. He looked at the professor, waiting for his answers.

"Thats a good question young lady. You see I can take care of my own business when it deals with the lab but more often than not I have to leave my lab to take care of field work. This becomes a bit of a problem for me since I'm not the outdoorsmen." Elm said with a blush. "So iv decided that you five will go in my place."

Gold sighed with relief. That meant that he wouldn't always be cooped up in the lab. That was good news for him already. Apparently, not everyone of the other trainers agreed.

"So wait we're just your errand boys now?" one of them asked with a scowl.

"Not necciouarly. While you explore Johto I'll give you a mission to do while you're on that route or in that city. Sometimes there won't be a mission at all. But after you complete your mission I don't care what you do. You can raise a new team of Pokemon and take the Gym Challenge again for all I care."

Gold's heart did a somersault. So, he went from being a lab assistant to a pokemon trainer again. This was a complete dream true to him.

After the professor was finished passing out new gear, he released them to explore the world of Johto. Gold was walking out the door until Professor Elm stopped him.

"Good luck, Gold," he said. Gold didn't know what to do except smile and leave. Did the professor really know everyone's names that came in there, or did he already know Gold from a different time in his life?

January 2nd, 2009, 5:06 PM
Chapter 1:

Max sighed. Today so far was so boring. all he had done was stand in the boat with a few other trainers from Kanto he had recognized. He particularly hung out with this one kid, Gold, who three years ago practically wore the same clothes as him. He looked down at his Arcanine who was sleeping next to a curled up Flareon. Max smiled seeing how peaceful his Pokemon looked.

Max heard the horn of the boat blow as a single that they had just docked. Max stood up and woke up Arcanine who jerked his head up and then stood up. Max smiled seeing Arcanine's collar Max had gotten for him over the past three years. It was a chain of gold and had a Pokeball on it. The Pokeball was gold and opened up and had a picture of Max with the word 'Owner' under it and the other side had his adress and stuff.

Max sighed seeing how Arcanine was almost his height. He then hopped on to arcanine's ack because he had done it many times before and Arcanine didn't have a problem with it. Arcanine then ran off the boat and ran towards a building that was almost the same size as Professor Oak's laboratory. Arcanine skidded to a halt in front of the door and then sat down, causing Max to slide off of Arcanine.

Max stood up and returned Arcanine to his Pokeball and sat on a bench waiting for the others. Then, six other trainers Max had no idea who they were walked up in front of the door. Then, the others walked up and Max knew them all very well. He stood up and turned the knb and pushed on the door. Inside Elm was pacing the room wondering what to do about something.

He looked up and a wave of relief passed over his face. he quickly grabbde a bunch of Pokeballs and dropped one in to each of their hands. Max blinked at the fastness of Professor Elm and then looked up at him confused. He figured allt ehy were doing was working around the lab with him. Then, he passed out some PokeGear. Now Max was really confused. He didn't realize they were going on a journey again or he would have packed more supplies!

"But, Professor. I thought us 6 from Kanto would just be helping you out around the lab. So whay are you giving us all Pokemon and Pokegear?" Vanessa asked.

Max looked from the young women and then at Professor Elm waiting for an answer.

"Well. You se I'm fine by myself when it comes to lab work, but I don't have enough time to do a bunch of field work. So I decided to let you three travel Johto doing field work for me and collecting badges and what not." Elm said.

Max sighed frustatedly. He didn't mind doing this work for Elm, it was just he hadn't been told this otherwise he would have packed more supplies.

"So, we're all your errand boys?" Max asked with a scowl.

Elm looked at him and replied: "Not necessarily.While you explore Johto I'll give you a mission to do while you're on that route or in that city. Sometimes there won't be a mission at all. But after you complete your mission I don't care what you do. You can raise a new team of Pokemon and take the Gym Challenge again for all I care."

Max eyes lite up with satifaction. He was afraid he wouldn't have much fun in Johto because he hadn't been able to enter the league in time. Max looked down at Arcanine's Pokeball and winced. He hadn't been away form arcanine since he had befriended him...and now, he would have to send him back to Oak.

"Now that we're all good and dandy here, I trust that Oak upgraded each of your Pokedexs before you left?" Elm asked passing out a Pokedex to each of the new trainers.

They all nodded and Elm dropped five little Pokeballs in to their hands as they walked out. Max wrapped his fingers around the Pokeballs and then quickly dashed back inside. He stood in front of the PC Elm owned and dropped Arcanine's Pokeball in a samll ball holder. Oak would know whose Arcanine it was and then pressed a button. A few bright lights flashed and then the Pokeball was gone, gone in to the Kanto region. Far, far away. And so was Arcanine.

Max sighed and then dashed back outside and without doing anything else he dashed to the enterance of the first route in Johto.


Sorry it's a little short...

January 2nd, 2009, 5:37 PM
OOC: I hope I'm not too late!! >.<

Name: Natsumi Hitsame`
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Appearance: Natsumi Hitame's former dress code is very unsanitary. She usually wear tank tops and plain jeans with boots drenched in filth. Her nails were painted black, and her make up was quite uneven. She was although average in height, and petite in weight. A day before she decided to go on this adventure, a change of heart flowed through her mind from an unfortunant event. Her new dress code is quite formal. She where's a lovely strawberry-like pink shirt made from Wurmple silk and a lite-green skirt made from the same material.

Personality: Formally the rebel type, Natsumi achieved a change of heart after her cousin died from a pokemon accident. The details are brutal. Natsumi wanted to fulfill her cousin's dream of becoming a great trainer and defeat the Johto region's gym leaders and Elite Four master trainers. Natsumi's current personality is an determined mind. Her intensions have been set for a goal. For the first time in her life, she had something to live for.

History: Natsumi grew up with a family in Ecutreak City. Her love for pokemon was very little, eversince she was a child. She didn't bother trying to talk to them. As she grew up, her ego grew. She didn't like meeting new people, it was like meeting a new foe. Natsumi wasn't used to the way people act with her or anyone. She chosed who she think was worthy enough of a personality for her to get along with. She then went in her teenage years, and became a rebel. Appearently those "worthy friends" became the wrong croud.

Age 14, she ran away from home. At age 16 she still relied on the same people, until they disowned her when she disprove of helping them rob pokemon from a Poke`Maniac. The same day, she sat on a patch of grass in Route 37. As she travelled back to her hometown, when she looked through her house window, she saw her parents crying with a picture of her cousin in their hands. She saw her old neighbor out in his yard, then she asked them what happened. (See personality)

When she heard the story, her eyes widen. The neighbor also mentioned her cousin's goal. Natsumi didn't dare to go back home after hearing this dreaful event. She then made a voul and promised herself that she'll carry on her sister's goal.

Starter Pokemon: Sunkern

thanks for the cards guys! I'll put them up as soon as the OOC thread gets accepted. For now onto the 1st chapter!
Chapter 1: New Bark Town
Number of Posts: 1
Description: A small quiet little town nesstled between the sea and the woods. Professor Elm's lab is located here. It is the sister city to Pallet Town.
Beep! The computer behind the young professor made a noise, signifing that an email had been received. "Hmm?" the professor opened it up. '

Dear Professro Elm, I have exciting news! I went to the Daycare Center on Route 34 to pick up my two Togetics when to my surprise the old couple who runs it gave me an Egg! I was shocked! They didn't know where it came from. Could you send some one up to my house to get so you could run some tests on it? Thanks! Mr. Pokemon.

"Sigh. What do I do? Im too busy here to go up there!" Elm muttered. While he did want to go see this mysterious Egg he had to start some new trainers on their Pokemon Journeys today, not to mention that Oak from Kanto was sending some experienced trainers to give Elm a hand around the lab.

"Wait thats it!" Elm exclaimed. "I can make the trainers from Kanto be my field agents! They can explore the Johto Region, getting badges and catching Pokemon, while helping me get data on the Pokemon here!" Elm said happily. He began rumminging around his lab. "Those guys are going to need Pokemon though..." Finding a few just in time, the new trainers who were just starting out and the trainers from Kanto had just walked in.

"Hello. My name is Professor Elm. Some of you are here today because you want to start being a Pokemon Trainer. Some of you are here because Professor Oak asked you to come and help me around the lab. All of you are here because you love Pokemon." Elm saw some of the kids roll their eyes at this.

Elm began to pass out the Pokemon intended for the new trainers. Then he began to pass out the Pokemon intended for the trainers from Kanto along with spare PokeGear. "Um excuse me!" a girl from Kanto said. "We're just helping you in the lab. Why are we getting a new Pokemon and PokeGear?"

"Thats a good question young lady. You see I can take care of my own business when it deals with the lab but more often than not I have to leave my lab to take care of field work. This becomes a bit of a problem for me since I'm not the outdoorsmen." Elm said with a blush. "So iv decided that you five will go in my place."

"So wait we're just your errand boys now?" one of them asked with a scowl. "Not necciouarly. While you explore Johto I'll give you a mission to do while you're on that route or in that city. Sometimes there won't be a mission at all. But after you complete your mission I don't care what you do. You can raise a new team of Pokemon and take the Gym Challenge again for all I care." Elm saw a few of their eyes light up for the kids from Kanto hadn't been able to enter the league in time.

"Well if thats all good and dandy here are each of your Pokedex's. I trust Professor Oak upgraded yours before you left?" Elm asked the Kanto kids. They nodded. "Good. Now you may began your journey!" Elm said as he handed each kid on their way out the door 5 Pokeballs. Each child had their own story to tell...

What to do: Just do a post explaining your day in New Bark Town and receiving your stuff from Elm.

Damn... Chapter 1 started... D:

January 2nd, 2009, 5:44 PM
Sorry it took me so long, but here's my sign-up. =)

Character Name: Ezekiel "Zeke" Richards
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Apperance: Zeke's appearance has changed over the past three years; he still has shaggy black hair, crimson red eyes and lightly tanned skin though. He is now 6'3, with a lot more muscle and a completely new attire. He wears a long-sleeved blue jacket over a solid black t-shirt and a pair of brown jeans, accompanied by a couple of black shoes. As far as accessories go, Zeke has a large blue hat on his head and a black necklace with a golden charm on the end of it.

Personality: Zeke has changed dramatically over the years and has grown to look at life a whole lot differently. When he was younger, he would take life for granted and act without thinking. This has changed and now Zeke lives his life to the fullest every day, he has also grown to respect other people. The reason he has changed his mind about people, is because he hasn't seen Belinda since she left to stay with her aunt back in Kanto.

History: Zeke started his Pokemon Journey at the age of fifteen in Kanto, with his starter Pokemon, Scyther. He and Scyther travelled through the Kanto region collecting badges and meeting new friends of people and Pokemon alike. Since then, he has spent a year back at home in Viridian City and another year with his father in Fuschia City. While he wasn't living with his parents, he was travelling Kanto with Scyther and learning about the world. So, when he got a letter from Prof. Elm to come and see him... he didn't refuse.

Pokemon Starter: Elekid

January 2nd, 2009, 6:35 PM
I, um, edited the character in my trainer card if you haven't made the ooc thread yet. I forgot that the jacket is red, not yellow. (oh well)


January 2nd, 2009, 6:37 PM
Chapter 1: New Bark Town

It had been a long day of traveling before Grey finally reached New Bark Town. He walked up to the laboratory, and knocked on the door. He was quickly greeted by a tall professor with untidy but short brown hair. He had wire-rimmed glasses, and was wearing a white lab coat.

“You look tired, where are you from?” the man asked.

“I’m Grey Rose,” a long breath, “I’m from Kanto – Lavender Town. Do you have a computer?”

“Uhh, yes I do. I’d be more than happy to let you use it. Come right it,”

Grey walked into the lab, and was shown the computer. Grey sat down and opened the Internet. The professor had a lot of e-mails, such as ‘Mystery Egg’ or ‘I need Help’. Grey didn’t want to be messing around in the professor’s personal messages, so he quickly typed in a search engine. Once the search engine had come up, he quickly typed in the name ‘Thorn Rey Rose Jr.’.

Millions of links came up on the screen. It didn’t take Grey to long to figure out what his brother now was.


The professor, Professor Elm, let Grey spend the night in the laboratory, which Grey was really happy about. There was only one problem – Grey couldn’t fall asleep. He watched as the bright sun slowly dipped down, out of view. He watched all of the lights of the small town slowly fade, and eventually light was no more. Then, what seemed to be an eternity later, the sun slowly started to show itself once more, as it always did and always will.

Once the sun was rising, Grey quickly gathered his few things and was ready by the time that it was bright and people were just starting to wake up. Grey stood up, and was surprised to see Professor Elm who must of snuck in through the back door.

Soon, there was a crowd of people in the room.

“Hello, my name is Professor Elm. Some of you are here today because you want to start being a Pokemon Trainer. Some of you are here because Professor Oak asked you to came and help me around the lav. All of you are here because you love Pokemon.”

The man in the white lab coat starting handing out PokeBalls presumably holding Pokemon.

“Um, excuse me! We’re just helping you in the lab. Why are we getting a new Pokemon and new PokeGear?” boomed a loud annoying voice, a voice of a girl from Kanto.

“That’s a good question, young lady. You see, I can take caro of my own business when in deals with the lab, but more often than not, I have to leave my lab to take care of field work. This becomes a bit of a problem for me since I’m not the outdoorsmen. So I’ve decided that you five will go in my place,” replied the professor.

“So wait, we’re just your errand boys now?” said another person, also presumably from Kanto.

“Not necessarily. While you explore Johto, I’ll give you a mission to do while you’re on that route or in that city. Sometimes there won’t be a mission at all, but after you complete your mission, I don’t care what you do. You can raise a new team of Pokemon and take the Gym Challenge again for all I care!” a pause while Elm caught his breath, then, “Well, if that’s all good and dandy, here are each of your PokeDex’s – I trust Oak updated yours before you left?” The kids from Kanto nodded, then, “Good now you may begin your journey!”

Once everyone had left, Grey had noticed that there was still an extra PokeBall in Professor Elm’s hand. The professor walked over to Grey and handed him the PokeBall.

“This is yours. I had one extra, and I’ll give it to you. Oh, and here is a PokeDex – good luck.”

Grey walked outside, as surprised as anyone could be. He threw the PokeBall, and it released a beautiful sheep-like Pokemon – Mareep.

“Mar, mar – eeeeep!”

OOC: Sorry its really short

rii - chii
January 2nd, 2009, 7:06 PM
Chapter 1: New Bark Town; Getting the Facts
Starting Arc
Silence was roaming around the quiet town of New Bark Town, however there was one woman coming into town today. Her name was Vanessa Sakamoto at the age of 17. While glazing up towards the sky; she was thinking about what she’ll do in this mysterious region of Johto.

Vanessa set out on her adventure to the sister region of Kanto, when her mother came to Vanessa as Vanessa was about to leave. “Lil-, no I mean Vanessa… I don’t want you to push yourself so hard. After all, you’re heading off into a region without a Pokemon.” Vanessa’s mom recalled.

“You don’t have to worry about me mom, after all I’ve explored Kanto by myself.” Vanessa smiled.

Suddenly, Vanessa’s Tangela came to the door, wondering where Vanessa was going. “You don’t have to worry about me Jelly; I’ll get to New Bark Town safely. Until then, I need you to do a big favour for me and protect mom for me alright?” Vanessa asked her vine Pokemon. Jelly nodded and held onto Vanessa’s mom.

Vanessa left the house running off to Viridian City, passing by Route 1 thinking about her adventures here. Vanessa had passed a tree with bruises on it, which brought back a lot of memories… “That’s where Jelly and I practiced to become stronger.” Vanessa thought.

Heading into Viridian City, she had stopped by one house in particular, Jen’s old house. “I wonder if the old man’s still here.” Vanessa wondered knocking on the door.

Suddenly, Jen’s grandfather had answered the door and noticed that Vanessa had no Pokemon on her. “Alright, where do you want to go?” Jen’s grandfather asked.

Vanessa just stood there and finally replied, “You sure do know how to read a girl’s mind.”

Jen’s grandfather pulled out a Poke Ball called out his trusty Pokemon, Pidegot. “Come on out old friend!”

The massive bird fluttered out of the Poke Ball descending towards the ground waiting for orders. “Where to now Vanessa,” Jen’s grandfather asked.

“Since you asked, I would like to head off to New Bark Town, heard of it?” Vanessa asked getting onto Pidegot.

Now, Vanessa was flying in the air glazing up to the clouds, finally noticing the town below them “Is that New Bark Town?” Vanessa asked curious.

“It certainly is lass, so you had better hang out, this’ll be a rough landing!” the old man shouted as Pidegot began crashing down towards the earth.

Starting to feel pains in her back, Vanessa began to whimper like a little kid, “WAHHH! THAT REALLY HURT!!!”

“Oh grow up lass, you’ve made it to New Bark Town.” The old man groaned. “Anyways, I have to be getting back home, I left the kettle on.”

Finally snapping out of her crying trance, Vanessa decided to ask, “Do you want me to tell Jen I said hi?”

The old man smiled, “Looks like you can read minds too lass, I’d appreciate it.”

Vanessa shook her head and still in pain, sluggishly walked off to Professor Elm’s lab. When entering the building, she noticed some familiar faces from 3 years ago, “Have they been asked to help this chump too?” Vanessa wondered.

Professor Elm started his boring speech, Vanessa focused to hear what he had to say, “Hello, my name is Professor Elm. Some of you are here today because you want to start being a Pokemon Trainer. Some of you are here because Professor Oak asked you to come and help me around the lab. All of you are here because you love Pokemon." Vanessa sighed because she had heard this stupid speech about 3 years ago.

Vanessa then noticed that he was handing out Pokemon, so she decided to take a seat and wait for him. She had pulled out a pocketbook and a pen and started to draw. She would usually draw what she was feeling; she had drawn a red candle lit with fireballs around it. She still felt sad about the deaths of her close ones, but she knew she needed to focus on helping Professor Elm.

Professor Elm came to her and handed her a Pokemon and a PokeGear, confused Vanessa decided to ask why they needed a Pokemon. “Well, that’s a good question young lady. You see I can take care of my own business when it deals with the lab but more often than not I have to leave my lab to take care of field work. This becomes a bit of a problem for me since I'm not the outdoorsmen." Elm said with a blush. "So I’ve decided that you five will go in my place.”

“While you explore Johto I'll give you a mission to do while you're on that route or in that city. Sometimes there won't be a mission at all. But after you complete your mission I don't care what you do. You can raise a new team of Pokemon and take the Gym Challenge again for all I care." Professor Elm babbled.

Vanessa didn’t really care about the Johto Gym Challenge that much anymore but it would be a good thing to kill the time. So Vanessa decided that she would do that along with visiting Jen.

After all the trainers left, she decided to see what Pokemon she had received. She opened her Poke Ball to reveal an aqua mouse Pokemon. Vanessa smiled; it reminded her of her Eevee with its cute face. “So you must be a…” Vanessa stuttered as she pulled out her upgraded Pokedex.

Marill: The Aqua Mouse Pokemon

“Using its tail as a float, it dives underwater. It likes eating plants that grow on river bottoms.”

Staring at each other, Marill broke the staring game by attacking Vanessa in the face. Vanessa felt angry, but laughed instead. It reminds her of Jelly, “Well, Marill I guess we’ll be with each other for a while. So, I guess I’ll cal you Angel, do you like that name?” Vanessa asked. Marill jumped onto Vanessa’s back indicating that it liked that name.

“Let’s go Angel; we’re going to have a blast together!” Vanessa eagerly cheered as both Vanessa and Marill ran out of that town called New Bark Town.

January 2nd, 2009, 7:23 PM
To Zeta Marx...: good first start! i just hope you conclude what happens in chapter 2 cause you only have 1 post for chapter 1...
To PlatinumPiano: again the missions are just for the people coming from my Kanto RP not you new Johto guys. However your post was pretty funny as everyones the general public lol
To Dark_Link12: that is a very good first post! good work combining Gold's previous adventure and his new one.
To Pikalover10: very good post! I like how Max may have met Gold and Vanessa once before (we'll never know now...)
To LeSmexyMongoose: well Sunkern was ment for a Kanto person though I don't think he'll be coming so you are accepted! You will be a trainer though not a Field Assistant.
To Kev XY: good sign up! Accepted! maybe Belinda will show up in Johto...?
To ~|symphony♪: intresting post! and it wasn't short it was a good length.
To rii-chii: whoa! Vanessa's personailty has changed since Kanto! good post!

January 2nd, 2009, 7:35 PM
To Zeta Marx...: good first start! i just hope you conclude what happens in chapter 2 cause you only have 1 post for chapter 1...
To PlatinumPiano: again the missions are just for the people coming from my Kanto RP not you new Johto guys. However your post was pretty funny as everyones the general public lol
To Dark_Link12: that is a very good first post! good work combining Gold's previous adventure and his new one.
To Pikalover10: very good post! I like how Max may have met Gold and Vanessa once before (we'll never know now...)
To LeSmexyMongoose: well Sunkern was ment for a Kanto person though I don't think he'll be coming so you are accepted! You will be a trainer though not a Field Assistant.
To Kev XY: good sign up! Accepted! maybe Belinda will show up in Johto...?
To ~|symphony♪: intresting post! and it wasn't short it was a good length.
To rii-chii: whoa! Vanessa's personailty has changed since Kanto! good post!

So, since that guy who was with Sunkern didn't show up, I'm in reguardless even if I wasn't in your Kanto roleplay? Does that mean I have to change my location?

January 2nd, 2009, 7:41 PM
no you'll just be a trainer he gives Sunkern to

January 2nd, 2009, 9:19 PM
OOC: This is my first time with Pokemon roleplay, be nice... >.>

--The Day before the adventure--
Narrator: The Stranger
One day, in Johto's National Park, a small breeze travelled across the lushy green grass. A girl with a nasty looking aura around, was lying in the grass. The aura was a sign of rebellion, but for some reason... the aura was fading away. The aura was invisible of course... the aura was more of a vibe that other people get from her. She wore ugly tom boyish dress code with a tank top and jeans along with filthy black boots., and had a mean vigourous expression on her face. But... why was the aura fading away...?

As we take a closer look at the girl, we wonder... "who is this girl..?" "Grr, she just looks so disgustingly horid, I just want to puke".

...Let's take a closer look... she had a sticker on head which said in arial lettering "Hi, my name is..." And in black permanent marker, "Natsumi Hisame`".Do you think you have any clue who she is now? The reason why she has this sticker, is to give her family a bad name. Pretty nasty don't you think.

As we still wonder why her aura was slowly fading away, let's take a closer look. Her vigorous look slowly began to fade. Dear Natsumi... her filthy hand slowly reaches for the sticker and pulls it away from her forhead, followed by a sweet but yet saddening smile drowning in tears. An invisible pink yet sickening blue aura surrounded her. This made the people think different of her. Some felt sorrow, some felt pity... the pokemon... they sorrounded her, a caterpie, a female and male Nidoran, a Ladyba, and a Sunkern surrounded her. Each had a sweet face. Natsumi 's frownish smile transformed completely into a perfect smile. She was happy... She slowly whispered a few sentences to the pokemon, "Someday... I'll comeback to Ecutreak as a hero. In honor of my cousin... my dear cousin... I will become a great trainer... and it will all start tomorrow... tomorrow... tomorrow...".

The next hour, she picked out a lovely selection of clothing. A formal selection of silk made cloth, made beautifully by Wurmple silk. She choose colorful choices, which made the people stare. I would stare to if I just notice someone with such a tomboyish figure, would by such lovely clothing. Her next trip was to the hair groomers, her hair was straintened, it looked so smoothed, and it was something you'd like to stare at for hours.

Te last visit was to Violet city, where she slept on the soft patchy grass. Her invisible aura grew pink, it was a delightful sight... that's if you can picture it... The next day will be more of a tale... we'll see you tomorrow.


Chapter 1:

--Day 1--
Narrator: The stranger
Well, good morning there young ones. Are you ready to hear more of my epic tail? Well where were we...

Well as we know, the adventure starts in 7:41 A.M. Our soon to become trainer should be awake to reicieve her PokeDex and pokemon. Where is our young future trainer... Ah! There she is... and still sleeping... Oh my, she's going to be late!!!

~Three hours later~

Narrator: Natsumi
My first day as a pokemon trainer... I can feel it...

~dream sequence~

"...and the winner is Natsumi of Ecutreak town!!!" the ref shouted, as the gym leader approached her and handed her a badge... " Oh my... my first badge..." Natsumi screeched. She burst into tears of joy as the dream sequence slowly faded away.

~End of dream sequence~

As I laid there dreaming about a sweet victorious fantasy. I slowly awaken as the sun beans stunned my eye. As my vision cleared, I groaned then wonder, "Oh my... I wonder how long I was asleep..." she slowly said as if anyone would talk when they first wake up. "I hope I'm not to late for my big day!!!" I shouted... worried as I slowly cecked my Poke`Gear with dread... It was 10:54A.M. I overslept... with widen eyes, I got ready swiftly, as I dashed across Violet town with very abnormal speed. I then crossed arvived in route 31 then hope a ledge as then arvived in Route 30. In no time she arvived in the flowery city known as Cherrygrove city.

My next destination... I dashed through Route 29... then dreadful event took place. A group a spearrow surrounded a Sunkern which was frighten. The frightened Sunkern was being attacked. I sprang into action and grabbed the petrified Sunkern then ran away as the Spearror attacked and pecked at me... I then slowly passed out. Everything became black...

Narrator: The Stranger
Heheh... I found the girl being attacked by a flock of wild Spearrow... I then had no choice... "I choose you Dragonair!" I shouted. "Dragonair, use dragon rage on the Spearrow! Protect the girl!" And as my Dragonair completed his job, I carried the injured girl, I knew where to take her. The nearby city Newbark Town. As I knocked on the door of the Johto Pokemon researcher we know as Elm, I greated him. "Professor Elm... I believe this is your Sunkern?" I asked. "This girl was trying her best to protect it. Funny... she didn't have any pokemon." Elm stared at me with shock... he knew I would never show up to him as random as this. "J-Jons..." Elm replied in shock. "Hmph... well I'll be taking off." And so I did.

Narrator: Natsumi
I woke up, finding myself in a laboratory. "Why hello there," A man with a lab coat said cheerfully. "I am Proffesor Elm!" I stared at him in shock, then gulped. Then I noticed the injured Sunkern next to me. The Sunkern was smiling towrd me. Proffesor Elm smiled at, then he told me, "So, you protected my starter pokemon I see." "Uhm yes..." I said softly... "Uhm Prof. Elm... I don't want to be rude, but I actually came for a starter pokemon. You think I can take this Sunkern to be my partner?" A silence broke in the room. Then the conversation continued with Elm, "Oh course!"
I'm guessing you don't have a poke`dex?" Natsumi shrugged, "No..." Prfessor Elm replied with this "Well you journey begins today! Professor Oak had an extra Pokedex and decided to give it to me. I guess you journey begins today!" He smiled, handing me the Pokedex. As I grabbed it, I passed out with excitement. Professor Elm sighed. "...or tomorrow..."

Narrator: The Stranger (Jons)
Well this is how it starts, I'm afraid she doesn't wake up til tomorrow... I guess that's when this story will continue. I hope you kids are willing to come back and visit to hear more.


OOC: This is my first time with Pokemon roleplay, be nice... >.>

--The Day before the adventure--
Narrator: The Stranger
One day, in Johto's National Park, a small breeze travelled across the lushy green grass. A girl with a nasty looking aura around, was lying in the grass. The aura was a sign of rebellion, but for some reason... the aura was fading away. The aura was invisible of course... the aura was more of a vibe that other people get from her. She wore ugly tom boyish dress code with a tank top and jeans along with filthy black boots., and had a mean vigourous expression on her face. But... why was the aura fading away...?

As we take a closer look at the girl, we wonder... "who is this girl..?" "Grr, she just looks so disgustingly horid, I just want to puke".

...Let's take a closer look... she had a sticker on head which said in arial lettering "Hi, my name is..." And in black permanent marker, "Natsumi Hisame`".Do you think you have any clue who she is now? The reason why she has this sticker, is to give her family a bad name. Pretty nasty don't you think.

As we still wonder why her aura was slowly fading away, let's take a closer look. Her vigorous look slowly began to fade. Dear Natsumi... her filthy hand slowly reaches for the sticker and pulls it away from her forhead, followed by a sweet but yet saddening smile drowning in tears. An invisible pink yet sickening blue aura surrounded her. This made the people think different of her. Some felt sorrow, some felt pity... the pokemon... they sorrounded her, a caterpie, a female and male Nidoran, a Ladyba, and a Sunkern surrounded her. Each had a sweet face. Natsumi 's frownish smile transformed completely into a perfect smile. She was happy... She slowly whispered a few sentences to the pokemon, "Someday... I'll comeback to Ecutreak as a hero. In honor of my cousin... my dear cousin... I will become a great trainer... and it will all start tomorrow... tomorrow... tomorrow...".

The next hour, she picked out a lovely selection of clothing. A formal selection of silk made cloth, made beautifully by Wurmple silk. She choose colorful choices, which made the people stare. I would stare to if I just notice someone with such a tomboyish figure, would by such lovely clothing. Her next trip was to the hair groomers, her hair was straintened, it looked so smoothed, and it was something you'd like to stare at for hours.

Te last visit was to Violet city, where she slept on the soft patchy grass. Her invisible aura grew pink, it was a delightful sight... that's if you can picture it... The next day will be more of a tale... we'll see you tomorrow.


Chapter 1:

--Day 1--
Narrator: The stranger
Well, good morning there young ones. Are you ready to hear more of my epic tail? Well where were we...

Well as we know, the adventure starts in 7:41 A.M. Our soon to become trainer should be awake to reicieve her PokeDex and pokemon. Where is our young future trainer... Ah! There she is... and still sleeping... Oh my, she's going to be late!!!

~Three hours later~

Narrator: Natsumi
My first day as a pokemon trainer... I can feel it...

~dream sequence~

"...and the winner is Natsumi of Ecutreak town!!!" the ref shouted, as the gym leader approached her and handed her a badge... " Oh my... my first badge..." Natsumi screeched. She burst into tears of joy as the dream sequence slowly faded away.

~End of dream sequence~

As I laid there dreaming about a sweet victorious fantasy. I slowly awaken as the sun beans stunned my eye. As my vision cleared, I groaned then wonder, "Oh my... I wonder how long I was asleep..." she slowly said as if anyone would talk when they first wake up. "I hope I'm not to late for my big day!!!" I shouted... worried as I slowly cecked my Poke`Gear with dread... It was 10:54A.M. I overslept... with widen eyes, I got ready swiftly, as I dashed across Violet town with very abnormal speed. I then crossed arvived in route 31 then hope a ledge as then arvived in Route 30. In no time she arvived in the flowery city known as Cherrygrove city.

My next destination... I dashed through Route 29... then dreadful event took place. A group a spearrow surrounded a Sunkern which was frighten. The frightened Sunkern was being attacked. I sprang into action and grabbed the petrified Sunkern then ran away as the Spearror attacked and pecked at me... I then slowly passed out. Everything became black...

Narrator: The Stranger
Heheh... I found the girl being attacked by a flock of wild Spearrow... I then had no choice... "I choose you Dragonair!" I shouted. "Dragonair, use dragon rage on the Spearrow! Protect the girl!" And as my Dragonair completed his job, I carried the injured girl, I knew where to take her. The nearby city Newbark Town. As I knocked on the door of the Johto Pokemon researcher we know as Elm, I greated him. "Professor Elm... I believe this is your Sunkern?" I asked. "This girl was trying her best to protect it. Funny... she didn't have any pokemon." Elm stared at me with shock... he knew I would never show up to him as random as this. "J-Jons..." Elm replied in shock. "Hmph... well I'll be taking off." And so I did.

Narrator: Natsumi
I woke up, finding myself in a laboratory. "Why hello there," A man with a lab coat said cheerfully. "I am Proffesor Elm!" I stared at him in shock, then gulped. Then I noticed the injured Sunkern next to me. The Sunkern was smiling towrd me. Proffesor Elm smiled at, then he told me, "So, you protected my starter pokemon I see." "Uhm yes..." I said softly... "Uhm Prof. Elm... I don't want to be rude, but I actually came for a starter pokemon. You think I can take this Sunkern to be my partner?" A silence broke in the room. Then the conversation continued with Elm, "Oh course!"
I'm guessing you don't have a poke`dex?" Natsumi shrugged, "No..." Prfessor Elm replied with this "Well you journey begins today! Professor Oak had an extra Pokedex and decided to give it to me. I guess you journey begins today!" He smiled, handing me the Pokedex. As I grabbed it, I passed out with excitement. Professor Elm sighed. "...or tomorrow..."

Narrator: The Stranger (Jons)
Well this is how it starts, I'm afraid she doesn't wake up til tomorrow... I guess that's when this story will continue. I hope you kids are willing to come back and visit to hear more.


It would of been longer, I just wanted it to fit though >.>
~Chow~ =3

January 2nd, 2009, 9:33 PM
To LeSmexyMongoose: That was a very intresting post! A little on the dramatic side but this is your story after all so do what you want. It was very intresting to read and I like how Natsumi and Jons switching roles.

January 2nd, 2009, 9:55 PM
To LeSmexyMongoose: That was a very intresting post! A little on the dramatic side but this is your story after all so do what you want. It was very intresting to read and I like how Natsumi and Jons switching roles.

I'm actually trying to write a fanfiction about my character Jons :3

January 2nd, 2009, 10:05 PM
that would certainly be intresting Fan Fic. he seems like a intriging character

January 2nd, 2009, 10:07 PM
that would certainly be intresting Fan Fic. he seems like a intriging character

Quite, I keep getting ideas everyday about it!!!!
it's still stored in, I just never wrote/typed it down yet D:
Well, I guess I'll post in here in PC first!!!!!! <3


To Zeta Marx...: Good sign up though Prof. Elm is giving you your Pokemon...However thats probally my fault for not mentining so whever! Phanpy is yours!
To PlatniumPiano: good sign up! Try not to make Silver like the Silver from the games though. Also you and Dark_Link12 may have some issues since his character's brother is also named Silver and your Silver and his Silver have very similar personalitys. Just a heads up.
To Pikalover10: Ok! Sentret is reserved for you! (I was starting to worry no one would want her)

Aw!!! Sentret was my favorite!! Dx
I thought it was taken...
.:mourns:. ;o;

Quite, I keep getting ideas everyday about it!!!!
it's still stored in, I just never wrote/typed it down yet D:
Well, I guess I'll post in here in PC first!!!!!! <3


Aw!!! Sentret was my favorite!! Dx
I thought it was taken...
.:mourns:. ;o;

2nd page...
I feel dumb...

January 2nd, 2009, 10:57 PM
no need to worry! it took me forever to figure out what i was doing when i first came here so you'll get used to it.

January 2nd, 2009, 11:09 PM
no need to worry! it took me forever to figure out what i was doing when i first came here so you'll get used to it.

thanks >w<

January 3rd, 2009, 9:08 AM
Chapter Two: Route 29
(OOC: Yes I know not every has posted yet but more than half of you are done so we're movin on. Also the OCC thread is up! Not all the bios are up yet so be patient.)
Number of Posts: 2
Elm Mission: None
Description: A very small route connecting New Bark Town and Cherrygrove City. Its a very plain route with a few grassy areas and trees bordering it. Newbie Trainers like to test their skills here and a number of easy to catch Pokemon live on the route.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 2-4
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand-Attack (Lv. 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-3
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Runaway, Keen Eye
Attacks: Scratch, Foresight
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-4
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Runaway, Guts
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (Lv. 4)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3
Type: Grass/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard
Attacks: Splash
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon


Level: 2-4
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Insomnia or Keen Eye
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Foresight
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

What you do in a Route or Cave
When you're on a route or in a cave you can do a number of things. You can catch wild Pokemon, battle trainers, raise your Pokemon by battling wild Pokemon, and look for items. However there are some rules when on a route. When catching Pokemon always end your Post with you ending it by throwing the Pokeball at the Pokemon. I will then approve it and tell you what level it is and put the rest of its info on your bio. Also the rarer the Pokemon the better the post will have to be. There are also Pokemon with a Rarity rating of Special. These are Pokemon that are either Starter Pokemon or Pokemon that don't appear in the game in the wild like a baby Pokemon. When your looking for items it will have to be a creative post and try to keep it realistic. I will then tell you how many of the item you found unless its a TM. Any questions check the rules or ask me on the OCC thread!

Snow Phoenix
January 3rd, 2009, 10:12 AM
OOC: This is still only for Kanto people right? Also when are the new Jhoto people gonna come in?

January 3rd, 2009, 10:22 AM
OOC: This is still only for Kanto people right? Also when are the new Jhoto people gonna come in?

OOC: I'm a new johto person! =3

January 3rd, 2009, 10:30 AM
no this is for everybody. you all can start posting when ever you want

January 3rd, 2009, 10:52 AM
Silver dashed along the path to Cherrygrove with speed and exuberance. With his Totodile by his side, Silver felt invincible and full of life. This was the beginning of a new chapter in his life, and he never felt more alive.

A thought came to his head, and he stopped running for a moment.

"You know, I haven't named you, little guy," he said to his Totodile.

The Totodile yawned in response, but Silver decided to go ahead.

"Hmm.... How about something powerful like Jaws?"

The Totodile looked at Silver, head slightly cocked.

Silver sighed, "Okay, how about something cool like... Jaws?" This remark got Silver a bite on his leg from the Totodile. He yelled, and didn't think that such a little thing had so much power.

"Alright, Alright!" he yelled, wincing at his leg. "How about... Makesh?" he asked.

The Totodile smiled in response, confirming his new title. Silver's Totodile was now Makesh.

"Heh... Okay, Makesh, let's go!" he ordered, and took off at a gazelle's pace. However, not too far along the road, Makesh stopped and sniffed the air.

"What is it, buddy?" Silver asked. He didn't have to wait long to get his answer. An abnormally large Pidgey dive bombed Makesh, with speed Silver had never seen from a bird. Silver ducked and yelped, frightened, and unsure what to do. Quickly, he pulled out the dex, and it identified the bird. He thought that it would just go away on it's own, but after several more attempts to turn Makesh into birdfeed, Silver decided the best course of action was to teach that bird a lesson.

"Okay, Makesh," Silver caught the Totodile's attention, as it braced itself for the upcoming battle.

" Dodge, and use leer!" Silver commanded, as the Pidgey missed another attempt to crunch Makesh. The Totodile's glare hit the Pidgey head on, and frightened it, causing the bird to slow down and land. The Pidgey then proceeded to tackle Makesh, but Silver saw this move.

"Get out of the way and scratch it when it comes around!" Silver ordered, and the Totodile did so, it's claws ripping though the Pidgey's left wing. Silver grinned, and told Totodile to use leer one more time. Very frightened, the Pidgey went for an all- out tackle, which connected with Makesh, sending him toppling backwards.

"Come on, Makesh, get up!" Silver cried in desperation. The tackle gave pidgey some determination, and charged Totodile again.

"Ah! Makesh!!" Silver yelled at the top of his lungs, which brought a new sense of pride to the alligator. Makesh got up, and braced itself for the attack.

"Use Scratch!" And the Totodile obeyed, ripping it's claws through the Pidgey as it came around and knocked Totodile over. The force of the collision left Totodile weak, but left the Pidgey unconcious. Silver rushed over to his partner, checking the force of the collision. It left Totodile with bruises over his chest, and a small cut where the Pidgey's talons caught him.

"Come on, Makesh, you won! Get up!" Silver said, choking up a little.

"Please, Please, Pl-"

"TOTODILE!!" Makesh yelled as he sprung to life, and tackled Silver, toppling him over in joy of their first victory. Silver laughed, and Makesh laughed along with him, as streams of praise came from Silver's mouth.

"Oh boy, that was great!" cried an exstatic Silver, Makesh beaming with happiness. As he fed the Totodile a potion to heal his wounds, they got up, and Silver returned Makesh to his Pokeball. Silver looked at it with pride- the battle was hard, but he was glad he over came it. He marched along the road, at a slower pace, but none the less excited. But little progress was made, as Silver stopped again.

"Oh look at you, you beat a Pidgey, how great. I fear your power now," came a mocking voice from behind the tree next to the fallen Pidgey. Silver whipped around to see a man in shorts and a ball cap- the least intimidating sight you might ever lay your eyes on.

"You're one to talk, I bet you don't even have a Pokemon!" Silver snapped back.

"Actually, I do," the kid retaliated with as much venom," and I think we should battle. My Pidgey is hungry for Cajun."

"Sorry, bud, I don't want to fight another Pidgey. Too weak," Silver said, beginning to turn around.

"I'm sorry, but you have to. It's the rules that when somebody challenges you to a Pokemon battle, you must accept," the kid said with a slight grin on his face.

"Heh... If you think that your Pidgey has a chance against my Totodile, you have got to be the world's naive person," Silver mocked.

"Okay, tough guy, if you are so tough, let's battle!"

"Okay, let's go!" Silver said, and whipped out Makesh's Pokeball from his belt.

The boy did the same, as he cried out, "Go, Pidgey!"

"Show 'em what you got, Makesh!" Silver yelled, as a red light occupied the ground where Makesh then appeared. Makesh emmited a ferocious (for a Totodile) roar, that shook the boy and his Pidgey.

"You don't scare me! Pidgey, tackle that Totodile!" ordered the kid, and the Pidgey charged the Totodile, ready to ram him head on.

"Those tactics don't work on me," Silver scoffed. "Dodge, and use leer!"
Makesh rolled around the oncoming Pidgey, and stuck it with a firey glaze.

"Ignore him, Pidgey, tackle!" yelled the youngster. This time, the gap between the two Pokemon was closer, and Pidgey gained speed and pummled the Totodile. Silver growled, as he saw Makesh tumble over, but to his relief, quickly got back up.

"Leer again!" and Makesh furthered his assault on Pidgey's psyche.

"Okay, wise guy," the kid said as his Pidgey was shaking from fear,"see how you handle this! Pidgey, go into the air, and tackle him from above!" This came as a shock to Silver, as he had no idea what to do, except duck. And that was what he ordered his Totodile to do.

"Keeping, trying, Pidgey!" yelled the boy, and the Pidgey continued to swing like a pendulum, trying to tackle Makesh. Silver knew that he couldn't wait forever, so he tried something different.

"Makesh! When Pidgey comes down, jump on it's back and claw it!" he told his Totodile. This took Makesh a while to figure out, but on the next assault, Silver yelled,


And Makesh leaped as far as he could, gaining a position on Pidgey's back.

"Now, Scratch!"

Totodile raised up an arm, and brought it down with a mighty force, that sent Pidgey spiraling into the ground. The leers had already weakened Pidgey's defenses, so the scratch had delievered a tremendous blow, knocking the animal out cold. Makesh leaped off his back, and walked over to Silver, as Silver returned Makesh to his ball.

"You need work, kid" Silver laughed in an air of triumph. "I will have to admit, though, the flying took me by suprise. Good job" and Silver extended out a hand to his defeated foe. The kid looked at it suspiciously, and with reluctance, shook Silver's hand.

"Good job..." he grumbled, and returned his Pidgey to it's ball.

"Alright, kid, well I will see you later, maybe!" Silver said as he turned away.


Silver turned around again," Yes?"

"What is your name?" inquired the kid.

"Silver. Silver Clone. And yours?" he asked.

"Joe. Joe Black," Joe responded.

Silver laughed," Alright Joe, keep training, until we meet again." Silver walked away from his first victory, feeling better than ever. All in one day he had gotten his first Pokemon, took down his first Pokemon, and had his first trainer battle. Smiling at Makesh's Pokeball, he looked outward to the road ahead. Not with fear, but with determination and the hopes of catching a new companion to his team.

January 3rd, 2009, 11:47 AM
Jade quickly rushed outside, eager to see who her first pokemon was. With an excited grin, she threw the pokeball to the ground. With a burst of white light, a small, greenish pokemon appeared with a large horn on its head.

"Larv," the small pokemon greeted, blinking softly as it surveyed the area, its eyes focusing on Jade. "Vav?" it questioned, tilting its head to the side.

"Hello there, Larvitar," Jade said, uable to keep the excitement out of her voice. She had actually started with a Larvitar! She bent down and offered her had to sniff. "I'm Jade, and I'm your new partner. How do you do?"

Larvitar sniffed Jade's hand warily, but after a moment it obviously found something it liked in her scent and gave a happy, "Var!"

Jade grinned, happy her pokemon liked her. "I suppose we should get going," she said. "I've already said goodbye to my family, and I'm eager to see what you can do."

Larvi," Larvitar agreed happily, walking beside Jade as they both entered Route 29.

They spent quite a while before they even found a pokemon, must to Jade's frustration. She wondered if the other trainers had already captured all of the pokemon in this area before she felt her heart drop when she saw her first pokemon. Excited, she quickly pulled out her pokedex.
http://www.pokeox.com/pokemon/platinum/163.pngHoothoot, the owl pokemon. This pokemon balances on one foot constantly, even if bracing itself for an attack.

"Now that's interesting," Jade said, closing her pokedex with a snap. "Alright, get in there Larvitar!"

"Tar!" Larvitar called, jumping in front of the flying type and staring it down.

Hoothoot, sensing a battle, flew down to meet Larviatr and gave its own hard stare. After a moment of silence, Hoothoot smirked and rushed at Larvitar in a Tackle attack.

"Use Bite!" Jade ordered quickly.

"Tar." With mouth wide open, Larvitar charged as well. The two were meeting each other head on, but at the last minute, Hoothoot quickly flew off to the side, dodging the Bite attack and ramming into Larvitar's side. "Var!" Larvitar called in shock, surprised by the random attack.

"Hoo," Hoohoot said smugly.

"Don't give into that," Jade said angrily. "Another Bite!"

With a burst of speed and a furious growl, Larvitar tore at Hoothoot on its stomach, being sure to dig in deeply and getting a high pitched scream from Hoothoot. When he was satisfied, Larvitar jumped back, allowing his foe to go free.

With an angry screech that could almost rival a roar, Hoothoot charged, using another Tackle. It got Larvitar right in the head, bashing it backwards.

"Get up," Jade ordered, staring at her pokemon bouncing on the ground.

"Val," Larvitar grunted, getting up and shaking its head.

"Hoh," Hoothoot cawed, charging again.

"No way we'll get hit again," Jade said. "Larvitar, use Sandstorm!"

"Var." With a smirk, Larvitar tilted his head, horn pointing at the flying type and unleashed a swirling torrent of hard sand. It hit Hoothoot head on, creating small scratches as it surrounded it, causing more and more damage.

"Now finish it with another Bite!" Jade called excitedly.

With much vigor, Larvitar charged at the sand surrounded pokemon and bit hard. "Hooooot!" Hoothoot cried, shaking violently before finally closing its eyes as Larvitar unleased it.

"Var," Larvitar sighed, looking at the fallen pokemon. Turning to Jade, it said happily, "Lavit!"

Jade laughed in excitement. "Great job, Larvitar! You were the best!

"Vl," Larvitar mumbled, rubbing is head, a little embarrassed as Jade pet him on the head.

"That was a good battle," a new voice said, causing them to jump slightly.

Jade turned around to see a boy with light blond hair and dull looking brown eyes. He was wearing simple blue jeans and a red shirt. "Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Alex, and I challenge you to a pokemon battle," he said with an eager grin.

"You're on!" Jade said in excitement.

"Lar!" Larvitar said with just as much excitement, ready to face off against this new challenger...

January 3rd, 2009, 4:12 PM
To PlatinumPiano: that was a good post but you can only battle a pokemon and then battle in a trainer in two seperate posts. Im sorry if i didn't make that clear. Very good interaction with your Makesh though.
Makesh grew to Level 8!
Makesh learned Water Gun!
Makesh learned Rage!
To Wolfwhispers: Ooo suspense! Good post! I still need your trainer card by the way. Just post it in the OOC thread
Larvitar grew to Level 7!

Snow Phoenix
January 3rd, 2009, 5:01 PM
Zachary was passing the alleys that he normal slept in when he heard crying. He followed the sound to a Cyndaquil. The Cyndaquil had been abandoned. Zack couldn't help feeling sorry for him; he could relate to Cyndaquil.

"Get up" he ordered to the crying Cyndaquil. He pulled the apple core from his pocket and gave it to him. "Cynda, Cynda" the Cyndaquil squeaked as it moved to get the food.

He then left so he could steal something else for lunch. He approached a resturant and asked for the most expensive lobster. The man seated him, left, and returned with a platter of lobster comprised foods. Before the man could return Zack had eaten everything on the plate and left before paying the bill; he had no intention of doing so.

"Hey you hungry fiend" he heard from the waiter as he left. "You stupid fire rat" were the words that caught Zack's attention. The Cyndaquil had followed him. The waiter thought that it was Cyndaquil who ate all the food and scared away his customer.

"Ooo, that stupid fire rat" he mumbled as he ran back to return to the waiter. "Wait just a minute, you can't hurt that Cyndaquil. It's my pokemon. See, Cyndar come 'ere." at those words the Cyndaquil stood by him. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be leaving with this Cyndaquil." he continued as he started walking away. The waiter stood for about a minute bewildered before he started running after them screaming "Hey wait you forgot to pay the bill." "I never actually ate my meal remember. This Cyndaquil doesn't even belong to me. Look I have no pokeballs" Zack said when he stopped and pointed to his belt. "Come on Cyndaquil run." Zack said and he began running away from the waiter. The waiter ran after him, but ran out of breath shortly and returned to the resturant.

"Now I'm taking you back to professor Elm's, Okay." he said to the Cyndaquil and he noticed that the Cyndaquil was crying the whole time. "Suck it up, you crybaby." he yelled at the Cyndaquil before they arrived at the lab. The Cyndaquil began crying. "Err, there, there baby" Zack comforted the Cyndaquil in an annoyed mood. The Cyndaquil in his arms then perked up and nuzzled into his chest. The Cyndaquil had fallen asleep in his arms; Zack was annoyed.

"Hello I've got a pokemon for you take back. I found it abandoned in an ally." Zack boomed as he entered the lab. "Oh, thank you" a shakey professor Elm replied. "By the way I was supposed to stop by to receive my first pokemon today. Can I get mine now" Zack said after the professor and Cyndaquil began entering another room. "Sure follow me" the professor yelled back at him and Zack followed him.

"Here are your pokeballs" Elm said as he began handing him the pokeballs, but before he could give him more then one an idea came to him. "Why don't take Cyndaquil with you" Elm chirped in with an idea. "What... NO!" Zack shouted. The Cyndaquil had been around the two for a while and touched the pokeball that had been given to Zack. The Cyndaquil entered the ball. "Look you caught a Cyndaquil" Elm said with a cheery voice. "What... No... Take him back." Zack said because he really did not want that Cyndaquil. "You caught it, so it's yours." Elm said while handing him the rest of his pokeballs and a pokedex. "Good Luck" Elm shouted at him as he left the door.

Zack was in a really bad mood the rest of the day...

January 3rd, 2009, 5:03 PM
Episode 1 – New Region, New Rules

The late morning sun shone down upon the river that ran straight from Kanto all the way to Johto, Zeke didn’t have a boat... so he had to walk along the river’s edge, not that he minded. As he drew ever closer to the town of New Bark, memories rushed through his mind of the wonderful adventures that he’d had in Kanto... this made him smile wide like a goofy kid on his way to receiving his first Pokémon.

“Three years...” he whispered to himself as his pace started to slow, the memories were really getting to him and he was starting to realise how much he missed those days, along with his beloved Pokémon. “Scyther...” he muttered, turning his attention to the skies, “Nidoking, Crobat, Vaporeon, Gengar, Snorlax...”

A tear slid down Zeke’s cheek, he had left all his Pokémon at home with either is mother or father, save for Vaporeon who he had sent to Jaiden upon reaching Cinnabar Island and now... he was starting to miss them more than ever. The young man shook his head vigorously, “I shouldn’t be sad,” he said to himself, “I’m about to start an all new Pokémon Journey!”

A few minutes later, Zeke reached his destination, “New Bark Town,” he said, letting his eyes scan the area and take in the joy that this small town held. He sighed in relief from the long trek and tried to find a building that could be passed off as Professor Elm’s lab; his eyes came to rest of the largest building in town and decided that it must be that one.

“Here I come, new Pokémon Adventure,” he said to himself, pulling his black messenger bag higher on his shoulder and setting off towards the lab. The town was so small that, within a few steps, he had reached the lab and was ready to go inside, “Here goes...” he muttered, setting a hand upon the door and pushing it open with a swift swing of his wrist.

Upon entering the lab, Zeke was rushed over to a tall, brown haired, man in a white lab coat by someone that looked just like one of the aide’s from Professor Oak’s lab. “Finally!” said the man, nearly yelling it, “I’m Professor Elm... and you’re late!” he stated, starting to rummage under his desk for something.

“I’m sorry that I’m later Professor, it’s just-” said Zeke, before being cut off by the Professor slamming a large box on the table. He stuck his hands into the box and pulled out a Poké Ball and a strange device which Zeke had never seen before, “What’s that?” asked the confused young man, pointing at the unusual device sitting on the desk.

Professor Elm didn’t look like he wanted to answer that question, but did anyway, “This is a Poké Gear," he said, raising the device to Zeke’s eyes, before switching it for the Poké Ball, “And this is your Pokémon!” Zeke blinked a few times before nodding at the Professor, “Now... I trust Professor Oak has upgraded your Pokédex for you.”

Zeke nodded and pulled out his new Pokédex, “Yeah...” he began, slightly scared by the way Professor Elm was acting, “It’s right here.” The Professor then proceeded to push the Poké Ball and Poké Gear at Zeke, forcing him to grab them in his hands. “So...” started Zeke, glancing around the lab, “Is that everything?”

Without a reply, Zeke soon found himself being ushered out of the lab by the same aide that had dragged him in, “I guess I’m going to have to figure everything else out one my own...” he muttered, nearly dropping everything in his hands. He looked down and noticed a piece of paper that the Professor must have given him, it had everything he needed to know written on it and so Zeke sighed in relief. “I guess Johto is going to be a lot different to Kanto...” he said, starting to walk towards the connecting route and the start of his Johto Journey.

