View Full Version : small tradeshop

January 3rd, 2009, 4:48 PM
Rules:1. No hacks
2. I only want what is on my wants list.

looking for:
*= most wanted
shiny ev'd charizard, or just shiny with a good nature
ev'd garados
*ev'd garchomp
ev'd ryperior
*ev'd gengar
ev'd donphan with iceshard, or just iceshard and a good nature
ev'd alakazam, with energy ball if possible
ev'd electivire

can offer:
ev'd salamance lv 100(perfect ivs in attack)
ev'd aggron lv 100
ev'd lucario lv 53 spcatk, spd
ev'd aerodactyl lv 50
ev'd weavile lv 50
ev'd kingler lv 52
surfing pikachu
shiny donphan
shiny golem
shiny dragonite
shiny steelix
shiny garados
shiny metagross
shiny suicune
shiny mightyena
shiny flygon
shiny ninetales
shiny drapion
shiny haunter
shiny spinda
shiny mew
shiny ninjask
shiny sneasle
vacuum wave, bullet punch riolu
ice punch sneasle
ice punch, fire punch, sky uppercut buneary