January 3rd, 2009, 5:44 PM
To FrozenSnowman: hmm well there are a few things wrong with your post. 1) Cyndaquil was givin to you from Elm not with you finding it. 2) There are quite a few grammatical errors so you might want to make sure you don't make the same mistake. And 3) Im guilty of the same thing but your paragraphs are made up of converstaions. That can get confusing for the reader. So you might want to split them up for your next post.
To Kev XY: Very funny! I like how Zeke dosen't know whats going on lol.

Snow Phoenix
January 3rd, 2009, 5:58 PM
To FrozenSnowman: hmm well there are a few things wrong with your post. 1) Cyndaquil was givin to you from Elm not with you finding it. 2) There are quite a few grammatical errors so you might want to make sure you don't make the same mistake. And 3) Im guilty of the same thing but your paragraphs are made up of converstaions. That can get confusing for the reader. So you might want to split them up for your next post.
To Kev XY: Very funny! I like how Zeke dosen't know whats going on lol.

OOC: Okay, I'll do better next time. I kind of rushed my post, I'm sorry. I'll take more time and effort in my next post. I was rushing mostly because of how I dislike introduction posts. I perfer posts with more action.

Zeta Patchouli
January 3rd, 2009, 6:14 PM
Chapter 2: Chris Vs. Kyle: Johto Round 1

Chris stared at his pokeball, with a feeling of joy… he could finally be a trainer again… he had a feeling this would happen, but wasn’t sure. “I have another chance… these new trainers aren’t much of a threat to me winning, but I need to watch out for the others… they’ve had enough experience to make them challenging.” Chris grasped Phanphy’s pokeball and placed it in his trainers belt. And with that, Chris started to walk until he left the town. He looked around and saw Kyle hiding poorly in a tree.

“Hiyaaah!” Yelled Kyle as he jumped down from the tree. “I’m back! And I will defeat you this time!” Kyle took out a pokeball and showed it to Chris. “Inside this is the pokemon that will defeat you. Come on out Rocky!” Kyle opened the pokeball, and out came a fairly strong-looking Tyrogue.

“What is this about Kyle? I thought that race three years ago was our ‘final battle’.” Said Chris. “In fact, some people laugh at me when I pass by them. You really shouldn’t have televised it.” Kyle smirked at that.

“Maybe, but with Rocky, I will win our battle!” Yelled Kyle. “Besides, you’re famous in the Kanto region at least!” Chris sighed before covering his eyes with his hand and counting to ten.

“Wow, I need to find some better friends.” Said Chris as he fantasized himself being friends with the first person he thought of… which was Brock. “…On second thought… maybe I should become a hermit after this. Why do you want to fight anyway?” Kyle gasped in fake hurt.

“Don’t you remember? We’re destined to be eternal rivals… I will follow you to whatever region you go to until I end up finding someone else more powerful to make my rival.” Said Kyle. Chris backed away veeery slowly. “Wait… I didn’t mean it like that… I just want a challenge, and you’re the best trainer I’ve ever seen.”

“What about Lance, Steven, Wallace, or Cynthia? They’re world champions and are the most powerful trainers in the world.” Said Chris, but Kyle just stared at Chris before saying.

“I meant out of the normal trainers! Even my original team couldn’t scratch one of them!” Yelled Kyle. “But we’re getting off track. Just send out your pokemon and we’ll fight.” Kyle then leaned against the tree which he jumped from.

“Wow, He has issues. Hmm… well, I see nothing wrong with fighting Kyle, so… come on out… um… Apollo?” Said Chris as he sent out Phanphy. Kyle just stared at Chris. “Hey! I’m not too good with nicknames… leave me alone about this matter.”

“Well, um… that just ruined it.” Said Kyle taunting his friends lame naming skills. “That doesn’t even look like an Apollo. It looks more like a… well, hm… I don’t even know. But does it even matter? I can tell our pokemon are getting restless! You go first!”

“Okay, Apollo, use Defense Curl!” Yelled Kyle. ‘Apollo’ seemed happy at this, happy that it can finally do something. The elephant curled up, increasing his defense. “Now, use Tackle!” The elephant dashed towards Rocky, but the Tyrogue didn’t seem worried.

“Rocky, use Fake Out, then Tackle to knock it back!” Yelled Kyle. Rocky grinned and as Apollo got close, he punched him with some sort of weird energy, before Tackling him away, causing him to fly back quite a ways. “Now, use Tackle once more!” Rocky dashed up towards Apollo, but the elephant dodged before tackling into Rocky.

“Yes, Tackle again!” Yelled Chris. Apollo went in for another strike, but Tyrogue dodged it before returning to Kyle. “Defense Curl!” The elephant stopped his charge and curled into a ball once more, raising its defense more. “Now use Growl!”

“Rocky, close your eyes and plug your ears!” Yelled Kyle as Rocky did just that. Chris smirked as Kyle had fallen for his trap. “Huh? Well, won’t he get a surprise.”

“Use Tackle!” Yelled Chris. Apollo went in to strike, but Rocky grabbed the elephant and actually stopped its charge. “What? How is that even possible?”

“Rocky knows Foresight. He could see Apollo barreling towards him.” Said Kyle as he turned towards Rocky. “Let go and use Tackle!” Rocky hesitated, but let go before being slammed into by Apollo, sending him into a tree. “What? Rocky was stronger then that… unless…”

“Yes, Phanphy’s body was harder then normal, which drained Rocky of a bit more strength then it did last time, and it wasn’t nearly as effective on stopping him, so he beat Rocky in that little contest.” Said Chris before calling Apollo back into his ball.

“Well, that was a good match… I almost won! If you hadn’t… oh, well. It doesn’t matter anymore anyway. Thank you.” Said Kyle as he returned his pokemon and walked back into the city, probably to heal his Tyrogue. “Oh, and… I’ll be back soon!”

(To be continued)

January 3rd, 2009, 9:12 PM
Chapter One:

The day had finally come. Ashton rose out of his bed bright and early for this momentous day. He wondered what mysteries the events would bring him, what friends he would make, along with enemies. He rushed downstairs without so much as a glance at the wonderful breakfast that was prepared for him. It wasn't until he was about to exit the house that his mother stopped him.

"Ashton! Don't you think you should eat before you leave?" The woman, who was roughly six foot with lucious brown hair that reached her hind-quarters, asked her eager son. Ashton turned around and eyed the food for a few moments. The mere smell of the food made his stomach cry out to him. He began to drool a bit at the savory meal, then realized that he should be heading out. He simply walked over, grabbed a piece of rather greasy bacon and headed back out with a small wave to his mother.

"Sorry, Mom! Gotta big day ahead of me!" Ashton said as he closed the door behind his mother, who let out a small sigh and a quick chuckle as she retured to the dishes.

The air in Newbark Town was rather crisp that morning. It wasn't to hot out; yet, not to cold either. The perfect day to start a journey. Ashton fumbled around town a bit; because, even though he lived in Newbark, he had no clue as to where the Professor was.

After a few minutes of aimless wandering, Ashton came across a rather large building with a sign out front that read: "Professor Elm's Reasearch Lab". He headed through the sliding glass doors into a room that smelled of rubber gloves and plastic lab coats.

Near the back of the room were a few trainers, obviously here for their Pokemon too, and the Professor himself. Even from his distance, Ashton heard something about trainers from Kanto running errands. Most of the trainers already had their Pokeballs, Gears and Dexs.

Crap, I'm late.. Ashton put a little spring in his step and headed to the back of the lab. A few trainers passed him on their way out with eager looks on their faces. It wasn't much longer before Ashton reached Professor Elm.

"Uh, Hello" Ashton said with an akward smile spreading across his face. "I'm Ashton Carter. I'm here for my first Pokemon.."

"Oh, yes! I was worried you wouldn't make it!" Elm said with a small chuckle. "Here is your Pokemon, Pokedex, PokeGear and five Pokeballs!"

Ashton grabbed the armload of goods one at a time. He strung the PokeGear around his neck, while placing the Pokedex in his coat pocket. The Pokeballs snapped into his belt neatly. And with that, Ashton was ready to start his journey. He bid the Professor adieu and headed back outside.

The crisp air greeted Ashton once again as he exited the lab. Most of the other trainers had already made their way to Route 29. But Ashton wasn't in any hurry; so he decided to get aquainted with his new Pokemon.

He dropped the red and white sphere on the ground to take a look at his new partner. The ball opened and in a flash of white his very first Pokemon appeared. It was a rather tiny thing; small enough to fit in a backpack. It's body was mostly egg shell, which made it look half-hatched.

"To..Gepi?" The creature said as it tilted it's head. Ashton seized the opprotunity to try out his Pokedex. He pulled it from his coat pocket and flipped it open, listening to what the Dex had to say


http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/0/07/Spr_4p_175.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_175.png)
Togepi- The Spike Ball Pokemon
It is considered to be a symbol of good luck. Its shell is said to be filled with happiness.

"Hmm...Interesting." Ashton said to himself as he bent down, patting the head of the Pokemon. "You seem pretty angelic; so I think I'll name you...Mala!"

"To-Togepi!" The Pokemon cried in agreement.

Ashton got back up to his feet and picked up Mala, holding her in his arms as they made their way to Route 29.

[OoC: Will get CH 2 up later. This post was rushed, so sorry for the shortness and sloppiness :x]

January 3rd, 2009, 9:58 PM
To Zeta Marx...: man oh man that was one funny post! "on second thought i think i'll just become a hermit after this" classic!
Apollo grew to Level 8!
Apollo is trying to learn Flail! But Apollo can only know four moves! Delete a move for Flail? (Zeta you're old hat to this but just a reminder move changes go on the OCC thread.)
To .Sublime: aw what a sweet post! lets hope it stays that sweet in the days to come!

January 3rd, 2009, 10:00 PM
Jade grinned as she watched Alex stare at Larvitar carefully. This would be her first trainer battle!

"Go, Trapinch!" Alex shouted after a moments thought.

"Tra!" A small, bug like pokemon appeared. It had an exceptionally large head that had very sharp teeth. It turned to Larvitar and opened its mouth, prepared for battle.

"Larvitar, use Bite!" Jade ordered quickly, eager to get the first attack in.

"Var!" Larvitar rushed at Trapinch, head lowered in preparation.

"Trapinch, you use Bite," Alex ordered.

"Pnin picnh," Trapinch said, mouth wide. "Pinch!" Trapinch shouted, chomping down just as Larvitar got within range.

"Larv!" Larvitar screamed, shaking its small arms and legs wildly in the air as Trapinch held him in the air by the head.

"Try to get free!" Jade shouted. "Quick, use Sandstorm in its mouth!"

"Tar!" Larvitar spat, releasing the sand blast into Trapinch's mouth.

"Trrr!" Trapinch ran around, sputtering as it released Larvitar to the ground.

"Trapinch, get over it!" Alex shouted, turning to Jade angrily. "That was a cheap move," he spat.

Trapinch continued to roll around, body shaking from the attack that even got inside its body. It technically had a sandstorm inside its body.

Jade shrugged. "It worked, didn't it? Larvitar, attack with Bite!"

"Trapinch, use Flail!" Alex said quickly as Larvitar attacked.

Larvitar managed to latch onto Trapinch's small side, but Trapinch began to shake wildly, eyes closed from inner pain but still determined to do this attack. It gave an angry screech and sent Larvitar flying back.

Jade turned to Alex. "I didn't know Trapinch's learned Flail," she said slowly, a bit unsure.

Alex smirked. "Egg move," he said, frowning a bit as Trapinch gave a cry of pain, the attack still going. It was lucky it was a ground type, otherwise it would have been much worse. "Use Bite!"

"Dodge it!" Jade snapped.

As Trapinch was terribly slow, it was no challenge for Larvitar to jump out of the way. Trapinch skidded to a halt, closing its eyes in a wince and began to shake. Tossing its head, it threw up to the side, all of it sand and saliva.

Both Jade and Alex made faces.

"This is it, Larvitar! Finish it with Bite!"

"Flail!" Alex called desperately.

Trapinch Flailed crazily, and it did manage to toss Larvitar away, but he simply got back up and rushed at Trapinch began to calm.

"That's it!" Jade encouraged. "Finish it!"

"Laaarve!" Larvitar screamed, chomping down hard. With a smirk, Larvitar slammed Trapinch to the ground, watching as the small ground type slowly closed its eyes in defeat.

"Traaa," Trapinch gurgled, snad dripping out of its mouth. "Pin..." It was finally out with one last cough.

Alex sighed in defeat. "Return," he said downhearted. "Really got me with that Sandstorm," he said bitterly, looking as if he would call Jade a cheater for that move before changing his mind. "Well, I guess I'll be seeing you, though next time I'm going to win." With a grin, he gave a nod and walked away.

Jade watched him go before turning to Larvitar. "Great job, buddy," she said. "Take a rest. Return."

And Larvitar returned in a red beam of light, just as she began to walk down the rest of the route, eager to get to the next city and battle stronger pokemon.

January 3rd, 2009, 10:48 PM
Episode 2 – Trainer Becomes the Teacher

Zeke stepped out onto Route 29, letting the exhilaration of a brand new adventure fill him up to the brim. He walked along the route and let his eyes drink in the scenery as an abundant amount of new Pokémon crossed his sight, each time he would take out his Pokédex and add the data to the computerised encyclopaedia.

Pidgey, Sentret, Rattata and Hoppip covered the route, going about their daily business as Zeke went about his own. “Johto is beautiful,” he deducted, guessing and hoping that the rest of the region would be as great as this one route. He glanced down at the Poké Ball that was hanging from his belt and decided to let out his new Pokémon, but... as soon as he reached for it he was stopped by a voice.

“How about a battle?” asked the voice, which was coming from a boy standing a few metres ahead of Zeke. The young man looked up, while still keeping his hand hovering over the Poké Ball and examined the trainer. He had short brown hair, a plain white t-shirt, short blue jeans and a look on his face that showed that he was only a beginner trainer, “So, what do you say?” he asked again.

Zeke laughed slightly and plucked the Poké Ball off his belt, “It would be my pleasure, but... I must caution you, I am quite the experienced trainer.” The young boy rolled his eyes as if he wasn’t fazed by the simple fact that Zeke was at least twice his size, “Ok then,” said Zeke, shrugging his shoulders as he lift the ball into the air and threw it onto the field.

In a flash of blinding light, a short yellow Pokémon with black stripes on its body appeared... a look of determination on its face as sparks sizzled from the protrusions on its head. “Elekid!” it said angrily, clenching its fists tight and glaring at the young boy opposite him. Zeke quickly pulled out his Pokédex and pointed it at his new Pokémon, after all... it would help to know what kind of Pokémon he’s battling with.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/3/31/Spr_4d_239.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_239.png)
Elekid: the Electric Pokémon. It is the pre-evolved form of Electabuzz.
It generates electricity by whirling its arms. However, it can't store the energy it makes.

Zeke thought back, Dane had owned an Electabuzz back when he was travelling in Johto... in fact; he had used it in Rock Tunnel to save them from a pack of angry Zubat. “Wow,” whispered Zeke, “I guess I’m going to end up with an Electabuzz soon enough, if only Dane was here to see this.” Elekid peered back at his trainer and nodded towards the young trainer, eager to start the battle.

The young trainer stepped back, showing that he was slightly scared by the fact that Zeke had an Elekid... but, he quickly shook it off and pulled out his own Poké Ball. “Whatever!” he yelled, raising the Poké Ball in the air, “I’ve got a Pokémon that can defeat yours, no problem.” With that, he threw the ball onto the field and a blinding flash filled the area.

As the light faded, the young trainers Pokémon came into view... it was a small yellow rodent-like Pokémon that reminded Zeke of a Pikachu. “This is my Pichu!” announced the young trainer proudly, “And he’s got enough power to beat your Elekid with both paws tied behind his back.” Zeke raised an eyebrow at the young trainer’s enthusiastic attitude as he turned the Pokédex in his hand towards the Pichu.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/c/cd/Spr_4d_172.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_172.png)
Pichu: the Tiny Mouse Pokémon. It is the pre-evolved form of Pikachu.
The electric pouches on its cheeks are still small. They cannot store much electricity yet.

Zeke laughed as he closed his Pokédex and slid it into his pocket, “Looks like this is going to be a shocking battle, right?” The young man’s “stupid” joke only managed to gain a roll of the young trainer’s eyes, as it wasn’t very funny... at all. Zeke’s expression changed to one of slight anger and he point towards Pichu, “Elekid, use Quick Attack!”

Elekid shot towards Pichu with lightning speed and crashed straight into him, sending him skyward... before landing with a thud at the young trainer’s feet. “Hey!” he yelled, stepping a foot forward and clenching a fist in anger, “That was a cheap shot!” Pichu slowly rose to his feet and jumped into the same position as his trainer, which caused Zeke to laugh uncontrollably.

“You can’t blame your opponent for your slow reaction time,” replied the more experienced trainer, “When it comes to Pokémon battles there is now room for fault.” Zeke glanced over at Elekid and smiled at his new Pokémon, “I guess Elekid is just too fast for Pichu.” He nodded at the short Electric-type Pokémon and pointed towards Pichu again, “Let’s see if they can avoid this, another Quick Attack!”

Elekid smirked and sped towards Pichu again, luckily... the young trainer had learnt from his mistake and quickly issued his own orders, “Pichu, dodge it!” Pichu obeyed his trainer and managed to leap out of the way just before Elekid collided with him, “Now use Thundershock!” called the young trainer, who was starting to get a bit too carried away.

“Bad move...” mumbled Zeke with a smirk as Pichu shot a bolt of electricity into Elekid, only see that it had no effect on the opposing Electric-type, “Elekid and Pichu are both Electric Pokémon. So, attacks of their own type will have no effect on them.” Zeke looked over at Elekid to make sure he was ready, before issuing his next order, “Let’s teach this kid and his Pokémon a lesson with a Quick Attack.”

Elekid ran straight for Pichu, after the first Quick Attack and his own Thundershock... the small Pokémon must of been feeling pretty weak. Which was shown as Elekid smashed into him and sent him at least twice as high into the air as last time, which meant he came crashing the ground twice as fast. This time Pichu didn’t get up, meaning Zeke and Elekid had claimed their first victory here in the Johto region.

The young trainer returned his injured Pokémon and walked over to Zeke, “You and your Elekid are really strong,” he said, looking up and covering his eyes from the sun, “I’m going to train my Pichu so that I’m as strong as you one day.” With that, the boy took off towards the next town... which is where Zeke and Elekid were bound as well.

January 3rd, 2009, 11:01 PM
OOC: It seems against the rule, but one of the Narrarator's is Elm >.>

Chapter 2: Route 29

Narrarator: Jons
I see you kids came back to hear more of the story, It makes me happy to see that I made people interested in my tale. Well, as we figured previously from the story that our young female main character Natsumi, went through alot the previous day. A quick briefing,
She First overslept for her chance to get a starter pokemon from Professor Elm.
Then She protected a pokemon known as Sunkern from a flock of Spearrow on the way there.
Last but not least, she has chosen Sunkern as her partner, then past out after recieving a pokedex from Elm.

Let's move on to Natsumi's next adventure!

~Fades in to story~

Day 2.0 (Will continue next chapter):
Narrarator: Professor Elm
Ugh... a new day has opened our eyes. "I should be getting to work...", I sighed as I became unprepared for a shocking uncalled for greeting greeting... "Good Morning Professor!!!!"
The loud greeting which came from the same girl that passed out in my laboratory. I forgot the details, but the greeting made me remember of this girl's, or Natsumi if you may, heroic break down. As I recover from the shock of her loud, and quite rude greeting, I reply with a cheerful tone. "Good Morning Natsumi... I'm guessing you'll be taking off on you adventure, huh?"
Natsumi's returned my friendly reply with a lovely look and in return, she said "Oh, yes! Me and Sunkern are quite ready for our adventure!!! We were just about to take off."
I smiled.... I had no way of replying, it was nice seeing a future trainer happy. As she gathered her supplies in her bag, then she was about to depart as we said our good byes. Then it hit me... "Wait!!!!" I shouted, "you forgot something!"
She turned around then ran back as I pulled back in my lab and reached in a cabinet and gave her 5 pokeballs.
"I believe I never gave you these yet..." I said, feeling almost foolish. She replied with a thanks, and departed. I expect good thing from her...

Narrarator: Natsumi
Finally... my first official day as a trainer... As I walk facing the border away from Newbark Town, getting ready as I stare up into the trees as if they were welcoming me. I dashed through the borders and ran. Before I proceded with my journey a man approached me. He had curly glam hair, with a mustache. He wore a leather black jacket.
"You must be Natsumi... I happen to be the one who saved you from the Spearrow attack." he claimed... as I stared at him with a frightened look. The look faded as he told me the story. He then continued, "The names Jons... I'm what they call a pokemon trainer. Heheh...."
I then stared at him with a kind of annoyed look. My reply was quite nasty, "Look... I appreaciate what you did for me before.., but I do not wish to be treated as a kid, so if you don't mind, I wish to continue with my journey."
Jons chuckled. "Ha... nonscence.... I know this is your first day with a pokemon, so the least I should do is teach someone as defenseless as you." He snorted. "Imagine, you'd probably still be in that Spearrow situation even if you had a pokemon... I highly garantee it."
I was really insulted... I dared to asked, "Well Mr. Pokemon Expert.... what should I do?"
He smiled and replied, "well first, you must know what moves your Pokemon can do... let me see your pokemon." I took out the pokeball containing my beloved Sunkern. He then continued, "Hm... this is the same Sunkern you were protecting... so Sunkern, tell me about yourself... your moves, nature, abilities, gender.."
I thought he was crazy... he was actually talking to my pokemon, like it's going to tell him...

~30 secounds later~

Narrarator: Jons

Heh... schooling this girl on the basics looked like it would be tough... as I then recieved all the details on her pokemon, I then repeated, "Well... Natsumi, your Sunkern is female, it has the ability to raise it's special attack in sunlight but at the cost of health, a quiet nature, and it's current moves are Mega Drain, Absorb, and Growth."
My secret ability seem to shock her, I knew exactly what she was thinking, but she already blurted it out before I had time to put it into thought. She loudly bursted, "WOOOOOOW!!!! That was amazing!!!! Are you some kind of Pokemon whisperer?! Can you talk to pokemon?!"
Her outburst really gave me a headache and kind of made me feel nervous. But enough was enough, the next phase had to be done.
"Now let go onto battling..." I replied, as we then encountered a wild Sentret mid way while walking through the route. "Now I gave you the different moves your Sentret is capable of. Now I want you to weaken this Sentret and then we'll move on to the next step."
I stared at the battle field in action as I listened to her command. "Sunkern, use Absorb!" The move was a total failiure, it bearly affected Sentret. Sentret grew angry and used scratch with took some of Sunkern's health, but a bit more damage than Sunkern did. She looked upsetting alittle, "Darn!!! That didn't look effective, I guess we'll use a stronger attack! Use Mega drain!" It did only a slight of damage, Sentret still looked very energetic, although some of Sunkern's health came back thanks to the effects of Mega Drain.
I laughed a little bit and said, " you know... this battle looks like it's going to take forever... think about that last attack it knows. Use it then attack, see what that'll do for you..."
She took my advice and used Sunkern's last move. "Sunkern use growth!" a greenish aura surrounded Sunkern as she gave Sunkern an extra command to attack with Mega Drain, which the combination of the moves somehow lead to alot of damage. As the wild Sentret was on the road to fainting, I stopped the battle and gave her a command, "Now, we'll learn about how to capture pokemon, as you already know the Sentret's weaken and close to fainting. Now is a good time to try to catch it. Throw a pokeball and it should automatically detect the Sentret."
She then reached into her bag and reached for a pokeball. As the Sentret was taken in by the Pokeball, it began to wobble. The third time it wobbled, the center button turned white. I then congratulated her.
"Congratulations... you have caught your first pokemon." She looked very excited and cheered. I then continued, "Now c'mon, let's head to Cherrygrove, there we'll depart... I have taught you plenty."

They then walk the rest of the way through route 29, as she fought off other wild pokemon that encountered her. They then crossed the borders of Route 29 and Cherrygrove as she god ready for her next quest. She might as well kick back for a few, and proceed with the day. We'll continue with the story later on, now run along, it's lunchtime and your parents are probably worried...


rii - chii
January 4th, 2009, 8:41 AM
Chapter 2.1: Route 29; The First Battle
Starting Arc
Vanessa and her newly obtained Marill decided that it would be best to leave the town and head off to Cherrygrove City first.

As Vanessa entered the route, she noticed the beautiful view that she could see just by first glance, “Angel, can’t you feel the wonderful freshness here?” Vanessa whispered. Angel didn’t really understand what Vanessa had just said, nor did she care.

There was a huge amount of lovely pine trees surrounding the small route, grassy patches scattered all over the place, even flowers shining in the sun with bees flying. Just then, Vanessa had caught her eye towards a small little Pokemon right in the open. Vanessa quickly opened her Pokedex to identify this mysterious Pokemon.

Sentret: The Scout Pokemon
“It has a very nervous nature. It stands up high on its tail so it can scan wide areas.”

“This Sentret is so cute! I just want to take it with me~” Vanessa screeched. Angel was getting a little bit envious of Sentret getting Vanessa so ditsy. Angel decided to attack the Sentret starting off with a Tackle attack.

Angel slammed into Sentret, inflicting a nice amount of damage, “Angel, what are you doing? I didn’t command you to attack!” Vanessa yelled. Marill felt a little bit upset about what Vanessa had just said, so Angel just stopped attacking.

Sentret was angry now, and used a Scratch attack on both Angel and Vanessa. Vanessa had forgotten being mad at Angel, and is now going to fight back against Sentret, “Alright Angel, I’m sorry about what I said. Prepare to attack that ass Sentret!” Vanessa commanded.

Angel was happy that Vanessa came onto her side, and charged for a damaging Tackle. Sentret wasn’t going to get hit by a Tackle attack again, and dodged the attack simply by moving. Instead of hitting Sentret as planned, the Marill slammed into the tree behind where Sentret was.

“That is one tricky little Sentret, isn’t it…” Vanessa thought, “I need to think, which move should I use?” Vanessa decided to go with a defensive move. “Alright Angel, use Defense Curl.” Vanessa said.

Angel decided to do as told, she didn’t really understand why though. Sentret, decided to use Defense Curl as well, mocking Angel. Angel didn’t like how Sentret copied her, so Angel broke out of the ball and decided to strike with a Tackle disobeying Vanessa’s command.

“Angel, what you are doing- well, I guess as long as you’re careful…” Vanessa worried. Angel was glad it got a chance to attack, and successfully dealt some damage, Vanessa was surprised how much damage was dealt.

“That was incredible, but how could that have happened, Vanessa pulled out her Pokedex to explain this outcome, “Marill’s ability: Huge Power, the power of the Pokemon’s attack is doubled.” The Pokedex informed.

“Awesome, well since Sentret is weak enough, it looks like it’s time to capture the little guy!” Vanessa exclaimed as she pulled out a fresh Poke Ball. Throwing the Poke Ball, the Sentret hit the Poke Ball away refusing to be captured.

“Huh, I weakened it so much; I wonder how it could still fight back…” Vanessa wondered. Just then, a Hoppip came from a tree defending the weakened Sentret. Sentret crying in pain, Hoppip glared at Vanessa.

Just then, Vanessa understood why it didn’t want to be captured, “It must be loved by that Hoppip… it doesn’t want to leave that Hoppip.” Vanessa said, Hoppip shook its head agreeing with the statement said by Vanessa.

Sentret noticed someone behind Vanessa with a Poke Ball, Vanessa turned back to see who was behind and knew what he wanted to do; captured the Sentret and Hoppip.

January 4th, 2009, 9:18 AM
To Wolfwhispers: that was a good battle!
Larvitar grew to Level 9!
To Kev XY: Good battle! Electric showdown!
Elekid grew to Level 8!
Elekid learned Thundershock!
LeSmexyMongoose: good post but i need to approve of the capture first. Just remember that for next time k? Oh i still need a trainer card!
You caught a male Level 3 Sentret!
To rii-chii: suspense! i wonder whats going to happen next?
Angel grew to Level 7!
Angel learned Tail Whip!
To Everyone: Hey I know with Winter Break ending tommorow (at least for me) that we will be going back to school. Since school will be taking up most of our time don't feel rushed to put up a post. This also goes for me since this is a busy time for me so i may not be able to get on everyday. Please just be patient with me and also tell me if you won't be able to get on for awhile. Thanks!

Snow Phoenix
January 4th, 2009, 2:45 PM
"Look at that boy there. He's the one who stole my backpack. Let's get him Toto." a boy on a ledge said as he jumped it with his Totodile. The boy was short about four feet six inches. He wore a hat upon his head with his jean shorts and yellow striped shirt.

"You were the one who stole my back" he screamed at Zack who was just now leaving Newbark Town.

"What are you talking about? This is mine" Zack shouted as he took off his backpack and wrote his name on it without the boy seeing his action. "See it has my name on it" Zack continued showing the boy the freshly written name.

"I don't believe you. Toto let's take it back." the boy yelled. "I challenge you to a Pokemon battle. If I win I get my backpack back." the boy continued.

"And if I win?" Zack said because he was not going to waste time without getting something in return.

"I'll give you this TM." the boy said holding up a reddish-brown disk.

"Fine I accept" Zack said with confidence and knowing that the TM was a fire move that he could teach his Cyndaquil.

"Cyndar come on out and hit that Totodile hard." Zack said releasing the Cyndaquil from its ball.

“Totodile, leer it down.” The boy said with enthusiasm.

“You too Cyndar, don’t concede. Losing is for wimps.” Zack yelled at the timid Cyndaquil.

The two Pokémon began staring at each other for keenly for about half an hour when Zack’s voice broke the concentration. “Tackle it” Zack commanded. The Cyndaquil’s eyes dilated and he charged into the torso of the Totodile. The Totodile blinked and fell down on contact; neither Totodile nor its trainer expected it.

“Hey that’s not fair, what a cheap shot!” the Totodile’s trainer complained.

“This is a Pokémon battle not a staring contest” Zack retorted. “Now tackle it again” Zack continued in a fiercer tone.

“Toto counter it with your scratch” the boy blurted out in his own temper.

The Cyndaquil came crashing into the Totodile. The Totodile scratched the incoming Cyndaquil repelling it onto the ground; however, Totodile did suffer recoil and stumbled back a bit.

“Now Cyndar take this opportunity and tackle it.” Zack shouted to the rising Cyndaquil. The Cyndaquil charged at the unstable Totodile. At the moment of contact Zack shouted “Un”. The Cyndaquil had knocked over the Totodile, but he was still at it. The Cyndaquil used the Totodile’s chest as a spring board to remain in the air so he could tackle the Totodile consecutively. “Deux” Zack shouted once again at the moment of contact.

The Cyndaquil was coming in for another tackle. “Totodile use your water gun at the ground.” The boy quickly shouted. The Totodile spat water from its mouth propelling it into the air. The Cyndaquil missed the Totodile and hit the ground. “Totodile use water gun. Wash away that squirt.” The boy shouted as if he had already won. A stream of water was headed towards the Cyndaquil.

“Smokescreen, Cyndar.” Zack shouted loudly. Black smoke rose from the Cyndaquil and nothing was visible. The water gun pierced the black veil.

The smoke dissipated, but there was no Cyndaquil inside it. The Totodile’s trainer looked around for the Cyndaquil until Zack shouted “Now tackle it”. The Cyndaquil jumped from behind the Totodile’s trainer and tackled the Totodile into the mud formed from its water. Cyndaquil won; the Totodile could no longer battle.

“Aww and I wanted to win” the Totodile’s trainer complained while returning his Pokémon. “You can keep the stupid backpack and have this TM, but I’ll be back. Don’t forget the name Roy Gunner.” the boy continued handing him the TM and then running away.

“Now to teach you this TM Cyndaquil” Zack said proud of himself and kind of braggingly. Zack examined the TM and shouted furiously “Bulk Up! Cyndaquil can’t learn Bulk Up!”

OOC: I hope this was better than my last post.

January 4th, 2009, 3:29 PM
Ah, Route 29. The road to the beautiful Cherrygrove City; otherwise known as "The City of Cute, Fragrant Flowers". The route itself was somewhat winding. Tall grass towered above some of the smaller Pokemon in the area and trainers were scattered about. Ashton made careful precautions not to step in their line of sight, for he had no clue what Mala was capable of.

It wasn't until the end of the grassy route that Ashton noticed a rather peculiar plant. It harbored three ripe berries from it's vines. "Oh man, I bet Mala would love those." Ashton thought out loud as he made his way to the berry tree. He plucked the soft fruit from their branches; That is, until he was stopped by a feminene voice.

"HEY! Those aren't for you! Put them down and get your Pokemon ready!" The voice called.

Ashton turned around and tried to plead his cause to the woman, who looked about eighteen years of age with short cut, black hair. "But I was just-"

"QUIET! You were stealing those berries! Now, if you can beat me in a Pokemon battle, I'll let you have them. So call out your Pokemon!" The woman called as she threw a Pokeball to the ground. The Pokemon that was called out was a Growlithe, just like the one Ashton had back home. Ashton knew of their tendencies to be hot-headed and quick to fight, so he tried to think of ways to use that to his advantage.

"Ok then..Go Mala!" Ashton said with fierce confidence. His new Togepi appeared on the battlefield for it's first battle.

Alright! I'll just take down this Growlite with a....Egh! What are a Togepi's moves?! The thought hit Ashton like a lead pipe. Thinking quickly, he pulled out his Pokedex and looked up the current moveset for his Pokemon.

Gowl- A fierce growl that lowers the enemy's attack
Charm- The user charms the foe with it's cuteness to sharply lower attack

Wha-...WHAT?! No harmful attacks?! Wonderful...Looks like I'm gonna have to rely on wits for this battle..

"Ladies first." Ashton said with a calm tone, not daring to show his worry for not having any damaging attacks.

"Your such a gentleman" The woman said with an obvious hint of sarcasm. "Growlite! Get that worthless theif's Pokemon with Bite!"

The puppy charged at Mala, with fangs ready to pierce her soft shell. It was then that Ashton realized they were awfully close to a small pond.

Oh yea..This'll be good.. Ashton thought with a devilish grin floating across his face. "Mala, go on over to that pond please."

The Togepi, although slightly confused, walked over to the pond with Growlithe still charging at her. Not even a second before the Growlithe finished it's journey, Ashton yelled out his next command. "Mala! Move out of the way!"

And in an instant, what would've been the end of the battle for Ashton, marked the end of the battle for the, still unamed, woman. The Growlithe was in the pond, fighting to swim against it's element while Mala was safley standing at the edge of the pond. She looked at the Growlithe with a tilted head, confused as to what had happened.

"Well...That was rather strategic of you." The woman sighed, recalling her Pokemon. "As promised, the Berries are yours."

"Thanks." Ashton replied with Mala now in his arms again. "By the way, I didn't know those Berries weren't meant to be picked. So, sorry about that. By the way, what's your name? I'm Ashton"

"I'm Miranda." The woman replied, shaking hands with Ashton. "That's fine by the way. I'm just really protective about what I grow." Miranda said while fumbling around with her hands. "Well..I guess I'll see you around, Ashton"

Ashton gave a smile and wave to his newfound friend as she walked away. "Hey Mala, want some berries?" He asked, looking down at the Pokemon. Mala shook her head eagerly with a cry of "Pipipi!"

As Ashton fed Mala the berries he had just won, he thought of the friendship with his Pokemon.

I know it's to soon to judge..But I think me and Mala are gonna become the greatest of friends. Nothing will stand in our way....Nothing..

Zeta Patchouli
January 4th, 2009, 4:08 PM
Chapter 3: Chris' First Capture in Johto!

Chris sighed as he walked into the grass. "I wonder if I'll make as much enemies here as I did in Kanto... in fact, knowing my luck, all of those people I faced are probably going to make it hard on us all... it sucks so badly... Team Enel, you are an evil that I will have to fight, even if I have to do it alone, or with allies." Chris sighed as he realised he had stopped in the middle of the grass.

"Man, I just hope that I can assemble another team and make it to the championships this time." Said Chris to himself, not noticing a Pidgey looking on. "I mean, I probably can't use my old one, and my current has only one." But suddenly, the Pidgey swooped down, grabbed his glasses and flew off.

"Pidgey!" (T: It's mine now, and I dare you to come get it!) Screeched the Pidgey before flying off with the glasses.

"Hey! Get back here!" Yelled Chris as he started chasing the Pidgey. "Give those back!" but the Pidgey wouldn't listen. "You want to play this the hard way? Fine!" Chris grabbed a rock and threw it at the Pidgey, hitting his head and causing it to plummet for a minute, before snapping out of its shock and turning around.

"Pidge!" (T: Oh, no... you didn't hit me.) Cried Pidgey angry with Chris. "Pidgey, pidge pege!" (T: Oh, you gunna pay for that. I swear it.) The Pidgey then flew to the ground. "PIDGEY!" (T: You will die now!) The Pidgey then flew towards Chris, but he was able to dodge at the very last second before prying his glasses from the Pidgey's foot and putting them back on.

"Come on out Apollo!" Yelled Chris, sending out his Phanphy. Apollo looked around and saw the laughing Pidgey. "Use Tackle!" Apollo went in to tackle the Pidgey, but it flew up into the air, avoiding the attack entirely before tackling Apollo.

"Pidg!" (T: Hahah! You can't get me!) Taunted Pidgey. "Piggy, Pdg!!" (TL What kind of name is Apollo anyway? Oh, well... you're going down!, so I really don't care.)

"Phanphy!" (T: Well, at least I can take a hit! Unlike you! So ha!) Yelled Phanphy, but Pidgey wasn't the least bit affected. "Phanphy!" (T: You're going down today!)

"Apollo, use Tackle again!" Yelled Chris. Apollo ran towards Pidgey before jumping up quite high and slamming into Pidgey, who was still able to fly. "Now, use Defense Curl!" The Phanphy curled up into a ball, increasing his defense. Pidgey went in to Tackle Apollo, but as it's defense was pretty high at the moment, Pidgey did more damage to himself.

"Pid..." (T: Owww...) Murmured Pidgey as it started to squirm around. "Pidgey..." (T: That had to have been the stupidest thing I have ever done.) Apollo stood tall and proud before saying.

"Phan..." (T: You should run away, or you'll regret it.) Said Apollo, but Pidgey just squwaked at him. "Phanphy." (T: Oh, well... your loss.) Chris took out one of the five pokeballs the professor gave him.

"You're mine, pokeball... go!" Yelled Chris as the pokeball engulfed Pidgey. Would Chris catch Pidgey?

(ooc: Oh, and Chris chased the Pidgey to just outside Cherrygrove.)

January 5th, 2009, 8:33 AM
To FrozenSnowman: haha i love irony. now generally you can't battle and then get a tm in the same post but because Cyndar can't learn Bulk Up i'll let it pass this time.
Cyndar grew to Level 7!
You received TM 08 (Bulk Up)!
To .Sublime: good post! looks like that was one weak growlithe.
Mala grew to Level 6!
Mala learned Metronome!
You found some Berries!
To Zeta Marx...: good post! i like that pidgey's personality!
You caught a Male Level 4 Pidgey!

January 6th, 2009, 7:11 PM
Chapter 2: Route 29

”Mar-eeeep!” Grey’s new Mareep squealed as the two started making their way to route 29. “Mar- mary!”

“What a very entergetic Mareep!” Grey exclaimed. “What can I call you? Hmm… How about Zap?”

“Mareep,” the Pokemon said in disgust.

“Oh, okay. How about Snow?”

“Mar! Mareeeep!”

“Okay, I guess that is settled then, Snow!”

By now the two had made it on route 29. Grey could see tons of Pokemon hiding in the grass, waiting to be captured. Grey flipped open his PokeDex.

‘Mareep,’ Grey read, ‘The Wool Pokemon. Mareep’s fluffy coat of wool rubs together and builds a static charge. The more static electricity charged, the more brightly the lightbulb at the tip of its tail glows.’

Grey scrolled on the map until finding Route 29. ‘Route 29 - A very small route connecting New Bark Town and Cherrygrove City. Its a very plain route with a few grassy areas and trees bordering it. Newbie Trainers like to test their skills here and a number of easy to catch Pokemon live on the route.’

“Pokemon, aye?” Grey said, “Snow, are you ready to battle?”

“Mar-mar! Eeeeep!”

“I’ll take that as a yes… now let’s see if we can find anything.”

The two walked into the grass, and were soon face to face with a Hoppip.

Grey’s PokeDex beeped, so he flipped it open. ‘Hoppip. The Cottonweed Pokemon. This Pokemon drifts and floats with the wind. If it senses the approach of strong winds, Hoppip links its leaves with other Hoppip to prepare against being blown away.”

“Are you ready for a battle, Snow?”

“Mar.” the Pokemon shook its head.

“Go Mareep!”

“Hop-hoppi,” the Pokemon said, floating in the light wind.

“Snow – growl!”

The Mareep growled intimidating at its foe, scaring it while reducing the Hoppip’s attack stat. The Hoppip splashed around in the air, presuming to have no effect.

“Huh… Snow, go ahead and use tackle!”

Snow charged in the open space between it and it’s foe and leaped in the air, tackling Hoppip. The Hoppip was defenseless, and did nothing. It flew to the ground, where it was near fainting.

“Snow, one more tackle, but not so hard this time!”

Snow once again charged at its foe, now on the ground. Snow hit the Hoppip, though not nearly as hard this time.

“Snow, is it weak enough yet?”

“Mar, eep.” The Pokemon nodded.

“Okay, go! PokeBall!” Grey through a PokeBall at the Hoppip, crossing his fingers.

The ball rolled on the ground. Once, twice……

OOC: More character talking in this post, so there aren't too many paragraphs.

January 7th, 2009, 6:40 AM
Chapter 2:

Max sighed and then shook his head. He wondered if Professor Oak had let Arcanine in to the back field to hang out with Max's other Pokemon. Max shook hs head frantically deciding that Professor Oak had and then turned his attention to the Pokeball in his right hand. He had been getting ready to call out his new Pokemon when he remembered the day he had first met Arcanine.

"Go, Pokeball!" Max shouted throwing the Pokeball in to the air.

In a blinding white flash a little ferret looking Pokemon materalized in front of him.

"Sen." it said sitting on its long, bushy tail.

Max, puzzled by this mysterious Pokemon, slid the Pokedex from its case. He flipped the top off and pointed it at the Pokemon.
Sentret, the Scout Pokemon.
It has a very nervous nature. It stands up high on its tail so it can scan wide areas.

Then, as if to prove the Pokedex correct, Sentret sat on top of its tail even higher and began to scan the wide area.

"Hmmm. I've the perfect name for you, Sentret. How about Scout?" Max asked the little ferret.

"Sentret Sen!" Sentret agreed.

Sentret then lowered herself to her feet and ran up Max's body. She stopped running at his shoulder and threw her tail across his other shoulder. Max laughed figuring he looked as if he were wearing a Sentret scarf.

Then, the bushs rustled behind them and Scout quickly flipped around to see what it was. Max looked behind his shoulder as a purple rat came scurrying out of the bushs. Max recognized it swely.

"A Rattata." Max said quietly.

Scout nodded and hopped off of her trainer's shoulder. Max then turned around, careful not to step on Scout's tail. The Rattata looked from Scout to Max and back to Scout. It then hobbled over to Scout and Max noticed it was limping. It's right hind leg was badly wounded.

Max then knelt down on oth knees and sat his backpack on the ground next to him. He then rumaged around and found a nice long bandage. The Rattata tripped on a stone and fell to the ground with a thud.

"Sen!" Scout cried out wondering if the rat was ok.

"Raaa." Rattata moaned.

Max shook his head wondering what had happened and quickly wrapped a bandage around Rattata's leg. Then he heard loud footsteps.

"Where did that stupid rat go!?" he heard the voice shouting.

Then, a kid about Max's age came pounding out of a few bushs, followed by an Arcanine looked at him and then noticed the rat and looked at Max angrily.

"What are you doign for that stupid rat!?" the man shouted angrily at Max.

But Max was to lost in his own thoughts. The Arcanine the kid had looked so much like his own, but didn't act like his own.

"Arcanine." Max whispered to himself.

Then the man came pounding up to Max and grabbed him by his shirt and threatened him heavily.

"Well. Let's settle this in battle. I win you leave this Rattata alone. You win and he's all yours." Max said. As soon as he said the last words he regretted them.

"Deal." and with that the man dropped Max and walked over to a spot in the open field they had been in.


I will do the battle in the next post.

January 7th, 2009, 4:25 PM
To ~|symphony♪: intresting...not too many people go after Hoppip. Still it was a good post!
You caught a Male Level 3 Hoppip!
To Pikalover10: How on earth are you going to get Sentret to win against an Arcanine? Now i cant wait to see!

January 7th, 2009, 5:23 PM
(ooc: sorry for taking so long. Not my best post yet, but I think it's okay. No battling or anything though)

Gold dropped the ball on the ball causing an explosion of red light burst from it. He was just outside New Bark Town and realized he didn’t properly meet his beginner pokemon yet. As the light cleared, Gold got the glimpse at his new pokemon.

Even though he didn’t know the pokemon’s name, Gold knew for a fact that it was some fire pokemon because of its dark red body. Though tiny in size, Gold knew that his beginner was quite powerful by looking at the way it stood; it’s body straight up and arms extended out to the sides. He pulled out his pokedex to get data.

Magby, the Live Coal Pokemon, read his updated pokedex. It’s body temperature is around 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is healthy if breathing yellow flames.

“Magby, huh?” Gold mumbled as he placed the pokedex back in his pocket. “Well, I don’t mean to break your heart, but we won’t be doing hugs or anything if your body temperature is that much.”

“Mag,” said his new pokemon happily as it got closer behind Gold. He was looking at the route in front of him, intense in thought.

Rubbing his chin a bit, Gold mumbled and sighed. “Magby, I’m an experienced trainer. Isn’t it kind of wussy to go on the route? I bet you that there are better pokemon if we go off trail a little….into the woods.”
Magby squaked at his new trainer in fear as he looked into the path of the dark woods. It was almost completely pitch black and crowded with trees. Gold looked forward with a smile at his challenge that he issued himself and started his way into the woods when he noticed Magby completely frozen in his tracks. Gold scowled as he new pokemon and walked back.
“Aww, come on, Magby,” Gold said. “You’re making a too big of a deal about this. See-” Gold dug in his pocket and pulled out his old PokeGear. Quickly turning it on, he opened up a detailed map of Route 29 and shoved it under Magby’s face. Tree’s covered the tiny screen, and Gold jammed his fingers on the buttons to make some statistics pull up on the screen. “You see, the woods go over a mile and then we’re out in the safe plains again.”

Magby halted his quivering slightly and looked at Gold as if trying to make up his mind. He looked at the dark woods panicked, but then back at his trainer again. He was completely torn.

“Please?” Gold urged. “I’ll be with you.”

Magby sighed and smiled. Letting out a squeal of joy, he leaped up in the air, right towards Gold’s arms.

“Wah, what are,” Gold shouted, but he still caught the pokemon. He felt no burning as he held his pokemon snug. Gold laughed with relief. “Ha ha, we’re going to be good friends. I already know it.”


Gold wanted to cry in frustration. Stalling in the woods, Gold had searched desperately for some sort of pokemon worth more value than the average beginner ones, but had no luck. He and Magby had wasted almost two hours without even seeing a hint of a pokemon anywhere in the dark area.
“Well, Magby, I guess you win. Our stalling has probably put us behind the other trainers. Ha, the beginner trainers are probably ahead of us now,” Gold laughed. He turned around to pat his pokemon, but he was gone.


Gold desperately looked around but didn’t see his little partner. Though it was dark, he sensed no sign of Magby at all. A hot streak of fear went through him.

“Magby!!” Gold shouted.

“Mag, mag,” responded a voice. It was feint, but at least he was close enough for Gold to get to him. Gold began to rush over to where the voice of the little fire pokemon came from. His adrenaline hotly rushed through his body as he searched for Magby. What kind of experienced trainer loses his pokemon on the first day he received it?

“Magby?” Gold said as he searched through the dark woods. It was soon becoming even darker because of the sun slowly drifting away from the sky.

“Maaaag,” shouted the voice once more. Gold could tell that he was getting closer.

“Hold on Magby, I’m coming!” Gold shouted. He stopped for a moment and quickly ripped open his bag, digging around in it until he pulled out something. He clicked it on and a beam of light came out. “Ha, I can battle this darkness now,” he laughed as the flashlight rested in in his hands.

Gold took another step forward, but then stopped as something caught the corner of his eye. He beamed his flashlight directly at it and gawked as his eyes discovered a large building. In the darkness, it looked completely black and haunted.

“What the-” Gold mumbled as he looked at the building. It looked to be about three stories, possibly too big to be a home, but as he thought about it, his own home was about two stories, just longer in length. Before he knew it, Gold knew he just had to go inside and look around with high hopes Magby would be in there as well.

Gold scanned the outside of the building for any sort of door. It was impossible to make out an real features of the building due to the darkness and nothing but a small flashlight. His hand felt a doorknob after a few minutes of searching and it jerked open instantly, allowing him inside.

Gold flashed his light around the area to get a good look around. He had entered into a hallway with a door on both sides of him and a staircase right directly ahead. The floors and walls actually looked fairly new with a little dust, but no paint problems or dents. To further his investigation, Gold decided to take a look around the place by peeking in one of the doors first.

After poking his head through, followed by the flashlight, Gold looked at a strange sight. What he saw was something that reminded him of his school days all over again. A large and spacious room, three long tables were stacked against the wall, a long bar against the opposite wall. Two large windows were at the very end of the room, showing the little bit of green from the trees mixed with black.

“What is this? A cafeteria?” Gold asked though nobody was there to answer. He shrugged and decided to look through the rest of the building. There was probably something way more interesting to see.

Gold discovered that the last two floors was just a hallway of empty rooms, like ones in a hotel room. Gold counted about fourteen in all; it could almost be a hotel. All it took was a peek in each room until he moved on. There just wasn’t anything, yet looking in there felt so familiar. It kind of reminded him when he was a kid, poking in head in his sibling’s room to ask them something or to just annoy them.

The floor creaked as Gold pulled his head back out into the hallway. He flinched and leaped backwards away from the place he was just standing, afraid that the floor was just going to collapse. He had really had enough from collapsing floors from his adventure in Kanto, where his allies accidentally started to make a company fall to ground while him and his partner, Zaron were still at the top. He was never going to forget Zaron’s twisted leg when he fell down a whole floor.

Gold came upon the last room of the building. He expected no more than the others, but decided to look anyway. He was a little excited when he saw exactly what was in the room: furniture.

Gold felt himself get a little adventurous as he plowed into the room with the flashlight to search around a little, forgetting about Magby for the moment as he felt his childish side come forth in the room as he searched for something that might be of value. The room was quite tiny with simple furniture like a bed and a dresser right next to each other with the same hard wooden floor in it like the rest of the home.

Going to the dresser, Gold grabbed the handle and yanked on it. The door was completely stuck and almost impossible to open. But with just enough effort, he managed to slide it out just enough.

“Huh, what’s that?” Gold questioned as he saw something at the bottom of the wooden furniture. Reaching his hand in, he pulled out the object to examine it.

Gold laid the object on the bed and beamed his flashlight on it. Spread out nicely on the bed, Gold knew what it was immediately: a necklace. Having a long silver chain, the necklace glittered in the flashlight. It was in the shape of a teardrop and even looked like it had some water inside it.
Gold picked up the necklace and examined it in his hands. “What is this?”


Gold turned around and saw his pokemon standing there in the doorway as happy as can be. Magby had found his master, filling Gold with relief. Gold grinned and ran over to pick up his pokemon.

“Well, it’s getting late. I think we should just stay here for the night,” Gold said yawning. With his pokemon agreeing, Gold laid out a blanket of his on the bed and collapsed, wondering who’s bed this used to be, and what the necklace really was.

January 7th, 2009, 7:11 PM
Silver and Makesh bounded along the grassy trail, wind to their backs, and sun in their faces. Silver recollected the events of the last battle with Joe, and it struck him that a Pidgey would not be so bad to have. The more the merrier, right? He imagined a fierce Pidgeot, wings spread ferrying him across the broad, blue sea. How great... but there were many other trainers along those routes, and he was sure that most of them had Pidgeys. Silver wanted to be original, so he supressed the urge to catch one, so he could focus on Makesh. Makesh had thoughts much like Silver's, and their combined joy radiated throughout the route. Stopping to catch his breath, Silver leaned up against a tree, and scanned the path for Pokemon. Left, nothing. Right, nothing. Center.... Ah ha! He found a small clump of grass that seemed to move. Silver crouched down and held his breath, as he crawled with Makesh to the mobile grass. A Pokemon suddenly stuck it's pink head out and yelled a small squeak. Startled, Silver flinched, and pulled out his Pokedex, as to not disturb the creature. The device identified it as a Hoppip.

"Never seen one of those here before," Silver whispered to Makesh. Makesh nodded his head in agreement, as they both closed in on the pink grass-like Pokemon. Within a foot of the Hoppip, Makesh tripped and growled rather voluminously. The Hoppip was frightened, and it began to float off.

"Crap, it's leaving," said Silver. "Makesh, hit it with your water gun!" Makesh had just learned the move, and Silver wanted to try out his elemental abilities. The Totodile raised its head, and spewed out a gushing jet of water, hitting the Hoppip dead on. What the Hoppip did suprised Silver: it faltered in the air, but continued floating along the path as if nothing had happened. Silver shrugged it off, and ordered another water gun. Once again, the Hoppip did not fall. In fact, the second blast made it travel faster in the air.

"I''m not letting you escape," Silver said, slightly irritated. "Makesh, run after it, and scratch it!" Makesh did as told, taking off a little faster than Silver expected. Silver stumbled, but ran after Makesh, who had trouble hitting the airborn foe.

Blast it... Makesh can't hurt it while Hoppip is in the air... but water gun is inneffective! Silver was stumped by the little creature. Well, it has to fall sometime... he concluded, and ordered another water gun to be used. Makesh looked slightly confused, but followed orders anyways. Yet again, the Hoppip ignored the blast, and continued to flee.

"Water Gun again!" Silver yelled, slightly frustrated. Makesh was becoming worn out, and the gusher was weaker than normal.

"Again!" persisted Silver, who refused to give up. The blast from Makesh was even weaker now. The Totodile looked at Silver in desperation, as the blasts were simply ineffective.

"Ah! Don't give up, Makesh! You are stronger than this! Hit it with a powerful one!" Panting, Makesh mustered all of the energy he could and released an all- out attack. The water gun was so weak, it failed to reach the Hoppip, who continued to distance itself.

"Again!" ordered Silver, but Makesh wouldn't have anymore of it. It collapsed on the ground, breathing heavily, it's body drained of its water power. Silver rushed over, grabbed Makesh, and without stopping, proceeded to the Hoppip, who was quite far away by now.

How can I stop this thing... water gun is worthless, Makesh is exhausted, and it is getting dark. How... How... How... Silver thought back to Joe, who was probably further along the road with his Pidgey, while he was still back, fighting a clump of grass. Aha! A sudden realization came to Silver. Though his Totodile was a water pokemon, it wouldn't hurt to get some more air time in.

"Makesh, I have an idea." Makesh opened its tired eyes, half asleep. "If you think you can handle it, we will try what we did with Joe's Pidgey. Hoppip may be too small to support, but here's what I am thinking: I can throw you up to Hoppip, and you can give it an almighty scratch. Can you handle that?" A spark flared in Makesh's eyes, and it let out a cry of determination. "Alright, let's go." Silver was getting closer to the Hoppip, who was picking up speed as it cruised along the route. Putting on more speed, Silver came within a few feet of Hoppip, and looked at the Totodile, poised to strike in his arms. "Ready... GO!" Silver yelled, and flung Makesh at the Hoppip like a cannonball. Like before, Makesh raised up its tiny, but strong, arm and brought it down with an almighty claw to Hoppip's pink body. Almost instantly, the Hoppip crashed to the ground along with Makesh, both gaping for air. Silver quickly ran to Makesh, and picked him up again. He turned to the fallen grass, and let out a victory cry.

"That was great Makesh! We have to give that combo a name..." Silver mused for a moment, then declared with heart, "Aeroclaw!" Makesh looked at Silver oddly, but put his opinions aside and gave Silver a smile. Silver smiled back, and with one last look at the unconcious Hoppip, began walking on the moonlight path, the lights of Cherrygrove City close.

"Come on, Makesh," Silver said, returning the Totodile to its ball,"We need to get you healed up!"

(OOC: Eh... it was okay)

January 9th, 2009, 11:53 AM
Character Name: Crystal

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Apperance: http://img114.imageshack.us/img114/5408/38002244dm9.png
It's ok if I just post up an image instead of info right, you didn't say no images. If you want me to talk about her looks instead, I'll take down the image and post up info.

Personality: Crystal is a very demanding girl. She takes battles very serious. She can be a bit roddent to the cord though. When she is mad or upset, her cries are so loud that they can bust your ear drums. Crystal loves going swining. She's a very good swinmer. She really hates bug Pokemon though. They really scare her. She loves grass types though. Her favorite is her starter, a Chikorita.

History: Crystal, has lived in Johto all her life. When she was very little, she saw the legendary Pokemon, Celebi. Ever since then, that little Celebi put a spark in Crystal's eyes. It made her want to be a Pokemon trainer more then ever.

That is what gave Crystal her love of grass Pokemon. Because of Celebi. Crystal also started planeting flowers. She loves them very much, and sometimes, wild grass Pokemon would watch her from far away planeting the flowers. They loved the way Crystal planeted they. She is very good with flowers and planets.

One day Crystal heard about Professor Elm giving out started Pokemon. She then thought about it and realized that the next day was her tenth Birthday,"I'm old enough to start my journey," she said, stars in her eyes. The next day she went to Prof. Elm's lab and got her starter Pokemon, a female Chikorita and started on her journey with Sunkern.

Pokemon Starter: Chikorita(Female)

I hope my sign up's not too short, it's always hard to make a new character, that's a different character then the one I've been using.

January 9th, 2009, 1:49 PM
To Dark_Link12: Intresting post! Very good interaction with Magby!
To PlatinumPiano: haha total fastball special! (thats from X-Men where Colossous throws Wolverine into the air...im a nerd I know) Very creative post!
Makesh grew to Level 11!
Makesh learned Rage!
To Konekodemon: ok sign up but....Sunkern's taken. We do have Chikorita open however. So if you'll be our Chikorita Trainer you are accepted! Also Dark_Link12's character has a sister that looks and has the same name so please be carefull that you dont make them one and the same.

Chapter Three: Cherrygrove City
Number of Posts: 1
Elm Mission: None
Description: A small clean city. It is a stopping point for young trainers coming from New Bark Town. There is a small lake in the center of the city.
Things you can do:
Pokemon Center: A building that is in every town, it is easily reconizible by its red roof. They offer bedding for trainers, healing of Pokemon, and food for both, all for free!
PokeMart: A shop that specializes in trainer products.
Items: Potion, Antidote, Pokeball, Parlyze Heal
What you can do in a city
A city in the RP is a time to relax and let your character take a break. You can do pretty much anything except battle and catch Pokemon (unless I give it the OK). In most cases city's will have a gym and other places you can explore. These are also the places where you can heal Pokemon and buy items. You can also make posts about your character getting some sleep!

January 9th, 2009, 2:12 PM
Jade sighed in relief as she finally entered the clean, but rather small, town known as Cherrygrove. Eyes immediately falling on the large, red building that said in large letters, "Pokemon Center," she entered, letting out a breath as the air conditioning blasted cool air against her hot skin. Walking all that much really took up a lot of energy.

"Hello, and welcome to the pokemon center," a nurse with vibrant pink hair said, smiling kindly as Jade approached. "Is this your first time?" Jade nodded. "Well, if you just hand your pokemon over, I can heal them while you get something to eat. There is a lounge in the back with plenty of room and managemet. Would you care to spend the night as well?"

Jade thought about it, eyes glancing out the window toward the darkening sky. It was either a nice warm bed or a sleeping bag with the Zubat hovering overhead. "I'd like a room, please," she answered, handing over Larvitar's pokeball.

"Only one?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Yes," Jade said, a little defensive.

Nurse Joy simply smiled back. "No offense meant, but usually beginning trainers are in such a rush that they capture the first three pokemon they meet."

Jade's lips twitched at that, completely understanding. "When should I return?"

"As you're staying the night, you may pick up your pokemon in the morning right before you leave."

Jade nodded. "Alright then, thanks." Getting a thanks as well from the nurse, as well as a card for her number, Jade hurried to the back, stomach growling loudly that caused quite a few trainers in the back to giggle. Scowling, Jade ignored them and simply sat a table right by a television. Picking up her menu, her eyes scowered the menu, eyes falling on peperoni pizza with sausage and peppers.

"Ready to order?" a young man asked, carrying a small notebook with him.

"Yes, but where are the prices?" Jade asked.

"All pokemon trainers are exempt from prices, unless, however, they take advantage of the situation and stay for more than three days unless there is an emergency," the waiter replied. "Now, what'll it be?"

Jade grinned at that, her love of being a trainer sky rocketing right there. Quickly ordering her pizza and a Dr. Pepper, Jade could hardly wait for it to come. In no time at all, her food was delivered and she happily munched away, enjoying the battle that was going on in front of her in the television.

She wasn't the only one who was watching. It was a fierce battle, one of the preliminaries for this years League battle. There was a strong looking Nidoqueen facing up against a snarling and ferocious Tyranitar. Jade grinned at the image, knowing that one day that would be her pokemon.

Finishing up, Jade retreated to her room, taking out the card Nurse Joy had given to her, getting ready to rest up for tommorow. She could just imagine all the strong, and powerful pokemon she would capture!

January 9th, 2009, 2:17 PM
To Wolfwhispers: haha good post! i like the waiter lol

January 9th, 2009, 3:20 PM
yea sure, I'll take Chikorita, that was the one I wanted anyway, but I thought it was already taken, but can it be female please, I'd feel better with a female starter, I wish you were still online though, so I'd know if it was ok, to start roleplaying

January 9th, 2009, 3:45 PM
Chapter 2 (part 2): Burned

Max gulped and slowly walked over a few meters across fromt he strange man and his Arcanine. Scout followed him and the Rattata had been lugging around Max's feet. Max looked down at Scout and motioned for her to get in front of him.

Scout, obviously thinking Max was crazy, relentlously hobbled on to the battlefield. The man smirked and pointed a finger straight at Max.

"Little man. Do you by chance own an Arcanine?" he asked.

Max flinched and looked at the man seriously. "Yes. He has been my friend since he was a little Growlithe and I found him on the streets. Why?"

"Oh. No reason." the man said.

Max looked at the man a little suspiciously. SOmething was wrong. Then, without any command the Arcanine dashed at Scout.

"Gah! Scout, Dodge!" Max said astonished at the speed of the Arcanine.

It was as if the speed of the Arcanine was the exact same as his own. Scout looked at the Arcanine who was gaining on him. A few moments right before the Arcanine would have probably ripped her tail off, she jumped far to the right. But the Arcanine came pounding towards Max now. Max stood there frozen wondering what was going on. He then blinked once and shook his head. Then he jumped at the right time and landed backwards on the Arcanine's back. Max was breathing heavily. It was to hard for him to be on an Arcanine's back, wondering if his Arcanine was ok or not.

"Scout use Scratch!" Max managed to finally say.

Scout jumped on her tail and then pushed off the ground. She flew high in to the air as the Arcanine jumped. Then, she slammed her claws in to the Arcanine as her claws grew sharper. The Arcanine then spun around and bared its teeth in to Scout.

"Sen!" she yelped.

Max then turned around as the Arcanine threw her to the ground. She plummeted to the ground with incredible speed.

"Scout!" Max cried.

Then, what people would consider beign stupid, he lept off the Arcanine's back and fell towards Scout. He finally caught up with her before she landed and wrapped her in his arms. Luckily, they were plummeting towards a lake. They then splashed in to the water, spraying a bunch of it on the man and little on the Arcanine. The Rattata was currently coweirng inside a hole in a tree, looking out of a small little hole.

Max's whole insides hurt. He was drowning, and he knew it. His eyelids then began to linger closer and closer to being closed. Then, he remembered something about the Arcanine. It's eyes were pitch black. It had been mind controled. Max eyes then shot open.

HE then began to swim towards the top with Scout in his right arm. His head finally appeared above the water and he let Scout's head above the water too. He then looked closely at the Arcanine and it was just as he guessed. His eyes began to tear up with rage.

"You dirtbag. Give me back my Arcanine!" Max yelled at the man with rage.

"Hah! Yours? Never!" the man replied.

"YEs he is! You stole him from Professor Oak. He always has had a blood stane on his mane since he was cut and I totally ignored it! Give me back my Arcanine!" Max yelled.

He climbed out of the lake and Scout did to. He then dashed at the man with rage overflowing him. The man snapped his fingers and then the Arcanine dashed at Max. Then, the world went blank to Max. He opened his eyes to find his best friend, Arcanine, with his teeth sunk deeply into Max's right arm. He didn't cry because it hurt. He started crying because he looked in to those deep, dakr, empty eyes. This was his Arcanine's body, but not his soul.

"What did you do to him?" Max demanded.

"Oh. Him? I just used a Drowzee to put him in a mind control type of sleep. He won't wake up unless you do somethign severe to his memory. Right now, he hates everyone but me and my Pokemon." the man said.

Max then looked at Arcanine. Then, the next thing Max knew, the man had yelped in pain and standing on top fo the man was Scout who had sinked her claws in to the man's left arm.

Arcanine. It hurt Max to even think the name. All the memories Max shared with Arcanine raced through his head. Then, the Arcanine let go of Max and dashed at Scout.

"Scout! Dodge!" Max yelled.

Scout then turned around and jumped away form the on coming dog. The man sat up obviously he was going to try to punch Scout off of him, but instead his fist slammed in to Arcanine.

"Arcanine! Wake up buddy!" Max pleaded.

But the arcanine kept trying to ram in to Scout, who would repeatedly just jumped passed, around, over, under, and away from him. Every time Scout managed to dodge Arcanine, the dog would slam in to something. And eventually, it got to much for Arcanine and Scout was wiped.

"Scout use Scratch!" Max said.

Scout jumped to head level of the Arcanine and sliced her claws across his face. Arcanine yelped and fell to the ground knocked out. The man quickly returned Arcanine and looked at Max ruefully.

"You'll never get this Arcanine back. You can bet on it." then, the man dashed away before Max could do anything else.

Max sighed and flopped down to the ground and held his bleeding arm. It stung, but Max was a little used to it. It had happened before, but not like this. Now, Max definately had some motivation for his journey through Johto.


January 9th, 2009, 8:48 PM
Silver, where are you? I haven’t seen you forever.


Gold clicked the send button and his message was gone, heading to the phone of his older brother. He played the message in his head and laughed at the irony. It was funny how three years ago he really wouldn’t have given a care where Silver was. But the laughter faded away when he thought once again how long he had been gone; like five months or something. Through the years, Gold had really gotten closer to his least favorite sibling, and even though he was eighteen it didn’t mean he should just take off. It was extremely unfair to him.

He looked at the path ahead, path finally. It had been awhile since Gold left the mysterious house, mansion, whatever, and it didn’t take long to finally get out of the woods to Magby’s relief. It was now a straight forward path to Cherrygrove because of the “shortcut” they took which meant it wouldn’t take that long to reach the city and catch up with the other trainers.

The glistening blue necklace was strapped around Gold’s neck over his red vest. He had found the mysterious necklace appealing and, well, mysterious. He had to keep it extremely close to him to make sure it didn’t break or anything. Maybe he was just unleashing his feminine side.

“Mag,” said his pokemon walking next to him, side to side. Gold peeked over at his pokemon and raised his eyebrows. Magby had completely stopped and was motioning for Gold to pick him up.

Chuckling, Gold picked up the fire pokemon like a baby crying for its mother and snuggled him. “Ya know, my old beginner pokemon, Pikachu, didn’t give me this much trouble. He rode my shoulder until I forgot he was there. But you, you’re proving to be a pain.”

Magby laughed playfully.

“Aww, how sweet,” snarled a voice. Gold looked upward away from his snuggled pokemon and looked with glaring eyes at who had just insulted him and his new pokemon. He saw a boy standing there, maybe eleven years old with grueling eyes and a smile that made Gold want to whomp him.

“Hey, hotshot. Miss the sign-ups for the kiddie convention?” Gold asked sarcastically. It was a lame joke, but what did he have to worry about? He was talking to a little kid.

“Ha ha, you’re funny for a guy snuggling your pokemon like a baby. What are you, seventeen or something.? Shouldn’t guys like that be a little bit more manly?”

Gold laughed and laughed hard. It was mainly out of pure embarrassment for the kid. He purely had no idea for a guy with a big mouth.

“Kid, you need to grow up. I’m fifteen and I barely pass the preteen maturity.”

“Caught that already,” the kid mumbled. It was just loud enough for the Gold and frustrate him.

“Look, buddy, if you have no purpose except insulting the hell out of me, then I’m a little too old to play in the peewee division.”

Hoisting Magby up a little more, Gold began to walk past the kid.

“Then I guess you’re too chicken to battle a ’kid,’” the boy challenged. “My beginner pokemon could totally whup your butt.”


Gold walked by the boy, making it an appoint to shove him in the side as hard as he could with his left hand. He continued onward, without looking back.

“I like your jewelry. Did your mom give it to you? Oh wait, I know, it’s hers and you stole it.”

Gold completely lost his temper. He whirled around and took a swing at the child. The boy laughed while ducking and scooted backward where Gold couldn’t reach him. It was totally out of Gold’s personality to pick fights, but this boy was really ticking him off.

“I was actually being nice to you, little boy,” Gold hissed angrily. “In case you didn’t know, I’m an experienced trainer and you’re just some newbie. But you’ve really ticked me off now.”

Gold tried to control his anger a little and took a deep breath while looking down at Magby. “Magby, you can do this, buddy. I know its your first battle, but you have to win. No pressure, okay?”

Magby looked at his master nervously, but nodded to show some confidence. He leaped out of Gold’s arms into the battlefield.

“Experienced trainer? Whatever,” the kid laughed. “You walk around like some loser wannabe. Now meet one of the strongest pokemon you will ever see!” The boy held up a red and white ball that glittered in the sunlight and tossed it in the air. It fell down on the ground and cracked open. Gold watched as a pokemon popped out and took form in the red light.

Gold looked at the pokemon closely after it had come out of the ball. Standing on its tail to levitate, the pokemon almost looked like a little flying squirrel with its short arms and wide body. Gold pulled out his pokedex.

Sentret, the Scout Pokemon. It has a very nervous nature. It stands on its high tail to scan wide areas.

“Mmm, it doesn’t that intimidating, but I won’t let my guard down,” Gold mumbled as he pocketed the pokedex. That is a major lesson he learned in Kanto. You can’t judge a pokemon by its looks- ever.

“Ha, lets see how big and bad you are now!” the boy shouted. “Sentret, use scratch!”

Sentret dove into action with its short arms extended and its tail extended behind it stiffly like a rabid animal. Magby stood underneath the squirrel stiff and ready to go.

“Magby, don’t be brave!” Gold shouted urgently. “Dodge!”

Magby peeked behind for a moment with a small hint of dismay in his face before loosing his posture and rolling to the side and causing Sentret to hop into an unoccupied area of land.

“Arg, Sentret, hit it with quick attack!”

Gold was completely familiar with this move and knew he wouldn’t have enough to time to warn Magby along with instruction. Soon, Magby would know what certain moves to dodge, but he was still so new to battling.

“Magby!” Gold shouted.

Just like that, Magby was slammed hard by the brute force of the squirrel. Magby was sent soaring until he hit hard near where Gold was standing. He got up slowly, but strongly. Gold knew that Magby was an extremely strong-willed pokemon and wasn’t about to give up.

“Magby, don’t worry about it. You’re doing fine. We just have to find this loser and his pokemon’s weakness.”

“Sentret, scratch!”

Just like that, the battle was once again starting and Gold had to get back in focus. Magby became alert as well and got back into the same fighting stance as he did the previous scratch attack. Knowing about repetitive attacks as a common tactic by pokemon trainers, Gold decided that he wasn’t going to fall for the quick attack scheme again and was going to follow along with Magby.

“Magby, repel that thing with a hard smog attack!” Gold shouted.

Magby let out a burst of poisonous breath from his mouth, smacking Sentret hard and throwing it back. The squirrel landed on his back hard and sat there for a moment before getting up. The boy scowled at the down pokemon of his.

“That was such a weak attack,” the boy growled. “Sentret, use scratch again!”

Sentret dove in with another attack. Magby rolled to the side to dodge.
Gold looked wide-eyed at the battle. He understood everything that was going on.

This kid has absolutely no strategy. He attacks with brute force and raw power. If I take away his attacking ability, then I win. Period.

Gold grinned that he got everything completely sorted and he had a chance to win--and rub it in the kid’s face. He winked at Magby who was in the middle of the battlefield to encourage him a little.

“Sentret, quick attack!” the boy shouted. He added a touch of moaning in his voice, a touch of impatience.

Gold reacted quickly this time. “Quick! Use your smog to fog up the area!”

Magby gently released the same poisonous smoke, covering the area in a light purple fog. Although Gold couldn’t see his pokemon, he had to trust that he was following his trainer’s orders.

“Weaken defense, Magby! Use leer as much as you can!” Gold shouted.
“Find Magby and hit it with scratch!” the boy shouted frustrated.

Gold sighed and shook his head. This kid had to know better that his pokemon couldn’t see in this smoke, nor could his own. He had to trust some other solution to win, but all he could think about is taking out his opponent.

The smoke soon cleared and Gold could see the two pokemon. Gold grinned when he saw Magby with glowing eyes and an intense posture. Poor sentret looked confused in the opposing side.

“Sentret, finish this with Quick Attack!” the boy shouted.

“Smog, head on, Magby!” Gold shouted. Magby released the strongest poisonous attack he could, and it hit directly into Sentret. The impact from the two attacks hitting dead on was too much for Sentret and it crumpled on the ground.

Gold grinned out of satisfaction. “Good job, Magby,” he congratulated his pokemon. Magby turned around and looked at his trainer gleefully.
The boy had already recalled his pokemon and was looking at Gold angrily. “You cheated!” he shouted.

“Hey, using my pokemon’s attacks isn’t cheating. I won fair and square,” Gold replied calmly. “ I did warn you, didn’t I?”

The boy turned red out of pure anger as Gold picked up Magby and held him tight with pure amusement on his face. “This isn’t the last time you’ll see me. My name’s J.T, and you won’t be walking around like the know it all for long.”

Gold didn’t say anything. He just shrugged and walked off, leaving J.T behind.


“Wow, that was pretty crazy!” Gold exclaimed. He was farther down the path with Magby and was talking about the crazy battle they had just had. “You won your first battle!”

Magby smiled again, appreciating Gold’s comments. Gold grinned back.
“You know, this deserves some sort of reward. How bout some ice cream when we hit town?”

Magby’s look of joy changed to pure disgust. Gold looked at him confused for a minute before he understood. He laughed out of joy.

“Ha ha right. That probably doesn’t work for you well. Then I promise you some hot Mexican, alright?”

Magby laughed and so did Gold. As they walked into Cherrygrove city, Gold was amazed at the great bond he built with his pokemon only two days into the journey. This was becoming Kanto all over again, the ultimate dream that Gold had been wishing for.

January 10th, 2009, 10:27 AM
To Konekodemon: well you are accepted but you are under my watchfull eye right now since some stuff between you and Pikalover has been brought into light. So behave yourself while your here! You can start at New Bark Town.
To Pikalover10: :( well now that is a good post! How sad about Arcanine!
Scout grew to Level 8!
Scout learned Quick Attack!
To Dark_Link12: ah a young boy and his Pokemon bonding over Mexican lol. Good post!
Magby grew to Level 9!
Magby learned Ember!
To Everyone: If you have caught a Pokemon recently please update Trainer Cards!

January 10th, 2009, 11:05 AM
It hadn't been long since the battle for the berries when Ashton's Pokedex dinged. He curiously pulled the device out of his pocket to see what was happening.


Togepi [Mala] has reached Lvl. 6.
Togepi [Mala] has learned Metronome.

Metronome- A curious move that uses a random attack on the foe. Be wary when using this move.

"A random move, eh? Sounds pretty interesting!" Ashton said with eagerness filling him. He was pumped to try out this new move.

He crawled around the grasses for a while until he came across a couple of pokemon that would be perfect test subjects for Metronome. He pulled out his Pokedex again for some data on the duo.


Rattata- The mouse Pokemon.
This Pokémon's impressive vitality allows it to live anywhere. It also multiplies very quickly.

Hoppip- The Cottonweed Pokemon
It can be carried away on even the gentlest breeze. It may even float all the way to the next town.

Ashton nodded slightly as the Pokedex read the information. He then set Mala gently on the ground and began to speak to her. "Alright, buddy. You ready for another battle?" The Togepi nodded. "Good! Now go out there and use Metronome on the Rattata, then the Hoppip!"

Mala obeyed orders and waddled out in front of the two wild Pokemon. The Rattata and Hoppip stared in confusion as Togepi waggled it's fingers and was surrounded in a blue aura.

The random attack had be chosen. The aura around Mala flashed a bright light. When the light subsided, Mala was seen flopping around on the ground like it was having a seizure.

"...Splash?" Ashton said as he placed his hand on his face in slight embarrasment. "Well then..Try it again Mala!"

Mala stopped flopping around and rose to her feet as she waggled her fingers again. The two wild Pokemon weren't expecting much this time so they let their guard down. This time, when the attack was chosen and the light subsided, a bright beam shot out from Mala's mouth at the Rattata. The powerful attack sent the Pokemon into a tree, knocking it out efficently. The Hoppip simply stared at Mala with a terrified look before it fainted from shock.

"WOAH!" Ashton said as he ran to Mala. "That was unbelievable! You launched off a Hyper Beam!" He picked up the Pokemon, who was slightly shocked as to what just happened.

"Well, that certainly was interesting." Ashton said as he kept trudging along the route, which wasn't even ten more feet long. It didn't take but a few seconds to reach Cherrygrove, where he took in the new sights.

"So this is Cherrygrove.." He said as he looked around. "I think I'll stop by the Pokemon Center for some rest. You cool with that, Mala?"

As usual, the Togepi shook her head in agreement with her master. THe two headed towards the Pokemon Center for some well deserved rest.

January 10th, 2009, 11:14 AM
Crystal woke up bright and early that morning. She was so excited. Today was going to be the day that she would start her Pokemon Journey. She got out of bed and went to take a shower, the whole time singing in the shower,"A Pokemon I will go. A Pokemon journey I will go. La la a dario, a Pokemon Journey I will go."

Crystal got out of the shower, grinning ear from ear. She was so excited, about starting on her journey. She had already decided which Pokemon she would start off with,'Hmm, since I love grass type, I'll start off with a Chikorita.' Crystal just adored grass type Pokemon. There was just something about them that she loved. Maybe it was just cause of the very strong hidden powers that grass types hold within them.

The Pokemon Crystal hoped she'd run into most of all was Celebi. It was Celebi that had striked her love for grass types and started her wanting to go on this journey in the first place,'Hmm, maybe I'll see it again, while on my journey,' Crystal thought, as she put on her clothes. She always wore the same thing all the time. Blue short, pink shirt and white over coat.

Crystal then brushed though her long blue hair, and put it in two low hanging ponytails. She brushed her teeth, and grabbed her hat, a yellow looking one. She went to her computer and sent emails to all of her friends, saying she'd be gone for awhile.

Crystal didn't tell them where though, as she didn't think it was any of there business where she was going to be for the next year or so. Crystal grabbed her side bag and started packing things inside it. When she was done she went downstairs.

Crystal's parents were already up,"Hey mom. Hey dad. I'm leaving on my Pokemon journey today," she told them.

"We figured this day was coming so we got you a little present. We ordered it from the Sinnoh Region. Here open it dear," Crystal's mother said as she handed her daughter the small box, with a big grin on her face.

"Gee, thanks mom. Thanks dad," Crystal said as she ripped open the box. Inside it was a small pink device that looked like a watch,"Wow! It's a Poketch. I always wanted one of those." Crystal took it out of the box and put it on her weist.

"We wish you good luck on your journey Crystal. Become a great trainer just like your dad once was," Crystal's dad said, as he looked up at her from the news paper he was reading.

"Your kidding right! Mom told me that you quit on the first day, cause it was too hard," Crystal told him.

"Uhh..." Her father said as he turned pink, and tried not to let Crystal see it.

"Well, I gotta go now. Thanks for the present," Crystal said as she hugged both her mom and dad,"Oh yea forgot something," she went over to a bottle of money,"I've been saving up a very long time for this journey. Let's see here, 5000 Poke ok. Now I'm leaving." Crystal put the money in her money pouch as she left and headed over to Professor Elm's lab.

"Now where is that lab at?" Crystal wondered. She started walking around lost. She started panicking thinking,'Where is it! I can't find it!'

A young man noticed that Crystal seemed a bit lost,"Hey are you looking for Professor Elm's lab?" He asked her.

"Yes I am. But how did you know I was looking for Professor Elm's lab?" She asked the man.

He just frowned as he said,"You look like your packed for a long journey. So I just put two and two together. Anyway, his lab's the big building at the end of the road. Go stright down that road there. You can't miss it," he said pointing.

"Thanks a lot," Crystal said as she started down the road. Pretty soon she came up onto the lab,"There it is!" She said as she walked up to the door, and knocked.

The door was then opened. Professor Elm's face appeared in the door way,"Yes. Can I help you?" He asked.

"Yes. I was wondering, is this where all beginning trainers start there Pokemon journey?" Crystal asked him.

"Yes it is," Prof. Elm said as he invited her inside,"Your kinda early. The three Pokemon to pick from are on the table. I'll show them to you," Professor Elm then released the first one. It looked like a moll with four holes on it's back,"This is Cyndaquil. How about this one. You seen like the type who likes hard go battles."

"Uh...no thanks. It doesn't really suit me," Crystal said.

Prof. Elm then pulled out another one. This one looked like a blue looking lizard,"Surely, a person like yourself must love water Pokemon it shows in your hair. This is Totodile," He told her.

"No thanks. I don't really like water Pokemon that much," Crystal told him.

"Then this must be the one," He said as he released a green looking Pokemon, with a leaf on it's head, and a lot of spots all around it's neck,"This is Chikorita."

"That's it! That's the one!" Crystal said getting all excited. She loved Chikorita,"Hey there little girl," Kairi said noticing that it was a girl,"How would you like to be my Pokemon?"

Chikorita grinned as she said,"Chiko!"

Professor Elm, then handed her, her Pokedex, 5 PokeBalls and a PokeGear,"What's this thing?" Crystal asked holding up the gear.

"It's called a PokeGear. It holds within a phone, a map, challenge data, and people close to where your at who are looking for fights," Professor Elm, explained. He then told her how to use the Pokedex and PokeBalls.

"Thanks Professor Elm. I'll be on my way now," Crystal waved. She called Chikorita back inside her ball, and left the lab. She then headed out to Route 29.

January 10th, 2009, 2:43 PM
To .Sublime: lol pretty funny post. However with all the pictures Mala wont get much of boost
Mala grew to Level 7!
To Konekodemon: good first post!

January 10th, 2009, 3:37 PM
Chapter 2: Route 29

…Three times! Grey had caught a Hoppip!

“What should I name you?”

“Hoppi! Hop, hop!”

“Hmmm… how about De?”

“Hop! Hop – iiiip,” the Pokemon said, apparently satisfied. Grey continued walking through route 29 with Snow and his newly acquired Hoppip, De.

Grey had his eyes closed, humming one of his favorite songs when he was suddenly surprised by twins.

“Hey – loser!” Hmph, they must be snotty brats.

“Loser! Wanna – battle?”

“Uhh, sure. Come on out, Snow! You too De!” Grey’s Pokemon, Mareep and Snow walked out, preparing for battle.”

The twins suddenly looked afraid, as if they didn’t really expect Grey to battle. They whispered in each others’ ears before sending out there Pokemon: Marill and Phanphy.

“I’ve bet you’ve never seen these Pokemon before, noob!” One twin said as the other followed up by saying, “Yeah! We got these from our older brother!”

“Okay Snow, De, show ‘em whatcha got!” The Mareep started running up to the Marill with an unexpected attack. The Hoppip flailed around in the air, inflicting no damage.

Grey slapped his hand to his face. Great, splash…

“Ha!” a twin said, “You’re Hoppip is,” then the other twin burst in, “really strong! Phanphy, use tackle on the oh-so-strong Hoppip!” then the other chimed in with, “Marill, tackle!”

The two Pokemon charged and tackled Snow and De, who seemed like they weren’t too affected.

“Okay Snow and De! Go!” the two once again went through the motions: Snow tackled Marill, De splashed, away, Grey turned red, the twins laughed.

The same process of the twin’s attacking then Grey happened over and over again, until finally Snow and De had whittled down the Marill and Phanphy’s health.

“Okay! Let’s finish them off!” Soon enough, the Phanphy fainted, shortly followed by the Marill.

“Congratulations,” one twin said before the other whined, “but you just got really lucky…”

“Yeah, sure,” Grey said but the pair were already sprinting to Cherrygrove, the next stop on Grey’s trip.

Eh, might as well follow. Grey thought, as he walked to Cherrygrove. As Grey rushed through the small patch of land connecting Cherrygrove to route 29, he ran into a guy who looked slightly older than him.

“Sorry,” Grey said extending his hand, “My name is Grey Rose.”

[OOC: shorter than the last, I think. As stated in the OOC thread the person I ran into is .Sublime's character.]

January 10th, 2009, 3:40 PM
Night had befallen Johto by the time Silver walked into the entrance of Cherrygrove City. The town was small, but it was tidy, and after a hard day, it was nice to go to a clean place to rest up. Silver was greeted by a large red building, with a sign that read, 'Pokemon Center; heal your partners here!' This was a godsend to Silver, as Makesh was close to loosing conciousness. He began to veer off of the road to get to the center, when Silver tripped on something. With a loud curse, Silver fell flat on the ground, face first. He lay there quietly for a moment, and slowly got up and turned around. Expecting a rock or something insignificant, he found a small bottle with a label that read 'Potion; heals Pokemon small amount'. Huh, Silver thought, Somebody must have dropped it... Oh well, its mine now! and picked up the potion, flipped it in the air a few times, and tossed it in his rucksack. Wiping dirt off of his clothing, he tried once more, and entered the building with the sliding glass doors. Silver approached the counter, and found the clerk turned around. He waited patiently for a moment, thinking she must be doing something of utmost importance, but gave up and knocked on the counter polietly. The clerk did not seem to notice that he was there, which irritated Silver. Again he knocked on the counter, and again he was ignored. Silver winced, and knocked one last time, harder than before. The clerk continued about her business, which enraged Silver. This time, he yelled loudly,

"Hey! I am in need of assista-"

"No need to yell dear, I can hear you just fine," said the nurse who turned around swiftly.

"Obviously I do need to yell, because I slammed my hand on the desk thrice and thrice you did not answer! What kind of service is that? If I was your boss I would fire you..." he complained, while his patience grew shorter and shorter.

"Silly!" the nurse laughed quietly,"I own this place! I make the rules!"

"Then make good service one of your rules!" he retorted. Silver did not have the patience nor the time to exchange words with a crazy nurse who was oblivious to his existance.

"...No need to yell dear, I can hear you just fine," the nurse mimiced herself.

"Gah!!" Silver yelled, and whipped around, exiting the building as fast as he could. Great, just great, he thought, How in the world am I supposed to have that stupid nurse heal Makesh, when all she can do is whine about how loud I am yelling!? I need to find somewhere to rest up... Very badly... Silver stood at the edge of the center, scanning the town for any other Pokemon Center, but was denied such luck. Picking up his pace, he stomped towards the oceanside, passing a few disturbed residents as he murmurred to himself. After a short minute, he arrived at the shore, and sat down in a huff. Though he was irritated by the sand, he did not move, because he knew it would make it worse. Silver stared at the cascading water in the distance for a moment, then released Makesh from its ball. The Totodile appeared flat on the ground, his chest heaving up and down in a dramatic fashion.

"Oh get up, you drama queen," Silver snapped at his Pokemon. Makesh obeyed and rose to its feet, still breathing heavily, but with some composure.

"Well, buddy," Silver started, "the center has a horrible nurse and I can't find anywhere else to heal your wounds, or replenish your water supply."

Makesh bumped into Silver, and nudged his head towards the water.

"Fine, go swimming if you like, but don't whine to me if you get cold," Silver warned the Totodile. A big leap, and Makesh was in the frigid water, swimming around on his little legs. Watching Makesh calmed Silver down, somewhat, as he began to ponder, You know, I wonder if I am cut out to be a Pokemon trainer. I don't have a very good battle style, my Pokemon can't last a few bouts against other Pokemon. Maybe I should just go home... he averted his glaze from Makesh to the moon, and for a moment, thought he saw a shooting star. He cared not if he was hallucinating, he made a quiet wish upon it anyways. After that, Silver promptly fell flat on the ground, gazing up at the sky, while his conciousness slowly faded...

Silver had only been sleeping for a few moments, when he was awoken by Makesh leaping out of the water, and spraying Silver with a water gun. Bolting upright, he noticed that it was still dark, and he needed to find a place to crash for the night. He liked the beach, but it was a little uncomfortable for him. Silver snapped back to reality, and shot Makesh a look of irritation. Though it made Makesh back off some, the Totodile did not appear phased.

"Well, come on, buddy," Silver said, "We have to find a place to crash for the night. And not the Pokemon Center, either." Silver got up, and called Makesh back to its Pokeball, reluctant as it was. As he turned from the beach, he noticed a small dash of movement out of the corner of his eye. Quickly, Silver turned around to see a dog-like Pokemon run off into the woods. It's massive firey red bulk made it shine in the night, and Silver reminded himself that he was not about to turn back. With renewed confidence, he set off along back to the center of town, looking for an inn. Again, he was not rewarded, so he decided to do what Pokemon trainers do best- barge in on random peoples houses. The first house Silver tried was locked, as well as the second. However, the third house, tucked away at the corner of town, had its lights on, so Silver decided to give it a try. He approached the home and gave a loud knock on the oak door. Thankfully, a man soon opened the door, peering out through his spectacles. He appeared to be middle aged, and somewhat tired, but he went on and asked Silver,

"Yes? How may I help you?"

Silver then recounted the events leading up to the beach, and the dog (which he threw in just for fun). The man pondered Silver's tale for a moment,

"Seems to me that you have seen the Volcano Pokemon, Entei," he commented quietly, "And it also seems that you need a place to stay,"

"That is correct, sir," Silver replied with a calm air in his voice. He did not want another person scared off like the nurse.

"Well, what is your name, friend? I am Ryan Neff, and have lived in my peaceful abode for half of my life," Ryan introduced himself.

"Silver Clone, I seek to conquer the Pokemon Leauge," said Silver, stating something that he would like to do.

"A difficult prospect, that is. Well come in, make yourself at home," and Ryan cleared the doorway for Silver, who stepped in the small house. Tea was already made for one, but Ryan fixed up another batch, and together they sat and traded tales of their past, present, and future aspirations. It turned out that Ryan was also a Pokemon trainer when he was Silver's age, and he too had the dream of challenging the Pokemon League. All went well until his precious Golem was robbed by a man in Victory Road, never to be seen again. Ryan gave up training after that, but instead spent his life on studying Pokemon, in all of their aspects, battling and non-battling. The conversation went on for a good while, until Silver was unable to keep awake.

"Well, Ryan, thank you for your tales, but I must rest."

"No problem, there is a bed for you on the second level of my house, third door on the right. I am glad you came, I was getting lonley," said Ryan. Silver thanked him once again for his house, and together, Silver and Makesh went upstairs and immediatley fell asleep. Tomorrow, he was on the road again.


(OOC:Nurse Joy is inspired by my Spanish teacher... Way to go Senora Andersen!)

January 10th, 2009, 4:25 PM
Episode 3 – Hooting Your Own Horn

Zeke continued along Route 29, feeling happy and high spirited about his first battle won in the Johto region... even if it was only against a beginner. Elekid seemed to be happy too, that was his very first battle and to come out on top is always a great thing. “So Elekid,” began Zeke, looking over at his new travelling partner and smiling, “How’s about we catch us a Pokémon?”

Elekid tilted his head to the side with a confused look, after hearing Zeke’s question spoken in such bad English. The trainer laughed at his Pokémon’s face, “Do you want to catch a Pokémon?” he asked, this time sounding a little smarter. Elekid finally realised what he was saying and nodded vigorously.

“Ok,” said Zeke, coming to a stop and placing his hands on his hips as he scanned the area for a catchable Pokémon. He saw a pack of Sentret run by and quickly turned to Elekid, who shook his head in disapproval. Next, he saw a group of Hoppip drifting through the air... once again, Elekid shook his head.

“Oh, come on!” yelled Zeke, impatiently, “Are you going to say no to every Pokémon I think about catching?” Elekid rolled his eyes and pointed a small finger at a tree, about fifteen metres away. Sitting on the second branch up was a Pokémon that Zeke hadn’t seen yet and that called for the Pokédex, which he quickly pulled out of his pocket and pointed at the unknown Pokémon.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/a/ab/Spr_4d_163.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_163.png)
Hoothoot: the Owl Pokémon.
It always stands on one foot. Even when attacked, it does not brace itself using both feet.

“That thing?” questioned Zeke, as he flipped his Pokédex shut and shoved it into his pocket. Elekid simply nodded and crossed his arms as he waited for Zeke to make the first move, “No!” yelled Zeke suddenly, turning away from Elekid and crossing his arms as well. Elekid’s mouth dropped open and he glared at Zeke, although... he wasn’t even looking, so it had no effect.

“I refuse to capture such a chubby little Pokémon that doesn’t looking like it can hold its own in battle at all!” declared Zeke, still facing the opposite direction with his arms crossed. Somehow, the Hoothoot heard all of this and suddenly sprung into action. He jumped down out of the tree and started flying at Zeke as fast as he could, swiftly flying over the top of him and stealing his hat.

“Huh?” questioned Zeke, as he looked up to see why his head had suddenly gotten cooler. That’s when he saw the pesky Hoothoot flying high into the sky with his hat. “Come back here!” screamed Zeke, running along after the bird while he shook his arms like a maniac. Elekid stood his ground and rolled his eyes at his “stupid” trainer.

“What are you waiting for?” asked Zeke, turning to face Elekid with a stern look on his face, “Knock that flying rat out of the sky with a Thundershock.” Elekid sighed and prepared the attack, which he would have preferred to let loose on Zeke... but, that wouldn’t make him a very good Pokémon. The short Electric-type shot a small bolt of lightning straight at the Hoothoot, landing a direct hit and causing it to fall out of the sky at an alarming rate.

“Oh no!” screamed Zeke, running around to try and get under the falling Hoothoot, “My hat is going to get hurt!” The selfish trainer managed to be in the right spot at the right time and caught the Hoothoot, and his hat, in his arms. Although, the electricity that Hoothoot was hit with was still causing through his body and now travelled straight into Zeke.

The trainer screamed and fell onto his back, still clutching the Hoothoot and his hat, “Ouch...” Elekid rolled his eyes at his trainer yet again and sat down, waiting for Zeke to stop sizzling. When he did, he jumped to his feet and glared at the Hoothoot that was in his arms, “This is all your fault!”

The Hoothoot didn’t like being blamed for a stupid trainers actions, he started flapping his wings and began pecking at Zeke’s forehead. The trainer screamed again, “Do something, Elekid!” he called but suddenly wishing he hadn’t. Zeke’s short Electric Pokémon shot a bolt of lightning straight at the Hoothoot, which ended up shocking the trainer as well.

Zeke wobbled a bit, before looking down and seeing that the Hoothoot had been knocked out cold, “Yes!” screamed the happy, and crispy, trainer. Then, he looked down at his hat, “No!” he screamed, as he saw that it hadn’t handled the two Thundershock’s as well as he had... it was destroyed.

“Oh well,” said Zeke, shrugging with a tilt of his head and throwing the ruined hat over his right shoulder. Suddenly, the Hoothoot started to regain consciousness... so, Zeke pulled an empty Poké Ball off his belt and tapped it on the owl Pokémon that had caused him so much trouble. But, being as clumsy as he was... Zeke let the ball fall to the ground. He and Elekid watched as it shook once, twice and then a third time...

January 10th, 2009, 4:58 PM
To ~|symphony♪: that was a decent post!
Snow grew to Level 6!
De grew to Level 4!
De learned Synthesis!
Tp PlatinumPiano: haha good job throwing your spanish teacher in lol Entei will appear again as well....
You obtain a Potion!
To Kev XY: that was a good post!
You caught a Male Level 3 Hoothoot!

January 10th, 2009, 5:20 PM
On the way to the Pokemon Center, Ashton was bumbed into by somebody. He turned around to see who the careless induvidual was. He came face-to-face with a boy, not much younger than Ashton, but still around his height. THe boys hand was extended as an apology was offered.

Ashton shook the boy's, who said his name was Grey, hand and replied to the apology. "No problem." He said with a hearty smile. "My name is Ashton Carter."

A few Pokeballs could be seen hanging from Grey's belt. "A Pokemon trainer, eh? I'm a begginer. I only have Mala here." Ashton said as he showed off his Togepi. "If you want, we could travel together. It's always more fun to travel with somebody! Just meet me at Route 30 in a while, I have some stuff to do here in Cherrygrove."

Ashton gave a quick wave to Grey as he got back on track to the Pokemon Center, which wasn't to far away. Next to the Center was a Poke'Mart, where various goods were sold. I should make a stop there after healing up Mala.. Ashton thouht to himself.

The inside of the Pokemon Center was very nice. Chansey were taking care of severly injured Pokemon in the back room, People were conversing in the lobby, and Nurse Joy was healing Pokemon at the front desk. Ashton walked over to Nurse Joy, who gave the usual greeting.

"Hello, and welcome to the Pokemon Center! Would you like us to heal your Pokemon?" The nurse said with a bubbly smile.

"Yes, I would. Thank you!" Ashton said with an equally bubbly smile while he handed over Mala. The nurse took Mala and placed her on a machine that whirred and buzzed and beeped for about a minute. It didn't seem to do anything, but Mala was healed to full health. The nurse handed Mala back over to Ashton, who gave a quick "Thanks" and headed out.

"Now to load up on the goods." Ashton said as he walked next door to the Mart. The Poke'Mart was about as large as the Pokemon Center, but had a very different atmosphere. The shelves were lined with everything from Potions to Pokeballs. Ashton grabbed three Potions off the shelf and headed towards the counter.

"Good day, my lad!" The man behind the counter said as he rung up the purchase. "Good idea buying these Potions. Trainers are littered all over Route 30." The clerk said with a chuckle.

"Yea, I would imagine." Ashton said with a chuckle of his own. He payed for the products and bid the clerk good day as he headed out of the mart.

As Ashton stepped back outside, he went over an imaginary checklist. "Heal Mala, check. Stock up, check. Now all I have to do is meet Grey at Route 30." And with that, he walked west through the rest of Cherrygrove to the beginning of Route 30.

He scoped around for Grey, who hadn't arrived yet. "Well, I guess I can wait" Ashton said as he sat down against a tree and waited.

Zeta Patchouli
January 10th, 2009, 7:02 PM
(ooc: You get to see a flashback about some of Chris' life, and Fredrick shows up. You get to see them before Team Rocket destroyed their lives.)

Chapter 4: The Story of Cherrygrove's Recent Past: Enter

Chris walked into Cherrygrove City, sighing in remniscence. "Well, I'm... home. I'm finally back home... after three years and five months, I have returned..." Chris walked into the town and looked around. "Well, this place looks better then it used to be... I wonder if that gang ever came back?" Chris looked around and saw no sign of any gangs. "I remember like it was yesterday..." Suddenly Chris was surrounded by people, both kids and adults.

"Is that you? Chris?" Asked a seemingly random person. Chris looked at her and nodded. "Oh, I'm glad you were able to return... son." Chris gasped.

"Mom!" Yelled Chris as he hugged the woman. "Oh, it's so good to see you again! I haven't seen you in five years!" Chris' mom smiled before saying.

"Well, you had to go to Pallet Town to get your pokemon license... I'm still so glad that you were able to make it... why don't we go home. I'm sure that you would like to tell me stories of what you faced in Kanto." Said Chris' mom as she pushed aside the crowd of people, allowing Chris to go through.

(Chris' House)

Chris layed down in his bed, staring at the ceiling... "Well, it seems that the town has become a lot better off since my brother and I tried to fight off them."

"Phan!" (T: Really... tell us, I'm dying to hear this!) Yelled Apollo, but seeing as Chris didn't understand pokenese, he just looked confused. Pidgey just layed there, looking bored.

"Well, since I have some time... why don't I tell you on what happened... First off, I need to tell you about the gang... it was known as the 'Cherrygrove Anarchy Alliance', or the CAA. They were infamous across Cherrygrove and New Bark Town..." Said Chris, looking at his pokemon. Pidgey was unconscious, still in pain from slamming his head into a tree, and Apollo was sitting there, listening.

"Well, these punks held the life of the town by the throat. Their leader was indeed the mayor. My dad was gone, and the league had no knowledge of this. The CAA were untouchable. Anyone who opposed them would be stabbed thrice, shot twice, and left to drown. Not necessarily in that order." Said Chris as he started to have a flashback.

(Twelve Years Ago: Cherrygrove City)

"This is a bank robbery! No one move!" Yelled a boy of no more then 17 years old. The people inside immedately got to the floor, and hoped that the cops would come soon. "Hurry it up you fools! Get the money in to the truck, or we won't be responsable for what happens!" Suddenly a siren was heard. Police cars came to a stop just outside of the bank, but none of the thugs looked worried at all.

One of the cops came in with a gun. The people cheered, but the cop shot a young man in the ground. "Do you wish for assistance? We can help you as well." Said the cop. The CAA member shook his head.

"No thanks... I don't need help, but if you want to be put to work... then I need your help to put the money into the truck." Said the CAA member as he turned to the crowd before shooting the man again.

"Yes sir." Said the cop as he signalled the others to follow. And follow they did, as at least thirty policemen came in to help. "We are to draw out all of the money, and carry it to the truck." The cops nodded before scattering to where the vault was. Suddenly a ten year old boy with short, black hair, slammed into the CAA member, making him drop the gun.

"What? What are you doing kid? Get out of here before I bust your head into the ground!" Yelled the CAA member, but the kid just kicked him in his family jewels. "AAAHH! Oh, you're going to *bleep*ing pay for that kid!" The man fell onto the ground. "Cops! Get this brat!" And with that, four cops ran in, guns trained onto the boy, but he grabbed the CAA member and used him as a shield.

"You can't get me! Unless you want to shoot this guy as well!" Yelled the kid as he backed up towards the door. The cops didn't know what to do... shoot the one to attack a high-ranking CAA member, or kill them both. The cops put away their guns, but the kid just kept backing up with the CAA member before running out. The cops signalled the rest, who helped their leader walk out.

(Two Hours Later)

The boy was smacked in the face, his mother having an angry look on her face. "Fredrick Alexander Evans! You made me so worried... you can't just kick a CAA member in their jewels! They'll kill you!" Yelled Chris' mom as she hugged Fredrick. "Why? Why must they be here?"

"Mom, I was just trying to help everyone out!" Yelled Fred, but his mom pointed upstairs.

"Go upstairs! You're grounded!" Yelled Chris' mom. Fredrick sighed before walking upstairs. Suddenly, the door burst open and six CAA members ran in. "Wh- what's the meaning of this!?"

"Where is Fredrick Alexander Evans? He is under arrest for assaulting a CAA Exec." Said the CAA member as he signalled the rest of them to search the house. "Tell me now!"

"He's upstairs in his room. He's grounded for hitting that man from earlier." Said Chris' mom. The CAA member smirked as four people brought down Chris and Fred. "It's time for you three to come with us." And with that, the CAA members took off with their prisoners.

(Interrupt Flashback)

"Yeah, things were looking pretty bad. My brother had appearantly doomed the three of us, but that's not what happened at all... no, we broke out, and seeing as we were kids, we tried to attack the mayor himself."

(Continue Flashback: Mayor's Office)

The mayor sighed as he looked at the screen. Fred had picked the lock on his cage, and freed his brother. Their mother had been let go, but the kids were held up. "Well, that's how you want to play it, eh kiddies? Well fine. You can try and play hero, but when it comes down to it, you are too weak to do anything to me." Said the mayor as he turned around to face his door. "You may come in." The door opened, and Fred jumped to strike the mayor, but he turned around in his chair, causing the boy to slam into the back of the chair.

"Hey, that's cheating!" Yelled Chris, but the mayor got out of his chair and walked to the 6 year old boy before saying.

"Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?" Asked the mayor standing tall, using his height to intimidate Chris, but it didn't work as he kicked the mayor in his jewels. "Gah! Well, that was stupid." The mayor took a second to recover, but he backed up and grabbed a pokeball. "Come on out, Charizard! Flamethrower!" And with that, he tossed out a pokeball, summoning a giant dragon-like creature.

"ROOOOAR!" Roared Charizard as it looked to the unconscious Fred, and the cowering Chris. Charizard fired out a blast of flames, but before it could hit the boy, a green dome appeared around him, blocking the strike. Chris looked at the door, and saw a tall man of thirty four. His hair was black and was cut short, his coat was like a detective's and he hed out a special badge.

"Dad!" Yelled Chris. Fred looked up and saw his father, before gasping in shock.

"I am Agent Matthew Evans, of the Global Police Department. I have been ordered to take you under arrest. Don't try to call in any of your friends, as they are already on their way to our HQ." Said Chris' dad who is known as Matthew.

"Well, I'm surprised they decided to send someone. But you really need to get a clue. I am of a higher authority then you. And with that, I say you must go away." Said the mayor, but that caused Matthew to start laughing... loudly. "What's so funny?" The mayor looked to where his Charizard was, but it was unconscious. "What!"

"I outrank you... mayor. I used to be a champion you know... I hold a lot of power still. Much more then you do. Now, you are under arrest." Said Matthew as the Mayor's body froze up. "Don't bother to call your other friends, they already were either captured by us, or have fled town."

"Fine, I surrender. Just don't kill me." Said the mayor. Matthew nodded before grabbing on to his Alakazam. The three disappeared, back to the Global Police HQ.

"D-dad..." Said Chris, about to cry. "Why'd you have to go so soon?"

(End Flashback)

"Yeah, that's my first ever time in battling a bad guy... I just wish Fredrick was still here." Said Chris as he pulled out two pokeballs and returned his pokemon.

(The next Day)

After eating breakfast and saying goodbye to his mother, he wandered to the entrance to Route 30. "Well, here it is... the next part of my journey... maybe I can actually find my father." Said Chris as he stepped into the next route, and onto a new leg of his journey.

(ooc: Yeah, the ending was rushed, but I got tired of writing this post.)

January 10th, 2009, 7:33 PM
Chapter 3:

Max walked in to a large, clean city. The streets weren't crowded but they were busy with people pacing down the sidewalks to get to work. Max looked around the city trying to find a Pokemon Center to tend to Scout's wounds and his own. Holding his right arm wth his left hand, he tried to stop the bleeding, but it didn't help. Blood dripped off his arm and splashed on to the sidewalk. He was afraid he was going to lose to much blood and die, but he knew that was a little extravagent.

Then, he finally caught a glimpse of the red roof and darted towards it. Scout, who was sitting on top of Max's right shoudler, looked around at the scenery. She thought the town was beautiful. People everywhere and even a little park area.

In a matter of minutes Max arrived at the Pokemon Center. The doors slid open as he rushed in and stopped right in front of the front desk. Nurse Joy slid her chair around and looked at him with a smile.

"How may I help you?" she asked.

Max held up his arm and she looked at it in horror.

"What happened!?" she gasped.

"A little accident with an Arcanine. Could you give me some bandages and I can wrap it myself. I also would like for you to give my Sentret a check up please." Max said.

"Ok, but that wound isn't going to heal with just a bandage. Follow me." and iwth that she motioned for him to follow her in to the back room.

Inside the back room there were little cots that you would find in a hospital and glass cases around them. Some of them contained Pokemon while others were empty. There was one in the very back without a glass case and she motioned for him to sit on it.

He sat down and she grabbed his arm and began inspecting it. She then took out a little container and started spreading pink stuff all over the wound. It stung. Badly. Max bit his lip and then she stopped spreading it and he released his lip. Then, she wrapped his arm in bandages, being sure to tie it off tight(which also stung a little). Then, she tok him outside of the room and began inspecting Scout while he was out of the room.


About half an hour passed and she came walking out with Scout darting between her legs towards Max. She jumped and landed softly in Max's lap. Max looked down at Scout and smiled. Max then picked Scout up and placed her on his shoulder, then he stood up. He thanked Nurse Joy and left the Pokemon Center wondering what to do know.

There wasn't a mission Professor Elm wanted him and the others to do, nor was there a Pokemon Gym in this city. Max began wandering the city, looking for something to do.

He stopped at an ice cream stand and bought two ice cream cones. A strawberry ice cream cone and a vanilla ice cream cone. Scout and him then sat down on a bench and Scout began devouring her vanilla ice cream as Max devoured his strawberry ice cream.

It was delishious. He savored every second of the ice cream and once he was finished he wished he had another one, but the owner of the stand had gone out for lunch. Max then looked around fro something else to do. He looked down at his gleaming black watch and realized that it was 7:30 P.M., but it was bright outside.

He shrugged and yawned loudly. Then, he pciked Scout up and walked back to the Pokemon Center.


Once they arrived he walked up to the front desk and Nurse Joy inspected him to see if he had any other injuries. She shrugged and smiled at him.

"How may I help you?" she asked.

"Yes I would like a room key please." Max asked.

She nodded and handed him a gold key attached to a black loop. Max took it and walked up the stairs to the rooms. He looked down the halls for the room 207 and eventually found it.

Once he unlocked it and walked inside, he threw his stuff on the ground hear the door and looked around. There was one bed, a desk, a chair, a lamp, and a beside drawer.

Max slipped off his shoes, took his hat and vest off, and flopped on to the bed. Scout had jumped off his shoulders and now she laid on the bed next to him. Today had been an exhauting day for him. He didn't even turn the lights on when he went in. Then, he rolled over and began to fall asleep.


OOC: sorry it was a little short...I couldn't think of anything better to do:)

Snow Phoenix
January 10th, 2009, 10:56 PM
“Hey kid wait. You forgot to the pay toll” a large muscular man said to a child around the age of seven. The child begged the man to let him through, but he would not budge. This man had recently begun tolling the entrance to Cherrygrove City.

Kris had observed him for thirteen hours from the top of a ledge. The man had not moved an inch. Kris was tired of waiting and this was his chance.

“Cyndaquil cover the area with smoke” Kris shouted as he slid down the ledge.

The Cyndaquil exploded with smoke and nothing was visible. He ran straight ahead, but an arm caught him before he made it to the other side. The large man swung Kris out from behind him and out onto the open field.

“Where do ya think you’re going” the man barked at Kris and he released a Poliwag from a pokeball on his belt.

Kris examined his surroundings. He was in the middle of a field of short grass and few a trees. The man was opposite him and guarding any possible entrance to Cherrygrove. Next to the man was a coil of wire and a few large metal rods for repairing the telephone poles and behind him was the previous boy escaping into Cherrygrove.

“The boy escaped and not I, eh.” Kris sighed. “Cyndaquil’s a fire type and Poliwag’s a water type” he thought while scanning anything he might’ve missed.

“Poliwag squirt it with yer water gun” the man shouted interrupting Kris’s thought.

The Poliwag hopped through the grass and hid in a taller piece of the grass. The Poliwag then spew its water towards Cyndaquil from its hiding place.

“Quick Cyndaquil use smokescreen!” Kris shouted loudly in response to the incoming water.
Smoke spouted from the Cyndaquil’s back and the Poliwag’s water pierced it. The Cyndaquil had jumped into the air was now airborne.

“That’s it Poliwag. Hit it now” the man commanded.

“Cyndar spin!” Kris responded.

The Poliwag shot a blast of water towards the mid-air Cyndaquil. The Cyndaquil spun and dived towards the ground avoiding the water.

“Now Poliwag, do it again” the man commanded again.

“Jump, Cyndar!” Kris shouted frantically and knowing that his Cyndaquil had no time to stop moving.

The Poliwag shot another stream of water towards the landing Cyndaquil and afterwards rustled through the leaves. The Cyndaquil barely missed the water by jumping from the ground and he was headed for a tree.

“Poliwag jump and drown it.” The man said with confidence.
The Poliwag jumped up in front the tree the Cyndaquil was about to hit and spew its water.

“Smokescreen” Kris shouted.

A barrier of smoke formed around the approaching Cyndaquil and the water gun passed through. The Cyndaquil landed in front of the tree without being hit by the water gun.

The man chuckled a bit and then with a deep dark voice shouted “Slam it!”

The Poliwag still airborne fell down hard on the Cyndaquil with its tail and then brushed it away with its tail. The Cyndaquil landed near the man and let out a faint whimper.

“Poliwag dance” the man said sinisterly.

The Poliwag began to dance and the clouds grew darker and there were more. The rain fell on Cyndaquil’s back like shards of glass.

“What do I do? It’s raining and I’m out of options.”Kris thought scanning the field again and noticing the wire attached to a large metal rod.

“Cyndaquil wrap the Poliwag with the wire.” Kris exclaimed.

“Poliwag I don’t what they’re doing, but blast it with yer water before they get the chance” the man shouted.

The Cyndaquil was energized by the energy of Kris and Cyndar put the wire in his mouth. The Cyndaquil charged towards the Poliwag while it was charging a powerful shot of the water. The water hit Cyndaquil directly, but the task had already been completed. Poliwag was wrapped in the wire attached to the metal rod and Cyndaquil was barely conscious and helpless to another attack.

“You lose!” the man shouted at Kris. “Poliwag finish it once and for all!” the man continued with a menacing laughter.

“You’re wrong… because Poliwag has just become attached to a lightning rod!

“What!” the man exclaimed.

“Rain is followed by lightning and metal conducts electricity. That wire is attached to those large poles and like I said you haven’t won because Poliwag’s going to be struck by lightning.” Kris said confidently.

“Poliwag, shake lose!” the man shouted.

“Too late” Kris said faintly as the lightning struck the pole and electrocuted the wet Poliwag.

The Poliwag lay on the ground fainted. Kris returned his Cyndaquil and walked past the man into Cherrygrove City without saying anything else.

January 11th, 2009, 1:37 AM
Crystal walked out onto the Route. It was so peaceful there. There were a lot of flowers around. "These are so pretty. I think I'll pick me some," she said.

Crystal called out Chikorita,"Hey wanna help me pick some flowers?" She asked her.

"Chiko?" Chikorita asked. She was kinda confused by this request, but obayed anyway.

Crystal and Chikorita were happily picking away at the flowers so they didn't notice the Sentret sneak up behind them.

"Sentret?" It said. It was confused as well. It peeked over Crystal's shoulder to see what she was doing.

As soon as Crystal felt something touch her she jumped,"Ah! It's a bug type!" She screamed knocking the Sentret over. She turned around,"Oh sorry! Your not a bug type or you?" She asked the Sentret.

The Sentret was very mad at being knocked over onto it's butt,"Sentret! Sentret!" It demanded in anger.

"Sentret huh," Crystal pulled out her Pokedex and looked up the information on Sentret,"A very cautious Pokémon, it raises itself up using its tail to get a better view of its surroundings," The Pokedex told her.

"Alright Sentret. How about a battle with my Chikorita here?" Crystal asked it.

The Sentret had no problem with that, as it was still mad about being knocked onto it's butt and wanted to teach this girl a lesson. So it agreed to the fight.

"Go Chikorita! Use Tackle Attack!" Crystal told it. Chikorita ran out to battle Sentret. But just as Chikorita got up close to Sentret it scratched her, on the eye of all things. Chikorita screamed in pain,"Chikorita!" Crystal called. The Sentret jumped up onto Chikorita back and started ridding it like a horse,"Hey! Get off my Chikorita!" Crystal cried.

Being the tough girl that she is, Crystal came up and kicked the Sentret off of Chikorita. Now the Sentret really was mad. This was the second time this human had knocked it onto it's ass. Sentret got back up,"Sentret! Sentret!" It demanded in anger, once again.

"Huh? What did you say?" Crystal asked it, not understanding a word it had said.

But Chikorita had understood,"Chiko! Chiko!" She screamed at the Sentret. Crystal noticed that her Chikorita looked very pissed off, so she guessed that maybe the Sentret had insulted her or something.

"I don't know what you said, Sentret but I don't like it!" Crystal said,"I'll teach you some mannors once you become my Pokemon."

The Sentret then jumped at Crystal and Scratched her,"Ah! Get it off! Get it off!" Crystal screamed in pain.

The Sentret then jumped back to the ground looking quite proud of itself,"Sentret!"

Crystal was holding her face in pain. She wondered what to do. She looked over at some tall grass and got the perfect idea,"Chikorita! Jump into that long grass!" Her Chikorita jumped into the grass and hid.

The Sentret looked very confused. It went into the tall grass looking for Chikorita. When it was very close Crystal screamed,"Now! Chikorita! Tackle!" Crystal called.

Her Chikorita screamed,"Chiko!" As she Tackled the unexpected Sentret, who wasn't expecting that sneak attack at all. It fell backwards.

The Sentret tried to run to Chikorita and Scratch it again, but was too weak to move,"Ok, we almost got it Chikorita! One more Tackle attack!" Crystal told it.

"Chiko!!!" Chikorita screamed very loudly, as she tackled the Sentret once more. The Sentret gave a mean look to Crystal as it fell to the ground and fainted. Chikorita ran back over to Crystal. She took out a PokeBall,"PokeBall go!" Crystal screamed. The PokeBall flew towards the Sentret. It was sucked up inside of the PokeBall in a flash of light. The ball started to shake. Crystal crossed her fingers and Chikorita held her breath as the PokeBall was shaking....

January 11th, 2009, 1:48 PM
Chapter 3: Cherrygrove City

“Sorry,” Grey said extending his hand, “My name is Grey Rose.”

The other kid, also around twelve or thirteen, shook Grey’s hand. “No problem. My name is Ashton Carter. A Pokemon trainer, eh? I’m a beginner. I only have Mala here.” Ashton pointed to the Pokemon at his side, a Togepi.

“Togepi. Good choice,” Grey replied, “I have Snow and De,” Grey showed Ashton his Mareep and Hoppip.

“If you want, we could travel together. It’s always more fun to travel with somebody! Just meet me at Route 30 in a while; I have some stuff to do here in Cherrygrove.” Ashton replied, walking into Cherrygrove City waving back at Grey.

Grey followed his new friend, but quickly lost him in the streets of Cherrygrove. Well, I guess I’ll see him soon.

Grey soon found the PokeMart, with the traditional blue roof. He walked in and was greeted by a jolly old man with a Hoenn accent.

“‘Ello! How may I help you?”

“Not much, just picking up some things.” Grey replied.

“Ah,” the man said, striking up a conversation, “I ‘spose you are a Pokemon trainer?”

“Yup,” Grey said, not saying much.

“I was too; you know – back in the day,” he said with a wink. “I had to retire to a boring ‘ol job of working at a PokeMart. I guess I was lucky to be transferred here, aye?”

“Ya,” Grey replied, as if he was sure not to say more than one word.

“Note much of a talker, are ya?” the man asked.


“I was like that too, back in the day. Trust me – you’ll grow out of it!”

Grey walked along the isles, and picked up some potions and PokeBalls.

“Is this all for ya?”

“Yeah,” Grey said, still only able to muster up one word.

“So – what Pokemon do you have?” the man said as he rung up the items.

“I have a Mareep and Hoppip,” Grey replied, breaking his chain of one-word answers.

“Good choices. Building up a good team, aye?”

“Yeah,” Grey said, going back to the one-word answeres.

“You’ll need a good team. I hear the Gyms are hard. And even the Gyms are no match for the Elite Four!”

“What about the Champion?” Grey asked.

The man didn’t reply, as if Grey had brought back memories of his childhood. “Uhh… Yeah. The Champ is tough, really tough.”

Grey walked away wondering why the man acted so weird when Grey brought up the Champion. He walked over to the PokeCenter which had the trademark pinkish-red roof. He walked inside and was greeted by a Blissey.

“Bliss- bliss, bliss! Eeeee!” the Pokemon sang. Blissey had a small tray with holes for PokeBalls to fit into. He set his two PokeBalls on the tray and sat down.

Grey watched as the Blissey pranced over to the Nurse, who healed his Pokemon. The Blissey once again got the tray and brought it back to Grey, this time shadowed by an afraid-looking Pokemon which Grey didn't recognize. He looked in his PokeDex, which came up with:

"No Information"

Grey looked up at the Nurse, who caught his look of concern. The Nurse blushed, and looked a bit mad. Then she masked her face with a trademark smile, like she hadn't seen anything. Grey wondered what was going on.

“Hap!” it squealed before running away back to Nurse Joy.

“Blissey.” The Pokemon said as if saying thank you and good day.

Grey gathered his PokeBalls from the tray and walked outside. Hmmm… I bet Ashton is waiting for me, Grey thought. Grey trotted his way through the city and paused for a second by the ocean before going to Route 30.

It didn’t take long for Grey to find Ashton sitting under a tree with Mala sitting next to him.

“Are you ready?” Grey asked.

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January 11th, 2009, 3:28 PM
“Geez, Magby, you just had to get Mexican.”

Gold was massaging his tongue slowly with one hand with a large drink in the other hand. They were just leaving a restaurant in town and Magby was more refreshed than ever by the meal. Gold, however, was put into a state of pain as he continued to rub his tongue. Who knew food could be so hot.

“I mean, I can take a little hot food, but man. No more treats for you.”

Magby smiled as Gold took another huge swig of the drink and held his breath for a few seconds before swallowing. “Ahh,” he heard him say relieved.

Tossing the drink to the side and finally letting his tongue back in his mouth, Gold straightened himself up tall and strong, puffing up his chest. “Okay, Magby time for a lesson,” he declared.

Magby looked up at him a little confused on what Gold could teach him possibly in the middle of the city.

“I’m going to show you the sights around the city!” Gold said proudly. He quickly scooped up Magby in his arms and began to drag him around the town to start their adventure in Cherrygrove.

Gold excitedly walked around the city, amazed that he could teach his pokemon something about the city instead of somebody teaching him something for once. It was pretty good to be on the opposite side. Not knowing whether Magby was enjoying the trip or not, Gold ran around the city to show him some sights.

“-and that is the PokeMart. Important materials can be bought there,” Gold explained as they passed a decent sized shop with a blue room.

Magby turned around and frowned at Gold. Why do I need to know this?

Not noticing his pokemon’s reaction, Gold moved onto the last building, a large dome shaped building with a red roof. Two sets of sliding doors were at the front.

“This is the greatest place of all! Here, you can sleep, and eat, and-“

Beep, Beep!

Gold paused as he heard the noises coming from the PokeGear in his pocket. Placing his pokemon down, he pulled out the device and clicked it on. There was a message from Silver! But as Gold looked, there were only two words, but it meant everything.

Behind you

Gold looked at the message wide eyed and turned around slowly. Behind him was a boy who looked completely matured and grown up. Around 5’8, he was completely toned and muscular. Instead of his old black shirt, he switched to a plain white tee and slim black pants. His once long light brown hair was even longer now. It went completely past his right eye and a little past his nose. Gold was extremely relieved.

“Silver, what’re you doing here?” he asked gleefully.

His brother smiled and flipped the hair away from his eye. “You asked me where I was, didn’t you? Anyway, Ruby told me you were coming here to the region and it just so happened that I was nearby. So I signed up for the Johto League and here I am.”

Gold grinned and walked closer to his brother. “You can’t suddenly be my friend and just take off like that again.”

Silver blew away his hair. “I didn’t ask you to be my buddy don’t forget.”

The two decided to get some food in the pokemon center, lunch for Silver—ice cream for Gold, and them just talk about everything that was going on with each other.

“So, that’s you new pokemon, huh?” Silver said as he pointed at Magby. He was enjoying some treats that was given to him. Gold nodded in response and licked some more of the ice cream. It soothed his tongue like no ice cream had ever done before.

Gold licked the ice cream again and let it pour down his throat. “You were talking about Ruby. Has she left yet?”

Silver looked at Gold blankly and stopped eating for a moment. Gold looked at him with fear. What was wrong?

“She’s here in Johto,” Silver finally said. Gold was quiet for a moment, but then let out a breath of relief.

“Ha ha, okay, that’s good,” Gold laughed. Silver glared at him angrily.

“No, you don’t understand, Gold,” Silver said almost mournfully. “Ruby told me the story about a group called the Collector’s and their infiltration on Kanto………and their leader’s involvement with you. Well, now they’re here, in Johto……”

Gold looked at his brother wide with fear. He remembered his first meeting with the leader, especially the part where he almost got blown away with hyper beam. Not good memories.

Silver continued. “I doubt they remember you, though, Gold.”

Gold nodded unsure. “Yeah, maybe…”

After a good afternoon together, the two got their own rooms and decided to say goodbye to each other. Afterwards, Gold got into his own bed and collapsed for a long sleep.

January 11th, 2009, 4:03 PM
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You received 3 Potions!
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Cyndar grew to Level 10!
Cyndar learned Ember!
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You caught a Male Level 3 Sentret!
To ~|symphony: pretty good post.....though Happiny hasn't been discovered yet >.< intresting though how you brought up how each region may have different accents.
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January 12th, 2009, 1:24 AM
"Alright! Wait ago Chikorita. We did it!" Crystal cheered.

"That was a pitful catcher," A voice said from behind Crystal. She turned around,"Hey! Who are you!" She demanded of the boy with shoulder length red hair.

"My name is Silver. Don't you remember me Crystal. We went to school together," he told her.

"Oh yea! I remember you Silver. You were always getting in trouble for fights," Crystal said rolling her eyes.

"Yea but now I'm a Pokemon Trainer, and I got a great Pokemon from the lab," Silver told her.

"Nah," Crystal said,"Professor Elm, wouldn't give a Pokemon to a trouble maker like you. You probabbly stole it."

Silver turned red, and tried to hide the fact that he did steal it,"Well.....I did not!" He screamed at Crystal.

Crystal screamed back at him,"You did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

It went on like that for five minutes until Chikorita just couldn't take it anymore,"Chiko! Chiko!" She said begging them both to stop aguring.

"I'll prove it to you. In a battle. I'm sure both my Pokemon could beat your little Chikorita there," He said. He called out his first Pokemon which was a Pidgey.

"You know you don't always judge by type. Go get it Chikorita!" Crystal called.

"Chiko!" Chikorita said running out to face the Pidgey.

"Pidgey use Tackle attack!" Silver told it.

"I knew it! Your Pidgey doesn't even know any flying type moves yet. So my Chikorita is safe," Crystal said.

"Shut up!" Silver yelled, as Pidgey tackled Chikorita. It didn't do much damage though, as the Pidgey was at level 3 while Chikorita is at level 5.

"Chikorita Growl!" Crystal told her. Chikorita gave the Pidgey a mean look. She growled at it, lowing it's attack by 1 point,"Now Tackle attack Chikorita!" Chikorita ran at the Pidgey, to tackle it, but missed as Pidgey flew up into the air.

"Awww, Chikorita!" Crystal sighed.

"You'll never reach my Pidgey while it's high up in the air," Silver said laughing.

"Oh yea!" Crystal said. She looked around, turning her head this way and that. She saw a vine sitting on the ground,"Ok, I know that's not much of a Vine Whip attack but it will have to make do until you learn the real thing. Chikorita grab that vine and hit Pidgey with it!"

Chikorita ran over to the vine and picked it up in it's mouth and swinged it at Pidgey, so fast that it looked like a Vine Whip attack. It wouldn't have hardly done any damage at all expect that Pidgey was at a way lower level then Chikorita. Pidgey started falling to the ground,"Now while it's close to the ground tackle it!" Crystal commanded.

Chikorita dropped the vine and ran at Pidgey with high speeds and tackled it into a tree, knocking it out.

Silver groaned in anger as he called back his Pidgey,"Your little Chikorita's tough but it will never beat my Cyndaquil here. Go Cyndaquil!" Silver's Cyndaquil popped out of it's PokeBall saying,"Cyndaquil!"

Crystal could tell that this battle was going to be a tough one to win, as Cyndaquil, was 5 levels higher then Chikorita. Plus it's a fire type while Chikorita's a grass type.

"Your little Chikorita doesn't stand a chance! Cyndaquil Ember attack!" Silver called.

"Chikorita! Move out of the way!" Crystal called. It was too late. The fire ball hit Chikorita's leaf, and Chikorita panicked as she started running around in a cirtle screaming. She then fainted,"Chikorita!" Crystal then returned her to her ball.

"See told you, you'd lose," he told her.

"Not so fast! I still have one more Pokemon left!" Crystal said taking out Sentret's ball.

"You mean that weak thing I just saw you catch. It doesn't stand a chance against my level 10 Cyndaquil!" Silver said laughing.

"I know your Cyndaquil's at level 10 while Sentret's at level 3, but don't dout my Sentret! He's tougher then he looks!" Crystal told him. She sent out Sentret while, Silver started laughing.

Sentret looked kinda mad at this. He didn't like anyone making fun of him.

"Sentret! Scratch attack!" Crystal called.

"Oh this is too much! Cyndaquil use your Ember attack!" Silver called.

Sentret got knocked back,"Sentret!" Crystal called. But Sentret just bumped onto it's tail to keep itself from taking a very bad hit,"Wait ago! Now watch this Silver were going to stop those Ember attacks! Sentret, use Foresight!" Crystal told him.

Sentret's eyes glowed at Cyndaquil as it released Foresight. Everything got blurry, as Cyndaquil could barely see what was in front of it as it's evasiveness dropped. "Cyndaquil use Ember!" Silver called. Cyndaquil's attack missed,"Darn it! You stupid Pokemon!"

"Your the one that's stupid. Not your Pokemon. Now Sentret. This time do use Scratch attack!" Crystal called. Sentret ran at Cyndaquil and started scratching it like crazy. Silver kept screaming out,"Ember!" But Cyndaquil kept on missing. About 10 Scratch attacks later, Cyndaquil was knocked out cold. Silver groaned in reply again as he paid the 100 Poke to Crystal, the winner as he called back Cyndaquil and walked away.

Crystal cheered for Sentret as she called him back into his PokeBall. She yawned, as she put up the 100 Poke she had won. She continued on her way to Cherrygrowe City. It was very late in the evening when she got there, she entered into the city,"Ok, first stop the Pokemon Center."

January 13th, 2009, 5:28 PM
To Konekodemon: pretty good post!
Chikorita grew to Level 7!
Chikorita learned Razor Leaf!
Sentret grew to Level 5!
Sentret learned Defense Curl!

Chapter Four: Route 30
Number of Posts: 2
Elm Mission: Talk to Mr. Pokemon about his Egg.
Mission Description: Mr. Pokemon has recieved a mysterious Egg from the day care people. Please go to his house and report his findings to me via PokeGear.
(!!WARNING THIS IS JUST FOR PEOPLE FROM MY KANTO RP!!OOC: Wootz! First Elm Mission! Ok so like the thing says just make a post about you finding Mr. Pokemon's house and examining the egg. However there are a few things worth mentioning like you dont have to do the mission right away. You can wait till your second post to do it. However here some insentive to get it done right away. Togepi! Thats right, the first one to get to Mr. Pokemon's house can have Togepi if they wish. However everyone must do the mission regardless if someone already has Togepi. For contuity sake we'll just say for those who didn't get Togepi when you get to Mr. Pokemon's house it will still be in its egg. But when a person does want Togepi it will hatch for that person ok? Any questions VM or PM me or just put it on the OCC thread. Remember this just for the people from Kanto RP!)
Level: 1
Type: Normal
Gender: You Pick
Ability: You Pick
Attacks: Growl, Charm, Peck
Nature: You Pick
Rarity: See mission description

Decription: A small hilly grassy route located north of Cherrygrove City. It connects to Dark Cave in the north. A varitey of Pokemon live along here as well as Mr. Pokemon, a well known Pokemon enthusist. Newbie trainers are a dime a dozen along this route, eager to try their hand at battling.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 3-4
Type: Bug
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-4
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Insomnia or Keen Eye
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Foresight
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-4
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3
Type: Bug/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Swarm or Early Bird
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 3
Type: Bug/Poison
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Swarm or Insomnia
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 4
Type: Water
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Water Absorb or Damp
Attacks: Water Sport
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 4
Type: Grass/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Chlorophyll
Attacks: Splash, Synthesis
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 4
Type: Water
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Thick Fat or Huge Power
Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 3
Type: Poison/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Leech Life
Nature: Random
Rarity: Very Rare

Level: 3-4
Type: Grass
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Overgrow
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Random
Rarity: Special (This is one of those Pokemon that require a super special post to get! Bring some of your best work for these guys cause if it isn't up to par i will denai you catch.)

January 13th, 2009, 6:17 PM
"Are you ready?" A voice said from above Ashton. He looked up to see his new traveling buddy, Grey. Ashton got up to his feet and wiped off his pants of dirt from the ground.

"Sure am." He replied to Grey. "I was kind of getting bored of waiting, actually" He then said with a chuckle. "Well then, let's head off!" And with that Ashton began making his way across the route. He didn't really wait for Grey to answer, mainly because he thought that Grey would follow along involuntarily.

As the two ventured through the route, Ashton searched through his PokeTech to see a map of Route 30. After a few seconds of searching, a pixelated map appeared showing an arial view of the route. It was terribly long and winding, with grass covering at least 60% of the area.

"Good Lord..This place is..Big" Ashton said as he stared at the device. He continued to follow the winding paths until he noticed a rather interesting looking Pokemon. One that was definatly worthy of a capture. It was a bit bigger than Mala, with six legs and a black polka-dot pattern on it's back. Following suit of previous meeting with wild Pokemon, Ashton pulled out his Dex for some quick information.

Ledyba- The Five-Star Pokemon
It is timid and clusters together with others. The fluid secreted by its feet indicates its location.

Ashton gave a quick nod at the information presented, then motioned toward Mala. "Guess what we're doing buddy?" He said with enthusiasm filling his voice. The Togepi tilted it's head in the usual confused manner. "We're catching our first Pokemon! Metronome on the Ledyba!"

Mala began to waggle it's fingers, while being prepared for whatever she may unleash. The usual aura flashed and Mala charged at the unexecpectin Pokemon at full-force. The impact from Mala's, rather hard, shell body sent the Ledyba flying into the air. The Ledyba realized what was happening almost immediatly. It spread the shell on it's back to reveal four translucent wings wich kept the Pokemon airborn.

"Nice Tackle, Mala!" Ashton sent the encouraging words to his Pokemon as he ordered his next attack. "Let's stick with Metronome!" But by the time the attack was ordered, the Ledyba was retalliating with a Tackle of it's own.

Mala had hardly any time at all to even get a single finger waggle before it was knocked into it's trainer by an airborn tackle. The Ledyba retreated back into the air as it waited for Mala's next move. Ashton bent down to make sure Mala was okay, which she was. She shook off the pain and started to finish the attack that was interuptted. After the three finger waggles and the aura, a small group of tiny rocks were pulled out of the earth and sent flying towards Ledyba. The attack caught Ledyba off guard, thus pelting it with a barrage of stones.

The battle wasn't over yet though. This Ledyba was stubborn. It charged at Mala for another Tackle attack, but Mala knew the drill. She began waggling her fingers again, then dissapeared into thin air.

"What just happened?!" Ashton said as he looked for his Togepi. She reappeared a few seconds later, at Ashton's side. "Wha..OH! Teleport!" Ashton said as he realized what attack had been initiated.

The Ledyba was still in mid-Tackle though, and had no time to stop. It was now sky diving to where Mala was. Despite it's best efforts to stop, the Ledyba slammed into the ground with a thud.

"Well, it doesn't look like that Ledyba is getting up." Ashton said as he tossed a Pokeball at the unconcious Pokemon. The Ledyba was drawn in by a red light as the ball opened. The ball began to shake as it closed.

It shook once...

January 13th, 2009, 6:38 PM
Chapter 4: First Mission!!

Max ran out of Cherrygrove City in to the fresh air of Route 30. he loved being on the routes more then in citys. He loved being able to see pokemon, battle them, and even catch them. He suffered a spiritual wound about his Arcanine but he swore that he would find it before his Johto Quest ended.
Then, he was startled as his Pokegear began ringing. He grabbed it and pressed a green button.

"Hello?" Max asked.

"Max? Is this you?" someone asked.

"Yes. Who is this?" Max wondered.

"It's me, Professor Elm. I have a mission for you. I want you to go to Mr. Pokemon's house and receive a special egg from him. His house is just northeast from your position on ROute 30. Please hurry and once you have the egg, be very, very careful." Elm said.

"Ok. No worries Professor Elm. The amazing Max will never fail you!" Max boasted, then he hung up and leapt in to the air. "Yes!"

Poor Scout, who was sitting on top of Max's head flew off his head and landed in a big pile of dust. Max stopped leaping in the air, full of joy, as he felt the sudden loss of weight. Then, he realized he had flung Scout off of his head. He turned around and found Scout getting up and shook off all the dust furiously.

Max picked Scout up and put her on his head again after apologizing. Scout bent down and licked his face to say that it was ok. Max laughed like he always had with Growlithe. Then, he started having flashbacks again, but he quickly shook his head, scaring Scout half to death again, getting rid of the images. He pressed a button on the Pokegear in his hand and out popped a hologram map of the Johto Region.

He looked in the bottom right hand corner of it and there were little markings. He touched one with his finger and moved it across the map, as he did so the little icon moved too. So, he put it on where he estimated Mr. Pokemon's house was. He then stuck the Pokegear in its case and began along the route.


A few minutes later and a small green Pokemon walked out on to the path. Scout heard the bushs rustling before it popped out and had naturaly jumped on to the ground in front of Max, almost tripping him. When Max saw the light green Pokemon with a leaf on top of its head, he pulled his Pokedex out and scanned it.

Chikorita, the Leaf Pokemon.
A sweet aroma gently wafts from the leaf on its head. It is docile and loves to soak up the sun's rays. Its pleasantly aromatic leaves have the ability to check humidity the and temperature.

Max slipped the Pokedex in to its case and then decided he would battle it to try and catch it. Scout looked determined to make a new friend anyway. MAx sighed sothing himself to get him concentrated and then grabbed a Pokeball or when he was ready.

"Scout use Quick Attack!" Max said.

Scout's tail perked up and then she dashed at the Chikorita. Her tail was a little awkward the whole time she ran and Max just figured that was how she ran more comfortably. The green Pokemon was caught off guard and slowly turned around as Scout slammed in to it.

Max smirked excitedly as the Chikorita hit the ground, but then it pushed itself up and flipped Sentret across the ground a few times. Max sneered. He knew it would be difficult to catch the Pokemon. He looked around at his surondings which he knew could help him in battle. Then, he saw a vine hanging from a high branch, but he knew Scout could jump on it.

"Scout! Jump on to that vein and swing around to Chikorita! Hold on to it with your tail and everytime you pass Chikorita scratch it!" Max said.

Scout nodded and raced passed the Chikorita. She then jumped on to her tail and pushed off the ground and grabbed the vine with her right arm. She wrapped her tail around it and was flipped upside down, swinging to and from the Chikorita.

"Sen!" she said as she began swinging.

She came towards the CHikorita and slashed it's front side. Then, she swung away and back and slashed at its back. The Chikorita yelped and then as Scout came toward it, it jumped and tackled Scout off. Scout was sent flying in to a thorn bush and was caught stuck in it. Then, the CHikorita came charging at Scout, full force. A few seconds later the Chikorita had totally knocked Scout out of the thorn bush and had pinned her to the ground.

Max gulped he searched the surrondings trying to find some sort of item they could use. He then smirked as an idea came to him.

"Push it off with your tail!" Max said.

Scout quickly put her tail under the Chikorita's stomach and pushed it off her. It flew in to the air and landed in a thron bush and got caught itself. Scout got up and was panting a little. Max sighed relieved a little, but that relief left him as the Chikorita wriggled and came walking out of the bush, unharmed.

It then began charging Scout, looking more focused then ever. It was gaining fast and Scout couldn't get out of the way anymore.

"Use Defense Curl!" Max said.

Scout sat down and wrapped her arms around her stomach and curled her tail over her head, raising her defense. Max actually thought she looked like a brown and tan ball. The Chikorita bashed in to Scout and lifted its head, sending Scout flying in to the air. Scout then popped open and came falling down to earth.

"Now use Quick Attack!"

Scout then leaned down and pressed her arms on to her sides and her tail stuck straight outbehind her. She came crashing down and slammed in to the Chikorita and kciked up a lot of dust. Dust came flying everywhere and it got in to Scout's eyes.

As the dust settled Scout was still rubbing her eyes and the CHikorita tackled her to the ground. Both Pokemon were panting heavily now, and Max knew Scout couldn't take much more.

"Scout! Push it off and use Scrathc once more!" Max said.

Scout pushed it off with her tail again and slowly rose to her feet. As she did so her claws grew sharper and the Chikorita came plummeting down. She then slashed at the Chikorita's unprotected stomach and the Chikorita fell to the ground, knocked out. Seeing this as his chance, Max pressed the button in the middle of the Pokeball, making it grow bigger.

"Go, Pokeball!" he yelled throwing the sphere.

He chucked the sphere at the Chikorita. It hit the Chikorita's head and it was engulfed in a bright red flash. Then, it disappeared in side the Pokeball. The Pokeball then began to wriggle back and forth...back and forth...


January 13th, 2009, 7:03 PM
Jade wore an excited grin as she trudged onto Route 30. She had just healed Larvitar and was ready to meet a challenge. Eyes wandering as she jumped over a few fallen branches near a tree, small twittering noises caught her ear. Looking up, she noticed some shadows in the tree. With a grin, she pulled out her pokeball.

"Come on out, Larvitar," she called, watching the ground type maerialize.

"Larv," Larvitar said cheerfully, looking up at Jade for instruction.

"Larvitar, I want you to bash into this tree to knock out whatever pokemon is in that tree. Your hard head should be good enough."

Larvitar nodded and moved to face the semi thicj tree. With a determined expression, Larvitar charged. "Larv!" Larvitar called, bashing into the tree hard enough to shake it.

Angry screeches came from the tree as the pokemon fell. It was as if a purple cloud of pokemon came crashing down, catching themselves in the air. They were Zubat! They all screeched in anger, flying off in search of a new perch. One Zubat, however, hovered above Jade, away from the others. It pumped its wings slowly, showing a hidden strength in its grace as it hovered there, somehow glaring without eyes. Jade brought out her pokedex.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpsprites/041zubat.pngZubat, the bat pokemon. Even though it has no eyes, it can sense pokemon by sending ultrasonic waves from its mouth. Females tend to have smaller teeth while the males have larger ones to defend their mate and home.

Jen looked up, noticing this one had large teeth and was obviously a boy. "Zub!" it screeched, flying at Larvitar, mouth wide open and teeth gleaming.

"Dodge it!" Jade said quickly.

"Larv!" Larvitar rolled to the side, quickly getting to its feet as Zubat made a circle in the air, flying back with even more speed.

"Larvitar, use Sandstorm!" Jade ordered, watching the Zubat prepare another Leech Life.

With an angry glare, Larvitar lowered its horn, sending a blast of hard sand towards the irritated bat. "Zubat!" Zubat snarled, evading the attack with a flap of its wings. Grinning, Zubat latched onto Larvitar, startling the ground type, and began to suck the energy out of Larvitar.

"Lar! Lar! Lar!" Larvitar screamed in fear, trying to knock the pokemon off of its head.

"Try another Sandstorm, but aim around your head!" Jade said quickly, watching as her pokemon lost energy.

"Var!" Larvitar growled, sending the harsh sand around its head. With a grin, Larvitar hears ZUbat give a screech and fly away, the Sandstorm surrounding the bat and causing i pain even as it flew back aways.

"Zub," Zubat said lowly, wincing from the pain. "Zub!" it cried, flying at Larvitar for another Leech Life.

"Stop it Bite!" Jade ordered. "Show that bat who has the tougher teeth!"

"Var!" Larvitar said enthusiastically, jumping into the air and Biting down on Zubat's wing and shaking it furiously.

"Zub!" Zubat snarled, attempting to whack Larvitar with its wing. Seeing it wasn't working and all it recieved was more damage on its other wing, Zubat chomped down on Larvitar's head.

"Tar!" Larvitar squeaked in surprise, immediately spitting the pokemon out of its mouth.

"Zub," Zubat said in disgust, trying to gain air with its saliva soaked wing before wincing from the Sandstorm that still surrounded it.

"Finish it with another Bite!" Jade called with excitement, seeing the flying type weaken.

"Larvia!" Larvitar called, launching itself at the pokemon once more.

"Zub!" Zubat growled, attempting to get away. It was too slow thanks to the saliva soaked wing and was once again caught in Larvitar's mouth, though this time the ground type caught the bat on its small body. "Zuuu!" Zubat screamed as Larvitar crunched down hard, causing much damage. "Bat," Zubat said angrily, struggling to get out or Larvitar's grip. It's strength was slowly leaving it, allowing Larvitar to drop the bat to the ground fearlessly and stand over it.

"Good job, Larvitar," Jade said, pulling out a pokeball. "But I've got it here. Go, pokeball!" And with that, she threw the ball at the fallen pokemon, watching it turn into red light and get sucked inside before the pokeball began to shake...

Zeta Patchouli
January 13th, 2009, 7:48 PM
Chapter 5: Elm's Mission, and Togepi!

Chris walked into the grass, sighing. "I miss my old team... especially Dragonair. He would get me out of the tightest jams." Said Chris before hearing a rustle in the bushes. Chris ducked into the grass and peeked out, seeing a Chickorita. "Heh, this will be a piece of cake." Chris tossed a pokeball, but a sharp beep caused him to miss and the ball fell into the water, alerting the Chickorita, and making it run away. "This better be important."

Chris took out his pokegear and saw that there was a mssage on it. 'My associate Mr. Pokemon has something I need you to check out, please don't respond to this message, as I have to contact the others.'

"Hmm... well, this will be interesting... he wants someone to check it out... maybe this will be the time I can get something before that punk who got Kyle's pokeflute before I could." Said Chris before walking towards where Mr. Pokemon's house was.


Elsewhere, a great evil was finally returning... let me give you a hint... he supposedly died by falling off of a cliff. Yes, it was Drake Landis, one of the more evil people Chris ever fought.

"Hahah! I'm back! And I want revenge!" Laughed Drake as he moved about weird. Suddenly, some sort of weird... shadowy thing was seen behind him.

"Yes... you want revenge, for the man who nearly beat you." Said the shadow enticingly. "Crave revenge, seek it. Take vengance on whatever opponent beat you, and I shall reveal the thing you want to hear."

"Yes, I will kill him... Kill, kill, KILL!!" Laughed Drake, insanely. People around him looked at him weirdly. "HahahaHA!" And in an an out of character fashion, he staggered towards Route 30.

'Hmhmhm, luckily that fool doesn't know that I have corroded his mind. Now we shall see if the brother of Fredrick Evans is any sort of good." Said the shadow as it disappeared.

(ooc: The shadow isn't a legendary, but it is a ghost pokemon from one of the first two Generations)


Chris looked down the path and saw a wooden house, with some sattelites sticking out of the top. "Well, this guy must like his TV." Said Chris as he walked up to the house. He knocked on the door. "Hello? Is a Mr. Pokemon in there?"

"Go away! I don't want any trouble!" Yelled an old man from inside the house. Chris sighed before knocking again, using the universal morse code. The door cracked open and a man peeked out. "Are you one of those CAA members?"

"Dude, that was twelve years ago. Please, just open up." Said Chris. The man unbolted his door and opened it completely. "Thank you." And with that, Mr. Pokemon dragged Chris in before bolting the doors shut.

"Please, make yourself at home. You must be that little errand boy that Elm sent over... lazy *bleep*." Said Mr. Pokemon obviously insulted. Chris sighed, as this was a sign that today was going to be horrible. "Anyway, this is a special egg... I was given it by the day care people."

"Uhh... yeah." Said Chris, weirded out by Mr. Pokemon. "Can I see the egg?" Mr. Pokemon turned around to analyze him. "Umm... hello?"

"You have an aura of good luck about you! I shall give you the egg! Maybe you'll take good care of it!" Said Mr. Pokemon as he tossed the egg over to Chris, who was barely able to catch it.

"Uhh... yeah. Thanks?" Asked Chris, as he went to grab the incubator that Mr. Pokemon had neglected to store the egg in, but as he grabbed it, the egg gave off a glow. "It's hatching!" And after a minute, a small pokemon with most of it's egg around it was seen. Mr. Pokemon seemed to be pleased with this as he started taking notes.

"Amazing! It appears that Pokemon are born from eggs! I must let Elm know!" Yelled Mr. Pokemon.

"What!? That is common knowledge! Of course pokemon are born from eggs!" Yelled Chris as he got his pokegear out. He dialed Elm's nember and waited for Elm to pick up. "Hello? Yeah, I'm at Mr. Pokemon's... yeah, I got the egg... yeah, but the thing is, it seems to have hatched... and taken a liking to me... Don't scream in my ear!... Okay, I'll see you later... bye." Chris then backed up before running out of Mr. Pokemon's house, both him and Togepi weirded out by the stares they were recieving.

(5 min. later)

Chris set Togepi down to examine it. "Well, you seem to be a female, but let's see... hmm, well. THis will be hard to tell your ability, but you seem to be like me, but I'm not sure... and hmm... well, we will find out what ability you have later." Said Chris as the Togepi just stared at him.

"Okay, that is seriously creeping me out." Said Chris as he tapped Togepi with a pokeball, catching it.

(ooc: Hopefully that is okay... I'm not exactly sure of how it was supposed to go, but I think I did it right.

Togepi fill out:
Gender: Female'
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Rash)

January 13th, 2009, 9:11 PM
Can I still come in?

I swear, I have no idea why some of this text is a different color.

Character Name: Raven Wulfgar

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Appearance: Raven is a rather short twelve-year-old, being only four feet three inches tall. She has a slim build, however, making her seem slightly taller than she really is. Her eyes are a very dark brown, almost black, and are small, like a bird's. Her hair is long, going almost down to her waist. It's very straight, and goes in almost a direct line. Raven's hair is jet black, which is mostly why she was named Raven in the first place. Her arms are long, but her hands are small. Raven wears a smoky gray shirt with sleeves that are so long, they reach her wrists. The remaining portion of her arms that is not covered, she wears thin black gloves over. She has short legs, which is the cause of most of her short-ness. Her feet are small also, which gives her a bit of a problem with her balance. Raven wears black pants with a light gray stripe down the side of each leg, but the pants stop at her ankles. The rest of her foot is covered by either white socks, which are the only things light on her besides her skin, or black running shoes that are slip-ons, with no laces.

Personality: Raven is apathetic, not really caring much about anything but her Pokemon. She's bold and never really thinks before entering something that's probably either deep trouble or none of her business. She's also easily suspicious of those she doesn't know about, not really trusting anyone unless they're friends with her, which is pretty much the hardest thing to do. Raven can be hostile much of the time, and usually ignores or is rude to others if she feels like it. She also has a short temper, and is fierce when she loses the small amount of patience that she does have. She's good at arguing and usually hopes to win by using logic. However, she's a good battler with Pokemon because she uses strategy instead of strength. Her favorite way to take advantage of her opponent is by using type advantages. Raven enjoys challenging herself, and if she ever had a chance to go to the Battle Tower in Hoenn, she would probably choose Pokemon of all the same type, just to see what happens. She especially likes Dark and Flying-type Pokemon because of her name, but Grass is a good one, too, she thinks. Raven can be ambitious, and hates losing. She likes reading and writing a lot, and always carries around a small notebook in which to jot ideas for stories down.

History: Raven was born on December 21st, on one of the the darkest nights of the year: the beginning of winter, at about 11:00 PM. She enjoys celebrating her exact birthday, and thus stays up late every December 21st just so she "doesn't miss her birthday." She has been fascinated by Pokemon since she was seven, and enjoyed reading books about them. When she was nine, she started reading chapter books, fiction, about Pokemon, and though it wasn't completely fact, she learned a lot through them. When she was ten, she wrote her first serious Pokemon story; however, it was only long enough to fill four chapters. Of course, she had no intention of publishing it, but she wanted to get better so that one day, she could be an author and write a fictional story from the point of view of a Pokemon. She's always wanted her first Pokemon, and has been impatient about it. But her mother died of a disease when she was eleven, which molded her attitude into what it is now.

Pokemon Starter: Chikorita

January 14th, 2009, 4:00 PM
To .Sublime: pretty good post!
You caught a Female Level 3 Ledyba!
To Pikalover10: Well it was a pretty good post....but unfortunatly not good enough for Chikorita :( It pains me to say this but Chikorita escapes from the Pokeball...If you like however we can go over your post if you want to know why it wasn't good enough to catch Chikorita.
To Wolfwhispers: Ok post but because Zubat is listed as Very Rare on this route im afraid you dont catch it....dont worry though as Zubat is one of the more common pokemon in the rp so there will be more chances to catch one.
To Zeta Marx...: that was pretty funny post! And a very plot fueled one! Congrats! You recieve Togepi!
To pumpkinziggy: Im sorry but Chikorita is already taken...but if you improve your sign up i will give you Sunkern.
To Everyone: Please update your trainer cards! Oh and to my kanto people togepi is no longer available but you must do the mission still though. Just make it like Zeta Marx...'s character hasnt shown up yet.

January 15th, 2009, 12:35 AM
Crystal headed to the Pokemon Center, to get her Pokemon healed up. She walked though the front doors and up to the desk,"Nurse Joy can you heal my Pokemon please?" She asked her.

"Why of course," Nurse Joy said with a grin. Crystal handed over Chikorita and Sentret's PokeBalls.

"I'd also like a room for the night please," Crystal told her.

"Right away," Nurse Joy said handing Crystal a paper to fill out. After she filled it out Nurse Joy handed her, her room key and a Card,"Your in room 7. Also that card is to show all the other Nurses in other Cities and Towns, so that you can stay in there Pokemon Centers as well. Your Pokemon will be healed in an hour."

"Ok, thanks Nurse Joy," Crystal told her. Nurse Joy grinned as she headed to the back room to heal Crystal's Pokemon. Crystal went up to her room, and dropped her things on the bed. She then took some of her money with her and went down to the PokeMart to buy a few things she'd need.

Crystal brought, 5 Potions, 5 Antidotes, 5 Pokeballs, and 5 Parlyze Heals. The cherk, looked at her like she was loaded on Poke, which she was. Her family makes a lot of money. She bagged the stuff, then left and went to the Grocey Store, the mart for humans, and brought, some packets of Pokemon food, and brought some drinks, and stuff to make food for herself.

She rang up all that and it was bagged as well. Crystal then walked back to the Pokemon Center carrying her very heavy bags with her. She took them up to her room, sit the bags on the floor and unlocked her room. She went inside and started unpacking the stuff in the bags and putting them into her backpack. She took out one of the little packs of grape juice and started drinking. She checked her map to see, where the first gym was located at,"Ok so it's in Violett City huh. Ok, that's only 1 more day's walk away," she decided.

About an hour later, her Pokemon were healed. She went downstairs and took her Pokemon. She then went into the kitchen for dinner. She had a lot to eat for dinner. Afterwards she went back up to her room.

Crystal was stuffed,'It must have been the chicken,' she thought. She brushed her teeth, took a shower and then decided just to go to bed. She got into bed and went to sleep, dreaming about gym battles.

rii - chii
January 15th, 2009, 5:23 AM
Chapter 2.2: Route 29; Memory Shock
Starting Arc
Vanessa turned around to identify the mysterious trainer attempting to capture the two Pokemon; it was simply a Camper looking to expand his Pokemon list. “Hey you, move out of the way, those two are mine.” The rude Camper stated.

Vanessa gazing into his eyes, replied, “These two Pokemon are in love… you can’t just separate the two from their home…”

The Camper, finally facing Vanessa was angry now, “I’ve done this before, if you want to become a great Pokemon trainer, you have to capture as many Pokemon as you can, you dumbass!”

“That’s not true at all, it’s how you interact and raise your Pokemon which counts… with love and cooperation!” Vanessa exclaimed looking at the two frightened Pokemon.

“If that’s true, then what Pokemon do you have noob?” the Camper joked.

Vanessa knew that she had 5 other Pokemon, but she felt it would be rude to mention them to a noob, “I currently have one with me, my Marill Angel!” Vanessa laughed.

“That’s all? You’ve got to be kidding me!” the Camper laughed as he showed his 6 other Pokemon. They were basically weak levelled Pokemon, Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Pidgey, but there was one particular Pokemon that caught Vanessa’s interest. Pulling out the Pokedex, she discovered what the rare Pokemon was.

Aipom: The Long Tail Pokemon

“It uses its tail to pluck fruits that are out of reach. Its tail is more adept than its real hands.”

“It certainly is cute, but we won’t let that stop us! Let’s go Angel!” Vanessa exclaimed summoning her only Pokemon.

“Aipom, show this noob how we really battle!” the Camper laughed, “Aipom, lead off with a Tail Whip attack!”

The purple monkey approached the aqua mouse swinging around its tail in a cute manner; teasing it. Angel was getting frustrated, Vanessa knew that Angel always wanted to be better than most Pokemon, Aipom was no exception. Charging for a Tackle attack, Aipom swiftly dodged the attack by stowing away into the tree.

Falling flat onto its face, Angel was heading charging straight into the tree, confused on what to do. “Angel, calm down!” Vanessa yelled. It was no use; Angel kept trying to chase Aipom as it slipped from tree to tree.

Angel got tired of chasing Aipom around and just stopped trying to chase Angel, “What’s the matter Marill, too weak to do anything?” the Camper mocked. “A Pokemon like you should just die.”

Vanessa suddenly froze, just from hearing that word. “D..i..ee?” Vanessa muttered. She began remembering things about the word die.

“I’m sorry Vanessa… Claudia and the old geezer aren’t coming back…” Jen had stated.

“Don’t ever come close to me Vanessa… it’s for your own good. If you really care about your dad… don’t follow me.” Ramon told Vanessa around Sliph Co.

“Killing is the only thing that pleasures me… you’d never understand that kid.” The impostor Claudia told Vanessa.

“Killing is wrong…” Vanessa said, don’t you threaten harming my little Angel again…”

The Camper was confused on how this reflected anything to killing, “I don’t want to kill you Pokemon, I just want to win. Aipom, use Scratch at the Marill.”

Aipom charged straight at Angel, Angel standing defenceless, “Don’t try to hurt my Marill, Angel attack with a Tackle…” Vanessa quietly commanded. Angel had sensitive hearing so it picked up what Vanessa had said and countered the charging Aipom.

Aipom had fainted, due to its weak level, “Why did my rarest Pokemon lose?” the Camper cried, “You’ll pay for this!!!” After that, the camper just disappeared without a trace.

Vanessa was happy that the camper was gone, checking to see if Hoppip and Sentret got hurt. They were fine; Sentret was feeling a lot better thanks to some Oran berries Hoppip had found for Sentret. “I’m glad you’re all safe…” Vanessa smiled.

With that, Vanessa and Angel walked off towards the next town. But Angel noticed something different Vanessa, besides not saying anything, she seemed to be in a state of shock, with her deepened eyes reflecting pain, Angel cried a tear seeing that by the time they made it to Cherrygrove.

January 15th, 2009, 1:59 PM
Silver was gone when Gold woke up, just as he predicted. Waking up slowly, mainly from emotional pain, Gold stood up and adjusted his clothes, turning to Magby afterward.

“Magby, get up. We have to go,” Gold said sternly.

Magby opened one eye and peeked at his trainer a little confused at his attitude, but obeyed nevertheless. Leaping up on his feet, the little fire pokemon bounced in Gold’s arms ready to go.

The two had a really short breakfast before Gold ordered that they get up and leave for the next town with half the food still remaining on the plate. Confused much more, Magby silently stood up and slowly followed his trainer out into the next route. He followed for about ten minutes, not making a peep at all as Gold walked forward, never turning around.

Finally, for the first time in half an hour, Gold stopped and faced Magby. He took a deep breath.

“Listen, I’m really sorry for acting different like this all the sudden, but let’s face it,” Gold started. “We are really behind the other trainers. And we are not powerful….We’re weak.”

Magby tilted his head to the side, even more confused.

“Why do you look confused?” Gold almost demanded. “We ARE weak. You haven’t seen the Collectors battle. Last time I faced them, I almost died! They’ll wipe us out without another thought and move on.”

Gold sat down on the floor, burying his face in his hands. He pulled at his hair frustrated. Magby came over and cuddled on his trainer in attempt to comfort him. After a few moments, Gold stroked his pokemon and hugged him.

“I’m sorry, Magby. I shouldn’t be this afraid. And you don’t deserve a trainer like me…” Gold took a deep breath. “Everyone tells me what I great trainer I am, but is it good enough?”

Magby cuddled on him a little more. Gold grinned and picked up the little fire pokemon with satisfaction.

“I’ll just try harder. We need to become stronger,” Gold declared. He put down his pokemon and continued on the route. “C’mon, we need to capture some pokemon. We gotta build on our team.”

Gold was more determined than ever before in his life. It was mainly because of fear, but because of his willpower to be better than any of the other trainers as well. He knew that Magby was right behind him and ready to help, pushing him even farther.

Then, something caught Gold’s eyes after a few minutes of walking. It was standing near a pond and it looked like……a tadpole? It had some amphibian like features on its body and had an extremely cute face.

“Cool, a pokemon,” Gold mumbled as he pulled out his pokedex, pointing it at the tadpole.

Poliwag, the Tadpole pokemon. Its skin is so thin that its internal organs are visible. It has trouble walking on its newly grown feet.

“Mmmm, these things are in Kanto and they seem a lot stronger than how the pokedex describes them,” Gold mumbled. He shrugged and pointed his finger in the air. “Magby, lets go!”

Magby leaped out in front of Poliwag, making it turn around and jump in fear. Its small feet gave away underneath it causing it to tumble on the ground, flat on its back.

“Magby, lets weaken it a little with ember!” Gold ordered.

Magby sucked in a deep breath and let out a spurt of glowing red flames. Poliwag reacted quickly to the attack by rolling to the side and climbing back on its feet. It sucked in some air and sprayed out a stream of water right towards Magby.

“Ack, it’s a water attack! Watch out, Magby!” Gold shouted.

The attack was impossible to dodge. Magby just stood frozen and was hit with the water attack. Cringing with fear, Magby opened his eyes and found that the mist didn’t do anything at all.

Gold just shrugged and pointed high in the air. “Magby, ember!”

His pokemon dove in and spit out flames at the water pokemon, making it cry out and roll backwards on the ground hard. It weakly stood up and sprayed out the water once more at Magby, but it, of course, had no effect.

What is with that attack? Gold wondered. He shrugged, not caring about anything except the pokemon he wanted to catch. “Magby, cover it in smog to weaken it!”

Magby took in a breath of air and puffed out purple smoke all around Poliwag. It looked around scared and confused until Gold could see it no more. The small pokemon became completely devoured in the flame.

After a few moments, the fog cleared and Gold took note on the results. Poliwag was down on the ground, completely out of it and ready to capture. He pulled out a pokeball and held it in the air.

I will become stronger…

Gold threw the pokeball, cracking on the pokemon’s body and sucking it in a beam of red light. Gold waited to see if he would capture his first pokemon in Johto.

Snow Phoenix
January 15th, 2009, 4:05 PM
Zack was within Cherrygrove now. First priority find the pokemon center!

Cyndar was awfully weak from the battle with a Poliwag and Zack knew it.

Right around the corner was a pokemon center.

"Nurse take my pokemon!" Zack shouted with authority.

The nurse perked up from a slouched position. "Well who do we think we are today." she mused in a muttered voice barely audible to Zack's ear.

"This is no time for jokes! HEAL MY POKEMON!" Zack shouted even louder.

"Fine" she responded with a yawn. "Some jerk. He should get some manners." the Nurse muttered under her breath while heading into a room behind the counter.

"I HEARD THAT!" Zack yelled in a small rage that shook the Nurse a little.

A few minutes passed and after the Nurse's own performance several bad words came into his head.

"HEY NURSE, WHERE'S MY POKEMON" he shouted towards the room. Everyone stared at him.

"WHY DON'T YOU ALL GET A LIFE" he screamed at everyone else who was looking at him.

"Hold your horses" the Nurse shouted out of the room.

That silenced Zack and he stared menacingly at all of the people in the pokemon center.

"Here's your pokemon. Thanks for waiting patiently." the Nurse said a few minutes later as she brought out the pokeball that contained his Cyndaquil. The Nurse seemed completely oblivious.

"Are you a blonde?" Zack said as he hit her on the head and took his pokemon.

He left through the door in a nonchalant attitude and headed over to a small park.

"Cyndar come on out" Zack said a little relieved because he was away from that idiotic Nurse.

"So, Cyndar you've learned a new move. Cyndar try out your ember." Zack said calmly.

The Cyndaquil spat flames at the ground and a powerful fire rose. The fire was like a huge bon-fire.

The flames were coming from a dog-like pokemon. The pokemon burried the flames with a stamp of its hoove and darted off into the thicker parts of the area when Zack finally noticed it.

"Cyndar let's go. It's getting dark." Zack said in his usual apathetic voice.

He approached a row of houses near the park. There was a single house with a light and Zack noticed a boy going into that house. He walked towards the house and knocked on the door with solid thumps.

A man opened the door and said "Yes?".

Zack pushed pass him and went up the stairs while saying "I've been sleeping outdoors for three days. I hope you don't mind me taking a bed like that one kid did. Also someones dog is of its leash and I'd rather not get bitten. The funny thing is the dog seemed to glow like fire."

The man was speechless.

Zack approached a room and swung the door open hard. He instantly turned on the lights and shouted loudly "Who are you?" at the sleeping boy.

OOC: Your turn silver. I hope you had nice dreams before I woke you up.

January 15th, 2009, 4:25 PM
All right, how is this? I added some. And if I'm in, could you tell me what's going on at the moment?

Character Name: Raven Wulfgar

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Appearance: Raven is a rather short twelve-year-old, being only four feet three inches tall. Occasionally, she wishes she were taller, but mostly, she just likes herself how she is. She has a slim build, however, making her seem slightly taller than she really is sometimes. Her eyes are a very dark brown, almost black, and are small, like a bird's. Her hair is very long, going almost down to her waist. It's also very straight, and goes in almost a direct line, rather like a piece of dark paper. Raven's hair is jet black, which is mostly why she was named Raven in the first place; after her hair and bird-like eyes. Her arms are long, which can be uncomfortable combined with her being short, but her hands are small. Raven wears a plain, smoky gray shirt with sleeves that are so long, they reach her wrists. The remaining portion of her arms that is not covered, she wears thin black gloves over. They don't keep her warm as much as they are just for show. She has short legs, which is the cause of most of her lack of height. Her feet are small also, probably size three, which gives her a bit of a problem with her balance. Raven wears black pants with a light gray stripe down the side of each leg, but the pants stop at her ankles. The rest of her foot is covered by either white socks, which are the only things light on her besides her skin, or black, waterproof running shoes that are slip-ons, with no laces. Occasionally, in the summer, on warm days, she wears sandals when she doesn't have to walk much. However, she doesn't enjoy the beach, and prefers the forest.

Personality: Raven is apathetic, not really caring much about anything but her Pokemon, and maybe the task at hand. She's bold and never really thinks before entering something that's probably either deep trouble or none of her business, which of course can be trouble. She's also easily suspicious of those she doesn't know about, not really trusting anyone unless they're friends with her, which is pretty much the hardest thing to do. This makes her awkward around others, especially if it's crowded or something like a party, where there's a lot of action. Raven can be hostile much of the time, and usually ignores or is rude to others if she feels like it. She also has a short temper, and is fierce when she loses the small amount of patience that she does have. She's good at arguing and usually hopes to win by using logic. However, she's a good battler with Pokemon because she uses strategy instead of strength. Her favorite way to take advantage of her opponent is by using type advantages. Raven enjoys challenging herself, and if she ever had a chance to go to the Battle Tower in Hoenn, she would probably choose Pokemon of all the same type, just to see what happens. She especially likes Dark and Flying-type Pokemon because of her name, but Grass is a good one, too, she thinks. Raven can be ambitious, and hates losing. She likes reading and writing a lot, and always carries around a small notebook in which to jot ideas for stories down. Mainly, she's calm and doesn't worry about much, but also quiet natured and doesn't like to speak to others because she's afraid she'll be at a lack of words. Raven hates starting conversations, and one of her fears is speaking in front of a crowd. However, she likes to solve problems and dislikes disorder or chaos. She can also be sensitive and emotional, and although she's usually calm, she's easily provoked.

History: Raven was born on December 21st, on one of the the darkest nights of the year: the beginning of winter, at about 11:00 PM. She enjoys celebrating her exact birthday, and thus stays up late every December 21st just so she "doesn't miss her birthday." She has been fascinated by Pokemon since she was seven, and enjoyed reading books about them. When she was nine, she started reading chapter books, fiction, about Pokemon, and though it wasn't completely fact, she learned a lot through them. When she was ten, she wrote her first serious Pokemon story; however, it was only long enough to fill four chapters. Of course, she had no intention of publishing it, but she wanted to get better so that one day, she could be an author and write a fictional story from the point of view of a Pokemon. She's always wanted her first Pokemon, and has been impatient about it. But her mother died of a disease when she was eleven, which molded her attitude into what it is now. She lived alone with her father, which was hard for her, because she was pelted by nightmares more often than she had been before. Ever since her mother died, there has been a "hole" in her heart that will never be filled again, causing Raven's inner sensitivity. It also made her prefer to stay away from others, and since then she hasn't liked forming close emotional bonds, because she's afraid she might lose someone whom she gets close to. That, in fact, is one of her worst fears.

Pokemon Starter: Sunkern?

Zeta Patchouli
January 15th, 2009, 4:26 PM
(ooc: Drake's Voice will be a little weird, and it will immedately be recognizable. He'll speak like that until the shadow is killed again.)

Chapter 6: Drake Landis' Return! Fury of the Insane Genius!

Drake walked through the forest, with that same insane grin on his face as it was before. "Kill... kill... kill... He's near, I can feel it." Said Drake as he looked around, seeing the trees around him distort. He then heard a voice that wasn't the shadow.

"Please, don't do this... Drake, I know you aren't this crazy!" Yelled the voice. Drake looked around in a sort of panic.

"WHat!? YOu sHOUld bE DEaaad!" Said Drake, his voice cracking and dragging on. Suddenly he saw a woman in front of him. She was 4'6" tall, had black hair, and was dressed in an angel's robe. "YoUU ShouLDN't Be hERe!"

"Please brother... stop this madness..." Said the Angel, but Drake took out his gun and shot at her. "Is that really your answer?"

"GO AWAy! I don'T WaNT TO sEE YoU!" Yelled Drake before shooting her again, doing no damage as she is really a hallucination. "I nEEd NoOne!"


Chris had gained a lot of ground and was pretty close to Violet City, when he heard gunshots. "What? What's that?" Asked Chris to himself. "Wait... I shouldn't get involved... remember last time?"

(No flashback for you!)

"Yeah, that was a crazy and epic battle at the same time. It had to have been the hardest battle I was ever in." Said Chris before trying to walk away, but he turned towards where the gunshot was heard without realising it.

"HaHHAH!" Laughed a familiar voice. Chris looked back and saw Drake. "DIe! DiE! DIEDIEDIE!" Yelled Drake as he pulled back the hammer of the pistol.

"Holy sh-" Started Chris, but Drake pulled the trigger, hitting Chris in his shoulder. "Gah!" Chris grabbed onto his arm in pain before deciding to flee. Drake followed after him before firing another shot. Fortunately for Chris, his aim was way off in his insane state.

"DIe DIiie!" Yelled Drake as he reloaded his pistol, but before he could shoot, he got 'punched' by his 'sister'. "AnDREa LanDIS! Do NOt PUnCH MEE!" Chris looked back but saw that Drake was yelling at a tree. "Do YOU uNDerStaND?"

"Brother..." Said Andrea as she reached out to him, but Drake shot at her, which was really hitting a tree.

"YOU'rE Not ReaL!!! Get AwAY fROm MeEeE!" Yelled Drake as he kept shooting at 'Andrea'. Chris just stared at Drake, who was shooting a tree.

"I'm just going to go now." Said Chris as he walked away. Drake looked towards Chris before trying to shoot him, but Andrea 'punched' him again, but in reality, it was his head hitting the branch.

"You Go AWAy! I dOn'T WanT YOU AnYMoRE!" Yelled Drake before shooting at her more. "Go!!!!! GOOOO!!! I HAteeee YOu!" But Drake didn't see Chris looking at the display, and at Drake angerly firing his firearm at a tree.

"What happened to you... I would ask, but... in the state you're in... I feel sorry for you man." Said Chris before walking towards Violet City, leaving Drake there.


"Well, it seems that another Ghost type Pokemon is messing with my control over him." Said the shadow. "I must get him back under my control immedately, and banish memories of his sister forever." And with that, the shadow disappeared.

(ooc: Yeah, no fight, but... you get to see Drake being crazy. This has no effect to the main plot, and I wanted to do something that didn't involve a pokemon battle. Besides, if they did fight, Chris would have lost, so I had to do this.)

January 15th, 2009, 4:39 PM
To Konekodemon: pretty good post though im gonna have to limit your buying of items. Just like catching Pokemon the more or better items you want the better your post has to be.
You recieved 2 Potions, 2 Antidotes, 2 Pokeballs, and 2 Parlyze Heals!
To rii-chii: :( what a very emotional post! very good!
Angel grew to Level 10!
Angel learned Water Gun!
To Dark_Link12: Pretty good post!
You caught a Male Level 4 Poliwag!
To FrozenSnowman: Well Zack certainly has an......intresting personality. You dont need to skip a line after every sentense though.
To pumpkinziggy: Allright good sign up! You can start in Cherrygrove City. Post your trainer card and any pokemon you want from route 29 on the OCC thread.
To Zeta Marx...: No flashback for you! Lol good post!

January 15th, 2009, 5:16 PM
The ball stopped and it flung open. The CHikorita materalized in front of him and it didn't look very pleased. Max grunted in surprise and then decided to defeat it. He grabed the Pokeball and Scout looked at the Chikorita cautously.

"Scout use Scratch!" Max called.

Scout leapt foreward at the already wobbeling Chikorita and slashed its face. It yelped quietly and wobbled back. It then fell to the ground, its legs giving out on her. She didn't faint though. She wobbled back up and tackled Scout to the ground.

"Sen!" Scout called out.

She slapped the CHikorita across the face and then bit down on her leg. Chikorita yelped and fell back knocked out. Max sighed and scooped Scout up. So far he wasn't having very good luck with capturing certain Pokemon he wanted.


A few minutes later the Chikorita had been nursed back to full health and it had run off. Scout and Max where now back on the road and were looking around everywhere for Mr. Pokemon's house.

Max took a sip of water from the river they were next to and so did Scout. She tripped over a rock and fell in to the water. It wasn't a fast moving current so she didn't float off. Her head popped out and she looked sad, but started laughing as she saw Max laughing his guts out.

"You're not sitting on my head until you dry off." Max told her.

Scout jumped out of the water and shook herself, spraying a bunch of water on to Max. Max shook his head and took his bag off, he then began to rumage through it. He found a white towel and began to dry Scout off with it.

Eventually Scout was pretty dry. He slipped the towel back in to his bag and then jumped to his feet. Scout ran up his body and perched herself on his head again and then they began searching for Mr. Pokemon's house.

Max got fed up with wondering around the route and took out his Pokegear. He groaned as he found out that they had passed his house a long time ago. He turned around and slipepd the Pokegear back away and then he dashed towards the house.

As he ran down the route he passed Pidgey, Poliwag, Marill, the occasional CHikorita, and someitmes saw Hoothoot asleep. He tripepd over a rock and landed straight on top of a Caterpie. The bug screeched and then crawled away before a Pidgey found it.

Max scratched his head nad got back up.He looked at his Pokegar's map and found out now that they weren't to far from it. Scout hopped on top of his head slightly and was obviously excited about something. Max looked in the direction she was pointing and saw smoke.

He grinned widely and dashed towards the smoke. Once they arrived Max found a small little cabin and smoke was coming from the chimney. He walked up to the door and rapped his knuckles on it.

"Yes?" a voice came form inside. It was week but stern.

"Umm. I'm here for Mr. Pokemon. I'm here to pick something up for Professor Elm." Max replied.

"Oh. Um, yes. Come in. Come in." the voice now grew rougher and more normal.

Max grabbed the knob and turned it. He stepped inside and what he saw amazed him. Hi tech equipment everywhere! Max noticed a man wearing a black suit was talking to someone on one of the Pokephones found in Pokemon Centers. Max peeked over the relatively short man and noticed he was talking to Professor Oak.

"Professor Oak!" Max shouted butting in to the conversation.

Oak blinked his eyes a few times and saw Max. "Oh Max! I erm..." Oak began to mumble to himself.

"What is it professor?" Max asked curious, then he noticed the burnt lab equipment in the background and knew what the professor didn't want to tell him.

"I'm sorry, but your Arcanine, is, well..."

"I know. Arcanine was stolen and brainwashed." Max said sourly.

"No. He wasn't brainwashed. Somehow the man that stole him knows you and threatened that if the Arcanine didn't act like a mindless animal he would kill you. His concious is very well intact." Oak replied.

"Then why did he almost chomp my arm off?!" Max said holding his bitten arm up.

"Oh. Well, Mr. Pokemon. It was nice to talk to you, I better be going now. Bye."

"Wait-" but the professor had already hung up.

"Now, young man. The item Elm wishes me to give you is a very special egg. Please handel it with care." Mr. Pokemon said rising to his feet.

He walked over and grabbed a white egg with red and blue markings all around it. Max took the egg adn held it carefully. Mr. Pokemon smiled and then took Scout off of his head.

Hey! What are you doing?" Max asked thinking the man was trying to steal Scout now.

"Your Pokemon is very tired. I want to heal her to full health." he replied.

He stuck her on a machine and she glew a bright yellow and then turned back to normal color. She jumped to her feet and smiled. She then jumped on to Max's head. Max thanked the man and walked outside wondering where to go next.


OOC: Sorry it was kind of short...

January 16th, 2009, 2:29 PM
To Pikalover10: ok post but you dont get to keep the egg you kinda just examine it and send you data back to elm via pokegear. Sorry if i didnt make that clear! Oh and there quite a number of spelling errors in your post. I know i cant talk since there are probally a few in this post alone but if i do a quick scan of your post to get a read on it and a bunch pop out out me then you may want to look into that ok? Sentret will get only a small boost because of the battle though!
Sentret grew to Level 9!

January 16th, 2009, 3:46 PM
Chapter 4: Route 30

“Are you ready?” Grey asked Ashton, who was sitting under a tree waiting for him.

Ashton got up, and brushed the dirt from his pants. "Sure am.” Ashton replied, "I was kind of getting bored of waiting, actually,” he paused then said, “Well then, let's head off!"

Ashton starting walking down the long, twisting route: Route 30. Grey followed suit, right behind Mala, Ashton’s Togepi.


“Hey.,” Grey said, bending down to pat the Pokemon. “Why don’t you meet Snow?”

Grey looked behind him, but didn’t see Snow – or De for that matter. Grey started freaking out. He ran behind, searching for Snow and De. On the other hand, Mala returned to her owner.

Grey back tracked the whole route. He was looking everywhere: in the grass, behind trees, and in every nook. “Snow! De!” Grey yelled, worried about his Pokemon. With every step, Grey got closer and closer to Cherrygrove City. Soon, Grey was bordering on angry. Snow and De were no where to be found! Then, right on the edge of Cherrygrove City and Route 30, he heard Pokemon cries.

“Hoot-hoot! Hoo!” Grey looked up too see a Hoothoot offering worms to two Pokemon that he had brought up into a tree; two Pokemon that weren’t supposed to be on a tree.

“Hoot!” the Hoothoot said, urging the two Pokemon to take a worm.

“Maaaar!” One of the scared Pokemon cried, shortly followed by a small wimpering, “Hop!”

“Snow! De! How did you two get up there?” Grey asked, thinking of a way to get them down.

“Eep!” The Mareep said, unsure of how to answer.

“Why didn’t you attack?”

“Eeep!” the Pokemon said, wanting nothing more than to get down.

“Okay, Snow! Use tackle!” The small Mareep got up, as scared as ever, and tried a tackle. Though the tackle wasn’t as full force as Snow’s previous tackles, it still packed a punch.

Suddenly, the Hoothoot swallowed the worms and tackled Snow. Snow was hit fairly hard, and struggled to keep on the branch.

“Okay, De! Use synthesis to heal Snow!” The Pokemon closed its eyes and drew a mysterious force out of its surroundings. The Pokemon then laid its hands on Snow, and healed the Pokemon.
“Mareep!” the Pokemon sneered, ready to once again attack.

“Snow! Give it another tackle!” The Mareep once again tackled the Hoothoot, successfully knocking the Pokemon of the branch.

“Yes!” Grey said, but then watched as the Pokemon flew back to its perch and dug its claws into the cork.

“Great!” Grey muttered, then, “Okay, try one more tackle!” One last time, the Pokemon rammed the bird Pokemon. Finally, the Pokemon lost the last bit of its health, and fainted.

Then, to make the situation worse, the branch broke and Mareep and Hoppip came tumbling to the rock hard ground.

“Ohh... Are you guys’ okay?”

“Mar!” the Mareep said, gathering its’ strength.

“Hoppi!” the Hoppip said.

“Okay. Don’t ever do that again!” Grey said, trying to sound like a strict parent but failing miserably.

Eventually, Grey caught up to Ashton.

"What just happened?!" Ashton said. Grey couldn’t see Mala anywhere. A Ledyba then slammed into the ground, and Mala regenerated a few feet away.

"Well, it doesn't look like that Ledyba is getting up." Ashton said, tossing a PokeBall.

The PokeBall shook once, then twice, and after an agonizing wait, three times. Ashton had successfully caught a Pokemon!

“Good job, man!” Grey said, then saying with a chuckle, “Did you notice I was gone?”

OOC: Sorry to keep you waiting, .Sublime ^_^;;

January 16th, 2009, 3:50 PM
Gold opened the pokeball once more after it clicked shut. In a burst of red light, a small Poliwag beamed out in front of Gold. It looked very timid with its tail on the ground and its eyes dropping as he looked at Gold.

“Hey, Poliwag. I’m sorry if I scared you,” Gold said cheerfully.

The little water pokemon looked at Gold. His eyes brightened a little more as if he noticed some encouragement in Gold’s voice and trust in his friendly face. He slowly walked over to Gold. The trainer picked up Poliwag and held him tight.

“Glad to see you’re part of the gang now.”

Magby came over with pride from his victory from the expression on his face. Gold patted him on the head to acknowledge his success.

“You, me, and Magby are going to prove to be an awesome team one day,” Gold said with pride. He paused for a minute before looking at Poliwag. “But, what about that attack of yours? It should’ve Magby really bad, right?”

Gold placed Poliwag down next to Magby and pulled out his pokedex. He found the information he was looking for after a few minutes- Poliwag’s attack moves.

Poliwag has one and only move, Water Sport. It’s a special water attack to soaks the opponent and itself to become more resistant to water attacks.

Gold frowned as he stuffed the pokedex back in his pocket. “Well, that’s not a very helpful attack. I mean, you’re already powerful against fire attacks.” He looked at Poliwag cheerfully. “Oh well. We’ll find a way to make it work.”

Gold decided it was time to hit the road again. After getting his things together, he began walking down the path with his tiny pokemon following him like little ducklings. The trio occasionally had to stop because Poliwag had fallen over due to his feeble feet. It was all but frustrating to Gold though. He found that watching his pokemon do that was like watching a baby try to take its first steps. All fun…

Soon, Gold spotted something up ahead. A home? It had to have been. It was a square building with windows, a door, and a roof in Gold’s eyes. As he looked at the house, he heard his stomach growl long and hard. He remembered the breakfast he had shortened because of the fear he had only about an hour ago.

“Do you think it’s……bad if we go ask for food from somebody’s home?” Gold asked his two duckling pokemon. They both shook their heads immediately as Gold heard their stomachs grumble. Well, it was decided.

Gold went up to the door and knocked three times. Nobody answered whatsoever. He repeated the knocks. Nothing.

“”Erm, maybe we should go look around,” Gold mumbled. He twisted the doorknob to find it open, so he invited himself inside.

The building was quite small and cramped with a bed in one corner, a simple couch and table in another corner, and then a large desk with gear and equipment, including a large computer, sitting there. The first thing Gold thought was “computer geek” and then he noticed the geek sitting at the overlarge desk focused on the computer of his.

“You know it’s rude to go into somebody’s home uninvited?” the man asked calmly. He never even looked at Gold.

“Well, I guess you should’ve answered the door when I knocked six times,” Gold answered somewhat rudely.

“It’s my choice who comes and doesn’t come into my home,” the man explained. His eyes were still focused on the computer.

“I guess,” Gold said. He looked at the man’s computer and came closer. “Whatcha looking at?” He stuck his head in and tried to look before the man shoved him away. Gold only managed to catch the words Prof Elm.

“You rude child! Don’t you know it’s also rude to look at somebody’s computer while they’re using it? Respect my privacy!”

“Hey, I know Professor Elm!” Gold exclaimed, ignoring the man’s comment. The man turned around to stare at him. Wow, he actually looked away from the computer.

“You know the professor?” the man asked. “Then……you must be one of the starter trainers.”

“Well, I’m not a starter…”

“You have a starter pokemon.”

“Whatever,” Gold said. “What’s so important about me? What does the professor want?”

“Aren’t you a field assistant for him?” the man asked. Gold nodded. The man smiled and stood up to face Gold. “Hooray, one finally came. My name is Mr. Pokemon, young sir.”

“Um, Gold, but what do I need to do here?” Gold asked as he shook the man’s hand.

Mr. Pokemon smiled and led him over to a section on his desk. A case with what looked like an egg was in it. Gold and his pokemon looked at it astonished.

“What is this?” Gold asked as he tapped the case. Mr. Pokemon brushed his hand away.

“This happens to be one of the biggest discoveries in pokemon history,” the Mr. Pokemon explained. “A pokemon egg.”

Gold was astonished. “What, pokemon can hatch from eggs?”

Mr. Pokemon beamed at Gold’s interest. “Yes, it is a very recent discovery and I would be very thrilled if you could explain my discovery to Professor Elm. In fact, this egg needs a trainer to raise it. My studies show that a pokemon egg can not hatch unless it is with other pokemon.”

Gold laughed with appreciation. “Nah, I’ll probably drop it or something.”

“I guess you would,” the man said sighing.

Gold pulled out his PokeGear and sent a message to Professor Elm explaining the discovery of the egg.

“So, can I help you before you set out again?” the man asked.

“My pokemon and I are a little hungry,” Gold said foolishly. The man smiled and handed Gold a container of pokemon food. Gold looked at the container and frowned.

“Yeah, I’m kind of hungry too…”

“You can go now,” the man said.

“But I-“

“Get out!”

Gold rushed out the door with an unhappy stomach and a small container of pokemon food in his hand.

January 16th, 2009, 4:37 PM
To ~|symphony♪: pretty good post!
Snow grew to Level 8!
De grew to Level 6!
To Dark_Link12: No food for you! Lol good post!

January 17th, 2009, 1:07 PM
Jade sighed in defeat as the pokeball rocked back and forth before bursting open with a blast of white light, revealing the Zubat. It screeched angrily at her, and all she could do was watch it fly away into the sky, following the others that had nearly disappeared from view.

A soft chuckle made her turn around. A boy, that looked maybe a year or so older, leaned against a tree, looking completely and utterly amused and relaxed. "That was... rather pathetic," he stated softly.

Jade bristled. "What did you say?" she demanded angrily, fists clenched.

He looked at her for a moment, seemingly sizing hr up. "Well, a Zubat did get away from you, which are supposed to be easy pokemon... Though I suppose you a beginner, are you not?"
"And what if I am?"
The boy shrugged, running a hand through his brown hair in thought as his hazel eyes watched her for a moment. "Then that explains everything," he stated.

Jade glared. "Well, if you're so good, how about a battle?" she challenged.

"I don't think..."

"What are you, a coward?" she called.

The boy's eyes narrowed. "Very well. This one is rather new and shouldn't be too much trouble for a newbie." He threw his pokeball, ignoring Jade's "Yea, yea." He turned to her. "By the way, my name is Zack."

"And I'm Jade," Jade answered, watching the pokemon appear.

It had red fur and six curly tails. "Vul," it said softly, watching Larvitar jump in front of it warily. The Vulpix turned back to its trainer. Zack nodded, and Vulpix prepared itself.

"Sandstorm, and cover the area!" Jade called out quickly.

"Lari!" Larvitar shouted, launching th massive attack around. The area was quickly filled with the storm, making it hard for everyone to see.

"Vul," Vulpix moaned as the hard sand bashed against it.

"Smart... Vulpix, use Ember," Zack commanded.

"Vulp!" Vulpix yelped, opening its mouth and unleashing the fire attack. The small fire balls were launched towards Larvitar.

"Larvitar, roll to the side!" Jade said quickly, not wanting her pokemon to get hurt.

"Var," Larvitar growled, jumping to the side to try and avoid the fire balls. "Larv," Larvitar grunted as the flames brushed against its tail.

"Quick, use Bite!" Jade shouted over the roar of the Sandstorm as it got worse and pounded angrily against the fire type, expliciting a yelp.

"Quick Attack," Zack commanded, watching with narrowed eyes, making Jade wonder just how experienced this boy was.

"Vul vul vul," Vulpix chanted, bounding toward Larvitar with a flash of speed, hitting the ground type right in the stomach.

"Larv," Larvitar grunted, pushing its stomach out and pushing Vulpix back, much to its shock. "Ar," Larvitar smirked as it opened its mouth and chomped down on Vulpix's ear.

"Vullll!" Vulpix yelped loudly, shaking Larvitar off quickly. "Pix," it whimpered, running its ear.

"Vulpix, shake it off. Ember it," Zack said with a sigh towards his pokemon's antics.

"Larvitar, Bite!" Jade commanded.

"Vul," Vulpix grunted as the Sandstorm did more damage to it. "Vulp!" It launched the Ember at the charging Larvitar, hitting him straight on.

"Vat," Larvitar spat, wincing but still running with determination. "Vatra!" he shouted, jumping utop the startled fox and and chomping right down on its neck.

"Vulp!" it screamed in shock, going limp for a moment before running around with fear in its eyes, Larvitar still attached.

"Vulpix, get it off!" Zack commanded.

"Keep it up, Larvitar!" Jade called in excitement, a wide grin on her face. "Keep on Biting!"

"Var!" came Larvitar's muffled response, tightening its grip even more.

"Pix," Vulpix mumbled, shaking itself viciously as it tried to dislodge Larvitar. It winced once more as the Sandstorm continued to do more damage before starting to clear away. Everyone could now see properly, and for the first time, Jade could see how battered Vulpix looked from that Sandstorm.

"Vulpix, try an Ember," Zack called out.

"Vul." Vulpix tried to turn its head, but as Larvitar was connected to its neck, it couldn't do much. "Vulp!" Vulpix chouted in desperation, launching the Ember attack around wildly, making Jade and Zack have to dodge a few stray ones.

"Vulpix, get control of yourself!" Zack barked. "Use Quick Attack towards the trees and slam Larvitar into one of them," Zack commanded.

"Wait for it," Jade murmered, loud enough for Larvitar to hear. Vulpix continued to charge at the tree and, at the last moment, jumped and turned its body in such a way that it was upside down and its back was facing the tree, meaning Larvitar would take the attack. "Drop now!" Jade all but screamed.

"Var." Larvitar spat out Vulpix's neck, instantly dropping to the ground.

"Vulp?" Vulpix questioned in confusion before slamming right into the tree." Pix," it growled, trembling as it slid down to the base of the tree.

"Alright! Larvitar, finish it with Bite!" Jade commanded, victory already lighting up her eyes.

"Larvi!" Larvitar called in excitement as it rushed at Vulpix, mouth wide open. "Lar... Var!" Larvitar gapped in surprise as all it bit down on was air.

Zack had recalled Vulpix back into its ball. "That should be enough," he stated, returning the pokeball to his belt.

"Wha... Why?" Jade demanded.

Zack chuckled. "I told you, this pokemon was just recently caught and has no goo dexperience with fighting." He looking down at the agitated Larvitar. "But it seems your Larvitar, despite being new to the world of battling, is doing quite alright."
"Er, thanks," Jade said awkwardly, not really sure what to say. "So... how far are you into your journey?"
He flashed her a smirk and showed her two badges. "I've got two badges and quite a few pokemon."

"And I'm sure your pokemon are all much stronger," Jade said with a slump. He had been going easy on her.

Zack apparently read her mind. "Don't think I was going easy on you. Yes, some of my pokemon are much stronger than any newbies, but I still have to capture new pokemon every now and then to build up my team. This Vulpix was just at the right level for yours. What level was Larvitar before the battle?"

Jade thought about it. "Like level nine or something."

Zack looked surprised before smirking. "Even better than I thought. "Vulpix here is level eleven. You did just fine."

Jade smiled back, feeling a bit better. She leaned down to Larvitar's level. "You hear that, buddy? You were awesome!"
"Var!" Larvitar agreed, bobbing his head up down.

"Don't let it go to your head," Zack warned. "Plenty of good trainers begin to slip once they get an ego... but then again all newbies start off with a big ego." He ingored Jade's scowl. "Well, see ya."

"Ya, see ya," Jade said, watching Zack walk away.

January 17th, 2009, 3:12 PM
Almost there... the ice cream was getting closer, and so were his monkey-abducting pursuers. With one final leap, he rose to the air, and landed on top of the towering mound of ice cream. His pursuers were far behind now, and he began to eat his sweet reward. Still eating, he paused as he heard a noise. A drum set flew out of nowhere, and screamed bloody murder towards him, and began gnasing its non-existant teeth. It was nothing, so he continued eating. And that was when a feal mountain goat with an America dew rag, shades, blue coconut Sonic slush, chainsaw, and Harley jumped out of the blue and ate him alive.


"Who are you?!" A voice yelled, as Silver sprung up from his waking dream. Silver turned his head and found himself looking at a rather casually- dressed fellow. This was as a shock as much as the goat eating him.

"I am Silver, the dreamer of ice cream. Now let me go back to sleep, I have to kick some goat-"

"No you don't!" The boy cried even louder.

Silver paused, and looked at the kid with a half-open eye. He seemed to be angry about something. Either way, sleep was the priority.

"What brings you to be interrupting my sleep, O Angry One?" Silver casually laughed.

"Grr... My name is NOT O Angry One! It's Zack!" Zack yelled with his fists clenched and teeth bared. "What are you doing here?"


"Well I need a place too. Is there any other bed availible?" Zack asked.

Ryan answered, "There is one upstaris, if you want it. It is a little untidy, but you can clean it up if you like."

This seemed to cool Zack down slightly. "Alright, thank you sir. Silver!"

"What?!" Silver whined. He was almost asleep.

"Are you a Pokemon trainer?" Zack asked.

"Yes I am, are you?"

"Yeah. I just started not too long ago."

"That's great," Silver said, "Me too. Tomorrow we should battle. I hear Route 30 is plenty spacious, not like that other dismal path I came from." Silver made a face.

Though Zack seemed upset naught but a minute ago, you could not have told now. He had a joy in his face, and replied to Silver, "Sounds great! See you tomorrow morning!" Silver smiled, and watched as Zack trudged up the wooden stairs. Within the next minute, Silver was out like a light again.


Morning came like a rude slap in the face. The first light from the sun illuminated the damp room with an incandescent glow, as Silver peered with one eye open. He sat up, and surveying his surroundings, found that there was breakfast on the cofee table, with Zack and Ryan seated around it. It was a colorful night in his dreams, but he wouldn't go back to them, else he might miss his big battle. Grudgingly, he stood up from his cot, and ruffled his hair about. Silver approached them with tired eyes.

"Hey, how are you guys?"

Zack and Ryan looked up between sips, and studied Silver.

"Fair, and yourself, young trainer?" Asked Ryan.

"Oh fine. What about you, Zack?" Silver responded.

"Great..." Though Zack seemed passive, you could tell that he was excited for the upcoming battle. With quivering hands, he put down his mug, and stared out the window. Silver began to think that Zack's previously excited mood was only a rarity.

A long silence ensued, and Silver broke it. "So, Zack, are you ready yet?"

Rudley, he replied, "Are you? I have eaten breakfast and am ready. You haven't."

"Geez, it was a question, Zack, not a statement. I am well aware that I need preparation," Silver was taken aback at Zack's snap. He figured that Zack was trying to assert his dominance pre-battle, as to intimidate Silver. It is what I would have done... Smart man. Luckily, I am not one for fear to be stricken into. After a quick stare down, Silver left the table to get his pack arranged, and then returned to eat. A plate of hashbrowns, pancakes, and milk waited at his table for him. Silver began to dig in, hungry from last night's excitement. The only thing that Silver would not touch was the coffee.

After draining his last bit of milk, Silver stood up, and grabed his backpack. "Zack, I am going to attempt to heal Makesh. I truly hate the Pokemon nurse."

Zack nodded in agreement. "She could have hit me in my face and been more polite. Cyndar needs to get healed before we... fight." The last word sent a chill down Silver's spine. He could hardly wait for the battle to begin. So what was he waiting for? Turning towards the door, Silver heard Zack's earnest footsteps not far behind. Silver and Zack stepped outside Ryan's house, thanking him for his hospitality. The outside air felt cool and refreshing to Silver's face, as it wasn't even ten o'clock yet. Together, they walked to the center, and entered the sliding doors once again. This time, however, the nurse complied with their request, and Cyndar and Makesh were healed within a matter of minutes. Soon, they were out on the road again, and the exit path from Cherrygrove was not far away. Pine trees bordered the city, and they gave a cozy mountainous feel as Silver peered down the foggy route ahead. It was quite a change from the warm, sunny city, and Silver hesitated to go at first. Silver enjoyed the fog, but this one seemed a bit eerie. Nevertheless, he started on the route, Zack following him. Route 30, unlike 29, was much wider, but did not have a specific path. It more had an area between the clumps of tall grass. Silver knew those clumps concealed Pokemon. He wondered what kind there were, but decided he would have plenty of time to catch them once their battle had ceased. Silver and Zack walked for a few more yards in the fog, until they found a lake, and more importantly, a wide open area for their long anticipated battle. They both paused, and Zack was the first to set his pack down.

"This seems like a good spot," Zack said what they both thought.

"I agree," Silver said, "This may be the only empty spot on the route." With that, he set his pack down, and unclipped Makesh's Pokeball. Zack did likewise with Cyndars, and they both found an area on the perimeter of the clearing. Silver said a few quick words under his breath, and raised Makesh's Pokeball high in the foggy air.

"Now, Zack, you get to see my skills as a Pokemon battler! Go, Makesh!" Silver tossed the Pokeball on the ground, and a red light exploded from it. As if Makesh heard Silver's words, he appeared with fierce determination on his jaws.

Zack examined the Totodile, and laughed. "You do not think you can win with that, do you? I will show you true skills. Cyndar, go!" Like Silver, Zack threw his Pokeball on the ground, and another fierce Pokemon had stepped out of the fog.

Silver had never seen a Cyndaquil before, and flipped out his Pokedex. It's a fire type... Silver thought. He did not now what to think. The only battles he had ever fought were against normal and grass types.

"Okay, then..." Silver spoke to Makesh. "A fire type... Well water douses fire, so this should be a snap, buddy!" Makesh clamped it's jaws and braced itself.

"You can't scare me with a Totodile. I have beaten one before. Go, Cyndar! Tackle it!" Zack ordered, and the Cyndaquil charged Makesh at full speed. Silver had seen this trick before.

"Makesh, dodge, and hit it with your water gun!" Right when Cyndar was about to connect, Makesh leaped out of the way. As he was charging his water gun, the Cyndaquil did something that Silver did not expect. Almost like he had expected it, Cyndar turned around, and continued with his assault. He rammed into Makesh, and it toppeled over backwards, as it spit out some already-charged water.

"I am not that stupid, Silver! You are going to have to think a lot harder if you wish to defeat me!" yelled a triumphant Zack.

How am I going to beat this guy?


(OOC: Eh. I will leave it there for now, can't finish the rest of the battle. FrozenSnowman, go ahead and write some more to it if you feel like doing so. Hope it was okay, Lace, Snowman.)

January 17th, 2009, 9:26 PM
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Larvitar grew to Level 13!
Larvitar learned Screech!
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Chapter Five: Dark Cave
Number of Posts: 2
Elm Mission: Defeat the Golbat!
Mission Description: A wild Golbat is running amok in the cave. Its at too low of a level to evolve from a Zubat but its still quite a power house. There are a few things that are weird about it however. Its a different color and its been discovered if we can defeat it in battle it will calm down, so don't catch it defeat it! It is known to attack on sight so be careful!
Mission Pokemon
Level: 15
Type: Poison/Flying
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Bite, Wing Attack, Supersonic, Leech Life
Nature: Bold

Description: A cave of infinite darkness, many rare and different Pokemon inside. It is undevolped so there are no lights. You can use your Pokemon's abilitys to light the way or find away to make a light. Part of the cave is inaccessible at this time.

Wild Pokemon
Level: 2-4
Type: Rock/Ground
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Rock Head or Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport (Lv. 4)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-4
Type: Poison/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Leech Life
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 2
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Pickup or Quick Feet
Attacks: Covet, Scratch, Leer, Lick, Fake Tears
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 4
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Serene Grace or Run Away
Attacks: Rage
Nature: Random
Rarity: Very Rare

January 18th, 2009, 10:35 AM
Max was at the entrance to a cave. He had sent information to Professor Elm about the egg and was now on his way. The egg had been very warm and occasionally it rocked back and forth a few times.

Max looked up at Scout who was smiling happily, and couldn't wait until they got inside. Suddenly, the Pokegear began to ring. Max reached for it and it showed Professor Elm's picture. He answered it.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Max! I have been having reports that a Golbat has been wreaking havoc inside Dark Cave! It is of different color and will attack on seeing something. I want you to defeat it, good luck." with the Professor Elm hung up.

Max gulped and looked in the Dark Cave. He slung his bag around and began to rummage through it. He soon found a lantern and a flashlight. He lit the lantern and put the flashlight in his pocket, and then he walked in to the darkness.


It was dark and musty inside. He had a pretty clear vision of what was going on and could see a lot of things. He was afraid of how Scout would be able to battle against the Golbat, but he had much more confidence.

"Zuuuu!" something screeched.

Max dropped the lantern at the screech and covered his ears. The lantern went out and Max dropped to his knees and began to rummage about for it. He felt something and picked it up. Feeling that it was his lantern, he tossed it aside and found his lantern under it.

It still worked thankfully and Max then regretted tossing that thing aside. It was a Zubat. Scout hopped off of her trainer's head and began bouncing from foot to foot. Max gulped and knew he had to battle it.

"Sentret use Quick Attack!" Max said.

Sentret dashed off at the Zubat. From the first time she had used Quick Attack to now she was amazingly fast. She jumped around the bat at first and then slammed her body in to it. The Zubat flew back and few feet, but regained its balance and it dove at Scout.

It smacked in to Scout but it was biting her. It looked as if it was sucking her blood, but actually it was sucking HP from her. Scout shook herself furiously to unattach the bat from her. Finally, she shook it off and leapt a little ways away.

"Quick attack to get there and then use Scratch!" Max called out.

Scout dashed away towards the Zubat. The Zubat was hanging off the cave and it now dove at her. Scout jumped out of the way right before the bat bit her again and she slashed at it. The Zubat screeched again, causing Max to clamp his hands over his ears.

The bat was lying on the cave floor gasping for breath. Scout was hopping around it in a circle so as not to get bit if it did a surprise lunge at her.

"Now use Quick Attack." Max said calming down a bit.

Scout jumped in to the air overhead of the Zubat. She curled in to a ball and plummeted to the bat. She slammed in to the bat's wing, hurting it a bit but giving herself major recoil damage.

The bat suddenly leapt at her and began to suck the HP out of her. Scout was too tired to move and was getting the HP sucked out from her. Max took his Pokedex out and read what the Pokedex had to say about the Zubat. It hated the light.

Max put the Pokedex away and began to crank up the lantern's brightness; he hadn't done so earlier because he wanted to preserve the gas in it. The Zubat screeched in agony and released Scout.

"Now Scratch!" Max said turning the brightness back down to what he had it.

Scout leapt to her feet and began to slash at the bat again. It fell to the ground completely exhausted and Max took out another one of his Pokeballs.

"Hopefully you'll be easier to catch. Go, Pokeball!" he said tossing the Pokeball at the bat.

The bat was engulfed in a red light and disappeared in to the Pokeball. It rocked back and forth for a few seconds until...

Sorry it's kind of short...

January 18th, 2009, 3:35 PM
To Pikalover10: Ok post. Just barely good enough for Zubat!
You caught a Male Level 2 Zubat!
To Konekodemon: I'm sorry you feel that way but imagine this rp is like high school. My kanto guys are like Seniors while you Johto guys are like freshmen. You have to work your way up. You can't expect it to be fair. I know you had a chance to join my Kanto rp and you didnt so...I also know you have a problem with how this rp works like how you get Items based on quality of posts. And there is no real plot to the rp and if were being honest here your character is more of the female choice from Crystal Version and Pokemon Special combined so you didnt really make up a character. True you threw your own stuff in but it was still the character from Special. I'll take your profile off of the OCC thread.

January 18th, 2009, 3:54 PM
Silver looked at his fallen Totodile with anger. Why hadn't he seen that one coming? It always worked... Always! He had underestimated his opponent. Different and smarter tactics were needed if he wished to prevail here.

"Alright, Makesh, shake it off and hit it with a leer!" Silver shouted through the fog.

"Cyndar, do the same!" Zack ordered. Silver was taken by suprise. What would happen when two leers meet? An explosion? Would they both faint?

Nothing happened. The two Pokemon gave transfixing glares toward each other. Cyndar through his little slits of eyes, and Makesh through his buldging Crocodile-like ones. Silver relaxed a moment, and looked at Zack. They both were utterly confused. Both Pokemon continued their assault. There was no action. Silver then looked up at Zack who seemed slightly annoyed. They both ordered another leer, with more force this time. Again, nothing occured. Frustrated, Silver ordered another leer, as did Zack. When nothing happened again, Silver realized that this stare-down would be decided by which Pokemon cracked first. He dared not order another leer for fear that Makesh might slip up and loose. Zack, however did not have the same thought pattern. After a few minutes, Zack got fed up, and yelled out,

"This is getting us nowhere! Cyndar, ember!!" This was his mistake. As soon as the Cyndaquil broke it's glare, Makesh's leer broke through the walls of Cyndar's mind. Cyndar froze in it's tracks, petrified of Makesh's very powerful glare.

"Alright, Makesh, here is your chance!" Silver called out, "Hit it hard with your water gun!" Makesh stopped his leer, and almost immediatley gathered up some water, and fired a blast. The water hit Cyndar directly on it's chest, as it gave out a howling cry of pain. Silver smirked, and looked at Zack with his renewed feeling of superiority. If before he was angry, Zack was in an unspeakable fury right now.

"Crap! Cyndar!" Zack called out, as the weak Cyndaquil looked at it's master. "You have beaten a Totodile before, don't let this one stop you!" Though poorly delivered, Zack's speech ingited a fire (:laugh:) in Cyndaquil, and the fire mouse got up, flames shooting from it's back.

"That's good!" Silver said, "I don't like a pansy who gives up. Show me what you got, Cyndar."

"He will do more than that," said Zack, and evil smile now appearing on his face. "It's time for a more tactical approach. Cyndar! Hide in the fog!" Silver knew this was not a Pokemon move, but the Cyndaquil treated it like one. With great haste, the mouse fled into the foggy air surrounding the two trainers. Great, Silver thought. How am I going to attack what I cannot see? I will have to be smart too. So far, though, there was no sign of the Cyndaquil. Silver looked up at Zack, a cool confidence about his face.

"Now, Cyndar," Zack said, "Ember!" Silver could have seen this one coming, but was not prepared for it as a jet of flame appeared from the mist, and leaped onto Makesh's hide. A small portion of grass caught fire as well, but the grass seemed more hurt than Makesh. The Totodile looked at where the fire hit him, but appeared unphased. This suprised Silver as much as Zack, who began to stammer.

"Well, try it again, Cyndar! From behind this time!" And another jet of flame appeared, this time behind Makesh, and again igniting another small fire. Zack then ordered for Cyndar to scorch the grass to the left of Makesh, and then to the right. Silver did not miss this plan, and he realized the trap: Cyndar was trapping Makesh in a small wildfire.

"Oh no, you don't!" Silver yelled, "Makesh, use your water gun on the flames and put it out!" Makesh followed orders, and began to spray the ring of fire. Silver thought he had won, until he heard Zack's laugh.

"Thank, you, Makesh," Zack said, and then ordered, "Cyndar, tackle it!" Now this took Silver by suprise. Like lightning, Cyndar leaped from the fog, and delievered a powerful slam at Makesh. By the time the Totodile had stopped the water and turned around, it was already on it's back. "Again!" Zack ordered, and Cyndar turned around, and hit Makesh so hard, it sent him flying into the nearby lake. With a loud splash, Makesh fell into the pond, and sunk down towards the bottom. Silver rushed over to the lake, careful to aviod the fire, as Zack laughed a triumphant laugh.

"Well, where is your precious Totodile now? I wouldn't dare to find out," and continued laughing. Cyndar sat on its haunches and emitted a laugh-like sound as well.

As Silver stared at the water, hoping that Makesh would float back up, tears welled in his eyes. What if it had died? Would he ever be able to save it? Silver slammed his head against the grass, and sat still for a while.

"Come on, Cyndar," Zack ordered, taking out his Pokeball, "Let's go. Good fight Silver, but your Totodile just can't-" Zack was interrupted by the Totodile leaping out of the lake, cheeks filled to the brim with water. Silver looked up as he was splashed, and Makesh unleashed a large gush of water towards Cyndar. The Cyndaquil was too busy laughing to prepare for the attack, and the mega-water gun hit it on its firey back. The force of the blast was so powerful that it knocked Cyndar back into the foggy morning mist. Zack yelled a cry of suprise, and rushed to get his partner, who was now out of sight. Running towards Makesh, Silver grabbed his Pokemon in his arms, and held it tight. Words of praise poured out of Silver's mouth, and words of encouragement came from Zack's. Silver then walked over in the fog, trying to locate Zack's choked up voice. Once he had found him, Silver extended a hand to his foe, who was holding his unconcious Cyndaquil in his arms. Zack looked up, face slightly red, and grabbed Silver's hand.

"Hey, man, that was a great battle!" Silver said to Zack, with a beaming grin on his face.

Zack got a hold of himself, and replied, "Thanks man, you too. Even though I lost, I learned alot. Don't assume your opponent is down unless you see him down!" A small laugh came from both Silver and Zack. After a small silence, Silver said,

"So, what now?"

"Well..." Zack said returning Cyndar to its Pokeball, "Ryan said something about a cave up ahead on the path."

"Sounds good to me," Silver replied, and they both resumed their trek on the route, both wiser men.


(OOC: Phew. There you go, Snowman, I finished it for ya ^_^)

January 18th, 2009, 7:51 PM
“Dark Cave, eh? Sounds exciting…”

Gold was facing a dark, black entrance to a tunnel with a pokemon on each side of him. He looked around and groaned. There was no way to the first city, Violet City, unless he went this stupid thing. It really wasn’t fair…

“Guys, I’ve had some bad experience with caves,” Gold moaned. “Enjoy your first trip…”

Both of his cute pokemon looked at him wide-eyed and afraid and then turned their attention towards the cave. They both squealed and leaped behind Gold. Gold gasped and got on his knees quickly.

“Guys, guys, I’m sorry! Caves are dark and scary, but we’ll be together, right?”

Gold gulped as he waited for his pokemons’ thoughts. Soon, they both sighed and grabbed onto Gold. He smiled with glee. Standing up, he dug through his bag and pulled out a small camp lantern, holding it in the air for his pokemon to see.

“Look, we’ll use this to see our way through the cave,” Gold explained. He then reached down and grabbed both Magby’s hands, placing one on the bottom of his pants and the other on Poliwag’s tail. “If I feel the tug go away from the bottom of these, then I know that you let go. Okay, Magby?”

Magby looked at the ground for a moment before nodding slowly. Gold took a deep breath and took his first step into the cave.

“We will not get separated.”


It was a while since the trio made their first entrance into the cave. Gold’s hand shook from holding the light up too long, and he felt the bottom of his pants quiver. Magby was afraid and shaking.

“Look, guys, I said I had some bad experiences in caves. First I got chased by a stampede of Team Rocket pokemon, and the second time this guy caused an avalanche of rocks……it almost killed me.”

Stupid thing to say. Both of his pokemon cried out and Gold felt Magby’s grip fall from his clothes. Gold flipped the light around and saw then both sitting on the ground, shaking.

What wussies. “Look, it was the past. Don’t be so afraid. You both are extremely powerful pokemon. We can tackle a dark cave!”
Gold shouted with determination.

He bent over and picked up both of his pokemon, placing them on their feet. He was ready to walk until he heard something. Voices.

Gold quickly stopped at the corner, and stopped Magby who was almost ready to turn it.

“Stop!” he hissed quietly. Gold peeked over the corner to see just who these people were.

A large lantern was sitting on the ground, and two people were in the center of the light. They were both wearing identical clothes- black outfits with a hood on them. A symbol was on the front. The symbol of—Gold couldn’t believe it.

They were Collectors.

“Damn! Why isn’t that stupid pokemon back yet!” shouted one of the men. He stamped his foot hard on the ground.

“Hmph, I told you that stupid thing is worthless. Just because it’s shiny doesn’t make it powerful,” snapped the other member. It was the voice of a female.

“Well, that Golbat is stronger than any newbie trying to cross this cave,” the male explained. “It will wipe out any trainer trying to cross!” The man chuckled at the thought. Suddenly, Gold heard a smack! The female had hit him across the face.

“That’s the whole point, you idiot! Why are we trying to steal pokemon from beginner trainers? They’re useless! What’re you going to tell the boss when we don’t come back with anything worthwhile?”

There was a pause of silence in the cave. Gold heard the male take in a breath and the light shook as he picked up the lantern. “I guess we should move on then. Maybe Golbat will find us……”

“Forget that stupid thing! Let it wander around the cave!” the female shouted.

That was that. They were gone, leaving Gold at the corner to hear every word they said. They were still stealing pokemon from trainers and adding them to their “collection.” He couldn’t believe they had made it to Johto where he was.

“C’mon, guys,” Gold mumbled. They stood up and continued their journey through the cave. Gold was going to worry about these guys later after they were to safety. But was even that safe anymore?

Gold’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted as he made his way through the cave. He heard a sudden Whoosh! And had to stop abruptly to dive on the ground, dragging his pokemon to the ground with him. He held them both tight and looked up. The creature was whooshing down again, causing Gold to roll to the side to dodge. He finally looked up to see the attacker. It was the Golbat.

“It will wipe out any trainer trying to cross!”

January 18th, 2009, 8:21 PM
Name: Michael :)
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Michael is a tall boy, with thick brown hair down to the base of his neck. He wears a green and black shirt with a golden star on the front. He wears a blue beanie over his hair and has a golden stub earring. He wears blue jeans and sneakers with a white sole and black top. He carries a backback that is red.

Personality: Mchael is a kind person who doesnt mind going out of his way to help a friend. He is very loyal toward his friends but towrds his enemies is extremely hateful.

History: He was born in Sinnoh to a family of three children. When he turned 14 he was given a Chikorita for his birthday. When he turned 16 he set out to Jhoto. His two brothers were found dead on his 15th birthday, making him extremely sad and almost releasing his Chikorita

Preffered Starter: Chikorita

January 18th, 2009, 9:01 PM
OOC: Hey, I noticed Konekodemon is out. Can I steal her pokemon or perhaps not save her from her death and then have her pokemon join my team? Pretty please> ^_^

Jade carefully walked through the Dark Cave, using a makeshift torch she and Larvitar had made before entering the cave. "Do you see anything?" she asked to the ground type.

Larvitar sniffed the ground before peering into the darkness. "Larv!" it called out, demanding a challenge.

For a moment there was silence, but then a single pokemon came out a bit hesitently, but straightened up when it prepared itself. "Dunsparce," it growled, straightening its yellow body. Its tiny wings fluttered for a moment before it charged, slit eyes glowing red with its Rage attack.

"Use Bite!" Jade barked out quickly.

"Vart!" Larvitar growled, charging. Mouth wide open, it bit down deeply into Dunsparce's soft hide.

"Dun!" it squealed in pain, trying to get away. "Sparce!" it snarled, bashing Larvitar with its tail, finishing off its Rage attack.

"Get back," Jade warned. "Don't get hurt when you can avoid it." Larvitar nodded. "Now use Sandstorm!"

"Var!" With a loud snarl, sand erupted all around them, covering the area.

"Dun," Dunsparce said, rushing at Larvitar and proceeding to beat it about with its large head and tail.

"Larv, larv, larv," Larvitar grunted, taking the attack before jumping away with a shake of its head.

"Dun," Dunsparce winced as the sand around it beat against it relentlessly, allowing Larvitar to get away.

"Alright, Larvitar," Jade said with a grin. "Let's try your Screech attack!"

Larvitar grinned and opened its mouth. "LAAAARV!" he screamed, startling both Jade and Dunsparce.

"Duuuun!" Dunsparce screamed, shaking its head in desperation to rid itself of the horrible sound.

Jade covered her ears and shut her eyes. "Larvitar! For the love of Mew, STOP!"

"AAaaarv..." Larvitar trailed off. It looked around before rubbing the back of its head sheepishly. "Larv," it said apologetically.

"It's al... get out of the way!"

"Lar? Var!" Larvitar screamed, getting bashed from Dunsparce as it once again tried to bash the ground type in the ground. "Larv," Larvitar growled, taking the unrelenting attack. The bug like pokemon only stopped as the force of the Sandstorm hurt its hide.

Jade winced in sympathy. "Alright, forget Screech. Let's try your Bite attack again."

Larvitar nodded in agreement and charged, latching onto Dunsparce, It flailed about, screaming as Larvitar applied pressure. "Tar," Larvitar spat throwing its opponent away.

Dunsparce bounced a few times before steadying itself, shaking slightly from the pain. "Dun!" it screeched as the Sandstorm hit it once more, adding even more agitation to the wounds, before disappearing. The Sandstorm had done its job.

"Wow, that looked like it had done much more damage than before," Jade muttered before remembering that Screech helps lower the defense of a pokemon. "Alright, let's have another Bite!"

"Larv!" Larvitar shouted, charging.

"Dun!" Dunsparce snarled, charging as well, slit eyes glowing.

They both leapt, Dunsparce hitting Larvitar in the gut first, but as it retreated backwards, Larvitar once again latched onto Dunsparce, this time getting it down in the wings.

If Dunsparce's screams had been loud before, they were nothing compared to now. Dunsparce was screaming bloody murder as it wrenched its hurt wings away. Apparently it was a sensitive spot.

"Dunsap!" it yelled angrily, bashing Larvitar repeatedly with as much force as possible.

"Larv," Larvitar growled lowly, taking the attack with closed eyes.

"Don't give in!" Jade said encouragingly. "Use Bite!"

"Vatar!" Larvitar snarled, finally breaking free of Dunsparce. With a burst of speed, Larvitar bit down, once more getting a scream from the pokemon. Raising his head, Larvitar slammed Dunsaprce into a rock with its mouth, only allowing its opponent to go free after it had stopped moving.

"Duun," Dunsparce said quietly, going limp on the ground.

"Larv!" Larvitar stomped the ground in victory, throwing a grin at Jade.

Jade flashed him a thumbs up. "Nicely done, buddy. Nicely done. But I think we're going to need to work on that Screech attack."

"Larv," Larvitar said sheepishly, rubbing the back of its head in embarrassment.

January 19th, 2009, 9:43 AM
To PlatinumPiano: Very good post! FrozenSnowman however still needs to do his two posts >.<
Makesh grew to Level 15!
Makesh is trying to learn Bite! But Makesh can only know four moves! Delete a move for Bite? (Just tell me on the OOC thread which move you want to get rid of if you want bite.)
Makesh is trying to learn Scary Face! But Makesh can only know four moves! Delete a move for Scary Face?
Cyndar grew to Level 14!
Cyndar is trying to learn Quick Attack! But Quick Attack can only know four moves! Delete a move for Quick Attack? (FrozenSnowman just tell me on the OOC thread.)
What? Cyndar is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue? (Make part of your next post about its evolution and tell me on the OOC thread)
To Dark_Link12: Bum Bum Bum! Suspense! However Golbat's origin will be explained much later so don't try to make it like the Collectors made it.
To PokemonMicheal: I'm sorry you are denied. That was a very poor Sign Up. Work on your Rping and then come back later.
To WolfWhispers: For the love of Mew that was a good post! And about Konekodemon's Pokemon...I don't think so....Well maybe if only Chikorita joined because two Pokemon would be quite alot for one post.
Larvitar grew to Level 16!
Larvitar is trying to learn Rock Slide! But Larvitar can only know four moves! Delete a move for Rock Slide? (Just tell me on the OOC thread)

January 19th, 2009, 12:49 PM
And with a final shake, the ball pinged. The Ledyba had been succesfully caught! Ashton walked over to the Pokeball and held it in his hands for a few moments. He was ecstatic about his first capture. His thinking was interrupted by Grey.

“Good job, man!” Grey said, then saying with a chuckle, “Did you notice I was gone?”

"Thanks!" Ashton said with a huge smile spreading across his face. "Wait." He then said with a puzzled look replacing the happy one. "You..were gone?" Ashton let out a small chuckle at the fact that he was to enveloped in his own battle to notice Grey's momentary departure.

"Hey Mala, how's about we get to know our new teammate?" Ashton asked his Togepi who replied with an eager "Gepi!". Ashton allowed the Pokeball to open, calling out the red bug Pokemon from before. The Ledyba looked around, still somewhat shocked from the capture.

"Hey there!" Ashton called out while trying to pet the Ledyba. The Pokemon flew a few feet away from Ashton in fear. "Oh come on! I'm not going to hurt you!" Ashton pleaded to the Ledyba as he pulled one of the berries from before out of his backpack. The Ledyba crept slowly towards the berry. She slowly took it from Ashton's hands and nibbled on it. It must've been pretty good, because a grin spread on the Ledyba's face as she rejoiced with a happy cry. "See? I'm you friend!" Ashton said as he petted the Ledyba successfully this time. "I think we'll be good friends...Kalli" Ashton said as he figured out the name for his new Pokemon.

"Well, let's head off into the rest of the route, shall we?" Ashton said to Grey with a pump of his fist. He picked up Mala and allowed Kalli to fly behind him as he started walking north to the end of the route.

It wasn't to much longer before the duo's journey was interuppted by a teenage trainer. the boy was dressed in black clothing from head to toe. He was followed by two very strong looking Pokemon. The boy pointed to Ashton and Grey as he began to speak.

"You two. I wan't your Pokemon." He said with a gruff tone. "Battle me for them. NOW." The mysterious boy snapped his fingers and the two Pokemon behind him jumped to the front, ready for battle.

"What the heck are you talking about?!" Ashton said in dismay. "I'll give you your battle, but there is no way your getting either of our Pokemon!" With the agreement to the battle, Ashton pulled out his Pokedex for some information on the Pokemon they would be up against.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/0/09/Spr_4d_005.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_005.png)
Charmeleon- The Flame Pokemon
If it becomes agitated during battle, it spouts intense flames, incinerating its surroundings.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/99/Spr_4p_123_m.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_123_m.png)
Scyther- The Mantis Pokemnon
It's very proud of its speed. It moves so fast that its opponent does not even know what knocked it down.

"Charmeleon, go after the runt with the Togepi and Ledyba. Scyther, your prey is the one with the Mareep and Hoppip." The boy said with an evil snicker. The two Pokemon obeyed and proceeded to their enemy.

Ashton let out a gulp as the ruby red Pokemon approached him with flames in it's eyes. "Meleon..." The Pokemon said with an evil tone. And then, without any command from it's owner, it let out an Ember attack on Mala and Kalli. The two Pokemon were caught off gaurd, and took a huge blow from the fire attack.

"Oh no..This Pokemon is incredibly strong." Ashton said as a few droplets of sweat fell down his face. "Mala! Use Charm to distract the Charmeleon while Ledyba goes in for a tackle!" Ashton said confidently. Mala waddled over to the Charmeleon and proceeded to Charm it. The move proved futile though, as the Charmeleon swatted Mala away like it was nothing. Kalli had proved successful though; Mala managed to distract the Charmelelon long enough for Kalli to land a solid Tackle onto it. The Charmeleon stumbled back a bit then rose to it's feet again. It was enraged now. Flames flickered from it's mouth as it glared at Mala and Kalli. Again without any command, it let out a Smokescreen that surrounded the three Pokemon. Ashton tried his hardest to find his Pokemon, but it was hopeless. He had to try something though, so he called out to his Pokemon, "Kalli, into the air! Mala, use Metronome!"

The Ledyba rose through the smoke and hovered in the air. Through the smoke, you could barely see the flash of Mala's Metronome. The smoke cleared moments later and revealed the two Pokemon who were now standing side-by-side. But there was something different...There was no Togepi there. It was two Charmeleons standing side by side.

"Mala must've used Transform.." Ashton said as he bit his lip. "Great. Now I can't tell who's who..." While Ashton pondered what to do, the two Charmeleons grabbed each others hands and locked into combat. The two had equal strength and neither budged an inch. Kalli remained in the air with a confused, and worried, look on her face. She had no clue who to attack, so she just waited.

"Heh, I have an idea." Ashton said as he watched the Charmeleons still locked into their combat. "Mala, whichever one you are, use Ember!" Ashton called out. One of the Charmeleon's nodded it's head and let loose a fury of fire into the other Charmeleon's face. It had worked just as Ashton had planned it. The real Charmeleon stumbled back, clutching it's face. Kalli now knew which one was the real Charmeleon and seized the opprotunity for an attack. She charged toward the foe at full force for a Tackle attack. The Charmeleon was hit dead on. It was driven ito the ground and slid a few feet from the impact. It tried it's hardest to get up, but to no avail. The Charmeleon fainted on the spot.

Mala changed back into her regular Togepi form and returned to Ashton along with Kalli. "That was...Amazing!" Ashton said as he hugged the two Pokemon. "Now I wonder how Grey is doing handling that Scyther.." He said as he turned to watch Grey's battle.

January 19th, 2009, 3:39 PM
Chapter 4: Route 30

“Good job, man!” Grey said, then saying with a chuckle, “Did you notice I was gone?”

"Thanks!" Ashton said, a huge smile wrapping around his face, then, "Wait. You… were gone?" Now Ashton looked confused, then a little embarrassed. After all of these facial expressions, Ashton laughed, apparently amused that he hadn’t noticed Grey’s disappearance.
"Hey Mala,” Ashton then said, bending down to talk to his Togepi, “How's about we get to know our new teammate?"
The Togepi then yelled out with a loud for its size, “Gepi!” Grey could tell that the small Togepi was eager to say hi to its new teammate. Ashton then let his PokeBall open, allowing a small, scarlet bug Pokemon appear. The confused Ledyba looked around, still a little shocked from the recent capture.

"Hey there!" Ashton said, getting acquaintance with his new Pokemon by reaching out to pet it. The Pokemon then flew from its’ new owner, apparently afraid. "Oh come on! I'm not going to hurt you!" Ashton said, trying to bribe the Ledyba into coming to him with a berry. The Ledyba slowly started making its way towards the berry. Slowly, she took the berry from Ashton's hands and took a few bites. Then, the Pokemon looked surprised, like it thought the berry was going to be disgusting but turned out great. "See?” Ashton then said, “I'm you friend!" Then Ashton reached out once again and succeeded to pet his newly acquired friend. "I think we'll be good friends...Kalli" Ashton said, pausing to give a name for his new Pokemon.

"Well, let's head off into the rest of the route, shall we?" Ashton asked Grey.
“Yeah, lets get out of here,” Grey replied as Ashton picked up Mala and allowed Kalli to fly behind him. The two started walking north, to leave the route and end up in the DarkCave.

Soon, the two’s quiet journey was abruptly interrupted by a menacing teenage boy, dressed in black clothing from head to toe. The teen was followed by two strong, but scared, looking Pokemon.
Pointing, the thug said, "You two. I wan't your Pokemon. Battle me for them. Now," Then the thug snapped his large and grubby fingers as his tough-looking Pokemon jumped up from behind him. The Pokemon assumed a battling stance.

"What the heck are you talking about?!" Ashton said, "I'll give you your battle, but there is no way your getting either of our Pokemon!"
“You will never get a hold of our Pokemon! I don’t care how grungy or scary you think you look!” Grey chimed in, then noticed how angry the guy looked. Grey wished that he had kept his mouth shut.
Ashton had his PokeDex already pulled out, gathering information about the Pokemon that they were about to face.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/0/09/Spr_4d_005.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_005.png)
Charmeleon- The Flame Pokemon
If it becomes agitated during battle, it spouts intense flames, incinerating its surroundings.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/9/99/Spr_4p_123_m.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4p_123_m.png)
Scyther- The Mantis Pokemnon
It's very proud of its speed. It moves so fast that its opponent does not even know what knocked it down.


"Charmeleon, go after the runt with the Togepi and Ledyba. Scyther, your prey is the one with the Mareep and Hoppip." The boy said with a menacing laugh.

The emerald green Pokemon advanced, ready to whoop Grey’s Snow and De. “Scy!” The Pokemon said, with a snake-like voice. Then the Pokemon said, “Scyther! Scythe!” as it menacingly slashed its’ scythes at an incredible speed. Then the Pokemon started advancing.

“Okay Scyther, work you’re magic! Focus energy!” The Pokemon then stood still in its tracks as it gathered its energy from some unknown source.

“Snow! Tackle! De, splash!” The Mareep rammed the Scyther that was silently focusing its’ power. The Pokemon was caught off-guard, and its’ focus energy attack was cut short. In the midst of all of this, De was splashing around, not affecting the opponent. Grey sighed, wishing that De had a little more power.

“Hehehe,” the thug laughed, “What a useless Pokemon! You can keep it after I whip your butt!”

“Shut up!” Grey yelled, praying that the thug didn’t hear him. “Okay, Snow. Give it another tackle, and De, you can heal Snow using synthesis.”

“Not so fast, big boy!” the thug said, “Scyther hit ‘em hard! Use false swipe! On that weak Hoppip!” The Pokemon rammed up and swiped De with its’ sharp scythes, leaving De with only a small bit of help.

Obeying orders, the Hoppip didn’t heal itself, but healed Snow. After Snow was back to full health, it tackled the Scyther. The Scyther was now mad, outraged, even. It then let out an attack with no warning. It flew into the air with its off-white wings and tried to slash De, again. De was surprisingly able to dodge the fatal attack.

“Way to go De!” Grey exclaimed, overcome with joy, “Okay. De, heal yourself while Snow tackles.”

The two went through the motions once again. De gathered healing energy and soon looked as good as new. De once again charged the Scyther, and blew the tired Pokemon off the ground. Grey could tell that the Scyther was getting tired quicker and quicker; not only because Snow was slowly withering down its’ health, but because it was using high energy attacks.

“Okay Scyther. Kill this wimp, now!” The thug once again yelled, making his Scyther work even harder. The Syther flew up into the air and helplessly beat its’ wings. The attack, wing attack, didn’t have much affect, because the Pokemon wasn’t exactly using the move to the moves’ full power.

“Snow, give it one more tackle. I don’t want to put this Pokemon into more misery that it is already in.”

Snow, for a final time charged at the weak Pokemon. With one last hit, the Pokemon went down.

“Oh, you dumb Scyther! I’d get rid of you if you weren’t my only other Pokemon!” the thug yelled as he returned the Scyther to its PokeBall.

A tear made its way down Grey’s face. This thug was going to release the Scyther, for no reason, whatsoever.

January 19th, 2009, 3:46 PM
(I’ll be flexible with how the Collectors temporarily got ahold of it once I know Golbat’s story)

“Magby, use smog to cover us up!”

Gold quickly stood up, pulling both of his pokemon to their feet as well as Magby shrouded the field in purple clouds. He had the ultimate plan to escape this thing and it didn’t involve a battle with a crazy shiny pokemon. Gold suddenly heard a crash as Golbat had slammed itself into a wall in confusion.

“C’mon, guys, we’re not going to fight. Let’s just get out of here!” Gold shouted. He quickly scooped up Poliwag because of his inability to run and left Magby to run behind him.

Gold suddenly heard a whoosh through the air. Golbat had found them once more and continued the hunt of Gold. What a crazy pokemon!

“Magby, ember!” Gold shouted.

Magby twisted itself backwards and spit fire at the rabid green pokemon, causing it to slightly crash into the wall again before continuing the chase.

Gold’s light suddenly hit a corner just nearby. He looked back for a moment at the Golbat and then back at the sharp turn. Maybe he could lose the pokemon if he just hit the corner right…

“Hang on, Poliwag,” Gold mumbled as he dug his shoe in the soft cave floor and sharply changed directions. He grinned with satisfaction, knowing that Golbat was lost in the cave once more.


Gold cursed under his breath when he heard the unwelcome noise. The chase continued…

“Magby, ember again!” Gold commanded.

But nothing happened. Gold turned around to see what the heck was holding his pokemon back to repelling the crazy Golbat, and he soon found the answer. There was no Magby to shoot fire.

Gold must’ve lost Magby at the turn. How stupid could he get! This meant he had absolutely no protection from this attacking creature. He was hit with even more fear. Magby was wandering around the Dark Cave all alone.

Gold suddenly felt something hard thud into the back of his head, sending him flying towards the floor. The Golbat had caught up and slammed him good. Gold hung on tight to Poliwag, making sure to cushion him from danger. He felt his back hit the ground hard and Poliwag loosened himself from Gold’s grip and leaped to the side.

Gold sat up and felt defeated as he rubbed his thumping head. Poliwag, there’s no way we can run away from this thing. We have to fight.”

Poliwag looked at him shocked and took a step backwards. Both of them had to avoid another diving attack from Golbat.

“Look, I already know how to beat this thing without any physical attacks. Just trust me, okay?” Gold pleaded. Poliwag didn’t have time to think. He leaped out in front of Gold, serving himself as protection between him and the Golbat.

“Alright, Poliwag, just wait for it to dive in a little,” Gold ordered. Poliwag nodded and stood firm as Gold held up the light a little more in order to see more of the space.

Golbat dived once more, right at the miniature water pokemon. Gold sucked in some breath from fear and held his hand up. “Poliwag, spray some water on it to veer it off course!”

Poliwag quickly did a water sport, spraying a fine mist of water straight at the flying pokemon. It hit it directly in the face, making the charging pokemon shake its head like crazy and sway to the side. It crashed into the wall, just like some of the other times before.

This pokemon is more powerful than mine. I’ll just its power against it, Gold thought. There was no other way to beat it.

Golbat suddenly flew at Poliwag again and slammed into it hard. Crying in pain, Poliwag flew in the air and hit the wall to copy Golbat’s previous disaster. This thing was incredibly fast. Gold looked forward in shock.

“Poliwag!” he shouted.

That was all Gold had time to say. Before he knew it, Golbat was charging again, and Poliwag was still slung down on the wall. Gold looked in fear at his pint-sized pokemon. He was too low-leveled to take another hit at all from Golbat.

Poliwag suddenly became alert again and quickly dove to the side. Golbat crashed into the wall again, this time making rocks fly everywhere in all directions. It appeared to be stuck in the pile of broken rocks.

“Poliwag, just worry about dodging! Golbat has no control!” Gold shouted.

Golbat charged again and Poliwag leaped to the side. Golbat, once again, charged into the wall. Gold swore that the pokemon sounded like a bulldozer every time it slammed its body into the cave wall.

“Poliwag, its working! We’re gonna win this!” Gold shouted with joy.

Golbat’s eyes glistened with pure evil. Landing on the ground, the Golbat looked directly at Poliwag and spread out its wings. It swung one of them to hit one of the many rocks. It smacked Poliwag directly in the middle and sent it soaring to the ground. Then Golbat did its usual charging attack straight at the fallen pokemon. It was ready to finish off Poliwag.

“No!” Gold shouted. He dove to the ground, directly over Poliwag’s body as the Golbat came closer and closer. Gold held his pokemon tight and waited for the final hit.

Suddenly, a burst of fire came out of nowhere and hit Golbat. The attack was so powerful that it hit the flying pokemon directly into the wall with a tremendous amount of force that Gold couldn’t describe. Golbat slid on the ground, defeated.

Magby stood a little distance away with a look of triumph of his face. Gold grinned and stood up, pulling a pokeball from his belt. He faced the fallen pokemon and held the ball up, ready to throw it, and then slowly put it back.

“I don’t feel I should catch this pokemon. It just doesn’t feel right,” Gold mumbled. He picked up Poliwag and motioned for Magby. “C’mon, we’re outta here.”

The three made their way out of the cave at last after the crazy adventure.

(ooc: not my best post ever. But I guess it is okay…)

January 19th, 2009, 4:49 PM
Max continued to search the dark cave for the Golbat. He had caught the Zubat, but he knew he had just barely caught it. He looked at the Pokeball in his right hand containing the Zubat and then he looked up at Scout, who was sitting on his head.

Suddenly, there was an ever louder screech from something ahead of him, louder then Zubat's. Then, a huge green bat flew out of the shadows and slammed in to Max, knocking him to the ground and almost causing him to drop the lantern. Max quickly sat up and saw that it was the Golbat he had been searching for.

The Golbat came in for another dive, and this time it snapped its jaws shut, and flew off with the lantern.

"Hey! Give me back my lantern!" Max shouted.

He dashed off into the darkness, not thinking about anything and left Scout behind. Scout tried to catch up to her trainer, but he was to fast for her.

"Sen." Scout wearily cried quietly.

She turned around and walked back to the original place she had been left at and felt around the place. Soon, she found an item and felt a switch. She turned it on and light illuminated from it. It was Max's flashlight! It must have fallen out of his pocket when he fell.

She wrapped her tail around it and dashed off to where Max had gone with her tail above her head.


Max kept jumping, trying to get his lantern from the Golbat.

"Come on! Fly lower! Eventually you'll get to tired to fly that high! I know this because I had a Golbat too, and she could never fly that high for a long time!" Max shouted at it.

The Golbat ignored his comment and started to fly even quicker. As it flew further past Max, it kicked his head and took a very far lead. Max grunted and began to pick up speed as well. Then, he realized Scout hadn't tried to grab the flashlight. As he ran he put his right hand on top of his head and only felt his hat.

"Oh my! I left Scout behind! I can't go back though, I have to get the lantern or else I'll be wandering around in the darkness. Scout, be careful." Max said as he tried to think of a way that he could go back for Scout and not be wandering around in the darkness. "I got it! My flashlight."

Max put his hands in his pockets, still running, and then smacked his head with his hand. His flashlight was gone.

"Great." he mummbled "Now I have to get the lantern first."


Scout felt it. She was catching up to Max a little. She knew he wasn't right in front of her, but she knew she was closer then what she had been. Then, she tripped over a medium-sized rock and dropped the flashlight, sending it rolling across the cave floor. It got switched off somehow and now she was lyiening on the ground, in the darkness.

She slowly raised herself to her feet and felt around for the flashlight. She found it and picked it up as a Zubat flew in to her face. She was caught off guard and accidentaly threw the flashlight in to a huge hole in the ground, while trying to scare away the Zubat.

She ran to the hole after scaring the Zubat away and tried to see it, but it was too dark and she didn't want to take the chance that the hole might be deeper then what she thought it might be.

"Sennnn." Scout moaned.

She laid down on a flat rock and waited to see if her trainer was coming to get her or not.


Max stopped leaping and grabbed Zubat's Pokeball. He thought that if his Zubat distracted the Golbat he could get the lantern, return Zubat, go find Scout, and then come find the Golbat again and beat it.

"Go Zubat!" he said.

In a blinding white flash, out popped Zubat. Zubat flew up to the Golbat and bit its leg, causing it to spin around and find out what had bitten his leg was. The two began to fly back and forth trying to bite each other. Max quietly snuck up and then leapt, and reached for the lantern.

He grabbed it and Zubat bit down on the Golbat's wing, causing it to spit the lantern out. Max quickly returned Zubat, put the Pokeball on his belt, and dashed away back the way he had come. He hoped that Scout was still okay.


Max dashed through the dark, dimly lit cavern. He now understood why it was called Dark Cave. He then heard a quiet cry from something. He pointed his lantern towards where he heard the sound and saw a brown ball curled up. It was Scout!

"Scout!" Max cried in joy.

"Sen!" Scout said looking up and jumping in to his arms.

Max laughed with joy and sat Scout on top of his head. He was glad Scout was back, safe and sound, with him. He turned around, back the way he had come so that he could fight the Golbat off. He couldn't stand how mean that Golbat had been, and wondered if it had actually hurt anyone who had been passing by before him. He gritted his teeth together, clenched his fists and then dashed of in the direction towards the Golbat.


It wasn't that hard to find the Golbat. He had heard the screeches a few twenty meters before he actually saw it. Scout had leapt off of his head and was now staring straight at the Golbat. Max stared at the bigger bat with total concentration. We can do this. I know we can. He kept thinking. Finally he started off the battle.

"Scout use Quick Attack!" Max commanded.

Scout drew in a quick breath of air and quickly sped off towards the bat. The bat shot out supersonic rings of yellow light straight at Scout. She twisted and jumped, trying to avoid the rings, but one hit her and sent her head spinning. Max clenched his teeth trying to figure out something that would help. He looked everywhere and then looked down in his right hand, he was still holding the lantern. He gulped, hoping that what he was thinking about would work, held up the lantern, and cranked it to be a lot brighter.

The cave was suddenly illuminated in bright light, or atleast the area they were at. Scout regained focus and quickly sped away from the bat as it cringed at the light. Max quickly cranked the light back down and knelt down beside Scout.

"Stay here for a few minutes ok? I want Zubat in on this too." Max said reaching for his other Pokeball "Go, Zubat!"

He threw the Pokeball in to the air and in a blinding white flash out popped Max's barely caught Zubat. The Golbat cringed at the light that illuminated form the Pokeball and then looked at Zubat with furry.

"Uh oh. Zubat quickly use Leech Life!" Max said quickly.

Zubat flew about the cave in miniature circles, being able to know exactly where the Golbat was with its supersonic hearing, and the Golbat knew exactly where Zubat was at too. Max wished Zubat knew Supersonic, because then he could confuse the Golbat for a few seconds, but he would have to find out a nother way to do that.The Golbat then shot out rings of yellow light again, which illuminated the cave a bit more and they were sent flying at Zubat.

"Dodge!" Max said.

Zubat quickly flew out of the way and the rings hit the cave walls. Oddly enough, the rings bounced off the walls towards the Golbat. They hit, and the Golbat plummeted to the ground, confused. Zubat then dove in at the Golbat and bit down on its neck, sucking its HP. The two bats hit the cave floor and Zubat was knocked off of Golbat.

Max motioned for Zubat to come back and then gently pushed Scout out there. Zubat flew back, slapping Scout's tail with his wing in an immitation of a 'high-five' and landed on top of Max's shoulder. Max smiled at the attemption adn then turned his attention back on the Golbat who was now flapping in to the air.

"Scout use Foresight!" Max said.

Scout's eyes illuminated a brilliant shade of purple and then back to normal coloring as she stared at the Golbat. The Golbat then dove in at Scout, but Scout hopped out of the way, and then grabbed ahold of Golbat's back. She held on as tightly as she could as the Goblat flew in all sorts of directions, trying to shake her off.

"Scratch!" Max said.

Scout's claws grew sharper as the pierced in to the Golbat's leathery skin, causing it to yelp and drastically fall. Taking the time to her advantage, Scout began drastically sratching at the bat. Finally, the bat managed to buck her off, and send her flying at the cave wall. She hit the wall hard and slowly sunk to the cave flooring.

"Zubat get out there and use Leech Life!" Max said.

Zubat flew quickly out to the bat and bit down on its wing. The Golbat then turned its attention on to Zubat, flicked its wing, and sent Zubat flying in to another cave wall. Max quickly ran to Scout and knelt down beside her. She would be ok, but he wondered if she could battle anymore. Then, he heard a loud screeching noise as the GOlbat bit down on to Zubat's leathery skin, sucking out his dwindling HP.

Max panicked. The Golbat was too strong for just one of his Pokemon to battle on its own. Then, he had an idea. Scout slowly rose to her feet and Max gulped hoping his plan would work.

"Scout use QUick Attack to knock the GOlbat off of Zubat." Max said only loud enough for Scout to here.

She nodded and quickly wove in between the cave rocks towards the Golbat. She leapt and slammed in to the Golbat's leathery, green skin and sending it flying in to the cave wall. It was forced to release Zubat and then Scout and Zubat quickly fled a few meters away from the bat.

"Now Scout, ride on top of Zubat! When you're close enough use Quick Attack to jump off of Zubt and then Zubat you use Leech Life!" Max said.

Scout leapt on to Zubat's back and held tightly on his leathery skin. Zubat then flew fastly at the rowsing bat. The Golbat then stood up and shook itself off. Zubat appeared right in front of it and Scout leapt off, slamming in to its body. Golbat flew in to the cave wall again and Zubat sunk his teeth in to its skin, and began to suck out its HP. The Golbat then quickly slapped Zubat and Scout away from it with its wing.

It was panting heavily now, obviously tired, but so was Scout and Zubat. The two Pokemon went flying at Max. Max quickly caught them both and gently sat them on the ground.

"Ok you two. When I turn the lantern on maximum light I want you two to charge the Golbat with your strongest move. No holding back." Max said loud enough for only them to hear.

The two Pokemon readied themselves and Max cranked the light of the lantern up on max. The cave was filled with blinding light and Max could barely see. The Golbat screeched in horror and Scout and Zubat charged it. Scout knocked the bat to the ground and began scratching it with rage. Zubat was sucking out the remaning HP, by sinking his teeth in to the bats neck.


A few minutes passed with Max's eyes closed with the light on and Max decided to turn the light down. He blinked a few times as his eyes readjusted with the darkness and saw Zubat and Scout both panting heavily and the bat laying on the cave floor, knocked out. Max sighed a breath of realief and sat down as Scout and Zubat approached him. The both fell in to his lap and MAx couldn't blame them. They had both worked very, very hard.


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To .Sublime: Intresting! Mala used Transform! Pretty good!
Mala grew to Level 9!
Kalli grew to Level 5!
To ~|symphony♪: Ok post!
Snow grew to Level 10!
Snow learned Thundershock!
De grew to Level 8!
De learned Tail Whip!
To Dark_Link12: Don't worry. Golbat's story will come into light soon enough!
Magby grew to Level 12!
Magby learned Smokescreen!
Poliwag grew to Level 7!
Poliwag learned Bubble!
To Pikalover10: Sorry! You have only two posts for Dark Cave. >.< I'll give you the level gains when you edit it.

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OOC: Uh, yea. You said I could have Kone die, but if probems do arise I will delete this.

Having been in such a quiet cave for quite some time, it wasn't that hard to pick up any noise, especially a scream. Jade stopped, foot mid air as she nearly jumped out of her skin. She turned to Larvitar in shock.

"What was that?" she whispered, eyes wide with fright.

"Larv..." Larvitar said hesitently, tilting its head to find the source.

They nearly screamed themselves as another scream made them jump.

"Larvitar, lead the way!" Jade barked.

"Vart!" Larvitar called, running toward the sound. Jade followed as quickly as possible, raising the torch as high as possible to add more light.

"Heeelp!" a voice screamed. "Sentret! Chikorita!"

Jade came upon a horrible sight. A girl, no older than her, was flailing about wildly as a large swarm of Zubat covered her and her pokemon, attempting to Leech Life them all. They were out for a good snack, and they had found on.

"Hold on!" Jade yelled. "Qiuck, Larvitar! Start helping out!"

Larvitar nodded and ran forward, trying to bash and Bite as many Zubat as possible. Jade herself was waving her torch around wildly, scattering the pokemon as she tried to get closer to the girl.

The girl was sobbing and stumbling back, trying to get away as her pokemon defended her. "Oh!" she squeaked loudly, startling Jade.

Jade blanched as she saw the girl stumble back, slipping a bit on some wet rock. To her horror, the girl began to slide back, right into a deep pit that didn't show how deep it was. She just barely managed to grab a hold of a stray rock.

"Hold on!" Jade shouted, wincing as the Zubat hit her.

"Chiko!" the girls Chikorita snarled, batting the Zubat away with its large leaf.

"Hand on... I got ya," Jade grimaced, grabbing the girls hand.

"Please don't let go," she sobbed.

"I won't," Jade promised, grimacing as more Zubat bit at her.

"Chiko!" Chikorita snarled, whacking away another Zubat, all the while eyeing Jade warily.

"Larv!" Larvitar shouted, trying to get to Jade in exasperation.

"Uhg... Larvitar!" Jade called back, trying to pull the girl up. "Come... oh crap!"

The girl screamed as Jade slipped, nearly letting go "Oh... my gosh," she quivered, trying to grab a hold of Jade.

"Stop squirming," Jade snarled angrily, the Zubat's getting on the last of her nerves.

"Ah! Forget it! Larvitar, Rock Slide!" Jade finally shouted in dismay.

"No!" the girl shouted just as Chikorita yelled, "Chika!"

Larvitar, with a determined expression, jumped hard, creating a miniature earthquake, shaking the cave and forcing the rocks up above to fall.

"Zuuu!" a single, and particularly large Zubat screeched, falling under the rocks in a dead faint. The other Zubat, who were obviously followers of the larger one, flew away in fear.

But while that was all well and good, Chikorita had Tackled Jade away, angry at her stupid command. "Chiko!" Chikorita screeched, trying to wrap its leaf around its trainer's hand.

Jade bounced away, torch almost going out. She groaned in frustration before her mouth fell open in fear. Chikorita was trying to hold its trainer's slipping wrist, and just as she tried to lunge for the girl, Chikorita's grip slipped, and the girl fell, screaming. Her scream lasted, until they couldn't hear anymore, but there was no landing, no splash... no nothing.

Chikorita stared at the ditch in horror, eyes wide. Body shaking feircely, it vomited to the side. "Chiko!" it screamed, crying freely, curling into a ball and shivering fiercely.

"Sent..." Sentret sniffed in fear. Shaking, it ran, even as Jade called for it. "Sentre!" came its lasting call, forever lost in the Dark Cave.

"Lar," Larvitar said softly, looking at the grass type with pity.

"Chiko... chiko... chiko..." it mumbled, eyes wide and unfocused.

Jade watched the whole thing, eyes wide and skin a ghostly pale. She looked at the fallen Zubat that Larvitar had defeated in battle, to Larvitar himself. The green pokemon was at a loss. Feeling sick, Jade wished she was anywhere but here.

No, Jade thought to herself. She had to be strong. She was a pokemon trainer, and while something horrible had happened, she needed to take control to get them out of here and somewhere safe.

Taking out her jacket, Jade nervously scooped up the shaking and mumbling Chikorita, praying to Mew that it didn't go into shock.

"Come on," she whispered to Larvitar. "Let's get out of here and find help..."

January 21st, 2009, 4:33 PM
To WolfWhipers: Whoa! Pretty intense post! I wont put Chikorita up yet cause techniclly she isn't yours yet but its pretty much yours.

Chapter Six: Route 31
Number of Posts: 1
Elm Mission: None
Description: A very short route which essentionally is just connecting Route 30 and Violet City. A small pond with a few trainers about are here. However what it lacks in trainers it makes up for in Pokemon.
Wild Pokemon
Level: 4-5
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand Attack (Lv. 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 4
Type: Bug/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Swarm or Early Bird
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 4
Type: Bug/Poison
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Swarm or Insomnia
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 4
Type: Bug
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 4
Type: Bug/Poison
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 5
Type: Grass/Poison
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Chlorophyll
Attacks: Vine Whip
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 4
Type: Water
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Water Absorb or Damp
Attacks: Water Sport
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 5
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Insomnia or Keen Eye
Attacks: Tackle, Growl, Foresight, Hypnosis
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 5
Type: Grass/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard
Attacks: Splash, Synthesis
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 4
Type: Poison/Flying
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Leech Life
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

Level: 5
Type: Ghost/Poison
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Levitate
Attacks: Hypnosis, Lick, Spite
Nature: Random
Rarity: Very Rare

January 21st, 2009, 5:55 PM
Jade sighed in relief as she got out of the cave, when suddenly her gut tightened in guilt. Fighting the urge to barf, Jade shook her head. She needed to be strong, and she needed to continue. And yet, with the thought of that girls death, because of her own foolishness, she couldn't calm down.

"Larv," Larvitar said gently, nudging her foot in support. "Tar," he said a bit boldly, nodding toward the city she could barely see.

Jade sighed in understanding. Just like in the cave, she needed to pull herself together and be strong. Life for a trainer would always be a challenge, and even though she had heard rumors of pokemon trainers dying, it was still horrifying.

"Chiko," Chikorita said softly, drawing Jade's attention.

Jade gulped, trying to put on a brave face. "Chikorita, are you alright?" Chikorita turned away. Right, stupid question. Jade sighed as she gazed down at the grass type in her arms. "Listen, Chikorita, I know that no matter what I say, it can never make this situation alright. We've both just gone through a horrible experience, you even more than me, but if we don't fight, we can never be at peace."

Chikorita scowled.

Jade smiled softly, seeing another stubborn soul, much like herself. Before she could say anything, Larvitar shouted loudly, startling them both. "Tart!" Larvitar shouted, pointing at a figure floating their way.

Jade felt her lips tug into a smile at Larvitar's "Tart" but kept it away, focusing on the problem at hand. "Gaaastly!" a ball of a ghost exclaimed, laughing as it bulleted around Jade's head.

"Get away!" Jade snarled. "I don't have time for you!" Jade grit her teeth as she clutched Chikorita closer. She needed to get this little guy to the pokemon center.

"Gast," Gastly scowled before smirking. "Gaaaas!" it called hauntingly.

Its call was answered by various other Gastly, all of them floating and bulleting past Jade's head.

"Get away!" Jade snarled again, starting to run.

"Gas, gas, gas!" they chanted, laughing at her attempts to get away. Chikorita snuggled into her arms, closing his eyes in fear and was shaking like a leaf.

"Tarter!" Larvitar shouted angrily, dodging a nasty Lick attack.

Jade growled in anger. "Forget this! Larvitar, Rock Slide!" Larvitar nodded and, eye glowing softly, stamped the ground. Rocks were lifted high above them all and began to descend upon the Gastly. They all scattered in anger.

"Gastly," one growled in anger, coming in front of Jade. The others hovered behind it. There was something odd about this one. The others had a purple smoke while this one had a blue one. Jade brought out her pokedex.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpspritesshiny/092gastly.pngGastly (shiny), the ghost pokemon. This pokemon is born from gases and defeats pokemon by wrapping its gas around its opponent.

So that was why, it was a shiny. Jade had only heard rumors about the rare sight, and had never envisioned finding one herself, but at the moment, she couldn't afford to fight it, not with this traumatized pokemon in her arms.

"Gaas!" Gastly screamed, shooting toward Larvitar with its long tongue out.

"Dodge it!" Jade shouted without thinking.

"Larv!" Larvitar barked, rolling to the side. Growling angrily, it Leered back, startling the pokemon back a bit.

Jade bit at her lip, her thoughts completely jumbled in her mind. The remaining Gastly surrounded her, causing her to scowl. "Chka," Chikorita moaned in fear, leaf twitching.

Jade snarled at the ghost types. "Don't worry, CHikorita," she said with a forced calm, causing the grass type to look at her. "I'll protect you." With a determined expression, she shouted her command. "Rock Slide!"

"Tar!" Larvitar called, onc again stomping the ground and launching the sharp rocks.

"Sly, sly, sly," Gastly laughed, dodging between the rocks with ease. Its gas body seemingly arranged itself. "Gas!" Gastly called, giving Larvitar a big Lick on the cheek.

"Aaar!" Larvitar spat in disgust, wiping its cheek with its paw and ignoring Gastly's laughter. With an angry bark, it jumped at Gastly, chomping down with as much power as possible.

"Gaaaa!" Gastly wailed, mouth wide open in shock.

Jade grinned in triumph, momentarily forgetting that ghost types are weak against dark type moves. "Keep up that Bite attack!"

"Mdl," Larvitar said, its mouth full.

"Gastly hissed in anger, violently shaking its ball like body and sending Larvitar back. Glaring, it sent out a single circular beam.

"Dodge it!" Jade shouted desperately. "Its Hypnosis!"

"Tar," Larvitar barked in agreement, jumping out of the way of the rin. "Tar!" he called, jumping again to land another Bite attack.

"Gas," Gastly taunted, flying out of range. Coming down, it prepared another Lick.

"Rock Slide!" Jade barked.

"Taaar!" Larvitar screamed, slamming the rocks down toward Gastly. The ghost type grimaced, foregoing its attack and simply dodging. Gasping as a single rock shanked its side, Gastly deftly avoided the rest, floating back a ways to keep its distance.

"Another Bite!" Jade commanded.

"Tar!" Larvitar said, running at Gastly again.

Gastly glared for a moment, white eyes staring hard before giving a toothy smile. "Gasss," it hissed, sending a ring towards Larvitar.

"Dodge!" Jade cried, startling Chikorita enough to gasp and look at the battle for the first time.

It was too late. Larvitar was captured in the ring. His eyes got droopy, and slowly he fell to his stomach, completely out and amidst the laughing Gastley's. The leader hissed in triumph and continued to pound Larvitar's open body with its own, ignoring Jade's cries.

"Stop it!" Jade snarled. "Fight fair, damn you!"

Chikorita stared whide eyed, disbelieving as the pokemon before her was pounded before his very eyes. He remembered fighting with his trainer, and his friend, Sentret. He could remember being ordered to protect pokemon from being hurt unfairly, and it enraged him as well as hurt him that he wanted to protect this pokemon without his trainer's help. But he had to. She was... gone.

And he would have to accept that... someday.

"Chiko!" Chikorita snarled, causing Jade to jump and drop the grass type in her shock.

"Chikorita?" she asked unsurely.

"Chia," Chikorita said boldly, ignoring the hiss coming from his new opponent. Glancing at the sleeping, but bruised, Larvitar, Chikorita knew what he needed to do. "Chikaa!" Chikorita snarled, launching a vicious Razor Leaf from its main leaf.

"Gaaa!" Gastly cried in shock, getting hit by the sharp leaves. Glaring, it sent another Hypnosis.

"Dodge it!" Jade commanded without faltering.

Nodding, Chikorita did as commanded. "Chikaa," he taunted, running around in circles, much to Gastly's irritation. With a scowl, it chased Chikorita with its large tongue out, preparing to Lick the grass type. "Chiko, chiko," Chikorita taunted, an inner fire beginning to lighten its eyes.

"Gaaa!" Gastly howled, bulleting toward Chikorita.

"Razor Leaf!" Jade commanded loudly, just as Larvitar woke up. It glanced around before preparing to attack, but Jade shook her head.

"Chikaaa!" Chikorita shouted in anger, leaf swinging incredibly fast. Wanting to end this, and release all of its anguish, Chikorita poured all of his emotions into this attack. "Iitta!" he screamed, finally launching the vicious leaves.

"Gaaas!" Gastly cried out, trying in vain to dodge. It was not to be so as the fast leaves hit it before it could even twitch backwards. "Gass," it hissed falling to the ground at Chikorita's feet.

The surrounding Gastly hissed among themselves, looking at the group with a bit of fear before fading away, leaving their fallen alpha on its own. "Chiko," Chikorita said in triumph, tears finally falling like a waterfall. Glancing at the fallen pokemon, and toward Dark Cave, and finally to Jade, the grass type nodded, not even bothering to hide its tears. "Cho," he said, bowing a little. Then, straightening, Chikorita began to walk away toward a silhouette that looked suspiciously like a Sentret.

Larvitar tilted his head, glancing at Jade for help, but was shocked to see a single tear roll down her face. "He can find some peace," she murmered. "Maybe not now, but someday."

"Larv," Larvitar said in understanding.

Breathing deeply, Jade glanced at the fallen Gastly. It stared at them with defeat, though with a hint of a mischievious smile. Grinning back, she took out a pokeball and threw it, hitting thr ghost type and sucking it inside. And now all she could do was watch...

Zeta Patchouli
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(This is going to be like a 'special' one hour long thing. I will have Chapters 7 and 8 so I can catch up with the RP. And to make up for me having Writers Block.)

Chapter 7: The Mutant Golbat (Part 1: The Mutant Golbat Appears!)

(Now, this will contain two certain reporters from Hoenn, so let's explain why they are here in the first place.)

(Unknown, Hoenn)

"Listen, your little Trainer battle thing is not working out so well, we really need ratings." Said the man on the other side of the desk. "And in this buisness, ratings are everything. So if you don't find an interesting story within a week, you two are fired!"

"What? But I'm the only capable one here!" Yelled Gabby as she glared at the man. "If you fire me, this company will plummet!" The man narrowed his eyes before calmly saying.

"The other so-called 'incompetent' people have brought in much higher ratings. If you can get 4%, then you may stay." Said the man. "That's about 35,000 people. Shouldn't be too hard for so-called 'non-capable' reporters." The man got up and left towards the door. "And I want you to really think about what you're doing with this, or you're both fired."

"Hey, Gabby. What will we do?" Asked Ty, wanting to find out what they were going to do. "I mean, we only have a week, and the highest ratings we got were nowhere near that."

"Never fear, Johto holds the answer! They have an evil team there, not sure what it's called, but if we write a story on that, we're shoe-ins!" Said Gabbe, smiling. "Now let's go!" And with that, the two left. They quickly got tickets and landed in Johto about an hour away, but elsewhere...


Chris sighed as he walked through the grass. "Man, no one has come near me in a while. And the pokemon have been staying away... I wonder why." Said Chris before sitting down. "Man, this is so boring. I wish I could have something to do." Suddenly, his pokenav beeped, indicating that there was a message.

"Go into Dark Cave, there is an under-levelled, shiny Golbat, or at least I think there is." Said Elm's message. Chris turned his Pokegear off before turning towards the cave.

"Heh, finally... another mission." Said Chris before pulling out a flashlight. "Good thing I came prepared this time." And with that, Chris walked into the cave, unaware of what was going to happen.

(Gabby and Ty)

"I don't know... I think that man was just taking our money. Why would Team Elen hide in a cave?" Asked Ty, which annoyed Gabby.

"Shut up! Even if it isn't Team Enel's base, we may still have a story." Yelled Gabby in annoyance. "I mean, come on! We have flashlights which should scare off the Zubat, and our own pokemon!" Gabby then pulled out a flashlight and walked into the cave.

"Yeah, our pokemon who can't even beat a beginner." Said Ty while Gabby was out of hearing range. The camera man quickly started walking into the cave himself.


Chris stopped as he heard people talking. "Could it be?" Asked Chris as he looked back. Seeing as he saw the bright light of a flashlight, he knew another person was in there. "Team Enel?" Deciding that it was, Chris jumped out, and punched one of them, knocking him to the floor. Chris shined the flashlight in Ty's face.

"Oww... kid, what are you doing?" Asked Ty. "We're just reporters from Hoenn trying not to get fired." Chris snorted before getting off of the camera man.

"If you're from Hoenn, then why are you here?" Asked Chris to Ty, but it was Gabby this time who spoke.

"We're here to find a story, like my bonehead partner said, so we can save our jobs... but we haven't had such good luck with that." Said Gabby before coming closer to Chris, to get a better look. "Hey, aren't you that kid who was in a race around an entire city? Wow, you and that other kid really sucked."

"Hey! It wasn't my idea!" Yelled Chris, not hearing a powerful flapping behind him. "Besides, Koga knocked us both out so he could get his Gym back!"

"So?" Asked Gabby. "Yuo still su- wh... what is that?" Chris looked behind him and saw a Green Golbat, ready to strike.

"GOLBAT!" (T: Raaah!) Screeched Golbat, in an angry tone.

"Whoa!" Gasped Chris before sending out Apollo. "Apollo, use Tackle!" The Phanphy landed on the ground, trumpeted his horn and went in for a Tackle, but Golbat was able to dodge. Meanwhile, Gabby and Ty were rushing to get their supplies ready.

"Phanphy!" (T: Why are you mad?) Squeaked Apollo, but the Golbat just flew in and bit Apollo.

"Apollo! Break free and use Tackle!" Yelled Chris. Apollo broke free and slammed into the Golbat, but it didn't do much. "Whoa... that thing is strong."

(To be continued... right now)


Chapter 8: The Mutant Golbat (Part 2: Chris' Pokemon Vs. Golbat!)

The winds around Golbat started to whip up as the bat-like pokemon flew into the air and slammed its wing into Apollo, but the blow didn't do too much to the little elephant-like pokemon. "Now, use Defense Curl, then Tackle!" Apollo curled up in a ball before bouncing up and slamming into Golbat, knocking it away fast, but it still didn't do too much damage.

(Gabby and Ty)

Gabby stood in front of the battle, at a safe distance away, and gave Ty the go ahead. Ty switched on the camera and signalled that it was good to go.

"Welcome to our segment, normally we would fight a trainer now, but we found something in the Dark Cave in Johto. A trainer is fighting against an under-levelly evolved Shiny Golbat!" Said Gabby enthusiastically. "Now, the battle already started, but since we are all about showing epic battles, let's show this." Said Gabby before turning towards the fight, when all of a sudden, Golbat flew into the camera, breaking it.


Golbat flew back in quickly and slammed its wing into Apollo, doing major damage. "Apollo!" Yelled Chris as the Elephant fell on to the ground. "Return!" And after that, Chris returned his Phanphy, before tossing out his Pidgey.

"Pidgey!?" (T: What the? Why'd you send ME out!?) Squwaked Pidgey before somehow dodging a hit from Golbat.

"Go up against the walls of the cave!" Yelled Chris, hoping that this strategy would work. Pidgey finally got to the wall, and Golbat was flying fast, ready to perform Leech Life. "Move now!" Pidgey got a look of remembrance before flying out of the way, allowing Golbat to slam into the wall at at least 30 MPH, doing quite a bit of damage... in fact, it probably couldn't survive a strike from Pidgey.

"Piiiidge!" (T: Ooooh, snap! That had to hurt!) Yelled out Pidgey, but Golbat was able to slam into the small bird with a lot of force, knocking him out. "Piiii..." (T: (Bleep) you.)

"Crap! The only pokemon I have now is Togepi!" Said Chris to himself before returning his own Pokemon, and summoning Togepi.

(Gabby and Ty)

Gabby was still staring at the busted camera. "You idiot! We finally got evidence of an elusive Shiny, and you wipe it away!" Yelled Gabby before breaking into tears. "There goes my job."

"Maybe not." Said Ty as he pulled out the disc he was using to record. It was perfectly fine, and still held all of the data.

"Oh, my career is saved!" Said Gabby in relief, before turning to the fight. "I think the fight is over."


"Toogepi!" (T: Hey, I'm a Togepi, and now you are in trouble!) Gloated Togepi, enraging Golbat to immense proportions. Golbat flew in, but just before he could hit the newborn, Togepi jumped up, and allowed Golbat to slam into the wall, knocking him out cold.

"Hey... you won." Said Chris in disbelief. "You actually beat a Golbat."

"Togepi!" (T: Yeah, wasn't that hard.) Said Togepi, oblivious to what happened earlier.

"Return, Togepi." Said Chris before returning Togepi to her pokeball.


"Thank you, you saved our career big time." Said Gabby before turning around. "We just may see each other later on. But we have to go for now... bye." And with that, Gabby walked away. Ty just stood there for a second before saying.

"Thanks, I guess... but you owe me for attacking me." Said Ty before running after Gabby. Chris just stared and said.

"Wow, I thought they left a while ago."

(To be continued)

(ooc: I hope this was okay, doing both posts in one. I didn't want to lose my train of thought, as I appearantly had a semi-bad case of writers block, or at least with Dark Cave. I already have an Idea for Route 31.)

January 21st, 2009, 5:59 PM
Chapter 5: Dark Cave

Grey quickly wiped away the tears running down his face before turning around to see Ashton, who had been watching Grey’s battle unfold since he had finished his.

“How did you do?” Grey asked, and before an answer, Grey started walking along. The thug had disappeared.

Grey got out his PokeDex, which was still sparkling, with very few scratches – or fingerprints, for that matter. The exquisite red device was made of many different parts, big and small. It had two screens: one screen on the bottom, and one on the top. On the side of the lower screen was a round touch wheel witch was designed to look like a PokeBall. Grey pressed the ‘On’ switch after he flipped open the device. Immediately, the screen blared and Grey was looking at what seemed to be an electronic filing cabinet. As he scrolled through the files on the screen, he watched to see how the layout of each separate file was. If he opened a file of a Pokemon that he hadn’t seen, the screen would be full of question marks; if the file was of a Pokemon he had seen, there was a sprite of the Pokemon on the right, and nothing else. The files of Pokemon that he had caught had more detail: there was a sprite on the right, and on the left was more than enough information on that certain Pokemon. There was the height, weight, type, possible genders, and many more unthinkable things, such as a short description of each Pokemon. Grey was in awe of how much this small, handheld device could store. In awe so much, that is, that he nearly ran into a tree, before being stopped by Ashton.

Grey stopped in his tracks so he couldn’t run into anymore hazards while he found a screen of the route that he was on. At the top of the screen, in bolded black letters was the name of the route, Route 30. Underneath was a small pixilated map of the area.

“Hmm..” Grey thought, “I looks like we are through the route. I think the next stop is…. Umm,” Grey paused trying to figure out how to get to the next screen, then, he decided, “Ahh, yes, DarkCave.” Grey opened up the map of a cave, which was very different from the map of a route. Then, he said, “Gee… This is a very dark cave,” The whole screen was black, but when Grey turned the wheel it started getting lighter. “This is odd,” Grey inquired. Then Grey clicked on the bolded font that said ‘DarkCave’, and up popped another screen. “Hmm.. This screen says that we need the move flash for this cave. I don’t think that we have that move…” Grey’s thoughts trailed off.

Eventually, Grey decided that they needed to see what the cave was like: what Pokemon and items there were, and what the move flash was. Grey ventured into the cave after being stopped by many people near the entrance who were all saying things along the lines of, “It’s very dark in there… be extremely careful.” It turns out that those people were right, it was very dark in there. Grey couldn’t even see by squinting. The only thing that gave off a little light was the screen of his PokeDex. Grey ventured into the cave, and was immediately startled by whooshing sounds of what must have been Zubat, and the cries of Pokemon like Geodude and Teddiursa.

“Okay, be careful where you step,” Grey said, not only to Ashton but to himself. Though however hard Grey tried, he eventually ran into a wall. “Ouch,” Grey yelped, startling not only other people in the cave but Pokemon. Grey continued walking through the cave, this time keeping his hands out in front of him. Soon enough, Grey made another blunder: he tripped over a gargantuan rock. “Gosh, that was a big rock!” Grey exclaimed while bending down to see where it was. But when Grey bent down, it wasn’t there. “Hmm…” Grey said, standing back up to be face to face with a Geodude. “Okay, Snow and De! Get out there!”

Snow and De, who were cowering behind Grey slowly made their way around him to meet their opponent.

“Geo!” the Pokemon cried, not only a battle cry, but a startled cry.

“Okay,” Grey said to Snow, “I know your weak against rock types, but bear with me! Use a tackle!” and to De, “De, heal Snow, if needed, of course,”

Snow then tackled the Geodude, causing it to come tumbling to the ground. “Geo!” It erupted with anger before releasing a full power tackle. The tackle caused Snow to stagger back, but Snow held in strong.

“Okay, just keep on repeating that process, but first, De heal Snow!” De then gathered the mysterious powers and laid its hands upon Snow. Snow now looked as good as new, and tackled once again. This tackle was a critical hit, though, nearly knocking out the Geodude.

“Okay then Snow! One more hit!” But this time, Geodude hit first – and hit De. “Oh, De!” Grey said, then, “Quickly use synthesis!” Then the Pokemon gathered its power, but took longer than usual. Eventually De was fully healed, but scared out of its mind. Then Snow tackled the Geodude one last time, finally knocking it out.

“Good! Okay guys, lets get out of this cave before any more scares,” Then Grey turned around and got a stunned look on his face.

“… If we can find a way out.”

January 22nd, 2009, 6:43 PM
Raven Wulfgar was very excited about getting her first Pokémon. There was an almost unnoticeable skip in her step as she ran her hand over the one Poké Ball on her belt, containing a small, seed-like Pokémon: Sunkern. Honestly, Raven would have preferred a Normal or Dark-type, but anything was fine when it came to starting her journey.

But she couldn't forget the bird Pokémon, Hoothoot, that she had caught earlier. His name was just Hoothoot, but occasionally she called him "the Balancer" because he always stood on one foot. And she meant always. It was in no way annoying to her, but it was just rather... bizarre. It intrigued her. Why did he do that, she wondered?

She whirled around and rushed back into her house, picking up the Flying-type's Poké Ball that she had left on the small table before she exited the house and forgotten. Quickly, with her mother not noticing her, she headed back out and continued north to Route 30. She still had two Poké Balls left... maybe she could catch something new with them. She admitted she liked Bug-types a lot... if she continued to the forest, would she be able to catch one? There was something up there, she was sure of it.

She loved Butterfree, and so it was the same with Caterpie, but she liked Beedrill almost as much. Of course, there was always the chance it would sting her... Caterpie it is, she thought. I'll try to catch a Caterpie.

Adamant, she headed up to Route 30, the warm wind welcoming her at once. She had always preferred the cold, but at least it wasn't burning up outside. She would live.

Raven shrugged, stopping for a moment to let her gaze catch onto the tight group of trees ahead. Something told her that there was something in there. She wanted so badly to go in there and find out what it was. Caterpie, right? Yup, that was it. That was what she was looking for, correct?

The twelve-year-old's heart sped up as she neared the forest. With every step, she grew more excited. Many thought of Caterpie as weak. But Butterfree was simply beautiful, and that counted for something, didn't it? She was only that much more excited to evolve it every time she thought of the serene butterfly.

It was quite a few minutes before she reached the border of trees, but it had been worth the journey. There were many Bug-types in the forest, but none showed themselves to her, and she had to look for a while.

For a moment, she thought it was just her imagination, but then she saw a small, green bug crawling up a tree. It had a pink horn-like thing on its head, and Raven scanned the bug with her Pokédex.

The machine said in a monotone voice, "It crawls into foliage where it camouflages itself among leaves that are the same color as its body."

"No wonder I couldn't find it," Raven said to herself, opening the Poké Ball closer to her hip that actually contained a Pokémon. It released a small owl with brown feathers and a lighter belly. The owl's eyes were large, round and red, with very tiny, almost invisible pupils. Like clock hands, two black horn-like extensions stuck up diagonally from each eye. It stood on only one four-clawed foot at a time.

"Hoothoot, surprise the Caterpie with Tackle!" Raven commanded her Pokémon.

"Hoo..." Hoothoot sighed, bashing into the worm. The wild Caterpie was so surprised it fell off of its place on the tree. It gathered string in its mouth, and all of a sudden, Hoothoot was wrapped in the silk.

"Cut it open with your beak," Raven encouraged. "Then use Tackle again."

The owl quickly slashed the soft thread with its sharp beak, and soon, it was free. It jumped at Caterpie, causing its foe to be knocked back.

"I think that's enough for a Poké Ball," the black-haired Trainer said to herself, grabbing one of the two last empty Poké Balls on her belt. With that, she tossed it at Caterpie, which was sucked inside.

As the Bug-type struggled within, Raven concentrated, as if it would help her catch the Caterpie.

OOC: Now you just tell me its nature, right? I apologize for my lateness; I don't have a lot of free time here.

January 23rd, 2009, 2:20 PM
To WolfWhispers: Very good post! You earned that one! Chikorita is Female by the way.
You caught a Male Level 5 Shiny Gastly!
To Zeta Marx...: Pretty good!
Pidgey grew to Level 6!
Pidgey learned Sand-Attack!
Togepi grew to Level 3!
To ~|symphony♪: Ok Post!
Snow grew to Level 11!
De grew to Level 9!
To pumpkinziggy: Ok there are a few things wrong with your post. 1) You still have another post for Route 30. 2) Dark Cave and Route 31 is after Route 30. 3) I have to tell you if you caught the Caterpie or not. Please edit your post accordingly.

Zeta Patchouli
January 23rd, 2009, 5:31 PM
(ooc: There will be a trainer from another RP that I was in, here. Hope you don't mind.)

Chapter 9: Challenged by a Johto Trainer! Protect Your Pride!

Chris walked down the road, glad that he was almost at Violet City, as the recent events have worn him out. "Heh, this journey is almost as crazy as the last one. It seems that Team Enel hasn't made too many moves yet, or I would've heard of it in the news." Chris turned to the gate to Violet and sighed. "Well, let's go in."

"Not so fast!" Yelled a voice. Chris looked back and saw a young man. "I challenge you to a pokemon battle!"

"You're on!" Yelled Chris, before reaching for a pokeball. "How many, I have three pokemon!"

"Wow, that's ironic. I have three too!... but let's do a 1-on1." Said the boy as he tossed a pokeball onto the ground, sending out a Meowth. "Well, actually I have five... My name is Kyle Akel, and you are going to go down." The boy, now named Kyle, whom I shall dub as J.Kyle to avoid confusion. "I used to be in another RP, but now I'm stuck here... oohoho."

"Another... what?" Asked Chris, very confused about what Kyle said, but the Johtonian just shook his head before turning to his Meowth.

"Okay Lauren, let's get ready." Said J.Kyle as he pet the Meowth, who then meowed. "Of course we can beat him... he looks pathetic. A level 2 can probably beat him, my team is all Level 6."

"Level 6? Well, this will be interesting, but even so... I have more experience then you." Said Chris before sending out Apollo. "Apollo, get ready to fight!"

"Apollo?... pffft hahahah!" Laughed J.Kyle after hearing the name. "That has to be the worst name I've ever heard!"

"Grr... Shut up, and let's fight." Said Chris as he turned to Apollo. "We can win this, I just know it."

"Heh, prepare for the fight! My pokemon may have been weakened, but we will still win!" Yelled J.Kyle as he pointed at Apollo. "Lauren, use Faint Attack!" Lauren nodded before vanishing, surprising Chris.

"But that's impossible! Meowth can't learn Faint Attack at Level 6!" Yelled Chris. Apollo looked around, but couldn't see his opponent.

"Meowth!" (T: Gotcha!) Yelled Lauren before cutting Apollo... but to not much avail.

"Quick, use Tackle!" Yelled Chris. Apollo quickly slammed into Lauren, knocking her back quite a ways, but not knocking her out. "Use Defense Curl!" And at that, Apollo curled into a ball.

"Phan!" (T: This is fun!) Trumpeted Apollo still in his 'ball'. "Phy, Phanphy!" (T: This is going to be a good fight!)

"Grr... Lauren, use Fake Out!" Yelled J.Kyle. Lauren dashed up to Apollo before smacking the little elephant. "Now, use Bite!"

"Meowt!" (T: I'm not sure it will do good... but okay!) Screeched Lauren before biting down hard, doing quite a bit of damage. Apollo shrieked, but couldn't move in shock.

"Now, use Faint Attack!" Yelled J.Kyle. Lauren vanished once again, causing Apollo to start looking around, looking for the Meowth.

"Grrr... As soon as you see Lauren appear! Use Tackle!" Yelled Chris. Apollo tried to do so, but Lauren was too quick and was hit. "Use Tackle anyway!" Apollo trumpeted his snout before slamming into Lauren, and with his body tougher then normal, it knocked Lauren out.

"Well, it seems you won... congratulations... it looks like you were the better character." Said J.Kyle as Lauren disappeared, the odd thing was that J.Kyle didn't do anything. "Now, I have to return... to the afterlife." And with that, J.Kyle started walking towards Chris. "Be careful, I died on my journey, and if you aren't careful, you will too." And with that, J.Kyle turned into a Gastly before disappearing.

"Wow, was that real... or was it just an illusion?" Asked Chris before returning Apollo to his pokeball. The event was an illusion, but the message was clear... watch out as a trainer died here.

(ooc: Yeah, 'J.Kyle' was really a Gastly. As was 'Lauren'.)

January 23rd, 2009, 5:35 PM
To pumpkinziggy: Ok there are a few things wrong with your post. 1) You still have another post for Route 30. 2) Dark Cave and Route 31 is after Route 30. 3) I have to tell you if you caught the Caterpie or not. Please edit your post accordingly.

All right, I think I fixed it. I still don't really know how this works, but thanks for letting me know. I know what order the routes are in, but since you posted Chapter 6, I thought I should go to Violet City.

Snow Phoenix
January 23rd, 2009, 8:54 PM
It was late that night.

"Time to set up camp" Silver exclaimed looking up at the pitch black sky.

"Good. Now Cyndar come on out" Zack said in response while scanning the clearing. The Cyndaquil popped out with a gleeful cheer. "Now help that peon set up camp" Zack said to the fire Pokemon.

"My name's Silver!" Silver yelled at Zack.

"Okay, moving along then peon" Zack said getting progressively softer so that Silver wouldn't hear the last word at the end of the sentence.

Zack then pulled out his and Silver's sleeping bags from his backpack and set them on the ground. "Okay camp is set! I set up camp so that means you'll cook." Zack said slyly while handing silver a net. "Okay like I said, I'll have Cyndar help. After all Cyndar didn't help and he could use some practice."Zack continued seeing Silver's mouth drop and with a hint of evil in his voice and eyes.

Cyndar squealed.

Silver went through the woods to a nearby pond.

Meanwhile Zack had been bossing Cyndar around…

“Cyndar, Don’t slack off! You’ve got to become stronger! You shouldn’t have lost!” Zack said partially angry.

“Burn that tree, but only enough so it’ll fall and we can use it for firewood.” Zack commanded.

The Cyndaquil obeyed and the tree came falling down.

“Now use your ember to shorten it and then drag it to the center and don’t forget to trim the branches and… it’s pointless Cyndar I’m just so angry! It was my fault. My weakness, I curse you!” Zack yelled into the sky while sparing Cyndar from his wrath.

An emotion came to Cyndar. Water was actually coming from the fire Pokémon. Even though Cyndar thought Zack’s training and care were too tough and harsh the Cyndaquil still felt the same sadness and ran into Zack’s arms.

A tear fell down Zack’s eyes as he accepted the Cyndaquil.

Cyndar began to glow.

“Is this a tear? It can’t be tears are for the weak… or maybe.” Zack said to himself and he felt an odd shape between his arms.

Who are you and what did you do to my Cyndaquil?” Zack said accusatively to the slender fire Pokémon that had replaced Cyndar in his arms.

He pulled out the Pokedex and pointed it towards the Pokémon.
Quilava the volcano Pokémon. It is the evolved form of Cyndaquil.

It intimidates foes with the heat of its flames. The fire burns more strongly when it readies to fight.

“Quilava? You evolved… was it something… I said?” Zack stuttered bewildered.

Zack still shocked thumbed through the Pokedex pages one more time…

“Quick Attack- an extremely fast attack that always strikes first.” Zack mumbled to himself and then he fantasized about his Quilava speeding through as a blur.

“Quilava use quick Attack” he commanded to his Quilava with confidence.

The Quilava gained speed quickly and swerved across the ground.

“Eeh… it’s not that fast.” Zack sighed and stared at the fallen tree.

“There’s still the matter of making a fire. Cyndar let’s go!” he shouted with confidence.

The Quilava took a deep breath and blew hard. Flames covered the tree and out came a spider…
(It's a Shiny Spinarak)

Spinarak the string spit Pokémon.

It sets a trap by spinning a web with thin, but strong silk. It waits motionless for prey to arrive.

“Quilava Tackle it!” Zack said after shuffling to the side.

The Quilava came running towards the spider. The Spinarak spat string at the tree and retracted onto the tree. The Quilava came charging and missed it running into a tree behind where the Spinarak left.

“It’s taunting you! Don’t take it! Flame it down!” Zack shouted towards his Quilava.

The Quilava quickly turned around and spat flames at the landing spider, but once again the Spinarak dodged it and spat string directly onto the Quilava’s face.

“Try your Quick Attack!” Zack shouted next.

The Quilava obeyed, but it was no use the string had slowed the Quilava down and the Spinarak immediately left its roost to make Quilava bump against the tree again. This time the Spinarak had landed on the ground.

“Now’s your chance! Quick Attack!” Zack shouted.

The Quilava leaped at the Spinarak on the ground. It would have hit if Quilava hadn’t hit something. Cyndar was caught in a giant spider web barely visible to any human. The Spinarak had purposely landed there so it could trap its prey in the web.

“Break loose!” Zack shouted frantically.

Quilava could not and the Spinarak crept up its body and covered the Quilava’s face.

“The poison sting” Zack mumbled through clenched teeth.

The Spinarak dug its pincers into Quilava’s face and a malignant grimace appeared on the Quilava. Quilava was in pain and the Spinarak was going to continue this torture the whole night.

One… Two… Three… Four…

Quilava was hit by every blow from the Poison Sting and Zack could tell the Quilava had already been poisoned.

“Spiders… Spiders… Spiders… Poison… Poison… Poison” Zack thought while trying to help his Pokémon.

Zack frantically swept across camp for anything that might help, but there was nothing. Zack glanced at the burning tree and an idea came to him.

“Cyndar release all of the flame from your body!” Zack shouted.

The Cyndar spent a tremendous amount of energy expelling flames from its body, but it had worked. The resilient string finally burned from the immense heat. The Spinarak had tumbled from the shock onto the ground and the Quilava landed on its feet.

“Few people would know this, but Spider Venom even coming from a Spinarak is easily neutralized by boiling temperatures. Although flames coming from small fire Pokémon can’t reach that high this Quilava was able to produce enough heat on its own, so the poison has been eradicated.” Zack said out loud in a victorious voice.

“Now that it’s off-guard sweep it in your flames Cyndar!” Zack continued with full confidence.

The fire Pokémon spew its flames and buried the Spinarak in them. When the flames lifted the Spinarak had fallen.

“We won Cyndar.” Zack shouted coolly to the Quilava.

The Quilava turned towards Zack and nodded in agreement, but the Spinarak pulled back and the Quilava went tumbling. There were strings coming from the Spinarak that were attached to Cyndar’s legs.

“Burn them!” Zack shouted unaware.

Cyndar shot flames towards the Spinarak’s string, but the Spinarak spat string at the Quilava’s torso bringing it lower and redirecting its flames. The Spinarak now had Quilava’s legs and midsection in its string. The Spinarak swung its string as hard as it could to the left and Quilava went slamming into the ground on the Spinarak’s left still attached by the string. Then the Spinarak swung right and the Quilava slammed into the ground to the right of the Spinarak.

Right… Left… Right… Left… the Spinarak continued. The Spinarak had achieved full dominance over the Quilava.

“Quilava is being swung by Spinarak’s string. The string is an axis and Quilava is being swung around like a pendulum. I can’t get a clear shot at the string, but if I can burn it Quilava should be released.” Zack thought while closely examining the Spinarak’s movements.

“That’s it! Cyndar when you land on the ground the next time, spew your flames straight across.” Zack shouted towards his Quilava.

Quilava did as it was told and when it landed on the ground its flames went soaring past the Spinarak and the Spinarak swung him to the other side like it had been previously doing and it placed the string directly in the path of the flames. The flames burned the string and Cyndar was free.

“Now use another ember!” Zack shouted after the Quilava was free.

The Quilava doused the Spinarak in flames once more and the Spinarak finally collapsed.

Zack threw the pokeball at the Spinarak and crossed his fingers hoping to capture it.

(OOC: I hope my post was good enough to catch a Shiny Spinarak. If it wasn't can I catch a normal one?)

January 24th, 2009, 5:22 PM
To pumpkinziggy: Much better!
You caught a Female Level 3 Caterpie!
To Zeta Marx...: Wow. Intresting Post!
Apollo grew to Level 9!
To FrozenSnowman: Well see my update to everyone below.
Cyndar evolved into Quilava!
You caught a Male Level 4 Spinerak!
To Everyone: A lot of questions have come up about shiny Pokemon and I have to say no for the time being as the shiny Pokemon are part of the plot of the overall rp. Sorry this ruins some peoples ideas but much later in the RP they will be available.
Chapter Seven: Violet City
Number of Posts: 2-3
Elm Mission: See Sprout Tower
Description: A fairly large city, the people here are open and friendly and have a love of Pokemon. There is an ancient feel to the city and it is steeped in tradition.
Things to Do:
Gym: See Falkner for more info.
Sprout Tower: See Sprout Tower for more info.
Pokemon Center: A place where trainers and Pokemon can have food, rest, and healing all for free!
PokeMart: A place where trainers can buy the necciary items for Pokemon
Items: Potion, Antidote, Parlyze Heal, Awakining, Pokeball
Description: A new Gym Leader, he has taken over for his dad. He has a love of Bird Pokemon but can overact when someone bad mouths them.
Level: 7
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye
Attacks: Tackle, Sand-Attack, Aerial Ace
Nature: Timid

Level: 9
Type: Normal/Flying
Gender: Male
Ability: Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle, Sand-Attack, Aeiral Ace
Nature: Bold
TM 40 (Aeiral Ace)
Zephyr Badge
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/b/b6/Zephyrbadge.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Zephyrbadge.png)
Sprout Tower
Elm Mission: Defeat the Haunter!
Mission Description: There is a different colored Haunter running around Sprout Tower! I need you trainers to defeat it before it harms somebody!
Mission Pokemon
Level: 17
Type: Ghost/Poison
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Attacks: Night Shade, Curse, Hypnosis, Lick
Nature: Rash
Description: A tower located in Violet City dedicated to Pokemon Trainer. The Monks here believe that by studying the Pokemon Bellsprout they will uncover the meaning of life.
Wild Pokemon
Level: 3-6
Type: Normal
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Guts or Runaway
Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack (Lv. 4)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 4-6
Type: Ghost/Poison
Gender: Male or Female
Ability: Levitate
Attacks: Hypnosis, Lick, Spite (Lv. 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Zeta Patchouli
January 24th, 2009, 7:04 PM
Chapter 10: Battle in Violet City: Chris Vs. Falkner!

Chris ran through the city in a blaze... he wanted to fight the Gym Leader badly, to make up for what happened last time. "Out of the way!" Yelled Chris as he shoved through crowds of people, but as he neared the doors, he thought of something... if he were to hit the door, he would crash through. "Oh, no!" And with that, Chris crashed through the door, surprising Falkner who was reading a book. "Umm... sorry?"

"Sorry? You just broke through my window! Do you know how much it costs to fix that!? It costs 50,000 poke!"(Approx. 500 USD) Yelled Falkner as he tried to collect the glass pieces. "Thanks a lot... now pay up!"

"What? I'm not paying 50,000!" Yelled Chris in anger. "I don't even have 50,000 poke! I never even had any amount close to that! Besides, what gym has glass doors anyway!?"

"You dare to mock my gym design!?" Yelled Falkner, now really mad at Chris. "It's better then anything you can come up with!" Now a crowd started to gather around the gym, to see what was going on. "You don't even look like a trainer to begin with!" Falkner then punched Chris in the gut, sending him to the ground.

"Grr... you are a brat!" Yelled Chris as he struggled to stand. "I challenge you to a gym battle!" Falkner froze, having an awfully good idea.

"I accept, but on one condition. Either way, you have to make payments, but if you win, you can keep going on your journey. If you lose, you have to work for me in my gym!" Said Falkner as he went to the side. The judge finally waking up from sleep.

"Oh, uh... This gym match is between Falkner, the Gym eader from Violet City, and some random trainer. It will be a two-on-two match. The challenger may substitute pokemon, but the Gym Leader can not!" Yelled the Judge. Both participants nodded in approval. "You may now begin!" Falkner shouted a battle cry as he tossed out Pidgey. Chris went to send out his own Pidgey, but Togepi's pokeball burst open instead.

"Wait, no!" Yelled Chris, but Falkner simply laughed in response.

"Hahahah! You have to keep it in, or do you want to be down to one useful pokemon?" Laughed Falkner as he motioned to the judge that he was ready.

"Round 1: Togepi Vs. Pidgey... Begin!" Yelled the judge, sealing the first round. Falkner grinned before pointing at Togepi.

"Use Aeiral Ace, Pidgey!" Yelled Falkner, wanting to end the match quickly. Pidgey nodded before vanishing. Togepi looked around in panic, before seeing Pidgey appear about three feet away. Togepi managed to dodge, but Pidgey came back ariound and slammed into Togepi, doing quite a bit of damage.

"Use Charm!" Yelled Chris. Togepi just sat down and started to stare cutely at Pidgey. Pidgey tried to resist, but the Togepi was just so cute.

"Piiidge." (T: Awww... How could that thing be harmless?) Cooed the Pidgey, lowering its attack by quite a bit.

"Pidgey, snap out of it!" Yelled Falkner, but Pidgey was mesmerized. "Use Tackle!" At that order, Pidgey flew into Togepi, but not knocking her out. Chris smirked as he pointed at Pidgey.

"Use Peck!" Yelled Chris. Togepi got up before pecking Pidgey... unfortunately... it did almost no damage... but Pidgey was still as distracted as before. "No, Togepi can't do it alone... Return!" And with that, Chris returned Togepi to her pokeball before grabbing Apollo's, or at least, which pokemon he thought was Apollo's. "Go, Apo-" Caid Chris as he looked onto the field, seeing Pidgey on it. "Oh, no... nonono..."

"Ha! Yes, yes, yes!" Yelled Falkner before looking at the judge.

"Round 2: Pidgey Vs. Pidgey! Begin!" Yelled the judge unenthusiastically. Chris pointed to his opponent's Pidgey.

"Use Sand Attack!" Said Chris pretty quietly, but Pidgey heard him and sent sand into the other Pidgey's eyes.

"PIIIIDGEY!" (T: OOOOWW! It burns!) Screeched the Pidgey as blood started dripping from its eyes. "Piiidgey!" (T: It buuurns!)

"Pidgey!" Yelled Falkner worrrying about his pokemon. "Use Aerial Ace!" Pidgey glared at Falkner, but tried to anyway... keyword, tried. He ended up slamming into the wall, knocking itself out.

"Oh, my god..." Said Chris. "Sand Attack works really well on birds." Falkner returned his Pidgey before saying.

"Well, you may have beaten Pidgey... I really don't know how you did it, but now... Come on out... Pidgeotto!" Yelled Falkner as he summoned an evolution of Pidgey.

"Pidgeo!" (T: I am here! Anyone miss me?) Squwaked the Pidgeotto gracefully as he looped in the air twice before landing very slowly onto the ground. "Pi!" (T: Hi there!)

"Pidgey!" (T: ...Hello?) Squwaked Pidgey before gulping in fear... he wasn't at the same level... or species, and the evolved form was freaking him out badly. "Pii...dgey." (T: Aww... crap. I'm screwed.)

"Pidgeo!" (T: Don't be so miserable! Turn that frown upside-down! It's not like a Pidgey to be so... gloomy.) Cooed Pidgeotto, freaking Pidgey out more. "Pi!"

"Round 3: Pidgey Vs. Pidgeotto!... Begin!" Yelled the judge. Falkner went to call his order, but Chris was faster.

"Use Sand Attack, then Tackle!" Yelled Chris. Pidgey quickly whipped up a bunch of sand into Pidgeotto's eyes, but said bird was able to close them just in time. But Pidgey tackled him, and got a Critical hit, as it was a surprise attack.

"Pidgeotto, get ready to go!" Yelled Falkner. Pidgeotto flapped his wings, causing a strong wind to blow back Pidgey. "Use Tackle!"

"Dodge, then use Tackle!" Yelled Chris before Pidgeotto could move. At that, Pidgeotto shot towards Pidgey, who was able to dodge, but missed the Tackle.

"Aerial Ace now!" Yelled Falkner. Pidgeotto swerved around before vanishing. Pidgey looked around in confusion, before being slammed into from behind, nearly knocking him out.

"Pidgey, use Tackle!" Yelled Chris. Pidgey, not wanting to go down so easily, was able to slam into Pidgeotto, but the bird was still standing.

"Pidgeotto, use Aerial Ace once more!" Yelled Falkner. Pidgeotto vanished once more, but when he re-appeared, Pidgey dodged before flying towards Pidgeotto, who turned around to strike again. They struk each other head on, causing a double KO. "NO!"

"The score is 2-1! The challenger what's his name is the winner!" Yelled the judge. Chris smirked before looking at Falkner, looking sad.

"Oi, good game Falkner!" Yelled Chris. "Oh, and here." Chris walked down to Falkner and placed five bills in the Gym Leader's hand. "I did have 50,000 poke, but I was saving it for a rainy day. But you can have it."

Falkner looked at the money before nodding. "Thank you, here is your badge and TM." Falkner handed Chris the items, who gladly accepted them. "See you later... maybe." And at that, Chris left the building.

January 24th, 2009, 7:20 PM
(This is something fun I made up. Hope you like it!)

Magby and Poliwag waited impatiently for Gold as he sat propped up against a large oak tree. It was already hours after they had managed to make it out of Dark Cave and he told them he needed some rest. When Golbat attacked him in the back of the head, Gold grew a huge knot that was visible even through his hair. Now he lay sleeping with a bag of cool water from the spring they were at on his head.

There wasn’t much to do. After playing in the spring for a good hour, Poliwag and Magby just made themselves comfortable in front of Gold and waited for him to wake up. Poliwag fiddled with his tail while Magby spit out small flames from his mouth. It was quite depressing, really, and the two pokemon had really had enough.

Maybe you should just wake him up yourself. Just spit some fire in his face, Poliwag suggested.

Yeah, after you, Magby responded with his eyes rolling. He spit another small flame that disappeared into the air in a matter of seconds. Want a raging trainer on our tails?

Aw, c’mon, Gold isn’t like that at all, Poliwag whimpered playfully. He’s a pretty fun guy.

Check him out then when he doesn’t get enough sleep—or food.

The conversation died and the two pokemon moped around the area for a few more minutes. Both of the two had attempted to go to sleep next to Gold, but couldn’t. Then they tried to locate their pokeballs to just disappear into. Their trainer had hid them to prevent the two pokemon from losing them.

Magby let a blast of fire burst from his mouth into the air. I am so SICK of this! He shouted. I will wake him up now actually. Step aside, Poliwag.

Er, I was just kiddin. Gold wouldn’t be happy if you burned his face, Poliwag said nervously. He stood firm in front of Magby and tried to block him with his small body and tail.

Get out of my way, you little tadpole.


The two pokemon jumped and looked to where the noise had come from. Gold was still sound asleep with the water on his head sloshing slightly back and forth in the bag.

Geez, he must be on drugs or something. My fire wouldn’t have woken him up anyway. That guy is completely out, Magby laughed.

But what just happened? Poliwag asked nervously.

Magby waved his arm in the hand carelessly. Who cares? Besides, we can’t leave Gold. What if he wakes up and-

Suddenly, Poliwag began to waddle as fast as he could from where the noise came from. He had gained a little more coordination with his feet over the course of time he had been a part of Gold’s team. Magby watched with disbelief.

You little wart! Wait! Magby shouted as he ran after the little tadpole.

I think it came from over here, Poliwag said as he pushed through some trees. Magby was following close behind as Poliwag searched for the source of the loud noise. He suddenly heard a loud cry and whipped to his right in response. A Ledyba was on the ground, crying for help.

Poliwag bounced over to her side. Are you okay? he asked worried.

The pokemon wailed. No, my baby! You have to save my baby! We were out together for a fly and then, suddenly, two Gastly attacked us out of nowhere. They took my darling baby and I can’t do anything about it!

Magby shook his head and comfortably patted the ladybug. We’re not like some superheroes, but sure, we can’t let this just slide by. Poliwag, let’s help her out.

Poliwag beamed and bounced in the air. Ledyba picked up one of her hands and pointed it straight north.

They went that way. Hurry!

Poliwag and Magby bounced forward as fast as they could to catch the ghost pokemon and the kidnapped baby.

So, I’ll battle and you rescue, Magby suggested.

Are you kidding? I just learned water gun. I can battle, Poliwag argued as he bounced on his tail down the path.

Yeah, that’s why I had to save you and Gold’s tail back there in the cave. You really are a great battler, Magby laughed.

Poliwag suddenly stopped and positioned himself in front of Magby. Hey, don’t push me, buddy. I-

Shut up! Magby hissed. Look!

The two pokemon saw a sight they wanted to see. Two gastlys were floating in the air with a tiny ladybug in the middle. It looked so innocent with its tiny body and eyes too large for its head. The poor pokemon whimpered in fear.

Alright. Time for some ember action, Magby said as he sucked in some breath. He was about to let it out until Poliwag slapped him with his tail.

Stop! You’ll really hurt Ledyba! Poliwag pointed out. Magby let his breath out and slumped on the ground, defeated that he wasn’t the hero of the day.

Then what do you suggest we do, oh wise one?

Poliwag was silent for a moment as he peeked around the field. The Ledyba continued to whimper in fear as the ghost pokemon floated in circles around it, enjoying the tiny pokemon’s fear. They fed off of it happily.

Just follow my lead.

Poliwag suddenly leaped out of the bushes and shot a jet of water. The ghost pokemon suddenly flew back, disappearing into the bushes.

The other gastly reacted quickly, scooping the Ledyba into midair and attempting to flee. Magby leaped forward and performed a leer attack to slow the pokemon down. It froze in its tracks.

Poliwag, little help here! Magby shouted.

Poliwag leaped forward and slapped the gastly with water, making it soar back and the Ledyba to fly in Magby’s hands.

Yes, we got the Ledyba back! Now we-

Suddenly, the previous Gastly soared out of the bushes and came charging forward.

You aren’t getting away that easily, it growled.

Gastly slammed hard into Magby, him fly back and Ledyba to slip out of his grasp into Gastly’s invisible one.

Magby stood up weak as both the Gastly’s came forward, the one that attacked Magby holding Ledyba. They were silently motioning for a challenge. They were daring for Magby and Poliwag to try to take Ledyba back.

Listen, I have a plan, Poliwag whispered. I can distract them if you hold off for one minute. Go hide or something.

Are you kidding? I didn’t come to chicken out, Magby spat back. He stood firm, not willing to leave at all.

Well, what is it going to be? Are you going to attack or what? one of the Gastly’s demanded.

Magby sighed in defeat. Fine, fine, I’ll go along with your ultimate plan.

Poliwag grinned and squirted a water sport attack all over the field. Both of the Gastly’s shook around to shake the water off quickly. Magby rushed into the trees for cover. As the Gastlys were stunned, Poliwag charged forward, using his tail to spring in the air. He shot out a burst of water, beaming it at the Gastly without the Ledyba. It flew back, out of sight. For good this battle.

So, what’re you going to do now? You honestly wouldn’t want to battle, would you? Gastly challenged. It held up the innocent Ledyba. You don’t want to hurt him.

Try me, Poliwag replied, trying to act unafraid. He leaped forward, catching Gastly off guard. Poliwag sucked in air and burst out water. Gastly was stunned where he stood.

Suddenly, Magby leaped from the trees and put his arms around Ledyba, pulling him out of Gastly’s grasp before the attack. Gastly was unarmed as the water attack hit him straight on. He flew back into the woods. Gone.

Magby grinned as he held Ledyba safely in his hands. Wow, I guess that was your plan, huh? Good thing I didn’t miss my queue. Ledyba gleefully smiled in Magby’s arms.


The duo returned Ledyba safely to its worried mother and quickly made their way back to the spring where Gold still lied asleep. Sighing, they both slumped on the ground.

Well, here we go again, Magby groaned.

But just then, Gold yawned and opened his eyes. He smiled at his two pokemon sitting there as he removed the bag from his head.

“Geez, stupid water didn’t do anything,” he complained. He turned to his pokemon and grinned at their sight. “Ha ha, sorry I slept so long. Did you guys have fun in the water?”

Magby and Poliwag grinned at each other happily.

It’ll just be our secret.

January 24th, 2009, 10:06 PM
Character Name- Champion ACE
Gender- Male
Age- 10

Appearance-. (see Sig)

Personality- Ace was named Champion because his grandfather had defeated the Epic Region elite four. He has a heart of gold and a strong will his abilities to see through fakes and other facades allow him to handle Pokémon in a unique way. Only his friends Hayden and Juan were superior then him in his Pokémon School in the epic region. Ace Seems to Love girls at his early age and he will not hesitate to flirt, the only two girls that ACE hasn’t flirted with is Hayden and Clara. (my fan fic)

History- Ace started out in the Epic Region on his Pokémon journey, however Hayden and Juan Halted their Journey to tend to a sick Lapras, with that said Ace stopped too. Missing his chance to compete in the epic Region Pokémon league, Ace decided to head north to the Land of Johto. There he Met prof. Elm who gave him a Chickorita as his Pokémon. Having backed out the Epic region Pokémon league Ace put’s his first name to the Test to see if he can surmount the Land of Johto..He and he new companion Chickorita.

January 25th, 2009, 9:58 AM
To Pikalover10: Allright! Thanks for the edit!
Sentret grew to Level 13!
Sentret is trying to learn Fury Swipes! But Sentret can only know four moves! Delete a move for Fury Swipes?
Zubat grew to Level 6!
Zubat learned Supersonic!
To Zeta Marx...: Oh man I love your Pokemon's personalitys!
Togepi grew to Level 6!
Togepi learned Metronome!
Pidgey grew to Level 9!
Pidgey learned Gust!
You recieved the Zephyr Badge and TM 40 (Aeiral Ace)!
To Dark_Link12: Very good post! I must say that was very creative!
Magby grew to Level 14!
Poliwag grew to Level 9!
Poliwag learned Hypnosis!
To Editman: Intresting Sign Up. I like how he came from a totally new region! You are Accepted! Just tell me if you want any Pokemon from Route 29 on the OOC thread and i need a trainer card.

January 25th, 2009, 11:30 AM
(OoC:Sorry for taking so long ><)

Chapter 5.1: Missing Mala!

Dark Cave was a very foreboding place. It was damp and pitch black. Several Pokemon ran about through the cave, making it possibly dangerous to step. After a few minutes in the blackness, Ashton's eyes became adjusted to the darkness. He could make out the figures of the various Pokemon that lined the cave. He noticed that Grey was battling a Geodude; so Ashton took this opportunity to have a battle of his own. He scouted the area for a formidable opponent and found a small, bear like creature. Par usual, he pulled out his Dex for information.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/b/b3/Spr_4d_216.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Spr_4d_216.png)
Teddiursa- The Little Bear Pokemon
It always licks honey. Its palm tastes sweet because of all the honey it has absorbed.

"Alright then" Ashton said as he read the Dex entry. "Kalli, you need a little more battling experience than Mala does; so you're going to battle this one!"

Kalli nodded her head and hovered over to the Teddiursa and prepared for battle. "Alright, Tackle it!" Ashton yelled to his Pokemon. Kalli flew up into the air and dived down towards the Teddiursa, hitting it square in the top of the head. The Teddiursa lost its balance and hit head first onto the hard cave floor. It then rolled over and stared at Kalli with a look on it's face like it was about to cry; which it did. The tears came pouring out of it's eyes like a river.

Kalli, who was shocked at the tears, hovered toward the ground and patted the Teddiursa on it's back. Right as she did so, the Teddiursa stopped it's tears and a devilish grin spread across it's face. It unleashed a mean Scratch attack directly onto Kalli.

Gah..That must've been Fake Tears.. Ashton thought as he recalled the move which lowered it's foes Special Defense harshly. "C'mon Kalli! Give it another Tackle!" Ashton shouted to his Pokemon. Kalli didn't even retreat to the air this time; she just let out a full force, point blank tackle, that knocked the Teddiursa into a group of Geodude.

The Geodude, five of them to be exact, saw the Teddiursa as a threat and pelted it with their Rock Throw attack. Needless to say, that bear was done.

"C'mon you guys, let's get out of here before those Geodude come after us!" Ashton said as he watched the Teddiursa being attacked by the rock Pokemon. He heard Kalli buzz in agreement, but heard no word from Mala.

Ashton looked around for his Pokemon, but she was nowhere to be found. "Mala?" He said into the dark cave. "MALA?!" He said, even louder this time. He heard no word from the Togepi.

"MALA!!" Ashton screamed throughout the cave. His echo reverbirated many times. Worriful thoughts plauged Ashton's mind.

Where is she?!

Is she ok?!

What if someone stole her?!


Ashton grabbed Grey's arm and started to run through the cave, calling out Mala's name every few seconds.

"We've got to find her!" Asthon said as his eyes filled with tears of worry.

January 25th, 2009, 12:49 PM
"Finally!" Jade breathed, giving her silent thanks for finally getting to Violet City. It was a rather long looking town, though not with many houses, though some of the large and regal looking buildings did catch her eye. As Jade walked through the town, and toward the pokemon center, she caught the attention of quite a few people because of her scruffy appearence. She hadn't come out exactly clean when the Gastly and Zubat had attacked. Some of the citizens even had the gall to laugh at her behind whispered hands.

"Street rat," one man murmered to another. He had a rather snobbish face, and had a rich looking coat. He was obviously well off.

Jade scowled fiercely, but did not stop. Her pokemon needed some healing first, especially from that major battle. Jade idily wondered if Chikorita would ever find peace...

"May I help you?" a pink haired nurse asked as soon as Jade walked into the pokemon center.

She smiled tiredly at Nurse Joy. "Just my pokemon healed a nice, warm bed."

Nurse Joy took the pokeballs and handed back a key. "We have an opening in room fifteen. Bedding and food is free for pokemon trainers. I hope you have an enjoyable stay."

Jade gave a wave in goodbye, her mouth wide with a yawn. As she entered the correct dorm room, Jade didn't even bother changing clothes. As soon as she saw her bed, she crashed down on it, already asleep before her head even touched the pillows.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next day, after Jade had a lengthy breakfast and then picked up her pokeballs, was busy investigating the town. She had already seen the gym, but it was too packed with trainers for her to be able to battle today. Instead, she left and was now wandering near the end of the town, and that's where she found Sprout Tower.

There was a sign that said 'See what's beyond the beyond.'

"Wierd," Jade muttered, pushing open the door. The first floor smelled damp, and the wood was dark with just barely enough light to see. Several monks off to a corner were praying. She saw one come over to her.

"Aw, I see we have another pokemon trainer. Do you wish to challenge our Master and test your skills?"

Jade didn't see the harm in that. Beside's, she needed to train up this new Gastly of hers. "Alright," she said with a grin. "That sounds great."

The Monk nodded. "If you wish to face the Master, you must first defeat me in a pokemon battle. Are you ready?" He waited for Jade's nodd. "Very well. Come out, Bellsprout."

With a burst of white light, a strange plant pokemon with a bulb for a head appeared. "Bell!" it said excitedly, leaf hands moving up and down.

"Now it's my turn. Go, Gastly!"

With a burst of white light, the strange colored Gastly appeared. "Gas ga ga!" it cried happily, floating through the air.

"Now we shall begin," the monk said. "Bellsprout, Vine Whip!"

"Dodge and use Lick!" Jade commanded.

"Gass," Gastly hissed, spinning its ball of a body and missing the vine, laughing as it did so. And then, it just sort of danced over to the confused grass type and gave it a big ol' lick.

"Bell!" Bellsprout spat, looking just more than bit creeped out.

Gastly laughed at the grass types expression, just barely hearing Jade's command of, "Lick!"

"Dodge and use Vine Whip," the monk ordered.

Using its lith body to turn and twist out of the way of Gastly's large tongue, Bellsprout shot outs its Vine Wip, smacking Gastly right across the face. "Gas," Gastly murmered, going cross eyed as it stared at its face.

"Spite!" Jade called. "Make it loose its only power over you!"

Smirking, Gastly's whole body glowed gray. Bellsprout winced as it too glowed gray, indicating it was losing power. The monk frowned. "Vine Whip," he ordered, knowing that was the only attack he could use.

"Dodge and use Spite!" Jade called.

"You keep using Vine Whip," the monk ordered.

"Bel! Bel! Bel!" Bellsprout panted, launching its Vine Whip over and over and the bullet gas ball.

Gaaaas!" Gastly laughed, floating this way and that at an incredible speed, its smoke leaving a trail for a few seconds. It almost seemed like a picture that was slowly created and then destroyed. "Gas, gas!" Gastly tormented, continually glowing gray, thus causing Bellsprout to lose it power.

The monk narrowed his eyes. "Vine Whip," he ordered.

Glaring at the taunting ghost type, Bellsprout let out a mighty heave and made a slashing motion. Time seemed to stop as it looked wide eyed at its body.

Jade smirked. "Seems you're all out of attacks," she taunted, smile just as mocking as Gastly's. "Keep using Lick until its knocked out," he ordered to the happy ball of ghost.

"Gass!" Gastly hissed happily, continually licking the Bellsprout as it tried to run away. It was futile, and the monk could only watch as his pokemon was slowly put into the unoncious world. Gastly did a happy dance as the grass type finally fell to the ground, twitching every now and then but not getting up.

The monk sighed and dutifully recalled his pokemon. "It seems you have won," he said. "You may continue," he said, gesturing at the stairs, "but beware of the stray wild pokemon."

"Thanks," Jade said happily as Gastly floated around her head in excitement. "Gastly... stop it," Jade laughed as the ghost type tried to lick her as she fumbled up the stairs.

"Gas, gas," Gastly laughed, sticking his tongue out at her and floating off.

"Hey!" Jade called as she began to run after the pokemon. "Get back here!"

"Gas!" Gastly called in the distance, and all Jade could do was follow the voice.

January 25th, 2009, 2:13 PM
To .Sublime: Wow! So much intensity in such a short post!
Kalli grew to Level 6!
Kalli learned Supersonic!
To Wolfwhispers: Pretty good post. By the by you don't have to follow the games to the point. You can make Bellsprout know other moves. Just a thought.
Gastly grew to Level 8!
Gastly learned Mean Look!

January 25th, 2009, 3:56 PM
“Hey, guys, whaddya wanna eat?”

Gold was standing at the counter of the pokemon center, looking back at his two pokemon behind him. It was completely dark outside and Gold was impatiently waiting for his pokemon’s answers for dinner.

“Poliii,” Poliwag answered.

“Good answer,” Gold said annoyed. He turned back around to the Chansey standing there. “Just give us three of your Meal of the Day.”

Gold carried his pokemon to a booth in the large dining area and helped them sit on the bench opposite to him. After settling in, he pulled out his PokeGear and clicked on the map. A detailed map of Violet City popped up, and Gold examined it thoroughly.

“Okay, the gym is at the western side of the city,” he mumbled under his breath. Both of Gold’s pokemon watched as he mumbled and continued to click buttons on the device. Finally, he clicked the last button and stuffed it back in his pocket. “Okay, that’s what we’ll do first thing tomorrow! Ready for your first gym battle, guys?”

Poliwag sweated a little bit while Magby exclaimed with joy. Gold grinned. “Glad to see you have something to say about it. That makes me excited as well.”

A young lady walked to their table. It was the nurse from the front counter, and she was looking right at Gold.

“Um, excuse me, but I overheard what you said,” she said shyly and politely. “I’m afraid you can’t battle tomorrow. Falkner, our gym leader, is booked with battles with a numerous number of trainers from New Bark Town. It’ll be crazy over there tomorrow.”

Gold felt his face grow hot. The trainers from New Bark had beaten him. Newbies would probably get their first badge in Johto before he did. He tried to cool down and looked at the nurse defeated.

“Well then, what else can I do here?” Gold asked.

“There’s something that may interest you. A pokemon school sits not too far from here. I’m sure they would accept you in for a day.”

“Ma’am, I’m an experienced trainer. I don’t need to go to school.”

“Well, that would be your choice then.”

The nurse walked off, leaving Gold and his pokemon to think about what other options they had to do in the city.

Morning came by and Gold tidied up the room and threw his bag on the bed. It was early in the morning, about nine am. Gold figured if he had a whole day without anything to do, he would cram in as much last-minute information as possible. He went over to the bed where his pokemon slept and shook them both awake.

“C’mon guys, we’re going to school,” Gold said.

After a good breakfast, Gold and his small team left for the Pokemon School just a little north of the Pokemon Center. He had been told that none of the staff would care if he just came in and sat down with the rest of the students as if he were a student himself. Gold yawned at the thought. He had never been to a school before, but he heard they were dreadfully boring.

They arrived and Gold slid the wooden door open. The building was made completely of wood from Gold could tell from taking his first steps into the building. A large plant welcomed him into the slim hallway along with some small lights hanging on the wall in a straight line down. It felt a little bit…..homey.

“Let’s find the classroom,” Gold mumbled to his pokemon. They nodded and split up to look in the rooms. Some of them were completely random for a school like an workout room and then something that looked like a dressing room. Was this a school or a gym?

“Ah, wait, I hear voices. This must be it,” Gold whispered. He slidthe door open and poked his head inside.

The whole room went silent the second Gold was faced with about twenty munchkins all sitting in a desk of their own. Each one of them looked at Gold confused as their hands were folded over a sheet of paper on their wooden desk. The instructor, an tall, stern-looking woman, was looking at him as well.

“Yes, young man? We were in the middle of a test.”

Gold gulped and stepped into the room, scratching his head nervously. “Oh, sorry! Didn’t mean to barge in or anything. I just heard I could come here for a day if I wanted to.”

The lady looked at him a little confused. “Who are you, young sir?”

Gold gulped again. “Right. I’m Gold from Pallet in Kanto. I came here just last night in hopes to get my first gym badge, but it turns out the gym is full today. So the nurse at the pokemon center suggested I come here to learn for the day.”

The teacher nodded. “Ah, I think I understand now. So you’re a pokemon trainer?”

“Yep, look at my pokemon here.”

Gold pointed at Magby and Poliwag standing next to him. Some of the young children screamed with joy and stood up to get a better look. Gold jumped out of surprise and scooped his two pokemon into his arms.

“Sorry, Ma’am, I’ll just go now. Didn’t mean to disturb or-“

As Gold tried to leave the room, the instructor walked over and grabbed the collar of his shirt to pull him back.

“You’re not leaving my classroom that easily,” she said.

Gold gulped nervously. “Miss, I already said I was sorry. Little forgiveness-“

“I want you to teach my class,” she ordered. Gold turned around and looked at the woman incredulously.

“I’ve never taught before.”

“Just tell them of your adventures. I’m sure they would love to hear about them.”

Many of the kids put away the test and looked at Gold anxiously. They were dying to hear what Gold could possibly say, what he could’ve possibly seen. What is possibly outside this dull classroom, out in the world.

Gold smiled at the kid’s reactions and felt a little more confident about talking about his journeys. He told them some of his adventures and struggles as a pokemon trainer. Then he even went on to explain some of his old pokemon he had on his Kanto team. The kids listened without doing more than blinking.

Soon, it was recess and the storytelling had to stop. Gold followed the children outside to the wide open space they could use to play in and allowed Magby and Poliwag to go off as he sat next to the teacher.

“You seem to have a lot of potential,” the teacher complimented after a few minutes.

Gold pulled his eyes away from the playing children and looked at her. “Really? You think so?”

“I want you to do something,” the teacher ordered. “Go up to the Sprout Tower before you challenge Falkner. You may find it worth your time.”

She pointed her finger straight at a long building pointing straight into the air. It was extremely tall, a good few stories tall. Gold looked at the building surprised.

“You can do some training,” the teacher pointed out to Gold’s confused look.

“I dunno…” Gold mumbled. Suddenly, he felt his PokeGear vibrate. The teacher watched as the young trainer pulled out the device and clicked it on. He gasped in surprise.

“Uh oh, I gotta go!” he shouted. Gold quickly leaped to his feet and bolted off for the gate. “Magby! Poliwag! Let’s go!”

Both of his pokemon looked at him confused, but followed without speaking a word. They rushed out the gate and the instructor watched as the trio headed straight towards the Sprout Tower.

January 25th, 2009, 5:08 PM
The lake was fairly large, but it wasn't the biggest lake Max had ever seen. Max had arrived at Route 31, Scout resting on top of his head and Zubat resting in his Pokeball. Pokemon were everywhere. Pokemon ranging from Bellsprout, to Gastly, to Pidgey! So many types of Pokemon.

"Ok! Anyone want to battle!?" Max shouted curiously.

"Sure." a familiar voice said.

Out came a boy about Max's age. He had brown, spiky/messy hair and wore a normal attire of black running shoes, a blue T-shirt, and jeans. Max recognized him right away.

"Jerome? What are you doing here in Johto?" Max asked.

"Nothing really. After my journey in Kanto I figured hey, why not do a journey through Johto? Anyway why are you here?" Jerome asked.

"Professor Oak sent me here as Professor Elm's assistant. I'm doing field work for him and I also have motivation to get back...Arcanine." Max had to croak out the last word.

"What happened to Arcanine?" Jerome asked.

"He was stolen from Professor Oak by some jerk. Anyway come on let's battle." Max said.

"Ok...but you wanna have a double battle? Your two Pokemon against two of my Pokemon." Jerome said.

Max looked up at Scout and then down at Zubat. The two had worked awesomely together, but he wondered if they were ready to battle together again.

"Uh...sure." Max finally said.

"Cool. Go, Poliwag and Gastly!" Jerome said throwing two Pokeballs in to the air.

In a blinding white flash out popped his two little Pokemon, who looked ready to battle. Max woke Scout up and called out Zubat.

"Ready Max?" Jerome asked.


"Ok. Poliwag use Water Gun and Gastly, you use Hypnosis!" Jerome said.

"Both of you dodge! Scout use Fury Swipes and Zubat use Supersonic!" Max replied.

The blue tadpole with legs shot a puddle of water at Scout. Scout jumped out of the way and the floating ball of gas shot rings of purple out at Scout. They hit and Scout landed on the ground hard, a was lulled to sleep.

Zubat fluttered in the air over Scout and screeched loudly, sending rings of yellow light at Gastly. They hit and caused Gastly to spin around everywhere confused, and the screech woke up Scout. Scout shot off at Poliwag and her claws grew sharper. She then ferociously slashed every part of the blue tadpole that she could reach.

"Now use-" but Jerome was cut off.

A loud boom! came from somwehere nearby. Right next to the lake a cloud of smoke was formed and a figure was a little bit visable. Then, a confused looking Arcanine came bounding out of the smoke lookng everywhere for someone.

It saw Max and then stopped looking around and it growled lowly. Max's left hand reached for his bite mark on his right arm. He knew this was his Arcanine. If only Scout and Zubat were strong enough to win back Arcanine.

"Jerome, run away." Max whispered to him.

"What? Are you mad! I'm not leaving you here with that Arcanine. Pass expierence against yours made me realise those are powerful Pokemon!" Jerome flailed.

"That is my Arcanine stupid. Leave or you'll most likely die!" Max yelled.

Jerome looked at Max hurt and then looked back over to Arcanine as a man stedily came walking out, a broad smile across his face.

"We meet again, eh Max?" the man asked.

Max looked at the man with a grim expression on his face and then back to Jerome with a serious expression across his face. Jerome sighed and ran off towards Violet City. Max wanted to run, but he knew if he moved, Arcanine would sink his teeth in to Max's neck.

"What do you want?" Max asked through gritted teeth.

"Nothing. I just wanted to see your hurt expression, when Arcanine kills that little Sentret of yours." the man said mildly.

"Scout return!" Max said realizing what the man wanted to do.

In a blinding white flash Scout disappeared in to her Pokeball and Max returned Zubat too. He spun around and saw a tree behind him. He looked back at Arcanine who had begun to dash towards Max. Max leapt in to the air, just in time for Arcanine to hit his head on the tree trunk and he grabbed a branch. He pulled himself on to it and began to gradully climb the tree.He stopped when he knew he would be okay and wished someone would come to help him.

"Blastoise use Hydro Pump!" a voice rang out.

A huge blue turtle jumped out of a spot of bushs and shot a blast of high powered water at Arcanine. Arcanine was hit and he ran away wimpering. The bushs rustled and another familiar figure came walking out of them.

"What is this reunion day? What are you doing here Marcus?" Max asked.

MArcus smirked and replied: "Nothing really. Just saving your butt from being burned."

Marcus and Max had been friends in Pallet Town forever. They were the only friends they had and they did everything together.

"Well thanks. I wish I could stay and chat, but I've got to heal Scout and Zubat in Violet City. Maybe I'll see you around." Max said climbing out of the tall tree.

He landed on the ground and shook hands with Marcus, and then walked off for Violet City. Today had been crazy, and even cooler, he got to meet two of his best friends.


January 25th, 2009, 7:42 PM
“Come on Chickorita!” Ace screamed as Chickorita seemingly was dazed by the local bakery. The small Pokémon gave Ace a short glance and then continued on.
Ace looked at the long and winding route before him, he could see huge tree’s steep ledges, small ponds, small signs and berry trees but what interested him the most was the Pokémon.
Ace bent down to tie his shoe, while he was doing so Chickorita ran full speed and tackled him forward, they tumbled down the hill and landed at the feet of someone.
“Sonnova!” Ace said grabbing his head Chickorita looked content, as it was jumping around happily. Ace reached for Chickorita Pokeball and returned it.
Looking forward he finally saw the red and black shoes before him.
“Are you ok?” She said with a smile on her face. Ace quickly jumped up off the ground and dusted himself off, he flashed a bright smile and he held out his hand.
“Wow you’re so beautiful we should go gets married!” the girl looked at Ace and frowned a bit.
“I thought you were a serious trainer but I can see now that you’re a mere joke! No wonder your Chickorita pities you!”
Ace’s faced turned a hot red, “How dare you insult me I am a serious trainer GIRL! And I’ll prove it let’s battle!”
The girl smirked at ace giving him a look of satisfaction, however the lust that Ace once held was gone he was in full battle mode.
The girl removed a Pokeball and brushed under her nose, “ok then will battle until we have no more Pokémon” Ace looked down at his Pokeball, he knew only one of them contained a Pokémon but he had faith in his Chickorita.
He shook his head to the girl signifying he understood. The girl brought her hand back and tossed out a Pokémon.
Ace looked at the bird Pokémon as it flew in the air frantically flapping its wings, “it’s a Pidgey” ace whispered as he could see this Pokémon being its first real test.
Ace pulled his Pokeball and tossed it into the grass “Go Chickorita!
“A grass type Pokémon vs. a flying Type not very smart little boy!” She continued to pluck Ace’s nerves.
“Alright Chickorita Give it a- Huh? CHICKORITA GET UP NOW!!!” Ace yelled out as Chickorita emerged for its Pokeball sleeping. Chickorita reluctantly rose to its feet.
“Your Chickorita looks a bit untamed!” Ace smiled and put up thumbs up “looks can be deceiving!!”
“Ah whatever Pidgey use your gust attack!” Pidgey began flapping its wings at an enormous speed creating a tornado mixture of wind and sand sending it towards Chickorita.
“Chickorita dodge!” the small grass Pokémon jumped out of the way, it was only managed to get pelted by the sand.
Ace yelled out “Chickorita are you ok?” the small Pokémon nodded its head and looked ready to battle.
“Pidgey use your sand attack!” Once again the bird Pokémon began flapping its wings but ace’s quick thinking evaded the sand attack.
“Quick Chickorita use tackle” the small Pokémon jumped through the sand and hit Pidgey dead on. Pidgey shook off the attack and then came in for a tackle attack.
“Chickorita counter it with your Tackle attack!” the two Pokémon met in mid air however Chickorita over powered Pidgey causing it to faint.
“Wow Chickorita has some real power but it won’t be my next Pokémon! Go rattatta!” Ace grabbed his pokedex from his waist and read up on the data of this small Pokémon.
Rattatta the Rat Pokémon Cautious in the extreme, its hardy vitality lets it live in any kind of environment.
Ace called out to Chickorita “Hang in there Buddy!” His Chickorita Looked ready to drop, and the female trainer was using a fresh new Pokémon.
“Ok rattatta let’s finish this use quick attack!” The small mouse Pokémon rushed towards Chickorita, “HANG IN THERE CHICKORITA!!!” the Pokémon collided with each other however Ace’ Chickorita managed to make it back to its feet.
“Your Chickorita looks tough; by the way my name is Donna! Finish it Rattatta Quick attack.”
Rattatta came in again this time at full speed, “Chickorita jump above the ledge!” Chickorita lifted its self over the ledge gaining the upper ground on rattatta.
“Rattatta run up that log and then quick attack!” as this happened Ace yelled out “now Chickorita use your tackle attack!” Chickorita intercepted Rattatta Quick attack and plowed right into its stomach with a direct tackle attack causing rattatta to faint.
“We WON OUR FIRST POKEMON BATTLE!!!”Yeah HAHA” Ace jumped up and down as well as Chickorita Donna congratulated Ace “we’ll meet again someday Ace and I’ll be much stronger!”
Ace didn’t know how long he had to go until he got to the next Pokémon center so he gave Chickorita some Oran berries to eat so it could return back to health.
Ace finally managed to make it to route 31, he looked over at the Cave that everyone whom was standing around.
“Hey what’s going on over here?” Ace asked one of the people who were standing around. “The boss geodude has gone crazy he is attacking anyone whom enters the cave.
Ace looked at the sign and read it out loud. CAUTION GEODUDE/ZUBAT MATING AREA. “Well it could be because this is there area...” Ace however went into the cave to see if he could calm the geodude down.
Once inside he saw a masked man holding a Pokeball, “that Geodude is No longer a threat to this area no more” Ace looked at the man with discontent.
“That geodude attacked because you evaded its habitat!” the man looked at Ace and gave a grin.
“Well then how about we settle this in a Pokémon battle! my new Geodude vs. your Pokémon.” Ace held his Pokeball out “let’s do it!”
“Go Geodude!” The rock Pokémon emerged from its Pokeball ready to battle. “Normally I’d never use a Pokémon that wasn’t trained but since you’re a young trainer then I guess I’ll have to”
“Go Chickorita!” Ace looked determined to beat Geodude. He knew his Pokémon didn’t have any Grass attacks but chickorita’s Spirit was all he needed.
“Geodude use tackle now!” the rock Pokémon hurled it’s self at Chickorita.
The attack was a direct hit, Chickorita hit the ground hard and then slid until it was able to maneuver its self back on its feet.
Ace knew a direct hit on Geodude would be a dumb move however glancing around the area he saw the small volume, he quickly got an idea.
“Chickorita Use your strongest growl attack!” The attack spread around the room creating the illusion of more than one Chickorita.
Ace’s technique had worked he managed to confuse Geodude.
“Chickorita Tackle Geodude into the Pond now!” Chickorita charged and tackled geodude into the pond causing Geodude to faint.
The man looked shocked; he didn’t even bother to return geodude Ace looked at him with confusion.
“Are you going to return it?” the man turned around and replied “what for its weak and I have no use for it” Ace turned around and grabbed a Pokeball from his waist and tossed it towards Geodude, The ball swallowed Geodude, ace looked on with determination and hope.

January 26th, 2009, 10:12 AM
To Dark_Link12: Creative post! Whatever happened to Earl though....
To Pikalover10: Hopefully Arcanine will come back soon!
Scout grew to Level 16!
Scout is trying to learn Helping Hand! But Scout can't know more than four moves! Delete a move for Helping Hand?
What? Scout is evolving! Will you allow the process to continue?
Zubat grew to Level 9!
Zubat learned Astonish!
To Editman: So...you cant battle and catch a Pokemon in the same post....I'll let it slide this one time cause your new but dont do it again. And Geodude arn't found on Route 30.
Chikorita grew to Level 11!

January 26th, 2009, 1:51 PM
Chapter 5.2: DarkCave

“Good! Okay guys, lets get out of this cave before any more scares,” Then Grey turned around and got a stunned look on his face.

“… If we can find a way out.”

Then, suddenly, Ashton grabbed Grey’s hand out of the darkness yelling, “Mala? MALA?! MALA!! We've got to find her!"

Suddenly, it dawned on Grey that Mala was lost in this dark, endless cave. Grey started calling the Pokemon as well. Even Snow and De were yelling for her, “Mar!!” and “Hopi!”

The two ran through the cave, careless about running into hidden walls and giant boulders. “Mala!” they yelled in unison, along with a, “Hop! Mar!” and, “Ledi!”

Soon enough, Grey ran into an inevitable wall. Grey looked up to see that it wasn’t a wall, but giant bear Pokemon. “Ursa!” it exclaimed, before running away clutching a baby Teddiursa.

“What was that!” Grey asked, more to himself than anyone else. Grey got out his PokeDex, which was just starting to get more and more fingerprints and scratches. He searched for Teddiursa, to see what its evolution was. With no luck, Grey eventually put away the device.

Now, Grey was faced with yet another problem. He had lost track of the frantic Ashton. Grey shrugged it off, trying not to get worried. Grey got out his PokeDex and slumped against the wall, waiting until Ashton found him. Grey searched for a map of the DarkCave. Soon enough, he had found a pixilated map of the lit-up DarkCave. Grey could make out an endless labyrinth of small, cramped walkways. There was a red dot, which marked who he was. There were other different-colored dots on the screen, which he eventually realized was other trainers. He looked at each dot separately, and eventually found one witch he thought was probably Ashton. It was a dot that was darting across the screen, which was looking for something; that something was most likely Mala. Grey then got up, and started walking. He heard a soft pitter-patter behind him, which made him turn around. Grey wasn’t sure what it was, because there were no trainers near him. He then saw a small bear with a slash across it’s’ face.

The slash looked like a fang bite. Grey quickly scooped up the Pokemon and knew that he had to get it to the nearest Pokemon center soon. Though Grey didn’t know how, he soon found himself outside of the DarkCave, cradling the small bear Pokemon.

“Teddi” it yelped, scared of the too-bright light. Grey quickly went back into the cave and looked at his PokeDex. He had to find Ashton. He looked at the pixilated map of the cave, and didn’t see any green dots representing a Pokemon trainer. Well, no green dots that were frantically moving. Then Grey started getting queasy, wondering where his friend was.

Soon, Grey realized that the Pokemon in his lap desperately needed help. Slowly, Grey walked out of the cave, inch by inch to let not only the Teddiursa’s eyes to readjust bet to let his eyes readjust. Soon, they were fully outside with the sun shining bright.

Grey looked at the people who were waiting by the cave. Soon, his eyes brought him to see Ashton, who was cradling a terrified Togepi.

Grey ran up to Ashton, saying, “Hurry! We need to get this Pokemon to Violet city!”

[OOC: Sorry it is short :(]

January 26th, 2009, 11:10 PM
"Gaa... Sly," Jade panted, finally catching up to her laughing pokemon. "Finally," she breathed, looking around as the ball of ghost floated around her head.

"Asl," Gastly chuckled, looking around as well. He had led them up to the ery top of the tower. A roaring fire in the corner was burning merrily, an old man hunched over in front of it on his knees in a praying position. He turned.

"Aw, I see I have a new challenger," he said with a sage-like voice. With a smile, he tilted his head in Jade's direction. "May I have your name, young one?"

"I'm Jade, and I'm here to challange the leader," Jade answered, bowing her head a little in respect.

"And just why are you here?" he asked her softly.

Jade frowned a little at the question. "To get stronger, I suppose," she answered carefully.

The monk smiled. "You, or your pokemon?"

"Both," Jade answered boldly. "What me and my pokemon go through we go through together." She stuck her chin up, daring the monk to challenge her.

He nodded in acceptance. "Very well. We shall now begin our battle. Come out, my friend!"

With a burst of white light, another Bellsprout appeared. "Bell!" it said happily.

"Another one, eh? Alright, you can handle this, Gastly," Jade said confidently.

The ball of ghost that had been previously floating around the room curiously disappeared and reappeared infront of the grass type. "Gaas!"

"Use Lick!"

"Gass!" Gastly laughed, shooting toward the grass type, tongue out.

"Magical Leaf," the monk ordered softly.

"Bell!" Bellsprout cried happily, throwing the colored leaves from its leaf arms quickly. The sharp leaves slashed at the ghost type, but the tough ball of gas flew right through it, only giving the barest of grimaces before giving Bellsprout a big ol' Lick attack.

"Bellp," Bellsprout grumbled, shaking a little.

"Wipe it off and use Vine Whip," Monk ordered.

"Dodge!" Jade ordered.

"Gass!" Gastly hissed, dodging the launched vine expertly, laughing as he did so. "Satl!" Gastly cried, giving Bellsprout another large Lick, causing the grass type to quiver with shivers.

"It seems your pokemon can attack on its own as well," the monk observed carefully. "Another Magical Leaf, if you please," he ordered.

"Sprout," Bellsprout said, still looking a little blue under the bulb from the many Licks, but did as was told.

"Gass!" Gastly moaned as the leaves hit it furiously, slumping toward the ground weakly.

"Gastly, Hypnosis!" Jade ordered desperately.

Glaring, Gastly shot the circular beam at Bellsprout. "Dodge," the monk commanded, but it was too late. The grass type was down and out in the land of snoozeville. "It seems your oddly colored Gastly has won," the monk murmered, recalling his sleeping pokemon.

"Gast," Gastly said happily sticking his tongue out just before he was recalled.

"Shall we start anew?" the monk asked, waiting for Jade's nod. "Very well. Come out, my friend."

With a burst of white light, a red and black striped dog appeared. "Growl!" it barked. Jade quickly brought our her pokedex at this new sight.
http://www.dragonflycave.com/dpsprites/058growlithe.pngGrowlithe, the fire puppy pokemon. With a loyal nature, it will remain completely motionless until it is ordered to attack by its trainer.

And indeed it was loyal, for the Growlithe sat completely still on the ground. "Cool," Jade breathed, bringing out her pokemon. "Come on out, Larvitar!"

With a burst of white light, the ground type appeared. "Larv!"

"Larvitar, Rock Slide!"

"Dodge and use Odor Sleuth to find its scent," the monk ordered.

With a bark, Growlithe ran quickly, avoiding all of the rocks. Its nose twitched, and with a happy howl it annoyanced it had performed the needed move.

"Now Ember."

"Growl!" Growlithe howled, firing the fire attack.

"Dodge!" Jade ordered.

"Larv," Larvitar grunted, running off to the side. "Tar!" Larvitar screamed as the Embers seemingly followed it.

"Odor Sleuth makes the attacker attack with ease," the monk informed, smiling softly. "Another Ember, if you please."

"Rock Slide!" Jade ordered.

With their battle cries, Growlithed fired the Ember, hitting Laritar in the side and leaving a painful looking burn. Undeterred, Larvitar's Rock Slide slammed down on Growlithe, elicting a loud cry of pain.

"Groooowl!" Growlithe screeched, making even Jade wince. Rock attacks were incredibly painful and effective to fire types.

"Can you get up, my friend?" the monk asked.

"Trh," Growlithe grunted, trying to stand.

"Finish it off with Bite!" Jade ordered quickly.

"Larvitar!" Larvitar screamed, tackling into Growlithe painfully and chomping down hard on the hurt puppy.

"Growlithe, return," the monk said with a sigh.

Larvitar sighed as well as he rubbed at his burn. "Thanks, buddy," Jade said. "Take a rest from the burn. Return."

Larvitar grinned up at Jade as it was recalled in a beam of red light.

"You have won," the monk stated, a serious expression on his. "You may not have been merciful, but you fought strongly." Jade felt her stomach churn uncomfortably. With irritation, she shrugged the feeling off. She shouldn't feel bad about hurting the Growlithe even more than what she should have done. It was a battle. "I wish you good luck in the future, and may the spirits watch over your growing soul," the monk said, handing her a disk. "This is the HM, Flash. May it light the way for you."

"Er, thanks," Jade said, a little bit awkwardly as the Monk retreated to his praying position.

Eyeing him for a moment, Jade turned around, eager to leave this strange tower.

January 27th, 2009, 6:32 AM
Max was very excited. Scout had begun to glow after the battle, once Arcanine left and he had called her out. She had evolved in to a Furret which would help him much during the first battle against the first Johto Gym Leader.

MAx stepped inside the local Pokemon Center and asked for the nurse to heal his Pokemon. She went in to the back room with Zubat and Scout and began o do whatever it is she does. Max sat down on a bench and waited.

A young boy with blue hair, and wearing a different outfit then you normaly see sat down next to him. MAx smiled at the boy of about 13 or so and the boy just ignored him.

"So...Do you know what type of Pokemon the Gym LEader here prefers?" MAx asked.

"Flying." was all the boy said in return.

"Flying type Pokemon? Ha! Those things are so weak until the evolve. I'll wipe this trainer in no time if he uses stupid flying types." MAx gloated.

The boy looked at Max angrily and stared at him for a long time before he slapped Max's head.

"What's wrong with you!? There's nothing wrong with flying type Pokemon!" the boy shouted.

"I'm not saying there is it's just they are very weak until they evolve." MAx tried to work his way out of this one, but it was to no avail.

"Oh yeah? Well why don't you go battle him?" the boy taunted.

"I am once my Pokemon finish getting healed!" MAx said getting angry.

"You two just cool it!" a watching trainer butted in.

Max and the boy stood there, watching and staring at eachother. NUrse Joy came out with his two Pokemon and Furret ran up his leg and on to his shoulder, while Zubat landed on top of his head.

"You have a Zubat and yet you say flying types are stupid?" the boy yelled.

"No! Zubat is a Poisen and Flying type and I said at first they were weak until they evolved!"ax yelled louder.

The two boys grunted and spun around so they wouldn't face eachother. Max spun around towards the door and walked out. Scout and Zubat were confused on everything that happened and wanted to know exactly what had happened.

"It's nothing." MAx murmerred to them.


He finally reached the gym which looked like it was meant for a million birds to live in. He walked inside and looked around the place. It was bright inside and he saw a Spearow and Pidgeot flying around the room. He notied that they were in perfect condicen.

"Hello?" Max finally asked.

"Ah, are you the challenger who calls Flying types weak?" a voice answered.

Max had no desire in answering that questiong so he just groaned.

"Anyway, it will be a two on two battle. Are you ready?" the voice asked.

"YEs. Anyday, anytime." Max replied.

Then, a bunch of clopping was heard as the boy from the Pokemon Center walked out on to the field.

"Wait...You're the Gym LEader?" MAx asked.

"Yes. Have a problem with that?" the kid asked.

"No, it's just...You're so short for being 15! So what's your name, Falkner I think it was?" Max said.

"Yes, it's Falkner. And yours is Max." Falkner said.

"How'd you know that?" Max asked.

"I looked it up. Anyway, go Pidgey!" Falkner said.

In a blinding white flash a tan and brown Pidgey appeared. MAx motioned for Zubat to go and Zubat flew from on top of Max's head, on to the battlefield. Max knew he coud win this.


Will do attle in next post:)

January 27th, 2009, 4:40 PM
To ~|symphony♪: Pretty good post! What will happen to the Teddiursa?
To Wolfwhispers: Good post though again you can't get a TM and battle experience in the same post so tell me which one you want. And as of Generation Four Flash is no longer a HM :P Im just nitpicky like that.
To Pikalover10: Good post! Can't wait for the battle!

January 27th, 2009, 5:58 PM
I still have to do Chapter Six, right?


Raven's heart raced as she grasped the PokeBall. In there was the cutest Pokemon she had ever seen. Elated, she raced south again, heading to the Pokemon Center as soon as possible so she could battle her Pokemon. But it was weak; she would have to switch it out for it to gain experience.

Soon, the red roofs of Cherrygrove city peeked over the treetops, and she knew she was getting close. However, she was tired, so she would need some rest before moving on.

The long-haired girl slipped through the door. Not many people noticed her due to her quiet steps, but being short also helped. She had expected that if anything, it would make her stand out, but no one was right all the time. Of course, she had no problem whether she was standing out or not. She calmly sauntered towards the Pokemon Center's counter, and handed her three PokeBalls to the nurse patiently. After they headed into the healing room, she sat down on a couch on the edge of the room, blinking for a moment as she looked out the window. Every once in a while, she averted her gaze to the sign above the healing room, but time passed slowly, and it seemed like days before she finally got her Pokemon back. Nodding to thank the nurse, she headed back out and onto Route 30. Her next destination was Route 31, and then Violet City. But maybe she would stop in Dark Cave and see what was there on the way.

As she headed north, she was thinking deeply. She needed to think whether she needed another Pokemon. At the moment, she was particularly weak to Flying-types, so catching a Geodude somewhere would be a good idea. But then again, there was Zubat, which evolved into Crobat, and Crobat was useful because of its high Attack and Speed. Although, that still left a weakness to Ice-types... but that was later. For now, she would think about her Flying weakness. Geodude it was

Still, she wasn't paying much attention as she neared Route 31 and the cave. The rocks and dark entrance would soon loom over her like a giant Rhydon trying to eat her, except Rhydon was an herbivore.

And all at once, she found herself at the entrance of the cave. Shivering, she entered, the darkness gaping. Something flew overhead, and she ducked so that the Zubat wouldn't hit her. Carefully, she tried to look around, but couldn't see a thing. She had always thought the darkness was mysterious, which was what she liked about it. She was wondering, though, if there were any Dark-types in here. Shrugging, she continued to look for a Geodude.

However, Raven saw that there wasn't much to be found. Either that or the darkness let her see nothing. That frustrated her immensely. Maybe it was just hiding something. But soon, she found herself face-to-face with another Zubat, which seemed itching for a fight.

Raven sighed. "All right, Caterpie, come on out!"

A green worm that could hardly see in the darkness emerged, but its patterns were practically invisible.

"Caterpie, can you hit it with a Tackle?"

The Bug-type tried to leap as the Zubat swooped low, and the Flying-type was knocked off course. However, it still managed a Leech Life. Caterpie flinched slightly, closing its beady eyes for a moment.

"Try String Shot so it doesn't dodge so much or fly so high!" Raven commanded.

Obediently, the bug spit a silky material that wrapped the Zubat.

January 27th, 2009, 6:30 PM
To Wolfwhispers: Ok here are your stats...
Gastly grew to Level 11!
Larvitar grew to Level 19!
Larvitar is trying to learn Scary Face! But Larvitar can't know more than four moves! Delete a move for Scary Face?
To pumpkinziggy: Dude you still have to do Dark Cave....That was your Second Route 30 Post, then Dark Cave, then Route 31, then Violet City. So Bellsprout isn't even on Route 30. Please Edit your post accordingly.

Zeta Patchouli
January 27th, 2009, 8:14 PM
Chapter 11: Peril in Sprout Tower! The Big Battle on the Top of the Tower!

(Sprout Tower)

"Well, it seems that this is the place Prof. Elm mentioned to us. Heh, I wonder if that Haunter is still here... oh well. I want to take the challenge, and earn the Flash TM." Said Chris before walking in to the tower, ready to fight all of the mages on the way to the top, but was confused to see no one on the first floor.

Suddenly a crash was heard upstairs, on what sounds like the top of the tower. "Whoa! That must be where everyone is!" Yelled Chris in shock before running up the stairs.

(Top Floor)

A man is smirking as he and a shadow were staring down the people with the Mutant Haunter in front of them. "HhhhhaHaaAhAHa!" Laughed the man as he revealed himself to be Drake, the same maniac that was on Route 30, only he wasn't as bad as before. "I ammm hERe to KIlL a maN by the NAme oooof ChRIstopHER EvaNS!" Yelled Drake, for once with a goal. Sage Li stood up to Drake.

"You must be mistaken, I have not heard of a Christopher Evans. But you seem to be possessed, I can help you with that!" Exclaimed Li as he came near Drake, but the shadow blasted Li with a Night Shade, knocking him back quite a ways.

"Haunter, minion! Attack and kill these infidels!" Yelled the shadow, interested in her own stability. The Shiny Haunter charged up a Night Shade, but just before it could fire it, Chris ran in, yelling a battle cry, and tossed Pidgey's pokeball, hitting the Haunter, and distracting it from what it was previously doing. "What?"

"It'S YOu!" Yelled Drake as he looked back to see Chris, with Pidgey out to fight. "CHrIS!" Chris then ran in and dashed in front of the hostages.

"Yeah, and you lost before! You will lose again!" Yelled Chris as he pointed at Drake dramatically. "And this Haunter will be the first step!" And after yelling this out, a sage walked up to Chris.

"I can handle the shadow, I just have to coax it out into its true form." Whispered Li to Chris. "But I can't fight against that Haunter, you have to do it."

"Okay." Said Chris as he grabbed the TM he got from Falkner. "Hey, Pidgey! Would you like to learn that attack that nearly beat you?"

"PI!" (T: You mean Aerial Ace? Oh, yes! Then I can brag to my siblings on how powerful I got!) Shouted out Pidgey. Chris blinked, but took it as yes and used the TM, allowing Pidgey to use Aerial Ace. "Piiidgey!" (T: Ooooh yeah! I'm the master now!)

"Yeah, let's fight them off!" Yelled Chris as he turned to the Haunter. "Pidgey, prepare to fight!"


Li stood across from Drake, ready to fight. "I will not let you wreak havoc on that man's psyche!" Yelled Li as he got out a small flash bomb. "Think fast!" And with that, he tossed it. The shadow tried to run, but since it was attached to Drake, it stayed, and was hit by the bomb, revealing her true self.

It was a......


"Hmm... I had suspected more out of you." Said Li as he got out a purifying scroll. The misdreavous smirked before saying.

"Heh, it's not like you can win! my power is infinitely more powerful then yours!" Laughed the Misdreavous, ready to attack. Li rushed in, but Drake jumped back, carrying the Misdreavous with him.

"Grr... that human will be troublesome." Said Li staring at Drake. "I have to finish this as soon as possible."

(Haunter Vs. Pidgey)

Pidgey let another Night Shade bounce off of him, angering the Haunter more. "Pii..." (T: Wow, this is pathetic...)

"Use Aerial Ace!" Yelled Chris. Pidgey did the best he could to smirk, but since he was a bird, it really didn't work out, before disappearing. Haunter looked around before being slammed into by Pidgey... unfortunately for the bird, the ghost was able to Lick him thrice, knocking him out. "Return, and go Togepi!" And with that, Togepi was summoned.


Li jumped after Drake, but the man, whom weighed around 110, was thin and agile enough to dodge the tag. "Grrr... this blasted Misdreavous! I can't catch up with it!" Misdreavous then fired a Shadow Ball, which Li was barely able to dodge.

(Haunter Vs. Togepi)

Togepi looked around, still confused. And in front of her was a Haunter, a mutant Haunter a lot more powerful then her. "Metronome!" Yelled Chris, and if it were any other pokemon, he would have had good luck, but not this one. Togepi fired an orange-red beam of energy, known as the Hyper Beam, but... Haunter was immune to it, being a Ghost type. "Wow, that sucks."

Haunter fired a Night Shade, but Chris returned Togepi and tossed the pokeball, hitting the Haunter really hard in its head, actually knocking it out, "..." was everyone's response.


Li jumped after Drake, but the genius was able to dodge before accidentally tripping on his feet long enough for Li to tag Drake, seperating Misdreavous and Drake, knocking the human out, but Misdreavous was enraged at that. "You will pay!" Yelled the Misdreavous before flying away, it was better to escape now rathar then suffer later.

Li looked at Chris and held out his hand. "Thank you for holding off that Haunter." Chris smirked and said.

"No prob, but you might want to do something about it before it wakes up again." Said Chris as he handed Li a pokeball. "Well, I have to go. See you!" And with that, Chris ran downstairs.

"Wait!" Yelled Li, but it was too late. "Sigh, well... he forgot the Flash TM, I think he deserved it." And with that, the Sprout Tower was completed, Chris was then able to leave the city, to another adventure.

(ooc: Sorry for the rushed ending, but my dad wants me to get off.)

January 28th, 2009, 11:54 AM
Right, I know I'm late but here's my SU :D

Name: Ulrik Kane :)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Ulrik wears a smart shirt and a black waistcoat. His trousers are also quite smart and he ha a red bag. Ulrik stands at around 6 feet and is of a slim build. His hair is a fine brown colour and is very soft. He likes to keep his hair in a particular style, so he carries around a tub of gel and a comb. His eyes are a ginger - hazle and his face is very fine.

Ulrik did get a scar on his side when he was young (I'll explain this in histroy)
Personality: Ulrik is a thoughtful, friendly chap. He is considerate and is always kind to people and pokemon. In a sense, he is rather naive as he dosen't know much about the harsh realities of the pokemon world - however, he likes to see the bright side of things. He likes to make friends and when he battles, it's never for personal gain - simply a pleasure. Ulrik also likes dodgeball, basketball and creative arts - like drama.
History: Ulrik comes from a standard family, however, when he was 7, his father lost his job at Silph. co and the family were struggling to make ends meet. His father found a new job at the Goldenrod Radio Tower, resulting in the family's move to Violet City nearby. His mother is now a part time kindergarden/nursery teacher, his older brother has recently become a plumber and even his younger sister has a paper round. Ulrik decided to become a part time pokemon breeder, developing his relationship with the magnificent beings. It is now Ulrik's 17th birthday, and his parents have been saving up for years for him to do what he wants to be - a pokemon trainer.
Starter Pokemon: Totodile - nickname "Lars"

I also have a trainer card: http://i333.photobucket.com/albums/m365/Kman_II/UlrikKane.png

Lemmie know if I need to change anything :)

January 28th, 2009, 2:41 PM
Chapter 6.1: Route 31

Grey looked at the people who were waiting by the cave. Soon, his eyes brought him to see Ashton, who was cradling a terrified Togepi.

Grey ran up to Ashton, saying, "Hurry! We need to get this Pokemon to Violet city! Come on, Ashton," Grey said frantically, motioning to the injured and scared Teddiursa.

With no reply, Grey started rushing through the next route, Route 30. Grey could tell that this Route wasn’t too big. There were three or four small patches of grass, all leading to one big patch. Hopefully, Grey could make his way through without having to battle any other trainers - or Pokemon, that is. After the largest patch of grass, Grey could clearly see the building witch is the passage to the next city, Violet City. Grey ran through the route full-force. Though, even with his hopes of not running into Pokemon, he was stopped by a trio of Pokemon: a Pidgey, Spinarak, and Poliwag.

"Pidg!" The Pidgey sneered, apparently the leader of the three.

"Okay," Grey said, "Hurry Snow, De, let’s quickly battle!"

Greys Pokemon, Snow, a Mareep, and De, a Hoppip, advanced to face the Pokemon trio.

"Mar!" Snow said, rather menacingly.

"Okay," Grey said, not willing to let the Teddiursa in his hands, "Snow, use thundershock
on the Pidgey!"

The Mareep gathered energy from presumably the clouds overhead and shot the helpless Pidgey with a bolt of thunder.

"Yes!" Grey yelped, "Snow one more of those!"

The Pokemon once again gathered energy, but was interrupted by the Pidgey tackling it. Not only did the Pidgey attack but also its’ friends: The Spinarak poisoning Hoppip, and the Poliwag using water sport. Grey knew that poison was super effective on De, so he ordered the Hoppip to use synthesis on itself. Then, Snow was finally able to shoot a thunderbolt at the Pidgey, fainting the leader of the trio.

"One down, two to go," Grey muttered to himself. Then, to Snow and De, "De! Use tail whip, and Snow use thundershock, but this time on the Poliwag,"

The Pokemon did as so, but the Spinarak once again poisoned De, and the Poliwag uselessly used water sport.

"De, heal yourself!" Grey said, then to Snow, "One more thundershock should do it!"

Both Pokemon then gathered energy, Snow from the rain clouds and De from the surrounding nature. Then, in unison Snow let off one final bolt towards the Poliwag and De absorbed the energy witch it had gathered.

"Okay De, time to heal Snow!"

But before De was able to, the Spinarak poisoned De again. Before Grey could change orders, De went on healing Snow.

"Snow, just tackle the Spinarak!"

Then Snow did just as told, and charged at the helpless bug Pokemon.

"Good!" Grey said, "De! Use tail whip so the Spinarak will be defenseless! And Snow, one more tackle!"

The two did as told, first with De using tail whip, lowering the defense of the Spinarak.

"Good," Grey muttered to himself watching the Spinarak taking one last tackle before finally fainting.

Then in the midst of the battle, Grey noticed that he forgot about Teddiursa.

"Hurry!" Grey said, running through the grass shooing away wild Pokemon. "We need to get to Violet City!"

By then Grey had cleared all of Route 30, and had presumably left Ashton behind. Grey slowed as he entered the building connecting Violet City with Route 30 and vice-versa. Then, after saying, "Hi," to the people behind the desks in the small building, Grey ran full speed into Violet City, searching for the PokeCenter.

January 28th, 2009, 4:08 PM
I see Totodile might be taken, but just in case...

Character Name: Mizu Seishin Hinan
Gender: Girl
Age: 14
Apperance: Mizu has very pale skin, much like that of a vampires (for those who have read the Twilight series or saw the movie or even the trillion posters around). She is roughly 5'4" in height, somewhat shorter than one of her friends, a girl named Gale (I'll introduce her later), and is of average weight. She has a "D-cup", though her chest just barely qualifies as one. Mizu's hair goes down to about her rear, and is a silky straight very light blue. Her eyes, as she had been teased about, are both a different color. Her left eye is a stunning sapphire blue while her right eye a bright turquoise blue. Mizu usually wears a blue schoolboy outfit, because she never liked wearing skirts. Her outfit is a blue shirt followed by blue capris, and then navy blue slip-on shoes, the only part not included with her uniform. Mizu also may sometimes wear a blue schoolgirl hat (the only schoolgirl item the teachers could get her into), which is shaped like a sailor's hat, and has a yellow ribbon around it.

And finally, Mizu wears a talisman charm necklace around her neck. She has many, so I'll only list a couple:
希望 (Hope)
信頼 (Faith)
運 (Luck)
運命 (Destiny)
保護 (Protect)
健康 (Power)
強さ (Strength)
静穏 (Serenity)
Personality: Mizu is very fragile in terms of resistance to name calling and bullying, and often goes off crying. Very shy and quiet, Mizu keeps to herself and never lets the world in. However, she has studied tactics over a period of time, and has become a great tactician herself, winning most strategy games she played with the fews friends she ever had. Mizu is mostly calm in hectic situations, and often is just found sitting around in a daze. Mizu may also space out, usually thinking about strategies, but is always able to catch any important parts if someone is speaking to her.
History: Mizu's life was harsh. Let's begin at her birth. She was born in the Johto region but her parents were foreigners from another country across the world. They taught her their native language, but at the same time, she took up her native language so she could interact with everyone around her. Eventually, Mizu's mother, whom she had felt some sort of kinship with, died from an explosion in a fire when she was 7.

The distraught Mizu soon started being teased at school, because of her "unique looks". They called her "freak", "alien", you name it. At last, Mizu couldn't take it anymore and ran away. She quickly ran into her house while her father was at work and took everything she needed. She then proceeded to leave her father a note telling him that she will be gone. Afterwards, she took off, never to be heard from again.

Eventually, Mizu received a phone call from her father; she had had a cell phone since she was 8; she was 12 now. Her father told her how much he wanted to see her, and because he sounded sad, Mizu decided to return home. When she did, however, she found her dad making out with another woman, one more vile than her mother. In shock, Mizu slammed the door behind her and ran away yet again, wishing to escape this morbid nightmare.

We're now at the present. Mizu is 13, and has been working "odd jobs" to get enough money to keep her alive. Eventually, she thought it'd be best if she could start off with a Pokemon in the region she was born in, and travel the land as much as she desired.
Pokemon Starter: Totodile, nicknamed Nori

I'll see if I can catch up if accepted. Oh, and a recap would be nice if that becomes so ^^

January 29th, 2009, 3:51 PM
To Zeta Marx...: Sorry to rain on your parade but....the shadow can't.....well maybe it can...The Shiny Pokemon that attack people are part of Team Enel but since you made them up maybe you can work something out...Oh and Lick woudn't work against Pidgey. Pidgey is a normal type and ghost attacks dont work against it XP Good post though!
Pidgey grew to Level 12!
Togepi grew to Level 9!
To ZephyrII: Well Serene does kinda of beat you at the sign up....It was good but hers was better. Sorry dude :(
To ~|symphony♪: Good post though you're on Route 31 >.< oh well.
Snow grew to Level 13!
De grew to Level 11!
De learned Tackle! (Finally!)
To Serene: Good sign up! You are accepted! You can start from Violet City and if you want any pokemon from previous routes let me know please!

January 29th, 2009, 4:54 PM
(The following chapter is from Mala's point of view. This takes place right before Kalli's battle. Mala will think in English, to make things less confusing.)

Mala watched as Ashton called in Kalli for battle. She couldn't help but feel a bit jealous by the fact that she didn't get to battle. She stormed around in a circle for a few moments, swinging her stubby arms in the air.

I need training just as much as Kalli does! Mala thought to herself. She trudged over to a rock and watched the battle. Kalli was fighting a Teddiursa. The pitiful little bear could hardly even fight back. Mala felt sorry for the Teddiursa, but didn't want to interject on a battle.

Well..I have nothing better to do. I suppose I could explore the cave for a few moments, right? Mala thought as she waddled away from where Ashton was battling.

The cave somehow seemed to get darker and darker as Mala walked along. It wasn't to much later that Mala realized she was lost. She scrambled around in search of her trainer and Grey. She tried her hardest to locate the sounds of the battle, but their was no noise.

The battle must be over! Where is Ashton? What is he left me here?! ASHTON!!! The thoughts sped through Mala's mind a mile a minute. She couldn't shake the terrible thoughts of where her trainer was, and why she wasn't with him.

After many minutes of scrambling about, Mala came across some living beings. She still couldn't see, so she tried her hardest to figure out who, or what, it was.

"Gep..Gepi?" Mala said as she fumbled around in the darkness. A rough translation would be "Ashton? Grey?"

She soon came across a rocky surface. It didn't feel like the other rocks in the cave. This was much...warmer for some odd reason. It felt like it had a heartbeat too. Then it hit Mala like a ton of bricks.

GEODUDE! There has to be at least three of them here. Maybe I can try to reason with them.. Mala hadn't found exactly who she was looking for, but this might do.

"To, Togepi. Gepi Togepi!" Mala frantically said to the Geodude. "Have you guys seen a couple of boys come through here with a couple of Pokemon?" Would be the translation.

"Dude..Ge Geodude." One of the rock Pokemon said in a gruff reply. "No, no we havn't."

"Ge, Geodude?" Another one said with a mocking tone. "Aww, missing your poor wittle twainer?"

"Dude. Dude Geo!" The third one said with aggression in his voice. "It appears so. Let's rough her up a bit boys!"

The three rock Pokemon encircled the terrified Mala, who tried to protest with cries out to her master. She realized she had no choice but to fight. She waggled her fingers back and forth, releasing Metronome. In an instant, the cave was engulfed in a bright light.

Flash? What luck! Maybe I'll have a chance now! Mala thought to herself. Little did she know, she was dead wrong. The flash of light angered the Geodude gang; who, in retaliation, simultaneously used Rock Throw. The rocks pelted Mala, who cried out in pain. She had no choice but to unleash another Metronome as the Geodude encircled her again.

The aura from the Metronome flashed, and Mala felt a burning sensation in her chest. The sensation grew larger and larger, until she felt like she was going to explode.

Oh no! An expression of terror flashed onto the Togepi's face as she realized what attack had been chosen. EXPLOSION! And not a second after that thought entered her mind, the burning force inside her was let loose in a firey explosion. The three Geodude were sent skyward, and into another part of the cave. Mala was left there, lying defenseless and severely injured.

As...Ashton.. She thought as she slipped out of consciousness.

(The following is from Ashton's point of view. This takes place roughly when the Geodude battle started)

Ashton had realized that Grey was no longer following him. But he really didn't care at the moment. He was in search of his missing Pokemon. He stumbled into walls and tripped over rocks as he fumbled through the pitch black cave, all the while calling out Mala's name in a desperate attempt for her to answer.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the cave was lit by a bright light. Ashton payed little attention to the strange occurrence, but he used it to his advantage. He soared through the cave with ease now, sprinting through every twist and turn that the cave through at him.

"Dammit! Another dead end!" He cursed as he ran into another stone wall staring him down. He stopped for a moment to catch some much needed breath. In the time that he was catching his breath, a thundering explosion echoed throughout the cave followed by the tortured cry of a Togepi. Ashton jumped from the sudden noise, then realized what caused the explosion.

"MALA!!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs as he all-out sprinted to the source of the explosion. It didn't take him long to reach the site of the explosion. There, much to his dismay, lied an unconscious Togepi; covered in scratches and cuts.

"Mala! Oh God, no!" He cried as he picked up the injured Pokemon. "I..I have to get you to a Pokemon Center!" He said between sobs.

Ashton ran back out of the cave as tears flew down his cheeks.

(Route 31 Post)

The sudden light made Ashton draw back and cover his eyes. He shook it off as he sprinted through the route. Pokemon and trainers alike stared in awe as the trainer sped past them. One trainer grabbed Ashton by the collar and began to speak.

"Hey, slow you roll there buddy! We're having a Pokemon battle!" The trainer said as he called out his Pokemon; a Poliwag, to be exact. Ashton slowly turned to face the trainer. Anger was filling his eyes as he glared at the trainer

"Pokemon battle?" Ashton tried his best to hold back his sudden anger. "No..Thank you."

"Oh come on, what are you; a wuss?" The trainer replied with an annoyed tone. "Poliwag, get ready for battle!"

This was the breaking point. Ashton couldn't waste anymore time. He punted the Poliwag into a nearby lake and grabbed the trainer by his shoulders. "I SAID I DIDN'T WANT TO BATTLE." Ashton then threw the trainer down onto the ground as he continued his sprint through the Route.

"Not too much more, Mala...Just a little longer. Hang in there!" Ashton said as tears started to flow again. He entered the building that connected Route 31 and Violet City and sped through, ignoring the greeting from the woman behind the counter.

Violet City was a beautiful place, but Ashton had no time for sight-seeing. He continued his sprint to the nearest Pokemon Center.

"Please hang on Mala..." Ashton said one last time.

January 29th, 2009, 10:36 PM
"Thank you, and please, come again," Nurse Joy said cheerfully.

Jade gave a nervous grin. While the go happy nurse was, well, nice, she was just a bit too eccentric in her work. "Thanks," Jade murmered, grabbing her pokeballs. Waving goodbye, she exited the pokemon center. While it had been a good battle at the Tower, she was still in the mood for a good fight, and the perfect place was the gym.

As Jade wandered over, she was relieved to see that the mass of people from earlier were gone. Feeling just a little nervous, as it would be her first gym battle, Jade pushed open the door. "Hello?" she called out, hating the slight tremor in her voice.

"Hello to you too," a voice greeted her. It was a young man, just a few years older than her by the look of it, but Jade had the feeling he was older than he appeared. "Here for a gym battle?" he asked.

"Of course," Jade replied, giving him a 'duh' look.

He grinned at her. "Then you've come to the right place! I am Falkner, the gym leader, and I am a flying type based master. It will be a two on two battle, no time limit. Do you understand?"

"I think I got it," Jade said, grinning easily. Her tension had washed away, apparently.

"Very well. I shall begin," Falkner said. "Go, Pidgey!"

Jade looked at the small bird fluttering patiently in the air, waiting for Jade to send out its opponent. "Go, Gastly!"

With a burst of white light, the ball of ghost appeared. "Gaaas!" it said hauntingly.

"A shiny, eh?" Falkner said, clearly impressed. "Now that's certainly a treat, but don't expect it to be easy! Pidgey, Aerial Ace!"

"Pidg!" Pidgey cawed loudly, flying at Gastly.

"Gastly, dodge and use Spite!" Jade ordered.

"Gass!" Gastly hissed, doing a few flips over the darting Pidgey, laughing as the small bird missed each time. Flying a bit back, Gastly's body glowed gray, followed by Pidgey's body growing a gray color as well.

Pidgey fluttered back a bit, confused as to why it felt a bit weaker. "Gey," it cooed, looking at its trainer questionably.

Falkner didn't appear to look bothered by it. "Pidgey, Aerial Ace," he ordered smoothly.

"Dodge it!" Jade ordered.

Laughing, Gastly darted backwards, but this time the Pidgey was smarter, and managed a successful hit. "Gaaaa!" Gastly cried out as Pidgey's beak struck its body. Floating back a bit, Gastly eyed Pidgey shrewdly.

"Gastly, use Lick!" Jade said quickly.

"Gaaaa!" Gastly cried out, charging at Pidgey quickly, large tongue open.

The gym leader, Falkner, eyed the display with a smirk and folded his arms. Jade looked at him in confusion before turning back to the charging battle. Pidgey was obviously waiting for an order, but upon recieving none, it stayed in one place, too fearful to move without the sound of his trainer's voice.

"Stly!" Gastly snarled, finally descending upon Pidgey. "Gaa... stly?" Gastly questioned, blinking in confusion as its tongue went right through Pidgey. "Gass," Gastly hissed, tilting its body in confusion. Bringing out its large tongue in front of its face, Gastly narrowed one eye suspiciously.

Falkner laughed at Gastly's and Jade's confusion. "You forget that while normal type attacks don't works against ghost types, ghost type attacks also don't work against normal types."

Jade scowled, not believing she forgot that. "Well, that may not work," she said, smirking a bit, "but this will! Hypnosis!"

"Gassstly!" Gastly snarled, frustrated that its attack hadn't worked. As it was close up, Pidgey had no possiblity of dodging. The circular ring engulfed its body, sending it into dreamland.

Falkner grit his teeth and reluctantly recalled his pokemon. "Let's try this one," he said, smirking. "Go, Pidgeotto!"

Jade just stared. Oh no, a slightly bigger bird! "Gastly, return," Jade called, returning the ghost type. "Go, Larvitar!"

With a burst of white light, the green pokemon appeared. "Larv!" Larvitar called out, lowering its horn in preparation.

"You do realize that ground are weak against flying types, don't you?" Falkner asked, a small smile tugging at his lips.

"Rockslide!" Jade barked out, ignoring Falkner's words.

"Lar!" Larvitar called out, stomping the ground and levitating the rocks, having them fall from the ceiling.

"Pidgeotto, dodge," Falkner commanded. "And follow up with Aerial Ace."

With an agile swiftness, Pidgeotto flew and ducked between the rocks, coming at Larvitar with glowing wings. "Pidgeo!"

"Meet it with Bite!" Jade ordered quickly.

Grunting, Larvitar bared his teeth, watiting for the perfect opportunity. Just as Pidgeotto descended upon him, Larvitar jumped, sharp fangs sinking into Pidgeotto's wing.

"Peooo!" Pidgeotto cred out in pain, shaking Larvitar off.

"Aerial Ace!" Falkner called out, not giving Larvitar to get his groundings after the attack.

With a guttural cry, Pidgeotto slammed into Larvitar's chest, sending it bouncing back a bit. "Tar," Larvitar grunted, shaking his head and taking in his surroundings as Pidgeotto soared in the air, awaiting another command.

"Rock Slide!" Jade ordered.

Nodding, Larvitar sent the rocks soaring, aimed right at Pidgeotto.

"Dodge!" Falkner barked.

"Peo!" Pidgeotto cawed loudly, swerving through the rocks. It was almost out of them, but one, small rocks managed to strike it right under the wing, making it falter just enough for the rest of rocks to pound against its body. "Geeettooo!" Pidgeotto cried out in pain, falling to the ground, the rocks slamming against it roughly.

"Pidgeotto!" Falkner cried out worriedly, eyes travelling all around the rock cluster in hopes of finding his pokemon.

"Geoo," Pidgeotto got out weakly, limping out of the rock pile on its talons. It tried to fly, but only managed to crash back to earth.

"Finish it with Bite!" Jade ordered, grinning widely.

"Larvit!" Larvitar barked loudly, running at the wobbling bird. "Tar!" Larvitar got out, clamping down on Pidgeotto.

"Pidg," Pidgeotto grunted weakly, sinking to the ground completely, Larvitar still on top and Biting hard.

"I think that's enough," Falkner said coldly.

At the sound of his voice, Larvitar released the pokemon grinning wildy up at Jade. "Larvitar!" he said happily/

"You were awsome!" Jade commented, giving her pokemon a hug.

"Tar," Larvitar said softly, pleased at the attention it was getting.

Falkner cleared his throat, and Jade and Larvitar moved away from each other. "As you have defeated me, Falkner the gym leader, you will recieve the Zephyr badge, as well as the TM Aerial Ace. Aside from badges, each gym leader gives out a Tm. Congragulations," he said, smiling a little. "You deserve it."

Jade took the items carefully, eyes wide with awe. Her first gym badge! And this was only the first step in her journey of badge collecting.

January 30th, 2009, 6:38 AM
Zubat hovered over the battlefield, waiting for his trainer's orders, while Falkner's Pidgey just stood there, moving its feet every now and then. Falkner and Max stared at eachother, waiting for the first move to be made. Finally, Max was getting really bored of just standing around and told Zubat to do something.

"Zubat use Supersonic!" Max said.

Falkner stood there, still calm as if nothing had ever happened, while Zubat shot four yellow rings toward Pidgey. Pidgey was hit by all four of them, and became very confused. He wobbled as he walked and when he tried to fly instantly, he would hit the ground.

Falkner still stood there as he watched his Pidgey look like an idiot in front of a trainer. He didn't even look like he cared. Max wondered why Falkner didn't care and sent Zubat out to fight.

"Use Astonish!" Max said.

Zubat dove in at Pidgey and hit it then turned around again and continued to do that for a few seconds. Then, Max noticed that the Pidgey's eyes changed. He knew exactly what happened. The Pidgey was free of its confusion.

"Finally. Pidgey use ariel ace!" Falkner said.

Pidgey flew up high in to the air and twirled, as if it were doing a back flip, and dove at Zubat. Zubat was wondering what had just happened, and then was hit by the Pidgey's hard attack.

Zubat fell towards the ground. He wasn't expecting a hard hit like that. Then, at the last second he pulled up back in to a hover before hitting the ground. HE shook his head and flew towards the Pidgey again.

"Now use Leech Life!" Max called out.

"Gust." Falkner purred.

Zubat sinked his teeth in to the Pidgey's neck and started sucking out its remaining HP. Pidgey tried to shake Zubat off, but to no avail. Finally, he just used the gust attack and sent Zubat flying.

Zubat twirled and caught himself in midair. He dove in at Pidgey and hit him with his head and then slapping him with his wing. ZUbat retreated back to his trainer, to wait for the next call.

"Zubat use Astonish and then Leech Life!" Max said, hoping what he wanted would happen.

Zubat flew towards the Pidgey, and hit him with his head. Pidgey's wing was hit and he didn't move, he just looked to stunned. He cringed. Max smiled happily, because that's what he wanted to happen.

Zubat turned around and sinked his teeth in to the Pidgey's neck. Gradually, the Pidgey slowly started falling towards the ground. They softly hit the ground and Zubat flew away, as it revealed that Pidgey was knocked out.

Max smiled victoriously as Falkner returned his Pidgey and grabbed his other Pokeball.

"Go, Pidgeotto." Falkner softly said.

A huge bird, with what seemed like short pink hair, and had yellow and pink tail feathers flew out of the white flash. Max knew what it was. It was a PIdgeotto. Well, better that then his Pidgeot, Max figured.

"OK...Zubat, you take a long rest." Max said.

Zubat turned around and flew to his trainer's shoulder. Max grabbed his other okeball and threw it in to the air.

"Go, Scout!" Max said.

In a blinding white flash, out appeared Max's newly evolved Furret, who's name is Scout. Max and her have been partnered together since Max found out he would be doing field work for Professor Elm.

"Scout use Quick Attack!" Max said.

"Pidgeotto use Ariel Ace, let's avenge Pidgey!" Falkner angrily said.

Pidgeotto flew at Scout as fast as Scout was running towards him. The two Pokemon collided and they both flew back. Max squinted his eyes trying to think of what to do, because he knew he would have to use combinations.

"Scout use Quick Attack and then Fury Swipes!" MAx ordered.

"Use Gust, then Ariel Ace!" Falkner replied.

Scout quickly dashed at the Pidgeotto, who was flapping a bunch of air at her, She withstood it and leapt at Pidgeotto, and clung on to his back. Pidgeotto quickly flew about, trying to shake Scout off of him.

He then began to normally fly, and Scout let go and sarted scratching him furiously. Pidgeotto flipped out and lew down, sending Scout flying off of him. Scout did a front flip in midair and then landed on her feet.

"Now jump up with Quick Attack!" Max quickly said before Flakner could counter it.

Scout jumped in to the air, doing side twirls and slammed herself in to Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto flew up in to the air and then back down to the floor in a heep. Dust flew everywhere.

"Quickly get in there and use Fury Swipes!" MAx said not taking a chance.

Scout dashe din there and started scratching the Pidgeotto everywhere. Finally, the dust settled and Scout was panting in front of a knocked out Pidgeotto. Max had won!

"Yes! We won our first Gym Battle in the Johto Region!" Max said.

Falkner returend his Pidgeotto and tossed Max a coin looking thing. Max looked down at it.

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/b/b6/Zephyrbadge.png (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:Zephyrbadge.png)
"That's the Zephyr Badge. IT's proof of you beating me, and oh! Take thhis as well." Falkner tossed Max a TM.

Max looked at the back and saw that it read 'Ariel ace'. Max looked up to thank Falkner, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Sorry it's not my best work with a gym...